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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
5 / 5
It has debated among this Sansui and another mark and I have decided to go for a less expensive TV.
In 720P and 24' gives the resolution adds and vivid colours. Hooked On my clave of television of Fire of Amazon and am looking Netflix as I am writing. The time of response is more than painting expected and the black is really black,any of a picture of type of ash of stairs. The sound is so only,although it likes more than basing when looking TV,has has had to that the connect the external speakers.
The far control is easy to imagine was and use.
Also to uses likes him to him the monitor of computer,although you could require regulate your desk resolution to take a better consolation to read of text.
My only suggestion to a costruttore of this TV is to add more HDMI connections.
All and all this TV is sum for small places or to substitute your screen of computer in an office yes are taste mixing of work with liking.
4 / 5
This t.V. It was the good compraventa and really like it a quality of picture is a lot very also, to the what only does not like is a timer in of a t.V. Cela Maintains that it has to that press key in far to refuse so that it will not turn was, still that looks for to imagine out of this characteristic to no for the have in t.V. Manuel is at all to help with of then grieve has any info in him

UPDATE: ossia to update in t.V. It has had you grieve the month and begun with subjects to be of picture jumpy and hard to look then inferior 1inch of TV is exiting, like this now are that it looks for to imagine out of that to do with this TV of then had it so only the days of the pair to the long of the month will be to take ahold of costruttore of TV directly and see that says also any of amazon to notify of this situation. If any more has idea that can do otherwise please left to know me.
UPDATE2: You go in amazon and Sansui my subject has been solved and the new TV is has sent was, both companies were very good and useful and resloved this very fast. Thank you Amazon and Sansui for help.
5 / 5
Ossia The TV of fourth well for the low prize, experience to substitute the dead person 19'. I have had to dip-on a colour/etc in way of mine of user in pleasant, a picture is well in only 750p. A far has all some characteristics that comprises timer to sleep that requires. Still I am learning a place of key in a darkness, has the plot of locations of key and is near of an another. My only desire is that has has had keys in a TV he so that it could turn in a first TV of resultant some lights. You owe that use a far to turn on, and in my chance, a far is in a boss of a bed far side, and a light transmission is in a door.
5 / 5
NOTE: This description has been modified on 04-29-2021, with which a lot issues as it has begun to look so only the few weeks after buying this TV. Although seldom it changes the description, this one has Had to be modified to warn futures of potential clients in these products.

+ WEAVES of option to head to a OSD paper of this TV.
+ Battery for some far is comprised in a box.
+ Mur-mountable (Has holes in a backside thus purpose).
+ HAS a lot of starts & of entrances, comprising the VGA port, as well as the audio of PC in this I has lost during one doing of my video.
+ Law also like this monitor of computer, with the special that dips that it leaves king-framing while in “graphic” way.

- A fat tape in a screen he during a unboxing the process has not been the good idea.
- Light and feel cheaply has done.
- Quality of his is not a lot at all.
- No FULL HD, but only exposure in 720p
- Image and screen behind-light directed the flicker on & was with which so only the few weeks of use, which this television unwatchable now.
- The far control is slow to answer when pressing keys, and has to that aim right directly in a television to take any mandates to go through half of.

Finally, when it comes the TV, so only stuck to well marks known and avert this odder some concealed attracts calm with the treat well, but in a calm end so only will take that it has paid it takes. The lesson learnt in my side now. 😞
5 / 5
Has not had a TV very long like this far are adds. A setup of a TV was very easy, was a perfect measure for a chamber has bought partorisca. The so that only did not like is that of an engine did not leave me know a container there was state rid. Usually I take the picture of where a container is remained by means of my email. I am surprised I has not taken any chance, an engine a lot included so like coverage my doorbell.
4 / 5
This TV, is awesome for a prize, is 1080p is flawless.
Will be to look to take the main version of this TV.
Will recommend.
4 / 5
Ossia Ours cooks TV. There it has any a lot of selection in 24, 27 TV of thumb anymore, and anything can take (Consent, Sign) last so only a year. And then the picture has gone! This 32 in Sansui looks the TV adds, connections of plots (3 HDMI, the majority there is so only a), included an optical! Some spectators have said, touch it are not adds. Well, an optical oughtta help! Taking powered speakers, but for us, a sound adds! In 1/3 a flight, is blaring! We will not require to use some optical. BUT, here it is a thing that me Yank a star, and are by train to be generous here, so only yanking 1 star! With our cookery cabinetry, has space (vertical) so only for the television at most 17 big thumbs. The ad of product has said, of subordinated to be to a cup of TV is in. MARK in! Produced dud info! It has had to improvise, it has taken some plant behind was, and trying utilizarprpers w/out of one is, bit it wobbly! Thank you very much!
5 / 5
Was pleasantly has surprised. It has taken he out of a box, plugged he in, has attached mine gaming console, has dip battery in far, turned it on, dipped to hdmi, has turned in consolations. Perfect picture, his perfect. I have taken killed but that a hey. It has taken 3 bolt and tomorrow is another day. Scarlett Or' Hara says like this.
4 / 5
The colour adds, very vibrant, but almost can see espuede' lines on prójimos.
Very light, everything covers he in gone in of some sides, like this easy to wall mountain. I have moved a headline of boss of discharges he on to the hole of ray in a side to do for behind more slowly.

Far bit it odd, cant find the jump/leading key.

Am trying diff antenna of the ear of the rabbit is now, am expecting this plans one will do, cuz loves velcro the to back of TV.
Is the little twitchy right now, and pauses on the bit in some evenings? But it has done well during a day, has does not have to that the movement around then. You can it wants to you take one with the dial as it can dip it ready better.

Has used the trace of basic wall concealed is resulted surprisingly sturdy, but bit it hard to slide he behind to.

WALI Tilting Highland group of Mur of Compact TV Down-Profile for More DIRECTED, LCD, SMELL and Reflects Flat Screen TVs until 27 thumb, 55 lbs, VESA 75 and 100 (1327LM), Black

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5
Bought this partorisca ours travesía recently trailer of experience, which has been missing a far to a TV. This clains partorisca do for a mark of TV, still does not have any instruction to pair a far.

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