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1 first BestGot Audio Cable Aux Cord 3.5mm Headphone Cable with Microphone in-line Volume (4.3ft / 1.3m) for PS4 Controller, Headphones,Home/Car Stereos and More (1 Pack Black) Upgrade BestGot Audio Cable Aux Cord 3.5mm Headphone Cable with Microphone in-line Volume (4.3ft / 1.3m) for PS4 Controller, Headphones,Home/Car Stereos and More (1 Pack Black) Upgrade By BESTGOT
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2 3.5mm Aux Cable, CableCreation 3.5mm Male to Male Stereo Audio Cable Compatible with iPhones, Fire HD Tablets, Sony/Beats Headphones, Home/Car Stereos & More, [10 Feet 3M] Black 3.5mm Aux Cable, CableCreation 3.5mm Male to Male Stereo Audio Cable Compatible with iPhones, Fire HD Tablets, Sony/Beats Headphones, Home/Car Stereos & More, [10 Feet 3M] Black By CableCreation
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3 best Bose Solo 5 TV Soundbar Sound System with Universal Remote Control, Black Bose Solo 5 TV Soundbar Sound System with Universal Remote Control, Black By Bose
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4 StarTech.com Bluetooth Audio Receiver with NFC - Wireless Audio - Aux BT Speaker Adapter / Converter for Home Theater or Stereo (BT2A) StarTech.com Bluetooth Audio Receiver with NFC - Wireless Audio - Aux BT Speaker Adapter / Converter for Home Theater or Stereo (BT2A) By StarTech
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5 Syncwire 3.5mm Nylon Braided Aux Cable (3.3ft/1m,Hi-Fi Sound), Audio Auxiliary Input Adapter Male to Male AUX Cord for Headphones, Car, Home Stereos, Speaker, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Echo & More - Black Syncwire 3.5mm Nylon Braided Aux Cable (3.3ft/1m,Hi-Fi Sound), Audio Auxiliary Input Adapter Male to Male AUX Cord for Headphones, Car, Home Stereos, Speaker, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Echo & More - Black By Syncwire
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6 CableCreation 3.5mm Audio Auxiliary Cable, 3 Feet Slim and Soft Rose Gold Aux Cable Compatible with Headphones, Phones, Home/Car Stereos & More, [2-Pack, 0.9M] CableCreation 3.5mm Audio Auxiliary Cable, 3 Feet Slim and Soft Rose Gold Aux Cable Compatible with Headphones, Phones, Home/Car Stereos & More, [2-Pack, 0.9M] By CableCreation
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7 Anker 3.5mm Premium Auxiliary Audio Cable (4ft / 1.2m) AUX Cable for Beats Headphones, iPods, iPhones, iPads, Home / Car Stereos and More (Black) Anker 3.5mm Premium Auxiliary Audio Cable (4ft / 1.2m) AUX Cable for Beats Headphones, iPods, iPhones, iPads, Home / Car Stereos and More (Black) By Anker
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8 AmazonBasics Premium High-Speed 4K Long HDMI Cable with Braided Cord, Black - 10 Feet AmazonBasics Premium High-Speed 4K Long HDMI Cable with Braided Cord, Black - 10 Feet By AmazonBasics
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9 AmazonBasics 3.5 mm Male to Male Stereo Audio Aux Cable, 4 Feet, 1.2 Meters AmazonBasics 3.5 mm Male to Male Stereo Audio Aux Cable, 4 Feet, 1.2 Meters By AmazonBasics
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10 DisplayPort Cable,Capshi 4K DP Cable Nylon Braided -(4K@60Hz, 1440p@144Hz) Display Port Cable Ultra High Speed DisplayPort to DisplayPort Cable 6.6ft for Laptop PC TV etc- Gaming Monitor Cable (Grey) DisplayPort Cable,Capshi 4K DP Cable Nylon Braided -(4K@60Hz, 1440p@144Hz) Display Port Cable Ultra High Speed DisplayPort to DisplayPort Cable 6.6ft for Laptop PC TV etc- Gaming Monitor Cable (Grey) By Capshi
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Top Customer Reviews: BestGot Audio Cable ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Beata
Taken the pair of wireless headphones of Monoprice (number of product: 30922) it conceal it is coming with an audio jack this was just audio and has not had the interface of microphone. It take this partorisca add qualified of microphone when I connect to my PC partorisca do that it does not leave Bluetooth partorisca reasons of security and work like the charm. The audio is decent in the calls and my profit of microphone was the bit in a side a low plus but seeing like this concealed my office is quell'has bitten strong this is to be appreciate. I recommend messing with the recorder voice or some another application that use the mic to see that well it chooses up and need the fiddle with some settings.

In general, happy likes hell with this boss and his action a last month, to good sure would recommend to another facing a subject same to the equal that have done.
5 / 5 Amina
I owe that say that I am impressed with a quality of his and on all the quality of build. A volume slider work well together with a built in microphone. His well with my v-way xs auricular and touch better that an original boss .So only I have a nit picky the one who spends is that his so only the bit snug returning to a headset but swimming to cry roughly will buy these again sure.
UPDATE 9 month and the have the short in a boss ,any worry has bought them a 2 band! And I use headphone jack extensions to help of a jack bending and that causes the premature / unnecessary courts also, are quell'has bitten rough with these bosses in timing so much am very surprised has resisted until my wear and tara like this far and that buys another 2 band to replenish my behind up .
4 / 5 Sparkle
This cord and mic works perfectly with my Xbox A X Controller & Sony XM3 Auricular. It was in a fence in so only buying the designated Xbox headset but so only spent $ 350 in new Sony 1000 XM3 the noise that annuls auricular because it travels the plot for work.

This cord adds the mic and control of manual volume to headphones. A clarity of his east orders, and a mic the sensibility and the quality is surprisingly very bad (the voice is very clear, has looked for to use in-game and listening to has has registered messages)! A braided material prevents tangling or knotting a cord also. This cord saved $ 80-100 that was to spend in the consecrated headset, now have one the majority of comfortable and big-the quality that hears experience never!

Will update in a longevity and quality of build after the few months, honradamente, yes has had to that substitute this the little time the year would not be unbalanced assuming some stays of prizes down. As of now a creation and the look of construction to be big quality!
5 / 5 Tabitha
My edges has lost the boss with microphone for his together of boss of candy of skull. Any I same doubt that can buy it skullcandy boss for separate, but has discovered so only that candy of skull no longer frames or sells the separate boss for headset. So much, ossia like my travesía with a longitude to find the boss with microphone for skullcandy headset had begun.
Has ordered some another boss with microphone, but his quality of microphone was like this poor, his friends can not comprise that it says.
Then, has found this boss.
Surprisingly, the work adds with the skullcandy headset, according to my edges, thinks that this boss is better that a boss that is coming with the skullcandy headset.
He Possess the skullcandy headset, and is looking for the boss of yours still substitution skullcandy headset, compraventa is one.
Does well.
5 / 5 Wilda
Quality really big to the boss. I can confirm work with ps4 like the mic and works with my s8 more together with all some keys on that. Even Law with my ps auricular of gold but so only a volume and mic work obviously any one a key of control. Like this far I am really happy with this compraventa and beaten to pay 15 bucks in better buy for one without controls and fewer qualities of build. And lame 2 of these paralizaciones the averages a prize! You update if they do not resist up but I the doubt
4 / 5 Margene
These works of element with Dre Beaten Studio3 when plugged to controller. His and mic!!!!. Any subject. I actuate a headset when inserted in empty in a Dre Beaten Studio3. Also I actuate a PS4 when inserted in a port on controller. ANY need to buy special Sony proprietary headsets. So only require a boss of audio that has to that 3 coverage the headset and 4 coverage to controller. Has at all to do with updates or PS4 gen1 or gen2 and like this in controllers. I had it it has had it already a Dre Beaten. It has not Wanted to buy the separate headset so only to touch a PS4.
5 / 5 Kendal
A law of boss adds, any static when emotional or turning some connections.
A quality of microphone is glorious also, has tried he for register of voice in my computer and it touching behind, a mic has had any question that chooses on my voice clearly and clearly. I will be to use this when in xbox ALIVE parties.

A boss is the braided material this feels quite well, some finals of connection are the hard but plastic of hule of soft feeling. A microphone casing is the plastic of smooth plus concealed is not rubberized. A key for the pause\of game is clicky and responsive without requiring too much pressure. A volume slider slips up or down smoothly and a volume dropoff is smooth and no staggered.

A boss is quite directly and does not crimp on on he and a period is perfect.

Was pleasantly surprised to see that has had two elements in my mandate (2x elements for order), so only there is not remarked was two bosses for mandate.
5 / 5 Graig
I want to these to the bosses. A mic is súper clear when have the telephone or are in the cat in PS4 and a quality of his excellent east. A key of control is a lot of responsive with the click to satisfy, and for a music in the alone tap, or songs of transmissions in of the double clicks and like this on. A boss also has the volume slider this does like this expected, any low in his own same when physically active. A boss is braided and durable. Also a portion you it the organism of a portion inserts/inserts is not too big and for this returns with more than chance. It comes with two bosses, as has thinks that that one would break punctual and has required to have another but like this far a boss has resisted on adds. Fantastic value!
5 / 5 Mindi
Like this piece of junk there is prendido to do after 60 days or so many. It has written the bad description. Then a Vendor has said esvías yours description and will send the new cord. ' Well, state 3 month now and any word of this Vendor.

4 / 5 Soila
It was very pleased with this boss! Work like this well with my boss of ear of cat of conjoint Glow! To kick, my order has come with the second pair! Now I have the backside on cord. Also REALLY I love a control of volume in a to the cord he! The frames that look these pesky the films to that likes the music obnoxiously strong and voice súper whispery more enjoyable and easier that look. They are really enjoying this to the cord!!!

Top Customer Reviews: 3.5mm Aux Cable, ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Alaina
No really the question with a product, more calling folks partorisca do investigations before buying the headphone boss of connector. I have bought these partorisca connect my headphones to mine portable. A period of connector is well in a side of laptop, this in spite of all 3 pairs of headphones the tried - OPPO PM-3, Audiotechnica AthM50x-bluetooth and Sony MDR-ZX7700N - a connector is too short to close in and for this any sound :(
5 / 5 Amie
it looks the a lot of built little to the boss, and he a lot transferring music of device the speaker.
This in spite of, clashes a side of cord this is to attach to my telephone, spotify will cut was because of the disconnected line.
Is not one the majority of snug contingent jack boss, but he a trick, and looks well, like this ailing be by train of the maintain.
5 / 5 Tessa
As well as his messed on my first order has not received never a boss. Like this finally it take a boss looks the good boss will update this description with which the utilisation and the mark sure does well another that that looks the good boss a lot has done I hope.
5 / 5 Dwana
Bosses of good quality. The time will say in a durability. It take the prize adds for a 2 bandage 3ft period. A period More uses them often when plugging the player of mp3 to the portable speaker. So only a thing there is remarked is that they are quell'has bitten rigid, especially when cold, compared to other bosses have had. This in spite of, are not docking was anything for that, concealed can do him last more along and movement he of a paid to a good speaker.
4 / 5 Olene
Rings the boss of substitution for my headphones and has required something any one too heavy and soft clothed to reduce noise of emotional around. This boss is perfect for that!
5 / 5 Anisha
The packaging has come Empty
4 / 5 Mauricio
This work of boss well among my television and the small speaker that use in ours RV. Exactly that there is wanted.
5 / 5 Wen
It uses this for the connection of mine Bose mine of speaker a lot well
5 / 5 Aldo
For use with MPOW auricular. Quality of his well, excellent durability.
4 / 5 Jonna
I connect the cell or compressed to the mine Sony box of his and is utmost! Easier directed connects that Bluetooth or WiFi sometimes, and ossia a way to go !!

Top Customer Reviews: Bose Solo 5 TV ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Marlys
He been that has more the difficulty that comprises a dialogue in sample of television and films lately... I am taking older and yes, listened in the strong musician in a 70 is. It tries the pair of different solutions like the bluetooth auricular and of transmitter, which has done well but does not like me to have to a bit auricular on for long and has to be class of strong for me, and with the bar of his different that very does not help any a lot of in the own speakers of a television. As I have ordered this Bose Alone 5 system since mentions to improve a clarity of dialogue. Well I have to say that it does. In the first place it ignites in the estandard' road and sound very esgular' in this road; a lot of very big difference among him and my bar of his anterior. But calm once press a 'dialogue' button in a far, to well sure can listen the difference in clarity. It was quite sceptical, but a lot of helps comprise me very better what the people are saying. It IS an obvious improvement . I am attaching the photo of a button in a far necessity to press to enable a road of the dialogue since has not been obvious in me. Quan A road of dialogue is on, a light of green state in some changes of bar of the sound in colour in amber, but will be able to listen a difference, or at least could. It have to mention that some of some looks of basses to be reduced when issues of the dialogue but he also me assemblen some frequencies of voices are enhanced and no only bomb in an offer. With the very to the left flavour some of some bass for a clarity. You can always only press a button of dialogue the second time in toggle the back in some parameters to sound regulates to prefer . Truthfully, has thinks that issues this system behind if any fact the big difference since is bit it pricey, and is to well sure any routing this behind.

Knows what some the people take free material to revise? Well, the desire has taken this for free, but the no. Has paid a full prize. Only tea't thought could wants to know.
5 / 5 Adolph
I will maintain this low and sweet.
1. Small compact creation, does not take on the whole plot of spatial, as that locates the options are extended.
2. Bluetooth! It connects with my television of Apple without a necessity of the cape.
3. A sound am add, but a better characteristic is an enhancement of voice . It opens can listen You the conversation without that has to anything. A musician and effects of his of the film any cover in dialogue of voice. No more turning a volume up when any one is speaking and that it has to turn down so that some effects of sound are in strong.

4. The cart has closed was. The walk was and the turn was after the period of any activity.

Which has required more?
5 / 5 Blondell
I have looked for around Amazon and an internet for the west (without satellite or of the speakers of separate basses) system that could in our room. My woman gave me orders a lot CLEARS having something concealed would return in our centre of entertainment without being a plague of eye while still sounding quite sake to look shows of television or films. Well, now that it has said me to it to him quite that could it to it be sleep with a dog, and trust me in to the to dog does not like him or! In all the case, look youtube videos in a Bose system and some competitors. I have chosen a Bose Only 5, that begs that I have not required to buy the bed of the dog the big plus also. This speaker am adds! Has down good but no overpowering some words spoken or some effects of the sound in any one is looking. WHEW! Has the very rounded sound, and can take quite strong that can find a right volume for any one is looking! I have not required still in max out of a volume still, excepts to flood out of the voice of a woman!!! Has another Bose speakers and has been satisfied with a quality of his products. Felizmente For Bose, has not required to buy sales, so that, if I am earnest, a dog and a so bite of woman! Work as I add Bose! It do not take Me a wrong, still can not sleep in a bed, but at least is in a a/c!! I am very satisfied with a Bose Only 5! I have wished only Bose has done women of substitution?? (I am not to disturb, so that a woman will not read this! :)
A universal far this comes with this system is also, this has cual our primary far for a room. It controls that the box has seated, a television, and a Bose putting. I want that far. Some instructions were clear and has substituted a television and seated far. Almost it estimates a purchase for a far. As we are very satisfied with some far also. Easy in hook up and setup. I add!
1 / 5 Mary
Desprs Very fussing and confusion, could not take this to produce any sound. A LONG control in Bose service of client, which also thwarted. They have not wanted to go without my allocution and number of tlphonique same although it has had already my email. At the end it imagine it was that a unit was defective as it issues behind. An experience was so thwarting that decides in the Yamaha, which was easy to pose up, the utmost sounds and less side.
5 / 5 Kendra
It has wanted the compact soundbar to enhance a wimpy his of my Sony Bravia HDTV (models KDL-40W650D), experiences in 2016. So that it lives in a floor and does not want problem my neighbours, does not want to explode, surround-system of his with the sub-woofer. Neither I want the bouquet of messy capes and speakers during a room. I have wanted only the decent soundbar that would enhance dialogue and of the films of his of respectable mark...And this Bose Only 5 Sound of television the marks of the system only concealed. Look a 1959 classical film Ben-Hur last night and a soundtrack has sounded impressive! It was mere to connect in my Sony Bravia HDTV with a cape of optic the digital audio has comprised. I have verified an on-line manual for my model of television to do sure has a correct beginning - voice my photo of a beginning of optic digital audio in my Sony Bravia HDTV. If your television does not have a beginning of optic digital audio, has another setup options, but will have to buy your own cape. Visits of some speakers in your television and then control a volume of of the one of the west those uses one has comprised Bose far. Also it can enhance a dialogue to press a button of dialogue in a comprised Bose far. I have possessed already the Bose Soundlink Mini ii bluetooth west for my tlphonique and portable, which fly. As I thought that it that it buy another Bose produced. Bose IS expensive, but quality of his excellent. Only that has wanted!
5 / 5 Gretchen
Setup Was sper easy, some sums of far works, and a quality of his is awesome! Has Vizio television, and a built in the speakers suck! Like The speaker of Bluetooth, distributes his add for musician of backdrop when a television is was also. Yes, it is not the 'bangin'' system the launch parties to bellow house, or is the full 'the theatre of house surrounds' system, but is a awesome update in some speakers of normal television. The voices are much more clears with a Bose west in some normal speakers also. If you are looking for the update of big quality for your room of television, takes this! It IS compact, easy to pose up, the utmost sounds, and the value adds for west of big quality.
5 / 5 Natividad
I am having the very hard time that writes this description so that a Bose the bar of his perfect east for the that is to say, but is not sure that the bar of his east that has wanted to to buy. A sound is very crisp and need - the sonata of piano, for example, the flawless sounds - habladuras (especially with road of the dialogue selected) is very clear and easy to listen in. A full volume (but any overpower) the big room. A problem is that it expect for at least the version of small stairs of experience of theatre of the house, and that is to say to good sure very concealed - and doubts that any bar of his east. There is not even the background tone-thumping sub-low. Posed-up was sper-easy - so much a optic cape in my television and Bluetooth in my iPhone. A pair another negative minor is that a optic the cape is relatively down and can require buy the long plus a to take flexibility in planting a bar, and that there is not beginning very available to attach-in the subwoofer has wanted to concealed. I have chosen this product because of a respected Bose name, and so that I have possessed very wonderful Bose products some years. A challenge to choose the bar of his east done much more last for an enormous number of description of fake of 5 stars of bars of his - especially Chinese products. Before buying this Bose has bought the $ 90 Chinese unit with a lot of 5-the star revises that it was only junk (and is returned he).
5 / 5 Ashlyn
A bit odd in not seeing your level of volume (any exposure), but a quality of his fantastic east. It is trace in my television, which are trace in a wall - the all look very good and clean. Bluetooth The connectivity is order - can match the in my tlphonique to touch musician or podcasts and simply change it behind on in a television.
3 / 5 Dawne
It IS small and appeal, easy to pose up, and pair well with my Comcast far (attentive for a button of dialogue that need to press every time in a Bose far). But I have expected so much more than the Bose in of the terms of quality of sound. The clarity of dialogue is improved, but a the global sound is flat compared in some speakers of television in his own. Anteriorly Has matched mine Bose Mini putting of Nexus of the Sound with a television and blow this soundbar has entered each category. Control to see can return so that it is not defective - is only any value a money.
1 / 5 Miyoko
A low audio priced to compose of big final audiophile provider!!
Setup :- The connector of optic the cape is push in and the coverage has broken that inner carried rests. Owe minutes to connect because of creation of poor hinge that the fault likewise depends point of the corner.
Universal controller setup the nightmare. For source of the cape entered of necessity of multiple codes repeatedly. Even codifies Of the manual states can require the be has entered 30 times repeatedly!!. Still the can not take Samsung television to be able up/was or Samsung blue-ray to do. The basic material has represented tortuous.
Quality of sound :- so rid, supremely tinny sound in jarring extremeties. Pathetic Response of frequency of big final. If it can achieve he, to the bet would see cut of severe wave in still 15K hertz. Upper midrange around 4kHz the sounds augmented - borderline listening tiredness.
Has run my repertory of musician - Last CD of Bonos, Coltrane, Lluna Dark Side, BBKing, Delighted Shankar, Nina Simone and Aretha. All has sounded plan - used to listen in my Klipsch Horns like the bit to demand. But a sound is ugly in time.
The controller has button of only bass - very triple!!. Reducing the down does not have any audible effect. Increaing The basses assemblen simply mitigates triplica - not augmenting sub 250Hz frequencies. Beaten Of drum of southerly indium - miridangam to be concrete where jackfruit has done the drums are beaten with the toes and the part of my culture has sounded muffled and the vibrant clarity has been missing of.
Cynical In bad me Bose sourced the Chinese has designed/done/the component totalled and fixed his focus in him for penetration of piece of the EUA wider. But I am sure Bose management with his founder of indium ethos has ethics.
Conclusion :- These sounds of the compose likes him the sake how mine Bose is/fm radius, alarm , system of exposure of the clock and priced so much.
Defintely Any one audio of big final. Still among his equivalenly priced peers, disappoints in alll appearances of sound. Mina Samsung soundbar is infinitely upper.

Top Customer Reviews: StarTech.com ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
I upgraded to this receiver of the Belkin Songstream HD BT B17 partorisca use AptX. Listening by means of a Toslink is exited, which down among a AV auricular and the separate DAC/headphone-amp setup, has found a Startech quality of his noticeably better, particularly in a triple row when listening the big-bitrate sources. I have had so only an analog-out of hooked on in brief to try, but this touches excellent also.

This in spite of, a Startech Bluetooth that receives the row is worse that a Belkin substitutes, probably because of an use of the 'chip' tiny antenna (expressed to the tiny daughtercard with a shielded Bluetooth form of receiver) more than the resonant PCB trace, which would be more be effective. I will comprise the photo of a joint, with his antenna circled in yellow.

Also, an orientation of this already feeble antenna in a joint is such that his feebler reception will be of a front (and behind), which is where a lot of people of course would have his device of source has situated. Like another reviewer mentioned, propping on or hangs it a receiver vertically, with his bosses that is exited neither some upper or the fund would owe that help improve a row.

(If any one feels likes to modify his unit, and obviously voiding a guarantee, that substitutes that antenna of chip with the rigid boss of a pertinent period, soldato to the his no-grounded the terminal would owe that do for the big improvement. Test / ', which is 5/8 of the wave in , or ' for the wave of neighbourhood, and the situate like this far out of other components like possible, ideally broadside to dondequiera one the majority of row. Leaving an antenna of chip has connected in parallel also could do WELL. There is solder tampons for the coax connector, but the tiny surface-the highland resistor can has to that be moved partorisca enable this).

A row is appropriate still for me, fully covering a 15x20' soiled I use he in when fed of the Motorcycle G5 telephones besides, which looks to have the strong plus that half Bluetooth transmissive (incidentally, would read that this telephone was AptX-able as G of the oldest motorcycle is, but a lot in fact looks to be until I have added a codec I; ossia simple to, but requires root. logcat | grep Chosen Codec' to confirm use of aptX vs. SBC). IPHONE Of my husband 7 starts the fall was in 15' was. Neither it can be received more rear that wall or door, but we no really needs that, as I have decided any to do a lot of modification.

Does not exit well in my photo, but has confirmed use of an announced Wolfson WM8524G DAC (AC coupled to a street of analog start 220 uf capacitors), together with the Wolfson WM8804G likes SPDIF the transmitter that walks a Toslink port... A 5VDC entrance is protected against reverse polarity with the diode of serious, then data a way down below to with the linear regulator. All the look of components to run of this common source, but looks to be a lot of-filtered in an analog side, which has a plan of isolated earth has joined the main earth by means of a inductor.

With which two days, has there is not remarked still any of a sound dropout issue another has mentioned, but live in the zone of low density without a lot of interference - only two neighbours' Wifi the coverages are detectable indoors; any telephone wireless hands a band, etc. A feeble antenna could do this more susceptible receiver to the local interference where exists.
4 / 5
After lining mine to head to finds something bad to say in a BT2A, has decided finally that that has to that spent in the to wall outlet was inconvenient and there is not unlimited row.

Have one of an original potatochip-has beaten Alexas. It does not have any connection for audio and ape of only games. Using Alexa application he immediately paired to a BT2A. A start is stereo. A quality of his in mine Sennheiser the headphones was excellent. You can change of bluetooth behind to the inner speaker of Alexa for simply saying Alexa 'gone back of bluetooth.' If it love music to the yours stereo system, 'gone back in bluetooth' transmissions he behind.
The unplugged And moved it the different locations. Until roughly 40 feet and by means of a wall, every time I plugged he behind in and Alexa has said for the turn behind on, he immediately paired. It suspects a row is variable has based on construction partorisca wall as well as distance. In my house, two wall and the flight of stairs was too much far.

Agrees, is the RECEIVER . Ossia Only half of a subject of row. A location, the force and the quality of a transmitter has to that it weaves to do with a row. The interference and the electrical noise also can prevent reliabilities. A device can allege Bluetooth qualified, but unless it says that type of Bluetooth, calm really has any idea of row. I am assuming that one '2' in a BT2A can indicate type-2, which would suggest the level to be able to and be able to return the handshake in 30-40 feet, can receive a signal has transmitted.

According to which pairing, has not had any difference among my Point of Amazon and an Echo of Alexa of the original. Unless a BT2A the stops that reads or burns on, does not go to be able to complain.
4 / 5
Useless. It connects easily but pitiful row and constantly falls a signal of sources very together.

Bought it reason can saw USB of mine Yamaha amp and connect street toslink (releasing on another rca jacks).

Blinks Constantly! Annoying.

And now collects powder as listening the music and listening stutter on and was is a lot of displeasure.

Would have had much more to entertainment that luzca a $ on fire.
4 / 5
It produces quite decent and prize as it is doing that I am looking for it the to do that it is to leave me to connect my ipod my house of 5 auricular years of theatre. Connection to bluetooth for me was quite quickly and discharges and easy touch. For that so only would give it 5 stars. It estimates it that big in general but a Bluetooth the connection I so only give me roughly 8-10 feet before it begins to take the sketchy connection. A sound is decent but has to that crank a volume on two big times like all some other connections to take a volume of the his same (if this felt?). I have connected this has seen a AV boss that has come he with and then also with the optical digital boss (does not come with this) and a quality of sound was exactly one same so that it disappoint to the point. If you are the crazy audio friki and wants to use this for the house stereo and expect DTS his to write then ossia probably any one an element for you honradamente. It does not use he for car audio as I can not revise concealed.
5 / 5
His decent but has the terrible row, included when they are 2m was, when my iPhone is among my organism one the auricular cup out of intermittently. For a row of prize are a lot disappointed. Returned for the repayment. My economic tiny bluetooth auricular of the speaker has more row that this.
5 / 5
Setup Is easy. Paired He with some unused speakers of computers/subwoofer. Sounds really well when he well. Unfortunately it falls a sound in of the regular intervals. Some drops are the second meso , but is a lot annoying. I am assuming that his in loser a bluetooth signal. I have tried he with an iPhone 4S and the Samsung Galaxy S5 and both have had subjects of drop of the sound. Any telephone of import inclusa has seated well on a unit. Has the standalone bluetooth speaker (EU MINI boom) and does not fall never sound.

A bluetooth law to signal so only to 15 feet was before it falls entirely.
5 / 5
The course of mine has bought 2018 based in critiques he very positive of Wirecutter. A row is is absolutely miserable and a lot so only the few feet. Has has auricular more economic with much more of row, and for a prize (which is not big, but still...) Has thinks that that this would be acceptable. It is not . Any of my devices can be more than few feet was or a signal takes impossibly stuttery. If I Am seating them in mine small rear porch, requires to do sure ossia in a side of a more next shelf to spend continue seating or some pauses of audio on constantly. And I am speaking the max of 3 or 4 feet were. Roughly write abler that electrical engineer posted the simple looking hack in an of these descriptions of Amazon, where soldato in the small piece of metal to do the best antennae. I have loved to try but has no quite known that for the do and never have answered my question for more than info.

Especially concealed, the a lot annoying thing: it says that I am listening to the video or some music that the complete clue and has left more than timing very short to spend of longitude, he disconnects a bluetooth connection to my device. I do not have it timed, but looks literally like the pair of small or less. Ossia A lot in a yard, listening to tunes, stops of music, for a time I walk until a porch the row on something more, finds that I also need to reconnect a bluetooth. One 1st world-wide question, to be sure, but I a lot annoying and pointless.

Almost has FORGOTTEN: included when my laptop or the telephone has connected already to this device, when I begin an audio or clue of video, takes the pair of seconds for an audio to in fact be listened. I.et., A video will be to touch, but for the pair of the seconds there is any audio. Often I find that it has to that rewind behind to a start so that I can listen anything has been said. Súper Annoying.

Can not recommend this device. At present I am buying the (hopefully) better option. The desire is so only is returned.
4 / 5
It was very surprised to a upside with this device. It breathes vintage of mine of new life (old) salvation fi system. I rediscovered my digital library for streaming the to my system -- is surprising the one who calm quickly can solve for his subordinated of tiny speakers. It was easy to use, the sound adds and based to my use to date is the product of quality. Highly recommended vs other headphones of blue tooth that cost some same or more.
5 / 5
It has done exactly of the to do. Really it appreciates that it calms that can use included without connecting a start, which mean can leave this in mine mean comunicacionales racks partorisca pull of an audio of a HDMI splitter.

This product has the pair downsides:

- is DC, and thinks a lack of earth caused questions when have in the first place tried uses he with audio the short longitude concealed has comprised different sides of a paving.
- When An entrance is was, he buzzes.
4 / 5
The works add of mine iPhone and my iPad but questions of first order with my laptop (2017 MacBook Pro).
So only can connect a device the time and calm has to that disconnect another first device. It WHISTLES.
Any one the row adds. Has the small a paving of fourth and can not spend a device in a chamber.
The volume is wildly inconsistent of device to device.
Doing roughly more researches it and that sees to plot of the cup revised highly chooses in 15-$ 20 row with better characteristics.
In general - does not take it .

Top Customer Reviews: Syncwire 3.5mm ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 20 ratings
5 / 5 Hermelinda
I very like this To the CAPE! It take a cape and was in perfect condition. It arrives quickly and it avenges bundled amiably that the show take me pride in his products. A quality of sounds is well and wants a durability of a syncwire system of cape! It IS flexible and take and any prone in tieing up it. A metal the leaders viriles is hard and whose researches to be flimsy cual the plot of him them the capes look for to be. When being how can with being the need of small punishment . BUT maintain in importing this the concrete period of cape is way down below!!! If it goes of headphones in yours his pocket any so bad, but the mine purchased to limit in mine pc toast and trace in my headphones and does not achieve at all! As One produces to add but I goofed and has not remarked a period purchased and alas is also down for the that need.
5 / 5 Kurt
Very quickly of delivery. I have purchased one To the cord of this company the while behind and an agreement is still in my cart that the better works that never. Has any queixen. A coated the cape is durable and flexible versus more To the agreements if any one everything. I have decided to try out of an agreement of the extension and he also with my stereo Man-&62;Female To The house. It Likes him it has said it before, of an only problem with this product is his big quality. I do not go to require another extension for awhile. You can pose tension, launch he around, and has things of paste and tope in the and a cape still does perfectly. To well sure the must buys mark for the the one who needs one To the for his cart, house, stereo, or an extension for the slow plus in the. Incredible quality for such the low prize
5 / 5 Trenton
That the fantastic cape!

Bought it to use with my laptop in my Fiio headphone amp. I have found a very low cape that is coming with a Fiio was adds for my iPhone, but is the real ache to use with anything more. It enters Synkwire. That is to say the cape of the real quality and some final accesses perfectly.

Recommends this cape - he still, yes, yes.
5 / 5 Loraine
Sund Quality adds and ft in nntn firmly without hkng r when being slightly loo. I u th To the PLOT To HIM and I are still t utn he t has done lk he drm. Th tul Cape xtrml durbl and tht' jut mrtnt likes him quality. If u amours t bu mthng tht sounds grt nd lt for the utmost r - th a n fr u.
5 / 5 Loma
My boy has not learnt to cure of his quite material still and his headphone the cape there has been an internal pause in him for the take tangled and possibly gnawing in the while it nail it minecraft. This cape is very built, doens't the tangle has almost a lot of casualidad to take an internal pause in him.
5 / 5 Sheila
This to the the cape has done that for art of enchantment for me. First of all, a packaging is very clean and organic. One to the cape is of the very big quality ( apresamiento to know this a minute opens a box and be one to the in your hands. It connects easily with my Bose speakers and included my Point of Echo. This product has been I adds to use and durable and highly would recommend this product!

P.D. This cape also comes with the guarantee!
5 / 5 Ardis
The cape adds so far. Better this has expected. A textured the cape that is upper in still a nylon coated capes. It looks the quality has built, and jack to access very better that other capes another cheaper has tried. Loose returning the cheap capes broke a headphone jack in my expensive telephone (the lesson learnt). These Syncwire To the the apt capes firmly. Another impressive characteristic is any tangle or kink. Luv Soye So far.
5 / 5 Julienne
I use this cape to touch half comunicacionales of my iPhone in my cart. So far, work perfectly. There it was emits in a past where there will be very bad static coming through some speakers yes uses one to the cord and the automobile upload to touch my telephone. Even so, there is has not had this subject with this cord. A sound is clear and there is very little static this comes through when uploads my telephone.
5 / 5 Kareen
The cape adds, robust of audio. It recommends to buy if your cape am loose/too old before looking for nine headphones!
1 / 5 Dane
Something is not very when connecting east.
Has to crank a volume in x2 only of the listen..
Yes forgets to turn down a volume before unplugging he of my tlphonique while in a cart.
Goes to blow out of some speakers..

Took on treated of lightning. For the prize of real sake.
Bronzed His no the value those pays a nave the road he behind.

I only of the that recommends a product..
Will be to purchase another cape today.
Has required he for a party this weekend.

To revise a rest of a product.
A sake of looks of the cape.
Is not very durable like the cape is very flexible.
5 / 5 Rubye
Sоund Quality іѕ adds and fіtѕ the соnnесtіоnѕ securely without ѕhаkіng оr when being slightly looѕе. The uѕе thіѕ To The PLOT To Him and am still tо ԛuеѕtіоn he аѕ іt has done lіkе the drеаm. Thе асtuаl Boss іѕ еxtrеmеlу durаblе and thаt'ѕ juѕt аѕ іmроrtаnt likes quality. If уоu want to tо buу ѕоmеthіng thаt touch grеаt аnd lаѕtѕ for the utmost рrісе - thіѕ іѕ a оnе fоr уоu.
5 / 5 Tam
Some connectors are quite bulky, doing them too fat covers it at random of test of the Life or any headphones that requires the most tightened adapter. If you are looking for the connector tightened this is not a boss for you. I have had to contact Amazon to imitate to the repayment likes the boss was useless partorisca of me.
5 / 5 Cecila
Has been excited to take this boss to substitute my Amazon Basics to the boss. It arrives so only well, but when it connect it to my Galaxy S6 to listen to in my car, one covers so only maintained disconnecting. Still with which exchange some bosses around, still do a same thing. As I have asked the thought of the substitution has taken the uselessness . Well, a substitution was no better. Still I am using my Amazon Basics To the boss for a moment until it finds the better boss.
5 / 5 Kaylene
The connector has been free after the month of careful use, so only can listen by means of the only headphone unless it spends of the minutes to regulate to a right place and any movement causes a question to reappear.
Also, can listen a sound of the coating of a boss that scrapes against your cloths/to subject a lot clearly by means of a headphone is connected to.
5 / 5 Marisa
Will be to return. Quality of his in the mine sucks. Perhaps it is the faulty produced but a sound of the mine telephone to my car is to crap and distorted. When I Use mine $ 3 gas canal laws of cord so only a lot I so that it knows is not my telephone or radio. It likes a material and is a lot of fact cosmetically but like it has said perhaps the mine is just faulty.
4 / 5 Lucius
This cord is upper notch . I buy a lot of cords. USB C, Micro USB, and more. But to the left say. This cord is of a main note. It was to like you silk. I mean, this cord is a better cord there is never has bought. I have considered to spend the dollar less for the most economic product, but the one who a hell. I have been with this cord. I have been stunned. Impacted. This cord was a better has not had never. It is strong, sturdy, durable, and so only felt LIKE THIS SMOOTH. You know it likes spent some cords, and is like, stuck in his, 'I state in the box for month varied been? This cord, any question. It is as to snake in my hands. Any soyemory dips', does not do to like bamboo. It was pure note , liquid S cordage. A better cord has not bought never. Now so only I am buying Syncwire cords. It can any one of state more has pleased.
4 / 5 Tifany
These are awesome! A boss among a two to the the points does not take complicated at all reason is fact of the boss of point. It is light and durable weight . A better part is that the come with the guarantee of time of the life. You owe that register a product, but well currency he for a life of your product. For only $ will be steps the money is very displaced.
4 / 5 Shakita
Is done a lot well to to an only thing did not like roughly is that I have had to take of my chance of the pills so only covers it he in. But it has had to take a chance to use pill of mine in automobile partorisca to the boss there to. So only it can has to take me the different chance but I have received any sound of the static feedback or anything touches very clear. Syncwire Do again and would recommend this by other buyers. Still it has the headline of cord for when you have dipped in up for storage
5 / 5 Ghislaine
I amour how is practically impossible to tangle a cord. A lot-gold of good quality-plated connectors, which am a lot of-securely has anchored.

My main same surprise? A sound-quality. I have compared this side-for-side with my original-frazzled, prone-to-tangle headset cord. A lot-big gauge boss in these, at least the plenary-gauge-step a big plus. Those advantages to some prójimos-@@@subject: His-Quality! No appearances that-a lot of improvement, but, the boy has been he has impressed with a 'unexpected'! The difference was likes among day & at night for me.

Can no also for all the world, but am satisfied with an election...!
5 / 5 Shawnda
Has done the boss of good substitution for mine headphone cord.

A jack also returns snugly, and would have to that return at random telephone bulkier.

A cord is also a lot of stylish.

Because of a nylon material of a cord, when it rubs against him or any hard surface, a vibration spends to the long of a cord with the read 'nails in the chalkboard' sound. It can be the little annoying when using this cord with headphones. You recommend this any day now for one 'to the' cord, but would suggest a rubberized variant for headphones.

This in spite of, after the few months, the cord has begun to lose connection when any bent the sure way in one finalises.

Top Customer Reviews: CableCreation 3.5mm ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Kendall
I have ordered this cord partorisca my car. Like this far I law adds without staticky sounds. Some people have this the bad description because a one has ordered was too short. Partorisca Attention to that measures is ordering! I have ordered a 3ft cord. It is a perfect period partorisca use in a chair forward. If you want to something concealed will achieve your rear chair orders a 6ft cord.
4 / 5 Love
This feels like this economic. Has thinks that that a braided cord would have bit it more quality and sturdiness. I do not see this durable much more in mine car but like this far is doing well so that I need. Probably I will update my pauses of description in a prójimo little month.
am buying this again because although it has thought initially this cord has lasted like this long and are quite rough with cords. So only they are that it buys again because I have looked for it prpers having lost he because of travelling to the equal that is disturbing but is a lot of value of the money and calm to good sure take more than paid partorisca, give the graces to do good products in the reasonable prize.

Update: Dec 29 2018. I have found an original cord like any in fact buys the new a. Still it is doing perfectly after the year of use.
5 / 5 Eugene
Rings one to the cord to substitute some 3feet a that has my Bluetooth auricular (my work any one will leave to use Bluetooth with our devices, long history). I have had a subject of accidentally unplugging a to the cord of my headphones while it uses them. Now, I do not have this @@subject anymore. A quality of his east exactly one same as previously it take with my another To the cord. A quality of some looks of cord like will last enough of long reason has the class of 'braided' or 'weaved' material in an outside of a boss to protect. The 100 recommends this product.
4 / 5 Estell
Absolute waste of money. Yes, a boss is long, yes love a colour. But it does not act. One covers real in him is far too small and shakes free so much my telephone, my car to the port, my computer and some speakers. I have tried all thinking perhaps was so only he fluke, but there is remarked well out of a packaging that the smallest looks that each one another to the boss has has not bought never. It was fearful to use it, the thought had it casualidad the careers was.
4 / 5 Ermelinda
The desire could have taken but I no. has had the to the cord of Compraventa Better that has had for years that has the data finally was has decided like this to take an on amazon. For some reason, the this to the the cord has to that be in one the majority of concrete place to do in my car of discharge. He no all a way in calm like this has to that slightly it prints it half way in and beg to to rests like that, but sometimes when I am driving go in and was and can not listen to of the song fully. It is really odd and the ees has not had never this class of question with one to the cord. I have tried both of his hips and his both have a same question.
4 / 5 Angla
Plugged His into use and is not so only state doing the static noise he the accessory says also very sustained on and on. I unplugged And replugged the and took it finally to do momentarily until the cut was still again. Has an iPhone 7more, the quite common telephone as I do not know reason this product would do like this horribly with my device. The desire could give 0 stars but sadly this will have to that do for now. Waste of money and time and the totals hassle! Now I owe that drive to ups and the turn.
4 / 5 Weston
Ossia One 2nd audio the cord coiled has bought for one 2nd automobile to connect to pill to. Unfortunately I mistakenly has bought the different mark. This one is resulted to be flimsier and was working spottily (on/was) until entirely it go silent in a 3rd test!
5 / 5 Chas
I am obsessed with a concept of this boss, as to be a lot has added so only another star, reason this company has the positive reputation with me and there is at all misleading here. His cords tend to be quite rigid, in general, but am coming to expect the big level of durability of his train. Some bosses of electrical guitar can very included withstand the small car behaviour in his, but CableCreation the version could withstand the very big vehicle that walks the diverse time.

Obviously this boss is not a a to try that with, although I admit that I am curious which can withstand. A boss in this boss has he crazy flat arrival, but is the tad more rigid that has expected, based in a typically rubbery the bosses of electrical guitar coiled could have seen before. Memory of a stiffness of an optical boss, but slightly thinner concealed it. Ossia He headphone boss this in spite of, basically, as I do not have some same expectations esatte. So only it classifies to ask bent he in the acute L in a zone with which some stops of coil, suffers harm or has included so only snap. Hopefully He no, but does not go to risk that it tries that.

How is, ossia boss a lot handy to have, in a way he retracts after unplugging, leaving the shortest cord far hangs it out of your automobile stereo, auricular, or any uses of device with. In fact it uses this in mine together of train of musical action-on, to connect it Monotron pocket synth to the compact mixer. A mixer has put you of gold, and this boss has finals of gold, as this give to plot of confidence, especially of of the this is one of a bit those that the bosses owe that connect and disconnect when transporting my train. It is to add his do not owe that band on this cord. I so only explosions out of a device and jumps to a zone of my neighbour-arrive where another device is, for him. It is exactly that has required, he stereo 1/8 thumb the cord coiled with tips of gold. I assume he the profit when having be this rigid, but the one who knows? It maintains to import that I have not had this very long, likes I a lot now to the equal that resists up over time. Now it has included it have it absolutely static zero or crackle, and a quality of leaves to touch at all to be wished, to the ear of novice like my own.
4 / 5 Rob
We purchase this to the boss to use in our car for long car walks. It is a lot the time enough covers it the player of PORTABLE DVD of a rear chair to a radio in a front of a car and quite short covers it our telephone in of a forward of chair without having the tonne of the extra cord that dips around. A quality of his good east and all the world can listen a film that touch speakers of a car. It was relatively economic and looks to be a lot has done. Writing the descriptions is the fun hobby for me. If you have found this useful description pleases click “yes” down. Thank you.
5 / 5 Drucilla
So only that has required covers it diverse things to him him them entrances and a prize is extremely appeals compared to some bandits in a local brick'n soyortar tent that will remain nameless.

Top Customer Reviews: Anker 3.5mm Premium ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Brock
Alas the no hard the year. You would expect that the cape of premium would be robust and last years to come but, like the quota of people has informed, some falls of connector eschew after some any intense use. The place Of the control has attached.

Update 1/26/2017:

Supremely pro service of active client of Anker (was sincerely surprised), has asked only a S/N and shipped me the unit of new mark HAS HAD apparently the cape of the bad batch. 5 stars for a service of client, will substitute my cape and maintain using he in the daily base, will update a description if anything more comes up.
5 / 5 Jeanmarie
A cape that had purchased in the principle had broken in three month, as distinguished in a picture, as it have written the negative critic in this product. Even so, Anker has achieved has been in me the few days after I have published a description that inform me that a one this took can have been defective and offered me the free substitution. This whole process was very softly and now has the nine an in my possession that the works add. Here it is to expect that this one will last me for the long time.
1 / 5 Evelyn
This cape is built well and when being robust but any one any access in or will not remain plugged in how the maximum of the things has tried.

A collar is so wide that prevent cover he in my Sony MDR-100 headphones that was a reason bought it. So that the mamma. If a stereo the jack is wishing to limit that is to say in any subjects recessed in an organism of a device would have to eschew this cape.

Has tried covers it he in my Lenovo T450s, Nextbit Robin, the Nexus 4, and my PC of desktop which all active flush mountain stereo jacks; a connector or would not remain plugged in or was so loosely has engaged that the pop was if you farted is direction .

IS how was so precisely fashioned with tolerances of zeros that if your stereo the jack is anything but perfect the no .
5 / 5 Niesha
It do not go to write the description but I have to share so is coming to buy SECOND one of these. An in the first place one has done perfectly, lived through enough the bit of hell with two dogs always goofing around in my cart where stays . Well, it was the night of crisp of evening when my dunce of the verge collie swallowed some ends of of the this, while still attached in my radio of carts. He included- The swallowed. The desire has known as and why a drink of hell he. But somehow it eats an end and edged his road in my forward of chair (still is the cord a lot adds and very time !) For a time has remarked, has in the foot in his which then has him semence down and attraction out of his stomach after park in a side of the road. Oh I wants this cord, but does not survive when being pulled of my stomach of dogs. The tan here am buying another where A lot of wait this does not spend never again. For one the majority of part, the perfect cord.
5 / 5 Bret
Read some of some recent descriptions of this cape, that declares that it is has done bad. Habladura Of my own experience, and has done the every day for a past 6 month, has found only an opposite.

Has been using he in the daily base with my Touch of iPod, as well as my iPad. It is been subject say conditions, while it has taken he of a device, and place he in another very time the week. Has Have any subject anything, and absolutely any sign that any portion of him can have it come averts.

A quality of his of so much my Touch of iPod and iPad is glorious, and never there is wavered. The to the ports perfectly, and exactly some same like the day has purchased the.

Anker Sustains of the client is glorious. There is a subject with another element that experience of them, and substituted it, any question has asked. Considering this cape, an inferior line is that he perfectly, and continues to do so in spite of the mine that subjects he in almost of daily abuse. 5 stars.
1 / 5 Nicholle
I have bought this cape concretely so that they have said that laws with Beaten headsets, which have the small beginning for a cape of audio, and absolutely any LAW with my Studio of Beaten headset. A chrome the thing in a cape is on age to return in an inaugural.
5 / 5 Erminia
AFTER 3 YEARS STILL DO SAKE That is to say the very built cord that has a necessity has extended arrived in of the apt telephones with big cases. I am using to to go of my LG television in my stereo system. A cheap cord has used has caused in fact the problem of thought of the latency was only of an old plus stereo has used. But it is a cheap cape . One Anker the cape is to sure big quality good and the only subject has is for them to offer the longest period. 4 feet are only quite yearn mine 1 television setup but no in my mountain of wall setup. This man in the cape viril can not be has beaten he in of the nicknames of quality. More only necessity options in addition to period that colour. It purchases and it enjoys his clear again.
5 / 5 Wilber
It has estimated initially this product 1 star but is updating in 5 stars. When being that I am not very wise in technology, capes, etc, failure to give can have the defective product. Anker Has read my description and routed an email that declares probably took the defective product and asks yes take to nine unit Well, was very impressed to say a less. Honestly I Can say that a cape has done only sake, at all was bad with except a tip has broken entered my laptop, like the cape was obviously defective. Also it have to mention that I possess a Anker speaker that limits in my laptop and use when film of current of an internet. Honestly I Can say that it is awesome, with abundance of low and triple to do me listen while it was in the theatre of film. Active To good sure that Anker takes pride in all his products and I certainly precaution to use the next time writes the description. Thank you, Anker, to ensure my satisfaction and a service of client adds.
Has given this a star so that a tip on the one hand inserts/inserts in your headphone the jack has broken entered my laptop. I have had to to issue my laptop in to repair to have take. A black colored the grooves apropen a tip where inserts/inserts a line, there is a indention which can spend thin and the pause was. It was not if other capes of audio are done some same but certainly will look for or concealed does not have some grooves in him. Perhaps some grooves are which controls a line in your device, any insurance, but I certainly a lot this again. It gives the thanks to a Gentleman my laptop was still down guaranteeed.
1 / 5 Delpha
Always it buys Anker electronic products so that always take good quality. Even so, this was a first lemon has taken of Anker. This to the the fund of cord was has not done properly. I plugged the and taken static, muted his, and screeches. I have tried to take my thought of case of the telephone does not have does good contact, any luck. I the multiple has tried then to the jacks and with multiple devices, any luck. This cord only has not done properly. To attach icing in a cake, is gone in my mandates to return and in a lot of my surprise this cord 'has not been eligible for turn'. Felizmente The amazon is legit and was the repayment had to me it money of mine. A cord has done his road in one beats of rubbish.

Will not sign enters Anker for the $ 8 cord, but careful the be does several descriptions of the people that has a same subject with this cord concretely. It was advance and has purchased the different mark to the cord to substitute easterly unit
5 / 5 Jackson
Anker Always produces material of big quality and this help of small audio the cape is any exception . A cape is material fact of premium, is lined with tissue to do it stronger, has the sake rubberized coating, and comes with 24K gold-plated ultra thin contacts that ensures is taking a sound a possible clean plus. I have bought this cape to adapt my Audiocast M5 () and a quality of the sound of both is point and averts. I am very happy with this compraventa and a Anker mark in general. It expects these helps!

Top Customer Reviews: AmazonBasics ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Vernetta
So only it likes always, when I see of the boss of computer, element of computer, or an electronic element, am almost sure my husband will love it. Still it take this one without saying. That finds was that ossia the fact of good boss with moldings to cover oval and the durable braided jacket. We use it to us on our AppleTV (4k), two laptops the different, and the Transmission of Nintendo and extracted one same as ours another 4k HDMI bosses. This in spite of, different the majority of HDMI the bosses have used, a tension-reliefs in this one has the smooth to paste of a molding of discharges down to a braid, with the good look and feel. A trade-was here is that these tapered reliefs of tension a lot flex so much the one who bad could require you the legislation-corner HDMI adapter if your device HDMI jack is perpendicular to a wall and calm does not have any a lot of clearance. In general, ossia the very good boss . Highly recommend!
4 / 5 Melissa
As have think having the one of leftover HDMI the boss was the good idea , but there is pulled then this out of a box. It is so only 3 feet! I mean. I have known six 3 feet , but the supposition there is no @to @give that when it was now of taking a boss that goes, would have quite period. So I need something connected for the cablebox/streaming console/of device, then this is not for you. Instead I will be to use this with my Nintendo Classical, and my portable TV. Ossia An only way this goes to do for me. A quality of video is well, as any one @subjects there. They are not the enormous defender of braided bosses, reasons overtime spend a more the use. Calm finally will be forced to cut the cloth was, and so only is the disorder.

Estimativas Well, but more used for portable situations.
4 / 5 Leopoldo
HDMI Cord, Work so only well. A flexible cord is well, bit it more flexibility that included a cord regulates softer. Our stand of television is the darkest forest , all our cords are black reasons our soundbar, TVs box, and some accessories are all black - as having some cords a same colour blends he all more can. Ossia The very light, almost brilliant money - for any with lighter that the pieces of furniture/walls/anything that a cord would be against this would look very compared to an usual cord. It is too brilliant and light to blend in well in our situation, a quite obvious cord, so that it is something to maintain in alcohol. Reason to to the works like to of him has to that, has the flexible cord, and is useful colour sure situations, recommends.
4 / 5 Georgette
An Amazon Basics Big Accelerates Braided HDMI the boss has the red brilliant braiding with matching covers him red has done mostly was aluminium with some hard red plastic. Some connectors are money in colour with possibly inner of pins of the gold. Of then at the same time of a description. To the amazon has had little available information, is difficult to value a HDMI the action of the boss, but while done a connection, a picture does not freeze and be any anomaly of audio, am satisfied. A highly visible colour of this boss the fact adds for coding by heart, doing disconnections/of connections of the easy concrete device. While some discharge does not have any relief of external tension, a boss looks quite durable without being rigid, he doing easy to the snake by means of pieces of furniture and storm of instrument. This boss does not have a typical rigid nylon braiding, instead is like the cloth of polyester. An Amazon Basics HDMI the boss comes packaged in the box of recyclable map.
4 / 5 Inez
This boss really underlines in mine pack massive of bosses - I am using among a sound-system and a TV. It is rigid, but no too still to edge by means of beginning and wind around obstacles. It is also difficult to kink, which is well. My alone complaint is that a zone around the discharge is enormous. 2' to touch to touch. Assuming some discharge of boss directly to some backsides of yours electronic, when plugged will require the minimum of three thumbs for behind your device. Ossia A period to cover remaining and a curve of boss.
5 / 5 Glen
This can touch bobo, but ossia the beautiful boss . It is the quite a lot of shadow of red this has a braided sheath. It feels he likes quality and of the good works. Some finals are the fat of has bitten , but concealed is not to treat he-breaker.
Desires more the companies would consider to do bosses like east in of the different colours. I do in him, and often it has to that try to speak the users remotely to troubleshoot his subjects. Having bosses by heart of the codes would be amazing and life to mark so easier.
4 / 5 Jolanda
This are to add and spent to the usb outlet or a usb the side can be plugged to the box of mobile phone “rule” that atasquemos to a wall outlet. It is gold and braided. It likes reason out of some four cords plugged in in my bedside, can find this one same in a darkness, so only for a texture. It is long enough to use in the bed and ossia to prize! It touches fast and returns my kindle fire and mophie touching if utilisation in mine iPhone also! Any complaint! It is solid quality and extracted well. Exactly to the equal that has described.
4 / 5 Le
An Amazon Basics the line tends to cover an earth of boss that Monoprice used to possess. This boss is another example of as to the amazon is was to run over folks likes Monoprice with the decent sakes in the decent prize there is rid almost instantly.

Has tried this boss was with a HP Omen low latency gaming monitor and MacBook Pro to look some salvation-def film and demo video. All was adds. Neither there are the subjects with the applications of normal office likes him Word, Excel, etc. A relief of the tension and the coverage of boss is all súper has to that - which have tried for flexing his with my hands. You can see a thickness of an armour of boss in a photo with mine had wrapped around a bundled boss. For reference, spend the measure 9 mentions glove.

If durability and precise force on hanged and thinness, ossia your boss
4 / 5 Yolonda
has purchased so only the help of new monitor to use with my laptop and he have come with the 6' HDMI boss that left with the plot of excess boss for the distance the scarce required in my office. This was exactly that has required A quality of build is excellent and the law adds! And highly I recommend it.

Has found this description to be useful at all, please take the moment and click a key down to leave to the amazon knows. Thank you So much 😊
5 / 5 Ligia
I has the Mac Pro has connected to the 4K the monitor reason has has thought was the very good HDMI boss, but for a time a long more a monitor has been saying me '[Resolution] Any Sustained' a lot a time when I agree a computer out of the sleep. I owe that pode of cycle in a monitor or transmission to another entrance and then behind. A question always would correct after the little fiddling, but in some wait that that was boss -has related has ordered this AmazonBasics boss.

And yay, a question has gone now. Had state that thinks that that a question was probably in a monitor -- happy has tried a first boss!

Top Customer Reviews: AmazonBasics 3.5 mm ...

Rating: 2 out of 5 with 10 ratings
2 / 5 Tania
The tan varied other descriptions a coating of money that says 'Amazon basics' unglued and slide behind but now that is been only in six month everything of a wiring is come exposed... Perhaps it was only the defective element that took but for a bit the uses gave it would have expected lasted it much more. In a side besides, before it begins to come the waste has done the add !!
1 / 5 Nia
Usually the does not like me to give 1 of star, but sound a security of this cape is in question. And when his that could admit it your real health for the product, merit very only or stars.

Has bought this cape for some headphones of big final. An old cape was only the tad too down. An audio has been very so of the few days to write, BUT a rest of an experience was painful to say a less.

Some finals of a cord is not properly protected, and can spend an electrical load. Anything in prjimo the proximity will be impacted. This comprises objects closely of metal (obviously), as well as anything concealed can take an electrical load. In my case, this meaning if an end was anywhere afterwards in rind of mine, has taken the accident in of the llamas . That is to say the multiple time spent , so much in my ear and of the zones of collar. To be clear, a sense of the load like the hair was yanked was. Only after several minutes at the end conclude that a cord literally impacted me. I have used some change electrical tape to isolate a final, and this looked to do, but is not taking any casualidad with this product. A moment I can take another cord, is by train to purchase it.

First time that amazon of uses basics, and has taken literally burned. No the road adds to start with the relation.
2 / 5 Leon
Some descriptions for this cape any one really does it justice, AmazonBasics provided me already the reliable election for capes. This cape was exactly that purchase, he 3.5 mm cape that is not meant to be used for purpose where the the audio is crossing more concealed 1 source. For my house setup is running through two devices of audio, which usually do not cause a Feedback of Audio 'Hum' in my headphones, but with these marks of cape. You have to buy the earth to have sees was, or change in your beginning of entrances/of the audio to isolate and the fix.

Calm only necessity this cape for speakers, car radio, etc. 100% but the, if it is for anything concealed is complicated more than concealed, purchases the expensive plus, cape of big quality and saves a problem.
4 / 5 Jenae
I have bought this to the cape to use with my Galaxy of Samsung S9 and my aftermarket cart stereo.

Afterwards initial, careful opened of a box of goleada, spent a the neatly locate back cape in the circle with two slightly embroiled bonds of transfer inside a unsealed plastic stock exchange. Some looks of good cord enough, but immediately could say is material very economic , which are well, take this cape was $ 5.00. Some connectors looked and listened very well for the this was and would have to take a work to have that clear fact for me. Some access of connectors appropriately well in my devices.

Thinks that a quality of his east well and has not had to turn some connectors around while the musician is game . Admitted, is not the quality of his well declare how speakers a musician is touching through these 18 years. Still kicking!
5 / 5 Venetta
This six cape of feet has done perfectly and is very done, but was too down, and in planting to do a right thing and exchanging he for the long plus an I strung among a computer and a television, leaving hangs the few feet above a fund. It opens HAS the ten cape of feet these lies in a fund, only am that it copies a party of a description of this cape that cat in that past when tripped strongly in an also-small a:

'A AmazonBasics the cape is very robust, but directed to break a premier a bought so that in 6 feet was also down in lie in a fund, he doing unavoidable that at the end would trip in the. Frankly it was happy that a displayport carried he in a 6 cape of feet has broken has been in planting to attack a computer in a fund. Felizmente A 10 cape of lies of feet in a fund, and now is the happy little camp. I actuate A lot another AmazonBasics capes that does not have data me never any problem, as I am sure that that is to say a last cape will require.'

While it can see calm consider it the characteristic, no the insect, that a mini displayport covers it has broken has been in planting to clash my computer in a fund after I blundered strongly in him. You can prefer that your capes survive your squad, but that it is until you...
4 / 5 Aracelis
I have purchased this cape 3 month ago.
Has looked for the cheap cape for my woman to connect his telephone in the one of the west.

- Any interference, any hissing (still when twisting a cape)
- Robust
- does not look cheap

- A barrel of money of a terminal to cover casing when being so plastic.

- The cape regulates of 3 powder (3-pole = 2 black bars; the cape of 4 powder 3 black bars). In this way that has the canal for a Right audio, the audio Left, and an earth. Any one another can transmit the data (and.G: microphone).
- Has purchased some 2 feet (0.6 metres). It thinks two times before ordering this period; that is to say down!

Donat A prize, would recommend this cape in any one looking for the basic product, still of well manufacture.'
4 / 5 Ji
Nice that cape of looks but mine ruptured in a barrel to contact after 4 month. It sees photo for details. Perhaps they are not of the meanings for heat of Florida?

In his service of client of Amazon to regulate immediately overnighted me another cape without the questions has asked. I will use of it is an interior .
5 / 5 Dominque
I add AmazonBasics cape 3.5mm of two feet for five bucks. I took this to connect of a earphone jack in my iphone in a to the jack in my cart. That is well in some cover for this cape is that they each which so it can return in a hole in a bumper/of case that goes in snuggly insert all a road in a earphone jack in my iphone. Mina ANOTHER old 3.5mm the cape hardly does in and like the result loses connection once while. But some covers by so new perfect AmazonBasics access 3.5mm of cape amiably in a hole in a bumper/of case that goes in a jack in mine iphone. Highly recommended taking this cape 3.5mm.
1 / 5 Toccara
To be fair, alloy in a tlphonique and in a stereo. It transmits audio among devices. A quality of his terrible east. It IS calm, crack and explosions, and looks to fall. Further, a fittings the defective or irregular looks. Has another to the cape that use regularly. Has at least 10 years. I actuate Still to experience any subjects. I have bought this cape of Amazon like the substitution, anticipating failure in some point. Amazon Basics The products are usually very very done and function fantastically. I think that this to the the cape is an exception in a rule.
1 / 5 Tomi
I have tried only unplug this, probably for a first time, and a connector of the gold decoupled of an accommodation of money in an end of a cape--fell it basically averts in my hands. The amazon says it only has to 1 guarantee of year so also bad. It IS only the $ 5 cape, but very does not have to is fallen eschew after two years with zero wear and tear ( is been plugged in a backside of the stereo, intact). I am sure yes it has the plastic accommodation has adapted cheap in place of an elegant silvery metal a the would not have broken . It finds the cape to buy that it looks mere, any one this.

Top Customer Reviews: DisplayPort ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Daina
That is to say the add looking cape and research to be very very done, this be has said, and can not take more concealed 75hz in 1080p. Screen flickers besides there useable in anything main that 75hz. Very disappointed.

Edita: they achieved it it was and it is routing the substitution. Update after or taken here but and is impressed with his service of client so far.

Edits 2: cape of the substitution routed out of free of the load and he utmost. Thank you!!
2 / 5 Errol
Running 2560x1440x144Hz. First cape done by quite a lot of 2 months begun to experience a flickering another has informed. Capshi Routed Me Two substitutions and they flickered of a beginning and has not done never. Behind in an also-low OEM cape that is coming with my monitor until I can find the better unit Too bad so that with a braided the cape and the connectors of metal have wanted like this cape.

EDITA: At least his service of client is punctual and useful - offered to substitute or good repayment after I have published this description.

EDITS 2 (3/12/19): A continuous company the road me the emails that ask me to change my description am satisfied with a substitution. It suffices to say will not change my description - only will attach in him (like this update). Obviously they are very conscious of his image of description and while has the pleasant experience with his service of client, has not had never the cape of them concealed has done properly, as I will not be changing my description.
5 / 5 Sharon
I have bought recently he for my new dual monitor setup. Pluggged In the subjects have had already with one of some capes. Any one a cape has a monitor to direct of the subject, or only some problems of cape. Contacted a manufacturer in a subject. Although a primary response has taken some time, otherwise after it was hurriedly. They have required some evidence in a subject, once objective. Hurriedly They routed the relacement, any question has asked. A new substitution has done well and doing adds.
1 / 5 Lara
As it use it this cape for the few weeks and seeds all a sudden a screen flicker nonstop each which how 1 in 2 minutes. Revoked some connections, crossed all my parameters, at all would fix it. I have finished to buy the generic 1.2 DP Port cape of one 99c tent and wa the, impulse-fixed. The majority of some descriptions was well in of the this and liked me one issues a cape was clean and elegant look . Compared in other marks in a signal to price this cape by far looks some better, some connections look clean, sleeving is perfect, but a quality is rubbishes evidentially. Justo odd takes time in operation of just decree. Taking it casualidad and see that it spends. It goes to order another DP 1.4 cape but for now one 99c the special tent is doing a trick.
5 / 5 Leonora
I have had only this for the few days like the can not say how long lines up in a long career, but research to be quality very big and the laws add with my dual 1080p monitor setup. I have not used he for anything more but is although it retreat 4K if never decide use he in a future.

A braided the cape is worth it. Any rigid cord to enter a road covers it he in in of the odd angles. Less tension in some cords and easier to guide through slope of the places up.

Some connectors also look for to be very has done. Some low quality ones have used in a past listens likes him is to ail streaky together and can leave opened easily. Also they have a troubling tab that attaches the volume and he takes them to limit in. This a does not look to have any one of these subjects. Value 5 stars.
5 / 5 Rivka
Only it take it the cape of the substitution and he are doing utmost. No more interference of Bluetooth, and mine 4k the monitor is running with the 60 Hz refresh tax.

Anterior description: Some works of cape well with mine 4k monitor and research to be the flexible cape very done. An only problem has is that while a cape is using everything of my Bluetooth the devices lose his connections. Quan Unplugs A cape, everything of my Bluetooth the devices restore his connections. It substitutes a cape with the different mark and everything are doing he so has to. I suspect that my cape is bad has protected.
5 / 5 Prince
The cross or no, finding the cape of port of the exposure that can do 144hz 1080P gaming is quite cry it. Each cape so far aimed in stuttering of game in my gaming monitor. Once this cape was plugged in, has uploaded the game.. And . Any stuttering.
Has taken issues also long to find a solution in this cape.
Will update some months as I flavour me further and abuses this cape.
1 / 5 Katrina
This cape that am add, robust and reliable. Alas it is not any a lot of things.

Took it more or he less done 2 month and begun to have problems the week.

Has built my computer mid-December and has the double monitor setup. My card of map has 1 port for HDMI and 1 port for Displayport. I have had already a HDMI cape and has bought this Displayport cape. All was very at the beginning until a day, mid-games my screen was black. I thought it could be it a card of map and the he so raisin that requires an update in an engine but a problem have persisted included after an update. I have changed a HDMI and a Displayport capes in some monitors and he are spent to do. A problem has persisted for weeks now and always in a monitor that has a Displayport the cape has connected.

A shame that a cape is very unreliable so that it look it very good and when being adds also. I go it to exchange today and see that it spends with a nine unit will update if a problem persists.
5 / 5 Twana
The quality of a braided the cape is excellent, with some finals this research to be the gold plated. Some finals is come with well to cover protective, and a quality of finals was on way and apt snugly when plugged in some sockets of port of the exposure. He experimented any static or another interference in my new exposure when using a cape. It considers the to be the good purchase.
5 / 5 Glennis
Well Solid DisplayPort cape v1.4 For 4K monitors. A braided the cape is flexible and easy to use. The connectors are carried basic and properly in (not closing ). The mine is doing fantastically to connect a NVidea GTX 1070 card in the BenQ 3270 4K monitor.