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1 first Frog Potty Training Urinal for Boys Toilet with Funny Aiming Target - Green Frog Potty Training Urinal for Boys Toilet with Funny Aiming Target - Green By Purple Safety
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2 AOMOMO Frog Potty Training Urinal for Toddler Boys Toilet with Funny Aiming Target Green AOMOMO Frog Potty Training Urinal for Toddler Boys Toilet with Funny Aiming Target Green By AOMOMO
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3 best e-vibra Premium Potty Training Watch - Water Resistant Vibrating Alarm Reminder Watch Baby Toilet Potty Training Countdown Timer for Girls/Boys (Purple) e-vibra Premium Potty Training Watch - Water Resistant Vibrating Alarm Reminder Watch Baby Toilet Potty Training Countdown Timer for Girls/Boys (Purple) By e-vibra
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4 Cute Cow Urinal Potty Training for Boys with Funny Aiming Target/Portable Toilet Training, Potty Urinal Pee Trainer Urine - Green Cute Cow Urinal Potty Training for Boys with Funny Aiming Target/Portable Toilet Training, Potty Urinal Pee Trainer Urine - Green By SUNDEE
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5 Foryee Cute Frog Potty Training Urinal for Boys with Funny Aiming Target - Blue Foryee Cute Frog Potty Training Urinal for Boys with Funny Aiming Target - Blue By FORYEE
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6 Potty Training Toilet Seat with Step Stool Ladder for Kids Children Baby Toddler Toilet Training Seat Chair with Soft Cushion Sturdy and Non-Slip Wide Steps for Girls and Boys (Blue White) Potty Training Toilet Seat with Step Stool Ladder for Kids Children Baby Toddler Toilet Training Seat Chair with Soft Cushion Sturdy and Non-Slip Wide Steps for Girls and Boys (Blue White) By DuDuEase
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7 Potty Training Seat for Kids, ITOY&IGAME Toilet Seat for Potty Training Step Trainer Ladder Toilet Training Potty Seat Sturdy Comfortable Built In Non-Slip Steps soft Pad for Baby Boys Girls Potty Training Seat for Kids, ITOY&IGAME Toilet Seat for Potty Training Step Trainer Ladder Toilet Training Potty Seat Sturdy Comfortable Built In Non-Slip Steps soft Pad for Baby Boys Girls By ITOY&IGAME
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8 Cute Frog Shape Children Kids Potty Training Urinal for Boys Removable Toilet Pee Trainer Bathroom with Funny Aiming Target Green Cute Frog Shape Children Kids Potty Training Urinal for Boys Removable Toilet Pee Trainer Bathroom with Funny Aiming Target Green By Dshengoo
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9 Potty Time: Original Potty Training Watch | 2019 Version = Now Water Resistant | Set Automatic Timers + Music & Lights for Kid Friendly Reminders, Warranty (Toddler, Preschool), Blue Potty Time: Original Potty Training Watch | 2019 Version = Now Water Resistant | Set Automatic Timers + Music & Lights for Kid Friendly Reminders, Warranty (Toddler, Preschool), Blue By POTTY TIME
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10 Frog Pee Training,Cute Potty Training Urinal for Boys with Funny Aiming Target,Green Urinals for Toddler Boy Frog Pee Training,Cute Potty Training Urinal for Boys with Funny Aiming Target,Green Urinals for Toddler Boy By Anyumocz
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Top Customer Reviews: Frog Potty Training ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By Hertha
Colour: Green My boy is so only the little on 3I. We buy this when it was 2 - any pressure - in chance perhaps. Well, the year later, is taken his perfectly.

Some joint that have helped....

1. We use it Touches he of Mandate partorisca the hang. As I can not speak to a cup of suction that comes with him. I recommend that one touches of mandate. Short of products of suction he sheetrock partorisca wall so only has not felt like the good idea.

2. Has the removable tongue partorisca take some slimes - my edges has preferred to touch with him (gross) - in the so many take permanently. It IS the good idea perhaps partorisca a boy an old plus. Perhaps.

3. We buy 1 partorisca each bath (just 2 partorisca we).

4. We locate it approaches a basin and tub. When it Goes pee pee, chooses on a removable pee title, poor the down a drain of tub, the rinse goes, while a same time rinsing a pee down a drain of a tub (does not do partorisca like calm any pee in a shower - is a same thing !). Then we give it the pocolas shook and dip a pee title behind. LIKE THIS EASY! (Included the lazy dads can do he)

5. Also it has a capacity to drain he to some class of container partorisca take of the discharges and connecting the hose resupplied. We have not seen a need partorisca this option based in our placing - but an OPTION is good to have.

6. My edges a lot really 'Objective' in an aim - is in fact so only another thing partorisca he partorisca touch with (gross) - is removable, does not take tho in of the hopes that likes to take older, and the little more control, can begin aim in him, which can help his aim in a future like this when it takes his paper of man , has perfect aim like a rest of us! In all the chance, can wants to take that also yes calm finds partorisca turn he with his little fingers.

7. Dad - can has to that aim your edges regarding the do the little time, ossia to the equal that has done partorisca we. No like this easy to the equal that touches.
Alone mammas (blesses calm) - perhaps take the squirt bounce or something and feign? I do not know - that could confuse it a poor chap later in life. Until adivinos.

8. This would have to that it has been likes number 2 - but does not seat like renumbering all this. Has your stand of boy afterwards to a wall partorisca help you guestimate a right height. It IS better to be too down that too big.

9. Be patient with your edges. Potty The formation is not the opposition among your boy and other boys.

10. Good regime! Calm desires the success adds!
5 / 5 By Marivel
Colour: Green I knows this urinal is feigned partorisca boys, but installed that on its own name. My hates of woman iit in bath of guest because we do not have any boy and is the fearful people that visits will think is odd, but is always be the sleep of mine partorisca have the urinal in my house and ossia all could resupply. My only complaints this time ( has been using he partorisca 6 weeks) is a measure and durability to withstand the grown mans pee (and occasionaly poop). If among the main measure (sometimes is hard to paste an aim in a morning) and in the plus sturdy material (possibly ceramic) would give it to 5 star. In general you take that paid for and he a work.
5 / 5 By Renaldo
Colour: Green Mine 4 old year little man wants to this! It IS like this pleasant and like this fun! It does not have to that be said to try and go potty anymore thinks that is a better! hes Has excited for gone potty and goes everything in his right now!!
4 / 5 By Delbert
Colour: Blue A potty is well but once my edges headed in this potty does not go anywhere more. It was well with it partorisca 10 days of potty formation but now can a lot of pee in colegiala or anywhere more. Not even in a regulate potty because this does not require aiming like the big potty. He so only his next state.
5 / 5 By Lula
Colour: Blue My edges loves his urinal. It wants to go pee likes dad in him each one casualidad taking. How it is add still potty formation. A tube partorisca drain an urinal is idea adds , this in spite of, a tube maintains sliding was yes a basin. Like this when my edges uses rhe urinary, pee arrivals during a paving. Perhaps they have had something that latches a tube to a basin and maintains situates then would give a product 5 stars.
4 / 5 By Jeanene
Colour: Green My edges has been using this for the moment and is far easier that that looks for to use the basin of full measure. Of then he still precise help and there is not the perfect place partorisca we partorisca hang in our bath has not attached it to anything. It uses it and the net was dipped then averts until a next time. They are happy has read some other descriptions in a measure because it have been to be something main but when being a measure is work really good .
4 / 5 By Lacy
Colour: the green does not locate our, dipped that to us on the stool of any for the main. A question is that it attacks on easily. Another question- of the discharges of the hule is not perfectly sealing it, as has the very slow leak. If it leave pee in him, the few drops will filter was a lot of dulcemente.

To to I Edges like this in spite of. It does not win potty coach reason take out of touching, as we have dipped this on wherever is touching he so that it can take used his.
4 / 5 By Leona
Colour: the green has seen this in the house of cousins partorisca his boys and has imagined would try it me potty mine of coaching 2 old year! Ossia A better idea never!!! Taking like this excited partorisca use it, partorisca coach entertainment, will say that it numbers 2 partorisca struggle to teach lol but has been an element key to the ours potty sucedido of formation! Thank you!
5 / 5 By Del
Colour: Green is using this product partorisca take the interest of my edges in using a basin, partorisca east being quite stubborn. It IS a lot I last to resist. It does not concern too roughly durability, work a lot quite that you will not require it long. :-)
4 / 5 By Vito
Colour: Green Once my little boy has imagined this thing was, going potty was heaven. Potty Has coached in 2 years. One 3 method of day that really took on day 4. We have maintained in fact an urinal of frog in a wall partorisca 4-6 month. A suction was order (attaches to 4x4 tile), the cleaner was the breeze (so only touch a pee to a basin and rinse), and am quite sure my little boy has tried the overfill an urinal before it can empty in a morning.

An ONLY reason takes it down is why begins to pull one covers out of a subordinated to the equal that has caused pee to paste a paving. There is the tube can run to a basin but concealed looked gross.

Top Customer Reviews: AOMOMO Frog Potty ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By Alane
Colour: Green As I have read all some first descriptions to buy and took them the consideration. Partorisca A price was has had to that the try was partorisca my edges. It IS smaller that has thought but is in fact the good measure partorisca the toddler and does not take until a lot of room in a bath. I have not tried the disorder with a sticker to adhesive hook like him so only screwed a hook to a wall. To to I My edges really like and does not look the hve really a lot splash behind likes the bed in of other descriptions. The only thing has to that the look was paralizaciones is that it loves game with one turning sewing younger haha. Another that that would recommend them this for any potty coaching his boy.
5 / 5 By Stefanie
Colour: Green Then , read some dimensions, ossia the small urinal ! The dad is not using this, well. Some cups of suction and some double-sided taped-what of hanger that is resupplied is such rubbishes not even the Kardshian/Jenner would be roughly him... Be poised partorisca drill the hole in your walls. If you can not treat the nail or ray in your bath, or where is not never planning on dipping this wee wee catcher, then stop. This is not partorisca you. Byyyye. Partorisca Those of you still reading: this urinal is quite dang well. A red spinner does not turn in mine, but IDGAF and neither he like this powder how is fresh. It IS perfect measure for my edges to use... Do look in the height of your girl, anything concealed could clash his boss around where calm install it, and really anything at all. Very easy to touch and cleaned. My edges is very happy the pee likes Dad. I am living some trousers of formation his so only sleep!

Taking, is, which $ 20? I think that that the satisfaction was guaranteed too much. IDK This in spite of, would not swear to this in the yard of law or anything, but quite sure.
5 / 5 By Nadia
Colour: Green Ossia very small, but his so only a right measure a same time!! Yes, our few types do not require the big urinal, ossia perfect measure !
And yes, saying your boy the pee in some frogs .... But you know that boys like moving things note like this fact, lol
Oh and like this far like this well with some cups of suction that remain in place in tile of mine....
4 / 5 By Miriam
Colour: Green I has three boys, ossia my first boy . It is not quite 2 this in spite of, but has aimed the plot of interest in a potty, as I have decided to buy this and give comes from it. It has dipped this in the wall of tile, some cups of suction resisted it on (after an economic sticky hook has comprised is fallen off). My edges loves it! Ossia A perfect measure . Easy to use, empty and very especially, easy to clean!
4 / 5 By Ismael
Colour: Green arrives punctually, but was in the clear plastic stock exchange with the bond of transfer. Look can be be use softly used before. We clean with bleach of spray ( was cleaned) so only partorisca be in a sure side. My edges of 4 years hates to use a potty, but has taken to a froggy urinary! Sper Easy to stick in a wall and he can touch an urine in a potty he. As it give it 5 stars was new!
4 / 5 By Johnetta
Colour: Green the inaugural this product, my little type was sper excited and instantly has thought is the new toy . It say that it was, but a one goes potty in. It looks the little confused but once go a first time was sper excited partorisca maintain that it goes. Using this product was a last serious partorisca take a bit write coached before it begins preschool, and he a trick. A product is small, but is perfect partorisca he partorisca use. I will say this in spite of, that a glue neither some cups of suction resist on well. I have attached it to a wall of tile and still is having subject with him that the rests have dipped. I have tried curve inclusa sided sticky tape this in spite of a side hangs was, and have it that resist when you use it. But in general, I love a product because it fulfil is the purpose and my little type is potty has coached. No more spent of diaper partorisca this heart!!!
4 / 5 By Racheal
Colour: the green partorisca a price is the quite good urinal . My edges uses this in the middle of a time, chairs in his small potty sometimes, and uses a rule potty sometimes. As you are not the enormous swipe with him but like.
Easy to empty
helps with learning to aim that they stand up

Likes another has mentioned is small like this sometimes pee splashes was, especially when turning a red spinner
any sper material of big quality (but to be expected in a price)
5 / 5 By Vaughn
Colour: Green Kinda smaller that expected and dreaded partorisca dip this in my wall and the thought can not aim but has been tired of him peeing in a basin. My husband has taken my three old year in the public bath and refused partorisca use his potty never of uses an urinal ossia a better product does not love it never and no more stops in a basin or the paving more damage the thanks to the must buys still potty boys of formation the pee
5 / 5 By Laronda
Colour: Green As has the strong toddler, taste , will require some reinforcements some far plus partorisca attach this to a wall. My edges has decided the moved (the one who know why?!) And he rasg was a wall. Like this like this like this hate partorisca hurt further some wall, recommends screwing this to a wall. Also dipped this in the place where is very partorisca edges to possibly lose an urinal. My bath mat and the stairs has been moved after this photo.
Potty The formation is still the work in progress, are that it animates this frog will promote the little more.
4 / 5 By Hannelore
Colour: Green Likes another, has been surprised for as small this element was. It IS very pleasant and pertinent partorisca small boys. A a subject that has is that has had any short of suction or adhesive of any class. I have finalised partorisca use the nail partorisca locate to a wall. My edges has begun potty coaching a lot prompt so many is small compared to another. It has it that have a lot down to an earth so that it can serach' and will require partorisca do adjustments to the equal that grow. You love it and you use it well still it can you locate lol.

Top Customer Reviews: e-vibra Premium ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
4 / 5 By Eun
Loving this clock! Mina 7I has STRUGGLED partorisca remain dry during a day, and she, of course, any need the mamma that says partorisca gone potty! Now, with a clock, goes every time he buzzes and has has had so only a small accident! They are like this happy!
4 / 5 By Bernadette
Update of description:
has our had this clock partorisca 2 month and a screen has burst was and has been lost. Has has wanted to all some uses of this clock.. It is so only unfortunate that it is not very durable.

Has had this timer/of clock partorisca has bitten it the week and has been doing add partorisca ours needs. Mina 7 old year there has been the hard time that the rests dry in the pupils and this has been the tool adds partorisca adapt partorisca go when they are not around. A subject only has with him like this far is that sometimes a screen tries to the attractive was so that it follows bit it concerned with what time this product will last.
4 / 5 By Fae
This clock was perfect partorisca my Kindergartner the one who has @subject potty formation. It is lustrous and discreet and looks the access has bitten different some of an obvious plus 'potty look' in a phase. You can dip a timer partorisca vibrate that it begins in 30 minutes and in increments of 15 minutes with which conceal, likes 45 minutes, 1 hours, etc. Has the little key partorisca a boy partorisca press with which vibrate like this paralizaciones. My boy uses this every day partorisca pupil partorisca adapt partorisca use a potty. A screen is exited with which 3 month of daily use, but grieve I emailed a company, has had an immediate response that would substitute in any cost. I have had to that expect roughly 3 weeks for him to take mine, but I a vendor was like this useful and has done sure that takes a new clock and work, and was in any cost, as I have not had any @@subject while. My boy is spent to be on pause of winter, as it does not interfere too much with him requiring it. I gave it so only 3 stars for sturdiness for this reason and also has the little piece of hule that the access to one uploads port that sometimes the explosions was. Otherwise This produced are to add and is economic.
4 / 5 By Carmine
Is unnecessarily complicated, but was has had to that to treat while it take a work done. And it take a do one quite well. For four weeks. We return it to us and have the Wobl waterproof. It is complicated much less and like this far, is very pleased.
4 / 5 By Tawnya
Ossia The clock to agree adds for busy small people that it is having the question that agrees to use a bath. I have bought this for my sweet daughter of 6 years and is satisfied entirely with him. More embarrassing accident!
5 / 5 By Noreen
Poor quality, any life of battery. Has has had to that reorder reason in the first place a never turned on according to an also sucked.
5 / 5 By Echo
This clock is pause and poor quality down easily, has not turned in anymore. It does not squander your money a setup is brutal.

Top Customer Reviews: Cute Cow Urinal ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By Karin
Colour: the Green edges looks partorisca like using it. I have opted partorisca this version because it look at all like the mouth of real animals... An idea of peeing in the mouth of frogs in his tongue with another mine of version has disturbed slightly... It IS the good measure and the rinses were with watering easily. Unless has the wall of smooth tile some cups of the suction is not partorisca be trusted, unless you want to toddler piss during your paving. It uses the hook of mandate.
4 / 5 By Setsuko
Colour: Green Ossia perfect for my toddler. It has been potty coached partorisca awhile but has begun recently that it wants to be, which is reason has bought this. We have not had any question with him filtering or spraying behind on the one hand to turn. We do not use a cup of suction avenges with us of then the hang on a wall. Have has not wanted the take a casualidad of him falls off it and having urine during my paving.
4 / 5 By Chiquita
Colour: Green Absolutely WANTS TO this for potty formation. Mina 2 old year elected this one he, and, any only is abordable, and sper pleasant, but, he in fact help partorisca potty formation. I owe that be sincere tho, am disappointed slightly in just 1 what smaller. A spinner to help to aim the d to help draw more his attractive, is to come broken. And, it look forward to that piece, for knows it there would be it much more fun fact for my little a. But, it conceal it is not the subject big at all. Still extremely happy with my mandate. And absolutely you recommend to any one coaching his little Man to be lol.
4 / 5 By Marlena
Colour: the green was worry in a product be too big and can takes the plot of spatial, in place of of the this classifies of small and pleasant. It returns my small bath perfectly. Some cups of suction are useless mine, but he stickes to a wall quite firmly, of then avenges with two other stickers, so only stick them for extra support. It IS perfect. My edges loves it. THE prices add. They are very happy with cost of mine.
4 / 5 By Alvin
Colour: Green The one who the pleasant product and the mine that takes the attention of small an immediately. Calm absolutely help you partorisca help a boy leaves his a lot of faster diaper.
Has 3 ways partorisca stick a product to a wall. One east for the rays and one east for the suction and another is a sticky sticker . It has to that have one this returns your use.
5 / 5 By Ashlea
Colour: the green has learnt that the need hangs he in the shower or bathtub or will be partorisca clean the plot of pee of some wall and walk! But say this I also can say that it does! Some boys love it and quickly learn to pee in him.
4 / 5 By America
Colour: the Happy green has taken this partorisca my edges of 2 years. It likes to be the pee in a potties in pupil because they are basins of just miniature down enough to an earth, but he no pee when being in ours little potty chair of formation here. With east was able of the hang down enough of an earth that can be in him he and go. A characteristic to turn the extra entertainment fact for him too much! I can not speak to a suction to the equal that has has used so only a hook that has come he with, but that reads well!
5 / 5 By Yung
Colour: Green of Reasonable price partorisca urinary of good quality potty, a material does not have a chemical smell, the measure is very partorisca small toddler, creation of model of the pleasant cow done my boy feels interested partorisca be in front of him ( is urinary random potty coaching in a phase, take interested is more than entity). Happy to take this product.
4 / 5 By Joe
Colour: the green was having the question that takes partorisca use his potty chair, but wants to try to take a pin to move. To be sincere thinks this potty was the toy in a start, but with which 2-3 times that the buses know that it is stops .
IS the little smaller that has thought but note, once uses has to that give is a perfect measure .
5 / 5 By Lyndsey
Colour: Green of Better invention NEVER!!! Potty The formation is like this entertainment partorisca my toddler. Wants to use it. With which 2 days is quite potty coached (although we continue to do on 2. )

Top Customer Reviews: Foryee Cute Frog ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By Frederic
Well, I have read some other descriptions and here is that it has to that say after the few weeks to use is is AWESOME! Yes, it is little, but how it is one 2 old year the using. It is perfectly sized partorisca the toddler, learning. He empties easily and does not have any one situates concealed is listened partorisca take rinsed and has cleaned. Ours wall has not been partorisca do with the cup of suction, and an adhesive foam has sent has not had the good place in a backside of a froggy partorisca stick, like the $ 2 hook of mandate a trick! A froggy has the little place partorisca the hook, and hangs perfectly. A fact that is hanged so only in the frames of hook he súper easy to move to another bath, or take to the long of is going to somewhere. This was totally value a compraventa!!!
5 / 5 By Reiko
HE LOVESSSSS L! My edges has turned so only 2 last week but has been potty formation partorisca the month of then has aimed interest. We have had 0 accidents in a paving that a potty is on when usually it is daily! It runs over, it goes potty then runs behind! Need a partorisca each room! Lol This photo has been taking has dipped grieves on and has said partorisca gone pee. You love it. (Mostly it loves not cleaning pee of my paving!)
4 / 5 By Sonja
Would have to that it has read a measure... This thing is like this tiny. I thought that it that it was a big plus some ive seen in of the tents.. Take which pays stops... MAY!! After seeing my edges uses it. I owe that say that it is the product adds. In fact it likes that of this small . He doesnt take on upper of the tonne of room. I have bought the second hook partorisca my room of edges so many for the prejudices yes has to that go he wont need to go down a room... And during a day dipped it to them behind in a bath. The sound wins it!
4 / 5 By Izetta
This potty is to good sure adorable, but my grandchildren have finalised with more than urine on those that in a potty. A current of urine tends to paste a pocola broken that then sprays an urine throughout some girls.
4 / 5 By Doreen
Knows the majority of some parents that looks for something like this is saying to them “ the desire has had something concealed can do potty coaching easy”...... Or something fun partorisca potty formation, causes his no easy and simple terrifying. My edges would go number 2 in a basin, but has had any interest in going pee in a potty or his potty chair. So only it does not interest . Sooooooo Has found these and I LOVE. It has dipped one in the each one of my baths and he have loved that. “ I require partorisca go pee pee in my frog”..... And continuous. We begin partorisca dip in underwears when we take these reasons have known that has the appeal on on, takes lazy and pee In him. As I suggest underwears while trying these was. There is afew the light accidents but is everything in peeing in my frog” and when I have asked the need goes partorisca say that “ I need the pee pee in your frog”. Any usually write descriptions. BUT they are the mamma of the 3old year and potty the formation scared. ANY ANYMORE
4 / 5 By Artie
Sinister start partorisca say that some ships of element of Cina. Any subject with this unless it love this thing in your bath likes yesterday. Then... Well... idk. You are for your account there. Anyways, Arrives the earliest way that then a date of delivery has estimated. Taking so only down 2 weeks partorisca take mine of by means of a mar. there is.. This rhymed. Anyways I leaves that takes to some good materials , In the first place, it have to that be remarked that an urinal is waaaay smaller that I although it was. But then again it is partorisca the toddler that... yeah. It is small but do really well. We take it To the knots grieve mine 2 old year was hooked. When it Take calm in a wife the knots last night find in a bath that use he everything for him. It has not done that still with a real potty. Like this there have it to good sure that this will be an invaluable tool in potty formation partorisca knots. In fact Like me take the 2.os one arrests upstairs but then I gotta partorisca expect likes 2 of weeks again..... Anyways, Is súper easy to the rinse was likes run of interiors of just impulses out of a base of a unit and then snaps behind situating when you are fact emptying the. Also it avenges with one of these hooks of adhesive wall partorisca hang he of and has had included the few extra pieces of glues. A hook has done well like this far. In general I am excited enough roughly the and go to try my hard more any one to use me he after 6-7 beers tonight.
4 / 5 By Tresa
Love this urinal, and is an only thing my edges will use now. We have had to take the few sticky hooks extras to be able to move among down, upstairs, and a cochera, as where is touching. Taking so only four stars because one 'tongue' the red is too rigid for more than adults to move with the current of urine, much less the girl of two years those who is potty formation. It was disappointed enough that the can not take a tongue to turn, as we try the take was and loosen he on (for shaving some estacas so that it was freer). It is not to like. We broke it to the knots that try sacarprpers. :( As so only buy a frog in all the chance, leave a tongue so only, and treat like quell'estretch of objective' this someday your edges could be able of the take emotional.
4 / 5 By Crystle
Has given this he 4 reason is like this tinier that has expected. Perhaps 15-17' big and 6-8' be it has said, still likes to of knots. My edges is for turn 3. But it was able to quickly take on to like this to use this. It does not resist very a lot, like sure mark I you empty to every time. Also, it can have the splashing question. It is for this that have connected mine to my walk-in wall of shower. I can so only that the rinse was incidents . It comes with cups of suction and the little double sided sticky foams. It has dipped some foams in some cups of suction to stick it to a wall. Some cups would not have resisted of them. It is it adds for beginners. But probably too small for boys on 5.
5 / 5 By Jeremiah
A past month or how has been súper stressful for my husband and I. With which 5 amazing months of having the fully potty the boy has coached, take the turn for a worse and, to the left is so only say, has been changing more dressed lately that has done when it was in diapers. IN ALL THE CHANCE, this potty has been the lifesaver (and clearly my new edges bff). No more incidents reasons is so only too excited to 'pee gives froggy and do his transfer of tongue'. I will say that the mine has come dirty and has used clearly. I dried it so only down, any biggie. I mean it is for my boys pee, am not concerned in cleanliness. Like this happy has bought this!
4 / 5 By Mariano
This would be 5 rests of stars in a better wall. Has two pins of clave and some sticky tampons and is by train to remain on there quite well now. Fall two times when I have had so only a nails of estacas and he never stuck with just some sticky tampons.

My amours of edges peeing in a frog. It is not never be this excited in peeing. Material to be in the stool in front of a basin overwhelmed. This potty is also easy to clean. I maintain the upper plenary of terrific in him like this when I touch his pee was and rinse he, he suds and the cleaned.

A potty is smaller that has expected. It is perhaps 12 big thumbs. But ossia well, a pot is for quite a lot of partorisca to bladder fill of urine and a potty does not fall when full.

Recommends this and promote parents of boys to try this.

Top Customer Reviews: Potty Training ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By Mauricio
The quality looked well, amour a dark green colour, and is possible a chair is smaller (has not measured - if it is, then AWESOME). THIS In spite of, does not return without accidents in the basin of round. A underside is oval shaped like some rests forward in a bowl of basin in a front and there is at all partorisca the resist there. Ossia Extremely dangerous if a boy sustains behind and pushes in a tank of basin. Some slides of advances of what whole, leaving a boy that dips down (ideally) or any in a paving or with his face of boss-up in a water of basin (phase of worse chance). Probably I law adds in to an oval basin like him take 4 stars . These mfr needs to be sincere in those returns of basins, this in spite of. His all say that they do in basins of round and like this far ANY of them in fact do on any of ours two basins of round.
5 / 5 By Wen
Has been attracted by a word ' upgraded' written in this element. No in of the positive critiques reasons the majority of them is fake. I have decided to give the then try it. And it results the one who that another the people have said earlier was a lot.
This potty the formation is sturdy, and chair properly in a basin. My boy can easily dipped the up . An only thing that like a less is of a measure of a hole that is the little has bitten small to the equal that results my boy owes way to seat for behind way that an urine goes directly to one is manageable . I have found the way of the work
4 / 5 By Aldo
has wanted to loves it, an idea is surprising! This in spite of, an only way in fact returns my regular measure, basin of round... It is to take a chair of whole basin! It conceal it does not go to do for ours A CHAMBER OF BATH. I can not ask our guests of adult to use a potty chair, or king-install a chair a big plus before they his @@subject. They are quite disappointed. Our basin has measured correctly for everything of some specifications a company has listed. It looks easy to clean this in spite of and I like a green colour.
5 / 5 By Jonna
This chair is sturdy and comfy. I have chosen this like opposed to the little formation potty so much can feel comfortable other places also. It wants to be able to spend of longitude he. A stool is sturdy and some sleeves are useful. His easy to take on and has gone for access of adult also.
4 / 5 By Tyler
Ossia The very convenient potty formation for my edges of 3 years. It is to add that has a built-in any, soft cushion and very easy to motivate my edges to go pee/poo. An only complaint is that an is not the short plus for my basin in some the EUA, doing a step the pocola slope of has bitten and not levelling. In general it is the add compraventa.
4 / 5 By Hildegard
Has taken this to help our transition of 3 years of the his mini basin that use the potty train to a big potty ,and law like the sleep! Simple to dip near and easy and light to move when a need of big people to do his subject . In the note lateralmente , master a bit few impressions of feet in a step :)
4 / 5 By Mildred
has given these three stars Bc my basin is too big and some legs do not regulate has maintained a chair and gave it my mother in the law of then has an a short basin more older.
5 / 5 By Babara
Much more stable, opening quite small to take fears of falling in. Nizza To take touched of of stool of any and to offer bosses for toddler.
4 / 5 By Phillis
The daughter loves it. The chair the small plus that opens was reason buy it to us is quite a perfect measure! Like this far This like this good & to clean!
4 / 5 By Viki
Like this far this has been I adds! My little one can grab the and dip the in a basin she. It can give a very on and use some bosses to maintain of falling. You love it!

Top Customer Reviews: Potty Training Seat ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By Tora
A quality is wonderful and was easy to gather, has Thinks that has had to regulate it sized basin, but apparently I no. My parents have the small basin to the equal that will be partorisca spend the there partorisca leave it. The posted two pictures, a prime minister is partorisca aim that some steps/of chair are in the slant and no sturdy at all, my little one is fallen off and hurt his weapon quite well, another east to aim you the one who far of some are not of in fact when being sufficient. Work so only well in the basin the small plus this in spite of! As you can see of an arrival of picture to go with some built in toddler/chair of adult and use the stool of any small.
4 / 5 By Leanna
This acts to surprise! Súper Easy to gather and use and movement even to different baths. Some some 2 things that is the little question is does not return in a basin a small plus in a bath of boys and precise the big plus pee saves reason my edges pees in me and a paving almost every time.
5 / 5 By Blake
Ossia The good potty tool of formation. I run the small house daycare and potty the formation is the big part . These leaves to chair some boys to locate a basin for them without dreading to fall off. Has sturdy legs and bosses. Also fold up for storage. I gave it so only four stars because he no quite apt snuggly in a basin. Can take it quite sure to remain place but movements at all, pee arrivals in a chair.
4 / 5 By Kristine
Liked this chairs so much purchase the second a paralización ours down bath. It is like this easy for our daughter to go potty when I need to and has a independency without that has to that have a help of adult. It is easy to take on and of a basin and folds on amiably for easy storage.
5 / 5 By Lily
This product is surprising! I measure my first basin to purchase, has listed all some specifications in a estaca available, as I knew it would return. Very very easy to gather and wine with extra crews' for the 'in chance perhaps' the subject are sure. It looks a lot of sturdy and folds until apt approximations a basin when any into use.
5 / 5 By Danuta
Has purchased this for my start of Grandson of potty formation. Has has had difficulty at the beginning but then begins to take use to give a very on, that pause roughly that goes to a potty and when finalising w the hand that has washed. I have loved the produced w good attractive colours, comfortable and facilitated of use (dipping I in his shoes). I like this the produced and is easy to block, cleaned with dried and the places were.
5 / 5 By Tori
My edges want to this a lot still love me to go to a bath with in anymore reason does not fall in and can create there for him.😍😍😍
5 / 5 By Madlyn
The chair of basin adds. My amours of edges to use it. He help same my woman and I dipped it neighbouring. Very durable and easy to clean.
5 / 5 By Mellissa
Easy to dip joint and my toddlers the amour that feels independent to locate up in a big potty for them
4 / 5 By Modesta
Mina 2 old year was excited like this to use this thing. Desire that had discovered this more collected. It is easy for him to locate to a chair of basin and use it, and more than everything, no more than touching and cleaning a potty chair that has used! Easy of the dry down with Lysol the toallitas humid when it require. What better never! It takes it.

Top Customer Reviews: Cute Frog Shape ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By Rebecca
The cost has checked I amour these things. Lame 4 few boys those who go to the each one to 5 minutes like there of grandmother. Like this easy to have them run there business, and usually touch it. Tried having them dump he after the use and they can also pee in a chair of basin and walk :( but it was able the potty mine of coaches 3 younger with east doubt. His very discreet and thin, more lodge him no partorisca give that he this same or included remark it. While it calms it does not forget to empty not having never the smell. Ive Has purchased 3 like this far, 1 partorisca each bath and 1 in grandmas. Highly satisfied with a compraventa would recommend in 1 with small boys.
5 / 5 By Kacie
The cost has checked to That I liked me to it was his cuteness, arrives wayyy of smaller has then anticipated but measures good partorisca the tiny toddler I supposition ,announcing said that the cut of the suction has done of sound,WRONG DOESNT SUCTION AT ALL! While I can locate with rays partorisca wall . You update when my daycare opens partorisca leave know the one who the boys react
4 / 5 By Rozella
The cost checked has sworn initially would not take one of these - urinary kinda gross was.

This in spite of, when potty the formation is tugging to the long of in accessing amd starts like starts to preschool volume , exasperated. The difference of real urinals, this thing is like this dang pleasant and abordable, and now wants to one in the each paving of our townhouse. Easy to clean and my edges loves it.
4 / 5 By Sheena
The cost has checked was sper has turned has gone by an idea of my boy peeing to the mouth of frogs but this, partorisca any reason, law partorisca resist my attention of edges and maintaining a pee has aimed in a something legislation. Quite easy to empty for the 2/3 yr old to do he.
4 / 5 By Luisa
The cost verified has bought three of these partorisca some few boys in a family! They are like this pleasant and hanged light as they attach to a wall easily and one inserts is easy to take was partorisca clean after using.
4 / 5 By Livia
The cost verified has bought this partorisca my two old year that thinks it could do potty entertainment of formation. Very Expensive. Too much Entertainment. A suction is not partorisca order, as my edges has taken averts and dip his boss thru and has taken estacas. It was used better for any the one who is older and already potty has coached. Good idea but no practical at all.
4 / 5 By Magnolia
Suction partorisca Purchase verified no at all, clean very easily but extremely light and tips on easily.
4 / 5 By Rusty
The cost checked Compraventa this! Calm will not complain it . Easy and quickly partorisca take clean. Sper Pleasant. A spinner does not turn well this in spite of. My husband has tried this was partorisca teach our edges regarding the use. LOL Still could do not taking to turn.
4 / 5 By Kenia
The cost has checked is pleasant and easy to clean but an aim of the tongue of the spinning is too rigid to move and constantly is that it falls off a wall which are really annoying. The needs attach or mechanism of better suction.
4 / 5 By Shala
The cost has checked has the little boy that does not like partorisca be and pee in a basin, ossia awesome! I have been that looks for to begin potty formation, but hate partorisca be in a stool partorisca try and pee. We buy this and after the pair of time of just take and do stand there, now is that it runs in a bath FOR HIM and using east! Some starts of light green part and calm only games to a basin. Such one easy net up! At all 1 of potty the formation is going strong!

Top Customer Reviews: Potty Time: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By
Seldom I write descriptions, especially bad some, but this product is done like this bad and the patient has drawn that chair obligated partorisca help save other a lot of parents of meaning. I have bought this clock TWO TIMES and both times arrive DONA with dead battery. TWICE, like a naive and fond mamma that they are, has bought $ 10 value of battery partorisca the $ 11 clock and the smallest surgery have involved partorisca substitute some batteries (a task that involves prying of a wristband and marring the, the creation fails) . BOTH occasions, after the surgery said and reassembly, a piece of junk has done bad!!! In of the different ways!!! A prime minister one would turn was after 1 account behind in place of resetting likes is supposed to. A second has had the faulty key of Timer that so only done when a clock has been disassembled and no longer would answer when put near (has wanted to unscrewing and rescrewing these tiny small rays several times partorisca imagine that it was). Now I owe that disappoint my daughter the second time that a timer is broken and mommy can do not fixing!!!

Oh, And in the chance still is considering buying this, although yours act, a creation is TERRIBLE. An only way of the turn was is the paste Near and a Timer near, emission both, paste of Timer then 4 more the times till you cycle by means of a paper to this well, he 6-click-was-serious each nap and bedtime And some same 6 series of clicks partorisca the turn on and select your correct boy potty lasted when they wake up and the reset a period if his pee prompt!!! Parents of hate and daycare professors a lot of PottyTime??!!!

The amazon is not responsible partorisca a product of rubbish, but is responsible partorisca continue the stock the knowing 1/2 a time a product arrives defective and DONA! It says PottyTime partorisca spend $ 5 more partorisca do the feasible product before I agree to stock to again. All felizmente pays an extra $ 5 partorisca the no-POS concealed does not disappoint our boys when we are well in some means partorisca try to take them has excited roughly potty sayin!
5 / 5 By
Ossia The concept adds partorisca potty traning. You choose a quantity of time, and then the pleasant song goes was partorisca adapt them partorisca gone potty. The question is this clock is not waterproof like this after washing the hands begin partorisca touch odd and after a time partorisca forget for the take is gone in a bath was rubbishes . So they have done this waterproof clock would be it 100 percent better , but in this condition partorisca this age of boy the a lot of reccomend, kids this age is not quite careful any for the take wet.
4 / 5 By
Wow This produced are Adds!!! Sure I have had my doubts because we have tried everything of presents and bribery to a “hard way”. Our daughter is a lot ready and súper strong willed so that the things are difficult to do . But with this his done clock feel like the big daughter and a music is not too alarming. Take my daughter (with the little fight has retreated at the beginning) roughly 6 days and now of the good terracing is going to a potty every time a clock goes was and is doing the fantastic work! There are settings of calm multiple timer so that that can customise to your boy. You recommend this clock by all the world with the strong-willed kiddo :)
4 / 5 By
has read some other descriptions but has imagined would take my casualidad of my husband is quite well repair these classes of things. As we take a clock and no at all. My husband was able of the reparation and in the then imagine was like this to the use can choose you among way of GAME the one who leaves your boy so only listens to a song and look some quite a lot of lights; or you can choose 30, 60, or 90 minutes; or it GO. It has dipped he for 30 minutes, dipped the in our boy and was MAGIC!!! You grieve a song has touched was in his feet and excited to go you potty. This boy was like this resistant to potty formation he pee in mobiles, a paving, appoint--anything but a potty. And here the career went it to pee without even it whine! Jackpot!! We take on the half day of perfect pottying BUT THEN a darn the clock there is prendido to do again. This time hubby could do not saving. But this thing does LIKE THIS UTMOST when he in fact works!! Please a lot so only improves a quality of this clock. We go to try again with the second an and I will update this description with which see concealed it some works. Perhaps a prime minister was so only to uselessness? The toes have crossed reasons require this to do!
This clock arrive it and good for awhile. My edges not having never does this well with potty formation before. I have been using our second potty clock for two days now and has not had ANY ACCIDENT. A clock has done adds for a first day, and a song was pleasant and really done to adapt without requiring to nag the all a time. It likes having to that own clock his and some lights and the music are pleasant memories (the mamma and the dad are annoying a bit). THIS In spite of, a second day a music there is prendido to touch for some reason. Some lights does still, but is harder that see and no like this well to to the memory likes them the sound. We have begun that use a timer in our telephones again, and my edges is resulting that they resist to our memories again. I will update again there be anything aventajada to say. Good regime.
4 / 5 By
Ossia Absolutely rids down a main reason reason was ale to potty coaches my edges in 5 days, any joke! It has been cold turkey any diaper (excepts at night) so only regulate súper underwear of hero, a formation some have not done also and take touched of of an appeal-ups both are to many like diapers. Previously to a clock my edges would struggle me fiercely to both go to a bath or chair in a potty and would cry every time causes has not comprised reason does not try and any to mention 3 1/2 I and one of a last a lot to be in diapers in priest of day. Once it take a sample was excited as it was 'his' clock and has loved to spend it. It has dipped a clock to 30 min intervals and when a music of the clock touched that the party to dance while we dance and flange 'potty time' in a way to a bath and would seat without question. A difference has been he has not said goes to a potty, instead a clock was and doing he to the what of flange of the dance imade the fun and go of good terracing.
4 / 5 By
Has bought one, but pauses with which one 3rd day of waters to take inner. A question was, laws to surprise for my edges. You are a first time he no pee in his underwears three days directly in the month.

So much, has decided to use the product has bought of month of Imposición of the earliest House has called NeverWet to Rust-Oleum. It think that called he superhydrophic the surface that use nano-particles. It say of another way,, anything waterproof. I have opened on a clock a same way a Potty show of instructions of the Clock to substitute a battery, and has followed then a NeverWet instructions to spray some electronic components. With which 6 discharges and 2 hours (using the dryer of hair among discharges to ask a process to dry), has been finalised. It has dipped an electronics behind in a clock that use a Potty instructions of Clock and dip a clock in the wrist of my edges. It has been 2 weeks now, and his Potty the clock is still waterproof. Have Deliberately have it drenched a sample the little time under a tap and he has any effect in the operation of a clock. Sometimes you water it taking inside a frame, but does not effect never some electronic components, and a dry water on some days of pair. Besides an efficiency of this application, one the majority of the what of the entity of mine is that some chemicals of a NeverWet never touch my edges, reasons of the electronic is encased inside a frame of clock.
4 / 5 By
Can do not listening and there is any way to regulate a volume for the appear. Same house with just a half noise of the television and the people that speaks, calm can do not listening much less was that in fact it is that it sings the song. Calm or your boy can remark some light flashes it, but ossia roughly that. A lot disappointed in this clock. Complete waste of money. He better to take another clock of boy and so only dipped a calm alarm in fact can listen.
Update: I have shipped this retreated to a focus for the repayment, has issued the turn. Then, the months more have said late never has received an element behind and recharged my paper without my consent!! I have it that has not had never this subject in any one another turn. Obviously after several past months and has had has received already a repayment, had launched was a UPS receipt. For like this, has any way to defy one load. I suppose it is for this that have expected like this long to recharge me! Beware Of this vendor!! Produced of rubbish and the vendor that swindle of careers in of the repayments.
4 / 5 By
The concept adds, poor execution. If you want to potty coaches your girl, ossia a tool to do raisin... But it does not expect a progress to last, reason a sample a lot neither. Unfortunately his no these raincoats, like this of course, with which finalises your subject, lavas your hands... Right? Well, the give the week and he begins to act bad with just the small quantity of exposure to water also. Any I fully submerges this thing, has helped simply my little wash of type and quell'rinse and ossia all the taking! Raisin in this tool, is not to value some waste of time and endeavour. Unless you want to maintain buying these for the few weeks until your girl is fully potty has coached.
4 / 5 By
A lot of fallido with this compraventa. I do not have any idea if some works of clock or no, reason avenges with two dead battery. I know it is supposition to do the inaugural reason a box said 'try me! Push Tecla green.' Incredibly you disappoint like my boy of 2 years has opened a box, excited for his potty-sample, so only to open something concealed has not done and has required has has specialised battery - which do not have in a house. Further, to change a battery, will require the 'jewellers Phillips screwdriver of boss' quell'I neither has . Further, a battery has required, is a AG-13 Alcaline battery - look so only can find these in the Plus of Battery. Disappointing.

Update - I has been the Imposición to House to take some separates I needs and of more than Battery to take a right battery (the person more sell) and a product does not act. After hanging some batteries, and when a sample is broken down to the pieces and I hasten some keys without a casing in the, work. But when I substitute a casing, an external key is too far of a key in a circuitboard to do properly. Produced defective. But it conceal it does not change a fact that mine 2 1/2 year-old was in credibly excited for the use and now is sad that does not act.
5 / 5 By
My daughter has the question that agrees to use a bath.
These touches partoriscano different songs quietly, is not obnoxious felizmente. There is has helped really to not having accidents.
An only downside is does has has not had he for the month and a strap have broken so only another day. I can no fixed, where can take the substitution of strap , Reason is not this sturdy enough to last the month??

Top Customer Reviews: Frog Pee ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By Lakeesha
Bought this partorisca my a lot stubborn grandson of 3 years. My edges is the alone Dad in an Army and has been trying desperately partorisca take his edges potty has coached fully. I have purchased this urinal partorisca my grandson and absolutely loves it. Less than the week enough has has coached. It thinks that that it is amused to aim for a tongue to turn. It is very short and is like this easier for him to be and aim to a frog. It is very easy to clean also. Highly it recommends this product.
4 / 5 By Maranda
Has dipped grieves in a wall and showed regarding the use , my edges those who is not quite 2 years, immediately rasgó his diaper was and tried it , is unbelievable that quickly do a transition.
4 / 5 By Glendora
The hallelujah has taken my toddler the pee! This thing is like this fresh. Has this spinny extracted like this when you pee in the to him fun lol! Highly recommend has the boy. He he like this easier also. I have stuck it to a side of our tub. It is an only flat surface . I guess yes calm to master quell'on a wall takes some double sided tape and slap it where loves it.
5 / 5 By Marina
Has bought these 2 months does to help my edges with potty formation because after a lot has failed tentativas, was in final of talents. He easily adapted to the use is, which was like this relieving. It wants to use his potty and is enthused every time takes a paddle spinning. I have promoted each mamma that spends for potty formation to take his little boy this potty, reason so only cover his like this easily.

Averts some positive of this product, can use some improvements. In the first place, some cups of suction are like this feeble and flimsy, grieves adhered to any surface. If it was not for a tab of centre, and an option to ray the to a wall, would have finalised tossing this.
5 / 5 By Elwood
Ossia awesome!! My edges of 4 years was having the question that agrees when partorisca gone potty. Active roughly 3+ accidents the day. This little urinal of frog was a solution ! It goes of 3 or more incidents to 0! Has has had so only this for roughly 3 days and he has been the free accident of then first day that had it to us. I have been he advances and has taken the potty shows of formation also, but has found that an urinal of the frog for him has done if it marvels for us. This little urinal promotes self motivation- thanks to a pocola what to turn has. Really it transfers and he the fun fact, all while coaching to aim a same time. It goes advance and buy he- I 100 recommends.
5 / 5 By Elodia
Is in of the half of potty coaching our edges and used to regulate it potty piece while and prisoner had. I have ordered this of potty and loves it! Test like this hard to the only so much can look one transfers of half part. I produce it adds!
5 / 5 By Kacy
Like this pleasant and work them
4 / 5 By Lizzette
Mina 2 1/2 east in potty coached thanks to of the this! It take the map of sticker to go with this so that it is mad about for gone pee and take to sticker :)
4 / 5 By Billie
Perfecto to coach toddler boys! It likes that it is of small for mobility but to coach main would be better. To good sure value each penny!
4 / 5 By Elena
Is like this Petit. Bought he for the present. Hopefully Helps little man is the big boy .