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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
1 / 5 By Maxima
Bought 4 of these only the little the mark of days. 1 thunderstorm And each only electronic device that it was hooked until these 4 arises the protectors is frito! The television is, players of DVD, consoles of Game everything!!! He thank you god my laptop was hooked until another mark arises protective. Like The attach in fact, all this was in the different mark arises the protectors gone only well. Some the only failures were in a Sanus arises protectors. He been in a telephone with Sanus two times now in the two period in the daytime even so it has not listened behind Brandy in his department of recoveries.

His state the few weeks and several calls of tlphonique in Sanus. Each person has spoken the road me in BRANDY in his so nicknamed alleges department. Everything does not take never is a contestador. Any one has nicknamed behind. Im Begins to think that Brandy is the contestador in the cupboard to file that it takes deleted every day. Ive Left expects that any one of Sanus will not contact me never behind.
5 / 5 By Richard
There is the big difference among the band to be able in and arises it protective. Sale to be able in and no-arises to protect multipliers offers any one protects. For a same prize or possibly cheaper, this 6 outlet of the road multiplies comprises arises to protect with the visual indication that is doing. That is different in east a? In general, a big more a number of joules arises it suppressor provides, a better his title to protect offers a semi-detached squad of spikes of voltage and arises. This one offers 1080 joules. Some another offers so less than means that quantity. If never there is the lost the television, computer or other electronic devices to be able to arise, knows that I bad. Enough it go sure that sad. A ray of the annex of the centre is optional to regulate outlets and requires to take a dish to wall to attach. This will return decorates outlets of way also but does not attach with a ray in those.
5 / 5 By Layla
The this arises protective is well has done. The good looks and the laws add. Some sockets are class of tight in yours cover he so that it can take the small endeavour to press them in. At least you wont has to preoccupy on any one of yours covers that it hangs era. The A bit red note washer continuous in a ray to locate after you have posed he through one arises protective. You can require use the screwdriver to line a ray in planting while you have posed a washer on. This maintains a ray to move or the fall was while you install in a socket of wall. The note will require the screwdriver of diameter smaller to achieve in a highland hole. It installs easy.
3 / 5 By Rikki
Like Another recent critic has remarked, SANUS has to has changed a product without updating a description. Concretely Has wanted to it six outlet, black, wall-trace, a lot-carried of tap with the ray to locate so that it can when being firmly attached in one covers underlying.

Has been disappointed to take he without the highland ray, very less the hole for the trace. So much in planting to waste my time this turns the, has done my own out of one covers of centre and has had felizmente the longitude quite 6 ray. I have used the Sharpie in black of mine of the colour to do a less perceivable ray (photos of views). I have maintained an original of plant of black dish so that a SANUS the product is not quite big to the goes some uses to group the electrical box.

SANUS Would have to update his description ASAP.
5 / 5 By Tyra
Bought this for my Mamma. It IS in the convaleciente the house and his helps of listened expensive has been lost repeatedly. It IS easy for these helps of the inner ear to pop was and take kicked down something. These in a type of cape to listen the help is something in fact can pose on and a box that mark a sound that amplifies is quite big to be found if the tomb. A better thing is, can mediate in of the conversations again.
5 / 5 By Ela
State using this for the while now and the laws add. Has an older house this has limited outlets what having available multiple outlets to use when required am adds. Has the sofa with tram recliners in some finals and a poster of the control also comprises the outlet of USB what want to something concealed would develop a current outlet has and provides some protect in some electrical engines in a sofa as well as any devices can the hook up saw an USB. Because of a location of the same has wanted the dark unit and he are hardly perceivable except a clear, which are very while it signals that a unit is doing. A unit has the profile the lowest also compared in some other similar units that is the plus if the room is limited. So far, very satisfied with a road this is doing and would recommend in any one.
5 / 5 By Rosalba
I want to it. I appreciate a ray in mound the in a socket to exist. It IS and easy trace, has taken less than 5 minutes (mark them turn sure a tin was when install this, does not want yours engine of ray to slip in a socket while ensuring he) . Any one much more to say. Work as it has promised.

Update. It attaches outlets again place, but does not have any ray in a centre of this product goes still in a socket but has any hole of ray to ensure he in. Please Note, still wants a product.
5 / 5 By Regena
I use this for adapters to be able in related in modem, subject, and the peripherals have related in the PC. Some outlets has required the push in firm to take a prongs in a wall and of some use of cover for these devices. This is not something would use like a source where would be regularly plugging in and out of newspaper, lines a Sanus while pulling covers it so that it was to pull a whole unit out of a wall! One arises protective does not fall carried he easily!
5 / 5 By Ofelia
Very robust, very as me concealed has a highland ray, any included has to take a dish of outlet of face.

How Attach it in fact, unless you want disorder around with an adjustment of a receptacle by behind a dish, left the only.

The hot covers in a cup, 'fake' extra covers he viril in inferior for stability.

IS VERY HAPPY with him And he have some arise protects.
1 / 5 By Jessi
EMI The filter is useless, does not reduce noise at all.

Top Customer Reviews: SANUS Low Profile ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By Magda
I have bought this so that I have required the reasonably priced arises protective for my incoming cape. The law adds. Be conscious: he layers a outlet of the wall learns only will access in some outlets in a device.
5 / 5 By Luis
I have required something concealed would provide to educate protect for my wall-television of the flat screen is trace . Since it runs all my capes by behind a wall and my tram outlet and Coax cape-is date to see of the television, one arises protective has had to a television and a wall. A television does not extend a long way of a wall of a group of the mountain of the television is very thin. A SANUS arises protective has had to to express in this narrow room among a mountain and a wall, and ails. An only downside is not when being able to bend a television those uses a mountain so that one arises protective is in a road. When being able to angle a Coax jacks and cover of the power in an arises protective is very convenient.
2 / 5 By Jeana
It is not 1.1' deep while the ad is quite near in 1.5'. For me it conceal it he he useless by behind the 65' LG SMELLS the television those uses one of his mountains of television of slender profile. Any one only concealed but took one that the already had been returned probably for a same reason. I have maintained he only so that it can his uses by behind a subwoofer chair in an earth where the depth has not been a lot of the worry. It can not take one covers of subwoofer in a outlet in a left verge neither, as it has only 2 usable outlets.
5 / 5 By Kristi
Useful for my set of theatre of small house-up. I have not required anything more elegant. An only thing has not used was a coax protect while I caused me subjects in my threads TVs signal. Any sure why what the internet has run well. Experience further but so far only the sure canals enter I hook he until a coax.
5 / 5 By Willie
Quality of tez well. Petit. Some very fresh creation characteristic. Control out of my description of video!
5 / 5 By Geneva
Easy to install well has shipped arrived quickly. I am using to to protect a cape of antenna and the signal booster. It looks very adapted for a purpose. I any one knows does well until has the strike to relieve, which hopefully will not arrive . This looks the cheap insurance has to that it spends. I expect that he does .
5 / 5 By Loriann
It looks to do add, locations of cover of the endwise the law adds the need locates this flush against wall or by behind the television of flat poster. I expect one arises the protect is decent but very exactly something easily tried only expect a UL the ways of law of indication very enmedio to try of the laboratory.
5 / 5 By Latrisha
It IS so impressed with a premier a; I have ordered the second! Only cual required to ensure compatible and included tame to be able in.
5 / 5 By Randa
I produce it adds. Using for the mountain by behind the ready television.
5 / 5 By Valencia
Exited well. Aloud M to take my support of television closes up against a wall.

Top Customer Reviews: HD Essentials Surge ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
5 / 5 By
This hd the essential together is the very good thing to have. My favourite part is a debugging of gel of screen. All require it 2 or three sprays, and your looks of whole screen as well as new. No more fingerprints and the cures of muck of him everything. Included better take bounce it enormous that will last years. One arises protective is quite well for a prize. It likes them to him the looks, limits directly in a wall, and has boy procetion in the. Has 6 ports, but has posed transformers in the, probably will lose 1 or 2 as that is to say class of annoying, but raisin with enough each type of arisen protective. There is polite and the lights have protected in the. In general it is the very good product , and and recomend the.
3 / 5 By
Work well , but the indication of Joule is lower to protect a HDTV. For HDTVs 2000 in 3000 joules that the value is well for proportionate all other ideal specifications (330v UL, 15A, 120v, 1875W) is conformed. But this device has qualified to absorb only 410 joules, as and is using he for another material, and has bought another for my television
5 / 5 By
I have tried this Sanus debugging of gel of screen and is easily a cleaner of the better screen has not used never. So much, when I ran it it was, begun to purchase around and has been dismayed to see a oz bounce it that sells for [...]. (I did not fulfil it it was that expensive so that the partner has given he in me). Well, you look around in Amazon and found these FANTASTIC roads where takes a cleaner of screen more which research to be the sake arises suppressor. Everything concealed to $ ship besides? Still I can not think. :-)

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