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1 first Sanus Home Theater Series Adjustable Height Speakers Stands for Satellite Speakers - Tear Drop Base - 26"-39" Height - HTB3 (Black) Sanus Home Theater Series Adjustable Height Speakers Stands for Satellite Speakers - Tear Drop Base - 26"-39" Height - HTB3 (Black) By Sanus
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2 Sanus Adjustable Height Speaker Stand - Extends 28" to 38" - Holds Satellite & Small Bookshelf Speakers (i.e. Bose, Harmon Kardon, Polk, JBL, KEF, Klipsch, Sony and Others) - Set of 2 - Model: HTBS Sanus Adjustable Height Speaker Stand - Extends 28" to 38" - Holds Satellite & Small Bookshelf Speakers (i.e. Bose, Harmon Kardon, Polk, JBL, KEF, Klipsch, Sony and Others) - Set of 2 - Model: HTBS By Sanus
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3 best Sanus Adjustable Height Wireless Speaker Stands Designed for SONOS ONE, Play:1, and Play:3 - Tool-Free Height Adjust Up to 16" with Built in Cable Management - White Pair - WSSA2-W1 Sanus Adjustable Height Wireless Speaker Stands Designed for SONOS ONE, Play:1, and Play:3 - Tool-Free Height Adjust Up to 16" with Built in Cable Management - White Pair - WSSA2-W1 By Sanus
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4 Sanus Soundbar Mount Compatible with Sonos Beam - Height Adjustable Up to 12" & Designed to Work with Any TV - Custom Fit to The Beam for Optimal Audio Performance Sanus Soundbar Mount Compatible with Sonos Beam - Height Adjustable Up to 12" & Designed to Work with Any TV - Custom Fit to The Beam for Optimal Audio Performance By Sanus
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5 Atlantic Adjustable Height Speaker Stands - Set of 2 Holds Satellite Speakers, Adjustable Stand Height from 27 to 48 inch, Heavy Duty Powder Coated Aluminum with Wire Management PN77305018 in Black Atlantic Adjustable Height Speaker Stands - Set of 2 Holds Satellite Speakers, Adjustable Stand Height from 27 to 48 inch, Heavy Duty Powder Coated Aluminum with Wire Management PN77305018 in Black By Atlantic
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6 Mount-It! Bookshelf and Floor Speaker Stands for Surround Sound Home Theaters, 18 Inch High, 22 Lbs Capacity, Tempered Glass and Aluminum, Clear and Silver, One Pair Mount-It! Bookshelf and Floor Speaker Stands for Surround Sound Home Theaters, 18 Inch High, 22 Lbs Capacity, Tempered Glass and Aluminum, Clear and Silver, One Pair By Mount-It!
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7 Sanus WSS2-B1 Wireless Speaker Stand Designed for SONOS Play 1 and Play 3 Speakers 2 Pack Black Sanus WSS2-B1 Wireless Speaker Stand Designed for SONOS Play 1 and Play 3 Speakers 2 Pack Black By Sanus
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8 Sanus Speaker Stand for Sonos Play:5 - Audio Enhancing Design for Vertical & Horizontal Orientations with Built-in Cable Management and Premium Aluminum Materials (White) - WSS51-W1 Sanus Speaker Stand for Sonos Play:5 - Audio Enhancing Design for Vertical & Horizontal Orientations with Built-in Cable Management and Premium Aluminum Materials (White) - WSS51-W1 By Sanus
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9 Sanus Adjustable Sonos Wall Mount for Sonos One, Play:1, Play:3 - Tool Free Tilt & Swivel Adjustments for Best Audio - Pair (Black) Sanus Adjustable Sonos Wall Mount for Sonos One, Play:1, Play:3 - Tool Free Tilt & Swivel Adjustments for Best Audio - Pair (Black) By Sanus
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10 Sanus Wireless Sonos Speaker Stand for Sonos One, Play:1, Play:3 - Audio-Enhancing Design with Built-in Cable Management - Single Stand (White) - WSS21-W1 Sanus Wireless Sonos Speaker Stand for Sonos One, Play:1, Play:3 - Audio-Enhancing Design with Built-in Cable Management - Single Stand (White) - WSS21-W1 By Sanus
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4 / 5
Works exactly while it expect. Very heavy Basic. The multiple install options. Spikes Of law of good carpet. My speakers of satellite of a Vizio SB4551-D5 installed perfectly, while I can see for a picture. It was preoccupied has seen of other descriptions mention a cape these confrontations against a pole, but so clearly can see, concealed is not a case. Only downside is does very road to run a cape through some holes to wire in a support, but that it is state because of a RCA connectors in some finals. It likes them to them another has said, crane some collars of adjustment were metal in place of plsticoes, but only sake.
5 / 5
These are some solid supports! Has the metal very well builds with the very weighed base for stability. I have bought these to go with my Vizio 5.1 surrounds system (SB4051-D5), and access perfectly!

While some cover of audio for a Vizio the back speakers are main, therefore doing it impossible to the goes a cape of of the one of the west in some supports, has abundance of the room among some sustains that it groups highland and a backside of a speaker. If has a same or similar Vizio system of his, suggests to use a ray of ray/of the mountain that Vizio provides with a system.
3 / 5
Bought by Vizio S5451w-C2. After reading the descriptions of some diverse available supports, some duquel was less expensive and estimated main, chosen these for two reasons. Simply place, liked me a bit of the euros fix and has preferred the support with feet to carpets. These also look for to be some leans that Vizio characteristic in a side of poster by side of a box.

A Phillips 1 screwdriver is an only tool has required the total. Importing, included when the ray is tensed is still possible movement a speaker and/or group. Simply they no grave prjimos quite tight.

To repeat what another has said, law with any Vizio speakers, although I have to use a Vizio rays to attach them in a group. One quotes adjuster the knob is plastic, probably in the fine failure, and gives a support the sure cheap feeling.

Some columns of centre are narrow and will not accommodate Vizio (or any one another cape of of the one of the west) with RCA covers them has attached in them. You could cut/ the joint/solders/tape yes really required to power a cape in a half. I chosen in simply embroil a cape around a pole.

Sustains some speakers well, the fashionable look and, more importantly, is supremely stable. Some bases are amiably heavy and two that run the cats ail does the wobble.

PRECAUTION when unpacking. I am not sure if each sending arrives likes him the mine but I have discovered two elements of worry.

One: the torsion had has shaved very small of metal, probably of when some holes of the ray of the base was machined, this was loose and wedged among some upper and inferior portions of some bases. These were supremely treble! If it gives a very on or paste with the toe, probably blood of draw. Hate to Think that it it would spend it it has seen he of cat this tiny, curly, thing of money in a fund and decided for the eat.

Two: Of the worry the same is that some bases (both of them) has had residual oil in the one of a machining process. One, in particular, in a point of slime.

Read the plot to revise and found any one mentions subjects. Perhaps the mine was only the fluke. $ 50 supports (facts in a .) It do not have to have these subjects. Still, in general, I am pleased with some supports and decided to maintain them.

That the said, had known in some shavings and subjects of oil ahead of time, probably any one would have bought his. It gives the the fattest pole, lock of height of the knob of low metal, apresamiento rid of some shavings and the oil and calm the new five star, the cup has estimated 1 vendor in of the values of Amazon each what so bite of $ 50.

VIZIO S5451w-C2 The 5.1 Sound of the canal Escombra with Subwoofer and Surrounds (2014 Model)
5 / 5
They that me these standsvery many. I have used the with my VIZIO speakers of satellite for my system of bar of the sound. It would like him the refute of some negative commentaries in an use of these speakers with a VIZIO speakers. One comments read,when trying marks my election, was that a cape these beginnings of a paste of of the one of the west a support of of the one of the west on the way that it can it he he any one be has posed on in alignment with a base. There are 2 different connections in any final of some capes of of the one of the west. A connector is L shaped and another east directly. Some directions on installing these does not differentiate the in any subject when hooking the until a subwoofer or some speakers. I have used a L connector in some cual the speakers have left wing a cape to fall directly down an axis of a support. I have used a final right in a subwoofer. Basically a cape is flush with some speakers also. Like this any problem of alignment. My second suggestion is one concealed read in some commentaries of the anterior description in buying some supports and concealed is to use some rays of the proportionate connection with a subwoofer to connect some speakers in a support. This aleviates any loose connections among some speakers and some capes. This was one of my worries and he have done wonderfully when I this. A cape , even so, can any one when being any veiled in an axis of a support. I have used black Velcro to ensure some capes to the long of a backside of an axis. It looks orderly,the more there is quite a lot of room under a base of a support the container any extra cape and goes them he there. A support comes barbed of carpet to maintain it sure in carpet, but has used only a roughly used rubber by hardwood or melts to tile so that a base is sper robust with enough of weight to maintain a support to touch or moving. In general I have data this to 5 indication to star so that my necessities has been conformed. Some people have expressed the preoccupy in a coupling that maintains a support in a correct height for your use. A piece is plastic. If you are not constantly repositioning a support there would have to when being any problem with him. The movement that looks on anything will spend era. It does not have any complaint in this subject. The tan far like ships my product is coming 3 early days that it is win he in my book!
5 / 5
These supports of of the one of the west of the law of satellite adds. I have purchased the for use with Vizio SB4551-D5 speakers. As Expected, a cape of of the one of the west provided will not return through a beginning in some supports. This is not a subject for me -- go to use velcro bonds to maintain a tight cape in some supports.
A note for Vizio proprietary -- has to use some proportionate rays with a Vizio speakers to attach in some supports. A L-the proportionate group with some works to sustain amiably, but Sanus does not provide sale that breaking a nut required for a speaker.
4 / 5
A support has not gone exactly the perfect access, but law for a Bose acoustimass surrounds speakers of dual cube. This old plus acoustimass the speaker has the hole under a real mountain screwhole that is used by Bose mountains to stabilise a speaker to swing while it locate. Also, I have used Monster XP 16 capes of gauge of of the one of the west and anything big would return through a tube, but no a hole of access of a tube. In an end, the small tense of some rays and some endeavour in current a cape through a tube a work. Regarding a material, arrival and stability, any complaint. We will have to it expect it and voice that time last. In general, you are the very compraventa and researches to be the good option in a Bose is in 1/3 a cost.
5 / 5
These have been up during several weeks now without subjects still. I have not tried veiling some capes in some sustains still but some holes look also small for a cape of gauge use (16). If anything only ails apt with cramming. Some bases are weighed and some look of spikes to do well with carpet. There is the soft QA deficiency in an of some supports where some rays of the clave in some bases in the light angle.

The assembly was directly advances. I have followed some council of another description and has attached a speaker in an upper half of a pole before joining some two halves of pole. A joint among some two halves of pole are plastic likes him another has mentioned and looks fragile but has lined in maximum height so far. If failure, was likely to line some poles together with some class of shims, a lot of tape or the weld.

Has clashed in these for a long time slightly without them touching on.

In max quotes these are lower that would prefer. Hardly they do in my sofas, but is enough in ear-level when seating totality. I can not imagine using these in the parameter of the lowest height unless it likes him to of him the chair in an earth. It likes to PLEASE measured your half before purchase.

For weight/of comparison, has them has posed up with the pair of Polk RM101s.
5 / 5
Well-bundled. Easy assembly. Perfecto for the speakers the small plus. We use ours for some speakers of back in the VIZIO SB3651 system of his of theatre of house. Importing to remark that, because of a RCA carried in this system, will not be able to thread some capes of of the one of the west through a support. Even so, if your speakers connect via cape of mere west, can thread a cape through a centre of a support and really presents the clean look. The quality adds. Highly it recommends.
3 / 5
It has Had the earring six years and has lined in good. It is trace the with an Energy Takes Classifies 5.1 surrounds speakers. A hole of cape was also small for my capes of of the one of the west as it does not provide the clean look. After the years of pair of years, some of some supports could not line a weight of a speaker anymore and a plastic piece to adjust a height has failed simply. My boys and the look of dog to attack them on quite easily and like the result there has been dents in my fund and broke speakers. Neither they go quite big for the new sofa has purchased. If you are in an adult marries only with the small speakers with cape of small west these will do well. If has boys or of the pets, look elsewhere.
4 / 5
Pros: Barn, Appeal, the perfect fact with my Energy Takes 5.1 Satellites (although it has attached the washer for snug access)
Gilipollas: point of Cheap plastic to adjust height. Can be it main. Threading 16 gauge The cape was the ache

These are utmost leans wants the race in your Energy Takes Classical 5.1 satellites. They are robust and posed together very easily. Wide field of hardware for diverse annex. I have used a two 'The Group with my speakers, but has posed the small washer among a group and a speaker so that it returns flush more than slightly was angle. Probably it was not necessary, but is the bit of the retail. Threading A 16gauge the cape has been done easier around a curve in some second canals to line of thread to fish through and recording the, then pulling he in a hole where used the pair of small needle-nosed pliers to extract a cape. I wish these supports were quite 25% main but has known a measure that enters. The prize adds.
4 / 5
These stands of the law of speaker adds partorisca an Energy Takes Classical 5.1 surrounds speakers. There is some workarounds when attaching some speakers, like the no diverse group perfect with a pre-has drilled holes in some behind speaker. But you can easy to attach one of some rays to one rear. And I need , adds any washers partorisca take it flush mountain.

A main tip: Feed your boss of speaker by means of an upper and out of a fund of one is of speakers. Doing he in reverse is quite difficult and will take roughly 10x long.

Some instructions were well, and a band of rays and tools has comprised was very good packaged and has presented. The desire has marked a packaging of some rays with some numbers have used to identify in a book, like several rays are looked in measure.
5 / 5
Sanus HTB3 Stands Of Speaker of Theatre of house. Excellent stands. I have possessed Sanus stands in a past, so only for the lightest speakers smaller.Some is to do utmost with my new Harmon Kardon HKTS 16 speakers. I have known some group of the mountain no for these speakers, any edge for the 1/4 20 ray in a backside of a speaker. I have done the dish out of joint of press 4'x4'. Screwed This to a cup of one is, was able to ensure a speaker (by means of a subordinated) to a 4x4 jointed of press with the 1/4 20 ray and die of thumb. Again excellent stands.
5 / 5
Has required the together of stands of speaker for a behind surrounding speakers of the his in my new system. I can any really highland speaker in a wall so that the stands were my only option .

These stands have the good heavy base with your election of hule or spiked (for carpet) feet. Have hardwood I pavings and some feet of hule maintain some is to line things up. One he the base is weighed enough that feels very stable and does not have any worry on some is toppling on. There is the adjustment of height in some poles so that it can dip him to the yours to to that likes and all the work so only well. Had the few elements to remark that I will list here as they can concern you:

1) A system of the mountain for the speakers can no for your purposes. Has the pair of ways to locate the speakers and those are: mountain of Ray to a fund of a speaker as it camera in the tripod; Double sided tape to stick a speaker to a stand; A mountain that fulmine to a backside of a speaker. Have keyhole highland Speakers (small hole in an upper back of a speaker). I have found mine keyhole the highland speakers would not go in reasons his paste a pole for one is when using some groups for a backside of a speaker. A keyhole the mountain left them hang too down in some stands. It can have used a doubleside mountain of the tape but a tape have not looked for likes it was to resist some speakers. As I have finalised to use the ray of forest to ray some speakers to the groups that usually it was used with doublesided tape. Some folks would be nervous roughly doing that but has found with the small ray is not to treat it big.

2) Is class of the hassle to run a wire fence down a centre of one is of speaker. One is is empty and can run a boss down a half. But calm really has to that take a place averts and edge he by means of all three pieces of one are before the gathered. No an end of a world-wide but has not imagined to be until with which have gathered some stands. So only the useful tip for you.

3) An adjustment that dips that it connects an upper and more low pole is done of plastic. I have not concerned me on the east but some folks has beaten. If it love the connector of the adjustment of the metal buys the plant it expensive plus of stands.

Buys these again. Absolutely. So only know that there is you keyhole trace the rear speakers will have to that use doublesided tape to locate them or launch precaution to a wind and dip the ray of small forest in a fund of your speakers.
5 / 5
Extremely sturdy stands. I use him with a Onkyo surrounds near of the his, where some the rear speakers are 4 x 4.5 x 9 thumbs and weigh 3.5 pounds. These resist a lot well. The assembly was quickly and any @@subject that careers some bosses by means of him once has gathered fully. To the as really it likes me is that they comprise of the box with the number of the different speaker that options of trace (different types of connectors / of rays), likes takings of the options to these more returned your speakers.
5 / 5
These are stands of the speaker adds . It buys him again. THIS In spite of, are not for one Consent 3651 bar of his with speakers of satellite. There is not any ray has comprised that is to return a backside of some speakers of satellite. They require the ray of metric car, x 8 and has had to turn speakers of mine to the rovescio reason a pole has covered a RCA port of boss of the speaker. Also, be conscious that one Consent 3651 bosses of the speaker will not spend for some poles been due to a RCA bosses. It was well with that but has not been ready for a need of new rays and turning some speakers to the rovescio. This be has said, like some is many , So only would not buy him for Consent bars of sound.
4 / 5
Has read all a crummy descriptions and all some good descriptions and decided to pull one causes. After all, to the amazon has the program of turn adds, well. It has been it bit it concerned like my new Klipsch the speakers weigh almost 4 pounds. Any one is is doing well. An only two things that could improved on is a measure of a hole for some bosses and a quality of a height adjuster extracted so it is done of plastic very economic. In general, shopping these is again.
4 / 5
This work perfectly for my old heavy Onkyo surround speakers of sound. Almost upgraded to wireless until I have found these stands. I have hated to Separate with them of then there it was at all bad with them, another that has hated a unsightly plastic canals that has been trace in some wall to “hide” some cords. Some bases have the substantial quantity of weight to sustain my roughly 10x6 rear and the side surrounds speakers without being tippy at all. We have hid some cords under a baseboards when we tile a paving of living room.
4 / 5
Has purchased these for the pair of Klipsch the rear quintet surrounds speakers. The good prize that considers those that stands of speaker can usually dipped you behind, and feel solid, as the one who a quality of a material is concerned. Setup Is quite sincere, and a packaging comprises the little different mountain group, which is good to have that does not have to that never mine of substitute Klipsch speakers. I think that to have a 4th generation of a series of Quintet (swivel basic), as that finds the compatible pair of the stands of speaker was the bit likes to find the needle in the haystack. In all the chance, had him for the little the month and his exactly that I require him speakers of mine securely. This has said, with the heaviest satellites, these stands can be bit it upper weighed and can be prone to touch on. Perhaps it seats the little less comfortable with these had on carpets, or has had the pets or the girls that career by means of our place, so only maintain these thoughts in importing is considering these stands.
5 / 5
These Sanus the stands are a perfect measure to locate some speakers of satellite that Logitech ships in his Z906 system. Although some have come with the variety to locate options grupal, everything will require is a comprised L-group and rays to locate your Logitech speakers. They have included come with one 1/4-20 1/2' the rays will require to attach some speakers to a stand.

An upper tube bent in these stands is the good characteristic . Besides looking well, situates a centre of a speaker (and for this centre of mass) in a tube of support and base. A result is some stands seats very stable. Also it likes that of this stand that comes with feet of hule (for hardwood walk) and spikes of carpets.

Has had any complaint, is the minor a. An upper tube has bent servants the useful purpose, but does to feed a boss of the speaker by means of some is the little more difficult. That fact more for me was to use the 'boss to fish' to pull some bosses of speaker by means of some tubes. I found it easier that run a boss of speaker by means of a base and of the tubes before increasing some stands, but yes calm this, so only does not forget to run a boss of speaker by means of a die to retain that has the habit to ensure an inferior tube to a base of heavy metal.
5 / 5
A lot would prefer one looks cleansing of the hanged speakers and hid in some wall, but when be forced to have stands that is 'ear-level' these is not bad. They look well, but a lot especially mine crawling the creature did not attack them on and there is lined some wall like this easily as I thought that it can. It likes that they are not flimsy and can withstand of the boys that career up against him.
4 / 5
I have purchased these stands partorisca my new surrounds system of the his because more than a reviewer has said the law a lot with energy classical taking 5.1 speakers that is which has purchased. It have to that it has paid it the most next attention to an user comments that so only do well with boss of the thinnest speaker. Has think that a right thing partorisca purchase 12 guage thought of the boss would have the sound of better quality. These Sanus the stands only records a discharge of boss of speaker and no a pair, as I can take an idea of as small a passageway is. Basically, his no with 12 guage boss of speaker. I think that that they would be well with 16 guage the boss but am not sure roughly 14 guage boss. Has some 14 guage on order partorisca my behind surrounding speakers so has has left enough on will try it. They are like this tired of a hassle to dip this together thing can so only run a boss on an outside of a tube and coverage he with black duct tape.

There is at all a subject with a quality of a stand. There is given 5 stars if a description had said me that it was unsuitable for fat boss or the one who a dimension of interior was or to avert sure types of boss of speaker. I can have purchased the different product, but now is taking 3 stars to squander my time. I can not comprise reason the costruttore of stands of speaker any bear accommodate 12 guage, boss of speaker of good quality?
4 / 5
One is is quite easy to gather. While they are not a better quality, one does a work amiably for stands of economic speaker. Some stands are quite sturdy, but no his uploads with the heavy speaker. Has mine on carpet. They come with feet for both carpets (spikes) and hard surface flooring (cushioned feet). A come with some tools required (averts of the Philips screwdriver) to gather some stands. There are several configurations for different dimensioned speakers. A boss of speaker is the little difficult to feed inside a corner of a stand, but so only takes the little patience. I have bought two insiemi, a prime minister duquel was very easy to dip together with all has comprised. A second set there has been two defects in an east. A first defect was in two part that fulfils in a half, but was able to do around that. A second defect was that a course that fulmine to a base. There is the die to close that it is supposition to go in another side of him. It has not had enough edge that spends for a base for a die to close in another side. Any exactly the breaker to treat, but shows of lackluster qualities.
4 / 5
These stands are surprising. Because of his tear-bases-of drop, can be situated directly against to wall without having swipe of people to them (i.et., The base is parallel to a wall with some speakers facing any calm direction require to be). It remarks that this does not have any impact in a stability of my speakers. This could vary according to a weight of your speakers.

Dipping these together things was the breeze . Also it have to that be remarked that comes with the myriad of several connectors and other extras that be able to you or can not require according to your specifications of speaker. Felizmente, has required so only a keyhole ray.

Also, comes with the elegant spikes owe precise of the use on extremely shaggy coverages/of carpets. Surprisingly, in spite of not using some spikes, this control of stands of the speaker on just a lot on mine (that considers to be quite shaggy). In general, you are looking for speakers that can be situated in a zone that has the plot of traffic, strongly would recommend this I so that there is well of mine against a wall in the common zone and is grieves there! Besides, a form of stands (the wry backside) also further adds to a minimalist creation.

Very happy with this compraventa, and am quite sure will be too much!
4 / 5
These are exactly that it love and the look adds. They could be the tiny has bitten fragile in of the terms of a pole couplings, but while you are ready roughly not trying on presionarles when gathering them, this does not present the question.

Has had a subject where after the year when one of some poles that inserts/inserts to a base snapped in a point where is threaded and bolted to a base. It suspects my boy of 10 years and that houses rough with his dog there has been something to do with that, but can does not come from. Still it takes 5 stars of reasons a llama to Sanus CS and has sent out of the piece of substitution a next day, any question has asked. Material raisin, but companies that stand for behind his products always take big frames in my book.
5 / 5
Uses these with my Energy Micro 5.1 speakers and is the perfect pairing. A base is good and heavy but the chair like a pole is the tad lack. Some poles are in two separate pieces that is joined near in a half for the plastic cylinder that presiona. A joint feels feeble and no quite left a quality of build of a rest of a unit.

Is also enough the ache to edge some bosses of speaker by means of but ossia something has to that so only has to that treat once for speaker. For a money, is good and does not have any complaints of entities. Not using for big or same half sized speakers this in spite of.
5 / 5
Has a Onkyo HT-R8230 system of speaker. My speakers weigh to somewhere among 3-4 pounds each. These stands of speakers are LIKE THIS STRONG & sturdy. A manual has said that that sustains speakers until 4 pounds, but am quite sure can resist the more has weighed speakers that concealed. Especially yes calm plants him slowly in a stand, more than having them hang of a thing of hook (the L group).

With some OPTIONAL spikes that can scrape you in a fund of some stands, is practically immovable. Has the place to hide a boss of speaker in a stand. I know some people will want to concealed. A date of a stand is adjustable among 26-39 thumbs. Has mine roughly in 31 thumbs. I mention that it is sturdy? Has 3 different ways to dip your speakers on that. A L group, dipping it slowly with some class grupal horizontal, and then what grupal vertical. I have opted to hang he with a vertical group.

To good sure would recommend this to any one! I am enamoured with this now same thing!
4 / 5
The stands are sturdy will do adds for speakers of the smallest satellite, I supposition. But a configuration in a backside of a speaker has to that be to some measures esatte of some mountains Sanus gives calm with this box. Has the Energy takes Classical 5.1 near hooked on, with 14 gauge boss. The boss was almost impossible to go through half of him calm already have your speakers dipped up and so only is that it substitutes to to him some stands likes him to him was it. Finally it take a boss this in spite of without unhooking of a backside of my receiver. But then that tries to locate some speakers was hell . It can not take mine to do at all same with all some the diverse mountains give you to you. Perhaps it is reason an energy 5.1 apresamiento classical is not really speakers of satellite? They are not the enormous audiophile. In all the chance am returned these , still using mine Atlantic stands. One classifies speakers to wobble in his, but at least laws.
5 / 5
Well has built. Heavy base for good stability. They are trace Consent to surround speakers to them but calm requires to find a right measure small ray for a backside of one Consent speaker for your account. One Consent the boss of speaker has covers him big in both like this calm ends can does not use of a tunnel of inner boss. I have wrapped so only a boss around a stand and called it well.
5 / 5
Has the Bose system with some speakers of small cube. When Looking in a diverse speaker is available, the obvious result that a Bose the stands were Much more expensive that another with alike creations. I have chosen a Sanus stands because of an appearance (I like a teardrop bases). They are easy to gather using so only a wrench comprised and the screwdriver. Calm simply fío a boss of speaker by means of a vertical part (like another reviewer remarked, a hole of start is small, as I owe that take an end of some bosses and pull them by means of - this took probably 2-3 minutes for both stands) and then presionar everything.
A neighbour comprises the variety to group to attach several speakers, together with the variety of rays and rays. A groups to regulate trace a Bose speakers perfectly without any difficulties at all.
Another advantage of this system is that a date can be regulated easily for simply telescoping an upper portion to a low plus, then that presiona an upper portion firmly so that it does not move .
In general, am very pleased with a function of some stands, particularly in a prize relatively lower.
4 / 5
Has bought these for my Energy take 5.1 speakers have based in other descriptions. I am not sad. I think that that these are the stand of big quality in the very reasonable prize.

These am a lot well has done. A base is solid and an adjustment of height is very positive. So only it does not use the wrench for the presionar.

A hardware has comprised is big quality , no the calm usually would expect of Cina. All the hardware that comprises some rays are black to match one is. A wrench has comprised is an only defect . It is a lot of flimsy, will want to use your own.

I rays are comprised for speakers that use an or two 1/4-20, M5 and keyhole mountains in a backside. A baseplate is comprised for speakers that has holes of trace in a fund. There it is included the cushion of hule of the foam to go among a baseplate and your speaker.

A base accommodates feet of hule or spikes. Some holes have the 1/4-20 edge the one who the easy fact to substitute levelers require for the paving of tile.

Are very happy with cost of mine. Now if so only it can find group of wall for speakers of mine that is like this good.
5 / 5
Perfecto partorisca a CONSENT SB4051-C0 40-Thumb 5.1 Bar of his speakers of satellite of the System. Utilisation some rays that is coming with some speakers, and places by means of means, oblong hole in a L-shaped upper group. Easy assembly, sturdy. It can not be better.
5 / 5
Some looks of product well.

Partorisca The energy Takes Classics use an upper hole in a group. I have used the hose of hule washer among a group and speaker to offset a flange created of a house of connection of the speaker.

Boss Of street by means of a hole in an upper tube by means of a fund of a stand.

Unfortunately, with which installation a speaker drooped down to where an inferior back of a paste of speaker a tubing. Any tentativa for presionar has spent so only a sleeve on besides big in a tubing. A sleeve inside an upper tubing had pulled free mark to locate a group securely. I recommend that it check to do sure a sleeve is stable. Otherwise, Your speaker finally will fall off a stand.

Has contacted Sanus for the substitution upper tube. We said me to us HCCost in a Warehouse of the amazon has not been the trafficante authorised and would not sustain a product. THANKS TO plot. HCCost Does not resupply the option of substitution. So much, I am returned a product and has gone with some Atlantic stands.
4 / 5
These stands are exactly that has expected. I have used 2 pairs of these to sustain some speakers of small satellite to the mine SONY HTDDW790 Theatre of House in the box. Any misread concealed - I has received the theatre of house in the box like the present behind in 2008 but no the deployed until 2015 in a eve to order our prime minister 70' 4K UHD TV. These is coming without less than 3 connectors of speaker & 2 different foot inserts/to insert (tampons of the hule rounded or spikes of metal for fatter carpeting). These stands am a lot inconspicuous & accesses in of the a lot tight spaces. So only be sure to leave quite soiled for a teardrop shaped feet. These feet are almost solid (never like this slightly empty down) & very heavy which is a lot well for stability. I can not see like any one could go wrong with these stands.
5 / 5
Assumes an element has all a hardware that probably would sustain more than speakers. This in spite of, does not return a Samsung SWA-@@@8500s/ZA box of Wireless Rear speakers. I have had to go to Lowe is to buy additional wingnuts and rays to locate some speakers to some stands of speaker. Some looks to build to be solid and looks well with some rear speakers with which are trace . This in spite of, there is better looked if some rays and wingnuts is black to match some stands. It was a lot if a costruttore also distributes some the smallest rays and the dice have dipped.
4 / 5
Has bought these for my Roku speakers. Some cords are not possible to be hid (although ossia which all some pictures in Roku show of web of place). Roku Loans Sanus like stands of speaker for his products, and Sanus answered of service of the client in the amazon involves that some cords will be covered, but no a chance!!
5 / 5
Has done adds for my samsung swa-@@@9000s/za wireless rear speakers some stands are easy to gather look to be qualities a lot very a lot of sturdy
5 / 5
This together of the stand of the speaker does a lot well for my Energy Takes the Classical front has left /right speakers. You owe that improvise and take a wall to exist connection in a backside of some advance of speakers and use one of an a lot of hook on the connections resupplied in a Sanus packing box. You owe that be mindful of measure of boss of the speaker. I have used the quality 16 awg and with the patience has done work. You owe that follow directions. Some stands look utmost and highly recommends him the people those who can think and improvise and will look that it is doing and not going in aprisa to finalise in his neighbour up. Take your time and calm will have sucedidos with adding looking stands of speaker for your Take Classical or other speakers of alike measure for your living room av half.
4 / 5
HAS Have the times of pair achieve behind to extend and accidentally attack it on. You do not recommend for families with big pets (comprising girls). It is well that hides some cords, and a black goes well with our decor. I love a system of the his have, like this for incumplimiento, reason resists a system of the his, enjoys some stands.
5 / 5
Comes with tonnes of fittings, but at all quite well for my monoprice 10565 speakers. I took it to do, but a course that resists it to a stand blocks a port in a backside of a speaker.

Also, as some another reviewers has mentioned, a way some two halves join is not ideal. There is the little band around an upper meso this is to mean partorisca take an external sleeve to be presionada too far. Knowing this, was a lot of sweet with the mine that presiona, this in spite of, while pulling a 16 gauge boss by means of, a sale in an of some stands has fallen to an inferior half. I headed to MacGyver the solution, but still if it wobbles yes has touched.,

A look is well, but think that improvements require in quality and utility.
4 / 5
Did not expect It to be heavy or durable, was under an impression was plastic economic but is to good sure no. I use for mine Consent Soundbar 5.1 Surrounds System. Has some speakers that dips horizontally as no diverse with locating vertically. I consent L & R bosses of the audio will not return by means of hole as I have it coiled and has wrapped around some stands.
5 / 5
It is hard to find stands that will do with Logitech Z-5500 speakers. These facts with almost any modification; an only thing I different was has had to use 10/32 x 1' hex given/of rays ($ in any tent of hardware) in place of a distributed some reasons those were too many courts.

Is well that some streets of boss of the speaker by means of a stand. This in spite of, a boss of speaker for a Logitech Z-5500 satellites is quite thin, probably 20-gauge. Anything fatter and has had the hard time that feeds down by means of some empty stands.

In general am pleased. Some stands look quite slick and was well to take my speakers out of my centre of entertainment and take some rear speakers out of my tables of finals.
4 / 5
Place this was the ache , this simple thing has taken more than an hour, manufacture very bad, some poles have quotes hard time to ray on to a base. A tool has resupplied for presionar a ray of a fund was any use, his like this delicate, curves, slips gripping. A look of stands sturdy first of increasing, but once gather them look very delicate, will remark that a pole any ray closely to a base, has tried long and his still one same. One joins in a half as also works for variables a height of a pole neither stagnate that resulted in the pole tilting at the side. Running a boss of speaker was easy in an of a pole but in another is like this hard and has finalised to break my boss. In general, no like this expected likes a branded some but takes a work done.
5 / 5
Sturdy A lot of looking stand. The desire could maintain it but does not return mine Consent SB3851-D0 rear speaker. I have used a two-sided tape to locate a speaker (any ideal) but work. A question is that a hole of boss of the speaker is not quite big to be able to hide some bosses. This means there would be has had to wrap a boss around a stand.
5 / 5
These were easy to install. All the parts have been separated in his own wrapping and clearly labeled. These resist my Bose 161 speakers firmly and securely thanks to one of some group has comprised with some stands.
4 / 5
Has purchased these stands for my Take Classical speakers. They are small speakers (roughly 4 1/4 x 4 1/4 x 7 3/4). That founds was that some stands resist some speakers, but his no returned his well. A groups of the mountain in my speakers is in a cup of a speaker, but a curve of some stands does not leave me to turn a dipped a pertinent way. I owe that turn a curve to a front of a stand. Work because a speaker is light, but is less stable . Any sure reason does not have the version with the with the the plus along (run on a curve), as it looks these any one returned is a lot of speakers except those with group of trace in a fund of a speaker.

Really Like me a bit options to mount that is coming with some stands as well as a capacity to hide a boss of speaker inside a stand. Prize a lot well in Amazon.
5 / 5
I like a look and printed of small foot but has the enormous defect in a creation. There is the threaded die inserted in a cup of a tube to be that all the options grupal has to that attach to. This threaded section is at all more than the knurled insert pressed to a cup of a tube. Like prizes a ray a knurled the section loves transfer. This die would owe that it has been welded in place. As you install some stands, any on presionar this ray or your not going to like some results. A speaker will wobble on a tube.
4 / 5
Has bought these to locate some rear speakers for Consent it soundbar box. They have done utmost and a base is a lot of sturdy for there of measure. Any question with the assembly but the two things likes them remarked for of another. Pre Has terminated bosses that is coming with a Consent the speakers are two big to hide a boss inside these stands. Like this I Consent the box has come with velcro fasteners this has done some bosses neatly have attached. Also a ray that comes with some any one returned is a Consent the speakers but I was able to do a ray that is coming with a work of speakers with these stands.
4 / 5
This product is the very small stand . Returned mine CONSENT SB4051-C0 rear speakers with some creative group Jenga (the speakers are trace to the rovescio). Quite sturdy.

I points were for machining the oil has had to clean basic first to dip near of my pieces of furniture.
4 / 5
Easy the setup and a lot of sturdy. It comprises the hardware required for the variety of options that was a lot likes has been expecting to have that goes to a tent of hardware. The prize adds and fast delivery. Very pleased with this compraventa.
5 / 5
Expósito That a Jacks in some lines of a subwoofer the speakers of satellite in mine Consent soundbar is too fat to edge by means of some stands of speaker. More than wind some bosses around a stand, will cut and joint. Any ideal, but otherwise some stands look a lot of-facts, easy to gather, and quite weighed to remain integer. As some spikes of carpets.

Top Customer Reviews: Sanus Adjustable ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Melodee
Please mark this that useful, especially for Vizio people, the people go to complain in a pressing of cape against a cane of metal(is), and is correct, and here is the solution: As my show of photos, the rotate a group and no in the install so instructed, can create abundance of room for a cape, and assembla still when being very well has balanced. In the first place he total some canes have attached in a base properly so instructed, then rays a speaker in a group likes him in my photo in place of screwing a group in a support, then a last thing is has attached a group in a vertical support. Screwing A speaker in a first group will leave you to use the screwdriver and he tight, before attaching a group in a support, so that an access of blocs of the support to tense a ray of speakers.... So much group of ray in west firmly.
3 / 5 Brady
This product has been listed together with 'VIZIO SB4051-C0 the 5.1 Sound of Canal of 40 Inches Escombra with Speakers and Wireless Subwoofer of Satellite (2015 Model)' down a 'frequently the together section has bought.' Even so, some supports are not so compatible while it would like him the to be. Some capes that connects some speakers of the satellite in a subwoofer is on age to return through some holes of cape in some supports. Also, a connection in a speaker is so big that can any one firmly ray in a speaker of satellite without the have the hard press against a cape, which me preoccupy in a connection. It attaches some pictures with my worries. I blame me very to research compatibility of product more thoroughly. I find it the small concerning even so these quite a lot of people have bought these two products together with enough of frequency that the amazon would list to joint them. I am expecting that this description can stop to help that association at least the small bit.
2 / 5 Mitsue
I have thought I quite a lot of researches on these to do sure was a right access for my Vizio 38' 5.1 surrounds speakers of his, but supposition I no. While it can see calm in a first picture, an end of a cape of of the one of the west is more concealed two big times that a hole in a support of of the one of the west that a cape is supposition to return through. In a second picture, can see concealed has to embroil a cape around a support of of the one of the west so that the does not return in a tube. It do not take Me bad, a support of of the one of the west is durable, but only has not been designed by a Vizio 38' 5.1 surrounds speakers of sound. Hopefully This description prevents any concealed has this surrounds system to sound any one to buy these, so that the desire has seen the description like this before I have bought these supports of of the one of the west.
5 / 5 Anja
Quality and produced of surprise for a prize . Has four Bose surrounds speakers of the sound and some the original supports are fallen averts . It IS to look for walnut ones and the amazon expsita sell the in 120 dollars the pair . In my case would have to buy 2 . (240.00 dollars ) . It IS all has posed to bite a balloon and purchase the when amazon sugestions has burst up with these ones .
Well IS happy bought these . A neighbourhood of a prize and a quality are surprising . Everything of my Bose speakers screwed rights to them and I think the better look that a Bose is . Some assembly has required of course but has average in in to to the the brain likes him in is of easy . The race of tone a cape through a tube before you have posed a two half together . Then to pull a cape out of a small mark of the clothes of yours sure hole better woman grippy tweezers to take the and attraction he through . Then to the to yours likes him to of him the new order tweezers for a woman hurriedly while I angled his during a process .
4 / 5 Jesusita
It has to well , heavy supports. I have bought these for my Samsung HW-K950 back speakers. Had the questions has asked if these would do with a Samsung soundbar the back speakers and do. Some sustains come with multiple dishes that would return almost any speaker. These are to heave and amiably coated but has the few problems: some L group when installed with some aforesaid speakers signal some speakers the few titles up. Has had to tweak (curve) joined to group slightly to take them to direct some speakers horizontally. Also, has the system of management of the cape for cape of of the west (some on hole an upper and another in a subordinated to leave the cape of of the one of the west to be run invisibly) but has any road to run cords to be able in (limits also big to return in hole). I can use bonds of cape of small black. An another the problem is some tampons provides to maintain some sustains to line hardwood melt - is at all more than points of electrical tape (as if any one has used the punch of hole and paste was 20 or of the circles like small). They were tedious to apply (imagines to try to take a backside of 20 points of hole of paste of measure and then applying the point said in the small landing in a fund of a support). For the little bucks more, could attach some more substantial rubber tampons. Another that this looks for to be supports very adjustable.
5 / 5 Bryant
These supports are in fact Very well for a prize. I have used the to line some Monoprice speakers of satellite (models 10800), quite 3 lbs the piece.

The quality of tez is well. Almost I have not bought these after seeing some complaints another has had in some sustains very when being pas able to maintain a height wished because of a plastic piece that connects both tubes.

My speakers are quite 3 lbs each which so and some supports have any subject that maintains his height. I have pressed included down I last in the and sure still stay.

(First picture of reference) thinks that some people of problem are having is perhaps is that it takes drawee of the plastic clamp this goes around an upper tube. This piece is NECESSARY for an upper tube to take tensed properly for a conic connector that goes down when tensed. That tense A plastic connector (that a lot is queixant- to listen cheap), a conic hoards of a connector goes to rack and sea in a c-clamp (dresses in a photo in my hand) and the tense around a tube an upper thin plus of a support. Work well and while it designs.

My only complaint is that ones the ports in my speakers take coated by a group but I give that any excel there possibly can return all the speakers. Probably I am that it goes to have that finds the different solution while in any in that has some holes of port coated.

(Picture of reference of the second) Also, a hole where a cape of beginnings of of the one of the west of this a lot of tight. I use 16AWG cape of the west and ails returned through a hole. It was not the big roads has pulled only went them with tweezers but was quite inconvenient.

Some bases also require you to peel and attach A lot of pieces of tiny felt concealed is class of the ache to do.

In general, even so, can not jump he any one stars like the supports are perfect for my necessity and is of quality very well for something of this prize.
4 / 5 Letitia
Based on a lot revises has known these would not return some capes of my vizier 5.1 bar of his with back speakers. It can very really it finds any system that does even so.. SO MUCH, I have bought these and crazy law for apresamiento a lining of rubber of an end of some cover of of the one of the west, straightening an upper arm that has curves in him, that short the beginning the big plus where some capes are exited typically of an upper arm, and that uses the perch of cloak of the metal to press one covers through. He wasnt without his difficulties, but a result of final is cleansing a lot of that before.
Inferior line, if your handy, can do this work.
A quality of looks of sake of tez global. Heavy, the rests posed in carpets. The cloak of the black powder is well. Coming with a lot of type of hardware for different applications.
4 / 5 Armida
These supports of of the one of the west is add, only owes careful when being your speakers are able to attach. I have purchased these supports of of the one of the west for my Vizio S4251w-B4 speakers of the satellite and was the delicate bit to take his to attach a road has wanted. If your speakers do not attach even so, come with the sticky piece that will line your speakers up for just when being the in the. Any one quite so sure, but takes a work has done. At present I have the mine has attached in this way, but plan in screwing the in once can take some more rays to take it to do, since some rays that comes with this does not return in a backside of a Vizio speakers. An only real problem has with these is that unless it can decouple you a bit leaders of cape of your cape, will not be able to return them inner some supports to the goes your cape so that a hole is subjects in small.
1 / 5 Sook
It purchase this product to attach my vizio back satellite spekers. Alas because of hole of tube of small diameter and a curve in a cup, cape of my speakers could not spend through. This would be a case with any speakers of the satellite with fuse goes jacks has attached in both finals. Returned for repayment and substituted with similar product with right and big tube quite the diameter concealed and can run some capes through
4 / 5 Freeman
The support of of the one of the west is very robust, the heights of adjustment are perfect, and comes with the bouquet of different fitments for speakers.

Opens Some gilipollas... Installing a support was quite directly advance but has trace hardly a dish to base to be, a tap for prender fraction, no the big roads so that you only can do tighter, but the bit of the left bass any one a less. Another thing was that it has it did not have tampons quite sliding the cover all some something in a fund of a support... Almost whenever it consumes the part fished some connections through. Produced of global sake, has has not had any subjects so far would recommend.

Top Customer Reviews: Sanus Adjustable ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Dreama
I have bought a Sanus model WSSA2-B1 to line my games of Sleeps 3 speakers. First of all some reveiws says is pricey, a speaker isnt fastened in a support, and that they or didnt come with tools or his also take to pose them together. I have used the phillips engine of the ray like only tool has required the total these supports, any also dificult to imagine out of that goes where any one and my speakers of game are securley fastened in a support with a ray of the mountain has comprised. I want a cord that is veiled in a whole clave,and a base is done concave as it can tuck you extra cord under a base. A field of adjusibillity is perfect for any application, the mine is so big while they go and my game 3 speakers that is main and heavier maintains amiably. I have used a rubber inserts/inserts in place of some spikes of the carpet like the mine is melts of hard forest (both feet of base are distributed) has looked for the moment to find leans to to that liked him, and of these is.
5 / 5 Frederic
I want these new supports of Sanus, is the perfect addition in your speakers of Sleeps. At present it uses the for my behind surrounds and has substituted an old Sanus supports and a capacity with this new ones to adjust a height can any one when being any overstated. My setup for surrounds is not the ideal like my sofa is against a wall of backside was so with these am now able to create in our level to listen and direct the in us without flying people in some finals of a sofa. Desprs Has posed the up I animal has done a tuning of true game and left me only say wow! A sense of spaciousness and his envelopment is incredible! If yours in a fence in this promise is worth it.
3 / 5 Reiko
I have paid an extra for these supports of of the one of the west and is underwhelmed. A box is gone in me all has recorded up as it was the turn , open boxes that was to box behind up with loose rays in a box. Then, one of some bases has had the nick in the. Tan Far so adjustable, his no easy. Very hard to pull up or down without risking breaking something. Once it poses up, if it does not want never adjust or the movement, and his suppositions VAL. Patient only has to look some the semence d hope he wasnt the element has used. Sure look it.
5 / 5 Sonja
Only in perfect. It comes with 3 dishes to attach Game:1 (attached already) touches One and Game 3. A height adjusts am adds thought except an only negative for this support is that one key to go down a support is designed in any one to remain in a support and is flimsy. Since it does not remain in a support is sure the majority will finish to lose this small cheap part or it breaking.. Another that that these parts of uses of big quality and will not be attacked on easily like the base is very heavy and a pole is metal . It comes with carpet and forest flooring feet. Very happy with this global. It can order 2 more in a future for a chamber.
4 / 5 Izetta
The quality of some supports looks excellent - very workmanship and robust creation. The boxes were beaten well up when has taken the, but this could have been a company to ship , and any one issues these have been packed. A big plus (even so still minor) the complaints are that same although an adjustment of height is 'tool-pound', requires reconfiguring some races of cape/to pull some capes up and down through a race to adjust. No an end of a world, but no a push and adjustment of slide while it conceive. An another, slightly the subject the big plus is that there is not rotation very available for any one sustains or a speaker - a speaker has to relative in advance of the affront in a base. It does not look the big roads, excepts yes wants the yours to surround putting to signal in a centre of the room, a verge of a base no longer can be flush with a wall, pieces of furniture, etc.
5 / 5 Doreen
Val, This come with adapters to return Sleeps the speakers but I have HomePods. One is the this 3 rays the total, very stable and quite presentable. I have bought the to form that has required two different heights and I have imagined a Sonos5 the the adapter would line a HomePod. He , but for low $ 10 I place joints the mountain that subjects of better looks. You see some beakshave taken some parts in a big box, department of tool. Absolutely look it fabulous (in me!), And that is $ 10 for a pair. I can paint an aim of adapter, can the to paint of the spray will do that well.

Parthian (1 For each support):
1/4 x 1 1/4 fender washer ($ )
4 x 1/4 x 5/8 Devil the metal that grinds wheel ($ )

Takes a plastic adapter in a cup, substitutes an adapter with a wheel to grind in the place of some adapters has distributed. Washer In a wheel to grind, substitutes a ray and looked! An adapter kills black circulates that it still has the small jump for a HomePod to seat on.

PRECAUTION: that is to say a unsecured installation as it is not difficult to attack a HomePod was if you whack the quite a lot of sake. It is not unstable for any half, some cures of support of this sake. But can attack it HomePod of the table, and can attack was that is to say also!
4 / 5 Artie
A product is well. It IS robust and will last. Even so, while for other critics, some Sleeps Some just rests up; it is not ensured. Also, this is not tool-rid adjustable while ad. They distribute the that the tones is required to go down a height. An user can create a height without the tool, but the tool is required to go down a support. Desprs Habladura To maintain of client, can use the screwdriver in place of his proprietary tool so he an user misplaces a tool has distributed, can use something more.
5 / 5 Tresa
Immediately in received, totalled a support. All was perfectly except some feet of rubber. They absolutely threads of CAPE all a road in. It IS fearful would twist the era has applied more enough. It has not had to time the total an another until punctual a next morning. It goes together perfectly COMPRISING thread in some feet of rubber. As it looks odd, I re-has tried a premier an and some feet now easily threaded all a road in. The temperature was an only difference . A container has posed entered a sun to Knit of hot south in the +90 day of title during several hours. Our at night temp in a house is 68 titles . So many, is using some feet of rubber, marks the sure things are fresh before threading them in.
5 / 5 Crystle
Some supports have had the Game of SLEEPS of highland habit 1 speakers. A container contains all some necessary adapters in solidly mountain three different SLEEPS speakers. Some supports are very built and is easily totalled. An adjustment of beat of height that is done without a proportionate toll but using an adjustment of marks of the tool the easy plus. This has said, would recommend that a manual instruction that is thoroughly revised in front of beginning assembly the eschew would recommend to disassemble some parts and then reassemble. In general, some supports are the very good product .
5 / 5 Jeremiah
I am happy has not listened in that says a speaker has not ensured closely. That is to say ROBUST and tight. Very well built and excellent quality. I am buying two more for my another room.

Top Customer Reviews: Sanus Soundbar ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Adriana
These works of good product and that owes the even so any one properly loans some limitations that considers VESA compatability. Some highland holes in some 2 lateral guides are drilled like your television has to have the minimum of the 200mm wide spacing for ray through. Mina 43 XBR-800i Sony the television is to 100 mm wide for 200mm master big as I have to improvise to do this work for sandwiching a mountain of beam among a highland group of the wall and a television and having a walk of lateral guides through a cup of some rays. It is not ideal but is stable and resolves a problem.

Sanus Done of the products of the quality but require to do in his specifications or represent for TVs with the masters the narrow plus.
2 / 5 Joey
Mountain of the bar of the sound was supremely difficult to install. For some Samsung to reason decided to recess some holes of ray in a lot in a q8f therefore one comprises the rays have not gone to yearn enough a fund two holes. I have had to to buy the pair that was 5mm longer. An upper access only fines to use some rays some long plus. My main complaint and disturb it absolute is that he one Maintains a bar of the right sound through a television while it can be seen in a picture. In this prize a mountain would have to take these little of the correct things.
5 / 5 Dara
A mountain is built well and his flush in a backside of a television.

Does sure that this Sonus the mountain is directly in contact with a backside of your television and then your mountain to exist continues in upper of him. I have seen another critic has posed this in back and in his mountain to exist. It IS of entity to take your mountain to exist first.

A course a harder of an installation is imagining out of some correct spacers and rays to use. You have to try other rays to do sure that they are not also long or also down. If it is far too very time, can crack a plastic in a backside of a television if a ray is on-torqued. If it is too down, it runs a risk of a mountain any one when being very firmly has attached.

Has to attach the spacer among a ray and my mountain to exist so that a ray there has been quite thread to take he so that it was slightly far too very time.
4 / 5 Wanda
A reason a mountain took four star is this has not been out of a box, covers and game. With a television at present has a mountain has blocked my HDMI/Digital out of/RCA etc and has to cut a a side. This be said if I have not had this problem a mountain has done perfectly. It looks clean and is exactly while it describe. One has thought by the future models are if some real ledge some Sleeps the chairs of the beam on can seat by behind further to be flush with a television. Since I have an option to go down and create it (and uses some Sleeps application or far television) I any one to touch some buttons. I create it the be cleansing in him.
3 / 5 Hassan
State installing our TVs and electronic in our houses during 25+ years. I am very data, experimented and knowledgable in this zone.

That is to say my experience with a Beam. I bought it to install the Beam of Sleeps in 40' Samsung television model of the big more final that is to say quite 4 years. This television is trace with the Sanus television fully articulating mountain above the place of fire in a yard of cut out of our fourth master for the hot tub.

For judges to start with Sanus recovery of an only 15 minute installs. Like The rule of the inch never pay attention in a 'only x install time'. This mountain is no different. I took me in an hour.

Some band comprised for a backside of a television where any also down or far too very time. I have had to to look in my on sale left wing of numerous another the television trace concealed has installed in a past. It looks for some spacers so that it can use it some few rays that was quite 1/2 far too very time. Cela So much can the image has attached 15-20 minutes in an install time only!

At the end localised some rays that was of a right period and has decided any one to use one comprises rays with some of my own has provided spacers.

A real assembly and the installation of a mountain is very easy and earnest some instructions could not be more on the dot.

Quite 1.5 hours later all was installed and I hooked each capes up and has had my television back in a wall.

Of a television is to bend in a hot tub a bar of his east acoustically correct to be bent together with some television curves. The problem with east is odd looks! In some words of my woman, 'That is the funky that fences in of looks of sound'. Anything, was happy and taken in a hot tub to enjoy my work.

Using a television of the fire of beat he of far Amazon has pressed. At all spend it. Only a Beam is come on. I exit of a hot tub and inspects my work. I give that there is has forgotten to limit a cord of power in a backside of a television.

Dry was, trace until a television and instrument to limit he in. That is to say when it gives ome access to measure each what' does not apply .


Bronzed needless to say left. Thinking enough that it could be it done . It can attach more spacers and is returned a cord under a spatial that rests among some television and mountain of bar of the sound. It can cut a mountain to expose a power receptical. It can locate a mountain of bar of the sound in a cup of a television.

Only could return everything. Beam and mountain. A lot any one the dry likes him holes of hammer in a place of natural bone of external fire to use mountain of Sleeps of Beam.
5 / 5 Lorriane
Bought this mountain for my Beam of new Sleeps (which are awesome, for a road) installed in my RV. Easily the attach to use that it exists VESA mountains.

The looks to design very thought-was and looks very clean under my television. That I how one the majority of in this creation is that it owes update in television of the screen the big plus (and the majority of us !), it IS easy to adjust a mountain under a new screen-just attraction the crowbar and calm is done!

All separate inclusively-all require is the screwdriver!
5 / 5 Eliseo
It chooses in the Beam for a chamber, and does not want trace in a wall. This has not gone enough so mere to install like the directions have suggested, at least any one with my mountain of current television. Even so, has any mountain of real problem for me.

Any vibrations/of rattles of his, the acute looks. I am very happy with a compraventa.

Sanus Very material!
5 / 5 Shiela
With some ready location, has taken this to return mine 55' TCL television (models 55S405) and my mountain of wall of highland Sleep ( perfectly. A mountain is a better for some Sleeps the beam since is totally invisible and does not block access in some ports.
1 / 5 Rudolph
He no with TVs this has the subordinated protruding lip. Otherwise Solid of look. I wish he he.
4 / 5 Savanna
This was sper easy to install, and lines a soundbar perfectly. I very which quotes adjustable in a fly. My only complaint to the fence is firmly lined in the change of plants to direct to back if tone. I know that is to say it splits of an adjustable height but and thinks it could be bit it better.

Top Customer Reviews: Atlantic Adjustable ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Tori
If you research a heck out of in to everything like his I , there are a lot of descriptions that bleeding to cry quite murdered like these supports are totally incompatible with these Vizio speakers, as well as a lot of descriptions brashly that alleges what mere is to pose these sustains up with these Vizio speakers.

A reality is in the some place among- these polarised visas.

Here is some useful tips any to lose your quotas when posing these up:

1. The cold drunk of gel open of your election. The mine tends to have alcohol in the, but no the requisite.

2. I use some rays and washers concealed to come with a Vizio speakers to fix some speakers in some supports. Some options of ray that comes with some any apt support these Vizio speakers. Any necessity to go in the tent of hardware.

3. I use a big plus L-shaped group to locate speakers in some supports.

4. A trick is to use the set of pliers to angle Out of a part of a group 'guides' near of one covers of of the one of the west in a fund, and transfer in a group 'guides' in some means where attaches a ray and washer in a backside of a speaker. I wish a washer was the small main to the help ensures line on in a group, but does a work that transforms in your necessities he spend the few minutes that returns and attacker with expressing some guides to group inward in some means where a ray goes and pressing some guides to group outwards in a fund where a cape of covers west go. It has attached the picture with subtitles in a section of Images of the Client yes requires the visual illustration:

5. Another tip is in never-so-slightly angles an integer L-group for inner (., it Reduces an angle) to ensure the plus snug chair of a speaker of satellite on in a support. If you are paranoid in some guides to group this pop out of around a ray washer, has double thickness-has sustained the tape included in some accessories to sustain to attach in a fund of some speakers these chairs on some supports. I any problem with that in case that the has not wanted never these speakers of satellite in a wall. A trick with some pliers has done one very quite a lot of laws for me.

6. Fred of gel of the drink of arrival and is done.

Donat A bit of macgyvering apresamiento to apt a group in a Vizio speakers, has reduced this in the 4-stars to estimate. I think that Atlantic would have to take with a program and provides some accessories for these Vizio speakers so that apparently already has the big action of a piece for 3 west of supports of party, and has been well in does not have to bust out of my toolbox to take these in apt.

In general, these supports of of the one of the west listen very robust and robust, and some looks of base for sufficient quite be in any esfondrar- on because of clumsily accident in him or because of the smallest shudder of an earthquake (paste in forest). A height is easy to adjust and a prize is well, also. There the does not look for when being to plot other options of good support for these Vizio speakers of satellite, like this calms only well am my tips and mockery.
4 / 5 Madlyn
Experience for use with mine 38' Vizio 5.1 Soundbar and wireless subwoofer (models SB3851-C0) setup. Supports of of the one of the west of good quality. Used a bar of the smallest mountain has posed that comes with him. We like me more critical, the angle owed a centre has been to leave a coax to spend through and has to pinch an upper portion to leave to stagnate it backing annex in a speaker (situates of semi-detached voice). This marred in a bar, but the Sharpie has cleaned retreats up.

A negative this has is that some clave of the bar of the mountain was also in a front for these particular speakers (photo of views). It is done by the universal plus setup, as it comprises that it is not the perfect access. The mere remedy will be to mark it and attraction out of a handy Dremel to cut them behind.

REMARCE: Mark sure runs a cape through a centre of a support before you begin the total a base and backing for a speaker. I have used the tip of spare shoe to pull a cape through as the clearance is tight.
4 / 5 Mellissa
I have purchased these supports for my Vizio surrounds speakers to sound so that they allege to be universal. Alas, these supports have not been the perfect access for my Vizio speakers so that a Vizio the speakers have the lines that comes from/comes from a back and that is to say where a group attaches. It was also the bit of the ache these steps some capes through some poles been due to like big one to the covers was, at all to the small forceful shake could not fix.

Read revises people that curve a group to leave for some capes to spend through. This only looked the plot of work. Has some spacers that poses around so Inuse those to fill a desert. It sees picture.

Likes him that a foot of some gradients of low support in a front. This left wing me in wedge the down a sofa for stability like my daughter any one the attack on.

In general, supports of of the one of the west adds for the prize adds. I have taken or the stars was so that they are not truly universal but sound the problem very smaller.
4 / 5 Modesta
These supports of of the one of the west is adds with my bar of his and an apt add in a support, but required to do some modifications in a support to ensure them in place. I do not consider me the 'handyman' as yes I can do think more the people would be able in. Things to remark:

-the apt west capes in a column so that it does not have any race of cape under a support.
-Used some supplies of follower of Imposicin of House (the pictures comprised for reference): (2) Fender Washer 3/16'x1-1/4' and (2) access of nets of rays of machine combo 6-32x3/4'
-has used a big plus of a two L-group shaped, this apt better and an inferior part of a group any bond out of going to spend a speaker.
- Has Had a curve a group a wide plus as it covers of access of of the one of the the east concealed uses my hands and concealed has done well. In the first place I angled entered it to them a cup of a group and seeds angled the backside in in a fund, to create the form of diamond.

In general some sustains solid of look and has enjoyed the so far!
5 / 5 Eun
I thought it the no so that a ray by behind my speakers is in 5 inches of some subordinated and any one is description goes to complain that a backside of this support was only 3 big inch and therefore too down.

The results are not true. Have Perhaps does adjustments of this description. Had two different measures to insert to ensure some speakers, or small, and some 7 inches that was a perfect measure for my speakers. It sees picture, parts D2 and D1.

IS possible in also of ray in a fund, but I no, my speakers listen to ensure a road is.

In my fund of hard forest, some sustains scratch well in a maximum height, look very stylish. It IS very easy to locate.
A hole to goes it a cape is quite big for one covers big to return through, while calm this before totalling join other parts.
Took me the pair to try he the fact properly, in spite of this wants to that I took me in him quite 10 minutes to install so for me. Very easy.
5 / 5 Bernadette
Only it take it a Nakamichi Shockwafe 9.2, and I the tonne of investigation of supports of of the one of the west. One of my primary requisites together with being the adjustable height, was a the RCA capes of Nakamichi low accesses through a tube of support, any one to have a dangling/has recorded/zipped has joined all a low road. Highly highly it recommends that these esatellite of Atlantic 77305018 West IS' this Nakamichi also frequently recommends. Here it is some reasons why good law:

1. A right RCA covers in a subwoofer the side of a cape will return down a tube of support. One covers of right angle that is feigned by a backside of a speaker will not cross , but a final right will cross, then can pull a whole period of cape through a tube.

2. A support comes with a two vertical 'The group of cape. Your first instinct will be to use a big plus a, since can achieve a big plus of two rays of support in a speaker. But this big plus one is also more superficial, and obliges a speaker to seat advance too far in a support, therefor the doing too tippy. Probably it have to I use a plus down L group, which are also deeper, and leaves a centre of some chairs of of the one of the west behind more centred in a support, and do a global balance very better. In fact, while yours an use a plus down L group, these sustains also will back some speakers of double in road of dipole.

3. These sustains also will back to use some speakers in 'elevation' the road why posed of his side, and a face of the speakers in the 45 trace of title angle. Only you rotate the, and sure using the level it plus down L group.

4. They no come with axes of carpets' but while you use a plus down L group, there is not very peril to touch at all in carpet.

5. You can use some rays that comes with some speakers to attach a L group. If you want to, also it can it attach washer this comes with a speaker.

6. The prize adds (at present in $ 42) for 2 supports in or box. So that he the plan uses one 9.2 that puts separately, only buy qty 2 of these pairs to take 4 supports. Or for one 7.1 or 7.2 Nakamichi, only buy qty 1.

7. The covers of adjustable height for a change a speaker in of the levels of ear in an auditor.

8. Tez Of good quality with appearance of big final, and the black quality is arrival kills.
5 / 5 Fae
He been in a lookout for some supports of of the one of the west and suffers in BestBuy with one of a Sanus marks that had the defective ray like the could not use at all. It IS each sake finished since to take these writes that it is cheaper. Work perfectly for Monkey 10565 east ( )

Coming is with two group 4 1/2 inch and 7 inch to the help that puts sure with the ray.
Has used also one 3m the adhesive tape the pair sustained to the help ensures some speakers.
5 / 5 Carmine
It Likes him to him one More/Of V geeks, I my duties and purchase of mine of the research. He thank you all of you 1900+ critics for these tips of of the one of the west of satellite of Atlantic. I will be earnest - can not comprise some subjects many there is experimented. These are mere to comprise and total. Sure, the small thought, planning and the smallest snip of a front of L tips grupal but otherwise gravy the total. I have used a 4 big inch L-group how 7 inch one was also big for speakers. The bases of heavy steel add, and amours some fashionable supports of the microphone for easy adjusts. Connected in my new Vizio 50 inch ready television, has the Vizio 3851 soundbar, subwoofer and two 3x3x6 speakers of the satellite of the touches to help the mark goes gravy of calm also....

1- Can a cape of premier that puts thru a support before connecting base. You maintain a low support like easy to be able to. Patience And gravity and minor wiggling and comes right thru. It decides what RCA carried of finals in being able to and west back cape consistently. One 90 title RCA connection wont goes race then thru hole of bazaar and attach a base. It attaches it bases dulcemente like any nude some nuts. It do not oblige it if he wont turn.

2 - The tone is taking a RCA the connection situated among L-group in right height. Faiths This before you slide L-group to locate dish. I have not had to use pliers in softly twist a group but can do Of accesses of the test always before clamping low tight. For mine 3 x 3 measure of of the one of the west, I snipped was quite 3/4 in 7/8 inch before L-group so they very bond out of of the one of the west is spent. Snips Of cape to have that heavy or pliers with works of sake of acute cutter. Voice 2 beak backdrop of of the one of the west.

3 - HAS ATTACHED a mountain of L group loosely so much can try apt a whole speaker, cape, RCA agreement of connection. I had it once dialed in, tensed some clamps that controls a L-group in place. Once have a L-the group tensed down, and before you attach a speaker, that is to say the good time in softly press a back L advance of the leg to the help maintains the fully backed speaker in base of dish. Otherwise Some impulses at the head of the west of a dish quite 1/8 inch.

4 - Some small highland/rays washer this is coming with a Vizio speakers that accesses in a behind done speaker well and has not gone also down. Some 2 measures of rays that comes with some Atlantic supports do not return in a Vizio back of of the one of the west. I have used one of a small plus washers this is coming with Atlantic supports to line the speaker ensures with L-the cape of back of the group. Voice 1 beak of a speaker behind.

Took me less than 1 hour to do both supports and adjust besides or 38 inches less than a deep - right quite the ear that listens height. Awesome Differentiates to sound when satellite the back speakers are planted properly. I expect that this helps very there.
5 / 5 Tawnya
It was mere to install without modifications. Only it can a no-L-final shaped of cape through a pole (has not used anything besides a cape he) before it locates a base grupal in pole. Then it poses a L-shaped RCA final through hole of trace of base and loosely tense rays ( was too difficult to pull a cape taught yes tense in the first place). I use some rays that is coming with your speakers of Vizio of a some concealed comes with these any one sustains of access. I have used a washers this is coming with some supports. A trick was in wedge a L-shaped RCA final to pull eschew or group ( used a plus down a) right in a curve and sliding he until where would connect in a speaker. Adjustments Of fine height of a L-shaped RCA can do the when final connected in west of satellite. Once taken a speaker adjusted dondequiera the, takes a speaker. It opens At the end it can you tense a base grupal of the mountain in a pole, ray in a speaker and alloy in a subwoofer. I guess have mark a modification... I have chosen in clip of a protruding final of the group these cutters of use of cape for aesthetic purposes. It expects these helps! It enjoys!
5 / 5 Noreen
I have wanted this description so that it has wasted his the plot of time and endeavour in finding some supports of right west (cheap but still comparable in a Bose is) for my system of theatre of the house. If it DOES not HAVE TIME to READ The FULL DESCRIPTION, ONLY KNOWS THAT WHATEEVER YOUR SYSTEM of OF THE ONE OF THE WEST THIS, THIS SYSTEM of OF The WEST will BE The RIGHT ACCESS FOR him so that these are some with the variety of options of the annex and they surely returned your speakers. PURCHASE WITHOUT HESITATION And YOU WONT REMORSE.

Recently bought Bose Sountdtouch 520 theatre of system of house and has wanted sustains of of the one of the west for front and of the back speakers. Desprs Spending quite 1600 dollars for a system of theatre of the house, has not been very enthusiastic in that spends another approx. $ 300 For four supports of of the one of the west. That is to say when turned in flavour of Amazon and trusted to look for an economic even so the comparable alternative in a original Bose supports of of the one of the west!!!

Has found a lot them and has not been sure cual will return more. Tried to take suggestions/of responses of anterior users and a manufacturer/of vendors in Amazon but has not taken any definite responses. I have decided then take advantage of Amazon awesome police of tower and has thought to take a pair of supports of of the one of the west and the test was I . At the end after 4 weeks of contemplation, decided to take a Atlantic Satellite 77305018 2 putting Supports. Thanks to Premier of Amazon, arrived in two days.

Likes list a pros and down gilipollas:

1. You grieve to go me aixecar a container of advance of door, has known his material of quality so that a container was very heavy.
2. Some canes and a base of some supports has been done of the dish launched of quality very good.
3. In the One to him to better thing likes him in of these supports are that they come with the enormous variety of rays/retreated/washers and other accessories (images of semi-detached views), which uses them virtually with any system of theatre of the house in a piece.
4. Has two canes of the dish with a hinge to adjust/bandage these covers to adjust you a height of your west according to a height and location of your pieces of furniture/of sofa in a room.
5. A base is triangular in shape and quite heavy. East prevent some leans to touch if any one slightly nudges the moment goes stops.
6. For 17 dollars for support, would say that these are comparable in an ones Bose sells for 65 dollars apiece ( visas and listened some original supports in Bose tent before buying these).
7. Bose Sells the different type of supports of low west for advances of speakers. But you suggest to take these supports so that it conceal calm to give you liberty to adjust them so far cual of a television and will not have limited by a measure of your table of support/of the television to plant them. Also, you would be able to adjust height of some advance of speakers.
8. A support come with the list of bundling detailed and pictorial instructions that use of accounts of these supports with the variable type of the speakers has offered by different manufacturers.
9. A black colour has the arrival kills and look elegant in the room.

1. An interior of empty room of some canes of dish are very narrow and some finals is included narrower. It can not spend an owner Bose capes with connecters for speakers through this cane. But this is not the breaker of roads while I can use Velcro or scotch tape to join a cape with a cane of support.
2. I can not signal out of any another defect in these supports only would write that they come only in two colours (black and aims). It have been I adds was available in of the red, magenta, yellow and is trace ;)

+++++Concrete commentaries for Bose Sountdtouch 520 theatre of system to house+++++

He has the Bose Soundtouch 520, uses some supports while I have done and you wont complained enough the and would be happy has saved $ 250 for not buying a Bose is (these instructions can sound confuse but trust me that be to him returned a support easily afterwards has the calm forward):

1. It attaches a cane of dish in a base and tense the with hand (he uses the plier, embroils some cloth around one drawee before clamping one plier or will line a cane).
2. Place in a square base in a cane and tense he with some rays provides (two rays tagged I-a).
3. Before tensing some rays insert/to insert the components tagged And and also posed some components D1 trough And.
4. It spends one Bose connector of cape through a desert in component D1 (does not connect one still speaker). I have used D1 so that some speakers the very the time bit. One can use D2 if some speakers are down.
5. It opens Tense some rays that uses the engine of ray
6. Peel Of a coverage by a part of a proportionate two-road adhesive tape and posed it one bases has squared only in three sides (not comprising a back side).
7. It connects a cape in a speaker.
8. To peel of a coverage forms another side of a tape.
9. Carefully it plants a speaker in a tape, adjusting he in such the road that a component D1 touches one rear of a speaker
10. I use one in that camera of rests two tape of road to attach one rear of a speaker in component D1 (any one peels of an another side of a tape, photo of views).
11. Use Velcro or invisible tape to maintain some enclosed capes in a support.

IS the reason for sceptical be on paste your speakers in a tape so that stay permanently. Even Was preoccupied in that but then decided to use he in a speaker and voice hoe goes. I have maintained he during the week and then I he during some speakers of second also. Three weeks more have ordered late another place for speakers of mine advances also.


Top Customer Reviews: Mount-It! Bookshelf ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Ivey
It was pleasantly surprised for these supports. They are very designed, easy the totals and well of look. They provide solid support for my monitors, and like the more is available in money, a perfect antidote in a hardware of level of black audio. All a hardware is proportionate, that comprises the tiny wrench to tense some rays of assembly.

Some notes to consider.

1. Each support has two vertical support tubes, some big in diameter and or smaller. A tube of big diameter has two period-wise cutaways quite 1-1/2 long inches in any final, but only in a side of a tube. These left you to you to thread your cape of of the one of the west through a tube and minimise his visibility. This is not mentioned or aimed in some instructions, although it is aimed in an of some photos of product here in Amazon.

2. Quan totalling, Cure that some sustains the cups and the fund are squared with or another or will finish calm with the upper program that is turned was centrical. There is quite game in an assembly that can take you the support of absurd look if you are not careful.

3. Some sustains come barbed, has to use that. If you do not insert/ you insert the, some rays that winery an inferior assembly will touch your fund and some supports will be unstable. This was the disappointment for me (has hardwood founds), but is easily and cheaply fixed to plant the coin under each spike. (Also they can stack the coins to compensate for uneven fund.)

4. As Another has mentioned, some cups have Done in China etched in them. Why a company has crossed an annoying and side to do the this is further me. Hopefully Yours cover of speakers he.

5. Some tubes of metal are painted metallic money . Of a picture, has thinks that has been the metal brushed . It IS the little postponed by these looks the small cheapbut with some sustains totalled, no the commentary so many. Only something since tea to maintain in alcohol.

A photo under shows some supports with my Dali Zensor 3 speakers, which are fantastic. DALI - ZENSOR 3 - Bookshelf The speaker in of the Aims (pair)
5 / 5 Clotilde
I have ordered this based in some revises here in Amazon. They were mostly positive and very useful. More spent this to be easy the total, and so I. Some instructions are minimum and comprised of mere illustrations. There is any necessity to print the dozen posed of instructions in several tongues for something this mere. I have appreciated a council of a sure critic when being that some upper and inferior dishes are varied before tensing some columns.

Has had to and think the moment to run some capes through some columns properly. There is the void in the each final of a main column. It has to run some capes through these columns before they are attached in some upper and inferior dishes. I am using the pair of Edifier R1700BT speakers (utmost) which are powered speakers. That is to say, a master speaker has covers it to be able in and another cord that connects in a second speaker of slave. Of an inferior dish is a a that is to say fastened for the pair of long threaded canes, will be to manipulate some cords with a support lying melts up. A cord to be able is run through with one covers in a dish that continues in a fund, and a cord of of the one of the west is run through so that some beginnings of covers only under a master speaker. You will want thread some cords through a tube, has posed then the against a dish of of the west (upper dish, now chair in an earth), then attaches a main dish in an another end of a tube. It say of another way,, a void in a big tube is not quite wide to leave some cover to spend through when attached in some dishes although some cords are an easy access . I think that that I am doing this more complicated sound that it is. Cairo In a thing and he will be obvious.

One the majority of frequent negative commentaries is that in some four corners of a base are pointed fittings or spikes (for carpet) and some cover of clear plastic is impossible to attach to protect of the of forest or melts to tile. A response is is that they are not supposed in apt in some spikes. They are feigned to be planted in a fund down some spikes that small coasters. This work only well. If you want to move a support chooses it up and plants some cover down some feet in a new location.

To delete any vibration among a speaker, a fund, and a support, has purchased the four-group of 12'X12'X 1/2' tiles of cork of Cork of Cougar, his cup to return with an Exact cutter, the spray has painted the blacks and has paste one in an upper dish, bonded a bit plastic coasters in an inferior tile and leave a sticky to back in the so much can move he without unsticking he of a fund. The works add. I doubt that I will move the around very although it can his leaves the small more. I require to take some photos to share.

Expects these helps.
3 / 5 Chase
Some shelves are cheap but do a work.... In the One to him to only thing does not like him is of a big costing soyADE the CHINESE' arrives piece of shelf of the west. It IS well in a front right corner of a surface! It IS in fact in a glass and no the ticker only can peel was :(
4 / 5 Lala
Plan on using this in the hardwood the fund and he no without modifications. Without using some pointed spikes or a carpet, some rays of centre are also long and a preinstalled the feet do not touch a fund. All a weight is seating in some rays of centre and a support mecer left and rights. If a ray of centre or one 1/8' lower would be it well. Or I go to have that attaches the feet listened or has cut a ray of low head office and 1/8'.
5 / 5 Millie
Functionality and excellent looks.
PROS: Very
_ Could any one when being any easier the total: minimum tools and quite a lot of 10 minutes for both.
_ Well Weighs designed , well / stability and the perfect measure for small bookshelf speakers.
_ Good-looking, even so any one the eye that takes so law in any decor.
_ Capes of hides with ease, although the hole drilled in the base of inferior glass would have been welcome the flatten was the cape melts.
GILIPOLLAS: Insignificant
_ A tad down for the main / front stereo speakers, unless you are down also. I have required the additional height that / angles for up in my room to listen (FYI - follows 6 ft big chair in std sofa).
_ Will benefit of isolation of height and better west. I have found the bass was the muddy bit , likes addition Auralex MOPADS, which created 2.5 inches and angled 8 deg up: the response of low is Much tighter and deeper. There are other / solutions another cheaper in a subject but MOPADS has resolved so much and return my Wharfedale Denton perfectly. (The voice fucks)
In general, could more when being pleased with a look, quality, his and Value-For-Money, in spite of additional cost for my picky ears.
4 / 5 Nan
We remodeled and used to has our back speakers in the bookcase and the counter. This was has been after a remodel and supports of needs of of the one of the west. Look in of the supports of a company that has done some speakers but when visas these highland-The and very which issues looked! I have aimed my woman and she has liked them concentrate them. Quan Goes the total his, sure when being to run some capes in or a leg while you total the. Also, if you are by train to pose them on the hardwood deep, will require to go in the tent of hardware and buys rays to enter some subordinated to substitute a ray-in spikes so that some rays that winery a uprights the clave was also. These rays will be metric (SAE the nuts no ). It takes rays that is 1/2' longitude and has posed pillows of senses in the and will be each gesture.
3 / 5 Katharina
These supports of of the one of the west is of quality of tez good and is very easily totalled, but has a significant to fail -- and that it is that they are not easily used in hardwood melt.

How Shipped, there is calm provided the axes deocho heavy metal' with threaded studs, which an user is instructed in the ray in a speaker is bases. So far, also. If some supports are to be planted in carpets, a metal has aimed spades' will do the good work to penetrate a stack to the carpet and that ensures a stability of some supports.

Mays ...

In hardwood melt, an a lot of rough and difficult-in-decipher the diagram of assembly said that you are supposition to balance a whole support -- spikes and each -- in separate vinyl , loose spacers (comprised), which are not attached in some sustains at all. Those ways CAN not move some supports, nudged, pressed or repositioned AT ALL without suffering a consequence to have each four of some spacers (eight in of the totals) goes entered each direction.

My solution was to go in a tent of hardware and purchase eight M6-10 phillips-countersunk rays of machine, which then used to permanently scrapes some spacers inverted of vinyl in some bases of support (in place of some spikes). The fact treats it.

OPENS, I like my supports of new west!
5 / 5 Madge
I know the plot of any read some 5 descriptions to star so that legitimately think a lot is written by a company or the partner have compensated. I have bought a product, is using a product. I have not taken paid to write this and I have at all but good things to say in this company.
Here is why:
1) That is to say the product of quality . Well It Build - solid and barn. Easy the total. Exactly while it represents.
2) A product arrived in front of a date of the delivery has wanted.
3) A prize is very reasonable for the this is taking. Look in the plot of overpriced junk before I have found these.
4) A logotype etched in a glass, this was the complaint for the number of critics, has been to take in a later version of a product. A company has answered positively in the complaint relatively smaller.
5) Some upper and inferior dishes are black facts of glass revenido (which looks very very). UPS Focused to shatter one of some dishes in spite of a product that is well packed. I and-mailed a company. We ask me to us the road the picture of a harm. In TWO the DAYS have had the part of substitution and the note that expresses remorse that had had the problem. That more can ask?

Need of the supports for bookshelf or speakers of satellite, with excites can recommend these.

Two suggestions to resolve the subjects created by other critics.
1) Some feet in an inferior dish have acute points to maintain some supports of moving when planted in carpets. I am using some supports at the bottom of porcelain to tile, as I have taken to small file and dulled some points to eschew that line some tiles. Works well and some points are still usable wants to use the on hid in a future. A fact that these are come with the points of carpets are the big plus . They are also adjustable yes has an uneven fund (textured tile).
2) One of some tubes of aluminium that backwards an upper dish has the empty piece in an upper and melts of a tube to leave you the road some capes of of the one of the west up through some supports. If run a cape through some tubes before you total some supports do not have to preoccupy quite fishing some capes through some tubes later. I have posed the grommet in the each of a void to run some capes through the eschew any possibility of chafing, but really, can not imagine some capes that enough movement in any when never being the problem without a grommets.
4 / 5 Aleshia
I will not repeat what another has said - these looks to sustain well, is relatively easy the total (but why not going all a road and he the very easy fact the total and adjustable?) And works while it announces. Only I do not comprise some stupid spikes in a fund, totally unnecessary with better creation. Why spikes, when any embedded rays to eschew any height required in the a lot of inferior or why any cylinder in place of spikes. Some coverages of rubber that now comes with a product the cover some spikes are also bad designed, any apt well in some spikes. It sounds it likes him to me I am very queixant-, is not , I like a support and he do for me, is priced reasonably but easily could be better.
4 / 5 Ilona
It finds these the pleasure to use. A setup was relatively earnest and easy, although a solution of the management of the cape can be difficult to use yes has big cape in hide. There is the few options under this point to price this would say is comparable in this set, although I have required this exact height for my setup. An arrival of the glass revenido is the touch adds that, included although it is the magnet of fingerprint, has the be well, elegant in him. The desire was the small plus bit easy to clean even so. It conceal to be said, an only reason can not give these are 5 star is so that one of them is coming chipped in a cup. It is not quite big to return a whole element, but of a box has not been damaged in a slightest bit this has to be the problem of the manufacturer how opposite in fault of a cashier.

Top Customer Reviews: Sanus WSS2-B1 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
3 / 5 Karyn
Quan Has opened a box, could see that one of some clave has suffered harm. It does not impact functionality, but esthetically is quite disturbing so that he the affronts are and is highly visible. I plan to achieve it it go he in a vendor to see yes can me subject the clave of the substitution without that has to issues a whole unit behind.

Some collars that is to mean to disguise some points of connection in a cup where satisfied a underside of a speaker and in a fund where satisfied a no his base properly so that has the perceivable desert. Any one necessarily the big roads for a fund, but a short is in level of eye when seating so much is quite visible.

IS robust, foreseen separated in the big and heavy base. A subordinated weighs is necessary to have to wants to locate the Game 3 or Game 5 to prevent he to be upper-heavy, but is overkill only are using for Game 1s.

But or the majority of disappointing thing is that an upper mountain any rotate. It IS in the gesture fixed because of the lip that some seats to locate on and a base attaches in. Prevent calm to be able to orient a direction of a speaker, which to surround the sound is critical. In addition to applications that could be resolved by just that plants a whole unit, but when situating this backside it sofa that is approximations in the wall, does not have any option but to pose a final plan of a base against a bad which died you or can signal directly directing, or in the 70 angle of title; or the gesture is ideal.

Will attach that some spikes of the carpet of the inclusion is the good touch to ensure a stay of supports in place. I use some supports in the hardwood background surface, like the rubber comprised footing records well to prevents a base to do contact with a fund (that otherwise line he) and maintains a unit to slip. Even so, in difference of some spikes, here is any one adjustment of height for some mountains of rubber so yes has an uneven fund, attentive that it will be necessary to take you creative with your own solution, otherwise curves in a side.
5 / 5 Boyd
[UPDATE 1/1/2018: These no with some Sleeps A -- some new speakers do not have the available highland ray. So much, only buy this support for some Sleeps Game:1]

Easy the total.
The instructions were easy to comprise and clue.
Nuts, Rays, and other parts were neatly organised in the compartments numbered that it corresponds in a number of any in some instructions.
Very robust.
Nice, heavy, the be of premium.
Goes them some very good capes.
The utmost looks!

Has found this useful description, please paste one 'He same' button to adoptive me to write more. Thank you!
5 / 5 Gilberte
These supports are very has done. Some bases are easily quite weighed to maintain Play1s totality. I am sure he is well for Play3s, also. I have appreciated also few details like a sense of tampon to prevents a support to line a fund of a speaker. (Or perhaps they are meant to prevents vibrations of of the one of the west of rattling some supports).

Some supports are visually discreet. I suppose that it is that it is what some the designers have feigned. I have planted the rear pieces of furniture so that calm only see some speakers. Discreet works for me.

Only the little of minor quibbles in assembly. Some small parts (rays, etc.) IS pre-orderly, but some containers are mislabeled; some separates to step 1 is tagged any 3, 2 - any one 4, and so on. Also, the plastic collars have planted after some upper and the fund of some canes of support are hard to slip on. That is to say for creation, but required to twist take and use everything of mine 230 pounds to do them movement. At the end, a collar of base has which access of tab in the notch. I have not seen anything in some instructions that mentioned it, and is not sure that the mine is in right place. His only apparent purpose is to ensure a esano' to the focus is varied properly. So that this product is so very done, was happy to turn a forward of focus he attentive that that is to say that would prefer. :-)

Knows that some collars are supposed to be tight so that I emailed Sanus. They have answered with aiding almost ail pressed, esfin.' We said me to us a lot to be fearful to break them -- would substitute the has done while the test poses them on.

Gives some supports mark full so that they exactly which want to, and a form and the access are very good.
5 / 5 Yu
I produce it adds. It exits very robust. Something to think enough while it is by train to order you easterly: you go to require capes to be able besides long more probably. Some Sleeps Game:1 it uses one 'The interface shaped of cord of the power. You can buy these of diverse period in black or aims to match your speakers.

Expects quite 38 inches of cape of power to cross an interior of a support and connect in a player, then measured of a centre of a support a road in your outlet of power to determine a period of cape to be able will require to buy. Amazon Of investigation for onos games 1 cord to be able in'.

Enjoys your system of FANTASTIC Sleeps!
5 / 5 Bebe
They return perfect in my games of Sleeps 1 speakers !!! The looks And the prizes adds awesome!!
The quality adds, is coming punctually.
3 / 5 Luise
A bit disappointed with these supports but they will do a work.
Basic heavy , the width prevents to touch. The cords have concealed until they exit a fund (has used only a cord to be able in but does not expect it would be difficult to use Ethernet also).
Very robust, fat steel on all the pieces, desquels there is only the little.

A subject a big plus is some plastic collars for upper and inferior that dressed on some holes of cord are supremely last in slide in some columns and can take bonded. I have had to to cut or to take he to plant after it takes bonded in a wrong gesture. That is to say the bad creation .
Has quite the bit of volume for a small Game:1 speakers, but has known that of some pictures.
Has the void in a fund for some cords to exit in some had to. At all to maintain some cords plant there and in carpeted melt it to him there could be pressure in some capes of a heavy base. In bare forest with some bumper of rubber, concealed is not the problem but he would be well had the clamp of some class. It can improvise with some adhesive backed velcro.
Estimativas - The cheapest person, person the majority of expensive.

A column is quite big and the good period of a cord to be able in - that is not very very the time is - in a column, leaving very that a lot the bond was. If your outlet is more than the foot or two was, will require a cord of extension. One of the mine was but has had already the sale closely to be able to, another was very afterwards.
4 / 5 Liane
A quality of some materials is well, but only offer this precaution. It takes sure time when being is installing some rights of plastic of cover in the each pole. In a packaging my double (conjoint) container, some coverages for some upper and melts of the each support is not marked that in that continues in that final, and is bundled on the way this has used so much in a support, and or would have to has been in an another support, as it was bonded with 2 with a beginning in a support and 2 without inaugural in an another those bad looks. And, they are almost impossible to locate and almost impossible to leave. Only pay attention in the this goes where, and will be well. The service adds , excellent of one when distinguished company this has been! It recommends.
3 / 5 Nakisha
They a work. The initial quality could be better. I am using these to line in the pair of Game:1 speakers. Some supports require complete assembly, which are quite earnest. Even so, or the base was totally flat? Warped, If you . I am using these at the bottom of forest, as having each four feet in a fund are class of of entity, otherwise some rocks of whole thing. Donat A prize of the unit of Sleeps, does not think you want to that it is by train of the launcher around. Sanus Has honoured A guarantee, with zero hassle. The cute thing is, a base of the substitution is not all this plan or. I have left. A product is otherwise quite sake, but returns up in a base flatness.
3 / 5 Lizzie
Im Any one totally sure is innove with these supports. It do not take Me bad; they are solid and easy the total. Some speakers to good sure does not go to touch on. They are incredibly robust and well has done. I think that that my subject is that they only amiable to look odd. A base is VERY BIG and any tucking in a corner of a very good room. And a proportion of a speaker in a tube is also odd. A diameter of a tube is only on age. It marks my game 1 the odd look.
5 / 5 Omer
Very good. The base is weighed and will back good speakers. It can be the small overwhelm for the Game 1, would look in the different base for a speaker a small plus, but excellent for Game 5 and adapted for Game 3.

Good options to locate vertically or horizontally. Three group to mount to accommodate configuration and different speakers. Like the view 3 sets of pillows of cloth, or for each pair grupal. The cost is minimum and with only a pair of pillows, if I use chosen the different group does not have the tampon.

Top Customer Reviews: Sanus Speaker Stand ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 9 ratings
5 / 5 Pearly
A Sanus support of of the one of the west for games of sleeps 5 generation 2 speakers are the very solid election . With his main competition that is a much more expensive Flexson and Vogel supports of of the one of the west. Comparing a three, would say a Sanus with his support of aluminium is the aesthetic plus to the look is that a flexson and probably in pair with a Vogel support. Some parties of white support very well with my white speaker. Also like the more can locate some so many speakers horizontally and vertically.

A a downside of a support even so it is a stability of a speaker in a dish of metal. A dish of metal that some chairs of of the one of the west on does not have the escabaa in' be and trusts the very superficial socket that plants your speaker on (the semi-detached photo). Of the this has read, when the sleeps has done a generation 2 speakers, takes the hole of ray of a fund of a speaker that would leave the most stable mountain. Of a manual of instruction, Sanus gives an option to use it 3M sticky spear (any comprised) which can attach stability in a mountain, and probably would recommend to do east. By everything means of a stability of a speaker in a base, certainly would recommend to plant a support in the some place out of where the accidents can arrive, especially yes or has boys or house of pets. No the think would be it also take to attack a low support (and west of goodbye) if any clashed in him, although some speakers have been recorded in a support.
4 / 5 Coretta
These Sanus the supports of Of the one of the west is solid. A support(s) was very bundled and has had instructions of clear assembly. My only worry is that some Sleeps 5 west very in fact 'attach' in a support. Quite seasts' in a support. I create easily it can attack some speakers on. If you are planting your speakers in of the zones of big traffic or has boys, will want to go with precaution. In general, I give these are the solid indication of 4 stars, and certainly would buy to again.
2 / 5 Tova
I have purchased the pair of these to line my recently Game of Sleeps of the experience 5 speakers. Once totalled, the attractive look and access in amiably with my others Sleeps produced. Even so, while you can see in a semi-detached picture, has afterwards in at all in fact lining your speakers in place. Each speaker in horizontal orientation is lined literally in place for a tiny piece of anti-rubber of slide in a underside of the each speaker. Considering a fact that this race of speakers $ 500 each what so, is not inadmissible to expect the $ 120 support of of the one of the west in fully ensure a speaker! Informing behind in a same picture, can see that Sanus recommends that you buy 3M Games he of mandate to compensate for a shortcomings of his own product. These cheap and quite ridiculous looks in me. A second subject founds was with assembly. My first support was together with any subject, and when being quite robust. A second a, even so, had bad ray diverse holes in a base, and does not return together properly a lot subject that the time takes some rays and has tried again. I directed me in basically oblige some rays to situate, undressing in a process, and a support still wobbles in an uncomfortable title. I go to buy one 3M Games he of mandate and some hardware of substitution as I can try save this dumpster fire, but if this failure, will be to return some supports . A quality certainly does not live until a prize or a product are designed to aim.

Has resulted of update, some proportionate rays in a container of a second support of of the west was a wrong measured(person M6 x 20mm the rays have listed in a booklet of instruction). I have chosen in the few rays of a pertinent measure on my own, and was the perfect access . I have bought also the pair of sets of Big 3M the launches to order to ensure my speakers in some supports. I seat quite sure that my speakers are sure, forbidding any accident that would cause a whole support to touch on. Even so, among a wrong hardware and a necessity to buy additional products to ensure some speakers, would not recommend these supports in the partner.
4 / 5 Cordia
These supports look utmost. Even so, some sleeps the speaker only seats on them with at all lining a speaker in a support. If any one was to clash an arrival of of the one of the west in a fund more has broken probably. The sleeps would have to pose the annex of ray to ensure this big invests.
2 / 5 Malik
There is any road to ensure a speaker in a support. The speaker is fallen was and now doent work!
5 / 5 Georgie
Easy assembly, the quality adds, looks awesome
3 / 5 Xuan
A product is VAL. There is any road to attach a speaker in a base, eats... Test in any paste a base or a speaker will fall. Too expensive for this product.
5 / 5 Lashunda
I want to what easy this support was to pose together, that the solid is, and what bono looks.
5 / 5 Scarlet
The solution adds

Top Customer Reviews: Sanus Adjustable ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Stacia
It Likes him another hav of toe, was the small sceptic of these since basically is lining for the nut. But they do and it has been lining speakers of mine for the few months now without the problem. It prejudices really it turns the so many can not speak with that well do moves around all a time. An only thing in that has not liked was him that a proportionate hardware is terrible. I have finished to take some hardware of a tent so that that was it provoded has broken. I admit that it can have been error of user , but when uses some mountains of plastic ray, when being very careful when hammering in a wall.
4 / 5 Andra
I have bought these because of some options have limited to wall to locate some Sleeps the unit has bought 2 speakers and has wanted the trace in my forward of room in stereo road. Some mountains are well . Not surprising for a prize. I seat like a quality is quite only. On everything, perhaps any one adds, but no bad. Facilitated to install, any seamless. The directions were during a place.
The chair like this was the creation feigned by a the game a, and then last hour built by a A, with these clips of cape that control some speakers in a mountain. Not perfecting , but any real complaint. They go to be well.
5 / 5 Dana
I have bought these for my fianc, together with some Sleeps speakers. This accesses some sleeps speakers perfectly! My fianc installed the easily, in fact moves a so that the did not like him an original location of him and has had very subject that the marks eat. It mentions some rays that is coming with them were cheap and undressed easily. But this was an only subject has.
3 / 5 Nancie
Pros: It looks well and low profile, easy installation, good creation
Gilipollas: control of Poor quality in some rays of wall. Capes of the ray in of the skins very easily. Game 1 is class of heavy and some the plastic separate me nervous. Fixing a speaker with just a ray am also designs very good. It leaves a speaker to turn if a ray of the west is not sper tight. It have been better had something concealed has taken an upper to prevent one transfers.
5 / 5 Alverta
I have looked for and it looked for mountains of Sleeps of of the one of the west for my back yard. I have maintained the revert behind in these during my investigation. I have asked several people in a durability of these mountains that is that it likes him in Southerly Florida where is typically of hot and humid, and after taking them the looks is of quality very good. Included even so built of plastic, a plastic does not look for to be cheap and has some rigidity in them. I will be to install them tonight after it do in the house of the concrete bloc built with stucco. If you are considering in his calm quantity with building of similar house, considers for hire, if you do not possess, the good quality periodic hammer for the much easier to penetrate a stucco and concrete bloc. So far I am very pleased with them and like some configurations of available different west everything in or boxes. There it owe the when being any subjects after the installation will update my description appropriately.
5 / 5 Cristy
It IS the sceptic of bit at the beginning having the pair of capes of metal to line my One is for two reasons:
After unboxing and installing, has been Impressed. You do not note some clamps of cape' at all. A quality is sum and a speaker is sure.
5 / 5 Marquis
These mountains of of the one of the west is perfect to the trace Sleeps Ones, or Game:1s. I am Game of trace :1s in my familiar room in prjimo a ceiling. It can locate some speakers the right side arrives or the other way around, while you are to coach to locate them on or low level of eye. Of the mine is trace on, is trace the the other way around, which access spent in some buttons up. One bends and swivel the very easy fact to plant them for his best. A mountain is mostly plastic, but looks and when being solid, and a mountain attaches in the dish to armour plate that is to say in fact screwed in a wall for the sake, solid, the free vibration setup. I am very happy with these - the look adds and maintain some speakers out of a road.
5 / 5 Cayla
These mountains are the few in a pricey the side but is the product of the quality and I could be angled to purchase more for other rooms. It installs it was quite level. Some parts are good quality . The instructions are the small madman but that is to say so that it is for multiple type of speakers and there are a lot of pictures. It have installed his besides or 30 minutes less.
5 / 5 Ciara
It have to it listened it he in an inner voice that say me to launch of a concrete anchor and rays and only use the tapcon. During installation, a leader of a ray undressed was and another the simply broken ray down the half. It has to Dremel out of both rays broken and go down an installation under a botched rays--the time of installation has jumped in 30 minutes nevertheless tomfoolery. For an another speaker, has used two Tapcons and take the mere 5 minutes--zip of zip, has done.

A mountain is very good. Too bad has matched he with rays of junk. Oh Well, The next time listens in inner voice.
1 / 5 Hayden
It does not bend n done my Sleeps 1s vibrate when swipes of basses. Taking WAAAYYY far too very time to install only for him a lot to do properly

Top Customer Reviews: Sanus Wireless ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
2 / 5 Ben
These looks to sustain very well, but for some new Sleeps the speakers do not attach on the way robust. An old more Sleeps scrape of models in a mountain, but some new versions the only chair balanced in a support. When being very careful is of train of the movement or is in a zone where will be it has clashed.
4 / 5 Tashina
It helps some SLEEPS the speakers easily blend in your house or dispatch without requiring to drill the million of holes in race and yours wall capes.

An only thing that maintains the to take 5 stars are an assembly in a portion of feet sucks. Some feet of rubber that comes with him never returned in some holes and take for ever to take plan.
5 / 5 Kate
That is to say a excellently the products built. Some instructions are easy to comprise and a product comes with all some separates required for a field of backed Speakers of Sleeps. A weight of a base is correct for a work and the tampons and the spikes are distributed for use in bare or carpeted fund. That the pleasure was to take all some separates required without that has to blend and match several models and of the numbers of part. And smartly has appointed also: Sanus for Sleeps...
5 / 5 Faviola
This support is easy the total and returns some Sleeps Game 1 perfectly. Some capes are also amiably veiled, as it looks clean of any angle. My only light negative is that some plastic pieces that has taken seams in an upper and the fund of a pole of support is of the slightly different shadow to aim that one paints in some pieces of metal. It is not enough of a subject in takew was any stars.
5 / 5 Charlie
It looks obvious, but this support is done perfectly for some SLEEPS model 3, which sadly looks for for the be has interrupted. Absolutely enhance it a look of a speaker. The directions were clear and useful. Highly recommended.
2 / 5 Ernestina
Active Very another of these has bought for my game of sleeps 1. The directions are poorer has changed a group of the mountain and he no longer ray in a backside of a speaker. A speaker only seats loosely in a support. Change very poor. I will not buy more than thesis
5 / 5 Xenia
Absolutely I want a Sanus Supports of Wireless Sleeps of Of the one of the west. Already I have the pair for my room and he maintaining has or for my chamber. They plant your speakers in an optimum level to listen. It can not give the indication of the main approval! A better!
2 / 5 Shanell
The container entered without 2, breakings 5 loses.
5 / 5 Carlene
Solid support with management of good cord. It comes with tampons for a fund to use in spikes and melts of forest to carpet. Well the Built and easy the total.
5 / 5 Ryan
As it Announces

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