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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By Bibi
Ossia The product adds partorisca any with dry, frizzy hair. Has tonnes of the hair along and has the alcohol all his own any partorisca mention that has greasy roots. I have applied this (roughly two tablespoons) to a lower half of my hair after quell'dry towel and to the left feels in his towel partorisca roughly 20 minutes. With which rinsing the all was and the air that dry, can not agree a last time my hair felt like this good! Shiny, soft And no frizzy fly-some ways. This product was totally value a prize and looks it will last partorisca quite of the moment.
4 / 5 By Elenore
Has bought this with which I colored my hair. Done my very soft hair and love a smell. I have washed my then dipped hair the on while still in a shower, then rinsed with which have been done. Really I love this material. A prize was a lot of and a fact that the coconut oil was some first helps of ingredient . My hair has not felt greasy or greasy afterwards. Highly it recommends that this produces
4 / 5 By Hana
so only has taken my second order of your product and I have to say it has helped my hair the plot! It uses more than two times the week causes my hair is very dry, and I any place he in before it washes my then his hair so only the dry frizzy disorder for a time am them done the swipe that the dry! Also it leaves besides long that a recommended 15 min. And dipped covers it plastic in the to resist in a heat of organism,and moisture so that it penetrates,and hydrates my better hair. Another can does does not love he in this way but fulfilling helps to leave he besides long! My hair is not súper curly, have so only quite organism and wave to cause a frizzies if any directed with something to tame it! I love your product and an only complaint that has with this that calm does not have the main container to purchase. I will be to order more when a time comes! Thank you!
5 / 5 By Willy
Really love this material. I have used Coconut oil that spent in a tent, but does not leave never my hair that feels like this soft or shiny like this produces done. Calm does not have to that use the plot, and have Hair Along, down to my waist. Helps with a fizziness of old hair. They are 60 and there is extremely wavy the hair and he tends to be frizzy sometimes. You recommend.
4 / 5 By Zita
Likes begins was to says does not think that is to say the bad conditioner . I think it that the be be achieve more in my hair if it was not relaxed. I have seen to plot the hair in mine tub after rinsing which is not usual for me, and also in mine comb while detangling. My hair felt a bit soft, but inert and feeble. For this reason are by train of the turn. I think it that it was it adds for naturals tho reason the responses of virgin hair differently.
5 / 5 By Zelma
Has read so many descriptions add in this like this decided element to try it. I have been using he for the few weeks that maintains (2 x for week) and really the like. The smell and the texture are good and loves some few profits of coconut oil. Also it loves that some ingredients are cleaned like this. There is at all does not recognise . Also it recommends a thicket of organism of the coconut these frames of company!
5 / 5 By Elda
Ossia The mask of the hair adds . My hair has taken very fragile of years of the points underlined and colour. I have purchased this based in some ingredients. Everything natural. And they are. The the deep condition that applies roots to finals and has covered my boss with the disposable spent of shower. Left the on for the pair of hours while I some cleaners. Fini Of week I rinse he out of my hair seats like this good. Soft And to good sure stronger. At all it is going the totally repair your hair after his harm has suffered. When Yours the cuticle is blown taking to grow out of your hair to take entirely the hair is again. But you can direct a harm and take this cuticle to dip down with good products. And this hsir mask a work for me. I produce it adds in the prize adds!
5 / 5 By Candra
In the first place, has purchased this mask for my account (any one discount or free sample for my description) and has purchased another Pure Organism Naturals produced. It likes-me the use the coconut oil but his too messy & are not the defender of a fragrance. As it was curious in this mask. I have received my mandate punctually & both elements of PBNs was packaged securely. Tried a Mask of Coconut oil today, immediately soften my type 'natural' 4 hair. I have left it feels for 10mins., it Was able to detangle w/or a hair that begin. Has the smooth consistency, creamy and the very light a lot of coconutty at all :). Styled My hair and looks sum. To good sure order this one again. I have purchased several elements of PBNs and am always very happy with a service and quality of all some products. Pure organism Naturals is the def has to that try to look for natural products.
5 / 5 By Beaulah
Really does not like me that spent of this class of the on-line products reasons can do no odorare.
But this material are adds.
First time used it there is drenched my hair in prejudices and my hair in a morning looked so that it does not add any rinse still he.
My hair has been quite broken reason have been of black of the black hair has died to my blond hair. These helps of mask to plot. Economic.
Does a lot well in mine todlers biracial hair!
Will buy again.
4 / 5 By Darren
Has used this in a shower, has washed my hair, conditioned it,, then the towel dried while still in shower, dipped this in my hair, and finalising on shower of mine. When he I rinsed my hair, and has to that say, has long, extremely fat hair, and this product has done like this well in my hair. It is like this soft,, has then dried curled my hair, and was blown absolutely was that well my hair felt and looked. This product has done adds for me!

Top Customer Reviews: Pure Body Naturals ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By
I have it quell'has used so only this once like this far, but has loved that!
Some of some descriptions have read has said his hair was greasy, or that could do not washing was, and almost did not buy it after reading those.
So that it has used is I shampooed first. Then after rinsing exited and dip this in my hair. It has given then my two baths of dogs (my laboratory and my bulldog) which has taken probably thirty total of minutes among a two of them. Then, I have gone back in a shower and rinsed and has finalised to take my shower.
Felt rinsed easily of a cup of my boss but he felt the little of the like you has been still in my hair to a fund, any enough to drive me crazy. I then styled like this usual, and my hair has not been greasy. It seats that my hair has looked more is. Usually it washes my hair each one that three days, but for day three, my hair looked really flat and yucky, like this perhaps ossia an effect lateralmente for the use? Probably it have to that wash my hair the day sooner. My hair has finals of pause really bad and after using this I felt likes could no to see them like this. In general it likes and I go to continue using is of a time for week like the treatment for my finals to break. I imagine if it is not washing was, probably is drenched when being up for a hair that is absorbing a lot beat to take sã.
4 / 5 By
Has bought this the pair of years behind and was fantastic and resupplied with wonderful results. Ossia Reason, has decided to buy the again. This in spite of, these times have been disappointed. When it Arrives, there is @@give that a packaging is different, but has think so that? A name is one same , as it have to that be one same. But no, you are not one same. A container is different and a quality of a product is not for any one means one same likes one has had before. There is not any quality in this product. One asks if ossia true, or a quality of this mark had deteriorated like this bad. It does not recommend .
5 / 5 By
Had disappointed enough with this compraventa. I have bleached And there is dyed my hair look it in fact month, as my hair is at present fraction and dry. I have decided to give that this tries it of then have such inform utmost and has listened I also Argan the oil are adds to condition hair. More for a prize, is to fly it! When I have received a container, a container was intact, but a when I opened it, there is remarked has had some of an oil in a flange of a tub. When I have opened a lid, has of a focuses has been broken. It have to that it is it returned a product with which conceal, but was excited too much to try out of a product, which was my deception . Well, after following some instructions and the pair of test, there is not remarked any difference in my hair. My hair is remained dry and coarse. I have finalised trying OGX conditioner of tins of Coco and I have had the softest hair with which one uses. To good sure sticking with that a.
4 / 5 By
Bleaches My hair quite often like this usually have wild colours in him. My hair is very broken and brittle. I have tried a lot the hair chews in a past but, never found one that has done really. This Argan the oil chews is surprising!!!
Can not take on what give has repaired in such the short quantity of time and uses. I shampooed my hair with the normal grocery shampoo of tent then, has applied one chews. I left it on more along that suggested because of my quantity of harm (around an hour). The rinsed went it and leave my air of dry hair. A sweetness and sheen is incredible! Has has not had never a lot another chews or conditioner this!
My second time that use him was with which have bleached my hair. I applied it throughly and has left in the boxes was almost drought. Usually after bleaching my hair is 'crunchy and dry' for at least 2 wks. A hair has been again soft and shiny with a first use! I can not stress the one who these works of materials! A prevails little hid, your like this soft skin! There is remarked that exerts my hairs were a day after using, has tried it of then like this to lotion, that applies the very thin discharge. Wow! Amazing sweetness! It likes him take two amazing products for one!
4 / 5 By
The work Adds!! They are transitioning of the hair straightened chemically to my natural hair. I have been he researches of apparently THIS AMAZING PRODUCT! I have used Miss Jessies (produced of hair very expensive) triny to give my hair the impulse of resplandor without everything of a weight. I have used this after washing my hair and then the towel that dry. I have begun of a root and combed by means of to finalise . After covering my hair with discharges he plastic has seated under the dryer for roughly 15min , rinsed and styled like usual. My hair like this like this soft and silky! It is almost as it have relaxed my hair! He still the retain the sweetness after adds it 3-day workout regimen would recommend this product for African American Hair before any of another especiality Formulated' produced of hair for mixed chicks or kinky hair in general! The shot adds!
4 / 5 By
Recently have bleached the majority of my hair, as it rests really dry and has broken; rings the produced that moisturize my hair, like this after reading all some descriptions add has thinks that would give this tries it. I also really liked a cast of ingredients, is looked to like really of laws!
Sadly, is not that it has expected them. First of all these smells of product like a scent of classical lotion, with which I shampooed my hair has applied the generous quantity, (so much some instructions indicate), has left he in still the pocolos small, but when I rinsed, has not felt this smoothness would expect with closing one the majority of basic of conditioners. It seats it likes him to him he could any rinse goes, included after another 5 of minutes of rinsing, and my hair felt dirty with which. The worse part is, gave terrible dandruff that still am trying take touched of of.
4 / 5 By
Constantly am trying masks of new deep conditioning. I have used coconut oil, oil of almond and argan oil in my hair and argan the oil is for far my favourite so much to soften and moisturizing my hair. This mask is sum ! After a lava, felt a difference , my hair is softer and after the few days, when your hair usually turns grimy indicating time for your next wash, my hair is remained well-hudrated and smooth! My hair maintains it soft and smooth texture feels inclusa now, after the night of any sleep and four days of the mine last wash of hair. Very pleased with this mask of hair.

Utilisation very other products in my hair, has dye he on done six month, use AVEDA the colour Conserves Shampoo, 33.8 Ounce has flowed, Tins Detangler, 2.5 Fluent Ounce and Matrix Biolage Hydrating Balsam to Condition 16.9 Ounce, as it is not all a product and am very particular with hair and skincare regiment, but ossia the addition adds and has been the using regularly for the month, alternating with another agran treatment of hair of the oil.

Almost exactly like Majestic Pure Argan Mask of Hair of the Oil, Hydrating & Restorative Mask of Reparation of Priest of Hair, 8.5 Oz , that comprises a scent, texture and feel in my hair. Also they look still some same with any same focus in a cup of each bounce and work almost one same with this be slightly more expensive.
4 / 5 By
This Argan Mask of the hair of the Oil is like this utmost! It has to that dandruff a lot scaly/-the hair has fill. I have tried anti-shampoo of dandruff, tea trea shampoo of oil, but at all has done really. It have read that Argan the oil are adds to relieve dandruff to the equal that have given comes from it. A difference in my hair was incredible. And done my hair like this more manageable. My hair is usually prone the static/fly-aways but when I have used this, my hair was smooth and has fed. I can not believe a difference has done. Usually I owe that take my short hair/trimmed each one that 6 weeks for the direct but are 10 weeks out of my last date of hair and the partner of mine randomly complimented my hair that says it looked so it is! This product to good sure have me hooked!
5 / 5 By
Has used this product a time like this far. I have been surprised that well laws in my hair with which one uses. A boat says to leave it on for 5-15 minutes. I have had so only 5 spare minutes east times around, but go to try for the leave more along a next time. Has a lot of fat, a-colored hair. I blow to dry my hair every day, and then use it straightener on that. This winter, there is remarked my hair has taken very dry. After using a argan the oil masks a time there has been noticeable difference in my hair, mine naturalidad moisture has been of tower. A soypide' is as it paste, continuous in easily, and also rinsed out of my hair quite easily. You recommend this to my friends and family. It was impressed really for him. My hair is period of shoulder , and would guess that this container will last me at least two month, if the utilisation a time the week.
5 / 5 By
To the equal that have used this product two times before I have launched was. It leaves the foul greasy residue in my hair - as if it have not washed my hair in month. Some first time used it, has thought has used perhaps too or any rinse was a lot enough, as I have imagined would try it a time of plus. I have used he for a second time this morning, dipped less than a product in my hair and has done sure to the rinse was really well, and again leave my LIKE THIS greasy hair. I am not sure reason this is spending but will not be that it purchases this again. If I need the mask of good hair, recommends to use Art Naturals Argan Mask of Hair of the Oil - estimate same but WAY of better works!