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Top Customer Reviews: Professional Movers ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Freddy
These produced is very well has built. A question is with a system of harness. Some two halves of a velcro that takes a strap by means of your @@@cofre is situated like this far averts that calm ail it returned (I follows 6' and 190 lbs). Another subject is that a period of some straps of the shoulder is not adjustable. A strap of @@@cofre is drawn partorisca gone well under a line of heart and my woman expósita this to be uncomfortable and tried to determine yes to go in or down... We have had the good laugh on that. Again, these are done a lot well , would do well according to your build and I think a costruttore could improve him with some modifications to a system of harness.
4 / 5 Shannon
Received a product and was pleasantly suprised was better that looks in some photos. Some materials are qualities very big and durable. An aggregated cushioning the very comfortable fact in your shoulders. Some buckles am very durable and arepositioned like the not lining one load. Any calm so only take a harness , but the box is all 2 need of people to do joint. Some straps regulate a period a lot easily and accommodate period and of the different heights. A velcro the straps in a waistcoat close a lot well and is rigid. An only thing would have to that be conscious of this yours measure of @@@cofre. I think that that they are drawn for the small to build of means. If your “husky” or “big-boned”, can not be able to velcro some straps of @@@cofre. It was still useful same unvelcrowed. To good sure recommend this product to any lifting anything heavy or useful in stairs, hallways, and doorways. You love it!!!
5 / 5 Florrie
Ossia Compact and easy to use the shoulder joins that it help partorisca move any big pieces of furniture without you hurt or breaking a product. I used it partorisca move my mattress of heavy nectar that it is a lot last to move without 3 to 4 people, but using some straps my friends and moved it upstairs with ease. As I recommend this product. What only that improves of need he, if you are weighed/has big shoulders these poden any one is returned. But it returns it is the product adds .
4 / 5 Pablo
My woman is 4 11 and are 5 9 has spent so much the heavy couch all a way to a third walk. Knowing my rests of woman is says of the that promotes anything so that it was very easy partorisca his and a lot of suprise!! To good comfortable insurance. Also my edges is 12 was both of knots move the multiple heavy element near.
5 / 5 Toya
A Professional Movers the tool is an extremely useful tool partorisca have around. Really it takes all a pressure of the yours behind your low plus and in fact anything is lighter of emotional chair ! Also, the bondadoso of forces you partorisca use technicians of pertinent lifting, which is always well! Among the pleasant little band, doing it very convenient and compact. You recommend to any, man or woman!
4 / 5 Gidget
Well, so that it takes juezas of start, this product is a lot of main quality that has expected. Basically leaving 2 men to distribute a weight of the heavy element to do it easier that spend, less stress in a backside. One a thing to maintain in the alcohol is to be careful with the main elements when that spends for doorways!
4 / 5 Mallory
Moved the office of massive office of real forest to like this walk. Im A lot sure he of possible summer without these straps. If it was possible without them, the harm would have grazed probably. Very happy with purchasing included for an use of time.
5 / 5 Barney
This left (5ft2in) and my dad (5ft8in) moves the office that was while my dad is big and very heavy. We were able of the movement quickly and relatively easy to the equal that in neither one of took wounded to do so much. Ossia Seriously awesome!
5 / 5 Colby
It take this for my edges & I to move his pieces of furniture. It was dressers of chamber of half measure and is on men of half measure (6'2' & 6'5'). I have had to buy some velcro records so only to be able of the join around our @@@cofre, but some atenga that goes down some pieces of furniture was too many courts to be able to use in the alone piece of furniture. If you are big, or have big pieces of furniture, these straps will not be able to help you. They are very done, but so only too small.
4 / 5 Cathey
It would like me a product more there was “quickly disconnect” hooks with adjustable straps in both ends of a product. I seat this gives both movers a “ease” of quickly releasing they of an element are moving.

Top Customer Reviews: Pro Lift Mechanic ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
2 / 5 Lucio
Well I have ordered this creeper likes some updates in my old Accident-on. I am quite sure that this creeper any last far too very time because of an edifice of him. My main aversion quite is a measure of some wheels. A diameter of some wheels is well, a width even so it is narrow, my bad, would have to has contacted a vendor and has asked. A next thing is a two mountain of system of ray in place of the four system of ray, the hope is wrong but does not think it will line up. My council would be to spend in $ 40-$ 60 more, that is to say that desire that had done the . Also only calm so that the praise is fashioned in China.
5 / 5 Janey
Better that my old a, and cheaper also!
Flavours for prender attention in some descriptions in my compraventa of Amazon - saved me the bit of shame, so thanks to the who has revised is one! I am not the mechanic, only an old type these necessities to substitute some joint to run in his old F-250 and decided to take the new creeper. These falls of compraventas in a category of good bang for a buck and adapts MY PURPOSES perfectly. Your mileage can vary.
5 / 5 Eleonor
My hubby wants this creeper. It IS 6ft and raisin 34 in pant period. ( If your rall will appreciate you concealed :)) a creeper is robust and has designed economically.
5 / 5 Nicolle
Fact well in my big ass. Any subject in asphalts after using all day to install the winch.
3 / 5 Emelina
Purchased the element returned of warehouse of Amazon. Alas you are not pre-inspected and wine with 3 of some 6 wheels that loses. One that interests the part is that it can not find wheels of substitution therefore creeper anywhere. It begins to think this would not be a creeper to purchase because of a oddball 2 creation of ray of some wheels and not being able to find any one to substitute in a future when clash or where has been. Like The disposable a creation of a creeper is very good.
5 / 5 Ricky
Im The technology of diesel and and has used this newspaper in of the works,amour some side of containers by side
1 / 5 Marcelina
A box of the proportionate hardware by a manufacturer to locate some wheels are defective. One of a casserole-the rays of any one east mangled and deformed, and any one of some tents of hardware in this crummy city (Wichita, KS) normal a ray of same type, as I will have to continue-line, the find, orders it, and expect the take before it included it can use a new creeper in my tent. These a lot of stinks, so that precise this creeper this weekend to do in my van, and now is that it goes to have that goes without. THANKS TO plot, Pro stimulate! Calm very the the problem of guarantee of the quality.
4 / 5 Pearlie
Only it take this product and am already very impressed with a quality of some components. I am the main person , and this retreated my weight quite well, considering a plastic edifice. A caster the assemblies are metal , (with an exception of some wheels) and a wheel bearings is easily accessible for additional fat in a future. It was pleased also to find that a headrest and some assemblies of wheel are also totally replaceable.

An only thing has against this product is a tool of assembly that is coming with him. It IS only the small plastic T-English tone of socket of the cape that is not until a task. It begins to undress it has entered a premier of some 12 nuts have posed on. It was calm only ails able to finish an assembly in front of this tool has left. A plastic edifice of this tool any problem me quite was the plastic the durable plus , like ABS, or has the small metal inserts/inserts that grip some nuts. If you are considering purchasing this creeper, HIGHLY RECOMMEND take the 10mm engine of nuts or socket. It was able in the marks of the mark with a tool has comprised, but or the wrong the movement would destroy this tool.
5 / 5 Hope
I want a semi all-wheels of terrain. All another has used would look to take bonded the test goes in something that thin likes to say me his. And a eshoulder cutouts' is very also.
4 / 5 Dorene
It looks for the good quality creeper concealed has no to cost me the leg. Work only well and no very complained if a prize was lower. I bought it on here in the roads of lightning and later more paid overdraft that an exact included creeper responsible by Port. It advances and take it but save some money and uses 20% coupon for HF version.

Top Customer Reviews: Sunex 8505 6 Caster ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
Way: Stool of Tent A weakness of everything of these stools is in some groups down to fasten a frame partorisca armour plate to a upholstered cup. These Sunex the stools are built better that some common esd-topped' imports. I am gone through a less red expensive cushioned offerings each once the year or like this in meso. I have it quell'has received in fact an already with the broken weld. A Sunex has groups better drawings that sustains a cushion of chair. He no shear was with which utilisation continued. I expect him partorisca last indefinitely. It uses these in an average of 6-10 hours the day, doing in the bank. Sometimes it has the difference among costruttrici Asian. A Sunex the stool is one of these exceptions.
4 / 5
Way: Deluxe Creeper has bought this to use in mine crawl space. Has the self-levelling concrete of walk that has the plot of registered of free pea. When Have paste a registered of pea with another creepers, some wheels have broken was quite quickly. This one looks the plot sturdier. Some wheels could be so only the diameter of main bit, but is better that a past 3 creepers has had.
4 / 5
Way: 6 Caster Creeper My worry was a underlayment for a cushioning. Peeled the Backside and is the good piece of forest, as I do not see any one questions with him breaking, which have seen raisin with different mark creepers. This unit also looks to have a lot a lot of welds. A lot happy with this Sunex creeper.
5 / 5
Way: 6 Caster Creeper would estimate this main unit excepts has the quirky defect to draw. When you Move a headrest to the majority of whole place one has to that to priest like him some your movements of right arm. An emission for a rest of boss is a lot afterwards yours and calm will finalise to clash which falls a headrest all a way down to the horizontal place. 🤔
5 / 5
Way: 6 Caster Creeper Quality for a prize and wheel a lot amiably. I enjoy an adjustable headrest but my subject with that is a crowbar and use of notch for maintains it has elevated. Stationary Is so only well but if yours moving around alot there is the tendency to release and go slowly. No the breaker of extracted in any way this in spite of. It recommends this Fashion
4 / 5
of product: Creeper Seat am loved like this with a big quality of this chair. This was the substitution for the alike chair. It Likes him to him the volume the oldest results manoeuvre more difficult the crawl zone in my house. An inner sleeve in a extruded tubing to do a product a lot sturdier in a base this a lot of engineered has produced the subject. Easily gathered and appreciates a creation of a ray to do the solid connection of some wheels to a frame.
4 / 5
Way: 6 Caster Creeper A prize was well, has finalised to bend a tab to release an adjustable boss has retreated the bit like my shoulder has maintained the paste the and in the amazing backside to a place to rest. It is quell'has bitten uncomfortable is doing with low clearance like your arms tend to struggle some drives lateralmente to take around material under the vehicle. Another that that, any Fashion
4 / 5
of complaints: Creeper Seats A lot very creeper chair. Easy to gather and all the parts have comprised is of big quality.


Lack of characteristic
would be good to be able to take upper iron to turn creeper to the tray of applications of sure low profile.
4 / 5
Way: the stool of Tent was very impressed with this stool when I have opened a box.
Be a lot of packaged and arrived in excellent condition.
The assembly was trivial. A stool is stable, moves easily in all the directions,
and some works of impulse of the good air. It have given this to 5 indication of star except a cushioning in a chair. A cushioning is like this soft that chairs to the equal that dip in the coffins near. So only hanged 180 pounds, as it is not to like I in uploaded the.
Has takes immediately a coverage of chair and has substituted a foam with the foam of the main density. The maintaining rest waiting for using this stool in fact a lot of years.
4 / 5
Way: Creeper Seats All the world-wide this seats in these amours this chair. Often we hang among a cochera and a lot always uses it. Like a tool of work of real mechanic well and of the circles easily. I can not stress quite which well a chair is cushioned. A fat plus that has used to date.

Top Customer Reviews: Traxion 1-200 King ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
5 / 5 Catrina
Way: King Crawler with Crowbar-Close partorisca Brake System One before what there is remarked was that I damage this thing was packaged. When I took It in the first place a box was gouged. Rasgado And has looked was drug for behind a truck that spent it. The inaugural a box There has not packed or anything partorisca protect this product of harm because of rough managing. A first examination has developed a creeper looked to be well, that never one of some wheels was entirely out of his plásticoes baggie. Some other wheels were in several locations by means of out a box. I have found two of some four plastic of discharge that goes to some square tubes. Some the square holes in some tubes was to small to receive a casters properly. For presionar some dice was able to force three of a four casters in a square cutouts. That this means is a casters is uneven not leaving a creeper to seat in bylines. They are an engineer , and in my control of the quality of the opinion has failed is one. Once again I take an expensive product , fraction, and short of part, the more than has to that do work of redesign. Once I fact a work a factory would owe that it has done, taste, and think his in of disposal to be the good creeper. It thinks that that I will discover it can locate his payroll, as I can be reimbursed for my expertise. You know the clients owe that it does not have to that dipped up with east. It is at all against Amazon, is utmost. It is a shippers packers and the fault of factory to distribute the one who otherwise is the good product.
4 / 5 Angeles
Way: King Crawler with Crowbar-Closes to Brake System Ossia my better fellow husband . Work in our cars and a turn of big wheels in the say me and circle fantastically, better that the cart to purchase fact. A brake resists securely like work in the something under the vehicle. Then unlatches with the flick of a wrist to the equal that can exit of a grab another tool. We also use in a house to dip on and painting some funds of some wall or to clean our baseboard heaters. A grandkids push each one which so another in the or place on he in his bellies and explore a house in the different perspective. His friends want to one, also!
5 / 5 Juliane
Way: King Crawler has ordered 2. Like this far really no respecto for them. Too big to go around low cars and trailers. Good works for lifted trucks and big crew. Utilisation one in my hangar to take under my plan. In my tent I use my profile down uploads of old yellow port creeper more.
5 / 5 Yael
Way: King Crawler with Crowbar-Closes to Brake the system Ossia has arrived broken - some rays of forests in a backside that control a frame to an organism is exited of a forest, which is pressed-near, as predrilled the holes have been paste undressed and included of the forests could not resist he in. Another that that, look to do well. It is low profile , some wheels are solid, and has the brake.
5 / 5 Shaneka
Way: King Crawler has bought this for my fiancé for his anniversary and he ask me to us because they have not bought he for him more collected. There is has not liked him never use creepers, but this one goes like this easily and is comfortable. We love it to us!
5 / 5 Berna
Way: King Crawler are not the small type (260+ lbs) and not taking any small plus, but this creeper slips with ease in mine broken on walk of cochera and go. It is the little elder of another creepers with the smallest wheels, but cracks, cords, rocks, or taking a tool has forgotten has required for advanced is no longer the hassle.
5 / 5 Yong
Way: King Crawler with Crowbar-Closes to Brake the system Purchased for my husband for all his 'upgrades' is the built like a hulk like this this was perfect for him. It says he abundance of room in some sides without having side-drive them go in a way and a casters is an excellent quality. Really it loves one with the tilt rest of boss but feels ossia quality very better for a work done.

Top Customer Reviews: Shop-Vac 1.5 Gallon ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Rolf
It researches no more for a perfect little Vac! After reading tonnes of descriptions in some cleaners of carpets of the something is gone in a conclusion the small place vac better suction, more described, and issues easier to clean tank. And these rocks of Void in dry pickup also! Initially take it the similar model ( thought) in a tent of venue of big box for just the small less but after a first use gives was the deception . Has the low 4' hose, only he 6' cord to be able in and virtually any annex. It conceals enough the guaranteed that has to use a pound to line a Vac and one in a beak these covers hand very free to do, and requiring a cord of extension to achieve anywhere. Desprs Seeing this or in the amazon is returned another , has taken this and happy has done. Has the sake 7' hose, 18' cord, 2 extensions of cane, decent bare tool/of carpet of the fund with retractable paintbrush, crevice tool, dusting paintbrush, beavers, splash change of test, and to the wall hangs adapter to kick! It IS quite weighed to remain in his wheels well while calm go it around that leaves the free hand to do. Easy to clean, powerful suction, and law like a inflator or air blower also. For $ 36 bucks is to add it small machine!
5 / 5 Novella
I have purchased this element rigidly for use in bath of guest to choose in kitty scope that is kicked out of boxes. Yes, it IS very strong, but I only necessity he for the little mins the time. Has a lot, suction very strong, in a point where can not use in a coverage of spear there, but that it is well . I only shaken out of a coverage. I do not have to pose very endeavour to clean up, takes each small piece of esy'. Highly recommend it this for any class of grandson arrives (even so, has not used for liquid, as it can not testify in this). Pose one a stock exchange of the filter has comprised in the, and will be to purchase substitutions. There is the strong swipe out of a back (exhaust) but does not blow out of a powder/of scope. Still although I any one precise all some annexes, was also breakings of my decision to purchase this model, in case that decides use for another cleanups. Be in the condo, appreciates is compact measure . An a lot of light negative, for me, finds an on/was button, this has the plastic coverage to protect he of the powder that enters, the small difficult, but that it is so that has arthritis manually/inch. Still highly it recommends.
5 / 5 Andera
I have purchased this void for my mamma that has dogs and of the birds. It IS in his late 60s and has required something concealed would be easy to clean the fund takes with big elements to suck above that then and hair of dog. It wants a measure! It IS clear, has a lot of annexes and is perfect! I want an alone name!
4 / 5 Roberta
This a lot looks the scaled low version of the toy done by Fisher Taxar for boys to touch with, while the dad has a real Tent-Vac (like compraventa small of carts of toy)... But it is not the toy.

Has taken this to do our fund -- quite 2,000 sq feet to tile. Quan A mop of steam says esllora in the first place' does not want to esllora,' the empty amours. Exiting a big Tent-Vac had resulted only too much for me, as we have read all some descriptions and decided to give this tries it.

Compraventa Perfecto.

Has attached since this in a cry ready for some boys. They are able to do a bit few low integers (each 2,000 sq ft) besides or 15 minutes less... Continued down an another boy with a mop of steam, also 15 minutes of work. They desert when it begins or the end and a tank is quite big to do a whole work.

Since is small, does not take taken in of the entrances, for pieces of furniture, or for his own cord and tip on, one issues a big Tent-Vac would do when apresamiento bonded, especially in his own cord (big Tent-Vac the owners know that I bad)--when have it since big attraction only to have concealed R2D2 tip in thing. These persecutions of thing after you when tension in a cord, in his sper the small fast circle. I hate to maintain say these things are cute, but is!

An only problem there has been is in the principle, with a road was bundled. A hose was angled and the weakness created in a bendy hose (classifies of how the flexi-straw) and was in those poses too closely in a container, and has created the point/of feeble tension in a hose. We pose the clear piece of accommodation of metal (concealed had left on of the light) around a weakness, to prevent he to crack further and angling, prendiendo a flow of air, but Tend-Vac would have to do the better work the container to prevents concealed to spend. Probably we would have to it is returned to take the hose of substitution, but us it the no. IS to Knit and have duct tape to fix in of the things what concealed! There is his data the 5 was no for this defect.

Does not go to use some stock exchanges of optional void. It conceal seriously it degrades a capacity of suction. Much easier just to shake out of a powder and such in some rubbishes, an old fashioned road. Any one in our house has allergies, as it is the election can do. If you owe stock exchanges of use, compraventa plots, so that they are very small, and look to return in some bases on the way that it does not leave the to line many.

In all the case, is the clear , easy to manoeuvre small machine. Properly you are looking for the version of house of a garage a big plus-diagram-of measure. That is to say not even the Mamma measured of Bear ShopVac - to good sure Bear of Creature, but with the capacity of next Pope to suction of measure of Bear, but does not eat cords to telephone one issues a big a (which are which want to in the machine of house).

While I have said in the principle, really looks Fisher the prize has done the version of the toy like the boys can have the Tent-Vac only like Dad! heh. We have said that that takes our boys to do some fund, a lot of nodes???
5 / 5 Kalyn
I have required to substitute last ours small tent vac. We are in Florida, and in some signal very thoroughly dry was and had developed some soft or interior of mussel. Work, but does not trust it was still is or sanitary of the use that subjects. It was to add, but for a prize still like this, has not had any one of a AWESOME tools and accesoria is comes with! State cleaning so madman in the places have had the time takes concealed taking perfectly clean before with different tools on here. It IS handy only TAN , and accessible. A hose is at least two times so long, but think that is included longer that concealed compared in our last model. An agreement is a same road ! Personally I want a bit few stock exchanges, while clean of a coverage of the filter of another the model was usually less than pleasant. Some wheels to tug in the the long of this well to fall in the hand, but can take was need in, also! Has the quantity adds of suction, and so far has absolutely the zeros complain. A tool for surfaces of the hard funds they same have the small change for the change to carpet for coverages of zone, etc. Does well in of the curtains, some ventilations in of the appliances, everything!!! Amur This small type! My husband has said that it was quite ridiculous in how much legustado me his the void, lol! Clearly it is not bonded with all some duties to debug east.
5 / 5 Mignon
State buying small tent vacs in fact a lot of years and each which so one was the better creation then an anterior unit At the end these years at the end give that it is the good thing to be able to spend the portable tent vac a drawee. In this end has empty until the access goes a paintbrush and a right (ie crevice tool) annexes. This calm then leave you to hang a cord and a hose in the. And a cape is in an upper centre and is big and without acute verges. I take His early models have required three hands to spend; four has found the door. To be so portable, even so, the capacity is limited. Even more so you use a stock exchange can not require which for the majority of use of tent. A pomegranate is not tippy and has the long cord and some works of annex of the fund well in the tent. The tip is easy and uses a same cloth and filter of coverage of the foam like the majority another tent vacs. Also it comes with the annex of small plastic to leave mountain in the vertical surface like a side of the bank of work. I have found that this better work that has expected. So far (6 month) is happy with this compraventa.
5 / 5 Hallie
Although it has had the Dyson sized full for years, has always situations that asks cradle vacuuming, special annexes, or a necessity to blow the plot of air through something for the clean was. Canned The airs no the grave when needs to fly air through the hose of ventilation of the dryer in flush the lint has collected has been. It enters this small type. Quite small to hang in the wall but quite a lot of pot for more than works, easy to open and desert and just sper convenient in the smallest rooms. There is a port to begin to blow in a side and a port of entrance with suction in an another side. I add for a garage, cupboards of server, rooms of game or anything. He the work adds in a prize abordable and hangs out of a road in the group of the wall distributed when is not into use.
2 / 5 Nereida
It have known what big an inner filter is compared in a measure of a tank would not have purchased this.
Other critics have remarked that it does not line any a lot of muck' but has not said WHY, has said/used the plot of tent vac is in my thought in the daytime I new that to expect.
But no, an inner filter is subjects on-sized, is almost any room among him and a wall, and extends down in an a lot of inferior also -- which think would be it subject has used this for water, the averages the cup and a filter would be in a water, perhaps maintains to do in this state(?) But it is only goofy madman. Although it take it this for dry debugging.

For cup of filter of the reference basically a measure while it finds in the normal full sized tent vac (only without one hepa) and big then in the 2.5 tent of chevron vac has, dunno why designed the one of in this way, but does a tent vac mostly useless for me. A material of foam of the coverage of filter is class of sake (another then is half tear in the mine and I probably will have to substitute immediately) is the finest aim a lot of that material of filters then a hole a big plus has black place-taken at most of tent vacs, would be very even so it is TWO PIECES that is cual recorded two times quite then when being a piece, and like some desert of apt covers, consistently very would not want to use this interior with just that, as using the stock exchange is very the must, but again some stock exchanges the only can develop like an inch in front of before it paste a cup of filter and less in of the sides, as any a lot of control much more then the hand vac, only owes stock exchanges to change every time the full.

All concealed has not gone quite bad, enough then when being course of a case - a hose has a course extends in a tank and he then directs an air(or liquids) down with 90 title redirects. So that he yours using the stock exchange that you almost has to, this part of the hose with hook extends in a stock exchange, and some focus of stock exchange in a hose he. That half when takes the hose was probably vain to be that it pulls to the muck was also. Quan Seen this immediately lamented this compraventa.

Has given he 2 stars, so that an engine looks solid as I gave it the star for that. The upper half is well. Material and good suction. And ones other critics any lie, he scoot around sake. It IS easier to spend in the then main works vacs, but my sleep of having the tiny but functional tent vac has been dashed. Enough well for small works, but buying the stock exchanges would take faces for regular use. It expect that this would be well to litter vac, but no, will have to buy another 2.5 chevron for that.

The nave for me was so dulcemente that after the month has to say has wanted still one vac in spite of delay for an order to continue. I guess they take it likes him 2 of month. The desire had annulled an order. Very it has wanted to to return but has decided that it go to be in a lot of hassle. My indication there has been at all to do with a nave accelerates cual has not sweated.

IMO This product would have to be annulled.
4 / 5 Harriett
I have bought this for concrete works: to suck a lint of a ventilation of dryer of the clothes, in sand of void of beach out of a mudroom, and in void out of a last of one (FRED) ashes of the stove of forest. The law adds for small works.

IS quite small the tuck in the cupboard. A cord to be able is longer that those on almost each full-the wet measure-dry voids. Has the plot of suction for the small void - the easily matches an integer-system of void of the house for suction. I can take replaceable stock exchanges of filter for him. It comprises functional tools to use it inner.

Is not to calm, but any much stronger that an integer void. The noise has not been to separate of my decision of compraventa.

The tool and the storage of accessory is a subject for me since is maintained in a house and some tools are loose. In his slope in the stock exchange of the perch of cloak can be WHISTLES in time, and does not remain posed in some two void for the tools have adapted in a void.

And does not comprise why any one can comprise the better hose with wet-dry voids. No the better plot, only more flexible. Any ding in this void, is all a same...

That is to say the powerful work , compact , small void. It IS powerful and very handy. I recommend it.
5 / 5 June
I am spent the on-line hours after movement in the condo with white carpet and the cat that pukes in a coverage from time to time. Any one to mention a bit something left by a movers. It results that using the mere homemade the besides clean solution (1/2 tsp soap of dish, 1 water of cup, 1/4 cup isopropyl works of good alcohol.) He sprays he on two times, rubs in with the spoon but any thicket, and then empty in a wet material with the small tent vac. It repeats it is necessary. If it conceal very fully you cure of him, spray isopropyl directly and rub in with spoon. At the end, if a stain is old use oxyclean and leaves for the few minutes. Void Up with a tent vac every time - if a carpet is put to pose the towel in the until dry. I have tried some peroxide of the hydrogen but he stained a coverage. In all the case, that is to say the description of a tent vac and used it several times and he utmost. I will say it that it conceal active there went it only he that hangs two month like the can not comment in his longevity, but has utmost suction and does not take he very soiled in my small cupboard.

Top Customer Reviews: Torin Big Red ...

Rating: 2 out of 5 with 10 ratings
1 / 5 Charlotte
This thing is useless. A half together of wheels immediately hogged was, and could turn very same or sustain me. For an end in the daytime two, a whole thing was sagging in an earth, and some the half wheels had broken in his mountain. It says that it is estimated by 280 lb. And I am only 265. It is entering some rubbishes.
1 / 5 Debera
As I have bought this creeper the few years behind to change an oil and filters in mine 2 vehicles perhaps once each which as another year, (does not direct any a lot of}. Of some on-line photos look the good creation of the good company. I used it once even so, it has discovered differently! It was immediately clear that a plastic organism of the same creeper is issue too feeble and flexes, that does a squat of wheels was when when being in the and then low gesture to do! Well, if this was all this was bad, could live with him but at the end some wheels in fact the accident was, (pictures of views)!! I have contacted Torin and tried to take the credit in a compraventa of one of his another, the steel has planted, creepers. Nope, Out of guarantee!!! I can not think that at the end some years of bad descriptions, broken creepers and ticked of clients that Torin still sells this product!!! It is not this exactly as it destroys your Mark and loose your loyal clients?
1 / 5 Sophia
Oh Man, has think that this would be the sake creeper! Prpers Having done in of the carts of some late 70s, has had the number of creepers, and with a automotive subject that maintains (car stereo) will use or from time to time to go under the vehicle. I have bought in the first place a 4 version of wheel-this was junk, he sagged and tugged-and any one of is further 200 lbs. I have launched that one was and bought easterly a-the thought looked to have to more weighed with 6 casters. The-wheeled the mountain has rasgado the eschew and a wheel blocked in a fund of a creeper. Some the plastic looks also thin for some semi-detached casters and his bases/grupal. Junk! This thing has lasted less than the year, with occasional use. Geez.
1 / 5 Elza
Arrived very hurriedly of Amazon. Immediately unpacked, bed a (totally useless) the instructions and the assembly headed. Some rays of tiny bus that fixes some wheels are done material very soft - impossible in cinch under a nyloc nuts without undressing some nuts of ray. By so impossible to fix a casters firmly in a plastic frame. Some small tubular spacers that backwards some holes of ray are slightly far too very time cual a worse same problem.
To arrive to this point of the prize has not expected the Circles Royce, but a unit took was useless. It can have spent an hour that poses in the rays the strong plus, fender washers, etc., But has better things to do. Immediately returned and the different mark has ordered. He thank you advantage for Amazon!
5 / 5 Lachelle
After reading so critical negative was sceptical enough the, but for a prize was to advance and bought he in all the case. I have been surprised once the appearance and situate joint it, in fact when being adds for a prize and when being only he 150lbs 'warrior of weekend' thinks that a product am adds for a prize. I have bought also a EverBrite lights to locate in a creeper. I have left 2 of some nuts this cover of coverages was and with the small magnet is trace a EverBrite lights in a creeper for illumination under a cart. Work like the charm.
3 / 5 Michaela
Very Informative - like Creations, titulars of tool of the side, good measure. Bad informative - a hardware of annex is terrible. Locknut The nylon Inserts/Inserts is the launcher and take some nuts in some feeble rays. ( He the Square of road) Necessity to take rays of new transport and nylon locknuts. Capes of the ray of American transport is in big in of the apt wheels. It grinds The averages of 1 parallel side in square cape. This will leave some rays to seat for wheels. The rays of transport are 6 x 25mm and 6mm nylon locknuts. Once some launchers of ray in creeper, very hard to take.
Has bought to substitute an assembly of hub of the front in Dodge is my Ram p/or. Among going in of the tents of hardware to find rays of metric transport in the small city of 13,000 people, takes 4 hours and finish an assembly of hub in just 3 hours.
Takes so that well
1 / 5 Leigh
I have bought the mine more or he less done 18 month for use of house. It ignites interview on my own vehicles. A creeper has done adds up until last week. Until this point there would be it his data the 5. For some reason one of some corners in that a caster is has attached developed the crack. So That is to say the light swipes has adapted separated a hurriedly the crack propagated until a whole corner is fall was, taking a caster with him. Still it does so long while I maintain my weight of this corner. I do not think that that is to say only the subject in active had the defect. I can not see any defect in a pause and there is not evidence of impact-his only the clear part with the finite living interest.
Has used this creeper very slightly, is not the heavy type-quite 170 lbs. For the this has paid by so need to take more concealed 18 month out of him.
Update: 4 of some 6 wheels have broken now was, any some wheels they but a 'frame' plastic these cracks and the accident was. That is to say with clear use. It does not waste your money.
1 / 5 Luvenia
Day two to use east. Spent a window of the turn or they would be to take the backside. Beginning with a hardware. Tensing Some rays to line some wheels and pause . Cheap hardware. Some wheels are taking Chewed in a smooth cement of my fund of garage. And now in day two a clash of corner . This will be to enter some rubbishes . Sad.. I thought that it that it give it the casualidad, but the desire had saved my money. It saves yours, buys something more.
5 / 5 Sol
It take for the on in active project. At the end it take it the parts had been expecting on and this has entered a same time. Opened a box as and could take to do. Then it was really turbulent to have that pose some wheels on. But once they were on he was Totally estimativas. The Crosses of flange which time entered and out of basses my car once was in the. Exact still likes him or in a tent of parts but means a prize.

EDITA: Im 200 lbs and has had any problem with this product.
1 / 5 Georgina
I know that the calm can not expect a lot for such the low prize, but has used only this thing the pair to time before it breaks. I have to it lost it to it a course was type of the big fat would have to pose in a fund and gingerly circle in a creeper maintaining his weight distributed included. But salvation, when sees the weight limits his usually the conservative number, knows 25-50% reads road to be sure. Any in this case 10 pounds on and there is screwed one pooch.

Top Customer Reviews: Pro-LifT C-4031 Red ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Rosaura
State using around 1 month, so far so good. I do for the place prep the company these trucks of reparations of dump, likes fund contantly has muck in the and small bones that marks the regular creeper class of well-for-swimming, this goes very good. An original bone with a big plus casters probably would be better, but a form of does not look comfortable in me, as it was with easterly the unit Shares a same complaint how another, a lack of the pillow, as I have bought the foam that kneels tampon, cut out of the pillow and fastened the in a creeper I, very better.
3 / 5 Tam
Has big hopes for a creeper because of a raving descriptions... No so comfortable while I thought it would be and to well sure does not go well , wheels sqeak and bond in smooth cement, is 6' 180 ... In general only the so so creeper still for a money
5 / 5 Hedwig
My cape has the bone regulates creeper and is 50 lb. Heavier that him. As I have bought a bonester because of some ribs to reinforce. I am 280 lb. And it can take down some axes of the Peterbilt with wheels 11r24.5 Easily for services and of the inspections in a bonester. One of some better things that has not bought never. All the world wants to use it. It has it that maintains closed the up now. Highly it recommends the.
5 / 5 Omega
This sum of records of the thing. Read the few descriptions that declares no steer around well or gone strait or anything but he that any one another creeper has had without so risk to continue the toe or the sweatshirt and everything concealed. A lot of Wheels and swivels, fact and good prize in some the EUA. It can do the test here, better, and affordably.
5 / 5 Blanch
It tries the small and this one east my favourite . No so comfortable while it deaden models, especially for a cape, but the profile the low plus, very stable, and easy to use.
4 / 5 Isadora
This creeper is lower in a fund that any creeper and has possessed. It goes smoother also. The only draw behind is a lack of the rest of leader and the tool cubby
5 / 5 Elanor
Bought this cual the present navideo for my fianc. Has by behind the subjects and he are hard for him to take under carts. Another creepers was to take in his collar also. This has been the back saver for him. It IS very happy with him.
5 / 5 Erica
I can not it think has not taken a before. It IS sceptical at the beginning so that it was done of plastic and would break without some two wheels of support. It was bad. Desprs lying In the and that listens a consolation and rigidity of him, has been sold. That is to say a awesome produced and especially for a prize - and unbeatable value.
5 / 5 Ashton
I add creeper for the men the big plus, profile way down below as it can return you down the things the easy plus. Also they are for his product yes has the problem!
4 / 5 Earlean
Work well, the small wheels take bonded. It have to buy a one with the main wheels

Top Customer Reviews: RoadPro RP5PIN ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Fred
The cost has checked are the engine of delivery and has used this puller partorisca hooking and tugging walk of bread in and out of my truck. Law awesome partorisca this May sadly with which 4 months partorisca use a boss is exited while pulling the stack of slowly. Of this is not an use feigned partorisca this puller gave it still 3 stars . It looks a welding that control a boss to a base is not quite strong thus labour type as I will not be that it orders again and will be to try the different vendor.
4 / 5 Horace
The cost has verified Very light, need to change an ad, sound of frames like ur taking 3 but so only take one and calm can not choose a colour wants to or has not seen any place to choose some colours but produced good still, better no for the dipped external your truck or any one will fly it, likes the mine.
4 / 5 Lavina
The cost has checked calm so only takes one, bad bad!!!!!!!!!
5 / 5 Casey
The cost has checked Very done puller. Variac. Of the colour is well. Ive Has ordered 3 already because I made a mistake partorisca forget it on a coverage after dislocating trailer. No a stronger this in spite of and double quite pressure is applied. If you are looking for the puller that can situate you on a coverage of flap of the vase for that to on motion, this is not the. For me he a good work.
5 / 5 Marva
The cost has checked produced good that looks partorisca be very well has done. The description is being missing of this in spite of. Calm SO ONLY TAKE ONE, any THREE and the calm look can not select your colour/s. It have to that say QTY 1, the colour will be random.
5 / 5 Homer
The cost has checked would order this again , the only thing is objective calm you 3 fine colour pullers very exactly say you that you so only take one would have to that be has described better
4 / 5 Taryn
The cost has checked hanged light ,, very done , well achieve the have short arms,, the colours remain on. The delivery was very on 2 days ,,
prime of amazon.. Happy with compraventa . Has 20+ experience of years like the truck driver ,,, good tool and
any easy to free thanks to a colouring!!
5 / 5 Katharine
The cost has verified These are not aimed like this in a picture. I thought that it that it was the together of 3. It is not . It is the only puller and any volume partorisca choose a colour. The element is quality and use is well.
4 / 5 Mickie
The cost has checked calm so only takes 1 and calm any volume partorisca choose a Colour. The failure that announces.
5 / 5 Un
The cost has checked is light, but some frames of the description of the looks of product likes does 3 elements resupplied. A lot of misleading and disappointing. They are more economic in a stop of truck partorisca one.

Top Customer Reviews: LIBRA 3 Pcs ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Arielle
The cost has verified Ossia very partorisca a price sews so only does not like me is that they do not come with the tampon on the partorisca help prenderles of sledding was. I have used some duct tape on the and this has done well. A trick partorisca dip them down your skis is in impulse a backside of a first sled to a roller that some skis. He the easiest fact to impulse in this way. Shopping another dips sure. It sees pictures
4 / 5 Carita
The cost has verified has five snowmobiles it movement in a cochera with ease. These are quite simple to use. I choose on a front of the each ski and slide one of these under each like this. Then it situates one to a side of a clue and impulse a behind finalising his. A process is revoked to take a dollies. No too hard and easier that taking a sled unstuck in deep snow. These are quite strong for his purpose has feigned. Of course, because of some small wheels would have to that be used so only in the clean and smooth surface (I sweep my cochera thick).
4 / 5 Libbie
The cost has checked Goring 2 people to impulse a ski in the and bend real easy. Tried partorisca contact vendor roughly the but has not taken the response. Spend of the money and take something better.
5 / 5 Dottie
Work partorisca Purchase verified exactly like the ad. The frames is the breeze partorisca move my snowmobile around
5 / 5 Myrtis
The cost checked has Moved my snowmobiles with ease
5 / 5 Ashly
Spent the law verified but slide of a front dollies easily
5 / 5 Glenda
Produced of the cost has checked bent before time has used.
5 / 5 Margarett
The cost verified DOES not SQUANDER MONEY!!!!! Please! It has dipped my ploughed in these and his all buckeld!!!!!!!! Please! That the sham!!!!! Thank you
5 / 5 Jennie
The cost has verified These really fulfilled our expectations. We have had to that gather some wheels to a dollies, but no the question. Very easy to dip on low a sled and movement easily with a sled on that.
5 / 5 Louetta
The cost checked Does partorisca move our cars so easier.