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Top Customer Reviews: Renogy Wanderer 10 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 59 ratings
5 / 5
Measure: 30One is looking for all a trimmings or that runs the bond of grille of variety of big house, this is not a controller partorisca you. If you are looking the automatically light a barn on all the sides, will adore this. Partorisca Need of small solar energy, like rv, cabin, camping, and other spiegamenti simple, this simply will do. In the word, I peg this controller as 'perfectly pertinent'.

Has had this controller partorisca a year, as it can testify his reliability. Do fault, and down affect no ideal of some rigour. It has seen some extremes of heat of desert and cold. There is ventured the mountaintops and state dusted with grit and grime. And he still works, topping of two small battery of industrial deep cycle and floating them like this specs detail. You are this reason have added an economic, but this in spite of equally strong, voltmeter to a line.

Would have been it well partorisca have this information showed for a controller he in planting to select for photocell options. There is something bit it ridiculous and obsessive on some numerous options partorisca automatic power partorisca light. I have it that has not used never any of these. But if precise light that barn or pole of flag, will enjoy this.

A unit feels very built in a whole. An enclosure is sturdy. I have broken it Ploughs partorisca examine and all was ordered, any cold of components soldered. But partorisca the probably meant unit to have the external trace, there is not even the leaf of fig of control of water. Also, some ports partorisca connect the bosses are perfunctory in better. If you have planned on using anything better that 10 AWG the bosses direct if a box, thinks again. Included in 10, is the tight squeeze to the little jiggly ray clamp. Has to date it it has had any subject with disconnection, but would join the bosses have connected to this.

A controller reliably managing 30 amps is at least better that an usual throwaway the units have distributed of frauds of boxes of solar energy. If you are building the small system partorisca your rv, in the estimativa, one could do a lot worse. Calm am likely to trust this unit. Faint Praise, sounds, but in the world where disposability is not considered with a pertinent shame has to that accrue, the simple reliability is the scarce virtue .
4 / 5
Measure: 10One has been the professional authorised of commercial solar contractor partorisca roughly 9 years, has installed thousands of solar poster. I do with Everything of some big names in an industry. A senior pair in my church asked partorisca come up with the small backup powered solar able system partorisca run his CPA and load cellphones, I so only touched with a bit material to the equal that have looked for Amazon partorisca see that it could find, and has found this 10 Amp PWM Controller of Load, well in the short work adds has been surprised in as this effective and partorisca less than $ has shipped my door and of the same perfect instructions partorisca beginners. When Connected to the 24vdc the banks of transports of battery Relieve and connected it to the only 300 poster of watt. Now I want to try a BT-1 Adapter and see like work. If anything changes will update it.
5 / 5
Measure: 10A history The scarce is that Renogy has terrible support . I have purchased the 50 watt Renogy solar poster. You blow it it was 1 controller has bought then this Renogy controller. To his credit, this controller was quite ready to determine reverse polarity had that comes from/comes from a solar poster. This in the odd of a harness to cable is idiot test with red and black. It results it is the defect of factory . It has been 2 weeks now this in spite of while to listen for behind Renogy in my entrance of support. Even has sent the video of my test of multimeter to try a subject of reverse polarity. Be warned that extracted this company.
4 / 5
Measure: 30A Ossia mine 2nd compraventa of same product. A prime minister a shorted was and failed with which 25 month of use. They are by train to assume it Was so only the element has manufactured bad,as I have ordered the substitution. Like this far, everything is WELL. It have been a lot of Renology has there was refunded a product has failed, but fail 1 month with which guarantee. All another Renology the products have purchased likes a 100W solar poster (3) continuous do well.
4 / 5
Measure: 30One has bought 3 of these ( 1 spare) for 2 sign that fix of lights. The entrance of positive earth has prevented wattmeter maintain-alive. Following inverter positive has had to be connected directly the battery to prevent controller resetting. Alone figure readout of the way of work has taken some 'taking used there Differentiates in of the readings of '7' Way 7 and '7 Aimed (Way 17). Competition 30 A controller (Amazon: XCSOURCE LD296) looks for having solved that. 'In increasing blockade' the terminal requires to back the rays was until they clique once for each turn, to do sure connecting the bosses are seated properly Inside a first blockade of presionar. Need of look to some holes of boss to the equal that are inserting some bosses for the take well. We have had a battery wires concealed has not been inserted properly, but 'felt' tight, generates quite hot to partially melt a house of terminal blockade. We did not give it he estiff tug' to do sure a connection was a lot. Any one necessarily the defect to draw, more as an user without education. We take it to the knots solved but involves to take a terminal band of a joint... The process that could been averted has had follows one on instructions. Some the on-line descriptions have declared that the costruttore no longer would sustain a function to time but has not been the question for knots. Our systems run 7 hours nightly in way 7, confirmed by the time to run metre, without question. Renogy 100 poster of watt, tilted 45 terracings to the sud, recharge 35AH and 55AH battery, with which 43 nightly download, for 1 PM in sun of Arizona of the sud in of the days of the shortest December.
4 / 5
Measure: 30One has bought he exactly done the year and is gone in the longitude RV travesías now with a PV the light stuck in 'fast blink' for 2 weeks -- have any idea that is going in. It has been to a Renogy Forum to inquire in a blinking and looks another is having subject same. Hardly it returns the house will substitute with another controller. It has expected certainly something has paid in $ 50 paralizaciones to last more than 12 month. Tried to add the video but he would not attach .
5 / 5
Measure: 30A He so only acting and decree of mine inverter in bylines was yesterday (as of this estaca).

My first thought was a inverter was bad, but has tried all the signals and he results a controller to upload randomly decided to spit was 5~6 volts.
Thinks that to take the defective a. All has done adds and mine of only uses LCD TV was 4 battery at night.

Has tried reset he I. A manual in his web of place is not there anymore have tried like this to dip WAY to DO the almost all some options but he have begun spitting was 24 volts to some batteries. Like this immediately I unplugged a whole system and the supposition will owe that buy of another costruttore.

Sad, has bought some poster of Renogy also.
4 / 5
Measure: 10One Renogy sent one RS232 given of protocol with which have asked. Calm does not need his bluetooth dongle to hook he on, can do your own RS232 boss and use the RS232-TTL conversor to hook this to the TTL UART in the PI (I follows to use an atomic PI). Calm then can communicate with a device and take all this device does and same program or the regular. I have created the program to relay a data to a MQTT service to the equal that can remotely control a battery and data of poster. For a prize of these units, ossia the shot really adds for one had Been The grille but connected (wifi, in my chance) nave or coop of chicken.
4 / 5
Measure: 10A These are manufactured cheaply and volume that stops of has paid. No appearances anything substantial neither. Test be useful for my project and ossia that accounts. I have used Renogy produced before and while they are economic is pocolos have bitten better compared to another Chinese swipe offs (Still am sure this also is done in Cina) but a quality is slightly more tolerable for a paid of prize.

Ossia Clearly evident when you plough a unit and find that there is not any heat-tanks for a Mosfets. But I supposition 10One PWM changing does not dissipate that a lot the heat and they have gone was to substitute a rear dish with one ALL-Plastic CONSTRUCTION while there is redesigned a PCB with copper more substantial and tiny holes to air to circulate leaving a passive cooling of a Mosfets without using any heat-sink anything.

Anyways, Ossia the width of the wrist modulated (PWM) has based controller of Solar load that is able to touch battery of Ion of the Lithium (A main reason to choose this in another) and has found that you can select soyhacha' the battery that voltage of touches in a 12vDC and 24vDC rows and leave the furthest selections in of to to the small steps like 12.0, 12.2, 12.4, 12.6 of etc to maintain a battery of Lithium there is topped was to use solar poster like your primary source to be able to.

This Renogy Wanderer 10 Amp 12V/24V PWM Regulatory Negative Earth of the controller of Solar Load can accept wide row of DC INCOME of voltage (max - 50vDC) and bulk touch your battery (so as your solar poster can rid) and pump all this power in AMPs directly your battery and like the voltage of battery achieves critical value (settable for user for The-Ion) begins to reduce a AMPs and dulcemente and without accidents that achieves a value besieges specified by an user. Once a voltage of battery is achieved the totally prenderá touch the although a solar poster is ridding can fill in of the sunny days.

PS: According to a battery written one floats that touches and bulk touching the algorithms change how is good to know. A manual has some full details in of the types of battery that sustains (comprising Ion of lithium) and Acid of old Flooded Advantage a lot 12/24 and GEL characterises etc.

Estimating a product with four stars!
4 / 5
Measure: 10An I has bought this to substitute the deceased cheepo controller to upload that is to die this cradle . They are by train to use it to touch it ELA to light the container of nave with the small series of LEDs in a occupancy transmission. The system has done adds fr the few months, then a controller has died.

One first enciphers of an exposure does not act. Without the PV hooked on, volume E10--PV on voltage. The voltage of battery is indicated likes 9 V, while mine Fluke the metre say is the . The symbol of battery is flashing quickly with three bars. I do not have any start.
A manual is written in the tongue closely that resembles, but a lot in fact English. I can not look to take to some ways to program I needs to. Any @@subject that try 'look for in a screen', so only maintain to fall to an earth.

Top Customer Reviews: 20A Solar Charge ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
Colour: 20A-Blue Ossia the good controller but left action the pair of the elements with you plan on using he with the 12 volt solar poster.
1) connects the in the first place to your solar poster the brilliant day and a voltage of summit is going in in around 20 or 21 volts. A esmart' side of this PLC goes partorisca think your setting on partorisca 24 volts. Calm will not be able to take the start has connected now a 12 battery of volt. Calm will not be able to go down some voltages partorisca touch to 12 levels of volt because it is in 24 way of volt.
2) partorisca begin in a right direction, disconnect solar variety, disconnect would beat to 'can down' a PLC...'Class of the reboot of PLC', .
3) now connect a 12v dc first battery. Now it was in 12 v way, calm now can connect load and solar poster.
3) now will be able to dip your salvation is and down is partorisca the 12 system of volt.
4 / 5
Colour: 20A-Blue has controlled now a solar touching system (using partorisca a whole system 2 controllers of cariche) partorisca the few days now and runs a lot well. I am using 1 x 100 Watt solar poster partorisca touch 2 x systems of battery. I am touching a RV 12 V marks battery (controlled by a controller key) and one 2 x 6V (parallel connected partorisca be 12V) RV battery of house (controlled by the according to controller of load). This morning, a battery of frame has finalised partorisca touch reason was touched fully and like this resupplying full touching beats to some batteries home that quell'also is almost fully touched now. So much, a combination with one 100 Watt solar poster and a two individually controlled battery & controllers of looks of cariche to be working utmost and am very happy with a compraventa. Also, the service of the client of a vendor are add, as they have answered timely and with good details to help.
5 / 5
Colour: 20A-Blue With which 3 days of this controller that touches to 14.4 V for 10 a.m. , Then cooking some batteries there all day, not falling never to a 13.7 V Float the voltage announced has on data , disconnected, and is returned. Binen EUA, a vendor, was a lot of responsive but his provider, probably a costruttore, remained in rejection , alleging holding in 14.4 V was normal. Installing the solar controller of the competitor in an exact same system and having tomb to the mine together 13.5 V floating voltage of load for 10 a.m. disproved Cela. Bad creation. Bad support. Any recommended.
5 / 5
Colour: 20Some-Blue Works well for a prize, simple and easy to use. Easy to hook in all some components. A downside is that no tip one touching amperage tax while it is touching. Mina slightly controller more expensive of the solar load tip the one who amps is coming from a solar poster to a battery.
4 / 5
Colour: 10A-Blue installed this so only on my pop-on camping the electrical poster has joined directly to a boss that heads to a battery. When Remained with solar poster that is exited 25 amps am able to replenish my battery each day. My use to be able to is quite light, lights to camp DIRECTED, defender of gas heater, 12 defenders of volt trams in of the hot nights. The exposures are very good. Start of an USB outlets of this unit is very feeble, any fully touch my mobile phone at night, like utilisation the automotive telephones to upload plugged to the 12 volt outlet of my camp instead.
5 / 5
Colour: 20A-Blue I the little surgery on mine to solve a subject with one of a mosfets not touching a rear dish. His bent before slightly and dip the piece of hot shrinks to tube for behind his to force them against a dish. Some of some people that informs these failing is more probably because of a mosfets not touching a metal behind and on heating.

The people that complains in a harness to cable thinks is not opening a clamps before trying for presionarles. A clamps coming enclosed has to that turn some rays counter in a clockwise direction to open a clamp. It has opened once calm turns them in a clockwise direction to close. His clamped a lot strongly to mine small 16 gauge bosses and any budge has presionado once. I have had some bosses tinned with soldering.

This will do well with battery of lithium while it controls a voltage of load. I have tried a voltage cutoffs for a low end and when I tin to start with to some accessories. I have seen one revises deceived thinks that was a main yard in voltage to touch a battery that is not some ossia a voltage a calm big plus can dip it the not sending beats to your start. Always it sends power to a battery until the paste a float of 14.4. A level in that I cut the power totally is work a lot adjustable perfectly to protect the battery of lithium of on download.

All some voltages of screen there is matched perfectly with fine it the metre has. I have measured also a current draw of just a controller and taken so only under an informed 10mine.

A bad informative is is a voltage of float of the battery. It is an only that dips that no transmissions to the that calm dipped the too. I have seen this in other descriptions and I did not go it to use in all the chance. A voltage of float is to all the cost of the like the battery is dipped to. In a side besides the principle to exactly 14.4 volts. If has the quite a lot the time run to wire to a battery easily loses the little tenths. I have looked the description in an older version of this controller and in some leaves spent the adjustment of a too bad float takes probably to save money. A model an old plus has left to dip to 12.7 as it still can be used for lithium without controlling with light overvoltage. A current a calm leave you dipped a float to 13volts but swimming.

So that continuous to do with him does not concern me on a voltage to float his for power of the emergency and that touches the car battery during a winter. Also for direct touching 12lithium of battery of volt and the NOCO GB70 judge of jump of start. They are hooking the to the 30poster of watt like this max his can would be quite low max.

Has attacked was 1 start because of a subject of tank of the heat, but in general am impressed really with him.
4 / 5
Colour: 20A-Blue I am using this with the small solar poster to touch a battery in mine bounce. With which 1 year like this far like this good.
5 / 5
Colour: 20A-Blue has substituted the controller of simple load that has not touched mine 7amph battery with this controller of load. It is WAY overkill but do like this although not to concern me and side $ 2 more than some of the substitutes. A system has is this controller of load, he 12 7amph battery, 5 poster of watt, and he 150watt inverter that there is wired up in the box. Has the transmission dipped until power a inverter so that quickly I can touch a battery with mine 5poster of watt. Utilisation this dips up for power in of the very far locations to power my mobile phone and portable so that I still can resupply services to manufacture the people was side of civilisation and was-grille. My portable the the only work is to run Fusion360 so that it is not súper beat-hungry and this dips on leaving me maintain working!
5 / 5
Colour: 20A-the Blue works am like this far, a work, used for my landscape that lights,12VDC SYS with17 lights, can take more according to storage of battery and or type of bulb, CONCENTRATED, incandescent,or halogen. Importing FOLLOW The ORDER Of HOOKING ON WIRING LIKE THIS DECLARED-INSTRUCTIONS SOLAR POSTER, USERS & of BATTERY. Able to dip a period of time loves lights (users)1-24 hours. They come on when the solar poster to take energy of light of day, then the turn of lights was when quite a lot of powers of daylight solar poster. Easy hook on, built in protecting, (ANY REAR LIGHT IN WRITING), also can touch car battery require,perfect for my application.
5 / 5
Colour: 20A-the controller of Blue Solar load has done well out of a box. But there are any settings of user to regulate a voltage of the main impulse then for type of battery and after trying he for the few hours, is still in way of impulse after taking to 14.6 volts and has not been the way of float of 13.8 volts. Changing type of battery of b01 AGM/there is sealed to b03 flooded has not had any transmission in voltage of impulse, reason a manual has aimed. These still works as well as the generic solar chg controllers or by other purposes, but lacks any flexable characteristic.

Top Customer Reviews: Renogy Bluetooth ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 2 ratings
5 / 5
It has received so only my controller, exited partorisca the try was this weekend, will update in the functionality when tried
5 / 5
the product does not do like this expected and sometime among and out of tongues

Top Customer Reviews: Victron Energy ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 41 ratings
4 / 5
Victron I components are incredible. I have had already a BMV-712, and has added so only a SmartSolar 100/50 partorisca add solar energy to mine RV. Used with two 100w Renogy pleasant poster, with some plans partorisca add two sooner. A quality of the build of this solar controller is incredible, feels likes is taking that it is paying paralizaciones. I have connected you grieve some solar poster, a unit powered on, included although it have not connected a battery still. This surprised the little, imagined it so only would be powered for a part of battery, but yes takes quite can of some continuous poster run although a battery is disconnected or battery-fusible lateralmente is blown. As you will love any fuses or breakers in both sides so that I can can was entirely need to.

Was also very pleased with a record and arrival of an Android VictronConnect mobile application, and the one who easy was to any so only connect in Bluetooth, but to see die and directed some settings. There is pairing complicated has not involved, he so only the escáneres for some concealed is row of interior. I want to you imagine it it was if possible to dip the signal in the, reason do not want to a lot of walking for and messing on some settings that cause my battery to explode! But an application UI is beautiful, easy to use, and quickly transmits an information of entity. A view of history is well, as you can see what can (Wh, max W, and min/max V) has been drawn, as well as that time has been spent to the for elder/absorb/float. Calm also can export a history like the CSV directly of a mobile application and email he or save to your walk of cloud, which is a lot of awesome for geeks taste. Some settings can configure is things like a profile of battery (acid of advantage vs lithium, etc) and low temperature cutoff (adds for lithium) and is really simple to use. Victron HAS some good video on Youtube on like this to dip these devices on, which help reason some manual leaves the bit to be wished.

Another interesting characteristic that has the tonnes of potentials is a networking. Of an application, was able to quickly and easily create the coverage in a BMV-712, and have a solar controller joins a coverage. Once this is to spend, a BMV has begun to broadcast his data of voltage in Bluetooth, and a solar controller has received a data. Ossia That imports because with this data, a solar controller can regulate his parameters to upload the account for control and drop of voltage in a boss. Besides, if you have given of temperature of the battery of a BMV, can regulate for the hips. I plan on adding the sensor of mine of temperature BMV punctual to try this was.

In general am thrilled with a BMV and SmartSolar controller of Victron. I have had has reserve expectations, so that it was not disappointed if a software has not been all said it would be, but is resulted to be wrong. A quality of build is sum, a software are add, and all continuous in and besides his promises. I am looking forward to adding the Control by heart GX and MultiPlus inverter in the near future.

UPDATE: I have found that you can change a Bluetooth code of PIN of a incumplimiento. Of an application, goes to some settings, clicks some three points in some upper legislations and choose Produced Info, and move for down to a Bluetooth leaves and calm there can change a code of PIN. I wish this was easier that find :-) But still like this far like this well, this solar controller has been doing a lot well.
5 / 5
Has purchased this controller to upload to see yes door besides can that a an I at present has used to be a Tristar 45 PWM controller. There is to plot of mixed information there roughly yes MPPT in fact done a lot of difference or no. Some say that they augment power for as well as 30 percent and some say that this so only seldom spends. Because of a mixed information, postpones to buy a MPPT controller for the years of pair. I have it quell'has had now this controller by means of the summer, fall, and winter in Colorado. A Tristar PWM controller that has used typically summit on 350 watts of entrance to be able to and this would fall considerably during some months of winter. After installing a Victron MPPT controller, some watts of summit have moved until roughly 450 watts that is 28 increase in start of faculty. More importantly, during some months of the coldest winter (his now January 2019), a Victron MPPT has augmented his start of power of the summit even more with watts of entrance of the summit of 500 or more taking to a battery. I saw it sometimes like this big likes 600 watts. A reason for this increase during winter is that the poster heats like this solar on his drops of voltage. As they cool down one locates of voltage. Winter like this pending, when a poster is cold a voltage locates to plot and a Victron MPPT the controller of load can turn that extra voltage to power of battery where PWM the controllers can no. Like the result, with a Victron MPPT controller, my power in summer and winter is almost identical. During state some hours of cariche are longer but an entrance is lower. During winter some hours of cariche are short but a voltage of cold solar poster is way on and the place was more the power that do in state. Highly it recommends this controller to upload by all the world but for people in of the coldest climates this type of chage the controller is the must has.
My system is 6 Renogy 100 watt monocrystaline solar poster hooked in in 24 volts to a Victron controller to upload that it is hooked until the 12 volt LifePo4 system of battery.
5 / 5
Has bought this for supply of portable ham of radio power.
Unfortunately a MPPT controller to upload emits RF energy everything by means of a HF bands.
4 / 5
Although a better in a phase in timing to write, here is some things that the need has improved: the Terminal connections am too close up together that watchtower short circuit of edges of boss that touch each one another. The terminal connectors would owe that leave 4AWG, any only 6. It have to that be the setting of Ion of the Lithium. It have to that offer the cell that salde of at least 6 cells. The instructions are terrible, need to shoot this person the one who wrote them and substitute with any the one who has excellent writing and of the technical skills.
4 / 5
A lot totally satisfied with this controller. My subject main is an absorption 'algorithm' that just decides for the voltage of the first sure end of a sun goes back on, those remain of time in way of absorption. I have looked it go to float multiple time while some batteries still are pulling in 20+Amps and a BMS that says that there it have it still 20+Amps the box that the touches complete. Ossia Terribly inaccurate and leaves some batteries that is has touched down... A pertinent method to touch is to absorb until a current tapers down to .1C (1 of bank/of battery) qualified. An application neither is that I add and a Bluetooth the row is really bad. At present spent for the different controller. This a probably will be to go back first of my new mark, battery very expensive the arrivals to bank sulfated of down touching. Honradamente, was entirely well with this controller updated it to him to leave algorithms of user of programmable load (without an use of the his extremely in the boss of proprietary USB priced to change code), or so only one same 'common of algorithm to row based that his possess BMV-712 system of uses to control to relieve the full load.
5 / 5
Some looks of the controller well has built. This in spite of, can not take a blue tooth to connect consistently. In fact it fail to connect more than there has been sucedido. Also. It has Had hamper taking 10 gauge boss to connect to a controller. Finally it was able to but take some endeavour.

Fixed a blue tooth and I will try again perhaps, but for now included will spend is one.

UPDATE of UPDATE. It has been contacted for EDEN Produced and has resupplied assistance and take me that careers. A question is an application of the android has subject where an application of the no. of Apple has uploaded an application in mine iPad and all looks to do I so that it maintain a controller. Down it is my response to EDEN Produced:

Dipped an application in mine iPad and all looks to connect. I will update/upgrade my description on Amazon. You folks need take a question of Android has solved. It do not have to that have has had to go thru all of of the this for a money this cost of controller. Also when that doing firmware the update requires a code of scanner be entered but in an application all say was 'Enter a code of a controller.' You do not specify the code, where was located or to the to anything likes concealed. A thing is also a lot last to read of a focuses reason an impression is like this small. Speaking of the small impression has had to download a manual because it can not read a VERY small impression in an enclosed manual. It is things like presents to cause to want to compraventas of calm in a future or no.

revised my indication of 2 to 3 stars and kudos and thanks to EDEN has produced for his support.
4 / 5

To the equal that has learnt/has confirmed the few things:
1. Yes, Victron really quite not speaking yours, although it is the subject of defect of the product . This has said, when calm finally, and mean finally, taking to speak with them are quite connoisseurs and friendly.
2. His program for the trafficante that sells on-line could use some work. It approaches like this I can say, a trafficante has bought by means of has been missing of in some coaching it would look Victron would want to ensure this trafficante there has been of then for all intents and purpose his coverage of trafficante covers all advance line by means of escalation support for his product.
3. I have found the one who looks to be of the amazing Victron trafficante. His name is quell'has bitten old school, , but has been and visited with them in person and was extremely useful and knowledgable. The desire has known he roughly his fact two weeks.

Original description:

This description is based in a subject with a controller that has been mine sent and a complete lack of support for a unit. It is not based in a real use of a product of then has not been able to take that far still.

Topline, Was psyched to receive this SmartSolar 150/60 unit for the new solar system has built, but has run to a small plus of subjects and has discovered so only the one who Victron does not love habladuría with, or listen of, calm.

Specifically, this unit has an option for discharges he-on exhibition, as I have been he advances and has bought also that. One installs the process for an optional exposure is trivial: unscrew an exposure to exist port coverage, take a coverage that exposes a port, covers an optional exposure to a unit, and then scrape down an exposure to a second set of holes of ray in a face of a unit like an exposure does not fall off when to the wall is trace . Simple, yes? It is, it excepts the ray has resupplied neither (neither some rays of dish of original coverage) would resist when I have tried ray down an exposure to some new holes. For context, some holes for an exposure are wider averts that some holes for a coverage that is takes calm so much can spent in an exposure. Cleaned, some so only turned to to rays likes him to him a bit the holes of the ray there was state undressed.

So many, have gone to a web of place and they have three options of contact, beginning with RTFM and when finalising with contacting your cashier. Any contact info for Victron Support. The short long history, a vendor in the amazon informed to Victron and Victron Sales, Jan Klumpenaar, said to contact a vendor.

Of useless circle, has on signed partorisca and posted the question in a Victron community with, attended for responses. This has said, has taken a response of email of the Victron employed, Daniël Boekel, the one who has said, for him..., to contact a vendor, with which I RTFM of course.

With all the justice to a vendor, has then recommended I turn/exchanges a product, which guess is where was has begun always. But now I know: 1) Victron QA is not that it had listened the to be, and 2) Victron a lot of-supports of the user does not exist still in the chance where has a subject of quality of apparent product. Bummer Experience. This was contrast enormous my experience with Renogy, that spends a same time, asking some questions in his poster. Perhaps they are like this down in Victron of a Renogy the experience was so only like this good. This has said, when bandage the product of the prize and the user has the product issues no related to use but in place of likely product, at least try help them is gone in some way...

So only for a record, does not know any in, neither are I in any way affiliated with, any company.
4 / 5
Has bought this for mine the solar prime minister install-- 600 watts-- in the upload it converted trailer to a RV in cradle of 2018. This unit was like this painless and easy to configure and use that has purchased the second Victron like part of a 'identical twin' solar setup has installed now in my house to power my material of computer and TV. (Yes, this description has been written in solar energy.) It is ludicrously easy! My only quibbles-- no enough for me to take of the star-- centre around an application of smartphone. (In my chance is a version of Apple .) It is the good, application very organised in general, May... In the first place, if has more than a controller further of a location like , has to close of an application totally among verifying them or more some looks of software to result garbled and will not register a second controller. Also, I desire a smartphone could be member ' at least a last data he dowloaded, so that it can store a data of controller of the variety and he look of a trailer in him later. Like the things are now I has to that be external in a hot sun and study the past action of a variety, etc in a something, how is so only available while a bluetooth is has connected in fact.

November of update 2018. Still they are that they like him to him these a lot of, and there is upped my 'house' setup to 1200 watts in 24 nominal volts. A Victron the controller is by train of the boss well.
4 / 5
Ossia The good product . There is the few things that is missing of of an application, but in general is really good to see all an activity and touching time, and settings of transmission. I have been concerned reason dipped it/dipped that on the first day leave in the travesía. Raisin for diverse fast firmware the updates concealed done without the snag.

Is pulling can of 100 watt Renogy PV poster and touching the 100AH Battleborn LiFePO4 battery. Battleborn The place loans all some better settings, and an application has done he súper easy to change them. Really I have not had time to included the try be to direct all correctly.

Spend the week in Ocracoke Island Parca National campground, without power of cost. It was to add, done like the charm. It has had 12v can all the week without the questions that upper of a battery.
5 / 5
Like this far am impressed with east. I accustom use to locate controllers of cariche, and has had the good career with a A serious but when I have developed my system has required the main controller. I have tried one locates bn the serious but was enormous and has not looked to change well, on touch so that it send it behind and decided to give a victron the try. They are happy I a neighbour up was easy so only agree is six zeros for a signal when using a victron application and pairing. Some looks of controllers to follow to the fastest plot that any of a tracers and feels solid and of good quality. My only flu with east is a boss a big plus could the access was 6 awg and some ports are too close up together. Another that to that likes.

Top Customer Reviews: 30A Solar Charge ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 38 ratings
5 / 5
I am spent for 3 low-controllers to upload side and is spent 2 month is. I am writing this description because I wish any one had said me this before. I finally solved in the 'true' MPPT controller, (Epever Trace model) which have found in eBay for $ 62 (usually $ 80).

Has 2 x 100W poster in parallel, that goes to 2 x 105AH Walmart battery of goodness of acid, also in parallel. A question is that all a low-voltage cost of controllers of full sun in mine setup generates to touch voltage of or more. It favours-battery of sour 'bulk-tones' of the needs of voltage to having limited to , and this so only while the current is flowing. Once the current flow backside down in , some needs of controllers to go down to a 'voltage of fleet' that is usually (although it has included ossia too big for the battery that is touched already and in storage. Of then it uses my poster to float-touch my RV same battery when any into use, a voltage of float would owe that be ). In all the chance, the voltage of load of will fry the goodness-battery of acid, long-term. In fact it could listen my battery izzling' (this means gassing, which turns water to Hydrogen and Oxygen that finally will exhaust a supply flowed of any goodness-battery of acid, the be flooded or sealed)

A bit more than funding here: it favours him the batteries of acid will last the long time (7 years or as) if they are has maintained properly. Specifically this means never (or seldom) leaving them download more than 50 (that compares to roughly . Once they go down to , consider a dead battery and probably ruined), And any to leave them the chair in the storage has downloaded. Meaning that, any goodness-battery of acid that is to store or unused ought to be floating-has against loaded 13.2 to .

So much, that can say, all PWM controllers on-touch the battery. His neither disastrously on-load (in for any quantity of time), or his dulcemente on-touch if a voltage of float is on 13.4 in the battery has stored.

Another thing that an economic PWM controllers a lot properly, is to move a way of load of 'bulk uploads way (which is regulating a voltage to take the fixed amperage, which to be in a side sure would owe that be battery AH has described / 8), to 'load of way of absorption (which is voltage fijamente , typically 14.2), the 'floating' load, which is usually (although this would have to that be less for interview of term with a longitude of unused battery). Particularly they lacking in a transmission among way of load of the absorption and load of floating, reason that is the stay on uploads of absorption for 2 hours, more than changing to float the load grieves an absorption-common of low load to the low value.

A good economic (<$ 20) can-corded 12V battery uploads to comprise some 3 phases and he perfectly. You can see spend for some varied phases of cariche: bulk-load (usually 6A for some models some economic plus), to charge of absorption (voltage fijamente), to float load. It had expected that the controller of economic solar load would be able to do one same, but second that it can say is all defective, which neither will destroy your battery or limit his lifetime.

Conclusion: if it love your batteries to last (and has paid almost $ 200 for mine), spend of the money in the 'true' MPPT controller. You can take one for $ 80 or less. Calm also will obtain roughly 30 touching efficiency. The batteries of lithium could be bit it more forgiving, but need of goodness of acid to be treaty with care.

Finally, the note in MPPT controllers of cariche. Some economic plus (PWM) the controllers announce MPPT, ossia nonsence. Some MPPT the controllers have some interiors DC-to-DC circuitry, and the small transformer more expensive, this converts relatively voltage of big poster (the mine is 20V open voltage) to a pertinent touching voltage of 14.2 or slightly the main voltage. In so much doing augment amperage, as it finalises to take more can his hips. I have not seen any 'true' MPPT controller for less than $ 60. Calm also can say reasons are main and heavier.

Another point to agree, is that it favours him the batteries of sour pardon roughly 25 load-cycle of download (different Lithium-battery of Ion). So many, is calculating time of load, precise account that in. Meaning that it 100AH the battery that is touched of the meso-state downloaded, will require 50AH x , or roughly 6A x 10 load of hours is using the corded uploads.

I ossia useful hope.
5 / 5
Does well, good prize.. So only agree to connect your First battery of a solar poster otherwise will be in 24v way.
4 / 5
These works of controllers of the very better load that my old a has not done never. Has 3 poster in mine RV, but some solar a lot never look to maintain my battery up. I have been that spend the plot of time in a RV and some batteries are always full state, as it has to that be working.

Has used to have questions with my controller of old load with my battery that takes frito during storage because they are touched by both a poster and a plugged has beaten. I have installed the disconnect discharges in an of some solar bosses so many could disconnect a solar when it is to store for the long time. It has not been if this would be necessary in this new load, but could be the good idea to avert to hurt of to the potential battery likes has experienced.
5 / 5
Does perfectly, this one was the substitution to mine original. Show very better any programming was necessary. It wins win
4 / 5
has installed he together with renogy solar poster. The works add. Maintain my rv the battery has touched all a time and protects it. It was very easy to install. The value adds.

With which 7 month, has caused the question with my battery but the service of client was utmost to fix a question promptly.
5 / 5
These laws to touch a battery, and resupply has beaten to my circuit, but can not imagine was like this to dip a voltage, or use a timer. My solar poster is dipping was around 15 volts, and a 12v the battery is overcharging. It does not look to be the question, but the desire could limit a max uploads
4 / 5
Very easy the setup and use with the solar poster, battery and he 12v connection(if required). Has the Renogy 100w the poster that goes to the east with the 33ah battery that has then connected to the simple 300w has beaten inverter. Please read a booklet of instruction that comes with him calm so much can dip yours uploads big and low settings and type of battery.
5 / 5
Installed this controller with the battery and solar poster in roughly 15 minutes. It maintains my battery has touched, and resupplies the sum of light solution for my nave!
5 / 5
Has bought the 20amp version of this unit for the 35 watt Pv system and has done well. I have been he advances and has bought a 30amp version for the system the big plus. It has done well until 100 watt Pv, but when I have added 200 more watts of Pv (300 totals), took it that touches my new battery in 16.8 volts. Beware To go in 100 watts with this unit. The setting of float looks useless. It does not return never to the setting of float in any Pv entrance. Voltage gradually increases (hunting ) with Pv gone in on 100watt. 100 watts or less, both units maintain 14.4 volts. Location 33.8, -118.3. Poster of respect to the fixed corner of the sud planned in 30 terracings of level. Solstice Of cradle, 8 alone hours scorching. 200 amp Renogy AGM Battery. Use; 50watts of the landscape that luzca the dusk/dawns.
4 / 5
Yes, you have read correctly, we use this partorisca a solar lighting in ours coop of chicken. The works add partorisca control cariche of battery and timing lights. Chickens of happy frames in of the nights of long winter.

Top Customer Reviews: EEEKit 30A Solar ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 37 ratings
4 / 5
Good value partorisca of the money. Easy to comprise instructions. Pictures in a controller he the fact self evident the one who the bosses goes where. So only I require it partorisca maintain my RV the batteries of house there is topped was like this he look well with the 160 watt solar poster.
5 / 5
Sometimes his has gone by 1/10 of the volt, but very easy to read the exposure and you can change some parameters of a float charg and works partorisca 3 different classes of battery, sealed, flooded and geles. Mark so only sure knows the one who bondadoso of the battery has and the work adds!
4 / 5
Uses one protective solar load partorisca touch a battery that operates my electrical door
5 / 5
Ossia My second controller of this type has purchased, a continuous prime minister do adds after several years. It is surprisingly configurable and easy to dip without any additional interview. This in spite of, well mention that this unit has the common positive (+) connection by means of solar entrance, battery and start. If a battery shares the common earth (-) with a solar poster, or load of start, no properly. This in spite of, was able to use the PNP Darlington transistor (TIP125) partorisca change my low wattage load (C) of one positive load (And) with the 1K resistor of a base (B) to a negative connection of the terminal of load of a controller. I have left the earth of a solar poster isolated for simplicity. An only TIP125 would have to that boss 4A maximum with sinking of pertinent heat. If required, adding additional parallel TIP125 with the resistors of base would owe that augment a capacity. This extra pair of components left to maintain the common earth among a battery and load. It is cost my endeavour that considers a low cost of a controller.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Good value for a money. Easy to comprise instructions. Pictures in a controller he the fact self evident the one who the bosses goes where. So only I require it to maintain my RV the batteries of house there is topped was like this he look well with the 160 watt solar poster.
5 / 5
Sometimes his has gone by 1/10 of the volt, but very easy to read the exposure and you can change some parameters of a float charg and works for 3 different classes of battery, sealed, flooded and geles. Mark so only sure knows the one who bondadoso of the battery has and will do adds!
5 / 5
Ossia A third of these controllers have bought partorisca RV applications, a prime minister 2 sold with a RVs I installed his on. Of confidence info in a screen, easy connections the battery and of the lights of the besides solar accessory and USB that touches.
An incredible value in two times a cost in my opinion. The docked points for weatherproof of some connections of the ray down is exposed. A unit can be 'the resistant water' but would not call it 'weatherproof.'
4 / 5
Ossia A second an I in the first place one has has developed and has taken another solar poster to run another zone and has taken this a course my system.
Simple to the little while the fully comprise a curve to learn is small and easy to on come.
Any complaint of prime minister like this far a second unit is doing well!

Good compraventa for a have the together small small solar poster, battery and defenders partorisca exhaust is chicken this sum of laws of the unit.
5 / 5
Uses the small solar poster in a north forest to maintain small 12 volt ELA is touched. It has dipped a controller, a poster and battery in the table and leave it while I hike and the fish and he to touch when a battery is full. It could not be easier.
4 / 5
Economic, work well, and perfectly to the equal that has described. So that you said to you it can not regulate a cutoff voltage, has to resist a key of paper for the pocolos second to access some settings of transmission. This is not very described in some instructions

Top Customer Reviews: Digital Low Voltage ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 41 ratings
4 / 5
This device is feigned partorisca prevent on-download of a battery (or battery) in the system like the solar poster-the bank of battery has touched.
Rechargeable The batteries of any type can suffer harm partorisca be too downloaded into use. There are such things as 'deep cycle' battery, which are more resistant to these questions, but still have the minimum voltage to the as repeatedly it can be downloaded without causing permanent harm.
This form is the a lot of simple, but a lot able, device that basically leaves an user partorisca dip the minimum voltage, and when some drops of voltage of the battery under this value, short of a start of a battery, closing down a powered system.
Dipped it up in the circuit of test with the supply of power of variable voltage, to see that well it has done it, first to use he in mine real circuitry, and was able to verify that this form has done exactly that is to feign to do.
Dipped it then up in the system to try of capacity of battery, to have the habit to verify a condition of a battery of aircraft.
Has been interested to apply the moderately weighed load to the fully touched battery. I have wanted to download a battery to the reasonable point, but then closed of one uploads like this like this any to break a battery. I have been interested to control a capacity of a battery to be able to that load, while any when hurting.
Has dipped a form to leave a battery to download to 10 volts. A fully touched battery there has been a voltage of open circuit of 12.6 volts. I have then applied he 100W resistive load (so only down 8 amps in a start). I have controlled a time has taken to fall of 12.6 to 10 volts, and then looked has taken at the same time to do that, that uses another electrical timer.
This left to leave a testing setup so only, without respect of that I on-download a battery.
Has done exactly how has been supposed to. Like the voltage has fallen roughly .1 volts Down 10 volts, a relay in a unit has opened, and closed of one load.
Another setting, a 'value of difference' maintains a circuit of cycling quickly after one load is takes.
Like the paste of battery 10 volts, conclude it was. It concealed immediately it leaves a voltage in a battery to augment, because of a loss of one load. If it has not had this esetting of difference', that so only could leaves the reset and turn a circuit has retreated on again. This would cause it to the cycle was-on-was-on moment, until a battery has not recovered to on one 10 setting of volt.
This behaved exactly to the equal that have required for my use has feigned.
If one has used this he so that it is feigned partorisca, in the solar system, for example, without a esetting of difference', grieve a start of battery has been closed was, when solar touching begun again, he immediately gone back in one uploads again, and a battery would not touch .
One would use this device to ensure that a battery (or bank of battery) is touched on a voltage wished first of one load was again there is enabled.
For example, like the system has had the habit to be able to, say the small lighting system, or the bomb of waterfall, when some falls of battery to down a minimum of together of level sure chooses, says 9 volts for the battery of deep cycle, he disconnect one load. You could dip a 'value of difference' to 4 volts.
A next day, when a sun is exited, a battery would touch, without powering one load, until it has achieved the level of 13 volts.
One uploads then would be enabled, and can him required would flow again to one load.
Then, when a low sun, would continue to be able to one load, until a battery has achieved 9 volts again, when one uploads again would be disconnected, and a cycle would repeat.
These looks of device to be very stable. Has the exposure of voltage (the red has DIRECTED to imagine) to aim a voltage of battery. I have found this to be very attentive, at least inner .1 volt DC.
And one uploads/of battery cutoff is also very attentive, again inside any plus of .1 volt DC.
A same exposure is used with some two transmissions to select and dip a minimum voltage and a 'value of difference'.
Selects soyen voltage' to resist a sinister transmission until an exposure flashes, and then use some two transmissions to dip a value, on or down. When Calm leave it so only for the pocolos second, he reverts behind to a way of normal control, and indicates a voltage of battery again. Calm a same thing with a right transmission, to dip a 'value of difference'.
Is quite easy to dip on calm once imagine this dance of little finger was. It is not that hard, and calm probably only need for the do once.
Has the red small has DIRECTED that luzca while a relay is energised (ON) and one load there is enabled. When it Trips and turns of one uploads/of relay, a FOCUSED is was. As you can say in the gaze the one who a state of one load is, and a same time, the one who a voltage of battery is anytime die.
Basically, a law of what so only. A setting is persistent, in those remain after can it is disconnected until manually it change it.
If the the need for such modulate it, calm can not beat this to control the moderate load. A relay is marked like this when be estimated for the 20A load. It can manage the voltage of battery until 36 volts.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Utilisation this to control the relay that read like the transmission on the transmission of some delivery the solar energy. When Some drops of voltage of the battery to a place the level under estimates a voltage powering a relay in bylines was and a relay then changes to some hands. When Some resplandores of alone and some increases of voltage to a together reconnect estimate these powers of device on and in the active turn a relay has connected his. An exposure of voltage matches a voltage when compared with fine it-the metre but I think sound the little too brilliant or the desire there was the way to change of an exposure.
5 / 5
Has very bought these to use for some fact to commission UPS unit that has built as well as to protect some DC lighting fix, so much that career out of battery of deep cycle.

These changes to do a lot well. An only thing would change on would be him to not running an exposure constantly to the equal that adds the little has bitten to a current draw of a device. My solution was the only unsolder a form FOCUSED after dipping on points of voltage, but more enterprising could modify a software to close of an exposure with which some delay until the key is pressed (thus curious, a P/N of a microcontroller is N76E003AT20 and a datasheet is so only he google the investigation was). In all the chance, how is some draws of form roughly 17mine when 'was' with a form has DIRECTED there but so only roughly 5mine when it is to take (according to a voltage). Ossia A lot enough for my needs.

Is certainly last to beat a prize as dipping something like this calms joint would cost considerably more.
5 / 5
Has had several chances where this has cut has indicated a beat was down which is reason bought it to them but the seperate (aforado) the metre of volt tip a beat quite strong and if I disconnect and reconnect this comes on and tip voltage corrected. I have not had never more than 10 amps that careers by means of this (doubtful is never be on 5amps) and is estimated for 20amps so that it is not that it causes to closure of security. I will owe that add the transmission to cut the power that goes to this like this can them reset he easier but still the ache when yours camp run to be able to era for any reason.
5 / 5
First to use this in mine uploads of solar battery, during a fall and month of winter when some batteries have not taken fully has touched would take drained too much far down which a lot shortens a life of a battery. One saves a battery to prevent he of on downloading. You can dip an enclosed was voltage and a voltage on call like this required and when some drops of voltage of the low battery a shutoff voltage he disconnects a battery. It remains disconnected until a solar poster touches a battery to a shutoff voltage more a voltage on call that saves your battery.
5 / 5
This produces the law adds to cut of a voltage when the downloads of battery to the level closely. For one load/of the start but calm can not leave the battery hooked until this product. This voltage cutoff (this produced) remains on and will continue to drain a like this produced battery (understandably) precise electricity to operate. True, these produced will drain a battery much more dulcemente that yours uploads probably drained a battery, but do a lot of deception, this product eats electricity with which disconnecting one load and taking that electricity of your battery, finally draining it.
4 / 5
WELL, has wanted to use this in the 24Vdc bank of solar battery to control the defender of ventilation. So only I love a defender on while one has flooded the batteries are touching, reasons ossia when it gives of gas and steam. Easy to program to a voltage there is wanted, so that it is well. Abundance of relay to manage a low current (2 amp) ventilation blower. Here it is my question . Some terminals of start of this controller dipped out of the equal voltage to a voltage of supply of the joint. It has said of another way,, if I hook the to 24Vdc, then when it is ON, begins 24Vdc. Has the 12Vdc blower. Has the 12Vdc supply for a blower. I have wanted to so only the contacts of relay concealed after when a voltage has programmed is achieved, and opens when some drops of voltage. Yes, I have bought a wrong controller, and is any one the fault of a company the one who he. It likes I a-soldered a relay of a PCB, cut some traces of circuit, and rerouted him. Soldato A relay behind in. The question has solved. It is now the dry contact N.ou. Controller Of relay. Works exactly as I love it to now. Perhaps some people those who has done this, will do another version that to to the works like to them the mine does now. Material there is the phase for him.
4 / 5
These works of product more to upload that causes a voltage of battery to fall moothly'. There is some class of summit
detector of voltage with the slow decay envelope in operation, this causes a circuit to answer a lot quickly when some increases of voltage of the battery to a closely upper point to involve a relay, but is slow to react when some falls of voltage of the battery to a disengage level of load; I have found that a voltage does not seat in a cutoff level for at least 3 second but falls faster that that, a relay will not close was until roughly 0.3 lower volts that a setpoint. This characteristic has the sure utility to ignore fluctuations of cariche momentary, of course, but would be a lot confusing to any one looking for to try a unit with the supply of power of variable voltage when varying a voltage too quickly.
4 / 5
How has been mentioned by another description, this product fails in only a way and ossia his constant of current drain. It is not the enormous quantity, but east will drain the car battery in a course of the week or two. It would be really be good to have the transmission in a joint that disabled a FOCUSED segmented exposure, like this ossia a draw of power of entity when it is not latched.

Originally has bought this like an intermediary among the constant on source to be able to and the on-way only device for the camera in my vehicle. In hindsight does not have to that it has gone this street, as using the bank to be able to of the USB plugged to one a lot always in the port the light plus is an a lot of simpler solution and does not drain the real battery of my car. This be has said that I am positive has some uses for him I so that it will maintain it around, but think a power that the bosses qualified of these forces a solenoid to be the little chunkier that has required to be take more applications and he like this arrived to draw roughly 63my on . To dip that in context it draw of normal battery is around 15mine without any accessories, as this is using 4x more can that anything more idling inside the car when it is was neighbouring place. This be has said, if your battery is moderately sã can go it the low week this drain and him it it dipped on properly will turn is gone in the reasonable voltage and not turning behind on until some cariche car again, grieves to affect the draw to be able to cleaned of a car in a moment.
4 / 5
Some stays to joint on, has a DIRECTED show which can not turn was and with which he disconnects one load, rests like the load and finally drains a battery. If yours very around to turn of one can he after him disconnects, drains a remaining power. I do not comprise like this it could have 4 stars. Marcos any sense.

Top Customer Reviews: Renogy 10A Male and ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 27 ratings
5 / 5
--->Know your requirements of first setting: In place of following any recommendation in this page ( q and the and other commentaries) partorisca those that amp precise fuses, the strongly recommend please call renogy support of technology directly. We said me to us that HAS them parallel connection ( 3 positive poster has connected to an and 3 negatives connected to a, then that goes to the controller) - a amps of the each multiple of poster for 3. Each poster generates 8- to 8,5 amps . Total in parallel the connection is roughly 24 amps minimum.
--->Regarding a Headline for a fuse: all the companies the one same way, like a renogy he like this well like another. A construction of a headline of the fuse does not look the quite strong and the disconnection can arrive.
--->I burned 2 fusible reason his where only 15 amps( the MUST has 25-30 amps instead). In of a ceiling and change a fuse is not that easy, as you have dipped a Headline of Fuse under a ceiling inside your camp/ of van. I am adding another Braker - 15 or 20 amps right with which controller before poster. This braker will take caused first to blow a fuse in a ceiling and that braker is easier to the reset has compared to change a fuse in a ceiling.
4 / 5
Has a lot little to say in this element. It looks well he has done. It appears waterproof and has not failed. I recommend grabbing the pocolos fusible extras in chance perhaps. They are slightly main then some the regular measures could find in your tent of hardware or tent of venue of big box. Clue:. Calm can the find in a tent of parts of the car or where the crew of the automobile of audio is sold.
5 / 5
The fuse has blown when it has been supposed to, protecting crew. The substitution available funds in tent of part of local car...
5 / 5
An end viril a lot positively snaps to situate when inserted to a connector to exist. I have tugged on he moderately and is coming averts. A fine female was sure and there is not coming averts. Some connectors that has has been purchased of the Solar installer to the equal that would think that that they were decent quality to the equal that think that that this part is a one to blame.
5 / 5
A fuse is to protect devices in a circuit to be able to. This installed in a + exiting a 120 watt flexible solar poster. The wait does not have to that never try law, but is sure economic to protect a solar controller.
4 / 5
Stumbled By means of these and has bought 2 immediately. I give peace of alcohol with my solar system. Well fact and value a prize
5 / 5
has bought this reason have bought some bosses of same mark, work and has not blown still. I have ordered a tool to take this headline of fuse of a boss because a way snaps to a boss is hard to take averts manually. I have not received a tool still but this will be another description once the the receive and the try.
4 / 5
Has bought two of these to dip in front of mine 2 175 watt poster. They have been connected directly to a esnogy CNCT-MC4Y Connectors of Stir Solar MC4 Connectors And connector in Pair MMF+FFM' and would not remain connected. Quell'Would pull was with pressure very small. I have had to return both fuses.
5 / 5
A quality of a product is there, has taken averts and inspected it and is satisfactory. I recommend this product.
4 / 5
Has looked for the good fuse to use among some poster and controller of load for my solar application. It liked really a silplicity of of a creation. Connected well to a MC4 connectors in my poster.

Top Customer Reviews: Victron Energy ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 45 ratings
5 / 5
If you are to some solar poster, can require this controller of solar load. A controller has the connector of entrance or solar poster, the connector of battery , and a connector of load, all complete separated of the each one another. . Take the look in a sketch.
In all the chance, a bluetooth act a lot well. For a way, take a controller with the bluetooth, very easy to control a controller, and upgrade a firmware he available. A bluetooth the row is excellent. My canal of personal time(PWS) has been arrives and running has installed of this controller without the glitch. You grieve a together of Alone, a controller disconnect a battery of a solar poster, right in a morning when a Sun is on again, he reconnects a battery.
4 / 5
Has read the plot in poor technology sustains like this am them like this happy has bought them he of Supply of Marina of Bay. They have had súper the fast expert technology sustains as it has solved my question immediately. I know some instructions are very small but the advise all the world-wide to read them attentively first of takings fallido and has to that sustain of technology of the call. If you are not taking any start, sure mark your poster is distributing at least 5 more volts then a voltage of battery. A controller requires that partorisca begin and after precise 1 volt on voltage of battery partorisca maintain that it touches. It has been it has informed also that a bluetooth only draws 5 military service-amps or less than way that does not have to that worry in this drawing too much of your battery.
4 / 5
Has three Victron controllers of Energy of solar load of different measures. I want to him all and personally think is some better. They treat perfectly and it is extremely effective. Some controllers all have an interface of same configuration for Bluetooth with a Victron Application of Energy on Android/of iPhone.

Can dip on fully personalised partorisca touch profiles easily and can see an action in the gaze. A controller is small and robust, test of time and is the value adds partorisca his action and prize. I will say that it try to take any support of Victron Energy, the forget. You are out of regime and has to that go to some trafficante partorisca help. Please verify the one who a trafficante is before spent like this has to that to somewhere partorisca turn to partorisca sustain yes has required.

Because of an appearance of support, gives this controller 4 stars. The desire there was the system of better support for clients.
4 / 5
Installed in Van of Traffic with 1 Renogy 100poster of watt and 1 12v 208ah battery. So only 2 weeks out of the west in common defenders , has directed a lot of lights and usb chargers. The load would take a battery until 13 volts every day. He 4 day rafting for prejudices travel it to it and I have left a max defender to air that runs a whole time was in a river. A battery has been topped entirely was and a van was fresh when it has taken the takeout on day 5.
4 / 5
There is remarked has been the short tape there in a lid and a lot then dipped the fresh piece up. Some terminals are in the different levels that indicates it has been used. Rear side of CC has had powder on that. Some jumpers are bent.. Finally a manual has the page bent in a backside. Ossia Unacceptable of the company to the equal that SEES..
5 / 5
Can not say enough in this controller of load. With only 60 watts of solar poster, has done 19kW in 8 month in North Ohio. Bluetooth Connection to upload leaves to control of the newspaper that touches. If I have had to that buy another controller to upload tomorrow, would buy this again!
5 / 5
My chance of use partorisca east is probably quite so only. Utilisation two 28 watt solar poster to touch 15AH battery that pursues the depthfinder and also to maintain another small electronics touched in ten travesía of day of far camping where other sources to be able to is available. In a past has had the PWM controller of load. In the brilliant sun well could pull 2.0 to 2.3 amps with this PWM controller. With this Victron, now am seeing 2.6 to 3.0 amps in conditions read full more excellent amperage in of the conditions read go down also. Besides, when being able to control profiles of cariche and look this all the street bluetooth is so only exceptional.
5 / 5
After active used the pocolos other controllers and trying the Victron, will not change never behind. A capacity to analyse generation of power by means of a satisfied application my geeky side. Also it looks to take more can that other controllers have used.

My only critique would be a terminal / of the connectors is not does not have a same quality feels so it embezzles of a unit.
4 / 5
Has bought two controllers, one for each 100 watt solar poster in mine bounce that bolt in the mooring. They have done perfectly.

Am obsessed with a VectronControl application. It is one first what I control when the volume to a boot to see as it joins the solar poster is treating and his history to touch.

Has attached the Dometic freezer of portable/refrigerator to one of some Starts to Upload to maintain drunk and cold alimentary when we are out of a boat. An automatic shutoff works to take a refrigerator to run down some batteries yes are sunless a lot for the few days.
4 / 5
Quite awesome little controller. It is the smallest plot that thought it would be. And it has weight a lot his. A Bluetooth the connection is enough of confidence and a info are adds to have. An only complaint has is some terminals of ray are always like this small and fussy in these things! When Treating big and big voltage amp bosses, I of those who really wants fuss around. Perhaps ossia so only me.

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