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I have bought a whole hose mass the less than fact the year of the venue RV trafficante partorisca $ 80. Like another show of descriptions, does not buy it he so that it has gasket leaks. I have telephoned Thetford shortly after asking the new gasket. They have sent the $ 37 hose of substitution that is not returned my compartment of storage. A reason am spent $ 80 addiction a $ 10 to $ 20 partorisca the hose was partorisca an odd access of the mine compartment of storage. Some accesses of hose of works and Ready Drain except gasket leaks.
All have required the redesigned gasket. I have it quell'has substituted of it gasket with one of the competitor that reads in general with the little drips. I have bought so only 2 new gaskets of Thetford partorisca fix a question. They were too fat and has not done like this I so only telephoned Thetford partorisca support. A service of client rep has not been has had to that resupply any support. So only it asks the habladuría only to his supervisors partorisca find the gasket partorisca 17729. For this this description: you save the headache and no shabby Thetford produced to the equal that will fall in the flash and sell something more. They will give an impression has drawn and has done a product but concealed is not true likes the mine said for a service of client rep.
4 / 5
Sewer Hose or coverages partorisca maintain one craps where belonging

Top Customer Reviews: DOMETIC 385310795 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5
Looks well, Returns almost perfect but I slightly free.

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