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Top Customer Reviews: Vertical Alpine ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 37 ratings
4 / 5
The assembly was easy. But you have to that have all has dipped ready. Additional $ 60 dollars. Pauses, train, and save all has had to that be regulated. I did not know it a bit the bosses where connected bad.
4 / 5
Better that a Mongoose the bicycle had bought. Returned Mongoose and has maintained this bicycle.
4 / 5
After reading mixed descriptions in a bicycle has decided them buy the because it is perfect partorisca my daughter and a prize was utmost. It was the little concerned roughly that takes broken partorisca ship like this this looks partorisca be the common complaint. A costruttore has to has directed that @@subject reason was double boxed and was very ensured and protected in a box. To the inspection has found that each one that resisting was in torqued and hard to move. A steering the die of root was too tight and a steering was a lot of notchy. A crank was hard to turn. Some brakes were also he a lot has bad has regulated. I have decided to disassemble a bicycle and dip the behind joint properly. The disassembly has found that has had fat very small in any of a bearings. Long use of a bicycle in a condition has come would have caused harm to the each one resisting that it results in of the expensive reparations and an unbalanced boy. I grease All of a bearings and properly torqued him. Now all operate a lot of smoothly and would have to that last quite the moment. Some brakes requied some adjustment but this was easy and no very concerning. Another complained has read them roughly was a be of the wheel of the front has bent well out of a box. Sure enough the mine has been bent but was much smaller and was able one takes a wheel directly with the hammer of plastic unexpectedly has died.
In general is the bicycle adds for a prize. A quality of build looks a lot well for a prize. So only know that when calm gather it will have to that direct the pair of subjects of assembly of the factory. This would have to that be fact by any the one who is mechanically bent or so only pay the tent of bicycle for the do well.
Ossia The $ 160 bicycle, no the $ to 500 bicycle likes to expect that paid partorisca, but with the little tlc is the very good bicycle for a money
5 / 5
the assembly was easy. But you have to that have all has dipped ready. Additional $ 60 dollars. Pauses, train, and save all has had to be regulated. I did not know it a bit the bosses where connected bad.
4 / 5
Chair And bar of the groups of sleeve have bent. Advance of train shifter has bent. Streaky. Coverage of tower of missing train. It chains No in something corrected (wheel of interior). Any boss of rear brake. Returning ASAP.
4 / 5
Has bought this July of final when all other bicycles except overpriced some were out of stock. Calculation 24' is so only 2' smaller that a rule 26 bicycle of adult goes, and when being so only 5'7' big, would have to return this same although it is listed as 'adolescent bicycle. The assembly was quite easy excepts to attach a wheel forward. It is hard to return without disengaging a line of first brake. Afterwards it could a lot of reattach a brake forward properly. In spite of it is very built for his prize, and servants as well as the bicycle to practise until mine and-the bicycle arrives. It is easy to locate and has gone for the person of mine height. A thing. It is difficult to hang to the bicycle to hang racks reason a bar of frame is too short to return in a racks. Calm would have any question with programs the storm.
4 / 5
Could give 0 stars, I . Absolutely horrible product.

Has arrived with the hole in an of some wheels. With which have substituted a wheel, first of my daughter never has had included the occasion to seat in the, has discovered so only that bad a workmanship is.

One is of has fallen is not sturdy, like the bicycle so only falls on, each alone time, unless it is propped up against something.

Some train is entirely was. Any included go to a train a low plus, and try dipped he in 3rd, 4th, 5th, or 6th train some explosions of canal was. It is literally so only rideable in 1 train.

That it is worse roughly all this is has expected takes to the long of the month for a bicycle to arrive. The present of the big anniversary of my daughter was late, and trace so only two first times to give on on that. Absolutely horrible.
4 / 5
Everywhere is the good bicycle has built . Has the subject of entity this in spite of dipped a bicycle jointed for the present of anniversary after expecting to the long of the week for him so only to say a daughter of the anniversary can not locate a b ik ke because of a be of rim of the front warped and also a front tires a lot that resists air
4 / 5
A colour is pleasant and movement of vivid and intrepid way that looks in some photos. This be has said, a box has arrived horribly fraction and there is gashes and scrapes in a product during a frame. A front of a frame is bent and a wheel is crooked and strong. It is rideable but no ideal and precise adjustment of professional/tuning. Any answered when I have contacted a company. Spent with precaution.
5 / 5
The costruttore also would owe that have of the details of data of height for this bicycle. The date of Seat is too big for same daughters with girls and of the low settings would have to that have main inseam height. My boy is 4 ft 5 big thumbs and his hard for his in quantity this bicycle and has not felt sure. I have not been quell'has had to that send behind reason liked him a colour.

To fix this,

1. I have had to go down a seatpost and trim a seatpost in a fund for a thumb, on the rear suspension that use handsaw.
2. It has taken out of a reflecting backside to take an extra thumb.
3. It seats substituted with the chair of better cushion with reflector and tilted a chair a lot little to a front.
4. Rotate A boss to do it more after and easy to resist when seated.
5. Headlines of pause of the movement to do he in-line with arms.

With which this, looks of bicycle little more courts and is happy and feels sure in a bicycle.

Top Customer Reviews: Vilano City Bike ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
4 / 5
I have very possessed, a lot of bicycles my time - all of the 24' Raleigh of Inghilterra (1960) in the sunlight Trike tadpole recumbent trike (2010). I have ordered this bicycle the Sunday and has arrived on Tuesday. That? A goleada is deceiving - a bicycle is has packed attacked down but preassembled (80). Mountain a handlebar, wheel forward, saddle, reflectors, pedals, and inflate some wheels (Max 85 PSI). I have read the writings of negative critiques for snooty enthusiastic of cycling but has been advance and has gone some data partorisca buy these newspapers everywhere bicycle partorisca folks the one who loves exercise of low impact, fresh air, or taking of one finalises of campus to another. A bicycle is to good sure the good value in $ 250. My bicycle shipped of Cycling For Less in two days (commanded of Sunday Tuesday UPS pound of Tierra). You are kidding me? Spent with confidence.
5 / 5
A bicycle is awesome!!! It is fact very good and looks acute. Unfortunately any prendió attention to a measure of a bicycle and has gone so only in some looks. It was mesmerized for him and has not annoyed partorisca remark that it was too big for me. They are 5'6'. The desire has done a still small plus Dwarves of knots...
5 / 5
@Give Now that the bicycles would owe that be bought has gathered. We are enjoying these, but some instructions to have some wheels of bicycle trued for the professional has to be heeded. A potentially the dangerous complication is that your pedal/of feet can connect with an advance of wheel when turning the corner or that goes around the curve, if you are not careful and deliberate.
4 / 5
In general a bicycle was really well, but a person buys for, was apparently
still court for a bicycle.

Top Customer Reviews: Vilano R2 Commuter ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 48 ratings
4 / 5
I want to share my experience with using this bicycle partorisca almost the month now. I locate 5, 10, 20, 60 travesías of thousands in this bicycle during a week. This bicycle will take you around but no attended very much more that the commuter, is not the bicycle of true street. Everything in this bicycle is feeble/inferior but is has had to that upgrade so that it goes calm then can he the decent bicycle. A work to product is ordered enough, and commentary of people in a diagram to paint daily. Take your bicycle has verified has gone by the first mechanic of calm included think to locate. Need of wheels to be tried and all has regulated. I trust up this require a lot the tuning has spent so only when being screwed near.

Likes another has said that some wheels are some first upgrade has done. Some the original wheels can manage 85psi max. My new wheels are until 110psi. 700cX25 Measured. Enormous difference. One some concealed is gone in a bicycle is like this plastic.

The next thing is slowly long distance this bicycle needs the new chair. A more tightened saddle to be esatti.

A brake the fast emission has broken well out of a box before they are trace even backs a wheel to a front. A costruttore was quickly to send me two new upgraded callipers with tampons attatched. Another piece consulting, continuous in-line and register your bicycle for this reason. So that when be said a service of client was easy and useful immediately. I never called in but I emailed the with pictures. 24 hours the latest parts were in a topmast.

Some handlebars are wrapped very basic with the economic material likes to be prepared to rewrap his in some point. I havent seen a lot revises that I comment in some crowbars of the brake but the man are these things grieve accessible. They are not adjustable and has to that achieve far was the grab him. It feels unsafe when you are flying downhill and require them to be the period of toes was.

A chair of the fast emission and the wheels are the good characteristic in this bicycle. Easy to dip in a car and trace/of a street quickly.

According to which the upper speed goes to think when you are travelling the fastest sale a row is among 25-30mph.
5 / 5
This bicycle is very impressive for a prize. I have required to simplify the 10my travesía of round commute for less than a prize of public transport. I have been commuting to do six times for week, without questions of first order.

A bicycle comes mostly gathered in the big box. A container is excellent. Everything needs to do is to gather a wheel forward, gather a chair, attach a shifters to some handlebars, attaches some handlebars to a boss, attaches some pedals comprised and connect some brakes. After inflating some wheels, and some smaller tuning to some brakes and shifters, is all has dipped!

A bicycle locates a lot well, and is quite stable. A configuration of the handlebar does not leave any a lot of space to locate the telephone or computer of bicycle, as it maintains that in alcohol. I have not had any question with a frame, drivetrain, or any part of a construction of bicycles, this in spite of precise to king-inflate my wheels weekly.

If the looks are yours sew - this looks of bicycle very better that the walmart bicycle.

Can be ask, how is all this available for only 200 dollars? To do the works adds, there are few precise things. Some inner tubes look resupplied to lose air a lot quickly, as substituting those in your consolation sooner goes the long way. While some the stock external tubes are not terrible, some Continentals go the long way to prevent walk - calm no really canals of water of the need, although one issues is slick. It takes some lights so that the cars can see is a lot of entity.

In general, am very impressed. If an external tube comprised there was better state, this is easily be to five description of star. To good sure would recommend this bicycle for any the one who the half-along commute to do.
5 / 5
The tent of bicycle dipped it up and has regulated he for $ 60. My Recommended upgrades when you buy this cycle is: Continental 700x25 wheels and places PSI to 100. Take the chair recommends bicycle of Planet ARS. If it calms of the that these will take clues hella fast and have the sore a$ $ :D Thumb shifter shimano the train was in fact soften AF. Has the new bicycle now w/105 groupo and kinda lose a thumb shifters :D :D :D P.D. Of the one who Leave the clowns speak down your reason has the Vilano. His all in a rider and a upgrade parts. It has AMUSED and upgrade some leave of the has mentioned them :D
4 / 5
For a prize, ossia The BICYCLE ! I have been that traces and doing in of the bicycles of then was 16, when it was 18 I used to locate 80 miles a day without questions. It has been 25 years of mine last bicycle! They are 66 and decided to take on upper of biking again but has not loved to invest a lot of. A bicycle has arrived almost gathered, all have has had to that it was to install some bars of boss some pedals a shifters and some wheels. Any question any, had done it in 2 hrs. Surprisingly a derailleurs the smallest adjustment has required to take it where any ANY NOISE in any train. Now his exactly when you move. Some brakes also the light adjustment has required . A wheel was balanced entirely and any wobbles and any of a spokes has required any adjustment. A bicycle was the hefty 29.9 Lbs. I have substituted a chair dreaded with still focus lovely SMP TRK, also some pedals with pedals with pedals of lighter that clip and has not installed some of some reflectors and useless elements and has taken rid of some of some spacers for a bar of sleeve vertical height, has taken a bicycle down to 24.2 Lbs! Dulce!! Against which have read, some brakes the utmost law, with which adjustment of paralización of minute in the say me! After taking a new saddle I my own ; the bicycle that returns; and it has been the sleep to locate this bicycle. With which having this bicycle for 6 weeks and dipping 230 miles in the the only question has had @to give that I no longer can locate like this long or like this quickly I before. Another wise is estimativa conscious and bit it mechanically bent will have you ANY QUESTION!

Update - 12/5/19 With which 18 month with this bicycle an only question has is doing time for the trace as much as I desire. (Organisation to shorten some bars of the sleeve and that substitutes some wheels for the do included lighter)
4 / 5
has bought this bicycle like the way to take the cycling in an economic and like this far there is entirely exeeded my expectations. It has dipped roughly 150 miles in a bicycle like this far without @@subject. Some wheels and tubes this comes stock is quite decent, athough plans on in his substitute in a future. A train shifters take some taking used to like this opposed to integrated shifters, but take a work done. A main question with a shifters, as declared in other descriptions, is that they offer any room to locate accesorias in some handlebars, which leave me dipping accessories in a cup of a frame. A saddle that a bicycle comes with looks a lot enough, could consider substitute the when volume to locate the longest distances. This bicycle does not go to treat like the $5000 bicycle but for the rider of novice or any one looking for the beater the bicycle ossia perfect. In general, for $200 this bicycle is to fly it, the way adds to take the cycling without a big monetary commitment.
4 / 5
Are quite new the cycling. I have purchased this bicycle in December 2019 paralizaciones in $ 230. If you are looking for a bicycle of real street, goes to require to spend the little more. This in spite of, if it is taste and wants to take of your wet feet and obtain the little more first knowledge to spend $ 1000+ in the bicycle, this bicycle is not the bad decision, while it calms does not import doing the pocola researches and possibly substituting roughly of some pieces is a so it goes.

gathering this bicycle will be hard for any first timer. Some instructions have not been very useful, and without any leading experience, has not had any way to know that my bicycle has been supposed to come with fast emission skewers for some wheels, which has been missing that has received. I have finalised to take this to the tent of local bicycle to have then gather and the tune and I also purchased some fast emission skewers.

Upgrade Suggestions:
1. One first what would have to that the transmission is some wheels . I have substituted some wheels accionarías with Continental Gatorskins and that has very improved a traction that has taken and a global stability and feel of a walk. $ 70 well it is spent.

2. If you are looking to change some proportions of train, is possible for you to change out of a backside 7 speed freewheel with another with coaching stronger. Apresamiento Commentaries that is the freewheel and no the cassette in a rear wheel and the any one is returned cassettes in freewheel goes hubs and vice versa. The short long history, for cassettes of use, would require to buy new wheels, that a lot probably sides so as or more than this bicycle. A stock number of teeth in some backsides freewheel this comes with this bicycle is 14-28t. I have substituted that with one 11-28t freewheel. This was $ 30, and now each rotation of some lame pedals much more there when precise in this big train.

3. A saddle. I have changed a stock saddle for the lighter, the smallest saddle, which was in fact more comfortable for me with my place of horse riding, and included better with cushioned shorts. My bicycle felt the little lighter , this in spite of, this upgrade has not gone enough so that the life that to the transmissions like 2 has mentioned on.

In my opinion, so only in any one another no-aesthetic upgrade for this bicycle probably would not be worth it . For example, the together of decent wheel, more probably require the new cassette, so that you also can require purchase the compatible derailleur and train shifters, and like this on and like this advance. If you are taking that his, goes to be probably looking for a bicycle of punctual real street in all the chance if you are not already in this point.

These days are trace roughly 70 or like this miles the week in this thing. When I Find any more the one who is looking to take the cycling but no ready closing or sure roughly that spends the plot in a bicycle of real street still, ossia one of some bicycles that suggests to them together with a caveats has mentioned on. Thus prize, is in fact quite good and taught the plot.
4 / 5
Setup Was the breeze (SIMPLE). A lot a lot looking bicycle. They are 6'1' to the equal that has taken a 58 bicycle of cm other THUMBS on'👍' has not locating the closing. But I am quite sure it will locate like this as well as it hates to be it announces mine CARDIO so that it locates an open street and the hills will be 2 EARLIER DAYS More than has EXPECTED. OTHER THUMBS on👍
5 / 5
Ossia my second bicycle of street , with which mine Denali was unfortunately broken for the pair of overexcited boys. Both are street of level of bicycles of decent entrance. This one is lighter, but does not have a kickstand and a headline of cup like this Denali done. I use it mainly for commute to campus. A walk has a lot of be a lot like this far. Looks very Too much. As remarked in other descriptions, some wheels could be better, but is functional and sufficient for me. Rueda upgrades is not expensive in all the chance. The assembly taken around the averages an hour. Take the box of tool of the bicycle, which costs around 8 bucks and look the video of Youtube to the equal that has required.
5 / 5
I desire would have done more the external investigation of some descriptions of Amazon first to purchase this bicycle. Have Initially of this bicycle was reasonably priced and has had in of the general descriptions favorecedoras. The majority of people has rented this was the bicycle of level of good entrance . And that has had the negative opinion, has had the negative opinion, but was scarce as I have not taken a lot of heed to them.

A bicycle has come partially gathered as it has declared. That is to declare also, is that can take your tent of local bicycle for has gathered it but is not compulsory, but would have to that be taken there for the general inspection calm gathered that to you.

A bicycle is gone in the box has gathered partially. A box there has been a web of place of a mark of bicycle has printed on he in the big red papers where can see you that precise be neighbouring place. I add! I go to a web of place and that the concrete page can not be found. His web of place there has been video of assembly in other bicycles that sells, but no east a. I have thought that that it is a lot coming with a booklet of instruction, but a booklet has not been concrete to this bicycle. Then there it was another together of the instructions have bent on these appearances to go with bicycle and his of.

Like my fiancé and I have looked for to dip this bicycle has jointed that follows some instructions have resupplied to have @@give early a brake advance ware very attached to a part at the head of a frame and has not had any way for knots for the dipped together. Had at all in his instructions and again his web of place does not resupply any help thus model at all.

Has contacted a vendor saws Amazon and has said the one who my situation was and has asked the repayment. We said me to knots these bicycles come 90 gathers and need to be gathered by the professionals and said then to look in a picture that is on Amazon to see where the part goes. But they would issue me the repayment has sent the behind is original packaging . Well.

Has researched that would cost he for me for the ship behind and was in a same to have the tent of bicycle gathers for me. I have chosen a last.

A bicycle is good to look in, but some parts are inexcusably economic. A train shifters is really really really economic. There is the plastic thing circulates for a rear wheel, afterwards to a chair. This part is usually metal in the majority of bicycle. Layers some wheels are economic and will require to be substituted.

Has known then, that is now, I active has paid so only a prize a big plus in my tent of local bicycle for the bicycle of better quality instead partorisca east fences in bicycle.
5 / 5
UPDATE: has has had to that so only substitute a rear wheel AGAIN. For a second time inside the week. Paid $ 25 to substitute a rear wheel, spent it home, has taken he for the walk in a trail of bicycle, is coming house to find a rear wheel was once again deflated. Some wheels this bicycle come with this RUBBISH!!! Spent $ 135 in the pair of kevlar puncture-resistant wheels that same day. It locates 3 times of those substitutes some wheels with a kevlar wheels, and has not taken another plan STILL.

Would not recommend this bicycle. Work? Yes, you are had to to fall another $ 200-300 his on that will pay for him and assembly. Paste the grain of sand? SLOWLY. Run over the puddle of water? SLOWLY. THIS '$ 220' the BICYCLE COST $ 500 LIKE THIS FAR. Volume.

Top Customer Reviews: Vilano Diverse 3.0 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 59 ratings
5 / 5
UPDATE: I have had this bicycle partorisca the few months now together with approx 400 miles and ossia an excellent bicycle - BUY IT!

Has had my Hike of then 2003 - has taken cured a lot well of him - the condition adds has given so only to veteran - in staging the upgrade and has found this bicycle - is not that the has not wanted to spend $ 400+ for the hybrid bicycle but I so only could not justify one $ 450 to $ 550 bicycles after seeing is one and reading all some descriptions - I is spent some times in a Hike store another day and a boy of sales was fantastic - A bicycle point was the very good apple the comparison of apple - That the walked this in spite of was $ 418 for the 2016 and $ 480 for the 2017 - there is not any way can dip this two side of bicycles for side and say this a cheaply east fact - I live here in terrible San Diego and like trace 12 to 18 miles around a zone of beach - I is also be to six different bicycle negotiate besides the walked that looks in characteristic and specs other bicycles everything in a $ 400 to $ 600 row - OSSIA A BICYCLE ADDS ! I am thinking of upgrading a backside and front derailleurs has any question to the equal that to the his smooth emotional or any and still then a bicycle is still the swipe thus I reward - Reason spend for the lease of manufactures of the bicycle in his edifice, announcing and marketing when this bicycle is priced where those another would have to that be - Control out of a independant to to the descriptions like has done and will adapt that of east is a heck of the shot adds! Oh, I dipped It/ I dipped It near in 30 minutes and fell it then is gone in the tent of bicycle and that the paid takes all to be regulated and has dipped ready on - A type in a tent was surprised for real in a quality of this bicycle and so only hanged 26 pounds too - Of course some prójimos few months will give an update. Mahalo!
4 / 5
The bicycle adds. Rings the bicycle to locate in a walk by means of Iowa this summer (RAGBRAI) - around 400 miles in 7 days. My woman has the hybrid well and my highland bicycle has not been to do a same trick although it have changed some wheels and the tricked was for street.

Has found this bicycle in the fantastic prize as I bought it.

Dipped it near in roughly 30 min. Any question. I took it it was and locate the pair to time before having it has dipped ready. I need to be dipped ready!!! After a tune on, is the walk adds ! The smooth towers, utmost managing.

Are the 250 lb man. It has dipped the gel has spent of chair in the to help one 'pause in'. The maintaining there is well on 500 miles on that. Still you locate well.

My highland bicycle there has been shock in some forks and under a chair. I lose some impacts like this the bicycle to good sure transmits everything of a street of clashes of cities very yours describe as buttock!

Has 2 - 50 walks of thousands under our tape now. To somewhere around a 40 mark of one thousand I beginning to take uncomfortable. Perhaps loosing some 50+ books to the equal that plan to do that it locate this bicycle will help that it was.

Are 5'10' and opted for a 57frame of cm. Happy has done. It looks big and when straddling the plan footed am due to to keep well to any crunch some jewels familiarised, but trace comfortably. They are the quite big man in 250lbs and has wanted to quite soiled in a bicycle. My highland bicycle felt bit it small.

An only thing thinks that it would change is a gearing. The desire there is the touch the big plus gearing. Granny Train (all to a sinister train or decrease) is a lot, a lot down! It is it adds to locate these hills empinados, but while it is easy the pedal, calm grieves is moving quite fast to maintain a whole bicycle! Side for horse riding lateralmente with my woman in 18mph, is the slowest pedaling that they are. I think that that that has quite can to have the proportion to coach main this in spite of being comfortable.

Loves a bicycle that comprises some looks. It is black slowly with aim/of money lettering. It is not flashy like the plot of a fluorescent has framed bicycles there now. Some to do A lot WELL! I owe that be careful any to express too hard like my old bicycle with brakes of rim. Have slid Some wheels several times in dry pavement when prendiendo - and concealed is not easy with the 250lb the man that chairs in the bicycle. We have taken to take in 20 shower of minute last week while it locate. Any one affects in a braking at all! Still prendido a lot quickly and easily. My wifes the hule and the rims have wetted the tampons were the different history !
5 / 5
Good light bicycle. Transmission a saddle immediately concerns you on your sensitive parts. My main flu - and did not solve it still - is that it sustains slightly to a side (the accident) when that traces a lot of-hands.

Has had a delicate bit of assembly. It can not take a brake of disk of the front to turn freely without adding the spacer (washer). It sees picture.

Sizewise: Calm would not owe that be shorter that roughly 5'9 to clear a crossbar in a 53cm comfortably.
4 / 5
Loves a bicycle. I have bought this like the option of formation of the cross in of the days any circle and am very satisfied with an action. It is so much lighter that a tent of big canal the highland bicycle traces older. All a function of controls smoothly and some brakes are excellent. Be careful when applying them there is the habit of the brake of bicycle regulates like this found them to be much stronger and could imagine could direct to the yours overs if a has not been used to him.

Had gathered that and dipped ready in my tents of the local bicycle and a mechanic has been surprised when I have said that that had paid. To good sure recommend this bicycle for ever rnanyone looking in something among the true street that short bicycle or the highland bicycle!
4 / 5
Has bought this bicycle like a upgrade substitution for an old plus, big mileage bicycle. It arrives 2 days with which have purchased. The assembly was the snap - does not pay $ 75 for more for the dipped near. If you are a less has bitten mechanically has bent, has to take you any plus of an hour, cups, to gather a bicycle out of a box. While it was immediately rideable once put together, Vilano recommends that has the tent of bicycle some some wheels, rule some brakes, and dip ready a train of walk. This cost less than $ 100. A bicycle is light, and the joy to locate compared my bicycle my old plus. To the left it is to be clear roughly something, this in spite of - this is not the bicycle of competition, and has not been purchased by me expecting it to be the bicycle of competition. This has said, there are two things really is in the bicycle in this point of prize: Trigger shifters and brakes of disk. A trigger shifters precisely situate a derailers, included when hard emotional, and some brakes of disk give the solid feels of control in downhill careers. One 8 train to rear cassette resupplies the plot of flexibility when it traces uphill. It was not that it compare a Vilano to the Hike, but is certainly a upgrade of Giant, in meso a prize would pay in the tent of bicycle. Finally, they are 5'7' and it has bought a 53CM bicycle. So only you grieve it returns my inseam and extension of leg while pedaling. If you are 5'7' or down, to good sure recommend a 49CM has measured.

UPDATE: I have changed out of a saddle to the chair of foam of the memory (taken of another bicycle of mine), and has bought the together of grips of decent handlebar. Both transmissions were a lot of value a upgrade. A Vilano the bicycle is sum ; I do not know reason his big-boxes cheaped was in two elements of consolation. Slowly in the little upgrades.
4 / 5
A Vilano Diverse 3.0 is an exceptional bicycle! I have had he for the little less than the month and has dipped roughly 200 miles on he with absolutely any question at all. They are a bit new the horse riding of bicycle and an interview, but there is not any a lot of the subjects that dipped the neighbours. A subject only has with a factory the partial assembly is that the looks of mine to be missing some type of coverage of powder in a sinister side of a crankset hub to cover a bearings. Also some bars of the boss can not be created. In general some turns of bicycle smoothly, manages well and solid of pauses. They are really enjoying this bicycle and thinks will take the plot of miles out of him.
4 / 5
Loves this bicycle. It is light, lustrous, comfortable to locate, brake of excellent disk, súper train that the smooth movement, a lot the train chosen well proportions for fast, effortless that traces. Excellent value for low $ 300, is like this good or better that a lot of more expensive bicycles. It was skeptical in a lack of shock and a chair of narrow action, but is more comfortable for my aging derriere that my bicycle my old more than has shock and a tampon of chair added.

BUT, and ossia something it marred the mine was-of-the-experience of boxes, there was absolutely any instruction on like this to gather a brake of disk of the front. I imagined it it was finally but the instructions were nowhere to be found, no in a propiciado by assembly, no in the manual of an user, not even in a web of place of company, to the how has been informed in of the big papers in a box a bicycle is entrance . It looks he likes is the new product and the instructions do not have on maintained.

Word to a wise: a costruttore strongly suggests having a bicycle has dipped professionally ready. It TAKES The SUGGESTION. I have squandered The fair has bitten to time to try to regulate a front derailleur and other things, but with which I coughed on one $ 80 my local tent partorisca to dip ready-arrive short smooth likes silk. In $ 380 it is still an amazing value, and would buy it to them again, but Vilano, please add some instructions of brake of the disk.
4 / 5
Are trace this several miles now and has has had questions of zeros with an action of a bicycle. They are six same feet and has gone with a 57 measure of cm and returns, perhaps he tad the big. I gathered it, with questions of zeros, when you go in, took it then to the tent of local bicycle to have some brakes and the train have dipped ready. Ossia The street only bicycle, any trail that traces at all for east a. I locate officially / it pave the streets and the trails and do a lot so only so that I want to. I have added the chair cushioned (he Giddy Up! Seat), kickstand and lights also. In general I add it judge of the bicycle exited for horse riding of the street/of trail paved.
5 / 5
A Vilano the bicycle of Hybrid street has arrived a lot very packed and has protected. The assembly was the breeze . Very minimum. A Company has on followed with a tip of email to verify that some wheels were true, and to do other adjustments of security to comprise the travesía to the tent of local bicycle is necessary. Ossia To be expected like the bicycle is well out of a box. A legislation of the walk out of a box was awesome. I have verified it takes trueness, and has had has spoken it the handy wrench in chance perhaps, but any one the adjustment was necessary for me. Nizza Hybrid light. Awesome Walk. It was well to locate the bicycle where a canal has not slipped, and this was without any adjustments to a derailleur. Awesome Company, awesome bicycle.
5 / 5
A bicycle has arrived punctually. I knew it lame assembly, which was quite simple. I have done in of the bicycles before. I have not taken this to mine LBS. Has has has dipped ready bicycles before. A tuning was expected like this, this in spite of, could not prevent the canal rubs by means of all the train. This was well, has done sure does not rub in some train I mainly use. Unfortunately, it can any a disk forward brakes not rubbing. In spite of adjustment with which adjustment, a brake forward rubs when a wheel is torqued (ie, when that goes of seated to the stand, or when pedaling with vigour to locate the hill). This arrived in spite of there when not being rubbing when a wheel is turned freely or trace in flat earth. Also, I took it on to average/of half muck paved (with registered minimum) trail, and a wheel forward has taken the tear in him. So only a wheel, no a tube. I have finalised to go to mine LBS and that purchases the new wheel (700 x 38), which is now slightly main that a rear wheel (stock, 700 x 35). It was able to use a stock tube. It has dipped roughly 50 miles in the like this far, and has done a work.

Top Customer Reviews: Max4out Road Bike ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 26 ratings
5 / 5
They are more the hybrid bicycles, but my woman has loved the bicycle of street instead. Have has wanted the take something well but relatively abordable. A bicycle receives is a “Outroad” branded equivalent, but everything looks to be one same like a pictured. This bicycle can not be the $ 1000 “Turn-Of-to to France” likes him the bicycle, but has an appearance of one. Has a frame of aluminium and bar of boss, entrance cabling routing (shifters only), Shimano tigger-shifters and rear derailleur. Another on the half components is a disk maquinal -brakes and arms of cranks. They are not the big defender of one 3-has spoken creation of wheel and a map of stickers that the economic looks has fixed on him. I can convince my woman later on to peel them was to take the most cleaned look. I also very sure if some rims are aluminium , sure add the considerable quantity to weigh to this 35lbs+ bicycle. This bicycle locates a lot well, this in spite of. It recommends for a rider of random weekend.
5 / 5
Really enjoy this new bicycle. You locate to surprise also, ossia my first bicycle of the street & are very satisfied has done this investment.
5 / 5
Absolutely love this bicycle. Looks well, Remonta well.
5 / 5
A very good Bicycle for a money. A vendor has done the special arrangements so many can take a bicycle without that has to that sign for him. It is very easy to dip near. I locate on top of the Collina very long empinado has taken grieves together place. Another that when being tired a bicycle was a lot.
5 / 5
Loves this bicycle! Some instructions have been missing to have it like this taken to the tent of bicycle and has paid $40 to have it has gathered correctly so that it does not die in a street. I recommend it! A main complaint is with a delivery of a bicycle. It is the big and alive box in the rural zone with go it along and has touched is gone in a street in mine go. It was lucky has not been flown when it has taken home.
5 / 5
A bicycle has not been easy to dip near and has taken enough the long time. When it took It home, the things still have not been well has taken it like this to the tent to take verified was. A turn of train has been broken and some the pedal parts have been dipped in backward for a costruttore. It was the present for my edges, but has has had to that the unfortunately take to the tent of bicycle for them to fix all this was bad. His present is cost $ 70! I will be more careful any to order the like this on-line elements again.
4 / 5
The bicycle was easy to gather, has has had to that so only dipped some wheels on that. The transmission to coach easily, pedaling very smooth. Seat Is comfortable like some chairs of bicycle go. Bought the speedometer that wont work because some any active wheel spokes for a sensor to latch to. It does not have to that you go him of fast emission that, that has read, is the good thing of a bicycle has brakes of disk. Happy took it when of the eye can be the moment , if never, for this bicycle to look again.
4 / 5
This bicycle is well, that is really taking here is the decent frame. Some wheels, some brakes and a shifters all have to that be regulated, or has substituted. Some sisters are in the terrible place, As they are by train to substitute them with Shimano combo brake shifters. I have substituted already an advance of wheel and wheel. But for the street of the level of the bicycle of basic entrance is well. It has been also supposition to have brakes of disk and he no.
4 / 5
has taken my bicycle he roughly done 4 days. The assembly has not been hard but my personnel thinks that that the instructions could be pocolos better. It has taken he to locate before time today. On all good walk but I have to that be in accordance with other users in a discomfort of a chair. It is to good uncomfortable insurance and also maintains to wobble behind and advance and twist right and has left included although has the presionar so possible. I think that that a costruttore would have to take a feedback and something in a quality of a chair to do a perfect product. If it has not been for a chair would give it 5 stars, reasons want to locate this bicycle daily and for the longest distance a chair has to that be comfortable to the equal that in this moment is at all and now will owe that take the better chair and spend more money in that.
4 / 5
The bicycle is exceptional and easy to dip joint and wine with instructions.

Top Customer Reviews: Schwinn Sporterra ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
5 / 5
They are 5'5 and this bicycle was so only too big. To good sure is not a measure especially why some bars of the boss so only can take descents So many. It averts of these join the train is rough no the smooth walk and I know says that it calms that has to that try was until some train takes used his but ummm no. Some train was skipping and taking has stuck. It adds to this a fact that a boss that is for a pedal right this connects creates to a brake or train (any insurance) has been undressed when I took it and has maintained partorisca line my ankle. Only no the comfortable product at all. I have finalised partorisca return the and will be partorisca go with the no Schwinn bicycle.
4 / 5
Some forks have been bent and a forward of wheel can not be attached. I have contacted a company and his purportedly are sending the substitutions but is back ordered and has been weeks for the moment when I have wanted to be that it locates a bicycle for now. It would say this bicycle is not to value a seal of prize.
4 / 5
A quality of a bicycle was in fact better that has thought. It has not expected any a lot of the eschwinn' bicycle to be sincere, but has been surprised when I unboxed this bicycle that a lot was build . Admitted, some instructions that utmost, has had to that look in the pair of video of Youtube to do a final assembly, but in general some bicycles feel of sound. It is really the value adds, considering a prize and some characteristic. Oh, And I have taken several compliments in his looks. It would recommend.
4 / 5
An advance of fork was too tightened to return a wheel, some turns of train are terrible, a saddle is not comfortable, a frame bends the plot, a crank wiggles, and a lot of other subjects. With everything east says, I still really like this bicycle because I took the cycling. It has dipped already at least 500km and I am sure will be to locate the ones of fact a lot of years (after substituting the few parts).
5 / 5
Is a perfect hybrid bicycle for me. Well built and easy to locate. You can it loves but the chair cushioned this in spite of.
5 / 5
Like the mechanic of bicycle with 25+ years to experience taken in the bicycle scarcity the virus has been exasperated to find bicycles for the pair of friends.
Has bought 2 of these Schwinn Sporterras last August to build up for them.
The global quality of build and parts is well for the $ 550 bicycle. Better that Big Mart quality and value a prize. All gathered and regulated to the equal that has expected. Please you the favour and have the mechanic of bicycle gathers and regulate your investment and calm will find this serviceable. These builds have taken twice while the quality of tent of bicycle of normal bicycle been due to take everything to do properly. Any something concealed 'out of a box'
Hanged - the bicycle has built Accionaría is 30 pounds 12 ounces in the stairs of digital bicycle. The wheels of big quality would be the investment adds and take this bicycle down 30 that locates the hills will be much easier.
- The frame is aluminium with replaceable r derailleur hanger and he 1 1/8 threadless fork of steel. Centre grupal inferior to top of the tube of chair is 48cm but this bicycle has the empinado sloping upper tube to the 180mm headtube. The effective upper tube is 56cm
- the Real measure is a stand on quotes. This is to measure of an earth to a cup of an upper tube 9 thumbs for behind a tube of boss. Ossia Where a pubic bone will impact in 32.5 thumbs of an earth. This calm mean would have to that have the 33.5 more than period of thumb of leg pubic bone to an earth with shoes of trace on. It does not kid you , ossia the big bicycle .
A frame of bicycle has the welded on plan of trace for the stand of has fallen but will have to that buy that extra as it does not come with one. The fall is only work reliably indoors in of the hard surfaces. Out of a bicycle late or early will fall on in a backside derailleur bending it and later, a derailleur will take taken in a spokes in hablador harm and/or harm.
Gearing - Rear is the freewheel any cassette. 14-28 7 spd. The train forward is 32-48 steel replaceable coverages in the 170 mm connects Prowheel crank. 4 model of looks of ray to be Shimano asymmetrical but has not confirmed this.
Twists - the rims are league of double wall 32 with the league has weighed a piece hubs F-100mm R135mm FW
Brakes - mark - Brakes of Radii of disk maquinal with abonos adjustability in a caliper. 160mm rotor.
Emotional - Shimano tourney with emotional built to some crowbars of brake. 'Brifters'
In general, returns , this bicycle will do the serviceable city and bicycle of trail. It is not the $ 1500 bicycle of registered and so only will be like this as well as it is gathered and well has dipped ready. Wear crack it and use strobe lights.
Tailwinds - RR
4 / 5
Any where says measured to frame that resulted to be 48cm. It is not a measure returns everything.

Top Customer Reviews: ZCCSHOWN 26' Road ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5
A fork forward is bent, the forks are not varied and can not take wheel in. And it could it would be angled and not doing. A front shifter knows has been broken was also as it can not use a shifter.

Has not been partorisca like that it has to that return now that I unboxed the. It has expected a vendor could send me parts of substitution partorisca fix it like this the other of some looks of bicycle well...

Top Customer Reviews: Hiland Road Bike ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
4 / 5
Hiland 700c 57bicycle of cm. Sound the beginner adds bicycle partorisca a prize. It is light, quickly, adds partorisca commuting.
Took 2 hours partorisca dip it near.
I so only installed some liners to some wheels and the root laughed to some handlebars.
Are 5'11 and a 57frame of cm was perfect partorisca me.
Probably substitute a saddle later on.
After locating a bicycle partorisca 200 miles, in general touch the decent bicycle and component, any need to do upgrades, otherwise, is better has taken the bicycle the expensive plus. fc
4 / 5
Ossia The beautiful bicycle , has surpassed my expectations. It manages well, some wheels are extremely read partorisca there of measure. It was easy to gather, to to an only thing did not like was of a chair, has has had to that him the transmission was. Ossia The value adds . Has the giant Dfey 2 partorisca my walk of the long street but I use this like the trail and computer.
4 / 5
Has purchased this bicycle partorisca my daughter and loves it. Perfecto partorisca trails or pavement. The bicycle is hanged material and light of same frame like some bicycles 2-3x a prize. (Giant RoughRoad) the assembly was easy. A subject smaller so only was the light brake rubs but my tent of the local bicycle regulated partorisca $ 15.
5 / 5
Ossia An excellent judge of bicycle is exited. You take the plot of bang partorisca a buck. It is light and well has done. If your unsure or does not love bicycle seriously then ossia the good place partorisca begin .
4 / 5
Basically like the headline has said, my tube of rear wheel has come so only with 2 holes. It can not locate alfresco at all and has to repair him. The bicycle is not bad, so only disappointed with like this is coming.
5 / 5
Is like this light and fast. A whole creation of him is cleaned like this. Highly recommend.
5 / 5
Some wheels have arrived slightly has bent.
I brakes are not that easy to dip up.
An in fact felt course out of a container in my alley, was lucky of the find.
Will not win a Tour de France with this bicycle but is the a lot of one thus prize.
Has taken a 57version of cm and return me a lot of (I follows 1m84)

Top Customer Reviews: Eurobike OBK XC550 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 15 ratings
5 / 5
This is not the bicycle of street. A group of train is partorisca the highland bicycle and a frame and the wheels are weighed. It looks the good bicycle but is not . It can not say anything roughly durability but has to that to my doubts likes him to him the wheel forward is coming slightly bent and can not be varied. As it grinds against some brakes and are by train of the turn. Having to that ignore some descriptions but in this chance some the bad descriptions are well. Another Chinese trick.
4 / 5
1. A lot of ascetic and walks smoothly
2. Easy light weight partorisca spend on two flights of stairs
3. Easy to dip near

1. Long delivery
2. Seat Is that annoying
3. Strong creak when pedaling
4. Clanging When coasting With a bicycle

No very happy with this compraventa this time. It will be partorisca take the to the tent of bicycle partorisca take it looked in partorisca try and take touched of of a creaking and clicking sounds
will update if the question is fixed.
4 / 5
I a lot the fitness and in increasing bicycles. A bicycle in general looks sum, and very easy to dip near! I have run to the plot of questions with a rear wheel, is gone in already broken, a Cassette was already was balance, which has taken them also the tent of bicycle partorisca try reparation. The bicycle that does too noice of a rear wheel, and train... No the far, has not been the smooth walk and has not changed the easy train. It was more than the headache then anything. I have had to that return this product. The desire cost an extra 50 dollars out of my pocket to fix a brake of rear wheel that an installed company, a cassette of rear wheel , and a rear wheel that it is to come broken. A lot unbalanced
4 / 5
does not have any question with a bicycle. Each one which where goes, take commentaries in a bicycle. People really like a look. It likes I. It is quickly, but no like this quickly like this $ 5,000 bicycles in Parco Centrical. But still I hang around him.
5 / 5
Service of beautiful bicycle of Excellent Clients.
Has Had a subject with one of some pedals and they substituted it easily any hassle and has maintained always verify in to do sure all more was.
Really professional.
4 / 5
The bicycle was very good amd excellent value. Volume alot of compliments in a bicycle, one leaves the wheels add the sportive look. It was easy to dip near know in bicycles. A brake of initial disk adjustmenta was the challenge, has taken the moment to take that it rubs still to take. I have added several accessores to customise for my needs.
5 / 5
Ossia My first bicycle of street . It had gathered he for the tent of bicycle. I didnt wants to take a casualidad in increasing the bad. I have done roughly 200miles in my bicycle like this far. It leaves so only say im enamoured. Yes, it was an adjustment of my highland bicycle but im any disappointed. Be careful any to overinflated the yours the wheels or you will have the lumpy walk. Also, you will require the bicycle cushioned shorts and gloves of bicycle. Happy horse riding.
4 / 5
Is the good bicycle in general, until look in some details of minute. I do not have remarked until the day later that one 2nd train there has been harms in of the multiple locations, which to good sure will break a canal there has been has used the (thanks goodness I any). It is replaceable fixed, so only inconvenient that has to that be substituted. But, it likes me quell'has said, the good bicycle, especially for a paid of prize. A way a handlebar is wrapped does not leave for a lot of annexes, especially plans on having the mountain of telephone, to torch, etc. there there is so only very very spatial.
5 / 5
A value adds for money. A bicycle arrived '85 gathered'. Completing the assembly with some tools has resupplied has taken 30 minutes less.

One of the negative entity was the advance of coverage to go down bent. I have used the hammer to spend he on-line.

Good value for the recreational cyclist that change his in the first place 'bicycle of street'.
4 / 5
The bicycle is well, a train shifters is not synched, like this partorisca one east pressed down partorisca change to the train the big plus and another this push until spending to the train the big plus, a picture is with some train in 1-1. Some reflectors that has taken is too small to return in a bicycle, that this even spends, according to the picture is of of the this, the reflector so only is that it hangs there.

Top Customer Reviews: Hiland Road Hybrid ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 11 ratings
4 / 5
An on-line video was partorisca add, but zero instruction in a brake of disk of the front. It has taken several hours partorisca imagine it was and take an advance of brake partorisca take rubbing. Any excuse partorisca any instruction!
5 / 5
Has bought this the commute partorisca do roughly 7 miles each way. The bicycle is light and agile. The transmissions of train are quickly and smooth. I think that that a bicycle is excellent value partorisca a prize. Easy to gather wine with the tools and the video of Youtube the easy fact partorisca follow instructions.
5 / 5
Partorisca A prize is value adds but there is the subject light of a disk forward contacts a tampon partorisca brake never like this slightly.
4 / 5
Are not a partorisca do the negative critiques but this bicycle is dangerous. Both petals are fallen off because of a metal that is rubbed and undressed of use (a month of use, intense swimming), a rear wheel has gone down also to signal while in the quantity, in that cause me to locate to an intersection. To the investigation has been due to a metal that connects a rear wheel to a bicycle also when the be undressed. Entirely dangerous. As any the one who has on grown in increasing bicycles daily, my whole life could say that ossia probably a worse more bicycle does cheaply has not seen never, to a discharge where could take there is wounded seriously try trace this. The stay was.
5 / 5
Pro: Materials of confidence. Able to locate fast.
With: The little more difficult that gather that alike bicycles. No quite light enough to spend on/down stairs

In general bicycle a lot well
4 / 5
the alike bicycle in global good condition out of a box. The assembly is easy. I brake it forward it rubs to a discharge that the bicycle is unusable. Continuing law in the, but, based in other descriptions, can be the stray cause .
4 / 5
Fantastic amour any 24 train . It was easy to dip near , has had the little question that takes a disk brakes dipped
4 / 5
Honradamente, there is at all bad to say in a bicycle. It is coming so only a way is in a picture. Really it likes to of me. No the difficult to install. Probably it will require an extra hand the help installs it this in spite of.
5 / 5
Orders of global bicycle, but some lines inside wheels and the assume beam of the metal around goes liner is feeble constantly exiting rim has them transmission to the highland bicycle does not tire any question of then!
4 / 5
The bicycle has come quickly and has taken a half quantity partorisca time partorisca gather. Unfortunately, it is coming with the defective inner tube that has begun to the filter has been grieves fill, the valve partorisca root broken, and a fork is misaligned so that a brake forward rubs constantly. Besides, it has had to that join it was one of some lines to brake reason has been installed in such the way that a constantly rubbed wheel against that.

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