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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
This tripod was in fact like this good. It extends súper big on and calm can regulate he in any corner that like. Has an iPhone 11 pro max this in spite of returns perfectly. This tripod is súper laptop also, was able of the spend around without being súper obvious roughly that. In general it would recommend!!!!
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Really it likes that of big and light a tripod is and that that can be used with the ready telephone and the pro camera I only desire wine with the stock exchange of train and wish an inferior support there has been the little more hanged as it does not blow on is windy filming alfresco.
4 / 5
Ossia My second UBeesize tripod. My original tripod of UBeesize was adds! But sometimes, I found it it was the little too short partorisca a content has looked for to create. This 67' the tripod has changed that! I want to both of them, but thinks that will be partorisca use one 67' more often - both house and in a gone. Still although it is quell'has bitten heavy partorisca the selfie clave, an ease of having the stable tripod And selfie the clave are ADDS.

In my pictures, there is interchanged some new annexes (headline of telephone of the smallest landscape) and my forward UBeesize alleged (light of coverage and rotating title of telephone). I want to the one who solid a headline of new telephone is, and taken less time for my telephone to be situated, but mine Samsung galaxy 20+ can not return in a light of coverage with an annex to title of new telephone. Seen in a picture is the telephone slightly smaller (mine cce), and returns snuggly. BUT, ossia so only something calm has to concern you roughly is using different annexes.

A tripod is more substantial that would have expected the tripod in this point of prize to be.

A headline of telephone is sure.

Some other annexes are the prize adds , but does not have the use for them still.

Recommends this tripod. Take the main tripod and buy some other annexes UBeesize offered. They are the A lot of the cost marks effective. I am spent to plot of $ $ $ in of the different products, but has not been value he in an end; these tripods owe that way that be good (if any better) for some basic needs have for them.

Like the professor, host of creator of content/of Youtube, and Galaxy 20+ user, agrees.
5 / 5
Ossia He damn a lot the tripod done and cleverly drawn, with each piece drawn with an user in heart.
A construction is ALL THE METAL still very light. Some dials & of clips are plastic, but is sturdy and easy to take.
A dial of emission in a centre of a tripod controls an opening of some legs that he the like this stable fact like calm wants to be it. This dial goes a lot tight and will not slip , further assisted for a big, ridged grips of hule in a fund.

A highland navigation of the camera is controlled for the ratcheting mechanism that is lightyears at the head of the ball or the alike piece that it could slide. He a navigation of your webcam/of camera/gopro like this more stable and virtually guarantees it will not slip. One 3 big, sturdy, easy to use the clips extend a tripod to the whopping 67'.
Also comes with the nifty Bluetooth far configured with consecrated iphone and keys of Android, the variety of adapters, comprising the elegant looking a for the GoPro!

Inferior line: ossia a tripod abordable better will find and is the very solid substitution for mine plasticky TR150.
4 / 5
Loves this tripod and far. It connects really fast to my telephone by means of Bluetooth and was able to hide he in my pictures. It was able to locate quite big to take some angels that like and was of easy for me to spend. We so only married in Lucia Santa and I was able to use a tripod to take pictures of decadence after our pair. I did not use it never like him selfie the clave but you could very easily that. It is compact and exactly that has loved. Has two other tripods and this one east my preferred .
5 / 5
LOOK! This model will not turn 180 or 360 terracings when you attach your telephone to a tripod PAST way... It likes when you register for tik tok or instagram, has to turn a tripod Of INTEGER, legs and everything, yes wants to regulate one lateralmente corner because one attaches no swivel at all. So only in way of Landscape he swivel for you. But these days do not register our socials video in way of landscape bobo!! Like six screwed.
Has no another way to try and move a telephone horizontally when has in big way (portrait) period.
This in spite of sell the model for $ this comprises the light of round, and THAT the model comes with a right adapter to a cup of a tripod that the leaves is record in way of portrait and swivel a telephone horizontally to the content of your heart.
And a far? To the record video that use of the far, has to express a key constantly or a register prenderá. Ossia Stupid. Reason a lot on/ has been for register of vineyard?
This model unless all yours that goes to register with this landscape (wide) way.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. That The durable tripod adds. Amur A 67” height. They are 6'3” and it is perfect for pictures/of video. A self-option of clave among handy for photo grupal. Abundance of adjustment nobs for any corner really. An only flu has had was pairing a Bluetooth key. Finally I have it has had to that so only turn my telephone was and then on again. With which that he. To good sure would recommend. One any to some developers of product: one attaches to resist a Bluetooth the key would be good. It acclaims!
5 / 5
Is looking for The light, versatile easy-to-tripod of use, this one east for you! Has row of the impressive height and a mountain can be rotated in any corner. Certainly it can be used like him selfie clave although it is probably bit it weighed for the plan to used to to plot. It could not take a Bluetooth far shutter to connect with mine Samsung Galaxy S10 this in spite of, and could not take his software of recommended alternative camera to connect his neither. This in spite of a tripod is lovelier he still without a far. Highly recommended!
4 / 5
This element has arrived to relieve fast.

Is such simple element . Easy to dip up and can use inside minutes. To good light insurance, but any flimsy or has done bad.

Has added prevails that it comes with the Bluetooth clicker to snap photo because I have lost mine another! Really it loves a Ubeesize produced, but to the only indication likes 4 of stars because it wishes a headline of telephone was able to rotate 360 terracings.

Update: I am changing 5 stars. Really I have not known how it was to use this element when it has been sent was, but because of this nifty that the stand was able to take the photos familiarised full that celebrates my dads 59th anniversary that also bent like our prime minister never multigenerational lunch. Thank you UBeeSize!
4 / 5
This tripod looked to come from the tent of dollar - very thin and any fact for use. I think that it that it would break it has fallen or it has been given a very on. They are suspicious of all these good descriptions. It has taken an Amazon Basics one instead this was more expensive but has had far, far more quality.

Top Customer Reviews: Amazon Basics ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
I have read other descriptions that properly declares a flimsy character of this tripod when fully extended for maximum height. Here it is the tip for significantly improving stability -- first, fully extends each section of leg; seeds, presses a section exactly an inch behind in a main section and after the. You will lose 3 inches in height (47' against. 50') , But a tripod now will be very stable with small or any one wobbles. I am very happy with these tripods ( bought 4 of them). The value adds for a prize, imho. Recommended.
5 / 5
In the first place you are, possess the Gitzo tripod these a lot of costs, many times cual paid for this tripod. Even so, you can very always it spends the heavy tripod/ballhead in your expeditions. I have bought this to take in the Glorious Canyon rafting trip. It IS clear, relatively robust (unless it is windy), and has lined my DSLR (Cannon 7d) with the lentil of wide angle. I used it only for astrophotography during some hours of calm evening. It take some shots of sum of Milky Road , which has required 30 second exposures. Using the cape of far shutter, was able to take very tack-acute photos of some stars. I think that that a main version would be even more convenient to use, while I have to stoop the bit to compose my shots with this model. Also, I am not sure firmly it lines the DSLR with the telephoto (70-200 or 100-400 zoom) Some controls are believed, but work, and has broken at all. I will find more uses for this tripod in a future. Surprising which light this tripod is!
5 / 5
It IS this the professional tripod and I use it when is windy? The no. But I can use it inner, easily in tabletops, etc. I probably hook he carabiner and my stock exchange of camera in a half for the stability attached yes IS windy, but these folds up amiably and trips easily.
5 / 5
It IS very indecisive quite buying this product after reading descriptions quite that is has done bad. It IS fearful the would not be able to line my cannon t3i, but for a prize said why very and so far is that it wants to it! Also I want a fact that comes with his own stock exchange. He a work, is at all elegant(that I no very cured for anyways). To well sure recommend it this in my friends!!
4 / 5
This tripod of AmazonBasics adds for the very generic parameter. Some plsticoes is quite flimsy and pliable, and an aluminium is weight very clear . For basic use, and with the good cure is sure this product will last for the while.
Alone name, is exactly that has required. It remains in the pair of rooms and very does not have any necessity for the very expensive tripod. Personally I am appreciated by such one economic option.
This indication is based has been cost of product and functionality. It does not recommend for any one looking for the tripod has used regularly when being posed up and low fraction frequently, can not imagine during the very long time in this case.
For those like me, doing some register and the photo that takes in the general zone, this does a trick and the very minimum cost.
Expects these helps, acclaims!
3 / 5
IS VAL. Cela In a more can say for this small tripod. Has figure that mostly excels so detriments. In the first place, a strap is adjustable, but covers for so little adjustment, can also final to be fixed in period. Segundo, has the dish of fast emission, but a dish is not easy to attach in a camera, and a dish is wobbly when attached in a tripod. A global effect is to do an annex wobbly, and problem to use. It has been better in only has had the normal clave to attach in a tripod with.

A tripod is very clear, but also down. This could be an advantage in the few situations, but mostly, is grave only. I have taken it go for one shoots in the morning early Saturday. A wobbliness was even more perceivable with the camera and telephoto slow. For a prize, attentive will maintain it around, but he almost certainly when being relegated in any one that resists the clear camcorder, or the light of speed.

Will be to take he with me in my next visits again Mexico, and will update this description if anything more comes up.

IS of tower of my trip through New Mexico. A tripod has tried less far when being useful this has expected. A 'dish of fast emission' was probably a worse characteristic of a tripod. It Likes him it has remarked it anteriorly, is of a lot of wobbly. That is worse, is fast emission , if you do not want to change anything. An annex is very small, a flap of metal for screwing a ray in a camera or another device are tiny. In general, a tripod is to ail have values.

Has Had he for more concealed two weeks now, active still in a lot find the good use for him. For one the majority of part, this tripod is used now to to line the clamp of generic flashes. It IS also reasonably useful to line the very small camcorder. At all heavy.

Recap: This tripod is very clear, but no practical, because of a wobbly 'the fast disconnect' dish. The amazon could have done the serviceable tripod if they had not tried to attach so characteristic on in a tripod.

Amazon, Suggest you curb a 'the fast disconnect' dish, and substitutes with the traditional thumbscrew. Form in the function does not have any place in squad of photograph.
4 / 5
This investigation is the decent tripod , fire but maintain your reasonable expectations given his prize and weighs. It looks the fragile bit... Be soft with a crowbar of sweep of leg and considers a tripod to be 'expendable'. It has wanted the VERY CLEAR tripod to hike in the daytime for use with the compact camera (a Sony RX100). Even so, I prefer the mere plus, faster-in-balloon of cape of use of tripod of the type, as it takes an old leader (photo of views), drilled out of one covers of upper plastic in a centrical tube, slid the 1/4-20 stainless ray (slotted access) of some far end of a tube (pry out of covering inferior) to go to the failure a new hole , and has attached the nuts and flat washers. My final weight WITH a new leader was 22 oz (1-3/8 lb) and also attaches the pair of inches of height. One 1/4-20 mountain of ray would leave me to attach homemade extensions of the height yes has wished, but the doubt will wish in.
Has wanted to AmazonBasics: Please offers this tripod WITHOUT any leader of tripod, only he 1/4-20 ray as we can all has chosen our leader of own tripod. A prize would have to finish a same or included the dollar or two less. This road if some legs or crowbars of the lock does not suffer never damage -- and is one the majority of vulnerable -- only can order the nine an and transfers our leaders of old tripod.
Will update this description finds any subjects of quality.
4 / 5
He that promised - clear but lines the Alpha of Sony 5000 mirrorless the digital camera with the lentil of the addition of the main zoom. It has not had any instruction so if you are not familiar with apresamiento a dish of fast emission of a mountain and attaching he in your camera and behind in a tripod will want look in some pictures/of page to order! I have not seen a level mentioned in a description but there is the small level in a mountain - would owe the when being remarked that these aims a level of a base of one locates No a level of your semi-detached camera. I have found that a camera was slightly wobbly so that it was in the small bit of an angle. I am not the professional photographer (or anywhere next) how this any a lot of problems me only thought would be necessary to be it has mentioned. If a camera was much more weighed/main that mine, this would be a subject . Some look of legs to be robust. Deducted 1 point because of a lack of any instructions and some light "wobbly-ness" of a mountain.
1 / 5
At the beginning, I have wanted this product. It conforms everything of my necessities, was very clear, and was the value adds. A built-in the level is very also. Even so, after only a second use, an annex among a cape and a tripod have broken . I loosened some nuts and has adjusted a rotation, and has applied hardly any force when this has broken . It IS the tripod adds for a prize, but has been disappointed with a durability of this product - the does not have to has so broken easily while it does.
2 / 5
I Like him his of a fact that is the very low prizes tripod, but was supremely turbulent that in less than two months, a hinge has broken. No longer I can locate a camera so that fall with a semi-detached hinge was to signal a camera up. I Liked him a lot His a tripod, really was of the good product, but has not been very durable. I comprise that it was economic, but did not think it has been to be that bad fashioned the.

Top Customer Reviews: Phone Tripod, ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
I take the plot of beaks and always has to pose in the timer and very always attach time to enter beak or smile. Only it take it this and begun to touch with him immediately and is in awe. Synchronised In my IPHONE in the second and has taken pucks and video with just the click of a far. Works perfectly and comes with spends it case and will be to go everywhere with me. I am in fact he impacted is so cheap for such the element adds. Highly it recommends this far tripod!! If it can give it 10 stars I .
5 / 5
This tripod is awesome! Has an extra adapter for the rule of camera, goPro and the far for your tlphonique like any precise to pose your timer every time is taking the picture! This does my a lot of easier life. With this tripod and was able to take my selfies full organism without the selfie clave. He juice like the selfie clave but without me lining it and All the world can enter a picture. I have used a version of iPhone included tho and also has a Camera 360. Better work and faster that 360 in me. I very like this tripod some legs are flexible and can plant in the each angle. A material is very soft and legs of flexible looks of tarantula. In general it is durable, bendable and has the good grip. It can line a tlphonique well. Order he again.
5 / 5
I have bought this tripod so that has wanted to something smaller that a soyini' the tripod has had already.

HAS the regular connection in the he so that it can connect almost any camera in him. I have tried it go with the DLSR and camcorder in a connector and has done. It can not be quite strong to line your DSLR so that they are quite heavy, very have touch with him in of the orders for him a lot to touch on.

Comes with a comprised GoPro mountain that the works add and the mountain of tlphonique that can returned vertically or horizontally. Some works of shutter comprised of button with a default application of camera in my telephone, but also suggests one since you.

His very compact and knows that I will be to maintain he in my stock exchange of camera for the long time.
5 / 5
It edits 6/20/18: UBeesize has achieved has been afterwards my original description and has wanted to marks it well. I ship me it was the Tripod of the substitution and I can inform that he so that far it has been it doing add - is very possible a two took that it breaks was only the defective batch but so far this new plus or the subject has survived vacationing in some mountains of Asheville and varied another Skype sessions without any sign of a breaking of clip. Because of his service of the exceptional client only would not doubt to purchase another. Update in 5 stars.

Original description:
This tripod has done adds for the few weeks but there looks for to be the defect in a creation these covers a group with a clip of tlphonique to break out of a tripod. That is to say in fact one 2 times this arrived - a first time has bought this product a tripod has been fallen and a course included has broken, as I blamed me and has ordered another. It opens This second a has broken, but was of simply using a product that designed and takes a telephone of a clip. My supposition is that one falls my tripod of premier has suffered has not been all this bad, I only taken miserable in this fall in a the majority of fragile/brittle part of a unit.

Any road, after having two of these lacking units in a same place now, one because of the small fall in a fund, another during the use has feigned to regulate, does not think will be to take another . Some pictures are of one the majority of recent unit that broken during regular use.
5 / 5
Remarked the plot of bad descriptions in east one but has thought would launch some data. I have taken preoccupied when a company emailed and said me has had problems with a packaging and concealed can result it broken like the result. They have offered preferably the repayment. Any necessity tho. I am pleasantly surprised for his sake. It IS kinda low but used it the plot and some look of legs to line anything plants very well while it is not TOO MANY lopsided. A piece that control a telephone has nuts of tripod of regular measure in an end and one retreated so much can burst was and posed it any tripod. It has not tried a bluetooth thing still.
5 / 5
I am basing my description of 5 stars in my basses demoing of a product out of a box. Has very at length used it his, but listen how has to the good idea on likes him the law. A reason has taken this the particular portable tripod is state because of a rotating title of tlphonique (iPhone 7+ access without subjects) that will leave so horizontal and of the vertical photos to be taken. One of the worries was an upper heaviness . I have planted felizmente tlphonique in a tripod, has turned a headline of tlphonique so that it leaves vertical photos and has confirmed that it does not touch in a left or right wing. It does not trust this in the ledge looking on he 20ft+ drop, but for more than uses, to to the chair likes him was of sure. A joint of balloon is also adjustable and can be tensed to leave the loosest/movement more rigid of a device. I have tried also a clicker. When being cheap likes him another has mentioned, but that is to say to be expected for a prize. Party sper fast and easy and has taken some pictures without subject. Without an application of camera that is up, adjusts a volume in my iPhone to locate, but no low using a second button. A cautionary commentaries that will give it the buyers of perspective are that with any bendable leg, goes to be take for the take behind in 0. Once they are angled exited of right place, is not sure was also easy to try and straighten them has been behind. I do not plant I am by train to use in this road, but was the sake in case perhaps. In general, for prize and function, is something on. Mark adds it that it hikes/portable tripod for my uses.
5 / 5
It takes this for my Galaxy of Samsung S8 and sake of only cape. A creation and building of a tripod is robust and controls up well.

Has any manual even so he so that it was perplexed when visas 2 small components in a stock exchange with him - any idea that was still for, but after the looks of small investigation are to plan on using this with the GoPro or some such camera.

A bluetooth far done well, although the desire was able to begin/registers of video of the decree. It IS the small flimsy and almost when being as the shell of plastic deserts, but does a work all a same.

Has decided to see like scratches up after the small time and leave my telephone in him external, signalling up in some clouds. A grip has lined well and a camera very budge at all. To good sure excited to use this more in a future and perfect for photos grupal.
5 / 5
UPDATE 7/25/18
sending the information has been emailed in me and a tripod of substitution is in a clave. The personal message was routed of a vendor also. The service of client adds for UBeesize.

UPDATE 7/23/18
service and Fast response of cosy client! After photographs of routing of a tripod broken in a vendor (as well as an order ) was has offered quickly an election of any the repayment or substitution. I have chosen substitution while I have wanted this tripod and was bummed when pause. While for information to send.

UPDATE 7/22/18
One of some legs of a tripod have sheared has entered a base. The vendor has contacted. While response. In general, still better tripod there for a prize in my opinion. Curious quite service of client of the company...

I tripods to use the plot to film alfresco. He uncountable fraction Joby ones in a cold air (basically only accident eschew and pause). A UBeesize is robust, big, and beefy. I beat it up alfresco during three month and he still are going strong. Highly it recommends!

Note - has purchased this tripod as well as an expensive plus Kobratech a here in Amazon a same time. A UBeesize is to well sure a better tripod. And it is cheaper!

Has PURCHASED 2/19/18
4 / 5
[ It EDITS: This was in the principle to 1 description of star, while you can say on the one hand inferior of this description. A touch of the company entered with me and offered or the repayment or the substitution. I have opted for a substitution and was quickly routed and has rid. It IS an until version of date of this tripod, like the description for him will be afterwards in a pertinent place. It opens I am giving 4 stars so that while it was certainly turbulent in an initial product a company answered and the viable solutions have offered. An initial problem maintains to be the 5-the star but a service of client the fact he 4-star. Each roads of manufacturer out of lemons periodically, is that capes he these subjects in this point. I expect to try a new tripod this weekend and leaves the description for him in that then.]

Has tried to answer in an email a company routed has purchased afterwards this but he are returned so undeliverable so many is thank you to give the bad description. If they answer in this expect update this description with something positive.

A part of a tripod in that a part of the balloon of some highland rests is defective. It does not ensure to a gesture likes him the camera of video (a Kodak small Zi8, as any much bigger that the mobile phone) dulcemente drifts during register and at the end finish to look in a fund, or perhaps a ceiling, sometimes a wall, but never an initially posed place until video. A clamp the part of a base has the piece of type of the ray these towers and just turns. It serves any function, certainly does not ensure a balloon and like this a camera, but turns very amiably.

Has not expected the quality adds for a prize but he since feigned to use he in only 2 or 3 locations, everything inside with a lot of few changes of camera, has think that this would be well. My requisites is only quite so mere and basic while it can be, control the small camera in firm while doing inner of videos in the desktop. Even so this has failed to do this basic task. Any sure which more can be used in case very cual the tripod for the small camera down almost ideal conditions. It opens Return to square or so that I have trusted that the tripod would do like the tripod.
5 / 5
I want to this. EXCELLENT CUSTIMER SERVICE! In the principle took a wrong the element and I have contacted the and hurriedly the roads join me the correct unit is perfect and looks exactly like a picture. A Bluetooth law only well for me and I want to concealed comes with the stock exchange to line everything. He he so easy to maintain all some together parts. Highly it recommends to take east. He also the work perfectly for an iPhone or an Android(that it can see it same still access with a case on). Some legs are very flexible.

Top Customer Reviews: AmazonBasics ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
1 / 5
Has purchases very AmazonBasics products in some pasts and was very satisfied with a quality of the each of some elements took. One 60-inch the clear tripod was an exception . Desprs Returning a tripod of premier so that it can not ensure one to situate, took the tripod of substitution with an exact same problem. For all the pictures you buffs. If you try to locate the mere Cannon SLR the camera instrumented with the 1lb Sigma lentil of Art in front of him, will remark immediately that a camera will tend to bend main, by everything means of how tense taking a plastic of knob.
Has purchased this tripod to take pictures at night of a North Light in Iceland. A AmazonBasic the tripod has been represented well-for-swimming in me when gives that a leader of the tripod could not remain in right when my camera has been trace in the.
5 / 5
Absolutely I WANT this tripod. It does not have any one which such tone the versatile tripod can go for so down...But only salvation or more reason to WANT TO Amazon.com!!

While it can see does not have any weapon as I need the tripod that is clear but full in perks...This tripod is Each WHICH EXPECTED by and then some!!!!

IS VERY EASY to operate to manipulate a height to change one swivel angles of diverse points for. Any knob is well and big mark screwing/unscrewing very easy and effortless.

Has taken this for mine Makayama case of iPad and seamless records with him.

The products adds! I attach to price!! Thank you Amazon!!!!

5 / 5
A container comes with the stock exchange of tripod and a Tripod done of the aluminium and the plastic take. A tripod comes with 2 levels or on some legs and another in a leader.

Liked me a premier so tripod of that has bought another. Still I am looking for a tripod of plus and for a prize that is to say the upper corridor .

Has begun has been with a tripod of bower and has paid quite a lot of 45 dollars for him. For a quality hardly can say a difference.

Everything in a tripod is basic and takes a work has done. There is the fine line among the tripod that is junk and or that will he. A creation and in inexpensiveness of this tripod the work adds to find a field to price to be way down below and something concealed will last for years.

For my necessities of the studio to contain these tripods adapt my purpose and will last me the long time.

Hurriedly Connects
Hurriedly Hangs Ham (for weight or extra train)
2 Levels

A 60 Tripod of Inch for AmazonBasics is THE PURCHASE, for any one requiring an extra Tripod or beginning in Picturing.

2 / 5
Inferior line: That is to say the decent tripod for a money, but am not adds. If you can provide the better tripod, any troubling with easterly.

This has some very solid components. Some legs are quite solid and has the arrival adds. Some attraction of extensions was really amiably and stay in planting perfectly. Some feet have few joints of balloon in some finals so many is always quite barn by everything means duquel an earth is likes him.

But that is to say quite where some finals of good material. Where Some legs attach in an organism is flimsy and will move touch a camera, which almost negates any value to HAVE the tripod since ails presses a button of shutter, a pod will move. Sometimes the does not move behind and will take the sake has shot. Sometimes it bounces and it take the smeared disorder. There is an extension in an organism that will create a mountain up, but that it is quite so stable like him bobble wrist of cape. A crank to create in chair likes him could break was anytime.

Is debating to return this element. It IS still slightly better that any one tripod at all.
5 / 5
Like A Photographer 'Intermediate', trying some waters in of the professional/pictures have paid, wants this tripod! I mostly character, street, and spent shots, but occasionally cases of mark and sports. This tripod am adds for everything of that! I left me to take the dulcemente quite ShutterSpeed, if I am in the situation to light more drop like the party and does not want crank in my ISO, or is doing the shot of landscape, and wants to very creamy, soft, movement. A tripod is very economic- this wants to paid + for marks??? Very light. Easy to transport (comes with the stock exchange). Has so characteristic! To good sure recomend. I will leave you the types know if my opinion in some changes of tripod.
5 / 5
I agonized for so long quite taking the tripod for my Sony A6000, looking in pricey Manfrottos and one which, totally uncertain in that was more for my necessities of video of amateur. Felizmente I stumbled in the web of place of description of the photograph that counted lucs English that this mere $ 20/$ 25 tripod was basically all or never pushes of need in a house, in a beach, in of the ceremonies of graduation, or in another cape that half of demands. They were 100% correct, and spends this enthusiastic description to the long of more than could be ask require one $ 250 carbon-filament Zomeii or one $ 500 Manfrotto just to take some video of his cat that roams around a floor. This tripod is exceptionally stable, easy to lengthen/shorten, and has the sper-easy detachable leader thingy that, with a flick of the change, can fall yours camera so that it shoots streaky hand or to substitute a card/by heart of the stack. I am sure he has reasons why any one could wants the sper-big-final ultra-expensive tripod, but unless has the heavy camera or a necessity to shoot in montane zones of war, thinks that this tripod is a scarce example of the solution that is not also well to be true. If calm only wants to something in plop your clear mirrorless camera on and shoot, that is to say the compraventa fantastic .
1 / 5
There is has not had time to learn in pro-tripods and decided to try this thing of level of the entrance. All can say - flavours a name 'Basics'. It IS VAL for a yes precise prize takes the pair of familiar photos, no more

- has taken broken in less than 3 month of clear use (one of the crowbars of adjustment have taken broken)
- no robust, could do for clear camera with clear lentil, has tried he with 4lbs ~150-600 dulcemente and was subjects in shaky included very extensive and each which so shutter the click has caused each one thing to shiver
- final of legs with cheap and slippery parts, any robust at all
- any balloon, likes poden no the grain of adjustments

- clear
- comes with the stock exchange
4 / 5
For less than $ 25, it has taken the decent tripod that is reasonably stable, with several good characteristics. Each leg has two extensions that will close in any point to the long of his period. The closure used the only two times in a field, can not say if some locks of leg will continue to line in firm, but for now, a friction is well and a program is quite barn in any height can conceive to require. It likes Agent of Security of the Field, while looking quite a lot of things near, can also something for a lot of shooters the time, sometimes during five hours in the roads, and need to remain comfortable. My localising the scope has a angled eyepiece, as it looks down in him -- a beat of tripod that is lower that would require for the right eyepiece. I am 5'10', and with some fully extensive legs I only necessity in crank in an adjustment of height two or three inches to be able to use a scope without angling on at all. This tripod would be equally comfortable for the person that was 6'5' or more.

In addition to an usual crank-arrives adjustment of height, has three 'attitude' adjustments: the protruding the cape the covers swing a scope (or camera) vertically; the knob leave you casserole a camera/of scope horizontally; and to small 'wing-nuts' leave to bend you one camera/of scope 90, but ONLY in the right. This looked the problem at the beginning -- when shoot in the bank, I like a scope to be in a right of a bank, with a angled eyepiece has bent To the left in me. If you will verify my photos, will see that it revoke it only a scope ( trace any road), and bent leaves.

Has two levels has built in a tripod, one to leave ensure that a program is level , another to ensure that a vertical adjustment is level . For the localising past, this is not any a lot of an advantage, but for the camera, was well to have fewer photos with the drunken listed of horizon 15 in starboard [...And I FULFIL I am not an only or concealed apresamiento FUBAR photos and tipsy Aunt Gargle.]

A rubber-clad the feet are plastic balloon -sockets that access in of the balloons in some finals of some legs...They swivel around easily, giving a sure tripod footing, included when an earth is uneven.

Has think that a cape was an unnecessary to attach-on ( has not had never one in the tripod before, as it does not imagine required a). More, researches to be in a wrong place. But you are not . With a scope (or the heavy camera) is trace, can give a centre-next movement he quickly, creates it to pull in some legs, and firmly spends a tripod and the scope of or finals of the busy shooting-line in another, has posed then the backside up in just the second. Dulce.

Those are all some good things . That in bad and/or ugly? Well, a balloon in an end of one of some feet in tripod of mine had broken has been to last traffic, and was loose in a stock exchange with his rubber-socket coated-feet. I have required a tripod that weekend, as any time the change. Felizmente, a plastic spindle in an end of a foot (that arrived in a balloon) is not plastic solid, but the tube. I have taken it chopstick of bamboo, whittled/scraped an end until the apt closely in a tube, cut of 1/piece of 2 inches to form covers it, doused or finals with sper glue, rammed he in a leg, doused an another end with sper-glue and rammed he in a balloon. Expected five minutes. Opened the can not say that leg fixed. Damn IS well.

So much is there anything very bad with this tripod? Nope. It is not it beefy piece of Mercedes-Benz the hardware built on. It IS more like something of the Jou. It IS clear-weight, is Chinese, and does not go to be in the transente down through some generations. But which heck, work, and can provide for the substitute, taking broken.
5 / 5
Only it take it this produces today, 6/12/17. First impressions are very pleased in a quality. Test and has used all some characteristic and found the to be solid of rock. It opens Something is to the surprise is how many people has seen to break his product with a ray for a camera. I think that that the people are twisting a camera in place of a ray. A ray is not motionless is in the loose tone and calm twist of an interior to tense a low camera. The calm DOES not TWIST The CAMERA. I asked me before I have bought why seen so the devices broke. It was in fact nervous to buy it. I recommend any one with basic comprises to buy this. It IS an amazing product , does not leave misguided the users effect your decision.

Update: it is October 20, this support still is going strong. No the only characteristic has suffered harm. Moderated into use heavy.
5 / 5
For a money, that is to say the product adds ! To hover he of $ 20, has expected the basic product, low quality to take me stops. All have to was to line my camera (Nikon D5000) in the place and I would have been satisfied. In my surprise, has characteristic comprised with this tripod that is in $ 40+ tripods! Two different bubble levelers, or for a base and another for a camera, an independent crank riser for additional height, the multiple this tense locations to maintain yours camera in place, and a capacity to line yours camera in both landscape and portrait.

Since taking this tripod, I the 'test' where installed my camera and left the only for almost five days with some fully the extensive legs and planting the enclosed locations / have ensured. This tripod has lined his place without any problem, relieving my worries quite the falling on and breaking my camera.

A emits expsito is related in my concrete camera (Image of Voice). Quan Attached in a tripod, is unable in toe a screen around because of an arm in being afterwards in a road. This is not the subject of entity of only necessity to fall a camera, has said a screen that wished, and re-sure.

In general, is satisfied totally with purchase of mine and strongly would recommend in any one. It takes the look in my semi-detached images where give the most next look to capacities and his characteristics.

Top Customer Reviews: 3-Axis Gimbal ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 58 ratings
5 / 5
To maintain this low and sweet, this thing is awesome. Some lenses of camera in these new telephones only are improving and these easy-in-of the marks of device of the control he sper easy to take some awesome photos/of video. It was able to jump well in of the this of one takes-go of the turn on, that downloads an application and touching around with him.

Would recommend a tutorials to ensure know what each the marks of road and so properly poses -in your telephone. A headline is adjustable as more probably that directs the telephones the new and main plus (like my S10+).

Does not need an application to use this, but does the functions the easy plus.

The Also comprises the support and there is 2 something where would be likely to attach you your own annexes - the microphone perhaps or something similar.

An USB those touches the cord is the low bit , but this is being night -picky.

Voice the semi-detached video - first tentativa in using this but probably takes easier with time.
5 / 5
Salvation! First of all a Hohem Gimbal has entered the well the case Takes for Storage and the good external packaging. It take the' iSteady Mobile +' that is a new plus and has some characteristic of extras to notch upper as Beginning and roads of Sport as well as he 16 living stack early and the built in tlphonique upload Wow! A tez of a gimbal is robust and has the hand-the streaky grip of good rubber for your security. Also some buttons of Control are easy to use and the sleep to do with too much. A joystick is sper easy to do with and a change of the trigger in a backside takes calm in Road of Sport easily. It is done in Negre that expensive look. Tripod Of the accessory concealed and Touches the cape completes a container very amiably. It synchronises up with Bluetooth easily and has abundance of QR the codes since Tube Tutorials. An Application is easy in the download and is characteristic rich. A suggestion is if your telephone is in the case takes to go for perfect operation. Has a telephone of Android and included can use an external mic for the quality of sound adds. The warrant IS service and of the client of excellent sake has it that requires .In general the product adds with characteristic creative to do taking Video of Entertainment of Photos Again! The purchase and the calm will not listen !
5 / 5
Quan I unboxed a gimbal and has opened an access of case, spent the gimbal that when being substantial and robust. It take the sense of the very done product.

A iSteady the mobile is easy to pose up and use. One balancing of my iPhone 7 (in the case) was very easy and has required any attached in the to to weight likes him to of them roughly another gimbals. An interaction with a HohemGimbal the application is seamless and intuitive. A capacity in fine tune all of some movements saw an application is the utmost characteristic and leave me to adjust everything of some taxes in mine in pleasant yaw, casserole, curves, etc.

A gimbal comes with the booklet of the instruction simplified and Hohem has a lot of tutorial videos in Youtube. Look down but take a work done and left me when being arrive and that careers in just the few minutes.
5 / 5
Amur This Gimble!
A prize in unbeatable!
Out of a box sper the cosy user. On it has the Youtube tutorial on that to use all some functions!
Very excited to take the one of is that laws in max capacities in a gymnasium! Sper stoked!
Highly recommends in any one looking for a awesome gimble for his iPhone!
5 / 5
Well And it has bought this for my tlphonique as and can record stabilised the videos and a perfect occasion are come up for the daughters is my graduation and and has been surprised that a lot the fact and what stable a video was for me was perfect and a video is exited very well, this product costs a money 100%
5 / 5
These products provides the value adds for his prize. If only taken to record some moments of your wonderful trips on the way cinematic in your ready telephone, can any gone bad with a compraventa. Easily I can take through the day to film with him; and a stability is very also. Even so, drought that a software for a gimbal is somehow glitchy in Android; it was not that laws he in iOS but expect that a company could optimise a software.
5 / 5
I am exited for bit it this morning and evening and practised to film partidrio mere, dolly and push in of the shots to write around and of my house,earth and a city and the utmost results taken. Wonderfully The result of smooth shots and done my look of videos is in of the films. I want this thing a more learns to use it and take some explosion of shots. I also two motion timelapse videos with him yesterday and is exited perfectly. Both result in 10 lapses so of time of the motion that was buttery smooth and lovely.
5 / 5
Work surprisingly well. I can literally race of full speed and maintain stable video. Easy in hook up and comes with an application. My videos look so of the professionals now!
5 / 5
A Hohem iSteady Pro is such a compraventa excellent, and with the point of low prize $ 100, to well sure come from some of a more casual video shooters there. For the estimativa gimbal, a Hohem iSteady Pro the bows in the number add controls and shooting roads. DIRECT indicators, roads of Multiple shooting, and has very easy to use buttons that is used for his control. A Hohem Gimset has an application/of iOS of Android that enablesyou to connect your iSteady Pro in your telephone for Gimbal calibration, Remotely controls your gimbal (p. p.ej. It changes to shoot road, the left wing of casserole and right), Configures parameters (p. p.ej. Speed of engine, sensibility of joystick), and manual of firmware/of the Update of digital user. It can save all the low parameters multiple profiles. A quality of stabilisation of a Hohem iSteady Pro has surprised data some low expectations price compared in another gimbals. In general a Hohem iSteady Pro Offers fantastic value for money and real offer 3-axial motorised gimbal stabilisation. It marks Sleeve sure only with some cure.
5 / 5
Some the descriptions adds has seen everywhere is well has deserved. Physically a gimble is very built, listening very solid, well balance. To well sure the does not have the be cheap in him. I frankly any one in the principle expects of the stabalizer when in the first place begun to look to buy unit Another characteristic that will do my videos look more professional is a wheele this leaves calm in zoom or house. Much smoother then that does a same thing in the screen of a telephone.

Top Customer Reviews: DJI OM 4 - Handheld ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. I love this thing--súper awesome application, buttery smooth images, and works wonderfully with my iphone.

This in spite of has taken partorisca a characteristic tone: they allege (unless have takes he) 'works with outsides lenses.'
He no.

has taken one the majority of lentil of wide corner populate (only 3oz) and a gimbal the engines could does not manage.
There is wanted really love this thing, but are fearful the just works are using your telephone, which my supposition is 95 of people there. Like this probably it does for you!

But the desire would correct one has promised characteristic. Sadly I have had to that return mine.

Expects these helps!
4 / 5
In general, smaller that a Osmo Cellular 3, 2, and 1. They are upgrading of a Osmo Cellular 2. Of a bat a grip is more sensitive. Some keys are all still there, but some functions are attributed enough differently. Standby Way (presented in Cellular 3) is the fresh improvement.

The control of gesture is very orderly. I have looked the Japanese schoolgirl while doing it, but was effective and has begun to follow my face the second or two with which I a gesture, turning in three-according to delaying to start with register.

A Mimo the application is to good sure an improvement on 'DJI GOES 4'. Mimo Ties directly with an application of Photo in iPhone, like this calm does not have to that spend for an application to access your video/of photos.

Has two things that me prenden to give these five stars this in spite of:

1. A magnetic clamp ironically, is a big plus downgrade of a new model. A capacity to add telephones more weighed to a gimbal comes with the cost - is noticeably less sure of some leading models. If has the chance, your telephone will fall off a magnetically has attached clamp (attaches it to a gimbal) with any willful pressed or whip. Ossia Reason DJI the offer of the magnets can attach to the yours in of the skins, a-cased telephone. I did not use him still, but I am sure it is for this that offer both options.

Has had also some subjects when panning an active aim. An active aim that follows requires excellent light and any movement too quickly of a @@@subject and operator. As with some leading models, will take lost easily in poor lighting.
5 / 5
Has taken this gimble expecting it will sustain my note 20 ultra. To the left initiate me for of the this, all an user of android would owe that go thus gimble. It sustains a weight of my telephone without the sweat and has the majority of some options the difference of a zhiyun smooth 4. It has thought a dji mimo the application is not having a support for 4k 60 fps but always can use application of camera of the telephone of the use and will do like the charm. This gimble is having the magnetic mountain and his really really strong. Ossia A better gimble and better investment.

His sustains the weight of 230 gms and +/-60 gm like the total load can manage to 290gms. Utilisation this gimble with a note ultra with the quite sturdy chance and a gimble does not look to have any question.
4 / 5
Recently has used a OM 3 and has on elected 4 after seeing that it does not require balancing (ossia easily a main ache when using gimbals) and are súper happy with him. It is lighter then one 3, the engines are significantly faster and yes takes the fraction of a time the appeal was and setup. More is basically that to to prize still likes 3 was before one 4 is exited (when it consider comes with a tripod and is equal to of this container for one 3).

Stops more than the people would not recommend upgrading of one 3 to a 4 how is more than an evolutionary step then the revolutionary transmission. But you are considering an on another, goes with one 4, well a same extra quantity although they have fallen a prize of one 3 to around $ 100 at the same time of this description.
4 / 5
Ossia Stand of Telephone adds , articulates Arm. Characteristic very anticipated. It can resist telephone long time
4 / 5
Ossia mine 4th tentativa with the telephone gimbal and this a a! A magnetic clip the easy fact to install. Any need to concern roughly balancing anymore.

An application is intuitive and explains all the characteristics. Utilisation a iphone 6.
4 / 5
These things is solid! It is paired perfectly and works astonishingly well with my iPhone XS Max! I have been concerned the could not manage a weight/of measure, but is likes is holding at all. A magnetic connection is life changing of a forward setup. Easy on, and does not exit unless calm really the attractive was hard. I love it 5/5
4 / 5
First gimbal, in the first place was was the mark and the application have not done well has to that way that be with the mark of name and my discovered this a lot timed with the new emission.
Has purchased a day is exited, this in spite of osmo want to you to permanently attach a magnetic coverage to a backside of your telephone. Going to order the slender chance the transmission was when using a gimbal. To the light inconvenience but I will be of tower to modify to see if work.

Modification: misunderstanding of mine. Any chance required for a magnet to do. It is optional.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. In a video has the 3rd chance of party.
A lot of thing of sound in this gimbal, already know.
My subject is that it takes in of the odd places.. You will be enclosed and emotional, and an end of a row of motion will clash, and attack your telephone out of place. The engines tend to do the little jiggle to plot, to the as it does not like .. I think it is struggling.

A lot of gimbal for small material, spear in the stock exchange and go, but a Smooth 4 is the better shot.

Loves a magnet. But taking of a clamp can line any chance has, as has any place for the resist opened well. It gives and take thinner comes with some subjects.

Would recommend yes calms so only loves small measure..
If the spatial, take a smooth 4 east amazing.

Also all gimbal the applications are booty .. Use filmic pro;
but a OM4 does not connect well there. “Record” looks an odd 🤔 volume
5 / 5
Very compatible with iPhone 12 Pro Max laws with professional gimbal and professional camera the normal people will not be able to viewing of row he of the telephone but when you have dipped this in a big television oh this of mine gimbal is worthless rid is in fact more stable.

Top Customer Reviews: Movo VXR10 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
4 / 5
This coast a prize. If you are looking for the microphone of shotgun that will not break a bank that is to say your mic. I have found this microphone while looking for the small shotgun mic to use with my DSLR and is happy overdraft the.

HAS the metal builds what marks thin chair . Also it comes with the system of suspension (red support) that defeat to handle and noise of the shudder caused by movement while shooting.

Especially enjoy a windscreen that is comprised in one that box deletes noise of wind when shooting alfresco.

A big plus sells for me is a comprised TRS in TRRS cape. This calm cape leave you to connect a microphone in your smartphone. Of this microphone is phantom powered does not have very necessity for stacks. It covers only calm he in and work.

A quality of his east well. He the work adds during a video has comprised down. Honestly, can see Me taking this in my pricier mics state because of this factor of small form and clear weight.

Has given this he 4 of 5 stars so that dry a vowel to choose-arrive when being the small thin. Another mics is in a warmer side.

But this easily could take 5 of 5. If you are looking for to good shotgun mic, this comes with load of extras. It buys this thing.
5 / 5
This provides sounds very well, when maintained in 18 inches of a talent. It Likes him virtually each mics, when locate in of the camera four feet or more than a talent, will not take to sound very good. But that it is only a road of mics. Caleb Hammers has revised this and has declared concealed has it sensibly the hottest signal that Trace Videomicro. I am quite picky with audio, and I often EQ to take the things in a road likes him with of a lot of mics, but this one give me the audio that suffices well without EQ-ing. To be small and cheap, has surprisingly down well. And an upper end is crispy without being shrill. For a money, that is to say very good.
5 / 5
Excellent value for a money. Before purchasing it, looked the few videos of Youtube this compares this mic in a Video is Trace Micro. Both are good mics, but some videos have aimed this one to have the response of frequency of better low end. In fact, it avenges with the manual these recoveries do down in 35 Hz, while a Video is Trace Micro specs the hack of sample was around 100 Hz. Based in some comparisons of video and my use so far, and would say that it is accurate. Ones in the the others to things like them to them the in a Movement mic relative in a Trace the option is:

1) Comes with the black cord (any one in-yours-face red cord). A mountain is red, but can easily the spray the black pint.
2) Some looks to locate less flexible. He still - That it could do chooses in the noise of plus of bit of a camera, but my zooming experiences while the film suggests is VAL for my personal use ( can listen a knob of zoom in a M50 rotating, but is not strong likes him is with a built-in mic. Like the mountain is providing sake of acoustic isolation).
3) A quality of tez is solid. Any enough in pair with Trace, but well of abundance.
4) Comes with the very very pouch.
5) Comes with capes for camera as well as for cell-tlphonique (sure controls when being his compatible with your).

Conclusion - 4 in 4.5 stars in his own, but give it 5 for a valuable relative in a similar Trace mic those costs the plus bit.
4 / 5
Audio very well the registers for him are type (low field, shotgun for smartphone and dslr cameras to do 'career and pistol' the fashionable video where big pro quality of the audio is not necessity). A profit is strong. The tez of the metal is well. It compares well with him it is it Locates small video mics and Buoy M1 lapel.
One stars taken has been for a poor hock' mountain. It breaks when checked flexes with my toe (photo of views) so that it is plastic rigid , cheap . It looks the accident , but almost very flex. So far, any able to find substitution. The manufacturer would have to change to compare with Rycote mountain of the accident used by this Trace. It recommends to estimate included with poor accident.
2 / 5
There is not any difference in a quality of audio in a register with this microphone. Without a microphone sounds a same! If the amazon was impressive to upload more than a song would aim you a difference in this ridiculous. Some waste of money.

This microphone does not conform some requisites. And it do not provide me with that has to provide how delete noise of wind and some means. In of the terms of quality of the sound hardly sounds better quality, and with my Nokia 7 quality besides this microphone is not even in a level of a phon. A windshield does not look to the help as much as will see in my videos. It does not recommend this product for use with any type of mobile phone.

Another troubling the small thing is that there is not the 1/4 soyale in 1/4' the ray of the Threaded man Cambra' Adapter in highland Title of the Tripod in the box. As it has to yours orders separately and taken to time and the marks not even paid. So much with a arkon the tripod has bought, has not been possible to connect this microphone directly out of a box, and is a lot of retarding me now so that it is only expensive in Amazon, and of ebay takes the long time to take here.

In a video sees that I am seating in the cart estacionado in the crest, an advance of the open window where a mobile phone is lying in a arkon tripod in a door. A microphone is in my hand and in a cart and very afterwards in my mouth even so some unwanted noises of outsides and by behind a microphone is destroying my voice and I are almost unclear, with a lot of noise of wind.
4 / 5
The good works but giving it the 4 becasue is very to BUOY rebranded which are 10 cheap dollars the majority of places. Even so he only well in my iPhone , Nikon D5300 and Sony AX53. Loader And his deep plus that Trace Videomicro. Could like me a better Trace in of the terms of his Mays that the preference is very light. Also a cape in a Trace is better like both end is angled. This does the difference in trace. This has said a BUOY/of Movement comprises the cape of mobile phone what a no. IS trace A dead cat is also so effective while Remonta. Some tomb the photo has a BUOY/of the trace of movement in a AS20 cam of action. One is Trace is trace in my AX53.
5 / 5
The service of client adds, has broken a mountain of first accident times those uses, routed another without subjects. A mountain to clash to be also tight when clamping a mic in. For me the duke averts after each use so that I am doing work of location and transporting squad. Mic The laws add. A gone in upper of the cords would be well to have 90 adapters of title in both finals, but that it is smaller. IMO The cords also could be lower, but returns big roads. Also the good characteristic of the competitor is having a built in clips to line a the cape in some nuts to tense for a mountain of shoe.
The prize adds, the action adds.
Would buy again and again.
5 / 5
Update: As it was turbulent that these products has not done for me still after I have read and the descriptions adds has seen in this product and has written the description. Well, a company has achieved has been in me and is routing me the substitution! The service of client adds! I will do the description of video and clave as it can see you that very this truly works. Very impressed!

Has bought this and he have done utmost....In half calm. As I thought it that he he. It was in an external case in vlog, has used this mic alfresco for videos of lives of Youtube and for future video. All my external audio in the wind and the external sounds have done my audio choppy! I am coming house and tried in front of follower of the tent and was choppy! To compare tried in same condition with Lived Panda Lapel mic and is Trace Mic M. They have sounded utmost and this POS was choppy. The desire would have tried when in the first place take. Opened the can not return. May Again.
5 / 5
Another concealed to take a 2.5 adapter so that it can use it on my Fujifilm xt20, these laws of microphone also like TRACE, which use in my Cannon. The churn adds for the microphone that calm give you this class of his excellent. I recommend it highly for race and videography of pistol and also for vloggers.
1 / 5
It does not import if some sounds of microphone VAL or is until a competition if a hardware of the support has required to the use is rubbishes and that it is a case here.

A so-the mountain of the accident has nicknamed comes with east the tiny piece of confoundingly the brittle plastic concealed does not absorb any accident or vibration at all. It listens to like it will break it each to time posed the a mic in him. Almost I have not bought this so that so so the people informed it accident for them down normal use. I can not spend around and trust my work in him when has these worries look quite breaking it based in that cheap and inflexible is. If it breaks even so, the mucus felizmente will sell you his the substitution in his place of web for $ 12.95! This thing can not cost more concealed 5 cents in has fashioned in China and yes has to buy the substitution then has not saved any money in Trace Videomicro which are a lot of main quality everywhere.

A furry windscreen that comes with this rubbish also. It spills and the hairs of drops likes them madman. I can not have spilt in my stock exchange of camera these covers lose hairs during my lenses!

Spends $ 40 or more on anything expects all the appearances of him in at least better when being that quality of tent of the dollar, but alas Moure really cut ALL The CORNERS here. It does not think some critics of Youtube this sustains for-side of comparisons by side and say this mic is competitive, so that with in the to to problems like them to them to them these clearly is not .

Top Customer Reviews: Lightweight Tripod ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 57 ratings
2 / 5
You do not buy again, included in his low price.

A bad: ANY CAPACITY for vertical shooting ( any tilt was to the full 90 terracings), ANY CHARACTERISTIC of fast emission (would have to that it has examined more closely before shabby), is coming prescuffed in of the boxes, qualities of poor build especially noticeable when bending/unfolding

A good: very light, possibly as well as the tripod of backup that takes no real use or like the tripod that does not take never moved and rests of camera on tripod.
5 / 5
It has been it has interested any in a price a low plus, but in a weight. Discontent to Spend hanged slope of the long walks and there is not any a lot of options of light weights in the row of reasonable price.

This tripod is extremely very drawn and is the plot more than can be expected for a price, relatively to another.

Weigh it around 1.3 books. It has extended fully it is 53', duquel a centrical column is 9'. In this extension, is quite wobbly. I seat sure planting in the the Sony DSC-RX10 IV with a longitude and heavy 600 mm the lentil of zoom has extended. But a lack of rigidity does to frame and directing any easy.

The rigidity can be significantly improved to extend less than fully each section, and creating a centrical column to so only for the half. In the height of roughly 45', is usable for my purposes, which are quite demanding.

A material is like the vibrations are not dampened quickly. I have found I require the 10 according to self-delay of timer, likes opposed to only 5 seconds, with which manually pressing a key of trigger, to achieve stability. But it was able to obtain perfectly attentive photos in maxima of telescopic power.

The would not be a better tripod for video panning or still to take still panoramas, reasons a motion is not to soften enough. No utilisations he in of the half half of big wind neither. It is so only too light and no rigid.

Would owe that have the serious has attached to a fund of a centrical column, long enough to spend for a centrical hole of a triangular plastic mainstay that connects some open legs. Hanging the weight of this series would improve reliability in of the windy conditions.

Has applied to plot of pressure with some rays to do sure at all would move or slide. Some material and the construction are strong and solids and has not had any question. At all it break it.

Finally, is the very good product for a price and hanged and can be used further is category of price , with some limitations.
5 / 5
I love this tripod. As well as has the very expensive manfrotto Tripod... It can be the ache in a backside in the fast pinch partorisca dip up in of the shoots/of the pairs and I kid you a lot, this one is very stable, a work and has resisted my mark of cannon 5dsr and 200mm lentil without subjects. Any I obviously uses in the current of water or a beach or the really windy day, but is to good sure a lot of value of the money and very practical.
5 / 5
Ossia The tripod adds that I use different ways - partorisca my night-camera of trail of the vision, as well as partorisca take portrayed with friends and family with my Nikon. It is sturdy, very light and easy to transport in his stock exchange partorisca spend. Reason spend more?
5 / 5
I require an extra tripod partorisca dip my telephone when it takes the external pictures and ossia a a that that I exactlyneed. A tripod is light and easy of the spend ( spending the stock exchange comprised). With ray of trace of this container, is simple to dip on my telephone in a tripod. Still although a tripod is light, is still stable when taking pictures. There is another that really taste is does of three ways of boss partorisca move. My boss of old tripod is fijamente and can not be movement flexibly. Ossia Creation a lot well when you want to use your tap of laser partorisca measure different corners. I require partorisca say ossia treat really well wants to use this tripod in multiple functions. Big recommends.
5 / 5
Kinda flimsy, Looks hard and all concealed in a photo, but is Itty bitty scronny what when you unbox the, would not trust he with and lovely crew, unsupervised. Decided partorisca go for the pro pod of video that goes partorisca in $ 130 here ... It can use this a partorisca support or of the small lights or idk... Cellphone Tripod The very good cost, but to lazy of the turn
4 / 5
It was a lot the sceptic that buys this tripod because of some critical recent negations but I have come with utmost informative. When being a photographer of costruttore of/ avid film- this tripod is for you. Has an iPhone XS Max and of the rigs pursue is the chance for now and the Moment Anamorphic Lentil. For a setup I at present have- this tripod is surprising! Hanged very light, functionality very easy, and sper easy to use for any (beginners-expert). I have taken the plot of sper quotas of still shots so that the video and the photos and I recommend this tripod to any one. Now I know a price is a lot down which means a quality of the tripod is not a better but he to good last cure sure of him. This tripod is essentially an easy to use tripod of telephone. You could also he potentially uses for an external microphone like a Zoom but I would not recommend using this tripod for cameras more weighed like DSLRs and SLRs. Another the concealed- ossia the beautiful, sper easy to use, sper simple, still tripod all your needs!
5 / 5
Very light
Good height
the stock exchange has comprised
Folds on compact
Easy to use

A lot cheaply does
probably not lasting long
No very sturdy with the camera has attached

In general, exactly the one who there are them wanted. Economic, light and compact. It is cheaply fact but will not be the using each shot so much is well for me. If you are looking for the sturdy, tripod of frequent use, would look them elsewhere.
4 / 5
This tripod has a lot of figure that sustains a camera and sustain a telephone. Besides, when using a headline of mobile phone, is very convenient to sustain a mobile phone in both directions. Although it looks the little small, is enough to sustain a weight of the SLR. There is not any question at all. When it Goes up for the travesa, can take the beautiful scenery and is very light.
5 / 5
Ossia the tripod adds . It is hanged very light and still comes with the spend chance. Fold Down to the a lot of spending measure. Still it comes with the clip that will resist your mobile phone is filming or taking photo with your telephone in place of the camera.

Regarding sturdiness, a tripod is like this sturdy like appearances partorisca something like this light. Resist yours camera safely, but calm would not love any small boys or the pets that his clash when has yours the expensive camera is trace his.

In general, am a lot happy with a quality and sturdiness. My woman and I use our tripod partorisca shoot our canal of Youtube, and work perfectly partorisca our needs.

Would recommend this tripod partorisca any one looking for the good weight, light tripod that can depend it on.

Top Customer Reviews: Rode VideoMicro ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
I have wanted an external mic for my DSLR to take my video these records in a next level. Only I am taking in videography after five years to picture and does not have the estimativa enormous. It looks for a level of entrance mic to take my feet in a door and the voice like the things is starts. Desprs Look And reading the handful of descriptions, decided to spend the small extra (any one levels of the cheapest entrance mic in a piece) and is happy has done. A quality of the sound out of this small thing is impressive. I used it to record in everything of wind in the alimentary partner vlog in the money filled and of the laws surprisingly well.
3 / 5
This mic is well but does not add , and in how much like him a lot will depend in your concrete reasons for the buy. A purpose feigned of this microphone is to offer you an improvement in your camera is built-in microphone (any one the DSLR or mirrorless, or the camcorder with a shoe of accessory) and to give you more than the directional mic ( is the mini shotgun) in a supremely compact container. That is to say even so the $ 50 microphone, and is in an end subordinated of line Muntada of product of on-of camera mics, as it does not expect miracles.

In the first place, a pros. A mic is very has very built. An accommodation is each metal , and has the very the be solid. A mountain to clash included is awesome, a cape to limit a mic in your camera is quality very good and is only a right period so that it take it a work done without flopping during a place. It IS also of course it locates backwards, as I need more period, is there. Comprising the average of the wind of the death of kitten was also the very good touch. You are taking the very good container for $ 50. This mic is very compact, included with a shockmount and death of kitten, he doing easy to bond in your stock exchange of camera. A mic also uses carried he of your camera-inpower in place of stacks, meaning that you will not be taken never has been without stacks, while it was with some other products.

Opens In some gilipollas. A sound is simply any one adds. If you are trying to his record only of your subject when filming, then this mic marks VAL for the that is to say. It expects to spend some time messing with EQ afterwards to improve a quality of his, even so. Descriptions of look in Youtube where the people plugged he in the digital engraver and using likes him the next-field mic to do voiceover and on-does of camera, and that breaks quite which sweats to add to consider what this small and cheap. For this application (that to be fair is not his purpose feigned), a mic is quite poor. I only messed around with him in this way so that, when being that it use it a mountain/of accessory of hot shoe, easily can locate in the tripod, support of microphone, or pole of boom and uses the long plus 1/8' stereo cape to limit he in the digital engraver. Again, if it is it has owed to spend some time in the clave that adjusts EQ levels, surely can take out of a better in this mic, but a level unedited the audio does not go to sound that it impresses in any subjects.

Like the opinion in of the users of camera of the Cannon, Cannon DSLRs has notoriously bad microphone pre-amps in the. If you are plugging this mic directly in a camera (which, again is his purpose feigned) are likely not going to be happy with a sound. Shooting the video with the Cannon requires an use of an external digital engraver, and yes go to go this road, then has abundance other elections so far like the microphones are disturbed.

Personally, has bought this microphone to use with the AXE of Sony-53 camcorder, and built-in mic is sper omni-directional and therefore any adapted when tyring to coach a camera in a particular subject (how opposite in, for case, filming the game of football of your boy. For this application, was the clear improvement . Be conscious only of exactly what a purpose of this microphone before it is by train for the purchase.
5 / 5
This page of description is combining the bouquet of different products My description is of a VideoMicro.

Has tried So instruments of economic audio some last years of the pair that flavours to find something decent for my estimativa small. The problem has resolved! A sound is the better mile that a popular Vidpro XM-55 or SGC-598 as if yours considering those favour you and take this instead. It IS also far more mere that using the TASCAM Dr.-60DmkII Or synchronise clave with my TASCAM Dr.-40.

Covers only he in and take the audio adds.
IS the camera powered - not forgetting to turn in a mic or race out of stack. That is to say s more enormous right there.

His small, stays out of road, has the screen of wind adds (a sake furry is typically almost a prize of this whole microphone).
IS quite decent directionally, does not choose in the plot of his backside of a camera. Has the now same allergies and my stuffy breathes is to ail chosen up at all.

Predominately Uses with my Cannon 70D but also mountains in my DJI OSMO road a Osmo - Fast Emission 360 Mic Mountain with utmost results.
Still will require the Tascam with Lavalier mics or Trace NTG2 for any demanding works, but suspect Trace VideoMico will be has used enough the bit in his own also. A quality is sum and he only done the most mere life.

Also my dog is obsessed with him since is furry and jiggles in his soft-mountains that marks for some fun images ; )
thinks that is the critter - so leaves of flange lying around!
5 / 5
Wow. Has the full cupboard of pro filmmaking train but developed it to comprise the GoPro Money and GP of EVO-Pro stabilizer. This mic has turned concealed instruments in the glorious compact VLOG instrument but also serves like an interview instruments each because of a awesome the sound of the same directional mic. He an excellent work to refuse his environmental. To locate he in EVO, EVO used mountain of extension of accessory of fast emission. This QR the mountain lines a VideoMicro highland shoe of the accident and a mic easily can be take and flopped 180 for VLOG place and seeds for place of interview. I have used a MXL MM-C003GP cape of audio. It IS all the flexible bit and sometimes can overburden some engines of stabilizer but after ordering a MXL adapter to adapt one female jack in a mini jack of USB in 90 titles (signalling arrive), these things have improved many. It was perfect of TRACE offered the cape for this model that could directly in a mini USB of a GoPro. Still it take it 5 stars for his add in an economic mic with the mountain of the accident has comprised. It sounds like my expensive mics? The no. But can not touch this VideoMicro for measure, weight and portability.
5 / 5
I attach little mic for a money. It locate in the Cannon 5DII/III/IV cam besides or 5 less bren, is powered by a camera, and recorded the clear audio direct sake and of axial (still chooses above rear voice of cam clearly doing glimpsed). Average of muff/of wind the big plus. The accident locates the big plus. Lack of protruding back in your eyeball/front when framing shots through a optic finder the ENORMOUS PLUS. &62;&62; Mics IS esabajo of audio' - for operation of only person (any person of his) would have to have one of these (equiv to the utmost cheap 50mm slow), as well as the very cam-pistol to locate shot (telephoto slow), and the a lot of cam-the binaural mountain mic (equiv in the sper slow of wide angle). Each what so has to when being so easy to take/highland/change-was like a optic lentil. The party in scene/requisites has shot.
1 / 5
Experience to complete the Cannon EOS-M6. Verdict:, any troubling.
IS no better that an own camera mic. If you have left a camera in of the controls of profit of the cart, a level of hiss is totally objectionable. If it visits a low profit manually takes his well , yes, but again, is no better that an own camera mic and extra messing around is necessity.
Has bought he in the video of record based to coach and presentations as well as general use. I have tried he for this use, and has signalled also he in other sources to sound how touching musician, distant traffic, sources of the environmental noise etc. Tried in several levels of profit and cart.
Has not expected the quantum jump in quality for ~$ 60 but has expected something. It IS it returned.
2 / 5
If calm only wants to line yours just camera in front of your face, could be happy with east. Otherwise, Has problems:

1) Low levels. This mic is very only if your subject go for less be that 2-3 feet of a mic. Lining my iPhone 7 near at hand has not sounded well at all (using a SC7 cape; although that is to say partly an iPhone lacking for no longer that has a jack 3.5mm, some stinks of adapter of the lightning; in any case, this mic is not the solution for an iPhone 7). Using he with the DSLR is the small better since manually can adjust some levels, but arrival with more than noise of backdrop/hiss in your audio. The calm will not take his very although you are only he far has been enough to shoot any one of a half up. Like Another critic has remarked, this is not the big-final mic and is designed only to be an improvement in your camera is built in mic, particularly direct in a sound directly in front of a mic and ignorant surrounding sounds. That is to say well, but since very it can not use this more than the feet of pair was, is not very enough.

2) His Prim. A specs show that a response of the only low frequency in 100Hz cual results in the very thin sound. The voices do not sound rich. It goes it was frequencies way down below is very practical for voice so that it does not sound also 'boomy' but 100Hz is not a right field. You can correct that during editing but is a more no. has had small lav mics those sounds better.

IS has disappointed to good sure. A compact measure is sum , a mountain and the windscreen are utmost, and a quality of tez is to the good sure notch upper. An action, even so, is not .
4 / 5
In a fine impression and in an a lot of of the end of a video mentions that I need Trace 'optional' SC7 3.5mm TRS in TRRS Cape of Patch for record in a Smartphone. A cape included is for the SLR camera. This I totally lost when ordered the reason a video and very show of pictures to use a microphone with the smartphone. For this I has taken or stars of the that is to say the very good and versatile microphone . There are versions cheaper of a TRS in TRRS cape but, while I have learnt afterwards, the quality suffers when some drops of prizes in of means it a cost of a version Muntada of this cape. In my opinion this cape would have to has been one of two to be included with a microphone.
3 / 5
Aug. of update 2018
is the very convenient mic but has taken was 2 stars so that after some use to give that there is the plot reverb or same echo in of the small rooms that it is almost impossible to fix in clave. A cheap Takstar 598 mic has less echo and has his of the quality adds.

A Video Trace Micro the audio of products of the microphone of excellent quality in of the levels sos with minima hiss. Of course, I require to go down my cameras preamps, but no in ridiculously low levels so that you grieve volume in in in any his likes him with other microphones have tried , for example a Comica cvm-vm10ii which are very similiar in this microphone without stacks. Although a sound of a Comica vm10ii mic was well, a hiss was so strong, has had to some cameras preamps in supremely so the levels like an audio resulted also down. Sure beech to take quite a lot of big levels of audio to do with in clave. It learn one issues to take those also the low levels can be very hard to do with when editing video.

Has tried was 8 other microphones. This, and a Takstar scg-598 was a better. If I purchase the microphone he then precise has clear audio, under hiss or interference, and levels quite strong of audio.

Has purchased a Compet Audio CA555 windscreen of foam for this microphone and he are the perfect access.
3 / 5
It is trace VideoMicro Compresses On-Microphone of Camera with Rycote Mountain of the accident to win read it
In my Cannon Vixia HF S11 Camcorder does not act, has tried several different settings in mine Camcorder I was plugged a cord partorisca be able to / on-battery partorisca joint load in the camcorder and simply does not choose on any sound. I do not have another camcorder has like this tired to connect to my daughters ipod and law like the charm, so only does not take it . A pod is not dipping out of a same voltage like my Camcorder and would have to that add that has a battery of long measure for Wasabi and some records of battery with a camera.

To the equal that has begun already a process of turn, my suggestion is any one looking to but this Mic, control partorisca see a mark of camera and type is fact partorisca do with, in a description declares that this mic need 3 volts at least, has imagined with a long battery and included plugging a camera in the adapter partorisca be able to / on-the battery of together load has done, but he no.

Has to that say that it likes, is of the measure is death and half good cat of laws of wind well, his taking as well as I have tried in my daughters ipod, so only wish it would have done in mine camcorder.

Top Customer Reviews: Joby JB01507 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
State looking for something could use to take the pictures or the in half odd video. I have found a cheaper version of of the one of the east and begun to read some descriptions and or has taken my eye in particular. It says to go advance and spend a bit those that extra bucks and take this or and am happy has done. Has some attacks some small plus to write use for old iPhones, but only is not that reliable or robust. That is to say well for an iPhone old 4, but any one when yours instruments of camera with glass and mic is in $ 1,000.


Very robust
Very versatile
Can go hand-held-lined in semi-detached in the nexus of the canal fences in quite 30 bren.


has not founding very still

handles my DSLR without problems and done the good work.

Has found this useful description, please hastens that button for me.

This is not the description has paid, or takes the discount to revise this product.
5 / 5
These laws like the tripod in planting where his impossible to take the real tripod in! Or twist each three legs and use likes him the selfie clave. That is to say a perfect pod to do career and shoot of pistol for vlogs in youtube. A new 3k/2k/1k/5k the models have enhanced the glue in a together balloon how he wont go loose likes him hurriedly like models of the gene the anterior old plus. A road to classify in a ballhead is perfect, and enters handy for these insurances of cinematic shots. A material used am to add and when being SUPREMELY robust in my hand. My DSLR didnt budge a bit while in this pod.
Leaves in joby to do an excellent product!
1 / 5
Experience in July 2. It opens Julio 31 and this thing there is has broken already. Only it use it his perhaps the time of dozen in front of a base that control a camera in him has come totally aside/has broken. It IS handy and entertainment for some 3 weeks in fact law. But, Nope.
1 / 5
Almost I do not write never description but this one very has to when the be has done. I purchesed this does a month. Only it use it his two times and the leg has broken was while test uses it. Im Very disapointed the east was no a cheaper option there. Beaware Of this product cheaply fact.
4 / 5
In the principle has bought this for gone backpacking. The arrival that discards before left so that it was very too bulky and heavy, but maintained it to maintain in my car for photograph of car camping. The better works that my Big and Manfrotto tripods for my concrete use for fast deployment. For the car use is very compact and the access has entered any one my trunk or the doorwell. You can take one 3K access to box and launch in any leader of balloon wants to so lean the as well as the DSLR (uses with my RX1R mkII). The access adds and the controls stabilise in my car when is doing photograph at night in a side of a road in my car, now can burst my sunroof and has posed only an assembly in my ceiling. It beat it conceal it has to setup in a side with the tripod of full measure, and can leave a fully totalled system and the deploy hurriedly am roaming for several locations of has shot at night.
5 / 5
Amur A be of premium. It IS so easy to reposition, still somehow directs to remain rigid. Calm also want a ballhead, easy clip, and bubble of level. I know he the plot of knockoffs for very less than money, but this coast each penny.
5 / 5
This was exactly cual looked for, very clear and compress for trip and very robust. I have used hard in a Delicate Arch during decadence in a surface of the uneven bowl and I was able to adjust some legs. Stain in mine 5D Mark IV with 16-35 f/4L or 24-105L has attached very good. I can not expect take this in my trip to the long of a coast of Italy!
3 / 5
I took this cual the present for my partner that is also in some same pastime while I eat me frame and videography, the only problem is, is that one of some joints is significantly feebler that a rest. Look aided he unbox a present but after it takes he of a box (undamaged), one of some legs has begun to swing in his own without any resistant. It IS how he was drenched in WD-40 or fat. It fulfils spent in $ 40 in the so said that this wants the but is planning on purchasing another sadly while I do not want his to coach of camera to take messed up.
4 / 5
I am using this tripod with my Cannon 60D, typically with a EFS 18-135 lentils. That is to say in no way the heavy setup (compared in another organism of cannon and glass), but weighs in around 3lbs with everything. This would have to when being very inner a GorillaPod 3k 6lb indication. So far some laws of tripod very good and does not fall on. I know some other people that has this same box and they occasionally some few subjects with a setup falling on. That is to say usually becauase of one of two things: (1) not posing a tripod up well in a first place or (2) has has beaten in a tripod in a point where some joints of balloon are also loose and does not line anymore.

A second subject is which concern me to me and will be a true test (in my alcohol) for this tripod. At present some legs are very rigid and hard to move/adjust--which the very well the thing since means all the stay in place. My worry is that over time each loosen with use and not being able to line in a DSLR anymore. The only time will say and will be sure to inform behind with any subjects.

At the end, ABSOLUTELY require purchase a ballhead to use with the DSLR. I have purchased a box and he was comprised. A ballhead is quite sake and comes with the fast decouples button. The desire there was the subjects can take a camera of a tripod, with a still attached mountain in an organism, but then hurriedly reattach my sling of camera for when walks around with a camera.
5 / 5
I have bought this so that it see of Youtube Vlogger Wil Dasovich.
But after it poses in a test , also has to weaves of tactical applications.
Only your imagination is a limit . These updates of mechanics have data
new capacity in my camera. This one is certainly he keeper.

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