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Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5
Although one produces are add, has not been partorisca clear at all in any of some joints of response of the Amazon or description of product that if a product has been seating in the warehouse of the amazon partorisca on 6 month, a code of limit of the invalid of results of the product. An only way to validate a code and use a product is partorisca call Rosetta Stone directly and jump by means of hoops partorisca reactivate a code. The amazon certainly has to that know this.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 13 ratings
4 / 5
Using with my Note 1 and 3 boys .... (And they are by train of the do at the side the). 'Lessons' vary' in period of 5 minutes to 30 minutes and I find that some words tick' better by means of this technician of diving more than translating. The girls can use a program with ease (although please any deception that like the when being easy, to good sure presses him partorisca think!) ... They can continue try some lessons until they take it .. His so that far it has been it taking 100 before moving on to a next lesson, are not that a lot the perfectionist to the equal that are to good sure 'beating' me in one valuing!! The coverages that read, writing, pronunciation, grammar .... Well it rounded it.
5 / 5
So only plough this produced this month and he have not operated in any systems have (and have the plot!). It would like me to him the repayment or the substitution is possible.
5 / 5
Has not used this produces personally. My daughter of 15 years used it. It complains one repeats for behind the working only works are using he without another interference in a room. It chooses up in some noises in a background - television, any that pause, etc. has said also was difficult to use to help his with his course of the institute of then is that they go in a tongue of different points.
5 / 5
Mina 18 old year has bought this and loves some few lessons. It plans on taking French in university and this will be the 'prime minister' for sound.
5 / 5
Has ordered this for my grandson of 6 years those who struggled in his School of French Diving. He unfortunately, has had the poor start in another pupil and tried to take up. Now it is doing so only well and my daughter is pleased like this.
4 / 5
Is exactly that is announcing in television!
Is interesting, is fun and calm really learn the calm plot hardly begins!
4 / 5
Has found Rosetta Stone Homeschool level French 1 comprising mate of audio to be an invaluable tool like him homeschooling familiar to learn a French tongue. Highly it recommends this together, especially partorisca Homeschoolers!
5 / 5
A better way to describe Rosetta Stone Homeschool the edition is, Wow! Some builds of program in leading knowledge, offers a CD to assist in pronunciation, the workbook to assist read , and tools evaluadoras. Wow!
4 / 5
Like this, are the really visual student . For this Rosetta Stone (visual-based) would have to that be much easier to use and learn with the Pimsleur (audio-based), well?? We are going France and I has wanted to learn first French of a travesía. I have bought this product as well as the new copy of Pimsleur French Unlimited level 1.

Rosetta Stone:
1. Easy to install
2. The 'types' very different of lessons (reading, writing, that pause, grammar,etc.)
3. A capacity to see some words and memorise a visuals.
BUT also
4. I hate a small 'corrected!' His that uses. Calm can does not turn era. Terribly it is annoying.
5. Pronunciation of mine is not a lot well because I can see a word and maintain that it tries to pronounce likes is spelt.
6. When I Speak to a microphone, a program hates my endeavour and maintains to fail me
7. All has done well until I Lesson of paste 4. In this point, some pictures because imprecise and has not gone enough sure that said or reason. I have begun to concern me on verbs and more than sympathetic grammar, has begun so only memorise things without sympathetic.
8. Oh Mina, a 'corrected!' The sound is resulted a stimulation of aversion for this time.

1. Easy to install
2. Two types of lessons (listening and reading)
3. Reason are not the Audio very-student, has had to that redo some lessons, sometimes 5 or 6 times
BUT also
4. Pronunciation of mine has taken to BETTER PLOT REASON has listened to some speakers and not looking in some words
5. I have on elected enough of a grammar to comprise that said and recombine words and sentences more than just mimicking his
6. This program does not try esward' calm with this terrible dinging his

Inferior line? I have done he by means of Pimsleur French 1 (30 lessons) and am buying French 2. I found it much easier to use (In spite of being the visual student). I leave in lesson 4 in Rosetta Stone. I do not want to go back to Rosetta Stone unless they can:

1. Request a process to try. (A click a fast plus and on to a next question)
2. Delete an use to touch to indicate the correct response.

Would recommend at least trying Pimsleur in the first place - although you are the visual student .
5 / 5
Has required to resupply the easy to use program for my grandson to learn French and Rosetta Stone there is rid. Fast nave, and trader of quality. The value adds, would look for this trader in a future for sales.
4 / 5
Rosetta Bone is craps! We have had subject horrible technicians with this program and also a French 1 - spend more time that looks for to use a program then in fact using a program - was source all his help of the external USA - the type in telephone so only said that it would be it necessary pay he $ partorisca take technical assistance in a telephone - free in the place of web converged to the equal that is taking on an hour and any result! It save the plot of stress and choose another program!!!!!
5 / 5
This the wonderful present partorisca any concealed is looking for to learn French. A packaging was the slightly smaller that that have expected but still, the present adds.
4 / 5
Beware: A tone of the turn no in a Mac. This substantially has reduced a value of an use of program Macintosh.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
4 / 5
In fact a lot of years have listened Rosetta that the wonderful bone is partorisca learn additional tongues. My suggestion wants to learn the new tongue is to use your local school for your girls to learn some tongues. If you are an adult , find the local community university or centre to learn of the adult for classes. Rosetta Stone is exactly like this announced, this in spite of, to use total diving. Be ANY of your native tongue at all. Some of some pictures that is the daughters look few boys , as I have had to that learn some pictures when doing Rosetta process. I have it quell'has completed so only an out of five insiemi with my second in a way. It would want to be able to ask questions to the equal that has a gist that am taught, but does not have any one creates roughly use of grammar. Again, ossia total diving . Agree when you were in pupil and has been the grammar taught of a time has begun pupil all a way by means of university? I am learning German and have any idea when an use of data, sie, gives, and other German words are grammatically corrected. One same is verb and use tended. Without way to ask the questions can result difficult and a lot frustrating. You receive the bookmark in an end of each session, and according to Rosetta with my bookmarks/marcadors mostly of 100 and the little in a 90 east, would have to be flowed in a German tongue. But again, so only I have a gist that am saying.
My husband has to that movement in Germania, and will be to leave in roughly two months. The desire has had time to answer the class to ask questions roughly verb, tended, and use of pronoun. But in a moment, this system to learn is better that at all. When we Arrive in Germania, at least will comprise some words, some sentences, and be able to speak some words and sentences. I will not be flowed, neither have any idea am using correct pronouns, verbs, and tended. If I have had more the time to good sure would go to the class to learn an use of pertinent grammar. In a moment, can 'take for' with Rosetta Stone, and is better that at all.
4 / 5
No with windows 7. Still with which speak to the technology still no . Work in the Mac computer. But it has bought another computer to do work.
5 / 5
While any still an expert in German, a Rossetta the bone has done the one who the professors could a lot of - excite my daughter roughly learning. It is the student regulates and is learning. I can ask no more! Thank you, Harm
5 / 5
Beware: a tone of the turn no in a Mac. This substantially has reduced a value of an use of program Macintosh.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5
It has Rosetta Stone French. It likes-me a system partorisca learn Rosetta Stone employs. My beef is with a glitches in a program. These arrive mainly in a system of recognition of the voice, which find incredibly frustrating. Number a, has had to that take touched of of Rosetta Stone earphones and go with the pair of the main quality. Rosetta Stone earphones so only has no the cut. Number 2, there is glitches this arrives in the frequent base in a system of recognition of the voice. In my experience, has words a system does not recognise NEVER. Test like this hard as you can, there are sure words that so only does not take recognised. Period. They are sometimes able state to 'fool' a system of recognition of the voice to speak with the slowness has exaggerated. But this looks to attack a purpose to learn a tongue. Three: there is times a system of the recognition of the voice reacts Before one says anything at all! When This chair of has spent behind and say to me, 'That a hell was that?!' It is like a system goes insane from time to time. So much, system of good learning, but glitchy.

Top Customer Reviews: Rosetta Stone ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5
The product is supposition partorisca come with a code of limit. I uploaded it recently to my computer and he have done partorisca 2 lessons. Then a code of limit has been required partorisca continue. It looked in a box and there is @@give a code of limit there was state takes!! They are like this unbalanced reason was excited like this partorisca my edges and I partorisca learn Spanish during this COVID pandemic. I am spent $ 100 in the useless product. This complaint is not in a product is in a vendor, the one who has sold an incomplete product. Never again I buy of this vendor again

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
5 / 5
This has not done never. And Rosetta Stone has done the only excuses because it was my failure that my computer has not been compatible. At the same time, I have had a hp portable. My partner has taken a same history with the different tongue and has an apple desk. They have refused to exchange or reimburse in any account.
5 / 5
Our boys are doing by means of of the this and Spansih. To good sure is the challenge of entity , but is doing good progress. This in spite of, thinks really will require partorisca involve with native speakers partorisca take a pronunciation down. They have tried using some words with the relative, but has not found correctly, Then , tries to turn a precision of pronunciation on the notch, and now is hard partorisca his partorisca spend on to a next lesson. We will see like this it goes partorisca a rest of a year...
4 / 5
Is the product adds and really helps to immersed calm in a tongue. Agreement on dreaming in chinese. It goes partorisca take awhile partorisca learn but some helps of product partorisca do sure your pronouciation of some words is correct. It produces really useful. It would recommend it.
4 / 5
Likes a lot. They are the little there is disappointed that both traditional and has simplified the characters am not showed. The really helps partorisca pronounce a word with feedback of instant.
4 / 5
The product does not give the definition of words has presented. Poor creation.
5 / 5
Has based out of a one my fellow had(the oldest version of a rule rosetta bone chinese) and this a, is quite some same. His version goes the little more thorough in of the terms of concepts. I have thought a homeschool the version would be better but has been disappointed. It has not been the value that buys my own reason could of just used his when it has been finalised.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
I took 9 month but I finally finalising RS 1-3. If you are serious roughly learning the Mandarin highly would recommend the start was with Fluenz first to begin RS. Fluenz, While short, uses leveraged learning and explains a meaning and grammatical structure for behind a sentence.

Some of some questions with RS:
Imprecise pictures- Roughly of some pictures are ridiculously hard to interpret. For example, will have the man in an office. It is when being, while, tired- that is doing? Like RS has no the English translations was in an internet partorisca the majority of a intro the sessions that look on a meaning of words. It would not be that I last partorisca his to imbed the dictionary.

Recognition of poor voice. These looks partorisca be the subject in a lot of some descriptions. Really I have not been able to still interpret a tonal system.

Explanation a lot grammatical. I am biased the leveraged learning; some of some sessions in RS is frustrating the uncover like an use of a word 'ba/in the' and 'gei.' I later discovered in a '' principle partorisca time displaced for my account. I have found once some principles were much easier to comprise.

Overuse Of relatively of useless substantives. While I know some words partorisca substantives of low frequency to the equal that esouth pole,' 'ball,' and 'penguin' (yes, penguin) RS a lot included teach to the verbs of big frequency likes them 'partorisca take loaned' or 'partorisca say.' When flight in Shanghai I really need to know a sentence 'This man is not that it locates his horse correctly'? In Dalian is more than entity partorisca know some words partorisca pizza and wry (which RS teaches) in place of dumpling and hot pot (it RS any).

Some sessions the tongue does not prepare you at all partorisca speak Chinese. Essentially it calms so only it is that it repeats that it was said so only yours. One 3 old year could do it. After finalising RS and assuming the tutor has found could comprise a lot that has said but could not form the decent sentence for my account.

A pros:
An only real pro in RS is a sheer breadth. It calculates that it would spend partorisca 200-300 hours in the Chinese tutor and the compare RS has changed my alcohol is a (down).

Resuman: It is WELL, they are not partorisca add but can cost of the money if you can not resupply the tutor.

Update: With which having my personnel 4-now-a-tutor of week partorisca a past year and taking the travesía in Cina am gone down RS indication of 3 stars to 2 stars. I seat it likes me you can be better state was with Fluenz and then going directly to the tutor, obviously the tutor goes partorisca beat any software there but does not think RS really has a turn on investment an east looking partorisca learn Chinese. More with my tutor has very found RS to the grammar had chosen die had on me some bad grammatical habits; I seat like butchered some of a tongue partorisca use his a-measured-access-all-the approximation of tongues in place of the special RS tailored to Chinese. If I have not had an option of tutor and has been joined partorisca key would have stuck with Fluenz and then gone directly to Modern Mandarin Chinese Grammar. If calm can resupplies to good sure skip RS and clave with Fluenz/tutor of native Mandarin.
5 / 5
Has bitten pricey But the think if you are commited partorisca learn mandarine then will be worth it. If it was the chip of computer that calms meant could speak chinese and was 300 then calm crux more probably he. This takes more time but am them sure a product of final will be looked.
Follows partorisca teach english to chinese boys in a moment and some technicians are very alike.
Believes is a better program in a phase.
4 / 5
Is very happy with this approximation partorisca learn the tongue, included our 7 et.ou. It is having entertainment with vocabulary.
5 / 5
Have fond memories partorisca use software of Bones of Rosetta partorisca learn German - have the interface adds and really enhances an entertainment partorisca learn the tongue. Unfortunately, with which attentively doing by means of all 3 levels of his Chinese software, sadly am coming to a conclusion that is the very poor election partorisca learn Chinese of Mandarin. There is three, interconnected reasons partorisca east:

In the first place, Rosetta Stone has done any endeavour partorisca adapt his software to a Chinese tongue - simply there is slapped text and Chinese audio to an use of same course partorisca teach western tongues. This self-evident question so to the equal that bothersome errors and has has lost occasions. I will give the few examples:

a) In planting to use Chinese names and Chinese coin, some uses partorisca program transliterations of Western names and he grabbag of coins of difference. For this he overwhelmes a student with a longitude, convoluted transliterations of Western names, leaves him unaccustomed to Chinese names, and entirely unable to face a potentially confusing system of Chinese coin (with both names familiarised and formal partorisca some different types of money).

b) The Chinese of Mandarin is the tonal tongue , with 4 tones (that determines a meaning of the sound) more a neutral tone. A word said in a neutral tone is much softer and shorter that normal. Unfortunately, Rosetta Stone looks partorisca have neglected partorisca adapt his software of recognition of the voice partorisca east. Often it will fail partorisca register the word of neutral tone has pronounced correctly. A program in fact is coaching people partorisca pronounce a neutral tone wrongly - too strong and too much long. Further, a system of the recognition of the voice has question when a student does not speak a lot of dulcemente - the question, of Chinese is spoken in the a bit fast tax. Both cause it partorisca coach bad habits to a student.

c) Some stock pictures, situations, and statements, at all reflects some cultural realities of Chinese tongue. For example, reason is one student constantly saying 'xiexie' (graces), when ossia comparatively less common in Cina? That roughly in his enseñante partorisca answer to complete to say 'nali nali' (where, where), the culturally pertinent response, although I am missing the western ears? Reason is all the world-wide using papers crediticios everywhere - try trusting the paper crediticia in Cina. In place of the just people that buys 'yao' (medicine), that roughly presenting one student to a distinction of entity among 'xiyao' (western medicine) and 'zhongyao' (Chinese medicine), the common terms will face? A program fails to give any cultural idea - and like this loses one of one the majority of enjoyable, those interest, and useful parts to learn the tongue.

D) Learn Chinese, the very useful reality is that a meaning of multisyllable the words almost always has the logical report to some meanings of his syllables. For example, 'Huo' Fire of half, 'That' Transports of means, and 'huoche' literally FireVehicle, means train. This can be a lot of gain to a process of learning - if an in the first place learns some some words of syllable, that learns a combination is quickly and easy. Rosetta Stones no any endeavour to diverted of his plan of lesson accionaría to explode this, this in spite of. So much, using our example, a student is faced with both 'that' and 'huoche' prompt, and is not exposed to a meaning of 'huo' until near an end of one 3rd level!

And) One 'writing' the exercises are absurd. You write in a pinyin (the spelling of alphabet) and then is done. This is not writing Chinese. Writing the Chinese neither is drawing a character, or writing a pinyin and selecting a pertinent character of a cast of characters that has this pinyin spelling, or a complex plus that writes methods. The common of the literate Chinese people do not go to be able to comprise yes calm to write them some pinyin, requires some characters. Ossia Pure laziness in the part of Rosetta Stone - fail to incorporate that Google has published partorisca of free applications!

As, compatible with an on point, one 'Roseetta method of Bone' as they call it, is unsuitable to learn the tongue like far of English like this Chinese. Some the Chinese sounds have represented of some consonants h' is' and 'x' is all that goes to touch alot like an English is to the student, one 'zh' and 'are all that goes to touch like the 'I , and on spends for virtually a whole alphabet. Although one student finally stumbles to be to listen a difference in tongue of normal speed (a big ), without some instruction will not learn never like the properly produce some differences. A fact is, is not of the boys anymore, and spend a luggage of ours native tongue with us. Well For the Western tongue, perhaps, but dangerous for the far far a Chinese pleasure. We require to be expressly taught - 'to produce a sh or zh his, need to have your point of tongue on, while a x and j has your tongue against your teeth your low plus. It practises it and calm will listen a difference, although they touch a bit equally.' More points subtiles also exist - Rosetta Stone does not go partorisca take calm to pronounce 'kao' as an American way to say an animal Cow, or that a Chinese 'b', the difference of an English a, is unvoiced, paralización like this need that vibrates your vocal cords - that the class of refinement takes instruction and conscious endeavour. One same is even more true to learn some tones, and especially a 'Tone Sanhi', a transmission of way in context, although this description is quite complex without me that goes to that. If never the better attentive sound that the type with the $ 10 dollar phrasebook that looks for to use touch English to mangrove a Chinese tongue, Rosetta Stone will not take you there (although his overgenerous the recognition of voice of the abundance of pleasant touching ' is corrected!' Effects of the his, to to this calm trick to feel likes is progressing).

Tercero, a software, in spite of being priced in a lot of time the one who other programs are, in fact grieve present a tongue. Sure, diligently it does by means of his 3 levels, and will learn the number of verbs, some names for alimentary (incidentally, some classes of the common lunches in a West, any generally Chinese dish), and the few particles of grammar. But you will remain entirely unable to do in Cina. Sure, they drill calm in sympathetic this 'xingqi' week of half, but will be out of the regime grieves any one says another word for week, 'libai'. They direct on 'zheli' and 'nali', but calm more often listens 'Zher' and 'Nar' in a North of Cina. Always they say 'in the' meant 'that', but so only once listens them say a like this commen 'in the.' I damage an illusion of vocabulary advanced, to teach you like this to say pinetree, but in truth neglect countless essential words, like 'kuai', an expression familiarised for money.

In his prize, this program would owe that offered more than text and Chinese audio clumsily slapped on to the creation accionaría. How it is, you can take a lot, much more culturally adapted and in-of the programs of depths for the small fraction of a prize. In truth, the tapes of old tongue of a Foreign Service and workbooks to learn Chinese, available in a public domain with him google investigations, is the very better program, and is offered totally free! Then take less than half of the money would be past and buy some of some a lot of excellent tools and to the amazon of books has books in the Chinese characters that Chinese & Beds to Write: the edition of Character has simplified , flashcards Chinese in the Flash Volume 2 (Tuttle Flashes Papers) (Chinese Edition) , some of some program some old plus of Pechino Foreign Press Elementary Chinese Reader (Volume I) , which have good histories and excelent instruction in like this to do a bit touches - and will have the much more effective learning program. Partorisca To the extra entertainment subscribed to ChinesePod, and take @@@1000s of dialogues, everything culturally true the Chinese life, and will listen like the tongue is used in fact in Cina, and learn one all-the term of entity for a calláis alimentary vendors. Everything will lose is some whistles and pleasant bells of an interface of Bones of Rosetta, and a dud promise that can absorb you the tongue like complex and foreigner like Chinese how was the Western tongue .
5 / 5
Has tried the pocola different tongue that learns containers. Diving of instant equivoce (for me, in all the chance) to spend for all a basics first - numbers, months, days, blah blah. Useful but boring. Pimsleur Says a same sentence umpteen time. And like this on. Like this the approximation looks a plus like this far in of the terms of interest, and some of my commentaries will look nitpicking, but could be better.

Rosetta Starts with matching words to pictures, and comprises to listen, that pause, reading, and writing. You can choose which of these activities to comprise, but can any one a lot of tune the to have just reading and any writing. Has an option partorisca show the Chinese Chinese has simplified , traditional, pinyin, or both. If you choose both, this in spite of, a pinyin is aimed on a script in the source ossia the little too small for easy reading in the 13.1' or 14.1' screen of laptop. A text of the title in a cup is also unclear, included in fullscreen, reason is antialiased, but concealed is not the enormous question, of then does not affect a lesson. Another that that, an interface is brilliant and pleasant and refreshingly different of some dialogues of normal Windows.

Some the available lessons are limited to in means a full content until active a product, It joins it to a PC. Has has listened histories of horror roughly that transfers a limit, like being warned.

A word/of picture that split the looks of what to do for one the majority of part, but there is sometimes questions. It is that the boy or the daughter? That is doing? Hard to say at the beginning looked, of then use the pair of different pictures for a same word. Also it feels odd to match 'is not doing these'-sentences to write to some pictures of any one ... er ... Any when doing .

Reason is a diving -are of type, calm sometimes has to that it enciphers out of that is going in with small or any explanation - for example a different numeratives ('a row of fish'). Calm is not said reason the bicycle calls that it is. But ossia part of a immersive process to learn.

A program defaults to move to the long of automatically. The question is, there are pages where would have to that take he for you to revise, but no - movements to the long of with which the second or two. If calm dipped that the manual, has to advance for clicking in a key for a next lesson - of the tiny row of boxes in a fund. This could be be draw better.

In general, the response is slow - the pair of seconds to take to a next page, for chance. It is the little annoying reason calms is not sure if a program has recognised your entrance, eats ... His used taking, or take used to clicking two times in chance perhaps.

Has listened a lot of actors simply butcher Mandarin in of the films or in television (cough of Serenity). For those of you having question with an emphasis, can suggest that it think of him in of the terms to sing a sentence, see if these helps.

Is value he? If you want to learn a tongue in your own step, and a prize is inside your estimativa, would say yes. I give it three stars been due to a prize and a room for improvement - and a requirement of limit. Considering that paid for him, calm would not owe that be treated like the criminal or inconvenienced in this way.
5 / 5
Will be to move in Cina for the few years. Has Rosetta 2.0 and has been using he for the year, ossia an on-line version resupplied for my company. Reason am done almost with Unit 2 I am looking to buy Unit 3. I am learning to plot with Rosetta but has had to imagine was regarding the work or me. During a first month or two I has run the a lot of frustrations that has been mentioned in other critics. Some pictures are not always demonstrative of the like a text is looking for to teach, words explosion very useful on occasionally (@@@canguro??), A lack of explanations of word of the measure or any explanation of structure of the sentence or the tones adds the confusion. A big number of words has presented has it quickly does a lot of confusing to continue in Pinyin of some tones are not explained never, as has transmission to characters and now can read to plot of characters. I have found the method to study that works for me and am learning to plot of words, some structure of sentence and taking to plot of exposure to listen and in speaker. Version 3 looks to fix some but a lot everything of some subjects has and still can buy Version 3.
Has seen some revises concealed has mentioned Fluenz. I have tried a demo and although a vocabulary is very limited when compared to Rosetta, liked a fashion of instruction. Sonia¯s spend the no the explanation is welcome. Some exercises are easy and give the good system of repetition, one writing is easier that a reviewer states (so only write a number of the yours after a vowel and a mark of the yours east inserted). I have aimed a demo to mine GF the one who has been that resists that it learns a tongue and she like. A content is useful; some words that is presented can be used immediately and is presented in of the different sentences to take you to think roughly doing and answering the questions and of the simple sentences. Rosetta V 2 any present n¨« h¨£or (salvation) until Unit 2. There are some improvements that could be fact to Fluenz the execution but a software is doing, has had a software for the little on 2 weeks and is gone through 6 lessons. Mina GF is choosing on conversations quickly and walks around during a day that repeats some words, building sentences and looks to be that it enjoys an experience. Fluenz Does not use characters but with a tonal explanation and the repetition have executed well exerts a pinyin is useful. As Sonia declares punctual in the majority of Chinese can not read Pinyin, if your directions and the electronic translator are in Pinyin improve you be able to read and pronounce some words.
As it software to buy? If you go to aim Cina, in the business or travesía to like, taking Fluenz to learn some immediately useful conversational skills and learn a basics of a tonal tongue. Going for the long time or planning the subject has continued on? Start with Fluenz and then change to Rosetta for more anticipated listening and skills of vocabulary. If available goes to the local classes shortly after begin your use of software.
4 / 5
This is not to like French class in institute! Any grammar, syntax, or conjugation!

Really wants to say, am very excited thus produced. They are always state intrigued for a possibility to learn Chinese, but every time looked to some options, has given quickly up. Some other books and the tapes have looked is difficult and 'walk', as in joined-dimensional. Calm neither repeat that it is in an ad of tape nauseum, or read that it is in an ad to reserve nauseum, take an idea .

Rosetta Stones the Chinese program is very different. It is fines-dimensional in a sense that of the varied ways to learn. You can use a computer-has has based tools to speak and take instantaneous feedback. It can use a Mate of Audio CDs in your car (in fact, in iPod of mine!) To practise while driving or anything. Inside a computer has based the tools are several ways to learn , comprising Dips them fresh try concealed inserts/inserts calm to the situation of real life where has to that speak a right response. It was daunted in fact to try this for the few hours, reasons do not love ray on, but tried it finally, screwed on, and learnt more to do like this.

Really Taste Rosetta of method to present calm with tongue and imagine them visual spoken for you to repeat, then 'puzzle' visual for you partorisca deduce a correct response. Ossia Calms very natural once takes his. I took the moment to take a 'rhythm' and models of a tongue, but this method helped especially in the hump. Ossia A main reason for mine 5 indication of star. It could not take that of the 'paving' book or series of tape.

This neighbour comprises everything, comprising a computer headset and microphone, so only fall it everything in and go. It has done perfectly in vintage of mine 2006 Windows XP portable.

Importing: you go to owe the place averts partorisca time to learn Chinese with east or any another fixes. Five minutes here and there no . A program is broken until a lot of forms, how is easy to direct in the small quantity of related material immediately, but the HOUSE is a subject : it recommends 30-90 minutes the time without distractions (audio or visual!).

A downside: no material go to result fluent reading or writing Chinese of this system. I have not expected to be able to read Chinese writing, as I have not reduced my description for this limitation. Perhaps another will have more regime, reason some characteristics are there to help you read two classes of Chinese writing, but does not think that the part go to do cult. I can recognise some Chinese characters to arrive to this point, but there are thousands has to that know to be taken.

For a way, yes wants to take the flavour of a method of Bones of Rosetta, goes in his place of the web where has an on-line sample of a sample-listen-try system (for Turkish!). An on-line sample does not comprise a feedback of instant in your words spoken has comprised in this container, or some Diving or another characteristic. So only it notes your point-answered of clicks, which will give you the flavour. More, there is Michael Phelps testimonial video in a Chinese program (registered before it has won all some medals in Pechino!)
4 / 5
Certainly, when being the westerner, taking the good to take of the vowel of crazy tongue like Chinese, is very difficult. I have it quell'has fulfilled so only a westerner the one who has alleged was able to learn Chinese Much easier that the Latin has has based tongues like Italians or Spanish, and to the. He the sufficed to say, is an exception .
But in an alcohol of some recent Olympic games has decided to dip my faith in Rosetta Stone, in helping me learn Chinese. It is very slow in disposal. A program the good work to relieve calm to a basics of a tongue. Start with easy words and relating them to pictures. Note, concealed the difference of the conventional course, calm does not go to be that it takes any lessons of true grammar; calm does not have to that chair and memorise like this to convert the word of past to present, or viril the woman, or singular to plural. A beauty of RS, is that you will be relieved to intrinsically learning it so much go, almost without thinking roughly the, like this calm constantly relate words and sentences to pictures.
One another thing has to that add, concealed like French, the Chinese is weighed in pertinent pronunciation. An only way can learn this same tongue the little bit is to diverse ( would have to that say a lot) time to listen to some sentences/of word that is spoken and repeating them behind to a computer, that looks for to match on your pronunciation with that of your expert of professor/of the computer. This is not easy for me, but of the leaves of program to go in your own step, the difference of the conventional class, and no calm bug is too lazy to some chairs of day in a computer. But I have to that underscore that with an Asian tongue, to the western alcohol, has to practise daily reason is extremely simple to forget the word. Ossia The one who a mate of the audio of this container is everything roughly, and for Chinese, well spend of the extra money for, likes opposed to RS container that does not have a mate of audio. Taking together with you, perhaps any to pronounce some words behind like this calm listen them (the people in a train can think is crazy :-), but to at least adapted that it has learnt it a day before, and mentally the repeat behind to calm before continuous study with which pupil/of work. In this way, calm will not owe that annoy revising and squandering your time, and instead will be ready to move on to a next section.
5 / 5
For those of knots those who speak English so only, the tongues like Chineses is probably roughly like this difficult likes to take. Never import an alphabet, a basic pronunciation, grammer, etc. Is the new world-wide integer.

Rosetta Stone has done an exceptional work in helping a begins in converstaional Chinese. A capacity of a system to relieve yes calms correctly is pronouncing the words is the enormous profit that you simply will not take without a monitor.

A software is the little slow but is a lot structured to learn of adult. You are presented the real world-wide phases in the reasonable step. Again, it is the forward of the enormous jump that agree (or does not remember ) of classes of tongue of the institute! For the more famliar tongue ( Spanish) one a lot probably would look bit it slow but for something that complex like the Chinese work adds.

Some of Rosetta Lap to announce will direct you to think that after running by means of a course that will be ready you to do fault like the foreign service ambasador the Chinese. While ossia very unlikely. A program will resupply calm with some excellent fundamentals for the travesía abroad or to jump beginning or augment instruction of room.

Finally, there is probably very available better program for still two times of the money. Ossia Certainly an excellent investment for an initial diving to Chinese with boredom or minimum ache. It would owe that add that my boys, whose young brains learn faster that mine own, really enjoys to use a program. It looks that they see it to be almost like this entertainment like a lot of video games.
5 / 5
Has had this for the few months now, and thought that it had been doing good progress. It likes like this it classifies of it Stones of Rosetta of immerses of calm in the new tongue and for a time that is using a program, to the chair likes is in of the different world. You listen words and select pictures (calm bondadosos to feel like the little boy when you are), and really looks to do quite a lot of (I are still so only on Level 1).

Here is a thing this in spite of. Has the little Chinese has sawed-hard-working the one who speaks the Mandarin and is by train to say me that I am not saying some words correctly! Utilisation a microphone when I am saying these words and I look to say them so only a lot (according to a program)! It has read roughly other descriptions here, and looks the people are on to something. Of the Mandarin is the tonal tongue (the different tones of a same word mean different things), is hard for a microphone to decipher differences in of the tones more than differences in voices ( That a software knows if a difference in yours east because the man that pause vs. The woman that speaks or reason any one is saying an injustice of word?).

Will say a thing this in spite of, for any NO tonal tongue, thinks Rosetta Stone totally ROCK! I have taken 4 years of Spaniards in Institute, comprising a Placing Advanced (AP) class, and while this would do it hard to really learn grammar, irregular verbs, etc., really create Rosetta Stone would do it much easier to result conversational in Spanish that one boring/repetitive/etc exerts that we use to do in Spanish class!
4 / 5
Enough some time , was able to obtain Rosetta Stone v.3 (Mandarin) By means of a program of Vine of the Amazon. Then I sent it immediately my daughter in Cina for the real-world-wide evaluation. It had found suddenly plunked in a half of Cina (in Xi'a, to be precise) because of the series of unexpected and wonderful chances in his life. So it has had it it has not dreamed never that someday would be to live in Cina, has had any leading preparation in a Chinese tongue. Rosetta Stone has helped the sound takes feels he for a logic of a tongue, which has then helped the sound learns like this to form his own sentences. It has Had some help of Chinese friends with vocabulary and practical with tones in being supported by a local emphasis. (The Chinese is the tonal tongue .)

His favourite characteristic of Rosetta Stone was an interactive software. A software is able to recognise tones and resupply feedbacks. It has said that it was one the majority of useful appearance of a product. A vocabulary was less useful. It was in some personnel in the Chinese university, and the lessons of Rosetta have been directed more in some needs of the tourist. As learning to to the sentences like would like me go swimming in of a group' has not helped too much with his situation of real life.

Has lived in Cina for the total of three years, and for a time has to that the to the left has done enough well with Chinese. Rule Rosetta Stone with helping to learn basic Chinese quickly, and that the knowledge has resupplied his with the frame to that it could build it the fluidity has augmented. It recommends Mandarin of Bones of Rosetta for any that wishes to learn Chinese of an earth up.
5 / 5
Has had big hopes thus software, as Rosetta Stone has the very big profile and is quite expensive. I valued it simply to see the one who a quality of a product was; they are already a speaker of Mandarin to level average (native English speaker).

Rosetta Stone has a thing of right core: a principle that learns the foreign tongue more to avert 'translation' in your boss. It is very better to learn Chinese to see the picture of an apple and saying/listened 'pingguo' that is to look in him and think 'apple' in English and that tries to translate to Chinese. To the respect, his method is effective.

Where This program is being missing of, this in spite of, is in not teaching some Chinese characters. It touches odd to English speakers, but really is true that learning some characters is absolutely essential to learn to speak a tongue well. ( I have resisted this at the beginning also, but felizmente the university professor saved of the mine wrong thought). It would want to Rosetta adds an option in a software that calm leave you to learn some characters like an intrinsic course to learn a tongue.

If so only are trying learns to be conversant, and does not want to learn some characters, and prefers any to be joined to your computer, find a Pimsleur CDs to be the better option.

Program in general good - but does not fall for a hype that learning the Chinese goes to be easy. It is the hard labour plot ; ossia the consultor decent to start with that travels long.
4 / 5
Ossia The product adds to learn the foreign tongue, in this Chinese chance with the concrete dialect to be esatti. Calm give you all would require, reading, and listening (so only like in colegiala). And it begins in the basic level and of the works up.

Now a thing is has to that dip a time in the regular base. So only like in pupil, if you have dipped in the hour (or more) each day or each one another day and concentrate (not looking television while using he), these works. It was able to begin was three times the week and both days of weekend. It took it, and learning. But then this thing the 'life' the call taken on with me and I have lost the days have gone down then to just weekends. I am planning on beginning on again after this harm of storm cleanup is finalised.

This in spite of himself are the student or has to that learn this for the travesía or work, then highly would recommend this program. Now it could be bad, but I Chinese has thought always was the difficult tongue to learn and I still thinks is. But Rosetta Stones the easy fact and kinda entertainment. It would think Spanish and other tongues are some same.

Is expensive, but would do the present adds or investment for any that learns the foreign tongue. But agree, has to invest a time for the learn also.
5 / 5
While this version of Rosetta Stone has an attractive interface, has several defects of entities.

A Chinese romanization, called Pinyin, takes liberty in transcribing a pronunciation of a tongue. A paper 'c,' for example, is pronounced as 'ts.' This is a consonant has aspired, meaning that it has to breathe you was that calm said it. Ossia An only way to distinguish he of 'z.'

Stone does not say you this. It has said of another way,, in spite of the big prize of a program and mic interface, will not learn correctly like this to pronounce Chinese. A mic the software is too easy in a student, and probably contributes to Stone is absurdly big descriptions. Take the tutor, or use the Chinese tapes of an Institute of Foreign Service (which are in a public domain) if you are serious.

Besides, a system of multiple election tries the very low level of comprehension. To to I Questions like, 'is of an apple or the bicycle?' Any really dipped your neurons on fire. You can chair very only behind and Stone has left work for you, as I have cut an advertising line.

Stone takes the street of roundabout to teach some abstract words that it is better to explain that to aim pictures of. Soyei2' Bad 'any' in Chineses (incidentally, can be used so only with sure verbs, which lap calm to say you at all roughly). Stone communicates a meaning of soyei2' to aim you pictures to do sure things. A simple definition would be more to a point.

A lot of some activities, another that a lesson of core, is annoyingly repetitive or simply worthless. An exercise to write, for example, figure of keyboarding a Pinyin for the particular word. This does not ensure that you know like this to write, or still to read, a real Chinese character.

The bone is founded in an idea that, any subject like old is, can learn the tongue---any tongue---just like your prime minister. Ossia untrue, unless pass of the years in the foreign country without the translator. A system of the easy multiple election is not the substitute. It marks the full use of your brain has aged, and comprise a grammar, and systematically memorise a vocabulary. Calm is not five years anymore.

Stops in the fifth of a prize, can learn to plot more. For pronunciation, tries some tapes of Foreign Service. Utilisation these jointly with one beginning Chinese Reader (beginning Chinese Reader, Leaves I) serious, which systematically present of the characters and resupplies exercises of short reading. For grammatical explanations, which against quell'Bone says is essential to comprise a sometimes idiomatic structure of Chinese, takes Modern Mandarin Chinese Grammar (Modern Grammars) , which is more thorough and better produced that Schaum Chinese Grammar. For additional vocabulary, and commanded of shot (Bones a lot included mentions this), takes any one Reading that & it writes Edition of Chinese of Traditional Character or reading & Chinese to Write: the edition of Character has simplified . Has everything of these, and do fault well. After several weeks to study Chineses, can read (out of strong, also) and write short passages with some confidence. With Stone, I probably still be ravaging a pronunciation, and clicking in of the pictures of the men that at all.

Also, has spent less than $ 100. Those who says that learning the needs of tongue to be type?

Has to that have Stone, taking of a public library or the take loaned. It does not mortgage anything to pay for a program.
4 / 5
If any already know some Chinese (learnt of books of audio) previously to purchase Rosetta Stone, knows would be has lost entirely.

The pictures are aimed in a screen of computer and calm has to that match these up with the words spoken and his corresponding Chinese characters (and pinyin, thank goodness). A question is, any calm always know quell'appearance of a picture Rosetta is by train to love you to direct! A boy? A boy that walks down a street? A boy that walks down a street that eats the piece of bread? Oh.. Masters a Chinese word for treet'. Taken the.

Rosetta Stone can be amused, but is the fool he think this software so only goes you to teach like this to speak Chinese. If you can resupply Rosetta Stone ( has expected until it was $ 100 was), taking Rosetta Stone jointly with the book of audio a lot of (I that Pimsleur) and some class of English to Chinese dictionary (I likes EZ Speak Chinese) and can be quite flowed inside the few yes calm months really apply you.
4 / 5
Chinese of the bones of Rosetta is a good tool to use together with the tutor or another program to learn, but a lot as much as the source of main learning. There is no the English translations and some sentence that learns is not really useful in of the practical situations. I think that that this program is better adapted for boys, as they will absorb a info more easily that an adult and can find match a text to entertainment of images.

A program leave to learn photo and uses pinyin. Calm also leave you to choose among Chineses and traditional characters have simplified. He no this in spite of, teach an importance of tones and pertinent pronunciation. The Chinese would not owe that be taught a same way like Spanish or the Italian would be taught. There is to plot of words in Mandarin that his one same but a tone of a do one the enormous difference on to the equal that communicates.

Is learning Mandarin for a first time, recommends Fluenz, which is the very better program and much more value of the money that Rosetta Stone.
4 / 5
Does a month has had an occasion to revise Version of Bones of Rosetta 3: I Level French 1, 2 & 3 has Dipped with Mate of Audio , and while mine immersive experience to learn for Korean while Marino had done me skeptical that the piece of the software in fact could teach any one the tongue, am exited thoroughly impressed by the approximation of Rosetta, and big in his potential. There is remarked, at the same time, that has had the few years of French going in, and that asked the one who an experience would be to like has been to the new tongue entirely blind with this system -- like this when an occasion to try the Chinese is coming on, was both intrigued and has excited.

Backing On in brief to some dice and rays, ossia easy software to install. You install a program to learn of the base, and then each one that like this of some forms (Chinese 1, 2, and 3, in this chance) individually inner. A happy result of this modular system is that still the only calm one installs although has multiple tongues in a system. Which is to say that reason already had installed a software with French, when it is coming to install Chinese, all have has had to that it was to upload some new forms to a software to exist. If you will be to do the new installs, or adding forms to some old, is quickly, easy, and intuitive -- just like a software he. Installation of estaca, is taken to a process to learn immediately. With which aforar a microphone has comprised headset, has been invited to repeat and pronounce 'neither hao,' so that 'hailed had been a prime minister of a lot of any for a French.

To the equal that has said in a French description, a software is intuitive, and an approximation is intelligent. Calm does not have to that the native speaker that it is in front of you scowling reason are butchering a music of his tongue in a prompt going, but the software that gives feedback and similarly identifying where could require you the little more attention. Some builds of program in an user the solid base of simple vocabulary, establishing the basic comprising of a mechanics of a tongue in the additional vocabulary and the structure can be built. Regarding an interface, an absence of the tutorial (according to which has seen, although I have not looked hard because it was like this easy just to begin to use) was the bit to surprise, although it has taken the very small quantity to time to take to a transmission of things. A row of exercises earlier to match the sentences to his pertinent pictures was-strong (by means of the microphone) tests of pronunciation to grammar and formation of pertinent spelling. A capacity of recognition of the pronunciation of a software is quite acute -- if you are was, will say you, but a program leaves an user to improve first of emotional on to a next test.

The Chinese is one of some the majority of difficult tongues for Westerners to learn and master, simply because of a complete start of a basic construction and principles of those with Latin and Greek roots. Which is to say that calm often can apply the basic logic learnt of English order to concepts in French, Spanish, Russian, and to the likes. Chinese is also the character based (like opposed the construction of the alphabet based of words), and the tone is often critic to meaning. We can pronounce 'bounce' any way chooses, and our audience is likely to comprise the one who bad. In Chineses, the alone word date the different tonal inflections can spend several different possible meanings.

So many, going back my question of closes of a French description, can any one among entirely unfamiliar with the tongue, and master he with Rosetta Stone? It does not like to speak in absolutes, but that certainly looks of the piece after the month of working with Chinese. In spite of my fund with Korean, which employs the small row of Chinese characters in his own fashion, and in spite of sincerely enjoying a process, Rosetta so only will not spend you to command, and perhaps not even to the point where could you cleanly communicate with native speakers without real help. But it concealed it is not a point, which is reason is not the swipe in a software, or his (in mine estimativa) brilliant approximation the learning of tongue. Rosetta Builds the foundation, the very strong foundation, to that it can you to it pursue order by means of use. To build it cornerstone of vocabulary, concept, and the basic frame of half common comunicacional, is given almost all needs to to practise, practical, practical -- and in a process, learns. It would contest that one the majority of difficult part to learn the tongue (this in spite of this varies of person the person) is a foundation, and Rosetta is the terrific solution , any like this he standalone approximation, or like the supplement to other classes or exposure. In my chance, with Chinese, is so only be the month, but already are that it builds that it bases. Another month, tossing in the few hours to learn time here and there? The one who knows, perhaps for him then will be now of to go looking for patient native speakers those who could be able to mould further and instruct me. The foreign tongues are out of any some achieve, is so only the question that calm far could try take the. Rosetta levels 1 By means of 3 does not go to do for you that 47 weeks with native speakers in an Institute of Tongue of the Defence , but he in good sure order you in a same street, and can ensure is amused much more in this way. Like this first, find an enthusiastic defender of this software and approximation.
4 / 5
In that went it the user of products of Bones of Rosetta for some time was was and running a lot quickly with a course of Chinese tongue. A software is easy to install and that interest to dip up and take immersed to.

A word to a wise this in spite of. Some people can approach this indictment a lot casually and try any explosion by means of him or no for the take very serious. So only I can say that any user, to all the cost of his fund, need of the take slow and a lot they.

1. Approaching Chinese to learn with this program would owe that be likes to take any university course.
2. You would owe that take notes and maintain the magazine of your progress.
3. With which some premiers three days would owe that begin to map your progress.
4. You would owe that practical with a system at least an hour the day for some premiers five days.
5. You would owe that speak aloud like the quota of some sentence so you can after each period has given once a step out of your computer.

Does not have to that be the native speaker to remain on run and progress, but please does not think that will be to disappear to a crowd or ordering deftly of some papers of out-of-the-way dim restaurants of sum any punctual time.

Recommends this program for people those who have the and/the serious yen, any pun feigned, to take the start to jump on taking Chinese. Some folks likes to think that that it takes the foreign tongue is roughly memorisation and repetition. But that so only is not a chance, if it was, knots probably all be home schooled street VCR.

Listen mine, at all can compare to learn Chinese in the room, down pressure and under a gun of requirements and calm dates of caducity. A profit and a beauty is mediating with another classmates and that continues in a material in that dips that it also can build your confidence. Learning in home so only, with the together of the headphones a lot really give you this, included although you can walk was with some sound basics. If you go to study this in a summer and then concentrate quickly run of semester in Chinese, calm probably excel and be a student of star. In this phase, can does not recommend enough. If calm go you to close in the dark room and try learn Chinese with east, does not take your hopes up. You will discover that a moment you plough your mouth.

More than regime, considerations bondadosas and does not forget your local Community University or State University.
4 / 5
Has loved always learn Chinese but where begins? Rosetta Stone is the well begin something. A software is easy to use, instructive, and has very thought was. I love a recognition of tongue, although no material am nailing an emphasis correctly. It has to that very sure I sound like an American in Chinese speaker but hopefully take me stops.

A software is easy to install and some files of audio have comprised is the good touch to install in yours reproductor of Mp3 for refreshers in a car. A comprised headset is very built and has not had any question that takes it to do in my Car of Windows Seen. They are so only for the half way by means of some lessons but am very excited with my progress like this far. They are sure this software is any substitute for living abroad or taking classes, but yes require some help or calm is a lot self the student that ossia the point of good start to learn Chinese. I do with several Chinese people and am looking forward to testing out of my knowledge (once take the little surer :))
5 / 5
Some programs of the bones of Rosetta is wonderful for any the one who loves self-study the tongue. A movement of lessons to the long of well, but also repeat words and sentence quite that can the to you absorbs.

Has installed software of Bones of Rosetta in both the PC (WinXP) and the Mac (YOU-X), and has not had the question in any system. The installation has been smoothly and all has done a first time. The installation takes the moment, this in spite of, as it expects to spend at least 20 or 30 minutes to create and that career.

The Chinese is the difficult tongue for me, as I have struggled more with these lessons that with other courses of the bones of Rosetta has used. It likes-me a fact that can revise some lessons until I seat comfortable with them.

Exited of this course that dipped you his. If you are it has had to that to spend a time, would have to be able to learn enough of a tongue to be able to converse. (Reading and writing the lessons are comprised also, the desire uses him.)
5 / 5
In general ossia the quite good teaching system, but is very expensive and really could be improved. To his credit, is corrected technically and contains the plot of words and sentences. Almost it has completed it level an and plan to do by means of a whole program, but has found some questions with using a method to teach of Bones of Rosetta for Chinese. A software done any tentativa to explain anything. Everything is done with the picture and the word or sentence. Alive in Cina and often has to that ask fellow the one who speaks English the one who the words and the sentences mean reasons is not to clear of a picture. Calm think you definately need to have any the one who already speaks available Chinese to assist choose this program. A recognition of the tongue is not picky enough to learn some tones. It has dipped a program in a dipping a hard plus for pronounciation and can still felizmente pronounce new words without question. When I Exit and it practises it that it speaks to the Chinese friends say me to knots reads precise on taking some tones correct. If you can take the native speaker to assist calm with pronounciation and answering your questions thinks that that this program can be a lot of gain to learn a tongue.
5 / 5
Has been studying Chinese loosely for several years. Has cobbled settings of joint of informal room, the lessons of audio have seen Pimsleur, diverse containers of software, and more recently Rosetta Stone. I have gone the Chinese the little time for brief stays and has practised there. So that Rosetta Stone measured up like the way to purchase Mandarin?

Several years, Rosetta has explored Bone in an earlier form: he no quite resupply that it has required it. This in spite of, in his later incarnation, has been the plus of the complete entity to another has joined other technicians. In the first place, I can compare some forces of some other approximations. The classes are dulcemente, methodical, complete, and a feedback in the essential pronunciation. You take a practice of better writing in course. This in spite of, a does not require several years of parco, toil. As, Pimsleur is the device of audio adds that it adds formation of the ear and that the practical pause. Reason listen in your automobile and another 'go in 'places, has to weaves to time on extracted. It is much faster that classifies, reason obtain useable the sentences and that speak formation quickly. It is difficult to develop complex ideas, but can purchase a lot treet formation.' It could barter in of the phases and take around Pechino comfortably. Containers Of software (Rosetta still) is useful reinforcement of vocabulary and reading, comprising some ready uses of order of word and basic grammar. Of everything of of the this, could cobble near comunicacional rudimentary, but any zone of total consolation.

For years, has loved really try Rosetta Stone, but is always be bit it more expensive that has loved to spend. But with which think that that I have invested in some others formed, does not look like this expensive these days. My description is of a perspective of having some conversational capacity, but the minimum level.

Version 3 is the program much more complete that memory. Now it offers the relatively complete, immersive forum to learn Chinese. An approximation is 'discovered' more than lessons of dry syntax. You contrast them visual have the habit to insert both differences of entities and subtiles into use, develops intuition roughly elections of word and commanded, but not translating passages (but identify them with pictorial sequences). Of then it has elements in the Chineses concealed does not arrive in English (words of measure or another phrasing builds), is interesting to see them look differentially visually and like the syntax is presented in some lessons. This would be some girls of the way in the first place learns tongue, and that the context reinforces a learning. The lessons are woven joint to reinforce differences into use of word. The new vocabulary is presented in the fast step; both a Pinyin (Roman papers) and the Chinese characters are both has used. This in spite of, a hammer and the approximation of description is evident and effective: some calm of movement of the lessons by means of uses and construction of sentence. You take valued in the each lesson, as you can create your level of first action to come from to has anticipated more lessons.

An USB headset-the microphone is comprised in a box like both that coaches the ear and that the pause is integrated throughout. One student that pause the action is valued for a software, and differentiates subtleties of tone. Sometimes I think that that they are saying something correctly, and says the no. But differentiates pronunciation. I think that that I will require to go further to with the accuracy values his evaluation of mine in speaker, but are like this has impressed far.

Are at present in units 1 (level 1) and has completed three of four parts. An any one is not light. It is the a lot of very engineered the produced and some the cognitive jumps are there. This is not the simplistic program, and a escalation of the continuous complexity in a current tax, could be quite well for some time takes to Level 3.

The sessions of hard description am integrated as you move by means of some lessons. A program directs to continue integrating a lot of past elements that effectively reinforces to learn. Bookmarks/Marcadors of dips directs these elements also. A neighbour also contains Mate of Audio to give you on-the-gone practical.

In general ossia an excellent product , and returns my needs to maintain some credible level of Chinese tongue proficiency. I think that that it is the product that that the students of novice can use effectively, and will learn Chinese. Material with all the approximations, there is not any substitute for diving with the real people that Chinese of pause. But this charm of offers of the product and sufficient interest to involve a student. Ossia Often one the majority of elusive part to learn and an interface sustains interest. An individual learning 'how much' is 5 to 10 minutes further of chances, as it likes him Michael Phelps, can practise among races.

Highly recommends this product. It would have helped me sooner in my learning, but also is doing like this now. They like him so many things, ossia the produced where some measures of qualities until a cost. It does not expect $ 50 software to do that Rosetta Stone can do. This in spite of, a real learning? Ossia Now until me.
5 / 5
Initially, has think that his program was quite good. A Program of the bones of Rosetta uses a principle of immersive langauge learning. Everything is done in a tongue of aim. Pictures of people, the actions have the habit to teach a tongue. You listen a tongue and match a tongue to some actions in some photos. A program also uses software of recognition of the tongue to guage your progress in learning to pronounce a tongue of aim with accuracy.

Thinks that this approximation is particularly a lot-adapted to learn Chinese Mandarin. A grammar of Chinese is a lot simplistic and like such would have to that be easier to learn a vocabulary and the structure of sentence has compared to other tongues that is complicated more like this of the romance tongues where a transmission of the finals of the verb has based on person, tended, etc.

A thing looked to take the bit to take used is a delay in a software of recognition of the tongue. If it try to speak immediately when one the calm look would have to that be able to, one first splits of your tongue is truncated and therefore taken an injustice of exercise . If you can expect 1-2 first second to speak, concealed will not spend .

Has learnt the good bit of Chinese already and think that this would be the good to learn a tongue. It is well that it can change it you among Traditional,simplified, and romanized Chinese for any continuazioni your aims of better learning.

After doing a description, has thought bit it more in this product. Material like the tool to learn a tongue of the line would be hard to do with this product. A premise for behind his approximation is diving but one the majority of diving can do is with the pictures and that the audio has limited. Like this, you are like this probably to having confused as to that is learning and the prolonged confusion goes to direct so only to frustration and like this giving up in that learns a tongue. For this no material can recommend this product anymore.
5 / 5
Still am doing by means of a basics. Like this far, ossia a awesome container. Chinese is hard because of an odd alphabet and a tongue is totally different of English. Still although has the busy schedule, am still able to learn the Chinese has bitten for has bitten a time that has. Ossia An expensive container , but value he. It is good to be able to go in your own step. It would not call me intellectual, but Rosetta Stone does to learn tongues he fun hobby.

Comprised in this container is:
has printed manual (a lot very - to plot of the containers of software neglects these)
software CDs for all 3 levels
mate of audio CDs for all 3 levels
USB headphone and near of microphone

A software leave to direct in some appearances of a tongue want to learn first and calm resupply you the half of total diving. More than dulling repetition, some drive of calm software by means of a process to learn with the map related to the equal that see & to listen some words a same time.

Same with all a goodies, a work is not done for you, as with anything calms that wants to learn, has to dip some his endeavour.
4 / 5
Has loved to learn Chinese never has visited of then Pechino two years ago but has thought some complexities of a tongue would do to learn the for ever out of my achieve. Besides, it is not to it likes it does to plot of monitor of Chinese Tongue in of the local universities.

Has taken Japanese in my local university last year and has not learnt almost like this so it has done to use Rosetta Japanese Bone.

So much, when I have seen has had a Chinese version, has decided to give tries it.

Here is that I amour in this program:

1. That I really the amour on Rosetta Stone is that you can spend auricular, listens to the word or sentence, and then repeat for behind that has listened. If calm say it bad, a calm program correct and has calm to say it again. We no that in my university was all broken memorisation and listening to our professor yammer on and on.

2. Costs of Bones of Rosetta on some same like the university course, but leave access to a soyonitor' with which have completed some lessons. You can refresh your memory while master.

3. Rosetta Stone is like this easy to use, calm literally discharges and game.

4. Some clues of program have has completed lessons.

5. Rosetta Stone has impressive photographs that foundation to help a sentence/of word in your boss.

6. Some lessons are brief. My university class is lasted 2 hours. For an end of a period, my boss has swum with unfamiliar words. It likes that of some lessons on Rosetta Stone is so only 30 minutes long.

7. Rosetta Stone is like this convenient. You can learn Chinese of a consolation of your house, before he , with which dines, among your shows of favourite TV. (Calm included can order acid and sweet chicken of the your favourite of Chinese restaurant and eat it while practising without worries in a smell that annoys your classmates. That quota is concealed?)
5 / 5
My woman for English, and I for Chinese, has used an older version of Rosetta Stone, but knots recently upgraded the version 3.5. Wow, To the left say, this was the really enormous improvement !

For example: it can verify your pronunciation (although, any one surprisingly, the human professor still can do considerably better). Now it has 5 levels of English more than 3, and 3 levels of Chineses more than 2. Calm does not require to have a ROM of CD in a walk anymore, which is not so only more convenient and faster, but is to the calmest plot. It is in plot more conversational , and a vocabulary is much less academic and more practical the daily life.

If any of you has an old pre-version-3 form of Rosetta Stone, strongly recommends upgrading the version later!
5 / 5
A version of Bones of Rosetta 3 software with the mate of audio is really an excellent value, especially for one student to begin. Any software can do a toil for calm to coach your brain to recognise sounds, coaching your tongue to do them, and learning a totally new neighbour of vocabulary. But Rosetta Stone tries to do this entertainment of process, intuitive, and simple. When you are trying to do something like difficult likes that learns another tongue, calm does not need other difficulties have launched in your street. Answering the traditional class--driving, reading books, studying flashes papers, interacting with other people those who know a like this bad tongue like calm --in my presents of opinion much more difficulty to a process to learn of the tongue and is a cause of fault to advance a lot of people. If ossia, recommends Rosetta Stone, which will leave you to advance level further of beginner in the tongue in a consolation of your own house, using your own computer and a resupplied headset and microphone. When Compared with a cost to take the traditional course together with time of walk and side of books, the value of Rosetta Stone results apparent.

Rosetta Stone is amused. In time, can feel as it video game. A program the good work of constantly defying so much your vocabulary and your tongue (to the equal that has to that pronounce some words enough with accuracy) without being like this difficult as to be dishearteningly discouraging.

Rosetta Stone immediately immerses a student in a world of a tongue that tries forgets your tongue of mother (in my English chance) so to the equal that was possible to the equal that learn. Ossia, as the one who can say, a better way to do oneself for real has flowed. It is a way that has learnt Spanish (total diving), and in my opinion Rosetta Stone does like this well of the work of that in the setting of computer to the equal that could imagine use today technology.

Recommends to purchase levels 1, 2, & 3 neighbours in the together so that you can advance far enough to in fact begin intelligent conversations with native speakers. Rosetta Stone so only will be able to advance you to the point, taking calm out of state of beginner. But to move on there that the fluid, more to good sure require surrounding calm with people those who speak a tongue of aim. But I am conscious of any better value that Rosetta Stone to do this transition to another culture and the possible tongue. I am looking forward to taking a next step.

Have word of precaution of my experience that considers Dressed of Windows 64-has bitten software and Rosetta the technical support of Stone. It was able to esuccessfully' install a software but unable to upload any of some forms of tongue to a software. After you call them multiple (3+ hours) to technical support with the wide row of suggestions, was has said finally that Rosetta Stone is not sustained in View 64 has bitten. This a bit is frustrating and probably will be one @subjects one more a lot of buyers of the newest computers. I have read in of the descriptions and blogs that some have been able of the work, but was unable to. I have finalised that it has to that install in the secondary (and older) system of computer. This was an inconvenience and something that personally the chairs is a inexcusable forget for software of big final. For lack of 64-has bitten support and a slowness of technical support to identify this subject, have fallen my indication of a software of 5 stars to 4 stars.
5 / 5
Has has ordered Chinese of Bones of Rosetta in a tentativa to learn the difficult tongue in an easier way and more comprehensible possible. I have failed, but no because of Rosetta Stone. I have thought really it could that the master Mandarin taste previously learnt of German in university and is result flowed in Spanish and lived in Latin America for eight years. I have assumed to learn the Chinese would be the alike process .

Rosetta Stones the work adds in his product to learn of the tongue. A software installed perfectly in mine iMac, has registered quickly and was to arrive and running immediately. A method of program is interesting in that resupplies graphic phases with the conversation spoken that a student is tried on for comprehension and repeating with feedback in both. This was at all likes had experienced with German or Spanish that was to a large extent based on vocabulary, dialogues, structure of sentence, the tense verb and one likes him. Rosetta Stone is more like 'total diving' where a student is exposed to a tongue of a git gone with progress and of the feedback of repetitive sentences.

My operational experience with a program was flawless but are the result has frustrated a lot early on with my inability to distinguish some differences subtiles among some Chinese words. With which a lot of sessions of null the progresses have chosen to dip avert until it could find the Community University program where could take face to face interaction with (hopefully) the native speaker(s) and use Rosetta Stone to augment an instruction.

Join them to him capacity to determine differences subtiles in of the tonal transmissions can find sucedidos with Chineses of Bones of Rosetta. If it is taste, of the that can not dip ready an instrument another that the radio, can wants to consider this program like the lovely adjunct the instruction of room.

In summation, liked really of an approximation of Bones of Rosetta and a functionality of a software but was unsuccessful taking a lot far because of my inability to comprise the a lot difficult tongue.
4 / 5
My girls are taking mandarin in a Paper Scholl answered. Has thinks that that this would be to good addendum to help with a Class. I have done Rosetta Danish Bone and German in a past. I have taken to plot out of a German one but I had taken the German class in university. A Danish a no like this as well as mine pronounciation of Scandanavian the vowels is being missing of. Felizmente A Danes speak English American.

A course of Mandarin is quell'has bitten different in this he teaches Chinese Papers also this in spite of can decide do a whole course that use so only a Roman alphabet. I have found a software can be like this easy or like this Defiant like desires.

A Course is presented in three sections. A basic, intermediary, and there is anticipated more sections. It creates the profile for calm and based in your age and gender a software will compensate for you on his software of recognition of the voice.

A better thing in a course is a recognition of voice. You say some words and a system say you to you if you are corrected. I can not pronounce English a lot well so that I am not quite sure the one who attentive is.

A Basic course is quite simple. He teaches you touristy to to the things like to eat, walking, running, cookery, and some differences in gender. It likes rosetta of bone because he emmerses calm in a tongue. It does not try to translate. You infer Of some pictures that is saying.

Some courses take harder and harder in the aim. Have has found having to that forget that I have learnt in a class yes tries to agree but the choose on again immediately when faced with him in real life.

I reccomend he highly for any one only looking for the simple tool to present to a Chinese alphabet and Mandarin. I thought it and some other courses have taken to be a lot of value he.
4 / 5
Give now that that learns the new tongue is an exploitation of one in this way of own learning as well as produced. I began it it was with Pimsleur tapes but bored with an incessant repetition. I have begun you grieve Rosetta Stone, my retention of word has been way on reason could see some words written, and also the picture.

Another essential profit of RS is a capacity to repeat the sentence or infinity of boxes of the word-- something any class or the professor could maintain his quota with! I have had a speaker repeats some sentence 5-10 times in the row-- sometimes been due to tongue twisters, sometimes to listen like some tones of separate word all interact together, and sometimes transmission. That I me ameno to some failures of this software:

1. RS Does not explain never anything, but calm expect you the miraculously absorb grammar, principles of transmission of the tone, etc. I finally read a intro section of the book of tongue of the Mandarin that regulates of transmission of the yours explained. I have known it was listened something concealed there is not obeyed some normal tones, so only could not identify the principle. It could RS so only explain a principle ? I do not create 100 technician of diving is a better for such the different tongue.

2. There is not almost quite occasion for one student to translate English to Chinese. It is not this the resultant conversational is everything roughly ? It is not so only matching pictures! I find it quite easy to comprise that a speaker is saying, but is the entirely different ballgame for me to have that builds the sentence, of scratch, in Chinese.

3. Material proportionally, there is little practice of formal pronunciation (the exercises that green to show spend or yellow to fail yours that pause) has compared to a soyatching exercises of pictures. I force to pronounce each sentence or sentence during all the exercises.

Now have an on-line native in tutor of speaker to practise conversation. It says that it pronounces of mine is a lot good (probably because of RS) but my capacity to speak is slow & unnatural. Now it speaks to me in Chinese and try and form new sentences in place of just repeating some sentences in RS. I have purchased also flashcards & am beginning to learn characters.

CONCLUSION: RS was the friendly and accessible way to start with the new in some point goes to love conversation of practice, any picture of just party on and on!!!
4 / 5
Learning the tongue takes time. A software of the bones of Rosetta is abosultely a faster way to learn compared to course. This has said, is difficult to learn a tongue without real occasions partorisca conversation and learning some subtleties partorisca involve in a first person of tongue. I have used a software and he has a lot of be useful, but completing is the a lot of the time that eats fulfilled.

If you have not used never Rosetta Lap you will be surprised in what entertainment can be reason his uses of system partorisca involve photographs that the helps agree and learn a meaning of both vocabulary as well as a verbal structure of a tongue that gathers increasingly of the variac. Complex (the English equivalent of adjectives, adverbs, etc.).
4 / 5
A primary purpose partorisca east was partorisca teach my edges of 6 Chinese years of Mandarin. We feel culprits that has not had time partorisca teach.
After taking a software, am spent 2.5 hours and my husband are past 40 minutes partorisca value a CD of prime minister independently. And both of have been impressed with a quality.
Here is to to the few things like:
1) Some voices are Chinese of perfect Mandarin - (some another video, as partorisca Learn Albero, is not ).
2) Boss of Doors-telephones and repeat behind some words or of the sentences have learnt to a microphone - the wrong tones will be relieved.
3) Progresses in your own step and your bookmarks/marcadors is followed.
4) fashionable Games of the Experience - less bored that other methods.
5) Can select an option partorisca aim both Chinese characters and Pinyin a same time.

Partorisca One first week, the bookmarks/marcadors of my edges have varied amply of 65 to 100 when he a bit lessons. I think that that it has wanted to move quickly. As I have asked to achieve at least 85 before it can move on to a next lesson. Now it achieves 100 before moving on. A bit those that weeks later (he so only two lessons the week for my question), has been situated to Level of the beginner Anticipated in a School Chinese venue - some notes up.
One the majority of amazing part is, uses this software two times the week without being has aimed!

Informs to update on 3/19/09. Still 5 stars - although I have found some deceptions in a pronouciations (any one a lot), all one on the points is still valid. My six-the old year now done this 4 times the week with small aiming. Sooner this year it had been promoted to level 3 in a chinese school, everything because of this software. We unfortunately still does not have time to teach, and his chinese the school is more than the social place with 1 class of the hour and 1 now marry social weekly during a school year.
4 / 5
Often spends some kiosks of Bones of Rosetta in of the terminal of airport and hardly see the client there. As they remain in business? It supposes a response to ossia a same response to a joke in a panhandler in a corner that sells pencil. When Any one comes until the and wants to know the one who the pencil is, is said $ 100. A person has said that the quantity is ridiculous. A panhandler goes back with ' so only has to that sell some draws.'

Some products of the bones of Rosetta is type, very expensive. This in spite of, the Chinese is probably a tongue a harder I never tried to learn. This product has helped, but there is lined partorisca grieve a surface. Calm in the first place need learn the entirely different alphabet. Calm then is said that a same word means different things according to a tonality that says.

Rosetta Stone in combination with speaking with more every day do. Precise practice out of strong (which is reason a microphone is like this of entity). It is not to like Spanish where you pode memorise the few things and function.

A first month that use this I felt has tried to comprise an informative reader in a Chinese TV. It looks he likes has spoken too fast. A second month, was mine like this well there is retarded of then down his words. ( There is not retarded down, took on of course.)

A better way to learn Chinese is submerged it calm in a half Chinese. Calm neither tank or swim; and more the people learn like this to swim. This in spite of, owe steps almost $ 500 is? This depends in the calm far wants to take this. It will help, but in some final needs dipped a work in the master a tongue.
5 / 5
Had listened so much in this program and tried like this last to use it, but has has had to that finally give up in frustration. There are so many better ways to learn Mandarin. I finally solved in Pimsler and found the much more enjoyable and easier that advance quickly. It does not think these works of Mandarin of paralizaciones of good program. It is tedious with poor turn in a vast quantity of questions of time. It has taken by means of all three levels of Pimsler and has begun another program of tongue before it could plough by means of some tedious lessons of level I on Rosetta Stone. I have bought all three levels with an intention to complete them all, but has given finally up.
5 / 5
This is not a thorough description. I finalise to start with with a Chinese of Bones of Rosetta. I know it it will be year or perhaps has included never, that will be to flow in this lanuage. But the processes to learn of Rosetta Stone is very known for all his studio of program of tongue. I have used personally French, German, Japanese, Hebrew, and now Chinese. They are comfortable with his methodology and know that I am had to that dip an endeavour in, in the regular base, can take to the decent level of proficiency in the new tongue the time of the year. Now the decent level of proficiency is not one same like fluid but well the pity if your interest is to learn.

Wants to learn to read, writes, tongue, and comprise the foreign tongue, and is has had to that to consecrate the daily time rule to do like this, does not think calm will find the best self program of available studio that Rosetta Stone.
5 / 5
Ossia Easily one the majority of container of comprehensible tongue of the instruction has not seen never. With four separate units, each breaking to several different sections -- comprising listening, that pause, vocabulary and grammar -- Rosetta Stone resupplies hours and of the hours of easy-the-instruction of use in learning to speak a Chinese tongue like an expert.

A container of the tongue like this requires an user to be the self-judge of start. There is person pressing you partorisca use it or valuing your action. A lack of feedback could try defy for some users. But you are had to that press calm, this system really works.

Rosetta Stone comes with still seal of big prize. But you are serious roughly learning Chinese, and have a discipline to follow the program for your account, your compraventa will be the money is very displaced.
5 / 5
If you have not tried Rosetta Stone before, test of need he - you will not be disappointed. Chinese of the bones of Rosetta leaves to choose of simplified or traditional Chinese/Mandarin. You will be able to learn tongue and structure of basic vocabulary, of healths and introductions the responses and of the simple questions. A program is extremely flexible. You can choose choose that unit and of the exercises love studio, or can so only has left a software takes calm by means of a whole course any to no. is the very defiant and difficult tongue to learn but can commit to use a program at least 30 minutes or more the day are calm sure will learn Chinese a lot quickly and easily.

An only thing that personally does not like me roughly Rosetta Stone in of some things to start with goes the few lens, but ossia probably the good thing to build the strong basic knowledge of a tongue. Of then Rosetta uses real images (any cartoon or drawings) easily can associate a sound and look of a tongue written with images of real life. This natural process is looked to the as any one purchases his or his natural tongue - listening and repeating.

CD of mate of the audio of Rosetta is the wonderful profit . Further of this learns a new tongue in your PC, calm now can take he together with you. Calm leave you to download lessons in yours Mp3 or to touch a CD in yours car or portable CD player. This can reinforce your skills of tongue anywhere, anytime to learn more vocabulary and improving your pronunciation.
5 / 5
Bought for my woman and looks to be the way has estimated on. It is the ready cookie and have the difficulty of entity that follows it. My daughter has the data tries it also and not liking in of absolute. It is flowed in 3 tongues. IMO, Is on priced. Too much money for a hype. Take his announcing with the grain of rooms. State dept, Army, undertaken of Fortuna 500 etc. Could have bought the few copies, but to good sure is not him using like this regulate. It is reason do with some of them.
4 / 5
[[ASIN:B001AFCWBO Rosetta Stone V3: Chineses (Mandarin) Level 1-3 has Dipped with Mate of Audio

has bought a product and tried to install it... It has not done... Called to a 800 number of support... Expected on control for 30 minutes (after being asked all an usual material... Name, allocution, number of version). Then, I have been said that poden does not help me that I require to contact perfectionist of mine. Now, I have to drive behind to a tent and probably fights with some personnel there, the one who to good sure, will say me to call a vendor of software.

4 / 5
Rosetta Stone is the product of big quality . It was impressed like this with a Spanish edition and enjoyed it so much that has wanted to take a Chinese version. I have been using a software to learn I as well as to teach my daughter of 2 years. I am expecting that it will take the start of boss on learning the foreign tongues that use a software and an audio cds. An interface is easy to use and does not require any a lot of reading of a manual -- you quite can use it well out of a box. A map is really good and does not look dated I so that it thinks that is the product with the life of long shelf where as another software feels old and out of date.

According to that Chinese of learning, thinks that Rosetta Laps really the helps do the very difficult tongue much easier to learn. It would recommend it to any concealed is serious roughly that learns the tongue.
4 / 5
Also Chinese insignia to both adults and of the boys.

Today, has installed a 'application' program, which gives yours the election partorisca direct on listening, writing, reading and that pause or so only some of them. I selected him everything. With which have been done with that, has been required partorisca insert a 'Level a / 'audio' disk, which take me by means of a start of a lesson. Has has learnt men, boy, women, daughter, this, eats, run, juice, water, tea and sentence that would incorporate everything of an on.

Could listen to the native speaker pronunciation a word while looking in the image/of picture without any help of translation. For example, points to you an image of tea while saying 'Cha.' If I need to, you can also replay a pronunciation on and on.

Partorisca Practical, with which have learnt a new word, am required partorisca listen to the to the equal that says and then choose out of a picture that to the left a sentence/of word. Partorisca Arrive to this point, calm @of which all is everything dips on partorisca one student to learn to listen and matching a sound to a picture/of image without giving you he casualidad partorisca use a part of your brain that converts a yours tongue of new tongue of mother or vice versa. From time to time, you are required partorisca repeat a sentence or word to your microphone.

After my in the first place try, has dipped my fellow American to an experience, as I have looked in his side and remained uninvolved. Astonishingly, For a time has taken by means of one first splits of a lesson, could comprise it when a native speaker (computer) has has said men, women, boy, daughter, water, tea, course, tea in Chinese and there is him matched with a right image correctly 99 of a time. It was very very impressed and has pleased.

Has Had he really dipped to some time partorisca take and repeat on and on, has been to good sure able to say these words without any cues. So much, stop and repeat and stop and repeat. Sucedido In speaking confidences strongly for your account that pause in a process partorisca learn.

Also, afterwards to an image/of picture is a compound pronunciation in of the alphabets. For example, men in Chinese 'nan ren' and the women is 'nude ren.' Listening and that pause altogether is any question! Interior 20 minutes of time, my fellow American (the one who had been the complete 'illiterate Chinese') finally was able to know and agree these new words that finalised partorisca learn for 10 minutes.

In a moment, would like of changes a setting partorisca do a speaker speaks more dulcemente, or change a voice viril the woman, could do like this for clicking in etting' in a hand-held corner upper right of a window.

At all is perfect. So much, here it is some drawbacks, in my opinion.

In the first place, the need read a manual very along and know it partorisca do with all some disks in a container. There is also the manual to accelerate that is to write less than few pages partorisca help you beginning partorisca jump quickly. And then it would take roughly 20 minutes partorisca install everything.

Secondly, Need to be a lot and sensitive with a computer. For example, a man of the computer or the woman said 'nan ren' and then stops, does not see any directions or instructions in a page, but partorisca continue, I click around and repeat a word. There-- I @gives is while mine partorisca repeat a word to a mic. Another example, now know I need partorisca repeat after his, maintains partorisca speak words to a microphone. In a signal, a computer said 'nan ren' and has three or four images in a fund, maintains partorisca say a word to a mic but take any response. So much, beginning clicking around. There-- I @gives ossia an exercise partorisca match .

I desire was clearer with instructions to the equal that to some, this can cause discouragement and impatience.

So much, my joint is: Tongue to a mic or click in of the pictures if any taken any one creates like partorisca do.

Has not gone far with a together of program, but my feeling is ossia the system has drawn partorisca help learn some basic words and of the models of the basic sentence without that has to that go to any one. Also, a real and native speaker has coached that resupplies good and true pronunciation is the big plus , like the reality is not each native speaker finds his tongue/his tongue properly.

I highly recommend he partorisca beginners partorisca take the start of strong jump. So that they are intermediate or main, knows that finally partorisca learn the tongue, a still would owe that interact with an another.
5 / 5
Rosetta Stone (RS) interface partorisca learn is very drawn and very cleaned. It is one the majority of programs of user partorisca learn of the friendly tongue has experienced. That is more, an interface of user applies to everything of his forms of tongue so much students of multiple RS the forms of tongue will be comfortable and house with a 'dynamic diving' approximation.

In better, RS the Mandarin will coach you partorisca be conversational in Mandarin. It will not leave you partorisca recognise and write Chinese characters easily- ossia a totally different discipline better do fault by another instructional approximations. It is possible to speak and not being able to read some characters partorisca arrive to this point.

The Mandarin is hard tongue partorisca speak for more westerners. A 4 primary pronunciation tones (sees Wiki Pinyin piece partorisca an excellent overview) touch thin the western tongues and is a lot last to pronounce for a typical English speaker. Ossia Reason a way a mouth (lips, tongue, respite) movements in pronouncing the Mandarin is entirely different to speak English. My woman, an American of one To the sud the one who breaks English with the little relaxed and has tugged was emphasis, has incredible difficulty in discerning some tonal differences, has left so only pronouncing them with accuracy. Discerning And learning these tonal differences is crucial to the conversational Mandarin has achieved. If memories one 70 is-80 Kung-Was film, sometimes have the Westerner like the sparring combatant and sometimes will speak some Mandarin among some punches of flight. To a speaker of Mandarin, always touches really pleasant reason there is typically messed on some tonal inflections. For example, soyun' can mean mother, horse, the scold, to dry, the question, measles, etc., when Used with a correct tone and answer. So much, to avert that it speaks 'Kung-Was Mandarin' (comical and embarrassing in the business meeting, but at least takes them that it smiles), is essential to listen to some speakers of Mandarin in RS software very a lot attentively and practical repeatedly. This has said, some speakers in RS the software has the clear excellent emphases but a tool of feedback of pronunciation of the microphone is not quite tight and will tolerate tonal my-pronunciations.

Is learning Mandarin so only, would be a lot of gain to still look for the speaker of native Mandarin. Help partorisca remark a mouth when pronouncing some words (I desire RS active avi is of the mouth of a speaker on prójimo like the help to pronounce). Also it helps to be corrected immediately to avert entrenching bad habits. And you are finding a monitor, take a polite person that speaks with the appropriate emphasis. You love quality of Pechino of informative reader. Cina Is the big country and speakers of the different parts of Cina have emphasis very different. For example, speakers of HK or the side often will speak (if it has included can!) Mandarin That is strongly tinged with the Cantonese emphasis. Any point that learns that. Have the be discouraged? No!!! If you are in Cina or take programs of Chinese boss, will remark some westerners in a tongue and outreach programs. Folks, These types speak the mark of Mandarin with such accuracy and poise this would dip speakers more native the shame!
4 / 5
My whole family enjoys to spend for some lessons to the equal that are learning a Chinese tongue. A philosophy of the bones of Rosetta to teach is resembled as it has learnt first ours tongue: the mamma and the dad that signal the things and saying a bit some that is. There is no the calm data English like this has to that really use your brain to imagine out of that is saying. But it concealed no only is a better way to learn in my opinion but stimulates your brain in the way that the common of the people do not experience in the daily base.
4 / 5
Has has not used never the program of computer for development of tongue. While some looks of product very near and the comprehensible place found it hard to take I in a legislation mindset. Probably a same reason reason is not never be a lot of enthusiast roughly touching chess on/with the computer. Material still would prefer to use the textbook and interacting with the person for an acoustic part but perhaps am antiquated. Besides a tongue has selected can has contributed also to an impediment of then has no the found easy to learn.
4 / 5
Has this software in three different tongues and I find that I am choosing on a vocabulary quite quickly by means of Rosetta method. Neither I owe that it weaves partorisca time to consecrate and the like that comprises lessons of audio that can upload in mine ipod, finds that this help to not forgetting too much among lessons of computers.

Does not have anything more besides lessons of room of the class to compare this also, and concealed would not be the just comparison. As I can not say that a software of the bones of Rosetta is better that any more is, but taste of a lot of and highly would recommend it.
4 / 5
Has received a container quite quickly. FYI Has ordered the Version 3 all 3 levels with Mate of Audio. I have had the real ache that comes from cogerprpers acting until I have called support of technology and has discovered my microphone had died on arrival. They were it has bitten it dulcemente in a telephone, but was very useful and sent the new headset without any questions. Of course when I discovered it quell'concealed did not fix it and that at all has changed was has annoyed slightly. Partorisca Future reference, yes says not relieving the device of start of the sound, install a K-lite container of engine and run a characteristic that has repairs current settings. It fixed it instantly.
4 / 5
Am born in Taiwan but has on spent in Svezia. I have lost a lot of Mandarin of mine and an old plus I taking a plus forgets and one has complained more has not listened my mamma, the one who has tried more to maintain skills of mine of Mandarin. But I am discovering it is not never late to start with the new, or to rediscover, the tongue.

As so only am using a program to learn vocabulary and tongue, can any one with the accuracy revises a reading and writing part of a program. Also, my ears are still very sensitive to some the different tones have used in the Mandarin but am not sure the one who sensitive a program is. It would owe that be, like this ossia the a lot, run a lot of entity to speak Mandarin.

But in general, am pleased with a program and are by train of the find a lot of enjoyable.
5 / 5
Like my partner has had this version and to the left try it me the little time. Now they are intoxicated and has been of then done with him(moved on to levels 4-5) rid it on mine. :) I have had the different version and has not been happy with him. This version has done some concepts plus very simple to comprise. I have been using he for the few months and already my Chinese friends comprise some sentences say to them. Like the reinforcement of audio has been helping too much. It takes this or wont complain it!
4 / 5
Has tried rosetta but so only could not learn a lot well. Pimsleur Does the better way for me. It concealed more the classes really help me with mine mandarin skills. My woman is the native and suitable speaker that rosetta has organised his bad lessons. It would not recommend rosetta.
5 / 5
For any one considering buying this for the boy, my daughter of 12 years loves this system! Has has wanted the learn Mandarin and after reading the descriptions think that that we would give it to us try it. When being expensive, was the little has concerned this system can any one 'take' with his and an investment would go has used seldom. We could not be pleased more.

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Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5
I have tried active Rosetta Stone but a code of limit has said was invalid. I have paid $ 115 partorisca east and is a lot disappoints it that it does not operate... I seat I been robbed.

Top Customer Reviews: Rosetta Stone V2: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 15 ratings
4 / 5
According to your way to learn, this could be a better no-method partorisca learn of tongue of room there. This offer of calm software you two goodness on learning of the cassette/partorisca reserve that the frames easily value a cost. In the first place, takings partorisca listen some words to the equal that are presented, and see the picture that describes. This simultaneously involves auditory and visual learning process. As, some options of the long practice essentially dipped your methodology partorisca learn for you (any need to do your own flashcards, etc), which this the quite a lot of stress-free, almost passive process.

One the majority of effective section of east looks to be a word of multiple election takes. A full sentence (or in an a lot of start, word or sentence) is spoken, and you clicas in that of four images think that that a sentence represents. While you can be able to choose a correct image without sympathetic each word in a sentence or a @@@subject and finals of verb, finally chooses this up by means of repetition and context. I am spent in fact for these exercises for the colds that supposition at the beginning, and learning for test and error. In this way, learning of the tongue emulates the real-world-wide setting.

A practice to speak leave to compare the wave of his of the yours own that speaks with this of the native speaker. This in is not very useful, and the supposition is so only the primitive evolution of technology of recognition of the sound that pode a bit day in a future he be able to automatically judge your capacity to speak.

A practice to write is a bit useful, as you leave to click and choose preset words to build the sentence. This in spite of, this is not like this useful as writing some calm words with pen and paper.

My main critique is that this software a lot really explores some possibilities that the automation of computer resupplies, and really feels so only like the transcription of traditional self-teaching methodologies. For example, an element 'random' so only is a shuffling of words in of the insiemi of four. If the amazon can agree that the types of books like read and of reasonable recommendations so that it could be you interested in, a technology for enabling the description of tongue, sensitive to some weaknesses/of forces of a current user, in fact would owe that be a challenge an easy plus for the developer of software.

Mina another main critic is that an action that follows the system is very primitive. Nowhere it is there the report-fashionable overview of the paper of your action/of progress in a system. You can it registers in and export your bookmarks/marcadors of test, but this looks calm simply leave you to export the listed sequential of your bookmarks/marcadors for exercise.

In general, this in spite of, if has better software there, does not know roughly that.

If I am really serious roughly Hindi, would recommend to buy this jointly with two other resources. 'Unforgettable tongues' is the surprisingly effective vocabulary the available constructor for $ 11- is limited to 200 words, and there is any one drives of audio the pronunciation, but is the fast method (do the investigation of Google to find he). Also, you Teach the script of Hindi of the beginner ($ 13) is a lot of same gain if it do not plan on writing script of Hindi, as when being able to read a script will enhance your capacity to pronounce some words have taught in Rosetta Stone.
4 / 5
Has been using this software for the few months now. I think that that it is very drawn and by means of repetition and of the works of association very better that learning of the book. They are terrible to learn the tongues but I surprise for in fact agreeing words and sentences when they are not in fact using a software.

Wants to take anything out of a part of precise reading learns Devanagari script, which have done enough easily using an Insignia reserve of Script of the Hindi. I think it useless for this yes calm appearance any (like another description says). But you know a script, really helps to plot with reading skills. The writing is another history and tentativa writes down some words elsewhere.

A thing am not sure roughly is if they do not take never the conversation. Like this far they are in 3rd unit out of 10 likes poden later on, but like this far has not learnt as to say to anything roughly like them soyy of the name is...' Neither forces to come up with sentences for your account. It directs in basic and different vocabulary tended and reports among objects. Ossia Usually any a lot of entertainment to learn and they the quite good work with him.

Some lessons are the good period to spend for the little has bitten every night without being too overwhelming. Calm really speech of need some lines out of strong this in spite of or otherwise does not go to take a pronounciation. Help to have the speaker of handy Hindi of course although ossia probably a lot possible for more. Also maintain the dictionary around for words that is not to clear. Calm does not have to that look in him too often this in spite of while it concentrate in some pictures.
5 / 5
Has tried seriously for the month. But hard to learn street RS method when one has listed the words are not based in a Latin alphabet but writing in script of Hindi. Like Six supposition to learn in this way?
5 / 5
The Hindi is like this easy, and love an approximation of Bones of Rosetta! Yes an old version does not teach an alphabet, but has learnt regarding the bed in all the chance so only to go through this program.
4 / 5
Has been renting a product of Bones of Rosetta for awhile. He teaches calm in the simple and progressive way. It is amused almost to do and defy you sometimes and applies your knowledge another time. It is the stand a lot -only but also wonderful to supplement in any Hindi that learns classes. It is súper easy to use!
4 / 5
This method is not a better for me to learn of tongue. I think that that it is too indirect,inefficient and a lot entirely clear. It would not buy another program.
5 / 5
One of a big minuses is some careers of program of CD ROM, no a hard disk, as it will run based in a speed of transfer of a ROM of CD.

The together initial up was weighed slightly. Initially, you install a main program by means of a 'disk of application' and calm then insert/insert a disk of tongue to operate a program. If you are running virtual walks by means of some software of emulation, be he of Microsoft, Daemon tools, Virtual walk, etc, will have conflicts and a no run program . These virtual disks owe that be disabled or is exited previously to run a software.

Once begin, a learning begins. An interface is intuitive but need to save the profile to maintain your progress. Other users poden records in to control his progress. The pictures are generic and a lot culturally congruent how is declared in his web of place and would do a cost of product prohibitive.

The units are separated down to listen, reading, listening and reading, that pause and writing. There are 8 units with 11 to 12 levels each like this. The lessons of preview are available to teach you script and new vocabulary. Calm really need spend peel each form in the lesson to master that level (p. p.ej. Listening skills, reading skills, etc).

Writing the lessons involve to listen to the sentence and dipping script to a correct order. Ossia More than the challenge to recognise that the symbols will represent a phonetic sound and requires to plot of repetition. You will require to practise learning each word and script closely.

Inside the lesson, an initial vocabulary is taught to match the word spoken to an object. The photos and the text written can be toggled on and was that 'flash papers' can have any combination of appearances (e.g. Pictures so only, pictures and text, the only text). Each builds of lesson to the each word learnt by means of teaching sentences more complex. In an end of the each lesson, is given he composite the bookmark but the results are not tabulated for progresses. The bookmarks/marcadors is tabulated based in self tests evaluadoras for each lesson.

Pronounciation The sections compare your voice spoken with the native speaker has based in yours, speed, etc. One the next plus is the green , a calm more sound like quell'native speaker. One the next plus is to red, the work is cut was for you. Ossia The little has bitten more difficult with the longest sentences but you can listen to a native speaker in normal time , slower and included time slower to take a pronounciation correctly.

A method involves to learn words and of the texts without that have to that translate behind to English or learning words of loan. This concept is resembled as it has learnt our native tongue like the girl. This innovative method is the occasion adds to learn the foreign tongue for virtually any age of individual.

While no an all tool inclusa, these helps of method facilitate the means to learn adds. Familiar hindi and Teach you the Hindi is excellent elections that is to complement to this program.

The Hindi is one of the handful of Rosetta Stone Titles concealed has only level 1 available.

The 6 month to decide if these starts of program for you and calm is refunded a cost of a software minus a nave. A caveat is that this has to that be purchased by means of an editor DIRECTLY, no of the third party.

Mina recomwmendation is to have more the available levels for a version of Hindi in the near future and the glossary of picture would be useful. A text of mate is entirely in Devanagari My main reason for 4 stars is that so only some levels is available. If the that levels the new plus is additions , would estimate it 5 stars.
5 / 5
Ossia The program adds and I desire Rosetta Stone creates Level 2 also. Some sentences in this program are writings in Devanagiri (script of Hindi) and can find it easier that follow that it is written yes calms also take the book 'teach you beginner' script of Hindi'. For a sake to have sense of grammatical constructions, unless it takes a real book on grammar, that the Familiar Hindi can help you.

Program of the bones of Rosetta is feigned to help to learn intuitively, mainly to associate the images to that listen. This in spite of, of any tongue consists images and only words, that tries to choose something trusting so only in your intuition can take the moment before you can have sense of sentences more complex, that yes calms also take the book that explains some sentence and construction of basic grammar.

While I can learn to plot for just that suppositions that is going in, Rosetta programs is even more useful in helping you to agree words by means of association with images. It is also a lot of entertainment that learns the new tongue that way. Calm once is done with this program, can continue enrich your knowledge of Hindi and learning by means of association to look film of Hindi.
4 / 5
This software uses an absurd approximation. They touch the long sentence for you and then does not give you a phonetic pronunciation in English in writing. Instead of the one pronunciation in devanigri (Hindi) script. Ossia Entirely useless for any the one who can not read Hindi. And they do not teach you a script neither.

Entirely useless approximation and frustrating for the recently has arrived. A Japanese version of Rosetta bone there has been English phonetics with a Japanese audio, and this was ten years ago. I do not know reason have not stuck with this approximation for Hindi. An only thinks can think of this that his messed on when producing this software and was too economic to correct a question.

Also possess Japanese, Mandarin, and Spanish versions of Rosetta Stone, but are roughly to change to Total Diving for my promised reason have had enough of this crap frustrate.
5 / 5
A immersive approximation to build vocabulary and listening skills -- basically aiming you pictures and doing associates them with the sentences spoken -- are amused and works fantastically. A first walk of time by means of the lesson, chair to the equal that are guessing and takings roughly 45 legislation ... But some second time by means of calm is in 80, and spend for the third time are geting almost well. They are quite artful in ideas subtiles informants in of the pictures -- take -- the tense/futures presents/have gone through half of a lot clearly, for chances.

Are less sure like this far in an approximation to learn that it reads and writing skills, which is resembled some hammer to listen -- is associating images or of the words spoken with insiemi of glyphs without any drilling in an alphabet. I have done progress on recognising a lot of words and am beginning to puzzle out of an alphabet I, but have the long way to go is.

In general, yes wants to take quickly to a point where can direct you the conversation with Hindi-speakers or travesía in Indiana, this software in combination with some subtitled Bollywood the films is probably a fast plus and more enjoyable way to take there.
5 / 5
Purchased this after active experienced his Spanish course. It is the software adds partorisca have . It builds on dulcemente and is very easy to follow. The, especially, enjoy a book of mate. It is totally in Hindi. I take he with me the plot and read the capitulate or two the day. Really the desire would add the levels to this course likes him with some courses of European tongue.

Now partorisca a negatives. After all, at all it is perfect. There is always soiled partorisca improvement. Could have it done more interesting and entertainment partorisca dip in of the better pictures. Some of some pictures have not felt. A dictionary is useful to have of then some of some words are not exactly portrayed in a picture. It is hard to do out of that is trying to transmit. Sometimes some speakers looks partorisca be that it rushes by means of some sentences or stressing too much in of the words. It is the useful addition to the a lot of 'Learn Hindi' book and the good dictionary.
5 / 5
Can the resupply, ossia the tool adds . The REALLY helps with a challenge odf mastering the Hindi spoken, and is particularly useful calm is that it looks for to teach, and/or has has has limited occasions partorisca practise your tongue with native speakers. It is not partorisca a estimativa-conscious, but can find of the money, !.
4 / 5
Hindi Of the bones of Rosetta is entertainment adds , and am learning more efficiently that has done with French & Spanish (using Fence, Berlitz, Pimsleur, etc.) I desire had begun these tongues with RS. I have asked that produced the level 2 Hindi of paralizaciones, but has said is not planning to this time.

Like another reviewers, highly recommends Rupert Snell is 'Beginner' Script of Hindi' partorisca accompany a course. It is the must .
5 / 5
Can not believe am comprising sentences of Hindi! I am surprised daily when eye in a period of these sentences and know that I comprise it. And they are so only on Units 1, lesson 10 I really exited of hope with the level two.
5 / 5
Has in the first place learnt a basics of a tongue of Hindi fourty fact of the years. Has thinks that that this version would help partorisca deepen the mine that comprises of a tongue. I have found some pictures were western and a script was Devangari in place of western script. Cela Difficult of then have really has not learnt never a Devangari script and has wanted to brush up in a tongue and he quickly. I also found a level of a program was too simple. He a tense present but at all more. I have required to brush on on all tended and this program has not been for me.