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Top Customer Reviews: Roxio Easy CD & ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 35 ratings
5 / 5 Jeanetta
Extremely I last partorisca imagine was like this partorisca use a program. The technical help is very poor. The desire had not bought a product. It does not give on easily, as I will maintain partorisca try until I imagine to go with or without technical help.
4 / 5 Laverne
If you come from this software will have the hell of the time that takes. Add/Take Win 10 does not do and a support of Technology is no existent.
5 / 5 Deneen
Please find a @@subject down that a Roxio can not be actuated like your of the product has not been valid, thank you!
4 / 5 Maximina
He Love the program partorisca rasgar the cd to your hard walk, does not squander your time with Roxio. Automatically it copies the cd to another cd. But there is any option partorisca save file to hard walk. Included this in spite of the tear is prominently looked in a container, he no.
4 / 5 Brant
No like this intuitive to the equal that would like, of a program resupplies a lot of options partorisca conversions of file. I have used so only he partorisca CD CONVERSIONS to WAV and files of Mp3, at all partorisca DVD CONVERSIONS. Another that some titles partorisca be showed in Japanese he the good work. Unfortunately I am illiterate in Japanese.
5 / 5 Danial
Has used Roxio Creator of Half comunicacionales Easy 10 partorisca years, but recently takes partorisca do. Has thinks that that this software would be alike, but is not almost like this very like this Creator 10. No material can trust a Roxio name anymore.
5 / 5 Shavonne
Has been using Roxio DVD of CD that burns for years. He the work adds. Easy to install and use. It say that it is the friendly computer .
5 / 5 Oren
Has done adds to the movement has duplicated to house Dvd by other members familiarised.
4 / 5 Deedra
A lot that says it . While to the call of Corel/Roxio to see has fix it.
5 / 5 Shaneka
A program constantly Closes Up and Freezings.
Support of poor Client.

Buys the product of the main quality.
5 / 5 Berna
Any that the say . While to the call of Corel/Roxio partorisca see has fix it.
4 / 5 Yong
Are now able to add my collection of WHOLE CD to my computer and car the using SD Paper.
5 / 5 Jamel
Giant waste of money and time. The start on the file looks it will begin, but at all.
5 / 5 Rolande
Perfecto partorisca disks in of the llamas and opening .Images of ISO. If I any one need a creator of focus, modifying and another software has comprised with Roxio the creator ossia perfect.
5 / 5 Denisha
The Partorisca be very easy to burn another CD but the still are that it struggles like this partorisca create my own CD. Finally it imagines it was like this partorisca take clips of another CDs but can not imagine as it partorisca burn to an alone CD. Help!
5 / 5 Isiah
The program is quite easy to use... It offers it stirs it of formats to do with your cd is.
4 / 5 Meda
Gave it 5 star like this this would be on no SHABBY. It leaves to do after a copy. The support of client was inept. With which 3 days to try has given up and is returned
5 / 5 Darcy
was to return this element has imagined this in spite of was like this to use there is like this annulled a turn
5 / 5 Larae
tests this software will have the hell of the time that takes. Add/Take Win 10 does not do and a support of Technology is no existent.
4 / 5 Collette
Has ordered this in some hopes was better that a freeware BurnAware that had been using for years.

Executive rodeo: it is not or can imagine it it was regarding the use.

My first frustration has come from/come from a battle of epic to take an installed thing. I have maintained to take the hanged installation without hinting so many to the that a question can be. In an island to install, look to run to an end. Bobo Me. To try one of his characteristic, to register my screen, lacking to demand objection an installation. This has taken each one has bitten while one installs. It maintains to import that I painfully uninstalled each partial setup to present the clean computer to an after trying in installation.

Has directed to copy some files of my computer to the CD that use a program. This is not the characteristic in any real way of Windows has been able to do this fast and more easy plus in fact a lot of years now. If there is the way to register my screen, can do not imagining was. There is not any instruction. I think it that it can do it has the camera of video hooked until your car. The no.

Have the collection of roughly 25 film/of entertainment Dvd some duquel would like me copy to of disk for archiving or that burns to the new DVD because of the old an east bit it broken in of the zones. Any gone in that neither. It supposes a protect of the trivial copy situated in Dvd swipe this software. Has another software to fulfil this in all the chance.

To augment my annoyance, as with everything recent Corel offerings, has taken an ad to launch. Ossia Perhaps a lot in action or free ware but gee, in the commercial container? Please see a photo.

Perhaps this work but can do not imagining was because of a utter lack of documentation – still drives of place or fast start of Web. Anything, has invested four or five hours is, many this scrolling/of installation, and am done.
4 / 5 Emory
This software is misnamed reason is not easy to use. It is not intuitive at all. I have ordered this reason have loved to convert the mp4 slideshow, has created to use a software of video ossia packaged in a Windows 10 operating system, to the format that would touch in the player of DVD to show in the television screen. A slideshow is so only roughly 8 minutes a lot the time of then is the celebration of compilation of the life of the person closes mine the one who is spent was. When I have installed this, an icon that looked in a desk would not open . It is an orange hexagon with the disk in a centre of him and labeled Roxio EASY CD & DV... Still at all. In some point, another icon looked in my desk which is the disk in shoots labeled Roxico Burn. This icon opens on the little box in a right side subordinated of the mine monitor where the files can be tugged and falls for simply in of the llamas - any conversion to file that has found. Ossia Good but any that has loved these stops of software. I gave an idea that can have more. I after looked in my cast of applications, some hand-held Windows inferior sinister screen that opens when an icon of Windows is clicked. I have found more than a Roxio application that goes with this software. That has required was Roxio the copy of Video & Converts. It do not have any instruction but was able to imagine was like this to take a video copied and converted like this touch ( he at least done in mine Blue-Ray DVD player). When I is roughly more, can update this description for any the one who already has this or wants to give comes from it. In spite of a fact that thinks that is to 1 star been due to like difficult ossia the use and the figure was, am giving 2 stars because now I have the TV/of DVD playable slideshow.
4 / 5 Adella
Ossia An easy to use system and is the paper driven. Of a page of the house of this application selects that desire to work to treat and a click in that - a calm program then take to the screen for a function has selected.

When you Install this he the program will take another Roxio produced that it could. In my chance automatically take out of Roxio Creator NXT 4, before one transports-install the program has begun included install this product.

I especially like a PhotoSuite software that is part of this product, as I give the better photo that modifies that a software that comes like this splits of Windows of Microsoft 10.

Has no manual in a box, so only the slip of the paper that directed you partorisca go to a Roxio put web to download a manual. A manual is very short and does not go to details on like a diverse work of functions - directed you it you partorisca use a 'Centre of Section of Help of the each function - calm there will find directions very detailed.

Like the part of an installation accuses a PC has that restarts it. They do not say you to take a DVD of installation of a walk - I , of then has not loved a PC to try and boot of this walk. Take a DVD previously to one restarts is a thing corrected to do - I feels would have to that it has said to do that in a screen of installation.
5 / 5 Sanjuanita
Personally, when it has touched to lose the record music, and preserving your files in of means it comunicacionales, require to find some right needs for everything of your data, photo, documents and half comunicacionales. On its own name, I use different things. I transfer mine means comunicacionales to walks of storage of the USB and also to servers of cloud also. But if yours is doing disks of half comunicacionales personalised, precise be the fact in a way loves. On its own name, I want to do the albums have customised on CD. Reason is fun, easy and calm so only can use some tools plus very simple. I have used a lot of different frames for rasgar & the software in of the llamas for CD is. But I have found that Roxio done a work a noble plus to help. A Roxio EASY CD & DVD SOFTWARE In flames is simple to use and manages a lot well to register means it comunicacionales to CD PERSONALISED DVD is. Especially when I need to television and of the shows of films records buy on-line by means of the tent of Game of ITUNES and Google. Personally, it likes, but has some bugs in of him. It can use better búfer underrun the protect and can have prendido freezing after the pocolos use. Still, Roxio done some good pieces of software, but this one could have had the better cast of options to do that they burn your half comunicacionales the easiest favourites.

Prizes: C+

Consuelo & Setup: C+

In general: C+
4 / 5 Micaela
Yes has sent this behind in time 25 years really was an impressive piece of software. How it is, an interface is clumsier and some characteristics a lot like this rich like the program has taken for free fact 6 years. But you are looking for the retro program to copy your data to the disk then this are adds. Of course more people behind on his files the 'the cloud' now.
5 / 5 Patrick
A product is easy and quickly partorisca install. Extracted all a work announced well.

Creating the papers done of commission partorisca Dvdes is easy and appeal of look. Burning the disk of a iso is quickly and easy (although this also can be does natively with Win10). Creation of CD DONE of the commission is also easy.

Sustains all the formats of audio of entity (comprising FLAC and Ogg Vorbis), several formats of popular video, and all a photo of formats of entities. It requires the firewire paper or device of capture of external USB partorisca treat capture of video and requires compraventa of discharges he in partorisca burn the Blue ray.

In general, is the good product with a functionality the majority of need of people in the good prize.
4 / 5 Felix
Was able to burn so only well with east but has had a hiccup. In spite of a data any when being no more than a DVD could manage, does not leave me burn to a DVD. If I lied to a program and said it that it was one 8 hb DVD, leave me and then come from partorisca burn a 4gb DVD without questions.

All more work perfectly with a program. Any complaint. An interface is not bad but I really like an easy way to take papers of Dvdes. With which 30 minutes partorisca look, I never found the way of the do.

Decent program, but thinks partorisca a calm prize would be likely to do better.

3 stars.
4 / 5 Camila
The work adds and is a program of product of confidence/although has has used always.

This element is good quality and is a lot of value a compraventa. It arrives in good condition and there is not founding any defect with a product and I fully recommend it. Utmost cost! 4 stars.

Thank you Partorisca Take a time partorisca read my description and yes helps partorisca do a decision has informed any way in this product pleases left partorisca know me partorisca take the fast moment of your time partorisca vote it Gain to the equal that can maintain clue of mine the majority of useful descriptions. Appearance that has the experience of compraventa wonderful!
4 / 5 Cortney
Easy to use, When it wants to burn the DVD/of CD installs the DVD of SPATIAL CD in your walk of CD and tug and fall your files. To copy a DVD of WHOLE/CD simply situates an original to a walk then selects copy. When pointed Place in the spatial CD DVD and continue a process. His that easy.

Need more characteristic, there is the quite big piece of software Roxio Creator. Ossia So only the copy and utility of burn but better work that Half comunicacionales of the window has not done never.
4 / 5 Jenette
Has been using ROXIO in fact a lot of years and has treated always perfectly and this new version is any exception , installs almost without any entrance of me another that where for the install, has tried the pair of fast burns with CD and DVD and has treated perfectly and fast. Some screens were easy to follow like this to the that my options were (any hieroglyphics to try to imagine was) and all the tasks have finalised quickly and perfectly. 5 Stars for the product have trusted
4 / 5 Lucinda
A Roxio DVD of EASY & CD In of the llamas 2 software is easy to install and use. We have used Roxio software for years; it is one of an user of plus-the friendly burning software available. We want behind-arrive all our photos familiarised on CD to avert in his loser in the accident of computer. This is doing well for that, and can give copies of a photo CD to members familiarised also. In general, the disk of programs of descent in of the llamas.
5 / 5 Christeen
I computers the new plus has a capacity to read and write, like this ossia the oldest technology . With more the people that goes digital and storing in a cloud of his election, this easily could be considered obsolete for a lot. For which do not have this type of software for a dvd/cd in his car or in the portable burner, this will do adds.
5 / 5 Ryann
Has been using Roxio DVD of EASY & CD In of the llamas 2 to burn Dvdes of several formats of video, and work well. Fault of there is anticipated characteristic, but for my needs is well. It is easy to install and use in the Windows 10 system. I have not had any one subject. For your basic CD and DVD NEED in of the llamas, this software takes a work done.
5 / 5 Wilhelmina
Roxio DVD of EASY & CD In of the llamas 2 helps condense photos and video to easily shareable and easily storeable average. Together with copying photo, Roxio has the photo that edits function also, as when you are storing photo, calm can do him better a same time! Works well in mine Windows 7 computer!
4 / 5 Dina
Easily downloaded and installed. I have used this program to upload film of old house on DVD is to convert digitally to my PC. Rasgue Each DVD easily and efficiently. I have not used a program to burn anything still, but looks relatively self explanatory. They are anxious to use it. Like this far like this good.
5 / 5 Melina
Honradamente Does not think this software is done partorisca Amsterdam. An English is has in a documentation and the directions is British. Any insurance but like this far a lot of @@subject that does the disk.

Top Customer Reviews: Roxio Easy CD & ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5 Sean
My service with the amazon has been always a better . The cost of software has been an only question . These produced no properly and are that it has to that contact a vendor partorisca help. Calm can not annul the digital order partorisca the software like my joint is , any him .

Top Customer Reviews: Roxio Toast 18 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
4 / 5 Letha
It likes- one simple interface and modifying and an increasing and downward mobility. This a fact in fact laws with you Catalina.

But DOES not CONVERT The VERSION has MODIFIED. When I Paste 'Convert' for a file has modified, simply exports a file of integer of original video. It is worthless if it can not export a version has modified.
4 / 5 Winnifred
After updating Mac to Catalina YOU, has @to @give that my version of Toast, which am wanted, no longer has done. I have bought Toast 18 a first week of the oct. and is been an expensive deception. It is well to copy Dvd but partorisca in of the llamas of mine .mov Projects of iMovie or FCP, has terrible 'lip-sync' questions. Included that 30 video of Starts of min. to have an audio lag interior 4 minutes. An only solution is in transmission down a video to a lower quality in iMovie, then has no AV question. But it conceal it is not acceptable for the $ 99 program. Corel Technology. The support was well, those remain in a telephone with me for an hour that step by means of a process to delete any root of the leading version of Toast, but concealed has not solved a question. Now I am using MyDVD Pro, which was economic and good works . Mina $ 99 Toast is seating in a iMac, unused. Had the 'the bug fixed the few weeks , and has think that solved the, but he the no. Pleases to be conscious. Any more has this question with Roxio has toasted 18 Titanium? (ps. This is not a PRO version)
4 / 5 Twanna
Has toasted 17 has has had subjects with falling the paper is not aiming some elements unless you move one smiles on that. Toast 18 has a subject same. Also, when you add the .m2ts To file concealed is dolby digital aims , so only pcm stereo. When you Select half comunicacionales and try and add to file of eyetv, some accidents of program.
DOES not SQUANDER YOUR MONEY in this PIECE OF JUNK! Felizmente Has to that 30 satisfaction of the day guaranteeed for repayment of Corel/Roxio. Before Corel has bought Roxio, some products were utmost! Now they are junk.
5 / 5 Lakeshia
Possesses a titanium pro version 18 and basically can not open without clashing in a iMac Pro!!

Or love the program to so only look a Mac ball of beach to turn, this for you

Otherwise the money of time & of the waste. BTW Any solution expósita Roxio put web or on-line forums like this far
4 / 5 Jame
After updating Mac Catalina YOU, has @to @give that my version of Toast, which am wanted, no longer has done. I have bought Toast 18 a first week of the oct. and is been an expensive deception. It is well to copy Dvd but partorisca in of the llamas of mine .mov Projects of iMovie or FCP, has terrible 'lip-sync' questions. Included that 30 video of Starts of min. to have an audio lag interior 4 minutes. An only solution is in transmission down a video to a lower quality in iMovie, then has no AV question. But it conceal it is not acceptable for the $ 99 program. Corel Technology. The support was well, those remain in a telephone with me for an hour that step by means of a process to delete any root of the leading version of Toast, but concealed has not solved a question. Now I am using MyDVD Pro, which was economic and good works . Mina $ 99 Toast is seating in a iMac, unused. Had the 'the bug fixed the few weeks , and has think that solved the, but he the no. Pleases to be conscious. Any more has this question with Roxio has toasted 18 Titanium? (ps. This is not a PRO version)
4 / 5 Lourie
Experience but then returned reason when the apple dips out of the another update of entity roxio toast 18 titanium (my laptop informed) no longer laws in mine portable
5 / 5 Charita
Roxio to the toast is the program of primitive software now. Especially If works in the mac, does not recognise any one a lot mac codecs. And you modify with the Mac, this software will not do or will have all the classes of glitches. The technology has achieved finally the support and they have admitted finally that to the toast is not meant to do with pro Mac to to formats like Quicktime. Software very better there and much less expensive. To the toast is toast really now. It is of the coral has been bankrupt done of the years and so only king-is surfaced. There have it software very better there that does one same and the way more than Toast Announces. Test MaxX Conversor of Video. There is the version of PC also!

Top Customer Reviews: Roxio Creator Pro ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
4 / 5 Silas
It would not give it any star was possible.

Bought it why my Creator 7 no with Windows 7 Definite 64 has bitten. Installed the and has taken the 'program not answering ' error. Restarted a computer the pair of time but could not take spent a program frozen and message of error. Uninstalled, HAS RESTART a computer, king-installed - - - has taken a same error; restarted a computer and has taken a same error. Uninstalled, Restarted, king-installed, etc. Etc. Etc. Finally called Roxio (which is possessed now for Corel a WordPerfect people) and took some outsourced character that (with which have explained that that there was fact) has said the uninstall and king-install. An only material that the works is a DivX bloatware which is silently installed with Creator 2012 PRO. A Roxio the web page alleges that Roxio 2012 PRO is drawn partorisca be compatible with Windows 7 sees:


Perhaps was desgined partorisca be compatible, but is not functionally compatible. I can it does not return reason a container is opened.

Has used several Roxio versions of Creator partorisca on 15 years but this version is junk as it matches his eservice of client'. Now they have Creator NXT which will not consider until you are Roxio the products are a lot again.
4 / 5 Vernell
Very satisfied. Better thaqn a new more NXT versions in a lot of considerations. Being missing of in some of some characteristic newer has spent in with NXT. I diont; it requires him in all the chance. Also, this there is Blueray built-in.

Has bought this because of some subjects with NXT versions, and a downgrade of functionality inside a continuazione.
5 / 5 Earl
Very better bought Pro Gold of Show. A software is a lot scaly and can not approach to a product has finalised that Pro the show dips era. I have used Roxio for years until I have tried Pro Show. Not even near.
4 / 5 Charlyn
Have the copy of Roxio 10, which was the good program . It has Had a capacity to transfer VHS to DVD. This no. to program Roxio Does the standalone program of conversion, in a $ 50 point of prize. Sadly, Yes I love a precise adapter spends another $ 50. It has had I known this, this version would not have been purchased. In a side besides there is a lot add- on is which will try gain in a future. Only negative, has not been to clear in an initial desciption. It will owe that spend more money for the different piece of hardware/of software to do my scrollings. Any good Roxio!
4 / 5 Sonia
This program no in my computer. It does not leave gone in of video of my camera or my téléphonique or Dvd has done of television! For this is virtually useless for my purposes. It had expected to be able to modify my own video and Dvdes. A Roxio Creator Pro 2012 dips the program has called has come-x in teh computer the one who overrides other programs that is easier that use while I am seeing the video has downloaded. Roxio Creator Pro 2012
4 / 5 Lizabeth
have the good fast computer with 8 ACTION of RAM, 3 hard walks big; with one YOU of Windows 7 Definite. The More this fulfils some requirements thus produced. With just roughly everything of his characteristic, my computer would hang for several first minutes to answer. I have not had any one another open program. I have tried to do work properly for almost the month. The amazons Was bondadosos to leave me turn.
4 / 5 Raelene
Has used Roxio cd creator in several versions on some years with some modicum successful. A software is a lot well, but has to that be the computer friki to be achieved a first time. His directions often are confusing and difficult to comprise for a no friki. The contact with his on-line personnel found him to be much more useful that that follows his directions written. I took roughly 25 it tries to complete the 250 slide of photo the show with music has attached. I buy this software again? Probably, reason have had also questions a year has purchased Black.
4 / 5 Alden
The experience is that it thinks that the one of fact could convert film of blue ray to see in my pc and handhelds. It will not touch the film of blue ray for judges of start, that pathetic to have blue-ray authoring software that will not touch behind is own compilations . As the one who taking audio to do well forgets it, calm does not have any control that chooses clues of audio. A record to value of bar of indicator of transmissions of disk with which starts to burn the disk, like this calm does not know if a really returned project in the disk or the no. have found the DAPlayer still free in a web that film of games of blue ray. If you do not have ANY NEED for blue-the ray sustains this software is well, but ArcSoft is the better way. I have squandered My money is and according to which the technical support goes has not taken never the response as of closing. Do shabbier before you decide to buy this software!

Top Customer Reviews: Roxio Easy CD & ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
5 / 5
This cd give you a software but calm has to that upgrade partorisca be able to burn . The witch cost more money.
5 / 5
Could not use a CD because it was part of the HP subject of laptop without number of serial.
Has found felizmente my old one and I have not wanted to spend for a hassle of the turn.
Take that paid for him !
4 / 5
Has the Creator of Plextor this is coming with my dvd. It concealed more until this well for any concealed will do a Basic
5 / 5
The no run software . The vendor contacted has been said so only to topmast he behind. Of the software of only cost $ 20 I mailed the topmast rule retreated , any insurance, any one receipt. Never recd credit. I emailed the vendor & has been said they never recd the TEST ASKED OF DELIVERY. The estaca given of course record of office as losing extraordinarily few pieces of topmast and a fact that has been of then sent for the topmast rule had any way could have the delivery rcpt. I never recd the repayment.
4 / 5
The product has not done with my pc. Vendor graciously has admitted repayment without question.
5 / 5
This software is required to do use of a new salvation qualified of video of camera of technology . I have had to that take cover he in to burn to the Blue disk of Ray for $ 20 .

Top Customer Reviews: Roxio Toast 18 Pro ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 5 ratings
5 / 5 Velvet
I bought it on sale directly downloading of Roxio. Parts of him open but a no. of main icon has had the hours of the cat done and has said that would take the call of telephone behind. My faith is already have my money to the equal that am titled the speedy helps partorisca the take kicked up. Certainly first of several hours (like partorisca maintain) is spent. Corel Things that left the draw and the product has been launched in, and law. ('After shot', 'Painter Essentials'. I do not have any use partorisca they.) Oddly The sound HAS AFTER SHOT, which looks partorisca be the photoshopper, does not have the way to close a file (the be of the picture has done on) that I can find. I have looked for a web as well as a program. As it could hide or ignore 'next file'. I owe that that with this a photo partorisca a rest of my life? I will try to contact his on this.
5 / 5 Emmett
Seriously??? Reason is folks still suckered partorisca buy Roxio terrible versions of Toast.
This late plus is any exception . One associates purchased this version, in spite of my look ( has not had the decent upgrade of then Version 12). After trying to upload/the register/uses this turkey, has opted partorisca the repayment. Good regime with that.
Inferior line: it DOES not ORDER Anything OF ROXIO UNTIL they CLEAN ON HIS LAW.
( Is welcome.)
5 / 5 Jose
March 6, 2020 Update: there is still Any Fixed Partorisca Toasted 18 or Toast 18 Pro. Senior manager of Management of Product in Corel declared in an email that has toasted 18 Pro is not compatible with macOS Catalina () this time. “ We appear to having confirmed some subjects are experiencing. We are aiming partorisca have an update for an end of February. I will leave it is once we has the version of test. Some of some subjects are seeing is related to a fact your video are multistream (testo normal video), and this resembles fool our software. Also, there are some incongruences in an audio that has the hard time that extracted. One researches is not partorisca complete, but has committed a crew partorisca direct these subjects. Otherwise Would owe that be able to manage 4:2:2 ProRes video properly to the equal that have used Apple AVFoundation partorisca the sustain”. Besides, partorisca add to this disaster. Senior manager of Management of Product in Corel has said some characteristic pictured here partorisca a VIDEO dropdown in Toast 18 Pro is inaccurate. A picture is of Toast16. Toast 18 does not have an user FRIENDLY VIDEO dropdown 'Burn to CD, BLUE & DVD-ray' to to the characteristic likes in Toast 16 pictured here. Senior manager of Management of Product in Corel has said this VIDEO dropdown characteristic 'Burn to CD, BLUE & DVD-ray' pictured here can return in version of Toast 19.
4 / 5 Onita
Are user of time with a longitude of this software. The upgraded less than fact 12 month partorisca Toast Pro Titanium 17 and no with Mac YOU Catalina upgrade. The coral said... Esorry Will not help partorisca buy version 18' as if it has not had the version has purchased never 17. I have had multiple interactions with the coral that says him would be necessary to give me free version. You the no. has lost $ 170. It DOES not BUY THIS PRODUCT. They will not SUSTAIN HE PARTORISCA Any FUTURE UPGRADES OF MAC YOU SO it has LEARNT.
4 / 5 Margret
Among the emission of Apple of the operating systems 'new' full of bugs (trick of old Apple...) And saving money for not trying SW (Salvation, Roxio?), older is better ( using has toasted 12 in Saws, no the question with him).

Top Customer Reviews: Toast 10 Titanium ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Loreen


Has any way to say he-- has been ROBBED. Roxio Has FLOWN my money so that so only can describe like WORSE PROGRAM NEVER in my decades like the Mac user: incidents, quirky-functionalities, to meso-functionalities, any-functionalities. And one the majority partorisca program inflated this side of Microsoft. Any partorisca mention have full and complete rights to a title of the SUPPORT of WORSE TECHNOLOGY of the industry.

In a TiVo 'functionality':

the person said:

A lot of some digital programs in yours TiVo is PROTECTED calm so much will be unable to transfer these files partorisca mobile use. The protect is dipped by your provider of boss. Enough it is the digital signal and no an echo of the canal of emission--the forget.

Toast very precise to transfer files to your system. So only open your BROWSER of WEB and go to a TiVo local IP that https of uses. There is also solutions of open source.

Has Open source programs to take your video of the his .TIVO envelope (To MPEG-2) and to prepare your video for mobile use. One any-technology-imported would owe that come from with precaution. For these things where the open source can be master, invests elsewhere (as in the copy of QuickTime Pro).


I sincerely the desires had done this investigation before I have taken TiVo consulting of hook-line-and-sinker and the good money squandered in this God-terrible .
4 / 5 Stephaine
Has purchased Toast 10 specifically to read AVCHD files (registered in 1440x1080 anamorphic) and convert to other formats, comprising HDV for faster modifying in a HDV line of time in Final Yard. (In a Mac, a normal approximation is to convert to very big AIC files - the one who read well but requires the surrender any when combining AIC with another HDV images. Toast 10 is an only product that , in theory, converts the HDV. Yes it has an imperceptible loss of quality in going the HDV, but ossia acceptable for my application.)

A question, as remarked in Roxio forums, is that has toasted 10 loses synchrony among a video and audio when transcoding the AIC or the HDV. A result is unusable conversions out of Roxio. Roxio Has known in this question for month but did not fix it still.

His support is quite terrible. When Some links of download of the update a lot in fact laws for Mac users, has has sent answered to sustain the questions that has not been asked. I have finalised that it has to that download a Mac update in my box of Windows and then transfer a file to a Mac.

Stops in of the llamas Dvd, laws a lot - at all elegant. iDVD Law well, and DVD Studios Pro Circles of the careers around have toasted 10. Considering to one adds'l s/w likes to take click of old register, ClickRepair is excellent to take burst, click and hiss of old record album.
5 / 5 Therese
Has used Toast 6, 7, 8 and has purchased Toast 10 backside in July 2009. After the year More the often that not finalising to use has toasted 8 (which am happy has maintained!).
This version is TERRIBLE! They are in accordance with some users that has given already this to 1 Star. This version is buggy -- prone to clash -- will give a message of error for the half a time concealed 'the compression Fracasada' (which then does well on has toasted 8). When it Comes to sustain a company does not answer the emails and a place of support is difficult cruise it.
Can take toast 8 or 9 takes it. Avert this version. Also, Toast 8 (I am not sure roughly 9) sustains DivX, which 10 no.

Addendum 8/1/11: I See some descriptions of Toast 11 is not very very better that v. 10. That the company goes of the a lot of (but does not add ) has produced the such crap? I want a bit it writes commentary 'Roxio' the support is included worse that his produced, which is quite the feat!' LOL!! It nailed it!
I still use has toasted 8 and do very a lot of -- especially to convert DVD the Divx. If you can find 8 -- buy it.
4 / 5 Maira
Has bought is that it thinks that can use this to burn Blue-disks of ray. But, I have been disappointed. I need one covers extra-in to burn disks of Blue ray, and one covers-is-nowhere to be purchased. So much, I have bought this wrong. But, it prefers any to return it. So much, I have purchased a Titanium of has toasted Pro later, which leave me to burn Blue-disks of ray.
5 / 5 Delorse
In fact would owe that be multiple NEGATIVE Stars, has entered the 1 so only he so that it would register, but included ossia misleading. They are not an expert in this subject particular, which has caused my initial questions in trying to burn DVD is old films took of a TV, and now seats that a powder has no only no solved, but has worsened. After active read a lot of descriptions in this product, comprising at least one that declares a same thing are for said, has chosen to give tries it at any rate and hope for a better. Needless To say, was and am still a lot disappointed. I have received some feedback of Roxio service of client, comprising a message where was politely advised the not creating any entrances of new question, in spite of new questions, but to use a still an originally entered so that the series of conversation can be better directed and the not confusing some representatives of service of the client. The desire has had like this compassion for his clients.

To convert film of a EyeTV formed, which is my primary desire with Toast 10, has been advised (after the surgery of service of the client that explains that the smallest files in a format of television of the Eye would burn, while bigger some would not compress and was purportedly too big, in spite of being smaller, much smaller in some chances, that a space of the available disk indicated) to use a mpeg 4 format for better results. When Using a mpeg 4 formed and trying import he to Toast 10, has received the message that comment that the has not been the format recognised and would not import , in spite of his eservice of client rep' advising me to use this format. Out of roughly 30 tentativas has had perhaps 2 or 3 the 'burns' successful that use that TV of calls of Eye MPEG Common of Program, which yields the extension of file of soypg,' this in spite of, a vast majority of the tentativas that use this format has has has yielded disks that would touch for the short period, freezing for the second or two and beginning on, with at all besides a king-point of start (incomplete burn).

Is returned besides to a Mac in of the multiple occasions to verify a progress of an often painfully process in of the slow llamas so only to have the message that indicates that a software had found a 'unexpected error' or question, and had closed down. The well.

Hardly can expect see the one who bondadoso of recommendations Roxio will do with report to an Entrance of Question has filed now, and yes, I he for referencing or 'tagging on' at random forward like this like this any to disturb or confuse some representatives.

My better recommendation to any potential buyer is to heed an external opinion, comprising is one and steer out of this product. Although I have chosen to be optimistic in spite of descriptions and of the multiple opinions of questions, has been in error. It would want to know if any one has fixed he for these subjects and probably was better, if any one knows of the better software for these projects.

Give the graces to tolerate this dissertation, my better joint - a lot of he!
4 / 5 Clifford
Because of some bad descriptions here, am spent the few weeks that debate yes or has not loved to buy this software. My aim was to transfer registers of mine Tivo to mine Mac, modification out of some ads and burn them to DVD. After finding extracted he in a warehouse that was in the cost down enough for the risk, has purchased a software. It has treated wonderfully.

Has had the few questions that installs an update - like faults on I to be the new Mac user. After installing a , has required to dip an old version of Toast and Tivo Scrolling in some rubbishes. I have deleted once these, has found has has updated versions of both programs in mine dossiers of applications (both programs are downloaded of the same times with an update). I have followed once an easy step-for-give a no setup instructions, mine Tivo the alike register and has transferred quickly WITHOUT AUDIO Or QUESTIONS of VIDEO. Modifying & the saving was quickly and intuitive. A question has run to has taken mine Tivo to look in an attractive to Toast down like this aimed in a Tivo put web. He never looked here, but in Tivo Scrolling, has an option when the video is selected to 'Toasted he'. When Selected, some looks of video in Toast and is ready to modify and burn. Like this far, I have created two Dvd that look and touch perfect.

Im Very sure reason so that has has has had questions. Perhaps these subjects have been solved with an update? Considering me, to the toast has treated exactly as it had expected the .
5 / 5 Marcellus
Toasted like this far 10 Titanium has a lot of be disappointing. I purchased it mainly for some purposes of Tivo Scrolling and DVD in of the llamas.

Has uploaded one Installs disk and has downloaded a late plus upgrade of Roxio to iMac with Leopard of Nieve.

Has then used Tivo Scrolling of the 2:30 program that has taken 3 hours. It was patient and could treated that. This in spite of, the tried to see a video. A screen has aimed distorted and highly pixelated images.

After reading by means of a lot of commentaries of client, has downloaded a sooner upgrade and am now able to see a video without subjects. An installation of required to delete Toast altogether.

This in spite of, am not able to burn the DVD. A burn of DVD of MPEG2 the prisoner tries to Encode. After leaving at night trying encodes has not had any progress and there is prendido then a process. Any message or report of process.

Has contacted Roxio the support of client saws email and there is still to receive the response with which 6 days.

So many unanchored of client, will delete toasted again. Load of CD whole of PROGRAM and then upgrade to . Perhaps it has had some component that is in a CD that has not been in a upgrade. Really I do not know .

My opinion of of the this is that a product is that no extracted like this described, the documentation is not useful likes to write for Roxio, and Roxio does not sustain is produced .

Expects your experience is better that mine.
5 / 5 Kathe
Are quite he newbie to Toast so that it can not compare this version the forward some. This in spite of, in general am very pleased with Toast 10. Like this far I have done mainly conversion of file of the video, mpeg modifying, tivo the scrolling and the disk that burn. In general, both of these functions do a lot well. A process of conversion is the little slow compared to other applications of the leanest conversion, which is class of disappointing that consider how much Toasted 10 costs, but he a work. Also, a mpeg player of the video frequently clashes when trying begins a video that modifies process. It is really unacceptably unstable. One modifying is easy and I quite precise this in spite of, although any down to individual frames, but is to good sure a lot enough for cleanly cutting ads out of shows grabbed of the yours tivo. A Tivo the function of Scrolling is utmost. Calm leave you the row on multiple shows partorisca sequential download and also leave you to plan regular automatic scrollings.

In general, Toast 10 that I require it to do a lot well. It is the robust application with a lot of useful characteristics, this in spite of there require be the patches have distributed to augment stabilities, and hopefully, action and efficiency.
5 / 5 Georgina
Has read everything of some descriptions in this product and has bought he in all the chance. I guess that it has expected my system does not have to that the questions. When you have read some positive and some negative, these descriptions do not resupply any a lot of help. So that far there is it so only has used it he for simple behind-ups of audio Cds and he that is supposition to do . Ossia A trade -was for my system restarts to go like this to several minutes. The a short whole system slower. Alive with him and hope that Roxio has fixed no with doping taste buying his material in spite of some questions has caused.
5 / 5 Jeffry
Has had this for on 6 month now, and honradamente can say is the piece of junk.

HAS very characteristic, but has found that almost everything of them no correctly. For example the software has comprised to print CD focus (Coverage of Disk 2). Hopwever, has tried once use it has discovered that there was virtually any functionality unless an extra paid for a upgrade version of Coverage of Disk 2. Which have finalised to do, so only to learn that it is not the very good. It is complicated extremely, is not the friendly user, and is not intuitive, and has instructions VERY POOR. After spending the number of hours and a lot of emails with a company, has been still very able to print included 1 focuses. Very disappointing.

Although it is supposition to be able to convert DVD is so that iMovie can access him, CAN ANY ONE! With which again that extracted his very poor technology department of the support and that discovers that a program has it glitch in him, has finalised to download the free program of an internet and he have done like the charm.

An only thing that has been able to do use of like this far is CD DOCTOR to Transfer quell'work, but again is not the very easy program to use.

Considering that poor this work of program, and that compliacted this to imagine was and use, and a glitches that Roxio has not fixed, and an extremely poor and innacurate instructions in some files of help, and a support of terrible technology, one has to that be given to buy this software.

Top Customer Reviews: Roxio Easy Media ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
5 / 5 Laurie
It had lost my copy when have has changed computer. Bought a current version, can any the be. I have loved a Verson 7 and work exactly a way loves/ requires it to do. They are very satisfied.
4 / 5 Davina
I a lot of reccommend thisa the book to another has has caused questions with my computer and I has has had to that the take was reparation besides some files
4 / 5 Sal
has used this product before but has lost my disk. This was so only the substitution of disk. All has been well.

Top Customer Reviews: Roxio Toast 11 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Coletta
I have bought this software partorisca burn copies of audio CDs of concerts for the group so that it follows a singer. I register one follows jointly with the Zoom H2 Handy recorder. In a Mac, I Sound of studio to use the clip out of some introductions, applause, died-air, etc., Normalise a volume by means of some clues, then split out of some clues like separate WAV files. I have used partorisca use iTunes partorisca burn a CDs, but start two or so that it has touched behind, iTunes there has been the bug in concealed ignores a setting of empty among some clues in an audio CD. Apple has ignored some complaints have registered in his zone of support for these years. Titanium Of toast 11 has succoured this for me. It leaves an empty that dips to the widest row far of values, but calm also can customise an empty in the clue-for-basic of clue. You can also dipped the to any-empty and there is Not even a bit hiccup that iTunes has comprised when it has ignored empty. So that the toast is upper in the each way in a programming of empty. Another very fresh prize is that the calm toast leave to process of batch that does the number of copies of a CD; this saves has compared long to a a-in-a-method partorisca time that force of iTunes. Of then I am doing roughly 25 copies for each concert, ossia the improvement adds also. There is much more characteristic that has not used, but this software has fulfilled my needs and saved time also! Produced excellent. One the smallest beef is that a box is too much big to ship so only the CD; ossia a overkill concealed does not fulfil my idea of 'green' creation. Some days to ship the big manual with software is on, as some needs of packaging to abandon a 'big empty box' idea so only to do look a @@@1980s container. One 5-the stars are for a software so only.
5 / 5 Jolanda
Has been trying for six month to burn Blue-ray Dvd with one the majority of recent version of Toast. My current burn has taken three days, has had to begin on 3 times because it takes to encode. I am running a newer version of Toast in the new mark iMac, so that it does not have any question with lacking by heart or accusing speed. A program of Toast is only junk.

UPDATE: has has had to that recently copies of CD of the action of private music. The toast has taken 45 minutes FOR CD. I have had to burn 100. Has transmission to iTunes, which has copied some same CDs in 5 minutes. If possible, it would like to give this program 1/2 star -- and this would be generous reason can not think of anything positive to say roughly that.

LEAVES of UPDATE 2014: Roxio has update so only a software. Hard to believe, but is now WORSE! Creating compilations of the video no at all. Roxio The player of means comunicacionales has gone. I have had 12... Yes TWELVE... Incidents of a program in a past 24 hours.

Looking for another mark of software. Roxio Is treating Mac users a same way Intuit done with Quicken: they do not concern .
4 / 5 Paris
Any one looking is is the Mac user, and calm so that it is a reason because we Mac the users are the part of a cult--er, club. Macs Is fast and effective in of the ways that PCs only sleep. As it imagines my surprise when I take a Roxio Subject of Creator 10 in my laws of PC, and work like the charm. He that is supposition to do , is flexible and video of capture like the sleep. Of here, eye to a product for my Mac house and learn that Roxio has toasted 11 is a Mac equivalent. In spite of mostly tepid the descriptions bought it. It is it adds in of the Windows, as it touches in the Mac, well?

Bad. Like this a lot, a lot, VERY WRONG. Toast 11 has taken for ever to upload and could be contested that he a lot really uploads at all. While trying utilizarprpers, to the toast could not recognise chapters in an unprotected DVD (duquel I use and do enough the small), as I have loved so only a ten portion of minute of a project, would have to take a whole hour or two, in that give me to main file far that has loved or has required. Of course this is assuming that he he. On roughly 9 out of 10 it tries toast has frozen on mine 2 old year IMac! Yes, I am speaking the windows escoles old that clash, meltdown of PC that freezings, a pleasure duquel has not assisted NEVER with the Mac. I have used enormous salvation-def files of video in the video that modifies programs and my Mac was so only the tad slower, grieves noticeable, But to the toast has done toast of mine of computer while I have tried use the. Have take a program and is returned to Amazon, the one who graciously refunded my money (graces, Amazon). Ossia A worse program has not used never in the PC or Mac. It averts it until in leat has toasted 12 regime and other brave souls can confirm that they are exited some bugs .
5 / 5 Melissa
This when being an only program that knows to at present exist to burn Blue-Rays with mine 2008 Mac Pro, has decided spent the. That that has not been posted anywhere before I have purchased is that to use this functionality, has to a lot of so only buy an eighty program of dollar, but spend an additional twenty in discharges has required-in (enables It a authoring of HD disks). When that Tries to purchase one covers-in, was bombed constantly with need for excessive information, and trying convencerprpers to buy the esar on copies' of a disk, or buy a capacity to download one cover time of second have to that lose file of mine. Once one covers-has been purchased, took to the screen of download, which has the key of big green download, but a CD-key, which any included know to look for, was in the small plus less noticeable source. Felizmente, has not explored out of a window before it has asked a key to install one covers-in. With which there is remarked a tone, has emigrated out of a place and tried to use a rear key like the test, and a CD-key was in fact unreachable. The note of sure mark that key!

Once this was all , has had the experience resembled a forward reviewers with having the question that download them patch it to upgrade the version . Using a Roxio web page, some second time have downloaded a 275file of MB, is trace and was able to install.

In general, has not been impressed with a company, or any level of service. This in spite of, now that is to install, some time those that the hours had it, looks to be properly doing. I have done the image of CD of a disk, and has saved an extra copy of file of mine has downloaded. I have copied a CD-key to a spotlight to commentaries the pleasure any to lose them.
5 / 5 Felecia
In general, am very satisfied with Toast 11 Titanium partorisca Mac. It was reluctant to buy a product for enough the moment because of some a lot of negative critics has read. My experience is better state that some descriptions me to us expect. It has looked for software that would substitute the apple is now-defunct iDVD software and to the equal that to the prize has expected takes something concealed also could burn Blue-disks of ray. To toast rid in that.

Founds a lot of the pocolas alternative to Toast the software in an investigation has done. There look to be few programs of software for disk mastering and in of the llamas.

Regarding that Toasted could do better, an interface of Toast is the little messy and some of some controls are quell'has bitten kludgy, but with the few times can imagine it all was and take some results want. Desire to toast resupplied more visually interesting options to create papers of disk, which iDVD has done the good work to offer. Instead, the majority of some papers of Toast is very simple or unattractive. My main complaint is a way Roxio phases and sells Toast. They stage it likes the tool to create Dvd and Blue-disks of ray, but results that with which buy this software purchases spent he-in partorisca enable one Blue-characteristic ray in of the llamas. It feels you likes is taking has touched two times. I think that that it is deceptive and there is complained roughly the to Roxio, but an agent of the service of the client has treated was unapologetic and earthy roughly that. It has had to contact them much more time first to convince a lot that it would be necessary to give me one Blue-discharges of ray in without one additional load reason any reasonable client would expect he to be comprised in a compraventa.

In spite of these disappointments with a product, gives it 4 stars because to toast rid in some sew keys have loved, DVD OF CONFIDENCE And BLUE-the ray that burns, and so only there is not founding alternative, as I am happy this acts for me.

Mina setup: I am using Toasted in a iMac with an outside DBD/BD the burner has sold in the amazon called 'Aluminium Blue External USB-Writer of Ray Súper Walk for Apple--MacBook Air, Pro, iMac.' A combination has done without questions, and has burned felizmente numerous Dvd and Blue-disks of ray. I modify and create file of mine of video in iMovie or Premiere and then upload a video to Toast to create a disk.
4 / 5 Fletcher
Has bought Toast 11 with some trepidation after reading roughly negative critic. This in spite of has it has done well partorisca in of the llamas to DVD+RWs EyeTv the files have registered out of Claro QAM boss. Has the Mac Mini 2Ghz Core 2 Duet with 4GB of RAM. Some forwards reviewers there is complained in prisons when that tries to modify HD video--my response to this would be to buy to plot more suped on Mac wants to modify HD. For example, the film of 2 hours that records that is 3GB or less, Toast 11 that can manage well. A film of 2 hours that records that is says, 5GB, measured--I knows that I will not be able to change any settings in a window of burn of the first DVD of the sending to burn, or more will close up. And modifying that it registers that near of 'HD' measured--the forget! I know that Roxio ought to resupply a minimum computer specs for felizmente doing with HD video with his additional plugin that has available, but his no. My supposition for the a lot of HD the experience that the uses have toasted 11 would be to have the quad-core Mac Pro with saying, 16GB by heart or more... ; )

That says, a no-HD the burned register to DVD+RW has touched adds in a 4 or 5 standalone PLAYER of DVD of several frames tried on. A quality of picture is utmost in an analog television--the better way that VHS, which is that I still used like this of any too he a lot the time done. = P

Was able to take another software comprised (like SpinDoctor, etc.) to open well and installed any available updates for them all, but has not used anything more besides a function of burn of the DVD. BTW Sometimes an update of car in Toast 11 no --that downloads an update of a Roxio put web and then in the current fact for me.
5 / 5 Inez
An only reason I bough this program was to convert Tivo files to touch in mine iPhone When I upgrade my Mac your X highland Lion a program I installed to convert a Tivo the no longer has done the files have so the experience has toasted 11 reason has done with highland Lion. State using this program for the little on 3 weeks and has found a question with which anther. First it took it several days for a program to recognise both of mine Tivo the boxes have has had to that reboot both boxes varied first time of a program would see him. Once it could see a mine Tivo the programs was able to download and convert my first pair of programs but then he stared to clash all a time and when it was able to download the show so only downloads 15 minutes of the 30 min show for any show that an hour or more would be the 50/50 casualidad that a show would download before it has clashed. Considering converting a program a lot does not clash but freezings sometimes when yours that tries to upload the aim that calm force to close a program.

In a last pair of days the new question has begun to arrive each show I converted excepts 1 a sound was out of sync with a same video although state using a setting of iPhone still I state using previously with out any questions. Toast 11 prize is gone down to $ 22 but is still any value of the money or degradation, has declared previously had used other free programs to download and converting Tivo aim these programs has some bugs that has has had to that reads you by means of to take work but once calm has done. For Toast 11 every time has fixed a bug of the anther of the subjects would look, this is not acceptable for the program has to paralizaciones of has paid.
4 / 5 Georgette
When iDVD there is PRENDIDO to do for me after updating to 10.9, has decided that would change to Toast. While it can be used felizmente and easily for creation of Dvd, lack of some iDVD looks to the equal that has had to come to trust on. Any 'game of Prime minister' video; you can add the video that play when a DVD is begun in the first place, but looks in a paper of DVD. iDVD Hide a first video of Game of a paper. iMovie HD Names of the chapter is not used for Toast. The slideshows can not have music. Screens of paper of Even can not use the selection of music of iTunes. Inferior line: if you have used and it liked iDVD, can be disappointed in Toast. Work, but with limits and characteristic disappeared.
4 / 5 Sid

This description is not in-depth at all; it is to do fault like the opinion for any the one who Jam of uses 5 or 6.

Do to plot of compilation CDs, as having a capacity to regulate the profit of each clue (or volume) was a reason has used Jam 5 and 6 in mine PPC G5. Sadly, Has has had to that recently substitute this computer, and any one @subjects that has tried could not take Jam 6 to run on Leopard of Nieve . ( I have read that it is possible, but for any reason has not been like this lucky like other users.) I Toast has purchased reluctantly 11, and of course has the snag ( THIS he Roxio produced, after all).

I installed Toast 11 Titanium partorisca Mac (and updated to ), and of course one first what I experimented with burned an audio CD. A good informative is that, different Jam, to the toast can apply until three Unit of propiciado by Audio-ins each clue. Ossia The utmost characteristic reason now can EQ each one which to the equal that follows the bit to do a global collection touches more unified. Very good!

Has the big question, this in spite of...

Different jam, if you clique and take a key 'leading' while it touches a first calm clue can any serviento' to the earliest parts of this clue to listen again; it is greyed was. Like this, you are touching a last clue any podes any click and take a key 'next' to first of fast how is also greyed was. Ossia The big question , especially has augmented the profit of the clue and master replay a stronger portion and control for possible clipping. A work- has discovered around is to add first provisional clues of a first song and after a last calm so much can quickly-advance it or that the rewind likes him required, but obviously this would not owe that be necessary.

Has there is rid already this discovery to Roxio and has asked that be it correct in a upcoming update. Maintaining I supposition all the only chairs and attended... :-/


I only 'upgraded' to Toast 11.1 last night (I use he Mini with 8 GBs of RAM and that careers ) and am trying to create the audio of compilation CD, but one more tentativa to use this sad excuse of the program one more those enfados the things are result!

Has begun frescos with the new mark 11.1 file ( has begun a project that use ), and has discovered another new - and very serious - bug. In , when you clicked and has taken a 'next clue' the key could quickly-the advances by means of a song have selected, perhaps to verify for any clipping after augmenting his profit. Any anymore!! Now that it use that the same movement so only will have you quickly skipping advance by means of a rest of some clues that clocks a one is touching. One spends of what same when tests to esviento' for clicking and that takes a 'leading clue' key; calm so only can begin again of an a lot of start!

Ossia Well, Roxio has broken a capacity to 'first of fast' and esviento' by means of a file of audio with 11.1.

Also - like this in - is listening to a first clue of audio, a 'leading clue' the key is grayed was, like this literally can no any click in the to restart a song of an a lot of start. I need to skip to follow 2, then a lot quickly click a 'leading clue' key two times to go back to one a lot beginning of clue 1. Pathetic.

Supposition that spends yes the only calm one follows? Ossia Well!! It CAN A lot of he QUICKLY-ADVANCE Or REWIND AT ALL! It can so only Game and Stop!! ( It sees my loaded image.) The help of calm god are doing with the 60-small environmental clue!

Besides, also would owe that mention that 11.1 is seriously have an accident-prone while trying creates an audio CD ( has not dared to try to use this program for anything the - More does not have to that no a lot of aspirin manually!). A program has clashed on me 4 times while I simply listened to some clues, controlling his levels of volume before finally in scorching. (BTW, has not tried in fact burn a CD of audio has taken still. I can or it can not take that far with this program.)

Finally, Roxio included directed to break one 'to the file Opens' commanded! Ossia Well! Commanded of press-Or and is hailed with at all but grayed-out of dossiers and of the hard walks! It can a lot of cruised anywhere! To open to file, calm neither has to that use Opened Recent or double-click in a wished .Lima of disk in a Finder. It freakin' pathetic Is concealed?!

For a lot, much more examples that buggy the titanium of Toast is, please feel free to visit Roxio page of support! The people are having questions with just in each function this program purportedly offered.

Has on data on Titanium of Toast 11.1 as well as Roxio. A lot I annoy like this extracted to pay clients like unwitting produced testers. I will not spend never a penny of plus in his half-cooked products , useless. His obvious laziness, carelessness and total negligence for the satisfaction of client is entirely inexcusable.
4 / 5 Rachele
A lot almost quite guidance. Some video have feigned for the instruction was so only very very useful. They have mentioned in fast succession the one who a code could do, but failed to instruct like this to use some characteristic.

Feign ask the repayment of my money of a vendor.

Has purchased a product to use for one those burns of CD is of iTunes, but at all has tried could any never take my projects besides a prime minister that would have to it has been MULTIPLE CD is for book.

In the spent quell'at least 3 hours in a telephone with Apple and of the technical people, has given up in this product and are in a hunting for an alternative. I have had once the experience adds that he a task with an older copy of BLACK that is now available. I think that that it was Version 7. (The sure hope can find another copy of Black 7.