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Top Customer Reviews: Samsung 23.5-Inch ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Chelsie
Picture to publish is not to correct monitor, takes an elder/of version newer (that is to say what apresamiento cf24f396fhn any LC24F396FHNXZA) and a box said 24'.
Has bought a lot these in 27',excited to see how these are.
Will update once unbox mine 24' morning.
5 / 5 Naida
Bought two of these for my dispatch of house. Look to surprise. I am trace the so it can see calm in a photo but he have done utmost. It looks the small odd in a backside as it ask these hooks in a support is not something can take, but is not preoccupied in that at all. If you are looking for the decent table-upper mountain, is gone with one esAW Dual has DIRECTED Controls of LCD is of Desktop that is to say Free (SUPPORT of Model-V002F) and that is to say why voices in a photo.
5 / 5 Maricruz
I want to this controls in general. A picture am to add and everything in looks so better. Even so when a screen is black, there is significant backlight bleeds. I am not really turbulent by so so that my old television a same thing and I have taken used the, but some of you can be it turbulent for his sake. But another that concealed, a curve is well and a quality is surprising. A light FOCUSED is sorta that shines, like finishings to pose some tape in the so much can sleep at night, but his no big roads. A quality of picture is so much better that my old television, and was the 1080 p also.
5 / 5 Cherilyn
These beaten of thing of mine 10 old year HD tame Steel of low monitor. A Samsung HD the monitor is sper submerssive. It goes of an old monitor in easterly a, in to the the chair likes him is touching of my games in 3D. I have done any give the quality of picture could be this deep!

In general, wants this monitor and is ordering the second a very soon. Highly reccomend this thing for gamers.

EDITS - 24 FEB 2019
According to orderly monitor and could any one when being any happier. Like The creator of content, your vision is key to maintain up with that all can have enter each which immediately. With an old monitor, only any raisin. But now, the dry likes him resulted the pro the creator of content is in fact inner to achieve.

I highly reccomend this product in any one and all gamers that videos or currents. (Any one has not been paid for this description. I am simply sper happy with a result.)
5 / 5 Reggie
A freesync Xbox control those uses some same Samsung 75hz vain the poster found in basically each which how 75hz the wry monitor in a piece but in 50-70 less then these options. Considering some poor descriptions in a bad backlight bleeds my supposition would be has brilliance above subjects too big or his console/pc is posed erroneously. For users of Xbox has to pose a console in RGB of PC and uses some parameters have posed in some photos have attached, will take you the plus concealed decent image.
1 / 5 Elvia
The quality of video is 'a lot of' in better.

Very built-in of the speakers, but a monitor has controls of volume? Has thank you.
5 / 5 China
These are value adds , decent has twisted controls. It is trace the in of the pairs and wants a look. Quan Has seated in front of them some looks to twist to disappear and is the surface adds to do multiple windows of. These are not big arrival gaming monitors, but law well in some half of dispatch and a side of game by side of occasional steam...
3 / 5 Kendrick
It IS the mere monitor with the HDMI connection and the headphone port, not even the usb port. A quality of picture is well. I thought it that it owe the when being more acute. I have bought he for streaming in in to to the devices like them to them the to them to amazon the just clave only gives that he no in that has the built-arrive-parleur after it converses with a support of technology. Oh Well, you Go to take the speaker to control now but any usb powered some of a monitor does not have the usb port.
4 / 5 Sanda
That is to say to well sure the monitor of estimativa. For a prize is well. Some looks of physical monitor adds, but a picture is a bit dulls and washing looked. A backlight bleeds through of the this a worse part quite the. If you are not to use to monitors of the final of the big plus then can not remark so. In general it is it adds in my computer of boys that Youtube of games and video of basic games.
5 / 5 Joyce
Amur A bloated characteristic. Acuteness And brilliant and easy colour in some eyes to read prolonged. As it Declares it is rigidly the monitor and has any speaker. You could it has to pose an audio in your PC any one in default in a monitor/HDMI after installation. In your PC of yours parameters will ask want to not using he for audio so click that the option and an audio will transfer in your current external speakers. I have changed also some parameters of exposure in big to take advantage of a totality of wry wide screen.

Top Customer Reviews: Samsung ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
I do of my dispatch to house like the engineer of software as I am in front of my screens practically all day. I have bought 3, two for me and or for my woman. I have substituted two 24' HP flat screens with these bad boys. This when being the mine has twisted in the first place screens, was bit he preoccupied that to any one like his a wry effect ( look the bit gimmicky in me), even so, could any one when being any happier. A brilliance and the clarity of these screens is also upper in my anterior screens. I fiddled with brilliance, acuteness, contrast but, in a final, does not have to tweak the all that a lot. A default the parameters are quite well. While these screens are main, still has the max resolution of 1920 x 1080 like the does not expect the sper fine HD image of quality.

Was the breeze the total . Only it breaks some bases in a void in a monitor. I Like him his of a support he. It IS profile way down below and the majority of spatial covers in my desktop for my keyboard (wireless, illuminated, Logitech K800 - suggest to choose an up) and smiled (smile of Microsoft of wireless laser 5000 - at all elegant, takes a work done). Quan Clashes my desktop has the bit of the wobble in some screens but he are not bad or very perceivable. Sometimes when strenuously follows to write was, will take the small wobbles, but, again, stays unperturbed. Cross my toes (figuratively of course) when pulls some screens of a box and has examined the for harm. A surface of the each of some three screens have purchased was flawless form and after taking them hooked up, has looked for any deaths of pixels, semence by heart, etc. That be the no-go. I am pleased to say that all three screens were in shape upper.

Predominately Uses the Visual studio and I have found that I have to change a source of a default Consoles in another, more final, source of monotype ( found the free a nicknamed Monofur that law perfectly in 12pt) to optimise clarity of source and lines of code in a screen. With these Consoles of screens in 12pt was subjects on age. And simply that reduces a source he ugly (pixelated, blocky, etc.) How has wanted to something better. I am not sure which well a screenshot will translate in your current screen but I have taken the small fragment to share what clear my looks of screen in me.

Regarding a wry effect, was the bit preoccupied after reading other descriptions, some duquel enters quite what terrible is for spreadsheets. I am not sure what that is everything quite since finds that these screens are ideal to look in of the long lines of text through a screen for extensive periods. Quan These screens are in front of you a curve is almost imperceptible. As I Have mentioned, it uses two protects that side of chair-for-the side and I find that these perfectly embroil my zone of work in the plus immersive issues that my sprain of screens very anterior. My works of woman in an another computer like an editor (as again very text and spreadsheets) and absolutely wants to it.

An ONLY complaint has the interior a moment is that when his these two adjacent screens in the each another, some fund/of the cups do not vary perfectly. A verge is domestic quite 1/4' in another. Has very fiddled with some posed to control too much to see can the to him correct since very really remark it while I am doing. Has the few thoughts on that to remedy it if in fact it begin it to problem me so a lot can any one complain.

In general, is looking for the update of sake in your current screen without breaking a bank, these screens will do a work amiably.
1 / 5
So much, it is so excited to take this monitor! It IS Samsung marks some good telephones, as his another the products would have to when being peachy also, well?

Injustice. It takes this in a clave and has posed the up before I have owed for work. There is a HDMI and each work. I have turned then a monitor was and left for work.

IS returned 4-5 hours later (the turn the low plus that day in the local restaurant) and turned some back to control on. It knows had a HDMI in there, but a room of screen and seeds the turns was. I have tried different HDMI cords and included the monitor has separated to do sure has not been something cual my GPU, which would have been the plot of worse totality conceal had been a problem in place of a monitor. It can not find the pertinent road in reset he, and a joystick/of the can sew has tripped was. So much, I have disassembled a monitor, repackaged the, and a day after I took it, is returned he.

Is going with the different mark this next time around. Any one has left usually descriptions, but never since begun strongly that use the amazon done the year, that is to say a premier produced that it was so horrible this felt a necessity to take a time in the daytime in repackage all and the ship behind immediately after the take.

Has seen revises for another Samsung control, and there is a takeaway has of this experience, Samsung the monitors are not to estimate any money and is total rubbishes. If you want the monitor that will last and a window of the turn of the Amazon is opened still, takes that the thing routed retreated immediately. An another the critics say that Samsung maintains of client/PR the department will be any help , and after this experience, only go to take his word for him.

M. It asks Morgan
5 / 5
If floor in never use spreadsheets regularly, this is not the pertinent monitor. My daughter has visited in action of thank you and is fallen enamoured with this monitor. It uses spreadsheets at length. I have said then to upload the spreadsheet - a lot of spreadsheet. Then the does not want the anymore - not even like the present. The mine that takes 6 old year HP 23 monitor of inch of flat screen instead. If gaming is your thing, that is to say a enjoyable monitor. If you are doing the plot of spreadsheet works or using Dispatch of Microsoft the plot, would be the better plot has been with the monitor of flat screen.
Has used this Samsung the wry monitor by the week now and while it is novel and immersive in the title, is still hesitant prefers the wry or traditional flat monitor. I think if you are really in gaming, was an easier decision to be in favour of a wry monitor. But I am not the gamer, as my use is to good sure more mainstream. This monitor has the very well melt of deep black with the 3000:1 proportion of the contrast and he have taken my attention immediately. A black saturation is very better that more all the controls has seen and likes him in me to plot. Besides, has the saturation by heart adds. Looking the show of the slide of the photo is to good sure more immersive and more enjoyable that the screen of typical floor. A black saturation and the proportion of contrast can be a factor of entity in a richness of some photos and videos with a wry screen that it is less than the factor.

Even so, is using the spreadsheet or financial database, a curve is the small to distract. It IS at all bad, even so. Some the horizontal and the vertical lines are well and directly, but a curvature is perceivable. I am not sure I prefer in the screen of traditional floor or no - but my behind is in the flat screen for spreadsheets and maps and financial programs. That is to say where it spends the majority of my considerable time in the computer. These supports of so monitor he HDMI entered and the Exposure has entered Port. I have connected both capes in my card of video and tried to select each entrance with one joystick in a backside a monitor. It orders in fact, but it does not aim an image properly unless have take of one HDMI cape to see an Exposure has entered Port. Only it use it or or another in all the case, as it does not import in me.

Subjects of Saver of the eye: in my opinion, is only piece of terrible. Perhaps it is a saver of eye of some class, but some images only look bad would not use never he eyestrain or the no. Has another Samsung control with saver of the eye and he comport a same road. Basically assemblen very reduced a proportion to contrast and kill a blue content that mark a look of image of the supremely the swipes were to protect and dull. It does not like him in of absolute.

Resolution and Measure of Screen: I think that 27 monitors of inch are in a limit for prjimo arrives view of the monitor in road of Big Definition 1920X1080. Has two 32 inch the monitors with a same and calm resolution can see some individual points in of the cards and of the numbers. Calm very precise UHD resolution for 32 inches and on. It has to 40 inch UHD control these a lot of products crisp lettering and detail of verge. And it looks included better in the 32 monitor of inch. So until now, it thinks quite purchasing to 32 inch UHD wry monitor, but has changed my alcohol. Still I will buy to 32 inch UHD monitor of resolution, but was the monitor of flat screen . For a road, he 40 computer of inch the monitor is on age for prjimo arrives to see in my opinion. If there is the background brilliant aim, almost is blinding to look in a monitor for longitude before it takes the bad headache . And spreadsheets and pages of the web of internet has the aim of plot of the backdrop to blind you. It IS only of more zone of plot to emit clear in your eyes in next field. I have not thought of this before I have bought Philip 40 inch UHD monitor of computer. Otherwise, IS the monitor adds and a lot likes him in me. Also, I find me look of left in sake to plot to take in an image of whole screen. The tan seriously am planning in downsize in 32 in 34 inches. Or I go to have that takes any polycarbonate of the recipe that reads sunglasses to cut down a light. Big is not always better.

If you are in a piece for to 27 inch HD 1920X1080 monitor, creates a lot will enjoy this Samsung the Wry monitor, especially if your application is to a large extent gaming and video and photos. And included he spreadsheets and the accounting is well. Some lines are very directly so much vertically and horizontally. You can see a curve, but is not distorted or also distract. If the plan uses it predominately for accounting and spreadsheets, can wants to think in the flat monitor.

Took this in Vine is a program of the Amazon, but write my descriptions some same as I purchased it to him. Besides, it is not free. I have to pay self occupancy social security of 15.1% and besides, owe income tax of paid in Vine some elements that spends until quite a lot of 33% global taxes. To the amazon informs to the vine is each products and of the performances in a IRS. I owe payments of archive of quarterly income tax also. Besides, usually it has to owe the fact has purchased the similar element with in in to my own money only likes them the in of him and has written the good description in this element in a past. And there is not any guarantee will not take never the similar product in Vine in a future. It writes in 850 descriptions and one that overwhelms the number of these descriptions was for the things have bought with my own money and has written the good description in the. It IS to plot of work. The May knowingly deceives any one to purchase something would not purchase me . Has the consciousness and some integrity. Duque zero preferential deal to write fluffed in of the descriptions, as I Cairo of no. In my descriptions and the calm will see some a Vine of description of the star and everything enter. It IS that it is. I am an electrical engineer and is that I am doing, but can do deceptions. If I , writes in the commentaries and please very only ding me for any reason.
4 / 5
A Sake :
-the colours truly are surprising for the no-PLS, any-poster of IP. Any listing in a description (at the same time of compraventa), but that is to say the Samsung the poster GOES. He that bad anything in me? No. This has the Very better picture that mine 27' LG of controls of IP that was it $ 100 more expensive. Tan Yes, plan on selling a LG and buying the second an of these.
-A curve is subtle, still essential (afterwards be accustomed). It opens Prefer tuerces screens.

A Meh :
-A parameter of acuteness issues ' of game' is very too big and no adjustable. Only reason these insects am that I can not duplicate a colour vibrancy through a manual calibration in a same level like ubjects of game.'. Very near, but any one %100.
-Been been due to a creation of a support, is excited to leave to know when has an accident your desktop to do one dances of monitor. They have comprised VESA mountains, as I will be to purchase a mountain of arm of adjustable monitor .

A Bad :
- will be sure to update this description finds anything
1 / 5
Quan Took it a screen has remarked this outline when a screen has not aimed anything remotely darkness or impression. Any dark or black screen has this turn of ugly outline this has worsened. It looks terrible and marks to look and touching things on he almost unbearable. I have expected better of Samsung. It have to have return when buy it in the first place so that now it has to go to take to nine unit At least knows any one to take another Samsung. This picture any one the justice. Also it retreat it advance. It has to use the pair these reservations to program to bolster the up.
5 / 5
Amur These monitors. Has the duet setup in my desktop and can not think how much eye pulls these things save me. It takes the total of perhaps 2 hours to take used to a look of curve, but does my desktop when being more roomy and comfortable without blowing my eyes have tried to look 54 inches through my desktop only in the look of one finishes in another.
5 / 5
A Monitor is Excellent... Has one 27' CF591 Model, and now a CF398 Model. A CF398 has the slightly different refresh prices that one 598 but no the perceivable difference. And One 398 does not have any speaker. But for me a main difference that in my opinion is the change of the game is one 598 is not directly mountable, has to buy an adapter. I have purchased an adapter with metals of accesses of the era in a plastic back of a monitor and he only are not robust and is fearful a Monitor will break. One 398 is mountable without adapter... And any sake of mountains of Monitor and is supremely robust. Monitor is to rob he for a Money.
1 / 5
Owner what proud of the Samsung 65 wry screen television, was anxious to try the smallest version for my Mac Mini, as I have purchased this. A first thing has remarked was that the light was - as the light directed when asking me was the product of quality . Although it looks and listened flimsy, good to do at the beginning. A third time has tried to turn the on, even so, he no when being pas able up; it is fatality. Based in my experience, Samsung TVs is absolutely incredible, but his monitors of computer are junk.
5 / 5
Using this monitor for my laptop. Taking old and blind. Screen of laptop very small. This monitor has done the enormous difference for me. My text of main worry edited. You are the fearful text would be too pixelated. But he all is exited adds! The characters look only well. The videos and the applications of the look of web adds also. Very recommend it this monitor.
5 / 5
These are some the better monitors has not used never. A parameter of the saver of the eye has aided to reduce a tiredness of eye and headaches. I have bought two for my dispatch of house (work to house quite 40% of a time) and is adds.

Top Customer Reviews: Samsung 32-inch ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
2 / 5 Louis
Backdrop: Looking for the updates of measure of the 27' exposure of IP of the Samsung, has purchased this monitor Prepares Day for the very good prize. It was my first wry monitor . I have finished to use he for me only under the month before it decides to return he what gilipollas vastly outweighed a pros has listed down.

- Measured of the screen was fantastic. Quite big that at the end could seat behind in my chair and not treating tension of eye.
- Colour: matched my white subject perfectly (has white emphases in my mouse/of keyboard/of the computer etc)
- Crooked: it gives the sake to listen in of the films/of games, has not found he cual the negative to explore any

- Quality of Image: in the word: washed-was. Donat Some vastly good descriptions in this quality of image of the monitors, was supremely has disappointed. I messed with each combination of parameters. I have used a calibration by heart of the windows. I deactivated f.lux And has tried again. By all bad that I , only have the smoky ash of mould on everything. As Yours cooks when burn something in an oven. I messed with some almost daily parameters and tried to do functions, only never looked anywhere approximations also like my exposure of old IP (which are odd, so that anything some black would have to has been better with the poster of is to GO).
- Resolution: no really the surprise here, but full HD in 32' is bad envelope near for detail, i.et. Text. For games and of the films, was the very subject. To read/explore, was quite bad. A afterlife has been seated a better, of course. Distance to see of normal desktop ~ 2 ft, was unbearable. I have done in fact a final decision to return it while exploring Amazon to find an on duty term, and give that it only can not justify maintaining something that while well for the films/of games was so bad to explore.
- Back-clear uniformity: bad. With a black screen (saver of screen) notes immediately that a combination of curvature and by behind clear advantages in of the a lot of zones of brilliants and dark
- gloss/of Reflectivity: the highly reflective screen more a bloated form is maddening during a day has anything besides to wall of room by behind calm (so that any one only has the reflection, but the distorted a). My dispatch has windows in 2 sustains and could not find the comfortable setup (without totally of re-fixing my dispatch) this has reduced a refection to the manageable point. The May will buy the lustrous monitor again.

Finally, this monitor is well for the few things, concretely seeing games/of films at night in seeing distances of 3-4 ft. If this represents a volume of your use, probably will be satisfied for a prize. Even so, if use in the daytime, readability of text, or the colour of full depth is of entity in you, highly would recommend look in QHD. Has update since in the 32'QHD poster for AOC, which while not matching a subject by heart of aim, and while it does not listen wry, deletes each which how one of some gilipollas listed on, and the good looks. Better still, in this moment in time, is only $ 25 more than a monitor revised here. Any brainer really, in my opinion. Alternatively, there is the Samsung wry QHD control which retain a white subject and probably would resolve these gilipollas also, but in this time is afterwards in $ 500, folds cual paid therefore the revised product.

Really tried to do this work. I have wanted the to do. I consider Samsung like the upper manufacturer of lcd screens (anteriorly has possessed 3 monitors/tvs, and has very been satisfied). I take the bad screen ? I have been also critical? It IS my use /of half that much more difficult that all these 4 and 5 critics of star? I do not know . If you look, there is abundance of the descriptions that echo my feelings (although they are the vast minority ) like these subjects are clearly very isolated in my monitor only. He thank you stops to read, expects this aided to give you a little perspective in the compraventa potential.
5 / 5 Kimbra
I have purchased recently this monitor of Amazon for my tez later. A bit those that the things of the presents concealed interested was me a measure (32"), a curve, a colour (objective), multiple entrances. These hands to control on all the accounts and for the reasonable prize (only down 400 in time of compraventa).

A monitor has the small bezel, a curve is easy to take used and and after only the small while very please. I am not sure it do not return never in the right monitor. A quality of picture is excellent and the action is point and averts. My use is mixed to enter documents to edit, the video that edits and streaming, and soft gaming with modern titles. A capacity of ploughs of multiple documents in this only screen as well as the landscape augmented for the chronology of video edits has been the a lot of experience given. An adjustment for some parameters of records to control very good. They are smooth and easy in navigate. There is not any speaker in this monitor so if that is to say something calm require you can wants look in something more. For my use is not required while I use external speakers. My only remorse is not moving in the monitor like this more harvest.

This monitor am add, but no without his low falls. A base attaches easily and robust, even so it is not adjustable at all. Felizmente Has the vesa the mountain and this monitor will see the walnut that articulates punctual support. This monitor comprises the low (3') HDMI cape and the cape of power with brick to be able in. A cape to be able is the good period and in my case a brick is very situated and has not entered a road of my management of cape.

Enjoys this so more the monitor probably attaches at least or more in this tez possibly two.

UPDATE: I referenced this support to control while having any adjustment and that is not to correct. Has adjustment to bend only for the pair of titles. It IS very rigid at the beginning. I will comprise pictures of an adjustment.

The Also has the 4ms answered and 60Hz refresh tax in 1920 x 1080
5 / 5 Rasheeda
Out of a box was initially amiable of preoccupied because of a resolution, even so, after tinkering with a parameter and scaling down a measure of a text, really things of emphasis up. It looks to surprise now, and does not have any remorse of buyers. If you are not happy in a principle only tries scaling down a text and that changes a road of exposure in a monitor to find in a to to one likes him.
5 / 5 Nelson
Experience a Viotek 32' the monitor based in Amazon and looking for descriptions of on-line monitor. Any sure all the world-wide experimented a same while I except
the monitor only has not provided a quality has looked for.

Has ordered a Samsung CF391 the series has Twisted 32-Inch FHD and VIOTEK NB32C 32' MONITOR of FAULTS of COMPUTER ADREAT
the week the part and a Samsung has blown was a Viotek 32'.

Where Can see You a difference among some two monitors are that Samsung is crisp, clean, vibrant, and depth of colours. Also, it has remarked there is not macula very white where has dead black. It IS possible that a monitor took could have been the futility but doubts he with some law come from
at length. A Samsung the monitor was in $ 75.00 more concealed a Viotek and the amazon is gone down a prize in in an included like Viotek.

Where A Viotek the forces are for the monitor of film and basic dispatch of the lowest quality these looks where the people are not picky in quality to notch upper. I Like him his of a width of the urban nails of a monitor in a Samsung which are very characteristic .

Another that that yes has bought only a monitor for basics, is the good prize .

Samsung Saw Of monitor until a name - looked 4k films, pictures, trace and has had this 'awww' moment.

For a prize to well sure will purchase the second monitor...Very satisfied!

Expects these helps of description..
1 / 5 Tianna
The product arrived and is defective - waste to connect in any devices, verified through capes and of the different computers, and is spent of the hours with manuals. Totally useless.
4 / 5 Darlene
I have wanted a bit two monitors the thought had to was 27-inch as I have imagined a next step up was 32-inch. Quan Took some new monitors was surprised really in so big is. It results some monitors have had was in fact 24-the inch more concealed 27 how two monitors of 32 inches was the bit of overkill. You will require the quite big room is using two of them (two side by side is only quite 56 inches) although one is perfectly quite big for just quite anything. It was preoccupied in a white frame but hurriedly taken on that. It does not use some bases but is trace the instead which think is the better and aesthetically better option. These are some premiers twisted the monitors have had and a lot is that it surprises that immersive can be he in some games. But I am in accordance with some other commentaries when uses the to do where the straight lines are critical skews the things only bit it. I wish these monitors were the main resolution so that I think 32-the inch is pressing he for him max 1920 X 1080 resolution. But still they look utmost and has has not had any problems with them at all.
5 / 5 Shelba
I WANT this monitor. A prize is insane cheap for concealed it apresamiento IMO. Has the 55 plasma of television of inch in a wall that often uses when is trading crypto advantages while I left me to aim multiple maps immediately and be able still to read a data. This monitor is so clearer and clear-cut (dpi) that a plasma. First time that buys the wry monitor and I are sold for all the life. Enough to order the second, perhaps 3 more so much can have 4 in a wall. I direct NOCs for the alive and the earth has exposures massively these courses of coverage in a wall. That is to say the beginning adds . A clarity is very impressive in me. I any game but videos of looks while law and look to surprise in this type. I am sure he has monitors of the main quality but no for this prize. 229 you Are to rob he in my view. The flight, can not expect take more. Samsung Wants to you.
3 / 5 Kerri
The screen adds - the text is the small blurred but enough sake. Coverage a same monitor in Sam is for 219.00 - no happy in that.
1 / 5 Elane
As I left me say flight a monitor he. My threads already has or. It wants the second a for Christmas to attach in his setup. Alas when we take it to us there it was the corner broken in an aim of plastic frame. Still it plans on in the now and poses only very epoxy in the. But then turn it on and some besides light glows of opposite inferior corner then a rest of a screen in the 2 inch has measured in rodeo. I have contacted a vendor and posed some pictures here for them to see. I will update my description after they answer.
1 / 5 Charles
I have bought a monitor in Feb, data in July. 6 month is the quite low life for the monitor. I have bought he for virtual reality mostly and good of law for that except email, spreadsheets, web surfing etc is not well, the things are distorted. I will not buy another.

Top Customer Reviews: Samsung ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Florencio
The monitor adds, amour a creation and clarity. Desire that a whole support could be it taken for vesa mountain. No the big roads even so so that he still mountains. I have bought 3 of them for my desktop and results awesome. I have linked a support bought for them to locate on and acts perfect, able to achieve the perfect curve with him.

Trace! ME-2789 it controls Triple Support Freestanding Screen of LCD highland of Computer of Desktop for 19, 20, 22, 23, 24 Monitors of Inch VESA 75 and 100 Full Motion Compatible, 66 lbs Capacity (3 Monitor Horitzontal)
3 / 5 Cruz
A wry screen is a main reason these so many costs, but same with him still thinks MSRP is the tear was.

In Joining it to him to main thing does not like him enough is of a time of response of the pixel . It IS the poster GOES , which are notorious for time of poor response, and that is to say any different. The time of the response has announced on almost any monitor is the lie , but this one east the lie affronted intrepid (thinks to say 5ms... It IS to well sure any one). The manufacturers try to combat this(especially with the poster GOES) to incorporate a overdrive characteristic. A 'fast' and has answered parameters 'faster' of time in this monitor, likes him with more than monitors with overdrive, the reverse causes ghosting/pixel overshooting. It IS especially perceivable in a parameter 'a fast plus', will remark with your mouse when near through anything dark, and will remark in the plot of games. Basically it can delete pixel overshooting to use a pose of response 'normal' of time, but then takes well behind in some subjects that is inherent vanamente poster. The tan basically has 3 elections: the tonnes of motion blur(normal), some motion blurs more roughly reverse ghosting(fast), or heavy reverse ghosting with small in any motion blurs(faster).

This monitor tries to exit like a abordable 'gaming monitor' but is basically the cheap poster with the little of the characteristic extras launched in(wry screen, Freesync, monitor overdrive). If you touch games that is faster strolled, look elsewhere. If you touch the games the slow plus and wants an immersion of the wry screen in the good prize...Perhaps it expects until it is for sale.

Opened...For some people there that the only wants the very monitor of wry desktop...This exposure has some paint quite well quality. A thing inherently very vanamente the poster is typically has far proportion of black contrast and more upper deep that IP and TN poster. There some the soft colour is joining, but at all compared in that typically voice of the TN poster. It looks the plot of Youtube and some Netflix with this monitor and he have done very well for that. But while I have said in a gamers... Attentive until it is for sale.
5 / 5 Vennie
- I am the graphic designer, as I preoccupy me much more or less precision by heart. So far, it is quite decent. I am still to have the session of marathon in of the this.
- Read the plot in a material of saver of the eye, and what a lot of laws. This am to add and everything, but so far like the colours are unbalanced, takes each muddy and dull. I am not sure it was to use that the plot.
- Takes the bit for me to take used the wry monitor. So far, it is quite rad.
- The monitor is sper that shines and very acute.
- Any pixel died in this this can see.
- A button to be able is also the joystick of card. Very easy to use, and very user cosy card.
- Has a port of audio in a backside...The May HAS TRIED, never .
- The ONLY controls has 1x HDMI and 1x VGA ports in a backside... VGA? Really?
5 / 5 Sandy
Active HAS HAD only his for the few days, but so far is excellent! There are notes of entity, as when that trace in the vesa mountain, necessity to use some spacers so that a group does not pull in a screen. It guesses that it is where the plot of the people failed and has broken his monitors before turning them on. Only the supposition, even so. A picture is fantastic! It takes these for sale in first day for $ 117 each what so, the desire would have bought more for my desktop and for the desktop of my woman. An only down the side a lot is there is not separate buttons, is the fashionable button of directional tampon , as it is the bit to confuse to use at the beginning.
5 / 5 Alexander
The excellent monitor, has bought two for my house of computer. Only expect buy a third to have the full arch of monitors.

Only to leave know this unit has a control of joystick of Samsung of level in a backside of him. It can be class to the problem learns regarding the use, but has the television of Samsung has DIRECTED the having the habit of.

This unit does not have to the internal speakers, but has the beginning of of the one of the west in a form of the 1/8 inch mini jack in a backside of a unit.

A unit is HDMI only, but has resolved that subject to take the port of exposure in HDMI cape to use all the ports in my card of video. They are cheap, only in $ 10 EUA. It comes with his own HDMI cape as it does not have to buy unit

A unit has a supply to be able to external, as when being prepared for another brick to be able in that hang around under a desktop.
3 / 5 Elias
Be sure in THOROUGHLY read some on-line instructions on pose in a HDMI characteristic and some instructions of the Easy or calm eye will not be able to find a setup. Outside of that, a beginning of screen is sum, and the clarity is point and averts. It estimates a money, but some instructions left the plot to be has wished...Only my Opinion......
5 / 5 Agnus
I run the system of dual monitor and has purchased recently two. These monitors are gorgeous! It can owe update in four monitors only as has an apology to buy two more!
1 / 5 Kathlyn
These looks of monitor adds, which want. Even so, the desire listened in other descriptions that the calm said you can not arouse a monitor up afterwards goes it to sleep. It IS intermittent at the beginning and now spends every time. It takes the plot to try to take it on again, comprising apresamiento reboot a computer. Samsung Alleges that I issue behind, will repair it and return a monitor in 7-14 days. It does not have the plot of faith. Stay out of this monitor and purchase something concealed to wake up. It has had only he less than 6 month.
4 / 5 Lakesha
A monitor has twisted in general is very good and sexy look. Very well for his prize can not ask more. I will list it it was each a pros and gilipollas of this monitor. Wait was useful calm since write you to decide yes to buy it or no.

: Well creation, good pixels, in general time of good response( I light of only game gaming any weighed some).
: One covers to be able has the sure function, the mark more takes arrests to unplug for accident.
: Nice HDMI the cord has comprised.
: Good measure for the wry monitor, well to look films and shows of television in the.
: Very thin, can see in my picture (the rear fire FOCUSED any comprised)
: One the majority of the annoying thing in me is an angle to adjust in a monitor, he or very hard or no-adjustable.
: Like The result, has to pose the small boxes under a monitor to augment his height of a height is not adjustable
: there is no built-in of the speakers.
: An on/was the button is localised in a backside of a monitor, sometimes last to achieve
: An on/was clear of the button is revoked, illuminates when a monitor is was and ignites was when a monitor is on. Estrany.
: An on/was the button is like the joystick has a lot of functions, even so, is sometimes last to the use prefers a mult-buttons. Any hate in an on/was button, but a creation only has not done well for me :P
5 / 5 Roman
This has substituted the monitor the small and quite old plus. I want this monitor -is very brilliant and clear. Some marks of chairs to twist like his same main that is. A curve takes the small to take used to. I have purchased one of these locally for my woman in of the marks the year and has wished to have or I. I can not speak with his' suitability for gaming so that it use besides that a dispatch-half of type, no for gaming. It shows the good picture and his has been the monitor adds, so dry sure in a quality.

Top Customer Reviews: Acer SB220Q bi ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 20 ratings
5 / 5 Lawanda
It sees a lot other descriptions that says this monitor does not bend , but in fact marks. I am guessing the people have not taken the near quite look in a mechanism of hinge in a base, which attach in any main exposure and covers for back curves besides or 15 titles less. A monitor is very clear, thin, has small bezels, and produced reasonably good colours. It do not have it vesa mountain, but has known that before the purchase, and has not planned for the trace. For $ 89, it is the value adds .
5 / 5 Gale
This monitor is to well sure the good value. Has contrast and glorious colour? The no. Boasts a better refresh imposed in a piece? No. But is tight in money, these looks of thing and preforms adds for a money. Has the screen kills that you mark the work adds to delete glare. A frame is inner closed absolutely is impressive. It looks the VGA and and HDMI port. A screen automatically detects signals and ignites when the source is ignited. Quan Some turns of the source was selected he hurriedly scanners and changes in other sources. If any connection is available goes in standby automatically. An agreement to be able is the sake 6 or more feet and easy to embroil with the ways of him when being cape very thin . An ON DIRECTED is not that it distracts or too brilliant. Quan IS the era looks it borderless monitor. And different what other people say that this has curves, only does not advance or left in right. It IS up directly or retreat it behind. Alas the does not have VESA highland holes, but down 100 you can not be that serious in your monitor setup. The small text has some problems fully representing when using VGA so that it recommends to use HDMI. If you use some parameters of Windows 10 to configure like the text is aimed although fixed this, but very all will know so to do concealed. I do not actuate west, and it is appreciated that the majority of no. Of monitors This monitor has A lot of parameters for gaming, use at night, adjustments by heart, and the general parameters and all can be salvos in 3 different gaming profiles. Still it can you change what look of parameters in a fast card. Quan Or press any one of some buttons of card, some explosions of card up and clearly illustrates all some buttons. These controls the cards are sper easy to comprise and navigate and that is to say to rarity in his own. Also the value these notes; it can aim crosshairs and show some current monitors refresh imposed. Also the band FreeSync for AMD users of card of the map. If only have DVI, can take DVI in HDMI agreements while the video of your computer out of supports he. A base and pair of monitor together with a ray that characteristic the hand-to the flap has lined so that any precise the diver of ray if I do not want to use the unit is decently robust and a screen does not distort included when pressed on with strong pressure. A base is quite big, but wont be the problem for more. I have not remarked any delay of the screen compared in mine 300 dollar 1ms monitor of time of the response (and is quite picky). It IS contrast is the small fund in some phases but the much more dynamic looks in of the games, especially with some tweaking. With this said, like me that it looks fund when law in of the documents so that it mark much easier to direct.

In general, this monitor is filled with the good balance of characteristic and look the very solid 1080p 75Hz IP protects for any low monitor $ 160, left only one $ 80 has paid. If any calm absolutely need the best refresh recorded and is not planning on spending more concealed 200 dollars then would say only buy this monitor. It IS durable, the characteristic packed, and looks fantastic in all use -phases of cases. It gives it 1000 tin of stars .
4 / 5 Thaddeus
I am a bit satisfied with purchase of mine. A prize was to add, and the utmost looks also. Easy the total. Wine with vga and cord to be able in. The look of colours to surprise, any lights of indicator of troubling beat. A card of options is very easy in navigate. I do not want to this, but has to jump the star while lacking of a capacity to bend . It IS in the permanent place as I go to have to stack a low extra book to go some amours of gesture. Otherwise, 10/10
5 / 5 Rachel
Only it take it this mark to control few days and posing up has taken literally the minute. The colours are so vibrant and brilliant. The darkness is well and brights is rich. I do in him L the field and I have seen and has used the plot of monitors, that is to say by far one has used more date of boxes. I have used only vga and is already better that using hdmi at most of some monitors. Only I can imagine that it was afterwards use with a hdmi cape. The sound robs he for a prize has taken.
5 / 5 Glinda
It averts of my computer and PS4, that is to say probably one of some better things have not purchased never. I use it every day only without the error and everything always look to surprise. I am broken the university boy and really required something those suffices for PS4, duties, films, everything really. I have been rasgado goes in east and a HP the pavilion and I have any remorse to choose east a! A screen is to good sure quite big (perfect for having the plough of multiple pages to have to) and is insanely vibrant and good quality for a prize. I actuate Absolutely any complaint, and still with the horrible $ 2 ray in HDMI cape for my Mac, still looks absolutely surprising.
5 / 5 Esperanza
Read in some revises at least 10 times that weighs a pros and gilipollas but decided to go for him and I are happy concealed has done! It likes him-them another declared, taken perhaps 5-6 minutes to unpack and race and race. I have wanted the screen the big plus to use when the laws of the house like mine 10 laptop of inch maintain me squinting and angling on. A monitor is SPER LUZ and very lustrous. It comes with a VGA cord but no HDMI cord, felizmente has very poses around a house. I have to bolster he in the bit in a front since there is to any one to bend option, but that is not the breaker of roads for me. It uses this for word and accusing of basic internet, any gaming or looking the films and is declares to do adds for me!
4 / 5 Cammie
That is to say the basic, any frills, monitor with the good picture and the reputation have deserved well for durable the long time. Any built in west, takes the different model that is to say which want to. No for a novice, like the only usable instruction is 'the turn was computer before installing'. There are 5 buttons in some subordinated verge of a monitor, but the pictograms are useless. But, he no preoccupy ; after doing all beat and of connections in a monitor and of computer, some connections of controls of the monitor and automatically chooses some correct parameters since you. If has a HDMI connection in your computer (preferably in a back poster), uses that in place of one VGA cape to take a picture of better quality. ( You have you that distributes a cape.)
4 / 5 Trinity
You can very really it expects a lot the monitor that is less than $ 100, but that is to say the monitor adds for daily use. An only reason gives it 4 ours of 5 stars are so that there is any road to locate this in the wall or treats mountain. Another that concealed, the clarity adds, colour and measure for a point of prize. I will be to find the road to locate this in mine treats mountain while looking down in the monitor is not conducive use prolonged.
5 / 5 Nicolasa
Honestly Be able to you the has not beaten that prize. 89 USD. There is the gaming varying for 10 more, but very his this almost identical.
4 / 5 Gena
He the good product especially is considering a prize. But please conscious when be any one coming with HDMI cape, if it does not have one, better mandate a together with Monitor.
5 / 5 Lakenya
I have very seen other descriptions that says this controls any tilt, but in fact fact. I am guessing the people have not taken the neighbour quite look in a mechanism of hinge in a base, which attaches to a main exposure and leaves partorisca for behind tilt of roughly 15 terracings. A monitor is very light, thin, has small bezels, and has produced reasonably good colours. Not to have it vesa mountain, but has known that before the shabby, and has not planned for the trace. For $ 89, it is the value adds .
4 / 5 Mistie
This monitor is to good sure the good value. Has contrast and glorious colour? The no. Boasts a better refresh imposed in a phase? No. But is tight on money, these looks of what and preforms utmost for a money. It has it Crazy screen that does the work adds to delete glare. A frame is inner closed absolutely is stunning. It looks the VGA and and HDMI port. A screen automatically relieves signals and turns on when the source is turned on. When Some turns of source have selected was quickly scanner and transmissions to other sources. If any connection is available goes to standby automatically. An agreement to be able to is the good 6 or more feet and easy to wrap with means of him when being boss very thin . An ON DIRECTED is not that it distracts or too brilliant. When it Is it was to look the borderless monitor. And different the one who other people say that have it tilt, so only does not advance or left to legislation. It stands up directly or it sustains behind. Unfortunately he not having VESA highland holes, but down 100 you can not be that serious in yours monitor setup. The small text has some questions fully rendering when using VGA so that it recommends to use HDMI. If utilisations a Windows 10 settings to configure like the text is showed although fijamente this, but a lot all will know like this to do that. It does not have speaker, and am appreciated that the majority of no. of monitors This monitor has A lot of settings for gaming, use at night, adjustments by heart, and the general settings and all can be salvos to 3 different gaming profiles. Calm included can change that it look of settings in a fast paper. When or press any of some keys of paper, some explosions of paper on and clearly illustrates all some keys. This controls the papers are súper easy to comprise and cruised and ossia to rarity in his own. Also the value that comment; it can show crosshairs and show some current controls refresh tax. Also it packs FreeSync for AMD users of paper of the map. If calm so only have DVI, can take DVI to HDMI agreements while the video of your computer out of supports he. A base and pair of monitor together with a ray that characteristic to hand-held flap like any precise the diver of ray if I do not want to use one. It is decently sturdy and a screen does not distort included when pressed on with strong pressure. A base is quite big, but wont be the question for more. I do not have remarked any delay of screen has compared to mine 300 dollar 1ms monitor of time of the response (and are quite picky). It is you contrast it is the little paving in some phases but the much more dynamic looks in of the games, especially with any tweaking. With this said, taste that looks to walk when doing in of the documents because he he much easier to direct.

In general, this monitor is fill with the good balance of characteristic and look the very solid 1080p 75Hz IPS screen for any low monitor $ 160, has left so only one $ 80 I has paid. If any calm absolutely need the best refresh tax and is not planning on spending more than 200 dollars then say so only buy this monitor. It is durable, the characteristic has packed, and looks fantastic in all use -phases of chances. It gives it 1000 tin of stars .
5 / 5 Beckie
Averts of my computer and PS4, ossia probably one of some better things has has not purchased never. I use it each one alone day without the error and everything always looks to surprise. It is quell'has broken university boy and really required something those suffices for PS4, duties, films, everything really. I have been rasgado go in east and a HP the flag and I have any remorse to choose is one ! A screen is to good sure quite big (perfect for having the ploughed of multiple pages to have to that) and is insanely vibrant and good quality for a prize. Have Absolutely any complaint, and still with the horrible $ 2 ray to HDMI boss for my Mac, still looks absolutely in amazing.
4 / 5 Bell
I so only has taken this monitor few days and dipping up has taken literally the minute. The colours are like this vibrant and brilliant. The darknesses are good and brights is rich. I do in the L the field and I have seen and has used to plot of monitors, ossia for far one has used more date of boxes. I have used so only vga and is already better that using hdmi in the majority of some monitors. So only I can imagine that it was after use with a hdmi boss. Fly of touch he for a prize take.
5 / 5 Jani
Am satisfied a bit with cost of mine. A prize was to add, and the looks adds also. Easy to gather. Wine with vga and cord to be able to. You look of colours to surprise, any lights of indicator of annoying power. A paper of options is very easy to cruised. I do not want to this, but has had to jump to to the star likes them to them the lack of a capacity to tilt. It is in the permanent place to the equal that will have it stack an extra book down to go a place loves. Otherwise, 10/10
4 / 5 Benita
Read on some descriptions at least 10 times that hanged a pros and gilipollas but has decided to go for him and am happy that has done! It likes him another has declared, taking perhaps 5-6 minutes to unpack and create and that career. I have loved the screen he big plus to use when I do of to the house likes the mine 10 laptop of thumb maintain squinting and bending on. A monitor is SÚPER LUZ and a lot lustrous. It comes with a VGA cord but any HDMI cord, felizmente has a lot of dipping around a house. Has has had to that prop he on the bit in a front of then there is any tilt option, but concealed has not been the breaker of extracted for me. It uses this for word and step of basic internet, any gaming or looking the films and is been doing utmost for me!
5 / 5 Jeanett
Ossia The basic, any frills, the monitor with the reputation of beautiful & picture has deserved well for durable the long time. Any built on-parleur, take the different model ossia that loves. No for a novice, like the only usable instruction is 'gone back was first computer to install'. There are 5 keys in an inferior flange of a monitor, but the pictograms are useless. But, it does not concern ; with which you all poden & of connections on a monitor & of computer, some connections of controls of the monitor & automatically chooses some settings corrected for you. If has a HDMI connection in your computer (preferably in a rear poster), use that in place of a VGA boss to take a picture of better quality. ( You have to that distribute a boss.)
5 / 5 Ebonie
Tin a lot really expect a lot the monitor that is less than $ 100, but ossia the monitor adds for daily use. An only reason gives it 4 ours of 5 star is reason there is any way to locate this in the wall or extracted mountain. Another that that, the clarity adds, colour and measure for a point of prize. I will be to find the way to locate this in mine extracted mountain as looking down in the monitor is not conducive to prolonged use.
4 / 5 Terry
When Mina Acer SB230 has arrived was hard for me to think that has had to done the monitor inside a box. I am used like this to a big, heavy, clunky monitors of some pasts that looked it far too light. It is a lot of packaged and is to come protected by the clamshell the foam inserts/to insert which has been inserted to the thickness, box that form of returns. All this has been supposition to be in a box was there. An only thing has wished active even is a HDMI boss. They have comprised it VGA the boss but I has not gone roughly to spend money in the monitor and then not taking a possible better picture to use a VGA gone in — to the equal that have purchased a HDMI boss locally.

Time of assembly
dipping a monitor near was simple and has taken 5 minutes-less. A course a harder take a tape to protect of clear discharge that has used in a stand and inferior flange of a bezel.

Luz, lustrous and ultra-modern looking — frames another fat of look of the monitors.
Quality of exceptional image, everything is acute and clear.
A brightness of a legislation of the monitor out of a box is perfect. I have not regulated the alone thing.
Any dead pixel anywhere in a screen.
No-feet of hule of the skid the work adds to resist a monitor in place.
A monitor, this in spite of extremely thin, is surprisingly strong and durable.
A thin bezel frame that surrounds a screen is hardly noticeable and practically disappears in the room has darkened.
HAS a capacity to tilt backward 15 to 20 terracings — so only be sure and grab a monitor in an upper-centre and inferior-centre when calm regulate it.

A bit those that minors some.

Any DVI-D connection.
Any HDMI the boss even.
( Has to that have skipped a VGA and resupplies a HDMI boss.)
Does not have a capacity to regulate vertically.
(A height this in spite of, looks to be perfect with 3-3/4' of spatial under a monitor.)
Has dipped some controls of adjustment under a right side subordinated of a monitor.

This in spite of, now that has used he for the few days, am happy some controls are under a monitor. Sure, in that there is does not have like this convenient but a result is the a lot of sleeker look. Which think is the one who Acer has loved to fulfil. It is also the more any to have one 'can on' light constantly that shines in me. For a way, is hardly visible under a monitor and when lit is the good dark shadow of blue.

My Process of decision
am spent to plot to time to read hundreds of descriptions for clients of Amazon in that has thought it of the his compraventa. And although I have considered other frames and of the comparable models (HP, BenQ, ViewSonic, Sceptre, LG, Samsung, ASUS) every time have gone back to Acer.

In an end, my decision is touched to lose to any Acer SB220Q or a Acer SB230. I have chosen a SB230 reason has the screen he big plus (23' vs 21.5') and time to access faster (1 ms time to access vs 4 ms for a SB220Q). I have loved also the slightly main monitor reason my vision, while valley, are not adds. A same time, space in mine desk is in the prize and anything main would have been unwieldy.

All the things have considered, am very happy with my election.

A Sad Day
A Acer SB230 has substituted my a lot of beloved ViewSonic VX2235wm - the 22-the thumb controls as finally it has bitten a powder after a lot of years of faithful service. Touching he in some rubbishes today was in plot the hardest that thought it would be. His time, is the monitor adds . It is for this that is comes oh as next to buy the Viewsonic.

Has ADDED: 1/8/19
does not comprise to like any one could give a SB230 the 'A-Star' description. Any one another reviewer has taken the 'lemon' or is using a VGA boss to connect to a monitor. ( No.) A HDMI the boss and the paper of decent video will do the world of difference in a quality of picture. I am running an old Dell 980 Optiplex with a I7 quad-processor of core, 16gb of ram, a Nvidia GT610 paper of video and a picture in mine monitor is stunning! I have looked so only a game of basketball of the NBA and felt likes has seated courtside. It does not take any one very better that that — unless you are in a game.

is now are month later (7/15/19) and can inform that I still want to this controls as well as the day arrives. Has not founding any question with him at all. Each pixel in a screen is still perfect and a picture is still mine like this stunning that first time turned it on. Has any remorse anything and would buy this monitor again has required another.
4 / 5 Alisia
This monitor is perfect. Has quality of image really well, has black tones estupefacientes, and súper time of fast response. A measure is an only thing that annoying, but to good sure would buy another of these monitors to have two exposures. I create when I say that it is the really good monitor .

Top Customer Reviews: Samsung 27-Inch FHD ...

Rating: 2 out of 5 with 10 ratings
3 / 5 Carie
He the very hard time that revises this monitor. Any same was wants to give these controls the good description or the bad description, so that there is the plot to want with this monitor, but has his problems also... In a final, and'll gives it 3 stars, but for some can give it 5, and another 1, based in this description.

A Sake:
is Samsung... And it liked him always me Samsung of control for reliability and quality of picture... A quality of picture in this S27E330 does not disappoint ... A screen is very brilliant, some colours are acute, and like the gaming monitor, a ROAD of the absolutely done game some colours in your look of games and fantastic just pop! I can not say quite a lot of good things in a quality of picture, really wants to so some colours and look of brilliance. For the TN poster of exposure, has see angles very good. Like The gaming monitor, also has 1ms refresh, which are very well, and a prize for low $ 200 am adds. If that is to say all preoccupies calms enough, this monitor could be the monitor of 5 stars since you. It does not blame any one to choose in this monitor and race with him.

A Bad:
Any control in of the advantages... Person... At all... If the aesthetic is that it imports in you, perhaps acclaim this factor, but for more in that likes him to him the consolation in of the controls, hate like controls this monitor... Has a mini joystick to control ALL THIS MARK of controls in a BACKSIDE of a unit... You are supposition to pose the inch in of the advantages, has said around one retreated to control a joystick, and and'the voice has seen other monitors with this characteristic, but think that is only the terrible creation. You press in to select and move a joystick around to control, but since is in a back and occult, only always when being the uncomfortable bit... That is worse, like the 'Gaming Monitor', a ROAD of GAME is selected with this joystick, and taken something around 4 or 5 movements and presses to turn a road of game on... And another 4 or 5 movements to turn a road of game has been. One issues of looks of fantastic game in of the games and terrible out of them, as his a lot of something concealed would have to have the fast toggle in a front... nope... No such luck... If you want to toggle road of game on or was, goes to be fooling with this joystick in a backside for awhile. This very turbulent me, so that I have wanted a road of game, and Samsung older the monitors have had the mere push of some buttons in a forward toggle the on and has been... This joystick Leaves a consolation of road of game, really marks. Or Bad end in a joystick... It IS also an only road to turn a monitor on or has been averts of a computer that subjects of poses of sleep. If you want to turn a monitor on or was, is several movements with a joystick in a backside... Any button on or has been.

An Ugly:
is gaming the monitor and he are 60hz... Why it is any pointed monitor in gamers only 60hz in 2018? Has 144hz and 240hz monitors there for gamers, and this thing is still in 60hz like his 2008, any one 2018. Yes, I fulfil it is the cheap monitor , but has bought only my threads the $ 68 monitor and he are 75hz... If and it is spending almost $ 200, he at least the fact gaming monitor 75hz if no more. I fulfilled it it was 60hz when bought the, but the remorse there was enough of buyers immediately while I have maintained to thinks has to has taken at least 75hz or more for gaming in 2018... At the end, while it marks it new monitor, only paid almost $ 200 decrees... It has remarked immediately the red pixel bonded... And any import that done to try and resolve and unstick the... Had at all could do to delete a red pixel bonded, and in 1080p in the 27' monitor, that is to say the quite a lot of big red pixel ... You have seen once it can he very occult be (situates of voice). It opens it Fulfils it is bad luck to take such the monitor, and that certainly does not mean each what so Samsung the monitor comes with the red pixel bonded as 'a characteristic', as and is not very very downing he for the red pixel bonded... You can take or without pixels bonded or fatalities... But for Samsung, very has not expected bad right out of a box, and reading other commentaries, apparently is not an only or this has taken the bad pixel with this model, as and is by train to ask me if his common plus this has to when being, which are why I mentioned it.

I to plot to research before buying this monitor, and obviously tried to maintain in the estimativa ( is easy to spend the small fortune in him gaming monitor). My big draw was that it was the mark of the name has trusted always some years that did not leave me never down. A 'A lot of' mentioned on really, Really, REALLY is well... There have it so much in this monitor this has wanted... But a Bad and especially an Ugly at the end posed me in a reluctant, but necessary estgirado for Reembolsa' road. It can have maintained this monitor and lived with a control of bad joystick if no for a pixel bonded... This was only a murderous of roads for me... And a control of joystick in place of or-button toggle for gaming road and one 60hz factor in him gaming the monitor have me only does to decide in any troubling looking for a change.

Some colours are really utmost in this monitor, and yes since you, one joystick or 60hz refresh is not one attaches, and can take or without bad pixels, this monitor is the clothes , and recommends concealed takes it. But one joystick or 60hz to to the problem likes him to of him me, and/or does not want to risk which looks for to be it subject to repeat for some with bad pixels... You could it wants to consider looking elsewhere.

Tried to be only while it can with this description... His no that likes him fell it down some stairs and punch he with the bat of the baseball gave it then the stars to estimate and said 'any durable', as and'dressed of voices some mark of people. There is to plot to want in this monitor, but has subjects also. I can see the people that maintains this monitor and having the time adds with him... But for me, some bad controls, 60hz and the pixel bonded was only too many for the maintain, and finishing to spend the small more and it taking Viewsonic XG2702 instead... It costs the small more, but was the solution at all some problems have had with this monitor.
4 / 5 Ozie
The excellent monitor for any purpose. I do not use it often for gaming but when marks the games look estupefacientes when gaming the road is changed on. Taking test very minimum to adjust a screen perfectly in my like, which are the enormous factor for me. An out of the parameters of boxes are probably well for more, but prefers my screen bit it the dark plus, as I have posed a MagicBright personal in level and is exactly that I like him.
As much as like this control, could not give 5 stars because of 2 very smaller still manageable defects. In the first place it is a button to be able in. There it classifies of it is not unit A button of centre in a poster of control (which are artfully localised in a backside out of view) can a monitor on, but was of the tower is the different bit. You have to press a button of head office to open a card, then low in an option to be able in and press a button of head office again to confirm. In me only he he any one notes to require three presses of button to be able in era. A same reason will require in the faculty of a monitor is a second defect to mention. A light has DIRECTED the blue in a by the right inferior corner is the bit of the nuisance in me. Some clear flashes constantly when a monitor is in standby the road or your computer go to sleep. It can not turn this was, has to or can of a monitor when any one into use or of the covers some clear with black tape.
In general these deserts no east the breaker of the roads and I are very satisfied with a monitor. It IS certainly a better a has not possessed never
1 / 5 Melodee
It IS so excited to take this monitor, and supremely has disappointed when turned he on. An image was in acute a pixelated, but still had washed out of colours. I am spent an hour that flavours ponerprpers in any utility... One saw it. A Pixel. Brilliant green in the sea of black.

Lousy Contrasts it and the pixel is died averts, tried gaming. It looks well , but still with a 1 response of time of the millisecond does not surprise . In fact mine 6 old year 24 Samsung of inch the monitors look better that this monitor.

HAS three another Samsung control, 24 has DIRECTED. They are a lot of old years without subjects. It was not that it is entering with Samsung control of quality, but is nowhere apropa what uses to be. Any dry to like can trust the product of Samsung anymore. I will be to return this and taking a Asus.
1 / 5 Brady
That More distinguished was, these are pictured with highland holes of the wall, but a model that is to the ship is not a picture has aimed. A lot disappoint to take 6 monitors onsite only to discover no . In my case, these are totally unusable and return.
2 / 5 Mitsue
Some faces of monitor under the pair of titles; not even perpendicular in a desktop, in fact tomb and better fold. There is not adjustment very available in a support, and any holes of ray in a backside for the group of wall. Why same troubling tez the monitor without bending adjustment?
4 / 5 Anja
I have decided to purchase this monitor to use with my PS4 Pro. A monitor arrived with a green tiny file of the pixel died in an upper left wing, but is not terribly preoccupied enough the, while it do not distract me games. The quality of picture is well, the creation of a monitor is mere and pleasing, and a screen has the mate is arrived. This monitor has a RGB has entered, a HDMI has entered, and any speaker, as you could has to take a HDMI splitter (likes him I ) if you are hooking in the console and the amours are exited of his of something besides your headset. In general the very compraventa. I am satisfied.
1 / 5 Jesusita
Buyer beware, has the general consensus that in around one 10 on the dot in a monitor there is the only dead pixel. I can comprise that this was to renew or used, but in the new monitor that it is ridiculous.

Any one to mention all are horribly ghosted. If a dead pixel was an only problem simply would substitute it and expect for a better, but is accusing the full repayment. Highly disappointed so that usually Samsung the sum of electronic marks in general, but to good sure would remain out of this model.
5 / 5 Bryant
I have paid $ 149.99 prende east in black Friday. Compared in my another control, this thing is absolutely enormous and looks to surprise. It does not know that it call it the gaming monitor, but GTA 5 and each which how another the game has touched in the utmost looks in me. Then again I am not the enormous gamer, as taking my opinion in gaming is probably the bad movement. By everything means, is the good mark with the picture adds, and for a prize has paid is quite happy.

Like The plot other descriptions has mentioned has the big d fashionable button of the tampon in a backside for all some controls. It has been well to have some buttons in a front or in a fund, sure, but that a lot uses some parameters in the monitor in all the case? Calm perhaps use a button the small time to take some need of parameters, then probably never touch a button again. A computer tuns a monitor has gone/on since you. Apparently it has some class of the software can install to control some parameters with a mouse/of keyboard, but concealed precise one extra bloatware for something will use once or two times.

There was any complaints in a monitor at all, has been well to have displayport. Probably at the end substitute my others two monitors with this monitor, and the cards of modern map have mostly displayport connections.
1 / 5 Letitia
No so pictured
5 / 5 Armida
Us... (My woman and I) has used 24' widescreen Monitors of STEEL, any complaint had been using a lot of monitors of STEEL for years. Quan These are come envelope for the sale has mentioned the in my woman and she instantly have agreed my idea in compraventa. ( I bad coming on is Samsung). We take they posed them the in our desktops and was instantly blinded in that that the shines was. You will have to adjust a low brilliance the mine is in 50%.

A field of view in a desktop of half game he enormous and in face. According to way of game, probably will have to chair by behind the small, takes the big plus desktop, Or (the mine resolves) taken to locate arms so chair more behind. They are acute, clean, and no flicker. I touch several games (EverQuest II, World of Tanks, creed of Murderous, Civ.) All have touched fantastically, with taxes of excellent frame, in these monitors, running AMD CPU, and he 1060 GTX Nvidia GPU.

An only thing that would have done this absolutely the perfect screen is had been ultra thin..

Top Customer Reviews: Samsung 32-Inch 4K ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
3 / 5 Percy
In general look it well, and was the quite good prize . My only complaint is that assembla not going in the road to dream the majority of a time when unplugs my macbook, or if my macbook the turns have been. He only cycles through some entrances for ever. Sometimes go to sleep, but then when and returned in him hours or days later, his on and cycling through entrances. A better parameter and could find to fix this nicknamed 'timer of echoed'. With that on, expects 10 min after a source is to go and then turns a monitor has been. A nuisance is, this next time and wants to use my computer, and has to achieve around by behind a monitor and the turn in everytime. The active did not have it never the monitor that this.
5 / 5 Nieves
Monitor well. Any dead pixel and the colours look well out of a box, usually adjusts in all the case but does not think will require to adjust a lot. I any vineyard/of photo that edits so the can not speak for precision. Surprisingly clear, listen likes him weighs included so mine 27'' Predatory Steel gaming monitor. It take for $ 388, $ 50 cheaper when bought what other big marks (LG, AOC, ASUS). Comfortable for me to use 2-3 ft was (I movement during a day, always best practices of ergonomics) and uses the arm to control to have he in a backside a desktop.

4K Resolves problem of multiple windows for web and of the sessions of different applications. Easily it can take 2 full sized windows with the room in upper or melts for Hangouts and the utilities of applications/of the pair or 4 windows sized full if it do not have to never (full sized in the 1080 screen). An extra room also the easy fact and conformable voice and focused popups for errors or notifications, only when being the general filled less.

HDMI 2 IS one 4K 60hz entered (the guide documented) and Displayport work very too many but using HDMI for now. A text is acute and I like a measure and stairs. You are tried to take the 28'' 4k but happy I no. Uses the 27'' 1440p monitor for gaming desktop and has not wanted to pose the main stairs in of the Windows 10 and loses one nails urban has obtained.
5 / 5 Dudley
Quan Has purchased this monitor, was really preoccupied in some bad descriptions. I actuate Still to experience any one of some subjects other people have informed. Tan Far while I can see, an only downside in this monitor is that it is only 60Hz, but has known that buying it. If you are well with 60Hz, then like this control and a prize.

My another the worry was that well this upscaled games so that my card of the video can not touch all the games in detail fill 4k. Race in 1080p, some games tried has not looked also bad, a quality was better that usually voice. Also I can adjust an acuteness to further refine a picture. Note that used it a connection of Port of the Exposure.

Has roughly hemorrhage of light in some two inferior corners, but is very muted as it does not have any subject with him. My monitor is coming free of deaths of pixels. I eschewed LG this time of my last 2 monitors of them have had dead pixels, as it was very happy in not seeing very here.

At the end, a Freesync the laws of implementation very good. Mina another gaming monitor (LG), has Freesync support, but does not look to do. Experiment for rasgar and record to frame slowdowns in spite of Freesynce the be enables in so AMD software and in a monitor. This monitor has no such subjects. The exposure is flowed and void for rasgar with vsync deactivated. Has some games detect a refresh prize in 30hz that the action killed obviously. Once take it a refresh prize until 60hz, some games resulted supremely fluent and responsive. In general, I am really pleased with this compraventa. It do not expect such the good screen for a prize.
5 / 5 Leoma
+ Point of good prize especially for the 4k UHD screen.
+ The colours are brilliant, pop, and attaches the extra life in anything is seeing. Anteriorly Has the monitor of 2010 and has thinks that was a lot. Big perceivable difference.
+ Minimalist Profile, clean, thins bezel.
+ The monitor has the headphone what jack is well for a time wants to use my headset without that has to limit my speakers in and out of my PC. Well for in the game of console likes him the change or PS4.
- The flange Adjusts height of monitor, which the voice is that apresamiento with a support.

Use: use of Daily dispatch, production of video, and gaming is each which adds with this monitor. If you are contained with 60hz 4k, then that is to say a monitor since you. Anything in that goes to have that prevails of paid (HDR, 120hz+, etc) and need a pertinent computer specs.

Only update of this monitor yes has wanted to to pay an extra premium has listed on and could benefit of him so mentioned. A subject of only minor has with a monitor is that the calm can not adjust a height, otherwise any voice like this the monitor could take any better. 5/5.
2 / 5 Tonisha
It was sper disappointed with this monitor. I want my Samsung television and has been excited to take the monitor of a same mark but this are remarking included after in him or my ultrawide. Some colours were very mere, the road of calm game all the black and does each ash of look, a poster is fat, and worse of all my monitor has had horrible glow in some corners, especially in a left side. Could see it glowing through in of the dark scenes while seating in the dark room.
4 / 5 Daniele
I Like him his of a fact that is to say he 4 k monitor, and is quite big for my desktop. Has the plot of screen to be real for me to aim the side of open windows by side.

I also like a fact that this monitor has VESA mountain, as when used with the arm of monitor, any only save some extra room of my desktop but also shouted a monitor that is varied with my line of view.

HAS 3 ports, 2 HDMI and 1 DP, would have to be abundance for regular uses.

A colour gamut is not that it adds, but is not bad or. Since I use it mostly for coding and reading, no the photo or the video that edits, is very enough. For people that amours to do half comunicacionales or professional creation that edits, that is to say probably any one right election.

One car-detection of source of entrance of the video simply any LAW. Has fight with a button of tiny joystick in a retreated to pose he in a source of correct entrance. Also it is troubling that the any one shows anything of a MBP when kicks up unless it ploughs a laptop to aim something a built-in screen in a first same moment. Any sure is the subject of engine or that. Also a built-in card of a monitor any sample unless a monitor has valid signal of a source of entrance. In general, an usability is subpar.
5 / 5 Lourie
Updated Of the ViewSonic 28' 1080p monitor in this 32' Samsung 4K monitor. Have wanted to very my ViewSonic...Even so, have wanted to very something the small main. More than spending $ 200 in the descent 32' 1080p monitor, the purchase headed for the 4K monitor instead. This monitor is surprising! I have imagined a picture would be the small better that one 28' 1080p of a screen is much bigger (still with one 4K). It was bad...The quality of picture is BETTER ROAD! The colours are vivid and crisp. Well brilliance With black levels very good...Included the text that Word of uses you the utmost looks! I so that it has far looked the few films, streamed television, has touched the little RTS the games and the dispatch of Microsoft has used-all look better subject that any monitor has not seen never or has possessed. Any built in of the speakers, which are not the breaker of roads so that has auricular and yes required, always can find the pair of descent, cheap speakers that probably would sound better that more built in of the speakers. An only real subject (minor) is some options of the picture limited and parameters. I am used to to adjust some parameters of picture in my SMELL the television and another television has DIRECTED the sake is. Probably the good thing there is not the tonne of parameters of picture-so that it does not waste all my time that finds a picture 'perfect'. I have entered the tweak some parameters of factory the small, and looks very good. And I am only spent likes him perhaps 10 minutes in a more taking the very good picture! Highly it recommends this monitor!
4 / 5 Charita
It takes this so that I want to does of mark of photo in the. If that is to say your aim , control first graphic card to do yours sure can back one 3840x2160. I have taken the risk, and the no. Of mine can say that it looks acute and surprised in 1920x1080. It can not expect see that update of clocks of card.
5 / 5 Ilene
I develop software and has purchased recently a iMac Pro. I have seen once one 4K exposure in a iMac, the praise has had to to have the exposure of retina for mine 2 monitor - a pixelation in my old last-generation 27' the flat screen was only no in cutting the.

Of here, a Samsung U32J590 32-inch 4K UHD Monitor. I have fulfilled has want to one 32' screen so that it can have it two pages of the code of the source opened simultaneously. I have wanted DisplayPort compatibility so that it touches well with my Mac.

This screen is wonderful to look films, editing text and surfing a web. I am not the gamer as it can not comment in that.

Is not impressed with a beginning of sound - any control of available volume for a headphone jack and is too strong. But, a headphone jack in a iMac good law and one 32' the measure is by train to spoil me bad.

This screen was the breeze to pose up and install, any engine required by a Mac, has touched around with some controls of brilliance and now is sper happy.

Has cost a prize and I go to take another for my woman MacBook Pro 13' 2018 model.

Also well to learn has had grinded subject, to the amazon would protect me, that is to say always it plus.

Cute history: in the principle has seen this model on exhibition in Compraventa Better. I have said that that has wanted to to buy them the. After 20 minutes to blend and dissembling, said me they no in that have more in stock but had a through city ( was time in haste , the traffic would have been insane).

Has asked the can buy a model of exposure. Esorry Any one concealed is against police of tent but can order he since you...'

Any quantity, for now already had planted an order through Premier of Amazon with next-day the free nave and was in his road in me before it included it has left a tent.

More the purchase is the loss was profit of Amazon, mine also, wants a monitor and a service...
5 / 5 Rosalinda
Wow! The response and the good colours are well. I am taking the different monitor for my gaming system (at all bad with easterly a, I G of just necessity-SYNCHRONISE and this does not have he).
I the amour as it clears a screen and crisp a screen is. One measures also the easiest fact to see who only soyurdered' me in my games ...

If the weave to you the Excel , that is to say a screen of measure (or big) that the need without that has to maintain constantly moving your side of any one-in-side (how he 34 or 49 monitor of inch) and is only quite big that a resolution (3840 x 2160) does not create subjects with measure of source, etc. (how He 27 or less monitor ).
In general, one of some the better big screens have possessed. I will be to move this in the machine of a woman since she no in in to to the game likes him of his do; instead use it Facebook, Youtube, bills of paid, surfs a web and email, etc. - Much more utilitarian that me; it was not preoccupied with the screen these tears, etc.

Top Customer Reviews: Samsung U32R590 ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Berta
Although a specs any wow the gamer in big refresh taxes, that is to say the monitor adds for those of us concealed wants quality and big resolution but does not need a refresh imposed of an aggressive more gaming monitors. A proportion of contrast is fantastic and a glare is almost very existent thanks to so that a screen kills and a curvature. At the end it can open a invidente in a window of picture by behind my desktop. It takes 2 and run sustain them for the side and a curvature are perfect. There is the good support that the calm leaves in snake some capes inside the and goes them the in backing for the very clean look. Some black is sper inky and to well sure the chair of sexy look in the desktop. If any one is asking some monitors seat quite 3 1/2' of a surface of desktop in a support and has no vesa highland holes.
3 / 5 Leia
An image is orders of course for reproduction by heart and reduction of glare. Where The hideout the floor is in two zones. In the first place it is that a curve is not verge in verge. A curvature of a screen for 6 inches of some sides, which the averages that if your eyes are not in a direct centre of a screen some looks of image to angle in some verges of a screen is only twisted in a head office 2/3 of a screen. The second is that it is missing modern ports (USB-c with delivery to be able in) for the monitor fallen in 2019. At the end, lack the native VESA highland point, which limits the usability.
1 / 5 Vonnie
Samsung Has designed the cord to be able in that VERY SAME STAY IN JACK, which cost me energy and lovely time while it has battled (unsuccessfully) to use TAPE (is by train to kid me??) To maintain a tip of cord in a jack, in TWO DIFFERENT MONITORS ( orderly marks it new substitution--same problem). This spends so that a tip has been designed with the access I very loose, and besides, enters a jack THE OTHER WAY AROUND, like the gravity the fact inevitably the fall/of the slip was, that causes a screen in flicker periodically, or the just turn was totally). THAT A SHAME of ENGINEERING, for a otherwise NICE has twisted 4K monitor, of the generally AWESOME fashioning of exposure. It IS so it disappoints to see such the good monitor goes to waste because of the mere 'defect behind final to draw.

Oh, And the second the description read in web of place of Samsung, AS it CAN CHARACTERISE them DOES not PROVIDE VESA mountability? Or same ports of USB? Or DisplayPort? That the shabby endeavour, Samsung.
1 / 5 Trula
This has been to be my never produced premier of Samsung of any class. It was excited really in hook my new mark MacBook Pro up with an USB C exposure port connection that is aimed clearly in a picture in so Amazon and Samsungs the web of place but I was very disappointed to find a real product does not have it . Has a port of full exposure. If you go in web of place of Samsung loans very same likes him a source of entrance, only HDMI. My supposition is feigned to pose an USB C fashionable entrance on in an early represents but then changed there alcohol even so it does not have a real result has listed included.
And has the problem with a poster while it has attached a picture of. It IS to take to take the picture of the exposure but he exceptionally is troubling.
1 / 5 Gudrun
Before buying a Samsung of Samsung u32r59c Samsung has nicknamed to maintain of client to ask the questions of pair, or when being so in a lustrous screen or anti-the glare has said has preferred lustrous said that creates was lustrous, is not . I can take the quite good picture but no so vibrant or in in to to the real depth likes him in my Dell 24 of inch with lustrous screen. A problem why really hates this monitor is a very adjustable support , is one the majority of the problem has not possessed never any adjustment of height at all.
A less Samsung could do is mark Vesa adapter for him, this support is total atrocity .
Does not like Me returning of elements but this seams like the waste of $ 500.00. I go to try and makeshift an adapter for a vesa arm as we can have some adjustment of height. It does not recommend Samson because of some characteristic basic
especially a support. A lot it hates this monitor.
5 / 5 Georgine
It has matched the up with the EVGA GeForce RTX 2080 ultra gaming, and the i9-9900x.

Out of a box is configured like the monitor of computer, as any parameter has required.
Has attached he with one (comprised) HDMI cape.
Windows 10 kicked, and has run well with him, any parameter or the adjustments have required.

Anterior in a monitor there has been has configured windows to use winaero, to augment the
verges of windows of the application. I am sure with a resolution taken therefore
control a verge would have gone invisible (the also thin lines).

IS nearsighted, and the necessity soyonitor glasses' (reading glasses for 1 in 3 feet).
Has posed a monitor behind for 1.5 feet, and all the angles are home full.

An only game I the game is World of Warcraft. I have configured warcraft exposure
properties for maxima everything. It measures of screen of Gesture for full. The tone adjusted
the balloon for the movement has accelerated, so that it can sweep a screen without apresamiento
my inch of a balloon. All can say is WOW ! 60 Hz IS very good
5 / 5 Jackie
I use this monitor like my main monitor to edit photos, videos, and touching an occasional video game. He been very impressed with a colour and of the products of clarity for each of these tasks. A detail takes when touching some video games in ultra the parameters are surprising. Quan Editing some photos are able in clearly see some details that necessity to edit and with a precision by heart is able to ensure this has poses of mine of white balance properly. Only the desire had found this monitor more harvest.

A packaging: A monitor was bundled on the way this was easy to open and pull a monitor out of.

Setup: A support for a monitor was easy the total and included provided the canal for some capes to run through so that it can maintain you your grandson desktop.

Use: using this monitor for the photo and the video that edits is solid. For his signal to price you can not beat a measure, colour, and clarity.

If yours in a piece for the monitor that can use you to edit photos, videos, and like touch the video games, is or will not disappoint .
5 / 5 Kyong
Samsung Continues to impress and a lot of Door of organism of the Incredible products. The tan why has to 2019 any one when being no a year A monitor of the computer Truly Book? His time some controls have twisted any be it only has perfected. But also I take some 4k and uhd up-stairs. An only capacity to use two sources have separated immediately with picture for picture. All can the to price in fact stomach. World-wide conform One all Samsung new UHD has twisted Monitor. Any only mark all some tills on. He he with sophistication and way. Bezel-Less subjects of Game of the exposure and the system of the management of the cape built in a support. 1 Billions of colours and he 1500R curvature. Samsung Very marks the chair like an image is 3D. A screen is so vivid and immersive will be tried to use like your television. This Exposure has been built with a creator of the content in of the imports. You want to achieve to perfection when it edits photos or of the videos? That is to say a monitor since you. If you are the student the business owner? Or any concealed wants the good screen that can handle it multitasking with ease? That is to say a Monitor since you! It listens in these specs.. 4(GTG)ms Time of Response. 200cd/m2 2500:1 Static Contrast Proportion. Hdmi And Aim port Audio headphone port. Some 4k with Road of Saver of the eye and road of game. Full curves V support of slender metal that the good looks in any means. 3 it sustain it Bezeless Screen with Impressive Rounded Verges and the Tissue Textured Backside. As that all these ways of has launched in you? It means you want to and the Controls of computer that takes each in a next level? It chooses in 32' Lacking 4k UHD Monitor of Samsung today. You will be supremely happy this has done.
3 / 5 Lyle
The L sake that monitor of looks. Some looks of COSTS of picture but not taking 4k image only still. Some proportionate images for Samsung and aimed in the amazon clearly aims the MINI DisplayPort entrance so that it is that ordered. I have opened a box only to learn that it is the port to regulate exposure . A monitor only comes with HDMI, which have connected in the 1080p source (PS4). It supposes more people, as me, has abundance of extra HDMI capes and enough a DisplayPort the cape comprised. It opens Need to order the DisplayPort cape of a description and the picture were imprecise and deceive. He mostly lack of Samsung and no the amazon this.

A upscaling of 1080p in 4k is VAL, does not add . If only have 1080p the sources are probably any value he. Perhaps I will update a description when takes a correct cape to connect he in my PC.

A curvature is well, but probably more gimmicky in the 16:9 proportion. It IS probably more immersive in the 21:9 ultra wide.

In everything is a good monitor that probably is not to estimate $ 450-500.
5 / 5 Rachele
State using Samsung new U32R590 4K controls the month now, and is fallen enamoured with this monitor. Any one only his creation is front adds and behind (look very clean with the capes veiled), but also produced gorgeous colours, and big 32 inch 4K the room of screen is so enjoyable to do with. My primary use of this monitor is photo and video editing (Lightroom and Premiere Pro) and software of musician (Sibelius and Pro Tools). Has come from/come from 27 inch QHD monitor, which poden still when being considered to be big resolution , big. Even so, a difference can listen is enormous; especially when I do with web and of the multiple programs that explores a same time. Besides, it is the wry exposure , and is useful for me to concentrate a mark of work. Also I touch some video games in this monitor with PS4 Pro; I can not say for any fast has strolled games like FPS, but the god of the war and The Zero to Dawn of the horizon touches very softly in this same although it is not particularly designed for gaming. Only downsides for me is available ports ; only it have it a HDMI and a Displayport. Some can complain that some lacks of monitor HDR and FreeSync, but for more than people this is better bang for a buck IMHO. ( It take this product in the prize has discounted instead for my earnest opinion.)

Top Customer Reviews: Samsung CHG90 ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Caitlin
It opens Cela has been using this monitor for the few months, is still totally enamoured and happy has taken a jump. There is the enormous advantage to be able in of the windows to design even so it likes you in the sper wide, sper big screen. A picture and the quality by heart is utmost (I the professional video that edits Premire Pro and After Effects, and do the plot of work in Photoshop and Illustrative) and perfectly adapted so that marks. An angle in sight is very big and some paints never take washings has been. A screen is very brilliant. Samsung Very has paste he out of a park with easterly unit

- has or giant mega-screen, and has not known what a fence among your two system to control entered a road. It opens That it is gone, enjoys some creations of flexible screen can create freely. (In fact, has two landscape and a monitor of portrait, and has maintained a portrait for the few months but found seldom required to use it, so now is down of three monitors have separated in only a gigantic monitor)
- Big with tonnes of the urban nails of screen.
- A lot of crisp, brilliant image. Utmost colours.
- Angles to see adds.
- The marks to twist to see this mega screen very easy.
- No so wide likes him 49' wry gaming monitor, which in me are the plus so that it is easier to see a whole thing, and there is slightly the most vertical pixels (1080 against 1200). This does slightly the most vertical room for spreadsheets, web of places, etc. In a screen in or time.
- Management of good cape.
- Robust support, has VESA options of trace.
- Built in KVM change, if calm only necessity one very occasionally, this COST of work.
- Tez Of quality.
- HAS a eyesaver subjects that in fact leaves your rest of eyes.
- Comes with capes (usb3, etc.).

- Costs to price significantly more concealed two of look of functional way regulates has twisted controls.
- A bit odd to take used to to use this screen yes has the habit of to use multiple monitor setups. Concretely, Has to or Windows of use (supposes is in of the Windows...) The native window that functions of accidents, or can download and install a Samsung programs of management of the window (can the to him finds....). Work with this monitor. If has the habit of to minimise and maximiza in two different monitors, this takes some taking used to. But now that has the habit of the, any problem! I have found also the program has nicknamed MaxTo - is better IMHO that native of Windows that accidents , and leave me third (or anything more want to).
- Quan maximised, The cards of program are far in a left wing in a cup, and often the elements of program are far in some rights, as any use of ideals needs a card to program while it does in the program (p. p.ej. Photoshop) If a program is maximised.
- Very brilliant, screen to contrast the big can spend in your eyes - a eyesaver issues it the very better fact. In one another hand, does not want that crisp, big contrast, screen coloreada?....
- A KVM setup is painful, and of the concealed can say you has to have one PIP or the road of the leaves of screen on at all times for the use. Only I final hooking in the new KVM this has the shortcut of handy keyboard to change - easy setup and fasts of change without hassle. Has disorder with PIP and other things only have not been to estimate the in me, so that I use two CPUs and a monitor and has to change behind and multiple in advance times the day.
- Although a button of card/of the selection of card is very so far like the creation of physical button goes, can any one when being pas personalised and so far as it can say, hurriedly, actions of some press is not to present, so that tez of nuisance envelope is to press and select multiple time to take the things have done.
- The manual does not have some better instructions, a person of the on-line cat has not known anything quite so to do an element. I have to me the fact says at the beginning that a monitor did not retreat KVM, until I have signalled in a web of place and the manual that shows that he the fact. There is mention of something to the long of some lines of the shortcut of press only for KVM use, but as to pose that on top of the has not been apparent in me. In all the case, my second computer is not ready for KVM setup inner a moment, as I will update on go with a native KVM or my own KVM.
- Far in with something what TeamViewer is not ideal because of a measure of big screen - quite difficult in navigate.
- Very soft wobble with a native support clashes your desktop.
1 / 5 Karly
I am 2 weeks in to use this monitor and he now are seating in his box that expects to return. To level place, has the fund of technology like the technology is not the mystery in me.

Has purchased this to provide the KVM solution and favours my Thunderbolt3 ABLE PC. It looks to use a KVM the change will require in hook in a video/of keyboard/of the mouse then an only road to change among some 2 sources are to engage a PIP or PBP, change an USB those uses the button in a monitor then changes out of PIP/PBP then change in a source of aim. And then it has to you that again to return in one another source. There is not any press of mere button to do this raisin.

A manual is so incredibly contradictory, imprecise and nonhelpful that is almost better any one for the use. A manual does not cross some steps of real connections necessity to do any one of a KVM connections, only excels sure functions of a product.

A technical support is only fact through a Business side that is the telephone has based only and only 9is in 5pm or approximation in him. Any support of email.

There does not look for when being the squad has consecrated to back this new monitor so any one knows any responses and bad the information has been provided in me in several occasions.

A software of monitor and firmware is also has designed bad.
1-the change among the monitors will see that it looks to forget is last successful connection and scanners for minutes through all some options and same when signal he in a correct connection, does not see it the majority of a time
2-in relation to a subject 1, if you are in the PIP/PBP session and changing entered and can not find yours another source, once takes one of some sources has been to try and the use a bit clave of software in PIP/PBP and only will leave you to back out of this session if both sources are eseen' for a monitor. But it forget it since the, he scanners and only scanners and an only road to fix that I have seen is to unplug it 2 hours or more.
3- does not have any road has seen to access a card (where can pose or reset some parameters of connection) until it finish it his cual swept can take 10-15 minutes.

To arrive to this point is spent 10-12 hours that likes him configure this monitor and the test connects with any one of Samsung this has some information on and above a manual in a web of place but to date, has found any one with this learning.

HAS the BBB compliant in in Samsung that contacted me hurriedly but a person of the dispatch of a President that flavours to resolve this for me has been unable to find any one concealed can offer any resolution and concealed has been 5 business days ow.

The more probably returns unless they rid the direct contact in me that can call or email for help.
5 / 5 Rory
I at the end taken around in unboxing and poses in this monitor after returned to leave. A unboxing and setup is very easy! You have opened hardly a box, in a left flap there is the diagram that calm aim you so to connect a support. Setup Has taken enough 10 mins. I am also the gamer but has bought this monitor for creation of content and coding. HE SO MUCH VERY GOOD. Initially it has to you pose you a refresh prize in 120hz... It shows 60hz out of a box. I the one of the use concealed east NVIDIA Signal of Control. GAMING In this thing is AWESOME. I am spent some time that touches Battelfield V and is supremely immersive. Volume quite 85 -90 FPS with the 1080you hybrid. One nails urban of the screen is insane.

My unit arrived with the defect. At the beginning I do not have it remarked, but in the very inferior aim, an interior of a LCD is lined. You can see you clear so day... It opens All and the marks is to gaze in him... It take of a monitor. I have asked the substitution with Amazon. This was my only subject .

In general, that is to say the monitor adds and can not expect take this has exchanged....

EDITS 26 Has to 18: taken my monitor has exchanged.... It has Had he for the month now and is flawless! Perfecto for gaming, especially when touching the citizen of Estrella. That is to say the monitor adds ! Updated In 5 stars
2 / 5 Darline
I have bought this monitor to substitute mine (2) side-for-Dell endwise 24' monitors. The quality of map was utmost, even so this monitor was the nightmare to use with my new mark MacBook Pro. Precaution in any likely buyers: A monitor only will do if he plugged directly in your port of Ray in a MacBook. If you try to use HDMI, DisplayPort cords with any type of covers of adapter (included the apple fashioned), does not act. If it calms like his the grandson desktop and uses any type of hub (to maintain everything of your clean peripherals), this monitor, again no . Support of the client with Samsung was the nightmare (in of the tentativas multiple) and has taken nowhere. At the end it purchase it a Dell 49' widescreen (he equivalen of two 27' monitors). It takes on the small more immovable that in fact need, even so law he only with each so easily (game of limit). I can use any connection directly in my MacBooks, through diverse cover of adapter, and in the hub of desktop that/canal of cradles.
5 / 5 Tuyet
It IS leery initially quite purchasing the wry exposure, but is very happy with mine 43' Samsung. Has the good and acute picture. He thank you God the lustrous the exposures is fallen out of way!

Has considered one 49' version to the long of this line, but has decided one extra 6' was the too much wide bit, but also that one 49' only has 1080 vertical resolution, while this 43' the monitor has 1200. An only thing that could do it this controls 'perfect' is there is quite 4' more quote and 1600 vertical resolution, but is being greedy :) That is to say mine 7 Samsung control ( has the small subject ) and everything still operates included years after it guarantee. Any dead pixel.
4 / 5 Amal
It uses this monitor for in 2 weeks now and has been an absolute pleasure so far, any one all is perfects enough the but is subject very small . I am to look still awe in of the videos or boot in the video game and seeing all these urban nails. A quality of picture is also fantastic, at all the upper notch but was adapted perfectly for any yours necessities east. It IS mere to use and situate up. A problem a big plus had moved my another controls around to have the big setup. I amour this has built the-in of the speakers, is not that I add but is well in not using auricular sometimes.

- Sper widescreen, any necessity for 2 monitors afterwards in the each another and not dividing or spatial entered.
- Very Brilliant and screen coloreada
- HAS his own KVM built-in and Picture in road of Picture
- HAS his party of own monitor to use another device like the laptop for half of a screen since you pc and or for yours another device
- A lot of quality the solid has built so expected of Samsung.
- A mountain is solid and easy to use same or has rid.
- HAS the plot of the ports in some back

- the prize is still big, could still probably finds 2 utmost monitors for cheaper that only one of these
- Although has the plot of ports in a backside, is not enough, A HDMI, a port sample, 2 USB C, 1 USB 3.0 and 2 USB 2.0 for Something concealed ridicules 2 monitors, has of the less has 2 HDMI or 2 ports of chair of Exposure.
- Very all the things look very sper widths, the plot of the programs still are not built with support for him in of the imports and just looks sper has extended was.
- A built-in the speakers do not go to please audiophiles
- Sper instructions and heavy screen to pose the joint could not be prender all the world-wide and is very basic
5 / 5 Dario
I have bought this to substitute two 24' side-for-Samsung endwise controls of computer (and basically takes on one nails urban likewise desktop like two monitors). I hated A low breaking a half of the this was the virtual ultra wide together up. I have bought recently the Mac Mini to substitute my aging Mac Pro Turn, and a number limited of meanings 'exited' these used in lovely USB-C ports for monitors. Well that it was my apology to buy this monitor in all the case... Any sure convince my woman...

A good informative is that it looks ADDS, and operates seamlessly connected in a HDMI2 is exited of a Mac Mini. I have not had any success that the alloy of flavours saws USB-C. As Another has said, some directions suck, but yes has meso the alcohol, is not to take to imagine was regarding the together pose. Be conscious, this thing is weighed and uncomfortable to take in some by behind the transfers once has in place.

A wry screen has taken the bit to take use to - so first day or so to take the new pair of glasses. But he maintaining listens it well. Another unexpected plus was that my iPhone panoramic beaks the almost normal look in this wry screen.

A thing that resulted conscious of era that so that it move of two monitor setup in the only ultra wide, has had to to move my more smile often to take in an upper card of the program (which has seated upper left wing of in to the to screen likes him has to). In the two monitor setup, some options of card are duplicated in both monitor (same if they are not reproducing), as has something in a right monitor, can access is options of card a lot in the. In a ultra wide, yes has the program these chairs in a right side of a monitor, has to go all a road in an upper left wing of a screen to take in some options of card. It IS the thing of flow of the work , and certainly at all in a lot of complain- quite.

Inferior line - I amour this monitor and is very happy this has attached he in my instrument and workflow.
2 / 5 Courtney
It take this monitor to substitute 2 screens and the KMV the change with two PCs is. A monitor am to add but a manual (which has taken time to find on-line) has any reference in so to take a KMV the change has configured. I have called support of the technology and has said to do intermittently with the wireless keyboard etc. Of a whole purpose to take a monitor was to reduce wiring, that is to say that him import letdown and why has given the 3 stars. Hopefully Improves some manuals and take some update of firmware to take a change to do (with the Logitech... I have bought included the model the new plus M510 in some wait that would do it... He no, or does the wire fence K or M). If any need a change is the screen adds but want to a bit as it has announced characteristic, the forget. Active downgraded This in two stars so that a change still is not doing and is not to clear if his the failure to draw or that my monitor has an idiosyncratic failure. Any road, experience in November even so any acting properly...
5 / 5 Darla
Samsung CJ89 IS the very good monitor. It IS the ultra wide 32:10 42' monitor. It IS the double width admirably full -HD monitor of resolution. Only Like his two full HD place to control endwise together for side. Has very has a lot of quality of picture, wide colour gamut and proportion of contrast of big native with HDR support. Has 120Hz refresh tax, much more then some necessities of use of dispatch. With big refresh tax, can listen way down below lag included I just use he for case of use of the dispatch. Quan Displaces for up and down a document of word. Work very well, same use of long time, my eye that is very better that my monitor my old plus.
The Coming with data of calibration by heart of factory. The May HAS SEEN this class of the data in my monitor is spent that experience of compraventa.
Can connect two cape of video to control, your laptop will detect two full HD monitors. It IS it likes him two full HD the side of together monitor by side 'Any VERGE'....That is to say AWESOME characteristic!!!! I can use half monitor the codify and another side to read document, email, or bower website with 'Any DESERT' in entering. I have posed Monitor older in vertical, can look a trace, writing email and codify a same time without fixing monitor.
Another AWESOME the characteristic is creating enormous and the complex Excel cloak... I can create the enormous table and voice a column of One in BG a same time. And, I can create the very complex formula without changing a line. This advantage improve me the plot of working efficiency.
A 1800R the curve provides only some angles of right viewing when when being well in a centre of a monitor. It is not adapted to speak to attach with mates. One 3840 X 1200 resolution is to kill the monitor of my mates during the screen these participations in a meeting. Of his screen, everything results very small. But, this is not one the fault of this monitor. Only it can change road of dual monitor, this subject will be resolved. And, you have taken another free screen during conforming.
Also has tez-arrive-parleur, a quality of his east also very good. And, it is tez -in in a monitor. I saved me conspire of room of desktop. A signal is to transmit road HDMI cape. It IS also well to look films.
I the eye has tried also subjects to protect. One looks of the screen he dark plus, will use it before and was in my bed. But, I deactivate he that hard working hours.
An another the problem is or his leg, a leg is putty very time. You can require the big desktop for him. But, you can use mountain to wall to resolve this problem. His tez of leg-in characteristic of management of the cape. But, I plan has purchased the mountain of wall for him.
HAS 1 HDMI and 1 exposure port connectors. No, any one DVI or D-SUB connector. With this big resolution, will suggest to use HDMI or aim port connector, any D-SUB. Also it has adjustable curves and big leg, but, not having he very soiled in right or left adjustment. If you are not a head office, a quality of screen will result very bad.
In global, that is to say better screen in my life now. Still it is gaming monitor, but, is everything of his suitable for use of dispatch.
5 / 5 Minerva
If it can abridge my description of this monitor in a word has been point and averts. It uses several monitors of several different manufacturers and a Samsung CJ890 the monitor is one by far a better! The tan why is a CJ890 Ultra Width 43 controls some better?
Packaging: A monitor is to come shipped in an usual box even so, was bundled also that included the person of the delivery has distracted would not have been able to break a monitor.
Setup/In a Box: A setup was very easy and he same leaves an user to pose a monitor without taking of a box. It was able to ensure a support in a monitor while a monitor was in one that box will do listened in joining it to him to buyer likes him to him the monitor is so big, manuvering of a monitor is the small uncomfortable without a base/of the support has attached. Some boxes are come with all precise connects two devices. It avenges with a cape to be able in, the HDMI cape and it USB C in USB C cape. An adjustment of covers of the support of height and swivel adjustment. The inferior line is that setup was the breeze. It covers in a monitor and of the capes and was to go. I plugged in the Book to Surface Pro and the Book of the galaxy and both have done perfectly with this monitor.
Picture: A quality of the picture in this monitor is unmatched. Has streamed films, the television looked and facts with several applications of the dispatch and a picture simply are surprising. A road of the saver of the Eye is also the plus of entity.
Sound: A sound am unexpectedly adds. It does not expect type/of room of theatre of his of film but for the computer controls a sound is well in acceptable.
2 monitors in 1: it listens able to have 2 monitors in or with this quality of picture poses this monitor in the class for his sake.
Cost: This new unit is $ 900kinda empinado for the monitor of the computer that uses the only for applications of work.

In general, that is to say an exceptional monitor and highly would recommend a CJ890 based in a quality of the picture and a room are saving in my desktop. While one $ 800 focuses of prize is the small empinado, has to consider that it is taking. No in that has two monitors with the cords that goes has done everywhere my workspace more enjoyablemore a monitor only looks so fresh in my desktop.

Top Customer Reviews: Samsung 28-Inch 4K ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
1 / 5 Erma
This UHD the monitor recommends that you run in 3840x2160 which are expected proportion of appearance of 16:9. But a screen is physically 24.5' x 13.5' that is not 16:9. If run in a yours the recommended images of resolution will be extensive side -in-side. Take on the image of test of the resolution and measuring he in the screen confirms that one surrounds it the place was the inch of the neighbourhood he wide plus in the screen that was big.
5 / 5 Noah
Each parameter in this monitor for quality of the picture and the colour are posed in 100 percent. In this way that was 'light of bleeding through the each pixel in a screen (smile). You have to adjust a colour, contrast and darkness in yours likes him. You will find a card of adjustment in a back poster, side by inferior right. Push in a button of centre, then presses a button until those accesses a card of adjustments. It presses a button in. It presses a right of button and chooses Samsung that option of Shines MGIC. It leaves in habit and has posed then yours Brilliance in 40, Contrast in 57, and Acuteness in 64. Drop with your button of head office in a HDMI Level Negre and has posed the down. It opens, once have these parameters, vain in your card to paint and Red posed in 61, Green in 49 and Blue in 58. Drop in gamma and the place Issues 3. These are suggested TART ' adjustments. You can customise your screen in yours likes him experience with all some available different roads. This will give the basic beginning on customising your screen in a perfect picture and know all some the available different options in this monitor add.
1 / 5 Shera
That is to say an old 2016 model that is defective. He bleeds plot of light of some sides. The May Buys again of this vendor. Any marvel there has not been description very earlier. Sadly, I Have to cross this.
4 / 5 Rosann
This monitor has the sake of clear picture, fast refresh tax, and abundance of fresh characteristics. It was sper easy in setup a monitor and trace in an another 3 already have. It IS VESA 75x75 mountain. One of a characteristic help reduces a tension in your eyes. It does not use this that Windows 10 owe the characteristic built to maintain and can be it scheduled by time. Another fresh characteristic is a picture in road of picture. It does not have the good use therefore now still while calm require you to connect another HDMI cape for the use. I thought it that it was the picture of the software in photograph. As you Can see in a photo has taken of my setup, uses my computer for codifying, entertainment and so much more. I very cual a quality of this monitor! A picture is surprising and some images and the text are sper clear and has defined. Quan Am editing pictures, or looking films, when being as such the different experience in this monitor because of how clear an image is. I have taken some stars so that there is the odd buzzing sound when the visit of the era of computer protects, and a cape of port of the exposure avenges with era way down below. In general, that is to say the monitor adds and to well sure would recommend it!
3 / 5 Harriette
It IS so excited quite taking this pose to control up with my system. With adjustments of the smallest brilliance, has had an excellent picture. I have begun to have the no long subjects after race and race. I have begun to take the screen of room in this screen with my dual monitor setup. Raisin at random and only last during 2 bren. I am using a proportionate HDMI the cape and I have an engine of video later for mine 1070GTX Turbo Card of video and after the pair of screens of room, has tried the different HDMI cape. Still I take some same results. It have thought quite using a proportionate DP cape but thought if this has done, that times that last if a monitor is defective with a HDMI? He in the first place spent while touching the video game and is spent the time of pair then after a substitution of cape, has touched videos of Youtube and he are spent again. Out of concerning even so in some on duty windows, decided to return he in Amazon. I will be to purchase the different 4k monitor but with more than investigation. For a consumer, looked in the Samsung the monitor and the nexus has said something in an effect, 'A new model is available.' I clicked in a nexus and a one of a nexus is a one has bought. As Confirmed for another critic, that is to say he 2016 model . I wish it it has exited it to it his so that a picture is impressive.
4 / 5 Josefina
State looking for the new monitor for some time to update an old 23' 1080p monitor, and tried to decide in cual to purchase. I have decided to give this Samsung the controls tries it, has a lot of some characteristic has looked for in the prize could not resist. Samsung Offers the 4K TN monitor of poster with refresh prize of 60 Hz and 1 ms time of response. It is FOCUSED has ignited behind. A monitor offers 2 HDMI and 1 Exposure Port connections, as well as the headphone jack. Importing, has no mini-USB of show or cover of port connection.

Draws of monitor: A bezel is reasonably sized, a global monitor is clear. An appearance is quite clean and minimalistic, and a knob of the control in some helps of back maintains a cleaner to draw. A base is stable draw and clean also. A VESA the mountain even so it is incredibly big up in a monitor, he doing that annoying to locate two monitors afterwards in the each another. Unless it is by train to use you the mountain of wall, the mountain of the desktop is not particularly viable.

Quality of picture: One 4K the quality of picture is there, but a monitor has the plot of light bleeds. This some black far less pure, to the cual likes him your use can do the difference (for example is less than ideal for the photo that edits). A monitor has required also the reasonable quantity of calibration, which require some learning to adjust (or look the few videos of Youtube). Desprs Some tweaking, some colours of monitor are substantially better, the black is darker, and global better contrast. If has the tool of calibration of the colour, is sure could take included better results.

Facilitated of use: A knob of the control in a backside is simplistic, and with some hurriedly reading you can imagine was likes him use some diverse controls in the. A control of knob maintains a low and mere card, which limits a calibration but also the easy fact to adjust a brilliance and contrasts.

Accessories: A monitor comes with the HDMI cape, the DisplayPort cape, and an adapter to be able in. I am not sure why chooses for the adapter to be able the different of an usual ones, but a cape at least is quite very time.

In general, a monitor has some the characteristic general would require in 4K monitor. There are some deficits in a monitor that prevents he to be included better, but that is to say to well sure the option adds when limited by estimativa. This value of the offers of the monitor adds with only minor shortcomings in of the terms of quality of product. While it can calm when being served better with the different monitor is going for the photo that edits or gaming, this am adds for daily use and regulate.
5 / 5 Ching
I have been always hesitant to take a jump and updates in the 4K monitor, anteriorly has been only using 900p and 1080p monitors. Even so when has of Samsung has this 4K monitor in such adds the price compared in other options, decided in the the end gives tries it. He been that it wants to take full advantage of my gaming hardware anyways which are a primary use of this monitor. It listens the 28 monitor of inch, this was to well sure a big plus one has so used far and was the bit preoccupied in advance that it could it the the when being on age. But while it results, one measures an elder is to well sure it plus. It outrage that, a quality of image was very well also, to well sure one of a quite 4K the exposures has seen of this measure. A monitor also has to weaves it of characteristics is likes him the picture in Photographing that in fact it does very very too many. One personal plus of a monitor for me is that it ignites very hurriedly. It IS the small characteristic in general but the thing of big positive in my book. Has Had to weaves of monitors in some pasts that has taken awhile to ignite and aim an image, but this one of Samsung is very hurriedly. In general, this monitor is to well sure one of some better exposures has not used never personally especially considering a prize compared in other monitors there. Highly recommend it this monitor in any one looks to update in 4K monitor without breaking a bank but also is that it looks for the unsuspecting and respectable mark also.

An only downsides very can think of this that an out of boxes default the parameters do a monitor the small also that shines for me and a too much big contrast, but after some time fiddling around with some parameters, spent the comfortable parameter for me. It has not had really a lot of presets that quite adapted my preferences so many has to adjust some parameters manually. It IS very the preferably personal subject in this case even so. It averts of that, has has not had any one other subjects with this monitor. Down waiting for mark 4 KMs gaming in this monitor!
5 / 5 Earline
I am so happy does a compraventa of the Samsung UE570 4K UHD Monitor! I have known my old monitor has not done until some levels of today of monitors, as I have wanted the new monitor in some point. Our family is the true believer in of the products of Samsung and almost each appliance in our house, comprising mobile phones, is Samsung! I am quite proud to admit this fact so that has has not had never the problem with any one of them.

Regarding a monitor, when in the first place the unpacked, listened some directions to situate up was very and not confusing . An only momentary confusion at the beginning was all of some papers that entered a box of monitor, but harvest to give some of them were basically for a 'file' and has not required the preoccupy enough the. It was able to take a semi-detached support without the problem and taken in a point has turned a monitor on. WOW, What the difference among a new monitor and an old a! I can not say enough in a clarity, a colour and a zone to see totalities of a monitor. I have used a 'jog' button, in a backside of a monitor to fine prpers poses in my desire or adjustments of the mark in mine likes. It opens, it thinks that that it is only sake and since also have the new computer in of the orders, once takes here, really thinks will see included the main difference!

In general, is so happy was able to do this compraventa and enjoys a technology of today, one 4k UHD is certainly a road to go!
5 / 5 Grace
A Samsung UE570 is the 28 4K UHD monitor with AMD FreeSync giving you the 1ms time of response. Has two HDMI 2.0 and 1 DisplayPort connection to give you the richness of options. I say this so that this controls this big plus offers the good Picture for Picture (Photograph In Picturing also) road to augment a fun or your multitasking has required.

Of the point of view of personnel, actuate has not had never the monitor this big and with such the picture of crisp. Early this year, it has purchased the 27 of another company and a difference have surprised. Everything of 4K video streaming in gaming in of the tools of productivity in the and is wonderful state. Still it has it has done things some same times and he are lined his own. I have done any one give that well it was it to have the 4K monitor until now. It IS now the staple of my work-computer of house setup. Circle with the 20, 27 and 28 connected in the PC and the laptop.

After extensive use, I very only have the few smaller subjects with him. An in the first place is a support. It IS quite big and protrudes in a front and retreated the small more than saying the support of square program. With how wide is, the mark takes to pose up in the desktop. He also any swivel or movement up or down. It bends even so. Probably I will locate in some point to relieve this subject. A prjimo one east a control for some parameters. It takes some time, but at the end has taken used to a controller of joystick that he everything. It have preferred the little has separated buttons for easier maneuvering. A last an is some connectors well in a half of a backside of a monitor. Unless your capes are longer or has an extension, your location will be limited. A headphone the jack is one the oddest unit To well sure will require you the cape the long plus for this unit There is some other elements that would be in a wishlist to do this perfect monitor, but is not to treat breakers. In in to to the Things likes them-him it to them less bezel and buttons/of controls in a front.

In general, a Samsung UE570 is the monitor adds. Has very done down heavy gaming, streaming sports, and the film these looks. It can not be designed concretely for these tasks, but certainly can line his own. Desprs Touch with easterly a, could require the second an in still all was. I recommend that another considers to do a same.
5 / 5 Denisse
That is to say the very good monitor . I have done any one give that well he 4k the monitor was until now. At the beginning the no for to me likes him my computer of the test could not aim in 4k, has been limited in 2k. I have substituted once my outdated card of video in a system of test, a video looked to surprise. I have lost any urban nails goes of 2 x 21' monitors in this 28' monitor, but has be worth it. It has been very if this was the wry exposure , but in 28', the flat screen is well, although it doubts personally would go much bigger that 28' without taking the wry exposure. This monitor has a bit bonos quite characteristic, work with AMD Freesync, although it is not Freesync 2, and has 1 ms has answered. These two characteristic only do east the add gaming monitor. It outrage that, this beats to control also exposure of 2 different sources a same time. It can aim in the Picture For Picture (PBP) format (a source in a left side of a screen, one another source in a right half of a screen) and can aim in the picture In Photograph (PIP) road, like you would find in of some television is. In the One to him to only thing does not like him in of a monitor so far is a support. It IS the static support that will not create or go down a height of controls and will not twist side by side to sustain without moving a whole support. The good thing even so it is that a monitor has VESA mountains in a backside as it can substitute a support with something better. Some entrances in a behind is quite minimum, takes 2 x HDMI entered, 1 x Exposure of entrance of Port of Full measure and headset has entered. Together with those, in a behind is a port power very afterwards in a headset entered and afterwards where an alloy of support in a monitor, has the hole for the lock. A OSD the controls are also localised in a backside, in a corner a low plus, of a monitor. This monitor will take the PLOT of use, is a lot of that goes to enjoy edit mine 4k videos in this monitor.