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1 first Wireless Charger, Seneo 2 in 1 Dual Wireless Charging Pad with iWatch Stand for iWatch 5/4/3/2, 7.5W Qi Fast Charger for iPhone 11/11 Pro Max/XR/XS Max/XS/X/8/8P, Airpods 2 (No iWatch Charging Cable) Wireless Charger, Seneo 2 in 1 Dual Wireless Charging Pad with iWatch Stand for iWatch 5/4/3/2, 7.5W Qi Fast Charger for iPhone 11/11 Pro Max/XR/XS Max/XS/X/8/8P, Airpods 2 (No iWatch Charging Cable) By Seneo
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2 Wireless Charger, Seneo Qi-Certified 10W Fast Wireless Charging Stand for Galaxy Note10/S10/S9/Note9/Note8, 7.5W iPhone Wireless Charger for iPhone 11/11 Pro Max/ XR/XS Max/XS/X/8/8P(No Adapter) Wireless Charger, Seneo Qi-Certified 10W Fast Wireless Charging Stand for Galaxy Note10/S10/S9/Note9/Note8, 7.5W iPhone Wireless Charger for iPhone 11/11 Pro Max/ XR/XS Max/XS/X/8/8P(No Adapter) By Seneo
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3 best Seneo [2 Pack] 15W Qi-Certified Wireless Charger for LG V30/V40, 10W Fast Wireless Charging for Galaxy Note10/10+/9/8, S10/S9/S8, 7.5W for iPhone 11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max/XR/XS/Max/X/8/8Plus(No Adpater) Seneo [2 Pack] 15W Qi-Certified Wireless Charger for LG V30/V40, 10W Fast Wireless Charging for Galaxy Note10/10+/9/8, S10/S9/S8, 7.5W for iPhone 11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max/XR/XS/Max/X/8/8Plus(No Adpater) By Seneo
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4 NANAMI Upgraded Fast Wireless Charger Fast Wireless Charging Stand Compatible Samsung Galaxy S10+/S9/S8/S7 Edge/Note 10/9/8 & Qi Charger Compatible iPhone 11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max/XR/XS Max/XS/X/8/8 Plus NANAMI Upgraded Fast Wireless Charger Fast Wireless Charging Stand Compatible Samsung Galaxy S10+/S9/S8/S7 Edge/Note 10/9/8 & Qi Charger Compatible iPhone 11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max/XR/XS Max/XS/X/8/8 Plus By NANAMI
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5 Seneo 10W Wireless Charger, Qi-Certified for iPhone 11/11 Pro Max/XR/XS MAX/X/8/Plus, Fast-Charging Stand for Galaxy Note10/S10/S10/S9/S9+/Note9, Standard for Google Pixel 3, LG V30/V40 (No Adapter) Seneo 10W Wireless Charger, Qi-Certified for iPhone 11/11 Pro Max/XR/XS MAX/X/8/Plus, Fast-Charging Stand for Galaxy Note10/S10/S10/S9/S9+/Note9, Standard for Google Pixel 3, LG V30/V40 (No Adapter) By Seneo
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6 Seneo Wireless Charger, Qi Certified Wireless Charging Stand Compatible with Iphone XS Max/XR/XS/X/8/Plus, 10W for Galaxy Note 9/S9/Plus/Note 8/S8, 5W All Qi-Enabled Phones(No AC Adapter) Seneo Wireless Charger, Qi Certified Wireless Charging Stand Compatible with Iphone XS Max/XR/XS/X/8/Plus, 10W for Galaxy Note 9/S9/Plus/Note 8/S8, 5W All Qi-Enabled Phones(No AC Adapter) By Seneo
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7 ZIKU Wireless Charger.6 in 1 Aluminum Alloy 80W 14A 5-Port USB Wireless Charging Stand Station Dock for Airpods/Apple Watch 5/4/3/2/1 iPhone 11 Pro Max/X/XS/XR/Xs Max/8/8 Plus-Built-in Adapter (Gray) ZIKU Wireless Charger.6 in 1 Aluminum Alloy 80W 14A 5-Port USB Wireless Charging Stand Station Dock for Airpods/Apple Watch 5/4/3/2/1 iPhone 11 Pro Max/X/XS/XR/Xs Max/8/8 Plus-Built-in Adapter (Gray) By ZIKU
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8 Wireless Charger with QC 3.0 Adapter, Seneo 10W Fast Wireless Charging Pad, 7.5W Compatible iPhone 11/11 Pro Max/XR/XS Max/Xs/X/8/8P/Airpods Pro/2, 10W Compatible Galaxy S10/S9/S8/Note 9/8-Black Wireless Charger with QC 3.0 Adapter, Seneo 10W Fast Wireless Charging Pad, 7.5W Compatible iPhone 11/11 Pro Max/XR/XS Max/Xs/X/8/8P/Airpods Pro/2, 10W Compatible Galaxy S10/S9/S8/Note 9/8-Black By Seneo
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9 Seneo Fast Wireless Charger with QC 3.0 Adapter, Qi-Certified 10W Max Wireless Charging Stand with Quick Adapter, 7.5W Compatible iPhone 11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max/XS MAX/XR/XS, Galaxy Note 10/Note 10+/S10+ Seneo Fast Wireless Charger with QC 3.0 Adapter, Qi-Certified 10W Max Wireless Charging Stand with Quick Adapter, 7.5W Compatible iPhone 11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max/XS MAX/XR/XS, Galaxy Note 10/Note 10+/S10+ By Seneo
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10 mophie - Wireless Charge Pad - Apple Optimized - 7.5W Qi Wireless Technology for Apple iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, XR, XS Max, X/ XS, 8 and 8 Plus - Black mophie - Wireless Charge Pad - Apple Optimized - 7.5W Qi Wireless Technology for Apple iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, XR, XS Max, X/ XS, 8 and 8 Plus - Black By Mophie
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Top Customer Reviews: Wireless Charger, ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Joe
Like this it is attractive. It Likes him that it is of black and a measure is sum for my nightstand. Even so, touching a telephone is delicate. You have to pose a telephone in a load in exactly a right place in a tampon or will arouse you until in 2% load of stack likes him this morning!The works add with my Clock of Apple you no
5 / 5 Lyndsey
The convenient fast load wireless. For example, in my Galaxy of Samsung S8 using a Samsung the adaptive fast that to wall of the load uploads plugged in a cape that is coming with this device will touch my telephone in 1 hour 40 min when begin in 50% load. A unit when being very/ tez of looks , has rubber very-tampons of slip in a fund. He bolsters a telephone in the convenient angle for desktops, the use of covers of some tlphonique while it is in a support and load. A light FOCUSED gives an indication that is entering: standby, touching, not touching . One touching automatically the turns was when a telephone achieves 100% to prevents on touching or constant cycling of has been on. A S8 can be touched in so much a vertical place and of horizontal because of a 2 creation of coil. My woman S8 has the relatively fat case and one upload law well with his tlphonique also. I have not taken the measure to see if his telephone is uploading against to the imposed still likes him the mine; I suspect a case is reducing an efficiency of a scrolling to be able to in some measure.
5 / 5 Avril
I have tried you stop them different units that debits so much my Clock of Apple and iPhone. A two has tried had a sample uploads has built in. An idea was utmost but no also. My clock has touched intermittently or at all.

No so with this upload. These uses one uploads it this is coming with a clock as it do without problem. It touches My telephone without subjects. Has the light of tiny green when your telephone is touching but is at all these resplandores brilliant.

Although it is main that some of an another portable upload combinations, is still slender and would be easy to travel with. A sample uploads the explosions to title in and was so that it can travel the small flatter.

Would have given this he 5 if a sample uploads the part was in the hinge to bend up and down in planting to burst in and has been. Otherwise IS the unit adds and would recommend in the partner.
5 / 5 Yi
The flight, has bought 2 some arrests down and afterwards in my bed, so easy to pose my tlphonique and sample on and the walk was although his just for the fast load against the juice arrives the the small require before I have left.
5 / 5 Isreal
Awesome Road to order some ages cord with a longitude of crazy load nightstand problem. A mat of load is look very lustrous and careers down in a madness of cord. Very happy with a product and some looks of him.

An only problem is that some look of coils to be in a side a small plus so you amiable of has to be quite intentional of this posed your telephone in the or access to bake, also, a logotype is ugly AF; it can have any posed the down a mate?
5 / 5 Easter
My first order was for two of these units. Sake of look and do very good. For the time. A subject has had was with a micro UBS connector. It has Had the plot of devices with this type of the connector and the cape and has has not had never anything fails so fast or easily. Have wanted to very eat Me these things. They that is said to do and he well. If it was not for a connector would be adds. Has had to the third unit afterwards or had failed the expecting was the fluke. But now I am down in or from an another connector in another has failed also. It likes two out of three failure immediately is the bad description of me. Perhaps if the glass to plant in the some place that hardly take it touched and you very very softly plants a telephone in the, can last awhile longer. But I have not been rough with them. I will spend the small extra bucks in another mark now.

UPDATE: A vendor was VERY responsive and has interested. They owe then here it update it apparently a unit and was very amiable in expediting out of substitutions in any load anything. Some looks of cape to return much more snuggly in a connector now and so much has tried far reliable.
5 / 5 Yadira
The flight, very convenient not taking a case of tlphonique was, any cord or cubes to limit in. Only fall your telephone in a load and is well to go!
5 / 5 Leota
There are several elections when goes in these chargers. It looks for one this is coming with a wall AC load against. It avenges my own as I have chosen this wireless to upload. Work perfectly and touches my woman iphoneXs and my iphone8 more. Very happy with so records.
5 / 5 Jenell
Work with my Note of Galaxy 8 in Samsung the covers have DIRECTED.
Does not have to take a coverage.
Plants one inner load of the case that I fact to use a case of pencil of economic plastic.
5 / 5 Justina
This uploads the works add with our Galaxy S8s. It IS relatively small impression he the easy fact of the pose in a nightstand and is posed the totality am adds to paste a snooze button when an era of alarm goes. My woman uses the case of fashionable folio of the factor and I use a Otterbox case of Worker, so much left for fasts of touch. It does not look to import if a telephone is not planted perfectly in a load, engages in all the case. I have not tried a time of load, but can say is quite fast. There is the tonne of these types of chargers there, know a Seneo appoints so it was was that with purchase of mine and is very happy has done.

is fallen my description so that only found one of a chargers looks for to be defective. It does not engage in fast load. Fallen on in 48% will take it 7.5 hours to upload against 100%!!! While, a unit of operation will do a same quantity of load in the small in an hour. We use some bricks of Samsung of the originals of power of fast load as it do not have to have any problem with that.


is of tower in subject. A vendor routed the new upload this investigation is that law as it has to.

Top Customer Reviews: Wireless Charger, ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Stefani
Quan Calms 1 taken an element in a clave only one uploads he and a cape in the brick to be able in but no a brick to be able is signified in a title and in a description but I can not find this the very small inconvenience so that almost all the world-wide today has the brick of power to limit the usb cape in or atleast has to.

Also some necessities of brick of the power to be the brick of power of fast load if it is not a device no in his full potential and he will say you if it is the brick of power of the fast load for a light FOCUSED in a front is the light of solid green for 3 seconds after 1 plugging he in and then a be only old in standby until you have posed your tlphonique or the device in a load. The case is not the brick of the power of calm fast load give you to 1/2 light has directed. It maintains that in of the imports.

On everything is used while you have feigned limits in and has posed then your low telephone and in absolute load.

Warns future a device he and your telephone can look warm in a touch while it is by train to touch you that it is normal but maintain that it imports is any warm plus necessity or very hot to unplug it and to the left doubts the calm quota give you the opinion in of the this in a manual but so far has has not had any problem with him.

Is not so hurriedly while it would like him be for the load but he are utmost to maintain he in a nightstand in an end of a day and any prpers is the preoccupy quite looking for the cape to touch only poses the there and fall asleep and your telephone will touch.

Of 30% telephone has uploaded against 100% Telephone has touched has taken enough an hour and 30 minutes in fully of loads. Although that could look very the time also has to maintain in the imports is more probably only go to maintain this in the location where usually is falling your telephone in a premium is only can upload against a same time.

On all a product is used so feigned and has the habit of his full plus. For a prize for the wireless upload and what hurriedly can touch and what hurriedly can touch is in fact more than the steel then anything has seen the companies try to do Samsung wireless upload knockoffs and touch more then his usual prize for the crapy Uploads that it was cheaper that this. To well sure recommend it that any one concealed is looking for the wireless to upload.
5 / 5 Cherish
C uploads law well, has .7mm Case of glass in my tlphonique and still uploads without subject. It was not that hurriedly is compared in another chargers while it use it the support and constantly is taking up and has been. My iPhone 8 load against road of the landscape and an angle are well for films. A clear green that his show 'on' is VERY dim and unless you look very when the powers up has not been noticable. I add for dark chambers or yes calm any preoccupy you quite blinking lights. The base of rubber maintains unit of sliding in the table and another bumper of rubber maintains a telephone in place.
5 / 5 Emelda
That is to say my load of wireless premier while it has taken only my Galaxy s10 and has wanted to to like it. I in the first place listening quite he of a piece that has listed he in his 'Cup 10' ready. You are described so that be 'the cosy case' and is the 10 watt uploads to upload faster. I can confirm that, included with a case on, my loads of tlphonique without problem. I Like him his of an orientation for more whole when being that flat while I can use he cual the support to look videos, etc. Same while charge. Be hurriedly, effective, and the value marks very well this wireless load is the keeper!
5 / 5 Enda
Has the Galaxy of Samsung S9 and has bought the Samsung the rounds upload. It does not touch my tlphonique unless a case was to take. Still then they are very picky in just hoe a telephone was in the. I have purchased then this one and I are ecstatic quite that well does included with a case in a telephone. It was also my woman has taken he and the law used for his telephone. I have bought then more two, or for my cave of man and or for my tent. Highly it recommends this load.
5 / 5 Bruno
I add wireless to upload. There is has not had any subject with him and has an iPhone XR. Touch my telephone with coverages of the thin case concealed has not interfered with touching capacity.
5 / 5 Cinthia
It does not have any complaint. It touches My sensibly more tlphonique fast that any level uploads.
4 / 5 Penelope
The form arrived adds, connected in a adaptadora I orderly (separately) and powered very up. Even so my case of tlphonique has the small Scosche adhesive of magnet in the and that has blocked totally a load. I have tried this with the telephone of my woman that begun touching posed it hardly a support.

Gilipollas- Has any adapter of covers has comprised. Also, when you have posed a telephone in a load, at all lines in place. With included a slightest swipes, can fall right out of a support.

Because of some gilipollas, has given he to 4 indication of star. It goes to be to 3 star since no with my telephone (that it was it a tlphonique feigned ) but has clashed the in 4 since in to my woman liked him his of a present has taken. Lol!
4 / 5 Devona
A consolation of wireless load can any one when being no in emphasised for the who has not tried.
Include A time of load is more dulcemente that using a cape of USB. With cape a time of load of 80%
in 100% was 15-20 minutes. Without a cape a time to augment in a same field
was quite slightly less than 30 minutes. But, from only plants a telephone in a wireless
upload in a side of table by side of the bed at the same time of sleep, a slowness of a load any
differentiates in me. Once touch it one tlphonique V30 the last load all day in work, and when marries of returns
around 10-11 hours later still have 80% left on. So many, one the wireless load is optimum
1 / 5 Cole
First days of pair was utmost until these pasts and he no longer loads
1 / 5 Nu
Bought this 3 mark of month for my iPhone X, and the law adds! Then, all of the sudden, has remarked my tlphonique looked for the likes has had the can drained of him. I have decided to try how long take to drain, and taken quite a lot of 30 minutes to drain 5% of the stack of my telephone. I am sad so that I liked him very his of this product. Has an adapter of recommended load for a support, and has exchanged included has been with the nine unit Any change. Look was to buy the substitution of another vendor.

Top Customer Reviews: Seneo [2 Pack] 15W ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Manuel
Ossia The simple wireless load effective still. It does not import where situate your telephone touches he vertically and horizontally; although it is offset .
4 / 5 Janett
We really like these wireless chargers. His quickly on all our telephones of galaxy S7 - S10. Celery very substantial and well of look in ours nightstands. Thinking roughly taking more.
4 / 5 Maile
Tecla Galaxy S8 with otterbox chance.
5 / 5 Candida
4 / 5 Evon
Easy to use, very cost effective, has taken a two band . Both units that the utmost law. A unit partorisca each side of a bed partorisca me and my ole lady.

Mina Samsung the fast load is junk, law partorisca two days and then wouldnt touch my telephone. And samsung left in slope.

A unit of seneo is doing well and can see my telephone reason seats a telephone in a whole place vs a Samsung uploads, which for a way, a Samsung is side more partorisca the alone unit....... And whose work......
5 / 5 Zora
A lot 15 W the wireless fast load. Taken a 2 band. The load Does so only well thru my coverage of cell of the stock exchange. (Any one covers of wall with this 2 band but would have been well partorisca take covered he of new wall so only partorisca these chargers.)
5 / 5 Dayna
The product is easy to use and touches our new S10+s fantastically.
4 / 5 Elease
The one who the value adds! 2 Wireless upload for less than $ 30. I owe that the 2 different offices and am trying to dip on 2 identical offices partorisca do my work of mine easy plus. These are perfect. Each one uploads plugged in and works seamlessly. I can touch my telephone in any landscape or horizontal place. Have Still partorisca require the entirely touch my telephone in work but I when I have situated my galaxy S9 in one load has said that it is fast touching and will take 32 min. partorisca touch where like this covers an USB-C boss in the telephones directly will take 29 min partorisca touch. Ossia Quite well, am impressed enough with a speed for the upload ossia essentially the $ 14 wireless load.

These go in to 2 band with 2 USB-C bosses. They do not come with a blockade of wall. But that expects for a prize.

To good sure would recommend this to friends. The only time will say to resist on long term. I will update calm so that steps of time.
5 / 5 Gerri
Does not have any a lot of to know in a neighbour up. Taking out of a box and discharges he in! This in spite of, fast masters touching, will require to purchase a supply of additional power, so only like an information has said. I love a consolation of any that has to that unplug my telephone.

An only drawback is does not look to be doing with my chance. I am using a Encased Ultra coverage of Slender polycarbonate, like the thickness is not a subject. I have tried to stand up me me me a telephone and dipping it on his side. Neither works, as they are bummed roughly that, for this a reason for 4 stars and any 5. If I find the work around, will update my description.

NOVEMBER 21, 2019 UPDATE: it was not the past but, unplugged my upload for the movement, then plugged he behind in. Of then, my telephone is touching while in my chance! Has update my indication to five stars. I love this thing!
4 / 5 Hedy
These things touch very fast.

Does not have to that take some chances of telephone.

Have the thin chance in mine telephone and my woman has the fashionable chance of the stock exchange. Any subject.

Is convenient.

A chargers has the little light when into use but when any into use, can no to see them in a dark and I fumble around. The smallest inconvenience but does not cover he of show. I suggest that that has dipped the light on the like this a chargers can be seen in a darkness.

This in spite of, recommends him.

Top Customer Reviews: NANAMI Upgraded ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Jacqui
Has the Samsung S9 and prefers to use a wireless chargers everywhere his and uses my telephone (and preferably bolstered-arrive so that it can see a screen).

Maintains the name-Samsung to mark upload in my nightstand like my big upload and has wanted two more for my house and desktops of work (but has wanted to something more abordable).

Like Samsung chargers, This work adds... They touch hurriedly, landscape of load and road of portrait... And work through my thickness of protective case. Solid upload in the Very good prize... It orders more I have required more. A load comes with a support he and the cord of USB (but any adapter of wall).

The only reason does not give it five star is for the upload, spent a support those uses the micro-cord of USB (comprised) in place of the USB-C cord the very odd election. Instantly It Represents my good collection of USB of variable period-C braided the unusable the cords with one upload... bummer... It comes with the micro-cord of USB... It IS grave only (3ft) and fact with cheap plastic... He a work, but his at all elegant... Only it wishes a support of USB to touch used-C... Still, that is to say the very economic upload these laws add... For a prize, has not beaten can be.

2019 Update: Still using these... I have ordered in fact more... I actuate Now the bought four of these, two for me and two for my boys... Has iPhone X telephones, and has the Samsung S9... This uploads the laws add therefore the apple and The Samsung telephones. Only it take, only it comes with the cheap bass 3ft micro usb cord... If you want the long plus and/or the better cord for a load, chooses for on some variable period micro-usb cords to adapt a chargers. These chargers is to rob he for a prize, and work with any wireless touching the telephone can have!
5 / 5 Kelley
I have wanted the support to touch for my dispatch home has so ordered a Nanami since looks for to be the good value. I took it and it has been using he for enough 1 month. Work as well as one this has bought 2 years ago, but was less expensive and better look. I Like him his of a factor of the form of plants a telephone in a load in front of my screen of computer and can use while it touches it. Always in a right angle in access and use. It buys this again.
2 / 5 Sirena
While a product taken does not have any defect and still works, has a subject with a creation of product. It has remarked that one uploads does not touch my tlphonique unless my telephone is almost exactly centred in a program. That is to say a lot inconvenient, as when it plants my telephone in a pod, fully expects to return in the tlphonique touched but alas, a lot of stays of time with the pathetically the stack drained. A whole purpose for a wireless load is that ideally enable me to have fast hands with my telephone, but easterly mine-the calibration has swipe a purpose of easterly, and the arrival that has to control of fold and expect verify a progress of load; I can also only directly it limits a mobile phone in a usb port in this point, which enable the load of fast plus in all the case.

In comparison in an another wireless chargers that is in a piece, is satisfied at all with that this the product rid especially has purchased of a purportedly redesigned and until version of date of this product.
5 / 5 Jimmy
I Like him his each in of this product. It touches hurriedly, apparently without loss. It can plant a telephone in a support vertically or horizontally. A support has feet of rubber, as it does not move around. A ledge in that some the rests of tlphonique have the tampon of rubber, like the telephone does not slip . A light that shows the pieces of operation have been after the few bren, as it can be for a bedside without any light of a support to prevents sleep. I go to take more than these...
5 / 5 Dominga
This would guess that the wireless load would be so exciting? That is to say a second load has bought of this company. This one is supposed to be a version improved of a premier one has purchased. A voice of only change is that a clear to the load does not remain to like charge. An in the first place one was on all a time and any a lot of problems me. It is not quite that shines in a chamber to remain wake me.

Is using he for my iPhone X that it is at present has to marries it very heavy. It does not have any problem that changes a telephone with a coverage on. And itt looks to touch faster. I do not have it timed but when being much faster. A consolation of poses only he on one uploads the support is so it satisfies. Sure I expect a next version of an iPad wireless to touch.

Some looks to sustain to be the quality adds in the reasonable cost. Has this a house and has moved a model an old plus in my dispatch in of the works. I expect that the apple updates an action to touch to match an another model.

That is to say gtreay
4 / 5 Emerson
Has the Tech21 case. Also I have the magnet of the car mountain slipped in a case. C uploads still works. He no overheat.

Mays... It do not call it the Fast Load. This could be been due to a case and magnet.
5 / 5 Celestina
These works of product likes them sake how Samsung the Wireless fast load. In the principle has bought three Samsung Wireless Fast chargers. Or For house or for work and my threads of adult. I have bought the ones of Groupon. Two of a three no longer records. I have bought this to substitute a one in the work and he fantastic! I can not say what happy am with him. It was subject less expensive also! Purchase calm any lament it!
5 / 5 Doloris
I add wireless to upload, the works perfect with my iPhone X

the clear beginnings after it begin it to touch which are very while I do not want to use he for the night lite.
5 / 5 Emmitt
I am enamoured with this upload. Only I can seat my telephone in the and any cord to Insert. The flight. Taking much more to touch but that it is to be has expected. Also I have the full case in samsung s8 and still uploads.

Very that lacking of of the included load....
HAS the delima that also wants my headline of magnetic telephone in my cart. The calm can not use so. One uploads can not touch thtough metal. It is not practical to take a case was quite has to use my teeth. It IS on there he so east or a magnetic title that I loooove or this load. I have tried included the very thin pocket for cc is for a backside of telephones to be able to take a dish of the metal but was only quite fat or has had it goleada in the in totally prender a load of a wireless load. (At all in him). Sure I have tried. I do not want to use the clamp for tlphonique in my automobile sadly.
5 / 5 Clement
All can say is: WOW!! This creature has touched my Galaxy of Samsung S8, which was in 40%, in 100% in down 20 minutes. This artilugio is better that a Samsung fast original chargers!!! And this was only the neighbourhood of a prize. Absolutely it recommends that this wants to relieve the speed these loads for your devices. An only with voice with easterly, is doesnt coming with the brick, and a cord has distributed is the USB in place of the USB-c. Mark Only sure a 'brick' use with easterly, the fast is touching brick, or the usb 2.0 or 3.0 or more, he any one uploads quickly.

Top Customer Reviews: Seneo 10W Wireless ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Eboni
Fact by quite a lot of 2 weeks. It opens I create Me in a morning and a telephone are only in 60 percent in better. A light will blink blue for in the half hour...Then the blink green. In fact I am taking the small nervous of some other descriptions that this can take fire? In all the case...Perhaps only it take it the futility? Work well for some 2 weeks had it. Disappointed while I bought it based in an others magazines. The better class in me on a next unit Very sure had the guarantee...Even so...Cela The road this a backwards in. I am done I supposition .

For a record. I have published this earlier this darkens and in 30 minutes have had a (unexpected) response of a company. They expressed it concealed want to he well and is routing the new unit in me immediately. I bond when take it. The obviously acted mine bad BUT my faith in the service of the client of this company is 5 star. The calm does not see service like this very anymore. Here it is expecting a walnut one will do adds. Thank you Seneo To do me thinks in the according to casualidad in your product has based has answered in immediate!
5 / 5 Missy
It take the defective to upload and has estimated this product 1 star, but his service of client has achieved has been in me to fix a subject and issue me the free new device of load without requiring the road a defective a backside. This one does so expected and his service of client is on the dot! I recommend this fast that the mobile phones of the loads upload.
5 / 5 Queenie
This wireless load is fast and and wants a concept of the vertical horizontal that the touches qualified. Thier The service of client is sper awesome and has had a subject of the adapter but they have taken any time to answer and has taken adds of me awesome the service of the client 5 stars!!!!
5 / 5 An
I have bought this wireless to upload for my desktop in the work and I want to it! That is to say my first time that tries the wireless to upload and the laws add. I bolster my telephone in the and he chargers through a case of the box of nourished has in my iPhone 8 More and also through my case of test of the life. Enough it touches hurriedly also. It IS also well to have My tlphonique bolstered up on he still when my stack is has touched fully. Sometimes the unplug and only use he cual the support if my telephone does not require to be has touched. To well sure it recommends this product!
5 / 5 Louvenia
First wireless upload and has been in impressive. It was in 39% and he fully recharged in 75 minutes that uses one covers electrical in. It takes 1 hour and 45 load of an USB of my computer. So far it has uploaded only against road of portrait. Has in the case 2.6 mm fat and good loads. You are recommended by my threads in law this there has been his the year. Desprs Using the wireless to the load does not think could return in covers he in cape.

Update 11/27/2017: Still doing well. Tlphonique The loads more than the entity quickly when load is plugged in socket of wall. If it is plugged in the computer takes 25 in 30% long more then that estimativas of tlphonique in full load. That is to say when the telephone is was. If on it takes longer.
5 / 5 Wilfredo
It looks to do perfectly.
4 / 5 Porter
I very cual a look of this support while it returns my S8 very good. One has DIRECTED is subject also that shines, but games he of the electrical tape fixed that. A support the law of only principle in the small bit afterwards 6 month, although I can very sure says is a support and no my telephone he still. My telephone has been I awake up while still in a support for any apparent reason, and then the nights of pair begin not uploading against some point during a night.

Update Nov 2017: Without included contacting a vendor, they proactively routed me the only based substitution in this description. That is to say service of client very excellent. Also it was necessary remarks that a support is very robust. It is weighed properly. I like them-them his some accesses of road my better telephone that Samsung is of own round.
5 / 5 Desiree
That is to say my bedside upload of election to touch my Galaxy S8+. Has the something the sweet sums and is easy to locate while it achieves in my bedside. It does not have any subject that plant my telephone in road of load of wireless fast. You have to have a bloc of pertinent load to use road of fast load with some devices. A soft has DIRECTED any assembla that shines at night to interrupt sleep.
1 / 5 Cherise
I arouse this morning smelling plastic of burn. I took me awhile to discover this uploads burned! That incredibly dangerous. It has remarked when it take it in the first place that heats above hurriedly, but did not think it potentially could causes the fire.

Touches My tlphonique amiably before this is spent.
4 / 5 Gwenn
One uploads a work to touch my iPhone X and 8, without problems (same with different type of case and thickness). Mina a subject is a clear in load . It IS always on (any blue or green), and has this afterwards in your bed, can problem to be. It prefers to dull it clear or included indicator very light while in standby. If you plan to have this for your bed, be conscious of a light. Otherwise, The laws of product adds.

Update: A company routed me another load, supposing for a 3 description of star. It have read a description, would know that this is not in the defective unit, but in the defect to draw with a clear, and is my personal opinion . While it appreciates it his responsiveness, does not appreciate for the be routed another device when has not been asked or warranted. I am tried in downgrade my description (only for one tentativa to update my description), but is worry that will aim more emails of a company. Seneo- Accepts a 3 description of star and movement on. Thank you.

Update 2: While a company routed me another unit, is the different one without an indicator has DIRECTED. So much, I appreciate an endeavour. In general, a company is very responsive and some works of good product. I am adjusting my description in 4 stars for his helpfulness, but does not change a be FOCUSED that shines at night.

Top Customer Reviews: Seneo Wireless ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
Some works of unit very that the wireless upload and the easiest fact to find in the sleepy tomorrow when is trying gone back of an alarm. My only real complaint is a unit listed like his/bedside that receives and very is not while the blue FOCUSED in a fund is so that it shines the literally illuminates my fourth integer. I have had to to pose three cloaks to mask the tape through him tunes he down in a point where can sleep. Has another load that only blink three times when touching headed or when a telephone was to take of a tampon in load. It was brilliant and has since or in mine when the threads bought this that original a has not been the fast to upload.
5 / 5
UPDATE: A company contacted me immediately after I have published my original description. They have done hurriedly to resolve a subject the road me the substitution uploads. It take a new to upload and so far is doing wonderfully!!! My only complaint is that an original chargers the band of the indicator has DIRECTED was small (in a width of the fingernail) but a new upload the band of the indicator has DIRECTED is almost a full width of a program in load. No the big but much more the roads that shines at night that an original model. In general, I am supremely pleased with a company and his response in me and a product!

Has Had this uploads for just under the month. It IS in fact a second purchased so that a premier did also! Suddenly this morning, an indicator has DIRECTED is flashing blue and any prender . It tries to change a cord, take my telephone of a case, leaving it unplugged during 30 bren, etc...I do not comprise why pause to do since have literally the changed at all :( I supposition has taken only the defective unit of my originals some still laws are required only SO MUCH to do add and no only 1.
5 / 5
I add to upload works in a Galaxy of Samsung S8 with a Otterbox Case of Defender
5 / 5
Works for my iPhone X Very good
5 / 5
Any subject so far. It covers he in and has posed your telephone in the. Nice clean look and last only expect the year.
5 / 5
It purchase another wireless touching bays and this one east awesome so that it has posed simply this thing in prjimo in my computer in the work and I or can touch my telephone of work (iPhone 8) or personal telephone (Samsung S8). Well it buys for a money.

Favourite characteristic:
1. Touching light in a fund: it looks bobo, but this in fact a lot of help to know if a unit is touching or has been fully touched and a telephone could be subjects to sleep
2. Angle of slanted viewing: an another canal to load has bought marks a fund of lie of the device, which are not so useful in my opinion. Also, like a plus has semi-detached, of a S8 always aims a time, he the easiest fact for me to see some notifications/of time
5 / 5
The excellent fast load wireless. I have purchased two a for my Samsung of woman S7 Verge ( aims the wireless quickly upload against a screen) and or for my LG G6. I am also able to touch my LG G3 wirelessly with a help of a Qi adhesive.
5 / 5
I have bought this so that my note 5 would not touch . The result is one touching port this was messed up, thought that it would try this before I have bought the new telephone and I are so happy has done. This no for our Note 3 although, has the usb carried in of the beginnings that utmost for me when trip also so that it only can limit he in my stereo. I am so happy bought this and anybody 70.00 an of sprint. Again, highly I recommend it.
1 / 5
I have ordered two of these. An in the first place one is well. It touches Without any subject and has been absolutely adds. A second a maintained to lose the power and my tlphonique consistently illuminate as I have finished to plant the in a load (video of views). As I routed the backside for the substitution, a second a now is that he a same thing but I are external of a window of tower. I am not sure why or fact and a (maintaining two) to Beat of no. when being the product adds if it was not arrests in that has enough the little defective chargers in a census...
1 / 5
It looks he adds.
Wants a form and he touch my Iphone X well!

Would recommend this element or r loafer to limit in to touch your telephone XD


has been using he for 3 days and he have prisoner to touch my telephone....
Needs the nine a to try or require the repayment

Top Customer Reviews: ZIKU Wireless ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Cuc
Where Has this thing estada all my life? If you are reading this and require the good quality, well looking and one the majority of part of entity A BOSS that the estacas were partorisca be able to all 3 devices buy this. I have bought a condo 3-1 load but a downside was a part of management of the boss. This still precise thing a boss to light and the clock of apple uploads, but hide well and tight inside a device like calm does not see him never. Calm the favour and buy it, and any did not pay me partorisca say this. They are so only like this excited to finally find something these works.
4 / 5 Melissia
Ossia The telephone a lot very the title/load. Fact of aluminium, súper slick and durable. I have purchased the different mark the little month does and was to crap. A Ziku uploads much faster and look 100 better that some another. It is little more than some other frames there but takings to the equal that pays for and is absolutely currency he. They are a lot happy with this product.
5 / 5 Vincenza
This very Each penny. It maintains all orderly and orderly. It is a lot easy to dip up. Has Of the DISCHARGES for a whole canal to touch your clock, AirPods and More than telephone three put you of USB in a backside. 6 In 1 touching canal. You can more the. I trust. I have tried 3 another some and has broken finally down to take is one. My husband has one same one and has loved that but has not loved to pay that a lot. But now I am like this happy has done!!
4 / 5 Zack
Purchases this Wireless touching canal for my brother for present has called me so only saying ossia a lot simple to use ,fast touching,that he his lateralmente orderly table and has organised .It likes so much you recommend of fellow to buy east A+++
5 / 5 Leticia
iPhone, iwatch and AirPods has been already leaves of my life! This in spite of, is a lot tedious for me for his touch with three bosses. So many, after comparing with other elements bondadosos was, has decided them buy these cariche! It is easy to use and has the quality adds! It recommends it highly!
4 / 5 Clifton
Looks to have had broken my telephone. The prisoner that recently after I dipped it on a coil to touch
4 / 5 Mei
am pleased in general with a product like this far, this in spite of stops to be fully transparent has has had so only he for the few days. A good: wireless uploads the work adds and is like this easy; also a capacity to touch 6 things simultaneously of AC outlet is well. It does not possess the together of AirPods, but a portion of a device has meant to touch them is adapted easily partorisca to 1st generation Apple Matita and maintains calm of misplacing a bit adapter. An a lot of so much and the clock that touches the bosses are not comprised, accounts like this calm you thus when ordering. Also, a material is not real aluminium but plastic with an arrival to paint of the aluminium. Finally, there is enough the bit of the assembly required (those careers and closing bosses in situating as well as bundling excess boss in base/of canal and screwing in inferior dish. Bonds of the transfer and that the tiny screwdriver is resupplied, but this can try difficult for any with arthritis or poor eyesight.
5 / 5 Cedric
Having The question with finding the chance of battery for mine Iphone 7 More. It looks that one is for a telephone is too short to touch the telephone the big plus with the chance of battery on. Law well with my chance of load but has then purchased the chance of battery has the question with touching. Hopefully Will find one these works! The ones of way that am far is returned 2 chance of battery.

In another side,,,, The beautiful and a sheer the number of the ports of USB are adds! I am exited included to purchase some cords of right period for USB that touches to clean on mine nightstand. If ports require of extra USB and have the telephone and the show does not think has anything better in a phase.
5 / 5 Hanh
Construction of aluminium, a lot a lot looking , wireless touching work to be perfectly with my iPhone max , my Clock of Apple and AirPod all in a canal now , any complaint , ports of additional USB in a backside if I require it !
4 / 5 Jenine
Really enjoy mine of use ZIKU Wireless Upload for my iPhone, Clock of Apple and Airpods. It is the add to upload to maintain everything in place and cleaned. My subject only is that sometimes I will require to realign my telephone to the equal that begins to touch versus taking the red flashing light which say me my telephone will not touch . If it situate a telephone wrongly will take the red flashing light. But sometimes situating a telephone correctly (or at least like thinking is corrected) which also causes a red flashing lights. It is annoying, but calm so only dipped the on again and a telephone chargers without @@subject.

Top Customer Reviews: Wireless Charger ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Julia
It uploads my IPHONE quite hurriedly.
5 / 5 Theresa
They stand out to upload. The works add, taking quite 70 minutes in fully mine of touch 9+. Highly recommended
5 / 5 Neoma
I am very happy with this product. I bought it so that I am having difficulty with wire fence chargers for my tlphonique-resolves a problem and is enjoyable to use.
5 / 5 Yessenia
The product is arrived punctually. It IS very easy and load hurriedly. First time those uses one of these and wants to it.
5 / 5 Jerome
The fast that the better touches concealed has expected
4 / 5 Rubin
Good works
4 / 5 Quintin
The flight.
5 / 5 Martin
I am impressed with this upload. Has another wireless to upload for my IPHONE XR that the works but I have to move an around quite telephone the bit for the take to start with uploads. With east load is the mere place he in an upload and the walk was still through my case of defender. He a work hurriedly without subjects. It IS certainly quite small to travel with him precise. I recommend it.
5 / 5 Selena
So far this product am add, probably will be to purchase more in a future. To well sure recommend it that this load
4 / 5 Jaquelyn
That is to say very easy to use but (1) crane a cape to load was a same while I use in my Samsung telephone so that I any one precise to spend two capes when travelling and (2) is bit it weighed to travel.

Top Customer Reviews: Seneo Fast Wireless ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Collene
I add partorisca upload. Works perfectly and fast!
4 / 5 Darrin
Fast touching and rid as it has promised.
4 / 5 Malcom
A positional touching the options are of sound. Any complaint. Easy to travel with or so only leave in the office or table.
4 / 5 Claudie
C load is súper simple to dip up and use. It seats amiably in a counter, table, office, etc and does not take on too spatial. Highly recommended!!
5 / 5 Clemente
Fast touching and a lot easy to use.
4 / 5 Darrell
Súper Simple, so only dipped your telephone and BAM!! Yours touching. That more can want to?
5 / 5 Rod
Chargers A pixel 3 in of the normal speeds, better that one $80 big-the speed uploads
5 / 5 Laurinda
Excellent value. The cost adds
4 / 5 Hellen
C load the works add inclusas with my box of nourished commuter the installed chance. Fast touching..
4 / 5 Vi
This economic wireless touching the stand with the adapter of wall is the fine value. Door my Samsung Galaxy 9+ (protected in the heavy chance of two discharges) of twenty percent to full load downwards two hours. So only I can assume that a process would be faster without a chance, but am perfectly happy with a time to touch like this east. It have to that be remarked that a boss of USB resupplied is solid of rock .

Top Customer Reviews: mophie - Wireless ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Jamaal
It averts this one is lasted 40 1 is lasted 30 2 is lasted 14 3 has not done at all. All some substitutions have been sent directly of Mophie. As it Can it produce it be like this poor , I have tried to do like this suggested for Amazon with a costruttore and all have received was junk. Now they are out of a period of repayment of the amazon and I have to that 4th substitution that no again !
5 / 5 Socorro
At the beginning, was hesitant to pay this a lot of when has like this more economic some available. The majority of an economic plus some do not come with the adapter partorisca be able to, this in spite of. When you Add in a cost of the adapter of power of decent quality that the supplies enough can takes fast touching, is spent almost so much.
A Mophie has the look of prize and feel. It feels like the solid piece of aluminium, covered in the rubberized plastic. A cord does not go to pull this of a table/of office, and, your telephone is not that it goes to the slide was. If taken a telephone was while it is touching, feels the little warm, but to good sure a lot hot. Also, once a telephone is touched fully, a Mophie the stops that touch, and a telephone is entirely cool when calm choose it up.
Then has a fact that does not like me to of disorder around with economic material when it comes to touch. Too many Things can go wrong.
A lot of another Qi chargers has EAST FOCUSED brilliant. Has has wanted to something to dip in mine stand at night, as I have not loved any brilliant lights. A Mophie has one, a lot small CONCENTRATED in a underside of this flange has inflated grieves it spear the glow in a surface down that. Perfecto for a chamber.
More, is not finnicky roughly telephones to plant. So only dipped a telephone down so that a half-ish zone of a backside of a telephone is in one load, and tone.

Has added some photos to aim some discreet touching the indicator has DIRECTED. In a last photo, looks a light is not on, but, a room was dark and a flash overpowered a FOCUSED.
4 / 5 Kitty
Ossia The very good election for an iPhone X. It is gone in an elegant container that has looked was drawn for Apple, and one load, also, looks a lot well has drawn. A puck is rubberized and has some his hanged so that he a lot of slide around in the office, and a telephone will not move of a puck. (This in spite of, mostly uploads against night and use 'does not disturb ' as I do not take any one notifications while touching.) I see that some reviewers there is complained early failures; this in spite of, this load is warranted for Mophie for two years, as it considers that the prompt failure would not owe that be the big question.

A course a harder roughly buying the wireless to upload has chosen a legislation a. If you ask Siri to give you some revises, give you several descriptions of reputable sources--TheWireCutter, MacWorld, Macrumors, etc. But supposition that, almost everything of these descriptions loans the different cup chooses. As I have used mine soyusts and master' to come up with my short cast:
1. It has had to be black or the dark colour and it tampon or the convertible.
2. It has had to be Qi-has certified.
3. It has not Had to be one uploads of fast plus, but has required to have the 7.5 watt or better start.
4. A creation/of look has had to appeal mine.
5. It has not Had to be an economic plus, but I steer out of one the majority of expensive.
6. Required to come with the adapter of wall.

Has based in these criteria, am coming up with one that follows for my short cast: a Samsung tampon of convertible/stand, a Spigen F306W, and two Mophie tampons-the give form he the new plus has called a Tampon of Current of the Load+ and this a, which is in $ 15 more economic that a Tampon of Current of the Load+. I have chosen a Mophie Tampon of Wireless Load (), and so that far it adds.
4 / 5 Khalilah
The product has done well for some premiers 5 months, then results increasingly harder that find one something sweet in a tampon to touch to take place - has had to maintain jiggling a telephone in a tampon to close in in one something of load. Finally, in month 6, fails altogether and there is prendido to touch. I a lot annoy to say a less.
5 / 5 Tamiko
The load has DONE adds for the month. Now a light will blink a lot of dulcemente and then begins to blink faster. The telephone does not change . Reposition My telephone no any difference. It does not use the chance in my telephone. The question is with one load. To the amazon has said that the period reissued is closed. Buyer beware.
5 / 5 Myron
Am not satisfied with an action of this unit. Taken on two times like this long to touch my iPhone with a stuffs to touch that with a wire fence uploads this is coming with a telephone. I have called the service of client of a costruttore the one who said that ossia normal and to order the big plus wattage the unit yes loves faster touching. No longer I am using a Mophie reason faster touching is more than entity of mine that a consolation to use the dish to touch.
5 / 5 Micheline
Been using this for 3 weeks now and the work adds. Has the otterbox chance of Symmetry in mine iphone X this in spite of touch so only well. So only know that wireless touching no with the dish of steel is trace to a telephone for mag mountains. I tried it I so that there is already had it mag mountain in my car. It Finalising that it change to the pro trace of clip instead.
4 / 5 Larita
This has done perfectly with my iPhone X. I had it it has purchased it previously a Ravpower wireless upload that only fact intermittently. A Mophie law 100 of a time without requiring takes a chance (Pitaka). Law when plugged in arises it to him protective also - Something a Ravpower any . A light in a Mophie is at all too brilliant while touching in mine nightstand and does not like me a lot of lights while sleeping. It does not think calm will be disappointed with east!
4 / 5 Marylin
Extremely small zone this has had to be varied perfectly with a telephone to do, but once was varied he well. Then so only it die. Any light, not touching. Apparently ossia he recurring question with east a.
5 / 5 Tracey
My brother said roughly this product how is quite technology savvy have decided like this to buy this for me too much . I am pleased enough with an ease to use this unit to touch like this easy so only situate your 8 and on Iphone on here and the forget like this easy! Very pleased with this product and happy with cost of mine. Please note: I discovered it so only it touches 8 and on the telephones 📱 have had the 6 that thinks it would touch it too much but no.. Perhaps it helps to read some directions lol 😆 but very pleased with this product 👍