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1 Uniden Bearcat BC125AT Handheld Scanner, 500-Alpha-Tagged Channels, Close Call Technology, PC Programable, Aviation, Marine, Railroad, NASCAR, Racing, and Non-Digital Police/Fire/Public Safety. Uniden Bearcat BC125AT Handheld Scanner, 500-Alpha-Tagged Channels, Close Call Technology, PC Programable, Aviation, Marine, Railroad, NASCAR, Racing, and Non-Digital Police/Fire/Public Safety. Uniden
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2 Uniden BC365CRS 500 Channel Scanner and Alarm Clock with Snooze, Sleep, and FM Radio with Weather Alert, Search Bands Commonly used for Police, Fire/EMS, Aircraft, Radio, and Marine Transmissions Uniden BC365CRS 500 Channel Scanner and Alarm Clock with Snooze, Sleep, and FM Radio with Weather Alert, Search Bands Commonly used for Police, Fire/EMS, Aircraft, Radio, and Marine Transmissions Uniden
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3 Uniden BC355N 800 MHz 300-Channel Base/Mobile Scanner, Close Call RF Capture, Pre-programmed Search “Action” Bands to Hear Police, Ambulance, Fire, Amateur Radio, Public Utilities, Weather, and Mo Uniden BC355N 800 MHz 300-Channel Base/Mobile Scanner, Close Call RF Capture, Pre-programmed Search “Action” Bands to Hear Police, Ambulance, Fire, Amateur Radio, Public Utilities, Weather, and Mo Uniden
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4 Uniden BCD436HP HomePatrol Series Digital Handheld Scanner. TrunkTracker V, Simple Programming, S.A.M.E. Emergency/Weather Alert, Covers USA and Canada Uniden BCD436HP HomePatrol Series Digital Handheld Scanner. TrunkTracker V, Simple Programming, S.A.M.E. Emergency/Weather Alert, Covers USA and Canada Uniden
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5 Uniden BCD996P2 Digital Mobile TrunkTracker V Scanner, 25,000 Dynamically Allocated Channels, Close Call RF Capture Technology, 4-Line Alpha display, Base/Mobile Design, Phase 2, Location-Based Scanni Uniden BCD996P2 Digital Mobile TrunkTracker V Scanner, 25,000 Dynamically Allocated Channels, Close Call RF Capture Technology, 4-Line Alpha display, Base/Mobile Design, Phase 2, Location-Based Scanni Uniden
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6 Uniden SDS100 True I/Q Digital Handheld Scanner, Designed for Improved Digital Performance in Weak-Signal and Simulcast Areas, Rugged / Weather Resistant JIS 4 Construction Uniden SDS100 True I/Q Digital Handheld Scanner, Designed for Improved Digital Performance in Weak-Signal and Simulcast Areas, Rugged / Weather Resistant JIS 4 Construction Uniden
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7 Uniden BearTracker Scanner (BCT15X) with 9,000 Channels, TrunkTracker III Technology, Base/Mobile Design, Close Call RF Capture Technology with Location-Based Scanning, - Black Color Uniden BearTracker Scanner (BCT15X) with 9,000 Channels, TrunkTracker III Technology, Base/Mobile Design, Close Call RF Capture Technology with Location-Based Scanning, - Black Color Uniden
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8 Uniden BCD325P2 Handheld TrunkTracker V Scanner. 25,000 Dynamically Allocated Channels. Close Call RF Capture Technology. Location-Based Scanning and S.A.M.E. Weather Alert. Compact Size. Uniden BCD325P2 Handheld TrunkTracker V Scanner. 25,000 Dynamically Allocated Channels. Close Call RF Capture Technology. Location-Based Scanning and S.A.M.E. Weather Alert. Compact Size. Uniden
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9 Uniden HomePatrol-2 Color Touchscreen Simple Program Digital Scanner, TrunkTracker V and S,A,M,E, Emergency/Weather Alert, APCO P25 Phase 1 and 2! Covers USA and Canada, Quick Record and Playback Uniden HomePatrol-2 Color Touchscreen Simple Program Digital Scanner, TrunkTracker V and S,A,M,E, Emergency/Weather Alert, APCO P25 Phase 1 and 2! Covers USA and Canada, Quick Record and Playback Uniden
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10 Whistler TRX-1 Handheld Digital Scanner Radio Whistler TRX-1 Handheld Digital Scanner Radio Whistler
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Top Customer Reviews: Uniden Bearcat ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
2 / 5
I have bought this scanner so that, like the quoted data in Radioreference.com, my department of local police is accessible with this scanner. TIP for a unconscious: it does not think the thing that Radioreference.com calm said you. I have taken only finished to speak with any one in a department of communications of my venue PS and has changed on in the digital communications TWO YEARS ago!

Of lives in the small po-dunk city, can sure when being that your departments of local emergency have all has changed on in digital also. An only chatter this scanner chooses up is a company of local taxi. If you download an available software, this scanner is easy to program. But that is to say the irrelevant point when can not tune in in any one of some canals of entity that emission in your zone.

Be sure to remark a date of any positive critic for this product. The times have moved on. Because of advances in technology, this radio is useful only yes concretely wants to listen in NOAA reports of the times and some converse pedantic to give local support of radio operators. It do not take Me bad, that is to say it good scanner . But it is the total waste of money if your intention is to listen in your services of local emergency.

PURCHASES One DIGITAL SCANNER. These some east SUBJECTS by behind a time.
4 / 5
There is the 25 old year Radio Shack Scanner 10 canal (any ten bank) the scanner and was arrests to time to update. Alive in a rural zone of Northerner of California, and when being a fireman of ex volunteer, my woman and I depend in our scanner to maintain alerted in case of emergency local.

Has decided in a Uniden BC125AT after aiding the partner of programs of the sound. Had the number of the things has found that I aided decide me:


his Well. A filter in this scanner was able to filter out of a static noise of a diverse electronic in our house.
Compact and comfortable measure in a hand.
Alphas Of program of seal and Numerical canal. A capacity to attach focus in the each canal while it looks in a screen during the transmission he easier to know that in fact it is spending. Instantly I Can know that centre of dispatch is transmitting.
A software of available free Windows of a Uniden website (nexus in a manual of owners) left me in hurriedly and easily entered some frequencies have wanted together with the name for each canal, saves in the file in my computer, then uploads a file in a scanner. With ten banks have separated 505 canals each, was the mere subject to create the banks have separated for Fire, Police, Air Firefighting Resources, and the included banks separated for resources of emergency of local city. Desprs Has programmed the unit of a mine of the partner taken quite a lot of two days later and taken only the little bren to upload a data in my BC125AT.
A capacity in prjimo out of banks. It IS very easy to close out of any one of some banks so, for example, can close all was except or stacks where resources of programs of local fire.
Scanners all the banks, scanner a bank, or choose in canal to scan. In an emergency is good to be able in only listen in a canal of dispatch of the main fire and he are easy to select this function.
An a lot of-work 'knob of volume.' A knob periodic has a lot of works to comprise pose a volume, adjusting a squelch, the displacement through some canals has saved in of the banks.
Brilliance in consonance And adjustable screen

The BAD (or at least, any also)
An included rechargeable the stacks is decent but a load in a Uniden is posed to time only in of the hours. It inserts/ it inserts the fully touched pair of cells and limit a Uniden in and if a load is posed to touch during six hours, baked for this period of time. This overheats a bit that stacks can shorten his life. Your Apresamiento quite animated in a touch, but so far very treacherously so much. I suggest to maintain the spare joint of the stacks touched and change them was while precise.
Uploads through a cape of USB, and only touches some stacks when a unit is turned has been. If a BC125AT is on, some stacks will not take the load. Quan Turned of a load restarts and will run a full period to time you selected in a system of card.
Quan Has purchased this, a nexus of Amazon in an information of guarantee was in a page of old PDF of 2010 of Uniden this has declared a unit there has been the three (3) guaranteeed of year. THAT IS TO SAY BAD. A manual has printed that is coming with a scanner (2012) declares has the (1) guaranteeed of year. I have called Uniden today (8/6/2018) and that the information has been confirmed.
A manual of the owners could be better. That is to say the powerful unit and can do the plot of things. To access a lot a system of card takes presses he of multiple button. A manual describes these are a bit text more complicated that it is necessary. Maps of the flow for each functions would have been Very better. It IS- it write it manual of the owners and the maps of the flows created for function and of the systems of similar programming.

give this unit 4 stars in place of 5 only because of a outdated the stack that system of load. Another that concealed, that is to say the very good scanner for low $ 100. I suggest to purchase an extensive guarantee so that has more than the protect of a year.

REMARCE: A file of guarantee of PDF LINKED in a page of sales of the when the amazon purchased this scanner has declared that a guarantee was three (3) years. It IS not ! This file of PDF was of 2010. Some 2012 manual owners that comes with a scanner declares that a period of guarantee is a (1) year. I have verified this with Uniden Service of Client.
4 / 5
This investigation is the very good scanner , but there is enough the curve to know empinada. Any only turn he on and scanner to start with. A radio requires the extensive together arrives and programming before use which are quite difficult to comprise for to the novice likes him. Everything of some frequencies and another specifics for the this wants to listen to have to when being entered in the memory of a device, which bad has to know you these things before you begin. Felizmente A lot these is available on-line. The manual of an owner is not terribly very written and a bit confuse. Tom: they go in a Uniden place of web and downloads an engine of USB and programming software. It IS vastly easier that programming a scanner directly. I have bought a scanner predominately to control traffic of the aircraft and he surprisingly well. I can listen a control of traffic of tower of the local air of mine that marries is in 15 miles was!
Yours research before buy. Mark sure that it wants to listen is included accessible. For example, a lot of local police, the fire and other frequencies are encrypted now or spent in of the proprietary points that is not accessible in a public.
5 / 5
That is to say the fantastic scanner . It possesses the little on some last 25 years, and this one east by far one the majority of user-cosy. It do not take Me bad...Mina PRO-43 was legendary. But, it can not limit he in my laptop and the program. This Bearcat (my second bearcat) has been purchased by VHF and UHF groups of air. Any a lot of another reason. Please any complaint in any one 800mhz or anything. It conceal it is not that this the the scanner is for, and is not announced that when being so much. In stock the form, has 3 subjects with him. Omission of 380-400 MHz, life of stack of poor stock, and he crappy antenna. So much, of a scanner was so economic, has purchased the set of Eneloop stacks with uploading, the Diamond RH77CA antenna, and said 'oh a lot of' in some 3 frequencies can not take in 380 in milair. The problems have resolved. And now, this thing is phenomenal. Read a manual, downloads a software of free programming, updates one firmware in V1.03, And it attaches some updates mentioned on, and will be happy.
2 / 5
Bobo Me. I tune of flange in at all here in my City. This radio was very expensive(for me). It IS my failure . I fulfil it looks im annual to be but truly im no. I only flange gives this 5-Stars when Ive has paid the full prize but I flange uses it. His totally useless in me. I have it it was necessary the my investigation. I of the that knows that it is likes him enjoy this product like this a reason Im the giving such the low indication. Again, BEFORE you PURCHASE THIS, Yours Research LOCAL of Canal to see yes included can use this. I can not use! It is not one The fault of Vendors. It IS Mina ! A Vendor and the sender takes 10 stars of me, but a Product Takes LOW stars of me so that I can not Use AT ALL. It tries to Comprise my Description podes. Thank you
5 / 5
A BC125AT is in fact the very good scanner for a prize. The majority of some negative critiques has been written by idiots that has any subject with the scanner. A person goes to complain has not been digital like the can not take police and canals of fire. This person would have to has read a specs. That is to say the conventional scanner for reception of voice of equivalent. If you do not comprise what this half, would not have to buy any scanner! This scanner is to take conventional systems only, which ways the will not take trunked systems. This scanner is to take voice of equivalent only, which ways the can not take digital voice. If precise trunking or qualified of the digital voice then buys a type of pertinent scanner. There is still some police and of the departments to sack that it uses conventional systems and broadcast in voices of equivalents, and this scanner an excellent work to take those, and he an excellent work that takes canals of road, frequencies of commercial aircraft, and very other conventional systems that equivalen visas of the use. It does not blame a scanner for your ignorance of radio communications! And BTW, the frequencies of aircraft use one IS road , no a FM subjects, so that it is why or stupid could not listen aircraft. It IS difficult to program for a way layperson? Yes! The radios require the just quantity to learn program. If you can it do not imagine it was regarding the do then is a problem , no a scanner. A BC125AT is not the CB or an EAST/FM preprogrammed radiates. You are designed for radio enthusists this knows so to program and the use. If it conceal calm to describe you, then recommends this conventional system with scanning of voice of equivalent.
5 / 5
I am very pleased with a BC125AT scanner for my application that is to control traffic of air in Seattle/Tacoma zone. Like this far, it has surpassed my expectations. I found it directly-advance to program local frequencies (CTAF, Tierra, etc.) With the partner of descriptive text saw my laptop those uses a proportionate software in a Uniden website. There is very instructive videos in Youtube in a subject. A scanner takes transmissions of Arlington in a North, Olympia in a South, Norma Grier in an East and Bremerton in a Speaker (together with Approximation of Seattle, FAA, and zones of Practice). I am using a rubber ducky antenna that is coming with a unit. I have purchased four additional rechargeable stacks locally while only take quite five hours of continual use in the full load. I use an external to upload (which already had) and has not tried in re-stacks of the load saw an interface of USB.
5 / 5
I attach little scanner, very characteristic, audio very clear. Well of reception with the antenna comprised but can take economic 20 ' extendable antenna for probably same better reception. Place in easy. Programming each canal a bit times to consume but once the fact is each gesture . Necessity To take the frequencies for venues broadcast which are available in radioreference.com. A lot of questions on scanning and the programming is response in the available videos on tube.
5 / 5
Since everything is by train of gone digital (P25) my Uniden 436hp is scanning occupied these so many the canals have required the scanner of decent equivalent.
Has wanted the alpha that etiquette so this was my election .
Attaches the program of small scanner of EASY PC or his easy doing it manual only takes the bit to time to do a tagging in this way.
Any complaint here.
5 / 5
PROS: It IS the plot to scan for a money. The life of stack is quite 7-8 hours before he the precise recharged. The quality of the sake of audio is considering a measure of a speaker. Sensibility of the signal with an antenna has distributed is well. A seal of alpha is awesome. An apt and the arrival is excellent. An exposure is excellent.

GILIPOLLAS: The manual of an owner any one pertinent work to take a new owner in a hump to know initial required in setup a scanner. I am the ham radio operator with abundance of experiences to pose in of the new radios, still took me like this well in an hour before it result competent to program canals and tagging them. Once you learn although it is easy fatality.

Tones to program: Any canal concealed has not been attributed the results of frequency, for default, in firm era. New out of a box a scanner will aim the 'all the enclosed canals was' message so that has has not attributed still the frequency in the canal. There is at all bad with your scanner.

A 'control' laws of button a bit a same like the soyanual' button in another scanner in that for a scanner in the only canal when is scanning. Once prende in this canal, uses a knob of volume to go through some canals. In this road. It presses a button to control to access a canal wants to attach a frequency in. It hastens 'Func' followed immediately for a 'PrgE' tone. I use a knob of volume to go enter ' frequency'. Press a 'PrgE' tone again. It enters a freq using some numbers of keypad. It hastens 'PrgE' again. It opens A radio receiver has the frequency to scan.

Has any soyenu' button. A card of available actions is extended has been among these tones that has secondary red lettering. To access this portion of a card expsita in a esd lettering' the tones have to press a 'Func' immediately anterior in pressing a esd lettering' tones. Then it uses a knob of volume to go through some available actions, gone down a 'PrgE' tones to access this portion of a desire of card in access.

That clunky like My tones to program is is clearer that a manual.

Top Customer Reviews: Uniden BC365CRS 500 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 57 ratings
4 / 5
The cost has verified has to that chuckle the bit in some reviewers saying ossia too many hard to program. If you can enter it number and press a key, ossia all a skill has required partorisca program the frequency to a scanner. A main question with the plot of some unhappy people is does not go the RadioReference and verify some types of radio systems have used in his zones. Some zones have gone to trunked systems, digital transmissions, and some are encrypted, which any escneres can control. Calm still can control more trunked or digital unencrypted transmissions but no with this scanner. If your zone has analog trunked systems or digital trunked systems, so only be poised partorisca pay anywhere of $ 200 to $ 600, a price a big plus partorisca some the majority of escneres digital able. An easy way to see if this scanner will do partorisca east to take the look in partorisca some frequencies have used in your zone. If the majority is in the row of 700 to 900 MHz, this is not a radio partorisca you.

This radio is the combination of the radio of clock, commercial FM auricular of emission, canals of time, and equivalent VHF/UHF scanner. It takes mine in a special Amazon partorisca $ reason was the turn for one of these people those who can not read the simple manual. His loss, my profit. All was in a box, and some of some components have been sealed still in a plastic of factory. Like this usual, an Amazon econds' is the add compraventa.

A radio is quite light but the looks well has built. It is the good-looking black plastic and looks more like this he bedside radio of clock that the scanner. It does not leave some look fool calms this in spite of. Ossia The very able radio that will control any analog frequency of 25 to 512 MHz. Still it comprises a VHF and UHF airband, the rarity in the scanner in this row of price. A telescopic antenna has comprised is discreet and is sufficient for local control. It is quite the sensitive radio and, although I have not attached an external antenna, I the suspect can take overburdened in an urban area. You can look for all some frequencies in a row of scanner and easily save the new frequencies have found.

A downsides like this strictly the scanner is any tone and any seal. The tones can dip the mandate obtains multiple in a same frequency like calm so only listen a one master. The seal leaves to apply an alphanumeric seal to the canal. If calm so only want monitor 20 or 30 canals can memorise some frequencies. Any one can do that with 500 canals. You can organise frequencies in 10 banks of 50 to help for only that there is so only an agency for bank, but ossia really any one a scanner wants to go to be listening the hundreds of frequencies.

A FM section of some radio works well. Abundance of sensibility and a sound of a built-in the speaker is decent. Any hifi, but good for the radio of clock. And abundance of volume. There is the jack in a rear master uses the better speaker. I have tried he with the pair of powered speakers of computers. A tone and the loyalty is in fact quite good.

A section of time is quite basic. Some canals are preprogrammed and use some tones of arrow to spend them stops. It excepts In of the scarce chances, a clearer canal covers your zone. Be any one has has complicated tones to dip for an alert. When A radio is in way of the clock constantly is controlling all some canals of time. An opinion of a NWS conjoint of the strong tone. A downside is a radio is quite sensitive can choose on an alert in the canal ossia quite far go. I choose on canal 50 miles were with a regular antenna. It has not had calm a lot the alert have sent still so that it was not that realistic the question that can be. A main thing is this radio will wake you up there be the opinion, and ossia one of some reasons has bought this radio. Alive in a zone with the just number of tornadoes, and the plot come at night.[Modification - 1/3/2018. After reading further in a manual, an alert to time so only controls a last frequency of time has listened to. Mark sure to use a frequency that has spent yours before it go back to a scanner or FM radio. A scanner then so only controls a frequency of local time. There is not a lot of subject with choosing on a besides far alert era.]

Ossia The scanner adds for a price yes bolt in a zone that still has canals of equivalents of conventional public security, but is also irradiate add is an enthusiast of aviation or railfan. Calm included can listen the CB chatter, a lot of buddy. :-)
5 / 5
The cost has verified Like this far like this a lot- I has taken this today and dip the up with a venue EMS / Time and programmed in mine favourite FM emisora irradiates.

Two things that impressed really was a force of signal- partorisca an antenna ossia smaller that more car antennae, this chooses on way more than my car has not done never. A second thing is a speaker . WOW- This little type can dip was some serious sound. So only I have it the twists halfway on and can listen it throughout a whole house. Headphone jack For him wants to cover he until something main.

A backside-light is a lot well, and to the to some few things like to them the sleep with which 60 minutes, the lock scanned, one 500 (!!) It banks by heart to store frequencies, and a car-EMS/Air/of Time/of the function/to Shoot/still to scan of the police of Marina is really fresh also is unsure of your local codes.

This has all some characteristics want to out of the good scanner to fall the hundred bucks. Have Always like Uniden ( has telephones in fact of house of good quality and another electronics) Ossia of a same type of big quality- some keys, knob, all looks a lot of sturdy. This can be a last scanner I never need!
4 / 5
The cost verified has bought this expecting it would have the quality of better audio that a small hand-held baefeng that also have. I have not been dissapointed. Among good and clear and he also stays in a longer canal as you can listen a whole conversation while a baofeng skip to next canal a second to the pause there is prendido in conversation. Has the blacklight exposure that can you toggle on or was and he telescoping antenna. Alive in the small city populated in an east cost and I take glass clear reception of some police and the fire without that has to that included dipped an antenna up. For some people that says this no for them does not think to comprise like this acts. In the first place go the google and discover the one who canals exactly yours police and the etc broadcast shoots on. Calm once know that the canals use you to you can program him to a unit and he then scanner among these canals nonstop. You can any scanner of only press without entering some canals want monitor and expect take anything. It is not to like your car radio. He als has the backup of battery and the clock and FM radio which also touches well.
5 / 5
The cost has checked was very pleased with a reception in a zone in that I alive (seeds-rural) using so only a resupplied telescoping antenna. I especially like a characteristic of Investigation of the Limit of this radio. This scanner is resembled a Whistler WS1025 which does not have an Investigation of looks of Limit to the equal that has determined that the scanner has purchased finally.
Opinion: Unneeded characteristic in this clock of alarm of the scanner and FM radio.
5 / 5
Spent the scanner has checked adds! Really like a characteristic to scan of the time. The programming is easy but requires some extra steps. Once dipped on laws so that it announce. I listen his mostly at night when an activity is more active. I am using a scanner of car and am scanning roughly ten freq,s or more and could take conversation of only partial/transmission. In general I like this scanner.
5 / 5
The cost checked after reading roughly descriptions here, has not been sure like partorisca expect. I have received my Uniden BC365CRS yesterday, and is a lot easily programmable. I took roughly 10 minutes the entrance my codes partorisca scan and he then scans fantastically. Highly it recommends this unit by all the world.
4 / 5
The cost has verified am not able to listen to a scanner because of any in that has the frequency is, has been said that where purchases them this scanner has to that of resupplied with the mllist of s of then is not can resupply me with the cast or I would have to that the turn can listen his..

Thank you
Lorraine Lopez
4 / 5
The cost has checked Purchased like the present. A favourite part partorisca my husband is that that come from the duplicated the number does not leave it . As his 300 canals have turned to the 150 paralizaciones our zone. A sound is clear and a static minimum.
4 / 5
The cost checked has Bought this like the substitution partorisca the fail (after the decades of service) Bearcat BC-300 (the undisputed Rey of some Escneres his day). It comprises this is not the digital scanner, as alive in the middle of metre of big arrival where a 'prime minister responders' run expensive digital train - no, this no partorisca you. A lot of smaller cities and urban/rural zones still the careers of analog radios, this in spite of, and in these zones this scanner will do so only well. There is qualified of narrow band (p. p.ej., Any only but delineation), together with capacity of time (that comprises a capacity to announce alert of time) and the clock with alarm and snooze also. No like this easy to program like this some other escneres, like beds a manual! Quality of his decent east, but better with an external speaker (easily attached has seen a backside 3mm jack). Any complaint at all in a service-action of bands, and included an air-the reception of bands is quite good. IMHO - The quite doggoned-good bang for your $ $ .
4 / 5
The cost has verified My husband has this all hooked or in his room of computer. Raisin extracted adds of time in there. It is by train partorisca imagine it Was more each day. It likes to of him the plot.

Top Customer Reviews: Uniden BC355N 800 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 20 ratings
5 / 5
Has data this element the bad description when take it in the first place (for static and interruptions of transmission). I have found since that this element is well, was an external speaker recommended this was a problem ( in the description a speaker was recommended and has been sold like the roads of the container when bought a Scanner). Once I take a speaker (while it go to return/substitute a scanner) the emission is come on PERFECTLY clear and seamlessly. And a built in the speaker for a scanner was a lot.......Any external speaker has required. Only calm so that it is, when an external speaker is semi-detached, he for-passes an internal speaker totally. Quan Purchased it and reading the description has been suggested that a scanner has REQUIRED an external speaker........ANY TRUE!!!! Some work to scan fantastically without an external speaker and I are now very pleased with this scanner. Sometimes reading the descriptions hurt you, expects this or helps calm. That is to say the very good scanner for concealed it required and is very happy with him now that takes an external speaker.
1 / 5
It does not buy this scanner. It takes one with the keypad as it can find you and enter a freq is necessities in radioreference.com. Some transmissions of the Public security here is 800mhz. The description in this scanner declares it will take PS/FD/EMS inner that freq. Field. In the first place it has to you left you to it a scanner to look for of 806 in 956mhz as it can find it yours has wished agencies. This willl takes the LONG times since there are a lot of interference freq is will be to close was then has to try take the transmission in the each freq. In your zone as it can yours poses in your private bank, again any keypad. Twenty minutes and was the lock of fed up pressing was and taking at all and means no the only transmission, in any one of some banks! That is to say when the research headed to and expsito that this scanner will not take one 800mhz TRUNKING that radio system ours the agencies here use. Not wasting my time yes that it had been it the the included in some Characteristic of Description/of the vendors. They go to be my first element is returned .
5 / 5
Amazing scanner. I am very familiar with the radios and the scanners and this scanner are the upper notch. A volume of of the one of the west am to add but is planning on purchasing an external speaker in wait of the sound the clear plus. It avenges with the rule of aluminium adjustable antenna together with the corded antenna that will locate in the window with cups of the suction for reception has improved. It does not have any complaint in this element. If you are in a piece for the mere, easy to use scanner, this one east one one highly recommends.
5 / 5
Fantastic scanner. Has some similar marks a lot of years and only lost to have the around. This model has qualified much more of canal with 100 different frequencies able to be the tent in some parameters has deprived for my county. Quite read like the people have a bit programming of problem the, and there is the curve to know small. But calm once comprise regarding the , is returns big roads. Very compact and reliable scanner. During a storm of the massively recent snow, has learnt the new recognition for our premier responders and a work in fact marks in the daily base. Highly it recommends.
4 / 5
I am the beginner when goes in of the police scanners and is happy this was very easy to pose up. Only calm literally limit in a power and covers in an antenna and calm is well to go.

Thanks to the earliest descriptions bought a aftermarket antenna and has used he in a taken to go so and has not run in some subjects with reception that other critiques have mentioned.

Also thanks to another earlier description was able in (quite) easily program the canal of my department of local police in a private bank. Although it takes the time of small extra so that for one could any one enters a canal directly and for two some arrows of investigation have to be pressed on and on again for each change of canal in planting to be able in simply line a low button and has circle through hurriedly in a canal has wanted. This advantage in me that has to paste one displaces for on top of botton boy you any one 150 times before it take in a canal wants to and was able to save he in a private bank. But now that it is it has sper convenient.

A built in the speaker is pertinent and quite strong when equally all a road. It IS tad misty but is to take to say if that is to say because of a quality of a speaker or a quality of the radio squad of my local police (I lives in the small city that it is rear class of a time when goes in technology). It conceal to be said, included although it is the small blurred, is still able to comprise almost all of the this is being has said.
5 / 5
Good scanner for desktop or mobile. I have bought this for mobile use. It returns perfectly in console of mine to centre that it is very small. Always it prefers Uniden Scanners. That is to say the cheap scanner adds for the beginner to use. Easy to comprise and operate.
5 / 5
There is an old one of '' '' ?? The reset has always canals . This one has posed local canals , gone back he on and BAM! I can scan my local canals that programmed in. Kinda Sad even so , listens in my venue PS , FD , likes him listen in 3 stooges.. lol
4 / 5
Well out of a box this scanner is pre-programed to scan the enormous number of the frequencies known into use for fire, police, ambulance, CB, time, and aircraft. A upside easterly is that all are carried he in and the turn on, immediately will listen activity comunicacional. A downside of the same the program is that you choose you on the signals at the end decide does not interest you and closed out of an ones do not want to resulted to be similar in swatting explosions or that touch whack-a-tope.... You have to take he in a law Also, can not delete or afterwards was all of some frequencies do not want to scan so that there is the numerical limit in which frequencies a scanner will ignore.

A scanner boasts 300 user programmable frequencies. That is to say some but deceive. In a grouping of frequencies for the ambulance/of police/fire can program 100 frequencies. In a grouping for sailor/of aircraft, can program other 100 frequencies. And there be the private to the group can program which with 100 frequencies. Total = 300. Mays....Inner any one of a type-programed groups, said, aircraft, can any a scanner looks for only some frequencies you programed. Always it looks in your frequencies afterwards has scanned one ones are pre-programed to scan. This time of waste and creates a possibility will lose something wants to/necessity to listen of the big number of a pre-programed the frequencies are or always calm or irrelevant in your interests. If there is the road to do a scanner totally ignores his program of factory and scanner only some frequencies to interest in me, has has not imagined still was. ( It can have a scanner to scan only a group of the private frequency and ignores each plus, but doing these limits a number of frequencies has scanned in only 100..... Any a lot of the solution, in my opinion.)

Like a scanner. And it represents reasonable value for a money, in my opinion. It would like him more there it is more than controls in those the scanners and what does not scan .
5 / 5
My mamma has taken this for my anniversary so that I am the fireman to offer like volunteer and has wanted to something in my truck and in my house in case that a radio has taken of my FD is fatality or something. Surprisingly, it think that that this would be the letdown so that the majority of our squad of the emergency as of the sirens and of the lights is hard to find, has discovered that has listened my department of the fire in a premier ignites!! I want this thing. But the be has warned a quality of his east well, does not take me bad, but has required the speaker for the listen stronger in my truck. Thank you!!
3 / 5
It scans each what 1700 available frequencies he so that it is the small dulcemente lose the plot of a back and advance. Has field of surprise and can choose envelope maintains 20 + miles was excepts to lose a cause of the material tin venue very shut in only these canals. And yes it can the to you saves in the favourites but he scan the afterwards do or the full broom of some 1700 possible canals. Also go for a speaker of the main extension a bit the speaker built is the small small for a work. But in general for a prize can listen all the available canals , and comes with all precise limit and right of game out of a box.

Top Customer Reviews: Uniden BCD436HP ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 20 ratings
5 / 5
With in 700 descriptions of this product, there is the plot of material there. If you are I how me and has limited time to read descriptions, the left wing attach me this produces up since you:
1. It IS game and of covers . It enters your code of the zip and he know that frequencies to scan in your zone. Game on!
2. If it travels, it buys a Uniden-unit of GPS of the available mark in Amazon (Uniden BC-GPSK Auricular of GPS of the Serial to Scan and of the Marine Products). A reason to buy a Uniden the unit is A) While it travels, some powers of LOCATION of yours GPS in a scanner and an update to scan some frequencies are scanning in this approach you and B) so that it is also game and of covers. The mine arrived with some necessary cords to limit directly in a scanner, and law of this moment. Perfecto!
3. You can connect a scanner in your PC to update a firmware and a database of frequency of Uniden. It IS easy. Any necessity to buy the third-database of web of the party. Uniden Regularly Updates his database. I have purchased my unit in 9/2014 and used it new months that has to do it updates. Work well out of a box.
4. A scanner has two stacks, the main stack to scan and the secondary stack for a clock. I upload a main premier stack, then gone back in a scanner to touch a secondary stack. Curiously, some loads of stack of the clock when a unit is on.
5. In of the trips, an external antenna will extend your field. I have purchased the magnetic highland antenna in stops of Amazon in $ 30 (ASIN B004HM9RHE) and the laws add. Almost the device and of game of covers he, any need a SWR metre while it is pre-has tuned. Game and of cover caveat: you will require the BNC Woman/SMA Male Adapter (ASIN B00CLFFM4G) to limit an antenna in a scanner.
6. Quan Uses in the vehicle, know a law. In Michigan where resides, permission of necessity of some police of state to have the police scanner in your cart. You declare said by a Ontario to the Provincial police is legal to have the scanner in the vehicle in Canada but has not been able to find a law in some books.
7. That is to say. This scanner is so mere or complex while desire to be. For the busy dad, a simplicity is welcome and some Covers and does not touch Any Fuss Ready-in-of the attributes of the in fact left use enjoy me a thing without brushing of my boys to learn so to do functions. I remember me of a computer of Apple Macintosh original: A so ready product can ignite it and use he without consecrating hours to study for the take to do :-)
4 / 5
In the first place the word of precaution: Please conscious when being that many some descriptions in this page is not for a BCD536HP. A lot they are for the models the old plus of Uniden scanners that has very little in common with a BCD536HP. Why these descriptions are here I does not know , but is.

Opens For my description.
That is to say the scanner adds , easily a more has not possessed never, and has possessed enough the small dating all one issues behind in a 1970 east. It conceal to be said, also will say is easily one the majority of maligned piece of the electronic squad has not listened never of, and that the reputation is not totally unwarranted. This scanner debuted in early 2014 with the early adopters this finds the number of problems, comprising defective headphone jacks, and problems with SD the cards that the results corrupted. Uniden Has done well in a headphone the jack subjects and repaired or substituted some units have affected that it was returned. A SD subject of looks of card to be punch or lose, but very this there has been a problem has informed that that substitutes a SD card that is coming with a scanner with the nine one has aided or has deleted a problem totally. More recently some users have informed that a LCD backlight has dimmed over time. That is to say preoccupying , and find me trying uses a radio with a backlight or was, or place in his dimmest pose to preserve a life of a backlight. Again, this can be a subject that affects some units and very another, but does not want to discover one issues to take. Another regarding the subject is a stack of clock . Some have informed his stack of clock that goes fatality after the period of month and has been unable in recharge the, or the take to line the load. If a stack of the clock is died, a radio will require you to enter a date and the time every time turn it on, as while this any one calm no a radio sucks some of an entertainment out of him. And then of course it takes Uniden the year in the the end falls an application of Siren for iPhone, something concealed was touted like the characteristic informative of entity when a radio has been fallen.
WELL, as all these bad material sounds, and is, but still think that is to say the radio adds . An application of Siren is was now and mostly works, at least in your house WIFI point. A headphone the jack in my radio is well. Have re-Has Programmed a time of multiple radio and has had very failures of card (am using the 32GB the card has bought new, maintaining a card distributed like the backup.) My works of good clock. A Uniden Sentinel software that comes free is bare-bone but usable. It updates a radio firmware easily. Some radio scanners hurriedly, is UHF and VHF the sensibility is better concealed expected would be it based in the commentaries of user would read. Some radio looks and the utmost sounds! It does not look a Painting of police scanners, which leave is affronts he, the amiable of of the this. It looks more like the BMW. Access very good and arrival, creation very good. One listens in some controls are solid and well , and one very well the exposure offers more characters to use for yours Focuses of Alpha that never before. It IS very the wonderful, included refined, radio. Easily give it his 5 stars if it was not prender all a creation and control of subjects of the quality concealed has besieged the, at least done in a past.
Opens will say that I think the plot of folks will be disappointed in or marries the Patrol appearance of the same radio. Yes it is touted like the characteristic of entity, and yes can enter your Code of Zip and be scanning the police your venue and fire inside minutes. But that has found is tends to upload in the plot to stuff you will not enjoy to listen in, which forces a scanner to do his road through the plot of unnecessary canals, that retards a road of cycle of the low scanner. Yes, you can paste Eschew in material, and yes can select only some type of communications is interested in. All this help, but the scanners do more when he His PROGRAM. Quan Posed in exactly that it wants to listen in. As my council is to take a time to learn so to program one radio properly with Sentinel, or with one Butel software (a byline in help of radio reference he uses Butel). You will enjoy your radio infinitley more when his trace properly. If that is to say your first scanner , and lives in a zone with systems of complex communications, would have to expect this learning and to program go to take some time and test. It was time very past even so, and there are a lot of on-line resources to help. Some Mark some Easy plus to Read the on-line manuals are the good place to start with . Also Radioreference.com it is the enormous compendium of help and information and informative users.
Expects these helps.
3 / 5
UPDATE 5-11-16
In of the marks the month an audio has begun to the hack was. It can see in a screen takes something . I have touched a case and the sound are returned. I have to do this diverse time. Tonight only it leaves. At all it can his the mark would do functions. A headphone jack still works even so. Doing the researches does not look an isolated problem. Another has had a same subject. I am taking of the star for quality.

Quan Has read these descriptions do sure is for a scanner is looking in. Under a person these covers a name of descriptions will be the fashionable field . Mark takes this number of model is correct. The amazon has blended several descriptions of model.

This scanner (BCD436HP) can be so easy or as complicated while it wants to. It visits he on, enters time/of date and your code of the zip and you are scanning a zone in the radio of 20 miles. Predominately Listens in our police and department of fire. It finds with scanning of the code of the zip loses the plot of traffic. Tan Where the alive could have the plot of frequencies. It listens complete conversations in mine another scanner (place for only two frequencies) this was to lose in a BCD436HP because of a quantity to time to scan through all some frequencies in 20 miles. Also it can adjust this field. Also it would like Me To him his more volume. Looked is to take to listen with the windows cracked while driven. In a right side there is the flap of rubber that has taken an USB and scrollings of GPS. After a lot of uses a flap does not remain as well as mark.

A Sentinel software (USB and automotive version later [...]) Has the habit of a lot customises a scanner. A setup files for Sentinel is uploaded in a scanner SD card. So much, it is not alarmed when can not find a CD. Quan Limit a scanner in the port of USB in your PC a scanner will ask is the device of serial or half comunicacionales of masses. It selects the means comunicacionales of the masses and the calm can see some files in a SD card through the the foot of the the card to walk only likes him with of the reader of card of the camera. It IS quite the guarantee a version of the software and the database will be outdated. Desprs Install Sentinel can update you a firmware and database of frequency in your scanner. Alas, each software to scan this has used has had an uncomfortable outdated listen. In me Sentinel is not very very better. It is not intuitive or easy to comprise. Mark Only sure your scanner and Sentinel is synchronised. Otherwise, when Writes to program the information in one beats to scan overwrite something calms manually in a scanner. I recommend this Youtube of investigations for videos on that for the use.

A BCD436HP comes with three (3) EA rechargeable stacks this is touched using an USB mini cape. You can limit he in the PC or cart of the wall/of the mobile phone uploads that salt 5 volts (quite everything of a new plus some). It does not have an intelligent to upload built-in. For factory, is posed to touch during 14 hours and pause. You can adjust this parameter. I plugged mine in at night when took a scanner and was quite warm in a morning. If race of plan in stacks, would take an external to upload that it do not require you to touch in of the pairs and some extras stacks. Also it has to turn a scanner is gone in front of some stacks will touch. While a scanner is plugged in and on does not use some stacks. It runs of a power of USB. That is to say well you want race to time very yearn logging or sessions of discovery or long trips.

This scanner can use Uniden BC-GPSK auricular of GPS for the location has based to scan so Uniden recommends. Calm only know this will not exit of a box. You will require the 9-the nail viril-in-viril genus change to connect some two capes. At least the mine has done.

A main thing to maintain in alcohol is that it is by train to buy you the very sophisticated scanner. You will hate This thing if I do not comprise concealed. Read in a lot of some descriptions and the majority of some some stars is people that expected for the turn on and listen in anything has expected. It conceals it it will not spend . Still with programming of the code of the zip will require to adjust in yours likes him. Also, this place ([...]) Has a better free manual can take. You give to step-for-instructions of any and things of accounts a no. Comprised manual Also has the nexus in the version has paid printed.

Expects this there is aided.
4 / 5
12/15/17 Update

has possessed a Uniden BCD536HP for almost 3 years, has purchased a DMR updates and enjoying it never since. There is a RTC subject and at the end decided the road he in for the reparation in of the marks the week; I am surprised they accepted it afterwards so long. Thank you, Uniden!
Chooses in the Whistler TRX-2 quite done 2 weeks and can say a BCD536HP was a better election like this far. Once I take my BCD536HP retreated then will time to use them simultaneously more.

The screen is main and shows more quite objective details; has 32 big source characters through another 4 for state of CONTROL.
Fell Up much faster that a TRX-2, included with a RTC the error that ask me in reset a clock and trail the time was. It Beginning that scanner 16 seconds after knob of tower to be able up afterwards RTC reparation.
The speaker is stronger; it listens in habladura of people with locally in of the groups of Ham and has natural to sound audio.
Qualified to scan of the GPS for this amateur although I have not purchased or has used a unit.
Support for third-software of party like ARC536.
IS in $ 10 cheaper; HRO has for an additional $ 5 less today.
A Sentinel the software to program is basic and no so polished so Whistler east; necessity in manually find updates in him in his web of place.

A Digital Trunking System to Program of the Scanner is more polished that Uniden is and he the easiest fact to update all the components of the only interface.
A capacity to store road of different configurations V-the scanner is the good function .
A NXDN the update of system has been offered for free.
The speaker is not so strong and listen in habladura of people with locally in of the groups of Ham, the empty sounds.
Be how to beat of beat and a detachable that directs (something any one preoccupy me prendo) when being clear and cheap; included a mountain is thin.
The screen is small and belonging in the one of hand, any scanner/of mobile desktop; has 16 characters through with the smallest source.
A distributed Whistler the cape of USB is issue too down unless it is by train to use you the notebook in a same desktop likes him scanner.
Only two of five white tones have the lights and all other tones do not look to have any lights by behind the.
Has remarked backlighting exposure flickering and informed by another also.
The lists of shows of the scanning of upper level in place of names of real aims.
Paging System intermod in 2m Ham and 150-160MHz groups but not presenting in BCD536HP, auricular, SDRs or train of Ham.
Too easy in accidentally edit config of clicking on something automatically will save config.
Copying the initial library was supremely slow and bonded in 42%; the click in a window looked to arouse it up while it looks to freeze. A cape used included with a BCD536HP updates an a lot of faster database.
Begins to scan 3 minutes and 7 bren after lining button (for enough 3 bren) to be able up.
Every time go in a Card and behind was, some ready reload again and has to expects!
Any third-support of software of the party.
5 / 5
That is to say an amazing scanner with the multitude of characteristic. For this new in this scanner, takes time to familiarise calm with this radio and some options and numerous cards. It can look thwart at the beginning, but, while I have learnt, is a lot of values some times and the patience take in fully appreciate this scanner and what can do. For this alive in the rural zone, out of, or in some fringes of, the zone of metre of entity.......When being prepared the invert in the antenna of substitution of good quality. I live 30 miles north of a City of metre of centric Kansas, and a scanner will not choose up anything except a Road Patrol canal am in a first fund of a house.......In a second melt, chooses to arrive all the available canals in a main database that is into use in my zone. Life of the stack is not well, 6-8 hours max. It has remarked that a rechargeable EA stacks this is coming with a unit is 2300MINE ..........All rechargeable stacks, any subject what a measure, has different MY INDICATIONS... It can have 5 marks of rechargeable EA stacks there, everything with different MY INDICATIONS, so sure when being to use 2300 MINE. I have purchased the box with a recharging basic and 8 EA stacks, so always have a set of available extra, without low time.
4 / 5
It melts it sustains very small with a scanner, nicknamed Uniden four times that flavours to take correct information and has been said totally different things every time. At the end it has to go in the third source to obtain information on posing a scanner up. Has a manual this is coming with a scanner but so far that it has done me to it to him to him concealed is not the technical person any sake . It finds any concealed wants to pose a scanner up for me or. You declare said to look one or video of tube. And this help. I expect so so that it is to say very complicated. We are planning the trip of country of the cross and need a scanner to assist with a trip. I expect if another buys these products has the better experience then is having. Some looks to scan well in a box but you require to buy adapters of power for 110V and 12ac. I have had of the cord that is gone in a unit of GPS that need if the plan uses this unit in the cart in the trip of road. I have found also an Antenna that is coming with a unit is the low field and need the antenna of the field the long plus for a GPS to do. It has to touch some stacks 14 hour. To do an able scanner to be posed up. Before begin to use rechargeable stacks (Proportionate).
Would advise is buying this scanner thinks enough that teak. Informed is and the plan looks for the assistance before purchase. The good class !
5 / 5
The works add: it has had this that hangs 3 month without the glitch. If I need to listen in the Motorola or Harris P25 system of public security that is to say a better road to go for more than people. Anteriorly Uses the Motorola Spectra to listen in this system in road of equivalent (has arts). But a county changed in P25 and afterwards went me. Like this the Christmas after the long delay treated me in the BCD536HP.

Auricular Very sensitive equivalent Taking and P25 digital and able to update some municipalities of digital roads Provoice and DMR in small cost.
Petit, the controls have appointed well, WiFi connectivity for Android and IOS. Powerful audio (when used with one external speaker)
Easy to update firmware and the canals that use Sentinel.

Will have to take firmware later and the canals that use Sentinel to start with. I do not last to do, requires the PC and the cape of USB (distributed).
Curb One internal speaker, limit in a speaker of external communications 3 or 4 diameter of inch.

the programming can be a bit thwarting for a newbie. I am used to to program commercial LMR radios and comprises all some parameters. As it say it that I am 'expert', even so these results to experience to be unneeded and perhaps deceive me.

This radio is quite different in this Sentinel will download the hose of full fire of the scale of national canals. Your radio will require you to provide your code of Zip (or connect OPTIONAL GPS) and active all some systems in the radio provide. This probably will be the more subjects that calm require you. A solution is to use Sentinel to create the List of Favourites and use Fast Tones to actuate only some canals or desire of systems. Otherwise Spends to plot to time to press one Eschew Button to ignore a receptor of dog (not kidding ). One bases the data comes FREE of www.radioreference.com Visit this place, some forums etc, and learn in a desire of system to control.

Simulcast Systems
will listen to plot of favorecedora and unfavorable things in this receiver. A main complaint is a reception of P25 simulcast systems. It IS a bit that some available scanners today (So much Uniden and Whistler) uses the 'discriminator' to decode one P25 signal. This is not a better road to decode P25 in the simulcast system. A better road is the DSP auricular, and only can obtain that to buy the Motorola, Harris radiates (that it can it very legally program properly), he Pricey Unification Pager, or the place in the software radiates clear-cut (for geeks). Personally my experience is that my radio works well in my venues simulcast the system and I are in a overlap zone. Occasionally a bit the tax of the error is big and an audio garbles. P25 Is not the perfect and calm road will find remitentes and the agents of sound like one has marbles in his mouths. It IS a character of P25. If has any worries contact local users and ask them his experience with this scanner in your zone.

If your encryption of uses of local agency on a bit or everything of his group to speak you will not be able to decode them. Any one irradiates lack of a card of encryption and although the calm instrumented you the MAY would be able to obtain a longitude 256 bit key. It was illegal also.

If I have not scared was, will be very pleased after calm take it up and race. Uniden Also done the portable version of the same radio, a BCD436HP. I have bought a version/of mobile base so then does not have to preoccupy in stacks and a BCD536HP has better to protect and he so taking with less than noise.
3 / 5
Beware, HAS had this scanner during 3 years. Today a rechargeable stack this is coming with has the meltdown. It IS sizzling and smoke and if I have not entered my desktop has burned probably my low house. It does not trust this product.

UPDATE 12-18-17: Uniden has substituted a unit. Esperanza better Luck.
5 / 5
Confession: I am NEW MARK in a pastime to scan.
There, now that that it is out of a road.
A 536HP is an absolute CUP OF THE PRODUCT of LINE! Desprs Spending enough the bit to time to learn like this darn sewing a lot of works, some results are quite darn surprised. Initially it was quite thwarted in a lack of canals that could listen in in my same immediate zone although it lives in the metropolitan zone of entity. A small investigation aided considerably so purchased the very better antenna, has planted the external, is spent the few hours that read in some manuals and looking some youtube videos and in fact found some listenable local canals. Spent roughly more the time these investigations and has learnt some of some characteristic real of this scanner and like law. There is an AMAZING quantity of things that can be done with this scanner.

Has had to he again, would begin to do more researches, especially in of the antennas and pertinent location for better reception.
That is to say an incredibly powerful scanner that enough honestly, with a right antenna, is cover and right of game out of a box.

FWIW I lives in a Floor with the plot of RF interference. Desprs Posing the external decent antenna the really opened in a reception for me.

Can comprise some revises concealed says that that is to say the scanner complicated and brought verbalmente of the point. Raisin quite the few hours that takes this thing where comprises it.
4 / 5
There is a HomePatrol 2, this has done adds until the static download marred a screen to touch. If the calm has not possessed never one, fulfil you the flange the thing without a touchscreen. Uniden Has offered to substitute a screen for in $ 100 and several weeks to time to expect. As I have ordered this one and a software are very similar as 'factor of frustration' is not a same likes any one that has not used never a Sentinel software. This one has advantages and of the disadvantages like any another digital scanner, but think this or will grow on join me more use the and discover more characteristic. Alas my department of local police is encrypted, why does not know . But still it listens in some Sheriffs, Sack/Ems and any one another happenings in my zone. I comprise a PS encrypt canals 'tactical', but normal every day the activity would have to be available. My dollars of the tax paid for these radios he so has to have access like him hobbyist and would like me know, ahead of time, if the car persecution will rack and sea my street. But they are all encrypted as or is veiling something, or does not want a public or the half comunicacionales conscious could be enter the dangerous situation that really does not require encryption.

Top Customer Reviews: Uniden BCD996P2 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 20 ratings
5 / 5
This scanner is able to take a majority of all (any encrypted) in a Police/Fire/Public Service/Military Air/Gov/Misc joins in any equivalent or digital roads. Taking APCO P-25 digital (both Phase I and II) the signals add for me with the normal antenna but I are in the good location to take two real P-25 radii of trunk ystem plant gone back with levels of good signal. With digital 800 Mhz signals even so, can require less antenna. Quite a lot of 6.5 inches in period are the sake 800 Mhz antenna. With a mountain of coverage ST-2 antenna in the antenna of television booster, can take the equivalent signals 60 more the miles was cleanly but that it is flat terrain in a cup of Willis Visit.

Has insignificant (P-25) 800 Mhz the level to signal you will not take any a lot of bars of the signal illuminated, he very well of your of the trunk and you can see talkgroups looks in an exposure but any audio is listened blurred/pauses/ on forming that the can not decode a digital modulation, or only can be encrypted. Quan Take trunking lock in the canal of control in APCO P-25 road, a real frequency will look (small) in an exposure, otherwise only takes 'NFM' in some cual ways of the show is not that they follow a system and he no . But calm once take lock in the canal of control, if he all does properly, taking talkgroups in wins it and will have to label the or mandate out of that desire in a lot listen in him so that will have abundance of (canals=talkgroups) in busy time.

With digital trunking systems, depends in a calm on duty approximation having a talkgroup the canals want to listen available in this tower. Tan Far so digital trunking the signals go with any one digital scanner, all the bets are was. Some signals the time gone back entered, some of these RF the signals of tower take more/less can attribute in them in the each turn. For fully it controls a P-25 system, a scanner can has to 'listen in' 6 or more turns (in a system) that is to say all the directions of calm with variables RF levels of power in the each frequency, for properly takes EACH of your chosen of canal (talkgroups) in this Police system wants to listen. If these have complicated also looks, well is. There is the canal of Control of the Computer in P25 digital trunking systems that says a computer duquel frequency of system of the police to use or 'hop in' (every second to break) and can take that the individual frequency is (talkgroup) very bad//gone of several towers (and everything in almost a same time still!) This llama simulcasting distortion and marks to listen in any one APCO P-25 digital Police trunking the radio system supremely last for any one new digital scanner. And some bad winds, rain, foliage to cover also each chaos of disorder with these signals. Not taking around the east. You can be in the bad/good location, he all depend. Can have it it lose it it details in your programming, yes also time. It can be yours location , your antenna, your programming, proximity concentrate another esite' turns, winds, (the big winds or he look/of the hot humid air bad in narrow P-25 signals), or some Towers of big/television/closely of Cell of Radio with mega kw the watts etc. IS the disorder has complicated enormous same for an expert of radio engineer to treat. A lot it is...Test and error with P-25 digital. It follows signal of control? I radiate of antenna of Movement/of no. The few inches, like me again. But one BCD996P2 (once setup very) excels take each which adds!

These laws to scanner Adds for me in my same location in an antenna of factory. And one bandscope the road is fabulous too much. I want to it. Calm depend you to order out of a critic-this first canal of programs before it use it. I study a web of place of Radio Reference, can take time. Aide to use the computer to program this scanner, otherwise only will pull your hair has been. The calm can not program this scanner to use to the codes of zip like them some another. Freescan (sixspotsoftware) IS the Free program adds to use, uses it, another exists also. You can limit a scanner in your PC saw a cape of USB included. My Wins 7 PCs found the immediately (You setup Scanner of Control, Pose like the port in the cart finds in Freescan and has to find your scanner in which port. Then it uploads your distributions/of canals in a scanner) But first necessity to find some frequencies in a web of place of Radio Reference. Freescan Also has the Piece ' method of import of frequency to Paste that law well while you select of database info.

An antenna of the external scanner used with at least a DNI-6 cape is optimum for a better reception with this scanner of the coverage has extended to listen everything. Also it uses the cheap (75 ohm) signal of antenna of the television booster with 18 db profit, in 50ft DNI-6 and to 4 port ant splitter. It has to it weaves of RF levels of signal (using bandscope road) but any one overburdens that I can see or listen. But for local signals (20 miles or less) probably will do also with one rear of the normal antenna has posed, for both canals of equivalent and digital systems. For 800 Mhz concrete signals, use he 800 Mhz antenna how the Remtronix.

Can use a scanner in a car, comes with 2 DC can cords, one with covers the the clear plus, has the good group and comprises AC adapter. This unit is a model of base of a laptop BCD325P2 the hand-held scanner has lined. They are some same to operate/use and program. This 996P2 the model has the speaker of inferior fire with him esound of audio of deep bass' in the digital systems and he sound so he loudness circuit in the stereo, compared in RS-652 scanner of desktop that has the tinnier sound. You can choose one of 7 colours for an exposure and have a lot of adjustments of signal for each system/of canal, which are why calm require you patience. You can update this scanner now to take ProVoice, Mototrbo and DMR but Uniden touches an extra cost for each unit does not have this update and can not take.

These the new digital scanners are devices of frustration in of the a lot of people. For an expert, yes, this scanner is wonderful, can 'be' all except signals has Encrypted. The be sure has weeks/of days of time and patience to spend with this first thing even so. A curve to learn is very empinada. It is not to limit he in, pose in the few canals and listen that some old days. Each canal has in the parameters of dozen in setup first, he P-25 digital system can have 2 parameters of dozen in setup first, then some elements of dozen for canal in of the this. This scanner does not use one SD card by heart to store data/of canals in. These can be problematic and causes odd errors of all the classes. But one BCD996P2 the scanner is the sleep of technologies to use (once programmed properly) and the up to date cousins in mine all time favourite mate a Uniden BCD396XT portable scanner. But this scanner is still enough the challenge for any one in setup/operates/use. Five stars so that it is simply it phenomenal scanner (with exceptional capacities) has aimed in mostly of expert scanner junkies.
5 / 5
It has not bought the new scanner for since some days of equivalent (In of the marks 20 years). I am sper happy with this scanner. With some scanners of old equivalent, has bought the book of frequency and is spent the hours that law some tones that carried in all some frequencies. It conceals it it has not been very easy. Although trunking the systems are more complex, using Radioreference.com and Freescan the software the very done easier to program these scanners. If you do not possess and operate the PC and calm think you can program these scanners through some buttons in a front, says that the god and the good luck bless. I the small reading, and has downloaded in fact a Freescan software and has programmed my canals in front of a scanner are arrived. You have to take comfortable with a Uniden subjects to create ystems', then'ites' and at the end 'Talkgroups'. He very-Situate trunking scanning: it reads enough the, learn it, is not that friggin apresamiento.

Quan My scanner is arrived, I unboxed the, installed an engine in a PC and has uploaded my data; in 15 minutes and I was to arrive and race.
5 / 5
It possesses two homepatrols and the problem of reception has had with so much. Has think that a patrol of house would be easier to program. It is not ! A preprogrammed hundreds of loads of the part of unwanted frequencies. A software that comes with this so it confuses to the use is crazy!
But on in a B996P2. This scanner has the reception adds with to the antenna has comprised. Among Radio reference and freescan, the programming was the breeze . It shows only some videos of Youtube to take familiar with freescan. And it is suggested highly to pay for at least 6 month of radio reference to obtain some correct frequencies in an order and format that a scanner requires is $ 15. Well well It Estimates a money! Some people that gives the bad descriptions of this scanner have any patience or of the interests in learning the few things.
My only flu is updating a firmware and installing an engine. Has problem with him but has perhaps something wrong? I do not think so but perhaps. It can be the USB 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 subject of compatibility. Once that it was completed a rest was easy.
5 / 5
If you are localised in the region where Synchronises 2 P25 or X2-TDMA is being used then is the worthy updates -- same of an old more XT series of scanners. It IS virtually identical in a BCD996XT. An only perceivable change besides a focus of product is an USB mini port. A port an old plus, the owner was very but some connectors broke quite easily. A change in USB is welcome.

The be sure updates your BCD996P2 in a late plus firmware for a better action.
5 / 5
I have wanted the scanner to be able to choose on fire and emissions of local police, and has taken one that this so more more. Very easy in the program that uses FreeScan software, and typically maintains locate in my vehicle or raisin in some nights to listen. Any problems of the reception and the clear transmission have been of sound, and is taking 3 counties in a normal antenna in P25 phase 1. Highly recommended yes laws in your zone, and for more has to. It listens in CB, Road, FRS/GMRS, Traffic of Air, and so much more. The prjimo the call is good but did not use it the tonne and of still like this of looks to choose in the punctual metre transmit during my zone.
5 / 5
This substitutes my out dated BCD996T. Had only a problem and concealed was interface with my Windows 8.1 64 bit PC. Had no compatable engine for him. As I have to do an investigation of extensive web until engine expsito at the end for a scanner. You can find an engine in a Yahoo groups BCD996p2. You can it has to join which are free, but once is agreed to go in of the archive and locate a Bcdusb.Zip.
4 / 5
The boxes comprise:
Scanner, telescoping antenna, dc harness for direct cape, one.c. It covers, it covers of car adapter, in booklet and increasing group of instruction.

That is to say the scanner adds does so announced and enough is equal in of the descriptions of Amazon, Mays....
FIRST!! This scanner will not touch the audio in of the systems has encrypted fully at all... Period. The calm will see it key up but listen at all.
SEGUNDO!! This scanner ANY ONE 'descamble' or 'unencrypt' the system. If you listen the estatic hum' when the tones of the canals up then is encrypted. There is any road to decode it.
THIRD!! He ProVoice and DMR the systems AFTERWARDS has PAID updates of Uniden. ProVoice IS $ 45 and DMR is the whopping $ 60. It controls some systems will be to use to see if any one of the same will apply in you. The better road is to use Radio Reference.com
NEIGHBOURHOOD!! PROGRAMING IS An ACHE in the ASS!!! Probably the thing more than entity can say you and the better council can give here would be paid for the account of Premium in Radioreference.com. Yours pay in $ 350.00 for the scanner was A lot to estimate the to fork - out of $ 15 more for 180 byline in the daytime. This mark programing... Better... Still it take it the moment for more to imagine was all some characteristic as of the Systems, Groups, Canals and Fast Tones. A scanner comes with the usb programing cape.
Some revises concealed says that a speaker is down or muffled is accuratish. I think that that some descriptions were the small to take, but sure can be better. At the end we are paying ALOT for this machine. I have ordered an external Uniden west for $ 16, 2 days After it take it a scanner .
The global description is 5 stars . Some updates, the encryption and the things have mentioned on is not one the fault of scanners. That is to say a Uniden undertaken. That is to say so diagram while precise and would recommend in any one. I am choosing in of the transmissions of until 60 miles have been with an antenna that is coming with him. I go to comprise the picture of a booklet those aims trunking systems this cover as well as the little more. !! It take!! It CONTROLS The VAN of SYSTEMS to SCAN to SEE YES IS DMR Or ProVoice (the available expensive updates) ALSO..IF HIS ENCRYPTED.. The calm will not LISTEN IT !!
5 / 5
A BCD996P2 is Arrived this morning. It IS the breeze to program with a computer. If you are the bit of the scanner geek any very problem. Considering people that any program his own scanners or only is beginning was and massively of the haste to learn a scanner probably will take thwarted. I very cual a quality of an audio that comes from/comes from this radio. It IS very easy in some ears. State listening in p25 phase 2 out of three counties all day in my room with just a normal antenna. A radio has the tonne of characteristics and any one in that likes him tinkering and of experience with the radios will not abhor never of this scanner.
5 / 5
It is been a lot of years has had of the scanner, and this one is each expected that it was and more! In the first place, it suggests a byline 'First' in 'Radioreference' and a FreeScan program. Using Freescan marks to program a BCD996P2 easy, EVEN SO, if you are the 'beginner', has the quite big 'crooked to know', but take thru the! You will be winning. At present scanning digital canals, like a esbanded' Raleigh PS/the Sheriff/of Awake fire of County, and NCSHP, together with another. Also have a lot of 'the conventional canals have programmed in, and the reception is well, using a OEM antenna. (The May purchases another inner antenna only to see while more it can pull in.

My 'complaint' only is that I have to expect almost the month for the take! (Orderly 12/19/2018 and taken in 01/11/2019)

Highly recommends this scanner!
5 / 5
I am a lot of enjoying this scanner. I have it setup like the unit of base. The majority of some services in my zone are gone digital, but very everything. A seamlessly swept among trunked systems and the conventional systems with this scanner are point and averts.

By far my favourite characteristic is an alarm of exposure . Program the frequencies can be setup to change a colour of exposure when a canal is active. Very useful if a volume is down, and is turbulent by priority cutouts.

Updated of the BC365CRS. Also it possesses the BC355N for mobile use.

Top Customer Reviews: Uniden SDS100 True ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 55 ratings
1 / 5
Reading some of these interviews have seen the plot of fanboy BS, as have wanted to to share my description. I have bought this scanner in June with big hopes, and is returned he in two weeks, as I left me say you why. In the first place you are, it has been involved to scan for quite a lot of 40 years, and has possessed enough each which as the digital scanner has done, and a lot of scanners of equivalents, together with a Unication G4, only for backdrop. There is a SDS100 programmed hurriedly using my a lot of-vetted 436 program, and has remarked immediately that a scanner has failed to go of canal of control in canal of voice in half a time in a simulcast this spends Phoenix PS. One 436 and Unication G4 seating right after in does not have any subject. House, in Glendale Arizona, can not choose in Glendale PS (still like 436 and other scanners). A field in that could close it he in the canal to control yes motionless or the behaviour was quite bad. It was lucky in properly choose in a simulcast the be inner, very less choose in any simulcast further was. UHF The action was so-so, with the odd noises that marks through that has not listened never after controlling a same system for years (AZ DPS). Airband And VHF was so-so, without improvement on any one another scanner. For reference, my Unication G4 can close in simulcast systems of many, Much more had. I have conformed with him Uniden the beta declares, and other new owners, and was able to confirm some same results with his SDS100 the scanners have posed up against one 436 and Unication, and still to to the the oldest units like them a PSR-500. Again, I want to emphasise that I very only 'takes the bad one', has seen a same behaviour with three another SDS100 the scanners have possessed by other people in Phoenix is a zone, comprising a Uniden the beta declares.

Inferior line in 700 MHz the reception is that it is feeble, and prone to have problems with interference. VHF And UHF is VAL, but no better these anterior models. Reception in a MCSO 800 MHz the totally sucked system and was the stray cause, and has verified this with other owners, in person, against the squad has fulfilled. You will listen the people say you that firmware at the end will fix everything, but that it is atrocity . A bad receiver with cheap components is only that, the bad receiver with cheap components...The firmware Beats very and very never fix concealed. Yes it has all some bells and whistles, quite a lot of colours, waterproof (as if an user of the half scanner very precise that characteristic), tonnes of options and parameters of card, etc. alas lacking like the radio receiver, and that it is what preoccupy me quite more, no a dressing of window.

A quantity to heat generated by this unit is simply absurd. There is not any road that a processor in this unit has anywhere near of a power of the again big mobile phone final, and a screen is nowhere near of a resolution of the screen of mobile phone again big final, even so a date of heat was, in the a lot of the device the big plus that the mobile phone, is ridiculous. It IS simply inexcusable, so that it does not have any reason this would have to be a case . It take a small original stack and has taken only the few hours of use, before need of the touch again that hangs for hours. A time to touch against. The time of use was ridiculously bad. Of course now Uniden is fallen the GIGANTIC stack for this unit that is ROAD out of measure of proportion-wise and the absolutely ridiculous looks. This was his esolution'. Only I can imagine touch that bobo enormous for the full day before that takes 5-6 use of hours out of him. Any thank you.

Fanboys (Likes him the majority of some critiques here) will say you this thing is a better thing since bread sliced, and what firmware has fixed everything of some early subjects, but has no, so recently verified to try a SDS100s belong in the people know.

If you preoccupy calm enough very-simulcast, takes something more. If you preoccupy calm in simulcast, takes it Unication G4 or G5, only comprise some limitations to program before buy.

Oh, And different another, has documentation of video of my testing. Only it looks for esDS100 the description of the phoenix' in Google or Youtube, and my youtube the canal has the multiple videos that illustrates some problems. No my videos are not monetized, has been done purely to inform another that remarked. There is not any musician, any one that pause , any cute map, returns only try of cape. Voice since you. I have done yes with a Uniden type of technology in the Radio reference that the flavours sew different, and any one does not help. Again, I have tried multiple units a last month and the firmware has not fixed some subjects, as if it is Uniden the person that instruments to answer to go down that it issues, save yours breathes.

These problems arrive in Phoenix is other external geographic zones ? I do not know . Some swears concealed has had good luck with a SDS100, but has seen too much first hand-the streaky evidence in an opposite in any for the recommend never.
5 / 5
In the first place, this scanner is miles in the cape of a Uniden 436 scanner of series. Has the sake customizable screen by heart. Has the strong speaker. Has the real liion stack concealed can touch you while using a scanner gasp. Work so that you expect you the real scanner inside digital and simulcast systems. It IS also like dispatch pagers (Unication G5) the place in the set has limited canals? No, but the calm would not expect he to be he so that it was designed to scan the very main number of frequencies.

A location swept of the place has based is surprising. It learns to use it! If you are in the simulcast system that has the plot of places (repeaters), sure when being to enable a location has based to scan in your list of Favourites, and has posed then your current location, in this order. This very courts down on not taking a principle of traffic.

Some alarm closely of the call is ordered really also. It listens quite sleuthy a first time my scanner beeped in me and begun for audio of touch of units closely of police that habladuras in simplex amounting, everything automatically.

But Uniden, why is this such scanner the thicc buey? No the very effective form or creation, especially so far like the form to go stack. When being well in a hand even so. Certainly listen it more commercial that some 436 series. The good luck that takes it to remain in the mountain of tlphonique in your vehicle. The good luck very that clashes in the each frame of door and corner if you are fresh like me and spend of him in your tape.
5 / 5
Update Of the GRE PSR 800 that is to say the fantastic scanner and because of his rowing sports club the character only would have to improve with timing firmware like future the updates and the characteristics are attached. The reception and the decoding are utmost but still could use some improvement in HF/VHF especially in WFM emission. An only downsides another that a cost is a big afterthought stack has extended Uniden attached after emission (my unit is come with a new stack) is heavy and bulkey, as well as an antenna scrapes recessed and narrow (used to the raincoat of help with a normal antenna) that does to attach some aftermarket (EG Diamante) the impossible antennas without one extends or that modifies an antenna. HIGHLY it recommends to buy the circle in J Polo / Jim Slender antenna of nelson_antennas (SMA Viriles final) this has bent or tripled my reception in venue 144/440 repeaters as well as 800mhz trunked systems and easily installs in a window to walk or circles up for use in a vain. 73 :)
5 / 5
This scanner is surprising! Im Any sure why has some negative critics. I have purchased he which updates of my Uniden BCD436HP which are the good scanner . This one is very better! It chooses in P25 trunked systems that is 40 miles was the clear glass . My BCD436HP does not choose in the thing in this exact canal. If you are in a fence quite taking this only takes it. Calm any one lament the.
5 / 5
That is to say a AWESOME scanner and the worthy update. It IS perfect? Nope. Uniden Would have to has comprised some look that has attached it significant value in an user. A bit those that of these things are 1) Bluetooth 2) Qualified in lockout keypad (seriously?) And 3) Qualified to use EA stacks like the yes precise backup. It IS these everything of them? Nope. But they are the little of them concealed irk me inner a moment. A scanner in general is wonderful and surprised. A speaker is strong and clear, a reception is very utmost, and chooses in neighboring counties that has not been never able to choose above anteriorly, and that only is that it uses a normal antenna that is coming with him. A programming of this scanner is supremely easy. It have considered it purchases of another retailer while we had scared me in dead person in some complexities to pose in a programming. It IS any sweat . Everything is quite already posed up in a scanner. Only it poses in your list of favourites, then entered your location of code of the zip (in this order like a critic has signalled was) and your set! There is to plot of customizable parameters, quite all systematically, and is amused to touch around with all some colours and of the different parameters of screen. A reason has finished to purchase in the amazon was for a guarantee has extended. Has quite a lot of experience to learn, that never know with Uniden that will take very time-term, and was an economic peace to import to attach this guarantee through Amazon. I trust that it never requires to do well in the, they .
I no very required to use one Sentinnel software... Well So that all are quite already databased in a scanner, and is easy to take posed in a road wants to it. My worry with Sentinnel is concealed has each Mac is, which the no run on. I have downloaded a parallel material and is spent the hours that takes the all has posed up, but only could not take to do. I have finished to find it sper easy solution that has done easily and perfectly in my Mac, which the paste down was useful in more. It IS of entity to remark once again, that very has not required to do anything with one Sentinnel software, but the supposition is good to know have the backup of all my parameters now. Some the low instructions can look daunt at the beginning, but trust me is very quite easy and ache-free.
Here is:
1. They go in WineBottler |Windows of Career-the programs have based in the Mac and download WineBottler. I have used one 1.6.1 Barn In Nonconformists. Pop in a ADFly Page. Only the give 5 bren then click a SKIP button of ADVERTISING in an upper right. (If you take more pop of advertising ups only the give the little of the bren and begin to download.)
Has finished once: Wine of Movement.Application and Winebotter.Application in you dossier of applications.
2. It downloads One later Sentinel Version. BCD536HP < UnidenMan4 < TWiki And unzip the in your desktop. (Or where the comfortable falls)
3. Launcher Winebottler of you dossier of applications. It follows it aims to install. This will install any one has required files to run some applications later.
Unit The click Advanced in an upper bar.
b. It selects new prefix default
c. Program to install: it selects Lima and select a Setup_bcdx36hp.msi In a Sentinel dossier in your desktop.
D. It controls That is to say an installer , the execute.
And. In a Winetricks section, click in a field to research and look for dotnet20. It controls a LADY . I CLEAN 2.0. (This will install one .Mesh for one Sentinel to install)
f. The click Installs button. It saves in your cup of desktop how Sentinel.
This now is creating the application of windows that will run in your mac using wine. It installs a Point the Clean and calm files will have to agree to nicknames and he the said where to install. Defaults Will be well. This will finish and then Sentinel will star one installs. Again, it adapts and it saves in defaults. This part takes some time so bears with him. (TOM: sometimes some installers will burst up in a fund. You can it has to click a doc to take advance to agree to a POINT CLEAN terms etc) Once some files are installed, a last is not to Select Startfile left the on Lima of Program/Uniden/BCDX and when click a Sentinel the application launches an application. The COSTS of paste and your fact. It opens The click folds an again created application and your loan to run Sentinel in your mac.
2 / 5
His so lentil in scanning compared at all some scanners have not possessed never (in 20 of them) and neither has chosen in any better that my Uniden 436HP is.
A speaker is very bad also
5 / 5
Mere setup and was to arrive and that careers in just the few minutes. P25 Systems in my zone come through the clear glass. A bundled the software has the small bit of the curve to know, but once comprises an interface and options, marks to program the mere favourites. That is to say my first compraventa to scan and the flight!
1 / 5
I have bought this scanner the pair of month of marks. Has wanted to it! It can listen in only quite anything, anywhere was in a country, and travel the plot in subject. Work well until the pair of hours of marks when he only... Well, prendes. Room of screen, any sound, and would not ignite . The different stack has tried, has tried any stack plugged in wart to be able in distributed and cape, has tried other capes, another can distribute each estimated in 2.1 amps minimum - at all records. A radio still will say me issues it has DIRECTED that a stack is touching or touched and that is. I have paid for a radio and everything of one updates and there seats - $ 800 value of paperweight. Routing He behind in the amazon will not take a money paid by one updates behind, so probably will have to issues behind in a manufacturer to see can the to him reparation. Probably it takes month for that to spend, and will not be never sure a problem will not return again.

Inner very disappointed a moment, as it does not recommend buying unit
5 / 5
I actuate Only the possessed the little of the scanners and this are my digital premier trunking scanner but so far is very happy. Fast rodeo:

- has used a 'code of zip' characteristic and was to arrive and running 2 minutes after pulling he out of a box. With a chosen of the proportionate antenna in chatter through multiple agencies, clears so day. I know some have informed having the scanner 'deaf', but the mine has done perfectly.

- The mine takes warm, any hot. Included after the hours of use.

- The mine is come with a big plus stack. The life of stack is 'well.' I have not paid next attention but think was around 5 hours. Factor of the form with a main mass is only well. They the good work with a creation.

- A screen and info can aim is awesome. I have not used he in alone that shines like the can not comment in this point, but is happy.

- A manual am not to add, but there is some the alternatives of on-line sake.

- This thing is complex. If you are not comfortable with technology, will result thwarted hurriedly. I am enjoying to take to learn enough the, even so.

Surrounds, has expected more than the headache to take he for above a race. A fact that pulled in the canals of dozen 2 minutes out of a box was impressive. Still I need to update a firmware and has not touched a sentinel software still, but is happy.

Full decree...More and more the agencies are going full has encrypted. Just factor that in before you spend $ 650 here. I have known that has taken in and arrival to take security more public the traffic that has expected. I know that decrease over time.
5 / 5
Two things. In the first place, this the radio absolutely rocks in digital simulcast systems. I am the first response and have a radio of Motorola emitted. A quality of audio and clarity in these rivals to scan a Motorola radiate. (And of course, since it is the scanner that can program, can listen in anything local that is not encrypted.)

Number two, Webtron-X has service of phenomenal client. Quan Had the delay caused by FedEx, has answered quickly in my emails and has cured to take a scanner shipped in still satisfied a date of the delivery has promised.

Has the system of digital radio that amours of controls, especially yes is the simulcast system, need this radio. And I recommend to order he of Webton-X.

Top Customer Reviews: Uniden BearTracker ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 58 ratings
4 / 5
So only it take a scanner. It looks solid, and expect it partorisca be the radio adds, but comes without manual form at all. It comprises the copy of his place of web wiki pages how is soyanual' - which would be a lot if it was not scarce and if you have not had to that spend for 1000 web pages to imagine was like this to do something súper simple. I owe it does not have to that look third-party youtube video to imagine was like this to program the scanner. I have built my radio of the own ham and I have has programmed computers for 40 years, are not the techophobe and am sure will imagine out of this scanner. But it is absurd that does not come with pertinent instructions. I will update this description with which have imagined was. Two stars like this far, because of lousy instructions.
4 / 5
I have had other escáneres of costruttrici different and this one east one one am looking for. They are the novice this in spite of in a phase to learn. Saying that, recommend this scanner and I also would say use Proscan software of PC (I is still in of the Windows 10 and have any @@subject). You update later.
5 / 5
Scanner very good but desire there would be prendido attention to another reviewers this has said is not for the first time user to scan. I have not imagined Never it was regarding the program and of then there is not any book, has had to that go in-line for instructions. Any a lot of help there neither..... In an end, has finalised to return the and buying a less alike desk model of Uniden. To the left be me clear here, is probably the volume and escáneres terrific all a fault for error of operator. This in spite of, of Uniden does not comprise the manual of paper and calling his number of service of the client has not been of any help, ossia like mine caused 3 indication of star. If they know the people are frustrated with his product, reason not trying doing something to help?
4 / 5
....YEEEEEEHAAA!!! No for a love the studio and The WEB look for some instructions of operative/ways and dip the up. Otherwise ...If you are familiarised and can comprise acronyms and dark operational instructions ...... This scanner is awesome! I have been doing with him and has purchased the GPS of Garmin GPS18X PC of amazon with a Rs232 connector for a rear port. I have tried to run he with WIN10 in the Toshiba the satellite and was the disaster. I have been he has real serious subjects and glitches with WINNERS 10 with all my hardware of HAM and software. I tried it on the mine WINS 8.1, WIN a winner is WIN XP!!! This scanner will scare heck out of calm with the GPS hooked until him. My thoughts again..... New microsoft the technology is not really friendly with this train of salvation of old plus of technology!! So only my thoughts!!! Semper Fi! Godspeed!! KC3GDY
5 / 5
Are quite happy with this scanner. Certainly, there is the curve of acute learning. But, calm once takes your boss wrapped around his Canal/grupal/of Place/of Paradigm of System, is an astonishingly powerful scanner . The looks of reception well, trunking the work adds. It have to that I comment that HAS TO THAT you setup plans of the band done to commission yes is listening to the rebanded fixes! Has thinks that that this would be to be do out of a box, and is returned almost before I have followed that information down. Once I setup a fact to commission bandplans, all fantastic . That The audio is surprisingly good (any I chair still a need for an external speaker in a car). In short, YES, takes some time to learn. Spear was a manual in a CD and find a manual an easy plus in a web. (A complex version 'easier' of still looks, but explains it well.) It calms once comprise the one who read of things, calm really will grow to love this scanner.
4 / 5
I give to scan five stars with a suggestion of entity: the mark sure knows any the one who has application to upload frequencies or better still, as I have done. Has fellow the one who has cloned his scanner the mine. It is very complicated to dip up. If you do not have access to these people, highly recommends undertaken to the left preprogram your scanner, pays an extra $ to have them scanner of program.

Has possessed several escáneres in my life. This for far is one of a better. I use mine in mine POV with to highland antenna of the window and recieve good coverage. I love hook my mountain of ceiling of canal of basic antenna to see coverage that far is.

In general, in the amazing scanner
5 / 5
has had the hell of the time that tries to program this scanner our zone. This is not for a beginner. Any with the byline to program could like it better.
4 / 5
It likes more Uniden scanner today, of east is the phenomenal piece of crew that all say it . Taking it to DO all, this in spite of, can be the time that eats process and taking to read a manual - as in this chance STINKS. You recommend to go to Uniden put of web and downloading a manual for a leading version of this hardware, a BCT15. The majority of that this unit , his predecessor , like the manual is almost complete for this unit. Also, the web looks for 'easy to read BCT15X manual. There is the different web has based manual there which is better that Uniden is. For software, finds FreeSCAN, which, like the name involves, is free. I have had sucedido wonderful in programming mine BCT15X with this software. This in spite of, beginning by clicking upload -&62; WITH place -&62; the car Relieves so that a software will find your scanner. I comprise some negative critiques of this scanner. If you are not the scanner consecrated and computer hobbyist, this can be the difficult product . But it is EASY with which have taken a time to learn a system, and with which conceal, that the scanner adds.
5 / 5
Good product, a cord to be able to has been shot has had like this this conversor of power of the Pyramid manually to use. ( It thanks god) In general, the keys are smooth, to plot of functionalities to take use to. I learn for pressing everything. The box has come with 3 different power sources (can/of bank of car/direct boss), antenna and programming CD with boss.
5 / 5
Not To Take me bad, ossia that the analog scanner adds ! To the amazon resupplied with excellent service. But buyer beware- once is in an initial Amazon búfer period and has possessed a scanner for some time, is entirely for your account. Uniden Does not resupply pertinent support thus scanner. One 'late plus' firmware in his web of place is in fact an older version the one who that goes in a scanner and come from the 'yours' update firmware using Uniden' tool of update, your scanner will ruin !

Possess this scanner no longer updates a firmware! Some work to scan astonishingly yes uses out of a box how is and does not try for the update. This in spite of, has the data produces 2 stars been due to a lack of support for a product a costruttore gives (or does not give , thus @@subject). Ossia Resemble all the one who possess or slowly on possessing a scanner.

Top Customer Reviews: Uniden BCD325P2 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 56 ratings
4 / 5
A Uniden BCD325P2 the scanner is the highly functional scanner that can take everything of a modern equivalent and the digital signals are probably to find in your zone. But it is complex with the curve to know empinada for a half user that it is new in scanning. I have used to regularly listen civilise, fire, and communications of control of traffic of air in my old Bearcat scanner behind in a 1980s when the signals were mostly amounting conventional only. I have decided recently that has wanted to he again. But when I have begun to look in that scanner to buy, begun to listen slightly overwhelmed for just like the complex signals are resulted in a past 35 years. It have not wanted to spend to plot of money in the scanner, but hurriedly the apparent result that would have to buy the able scanner to take one digital new plus and trunked signals as well as an old conventional equivalent. So much, I have decided that it buy a Uniden BCD325P2 after reading descriptions, and thinks that to do the same good election although his prize was to plot more than has wanted to to spend it. My uses of county to plot of digital and trunked communications. If it have purchased a scanner of equivalent, some the only signals would have been able to listen by has been communications of control of traffic of air. A lot of people have mentioned what difficult is to program this scanner. And you are it has tried rid-write everything of some frequencies wants to scan directly in a scanner. It conceal it is not an advisable road for the do. Calm in fact precise use the computer to upload a scanner . Felizmente, has the technical fund, and so there is not any one scanner to program of the problem. I have subscribed only in radioreference.com and it has used one frescan programs to build a configuration of initial program to upload in a scanner. Alas, I have begun once to scan, hurriedly give that an antenna of the duck of the rubber included was very unsuitable. So much, I have it it has owed it to spend even more money to buy to better antenna. I am taking to plot more financially to scanner that had feigned the the be. Oh Well, the calm can not take he with you. It opens, it was to spend my time that flavours to learn each in of the signals comunicacionales modern and as to use some functions of a scanner.
5 / 5
WOW ... That the DIGITAL scanner adds!!! Law like the field in my big city. I left me to listen up all the classes of action with application of law, fire, ambulance, DPS, and more.
A WORD OF PRECAUTION ... This scanner is not for a person that is not familiar with programming to scan of big final! Calm direct you CRAZY very hurriedly.
Personally, uses the computer with a downloadable 'Freescan' software, jointly with Radioreference.com, to program mine, and the laws add! Desprs mastering A curve to learn with these tools, was able to program / scrolling in 600 canals in a scanner, using a cape of USB, in less than 2 minutes.
This scanner has SO CHARACTERISTIC And CAPACITIES, concealed is the never final ( and pleasant ) process to learn.
Quite expensive, but a lot enjoys my Uniden BCD325P2!
3 / 5
It possesses a lot of scanners some years, and some of unit of is Very impressed with easterly the unit Crosses a stack likes him madman! In the full load, left in a canal perhaps 2 hours. If scanning, 30 minutes. Life of stack in of the this, mamma. Taken to program also. They that join me little of the characteristic has. So many, in the to the this part likes him in of the of east. But thats quite the. Raisin in easterly one and go for him BCD436HP instead
5 / 5
Amur This scanner. It regulates mini usb at the end! Yay! Apresamiento freescan And or will be Happy!
Also takes well nimh stacks. I have tried several marks and some better is a powerex pro 2800. Duque 8 hours of runtime for loads.
Nexus In https of stacks://www.amazon.com/gp/producte/b06xdhm839/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o03_s00?ie=utf8&psc=1
5 / 5
After reading the anterior descriptions was the small fearful in same begins programing my scanner even so after subscriptor up in radio reference and downloading a freescan softqare was to arrive and current besides or 15 minutes less.... I am learning something new newspaper in my scanner...

A desire of thing is that a life of stack was longer but does not have to be too much of a subject since I predominately using my scanner in housing while I am crafting and such.... Also it wishes some stacks would touch while it is plugged in....

With each go says that I am very happy with purchase of mine of a bcd325p2.
5 / 5
The functionality for a prize is fantastic. He been out of scanners for the long time. I have bought and the master of the scanner has used ARCXT Pro to program a scanner. Apresamiento Times very small and was much easier to program with this software. It IS to arrive and run the low time. A scanner was surprisingly small but a clarity of a reception is sum and clear. I very cual a scanner. For a prize and the characteristic are very value he. If takings ARCXT against the free software and use radio reference to take frequencies (the byline required), reads some instructions for a software. It daunt At the beginning but after it take it one hangs of him he in 2 hours and was utmost to use. A life of stack looks the small bass but think some stacks this comes with a scanner is not of the quality adds. A manual of the user a lot is confusing but that is to say because of a complexity of scanner of new technology. This scanner can not be well for beginners unless it is has to fall a money in the software to program sakes to simplify that they program a scanner. I will be to look for the best rechargeable him-in stack. In general dry a scanner is the add to buy with donor the characteristic small scanner rich.
5 / 5
Omg Programming this scanner is insanely difficult took me 30 days to imagine this was at the end has taken a scanner to do and he are amazing scanner. A lot I need to come with the step to no the software would have done programming much easier give this scanner to 5 star for global quality and to 1 Star to program and poses in a scanner
5 / 5
I produce it adds. Everything but codifies encryption .
Recommends to contact Uniden to program easy directions. The service of client adds there.

Thank you Amazon and Cargolargo.
2 / 5
Look only in some people that considers ready and able when using tools of technology and can be the small preoccupied after reading quite what difficult is to learn so to use this device. I any one shy out of apprentice any tool of technology but after three weeks that use this left and is returned. Here it is the little of some problems will run in:
-- does not have instruction very real for setup and use. It comes with the small booklet with several pages of details in some characteristic of multiple programming but that the will not walk calm through so to do a work of device for your necessities in your zone.
-- Very does not have very the videos of Youtube concealed will walk calm through some characteristic essential of a device and regarding the pose up. There are videos that can aim you the little characteristic in this particular device, and a lot of videos that calm aim you so to do with other devices to scan (which are to good sure any one some same), but so far at all that takes calm through the conjoint judge of start-arrive and that program this radio for use in your zone.
-- If you are serious quite using a device and programming on your own, probably success of zero unless you subscribe in the web of place as Radioreference.com where calm in fact will find the very better version of ones the instructions of device and joints of web with FAQ is that it helps calm with your questions. There, the calm at least will find some frequencies that need to program a radio for use in your zone and some people that allocutions a place is very cosy. Mays...
-- You Still will require to download and learn concealed to use the no-so-the application of the intuitive software has nicknamed FreeSCAN that total some multiple frequencies probably will require to program your device and of the scrollings some frequencies in your new radio. It is confusing, but there is some bonos YT videos that will walk calm through this process.
-- Takes this far, some the correct frequencies have programmed in your new device and he then will be confused so hell quite in fact trying use an insane quantity of characteristics and cards of characteristics in a device of small mobile. He some basic questions how that is squelch and this directs the he so that it can comprise that it is going in a radio, and a bit more complicated in in to to the questions like them to them the, like buttons of program of stay or fast card in a frequency, or the return in a frequency listened in fact five minutes. And unless has a person he experimented that it can it helps to learn all concealed, will be thwarted quite that has taken far in this radio and calm thing still the flange listens in your local police, fire or EMT called with any regularity.
Strongly recommends yes calms at all is thinking to purchase this device and apprentice that for the use that finds a radio experimented hobbyist in your zone that is to the help programs a device and calm give you some personal formation. If you have to, and it is it has to look in this so the project and the pastime this requires some art can have some success and I wish you to you a better of luck. For me, I have concluded that that uses the radio of digital scanner in the system of trunk is no longer the pastime for any concealed want to casually listen in. Any one the lack of respect for some enthusiasts of the serious radio but this device have not been for me. The good class!
3 / 5
I have bought the used BCD325P2 hand-the scanner has streaky, now knows why has been returned.
The reception is sporadic and load of unit when his likes it.
Was to advance and has ordered a unit of new mark
Quan work, is pleased with him.
Likes him maintains side by side of the things that enters in my neighbourhood (had the shooting only or another night).
My department of the local police only changed of equivalent in the digital transmissions and my old scanner no longer choose the up.
A unit looks for to be very built with materials of quality (I only spent to take a a bum unit).
Some living covers of the stack a lot to be wished even so.

Top Customer Reviews: Uniden HomePatrol-2 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 51 ratings
5 / 5
It take this reason my local police recently upgraded his radio system to a unencrypted Project 25 Phase 1 system. This has created my awareness to those that fix local is now digital, and has looked for the fast solution. A HomePatrol 2 is the good solution. It is very easy to take that it goes partorisca use a setting of location of code of ZIP. A connection with some works of databases amiably--the automatically attractive on the PLOT of frequencies, and a capacity to select for service is a lot handy. It takes some taking used to is an old-pupil scannerist like reason am used like this partorisca do of all a work! Be conscious that, partorisca amateur radio use, this receiver so only will decode ARE or FM signals in a VHF and UHF the bands have interested. If I need something partorisca HF interested of laws, this is not a unit partorisca you, but he automatically local load repeater frequencies partorisca you.

Are not enthusiastic in a 'landscape' formed of device, but a screen partorisca touch of the colour and the stand of office has comprised is very good. I also like a capacity to take reception systematically, Department or Canal with the alone touch. This are adds partorisca limiting one has scanned canals on-the-fly, but can also dipped on preferred partorisca do this more permanently, An antenna of right corner is the light annoyance , especially when being SMA, but a comprised SMA-BNC the adapter will leave you partorisca connect your antenna of scanning preferred. In this chance, will require the legislation-corner BNC elbow (ANY COMPRISED) wants to use the vertical antenna directly in a unit.

Although this unit is quite well, has decided gone back the and take a Uniden BCD436HP instead, which is a lot looked in functionality to a HP-2, but in the hand-held format more conventional with the little characteristic extra (and slightly less expensive). Still it recommends a HomePatrol-2 like the general modern scanner adds with abundance of capacity, especially likes the desk of format (and can be mobile of trace also).
5 / 5
Tried (2) of these, both were defective. I have taken (1) unit to turn ON, but a software has distributed is a lot of buggy. Also a Manual of Operation is in a software if one can do not uploading can not access any to answer some of some basic questions. Uniden Need to distribute a software in the clave by heart of the USB as an user can install a software in his PC that comprises the backup for a SD paper with the restore way. And it is necessary tin reload a firmware and together database with his personal favourites. An indicator of battery is totally useless neither a battery is touched or dead, reasons not taking advantage for a screen by heart and resupply state of battery a progress to touch. If Uniden can direct some of these shortcomings then was produced very better...
4 / 5
Was to return this scanner until I have substituted an original antenna with an Original of Diamante SRH789 95-1100 MHz Telescoping Hand-held SMA Antenna on Amazon. This has done all a difference in some frequencies now can choose up. This antenna is the little expensive, but value he.
4 / 5
Has been using scanner for almost 40 years, in the first place when each frequency has been added to situate the crystal in the socket, and later when had the keyboard to manually enter each frequency. It was happy with my old analog scanner, but of the majority of our venues of radio canals has transmission to digital, was unable to listen some canals has loved to listen. This Uniden HP2 are adds of then have experience with scanner, but could be defies it for a first scanner of user of time. A paper of screen is sincere and easy to use, and some the only keys to push are an on/was and controls of volume on a unit. For me, so only that enters the data in the screen the touch is more convenient that in the keyboard. I have found that selecting code of zone more than city to listen the zone is more reason restricts a number of unusable canals of zone of the fringe that is unreadable and just cause static. An external antenna probably would improve row and reception, but an antenna accionaría chooses on all some local canals that loves to listen. A Sentry the program of computer is very useful, but again could be defies it for a first scanner of user of time. In general, this scanner is exactly that has loved, and would recommend it to neither users of escáneres experienced or novices.
4 / 5
These produced was adds at the beginning, but then a screen is result unresponsive. I have contacted Uniden for support of guarantee but has said “for the screen issues all the sales are final”. Like this now it is the useless device and are out of $ 450. The stay was!
5 / 5
Are very happy with this scanner. I have debated to purchase he for the few months because of a cost. Seriously, this thing is expensive! We have moved the Galveston recently and thought it would be adds to know that it is going in and is. Ossia A type to scan that has has had to that it has to that listen an emission here. It was the little disappointed in a start because so only take the few canals but I have discovered was error of user . I have required to do to to some adjustments likes him to him sure EMS-Habladuría and another 'Converse' the options have been underlined. Now it is that I give that it has expected it.

Was devotion excluyente RVers and the desire would have had it when we have travelled reason is like this easy to change a location.

Is easy to use. My only complaint is a prize .
5 / 5
Takes the plot to learn to take it dipped until mine in pleasant. It is probably more 1000 scanner that has required but has required a capacity to 'canal' my locals have been 'digital' but now I like a capacity to follow some crews when they go the 'Ops Canals'.
Has substituted a stubby antenna for coverage lateralmente of the country has improved. 15 To 25 row of miles.
4 / 5
Has bought this to listen to shoot of local/police, as my old Bearcat the scanner has looked for likes it was the thing of a past and was intrigued with a HomePatrol line of product and his friendliness of user.

Has taken he out of a box, plugged he to my PC for fast freq the updates have seen Sentinel, paste in my code of ZIP and was to arrive and that careers any time. Taking equivalen 800MHz trunked traffic of my venue PS well together with some P25 Phase I. A P25 Phase I I so only could take with help of the economic Tram 1094 external antenna that I external mountain. P25 Phase II TDMA (which is used for a venue precinct in my zone) is still the challenge as I create this unit does not manage it a lot of - I can choose this traffic on but any sake and the antenna has to that be in the something very concrete (believes this owes the esimulcast Sprain' that Goes to try the directional antenna finally to manage concealed. In general a P25 Phase II TDMA is the small subset that loves it listen to me so that it keeps well for now.

Loves an exposure of screen of the touch in this thing and like canal of shows/precinct info in a screen in layman terms. The mobile good works in some hips same automobiles with an antenna accionaría. An USB that touches the interface is idea adds so it can use included upload I use for my telephone.

Commentaries that another there is complained roughly a lot when being pas able to touch and listen a time included - all need to fix ossia the $ 10 USB uploads ossia able of a big plus 2.1 Amp capacity in place of a plus down 0.5 Amp - these 2.1 Amp chargers can be found for less than $ 10 of Anker, etc.

has bought he refurbished here and has saved the good chunk of money , some works of units so only well. It have to that run the Wal Mart to take some rechargeable EA battery but otherwise all is well.
4 / 5
Has bought this radio and for a prize would think that that this thing would be uploaded with characteristics. It results my old radioshack the digital scanner can do more than this thing. If you do not know like this to use the radio scanner and your just start out of these good works but for there is anticipated same users with an extreme container this sews lack of the plot of good characteristics. Appearances for your of the fire was and some other characteristic good but has not been comprised. It was the big waste of the money for me when being an user advanced and a quality of his is not a More adds them. You touch hard and poor Quality. If uniden could do the good scanner with abundance of characteristic would pay them more for him!
5 / 5
Ossia My second a. I did not imagine it it was as to hook one his external antenna for when I am living in my house vacacional of the basement but in my urban area, can has not beaten the. Personally it thinks that it is one of an easy plus to use and more in a phase. I have bought because mine 2010 dead model and so only for kicks, has uploaded a new software in my old unit and now have two unit that both work. I have bought my sister a when it take my premiers an and is both very happy with some units.

Top Customer Reviews: Whistler TRX-1 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
4 / 5
I have read so much roughly that difficult this scanner is partorisca program, almost did not buy it. They are happy has not listened, this scanner is incredible, easily a More there are them never has possessed.
Wants to take an entertainment a full plus out of this scanner, a following.
1. Take the account of Radio Reference. Each available frequency in some the USA is there.
2. It downloads a Butel ARC500 software of test. I have bought mine, but calm can create you and that careers that use a version of test. You can use all some characteristics for 30 days. This to spare times to take your ws1040 programmed and personalised.
3. It takes some abonos rechargeable battery. I am using Duracell recharables, look to be good.
4. And ossia one the majority of of entity, goes the Youtube and look for ScannerMaster Irradiate Shack the scanner that Video of Programs 1, 2, and 3. It will walk calm by means of using a software, yes is for the different scanner, but a neighbour up is for a software and he will apply in any escáneres that ARCH of uses 500 software. After looking a video, a software and programming begun to really felt of mark.

Honradamente, Programming this scanner looked very difficult until I have looked this video, is really so easier that can think. Previously to this scanner, has had has not used never the scanner that the software has required to program, all some scanner have had in a past has been programmed manually in a scanner. So only it would buy a later version of Police Call in Radio Shack, and the punch in some frequencies has loved to listen to. Now with programmable scanner, Radio Reference, and available software, dipping in the frequencies is easier and faster that never. I took 15 minutes to dip on 800 frequencies, and that included installing a software in my PC.
Now in a scanner, is awesome! It likes him-me some list to scan on some old banks that my escáneres leading have had. It has dipped on punctual has based in one my community, surrounding community, my County, local airports, National Parks, CalFire, streets, and the cast to scan with frequencies of emergency, ie Red Cross, Time, FEMA, and another. I have attributed each agency a colour FOCUSED and dip a FOCUSED to flash and a rear light to come on when the Frequency of priority is active. There are so many ways to customise this scanner to adapt your personal flavours, would not owe you never has held.
Can take this scanner programmed and the place on a way has loved that, any one can. It does not leave other descriptions of paralización of calm negative programming to take this scanner. If you will be missing it it is gone in an incredible scanner.
5 / 5
Has been the owner to scan hand-held for 25 years now and little know a new some require the bachelor is and A terracing of masters to program. It was able to take the little canal has programmed in but maintains to take in the random numbers and I have any escáneres of the clue incredibly is confusing. Unless calm in fact done in a crew that has drawn this scanner a half joe will not take it to do. Programming this digital scanner vs an old fashion is likes to go to drive A car also that flies an aeroplane, the way has complicated more. Has thinks that that the technology has been supposed to take easier. A county I alive in recently changed on to the digital signal as I guess my days the scanner is on. I will be to return a scanner until I can answer Whistler University university to learn like this to program a darn what. UPDATE Still that tries to take my scanner to do without regime. The amazon does not have any clue in this scanner that entirely comprises. His in fact called whistler support and has been said has been occupied too much. (Ossia That spends when you do elements with 80000 characteristic that extremely is confusing. Steps all your time on support of client) has reset a system to some settings of factory three times without regime. I will not PURCHASE NEVER ANOTHER WHISTLER PRODUCED in my LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5 / 5
A Whistler TRX-1 is a good scanner, hobbled for bad software and some decisions of questionable drawing. An inferior line is that yes it calms so only love an easy-to-use, works-was-of-the-scanner of the calm boxes probably would owe that avert is one. If you are experienced with tweaking settings to scan and software of computer, need an advanced digital trunking characteristic, and have some time and patience, this could be for you. It reads descriptions and especially a Whistler forum, to help decide love this scanner.

One of a commenters in a Whistler the forum asked reason the escáneres look closed to @@@1970s technology. It would situate a level of technology in a mid-80s, p. p.ej. TWO LINES of order, ports seriáis, and primitive software. It considers that it takes in a same $ 500 prize can buy the computer of modern/telephone with fast processor, a lot of memory, the screen adds, the battery advanced, and software of confidence, and a telephone transmits as well as it receives in of the alike frequencies.

Whistler, The majority of known company for detectors of economic radar, has bought a GRE subject to scan. But apparently they are having some fights with modern technology, especially of confidence, user friendly software. Has the GRE-PSR500 and is state adds. But the majority of the police of my county, fire, EMS, and another government has moved recently to the P25 Type II SYSTEM that a GRE-PSR500 does not follow .

Are takes now with which 30+ developing years of software, as I have imagined could manage a quirks and tweaks of a TRX-1. Prpers Having written both good and bad softwares I, thinks that can say a difference. But I have not been prepared so that it has been involved. Here it is a fast overview .

A good:
- the uses have downloaded RadioReference databases.
- Receives modern digital trunking systems - P25 Type I and II, LTR, DMR, NXDN, etc.
- His sensibility and Good quality.
- Reception of record to SD paper and touches it behind.
- Can store escáneres multiple 'virtual', i.et. Different configurations

Of the bad:
- Buggy, unreliable, unsigned engine of USB.
- Manuel onboard the programming to scanner is for masochists so only.
- Undocumented Function Combinations keys.
- Entering the alphabetic characters have seen the keypad uses odd, method any level.
- In-battery to scan that it touches is street the setting of time and has not seen voltage current control.

An ugly:
- contrast Tiny , down, black and white exposure, with a lot of cryptic symbols.
- Chances of hule protective with aesthetics of the brick.
- The useless ugly plastic inserts/inserts at random of hule.

A simply annoying:
- EZ-program to Scan any stairs the resolution of screen on 1080.
- Has to that take chance of hule protective to access battery and SD paper.
- The transmission of volume is for up/down prints key.

To the left give me some detail roughly further:

When you plough a box and insert battery, calms that can turn on and use a pre-data of bases and installed software. Calm suggest you so only this to be sure some powers to scan up. You can also manually things to change that uses a tiny screen and minimum keypad. But manual onboard the programming of a scanner is for masochists so only, and the use really needs a EZ-program to Scan. An on-the papers of joint are inconsistent how is a tone presses. Sometimes 'calm behind' take you behind a step, sometimes behind to the card to start with on.

Does not connect a scanner to your computer until you have read some instructions to download and installing a software a late plus. Installing/updating in a wrong sequence will cause questions of first order. Also I suggest to spend time in a Whistler forum to see the one who another has discovered a hard way.

Almost each device of USB - reproductor of Mp3, printer, walk of thumb, portable hard walk - is spent so only-and-game. Calm connect it, a device is recognised, the engine is installed, and calm was to go. But no this device. For some reason you to you has to that resist down a soyenu' key while inserting a boss of USB. An engine of USB is unsigned and require fine it-step workaround to take it to install in of the Windows 10. I have not been able of the take doing in mine Windows 7 Pro 64 has bitten desk. But ossia like this well, of a EZ-program to Scan any mine of stairs 2560x1440 monitor and garbles an image of exposure.

An engine of USB emulates the port seriáis, like the scanner looks that it Directs of Device down 'Ports (WITH & LPT)' as the device of serial, p. p.ej. COM1 Or COM3. Really? In 2017 still they are using this ancient protocol in place of the interface of modern USB? Also it transfers given in the very slow speed.

Still although I have directed to take a unsigned the installed engine in of the Windows 10, a connection is unreliable. Too much time a screen to scan objective the 'while the USB' message and look for be closed up. Pressing tones at all - included a power of key is unresponsive. You owe that take some batteries, and a screen goes spatial. But when you have dipped some batteries behind in, is a lot behind in a same message, still closed up. You look that there is bricked a scanner. Apparently this is to spend and continuous spend enough that Whistler resupplies for the fix '-he the' program in his place of web to reload a scanner CPU software, which apparently is taking hosed for a buggy interface of USB. Really? They can take a time to write the program to patch, but can not take a time to fix a bug?

Has found that a better way to avert a hell of the engine of the USB is to take a SD paper of a scanner and the connect directly to the mine portable. A EZ-program to Scan then can read/write a SD paper as G of walk: using native USB in the reasonable speed. The scrolling repeated this in spite of/the insertion can head to the life reduced of a SD paper, so need to have the backup. I have looked for to use a EZ-program to Scan to format the Samsung 16gb classifies to to 10 paper likes them the backup. A program said it formatted and has copied all some files of data on, but a scanner has refused to kick of him. Comparing to an original SD the paper has aimed that some dossiers and the files have been missing, this in spite of did not take it to do. Another example of bad software.

Although I can touch NIMH battery in a scanner, has to a lot of this to reduce a possibility to break to a radio. An option to touch uses the hours to touch that they have dipped more than voltage current control, and given another buggy software, would not trust it . Use roughly eneloop battery and the abonos standalone cariche external.

Among requiring the batteries of transmission and pulling a SD paper, will come to hate and avert a hule protective house. It looks the brick , but is not like this ugly like the useless plastic inserts/inserts, particularly a puke green a. It is too bad Whistler could not spend of the money to do a legislation of software in planting to squander it on junk.

Has saved also the few cents to take a @@@knob of volume and requiring use of an on/down signal in a keypad. An old GRE-PSR the escáneres have had the most convenient way with concentric volume and squelch @@@knob.

Really want to like this scanner, but am disappointed and now so only tolerating it. I have directed to do around some questions and take it dipped until mine in pleasant. But they are wary of a software, as I will not be changing a lot until Whistler resupplies to fix he for some questions of USB.
4 / 5
Has had this radio for 11 veil has printed out of a focuses of turn. It has loved to like, it has done really. My fund: Licenensed interested of radio operator for 22 years, computers/of electronic savvy, work in a RF/field of Telecommunications and there is messed with radios and of the escáneres for while I can agree. As I have said, it has it it has wanted to like. It is very built with the chance to have that has weighed. It is easy to program with a characteristic of code of the zip and using EZ software to scan in a computer if experience of the. If you are the first timer could not be for you. A free modulation upgrades is appealing. Cast to scan and the virtual scanner was the option was fresca.un bad informative is is quite deaf. Conventional or digital does not choose on hardly anything. I have tried multiple locations(of zones of metre of the entity) comprising the on duty places have the access to ossia in of the big elevations with obstructions of zeros to line of place. I have tried multiple antennas, mobile mountain, upgraded ht antenna etc. The antennas Accionarías is junk on all hand-held hardly wants to receive any communication. When it decides It that it loves to demodulate the signal looks his main aim is the instantly scanner of this frequency and the cut has been, included with a squelch like this down to the equal that will go and the delay has turned looked to help. P25 Forget it unless it likes you listens the digital garble. I have tried multiple things to take it to do. I included called Whistler and will see other descriptions can take any to answer your call but will take your name and number and call you behind two days later. When I have spoken finally to sustain two times, his didnt wants to treat a lot of troubleshooting, loved so only to send he in. A volume is rubbishes also. In the noisey mobile half you cant the listen. It was me resembled it max the most joined to the mine amplified to the entrance in my vehicle and you pull to listen when it operates. Some days would choose on stirs it of traffic, 98 percent of a time he no.no was has taken the lemon but for $ I certainly didnt wants to try another or spend anymore time that tries to take something like this expensive to do. This scanner would be awesome if he that is to be draw to do and choose on radio communications. He no. At least very a lot well. It can it finalises to be this unit but I wasnt taking another bet. Mina 10 old year bearcat has had 10 times a traffic has compared on to the east a (side for side). Take the casualidad, could take the a lot of one. Ossia Mine 11 experience of day with him.
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The one who the scanner adds.... I have expected in fact a lot of years to purchase the trunking scanner that is able to listen to APCO25 and finally has bitten a ball. Has has has possessed scanner of some days of crystals and at present have the number of Realistic and Uniden scanner in mine toybox. Ossia My prime minister whistler the scanner and I have to that say am impressed with a speed to scan and a quality of receiver. They are the quite technical type and has found a programming to be quite weighed at the beginning. But 24 hours later and have add it comprising of a functionality of a unit.

My joint is to follow some instructions that come with a unit for the take up and running when calm in the first place the take. With which concealed, he beginning that touches with a free software that Whistler resupplies of his place of support. It will be quite confusing at the beginning but, if it download of a radio a programming that you completed in startup (without a software) would have to that spill some light on like a scanner-the casts are organised. I owe that admit, that are to spend the pair of the hours that touch with a software of PC before I have begun to feel comfortable with him but, is all coming near now. (For this a deduction of one stars)
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has been scanning public security for roughly 40 years now My first scanner was the Bearcat 101 (just losing is gone in one 'was of crystal').... In all the chance to the left says me the few words of entities in this Whistler1040 and his big brother, a Whistler 1065.... This radio can be any 5 stars or any star according to a type of digital radio signal feigns to listen to...
To avert disappointment, is imperative that calm in first do first your duties to determine a specifics that feigns scanner...
In the first place, sure mark that some agencies that loves you listen to have any escabaña calm was' to hide behind encryption of full time- like plus and more sadly is doing today... If ossia a chance then any do any for you like this some police is looking for a murderous armed and dangerous to somewhere together, calm will not have any way to know to be on saves until it can be too late...
Secondly, Mark sure concealed that it wants to listen his does not use a P25 Phase 2 level for his radio system reason this scanner no for any P25 PHASE 2 radio systems.
Tercero, if your local zone uses the digital simulcast (which is some demanded' looking of multiple towers in of the different locations) then this beats of scanner or can no for you according to your concrete location inside a zone of coverage of some demanded'- for example, my zone at present uses to three tower P25 phase 1 simulcast. Alive so only 1 one thousand of one of some turns in the location that is further out of some other two turns and this work to scan wonderfully for me in my residence... But when it uses a scanner in my vehicle or use he in another location another next plus to a centre of a simulcast zone then a scanner always will fall was when any one is speaking and a radio still loses a lot of transmissions altogether... If ossia a calm chance then can require take the Uniden SDS scanner of model (which also will receive P25 Phase 2)....
Much more the information in those I arrivals to inform can be read in some forums and radioeference wiki.....

With that out of a way, regarding my personal description of this WS1040 scanner and a functionally identical desk model- WS1065, will say that a clarity of the digital audio of these escáneres is supremely glorious when compared to this of all Uniden escáneres digital.. A question has with this 1040 portable scanner hand-held is that a volume in the speaker of a unit does not locate almost quite strong... A volume is a lot of stops around a house or in the vehicle with has has closed windows but when in the emotional vehicle with some open windows or other noisy means, a speaker is way too calm. (The 1065 speaker of model is strong abundance this in spite of)... A lack of the volume of this scanner can be corrected to use an external speaker or headphones of some type..

When Compared to some escáneres programmable simple of one 1990 east, everything current digital trunking the escáneres will present an user of novice he learning quite that impresses the curve when related to a programming and operation of a unit and his characteristics, but once this is to be learn can say that this scanner is in fact quite good...
To program this scanner I highly recommends to use easily software to program of available computer to the equal that averts the enormous headache and leaves a unit to be fully programmed and operational in 1/100th a time would take to do it manually...

But take notes that using software to program this scanner can require regulate some 5 settings of a RSSI sole by force of signal of bar and regulate them to that is to be dip in a factory because the earliest versions of this scanner done for GRE uses the different currency the one who that can be listed in your program.... If you buy this scanner and feigns on using software of computer to program it, first of calm anything, in the first place download a memory of the yours recently unboxed scanner to a computer before I any one changes calm so much can later dipped these settings if needs be...

To the equal that have declared already twice, a main reason reason prefers a Whistler scanner in a Uniden the scanner is because of a unparalleled crispness of Whistler is decoded digital audio, albeit with more and more situates to move to simulcast trunking places, a Uniden SDS the models are resultant one go to radio reason they the upper work to decode digital simulcast radio transmissions that all other escáneres digital, comprising is one, can no...
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The radio was to have the active programming has comprised. Any pickup anything. You will take more action of an application in yours iPhone then calms never with east. It does not squander your money. Radio arrived with to write streaky, the instructions are very dipped was, but some have comprised firmware and the software was out of date, has tried repeatedly to update both without successes. I will not buy never another product done for Whistler
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Was excited like this to buy this for mine 85 yr old dad for the day of the father. Spent 9 hours that programs it. When it Does to program the, has had absolutely ANY SOUND or control of volume. After reading directions by means of and by means of there was still any way of the remedy. I have looked for to go to settings and after being on for perhaps an hour or like this max while it looks for a response, has begun to the heat has begun in some measure to emit the burned electrical class of smell. Then it has turned it is gone in his own and will not go back on. I have then tried dipped some new batteries in him for the career run out of this plus that one load and at all but take súper hot also which create there is ruined now my new mark energizer battery. They are then be to go to exchange it immediately and there is any option to do a transmission of exact element. They are like this unbalanced... This was to be the present for my dad of 85 years for the day of the father and an element has been on sale like such the low prize. It is it has worsened further. This element was like this a lot looking and was an amazing hard to believe prize.
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Whistler trx-1 I looked in this radio and a Uniden HP 4 3 6 I believes both are excellent radii but I like a wraparound chance in a trx-1 Whistler both are easy to dip on himself go to listen so only to the police Shoots EMS in your zone can so only simply use a method of code of the ZIP or go when exploring the library goes under your state and County and appeal on information there and can select the random papers have given this he 5-stars to estimate so only reason was surprised so only with an information a radio has in him anything has been interested in all have has had to that it was to explore Library my state county and the find there already program all have has had to that it was for the turn so only on dipping on the banks have had the little bit of question but with which have seated and has maintained to touch with him has taken has used his and has begun to dip on canals of own banks like this when I go of a state to another can turn of some police in this state and listen to one some of some state that Has been now in is the operator of ham ossia a radio for you so only reason already has some two systems that ham the radio operators are interested to have master hp 436 will be necessary pay additional cost for the have put in a radio a Uniden is able with GPS ossia calm so that it could dip it on where when you go of state to declare a ready automatically will begin to change according to a location is in TRX would owe that be programmed thus it does not have the characteristic of GPS

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