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5 / 5
I have purchased this mini trampoline roughly done 6 weeks. I have had the economic one has purchased takes in $ 25 in Walmart which there has been any bounce his anything. I have maintained partorisca compare the on-line rebounders and look a better one east Jumpsport. A Jumpsport has the plot partorisca bounce but then again has to that seal of big prize. I have not gone roughly partorisca spend $ 250 to $ 350 partorisca the rebounder. A SkyBound Nimbus is a lot of sturdy and well has done. I have wished a measure of a foreigner was main but, hey, is that it is. Has a lot of be religious roughly bouncing partorisca a past 3 month probably 4 to 6x the week and I look forward to partorisca exert. Transfer on Youtube and control was some bouncing routines of exercise and so only has amused. In a one has purchased one of a hule Or-coverages that looks the band of hule black that cushions a leg where takes screwed to a rebounder has been broken. I have tried to call and then emailing and has taken the picture on the one hand has required, but send me to us a wrong part. This has frustrated. I have not received Never a correct part but has given up in that. One another complaint has is that a skirt that has spent a bungees is rigid and likes to stand up. I have bought 6 plastic clips big of a tent of dollar partorisca resist it dish while they are not quell'using. This helps enough. For a prize, is a lot of value he. I think that that it was an excellent investment .
5 / 5
Perfecta bounces, calm, & portable
5 / 5
A lot of sturdy. I use it daily.