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Top Customer Reviews: FEELWORLD LIVEPRO ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
4 / 5
I love it. Usually I owe that touch my screen partorisca change video, but this he the easiest fact. Now I do not owe that sustain advance partorisca the do. I can do he in the place relaxed.
5 / 5
Produced excellent, works of marvel. Easy to use and big Production of video.
4 / 5
His not clearing like partorisca update a firmwares. Also a car is taking hot a lot quickly.

Top Customer Reviews: FEELWORLD LIVEPRO ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 5 ratings
4 / 5
If you are new the streaming, has listened of a Black Magic ATIENEN Mini Pro and a Livepro L1. I have bought both partorisca try was. A Livepro is 1/2 a prize of a ATIENEN Mini Pro, but looked in pricing to a Atienen mini. So only I have a Mini pro so it can not speak for a Atienen mini.

In the first place, so much a ATIENEN and a Livepro does basically a same thing. Both are build very good and have the a lot of heft his. Both have 4 HDM gone in. A ATIENEN has 2 mic gone in, a Livepro has one. A Livepro there is headphone partorisca control, while a ATIENEN has any one. Both basic transitions like this of the swipes and turn. Both do Picture in Picture. A Livepro has the tiny LCD screen that shows that is in the each one like this of some 4 like this calm entrances do not owe that have an external monitor. A Livepro also has the 1/4 threaded mountain in a right side has to calms wants to locate to somewhere. Both can be hooked until the computer saws USB or coverage. The difference is a Livepro L1 the software is terrible. The Really so only replicates some controls without really that adds any functionality. Calm better without a software. A firmware upgrade the process is complicated. A Atienen software in another hand entirely develops a capacity of a hardware. Much more function and flexibility.

So much for the basic camera that change for meetings of zoom and such, a Livepro is an excellent value. It is súper simple to use, there is more work that the majority of users would love in the solid container. Like this simple no the need inclusa calm read a manual. And certainly it calms it does not take anything more with a software.

That takes with a ATIENEN is much more flexibility with a control of software. Has the full audio mixer. Much more interface of video/of sophisticated audio when paired with the computer. You can do titles, keying, audio sync, etc. Much more to learn, but much more powerful. Calm really is buying to a BlackMagic biósfera. Really I enjoy to learn all some functions in a software, everything is quite intuitive. But then again they are the bit of the friki.

So it arrest him to any one taste to to him likes him a ATIENEN of much better and well bend a prize. It is flexible and immensely powerful for such the tiny box. In fact it uses both devices. Has a HDMI is gone in a Livepro that mine 4th entrance in a ATIENEN. Like this when I want to something súper simple, so only uses a Livepro has seen a ATIENEN. When I Want to take elegant, can touch some functions of a ATIENEN. A thing in common in both is that neither have an on/was .
5 / 5
This device is exactly that has required for mine soyini-broadcast' situation. It feeds two camera and a his computer for distribution to the canal of local emission partorisca to 55+ community.
A capacity to instantly the transmission among some entrances leaves me to produce quite 'professionals' emissions for our residents.
For a prize, compared to competitor, this unit returns a bill A lot WELL.
4 / 5
Uses this to run the video feeds for livestream in church. And servants his purpose. I love it to whole plot. Has update so only a firmware, as any I can choose the camera to receive his of. One of my cameras has a xlr gone in that it is awesome. Please do first investigations to buy. I have chosen this in a Black Magic Atienen Mini because of characteristic of Extra Monitor.
4 / 5
One do one like this expected and to good sure awesome for a prize. It could not be happier with him
4 / 5
to any one has liked him the to me calm has to that update a lot of what is not a lot the friendly user

Top Customer Reviews: Atem Mini Live ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
4 / 5
Yes, it is expensive. But, this unit is the versatile video switcher, the livestream encoder, and an ISO multitrack the recorder video. There are fines seen, record to SSD, and works so only as his his brothers big plus in a BMG Atienen lineup. Even switcher software. Only drawbacks is that it is HDMI only and partorisca those of knots with older Atienen train of Television Studio, he any 720p. But, I can still highly recommend a ATIENEN Mini lineup, that comprises this cup of a unit of line.
4 / 5
The investigation of fast internet will aim you these products are sold often partorisca $ 300-$ 400. Of WHO that TAKES has DECEIVED!
5 / 5
Uses this the majority of a day, but mainly partorisca funds of emotional video that use the green screen in Squads of CUPS. A ATIENEN Mini Pro ISO this fantastically this in spite of randomly the frequently roughly 20 times the day an image of video that is sent out of a ATIENEN will turn to black and then reappear. Also roughly two times the week a start of USB will fail altogether and so only gone back the life after the cold reboot. An interface of coverage is a lot of temperamental. Included it Pi works more reliably choosing on the DHCP allocution, and corrected DNS settings.
4 / 5
Upgraded A firmware to then any hdmi exited to the plot of people has a same question and partorisca send a Atienen mini behind like this next week I that goes partorisca look for support partorisca rectify a question
5 / 5
Voldoet aan mijn wensen, afgeleverd eerder gives verwacht. Het Is necessary zoals beschrijven
5 / 5















ゲーム実況をする場合、入力の1番はスルーアウトにする事が可能なので、遅延がありません(ただし、マルチビューはその時使えません 、分配器など使用して工夫して下さい)


























・(全画面ゲーム+ワイプに人:WELL )
・(全画面ゲーム+人物クロマキー:WELL )
・(1番後ろのレイヤーに静止画の背景+80%位のサイズのゲーム画面+人物クロマキー:NG )クロマキーとワイプ処理されたゲーム画面は併用出来ないので、この様な凝った演出は出来ません、この場合OBSなどが必要になります。



5 / 5
Pro ISOは業務用ですね
後で編集に使う場合はPro ISO必須と言っていいぐらい便利なものだと思います







4 / 5
ATIENEN mini Proを持っていたのですが、全カメラで録画したいとおもいこちらを購入。



Top Customer Reviews: Black Magic ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 5 ratings
5 / 5
Some works of unit well, the quality of records adds, any lag. Once prender to record, a video is transferred already in SSD. We have used other similar units and they have taken for ever in the arrival that debits a video after prender register. A SSD any overheat likes him in another unit/of use of mark (which has prendido to do afterwards 6 month). He so that it has far there was HyperDeck during 2 month and he perfectly.
An only problem has (and looks all the world in Blackmagic forums that possesses a same unit) is a focus of date is bad. There is not any road in manually adjust it (or at least has very that founds that the still option).
4 / 5
A Hyper works to Cover well, and I like a creation. The only desire there is the Button of Pause, so that you could Prender the register in place of him when being the new file.
5 / 5
Some works of units well, the quality of record adds, any lag. Calm once take partorisca register, a video is transferred already the SSD. We have used other alike units and they have taken partorisca always partorisca finalise that they upload a video after taking register. A SSD any overheat likes in another unit/of use of mark (which there is prendido partorisca do after 6 month). In the So many has had far HyperDeck partorisca 2 months and work perfectly.
An only question has (and the looks try all the world in Blackmagic forums that possesses a same unit) is a focus of date is bad. There is not any way to manually regulate it (or at least there is not founding this still option).
5 / 5
The work adds. Well drawn and of different confidence some of Blackmagic is other products. Any fallen frames to record uncompressed 1080p in fps. With these records of settings in around 125 megabytes by second (any mbps). A 1TB ssd hard roughly two hours.
5 / 5
A Hyper works of Coverage well, and I like a creation. So only the Desire has had the Key of Pause, so that you could Take the register in place of him when being the new file.

Top Customer Reviews: Blackmagic Design ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5
It takes some finagling neighbouring taken partorisca do with ATIENEN Mini Pro, but are add

Top Customer Reviews: Atomos Connect-AC ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5
I am using this adapter to converted the NTSC HD-SDI 1080i/ PsF (Progressive segmented frames) signal of video to the pure 1080P/ signal. Now I can register and current in the pure progressive format of the Blackmagic Atienen 1 m/and 4K. The works add!

Top Customer Reviews: Blackmagic Design ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 29 ratings
5 / 5
Amur This box. It takes a change and some load to accuse of pansir- of father out of our laptop these cover us to direct in production. We use MiMo of BoinxTV and fully integrates.

Only with this this has partidrios that has run always.
3 / 5
Quan Buys this, has had some questions in a compatibility with some devices of entrance, like camcorders, computers, etc. While we do not comprise very well enough like setup among so type of devices of entrance, any devices are not able to be has used. We are finding a solution in of the this. We guess that it was better yes has an option to select a device of entrance for each canal. But we expect that we can learn very that for the use, for the good work.
1 / 5
That is to say horrible. It does not act . Hardly it design it. Some buttons in a front does not change video.
4 / 5
This production switcher is group with the plot of the essential characteristics for streaming lives of video. He all promise to do. An only downside is a noise of follower. The difference of his predecessor Atem1 M/And, a studio 4K uses the follower to cool down a unit and if your half is to calm an adherent to well sure remarked.
5 / 5
The only problem there has been was the connection in our PC is and Mac Pros of the HDMI in HD-SDI in this has not done. State that reads theres some subjects with him very when being pas able to read signals of RGB like my supposition is this subject will be fixed in the near future saws update. Otherwise This thing is sum !
3 / 5
Having 4k the capacities are excessive. A profit of this opposite device in a television studio is a soft six buttons in a front. Even so, if a functionality of these buttons is augmented, leaves PS4k to be used like the only support switcher. No other devices or pc has required.
5 / 5
The device adds knows that it is doing. We use each Blackmagic products so many was the breeze to pose up. The flange that IS happier.
5 / 5
5 / 5
I produce it adds! The works perfectly once configures properly!
4 / 5
These products is very good BUT taking it hooked up for my application was the small to discourage and the time that consumes. Has thinks that that it go in of the cameras to cover only in and issue the signal in an internet. Even so, I need another hardware to do concealed. In the record and the current will have to research to plot. I have contacted Black Magic and has said what tried to do excepts has said enough that it was on my own. With all some the available options have not wanted to recommend the concrete road. If I had it to do on, would buy of the trafficker that in fact could enter a tent and has posed my hands in a squad and has it knowledgable helps of the person of the sales directs me. Once everything of an aggravation of the place up is fact and take spent all some raisins of extra money to take the things that the law properly tries to be the unit adds.

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