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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Azzie
Way: Original Model Schumacher -4022 2/10/40/200 Amp Manuel Wheeled the battery Uploads and Declare

has purchased this uploads based in descriptions in this website. One load has arrived double boxed and felizmente as well as the external box was bit it broken (beaten up looking). A unit has taken roughly 30 minutes partorisca gather, the little of some holes of ray have required partorisca drill so that it has not been a correct measure. A manual of instruction mentions that a boss goes where some rays were to take previously, this is not partorisca correct so that the rays are resupplied partorisca locate a boss. Some holes of the ray is not a correct measure and has required partorisca drill partorisca locate correctly. So only partorisca kicks, has opened on a unit partorisca see all was very partorisca go. Felizmente Like this, reason has had two joints (joints of circuit) concealed was flopping around in an interior. Some joints are trace easily inside a unit but has not had any way to permanently trace (i.et. Rays). It have to that be a lot unless your half of the work is really hard in your crew. Some bosses looked the little bit underwhelming, could have invested the little has bitten more money partorisca give you better bosses. Some looks of analog voltmeter partorisca be in a cheapo the side but work I supposition so that it was has drawn stops. Some interiors of a unit are a lot down-technology, so only the transformer, the pair of transmissions of analog & metres and the pair of joints. Hope This description helps any one was, is the good unit has a capacity to do a bit few simple reparations for your account (i.et. Skills maquinales). If all goes well with your unit, recommends that you plough on a unit partorisca verify all is in place (i.et. Some two joints of circuit), trace a lot easily partorisca plant.
4 / 5 Tammera
Way: Works of Original Model well and does the good work that battery of touches and jumpstarting cars, but to the sure looks like would be of able to remark when a battery is touched fully and the turning was. He the no. can dip the timer and have a stop partorisca touch after any interval of time wants to, but to the equal that was that time my needs of battery to be has touched fully?? In general, I am still happy with a compraventa.
4 / 5 Shayla
Way: Original Model Like compatible with diverse of some other descriptions in Schumacher -4022 Battery Uploads, be prepared to return a unit. The mine has been ordered of Amazon. Please know that I am limiting a discharge of my description to so only direct an appearance/of receipt of the delivery of a product and defer to another thinks he in a real action. I owe also preface my description to say that they are any the one who is picky in my vehicles (comprising classics) as well as they are on some a lot of tools that possesses to maintain them. If the pair of the dents do not annoy you , read any far plus and commanded-up.

A prime minister uploads has arrived to contain two significant dents to a house of external/chance. To discover some deserts I logged to a web of place of Amazon and a process of turn has been a lot of smoothly and a substitution arrived in just 2 days (I follows a first member of Amazon). Also I comprise some challenges for the costruttore to ship such sakes of big heavy metal and has not given a @@subject the second has thought.

This in spite of, to the receipt of a substitution uploads, while an external chance looked well, the fault a lot separates required for assembly. (Retrospectively it do not have to that it is it returned a first unit, at the head of receiving second substitution to the equal that can have cherry-chosen of both containers to do the whole unit.) In all the chance, to the receipt of 2nd load (that loses varied split keys) has contacted Amazon (alive cat) but was unable to send out of only some parts disappeared (concealed now comprise given a sheer volume of all that his ) to the equal that has had to that box-on a whole unit and repeat a process of turn.

Learning of mine first experience, has resisted a second substitution until a 3rd unit arrived and was appreciated that has done of one 3rd load has had the a lot of main dent in an external cupboard, that a prime minister. But you appreciate everything of some parts was there and was cherry -choose among them and has done the whole unit. One 3rd load is now in mine car and early will be rid to a UPS has sanctioned to ship ease.

While a goleada of the nave declares that Schumacher appoints is synonymous with winner, is taking the National Championship or celebrating on 60 years like the successful company, together with his passion that is alive in a technological innovation, complete selection, unsurpassed action... It appeal to Schumacher is in a lack of control of quality in his products (although his a lot of doubtful that this message will achieve besides the few people those who can see it on Amazon). It have to that add that in all 3 shipments, some goleada external has not exhibited any trauma/to hurt that think that a bit the imperfections of product can be existed at the head of a physical nave?

While it comprises (and a bit reluctantly access) in a business decision to have the products have manufactured out of American earth, in my opinion, has no better way to kill the mark that the consistently inferior products rid. Schumacher the tradition familiarised inner of deep cut a automotive in community current and so only asks that they take the good hard look in some products that spends his name.

Inferior line, yes can find Schumacher pertinent upload in the venue of retail tent opens a box, inspects and purchase it, or simply be poised partorisca to volley among a sender/centre to hail, ossia unless the pair of dents is no biggie. Any one loves the subject, knows of at least 2 chargers this was to return recently and can be available in the estimativas/of discount/of open box been due to some imperfections. Happy touching.
5 / 5 Jeanne
Way: the Original model Arrived without some propiciado by axial and one of some group of axial has a hole of ray drilled to a wry appearance of a groups that the mark to attach to a frame.
4 / 5 Lura
Way: the Original model has purchased this unit and begun to dip it near. When I dipped It near it has maintained to listen the ray I free inside a unit when it move it around. I have opened a unit and there is of then has had the ray that has not ensured run of some bosses in a unit. Also one beat declare the boss has not been ensured to anything. It was so only flopping around and could have touched another boss and shorted was. Returned a unit and decided to go with the different mark. BEWARE He Purchases this. Mark sure all the bosses are securely the interiors have connected!
4 / 5 Javier
Way: the Original model has Been missing one rear axel. It can not take a service of client of Schumacher to answer his telephone. Turns to Amazon if I can not take a axel. It is dangerous to use without a axel.
5 / 5 Altagracia
Way: Original Model Ossia a product of Schumacher of the chamber has possessed and without accidents can say are done with them. Having a lot of experience (generally happy) with a small plus chargers, has thought I finally cradle for a big a - is the disappointment . @In rodeo: the characteristic is limited. To build and the arrival is poor. The control of quality is suspect also.
First of all, a control of quality: takings the stock exchange of hardware to locate a boss and wheels. There is group of fat steel that control an axial to one uploads box that is supposition to be drilled. A has not had a hole in him there is that to me so that it have to that drill - the good thing has the press of handy hammer reason this is not something would want to try with the hand-held hammer.
A fat steel of these contrast grupal with a very thin note and material decrease some real to upload box was. It bends Anytime the tones and the mine already has it crunch in some corners.
Has not opened this box on, as it can not comment in an interior but based in a forward some have had the wait is quite basic. There is no big technology circuitry here. In fact, has no characteristic special besides he 200 amp start and settings for 6 or twelve battery of volt: there is, for example, any battery overcharge protect. A timer is the manual egg -the fashionable cradle of the timer sews driven. A voltmeter is believed to say a less - has the red to green spectre but any hash frames or numbers to give you the precise indication of him is in 11 or 12.9. Neither it is there the load declares. (These costs of model to plot more). Some bosses are relatively low gauge and a clamps is very economic. There is not any place in a box to coil some bosses on like this neither can him wrap around a boss (any one the solution adds) bosses of control and cord (each one that like this roughly 5 feet long) how is wheeling a thing to where the precise, or tug them.
4 / 5 Halley
Way: the Original model has Bought 2 of these for use of department of the service. Each one which so it used it probably once for day. With which 9 month some leaves (has been substituted for Schumacher down has guaranteeed that has taken the month) Another leaves after 15 month. Poor quality to have them so much leave inner of 18 month.
4 / 5 Lane
Way: the Original model would be well has shipped a correct hardware for assembly. It is really a lot this has complicated the process but he result a when you owe that do the travesía special to a tent of hardware to buy some correct rays to attach a boss. Ossia The failure with Schumacher. They do not check to do sure a hardware is shipping with an element is in fact for an element???
5 / 5 Jann
Way: Original Model A cup has estimated to upload for the good prize. It likes-I one voltmeter that is comprised as the declare. Also It likes Me a timer in place of the manual on was that mine another load. I can dip he for the few hours and the leave.
So only a down side. I am returned a prime minister a, thank Amazon, reasons was very bad dented and there is lined. A second on was also dented and streaky, but much less. I have not felt to return a second, but still has been lined and dented. An outside of some boxes are gone in has not been damaged, as it has been damaged in a factory? If it think so only I will take a poster and pound out of some dents; BAD some rays that resists it the joint is T12 tamper test torx. It tries to find that measured ( can any one) reason each neighbour goes of T10 to T15. So much control your unit attentively with which takings out of some two boxes is packaged in.
Note: Some assembly has required. I have used two washers in an iron among frame and of the wheels. Also, it does not leave fallen grupal of the axial to interior to upload. I did not think it it was possible, but Murphy tried bad.

Top Customer Reviews: Schumacher SC1352 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Farah
Way: 40/200An I use one uploads in daily base (partorisca operates it in a car dealer has used independent), has used them partorisca have Schumacher PSW-22 DSR, and has loved them that, has used he in fact a lot of years before it was flown, after trying to buy a same model, has discovered them that because of laws of new California this model is a so only a can buy them.

Has compared to the mine leading upload this a complete east junk, the controls are very limited, his more confusing to use, can not upload against 20 amp imposed, and a construction of wise whole unit feels economic.

My main use for this unit is to touch battery, the does not use a do one like this the have the schumacher ProSeries 2200 judge of jump of start (highly recommended for any professional the one who the precise jump that begins a lot of cars daily to all the cost of measure of engine)

the 2 main subjects the have with this one is controls (or lack of) and slow load, calm can not dip what time touches for (control of California today) is supposition to touch a battery fully automatically, a subject arise when you are touching the battery that could have died, with mine uploads old has used them to be able of the place to touch for 30 min or so much and goes to do a bit another work, then could them go back later in a day and try a battery to see if his well or no, the cant that anymore with east a so it maintains to touch and squandering beats the the leave in automatic all day

subject 2 which is completly my failure for any fully that law a description of a product, is that so only uploads against 6 amps, ossia the súper slow feeble load, with my leading unit has had them an option to touch with 20 amp, included an economic autozone the units have left touch with 12 amp, this one has the max of 6!!!! Calm would be necessary to leave it on the battery for hours to touch, included a maintin the function on is not quite strong in the pair of occasions a car battery would die while doing electrical diagnostic while a unit is connected his and place to maintain load.

Would be returned excepts of the alive in California ossia an only model that can find them concealed remains to be the mine sold (thanks to some idiot politicians) has the election the highly would recommend that it buy the model with manual control likes PSW-22 DSR or -4022
4 / 5 Faith
Way: 275One Is to upload will not touch the battery that has any juice, the bad battery said and any to beat has of same battery in mine old upload and the tone, then dipped a same battery behind in this upload and say that it is the good battery and initiate the needs to touch the battery unless this battery has died????? DUH!!
Would not RECOMMEND to UPLOAD To Any one!
5 / 5 Claudette
Way: 300Some Produced was has has received broken today, but that ships the box has not aimed evidence of the strike that could possibly be a cause. I have called manufacturer to see it a product was has drawn on purpose be pressed in in some defenders. They have said any, has to be flat and I need to call Amazon to return a product. I have called Amazon to return an element and has been aimed that an element there is not qualified to be returned. To receive has broken produced and any when being pas able to return. It was the very frequent buyer by means of Amazon, but no more.
5 / 5 Noble
Way: 300A Begun touch has smoked was still to grieve I plugged he in, has think that go to burn a house down

Update: the amazon will not leave me gone back he and I neither can take the repayment.

This has been the terrible experience , the desire could give negative stars.

Go to take external and discharges he in then to stick the video of him smoking and Way
4 / 5 Preston
in of the llamas: 300One is to upload the work but ossia roughly that.
He contadoras Of the grain is really active in Schumacher. C load will not be around in 10 years . All feels cheep of a timer to a rockers transmissions. Some bosses are done of steel and any discharges, a clamps is like this feeble the boy could use him. A timer is some tick-tock wind on what that feels likes is exited the oven of toaster. It leaves not forgetting a two cheep the followers of computers to run in quickly, used to cool a thing, can listen these followers to run 100ft was on noise of engine and traffic , sound like the swarm of angry bee is, and after the while a tone locates our nerves.
For me this uploads substituted the work of 40 horse years that has not broken never down or has required the thing(and was calm) . Then it was flown, and now the have this .... Memory every day so only the one who cheep is.
Wants to pack up and send it behind touches still can , the the hates.
4 / 5 Kristal
Way: 40/200An I was the little sceptic that buy the fully automatic upload but this thing impressed. He felizmente ameno my diesel of battery of big deep cycle behind some dead persons in just abargerout the day and the half. I used it also to touched 4 seeds battery hooked up in parallel 24 hours later and his where good to go. Has the function of the interview of battery adds also. My only complaint is a packaging to the equal that see roughly another folks has had subjects with. One load was has beaten slightly on when I unboxed the. With those imports go to give still this product 5 stars because it does a lot well.
5 / 5 Emery
Way: 150/200A one uploads the works add this time. I have touched two different 12 battery of volt 30 minutes each and was a lot has touched. My only flu is an assembly of quality, when it avenges time to install a boss, some instructions have said to take some rays in a rear poster and use a long plus has has distributed rays to install one was any ray to take and one has distributed the rays have not been self touching. They were phillips rays of car of the boss and some holes have been suppositions to go in was in a measure of a gel chooses point. I suppose that this poster has been thru a line of the assembly but any one have forgotten to expand them for assembly. I have had to that spend an extra time that hammer out of a boss and the rear poster and I have been with 1/4 thumb fulmine with closing washer and dice. You owe that take an upper to complete this operation. A 1/4 thumb the rays to good sure will be surer of some rays of car have distributed.
5 / 5 Laure
Way: 40/200Some I heavy trucks own, all 12 volt, multiple battery setups. I have tried more economic chargers but any one could maintain up with a question. This one does perfectly like this far. Seeds Class of truck 35, to 6 and 12 volt (1212 or 1250 ab battery, a type your uses of system of brake of trailer for emergency, also some batteries in the motorised wheelchair, and systems of alarm of the house etc). It have to that be plugged in the the 120v receptacle of house, then an interior of electronic resupplies a wished amperage start, 2-6-40 or 200. NO, it is not the jumpbox. Extend the 12 gauge cord of extension to where need to jumpstart the vehicle. A heavy plus gauge ext cord a better. Ossia The unit to have to that heavy , prob a better bang for a buck. Alternatively, take a battery out of your vehicle and spend to your bank of cochera, of the one who has dipped a battery in concrete, hook this uploads up and copper / maintain / battery of a lot of measures. A mark of electronics he súper easy to use, if his no hooked on correctly, indicates like this and any to give you an option to touch. Hooked On right, give you so only the few options and calm is was. If it is it seats precise more exacting control and wants to spend more the time that decides so only like this to touch your batteries, buy the different model. This one gives a main start for a money and reliability. The money is very displaced.
4 / 5 Justin
Way: 150/200One is a lot of packaged and has been rid in good condition. When it dip It near it has listened the little extra separates to go around inner. After pulling an upper was, has found was the die and ray that has ensured a tank of hot, easy fix and with the drop of lock of edge, does not have to that spend again. It can have caused subject when it was turned on. Has not reading a fine impression, but based in my prime minister bulk test of load, one uploads so only is exited 24.6 volts 45 amps to 4.ºtiene 6 Trojan volt L16 battery for roughly 30 minutes. Bosses and clamps has taken the little heat, but any smoke. It is probably the little on estimated, but do a work that requires.
4 / 5 Brigette
Way: 150/200A This was a second upload, a prime minister a service tripped breakers of the each one outlet was plugged to and was sent behind. This one at all when plugged in but desperately has required there is like this opened up and repaired it. It was impressed AT ALL with a quality of an assembly. I pop finalised included riveting a control of partidário behind in a group of the aluminium has to that it has been attached to. If this hard load more than the year or two I will be very surprised.

Top Customer Reviews: Schumacher DSR122 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
1 / 5 Freida
Service of the client of Schumacher are add, once @give in fact know that it is speaking roughly.
My units flash partorisca program the way is not exited of a box but took to us cured of. In general it is the add to upload, a desulfate works of way and has spent for behind a AGM battery that was on 10 years.

Update: A flash programming works of way, this in spite of a current start is slow to answer and no stable at all. It likes yes suddenly you take of the load a voltage jumps the substantial quantity, yes add the falls of cariche and is súper slow to answer. I have done the video and has begun a transmission while this unit is so only defective. I will update my description when has a unit of substitution partorisca compare like his behave. If a unit of substitution has a question of control of same voltage, this will be the subject enormous has taken of a voltage partorisca jump on on 19 volts while connected to the battery has touched fully well! During flashing programming you frequently cycle a ignition and the defenders and the lights and other cariche can cycle. So only imagine dips a voltage like the pcm is initialising, can brick he. The emailed Schumacher but has not received the response after the few days has decided like this partorisca stick this description and take them out of a loop.

Update 2: A unit of substitution has arrived that I immediately tried, sure enough also has transmissions of voltage although no like this bad likes before unit. As of now it has included I go partorisca recommend that it averts a unit and purchasing something more, the shame really. I will return it and try a INC100 for a same company, if this unit behaves a same way will be disappointed really. The precise response faster the transmissions of voltage, respecto that transport that voltage of monitor during flashing that BMW could kick calm out of a flash because of what time takes to recover of the drop of voltage. Also I disturbed a fact has no current exposure when in flashing way, does not have any idea that yours pulling of a unit. Appearance more than a DSR serious, especially considering a cost of a unit.
5 / 5 Summer
I have substituted the forty-the load of old year. The desire there was done like this more collected. C load are add/
5 / 5 Janetta
So only the small scratch to ship. It can not complain roughly that it arrest like this weighed to the equal that east. I have loved the a lot of HD unit that is everything manual. Ossia.
5 / 5 Miguelina
The works well
5 / 5 Shu
Upload good works! Date of boss the easiest fact to move around compared to the oldest models.
5 / 5 Leah
You love it. It has to that weighed and bad to a bone! This one is definately the heavy weight. All that has expected and value of the money.
4 / 5 Ute
Abundance of power for my personal use. A little quality A lot very expensive
5 / 5 Cristi
!!! A gauges is easy to see!!! Clamps And the bosses are point and averts!!! recomend To any the one who needs the 6/12 volt uploads!!
5 / 5 Shelli
Value a lot well for a money. A More there are them never has possessed. I really like a slanted cup. The frames that read a gauges very easy.
5 / 5 Isaias
It is very easy to use and is a lot of sturdy very dipped near. I love it and highly you recommend to buy that it is one

Top Customer Reviews: Schumacher SC1324 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Elba
Way: 40/200A partorisca receive container, the box looked it had been has run over several times. After inaugural box, was emparenta a product had been he has used previously. Some cords/of bosses have been twisted and knotty. A coverage lateralmente has rays that loses. You can say very there is tampered with one “ lame, the guarantee will be void” sticker. A focuses in a cup of a unit is trace as if it has been pulled was or has seated in a sun. If it had agreed to that buys the load used, this would be acceptable. This in spite of, this is not a chance. Ossia Entirely unacceptable.
5 / 5 Erasmo
Way: 20/150One has done intermittently partorisca some first months of pair.. If a battery is bad one load closes was and wont load in automatic.. If you have dipped one uploads partorisca augment for the few minuets one uploads then uploads in automatic setting. This battery uploads now has said each battery is bad, And will not touch a lot well of battery or bad.
5 / 5 Chester
Way: 20/150A This unit will not touch the battery is voltage is down 11volts. It seats and tests he partorisca anywhere among 2 and12 small. He then said is bad. Never trys for the touch. If it is on 11 volts begins to touch in 30 dry.. Costs to act then. Has any metre of volt to look in and see the one who state a battery is in.
Would not buy again. To good sure finicky.
5 / 5 Madeleine
Way: 35/200A one uploads of fine quality. He that I require it to do. Three note- is done in Messico. After, it would like me the little piece of bit more has weighed bosses and clamps. An installed some are well, but Schumacher older chargers has the heaviest bosses/clamps, and liked really of those. Last, this load has quell'groups forward plastic to resist a front arrives it the mine does not have the one who looks to be the loop of metal as in a photograph. No the subject of entity, but something the little more substantial could be good. But again, the end uploads.
4 / 5 Karina
Way: 20/150A No like this very like this expected but does a work has been expecting the little better quality
4 / 5 See
Fashion: 35/200One is good to have upload like this in winter; judge to start with the impulse is the big help . Of then it assumes that the things buy supposes to do a work has to that, will signal went to the things do not like on these cariche. C load would owe that have Voltmeter. Amp The metre can not be trusted. In way of interview (this would have to that rid until 2 amps) the metre has aimed on 10A. I have verified a real current flow with metre of precision and was so only 1A; the well is an instrument to measure that it is so much was that a can not trust on? I have used impulse to begin on battery that had died virtually; after the pair of minute uploads quickly has looked for to begin an engine that use an impulse and the impression have owed this thing does not rid promised 200A. Another pair of load of small, has looked for to begin again. Third time was a charm . Still, without this type uploads would have any option - a car has been estacionado in a way that could not use boss of jump.
Like this, the general impression is that this load is economic fact but, inferior line, can do a work.
5 / 5 Mayme
Way: 20/150One does not touch of the batteries at all. Everything prejudices he hooked on and does not touch my Fashion
5 / 5 Lovetta
of battery: 40/200One has bought this for mine housemate. Always it uses my truck to jump begin his have bought like this this for him for Navidad.
The work adds! It uploads the dead battery in of the minutes. A boss the like this easy fact to go around where calm the want.
Produces very good. Highly I recommend it.
4 / 5 Johana
Way: 20/150An I has taken this for mine stepdad for Navidad. Taking roughly 3 sail that has to that use, was able to easily the imagine was and jump a car quite quickly while still half asleep. It is class to raise but some do any up for that and takes the little bit of spatial to walk. It looks he like to resist up with of the time
will update if these transmissions.
5 / 5 Lang
Way: 35/200Some touches battery, as it have to that. I have drawn so only a line in an empty iron and empty plastic some pieces of my cart of welding that has refused to install on he-guess Im too hard to please in some respects...

Top Customer Reviews: Schumacher FR01241 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Man
Way: Jump Jueza of start with the compressor of first time of Air has used does not turn my engine on with the dead battery that has not been like this bad but some first time used it partorisca dip air in the law of wheel partorisca roughly 3 minutes and then all of the sudden is partorisca escape out of one load and my wheel the air has lost now are that it tries to touch the and does not resist the load ossia junk
5 / 5 Misha
Way: the battery Uploads used quell'today partorisca a first time, and looks partorisca be that they the terrific work. Touching our ATV battery, which has been died during a subzero time that has experienced recently.
5 / 5 Terica
Way: the battery Uploads is like this light thought it could not be well, but was bad. It is the very little upload.
5 / 5 Fausto
Way: the battery Uploads the work adds. To good sure buy again.
5 / 5 Coreen
Way: the battery Uploads Excellent this recharge my battery of motorcycle in any Fashion
5 / 5 Victor
of time: the battery Uploads Easy to connect and no hanged
5 / 5 Anh
Way: the battery Uploads light. Petit. The works add!
4 / 5 Robbi
Way: the battery Uploads power Of confidence , well, good prize.
5 / 5 Dewitt
Way: the battery Uploads Excellent
5 / 5 Mai
Fashion: the battery Uploads has used once has leaves partorisca do this element would owe that be substituted. A cord has not been connected in of the boxes, has repaired and now is doing.. Any need to substitute.....

Top Customer Reviews: Schumacher SJ1332 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Angila
Way: 1200 Summit Amps has has bought so only my second Schumacher 1200A Canal partorisca Be able to the like use mostly partorisca this compressor partorisca pump on wheels. Whole plot more convenient that that goes to the gas canal, when the wheel is a lot down. This will save you the plot of time partorisca the slow leak, where can use you 'fix the plan', fill wheel enough to take a wheel fixed. A Judge of the jump of start is appropriate so only for cars, no the truck to have that heavy or another vehicle of big engine (350cc or big).
A compressor of air is a lot pertinent for my wheels of trucks of big engine. When Calm receive it, recommends to maintain one uploads connected for 36 hours, so only for the have full force. A park of automatic inner transmission of any overcharging. And king-the touch, after each use. There is the exposure of as fill yours uploads. It maintains it press behind until 100 after each use (which have failed to do the time of pair), but my prime minister 1200A unit still will resist the load for all twelve of my wheels of vehicle. It has spent-in sockets to touch your mobile phone & maintains your TV & of computer that goes during being able the outage...
5 / 5 Lesley
Way: 1200 Summit Amps Perfects every time! It results my car has had the bad battery. The subjects to guarantee to try to take a dealership partorisca fix it, but has to that be jumped every time has wanted to begin it. This weighed little thing a trick instantly. Burst the in a battery and for a time has taken to a chair of engine was already and has begun immediately. For the week used it everytime has begun my car and a unit has not required to be touched. Charges once the month and leave he in mine car now in chance perhaps. Also, I can jump the cars other people quickly and easy without hassle.
4 / 5 Berneice
Way: 1200 Summit Amps has taken a model an old plus on its own name roughly done 3 years. It has been the lifesaver. I have jumped my car, has fill my wheels & of car bicycle, take it camping partorisca fill my mattress of air and electronic of load. My dad has mentioned the one who handy thinks that was has bought like this this a partorisca he. It trusts on he during the recent power outage. Well each penny.
5 / 5 Thomasena
Way: 1200 Summit Amps Ossia, in my experience, cup of a line. Also, his client swevice is flexible and fair. It have bought some in fact varied years and, the time when it was out of guarantee, has used an USB that spend of touches partorisca a first time. Something has been wrong and there is ruined a unit. I have called Service of Client and has gone besides his police and has substituted a unit. If has the election will not buy another mark.
5 / 5 Normand
Way: 1200 Summit Amps has not tried partorisca use it partorisca jump start anything. But a compressor has taken 15 minutes and counting partorisca fill on boys that stock exchange of paste.
5 / 5 Kenton
Way: 1200 Summit Amps In the first place a bad: Ossia the a lot of heavy and arisen bulky device, but he multiple things. Also it takes partorisca always partorisca touch but a capacity is good and resists the good load. I recommend to purchase paralizacin all some characteristics, is portable (movement the precise zone) and last the long time. The Last thing any taste to him any cord of the touch has comprised. You will require a cord of extension partorisca touch.
5 / 5 Rochell
Way: 1200 Summit Amps the action Adds. The desire there is the pressure of digital bond the calm sample so much could program wished psi vs. Clock gauge. Another that it crew adds.
5 / 5 Pearlene
Way: 1200 Summit Amps has Used in the clue fulfils to telephones to be able to vary and small appliances
5 / 5 Selene
Way: 1200 Summit Amps Big and heavy. Touched like the instructions declared but so only goes to 95. Still plugged Up as I write this. It have to that go to 100. Works very like this far tho
4 / 5 Dwayne
Way: 1200 Summit Amps the work adds. I used it a lot it times partorisca dip air in my wheel..

Top Customer Reviews: Schumacher SP1296 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Gussie
Way: I have used this partorisca touch a battery of the automobile concealed has not been used in roughly 6 month. First to touch a battery has read 1.7 Volts. With which roughly 24 hours partorisca touch looks partorisca be has touched fully. Some lights of indicator are the bit of the challenge partorisca comprise as 'clamps there is revoked/bad battery' the light was initially on, but that has been finally he was and has aimed only Touch, and then finally a green has Touched light illuminated.

The curiosity has taken a better of me and I immediately voided my guarantee for inaugural until taking the peek inner. I have comprised the few photos of an interior of joint of the circuit partorisca any the one who also could be curious...
4 / 5 Maureen
Way: I possess Schumacher marks multiple that maintains battery chargers. They sell a lot of different models of one 1.5 amp chargers but his all does basically some same. I especially like a place the and the forget creation. There is not any key or transmissions, calm simply connects to a battery and discharges he in. Has versatile options partorisca the fast connections and some cords are quite long and also sell a same extension longer for a connection to be able to him calms the precise. A small measure and the utmost light weight to wall to locate one load and fast connection to a battery. These do a lot well for any type of battery that is not used in the daily base. You can leave these constantly hooked up without risk of on touching. Ossia The effective option very cost to maintain your battery has on touched and ready to go.
4 / 5 Elli
Way: With which 1 week a thing has been the way of uncontrolled load the unplugged when a voltage has achieved 16.9 and still augments. I am returned he for repayment. And you do not buy Schumacher. BTW There is 6 of Shumacher unit everything with of the variac. Of 1562 number of part and his all does well in fact a lot of years. All these units of vintage are controlled occasionally and treat correctly.
Taken to 1319 start your metre and verify it. The unplug And turn in your lights for the box for the moment a low battery 13 then dipped a maintainer behind on and control a voltage. A light of load would owe that close of prójimo 14.5 and a green light would owe that come on, then a battery has to decay behind to around 13.3 and to remain there for the very long time first of a light of load goes back on. Support of the technology of Schumacher was any help at all.
4 / 5 Gertude
Way: has the vehicle in partial storage. Utilisation a vehicle so only once each pair of weeks, and so only to take some have flowed that movement for lube purposes. This maintainer is perfect partorisca east. Utilisation an accessory that is attached to some estacas of battery I so that pode easily disconnect he to use a inline connector, take my vehicle to move it, turn, and reconnect a inline spent in of the seconds.
4 / 5 Palmira
Way: This substitutes the 3-amp model that has had to has lasted the decade. It likes- one light of 3 system of dye, good improvement. If it was to buy another, would go back to a 3-amp. While it is better for a battery to have a tax to upload slower, one 3-amp never looked to cause harm, and when being faster is a lot of (but yes tend to maintain a plugged in at night then really does not import . They are happy I am able to use one covers a light plus of my model my old plus with east a, ossia a lot handy in mine car ossia able to use concealed.

ps: Service of the client in Schumacher is exceptional. You do not consider another company for the battery maintainer.
4 / 5 Shanae
Way: Simple creation,the works and I have 5 of them hooked up in the car, seadoo is and Harley is. It has not had Never a subject of good @product for a prize and much more robust that a small some have tried in a past. I.et The fashion of
5 / 5 Reed
Harley: HAS a lot these chargers. Some into use constant for the pair of years. Well value of the money.
5 / 5 Rona
Way: I easily dipped this to service for the small 12V depth-battery of finder and looks to do the good work to touch and then maintaining one uploads in a device. It likes a light that augment and reduces brightness when in a soyaintain' way, which is different of a light when a unit is touching a battery.
4 / 5 Venita
Way: I have ordered two trickle chargers and a never fact and a second a lasted the month and has died. I have tried to call his in a prime minister a but would not return my calls as not calling again. My joint is to buy one to somewhere more than hopefully the reputable Way
4 / 5 Douglass
of trafficante: Touched on my battery so only well. But he then in firm was and a battery has downloaded dulcemente.

Top Customer Reviews: Schumacher DSR108 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Elvira
Woooofffff!!! Ossia An answered partorisca jump juezas of start!!
Drives my car very pocola, but when I the precise, a battery is drained of a cold freezing time.

Has tried Noco jumpers of ion of the lithium, but his hips given in a cold!!!

This ultra capacitor is beginning my big suv Toyota Sequoia like effortless! Boom!
Am surprised!!! And a better of everything? It can he remain among a cold car while to be used, does not take drained of a cold time!!! This device is ailing! A must has!!

Takes the battery with only 9 Volts to the sinister - no quite to start with an engine, to spare juice to fill on a capacitors! Then a device touches REAL 800CCA ( Cold cranking amps) which stars an engine in the blink!!!
Are transmission!!!
5 / 5 Shawn
Ossia The very good product . It uses súper capacitors in place of the battery. It likes-me the mine the plot and have use it several times. My car has the very small battery (likes to imagine a measure of the gram mower or battery of motorcycle) how is prone to die suddenly without a lot of look (thank you car engineer!). Some walks of band with me in a trunk all a time, and saved of while the AAA late at night, or in a rain the little time. Before this was has stuck usually beg for help of strangers (the dosen't does like this well in 2018) or while perhaps an hour partorisca AAA down some better circumstances. With this band can take go, for my account, in roughly 5-7 minutes max.

Some advantages are:
1) usually can take to run, without help, although a band is downloaded entirely And YOUR CAR BATTERY is almost died downwards 7 minutes. Roughly like awesomely awesome magic to start with of the jump with súper awesome sauce on that!
2) A súper capacitors can accrue load of the car battery almost dead (I thinks minimum of volts) in the short quantity of time (likes 2-3 minutes max) and then download all an energy has absorbed all immediately in the pocolos second to jump you.
3) A band is light weight (compared to the acid of advantage setup) hanged roughly 5 lbs.
4) A band wont 'the wear was' as the battery, and load and cycles of download does not effect súper capacitors (10+ years of the use or 10,000+ uses is the realistic lifetime for the device of this character, and probably way more).
5) One uploads of band on time and download amperage the start is not impacted by temperature (these cariche of what quickly, and pumps cold big cranking cranking amps when in sub cold of zero times, or ultra empty hot time).
6) A factor of the form of the band is relatively small, his in a measure of perhaps the dictionary of hard coverage (agrees those?). His easy the toss in a trunk and forget calm box the precise.
7) has printed surrounds he of some instructions of use in a backside of a band like calm does not have to that try to agree some pocolos no.
8) Ossia band to start with of technology of revolutionary jump, and really is totally awesome!

Some disadvantages are:
1) the cost is quell'has bitten big. Given a theorist lifespan ossia probably the swipe of time (to the equal that says: spent once, cry once?).
2) A bit different that using bosses of jumper or the band of jump of acid of advantage - gotta first load, and has to that leave a band refresh tone the little among cranking tentativas (if a first tentativa dosen't turns a car on). Calm once take used his, this is not really a @@subject this in spite of.
3) 12v the systems so only thinks.
4) Some downloads of band relatively quickly - small the hours perhaps days. Of then it touches like this quickly of the almost dead battery, this is not really the subject significant.
4) Was a lot of himself avenges with the returned pouch.
5) Was a lot of if some bosses and clamps could easily 'disconnect' of a band is class of odd, dangling was like , everything in a way during storage, and the one who any, and no quite long to wrap around a box and in this boss could have done a clamp the bosses bit it longer like the band could be situated in a windshield of a car to the equal that can see some lights of state of the load while you are seating inside a car ( know - while it rains out of a car).

For me a bit the disadvantages have not been the value that embezzles the star. Purchasing wise, the amazon was awesome, like this usual!
5 / 5 Latarsha
I have purchased this Ultra Capacitor box to Jump just in time for 2018 frigid winter.
Used it 3x times like this far, and am impressed extremely of like this easy, sure and this powerful .

Is the bit pricey but, of then I camp with the diesel powered RV in of the places that is way further one calling a AAA or the fellow to jump, ossia a perfect solution .

Tries to begin my old backhoe the one who the external chairs 24/7 I there is remarked that if some estacas of the battery or the terminals are bad the corroded will take the LONG time to touch and a jump could no .
Cleaned some estacas and terminals and wiggle a clamps to take the good bite in some terminals and a jump would owe that it reads.
4 / 5 Julian
1. Very powerful. I have begun truck of big diesel with this box of jump. It has struggled you grieve.

2. Good capacity for the smallest engines that it is having the hard time to start with.

3. Capacitors Does not spend out of some batteries of way do.

1. Slow to touch. A main capacity means a small DC to DC INTERIOR of conversor take more with a longitude to spend to the full load.

2. Much bigger self downloads that a smaller version and a reason because I damage this to four star in place of five.

3. It feels the little economic. I do not see some transmissions of membrane to last long.
5 / 5 Myrtle
If you are looking for the judge to jump to start with that will do when calm require it to, ossia that is looking for!

Has used stirs it of different type of battery-the jump has based judges of start and while his all has done well, after the year or his like this arrived no longer that resists the load and a battery in them has to that be substituted.

A DSR109 uses súper-capacitors concealed does not spend was and does not require to remain in the constant load when any used. Ossia The true grab-and-go solution.

Has used a DSR109 in the Subaru Outback that has had a inverter has left on at night. Copper up in roughly 4 minutes and a vehicle there is not doubted at all to start with up. I have it quell'has used also a DSR109 in mine Ford F250 (6.0 diesel) like the demonstration -- I has touched a DSR109 in another vehicle and unhooked some batteries in a F250, hooked on a DSR109 and was able to begin a pickup felizmente.

A costruttore estimate a DSR109 like durable 10 years and on 10,000 cycles, this in spite of ossia if a súper-capacitors is cycled the multiple time the day -- a lot of something is doing when the jump that begins our vehicles.

Given a cost to substitute battery in mine others judges of jump of start, a prize is more than justified for a DSR109 -- although I so only last 3-5 years. Easily I can recommend this to any that loves a bit the guarantee will be able to take where is going!
5 / 5 Ivan
It have been looking in this cement súper capacitor judge of jump of start for the while I have had of good regime with other elements of mark of Schumacher.

Has taken finally one submerges even although these are the fair has bitten more expensive that some of a competitor is.

For sheer regime my woman Subaru Forester has begun to struggle in a morning the crank in just 1 week after receiving this element.
I hooked he until a battery and has seen the load of 8v, has pressed a key to be able to and has expected around 3 minutes to the equal that has directed the indicators have touched until full, the turn of a ignition and a vehicle has begun well up.

Has used this 4 entirely first times to imagine out of a battery has required to be substituted, but all 4 times was easy to use and has begun a vehicle every time.

A unit is compact and quite light to easily of tent in a trunk, and no in that has to that one to inner battery likes a bit unit, calm mean never require the maintain touched and calm does not need never worry in a heat that kills an inner battery over time.

Highly would recommend this for him is quality of build, facilitated of use and interest of life.
4 / 5 Fabiola
This looks a booster of Hike of Estrella or something. Very very built like this looks. Had the battery in 11 volts and he have taken small only to achieve full load.
Will update but am happy like this far.
And a prize was a lot also!

10/31/19 update!
Finally taken to use in the Chevy pickup the doubt has looked for the jump in a gas canal.
There is the toneless 11 volts. It has taken roughly 3 minutes to build to 14 volts.
Has shot his truck up like the field!
5 / 5 Rosita
Ossia To good sure a judge of definite jump of start. With the jump startet no precise storage of infinite power thats enough to power a RV for the week and touch all some telephones familiarised abd with the compressor also. That precise is amps, reliability and longevity. I tried it on 2016 browser 3.5 that car has the heavy judge weighed of start. And after touching a judge of jump to @begin I disconnected a car battery and connecter a judge to jump to start with directly to some terminals, active override/bypass the way and begin likes there is marks it new battery.
He Precise storage to be able to use the storage to be able to separate, and buy the separate compressor. It does not call the lithium or battery of acid of the advantage the judge of jump of start. They will leave you down when or less the expect and when calm require them a plus.
5 / 5 Rufus
It have to that it has purchased it this more collected.
4 / 5 Buddy
So only it take this. I tried it when I received it, and he seamed to take the load. I have been lucky and like this of now has not required to him the, but the chair well does when it has required.
Could not find the chance recommended for this unit, but has found one has thought could do. I have ordered B073BMX46F (does for a Noco Impulse of Character Pro GB150.) My surprised, was the perfect access some bosses, clamps, and highland lighter. The law adds, and the helps protect the expensive emergency also. Good combination partorisca in just another $

Top Customer Reviews: Schumacher DSR115 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Robert
Way: Jueza of start and Unit partorisca Be able to having purchased this unit in October of 2010. It is now December 2015. (Update: April 4, 2018. Still works like the field.)

These produced save me and my friends partorisca be stranded more time that I priest partorisca count. When The people are having car subjects, automatically offers partorisca leave this to them. All the world-wide the one who used it is incredibly happy state to have this on-rid when required. A bit those that folks the one who does in of the cocheras and in dealerships there is remarked that ossia the unit very end , as compared to the that the person could walk out of Walmart with.

Feeble/failing battery, alternators, and the judges of start can leave the person stranded. No respecto never roughly (and neither do my friends) that anymore with a caveat: some cold months, takes correctly, a manual indicates that an inner battery does not have to that remain to freeze. During Winter I leaves a unit in my house or the cochera have heated. I have used the bill of nave envelope partorisca resist a manual, but of course the tear and a manual has been has lost done some time.

I typically does not leave it plugged in, but resists the load partorisca the a lot, time a lot long. I think a time a long plus without the fresh load was 6 month and he still shot on the truck of the fellow immediately.

Pros: Some bosses are the good period (any one too long, no too courts), some jaws are replaceable, the reliability has been full stop, and does not have any one characteristic that is not required absolutely (lights, ports of USB, etc). A number of calls has done to the towing service has been reduced to 0 in 5 years.
Gilipollas: It is quite hefty, but enough would have it be heavy and of confidence that light, down-powered, and scaly.

Recommends a unit, a mark, and after the wears of mine was (still 5 years and in strong disposal) will not consider another costruttore for a substitution.
4 / 5 Audrey
Way: 12V 2200 Summit Amp would have to that it has read an a lot of impression he ! Partorisca Some stupid reason this new creation has an Outside to upload with discharges he special! No an additional 110 V receptacle that is all has used. Any one creates reason has think that this would be easier the cart around another appliance partorisca touch your band of portable battery. To good sure was compraventa partorisca other Frames now that I am conscious of of the this. Second photo is my model my old plus concealed did not leave me never down. Once again to the left it is the most economic fact taste even more money ! Avidity!
4 / 5 Faustina
Way: 12V 2200 Summit Amp jueza of the East jump of start is powerful. L The cold winter has begun the diesel of dual battery 8 cylinder 12 that has had state career down to dim the unit of taxi is the heavy plus that a Nickle jump of judges of Cadmium partorisca begin reasons is the big-begin AGM battery. Has the NiCad judge to jump to start with this at all partorisca begin my truck. Ossia The jump of judge of professional note of start and hanged the little on 20 pounds.
5 / 5 Josephine
Way: 12V 2200 Summit Amp has had 2 of some older versions is and is lasted partorisca roughly 5 years in the tent. This bad begins roughly 5 transport the day with them. Has-liked me an option of just plugging in the cord in an old version. But one uploads in a new one is very very built and does the work adds. And yes a new box is very powerful. Has the data is in the first place few tests in the Ford old 460 , then he 5.9 Cummins then he duramax. It begins all three one after another without the transmission.
Is thinking Roughly buying this will love it to you.
5 / 5 Marvella
Way: 12V 2200 Summit Amp the unit there is seperate upload. Bad. Not liking mine another unit. Clamps Economic. It has PSJ 2122 has bought them two years ago. The better way. Better clamps and load built. Bought partorisca less $ .
Good product but so that the continuous time in fact partorisca look better to sell but actully more economic. Spent some another unit.
5 / 5 Myrtie
Way: Jueza of start and Unit of Power My jumper of confidence and small old was suddenly no longer until a task to jump the 2004 Volvo convertible that had been seating in the go for several months. I have bought this unit based in descriptions. It is BIG compared to the mine old a, and his action was like this impressive like his heft. Some instructions said it can take until 72 hours for one initial load. A unit was already/still 83 touched when I plugged he in, and when I have verified for behind an hour later, is 100, as it touches 17 in possibly I a lot down an hour. A day later, has been partorisca begin a car. It was in 95.
Has begun a car. The law has included after a jump, has been still in 95, like this obviously has the big fines-described like this use. All the world would owe that have the jumper in his car, and will feel a lot sure hauling this an around with me.

Update: I want to this! Has has had to that use it two times today. When I used It leaving house, was in 95. With which have jumped a car, has been still in 93. When it Take home with which has to that jump a car again, was in 94. As I have jumped a car two interior of time two hours and he have used a lot of pocolos of his capacity to be able to. Copper behind until 100 in roughly 5 minutes. Partorisca Take a percentage readout, requires partorisca have it plugged in. I seat like this sure spending this around with me. More highly recommended.
4 / 5 Kenna
Way: Jueza of start and Unit partorisca Be able to jump Excellent judges of start partorisca professional that begin of precise jump a lot of cars during a day!

I Work in the car dealer and use this unit partorisca jump that it begins at least 5 cars for day, does not have any question that begins any class of cars and trucks, an only time where the short falls was when that looks for to begin the F350 6.0 disel with the entirely died battery that drawn can. Another that that the has not had any one other cars has been struggled with.

The unit is very solid, clamps is good and solid construction, sweats the little bit in a side a heavy plus (thinks them the official weight is 25 pounds ~) but thats has expected needs the powerful unit.

Also the ordered pocola characteristic that a unit has is that included when a unit is was yes a clamps is hooked to a battery aims what voltage is in a battery or a battery is taking, ossia useful to know if a battery is completly dead or so only the little low, his useful hips when a car is to cause you on can verify if a battery is taking quite voltage and know if an alternator is doing or no without that has to that grab fine it metre.

Usually use it all day to jump anywhere of 5-20 cars, and then the touch at night. In the So many has there was far this unit for almost the year and his closing in strong current without subjects. Highly you recommend for any the one who needs the jumper for multiple daily use. If you have required so only he for emergency or require one that can he you easily cary around would go them with the smallest unit
4 / 5 Chang
Way: Jueza of start and Unit partorisca Be able to has begun all have hooked he until, has included a time a cold plus.

A slender creation leave dipped the backside a chair of mine pickup where traces securely and has hid. I king-the touch after each use or at least monthly. (The batteries of substitution are available. I have verified this first to buy.) Clamps Is among a better. They are heavy and some jaws are robust. In spite of his heavy construction, his grab the terminal side lugs well. (More economic clamps usually the slips was.) I bosses are long enough to dip a unit in an earth afterwards to a vehicle is beginning. (A lot these often have the short and calm bosses have arrived to try to balance a thing on a radiator or battery.) Rey-Cariche quickly (in an hour or two). 12V tap is located opportunely in a front of a judge of band is exited. Ossia The characteristic very if precise light or use the beacon to look when doing in the roadside-stranded vehicle. (Also I law adds like this to 12V source to light the camping.)

Unless the starts of better model, for a money, would buy this again.
4 / 5 Chu
Way: Jueza of start and Unit partorisca Be able to Use this partorisca mine 5th turns slideouts when some batteries have died and a power in this incredible unit always hands. Without this unit, the simple question really can develop to the predicament. Included when I have not used he partorisca month, he stll resists at least 95 load, and he summits in 100 very quickly, interior 15 minutes. A lot of reasuring when it travels also, included although there is AAA, this unit deletes a need to expect for service. All some cords are partorisca have that heavy and tuck to some sides easily. A wide boss still accomodates my big hands.
5 / 5 Cari
Way: Jueza of start and Unit partorisca Be able to Ossia my second Schumacher Carica that have purchased. My prime minister, on done the year, has had one very noisy cooling partidrio intermittent. Has-liked me one load and a noisy defender I so only dipped up with him. A second a, I so only received today, and does not comprise AC cord, which is required partorisca touch a unit. I have been to a manual of instruction and say you to you: 'those IMPORTS! LOAD IMMEDIATELY WITH WHICH SHABBY, ....' Also you say a cord is not comprised, hmmm, does not take that it sees that in a description of product when I bought it, but is spent perhaps for big.

The shabby car next will have to that read an impression refinada partorisca do sure some wheels are has comprised ...

Top Customer Reviews: Schumacher BT-100 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
I used it to find some sake and failing stacks among a squad and of the vehicles I own.

A bit subjective here but found he to be heavier and more robust concealed expected to arrive to this point of prize. For in $ 20 I am thrilled. It uses carefully when he the precise, poses the backside in a box enters in your cofre of tool for next time, and he ought in look and work in some same when the the yours the survivors go to choose through your material. Any one of the mine probably still know that he , but that is not my problem. I expect any one will pay 5 bucks for him besides or 30 less-40 years in the sale of the streaky yard in the driveway of the dead man. (Mina)

More this substitutes stacks of still sake in the fixed interval while I have used to beat it now in fact said when is by train of gone bad in planting to the launch was money out of precaution. It pay it already for him now, and reap dividends in a future. The desire had purchased or more harvest.
5 / 5
A good tool to have manually when is doubting a force of the stack. Schumacher any lie! Even so, it reads some directions so that has thinks that some components burned a first time used it. Any panic, has the strong smell of overheating. That is to say NORMAL, say you well in a front of a declare!
4 / 5
That is to say a first load of stack declares has purchased and also skimmed through everything joins other anterior descriptions in doing this compraventa. Like Other critiques have mentioned, there are holes of ventilation so that an accommodation takes hot and the beginnings to smoke change a load on for an integer 10 bren. It does not line a change on for longer that 10 bren so that a big heat potentially can melt a change of the plastic power or other plastic components can begin to melt because of a heat. A device is designed very well in that has the turn to jump toggle change, as any accidentally leaves change on in a point of catastrophic failure.

A gauge of thickness resistive cape (the load) can be seen that careers in the zigzag inner of masters if you peer in through some holes of ventilation. That is to say so that the period of a material is required to obtain a quantity required of control. Some holes of ventilation are there to leave a smoke emitted of an initial burn-in a unit in fugue. That is to say a case for almost anything involving components very hot this is used by a first time. Some ventilations also provide the method to heat concentrated in a load declares to be the cross of convection designed. Quan Uses for a first time, will comprise.

That is to say the quite mere creation the be purely mechanical and is reflected also in an economic prize.

Will be to use this device to verify a railcar 12V stack, since has had recently the stack is died in an of my vehicles and has wished had one of this stack testers more harvest.
1 / 5
Some two tests have run was in 12-v acid of car of advantage stack. A flavour has been done without uploading changed in and another test has been down uploads done . A metre of digital volt was to deploy also in both come from. Without the load changed in, a metre of sample of digital volt a stack in 12.5 v and a BT-100 declares shows 12.2 v.
Quan Low debits, a metre of sample of digital volt 11.4 v and a BT-100 declares shows 10.8 v. One 0.6 v the difference is significant gives gives can identify the very stack that feeble or very afterwards in dead person, resulted in the untimely substitution of the usable stack.

Update: I am returned a unit . A bit those that days later, has seen 70% was sale. I have decided to give the another test. This times a BT-100 is almost very on what my digital metre taken. I guess a BT-100 control of quality could be the problem . That is to say quite typical for something well but fact in China.
5 / 5
Fact while it declares. First stack tried with voltmeter and well tried. Used a BT100 and aim it feeble or shorted cell. Taking stack in to Advance the cart and has confirmed bad. The tool adds to have around has very stacks and of marine vehicle.
5 / 5
This thing has saved my butt the time of the pair a month is gone through so much my cart and of motorcycle. Mere to use and accurate for enough 20 bucks, this paid for him besides or 10 minutes less. For the problem to touch, is the necessity to follow down yes is a stack or a system in load. That is to say the mini-the version that is used for a load of the hand-held zone of Cart declares service, but of course you gotta taken a car/stack there and behind to the flavour soye. A unit is clear. Some capes and the clamps is substantial, but a cape is down (&60;3' longitude). A 'load 'of carbon' sure looks the nichrome cape, but while a declare is used only occasionally, has to last quite for ever. A unit takes really hot in the load tries so remarked in some instructions. It plants this in the small joint during use, and a declare cools under hurriedly. It can speak for other users, but also has the pair of Schumacher chargers, and for a prize, material faiths very good.
5 / 5
This produces done while ad. LOOK! Read a manual! First durable product to use some minors smoke which are NORMAL. It does not take preoccupied enough likes him has done. That is to say a better bang for your buck! It opens can take You an elegant digital stack testers, but these laws add for everything of my sailor stacks and controlling them for abnormal activities.

In general highly would recommend this product.
5 / 5
Embarrassingly, HAS HAD TO to use of this stack declare a same week took it. My cart is died, and has had to roughly of my meagre unearned performances in of the entrances of taxi, which pleased me as much as a IRS auditoria. Desprs Uploads in my stack again has tried he with this machine. It confirms that my stack was feeble (perhaps would have to has touched above the bit the long plus), but otherwise VAL, and also confirms that my own cart that uploads the system was in of the limits, although the bit in a big side. As it Saves my a prize of the new stack, has won by behind his price of compraventa. From now on, interest that will verify under a hood perhaps once the month in place of a swipe the year. My blue the hands confirm that there is not quite a lot of room down there. And an ease of change of the oil that changed my oil only the little the mark of weeks, failed to verify a stack while they had promised, he so had two dry stack cells. So many, that is to say my council , buys this thing and the use. Immediately.
5 / 5
I have bought this so that it was conscious that some change to time stacks when is very very necessary and can have other subjects. For example, I purchase the truck used of 5 years with the 5 stack of year. A stack was a type that a bit has had colored balloons in the hole of the viewing and a balloon was red. You could think that this signified the bad stack, even so, with this declare, show also. The furthest reading has said in fact that the red balloon has not been the sign of the bad stack that is a bit counter-intuitive. Also have the 3 old year Outback and when beginning a cart has battled only the small. Burst in a declare and show like toneless same although all has done. Stacks Of carts now the day does not die dulcemente. With electronic so that a lot in the carts there have sometimes any indication when the stack prender to provide quite can to start with. If has several carts, motorcycles, trace mowers and another 6 and 12 v instruments of stack, this declares is handy.

He still, smoked in 1 use and he take very hot. Calm basically is creating the direct bass like these portable heaters so careful when being and the mark sure cools before tent. After one 1 use, more smoked. The amazon there has been this $ 15 cheaper that Wally Mars.
5 / 5
Nice declares. Has my vacillations have based in side, but really, that is to say exactly cual necessity to try the stack while yes he the test of REAL load (glowing cape) versus the test to ridicule load (inaccurate and inconsistent) as MORE EXPENSIVE digital testers only look to do these days.

Has taken literally 5 minutes to unpack and when being satisfied with ones the results. Another testers (digital) simply has not measured up and I highly reccomend this product!!