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Top Customer Reviews: BISSELL Pet ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
We take an extra cleaner when starts Crosswave Pet Pro. This cleaner any sake of only law for owners of pet, but houses with boys also. With dogs and of the small boys, this cleaner takes it everything. It leaves the quota of clean smell but any overpowering. I have used to to dread rainy days so that I have known muddy paw impressions through my hardwood melts but now the rain has to to the left listening me churned so that this does to clean so much easier.
5 / 5
The prize adds for 3 bounced. Pricey In Aim and house and centres of garden. Clean sake. They go the long road and the utmost smells.
5 / 5
The works add with my crosswave. Clean sake and does not leave any residue behind. Has the fragrance of good light, like the house smells clean but did not perfume or chemically.
5 / 5
The works add! We use in our Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro!! A need of ONLY tool to maintain my dud fund of forest that the look adds!!
5 / 5
It smells to Add and doesnt leaves the sickybor greasy residue in any surface. Ive Has used in tiles and linoleum of forest. Any change by heart in a forest and any streaking.
5 / 5
A clean plus this comes with this vac law surprisingly well in background linoleum of the old tiles also included the covers of funds of clean forests very well roughly melts very fresh that looks and smell very also
5 / 5
This does my easier life. A fragrance is to ignite and goes was hurriedly, in that like him so that I do not want my house in the to to these smells like them to them the clean the agents. They go the long road, has not finished or bounced still and has been using he for the month or two. I clean my fund to tile 1-2 the week. I will maintain to buy east.
5 / 5
I in fact very cual a smell of of the this. It is not only the soapy smell but he neither are on can. I will continue to buy and use this!
5 / 5
I have bought the Bissell Crosswave the pet and this product are come with him. I actuate Since it orders this two times more. Nice, fresh smell, power of excellent and easy debugging to use. If you possess the Bissell Crosswave (still if it is not a version of pet) and has pets or messy boys - this product is since you.
5 / 5
Very concentrated but can very when reconstituted for use. As One that fragrance is fresh but any overpowering or floral mass.

Top Customer Reviews: BISSELL Crosswave ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 5 ratings
5 / 5
It has not cleaned partorisca like has thought. Bristles Does not take very wetted like his bad cleansing. There is alot of something dry included when spraying water. Partorisca This prize are so only better of mopping. A lot disappointed
4 / 5
This.... This here included is a better dang the thing has purchased partorisca clean!!! Amur This. Easy to use, clean my hardwoods and coverages of zone like the field. Has two dogs and messy familiar ossia totally in and has gone with shoes on. I seat my pavings are cleaned more than my tables in time! Value a prize. The smells to house to surprise.
4 / 5
Looking for something concealed'll chooses on disorders and leave house of now spotless? It looks no further! This thing is surprising.
4 / 5
Well! I clean my house each one another week, does not judge me ! Alive so only without the pets and am quite cleaned!
Has used to take me 3 hours - first I swiffer, then I mop, the I vacuum. With east, take me exactly the averages a time!
Chooses especially!
An only negative is that a boss of more cleaned any swivel (like my swiffer and vacuum cleansing) and can a lot really take to these corners stagnate.
4 / 5
My whole house there is LVP walk. Have has had to that the hoover Floormate that has not been fond of. A plastic bristles has not been well for some pavings, and has left all a lot of blotchy, unevenly cleaned and wet. A Crosswave is all expected it would be. I clean equally, a suction is sum , a roller is effective still sweet and he a work easily. A fact that can the to you use in your coverages to describe too - I bad, coming on. Character. It is strangely enjoyable to use, also. There is some level of the satisfaction that sees a perfectly clean swaths leaves behind. A Pet Pro the model is also a lot easy to clean. Enough it can not say enough in this thing.

Top Customer Reviews: CRAFTSMAN ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 46 ratings
5 / 5
I add it it has to that give require the big plus a
4 / 5
It take this partorisca our yard. I have required the tent-vac this was small, powerful and light. We use this partorisca clean on all the classes of external disorders and our smoker of pellet. A vac is really small and light fulfilling my needs partorisca storage to the equal that can see in a picture. It returns in our cupboard of small going that it takes so only a sinister side of an inferior shelf. I have not thought Never it find any vacuum partorisca return in there. This a , and with ease.

He his does and he well, this in spite of a power of suction is the little lacking. It does not take a wrong idea, does not mean that it is the bad vacuum, cleaned and a power of suction is enough to clean, but like more people, calm loves it suck a product out of some wall. This vac no that. I clean my pot of ash of smoker of pellet and he really well. Has has had to that always go down my cochera and take my full measure 6 tent of chevron-vac that has 5HP and a lot of suction. WELL, ossia really small and has . Any need to complain, are so only spoilt with my monster vac.

In general, ossia the really good tent -vac that in a do one exactly that I require it to do. As I give it 4 stars for some impressive little vac this clean well and access in of the small places. I recommend it.
3 / 5
Ossia The small shopvac ossia so only good and no impressive. I thought it that it was very partorisca around some tasks of house - stuff a lot necessarily like use mine a lot of vacuum on, cleaning out of a car, etc. A measure is well, but is some other appearances that is class of lack.

A hose doesnt really connect or attach. It is printed where partorisca attach and says partorisca twist to take, this in spite of, calm of the that has to that twist at all, so only falls immediately yes clashed or tugged in a slightest has bitten. He doesnt really attach and doesnt lock partorisca situate etc. In fact an organism looks something different would owe that attach there in a point of connection of the hose.

In some finals of a hose, theres grooves, as you look it would have to that return in or connect somehow, but when you look in an opening in an organism, sees is not possible to connect or attach, as that is a point of some grooves?

Can of the suction is well, while you can maintain a hose has attached.

The organism is very light and has any wheel or of the feet. When you move a hose partorisca use it and vacuum, a tank tends to whip around, falls on, impulse on an earth, etc, if a hose doesnt come unattached first.

A stock exchange of filter is taking with the band of hule. It is not the totally snug or tight connection because of a form of where a stock exchange connects - is not still to soften and round, theres pieces that the clave was as it sells doesnt attach like the coverage, theres diverse something where a band is lifted of a zone of connection been due to some pieces that the estaca was. This means is not to to the very good connection likes them to them the stock exchange of the filter is not solidly attached an organism. You take a stock exchange for wet use, of course.

Power cord is to have that has weighed .

Am not real impressed with east. I seat like theres appearances that could have been to good sure easily regulated for function and better action and am not sure reason there would be it included does in this way.
4 / 5
Petit But tent a lot handy vac can be used wet or dry. A vac is light and very portable. We are by train partorisca use it Both in a cochera and outside for an external cookery. Works like the field with utmost suction. There is the interior of filter of the paper that has to take you was if you are vacuuming on something wet. As my title has said, there are 2 grooves or run in a hose. Push a hose to a vac until it listen it click and some stays of hose on and is sure! A domestic notch in a hose goes to a side and turn a hose until an arrow that says 'insert here is' in an upper and a hose is sure. To take turned a hose partway and attractive he out of a vac. A hose is roughly 4' long he so that it is very easy to spend a vac need to and do your cleanup laws. Amur This little type.
3 / 5
Sinister start with a good material. The suction is really well, especially partorisca a measure of a vacuum. It is noisy but a lot exceptionally like this so that it is. The cord is fat still flexible , that inspires the quality feels his like this done an on/was partorisca change concealed work smoothly. Some starts of the relatively easy cup partorisca emptying and servicing and a stock exchange is easy to change. The accessories are easy to attach.

Now on to a no like this good. A cup has to the free seat likes is not latched entirely same when it is. A cord could be partorisca be bit it more along and there is at all situate to ensure a cord when any into use. Some accessories probably marks on on the one hand of the main of a negatives, a main hose does not close to a vacuum like this like this chairs in a hole and raisin partorisca be seating so only some rests of the right way slightly surer. Some annexes of the hose to good sure lacking of a quality feels other components and the creation is the bit partorisca be missing of in general, a crevice the tool does like this feigned but a tool of the utility does not have any paintbrush bristles or has drawn empty to promote the flow of air likes thick tool so only clamps down solid to the surface. Some spaces partorisca title of the tool in some backsides of a vacuum does not resist some tools of annex securely.

In general, is the small tent vac packing abundance to be able to. I tried it initially it was spent on of cat embedded in my carpet that ours regulate vacuum has had has tried already his hand in and this one to good sure pulled was to stuff another could any one this in spite of six the bit of the hassle with a tool of utility that the explosions was and clamping down in a carpet of lack of flow of air. A bit those that creation tweaks certainly could change this soyeh' the awesome.
3 / 5
I possess the 'big boy' 6.5 HP Craftsman wet / dry vac, and is been running strong bought it of then 15 years. My dad there has been the Craftsman wet / dry vac, and has done like this his dad. There is the history here. In all the chance, he 16 chevron vac is the real ache partorisca manoeuvre when you are trying to do little to to the works likes them to them clean on workshop of basement debris. It enters: this little type.

A version is downright dainty, and a vacuum felt reasonably has built well. No quite that would have expected fact 15 years, but any junk likes would choose on manager for Port. The suction is quite decent. Any 'Oh, the no. will have the fish out of a wrench of socket of a container' of my plenary-measure vac, but only fines to choose on sawdust, rays, and rays.

Where Have the worries is a hose . It is class of tiny, a construction is thinner that would like me, and is not like this of flexible to the equal that have to that be. So much, this calm leave you struggling with him the bit, to prevent he to exit of a vacuum. It is not a class of what that would try to speak any of out buying this on, but is expecting the version of the miniature of a full measure wets / drought vacs, could find you the little there is disappointed.
4 / 5
This vacuum is very partorisca small works. It is light and calms that can spend around easily.
Comes with the hose and 2 annexes.
A dry filter is quite thin and precise take a sleeve of blue filter when quell'using as the wet vac. A dry filter is taken so only for the band of hule fat; in place of, the plastic coverage like a main tent vacuums.
Would not recommend using this for fine materials, like this sheetrock powder, because it does not have the hepa filter or the stock exchange. Be careful sucking on rays of pointy/nails because they are likely to drill/rasgar a filter.
Looks to have decent suction.
Are adds to clean out of your vehicles and ossia that we mainly stops of use.
4 / 5
Pros: Sum of compact measure. It returns perfectly in this odd shelf in our cupboard, a ceiling slants so that the majority of material does not return up there. Has can well, any one the majority of powerful, but is not a feeble plus. We have had the clave of deoderant take broken up and open, a disorder has taken everywhere, and this vac sucked on the majority of him. Our new yard was sper dusty and dirty when we have moved in and this thing has blown a majority of a muck was and era. Opportunely I Can wrap a cord around a plastic that also resists some extra annexes.
Gilipollas: Some annexes are not partorisca ensure in a vac. If calm so only is using a hose, some annexes constantly are that they fall off. A hose does not remain on a lot well and is a lot frustrating partorisca have fall off like this while you are by train partorisca the use. I think that a period of cord would owe that be augmented for at least two feet more partorisca the do more functional.
In spite of a gilipollas, is happy with this little vac. It is a perfect measure partorisca we until we take in our own house.
Thank you Partorisca Read my description. If you helped at all please to the amazon to the left knows for clicking in a key down. Thank you!
3 / 5
Ossia A wet small third/dry vac has possessed. A better of a three is the 15 old year 2 gal tends vac (the model interrupted). It is now in his last legs and I have expected to substitute he with this Craftsman. Some positive of a Craftsman is that a suction is good and does a work decently. A detractors is that a hose is quite rigid and is so only 4 feet long. This box has said that that is 5 feet that is not so much. It comes with two tools. A crevice the tool is too short but works. A nozzle of utility is small but useable. There is no squeegee annex for wet use, which finds to be missing of. A car is light but easy to touch on. My old tent vac has wheels he so that it is inferior weighed and less likely to touch.

In general a car is decent. 4 stars for that. Some alleged and short hose , rigid is weaknesses that tug he down to 3 stars.
4 / 5
Ossia Compact light and extremely convenient. It is add partorisca use in a house( really that has has wanted to take) cleansing on debris does not love my vacuum has destroyed with. Also hate lugging in mine 6.5 tent of chevron vac to clean on powder after the leaves of contractor. This are also adds for the odd works that Cleaned some stairs , cleaning out of a BBQ. A filter takes easily to use for the disorders have wetted a small hose is in fact perfect still to suck a debris out of a centrical AC could use this on boat, car , camp. I add to travel also. Now a hose falls off way to easily. There is not any way to really the maintain ensured like this the appeal to hard calm will find you constantly verifying. A suction is not like this utmost or powerful likes the main tent vacs. As not to expect it conceal. For a measure and side of consolation he.

Top Customer Reviews: Stanley SL18115P ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 57 ratings
4 / 5
I expected it partorisca be small and the boy never is. But he a work excellently. Lame partorisca our yard that constantly remains dirty of a wind. And thats a way goes in and out of our house. As have wins something could manage, no a beast hubby has in a cochera. He zipped thru a work. The calm supposition included could say a lot of ' suck'. LOL Like this happy took it.
1 / 5
That the piece of junk. 1st time out of a box, some pauses of what bloody. A plastic latch this resists a together thing, has broken a first time
has had to that change a stock exchange of filter.

Does not squander your money!
4 / 5
It take this partorisca my sailboat partorisca cleaned general-arrive and occasionally sucking a bilge dry. Investigation be done well, but so only has quite impulse to suck the full hose of water of 9' down a fund of a vacuum (the bilge is 14' deep). I can take around this to dip a nozzle in a surface of a water and sucking a mix/of water of the air on a hose. It looks he likes abundance of suction for cleansing general or sucking water of a paving or carpet. Good product in the good price, but not perfecting for my purpose has feigned. But if you do not have 120V available, is the good option .
1 / 5
I have purchased this little tent vac like the backside-until my Wet big Drier/ vac partorisca spill smaller. It remains neatly in a box partorisca some last 3 months until this weekend. I have had a perfect time to try it was, and fail miserably. A vacuum could not choose on any liquid at all... Literally at all. My joint, does not buy this product. Upgrade To the engine the big plus, and a lot especially, does not expect 3 month to use he for a first time because it calms will not be able of the turn.
4 / 5
Knowing that tools partorisca be able to of Stanley has taken the swipe recently (his own failure partorisca low quality) was the sceptic of has bitten in this vac. It was a right measure and the price has taken like this the casualidad. It is the good small vac and looks partorisca do well so that utilisation he (sawdust). There is well feel and balance (I the hate when they maintain partorisca touch on) and an access of annexes and focus amiably. While it boasts 4.5 summit HP, a hose is fat only thumbs , he so that has calm so only so much can do. A hose a big plus, likes 1.5 or , would do east the very better vac. This in spite of, work well in our basement and I like hos looks. Ossia Stanley will recommend them.
1 / 5
I have begun partorisca use this element a 2nd week of January 2016 and die an end of April
1 / 5
I have bought this thought does reasonably well will be happy. Well I owe that say that they are more than the little has impressed. This thing has suction like my big tent vacuum has. He all a big one will do so only in the smallest stairs. I have bought Stanley reason some rays of hose on and does not fall off during use. It do not doubt partorisca buy another has required .
5 / 5
Tonnes to be able to partorisca such the laptop vacuum. Except punctually when it comes to vacuuming my car of then no longer has to that run a cord of extension of a house to a vacuum. Only downside can think of is due to a stiffness of a hose, causes a vacuum to easily tilt like partorisca a vacuum partorisca suck in. Usually, you have to take out of an upper and the sobresalto the bit partorisca the take to do once again. So only it averts this partorisca resist to a vacuum while using it. It is quite light that does not import doing east.
4 / 5
Purchased this partorisca my husband, the one who walks the truck of dump. It uses it partorisca clean his taxi was. It is perfect partorisca that. It is compatible to use in a light plus outlet in a vehicle. A measure is ideal, can be tent in a truck without taking on a lot of space.
5 / 5
We are the family of five with five pets (four cats and the red heeler) and the house with only hardwoods. I have it quell'has purchased always a traditional integer vacuum models, but has included one of concealed them partorisca boast to be 'has to that weighed' and 'partorisca pets' has not been able to manage a sheer volume partorisca crap that I have to that vacuum. At all for at least a vacuum for year. Yes, I have considered that relieves mine uploads, but can not find any partorisca take my girls. Kidding, relaxes, you.

In all the chance, has there is swept already a house today and has been going hard with this car partorisca a pair spent of hours. I mean I have done some mattresses, frames of door, windowsills, ventilations (for inside and for out), frames of bed, baseboards and are by train partorisca say you, this thing is SURPRISING. It is it has thrilled further.

A car has the cord along as well as the long hose as I do not owe that it change among outlets too frequently. Has come so only with a stock exchange, but go to try using without once this a full east. It is also incredibly easy to manoeuvre. Some wheels are smooth in all the directions and does not take stuck awkwardly. He so only flow with me. A suction is powerful. I have had baking soda during my queen-sized mattress so only now and was able to take so only roughly everything of him inner the pocolos small, any question. A insanity inner some ventilations to walk has been cleaned was inside seconds. In fact they are having the plot of fun. Hahah.

In all the chance, has has had so only this vacuum for the subject of hours, but absolutely adores it and has the sense has obliged to share mine excite. I will update I directed to destroy it, this in spite of.

Top Customer Reviews: CRAFTSMAN ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 57 ratings
5 / 5
Measure: 9 Summit of chevron Hp has HAD ALWAYS he craftsman business vac around a house of then infancy- I agrees a suction that is more powerful- this one has done his work, has had the installed new decking and required partorisca take an excess sand, there is remarked this in spite of as the annexes have been added a suction has taken feebler.
5 / 5
Measure: 6 chevron 3.5 Summit Hp This literally does not suck on anything, straw or small pieces. Ossia Absolutely junk. So only I have squandered my money that I any active alot of. I have had tent Vacs in a past and has done so only well. No east a. No shabby.
4 / 5
Measure: 6 chevron 3.5 Summit Hp the chair has had to that return a product. It was impossible for me to install a casters. A casters' the roots were too many big for some spaces of installation have feigned! The Amazon has offered although it can buy substitution casters of providers, p. p.ej., Imposicin of House, if a company reimburses me partorisca a cost. Has not founding pertinent substitutions, as I am returned a product . They are an expert -he-calm the person and I has not been able to install a casters. I have asked to the amazon yes could buy an equivalent product of the different mark.
4 / 5
Measure: 6 chevron 3.5 Summit Hp I didnt knows craftsman has done such economic elements like this vacuum east. If I have had any idea that damage constucted has been would not have ordered it never.
4 / 5
Measure: 9 Summit of chevron Hp has used this when I have required partorisca clean on with which some DIY projects around a house and the vacuum out of my car and is done an amazing work and sucking a muck, powder, and the main pieces of debris.
Is quite strong, but has has not listened never the tent vac ossia calm.
5 / 5
Measure: 6 chevron 3.5 Summit Hp has taken this vacuum partorisca substitute mine 20 old year (exact same CRAFTSMAN 6 chevron 3.5 Hp) vacuum. A new a does not look the esuck' as powerful like old a. The better works without to the stock exchange of powder has attached. A cord of new drawing wraps are adds. The new hose is rigid and uncomfortable to move around. I tossed the and am using my old hose. I add wet/dry vacuum is of Craftsman. This 6 chevron 3.5 Hp is abundance quite powerful and laptop for the majority of use of house.
5 / 5
Measure: 9 Summit of chevron Hp Bad suction, hose of material and economic emplments. A lot of Craftsman would owe that be too.
5 / 5
Measure: 9 Summit of chevron Hp Looks the decent quite unit. An attach of the widest paving no very at all, but some another look to do well. My only reason to included do the description or for some low stars is why have received a unit without rays to take a boss. I have thought in me any extracted big, says here to contact them (the costruttore) if the parts are missing. Well, it was necessary is returned to a unit the Amazon. A number has resupplied was bad, as I have been bounced around and then given the different number to call. I have called 3 times now. Some first time have taken everything of my information, and has expected, but has not received never some rays for my boss. I have behind called, give him everything of an information again and has received the boss, but still any ray. I have called again and it has been questioned many times on some rays a lot when being no in a container with a boss, until I have had to take stern and say them that it was not that more for the explain your, but has not had any ray for a boss when I have bought ht vacuum and there is still any ray with a boss that sent. While again. I suppose that it can go to a tent of hardware and try find some rays that wiork, but some main of a subject is would be necessary to resupply them. Really the desire would be it returned to the amazon there is give once that has been missing there parts.
4 / 5
Measure: 6 chevron 3.5 Summit Hp are the woman takes with the disabled husband and find Craftsman partorisca be just right partorisca my needs of inner cobweb as well as cleaning on a cochera. So only it add the slowest cord in this product. This in spite of, was quite easy to purchase a cord of extension to give me the longest row.
4 / 5
This literally does not suck on anything, straw or small pieces. Ossia Absolutely junk. So only I have squandered my money that I any active alot of. I have had tent Vacs in a past and has done so only well. No east a. No shabby.

Top Customer Reviews: SpinWave Expert + ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 48 ratings
4 / 5
The majority of amazing results!. Have Almost has tried each product in a phase on 40 years but this Bissell is a BETTER. Shiny And clean for a first time! It has hardwood, any carpet, with 3 dogs and 7 cats. Calm and like this easy to use. I have used solution to walk of the forest on forest and solution of pet on bath and tile of cookery. Even has cleaned grout lines amiably. It would give 10 able stars!
5 / 5
Can not believe has found this product! Up to now it has washed, mopping, scrubbing, etc., With several products and of the tools. I have decided to order the Bissell SpinWave to see yes could cut was some of some steps and time spent to take my pavings clean. I turned it recently on I have known it it had found my 'unicorn.' Any only washes/to clean my pavings in a step with small to any endeavour for my part, is calm whisper. Some tampons are takes easily and reapplied for toss his in your washing machine for reuse. My calm behind thanking you!
4 / 5
While ossia an excellent car to clean SURFACES to walk of the tile, does not take to a grout reason some tampons are flat. We require the annex of PAINTBRUSH to take to a grout cracks. Very happy in general with a car and does pavings of forests also. Very easy to use and easy to manoeuvre.
4 / 5
This spinwave the cleaner is very light. Still with some tampons of election to have that has weighed do not clean deeply. It is comparable to the mop of light weight. So only it does not have any power of elbow. Unfortunately my mop the simple/drought wets the cockroach does more than clean that this does. It is there is disappointed totally.
5 / 5
Loves an ease of follows 70 years. Has two use the clave of shark vacuum and and mop and like this a lot last in mine this wave of transfer is easy in mine clean my paving of cookery, vinyl planks, and has then changed tampons and scrubbed again so only to see the one who cleaned has taken mine some second tampons were not even he an amazing work.
5 / 5
Buy this unit like the substitution for the wireless mop, which there have been subjects of battery. I have not imported the cord and imagined it would last longer. A question is that a cord is extremely short. It is at least 1/2 a period of the mine vacuum cleaner. It could very included to go down the hallway without unplugging it and relocating it more afterwards. For this reason, are by train of the turn.
5 / 5
Very sure the one who bad for piece? And I will say that it is easy to use BUT is extremely last to dip some tampons on way that are varied perfectly like of the diagrams does not shake ... They are in fact be never able to dip them on perfect like this a schemes always shake.. Reason are in uneven... They require some class of markings to help dipped some tampons on that. Another that that, I fricken loves this sews has to them that mop of the steam and I think that kills germs to take hot but master that these thickets of thing a paving for me! I have used a water and solution in a resivour 3 times and mopped my whole house 3 times with one same 1 boat of solution.. Hard along and some tampons do not take like this wetted that his drip the really are adds on all included with a bit those that gilipollas
4 / 5
loves everything in mop of mine. The law adds inclusa although it does not use steam, and to the chair likes is more than sure to use in vinyl of mine hardwood that to the mop of steam would be. A solution of more cleaned is wine with this very light and has the thin clean smell. Very easy to use grieve taken he out of a box.
5 / 5
Have the paving of tile is the a lot of slick/smooth texture. It is it does not have to that it glosses of resplandor big in the, like this has thought them this car would be utmost . Has looked tonnes of Video of Youtube on regarding the use and that would do. AMADO the like this I splurged and purchased it on its own name like the present of Anniversary. It has purchased also tampons of cleansing extra and bounce it big besides cleaned. That the waste.... I have done for 4 days in my pavings and I still have frames of circle on him. I have used Water so only to rinse of any residue and buffed and buffed this in spite of any better look. It was able to mediate of some frames of circle was, but all a work has taken was Like any value a prize. It was a lot of disappointed. It could be I adds in the different type of flooring but did not like me for mine.
5 / 5
Omg!! My preferred of new product!!! It has tried so only he for a first time and has surprised. I am racked with pain behind chronic and I always dread and procrastinate cleaning my pavings been due to he. I have tried this was today, and any I so only has finalised my integer down (approx 1300 soft to tile flooring) in roughly 20 minutes but a lot behind hurt anything neither! 😱 I have used to have to that mop of steam but reason has not been instrumented with solution, an always looked paving chalky and has had always the odd smell (still with has washed recently tampons). This mop was incredible and at all like this to mop of the steam and any endeavour have required like this to the mop regulates. My paving looks clean, odora cleaned, and go to assume that reason says that a solution of more cleaned of the pet is sanitizer that is cleaned. It is as to mop and walk búfer in a. And a buffing helps to separate to dry your pavings in the fraction of a time to mop apresamiento so that it does not have to that worry in small some or furbabies walking by means of him while wet. While this can touch like an ad, was in person compensated for this description. They are so only the client thrilled the one who finally has the clean walk without launching out of the rear mine in a process!

Top Customer Reviews: CRAFTSMAN ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
I have bought this to help with collection of the powder for the bank of saws/of the table to issue to go of the table is building. It plans to pose the powder of cyclone separator that owes east and builds some class of sound baffles, but baffles used this has decided that it was unnecessary.

Here is why:
1) this unit is much calmer that my old DeWalt 2.5 French tends vac. It IS in no way he mutters calm, but can speak in the and a noise has little the happy main frequency as it is very tolerable to use while saw or road. The continual the use could be another subject , but well for my application.

2) These stock exchanges of collection of uses of interior of unit a vac. This has 2 profits: it contains a finer powder and easier to plant to estimate one $ 5 for stock exchange. I my attaches the cyclone of final of the front if full meeting some arrive too many stock exchanges quickly. But still it adds to have some stock exchanges take a fine dust that spends through a cyclone.

This void has abundance of power of suction to clean in a tent. One on board the storage of tool is VAL only. It goes easily without touching. In general very pleased.
5 / 5
Five Star .......The desire there has been an option to purchase some filters of substitution together with a compraventa main.
5 / 5
I have bought this for my husband and was the roads adds ! I have compared in a lot of and still a some expsitos in a sale or base of return of House and Lowe. I wished it only it has seen it a one for 20gals for $ 30 more before I have done this compraventa. Another that those some wheels go amiably, all some annexes have the house, a suction is sum and am very pleased!
2 / 5
Artisan In nickle and say me no longer comprises a plastic muffer with this model, uses also. So much, we take me to us for another $ 14.95. Some years, would not buy Crafrsman, this time has been ordered by a Woodshop management . Opened has Won it the on. A artfice old has lasted only the year
5 / 5
16 6.5hp Of Chevron:
Pro: Utmost suction, no the when the toe pulled for a hose. The hose has good clip of some hands to attach in tank. It has floater that fences in a automotive was when a wet tank is full. In vac options of the storage of the tool is in fact usable.
With: Wine without filter of foam (filter to regulate only and 1 disposable stock exchange). 'Any flipping' comes with a prize: it is the width bit.
Conclusion: I am happy that had decided any one to repair my old ShopVac and has bought instead this unit. It IS better that my old a (16 French 6HP Tends VaC) was in a unit of day
5 / 5
This creature has entered last week and he are fantastic. Used the little of the carts and he sucked the hair of dog was that it has been it there pending of the unable months to be cleaned by another voids. The flight and highly recommend it. Produced to notch upper. Particularly it likes him that of a hose, cord and stay of annexes firmly in a device. Excellent.
5 / 5
There is the few parts to connect with Phillips engine of the ray and this are --four rays. Ray in a cape, two small latches these wineries a hose and accidents in some wheels and he are ready for mecer and circle! The Artfice has liked him always. It buys this cual the present for any one but the necessity requires has one, also. Oh, it Comprises the stock exchange of powder for dry vacuuming; I put vacuuming leaves a stock exchange has been.
4 / 5
Wine without casters or capes of impulse. Any INSTRUCTION.
IS come with parts only lying in inferior of boxes. Not packing.
IS hugh and would have to do well, but require everything of some parts.
Will update!
Update of same day. Donat Several options. I have chosen 35% partial repayment. Orderly beavers that expects will return. It can do without some capes, but require be able to move it enough in a room.
Some swipe of hole of the beginning out of the explosion of air, blowing material around while it is by train to try you clean. I the duck has recorded a mask of filter of the air in the... He a trick.
4 / 5
Quan My void of the tent of the Artfice is arrived today, was so relieved and has pleased that some black of the plastic childbirths did not stink to like so of today the mark of plastic. So often, out of a box, black plastic (of China) has the very toxic smell that will not air era. I Liked him that it was easy to pose together a vac, and like me that is designed to line a hose and accesorias. It IS easy to pull around, does not touch on.

Even so, has used only a vac for quite a lot of ten minutes and one heat of an engine has created the very toxic stench, quite where chair the small nauseous or headachey now. Could say it it has filled in a room with one smells. As one heats of an engine apparently is that it causes some class of intense was-gassing. I am not sure cual to do in of the this and could has to returns a unit. I will try to seat a thing in a sun for an evening in case that these helps, but sure wish any material has had the habit of the sure black manufacture of the plastic parts in a past could change few years so that the number of products has this terrible smell today and chair physically ailing when exposure in them.
5 / 5
I Like him his of a tool and titulars of hose this void has. I also like a cape, which he easy to spend this void. Even so, it wishes some finals of a cape was the small longer while they are not quite quite long to handle a cord to be able in, which look for to be designed to store.

Top Customer Reviews: STANLEY Wet/Dry ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 20 ratings
1 / 5
Bought the afterwards reading a lot of good descriptions. Terribly Disappoint. Ridiculous of vendor.
Took an element 5 places have run over . It seats in me it conceal it it has bought it an element of a street.
A sake to draw of the product . The action is well . Quality of plastic tubes and connecting the tube in of the averages.
While using remarked that on sucking the big object, an air takes sucked to create the sound because of compression of a cloak of aluminium .Bought an aluminium that thinks it will be fat . Any one was terribly bad . A period of the cape is not sufficient, while considering an appearance that is cleansing of void .
Even more the problem is that the element has been shipped of Warehouse of Amazon, with the element has inspected adhesives and very gone tick. The amazon is big flood , so bad his client these capes...
5 / 5
That is to say the product adds !

Pros: That is to say the very calm, powerful, and unit very portable. No more than it tugs the full measure 5 French. vac Around a house for all some fast cleanups required when renewal. A hose of the smallest diameter is in fact the profit while it is much easier to use that a hose of the big diameter used in full measure vacs. Some annexes store easily, a cape is very useful, and is clear.

Gilipollas: Very I do not see any one... I use full measure 5 French. vacs For years, and never has believed once that it was happy has had a big east! In fact, they were always such the ache to tug around, that I often simply skip using them. This Stanly is the big and powerful abundance for 90% of some cleanups required when renewal or garage of house/of general grandson-up. (I need in cleanup remain big- uses the broom,then finish whit a vac) can very never imagines not thinking never the desire there has been the main container!

And is very calm- quite so strong the Dyson! No more shouting vacs!
4 / 5
That is to say the powerful void and like me that it is the main cylinder in place of the width, squatty the unit IS powerful, enough so strong like rests, and circles easily. In the One to him to only thing does not like him enough is that of some bloodlettings to maintain some annexes and the tubes on board do only in a direction. There is any road to ensure a hose, can very embroil and bond an end of an axis in an of these rooms. All an access of tubes, but has to imagine was something to do with a hose he. No the band was neatly.
5 / 5
A level of his quite low east.
Some looks of sum of thing in a tent of garage.
A change to be able is big and positive.
Some clips of cube are sure and positive and easy in latch and unlatch.

Some gilipollas (compared in the tent of full measure vac):
the Lowest suction
Hose any one so long or flexible
has Required to buy (or mark) an adapter to attach at most of tools of tent
the filter is the stock exchange with the grandson these just slips in place. It IS more difficult in reinstall after cleanup.

A black of the plastic base is not removable.

Has bought this suddenly when mine 12 Tent of chevron Vac is gone down, not even give this there has been the hose of different measure. Has think that a cube of small stainless steel would do it easier to clean. Desprs Doing an adapter for my tools of tent, expsito is adapted for this type to have to, but was sorely conscious to be able besides down when manually vacuuming, and a hose a small plus has meant that 90% of a piece of waste and limits that a full measure vac pickup just clog in this void to measure smaller.

Has found that in general, a little stock exchange to filter the fastest clogs and is not easier to clean that a paper of filters of drum cual easily installs in the full measure vac.

Final of history: that is to say the add vac, and everything enough is solid. But using it motivated me to fix my tent of full measure vac.
4 / 5
Tried to only suck for on some hair out of my SUV, finished to create gravity well, SUV gone, the house gone, the dog has run was, taken all this hair of dog even so.

Tent of quality vac.
4 / 5
I have ordered the second void of this model so that I liked him really his one of one has been using during several years. I use it mostly for elect dry-up with the replaceable stock exchange of filter. This new void does not have some guides of retainer to line a stock exchange in place. I have compared he in an old plus void, which have guides of complete retainer. A place in a new void does not look broken. I have posed in the stock exchange and has used a void for some debugging of light; it looks to do VAL. I will continue to use the and control to see if any one losing the guides do the difference. Very I do not want to return this element in Amazon; it is the big box , uncomfortable . I will contact Alton maintains of client of the Industries and update this description learns anything new.
Update: I have telephoned service of client, has been posed in control, and at the end hanged. Look in a vacuum and has remarked that a stock exchange has looked for to be firmly in place without some guides of retainer. I will update my description later has any problems.
4 / 5
Excellent void. There is the very small round felt-like filters in some external mechanics that takes clogged easily yes is vacuuming the plot of powder of saw or small rests. It IS so difficult to clean this small filter and takes it behind in place. But if no the net lose the majority of your suction. Quan A filter is clean has tonnes of power of suction.
5 / 5
My old tent vac at the end has data in a phantom, and really required another. Some descriptions looked mostly very big, and a very reasonable prize for concealed it has been offered. I have not been disappointed in a less. It avenges hurriedly, and was mere to pose together. Has can add, and some annexes he easy to change among situations. Some critiques have said was also strong, but is the tent vac at the end, and no stronger that another tent vac has listened. It handles each which easily. Apresamiento Or!
3 / 5
This was to purchase in of the waters of void of one A/C unit these overflows in timing very humid. He voids up quite 2 litres of water and seeds a float engages cual for a vacuuming. He also from time to time waters of spit out of one exhausts port especially if a filter of paper is used with a filter of foam. It looks he the nut in a fund of a headline to float this would line covers it to seal a fund of a headline of float. I duct recorded these those next holes aided some. But that the fact more was the cover a headline of float with which plastic container any one prevents flow to air but leaves a tank to fill. It sees picture. No that expect of Stanley.
1 / 5
Purchased this unit in Pot 2018 and has used he in my garage that year without subjects. It IS to use he in the February and he simply very coming on. Followed each a troubleshooting instructions, any help. Nicknamed one 'line of help' and has been walked through troubleshooting again, any change - empty the engine still would not come on. (Any CB in unit). Number of the code in a unit signified that a unit has been built in 2016 and therefore it was 'out of guaranteeed'. As it Instructs, routed an email in of the Industries of Alton (infoaltonindustries.com) in 2/8/19 with emails to follow as well as calls to follow additional in 'line of help'. Any response and any call behind. The fault of a unit is a thing, failure in guarantee of honour and in the response is OBJECTIONABLE. No for Stanley produced in a future.

Top Customer Reviews: DEWALT 18/20-Volt ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
120VAC, 20VDC Or 18VDC????? AS it CAN you GO BAD ?!?!?!?

Pro Is: Everything except a stock exchange of filter ( will see that I can come up with

With east: it would be very he has had the stock exchange of available filter partorisca east. I hate to take so only partorisca clean an on-filter of joint (waste of time).

WELL. I know partorisca have ALL BEEN MOMENT to the east. I have done the stock exchange of filter partorisca this element so that I do not owe that it neither maintains partorisca clean a OEM filter or substitute he partorisca $ to $ +.

ALL of this can be found on Amazon or just look around partorisca a material of same measure.

1. Number of Part of plastic Works: PC136
1 1/2" OD Plastic Tube - $
2. Ronteix 90 elbow of terracing - 1 1/2" it GOES Elbow - $
3. Windsor Sensor HEPA Vacuum Stock exchanges ( returns alot of them) Band of 10 - $

Total = $

will not require partorisca buy another elbow or plastic tube as so only will owe that buy stock exchanges from now on.
Sure ... I know you are thinking "but I can not suck on waters with the vacuum stock exchange in him".

Of course some stock exchanges will not resist 2 chevrons of the muck but calm can not suck on 2 chevrons of the muck without that has to that clean your cartridge partorisca filter in all chance so much .... Profit.

has been the very long while of a compraventa of this vacuum cleansing.
Likes so that it has bought another.
Now can maintain a house in a tent of work and one in a place of work.
5 / 5
Has left is partorisca be clear, this vacuum is roughly comfort any action. It is small weight , light and a lot of ergonomically has drawn partorisca leave a hose and of the tools partorisca be cleverly integrated to an organism without protrusions. It is perfect to spend to a labour place when so only have the small work partorisca do. For example I owe that cut the hole in drywall does not have to that tug out of a tent vac partorisca clean on a disorder. It is relatively easy to service also. Some transfers of filter was and calms that can touch against one beats of rubbish partorisca clean.
According to which action this vacuum WELL in better. Easily it chooses on light material like drywall powder or shavings of forest. But no quite can to run to sweep to walk or choose on elements of metal like rays and nails easily. I faced it against mine another tent vacuums with the gauge. As you can see the pictures has in means of a vacuum attractive like my gone to do tends of place vac. And 1/4 or less than the, king of a tent Festool extractor. Still it is in plot easier that treat for the work of the day where are in and era.
4 / 5
Ossia An excuse a poorer that the vacuum cleansing has not seen never. There is like this little suction, find you rubs it an end of your hose against a carpet that tries cogerprpers to do. Calm finally is beating your hose in a coverage, begging calm does not break it , while trying takes it to choose on something

in an end, goes to take your house vacuum to do a work that knows is so only slightly better. But at least it calms it does not have to that it has beaten your hose in a carpet.
Is pleasant.
Looks it would have to that be the vacuum.
Is not light.
And is not useful
5 / 5
With on 200 descriptions there has a lot much more to offer, but has done some modifications the mine that bit it more useful and has directed two of this big gilipollas.

In the first place, has taken a three Tent Vac mark 14' wands of extension, to extend one achieves of hose the scarce and save me to bend on. They are then it locates behind 3 sections of 1.5' PVC pipes cut to 9.5' sections in a fund of one gave the place to securely stores some 3 wands and has strengthened one bases the bit, in the chance takes tugged around in rough earth enough to finally of wear by means of a canister.

To locate a PVC, has used six 1/4' rays of transport and washers in a side of pipe, with bonded sealing washers (metal washers bonded the hule fat washers) and hex inner of rays a canister.

An end of smooth round of some rays of interior to transport some laws to pipe to close in some wands the few first thumbs of an end, and his slide in and was easily but stay in securely.

Has after taken a bit dusting paintbrush that to the amazon says is purchased frequently with some 3 wands of extension. I have loved to maintain this tool with a vac together with some nozzles have comprised. It has to that way that be to ray in the strap to pipe to resist a paintbrush to a vac (a setup I no really cures for), there is remarked one he outlet/blower hole. A paintbrush returns tight in there and solves another annoying thing in this vac.

An air outlet tends to blow things around, particularly for the legislations hander. With a paintbrush in there, directs a flow to air on and out of a material is trying vacuum, and diffused a current to air also.

All has said thinks a mods cost me around twenty bucks, and has added so only the little hanged and date to a vac, but really augmented a vac utility and consolation, at least for me.
5 / 5
Are in a HVAC trade and previously to purchase this has found often the situations where had wished has had the laptop and a-heavy vacuum. Undertaken I work partorisca has the small 5 chevron a that the lives in one install the trailer but ossia. As I have recognised immediately a potential this little type has had to offer and has done a compraventa. You would owe that it has seen it some looks in of the types faces when have pulled this out of a first time. Shared the few laughs, as his poked amused in me etc. That all has finalised last week when he emptied the full air handler casserole to drain that is to be suspend in the ceiling of drop, which has not had the drain. Sure, has has had to that the game was long to entirely empty a casserole, but any one has had more the vacuum, a Church where done has not had a neither. Although any one had had one some hoses probably would not have achieved, and like this tight a space .
This vacuum extracted a lot well so that I require it to do:
1. Cleaning air handler grills of returns, cupboards, and of the bad that typically alive down him. Any one sure that am speaking roughly go to take your filter of air and look.
2. Clearing out of condensate lines in a chance I course out of Nitrogen, spent last week during the work.
3. Scrolling of water of casserole of drain.

Loves a creation and compactness of this vacuum. Everything has is put to live and these pieces remain places, any flopping hoses or cords. At the beginning I am not sure state in a location of a transmission to be able to, but the volume because dipped that there. Any accidentel startup and a boss protects to suffer harm. This vacuums has to that decent suction and am satisfied entirely with action. With any 1.5' hose vacuum, is not hard to clog like this like this long, as any wait sucks on big chunks. Besides, shopping this with expectations of action of the 10 tent of chevron vacuum, lol, does not buy this. 'It is not a vacuum yours looking for.'

Operation of battery:
I emptied that casserole to drain on can of battery so only using the 4amp battery of now. Sure it has the little more can when corded but concealed is not reason has purchased the, a cord is flat B if a battery dies and are out of transmissions.

I desire there has been three space for wands of extension and another space for bristle annex of paintbrush. It would want to see touches a battery while using a cord to be able to.

In general am a lot happy like this far with this vacuum and would not doubt to purchase another or recommend to the partner.
4 / 5
Has purchased this vacuum new fact 2 years. An operation of battery there is prendido to do the short time does. AC Law of operation still. I took it to my venue dewalt centre of service of the factory. In the first place it was, some types of the service of the counter was earthy. As in ZERO SERVICE of skills of client. It said him of a subject was having with a vacuum. They have known exactly like them the question was and exactly that advise of the circuit would require to be substituted. Obviously ossia the subject common . They have said that a guarantee was so only 1 year. I have said, ossia odd, yours reason put web still aims it having to that 3 guarantee of year. We said me To knots repeatedly that a 3 guarantee of year was so only for has takes separates. I have explained to them that a text in a guarantee declares at all included remotely prójimo to the only coverage has takes separates. They have said that a 1 guarantee of year is all these coverages has failed separates. HUH? Ossia Odd, of then clearly declares that it covers faulty parts and workmanship. Further, a 3 guarantee of the year been that the does not cover parts that has tear and normal wear. I have been said that a joint of the circuit is not covered reason has failed because of tear and normal wear. They want to $ 75 to relieve it.
Seriously. This company is like this shady likes to take. So much, when comparing his 3 guarantee of text of year to a text of the boss of porters 1 guarantee of year (a company possessed for a company of father although it possesses dewalt), a text is identical. He like this done this bad that the element of boss of the porter that has the course fails interior 1 year is also a lot of warranted? At all. Dewalt Would owe that be embarrassed. They are doing arrive policemen to guarantee so it adapts him, in a fly. Calm the FAR OUT OF DEWALT.
5 / 5
Has possessed this vacuum for the year and the half now, and used it constantly this time. It is a lot convenient for small works where calm does not love tug out of a big tent vac. A reviewer said can he "suck the golf spends for the hose to water", but they are here to say you, ossia in any one leaves to close to be true. This vacuum is really any a lot of powerful included compared to his competition likes a Milwaukee 0880-20 18-the Wireless volt Wet/Drought Vacuum, but this has said, is quite powerful for each work has used partorisca. This comprises dry applications - which have has used mostly he partorisca - and wet applications. I used it to take water of the tank of basin for example when that substitutes the basin and the pair other wet applications. A Milwaukee is to good sure more powerful, and has known that when I have purchased this Dewalt reason had used both, but a DeWalt is certainly sufficient.

This in spite of, this DeWalt vacuum has the pocolas other goodnesses in a Milwaukee:

A DeWalt, while any one calms for any half, is Much calmer that a Milwaukee. A Milwaukee frames the strong big-pitched shouting his - like this strong would not use he for a long period without protecting of ear. A DeWalt is not like this strong and a lot almost I so that annoying.

A DeWalt has the cord, while a Milwaukee no. So he run out of battery, can maintain go has access to a outlet. This was the plus of entity for me.

A DeWalt is a bit smaller, and generally more rounded. It is so only he bit it easier that spend around and use that a big, place, class of toolbox-looking Milwaukee vac.

Has had already an investment in DeWalt 20v battery and chargers, so that it was the motivator also.

Now, for a reason because it has not given the 5 stars: there is prendido recently law in a battery. He still done in a cord, but he not being able to up in a battery. Has A lot DeWalt 20v battery, as I have tried another for ensures it has not gone so only a battery, and sure enough, was a vacuum. I have read the pair other descriptions with some same @@subject - looks a connector of battery goes bad. This class of this past dulcemente - there is remarked at the beginning when those careers in a battery an engine would retard down and request while it has used - classify of the like you has run out of power of battery, but this would spend when a battery (a 3ah model) was has touched fully. Then, after the few weeks there is prendido finally ran in a battery entirely.

A big plus for DeWalt is that this vacuum has the guarantee of 3 years, as I took it to a DeWalt centre of service of the factory roughly 15 miles of me. At the beginning a type in a counter has looked for to blame my same battery with which have said tried it and has not been a battery that he the cause. Like this - I has not said the word and there is pulled so only the second battery out of my pocket of discharge, plugged he in and flipped a transmission... At all. It has smiled in me sheepishly and said, the suppositions is not a battery. He also tried to say me that it was so only the-guaranteeed of year, which was also bad, as I have said any, is 3 years ... Look He on if not to believe me. ( You would think the type that read in the DeWalt the centre of Service would know concealed???). As it has done and expósito that was in fact the guarantee of three years. It has then taken mine vac and said it will be the week and will ship it to knots behind your when it is fixed.

10 days later have not had it vac in my possession, as I called him. They looked it up and it has said "yes, probably we will take it casualidades to look in that in the pair of weeks". I have said hey, a type in a counter has said there would be it behind a WEEK. It has taken a "the one who calm said concealed you?" Routine. It has said finally that will look in him tomorrow and there is hanged. Later that the day has taken the topmast of voice , he saying pleases roughly your vacuum. I have called and they have said, well, we look in him, and some the precise courses is on duty-ordered of a factory for several months! I have thought that it adds, ossia well. Then, before I have had the occasion to say anything has said: "To the equal that go to knots to give the new mark vacuum; it will be ready this afternoon yes it calms that wants to come and pick up." Wow! Ossia Well!

Line like this inferior to the equal that of today have the new mark a, with new accessories, filter and everything, all new in a unopened box. As has the mixed description of a service of guarantee. A first type in a counter was quite clueless and has not looked to concern a lot, and gave pursues he-around in a guarantee, but in an end, gave to knots the new mark a, like this calm can not beat concealed.

Has to that say, possesses probably the dozen or more DeWalt tools, both corded and wireless, everything of routers, to drill/engine and hammer of hammer, saw them circulate, and miter saw, and on and on. Ossia A PRIME MINISTER DeWalt the tool has has not possessed never that has had the question with. As they are by train to give them a profit of a doubt is one.

I like this little vac!
4 / 5
This thing is the beast !

Are the bit of the DeWalt defender and possess a lot his corded and produced wireless, as this was to good sure in a cast of elements has loved to possess.

-His wireless And corded!!
-His no like this weighed to the equal that could look, my fiancés use included without complaining!
-This thing can suck the golf spends for the hose of water without his lipstick that transfers
-Some accessories are returned a hose snuggly and does not fall off like another tent vacs
-Easy to clean, so only touch an inferior cube/black plastic and shaken of one transfers-filter of powder of the lock
-Compact measure but quite big to manage REAL tasks
-My battery are of the together/of impact of the hammer and roughly 4 years this in spite of like this last for on 25min vacuum time
-ABUNDANCE to be able to while using it as the WIRELESS unit
- the sounds bit it more powerful while using CORDED beat (the elder of global operational frequency), but does not have a half effective to measure this
-I has beaten a s out of my tools and has aimed this unit zero mercy and can vouch for his global toughness/construction. I dread that finally I will break a hose (because of his flexible character) and probably will trip on and no in some other accessories (ossia which all of mine vacuum the accessories achieve his death).
-5 stars would purchase again!!

-A dmn exhaust for this thing is in a wrong side for the right hand dominant character. I resist/to spend a unit my sinister hand and manipulate an accessory/of hose with my right hand and an exhaust/blower port thicker that not blowing in a direction Im trying clean. BUT, this smaller defect is not the breaker of extracted! So only a bit annoying for any the one who is quell'has bitten more OCD that the no. Has, this in spite of, found the quite interesting solution to take an accessory of wide corner and shove he in an exhausts port. A lot he so only done this marks a car so only bit it calmer, but he also corners that the air in any direction would like you. Preferably out of that is trying paralizaciones to suck up.
-A blower the side does not blow a lot last with a hose has attached his. Ossia More probably because of terracing of curve and ribbed inner of hose or a creation of leaf. Any one sure.
-Scrolling of battery: the battery of OLD fashionable SOCKET bit it difficult to take for a character with big hands. It does not possess a flat fashionable battery newer.

The things have used partorisca:
-Vacuuming on drywall and cochera debris
-cleaning baseboards
-cleaning inner of automobile, floormats, console+of centre of the pinch, ect
-Vacuuming on powder of forest
-solution of cleansing Laptop for general in-use to house

the things there is has not used stops:
-Sucking on liquids
5 / 5
has used one to clean on cars and other duties of light cleaners perhaps once the week. He no longer powers in any one on battery or plugged in. Tried using a cat for support, in the first place time a 'the web of place has not been to found'. Tried again last and has seated to expect 'Please control while you connect to you to an agent.' For on 45 min. His support of telephone is so only available reason are them work, and there is no another support that can find.
4 / 5
Has bought this the while it does and initial results 3 out of 5 with a markdown mostly around vacuum beats and time run. I have had diverse 18vdc nicads has used him like this in this car always to unimpressive is resulted. For some reason, so only has not tried never he 20vdc Lithium still although I had him by other tools. Well I look it in fact weeks, has launched a last 18v nicad recycles it canal and plugged one of 20vdc lithiums and his like OMG has the totally different vacuum. Power looks almost curves (probably overstated....) In an old more nicads and has had to that for him always looks. The class of me kick that I never thought to go directly to a 20v lithiums. Oh Well, I much happier and wants to recommend this vacuum to any that wishes to give a no on the low power dustbuster or another type of vacuum. Dewalt Is pricey but in an end takes that paid so that it walks the majority of mine Dewalt decisions of compraventas.

Top Customer Reviews: Vacmaster Red ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 44 ratings
4 / 5
It likes my car the plot but given a pandemic am not interested terribly partorisca go to a hand has washed car and having a lot of the one who has been in 75 cars that the day enters my car. Like this, there is begrudgingly (clearly any ideal partorisca the arrival of term with a longitude of the yours car) headed to a walk of big arrival of gas canal-thru car wash. This directed partorisca begin compraventa partorisca the automobile vacuum partorisca use of house.

Has read the plot of descriptions partorisca automobiles vacuums and has included contemplated wireless versus corded. I quickly opted partorisca corded reason still although I am sure a technology has improved of mine 10 year-old B&D hand-held wireless vacuum, is not wanted to to go some data on that. It likes-me a State black Ohio and red colours and out of a box his looks are appealing and the solid for a prize has paid. It was easy to gather and there is vetoed a highland option of the wall more been due to lazyness. The majority of parts are stored inside a vacuum.

Has purchased also to 25 extension of cord of feet a same time to do the things the easy plus when using he in a cochera. A level to BE ABLE To is the 4 out of 5 in my book. It has Had the good suction and there is has not had to the paste describes stirs it of time of too many corners to take a muck and debris sucked up. A CREVICE the TOOL is a lot of gain in these tight spaces around some chairs and flanges of some mats. An attach of the PAINTBRUSH is good but wish a portion of paintbrush was firmly snapped in versus so only slid in. When you Press too hard or exert force while vacuuming he slides out of time in when. I will owe that it experiences with that or the ensure on some finals with small band of duct tape. I will verify a manual again so only to be sure this has not been the 'error of user' for my part. My car had not had the real quality vacuum in month so that it looks forward to to regulate cleaner with my small 'Buckeye'.
5 / 5
I like a construction of him. It likes that it is of light and easy to move around. It likes- one hose and a cord. And hate all more roughly that.

In the first place, a suction is so only mediocre. It is well to lose powder or hair of dog in the hardwood walk. But calm really has to that you read in the take to suck on much more, likes pasador or needles of small pebbles.

But here is a worse part - a blower the port is always on and swipes with such force, that the so only swirls a muck and powder around wherever uses it. It blows out of one rear while a hose is attached the one front . Seriously, an open blower the port has 10x a force that a port of the suction done. Like this while it does not suck a lot on, a blower muck of just swipes everywhere behind so much go. Absolutely ridiculous.
4 / 5
Has taken several days to rid, but am still happy that can take he during a pandemic. The lovely works. He so only that I require it to do. I use mine mainly to vacuum my car. A suction is very powerful partorisca east to be small. This was the very compraventa . It is light weight and was easy to dip near. Wine with the pocolos alleged that marks very convenient to be used in of the different conditions. And it is quite lovely vac regarding a low prize.
5 / 5
Amazing power of the small vacuum. Utilisation this for my workshop/Tuffshed and is a better cleanup tool for the small space. I add to clean an interior of the mine car also!
5 / 5
A vacuum has been purchased to be used inside a house for fast grandson-up in planting that has to that it tug out of a house or spend in general tent vacuum. Very happy with his capacity to choose on muck and powder of projects of house. His light weight does to spend it vacuum on and down stairs the breeze. It has liked him a hose of more along but for my needs, this will do amiably.
4 / 5
With which having an element flown, a company promptly has sent another and I enjoy it. An only thing that really would owe that improve is to have some separate pieces more ensured to plant with the mechanism to close.
4 / 5
This product was perfect for my needs. We take the new couch the together and my normal routine was to take all some crumbs and that never more my family decides to tuck under our cushions with broom of mine would sweep all was and dipping to my paving to sweep on with which. With this weight of impulse canister I discharges in and suction especially down some cushions and one cushions them. He my work like this more enjoyable and adds for my car when that washing. His compact comes with groups the to store hanged. A boss is quite long any to short, a suction is quite powerful a measure of cube is perfect any one the big & still any to small.
5 / 5
A work and is not the ache to use. A measure is small but is very useful!
5 / 5
Better tent vac that has has not had never. Light and easy weight to move around. Any useless wheel in a subordinated to cause questions. Power of utmost suction. He a work of much bigger vacuums. Easy to use and easy to clean filter. They are very very pleased with this product.
4 / 5
Like this far, very good. I love a highland hook comes with. Attacked of the star because a hose could be the little longer.

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