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Top Customer Reviews: Tote-N-Stor 25609 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 57 ratings
5 / 5
We buy this for obvious reasons. If you are looking in him then it knows why. We use it to us predominately for ash of water but has used he for black also. All this tea the necessity is has comprised; hose, adapter, cleaning hose, and clamp. It recommends the 90 adapter for an end that does not go in your RV. They very road or and a bare to the final of the hose could be messy is that I bad. A 90 final resolves this. A hose that provides is quite 3 ft very time.

Maintains in importing that is to say 32 capacity of chevron . In almost 8 lbs for chevron that is to say obviously very heavy when full. A first time there was posing flat while filling it then almost dies to hang the in a hitch to tow in a canal of dump. After I maintained it hooked in a truck while crowd and emptying. Once he empties quite where a water is not exiting anymore sound the manageable weight to be after empty all a road.

A group to tow and visits he so that far it has lined it up well. I have followed a recommendation to go dulcemente so as any arrest for the pause. That is to say a last thing wants to while in the road in a canal of dump is the fraction Tote-N-Stor!
1 / 5
I am so angered in business so that it saves the buck and totally leave hang. It do not suppose You only it can it uses this right out of a box, likes him done. Only taken a Bayonet these accesses in some cheap stinky slinky hose. That a heck is supposition to do with that? Each pre-apt the hoses have the final Woman and the final males, but with this element, need the hose with the Bayonet 'Access of Woman in the each final. So much your RV and this tank has soyale' fittings. Like that Tote-N-Tents to do? Calm give you the hose with only 1 Woman that any final of Bayonet, and at all in an another end. Unless has another matching final of Female Bayonet that pose around, is out of luck. Yes, his behaviour of sake around in a half of nowhere that looks for that it leave it, that probably would cost Tote-N-less Tend that the buck to comprise.
Update: after it spends another $ 30 and taking a correct hose that in fact laws without spewing craps throughout you, this very totally empty. Any one which import touches this on is side , a outlet is in an inch above a fund of of the this. As you pose you this has been with the neighbourhood or so left in him. Yes, that is to say very good to open on top of the hot day after seating in there. That is to say why other companies is by train to do with the low fold outlet spout. In some wheels even so, drugs this through recorded very time now with the 4 wheeler speed of walk, and has not had the problem.
Second Update: Some wheels promote only an organism of a whole unit quite 1/2 inch of an earth, as you have to pull this through any recorded, a belly will take chewed in fast. It thinks enough the, approximations in 300 full pounds and tug through recorded acute. Needless To say, a fund of of the this is chewed enough up now. With a heavy weight when full, some wheels easily sink recorded the half inch, so basically is tugging he through any road that is not solid. A camping is is only 120 feet of mix of road of my place in a zone to touch, and in this low distance, chews in an of the same enough melts bad. I have posed 2 cloaks of tape of duck and had any tape of left wing of duck and more gouges in a plastic. And the calm can not pose the main wheels in this be been due to some fenders in the. Cairo In some photos and you can see that that is to say the BELLY DRAGGER !
1 / 5
I am very disappointed in this product. We use this tote 5 times. We are in the trip of beach now, my husband is fallen Grey water . As it Directs dulcemente down a road. An assembly of the wheel has melted/broken was and has to tug a tote in a canal of dump. Needless To say 167.00 literally down a drain and he have finished to launch a tote has been. We buy this product Feb 2016. Used likes him has said 5 times and now is gone. You can do not promoting 32 chevrons of ash of water in your truck, like an only option is for the attraction dulcemente with a hook given. I have tried to find a direct company, but there is not any web of place.
5 / 5
It IS a big a, so sper heavy when is full. I want to it concealed it to it was able to pose this in a hitch to pull he in a canal of dump in a campground. Done the sper easy to use.
Likes him another, the desire has the built in mechanism to signify fullness. The purchase the probably more aftermarket mechanism for this purpose.
Be to have that heavy and like him will last the while.
3 / 5
It take, take WHICH PAYS PAUSE.

That is to say considerably cheaper that some other models. One of some reasons is a hose of the download comes with this VERY BASIC, DOWN and does not have some of some characteristic better of the big more final some cual the cape, or an elbow has attached to touch, also...


Different roughly more elegant mart all' (and pricier models) does not have the indicator of level or the self characteristic of DECREE. For a newbies, these ways will spill it poop during a place if you are not careful in looking how much gesture in. Another that this serves an exact same purpose

the mine is come with a group of metal for tug, which has not expected, surprised also there.
5 / 5
80% of some parks of state in Knits does not have hook of sewer-arrive and moving the fifth wheel when those rests decrees more concealed 3 or 4 days are insane. He the plot to research before buying these laws of the wonderful product now once was estacionado is for estacionar although it is during 3 weeks.
3 / 5
Hose of a low connector to attach in this tank does not avenge with some fittings but any instruction on so to attach them. Looking in a fittings is impossible to see so to attach them and functions . Very thwart . I have to use the long hose that already have and two people to line a hose in some holes to do a disposal otherwise the waters of the waste go everywhere. I am looking for the low hose to buy and can not find the unit does not buy this tank. Work, but without the pertinent annexes for a low hose will litter you and yucky.
2 / 5
I reconstructed This tote before I used it. I have substituted some wheels of toneless plastic with the wheels of rubber to have that weighed. I also replced an axis in accomodate some wheels. He he almost impossible to take everything of a water out of a tank, as and installed to 3/4 inch drain with the ray in of the limits in an end of a tank, as when I am a tank up in an end, a rest of water will drain era. A hook of tows is terrible. If I fill a tank, is almost impossible in impulse he until a balloon of trailer. There is an extension done for him, but still angled under a weight. Felizmente, has the partner that is the sake welder. I me the hook to owe the new integer has weighed up quite 31/2 long feet. I can promote the full tank until a balloon of the a lot of easier trailer now. I have had of the 3.n Dish of width of thin metal (the full width of a tank) only by behind a cape of tank to maintain a hook to tow in angling a cup of a tank in,when heavy has uploaded. I have posed also the thin stainless dish in a fund, a full width among some wheels, so that a tank is so down that it will tug it to it he in once again small in a road. Active took It now my user of cosy tank, but if you are not the sake of handy man, can not recommend this product since you. The desire had spent the small more and has purchased a one with four wheels and more durable that this unit
3 / 5
A tank is lining up and is quite big, but a hose was ridiculously down and both wheels have blown of pending premier outing. Some rims have melted of a friction of a rolling of ray and is fallen averts. It was filled not even totally. A volume can line he the quite heavy fact. Very it have to have the wheels the durable plus that considers a measure of tank.
4 / 5
Only 4 stars because of not returning to touch sewers. I guess to aim and beg when that touches a tote. It was able to take an old section of hose of sewer and he 3' Hose of Sewer EZ Elbow of Coupler those that mark of Accesses to touch spill he free! It researches to be built of plastic of good quality and has been taken with wheels of quality and bar to tow among another fittings and hoses. Any one that has to band-arrive and move a 5 wheel was afterwards priceless!

Top Customer Reviews: Thetford 40540 Term ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 38 ratings
3 / 5
Often we use our Thetford SmartTote desert our trailer these tanks of wineries, and always had been disappointed that it can not pose a low hose in some drains. This adapter I leaves to connect a hose for a tote tank in our final of clear cover that it can the to him be has posed well down in a drain. Even so, although an access of adapter and tensed easily in a Valterra the arrivals to cover that goes in a drain, is in fact only slightly on age to return in an end of a tote hose, and although we will be able of the use, has no able state to tense it all a road. We find it to us that amuses that this Thetford the adapter returns the Valterra the better hose that a Thetford SmartTote hose that is has feigned prendi.
5 / 5
It looks the small little adapter for RV hoses of sewer but if yours that me and has the valves of multiple dump are the very required adapter . Very clear and small as it is very maintain values with you while RVing. Although calm only the require once, will be happy had it!
5 / 5
Exactly that has required. I have bought this to adapt the 90 elbow in my ash of water tote tank for the easiest to touch one waters ash. Without this adapter, does not have any road in 90 a bass of ashes of water in a hole.
5 / 5
Very there is not any a lot of in this thing. It serves the only purpose - connecting your portable tank in the elbow of sewer as it can touch you your tank. He a work.
5 / 5
That is to say the must for RV proprietary of laptops of ashes of tanks. Why it is not comprised with an original product, does not know , but will require it when that touches a tank to connect in an elbow one goes in a dumpsite. It saves to have the liquid this goes everywhere.
5 / 5
I need this goes to use the right angle to go in a hole of dump. I do not know why it does not comprise he with a Tote but would have been up Brook without him. Of course like all more some write those mark me any to use me never.
5 / 5
Propietary Connector. It can not find an out of marks for savings. Works to sound to extend a hose of dump of a Thetford Ready Tote2 18 waste of tank of chevron.
5 / 5
Often we use our Thetford SmartTote to empty our trailer that resists tanks, and had been always disappointed that a hose could not be dipped down to some drains. This adapter I leaves partorisca connect a hose partorisca a tote tank to our end of clear leaf that that can be dipped well down to a drain. This in spite of, although an access of adapter and has presionado easily to a Valterra the arrivals of leaf concealed goes to a drain, is in fact so only slightly too big to return to an end of a tote hose, and although we will be able of the use, has not been able of the presionar all a way. We find it to us that amuses that this Thetford the adapter returns the Valterra the better hose that a Thetford SmartTote hose that is has feigned stops.
5 / 5
Has appreciated incredibly do this product. I owe that use this partorisca my 'blue boy' or laptop disposable waste toter. Ossia Is required like my hose of short tank has two female couplers in both ends, preventing me partorisca use mine 90º elbow to a RV dump. Some helps of clear elbow ensure a hose in situating when touching. I have not had the accident of the waste and I do not feign to tin that to him help. This does a trick. Highly it recommends that has this subject.
5 / 5
Exactly that has required. I have bought this partorisca adapt the 90 elbow my ash of water tote tank partorisca the easiest that touch one waters ash. Without this adapter, does not have any way to 90 of water them ash down to a hole.

Top Customer Reviews: Class A Customs 14 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
5 / 5
I have received tank with upper when being concave, any plan like appearances, has not been able to use !, A form, the thickness and the materials look perfect, does not comprise , likes arrival that way, of a material has used partorisca look quite fat.
4 / 5
This was exactly like this described and is coming relatively quickly.
5 / 5
Has received a tank of black water partorisca my camp today, is rid mine at the head of schedule , goes partorisca do for me perfect, is quality a lot well , well has to that fact and quite heavy , am very happy with him.
5 / 5
Has received tank with upper when being concave, any plan like appearances, has not been able to use !, A form, the thickness and the materials look perfect, does not comprise , likes arrival that way, of a material has used to look quite fat.

Top Customer Reviews: Class A Customs 31 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
4 / 5
Exact that looked for partorisca my application, easy to install, strong tank.
4 / 5
Exactly that has ordered! To good sure the company adds and has produced. A tank has arrived for the half a time said it !

Top Customer Reviews: Camco 40568 Lp Tank ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 19 ratings
4 / 5
The cost verified at all bad with a propane has spent of tank I receipt and was adequately packaged. Snug Some dice in some rays that control some together sides and use the bungee or strap of hule partorisca resist a subordinated down. Our camp there is not coming with the coverage and a sun had broken a elep gas lines to a point that was bad has broken. Black parties a colour of one camps better. As the one who can say, ossia one the majority of up to date tank of 20 coverage rid (only 20 book, too small partorisca the 30 tank of book) in a phase of CAMCO. It has attached the pictures of a strap have used in a fund (15 hule of strap of thumb, has taken was one of some hooks and has used the 1/4 stainless steel ray, two slowly washers, and the die partorisca close to attach in an of some holes, has left another with a hook as it can be take easily) and an installed coverage.
5 / 5
Easy checked cost partorisca install and the looks adds. Access on the good creation partorisca take in of the valves easily. Better looking and the protect better that a cloth takes to has covered concealed is coming with my RV. Available in the aim or the black have taken blacks to the equal that returns my trim amiably. The utmost looks ( says that already). Way of the fastest delivery that has declared. You love it.
5 / 5
The cost has verified He a trick partorisca cover my propane tanks, but some rays partorisca an upper hatch to acces a propane the knob is little difficult and has finalised partorisca lose one. He slides on and was easily and is sturdy when the volume was. 4 stars so only been due to a latch.
5 / 5
Checked Purchases No bad. He that expected it the stops $ 20. Easy assembly, with pliers and the screwdriver. Access perfectly. The wine with all has required separates. I think that that the heavy duty is the bit of the piece this in spite of. Quite thin and flimsy plastic. Law to resupply some protect for some tanks.
4 / 5
The cost verified has not done with my rv jack. A lot he quite soiled among jack and tanks. I have used these before and was very besides big campers.
5 / 5
Spent the product checked of Fast nave as it has described
4 / 5
Easy checked cost partorisca gather and the looks adds.
4 / 5
The cost has checked orders partorisca a price, easy to dip up
4 / 5
Access of mine 20 lb tanks perfectly. The lid leaves easy access the valves.
5 / 5
A Coverage has Arrived punctually in the returns of good form have produced partorisca add perfect partorisca a prize

Top Customer Reviews: Class A Customs 27 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5
Perfect solution partorisca my mobile barbershop.

Top Customer Reviews: Class A Customs 40 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
5 / 5
Apt amiably, and the defiant improvement in old tank.
5 / 5
Exactly that has required
the prize was right
would buy again expects does not have to that never lol
4 / 5
these tanks are facts partorisca have that has weighed that is required partorisca the tank of waste of mobile water

Top Customer Reviews: Thetford SmartTote2 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 41 ratings
1 / 5
That is to say my second Thetford tote tank. My premier was an earlier creation and was fantastic. This new creation is the piece of junk. To connect a hose in my trailer, immediately falls eschew spilt sewage everywhere. (Another has informed this also) recovers of this disorder, has been to touch my tank to discover ones spill of full he of hose was all a road in a canal of dump. Then when trying connects a tank in my level RV hose of sewer of extension, spent a new connector any apt level RV sewer fittings. Really? The desire could fill a tank up and ship it behind in Thetford... But it filters all a road. Instead I a gone to fix my old and launch tank this or has been. If you can find an old Thetford the tank the purchase but would not buy any one of some models of new drawing like them all share common full the hose designs which are clearly defective. That marks the companies go so wrong?
3 / 5
Some works of good system. A semi-detached hose is the characteristic very while it is a ventilation . The problems was found: 1)sealing it 'or' clean gasket is fallen has been afterwards a second use and in a sewer that deactivates an use of a tank until it can find it the substitution. 2)Some wheels are not well to pull a tank through rough herb and 3)the cape of the tank is not quite big to leave me (of half height 5'11') in comfortably of attraction or presses a tank in a connection of sewer to touch. 18 chevrons Of liquids are too weighed for a creation of this tank. For a prize of this tank has had to to find the hand-the truck has lined to use when transport in a connection of sewer more afterwards.
4 / 5
The description edited and is gone down a star. A second time used it a hose is fall was and poured sewage in a campground. A clamp of radiator that scratches a hose on was loose. Any tensed at all really. Original of mate: Mere, but functional. A handy characteristic is a red , popup the indicator those aims concealed is apropant- full. That is to say better that in steps in an earth. A side by side the option attached is the connector of rubber to attach in your balloon hitch. I use the loop of 550 cord and two feet of these sides me quite 10 cents. Tour And look of axial quite robust to pull by behind a truck through a campground in 5 MPH. It does not use boondocking in Quartzsite 5 miles in of the rough roads in a canal of dump, but is not that he that this year. This has not costing as much as one the majority of stops to have to weighed tote, but will serve my purposes. 18 litres are abundance has heavy, is happy has not bought the main unit 18 litres was quite big for two people for two days with using us a campground showers. Easy to fill with an access of woman to connect in one camps and an indicator fills the eschew spill. It does not avenge with the woman in male adapter to do the connection sealed when tip. That is to say my only flu enough the.
5 / 5
It have to it purchased it to it he a bit years. A must has when camping in something without the septic tank in the each place. Dump......hitch Until cart or truck (with hitch accessory) and take to touch canal. Any necessity in a-setup attraction of trailer to touch canal and re-setup. WELL IT ESTIMATES The MONEY. And cheaper that dressed of accessory of the trailer....And fast nave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2 / 5
Shame in Thetford for not comprising an adapter that necessity deserts a thing. We cross A lot of frustration that flavours to imagine was so to touch a thing without being of era in a hole of sewer with our low hands a drain of sewer. Thetford Does an adapter, no. Of part 40540 this has male prongs in the each final as I can hook on yours in existent elbow of sewer/of hose. Oh, Also word of precaution - Tense each first use of forward or can come waste the very inconvenient time.
2 / 5
I am always surprised in how much some the things sell preys. That is to say essentially the cube of big plastic with the hose. It IS difficult to direct when is full so that has any advances of wheel. It has it that chooses up and the tug behind you and is quite heavy. If it does not have the strong behind forgetting it.
5 / 5
Pair with the hose of the longest drain, and does not trust he for long or bumpy tow. We upload ours in a backside of a truck, uses the hose of the deserts to drain longer from here that, posed it then an earth for rinse. Still it cry it, but less than forming that debit and moving an integer rv in a dumpsite.
2 / 5
I actuate Only the used the two times and a hose is already cracked and accident.
2 / 5
It was cheap and bought in two model of wheel. He no a same deception. It buys a four model of wheel. Purchase of mine was for use of house and ash of waters only and movement he in my septic riser had installed . Quan Full could ail impulse the to move it. A four model of the same wheel for my purposes is that suggests.
3 / 5
Wagon he self is built well. A reason for some 3 stars are some wheels is the past was and or is fallen was after only the few uses. I have built the frames and situates in visit and of the different wheels.

Top Customer Reviews: SmartTote 2 LX ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 43 ratings
3 / 5
Esquerra induct M to say that this thing has resolved the enormous problem for me, adequately. My RV was deactivated and has not had any road in deserting some tanks where has been estacionados. It looks the sake has thought was system.
Ploughs A bad part. Like Other critiques have mentioned, does not trust that it is totally totalled. Probably it finish calm with the disorder. A course that is problematic for me is an access where attaches in a RV, and also where one covers attaches to maintain he to drain when is full. This access has not been tensed when take it, is exited on me while it come from it a full unit of fresh water.Using the screwdriver in a clamp has comprised resolved that subject hurriedly and has not had to spill anything worse these waters clean on I. Happy read revises and tried it first! Also, some hooks of the bayonet in this same access is defective, has decoupled on me for a long time when that touches my tanks. Different quality sewer main fittings, any prjimo on for me, no in a RV or another bayonet fittings that has tried he with him. I have to control in a cape and the look to do sure does not spend . But that considers that you are careful and in the to to clock likes him the hawk when filling of a tank, work well.
1 / 5
I have chosen this product so that I have thought Thetford the quality designed and the fact produced. I am very disappointed like this the product can any one when being very totally emptied! A hose and the drain have two zones that extends in both sides of a drain. Some waste accrue there and can any one when being any emptied of these two zones. I have taken this in a trip of extensive camping and used it two times, now is to contain and is cleansing all of my squad for storage.if of the winter was in a period of time would return in the heartbeat. I have called in Thetford and has been said could do at all for me. I think that that that is to say the defect of drawing (any one when being pas able desert the fully) and is not specified or here in Amazon or in Thetford website.
5 / 5
This has been a compraventa a punctual plus has done since purchasing my trailer of trip in Nov 2014. I finish to return of a place to touch while I write this. It has been one the majority of convenient, useful, the element has used easily. Anterior in a compraventa was only able to remain in the some place that has had access of sewer. This left me to remain in the small campground, any one out of my house, and enjoys the month has been. To well sure recommend it this in any one, concealed is looking for the portable waste tote.
2 / 5
It IS so happy to take this, has seen a video and he looked so easy, so mere. A first time has used was messy - situate the bass in my inexperience. I have been he in a place of dump in an unpaved road, has thinks that was why was to take to pull. Once in a place of dump, posing up for download, has used a cape to pull a unit until a program, a cape slipped out of my hand and is fallen with a unit these falls in the and breaks a cape in two! Then, the complete trying a download, could not take an elbow to say in an end of a tube - another disorder. I tensed A connection around an elbow in front of one 2 times has used this - a same thing is spent, another disorder. Look another uses his unit and voice some have required the changes would have to when being applied in the creation of this unit. It does not recommend this unit while it is.
3 / 5
The time will say if this product will line on enough with a longitude to justify his cost. It was not as the cape or some wheels go to take the be pulled (still carefully) in an a lot of dump vats. Ive Has taken the tank of water them separate ash for some tanks of cookery so this will be the enormous road to save me that it has to move my rv in deserting this tank (usually uses a campground showers)
had spends it the program built in a bumper of back trailer like the half to spend this when travelling. The main stars if some controls of tank until long use.
1 / 5
This is not the forward of any of an earlier model. More side, but take less. It has Had an anterior model during several years and has been satisfied, but the parts are past was. If you can not find an earlier model, considers to buy the Barker tote instead this new Thetford. Only I can think that some people that gives this unit the positive critics have not used anything more. Some doors in some new Thetford is depended with only thin bits of plsticoes that has to flex, and will not be until normal use. One of them begun to leave in an a lot of first use. There is any hose of the garden that access for flushing a tote, likes support of must of the user in an open port and lines a hose, or left he in dangle in a soiled tank -- any road, an user is exposed in smoke of sewer and flushing is inefficient. A cape does not fold was, as he always protrude and taken up more spatial, and a plastic is thin and brittle. A connection of the bayonet has not jointed well with the return has been using for years and was highly probably to filter without some modification.
3 / 5
Works the hose adds , attached and fittings work well. The inferior hatch can interfere when emptying, takes the small taking use to. Update, inferior coverage interfears with finishing emptying process.'Or' the points in the coupler are the esel access of lip' and will slip entered one the majority of obtrusive time. The mine now included is down a drain in a canal of dump.
3 / 5
The hose there has been holes to filter to nail well out of a box...The hose ails the access in of the spaces of storage...The plastic cape give me pause...LeGustado My model my better old plus
4 / 5
You are five stars but a emptying beat it that it is messier that a video has portrait. Better taking antibacterial soap at all times.
1 / 5
It has used the 3 times. Every time the waste has been spilt in some half. Necessities To be aixecades until draining totally and with 10 chevrons or more than interiors to waste concealed is not an easy cry. During one 3 use a hose is fallen out of a semi-detached connector in a trailer ails a valve has been opened. This some go in a dump!


Top Customer Reviews: Barker 4-Wheeler ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
A tank fracasado where some wheels forward connect to a tank. There is remarked so only this defect when towed a strongly laden tank dulcemente by means of the campground. I have been at the beginning surprised partorisca see all a fellow campers glaring in me there is took me tugged for, but hailed him so only with the friendly wave and continued in my way. I have looked in my mirror and immediately @@give reason a fellow campers was glaring. Had the never widening swath of the blue liquid horror that follows my defective poo tote, likes I that very reasonable seeds-the intoxicated man would do... I have accelerated! As I have obtained the speed has think that won a battle against to to some faeces likes them to them the canal of the dump was in sight and a current narrowed but on looked a principle of entity of physics, in this situation was Newton third law. Partorisca Each action, has an equal and opposite reaction and in this chance an action has been frenetically trying was run the trail of poo and an eventual reaction was some wheels forward rasgando out of my toat just run tank of a canal partorisca pour that forms the massive puddle of the excrement of my familiar that has surrounded fully my truck.
The product adds Barker...
5 / 5
Has Had the hard time that takes information of product, as I am posting this:
Barker 25, 32 and 42 Chevron 4-the Pneumatic wheel Tote-To the long of of the this is to draw partorisca be partorisca calm, softens partorisca go tote tank. And these capacities of tank will accommodate virtually all the measures of RVs. Each "tow-on-the-earth" the tank is instrumented with the quality, valve of 3 thumbs of conventional waste partorisca eases of use and dependable action. Already it calms it does not have to that it stimulates on your tote tank to empty the, simply open one 3" valve of waste. Our pneumatic wheels have axial bearings, the fats that returns, 50 PSI 10" and 30 PSI 6" wheels of prize.

Available in 16, 25, 32 and 42 capacity of chevron, this durable Tote-Alongs is built unexpectedly-molded polyethylene, zinc-plated steel, and aluminium. A front-the trace of double wheel-swivel has been engineered partorisca easy maneuvering and is trace in the heavy-has to that, plan of big highland extra. All 4-Go Tote-Alongs coming entirely gathered and comprise:

Two-Year Long Guarantee
(2) 3” discharge of bayonet
(1) 3/4” spent
(1) 3”x 5' sewer hose
(2) 3” hose of adapters of bayonet
(2) stainless steel 3” hose clamps
(1) boss partorisca tow partorisca have that has weighed
(1) assembly of hose of the farce
(1) indicator of full tank
16 chevrons
25 chevrons
32 chevrons
42 chevrons
11.5" x 17" x 37"
11.5" x 24" x 37"
11.5" x 24" x 45"
14.0" x 24" x 45"
the boss Takes and front-the wheels have turned 90 terracings
Web page-
5 / 5
the unit done Well with the test of hule inflatable the difference of an economic looking the pointed wheels in a pic. Reason any Barker dipped an attentive pic up? A sewer hose that comes with this very economic. Some instructions that come with admits that gathering a sewer the hose is hard to do, like reason comprise something hard to dip near and economic? Barker Has to that so only a short place Campco has done partorisca these totes in a box. It would have given a tote 5 stars yes has come with the quality sewer hose that does not have to that try hard to dip near. You was suggest partorisca use the dryer of hair partorisca expand a hose partorisca take a sewer fittings on partorisca avert breaking the nail of toe. Stupid! Any in Barker cure partorisca improve his ad and has produced? I am buying the Campco hose that would have to come with this tote partorisca $ . Barker Has send the control partorisca at least $ partorisca my cost partorisca advise partorisca this description. Really Barker, am likely to buy some hoses of wholesalers of economic quality and spend an extra cost in the yours reward and please your clients with everything material of quality in planting to comprise economic junk. That a comprised sewer hose and fittings is cost? $ ? A bobber gauge is another links feeble in this product of quality. The mine has failed entirely when tried with water in a tank. Any precise to engineer the pertinent gauge partorisca these tanks.

Update: 9/12/16: I have been that uses this unit partorisca on 3 month in some mountains of Of the one of the west. I have taken he of roughly of level of sea to California to around 7000 feet in Wyoming. A transmission of the pressure of the air has caused a unit partorisca develop and an axial that resists some rear wheels in a tank burst of a tank. Any opinion of of the this in some instructions. A force is returned spent that resists some wheels to an iron were very difficult to take to substitute an axial to a tank. I will travel with one covers small has takes partorisca prevent this in a future. A tank has done well like this far.
5 / 5
Has taken this in and has upgraded wheels, awesome. A sewer the hose there has been holes partorisca nail well out of a stock exchange but has used so only my trailer one instead. It has not been the big shot and some the new wheels are like this utmost I am not taking was the star partorisca a stupid hose.

Here is some pics.
4 / 5
Has used this tank 4 times that tows roughly 150 careers a way. One 4th time so much the rear wheels are fallen off, some rays are exited and has been lost in both wheels. Felizmente Was so only 8 feet of a dump with only the half tank. Any far plus was and would have been the travesía to a tent of hardware. Worse that that if the place of dump was the half mile was and calm would not know you has lost the wheel, the hole there would be has gone through half of a tank and empty was. Another that that it is the a lot of sturdy tank and easy to use, so only verify all fasteners before utilisations. Would have 5 stars would leave a factory as it has to that, ready partorisca use.
5 / 5
Gave it four stars because a vendor gave the service adds. When A product has arrived has been broken. An axial some wheels are on had burst out of a tank and has not been possible to dip an axial behind in. A box has suffered harm quite ship that hardly has resisted the together things. Felizmente Does not think any parts are starts .

Also there was quite the pocolas unexplained gouges in a plastic tank. I have not seen anything acute in a box that could done these gouges so that it follows that it guesses that they have been done in a factory. They do not resemble engaged a tank as I have not said anything but I like things that buys new to in fact be new. This was not never state used partorisca sewage how was new in this consideration but the looks has on beaten and has used a moment saw it.

Has asked the assistance and I has been advised that would require partorisca take a wheel was partorisca dip some wheels behind on. Unfortunately they use you cover that it does not unscrew. I have advised me that probably it would destroy one covers has takes. I objected To this but decided partorisca give tries it.

Was able to take one of some discharge and has closed he partorisca reuse partorisca use a weight of some two wheels in an iron for repeatedly falling some two wheels a period of an axial so that they have closed unexpectedly to one covers the little time. You are or seven test uses a weight of both wheels and in that fall them a period of an axial to some discharges -- finally the explosion was and one covers still in well quite condition partorisca use again.

Fill a tank there has been sewage filtering of a place where a gator the connector attaches to a tank. I have presionado a gator connectors as well as possible but no really law a lot well. They are not a factor of identical form of a typical 'gator' connector -- that locks in place with the bit of the snap. It was partorisca like it could never fully take a gator of connector the 'lock' in and the liquid has had for like this sewage fill an a lot of where a hose connects to a tank and that careers to an earth. A woman has adapted that has known in this subject.

But has not had any solution excepts partorisca send the new discharge that neither has one 'gator' qualified of lock of the fashion. If they were partorisca fix some discharge that would go it the long ways to prevent leaks. When I Said that they have known in a subject has not offered any solution but has indicated mostly that knows in a question -- an implication was that I will have to that live with him because they do not fix this question.

Supposes that I will have to that go and buy real gator connectors, but considering a prize of this tank would think that would jump partorisca some extras or so that Real Gator the connectors would solve. (Any sure his included sides more).

Has looked in his his competitors big plus and these looks of tank partorisca be better that has joined other frames. I can any never know. Some the pneumatic wheels are essential partorisca this a lot of hanged. A unit towed for behind my truck in the street of registered without questions. I have been no more than roughly 3mph and can have more fast pipe if a distance was significant.

Like the ramp and winch so that it could upload it on my truck and walk to the healthy-canal in planting to take rays out of a sewer drain in an alley. This in spite of would scare me that one that closes any 'any gator' fittings could burst was and pour sewage during my bed of truck and the street while winching the on a ramp.

Without a characteristic to close would say that this unit is partorisca be treaty with extreme precaution while discovering these has has failed connectors. As Any in a RV subject of manufacture, especially partorisca manage sewage, would not use an industry regular connectors and opt for something concealed is almost like them but that lacking of one 'peace of import' factor partorisca close connectors. His DO not CLOSE PROPERLY.

Another thing that is troublesome is that a tank is main of an earth that mine sewage outet in trailer of mine. Has the recent model 39' Stairs 5th wheel and to the equal that would have expected a lot that would have the hand-held class pumps a black water partorisca falling a hose to an earth, leaving full, then lifting on a more next end to a trailer and rid trucking by means of a pipe. Step more than 40 chevrons of sewage in this way is a lot the time that eats, a lot the intense work, and probably unnecessary has had has drawn the roughly 3' lower and perhaps the little wider, more along, or something partorisca leave a sewage partorisca flow downhill in the place of delivery pumps the, without the real bomb, partorisca an integer 46 full chevron. Calm guarantee that it will take you to it your hand partorisca exercise that pumps this puppy.

Could buy the reasonably priced 4' bomb of maceration, this will manage sewage, probably would add concealed to an equation. This in spite of have used the bomb partorisca send a sewage to one he Tote the tank am guessing that a pressure added spew even more sewage out of this leaky connector that goes to a tank. To all the cost used it once and has taken so only in an hour partorisca complete a task. It would have been more like 10 minutes If I have not required partorisca do all one hand-held pumping of a hose.

Steps of time ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

is the week later and has done so only my second dump with this product. This time has not filtered and a dump has been like this well, was like this quickly and easy, that has has had to that take for and add another stars my description. I really like this tote how was súper easy. I have been done partorisca begin to finalise in roughly 5 minutes. The so that it likes is of a fact that can maintain this tote estacionado rig of low mine and dump to a tote when it is convenient -- but does not have to that go to touch a tote immediately. Calm sometimes need do room in a tank but there is the reason because that touches a same time would be the hassle. As I have touched to a tank last night which has taken everything of two minutes to hook on, appeal an emission, and fill a tote.

When that Touches my black water to the level hookup there is always there is pulled so only a crowbar all a way was and sinister tears. Any one @subjects there. This in spite of when using a tote recommends that it use a valve of emission softly and in of the phases so that I can remark when a tank is taking prójimo to a cup. Some first time tried it has opened so only to the to valve likes in of the regulate hookup and this was so only too flow -- which think contributed to a leak has had in a prime minister tries. It would owe that think that if this company has printed the manual with some 'best practices' in him that would be it very useful. Also perhaps some video illustrating these best practices.

In general thinks that a creation is good and some works of product very calm once regulate like the plenary. Emptying Is almost too easy. I do not have the ball hitch in my truck but I have found a loop of metal that tow a tote with perfect era partorisca a work. I have fallen so only the small hammer to a loop/of sleeve with a boss partorisca on and has left the only dangle by means of one of some holes for a stuff of licence. It perfects. It could have used so only roughly anything concealed to do fault like this he hitch pin.
4 / 5
Adds rugged tote tank. All have to that attach is a boss of trailer and dipped some air in some wheels. We have used a tank now the time of dozen. Ossia The good tank built and has had any subject with the wheels that begin or a tank not doing . The the pulled for behind my truck in @subject of registered to a canal of dump without questions. In the Almost can touch our integers 40 black of chevron and ashes of tanks to a tote.

Is devotion excluyente RVers and now have a luxury partorisca remain further of parcos that does not offer sewer hookups but has the canal of dump.

The subject only is that I have to that tank one covers small was partorisca ventilate a tank when that fill. Some behind pressure on and partorisca a disposal of trailer
Of freely flowing into a tote. Also, the $ 250 tank does not have to that coming with the $ 1 sewer hose. A hose has filtered a first time. Utilisation my hose of rhinoceros.

In general, is partorisca please with a tote and recommend he partorisca knots.
4 / 5
An arrival of Blue Beast with wheel axel dislodged. I have looked for to burst he in partorisca press in the, then hammering on he with the 1x2” near, then sprayed he with silicone and hammered and has pressed on he again, and then tried partorisca take a axel spent was to slide a axel behind. Has has had to that finally try the one who another user has has had to that it was partorisca heat a zone and then pressed in a axel with a joint. The one who knows that the harm has caused partorisca try to do all these steps partorisca “fix” a wheel axel. Some real WHISTLES partorisca begin was sure.

For this reason, has been partorisca ask probably the turn. But I have decided to give that it tries it moving some water of rinse of the soap. This result in the definite negative a positive commentary against to plot of negatives. I have finalised with diverse clear the definite decision to the complete reversal of strategy of measure of tank.

Is the bit partorisca frustrate reason am spent to plot to time partorisca read hundreds of the discharge of propagation partorisca compare models, etc. Hopefully Can save more some time. It had narrowed down my cast to 4 frames and 2-3 measures of the each one marks that comprises 2 wheel vs 4 wheel. I took it finally down to 2 Barker vs a black and orange a.

1. Very main that has anticipated with the tape partorisca measure. And because of a lack of any boss to grab measured of frames unmanageable partorisca all but going around. A date so only would be manageable, but a depth and width to grab in the and take like the plastic side rounded without the bosses has done anything but it going possible. But wheel around on all four wheels a lot easily.

2. One downloading is the real challenge with this unit. Partorisca Almost this reasons so only, am giving another mark tries it. Another there is remarked this in a has not been this unit has on taken some time.

3. One downloads lateralmente has not been a goodness. Like another description has indicated, was impossible to empty in his side. And, because of a place of an upper tube (a bit those that thumbs of a flange), almost impossible to empty entirely of an upper entrance while it stands up in his final. Now in some phases, a dump lateralmente can very well do a lot amiably. But trying manoeuvres the plenary 25 gal tote around in the rocky surface, big wheels or no, partorisca take stain on, has not been easy. It would have been better of just that play out of an upper tube of one taking goes. Update: One 2nd day, after trying again partorisca take everything of a water was, has finalised partorisca take a wet vac then that it has to that cleaned. A water, and other particles, is not exited . One downloads lateralmente has the low point and the V that directs contained to, but impossible to take a water partorisca go to a side to all the cost of fiddling with a corner or of the wheels or opposite side. And with out the boss, that tries to take a water has gone by angling a unit in his wrestling chance.

4. A lack of the really done boss this difficult unit partorisca direct. Perhaps all calm any never is circle down or until your RV, then goes was partorisca touch, will do. But further of uses, thinks a lack of the boss to grab and the appeal up is the big omission. How it is, an only way to impulse he on, partorisca try empty out of a side or an end, is to grab some wheels. Partorisca Arrive to this point, was cleaned. But some wheels have maintained partorisca move in a boss flopped around. Almost taking out of the elements to my side like wrestled with of a unit while crouched down and trying impulse he up. Update: After the second day, can say you a lack of the boss goes partorisca result in the loss of the something more more drastic!! The easy circles, but calm finally attractive precise he around while on legislation. The bad grabbing some wheels in some acute flanges of one east going to flop around and fall out of your take. What better partorisca do would be partorisca come up with some another boss partorisca when a bar of the tow is not into use. It contrasts, another easier unit partorisca move around.

5. A joint partorisca take the unit “Like big likes RV measured of the tank is” is not like this of entity as taking it tote ossia manageable. As I have said, I have read to the plot of user and industry “informs of Upper” Model. The a lot of people recommend to take something like big likes measured of you tank. Admitted, has not done to plot of , has not used a Blue Beast but a defiant time. But that there is wrestled with a handleless, oversized, enormous 25 gal tank, am quite sure I ANY EMPTY the complete ! Some people clearly go partorisca disagree in this reason camp different. If you are buying this and is estacionado all a time partorisca long periods, maximum stays, or included long designate/full time, then could do more sense partorisca take the tank he big plus. My original has thought was partorisca take it tote of roughly 75 of a tank. When A poster of state law 2/3, time partorisca touch if it have not been ready partorisca leave in a next period partorisca time that we could fill on a tank. But, I have decided to go with to plot of tips of description, and has taken the 25 to the same a 25 casualidad of in a RV tank all a way on, empty the all a way. Any practical. Like some increases of capacities, he obviously done a weight, but also a bulk of an empty container. So much, partorisca a gone of 2 wheel 22 gal to a 4 wheel 25 gal adds 4” in width and bend a weight of 16 lbs empty to 35 lbs. Now add in that has any boss partorisca the choose up with east the real challenge. Also of note partorisca my individual setup, am pulling the TT and have look each lb a lot closely to not surpassing hanged or spatial. My plan was partorisca dip this 25 gal, 4 wheel tote in a zone of shower. A sheer the measure and the lack of the upper boss was partorisca do this a lot unrealistic. So much, here it is my up to date logic . Take the planned 16 travesía of day like an example. So only 4 days will be in a same park. A rest is all 1 or 2 nights. So many, in a 4 stay of day, will use the 15 gal tote, and dump quite partorisca do he by means of a stay. A lot especially, I do not love movement 25 gals to download the time, included goes really well with 4 wheels.

6. A hose of accessory is better ( was the hire of factory has gathered the leading descriptions and included some bands partorisca armour plate comprised and that it has to heat an element partorisca the take near. But partorisca some reason really boba, has comprised the two prong a fact a unit has 4 prongs. I mean, Barker is 5 cents of the hose of quality. But, more importantly, I immediately required more hose fittings partorisca take this system partorisca pour that come with another mark. Update: I have taken of another unit is all complete with a lot of options. Very better setup.

7. A port of rinse is so only an inaugural. “ I have known” this in a no an impact in functions. I am expecting some other frames builtin the port of rinse acts better integrated that shooting water around some three beginning that it tries exited that that would not exit .

Partorisca All these reasons, especially 5, has decided to go with another mark, a black unit with a big orange boss, and in the smallest capacity, with a complete accessory partorisca to plot less money. I will look for to update this description has done the good decision. Update: in just a short period partorisca time that I have taken another mark in, with a smaller capacity and built in boss, is immediately easier that manoeuvre around just takes he partorisca plant. I will update again with which is first use .
5 / 5
There is disappointed deeply in this product and in a company that the fact. When it Has arrived, a rear iron has not been attached to a tank. A company has sent propiciado by new iron to reinstall an iron. An iron was exited during shipment. After the travesía recent to Yellowstone ( maintains the base of a cost of gulf to Knit) a tank has not been used but when I unoaded he of a truck, a rear iron has not been in a tank. A tank developed and an iron has burst was again. A pressure of air has to that it has caused a tank partorisca develop. I have not loved to leave a tank opens in a backside of my enclosed truck because of smell in our heat. I have written to a company that explains the one who past and has not listened they. It has been a whole month . This tank has the defect of serious drawing that leaves a rear iron partorisca burst was when a tank is exposed the transmissions of altitude. It could be be prevent if some axes have been resisted has has closed holes in the place of some open 'This shaped grip of axial. It has ordered propiciado by new iron and will repair it. But while travesía will have to that leave a tank opens partorisca equalise a pressure. Shame on you Barker partorisca ignore your clients and that produce the low quality creation. Thetford, probably will take my business next time.
4 / 5
Very built but two questions am cost two stars. In the first place, a tank does not drain fully. There is the lip where a valve of dump attaches to a tank that means always will have the cups of the pair of fluids has left after draining a tank. It does not import to like management or touch a tank, rests. As, this thing needs the boss in an end of small wheel of a tank partorisca do it easier that manage. Once a two boss is take, does not have any place to grab a tank partorisca the upload. I emailed Barker in a lack of the boss but has taken any response. I will owe that do my own I supposition.

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