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5 / 5 By
That The camera adds, but has known that have bought when I have chosen this up.

- The video adds
- alive feeds street wifi

- CAN no utilisations like the static camera without airflow, he overheat. This calm mean can do not using like the pinch cam. Although it likes the hat cam.
- Wifi/The application is the little finicky. Sometimes it clashes like this it is not of confidence to begin/prendiendo register. But you can dip this saws keys
- Still lacks some robust settings that already exist and that many other companies of cameras have. So only they did not add it to an application.
5 / 5 By
Included this in spite of, a brother a big plus to this camera has been released, this camera still resists his own.
In that used that this in aircraft of multiple foam, this camera is not so only lights enough to be spent for ones had smaller (like a FT Airman), but has the picture adds (1080p 30fps) and his methods of compression of the video is not to noticeable.
Would recommend this camera especially for RC WALK and Multirotor use.

1. His very light.
2. The hard battery for quite awhile (has not been able to kill he in a still excursion).
3. A picture is a lot well for 1080p
4. You can modify like this it registers and files of tents with an editor (software resupplied for runcam).
5. It comes with a boss for FPV
6. I mention that it can register and fly FPV by means of this camera!?

1. His no quite powerful enough to do 1080p 60fps
2. In alone that shines of the CONCENTRATED is sometimes last to see.
3. It takes the long time to touch

Here is the video has taken with him (youtube compresses it abit): [...]
Also have the video the still frame has attached.
5 / 5 By
Factor of better form that it gopro or Yi for miniquads. Bitrate Is well, but firmware is not config customizable. The only complaint has is a lentil is not directed for distance (the use feigned of this cam) , but this looks to be common to go in more than the Chinese action has manufactured cam. Be ready to take was 6 small rays, take the leaf of knife to a glue around a ray of lentil and take some photos of video/of the sample with a lentil has twisted the different locations. A small mark with him sharpie the helps maintain clue of a location of better house while trying. I have turned lentil of mine roughly 20 terracings in a clockwise direction to take house of good distance. The saturation by heart is big, but like me some results. All this cam is quite well to arrive to this point.
4 / 5 By
An original camera acted bad inside the pair of month, a tin was in the way stuck and could a lot of anything with him like this contacted a vendor and they there is agreed to to substitute some the inner parts but I has had to pay $ 32 to ship behind some original part. Some the new parts have installed continuous to do I so that to to use likes him the camera of backup now but a service of the client has not been well for me. Have Mobius Camera that does not sustain wifi but still doing last two good years. If they improve service of guarantee, the entrance of client of confidence and sent a part of substitution in my chance, then could give 5 stars.
5 / 5 By
In general, that decent camera when I need something lustrous and light. A quality of picture is good but would not call to add although not being any stuttering or swash pending capture of motion of big speed. An application is quite fresh like calm can control it when it is out of you or in the mountain.
I use he for FPV register and he the quite good work!
Gives 5 stars if a life of battery was bit it more along and a compartment of battery has resisted a tight battery. With the hard swipe loses connection. For the god can dip the small piece or the tape lateralmente fold in an end of a battery roughly 1/16' often and does not peel another side was. It remains in well with which conceal.
5 / 5 By
CAN any GONE BAD WITH EAST A. A lot well it goes cam. It take this for mine 250 dron. Wow It is that it has been looking for with Wifi and life of good battery. Any insurance of what time but hard the majority of a morning tried it. A video is up there with one more pricey some. They are very happy with this unit. It is 49grams with a battery. It returns amiably in a dron. A latency is down likes says. One do one a lot well with him too much. In general 5 out of 5 for me... CAREER of CAM of good work.
4 / 5 By
Looked for an economic and small action cam to use in mine RC has had. An election is touched to lose to a RunCam and a Mobius. I have been quite pleased with some results of a RunCam. His small measure and the light weight he easy to attach to my models with velcro. A video is smooth and acute. Of a camera is in a current of wind, an audio is mainly noise of the wind but ossia that is listening.

Has filmed several flights and embedded some results in the pair of my video of Youtube. It is the election adds for your plan of model or car to take the pilots or engine-seen of eye of an action. There are some good descriptions on Youtube/of Youtube with comparisons of video. I have not thought there was quite a lot of difference to offset a difference of prize among a two populate more cam in this factor of form.

Commentaries in a video a sun does not wash all was and a flickering is resulted of a spinning of propeller in front of a lentil. This spends with more than cameras so that it is not the failure.
4 / 5 By
Has bought this to locate on some of the mine aircraft of model and video of record flight. Like this far this little type has done the quite good work. I seat a manual of user resupplied could do the better work to explain things, and was to add all the adjustments could be facts by means of an application. This has said, some the basic functions are easy to operate. A Wi-Fi is adds to dip corner of camera etc., But a row is go very limited like this alive is so only possible when connected to the VTX saws boss. I think that a quality of video are add, and a battery is lasted an evening discovers to fly. I can recommend this in any R/C pilot any one some fresh video to share.
4 / 5 By
I of those who to plot of descriptions, but am impressed with this cam. I have bought this mainly like this it dashcam and has not been disappointed. Of then it is like this small and light, so only the little piece of velcro controls in the place and I can slip he in my pocket and forget is there. For such one economic action cam, was surprised simply in some video of qualities takes. I row he up there with Going Pro which is seriously overpriced. It is obvious reason the people use a cam mainly for drones, but to the equal that to pinch cams or so only a indescreet way to register something is perfect! It does not lose house and has to that readjust constantly like a lot of cam in this row of prize. Calm can any gone bad with this little gem.
4 / 5 By
Was able to use a camera for roughly 5 alive minutes streaming and 35 value of seconds to register in mine living room. I touched it and tests hooking he until my TV see a RCA boss and now am taking the blue solid concentrated with the green to flash has directed. Apparently I have the form of death of lentil that cost in $ 25 in a Runcam put web and taken 2-3 weeks to take to some states. I guess I will look for to order a so it does not seat as it has launched them so only $ 80 era. I have it that there is disassembled already a camera to see can serinstalar a form of lentil' for Runcam' instructions.

Needless To say am disappointed enough. A picture looked adds during a bit of the times have touched with him.