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Top Customer Reviews: Digital Image ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 17 ratings
5 / 5
Llibre Excellent

has Bought this book based in another' descriptions. It was not disappointed.

HAS the quite strong melts in DSP (1 dimensional signal step), still found some concepts and the mathematicians have used by an Image that community to process to be different and a bit obfuscated.

This reservation has done an excellent work that teachs some basic concepts to Accuse of Image, together with a mathematical annotation often found in the image these papers of Processes and publications.

This book is very readable and easy to comprise and clue. I have enjoyed it evaluate a lot of some technicians in Matlab.

Highly would recommend this which the 1 book for any interested in the learning quite Process of Image.

Kudos In Dr. Gonzalez
5 / 5
This book is a better textbook on process of image for students/of diplomado senior majoring in engineering or computer. Although the learning of the calculation and the linear algebra are suppositions, is the very accessible textbook. Chapters an and two figure of backdrop information very basic. Some concepts of linearity, measures of distance of the pixel, spatial versus resolution of ash of stairs, and zooming and the shrinking is counted. Chapter 3 is quite image inhancement in a spatial field, and comprises discussions in enhancement of contrast, process of histogram and equalization, and the histogram these parties. An idea to filter the images saw a NxN core the mask is has presented also. Chapter 4 enough is filtering in a field of frequency. One 2nd Fourier transforms is presented and is counted like the filter can take place use this transforms. Chapter five restablecimiento of habladuras of image. This comprises to filter Weiner and minimum of error of filter of bad place. Chapter six habladuras to accuse of image of the colour. These habladuras of chapter some diverse rooms by heart - RGB, CMYK, HSI, and like one transforms mentioned until this point in one beats to reserve that is done in colour. Chapter 7 is in wavelets and multiresolution process. This chapter is the presentation of solid well of wavelets and his use in accusing of image. It suggests that any one gives support in this subject to begin here before they have read another book, of a presentation is clearer here that in the books have consecrated in a subject. Chapter 8 is quite compression of image. Basics Of the theory of information is spoken, and lossy as well as lossless the methods of compression are spoken. Like The clues of sake-on in an anterior chapter, a function of wavelets in the compression is spoken. Chapter 9 habladuras to accuse of morphological image, which are that field of the image those accuses concealed trusts it a sistmico 'fattening' and 'thinning' of verges to enhance images. Chapters 10,11, and 12 is the class of introduction in of the subjects of vision of the computer. Chapter 10 habladuras as to segment an image. Chapter 11 is quite descriptors of image that quantifies portions segmented of an image. Chapter 12 is quite recognition of object and included has the low section in statistician classifiers. This book is the joy to read , and will do a subject of the image these very clear processes. There is abundance of diagrams, formulas, and the equations have listed. There is any example for tongue of, but the algorithms are specified clearly so that I do not think that a sudden book because of a lack of examples. All textbooks to the build would have to be this very written. Particularly it recommends this book like the reference for students and of the practitioners of robotics, processes of video, and vision of computer, since has image accusing considerations in everything of these fields that this pound will clear.
5 / 5
Clear explanations of algorithms of maps. Wide coverage of a lot of algorithms. Particularly it uses this cual the reference for FFT.
5 / 5
A sake of introductory book on process of image. It does not expect any codify of him, that is to say in an another book , Process of Digital Image these Uses MATLAB.
4 / 5
That is to say a better, more understandable book to accuse of the never read image. It IS a <me>only</ I rid me> to accuse of the image has not reading never in that immediately can turn some concepts the codify (IDL). I am spent the majority vacacional navidea that thinks is the novella could not pose down. That is to say quite also while it takes for the technical book! Well fact, Gentlemen.
4 / 5
Ossia The global version paperback, no one same like hardcover picture. It would buy another economic one more be ossia the global version . And a coverage is the little litter.
4 / 5
Is a global version (a lot different of another 4th edition) and there is no SN number as it can not see some responses to the on-line questions by means of Pearson. Any value of the money.
5 / 5
This book is a lot very partorisca Computer Vison basic.
But concealed is not available to read of one All-new Kindle reader.
Please sustain a technical question.
5 / 5
Is 4th Edition But the Global Version of a book
Like this wants to buy a version of EUA of a book, tries another.
2 / 5
Wow! That the book adds! Have enjoyed really this run and this textbook that our professor recommended ours.

This house of book in these subjects of entities that spent of book:
1) Representation of Image
2) the image that Filter and Enhancement (both in Spatial and Fourier Half)
3) recovering Quality of Image
4) Steps by heart of the Image
5) Wave Held Image
6) Compression of Image
7) Morphology of Image and Segmentation
8) Recognition partorisca Object

This book require to know some matrix algebra, vector and multivariate calculation, signal and systems, the class that habladurĂ­as in computational algorithms, and the little bit of architecture of computer. MATLAB Is extremely good to have for some projects. While MATLAB has built-in functions to do 90 that any habladurĂ­as to reserve roughly, that learns like this to program these concepts for your account will be to reward.

I HIGHLY recommend this book so that they want to create software for the image that modifies ( Gimp Or Photoshop) or wants to draw a hardware of the units of graphic pasts or monitors. This has A lot of mathematical theory. Some questions of practice in an end of the each chapter is a lot well for material of studio. Ossia The subject where calm neither comprise a material or calm no, there is does not go in.

An only downside to this book is that there are not the questions of example of whole plot. While it is true that a backside of a book has questions of practice, my only desire is that an author would resupply more.
5 / 5
A book is abstract the majority of some times and the discussions are superficial. It is really hard to follow.
There is prendido to read a book with which first 2 chapters.

Some examples of chapter 2:

Ex1: 'For any pixel p in S, a together of pixel that is connected his in S called the connected
that composes of S. If so only it has a component, and that the component is connected,
then S calls the neighbour has connected.'

Commentary: that the 'component' is not defined in a first text of this definition.

Ex2: 'A concept of a flange is found frequently in the discussions that extracted regions
and flanges. This in spite of, there is differentiates key among these two concepts.'

Commentary: Without prime minister that defines the one who a flange is, is saying that a concept of and the flange and the flange are different.
Ossia Totally atrocity!
4 / 5
A new edition of these books comes with some updates of entities, perhaps one the majority of of the entity is a last chapter that speaks a subject of the deep learning that it use convolutional neural coverages (CNN), to the objective likes a backpropagation works of algorithm in the simple neural coverage and in the CNN ( sees images down). But reason is the new edition , be wary with some typos.

For step of image and vision of computer, this book is glorious.
4 / 5
Is a global version . A good textbook partorisca imaging class of past.
5 / 5
The international or Global edition of the book the accessible prize. Besides, it maintains the quality of the content and the resources of the the authors for students and of the professors.
5 / 5
It explains some concepts in of the utmost details. Some the new technicians are added to this version likes compared with V2.
4 / 5
Brilliant new edition of the classical: up to date and has extended.
4 / 5
Realy Forms a lot of coloreada
All is a lot of

Top Customer Reviews: Digital Signal ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
5 / 5
Simple explanations, while you have had algebra and he 1st calculation of class of year.
5 / 5
The ones of the that knows if, for him, this book would leave his reader partorisca fulfil a lot, averts of the furthest recognition partorisca DSP. This in spite of, material like the precursor partorisca take on Scientist and Drives of Engineers the DSP, test very useful. An observation this in spite of, a book promises mathematical minimum, is, this in spite of, dense in of the formulas.
5 / 5
Any one looking for the no mathematical introduction the DSP would owe that buy a Lyons excellent and Fugal pound at the head of east a. Just saying.

This looks partorisca be the self-reserve published by any the one who knows the plot in DSP, but the one who, perhaps, any really know like this partorisca teach that knows to another. And/or any without the good editor. A book has his moments, together with some good diagrams and of the illustrations, but is the real mish-mash, with random fragment of Matlab code, and photo of the famous mathematics launched in still good measure.

And while David has said in his introduction that tries to explain DSP in an intuitive way with minimum mathematician, is using the formula of Euler so it yields like this page 3 without really that explains the one who omega is in layman terms. As I have said - this is not partorisca complete idiots at all. As such, is hard to know the one who this book is stops . I guess it is drive handy to some DSP concepts, and could be of some use like the refresher partorisca those of us the one who has not thought in FFTs the long time. But a lot totally new to DSP is advised to steer clear.
4 / 5
Worse technical book the has not seen never. No a definition of coefficients of equation, any one any, any example and any explanation. Better use of him... The tear was a bit those that the useless pages there are and use them partorisca light the fire in your chimney this winter...
5 / 5
This book offers the basic prime minister in a subject, but unfortunately is full of typos and incongruences. Also, often it fails partorisca explain the one who some in fact bad variables, p. p.ej. omega.
4 / 5
I of the that knows if, for him, this book would leave his reader partorisca fulfil a lot, averts of the furthest recognition partorisca DSP. This in spite of, material like the precursor partorisca take on Scientist and Drives of Engineers to DSP, will try very useful. An observation this in spite of, a book promises mathematical minimum, is, this in spite of, dense in of the formulas.
4 / 5
This book is the satisfy the formulas flown other books and cobbled together
A lot
4 / 5
Good introduction to DSP, but a precise read texts that goes much deeper to a mathematics an east to actuate practice DSP algorithms.

Top Customer Reviews: Hamshack Raspberry ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 16 ratings
5 / 5
This book gave me the small to try the book was.Well to build pieces.Some pleasant projects in a swift libro.un read and hotspot of glorious reference to pose in your Raspberry Pi with Amateur related.Also of the Radio software gives it the references add besides given in the portion of some programs. It attaches read in a the majority of competent method to adjust the pasador in your hamshack. It attaches read ,has Suggested...!
2 / 5
The while had some material quite posing up and ensuring a Pasador that would be beneficial for the beginner, had very little in of the real projects in a book. In general, I have not been impressed with him.
5 / 5
It flows easily. It IS easy reading and has been the help adds.
5 / 5
Llibre Adds with ideas for cheap ham radio activities.
4 / 5
I have bought this before I have bought a PASADOR 4 ... I have done my decision to buy a PASADOR 4 based in this book. He only that well.
Fast delivery, adds read, of basic beginner in PI in advance go this delivery of book.
5 / 5
While an author provides a real code for radii of project of diverse ham, little in any information is given while in a hooup breakings.
2 / 5
I have used the product to help builds the ham emisora radius
5 / 5
A quite basic introduction that has composed mostly mandates and no the real innovative examples of the cual a Pasador can do.
5 / 5
While it has had some material roughly dipping up and ensuring a Pi that would be advantageous partorisca the beginner, has had very little in real projects in a book. In general, I have not been impressed with him.
2 / 5
This pound gave the small to try book partorisca build pleasant projects in a libro.un speedy read and glorious reference hotspot partorisca dip on your Raspberry Pi with the radio Interested has related gives the references add of more than data to the portion of a bed in one the majority of proficient method partorisca regulate the pi to your bed ,has Suggested...!
4 / 5
Has bought this before I have bought a PI 4 ... I have done my decision partorisca buy a PI 4 based in this book. He so only that well.
Fast delivery, adds read, of basic beginner in PI the anticipated this book rid.
5 / 5
Flows easily. It is easy reading and has been the help adds.
5 / 5
The book adds with ideas partorisca economic ham radio activity.
5 / 5
While an author resupplies a real code partorisca diverse ham radio projects, little to any information is given as to a hooup breakings.
4 / 5
A quite basic introduction that has composed mostly commanded and no real innovative examples of the like a Pi can do.
5 / 5
In timing the plot of technician gargone without defining it more is the small confusing. But writings of knots.

Amur He

Top Customer Reviews: Think DSP: Digital ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
5 / 5
You could write this reserves the month or two partorisca study DSP of free on-line resources. I am impacted enough that lustrous ossia. No attended to be able to write the ready production synth. It would like to see one of these books goes the audio encodings and formed. You know, one the majority of basic material and more than importing will find when writing your own DSP application. So only another dron the professor that the vomits is on those vomit in class. It adds some practicality and realism.
5 / 5
Echoing another reviewer, a requirement of the code done to commission bad learn his code done of commission more than, knows, some regular forms numpy and scipy. For example, at least four separate classes are required, representing hundreds of lines of code, is required so only to execute some first are lines of code in a book. All those lines to do is defines two signals, the cosine and the sine, is his, then plots him. This, infuriatingly, hides some basic steps. Here it is like you it can create the cosine wave often 440Hz:

is lasted = 0.5
framerate = 11025
n = averts(durationframerate)
ts = (n)/framerate
amp = 1.0
freq = 440
offset = 0.0
cos_sig = amp ( + offset)
freq = 880
sinned_sig = amp ( + offset)

Instead, these clowns have

cos_sig = (freq=440,amp=1.0,offset=0)
sin_sig = (freq=440,amp=1.0,offset=0)
mix = cos_sig + sinned_sig

where CosSignal and SinSignal is the classes done of commission, any function, which inherits four separate classes, ANY desquels is necessary, and all duquel servants to do things more complex of necessary, in a prestress this does the things the easy plus. Some classes this class inherits is the generic Sinusoid and SumSignal classes, which inherits the class of Signal, which depends in the Wave class, which extracted plotting that use pyplot in matplotlib. Any duquel done anything really much easier, but servants to hide the plot of basic functionality, likes hide as to use numpy, matplotlib, and pyplot.

In short, so only to take by means of some first two pages, has to have accesses the github to import his ridiculous thinkdsp, thinkplot, and thinkstats, totalling around 5500 lines of code, or is just screwed and can not use this book. All the pounds of decent teaching develops precise code like this necessary and does not require the averages the files of dozen with thousands of lines of the code done to commission so only to take the page 2. That class of clown this when that tries to write the book to aim like this to do step of basic signal? Any one any interested in teaching you DSP, but that tries to aim of the his subpar skills to program to add unnecessary complexities (a sure sign of the basic programmer, no the good).

Some authors openly admit his code done of the commission is at all more than wrappers in numpy and scipy, as some authors have KNOWN has written the crappy book and fill he with the PLOT of unnecessary complexity. The bad code is bad code . Using bad code to teach frames bad teaching. It is Allen obvious B. Downey Is spent his career in academy, where writing code of the quality does not import .
5 / 5
Rids a lot of writing adds in signals to accuse theory and practical in Python...

5 / 5
Excellent book to explore step of digital signal. Follow the joint to install of an author 'Anaconda' and use'pyder' to open some programs resupplies still download. Ossia The clear and concise way to touch with has advanced concepts to accuse signals. It recommends estep of Signal Practised for Mark Owen like a adjunct to the equal that takes the deepest dive to an underlying mathematics.
4 / 5
Simple book and well that explains signal accusing basics with samples of python. Approximation very good to learn DSP and python.
5 / 5
After the quickly read for content, am very pleased with this book. It is one of a bit those that have found with the mix of practice and theorist. Some examples and the questions are excellent bit it to him elementary. Some of a critique roughly using his own containers is on-the-upper but no unjustified -- right use of NumPy, etc. would be well, but an author was (felizmente) trying hide some complexity.
4 / 5
Thinks DSP is an excellent resource for hands-on instruction in Python DSP. An author wrapper the library does not conceal a numpy/scipy primitives but simply saves time in of the earliest experiences. More resupplies the decent personnel for the time typical of one that saves reader wrappers. In general, ossia the tutorial friendly Python that can be an excellent mate for the text of mathematician of Analysis of Fourier.
5 / 5
O'Reilly paralizaciĂłn precise having his authors write the code done of commission for his books. Insignia with a regulate toolboxes.
5 / 5
Has stirs it of instructions to install a anaconda python, this in spite of has any instruction to run this half...

An exercise is not runable... He the fact enough defies it to learn.
Has not continued to read a book.

Has purchased a udemy DSP Python.
Of an earth up. It uses free tools.

Ossia A reason of a low bookmark.

Top Customer Reviews: Understanding ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
5 / 5
I have bought this book partorisca work - resupplies the good working base partorisca like this telephones of laws. We live in an age where has the legislations to the yours of dial and very seldom give any thought like a téléphonique and his coverage really work. This is not the book partorisca a novice although calm really has to that it wants to comprise a telephone and a system of telephone of the likely technician. The the maintenances in my office in work for the reference. I recommend that calm also take the copy of Dictionary of the telecommunication of the Newtons likes Dictionary of Telecommunication, 25th Edition: Telecommunications, Networking, Technologies of Information, An Internet, Wire fence, Wireless, Satellites and Edge
4 / 5
will be interested in this reserve you:
or Wants to learn roughly equivalent, the circuit has changed, telephony basics;
or Wants to learn in an interior workings of electronic telephones modern equivalents;
or is looking for the still own text polytechnic (eg: TAFE) students or first students of engineering of the year;
or Knows in the electromechanical systems older and wants to update your knowledge.

This does not be suitable for any that:
or wants to learn in modern VOIP technology;
or has no background in electronic.

Originally Prepared for Information to Knit Instruments that Public Centre, this resupplies a reader with an introduction to modern electronic telephones as found in of the premises of client, as well as one comprising of an operation of transmission of equivalent (or 'centrical office' into use of EUA) crew. While some providers of service téléphonique of the entity is changing VOIP in his own private coverages and planning oft changed, ossia still like a majority of conversations téléphonique is transmitted.

A technology is explained to look in of the functional blockades, quell'aim like this is actuated in of the circuits with discreet components, then giving examples of ICs this extracted some tasks. The diagrams are used liberally and is a lot of-has presented. The explanations are clear. You can learn the plot of a text so only, but is reading this, then calm the favour and achieve the telephone that can dissect you and experience on. Calm also would owe that try out of the few circuits. Opinions: never connect telephones that repaired or modified to a coverage has changed public or use a coverage to direct experiences. Your telco the agreement and the local laws will forbid this he so that it can result in shock or damage the linesmen and transmission of harm (USA: 'centrical office') crew.

Admonishes headings comprises:
1. A system téléphonique - the good briefing in of the insiemi téléphonique electromechanical and transmissions, carrier telephony.
2. A together téléphonique conventional - overview of functional blockades in of the electronic telephones
3. Circuits of electronic tongue - DC and circuits of audio in of the electronic telephones
4. Electronic dialling and ringing the circuits that comprises And&M signalling
5. Circuits téléphonique integrated - telephones of alone chip
6. Technicians of digital transmission - codecs and digitisation
7. Electronic in a centrical office - signalling, routing and supervisors of functional blockades
8. Transmission of groups of coverage and routing
9. Modem and fax diagram - other services téléphonique
10. Cordless phones - mostly cordless phones but brief explanations of cellular systems

Each chapter is followed for the opposition so that it can be used as teaching resorted.

Ossia He 370 trade of page paperback with an usual big quality SAMS values of production excellent diagrams, clear presentation and very written.
4 / 5
Is coming from The place of having any knowledge of like this some fields of electronic and the telephony funds and need an accessible book in a basics, this rids certainly returns a bill. I think that that a lot of people are disappointed thus book because they are expecting something more than the standpoint of engineering the modern projects that involves telephony, and the contained of this book is wedged half way among technician and level of engineering. To comprise reason this book is calm together place in this way require to know his history. One first edition is exited in 1983 and has been sold in Radio Shack behind when they have sold separates of electronics and boxes partorisca hobbyists and technicians, any cordless phone. Like this, his origins are still evident was in his fourth edition. There is mathematical very small in this book, and that it is there looks calculations very simple. More all is explained saws diagrams of blockade and there is detailed then diagrams of an electronics inside the each blockade. You will require to agree your electronic basic first to submerge to this book - an operation of diodes, transistors, and opamps - reasons some illustrations use weighed of them and a book assume is his use and operation. Each chapter has the opposition in an end of him and some responses to all of some questions are in a backside of a book. A book fill the niche required - no another book knows of really of allocutions this @@@subject - but a fourth edition there is now are years and could use an update.
4 / 5
A title is attentive. If you want to learn in electronic téléphonique, ossia the book adds . It is easy to read, comprehensible and well there is structured. No, it does not go partorisca detail add in state of some modems of art or tentativa to teach a finepoints of wireless telephony, but covers basic fax, modem and electronic téléphonique a lot well.
4 / 5

Has BEEN thru this book, covers all a basic element of coverage téléphonique, is more sutiable for any with 0 of téléphonique circuirty

An example (of schmatic) uses the oldest chip is, this bad plan purchases this book for some project then does not dip your hope.

4 / 5
Has found this book to be entirely outdated and useless. It had expected to find some state of a data of art, or at least recent information. When it Has come to some better modems, 2400 baud was a better available but 14,400 baud could offer some potential.
Was my failure to buy this dog to the equal that had assumed that is to be update like this of 1997 - was so only copyrighted then.
5 / 5
Engineer of Electronic téléphonique: Douglas Mallach

Then , where Douglas Mallach goes to institute? Ossia All you really need to know in the native St. Louisan, Well? Douglas Mallach has on grown in St. Louis county and graduate of Chaminade Institute in 1977 (draw your own conclusions!). Douglas Mallach has taken the terracing in political science of St. Louis University in 1981 and is spent eight years that reads like an editor for some Magazines and then in of the corporate public reports for McDonnell Douglas and Martin Marietta aerospace companies.

In 1989, Douglas Mallach has bought a Word and has moved behind the St. Louis to Knit. A newspaper originally was the part of the subject familiarised has called World-wide broadcasting. A company is appointed partorisca Douglas Mallach mother, Ginny Ball. Douglas Mallach the business developed in 1992 when it has begun to publish books in local history. A recent book, any surprisingly, is: World-wide Word. Douglas Mallach the also public company programs of special chance partorisca visits of house of actions and historical city.
5 / 5
This book, 'Electronic Téléphonique Sympathetic' are adds likes the to fund to a subject of telephones and telephony. It covers a subject of upper the inferior and more early history to almost today; but please notes that several chapters require to update. An edition has bought in 2010, has thought a later edition (2002), is several old years and will have to that use this just for an introduction to some subjects of some of some chapters some late plus.
4 / 5
An order has come witin the week and in perfect condition. Any much more can say another that a product achieved for further that expectations.

Top Customer Reviews: Foundations of ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
4 / 5
I have purchased recently this text in Kindle the format and some equations are very too many small to read in the device of pill that careers a Kindle application. Scaling A text on does not change some measures of equation. Ossia Entirely unacceptable.

GOES VERY - I am updating my description. I want to be so only to some authors - I beds some premiers 2 chapters and this looks to be the book adds. I am returned my Kindle version and has ordered a hard coverage.
5 / 5
The book adds! Very rigorous mathematically. Any recommended so that they do not enjoy of the tests or abstract mathematics.
5 / 5
This book would be the better reference for people those who comprise a material. Like the text for any learning DSP, leaves the bit to be wished. It presents concepts an after another, in planting to build the cohesive picture and explaining some ideas to a reader.
5 / 5
Perhaps the good book for professor and of the faculties that has been teaching step of signal or some hardcore mathematical. This book is a lot of unorganized and a nightmare of student of postgrado of the engineering to read for the class of past of the signal.

The authors present very difficult and abstract concepts and then aim you some details for this abstraction in the different chapter. A question is can any these connections among some abstract and a detail because calm never comprised the one who an abstract was really all roughly and for some time sees some details is included harder to follow some previously presented abstract. The examples are probably a worse part of this textbook. Another annoying characteristic of this book is that an author maintains to spend you around the different chapters and is almost impossible to imagine out of that is supposes to exit of a chapter.
4 / 5
Ossia Absolutely the book adds!
An approximation is so only and good-looking. A book resupplies the new corner to face the signal that accuses questions with some powerful tools of linear algebra. Also it comprises a apĂȘndice in basic linear algebra.
After the, the book generalises some tools for continuous systems of time and concludes with the very interesting chapter in a principle of uncertainty of localizing in frequency of time.
Some authors' explanation and examples of different transforms based in the inner products am priceless.
4 / 5
This book is writing a lot well. It begins with the description in geometry that is a base of signals to accuse . Also it has writings of good examples in ordering a reader to comprise some subjects some writers have in this book. Personally the recommend this by all the world.

Top Customer Reviews: Signals, Systems, ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
4 / 5
The condition has been described like this when being well. This in spite of, a coverage is very bent up and bent and enough the few pages are trying to the fall was. A book is exactly that has loved this in spite of as any complaint there. So only it thinks it it does not have to that it has been labeled well.
5 / 5
Downwards 500 pages, ossia the concise book on Transforms and Step of Signal. He an excellent reference for this start DSP or run of Telecommunications. Particularly it finds some tables inside an useful book when agreeing transforms principles.
Any deception, ossia the subject hard , but that has studied under Leland Jackson, and that has moved on to graduate run in probability and DSP, has found this extremely useful text.
4 / 5
I questions of duties are very difficult with only a reading in a book

Top Customer Reviews: Podcasting: How to ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 32 ratings
5 / 5
The books like this have the tendency partorisca come to my legislation of the attention a time am interested more partorisca learn roughly him. Podcasting: As partorisca Begin the Podcast and Create the Profitable Podcasting the subject was any exception . A lot he so only done this walk of calm book by means of some phases of like this partorisca begin the podcast, one of my favourite parts is that it Tops the May comprises the little mini-drives of description of crew. After all, it has to know that it require partorisca begin in a right foot.

Knows like this has read it the book and he calm to say you all roughly like an author was achieved in a thing or another, but calm give you any direction on like paralizaciones partorisca the do to you? This is not that book. Each chapter and subheading is a perfect bite-sized pieces any one can use of a grassroots pleasant-launched to one professionally produced conversational or educational way.

If so only are beginning in a world of podcasting or has been around the little moment, ossia the solid book partorisca begin or partorisca verify in partorisca the refresher. And like the podcast, is 70+ pages is easy to read and can be the coverage read-the-coverage or as required, perfect partorisca any attention has turned.
4 / 5
I podcasts are here partorisca remain and is resulting never more populate. If you, I like him, it is by train to it asks it has to that that apresamiento partorisca begin the podcast then this book is a perfect place partorisca begin . It resupplies calm with an overview of all a basics: of types of podcasts, the crew has required, preparation partorisca registers, preparation of interview, preparing material, has related it imports of monetizing a podcast, managing mesos comunicacionales social, the audience that the builds etc. have said of another way,, everything needs to begin and build something lovely durable yours and your audience.
5 / 5
Ossia The book adds partorisca any any one learns a basics of PodCasting or wants to improve a knowledge already has in this subject. A book covers a A, B, and Cs of this subject. An information can be done to. A book also resupplies the reference that one could return to while the questions arise. It likes- that reservations to me this resupplies actionable any and later do fault like the reference. This this reserves the good compraventa.
4 / 5
Listens the Podcasts? I admit that I listen to the little, but is always state interested in as it has begun. Calm so only chooses on your telephone and register to start with? I have been to this book with the plot of questions.

Tops the May walked by means of a whole process. The things have had has considered not even. Be of crew a. Also content. A book is full of the useful information and I have appreciated a way breaks everything down.

When being the Book Reviewer has not gone enough sure like this to revise this so only will say that you are thinking to start with the podcast, ossia a book for you!

Done very Good!
4 / 5
Are positive that each human being of thought has thought roughly doing the podcast and are any exception. I have read this book to take the clear comprising of as to near achieved on the podcast. This book is written like the legislation and the some managers of point. At all it remains it was. Everything to buy a crew, hosting program and using producing or self-the software of production is explained clearly.
Is in rodeo like any need to underline. Each sentence is pertinent. People that does not love read to to the extra fluff will like directness. A joint is very current so that half the podcast now.
4 / 5
Like the new podcaster, has struggled to find all an information has required to start with the podcast. There are a lot of on-line free sources in podcasting but has found an information a lot of fragmented and incomplete. Thanks to this drives seats very informed now. Highly I can recommend this book to any any one finds the way by means of a fog of information.
4 / 5
These books packs the tonne to the quite small container. It covers everything of software to know your reason, with abundance of the guidance detailed in the variety other subjects. More still, an author is experienced deeply in podcasting, as it knows that it is speaking roughly. Highly it recommends that this book adds on beginning the podcast.
5 / 5
A book helped to answer my questions on like this levels. Any calm so only help you to find a REASON of the your podcast, comprise your auditors and create the podcast that is interesting and involving but is written in the format that is easy to follow. There is something in him for some novices and experts equally.
4 / 5
Personally, does not have any interest in podcasting. This in spite of, like an ex-the professor can appreciate the people of comprehensible text of pointed help to pursue an interest. In spite of the little smaller typos, this work looks for to be all the podcasting needs alentadoras to know. Perhaps it owes my lack of interest in this investigation that has estimated he in four stars in place of five. Applicant podcasters would owe that find all an information has required to take to do.
4 / 5
This reservation has had to weaves it of the information adds for a start podcaster, and the plot of him is common sense that will require. Some chapters are a lot of-clear-cut and is to the long of and take notes to signal underlined, calm would not owe that have any question that creates the winning podcast. I have been podcasting for on are years, and has found some fresh ideas is, also, which will use.
4 / 5
Amanda breaks down podcasting in the concise and easy to follow formed. It covers everything of concept to marketing. It gives a lot of examples and offers practical examples. This book contains all precise to know roughly beginning the podcast. If you are serious roughly beginning the podcast ossia the must has read.
4 / 5
“Podcasting: As partorisca Begin the Podcast and Create the Profitable Podcasting the subject” is the clearly writing, comprehensible, and easy to read drives to hosting the podcasts have achieved. All precise knows is in this book, comprising crew, as partorisca do the interviews are, modifying, and monetizing, with wide examples of different types of podcasts, ways of podcasts, and different ways partorisca turn a whole thing.
4 / 5
Is considering beginning the podcast? Then this book is partorisca you!

Podcasting HAS the plot of useful information. Have has loved that read the. To good sure recommends.
5 / 5
Is thinking Roughly doing the podcast, would have to read this book. It is fill with thorough information and a lot of entity partorisca people that wants to have the successful podcast.
5 / 5
Any one can slap together the mediocre reason? Amanda May is the producer of radio show, which means is specialised in some fine details of like this to produce the podcast of QUALITY. Take this book to learn a detailed (and easy) any to create the show adds that your audience will want.
4 / 5
Has been surprised in a quantity of info. It was able to take of him. It has underlined to good sure the good quantity of material
4 / 5
Podcasting is booming! More than 750,000 it is said to be in offers at present.

Is thinking Roughly beginning a, there is a lot questions to consider. That owes your @@subject be? That program wll elected? Like Being produced? Those classes to record and modifying the crew has to that have? As you Achieve your audience of aim? Those legal subjects prpers there is be mindful of? You are aiming to create the durable business flow, or be run of your estimativa of global marketing? As you Involve auditors in a current base?

These elections can look overwhelm at the beginning. Ossia Where this first fine to go in. Amanda May has prepared the fine description of pertinent questions and the good personnel for like this to move advance. It recommends this for any one new the podcasting or revising his current podcasting to ensure is current, doing better use to evolve resorted.

Like the podcaster I, the desire had had this book of a start. Calm now can.
5 / 5
Is thinking in podcasting, ossia a prime minister - and, really, so only reserve you would have to that read. I wish that Amanda had written these five years done when it was stumbling to the long of, thinking my mates and I could create the successful radio show.

Has thought roughly creating the podcast for the long time and has read countless pieces and seated by means of countless webinars. Everything of them has done podcasting his like this the piece of cake. Amanda, instead, resupplies the clear and complete picture of a whole process. After reading his book, is clear that in fact, is easy to create the terrible podcast. It takes the plot of work and the plot partorisca time to create the successful podcast.
The book of Amanda has resupplied clear information in the each step of a process, to choose the name, selecting crew and creating contained by means of monetizing your podcast.

The own experience of Amanda leave to avert a lot of errors and pitfalls, to choose a more adapted crew to your needs, to decide in the format and much more. It was finally a lot clear in the podcasting entails and yes is the good election for me right now. You will be equally clear. While for me, when being the guest is the better election now although when being the hostess, would not have been like this clear in of the this has had I the book of Amanda has read no. If your response is that podcasting is perfect for you, will have each piece of information will require to move advances.

I final this description to the equal that have begun - is thinking in podcasting, beginning here. Calm will not complain it .
4 / 5
Podcasting: As to start with the Podcast and Create the Profitable Podcasting the subject for Amanda PuĂČ

An orderly creation of instructions in the page; specifics in pre-heating and measure of casserole; an order in that to add ingredients; has has suggested quantity of wine and herbs, onions and flesh; a time of the favourite cookery-the cookbooks cause my imagination. I can odorare and try a lunch proposed and envision some happy faces of my mates to dine feigned.
Those who would think the book in podcasting would give me that same visceral sense of satisfaction?!!
Has the place is gone in the he a lot-advance, practical format , readable, Amanda May has created a book of perfect recipe for any one interested in podcasting. As To the podcast undoubtedly will result the half comunicacionales social populate textbook. Questions to ask calm first to begin; it boards it history; technicians of interview; public programming; types of software; legal subjects; liberty of tongue; strategy of marketing; thought in of the sources of potential financing, is everything here. Possibility partorisca developing your own show will arise in your alcohol to the equal that have read.

Amanda May is the based in independent Chicago curator, and arts and journalist of music with the to fund in public radio. It is a Manager & of Production of the Characteristics of CHIRP , the auditor-arts and music the support given has directed emisora radio community staffed for more than 150 volunteers.
...... Can have me inspired to try doing the podcast in Boeuf Bourguignonne

4 / 5
are the podcaster a-a-be! This rids already is that I help to see that it already has and like need to do of here. Because of this book knows exactly that goes to purchase according to which instrument in a prĂłjimo few weeks. I know that software I need to take (quell'the slowly on doing a lot prompt). Also now it is the one who bondadoso of podcast the go to create and reasons is of entity to have notes. Amanda explains all the need to know to create, produced and take my podcast there. They are like this sure % any one could take this book, read the and if he or follows some there is not dipping has gone by Amanda, he or she could take the podcast on and that careers. Oh! Calm like this happy mentioned would have to that have 3 podcasts registered and ready to go before launchings your podcast to a world. This pound gave the street to take to do my podcast the reality. Thank you Amanda.
5 / 5
Trusting on in the decade of radio and podcasting experience, Amanda spends the savvy, ready, and sophisticated approximation partorisca content creation, distribution, and marketing inside a world of podcasting. In the field that the looks entirely sature and impenetrable, Amanda breaks down an end-to-process of final in the personable way that fosters creativity and imagination. Partorisca Spend peel each phase of production of podcast, Amanda illustrates that, with one creates well, any felizmente can launch the podcast. Podcasting HAS a profit of not adhering to a same stringent controls like other forms of means comunicacionales, and Amanda takes this concept partorisca explore some endless possibilities that podcasting can spend yours and your audience. Of a conceptual to a technician, the idea of Amanda to a podcasting world-wide shows so only that accessible producing the podcast can be. And ossia of entity when writing in the half that can explore it a richness and complexity of human bolt with minima to any restriction. The book of Amanda is both the a lot of-informed roadmap and the confidence booster partorisca those looking partorisca create a big thing prĂłjima in podcasting.
5 / 5
Has read the plot of books in podcasting, follow-ups of numerous blogs and has listened the endless podcasts in podcasting (very objective) - and he all can be so only the little overwhelming. Amanda short May by means of a noise in this book. It has called his years of experience in radio and podcasting partorisca write the simple and insightful no-for-drives of any on like this partorisca create the podcast.


Like partorisca decide in the format of podcast (pros and gilipollas)
That frequently has to that podcast
formed of Different show and ideal period
Like partorisca structure your show
taking guests partorisca interview
Podcasting crew
Launching and marketing your podcast

All this and plots more.

Some chapters in formats of show and like partorisca structure and create the narratives partorisca the podcast your side a price partorisca purchase so only. It is the a lot of cohesive frame that plan to actuate in mine own punctual to be the podcast has launched.

Some of some chapters to some the technical plus likes record and modifying/the production of estaca is being missing of. They cover a basics but is subject very complex - the people write books in these suns - as his inclusion here really so only is beginning was point. Calm can not teach any one it partorisca modify a file of audio in the few paragraphs but gives games like trimming an and uh etc.

A book could benefit of some personnel. While there are examples scattered throughout, like a script partorisca the introduction of podcast, would like me see more. It likes when of the May speaks to the compraventa has has aimed ads and although it shares some tips, there is not any example that a campaign of ad could look - a copy partorisca use etc or regarding the dipped up in Facebook.

Besides this minor niggles, would not doubt partorisca recommend this book. It is an easy bed, exceptionally useful and practical and will take your podcast on and that careers and place on partorisca sucedido.
5 / 5
Likes , is looking for that of all-in-one drives partorisca begin the podcast then highly recommends the book of Amanda! A book has all precise to begin, comprising boarding of history, script, cast of crew, resources, etc. As well as the REAL examples can be still in develop your own podcast.

Some chapters is drives gain of an author dips out of some steps chronologically. You can think of an outline of books like your own steps partorisca follow, of then has A lot of work partorisca do first of calm included paste a record key (and much more that have @@give) -- at least now have the clearest perspective and more realistic. Finally, a book comprises the plot of useful resources, like an Audio and form of Emission of Consent of Photo, itemized spreadsheet of there is detailed slope, with realistic costs, the Joint of History, and useful tips so that partorisca do with the producer and like partorisca plan advance. Finally, a fact that the book is on 77 pages is the good thing. Any fluff. It takes legislation to a point as it can begin the fastest plot and know exactly like partorisca do!
5 / 5
Like any concealed is eaten the tonne partorisca content on beginning the podcast, ossia for far a resource has found better. It is the step -for-step easy to follow formed of any concealed has done in a business personally and has done with other people he so that it resupplies the full perspective. It can be the intimidating thing partorisca begin the podcast (trust, dipped quell'was partorisca the year) but am feeling WAY SURER now having this like this the plan partorisca follow.
5 / 5
First full disclosure: I have received the pre-copy of publication of this book of an author with the question partorisca a sincere description.

This reserves enough covers some base in podcasting, comprising enough the pocolos aim have had not reading elsewhere before and the resources have known no roughly. A good reference before starts.
4 / 5
Alters the May Written in the friendly, sincere and reassuring way. Clearly it explains reason require to know that she teaches with the system of the neatly has outlined steps to follow. His ideas and the resources comes from/to come from years of experience. You save the plot of energy and that says to create the podcast of data.
5 / 5
Pauses of May of Amanda down a process to conceive of and beginning the podcast to any manageable , concise that any one can follow. Prpers Having done directly with Amanda to launch the podcast, had asked me that of his magic has been based in working directly with sound. I have been pleased to see that lucido his expertise with a podcasting the program has been completed for his energy and I excites included in the format written. The works of processes of Amanda. I am pleased to say that we are in a midst to record episode 8 of one Says Watt? The podcast that follows some actions of guidance here, and know sure that we would not have moved phase further of idea without his process and sensatez.
4 / 5
Fantastic and fast information to start with. This book has answered like this of my questions roughly taking the podcast of an earth. Excited to take that it goes!
5 / 5
This reservation has had the plot of the recommendation adds. I think that that we will be ready to launch our podcast after an information that is in this book. Have really does to think in things a lot included know to do or think of.
5 / 5
Am launching the podcast next month, like this the book was extremely pertinent mine. I found stoping and doing the notes 📝 in Amanda have suggested. This drives is easily digestible. It takes a time to demystify the slang has listened around podcasting but has not had time to research still. (That is libsyn? The). Take a time to read this calm also is thinking in podcasting.
4 / 5
Ossia That-partorisca reserve; people those who are seriously partorisca have sucedidos in podcasting needs the book like this and the decent work ethic. Ossia The source of confidence on like this partorisca go down his.
5 / 5
This drives goes first conceptions of as and because any one would have to that consider begin the podcast, to that instruments precise, in any estimativa, partorisca help your podcasts grow by means of marketing and still to as the monetise when a time is well.

To good sure would recommend this book to the likely and new podcaster.

Top Customer Reviews: Signals and ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 51 ratings
3 / 5
It can be very dense in some/points of plus. When being very difficult to learn like a student of Electrical Engineering. Like the total nerd that also minored in mathematicians, coverage that studying Fourier Transforms in a subject of Mathematicians has done the better work to count some technicians expsitos in here. But to well sure the very paid for him hardcover of of the this. One paperback is identical.
4 / 5
This book is very well in of the terms to count some concepts in the a lot of in-depth and thorough road. Even so, it can do the improvements. In the first place, it is the small bit old school and does not speak enough that to use software like Matlab to accuse of analysis/of the signal. Segundo, some exercises are not very accessible. There is mass of them, and is learning a material independently, is very hard to choose which ones would have to resolve . Besides, many of a more take ones are very tedious still very particularly useful/practical.
5 / 5
This book is the classical, his easy to read even so quite technical. I have bought an international edition and he are the compraventa adds to consider that it is almost exactly a same likes level a (some finish the problems of chapter are different) but in the fraction of a prize. If you match this book with some videos of conference of Oppenheim he, then go to learn the plot in of the signals and of the systems, highly recommended!
5 / 5
No the adherent of Oppenheim way to write, but a book contains all precise to comprise signals and of the systems. Read with concerning so that has little look (in a form of intrepid cards, etc.) That Oppenheim is roughly to speak something remarkable and no only something a bit has related. Very info the content in some examples has done. If you skip will lose the plot to him of the content of a book. Beware Oppenheim Fontes His examples of the variety of sciences. It does not take daunted - very in fact required to comprise that it is entering besides some mathematicians
5 / 5
That is to say a lot the book adds . I have bought this book to learn some basic idea in some relative fields, so that I want to prepare for PhD the title in accusing of signal of discreet time. I have read this book to learn some fundamental things. It can treat this book like the first book in learning Signals and systems, and to the others to courses like them accuse of signal of discreet time, contral the systems and the systems comunicacionales is based in some materials have taught in this book.
In this book, some accesses of presents of author only a signal of continual time, but also his discreet counterpart in detail adds. An organisation of this book is also I very adds. But I read chapter 9 and 10 right after finfsh reading some premiers 6 chapters, so that I think that that it is better to know all a first theory. Then, it was easier to comprise his applications.
Also, is very easy to comprise a meaning still for the student of who monther the tongue is not English like me!
In this book, an author gives the brief introduction in a lot of of his applications that comprises sample, systems comunicacionales and systems of feedback.
5 / 5
I have used this book for one of my undergrad classes.

A subject subject real is quite the averages of a road, the averages some people and knows legustado, an another Half no. A book the good work to present some concepts in the clear and logical road and is quite easy to follow. They recommend in any one that wishs to learn more quite a lot of signals to accuse he so that it was essential for me to learn a material in class, as well as providing with the good reference to use later in my undergrad career.
2 / 5
That is to say mine less favourite book in a subject of signals and systems. A book is very wordy, and often counts the things in nicknaming also mere, then present supremely the difficult problem poses so accompaniment. A section in convolution (a very mere concept, really) has done transfer of mine of cape. It IS any sake to spend three paragraphs that counts something concealed is essentially 1+1 = 2, then leaves a student to do one that exercise is more as the differential equation.
5 / 5
Weighed in annotation of mathematics, but is taking the class of the signals then can probably the mathematicians read already very good. The explanations and the tests are very easy to follow.
4 / 5
I know that very students very like this book, but some authors have improved a first edition. It IS 'the' book to study Signals and Systems, so that it is clear, any precise to know the plot of Calculation or Linear Algebra to comprise it...
5 / 5
This present book the basic concepts have related in of the linear systems. Quan Has studied a book, has not had time to do some problems, but some problems form the very big part of a book. In one another hand, done to comprise a book, and expsito that, for one the majority of part, was able to do this adequately. I have found that Admonishes 7 in the sampling was difficult, and has to expend the just quantity to try for the comprise.

A series of Fourier of the text has spoken, Fourier transforms, a Laplace transforms and a z-transforms. It has Had some anterior exposure in everything of these subjects, but still found his discussions that interest and useful. My anterior experience was of a point of view of pure mathematics, and a perspective has applied like this can take additional idea on purely mathematical treatments.

Some authors have planted a discussion in a context of so continual and discreet systems. It has Had the just quantity of experiences to do with discreet systems, as this has not posed any problem adds in me.

Totally new in me tried , communications, and systems of linear feedback. I have enjoyed a lot his treatment of these subjects.

Present of numerous examples, which found to be very useful. Besides, although they would speak continual and side of discreet situations by side, was very clear, and has not found to confuse east.

My global evaluation is that, with my fund, this has been adapted by self-studio. It plants his level of intellectual in a sophomore or level of youngster, but create a lot of people that goes in this book with the less melts extended that it find it very difficult to read, so that there would be a lot of principles and new concepts to digest. I have found that often it has to read and re-read, doing carefully through a text, in some zones with that had any familiarity.

Really enjoyed to read in of the linear systems, and chair that this book presents this on the way that or can appreciate he cual the very deep contribution in civilisation. Also dry concealed provides it, included when or no some problems, while I no, the very solid base that to continue the studio in of the signals to accuse. I recommend it highly, for a very poised reader, for self-studio.
5 / 5
I know that a lot of students a lot like this book, but some authors have improved a first edition. It is 'the' book partorisca study Signals and Systems, reasons is clear, calm does not require partorisca know the plot of Calculation or Linear Algebra partorisca the comprise...
4 / 5
A book are add, especially when coupled with Alan Oppenheim conferences.

Highly recommend Alan Oppenheim Signals and conferences of the systems DIPPED OCW. Some conferences are in youtube. A do one more felt when you are together with some conferences.
5 / 5
Book of text of difficult level but will leave you very learnt
5 / 5
These coverages of volume alll some pertinent subjects but is not a lot of prganized partorisca optimum efficiency.
5 / 5
Ossia One of some books of text more final has read. It is quell'has bitten difficult but ossia so only a character of a subject. If fights with a book, take a one for Lathi partorisca help you bridge an empty.

A book for Lathi explains some background knowledge that is supposition partorisca have besides details that Oppenheim. Partorisca Chances, explains a difference among state answered zero and zero answered of the entrance in the detail adds. But Oppenheim has the pocolos capitulate better on a bit there is anticipated more subject, for chances on sampling. So much, it takes both podes. Utilisation both thick book when learning this subject.

Some subjects have covered in the signals and fixes it are like this critical and interesting. The desire had taken such the run before. You recommend that all the students of engineering takes this course. This course is a bit difficult go in undergrad run of level. But there is resorted excellent to help you. Some two books have mentioned is excellent. UC Berkely Offers the course of free video is. It DIP HAS material of free course in his place of web also. A one for UC Berkely is quite easy, and a one for PLACE is more defiant. Some duties have offered of PLACES, and is interesting and rewarding. A one to DIP follow Oppenheim pound precisely, another profit partorisca self-students.

Two years with which have used this book to learn a subject, now am doing some step of signal. I have gone back to this book for some information. Now it appreciates more in this book. It is very clear. It can be wordy for has has experienced people. But you could always skip sure sections. But if the book loses some precise calm detail, is very worse. So only it wishes an author could add the chapter in DFT. I have had to go to another book partorisca DFT.
4 / 5
Kindle The version is the pdf , which was unexpected. This in spite of, a worse part is that one there is scanned the pages are crooked and difficult to read. No shopping have known a quality was like this poor.
4 / 5
A book was all rasgado avert when I received it but all an information was there.
4 / 5
This is not the very clear book. It presents a material in a way drought more possible, and some questions of the duties given frequently contain the any one has covered concepts in a chapter. Some examples are useless for any one comprising some underlying concepts or doing some duties.

This can be the decent textbook for any already familiar with some concepts have presented, but for the new people to a material, is the poor textbook.
5 / 5
The quality of book is a lot like this new. Even has covered like this book of room. Prize I a lot adds.
4 / 5
I have ordered a Kindle version of this book, as it can not say anything on some physical copies. A Kindle the version has received has not been a second edition, was one first edition . A quality is also horrible. It is announced that a Kindle the version is the essponse of Impression', which means photocopy. It was so only well with the version photocopied if a quality was at least readable. A following is the cast of bad things with a Kindle Version:
1. Wrong version. Announced 2nd edition, has received 1st edition.
2. Of then it is a wrong version , an end of questions of the chapter is not some same.
3. Some pages were formatted partorisca return two pages of a book to a page. Partorisca Do is, some pages have looked partorisca be shrunk horizontally for 50 which all some looks of impression has extended vertically.
4. A lot of pages have been photocopied in a corner.
5. Some pages am not readable or have the short text has been been due to poor scanning .
6. All the pages have annoy the dark lines that career vertically and horizontally because of a scanner that is broken.
7. A book copied has been USED. This means some notes of the original owners and the points have underlined is scattered during a text.

Ossia So only that I expĂłsita with which roughly 5 minutes to look. Has is returned of then and has received the repayment. If these subjects do not import , then a book would owe that be well for you. If you are the student that requires a 2nd edition or can in fact wants to read the... It DOES not BUY The KINDLE VERSION.
5 / 5
This book is really well in of the terms to explain some concepts in the a lot of in-depth and thorough way. This in spite of, the improvements can be done. In the first place, it is the little has bitten old school and does not speak roughly like this to use to to software likes Matlab partorisca in passing of analysis/of the signal. As, some exercises am not very accessible. There is too many of them, and yes is learning a material independently, is really hard to choose which some would have to that solve. Besides, a lot a hard plus some are really tedious still a lot particularly practical/gains.
5 / 5
Can be very dense in some/points of plus. It feels very difficult to learn like a student of Electrical Engineering. Like the total nerd the one who also minored in mathematicians, has found that studying Fourier Transforms inside a subject of Mathematicians has done the better work to explain some technicians expĂłsitas in here. But to good sure any paid for him hardcover of of the this. A paperback is identical.
4 / 5
This is not the scanner of good quality of a book. 2 pages for page and often tilted blemished scanner. With a content of big information that comprises a lot of equations and graphs, ossia quite hard to do with.
In a positive: I think that that it take that I have paid stops. I any that again.
5 / 5
Ossia A lot the book adds. I have bought this book to learn some basic idea in some relative fields, reasons want to prepare for PhD terracing in step of signal of discreet time. I have read this book to learn some fundamental things. This pound can be treated like the first book in learning Signal and systems, and to to other courses likes him to him the step of signal of discreet time, contral the systems and the systems comunicacionales is based in some materials have taught in this book.
In this book, an author a lot so only present a signal of continuous time, but also his discreet counterpart in detail adds. An organisation of this book is also I really adds. But I read to understand 9 and 10 right with which finfsh reading some premiers 6 chapters, reasons thinks that that it is better to know all one first theory. Then, it was easier that comprise his applications.
Also, is really easy to comprise a meaning still for the student whose monther the tongue is not English taste!
In this book, an author gives the brief introduction to a lot of his applications that comprises sample, systems comunicacionales and systems of feedbacks.
4 / 5
The coverage rasgĂł was and joining broken. They are well with the element but I do not think this would have to that it has been listed like acceptable.
4 / 5
Has used this book for one of mine undergrad classes.

A @@subject @@@subject real is quite meso of a street, the averages some present the knowledge legustado, another half no. A book the good work to present some concepts in the clear and logical way and is quite easy to follow. It recommends it to any the one who wishs to learn more roughly signals to accuse he so that it was essential for me to learn a material in class, as well as resupplying with the good reference to use later in mine undergrad career.
4 / 5
Ossia Mine less favourite book in a subject of signals and systems. A book is a lot of wordy, and often explains things in of the terms too many simple, then presents extremely the difficult question dips like this accompaniment. A section in convolution (a very simple concept, really) has done transfer of mine of boss. It is no good to spend three paragraphs that explains something concealed is essentially 1+1 = 2, then leave one student to do one exerts how is more as the differential equation.
5 / 5
This present book the basic concepts have related to linear systems. When I have studied a book, has not had time to do some questions, but some questions form the very big part of a book. In another hand, has done to comprise a book, and expĂłsito that, for one the majority of part, was able to do this adequately. I have found this Chapter 7 in the sampling was difficult, and has has had to that expend the just quantity to try for the comprise.

A series of Fourier of the text spoken, Fourier transforms, a Laplace transforms and a z-transform. I have had some leading exposure to everything of these subjects, but still found his discussions that interest and gain. My leading experience was of a point of view of pure mathematics, and a perspective has applied like this can spend additional idea on purely mathematical treatments.

Some authors have situated a discussion in a context of both continuous and discreet systems. I have had the just quantity of experiences to do with discreet systems, as this has not posed any question adds mine.

Entirely the new mine was sampling , communications, and systems of linear feedback. I have enjoyed really his treatment of these subjects.

Present of numerous examples, which have found to be very useful. Besides, although they would speak continuous and discreet situations side for side, was very clear, and not having expĂłsito is confusing.

My global evaluation is that, with my fund, this was suitable for self-studio. You situate his intellectual level in a sophomore or level of youngster, but create a lot of people those who come to this book with the fewer widespread funds of the very difficult to read, he so that there would be a lot of principles and new concepts to digest. I have found that has has had to that often read and king-read, doing attentively by means of a text, in some zones with quell'I have had any familiarities.

I reading enjoyed in linear systems, and chair that this book presents this in the way that one can appreciate likes the contributo really deep the civilisation. Also I seat that it resupplies, included when a no some questions, likes I no, bases it really solid that to continue signals of studio to accuse. I recommend it highly, for a poised good reader, for self-studio.
5 / 5
Classifies harder the ees never taken but a book is exactly that learns
4 / 5
A worse thing in this book is is like this difficult to find solution. Otherwise, Is a book of better introduction partorisca Signal and System
5 / 5
This book is considered often like tandard book' the stops signals partorisca accuse run.
There is pros & gilipollas of this book.

Pros: Parallel structure
A book is structured partorisca cover continuous signals and discreet signals in parallel,
in planting to cover continuous system all a way in the first place and then cover discreet system later.

Gilipollas: Lack of explanation in some part
has good explanation in general, but fault of enough of explanation in some critical part,
likes held of linearity, held of time of invariance, and convolution.

Global good book.
Precise supplement, any reason is hard to comprise, but reason some material is cover too in brief.
5 / 5
This book is the classical in of the Signals and of the Systems. Some explanations are extremely rigorous and clear and each word in this book is for the purpose. It is enormously useful in sympathetic a material. It wishes other zones of engineering and science am interested has has had pounds like this, reasons without such the book, takes years to take to a fund of things in the new zone. With this book, comprise Signals and of the Systems a lot quickly. If any comprise something in this book, half that you skipped something in some leading chapters.

Does not comprise to like any one can dare to give he less than 5 stars. This book is likes Bible - is perfect - you can not add his or embezzle his (test: if it was possible, Oppenheim would have done it already). Ossia The joke of course, but still, this book is written extremely well.

To some people those who complain in long explanations - that prefers:

(1) adequately long explanations of the each point, which can you skip if no his precise, but is always here to help precise help, or
(2) the short book with brief explanations or disappeared, which mean you that can read quickly, but also means that it has taken you has stuck on some concept, is for your account?

Prefers (2)... Well, calm perhaps is quite ready to imagine all calm, but gladly will take (1).
5 / 5
This introduction to signal and the analysis of system has taken the gradual approximation to sympathetic and dissecting the signal and the one who half. A book assumes that a reader there is roughly funds in calculation and of the differential equations. This in spite of, some lessons and the examples are detailed (this in spite of no too difficult at all) and very dipped was. Ossia The book to continue a shelf of engineering for reference.
4 / 5
HAS some better explanations of any book of signals. Constantly it informs behind to this book for basic concepts.
5 / 5
This book is exactly identical to a Hardcover version that cost 8 times so many.
A book has arrived on schedule without questions. It avenges the new mark in perfect condition. If Oppenheimer Sistemi and precise Signal 2nd Edition for your class of engineering, would have to take this book.
4 / 5
The descriptions of the editor of the amazon is corrected. It is not deceived to think that ossia anything another that an introduction for a complete novice. It is the book with the particular fashion: along and wordy. It is so only for the individual lesson of novice: a the one who needs the plot of delivery resists and each detail is exited. It is almost 1000 pages. I have learnt a subject in 1976 of an earlier edition that was the third a measure (I think) but there does not look to be two times again like the quota of the new subjects has covered.

A mathematician is in a undergrad level, with a lot of (but a lot all) has developed like this required in a text. The subjects are missing. For example a rovescio Laplace transforms is mentioned but any developed (perhaps a pertinent election in the book for a novice), and a Butterworth and elliptic the filters are mentioned, included with graphs of his responses of frequency, but is not defines in any way anything.

Some subjects are reserved for some exercises. For example, windowing is covered so only in an along-ish question.

A description of Amazon says that it is the good book for self-studio. Suitable, has resupplied comprise that you are taking so only an introduction in a undergraduate level. If you are the grad that study or professional, or if I can not tolerate has detailed long explanations, this is not a book for you.
5 / 5
Exactly to the equal that has ordered. This book is perfect for my Signal and class of Systems!
4 / 5
Ossia The useful book partorisca learn roughly Laplace / Fourier / Z transforms. Any electrical engineer probably will owe that buy some form of this book in some point.

Some chapters are very organised, and some questions of example illustrate some ideas clearly.

Remarks that ossia an international edition of a book this in spite of.
5 / 5
This book resupplies the good solid examples and the question dips which are fixed for order of complexity. The responses are resupplied partorisca some fundamental issues.
4 / 5
Doing by means of this book together with an on-line course ( the tube DIPS Opened Courseware Signals and Systems). They do very together.
5 / 5
Groans absolute to go with some on-line conferences and was like the stand rid so only. A very rigorous treament of a subject. The principles have derived first principles.
4 / 5
Uses this reserves daily partorisca my ELEG 305: Signals and class of Systems. Has all calm requires to teach in signals and step of signal.
5 / 5
Can say USELESS?
A book explains ANY of some questions in a backside, and basically calms can not use a book the help solves has advanced questions.
A worse part is, there are questions in a book WITHOUT RESPONSES, and are not that it speaks in an odd s or same s, but am speaking the enormous chunk (where a real flesh of some chapters are found has has applied equations) solutions of lack.
Is looking partorisca use this book, suggests that it compare with your best doorstop or table prop, and see yes calms really need this $ 75+ hunk of junk.
5 / 5
Has taken this book partorisca my class and like this far like this good. A book explains it well and the equations are quite easy to find.
4 / 5
This book is really useful and coverages very contained. But there is any solution of detail partorisca some exercises, like this calm better take the book of solution with east.
4 / 5
Is probably a better book in a @@@subject which have had. It was a reference partorisca mine undergraduate signals and ran of systems. It is both good like the book of text and the reference. Writing very good! It explains some concepts a lot clearly and has to that it weaves of final and good examples of questions of chapter.
4 / 5
Prof. Hamid Nawab Was mine undergraduate advisor while I have completed mine BS in electrical engineering, good type. Ossia The book adds .
5 / 5
To the condition adds, but the pages are extremely thin and consistently quite transparent, doing it a bit difficult to read. As well as the reference, but does not manage underlining well.
5 / 5
A really classical book with the good hard coverage beautiful.
The interpretation of an author is quite deep.
Is the values of reservation maintain.
4 / 5
This book is of small help in of the systems and of the sympathetic signals. This book has been written for mathematicians of big level those who already comprises some concepts and gives a lot little understandable explanation roughly anything. Noticeably absentee is has detailed examples that objective as to do real world-wide questions or some questions in an end of a chapter. I have not had any election in purchasing this book to the equal that was a text for a class has taken; this in spite of, have prendido quickly use a book because reading it was of any value of mine.
5 / 5
Ugh, With the professor like horrible likes one has had for this class, usually would trust on reading a textbook to learn all I need to know. Haha Good regime! Ossia A dry plus , pound more bored is not never state forced to purchase. With an exception of one or two tables, a whole thing is useless. Some examples does not note, a text is near impossible to follow and comprise, and a god a lot included take me begun in some questions. Neglecting A fact that although you have known that would take for ever to complete, has left ossia yours admonishes 6 doing in the question. After reading, calm @gives need formulate it there is sotterrato in a random page in chapter 4 that calms has not seen never and calm then say you to solve a question to take a response has taken of some random question behind admonishes 3 that you probably does not have does even unless you have done by means of a coverage of whole book to cover -- which probably would kill the person sĂŁ. They are the university student like six, to all the cost of my description, is reading this, he casualidad is your university goes to do compraventa this hunk of crud called the textbook. So only beg concealed does not spend . It sees it can find the on-line digital copy. Some girls in my class expĂłsita one for free. A better thing has not done never with this book was for the sell behind to amazon for roughly 80 that have paid for him and turn a profit to the storm of discharge. It eats that, Signals and Fix!(Amazon textbook Master!).

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