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Top Customer Reviews: Lodge Miniature ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
We use this casserole partorisca everything except eggs. We have had this a partorisca enough the while now I so that chairs as it can give them the description to designate longer. The so that main does not like on this casserole is that the has not felt to like is coming sufficiently pre seasoned, as we have looked arrives of some video and of the instructions and he. Now it feels like a more use a casserole a better taking. My husband and I so so only Love this thing. An only thing does not look to cook well is eggs. There it looks to be the bit of the curve to learn when it comes to launch iron, but calm once the imagine was, is a lot of enjoyable to cook on and a lunch exits delicious.

Touches on like the season: there are a lot of opinions in the oil to use but was so only with simple ole oil of vegetable. We have done sure a casserole was cleaned, has covered then he with the thin discharge of oil. It has dipped he in an oven likes preheated the until 475 terracings. Has come once the temperature, head to it we was and so only left some chairs of casserole in there until it has cooled. An aim is the 'the burn was' an oil, as he the ameno has spent a point to smoke until it takes dry and hard in a casserole. Ossia That he the good discharge done. This 3 or 4 times, but a calm more the use a better nonstick the surface will have.

Tips: it does not wash with soap, will undress it. We purchase the height to signal scrubber that loves use. It looks to help soften it was the little too much, but this could be in my boss. When the Net I so only uses a scrubber and hot water. A More uses them a casserole an easy plus that takes to clean.
When I Finalise to clean the, does not leave it has wetted. It will rust. We so only dipped the backside in a stove with a burner on until it is dry. Easy.
Maintains to import this iron of mould a lot exactly heats equally, but resists good heat. This so only means that you have to that sufficiently preheat a casserole before utilisations to ensure included cookery.

In general love this casserole! So only it improves every time the utilisation.
5 / 5
Has bought this skillet the little while fact and has been surprised the one who rough an arrival of surface was. It felt like sandpaper. Given all some positive critiques, has been expecting the main quality. With which some investigation I expósito instructional video on like this still grind this Lodge skillets smooth, but the one who has time for that? I have found two other American producers to spend launched that coming with the legislations of smooth arrival out of a box: Stargazer and Finex. A Finex the looks that interest but have gone with a Stargazer reason is fully machined in meso a prize. It looks he taste quell'has done a right call. A creation are add, an arrival of surface is súper smooth, and cookery like the field. If you are reading this description, calms the favour and raisin in a Lodge. It goes with a Stargazer instead. It is a lot of value an investment.
4 / 5
Knows does the gazillion descriptions already, but that has used iron of mussel of the Lodge cookware the gazillion time, can not resist weighing in. If calm again is taking to spend launched, read stirs it of some first critical negations ... And discover people those who are for real (often innocently) clueless in a preparation, cure and use of iron of timeless mould cookware.

Have stirs it to Store skillets, the griddle, two Dutch ovens and the pot with the self-basting lid that spends his hips returns one of the mine skillets as well as my new boss skillet. I have loved really the skillet with has rounded sides, mostly for an egg and tortilla casserole. In $ 15, a LCS3 is to fly it, considering neither can find neither resupply vintage Griswold.

Likes all Lodge, comes pre-seasoned, which simply means has the coating of oil that prevents oxidation. This seasoning is not that it marks he no-clave. Like Cookeries with fact. Out of a box, there is enjoyed a cathartic ritual to bake four discharges more than oil to a seasoning which turned it the lovely black, shiny. Then, I have pressed he to service like the no-marvel of clave.

Some people complain in a 'pebbly' texture of a casserole, some same that testifies that ossia a reason alimentary claves ... Wrong. Pertinent temperature and the pertinent quantities of fats are some tones to cook no-clave. A 'pebbly' the texture means at all. Besides, with using continued, a 'pebbly' the texture will turn to the smooth-so much-surface of silk. All my Lodge has been quite used to achieve this point (excepts, of course, this marks new piece.)

Has to that it weaves of video add on Youtube concealed can teach you like this to cook with and cure for your iron of mould, but can adds up in the jiffy. Always preheat your iron of mould enmedio / down heats in the first place, until slightly it has smoked. Lower a heat slightly. It adds butter, oil or other fats that is temperature of room or cold. Layer a subordinated and sides. Add yours to feed and look it slide around. When Finalising, rinse with hot water; if has fond in a casserole, scrapes with the nylon to the scraper and the rinse were. I dry an iron of mussel in a stove upper burner and then dry down with the very light coating of oil. You are ready for a next use. (This coating slightly will smoke when it achieves pertinent temperature, indicating when to add your fats of cookery.)

Another that an initial wash-down out of a box, personally does not use soap in my iron of mussel. Some do any. It averts to cook with liquids and acidic lunches like the tomatoes or the vinegars or calm surely will be king-seasoning yours casserole before I know it. Good regime, and good cookery. And agree a boss maxim: 'Hot casserole, fat cold.'
4 / 5
Ossia My third lodge skillet. Typically it uses mine 12 thumb for everything, but live so only, and ossia perfect for eggs or grilled cheese. My main tip that beats to store preseasoned iron of mould---'washed he' first. It does not use soap, but use the stainless steel scrubber and hot water and thoroughly thicket a whole thing for inside and for out. Then I dry it on hot of half in a stove, dipped the thin discharge of oil during a casserole with the paper towel and then 'bake' an iron of mussel in an oven in 450 terracings until it begins to smoke and stink. The Bondadoso of smells chemically. Once the smell, turns a stove was, has left an iron of mussel cools in an oven, take it was, and is ready to use. It can take the time of pair before it is perfectly nonstick. Among each use I thicket he with a stainless steel scrubber and hot water and dry on hot of half in a stove. It rubs more oil on he after drying in the each one 10.os the times use it, or when it looks dry. Has does not have to that never rebake the. My twelve thumb has been perfect for years and this one is well in his way. Interview like this down. The quality adds , has weighed.
4 / 5
Really love this iron of mould 10 thumb skillet of Lodge! I have debated for the long time or not purchasing a, For me, the compraventa like this is in an investment, and love my investment to last the long time.. I also really like a fact that this is to do in some the EUA. The American has done the products are so only a lot easy to find anymore. But really, a test in a quality of this iron of mussel was obvious when it has done them bread of corn of the potato and has baked he in an oven in this skillet. It is exited like this good and brown and moist. I am closing pictures, as you can see a good way has cooked a bread of corn in both an upper and found bread. Sad, a casserole in a first picture is quell'has bitten greasy had cooked in a casserole and then wash and oiled the. If calm like this description, please click an useful key under a description. Help to know if my people of help of the descriptions.
4 / 5
Has ordered this reason has the iron of mussel to store the smallest casserole for years that I amour and has has loved the big plus a to complete. This in spite of four month with which spent like this heated on oil of olive in meso
Big temp , while it was in a cookery dicing garlic for him , has listened that touched like him gunshot and expósito that a casserole desists in two. The photo has attached. Unfortunately it is spent a date of turn. I am disappointed reason have had good experience with this product before and any explanation to the equal that to as the pocolos small of heat could cause fracture. Has has had to that toss a casserole.
4 / 5
Am adding the photo in chance any more struggled to imagine out of that measured to take! Ossia A 6.5 thumb . It is a basically measured of the napkin rule. I also dipped the big egg and the clave of butter in to aim the comparison. I took it to do pizzookies in ('cookies of pizza'), and has ordered too small at the beginning. This measure is perfect for me. A lot of people are complaining on some alimentary sticking. I have used mine skillets for cookies and of the eggs (breakfast of man of the mountain), and did not cause me a lot the subjects. In fact, my eggs have not stuck at all! ( I have used butter in a casserole, but assumes concealed is normal). In general, I add. I think that that I will order 2 more to use with friends on!
4 / 5
Has been concerned a rough surface would cause to stick, but the found the partorisca be the no-@@subject. A pre-seasoning has some subject this in spite of. His do not last to fix, but does not think any one has to that it uses these casseroles like east. If dry the clean towel by means of him will remark there is the black film. This is not to spend that has launched cookware would have to that be. That you really need to do is:

1) Thicket a casserole thoroughly in of waters he soapy hot with the green scrubby or wool to armour plate to wash of any residual oil and black film
2) Dry a drought of casserole with the dry towel.
3) Heats a casserole in your cup of stove to animate it up and sure mark his totally dry.
3) Dry the thin discharge of oil during a casserole. (Any cooking oil is a lot)
4) Toallita humid so much of an oil was like podes with the dry paper towel. That master is a ultra thin discharge of oil.
5) Bakes a casserole in 400-450 terracings for at least an hour, then has left a casserole cools inside an oven.

Maintaining you would have to that it has to that casserole a lot seasoned. If there is any black residue when dry with the clean towel repeats some a lot on, but would have to that be well to go with which so only a seasoning.
5 / 5
Loves this skillet! I used it on a stove:gas and electrical(in short of the glass does not tug this skillet in the, will line a glass) as well as on it shoots alfresco. I have possessed he for 8 month now and still looks like this new as 8 month ago. Mark sure to research like this to clean your iron of mussel cookware and always heat them until evaporating any surface moisture after cleaning first of oiling. I have done a lot of different lunch is, Utica Green, bacon, eggs, steak, . All are exited perfect. Be conscious this skillet is enormous likes the mark sure has room for the tent and is also 12 pounds thinks, as my woman has the question that moves it, I also need 2 hands to spend a sucker especially when his uploaded with feeding! It would say that it would buy this again, but see this skillet that last for ever!
5 / 5
This casserole does not leave never a stove. I use it at least once the day, is like this versatile.

A little history: for the years have had the 10 1/2' iron of ancient mould skillet, but with six people to feed, was too cramped. More, some the big sides he difficult to do a bit cooking, likes sautéing. As I gave it to the partner of church and has bought the 12' Lodge skillet and one All-Clad the casserole has jumped.

Has loved a casserole of iron of big mould when cooking for a whole band, but could any never take used to a casserole of stainless steel has jumped. He no radiate so to to heat likes him to him the iron has launched , and was always material in of the llamas with him. As I have launched that one to a cupboard with all another material I own but does not use . They are sure I will give it was someday.

This Boss to Lodge Skillet was that I have looked for. A sloped the sides leave me has jumped so only like with a casserole of stainless steel, more can judge is too hot only to dip my hand glielo approaches to him. That can does not cook with this thing? I have jumped veggies, sandwiches of frames of grilled cheese, fry eggs, reheat tortillas, mark omelets, sear steaks, and sausage to mark gravy to go in cookies. Ossia The real workhorse of my cookery. You can see reason does not leave never mine stovetop.

Is quite big to manage more works, but no like this weighed that my boys can does not use. (It can not say that for one 12' a.) I reseasoned the stirs it of time with flax oil in the oven of 500 terracings. A seasoning of factory is well, but is not antibala like you master.

Has found that use this skillet, one 12' skillet, he 6-fourth enameled dutch oven, he 2-fourth saucepan and to casserole of discharge mediates for almost everything of a do one in our cookery. Another material that strikes around our cupboards (like a stockpot or a casserole to roast or a big griddle that coverages two burners or a muffin casserole or a bone of pizza) so only takes pulled was for special occasions. Could give it it was the averages of him and probably never look.

Expect that this help to do the good decision in it skillet to buy. IMHO, Goes with the iron has launched; calm will not complain it never.

Top Customer Reviews: Carote Nonstick ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. These skillets and the casseroles in drenching treat like this announced that. Not sticking & easy net-arrive - I has followed some instructions with the little oil or butter in a casserole as it covers. You can see for a video I posted that some slides of egg have fried around easily. A lot easy to clean on, I hand the lava. I have bought 5 of them in of the different measures. They look utmost in my cookery!!
My only critique is that I require the skillet main that a big plus offered and also casseroles of the main sauce that 1 qt. I have had to that maintain my casseroles in drenching of stainless steel and the casserole of enormous bad teflon for big works. ;(
4 / 5
I has bought this and a pot with lid. I think that that it is it adds. No the law of clave adds with eggs and other lunches. Easy to clean manually washing he with cloth or sweet sponge.

Does not use these or a lot another any casserole of clave with big heat. For mussel of use of iron of big heat or stainless steel. Utilisation these down to heat of half.

Neither dips a lot any casserole of clave in dishwasher, the hand the lava and will last more along and the stay in condition adds.
5 / 5
Has had he for 2 month now and is still in perfectly of new condition. This the fact a better nonstick the frying pan has has not had never. My cup of electrical stove only trace to roughly 250 F terracings, but this temp still quickly calm all other frying pans, any this a this still granite and one is not even discolored still.

Update: 7/13/18. Still in perfect condition, looks new to accept the plot of oil and cooking the residue but a coating of granite is still perfect! Frying pan I better there is never has had.
4 / 5
To the equal that have required to substitute an old Teflon a lot of-casserole of clave. I am spent the pair of the minutes that control out of some new no-stick coated casseroles. This a there is had descriptions very good and was a perfect measure for eggs and omelets. I have been he advances and there is pulled a trigger and am happy has done so much. When Doing eggs/omelets always launches in the bit of butter to grease a casserole. With a casserole of the old teflon sometimes would take something that has stuck. Ossia At all a chance with this casserole. At all glielo sticks to to him. It is always very easy to toe your eggs. A casserole extracted like this as well as it looks. If you are looking for the small frying pan I highly recommend is one.
4 / 5
Some Carrots the casseroles are for far some better casseroles has has not had never. They are súper easy to clean and cook in. So only they dry well it was. It would recommend these to any one. I love him!!! My first compraventa was to 3 near of piece . Has has wanted to purchased him so more than measures. It has taken these for my camp. But we are by train to use in our house now too much.
4 / 5
Has in the first place bought one 11' a, which are adds. No-clave, easy to clean and all could ask.

This in spite of this 9.5' an is very different that my forward a. Although it is no-stick finally, the things stick at the beginning same with to plot of oil. It has to him line with to spatula of silicon. My supposition is that a distribution of the heat is not equally

Another question is that when a casserole is heating in heat/of half down, the sound to break, which is scary. I have it that has not listened never such the thing of an empty, new and cold/warm casserole! A noise maintains to come. It has not been that it is bad with this element, but certainly would not owe that have steps the control of quality

is too bad that has used already an element, as it has not been would accept the turn. It does not recommend this product like the sound to crack is a last what expects of the casserole
4 / 5
has used two times like this far and the law adds. I have done eggs and pancakes in here without oil and his summer well.
4 / 5
Has purchased this casserole done on the month and has used it enough in the daily base. Really I love it and wish a company has offered the little more measures. To good sure would purchase more. A casserole does not stick , I usually dipped the tiny bit of oil of olive in a casserole and the dry around first to use and at all estacas. The eggs cook perfectly. A casserole is also very easy to clean. I am expecting that a casserole will resist up with the use has continued. I seat it likes him he is so better that some casseroles of toxic Teflon that so only last the very short time. Highly it recommends!!
4 / 5
Ossia That past when I cleaned it: the black powder that exited of a subordinated and of an interior of a casserole!!! Seriously disgusting and probably toxic
5 / 5
This frying pan is very utmost, looks like this beautiful,this feeling of sleeve is very good! I have cooked any bacon, dried out of a casserole with paper towel, and has then cooked two eggs mixed, has done wonderfully, any-stick at all, some eggs literally slid out of a dish of mine of the casserole. This casserole is also very easy to clean, some flakes of residue feed was under a power to water so only, is surprising! I create also I will buy these products of series in a future!

Top Customer Reviews: Cuisinart 630-20 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 52 ratings
4 / 5
Horrible casserole. I used it two times and is already warped. It is a lot low quality. I have purchased another together of cuisinart but does not avenge with this square casserole. As I have bought this one for separate of Amazon. I am not particularly happy with any of some casseroles of this mark. I will not purchase this mark again. Has the glass upper stove. Perhaps you are quite lucky to have gas, this will give you better results like warping wont be like this noticeable in the gas row. I have been cooking for 20 years and there is has not had never the warp of casserole with which two uses. And no, I do not wash him while they are hot.
4 / 5
This casserole is not well for the glass cooktop. It does not seat flat and a boss is the weighed likes impulses up out of a stove. It has dipped the teacup under a boss to try and blance the, but still is not very flat. Need to find another griddle casserole. No-the surface of clave was a lot of - I am sure any with the gas stove could like it.
4 / 5
Does not buy this element. He warps after the pair of uses and any paving of lie in yours burners. His bear it thin to be able to use any level of heat. They are in my second an and will not buy never this fact in china junk again.
5 / 5
My husband eats egg the majority of morning! This casserole has done order until last week. I have not had long but of course it is date of past turn !!! The never main heat thar the half never washed until quota. Person but used this & this in spite of the curves in some means. Like this now a heat is not even!
Are of tower in looking for casserole of perfect egg!!!
5 / 5
This Casserole is not RECOMMENDED.
An outside is not durable - scratches a lot easily.
Warps Of casserole very bad (a lot of noticeable and a lot nettling in the smooth upper row) - way of worse warps that the economic Wearever Aluminium griddle that substitutes, and that has behind bought in 1980.
An only good commentary can do is a no-sticks to cook the surface is well.
There is not remarked but this casserole has to that it has been done in Cina.
Would owe that have has bought a CIRCULON griddle - I there has been much more sucedido (especially with a warping) with a CIRCULON frames.
5 / 5
Has had the alike casserole before this has spent was like my husband has launched was when we remodeled our cookery. I have lost a versatility of having to that square casserole and found this an on Amazon. It looks to be one same one has had before. I add to do 4 grilled cheese sandwiches the times and I have has wanted to he to fry bacon. I think that that a prize was to add and happy to have one again!
5 / 5
Well, for a prize, was so only WELL. Our griddle to the casserole is severely warped and stain easily. When I have contacted Cuisinart with report to a guarantee, has been said the perhaps could qualify to take to casserole of substitution with a lot of hoops to jump by means of prime minister! This process has begun invernadero the on done email 2 weeks and there is still to discover if some photos that has asked will suffice for the casserole of substitution that will require to send controls it to him partorisca $ . In comparison with Storing Mfg. The one who sent the new dutch oven inside days of first contact, will not purchase more Cuisinart Classical Produced Boss.
4 / 5
Was the cost for frames has trusted reasons have loved the piece of quality that would be to use for years. This has not been the.

To the casserole headed warping inner some first uses of pair. I have had he for the while now and to arrive to this point there is anearlt the half thumb of impulse in a big corner, and a half is has bent significantly.

Have old Calphalon ossia the good likes the day was bought. They are already he spent for the substitution partorisca east and is so only state has used the time of dozen.
4 / 5
Have cuisinart pots that loves. The to good sure a lot like this skillet. With which 3 month of minimum use is warped. It does not heat on equally neither. These results in French & has toasted pancakes that is burned . At all pleased with this compraventa.
4 / 5
This product has been purchased of the mine last a (different mark) had seen his day. My husband and uses them this very thick like an alternative to heat on feeding likes opposed to use a microwave. A reason for the 4-stars to estimate like this opposed to the 5-the star is reason lines easily when cleaning. Because of a lining, to build-on the fat arrives with each use. Finally, I will have to buy another down a street. A product the work adds another concealed it.

Top Customer Reviews: Pre-Seasoned Cast ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 47 ratings
4 / 5
14 description of month. When 'new' warm casserole as you can ail partorisca touch, light discharge flax oil throughout. 500 oven of terracing, cools dulcemente. It repeats 6x. It adds oil and cook. Wash with cloth and hot water of stainless wash. ANY SOAP! Hot partorisca animate in oven (complete dry), toallita humid with flax, 500 terracings. Ready partorisca next lunch. Used in a grill, oven, in 10 times of terracing.
4 description of year. I have cooked at least 100-200 times and has tent in Minnesota unheated cochera partorisca some last four years. A pic is of 4I casserole.
4 / 5
Has bought this, mostly because of a point of reasonable prize, and positive feedback. I have been he advances and seasoned he with fat of pig (thin discharge, an hour in 400˚F), and has had any subject with any one sticking, flaking, or has included to smoke. They are no culinary expert, but am able. It was able to sear the pair of the steaks and some results were qualities of restaurant. In my humble opinion. The on-line video are amply available the hone yours expertise. They are very pleased with a skillet. It looked in other offerings of iron of the mould in of the venues grocers and retail, and was in double in sides. I can not speak to a distribution of hot, but has used the gas to regulate stovetop and second that it could say a surface cooked consistently. And yes, a steak in photo has been done a day still that has written this description (with a help of the low empty produced).
4 / 5
Is pre-seasoned, so that it cries is deleted, and with a heat the discharges of resistant removable boss concealed goes well to an oven with a casserole, some casualidades to be burned is reduced to almost zero. One a thing would love users younger to comprise is that it calms does not have to that never leave the iron of mould skillet in watering to drench. It agrees that this one east 'preseasoned' how is almost like teflon when it comes to 'any-of clave.' Held. If calm treat it well, this will last your lifetime, and much more there, if properly it has concerned stops.
4 / 5
In the first place has to that develop that I am no expert in spending has launched cookware. I have bought this after reading up in any-material of the clave and that decides that the iron of mussel was the better alternative value trying. It had seen friends using his with the success and has wanted to him. I have researched use and cure to spend launched and while they require bit it more worry a material is no-toxic and will last decades. Really they are no-stick when used correctly. Google Justo that to use and clean the casserole of iron of the mould. This a good east and I like a hot spent of resistant boss. A 12 measure of thumb is weighed like calm probably will require the headline of pot in an opposite loop a boss for the choose on when hot. It comes seasoned and ready to use which is well. It does not come with the coverage like precise use one has or purchase one for separate. So only it uses one of another casserole when it needs to. A so only downside to launch the iron for some is a weight. They are harder that move around and the places were. It does not fall one of these in your foot! Calm also a lot probably be tossing and flipping lunch with one of this cookery for the moment. Perhaps the small a. For this stainless is better but otherwise this control and distribute good heat and is a lot of abordable. Calm will not owe that substitute he the years of pair because a no-the clave is peeling was.
4 / 5
Has used this casserole the number of time took it of then. My intention for him was to use while camping, but has not been camping has been of then rids has to that way that be using he in a house. Has has had casseroles of iron of the mould in some pasts and has not cured they properly and finally decided to take touched of of them for something easier. Now that my boys are older and the life has looked to retard down the little bit, does not look that the hard/time that eats to cure of a casserole properly -I hope that continuous of him properly for years to come. I am expecting the paralización crispier hash browns that that am taking now with mine other casseroles, but has not had the occasion to try them still.
4 / 5
Has received this yesterday and has used last night.
Seasoned to Like said for an hour in an oven. Cooked the tri-touch seared the and has launched in an oven is Exited adds!! This will be to use
A lot in my house.
4 / 5
Has washed, oiled, and has baked a skillet for 1 now in 350 terracings. The chicken has fried shortly after and has done perfectly! Not sticking or need to thicket a skillet, so only rinsed, has washed slightly with soap, then oiled and has baked again.
4 / 5
Has bought this skillet so that it could go of a stovetop to an oven without transferring feeds to a dish of test of the oven. The seasoned when He in the first place arrived (still although it is coming pre-seasoned, law revise concealed has said that it was advisable to do that) and my first plan was the homemade pizza that had been in decline to try. It is exited wonderfully! He slid well out of a casserole and was perfectly crunchy. I slid a coverage of silicone in a boss afterwards takes he of an oven for the easiest that manage (although this has taken extremely heat the very short time and I has had to that use the headline of pot in all the chance.) My only flu is that it is weighed enough. With feeding in him, has to uses 2 hands for the movement, as I am unable to resist he with a delivery and take an alimentary was with another. Perhaps they are the weakling, but are 48 and workout with weight so that the doubt. Another that that, are to add so that I love it to do and am looking forward to a lot of lunch with him in a future.
5 / 5
Has received a product yesterday. Unboxed, has ADDED the cup of neighbourhood of oil, heated to the big heat has added two diced potatoes and the diced onion. All has stuck instantly, likes was the casserole that has had has not had never any seasoning done. It has not been it has taken the bad one or ossia normal thus costruttore but I will not be doing another compraventa of them.
5 / 5
Cooks of amour with my big casserole. Access of trout discovers, big steaks, the potatoes exit equally cooked without being fill and my lunch is flavorful. Easy to concern for and protect, if taken a time to wash immediately or to the sinister drench has bitten it something burned on that. A company has sent the discharge of casserole concealed maintains calm to scrape he with the resplandor tampon or metal. I love cook in my casserole of iron of the mould how is like this amiably created and comes with a anti-boss of burn, also. Can choose it immediately to transport he to another surface. Thank you.

Top Customer Reviews: Utopia Kitchen ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 59 ratings
5 / 5
Quantity of container: 1 I has received some casseroles, took them out of a box, and washed them takes first use of time in with running hot water. It take a prime minister two dry with the towel and as it dry a 10 casserole with the towel a boss snapped immediately in my hand. The supposition takes like stops of pays. No orders never anything of this company again. Fact in Cina, goes figure. Going all the EUA for now on.
4 / 5
Quantity of container: 1 they are not a measure that alleges partorisca be some small an east five in a half one this 6 and a big one more this 8 in. A picture in a box likes give is expanded partorisca aim a quality of a product but has opened once go to be in partorisca the big accident. I have measured personally all three elements and expsitos that a measure of a skillet ossia posted in an ad in the amazon is not attentive will be partorisca inform for the sell the Amazon and asking neither a correct product or the repayment. If you have spent of this vendor would owe that do one same to measure your elements partorisca see yes is a right correct measure .
5 / 5
Quantity of container: 1 I active closing to cook with these, but already can say his little to any arrival in an iron. They look partorisca have the season in his already, but is probably he better cooked in the street of has registered. I go partorisca take the sander to these partorisca soften them was and then animal seasons them. Iron of mould, yes has finalised properly, is not rough. You recommend to spend the little more money on some casseroles that is properly state finalising and seasoned if any one the a time or patience partorisca the low quality arrival.

My iron of old mould is smooth and fantastic cookery, but has wanted to measure smaller. Hopefully Some TLC will fix this. A surface is like this rough will not dip them on a counter without the towel down.

Modification. After disinfecting some casseroles to heat them on, a seasoning sluffed was.
4 / 5
Quantity of container: 1 Be conscious that this neighbour is not really 6, 8 10, is more like 5, 6.5 and 8.5. One 5 is not a lot of gain like six really so only taking two casseroles. The quality is well, some casseroles are quell'has bitten rough and will require partorisca season very good.
4 / 5
Quantity of container: 1 AMUR THESE mainly one 10.n Simply because I usually cook partorisca my husband and edges like precise more room has not used one 6 and 8 thumbs so much (used one 6.n Perhaps two times has not used one 8.n) But one 10.n There is had he partorisca perhaps the month and I literally can do to the so that it likes in of some ads where movement a casserole around and a slide of the eggs during a place is beautiful! Finally you modify with update.
UPDATE : Well they are roughly four or five month in and a casserole still is that he fantastically his summer that softens was amiably, so only cooks besides down Time, then I thicket with hot water and the paintbrush flatly, uses to the scraper yes needs to, and then dry, Oil, and toallita humid so much of an oil to the equal that can was. I think that that it is quell'has bitten smaller that 10' but honradamente still can use he partorisca almost anything but of big dinners, the law adds for breakfasts for me and my three old year. Calm will not complain these casseroles.
4 / 5
Quantity of container: 1 at the beginning all looked well, but in those the frying pans are gone in in the contact with waters has dip cafs, like oxidados.
4 / 5
Quantity of container: 1 Because of a measure, I only use 1 out of 3. If I need something main has found the very big one in Walmart for $ 17 in a section to camp/alfresco. Inferior line, loves the iron has launched to cook with & now in a rust complain, please read some instructions.
1. Take all a rust of has affected describes.
2. Washed a skillet thoroughly: Washed an iron of the mussel with soap and waters animates of sweet dish. Thicket With the bristle paintbrush, tampon of sweet register, or sponge to signal yes has required.
3. I dry a skillet: Thoroughly dry an iron of mould immediately with the towel of paper towel or clean dish.
4. Coverage a casserole with the coating of oil: Apply the small quantity of oil of vegetal (or cooking oil of election) to a whole piece.
5. It does not forget a subordinated and boss: When oiling, does not forget a subordinated and boss. Use so only the small quantity to avert the sticky surface.
4 / 5
Quantity of container: 1 I have not expected these casseroles partorisca be like this as well as they are. A price was adds. I love cook with these casseroles. They are the ache partorisca clean but well validates he. If you are in the estimativa of series of the shoe but calm like products of qualities in your cookery, then these casseroles are partorisca you.
5 / 5
Quantity of container: 1 you buy it these like the present partorisca my daughter- wants the so many! I think that that I will take the together on its own name!
5 / 5
Quantity of container: 1 A box clearly says the sure dishwasher but is not !!! First wash in a dishwasher and he are is exited covered all the orange/rusts!!! And ape odorata.. It has finalised that it has to that research on-line on like this partorisca direct a subject for reseasoning some casseroles (covering a skillets in oil and situating in an oven partorisca an hour). As wasteful the whole day reason a box there has been a wrong information.

Top Customer Reviews: Matfer Bourgeat ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
This skillet is some rubbishes adds. I have ordered two. A prime minister one was warped with a half bulging out of legislation out of a box. How it is returned and a second a flat wine but with bad scratches but has done like this a prime minister an and has not bought this partorisca the oppositions of beauty so that it has not imported . Then when I heat it on partorisca a first time partorisca season a subordinated warped and bulged was the worse way that a last an and ossia when I have on data in this mark. A pic has uploaded was a second a that has ordered and later returned partorisca good. I have ordered the mineral B and has not had any of these questions he so that it would recommend that one.
4 / 5
Has read roughly casseroles of steel of the carbon in Cook is Illustrated. Touched likes something partorisca try. Taken this casserole (would have to that it has reduced, and want to) partorisca the try was. Yep, Is weighed. No like this weighed likes iron of mussel of same measure, but the plot more than a no-Cook of clave Essentials Anodized Aluminium. In the first place I need partorisca be seasoned, and any to like you the casserole of iron of the mould. Some directions that come with this iffy, almost bad translated French. So much, I will add here some directions of Cook is Illustrated and the hope has not been copyrighted. In the first place this in spite of, a casserole and using it. A lot well, the cook adds. Really it is not sticking after seasoning and clean up is the swipe. Going to have that takes used to this. Seared Some steaks perfectly and has finalised a sauce of cream without in hitch. Yep, gotta Take you some.
INITIAL SEASONING: calm In the first place will require to take the wax or coating of fat of a new casserole (used to protect a metal to rust in traffic). The use waters very hot, soap flatly, and forceful scrubbing with the bristle paintbrush. I dry a casserole and then dipped in in low heat to finalise to dry. It adds 1/3 it hoards oil, 2/3 cup is exited, and worlds of two potatoes (this help to pull any remaining or fat wax of a surface of casserole). Cook on hot of half, occasionally moving some worlds around a casserole and on some sides to a rim, for 8 to 10 minutes. (A casserole will turn brown) Discard some contents, leave a casserole to cool, and wipe with paper towel. You are ready to cook. ( You experience to stick, repeats once. This method will do in any steel of carbon skillet.)
INTERVIEW: it averts soap and abrasive scrubbing. Simply toallita humid or rinse a clean casserole, quell'dry thoroughly in the warm burner, and rub he with the light discharge of oil. If calm accidentally the thicket was some of a patina, wipe a casserole with the thin discharge of oil and the situate in big heat for roughly 10 minutes until a casserole darkened ( will smoke; the turn in an exhausts defender).
BLOTCHY Is WELL: Hardly you season and cookery to start with in the carbon-casserole of steel, transmissions of shiny money the brown and blotchy. A blotches is the sign that a casserole is building on the slippery patina, which will help it is resulted increasingly nonstick. A blotches and nonstick the capacity can initially wax and wan, but with use, the surface of cookery of a casserole gradually will darken and result more uniform in colour.
4 / 5
The casserole Adds like this far, but quality of egg any one the clave has not been like this easy to the equal that would have expected. I have tried to season with Flaxseed oil in an oven and found this to be sooooo tedious. With which 6-8 discharges, has had the surface that any one has included sear the steak properly. In an end, have gone with a method to cook rooms, worlds of potato, and oil in big boss until all was a lot of and burned (way of Cookery of American Test). This has produced the small blotchy, but good and smooth seasoning after a first round. I ask if my results would have been better had done this method of a start (has bought so only two smaller casseroles, will update when a seasoning is done). I seared some short ribs another night for the crock flat of pot and WOW work well!!! Good-looking crust and 100 softens any clave. The better way that my iron of mould, surprised seriously that slick a casserole was.

Thinks these casseroles, likes anything concealed requires the seasoning, takes time to come his is adapted. To good sure would buy this again, if any only for a flesh searing capacity. My grill will not take never used again...

UPDATE: I seasoned one 8 5/8 in. Casserole Last night that uses an oil, rooms, and peel of potato . A seasoning is in no way perfectly same, blotchy, but perfectly smooth, and the eggs enturbiados a lot included think roughly sticking with just the little butter. I think an uneven look of a seasoning is in fact really well, and gives a character of casserole. In an end, his action is that really @@subject.

Here is the step to no of a PROCESS to SEASON:

1) For the quite the potato is like this some skins can cover a fund of a casserole.
2) Adds the plot of rooms, has used Kosher, but thinks that any do any.
3) Adds an oil of your election, would recommend @@@@@@canola or vegetal, has used crisco shortening, but any one will do. It does not add too oil (calm no deep master to fry your worlds of potato), so only quite so that it groups slightly when it pulls a mix was. This be has said, air in a side more more less.
4) Crank Everything to start and hot BIG that burn, yes in SCORCHING.
5) Stirs Constantly, taking some sides also. Like starts to take smoke and the start of a potato to really brown, gone back a heat down the MED-BIG. You want to burn some worlds and the oil near in a casserole, creating a polymerisation that marks one any surface of clave. Like Starts in of the llamas, will remark your casserole really begins to change colour. My thought is that it love the same colouring of plus with a seasoning, turning down a heat the MED, MED-BIG during this phase, stirring CONSTANTLY, and maintaining coverage and the same heat of oil will help to maintain a same and uniform seasoning. It does not turn a heat down down quite that some stops in of the llamas this in spite of, ossia keys to a creation of a discharge to season.
6) When All is good and burned in your casserole, and a seasoning is adhered clearly, dump all and QUICKLY rinse a casserole was with HOT water (maintaining an accident of temperature to the minimum). Toallita Humid with the wet soft sponge or towel of cookery to take all a salt and the peels of potato was, then apply the a lot, layer very thin of oil (I use crisco shortening) to maintain all a lot of and greased.
7) HAS the PLACE averts and has left the quota, an oven is ideal to the equal that will maintain a residual smell to the minimum and help a casserole normalises bit it slower, which can help a seasoning adheres better.

I this outside in the big btu the stove of camp has. A smoke is FAT, and unless has ventilation of cooks a lot well, would recommend to do this outside. A grill probably laws in the pinch. Again, this fully smoked out of your house.
4 / 5
Has bought one 8 5/8 measures mainly to the cook has fried eggs in a morning and is perfect thus purpose. With which so only the 2 weeks of use, so only the fast of spray with oil (I use TJ spray of coconut oil) and perhaps the bit of butter for flavour, and uses a casserole to toe some eggs, and when done a slide of eggs was with zero sticking. Fast rinse with warm water, dry with paper towel, adds thin discharge of oil, and dip a casserole was. It could not be happier.

So only the pair of notes. I have used a flaxseed method of oil - are discharges VERY THIN for inside and for out, an hour on raises on 515 terracings, then to the left cools down in oven. I know the people have has has had questions with this method, but is done well for me on three black steel different casseroles. It is essential to use only pure flaxseed oil. I have tried the version of Trader Joe and this was the disaster - is not pure oil. I undressed A casserole, then tried again with Barlean the Quotas of Organic oils Flax Oil, Boot of 32 oil of Ounces of a section of refrigerator of the health the alimentary tent and is utmost state.

One gives to comprise the done for me was in a first use after seasoning, mixes an egg that feigns to the launch was. Extended the during a casserole, on some sides yes loves, and has had a shoot on purpose the little too hot. This first egg stuck like crazy. But as suggested, has used the little kosher rooms and oil, slightly scrubbed one has stuck the eggs was, then rinsed in of the warm water. An after trying was far better, and has had minimum sticking for the few days, but of then, eggs just slide around.

A spent protective was the big ache to take . After trying a hot water and scrubbing approximation and not taking very remote, I finally so only sprayed he with more cleaned (he lye version), sinister chairs for the half hour or like this, and undressed he long.

A photo is a casserole with which roughly 2 weeks of use.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Has the together of 3 iron of casseroles of mussel that has been that builds to seasoning for prójimo to 3 years. His SO ONLY TOOK to a point of egg nonstick. I unboxed these two hours does. A round to season.
Justo wow.

My method to season:
Rubs the thin discharge of oil of vegetable in a whole surface, for inside and for out
to the wipe was all surplus
Hot up in meso until a colour of whole casserole has changed, if the a thermometer GONE, would have to read around 500F in a whole casserole and would not owe that surpass 600.
Takes that still greasy rag and rub the thin discharge in a thing learns again, leaving the smokes was (careful, if it is too hot, around 700+F, will burst in the llamas, of the GONE the thermometer is recommended highly. It is very easy to take these casseroles súper crazy hot. Spent to one of my irons of mussel and has done 4' llamas. Oops.)
Repeat the little time
quota Left
5 / 5
There is disappointed in levelling to finalise on casserole. Scratches On cooking surface, and that the rim was acute and has had the groove that would capture to feed. I am returned a casserole without trying to season it, and ordered of Buyer, which is a lot of main quality . Well an extra prize. One of the buyer arrived with the coverage of wax of the bees, which will do to season to the easiest plot that a Matfer Bourgeat I suspect. For me, ossia a second time in the row that the cookery of the test of Amsterdam has attacked is gone in his recommendation of the product.
5 / 5
I desire has known that to do of this casserole. It likes him another, bought it based in a description adds of the cook is Illustrated.

Pros: Exactly like this described, expected, etc. once take a hangs to season this monster, can see reason has said that well do the room in your storm of pot. While I do not attack bobo trying impulse he on the mine heads to hangs... They are sure he will see heavy use.

Gilipollas: As another there is remarked, is freaking HEAVY. I have seen a weight has listed, and there is to good sure is corrected, but seeing some numbers any justice to that felt to try and impulse he. Admitted, am small, and no muscular, but sheesh.

Have a lot still felizmente seasoned this thing. I have tried a HERE first method with poor results. Registered the down to money and am trying again with has repeated spent of flax oil of seeds and my oven. It is beginning to take on it gorgeous deep patina and feels smooth likes glass to a touch ... This in spite of for my test of egg today, is not on the dot for this class to use so only this in spite of (8 discharges and 3 days in).

I games has imagined was like this far ... This Lodge ASCRHH11 to the silicone Titled of Hot Sleeve for Casseroles of Steel of the Carbon, the black was absolutely perfect for use in a boss. Also, less wrist and more the forearm done the difference in the exert.
5 / 5
At the beginning this casserole was awesome. Easy to season and quickly is resulted a more used casserole in my cookery. Then roughly 2 month in a casserole warped horribly. If it wobbles and transfers in my stove. The cooks have Illustrated recommended this casserole, like this perhaps has taken to uselessness , but think that is much more probably that they the ramp there is so only on production to fulfil the question augmented and his quality suffered like the effect lateralmente.

At all recommended.

Update 6/26/2016: In light of all some other positive critics have ordered the second casserole to see if my experience was the fluke. While extracted an initial seasoning on hot of half that use some Cooks have Illustrated recommended method, a new casserole warped. A sheer the number of positive critiques directs me to think that Is possible to take to casserole of quality of Matfer Bourgeat, but mine anecdotal the experience has said that it is difficult to do like this and that his control of quality is slipshod in better.
4 / 5
Was able to take this casserole to season properly with which 3 different methods (I has a 'coverage' electrical stove). This prime minister has followed was a one in a focuses of a costruttore. Worlds Of potato, rooms and oil in big heat. All has taken crispy but a casserole is remained unseasoned. A next method has tried was of Youtube, done by restaurants. I have bought flaxseed oil, has animated a casserole, has applied the very thin discharge with the paper towel, then hot a casserole in big until it smokes. It has begun finally to take the brown coating well but so only in a fund of a casserole and was uneven and swimming in some sides. Then it has left the entirely fresh, and repeat again. Reason a casserole is like this big, was unable to take any of some sides to start with to brown at all with which 5 round of heat/of fresh/oil (supposition to do 11 but felt it really no right ). Again, this can have better fact has had the gas stove. The ones of way that then has found it this video that describes to use an oven: [...] - I has imagined in this way a whole casserole would take hot, and a lot so only an uneven zone where some coverages of stove are. Used the 550 oven of terracing and the thin discharge of flaxseed oil in an interior and external. The no a boss. Hot 2 hours in 550. He then the turns was oven and has left he in there to cool all day. When it has taken home of work, a casserole was good and dark brown and looks a lot seasoned now. If a stovetop the method does not look to do, try a method of oven. Here it is pics of has finalised result.
5 / 5
A 11 7/8” casserole there is warped two times on maintain-me with using very small. In a calm recent substitution included can see lines where a material is obviously different. These have to that have control of terrible quality. When I have contacted a costruttore has refused to look in a casserole, that insists that I something wrong to them and did to spend for a trafficante purchased him of to take the substitution. I will not be buying of them again.

Top Customer Reviews: T-fal E938S3 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
Ossia A sincere description of the professional boss the one who has used this product in his cookery partorisca house almost every day for a whole year. I have not been paid to write this description neither I receive any risarcimento for my endeavours.

Initial observations:

has bought this casserole for home uses on January 2, 2015. It does not use never of the small frying pans, likes 12.5'' was an easy election. It was initially intrigued that a fund of a casserole was convex and doubted if a casserole would distribute butter/of oil equally for browning/frying. Some sides of a casserole have looked to be slanted quite big the sautee without an use of the turner/spatula (i.et. Using a wrist to move lunch in a casserole). A boss felt comfortable in my hand and a riveting looked to be sturdy. A global weight and balance of a casserole has not felt uncomfortable.

Use and Abuse:

In spite of my hesitation in a convex fund, a casserole browns more equally that any casserole has has not used never. The capacity to cook of a casserole the eggs is upper in any casserole has has not used never. When multitasking, Can sautee without using utensils. A casserole withstands big heat, any warp and is easy to clean. It does not leave a casserole to cool fully first of the wash directly under waters. It does not use Any utensils of metal in this casserole. The smallest scratches have accrued. With which 1 year, a surface is slightly less a lot of-clave. Use with utensils of the metal is not recommended under any circumstances. There is still to be determinate if a coating is takes during cooking or during any one-abrasive washings. Sincerely attended is a last.

Some kerbs are not flush with a casserole. It feeds debris collects around some kerbs if any one cleaned properly. A construction of the boss has not aimed any sign of wear. Some kerbs are fastened securely to a casserole. The capacity to heat of a casserole and cool quickly is excellent.

T-Fal Alleges concealed:

1. An only T-fal Thermo-shows of indicator of heat of Something when a casserole is perfectly preheated to cook. [TRUE]
2. Prometal Pro nonstick The interior is exceptionally durable and line resistant. [FAILURE]
3. Sure for use with utensil of metal. [FAILURE]
4. Disk of stainless steel for closing of distribution of heat. [TRUE]
5. Anti-Protect of warp. [TRUE]
6. The Sure dishwasher. {SOME]
7. The sure oven to 400 terracings F. [TRUE]
8. Sure for all the methods of cookery that comprises induction. [TRUE]

in my professional opinion, using the metal turner/the spatula is not recommended. Some two claims more than entities that T-Fal promote (i.et. That a surface is resistant/durable scratch and is sure to use with utensils of metal) is dud. Although I enjoy to use this casserole in a house, does not consider this product 'professional' quality. An alternative coating would delete this @@subject altogether and a lot significantly costs of production of the increase:

In short, highly recommends this product for home uses so only. Mina 4 description of star is extremely generous considering a fact that there is anticipated material science and nano-the technology is not having the habit of creates the product of upper consumer.
4 / 5
A lot disappointed. I have bought this for my spouse to use in our cook of induction upper row. A casserole has treated well for 10 month, and there is remarked then that a surface was flaking approach an indicator of heat of the centre. Has all the utensils of plastic cookery, and this casserole was babied.

'Any question!' I have said, this casserole has the guarantee. This in spite of, some goodnesses of number of telephone to guarantee to has has automated answered, and any permission of turn. Some instructions to turn are to ship in your own cost, and then hope for a better. If you go the 'description of web of places of guarantee for a costruttore, will read histories of horror roughly a lot of people that paid to ship and never listened behind. Because launch of good money after bad? Paying 50 of a cost to ship something in expecting that the will not take never the reparation (or included the answered) is the terrible shot. For creation, to good sure.
5 / 5
First of all, has not received release it a, like this the description is not influenced by a desire to continue that it takes free material.

As, has purchased an almost done casserole five years, as this is not to like all these descriptions of 'so only of receipts' produced.

Now here is like the majority of calm wants to know. The durable is a nonstick surface? Well in the first place maintain import that ALL nonstick the surfaces degrade over time, if of a variety of Teflon or a ceramic class.

Is not fooled for a 'limited lifetime guaranteeed' this involve that these retain his nonstick surfaces indefinitely. If you have read a fine impression, calm has to them return postpaid to a costruttore for 'evaluation.' Some costruttrici do not say you that, in a chance less expensive casseroles like this one, often costs more to return them on has guaranteeed that to buy the new mark a! When I have tried to complain in this deceptive practice to a company, promised to us the call for behind the interior of supervisors two business days, but has not spent never. So much service of client is sketchy.

In another hand, this casserole was reasonably nonstick for on four years, which is far better that the majority, comprising everything of these good-looking ceramic casseroles. Like this probably it calms it can not take any better durability that this any import the one who pass, and this T-fal is relatively economic.

Would have given 4.5 to 5 star has been no for a deceptive guarantee and service of poor client.
5 / 5
He A lot of MONTH max. It is not flat, that does not go never was... Look, ALL the casseroles of this start of type of kinda any clave, is that they very treated and that time has had to. I have used this among Feb 17th is now Oct 30th , likes 255 total of days, so that it means after roughly roughly 175 uses is now useless. To arrive to this point that to butter almost if it sticks to a casserole . The main oven temp has used was 350F, the main stove temp has used was perhaps 450F (point of smoke of oil of peanut).The hand has washed so only, so only used nylon or utensils of silicone. If you want to add this yours byline of the amazon where buys the new an each month then perhaps that works for you. Never I will squander my money has won hard in this casserole again, chooses is on you. You have been these helps .
5 / 5
First time that use this casserole and has one in general the a lot of nonstick the surface but is not totally flat. This causes things like this of the eggs to instantly extended to some outsides of a casserole that the like this yours eat in fact is well against a flange. A lot disappointing.
5 / 5
After using this once and remarking a flow of oil to some flanges of a casserole based in this hump of odd centre, has been ready to return so that it could not imagine this working. I used it felizmente the little more time and found all this is to require is one or two shots more' of a casserole to do sure is entirely coated. With which concealed, some alimentary cooks equally throughout based in a thermal creation of a same casserole with an excess in some sides. It is ideal in my alcohol, no, reason your lunch can take saturated in some flanges use too oil. This in spite of, using less oil is not the bad thing and does not look to like precise with this casserole in all the chance. Perhaps this was a point ?
4 / 5
Has bought this casserole for roughly 5 years have based in the description for the cookery of Test of Amsterdam. Now they are substituting the subpar casserole. Some the earliest casseroles am lasted the first year of a does not leave of the clave has not done also. This was like this inform for ATK. Last casserole of the years did not resemble last like this long but has written was. A casserole I so only received no longer has some mangos of metal calm so much can any one plant he in an oven. It is Much lighter of a casserole follows to substitute.
Would not RECOMMEND THIS CASSEROLE. It is the economic substitute for a leading casserole and is action
4 / 5
has ordered the together of these casseroles because they have come highly estimated in the show of cookery I clock that the tests that the active cook. I did not use him for the year with which purchased him reason my another no-the casseroles of clave have continued to do well. When I used Him finally I have remarked that one funds has not been plan. This does to cook difficult reason all a juice and the fat will run to some external flanges. It does not like to use to plot of of oil to the equal that has done to fry circles of egg and the impossible bacon unless I have loved to fill a casserole up with oil. His service of client has said

'Please notes that cookware is drawn generally with the slightly domestic centre to leave for an expansion of some metals during a heating or cooking process.'

Ossia Simply a lot true and for the test has dipped was some of my casseroles and has added the bit of water. Of a picture can see a T-fal the casseroles are some so only some concealed has the created half and some groups to water to a flange. All some other casseroles a water was distributed equally and no pooling to an external flange.

Cooks all a time and any concealed to know me call me the hard core foodie. I take my cookery seriously and can not recommend T-fal no-casseroles of clave. If it love the good quality a lot of-to the casserole of clave spends $ 10 more and take a one in a right side of a casserole. Investigation escacerola of earth of the tone' and take a value for you money.
5 / 5
Ossia To good casserole - is very done and a nonstick the coating is excellent. THIS In spite of - in a 12.5' casserole, so only a centre 8' of a casserole is induction -compatible (resists the magnet). A flat base of a casserole is 10' in diameter, so that has the rim of any one-material of induction around a base. This means that a casserole does not heat equally in a row of induction - a centre is FAR HOTTER that an outside. And - a real nuisance - has the row that relieves casseroles and measures of casserole, could have the question that use this casserole in yours burner 'big' of then will resemble a row to be one 8' casserole. Ossia The serious ache in a butt reason is enough to the big casserole and he would benefit besides heating and taken on enough the bit of room in the stovetop.

Like this - is interested in of the this for use in an induction cooktop - be conscious that so only a centre 8' (for diameter) of this casserole in fact will be heated by a row of induction.
5 / 5
Ossia My preferred no-casserole of clave! Has the small a (8') ossia perfect for crepes, but a ' this perfect for our pancakes, eggs, and so only roughly all more! Has the gas stove, and has found goes much bigger that 10', elements in a casserole does not heat equally. I want that some changes to centre when a casserole achieves temperature, and really is the true no-clave. Ossia Mine 3rd a (comprising a 8' this I still use), and does not think never will buy the different a. Thank you, T-fal! Plea of authorship: they are not a better cook, as has the tendency to launch pancake beat in the closing-too much-cold casserole, and then leave the lunch in a casserole bit it longer that probably would owe that remain (i.et. The things to burn occasionally).

Top Customer Reviews: Lodge Cast Iron ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
4 / 5
There is so much that I can say in this casserole, BUT go to cut legislation to a cook—of persecution partorisca 4 or more people the majority of a time, ossia a casserole partorisca yours family. No more leaving eaten among two casseroles because a a simply is not quite big. A MAIN functionality of this casserole that the fact my preferred is which extends and delish cooks an alimentary especially flesh 🥩 🍗 🍤. Possessing this 17” iron of mussel to casserole me enjoy that it cooks again.

is the investment adds to purchase some scrapers of iron of the also done mould for Lodge.

Averts to use hard scrapers instead, to loosen on the stubborn rests—add yours hot water casserole ( water) and leave to seat for the “moment”.

Then, uses some scrapers of pot of the Lodge to softly take reminants.

Uses the cloth of dish or sweet sponge to wash to clean pot.

Besieges in a burner of stove or inside an oven and the heat until to the casserole is ENTIRELY DRY.

Adds to teaspoon of oil or oil of spray inside a casserole that use he basting paintbrush to equally layer a casserole.

can be compraventa has interested a stainless steel 17”/60 Upper chamber to maintain your casserole has covered.

Ossia The full measure 750ml bounces it has come 🍾 inside a casserole to give you an idea of a space of cookery

Awesome 🥘
4 / 5
Order of casserole. I found it difficult to take a lot of metrics in this element before shabby, like this here is: Attentive measures partorisca Lodge L10SKL 12-the dual thumb-casserole of the boss of Iron has launched: Out of upper diameter 12 1/8 thumbs. OD In of the bosses:14 5/8 thumbs. OD Games spouts:12 3/4 thumbs. External height:2 1/4 thumbs. Out of inferior diameter (flat zone among radio) roughly 9 1/2 thumbs..... Inside upper diameter:11 3/4 thumbs; Inside inferior diameter (flat zone among radio) 10 thumbs. Depth of interior:2 thumbs.

An inferior diameter outside is comprised so only because of looks of mine of investigation any folks cook in the flipped-on casserole, although there is still to see an example of of the this in practical. One 9 1/2' is which considers an useful surface, walk that could it he in theory be cooked to.
5 / 5
This beautiful work of art has arrived in shape excellent, pre-seasoned, and am pleased further with him. I have washed he with warm water, dried it, has applied the light discharge of flaxseed oil, has fill he with cornbread beat, and to an oven has been. More cleaned with which one baking was easy, and an only question anticipates with possessing this good-looking creation is the one who for the leave to in my wins. Some two short bosses are the sleep come some bosses of mine like this long and my short arms have not sawed always-exist peacefully. It would give this casserole of iron of mussel of Lodge more than 5 stars to amazon would leave me.
4 / 5
Has several pieces to Store the iron has launched, but ossia my preferred new . Yes, it is weighed. But in place of the boss the level of long plus in a side and the shortest boss in another, has a short boss in both sides. He the a lot of easier fact for me to manage, and of then are
Quite serious in my cookery, am not looking for the sure place for the long manage which looks to be always in a way. I love it. It uses my iron of mussel in an oven, hips, and master no in that has this boss this annoying long plus in my way.
4 / 5
Has bought this thing without real big expectations. It is in main plot that any one another iron of mould has and when being to the lodge has known an arrival has not been to be utmost. I have been that uses the old pair Griswolds lately and an arrival of mirror in this old more skillets is so only incredible. I have had others Stores and has known that with some work and time an arrival would improve and be more than functional but would not take never that lustrous arrival like an old material.

When A container has arrived has been impressed with as hefty was. I have begun for sanding a surface of interior with an orbital sander and some heavy grit sandpaper. An arrival was incredibly rough. Without a lot of endeavour this in spite of, perhaps 10 or 15 minutes, had improved markedly. I cleaned it up with some sweet dishsoap and water and seasoned he with fat. I have applied perhaps 3 or 4 discharges and sinister rests in prejudices.

Are very happy with a product has finalised. This is to result my gone to skillet for just roughly everything. A measure is not unmanageable and is in fact quite versatile. I can cook the dishes sew main or multiple immediately. I have used it likes him the discharge to bake, skillet and warmer upper. I used it on my glass upper stove, in the fire of camp, in my external stove, and mine BBQ grill. Material probably will finalise that it takes the lid for him but otherwise the work adds.
5 / 5
This casserole is resulted casserole of mine more used in a house. It is it measures it it adds for our family of six--very main and really would be too bulky to store and quite weighed to wash. I use it on my glass upper oven without question.
5 / 5
Is to camp it or he prepper with the big family , ossia a casserole for you. As the one who quality, is dictate it. I took the moment, but I finally found the really good lid for him . Control out of the: Winco WKCS-18 Stainless Steel Wok Coverage, 17-3/4-the thumb returns a casserole quite well, and has the cup of big dome , could really heep that to full casserole of all the classes of alimentary !
5 / 5
Has had to Lodge 13' casserole of iron of the mould for several years. A casserole has resupplied excellent service and is used frequently. IMHO A better casserole to cook the steak. One of some deceptions has done with a cure of the casserole of the iron of the mould is situating he in a dishwasher. The interview requires the little a lot of extra. This in spite of one reward is a lunch .

A downside to this order was a packaging . Two iron of mould the casseroles have been orderly w/or any materials to pack! This has caused some casseroles to be that they move inside a box and in contact with each another. This has had to be for far one the worse packaging has not received never of Amazon, and has received several elements. Ossia A reason for a low bookmark. To lodge done some casseroles of iron of better mould. If it is not to Lodge question an authenticity of iron has launched.
5 / 5
Orders of casserole, especially for a prize!! We use it to knots to do Ratatouille and was absolutely perfect!! A casserole has been well of a stove to an oven and then to a table. Mark sure to dry in a stove or in an oven after washing and then layer with oil for storage. It would buy this again.
5 / 5
DOES not BUY An IRON of MUSSEL of the LODGE SKILLET. A first time I cooked with him, the treated he with Oil to Spend Launched included although it was purportedly pre-has treated. He to frying pan of seafood for the party of 6 friends, and a lunch (laughed) was encrusted in a subordinated and can does not take clean. I have looked for to Dawn liquid and there is drenched at night. Google has suggested Kosher application of Rooms, which neither has done. To the amazon has said to call a Costruttore, Iron of Mussel of the Lodge, but was also any one a less useful. We said me to knots that when in the first place using this skillet, has had to dulcemente augment a temperature of stove, but concealed is not written in some instructions. They have refused it takes a skillet behind. I have been said to use Resplandor in the, but that neither has done. It DOES not BUY THIS IRON of MUSSEL of the LODGE SKILLET.

Top Customer Reviews: Lodge Pre-Seasoned ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 27 ratings
1 / 5
Has has wanted this so much when it arrives. Cookeries with him yesterday and remarked black specks in a lunch. A coating is chipping was, with money down! I have been cooking with spending launched partorisca years - and this piece is not a lot of - see semi-detached picture. I have been so only on-line to accuse the turn and are only window of external turn. Now I have the one of then can not use, can not give and can not return. Like this unbalanced! Vendor, can do this legislation?
5 / 5
I have purchased this combo cooks together with one to Chad Robertson Tartine book of Bread. Like this far, I have done two very quite loaves of bread in this dutch oven. I have it quell'has used also a more superficial casserole for revolver of egg, and a main casserole the reheat there is roasted vegetal (in fact, has dipped a smaller casserole on while reheating a main casserole in a cup of stove.

His seasoned to heat them to 450 terracings and then dries it the thin discharge of Crisco on the and baking for an hour in 400 terracings for an hour and leaving them frescos at night in an oven. This was, to good sure, unnecessary. But I he in all the chance.

Like this far when mix of egg, some volume some burned egg in a casserole that requires to heat some water in a casserole and scraping/scrubbing out of some burned eggs. This has been to plot more work that cooking in the no-casserole of clave, and expect that with use, finally will take the best nonstick surface. This has said, really loves cook in spending launched and although I thicket there is always bit it harder that take a burned in of the bits to release, would do like this.

Some casseroles are very heavy. A Tartine the book suggests to bake with a superficial casserole in inferior reason is easier that value a loaf without in of the calm llamas. I have followed his suggestion two times. Some first time have forgotten to value a loaf. A second time, has used it paring knife to do like this. This in spite of, using the knife, does not see like this not to burn me never still with a deeper casserole that is used likes base. Especially of then I am spending longitude cuffed gloves of oven when exerting mine trusty leaf.

Will try to revoke some casseroles in some prjimos loaf, and here is reason: When inverting a bowl to dip a proofed and shaped bread to a hot casserole, chair as having the sides the deep more want to he much more last to soyiss' a casserole. For my second loaf, wounds up with some of a bread stuck to the long of a side of a smaller casserole in place of centred in a half. If it was the little more was, would have wounded on that loss in a side of a casserole. At least with a deeper casserole in a fund, if mine dough is situated 'to a side', some sides plus a lot deep will maintain in a better casserole.

Also, creates it will be easier that dip a deeper casserole in inferior -- in this way, a bread will not be on some sides when a deeper lid is dipped on the, as it was easier that dip a lid on reason do not owe that worry in a dough in this point, more a smaller lid is obviously lighter.

Will be to do pizza of deep dish in these hips.

Eta: I have not had the success that does pizza of deep dish like dough has not cooked thoroughly a some time tried that. A combo lid of the cookery done add it omelet, and the eggs enturbiados any grasp it to the he more. I use it dab of coconut oil, grill any chopped onions, adds any chopped kale, and then touch some eggs in an onion and kale. A omelet the cooks and I use the server of cake/of spatula of metal to toe a omelet and starts easily. Some brown eggs a lot amiably. It was not I can the maintain of browning to use the lowest heat, but I amour like the start cooked on hot of half.

Still, a primary purpose of a casserole is to do the country loaf and start to surprise.
3 / 5
This was the spur of a moment buys partorisca the travesa of car camping. I have known a place was the camping has not been partorisca have the 'grill' partorisca use have known like this was partorisca have the cook directly with coals. It comes the iron has launched. Law decently partorisca a travesa. An only question with today is relatively the iron of economic mussel is a surface of cookery . It is extremely rough and a lot exactly pre-seasoned well. Over time although it is improved to good sure with which undressed an original pre-seasoning and has done my own. I have seen also enough the little video of people sanding down a surface for the give the smoothest texture that will help to shorten a king-seasoning endeavour. If I wind up in the situation where will require to undress and king-parco (rusts, etc), can do east.

Will say although a Lid/skillet is VERY HEAVY, which are adds for retention of heat. It takes the moment to properly preheat, but this is launched iron . A deep skillet/fryer is not quite like this fat but is to good sure sufficient. There is no warped or anything on me still (but then again never the impact after cooking with cold water, knows better).

Some sleeves are quite courts and To good sure will take hot with which some time to cook with them.

In general, is the economic option quite well for fine it cooks of iron of mussel of use. Taking enough the plot to time so it is to love a surface of good cookery and seasoned well out of a box. It does not expect this to be as an old pupil Wagner/Griswold or included a new plus Stargazer, Field, or Finex. But those also cost Much more that this.
5 / 5
I have bought the iron of mussel of the Lodge skillet in the local tent. I cleaned it and followed some directions to season has found on-line. There is the million different methods on like this partorisca season the iron launched and like partorisca know if some are better that another is hard to determine. One first eaten I cooked in him, has been fallido that a lunch has stuck the plot. Has has had to that reclean and reseason before I have looked for to use the again. Unfortunately, a second time has finalised one same. I recleaned a casserole and has been ready partorisca take to the cupboard or so only take touched of of him. I have decided to call to some people was those who cooks partorisca the living and has been given the method partorisca season a casserole and some explanations as to of which tried partorisca fulfil with a seasoning. Suddenly notes. I seasoned A casserole, for his directions, varied first time to try to use it again. We said me To us also that casseroles of the iron of the mould is different coated any casserole of clave in a fact that the iron of mussel has to that be heated first of a lunch is added. Dipping the lunch in the cold casserole will result in some of the entity that estacas of a lunch. Now that has the best that comprises like this partorisca use the iron has launched, am very happy with my skillet and am sure these new casseroles will do like this well.
5 / 5
Lodge LCC3 Pre-the mussel Seasoned-Spend Combo Cookery,

This neighbour is so only the whopping which save you the integers $ cents!! Lol But anyways this together of pre the iron seasoned Dutch oven launched and skillet! If has has not used never spend launched skillets to good sure will want to him with which come from these!

Are the professional boss and the iron have launched is the saver of the life when used properly and seasoned correctly.

While maintaining a seasoning would owe that maintain your Iron of Mussel and Steel of in good condition Carbon, in some signal you to you can require to king-season your cookware. If the lunch sticks to a surface, or note partorisca dull it, ash of colour, repeat a process partorisca season:
Washes a cookware with hot water , soapy and the rigid paintbrush. ( It is good to use soap this time because you are preparing to king-season a cookware).
Rinse And dry entirely.
Applies the very thin, coating even partorisca shorten of the solid vegetable MELTED (or cooking oil of your election) to a cookware for inside and for out. Too much oil will result in the sticky arrival.
Foil Of aluminium of the place in a fund racks of an oven (any directly in inferior) partorisca take any drips.
Has dipped temperature of oven to 350 400 terracings F.
Besieges cookware to the rovescio in an upper rack of an oven partorisca prevent pooling.
Bakes a cookware partorisca at least an hour. After an hour, gone back an oven was and leave a cookware fresh in an oven.
Stores a cookware uncovered, in the dry place when cooled.
Repeats like this necessary.

A dutch oven and skillet is both fact partorisca STORE which is an amazing American company . The manufacture of lodge is the costruttore partorisca spend launched cookware has based in Of the sud Pittsburg, Tennessee. Founded in 1896 for Joseph Lodge, the manufacture of Lodge is one of Amsterdam older cookware undertaken in continuous operation. It is possessed still and directed for some descendants of a family of Lodge. The majority of iron of the mould sold for the lodge is produced in his fusion in Of the sud Pittsburg, which has been in the operation of a company has been founded. The manufacture of lodge is an only remaining manufacturer partorisca spend launched cookware United States

Clicks YES this description was useful. If has the question, leave the commentary and I will answer you! The feedback helps to improve my description! Thank you!!!
5 / 5
We buy this place partorisca use to camp. It is perfect!!! Easy to use and cleaned know like this partorisca use the iron has launched. Looked the video of Youtube of the pair on regarding the cleaned in the fire and all was easy. Such the mark adds!
1 / 5
The element arrived with a boss broken. They are very hesitant to take the substitution in the repayment because this looks the weak point and pause again in a future.
5 / 5
If you do not know like this partorisca cook and is entering a world of cookery (or is so only the university student, or live in a walk a measure of the cell of prison) ossia a place would be necessary have.

Can take the yes calm ball require it the
Can be used like an effective self weapon of defence
Can go in any oven, to all the cost of temp
Brown is likes the person is business
cure very taken of, will be something can spend down to the yours grandkids
A combo frames partorisca configurations of different cookery (that it will list it down)

Could rust if I do not know like this partorisca cure of him
Taken the moment partorisca take the temp
the Yours the woman can does not stimulate he

Ossia a place has, ossia a place recommends in my video in youtube, and ossia a place would be necessary have.

In the first place, has left habladura in a material, iron of mould, an original cookware the material is a lot up there with clay and rock like the solid material partorisca cook on. Any need to concern roughly taking the alzheimer is reason are cooking on aluminium, any need to concern roughly taking cancer because you are cooking in any one-clave, any need to concern in difficulties of cleanup reason are cooking in stainless. When correctly seasoned and cured, is more a lot of-clave that no-casseroles of clave. My cleanup is everything of 10 seconds, with enough very heavy scrubbing. Hot Of iron of the mould dulcemente, but hot equally. There is micro-pores in a metal (reason is casted ready, for this an iron of mussel of the name) a micro the pores do the plot. In the first place, when fill with the light quantity of oil, some pores take fill on, and then when heated, taking carbonized, and like the correctly seasoned casserole in fact has the discharge of almost of pure carbon on, doing for the a lot of a lot of-surface of clave. The iron of mussel is ALL THE IRON , meaning a worse that can spend when coma to feed out of the iron has launched is taking more iron in your diet. Any harm, any bird. The iron of mussel can resist until hot extremes, and so that it means in a fire to camp directly in some coals is so only well, or in a grill or in an oven, any of is the question for iron has launched. Iron of mould also browns lunch; something a lot-casseroles of clave any one really do. This means the steaks and another flesh take the abonos sear in his, locks in a flavour and browns well to give you the good crispy external while it resists a moisture in.

This neighbour comes with two pieces; the superficial skillet, and the deep, prjimo dutch oven skillet.

Left beginning with a superficial skillet.

A superficial skillet is that it wants to wake up in a morning to. The eggs try A lot BETTER baked is. Usually it heats the few pieces of tortilla and the little cheese in a half, and calm took the breakfast quesadilla. So only agree to leave a heat of casserole on, dipped so only the dab of oil, and take the egg of quality a lot on that. Delicious. I also toasted of mark in the, and of course, heating bacon and sausage.

I also steaks of cook in some superficial skillet. It is basically so only like any one another skillet, so only the alimentary flavours a lot better baked on that.

Which in a deep skillet?

Takes the thermometer of oil, and now is fryer. We fry Chicken, veges, anything can appoint is. Stews And stoups and the soups are any question is. It wants to do the dinner of pot? For 1~2 people? Ossia Perfect. Of a stove to an oven, without breaking the sweat.

That roughly he in combination?

With a superficial skillet in a fund, I roughly of a better chicken in a world in him.

Preheat An oven to 325F. Taken two whole chicken legs, take them in room temp, rub the little bit of oil of olive among a skin and a flesh as well as in a skin. I play the little bit of old bay among a skin and a flesh, as well as on a skin. Coverage he up with a deep skillet, to an oven goes! 1 now later. Chicken PERFECTO. A skin like the little bit of crisp, and a flesh is juicy and flavorful!

That roughly in reverse, with a deep skillet in a fund?

Rib on some hard veges in 1 measures of thumb (carrots, onions, celery) toss the in the bit of oil of olive and the bit of old bay (yes, the old bay all try adds!) Spear to a deep skillet in 325F for 20 minutes and you am done. If calm likes them soft, leave a lid on, likes of you browned on, leave a lid was. If it likes-it goes in you, cook in an oven for 15 minutes with a lid was, then last 5 minutes, with a lid on.

Cleanup Is easy. The majority of people complains the iron has launched roughly reason do not comprise that carbonized the oil __Is one__ any-clave, as they do not take a time to learn like this to cure of the iron has launched. It is not more he that other casseroles, in fact, out of all some casseroles have, all my iron of mussel is easier that clean on that my regular plans. Simply they are no-clave! Mark sure has the a lot seasoned patina on that. Do the investigation and calm will find dozens of the web of places that teach like this to do east. When Cookeries, sure mark a casserole is hot, the oil dipped then in, then dipped in LUNCH of TEMPERATURE of his ROOM. A main deception sees people doing is taken lunch of a refrigerator (or worse still, of a freezer!!) And dip the directly to a casserole. Ossia The no-no, for a time is until temp, all your lunch has lost moisture. You want to take each piece to feed is for cook the room temp first of the cookeries. It agrees, yours heat casserole for roughly 5 minutes, oil of games, has left the heat for 5~10 seconds, (but does not leave it smoked) and a place your lunch in. If calm that, your casserole would owe that be no-clave!

Cleanup? Hot running water, and the rigid paintbrush, 10 seconds, fare! Dry with the paper towel, and then dry the thin discharge of oil on that. Ossia!

Cures of this together, cure of you. I produce it adds, highly recommended.
5 / 5
The chicken has fried will not try never like this very so much in the mould of Lodge-iron skillet. Neither cookies and gravy. Teflon And all those others the casseroles will have died and sotterrate while your utmost girls are using these partorisca do lunches partorisca his sums of glorious girls. Any skimp and buy economic swipe-offs. Has the 45 year old Dutch oven I still use while it hunts that the be be spend down. My joint ANY misread or give hastes some instructions. Season and cure partorisca these exactly likes says and will want these partorisca always.
5 / 5
I have bought this specifically partorisca bake bread, is awesome!

Top Customer Reviews: Victoria 6.5 Inch ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
When Researching 12' iron skillets has read a description 'independent' that there has been Lodge like Any 1 and a Victory the second prójimo. I have bought both and can compare him. A Lodge has the fattest sides and is heavy more. I am not sure if this really will do a lot of difference when cooking but does an easier Victory partorisca manage. Speaking bosses, a reviewers has attacked also a boss a long plus in Victory that was an error in his part. A boss is much more that of the mangos of Lodge as it wins he better to use when cooking in the fire and it moving around. Calm does not choose on this casserole of a long end of a boss. Slide Your hand down for a casserole a the boss has the perfect 'forms You and access amiably in your hand and a weight will be balanced very better and much easier to choose up.
A Victory also there are a lot of bigger games more.
A Victory also has the a lot of smoother arrival. Ossia That slowly of imports uses a casserole 'as this'.
Am going the sand both and animate them cure.

Podes Any gone bad with any casserole but I think a Victory is the upper creation and arrive.
4 / 5
WELL, has loved the iron of mussel skillet reason have been tired to buy any casserole of clave with bad for me coatings that flaked was. Casseroles Of the iron of the mould is economic but scary for the pair of reasons: seasoning and weights. So many, after reading indications and alimentary blogs for weeks in an Internet, has decided that Victoria was more for me because a seasoning of factory has been supposed to be better out of a box and a 12 casserole of thumb was 1.1 lighter of books that Lodge with the boss the plus along and the best helper boss. As it has taken the shot well for the little bucks more than Lodge and here is some results. (1) SEASONING. Still although a seasoning of factory is supposed to be well, all have read dictate has to enhance you he for a better action. Have enhanced a seasoned to heat it on a stove, drying it throughout with Cisco ( was a lot of quite partorisca Grandma, well enough for me), and situating to the rovescio in an oven in 500 terracings for an hour, has left the quota in an oven, and toallita humid of surplus, if any one. I this 4 times. Some people recommend 6 seasonings but a casserole had taken really dark and blacks with which 4 to the equal that have called leaves. Every time utilisation a casserole I wash was with water and the paintbrush of thicket (any soap), dipped in in an on hot stove of half to dry, toallita humid throughout with Crisco, has left the place to cool of the bit, and then toallita humid of surplus. It averts to use paper towel when seasoning reason leave few bits of paper behind and concealed is not something loves comprised in mine seasoning. Utilisation the lint free towel instead. With which so only are weeks, am thrilled that my eggs (using the pat was butter) slip around this better thing that mine any casseroles of clave and cook more equally. (2) WEIGHTS. Has some subjects of arthritis in my hands and behind. It was I crazy to take to 6.6 frying pan of book? I sure like this heck has not been to be tossing the confusion fries or flipping tortillas in this creature. But with this extra of boss along and an amiably drawn helper boss, can move this around quite well. Calm always has to that oven to use mitts reason some sleeves takes to shout hot but still is not hard to resist to. I can brown the good pork loin raises with rubbing on all the sides in a casserole, takes, launched in some vegetables of root and onions and toss in oil, dipped a roasts behind in, spear in an oven in 350 terracings until it raises is 145 terracings ( in an hour) and have the I adds a dinner of pot with fabulously carmelized vegetal without killing my behind. A frying pan is lighter that the iron of mould dutch oven. Have quell'has tried to the pizza of iron has launched? It is a crust of the crispiest pizza has not eaten never. Bread of corn?
Yum. INFERIOR LINE. A casserole of the iron of the mould is incredibly versatile. Victoria 12 mould of frying pan of the thumb of iron is a lot of-drawn, lighter-hanged, incredibly a lot-seasoned after so only 6 weeks. It is an amazing value that expects to last a rest of my life. I am having it heck of the plot of fun that discovers the new way to cook. Although there is the new principle in my house, any one touches my iron of mussel but me!
5 / 5
The iron of mussel of my grandmother skillet was roughly 50 years this in spite of in strong disposal when it is spent was. I can agree lugging the around with the fat towel like headlines of the pot has not gone quite fat. Sometimes grandpa of mine would owe that hoist he of a stove to a table for his. Once in the while it would dip the towel is gone in a counter and the oil on then bakes in an oven to the rovescio so that looked likes for ever. Then it would leave it fresh and tent he on a stove, as he no returned anywhere more and left of black frames on everything. For these reasons have has not possessed never one. I mean, the one who the ache in a backside. Well they are result intoxicated to these shows of cookery of the Youtube and Tasty and everything of his iron of mussel of the use skillets for some lunches. Have @@give Finally my lunch has not looked his been due to this darn skillet! It likes I my investigation and has purchased is one. It says pre-seasoned, but comes with instructions in the eshould' season it before it uses. As it has seated in a counter for 2 weeks first have finally that it has said it. I have followed some instructions, the seasoned and used it finally 2 days later. A lunch has surprised. It was the dish of the chicken had done before, and some which this darn skillet all a difference in flavour, cooked equally and faster and is everything is hyped until being. Calm is not supposition to use any hard abrasive tampons or cleansers like this ruins a seasoning. I have purchased in fact the product called 'the ringer' used to clean iron skillets. He a trick, any one the soap has required. I dried it immediately with the towel after washing like this instructed that. Then I a lot slightly oiled the and dip the in to a stove likes grandma of mine has used to do. It leaves the black frames calm dipped quell'on a counter or in the cupboard. It is weighed as well as my grandmother is was, but his has not had an advance of lip to help hoist the around. A dual sided game spouts is a prize added. It is surprising that it wants to maintain this in shape the good casserole as it can use it for ever. Still the ache in a backside, but like this value he.
4 / 5
So only has taken an earlier casserole today and decided to season it before first use.

Has washed he with warm water so only, dried it, and place in in the burner of stove down for the pocolos small to evaporate a lot of moisture of a casserole. I any one has left to take too hot to manage.

Has dipped my oven to preheat 350 terracings.

Has used the paper towel to rub Canola oil of Spectre of Big Heat during a casserole without using enough to come near partorisca dribble.

When An oven was hot, has dipped a casserole in there and close a door for an hour.

Has opened so only a door, and has not had any smoke at all. Hopefully A picture has comprised will aim concealed.

Now, a casserole is too much hot to choose on closing with an oven mitten, how is by train to remain in here to cool with an oven was until it is sure to manage.

A point is that this was easy, and has not had any smoke. Casserole of early mine will be quite fresh for his first use.

Update: So only he quite beef and grain for seven burritos, five desquels is in a freezer. A casserole has on cleaned with a sponge I use to clean mine nonstick casserole.
4 / 5
Possesses so only in the each mark to spend launched there and ossia a piece I BETTER there is never has used. Enough a lot seasoned of a factory , surface of good smooth cookery . I love a wry boss more along and oversized game spouts ( in fact touch a liquid does not spill he out of a casserole). This there is quickly result my favourite piece to spend launched and will be to buy more.
4 / 5
Happy has bought this casserole. Has 10-1/2 Lodge Skillet and 10-1/2 Griddle but a 12” Lodge Skillet was weighed too ( has tried lifting in the Walmart). This Victory is in the lighter of book and a creation of boss the easiest fact to manuver. A casserole is taking abundance of use and is taking amiably seasoned for the very a lot of-arrived of clave.
5 / 5
Has to that it weaves to Spend launched skillets: Lodge; Wagner; Griswald. Ossia Mine " it goes to" skillet.
4 / 5
Is in big casserole, has weighed . Always I grind down a coating of season of the factory and king-season new casseroles. Some casseroles of Victoria has of the best records and arrival in an iron of mussel of final down row of prize that has seen. Almost not facing in a surface. If you are concerned roughly seasoning of factory, is easy to grind this casserole down to coffins metal and king-parco (thin discharge of Crisco shortening or flaxseed oil, on side down in oven in 400 terracings for 90 minutes).

UPDATE: I FINALLY FOUND a12 lid of glass of the thumb that access perfectly. It is a CONCORD 12 lid of thumb of heavy glass (bought on Amazon). Well fact and the perfect access (hard two photo).

Mina 12 thumb Victoria hanged 6 lbs, 12 oz. Mina 12 Lodge of thumb hanged 7 lbs, 14 oz. As Victoria is the lighter of good book .

A Note: One 10' and 12' the casseroles are measured probably metric there is rounded up. My American has done 10' and 12' the lids of glass were slightly big. TIP: I have been my background tent of local trade with the ruler and found the Calphalon upper this is to return mine 10 thumb and he TFAL upper this is to return mine 12 thumb . $ 7 total.
5 / 5
This casserole is a perfect measure to do the 2-egg tortilla. While it is pre-seasoned, I spray still he every time and comes well was. It has taken a coverage of sleeve of a same mark reason otherwise, a boss takes too hot to touch.
5 / 5
Have the 12' Victoria skillet this has been I adds. Enough it adds for me to purchase a next measure down also. This version has come with such the rough surface that I can very included the use. A mould has been bad fact and there is apparently any control of quality, as distinct of other 1 descriptions of launches. It could try and grind down a surface like this at least resembles the casserole and no big piece of 40 grit sandpaper.

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