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-Any 3000mah capacity.
-Easy to touch with a XT60 and spent of real balance
-Apt is amiably in a Fatshark goggle strap.
-Comfortable to use.
-Handy on-indicator to joint to upload focused
-bosses of connector of balance of Silicone he easy covers it to a FatShark defender.

Has taken this partorisca substitute the heavy 18650 band of battery and the shabby Fatshark OEM battery.
Am finding a Hobbymate setup everywhere easier that use that both some leading batteries.
Lighter And better returning in my boss more a consolation of not requiring an adapter partorisca touch this of mine regulates LiPo chargers.

Has verified a capacity to download a battery to 3.2 volts for cell then uploading against 1c/3A the
One uploads decree and has aimed 3060mah has been added to a battery. So that he run this battery down to the to to 3.0 volts like says in of some instructions have comprised, would have to take even more that 3000mah out of him.
A Battery has solved after uploading against down 4.2, as I go partorisca be uploading against down 1c in a future. (Yours load can vary;)

Like the note lateralmente, in 3.2 V for cell an indicator partorisca upload focused in a battery has aimed 25.
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Battery a lot well that last longer that mine original fatshark 1800mah battery.

Has three things has wanted to signal was.

A metre of the voltage is not very attentive. I have touched he until 4.2 for the cell and a metre of the voltage still tip 75. I have used he for the moment and still aims 75. Finally, my goggle beeps for low voltage in for the cell and a metre aims 50.

An inner control is 50mohm for cell. It can be lower for frames beat new. Material Gaoneng has been economic likes goggle the battery does not need big C indications.

Uses a strap of battery in a container. I have had a chance when a battery has slipped my goggle headstrap. You want to avert that to join down a battery.

In general, am satisfied enough with a battery in him can be touched with xt60 and hard longer that original fatshark.
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Very pleased with this Gaoneng lipo battery partorisca my HDO glasses.

3000mah lipo 5c/10c
Comes with connector of barrel, XT60 and advantage of balance.
On was key of push , which shows the percentage of battery has seen an exposure of green point has DIRECTED.
111.8 grams
the measures have included the OEM Fatshark google battery.
After the full load, arrive it, time of total flight roughly 3 hours now and are down 25.
My OEM fat shark goggle the battery would have been in 75 loss , (considering has the plus under Mah)

This GAONENG the battery would be the addition adds to the yours FPV crew.
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Any sure a metre in a side is aforado correctly. A battery shipped with cells in the each one and a metre in the side has said 75. I have touched you join the cells to , has pressed a key and again a metre lateralmente has said 75. Any sure if some holes are was and that red half 25 and one 2nd to last point would owe that be 100. Any battery of way is resisting one load likes expected in mine Fatshark HD3. Much more qualified that my battery partorisca age. A difference of the metre is not the subject of entity partorisca me.
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Gaonong Has done always battery of quality, I his course in mine mini/micro quadcopters successfully adds. When I have seen they do the batteries of giggle has had to that give them the try. A quality is excellent like usual, with bosses of discharge and good silicon of quality. A metre of capacity is the good touch . Any so only does for my fatshark/headplay/DJI FPV glasses, he also access in mine Sweater T16 irradiates! The battery adds!
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This battery has the advantage of balance, xt30 and the connector of barrel, very convenient to touch! Access FXT Viper V2 and Quanum Cyclops Diversity. Indicator of state of the chairs of cariche perfectly in a side of a band and theres any extra bulk. Some cells are wrapped with the a lot of fat, material of durable feeling.
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This battert returns my fatshark perfectly and last the long time. An indicator of level is the utmost characteristic . I have verified that some download of battery to 2200mAh in So much take to close to 3000mah in .
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I have used he partorisca a past 2 days without subjects. It returns in a Ethix goggle strap perfectly and a cord achieves a DJI spent of power of the glasses. I recommend partorisca any the one who does not want to be tethered for a longitude oem boss the battery. A built-in the metre of capacity is the big plus .
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Amur A strap of battery. The impedance indicates it really is 5C or better. Access amiably in a Jersey T16 as well as glasses. You owe that that in him partorisca return all some connectors but he will go. It was easy to have take a barrel.
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I add lipo .The works add !Enormous upgrade has compared to my stock fatshark lipo . It has directed help of indicators alot