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Top Customer Reviews: Raising Electronic ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 5 ratings
5 / 5 Chery
It was exactly which looked for and at present lines my wireless keyboard and smile for my server that play with house.
My main complaint is that the desire has guide that was a depth of a storm mostly for stability so that I classify of the to to use likes him his of the attraction was keyboard setup. It recommends this in any one requiring the something quickly to line the keyboard and mouse.
4 / 5 Forrest
Works well and servers our purpose has feigned. A keyboard regulates will not return in this floor. I wish an in fact pulled tray more advances, faiths a tray of usable totality but this is not the subject of entity for us.
2 / 5 Guillermo
The product is arrived broken. It IS warped same without harm.
Good concept, only poor manufacture.
Goes with something the majority of expensive bit.
4 / 5 Elissa
Good product.
1 / 5 Cory
Element of rubbish, does not purchase . It saves your money for literally anything more. Enough the line my keyboard with the chopstick attaches in my eyelids this tries to use this junk. He angles, one racks the spatial is the road of any storm of level of the mountains. This flange of same thing retreated his own weight in a storm of the guides, left only any quantity of pressure to write. STEER CLARO!!!

Top Customer Reviews: ASUS RS100-E8 Intel ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 3 ratings
1 / 5
I have bought this under the account of the client like the does not say 'the buyer checked' but has bought the.

In the first place a cpu the section of a description said 'Apple A4'. Really? For the ' any come with ram,cpu or storage' bare system of bone? It IS LGA1150

ram of chosen of a QVA ready for a motherboard (P9D-M) cual the ways are saying ' tries it and work'. A heat spreaders in a ram has done the too big, and could not close a lid. The tan carefully takes a spreaders.

This description of ready vendors cpu compatibility as '4 Core of Intel of the Gene i3 processor' as I have ordered unit i3-4150

System any one when being pas able up. I took me the moment to find a cpu ready of compatibility. A motherboard the manual said that it is in www.asus.com is not with a rest of a technician specs for the page of this product [...] But only it can the be found to look for a number of motherboard of model in a place of support, which return in this page [...] Which have the map those aims 63 compatible CPUs, THIRTY NINE duquel has the saying of entity 'Not backing a controller of integrated map'. WTF Asus? Calm sell it 1Or server with front and connectors of video of back poster, or duquel records with more concealed the averages a 'listed like compatible' CPU?

Would not be so wroth if it have not wasted so time that orders this has been. A literature of product and a description of product of the vendors of amazon have to both have the prominent opinion that says 'he chosen any one cpu another that <low ready show>, a motherboard the video no .'.


would not attack again.
4 / 5
It has Had one of these arrests almost two years and I are generally very happy with him. If you check a Asus website for a CPU and list of support of the memory (and follows it!), it IS easy to take one schemes these races, and good records. It IS included reasonably calm for the 1Or rackmount unit, while some adherents are in of the low speeds. That takes in my only complaint: From time to time, some adherents decide to run until full speed for any reason (that is to say down upload clear, very airy, with the basses-TDP CPU) and remain bonded in this state until totally it takes can of a unit. (I.et. The unplug And leaves all drain down and reset) the suspect is the problem with a BIOS or IPMI, but does not know . I AM it disturbs it smaller (only spends two, perhaps three, time for year), but is the problem . It has remarked only that there is new(er) available BIOS of ASUS this has been fallen this year; perhaps that fixed to him.
5 / 5
That is to say the add racks the system of server has taken for my company, use he for centre of call. Asus The work adds with this product, is cosy user setup has taken easy and right!

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