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1 Smart Watch for Kids ,Age 3-12 Years Boys Girls with Video Player,7 Puzzle Games Music Camera and Two-Way Call SOS ,Touch Screen for Children Gift Smart Watch for Kids ,Age 3-12 Years Boys Girls with Video Player,7 Puzzle Games Music Camera and Two-Way Call SOS ,Touch Screen for Children Gift Ralehong
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2 Smart Watch for Kids, Aluminum Case with Black Sport Band 16 Games, Pedometer Music Video Recorder Player Camera Flashlight Alarm Clock and More, Smartwatch for Age 3-12 Boys Girls Gifts Smart Watch for Kids, Aluminum Case with Black Sport Band 16 Games, Pedometer Music Video Recorder Player Camera Flashlight Alarm Clock and More, Smartwatch for Age 3-12 Boys Girls Gifts Ralehong
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3 Tinwoo Smart Watch for Men and Women,46mm Support Wireless Charging,Bluetooth Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor, Smartwatch for Android Phones Compatible with iPhone Samsung(22mm TPU Band ) Tinwoo Smart Watch for Men and Women,46mm Support Wireless Charging,Bluetooth Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor, Smartwatch for Android Phones Compatible with iPhone Samsung(22mm TPU Band ) Tinwoo
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4 Amazfit Bip U Pro Smart Watch with Alexa Built-In for Men Women, GPS Fitness Tracker with 60+ Sport Modes, Blood Oxygen Heart Rate Sleep Monitor, 5 ATM Waterproof, for iPhone Android Phone (Black) Amazfit Bip U Pro Smart Watch with Alexa Built-In for Men Women, GPS Fitness Tracker with 60+ Sport Modes, Blood Oxygen Heart Rate Sleep Monitor, 5 ATM Waterproof, for iPhone Android Phone (Black) Amazfit
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5 SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch 4 40mm Smartwatch with ECG Monitor Tracker for Health, Fitness, Running, Sleep Cycles, GPS Fall Detection, Bluetooth, US Version, SM-R860NZDAXAA, Pink Gold SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch 4 40mm Smartwatch with ECG Monitor Tracker for Health, Fitness, Running, Sleep Cycles, GPS Fall Detection, Bluetooth, US Version, SM-R860NZDAXAA, Pink Gold SAMSUNG
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6 Garmin Venu, GPS Smartwatch with Bright Touchscreen Display, Features Music, Body Energy Monitoring, Animated Workouts, Pulse Ox Sensor and More, Rose Gold with Tan Band Garmin Venu, GPS Smartwatch with Bright Touchscreen Display, Features Music, Body Energy Monitoring, Animated Workouts, Pulse Ox Sensor and More, Rose Gold with Tan Band Garmin
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7 Smart Watch, KALINCO Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor, Blood Pressure, Blood Oxygen Tracking, 1.4 Inch Touch Screen Smartwatch Fitness Watch for Women Men Compatible with Android iPhone iOS Smart Watch, KALINCO Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor, Blood Pressure, Blood Oxygen Tracking, 1.4 Inch Touch Screen Smartwatch Fitness Watch for Women Men Compatible with Android iPhone iOS KALINCO
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8 Smart Watches for Women, 2022 Smart Watch for Android Phones and iPhone Compatible, 3ATM Waterproof Fitness Watch with Sleep Tracker, Heart Rate, Blood Oxygen Monitor, Pedometer, SmartWatch Pink Smart Watches for Women, 2022 Smart Watch for Android Phones and iPhone Compatible, 3ATM Waterproof Fitness Watch with Sleep Tracker, Heart Rate, Blood Oxygen Monitor, Pedometer, SmartWatch Pink Lovtutu
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9 Amazfit GTS 2 Mini Smart Watch GPS Fitness Tracker for Men Women, Alexa Built-in, 14 Days Battery Life, 70+ Sports Modes, Blood Oxygen Heart Rate Sleep Monitor, AMOLED Screen, 5 ATM Waterproof-Black Amazfit GTS 2 Mini Smart Watch GPS Fitness Tracker for Men Women, Alexa Built-in, 14 Days Battery Life, 70+ Sports Modes, Blood Oxygen Heart Rate Sleep Monitor, AMOLED Screen, 5 ATM Waterproof-Black Amazfit
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10 Garmin Venu Sq, GPS Smartwatch with Bright Touchscreen Display, Up to 6 Days of Battery Life, Orchid Purple Garmin Venu Sq, GPS Smartwatch with Bright Touchscreen Display, Up to 6 Days of Battery Life, Orchid Purple Garmin
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Top Customer Reviews: Smart Watch for ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
This is not the ready clock or a clock of exercise ... It is the looks of the toy concealed has some characteristic gains.

I games are 1990 level of game .. The big variety and your girl probably neither his hate or be mezmerized for a tiny screen. In general, the games are geared in of the oldest boys ... 6 And up.

This also has the tolerable camera .. It does not add . But a pics gone in the 1GB paper. You would owe that be able covers it a clock to your computer with his paper of USB partorisca download them and add more enjoyable music.

The speakers are a lot of tenor pitched.

To somewhere has hid the battery .. rechargeable And changeable.

Takes camera , video and pictures,

player of Music and recorder


the class of accounts steps/movements

clock/of alarm / of the Timer


the row of Better age is 5 - 10.

Any Telephone
4 / 5
Some games and the functionality am amused and that would expect but has bought two of these partorisca both mine boys and after touching for prejudices fill a battery of clock dies interior 12 hours, included without use. It is useless can any he thru the day.

Luz / of the camera / of the games is all perfect partorisca boys

the hard battery the averages the day without use!
The measure is quell'has bitten big partorisca smaller some
No left-handed option as 'torch' is doing an arm
the volume and the settings have limited really
5 / 5
I to plot partorisca research first to purchase this clock. Mina 9 yr the old edges wants to know his account of any and a time. It uses the timer/stopwatch to plot but has not owed in his last clock. Has has wanted to do sure his new one has had everything of these things.

Pros: A sample is the decent quality . It does not look babyish and offered some fresh extras.

Gilipollas: A life of battery is TERRIBLE. My edges spends it in pupil (in silent) and can any one really disorder with him during a school day. A clock has died for a school of the leaves of time was. Very disappointing. Another with this that owe that turn a pedometer each day only. The majority of the clocks so only begin to count a calm as it dipped it on.

Would not purchase this again :(
4 / 5
This clock was like this to the entertainment until my little daughter has fallen and has broken a screen. It has been devastated. The desire was more durable bc was one of his favourite presents. Now so only I have left my edges spends his house.
5 / 5
My subject ONLY with this clock is has ordered the rose one for mine his daughter is coming with the upload cord (thanks the goodness or would have been useless) has ordered my edges a SAME CLOCK in blue and his has not coming with the upload. That poses some inconvenience when both clocks have died of the same times . Otherwise Mina 6 and 8 year loves him use the all day long and mine 8 old year still dips his alarm in his clock for colegiala! They are clocks has ordered the just desire has had 2 uploads cords.
5 / 5
Mina 9 old year has loved the bad ready clock. It could a lot of mindfully steps of the hundreds in the real one for him without knowing was quite responsible. So much, we have solved for east a. And it was better that has expected. It leaves to record video. It has to that torch. Has preloaded video on that. It is able to look Cocomelon with our 2 old year. It enjoys to dip an alarm and spending it everywhere. Utmost cost.
4 / 5
Ossia The clock of substitution for another mark that had purchased for my grandson of 8 years and he could any a band of clock fasten in another. It loves this a, and uses a pedometer when career with a familiar as well as some games, music and video. To to his mother likes reason does not have to that be begun of of another ready telephone.
4 / 5
My edges is 5, punctual to be 6 in April and can do it better that me. This was one of his presents navideños. A clock is a lot the friendly user with screen to touch and the life of battery adds.
5 / 5
I games and that the camera etc… does well but life of the almost non-existent battery … Any expensive like the supposition took that stops of has paid…..
5 / 5
Has taken 2 of these for my edges to go with his first telephones. Has no @to @give at the same time that they do not connect to the telephone, probably because of a row of age is stops. This in spite of, some boys still love, and work well.

Top Customer Reviews: Tinwoo Smart Watch ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
Look, HAS terrible translation in some instructions and an ad of amazon, but to the left say, a clock are add, A++, was them complimented 3 times this week in this clock, while I have had I clocks ( plural) and tried Samsung and another, has to say that really it likes having of the very attentive sleep/clock/of time/of fitness/ of heart in my wrist that the am not concerned roughly breaking or breaking. If the crack I so only grab another out of a cube. This clock is in fact really well, perhaps still adds to all the cost of a point of prize. Has $ 10k Rolex is and my gone to of the one of the east the ocean of planet of Omega, but has had to that fulfil today in the joint'ish room, and has then changed an oil in my edges GTI, has not taken never a sample was, and is not never be out of importing roughly the, there is remarked then and dips has said is doing adds in your heart rate, and has completed your steps, etc. Etc. Trust, ossia the good clock , and the fantastic prize, so only agree some instructions are not of sound, but a product is. Ohh And a life of battery, just wait, will see, I 72 hours and he still fact so only well,

TInwoo, the the product adds. Better desires.
4 / 5
A hardware in this look of able clock to do all some things would love the ready clock to do, but a software behind is so that bad has drawn that does a whole experience entirely frustrating.
My @@subject my big plus is some notifications . You will take the notification for literally all this spends in your telephone, although your telephone a lot included notify you roughly that. For chance, my telephone up to date mine has tent locally the earliest maps, and a sample vibrated for each % conclusion. Yes, it has taken 100 notification for something has not required to know roughly. And every time I take the voicemail, a telephone send me seperate notification for each old voicemail has not deleted. As it has taken I continue it -50 notification of that. And I take the notification each one that... So only.... Time... Some updates of temperature. It is by train to drive me Crazy.
And an application for a clock has the setting where can filter you notification. But at all. I have tried filtering out of notification of concrete application, has not had any effect. I have tried it turns it has been all the notifications except messages, still take each one which so only one of them.
Averts notifications, is frustrating the one who wildly inaccurate all is in this clock. A pedometer, time, monitor of heart rate. It can also so only be guessing. I said yesterday that it was 85 external terracings , when my external thermometer and an application to time like this adapted that it was in a low 70s. My rows of heart rate wildly among 50-100bpm of a measure to a prójimo.
There is at all ready in this clock. It can say a time. It would owe that it has taken it an analog clock I supposition.
5 / 5
Ossia A first punctual clock has possessed and really likes to of me. I have it synced with mine Samsung galaxy 20 and the work adds. When I in the first place dipped the on has not taken all some notifications am wanted and has maintained to verify some settings in my telephone, but was in fact some settings in a Tinwoo application in mine telephone that has has required dipped. After changing the this has then begun to receive all some notifications am wanted. I have not tried to use a function of camera still, or a function of sleep, as those can not comment on, but takes my steps and agree me to move, to the to the equal that likes. Like this yes, it would give it 4. I think that that it is a lot of value of the past money and would recommend this clock.
5 / 5
A picture is after the week without load. I use it mostly for notification and to follow my steps so that they are not the user to be able to but ossia a first clock has purchased where a life of battery any only life until it says but goes further.
The vibration for notification except a hassle that has to take it my telephone out of my pocket when I am doing.
Can read so only quite of the yours incoming messages to know or no precise response.
This is not the clock for the defender of Hike of the Star that bad can you does not call of telephone, etc with him.
Has been that looks for the clock that could in fact use for the week in the work and ossia a a. And for a calm prize really can has not beaten the.
Another thing is if you do not want to use a boss of USB that has some three magnetic points the magnetic levels upload the stand for any do any. I am using a stand for my old Motorcycle 360.
Like this, if you are not looking for the clock that can operate you he spaceship with and precise one that does not have to that touch every day and does the work adds so that it has been meant to do east is your clock.
5 / 5
Has had this clock partorisca around the month now into use, all has done well until a third time has has had to that the touch. In the first place and as, any question, third time, any one load. It is possible an agreement is defective and a clock is well but although ossia a chance , is unacceptable to have that changes the agreement after the month and so only 2 uses when it has not been inna situation to suffer harm. In a chance that a subject is a sample then was some worse same waste of my time and money to having purchased this device.
5 / 5
When it has taken a sample was quite happy. Life of good battery and he that there is wanted. A buddy of the mine has bought one same a. A screen has died after the month. I thought that it that it was so only the bad regime until the mine dies after so only the little month. I have contacted a costruttore in a 1 guarantee of year. I have received it replay that asks the video that objective a subject. I have sent the video of a question with a screen and a lot of pics in a prójimo to to few days likes him to him the question is worse result until there is prendido to do totally. After several emails to a company has given finally on on going back them mine again.

A clock was very very cured of and so only failed so only like the clock of my partner has failed.


Spends the little more and buy the product of the reputable undertaken.
5 / 5
Any bad looking but not liking a picture, the software is soooo bad , and that an Application and his policemen.
4 / 5
Is to the show adds for a prize some bondadoso fragile also. Mina in the first place one leaves to do in an upper right key (can on ) one first week when the contact sustains a request fell it to him ...mmm .As we ask me to knots to repayment or the substitute and has decided substitute the reason is the sample adds taste so much is stylish of sportsman a same time. Work of costs of the notification does not give you the description detailed so only the notification of the message for message of text of the examples of so many and as no a text , time of forecast for today but no a description has to that look in him in your telephone for some details etc. But for some people concealed well is maintaining more deprived your notification for some another could be bad less to spend the ready clock when you owe that verify your telephone also, for me is a lot
5 / 5
My husband has has wanted to this looks some premiers few days. After reading some descriptions was any surprise that a tracker of sleep and counter of any has not been attack at all, but as it disappointed was that some keys have prendido to do after less than the week. Has has had to that the to turn of knots.
4 / 5
There is wanted mostly the sample to dip timers partorisca and this the a lot well. A band is very comfortable and has emptier that a lot the and is easy to dip on. It is also he bit it main that another has tried that the build likes him big, as him him the wrist he the big plus would owe that be comfortable. Has the decent variety of faces of lunches, some analog and some digital, which is well. No the tonne is looking for something súper cement but abundance. It is also well that objective if it was it of whole week. The life of battery is súper

Top Customer Reviews: SAMSUNG Galaxy ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
4 / 5
Sample of galaxy 4 -

New partorisca 2021, Samsung has released two versions of a Clock of Galaxy: Sample of Galaxy 4 and Clock of Galaxy 4 Classical. This Clock of Galaxy 4 has the physical creation resembled a Clock of Active Galaxy 2, with a coverage of digital touch around a flange, and measures of 40mm and 44mm. While, A Sample 4 “Classical” has the physical creation more like a Sample 3, with the physicist rotating steel bezel and measures of 42mm and 46mm. Both versions go in Bluetooth or LTE models. Both versions now use Google WearOS operating system, in place of Samsung TizenOS, which all leading Samsung the clocks have used. This means the widest selection of applications partorisca choose of partorisca your clock, comprising everything of some applications of Google.

Like partorisca reassert:
Watch4 = Look Active2 Google + to draw WearOS
Watch4 Classical = Watch3 Google + to draw WearOS

So much the versions now have the fastest processor that a Watch3, as well as more RAM ( upgraded of 1GB) and more storage (16GB upgraded of 8GB). There is also some the extra sensors that comprises the geomagnetic sensor, and analysis of composition of the organism, although some functionality can depend in your country.

Here is some of the mine other thoughts after using these clocks like this far:

-WearOS: Ossia a mine of main difference like this far. There is much more the available applications now that Samsung is using WearOS, comprising to to the things likes them to them to them the maps of Google. I have it that there is enjoyed really a wider variety of applications partorisca choose of. Of course, if it was previously state using the face of the clock done of commission in the Clock of Galaxy 3 of a Tent of Galaxy, could lose that expensive old, but there is external abundance partorisca choose of.
-Speed: A Sample 4 is noticeably faster. Scrolling by means of applications and launching the applications so only looks partorisca be smoother, and the tiny has bitten faster that do everything.
-BodyComp: This looked partorisca be quite inaccurate for me, but is good to have this data for the baseline to try to improve.
-Battery: A life of the looks of battery to be bit it better with this Watch4 that was with a Watch3. I will try this more in a prójimo few weeks.

In general, like some changes with this new version of a Clock of Galaxy. There is second says more updates of the software in some work also, likes Assistant of use of Google in place of Bixby. Coming from a Clock of Galaxy 3, prefer a Clock 4 “Classical” model because of a rotating bezel, but yes is upgrading of a Active2 and does not concern in a bezel, then could prefer a Sample regulates 4. (Commentary – I personally has not tried to use these with an iPhone, but diverse look of sources to indicate that there are some difficulties when trying so many, as some investigation in the first place is using an iPhone)
5 / 5
Day 1 is in 1 star and I will say reasons....


- Looks And feels like the quality ready clock.
- Súper responsive The screen and some looks of exposure to be the upper notch.
- Samsung wearable The application is cleaned and easy the setup.


- Require you to download a Samsung application of health but an application setup is rubbishes. It drives calm to enable 2fa but any one errors was or closes an application.
- Has to that have the Samsung telephones to use a ecg function.

The ready clocks can be súper gorgeous and built with some better specs, but one has required goodnesses of applications to the experience of negative client then a product is no good.
5 / 5
Has ordered a Clock of Galaxy 4 directly of Samsung. I have exploded a trade-in program in mine Active 2.

A Sample 4 is sleeker and more first that an Active 2. A number limited of face of current clock to be is only drawback.

A main reason for my description is to counter a description that declares a touch bezel is not to touch sensitive. Atrocity! In fact, it is more the sensitive and more smooth touch operative that my Active 2.
5 / 5
Is not me. You are. One founds is has been the long time Samsung user, in that has begun he with a S7 active and then Shows of Train of the Galaxy 2 way behind 2016. A Samsung the application of Health is awesome to follow all-around fitness, of calories the streets of cycling ( am resulted a cyclist of avid distance). Unfortunately, in spite of having the application of fitness of upper tax, his produced, and now his service of client, is simply lagging. It is apparent of some transmissions in Samsung Health that is moving more verses to the approximation of walled garden likes Apple. Have takes support for has has connected applications (like Google Apt) with an exception of Strava, and a cast of any one-Samsung the devices sustain in a Sand of band of the fitness now contains the paltry ready of sub-the pair has has interrupted produced other vendors. Masters to you to use Samsung devices, which is well, MAY...

Has not directed the ENORMOUS shortcoming in his wearables, which is life of battery . Reason is that I can take the wearable of Garmin, Hearts, or Polar that can last 20-30 hours with ACTIVE GPS and 1-4 weeks without him, but Samsung still, with which almost the decade that wearables, can not produce one this can last the full day of normal use? I have had this question with my Clock of Train of original Galaxy 2 - would have died he for a time put to bed me every night, and after the years of the pair simply would not upload against all - and now several generations later some complaints roughly life of the battery already is that it touches in?

Loves a Samsung application of Health, and was a lot of reluctant to change, but has included some the worse reports have sweats something brilliant. Horse riding in the miles of hundred the week on having the work and the girls takes devotion and sacrifice. It was it has had to that to test do inside a limit of a life of GPS and poor battery of telephone of the use that is still in of the long walks to continue for the use. I have not been happy roughly when be forced to this decision, but was has had to that the accept. I eat... After researching clocks of sports for weeks and atrocious on some expensive artilugio, there is pulled a trigger and pre-has ordered.

Has received the date of delivery and when it has arrived, anxiously has expected a container has had of the walk of the half century planned that weekend. It excepts it that has not arrived. Finally that late it has taken the notification that a shipment was delayed and would be other 5 days . Now, if a product has not arrived of a costruttore, would think that any one would have imagined was like this to leave the clients know in some first point of an evening has been supposition to be in my door. I eat... I have expected for a new date. And when this date has arrived , has said, 'arriving today for 10pm.' It excepts Once again he no, and has been given this in spite of another date of delivery two weeks was. A next day there is annulled finally an order, so only to see that finally it had shipped and would have to that arrive a following day. Nizza. I have had the twinge of remorse, but was a lot of light. I have on broken with Samsung, found another fitness that follows applications, synced my walks with Strava, and am done to be the hostage resisted for overpriced artilugios really meant to be toys of consumer.

Thank you Samsung And Amazon for a disappointing experience with east a. Now I have accessories that has to strolls out of my way to return to take a rest of my money behind. I comprise the things take retarded. That does not comprise is when this delay can not be communicated in the timely fashion. You have sold the product in pre-order and has given the date of delivery when apparently already was informed that the supply was a subject , then failed to leave the clients know that it is gone in until a last now. Not cooling, and considering some reports of bugs and life of poor battery (surprised) already is flooding in, time to choose something more.
5 / 5
Are the very happy owner of both the clock of Galaxy 3 and clock of Galaxy. When I have seen a prize of a new more Samsung sample and there is of then has run Fray YOU 3 I has thought has done so only the better good thing, was bad. I have bought a clock of Galaxy 4 44 mm, which means does not have a physical rotating bezel. A bezel has is bad, has to be the contortionist for the do movement and when he his hard of the take to take in an application loves. His no an only way to take to some applications so that it will not annoy the using more. A hule watchband is so only simple bad, after spending a clock for the short time has @to @give does not love fights with him every time has dipped a shows on have ordered like this the band of substitution. And Spend you 3, where is all these applications add to maintain to read roughly? His really does not treat it big, Tizen and Wear 3 so much have all some applications really want to or use but really, that says a tent of application is like this main when he the to him there there is nothing special does not have any point to sell mine. So much, I give it 2 stars because I am expecting his like this of confidence like my old Samsung samples and accident of zeros to Spend you 3 and a wristband.
5 / 5
Ive Has had a lot of smartwatches. Motorcycle 360, a bulky LG Sport, Gene of Fossil 4 and Gene of Fossil 5 (concealed I stray). I have loved some clocks of Fossil because they are looks of big quality to use WearOS. Never it has liked Samsung because of Tizen. Like this when I have lost my Gene of Fossil 5, of course was the upgrade to a Gene of Fossil 6. I have done a bit another investigation also and one has researched more, one has begun more to like a Samsung Shows of Galaxy 4. Any like him To You the bulky clocks and a Sample 4 was more slender that a Classical. Reading these descriptions of Amazon, was almost has scared was. Anything of Google Pays no sustained to a touch bezel no at all.

Left me so only say, any one sure if these descriptions were early updates or that but works of Paid of the Google so only well and a touch bezel act a lot so only (although I go with my toe anyways). A touch bezel is well to turn volumes on and down and work perfectly while the utilisation.

Another factor to contribute to choose Clock of Galaxy 4 on Gene of Fossil 6 is a Fossil has not released with WearOS 3.0. I create at the same time of me writing this description, a Clock of Galaxy 4 is a device so only released with WearOS 3.0 and is the improvement of entity in forward WearOS versions.

Are not the die of health but an integration with Samsung the health is surprising. It likes to follow of my steps and the sleep and this clock is awesome for that. For sleep, everything is tower bedtime way on and go to sleep. A sample a rest. Oxygen of blood of the monitors and which well have slept. Any one sure the one who attack the one of truth is but taste knowing roughly that the times have slept.

According to which life of battery, last at least all day long. Usually longer. The utilisation moderately does to verify notification, answering to the messages and that control my music and when I take house of working the 8-10 day of now, my clock is around 40-30 typically. I dipped it/ I dipped It on one uploads before read, dipped the on in 100 in bedtime and wake until roughly 85 battery for a day.

DOES not LEAVE OTHER DESCRIPTIONS DISCOURAGE YOU! You defy to do your own investigation. Video of Youtube of the clock or included go to the tent of the local telephone and the look/celery a clock. It is to good sure a show has better possessed to date.

Has had to give downsides, would have to do with Samsungs integration to WearOS 3.0. A Bixby the key is not reprogrammable the Assistant of Google but can be disabled (any remapped). This in spite of, of the video have looked, a Bixby the assistant is useful in a clock to the equal that can turn on and of settings for the ask. Another complaint is not when being able to reprogram a Samsung key of has paid. If it press and resist an inferior key, opens Samsung paid for incumplimiento. Which is annoying want to Paid of Google of the use. This in spite of, once calms properly install and the on Paid place of Google (and he incumplimiento method of payment), any one precise to open paid of Google to pay anywhere. So only touch your clock. But it wants to use the different paper, would have to go to your applications and the paid of Google has opened or the attribute to open with the double tap of an upper key (this action can be programmed to anything.).

With a Clock of Galaxy 4 still quite new, am expecting Samsung continuous resupply updates of community feedback.

And for this time, has to expect you read my whole description and is situating your order now. Stop According to that calm of suppositions, this clock in my opinion is a better there right now.
5 / 5
One of some the better clocks in a phase without the doubt.
4 / 5
Like this, to be sincere has read each alone description in this ready clock. A big plus with that has been hanged on was a life of battery. In planting to listen by all the world has decided more take one submerges. They are happy has done! It listens, every day it was to touch our telephones so that it is a big shot that an only hard sample the day also? Unless you have taken the dud then ossia a subject . I recommend this clock 100. He all want to and more.
5 / 5
Am using a S21 with this smartwatch. One touches rotating bezel really no well. So only take a classical loves that characteristic with a rotating goes. So only it attacks on, down, and of some sides to take dondequiera and press a key a low plus to go back. They are well with that in this point of prize. I am coming from the Garmin forerunner that it was basically inert compared to the clock has taken. This has like this to offer and like this far am impressed with some characteristic of fitness also. A battery is not like this very I so that it will owe that touch this thing daily. Mina preorder has comprised a Samsung tampon of duet to upload that highly it recommends. Also they are that it looks forward to assistant of Google. They are sure in Samsung to press updates further to do this better same clock.

Top Customer Reviews: Garmin Venu, GPS ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 56 ratings
5 / 5
I have been using trackers of fitness partorisca several years now, beginning with a Fitbit Flex, then a Band of Microsoft, Band of Microsoft 2, Fitbit Ionic, and now a Garmin Comes. I always gravitate more the fitness-has directed-devices like opposed to application-directed martwatches' like clockwork of Apple or Samsung Sample of Galaxy, reason there is never really seen an appeal partorisca read informative or navigating the mapea that use the tiny screen in my wrist. While it likes- one option partorisca install applications and add-ons, is more than entity of mine that a device follows my sleep, heart rate, any one and workouts, and that he everything of these good things. With that in alcohol, am quite happy with my Come after the weeks of pair of the possess, but has the little caveats.

- A life of battery is at least like this as well as it has announced. With an always on way of wrist and disabled exposure ox that follows enabled so only while sleeping, am taking 5+ days in the load. A race-to-wake the functionality is responsive enough to not being bothersome, but also can have an exposure always in slope of the activities so only, which resupplies the good engaged among life of maximum battery and maximum ease of use.

- The accuracy of GPS is generally orders. It looks to be the noticeable the improvement has compared to a Fitbit Ionic, which was quite good but has had the tendency to cut corners.

- A workout the exposure aims 4 different data fields in the each screen, and can customise a creation, mandate and number of screens. I do not have he too many transmissions still, but taste having to that an option, and to good sure taste having to that screens of multiple with several fields for screen have compared to an Ionic is selection quite limited.

- Accuracy of sum of looks of the heart rate. I have not done any real comparison against other devices, but DC Rainmaker the tests have aimed good results and intuitively feels attentive mine.

- I amour a fitness-has oriented to the characteristic likes them objective of of the car (which rule an aim based in your leading action) and Bus of Garmin (although has has not used still a last at length).

- Is one of a bit those that devices of Garmin that has the screen to touch, which still prefers of the perspective of usability. Touchscreens In the devices of fitness can be finnicky and questions to cause hangs it activities, especially when it is raining or is swimming, but a Come the software looks very drawn to avert these questions. Especially, there is any way to take or take an activity that use a screen to touch, which is the seeds-common question in Fitbit and Apple Spettacoli.

- A clock has built in support for a lot of different activities, all duquel actuate first-support of the class in a website of League of the Garmin and also sync properly with Strava. Ossia The big one for me, reason two of my main annoyances with a Fitbit Ionic was that lacking of support for skiing and snowboarding, and that a Fitbit the web of place will not export activity without data of GPS (i.et. Heart rate-only activities), meaning such activities could not be synced the Strava.

- Notifications of telephone and the data has connected, p. p.ej. A time widget, looks to do reliably. I owe that a lot included it has to that mention this, excepts that in mine Fitbit Ionic an application to time never fact, how is good to have the time widget that in fact does now.

- Third applications of party, widgets and fields of the data in a Connect IQ the tent can add additional functionality. I especially like an idea to be able to add fields of the data done to commission the activities of builds, although I did not use it still.

- A prize! $ 400 it Is quite empinado, especially when it can take a series of Clock of the Apple 3 paralizaciones less than $ 200. A Fitbit Ionic is also down to $ 230 now, and although it has to that it weaves of flus roughly the, is still the quite good sample if not to impose you some of an activity-concrete shortcomings has mentioned on. [ Modification: it excepts now that Google has purchased Fitbit, would not buy to his ecosystem.]

- No eBike activity, as it can not distinguish among walks of normal bicycle and eBike walks in Connecting. You can very included dipped this late plus in a website of League, included although it sustains a lot of different types of cycling.

- Any support to swim of open water, included although Garmin sustains this in other devices with a same GPS chipset, accelerometer, etc. has said of another way,, does not think has any reason this clock could not sustain swimming of open water, but Garmin is withholding a characteristic like the prize differentiator. It is annoying this Garmin this, and feels anachronistic of the always free apple new WatchOS updates to the oldest devices.

- Similarly, other devices of Garmin have to that it weaves of the characteristics of good software likes effect of coach, altitude and heat acclimation, etc. That it could be it be comprise in this device but has not been. I will cut Garmin the little more slack for east of then is authorising this characteristic of FirstBeat, like this probably pay more for characteristic, but at least in that give an option to pay for this extra functionality without falling another $ 200+ in the Fenix the device would have been well.

- Also a lot widget the gaze sees as it maintains in a Fenix 6 series. Scrolling (those attack) by means of several widgets can be tedious when you are looking for the cement a.

- Sleeps to follow the accuracy is quite poor. Determining the quality of sleep is probably more than an art that the science in all the chance, but Fitbit looks to be noticeably better in him. Like this, Wrist Ox does not match some readings take of the toe-device of clip, and 'Battery of Organism' the quite useless looks.

- Has any way to filter notification to only sure applications. Fitbit Is ready roughly this in this he defaults to texts and of the only calls and perhaps the handful external, and has to that manually enable other applications, which prevents calm to take dozens of notifications in your wrist. With Garmin, is neither everything on or all was. Also, notification for more the applications so only aim the generic icon based in the category of an application, more than an icon of real application, which Fitbit shows.

- A 'Glass of Gorilla' the screen does not look a lot of resilient. The mine already has the small scratch on he still although I have been taking the extra worries a lot to break my new toy. ☹ Buy the protective screen.

- A Connect IQ the application of Tent has been broken for me never of then has taken a clock . A main Connects works of application, but no a Tent. Calm felizmente can do around this to install the applications of one Connect IQ put web. Also, notwithstanding that has said roughly a lot really that worries in smartwatch applications, one Connects IQ the ecosystem of application is at all to write home roughly, and to the plot of some applications has very poor UI creation.

That it could it to it look enough the small 'gilipollas' for the description of 4 stars, but is mostly nitpicks. In general one Coming feels like a upgrade of the mine Fitbit Ionic, and would recommend it to any that looks for the fitness-has directed smartwatch to the point of reasonable prize. This has said, esasonable' is relative, and while a Come is abordable compared to a Fenix or MARQ serious, $ 400 is still enough the bit of money for the ready clock.

Is looking for The most detailed analysis of the athlete the serious plus, the control was DC Rainmaker impressions (will not link his ballast takes taken in a spam filter, but yes looks for 'Garmin Comes with AMOLED Exposure: All calm has not Loved Never Knows', will find) or attended for his full description.
5 / 5
Has bought this reason have thinks that has required a upgrade of the mine garmin forerunner 230. This version is fashionable and looks smaller in my wrist, which is a thing has expected paralizaciones. Another thing was VERY INTERESTED in era a characteristic of music. I have used a characteristic of music for the races and he have done perfectly. I have not had my telephone with me on these careers and a music downloaded in my clock was perfect! A life of battery like this far are add, with the first full load of the 5k - using GPS and a characteristic of music - my clock is gone down to 90 life of battery. They are very satisfied with that! I love this clock and I am like this happy bought it. It is a perfect combination of GPS and shows ready that clock of career!
4 / 5
Good-looking clock; this in spite of a heart rate of wrist is way that a lot of another irrelevant statistics. Ossia A lot disappointing for the very expensive clock.
4 / 5
Had been using the Fitbit Arises for several years. When An integrated sale has failed resupplied it refurbished unit of substitution. I have found a Sleep and the movement that follows a lot of motivator, but a proprietary band and process of unstable synchrony that frustrates. When A second band has begun to fall, has considered a Fitbit Uploads 3, but then an acquisition of Google has been announced.

Looked in several pure trackers but decided to give this ready clock tries it. My initial impression is in plot more but has the bit of the curve to learn. But my main complaints in mine leading arises is not a subject, of uses regular bands and syncs automatically without being has asked. Like a miser walker, has been thrilled to see the much more extended cast of trackable activity.

A unit looks very cleaned and stylish, and is the low profile in my wrist to the equal that interfere less with my bosses. A sleep that follows is detailed more and time of shows in each level of sleep has perceived: deep, REM, and light. Also tip your taxes of respite and movement. Adding more the monitors reduces life of battery of excellent to something less, but doing uploads it rule while the rain maintains there is topped up.

Come from walk the 10K in of the days are not in a gymnasium, and Come has a lot of activity to continue comprising walking. You can use a web of place of Garmin to join the random group of alike interest, follows your activity and stick your results. A leaderboard can be the motivator for a lot.

Are very pleased with this Come and will take some time to learn regarding the use and will update to to the subjects like to them the life of battery, Bluetooth and Spotify playlists.
5 / 5

Returning it. Perhaps it take to uselessness , but this an is not announced like this. The life of battery is the averages a quantity announced and concealed is with each characteristic has turned was and down. 4 To 5 days was the big factor in cost of mine, if I have loved 1 or 2 days would have gone with a Galaxy. The music is terrible headed to earbuds. Twists in and was every second. I have walked 15000 no, 7.2 MINE, and has taken the burn of 2200 calories. Hanged 240 pounds and have the BMR of 2300 calories so only seating in mine butt. Perhaps ossia reason has like this the material has turned was. Also, it looks to require the pairing every time loses to touch with my telephone.

Does not take Me bad this clock has some characteristic is. A lot motivational workouts all the classes of bells and whistles. Only no quite that am looking for.

In the first place was, has tried to write this description in the clock come but different fashion. To the amazon closed down reasons have not been listed likes that has purchased the. A lot ready of Amazon reason have been remarks it that some descriptions some new plus that is going in in the plot of some ready clocks is a lot negative likes opposed to a majority of Past revises which am very positive which think that me more than competing enough in some companies of phase are competing by means of estimating systems to close unexpectedly his competitors.
First what, take your time goes to take enough the curve to learn to take used to this legislation of clock out of a box. It does not judge until he you imagining it was. Youtube Is the very good resource for sympathetic a Come and a Vivoactive 4 is a same system with the different exposure as to plot of good information there. First of calm included take this clock dipped halfway calms up will owe that give roughly to 50 permissions likes them be the patient. When it operates . Also, there is the good quantity of time during setup when a sample does not look to be answering. That in fact is spending is to the clock is updating in a background and is for this that all are doing is taking for ever. Again be patient.

Now to a clock. I love this thing already well out of a box. I have done days of investigation in this clock and has chosen he for my own reasons (O2 seated, apnoea of sleep, cardiac, respites, estréses, alert of emergency to GEL, paid of stand and alone music.)

Can not give the good indication reason have bought so only he of out a box are in the pleasant like this far and so only am trying blaze the little emotion for you characterises.
4 / 5
Ossia My prime minister garmin.
Has has possessed previously fitbits and the samsung train fit2.

I of the that usually descriptions of the estaca but I have researched alot to decide in that spent this clock to the equal that has imagined has to that read descriptions so much and helped like reason any one the to help a lot they possibly.
Has has had so only a sample on for some last few days but like this far are in that want to it!
Has used he multiple slope workouts comprising running external with a GPS and was attentive!
I amour like returns, is mine very light. It feels well in my wrist.
The hips looks beautiful!!
That was the big thing for me shabby my clock of fitness prójima.
My last a (the fitnit ionic) was to good sure very a lot enough, as have has wanted to one would feel well roughly spending 24/7.
The hips has a garmin characteristic of bus.
Which Are to add reasons go to be doing my prime minister 1/2 marathon and I know goes to be add in helping me the conquer!
A life of battery has been sum! This was another big deciding factor for me.
Has looked for the clock that has known that could dip on gps and go in common/hiking/to walk for the day and any to concern in a battery that drains too quickly to do to an end of mine workout.
I wont has to that concern roughly that with east.
(But neither has listened the music, like this perhaps with gps and music a battery would drain much faster, has not tried that unemployment)
is still in train for the expect still rests to 5 star for me.
Will go back other weeks of pair and update my description.
5 / 5
A Come is the good-looking clock but he has been the headache for a week had it. I have called Support of Product of the Amazon two times: once for the fault of gestures to look at the same time and a second time for a dreaded “IQ!” Icon in a screen. To the amazon was friendly but no really expert in this clock. We had me to reset of knots a clock, gone back was/in a clock, and reinstall a Garmin IQ application. These gives some very temporarily fixed some questions. With continuing “IQ!” Errors, has called Garmin Technical Sustain the one who has said that a question has used the 3rd clock of application of party of expensive I installed of Garmin IQ— say Garmin has not been to the manager for the subjects has caused for 3.as applications of party in his web of place—a bit can comprise a reasoning but Garmin have situated an application of type of the clock in his web of place for me to install. As I have gone back to Garmin IQ to install to write of clock of the Garmin but found the descriptions that says could not take several faces of Garmin to do in his Come or also has taken “IQ!” Icons of error. The majority of some faces of clock of the Garmin does not show marks the rhythm cardiac—THAT!!! Reason buy the clock of fitness and not showing heart rate and calories? That is to think of Garmin? They are a lot disappointed and will return one looks to possess 7 days.
5 / 5
Has considered this vs a samsung to active galaxy 2 and garmin resupplies so more together with essential smartwatch functionality. HR The sensor will not be never like this attack like the strap of @@@cofre but are adds for cardio according to which monitors of heart rate of the bases of wrist go. Garmin has taken this a legislation!
5 / 5
Has been using clocks of Garmin for the decade and trust me when calm say you to save your money with east a. I have had an original Vivoactive (the place a) and has loved that. I have had a Vivoactive 3 and for some premiers 6 months was súper glitchy, but improvement... Until the update of software has caused a life of battery to fall for less-that-half his leading life. As I have imagined I have had upgrade to the east a.

This stupid clock is CONSTANTLY unpairing of my telephone, and so only king-pair when I each one troubleshooting spends multiple time. (Picture that deletes a clock of a telephone and a telephone of a clock, and then that turns a clock and the telephones am gone in a same time, turning them on a same time, on and on, until him finally partorisci. Every day.)

A screen is súper vibrant... But then so only it comes with the pair of types of beautiful clock, and a beautiful plus a (the one of some main pictures) is not customizable. That the waste!

Also so only an annoyance added is one 'dark ash' the clock is blue. To good sure any ash.

Are incredibly unimpressed with this clock. It was to go back and the supposition so only will use one that dies constantly GOES 3 until I find something better.
5 / 5
A sample feels solid and is not too bulky. It is in a measure that expect of the clocks of the typical men and is not weighed in a wrist. A AMOLED the exposure is amply quite that shines in of the external conditions. I do not have any question that reads it and some colours are vivid. I can appreciate a band of clock avenges with. It has to that it weaves of empty and is returned the wide row of measures of wrist. When being able to change a band was with any one another 20mm the band of fast emission is the more also.

A history of software is mostly well. I have not used one Connects IQ application (the 'tent of application' for a clock) enough to speak to a quality of some applications on there, but a Garmin-authored and has comprised widgets has been doing like this expected that. It is the bit of the hassle to have the swipe by means of each widget to take to a wished one, although ( has to that attack up or down by means of a different widgets to cruised). Some widgets (and expensive of clock) has some compatible lag (perhaps -.5 as) before his in fact surrendered, which can be a bit annoying. I have it quell'has had so only this rendering lag subject with a hydration that follows widget and to write of the clock has downloaded of one Connects IQ tent. I do not have this subject with another included widgets.

Notification with my work of telephone of the Android well. It is possible to choose that the applications send notifications to a clock. You can quickly-answer the messages of text and calls. Mina 2FA application also works with him; I can agree or deny of a clock without touching my telephone. A vibration of a clock is configurable, but act a lot enough for me on one dipping a light plus and I do not have any question with notifications disappeared.

Some the basic sensors take legislations of things (heart rate, no, GPS, etc.), But some more derivative statisticians (likes sleep, stress, 'battery of organism') the investigation is paste or lose (looks to be lose he for me). The heart rate and the very closely match the one who my FitBit give me and a Come looks of more reliably maintain my heart rate stat available during exercising that my FitBit, which usually owe that regulate. GPS chooses on quickly; usually in 15 second or less. I think that that a long plus has taken was roughly 30 seconds before it was ready . Some maps take after my careers are something -on.

An application of looks to mate to be quite a knife of Swiss army. He to plot and can aim to plot of information and can take some taking used to (I am coming from a FitBit the experience of user simpler of the application); I took the few days to agree where all some settings and the characteristic were. While it is not frustrating to use, can use some UX polish.

An original asking the prize was $ 400 at the same time of cost of mine, which was bit it empinado, as another has declared. In the lowest prize, is more value he.

My subjects with a clock am based in mostly software, and, as such, would be likely to be fixed in of the future updates. I will not resist respite of mine for him, this in spite of. In spite of a gilipollas has covered, am happy with him; it is easier that take frustrations that to rent some things that has been done well reasons his so only operates it and I forget to call them was.

Oh. Also I can confirm that it says time (clock, stopwatch, timer, alarm) to the decent terracing of accuracy.

Top Customer Reviews: Smart Watch, ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
4 / 5
I am updating this in reply to an email received of a vendor. Beware Some descriptions in this element. A vendor is bribing these with negative critiques with the $ 20 paper of present. Also, his suggestion partorisca presionar a clock would be ridiculously uncomfortable. A clock is grieves comfortable how is.

My original description:

has bought this because I am not sure state yes would use this or no. Ossia súper pleasant and has characteristic is, but the majority of some elements has used is inaccurate. Also, you have to link this to the yours telephone or calm can does not customise and can not change a date or time. He always in estimativas a number of any volume for at least 10. Still it calculates a lot while you are seating and not moving . I have compared this to wrist of mine ox and my levels of the look of low oxygen that that it is in a clock, but my looks of heart rate partorisca be quite attentive. Regarding a function of sleep, registered sleeping when it was very awake. Another subject is any pair up with your telephone is in the different room rendering the little of some characteristic useless. Also, has the characteristic that is supposition for the leave to receive messages of text, which he no .

Here is an email has received of a vendor:

Regarding a question has mentioned, your needs of clock to having connected to a HeroBandIII Application. A clock and a need of mobile phone to be inner 5 metres to having connected stably. Once a clock is connected to an APPLICATION, immediately will synchronise a time of tongue and another information in a mobile phone. It can not dip a time in a clock.

Regarding a calculation of account of the step, a tracker of fitness has the built-in 3D sensor. It will register your steps like scales your arm. Sometimes a data in a device can aim the light delay. This produces so only registers valid workouts. To reduce an error of measure, will continue to calculate a number of any after continuing for 40 no. besieges a wrist in an upper place of a wrist and presionarlo tighter that usual during exercise. To avert registering unintended any

considering oxygen of blood, will influence a measure if your stable of stay of the wrist and spend a quite tight sample when measuring.

Suggests to spend a tighter sample to help a more attentive measure. Also, please stable to remain when measuring.

Please look that a monitor of the oxygen of the blood can so only considered like the reference.

Resupplies the-guaranteeed of year for each product in a tent, any @@subject the one who yours questions are, will be responsible for them.

Gives the full repayment Invernadero Amazon. If you are happy to delete the description or the update likes the positive critique, will give you to us a bit extra $ 20 paper of present like the graces.

Subtracts waiting for listening of you punctual.


KALINCO service of client
5 / 5
At the beginning, was very pleased with this clock. It was easy to dip up and a map was clear and colour.
But has then begun to remark that a counter of has not gone inaccurate. It would count any same although it had not moved. I have verified a reading of pressure of the blood against one in-monitor of house and found the wildly different.

The majority of frustration of mine has come when I has received the response of a costruttore to my worries. For his email of mine that considers a reading of pressure of inaccurate blood: “it can not be used for professional measure. You suggest to you to purchase monitor of pressure of professional blood for medical use'.

My roughly measured worry of heart rate has been answered with “to avert questions, calms appearances that can spend correctly and maintain the stable connection.”

So he decides spent this clock, please be conscious that an only measure that that can be attentive is a time and date.
5 / 5
Has had the few ready clocks before east an and I have to that say that this one took it finally!

In the first place, a life of battery is excellent! I last the long time. I have not run of out battery although it was the chance regulates in my now ready clocks old deceased. I create, ossia the enormous plus !

A port to the touch is different of a normal micro usb ports to plot of use of the clocks but a clock touches a lot quickly which is also it big plus.

Another big plus is that some interfaces of clock a lot amiably with an application. A iOS the sum of laws of the application and can initiate so only in each function in a clock of an application that is very convenient. Extracted almost all the operations of an application more than a clock to ensure this data is registered to follow purpose.

A capacity to control a shutter in your camera also comes handy on distance selfies.

You Also can control that the notifications are sent to yours look which is handy. A softly suitable sample calm of notification as when you take an email and concealed can be very useful.

One Finds My characteristic of calm Telephone enable you to locate your misplaced the telephone that use your clock. Quite useful in fact!

A clock resupplies a capacity to control what time some stays of screen on when actuated. For me, I need it has it on more along a incumplimiento 5 seconds with one that comprises that a long more a period a more often has to that touch a clock.

And last but much less, a plethora of characteristic of law of health perfectly.

Here is pair to demand smaller:

Resupplies 'the sample faces' that comprises an external temperature. Although you can access a time of a clock with the swipes of the pair and he touch also. There it looks to be bug with a regular unit of temperature because changing it too fahrenheit does not resist - transmissions behind to celcius when in firm an application.

Is likely improves you in a UI of a mobile application. Although that it is, it is functional and usable.

In general, is the clock loans a lot well for a prize and a together of characteristic has resupplied. I can not see like this it can go wrong!
5 / 5
Loves this clock! It had been looking for weeks for the ready clock abordable that has done that I loved it to do. This clock returns a bill. A sample faces it a lot the big and still with mine eyesight the questions can read a text that comes by means of. It was very easy to dip up and has like this far all the wait of him. A way of sleep is attentive as well as a APDO. ( It has gone by 1-2 points for mine cuff) all more is quite something on. A band is comfy and take it is gone in a morning for the bit and dip the backside on with which to rain. An only thing would change is some pictures to face they. I am gone through everything of them and there the tonne of them and so only like the little of them. The majority is sport has related in some way or another. This in no way deters of him when being the 5 clock of star partorisca east the subject of my flavours.
Highly recommends this element and could do better that he 5 accident !.
4 / 5
This clock is surprising, to all the cost of a awesome prize!! I have had the Fitbit uploads 3 that there is prendido finally resists one load and more than expecting to save up for the new upgraded Fitbit or save up for LONG time for a clock of Apple, has taken it casualidad in this good-looking clock. BETTER decision! It is beautiful, comfortable and an exposure is awesome! It could you ail read my old Fitbit in a shadow, has left so only in a sun. A screen in this clock clears and brilliant and easily regulated of a clock he. A APDO and the heart rate looks quite attentive as well as a sleep. A O2 the reading looked the little low but will be necessary to verify it against pressing it ox the next time goes to do. An application is very simple and basic and like me concealed. Amur That EASILY can customise an exposure with my own pics. The just desire could change a source of a date/of time. If any one knows like this to do that, would want to know. Down waiting for to see like this extracted in a long career. But honradamente, for a prize and with the 1 yr guarantee that was súper easy to sign on partorisca, can any gone bad. I am thinking probably I will finalise to take one in each colour this in spite of being saving the tonne of money has compared to buy one of a name-mark on-priced clocks.
5 / 5
Loves this ready clock! Ossia A second punctual clock has possessed. In the first place one was a lot. This has way more characteristic that one. Easy to use, the life of battery is sum. The screen to touch is easy to use. I want to all some things can do. It has not had time to so only seat the explore this fresh clock still. The amour that well and quite a lot of looks. All the world-wide the one who sees to ask where has taken the and the one who beautiful looks.
4 / 5
Value he for a money and more! I can not think that well this clock is for a prize. Comparable in my opinion to a Clock of Apple. They are like this like this happy with this compraventa! Also it loves that I can customise a screen.
4 / 5
Really like that has sleep that follows and a life of hard battery long and is súper easy to touch also. Really It likes Me a touchscreen that light of key taken for the use.
Would recommend this clock by all the world. Also really it likes that there is like this of characteristic different.

Top Customer Reviews: Smart Watches for ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
4 / 5
I have been to cost of mine of this clock that knows that it has not been partorisca compare to the mine Fitbit the shot has had, but when my Fitbit has died, has wanted to try something the little more economic first to spend $ 300 again. It would say that it does like this expected for a prize.

- Look well, the mine looks the active galaxy 2 clock.
-Can change a face of clock, although I do with has had more options.

-Súper Inaccurate. A sleep that follows has said some last two nights that the so only slept for 3 hours and can you to them ensure that legitimately it had taken so only 3 hours of sleep two nights in the row, would be totally dysfunctional right now.
- Account roughly 2k less a lot of that my Fitbit has done with an activity esatta same (walking to and of work, etc.).
-Some notifications whose clear of a clock when calm clears him of your telephone.
-That I can say, a sample any noise, so only vibrates.
-A max screen timeout is 9 seconds.
-A max brightness is still quite dark. Outside in a sun? It forgets to see a screen.

Recommends? Eh. The mine will be worth it to pay extra money and take the clock that that has taken used to with a Fitbit Extracted, but for $ 45 ossia roughly to the equal that has expected. If calm so only need the clock to look decent and say you a time, adds compraventa.
5 / 5
Is a first time has not tried never the ready clock and result awesome!
Has used he for several days without touching, and looks that a battery can last inclusa longer.
Looks a lot quite and have the good packaging. It has taken one touching the boss has comprised, and is magnetic, which is so only.
Has found that a face of clock can be has changed dipped. It looked his and have the plot of elections for that. I have taken really.
The literally can control your activities to sleep and is very attentive! Also I say a period of deep sleep and light sleep. It finds this looks very useful!
Has tried also an application, an application is a lot of-drawn and have the clear exposure of different characteristics.

In general, good clock for the good prize, would recommend!
5 / 5
This could be the good clock for a prize. It has not had any instruction on like this to use/dipped some options that is available. Everything of some tasks that is listed in a description is not available. An exposure is well, abundance of options of exposure.
A question a big plus is an application that is required to use a clock. It has not touched amiably with my iPhone at all. According to an application, can share a data to the application of Health of iPhone but has not spent never. In fact it froze it entirely an application of Health and has maintained he to run my program of sleep and other settings of House. For day 3 I could not use any application, had frozen entirely. I uninstalled an application of clock and my application of Health has begun fully does immediately.
Too bad.
4 / 5
A colour of a clock is a lot good-looking, and a strap is soft and comfortable. It is instrumented with two insiemi of straps, rose and black, which can be substituted for oneself. It is very simple. Sometimes a heart rate is inaccurate reason is not to close to a skin, but to relieve a heart rate, so only dipped the backside in a correct place. A battery is very durable. Five days with which has been bought, still has 40 power. It can relieve sleep, receives information, shows a time and time. It is the multifunctional clock.
5 / 5
Has been thinking in upgrading to some serious 7 but then my fellow recommended me this clock and am like this happy has done! They are like this ailing and tired to spend hundreds when this clock all concealed I need and more.

Considering his point of prize and all some work that takes mark this the compraventa adds. More it likes me his creation.. It is lustrous and versatile (random or formal) and practically indistinguishable other frames of name. Mostly it uses my ready clock for my workouts (I career and swim) and this looks does a work adds. A second key in a side is the shortcut to register my workouts and is like this convenient when they are a way for the jog and so only wants to GO. It takes my blood O2 the level and the heart rate and ossia quite all I need. Also a life of battery is sum. I have been that spends this clock for three days directly of a box and I still have more than half a battery! They are quite sure to go me to last by means of a week without that has to that touch.

In general, am very satisfied with this compraventa and with some holidays around a corner am thinking to take the pair more like this present. They are sure my friends goes to love his as much as I mine of amour.
4 / 5
Has bought a black an and has been spending paralizaciones east to the long of the week now. A clock is very drawn and looks really good. It is really thin and a material is very comfortable. Any seats inclusos calm that are spending the clock. This was my worry of the entity especially loves the spend when sleep. It follows some steps and my record of formation a lot with accuracy that is awesome. In general, this clock satisfies all my needs and he is so only 50 bucks. Totally it validates he.
5 / 5
Appearance: A packaging and a creation of this clock is lustrous and elegant. I also really liked a colour of gold of the ascended. And my surprised, comes with a together extra of black wristband, how is likes is taking two colours for a prize of one, which is the plus .

Interface and functionality: An interface of clock is easy to interact with, comes with all some basic functions that would expect you of the ready clock: heartbeat sensor, tracker of any, tracker of sleep, notification, etc... And it is also water resistant, how is perfect for any external activities. This in spite of, there looks to be any speaker or microphone in this clock, like this calm can does not call or receive calls in the, has included tho notification to call still will look on that. It did not like doing called in of my ready clocks in all the chance, as it is not really the treat big for me, and thus prize, can very really complain roughly that. There is also the application consecrated for this clock that owe you download. An application is easy cruise it, and can change a lot of settings in an application to customise your clock, as any complains in an application also.

Life of battery: A battery in this clock can last the whole day of use without @@subject. A clock comes with the magnetic load that key on enough quickly also. In general, a life of battery is to good sure one of some things that this clock excels in.

In general, ossia the quality adds ready clock for 50 bucks. Absolutely it would recommend it to any one looking for the abordable and practical ready clock👍
5 / 5
tracker of Convenient health that comes with the mobile application and can connect with a telephone that use bluetooth.

- A lot of looking, alternative band, A lot wallpaper choose! (Of application)
- Can connect with Andriod likes Pixel of G
- Record HR, time of sleep, fitness
- hanged of record of the Application
- the characteristic suitable call
- Find a characteristic of telephone
- time still to Show Info grabbing of a telephone
- that Drunk to agree

- A connection has taken the moment, at the beginning can not find a telephone
- characteristic of the message no for Andriod/Pixel
- Could be better measuring a fat of organism
5 / 5
liked an interface of user in a device. But if a can not use a clock with his telephone, that well is - especially has called the ready clock. They are sure he can measure all the classes of things, but if you can not join he in with an application expect to you to download, again - the one who this good? A description has said that it is the 2021 model . So much, enough possibly a Bluetooth version the just plain no with iOS 14.8 or 15. Any idea. No my work to question shoots that it is bad with him. They are in mine second ready clock. Neither it is built for Apple, but both will follow my sleep, heart rate, notify when the call go in, and aim me messages. This a, although a lot enough to look in, with the interface of good user in a device - the Just plain does not operate. An application say to you to download is also to crap. It is not very drawn and, of course, no with a device. I have tried sync/together up with more than a device of Apple. Esun Very gone, you.

Top Customer Reviews: Amazfit GTS 2 Mini ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
I am coming from the Samsung Train S2 and then the little crappy some of Bangood and AliExpress. Ossia A better smartwatch there is like this had far. They are in a Samsung/ecosystem of Android, as any crapple partorisca my wrist.

Battery Or W. I have received this in my evening. Touched the on and has begun partorisca spend that late. I have been customising and exploring all his options, as they are more hard state in a life of battery that the normal fray. THIS In spite of, here is Fri the morning and my clock still has 32. Has all the settings have turned on partorisca follow no, heart rate, sleep, etc. has bet can express the week out of him.

User and first of legislation. I any precise of the icons of bubble bobo, so only gimmie enumerate it and left the click in that master.

. Your tracker of any normal. Monitor of heart rate of the plus, SpO2, skin temp, monitor of stress, time, alarm (partorisca knots old school 80 boys that has has wanted to having an alarm in our clock), oh, and the DND characteristic partorisca maintain your clock of buzzing at night! You can also setup a screen in the schedule to not turning on when turned your wrist like calm is not constantly blinding your woman while sleeping (prevail). There is little widgets, the compass like any stray volume, the barometric , reason any one!, Timer, and account down.

And first of legislation. I am not Never be the defender of a Samsung tracker of health. Zepp Is the fantastic application that does not drain your battery of telephone. There is the built in esdesgarró' with types of extra clock. There are other applications partorisca types of clock, but concealed is not that this description is roughly.

In general, Amazfit GTS 2.ºt Is excellent. Have Still partorisca find the characteristic or desert that does not take me by means of a day. Yes, this model does not have the speaker like calm can not be fresh likes Dick Tracy and call of your wrist, but the one who needs that in all the chance. They are a The PROFESSIONAL and require the clock that testo of shows, emails, Squads of alert, and incoming calls. Oh, And I mention this thing has life of excellent battery. I have bet I can take the week without that has to that take my clock was at night partorisca the touch.
5 / 5
Has had this clock partorisca to the long of the month now and has loved the really loves reason love a creation and the plot of some characteristics. I do not write never of the descriptions for the products but are like this disappointed in a monitor of heart rate of this clock. I have bought a sample mainly to follow workouts and the upgrade of the mine old fitbit but his essentially useless as frequently it is has gone by 60+bpm for my HR and will say are eslaxing' when my HR is really 160. Been due to of the this, an account of calorie is also entirely inaccurate. I have tried that rule an access of a clock as well as where remain in my wrist and any of of the this has done the attentive plus. A sleep that follows is also inaccurate- does not choose up in naps to the equal that alleges to and will have the times where wake up in some means of a night to use a bath and does not register this as 'wake at all. And I have not been able to take any notifications of telephone to be envoys to a besides called clock. I am spent the on-line hours trying troubleshoot the and can not find the reason for reason is not doing. It would return it but I already cut a band of wrist because it is very long. An application is quite decent and some options of the face of the clock is utmost but in general I desire has had has spent so only bit it more money and gone with the new plus fitbit or version of clock of old apple
4 / 5
I upgraded of the Bip S. A GTS 2 mini is so only slightly different physically, but that the small difference such the big impact. I have it quell'has had always dressier small thin clocks. Like this emotional to the ready clock was the big transmission . Reason has the smallest wrists, found the big and bulky, but a Bip S was already the smallest race. It was still big and bulky for me but something could live with. Still it has looked for something smaller. I have tried a Garmin Comes SQ. It has been it bit it smaller but was the terrible is returned immediately. I have then seen a Mini and was intriqued for him. I have decided that test has been, and am like this happy with him. It is so only 2 mm smaller and the mm thinner, but with a classier has arrived looks very impressive. Calm included could spend this in the formal outing. Very thin with the very tightened bezel. A amoled the exposure is a lot well, and still although a life of the battery is not while a Bip S, is still can take roughly 10 days of him. It uses one same Zepp to software likes Bip S, to the to the equal that likes, but also there is roughly upgades been due to of the better capacities of a clock. It is obviously a lot like this as well as a clock of Apple, but calm is not that it pays $ 500 for him and he still has all some characteristics I needs. If you are looking for the dressier the looks of fitness to the equal that has all some necessary functions, suggest that taken the most next look in this clock.
5 / 5

This application is surprising. Fast for the ready clock. Yeah Sometimes you it click and does not receive feedback, but this spends with your telephone also. It likes me everything of some fresh things could do. I suggest that taken an hour of your time to really explore your clock. There are a lot of calm things can not know roughly or this is “to hide” and require the little more undermining.


Are disappointed, this in spite of, this Amazon Alexa is not on he still. A GTS 2 Mini is announced with Amazon Alexa has built-in. IN THE VIDEO! This is not just mine at all. This was one of some the majority of crucial characteristics for me. But I hope to take this update inside a next month. Or I go to be more a lot unbalanced.

There is remarked also an application of time is quite inaccurate. It has not been if it is quite attentive in reality, but is certainly not matching my iPhone.

A band is súper economic. It feels kinda sweaty/itchy after the little mins and literally feels súper economic when calm seats it. This precise improvement of entity.

To all the cost, this clock is a awesome shows for daily activities, which is reason I gave it to four indication of star.

Thank you,
4 / 5
Well. I have had he for 24 hours and I have to that say are very impressed!! In the first place I will declare that although an application looks the good and quite functional access I ding he because of a fundamental issue. Ossia That when the register has maintained to take a signal of following “error has to that contain papers and of the numbers”. Well, the translation is that SO ONLY has to that contain papers and of the numbers. No the enormous shot but at the beginning was a lot of fallido reason here are that it thinks that that that “has this really a lot that looks the clock and can does not use”. In all the chance has imagined out of that has meant. I have had the special character in my signal. It has taken that it was. All hummed to the long of!

I movements advances the few hours. I spent it take still to bed, quite comfortable and does not spend never the clock to bed but has wanted to try a sleep that follows. Looked to do well for me and looked in the pair with quell'I knows my habits of sleep are.

First of fast again to this morning. Taken to my office and has taken almost simultaneous compliments in mine new IWatch! The ape has thinks that is the hundred of pair less. Extended My secret and was suitably has impressed. It notes I work with stirs it of the aerospace engineers and is all the technology geeks. As it was impressed enough that they were fooled.

Touched it up in an office and I would say it there is taken on an hour to go of 43 to 100. Right now, with which roughly 13 hours is down to 95. Better and better! I know I will not take never two weeks but can go so only to 4 work of the week of day are happy. Seldom it spends the clock in of the weekends.

In general is has impressed extremely! It is light, very functional, a lot a lot looking and to to look likes will leave.

Day 8. Against that has said on, has not taken a sample is gone in these 8 days. Two reasons, has wanted to give it the full test and he is like this comfortable that does not seat a need to offload the hardly walks in a door. I have had still 33 battery when I recharged like this estimate for my use easily will take 10 days in the full load. Quite impressive! I remark that sometimes a function of sleep is the little was but hey, are by train to to use likes him drives, no an absolute. And again thus point of prize has the zeros complain! To good sure recommends this clock! PS. Still taking compliments in mine “IWatch”!

A last update. Roughly day 15. Still it impressed it a lot! They are roughly in an end of my second full load and I have 40 battery!

IMHO. Spent this! I have it that has not possessed never a IWatch but has to that think that this type is doing like this well of the work partorisca to whole plot less!
4 / 5
Has been using this smartwatch partorisca almost two month now and really likes to of me. It likes- one way that looks and really likes me a AMOLED screen. Also It likes Me a tracker of sleep, thinks that operates quite well. This in spite of, a menstrual the tracker does not operate. I have tried the entrance my periods and he will erase a data or transmission some dates. He also frequently disconnects of my telephone, this some time disappears and then can not see any of my data until I connect it again. A band nettles my wrist and odora really bad take the wet, like sure mark for the washed from time to time. Also desires could do faces of the clock done to commission reason has an iPhone, can any one and is @@subject to use any faces of clock concealed is available by means of a Zepp application.

Thinks that the few updates will help with these subjects. Another that that, taste and the spend daily.

UPDATE: Of mine last description, has had more time with this clock. They dipped it it was perhaps two updates has left of my description. One first update helped with a tracker of period not doing . A second update has there is ruined enough an application for me. I can not take to a Zepp application to do anything, so only maintains esynching.' A time widget has begun also to not doing anymore. I can not customise my clock or anything, this update has there is ruined entirely a clock. I have tried it contacts Amazfit and has taken any response.
5 / 5
My failure to have this element for More than one 30 turn of window of day. Of day 1 has been missing of life of pertinent battery. We purchase 2 of east a same time with a difference when being a COLOUR of a band. Another, work fantastically. An application sucks, but a sample are adds. This a this in spite of, a life of hard battery for the simple 3-4 days. We have taken our time to complete one restarts, has tried the little time. Followed everything of some suggestions of support of the product and finally has tried finally a reset of hard factory. It has completed once we touch this and another a same time for a same quantity of time. Both pulled of a chargers a same time, all the settings were exactly some same. In small more than 24 hours a clock of pink band was in 96 life of battery that remain. This clock of black band was in 70 life of battery that remain. You see one @subjects here? Produced defective. As I have contacted service of client that was an integer of chaotic disorder of awfullness. They have begun accidentally a turn in a wrong clock, can not do substitutions, as I have had to that contact behind and a advisor was oblivious to a subject real of just that corrects AS it shows a turn was paralizaciones . I have asked the supervisor 4 times and has received at all, as I have had a service of client call to explain and take this emotional. Hallalejuh Has been cured of, so only for me to find that they have taken 30 restocking cost out of my repayment. A repayment am receiving reason have sold the DEFECTIVE product. That? Now it was that it is thinking, it was external of mine 30 turn of day the period and I would have to that it is gone in touch with them more collected. You are well, it would have to have, as I will suck on a ridiculous 30 and then probably purchase the different product with the plan of service in chance anything more raisin. Any value one craps has spent so only for in this bad boy. It does not buy it , or yes calm , the mark sure is perfect directly out of this box!
4 / 5
When it has taken a show has dipped he so that it was more convenient and entertainment for me: time of long reading, sensitive wakeup movement of wrist, the picture of my woman like the fund of a face of clock... Result: TWO DAYS of life of battery! Recently better that a sample of Apple! It has been ready to return it when I have tried was that it saves elections of battery: time of minimum reading (5 dry), 'normal' wakeup sensibility, face of good clock with the minimum number of pixel on. Result: MORE THAN 20 battery of LIFE of DAYS! I love it now!
5 / 5
GTS 2 Mini is not the product has finalised. I can seat here and write on the description a lot the time detailed with pictures, loans all a pros and gilipollas, questions, defects to draw, etc but my time is of entity of mine so much the are not that it goes to. Compraventa, test, likes, of the hate, anything. I have used he for the few months and is not the product has finalised. Too many Subjects. Amazfit Loves users to inform questions. It would owe that it has thought it roughly he first that releases a clock. They are not that it pays to declare.
4 / 5
Like the forward Fitbit owner has not had to any idea likes the most advanced fitness the trackers are resulted. After my last Fitbit has died. I have ordered another and that one was defective also.
I some investigation and frankly has the tonne of elections there. I have been with east a reason hey is Amazon if it does not like.
Chico this clock is smaller,faster, more date, more life of better battery in each way that subject @of mine. Now I any a lot of some 90 exercises follows like this any feedback in that.
HAS the fresh characteristic has called FATHER that of some looks of way at all your physical activity and cranks out of the number that is the way adds to see like this is doing.
Quotes this is priced in the middle of fitbit uploads 3 is screamin the value and that there is now for two weeks could not be happier. The subject only is I desire has had an application that done in the computer as well as a telephone. I guess he the way to do with any emulator of android but ugh.
Buys it will like you.

Top Customer Reviews: Garmin Venu Sq, GPS ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
While this is not the Clock of elegant Apple, he all required it to without a jaw that the falls am cost. Also it calms it does not have to that pay the monthly affiliation partorisca use characteristic like O2 saturation a way has to that with FitBit clocks. Also it looks really good. It follows my heart rate, levels of oxygen, sleep, no, and much more. A shows control of continuous heart rate, the difference of an Apple that the no. Also can alert my contacts of emergency and send them my need of location to. I purchased it more for medical reasons and am very happy with this clock. The prize adds and better function partorisca my needs.
5 / 5
Was the little has bitten hesitant to buy a Come SQ reason my last clock of Garmin was weighed like this in characteristic that has not known like partorisca use (and honradamente very precise .) If it is taste, of the random athlete, perhaps is the walking of fitness or doing light yoga... Or included the new corridor, ossia probably a clock partorisca you. It does not have everything of a frills of some of Garmin is other products, and is very simple cruise it! They are everything roughly simplicity because they are class of 'the stupid computer.' Calm would be necessary to take it. You will be pleasantly surprised likes era!
5 / 5
A sample that says it will do. This in spite of, leaves was some a lot of entity characteristic that is covered by a Forerunner and Fenix lines. If you are coaching and love idea partorisca recovery and progress, this unit resupplies neither. Any time of recovery, any indicators of action or idea. It looks odd to leave that it was, and those are of entities metrics partorisca any one the fitness. In fact, those are one The majority of of entity metrics. (Like Hard press, is progressing, like this hard or easy to take a prójimo workout, etc)
5 / 5
has had the Fitbit Uploads 3 of late 2018 and has been quite happy with him, except a poor selection of faces of clock. I have loved to see it there are better options there now of then is been two years , as I have tried a new Fitbit Sense and was a lot of disappointed to say a less. Cela Took curious roughly Garmin, which is resulted in the mine that gives a Come Sq shot it.

If any quantity the quite bumpy setup process it and that spends the while configuring all your satisfaction, goes to love this clock. I know I have done. It is responsive, aesthetically pleasing, and sincere roughly quite all aim you. A life of battery is excellent, included with a SpO2 the metre enabled during sleep (if included that can say when you are sleeping... More on that in the moment). I can not comment a lot in the activity that follows, as all was to walk the miles of pair with him on, which has managed so only well. A Garmin Connects need of application some polish, but clearly the plot of attention has gone his, and there is some fantastic metrics to the pore on yes is to that. It was impressed at all for his tent of application, a League IQ Tent.

All this says, has decided any to maintain this clock because the sleep of Garmin that follows the technology is absolute rubbishes . I take the plot of naps, and Garmin any so only can no to relieve them automatically, but any one left calm inclusa enters them manually. It Character in Garmin has decided all the world-wide only sleeps once for day, and during the pre-determinate window of time? Ridiculous. Fitbit Is taken some serious questions of his own, but his detection of sleep is light years at the head of of the this! It is Garmin is directed on athletics and nitty-gritty metrics, but this was the breaker of extracted for me.
4 / 5
In the first place was, are the personal trainer and triathlete, and has been the defender of Garmin for years - his devices last the long time, and is a better in the fitness that follows. It has been using the 920XT for perhaps 10 years(?) Maintaining and still is doing adds. That has loved roughly more was a way of triathlon, and has has wanted to less was a measure of clock of Tracy of Dick of a thing. It was hesistant to change to wrist-has based HRM at the beginning, but thinks a technology in these has improved dramatically, as distinct of the mine Garmin new Come. Here it is mine pro & with east:
Pro is:
- Light, extremely comfortable, any metal in a buckle (I am allergic to nickel, used in the majority of buckles of clock)
- Beautiful screen, easy cruise it and place on (like mine 920XT was)
- the life of Battery is promised like this. I am taking roughly 7 or 8 days before that requires the recharge.
- Attentive HR, Sleep, and run that follows - again, the force of Garmin
- A lavendar is an absolutely gorgeous colour
- the application of Accompanying telephone is Garmin regular application, with a lot of information well and easy to build workouts (but would recommend to do this in a web application instead.)
- Garmin syncs To the final Arises, an application of register of on-line formation I use
- HAS all some modality of exercise I use, and plots more: swimming alfresco, swimming group, biking indoors, the external bicycle, run indoors, follows career of street , external/career, yoga, formation by force, hiking.
- Leave to see notification of telephone (concealed wants to see, can close I any) and quickly refuse incoming calls (like this daily the car guarantee that annoy robocalls)
- When that runs alfresco and doing intervals, he any 'beep' a lot noisily at all - is mostly the vibration. I wish this was stronger, like mine 920XT was.
- Gives a not following is not very attentive - but there is still to find Any device that does this sake. It is all has based in movements of arms. The 15 a lot today before exiting of bed! But seriously, it does not leave east discourages is like this well it tracker of any pleasure anything more there.
- A way of the formation of the force is the little wonky - has not imagined was that purportedly it counts reps. But so only having to that ignore that in all the chance, as my formation by force on its own name and my clients is a lot of movement-oriented, any only stationary impulses.
- This model does not download music ( there is the most expensive version master concealed). But personally this was irrelevant mine so much touches my music by means of the bluetooth speaker when I am inner , and does not listen the music at all when I am coaching external.
- A prize is the little big like this the category of devices goes, but the most economic way that a sample of Apple and without all an excess fluff those have. But a lot, very better that the $ 35-$ 45 cockroach of fitness clock. You take like stops of pays.
In general highly recommends this clock for any enthusiast of fitness.
5 / 5
There is enough the few bad things with a product. In the first place, all an amazon revives is for Garmin Comes or to the to something likes concealed. I do not have any idea because this description of product is appropriate for east a. As some descriptions are wrong and misleading.

Ossia Description of the product for Garmin Vén Sq. I have bought he with full prize of Amazon. It is the glorified healttracker. Yes, there is the screen but his funtionality is very limited. A clock is headed to the health that follows. All a health that follows the functionality perfects. I have been impressed with a health stat in following.

In of the terms of fluidities of screen, has found a screen is hard to use, is jittery and a response is awefully slow. For example I touches on some key and attack a screen with which concealed, calm would not know never the one who that goes to spend. I need to expect the little as after touching you on something. A worse part is touches a lot always laws. So much, I found it extremely difficult to use this product like ready clock.

Some of a smartwatch functionality like works of good notification. A resolution of the screen is not very good but is feasible.

Finally a tape. Like this calm am likely to see of a picture a tape is causing allergic reaction for my skin. Now it can or it can not spend for all the world-wide but am sure a reaction is not so only my skin. A need of tape to be averted in any cost. In general it was the bad experience for me and I recommend to avert this clock.
5 / 5
Are very pleased with one Coming 2s. I have been surprised in a breadth and depth of an information this clock resupplies.

Further of the wide selection of activity to control, an in general state information of health and in the quality of sleep is impressive and useful. I have thought one 'Battery of Organism' the characteristic could be the useless characteristic , but resupplies good clues on like this to remain balanced - to estimate - exertions during a day based in your level of activity, quality of sleep and more.

One 'Age of Fitness' the calculation was also the surprise - mostly reason has given useful information in of the concrete things to change to improve hail

An exposure is the does not advance big . I have tried a Garmin Alive Active line and found an exposure also dim for me. A Come 2s is brilliant and readable while exerting.

Also first to buy, has been concerned that a measure of source in a Come 2s could be too small. I thought that it that it could require take one the big plus Comes 2, again was pleasantly has surprised: all a data is easy for me to read.

A support of Garmin is terrific. There is to plot of elections and characteristic in a clock. Some of a navigation was the bit to confuse mine. But a support of telephone was unhurried and thorough. An agent was a lot of familiar with a product.

(A note lateralmente: I have used and like 4 or 5 different Fitbit produced in a past 10 years or so many. I have bought his his model new plus - a Sense. The exposure adds but has had to return he because of the terribly erratic sensor of heart rate. His support of client - I once adds - is now out of sourced to the people that read some same scripted the documentation can find on-line calm. They are so only be time offered to squander fixed for the defect that resulted to be very documented in of the forums of on-line consumer. Fitbit Sunk down, IMO.)

A Garmin comes until a quality of product has expected they of years to use his devices of CAR GPS. They are very pleased to having invested in this clock.
5 / 5
A vendor was to add - no so much my election.
Has owner and of the products of Garmin multiple own still. I have loved mine Vivoactive 3 music but with which 2 years has broken was some pins of strap have attached has required like this the new clock has loved the attached my wrist more than having the clock of pocket that any pickup my heart rate (the clock is still fully functional).. This clock is functionally one same, with the different exposure. I chose it reason have loved a face of square clock. It is an exposure that is a downside. If you are young and have the acute eyes can love this exposure. It is small and acute impression . When I am exiting I prefer the exposure that has main of number that is easier that read, and is always on. To save life of battery (the exposure is hungry the power has compared to Vivoactive) uses turns and of the small sources was quickly. When Tentativa to first of fast in podcasts an exposure in bylines was before I complete an action and he then annuls an action. So much, it would have to it has bought it a Vivoactive 4 for a same prize and I would be much happier with my election of compraventa. A Vivoactive 4, the looks is a same clock with an exposure an old plus that stays on and has the main sources but is not like this enough.
5 / 5
Has (had) Garmin a lot of and Samsung clocks some last 6 years, comprising a fenix serious.

Go back and advances on battery/of fitness and smartwatch/quite screen. Coming 2 Corrects a quite a lot of screen and the life of battery is excellent. With 30 minutes of GPS for day and of the typical settings, text and notification of email, Sp02 has turned WAS, easily could go 6 days. But my typical model is use he for 3 to 4 days and cariche when it is down 50. Taken 30 minutes to touch in 50 phase of battery. The battery that touches the time is around an hour and very fast to 90.

The new interface with gazes is basically awesome. An old way to attack by means of the each widget is heavy and was a thing I amour in Samsung with a physical dial, the quickly of roll by means of widgets. Some gazes are more like scrolling the web page and clicking links it and total sense.

I exercise regularly. I have used some typical routines many times. It pursues, Walk, Cardio, Bicycle, treadmill, his all does on some same like any leading units. It likes-me it pairing to HR monitor for a HIIT, weightlifting, cardio, but a lot always. Heartrate The accuracy is probably the little better that leading units, but clearly still takes stray and can be slow to answer in cardio, HIIT and sure in weightlifting of upper organism. If it calm crazy and is not registering your Minutes of Intensity been due to he, pair he with the strap of @@@cofre. It is an only way . : - )

A thing is sure, Garmin ALWAYS will be register something for HR. Mina Samsung the sometimes record sample HR, stops, begins again, and then estimate some calories have based in an algorithm with entrance very small of intensity or HR.

Loves Garmin for an Application, a way follows calories, and aims of weekly intensity. It can overestimate to the calorie burns the little during workouts, but will not take to credit too extra for just when being active otherwise during a day.

Has taken a “My Day” snapshot the little time. I have been notified my “Age of Fitness” is falling. These are new elements in some Come 2. Probably the little gimmicky, but am sure is the a lot of selling point for some. Garmin of desire would add some options to exercise advanced of a fenix or forerunner serious. It does not like undermining by means of of stirs it of papers to find mine VO2 Max. This would have to that be the gaze ! He no any sense, and some competitors are dipping a V02 Max and another advanced in common front of information and centres now.

Last, and perhaps one the majority of of entity for a lot. Smartwatch. Has some accounts of first amazon how is good to take this music in a unit 'for the prize comprised'. @I give a lot have Spotify, but I no, like the music of Amazon is well for me. Although, it does not listen the music while exerting often. Some notifications are minimum coffins so only like this the one who explosions up in a telephone. It is Garmin , is as it has been always and is not a More adds them master interact with applications. You can answer with canned answered, but I really like this mine Samsung and interacting directly with application of text and application of email of clock. So only I tire me to touch a Samsung.
4 / 5
Has finalised to maintain the version of” some men “plus very big and has purchased the 45 mm gold of ascended bezel and is trace now a lot 22mm strap on here. A Gentleman Draper the level of Garmin of marketing has to that the women is hilarious. Reason pays a same prize of a big clock for a small clock? Reason some colours are enough?! You will remark all some photo of the women that spends a sample a smaller so only aimed in women of knots to purchase that it is obviously less lovely in comparison for a same tax. A pics of me measuring with the callipers aim that with a black flange a lcd is not even a measure is announced a screen is smaller that a sample of Galaxy 42 I own. This be has said that some characteristic of fitness is upper to all some other clocks of fitness there and a time of response is like this fast. You would owe that be hanged of lifting like the pro any time when fijamente workouts upload them and take his. Each exercise has an animate example. I love a Come 2 but need of Garmin to take the grip with his sexist marketing. Obviously some people will prefer the smallest clock but prize he in 350 and sell a big clock in “some feminine “ colours also like the marketing does not look 50 was Crazy Men he at present fact.