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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5 Rashad
This has not fulfilled my expectations. I am coming from the 3 old year Lenovo Tab 4 8.0 and ossia any better that that minus a newer Android. They have spent for behind an environmental light sensor partorisca car brightness but he always defaults to a minimum brightness partorisca some reason when turned on. It comes with Android 9.0 out of a box. There is micro USB the time where all is USB C. It touches all my good games and touches Netflix and Plex. Also it has 32gb inner storage more micro sd space. The screen is well, the speakers are also well, taking very strong and have more the bass that has thought they . Has the headphone jack. Ossia A pill partorisca estimate to take would say, the swipes was a Kindle fires because has Tent of Game. Processor of the fastest needs, the fastest storage, and more memory because it is very slow. Unfortunately it has the empty enormous in of the pills, calm neither takes the pill of estimativa slow or calm arrival that has to that it pays partorisca on $ 400 or more partorisca the fast pill. The desire has not had such the empty enormous. Hopefully Samsung Will take note.
5 / 5 Jeffery
Has on elected two in a Truck of Property partorisca our kiddos partorisca substitute old 7' Samsung compressed. Honradamente Has not expected any one a lot like the Tab A, but really like me these! They come automatically with 32g of storage, which are partorisca add when downloading stirs it of games and applications that hog storage. Add a SD the paper and you am gilded for the moment. Especially it was the messaging application that leaves to cat of video like the family of 4 - some pills do not have the lag was with 4 on video a same time and aim the clear picture that use a front that camera of faces. And a hard battery so that to looks likes them partorisca always - a first day with the full load, has been used partorisca on 4 hours (for a parental application we also downloaded) with video and of the games, this in spite of there was on means of one load. And according to which a measure, calm would not think that goes of 7' screen to a 8' the screen really would do the difference, but the he really done. Some colours are vivid and brilliant. I can not speak for a material of technology, but to the equal that to daily pill partorisca run play and video and surf an internet and cat of video, this really are adds. I go partorisca return and purchase another on its own name partorisca substitute an old Nook.
4 / 5 Danelle
Still exploring a product as I received it so only. My first impression: it wishes a description of product has declared that this uses Micro-USB. It would not have bought it it has had it I known concealed. I am surprised that the new Samsung element in 2019 still uses Micros-USB. Wine with an adapter (USB-C to Micro-USB), but still is not convenient.
4 / 5 Milda
Good pill, this in spite of almost ALL specs listed in a description was bad. I have bought this has based out of a specs declared in a description, specifically a 3GB of RAM and is so only 2GB of RAM... He no well for my application but for a time had imagined that it was already messed with him, toshe'd a box, has bought if, protective screen, etc..
5 / 5 Madeleine
This is to do of leftovers of cube of the parts. It is not a tab A released internationally in 2019. It is very slow. You would be better was with an old plus, pill more powerful.
4 / 5 Evalyn
Has bought in a truck of property also, my girls have a bit was 2017 version. Ossia Well, but the the desire would have said Micro USB in description. Really it would owe that be type C in mid 2019 and have wireless touching. Another that that has been good for Amazon of compraventa and looking Netflix and touching the pocolos play. It has to that Galaxy S10+ - is slower of my telephone, but is been the mate well a past few days and a resolution of screen is well. Adaptive brightness Has had to be turned was and no very at all. But I have had it issues in mine S10+ with him also.
5 / 5 Ema
-Justo with which in the first place setup a Samsung applications of Girls pre installed have a message 'this contained is not available in yours telephone anymore'
-time of disguise of the Call of multiple of the support and any one fix.
-Try install an application for chrome and has said that this device is not sustained?!

- I ploughs the entrance in Samsung and a resolution was that reason the alive in Puerto Rico 'commonwealth in association with some the USA' this application is not available in my region. I look for to install an application in another Samsung model SMT350 and have sucedido without subjects. 'btw A smt350 has not been rooted!'
4 / 5 Earnestine
Has entered once my Google info, setup was simple.
Has asked my election of leading and loaded devices 157 applications in extremes an hour.
Audio and good screen.
Sure would like me wireless touching. I am tried to return and take another Nexus 7.
Give the casualidad.
Truck of property pickup easy in of the Whole Lunches.
5 / 5 Breana
Have it TabA 8 of 2015 (T350) that I can move applications of the storage of a pill to a SD paper, but this new 2019 version, a T290, does not have this characteristic. So that enormous SD the paper can buy is a lot so only for pictures, to video and to sew them to to him like him to them concealed. It does not store any a lot of picture and ANY VIDEO, but have applications. I have loved pill he new fast plus and has thought this would fulfil my needs. I have not seen descriptions that has mentioned this @@subject before I bought it. Also it could have bought the no-produced to appoint that the product of Samsung that reads like the product of estimativa low generic. Any happy in this moment. If you want to store all the classes of pictures and video, ossia for you, has all a SD storage in your yolks. But it wants to move any applications of a pill to a SD paper, forget it, not spending .

Also, a colour is turn was, does not have brilliant, crisp in colour likes him a T350 is. It has expected this T290 would be a substitution for a T350, but has feel the T350 wins outlive a T290.
4 / 5 Lady
So only has taken this yesterday in topmast... Loving this pill like this far! Im Old school and has has had so only Nexus 7 pills. It likes- one mobility and facilitated of 7 pills of thumb.
Are not technology savvy... And tried to research good pills like this more could. I do not see like this the pill would not adapt like the option of estimativa solid. It is speedy without lag to the equal that go of email to games to applications of video. Calm can any gone wrong taking or gifting this pill. They are sure he has pills more powerful there... But for purposes and of the basic needs, ossia adds. They are sure a 10 version of thumb for $ 50 more would be so only one same. It comes with a new Android 9.0 version of Cake and calm also take future updates. So you are out of a loop on technology or perhaps an older person that looks for an option of estimativa easy... Highly it recommends. It has had so only a day... It will resupply updates.
Update 12/27/19...
Still any remorse with cost of mine. Utilisation this pill daily. To the pill is still smooth and zippy. Able to manage games, films, email, compraventa, etc. the life of Battery is cariche/good on quickly. I have not had any subjects or complained like this far!
5 / 5 Neoma
So only it has taken this yesterday in topmast... Loving this pill like this far! Im Old school and has has had only Nexus 7 pills. It likes- one mobility and facilitated of 7 pills of thumb.
Are not technology savvy... And tried partorisca research good pills like this more could. I do not see like this the pill would not adapt like the option of estimativa solid. It is speedy without lag as I go of email to games to applications of video. Calm can any gone wrong taking or gifting this pill. They are sure he has pills more powerful there... But for purposes and of the basic needs, ossia adds. They are sure a 10 version of thumb for $ 50 more would be so only one same. It comes with a new Android 9.0 version of Cake and calm also take future updates. So you are out of a loop on technology or perhaps an older person that looks for an option of estimativa easy... Highly it recommends. It has had so only a day... It will resupply updates.
Update 12/27/19...
Still any remorse with cost of mine. Utilisation this pill daily. To the pill is still smooth and zippy. Able to manage games, films, email, compraventa, etc. the life of Battery is cariche/good on quickly. I have not had any subjects or complained like this far!
5 / 5 Man
Has taken one 8 -thumb T290. If you are conscious that is taking for your money, this pill is worthy of five stars. Any does not have a speed of resolution or upper processor of exposure. It is in pill of estimativa in the prize really a lot of (especially yes calm takes on sale), and takings to plot of still bang your buck.

An exposure is 1200 X 800 pixel that qualifies like this HD, but any ultra HD. That counts a plus when it comes the source legibility in the screens is density of pixel . One 1200 X 800 exposure of 8 thumbs has the density of pixel of legislation in 180 pixel for thumb (PPI), and concealed is not too shabby. Mina 6th generation Kindle Paperwhite has the density of pixel of just on 210 ppi, like this the pill is not too far of that. If the small sources are hard to read, can stairs on sources and measure of things in some settings.

An exposure also has contrast and good colour, and is the brilliant abundance. An application of the blue light filter included does not offer options like this a lot of to the equal that likes, as I add one of of a tent of Game of the Google.

And that pause of that, with a pill of Android (and this one installs with Cake of Android) accesses them full the tent of Game of the Google.

A sound is in better plot that has expected, and concealed can be enhanced even more with the third volume of party booster.

And finds a pill of 8 thumbs is so only a right measure. A pill is too much weighed in my opinion, and the ready telephone is too small. And a pill of 8 thumbs like this of the returned in a rear pocket of the trousers of the men. (But a lot so much it has in the chance.) And in just 12 and the half ounces, is the lighter of plot that to pill.

To the equal that comprises that it is taking, any upper wait of a line, but takings to good pill for a prize.
4 / 5 Rosita
A pill a lot of reconnect to Wi-Fi of mine with which 3 days. All the devices in my house, pills, telephones and automation to house connected and operation. I have looked for Youtube and Google for solutions to any avail. A lot FRUSTRATING!
5 / 5 Laquita
Possesses the 2017 Tab One that has had for the few years now. A battery is beginning to resist slightly less touch these days and I think a screen has turn the bit, as I have decided to look to a 2019 model to see yes costs one $ 139 upgrade prize. One 2019 has the little faster processor and more spatial (32GB vs 16GB). Resolution of same screen. Same RAM (has WISHED REALLY had clashed this until 3GB). The same speakers according to which can say. Still Bluetooth version. Both Android to run 9.0. No the enormous jump for any half but is so only $ 139 like reason any one?

Like this order and when it arrives immediately a bat I look that one 2019 has retreated to an old mini-usb port vs mine 2017 with an USB-C. REASON BECAUSE REASON Samsung calm this? To save $ 2? Breaker Of extracted. It could you live with a mini-usb? Yeah Has has had to that, but dammit Samsung, when it buys the model he the new plus no attended to go behind in any technology.

So that it follows to return this pill. I guess muddle together with mine old 2017 model for awhile more along until Samsung take his boss out of his butts and fix this stupidity.
4 / 5 Ha
IDK To the amazon will publish this description, or no, but a Tab A8 is all a Fire HD8 master be. For an appearance of music, a Tab A8 32 actions of RAM. I think a Fire HD 8 cups is RAM in 10. Music streaming, different video streaming, questions to PLOT of hides. A Tab A8? It can do. A Fire HD? Of then I have a Fire 10' that HAS 10Gb of RAM, doubt that can it to it do. For music, a Tab A8 is like this compatable like this honey, and Ice cream. He still cut the application of music of better Amazon. With Fire of Amazon? It is roughly like this compatable with to the music likes to ANCHOVY, and Ice cream!!! Tab A8 Is the computer, the fire of Amazon is the toy .
4 / 5 Mack
Has received to defective pill. Has the yellow line down a period of a screen that has read is the question of hardware. Service of the client called and my only options were to expect the month and the half for the substitution, compraventa of the third vendor of party for more than money, or buy to pill of different mark. I have opted for Better Buy for a same prize. If you have bought this like the present navideño taste , suggests that it check a product before it is too late for the substitute.
4 / 5 Newton
Has purchased this for the severely listened-impaired aunt (the one who is in his mid-90s) because of Samsung program of wonderful transcription. A microphone is more sensitive and has the wide row. Samsung Record of program of sample and installed transcription all spoken his so that it can mediate in conversations, has his questions have answered, listens Mass in church, etc. Is his lifeline and ensures quality of life for any the one who is listening impaired. If WiFi is unavailable, a Habladuría Easy Lite works of application well, but a Samsung the application is a better. Samsung Would owe that do more to announce this characteristic of his pill.
4 / 5 Lizette
Some so only paints this pill has is green of pea, green of army, brown and black. There is no other colours for Anything
5 / 5 Buddy
Very slow, any compass so only gps. A pill of useful low end for simple applications.
5 / 5 Rosalia
Has chosen this pill has based so only on RAM. I require a speed and action to video and record audio. The specifications of RAM are specified likes 32GB, unfortunately so only there is sh. I go to do the pair tries basic to determine if a speed of past will be sufficient for tasks I first need of the band on and send it behind
4 / 5 Shaunte
Good pill. Better that one $ 100 walmart sure pills. It feels better in some hands and controls on much more. We use him to us partorisca program BT crew in a field. Bought 4 of them like this far and his all are doing years later.
4 / 5 Ivette
Partorisca Begin, Samsung has changed a whole concept of pages partorisca house so that they can peddle more bloatware. I took hours partorisca take touched of of a bloatware poster. A undocumented the secret is partorisca take a page of half house, together with an ad, and then a unit begins partorisca do quite usually. Calm can not close applications individually ( is all or at all), and a house and the rear tones are comprised now in a zone of image in place of a like this first bevel. Now a marketroids can turn of your rear key that the difficult fact to exit of something calm has has not loved in a first place. Still I did not imagine it it was like this to pay for an application of a tent. An application of Game of the Google now invokes Paypal that use an information of account think would have to that be use, although ossia bad, and there does not look to be any way of the correct. Some dialogues of accessibilities offer the option to touch that, in better, renders a pill almost unusable. Taking a right combination of time and pressure was almost impossible, and 4 or 5 test was a passage regulates until I have discovered that it could turn that it was, whereupon, at least could operate a thing. A NOAA time widget waste to accept my location and feign me some plant the miles of thousand or he so that it was instead. It has given finally on, and it has added a NOAA page to a page of house. Perhaps I will come to like it better after the moment, but taking it to do that any one another device of Android was to cry it that I active has averted gladly.
4 / 5 Salley
Laggy With the wifi connection that drops in the daily base. Returned to Amazon
5 / 5 Senaida
That would have to it has been to the lovely pill was seriously misrepresented in Samsung announcing. After an on-line cat with Samsung service of client, has learnt that calms can not move applications to a SD paper in this pill. This pill is strongly marketed the girls, and in my experience, the girls download new games every day. An inner storage is nowhere near of 32 GB, because of Samsung bloatware. Shame on you, Samsung! My economic prepaid LG the telephone can dip applications in a SD paper, and therefore it is more useful. I will not buy another Samsung has produced.
4 / 5 Susann
A device is coming with the boss of rigid USB with Micro adapter of USB. Both any pair a lot (economic!) To the equal that have ordered the micro boss of USB of then would not touch with other bosses have had around. My deception, but first and so only Samsung the device will buy.
5 / 5 Genevive
The map is terrible. The picture is not Acute.
5 / 5 Darrin
This thing is like this annoyingly slow. More a sd qualified of the paper is virtually worthless to arrive it to this of the calm point can not move applications on to a paper easily. Oh And micro sd. Any fast touching. The volume is not to 600 pill of the dollar but calm can take this capacity on 150 options of dollar.

Inferior line, this day and the age there is any reason for the -150-200 pill of dollar to be like this ungodly unresponsive. It does not squander your money.
4 / 5 Marquitta
Has used the Nexus 7 pill for years, but has taken slower and slower and some things have had the hard time that careers at all. So much, time for a upgrade. Utilisation to pill mostly to read an informative and looking Youtube and occasional light internet that explores, and of course applications. I have possessed previously to 10 pill of thumb, but this was really too big for random use where usually am seating in an easy chair with a pill in my lap. A screen of 8 thumbs is so only a right measure for easy viewing while maintaining a small global pill and light and easy to take with. I remark that a screen sometimes does not look like this acute like Nexus 7, but this could be one the fault of the particular application in place of a resolution of real screen. For my use a pill is very fast and runs everything easily. It has not been that well it would do with graphic-intense games, but does not use he for that. Has dual speakers that his quite well, but both speakers are in a same end, which any very very felt of mine. A pill is resisted usually in way of landscape, but both speakers are in a right end. You take used his, but a placing is to blunder that so only can imagine has been required for interiors of spatial constraints. In general, a pill is the good upgrade and the fine pill for light use. They are happy with a compraventa.

1) The screen with the few applications looks slightly misty.
2) So much the speakers are in a right end.
3) Version Later of Android a lot still sustained for some applications.

1) Weights and Perfect measures.
2) Quickly
3) the life of battery Adds.
4) His Well.
5) the video Adds.
6) Easy Internet that explores.
7) Abundance by heart.
8) Good Prize.
5 / 5 Mireille
Has bought this to substitute to Galaxy of 5 years Tab3 8'. I mainly pill of mine to video of current (Netflix, Amazon, Game of Google, Crunchyroll), or to touch the video downloaded while travelling. I have expected this to be a upgrade. But although has more the memory and the fastest processor that a Tab3, this pill is somehow worse.

A Bad:
1. He choke in the plot of web of places and video streaming applications. This one is a lot frustrating. They are really not asking any a lot of the here. Would have think that it quad the processor of core would treat better that one 5 old year duet-core in a Tab3.
2. A key of volume is a lot afterwards to a key to be able to. As you owe that feel roughly to ensure calm does not go it to the turn was when calm so only meant to regulate a volume.
3. Having any keys of the physical navigation surprisingly is frustrating. While this does not annoy me roughly my telephone (a S10) drive given in this pill. When streaming, now have a hastens a screen once for some keys to look and calm then can paste that loves. I guess this does not annoy me on a telephone reason I no really common with him, like this nav the keys are always available.

A Good:
1. A quality of build feels real well and solid.
2. A battery is theoretically longer lived that mine Tab3, although there is still his really tries that it was still.

Would not recommend this pill. Look Elsewhere.
5 / 5 Sherill
This pill is relative really slow to iPads. It has not been if it is android or yes is calm so only takes as it pays stops. I have listened this pill is very better that others priced similarly, but does not compare to the $ 600 device
5 / 5 Sabrina
This was one of mine buys worse. After the few weeks there is prendido partorisca touch. It has not had option very resupplied partorisca this produced partorisca be returned. I am stuck now with the defective product.
4 / 5 Lottie
Possesses the Samsung Galaxy S10 the plus and a telephone is surprising! I totally come partorisca expect this same class of craftmanship in Samsung the pills but am sad to say, his never approached. This device is in fact very remote out of a measure of my telephone. It has taken this pill partorisca to to the entertainment likes to listen the podcasts, music, looking film and reading Kindle books. An exposure is pixelated/blurry and short dulcemente he so that it looks partorisca hang. I have purchased already a protective screen and chance partorisca he like this partorisca arrive to this chair of point am stuck with him unless I love money partorisca squander that it is an only reason I havent is returned. I trust, if ossia a better 8' pill partorisca Android in a phase, another that a Samsung S2 8' that will spend you on $ 300 on and is on 2 years, he really REALLY is not partorisca value he! A lot. Disappointed.
4 / 5 Chad
My only 2 questions with east the pill is has been economic and has used the micro port of load of the use, this has to that of state the USB C port of load. A screen is not like this well like TAB S2 or TAB S6, yes dipped a pill in a table and calm is seeing he of and corner but advance he losses some quality and definition. Calm could not think this would come on the plot but is looking in something and calm has dipped a pill down and then wants to look behind in him for any reason will remark this question. It has given the mine was to the fellow that has required the good, fact very compressed , of confidence and has known would not concern in a port of load or a defect of screen. So that it calms also it can live with these two things then ossia the good pill and would have to that take one, or spend the $ 100 more and take a S-version of pen, has more action of ram and the USB-C chage port.
4 / 5 Eura
WiFi Is intermittently feeble. The speed of data is often 1mb or less. The speed of data is better Bluetooth is was. I do not have this question with mine other devices. WiFi The speed of provider is 100mb. Troubleshot With Samsung two times. According to timing Samsung has suggested asks still Amazon substitution. I have received the substitution and he has a same question. It has taken both in the house of friends and has done well a day. It took it behind the few days later and speed of same low data. I have sent a Substitution behind. Another that a low wifi subject, I really like a measure and qualified of storage. I am maintaining a pill. Has the samsung A20 telephone and to 7.0 pill. Hope Samsung Comes up with the fixed software in the near future.
UPDATE! The QUESTION has SOLVED: SUBSTITUTED my Subject Wireless with the NEW LinkSys VELOP Mesh of Whole House WiFi Subject (AC 1200). My Tax of Data is trace to so only on 100mbs. Ossia The alone unit and all my devices are running faster (100MBs). For $ 79, My Question has been solved.
4 / 5 Erin
Honradamente The good for the economic pill for some small things like Youtube, Discord, Reddit and managing material in your house. But there are some questions UI a lot of glitchy and tends to freeze and incident. Sometimes delays in inaugural an application and have it that restarts so only to open an application. Neither it takes the screensaver but yes does sure is the light coverage screensaver. If it calms no a sensibility to touch is a lot of unresponsive and will not recognise when it look for to open an application or roll by means of your feed.

Modification: With which four month, has worsened a screen does not answer reason owe that resist a key of power for 10 second so only to access a unlock screen. He randomly incidents and ploughs and closes applications in of the moments. Thus prize for pill is ridiculous more save up for the 200 to 300 pill because this is not to value of the money.
4 / 5 Salena
Has bought so only this to substitute mine old Nook eReader. Of then it had not used he in the moment, has given was and has begun to use my Air of iPad 2 to read ebooks. This in spite of, an iPad takes the place and, in spite of being a 'Air' model, the sound bit it weighed to lug around. And, as with any product of Apple, finally a life of battery results ridiculously short. This Galaxy has been the lifesaver. Reason can add extra storage, can easily sideload stirs it of ebooks has purchased on some years but has not had the occasion to read still. A life of battery is surprising, a pill is light and, reason is in pill and no the reader there is poured in the alone company, has a Nook, Kindle, Kobo and applications of Game of the Google all doing well in once situate I so that it can choose my next book to whichever the library wants. I Deliberately disabled some notifications partorisca email and has not downloaded any applications of games or half comunicacionales social to minimise distractions. (Ossia The one who an iPad is still). They are very happy with this compraventa and highly would recommend this to any that a eReader. This was the solution adds for my experience to read consecrated.
4 / 5 Theresia
This 8' to the pill is the little more weighed that has expected. This in spite of, am pleased with an operation. Has the Samsung telephones and the big plus Samsung to the pill and I likes him like this can all sync calendars, Wunderlist, etc. Looks to have the life of good battery. It has to that it dips that I peel it prejudices dims the bit when I am reading, which is probably well for some eyes. It likes-me that has 32gb in place of a level 8gb in a 7'. Has an international 7', which give me 16gb, but retarded down. In place of having a house, behind and keys of tab in a fund of a chance, is in a screen but is hid until attacks up. It is also easy to see all your applications of some screens of house partorisca striking arrive and then by means of having more than a page of applications. I had it roughly the week and like this far am pleased.
5 / 5 Shelia
Looked for desperately for an alternative abordable to mine Nexus 7. Mainly, it liked really of a measure of a Nexus 7. It has taken this reason was roughly a same measure. Unfortunately, a proportion is the little different and was the little wider that there is wanted. This was on me this in spite of, as I can very really fall the star.

Thus prize, is the quite dang good pill. Probably I will use it to distract some girls each once in the moment. Enough well for streaming material on too much. It is abundance quite and responsive. Any sure am undermining this version of Android so but is not me doing angry neither.
5 / 5 Patrina
Is uninterested be able to connect your pill to an Internet, then this pill is quite good. But has persist questions with WiFi connectivities.

In concrete, any easily connects and remain connected to 2.4 GHz WiFi hotspots. Samsung Has been stonewalling a subject. They avert to mention the altogether when you can, and his normal question-shooting drives does not mention it at all. When, in the forum, any specifically mentions a question, then he Samsung the representative can suggest configure a hotspot to use 5 GHz signals. This joint is worthless for the mobile device, as one there is little or any control on some configurations of hotspots in cafés. (And of course it is quite decayed to be said that one has to that invest in the new hotspot in home reason a pill is not in fact that is to be promise.)

That can be that a question could be fixed with the update of software, but in any case Samsung there is has solved obviously any to resist some costs of the fix.
5 / 5 Reid
Has taken this pill for grandma of mine to the equal that can cat of video with grandma of mine when it goes back house. Work like the charm. It is easy to use, small, and effective. I want that it is to update, as I do not owe that worry in a next update that is supported by a device. It was easy to dip on, and loves it .
5 / 5 Meredith
No a quickly more any one a slow plus, has to 2017 version of this tab An and has to that say that they are almost a same speed. It would go for a screen a big plus 10'
4 / 5 Dirk
has been convinced by the descriptions have read that this was a pill of right substitution for my elderly, long in a tooth, occasionally misbehaving, Nexus 7. Wonderful like this the car was, was foreseen for substitution. I have ordered this after reading a lot of descriptions roughly that utmost was. This in spite of afterwards order it is conscious result of a web of place that compares pills. A Lenovo Tab M8 HD has been estimated slightly better, is slightly more economic, and sport the purest version of Android 9. And the big plus king the version is available, a FHD version vs a HD, for only $ 20 more. I think that that we have to give Samsung credit for better marketing,.....But they are fearful that a Lenovo is slightly better. It would go for a FHD.
4 / 5 Anastacia
Like my title involves, a lot my description is the comparison with with mine old pill that has bought 5+ years ago for a same prize. With which years of faithful daily service, I finally decided to substitute my old SM-T230NU. He still works, the battery resists the decent load, but is sluggish sometimes and constantly is that it runs out of spatial. There is also applications that is so only very compatible with this version of android (4.4).

Pill of mine of the use almost exclusively to read & taking up in informative/email. I usually uses in an end of a day, and a measure a smaller is sum to read of bed. It is also easy for when they are in a gone, can included is returned he in my pocket of interior of discharge of sport. Like a upgrade, has to bend a RAM, offered a space of storage, and alot the fastest response. A measure of screen of 8' is slightly main - that gives the good quantity of the urban nails without taking too big to easily of sleeve. Of then it has the telephone jack, was able to maintain using wired of mine earbuds and has an USB still C discharges to touch!

An only to to two things do not like is not having to that some keys of the navigation consecrated in some subordinated and a new process to access your cast of application (that attack on a subordinated).

A next step until the a Tab A, which was to bend a prize. Mina, is so only any one value it extra cost, especially of any precise the 10' screen.

Inferior line: it would recommend this to the random user the one who prefers to pill/of the portable measure smaller.
5 / 5 Sade
Really disturbed this pill. I love a 8 pill of thumb, preferably he Samsung. Ossia All this is really available and is horrible. I have used to have have the Tab of Galaxy S2, but the life of battery is resulted a subject , as I have required the substitution. I know a specs is not like this well, but I didnt horrible wait wifi. I owe that disable and king enable wifi numerous time for day because so only to do. I have bought 2 of these, and both have subject, while no another device done. Also a cpu the speed is to the slowest plot that expected it to be.

In an end, so only wishes any one has done the decent 8 pill of low thumb $ 300. But ossia certainly a lot that. I maintain to ask me yes to so only go back to the mine last an and join the band of his battery.
4 / 5 Milissa
Has looked for the sub$ 150 pill that pode with likely adoptive boys, and the access has loved a Tent of Game to improve versatility for groups of multiple age and expand a row of possible use, p. p.ej. Downloading applications of Android that could be required to complete with toys to ROOT to the long of a way. Among a Lenovo Tab 4 8 and a Tab of Galaxy A, has chosen a Samsung because of the his main RAM (2 GB vs. 1 GB In a Lenovo).
Less than an hour, was able to dip on my walled garden suitable for creating 2 profiles of user -- my own with all my usual applications that comprises mine Kindle library, Skype, Youtube and Chrome, and a profile of the boys where have enabled so only a boy-friendly applications and has excluded Chrome exploring.
For some applications of girl - I has downloaded it plethora of free educational applications (Khan Academy, Khan Girls, Duck of Duck Moose, Starfall, Science of Foundation of Zone of National Science, Girls of Youtube, and Scratch Jr). His all look to run well, but will update after the few placings when they take more mileage.
For an use of adult - a factor of form was adds for Kindle and to see of Youtube random, but the web that explores was laggy (the pictures take time to upload) and one 8' the screen is not really big enough to see web of places in landscape comfortably. It is very convenient to tote the around a house while conversing in Skype, but a key to change backside to the camera forward is fiddly and no very responsive. Measure of the screen has touched probably the function here, reason a inset that tip that a camera is taking is already small, and has to that press the interior of tiny key that to toggle among some two cameras.
@In rodeo -- in 8' formed, ossia the basic device aimed in of the simple uses, with measure of screen when being the limitation to a complexity of a content will want to eat on that.
5 / 5 Manie
Master. Easy to use. I love an option of house of the girls. I have bought this for autistic of mine 7 year and loves it.
5 / 5 Bo
My edges had been using to pill of fire ( has gone thru 2 for him and one for me). At the beginning it has been cost when it was younger, but to the equal that has taken older, a pill to shoot so only did not cut it . First of all, it has been of then linked to mine own Amazon acct, as my Photos of Amazon has been integrated with his pill. I have had to regulate some parental settings like this he no inadvertently delete anything for deception. Mina 2nd subject was a lack of applications, storage and slow processor. It was able to link this pill of Galaxy with my Google acct and was easy to dip on Parental supervision. It is fast and a better thing of the Tent of Game of the Google!!!! It was neither this or ipad for him, but seat this was the better value . It likes that it uses of a type a late plus C uploads reason have been thru countless micros usb chargers with his pill of fire.
5 / 5 Elida
This pill is sum for his measure
is still to struggle to connect an external device that an iPad could a lot of
4 / 5 Priscilla
has bought this to substitute it Nexus 7 of the that the battery had died. Although benchmarks will say is faster that a Nexus 7 (Grieve), certainly does not feel for the pleasure. A life of the battery is not very good. A touchscreen is quite bad. A resolution of exposure is well, but does not add . It can very a lot it does the decent 7-8' pill of android? I do not love an iPad at all, but dang, kinda taking pressed that way.
5 / 5 Alease
Has bought this to have a pill of android for use with the android of still only applications. Need to project to the screen while using them but this pill does not have screen mirroring. Basically useless for a reason bought it.

I a lot personally like an Android YOU, has way the a lot of versions and very difficult to take the questions of concrete device have answered. They are exclusively Apple usually but this in spite of this pill is slow and a screen to touch is quite unresponsive when it compares to the 'Note of Base' iPad.

Require the economic, dependable compressed so only for simple internet, entertainment and half comunicacionales social I supposition this a GOOD east, but probably will be to give this one was.

Top Customer Reviews: Samsung Galaxy Tab ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
As I Am the techy type, every year purchase the new telephone and the new tablet. In my opinion, a Tab A 2019 has very Pros, which down show. Well I have written this description detailed so that I am expecting it calm help in your decision of him or any one to purchase this tablet.


1. Big Internal storage in Installing my applications, and take account a Calm etc, still has near in 50GB left, likes quota of left wing of Storage!

2. WiFi is very strong and has connected wonderfully in my ATT Subject. I can take in my WiFi same in my backyard! And there is did not have it never the toneless WiFi same Signal when external warehouse in my mailbox, backyard and more! A WiFi the strong stays!

3. The The camera and The Video are so much very good. I have taken some inner pictures, external pictures and has recorded the videos and the pictures were vivid and clear. The videos were acute.

4. Quality of screen is very clear with vivid colours. My ebooks is sper clear in this tablet.

5. One 3.5 Covers for the wire fence headset (even so, has no headset included with tablet, as I have used my JVC Gummy Headset and the sound adds. My Bluetooth Headset the utmost sounds with this tablet.
Note that a Samsung new S5e very coming with the 3.5 port and also, is so the pair of the reasons why decided to buy a Tab A 2019

6. It uploads/ a box are them EUA of Samsung Uploads basic and cord. It is not hurriedly upload but abundance to touch hurriedly enough in my opinion.
Also included is the small Begins Booklet with directions.

7. Quality of speaker of this tablet has his well, even so you use a wire fence headset or Bluetooth, can select Dolby the sound and he sound glorious. This tablet has the 3.5 port for the wire fence headset, a sound is sper.b.

8. Life of , takes the full day with heavy use.

9. It accepts the external SD card until 512GB. I have planted mine 128GB SD interior of the loaded card with pictures and of the files of musician even so has 65GB left.

the glass my opinion, that is to say the PRO so that the glass can break if a tablet is fall .
Suggests the coverage/of case to protect a tablet. The amazon sells a coverage/of case that access this tablet.

port of USB accepts the OTG Walk to Flash to copy files. It IS the TYPE C port.

12. the Mid Tablet, is down priced and has a lot of characteristics. It see it adds.

Gilipollas: Zero!

For me personally, has not founding very gilipollas... I want this Tablet.

Purchases a tablet again? Yes, in the heartbeat!

Has to consider to purchase this tablet? Yes, you want the very good tablet for the good prize that has so characteristic is, then can wants to consider purchasing this tablet.
4 / 5
Update Of the 2015 Tab the in this 2019 Tab the and what the difference is.

Comes normal with Coca 9.0 likes to take a late plus and I more adds. Like The Tab A, does not expect any a lot of. That is to say the baseline model for any concealed does not plan to do a lot another these videos of clock, tone of the mobile games, the on-line tent or surf a web.

Only having he for the day at the same time of this description (April 29, 2019) has remarked the few things:

the box surprised of Audio
Or the reasons would choose this in or other Tabs to line main of the galaxy is a jack of audio. Some the models the new plus has taken he so need the dongle. A location is also in an upper as has the habit of plugging in a subordinated then will require to take that when using at night.

Side of buttons by side-
(More like the pet peeve) A volume and buttons to be able is localised in an upper right of a tablet. It is it approaches quite together that it can volume of deception until being able in when go for garment

has not tried some cameras

SD card-
Cual with HIM cards, a SD the card will require a special pin to press a coverage has been for the access. If the plan saves the plot of data, beaks or install the applications then will require to choose one 64gb or, while I will do, takes the big capacity SD card for one 32gb model.

Measured of screen-
Compared in my older Tab A, this has of more way of resolution of theatre. A bezel is sensibly smaller in almost last to remark so use. Especially it issues of landscape.

Inferior buttons-
A lower house, behind, and the recent buttons are all on protect now. With cake 9.0 has an option to choose two roads.
Subject 1 is aimed always with a ablitly to change an order of some buttons.

Dread 2 is veiled. You will see three ash blurs in a fund of a screen. Forward Up once in this zone of some exposures of ash of shadow or active that option (paste up in meso for house, in sake for back, etc). If the attack and the control gives a same effect like long pressing a key.

Has any flash for a camera, the fingerprint that reads, the facial recognition is an option and so advance.

A thing has remarked is that a small bezel the marks take to line a tablet in road of landscape without touching a screen without the coverage. I plan to buy or that comes with the small hand-a streaky when products or for this concrete model.

In general, yes want a later Tab, plan in only be the basic user with tasks of low demand and does not want to break a bank then suggests one 32gb version and attaches a SD card in apt necessities. If calm fulfil you will be it to download or that saves the plot then suggests one 64 or the main version.

Will update a description like the time continues in.

looks a sleep of cart and cart in the characteristic sure the magnetic coverages are gone. So you it was not able to open up and has a turn of screen on or approximation and enclosed was. Any happy now.
3 / 5
Compressed of basic sake,swimming of individual,well for a prize.
5 / 5
It IS to purchase around for a tablet abordable (low $ 300) to read books of comic and videos of clock on. I have reduced my low elections in an entrance/of estimativa-iPad of level, Kindle Fire 10, and this tablet. The screen of an iPad (9.7 inches) is not ideal to read of comic of full page, and did not go never the adherent of a Fire HD operating system, as I have paid bit it more for this tablet duquel careers of Galaxy a later version of Android.

IS very happy purchased this tablet! One measures 10.1 inches is perfect to read of full page; a text in the each poster of comic is clear glass, and the precision by heart is incredible. Some bezels around a screen is minimum, providing a immersive experience to read. I am not gaming, as it can not comment in action, but running Spotify, Chrome, and my application of the comic simultaneously does sum.

My only flu with a device like this far is that it is the heavy bit (the Tab of Galaxy S5e is clearer), even so, these costs of device 50% less and no in that has one has informed wi-fine defect of antenna that a S5e marks. With a money has saved, has purchased the folio-bylines and fashionable cases of 12 months in my services to read has preferred.
5 / 5
I have wanted the description for this same tablet although it take it only the little the mark of days. If it dies on me or any one measures on and'll returned and revise my description. There is a lot the few descriptions in this so that it is the quite new emission like any a lot of people have bought he still.
I the plot of investigation for this tablet. Thanks to a confusion in looking for compressed in Amazon and this having so little descriptions, any same think it was legit until I have looked for a Samsung the web of place and this model are come up (same prize here and there btw). I buy technology (as of the telephones and portable) and use the until they die or is not backed with updates anymore (more in this late plus). I have read the plot of descriptions of technology in this since has hardly any one revises here. I have considered Kindles but has very wanted to something this android of races/google out of a box, which Kindles any one (without some that short that does not want to tentativa).
Has wanted a tablet a new plus for a better value, to do functions of basic tablet (any madman gaming, etc), in the android and this investigation be a jackpot.
Some things of the pair discovered in my investigation and comparison with other tablets that another could wants to know:
1- Premier (and more than entity in me), this tablet has a newer Android CALM- 9.0 Coca. That is to say one of some only tablets that Coca of careers out of a box, in this prize in all the case. Some the race of the newest tablets 8.0 Oreo. The besides new majority and more abordable a race of Lollipop, Marshmallow or Turrn. Having a new plus is that it imports in me so that it mean it will take to maintain this while possible and go down my probability to have subject under a line with the updates that arrival and things not maintaining. Some would say this is not that of entity, is in me.
2- This tablet has 2GB of RAM any one 3, which the supposition is a subject for some people that can use the tablet for more the processor sews intensive. It does not plan in that. I plan on reading, looking netflix, youtube, etc and doing material in of the applications and an internet. So far it is quickly of abundance (almost calling) for everything of that. (FYI One 64 GB the version of this tablet has one 3GB RAM).
3- This did not retreat a S-pen. I very preoccupy me on that at all, but perhaps in in to to the some people would like them knows them.
4- HAS the headphone jack, yay!!!
5- HAS the microSD void of card for expandable storage. The fresco spends to require that later, probably no.

The sum he all up, this tablet is probably a better in a piece for a prize.
An only downside was found is the screen of bit of protectors of case and difficult finding with quite a lot of descriptions to learn yes are well or no, so that a tablet has not been was very very time. I some additional investigation to look for some marks of protective better screen and case for a Tab of recent Galaxy An east and then looked for to see has done anything for this Tab A 10.1 2019. I am comprising some nexuss for some protectors of screen and the case bought of Sparin (praise for protectors of good screen) and ProCase (good descriptions for prev cases of Tab).
A protective screen is glass revenido , has entered fantastically, apt perfectly and comes with 3 arrests only $ 13! It conceal probably it last a life of a tablet!
A case is very good and robust which are why I compraventa case. Any slender flavour kin-and' case, wants my tablet has protected, also bolsters the up amiably.
Protective Of screen: />Case: />
Esperanza these helps any one, that is to say the very awesome tablet for a prize.
1 / 5
Samsung The web of place said that one '128GB' the version of this device is supposed to have 6GB of RAM. As I have bought one was Amazon .

Quan Has verified a RAM, only has 3GB.

Has contacted Samsung and provided a number of serial. They have said a number of the serial has not entered his system like the number of valid serial.

That is entering here? It IS this device a underspeced, dud device?
5 / 5
I want to it. In the One to him to only thing does not like him is there of any flashes in a camera but another that that it is the tablet adds .
4 / 5
On all the snappy the tablet would recommend to go with more concealed 32 g of storage likes any one all the application will transfer in a SD card. The downloads in chrome that is posed in a SD can weigh the card to find a dossier. Some speakers are only bad for consumption of half comunicacionales of the video with there of location only in a side , listens in of the costs of musician. A last tablet that has taken this right was a nvidia K1 the front that affront stereo speakers. Has the headphone Jack. Some laws of utmost GPSes . Too punctual to judge stack
1 / 5
Samsung Apparently decide take an a lot of-support of user and Not updating his manuals or hurriedly-guide to start with. My supposition is dressed what the threat in the people that use an application of Samsung of the boys and that pay the cost of byline. Without him a lot-the user retreated this device is useless in to me likes him the device for my boys. Awesome Samsung Of work.
1 / 5
A wifi field of this tablet is not well. Has subjects of connection anytime that use more than 15 feet of one issue. Has an older version of this tablet, 2015 thinks, has bought this one for the updates of RAM. It handles some big requisites of a game I game in the the majority of very well except wifi connectivity that is crucial for this particular game. In general it is the tablet adds , only sure has the approximations of comfortable chair your wifi point of access.

After using this tablet more is changing my description of 3 stars in 1. That is to say totally because of how bad a wifi the field is. If I have posed quite a lot of 6 feet of one issue all are utmost. Even so I try use this in my chamber, which are directly in a subject, posing me quite 12 or 15 feet have been with a ceiling/of the fund enters, results each except unuseable. Any one of my another the devices have any problem at all with that, this tablet in or another hand has to serconecta' in the each 30 bren in perhaps the minute among moments of loss of signal. I can not recommend buying this tablet.
4 / 5
Bought this like the present of surprise partorisca my little brother, so that it can have something bit it better that his last device partorisca look Youtube, and partorisca touch his games. When it Arrives, I have helped it dips the on, and one of some first things there is remarked was a quality of screen. A screen in this device is really good looking, any pixelated in a slightest, and some images are crisp.

The wise use, likes touch the plot of mobile games, as I also . While we have tried it touch near, use partorisca complain in his old device and that there is the plot of drops of tax of bad frame while we touch the game. Usually we would locate PubG Mobile and Bleach the together Brave souls, and these games were too many graphically intense partorisca his last device. This in spite of, ossia where this beauty goes in. When you Touch games in this pill partorisca a first time, his expensive has aimed emotion massively reason is now able of maps of same touch of intense games without any subjects. You love it, it is happy with him, and am happy reason is happy. :)

Looking the video on here is the charm also, a screen is good and big, and a quality of a screen in this device is very good.

Finally is life of battery, can go a whole day of the alone load, and ossia with moderate to heavy use.

Like this finally, this was the present of surprise partorisca my little brother, and was súper excited when I have given this his, reason not to expect it . You want this pill the plot, so that it likes , this pill fulfils each expectation with relative ease, and seeing a smile in his expensive is partorisca animate my heart.
To good sure would recommend this pill partorisca any one looking for the estimate of friendly device that still can give good action partorisca the low cost.
5 / 5
In fact likes to of me but am a lot disappointed that it is the refurbished model! I have read by means of a title and of the first descriptions to buy and in any one leaves says that it was the refurbished model.
4 / 5
In front of all a screen is a lot clear and a picture is very good and brilliant, but a sound is horrible, goes partorisca require to good sure to use headsets with east. It is a lot of tinny and small. They are also very thrilled with a quantity of personnel in information that Samsung collects partorisca use his product. I think that that it has liked me to it my Asus the better pill. Please the note has has had so only this pill two days, can revise this after the longest pause in.
5 / 5
Has ordered on November 5, 2019. It has given initially this pill 2 stars, but am changing that it informs now. I have had partorisca 2 month now, & improvement in the aim. It does not close on so as originally he , but he still written some wrong papers I type & tries to correct my punctuation, which is bad when he he! I also paid $ more than sells for now ($ 279.) Which really heats me. Any turn the Amazon unless it is 'died on arrived'. A good thing this in spite of, is SS & McAfee has the free security measured which have seen so only 2 1/2 weeks with which shabby. It scans your whole pill & Optimazation is also present which automatically the escáneres & can release on spatial. As I have added another star. Perhaps these measures of security have improved my functions of pill. It is learning amused roughly all the things can do, & attended register with him the bit in future. Sure it was a lot he the cord of USB was longer as hardly it achieves an electrical box partorisca touch of a table. So only I will buy the plus along 10 USB of cord of feet because they touch well. When they Are in bed partorisca recover, I often ties of need partorisca be able to & was it handy covers it so only in the 10 USB of feet the cord & does not have to that concern roughly in losing tin. Ossia The keeper & am happy took it.
4 / 5
My old Samsung Tab A so only can not maintain on anymore. Has has wanted to has wanted to loved/it to it so much an a lot of has update 2019 model. Happy has done. A 4GB the memory is very partorisca light the tasks partorisca have to that of the half. Not substituting the anytime punctual laptop, but partorisca cook recipes, clock of video in a fly, wifi model so only here on mine. A Tab does so only adds. 1080p I video are acute and clear. Decent colour gamut, enough a lot brightness also. You contrast it it is reasonably very too much. A murderous of retina of the iPad, no. But he a lot of shame he neither. Functions to touch law well. Have Still to install anything concealed has unstable course or incident. They are very selective of my applications, I also maintenances my cure of device in a cup for entertainment and maximum action. To read is quite good. Acute text, and the good half tones the the like to read of. It substitutes the standalone reader? Probably any, but still to read .Instructions of pdf and general text, is well. A sound is quite good. The better way that mine old pill. Has Dolby Atmos his, and PROFESSIONAL WORKER Amps sounds well, some speakers are small but places out of decent quality much less. Has the headphone socket, and the audio with mine has beaten T2 and Klipsch IEMs marks a lot here. Included a stock Samsungs is quite passable. Some facts for AKG. Still it drive my Planar Headphones in the pinch, but has limits here. I enjoy a full rich sound that the careers have seen a headphone was in audio of mine setup in my fourth and living room. Connecting with my Hymn AVM30 Preamplifier Processor my Crown XLS-1002 mine of amplifier Elac 6.2 speakers and SVS Subwoofer, a Tab Some mark the well in a source to fly when required, and a computer is not turned on. The life of battery is good to very good. Volume roughly 8 hours perhaps more according to backlight brightness settings, and other questions in this Tab. Running Android 9, run well, and does not annoy me never different mine old pill of 2013. I relegate that oldie like him networked far control mostly and light surfing ossia everything for an old a. Active has DONE ALREADY restore it on that. So only it does not resist up with my questions today, and one a lot tomorrows that this one . Priced well Takes all the world. It take one 64 gb an and a 4GB the memory is well and running 64gb external micro SD paper for more than storage. Take until 512gb externally for your content and other needs of storage. So much paint me happy, and has impressed. He all want to and give me educational and to the entertainment no estimate any end. One of my investments of better technology. Recommended.
5 / 5
A lot disappointed with this pill. I have had he for two month and a Wi-Fi never works. I am seating here with two mobile phones and two laptops what the utmost career of Wi-Fi of mine. But this pill is aiming off-line for each investigation initiates. It Remorse of the buyer.
5 / 5
Has taken this for my dad the one who waste to take the smartphone. Mainly it take for him for pictures and video. Have has had to that the try was the to do first sure law of a window of turn has closed, as it has not seen included the closing. But I am disappointed.
1) The Rear camera is TERRIBLE in low light. I have not seen photo these bad of the digital device of some first telephones of camera (yeah, are that old). Taking the picture of my dog less than 2' is gone in the low light = grieves able to do out of characteristic facial, and everything background is blurred entirely. I have had Samsung telephone of Galaxy for years. It is like this to take the picture. This device SUCKS for pictures in low light. Period.
2) ANY FLASHES! Be ANY flashes in a backside that accosts camera! You are kidding me? The low light camera absolute worse in modern device, and not even the flash to try and improve a quality? Poor decision , poor , poor, Samsung.
3) Taken FOR EVER to touch. Seriously, out of a box a battery was in 50. Now, in an hour later, is in 73. Each laptop has possessed for a past 7 years have touched faster that this pill.

Took it so only has been to do sure he powered on and a WIFI, it camera and the screen that the action , as it can not speak to other characteristics to arrive to this point. Has two days to return, and will think roughly he for the first day returns it, as my dad does not have some the same concerns him GustanI in electronic. But of then it take this he so that it can take and send of the pictures, maintains his house relatively dim, and this camera takes terrible, unusable photo and video in low light, can has to that I return it and spend of the extra money to take something with the usable camera with flashing.
4 / 5
Has taken this Samsung Tab of Galaxy A 10.1 64 GB Wifi Black of Pill (2019) to substitute 5 years Samsung Tab of Galaxy 4 () 2014. The utilisation to look video and TV by means of wi-fi, tent, surf, email, and listen the music. It is the good upgrade. An improvement of speed is attacking. This in spite of has the little negatives that would dip in a 'nuisance' category. Here it is the brief rundown of a pros and nuisances:

1. Much faster that mine old pill! The web of places and the video burst on almost instantly.
2 . Wi-fi Is also very fast. I have measured 125 Mbits for second download and 6 Mbits by second upload of . My PC takes 200 Mbits/dry download of a subject wireless same.
3. The exposure is improved. A lot of crisp.
4. Smaller That mine old pill reason a bezel has gone almost. Also very thin and light.
5. You can it covers in a SD the paper for storage has developed. It has to that 400card of G plugged in this I use to store music and film of house.

1. A connection of USB is the difference of any another has in mine old pill, cameras, telephone, etc. A lot he same parties a chance/of keyboard has bought to pair with him. And a boss sends is so only roughly 2 ft long. Calm the favour and buy the plant it plus with a longitude of bosses. These facts for me:
/>Here is a chance/of keyboard that done for me (excepts to require the different boss to touch):
/>2. An inferior band of an exposure substitutes one 'wife' old key, like this calm any volume to use a whole exposure in time.
3. I need the special little tool (resupplied) to substitute a SD paper. Now I owe that find the place to dip that pocola what where will not lose it .
4. Some keys of volume are revoked of mine old pill to the equal that maintain to turn the strong plus when I want to he calmer, and objective-extracted.
5. One looks and feel of an interface has changed. Any better or worse, has changed so only.

@In rodeo, I like this compressed and would buy it again.
5 / 5
I finally taken patient to struggle Kindle the fire is bad cut on version of Android. Ossia An excellent upgrade of the Kindle Fire without the doubt, this in spite of more expensive. It is physically smaller, lighter, and thinner that a fire, but a measure of real screen is in a same. The life of battery is comparable. The action is well with all the applications have used, but I no really anything intense (mostly the web that explores, Netflix, first Video, etc.).

Has the little significant drawbacks that thinks is quite nettling:
1. There is not a lot car-brightness adjustment. Like blind stops me of the night. I have installed it widget that with the alone press significantly dim a screen.
2. A pill does not beat of the transport/has opened was when a chance has is open or enclosed. I am not sure it is so only a chance has bought, but other descriptions there is complained in a same thing.
3. Samsung Software. A rear key is in a wrong side has compared to all other devices of android. That has the habit of the experience of Android purer (Pixel, Motorola, etc.) will be annoyed with a way Samsung things of movements around unnecessarily.

Absolutely would recommend this pill can live with some things have listed on.
4 / 5
Read all some descriptions add roughly like this ossia such the drawing adds compressed to the equal that have taken the casualidad and Im a lot disappointed. It take a Tab of Galaxy A 10.1 without a S that the pen comprised and has bought one for separate. The lesson learnt = If he doesnt coming with a S Pen then his no compatible with one! There are different models and this model is not compatible. Needless To say his going back and Ailing be buying something more.
4 / 5
Rings the new pill partorisca the game I game. It has iPad Pro Gene 3 and all a iOS goodies. Horrible course in him.. An only program that no partorisca me.. As I imagined it it try droid. I began it it was partorisca buy these two economic pills of hoozoo - complete utter rubbishes a prime minister an east exited of a box with the pixels has died a joint=dines one has been packed with harm of factory. Any one give partorisca ship box or inner band. The horrible stay era.

Now this Tab A 2019 version is awesome. It avenges with DROID YOU WRY, has a lot of different elections if applications already partorisca install, setup was the breeze. A screen is brilliant and vivid. It is extremely easy to pair with Bluetooth devices and has done perfectly with screencast that my TV is compatible talent . An only thing will take the little has bitten partorisca take used to this this 10.1 screen when used to 12.9 iPad pros has been of then has released. Ossia A prime minister droid is the experience has had and obviously a prime minister droid pill but this Samsung is so only quite spectacular of the each appearance of him. I have bought a lot of pills on some years and ossia up there with the best ofhem. Also a lot easy the upgrade and included comprises the pin to take a he the paper was easily.
4 / 5
Man I insurance loves this pill. It is to fly he thus prize .

Are the Samsung defender. I have had the S9 for my telephone and looked in of the pills have loved. Each pill has tried has been disappointed with reason they all is the slowest plot that my telephone. I have loved the screen the big plus for couch surfing but also loves a little action without that has to that buy to 700 pill. After the multiple has has failed the pills has been ready to give on until I have tried is one. My surprise in fact runs the plot like my telephone fact. It is quickly, any lag among changing applications, video of careers perfectly and a screen shows the fantastic acute image. Other pills almost freezing for 1-3 seconds while changing among applications, but my surprised this thing runs like this smooth. Some characteristic is quite stacked, is extremely looked my S9 that comprises an identical interface and seamless transition among my pill/of telephone. It is dipped until basically be the big version of my telephone, as I do not owe that relearn/regulate to the different looking device every time.

Thus current prize , this pill is to fly it simply. An only downside is some speakers are not amazing quality, but would have to that expect that of the system of speaker of the pill. It is quite meso in this department, can a lot easily listen the video and calm will not struggle to comprise an audio/has question that comprises like any one is saying. The life of battery is onpoint, usually go quite some time before I touch this bad boy. Highly recommend.
4 / 5
A pill is sub pair. It is prize is too big for a product. When flies of Scrolling behind and advances, sometimes has to that touch hard in a screen to take he something. It is slightly slow, has turned was animation in way of developer to accelerate it up. I can not find applications sometimes with using a box of investigation. I do not have any idea where is hiding. Has little control of some pages to house anymore. When you Add the transport adds an application to a page of house creates the new window or the frame or anything llama . Disappointed in Samsung! An android is 9. And it sucks! They maintain to change things, swipe lateralmente, any one now the android is worsening any one better. The STOP that fixed material, calm so only is doing worse. Oh It likes Desire for the pill of Linux! But I am economic, reason this material goes was after the years of pair and calm then need spend other few dollars of hundred in another pill that sucks. Or buy one $ 800 pill, which adds, then in two years buy another! Built in obsolescence! Taking ailing of him! And the worse part is like the techy tin a lot upgrade the at all! What better to do that it goes forward, buy the screen to touch and build the micro computer to connect his. Ossia That am doing afterwards. Poop On undertaken of pill!!!!!
5 / 5
This Tab A, was strictly for pupil, programming and networking like this alot of the heavy programs will be to run on that.
Has been expecting aleast the flash key in a backside but the supposition the didnt inspects a tab attentively before shabby.
A sound is not like this clear but appreciate to to the some bass like to them the tone.
One feels is a lot lustrous, abit in a weighty side but thats well.
Life of the battery is not bad, lasted awhole day, has had to touch a next day(early morning), ossia with frequent use of youtubing the majority of video on 20mins (studying) and reading.
The speed is not a subject same with as well as 6 to 10 applications that career in a rear earth.
Lacking - upload this is coming with him didnt work, tried it on another tab this in spite of not doing , like this thats lose it.
Fail - taking bit it heated after minutes of pair of use. It begs that there is the no the permanent upcoming failure.
Lack- last and hopefully more, a screen is a lot acute with vids n pic, this in spite of, attended glare. Or it is that it have to that have alot of glares?
In general a tab is the good compraventa , oh he quickly hands.
Ps. Take the chance, can be abit slippery. Like this grip well.
4 / 5
A prime minister a has not done. A substitution is sum . A lot characteristic is and applications. To That that did not like me is of a manual does not match up with a product. A manual is partorisca to the galaxy telephones ANY to pill. You owe that try things to find solutions. A Messenger of Google no for this pill--has had to FB Messenger. Another that that, was able to take help of the technology in Samsung FB page. It was patient and took finally some responses have required. Still think this was the add compraventa.
4 / 5
Extremely happy with compraventa new. It has been the Samsung buyer of telephones and pills before. 3rd pill thru some years. I have loved mainly it touches WWF when I am touching my telephone, like this ossia - any a lot of - but the utmost alternative. For any the one who is the first time samsung user, think you will not be disappointed.

Update 4/5/20
This pill has surpassed my expectations. They are able to do and acces things on here that it could it he any in mine chromebook (ugh).
The friendly user, easy to dip-arrive and maintain.
Would take another in the heartbeat.
4 / 5
Was while to a 64gb pill by heart for at least three month. It take my promise a 8 Tab of thumb-A for Navidad, and has loved a 10 thumb on its own name, May... It has wanted a 64gb, like this model (and a 128gb) has 3gb of ROM, likes opposed to 2gb in a 8 thumb, or 32gb 10 model of thumb.

These works of pill perfectly well for my needs. They are able to write all my documents and manuals of author on that. It stores my pictures and connects to my Cannon EOS-R a lot easily. I can read an informative or look a video of Youtube occasional. A quality of his is not salvation-fi, but his well, and quite strong to be listened with ears of 62 years. A screen is brilliant abundance also. I do not look never a volume or brightness to his max. Any need to. A screen is quite responsive, and an Android of careers of the pill so only well.
5 / 5
A pill adds! Very fun, a lot fast. Reading the books on are the real pleasure .

Unfortunately would owe that it has taken some plan to protect, reason like paths down a street, that the purse of some woman has attacked he out of my hand, like this of course crack. Any one excuse. Typical of this zone. Earthy and elitist.

Still, resupplied at least roughly 17 days of joy.

Update: after learning like this to take the better cure of this device, has decided felizmente for the cost once again. I do not think that all the Samsung has created is now a lot - If like this, would not trust him , like this to perfection does not exist in an imperfect world-wide - but they certainly platinum with this element here.

Resolution of AMAZING screen, a lot of crisp and clear, excellent to read books or looking video. Felizmente Can say that this produces far surpasses that it is described here in this page for a company he.
4 / 5
Is a measure of same screen like my Tab of the oldest galaxy but a global measure is smaller, the more thin and light weight.
Interests to see that Samsung has gone to the mobile phone-appearance and fashionable creation in of the applications, etc.
One uploads the port is now a fashion of small USB in place of an old plus Samsung wide of port owner that has required an adapter for USB.
A later version of Android has been installed on mine, and now can use some applications that there is prendido to do in mine old Tab because of incompatibility with upgraded applications.
The mapea are add, the speed is fantastic in both wifi and blue tooth.
Has added a paper of expansion to store photo, music, etc.
Amazon And Kindle is cariche fast, but has has not tried still an application of reader of the Nook.
Battery last much more that my old Tab, and uploads the reasonably fast time.
And has taken mine in cyber Monday for $ doing it one extracted included better. (A new coverage was the present navideño .)
Expect that like the one of your as much as I mine.
4 / 5
Done of the years, my daughter gave to 7 pill of thumb, and have it afterwards in a chair of living room so that pode fiddle while it looks television. When This dead, has been now of upgrade to a 10 model of thumb. A subject only is a screen to the touch can be slow or no-responsive, as it loves transport-fill in planting to burst on a keyboard. It can take the few taps to convince it to leave me type. This in spite of, that the an only failure can find with him. The utilisation to look video and when desire, can launch him to a ready TV.
4 / 5
Samsung Apparently decided partorisca take some fines-support of user and Not updating his manuals or quickly-drive to start with. My supposition is has seen likes the threat to the people that use a Samsung application of the girls and the pagan the cost of byline. Without fines-the user sustains this device is useless mine like the device partorisca my boys. Awesome Laws Samsung.
5 / 5
For Samsung specs this 64bit the version has 4GB of RAM. For Samsung has received a European version with 3GB RAM.
Calling support of Amazon partorisca take a legislation a, but expect turn this and buy of Samsung directly.
5 / 5
A pill probably deserves to to 5 stars likes them to them the work adds, but before it has situated them my mandate has contacted them Samsung sustain of technology partorisca ensure that these ships with the 64bit version of android, ensure me , $ 300 later the take the pill with to 32bit version of android.
I contact Samsung sustain of technology again and neither an agent or his supervisor still comprise that there is 32bit and 64bit versions of android and insist 'thats so only the thing of windows' in all the chance after educating them on to to the things like to them the arm 8 I decided partorisca return this so it can not justify that it spends this class of money in the product that does not fulfil my needs neither in a this has similar support of incompetent technology
5 / 5
has had this product partorisca the month. Interior two weeks, any closure out of an out of on screen.
Can any one and has not been able to discover like this partorisca return this element. Samsung Tab Of galaxy A,
5 / 5
Like an extra 64 actions by heart that leave partorisca store the additional films have compared to my pill my old plus that has had so only 32 actions. No really I see a lot of difference another it x1 draw behind. And ìt big. Some pills some old plus has had the flange of screen that the also minimally main. This pill is practically without the flange of screen. Although this can look the wonderful creation the fashionable engineers is downright stupid practicality wise. Before you could resist a pill with a delivery and function/unexpectedly with another. Now of the his is any flange like this contact of mark of the hands while they resist a pill. This interferes with an able pill partorisca recognise that hand is supposes partorisca take attention to still commanded of entrance. He so only freezings.
5 / 5
Wants to this touches a lot! My newspaper of cookery of the game does not clash , goes slow neither aim a ishy clients. I love a sound on that! Some pictures, video, the games are like this clear! I have it that has not spent never this money in the pill before. But like all the world says that takings that has paid takes!
4 / 5
- Has wanted to go for an easy-to-pill of use for an older person, and Samsung the devices utmost judge of is exited androids, in my opinion. It is simple to turn of any material surplus that does not love .
- Big, crisp screen.
- The options of configuration leave for adjustments to listen, visibilities, etcéteras, for people those who have question.
- Is also very very heavy, which is of entity for any the one who has weakened force.
- Life of good battery.
- Volume of good speaker.

- Some measures the a bit uncomfortable fact to resist. It has dipped chance in our devices to all the cost, but that to light clumsiness does to use the chance the necessity thinks.
- Some keys to be able to and the control of volume is small. Stepfather of mine has question with keys of tiny device.
- No a quality of his better.

Can not think of anything more to mention. They are happy with this compraventa!

Sidenote: When Choosing the chance or protective screen for this device, the triple controls that is purchasing. There is multiple of different iterations of a Samsung Tab of Galaxy A 10.1.
5 / 5
Update after the few months: wifi still sucks. I have found that usually I can it take to connect to a wifi for any disabling and enabling wifi or it dipping on and was way of aeroplane. My telephone any that, neither does my laptop among a work and house to issue, transports it to him connects likes has to that. This pill after this in spite of a lot of resets of factory and reboots still can does not transport to connect to the wifi without him requiring implication of user of the end the majority of a time. Perhaps a lot it breaker of extracted for some, would not have taken have known roughly that. It is running the new update took it of then and a frequency to require me to reboot is less. Slightly better but comparing to telephones of galaxy of the mine as it does not have any subject with a wifi, wtf

Updates after the week. I am tried like this to break it. Reset Of the factory and he have done well for the day. But behind the normal. Every time I access a wifi dipping ettings application' have an accident. I have bought a 64gb version. All but a wifi are adds. I have not used the Samsung cellular of products of a note 2. Required the laws of pill like the side pos exposure and for material of rear final. (Point of sale of toast) This wifi will not remain connected unless I reboot device and or subject of reset. Yeah wtf. This is not so only in work. It is in home too much. Two diff routers. And my subject of house has subject of zeros with other devices.

Googling Resulted with another ppl having subject looked without real solution. Like this Idk... I guess I will take an iPad afterwards.
5 / 5
A location of two speakers is very deep of a pill, as when it looks the video likes Netflix, can feel that the sounds so only comes from/come from a direction, and is really annoying. I will return and buy another product that has the location of good speaker that this.
4 / 5
Are the longitude-user of time of HEAVY PC. This was a prime minister compressed has had has not purchased never. A process to dip on such the device was new mine, much more complex that has expected, and result a lot of fallido. When I have turned a device on, has been instructed to choose one of the cast of WIFI services and your in his signal, mine gmail allocution and his signal, and mine Samsung signal of account. I have had not even he Samsung accounts, as I have had to that take to my PC to discover like this to establish one. This was an ordeal because I have been said that my number/of serial of the model in a box was at all. When I Have gone back to a pill, has been asked a lot questions that I have had any sympathetic of. A big question is arisen when I have been instructed to the yours in an of my signals; it contains a underscore character, and has not seen a underscore yours in a keypad. I took literally an hour and the half to solve that, included with telephone support of Samsung. A lot, a lot frustrating. If ossia yours first pill , strongly recommends that more it has dipped the on which knows like this to. I have it quell'has listened of the Samsung has retail tents, as you can wants to go there.
4 / 5
Ossia Like an iPad of a world of Android. Good draw of thin metal, quality 10' exposure, solid action, life of excellent battery, and stereo speakers. Still you contest a Tab Some better looks with this far more slender bezels. I have wanted to stick with Android because I already have money to games in a Tent of Game of the Google. It has been treating adds. I have purchased a 3gb/64gb reason have has wanted an extra gb of ram to help with gaming action. A 32gb the model so only has 2gb of ram that is not enough, especially considering a 1920x1200 exposure of resolution.

Has purchased this for my edges of 7 years those who was long overdue for the new pill. You LOVE it and it says that it is the fastest way and his games are really smooth now. A battery last all day easy. It has dipped a chance of Poetic silicone in that it is the well of hule soft weighed .
5 / 5
Has had a leading version of this table (the 2016 T580). My old pill has done well, but there is also little memory. This had constantly that moves several applications behind to a micro SD paper while they have taken up to date. I tired me to do that as it has decided to substituted he with a 64GB option of this up to date version. A prize was so only too good to spend on while on sale for $ 180.

Was happy to see far less bloatware in this new version of a Tab of Galaxy A. Some colours of the screen also looks the most vibrant plot that in a leading version of this model. It is it was happy they the much bigger micros SD capacities of paper like maintenances the plot of music and files of video in my pill. Highly it recommends this pill to any one wishing the device of quality and the reasonable prize.
4 / 5
Has substituted my old husband Samsung compressed reason behind down and that careers out of memory. A new one are adds for one the majority of part, but beware new versions of applications that used to be ad-free and now is not ! Some constant interruptions for the video that announces and popup ads, especially in start-on, is a lot nettling. A new version of Polaris, which uses for papers of song while touching in the band, is plagued for ads. A new Tune-In uses of the application also is ad-heavy. Has no payed a rescue for some versions of prize, which are purportedly announce-free. It can not blame Samsung partorisca east, but Tune-In era pre-installed to the equal that am aiding and abetting.
5 / 5
Uses a pill to look film and reading web of places. More than pertinent. Had the few deaths of pixels, but a lot included remarks them more. The answered the touch is well. It has been concerned in wi-fi reception been due to other descriptions, but this is not a subject. Wi-fi Is like this as well as my telephones. Life of battery the little less than has announced. It take it it was 2 stars been due to one load. One touching is slow and a short period of a cord is really unacceptable. It is done also to use so only with this pill as I can not buy the substitute. Samsung Would owe that be embarrassed.
4 / 5
Possesses the Samsung Galaxy note9 smartphone like this the pill exactly included excepts is the pill . I have bought he partorisca ebooks and is stunning. I love it!! The better way that Kindle and Kobo that possesses. Turning Of smooth page. A lot of main screen any ache of plus of with the one of this screen too much small. I have not had an occasion of the external bed because of winter cold temperature. Lame to transfer my material of my punctual telephone the pill. Battery quite good. I am looking forward to tent of Google of the use, overdrive, Kobo, Kindle unlimited. I already read the little Kindle and am impressed. They are familiarised with system.
4 / 5
In the first place was, this pill has been orders so that utilisation he so that it is so only the basic film that looks and exploring an internet. The applications are snappy, the sound is very strong and clear, and a life of battery is phenomenal. To spare spatial of storage. A screen could be more responsive but I no really games a lot another that touching Prague Inc and Plant vs Zombie, as it is not the subject enormous. Bluetooth Connects perfectly with my keyboard. The life of battery is still like this well like the day took it. Global amour and enjoy this pill.
5 / 5
Has behind envoy but probably so only the bad screen of costruttore although moved to a SE5 like the result. It does not love disorder with a screen but this one is easier that resist in a book where a SE5 is too wide.
4 / 5
Ossia My second Samsung Tab A. Still I have my prime minister, but was cut always of the operative memory and I use for everything. This new one has characteristic informative fresco: tonnes of built in memory, moving my applications and the documents was the breeze, quality of his very and yes, life of long battery. Totally I recommend it.
5 / 5
Am not sure like utilisations this thing (the compraventa a lot adds on memory?) With less than one 64 GB to start with. When I check to see reason is objective full 30 plenary with Another and saying at all in the ossia - is not a Music, Video, Pictures, or documents so that it follows to assume is junk downloaded by a Pill in his own. Has the Tab 4 that founds would not leave me movement hardly anything to a paper by heart and has substituted he with east to solve this subject. Enormous bummer to spend money the upgrade this in spite of has any memory.
5 / 5
A very good Pill estimativas of quality/of the report, elegant creation, good sound, good image, thin and light regarding his measure of 10.1 thumbs, any one has fast load but if a show a lot optimo with his mAh, with an intense use can last all day easily, his period of load can be among the 3hours roughly of 15 until 100.
4 / 5
This was a AWESOME compressed until a black screen of death has looked! Three month afterwards purchases a pill there has been 50 load and then a screen has turned black and would not turn behind on. Tried all a rebooting tricks and tried for the touch that the different uses chargers and at all has done. So only the black screen! You do not recommend buying this pill.
4 / 5
My girls (5, and 6-the old years) there has been LeapPad compressed to start with, but those are limited in election of Application, of then have so only his tents of own application and a tent of application of the Amazon, any Game of Google is available unless it install the fact to commission you.

Has chosen this Tab of Galaxy An east and was the election adds .
Has full Android, which of course comprises the link Familiarised to the equal that can control the one who the applications and the settings have controls on and that it can use, as well as my boys take beats older unlock that for them.
But, the one who this pill also has, is Samsung marries Boys, which is the boy -screen of friendly house, which blocks things as you frame and an attractive-down shortcuts, and can choose that applications your girls see in his homescreen.
Is a better of the like a LeapPad offered and to good stop-empty until they are ready for full Android, in the chance can use a same pill in all the chance.

Highly recommended.
4 / 5
A swipe and mandates of the press has not done 8 times out of 10. Have has had to that the turn was and the turn has retreated on and try againj
5 / 5
the Just desire could have more options of exposure. A clock and the material is like this tiny compared to screen, also flashes would be good. To good sure heavier that would like me, also, but know of any of that is your failure, assuming calm no his factories .

PROS: The quality of picture adds. Awesome To look film or touching games. The sound goes quite strong to the equal that can listen the music while cooking. Easy to imagine was especially is an user of android . The life of battery is well, if I constantly game or something I only need still for the touch once the day. That having to that touch each one another day.
5 / 5
After possessing numerous Kindle pills, has been ready to move up. With which to plot researches it, has decided in a Tab of Galaxy A reason offers quite some to the same capacities likes them to them iPad more expensive. It has not been disappointed! I can touch my games, Word of use, email of control, this in spite of reservation read to use a Kindle application. Very happy with my decision.
5 / 5
Like the contractor, has bought this mainly to take pictures and feign them my clients. While a quality of screen is sum for the pictures have taken with cameras of qualities, a camera in this device is the little disappointing. I am not very clear, and have the pasty quality like some digital cameras 20 years ago. Otherwise, the device adds.
5 / 5
Has satisfied entirely with cost of mine. Experience to temporarily substitute my laptop but now are in the believer that can be the permanent substitution. He all I need to do and more. Súper Happy with cost of mine. It can add the keyboard later.
5 / 5
Is returned reason any have to him legustado that the harm extracted. I have bought recently a Tab S6 in the sale that is surprising. It is not in a row of same prize this in spite of. A truth is, if all need to pill thus consumption of means comunicacionales and the reading is probably well. If it plan in gaming or work of photo, recommends something better.
5 / 5
Loves this iPad. Has the enormous screen. I enjoy to look Netflix on that. If I want to read anything of kindle does not have to that pull my eyes. Apresamiento Could pictures. It likes that of one load is the simple usb to c. So I lose that can substitute he for down ten dollars in Amazon or Walmart or gas canal
5 / 5
is not like this quickly like my Air of iPad 2, but taste it using.

Top Customer Reviews: 2019 Samsung Galaxy ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
5 / 5 Sung
Samsung TAB A 10.1 has closed was Account of Google during setup. Fact with Google partorisca determine the question said it a Samsung security lockout. It is spent of the hours with both Samsung and Google any able to solve question afterwards fine hard resets.
Has purchased Samsung Tab Of the paralizaciones $ .
Is returned Samsung Tab A.
Has issued Credit of turn partorisca $ .
The provider would owe that be take vendors of Amazon.
5 / 5 Nelle
Has tried previously save the money that buys a offbrand, but my antivirus has taken a malware immediately (bakes in a firmware). As I am returned and paid more partorisca this Samsung 10.1 Tab of thumb A. It is cleaned without malware, and the work adds. It could not be pleased more. It does not buy the no-mark of name, compraventa Samsung or another very known mark partorisca of the extra money. (And for an Amazon of way refunded my money in some other two returns any question--thank you Amazon!)
4 / 5 Carrol
Amazing pill partorisca home, office, etc. Acts well with or without WiFi, like the mirrored screen partorisca loan TVs, and-reader and games. A lot lite weights and easy to use. Sleeve-up was the breeze and has taken small only. Uses the 'This micro USB although it comes with one in a box. According to compraventa of Pill of the Galaxy partorisca ours house like my woman is has done adds partorisca the years of pair now and has required the new a.
4 / 5 Deane
Ossia Presents he in my boy and wants it like this. A main purpose of this pill is still youtube, half comunicacionales social posting, surfing internet, etc. does not touch the plot of hardcore video games, and does not complain never anything in this pill. A resolution of a screen is not UHD but enough well for a measure; HD the video has been touched a lot of smoothly in this pill, and a colour of picture was so only perfect. I have chosen this pill more than ipad because of a prize. I do not see a point because the people pay more money for almost some same functions. Totally it loves the and highly recommend.
4 / 5 Carolee
Love an ease of this pill. It has not had any question that downloads the mine has has required applications. A lot especially, it was able to regulate a measure of text to comfortably read. Originally, This was to be used further of the mine another pill. Now it is used when being in place of the mine another pill. This pill is to good sure the investment adds.
4 / 5 Genia
Are very happy with a pill, the new mark in excellent envelope and the service of a client of tent was excellent, sending for deception a container to another direction and these types solve a question less than days. I recommend it 100
5 / 5 Belinda
This pill is all has expected takes and more. Works very better that the ASUS has bought of alike cost.
Marie has comprised (his swimming to write home roughly but serviceable) and still without era the just prize
5 / 5 Andrew
is very good. Average quickly and the pages have opened quickly also.
5 / 5 Debra
My adolescent has loved the new pill (upgrade of his Kindle Fire) and has done the plot to research the earth is one . The prize adds for a power and quality. Easy to dip up and pursue - the latest version of Android has been installed. The images are crisp and clear. The screen the touch is attentive and receptive, how is a 'go back ' and 'wife ' keys. Quality of the speaker is not bad but this also there is Bluetooth and easily partorisci to headphones and speakers, as it does not use some speakers of device the plot. The life of battery is order - can do his homeschool on-line classes all day and any courses out of being able to, like this at least 8 hours of streaming (inc. Bluetooth). Also it touches quickly which is well in the pinch.

A chance has comprised is useful like the stand and protects a good device. It maintains a thin device and lighweight while doing a work!

Of the point of view of father, that loves roughly use this device is that I can upload Google links Familiar in the and control his account to ensure is used of pupil, email, etc. And no another content that the parents do not agree of! Súper Easy to use this characteristic and happy has taken a pill of Android for this reason.

An only ample was' here is that ossia the European container , as it covers he in one uploads the base is European and can not be used in the the USA outlet! Quite easy to substitute and in the low cost, as no the question but is conscious that need to exchange that was.

Recommend this device.
5 / 5 Kyung
Have an Air of IPAD that is the few old years and has has wanted to something with expandable storage. An IPAD is more afterwards to the 4:3 format. I prefer one 16:10 format in a Samsung compressed. For Youtube, Hulu and podcasts, is so only well for enough bit it less money that an IPAD. He aslo games FLAC files. Have audiobooks In a sd the paper and you can take an accessory that connects to a type C port USB and the memory have read. A volume does not look to go like this strong likes IPAD, but uses a Oontz bluetooth speaker that compliments the good.
4 / 5 Anthony
I have had to that return a pill. A screen to the touch has not done properly. The touch has not been recognised. Because of this I can does not give the good description. This in spite of me reordered another to to the 2019 pill so only likes to of him.
5 / 5 Burton
This Samsung 10' the tab of Galaxy has substituted an old Asus pill that could not be upgraded Android further 6 YOU.
My new pill is far more responsive. A screen the touch is sometimes the bit iffy.
This model is coming with 128 Gb the storage and I have added another 128 Gb micro SD Paper that I preloaded with documents, music and first images to install. I have used Ready Transmission to spend in my contacts, preferences, and another die - the simple task.
A life of the battery declared does not look to be reachable - the common complaint with more than pills and portable the.
4 / 5 Kyra
Has bought this pill because my Nexus 9 battery has taken has used on with which 6 years of daily use.

This response to touch of the pill is HORRIBLE. You will touch an icon 5x, swimming, included when has the respinse, swimming. The software is limited, the screen has the concentration of low pixel that mine 6yr old Nexus, his slow plus that mine 6yr old nexus.
Wtf Is samsung doing there?
Salvation? .... Samsung? You know that it has done it?
Samsung: yeah Touches the s the pill ADDS! It SELLS IT!!
5 / 5 Lessie
Are the inspector to house so it has required the pill tried and of confidence. I have ordered this one with one the majority of storage and better speed. Alot Of the photos are takings. Sometimes on 400 for each inspection. I have been disappointed to see this pill has not had the camera flashes. While to a late plus and I more adds was the left down. The dumb looks that resists the torch to take crawlspace photo. How it is useless. I have gone back to the mine Note10 telephone to do my Inspections.
There is disappointed Samsung doesnt has an accessory or alternative.
5 / 5 Riva
Has been using this for month, and am like this happy with him! Often with screens to touch there is all the classes of questions. Too sensitive, no quite sensitive, slow to answer. But I have not treated that at all. Any click accidentels was my failure , no his. I do not know exactly the one who a life of battery is, but knows can look video (which all touch very a lot) for several first hours of the look of explosions of low battery up. And still then a battery is still in around 30 or so much. A camera of photo is well, is easy to take the pictures and they look very good. I have not used a camera of video still. I can eat my words later, but like this far ossia a lot of dependable.
5 / 5 Larisa
Has assumed a 128g sd the paper has been comprised with a container, reason ossia that has ordered. Any so much! Wine with a key to to take to a Tab but any paper. It is in good Pill but, the little harder that imagine was then Mina old plus a. Still I have mine old pill and still is running quite good. I also bough he of the almost done amazon 10 years. So only it is beginning to do up has to that way that be now of the substitutes. A new one east a same model so only more anticipated in a lot of ways. It is the good cost like this far. So only I chair that has been missled in a 128g that is installed. If they had mentioned that calms that has to that order for separate, would have ordered he a same time. This in spite of,
highly recommends this pill to any one looking for the dependable
Pill ossia easy to dip up and very easy to use for multiple purposes. This Tab 10 is far more anticipated then mine old plus an and are really that looks forward to to take deeper to everything of his possibilities. An inferior line is, ( a lot The BUCKS) JJ.r
5 / 5 Raeann
Has bought this expensive Samsung Tab A 10.1 (2019) reason have has wanted to has to that well pill, concealed would leave me to use an Internet without that has to that squint, taste to him with my telephone.

Liked so much, have gone back to Amazon and has bought of the elegant chance to protect it. A Otterbox Serious of the defender for this Pill dipped behind $ 70, but has imagined has be worth it, in the chance fell it.

After touching with a pill for the week, decided it has been now of trace an Internet. The law adds with Wi-Fi of mine, but which love start? I researched it and it has discovered that the majority of Pills can go in your plan of Mobile phone for the small monthly cost.

Has been to Samsung put web and has accessed his cat of support. After the few questions, has been connected to the Samsung “expert”. I have asked it could add the pill of mine of mobile coverage and ensure me to the knots could and has said my Cellular Carrier could do this easily. I have asked like these works and a “expert” said me to knots to go the Connections >of Settings >More Connections and then the Wireless Coverages. I all concealed, but could not find “Wireless Coverages”. A “expert” said can have something wrong with pill of mine and has suggested that goes to Samsung Far Services a next day, where any one could far to Pill of mine and the figure was something is bad. In the same send me links it.

A next day, has used one links to connect to Samsung the Far service and give me to knots another “expert”. This “expert” again ensured that a Samsung Tab A 10.1 (2019) is able to connect to an Internet by means of my Carrier of Mobile phone but when I have asked more questions, blow to the knots was and said to take a Pill to mine Carrier of Mobile phone. Slightly annoyed, has dipped in my shoes and has driven centrical.

I schlepped some five miles to T-Cellular and said him a history. A technician looked quickly in Pill of mine, and said, “This Pill does not have any space for the HE Paper”.

Has said, “Yes he , has dipped one in there”.

Has said, “No, ossia the Micro SD Paper. They are not some same”. I have been in to explain that the HE the paper is required to locate the Wireless Coverage and of a Samsung Tab A does not have the HE empty of paper, well, an inferior line is is not throw' in an Internet with this Pill.

Are livid. Any that can not locate an Internet. I am annoyed that TWO “EXPERTS” in Samsung, those who probably has a Product Specs in his yolks, could no to give me a correct information. His both ensure me to knots that could take it Service of Internet by means of my Carrier of Mobile phone, but has taken the carrier of Mobile phone says less than the minute to say me the concealed has not been like this.

Especially when I have gone back to Amazon and looked on, '10' Pills with HIM empty of paper' and found a lot for low $ 100.

An inferior line is does not purchase this Pill loves access of external Internet of a row of the yours Wi-Fi.
5 / 5 Analisa
Master. Utilisation for the web that explores, to film of mirror and applications of TV to mine bigscreen, music, and other daily tasks. You take the big micro SD, he Bluetooth smiled, keyboard and stand of the pill and you are in business !
5 / 5 Francisco
Modify: Feb 12: modification again. It is lasted for the few days, but then clashed again. It maintains to freeze.

Feb 10: Android 2 updates and now is goes to do quite well. Good battery....

Has taken 3 hours to take it up and running reasons has frozen each 30 seconds. Now it will do well for 20 minutes. But punctual, an only way to open any icon is to paste a key to be able to, swipe a screen, and try again. It does not operate . I will not buy an iPad. It has to that so only it gives up in Samsung?? An economic $ 75 do 75 very better
4 / 5 Muriel
Are I wrong? You are that it goes to look in me and say me are bad? Boys of the fire of the amazon is the witch . His sister was the Samsung compressed! It will give some boys an educational bubble, doubt. Grow your girls' brains, Doug.

My favourite device for boys! Samsung I boys is character . I have wanted to it loved/ It To it of then 2014. I can download my election of applications and give some girls some times of screen agree of. If it love your girls to have accesses to unfiltered, endless content- has contained besides on his age, take a pill of girls of the still still Amazon seal of the smallest prize.

Want to built in of the applications of girls that promotes creative game and love the complete control that your boys can access, Samsung is upper of a heap.

Ossia Everything on a quality of a device!
5 / 5 Dottie
Substitution partorisca an older Nook. Like Samsung has produced like this, prefers this to a ipad. The desire there has been the built in stylus, as I like him to him the use an and a chance is coming with - protect basic magnetic closure - do not count partorisca one, which would have preferred. The hard battery and the clarity is a lot good. Very happy with element.
4 / 5 Lucie
LOVES my new Samsung Tab. I have had the 8' to like 4 years , with which has died on looked around and solved in 10' 2019 version.
4 / 5 Josiah
Has been using the 2017 tab of Galaxy One with excellent results and this 2019 version all a leading model excepts with much more of capacity of storage that is reason has bought this mine 400GB SD the paper contains all my audio of music and content of the video copied of my computer of Laptop and again like this far some results are excellent has moved my pill my old plus in a chamber and ossia now my multimedia pill for now and a prize was a lot Well is looking for the pill of the main capacity then the highly recommend this amendment Samsung Tab of Galaxy One you wont be disappointed.
4 / 5 Katelynn
A lot disappointed. I have bought one 128 GB model with 3 GB ram. There is the plot to stutter when screens of scrolling. Noticable lag And hesitation ploughing and changing applications. Gestures to touch to open applications as well as gestures of tap inside applications thicker require multiple taps to take any action. One load and touching the boss is economic and low quality. Taken three any to the turn was or restart a pill, ossia so only stupid on all the levels three times on. This pill is the real left down for a prize. It comes with alot of Samsung bloatware taking hours to take touched of of. Dipping on properly takes hours. You would be very better was with an iPad. -CPO EUA NAVY Has TAKE
5 / 5 Brandie
Beware! THIS DOES not SUSTAIN MHL. Neither it has an Awake/function of sleep, (after a chance, the pill goes to sleep; opened a chance, the awake pill arrives). A pill is not to dip up for that, like expensas this and calm take the chance for him a chance there will be this capacity. If it calms master connects to the TV has seen HDMI, or mirror your exposure, no . It is so only he does not have this capacity. Any adapter read them in fact. It does not have a chip for him. For any reason Samsung there is prendido doing his pills with MHL capacities, except a really expensive some. Quality of the screen has not been all that adds. A lot a time some images were blurred or grainy. Screen to the touch is not all this responsive. Calm touch he two or three times and at all spends. It is a good pill . For $ 300 I has expected more. The mine has gone back reason took it specifically for screen mirroring, and can a lot of that, likes I do not require it . You can use Chromecast, but concealed has not done for me because Chromecast does not sustain a Xfinity application of Current, which is that I use to look television. In general so only the has not done for me. Calm think you can do better for a money.
4 / 5 Dwain
Are really happy with a Samsung Tab A 10.1. State using he for the few days and here is my observations: the screen the Touch is a lot of responsive, and the quality of picture is utmost. Dolby Atmos I frames of sound looks light years at the head of the mine old Tab And. I am taking roughly 8 1/2 hrs. Use of the full load so only, which is the better plot that has expected. An only small complaint has would be a thin plus bezel around an outside of a screen. It likes, but it is of class of the double edged sword. My old Tab And has had the wide plus bezel, like this enough could the mangos has loved this in spite of without accidentally touching a screen and changing it. It is so only the @@subject to take use to a small plus bezel reason finds my toes are roaming to a surface of screen. A lot. The vendor was súper fast manually, the pill was securely has packed, and exactly to the equal that has announced. In general, it would say that this pill is an excellent product for a prize.
5 / 5 Lory
Good pill, everything would expect of Samsung, his products can very always be some better in a phase but calm always can count on consistency of product, personally this was my first pill , prefers to build my systems of the own computer but I have to that say for like this small how is spent the majority of some bases. In fact that buys the just second of the dump in and pair the to the piece of crew of fitness.
5 / 5 Latoria
Are really enjoying this pill, mostly for impeachment listened in a moment but a screen is big, is easy to surf a web, my girls used it to skype our familiar, a whole family is by train of the enjoy. A prize was excellent, as I have been he advances and has registered a product with samsung using number of serial so only to do sure a guarantee was well, and no red flags, has verified a guarantee. All well!
5 / 5 Roselia
Has loved the pill soooooooo harm, the thought would remain of the mine telephone more and use he for all other applications that of those who involve a telephone. It had spent of 3 different pills and has said finally has been to spend of the money for the 'cup of a pill of semence' BALONEY!!!! In his pill is sum for streaming, this in spite of Each one THAT 5 MINUTES THERE Is A 'ANNOUNCED FOR GOOGLE THIS FREAKING EXPLOSIONS ON And calm TAKE YOU ENTIRELY OUT OF THE Yours APPLICATION IN. A picture is extraordinary, this in spite of, when one touches an icon he no very dang what.. You owe that paste he 3 or 4 times... The fsing hates that I am spent all this bbn money$ 189 in the dang compressed to be like this damn there is disappointed.
5 / 5 Roma
This Samsung the tab of Galaxy is the substitution for an old Tab pro that a battery has died on.unla Speed and the life of battery is surprising. LeGustado The one of way that has bought one for my woman.
5 / 5 Yessenia
I have had the iPad mini like a battery any last storage along and has had spatial a lot small. Also it possesses the kindle fire 8 which want to and use partorisca a lot of things. It has taken a Tab A partorisca in fact partorisca cross stitching. There is the application partorisca cross stitching has used partorisca mark models. I have it on my kindle also but some careers of battery down quite quickly. A Tab One a hard battery the long time. Have Still for the have the career was on me before an end of a day.
5 / 5 Jaquelyn
There is at all concealed I aversion in this pill still
Each looks of what to be working I so only adds
4 / 5 Martin
Thank everything of you characterises thank you for this awesome the law of pill adds.
5 / 5 Rubin
Measured of the screen adds. Light. Easy , like this easy to use. Always choose Android on all another. No the defender of a coverage has sent, flimsy BUT was free. Looking for the sturdier has spent. Pricey Slowly to protect.
4 / 5 Quintin
Screen ghosting while scrolling, has better expected of Samsung.
The chance is lasted roughly the first day breaking where a pill snaps in.
In general probably would not buy it again and probably would return it has had any real subjects with him.
Has used he for the week while I have recovered of the surgery but I hardly use it to arrive to this point.
5 / 5 Corinne
The screen and the resolution add answered. Toes of vertical the horizontals quickly without lagging in that organise animal a desk/means it comunicacionales that touch.
Version of android 9. It comes pre-installed with yours pack rule of Applications of Google, and some characteristics of Windows. To the left it is it begins well out of a box.
MicroSD The expansion is expected, likes 32option of action is substantial. Type of USB C mark uploads and time to download seamless. Definatly An improvement in Micro USB.
5 / 5 Selena
This pill was to fly it, all have has wanted to was in yolks of mine. 2 complaints is very thin and hard to resist (for me) the chance is coming so it does not fall it . Secondly One uploads the cord is too short out of a box, 18 in, new 6 ft the cord on is way . They are very pleased with this pill for daily use. My opinion.
4 / 5 Lyndia
He Take the Tab A, takes a 64GB or a 128GB versions. Both have 3GB of ram. Ive Has used pill of mine now afor two days and always have 1GB of the free ram. It is the fantastic value for a money. The quality of screen is fantastic and an on all the experience with the cake of Android is sum.
5 / 5 Lester
Read them well excepts that a resolution of some comics in the grandstand of Chicago is poor. A rest of a paper is well. It would be more be happy with the resolution of the main screen.
5 / 5 Oren
The work well excepts that a resolution of some comics in the grandstand of Chicago is poor. A rest of a paper is well. It would be more be happy with the resolution of the main screen.
5 / 5 Thanh
Has had a pill partorisca less then 6 hours a quality of picture is surprising a sound is adds! I can not testify to a battery this in spite of will be partorisca do another the few months later.

Informs after 5 month: still a lot I amour with this life of the battery of the pill is really good or the have on way to save of the battery and take roughly 2 to 3 days out of him. Processer If the quality of fast picture is like this vibrant looking the shows is is surprising!! The sound is really big and the quality is really well too much! It can not say quite a lot of good things in this pill !!! Well value of the money spends!!!!
4 / 5 Maryanne
The product has said that that is coming with the chance. Any chance is coming with him.
4 / 5 Alvina
This pill is a better one could find for a money. I love this pill
5 / 5 Jada
These produced has not done. Still after calling support of technology, has has had to that the to us send behind.
5 / 5 Vicky
Has not had Never to pill before way that does not have anything partorisca the compare to, but I like this enough. I took it to look the shows and a quality of picture is very good. A sound is not like this strong to the equal that would like this in spite of. Also it touches my games in a pill and a screen looks the little pixelated but swimming to be disturbed on.
4 / 5 Merri
Has ordered this pill to substitute the (Samsung) Compressed of the nook has received takes christmas. Has-liked me An old pill that when it has looked for the substitute I in the first place looked in chrome books and has decided has not required a laptop of imitation but the pill with the tone near bought a Samsung one is that I am familiarised with and he that needs. I maintain clue of my sugar of blood and data of insulin for my Dr. And do like this well.
4 / 5 Ninfa
Has ordered this for my add grandaughter in Kentucky of then can not go to pupil now. His parents (my grandson & his woman) taste has said so much was partorisca of a family (has!) I can it has to that take another!
4 / 5 Caron
Has purchased this pill to substitute one this was no longer useable. This one are adds! A hard battery much more! This pill is easy to use and read Kindle external reservation! I produce it adds!
4 / 5 Fletcher
After the month of use can ensure you that it is the compraventa a lot well , can does not give the indication the big plus reason has the question with one load, has said that is to wet and does not leave me load usually, I discharges of must he in when it restarts, is a late plus If it has not been thus detail would be a better laptop in a world. My edges loves it but so only can not connect a boss for the touch, the one who the disorder.

Top Customer Reviews: Samsung Galaxy Tab ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 41 ratings
5 / 5 Angela
It has looked for the substitution partorisca my aging Nexus 7 pill recently because a battery is going bad and some speakers are now rattly partorisca some reason. Really so only it uses the pill partorisca streaming video, the web that explores, reading books, and listening the audiobooks. A big part of this use is video streaming. Supposition the one who this thing is TERRIBLE in?

Has thought at the beginning that it was having subject of internet, but all mine other devices streamed of any source so only well. This device, this in spite of, maintained buffering all a time. This a lot of so only spent when streaming of the source in an internet, but also so only partorisca try to see the video of my server of house.

Has begun then partorisca suspect a wireless connection. These looks partorisca be A lot but to all the cost of him or has not used 2.4 or 5GHz, still would have the question that maintains up. A player of video would owe that stop and búfer never thirty second or like this, usually partorisca other thirty seconds. Simply terrible. Also I want to stress that this has not been of a particular application, but of several players of video, Youtube, and Crunchyroll. An action was like this bad that ossia a product of the prime minister am not returned never the Amazon some a lot of years of heavy that order that has done by means of them.

While they are griping in this thing, a touchscreen looks sluggish and inaccurate, without way of the aforar that could find. Also, some speakers are in the really bad location - both in a fund (side) of a unit, so to all the cost of is resisting portray or landscape, calm probably goes them partorisca cover with your hands. Seriously, like this hard is partorisca think so only the tiny, tiny has bitten roughly like your product is used? I really expected more than the mark of name likes Samsung.

In short: it DOES not BUY THIS PILL. There he being nothing special roughly the and is at all but the disappointing. A pill in fact the decade still would be the better election.
4 / 5 Felix
Ossia My second Samsung Tab A. Amado my prime minister a, until I have fallen accidentally he in some cloths litter. As I have purchased the new a (SM-T290) while a same or better action. Unfortunately, a new one east the a lot of behind.

In general is still the good pill for a money. But I am disappointed that fails the figure concealed has been comprised with mine 2018 version of a Samsung Tab A (SM-T380):

1) Mina the old pill there has been the USB-C port, a SM-T290 has old school mini port of USB.
2) Mina 2018 pill has turned was/on when closing/that it ploughs a coverage; that closes a coverage (a new one of a same company like my old a) in mine the new pill does not turn a pill was, as some careers of battery was a lot of too quickly if I forget to manually the turn was.
3) An advance of camera in a new model is so only 2 MP (old one was 5 MP), and
4) A new pill in 1.1 lb is considerably heavier that an old a ( lb).

In a side besides: Some careers of new pill on Android 9.0 (Wry), while an old one was Android 7.1. As I have taken a upgraded operating system. Also it pursues in Qualcomm SDM429 Snapdragon 429, Quad-core 2.0 GHz Cortex-A53, compared to Qualcomm APQ8017 and Quad-Core in an old a. Probably This means a new one is faster. I did not use it quite still partorisca remark.
5 / 5 Aretha
Has purchased this to substitute an old plus 8.ºn Model mainly partorisca in an investigation gone, reading applications, and game of video behind for when a littles is around... This does wonderfully for all these. Begun the on(after touching) and a neighbour up was quickly and easy to clone mine samsung account to this new pill! Any one @subject
5 / 5 Thao
Want to which light is compared to a model an old plus has. Processor Very fast and awesome screen, the colours are done amiably. I everything in this pill in place of my mobile phone. His Wifi the paper achieves the long way of mine houses which is the plus . You wont gone wrong buying this product.
4 / 5 Latoya
Has moved finally some keys to a screen. Any one keys of navigation of the hardware. Amur That.
Screen a lot well, clear, brilliant.

To That that does not like me :
1: Some looks of screen to collect scratches easily. It can not see he with a screen on but is there.
2: Occasionally the little use the fastest processor.
3: In 5 a screen goes dim. It can have the way to turn that it was. It has to that no for the found still.

In general would buy again because there is a lot little in a point of prize although it can match it. The utilisation to
surf informative and to read Kindle books. Good works for these activities. I have not touched any one play on that.
5 / 5 Maryetta
Is heavy and HAS A lot of subjects of error where has to restart it. A light of screen goes dim for any reason. A lot disappointed.
4 / 5 Illa
Any complaint like this far. Utilisation this mostly partorisca and-books and the pocolos play, as they are not really registering it too the memory or the wise storage. It is of confidence and fast so that I need. It likes me quell'has said, any complaint like this far.
5 / 5 Shari
When recently he prendí A lot there was at all of resplandor and almost any one could read at all in the screen, the congoja to having configured the resplandor to the limit. It is like this be several days (in that Any one use it, so only to treat of the solve) and so only when had give, he reinicia again to see if I fix it and has done! Now this all well, wait that follows has taken! So only the use to read, listens music and works of use and social coverages súper well, the sufficiently quickly.
4 / 5 Albertina
Has possessed well in the dozen samsung pills and telephones. This was a prime minister to come with a unsealed box, the boxes of interior have opened, any film in one load, and any film in a glass. It is obviously at least an open box, which has not been announced, if I do not return it or he refurbish. I will not buy of this vendor again. I revisit this description if any one defects result apparent.
5 / 5 Brittani
Please be conscious, the pill is exceptional, this in spite of. Samsung In all his brilliance has decided to TAKE a capacity to transfer applications to a sd the paper that does a pill virtually worthless like his memory takes full very fast. A lot of messages have gone back the Samsung without results. Again a pill is exceptional minus that a defect, which hopefully Samsung will fix in some point with the update of software.
4 / 5 Vania
KNOW YOU CAN not THINK are REAL, BUT LOVE THIS PILL!!! My last pill has been flown and has looked for the new a partorisca month that was perfect with a perfect prize. I have required to pill partorisca resist EVERYTHING of my applications (10 applications partorisca bills, 3 mean comunicacionales social applications, 15 applications of compraventas, application of Microsoft partorisca my book(s) am publishing, and at least 10 applications of game partorisca my boys) and still have spatial. It has not installed included a SD paper that comes with him. Almost it has forgotten it, it has been rid sooner that expected for as the week.
5 / 5 Shelley
Has purchased this pill on Feb. 26, 2020. Has-liked me he for one the majority of part but now suddenly has lost some of a colour. It began it it has been totally black and aim and now some of a colour has gone back but a lot everything of him. I have looked to see can contact a vendor but I no. of the supposition Probably will ask roughly he in a Q and A section to see that it spends. They are a lot disappointed.
5 / 5 Nisha
Like this, before judges has cut them pill of mine to shoot so it could use google game and google tent of application, but a pill of the fire is not done for gaming likewise tho could take them some good games and run his, was laggy and didnt extracted well... This one is main priced but is quite decent for gaming, which is all the really do...
5 / 5 Clint
Has taken this Pill of Galaxy for mine toddler to touch some of our games of Game of the Google. Has does not love something big-the arrival has broken he in chance perhaps, as we are in the first place be with an Amazon Kindle. After being frustrated further with a way a Kindle works of operating system, has decided to take a pill of Galaxy. We have not had any subjects with him, and has been amused for me to use during quarantine for zoom and Skype to to the meetings likes them to them the screen is main that of my telephone is. To good sure would recommend this!!
5 / 5 Rufina
This was a better present could take them my edges for Christmass. It did not annoy me for mine phn of then is had his pill !! The screen adds, vibrant colours... Able to download all his applications and game... The only thing is one upload the cord is exited in roughly 2 weeks to have has had to that take the most durable cord. Another concealed it. Money a lot well is spent!!
4 / 5 Danika
Ossia To economic pill that is to be purchase as the declare for creation of course and support of application of the client. A resolution of screen is quite bad and a screen to touch is terrible. So only in each third tap a first time. If this was the device that use it daily would return it. How it is, can tolerate it.
5 / 5 Bradly
Has taken this like the substitution for pill of mine of fire. Usually it loves Samsung the products but this thing is slower that a fire was, in fact is slower of mine 4 old year S7 flange. At least in streaming video. Otherwise Is good but look to plot of youtube and this thing is frustrating.
5 / 5 Rosalee
I amour Samsung compressed, but a an I bought is the lemon. This device has the faulty touchscreen. Has a sensibility dipped to Max, this in spite of hardly answers to touch. Calm has to it touch 6 or 7 times to take the response.
4 / 5 Elidia
It loves it. It is so only the main version of my telephone. Lite Hanged, slender creation and clear picture. Highly recommend.
4 / 5 Lucila
Has come with the Type C European of discharge as it could does not use. I have had felizmente others cover of American USB that could use it to touch this up. I have contacted a vendor roughly that. Another that that, the law adds.
4 / 5 Haydee
The connectivity of internet is terrible. If the on-line investigations will find you ossia the subject along , but when I have called Samsung alleged it roughly that it has to that be my connection of internet . Any help at all. The works add off-line.
5 / 5 Catharine
Has changed with which 2 iPad Mini pills. The life of battery is exceptional, facilitated of use and adding the applications is of sound!
5 / 5 Kia
Ossia The tab of the galaxy adds . I have bought he for mine 13-year-olds anniversary. It is one first real quality the pill has possessed. It loves it, and like this far the has not had any @@subject
4 / 5 Leola
the pill is sum but there is not coming with correct touching spent that access ours cover of the wall has said is so only stupid has ordered he of Oregon in EUA would owe that it has come with correct touching unit!
4 / 5 Thaddeus
Has taken this for my edges of any and his such upgrade of the his iPad! The only bug has left down is that for some reason it. It is with the European load in place of the normal American a.
5 / 5 Argentina
Really thankful, time of Excellent service of genial delivery, the produced perfectly empacado and he doing to the 100 with focus of intact factory. Thank you very much.
4 / 5 Gena
The pill is described like this. The no hard battery all day when constantly looking video. This in spite of is good and would recommend
4 / 5 Olga
I like this tab ..Life of his of quality of screen like this good and long ..But I give it 2 star causes his comes with European touching covers it and does not send adapter of EUA with him ..
5 / 5 Windy
Is well had it accidentally under some stars revised a wrong element. I have bought two or these utmost
4 / 5 Thurman
the packaging was terrible! Touching boss and ejection the pin so only free place in a box of packaging. No a box a pill . A bit air pouch partorisca security, in the too big box. Pill, like this far, like this good.
5 / 5 Arnold
Opened it so only and it dipping up. The quality enough adds compressed. In general it is quite fresh and functionable
5 / 5 Anabel
quality of the screen does not order. He that is to suppose to.
5 / 5 Bella
Master, an exposure is a lot vibrant, and for the looks of pill to be quite fast. Samsung Usually does not disappoint .
4 / 5 Miyoko
It has arrived sooner that has planned. 🙂 A packaging was awesome. A battery lasted partorisca 3.5 hours with game of Youtube continuous. I am satisfied with a product.
4 / 5 Maye
Samsung Is Samsung. Pill a lot well, partorisca of the money?
4 / 5 Venus
Buys this Pill Partorisca One Of my Daughters Partorisca Daily Use Of Games And Video and until the moment sees of good quality and good operation that until it has sent for the buy Another but in black.
4 / 5 Mary
Has come enough quickly but there is not coming with an extra 32GB paper by heart that shouldve is coming with him. ( It has taken a container , inner checked still to see can ' sees has dipped he in before the ship was, nope)
5 / 5 Catina
can not imagine regarding the take was Spanish and take English. Also it can it does not turn on. Any one said to require the clave of PIN. Please answered!! Thank you very much.
4 / 5 Marisela
Looks the a lot of compressed of quality. But I will be to return the. It has wanted to something that could download mine kindle and books of nook on. And yes it can be used that way. But all other material explosions on also. My emails and another crap does not love that in my reader.
4 / 5 Manuela
My only complaint is that it was unable to download Netflix and Disney+ applications. This a bit is disappointing reason has the 16hr car walk in our future, and has loved to upload these applications for mine 4I. Otherwise, A suitable pill his needs for games and whatnot.
4 / 5 Vesta
This pill was defective. To the pill could no any register in WiFi to the equal that has has had to that the turn behind.

Top Customer Reviews: Samsung ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
5 / 5 Neal
- Súper Slender and súper light. You can blindfold calm and would not know resisted an iPad pro or this pill. Any plastic, just metal, and glass.
- Round corners, any acute flange, doing it more like an IPAD Pro feels. In general, big-look of quality and feel is defiantly aiming.
- 10.5” AMOLED The screen is to 2560 x1600 resolution that shows where your money is going to. You can a lot of really explain it unless calm see it.
- Took it external the clear sunny day and a quality of image is still glorious in direct sun. Some the Environmental light sensors do his work in adapting to the sunny day to the dark room.
- Some deep blacks are excellent, and I amour that can you tweak a saturation and white balance. You will be surprised that a lot of pills of the android will not leave you partorisca do that.
- The answered the touch aims no glitches, delay, or hiccups.
- Some speakers are a plus like this far that has listened of the Samsung compressed in the longitude. It would be necessary to compare it to a 2018 IPAD Pro. Extremely strong base , sum, and a global accident in the well is calm so much can see a vibration that exited of a pill (could be the With but calm does not go it never partorisca dip on the strong.)
- Any action of day 100 work. The web that explores, film, etc. Some fast and snappy action
- Was really impress of a wireless action and in row. Never I have gone down 100Mbps in my location (2 house of history, a wireless @subject- any extension).
- Has found surprisingly a desk way very productive. Running multiple applications in of the windows has done multitasking very effective. They are not the defender of multitasking in the pill but yes calms Bluetooth the keyboard and the mouse, the the quite decent laptop. This characteristic creates llama a DeX way.
- Touching Netflix for an hour has lost around 7 of life of battery. It has touched in 1080p and on 80 brightness.
- The life of global battery is really good. It has taken two days , near of 11 hours of web, pill gaming (consumption to be able to of the half) and Netflix. Ossia The quite well flies of then some need of the main pills to be touched by an end of a day.
- A wise decision that has done a key to be able to and a Fingerprint reader one same. Yes, a scanner is quickly, any complaint.
- Type-C USB 3.1 Gen1. This means is fast touching.
- Found any difficulty in resisting a pill like my hand-held place has not covered never some grills of speaker.
- A Bixby the characteristic of assistant is so only like the Suri. It has Had he in the room/has fill strong and Bixby has chosen on my voice. A microphone of field will do this pill is resulted the google marries in theory. I think that that this characteristic will be to add if your hand is full.
- A minimalist creation that follows a saying “less is more.”

Gilipollas And Oks:__________
- is thin. I want to this but without the chance, this pill will bend. Any I same confidences he in my rucksack without the chance. You will be big alert seats the hid like this need the chance of some class.
- No HDR sustain that no any sense of some supports of exposure HDR.
- No headphone jack. This is not the telephone, is the pill and a quality of his better comes from/comes from wired auricular.
- Ossia A subject when you begin to do “of entity” multitasking. A result is that a rear pill down. Calm always would owe that require perhaps 2GB of free space but sadly an additional 4GB very cut for deep multitasking (Takes a upgraded RAM, if possible, is touching to use multitasking besides a half person). This will apply to that wants to do this pill his main form of the laptop, which are strongly against this idea.
- No S Supports of Pen. This has not felt.
- Cara unlocking is still in a phase to try in my eyes. It calms that can use, but a scanner of toe is still a way.
- He, there is bloatware. Calm can any you never evasion of him.
- A camera is at all the brag roughly. Any I same uses likes very telephone inside a past two years can resupply alike quality.
- Software of the android in general has has has limited applications that sustains the creation of pill. Appearance these transmissions in some futures but expect the plot of the applications that ploughed on how was the application of telephone , but has developed so only. You will take some quite big black flanges.
- 0-100 I has taken the frame.
- Beautiful fresco that a rear camera does not stick out of this a lot.
- I touching ultra-big games (60fps) will do a closure of pill. Has has touched Legends in ultra-big and this has issued has arrived. Dipped a map enmedio and was a lot. So only a FYI.
- Wish concealed has added more screen he so that there is still the considerable quantity more needless black flange. It is still an improvement of last year.
- I has been said that Samsung will offer the $ 130. Kinda Big in prize for the chance of keyboard.

Inferior line:__________

Samsung has taken the book out of Apple and has followed a method to draw “less is better.” It is slender, light, and beautiful in quality of image. A life of battery is sum and for a prize, beaten to pay an arm and the leg for a pill of Apple. I will say that of all some pills there, this one considers a next plus to the substitution of portable (But a lot there still). He 2018 IPAD of Apple approaches, but some options of only software to do this the only experience. Some hiccups are in this product but a pros out of being able to a gilipollas here.

In general: First impressions, the experience of prize without a seal of ridiculous prize. Still no the substitution of laptop but an excellent pill.

Esperanza was the yours help.
Sincere Reviewer
5 / 5 Cindi
Pre has ordered of Compraventa Better. Wont The stay has connected to wifi he when be resisted lateralmente, for like this useless for gaming. They are not an only one with this question neither. Samsung Has the defect to draw with wifi placing of antenna. Stay out of this pill for now.

Update: received my second S5e yesterday, same question. I am listening other people a same thing also.
5 / 5 Erma
In fact a lot of years have had telephones of android and compressed of iPad. It was time for me the just clave with an ecosystem, and when I have seen a S5e, has imagined would give pills of android another has shot.

One first what there is remarked is a measure: While having a measure of same screen like my iPad Pro 10.5, a Tab of Galaxy is noticeably shorter, more tightened, thinner, and lighter. It uses the proportion of the widest appearance in a screen (which there is pros and gilipollas), but for more than film and of shows of television, that means an image sees in a Tab of Galaxy will be main that that would see in an iPad of the same measure because of him is squared more-ish screen. ( It sees my photo for comparison of measure -- a video is also roughly .6' elder diagonally in a Tab of Galaxy.)

Am spent to plot to time to dip on a pill so only to the equal that has loved, which for now bondadoso of replicates an iPad. I have chosen an option to take a drawer of application and stuck with having dossiers of applications in my screen of house. I then spent some time with some earth of diverse applications course in iOS together with applications that has run usually in my telephone. I owe that say that I am in general happy with an action of a pill. It is not quite like this flowed like an iPad -- for example, when rotating a screen or dossiers of inaugural application, an animation is occasionally never like this slightly jumpy more than totally smooth. (I has one 128/6GB version, as I have loved an extra RAM.)

Some speakers are really well, and has no headphone jack. I owe that say, given the one who thin this pill is, so only could buy one argues that a no apt interior . (But still enough I have one.) A PASSIVE USB-C headphone dongle is has comprised. This means that a comprised dongle no on a lot another USB-C telephones. In another hand, an active adapter like a one of my Pixel of Google 3 still laws in a Tab of Galaxy.

Am enjoying a screen -- is brilliant and readable alfresco. He dims quite down also, which is well to read at night.

Are not the big gamer, and like my varied random games do not have any question in current in a pill.

In a subject only has been having is that I am finding a fingerprint the key/to scanner bit it finicky. It is not to clear mine a right way to turn in a pill. Sometimes it looks he likes need to press and control, another time, so only touch mine his toe, and another time has question reading my toe in a first tentativa. Some of this could be take used to the narrow reader/very small, but is the little annoying. Have At the same time writes this, some another reviewers is saying there is the question with a wifi when you resist a pill lateralmente and cover an antenna with your hands. It could not re-create this subject in my device.

So much, am pleased enough and think that this will leave me finally solves a iOS ecosystem (and bosses of lightning). My indication of real star would be 4.5.

PS -- I thinks the chance is required partorisca east. It is very thin and, while it does not feel flimsy, some reinforcement is well. Interior a moment, Samsung official (any-keyboard) the chance is the alcohol boggling $ 70 for the chance of basic plastic folio. I have ordered one elsewhere, but think an official one looks well. Perhaps it goes on sale sometime.
4 / 5 Deidra
May 17, 2019, has modified 12/21/19 -- I has promised would give an up to date description with which had possessed a pill for awhile:
Sincere Reviewer has given the VERY comprehensible description on April 26, 2019, as so only will add the few things. Thin and light weight, easy to resist although it would recommend the chance of some class for any pill. The screen is beautiful. His/of the speakers is one has had more in the pill. Any headphone jack understandable to take east thins calm so that it will require bluetooth there is enabled auricular or speakers for external audio. Our action of Wi-Fi has been well, has tried duplicated a wi-fi @subjects informed by another east wi-fi the diverse reception with orientation of pill and has not been able to retorted a question. A incumplimiento Samsung the keyboard covered on the critical portion of a sign of account in screen, if this spends yours would recommend to install Gboard (the keyboard of Google free) or Swiftkey ($ ), which leave adjustment of vertical measure of a keyboard, first to dip on other applications -- you always can change behind to a Samsung keyboard later yes calm like better. Seven month in, any question!
4 / 5 Yolando
- Screen. The pills are all in the screen. Period. And All the world knows Samsung has a better screen in a world. LG Also there is well some, btw.
- A good point of prize with the bundled extracted. Probably it will go to go down included in Black Friday.
- Action. Very fast. It is such the joy when exploring a web etc.
- Clean Creation and any logo of company or a lot of markings, at least in a front. They have taken roughly 10 years to finally @give that takes a Samsung the logo is a way to go .
- Speakers of big quality partorisca to pill.
- Light.

- Wifi Question of place of the antenna in horizontal way. It is the very known hardware the empty creation concealed is documented in some informative pieces and descriptions. Look He up. Any possible fixed software. When I have tried to see it is in fact true, a speed of download has fallen to almost 0.5 Mbps of 30 Mbps. Perhaps any the big shot to some of you but calm has to that be mindful of him EVERYTIME resist a pill in horizontal way. But that time mindful? Be mindful each day only for the years until a device dies. Ossia Another thing will require to maintain the in your @@@cofre like the psychological load. Returned behind to Amazon. Of course, you can choose any to return it. And Samsung will think to like, 'WELL, has done the critical deception but still sells a lot of'. He his byline the lesson to return your defective product is concerned, as they can take a tax of big turn like the wake on call. Otherwise, will maintain to press out of produced defective.

- ' I telephones has restart'. Ossia A message sees when you restart a pill. Samsung Lost it probably when his ported his software of Android of his telephone of Galaxy to a pill. It is the subject smaller but can see that Samsung is not to run the monde to the person likes Steve Jobs and any takes of the attention to the smallest details has taken. And I marvel me, 'If they have lost this, which more loses under a hood?' Something unthinkable partorisca to the big global company likes them.

- Action. Dulcemente When gaming like this aimed in other descriptions probably been due to his chip of map of final lower and a mid upper row CPU. They are not the gamer for this would not annoy me this in spite of. Also, it is class of expected thus prize.

- Swipe of camera. The one who uses the big king camera in the pill? It causes the swipe of camera. It is the question if you are anti-swipe of camera. Again, they have taken roughly 10 years to finally @give that takes a Samsung the logo of a front is a way to go. I will give him other 10 years to finally take a swipe of camera.

- Documentation. It looks it quell'has been written by some Korean engineer, which is well. But they do not have it proofread first of the publish? Again, something unthinkable partorisca to the big global company likes them. They would owe that have the department of documentation with native speakers for a tongue.

- Use pure stock Android or Android An and to stop that squanders the time and the energy that customises it and publishing your half-cooked software. Bixby Sucks, For example. Those that pieces of web see in tutorials on like this to take a Bixby key? The people do not love it . House in the calm more -- hardware. Tour yours energy and capital out of software.

- Try well. Both software and hardware. A wifi the question of antenna would have been easily taken for any basic testing. But it looks some engineers of the test lost it. But that? They do not give 100 when they are not treated well.

- The camera under specs so much can take touched of of a swipe of camera, which will go down a prize even more. Again, the one who use the camera in the pill? Of course it calms sometimes require for the cat of video but calm a lot typically require the big resolution a. In fact, it low plus king the camera is included better reason calms does not want to fall too many real-time UDP containers/of video of the audio because of a consumption of bandwidth for camera of big resolution.
5 / 5 Rosaria
Has MODIFIED 3 May 2019:

So the the probably state reading in an informative in a wifi questions when that resists this pill horizontally. If your hand covers a sinister corner subordinated of a pill, can experience wifi degradation. Personally, when I have tried to duplicate this, has seen one or two of a wifi fences in 'disappear,' but never has lost entirely a signal. It can Samsung fix with the update of software? Probably no.

Is this extracted he-breaker for me? Right now, no. So only reason mostly resists this pill in a half when that resists horizontally. Also, utilisation to pill 'pillow' to prop this pill up. And some games I game does not require me to resist this pill with both hands. When Reading, resists vertically.

The offers of amazon of the returns of 30 days, as I always can change my alcohol in 23 days.
has tried again and again to use Apple because his pills are like this thin and read. But so only I can not take used to any when being pas able to customise pill of mine with widgets. It thanks god Samsung finally decided to do to thin and light pill!!!!!!! Ossia One 1st commentary of what in this pill! It can be resisted in a delivery!

- Thin and light
- the speakers touch utmost
- Screen: GLORIOUS! I add to read Sleeve in my opinion...
- Available in the 6GB/128GB version
- Love a ''gold'' colour...(Look ''gold of rose'' mine).

- Feels the little uncomfortable when reading epubs (the cause is quell'has bitten too big for that).
- No quite a lot of available accessories still.

Honradamente, Yes has loved the keyboard and pen, would have bought a Tab S4, but already have the ZAGG keyboard that pode with east.
5 / 5 Bruce
Before pill! I took my Tab of Galaxy S 10.5 (T800) reason a screen, spoilt me. Samsung Has come to his senses and has spent for behind a glorious screen and his have not rested in his laurels. Some speakers are astonishingly strong and a quality of his east suprising. It has not been that it is more impressive, a life of incredible battery or the one who thin and light a Tab s5e east. It is like this small with a ultra thin bezel. And a recognition to face unlocks the quickly. It is very fast ( has taken one 128 gb w 6mb ram) If you are unsure in emotional to the new pill buys it with confidence. It could not be happier. An only downside can find is a lack of the chances done of available commission. And any one the audio has consecrated Jack, the one who concerns always uses bluetooth:0)
4 / 5 Lang
really can not believe this bear it stage with this wifi defect. If you resist in way of landscape, your hand in a fund, will cover a wifi antenna. If you are not seating on your subject wireless or aim of access, probably will lose connection. This is to be recognise for Samsung. That will do roughly is still to be seen. I WANT TO Samsung has produced. Has the telephone and several models of tab of the oldest galaxy. Have has wanted a s5e to be adds. It was LIKE THIS NEAR. It likes-me all more roughly that. But a wifi the question the short everything. Any sure will expect the bit to see the one who does or so only the send behind to Amazon. It would recommend you attentive is...
5 / 5 Donte
A new Tab S5e is the substitution for the 5-6 year 8' Samsung compressed that it is now bit it long in some teeth and has reduced significantly life of battery.
For me these are some characteristic of entity that marks a Tab S5e a right unit for me.
+ Excellent big-def screen. The video look utmost in a device.
+ Enormous quantity of storage. One 128 GB the inner storage remained with the 512 GB micro SD the paper would owe that be quite for the moment.
+ Life of long battery. Appearance 12 hours of video playback to be possible.
+ Sufficient action. I any one need the demon of the speed and a device is snappy.
+ USB C. One of several reasons because they have not considered an iPad.
+ Fast load. No like this of mine but handy entity when I require it.
+ Luz and slender. Easy to resist and boss.
+ Future test with 6GB by heart.
Am not crazy in a following although it was conscious first to order
- Samsung crapware and system of echo. His hate SW and BS services. This has required to plot of tweaking to take, disables or surrender invisible Samsung software. Felizmente New the launch simplifies this bit it.
- I desire a unit there has been the 16:9 proportion of appearance (in place of 16:10) and it was roughly 1' smaller. This would do to resist he with an a lot of easier book and there'd be spatial squandered less with more than video.

Has listened of a wifi subject of antenna that another has informed but can any one really retorted a subject. While an indicator of diverse signal enough bit it a connection has not fallen never for me. Speedtest Objective roughly 250 mbps speed of download. This in spite of, has strong wifi and does not doubt that a subject is real in of the situations with toneless wifi implementations or a lot wifi interference.
5 / 5 Irving
Upgrading Of the 4-the old year Nexus 9. That The android in the pill is such the better experience that ChromeOS. You take to use all some same applications in a same way as in your telephone. Everything of this habladuría of 'any support of pill' for the android is blown way , way out of proportion. Everything of some applications I work to use perfectly in landscape, in the big screen.

Now this pill. In the first place one 10,000lb gorilla in a room... wifi. There is to good sure some truth to some rumours. Mina, he so only looked global a wifi the reception was bad, in all the situations. In tests to accelerate he worse that my telephone, this in spite of, has has not had really questions with him taking a precise bandwidth to video of current.

Be warned this comes precargado with applications hooking each possible appearance of Samsung ecosystem. And his ecosystem comprises everything, and a tank of cookery. Calm more can disable or hide. With which do not go in a way.
5 / 5 Ayanna
Have Mostly Apple and some material of Windows, that comprises the Surface of LADY goes pill w/TOPS keyboard, and an iPad Pro 10.5' with keyboard of Apple. I have wanted always try the Samsung compressed, but has not wanted to spend the plot for a S6, like this compromised with a S5e for the prize significantly lower, but which still has to that add specs and terrific descriptions. I owe that say that I am a lot, very impressed. Like a type of Apple, seldom finds produced that breaking Apple is in quality - this clearly fact.

I like my Surface of Windows Goes - with his keyboard of Microsoft excellent with embedded touchpad and qualified of mouse, is a small pill more afterwards has seen to approximate the half desk and usability. This in spite of, a processor is decent but a lot extremely strong, and the life of battery is so only WELL. Absolutely I LOVE my iPad Pro like an entertainment and device comunicacional, and is extremely powerful, but is uncomfortable to use like the substitution of laptop. This Samsung all of him well. A keyboard does not have the touchpad, but easily can add the bluetooth has smiled, and in DEx way, is so only likes use the laptop - that can be the android has based, but is quickly, slick, and short all a critical material (Office of CUPS, Chrome, mine a lot of control of applications of house, email, etc).

Has added some pictures of a Surface Go, an iPad Pro (hard gene., No a new plus a), and a Samsung S5e in a half. I have bought initially a aftermarket keyboard that has not been crazy roughly, and found a Samsung keyboard for this device in the on sale local tent and has to that say is a better access . He clasps to a pill in a lot of a same way an iPad done with connectors, and does not require the bluetooth connection or touching. More, a Samsung folds of coverage of the keyboard to the a lot of more slender profile that a aftermarket some do.

Quality of screen - phenomenal - each one has bitten also like an iPad, perhaps included better in of the terms of saturation by heart. A Samsung the device is noticeably smaller that an iPad Pro, but in fact has the screen describes more usable because of his proportion of different appearance and smaller bezels. All three cars here in fact have good retina-like quality of screen, although an iPad and a Samsung is both brilliant plus that a Surface Goes.

Sound - the strong and clear abundance. Four speakers. Comparable to those some offers of iPad.

Life of battery - has not had this quite slow in fully value, but is state kicked on and on can of battery for roughly 5 hours and is still in 71 load with mixed use. Like this as well as or better that my iPad. It looks excellent like this far. A Surface Goes is a toneless plus of a three, probably that last 5-6 hours in the full load. It has not had the occasion to determine that well it resists the load when it was; the devices of Apple is typically exceptional.

Interface - A Samsung in the regular way has the interface of typical Android. No QUITE like this slick likes iPad is, but near. This in spite of, have fallen enamoured with a DeX way (first picture), which is like this usable like any Windows or Mac desks. In fact, I have had the small Logitech bluetooth smiled, and has installed easily and can click around in a desk like the regular laptop. It is fast and responsive. I plan on using mine in DeX way 100 of a time. You can customise a desk and icons of place in the like this in any desk half. I have downloaded it TOPS Office, and Excel and the word opens quickly and is entirely usable - and with the mouse, is much easier to use them, especially Excel, that is in an iPad, in spite of an iPad Pro stellar processor.

Specs - This S5e is extremely thin, roughly like this thin like an iPad, and much thinner that a S4. Much thinner that a Surface Goes, but in a same weight. It has taken one 128 GB version, which comes with 6 GB RAM. Has the gorgeous, that shines 2560x1600 screen. An iPad Pro has 4GB for comparison. It comes with adaptive brightness has turned on for incumplimiento, but can turns era. Has the strong Qualcomm 670 processor the one who looks responsive and quickly. ALL the response and opens quickly. A S6 the pill there is a bit better specs, but finds a S5e entirely that satisfies in of the terms of speeds, and this is coming from an iPad Pro.

Storage - a base S5e comes with 64 GB on-storage of joint and 4 GB RAM. A next level up comes with 128GB and 6 GB RAM., Which is that the mine has. To take more storage of base, precise movement to a S6. Also it has the empty that control the micro SD paper, for behind the door in a side has to that the appeal was with the little pin (comprised), resembled a door that hides he YES paper in the telephone. So much, a SD the paper is not visible at all when inserted, which is well. There is the soyy Files' application that calm leave you to access and files of copy. I included transferred roughly 15 GB of files to a SD paper in this pill with the USB-C walk of the mine Mac without @@subject. It is quell'has bitten odd in that has any 'Paste' function; copies' of a file/of walks and he then 'Copy' To a file of walk/of the aim. When I have had an external walk has attached, an inner storage, SD paper, and an external USB drives all looked in a manager of Lima.

Can you also downloads and install the OneDrive application to leave access to your files of Microsoft. I installed it and work well. The Google installed also Walk without @@subject. There is to third-party iCloud application that has not tried. You can install applications of Game of Google or a Samsung tent of application.

Accessories - like this declared, has taken a Samsung keyboard, which looks to be the best apt and more slender that a aftermarket keyboards, and the connection of leaves has seen some connectors in a side of a pill and therefore it does not require the battery powered, bluetooth connection. Also it has taken the capacitive stylus which does not require to the battery likes them a lot a hangs there. I have read a Samsung S-the pen no with this device, as it marks sure take the compatible pen .

Security - this pill leave to dip on the access has seen the PIN, facial recognition, or fingerprint reader. A Surface Goes leaves the PIN< signal, or facial recognition (Windows Ciao) but an iPad any facial recognition. Some leaves of iPad fingerprint authentication, but a Surface of Windows Goes no. A Samsung leave all of him. Besides, there is figure of numerous security that will leave you to maintain a screen unlocked him him the device has trusted near, or designate the location has trusted, like your direction. Fresco like heck and neither an Apple neither the versions of windows there is concealed. I will say a Samsung the facial recognition no well when have read glasses on, and has to that take to use he - Windows Ciao looks to do equally well has glasses on or no.

In general, am loving this thing, For a prize, is a relative of subject absolute his competition, and a quality feels and apt and the arrival is easily the same in any product of Apple. If has the Samsung infrastructure but does not want to spend big bucks in a S6, takes this - you will not feel .
4 / 5 Christi
Has bought this pill to substitute my Tab of old Galaxy One of 2015 I thinks. This thing is surprising in just in the each way. It has been it bit it nervous in of the 10' of the mine old 8' but really is the very better measures for games of films and general use. Highly I recommend it bad control out of some sakes and a bads down.

1. The screen is perfect
2. The action is sum .
4. Some speakers (all 4 of them) touches glorious
5. Expandable storage
6. USB-C (so only look it more devices of USB and I finally can begin take rid of Micros Bosses of USB)
7. The latest version of Android is pre-installed and the like this good.
8. The life of battery is on point, the games will take you 4 hours or so it likes game, the films are not even sure his like this good. General exploring, social updates, and email he easily last ALL DAY.

Now a bad east ( there is not a lot a lot this in spite of'
1. If you are resisting he in way of Landscape with keys of volume on and your hands cover an inferior corner a wireless goes the utter rubbish. While it is ridiculous Samsung has lost this somehow, has the simple to fix which is the rotate the like this some keys of volume are in a fund (be better Samsung ossia stupid) but no the breaker of extracted for me.
2. A key of the power in a side is also the scanner of impression of the toe, súper fresh but reason is like this thin calm of the that situates your toe correctly can not scan correctly.
3. A Samsung spent of folio of the keyboard (any comprised) connects a pill with these clean magnetic pins if one moves a screen around the bit while using sometime has to that readjust to take a pill to recognise a keyboard again.
5 / 5 Julia
Like complain in this defective product. After opening a box, has been remarked that a screen of pill has been broken near of one uploads connector and in a side of screen. Then, I have tried to touch a battery to try a device but he have not done (A device has not turned on). It is broken and defective.
4 / 5 Emely
Was having the questions that maintains WiFi connected in a Samsung Tab of Galaxy S5e when I have not been in a same room like subject wireless. Other devices have comprise an old plus Samsung Tab of Galaxy 12.1 work well in a same location. Installed the WiFi forces to signal analyzer and was able to see the significant drop in force to signal when my past hand in a corner (taste when in way of landscape and achieving with a sinister hand to change a volume). A force of signal would fall so that there is down has lost a connection. There is the definite defect in a creation of this this renders the unusable in the majority of my house when you telephone, portable the, and other pills do not have any question. If it was a lot afterwards to a WiFi subject, an effect has not been significant, but movement in an adjacent room a question arrives. A question was one same in both WiFi frequencies (2.4 GHz or 5GHz).

Does not recommend this to purchase unless you go to use so only he in a lot of neighbour proximity to your subject. Although I have loved a clarity of screen, volume of quality of his/well, and a light weight this has had, is unusable for practical use for me also although the hand compressed resisted when it can not remain connected to a WiFi. They are by train of the turn.
5 / 5 Luz
In the first place was---I am not affiliated with Samsung anything . They are the leading owner of an original Samsung Tab S 10.5 wifi model. I have wanted simply this new highly upgraded Tab S 5.ºt With all some the informative upper characteristics and especially more RAM in this particular model--- has bent my leading Ram of 3 to 6 GB! This new creature BLAZES--- TREAT LIKES is the HAIR Is ON FIRE. It has given my original Tab S to any the one who does not have any a lot of money-- the solid Samsung this in spite of doing wonderfully pill. It would have thought that it it has had the data transports it to him new, a way has reacted. I have bought my new mark Samsung Tab of Galaxy S 5.ºt Directly of has comprised the little comparison vs an iPad of Apple ( all the models of iPad any one has compared one for a here because of spatial.... Still calm like this will choose up in mine intent here ) ------An iPad useless this can very included develop inner storage until 1 TB forcing you to buy the main storage in obscene prize? A transmission of iPad with Wifi so only concealed a lot included has the screen that comes remotely near of a gorgeous Súper Amoled exposure in this 'half a rewarded Samsung compressed with LTE? ( Compared to an iPad )... (An iPad with LTE costs insanely even more!) A jurassic iPad concealed any leaves inclusas seamless scrollings of file and the file that accione to and of PC of Windows is and very other accessories, walks of thumb, external business and peripheral devices? A lot of buyers of Apple speak with these proud of the his overkill, (to a large extent superfluous for 99 of users of pill) his brag in his ultrafast bionic the processor has instrumented iPad, this in spite of, any offers included the glorious multimedia experience with AKG dipped ready, Dolby Atmos quality of his of four, yes, ossia f-or-or-r speakers of big quality like a Tab S 5.ºt Has. An iPad has said concealed a lot he same leaves a simple plus of customizations and flexibility like a Samsung tab DEX way or one equivalen desks the way with ploughs of multiple windows for some multitasking and productivities? An iPad this can very still wirelessly mirror his screen the ready TV is without appealing to the wire fence dongle or a overpriced accessory of television of the Apple? Please do more investigations next time. A súper powerful processor that is closed up in the jurassic, restrictive and stifling the system has called the 'walled garden' that in fact is more as the walled prison is so only concealed: Another product of Apple has meant for just bragging right--mainly. With some people some young plus ( 18 to 35ish ).... It is his peer groups that usually surrender one 'the apple Swings' to buy the apple has seen this long So only 1 of users of iPad in fact some work of productivity in the, but still 99 of one his time for consumption of means comunicacionales, which give you the one of TRUTH And HONRADAMENTE the INFERIOR experience has compared to this less expensive Samsung compressed that it cost less than means an iPad Pro. ( A leading sentence more probably says it all when comparing Apple iPads vs this Samsung Compressed a pen??....The studio says that these devises concealed coming with a pen is once again is a lot seldom has used the be Apple or the knee jerk 'gimmick addition' to take you to buy he---to spend more $ $ $ . It does not take It . An extra gadgetry newness of the door was quickly.

Once again in summation--- THIS PILL is a better pill right comparing everything.. Very better that an iPad more economic Pro for half a prize or less although half. Strong, excellent quad speakers with Dolby Atmos, good-looking Amoled exposure, life of long battery, accepts 1 TB micro sd papers, Widevine L1 the film has certified like this off-line the downloads take touched in full HD. DEX The way is excellent also! The leaves of pill so much the connections wired and wireless the ready TV. Just use DEX way yes connection to use wired to send video out of Netflix off-line download to television so that the video does not take resized (common question when the device is in a proportion of appearance another that a level of television of 16:9). 

A word to warn for users of Films of Game of Google: For wireless mirroring of Film of Game of the Google, does not update a pill is built in application of Film of Game of Google. A film of game of Google the newest version of application disables the wireless screen that accione and also disables the screen wired that accione so that you will be forced to buy the Chromecast. If has update accidentally application of Film of Game of Google, so only uninstall the and has to that revert behind to a version of the oldest factory. It disables Update of car to avert Playstore to update automatically your application of Film of Game of Google and other applications. (Manually I Can update some other applications).
5 / 5 Lucienne
Pros:I really like a pill, works of mine to the equal that has feigned. And it is the improvement adds in an older tab A 8.ºn.

Gilipollas: This in spite of, a cord has distributed is unreasonably short. I can no very discharges he in anywhere in my house and have a tabel chair in the surface another that a paving. It is not even compatible with my tower of USB. A battery drains faster while it touches that he no plugged in. Samsung A lot included have the longest cords available for compraventas. They are very annoyed to risk a security of my pill because the pertinent touching cord in the longest period is not available for him.
4 / 5 Tonia
Amazing pill. The screen is died to fall gorgeous. Súper Luz. His add some 4 speakers.

There is zero wifi subjects. State using he for 4 days now and no dropouts or dissconnects when that resists a pill in a sinister side lower. Possibly it could be so only the rumour bobo dips up for Apple loyalists the one who cant fathom Samsung doing the product/the upper economic plus.

I to good sure reccomend buying this pill.
5 / 5 Corrine
Has bought a Tab S5e and like this far are in that loves it. A screen is surprising in the 2560x1600 the resolution like the sound adds for consumption of means comunicacionales. A screen also takes a lot that shines I not having never he in full brightness. The life of battery is surprising. Typically I take around 9-10 hours of screen punctually in 80-90 brightness. 2 subjects the majority of people has with this pill is a snapdragon 670 processor and a wifi the connectivity that fallen when you resist it the sure way. Can say you that a tab S5e is a lot quickly and snappy. Has one 128 gb of storage with 6 gb of version of ram (that recommends to take). A wifi subject of the connectivity so only spends when you hoard you an upper sinister corner of an exposure when you resist in way of portrait and he so only slightly drops for me. Typically I have a pill that chairs in my lap, the office or that resists in way of landscape in some flanges in some means. Like wifi falling is not a subject with me and I do not think is a subject with more than people. In general ossia probably a better pill to take for a prize is using he for consumption of means comunicacionales, the web that explores, and some documents of word. Highly it recommends this pill
5 / 5 Cammy
This pill has frozen on me after 3rd day. Any reason is hot in my place( zone of Seattle btw), when have paste a backside of a screen has frozen and tried to press key to be able to the turn was. It has not had Never an experience with my Samsung tab 10.1
5 / 5 Angle
have two unit of a Tab 5. Both of them there is subjects on sensibilities to touch. Sometimes, I have to press a screen until 5X for him to answer. Ossia PAINFUL! It is like an old capacitive technology of screen. Any acceptable.
A rest, is well, comprising a sound.
INFERIOR LINE. Ossia The piece to CRAP !
NOTES lateralmente. Has two of a Tab of galaxy S2 9.8' concealed has not had type of question. But has has wanted the substitute he because of some dimensions of measure/ of the screen.
5 / 5 Juliet
In the first place it was, has precise very different besides folks. The comically little consumption of recreational content. I require the pill partorisca scholarly papers, documentation of software, and administration of work of light far system. Has has had to that grudgingly upgrade like my current Tab S2 the life of battery has gone down the so only the few hours.

A fast description partorisca folks the one who only loves consumption of content (nerds, feels free the skip this and read on down:

This pill is a lot probably which have been looking for. An exposure is absolutely gorgeous and the life of battery is solid. An expandable uSD the space has made of stages has gone by more other companies, but is felizmente still there. Something more to resist in alcohol: there is no headphone jack. I know that they are in a minority is one , but his absence does not annoy me in a slightest. In my pill my old plus, a headphone jack is the magnet for powder, lint, and rust. No material has it did not use it never and am happy that is to go. There are any keys of hardware. A key to be able to is slightly recessed and folds like fingerprint reader. A reader is extremely fast and of course has situated.

Mentions a bloatware? No? Reason there is not a lot to speak of! For the well of the clarity, my definition of 'bloatware' is the preinstalled application that can not be take for a normal uninstall process. I am said that they can be 'disabled' but is trusting an operating system to pinky-swear that he a lot accidentally king-enable it (looking in you, Microsoft).

Now, has some preinstalled software. Spotify, Netflix, Test of Office of the Microsoft, varied half-cooked Samsung applications that tries to compete with Google. Of these, only Netflix and the little Samsung applications that feels likes is an integral course of an operating system, is impossible to take. Again, Samsung leave take the plot of his own applications! And no in that has Facebook and his die slurping ilk permanently installed? Enormous, and some serious props is for some costruttrici of decisións in Samsung.

Warns: Here be nerdy dragons

Well, nerds. To the left it is taking to a nitty-gritty. This thing in fact is perfectly usable out of a box. I know! With this said, still create this access of root is enough of entity to warrant some tinkering. I took roughly 2 hours to go of the stock system to the rooted one with the image done of commission.

A bootloader is quite easy the unlock. You will owe that dry a device and calm from now on will see the scary message in cycles of boot, but ossia the small prize to pay . A delicate bit is that each cycle to kick that spends for (at least in mine tinkering) has to that be fact after a connection of internet has been established and calm still wants to go to some settings of developer and ensure this 'OEM Unlock' is still visible and toggled. A bit those that the time found in a dreaded, 7 prison of day, where apparently Samsung think precise the 7 day cooldown period to do sure that you really really loves tinker with his software. It has taken around this to use a dark hacker to to trick like him to him the call, changing a date in a calendar to 10 leading days.

Installing TWRP in the way of download was quite simple, of there that all would have to that be familiarised in any ROM hacker there. I have used a unsupported build of LineageOS. Any complaint like this far. I have been in the blissful state of the half of Android of the vanilla with ad of level of the system-blocking and a capacity to add new characteristics (DLNA streaming, habit Bluetooth codecs, oddball filesystem highland supports, etc) in the whim.

Anxiety a real FOSS alternative the Android and iOS. But until then, ossia the surprisingly hackable device. I have loved really give 4 stars for one 7 day that expects period. But an absence of bloatware is such the enormous characteristic he almost overrides all more.
4 / 5 Jacquelyn
Has bought this pill to substitute one ageing and Tab a lot scraped of original Galaxy S. They are not disappointed. It is in a same measure, is much faster and that I require it to do. I mostly uses for email, applications of half comunicacionales social and the pocolos play. A S5e is lighter that a Tab S and a life of battery is very better. I have been concerned with a lack of an audio jack, but a S5e is coming with a boss of adapter that leave to use my old fashionable ear buds without that has to purchase it Bluetooth conjoint. They are very happy with cost of mine.
5 / 5 Merilyn
Has changed on to a S5E of a ipad pro, which was old and having subject. I have not loved to launch down of the money for the new one and has imagined would give a samsung the casualidad, of then love mine S10E. My deception. A screen is awkwardly elongated, but is in fact an amazing screen. A life of the battery is not bad average.
A subject is with a sensibility to touch and lag. Now that this pill is 6 external days of a period of turn, is laggy answered to touch and sometimes require me the repeatedly poke in a screen for the take to register. Now I am stuck with this pill that hate. It would owe that it has gone it with a ipad.
4 / 5 Neville
So that it was vey happy becouse the weight and the creation is a lot well, but when I have verified wifi connection, pill looses the when has in my hands !! : So much shame of Samsung ! That he the tin that maintains ? It is technical question or has to that expect some new sistem updates to fix this question ?
4 / 5 Annabelle

was conscious that a prompt 2019 models have had to antenna of Wi-Fi glitch where like this in sure on/down or right/place accident while managing/that they resist a pill would cause a Wi-Fi the fall was or lose effect, has thought them would have fixed it wilh he firmware the update or patch it but a question still exists.... I have been said for Samsung that was the question of the hardware and an immediately said person 'as an I-cushion had'-- I has said so that it is one fijamente and has said ' is doing on concealed is all was'-- I then answered to say is has covered down has guaranteeed? And it has said 'any' --then ' does not know . I have said that it is? Has no 'said are '

WELL, as he to the small quantity of a time but he sill annoying and in this prize, day and age in Wi-Fi this not even would owe that be the question... I will send the paper to Samsung that the expect them to fix this or substitute this or will do them the civil claim against him...

UPDATE: considering connecting this to the Samsung telephones--

Was although a Samsung the descriptions says it will do with:

says that another telephones the carriers can 'Vary'

That is to be say is that there is the 'Compatibility and subject of Continuity' - Samsung

after being persistent to pursue a truth and the real reason in that 'vary' bad a esenior Samsung' the agent says ' no with any carriers' others those some paralizaciones has listed on... Samsung So only would owe that say that so that there is complete transparency so that the client can choose wisely... Prpers Having said the concealed --- I will maintain a pill and fall an indication for one stars.

pill Very able-right up there with I-Cushion Pro-- Samsung dipped some right things joint to do this good work. Still they are having some question taking this neighbour up with mine Samsung telephones to take and receive message and of the calls, but think that is glitch in my own boss... Agree when you would take the manual of measure of book of telephone with computer? I have purchased this also and is extracted big for me because of my eyes... Has a Súper OMLED has the stunning and beautiful picture that looks for new generation (2019) Samsung 4K UHD HDR on scaling ready TV... Almost I think it there is a bit on-scaling the capacities but they a lot in fact say the attributes of sample of Youtube- first Video-- Netflix late in an evening and is the pleasure to look in... They are the little dubious in his claim on 5 days for the load, but then again are can of clock hungry video.... Calm has taken!
4 / 5 Theodora
Are really enjoying mine 10' Tab of Galaxy S5e pill. I have chosen a gold of has ascended behind and was pleasantly surprised to find it very attractive in fact. I have ordered one 128 GB to give me abundance of future space. First of the unpacked has expected for a Omotion screen of glass revenido protectors, that has ordered with a pill, to arrive like mine the new pill could begin out of quota without fingerprints during a screen. Happy caused it is resulted to surprise. Those are screen of wonderful glass protectors and am very pleased. They are very clear and not annoying a clarity of a screen in a less. Very easy to install, with instructions very clear. A pill is wonderful. I have not had any question that uploads in some applications I use and there does not look to be any lag the time in that I has used like this far. A life of battery is very good. It has read the descriptions that complains in a fact that has any 3.5 headphone jack in a pill, which researches me further before I bought it. That has learnt convinced would be me WELL. And it is WELL. It comes with the 3 & 3/4 thumb dongle adapter that has the 3.5 connector in an end and discharges he-in that attaches to one touching (fine-purpose) port in another end. So only it leaves a dongle semi-detached to mine earbuds and do a lot well. An only drawback could be that calm would not be able to touch a pill and listen by means of earphones a same time. I so only the maintenances touched when they are not quell'using and has not had a subject with him like this far. I have used a pill for compraventa on-line in Amazon and other places, and to look films in Netflix and Prime of Amazon, and to read eBooks and listening to books of audio on Nook and Walmart eBooks, and key to the to the pocolos play simple like 7 Of Few Words and Solitary. Of course I owe that also control out of a report to time regularly. They are in that fun quell'exploring some possibilities of new applications. He so that it answered it far admirably to the each task has asked of him. I recommend this pill, and a nave was really quickly also, included before I have on signed for Amazon First and his promise of fast nave. They are very satisfied with mine S5e.
5 / 5 Danny
Pill of mine of the uses mostly to read daily and books and to look the on-line TV when they are in vacacional, which is much more comfortable when I can prop the on on something (a pillow, my stomach, or stand of some class). Also a creation of a coverage I bought (Infiland) so only prop the up in landscape and the very clumsy fact to resist in some hands in way of portrait.

So much is a lot disappoints it that this pill at least the averages a time fails to rotate the landscape to the equal that finalises that it has to that take a coverage to read law. I have maintained unfortunately it thinks it it would find a trick to do work, as it has lost a period of turn, but for any the one who loves read of him does not recommend the buying.
4 / 5 Olinda
Ossia My third pill of Android (with which two Nexus 7 is lasted more along that expected). It is difficult to move of hardware of Google pure - I has had also Nexus 5X telephone - reason each name of mark comes with his own bloatware and substitutions of Google. But quell'concealed that has not been like this bad. Otherwise Am thrilled: speed, video, life of battery and in general feel is excellent. An only question has is with touching dongle (the unit comes without stereo jack) like difficult fact to touch when used for video along-conference. But this is to expect today - and bluetooth the headphones solve a question. I have added his USB-C dongle with connectors and external video of multiple USB for keyboard and mouse, and am happy without a need for the laptop.
5 / 5 Londa
I recived pill of mine today and like this far, is exactly that has wanted and has expected. I will update my description like utilisation a pill. I have used the Lenovo, he kindle fire and another Samsung compressed.

Quite excited!

Modifies June 1: to the pill adds! I have not experienced some of a Wi-Fi issues concealed has been informed.
5 / 5 Twanda
Looks good Screen , sum, etc., But first of a same unit fully synced or touched, has on enclosed. Any together only or community of a key to be able to, combination of key of the volume anything. Returning ASAP.
4 / 5 Cherly
A Tab of Galaxy S5e has the Súper AMOLED exposure that looks gorgeous with rich colours, excellent contrast, and deep blacks but beginning of questions partorisca look almost grieve to start with to use a pill. An exposure can not be aforada (that it was it the characteristic in of the models of Tab of the earliest galaxy) and answered to touch offered that it can be shockingly bad--while using basic daily applications I sometimes required to touch an exposure three or four first times of the touch would register how is worse that an action in the $ 100 pill of estimativa of Chuwi.

There was then surprised to not experiencing that @@subject of response to touch inclusa that play of touches. I have downloaded two different screen applications of test of a Tent of the game and an exposure have operated perfectly without subjects of response of the touch at all. Samsung The game that Optimises the service has built to one YOU ramps more probably on a power the way of action like this gameplay is smooth. Some applications of the test of the exposure is treated apparently so only like this of the games and take a treatment of same big action that is answered to touch record a lot of the different way test that during the daily use rule.

Another issues that plagues a S5e the exposure is the very pronounced aspic effect while scrolling inside sure applications. Complained of the effect of aspic when using Chrome in place of Samsung the browser of own internet is widespread but has found one of some worse offenders to be a Samsung the application of the member--the effect of aspic was like this bad could not be using an application and decided to entirely uninstall the.

There there is also the subject known with connectivity of internet that is the cut was when you resists a S5e for some corners in way of portrait because your hands block an antenna. This defect to draw has been remarked for buyers and reviewers almost immediately after a S5e has shipped was and has the look roughly he in a web of place of Reports of the Consumer. It does not look possible a S5e could have spent for testing without Samsung discovering a question like likely explanation is Samsung has known in a @@subject but decided to sell a S5e in all the chance.

An exposure also has the lowest-resolution that Samsung uses on many of his smartphones like this master HDR certification for Netflix streaming can forget you he--in better an exposure can touch video in 1080p although the a lot of owners have informed 720p video streaming. I do not see any way that looking the film in the 10.5' exposure in 720p is not the most preferable plot to 4K HDR in the 6' exposure but the plot of people is obsessed with hardware specs and will consider Netflix in a S5e inferior to look he in 4K HDR in his smartphone.

A biometric authentication in a S5e are also half drop in better. You take the a lot of unreliable fingerprint scanner in a side of a pill that also to the folds likes them to them key to be able to. Unless you are using the chance with the cutout for a key of power a fingerprint the scanner can be difficult to locate for the touch and he usually take me 2 or 3 first test of mine fingerprint is recognised. There have it also the useless face unlock option which can have has done in fact three times in some first two weeks have used a pill. It is like this worthless found me impacted while I have not required to use a fingerprint scanner instead. A S5e at least has some options of normal Android of ready lock that leave to maintain a pill unlocked in of the concrete locations chooses (likes in home--the navigation of the location is not quite attentive to unlock so only in your chamber but no in a rest of your house) or when a pill is connected to cement Bluetooth devices that reduces a need to trust the poor biometrics of a pill.

A Samsung Tab of Galaxy S5e is in fact good to look video of Netflix or Prime of Amazon and to listen the music (the speakers touch utmost). A capacity to add the MicroSD paper with until 512GB of the storage also of weaves it to them of room for has downloaded the video and the music when it calms does not have to access the one of confidence WiFi. A WiFi question in a S5e specifically affects faster 5GHz connections but when streaming video in way of landscape WIFI would have to that be of confidence. This pill is also quite well for games. Answered of the global touch also improved after the pair of weeks although I am not totally sure reason. There is not the way of action that can be enabled for the user but one comprises can optomization that it change some settings to be able to having based in your use. It is possible one has decided to give an exposure more juice that is reason he finally begun working better.

A S5e receives a support of terrible software Samsung is notorious stops. Now included it is April but a S5e is still in a patch of security of the January. At present, Samsung is directed in of the updates for his obscenely overpriced S20 telephones of series and devices of big profile like a S10 serious to the equal that could be the first long wait of a s5e receives another update and of Samsung has the new pill that the starts yield the things so only will worsen.

Samsung Marks the mediocre telephones priced a lot too big and this applies also to this pill. With of the like this @@subject some current asking prizes of $ still Tab of Galaxy S5e is a lot too big. So only it recommends that this pill can find he for $ 200 or less.


This pill has grown on me slightly, mainly reason a response to touch the subjects reduced (but never entirely disappeared) over time but still could not recommend a Galaxy TabS5e in this point of prize.

A lack of an update to Android 10 for such the new product was one nettling at the beginning but is resulted to be the disguised blessing. An Android of December 10 update for a Galaxy S10+ has been ludicrously buggy, doing a $ 1,000 unstable telephone and sometimes grieve usable. In spite of an abundance of reports of bug of owners almost 5 months later still has not had the bug only fijamente. For this reason so only would not buy never another Samsung has produced.

While gift a lot to say this if I can not find the good alternative to Samsung when it comes the Pills of the android then would recommend to buy an iPad instead.

Chuwi Sells some pills to estimate officially in the complete amazon with guarantee but anything of his mark priced under $ 300 that has used has been junk. Chuwi Marks some reasonably pills of good and portable quality (although Xiaomi, Huawei, and included Telecast is elections very better ) but Chuwi does not sell anything still halfway decent under one $ 300 point of prize. Of then compressed of the android is the phase of niche in north Amsterdam ( is the most popular plot in Asia) Samsung enough has a phase of pill of the Android all his here unless you are has had to that to buy the Chinese pill. In around $ 200 less than Samsung the cariche can take an excellent Chinese pill ossia sleeker, snappier, and more innovative that anything of Samsung but pills down Chinese cost that looks to be subject fantastic and sometimes was has impressive on paper specs is not never good products in my experience to the equal that consider has warned.
5 / 5 Louie
Open box, the pill takes. It is really thin and light, as first what has been dipped at random.
Powered On compressed and dip the on, has the plot of settings for Samsung material.
Dips on impressions of toe, a key to be able the fingerprint works of the reader a lot once takes used his .
There is a 128Gb model, as has 6 Gb of RAM.
Has been using this pill for mainly streaming video of amazon and Hulu. Any question with buffering or stuttering. Looks Of screen well, the saturation by heart is well with any of a overblown cartoony colours of pasts Samsung devices.
Has not experienced any of a WiFi subject of the grip of the death has informed in a web. Perhaps so only they are in the resistant right or is a chance . Any way, action of solid coverage.
The volume of audio is quell'has bitten weedy likes the majority of devices of Android, unless you turn in a Atmos setting. It does not know it is to coach to give me very bondadoso to surround the sound but does a stronger start by means of headphones. Of the android now comprises LDAC (Sony Bluetooth protocol for better touching audio) and am using Sony auricular, Bluetooth the audio touches good and any subject with connection.
Has tried way of screen of the breaking, looking the streaming video and surfing a web. Fact amiably.

A note lateralmente. Google Really very a lot to sustain Compressed in Android. iOS The applications will have the separate version for iPads, tailored for a pill. No like this in Android.
4 / 5 Amado
When we Receive this element has has had to that looked the very small chip in a sinister corner subordinated of a pill.
My woman has been ready for the new pill and like this has not been the big shot leaves goes.
Now have cracks to the long of an inferior flange and by means of a sinister corner subordinated of a same pill although it has been the day of sense of the chance an and has not left never a house.
Would suggest that the people take the good look around first to buy things like this on amazon.
This is not my first big technology element for gone bad but will be some last I buy of the compraventa for catalogue.
4 / 5 Anitra
A keyboard and the screen is better that a Pixel of Google C that this has substituted, on-line video , MLB TV, Plex and Youtube all touch utmost.
Setup Was easy, 15 minutes, and calm in fact can emigrate all your applications of yours old android.
Am not sure roughly all some critical negations, the supposition are lucky and has taken the well of working new pill.
Some reports in a wifi falling is not totally true, a signal spends for roughly 1 fence charges an inferior corner accident, but a wifi the stays have connected.
5 / 5 Ty
Has very had Samsung telephone, clocks and pills. A lot disappointed that this one has maintained to clash, out of a box. Samsung Sustain of the technology was useless, like this usual. You are always he better looked for the responses produces community forums. Unfortunately, any there helped suggestion with this Tab S5e
5 / 5 Ola
originally has taken this to modify my photos on but rights to begin was them having subject! A pill his self was in good condition in general is coming with all the required and has little had to any scratch. Visuals arent That of entity of mine tho while it looked well the didnt extracted like this has expected them. It has taken one 4 gb version of ram like this perhaps his been due to of the this but would run dulcemente especially after opening more than an application that use lightroom was the nightmare would take anywhere of 1-20 seconds to preview my transmissions to a picture this that the plus along and more nettling process that usual. A screen wasnt like brilliant to the equal that would owe that be same when that dipping like this big to the equal that can go and some paints werent like vibrant to the equal that are looked. My main flu and ossia the subject very common , is a wifi cutout at random time for any reason sometimes he reconnect immediately, sometimes would take the solid hour to take my connection has retreated included when when being after my subject. Ossia The question of device any one a question of internet of has them internet of big speed with long row im able to connect all my electronic to a wifi and be down a street this in spite of has the connection but this pill has some really bad hardware for wifi functionality in general he wasnt the terrible pill but he didnt do fault my purpose for him. It would recommend any one trying takes the better Pill is possible or take a 8gb version. If you cant take the more a ossia the good alternative can dip up with all his gilipollas.
4 / 5 Gisele
Love a factor of form and quality of build of this unit. Those so only would win a bloatware, which is significant and immutable. But a reason would advise you against purchasing an of these is that a Wi-Fi is really quite poor. Some subjects have not limited to the particular location in a unit. A Wi-Fi is usable low way in a lot of situations. I tried it on more than coverages of the dozen and he is consistently feeble and prone to fall offs.
5 / 5 Hortencia
Would have given this pill to 5 indication to star reason want to all Samsung BUT with which I jammed a nails of emission of the memory in a hole of microphone has changed my alcohol. I require to read glasses, but are not to blind. Any in Samsung has thought was the good idea to dip a microphone of hole to measure still exact 5/8' out of some needs of hole of emission of tray to be shot. I know they are an idiot but still he' any one the creation adds. Now my mark to new pill has a microphone has left. This would not have spent if a box has come with the manual detailed. Calm instead volume a1 drive of page quickly in that in ANY ONE LEAVES to see a word does not stab your hole of microphone!!!
5 / 5 Cleo
Been using this pill for two weeks now. My second Samsung compressed of android. The screen is beautiful. Action, meaning Internet, that runs the applications and the daily use is scorching fast. The things upload faster that mine Samsung i7 portable of core. They are fully entrenched in an Apple echoes fixes it when being an user of iPhone for the decade. I prefer pills of Galaxy on iPad is reason are the utmost adjunct among a world of windows and IOS. For half a cost, can has not beaten the. Email, web surfing and another law of functions of sound for my needs. Any quite the substitution for the laptop but afterwards. Utilisation this more than mine portable. It can not comment in gaming action coz are not the gamer. It would imagine extracted well. Regarding complaints in wifi the be has fallen, so only has experienced I. Extremely satisfied with this pill and highly would recommend it.
4 / 5 Talisha
UPDATE: Upgrading of 2 stars to 3 reasons Dex while defective is quite fresh.

Has had a pill for the few hours now. It has given a s5e 2 stars because for a money, in my chance $ 455, loves more out of pill of mine. For $ 300 it gives 4 stars. For $ 250 it is to 5 pill of star . Now ossia still to good pill. For a prize would not expect wifi questions or a lack of capacity to touch 4k hdr on Youtube/of Youtube and Netflix.

A screen is gorgeous.
A pill is ultra thin and light.
Once Dolby atmos is enabled a sound is really very partorisca to pill.
Moving around one is quickly and snappy.
Fingerprint The scanner are adds.

Mina 5has a @subject although the a lot of people have had with a wifi has diminished a lot resist a pill in way of landscape with a hand in a corner lateralmente left inferior. With a chance of coverage of the book does not experience a subject. Ossia Unacceptable for a pill of level of the entrance much less an upper mid tier one.
Any hdr 4k for Netflix and Youtube/of Youtube.
Bloatware. It does not force of the applications on me bro.
Any headphone jack. This is not a subject for me I like this plan on using mine Bluetooth auricular.

A gilipollas is not a subject for you doubt there is another pill of android that compares for a prize in the phase to die segment. They are in a fence will maintain this. I am sustaining to maintain it like this the mine has come with a Samsung the chance of book covers to which really likes.
4 / 5 Federico
After the a lot of 5 years with my first Tab of gene of Galaxy S 10.5 I has tried a Pixel of Google C like the substitution and was quite well, but had bought the good before it has been interrupted and the support has been finalised for updates of Android (besides patches of security), as I am returned the Samsung to see that it was new. I have verified out of a flagship Tab of Galaxy S6 that was awesome but more than has required them. A Tab One was too economic and displeased them a proportion of appearance for an exposure of screen. It had spent in a Tab S2, S3, and S4 mainly reason have taken was one 10.5' exposure. When I have seen a S5e had not listened roughly the like this after verifying it was and the finding touches a mid-compressed of level and was a newer emission of samsung (Holidays 2019) and was reasonably priced, has jumped in the cost. The action is sum of a Qualcomm Octacore processor, there is alot more storage that my old Tab S has, is looked fully with Súper AMOLED Exposure, 10.5' embroiders the exposure of flange, adaptive fast touching capacity (An old Tab S has taken all day to fully of load), compatibility with a S pen, and is súper thin this in spite of lighter that a Tab S was. More figure quad the speakers have dipped ready for AKG (so only like a Galaxy S10 smartphone) and a later Android YOU also. It is the ready election for any one looking for something any quite flagship Tab S6, which is geared more to the desk compressed/of productivity of the substitution, but something more than the economic more a lot of frills compressed of the level of the entrance likes a Tab A Series.
5 / 5 Rubi
May of update 10, 2020
My pill would not connect to a web. I have discovered a speed of the connection of wireless paper is 433. My smartphone connected in 780 to a point of same access during a same time.
Has had so only the feeble signal.

JMO, Ossia the device of means comunicacionales . A Samsung the pill requires 6GB or more than RAM.
Android 9 And 10 room to need run well.
Would look in a new Samsung compressed of Galaxy a S6 Lite, S7 or a S6 running Android 10

This pill is not bad. I still like my old Samsung Galaxy S2 pills. This product will owe that grow on me. I have found this on sale pill in December . The amazon always has the pop on the sale that does that time.
4 speakers
system of the his East add A++
big exposure A lot
Android 9 has some good characteristics.
A power and the keys of volume has been improved in leading models.
A screen is perfect measure to write in way of portrait.

Some 8 pills of thumb have possessed has had better PPI, and text more acute showed.
Would not pay prize of cast for this pill. It would buy an Air of Apple instead.
A screen the touch can be the little slow sometimes. This perhaps my connection of internet.

Would recommend this pill to any any one the device to surf a web and half comunicacionales of view.
4 / 5 Mariette
UPDATE: Upgrading of 2 stars to 3 reasons Dex while defective is quite fresh.

Has had a pill for the few hours now. It has given a s5e 2 stars because for a money, in my chance $ 455, loves more out of my pill. For $ 300 it gives 4 stars. For $ 250 it is to 5 pill of star . Now ossia still the good pill. For a prize would not expect wifi questions or a lack of capacity to touch 4k hdr on Youtube and Netflix.

A screen is gorgeous.
A pill is ultra thin and light.
Once Dolby atmos is enabled a sound is really well for the pill.
Moving around one is quickly and snappy.
Fingerprint The scanner are adds.

Mina 5has a @subject although a lot of people have had with a wifi a lot has diminished to resist a pill in way of landscape with a hand in a corner lateralmente left inferior. With a chance of coverage of the book does not experience a subject. Ossia Unacceptable for a pill of level of the entrance much less an upper mid tier one.
Any hdr 4k for Netflix and Youtube/of Youtube.
Bloatware. It does not force of the applications on me bro.
A lot headphone jack. This is not a subject for me I like this plan on using my Bluetooth auricular.

If a gilipollas is not a subject for you doubt there is another pill of android that compares for a prize in the phase to die segment. They are in a fence will maintain this. I am sustaining to maintain it like this the mine has come with a Samsung the chance of book covers to which really likes.
4 / 5 Lillia
A S5e in and of is the product adds. A quality of the screen and the resolution is surprising. Life of battery, at least with short use to arrive to this point, are adds. Produced of the wise only complaint would be a fact that a screen of glass revenido is the fingerprint FOND. A paid of prize for such the gorgeous exposure the suppose.

Buyer beware: one 4 Youtube of month raises of the prize has announced on is not valid for a S5e. To contact Samsung notify me to us this was so only valid for a Galaxy 10 and note of Galaxy 9. I have been advised to contact Amazon the one who has declared this was the Samsung subject in of the terms of them creating an ad of page of the tent. You can see where this is going. The short long history, one 4 byline of month of prize of Youtube/of Youtube FREE will not be honored. To date, to the amazon has has corrected not even an ad.
4 / 5 Bonny
This pill basically fulfils each need has for the mid-sized pill. For a prize v estimativa calm can has not beaten the. A symmetry and draw aesthetic is something on. Some speakers and the screen are surprising. A thinness and the weight is lighter that the telephone. I am loving this pill. And in spite of a landscape wifi subject of coverage, does not have any question of of the this is to use mainly in way of portrait. This was a pill has been moment to, admitted, does not use or like this Samsung devices, and can not be OneUI has used in his, this in spite of ossia an exception simply reason is such the grandson looking devices, and a specs for a prize is unbeatable.
5 / 5 Clark
For years, has been using Amazon Kindles. He a bit those that months, I 'upgraded' to the Kindle Fire HD 8. Material this Kindle is way too underpowered. It is slower of the mine forward Kindle Fire. Had state forced to frequently reboot to take any do any. I have decided that it had had enough of low-priced pills. I have looked for to pill in a $ 400 row and solved in a Samsung S5e. All can say is reason does not buy this more collected? I can no to see me not going back never to the Kindle. A seal of prize for this pill is not economic. Given a preformance, chair a cost was money a lot well is spent.
4 / 5 Candice
A pertinent gaming to the pill has been my white whale . I have tried several times to choose a better of a better and is coming on short.

Was skeptical of this pill but after the tonnes of the investigation has come up like better gaming option of pill.

- The sound is phenominal, especially when management in dolby has seen a drop of tile of the android down
- Samsung bloatware can be disabled and take, but imagines a Samsung the integrations could be useful the people those who are all -in with a line of Galaxy
- This pill is light! Very light. Ossia The plus Of ENTITY for gaming.
- A measure of this pill is perfect to resist for gaming.
- The life of battery is sum like this far
- No lag in any games have tried like this far. It was skeptical this would treat, but there is still to find anything has question with.

Recommends a 128gb version, as RAM is joined to inner storage so that has 2 models: 64gb inner storage + 4gb RAM, or 128gb inner storage + 6gb ram. Any economic was and take stuck with 4gb inner ram, 6gb will do this device last.

Has dipped the 512gb U3 (the fastest load, any economic was, the papers the economic plus are likely U1) SD paper in this so that not having never question of storage.
4 / 5 Delana
Has bought this to substitute one ageing Samsung commentaries of Galaxy 12.2. I wish they the android done still compressed with to 12 screen of thumb. Forces of the phase apparently does not sustain a subject. Calm neither take the tiny screen, like this one, or go to the Windows 10 convertible. Sometimes the android is quite well, and improves life of battery that Win10 never . Alas, we remain with of the mini compressed like a S5e. It does not like , and probably it does not have to that it bought it.

A response of screen on some applications is... Odd. When Looking Netflix, is difficult to take a film; paste and touching and that attacks a screen no all a time. Also, seeing Gmail in these lacks of pill finesse: some jumps of exposure and jerks. Never seen this first behaviour, so only in this pill.
A plus sews that I really the hate is an orientation of a volume rocker. Hey Samsung, That roughly that gives an option to revoke a control of volume?
4 / 5 Yelena
Was excited like this to take this pill has required to substitute my old Asus zenpad. It takes utmost pictures, has the good battery, and the decent screen. You could ask calm reason give it so only 2 stars. A reason is reason has service of terrible client the one who lied mine several times. They have said that a screen is HDR compatible but ossia the lie , has said any USB-C to the adapter of Ethernet would do except ossia the lie , and has said that there is no wifi the questions but ossia also the lie depends that you resist a device can lose 50 of the yours WiFi speed. If I have known to the east for advanced likes has tried I would have bought to to the the different device likes perhaps a S4 but with of a severe deception will not buy never of Samsung again. Such the shame is gone down his levels has not had never the question with any of mine 3 forward Samsung devices.

Top Customer Reviews: Samsung Galaxy Tab ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
5 / 5 Dedra
• A creation of pill is almost a uncanny resembled an IPAD Pro. Pencil thin Corners , smooth, and global minimalistic creation. Ossia Prevails feels everywhere.
• A screen is beautiful in the each way. I want to underline that some blacks are excellent and answer it by heart matches a brightness the level asks a screen. Partorisca East to be a HDR10+ certification in seeing, there is at all bad to see is.
• Looking video of Youtube in 1444p does this pill one of a better in viewings. No more generic 1080p.
• A bezels access well with this pill. Been due to like light is, can use a delivery to resist he without any subjects, and have quite soiled as it does not touch a screen. One of small time that the bezel the creation among handy.
• Does not concern , a bezel the creation is quite small to create a immersive experience, especially at night.
• An aluminium behind reduced a fingerprints for just a screen and resupplies the little more protect yes calm the tombs. I have not loved Never a glass behind and Samsung has listened.
• A S-the pen also has the minimalist draws that access well in a backside of a pill. At all on look and feels does not create an impression to be economic.
• Has taken to love an USB-C port. Fast touching, those imports, exporting files, and economic to take extra chargers for a S6.
• A S-gestures of Action of the air of Pen is more useful that Samsung has leading product. Because of a measure of a screen, has found included that the strikes have left to rights and changing cameras some easy perk when using some Actions of Air. I can see any one any PowerPoint presentations with a S6 the utmost selling point, like S-Pen the decent work with some Actions to Air simple.
• Very comfortable to write with a S-Pen (more details later on). Smooth And a right quantity of pressure.
• A notification of the battery immediately bursts up in a right side of a screen every time has dipped a S-Pen behind in his location (that has some magnets). Has no @to @give the one who useful ossia of a notification leave to know if it has not situated a S-Pen in a correct location.
• Has taken around 90 minutes for the full load of a S-Pen, but really does not have to that concern like this always uploads in a S6.
• Are happy that can attach a S-Pen in a side of a screen when you are not quell'using, so only like an IPAD done for his pen.
• Fines-tasking Is something-on. Samsung Offers the plot of small software perks that mark fine-tasking any only easy, but felt to use this characteristic in the daily base.
• With a one key in a S-the pen has, can customise to that it loves it open with him.
• Are not never the defender with camera of pill, because of more the telephones have better crew, but has taken for the rid the Samsung in a built-in ultra-way of wide lentil. An insane 123 terracing has done to take the picture with anything, show a whole world around that. For the photo familiarised fast, is perfect. But then again your telephone would owe that be yours main camera .
• A gaming is is very pleasant. I advise that when touching any game of big power changes a Samsung the characteristic new game has called Booster. This characteristic will kill any applications that is taking was can of a pill, as you can have more hours of gaming. I have not tried a comparison that the difference, but when touching any game in the pill loves so that pode so you can.
• Touching Fortnite gave 30fps and any lag that like this never.
• A awesome characteristic Samsung has is an option of Transparency. It is basically the white page in your screen, which is transparent, as you can write in the reading for the moment or that looks the video . I have found this looks an excellent perk to take notes or reading anything in a web. All the world will find this a lot of gain to have.
• Dex To launcher is quite on signals that the windows desks looks. Taken around 5 seconds to upload on, but when fact, looks is staring to the Windows YOU. In general some work to draw as well as a fresh profit I expósita is any application you clicas in DeX the way will burst up like the small window, more than taking on a screen like the whole (any lag when it looked Netflix in Dex way). Also moving behind and advances of android to Dex is the fast experience.
• The life of battery am taking around 13-14 hours. Ossia Around 70 brightness, mostly the web and the film that look. A murderous is is a gaming and a pen, if you are by train to use it to plot.
• As I already can know, with this prize, knows is quickly. Ploughing on 10 applications, browsers of numerous web, and some active gaming, a S6 has taken he in enough of well. For a speed of the half day will not be the question.
• More economic That an IPAD Pro, and volume it Pen .
• Yes has has not used never he Samsung device, will feel right house.

Gilipollas And Oks:__________
• A fingerprint the scanner is an optical sensor . It is embedded in a screen but, any when be any ultrasonic scanner, can be fooled. With a technology of the ultrasonic scanner already established, reason install this? But it is still responsive so that it depends in your requirements of security (calm so only can do the passcode he is still unsure).
• A lot headphone jack. A big turn was so that they see this for the video that modifies in a gone, or really any one.
• Are not the defender of having a S-Pen in a backside of a pill. Any only augments some casualidades to take streaky when that situating behind there, but some magnets in a backside is not quite strong to do sure that a S-stays of Pen on. You situate a pill in an earth, a S-the pen is an only form of the contact with a surface is situates it on.
• Is hassle to find a right location on situating a S-Pen correctly. A behind has the diving in a section where a pen goes but yes calm any place he in a correct way a S-the pen will fall off. I owe that do sure that is to attach correctly reason is impossible to identify, to touch, in that way to dip a pen. There is the notification on screen to say you when it is connected, but reason could does to create a canal to touch in a side like knots any only place he in a right place, but can the to us see all a time.
• That I amour in Samsung the telephone of Galaxy is a capacity of as it has hid his S-Pens, but this an is not hid at all. Mina, feels looked to spend a headphone jack adapter. I do not go to use all a time, but I still need for the spend reason can use it at random time.
• A way Samsung draws this, lose a S-the pen feels likes has lost the part of a pill. With an open face S-creation to plant of the Pen in a backside, yes lose to to a pen then so only likes to pill with still dent in a backside.
• Some gestures of the action of Air is a lot so only for PowerPoint presentations and taking pictures. It could not see a profit to use this characteristic another concealed it.
• Like the editor of personal video, this is not a better around. A S6 fights to import 4k the video and he have taken numerous hours to encode a video of 8 minutes. It maintains to import that I have had the decent quantity of discharges, but is still something to know has loved to know the one who fast exporting with the season is. Also it remarks that modifying in a program, while using a S-Pen, is excellent.
• A subject of entity when drawing with east is a S-the key of shortcut of the pen on that. I have used an application Medibang Painting, and when drawing always will press a key of shortcut in a S-Pen for deception. A way a key is drawn, is right where your hand-held grip is when calm writes. The numerous time was would be to draw and the hand would press a S-key of Pen. This immediately would spend me to a page of shortcut. It has not been if ossia a subject of application , but these needs of question of the key to be fixed.
• There is still the empty when you move with a S-Pen. It is not a lot a lot of, but is there. I have had still a lot of @@subject to write notes with, but so that they love the draw is the bosses up.
• HAS expensive unlock, but is the 2 D-the facial recognition has based. I will trust a fingerprint first scanner.
• A camera is decent but included a ultra-the wide format has seen he in the lowest resolution. Stick to your telephone. You call them of video are well, but another that that, the forget.
• Again, a way Samsung draw a pill, because of a built-in S-the pen that creation of touches, is forced a bit to folk in $ 179 for “there spent” of book. Because of a S-Pen, does not have any election if it do not love a S-Pen to take scratch, or has lost.
• Some speakers are decent, volume four of them. I have found a sound is a lot clear and strong.
• Bixby The mandate of voice is one same during Samsung devices. A microphone a S6 has has not taken any subjects of feedbacks.
• Is very thin, but will bend yes seeds-the force is applied.

Inferior line:__________

Samsung for a past year has on his game in of the telephones and of the pills. Having posted descriptions of his telephones and the pills can say that a S6 is another in some books, but there is noticeable drawbacks.

To summarize, yes love an IPAD Pro but can does not resupply, then this that will buy. A S6 is a lot quickly, does not heat up in gaming or the video that modifies, and is the definite to win so that they require to take notes (work, university, etc.). Has the resolution of good-looking image with a prize that has it there S-Pen. I know that an aim Samsung is after one same likes Apple, the substitution for a common laptop, and a S6 is a lot on point. If taken a coverage of keyboard that has the quite good container of a pill, it pen, and the keyboard (with the trackpad!).

But thinks Samsung the aim is also a question. They are trying to do the substitution of laptop with to pill that is missing an inner hardware for the sustain. For web and of the basic programs, ossia sure the good finds, but another that that begins to take subjects. In a side to draw, are not the defender of a S-drawing of Pen. Calm does not go to use a S-Pen every time, but a way a S-the pen is situated, will have to do sure that his plant correctly. This could be be fix has added more magnets in a S-headline of Pen.

In an end, is the IPAD lower Pro Substitution. Still very fast and effective, but the graphic power still goes to an IPAD Pro as well as a Pen of Apple. With Samsung Android YOU in his telephones, in this pill, and a upcoming shows, Samsung wants to be your user of only technology.

In general: A pill adds for a day to drawers of day and note-takers, but still no the substitution of laptop.

Esperanza was the yours help.
Sincere Reviewer
4 / 5 Dorinda
has received a Samsung Tab S6 a day has been released, which was a lot. Has the beautiful exposure. Like the photographer, my pictures look really good. The ones of way that there is far has discovered the pair of downsides that would do me consider the returning. I have purchased the 512 gb microsd paper for him and that reads súper. A Samsung SmartSwitch the software left to transfer my current Note 8 information to a S6 in roughly 40 minutes. I have had the tonne of data in a Note 8 with the 128 gb microsd the paper and a wireless scrolling was much faster that has expected. It has transferred everything of my installed applications together with a data. Any I have @@give the but my wake on the alarms this morning has to come from/come from so much my telephone and pill! LOL

A magnetic stylus which is clipped to a backside will fall off to plot of a time, especially yes calm dipped that down. A stylus is attached has seen the small grove and is connected invernadero the magnet. I have it it lost it already several times and has had to spend to plot to time to look for the. Has a coverage of the keyboard in orders how is supposition to arrive next week. This has covers it which think will cover on a stylus and maintain he in place. It would not recommend that it buys a unit unless it buy one covers how is another $ 170 or $ 90 punctual cost.

A next question is a unit is too much big to resist with a delivery and is slippery. He slide out of your grip easily and there goes $ 800 to a paving. As that is doing a thin bezels means that you have to that dip your thumb in an exposure to resist he with a delivery and has found that has maintained accidentally selecting link he in a side of an exposure. Slowly on using he with both hands without the coverage to resist to. Hopefully A coverage will do it easier that manage.

Everything of some video hyping a unit resembles always aim a pill in the stand or with a coverage of keyboard has attached. Have Still to see one revises with any that tries to resist a pill for him. A pill is like this wide that it is the piece for me to resist an opposite flange as mine another hand is free to do other things. After the pocolos small, my hand takes cramped to achieve by means of a pill and resist it. If you have dipped the thumb in an exposure to resist he with a delivery, if it has it clickable zone under your thumb, calm accidentally something unexpected.

Retrospectively, would not buy this pill. Coast almost like this like this mine MacBook Air which is the real computer but are to sucker for new shiny things. May revisit this description after the few times but I am spent almost $ 900 with which imposed in a cup of a unit of line and is not ordered as well as I have expected. It is incredibly light!

Update 9/9/19 - With which the pair of days of use, my commentaries are still quite some same. For him, a pill is difficult to use a rid because of his measure and tiny bezels. More, has discovered that a lock of thick screen lock on a unit and any to leave you to unlock a screen. Attacking on a swimming of exposure and does not recognise mine fingerprint, or expensive. When This raisin, is taken to plot of test and error for the take unlocked. It is like a unit sees a question to unlock but a lot anything . These only looks to spend when a pill has been slept for the moment, like this at night.

In the positive note, the life of battery looks really good. If you have dipped a unit down for the prejudices so only will lose the percentage or two of battery after sleeping at night.

A Samsung Tab S6 is QUICKLY! It has it Nexus 7 and another 7 pill of thumb and this a short of the coverages around him. Looking in of the photos that is 1-2 mb measured of file, can instantly toe among pictures. If it could resist it, I think that it that it would love it and to the amazon has has update so only a schedule of ship for a coverage of Keyboard to arrive in three days. I can not expect.

Update: 1/3/2020 - after using a pill for the few months, my opinion has taken so only slightly worse. A coverage of the keyboard does not attach a lot well to a pill and if you are not careful will fall averts in your hands. If you go to use a Tab S6 in the table or flat surface, the work adds. In your lap, no like this well. You owe that use a bit kickstand but the mine concealed no well. The life of battery is sum, a screen is fantastic, is really fast BUT for slightly more the money could have purchased the real laptop like him MacBook Air. Unless you are planning on always using this in the office, would not recommend the buying he so that it is too money and tries the bridge an empty goes in to pill and the laptop but no a lot well.
4 / 5 Glynis
After active bought this pill and has used he for the pair of days, this was that I asked, “the one who is this partorisca, exactly?” To the left it is so only say Samsung is not reigniting some wars of the pill anytime aim with a Tab S6, this War has been won fact , long , for Apple. But I have lost really a system of echo of the Android, had not possessed the no-compressed of Apple in of the years, a Tab S2, to be esatti. I have purchased the pixel of Google Slate, in brief, in the tentativa leading to return to a green type, but found the to be too unwieldy, buggy, and just simple expensive to justify in the now.
That all when be said, has thought a Tab S6 was the bit in a pricy side, but a lot almost so that it likes him the pixel Slate, included with a keyboard, and like this Samsung is a show of Android main in city, would be the good place to start with again with one YOU.
Was bad. I seat it likes, finally, quell'android no in of the pills. It is, as I have said before, too unwieldy. Utilisation a pill of Android the day, then use an iPad a following day, can no to say me an experience of iPad is not so only more fluent, more usable, so only better. But one YOU has not gone enough for me to give up in a Tab S6, he also the sound adds fiancé, DEX, he desk half with a Tab S6, when you add a “optional “ “ “” $ 170 keyboard, and the screen adds.
A Tab S6 delivery on two of these promises, but one 3rd is done like this bad that has finalised my experience with this pill.
A sound, is quite well, especially for a measure and factor of form of a pill.
A screen is very good. Usual overblown saturated Samsung AMOLED screens, but looks good and the blacks are true.
Dex? Horrible. First of all, it calms memories that in the pill that is announced to good sure like the substitution of laptop, does not comprise compressed has said. These costruttrici of pill PLEASE to STOP that announces the product like the substitution of pill and then not comprising a keyboard? When it adds one 170 to a level 650-750 prize for a pill, and now my “substitution of laptop” is pressing well on 900 also take the laptop, well? A CPU / RAM easily will surpass that it is in a S6. And you love pill only device, a new more a lot of-pro iPad has the beautiful screen, utmost speakers also, and costs roughly 1/2 so as a S6.
Retreated To Dex, a reason because it is terrible is that One) has to that attach a “optional” keyboard to included the use. B) The majority, and means more, of your applications of Android will be nonfunctional in Dex way, as that is included a point of him? I any precise the half desk to surf a web, which is everything will be to do in Dex way in all the chance. It is so only the stupid desk-like experience to try to justify doing steps 170 just to take his.
Like this, he loves to pill of pure Android, has 1000 variety, much more economic. Heck, To pill of the fire of the Amazon is like this more economic and will give you your experience of basic android, buy it instead. If it love the pill adds, buy an iPad new rule more economic. If it love pill that for real can substitute the laptop, take an iPad Pro with the brydge keyboard, is fantastic. But yes it calms for real it loves one hybrid/of pill of the Android? Chrome Book!! I have substituted this with the book of Pixel, keyboard like this better, is backlit (Tab S6 the keyboard is not backlit, for 170? Any), still has the good touchscreen, and an integration of Android in fact .
4 / 5 Kandy
Has description of update with which 2nd coverage of keyboard there is rid.
Has takes 2 stars. I have purchased this device like the device of work. This in spite of, one $ 180 stand of the keyboard drawn for a pill does not remain in reliably. A creation is not well, and in of the corners, the rests of air to filter to a cup of rear suction and some slaps of pill to a table. Raisin every time has in lap of mine, and often when so only in the office.
Reason ossia touted like him esubstitution of portable', and a thing that the fact the laptop is unusable, can does not recommend. Attentive until next year.

Has description of update after a week:
has received a coverage of keyboard, and while I love it, am skeptical in a glue in a backside. Last night it could it does not take to remain on, as I have cleaned a glue and has to that the left has stuck at night, and now looks better. Has the substitution that comes from/comes from amazon, reason has faith very small is one.
Averts of that, a keyboard is surprising. It feels he adds to write on, and a shortucts is very useful. They are not the defender of one tiny backspace yours, but in general is the reasonable has involved. An addition of a trackpad gone back he of the 'dockable substitution of PC' to the substitution of true laptop.

My preferred samsung S-the pill of Pen enabled on until this point was a Note 12.2. Still although have to him legustado a tab S4, has had several annoying factors. If it love use DeX, really need a device propped whole, and require neither the scanner of better face or he fingerprint sensor. I trust, you would comprise yes calm tried quell'on a S4.

With a S4, I speaker there was immediately envies vs iPad of my woman pro. A sound has not gone included comparable. Of of the east is the device of consumption of half comunicacionales significant , having the excellent speakers is the must . A tab S6 the speakers touch almost like this well likes iPad pro. They are excellent, and calm will not be disappointed.

A show- fingerprint the sensor are really adds. I have not had any question with lag or unrecognized toes. Any much more to say, excepts that a lot it improves a DeX experience and a global usability. No more looking in a camera in a cup of a device, or included worse, when a device is in landscape, that looks for to imagine was where to dip to your eyes likes him the camera can see it.
Cara Goes in an iPad pro is like this very that calms does not have to that spend for these hoops... But samsung has taken an easy way was and place in an optical reader under a screen, and am really happy has done. As better.

A S-the pen feels better. Volume far less involuntary click of a key that a main round one in a S4. A concept of where has dipped a pen in fact felt. Take an iPad with a Pencil... If it love the chance, has to neither have a side of an iPad in of the skins, or have some odd extension. A sense of frames of the extension, like this calm does not lose a Pencil. BUT, if it is in a backside, still calm a profile of slender pill, and does not need the chance he wide plus to resist.
Has had the generic TPU chance until it has taken my official coverage in, and so only having the chance on does to dip a pencil was Much easier.
ALWAYS recommends official samsung chance, as they return more and feel professional. They are expensive, but value he.

Are súper there is disappointed that be any flashes in a camera. He really done the documents of escáneres of big difference with your pill. A Note (read: S-the pen has enabled devices) lineup is always be roughly productivity, and this means to mark on PDFs and photo. Included in Well lighting, scanning the documents requires lighter, and flashes it so only would owe that be felt common.

Regarding a rest: it has taken one 6 gb 128gb version. My tab S4 has had any question with the million windows, and has had 4gb of ram. This one is quite quickly, and manages everything of some applications so only well, never a lot of lag with microsoft office and an internet and Season that careers. If you want to photoshop, always recommends a big plus specs possible this in spite of.
A pill is thin and light and impressive to resist. A screen is samsung astounding. A UI version 2.0 chair adds to use.

-Bluetooth 5.0 Is well.
- Like this a bezels to be smaller and a screen to be main. With a lot it likes me he would buy the 12 Tab of thumb S6.
- Having Some messages of SMS synced to a pill took me happy. (verizon Clients, is out of regime)
- I with has had the games have optimised for the keyboard in DeX. It would squander Some time in that.
- I amour a way a chance feels
5 / 5 Steve
has had an Air of iPad of the Apple 2 for four years, used it 3+ hours the day for informative reading and another material during this daily period. It has done I add but recently a battery is descent faster that would like me and of the step is resulted bit it sluggish in of the applications and of the sure websites. Understandable Date his age. I have selected this S6 in the iPad new pro because of his measure slightly smaller and hanged, and slightly the main action. I have used always telephones of Galaxy, likes Android and iOS both are mine familiarised .


- Fast. At all amazing data an enhancement in predecessor and RAM.
- Swype. The writing in an iPad sucked. It is like this easier in a Tab with Swype.
- Transitioning The preferences and the applications of my telephone of galaxy has done enough well, the time has saved to download everything of some applications individually (on 100). There is taken on pw is also.


- A pen in a rear thing is stupid. One write the one who has invented this and concentrated the one who has agreed would owe that be shot. Ossia Like this transmission like these subjects of fold of ridiculous galaxy.
- A fingerprint the sensor takes 2+ search to go in.
- Browser. I guess I have taken used to Safari, but am spending to plot to time to try to imagine out of the browser would owe them that use like my primary, and all have subject... Firefox, Samsung, Flange, Chrome.
- Still with a Samsung application of Note. It sucks, big Time. Reason add the pen without the application of sophisticated note. Again, bosses in Samsung would owe that go for this incompetence.

@In rodeo, this tab is that it would expect after the four year upgrade of an Air of iPad 2, but at all more, and at all terribly innovative.
5 / 5 Arianne
Was really that looks forward to my new Samsung Tab of Galaxy S6. Please look in a description of element... An offer has four Youtube/of Youtube of month the prize in any one load has comprised with compraventa. I have called Amazon two times (each one that like this on 30 minutes - thank you Esther D. To do a call of telephone long while it cut-n-pasted a unhelpful email - I waxed mine car hood while you have composed an email, ossia a moment a decision of the turn has been done) and has called Samsung.... Any one can help with this simple question. They are by train to send it Behind to Amazon to purchase elsewhere... Service of both Amazon and Samsung is doing an IPAD Pro the attractive look.
For a pill - I experience to use with Lightroom and work of light office while visiting fellow and family. For a week has been dipped to use; Lightroom CC MOBILE (version of byline) a Tab S6 is quickly and a beautiful screen! A stylus marks quickly and easy modification! It loves it! My work of light office is emails , Word of CUPS Docs, PP, and Excel - a Tab S6 bosses with eaze.
Ths The life of suitable battery my day out of images that marries of download in a field saws connection of boss with modifying taking roughly two-three hours. Uploading when I take house .
Am returning reason to the amazon can not live until his final of a shot. They have had an occasion when in a telephone with service of client for way too long.
4 / 5 Jacinto
When I received It in the first place has been blown was because I credit could manage a multitask. Looking video and touching games with is the tab so only is in amazing! Going down notes and drawing too much! But, all has begun to go downhill of here to the equal that have remarked a digitizer faulty. A screen begun 'the ghost that touches' and has had to return a product for the stray. Still, good product tho but has received it faulty one. But they are by train of the give 1 star for my experience.
5 / 5 Anne
The good concept and believe is Samsung compressed better still. This in spite of, for $ 650-$ 700 (comprising imposed and accessories) has too many short majorities that brotas a lot to be wished. It blows my alcohol that thought it would be the good idea to add the magnetic stylus the BACKSIDE of an addiction of device to somewhere in some sides (cup, fund, has left/right). A soyagnetic forces' is not all this strong like the chance to protect is recommended strongly. It concealed it is not a worse of him! A stylus can be dipped in any side to attach BUT has to that be in a CORRECT side to touch. SMH. This are like this ANNOYING!!! They are not the defender of the apple but I can appreciate him perfecting this @@subject BEFORE it Is RESULTED A SUBJECT !!! And I will not comprise never for a life of me because it has used old in screen fingerprint technology of reader in the 'only paste a phase' device that cost $ 650-$ 700!!! It has been years has purchased of then more Samsung compressed has like this state excited to take this one but so only to be regretfully there is disappointed. With this be has said, this pill has been returned and expect his prójimo one with my toes has crossed.
5 / 5 Galina
Has bought this for upcoming travesía. I have loved to substitute my laptop with something lighter. It has had potential but has had two enormous questions. 1 it Is a comprised stylus has maintained to fall off. For travesía, a stylus would be lost the day or two. If you take this , will REQUIRE the chance or coverage that the helps resist a stylus. A second and @subjects the big plus is a secrren has the horrible touch sensativity. Literally it would not relieve my toe that touches it unless I have licked a tip of my toe for wets it and that so only lasted for the few swipes. This he totally unusable to the equal that would use my toe 99 of a time. I have tried for the few hours and has given finally up in frustration. I have run it updates, but any improvement.

More has purchased late he Samsung commentaries S5e of the amazon and is the enormous improvement in sensativity. It would give a S6 the 1/10 for a screen to touch. It would give a S5e the 8/10 in a touchscreen. Touch sensativity has not been like this as well as my mobile phone, but perfectly acceptable. There is remarked also a S6 and a S5e has had very comparable and fast-acting with day to use of application of the same day although a S6 has the powerful plus CPU.

To A thing has-liked me one the majority of in a S6 (and S5e also) was an exposure of beautiful screen.
5 / 5 Ian
Pros/gilipollas/Like this like this
This pill, in fact, is a better pill in system of Android, but is not necessarily a better pill of a phase.
An edifice is excellent, some 3 options of colours are like this well, an exposure is like this well with this súper amoled technology, blacks and good-looking colours, a system of the his east awesome partorisca to pill (better that iPad Pro), is easy light weight to spend on, ram and robust processor, SD expansion, a good response and function of a S-Pen
Gilipollas: a no jack connector, is like this sad, one any first feeling of a S-Pen and unfortunately, a system of Android any optimised to a better experience.
Tab S6 Is the Apple of hate of good election, taste.
4 / 5 Librada
Purchased this to hopefully substitutes my house of laptop and partorisca some light gaming. This in spite of when I have turned in a device partorisca a first time, has been stuck in a screen of the logo until a battery has died. I touched it on on it prejudices and tried to turn it on again, the same what is spent. A device would not kick on and has tried everything.

In an end has decided to return a pill. I sent it behind in a 3rd and the amazon has received a product behind in a 8th. At the same time to write this description has been 9 days and the amazon there is still a lot refunded me my money. I have contacted service of client 2 times and an answered have received has been will be refunded in 3-5 business days. Ossia A first time has not experienced never and subjects with returns of Amazon, but ossia quite frustrating. I will update if his never it repayment one money.
5 / 5 Sarita
Are the serious technology interested and has danced with Apple and Samsung for some time. I have had a good fortune to possess a better of both costruttrici. I possess the 6th IPAD of Gene level it use concealed daily, but when I have bought the Samsung Tab S6 for an employee in work, have fallen enamoured with him and has finalised to buy one on its own name. A cost is comparable to the iPad very alike Pro and a lot of specs is alike. But a creation, the speed and the flexibility of this pill is for real remarkable. A screen is gorgeous and Apple of kicks $ ss! A pen has comprised, which have not thought would use, converted me! This does perfectly with Samsung TVs for presentations and video streaming. Samsung Dex Is achieved as the Microsoft has failed to rid with Windows 8 - doing is one the majority of versatile “almost” device of the substitution of the laptop has has not used never. Ossia My gone-to device to write drafts, taking notes in of the meetings, doing presentations, streaming video, reading Kindle books and other tasks of fast accesses. Mina 6th IPAD of the gene now is my topmast-reader and table of desayunar informative kiosk... A Samsung Tab S6 is the mine spends book! If you are buying this, takes a 256G/ 8version of G... Cookery!
4 / 5 Sandie
So only recieved this in a topmast today and the at present am writing this description on that!! Orderly so only a pill of a keyboard has not been in stock. I have been so only to mine next plus shabbier and purchased it there. But all can say them now included is that the does not complain this compraventa! Patient come and do an update once has had them time to touch around with him and use it daily.
4 / 5 Monserrate
Very fast and smooth, any stutter or lag, also fill of characteristic that marks súper enjoyable for productivity and entertainment.

- The screen is awesome for Youtube and another consumption of half comunicacionales
- write on PDF is one has found more on Android to note files of PDF
- Spen is simply awesome and done this pill so more productive - can look the youtube video in of the tips and of the tricks
- This pill is simply STRONG! I love it. A sound to good sure fill the room
- key reasonably quickly
- A life of battery is awesome
- works to scan of impression of Toe excellently a lot of
- to the pill is really light and easy to manage

For a way, a chance to take is esamsung - Coverage of Book for Samsung Tab of Galaxy S6 ' Any one another chance has found is worth it. His all do not protect a S pen
4 / 5 Joella
I recently upgraded to a Tab of Galaxy S3 of a S3 model. With which 2-1/2 years of heavy use, a S3 the battery has begun to the aim is age . A S3 still works well, so only does not resist the moment to upload when it was new.

A S6 really butt of kicks - I recommends it highly. It is blazingly quickly, a screen is brilliant and the clear crystal, and a stereo the speakers touch wonderful. At present I am using he with the Dell Bluetooth smiled and he Logitech MX Tones Bluetooth keyboard in DeX way, connected to an old NEC MultiSync LCD 1850X exposure. I have not touched with any of a applikcations that uses a stylus, but yes does also in a S6 so it has done in a S3 so I am sure his , will be so only well. Have gotta Say, for my purposes, acts each one has bitten as well as any laptop has has not had never. This has said, continued likes one projects that it directs (I are to take and lovin' he) would have several tools of software, likes Server of Project of the LADY among another, that would lose.

In a downside, has used a free version of WASTE of LADY in a S3. Howver, With a S6 the main screen, no longer can use a free version. ( I can require bite a ball and the cradle for a version has paid.) I have tried a version of Android of the Open office but has the few subjects. An interface is exactly one same likes version of Windows and looks clunky in a pill of Android. It is quell'has bitten more tolerable using it on the exposure of full measure in DeX way. Also it has expected a question has documents of impression of mine S3 would have been solved. Unfortunately, printing of a S6 my coverage has connected HP LaserJet M1212nf MFP the printer is paste still or lose. It looks of documents to take hanged in an impression spooler. Sometimes, restarting a work of impression solves a question, but calm sometimes precise restarts multiple time befor a genie looks in the tray of start of a printer. (Perhaps it is now of bite a ball and cradle for the new printer).

All-in-all, a S6 is the keeper. If you are habituado to use a Adroid telephone, transitioning to a pill of Android perfects felt.
4 / 5 Vannesa
Possess so much a Ipad Pro 11' 2018 in level of entrance specs - 4GB RAM + 64GB storage (with pencil of apple 2nd gene) and this besides big pill specs - 8GB RAM + 256GB storage.

Where Ipad Pro Wins:

- is like this fast and often smoother likes Tab S6 in spite of his specs is quell'has bitten inferior
- the zone of screen is quell'has bitten more and his proportion of appearance is more convenient that resist, read or write in
- writing with the pencil of Apple is so only a better, a SPen is not even near. A creation of this new SPen is so only simple stupid. It is flat and difficult to resist.
- The pencil of Apple has attached to Ipad pro with the like this strong magnet does not find me has concerned roughly in the loser. Maintaining a SPen to a S6 in another hand is the terrible experience . I simply dipped the in my office.
- Is the student or your work requires to plot of handwritten note-taking, or so only likes you that way, calm can not find excellent applications like GoodNotes and Notability on Android. One can say OneNote is the good alternative, but believe me, Pencil of Apple + GoodNotes/Notability (sustains infinite scrolling that a lot android equivalencies ) is so only a calm experience can not find anywhere more
- Ipad Pro feels bit it more sturdy + first
- I finds a Turn at night in iOS maintains a by heart general tone more intact while still helping me falling to sleep. On Tab S6, some harvests of Blue Light Filter arisen the odd colour and find regulating a brightness all a time.

Where Tab S6 wins:

- I has bought this one with $ 100 discount on Amazon, as it comes with 8GB RAM and 256GB storage together with the special SPen in only $ 629. Ossia The enormous quantity of difference mine given Ipad Pro the pencil of Apple is cost almost $ 750 ( has bought also a Ipad in some discount on Amazon) with only 64GB. This 256GB mean you can store almost of yours files of whole entertainment like some films/TVs the shows/reserve/ your device. One could say that 64GB is spare. Has thinks that also, but has then had 256GB and arisen has changed my alcohol. That The android also sustains SD paper as always developments your storage to 128-256GB for only $ 20-40 more.
- A bit less sturdy, a S6 still feels very first. A cloud the blue colour is like this very beautiful. More importantly, feels the lighter of plot that Ipad Pro so much in the resistant to read books or films of the clock in the bed is to the easiest plot that with a Ipad.
- Like this mentioned, a form of SPen is difficult to resist, but a tip is to exert so it feels enough when it touches a screen while it writes that a Pencil of Apple.
- SPen A lot has HID figure. It calms that can use to control a camera, slides of presentation...
- The ecosystem of Android of the to plot of fresh applications , free calm can not find in iOS. A lot of applications that is available in both ecosystems also can offer more characteristic on Android that iOS.
- Android HAS the system of upper file to iOS. It is not to blind to the stupid ad of the apple, that the android is simply better with respecting to this characteristic.
- DeX, While limited, is the much more afterwards feels to the desk experience that iOS. Again, it does not buy the ad of the apple.

Has to that admit, has to to to both like to them/the aversion for both devices. As I think that that it is the draw . If you are the student to the to the one who would like to do to plot that takes note, would suggest a Ipad. Better still, spent a Ipad Air or new Ipad 10.2' together with FOJOJO pen/Logitech Pencil in place of Pencil of Apple. If you are so only the user of final regulate the one who uses pills for consumption of means comunicacionales, take a Tab S5e which is more economic, has the wonderful screen and all a profit of big storage. If calm still wants to choose among Ipad pro 11' 2018 and this device, whichever extracted calm better volume, the take.
5 / 5 Era
The unit has failed with which 10 days. The substitutes/of turn process the circus. Any one offers to substitute. All born inconvenience for client.
5 / 5 Denisse
Are something of the Samsung collector of Pill of the Galaxy. Extending behind to 2014, possess the Tab Pro 12.1 thumb, Tab S2 8 Thumb, Tab S3, Tab S4 and now the Tab S6. With some models plus very old, has less storage that calm require these days that with each company that applications of offers to direct devices and accounts. So only 32 Action will not cut it .

A S4 and S6 have a built-in storage all require. Mina S4 has 128 Action of inner storage and my new S6 has 264 Action max. They are sure I has touched Fortnight or some CPU hungry applications, a together of chip would have some interest for me. It does not remark lag anywhere in my applications. For any unit..

Is researching So many units to the equal that to the like a more buy is, considers to pay more for a Tab of Galaxy S6. While a screen is excellent in both a S4 and S6, a more slender thickness and hanged of a S6. If you half comunicacionales of current, that resists a S6 is the sleep has compared to a S4. Power management done the travesías and the smallest battery of a unit to touch-on less than the load. Yes, there is a S Pen that need to be touched and is class of taken by magnets. If it is not semi-detached, a calm unit memories. (Thank you Mamma).

Has ordered this of Amazon a Thanksgiving of day before and received it same day- in 7:30 PM.
4 / 5 Simona
Absolutely love a Tab S6. But I do not think you it would have to that take a chance of keyboard. It is to good sure overpriced. If you have had the Note of Galaxy Pro, this pill is like the current iteration of those. It is lighting quickly, buttery smooth, and súper portable. Like the Note 10+. If calm want the partorisca be, a Tab S6 can be your laptop. He also syncs well with any Samsung/Android, Galaxy/to Coach Wearable, or Bluetooth devices. A S the laws of pen adds like the mouse and is extremely precise. Dex The way is very comparable to some Windows desks creation. A battery last all day for me. A S the gestures of Pen are quite gimmicky this in spite of, but has likes to try. A 6GB 128GB the version would owe that be good for more, but a 8GB 256GB the version is slightly faster and the pocola tries more future. More both models can be developed to 1TB is need.

Likes there to be the 12.ºn Version, but one is adds to feel smaller that really is. Tanks to an extremely thin bezels. A scanner of the face is not like this sure but is very fast. Also, one down-screen fingerprint the scanner can be finicky in time, but extremely fresh and quickly when it operates. Work roughly 9/10ths of a time. A screen is gorgeous also. A better for binging Film, TV, and Pictures.

I to good sure snag the while it is or sale.

Loves the súper light laptop workload Pill, and is not closed to an ecosystem of Apple or any to a Surface Pro Line. That a Tab S6 wall with the kickstand if, your election of slender Bluetooth keyboard (Bluetooth the optional mouse) is the election adds.
4 / 5 Grace
256 s6 With an extra 256 microSD paper. WiFi So only.

Has begun only use DeX and am impressed. There is the little more the functions could add but in general a DeX the experience is very good. Has perspective and the mobile office installed and is doing without any subject. I will be able to be productive with this when it has required.

Has not bought a Samsung keyboard. I refuse to pay $ 180 for the keyboard (although I have listened to discount sometimes). I have purchased the $ 30 Bluetooth keyboard and the $ 16 Bt has smiled. Both work without @@subject. A foldable the keyboard in fact has the trackpad, but in an end has opted for a separate mouse.

Has bought also the chance that has spent a s-the pen when concluded.

No the defender of a headline of magnetic pen in a backside. But with a chance is now so only the small nit. Probably not being using a pen often in all the chance.

Life of battery: well the excellent
Exposure: excellent
Action: excellent

Could not be happier with a compraventa

This mine of substitutes of the unit galaxytab t-800. Which think is a galaxytab is' (any number). An old unit has taken to a point where sometimes has had the subjects that uploads web pages.

If in a phase partorisca to pill, highly recommended
5 / 5 Matha
I will write the better description with which used it more but there are 2 questions of the entity has read other people that has and there is wanted quickly stick some solutions that done for me.

Question 1: S-the pen that record in a screen without in fact touching a screen that causes the lines that is drawn and any when being pas able to click on anything, rendering an useless pen.
Solution: it attaches S-pen his location to touch in a backside and follow these steps:
Settings - there is Anticipated - characteristic - S Pen - Actions of Clicks to Air some three vertical points in an upper legislation of a screen - Reset of click S Pen.
(Quickly Modify: A bit those that days later, unfortunately my s-pen faulted again. The one reset again.... Sigh.... This in spite of still era buggin. I have finalised that it has to that do a reset 3 times before it is returned normal function . Ossia disheartening And am expecting this does not result more persistent.)

Question 2 : scanner of impression of the Toe not doing by means of neither the protective screen this alleges that capacity or by means of a screen of pill he.
Solution: For me personally, it has not used a correct part of my thumb. A picture has attached shows a red circle is a part of your thumb uses one the majority of, ossia a course dipped in a scanner. A green circle is a part of your thumb that a scanner is looking for. When you Begin a process, for just the pair according to fast, a calm diagram points in fact underlines that the particular area requires(the zone of your thumb that has indicated with a green circle in a picture).

Has read the plot of descriptions for this pill and different screen protectors, saying a scanner of impression of the toe does not operate. Hopefully Ossia A reason because no for the plot of you.

Again, once take some time of plus of use in, will do the better description. But like this far absolutely they are in that loves it!
5 / 5 Moshe
Is looked forward to this pill of Android. I prefer Android still although I have used a Ipad Pro for the few years now and found the partorisca be the a lot of dependable device. Alas, like mine Ipad taking older, is the life of battery has begun to turn , like this new S6 the tab looked my substitution has preferred. Unfortuantely, does not go to do and am returning a pill and keyboard also. In the first place, a keyboard was that it imports for me and while a keyboard is really a lot of - better that mine Ipad keyboard - a thing simply does not remain attached to a pill. Has the very feeble magnet and there is some class of adhesive tape in a backside - neither of them the work and a thing the only falls averts every time a kickstand is used. A keyboard is the total failure . A pill also is diappointing for other reasons. The life of battery is sum; the exposure is excellent; and a quality of build is very good and in pair with ipad. One of some characteristic of murderous in this pill is a recognition of paper with some native Samsung application of notes - write anything and then underline that it has written it for has converted it to simple text; some results were incredibly a lot almost all a time. Some subjects are having has to that do with Android any really sustaining the format of pill a lot well. For the half some applications any surrender in way of landscape and some of some applications keys - like this OneNote - is being missing of characteristics that ipad has had available for years now. In essence, this pill was the big downgrade of Ipad Pro (and a lot included have a late plus Ipad Pro). I seat like this it was a last try for Samsung to take a pill of the android done right and thinks that has lost an occasion. I guess it concealed I mean I go to be whenever it pays way too much for Apple, but at least his works of the pill to the equal that to the pill has to that. I have used Samsung telephone of Note for years and was really while for the ecosystem shared - the so only has not been to be.
4 / 5 Marianela
Like the user of time with a longitude of Samsung produced of Galaxy and Android this Pill of the newest galaxy is my new all-preferred of time: it is certainly a bit of an update of incremental/physical software of a forward S4, but a sum of his parts/of software of the hardware with one lighter, better treating Samsung A UI 1.5, running Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 SofC and current Android 9 install (a fast Samsung upgrade to Android 10 is also rumored to be in some works for an April 2020 emission) still spends to plot of weight. A S6 is wonderfully quickly in reply, thin and the light with the screen adds, widths of variable controls and settings, one more S6 also has life of excellent battery while also that there is qualified of good fast load. A multiple option in-screen Biometric Security Visits facial/fingerprint/the access of pin has done virtually instantly & perfectly of initial setup and registration. A S6 also comprises a Galaxy S-Pen with Wacom technology that also does well and will be used and enjoyed for a lot of users.
5 / 5 Helen
I sooooo a lot of has wanted to love this pill.. But a gilipollas Jack is this device up... Well The exposure is freaking amazing hands down... I have spent this pill to return in 2020 Chevy Scrape EV mainly and some questions am having are has trace he in the car mountain very stable and a damn the pen maintains to fall off, a lot especially a sensibility to touch is very bad and am trying to touch on something and has to that 3 to 4 times for him to record and ossia bad is your behaviour down a street.. It is it was perfect for measure and exposure but falls short to use he partorisca to 2nd screen for EV cars.. If yours using he partorisca to to the regular things like in of some gone and the house is kool but can not maintain looking in a screen that touches it multiple time for the sure application or the tab am looking for to execute.
5 / 5 Gerardo
Ossia One 2nd time has taken this pill
in the first place has taken a pill like the pre-order directly of Samsung--I has liked him a a big prize opted for the turn.

Later has taken a keyboard for free-for the description--have opted like this to take a pill again has been once quite on sale bit it later that surprised-one discount to purchase vacacional enormous.

But I quickly agreed REASON am returned he in a first place.

Amazing screen, but in 16:10 proportion and often used in way of portrait, is an odd election --no ideal to read documents in portrait. And in way of landscape, 10.5 thumbs is not that big compared to the 12 .3 thumb or 13.3 laptop of screen of thumb. It would call--the worst of both worlds.

HAS the colour adds, brightness and HDR has certified. Film and look of the video sadly could any one (I bad any) dipped in the headphone jack--a business decision. Partorisca To pill that would have to be used for consumption of means comunicacionales, the terrible election.

One in-screen fingerprint the sensor has to that it weaves of subject--in spite of several upgrades of then in the first place has taken one still is not that of confidence, and screen protectors search the do very worse. It is in fact the subject enormous and in spite of being to the pill does not look to know if a pill is portrait or landscape so that it has to that try to change your orientation of toe to match a screen done his use that much more annoying.

An experience of pen is surprising. But that has used a pill for second time, applications of good android to do the use of a pen is still a lot that lacking of. Always it loves Microsoft a note for android to be a lot of--but so only is not .

And to a software. Development of the pill of the android is in limbo now--the majority of the big companies neither are moving to use chrome you for pills with applications of android like the stopgap--so that it is to say enough an only big-finalise compressed of the pure android can take. In spite of being the chrome you/android fanboy, an experience in the pill is like this worse compared to a ipad (with new ipad you) really gift. I mean, it has taken this pill TWO TIMES he so that it could leave Apple totally, and still can no. Ugh.

Using Dex the way is the way to take around some of some limitations of closings does not think is a response and a lot of applications of the android no correctly. It is generally an annoying experience so that it wants stops of use.

So much in spite of discount it substantial and the chance of free keyboard....(150 dollar besides value) could not justify a cost.

A lot when I ... He Samsung 2018 tab of galaxy A 10.5 thumb. It does to 85 of the like this pill --good screen, good speakers A HEADPHONE he lousy reader of face of the front but any he faulty fingerprint sensor--in the fraction of one of then I use he for consumption of means comunicacionales, sound the very better value. I have meant to sell it to help thus this has any value of resale!

Would contest the majority of the pills of android would owe that be consumption of FIRST half comunicacionales, and /all more second. Based on that for a prize this pill is way too expensive, consider the Tab 5, or buy this loves a pen, he knowing could any never achieve full potential because of limits of android you.

For productivity, takes a ipad or to pill of surface. Or attended for the new arrivals chrome the pills that play to lose a pipe.
5 / 5 Phyliss
Is considering To pill, ossia perhaps one of one has seen more. The screen adds, etc. here is my question. I have been that tries to decide yes to buy a Tab S6 or Surface Pro 7. When being an Amazon rule for several years, felt sure could return a S6 if it is not returned my needs. He no. After the few hours to spend for a 'began process, trying the few applications, etc., has decided that a system of the android is not like this the friendly user like Windows 10. A prize is quite near that has decided to return a Tab S6 and upgrade with a Surface Pro. It was able to rid my turn and place in my new order, everything immediately. To the AMAZON Is UTMOST READS it WITH!
5 / 5 Charmaine
Have the 12.9' iPad Pro (2017) and has has wanted to something bit it smaller that draw on, and has wanted to them go back to a pill of Android with which not using an in around 7 years. I have read to plot of good things in a Tab S6, and really is an only game in city when that loves one that can you to him design on.

To the equal that has ordered one, and after a week of use, sent it today behind. Here it is my history .

But in the first place, a TL;Dr.: Beautiful hardware with an exception of a placing of stupid pen, a beautiful screen would have to that have the big plus refresh tax, Android/of Google/Samsung clearly does not concern enough in pills anymore, and has not been those who this is to be do partorisca.

One first what there is remarked is which light a pill is well out of a box, and the one who this thin . Really it is impressive hardware . Powering He on, is blown is gone in a screen. And these speakers! Some speakers are hands -down some better in the pill. Period.

But think that is where a positive end.

A S-Pen. Oh, A S-Pen. Any decided and has agreed that a pen has to that magnetically jump to a BACKSIDE OF THE PILL would owe that be shot. It is incredibly stupid. It could not dip a pill down with a pen on he for fears to scrape or dinging or the plan has broken a pen. Any to mention you so only have this pill that chairs there propped especially odd and a lot totally flat.

I supposition one can do one argues that an only reason a pen can attach to a pill is to touch, I this in spite of thinks a creation strongly involves that it is so only upposed' to go there, and is moronic.

A second day has had this thing, I 'lost' a pen and is spent an hour frenetically trying encontrarprpers ( is fallen off to seat in a chair of passenger of the mine car and somehow directed to fall among a chair and console of centre). Then a pen is fallen off so only using he in my house.

Now, horrible docking the implementation averts, some WORKS of pen so only well. It likes-me a fact that has the a lot pointy and precise nib (the difference of a blunt apple/almost fat tip of pencil). Has think that sense well in my hand and treaty a lot well...

...When A software left it. Drawing to plot, which is a big reason has taken this pill in a S5e. Some stinks of rejections of the palmera. I have used it stirs it of applications (draw of season, photoshop, sketchbook pro, artflow, etc) and there is remarked that the d any inadvertantly toggle the discharges in any application have used, or would add the point or the line to anything has drawn, so only to remark it small later very spent a lot of casualidad of the undo.

To the equal that has said first, a screen is gorgeous. Really big ppi and hdr support. But for some reason, Samsung has decided any to jack on a refresh prices, and an experience of sudden user for him. Moving for down the web pages are not that smooth, and neither is basic YOU animations. Ossia The $ 650 pill of dollar, and is by train to say me is closing your screen in 60hz? For this money, master the buttery-experience of smooth user.

And finally, a a UI. Whooboy. Seriously it feels he taste quell'has given a very behind to the 2016 that uses this thing. Perhaps I am used so only to stock Android (my daily engine is the Pixel 3 XL), but this thing would owe that be mecer Android 10, and have implementation of full gesture. Using some few keys in some subordinated to go back or go house or open your tray of application this feels like the very expensive toy.

Was really bummed was for this pill, and has been excited to go back to a half of pill of the android, but has had to that return this and take an iPad Pro 11.

Really does not know the one who this is to do partorisca, except people that does not want to spend of the extra cash in an iPad Pro, or people those who are so only entirely anti-apple.
5 / 5 Collene
Am doing in my second Tab of Galaxy S6. A prime minister has been returned because of fingerprint questions of registration after an update. A second now has a same question. Some stops of registration in 41 and will not go much more there . Thinking roughly that returns this second Tab S6! My feeling is that if the costruttore declares the product contains the extra insurances seat these extras would have to reads! Also I comprise the sure banks no longer accept A Tab S6 for sign in using a fingerprint accessory! Samsung Need to approach this question ASAP!
Another that a fingerprint subject a Tab S6 works as well as any another less type of Pill!
5 / 5 Wilburn
On all this was to the pill adds . The mapea in of the games looked bit it grainier that do in a telephone does not know if this was to be due to a designer of game or like a tab shows them this in spite of so that the films and the video have touched without any subjects of qualities of the look. A pill is thin and light weight with the surprisingly long battery life, a pen snaps firmly to one rear.

Has had so only a subject. It has it samsung galaxy s8 for the telephone of work and to galaxy s9 more for my personal telephone, so much have the reader of impression of the toe that is easy to use and recognise mine fingerprints immediately each alone time. In a pill in planting to dip the reader consecrated in a backside approaches a camera has comprised a inscreen reader.... While it accepts fingerprints easily and recognises him every time so only try he in a paper of security was lucky to take a screen to close to recognise mine fingerprints 40 of a time and has has had to that almost always appeal to use my code to close to unlock a pill. Fixing a onscreen subject of readers or adding the secondary reader under a camera in a behind would have these results to 5 description to star instantly.
5 / 5 Ashlie
It is it adds it treating and looking pill. The sound is shockingly well. A Samsung the applications are quite terrible. After changing behind to like this native like possible, work well. This in spite of... I will not buy another of these. A measure is well, but is all the screen . There is not any way to resist this without having the thumb or toe to somewhere in a way. Constantly I am moving or that touches a wrong thing like law my grip in place of my toe. Everything of that the fact bondadoso of uncomfortable to use. It is almost too weighed to resist has rid so only. It is to add has in the stand, or dipping in the table. Some works of pen well, but does not have any a lot of need or use for him. Unless it buy the coverage to resist a pen, will be quite lost quickly like something magnetic where the touches does not go it to resist well enough. I lose my old Nexus pill... He still careers and is much simpler to resist... In fact still it is using more often still although this has been supposition for the substitute .
5 / 5 Epifania
Has in the first place had five forward Samsung compressed. One the majority recently when being the tab of Galaxy S. I have been pleased with these devices. Has all estadas versions of big screen of the telephone. One 8 and 10 versions of thumb of the screen of telephone is a lot interesting to say a less. Has a Samsung Keyboard for a tab of Galaxy S and the Samsung has smiled. These tools do a tab of Galaxy S more useful but there is still a lot of limits.

Ossia Different. DeX Does this something new. Some windows are a lot etc. But a speed together with a keyboard this much more that the telephone of big screen. In fact I can take some facts. I have been the user of keyboard for 50+ years. A thought to use my thumbs to write so only does not operate. Some works of good keyboard. A Samsung the mouse integrates quite well with an operating system. Paste/of the copy with a mouse is a lot intuitive. Any when being a lot to the games etc. can not value this portion of a system. So only they are that it says that for me in my world, He that needs. The video and The Photos are a lot good. The photos are easy to modify like this required that. A small bezel frames for the good exposure. A screen is acute, brilliant, and cleaned.

Everything of this be has said. A hardware and the software do a lot well and is very integrated. A bit those that the subjects exist with both hardware and software. A hardware - I am not impressed with a flimsey connection among a keyboard and a Pill. It has not been it times it this goes to last. Also I ask the one who punctual free a pen. His storage is mediocre in better. Regarding a software - With each update etc., there looks to be the need to move things and relabel functions. That is Android /of Google and how much is Samsung is unclear. Samsung And his tentativa to force feed Bixby is @@subject to grow. Perhaps it will have the time when another generation will give the reception to this like a thumb that writes, perhaps so much. Any one now. Mina first tentativa to be able to down necessitated call them of pair to Samsung sustain. Bixby For incumplimiento is the long press in a key to be able to. In my alcohol - no dat mine. I state powering down Samsung telephone and compressed for years for the long press in a key to be able to.

In general am very pleased with a Tab of Galaxy s6. It would recommend this to any any one the box for use in a street to the equal that will connect to the keyboard of smile and full measure to do when you come house. I have had a pill for the weeks of pair. Has 8g working memory, 256.ºmmagasinage Of g and to 512card of g. Has the dongle which leaves it to connect to a HDMI monitor. An idea to write notes in a car during a day in a street and coming house and seeing them on the full screen is quite good. I have done this for some time to write notes in a pill an old plus and saving to a cloud and that sees a work in the desk car. But a capacity to see them like this originally wrote them is a plus. Good work Samsung.

4-15-2020 Update. I have it quell'has used now this pill for the few months and think I needs to add the few observations.

In the first place am not comparing this to anything except the Win10 Ltop and another Samsung Compressed. I remark a lot of people comparing to a Ipad. I know at all in any products of Apple. A hardware is excellent. DeX Is certainly the step in a right direction. A limitation of the entity with this product is an Operating system of Android. That The android is built on Linux/of Unix. There is a lot of flexibility in a YOU but there is to plot of questions with development of application. The basic functionality is inconsistant by means of different applications. Works/of Paste of the copy with a mouse in some applications. You owe that use Ctrl C and Ctrl V in another. Has an application that sends informative elements like alert. If a S6 is enclosed/was, when opened an alert is there. If I click in bad idea. A car is precise cause has closed the code of security but any message. I owe that close an alert which leave a screen of code of the security. Any consistncy. They are writing this in SoftMaker to have the wave that control. So only another inconsistancy. There is a lot other places where the different applications as where is.

Still Likes Me a S6 for his capacity to have the open multiple windows, a speed is wonderful. If Google, Android, and a Tent of Application would cooperate, a whole product would be further adds.
5 / 5 Scott
Initial description: 19 January 2019 (Day 2)
are the long time Samsung defender and user. I love this pill and, like this far, an only downside for me is that Samsung does not offer 'of the subjects' in the to to his pills likes them to them to them his telephones (which the bummer). Widgets Still exists and there is to plot of ways to customise your pill (only icon very fun; this in spite of, one fixed partorisca east is to install to to the launcher likes him the apex and then downloads of a band of icon). It likes an on-sensor of impression of toe of screen. When Have a pill in the orientation of landscape, a fingerprint the works of sensor perfect with my thumb to unlock immediately. Also, the fast double-tap in a screen (when it is in way of sleep) will wake-on your device. It had read some revises to say that a fingerprint the sensor is in a terrible place has compared to a s5e this in spite of disagree.
4 / 5 Eunice
The product has arrived well-packaged, as announced, and punctually.

Absolutely loves the, has not taken any time to exchange on all my information of mine old pill and is then been ready to use. It has saved mine inclusa wifi signals for both house and office, as I have not required to hunt these down and tentativa 42 test of retyping him :)

the clarity of Screen is phenomenal. A weight in fact feels the little less than the mine Tab A. I have ordered also a chance that comes with a keyboard. A keyboard/of the chance so only will be on landscape, and some of my applications does so only in portrait, so that it was the bit of the bummer. The chance maintains a pen to fall off while tone, so that it was bit it fresh.

Chair like a battery any one last while it would like, but of earth the a lot of smaller pill.
5 / 5 Renetta
I like this compressed to plot, so only the real flu has is a lack of the dongle for analog headphones. It would have preferred the headphone jack, but at least resupply it dongle in a box. A together of usb c the headphones would have been the just trade was. I have purchased the aftermarket dongle that reads really a lot of(with the together of samsung AKG auricular). I have tried with an old pair of the headphones and I constantly have taken message of error to turn in telephones to answer characteristic. Any one sure the one who auricular will do sure with a dongle.

A screen is awesome and pill the scarce all have tried perfectly. I am taking a galaxy buds to use with this pill to the equal that can release on a usb c connection to touch while looking film. Has an original tab S 8.4 and ossia that the IMPORT upgrade of that. In general it is the product adds that I use daily. I have not tried a chance of keyboard or DEX characteristic still(tin a lot never try he) as I can not comment in any characteristic.
4 / 5 Madie
Has purchased recently a Tab of Galaxy S6 to substitute my Tab of Galaxy of the aging S (yes, still have the working Original Tab S). Although my original Tab S is still operational to fail some characteristic tones that so only any quite a lot of frames to go to slate for me anymore. A S6 has the modern to show- fingerprint sensor and expensive unlock (still although some last is not like this sure) which resupply a lot of faster accesses and easier to my sure applications. Both pills have the good-looking AMOLED screen but a S6 the screen is main and more brilliant.

Has left habladuría in this good-looking piece of hardware. It is the lustrous all pill of metal does fantastically redesigned of an earth on and August has released 2019. Samsung Never involved in his S compressed of serious, these flagships contain a later and main technology specs available in any one compressed of Android. Now included ossia one the majority of pill of powerful Android in a phase, also one the majority of expensive.

Has been using a S6 for almost the week and are really enjoys it an experience. Has the 7040mAh battery, one uploads resupplied is the 15 W upload, but I my first load with which 4 days of uses to use my USB-C 60W Techmaster Upload. A battery has been of the 0-100 in the little in an hour that compares to the 25W touching speed. I have been of the 0-60 less than 30 minutes, any one bad.

Cara unlock is quickly, sometimes environmental lighting that can cause to fail but work to all the cost of the orientation of a pill. In-Toe of exposure unlock is solid, work every time. I have seen to plot of folks complaining in Samsung is to show- unlock… has not been that is speaking roughly. Compared to a rear trace biometric sensor in a Note of Galaxy 8 is like this fast and like this attentive. Looks of mine to do better likes the zone of sensor is slightly main. I have tried he in the different orientations and only laws every time. Perhaps those with questions have the protective screen that is impacting an action to scan.

This slate is quickly, a lot quickly a Qualcomm 855 powers of processor by means of any task. Each application explodes so only in a screen without taking, are fine it-tasker applications career like this multiple immediately in pop-on the view and I have seen any lag or subjects of response. Also I have a Type covers like this this does fine-tasking included better how is easy to change among pill and way of laptop with a toe of a coverage. A coverage also gives protect additional to the yours S Pen, a control of the magnet is not like this strong to the equal that would like. A mag the mountain can rid 10 hours of S charge of Pen in just the pocolos small.

A new S that the pen has some Movements of new Air and resupplies included elder 4,096 levels of pressure for closing of precision more orders. Also it can have the habit to control a camera shutter or like the presentation clicker.

Has compared down a specs of a recently released Galaxy Tab S6 Lite to a Tab of Galaxy S6. This mid-vary slate will take calm in a door in the a lot of lower prize point but with some of committed entity.

Tab Of galaxy S6 Lite | Tab of Galaxy S6
10.4' TFT LCD (2000x1200) | 10.5' Súper AMOLED (2560X1600)
Exynos 9611 Octa Core | Qualcomm 855 Octa Core
Level S Pen | S Pen with there is anticipated characteristic
5MP advance of Camera 8MP Rear Camera | 8MP advance of Camera 13MP + 5MP (Dual) Rear Cameras
4GB RAM and 64/128GB Storage | 6/8GB RAM and 128/256GB Storage
MicroSD expandable to 1TB | MicroSD expandable to 512GB
Any Fingerprint Sensor | In-show Fingerprint Sensor
AKG has dipped ready 2 system of Speaker | AKG has dipped ready 4 system of Speaker
A lot DEX the support | Fully Sustains DEX Desk

To the equal that can see a S6 Lite is clearly he mid-compressed to vary vs a Tab S6 First\Pro specifications. You can read and look my description of a Tab of Galaxy S6 Lite here. />
Agrees to look mine unboxing video of a Tab of Galaxy S6 and assist a good-looking creation.
4 / 5 Laurinda
I so only upgraded of the Tab of Galaxy S3 and could not be happier with my compraventa. A pill is thin, light and súper responsive. It likes to of game to plot with pill of mine and the majority have subject with lag or choppy gameplay but a Tab S6 careers like the field! It likes-I one pen and are adds to go down some notes or sketch. A tip of pen feels good to write with. It likes that a pen attaches to a backside with some magnets but I fell it every time moved it. I have purchased a Samsung manacle some same times but he have taken the little while to ship have used like this he without the chance for a first pair of days. It does not like to dip of my screen of devices down like this attacked a pen was every time moved it. A Samsung the chair of chance adds and maintains a sure pen and easily accessable. I have not taken a chance of keyboard because I have loved like this little bulk like this possible. They are the big defender of a Dex the way and utmost with the keyboard or smile in a pill or with an external monitor. Has the USB-C cradle of Dell and the work adds with a Tab S6 still although it is not the genuine adapter. If you want to use the pen for your pill or take the little more the work done in the desk likes the half then totally would recommend this pill.
4 / 5 Cristie
Finally any one has built to pill of good Android. I have used to have the Pixel of Google C that has loved, but has fallen to a bug of exposure that has prevented a screen of coming on periodically. I have tried a Tab of Galaxy S3, but has not gone never really that fast and a life of battery was so only acceptable with moderate use. A S6 looks for having solved these subjects. The life of battery is utmost (I only need for the touch at night with the beautiful heavy use that comprises gaming) and is quickly. Any lag, any touchscreen subject. One in-screen fingerprint the sensor is really well also, much better that a sensor of key in a S3. Unfortunately it calms so only it can add 3 fingerprints, which is not really quite considering I use so much portrays likes landscape, and some only applications rotate a way.

In a down side, have never likes Samsung TouchWiz interface, a lot that prefers an experience of stock Android. Which is reason for the telephones have stuck always with a series of Pixel. In mine S3 could use a Google Now launch, but is not sustained for a S6. Felizmente New the launch is really good and configurable, although it still can not substitute everything of an interface accionaría.

A S-the pen is responsive and has found can write quite readable the notes that use a Samsung application of Note, and still leave to convert them to text (OCR). It could see it is when being a lot of gain for the note takes work.
4 / 5 Alberta
Ossia A better pill in a phase today. Samsung Knows like this to take the a lot good operating system and he awesome. It is intuitive, convenient and amused to use. A fingerprint the law of sensor adds. It can not think of anything would change with a pill. Of the perspective of software, has a lot of fun tools that explodes a s-pen. This in spite of, there is not any a lot of productivity enhancing software to use with a s-pen. My favourite productivity that enhances produced that reads well with a s-the pen is LADY OneNote.
5 / 5 Cliff
Has expected until upgrading your 10 first to write east. But ossia a compraventa of the pill/of worse Computer has done. Calm so only take a big resolution in Dex Way that is the lack luster program of PC that third parties do not love anything to do with like this if your favourite application no in the, is ALONE . To the amazon does not give quite spatial of the spend for everything. I have had this for 6 month and with all some quark so only can does not take to where I the precise. No the day goes by that it does not complain this. So only a Samsung works of soft keyboard in Dex and is horrible. Mina the dead old pill and this was the compraventa of the haste based in mine Tab S2. It would owe that it has looked it further of options.
4 / 5 Clark
Shipping the container has aimed harm of zero, this in spite of a Samsung the packaging suffers harm significantly. Perhaps the arm of robot has released he of too big, has landed in his poor corner in empty cube?
The product looks a lot of aiming any physical harm. Wifi Randomly Falling two times like this far in 2h. Researching on-line has concluded are not so only : several complaints regarding a S6 having random wifi disconnects, like this possibly very caused of harm of container
Sometimes the looks of screen ... As partorisca explain, ' to the wave likes'---waterbeds come partorisca import-- while scrolling.
The pen is the ache in a butt wise placing, to good sure the curve partorisca learn.
Random use of camera -- pics of look of better telephone in my opinion
4 / 5 Rubi
looked the upgrade of a Asus 2N1 portable because of RAM and the slow speeds go down; a Tab of Galaxy S6 has taken my eye. Shipping too awhile more along been due to Covid19 but a unit has arrived . I have not purchased one $ 200 keyboard, finding the Fintie has spent with backlit keyboard. What pleasant, has an exact duplicate of another vendor.

I slid a S6 inside a coverage and has begun immediately having the question that takes a keyboard and screen in a correct place. It has not had any question that connects a two street blueooth. It has had the habit of a Asus like a clickable unit, opened-closed-use. With a keyboard, there regulated for screen to period of keyboard. If Samsung there is wanted, could have comprised a keyboard for $ 50. A prize a big plus was ridiculous.

An android 9 adapted too much of the mine leading KitKat Asus 2N1, where an original was Honeycomb . An enclosed unit has meant a substitution of battery (the leading Asus 2N1 has had the battery in a keyboard, a S6 any) was non-existent. Samsung And Google has the terrible reputation for not comprising update and updates of new generation with which two years, rendering his tabs and other pills unusable. One $ 800 S6 + the keyboard is too expensive to be the paperweight with which two years.

A S6 is really geared the entertainment, some applications of work, both google and microsoft, is gone in so only of data/of applications of basic word, any fully doing applications of document with has detailed ways to format. There is not really the way to maintain both a pill and keyboard plugged in to ensure can outages would not spend . A bit those that the applications have comprised no really help. Chrome, Likes or no, is to beat of of resource and heavy data hog. Immediately, with which unboxing, has known would not be maintaining a unit. A setup was so only unviable. I have substituted Chrome with Work, the very better tin and die sipping application, more than a bloated Chrome in mine common 2N1.

A blue is an attractive difference of a glut of black chances that the computers have surround them. A S6 is light he, but add a coverage and the keyboard is quell'has bitten weighed to spend. There is any way to dip in the lap and the type were. It is uncomfortable, he slides around and a keyboard has to that be tugged was to you, a screen has to that be dipped further averts of a coverage, which then causes balance and subjects of selection.

A Galaxy S6 is not for me. It is an attractive entertainment powerhouse, Samsung Dex is uncomfortable. Reason uses the dud-application of windows in a device of Android when so only can maintain use some 10 windows of thumb 10 2N1 there is now?
4 / 5 Bonnie
Has bought this pill to do fault like my gone to device mainly stops:
- google spreadsheets
- illustration
- video/ to film streaming
- that takes note
- web surfing
has had this pill for the months of the pair and I am really happy with him. Some speakers are point and averts for a measure of some speakers and pill. It does not think it it could go back the dual speakers with which that has quad speakers in this pill. A resolution of this exposure is really good. Some video of Youtube of games of pill in 1440p how is fresh. They are very happy with a sensibility of pressure of a screen and an action of a s-pen. Some applications of illustration I looks to use to treat well in this pill. A bluetooth Arteck backlit-works of keyboard well with this pill and has the life of battery adds. Really it enjoys a profit added of Samsung Dex way that leave to use web of places in the 'PC' way that otherwise so only would be usable in the pill. A quality of the camera in this pill is a mine first has added. This pill was that it imports purhcase for me because I have required a pill of android with big inner storage for purpose of illustration. In general this pill is a compraventa excellent .
5 / 5 Chanelle
Amazing piece of technology.
An exposure is really good.
A software is optimised in fact for use of pill thanks to A UI, to the besides old difference Samsung compressed. Samsung Does not resist anything the wise rear software in this product and am expecting one same in a upcoming Android 10 updates how is expected to go in April 2020 (purportedly).
My flus with this device is all the hardware has based.
Any headphone jack, which is the breaker of extracted to some, comprising me. Until recently I have given so only in, reason ossia a pill of better Android in a phase and I have required that after possessing a Note of Galaxy 10.1 paralizaciones for ever (Yes, that very old a).
An exposure is 60 Hz and any 90 or more like an iPad Pro the one who a Tab of Galaxy S6 clearly is in garacon. Ossia Reason when this product has launched, any AMOLED the poster was able further of 60 Hz (reliably at least), as it does not think Samsung was there still. But when it comes to show poster, Samsung maintains a better for him. An exposure is really that well and is for this that calms will not feel to like the failures were.
A S that the pen is reliably well, meaning, an action is compatible, as it feels sure when you decide the use. But a S that the pen is light in weight, which gives it this slightly economic feeling. It thinks a light weight of a S that the pen is intentional. Samsung Has loved a S Pen to be comfortable to use and feel like the pencil of normal/pen, that . But I guess he the very small line among feeling light of still big quality and feeling light and economic. And Samsung stray that line.

To wrap on (TL;Dr.):

+ Amazing Exposure.
+ Quality of utmost build.
+ More touching speakers in the pill.
+ Polished And OPTIMISED and UI.

- Slightly economic feeling S Pen.
- No headphone jack.
- Show any big plus that 60 Hz.
4 / 5 Carina
A IMEI number of this product is not to recognise for Verizon. It will not connect . I am spent on 4 hours with
Verizon service of client, Verizon support of technology, and a venue Verizon tent. (The photo has attached.)
5 / 5 Walter
Ossia The a lot of looking and feeling pill with an usual quantity of Samsung stupid baked in. Other descriptions already rightfully tear a stylus mountain of magnet in a backside of a pill. It knows that there is a right way to locate a stylus in a worse place known to man, and goes to be still the ache to maintain he in place. But there is also the diverse lack of compatibility when it comes to move your applications and of the settings of the yours another pill of Android. Ossia Probably unless it is the Samsung, or an iPhone -- some only options have offered. And of course they try calm sucker to create the totally unnecessary Samsung account, as it calms does not have quite a lot of accounts to concern roughly already.
4 / 5 Shane
Looks very fast. It has had so only he for the pair of days but like this far am impressed. As another had mentioned a stylus in a backside is magnetic and can fall off easily. This in spite of, this is remedied easily peel 20 chance of dollar the one who the majority of people will purchase to protect his $600 investment. Setting on VPN on can be has bitten to defy but any one the terrible. It is súper fast and resembles multitask with 0 subjects. A fingerprint well of law for me to the long of witn a facial recognition. This in spite of can see where that can be has bitten challenge for the take to do well. Bixby Is so only like Siri excepts bit it more intuitive but is Alexa . It looks of games to do add together with all a material of half comunicacionales
5 / 5 Ching
Amour this pill! Taking he home and in an office in place of the mine portable. While it looked he bit it pricy partorisca to the pill has looked for to be the good investment. Work with a BT keyboard of the mine old Samsung commentaries 8 that is substituting but has no really found the need for a keyboard. Really like one feels of a pen (and comes with- take these users of iPad). Bought the to take to the conference and is enamoured.
5 / 5 Tora
Has been using a Tab S6 (128GB) with an official coverage for just to the long of the month now and never of then has grieves has touched mine desk PC. I love a fact that can do fulfilled a lot of virtually anywhere more than being joined to my office. A Tab S6 is a perfect device that the access goes in to pill for use of means comunicacionales and tugging around the bulky laptop. It would say that calm does not have to that expect to be the powerful and calm laptop does not have to that expect to be an economic way to eat half comunicacionales.
4 / 5 Rosa
Ossia My second Samsung Compressed. In the first place it was the 32 GB Tab S. It has been five years before it has begun to do up. Decided to go with another Samsung has produced. These times have purchased the 256GB Tab S6. Unfortunately it is WIFI so only. I have chosen to go with more than memory in planting to opt for a 128GB LTE pill. This is resulted to be the wise movement. More on that later in a description.

A pill is light and the like to use.

When dipping up for some first time have had the pocolos surprised. I have not gone so only able to back behind on an old Tab S but also my Note 9. A second surprised, was able to link my telephone to a S6. With this capacity there is @@give I any precise a LTE version. After all, my telephone is always inside Bluetooth row of a pill. With a Pill and Telephone linked, take my calls of telephone of messages of text in a S6. I actuate Still to imagined was like this to do calls, but still doing on that. When I a backup, my screen of the house and other screens look so only like my Note 9. Ossia Very convenient. An old Tab S has had a House, Behind and all the keys of open screens in a sinister side of a Pill when in way of Landscape. A S6 has some keys in a fund of a screen likes a Note 9. Basically of the the new more Samsung Telephones, calm does not have to that do the transmission of alcohol when transitioning of a S6 to a Telephone how was a chance with a Tab S.

Like this far very happy with a compraventa. It will update a description like the continuous time in.

Top Customer Reviews: Samsung Galaxy Tab ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5 Vallie
This element has done adds, one 10.1' is a right measure partorisca me and my edges while we travel is connected always to an internet - in a street or in a park. Works with our T-service of Mobile cell. It is thinner that a leading edition and more life of battery
5 / 5 Dorene
has Bought a pill specifically partorisca add a LTE paving of his data. He sure that has fulfilled all the requirements.
When taking to a tent of AT&T, has installed a he paper, but no .
Has finalised partorisca call Samsung sustain of technology on the and could does not take partorisca do neither.
Samsung Sustains of the technology said partorisca return an element.
Does not do like this described that.
5 / 5 Sydney
So that a pill is, is the shot enough adds . It can do more anything while you know that to expect form a RAM. With a quantity of RAM can really so only run roughly one or two applications and still fluidly transmission among things. With too many things in the current can take several seconds for a pill to answer and left applications of transmission. This in spite of, is adds for extra storage. I took it on the travesía of street with me and was utmost to have the few films have downloaded. A game behind was adds even although some speakers are the pocolos sub-pair. I have been still east one specifically reason has a LTE has described. With a legislation yes the paper basically can use this like the mobile phone (has has wanted to really). I mostly uses with the data so only YES so much can look video of Youtube in lunches and look included perhaps by means of an informative or emails. A life of battery is a lot good. Has does not have to that never really worry roughly he in a course of the week when I use for an occasional video. Mostly I touch it constantly so only to be sure. It was able to look two full period film in the alone load without @@subject.

Like the whole, servants a same function like the majority of smartphone but with the screen the big plus. This are adds to look film in some gone or streaming things while you require the screen the big plus to look in. It is not the powerhouse as it does not expect the whole plot out of him (at least a lot when being pas able to run the plot of things all immediately). It would recommend it to any any one the better device for consumption of means comunicacionales or like the place for extra storage for the video and one likes him (while I took an extra SD paper). And with storage of modern cloud, more the link of things seamlessly so many is an excellent addition to other devices.
4 / 5 Sabine
Drives the plot for work and go to places where my garmin gps to do and besides the can not use my telephone gps because of continuous calls . Like this here where this pill goes in with call and facilitated of internet a same time. Easy to use in mine stand to title of the cup and the product a lot very in fact.
Are by train to use it Now for almost the year n any question at all. I am using Metre PCS , drunk T mobioe he paper in him and operates excellent.
5 / 5 Susanne
Has IN & T he and work so only well, voice and data. I have believed at the beginning that that has taken scammed, but before I return it, has decided to try another IN & T he. It has been smooth like butta.

I still possess the 2016, concealed I amour, but this 2019 is to good sure a upgrade. A sound is much better. I have touched music for hours, and has on resisted well. All more, there is not remarked a lot of difference. Any test or anything so only that spends of the longitude feels. Then again, it has preferred them mine 2016 Tab One in an iPad Pro (has of then to mine 15 daughter of month to look Youtube). Now I will use this 2019 Tab An and give one 2016 mine another daughter.
4 / 5 Patrina
A GoogleFi die so only YES works in this pill in Caribbean. I have taken a pill the Eleuthera (Bahamas), Glorious Turk (Turks and Caicos), and a Dominican Republic. My only data GoogleFi HE has done in all three (and in NC and SC).
4 / 5 Sabrina
Has taken this device and is surprising ( the am not using this device for heavy gaming ) am them able to upload basic applications Netflix, Word Excel + spectator of Crew to far to the real PC. Also the installed a IPTV service any question at all ( is the amazing cause is LTE like this television all a time any subject where is )
4 / 5 Beaulah
This pill is gone in three days has them has wanted to he of one beginning his light slender look in the colour of beautiful ascended his easy start up. He also self clean his hides every day. Also it has the a lot of long durable battery. You will want this a lot of easy to use compressed. I love a way he automaticlly dipped on my account of email . Apple of goodbye for ever.
4 / 5 Lottie
Has not taken never the casualidad for the use. I have ordered a unlocked model. With which 3 days that comprises to leave in prejudices with ATT and doing them with Samsung the technology has been determined was the enclosed device. I have been asked to spend more the time that sends it behind and has said another would be sent . I have taken a second a the ATT the one who again done with a Samsung department of Technology and has been said once again could does not take to do. I have called Samsung and the good lady asked for a number of serial and promptly said that the device so only done in Africa. Again I have been said the repack and ship behind for the repayment. Along and frustration. The amazon pleases vet your vendors.
5 / 5 Williemae
Has bought this to substitute an old Samsung compressed on AT&T, but simply dipping in mine old he has not done. A signal of pill of pointed cell, but any data. As I have taken he to a tent of local AT&T to see that it could do.

I results there were 2 questions that has has had to that do around. In the first place, this pill thinks that that it is the mobile phone , no the pill. This has not been obvious to an agent of AT&T, but has agreed a description has spoken roughly doing called of telephone. As I have suggested that that has tried a he of my mobile phone in a pill, which immediately updated in a system of AT&T. They were surprised enough to see the fully doing dialer in this pill.

Because of this operation of pill like the telephone, any one so only the pill, has had to change my plan of the alone line with pill to 2 lines of telephone, the transmission that cost $ 5/months more than a pill of slowly of + alone line. So only FYI.

A second question is that with which there is @@give precise to be actuated like the mobile phone, has had question taking a he and imei numbers to do neighbours. They do not know reasons ossia. But the one who an agent has finalised to do to take around this question was to actuate the new he paper with a imei of the mine telephone broken old, and there is of then yes in a new pill. When He this, he king-kicked a pill, which immediately distinguished full 4g LTE service!

(A device is coming the new mark , in the retail packaging sealed, as I do not see any reason to suspect a imei is 'bad', so only that IN&you the system was having the question that accepts it. It is an international unlocked device, which can touch his.)

But in all the chance, in an end has to that acting pill. It is the better and more new device far that Tab of old version A that AT&T at present sells (for roughly a same prize), and cost much less of S5e, a mid row Samsung offered of AT&T of the pill.
5 / 5 Shanika
After squandering several hours in a telephone with AT&T and Samsung, I finally called behind and has spoken to any concealed was able to walk me by means of regulating some settings partorisca the take to do. A Pill, for incumplimiento, has settings of telephone, as it has to that be change to some settings of pill. I am resupplying the step to not driving like partorisca help you down:

1. Tour in a Pill
2. It goes to Settings
3. It goes the Connections
4. It goes the Mobile coverages
5. It goes partorisca Access Names of Point
6. In here, you would have to see 'ATT Nextgenphone' selected -- ossia bad. We require partorisca add the new a
7. The click Adds in an upper right corner and use some low settings
----Name: ATT Broadband
----APN: Broadband
----All the settings of Proxy by means of port of the Multimedia message is 'Not dipping'
----MMC: 310 (already it would owe that be place )
----MNC: 410 (already it would owe that be place )
----type of Authentication: Not dipping
----APN type: incumplimiento,mms,supl,hipri,fota
----APN protocol: IPv4/IPv6
8. Click some 3 points in an upper right corner and select Save
9. This would have to that have plant behind in a Screen of Names of Point of Access -- select 'ATT Broadband'

the pill would owe that be reads now. If no, ATT has added likes an iPad and has to that it exchanges on to the pill partorisca regulate. It enjoys!
5 / 5 Loralee
The life of battery is well. This in spite of, my main complaint are search to open the applications and they clash box of multiple time finally, plough. Also, I try to write something and a keyboard will not open or opens and write the few papers and he closes behind on then will not reopen . Them me question Samsung and a product of product of quality. I have had a S2 compressed partorisca 5 years and he have done the box adds a processor could not maintain up with some new applications and he there is retarded down. Also, a memory of storage has been limited. Ossia Reason have taken Tab An and am a lot disappointed.
4 / 5 Jared
A Tab How is my fifth & sixth pill. Has three old HP compressed converted the Android, a closing in service and an used partorisca backup (the third, with an integral mobile phone is flakey down Android...). Has an economic Plum -- his death after the occasions of fatal drop a Tab A compraventa, as well as the need of my woman partorisca the tool of better Zoom partorisca on-line teaching. Having the capacity of mobile phone is of entity; if my ISP rays me, or local WiFi is bad the non-existent (...) It is usually possible to find the access of mobile phone. A pill is light. An implementation of Android looks flawless. Special kudos the Samsung partorisca Samsung Topmast; Google has murdered a topmast of old Android, but Samsung works of Topmast quite some same, with an interface of user enhanced. I perhaps three-neighbourhoods of my on-line material in a pill; I for the half my telephony in a pill. I can do this all day in the alone load. There are two flies in an ointment: This pill was packaged for a next-oriental phase; a vendor of the amazon corrected for an adapter of foreign power to launch the adapter of discharges in a stock exchange. Sadly, An idiot dipped in a wrong adapter -- entirely useless and any response to mine email. Felizmente, has the whole plot of 5v 2some adapters (is easily available and taking more economic) and touch a pill at night for a next day. Another subject is that Samsung is apparently in a verge to present a S6 LITE version for any one the plot more money that has paid. I gather it is WiFi so only, and comprises the stylus -- something to lose easily. But he an election to buy harder.
4 / 5 Aretha
Has received a container yesterday, this in spite of doubt if a product is original a reason because a product is coming with the any pin of EUA ( I bad upload) and has had the economic plastic adapter to convert to nail of EUA... I gave the very bad feeling to the equal that has bought this like the present for my parents and a way have taken to disappoint me . To the left know me was a product has received is the original of costruttore or no. am planning to return a tab.
5 / 5 Keeley
Good regime when you order this pill. They do not comprise a manual of owners, (which is common) a question has, when you find a manual of owners in Samsung sustain , his 137 pages long. Reason has to that it has to it printed (for your account printer) 137 pages to be able to operate this new pill. When I have contacted Samsung trying cogerprpers to the topmast one, which said him would be happy to pay for him, said to knots this pill has come from/come from another country and I have to that contact whomever has purchased he of. (Amazon)
4 / 5 Barbera
was unlocked would be perfect . Squandered 4 hours in a telephone with AT&T, Amazon and Samsung. Call Samsung first. They will diagnose one @subjects one in of the minutes. Need of pill to be unlocked for the international carrier concealed is not listing.. To the amazon has confirmed this and he will be returned.
5 / 5 Karlyn
This device is exited in my daughter inside the week after his anniversary whice was the present to touch that I maintain has to that attended in the repayment until they receive a device behind in all can do is to give me five credit my account of Amazon 😡
5 / 5 Ethan
Salvation. I have purchased this 10' tab An and is returned. It would not connect to a coverage to send text or use a telephone. It would send and receive And topmasts. I have contacted a vendor and has taken the paper to form which has not solved a question. I have contacted Samsung and said to the knots is an International model and can does not help me. Too bad this unit is international and no in this country. This is cost Amazon and a time of vendor and money. As well as squandering my time for several weeks. I have ordered another model yesterday. Clay
4 / 5 Wally
has not had any one @subjects another that my own lack of the skill and the knowledge that dipped this pill up with Tracfone. Sure it is the little big to use like the mobile phone but I mostly use to read ebooks and work well with the bluetooth earpiece and mic and are adds for texting. I have been pleased to find that with a HDMI to HDMI C adapter could cover he in the USB strolls hard and he also done with my keyboard. I have been the user of pill of the estimativa in a past and ossia to good sure the very on, quickly, good cameras, acute screen, that surprises life of battery. A vendor has answered quickly my question on some adapters closed. To good sure would recommend it to any one looking for the 10' phablet.
5 / 5 Hugh
Ossia The good sized pill... But it is SLOW! The time of reaction is delayed and can take annoying.

UPDATE: The HATE! There is officially result the very expensive paper hanged. It is SOOOO DULCEMENTE is not even functional anymore. And HEAVY! Calm can not resist he for more than pocolos second with some only remorses this compraventa more than anything. Steer Claro. I do not have any use thus piece of rubbish.
5 / 5 Mandy
Bought this partorisca my mamma . Perfecto so that I need ... No the user partorisca be able to. But any one looking for the description when compared to the I-Tampon , says that the action of I Tampons is still better that Samsung tab of the galaxy yes is looking for use partorisca be able to. This Tab outbof a box any installed extra application is laggy . Again laggy is the relative term ... So that my needs of mamma partorisca use ossia powerful way . But partorisca the user of computer regulates eye a difference . Again takings like stops of pay . It has estimated still to five star partorisca a value has resupplied partorisca one $ $ . IPads Is the expensive way and an expansion by heart thru SD more than paper that the touches tube was when in firm a Tab is the more add . Answered of the screen of the touch is utmost.
4 / 5 Leisha
Am spent any last few weeks that tries to take this pill that read with AT&T. A pill clearly looks partorisca have the functional cellular connection as it can say me that AT&T is one carrier and can say me what gone back of the cell is in row (together with his IDs and levels partorisca be able to). I have been to a Line of AT&T of on-line cat 6 times and state in his tent. They are always state very friendly and there is ensured me whenever they can take is doing partorisca me. Has swapped SIMs around and has created a lot of 'Gone in of Question'. But with which almost 5 weeks to try, has not been able to do this work. One 'cellmigo' folks has offered that the helps could, but ossia of any use of then AT&T is a provider of coverage and can any this work.
4 / 5 Gearldine
So only be conscious that will have that purchases an extra touching adapter. It comes with the European version that you can not use here in some the EUA. If there has been known that, would have ordered any one a product.
5 / 5 Berniece
Traded To pill of new Apple for the used Samsung 10' Tab of the galaxy done Some years. He always done well and easily. Recently, he jammed. Has thinks that has been gone, has ordered one of these. A fellow rebooted the, was well to go. This one has arrived. It is not the Samsung cel pill, is in pill of GOOGLE . Has the google characteristic of response of the voice, has to say, 'Hey Google'. Simple google any to, has to say 'hey' to the equal that has the friendly seat his. They are not google partners. I do not love anything to do with google. A lot a google the characteristic can not be take or has turned was without interfering with the operation of a product. You can a lot of he use same without registering for topmast of G, your Email rule will not be indorsement. You owe that give your personal data. Blatant Corporate intrusion. Where A pill an old plus has done smoothly, this one is the studio in of the complications and frustration. Unfortunately, it has given an old pill to the worker like the tip. I am considering trading a new one to take an old a backside.
5 / 5 Melita
To the pill has been announced like an open box.
When it Has arrived has had the streaky screen and has has had chip in some sides.
A battery uploads was the economic after the phase uploads that hardly returned in a pill.
Is returned and a vendor me rasgué was to return it.
Buyer Beware.
5 / 5 Kizzie
Sure mark you seeDoes has not guaranteeed EUA and no in any coverages of knots. We have tried Verizon, sprint and metre pcs and any in thenetworks would do
4 / 5 Kirstie
Please DOES not BUY Anything at all of this vendor. The vendor is totally irresponsible for faulty element of defect. I have bought for my dad the one who will be to use camera , tube and facebook so only. Of the camera is not doing at all to mark new box, obviously which is not our failure at all. You will take all blurry images, which would be no longer useful for my dad to use this pill. Totally waste of money, and the time that extracted vendor. Included I want to give negative star.
5 / 5 Jody
Ossia To the pill adds I use he for all all have has had to that it was to take my HE paper of mine iPhone 11 Pro Max and slip he to this pill and wallah I AT&T to use so it has not required to purchase another HE paper. When I Exit I can see my video and early will be to add prodigy TVs as there is home. Thank you Amazon.
5 / 5 Rhett
I so only has taken this pill yesterday and is the marvel ! I know it is not a fast plus, but is looking for to pill that can be used like him cellphone and for some entertainment also. Then ossia your better option . A resolution of screen is sum and is also very brilliant! I use it mainly for music, GPS and looking film, as well as to touch the pocolos play. I recommend it, especially for his 4capacity of g. Utilisation with T-mobile and work perfectly.
4 / 5 Frances
Warns so only reason is cellular able does not mean it will do with EUA cellular services. The precaution that buys international pills.
5 / 5 Miles
It is the very good pill ; I use it every day. Exited of a box with t-Mobil, and has clear opinions duquel the coverages does not sustain . Any complaint. It could be more state impressed with a S6, but ossia 2-3 times a prize.
5 / 5 Shanel
Are the photographer /videographer, need the tab partorisca do the remotely description and control my camera and flash. This does perfectly partorisca me, can does same like the monitor partorisca video has shot, and has the screen the place of brilliant plus partorisca external use. Really I love it. He also the frames upload video/of photos the instagram, facebook much easier, compares partorisca manage the small telephone, a lot comfortable. Highly recommend.
5 / 5 Wanita
Absolutely love my new pill. Setup Was a lot of simple. It has dipped in mine Tmobile himself of an old device and he have on elected immediately. Now my pill goes with me everywhere and any do not owe that me never concerns roughly finding the wifi signal.
5 / 5 Hien
This pill is the difference of any pill the ees has not used never. My last pill was the Samsung Galaxy Tsb 4. It can I say like this partorisca change a format of time. Investigation be dipped partorisca time militas
5 / 5 Georgia
A lot goog value partorisca a specs and has fallen fast but the need also maintains optimised slow after the week there is wanted really to 8 thumb but they have been missing of spatial of the inner tent has required at least 32 action
5 / 5 Jeanette
ossia really the big mobile phone. It has dipped this in ours t-mobile service america election (slowly old) which was any data metering in netflix, hulu etc. in the so many can look film in a screen a big plus vs the mobile phone of regular measure.

Ossia The good unit adn value a prize.
5 / 5 Lavonna
A fact that the only laws with the sure types of carriers would have been utmost. They are by train of the turn Because it is not compatible with my carrier.
5 / 5 Tony
Has had my pill now for the small to the long of the month and I absolutely LOVE It 🥰! I have downloaded so much in this babe is unreal😱. I have not tried to use likes the telephone tho reason a pill is the little big to use like the telephone for my preference like this really does not see an use for this extra perks, but hey in a forbid if anything spends to my telephone can use my pill for backup 🤷🏽‍♀️ how is to win wins!
5 / 5 Deborah
A samsung the tab does not sustain direct access to some microsoft applications. In some chances, would have to open of the game Stores an access of application, like some Squads of Microsoft and another. It is @@subject unexpected with squads of system of the android of then does not spend in of the mobile phones.
5 / 5 Katia
No with in&t he at all. When I have called the service of client loved to us to topmast he in still 7 - 10biz days for new pill. Also it was súper slow.
5 / 5 Charis
These orders of the laws of the pill has Arrived the new mark In of the Boxes and in excellent condition.
Are in att coverage . I simply burst in mine HE of my mobile phone and was uo and that careers with out the hitch . They are able to text , and calls of telephone of the place without question , connects internet without questions.
Would recommend this pill to any
4 / 5 Syble
I hade an older version of this pill and a transition was very smooth and quickly. Work well in the a lot of tongues that comprises well the sinister orientation. Good value partorisca money. A subject only has with this that does not have the fingerprint to to the reader likes more than telephones or IPads.
5 / 5 Corliss
A product is not gone in English!!!?? An instruction a box all is not gone in English .
4 / 5 Kirby
Ossia The very good pill but please notes that is an Internationally the version and does not come with still wall of EUA load, comes with one International load. I am trying to find the new one but are having the hard time.
5 / 5 Pamelia
Excellent pill partorisca some girls. So only a FYI yes is adding this to in to the any coverage likes IN&Of T Tmobile etc... They owe manually go in and place in a APN information partorisca east to do!!!!
5 / 5 Al
Has paid $ 270 partorisca the new pill. I have received an element with a focuses already broken and any escreen of protective new pill' in a pill. When I can he on, a lot still has a 'new pill' screen partorisca walk calm by means of setup. Any one has purchased this any reset included a pill to settings of factory. If I am paying partorisca the new pill, expect the new pill, no the element is returned. Ossia The one who refurbished the elements and the prizes are stops.

Oh And one covers comprised a lot included returned to American outlets.
5 / 5 Tayna
Ossia A third an I there is had and am not sure if a question are or a Pill. It does not love work with my toes and when I go to my game a screen will not remain still sometimes. It is a lot annoying. I am ready to the yours was
the window. Unfortunate For me can not find any one another pill but that one. It can any one recommends one for me?
5 / 5 Kurtis
Are a lot unbalanced. I have purchased this reason have been said was the good pill. I have not been said, until I have been to the Verizon tent, that the has not been compatible with Verizon.
5 / 5 Genaro
Love a pill, he all I need. An only failure has with east a low memory . It can a lot of course more than two to three applications / of programs the time before it begins to clash, or that tries to cut the application / of program was.
4 / 5 Aron
The pill adds, the prize was competitive, so only beware that it comes without headphones, and to 220V wall outlet. 220V wall outlet is sent with an adapter to the equal that can cover he in and load without subjects, so only something to be conscious of.

Top Customer Reviews: Samsung Galaxy Tab ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 12 ratings
5 / 5 Jarrod
UP TO DATE DESCRIPTION with which have used this pill partorisca the while now.
First of all, usually buys my pills and telephones of Amazon, but at the same time has wanted to purchase this pill (the day has been released), was out of stock, as I have purchased he in the tent approaches my house.
Also, are the techy type, like the purpose of my description is to help you to decide if ossia a better mid-pill of row for you (or any).
Down, cast a Pros and Gilipollas that has discovered.

+ Resolution of screen for the TFT Screen and of everything, a Screen of Exposure in a S6 Lite is the TFT screen of type, no the Súper Amoled Screen, an ORIGINAL S6 Tab 2019, has a Amoled Screen. This in spite of in 224 ppi, this screen is clear and has the soft white appearance, NO the súper brilliant of white appearance because of a TFT Screen. Still I have found like this some colours are vivid. And looking video on Youtube, his totally full on a screen and some video were súper acute! Besides, reading in a Kindle the application is very clear.

+ Is 10.0, UI is 2.1 Samsung. I have been to Update of the software has received to grieve this pill and this update am enabled a characteristic of double tap to wakeup a screen. Be sure calm updates it reason before a May 2020 update of security, a double tap has not done, the update fixed the!

+ S S The law of pen adds and has to the a lot of figure likes. A S the pen is easy to use, slips by means of a screen, any lagging. Also, it does not line a screen. To start with a S Pen, so only resist a Pen in a right side of a pill, in the thumb of neighbourhood was. Then touch a SPen Icon for a paper of a SPen characteristic.
A SPen does not require touching, pairing etc. I in fact maintenances my S Pen in mine Chiffion Rosa Samsung Marie of Coverage of the Book because has the interior of magnetic space for a S Pen.

+ Measured of Proportion/of Screen of the pill
1. L Master this 10.4 pill to measure reason easily accesses to mine big purse or my bookbag/rucksack.
2. The proportion of screen is 81.6. A bezels is a lot slender.
This screen is wonderful to look video, film, reading and uses for WORD of LADY, Excel and more.

+ HAS the 3.5 Headphone Jack! A Samsung S6 Flagship (2019) and Samsung S5e (2019) does not have the 3.5 headphone jack! Ossia So only one of some a lot of reasons reasons have purchased this pill. With Bluetooth Headsets, has to be touched and sometimes does not have to that that long.

+ Paper by heart/ dips by heart External Info--this pill is announced in 64GB Inner Memory. This in spite of, with which one YOU and Applications of the factory and my own applications have been installed, still have 44GB by heart available interior. Ossia Abundance of spatial for future applications, updates etc.

+ the paper by heart has discovered that I can install a SD Paper until 1 TB. This in spite of, I installed (for now) the 128GB this in spite of has 40gb has left on that.

+ Accelerates/Responsiveness/Battery Temp/the pill of Battery is a lot of peppy, any lag or freezing.
The battery is no removable, and he no overheat still with downloading applications, looking video etc. Under the normal use is 80 to 85 terracings Fahrenheit and after downloading applications, looking video etc, trace to 90 terracings for the minute or two, which is normal, and quickly goes back down to 80 to 85. Utilisation a free widget the battery has called Widget Reborn of a Playstore. Tip my quantity of battery has left in my screen and when I the tone, gives the report of what time a battery has been used and a time has left in a battery.

+ Life of battery: A battery is 7040 mAh, with which has achieved 100, has discovered that a battery is lasted longer that my Samsung Tab A 10.1 2019.

+ A/b/g/n, ac dual-band. Utilisation ATT UVERSE and this pill has glorious and fast WiFi. Included external in mine backyard, still takes 3 bars. They are very pleased with this pill WiFi. Also, in a street, chooses on local WiFi wonderfully.

+ That this camera does not have the flash, this in spite of, with well lighting, some pictures and the video have taken with era quite clear, no like this as well as my Samsung A51 Telephone, but better that has thinks that would be.

+ The sound is 2 inner speakers small like the sound is well, this in spite of have tried also a sound with the Bluetooth the speaker and a sound is wonderful. Included my wired the headphones touch utmost in this pill.

Gilipollas (3):
1. Elder WITH there is remarked is ANY SÚPER Amoled to Screen likes one 2010 Tab S6 has, so only the regulate behind-lit TFT screen that is not as 'white brilliant' as my old Samsung S4 (Súper Amoled) has. A S6 Lite is more as the very soft aim, but in my opinion, a screen does not have the yellowish maintained, so only the softest aim.

2. Take the Screenshot, has to QUICKLY press a Key to Be able to and Volume Down key a same time. This in spite of, my Tab A Pill, A51 the Telephone left are swipe a flange of my hand by means of a screen, this pill a lot this. Hopefully, A next update will fix this. Right now, earth quickly pressing Tecla to Be able to and Volume Down keys for the screenshot.

3. Any characteristic/desk of the laptop is not there for a S6 Lite. I possess the Samsung Tab S4 with this characteristic and has found the

Has to that consider to purchase this S6 Lite pill?
Personally, suggests YES yes:
1. Calm does not have to that have the Súper Amoled screen like a S6 regular has and wants to buy the reasonably priced Samsung Compressed.
2. Masters the very a lot mid pill of row with a S characteristic of Pen.
3. You want to spend roughly 350 in the pill in place of 750 in the pill (for a Flagship Tab S6).
4. You want the 3.5 Headphone Jack, a S6 Lite have it. A Tab S6 and Tab S5e the pills do not have the 3.5 Headphone Jack.

My global punctuation is 4.6 stars , finalised to 5 stars mainly been due to any Súper Amoled Screen, but have known this BEFORE I have PURCHASED The PILL.

Well, Expects that this description has helped with your decision regarding this pill. Thank you To read my description.
4 / 5 Tammi
Measured of the pill adds and characteristic. Like this usual with the new device, has update a software immediately and has had a lot of @@subject before or with which. Only surprise, especially that considers a characteristic place of a product and a fact that exited it so only, is that although a pill is fast touching able one uploads this among a box is not . It likes to be ready to use the fast to upload of the recent Samsung telephones to explode this characteristic. Also, personally it would have preferred the fingerprint reader in place of one (comprised) pen.
4 / 5 Jonnie
A pill is well for the pill of low end, another that a screen. I have not seen the screen that looked that bad for years; my old Samsung Tab of Galaxy 3 of 2013 has the screen that looks very better. A Tab S6 Lite the colours are drab, the blacks are ashes , and a whole screen has a global yellowish tinge, included without a blue light filter. And it looks included worse is included slightly tilted. With the big plus tilt, a screen is not visible at all. Besides, recognition to face only laws in front of-the brilliant light has lit. Some dimensions are not regular 10' dimensions of pill. It is main and more tightened of the majority, like this for chance, my Samsung husband of magnetic keyboard any returned (still this in spite of Samsung say me he ). It would be likely to live with all more, but a screen so only very cut he in 2020.
4 / 5 Sharlene
Has purchased SAMSUNG produced for members of my familiar in fact a lot of years and is always state pleased with a quality. This Tab of Galaxy S6 Lite has been purchased so only for me this time and am very pleased with him and adapt that extracted like this announced and the recommend highly.
4 / 5 Tai
Liked a pill well , looks of good and has run to add until him no . Two days in, a tampon has maintained to close Down and then so only would not turn in
at all. Time to send behind, and ossia that will do.
5 / 5 Alison
Things that sold: Spen, headphone jack and creation.
Things to remark: the screen is not like this very like this Amoled or perhaps the FHD ready telephone(of a tab is main that the telephone). Also, any fingerprint scanner
5 / 5 Herma
compressed A lot well for a row of prize. Some characteristic and the action is on pair with tab of regular galaxy s6. Perfecto for use regulates like surfing, half comunicacionales social, streaming, etc
5 / 5 Daron
has purchased recently this pill to possibly substitute my Tab of Galaxy of the aging S (still has the working Original Tab S). Although this pill is jumps and bounds better that for original Tab S still is that it loses some characteristic tones that so only any quite a lot of frames to the substitution for me. Attentive, am saying that the pill of 10 years can beat out of frames he new Tab S6 Lite? Any May a Lite has any sensor of impression of the toe and an exposure is TFT LCD versus a AMOLED screen in a Tab S. This two characteristic is of entity of mine and a Lite only no his offer .

Like this to the left habladuría in that offers. It is the lustrous all pill of metal does fantastically based in a Tab of Galaxy S6 creation of August 2019. This mid-vary slate will take calm in a door in the a lot of lower prize point that a Tab of Galaxy S6 but with some committed.

Tab Of galaxy S6 Lite | Tab of Galaxy S6
10.4' TFT LCD (2000x1200) | 10.5' Súper AMOLED (2560X1600)
Exynos 9611 Octa Core | Qualcomm 855 Octa Core
Level S Pen | S Pen with there is anticipated characteristic
5MP advances of Cameras 8MP Rear Camera | 8MP advances of Camera 13MP + 5MP (Dual) Rear Cameras
4GB RAM and 64/128GB Storage | 6/8GB RAM and 128/256GB Storage
MicroSD expandable to 1TB | MicroSD expandable to 512GB
Any Fingerprint Sensor | In-show Fingerprint Sensor
AKG has dipped ready 2 system of Speaker | AKG has dipped ready 4 system of Speaker
A lot DEX the support | Fully Sustains DEX Desk

To the equal that can see a S6 Lite is clearly the mid-compressed to vary vs a Tab S6 First\Pro specifications. For these reasons go to substitute in fact my Tab of Galaxy of the aging S with a Tab of Galaxy S6. I will be to do the description in that a when it arrives later today.

Look my unboxing video of a Tab of Galaxy S6 Lite and assist a good-looking creation.
4 / 5 Jolie
Ossia The pill really adds and think for a prize, is taking the plot with small committed. In my experience this remote, here is which am remarked:

Exposed: ossia to good sure the exposure adds, for any when being no the SMELL. In my use, compared it my Tab S4 and when using side for side, you arent giving on a lot. LCD vs the SMELL Is all the @@subject preferably, a forward when being more the attentive colour, while a last when being more vibrant. When Seeing contained in a Tab S6 Lite, there isnt a lot the difference among him and the screen of SMELL. Some colours look utmost, the pictures look acute with good definition, and the video look like this as well as any one another pill. An only real difference is that a Tab S6 Lite has the 1080p screen of resolution vs my Tab S4, which is 1440p. In general, I am pleased.

Speakers: to good sure well, for only using two speakers. A Tab S6 Lite has two speakers, one in the each side of a pill, and touch utmost. There is the natural supposition concealed no in that has it quad (4) the speakers would be the bad thing , but can confirm this is not true. In a video resupplied, a Tab S6 Lite (in accident) touches like this well like Tab S4 (in right). There is good selection, which calm to give you the stereo his that it is pleasant, included in of the big volumes. Any complaint like this far.

Battery: ossia one all day compressed. My use usually contains consumption of means comunicacionales (p. p.ej., Youtbe, HBO, Etc), surfing a web, reading documents, investigation, calls of video, and can say that I last all day, any question. I think it that everything depends in those precise stops. It likes always I say in pills, is pills ! It dips your expectations consistently. If I require to take the real work done will take the laptop or 2 in 1, any to pill.

Action: I add partorisca to pill. For a S6 Lite, Samsung is not using an of his upper tier processors to be able to him, but I honradamente of the one who has complaints. There is some lag but is so only when that uses a task switcher (when I see all the applications have opened). Another that that, applications & to close open, surfing a web, emails, and gaming are adds. Again, ossia to pill , I implore people to dip his expectations consistently.

S-Pen: to the work likes them everything of Samsung pens. If you have possessed any of Samsung telephone of Note, then know a pen with a Tab S6 Lite does one same. There is minimum lag, and responsiveness is quickly and precise. There is not any battery, like this calm of the that has to that concern roughly touching it and he magnetically sticks to a side, well down some keys to be able to.

In general, would recommend to love the alternative of good android to an iPad, concealed will save you a bit money.
4 / 5 Otha
This device, the difference of Samsung telephone newer (9 and on) does not sustain MHL (Link of Mobiles of Big Definition... Investigation) to the equal that is expecting to use that this device has connected to the monitor the big plus or the TV is so that it says SOL.

Really too bad reason besides other appearances is an exceptional device but discovering this lack of support after a compraventa/in fact basically means, for me, that has the very expensive paper hanged. I made a mistake to assume that reason both units (telephone and tab) has had one same C connector has had some same capacities.

Included a Samsung the technology has spoken to crude that amours C, included comparability' and knots so many discovered when I have pressed harder on concealed is not true.
4 / 5 Barbie
This device, different Samsung telephone newer (9 and on) does not sustain MHL (Link of Mobiles of Big Definition... Investigation) as it is expecting partorisca use that this device has connected to the monitor the big plus or the TV is so that it says SOL.

Really too bad reason besides other appearances is an exceptional device but discovering this lack of support after a compraventa/in fact basically means, partorisca me, that has the very expensive paper hanged. I made a mistake partorisca assume that reason both units (telephone and tab) has had one same C connector has had some same capacities.

Has included a Samsung the technology has spoken to crude that amours C, has included comparability' and we both discovered when I have pressed harder on concealed is not true.
5 / 5 James
A lot like this at all. Partorisca Retard. The screen of touch has had a lot of subjects not answering and freezing up. And a tab there has been some class of short. It has maintained flickering on and era. I have bought one in another tent and took it behind in 2 days and has bought then a Samsung S6 of Amazon.

Top Customer Reviews: Samsung Galaxy Tab ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 47 ratings
5 / 5 Hortencia
Yes a Samsung Tab One has fulfil my expectations. It was able to use my T-Mobile SIMS the paper and the work add far like this internets. I that runs my films all a time in this product. Thank you So many.
5 / 5 Tuan
This device has been shipped quickly and intact. Very impressed with a service. It comes with one covers electrical international as well as the adapter of EUA that mark a look to cover ENORMOUS as well as humorous. The device is gone in marks new condition and odorata likes 'wise election'. Good weight. It feels prize . Behind it has the wonderful species feels and to good sure attracts fingerprints. It has twisted it corners. I add 4G LTE the service confirmed partorisca dice, voices, and text. That The camera are adds partorisca a prize. It blinks it it has based it the browsers have light lag accelerate until you tweek compressed to 1GB+ available RAM. Value of the money. Android 9Cake with Samsung OneUI has confirmed.
4 / 5 Nakesha
Has been of more buy and has compared some models/some same low plus, is producing the pictures of better quality. I am returned the day
5 / 5 Yvone
has taken this like the present for my brother, and loves it. It wants a bit the hours of Youtube can look the use is, and our parents love it too much. A big exposure and YES the functionality is also a lot of gain for travesías of long street.
5 / 5 Kimberly
Has required to substitute my telephone of tiny android with the big more a so that it could read them and use a screen to touch properly.
Sadly, has been limited to 200 dollars. My options were a unlocked old s model Samsung telephones, or this new mark A model 8 pill of thumb that also laws like a unlocked telephone.

Has been concerned in a screen in a a model, like has them has had to that 5 thumb and a 8 thumb Samsung compressed with an amazing superamoled exposure. I have begun a a model with a lot of trepidation, so only to find that a screen was acceptable. Yes, some colours are washes was, and some blacks are really shadows of ashes. But, a brightness looks enough to use an external pill.

Android 9 Was the pleasant surprise also. It has a lot of figure concealed is useful in the pill that has the habit to substitute the laptop. It has to that be said that Samsung has contaminated a wonderful operating system with the owner that takes aps that can not be take, and is a lot tedious to disable correctly. Reason any one loves the browser of web that is not integrated to a google world? The one who would require another tent and another cloud?

According to that it is operation , one 2019 A model is sluggish, but finally takes a work done. If a does not have of the money, a precise a patience to expect the pocolos second for a screen to rotate. Occasionally, a processor bogs down quite that forgets the one who am doing them, and so only dipped a thing was.

A camera is the complete writes was, and can like this well has ignored. A house looks for for the long time, and so only occasionally rule to close objects. The colours are hardly recognizable. Has the Nikon and the Sony camera, like this the are not really according to this pill to estimate to resupply the prize that wins photo.

Of the already have an excellent s2 8 pill of thumb, has required them really a telephone to do well, and does! A messaging and a telephone aps is integrated amiably, and a faint question of the his of some earlier pills has been fixed with the elegant touching dolby atmos key in a bar of main tool. When Clicar he, a sound takes very strong in fact. An user can listen the music while using tools, or receive joint of navigation of google maps while they go down a street. I am not sure reason a key of software is required. It would have had some looks of sound properly using a key of volume of the hardware. But, at least, you can listen some tiny small speakers.

Samsung Has takes some keys of hardware that has adorned once a fund of some pills. They have done a screen the tiny has bitten main, and has comprised some keys in a screen to touch. You leave to you to do was with some keys, and the use that ascends swipes of a toe in these locations. Ossia The fresh idea , resupplying a screen is quite hard to resist everything of one those strikes with the potentially soiled toe. It leaves the little more room to see objects in a screen, and the films have another half thumb of width of screen. As I have mentioned, this is not a pill to use for film, reason some colours are not to correct or intense as compared with some better screens.

@In rodeo, this pill is the telephone of the estimativa low adds , ossia also well to explore a web. A screen is brilliant, and a sound is strong. It does not purchase a a model for him is screen, or thus processor . Both are pair a lot down . Spent for some excellent radios for wi fi and cellular communication. Take the chance immediately, before you fall a thing and the pause is plastic organism . I do not think that the protective screen will do with this model, reason a proportion of contrast and intensity by heart of a IPS the screen will be has degraded further. Be patient with a pill sluggish operation. It can not compare with to 1000 pill of dollar. It is to 200 pill of dollar .
4 / 5 Maritza
Has not had an occasion to look for all, but some work that has works on my exceptions. This pill is like this value of the money... I ADD COMPRAVENTA....
5 / 5 Lore
More than that I has expected like this far until these times have not had any question with mine is a lot when has the reputable vendor on a good work and Good Regime to your subject.
5 / 5 Christal
Has bought this pill to substitute mine LG G8 Pill that has bought by means of T-Mobile. Cela A there is had capacity of cellular data but any capacity to call. I have bought this Samsung compressed after speaking to 4 different T-Mobile reps, an island to be the supervisor. Those that reasons have known that answered compatible to any of my questions is impossible to spend for in of the T-Mobile, how is always more to ask several people a same question and triangulate in in a calm response. In this chance, the pair of reps says that it is impossible to take to pill to do calls of telephone. Another has said that it was any question . Finally, a supervisor has said that it is possible, but more would go to the tent and have it rep dipped the up for me. I groaned And it has explained his that a reps, at least one some in my local tent, has known no his butts of the hot rock. And sure enough, when I am gone in there a like this-'technology' called rep said that the has not been possible, and that any one has spoken to the one who has said that it was was totally bad. And it would have to that it knows reason there have been a lot of years of experience. As I have called a T-line of Mobile help again while it was in a tent. I have not been able to speak to a same supervisor (his name was Jennifer ) but has taken any the one who has known in fact that it was that and the minutes of interior have taken pill of mine on and that careers with calling capacities. I take hope Russell, one 'technology' rep, felt like an idiot. Now a question was the one who would cost me to him. Ossia Another example of multiple responses to a same question. An inferior line is that calm more would speak to several supervisors (any only reps) to take a straight response.
Regarding a pill he, is really good to be able to do calls of him. They are sure I will be to spend he with me regularly when it leaves a house. I am disappointed in a screen. I have known it was low resolution that a a 10, but a depth to paint also looks to be lower. It is not that very worse that a a 10, but expected for something at least like this well, if any better to look in. In another note, perhaps is reason has a a 10 to transfer applications and data of, but was very easy of the place up. Finally, they are an avid user of Plex. And one of some other reasons because they have loved to substitute a LG was reason a later update of Plex was incompatible with him. Work well in this Samsung this in spite of.
5 / 5 Bruna
Has bought like the present for the partner in Taiwan, was like this like this happy with him
5 / 5 Tomeka
The pill has not Been that is to be describe. The box there has been it mfr sticker on that. The model is coming on like this wifi so only. This has been supposition partorisca have given cellular also. Any place his sticker of own fake on that. There is so only a SD space of paper. Any space partorisca the he paper.
4 / 5 Matha
The prize was too good to spend up. Works a lot internationally with local he paper. Life of excellent battery, averaging 12 -14 hours easily. Used partorisca light word orocessing, emailing, surfing, and the telephone that has called. The ones of way that there is far has experienced any real or subject @question, doing east the compraventa ready. I estimate it 4 stars more than 5 like the screen can be slow to answer to touch commanded in time (arisen clunky acting, but no a lot often and when some coverages of telephone, requires the double tap partorisca achieve a screen partorisca call to answer. Again, in general, the ready cost.
4 / 5 Murray
After an assistance of Vendor on like this partorisca dip on a pill to cellular - do so that it expects he - the responses of vendor was quickly and useful.
4 / 5 Marianela
A description of this element is the lie. It does not sustain 4G LTE coverage. ( It goes screenshot)

Another that that, which is a primary reason has purchased this device, work well. If calm only precise wifi, then this device would do partorisca you. I have had so only he partorisca the first day returning it, as it can not speak to use of long term.
4 / 5 Ena
Usually does not write descriptions this in spite of, a response of service of the client has received them of this provider warrants one!

One uploads this comes with this pill is not normal and the could not imagine was as it has done! I have contacted a provider and he immediately volunteered partorisca send me him them EUA friendly load. I have received the exceptional service and this provider would owe that be commended partorisca the work adds!
4 / 5 Lettie
CAN not BE USED LIKE TELEPHONE WITH the att. does not take me bad, is the pill adds and could do like the telephone with another company. But with which 3 days and a unbelievable circus with ATT tried can move your telephone he paper on and use a pill like the telephone but only box ATT force partorisca register your new device. ATT Launches the transmissions of software like him the fact impossiblr partorisca use your pill like the telephone thru a ATT line.

That ATT wants to is for you to buy the he paper for your pill and paid $ 10 the month for a second line to piggyback yours pill of the yours telephone thru a unreliable the software has called NumberSync. I say unreliable reason tried it in fact and not even ATT could takes to act. That is worse, has required to go down to less than the devices do not add more and to be able to SEE! My familiar in the foreigners compressed of use for telephones and have any question on 4 continents. They are of the tower to the telephone tin very read. Thinking roughly annulling ATT altogether and that goes with TALKATONE in pill of mine- a lot included require the he paper! And each one ATT operative asking me to read numbers of him papers in the each call of telephone in spite of the mine that explains can not see!
4 / 5 Hellen
A product has been rid quickly, and is exactly to the equal that has ordered. A unlocked LTE pill. It is one in the foreign version like this guarantees of a costruttore is of yours entity this'll be a subject. The mine has done well, as I have not had to that try the service of client of a vendor. Good touch, a vendor comprised even an adapter to cover electrical international so that a comprised upload the base could be used.

Ossia To wonderful basic pill . Still one same Samsung quality, easy to connect both wi-fi and LTE (used both ATT and TMobile). Minimum bloatware pre-installed, but in mine 32GB, a more could me take was 21GB of free space. A 2GB of RAM give quite spatial to run the one who precise.

Was able to add an encrypted 512GB SD paper without subjects. This in spite of, can not be dipped on storage like this inner. So yours need of applications to run internally, or your needs of storage maintain calm to use external storage, calm probably loves a lot until something besides this basic pill.

But for a prize, this has not beaten can be!
4 / 5 Moshe
An element has been sent has been used and there was markings in a rear chance. Also a light sensor was bad and has maintained to send a screen to dim. And third, a pill is in the different tongue and In the could not come from by means of a neighbour on reason can not comprise that this in spite of to the pill is trying to say . It is in the different tongue!
4 / 5 Brice
This thing is UPLOADED down with like this Samsung bloatware that the hardly does sometimes. I have installed to manager by heart that give the reading of the porcentual by heart available his little as, and is surprising partorisca look fall the alone figures like phablet freezings on and one uploads of coverage spends for a ceiling. The exposure adds but is often grieve useable because of all an any user bloatware that careers in a fund. I have closed down like the quota the gustancuarenta seven applications that sucked on my data and maintaining me to do that it has bought partorisca. Inferior line: waaaaaay too Samsung bloatware and waaaaaay memory too small for me to highly recommend this element, but is in the estimativa tight could do for you until you can buy something with better creation.
4 / 5 Kristel
The product is coming like this described but never said,'any for use in EUA. ' I have seen in some descriptions that some people had received one uploads to use abroad, had called company and pertinent load received. Amazon ,First called, there is hanged on me, according to the call was very confused, tried to help,( sad that people of uses of the Amazon in other countries for his CS), has said would dip $ in my account for a question. Any there.
4 / 5 Chara
Has used mostly for prognosis of time, informative feed, maps and Email.

Has linked via WiFi. Not using an option of mobile phone.

Likes: low prize, low weight (< 1 lb), life of long battery, easy to resist and use, elegant minimalist creation, a lot of room for favourite applications.

Aversions: Any like this far (a week or as).
4 / 5 Nona
His awesome, a quality of picture is good no the scratch in my screen. It would recommend this product to the partner.
5 / 5 Soledad
Screen any until Samsung levels
A lot of choppy not softening that Samsung telephones. It hangs ! I have had older . Samsung Compressed is almost eats Samsung has forgotten as to do compressed a last 8 or 10 years. Some telephones are wonderful . A worse question is a lot of common applications on Google Playstore is not comparable with this pill and is not compatable for updates in Samsung tent
5 / 5 Winfred
travelling in airline of foreign discount with the 7 hanged of limits of kg for 1 (A) personal element to the equal that have wanted to delete at least 5 usual pounds that band -- portable and cords/of transformer, separates kindle, mobile phone, etc. has bought also the small in-ear bluetooth device for use with function of telephone reason a pill is quell'has bitten big to resist until your ear for longer that the brief call. It is exiting fantastically thus travesía!
5 / 5 Lashon
Ossia The European pill can not find the carrier knots that will sustain this device any one has written that read with tmobile are trace to his web of place dipped in a imei and will not recognise , has tried the pair another, can not find a lot concealed , interior a moment using with wifi but has bought this cause has has wanted to something portable
5 / 5 Melda
was unable to download and save anyting to a micro SD paper. I have tried all the emails of sources of calls téléphonique and also speak to friends. It was unable to find a system and that they could change some settings of some download to an external paper. Although it is the very small pill is not really that precise and do not create never would buy another at least of this company that has done a compraventa. Good regime
5 / 5 Roseanna
there is prendido to touch a lot shortly after that we buy it to us, so only a lot quite prompt for the turn. We have tried other cords without regime. To the amazon and the vendor have said basically “oh well.” Ossia A fourth time has purchased faulty electronic of Amazon, as to arrive to this point, am done.
4 / 5 Lenita
I like this compressed, looks the little slow changing of application to application. Included when I turned it in the first place on. Sometimes it looks my data is not that it spends for, but very thick like utilisation this device to substitute my mobile phone. Mina att he has done without questions.
4 / 5 Michelina
Really dull exposed. Step very slow and the answered but do like this announced and is of confidence. Well wifi. Very better that my pill of new dragon.
4 / 5 Donte
The pill is gone in excellent condition ! My daughter loves it! It is the good thing has bought to upload it for separate as it is coming with the odd upload concealed does not return our outlets in Caribbean
4 / 5 Charlsie
Ossia which follows to look for the long time. Battery last longitude, has used this tab for almost an hour a battery is still 98. A screen is clear. When tube of Calm touch or doing the law does not have question with a connection of internet. My old pill is uploading. This one east a better ...
4 / 5 Cornelia
Ossia The pill adds . I inserted it YES the paper and some sums of telephone laws. The desire had purchased one 64 GB model
4 / 5 Macie
So only that has looked for. Having both 2.4 and 5.8 wifi are adds. I am using he to fly my dron and work perfectly although it does not have the built-in compass which would have been useful mine to hike. In general although I am very pleased with him.
5 / 5 Gertrud
The main piece of junk has has not bought never. Samsung Would owe that be embarrassed of the yours selves. It will not upload on pages, dulcemente, lens ansld more lens. The downloads take for ever. 30 mins to download the 30mb video. Has the pill of 2013 this better work. Squandered $ 200 Is. No a time to be that it squanders money. Ossia The one who this pill was. As there is disappointed. Ive Always be the defender of Samsung but ossia the joke . My internet is well. Any subject with any one another electronic. Constantly it has to that restart and he still wo t does. Compressed of 2013 works and a pill of 2019 doesnt. !!!!!
5 / 5 Ross
Has used the just number or Samsung Compressed, and ossia quite regulate like .

A big plus for this pill is that it can be used like the telephone also. It has had no hassle taking arrive and working and has had any question for some 2 months had it to us.

An only drawback to this model is that of then is an international pill not being any one has guaranteeed at all on that. We are so only be he advances and paid for a protect dish so that it would be covered.

If it has not been for a lack or guaranteeed would give it to 5 star.
4 / 5 Darrel
I really required to economic pill to do turn for directions of tower in the first place for my group of pill in mine SUV. This has has fulfilled concealed and more. It would opt for 10 in ornlarger screen although
4 / 5 Lorita
has Bought 3 of these for my boys to use for pupils and to entertainment and was decent at the beginning. Quality/of the screen of the picture is poor compared to an iPad but was well for the 9,7,5 year to not knowing a difference. The slowest movement among applications that an iPad but again for a prize was a lot. The question of first order was with a port to touch! They have broken interior 2 months. There is 6 prongs in an interior of an iPad and yes has dipped one uploads in a wrong way his curve and ossia. It would not recommend
4 / 5 Tiny
A screen is not done of the to glass revenido likes of all some other telephones and pills. It is the very soft plastic that scratches a lot easily was with extremely of delicate use.
5 / 5 Santana
Has thinks that that the life of battery was good but this pill is like this so it is an only question Ive has had. It looks the pill in fact ten years
5 / 5 Michal
Very very produced and good cost. Partorisca The boys is excellent. The Only that would improve would be the battery. I want me that has option partorisca HIMSELF of cellular
5 / 5 Wyatt
has Bought this partorisca have the second line but T the mobile does not leave this. Neither it does a lot well.
Súper There is Disappointed. Going back to products of apple, look his always does well.
5 / 5 Lynwood
The pill adds, terrible telephone. It can so only really telephone of use with a earpiece or Bluetooth piece of ear, can not listen recognition and recognition can no partorisca listen me.
4 / 5 Janyce
Loves my pill that my edges take me for Navidad. It has found any failure still. Some careers of battery for ever. Really they are when enjoying.
4 / 5 Weldon
Pill of the highly recommended android
to good sure would recommend this for another
5 / 5 Odette
the sound is not that it adds. It is there the speaker is for this phablet with good quality?
5 / 5 Jerry
Loves this pill, a screen of resolution and better quality, uses it to look the films and I have been the enjoying. It has been rid my door a lot quickly, a next day. A service has surprised. It recommends this to any one any enjoys the main screen that his telephones.
4 / 5 Patty
A pill is stuck punctually of Pechino. This means that your email and other estacas will be marked with time of Pechino. There is not founding the solution to this annoying question
5 / 5 Lue
the boys love a pill. It has had to that take the 2nd a, as they both actuate there own.

Top Customer Reviews: Samsung Galaxy Tab ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
5 / 5 Debby
Partorisca Be sincere, was skeptical to purchase the product renewed like the pills of Amazon. When A container has arrived there is remarked concealed is a Box has been used and has had the little scuffs on that. But when ploughing has found all the manuals, cariche, boss, and to the pill wrapped in his original packaging in condition of next mint. Partorisca Remark a device there is remarked has not had any semence, any scuffs, and any dents. Of course this will vary for the device and I was lucky to take the device that has not had any imperfections, but could say that highly it would recommend to purchase this pill partorisca his prize has reduced. Further to purchase this pill, has ordered the screen of protective glass and the chance of slender silicone. This has to that be one of mine the better cost and I highly would recommend to the amazon has has renewed produced.
4 / 5 Rhoda
Was unable to setup this product to the equal that has a FRP anti partorisca close of the flight there is enabled. Maintained asking an owner of device to login. It has written a vendor and with which three days still any response. Be very careful when purchasing devices with anti flight, as any one can have has registered already a product and calm will remain out of pocket.
4 / 5 Marcia
Has bought this pill partorisca substitute pill of mine of fire has liked him a pill of fire excepts some limitations in some applications to the plot of applications has required of google could not take have changed like this to these laws of pill a lot the happy is
4 / 5 Winnie
has bought this partorisca substitute the Tab of the galaxy flown A SM-T350.
This one is like an elderly compared to a flown one.
The icons are childish, little is offered partorisca software of accessory.
Likes gone back he. Shame in Samsung partorisca leave this unit be resold.
If this one was prime minister of mine , would be happy has been flown.
Hates this Pill. ©2019
4 / 5 Merlyn
Has been always the defender in Samsung devices. My old Tab 2 so only taken old and outdated, also love a 10 measure of thumb.
An only thing I desire Samsung would do, is partorisca have his able pills partorisca do the closed down when runnings of the bulls your chance, as it saver of power without the neighbour down.
5 / 5 Assunta
To the pill operates perfect! Wine with protective screen and a lot little Any frames in a device that is unheard of stops the refurbished device. The element has been shipped with one wrong load. A device requires USB-C and a device has been shipped with Micro-USB. The good thing has ordered it chromebook also and can share some cariche was. For now...
5 / 5 Lillia
Absolutely loves that. 100 satisfied. It goes with one 128 GB reason comes with 3RAM of g. I have had previously he Toshiba something or nother compressed of rubbish and this one was the vast improvement . Smooth scrolling, doesnt hot taking, the picture is very acute. Perfecto for around. That The speaker takes almost too strong. If it is quite economic for you and you arnt the user of pill of the can of the that the doubts is one .
5 / 5 Eldridge
Like a creation. It was easy to setup to connect to mine old pill to spend applications and settings on.
5 / 5 Nerissa
So only has taken this pill today for our edges to use. I will update in a value and use later. This in spite of at present looks quality of the screen adds and a neighbour up was fast and easy. A picture is clear and does not remark any cosmetic defects. They have sent some wrong to upload. A one has sent (pictured) Is not so only a wrong form is also a wrong and too small measure for one uploads port. Ossia A lot of dissatisfying how was really while ponerprpers on tonight and result familiar with him. Now I will owe that find time to go and to upload he for him that access. Wine with some life of battery 15 how was able of the turn on and do a basic start up. I will owe the box of wait takes to upload it to download applications and familiarise me with him.
5 / 5 Jude
Likes that answered quickly. I love a measure. I want to it is a device of Android . Like this far, all my work of applications.
I use he for email, compraventa on-line ;) half comunicacionales social, informative, time. It likes that of some keys are all in same side. Happy with a prize, saved $ 100. Quality very good.

I aversion that a port to the touch is in a fund, which is to like all some another, taste use he in a 'potrait' or vertical place, for like this when touching, the cord among a way. With a screen that goes all a way to a flange, sometimes when that resists a pill will cause it to not doing reason your hand or the toes are pressing in some flanges.

Reason is some speakers in a fund of a device? If calm resist it and his propped against calm i.et. lying In a sofa or read, some speakers are has blocked now. Again using he in a portrait/dipped vertical. It would like partorisca of him to be the lighter of has bitten in weight.
5 / 5 Angelena
As my Air of iPad has grown older and slower the hips begun partorisca be unsupported partorisca an increasing number of my applications. Apple really retards down his old products partorisca force calm the upgrading but is like this proud of the his current iPads some prizes are ungodly so that volume. As it looked partorisca substitute my pill has been now of look Apple further.

Several months after purchasing this pill partorisca the fraction of the like a equivalen of Apple would cost are very pleased with him. I have travelled at length first of a pandemic has paste and has spent this with me has been everywhere. Now in stay in the way of house has been the using around a house.

Some things so only do better in the android has compared to the the pills of Apple likes them the web that explores without losing a chair partorisca explore locates the full computer. It appreciates an empty by heart as left partorisca spend to the long of load of film and shows of television to look in of the plans and in of the chambers of hotels behind while the travesía was possible. Partorisca Multimedia and spending your works of Android of own content so better that Apple restrictive ecosystem and súper the one of memory has developed the expensive products.

Has had the telephones of work concealed was Android how was comfortable with one YOU and was able to choose this on and run with him.

In general am very pleased the.
4 / 5 Joann
Has bought a Samsung tab of Galaxy the to substitute mine 10 in Chinese pill. So only having a Chinese pill partorisca compare this an also, still think that these laws of pill partorisca surprise. I do not have any question streaming film, listening the music, surfing a web, or buying the products was Amazon . It would have liked him the little has bitten more memory that 32GB, but after downloading all my music I still have 20 gigabytes has left. A sound out of some speakers is very better that a Chinese pill. A Dolby Atmos in this pill creates the very interesting surrounds sound. It is hard to say where a sound in fact is in pertinent. It does not touch any a lot of games but a an alien of touch of witches Invaders, touches perfectly. A screen in a resolution absolutely is in amazing. It is to good sure in pair with mine 4K TV. He quickly and easily connect the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. And a row in a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth is surprising also. Have Still partorisca run a battery entirely down reason a life of battery is also very good.
4 / 5 Monika
Partorisca The refurbed the pill is gone in perfect condition . Abundance fast expandable Storage and a better gps tuner. The majority of wifi the pills do not have the stand so only gps chip. I have purchased this partorisca run Gaia gps maps while overlanding.
4 / 5 Kaye
Thank you The amazon partorisca this product adds,renewed but look never touch,more your types partorisca be able to,like mine yours try has ordered 1 more than this excellent Tab A partorisca my edges,the god blesses yours all
5 / 5 Leontine
has bought this pill partorisca my aunt, the one who is 85 years old . Has the samsung the telephone and is very comfortable with him; this was his first pill . A pill has been estimated like the upper election for places a lot of web of technology like the upper election partorisca seniors partorisca use. I have been disappointed partorisca see that an inferior paper (the circle, a rear key etc) has not gone always visible, and that source in a paper in an upper and some names of some icons of application are remained small, included when I have done some main sources. A pill is WELL, to the chair likes is has bitten he of slow (i.et., when Ploughing applications) partorisca a prize.
5 / 5 Lorina
Was reluctant to go the amazon Renewed reason have had the bad experience with the leading pill (different mark and no the amazon renewed) and has thought,the one who a backside, his certificate and any risk of then could return if it has not fulfilled my levels. I am sooooo happy has done! A pill was perfect and file looked and has treated was new mark. I have opted partorisca some 128 actions because I have known my daughter of 5 years obsessively games of download in the and reason a memory was 3 actions in place of 2 actions like a 64 era. It was more expensive but an amazon has renewed done the plus abordable and was cost totally he. Everything in laws and works fantastically.
4 / 5 Ashely
This pill has substituted an old plus Samsung compressed. Soooo Very better! To to same measure likes them the oldest model, but the screen there is virtually any flange, which resupplies better viewing. It is quickly with the big memory and scorching fast. Quality of his impressive east - can not listen his in full volume, will break an eardrum. It has downloaded several applications that comprises my provider of boss and can look alive TV and has registered shows. Highly recommend and would purchase again in the heartbeat. Quality a lot very partorisca a prize.
5 / 5 Nova
Have the canal of Youtube 25k subs. I buy and Description a lot of electronics,boxes of Android,devices of fire,Applications etc.. In all the chance has ordered this pill am blown entirely was!!
Is gone in the original boxes no the think was used never there is sealed still has come with 78 load. I prefer the android with is qualified of tent of game of Google 128gb is quickly of lightning with abundance of unit of quality of storage use very weighed a lot very partorisca business or like any question can manage anything or launch in him. 'An of mine buys better,'
4 / 5 Garret
has had this pill partorisca the pair of month now and is so only well. Partorisca Of the money, really would owe that be the better whole plot. My main complaint is the one who glitchy a Netflix the application is in this pill. It is odd. Hulu The work adds like this do another streaming services, but yes look the plot of Netflix to good sure does not recommend this pill. It will touch some shows, but if pause of precise press, forget it. Have king-Loaded Netflix multiple time, as it is not that I do not have one the majority of the recent version or anything likes them concealed. Also it wishes this pill there has been an automatic dimming characteristic partorisca use at night. How it is, you owe manually which is not to treat it enormous, but partorisca this point of prize, really chair partorisca like concealed would owe that be regulate. Otherwise, Is the decent pill . That The internet is fast and a screen is well.
5 / 5 Hilary
This pill is slower that advertized. Some results of system overwhelmed easily and hot on a chance. An exposure is good and brilliant. A sound looks decent also. Really it depends in that you want these stops of pill. Probably it would do well for simple games and verifying the email or the web that explores. It could do better for this quantity. They are by train of the turn.
4 / 5 Niki
Tries & compraventa refurbished when you can... All the bugs take and at length has tried. They are writing this in a refurbished compressed right now. Well value some savings.
5 / 5 Sherika
Has arrived in an original packaging. The packaging had been opened but equally as if at all inner there has not gone never still state unwrapped. The sum of laws of the pill for my needs - look quite quickly for more than tasks, has the good exposure, and life of good battery.
5 / 5 Gregg
A lot very refurbish work, no the alone macula. USB-C and the headphone jack, full HD screen, really can not find anything to not liking in this pill, excepts...

My only complaint is directed in Samsung:
A stereo the speakers are both in a same side of a pill in way of landscape, which is obviously like one would look film, etc. Really does not comprise like such the daft the creation could have it done the production. A quality is a lot while it calms has not expected stereo his, which absolutely was.
4 / 5 Masako
Has a Tab of the oldest galaxy A 10.1, and does not have any comparison. This is to do very better, has had more storage, and a lot his strong plus. Has the metal behind while an old more a this plastic. This pill is also 1080p and an old a has not been. A much better compressed in each way.
4 / 5 Hiram
Has has had so only a pill for the few days but like this far am very impressed with him. It is a lot of responsive, has resolution of quality and good screen of his well. I have developed a memory with one 64 GB microSD paper that has helped the plot. I think that that it is the pill adds for the modest prize.
4 / 5 Iesha
Exactly that has ordered. Has any quality of the screen of the complaints is perfect. The memory is exceptional. The global quality is exactly that I attentive
4 / 5 Vernell
ossia mine 1st time that buys the electronic product has renewed. It was apprehensive to the equal that has so many electrical components that can cause it to fail. When it has taken a pill , was announced like this in almost frames of the new conditions. All the functions and the capacities have operated as it has expected. They are very happy with a product.
5 / 5 Keneth
I really like this compressed. It is the fraction of a cost of a ipad. Also it has expandable memory that is the plus for me. I can look Netflix, hulu,etc and everything of my school work. Spent very good.
4 / 5 Elfreda
Beautiful exposure, fast processor, coverage of Wi-Fi well and life of excellent battery. Cant Thinks of the with only that. I recommend to take the rigid chance for him, is the very thin device and could snap yes has fallen this in spite of.
5 / 5 Loriann
It likes- one planting of key and the speed of a pill. I also like a speed of one fast load but does not touch in mine car and any car uploads has been shipped with a unit. It can be used with the stylus, but this has to that be bought for separate, also.
4 / 5 Geneva
Element recieved has the screen broken. It can see one has the turn signals broken. Not even good quality refurbished. Would have think that that this would be better quality of then has the amazon has renewed. So only buy the new mark how is at present rewards still like this broken junk was. I have bought refurbished long and ossia the prime minister this was the waste of $ 299. Fyi Box of the nave has not been damaged and the element was without accidents packed well.
4 / 5 Belva
Ossia A second of these that has bought, a prime minister one was like this well has decided to take another.

Absolutely like new operation , smooth, good and stable screen wifi. Any remorse.
5 / 5 Janee
Partorisca The pill has renewed, is a lot of value of the money.
Has come without scratches, all has maintained in of the perfect conditions. It comes of the wine with an USB C load and pill. There is also the piece of metal that has the habit of the pop opens an empty the entrance a SD paper. The nave was fast and a product has been inner rid 5 days.
Will buy again! Thank you.
5 / 5 Tonette
The pill looked virtually new exiting of a container. It dips up it was quickly and painless. Living until all mine has has researched expectations like this far. Still a bit of the curve partorisca learn to acclimate me to all some characteristics. Very satisfied like the defender of Samsung has produced.
5 / 5 Marylynn
Some works of good unit but try press a power or of the keys of volume and calm will be partorisca look for his and has to that use your nail of toe partorisca press them. It is worse with the coverage on. Coming on, Samsung, ossia borderline ridiculous-
4 / 5 Kristi
has purchased fewer expensive pills and they am the waste of money. Buy the pill that leaves the use decides the one who places partorisca download. I wish this was my first compraventa of pill .
4 / 5 Felix
The prize adds and has done well, included although it is the refurb.
4 / 5 Elayne
There is so only two negatives that has found with my pill has renewed. Both of them are Samsung lacking, any one some people those who renewed it. A port of USB is different of everything of some bosses partorisca touch that has and there does not look partorisca be the microphone on that. Otherwise The pill adds.
5 / 5 Willie
The real screen is smaller that mine Lenovo 10'. A lot clear and fast. Now prpers give an importance that has quite GB!! Night and day the difference has compared the old pill!
5 / 5 Ryann
They are a lot of satisfied global quality , condition. It renews the condition is perfect with original box.
Speed of application, the view FOCUSED, etc is totally well. In my private chance, quality of his is not partorisca perfect, is so only like his of telephone.
4 / 5 Camila
Like like this has fallen up squandering mine to of to the that likes that there is not of car very corrected and any word that the calm looks so much could so only paste a word has saved.
5 / 5 Malena
OSSIA The pill of the android adds
A highly recommended pill partorisca the excellent prize
to good sure would recommend this partorisca familiar and fellow
5 / 5 Tricia
has purchased one on its own name does the year, a partorisca my edges done the month and a partorisca my prime minister this time. We are all very pleased with an action and load of long battery. My edges uses his all a time and so only touches it once or two times the week.
5 / 5 Hayley
4 / 5 Cortney
Was partorisca use this partorisca do my photos to the equal that are the photographer but has thinks that was partorisca be better. It is it is returned I so that it can take an IPAD better.
5 / 5 Robby
This all and more than an apple done partorisca WAY less money. If utilisations Android, is the value adds .
4 / 5 Lauryn
First of all love this pill. It is like this clear and fast. Video playback is awesome without lag. The sound is quite well partorisca some speakers. I am not sure roughly life of battery still reason still is touching up. I will update that later. On everything am happy with cost of mine.
5 / 5 Mariann
5 star like this far, looks new but in the oldest packaging. Any scratch or anything and is doing perfectly.
5 / 5 Nicolasa
Has had at the beginning some subjects, has had to maintain the restarting and then the update to finalise of new system and has done likes the new mark never of then. It is really good to touch games on and included read books. Wishing would have taken a one with the spatial by heart main although

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