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1 first SkyTech Blaze II Gaming Computer PC Desktop – Ryzen 5 2600 6-Core 3.4 GHz, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 6G, 500G SSD, 8GB DDR4, RGB, AC WiFi, Windows 10 Home 64-bit SkyTech Blaze II Gaming Computer PC Desktop – Ryzen 5 2600 6-Core 3.4 GHz, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 6G, 500G SSD, 8GB DDR4, RGB, AC WiFi, Windows 10 Home 64-bit Skytech Gaming
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2 Skytech Archangel Gaming Computer PC Desktop – Ryzen 5 3600 3.6GHz, GTX 1660 Super 6G, 500GB SSD, 16GB DDR4 3000MHz, RGB Fans, Windows 10 Home 64-bit, 802.11AC Wi-Fi Skytech Archangel Gaming Computer PC Desktop – Ryzen 5 3600 3.6GHz, GTX 1660 Super 6G, 500GB SSD, 16GB DDR4 3000MHz, RGB Fans, Windows 10 Home 64-bit, 802.11AC Wi-Fi Skytech Gaming
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3 best Skytech Chronos Gaming PC Desktop - AMD Ryzen 7 2700X, NVIDIA RTX 2070 Super 8GB, 16GB DDR4 (2X 8GB), 1TB SSD, B450M Motherboard, 650 Watt Gold (2700X | 2070 Super) Skytech Chronos Gaming PC Desktop - AMD Ryzen 7 2700X, NVIDIA RTX 2070 Super 8GB, 16GB DDR4 (2X 8GB), 1TB SSD, B450M Motherboard, 650 Watt Gold (2700X | 2070 Super) Skytech Gaming
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4 Skytech Archangel Gaming Computer PC Desktop – RYZEN 5 2600 6-Core 3.4 GHz, GTX 1660 6G, 500GB SSD, 16GB DDR4 3000MHz, RGB Fans, Windows 10 Home Skytech Archangel Gaming Computer PC Desktop – RYZEN 5 2600 6-Core 3.4 GHz, GTX 1660 6G, 500GB SSD, 16GB DDR4 3000MHz, RGB Fans, Windows 10 Home Skytech Gaming
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5 Skytech Archangel Gaming Computer PC Desktop – Ryzen 5 3600 3.6GHz, RTX 2070 8G, 500GB SSD, 16GB DDR4 3000MHz, RGB Fans, Windows 10 Home 64-bit, 802.11AC Wi-Fi Skytech Archangel Gaming Computer PC Desktop – Ryzen 5 3600 3.6GHz, RTX 2070 8G, 500GB SSD, 16GB DDR4 3000MHz, RGB Fans, Windows 10 Home 64-bit, 802.11AC Wi-Fi Skytech Gaming
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6 [Ryzen & GTX 1050 Ti Edition] SkyTech Shadow Gaming Computer Desktop PC Ryzen 1200 3.1GHz Quad-Core, GTX 1050 Ti 4GB, 8GB DDR4 2400, 1TB HDD, 24X DVD, Wi-Fi USB, Windows 10 Home 64-bit [Ryzen & GTX 1050 Ti Edition] SkyTech Shadow Gaming Computer Desktop PC Ryzen 1200 3.1GHz Quad-Core, GTX 1050 Ti 4GB, 8GB DDR4 2400, 1TB HDD, 24X DVD, Wi-Fi USB, Windows 10 Home 64-bit Skytech Gaming
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7 Skytech Blaze II Gaming Computer PC Desktop – RYZEN 7 2700 8-core 3.2 GHz, RTX 2060 6G, 500GB SSD, 16GB DDR4 3000MHz, RGB Fans, Windows 10 Home Skytech Blaze II Gaming Computer PC Desktop – RYZEN 7 2700 8-core 3.2 GHz, RTX 2060 6G, 500GB SSD, 16GB DDR4 3000MHz, RGB Fans, Windows 10 Home Skytech Gaming
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8 SkyTech Shadow Gaming Computer PC Desktop – Intel Core i5 9400F 2,9GHz, GTX 1660 6G, 500GB SSD, 8GB DDR4 3000MHz, RGB Fans, Windows 10 Home 64-bit, 802.11AC Wi-Fi SkyTech Shadow Gaming Computer PC Desktop – Intel Core i5 9400F 2,9GHz, GTX 1660 6G, 500GB SSD, 8GB DDR4 3000MHz, RGB Fans, Windows 10 Home 64-bit, 802.11AC Wi-Fi Skytech Gaming
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9 [Ryzen & GTX 1050 Ti Edition] SkyTech Archangel Gaming Computer Desktop PC Ryzen 1200 3.1GHz Quad-Core, GTX 1050 Ti 4GB, 8GB DDR4 2400, 1TB HDD, 24X DVD, Wi-Fi USB, Windows 10 Home 64-bit [Ryzen & GTX 1050 Ti Edition] SkyTech Archangel Gaming Computer Desktop PC Ryzen 1200 3.1GHz Quad-Core, GTX 1050 Ti 4GB, 8GB DDR4 2400, 1TB HDD, 24X DVD, Wi-Fi USB, Windows 10 Home 64-bit Skytech Gaming
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10 Skytech Blaze II Gaming Computer PC Desktop – RYZEN 7 2700X 8-core 3.7 GHz, RTX 2060 Super 8G, 500GB SSD, 16GB DDR4 3000MHz, RGB Fans, Windows 10 Home Skytech Blaze II Gaming Computer PC Desktop – RYZEN 7 2700X 8-core 3.7 GHz, RTX 2060 Super 8G, 500GB SSD, 16GB DDR4 3000MHz, RGB Fans, Windows 10 Home Skytech Gaming
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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 59 ratings
5 / 5 Renee
Quan Has ordered this pc for my again has purchased Lives Pro, has not had any description in Amazon therefore Skytech gaming desktop (nicknamed 'A Beast'). It IS the small nervous. Also, has thinks that perhaps was necessary to go for the lowest end gaming PC and resolves for the GTX 1060 (the processor of the minimum map required according to Microsoft).

MAYS... I have decided any one to admit in a map, and has purchased A Beast. These ROCKS of computer! Where can take It the GTX 1080 in the PC for just the bit in 1 glorious?

Took me the moment to pose in my Lives Pro hardware, but A Beast of the technology of the Heaven was the piece of fashionable cake any one another NEW PC. I unscrewed A hand-rays for a clear coverage, takes some foam to ship that it maintains a processor of map to bounce around (30-second of extras setup time), and has been ready for the turn on!

An Alive Pro the better same careers that a system tried in a Tent of Microsoft! I have to say that one 1080 GTX has to do the difference, so that a map was only... PERFECTO. Any gliching. Totally grave of smooth frame.

Has run a SteamVR visits, the free fund varied, TheBlu and Spatial Pirates. TOTALLY AMAAAAZING.

Has had type and daughter-the friends try some games, and they all has wanted a VR experience. I have said the to look this computer up in Amazon. Amazing prize. AMAAAAZING Experience.

Skytech, Thank you to do my VR BRONZED to experience INCREDIBLY SMOOTH. This experience me give that this is not GAMING; it IS TRIP . Yes, the humanity has mastered VR gaming/trip. It IS how have the STARGATE in your garage. MADMAN!!!
5 / 5 Lovie
It surpasses my expectations. It has not purchased the gaming instruments the long time. The wiring is done amiably, comes with room for updates ( plan on installing the secondary HD and the walk of DVD), a case is big, in 21' big, and 9.7' wide, was only able to return this in my cart of old computer.

Has Had he for the week now, everything runs to Clash smooth Wars, installed Battlefront, Be of Decay 2, Metre 2033, Effect of Mass Andromeda, Everspace - has these games in ultra parameters, and is surprised with an action and detail. Two of these games are Xbox live 'game anywhere' the titles and has been stunned..., In comparison with touching both games in a Xbox A, this Skytech Rampage PC me give has been missing has been! Big time. With other peripherals have matched with this computer (situates of voice)- am in gaming heaven. The telephone was, work... May.
4 / 5 Romona
PC took only today. Setup Was easy, looks sper sake and clean. It was easy to take arrive and race. 2 smaller subjects. Lack of antenna for WIFI.. So wifi is not very very working well in this moment in time. And they routed cape to be able in that is for 220v. 2 One has not been a subject for me since has tonnes of capes to be able in of the PC lying around.

The supports contacted, has answered hurriedly said of the antennas of road. While it issue in me hurriedly, will be happy with this compraventa. So far so good and updates in of the few days.
5 / 5 Krystle
First time that takes the gaming PC. It was nervous likes hell. A container was enormous. The main road concealed and has expected. Real Easy to begin. At present I am downloading EAST. It leaves to know like these games. It does not doubt for the buy.
5 / 5 Booker
I am very satisfied with this computer! There was quite 2 month so far, and take to represent his ultra-level of low noise, swift action, and global quality-of-the tez has to say that it is a compraventa of better on-line PCs active has not done never.

Full revelation, does not use this for big-animal gaming very often. Predominately Uses for video/of audio that edits, that runs the plex server for my house, tasks of basic subject, and one that. Obviously, the calm does not join the majority of tiring tasks for the PC, although in common multiple 4k the currents simultaneously are not a load a clearer in a world-wide and this computer handles it perfectly. It was in a piece for the solid, each what-around PC that has offered big action to the point of low prize; I am a bit of the technically-angled fella and is well to have the PC that it can grow he with you the plus bit that constraining you.

Can not think that this thing of only cost $ 700! It arrives very a lot of-bundled, with ultra-wiring and clean assembly. The shoe up was mere and easy; All the components that would have to has been included was in fact present, with each specs that split that it has been it announced, and was pleasantly surprised for the find included the keyboard wired and smile with painting FOCUSED (peripherals of solid quality, clearly aping Scrapes peripheral even so with quality of the tez cheaper). The airflow Through a frame is impressive, and pose your hand anywhere in a no his frame any heat a lot in room-temp. With how fresh and silently races, if it was not for a DIRECTED would be it difficult to say when is powered on. A look of a frame probably will be a possible big plus detraction, simply so that has the very diverse and looks highly stylised complete with DIRECTED of blue brilliant. Habladura Of FOCUSED, that is to say an only thing has gives could assemblar the flu in this computer: it was not yes or as it can you direct of a FOCUSED of a tower while leaving a computer powered on. It can have the button or the change in the some place that can not find. But it is the smallest flu for such the powerful computer and abordable that arrives without real bloatware for tongue of.

Has not founding any real subject with a computer still, and enjoys it more every day! Very happy with this compraventa, and quite appreciated this has bought this more than the slightly the computer he the expensive plus was eyeballing.
5 / 5 Meda
It IS of the years of summer has bought of the new PC. This thing is awesome!

The lightning bounces quickly up.
Touches any game has launched in him in of the parameters of big map.
A case is easy to attach additional components in and some capes have been expertly has directed.

I amour this computer and I are excited that I last me the long time.
3 / 5 Darcy
A specs in this machine is impressive, but an action, even so, the thought was lackluster. But that expects for hardly $ 700?

Comes with the keyboard and mouse, both desquels is well and look of fresh quality. It does not use this for gaming, trade of only stock. Has wanted to it sper fast but the only computer has not wanted to spend to the now same plot. This looked arrests the be at the beginning.

I Linux installed in this computer very when it has taken shot up. Law well for some premiers few days. It opens An action is erratic. The May There Went It the problem with my old HP computer of Desire with an exact same software installed. It freeze it totally on me three times now when was well in a half of commercial stocks. You would think that that it scheme it like this it can handle use of basic internet, but the he so that far it has failed it to rid anything that included can be the half action has considered.

To well sure will return to update a description if anything changes. That of right now, this has been my experience with this computer.
5 / 5 Tangela
When being the type that really likes him milk my PC until it result it an ancient dinosaur , this compraventa (Skytech Rampage) was by far a better thing could have bought. My old AMD A10 with 8gb DDR3 and race with on board Radeon R7 the map only has not had quite horsepower to run modern games (FarCry, Battleground,...Etc). Too old to update; as I have bought the new computer.

That is not in that! In the first place you are, to the left say me this computer is was gesture I very together. Management of parts and the excellent cape of quality has been used. It runs enough with one 120mm adherents and has very soiled in a case to grow. I have to say that dregs in the new GTX 1660 card of map, DVD, and supply to be able in (but for earnest when being a PC would have been race very able with an original GTX 1060). This black Friday probably will choose in another SSD walk and/or more RAM. The covers of case easy access of both sides with a lot of places to capes of the goes.

That it is extra well is does any bloatware. Just windows and the few other applications to help overclock. I have not tried to contact support of the technology but they uploaded it Skytech application to sustain this finds so quite fresh. It looks real easy for them to take control and evaluate problems of support with some roads of confidence. The users of final have the tendency up exaggerates things and often does not have the tone that is doing telephones only (yep, concealed to describe me in time :-) ). But one pros in fact can locate your PC and dig in exactly that is entering, is to well sure a better road to go.

Has to say does a thing that found the small sub-pair. It IS a volume illuminates keyboard. At the beginning, it was impressed enough... The tan cools that he glows in the rainbow of colours. But a real functional part is not so utmost. A lot it prefers my Microsoft old ergonomic keyboard. One Skytech the keyboard included when being/sounds clunky and a worse part is that it is the stays illuminated still after a computer is powered down. One smiles also the stays have ignited. At night my room of whole computer is illuminated like me some eerie delighted house. I know he the road to turn one damn the thing was but only can not imagining was (perhaps this will give me casualidad to use one SkyTech application of support).

In general... I add gaming computer. The prize adds. He very he. And still it look it fresh (except troubling keyboard)!
Skytech Go to be my gone-to plant when buying my next PC.
5 / 5 Voncile
I am very impressed with everything in this PC, is the laws add, was easy in setup, and has some decent specs. And I knew it it has bought it of the machine of estimativa would be required to do some update in him. One of some first updates probably has of the mark is attaching the HDD, of one 500GB SSD will not be enough for more. And other updates would be a supply to be able in. It avenges with the 500W Thermaltake Ready series PSU, which are not very meant for gaming or heavy use. It conceal any me piece to recommend this PC even so. Im Very impressed with action, setup, and quality of just general. But while I have said, only maintain another 150 eschew for updates, especially if the plan uses it so he gaming diagrams (while it supposes the majority )
5 / 5 Sherri
Bought this for my boys and I. They what on-line in the first place-present shooters, and is in of the games of strategy of real time. So far so good! A PC is the powerhouse has compared in our old a, and aesthetically is pleasing arrests to kick. Any bloat-ware, which are the plus . It comes with the most recent version of Windows. Any walk/of DVD of the CD (although those are cheap today), and any mouse (although a description of product the said would have to coming with the gaming smiled... That is to say an only reason docked he or stars).
4 / 5 Eleonore
Update (4/2/2020): it is been 5 month now and this pc still is running strong. Has dip tonnes of hours of gaming his already and there is not remarked any drops in action. Has bred my description of 4 to 5 stars to the equal that has fulfilled everything of my expectations and has surpassed included a lot.
I powder was once the week with a CompuCleaner 2.0 (which highly recommends if you do not have a)

the games have touched at length and partorisca several hours the time in this car in MAX marks:
Called partorisca Have to: MW
Create Murderous: Odyssey
Street to Exile
Planetside 2
Sinister Dawns
the Dangerous elite
Citizen of Estrella - This game has a zone that is ridiculously intense map. It is an only time this pc has aimed any tension by means of all some games the ees has touched on that. It is during the walk of train by means of the very detailed city. It stutters To the sure point in a walk partorisca roughly 5-10 second and then returns the normal. Ossia In MAX marks. If I turn some settings down the bit does not have this subject.

Original description (12/11/2019): Had this PC partorisca 1 and the half months now and is managed all the ees launched in him. Games, Films, Music, Work.
The short long history partorisca you lazy shoppers: This pc is partorisca fly he partorisca a prize. A CPU and GPU will take you the max settings on more AAA titles of game. ( It require partorisca take more RAM partorisca the a lot of games but RAM is economic. I suggest that you take some with this pc. Taken 8gb claves with the max of 3200ghz speed.) A SSD will resist quite a lot of games partorisca take you have begun. A PC is fast and acute. NOTE Of ENTITY: This pc is ready partorisca use out of a box but I highly.. HIGHLY suggest calm some reading in a CPU and a motherboard first to try to upload on games of big question. There are some tools of component and tweaks this will help partorisca spend this system to the full potential of him. Im Any one the pc guru or anything. It was able to find and dip these things up with relative ease. Upgrade A mouse and keyboard although they are economic and worthless partorisca gaming.

Partorisca Those of you to the that likes read more:
Well, so he are taste the first hard investigation to spend big chunks of money in your toys. There is bounced around go in pre-has has built systems for roughly 2 first months to decide is one. I will say you this: they are quite ready when it comes the technology. I can not know like some law of things on the front but I can imagine it was quickly. I have used to use pc when it was younger (roughly done 10 years) but the'go state in consolations of then. I so only recently decided to go back in the pc is partorisca gaming. It has very changed with them. It likes I class to consider me the newbie in him again. With that in alcohol, here is a sincere description for an a bit connoisseur pc-shopper:

In the first place was, goes to read histories of horror in this pc in some negative critiques. READ THIS: EVERYTHING... Again ALL ORDER of on-line TECHNOLOGY has an occasion to arrive dead or broken or lose-there is boxed. His all owe occasion to be missing components, has some components have died or faulty. Or included have some the wrong components plant to them. Raisin. It have to that no, and it is inconvenient but a fact is raisin . It does not leave these descriptions are a thing that the calm frights was. I have ordered this the month and the half fact and is been at all but well mine.
GPU: One 1660 dipped me by means of Street of Exile, Citizen of Estrella, and COD:MW in max settings. Volume roughly 2 hours in FIRST COD of a GPU creates around 65 terracings(with a chance opens for more than ventilation). I have not tried any of some games of maximum tension still but imagine it will manage them in big or at least med settings.
CPU: It is fast and has not taken to the heat that me nervous. Pertinent like this far for all gaming.
The power Distributes: it has not had any subjects. One covers is a lot tight. Force in there and the mark sure is all a way in.
RAM: 8gb. Well for games of the lowest finals but calm will require the total of 16-24gb to touch some titles some big plus. The ram is quite economic.
WiFi: I can very really the commentary is with to the accuracy likes wifi in of our house is craps. Hardwired This in spite of sound adds.
Keyboard/of mouse: it burns him. They are useless. Utilisation the CORSAIR K70 RGB MK.2 keyboard with the UtechSmart VENERATE PRO RGB MMO Wireless Gaming Mouse. Overkill In my opinion but adds upgrade options.
A CHANCE: I love a chance. It is modern and lustrous. Some lights are potent and neither can be rave-like obnoxious or place to the solid colour only. I prefer the fresco of blue glow. (Calm also can him the turn was if you are not the fun person.)
Contamination of sound: Some partidários have two stock settings of a transmission of chance: Heat and way of Silent way of Purge. Silent is very calm. A way of the purge of the heat is very partorisca drain hot surplus out of a chance when touching games for long periods of time. Opening a door of chance while doing this will cool was all in a chance in 60 seconds. In this way it is strong but is not meant to be used constantly. So only partorisca drain a heat was.
This chance mixed with the corsair rgb smiled/of keyboard and some Monster lighting effects in a room... I seat like these youtube gamers. My friends are not gamers but when they come on we usually arrived in my room that listens to jams in a quota vibe lighting. Chics The terrace.

Things to consider:
This chance is smaller that half. Returning upgrades taken to plan.
RAM Is limited to 4x 8gb claves in the max of 3200mhz speed. (Enough for more than games)
there is so only a ethernet port.
A GPU only has 1 hdmi port.

In general this was the compraventa adds . They are having like this entertainment with him and is by train to leave me very happy with my election the adventure behind in the pc gaming. Also it uses this pc for work. (I work remotely of house). He fines-good tasks. We are speaking 50 open tabs with real-time spreadsheets and such moment streaming spotify and running rainmeter and and... Well taken a point . Mark so only your investigation of calm insurance in some components. His compatibility with upgrades. Software to control and tweak (overclocking etc..). In this way you take a full row of this described .

4 / 5 Corene
5 / 5 Gala
Are the Twitch streamer as well as the gamer. It likes-you touch me it bit it heavy games to the equal that Create Murderous, Tomb Raider, Some On-line Big Rolls, etc. And current a same time. While streaming, has had it lag @subject in OBS, but was solved with dipping VSync behind on. When streaming, Some bosses of PC until 60 FPS well. When any streaming, a PC easily manages on 100 FPS. In general, this gaming the computer is the beauty and the joy to touch with. Highly I recommend it!
4 / 5 Carson
My old computer was several old years running Wins 7 and when a hard walk that begins to do noises, has known has been now of the upgrade. I am spent the month or more reading descriptions, comparing specs and that estimate a global coolness of several computers. To be sincere, this has not been my first election - I has had originally has ordered the Skytech computer but has had subjects with shipping. With which almost three weeks of has lost to ship dates, Skytech issued the repayment and he has been of tower to purchase... And they are happy raisin that way! I love this Cyberpower unit. It dips up it was incredible easy and has bought a software of Movement of the PC like this moving my files and the applications was also very easy. I have had a computer on and running now for the pair of weeks and has had ANY @SUBJECT with him at all. I have had to relearn Windows 10 (reasons does the CROWN maintains to move things around? I took the moment to find soyy Computer' to the equal that can verify hard walks!) And insert some signals to some of some applications but in general, ossia a computer that surprised - is really calm same with some defenders that the career and one has directed the lights in some defenders are a lot entertaining. And it likes that it can turn it you of this CONCENTRATED is was.
For a money, can not beat this computer... It goes for him!
4 / 5 Betsy
Write this description of this car and is running well, I this in spite of can any one in the good faith recommends this product to other buyers. When in the first place it take some diagrams avenges with almost 300GB of files in the Windows purportedly clean 10 installs, almost 10 times a quantity of data that would have to been in a walk in this point. Undermining to some files to try and find a source of this excess data has been fulfilled with numerous files a lot usually leaves of windows that in spite of being a admin of a computer was unable to interact with or delete. I do not know sure the one who the files were in a car but I am immediately state and has dried a walk to a real quota installs Windows 10 reasons the mysterious 270GB of files that could not see or interact with in any of the sure way was quite to cause me worry.
5 / 5 Dorthea
Leave to start with to say that they are in him and I have built my first computer in a 90s. Now that has dated me sufficiently, can say wholeheartedly that Skytech has surpassed my expectations with this product.

This compraventa was to upgrade/substitute the gaming computer for my edges. Rings an upper-midrange computer that could almost game very good and would not break a bank. When being the DELL characterise (says that it loves, a value for dollar, comfort it and lean it can not be surpassed with them), had solved in an of a new G5 gaming the computers have gone was no too he a lot the time done. i5, 8GB RAM, SSD Walk of boot/1TB HD dual walk config, 1660 You. Everything for $ 750. It can not find the I extracted better for these components.

Alas, could not ship a system until January, and has loved a computer before Navidad. Widespread looking for something comparable (this could be shipped quickly) in a point of the prize still directed finally to a Skytech. Has has had to that forgo a Intel for a AMD processor, solves for the 500GB SSD alone walk, and has has had to that downgrade one 1660 You when regulating 1660. But a prize was one same, and could take he in two days. I have decided to purchase and expected for a better like him have not treated never Skytech. Other descriptions here in the amazon was favorecedora and has helped my decision.

A unit has arrived extremely a lot of packaged and has protected. Setup Was simple and initial login and the configuration has been without the hitch. (A bit the instructions have comprised was very good. Personally I did not require him, but for any the one who is not like this comfortable around computer to the equal that are, was excellent.)

A keyboard comprised and the mouse is the any on that it is usually packaged with computer. Very better that the one who ships with DELL systems for incumplimientos. Had any reason to substitute them, and a continuous keyboard a gamer aesthetic to be has has DIRECTED lit. Good touch.

Was happy to see that a computer has not had Any bloatware or the installed unnecessary programs. As @it subject in fact, some the only things have required to clean up and uninstall was some of a incumplimiento program that ship with Windows 10 this was unnecessary in the gaming computer.

Once setup was complete, has closed down a computer and broken opens to see the one who Skytech gathers his computers. A chance for a computer is quite good and has the quality of good build. Some ports comprised and jacks is everything opportunely has situated. A routing of bosses and a configuration of some components in a chance is glorious, leaving for excellent airflow and looking very orderly. At all partorisca complain roughly.

In fact, while I have had a computer has opened, there is remarked that a paper of Map was in fact he 1660 You in the place of a rule 1660. I owe that assume that they have not had any 1660 systems prebuilt and sent a -arrive system to do sure a nave of two days was honored. Any one goes partorisca complain in the free upgrade, and certainly thanks Skytech to think in a first client of his inferior line. It is the small thing , but that the class of decision/of the company of the gesture goes the long way to my computers to purchase in a future of them again.

Quell'Has been on the week of a system has begun to be used by my edges, and has has subject of zeros or of the complaints roughly action. The a short system adds, remains fresh, is calm and looks fantastic. Although has thinks that was to be taking the small step down compared to a Dell to take a computer in time, can say that they are 100 satisfied with this system, and how is my edges .

( Has added the few pictures of a system, with and without flashing so that that can see seating under his office)

will do business with Skytech again in a future. Guaranteed.
5 / 5 Jeneva
Has bought this after a lot of investigation, has built my own PC is for some last 15 years, but has decided COULD not BUILD THIS for a prize asks. That The packaging was stellar, any way this has taken broken in shipment, Any Bloatware , and near easy-on, quickly like precise, as 'can calm the course' run all but a game follow.... This has released still... Like this the one who knows. It surrounds partorisca Rust in optimum settings in 75 fps. An only thing a lot really taste is has 8 GB ddr4 Ram, this in spite of still although a mb of supports dual canal, comes with one 8 gb clave. I have added another 8GB clave of RAM and has added the burner of EXTERNAL DVD, could not be happier, as declared, the technology has required never Support, which the mine is a support of better technology never. I have come also with the good file with info and disk partorisca MB etc, this in spite of of calm does not have any DVD of factory will require the flash walk and another PC to take a software to your new PC, or has done like this and buy the outside. In general the unit adds, the management of boss is utmost, room for more than the himself has loved walks, the chair is the extremely solid 'bang partorisca buck' the cost Modifies Run 6 2020, has not lost beat it.... It runs anything master, still 5 Stars, attractive a trigger is one :)
5 / 5 Lesa
Like this described, has some of a OLOy the heat that disperses gaming ram also, very impressed with this like this those are not of the economic parts. Everything has come from/California come from to Mississippi well with regular nave. Very impressed with a molded inner packaging during a unboxing. If you are reading it is it is shipped a lot of securely. After reading other descriptions was so only the nervous hair to the equal that with anything this expensive, but one the inner packaging formed has protected an interior to prevent any interior moving during transport. A stock exchange of cloth that is coming spent a whole desk was the good touch. Calm gives writes five stars, especially ridding this quickly during COVID-19.

All are adds. Kicked On and was streaming again in roughly 8 minutes of unboxing. FYI With which add this your cart, looks for boss concealers, and down boss of office raceways, roughly 20 bucks in first for 140” value of a concealers and 10-15 for a basket raceways. Utilisation these concealers and raceways present you of the grotto a lot improves a quality of final and look of your house. Literally it launches on when eye in another description pics. (A basket raceways will resist your adapters of underlying bulky power, under your space of office.)

Like the leading employee of City of Circuit (Rest to Be able to In peace) and of Compraventa Better, can say that for down 800 bucks ossia a way to go . The any one has mentioned things that there is remarked when unboxing, free $10 possibility of paper of present of amazon, free a month of office of Microsoft when actuating your new windows 10 desks, and everything is spent and game . A car is built with amazing components for a prize, pause down a cost of each component individually. After the pocola calm thought would have to that coming to a conclusion that begins to save money, time, and a risk that apresamientos like an amateur or conscious character estimate in calm of build.
4 / 5 Shon
My has not chosen this computer when masters upgrade his Alienware Diagrams of Steam to the fast plus gaming PC that would sustain a main resolution and the frames research faster that video. He so that far it has found it an easy PC to setup out of a box, and fulfils or surpasses his expectations partorisca gaming. It touches some maps of intense games like Fortnite and this system does not have any question with system lag and he winning more games that never. He also games of video and common alive of record and is very pleased with a quality of video is taking. I owe that mention an excellent prize for a quality takes. My edges has saved on a lot of odd works in a summer to buy this PC and he feels that it was the good investment . It is occupied like this in this PC that I (Mamma) has had to write a description. I can not go in everything of some technical appearances but I can say you has not listened mine gamer yelling out of “lag!!” A times of then take this PC . And with his old plus Alienware, has listened lag to plot. Calm think you can any gone bad with this setup in this point of prize.
5 / 5 Flavia
It likes- that plots to me in this car. I have chosen this particular model on some another because of a GTX 1660 SG, but this is to go in the cost . Particularly, a SSD in place of a NVME, and 8GB of RAM in place of 16GB of RAM. Any question, has thought, so only will buy and install my own.

Coast to remark - you can not build this car for more economic that $ 700. Ossia The shot adds .

To That likes -

packaging Of Excellent.
Has fallen well Up. After initial config, in 15-20 seconds.
Chances of management and look cleaned of excellent boss.
Has DIRECTED the control is easy ( has turned has been, but some like this class of what).
Has touch roughly of some games some late plus in 4k, beautiful picture.

To That that does not like -

Any Sr.2 Retaining the ray has comprised. A motherboard would owe that it has come with east. I have had to that scrounge one of an old laptop before it can install the 1TB M.2 walk.

A RAM is not configured to run to all the speed. This is to do easily in BIOS for enabling a XMP profile, and would have to that it has been configured before I have received a PC. If ads 3GHz, a car would owe that arrive career in 3GHz.

So that it declare on, ossia the shot adds . I priced All of some parts is gone in PCpartsPicker and could not build this car for less than has bought he for here.

The value that comment - a P/S has the key for calm way. Calm the favour and turn this was to anticipate the longitude gaming session. A mobo the careers notably fresher with him was, although it is much stronger. Also, I see the little folks complaining roughly the one who strong is - turn calm way on! Toggle Changes afterwards to your boss to be able to.
4 / 5 Etta
Has taken this like the present of anniversary and am sure happy my husband has chosen this was for me.
Has on dipped was quickly and easy was able of the take ready to go in 5-10 mins.
In general this has taken awhile to take mine, as I have mentioned this was the presents of anniversaries so that it was quite fallido that a nave of 2 days has not gone included near.
Has has used so only he for the days of pair now but has turned on and taking to go quickly and games of careers smoothly without stuttering. Everything is crisp and clear and bosses some games have tried in of the bosses of definite settings with eases.

Comprised in a box is the keyboard and the smiles would be good like the backside on the pair but I do not have has wanted to use. Everything of lights.

Changing among the colours is easy too calm so only press a key until it find to to a setting likes. Looks Especially well if tones in the darkest room.
4 / 5 Lucy
Has used the laptop and there is almost has bought the GPU ray 3 but once I some reviewing of an increase of the looks of action likes would be to spend 500-600 bucks and taking meh increase of action. Sooooo, Looked in PC gaming computer. There is the TONNE of them there to look in. After doing roughly more the investigations really games to lose to what precise computer for a touch of game? I do not have the 4k monitor like any precise 4k graphic. I have finalised with a SkyTech Blaze II. It ships faster that has said, included during a X-But haste. All setup well but a WiFi the paper was has bitten it wonky, resembles no of propiciadas a motherboard entirely has to that way that has had to that be súper careful no for the touch or takes to do. I have sent an email to his support of technology and boom 4 days more have had late another paper of coverage. Pesto All the work adds. A computer comes with the 500 Gb solid state drive which does not give calm to attribute of room for the games but a joint of mother has a NVME empty as I have bought it Samsung 970 EVO SSD 1TB - M.2 NVMe The Solid of Inner interface of State walk. Shazam! 1.5 Tb Of storage and some shoes on the times is 3 second less.
According to that gaming the action has not run to the game that has wished has had more computer. Utilisation for Xbox spends of game and games of Steam without @@subject. It is not a big plus, fresher, faster (the expensive majority) gaming computer there but is surely value a prize has paid!
5 / 5 Lissette
Be roughly time to take mine 10 old year he gaming rigs, he lobbied for him quite hard and has been well, as he the merit. One or two friends promote me to knots to build my own, but frankly, does not have a still spare bandwidth all an investigation that would go to that. Instead, partorisca in $ 800 (does not forget of the taxes) has left a skytech the people one choosing for me, and like this far is quite happy campers.

One packing was a lot well, at all has come free and all exited of a box. An only initial difficulty was that a USB2.0 put you in a cup of a chance has not done, and some other ports of USB have been covered by a sticker that signal to an adapter of map. This sticker is there reason a motherboard graphcs is disabled. To take a mouse / of the keyboard the law has had to that take this sticker and use some ports down. Ours another subject was that, likes the majority of tower PCs, has no integrated audio / mic port. Instead, I am seperate, and to use it headset with one has attached mic compraventa require he headphone breakout adapter, which probably will be to do ($ 5, as any biggie).

Like this far is touching some titles of Steam and doing well. I will be to upload the on and that sees like this extracted some descriptions of people those who there has been setup questions, but my experience has been swimming but positive.
5 / 5 Kathlene
Surrounds everything of my games like Total War Warhammer and Darksider III in a maximum map and I have taken to say with the value down 800 bucks ossia he Damm PC VERY STILL gaming. It is strong how is fast and goodluck finding another pre-has built gaming PC to the equal that adds and like this economic how is one . More we gave me to knots also the present of the semi-detached secret in a PC, which do not go to say. Or it do not remark it unless or control ur details of PC! Thx SkyTech!!!
4 / 5 Conception
Has purchased this to substitute mine iBuyPower Gaming PC that has had has begun to run hot, and approached an end of him is functional life. I have had this PC in weeks now, and he game more intense had dipped by means of him, has been, Dark Souls 3. These looks of PC to manage he in the strong 60FPS for one the majority of part. Sometimes a framerate will fall to a big 40 is once in the moment and a worse this is to spend was that Dark Souls 3 had clashed the time of pair to exit. But I do not think that it it was the subject of PC, moreso the subject of software or leak by heart.

A fact is has purchased this PC to use mainly like a PC of office, for my work where has to that transpose plans to registers and of the discharges of travesía. It likes gaming OF PC is reasons are built generally with the more strong and better components that of the less expensive counterparts.

The only desire there was more zone of bay of the expansion for HDD or SSD, has moved personally a SSD of inside a bay to a cup of a bay, like this could them dip perhaps an economic HDD or SSHD in, if they are taste, have on 1TB of of the games have seen steam and he 500gb SSD so only is not enough, as has the big quantity of games, be prepared to install another walk.

Mina big plus downer thus PC was that I no my planned diligence and look on hardware specs, and is spent of longitude some pictures that to the amazon has distributed. It have purchased the DVI boss thus PC to connect to mine 2 old year VGA/DVI only monitors, so only to take a PC and learn that a nVidia the paper so only there is HDMI and Show Port connections, as I have had to that purchase the monitor to go with a new PC.

Another that that, loves the one who easy is to open a side of glass of a chance and takes the little wiggling to the impulse was. I love a fact that is clear to the equal that can see a powder buildup inside a chance and gauge when precise has cleaned. And a rear side of a chance is like this easy to take was to take to a HDD bay and a management of boss.

Can not say anything in Skytech Technical support, reason... I did not require it, these works of PC WELL out of a box, has taken roughly 30 seconds to kick on this in spite of so only takes as to kick. I have it that has not had never the PC has fallen this fast.
4 / 5 Eddie
Has had the real distrust for prebuilts after my last few experiences, but is SkyTech the car have behind on board. For a prize, takings some really good components, and the mine has done perfectly out of one it hiccup so only like this far. A chance is really a lot looking, and a wiring and the creation is good ventilation with a cup, front, and rear defenders. With these specs, can run games more current decently, although an obvious weakness is a small HD (only 500 actions). It have to that be quite easy to upgrade to the second SSD down a street, but has not achieved this point still.

To good sure recommend this tower is in the estimativa.
4 / 5 Mohamed
Fantastically Soften gaming computer. It has done always console gaming, as first time with the PC. It has done to plot to look for and that study and finally found this Skytech gaming PC. It is the mid-the row in the prize adds, upgradeable but the games soften like east. Doing Fallout 4 in of the full settings as well as the little another big map games and Blaze II his court without questions at all. Because of error of user, has had initial questions with a connection to control mainly reason there is no @to @give has had the second HDMI connect in a paper of map, which is, of course, a one is supposition to use . One researches of drives of on-line technology of a company for setup solved that @@subject this in spite of and has had arrives and that careers any time. Lightning-Fast with regulating, any-gaming programs also. In short, add it, everywhere PC that I , and has recommended already to several friends. A good election is looking to take to PC gaming. And a light show this unit dips on, awesome.
4 / 5 Gwen
Gives navideño for granddaughter. It has tried & tried to connect monitor. Yes, I have known difference to connect properly. Support lagged in time, then typical response of correct connection. Another advised for presionar inside components. Really? Me Open and components of interior of the reset? Any one follows that it would be to do, for this no the good resolution. Like this sad. Thought this would be the present adds . It has had to that return
5 / 5 Tiesha
has bought this gaming desk for my father in law the one who was in desperate need for a upgrade. It uses an old all-in-a pc for his games and he so only did not cut it . It touches games like Stardew Valley, Minecraft, Graveyard keeper and to to the things like to them concealed. Ossia The level of the entrance adds gaming pc for a prize abordable. Has room to add & upgrade separate to the equal that will do for him later like his collection of game grows. A computer has shipped fast and is packaged a lot well and at all has suffered harm. Has a power to touch more graphic heavy games that he at present the games but he could easily ran another AAA titles. I recommend this pc for any one looking to take to pc gaming and a lot that wants to spend the legislation of fortune of a start. It is perfect measure to seat afterwards to the monitor according to your measure of office & a RGB is awesome.
4 / 5 Jutta
I have been using this PC partorisca the little the month now, and has had the experience adds with him like this far.
Are too lazy to comprise pictures, but looks quite identical to this comprised by another reviewers.
Like the beginner gamer, does not have any one a lot gaming requirements, but this PC has been sufficient for some of the graphic mine-/action-heavy games, like this AC Odyssey.
I originally spent roughly 6 month that decides in the gaming rigs, and solved is a reason has the half-processor of note, a lot NVIDIA paper of map, and decent SSD memory.
A RAM was also sufficient, but has decided the upgrade the to two 8GB RAM in chance decides to develop my gaming library. Help that RAM is not also write these days. I have contacted SkyTech Support of Technology to ask them for recommendations in pertinent RAM to purchase, and was quickly and educated to answer with reasonable options.
Any subject with any of a hardware - was all has inserted closely.
I defenders are calm the startup and when into use for the long period of time.
Startup Is also a lot quickly.
Extra Pros:
- RGB Lighting - multiple options, multiple colours, and a key for simple adjustment
- Keyboard and Smiled - has not required, but any hurt to have an extra lying around
- No bloatware installed - has not required to concern roughly cleaning on anything useless that could take on upper of spatial
- Excellent packaging - has not had any way can take fraction during shipping
- more Economic maintaining (11/11/19) that when I bought it, how is to good sure even more the value that takes it now that before!
Things to Remark:
- Do sure to so only connect monitors to a paper of map, which was noticeably labeled for the sticker. Has some controls connected for HDMI and another for DP (required me partorisca purchase the economic HDMI to DisplayPort adapter). Another option of entrance is DVI.
- Has any CD-walk, as has anything wants to install via CD, spent a walk of EXTERNAL CD that can connect he via USB.
- Attention to arrest the instructions to download it and turning it on a first time. It is at all difficult , but there is steps that that can be has spent easily for big.
5 / 5 Lawerence
Loves this PC, is easy the setup and does not have to that me worry roughly building and can easily transmission out of a ram. And some lights are enough. It can the apex run easily in max settings (looks real quite compared to ps4) an only reason gave it 4 star is reason one of some light circles in a front is the little busted and will not turn sure colours. I create some of some lights inside a coverage are busted. It takes tbis PC for around 500-600. It is a point for of perfect prize me partorisca add the 144hz monitor and keyboard maquinal of ducky. And it has included the mouse of corsair, a mouse and keyboard that comes with this a lot this in spite of a fashion of the keyboard has not been EUA has based but a mouse was bondadoso of comfy. Both were rgb enjoy concealed. Ossia Of my personal experience adds it pc for your travesía to PC gaming (besides the laptop but meh), the way adds to start with if you do not want to build your own taste, or of the way to learn in your way to build your own in a future with a capacity to take parts of this PC. Perfecto for the primary console gamer/streamer.
4 / 5 Deanne
Uses this computer for random gaming (touched by means of Increase of a Tomb Raider in max settings last weekend without hitches), scientist of computer, and graphic drawing. He excels on all three fronts. Honradamente, Ossia one of some only computers has possessed that pursues like fast like material – there there is basically zero latency among me that loves something and when being able of the do.

A prize are add, considering some components, aesthetic (amour a RGB – no too on-the-upper like the plot of gaming PCs), and quality of build. I am tried to take the second a to dip in my laboratory like the workstation.

Unboxing Has not gone too hard. It has felt the little has bitten nervous that takes a foam of packaging inside a tower, but the little bit of patient wiggling has done a trick.
5 / 5 Osvaldo
Like this far, absolutely love this PC. It arrives in my way to house earlier that has expected, which was the wonderful surprise . They are the videographer, likes I the plot of the video that modifies. This computer maintains on with me & extracted fantastically. I do not have any complaint in a quality! Like the editor of video, wishes it there has been SD space in a front of a computer like this easily can touch my images. I have bought so only an outside SD reader that does a trick. I have had some subjects to take my monitors to show at the beginning and the support of technology was very useful. They were responsive & helped to solve a question. Everywhere 5 stars for a lovely & quality!
4 / 5 Rocio
The computer arrived and has not done. It results he the bad wi-fi paper. Numerous accident voicemails (his never telephone of response), emails and text. Received any response. Finally answered for text and has said would send new paper. They have not sent a new paper until days later when I have threatened to file with my paper crediticia. A computer is doing now, but no the chair can trust his support/of technology of the guarantee. Service of terrible client!
4 / 5 Brendon
-Before it say anything the big thing for me is dose this sustains WiFi, and yes, the dose. It comprises the modern antenna that connects to a motherboard, as I do not owe that it has it afterwards to the yours @subject-
Likes any one looking to buy the PC with small to any leading experience can be scary, be so that it goes to start with in the first place to say is not scary at all, with the 30 turn of police of day and awesome support of the client there is any risk and I ossia the option adds for PC of level of the entrance gamers and gamers looking the upgrade of there that the old rigs. With enough it beat to run modern games in ultra 1080p fps or main. Personally I have not used VR in the May has based on like keyboard of bosses and of the games of regular mice. They are able to take max settings in fortnite in any-ware of 100-120fps more probably more than yours monitors refresh the tax can use. It surrounds BO3 in max settings 60+ fps (is likely to manage much more so only has not tried) although has no really looked to an action of some following games has touched on that: Rainbow Six Seat, Mincecraft, And CSGO run like this expected- very smooth without noticeable dive in action. As the one who setup sees his like this simple likes plugging a boss of exposure your paper of map and monitor, submerging he in, and boom, your die the reception to for windows 10 and ready to start with gaming. A keyboard has comprised has beautiful RGB lights (to the equal that can see in a picture has comprised in this description) and a mouse, honradamente did not use it at all and can not recommend that reason I so only wired to hate mouses have bought like this my own and arrives a same time. For upgrades, I havent really messed with him I, but has potential and am expecting in this SSD am looking to go on sale, in a second the photo has resupplied usually would owe that wall of black metal there but can take he with transfer-able pins in a back (can turn them reason there too tight, calm also can use the engine of ray) also will require the SATA boss of data to connect to a joint of mother in another side of a chance was a window of the glass is, and unless you want to rearrange all some bosses, take the SATA boss of extension of the can because a second boss is in the something odd. It have to that be remarked that has any second paving for extra SSD but his all digital- no moving parts, like an only worry would be hot but really does not generate all this a lot. Considering ram, a so only another thing really would recommend upgrading unless your really hard core, would have to be an easy installs to, reason there is the second space for him. When I have opened a Bios the one of the fact chosen on my clave of ram like DDR4 2600MHz, but a listing of amazon has said to be DDR4 3000MHz, am not sure if these subjects but so only is dipping there in the chance has has wanted to upgrade a ram, would verify a bios calms ( this for spamming one 'Of the' tone when you reboot YOURS PC)
Finally, ossia a better cost to estimate PC could find and highly would recommend to any one looking to buy the gaming PC or a lot that tries to find the PC abordable to buy like the present that can all some later games with relieving
4 / 5 Cassy
am very happy with this gaming computer. I have been touching around with him for almost the week so only to do sure all has done very first to write this description. My games of 13 varied years games of steam and I world of game of Warcraft. My uses of woman he for random exploring. For my familiar and I, ossia a perfect computer . For you, you have to decide one 500 SSD will be quite spatial for a quantity of touch of games. Besides a map that is fantastic, master that quickly my cariche of game now with a SSD and Ryzen 5 processor. They are way has spent also times to go in all some frames of computers and models. If Tube of calm look, there is like this of the so many opinions and of the so much random video. I have looked unfortunately the majority of them but I have found any concealed looked likes to know that speaks roughly and has liked him a technology of heaven blaze II. Any on think it, in this level, will do so only well, will be happy with this computer. You can it wants to choose a GTX 1660 YOU version for bit it more money but, If yours in the estimativa tight, ossia that loves. They are quite good to comprise the keyboard and smile to the equal that are ready for gone instantly.
5 / 5 Evonne
All are adds! The subject only is that I cant find a SSD. It is not located in a same space as in some pictures...

Update 1 An operating system is glitchy after the months of pair. wont Connect the speaker of blue tooth although all mine other devices .

Update 2 has had like this @@subject has directed them the prep for the reset of factory and there is @@give has installed an injustice (sub pair) CPU!! WTF
4 / 5 Aurore
Like me any the one who has a lot absolutely any knowledge in PCs anything and this when being my prime minister gaming pc, will say that personally the amazing meeting! Now they are not the enormous gamer are more than the random an I supposition can say. They are the enormous Sims player, has each band of expansion, and begin to take until my old pc that was likes 10 years. My brother helped to find this (of then has not had any idea where to start with) and say that it was blown out of this specs with my level of gaming. And it was well! Everything is súper smooth and fast! We teamed the up with the 144hz monitor also and is so only an amazing experience. Sims The careers add and has been recently touching Zoological of Planet that in fact requires decent quality specs for course and this pc the short any question. I have not had any one subjects like this far. A keyboard and the smile was sum also. In general the enormous improvement to the mine leading 10 year HP that has run in his last legs.
5 / 5 Margorie
Has has has touched console the majority of my life and has decided that has loved to give PC gaming try there is like this saved up and has looked for the PC. I have known of then you would pay more for the Prebuilt, but has not loved to treat a hassle to build my own. Like rings a better shot; you look in Cyberpower, omen for HP, and IBuyPower. But his all bondadoso of looked overpriced mine. But while looking for although I stumbled to Skytech Rampage, but there is of then has had the most powerful version has called Blaze II with a Ryzen 5 2600 and GTX 1660. As there is of then was in mine estimativa, has Compared some separates that visibly it can see in a picture, And looked them up in pcpartpicker. Immediately this was a better shot .

When it Arrives, can say looks better way in person. A chance has 3 RGB defenders, with the RGB be light in a supply to be able to. There are filters of powder in a intake downloads which are the big plus . More a poster lateralmente of the glass where can the to you sees everything. And his really easy to change some colours in a PC with a key in a cup, which is to a left of one 2 USB , Headset and Mic jack, and 1 USB 3.0.

An experience so much has been far fantastic, Setup was breaks it any question of first order, Some Games have Touched like this far have all run of max settings without questions, And a PC has to that way that be calm during game.

Has said that SkyTech there is nailed he with east a, and that would recommend this to the new person that takes to PC gaming taste.
4 / 5 Kara
Support of the amazon called and has said SkyTech will call you. Now I have a paperweight. First of a defender is LIKE THIS UPLOADS. A slow car in better. It Course in mine last car 60 FPS now ossia 15-30 FPS. It SUCKS!!! Because it is this has not been excepts to know absolutely ANY SUPPORT. :(

Update: ports of USB a lot of
4 / 5 Alta
Ossia an excellent out of a box, PC GONE BACK key gaming solution that has purchased partorisca the anniversary of my edges. A company was a lot of responsive answered everything of my questions previously the compraventa, gave link the additional sources of information in his components and shipped out of a PC that has surprised that my edges will enjoy in fact a lot of years. Like the technologist this is looking for the stable global system, besides gaming, with abundance of resources, felt that a car would owe that have the minimum of 16gb of ram like opposed to a 8gb that ships with him. It was easily able to add an additional 8gb of ram with everything of an information Skytech had resupplied that has situated an ear partorisca smile of ear in the face of my edges. For real the lovely plot partorisca of the money! If you are looking for the reasonably priced gaming car with the plot of bang partorisca a buck, looks no further.
5 / 5 Carry
Has been said a gaming the systems are utmost. Has has had no such regime. When I have turned a system has had in the black screen. I can live with that. I separate it it can not live with this skytech disguise the service is horrible. The good regime that tries lograrprpers
4 / 5 Guadalupe
Download of authorship: I have added another 8 GB clave partorisca the total of 16 GB, like the action can vary in yours is.

In the first place wants to mention a packaging, has taken the bit of bet to do international nave in this PC, but all was packed closely and any boss is coming free, this always can be the lottery but I think while at all it spends during a nave all would have to that be good.

For this description will be to direct totally in gaming to the equal that thinks that is the one who a cure of majority roughly. I have tried 3 games in of the totals: a esport title: Overwatch, a 'old' AAA game: A Witcher 3 and the recent plus AAA game: it Measures Exodus.

All the games have been run in 1080p resolution, a car can manage Overwatch in 2k decently but any 4k, and some other two are the a lot of gone unless it calms does not concern you roughly touching in 30 fps (and in 4k included concealed is not guaranteed).

Overwatch benchmarks:
All the big settings: avg. 150 fps
CPU max time: 62 Celsius
GPU max time: 63 Celsius

the Only thing can say is that this car is perfect still esport titles, would not owe that have any question at all.

A Witcher 3 benchmarks:
All the big settings (except Nvida hairworks): avg. 70-80 FPS
CPU max time: 62 Celsius
GPU max time: 70 Celsius

If I do not want to go down 60 FPS (external of some smaller drops here and there), then the big settings is well, press some settings the little more a FPS can go down 60 to some 50 frames, especially in of to to the big cities like Novigrad, of this will depend in the nitpicky is with FPS stability. On all big will owe that touches in 30 FPS like this diagram can not manage maintaining at least 60 FPS consistently.

Exodus of metre benchmarks:
settings of Means (DirectX12 with Tessellation was): avg. 65-75 FPS
CPU max time: 59 Celsius
GPU max time: 70 Celsius

Ossia resembled Witcher 3, yes wants to maintain the constant 60 FPS that seldom goes down then will owe that go mid settings; changing settings the big is a lot on some zones, but in another drop 60 FPS, again depends on import some drops or no.

Thinks that this would be necessary to give you an idea in that class of action would owe that expect. For a prize thinks that that ossia a lot well, even more yes calms that can take on the sale.
5 / 5 Eufemia
This computer is jam packed with being able to. Considering some games I game, TF2, Quake Fields, Quake Alive, ossia more than pertinent to manage these FPS games with eases. It begins on literally in of the seconds, and is EXTREMELY CALM. Calm does not listen it never that careers. A chance is fresh, and one has DIRECTED the defenders are blue. A keyboard and the mouse resupplied is 'a lot of' does not add . I ditched one smiles immediately, but still am using a kb for now. Skytech Is the company adds! I bugged his the plot with the questions annoy and was a lot quickly to answer. An only odd thing is, when you order a PC attributes the number to follow and for me, resupply the delivery given concealed has not been attentive. To all the cost, am extremely happy with this compraventa. I have compared this PC to the plot of another prebuilt PC is and this was a a . Highly it recommends this computer to any with the estimativa. I seat like this the scheme have to that side more, as I am very happy. I have had he for the week now with subjects of zeros.
5 / 5 Oma
A smooth short computer and and shoe on easy a packaging was tight but an only real question was that in an outside of a container tip a computer so that all the world knows that it take but otherwise does not have any question. I recommend to begin it pc, this in spite of a FPS is not too good but to good sure a lot quite and is better that a FPS in a x box or ps4 in general he 10/10.

One smiles that it comes with a computer are not to add, does not have any keys lateralmente but lights and looks fresh. I am taking the different mouse for gaming. Some works of good keyboard for my needs.

A chance thus PC is quite awesome. Has easy access to all some components and has the fresh grill to maintain a powder out of a cup of some ventilations of computers. A FOCUSED is are adds also. Abundance of ports.
4 / 5 Isa
The computer has has not done bosses like this inner has been undressed in hablador the computer to cut was. You are the present navideño for my edges and he maintaining that can touch. In planting to send the new computer, has to them that pack this computer on sends it behind, will substitute bosses and the send behind. Like this basically I am them taking the refurbished computer in a prize of the new computer the month later.
5 / 5 Tisa
PC really well for gaming! I have had he for the few days now and is state adds. Together quite easy on, has has had to that so only look on an on-line manual and take a stuffing was. It is state that the careers to games likes him to joins of Of Legends astonishingly. Beginning really quickly up. Wifi attenas Has been doing well, has not had any questions of the connection but I can connect street ethernet in some future can. Take the 144 hz 1920x1080 monitor of resolution to go with a PC and looks like this smooth! I have connected he street HDMI but plan to use port of exposure in a future.

In general, thinks that ossia the good investment . Calm obviously would owe that do your own investigation and see if ossia the good access for you. I have used a Pc leaves picker ready to see if this would be significantly more economic was paralización for the build and no, is in fact the very good prize point, perhaps included more economic that buy they and gathers already. Included I have used the calculator of supply of the power to do sure can withstand a test of time. He all has verified was.

An only downside is will have to that take the Exposure-adaptadora Port of a PC neither does not have one or is not compatible with my monitor. I have it that has not used never the DP boss as I am not sure. Cela, and thinks that will have to that take at least another 8GB of ram in some point. Honradamente This in spite of, yes want to maintain your PC around for calm longer always has to that upgrade and the maintain. I also plans in those took a hard walk outside so only to protect of any loss of data in a chance of the can arise or something of the moment that it can fry it SSDs. The this in spite of, already has arises it protective for a PC.

A critique so only can think of this that a keyboard has the odd creation but he comes with a PC like this really can not complain.

I amour my new PC this in spite of. It maintains to import this in spite of, does not concern me roughly that has ultra settings for a triple new plus AAA games or anything like this conceal to describe you perhaps looks for to invest in closing of PC CRAZIER, but this a work perfectly and some games love to game likes him the street of exile, joins, world of warcraft, etc.
5 / 5 Anglea
RGB Defenders and leds has not done because boss to be able to has been missing for a controller of defender. The support of technology sent the controller of partidário new, but has not been compatible with some bosses of defenders. CPU I followers has begun also do strong noises. A computer has been returned.
4 / 5 Allen
Has loved a abordable pre-built gaming PC and I have taken exactly that has looked for. PC there is rid punctually and all powered on and works perfectly. A box to the light has not been necessary, but looks really fresh this in spite of and my toddler amours to change among everything of some models by heart. Highly you recommend this PC to any one looking for the upper mid row gaming has on dipped with abundance of access/of room for upgrades or transmissions.
5 / 5 Jonah
I have required the new computer partorisca the long time and partorisca look the moment has found them is one. It is very enough and starts on fast. Beginning the games is very fast and this short computer all has touched them like this far on that. I have not had any question with anything like this far but the the desires there were more instructions on regarding the begin up for a first time but has imagined them was but some people could have subjects with this others wise will buy them another like this for my edges when a time comes for that until then is mine lol.
4 / 5 Dominga
Sees so many people saying 'this is the computer of beginner a lot of' and 'well is well for a prize, but could do better building it calm' Well, are a soyeso' gamer. Yes, it is like this to build the computer, but does not love . I love the pre build that can upgrade over time. Regarding that the plot of people is calling the 'gone in/of beginner' computer, this thing there is decimated some launches of games in him still in 2k resolution, this in spite of was necessary to remark the plot of some games I game is older, as they are not a better source for benchmarking lol. But partorisca to the regular people likes them concealed is épico!

A lot of people say a mouse and the keyboard included suck. I will say I have not been a defender a big plus of a mouse (I any 'any' like it , liked so only of the mine current mouse better) but a keyboard is the directed upgrade of the mine current setup! It looks odd until you cover he in, then is súper well! Yes it is not the Knife, but is heck of the good prize!

In a computer a RGB is a lot very also! I plan to also upgrade some 8 actions of RAM to 16 actions of Corsair with RGB, concealed really will do this pop of what!

Like add the interior of tray of hard walk in some point, but has not been has one spatial of the do or any (to the equal that has said am not esuper' familiar with doing all this) but has spatial in a backside to add another SSD and really like that as they are not of sure that time some 500 actions already has to go me to last.

In general, like this far love this thing! Without the doubt is the MACIZO upgrade of an elderly Dell portable of the latitude has used.

Has given noise 5 star, any look of defenders to be that they run quite strong but think that it could be able to fix that in my final. It is certainly a lot intolerable.

Has not had to treat support of technology still (hopefully rests that way lol) but am leaving 5 stars to be so only to them. I have seen of another reviewers this has commented that the support of technology was both really good and bad like interpreter that like this calm .
5 / 5 Emerson
Have three boys. Last Christmas buys a two old more Blaze gaming computer of Skytech. They have loved that. They are a awesome level of entrance gaming computer. Like this this year we buy a young plus Blaze II COMPUTER. Have Still to defy a car with some games he at present games. It is more computer that my needs of edges right now, dressed like this different he perhaps last the moment.

Now have three Skytech computer in our house. To good sure would recommend this car, and company.
4 / 5 Celestina
Blaze 2 was very easy to take place on and fast uploading pages. Quite Awesome gaming computer for a prize($659 +imposed) prize of Black Friday,thinks that is $750 now. A company has not been that supportive to his clients , has had the question and all could do is repayment of offer. Also it take 7 days to receive , in pertinent Ontario to North Alabama recommends this product . One produces is fact very good and the law adds, has been using daily for the month now without question s swipe on forest
4 / 5 Doloris
has been using this for the weeks of pair now and really likes to of me. I have not used his support of technology at all and are not any a lot of the gamer but has run the games of pair and looks to do so only well. It is very silent and does not look pulled at all to touch video or graphic-intense games. All a specs the party has listed up with quell'I has received.

A paper of the map easily manages mine 3 monitors. One is in fact the television hooked up has seen HDMI. Some other two monitors am hooked up with Showing Port adapters.

Has dipped an extra HDD the boxes road SATA connection. SATA Is for behind reversible to the equal that calms does not have to that worry in your old computer HDD the be able connects to this new motherboard. Any looks to have Linux revised in this car to the equal that has some idea with that. The laws of Linux adds in this PC. It has dipped my old HDD with mine Ubuntu system in the and the law adds out of a box. Has has had to that so only run the simple mandate to update my engine of the map and he have done perfectly. I probably dipped the quota installs of Manjaro in this system after the confirmation can kick to the Manjaro alive usb.

My only complaint with this car like this far is that closely they have packed to plot of some bosses to some extras HDD bay in another side of a box (any-side of glass). This the hard fact to dip an extra HDD the bay because I owe that disconnect a SSD and undermine all some bosses out of a bay for use. Calm then will owe management of boss of the use to find to somewhere the container all some bosses behind up.

Spent of mine has come with the USB anti-ghosting keyboard and the mouse of USB. I have not been sure utilisations these but I has been surprised with a quality. A fund of a keyboard is metal giving to the heavy feeling, sure. Really it likes him-me both and has attached the picture of them.

Keyboard: you can change some lights in a Keyboard to at least 3 different diagrams. Calm also can actuate the way of respite with some lights for paste FN + ON/WAS.
PSU: A supply to be able to has is own light transmission with a lot of models and of the different colours.
RGB Lights: A box has 3 coverages that has a lot of models and of the different colours. There is the light transmission on a box to control these.

An only thing has not used still is a 500GB SSD reason has Windows on that. I prefer systems of Linux and do too easily can be dried and an open source can be installed.

Has wished avenges with 16GB of RAM more than 8GB but short smoothly to all the cost. In general I am satisfied highly with a computer like this far.
5 / 5 Emmitt
A SkyTech Blaze II Gaming the computer is the very impressive container for a prize. A packaging among (still that comprises the coverage of good stock exchange with logo) and stock exchange of expandable foam to help protect a glass casing/the inner components felt very professional and has done to good sure his work in protecting each part of this tower of PC that spends for traffic. Some pertinent documents and of the entity is included, as well as put web and contacts info for technical questions.

When it Turns on, one has DIRECTED the lights are very fresh, and really underline when you dim some light more. It liked included a nylon (Of believe) cords for a keyboard and mouse, which is very different and something has not seen before. A keyboard feels a lot of sturdy and big-quality with his base of metal down. It does not feel flimsy like another more economic plastic some have used. One smiles the comfortable chair and has abundance of keys for customization.

Has run to a hurdle when all turned in final for a first time ( sees one has DIRECTED lights and listen a defender that careers), but anything is spent, could not take the signal in mine monitor. I have tried finally take a CMOS battery, cleaning it on both sides the bit, and it dipping behind in. This in spite of, a same time, I reseated a RAM and paper of video in chance perhaps. As he finally fact and has taken a signal in mine monitor, but has not been sure as of some three actions has solved a question. But so only some suggestions in chances another have the question of signal of the monitor.

Boots of computers on extraordinarily quickly compared to my old elderly PC that is to be impact (before I have had to expect for my old PC the 'spent' and go grab the drink or something before finally it takes to some Windows desks). A SSD hard walk also the helps recover lightning of things quickly now. In general, these looks to be the container adds for a prize to ask and a chance internals is a lot of-organised and efficiently trace, so that has abundance of room for future upgrades (also much easier to access compared to my nightmare of an old PC with zero room to do anything).
5 / 5 Clement
Was lucky to have the good WIFI adapter manually reason anything has come with my PC was extremely feeble. Still with a Bluetooth. I have had to buy the BT adapter for better force, but was economic. Another that these smaller subjects, ossia the computer adds in the very good prize. A keyboard and smile that come with era in fact really well the difference of the plot of band of PC-ins. I have paid so much more for a Alienware hunk of junk (concealed basically died on arrival) that can not compare to this beauty of the gaming computer.
5 / 5 Shelby
Could not be happier with this compraventa. Fast and easy to setup/use. Included when gaming, a PC is súper silent. It is not never slow during use. RGB The lights are surprising. The map is fantastic. It has chosen this on building my own and has not been disappointed. Highly Recommend
4 / 5 Chasidy
has purchased this computer and has had he for the few weeks now. I upgraded of a Alienware X-51 R3. This computer is faster and a map is surprising. They are very pleased with cost of mine. You look in a Alienware with the alike configuration and was to bend a prize. This, in my opinion, was to a lot very compraventa for a prize. I also like a fact that can upgrade things like precise to. To good sure recommend this computer.
4 / 5 Tania
Has used a lot of frames and of the models of computers for both business and gaming. I owe that say the really like this diagrams. It looks terrific and moves really well in some games have tried. We buy this specifically for flight of X Plans the simulator and I have to that say WOW! A speed of this car done a game touches really smooth.

Calm the types were a lot of gains when we ask the bit of support of technology. Thank you.

Top Customer Reviews: Skytech Archangel ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 44 ratings
4 / 5 Rossana
I have received this element today with which having a 2nd air of option of day of nave. That there is remarked well out of a container has disturbed. A cpu fresher hanged of a cpu. The inspection further, has not gone properly attached to a motherboard and a dish in a backside of a neighbouring had fallen. Well, as I screwed the on and plugged all some bosses in, changes a supply partorisca be able to on and any video. I have tried turn it went it he with a key of power on a chance... At all, not even that resists down partorisca 30 seconds partorisca do the 'hard closed down'. Has has had to that pode of a unit has seen a transmission of supply of the power. After trying some suggestions of a page partorisca Shoot of the question comprised has sent with a box, at all has helped. I reseated a RAM and GPU, has attached all some bosses, and powered the on. Again, any video. Now, that really is frustrating, has received a computer today, Friday, in 8pm PST and close in 6pm PST. They are not partorisca open in some weekends neither. I will update a description after speaking to Sustain of Technology/of Support of Client. This is not partorisca cool, no partorisca a prize.
5 / 5 Dorathy
Original description when I have left A star : A worse product has not taken never. A first time I loaded went it up has impacted that it has had it any of some essential engine installed on that. It could not open the alone game in Steam because of him. After installing all, still has not done. Has restart my PC and he has been stuck in a screen to upload for an hour to the equal that have decided to entirely the dry was and begin fresco. He perfectly for the few hours and has had all installed once I hard reset (I has any idea as). It was happy I fixed a question and I closed it down partorisca put to bed . Has awake arrives few hours later and a computer is bricked now and a lot included uploads up. Pressing F10 and that come from to the reparation comes up with “fracasado to repair”. Any to mention SkyTech is not taking a lot now called was because of a virus. I have expected two weeks for a computer to be rid and sending it behind will take even more with a longitude to take the new one and to arrive to this point does not want to take another computer of SkyTech. Ossia The horrible product . How it is past inspection , does not have any idea.

Informs to update : it results I have had the bad SSD! I do not think that it it lacked of Skytech is but a lot-the-less, has been broken and corrupted. Still it thinks it it has not been dipped by means of some tests of estréses pertinent or inspection of engine, BUT a way Skytech managed a situation have changing my description of One stars to FOUR. If it had received a pertinent SSD a first time would be to leave five stars sure, but after all am spent for with that has to that reinstall Windows 10 in the USB to the mine old SSD and that owes reset he three times and a frustration, is reason am taking of the star.

SKYTECH HAS SERVICE of AMAZING CLIENT!! It could not contact any reason his offices are enclosed been due to COVID-19 to the equal that have achieved has spent for Instagram of all the places. I have spoken with one of some representatives those who was extremely apologetic and has sworn was the busted SSD. I sent another SSD free of nave of load of some days and I installed it I ( was a lot of easy to do). It is been three days and EVERYTHING Is WELL, swipe on forest, some diagrams is running like a car would owe that it has taken a first time. ASTONISHINGLY. I recommend this company and this computer to any one. I can register and current 1080 60fps in Ultra settings! They are very pleased with cost of mine!!
4 / 5 Hsiu
Are a lot happy with this PC. Any to launcher HP under a bus, but has had originally has ordered a Omen of HP which is coming with the i7-9700k and a RTX 2070. A computer surprised in of the terms of the action but he have had a defender and little oblivious buying me prime minister of mine pre-has built gaming PC took it, the short long history he overheat to the plot and I has has had to that return it, was the shame because it liked really. In all the chance, quickly advances the week, am informed much more and I course to this while looking for the substitution. This PC is surprising, runs any game loves in max settings was although some components are technically less powerful of a omen which is coming with a i7-9700k and rtx 2070, although this cost of PC $ 1700 and this a, a SkyTech costs of PC so only $ 1000!!! As this runs any game loves perfectly smooth and in the fraction of a cost, has the total of 5 partidários, originally has thought there was so only 4 but there is 5, 2 on, 1 for an exhaust, a CPU is self cooled with this partidário own , and has one fan you can a lot really see in some pictures that swipes directly to a paper of map. needless To say this PC any heat taking at all. It remains the fresco down uploads how is amazing mine . Wine with GeForce the already installed experience that quell'was fresh, opened it up and instantly has downloaded an engine a late plus for one 1660 SÚPER. This PC so only is that it surprises are happy I stumbled to this gem, a RGB lighting is controlled by means of the key in a cup of a chance, again ossia mine like this amazing , An only thing has has had to that do to this PC took it of then to be fully up to date was to update a mobo, windows of update and has update some engine of paper of the map in GeForce Experience. To update a motherboard comes with the CD, this PC has any walk of CD this in spite of, I googled b450 the update and I found it easily quite lol. In general I am enamoured with this PC and I highly would recommend it to any one looking for the pre-built in this row of prize.
5 / 5 Haywood
Very impressed with SkyTech!! The computer has arrived punctual. Well it looks in fact it adds, abundance of room to develop! For free a keyboard and smile that come with this a lot of good. You play each game of heavy mmo is to hosting multiplayer on-line games without breaking the sweat. A benchmarks of a CPU and GPU is better that a lot of computer that is hundreds of $ more.
4 / 5 Garth
PC of amazing quality. A specs is that need to begin your gaming. A lot sturdy build with the materials of qualities adds. It comes with the keyboard and mouse. All good quality. More gaming PC can take for a prize without building your own. A RBG lighting is in signals also. Highly recommended!!
4 / 5 Franklin
One feels when you ploughs on a container is surprising, because of all one protects has situated inner and in a computer. Everything felt crisp and cleaned. Has has had to that do the quickly blowout of system for Styrofoam powder and is then been ready to connect the few things and has been ready to go. Sadly I have had so only a pleasure to use mine wifi box a new ethernet the cord takes here, but has been running smooth. The law of keyboard adds and looks quite well, but has not used a smile has had of the WOW gaming has smiled that I want to. A cord in a mouse was bondadoso of short. It has not used a Support of Technology still so that it did not estimate it, but has bet his amazing also. The game with him and the sound that does adds like this far.
4 / 5 Treasa
Has come with 3200MHZ ram in place of a mentioned 3000MHZ lol. Any complaint. A Zotac 1660 Súper is solid. Using this like this a level of entrance 2560x1440p car. Running 61 FPS in big to ultra on some demanding games and 187+ in mine wifes a Sims 4. In general the cost adds. It would recommend to any one looking for any bang for his buck.
5 / 5 Viva
After using computer of laptop for a past ten years for pupils and for work, has decided to finally upgrade to the desktop computer. Has has loved it prebuilt computer with good specifications for my estimativa and whose components easily could substitute have aged like this. This computer fulfils everything of these needs and runs 10x better that mine 4 yr portable old. I enjoy to touch games of strategy like EU4 and this computer runs him much more smoothly. Also I want a RPG lights in a mouse, keyboard, and CPU. Setup Was quickly and easy and gladly would recommend this computer of more.
5 / 5 Rosette
Has taken this unit on its own name like the daily engine. The some mapea and some gaming so much action of video was of entity. I have been in him for years and used to build my own using some papers of better map, more motherboards etc but am too old a busy for such things these days and has wanted to see the one who the 'habit' unit of a shelf in the amazon has looked. After doing benchmark testing, some really interesting things am apparent result.

A unit is good-looking, crafted well and the difference of the mine first computer of Skytech (which has been configured wrong) all resembles has been installed correctly. Apt and the arrival is sum and master a bit defenders and has DIRECTED the lights concealed gives it a lot curb appeal. I have used Passmark software to benchmark this build. Highly I recommend it to any one. Passmark Gives this builds 75 indication. Of my experience this essentially means that it beats 75 of some people those who have dipped his computers to a test recently. Of the majority of some users is geeks like me, that usually means that the main bar is expected. Like this, 75 indication is that this car beats 75 of people those who are spending money in the GOOD system.

CPU: 83
2.os Maps: 73
Gaming: 88
Memory: 58

That I deep to the interest is that this build of car is the monster when it comes to gaming and power of general computing but is prevented to be the murderous real because of some separates that really it fails on . A worse part of this car is a SSD last to drive which has received 3 bookmark in action. A PNY CS900 is one of a WORSE treating the calm hard walks possibly could choose. With out the doubt this 3 bookmark has affected a total action of a build . In my experience, action of the hard walk more than Any do any for the action of the computer and feel. An action by heart was also half of a street. They could have spent a same quantity of the money and the memory improved and for an amour of god the DECENT hard walk. Literally a worse treating hard walk that cost some same or more than some stellar interpreters. I do not take it . This system could mecer was with the insignificant HD. Too bad is not easy to substitute (Likes memory).
4 / 5 Mirian
Had been the the while I have shot of then on the new game and a car of the settings of the video have configured to Ultra. This car rids the one who precise, and has a prize added to look beautiful.
5 / 5 Zetta
Originally I have bought the model that was $ 50 less and this there has been one 1660 GPU and 8 gbs of RAM has compared to this one with one 1660 Súper and 16 gbs of RAM. I have sent an email partorisca sustain of client and help me to us annul this order and purchase this model. How it was the a lot of buying experience. When it has taken a computer has been impressed for as the inner looks , cleaned with the plot of spatial. I have bought also he 2 TB HDD and it installing was the breeze. If you want to install a HDD, has the space partorisca he afterwards to a supply partorisca be able to, in another side of a glass revenido. There is group partorisca he there, likes in my picture. Calm only precise an extra SATA boss partorisca that. I have been at the beginning impressed reason neatly all some bosses have been partorisca turn there but has had to that cut the zip joins concealed has resisted the container of bosses to use one of them to be able to a HDD. Ossia When it has taken that picture, and a lot afterwards concealed @to give that this company has comprised several extras zipties can use you to dip them behind neatly. This was very impressive, and think that they the good work in leaving a buyer to add a device of extra storage, reason there is also a unused space for a SDD in a front(side of glass). The shoe up was easy, was just Windows like this in general give these 5 stars. So only maintain the imports has had it so only the days of pair but if at all it changes this will remain 5 stars.
5 / 5 Providencia
I specifially has bought this system because a specs has listed has alleged a unit there has been 4 put you of exposure, 3 when being DisplayPort and 1 be HDMI 3.0. Any combination of 4 be of ports DisplayPort/HDMI would have done for my milti-control dipped-up.

Instead that is gone in the fact was 1 HDMI, 1 DVI (quell'the can not use) and the boatload of USB. A lot Not Cooling. I am spent untold the hours that researches that the papers of map have sustained some 4 put you has wanted them, and then finding a system with quell'there are them wanted.

So only to be lied to for Skytech. Waste of the enormous quantity of my time and the really does not appreciate it . If any one calms concern which takings when it order calm, then for everything means commanded fixes it of these folks. But if a fiancé specs in fact import your, then avert Skytech to all the cost.
5 / 5 Nelida
A good informative, thinks that ossia the system adds and once all was hooked on, he powered on and has not had any question with anything. I have added the 1 TB hard walk to a system and the work add also.

Has not required an use of support of technology.

A system is a lot enough. Not even I can say that it is on.

Inferior line, is the system adds and think that well of the money.

So only have two complaints: One drives of fast start has failed to mention that that one 24 connector of pin and an USB-3 connectors owe that be connected to a motherboard previously to powering on a system. This was any question for me, has verified of then all some first connections of powering on a system of computer. For some of the new to PC is this could have been the question.

Another element has is, wish an extra hardware and bosses that is coming with a motherboard and chance, and any used in a build, had been comprised in a box for those of knots that could wants to add another hard walk or anything. Some rays for a M-2 space was also he has not been attached to a motherboard. The smallest complaints on everything.
4 / 5 Esmeralda
Perfecto for random or competitive gamers. This computer was perfect for my row of prize. It covers and Game out of a box. Fully on-gradable. Any bloatware preinstalled. A lot of access of USB. In general extremely satisfied with this car, has not required to contact support of Technology for anything. It comes a lot of packaged, and was fully intact the delivery. This runs all some games touch at least 80FPS in ultra settings in 1080p. A rainbow has DIRECTED the lights are the plus .

An only downside the this car is a 500 GB SSD. I have purchased an additional 2TB HDD to install. To install a HDD, was the little difficult to locate a boss of power for an extra HDD. I have located once some bosses to be able to, there is remarked is all a lot neatly tucked was and the zip related in a frame of a tower. Beware, purchases additional hard walks--choose on some SATA bosses because a computer does not come with additional sata bosses.

Legends of bows--165 FPS (discharges he of the mine monitor)
the heaven of Any Man--80+FPS
Forces Horizon 4--80+FPS

5/5 stars for $ 1,000 computers.
4 / 5 Janene
Has not had Never he gaming first desk of the place extracted fantastically. It would recommend for any that loves games in the pc.
4 / 5 Alita
Was really nervous roughly buying the prebuilt gaming desk was Amazon and any when being pas able to see at least the working model that could , touch, poke in the little first spending of the money. It has arrived a-day, as I have not had to that expect long to discover. Setup-n-Go was súper easy, is the really solid quality build, runs like this calm and beautiful. Subjects of zeros. With an easy access and abundance of upgrade spatial available, adding the extra storage was the breeze also. This car is the fantastic value and was nervous to swim in an end! They are like this happy that are to go with a Skytech Arcángel 3.0. It loves it!
5 / 5 Jani
Are very pleased with this PC like this far. I have had to that weaves of worries roughly buying prebuilt but am happy to say that with which the bit less than the week has not had any subject. A worry of entity for me bought without knowing a specifics for a motherboard/PSU etc., But that I can say they all has finalised to be solid parts. If one inserts concealed has been sent with a PC is to be believed spent it also for controls of qualities and he CPU/GPU test of torture. It has been rid also much more quickly that included it had expected and well packaged (note, coronavirus is still the thing during a writing of this description). A management of the cord and the looks of general assembly have ordered/orderly and runs fresh and calm still while in common recent titles in max to to the settings likes him to him the cast of the parts would owe that be expected to. Some peripheral has comprised is not particularly utmost but do fault very like this backups for the keyboard of better/mouse. If it was in a phase for another prebuilt PC would buy again of this company.
5 / 5 Russel
My friends discouraged me partorisca buy the prebuild, but this product there has been a specs has looked for. A prize was so only slightly main that buying some parts and gathering them I, but liked that of east has comprised the guarantee and support had of client, as I have taken the casualidad. It could not be happier with this computer. Evasion Of careers of tarkov, sea of thieves, and world of warcraft with settings maxed and have add framerate. reccomend
5 / 5 Shenika
Out of a box... Very cleaned and the very fast start up. My edges is using he for school work, gaming, work of video. Gaming... WOW, Fortnite 350 To 500 FPS. Video conferencing and piece of school work of cake. We will try the video that modifies later this week. It would owe that be any question . A lot the money has had a good time.
5 / 5 Earlie
So only has taken this creature the few hours does and could not be happier. Quickly dipped on, easy to exchange in my old hard walk, everything separates to do and to the equal that has announced. It can not beat a prize neither, I so only paid in $ 75 paralizaciones Skytech to build this in place of me, and ossia to good money good insurances spent in my book. Highly it recommends his PCs, will not be disappointed!
5 / 5 Madonna
So only it has taken this creature the few hours does and could not be happier. Quickly dipped on, easy to exchange in my old hard walk, everything separates partorisca do and to the equal that has announced. It can not beat a prize neither, I so only paid in $ 75 paralizaciones Skytech partorisca build this in place of me, and ossia to good money good insurances spent in my book. Highly it recommends his PCs, will not be disappointed!
4 / 5 Sid
Could not be happier with this product, was a lot of packaged and has done well out of a box, short silent and smooth!
4 / 5 Elfriede
The law of PC adds. It is also quite calm for those that partidários has. The colours are also the quite fresh perk. Mainly it uses this build for the video that modifies and to to boss likes him to him the field. I also tried out of streaming VR and he he without subjects. Highly recommend for any that loves neither modify video or complex gaming in the VR device. (I has a Oculus Investigations)
4 / 5 Donn
so only has taken a computer today and the unpacked and has completed place up. First start has been well with the windows that begins like this expected that. Installed the little of my main program that has used of my old computer and restarted to finalise update of windows and now is 2 hours later this in spite of while to computer to start with. Has restarts a lot times now and does not take screen of past boot. I have been included to toallita humid of full and animal windows-install and does not begin now. After the wipe now does not turn on at all. Cycles of just power each one that 30 second (video).
5 / 5 Tyrell
Premiers two days this computer has absolutely perfect course. It has surprised. Then a rebooting has begun. After a GPU buzzed everytime has has touched games. I still cant take ahold of support. State almost 2 weeks now. Still havent able state to take ahold of them. Prolly Going to send it behind and ask the repayment.
5 / 5 Bula
Has arrived punctually and has had a lot @@subject that the unpack, all was a lot of and closely connected, a wiring was cleaned. PC kicked on perfectly and the astonishingly happy careers with a compraventa. Still although has my own keyboard and smile it has been surprised the one who decent some have comprised some were. To good sure the money is a lot displaced.
5 / 5 Lucretia
Has bought mine 15 old year his prime minister gaming PC. We were both stoked. Concerned roughly initiates on but all has been smooth as it can be . All the engine has been updated and he the steam has downloaded immediately and has tried his new PC in of the games that has not done before. He maxed was all the maps and geeked was. Like the dad are happy to see happy. Hopefully Motivates to pursue 3D @@@modeling and creation of music.
4 / 5 Marline
The car adds, service of bad client. If any precise technical help, take it. If you could require help, avert it.
4 / 5 Chantelle
Comes extremely very packaged. It is the very fast computer and everything in speed of lightning. An only thing would have to that be conscious of this that has 1 DVI port, 1 HDMI, and 1 Port of Exposure. A description of characteristic is bad when it has said 3 put you of exposure. As you could it has to that buy an adapter is doing 2-3 monitors (Which I )
4 / 5 Lloyd
Enough it can touch anything in 1080p and included can touch the big quantity of games in 60fps 1440p. The questions the big plus is a space of the small storage and a TERRIBLE keyboard comes with, but think that is sure to say more the people already have the plan of keyboard to use. Any question internally or externally. Very big upgrade in mine 5 old year gaming portable.
5 / 5 Apolonia
has compared this PC to multiple another and his utmost for a prize. He excels in the each category. So much value he and looks quite also!
5 / 5 Antwan
Ossia My prime minister pc and could not be happier with my decision to change of console runs each game smoothly the easily take on 100fps in Warzone and my game of game has improved significantly so only feels calm like always has to that a value of goodness of the money and the plot of room to upgrade
5 / 5 Bryce
mainly has taken this for purposes of the graphic drawing but he also does utmost with games (I really so only touch A Sims 4 but my brother teied he with another game and has said was adds!)
5 / 5 Maximina
Has arrived fast and sure. Had any question with him when it has taken hooked up is quite and is quickly like this hell. Any a bit of lag anything. The hands down are 100 satisfies👍👍👍
5 / 5 Georgiana
is like this happy with a Skytech computer. My net loves it. Skytech The service of client is awesome too much. Highly recommend this company
4 / 5 Jannet
This product is surprising. Each smooth short game and can common in this pc without any delay or drop of frame. It is to good sure value a prize
5 / 5 Clemmie
These careers of what awesome! Anything I need to run works perfectly in this computer. It looks awesome too much!
5 / 5 Ileen
It is the law of the beautiful product adds with my Fortnite. Some lights are surprising and loves that.
4 / 5 Horace
There is not dipping long his closing, but the law adds out of a box and any harm.
5 / 5 Leonarda
Has had this computer for the month, and is an excellent gaming PC. When it has considered to purchase this computer, a listing of the amazon there has been two different processors, looks it has been fixed to a correct AMD Ryzen 5 3600 during a page. I have taken a supposition has educated at the same time reason was the quite new posting, but was pleasantly has surprised that is coming like this orderly, with management of excellent boss and solid connections, looks that any one has built my PC has done like this with care. I have not gone really the defender of a RGB lights at the beginning, but after the month, has grown on me. The difference other computers, this a does not come with the far for a RGB lights; this in spite of has the key in a tower he like cycles by means of some settings. There is to good soiled insurance to develop, has added the 2 TB HDD to a computer, and has had a port of expansion and bosses to be able to the point to go, with spatial for another SSD yes is necessary. It is able to run almost each game of PC in a phase today without too much difficulty, and is a lot, very calm.

This in spite of, when I have received this PC, has taken a free gaming mouse, but no a keyboard. I achieved it it was the Skytech lean of the technology has seen his web of place, and has received an email that declares that a RGB the keyboard has not been available because of penurias because of COVID-19. They have offered to send the substitution or to give me the $ 20 repayment, and has decided to go with a substitution. To date, has not received the keyboard, included although I have answered and has declared that like the substitution. Still they are that it resists it was attentive that will receive one, perhaps a penuria is continuing. Another that a missing keyboard this in spite of, am very happy with cost of mine, and would recommend this PC to another.

Modification: I have received a keyboard roughly 3 days after this description, is cost a wait!
4 / 5 Ara
Loves this PC. It looks well, it is fast and a prize was reasonable.

But the mine has the serious question. It can out of repente for any clear reason when I am touching games or streaming in Twitch. This is to spend at least three times in of the different days.

Does not freeze . He so only the powers were. Everything fans stop and stop of lights. It likes like this it has had to that declare take of a tram outlet. Perhaps it is overheating . Or a source to be able to is running out of juice. Anything is spending, is not acceptable, of course.

In general was very happy with a car but am sad has to that treat this and possibly be without the computer for the moment..
5 / 5 Lupita
This chance is exactly which follows to look for. It surpasses my expectations. The wiring is done amiably, a chance is big but returns perfectly in my office

has had he for days of pair now, everything runs smooth with still glorious map Endows 2. I have used to touch games in mine Macbook Pro and has bet could not be happier with this upgrade. Of then now I have mine setup canal for both gaming and work, would not see never alone again.
4 / 5 Jonell
That to build of PC adds. It is coming fully functional without @@subject. The unit is stunning in both looks and function. The vendor has cured of the missing NVMe ray to mount quickly and enough. It considered it homebrew build to substitute my last Gaming build of PC but this so only cost the bit more than could spec I so that it was the no-brainer. A lot highly recommended ... Calm can not lose.
4 / 5 Adeline
Has arrived faster that has projected, easy to dip up and good prize.

So only a subject smaller, one behind stuff that has spent an USB and WiFi antenna jacks was cut improperly and has had to be take to access a jacks. No the question of first order this in spite of.

Top Customer Reviews: Skytech Chronos ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5 Wilbert
I have had Skytech Time Gaming PC Desk - AMD Ryzen 7 2700X, NVIDIA RTX 2070 Súper partorisca roughly 2 weeks. In that then, has frozen on the each one 4-5 hours. Sometimes when I logged on to some Windows, sometimes when touching around in the browser of web, sometimes doing swimming, sometimes when logging was. It could very really find any way to consistently reproduce it.

Has tried with support of technology, but his only suggestion was the reinstall Windows, which have done and has not done. Then, I have tried only use some peripherals that is coming with a PC. Again, quell'concealed that has not done. I have tried to run memory and of the tests of hard walk, but could not find any questions. So many, in an end a lot really is the one who a subject was. I have run out of timing partorisca try to imagine it was reason have had to that have a car behind in his interior of hands 30 days to order or more would not take it behind. ( There is taken on the week to ship of his warehouse in Canada in my house in some the EUA continental, like this really has not had any time has left.)

Ossia A bad part . A good part is that when it was in fact able to touch play, has looked to surprise. A system kicked quickly, and the abundance has had to that options to develop (bay of extra of hard walk, space of extra RAM, etc). In all the reality, has not wanted to take touched of of this computer has had any way of the fix, but so only has not done.
4 / 5 Tenesha
Would give the indication of 3.5 stars could . In general I like a PC and a company. I add for gaming. Calm very fast & . Bang Very still your buck.

Has arrived with the 500GB SSD versus 1TB. It has taken the weeks of pair to take a correct SSD but this has comprised a week impacted for an apparition of one Tops Virus (does not have him has had to that send for behind a 500GB SSD). Also it has some white substance smeared in a black, the front that screen of faces that will not exit . A lot of noticeable. And the peripheral would not close down when a PC was was. Tried a lot of thing that has not done to correct this. Finally imagined out of that conclude down a PC has seen a key to be able to, versus on screen, also has turned was all the peripherals (chooses a key has closed down option in of the settings) .

The supports of technology is quite good but is to a large extent has seen texting which is intense time . It assumes this his so that it can assist multiple clients simultaneously. It has directed to take thru once for telephone. Also we send me the free, unrequested extra defender. Any sure if this was intentional or for incident, but has been appreciated.

Inferior line, would buy of this company again. It was, this in spite of, baffles it that they have shipped the PC with one wrong SSD and the defaced screen forward, in spite of comprising the cast of control signed for one of his personnel of control of the quality.
5 / 5 India
Am taking tick of these works of good computer when touching for the moment but when to the course likes dipped your computer to sleep, has closed down, hibernation or anything. When He have fallen behind on some freezings of screen in a paper to start with. I have tried emailing sustain of technology in this @@subject and ignore it.

Modify: you can fix this question to head to yours place to be able to and turn of the few things. 5 stars
5 / 5 Brittni
His really the coin toss that goes to go in this pre-PC has BUILT. Beware, the support of client is non-existent like any troubleshooting the subject raisin for probably will be the calm alone box has to return it if a subject has not been solved.
I frames vary, could be take any mark of a GPU 'A 2070 Supers the use can vary, use Asus, MSI, Zotac, and Gigabyte.' Directly of representative of client.
If you are the buyer of new computer the would not advise taking this PC, of then you run to question of questions that the shoots would require some pc knowledge.
My subject main has had them was that my PC would close down under cariche sure while gaming. Any error so only to complete closure a lot of reboot. Tried to take the support of client to help me was zero answered of his technical support (literally so only the voicemail, and his service of alive cat is not even attentive , the looks can finalise cat business hours while they want to). After the week to stress me has tried the troubleshoot this question so only (GPU , CPU good time down 70 a lot of overheat, heavens benchmark and cinebench to try both GPU and CPU under estréses, has not produced the accident, So only when touching the sure games have done a closure of computer) has tried PSU the thought perhaps was a supply to be able to but the able era to touch sure games for hours without clashing. Im Thinking it could be bad RAM test like this ailing that out of prójimo hopefully the technical support goes back mine for then.
Has thought so only the share my experience.
4 / 5 Ellis
Does not know some levels of PCs is anymore. It has used the Mac for years. 6 Or more years. It has gone back to a computer for the pc in this upgrade. I eat.. A graphic paper is quite powerful to look video in 8k. Yes.. You have read that has tried correctly this on tube. Wild experience. Subjects with a computer. I have had to that change out of my powercord. Something has not been well with him and a pc has maintained to die. Reason have been out of the PC for like this long are use in only order on the mac and that goes with him. He not having @@give there is the stock exchange to air sealed inside a tower. Pc Was the little has bitten strong and had read the description that has said this pc was strong. Take a stock exchange. Yes.. I have had yes a pc in current with an interior of the stock exchange of air sealed. Any insurance that action this thing can do with games. I have spent enough this I so that it can use likes the computer of work. With gaming profits :D has a fashionable game older ossia on-line game . It does not look to have @@subject. Also it has some has has DIRECTED keys of light control in a likes of changes a pc colour. And there is the program that the leaves change the defender or something inside your turn. Ploughing on a chance is easier with some rays of @@@knob of the turn. (It does not know a technical name of them) are use to some days of rays and the walk of ray to open on the pc gone back. Like this ossia the enormous plus for me
4 / 5 Georgianna
careers very a lot of all the love the to do so only good
able the max was more games in 1080p 144hz
does VR very a lot of
is coming packaged extremely a lot
would not be able to build a PC included more economic
the only down sides or nitpicks has them is.
One of a sliders for some ports of the lacking expansion does not treat it big mine bot something to do note of .
Then has had some stickers still in a GPU one some on some defenders lol any one the big of the ether of extracted .
The only real things will finalise them to the transmission is a stock heatsink and a unit of supply of the power .
Good work to Skytech
5 / 5 Sumiko
So only has taken a PC today. Everything runs smoothly out of a box and am taking 100+ frames by second and the amazing map in the each game has tried like this far (mostly warzone). FedEx The nave was several days late like this usual, and an outside of a box was broken slightly reason are the company of horrible nave , but a PC was packaged very well and arrived in pristine condition. This pre-the build was somehow roughly more economic that could build me with some same parts, with any of a headache. The hardware has been gathered properly, and the software has been installed, up to date, and ready to run. A mouse and the keyboard are also the main quality that has been expecting. 10/10 Happy with cost of mine.
5 / 5 Tandra
There is read first descriptions to buy east. And have think that has taken the good value. 1TB SSD/Ryzen 7/Nvidia GE Force 2070/16GB Ram. Partorisca Around $ 1500. And it would be the value adds , but some looks of company to be extraordinarily registered in a department of personnel.

1. I have received a PC in record time. Kudos To probably Amazon to take it was mine less than timing that it has promised. Bravo.

2. Unpacking it there is remarked an interior of a desk the chance there has been material of inner band, which notes, but was very difficult to take a material to pack out of a chance and IMO the risks that give delicate hardware. A packaging in a box was excellent. And it has arrived in good condition. Kudos!

3. Begun the on and has turned on. Súper Kudos!

4. Then, some questions have begun. Still although my whole house was in wireless and has taken 5/5 bars for signal of ours issue, a desk with the antenna has attached the z/the ZERO taken to 1 bar. It could not connect wirelessly and this was like me had planned to use Time. Any sake.

5. After spending for start on, has verified a system so only to discover has not taken 1TB SSD but instead has taken the averages concealed. Really any sake.

6. So many, have gone his web page and has seen has had support of technology. I add! I have it quell'has bought always HP reason on 10 years have has not had NEVER the question with HP pcs neither his service. The step has treated also he a lot the time done and was fantastic also. I have expected Skytech, with all a rave descriptions, to be decent - a lot on some upper - but decent. They are CAT of trace and expected in row for hours. HOURS!! Any sake!

7. With which finally taking the representative, was useful and pleasant and fiancé to send the new WIFI Paper and a 1TB SSD that has bought in fact. Súper! I have asked it would owe that return a 500GB the walk and has said the no. Uses It like this behind on storage. It has been it likes, I ADD! The deceptions spend while the fixed company his deceptions are to have forgive and be the loyal client.

8. But there is @@give after finalising a cat that had forgotten to ask that it follows or one ETA in a SSD/Wifi paper. So much, in place of bogging his lines of cat on again, reason a row has said an attentive would be 94 minutes , has decided to email him. It has taken ZERO ANSWERED . Really bad.

9. After the few days of any response, I emailed again. Answered of ZERO. Really, really bad. I have bought so only the $ 1500 pc and can not achieve any one. It could choose expect in his on-line row for the hours or I could call and the wait for the CALL has RETREATED SO ONLY. Had ANY WAY to take any to answer the simple question of, 'can take the number to follow and/or ETA for my substitution separates'? Really unacceptable.

10. So much, I take the response and take the mine has promised separates, will revise this description. If any answered, also will revise this description. A PC to be entirely so only - pursue well regarding gaming and map. It is awesome. It does not freeze or stutter or has closed down. And this are adds. All the games run in Big or Ultra big, perfectly.

But has taken less than that I bought and have any way to arrive to this point to communicate with a company. Doing the clients powerless celery is really, really bad to repeat business. And it concealed I sadden me. Perhaps finally they will assume more than people. Perhaps they will take any to man some telephones? Perhaps they will take any to verify his email the little time the week. I do not know . But to arrive to this point - I would not recommend this company. They are having to that entities that grows aches and organisational subjects of entities.

Wants to like. It loves him give 5/5. Cela Benefit me and benefits him, also when volume that wanted to and obtain the happy client, loyal. But so only I can the no. And I am kicking partorisca not taking a Alienware that my edges has to that facts has bought. Or a HP, which did not fail me, but has wanted to try something different. I also the better value has wanted that HP has had at the same time.

PS Will add tin of photo .
5 / 5 Hazel
Has ordered this for my edges to substitute the 6 yr old unit. I have bought it Skytech system on its own name the few years done, and has had any @subject anything with him, as I have stuck with them for my edges upgrade. Mainly it has looked for the paper of significant map and accusing upgrade and has not been disappointed with this election.
Has purchased the 32' MSI has twisted 4k monitor with 165ghz and has touched one of his the majority of demanding games in possible dipping main. We control a CPU exited of the heat and he grieve augmented at all.
Has seat in his desk and hardly can listens that it runs. We upgraded a RAM with some RGB Concentrated Corsairs and has added the 4TB hardrive outrage a 1TB SSD this is coming with him. Now it has abundance to be able to and an abundance of storage for everything of his games.
5 / 5 Enriqueta
When I have bought this PC assumed it would be perfectly ready for me to take he out of one covers of boxes he in and the take working, but, there are not a lot of discharges! It looked absolutely EVERYWHERE for a cord to be able to and has not had one to be found. Felizmente Mina roommate has had a class of the cord has required for a PC and I have taken covers it he in and take it working. They are like this dumbfounded that any one would sell the product that requires electrical power and forget to resupply the cord to be able to. Another that that loves this PC, has surprised RGB and a level of the noise is not that strong at all. A power of past is exceptional and look of map that has surprised.
4 / 5 Devon
My family has bought 2 of these computers inside a last month. 1st it was very good. nvme M.2 ssd, msi gaming X rgb paper of the map with the dish of metal has retreated , rgb ram. It was impressed really with him. I Liked him really. 2nd a. PNY geforce RTX 2070 blower Paper of map of the fashion.. Contempt blower papers, as they tend partorisca have terrible thermals. Basic sata ssd, which is the little disappointing but is that never, and probably an economic plus 3000 mhz claves of Oloy the ram could possibly dipped in him. Literally $ 50 ram. With which has imposed ossia $ and some transmission. 1st computer would say them was a lot of value he. 2nd a, while I have cut well, was to good sure A lot that has thought them has bought them. It would have been better built my own. 2 different people bet these neighbours. 1 it has had it the clue and has concerned . Another has launched so only anything was more economic and that joints of person more wanted to and has sent he to the long of. And if any one is by train to ask in a mark of motherboard his a Asrock b450m ac. It thinks that it Is also 3000 ready according to asrocks put web. In short: sound the $ 1500 toe of coin. Both computers, to build you would be, as of of the this, value he technically. Perhaps it has included the bit more than $ 1500 based in a tower. This in spite of one 1st is quite upper in hardware, thermals, and aesthetic. It was very conscious when buying this computer that a mark of the paper of maps would vary, but the has not expected a blower paper, and really does not have to that it had it, for this a 3 indication of star. It would like to mention this in spite of, that a creation of towers there is awesome airflow with a front of point and configuration of defender, and a management of boss in both pc is is like this near to perfect calm so much can take. Some towers thermals almost done up for a blower paper. Almost.
4 / 5 Heather
Has bought this pc the week or like this behind and when it has arrived looks to be bluescreening. Tried the reinstall windows without regime. They are by train to send me Another hard walk for him but yes concealed no patient to be by train for the send behind for the full repayment. A fact has to them that it expects 2 weeks all together after the take for The TAKE his same work with which has to that expect the week is terrible. Ailing transmission my description if work. This in spite of do not go recommends to build your own pc or that goes to another company
4 / 5 Robbin
PC is an absolute disorder (pc the management of boss was the wreck). Experience a pc on done the week. Everything in this computer is questions. A day has received a pc the failed to aim any video. (PC would turn on but would take at all to look in a monitor.) Having some knowledge of pcs was able to fix a subject for uninstalling and reinstalling some claves of ram. After taking the few blue screens of death, a pc finally kicked up. (After installing all the necessary engine) has decided to try some games. Start with one the majority of municipality of games of all (minecraft) I the basic fps test. A game has smooth course (144fps) at the beginning until roughly 5 minutes in. A game has begun to have hicups and of entity fps loss (20-50fps). Tried a lot of different ways to fix some subjects but any regime. With which, have decided to change up and career of Mafia III. Mafia III has run very smooth at the beginning until roughly 15 minutes to perceive. Thats When A fps collapsed (of the smooth 115+fps - 30fps) Any sure the one who a subject is, but looks a pc has some class of the of entity bottleneck. A bottleneck swipe a purpose of a RTX 2070 Súper. There is of the like this @@subject of action with this pc. It is quite disappointing, especially for a seal of big prize for him. That really do me disappointed is a fact that my GTX 1060 6GB portable outperforms this pc the majority of a time. They are very unhappy with this pc.
4 / 5 Augusta
Some defenders of chances and LEDs does not operate. As the one who can say that it is all plugged In, but any one imports that I some defenders and the lights no . He the dangerous fact to use of then he so only overheat. A lot unsatisfied . Cant Finds the solution.
Update: finally discovered to the equal that to take of the rear poster that use a two hand that presiona rays. Some defenders have not been connected to a bit circuit to be able to joint. The law of computer adds now.
4 / 5 Branda
This computer are adds build very solid with the parts add certainly value a prize I usually build my own but does not love this time and this was quite comparable to edifice I also is totally upgrade able I so only upgraded a ram to two corsair 16gb sticks to to do 32 gb of ram and took him to them with rgb partorisca match a chance the also are while on two corsair followers like this will update them when you take them those and of the his places on quell'has been them reading in the forums is that asrock is not a better for the partidários the multiple has left so only with pwm but will see does also the hub for some other defenders can cover them he in the has required but will see and taking a m.2 SSD also can common and game a same time highly recommends
5 / 5 Mui
Ossia my personal prime minister Desk. I have done of the laptop of then was in Institute and moving on to this desk because I have seen such the shot adds was so much value he! It was packaged a lot very too much!

Has taken averts the first bit to kick on top of then has wanted to add the 2TB HDD this in spite of and thought it would be more simple state but a GPU blockades a SATA hub so much clock was for that and be careful is adding the walk! After the few weeks to use it, has not had any question. I have had reset of factory a car because of my personal flavour to start with fresh and to optimise the action of a taking-go. I know that of mine portable upgrade of HDD the SSD(crucial nvme) has been expecting some start adds on speed. But this was so only bit it slower with his classical ADATA SSD.

A LEDs has done so only adds and was able to take all a software to light with the little googling (excluding a chance of course) to do in Razer synapse in sync! GPU The work adds for more than games I game. World of the hunter of the monster takes roughly 80 frames in max all and any past of fall inclusa 60 with multiple monsters in a screen. Airflows Quite good and the time never drives mad.

Give the graces for this amazing car! To good sure save me to build my own and that spends for supposition and control to see that I badly and it fixing in the cause of month will be the bad part that considers my regime. Well done skytech gaming :)
4 / 5 Marylou
looked in the pair other frames. Any of some computers has had there exactly that has looked for. This one has had all except one 2 TB HHD to the along lateralmente a SSD. A SSD is at least two times to a measure likes any of some other computers looked in. It has had all more, and me feel likes has not been compromising in a computer has looked for. What better still, was less expensive of another of the looked in. To good sure would purchase again. I think that that I will be to move to Skytech still all my future computer need.
4 / 5 Gary
Well.... Ossia A prime minister upgrade in enough the moment and I was excited enough for a level of yours still bang buck Skytech has offered.

Looks and immediately some locks of key of the power in a down situates to cause immediate closure. It has treated it bypass of a key and are operational but rests some quite nagging doubt.

Here is to expect and will update so that the things develop
4 / 5 Melvina
Paid to express shipping of then have the business project I need to rid to the client later this week. The product is coming punctual, which was a lot. Until I unpackaged a whole thing, has taken out of an interior that cushions, then powered he until the light of the upper defender/broken (not taking beat) and there is exited any of the video like my computer is unusable.

INB4 ' Has something wrong with your setup' nope. Mina HDMI and works of monitor in mine PS4, and mine Macbook Pro. There is at all bad with anything but a computer. Any service of client in some weekends I like this has to that expect until Monday, which is understandable, but apparently have the Technician of Quality that control a product. Has reseated mine GPU, retarded my PC long, all this jazz. Still any start of video. A thing of start of the video is not to treat it enormous, but the find hard to believe an upper defender would break like this easily to be has shipped. Any to be salty, but to to look likes neither has not been tried properly or wasnt never of connected to start with with.
4 / 5 Lucia
Has bought recently a Oculus Investigations in Feb, and grieve Half Life: Alyx has been released, has known I has wanted to purchase the gaming PC to link mine headset his and game Alyx. I have considered to build my PC done own, but A) has not had any thought that has done and B) looked likes would cost MORE to build rig he with him Ryzen 7 and RTX 2070 Súper, that to purchase this prebuilt model of Skytech Gaming. They are honradamente like this happy I , causes this unit is the beast , and is by train to touch Alyx and each one another VR launches of game in him perfectly and smoothly. It has arrived in the attentively and thoughtfully has drawn container, and love a keyboard and the smiles is coming with too much. In general they are so only really stoked in this computer. To good sure recommend for any one looking for a perfect futureproofed VR PC.
5 / 5 Xiomara
Paid partorisca express shipping of then have the business project I need partorisca rid to the client later this week. The product is coming punctual, which was a lot. Until I unpackaged a whole thing, has taken out of an interior that cushions, then powered he until the light of the upper defender/broken (not taking beat) and there is exited any of the video like my computer is unusable.

INB4 ' Has something wrong with your setup' nope. My HDMI and works of monitor in mine PS4, and my Macbook Pro. There is at all bad with anything but a computer. Any service of client in some weekends I like this has to that expect until Monday, which is understandable, but apparently have the Technician of Quality that control a product. Has reseated my GPU, retarded my PC long, all this jazz. Still any start of video. A thing of start of the video is not to treat it enormous, but the find hard to believe an upper defender would break like this easily partorisca be has shipped. Any partorisca be salty, but to the look likes neither has not been tried properly or wasnt never of connected partorisca begin with.
5 / 5 Mirella
Has bought recently a Oculus Investigations in Feb, and grieve Half Life: Alyx has been released, has known has wanted to purchase the gaming PC to link my headset his and game Alyx. I have considered to build my PC done own, but A) has not had any thought that has done and B) looked likes would cost MORE to build rig he with the Ryzen 7 and RTX 2070 Súper, that to purchase this prebuilt model of Skytech Gaming. They are honradamente like this happy I , causes this unit is the beast , and is by train to touch Alyx and each one another VR launches of game in him perfectly and smoothly. It has arrived in the attentively and thoughtfully has drawn container, and love a keyboard and the smiles is coming with too much. In general they are so only really stoked in this computer. To good sure recommend for any one looking for a perfect futureproofed VR PC.
4 / 5 Erin
Has bought Skytech Time Gaming PC Desk - AMD Ryzen 7 2700X, NVIDIA RTX 2070 Súper 8GB, 16GB DDR4 (2X 8GB), 1TB SSD, B450M Motherboard, 650 Gold of Watt (Ryzen 7 2700X | RTX 2070 Súper). These looks of PC to surprise and the law adds. It is fast calm and the beast. My gaming the experience is awesome of has taken them this pc and researching in an internet is the breeze . An only suggestion has for this company is not to use Fed Ex like the carrier horrible company, another that that loves my new PC.
5 / 5 Bernardo
The mine has taken the moment to be rid, as it has not been mailed immediately, (and then UPS retarded that long - no Skytech fails) but Is in a half of the pandemic. Skytech Was really well roughly answering to mine emails inside the day with updates of state and any one answered the questions have had.

Like this far this beast runs each game has tried with taxes to frame consistently on 100. It is it adds to run OBS and the video that modifies also.

Has received the cd with the engine installs in the, included this in spite of has any cd walk in a computer (any room), which Skytech ensure me was accidentelle.

Are very happy with cost of mine, like this ossia the ENORMOUS upgrade in mine last computer. A company was friendly and patient/comprising of mine.... Lack of patience (lol) .... In a delay. Thank you!
5 / 5 Alysa
Pc Has arrived like this expected and has shipped extremely quickly. Any missing component like other descriptions has said. These Averages of what 125-150 fps in 1080 in warzone. I have not had a cpu or gpu temp continuous in 80 c while touching like any subjects to heat. A keyboard is in fact quite good but the has not liked him one feels of a mouse is probably more to use another. A tower is quite big to the equal that will owe that a bit it spaces to somewhere. He so that it managed it far all have launched in him and to good sure will update my description if anything changes.
4 / 5 Luanne
Ossia My PC of prime minister , and has wanted to be able to both game and surrender big 3D Models and animations. So only it can be that the have the habit of mine portable, but this computer is lightyears faster. I have been using he for the week like this far and has pressed so much a CPU and GPU to a limit while rendering some video. To all the cost, was able to resist big CPU start for 3-4 hours. Ive Able state to look my video in 4K seamlessly, and game FPS without the screen that tears or screen lag. I have had some question with ice cream in the points in of to to the games like CIV 6, but concealed also could be due to networking of @subject. In general, I am very pleased like this far.
4 / 5 Sierra
Some time is coming a lot quickly! And it was packaged a lot well. It is absolutely beautiful. I do not go to feign to know the plot in computer. But you are more than the majority of mine peers so they are really taking to them, and know that this thing is the beast for a money has paid! Have Still for the try was with the VR experience ossia on prójimo perhaps will come and update this description one do one. This thing is ailing this in spite of for real...
4 / 5 Valeria
Has has possessed now this pc for roughly 3 weeks and feel are time quite spent with him to write this. The ones of way that there is far has had the z/the zero issues anything. This PC is surprising and has run each game perfectly. Mark so only sure takes the 144 hz monitor at least reason this thing runs all my games easily on 120fps. Súper Fast ssd, adds GPU and CPU! I have been the serious gamer all of my life and this PC surpass my expectations. You will be very happy with east! Thank you So much Skytech! 😊
5 / 5 Pura
Has taken this prebuilt Reason has the busy schedule and covers it so only in and the game is way easier for me that building the pc. But in general, I am impressed. A quality of build is sum. A chance is beautiful and a prize:the proportion of quality is glorious. It runs each game has launched in him (STRONG BOX, GTA, COD WWII, and quite all more in my library) adds. My personnel goes to the game is STRONG BOX and runs the smooth 80fps in of the settings of épico full. It is also well to record and streaming like Ryzen 7 2700x paired with a RTX 2070 súper is well for the majority of level of entrance streamers/ register of video, modifying, or rendering. In general I have had the experience adds and to good sure would recommend.
4 / 5 Theresia
Has bought this pc to use my Oculus Rift S. It runs like the charm and a specs are adds for a prize is in. Has the 4k monitor and with some map tweaking can touch more games in 4k 60fps. Also it looks quite easy to substitute inner hardware. My only complaint was that the mine has been missing an extra port for an antenna but I always can take the double usb one to do up for him. In general I am very happy with cost of mine!
4 / 5 Charise
I add 'bang partorisca yours buck' extracted. Of the that Doubt in this build, cant complains roughly anything. Like this quickly, like this smooth in of the games. Highly recommended.
5 / 5 Emmy
Has taken this while it was 1300. Taking this on 14400 is by train partorisca prints it tbh but this thing will run any game in 144 ultra in 1080p. I have it quell'has found so only 2 exceptions. Red Died in of the big settings (of those who the bears try ultra, 50 - 60 is yours something sweet there) half 80-90 and Goddess Ex humanity divded 29 fps ultra or 50 besides down (bottlenecking subject in a cpu and the wasnt able to fix he). A prize has taken them partorisca was a lot near of that the'd has paid partorisca gather he with some same parts but has saved them on shipping costs like this of the the alive in Caribbean and this nave there is tacked in anywhere of 100 to 200 more than the era has owed to bear spend.
4 / 5 Romeo
The careers Condemn Eternal in Ultra Nightmare in 4k with taxes of perfect frame. Solid chance, good mouse. The keyboard is well, is the good backup . I price shopped everywhere could, and this was a real shot partorisca sub 2 glorious. I have added 16gb ram and has valued on 9000 on 3d Mark.
5 / 5 Adelaide
As it has taken this computer partorisca my anniversary and has loved that. It is fast and map in-look of game gorgeous, but has installed the 500 GB SSD in place of the 1 TB SSD. I have contacted support of client and send me to knots the new one but this new SSD has belonged of more. This computer would be that it surprises if it has not been partorisca a fact that can not look to imagine out of SSD is.
5 / 5 Erinn
Shopped Around partorisca quite sometime and has thought roughly building my PC of prime minister with which 10 hiatus of years. Solved in this car after comparing he with models of competitor and has not been disappointed at all. Shot on COD Warzone day 1 and a short game very smooth, 125 FPS in very big/ultra settings...

This short computer each launch of game in him extremely well, I so that far it has been it touching GTAv, A Forest, and CS: it goes. With which roughly 1 week... I have verified east listing another time, thinking roughly buying the model consecrated for streaming and the backup my prime minister. This in spite of, honradamente am thinking will explore another SkyTech model (ANY REASON IM UNHAPPY, so only reason are sure some other models treat like this well.)

For a money, this PC packs the serious punch in this point of prize. It likes me quell'has said, and possibly will be to buy this exact model again in the near future.

SkyTech Is real.
5 / 5 Yevette
While there is there was so only on and when being announces a day, this PC has looked for to be fast and enjoyable to use. Some ports have located in a cup of a chance is easy to access. Also it likes having to that an illumination under an office; he the easy fact to locate some rear ports and outlets and such located under an office.
5 / 5 Piedad
Very happy with this compraventa. Ossia My prime minister gaming PC and after doing the investigation felt like this was good value for a specs. I have looked for to use my lives in mine portable but he didnt fulfil a minimum specs has required. I have been pleased to find it has done adds immediately after dipped up. A sum of looks of the tower and a keyboard and smiles that it is coming with looks good quality and have a matching backlights this looks fresh. The keyboard has the metal backplate and feels solid. Some commented in a sound, the ones of the that thinks his strong and have any question with that. I have been surprised the one who credit a cooling done in a tower also. With which hours to run my lives in general qualities a computer wasnt has included to warm to a touch
4 / 5 Angele
Honradamente has loved a computer, all was the quality of good build and the bang for your buck. So only each few hours would turn was without warning. In the first place it was so only during some games, has then begun to the turn was while so only touching Youtube. Occasionally a computer any turns inclusos behind on for the pocolos second, or so only maintains to the turn was and on in the loop.

Has verified for overheating, Bios, bad PSU, and like this on. Still it could not imagine out of a question. Admitted I never verified with disguising support, but based of some other descriptions are not any a lot of help. With which two weeks have has had to that the only returns sadly, would have been the computer really well if it has not been for one concludes random was.
4 / 5 Aurea
So only has taken a unit last night. I have ordered on 20th or 21st and it has taken pound quickly that expected(any first). The packaging was a lot well, a unit was in the condition adds. Setup Was the breeze and he have come with everything of some correct components. Any complaint like this far. It has been able to manage any and all have launched in him gaming wise. They are so only now taking to PC gaming but has tried some of the mine behind cataloging like rainbow six chair, BF3, Apex, CS: it GOES, everything in ultra and any hiccup or anything. I also dipped he by means of some benchmarks and has valued adds. In general I am very happy with this car for a prize
5 / 5 Brent
In general was happy with this computer. A storage was so only 500G but after contacting a vendor has sent a 1TB, which really says alot in his company. It is running the utmost games and can sustain my boys gaming needs. I have not been impressed with a keyboard and the smiles have sent this in spite of. Habladuría In basic.
4 / 5 Elsa
These tears of what. After doing investigation and trying to the piece separates the joint is almost identical to price yes was paralización to build it to you. It has touched multiple games, comprising warzone and a map is surprising (once regulated). Súper Happy roughly the like this far and undoubtedly faster that any computer will possess.
5 / 5 Hue
Like this value a prize and like this far am enjoying gaming in the big plus fps going in R6 150 fps in max settings and on 430 fps in csgo trying other big games but in general his value a prize. It wished it so only there it has been it more the big plus SSD that my only flu. 9/10
4 / 5 Caterina
Loves this computer like this far. I have had he for the few days now and runs everything of my games perfectly well. A keyboard is the small confusing of some shortcuts keys are not some same like the normal computer, and there is not any one drives that calm points that is or to the equal that to change them, but concealed is not extracted really like this big.
5 / 5 Freddie
Of a day that has received my computer, less than fact the month, a video there is blacked was with a computer that careers in a rear earth 11 times. Every time I have has has had to that do to hard closure and restart a computer. If this would have to that spend while they are rendering the video, will be disastrous.
4 / 5 Debi
Has taken the little moment for an order to go in, but when it was has excited really. It is coming a lot of a lot of packaged. Like other descriptions have said, there is no manual, and was unable to find an on-line for this concrete Time, but averts of this neighbour-up was simple and easy. Really like a RGB lights and has tonnes of options for them. It is slightly stronger that has expected, but no terrible at all.

That I can say, some individual part of this build, more a management of amazing boss, exited to be treats it better far that it taking all separate and building he of scratch. In general, I add compraventa.
4 / 5 Imogene
A system arrived with some specifications esatte have listed, packaged securely to prevent harm, and was easy to the equal that could be to dip up. This thing runs over so only in any game can launch in him, and only costs marginally more than would cost to build you while it uses any generic part. It would not doubt to recommend his products or buy another system of them in a future.
5 / 5 Luella
PC adds been touching in 4k in of the settings of the main and his map in current extremely well, at all bad at all would buy of skytech again👍
4 / 5 Lanette
Covers any game. A lot easy to dip on- although some the light settings are confusing. 5 stars this in spite of reasons a specs are adds for a value. It can easily run AAA titles in 1440 P and 60 FPS.
5 / 5 Keenan
Took it the few days , and the laws so only mark the sure sum download all a right software.
4 / 5 Talisha
Swimming to disturb, is run all day every day for me a last month without the hitch. It runs all my games quickly quite that there is remarked any glitch, any lag, can and just speed. It loves it, any one could that the to me has built for a prize.

Top Customer Reviews: Skytech Archangel ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5 Rosetta
The computer is coming a lot of packaged and in the good box, with good literature. I know this no really the @@subject but some few things do the big difference. It has included it Has come with the good stock exchange around a PC, which finalise partorisca maintain for odds and finals. Enjoyed a unboxing.

Once dipped on, the a short computer adds. Any subject with a hardware. Our daughter is by train to to use likes him his prime minister gaming OF PC and really enjoys some looks of way. A RGB is 10/10 with this chance and of the defenders. Personally, in mine build done of commission, there is RGB software partorisca direct everything. This in spite of our daughter is so only 9 like the fact has a RGB the on concealed key is pre-programmed is the ENORMOUS plus. We have touched several games on he without subjects.

Personally, would not love a keyboard and smiles that it comes with because peripheral utilisation of big final partorisca gaming. This in spite of, partorisca ours daughter, would say that they are perfect. They are in fact qualities REALLY WELL, better that any of a competitor 'freebies' this I has seen on some years. So that it was the definite plus partorisca we a lot partorisca have that substitutes anything partorisca his to use.

In general am very satisfied. The prize to the proportion of product are adds. A lot happy with that take for a paid of quantity. To good sure would recommend 10/10.
5 / 5 Caroll
Is not exited of a box. While partorisca listen behind support of technology. 1 star partorisca he when being exactly like this described and a fast nave.
Will update with which listen of support of technology

Has taken the computer sustains of the working client shipped out of the substitution harddrive. Fast service of skytech support. To good sure would recommend this partorisca any one looking for the gaming computer that does not feel likes build his own. There are the things of pair would change them and probably but partorisca a prize touches the good computer.
The keyboard feels the little economic but a mouse is well. The defenders are running full speed a lot of cpu has controlled. A rgb has not connected to a rgb the headed in a mother boards like this calm is not able to control by means of software so only for a key in a chance.
4 / 5 Quinn
The piece has arrived several early days . Well packaged; it would have taken the few terrific swipes, to wreck the. The mine there is not coming with a lot of of a Manual of Instruction, but is everything quite Goof-try - Cover so only In And Game. Really it appreciates that ANY BLOATWARE was on that. Windows Justo 10 and the little system that program of controls. FAST Of LIGHTNING. Ossia My first hard walk State Solid. It is glorious. SHABBY calm will not be disappointed.

UPDATE: 4 transmission & of month, and everything is well. Any has an accident while touching play on-line. Lightning-Fast Defrag, Disk Cleanup & Scanner of Virus. AAAA++ Treated of better PC has not done never, and has been buying PCs for 25 years. This one east the Sleeper! The paper of Map adds. I need no upgrading. Low cost, easy setup, and - well, does not know in a Service of Client. I have not had any one @subjects to dip that on, and in my book, if yours PC spends Any time in a Tent, has bought one WRONG A! PC is a LEGISLATION a. Grab The.
4 / 5 Keiko
Like my old PC has begun to fail in a course of two or three weeks. Has thinks that has required more RAM, and with which upgrading the never consistently kicked Windows again. Everything of of the this during Natal New Years when one HE folks finally take his use-he-or-lose it PTO and loves to relax touching some games. As I have required the new PC ASAP like my time out of acting burned was. I googled estimate gaming PCs and found the little of Skytech, the one who had not listened never of before. It looked in side vs action and looked this one for $ 800 was the good access. Nave of haste.... And here we are.

- Look quite calm, any that really annoy me any way, the headphones fix everything.
- Has been stable action , well. Substituted the PC of 10 years to the equal that to to sound like him to him whole of touch of new games with that career faster.
- I utmost looks, included in one was when more PCs look quite fresh. Cabling Is a lot of fact.
- Fond! For coverages of powder of the defender and side of glass. Any tool has required is good and feels pricey.
- Advance/of upper USB and mic/the ports of speaker are astonishingly very situated assuming is chairs under your office.

- Has come with mouse and keyboard. It would have liked him one same but the most economic thing without a mouse and keyboard. Each one gamer already has those. I have opened a box of keyboard to peek and looks well. Metal behind, look to have that has weighed.
- Has come with permission of Windows, would be more economic without. Unless his yours PC of prime minister, probably calms already the. Logitech The Chinese/Mandarin 'relieved' as my incumplimiento tongue... Like the licence could not be the the USA one? Any way, was able to dip in mine Win10 Pro Licence of an old PC to do a 'upgrade', but thinks that has lost a 10 licence of house in a process (any one sure the one who a tone was).

Like this in general to good sure would recommend this PC to a lot of that looks for to build of estimativa well. Material Skytech can do east a better same value for cutting some bits was (smiled, keyboard, wins licence). So only another thing perhaps would be to underline some ports of paper of the map more. Has no @to @give has required to change to displayport of DVI until a morning this arrived and has had to rush of more Buy. My sure failure (and more the people probably have displayport bosses) but something to remark. But mine 144 Hz the monitors look utmost with him!
4 / 5 Jule
First times not buying never he gaming computer to the equal that has looked for something relatively economic and good. Of then I of the one who touch in of the computer too often but my laptop has been in decline I wine to of the this and has taken the casualidad. It has come mine safely and didnt take to yearn me to dip up. There is remarked that there is two hdmi ports in some behind but so only some facts for the screen. I have imagined another isnt has connected. As I have had to take the exposure adaptadora port for pill of mine to draw and dip the up like the second screen. Work perfectly and Im happy with a neighbour up. Of some looks of there looks to be room to customise with as hardrives or more the ram to the equal that will be to look to that in a future
5 / 5 Geraldo
This was HARD to exit of a packaging, a styrofoam was like this stagnate inside a box, but was very protected, and honradamente a thing a harder roughly taking it dipped up. I didnt need anything for the take working, so only plugged he on and is gone through a protocol of windows. It is a lot well, with the by heart multiple settings. A keyboard and smiled there is not matched, but was good quality . (A mouse pictured there is not coming with a PC)

extracted well, but am a lot new to PC gaming, as there is at all for the compare to. This be has said, was totally value of the money, how is the enormous step on console gaming. Compared to mine PS4 pro, is surprising.
4 / 5 Adrian
Has decided to purchase this after reading several on-line descriptions and video in this bundled-produced and of the individual pc components. Rodeo: All has verified was, that all the world-wide said in Skytech and some components were positively true, and one strikes for mine buck has paid was. They are very pleased with east!

To break it down the bit partorisca to to the nervous buyers like to of them:

Book and packaging: 10/10. Amazon The work adds of safeguarding a box to ship, and Skytech has done the wonderful work with his packaging. It was a lot of simple to open and take all working. Really it appreciates a minimalist, clean instructions , sincere for initials setup.

Installation and action: 9/10. This short build sum and has had virtually any subject with dipping it up. An only thing that is spent was mine PCEi boss of power for mine GPU has not gone fully connected, and has known no that until I have tried to kick. But I said the one who a subject was, and has opened a coverage of magnetic glass and fixed the. That has spent probably was, when have take an interior that bands (this packs inside a chance of PC to maintain some components of moving during shipping), has to have dislodged a boss. The smallest thing this in spite of and I a lot enough a ship of product with an interior to pack the no.

Again, in general, ossia the product adds . Well currency he in my humble opinion.
4 / 5 Arleen
Really adds compraventa. The a lot of investigation and for a prize this can not be beaten. It looked in some components individually to see could me build for much more economic, and was like this near in the tax has decided reason spend for possible degradation of subjects. It maddens 20 and FIFA 20 career softens like this butter, Fortnite are usually 90-100 fps in of the levels of épico, and Fallen Jedi maxed out of the settings usually am fluctuating among 70-90fps. Sweet build and a lot of upgradable when it comes time. Value each dollar.
4 / 5 Ricarda
An only reason has not given this 5 star was reason there is not coming with Windows 10. I all could for the actuate (clue to any instruction) and after all concealed has not done, I emailed skytech, imagining would send me the tone of product because I sent him test that my computer there is not coming with Windows 10, but all was to send me the link to the troubleshooter I already used and gave his soyla the ore considers'.

All more this in spite of is 5 worthy stars , as I can not give this computer the low description. It touches modern games without questions, is quite calm, and comes with the mouse and keyboard that is both add in qualities.
5 / 5 Shaquita
The majority has read probably or know manually, more pre-has built gaming PCs is quite bad. They are usually overpriced, a company will cut corners to go down costs and so only any value a prize that considers usually quite bad specs. Well here it is SkyTech the one who looks to change that it takes all the world. This computer is the beast and has all would want to had built the up. I have been using it now almost the month this in spite of like this smooth and to the fresh feeling likes of the day the fallen up. Any bloatware, calm internals and the good selection of parts.

In no way at all are I súper connoisseur in computers, gaming or technology in general but is like the strongly research before I buy. I have looked a lot of video in each component, like the builds would owe that look and treat, descriptions in SkyTech and his PCs and each appearance is coming to a point of me has loved this PC without a hassle of edifice I. I have saved some money buying all these parts for separate and building for my account? Of course but we require to agree that this need of frames to do it buck to survive and paid for a consolation and know like this concealed some of can be missing of.

Like all and everything, am besides happy with this PC. Extracted all my games (Fortnite, Legends of Apex, CS: it GOES, PUBG, Call to Have to that, GTA V...) Really well without stuttering or questions and are adds for production of music (I run usually 12 VSTs the time and surrender to plot of different clues immediately without questions). They are not that it says that he prebuilt PC is first for any but partorisca to to any one him me like the one who has known that has loved and does not love all some separates that hunting and work, this was the sleep coming true! Highly it recommends this PC and SkyTech like the mark!
4 / 5 Ula
A lot a pics sees is dud. A Picture of a backside of a PC aims that a GPU likes 3 Displayports and 1 HDMI but a GPU has taken has there was so only 1 Displayport and 1 HDMI. It would be happier has not been the blower GPU of then are not really the big defender of them. A Motherboard was also different of some pictures have aimed also. Has come so only with 2 2.0 USB and 4 3.0 USB obviously to the equal that can see in a picture touches the different Motherboard... And a RAM is not 3000MHz was 2666MHz but am happy to know that his dual canal in planting that some shows of picture where the only looks was a clave of RAM . But his in general the a lot of running PC. Some descriptions of a PC this in spite of probably would owe that be update and some pictures because some of him was quite dud. Also some two rays for a rear poster are missing, And has not been in a box.
4 / 5 Christina
After contemplating the computer upgrade, has taken finally a time to do an investigation and take the new PC for Gaming and some work in of the applications of house.
Previously usually would build my own system but after finding this system and verifying a prize to buy some same components, these loans to go the solution was cost more effective and has does not have to that me worry on yes that has bought was to do near.
Out of a box this system is ready to go with ZERO bloatware.
After the month has the zeros sew that I am not happy with. For a money ossia the good system .
The keyboard and smile that come with a system is good and light, but is so only the little uncomfortable to that I there is before state, but ossia the preference of person . I will change him with my old system or upgrade his in some point but is feasible crew a lot that is not announced really with a compraventa.
An only flu can say is that two times have paste accidentally a key to be able to and the turn was, but his really any that big of a @@subject reason takes roughly 20 according to his fully bounces on a system.
Good things to remark:
- A dose of keyboard has the little different colour settings, just cycle although his with a 'the train on/was' key among a FN and key of Right Control.
- Has spaces of expansion for hard walks (accessed by a right part of a chance, no a side of glass)
- 2 USB and entrance of audios and starts in an upper front of a chance.
- The paper of video has 3 Port of Exposure and 1 HTMI port.
- Some lights can be cycled was and have a lot of settings and of the different options.

Has spoken included my brother in to choose this an up in a system was to buy concealed was $ 225 more economic. Some savings am side was to the mark has not been value that has lost in action and upgrade-capacity.
4 / 5 Dalia
The look of computer adds, shoots well up. Some benchmarks and all looks in legislation. Behind to draw main is a speed of nave , which has been retarded like several clients have said; and some peripherals of rubbishes. Perhaps give drop down options for mice and of the better keyboards? They are in no way picky but this keyboard remains lit when a unit is was and feels less than pair. In general this in spite of, his paste the very competitive prize signals that that there is not founding rivaled elsewhere. The quality of build is solid. Calm will not be disappointed taken the new keyboard , smiled, and order drunk quite calm so much is surprised when it appears. It recommends.
4 / 5 Mona
Has listened mixed opinions roughly buying computers on Amazon, but in the bit of the estimativa has decided to take it casualidad here, and am happy has done.

First of all, this computer is QUICKLY! Ossia Prime minister of mine pc with a SSD, and is surprising that of the difference done. It has fallen On, and it has closed down, in of the seconds.

A RGB lighting is really fresh, and has the settings of dozen of the pair in a push of the key.

A lot especially, a gaming. I have not taken to try any new titles still, but Halo Wars 2, the known game for subjects on PC, runs perfectly in 1080p.

Very impressed like this far, and my friends of same plans on purchasing a PC still.
4 / 5 Leonore
With which two weeks of use, this computer has excellent speed for inaugural multiple programs and of the windows with tasking a CPU, everything in the very attractive chance. It is coming a lot well it has packed. A computer was in the interior packed of boxes of the regular form of map has protected that isolated a CPU. This in spite of, that was highly desirable was that it has had the foam inserts/insert INNER of a computer to prevent and harm to impact to some computers confine. This was to take easily has seen a hinged spends lateralmente of the glass drawn for easy upgrading. A whole unit was encased in the protective stock exchange to protect against scratches. A MSI jointed of graphic wine with a HDMI port and multiply put you of exposure. At the beginning I owe that no @to @give that has had ports of exposure been due to a fact that some ports have been protected for the plásticoes inserts/inserts. They are not the gamer and use he for productivity of office. An included wired keyboard and the mouse are very built and some lights of keyboard (or no according to dipping) that could be it attractive to youngster gamers. I have substituted a keyboard and smile with Logitech wireless unit. In general an excellent value.
5 / 5 Jefferey
Global I really liked this PC. It is exited of a box, looked elegant, and has run far cry 5 without subjects. This in spite of, this morning have experienced it BSOD in a half to touch soySeñores of the axe Negotiates Sexy' was steam that has read: it Fails_of Page_In_Nonpaged_Zone, and after trying reboot and open on a game again to see yes was the fluke: Management_by heart. A final time, with which so only ploughing a desk: PFN_the CORRUPT_CAST. This headed to multiple Asurion calls with service of client, a prime minister one said to call behind and possibly could helps in 4 are, a second constantly misgendered me but concealed is not really appropriate to a description, and a third said that that is to be protect and could send it behind or attended for his centre of call in 8 are. I have decided that I have not loved to treat this I so that it follows to send the behind. Verifying a Skytech the forums looked fruitless. A computer not even would send the signal of video to a monitor, multiple reboots has not helped. I am guessing the faulty RAM or the virus of a game, but was unable to find the subjects with some games have downloaded to cause the memory issues on-line or bricking a RAM. MGSB To good sure has not been like this visually registering Cry like this Far 5. I really like a computer and am planning on buying the alike unit. It classifies of bummed to find the subject fatal like this like this punctual, but is that it is.

1. Mark sure has the good antivirus.
2. It follows protocol of microsoft after finding the bluescreen.
3. Call Skytech first of Asurion (still although I have not tried this.)
4. It tries to recover that pode.

I really liked this pc so much are to good sure bummed roughly he not doing . Also it would be useful in a description of product has indicated if or no this unit comes with the keyboard and mouse, which he , as well as an audio jack (green the green), and an antenna for a backside of a chance. This would do to gather some elements to return easier. I almost slid in a HDMI concealed there is not coming from a chance.
5 / 5 Chelsie
Awesome Amazon of the products of just desire has shipped he in two days likes payed for has ordered one 1st is gone in one 7th is gone in touched for the week and something shorted and he a lot of estaca . I have sent so only a Faulty unit hopefully a new one sending acts in general very very happy bc I payed for the product and are now in downtime and unable to touch. If or master ur computer tommorow go elsewhere
5 / 5 Derrick
That it has been it able to experience of this PC, are adds. I say that, reason a main reason has bought was the seriously upgrade that used so that it could does better of house during a Covid-19 pandemic. Thus purpose, has been wonderful. It has fallen Quickly, and it manages that I use he for perfectly. A keyboard comprised and the smile does a lot well, he well look and is comfortable to use (mine a flu is a placing of a backslash tone and measure of a backspace key). I want that internally it is not messy, of then is the glass marries wall. A LEDs in a look of good chance and is the good prize. That little real gaming has been able to do, has been fantastic so that it is. The map is well, the time of response is fantastic, and all that is feigned to do, and he well. It can and to good sure will recommend.
4 / 5 Carolyne
Has been supposed to take this among May 22-of May 28 a May of computer has arrived 198h.

A computer is like this easy to dip on, comes ready to use out of a box. You shoe up in of the seconds and of the games that has had my last PC chugging to the long of course seamlessly on this thanks to a powerful hardware. It is the beautiful looking computer thanks to a RGB and exposed of glass revenido. A silent short computer this in spite of like this some do any an excellent work to maintain a fresh car.

The only complaint is that a Hard walk is quite small (500 gb) but is like this easy to upgrade or add an outside that is to grieve a subject. Never bought Skytech before but now are the defender of for life. It comes packaged with the Keyboard and the smile like a compraventa additional so only would be the monitor or TV if any already the.
4 / 5 Johanna
Ossia Prime minister of mine gaming pc, I so only changed on console. Ossia The add to buy for a level of entrance gaming pc. The container has come a lot quickly that it was awesome! It dips up it was easy. A free keyboard and the mouse are a prize added! After opening there is remarked the few smaller defects. 1. One of some feet to sustain looked to be on presionado and has broken. Quickly fix, I so only súper glued the, any biggie. 2. A double sided the tape that resists a glass to a frame in a cup has not connected, guessing a glue has spent was. Also a lot of biggie, just need to reapply new the band. After kicking it on, everything is running smooth. A last subject has is with with a defender of rear cooling. With which 10-15 min of some defenders that calm of career after startup, a partidário rear has begun to rattle quite noisily and not having prendido and does not resemble in any for the moment punctual. Perhaps that resists is spent? Idk. But on all this is the add compraventa! I will be to update in the future likes the volume more games and like careers. At the beginning it looks it it would say that I am very happy with this product and recommend he in any new pc gamers like me.
5 / 5 Majorie
The preface this description, has used one Aspires ATC-605-UR19 partorisca the pair of the years and I thought it could last me for the bit, but could say that my action with my leading system severely has been missing of on some years. It could any one the majority of that I wanted with my leading PC and this was to touch games, modify photos, and more and this was mainly be due to an interior of the technology limited of a PC has had.

So much, to start with, ossia such the gorgeous PC. Unboxing Was quite the challenge has been of then packed like this firmly inner of a box, but has not imported that of then was happy that was hard to take out of a packaging. A poster of glass revenido that calm leave you to look in a internals has has not arrived broken and has had inner of packaging to protect said internals once was able to take he out of a box. A container has comprised the keyboard, smile, manuals for a motherboard and defenders as well as it drives of fast start. It dips up it was easy and was like this happy to begin to use my new PC!

A RGB defenders as well as some lights in a front really the complete help a look of a PC he, which are really adds for aesthetic value.

Action-wise, this PC blow my another out of a water for the good percentage. Everything is like this quickly in the and an only slow downs has experienced is when a SSD is taking prójimo the full capacity. Some games I look of game adds (for example: it could so only game Sims 4 in my old PC down to half in better. Here I can it touches in ultra) and there there is virtually a lot @@subject framerate-wise. Also I have any subject when it comes to modify images, neither.

In general, this was to good sure the required upgrade so that I can finally game with my friends and not having limitations when it comes to use my PC a way loves. Thank you So much to give me the product of quality, Skytech!
4 / 5 Carma
Once has taken gone back out of a box and the kicked, all has done well without questions. I have not seen any harms, like scratches/of dents, in an interior and outside of a tower like an assembly to & boss was perfect.

This in spite of, has based other descriptions regarding an installed wrong RAM, has discovered also that some claves of RAM installed in my tower was 2666 MHz in place of one 3000 MHz that is to be announce, in that I discovered to access a BIOS... Also, a quantity of 3.0 space of USB has not been attentive because tip 5 3.0 USB in a like this announced backside, but my tower has come so only with 4. For like this, a motherboard was different in my tower has compared to one has has announced pictures.

Although I have not had any question with using a computer, has not paid for RAM lower specs and the failure that announces. Some needs of vendor to update the details of a product because we would owe that receive so that it pays for like this announced that.
4 / 5 Stephanie
Ossia My prime minister gaming pc could have had the partner has built one and he would be more economic state or has had better parts but a simplicity of just taking a fact save the headache has fallen on really fast and is perfect for gaming some parts in him will last good quantity of time and is of confidence and looks beautiful a time still my only complaint is that there it has no quite spatial 500 gb will burn quickly recommends to take an interior or the hard walk outside there is some really good deals on amazon where or can take him for 100 or less in general this pc be worth it and calm always can dip parts to upgrade the
4 / 5 Cristal
Ossia add it gaming PC! All the like this expected work and gaming in 144 refresh the tax is amused! A consolation of any that has to that build on my PC suitable for a prize is hard to beat. I have wanted really give these 5 stars. But, there was so only some subjects.

According to a description that has purchased, a system has been supposition to come shipped with 16GB DDR4 3000MHz RAM. When Verifying a CMOS, that is to install is 16GB DDR4 2666MHz RAM. With the possibility to overclock to 3000. This is not that the be be describe in an order. To be just, a difference among 2666mhz and 3000mhz is nominal (any that say that they can say a difference w/or he benchmark is neither lying, or connected to skynet). But, of then 3000mhz was in a description, then ossia that it has expected, like opposed to 3000mhz overclocked.

FYI: Tools like Ryzen DRAM Calculator ( used v ) will inform that a motherboard is the B350. It is so only not relieving a correct version. A CMOS and the visual chance left to know it was a legislation motherboard.
4 / 5 Jonna
In general a computer is doing add and does not have any complaints of entities. It looks to be in current well and think for a prize is taking treats it quite good. If it was to build this could be able to build something for $ 100-$ 200 more economic this in spite of maintains in of the windows of alcohol is installed in this PC and gathers also. There is the few things/of complaints to consider which will list like this followed that:

- does not have the VGA port in this PC like this if your monitor has the VGA covers it will require to buy an adapter, is announces in $ 8- no the big of the shot and I am not reading some details thoroughly enough to @give concealed but he casualidad is has the control it new plus or he gaming the monitor probably will not require it .

- This has not gone easily apparent in a description of product, how is of entity to the commentary does not have any CD drives calm so that it will owe that buy an outside a. The majority of games is on-line with to the third celebrates likes him the origin now this in spite of some of my games of mine the old plus still requires the walk. I have had to that order one and concealed is the $ 30 cost or so much. It remarks the majority of computer is doing this transition also.

- I am unable to download origin in this PC. Ossia Apparently the windows 10 subject of the compatibility but I have has not had never this question before in other computers with Windows 10 installed. One of my games that requires the walk of CD has had the installed origin in the like this hopefully that the subject solves , if I will not owe that do the small undermining. I am not sure it has had the update of windows or is this PC , or something more, this in spite of is odd.

-Finally, has bought one 2600 PC any 2600X, and this is to reflect in my product and history of mandate. This in spite of, have been touched for a 2600X. At present they are while to listen for behind services of client I so that it can be refunded a difference. They are not really that comprises that this is to spend.

Will owe that receive my walk in a topmast so that I can move on to in fact gaming and update my description, these are so only my first impressions like this far. To paraphrase; there is some the extra thing could has to that buy for game and operate but some looks of PC to be that it runs and built to add- to be continued in a situation of payment. It is likely after when being refunded and that sees like this the computer done with gaming my indication will locate.
4 / 5 Cassondra
Likes another has said, RAM is not 3000MHz - was 2666MHz. This goes for both times have bought this PC.

At least 500w distributes to be able to, which is a lot of entity. One 2nd an I has purchased has had the 600w in him.

In bios/cmos, can toggle the action vs. A incumplimiento of way of savings of the energy :)

A pci the wireless paper was the question for me. WiFi Adds for all our devices except these PCs. One $ 22 dollar usb 3.0 1200ghtz wireless dongle fixed all concealed - far far main antennae. Now it is quickly of lightning WiFi.

USB 2 Or 3 any labeled in a backside and a coding by heart of a setup drives has the entirely different neighbour of colours - so that any totally sure which is that . Any red 3.1 put you. Two 3.0 on the unit & is labeled 3.0. It is one some in a backside - a lot of east black which would think is 2.0. Of one 6 behind there, has 2 different colours of blue - any one is labeled.

1st unit has bought: it dips up it drives it does not say you calm has to that it covers a paper of map discovers - on first bounces when you are said covers it he in but then there is not any step in some instructions so that bad - calm has to imagine it was for calm.
2nd unit has bought: the paper of map has come already plugged in.

The volume has fallen he out of all some combinations to paint a chance is able of.
A lot of defenders to cool & is awesome that some defenders in a cup of a unit has the powder raises concealed is easily removable to clean.

Adolescent very happy with map of game/of the game :)
4 / 5 Viki
the product was described like this and do like this expected it to them . It was easy to dip up and ready to go. Everything inside a rigs is installed well and orderly. It looks sexy! They are the novice gamer. I have debated to build my own vs buying. A prize partorisca east was so only slightly more than that would have paid them to build, minus a time and headache to build. It manages legends of apex perfectly. It joins he of Legends is the breeze with fps in the big settings that is around 150-200 in fight of crew. Very happy with cost of mine. Fyi, that Goes of 30 fps to 200 has not improved my game of game... They are still terrible. It is so only really enough to look timer of mine of death ticks down. 😂😂😂
4 / 5 Audie
A computer is gone in the good box , and was a lot of packaged to prevent harm. It is very easy to setup, has taken roughly 20 minutes. This law of PC adds for gaming! I am taking the constant 144 frames in fast paced and a PC has a clean and smooth chair global his. Regarding a PC, is very calm and looks very fresh. Wine with the mouse and keyboard that is to be build for gaming, which was the add upgrade of the mine old setup.

To good sure would recommend this PC to any concealed is looking to touch games in the big level and is looking for to build of estimativa big. A prize is in good sure values he and yes calm buy it calm will not be disappointed.
4 / 5 Sha
So only will like me clear that they are of in no way he gamer. I am going two years in by means of my Computing of entity, and has loved the computer that would be able to manage one Goes of my computer modulates did not cut it anymore. Has has wanted to something economic concealed has not been in $ 1000, and something beautiful concealed has not been an elderly, computer escole old. This was my response .

To good sure recommend.
5 / 5 Stefani
Well A bar for the new computer has been quite dipped down, but I my investigation in that I required to look for in the new computer and this one has it everything.
Are not really to all a first popular person shooter the games and it pardon to candidate esport adolescent with too much of money and to time to spend, like any really need all the bells and whistles. They are so only happy touching against I like the way to enjoy rainy evening. This computer does like this announced and have me future proofed for anything could love game for a next decade, and now that has turned of an annoying LEDs looks well in mine Ikea themed walk. Ossia Everything .
5 / 5 Corine
Well, how it has arrived today and it will say I almost shouted in that quickly east kicked up. Some updates were quickly and painless and everything is really smooth, am enjoying an experience like this far of having the beast pc. Now I know the people say to build in planting to buy prebuilt but ossia the good judge to start with pc the upgrade later on but in a start is already the beast how is a better bang for your buck.
4 / 5 Rosia
So only will like me clear that they are of in no way the gamer. I am going two years in by means of my Computing of entity, and has loved the computer that would be able to manage one Goes of my computer modulates did not cut it anymore. Has has wanted to something economic concealed has not been in $ 1000, and something beautiful concealed has not been an elderly, computer escole old. This was my response .

To good sure recommend.
4 / 5 Dian
Has had to substitute my old gaming PC for a harvest of upcoming games add (the Eternal doom mainly!) And after the plot of investigation has found concealed no only was Skytech highly estimated but this car returns all a specs has required in a prize a low plus among several competitors. I ordered it and it was pleasantly surprised to see it has shipped almost immediately and there were days before a date of original estimated arrival. It has taken any time to dip up and has touched the Eternal doom any time, in some settings some big plus with the súper smooth framerate. More, a chance of computer is súper cleaned and appeal. Besides, a computer is coming with the keyboard maquinal and big dpi smiles that has blown was my old keyboard and mouse! I will recommend Skytech to any friends in some futures those who are looking for the fantastic value in the gaming PC.
5 / 5 Casimira
Has received so only my Skytech Arcángel 3.0 and loves it. It has looked for the pc for the long time to use for gaming and work. This was a better option for me down $ 900. They are able to run more games around 100 FPS and some even more. I am spent the plot to time to do investigations in prebuilds and am happy has chosen them is one. It is súper easy the setup and a lot easy to use. Well for the prime minister pc but also very youre looking for the best pc that your current one for the prize adds. It would recommend to any one looking to take the pc gaming but a lot that wants to spend too too much.
5 / 5 Lera
A unit has purchased was defective and unable to use wifi any @@subject that has tried. It has had I do not lean technician of SkyTech Gaming in spite of calling multiple time and leaving messages for telephone, email and while to his on-line cat to take my subject.

I sincerely complain patronizing this company and any never like this again. In an end of a day has loved to purchase the loan to use gaming PC, am spent on the dollars of thousand and has expected the averages the month and I have not taken that has loved. Still it has to that pay some registers on he this in spite of so that it is quite terrible also.
4 / 5 Ronald
My investigation and has finalised to buy the pre-PC BUILT reason was extremely lazy and does not love disorder anything on top of increasing all near. More investigations in the plot of pre-builds and expósitos that this PC was so only roughly - $ more than me buying/the gathering all near as I rushed and purchased it.
Found it a lot scarce to find pre-builds that was near of that is in fact currency at the same time.

Has purchased this PC for and could not be more happier with an action and prize. It would buy another if a prize was one same when I have purchased.

I upgraded a memory with the m.2 SSD And is extremley fast. It was already quickly with a rule SSD that has come he with.
4 / 5 Merissa
If you are new the gaming or looking for something concealed can take calm to a world of gaming was the add compraventa. Personally it has taken a pc for the plot less than at present is sold when being in. It would not recommend in 900+. Careers FPS games quite well. I add for Roblox/Minecraft. A lot of space in a pc for upgrades but so only comes with 500gb (quite down considering warzone is 95 Gb). The only real complaint is that there is not any option for people that does not love his keyboard and mouse. Also, any software to control some lights. There have it so only the manual key and has not imagined was like this to turn of a rgb without powering of a pc (any something wants to do every night when it is now of sleep !) In general the solid product that would recommend when a prize of sticker goes back down.
4 / 5 Scot
Ossia Probably the plot more PC that precise, but after doing some investigation and reading the descriptions have decided to try this one was. It weaves it to them of multitasking and has required the plot to accuse can, this does a work excellently. I have used to the touch joins of legends and has imagined this would be the good way to manage two birds with a lap. I will continue to update this with more than time and of experience. Like this far, highly it would recommend this! Works perfectly and smooth map that can explode it my speed of big internet, manages all my work multitasking and produced of big/documents simultaneously, and looks awesome.
5 / 5 Alfonso
This is to be ship quickly, dipped up was súper easy and some updates are quickly state. It is the beauty ! My only complaint is that it was under an impression that a keyboard was a RGB Gaming computer and mouse and that is coming was the together a lot generic. I go to contact a vendor and the response will update.
Ossia The good compraventa am very impressed with a speed.
4 / 5 Bok
Blowing my alcohol. It exits a box, this thing is slightly big likes the mark sure has a room for him. It is beautiful, and some instructions are well for the noob. Mark so only sure if the starts of small coverage when you are to take a foam, is probably the coverage for an extra ssd, so only try dipped the behind. Highly recommend
4 / 5 Teri
The computer was add partorisca 30 days and then never done again. Not being able to on. While to the computer of substitution and will update, but is extremely difficult to take support of technology now that I shipped it behind.
4 / 5 Ming
For real the shot Adds partorisca big Final Gaming
This PC could not be better that his estimativa. There are plots and a lot of room to upgrade a PC partorisca future. The a lot of investigation and partorisca a prize this can not be beaten. It looked in some components individually partorisca see could me build partorisca much more economic, and was like this near in the tax has decided reason spend for possible degradation of subjects.
5 / 5 Mittie
Ossia My PC of prime minister that has possessed in of the years ( has used portable some years go in-) - and a prime minister one has bought with my own money!

An installation was the little finicky at the beginning, but was probably reason took the moment partorisca @give where has required to in fact connect a monitor.

With which month of having a PC, really the enjoyed, and partorisca a prize has paid, is absolutely perfect. Of course, I will be upgrading a SSD with which some point, reason there has no like this room to the equal that have thought (when being the variety streamer and having a lot of installed games), but ossia my own failure lol.

Also, some colours are changeable and súper enough!
5 / 5 Fred
Is doing quite well like this far. An only thing to to that did not like was of a fact that says that has 2 hdmi ports... But calm so only can use one of them because of a paper of map. The desire would have known that... It has planned in 3 monitor dips up and could not be able to do that now. Ossia A subject only , really.
Some lights are awesome! A mouse and the keyboard are in a side an economic plus but is free with a computer as I do not have anything to complain roughly. A picture aims a computer with only a clave of RAM, but the mine has come with 2.
In general, to good sure would recommend this.
5 / 5 Bryan
This thing is quickly like this hell. I touch the dangerous elite and any mans heaven in max graphic and does not have any clip. Included using covers it and touch hotas.

Dips up and has done well out of a box with which have run some updates.

Good-looking car! Especially lit up with the red blood
5 / 5 Casey
the product was for my edges of 15 years and like this far surpasses his expectations. A quality of build is better then expected and there is abundance of room for upgrades. Has the fellow that it is the expert of computer and for then beginner this was a system that had recommended. Like this far very impressed!
4 / 5 Brian
I never in my life has possessed the PC, have so only has not touched never console. I finally taken enough money to resupply one with roughly 1k spending estimativa. Look In my different elections and has spoken with some of my friends in my elections. I am coming around to choose this one because of his point of prize. I bought it, unpacked and has touched all the interior probably 30 Literally calm min. so only owe that sign to a computer with your account and calm is all has dipped. So are annoyed to build the PC and does not want to treat a hassle take this I fiancée is worth it! I have been touching all some main titles(Seat, Warzone, Apex) mostly and run utmost! It does not doubt! Spent this!!!
4 / 5 Camellia
Ossia Prime minister of mine pc and is súper well. An only question was a low storage (500gb), but easily can take more storage. Some lights are really enough, and a pc is really has done well.

For more pics/info control out of my Twitter/of llama/tiktok gintku
5 / 5 Franchesca
the computer Adds. Fast nave. It dips up it was easy wine with the free tone near well and mouse.
Some lights of chances are Awesome! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Another build adds ossia my second computer of Technology of Heaven Gaming!
5 / 5 Homer
A product is gone in the very big box which has protected he to ship hazard the one who the a lot of appreciate. When it Has come a defender meso no except the fixed for inaugural the on and plugging the backside to a source to be able to like this the has not been that big of the shot. But in of the terms of gaming are add, takes them 200 more fps for the smallest games and the taking around 80 fps for some games to any big plus likes GTA5. I love a FOCUSED lights concealed comes with him, is súper the fresco has the full room with has DIRECTED lights, will do your room 100 better times. A defender is also really silent. The sum on, this product is to good sure value your money.

Top Customer Reviews: Skytech Archangel ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
5 / 5 Elise
I have bought this computer partorisca pupil and gaming the purposes and I have touched so only Fortnite swimming concealed requires the plot of capacity. It has run admirably well in mine Ultra HD monitor 3840x2160 and gaming was the response of the fastest way compared my PS4. This computer has taken 1month and 1 week to entirely closed down and will not turn on again. It has expected this computer would last me near of 5 years and he have broken down like this quickly can any belive that. I have called I lean it and I said to us that was a RAM and send me the new a. I installed it and at all. They have squandered My money and they have squandered my time. Still I will contact Skytech support partorisca additional help on regarding the fix and will be partorisca update a commentary and the punctual description has required .
5 / 5 Catrina
Some careers of computers like the field, looks well, and was abordable considering alike options. I can it does not recommend enough for gaming.

Remarks lateralmente: Skytech the computers come with the mouse and keyboard. They are branded with Skytech logo and does not have any options of digital interface. This in spite of sound rgb and qualities very good. If you are buying the Skytech the computer suggests that you come from some first accessories to buy your own.

The longest history:

has loved the a lot of gaming computer for the while now, and I recently decided to take one submerges and has taken an Archangel (RTX 2070 upgrade). First to purchase, found me that speaks to friends roughly building an and like this of the tentativas resulted leading , disinterested. Entertainment of mine for gaming does not come from/comes from a build. I have loved so only the good car, this looked well, and was abordable.

Good car - A World of game of Warcraft has taken way more time of me in my life that would like me admit. I touched it periodically on some years and recently gone back to WOW classical. It has touched in the potato of the computer and has been frustrated with his same capacity when that runs the game that is exited almost done 15 years. It comes an Archangel. This computer runs over each game I game on running it 140+ FPS in some place plus very big. They are still so only lining a service but I can not express the one who happy I are. It is literally which has loved of then has discovered game of computer when it was the adolescent . (31 Maintaining). They are not still able state to register this thing more than 30 of his potential. Like this calm am likely to say are the computer laymen, but is the one who the good looks and pursue well. A graphic capacity and accusing the power of this computer is awesome. WOW Classical has not looked never better. (It does not judge Me to buy this computer for WOW classical, does not have any remorse)

Looks A lot of - obviously the looks are subjective, but still... This computer is gorgeous. A white chance, a rgb lights and defender, side of clear glass. It is all a lot of stylish and is that it would build are spent a time in fact learning a process.

Is Abordable - like looks, ossia subjective. This computer was besides my row of original prize. But also extracted further of this has expected. I have taken enough the bit to time to explore pre has has built computer. Skytech Is looked a good plus and resemble outperform other computers in of the levels of alike prize. I have had also the pocolos fellow revise a computer before I have purchased. Each one which so it said it based out of a build of the money would be to save for edifice something for my account would not cost a time.

Mina fashionable conclusion tldr, this computer is wonderful. The action has not imagined in this point of prize. Mina this computer was the good investment for my future in gaming. It is quite powerful does not have to that worry in upgrading anytime punctual, but when this time comes an Archangel will be ready!
5 / 5 Liza
Has purchased prime minister of only mine gaming pc and loves it to them. A chance is really fresh and there is rgb the installed followers. rgb Also in a chance he and has to that it weaves of different colours. My only complaint is a mark of a paper of map and a paper of map he. Has has loved it ryzen 5 3600 with him gtx 1660 you but ossia a next plus am taking them to this. No the big shot. It loves it. Thank you skytech
5 / 5 Neomi
(Ossia Edges to write of Teresa ) For the prebuilt, his the very good value and uses all has been-components of shelf (to to sound likes him to him the build the calm but instead SkyTech he for you.) It runs really calm and all require it to. This computer is gone in packaging adds and has had the foam inserts/inserts inside a chance to protect some components, which surprised, and wine with the add RGB keyboard and the decent no-RGB mouse. This build can run a majority of games 60fps+ in of the big settings according to that a lot-optimised some games are (although you can loves upgrade a paper in roughly 2 years or like this to maintain this capacity), and has one of a fast plus (if any fast plus) estimativa CPU the money can buy like this of Q4 2019. Some only things which can require upgrading is a storage ( can add an additional SSD or HDD is), as so only comes with 500gb and a majority of him is taking up for Windows 10 he like this calm so only have around -200 GB is to do with, and a ram as so only take 8gb with this car. Eight GB is still so only quite if yours so only that runs the game, but has a lot of tabs of internet or the ploughed of the applications in a fund will cause subject of action. Besides, his of entity to maintain import that will want to take you a paper of same RAM likes model that comes with this build, like sure mark to find a legislation a when trying upgrade. Another that that, has a awesome chance (a perfect a, in my opinion), a RGB lighting are add, and everywhere rig of sound perfects if your ready to spend more than you edifice calms. I will regulate this description finds any subjects, but until then touch the solid 5/5.

PS: Calm Also can take release it $ 10 Amazon giftcard of SkyTech he leave a sincere description!bvg
4 / 5 Kecia
Has taken this computer to use mainly for the graphic drawing and he have done utmost directly out of a box. We substitute a RAM with something main, because of some needs of one of my programs. But with a creation of this car that was súper easy to do, included the give the support of technology could have it done.

Took the moment to imagine was like this to operate some light controls for a semi-detached keyboard, but has found once an on/of key of the settings in a keyboard felt the little beast for that.
5 / 5 Corene
A costruttore dips expandable foam inside a unit to ship. In this chance, a paper of map has has not had rays in him and an expandable foam have pressed a paper of map out of place. It was nervous at the beginning when I saw it, but has substituted a paper of map and screwed stagnate he with other rays. Some careers of computers extremely quietly, and Legends of Apex of the games in 60 frames by second, any fallen frames at all. There is no bloatware.
5 / 5 Marilyn
To the equal that have loved the gaming pc and my partner suggested to this takes this a reason has quite a lot of specs for the good prize, a wiring for a pc looks quite well can say they the good work with a wiring. Also a delivery was a lot has not had any start of question on a PC and I have not had this PC for this longitude but like this far loves it. I will update my opinion in the but is for this that estimated it the 4. I have not had any questions with him like this far.
Decent prize
Adds RBG lighting has a lot of different colours
Specs is quite a lot
looks of good Wiring
is quite calm
Gilipollas- No quite RAM and Storage but all precise do is to take more than I in a future and I also upgrade my Map.
In general this pc are adds for gaming and so only in general is the quite well prebuilt pc

Updates like this of 3/27/2020 - I so that there is far has had he for the months of pair love it , has not had any subjects with him like this far hopefully remains that way. But in general it is been doing I perfectly adds.
5 / 5 Francoise
Ossia Prime minister of mine gaming PC, my brother of mine old plus (enormous computer friki) looked at all some parts and said it would be the good computer. It was a lot!

A mouse and the cords of keyboard are short, and a keyboard is not maquinal( is in membrane ) they both light, law well and does not look to be bad quality. You a good work. (Ossia My ONLY complaint )

can touch to plot of games, although it could not be able to touch Cyber Punk 2077, possibly in of the low settings. Red dead 2 would owe that it reads like the sleep when I the tone. Minecraft Is perfect. I can see other players lagging and am going perfectly smooth. The majority of games would owe that career max to settings of means.

A WiFi the characteristic work really well, a lot well if any one the internet plugin yours wall (taste)

Of Some the different colours for a chance is súper frescos! I love it!

Is not strong, with gaming auricular has to that a lot included the listen. It would not expect it to be entirely silent, has defenders. A computer a calm plus has listened.

Is quickly, the games run smoothly, to good sure would recommend. To good sure consider it!
4 / 5 Juliane
PC has been dipped on, has left a house for abit.

A bit those that hours later, the turn to the windows updates available.

I beginning to download.

Take the error by heart in leader to blue screen during an update, which has been gone on down an endless cycle of an error 'the Death of process Critiqued

At all can do to kick a computer. I have tried all the options of available sure way. To arrive to this point, so only can access a bios screen, and literally at all more.

I slowly to call support of technology hardly ploughed . If it has solved I will update this.
5 / 5 Berna
A short computer quite well, amour a RGB lights, little noisy, but in general really the computer has drawn well. Thank you Skytech. Also that it is that red lights up, and is blinking btw? Any one knows?
4 / 5 Oren
I have required the computer the powerful plus that my laptop without that has to that spend of the cariche more money. As I have had to that choose the desk for this option. Totally it surpasses all my expectations when modifying, doing, fines-tasking, etc. would have given this PC 5 stars if this has been. This in spite of, here comes all my negatives.
This PC is coming with the defective keyboard and I have sent SkyTech 3 emails and I have not taken the solution and so only an answered (will be almost 3 weeks of then have taken this computer ). I have had felizmente the Bluetooth the keyboard but is not well. Like this there it goes the terrible description for service of client.
Now for a rest. They are always be to console gamer but was anxious to try PC was. It results. It has done astonishingly. It was able to take 120 fps ultra settings by train 5 with mine 1080p 144hz monitor. This in spite of, with which one or two hours for the try was. It has begun to lag bad. I turned it it was and it has slept to think roughly that. It was curious in a system to cool is and results, after downloading Core Temp, this paste of computer on 90 Celsius (recommended for AMD Ryzen CPU is not to surpass 85)! ANY MARVEL! Entirely it has destroyed my CPU without knowing it!! I then downloaded Argus Monitor to manually dipped some speeds of partidário to 100 this in spite of locates 90 Celsius!
Like any human being, I obviously dipped ready down some settings and where read more without on heating and taking 83 Celsius was Settings of Means with 90 frames by second.

This integer of whole process to learn PC gaming has taken the very big tole in mine CPU, hopefully I any very permanent harm. Like this now I have bought so only the Noctua NH-U12A CPU defender (extra $ 100 I has had to that spend especially more) hopefully this solves it.

So only be careful! This PC gives out of the substantial numbers but a system to cool is totally unreliable.

My verdict. Still I have not received an email or the new keyboard of them so that properly I can use this PC. Secondly, it is not fooled for a system to cool. RGB I colours look fresh but a CPU the defender is not enough of confidence to touch in you max qualified of computer). The average 55 Celsius with just exploring a web.

Will give an update if I do not take never the response regarding a keyboard and/or a new cpu defender. Verdict: 2 Stars

MODIFICATION: after contacting support of client and further researching. Nvidia Asks like this minimum for a RTX 2070 for you to have 550w still supply to be able to. This one has 500w. Like this upgrading my defender has not been an option unless I have bought also the supply to be able to. Very crazy in a situation, and not receiving any emails behind. I have decided to go in contact with cat. With which hours to expect and investigations further, my Stars would locate to 4 but will cut this PC some slack.

Even although a Supply to Be able to is down powered on paper, like stock, this PC without adding anything (perhaps RAM still would be a lot) the law adds.
My CPU question: the service of Client said to download CPUID HWMonitor. That controls your temperatures. A question with a big CPU temp is that the one of my cores has called TMPIN7 is like a outlier to a rest of my cores. This Core is around 10-20 C big that a rest of them. Service of client that ossia quite normal to have the pleasant core to a CPU and looking on-line, looks more the computers have the apes outlier core that reads differently. Prpers Having said that, my average of cores 50C while gaming Ultra Settings 120fps by train 5 perfectly.
Now, mark to turn OF VSync by train because for some reason, with which 90fps, a game lags and does not look smooth. An only thing that no 100 is wants to dip 'unlimited' FPS, my class of game of lags when it prices of paste of Frame 130 is. The no really cure so much but is still odd. In all the chance, everything of this could be be solve would have known a CPUIDHWMonitor. PC PERFECTO for Value.
Finally, if calm never games of download, for some reason my capacity of RAM would go very big to where had been to 99 use of RAM while modifying in Premiere Pro and has not had any game that touches. A solution is to go the Manager of Task, then Final click and right Extracted to some applications that you does not love that it runs in a fund. Had thinks that that that has required to buy more RAM.

CPU Question to heat: fijamente
FPS by train 5: (120fps) Fijamente
Use of Capacity of the RAM: Fijamente
Supply to Be able to: Any Fijamente but Fixed reason are not that it runs to questions (closings).
4 / 5 Deedra
Has been building my own(and another) computer for 30+ years now and has found Skytech while researching part for my PC my late plus. I have been impressed with some parts of mark of the name and prize. Some subjects some late plus for supply of parts of the PC and prize because of a COVID19 pandemic, has decided to go with the pre-the system has built. Again, it researches it I direct-me it Skytech like my better election...
The decision adds!
PC ARRIVED in an early part of a window of delivery has estimated, entirely intact, how was very a lot of packaged to ship. Rasgando Averts my container, like the little boy in Navidad, has inspected everything! Any harm, parts of mark of name of quality, professionally gathered in some correct and organised reason the system would owe that be.
The system was all this is to be promise! I add to look RGB bling( mentions are the BIG boy ?), Rock solid Reliability, and FAST! Benchmarks Is very better that has expected, directly out of a box with zero tweaking/overclocking saws CPU the equal results to I9-9900K systems(upper tier). With a powerful 2070 GPU, was crushing video framerates!
Has had the z/the zero issues like this far. Sure it could have saved the little money, but would have been money very small in a cost of a lot of my time. With supply of parts of the PC and imposed chaotic, he pre-the build of the good company is better way to go, imo. It was there some things would have done different? Sure, but those were smaller that personal elections that has not effected an action of a PC. One 4th RGB defender? USB 3.1 put you? 650Watt PSU? Things a no precise system , but this would add lovely/future proofing.
After the week to try and heavy use, am very happy with cost of mine! I can not be that it clashes joints of leader or winners phat tournament loot, but with taxes of liquid of smooth frame and ULTRA the setting is not a PCs failure....
5 / 5 Moon
Has been planned to receive my Skytech PC on 5/14 but UPS distinguished that Skytech had not shipped the on 5/12 like envoy him an email by means of a place of Amazon to see the one who a history was. I have received the very good response that explains that because of a current CoronaV the situation has been flooded with orders, was having the hard time that obtains some parts and has had the force to do has reduced also. I have comprised perfectly this and has had any subject with expecting longer. Well, to add some sugar to a situation, gave to us the $ 50 repayment for my patience. Wow.
Has received a PC on 5/20. It was packaged a lot of securely in the hefty box of map with interior of heavy rigid foam that bands. I took it it was and like another has said that it is big and beautiful. It had developed foam inside a chance to maintain all tight. It has not had any boss or of the free parts and everything looked utmost. Management of boss a lot very also. You grieve any documentation comes with him this in spite of. One a page troubleshooting drives, drives of interview of the page and to 1 page tri-Drives of fold of Fast Start. Desire Skytech had sent some manuals that come with all some components. I took him it plants web of costruttrici this in spite of. A bit of the ache.
Inventoried Some components to see that it was in him and here is that has. A motherboard is a ASUS B450A-M Micro ATX, which is the low end AMD 4 compatible joint. There is a 8GB HP V6 DDR4 clave, which shows to 3200 MHz although it is dipped in 2666 MHz now. A joint will sustain 64GB and can overclock this memory to the his estimated 3200 MHz by means of a BIOS setup, which is the really clunky tool. There is so only 1 x M.2 PCie 3.0 x 4 space of storage for a onboard SSD. Some other joints of mark will sustain 2 M.2 walks. A generic WiFI PCie the joint with 2 external antennas are installed and work well. A SSD is the 2.5” PNY 500GB. Has well read/write specs and is very economic wants to buy another. A chance has the one of leftover SSD group to mount afterwards to an installed walk. You will owe that take the SATA boss of data. I have not looked to see if a supply to be able to has an extra boss for a power of walk. Both bosses are economic is required to buy them. My only real disappointment is a processor of Map . It is the PNY NVIDEA 1660 6GB compatible paper with only 1 HDMI, 1 DVI-D and a Clock is exited Port. Like this it wants to run precise multiple exposures some with compatible interfaces, i.et. Three controls everything with types of different interface.
A chance is the Thermaltake H200 TG and is the beefy monster. Has the side of glass revenido left with magnetic swivel latches, four defenders with three having fresh RGB lighting more the band FOCUSED in a poster forward. All a RGB the lights are controlled for the transmission of push in a cup of a chance. Some cycles of push only by means of the each model and the three according to push closes some lights was. Has the different light models numerous, which are really fresh. A chance has the bay to supply to be able to separate isolated of some other components and has a lot of room for management of boss. Of the to you a mouse PLOUGHED and the keyboard wired. It likes-me a mouse but the desire was wireless. A keyboard is really flimsy and the membrane of uses changes concealed does not depress well unless calm has paste the stand-off. Both active colored lights that finds to distract as all the h$ ^&. I will substitute these both.
Well. The the last control, hooked on the 120 Hz monitor and boss to be able to, turned in a supply to be able to and has pressed a key Gone. It is almost like this calm you can not listen anything. A RGB the effects are distracting has turned him like this was.
The windows headed and ran by means of an usual startup BS. Microsoft Loves your life to continue history as I ignored them and like it done has not had or love the account of Microsoft. It is it Wins 10 House and is has validated already. I am spent for in an hour of updates to one YOU and engine and then installed CPUID CPU-Z to verify all a statistics of component. It researches “CPU-Z.” I then installed Heaven Benchmark 4.0 for tests of action of the maps. It looks for “Heaven Benchmark.” Both are freeware. A motherboard BIOS is current but a NVIDEA the engine has required to update. The windows was behind in the plot of zones as well as it TOPS Defender.
This box is quickly. Boots downwards 12 seconds to a sign-on screen. Heaven Benchmark has run in 120 to on 200 frames by second, which is really adds, especially for the mid-processor of map of the row.
Has bought a box for my grandkids to use while visiting. The maintaining will maintain it on its own name and take them another less expensive a. It could have built one for the little less money but choose buy this one to avert a hassle to buy all some separates for separate and it building. Also Me gustanuno a guarantee of coverage of stop.
In general my experience with Skytech has a lot of be well. His fast and sincere response the late nave and unasked still rebate really impress me. I seat that a box is the very good value and would recommend it to any one. It has given to 4 star in gaming reason so only has 8 GB memory.
4 / 5 Maryanne
Are not typically one to leave the description of the product, but I so that far it has been it a lot impress with a Skytech computer. It was nervous to buy the computer of his reason no never has listened of a name of mark but I so that far it is it extremely be please with a computer. In general it was the value adds , has shipped quickly, and has arrived punctually. It was very very packed for nave (still with cushioning in an interior of a tower) and a computer is so only a lot fresh looking. Has the good magnetic transmission open chance for easy access together with the coverage of ventilation of magnetic powder in a zone of defender. A computer has come included with the mouse wired well and keyboard that was better that that at present have used.

A computer has done perfectly out of a box and is very fast and stable like this far. A computer there is not coming installed with the tonne of random bloatware so that it was the good surprise also.

Has had to that be picky and call out of the pair of the things am not wanted, would say that a tower of computer is very big, with those looks to plot of empty spatial interior. It would have been convenient if this same computer could be gone in the smallest tower. Secondly A keyboard has the shiny arrival in some tones and one see by means of backsides has lit lettering in some tones is quite dim which sometimes done some hard tones to read. Again these are both much smaller complaints and neither detract of mine 5 indication of star. I have not given the technology sustains any stars but concealed is so only reason have has not had to use it still (which is the good thing ) as I can not speak to the very or this bad . Based in my experience like this far certainly would buy another computer of this company and am extremely happy with a computer like this far.
4 / 5 Bea
Has finalised so only dipped on all and touched some RDR2, CELA, HoTs and GTA on-line. It is very calm, looks to surprise and has run games in 80-100 fps in big-ultra settings. It was to build my prime minister pc but after doing a mathematics in of the parts were to cost $ 1200-1500. But there is remarked then this sexy beast, and the results was more economic and basically esatti included each penny imo. More offered lifetime support of technology with this pc, which is more than mine newb self can promise I disorder on the pc build
4 / 5 Carmon
will update once listens of Skytech but to to looks like has taken of the lemon . A GPU there is prendido to give the signal of video so only 3 days with which have taken plant up. Have troublshot A HDMI bosses and monitors, has followed a troubleshooting drives on-line to do sure a GPU the house was well, etc.

has taken questions of resolution out of a box but thought it could be a monitor an old plus has substituted. I have downloaded it updates for Windows 10 as well as updates of engine for Nvidia and besides some questions/of resolution of the monitor, a computer has run amiably. Calm and has not looked to be taking hot at all. It has confirmed basically it is a PC today when it has taken marks new monitors that would not connect to a PC but has connected well to mine Xbox, Transmission, and portable.

Am expecting this any me it remorse that change of Mac/computer of Apple. :(

Update: when I have spoken to skytech determines was the lemon . I have sent for behind this PC and has ordered to build fact to commission directly of skytech of then is much easier to solve these subjects if any compraventa by means of the third vendor of party. And he gaurantees my computer will be to fresh build that was has tried recently.
4 / 5 Randy
This computer has the little gilipollas his that the buyer would owe that be conscious of. One @subjects a big plus for far is a capacity of storage. This in spite of clear sound roughly this in a description and I have bought he with an intention to install a HDD partorisca more than capacity. Any mentioned in a description a chance has a HDD inner of bay, so only take of a backside of a chance and is afterwards to a unit of supply of the power. Another subject potential is a supply to be able to , like this far is doing well but is also the economic part that usually would spend more on and am considering upgrading the but has a lot at the same time to write. To be clear, if has a time, and an expertise to build your own computer can build this partorisca more economic that buying it, this in spite of, if you are nervous in a perspective to build your own computer ossia the solid option with good components that easily can be upgraded and changed to fulfil your needs. Perhaps I owe that deduct the star for a supply of economic power but once again, say you the one who a unit is in a description as I do not seat that the points would owe that be deducted for that.
4 / 5 Lloyd
Has required the new PC of then possessing one same one for five years and a unit have taken more lens was with which a HD has been substituted. It had resisted it went it in that goes with SSD when being that a technology was expensive the emission. So much to the new cost was long time to take with modern technology. This unit is not so only very still gaming but for all other needs of PC also. I have purchased mainly it is it rigs cement for his paper of the map comprised the one who looks he well bang for a buck. I have added another 8G of ram like another commenters declared that it help of the smooth games out of has bitten it more. A flashing the light system FOCUSED is quite something and calm can does not go never colours and offered of a lot of models. It runs really calm which has not expected with some partidários a lot of in a chance. They are quite happy with a compraventa and the hope offer other five years of solid computing!
5 / 5 Erwin
Ordering was easy. Shipment Was punctual. That The packaging was sufficient and up was easy. You can require regulate your bios (has handy overclocking section) to take the majority of your memory (to operate in 3000mhz is estimated in). Also it has it basically any instruction. My edges have closed was how was still etting on' and is freaked was on that. Almost that finalised and does not look to be compromised for a lack of documentation of support for the options of recovery / begins in / to reset the factory is the bit to sadden . We achieve it it was to sustain of technology and while answered. Another that that this thing is good-looking, quickly, calm, and flawless. Like this far gaming (fortnite) is the explosion. It is using this to substitute his XBOX 1.
5 / 5 Norine
Took it in the first place, all was exactly the expected (comprising a gilipollas the ees listened roughly) , here is the one who the taken
-adds for gaming, modifying and decent for streaming
-a lot of pc for beginners,
-has taken some separates that there is matched a description
-two front usb does not do or function at all
-pair of hdmi the ports were clogged of a groups of metal that has not built never this blocking finishing one of some ports that would prevent a hdmi cord of gone inner and doing correctly (has not been in all a way reason.
- I has Had to that install files DISAPPEARED that it has been supposition to come with his,
like VCRUTNIME140 and msvcp140 64bit Files in order for me to touch play insurances. Another that that the wise action is a lot of (ossia can last for awhile like this will be them to update this description overtime like the months will spend of longitude to see an action in this pc can last for good quantity of time) will be them to give update in this computer each one that 2 or 3 month im excited for some results!
UPDATE FOR 07/02/20:
5 / 5 Bruno
The delivery has taken the small to the long of the month. You grieve we unboxed the, has seen a motherboard has spent of entrance in a backside has not been installed properly. It has not been clicked in and shortly after that, is fallen off like this seen in some pictures. With which achieve was partorisca disguise service, ask me partorisca the send behind. Of the delivery has taken like this long, has decided any partorisca send it behind reason concealed meant while the delivery again. Of my edges were excited like this partorisca a PC partorisca arrive, there be not wanted to to disappoint for the send behind and while a long delivery. The short long history, dipped that to us up without a coverage and he have done well. Although it was the big disappointment that paid in $ 1,000 and while to the the long of the month and he comes bad gathered, an action is sum , and look well, and my edges loves it. It can run games with big map well, and paired with the 144Hz monitor, looks buttery smooth. It runs calm and the cooling is decent. In general, I add gaming PC with a lot of RGB. It would have given five stars, but of then was gathered bad, will give it to them four stars. Still it would recommend. It gives the graces to read!
4 / 5 Cole
Took it in the first place, all was exactly the expected (comprising a gilipollas the ees has listened roughly) , here is the one who has taken them
-adds for gaming, modifying and decent for streaming
-a lot of pc for beginners,
-has taken some separates that there is matched a description
-two front usb does not do or function at all
-pair of hdmi the ports were clogged of a groups of metal that has not built never this blocking finishing one of some ports that would prevent a hdmi cord of gone inner and doing correctly (has not been in all a way reason.
- I has Had to that install files DISAPPEARED that it has been supposition to come with his,
like VCRUTNIME140 and msvcp140 64bit Files in order for me to touch play insurances. Another that that the wise action is a lot of (ossia can last for awhile like this will be them to update this description overtime like the months will spend of longitude to see an action in this pc can last for good quantity of time) will be them to give update in this computer each one that 2 or 3 month im has excited for some results!
UPDATE FOR 07/02/20:
5 / 5 Kourtney
Has had these stops of PC the month now and loves it. It has been it bit it expensive but was so much value he. I am 12 years old and I amour to touch Fortnite can locate half 200 fps a big plus has seen goes is 375 fps. Considering has said a max was 170 I has been impacted to do my game of game feels like this smooth and have such the big goodness in my friends of consoles. Sound the PC add if any of my friends has loved some I 100 percent recommend this one. Has come also with the mouse and keyboard that are adds to having comprised. Some colours of a PC am fun and looks really well in the room. A way has received all an information was like this professional in the file and very explained on like this to concern for him. Included my mamma has been impressed roughly that.
4 / 5 Cleta
This car is spare to manage all my needs of computers. I enjoy touch MMO games while looking on helps and info in a web. This computer can manage everything. Time of fast load, zero lag and the map adds; everything in an aesthetically pleasing chance. The service of client was on point! My in the first place arrived car with the faulty component. A web of place of company has had clear troubleshooting instructions. When quell'Concealed that has not done, a person has spoken with useful and professional era. Returning and exchanging was easy. They are súper happy with cost of mine.
4 / 5 Tawnya
A lot of still bang your buck, these same components in another build to spec the places would cost much more money that the Skytech the diagrams have built.
Has touched Destiny 2 on all frame/main big and looks and touches to surprise and am paste 165 (capped for me self) without as well as the studders.
Some looks of the chances really clean like this done a work to wire and some looks look quite fresh, has creates 19 different settings, has opted for the blue solid without effects.
Still that ask , a gpu has received was the Gigabyte and ssd was pky.
Like this far any hiccup or the subjects and is really calm. Imo The value adds.
Also has the súper the clean windows install with 0 bloatware, one was good to see!
5 / 5 Shea
This description is writing for the edges of Karen, an owner of a product
Before this, has had has not bought never the gaming PC. It was always something there was has wanted, but has not had never of the money to be able to in fact the buy. Before I have bought this, I to plot to research according to which that would have to buy it, and spoken with the fellow to the equal that to the that the parts would owe that look for in 900-$ 1000 PC, and I finally decided is. Like this far, I had it 3 weeks, and has had subjects of zeros with him anything. It runs like the sleep, and there is not running the game so only this in spite of this has course any less than 110 FPS. Even register finds that a FPS is súper big quality, and am very happy with a product has received. Highly it would recommend this product to any, and that goes for a Ryzen 5 3600 version in a 2700 version (in my opinion) was to good sure a way to go.
5 / 5 Jaimee
Very happy with this compraventa, a computer is very fast and manages all have launched in him like this far! Good-looking colours also with a defender and of the lights of flange. Perfecto has to that the office of glass likes the mine.
4 / 5 Dominick
Has been quite impressed with this PC like this far. It looks he adds, a chance is quite good and one lighting has a lot of options. A glass is in the hinge, which the easy fact to access an interior of material. A GPU this is to go in the mine is enormous (msi rtx 2070 tri frozr) but the work adds and remains fresh, as I do not have any complaints. In a whole, is been extremely calm, but does not tend to game for more than an hour and the half the first time to take the pause. It is quite calm that any I same has to turn it was when I am sleeping, which have used to do with my old computer. Have Still to treat his support of technology, and probably will avert it reason usually solve my own questions and does not like treating support of technology. To good sure would recommend to buy the PC of Skytech, based in this experience.
5 / 5 Adena
Well, as I have been using this computer for roughly 5 month now and to the left say is DISAPPOINTING. Out of a box, all was a lot of and fact, quell'has been this in spite of taking slower and slower and slower. I am not doing anything intense with a computer, and sometimes will take until 5 minutes so only to wake on sleep, 2 minutes to open the browser of web, and does not take me has begun on in common games (I am speaking Classical WOW, software of 15 YEARS). The point is, am using this computer for basic things, and is FAILING. My question is, the one who a hell is spent??? I have had the economic plus prebuilt first of this fact for the rival company and he am lasted 6 years without upgrades and was a lot. Thus prize and this short of time, ossia walk out of unacceptable. I will not be buying anything of Skytech never again.
5 / 5 Carlie
Gave it the month to see like this has run it and everything, absolutely want it like this far! Any question any, short ffxiv like this smoothly included in of the big settings!

Little confused by the small flashing light in a cup of him, but to all the cost does wonderfully, setup the instructions were good and clear. The friends recommended this mine and I could not be happier, admits that it was the little scared for some negative critiques in the, but the man is wonderful.

Has come from/come from to use the laptop and he do not think never will go back.
4 / 5 Melody
Pros: It is well, easy to dip on, and works moderatly well. Can say it it will require the 550w distributes partorisca be able to and new defenders the few months.
Comes with the mouse and keyboard, but is SÚPER economic and rubbishes. In fact, they are not ecen Skytech mark. They are that it marks your emprendedor buys in dhgate partorisca $5 so only so that there will be something partorisca an office. I recommend to buy the M/Kb dipped unless it calms does not concern you partorisca have economic.
Games Rs3 NXT, LoL, and Overwatch very cleaned, but short REALLY HOT touching AAA titles in ultra, like being poised partorisca that.
Has come with 2070, Ryzen 5, Asus Crossfire motherboard, 16gb ram and engine of disk of reset.

Like this far like this well, will modify in future in experiences
5 / 5 Alexa
when looking to a hardware further after the dipped on, a RAM does not register the mark of any type, when using UserBenchMark secondly a computer has announced has had the GFORCE GTX when the east has had MSI partorisca arrive, the am not happy in this at all, like the gamer this A lot fully be able to manage more on and coming to to popular games likes him to him six chair or red dead redemption 2, in full graphic quality while having any lag, import any game will have 'any lag' that never has experienced them the just quantity of drop of frame been due to of the east in same factor simple emulators, now on to an action, feels them that it modify video or do the good quantity of multitasking, then sure go advance but is careful like has experienced them the black screen blinks, the provisional black screens have caused to run so only the simple 3ds emulator, and the call of discord while streaming he to a call, personally on all seats them this would have to that be bit it more economic but a time although it was to ship this product likes announced, his value your money, unfortunately for my self has not been shipped with hardware like this announced
4 / 5 Larissa
was quite hesitant to spend so much in the PC (or that felt like the tonne, in that catered came from/it consolation gaming), but house of chair with a simplicity and was-of-the-cashiers readiness of this pc. Well commentary that has to downloads an evening more GPU engine of NVIDIA first to jump legislation in, but your experience will be incredible same without these at the beginning. My main complaint, this in spite of, is that a ASRock motherboard has the USB-C 3.0 port in an I/Or, while a motherboard I no. of receipt thinks that that ossia something that imports to announce correctly. His service of client after this subject, this in spite of, was adds.

9/10 So only because of an USB-C. Careers Half Life: Alyx incredibly! Thank you Skytech!
4 / 5 Amos
The start “of estimativa” adds. I add for 1080 gaming, less adds for streaming. Pressing 90-200 FPS in all some games I game( borderlands 3, wow, Minecraft,etc) and a prize has not gone far out of building a piece of system learns for piece.

Has had any complaints would be that there is not any option for colour of chance( has taken white when my office is all black) and a keyboard of the technology of the heaven is poor quality . A tone of the tower stuck out of a box.
4 / 5 Ria
The element has arrived punctually and a lot of packaged. It had contacted Skytech with the question and has received the timely response that was appropriate my question. A computer is the most good-looking BEAST . In every respect they are described like this and further of this had experienced the computer that is able of. For real the Transmission of Game. ( There is- does) pun has Feigned. Thank you Skytech Partorisca recopilar The cast of quality of compatible components and gathering them in the a lot of crafted way. A product of the quality of quality has has imported people. Sure touch the work, but touch the work does well..
5 / 5 Lavada
Ossia My prime minister never gaming PC. I am spent a better part of the year that looks for to imagine was the one who would do more for me, and has seen a shot in this system and has known was a a . And oh the boy has been well. Right out of a box was the sleep for me. Easily it runs more than games in 144fps in big/ultra settings in 1080 and for more to to the people like, of east is everything would require die more gaming the monitors are 144hz. It is easy to clean and access everything of some components. It has dipped in a elgato 4K device to capture easily and has been doing with registering gameplay and streaming of then. It could not be happier and recommend to any the one who still is THINKING roughly taking the gaming PC.
4 / 5 Klara
The product adds no disappointed at all well for a prize could always upgrade calm no satisfied but sure mark ossia that or master or can find some quite decent priced some on-line. I add for gaming has not had a question with him.
4 / 5 September
Looked to build my PC done own but after researching, has finalised with a Ryzen 5 3600 and a RTX 2070 for the video that edits and web of draw and could not be happier! A prize and a build are very happy with and has launched some enormous projects in him to try and this car not even takes to 70 GPU use... Surprising in a room of the game that has seen in Force, Muck, MX vs. ATV All was in Épico 4k. It would recommend this car to the gamer or digital creator.
5 / 5 Erlinda
Has bought this pc and has shipped very fast. Hooked He on and key to be able to pressed. It has turned on immediately and begun on besides quickly that any one another pc has has not possessed never. It has been to touch stranded deep and sims 4 for my woman and is súper fast and amazing map. To good sure would buy again. If you any paste one buys key your missing was.
4 / 5 Iris
To the equal that have had these stops of PC the month now and everything are adds! The support of technology is fast and useful run to the question, very useful! Like this far any game has tried has has run smoothly and with very big framerates.
4 / 5 Jacqui
A WIFI the paper has required engine I Windows of supposition could no partorisca find them. Downloaded a ASUS PCE-AC68 Utility of a ASUS put web and installed. WIFI Does now. Partorisca Support of hardware I installed a MyASUS Application partorisca remain current on everything of a hardware/firmware updates that ASUS could have for a Motherboard or another has related the hardware has associated. Bought the mid-row HP gaming poster in Compraventa Better to go with a unit partorisca roughly 300 bucks and has added the 2TB HD (finally will delete a SSD that a unit has come with) -- My Edges thinks that that this unit is some Knees of Bees and loves it.
5 / 5 Penelope
Spent this computer for our edges for the Christmas and he not even would come on. We have tried to call and emailing Skytech any response. We have had to that take a computer to the tent of reparation of the computer where discovers has been wrong wire fence and some rays where undressed. With which have had a fixed computer skytech any repayment a full quantity to fix his deceptions.
4 / 5 Karma
Has had this pc for the pair of days now and has been adds. We send me to us my container the early week that is surprising, Gaming is a lot of ( bosses well with modding in the on-line & games shooter games without question) has had adds fps with pubg, gta 5, and chair. The stumble to questions a first day with a window 10 incumplimiento user 0 but was an easy fijamente. In general this the prize adds so that it is and the one who professional a placing/of boss is, An only thing I desire could done was to give there smiled of keyboard of technology & of heaven(still comes with one but is not like this glitzy lol)
4 / 5 Jeffrey
Mostly touches WOW, settings of means, or Terraria is rigs. It is in mine estimativa when my old pc died and has required something decent in the estimativa. It is specs would be good for Minecraft of Forenite also without required to touch your savings.
4 / 5 Ivory
Could have come with more RAM & some space of expansion for aggregated HDD hard walk. Has has had to that also add the external DVD.
4 / 5 Giuseppina
First impressions: a packaging and the global presentation is surprising, a skytech the keyboard is in fact quite decent, has used some parts add. SKYTECH ANY ONE ECONOMIC WAS with our build and for this I am quite sure will be to return to this company if my partner needs anything more. To good sure recommending to any and all the world.
1 More what has not listened never of SKYTECH before but spend with flying colours. Highly Recommended
4 / 5 Sherril
will update this in a future but is the good pc so that it had it far the week but today verified to do the room there was sure for another ssd and has remarked so only has the 500w psu and one 2070 in a pc has to that have at least 650 im def upgrading he in a very next future and also my one of my defenders of chances very turned? I am guessing he no he so that it has shipped with quell'has broken partidário unless so only turns on when needsother while any complains like this far
5 / 5 Lakia
purchase this computer for our edges those who is the 'gamer'! It says that this thing is a BOMB in a better setting in a game Fortnite!

Now can do not saying a lot another that has had my L type in ours look of office on roughly 10 computer and this was a one has recommended.

Like this far is to impress. I have not estimated a support of Technology like to have has does not have to that the.
5 / 5 Pauline
My edges had been saving his money for the gaming pc. I have begun to research and this was a more priced option . A lot they were near in the prize but any one have had the slowest processor or the paper of video strolls slower and hard. Has the incredible cooling and he is incredibly easy to access ths inner. Fond and he hinged door! It LOVES it!

Top Customer Reviews: [Ryzen & GTX ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
4 / 5 Andera
That is to say my premier 'Gaming' PC that bought without totalling I. At the beginning that I designed me in him it was a prize , was quite reasonable when compared to buy some components individually. As it Looks deeper although other things have taken my eye. A number of USB 3.0 ports (his take to find the PC with 5 of them) and a GTX 1050 You, while it returns big final, marked decently in benchmarks compared in some of a AMD the cards have seen in another tez.
The edifice of tez is the upper notch . Any one had any loose ray or rattling inner of bits. A Shot of PC in a first moment without subject.
A Mobo is the upper notch, a number of the ports of USB are utmost has room for expansion of a RAM until 32GB (16x2). I explode clashed immediately until 16GB and has no lamented the.
A card of video is solid. It surrounds Overwatch in 60FPS in Big/Very Big with ease and Battleground 1 in in 60 FPS in Ultra. Less graphically to intense games likes them the devil 3 and Minecraft apropa a 100 FPS mark.

Has no available PCI empty for updates like the fixed WiFi card ( comes with the dongle, which found had the quite feeble field) or card of capture.
Has only or 5.25' the main busy bay for a player of DVD comes with. This attack me so odd so that a tower is enormous. It looks the big portion of spatial is being occupied by a front has DIRECTED silliness and the uses facing those faces 3.5' bay (which suppose you to you could return the bay at the head of ports of USB in as this model has the up but any front).
A supply to Be able is the toneless bit to has to you, in a future, desire to update a card of video. A lot 500 Watts is minimum and a lot would like me seen of the companies defaulting in 750 or the 800 supplies of the watt, a difference of prize is so minimum except an increase of action am adds.
Any built in Bluetooth. That is to say smaller, but something concealed attaches the plot of functionality in the PC.
A keyboard included is not the value that maintains. Some tones are very rigid and his in the each appearance is the bit goofy. Some buttons of means comunicacionales is well, but my spacebar squeaked out of a box. I have substituted immediately he with the Razer Blackwidow. A mouse is also bit he flimsy, since does not have any weight balancers can pose calm in him found the very clear and easy to launch enough.
5 / 5 Roberta
Computer very well for a prize. I suppose that the I surrounds down that it will answer it to it more the majority of the common questions of the people will suffice.

Gaming Action:
- Battleground 1: 60+ FPS
- Witcher 3: 60+ FPS in a character, quite 30 ~FPS in Novigrad (very playable, but to good sure perceivable is OCD)
- Cities Skylines: Ultra Graphic, 60+ FPS until the populace of 70,000, perceivable drop in 100,000 (because of limitations of RAM of card of maps)
- Total War II ROME: ~40 FPS for two armies of 20 units in Big map, to good sure fallen in 15 FPS once again of 30-ish the armies of unit are in a field (predominately limitation of RAM of graphic card)

A main limitation of some components of computer are a graphic card. A GTX 1060 in no way feeble east, but one 3 GB VRAM half that a limit takes is more RAM that pot of process. It updates The road ideally would have to be in the GTX 1080You with the 4 or 8 GB RAM.
1 / 5 Kalyn
This element never powered up, right out of a box. It IS obvious has taking grieves he of some tills concealed has been very to the light together place. One focuses of the number of the serial is fallen was and one of some tampons of the foam in a fund has been rasgada. Worse of everything, the material packed there in a case that has required to be taken. And it is not in as the poster of only explosion has been to leave concealed. Or you have to have a pertinent measure phillips screwdriver of leader or the pair of tame pliers very strong/ to unscrew some four rays. I have to spend he through a street in my neighbour that was quite amiable to help me after it have directed his in two different tents to buy a correct measure of screwdriver. At the end that, that finds a thing does not act, and that informs the amazon has wanted to to return it, discovers need of the band behind up and or take he in UPS or expect in the house all day expects for them for the choose up. It opens Behind in a tent to buy that it packs tape and a nightmare of cramming all this craps behind in a box. It is expecting my back door and I will require to sleep in front of my turn of the night but my ears will be perked while for a damn UPS writes that probably softly touches in my door and then slink left to focus so will have to direct this useless piece of junk in a UPS tent. I will update this with that past with a turn. That revised this element positively can have taken lucky; but I am gone would not go some data with easterly unit Very disappointed with Amazon to sell this and expecting me to have to so carefully repack the. I owe only it owes the bond he in the box and they would have to come to take. Has one of his big centre very that out of where lives. I am truly disgusted and will return to buy my computers of some venues More Buy. At least I take another lemon was subject less stressful to resolve. I am in fact, writing this in an old laptop of 2012 experience of COMPRAVENTA BETTER these still laws only well, although no for gaming. Signed, SUPREMELY DISPLEASED
BREAKINGS TWO: As I packed a thing up and place he for a back door and launched and has turned all day expect listen the swipe in a door; there is a dud alarm where has jumped out of bed and whipped has opened a door... nope Only the sleep. At the end in 4:30pm it leave on taking any sleep before mine 10 hour at night visits and nicknamed UPS that said it that any one would be there to choose in an element among now and 7pm. Also I say that a remitente is old and the small apresamiento to listen so roughly necessities to write to ATTACK VOCIFEROUSLY. Long quite 5:30ish is near of my back door to take my shoes and I listen a tiny plus of rustlings as if the mouse was foraging. I the whip opens a door to see a UPS the type that backwards on with one focuses in his hand, probably enough to bond he in a door and slink was. Judge for his deer in a headlights expensive has been surprised to see me. 'And very included it has to you paste!' Dam merrily. As I tug this tonnage of cheaply the fact craps out of a door as it can plant it one focuses on and the tug has been. It opens it does not know sure that a UPS the type has not been to do he tentativa of good faith to alert in his presence or no, but can design your own conclusions of my history. The amazon says it has accused a repayment but of course will have to look my bill of card of the credit to be sure looks there. Next decree, More Purchase!
5 / 5 Mignon
I am not well in of the computers or that find that it is very so asked my brother to find me the good computer for gaming with the just prize. Sol Computers of tez as it knows his material. And I found me this unit strolls calm, careers softly. The map of game adds. Good measure. It was preoccupied was enormous but is a perfect measure . Seriously any complaint, 100% satisfied. It recommends.
1 / 5 Hallie
With 500 W PSU, can very really marks a lot of the updates without changing he in the best PSU.
This A320M-K MOBO very not backing OC and with Ryzen 1200, the MAY will be able to touch games without the fps drop. State touching joins of the legends in trace of the half and usually gives 160 fps in a principle of a game but ails a game takes in the fights of squad my fps drops in 40-50 in avg and sometimes same 7-20.. unplayable. And without SSD installed and only having the 8 gb memory, this computer will freeze (at least for the second) when trying mark multiple tasks immediately (my computer has frozen when tried to open microsoft word while it listens in spotify) highly would suggest that you spend the small plus bit to take the best desktop with the best CPU want to Very gaming at all.
5 / 5 Nereida
Thos The computer is sper the calm compared in my old unit The fast boot arrives and games WOW in the parameters the big plus in 60fps. There is the smallest subject when arrives with a wrong the partidrio installed in a back (was black and any blue that in a picture). Skytech Hurriedly Has answered in my email and and already has the partidrio new in his road. Purchase again of Skytech.
4 / 5 Harriett
That is to say a PC of premier of desktop has purchased and there is grinded has enjoyed the. I have bought this in amazon first day so that it was discounted even more concealed usual. It take this product for quite a lot of 200 cheap dollars that an original prize. This was the point for of enormous behaviour me when experience a GTX 1050 You. I try/ I Come from the fund of console so much, when being able to see the improvement of the entity in quality and map is very good to have. My roommate has the computer the expensive plus that has posed together and spear of preform mine, but with a prize has taken he for era defiantly value he. His computer was quite 500 more dollars that the mine was and that is to say why easily was mine of records. Quan Has bought in the first place expect that it go to have that buys the different mouse and keyboard. With a compraventa of a GTX 1050 was sper although it comprise that with a computer. It IS at present odd that uses a mouse and keyboard so that it has touched always in a console and controller. Although probably I will finish to substitute so much in a future was very still for the have when begin it in the first place up. At present I am that it touches mutable the different games and I are that it wants a quality of them. With there when being things so positive there is also some refusals. A negative premier of a GTX 1050 is a fact that does not have the supply to be able the big. This will not leave you to customise your PC if it does not purchase the supply for the be able besides big also. Another negative is a card of half map this comes with. This is not the big preforming card of map that can all the games in the big level. Even so, that is to say class of represented with a point of prize with a PC. If calm the pays for the big computer priced, then will take the card of the better map. In general, I have given this GTX 1050 the 4 out of 5 stars, so that has thinks that that it was the together computer very posed that it was awesome in his point of prize.
5 / 5 June
Computer of Decent Principle
comes with the gaming keyboard and smile
comes with wifi adapter
decent FPS in of the games like GTA V with LSPDFR (to police mod) installed with vehicle and of the multiple scripts mods installed in the parameters the big plus.
Fast and reliable
capacity to change a speed of a follower
taking to 10 amazon of card of dollar of the present he done the description after takings for emailing the afterwards the description publishes. (Any one how much accident of subject give)
wifi the adapter no well with satilite internet
does not take a lag-free gaming variant of a wifi adapter (which require you to buy the third party wifi adapter as and )
the keyboard has DIRECTED illuminates is in of the sides and any a lot of sample anything fresh
Can not change the colour FOCUSED or the turn was only an audio DIRECTED among breathing road and subjects still
very come with controlling so and has to pay some dollars of extra hundred in the new monitor
that is to say smaller but a keyboard is the small funky and will have to take used his if yours very already
4 / 5 Regena
Like The headline said, takes the sake, computer of quality for a paid of prize. A blue DIRECTED the lights in a computer are tastefully facts and done a look of desktop slick and clean. A keyboard is also very appealing, but has the strait entered key and some tones are the hard plus bit to press down that it can wish. A mouse is clear, which are good to remark. A GPU (1050 Calm) is enough for 1080p gaming but can run tax of the frame the lowest in addition to maps of intense games. A management of cape is very very done. It IS orderly and goes them a bit capes.

Has the few problems with a computer even so. A WiFi the piece is slow and requires a compraventa of the WiFi the antenna or of more piece rapids. A motherboard, while it listens enough so that some controls of desktop, is not a lot adds to update. It listens only the micro-ATX together, only has room for the max of 32 ram or 2 void of ram. There is no crossfire or SLI support neither.
5 / 5 Ofelia
Late late it arrives Sunday as it has promised. I have to say that it was very nervous when while for a container to arrive. A packaging was sure, clean, and mere. Even so, the mark of a company was in of the cards of bolds(any one a lot is trying be discreet), but a creation was a lot. I have opened he until finding everything in touch. Unscrewed A window and has taken the look at all of a internals, which was all neatly in place. Any monitor still, as it finish to try the in mine 4K television. Windows Installed without the subjects and I very really see any bloatware. I am not sper pc gamer, but consecrate the plot of my time in a sims 4 and Photoshop.? Each installed with the ease and he have run smooth in ultra parameters. Also, it uses the tonne to content fact of commission and has each of expansions also, as this me especially happy. It recommends all over the world it look for in the some place to start with. Thank you So much skytech and Amazon to provide an option abordable for gamers!
4 / 5 Kory
Ossia My prime minister 'Gaming' PC that has bought without increasing I. At the beginning that drew his was a prize , was quite reasonable when compared to buy some components individually. As you look deeper although other things have taken my eye. A number of USB 3.0 put you (his hard to find the PC with 5 of them) and a GTX 1050 You, while any big end, scored decently in benchmarks has compared to some of a AMD the papers have seen in other builds.
The construction of build is upper notch . It has had no loose rays or rattling inner of bits. A PC has shot on a first time without @@subject.
A Mobo is the upper notch, a number of the ports of USB are adds does room for expansion of a RAM until 32GB (16x2). The mine has clashed immediately until 16GB and did not complain it.
A paper of video is solid. It surrounds Overwatch in 60FPS in Big/Very Big with ease and Battlefield 1 on 60 FPS in Ultra. Less graphically to to intense games likes him to him the devil 3 and Minecraft approaches one 100 FPS mark.

Has no available PCI space for upgrades as I fix it WiFi paper ( comes with the dongle, which have found has had the quite feeble row) or paper of capture.
There is so only one ' the advance of busy bay for a player of DVD comes with. This like this odd attack because a tower is enormous. It looks the big portion of spatial is occupied for a front has DIRECTED silliness and the front only that types 3.5' bay (which suppose you could return the bay at the head of ports of USB to as this model has him arrive but any front).
A supply to Be able to is has bitten owe calm feeble, in a future, desire to upgrade a paper of video. Really 500 Watts is minimum and really would like me see the companies defaulting to 750 or 800 supplies of Watt, a difference of prize is like this minimum but an increase of action are adds.
Any built in Bluetooth. Ossia Smaller, but something concealed adds the plot of functionality to the PC.
A keyboard has comprised is not the value that maintains. Some tones are very rigid and his on all the appearance is the bit goofy. Some keys of means comunicacionales is well, but my spacebar squeaked out of a box. I have substituted immediately he with the Razer Blackwidow. A mouse is also the bit flimsy, of then does not have any weight balancers can dip you in him found that very light and easy the toss roughly.
4 / 5 Freida
Computer a lot well for a prize. I suppose that I surround it short that will answer more the majority of the common questions of the people will suffice.

Gaming Action:
- Battlefield 1: 60+ FPS
- Witcher 3: 60+ FPS in a wilderness, roughly -30 FPS in Novigrad (a lot of playable, but to good sure noticeable he is OCD)
- City Skylines: Ultra Graphic, 60+ FPS until the population of 70,000, noticeable drop in 100,000 (because of limitations of RAM of paper of maps)
- Total War II ROME: -40 FPS for two armies of 20 units in Big map, to good sure falls to 15 FPS once again of 30-ish the armies of units are in a field (mainly limitation of RAM of graphic paper)

A main limitation of some components of computers is a graphic paper. A GTX 1060 in no way feeble east, but one 3 GB VRAM means that a hard limit is RAM more than accusing has beaten. Upgrade The street ideally would owe that be to the GTX 1080You with the 4 or 8 GB RAM.
5 / 5 Summer
With 500 W PSU, can very really a lot of upgrades without changing it to the best PSU.
This A320M-K MOBO a lot not sustaining OC and with Ryzen 1200, will not be NEVER ABLE to touch games without the fps drop. I have been touching joins of legends in maps of mesos and usually gives 160 fps in a start of a game but grieve a game takes to the crew struggles my fps drops to 40-50 in avg and sometimes was 7-20.. unplayable. And without SSD installed and so only having the 8 gb memory, this computer will freeze (at least for the second) when trying multiple tasks immediately (my computer has frozen when I have looked for to open microsoft word while listening the spotify) highly would suggest that it spend the little has bitten more to take the best desk with the best CPU wants to do A lot of gaming at all.
4 / 5 Janetta
Are not well in of the computers or that find that it is a lot of have asked like this my brother to find me the good computer for gaming with the just prize. Use to build computer he so that it knows his material. And I found this one. Calm walk, careers smoothly. The map of game adds. Good measure. I have been concerned will be enormous but is a perfect measure . Seriously any complaint, 100 satisfied. You recommend.
5 / 5 Miguelina
Computer of decent start
comes with the gaming keyboard and smiled
comes with wifi adapter
decent FPS in of the games like GTA V with LSPDFR (to police mod) installed with vehicle and of the multiple script mods installed in of the main settings.
Fast and of confidence
capacity to change a speed of a partidário
volume to 10 amazon of paper of dollar of the present yes does the description with which receive for emailing his after the public description. (Any @@subject the one who the stars gives)
wifi the adapter no well with satilite internet
does not take a lag-free gaming variant of a wifi adapter (which require you to buy the third party wifi to to the adapter likes the )
of the keyboard has DIRECTED lights is in of the sides and no really objective anything cools
Can not change the colour FOCUSED or the turn was so only an audio DIRECTED among breathing way and still way
does not come with controlling like this has had to them pay some dollars of extra hundred in the new monitor
ossia smaller but a keyboard is the little funky and will have to that take used his if yours very already
4 / 5 Shu
Thos the computer is súper to calm compared to the mine old a. The fast boot arrives and games WOW in of the main settings in 60fps. Had the subject smaller when it arrives with a partidário wrong installed in a back (was black and no blue as in a picture). Skytech Quickly answered to the mine email and the already have the partidário new in his way. Shopping again of Skytech.
5 / 5 Leah
The title says it everything. After returning his defective crew, has been moment to the repayment for weeks so only to discover a repayment will be -$ 200 less than that I paid for the escoste of meso'.

Buyer beware.
5 / 5 Ute
Ossia A prime minister desk PC has purchased and there is it enjoyed really. I have bought this on amazon first day so that it was discounted even more that usual. It take this product for roughly 200 economic dollars that an original prize. This was the point for of enormous behaviour me when I have purchased a GTX 1050 You. I try/ I Come from the fund of console so much, when being able to see the improvement of the entity in quality and map is really good to have. My roommate has the computer the expensive more than together place and does out of preform mine, but with a prize has taken still was defiantly value he. His computer was roughly 500 dollars more than the mine was and ossia reason easily was extracted mine. When I bought It in the first place I have been waiting the east was to have that buys the different mouse and keyboard. With a compraventa of a GTX 1050 was súper a lot that has comprised that with a computer. It is at present I am missing that it use a mouse and keyboard because I have touched always in a console and controller. Although probably I will finalise to substitute so much in a future was less bad of the have when I began it in the first place up. At present they are that it touches mutable the different games and am loving a quality of them. With there when being things like this positive there is also some negatives. A negative prime minister of a GTX 1050 is a fact that does not have the supply of big power. This will not leave you to customise your PC if it does not purchase the supply to be able the big also. Another negative is a paper of half map that comes with. This is not the big preforming paper of map that can all the games in the big level. This in spite of, ossia class of represented with a point of prize with a PC. If it pay them for the big computer priced, then will receive the paper of the better map. In general, I have given this GTX 1050 the 4 out of 5 stars, reasons have thought that that it was the together computer a lot of then was awesome in his point of prize.
5 / 5 Cristi
The late Sunday has arrived late so that it promise. I owe that say that it was very nervous when while the a container to arrive. A packaging was sure, cleaned, and simple. This in spite of, the mark of a company was in of the papers of bolds(any good is trying to be discreet), but a creation was a lot. I have opened he until finding everything in touch. Unscrewed A window and has taken the look at all of a internals, which was all neatly in place. Any monitor still, as it has finalised to try the in mine 4K TV. The installed windows without the subjects and I a lot really see a lot of bloatware. They are not súper pc gamer, but consecrates the plot of my time to a sims 4 and Photoshop.? All installed with the ease and he have run smooth in ultra settings. Also, it uses the tonne to content fact of commission and have everything of expansions also, as this me especially happy. You recommend by all the world looking for some place to start with. Thank you So much skytech and Amazon to resupply an option abordable for gamers!
4 / 5 Shelli
Like the headline has said, takings the good, computer of quality for a paid of prize. A blue has DIRECTED the lights in a computer are tastefully facts and done a desk look slick and cleaned. A keyboard is also a lot appealing, but has the tightened enters key and some tones are quell'has bitten harder that press down that it could it to it wish. A mouse is light, which is good to remark. A GPU (1050 You) is enough for 1080p gaming but can run imposed to frame lower further of maps of intense games. A management of boss is very a lot of fact. It is orderly and hides some bosses.

Has the few questions with a computer this in spite of. A WiFi the chip is slow and requires a compraventa of the WiFi the antenna or the fastest chip. A motherboard, while when being quite so that a desk control, is not a lot adds for upgrading. When being so only the micro-ATX near, so only has room for the max of 32 ram or 2 space of ram. There is no crossfire or SLI sustain neither.
4 / 5 Jenine
Interior 1 month a computer has given errors of blue screen. With which 10+ calls to service of client, the type Justin' appointed said partorisca exchange some ports a ram has been installed in. At all you change it, and I have been that tries to take service of client partorisca some last 3 weeks with at all but a contestador.

Update - now his contestador is full and wont apresamiento more messages. This company entirely is that it fails mine in mine compraventa. Ossia A cast of the error clashes concealed has arrived interior 3 month of compraventa.
Exception of unexpected tent
exception of service of the System
management by heart
Kmode the no managed exception
Kernal way heap
Kernal the fault of control of the security
Apc indication mismatch
exception of tread of the no managed System
IO1 the start has failed
manager of Hide -
5 / 5 Werner
A computer is coming and in spite of multiple restarts, would not leave Bios way. A schemes would not access Windows 10. His works of service of the technology weekdays so only. So much, I am spent 2 hours that researches it on-line, trying the multiple fijamente and expósito that another has had this subject. I have learnt on some years that any electronic device with questions out of a box and any need of accessible support partorisca go back. I will buy a same thing of the real company partorisca the hundred of pair more bucks.
5 / 5 Lavinia
8/10..... They are mostly happy with my newish computer. There it go it three month now to the equal that has wanted to expect write the box of description has taken really comfortable with him. Things of pair this in spite of- an of some ports of USB in a cup of a PC no - the will not recognise any devices (wireless keyboard, smiled, cam or external HDD.. ect.) And it is useless. So much, east sucks. I require to reopen a chance and see something am free but has not looked still as it can be the very easy fijamente. It was packaged a lot well but is possible I supposition. There is put you wide of USB elsewhere so that it is not to treat it enormous but having the port died of day an east quite volume. Also it disappoints it/that it surprises it was that a box has said EXACTLY to be in him- specs and everything, printed in an outside of a box of nave. Happy no alive to somewhere this there is rampant flight of topmast. ' It causes some cries of boxes: 'THAT is ON GAMERS! OSSIA A NEW GAMING COMPUTER BRO And OSSIA THAT FACT And that QUICKLY HE HE! It is BADASS And LIGHTS And HELL YEAH!'
.......Exited for me but could see like this would cause subject for another. A mouse is basic- light but I like my old wireless a better. Some put you of USB in a behind doing a lot like this I plugged he to a backside and scooted more afterwards to an office. A keyboard comes with follows is box with which three month. It feels really economic and orange and is quite ugly also. Well to comprise this in spite of- you literally can open on a big box and be in your way in in an hour. But you do not buy this PC for a keyboard and smile in all the chance.

My computer of eight years has had like this outdated bits of hardware and has had so many things has substituted to be just time to upgrade a whole thing. They are not the hardcore -technology-savvy the daughter but I have the general idea that has wanted to take. I have chosen out of the little PCs and has asked mine súper-professional-technology-savvy the member familiarised help tightened the down to the PC that would be it 'future-test' for at least 6 years. It choose it was three and this PC has been better value considered for a money and upgradeable with which conceal. Besides a bit it conceal it does not act, I am happy with him.

Regarding a PC he, is much faster that that have had and can touch tonnes more games and that run his to a world without @@subject. Big benchmark bookmarks/marcadors for some games have tried like this far. If calm in fact is reading this, know the result of computer outdated incredibly quickly so many... It is a fast plus , newer, more amazing 'gaming rig' never? No. But to fall the glorious? It is it adds.
4 / 5 Solomon
Decent quite a lot of diagrams. Well value of the money. The pictures are the bit misleading, in some images aims a internals but this element does not ship with a 8GB Ripjaws V Serious 2400MHz like distinguished. The mine has contained the 8g 2133 MHz was the variant of mark has tried to call in the skytech lean to ask questions when you arrive but has taken any response, and like this of today of the closing cant taking by means of. I am not complaining in his quality or sound of action that does the work adds the so only wants to know the few things.

1. If this was the deception
2. If ossia a ram his supposition to ship with having an option to purchase another.

Will continue to try taking by means of, will update description with which have spoken with any one.

Oh yea And a WiFi dongle resupplied is good but wont league to the 5coverage of g, can not be of entity to some but is the mine so much resembles so only direct downloads. Ordering the substitution dongle.

I amour a look of a car and the place up was the breeze. Any missing component or loose bosses. Everything is connected
all the ports are doing. My woman thinks that that it looks súper fresh. It can buy one for his hips can dip them order my questions.

For the new people to pc gaming ossia the good option .
5 / 5 Erna
Has had a negative critique for any the one who probably never logical basic used yes calm wants to do it so only slightly twist a noobs/the ray was (does not require of the tools to take) then pull a side with a clear glass was then takes a paper and the foam was after so only dipped a side has retreated then situate a noobs retreated on this could take some time but calm will take it finally
(any precise to the disorder with some bosses is for has built an extra some sees is still upgrading to add cpu is so only leave them so only)
then covers to a outlet then toe a transmission of the power in a backside has 2 transmission to be able to is an on and one in backside a cup is for the normal turn was like the computer can rest but although it was the power still will be to move by means of a unit so that the keyboards remain lit and the telephones of my experience touch a one in a behind is likes to unplug the full power was
laws entirely in a HDMI boss like calm only need of the discharges for a monitor a sound also movements by means of him so only require a boss for the take that goes
for me, a defender can take strong sometimes but for afterwards the moment and of the returns the normal a strong sound means is cooling an interior pc to the equal that can touch the games he long the plus has touched Borderlands 2 on he in max king the bosses perfectly want on a ram of 8 can you for a ripjaws 16 to up the to 32 he volume 2 of then has 2 put you of interior of ram a pc is the link would owe that be that yours looking for
/>a lot ossia attack this help also have some common sense before you write to the description likes calm really complain in elections of intentional drawing without @giving like going in calm can not be that dense calm by means of him was to like doubt
but require the adapter of blue tooth
4 / 5 Ashli
Do to the plot of investigation has been looking to buy the Gaming PC for roughly 4 month now so only doing investigation to find a legislation a. Finally expósito is one, did not require it to be final really big or anything so only to do with some smaller games and of the video of current and everything. Taken a PC has done a first day then a second day that tries hook on my second monitor a VGA port the some fulmine to a port just game was. So much it was them unhappy in that but fixed the I and has imagined was so only the smallest question then has left my house for the few hours is turn has been for the turn on and at all. It was late I has said so it would do on he in a morning. The next morning has come computer wont the thing, wont gone back on, wont lights, defenders wont turn on, swimming. Verified all my ports my bosses, has gone included inside a PC to do sure all was snug this in spite of at all. Finally after each hours of pair messing with him I something for the finally goes back on but think that am returning this thing and that spends some extra money and buying the Alienware PC. More than the regime to any concealed buys it
5 / 5 Ayanna
has been using this to touch Eve On-line has it of then received (2 month). I will say that he quite a lot touching a game in of the settings of full map. I have it quell'has used also he with World-wide of Tanks and World of Warships. These games are night and day different with a paper of new map vs my old car.

Any only two primary complaints have in this element is:
1) An element does not come with this own (inner) wifi adapter. Calm instead has to that purchase one or trust an adapter of USB resupplied with this compraventa. It has had at least 3 occasions like this far where an adapter of USB there is prendido working and an only way for me for the take to do again was to use the Port of different USB.

2) Has to that have the few occasions (3) where a computer has clashed. Been the pocolas other occasions where for reasons ignored, like this far, my monitor has lost connection. An only way has been able to correct some accidents is with a key of reset in a cup of a chance. One the time has failed to reboot when I used it. An only way could close it down and restart it on that the occasion was the one of the fact pulls a cord to be able to.

One another thing has come to import in this writing for the moment, a paper of the video does not accept an adapter of the regular monitor neither he accept a DVI adapter has had. I have had to that take the cement HDMI adapter to use some monitors have had. I suppose so that they are running a cup of a line controls this would not be the question.

Finally, A keyboard is class of quota with some extra characteristics (keys) has. Unfortunately it seats test and place too much in too small of the place. It prefer the keyboard he big plus, but ossia the personal preference and no really a lot of the defect to draw. It wishes a tone of primary turn would be full period in a subordinated and shorter in a cup (behind L form). Instead it is more than one to the rovescio L, as I quite often finalises to paste \ in place of turn.

Loves a new mouse and likes a rotation by heart focused.
5 / 5 Katia
Thermaltake If, psu, and defenders of chances. Coolermaster CPU Fresher and WD hard walk. I have not verified a RAM or a mobo.
All the solid components, could build he for you was the calm constructor would not be reading east.
Ossia Perfect for the random gamer, any one touching mainly old games, or any concealed precise the little more juice that a mainstream desktops gives in this row of prize.
Has bought two, for some acquaintances, all have been dipped these on, updates him, test out of a comprised benchmark software, and box them behind up.
All solid of looks, has run well, and like this far am pleased.
Out of a box so only requires one 2019-05 Win10 updates, and an only extra software is a SkyTech application of support, a benchmark software, and application for crowdsourcing computes to find first numbers. Any one bakes in bloatware requiring the plenary Win10 reset, everything can be uninstalled easily yes elected .
Will update this description has any questions.
5 / 5 Garnett
Has had these stops of PC the month now and finally am satisfied with him. A quality of build is well, is calm and takes a work done. A bit those that things to remark out of a box, this thing is ENORMOUS. Originally It Feign to dip this in stand of mine of television but is too big, how is after him in a paving. A keyboard and the mouse are terrible, takes something more. Sure some lights of keyboard, but the incredibly ugly looks a frame was unfinished and shipped it so only anyways. One smiles has been distributed with to the was has died on arrived, like this has to that also. His cords also celery incredibly economic and frail.

My unit there is not coming with a RAM pre-installed, so he is powering this thing on for some first time and you are taking any video: it controls a RAM (any beep code?). Also very built in Wifi, ship with the adapter of USB but accepts and 5GHZ wireless signals so that it takes a work done.

Like this far this could touch quite negative, but my opinion of a rest of this car is very positive! Any bloatware, to looks does of the bit of customization in of the terms of overclocking and settings to be able to. So that paid, is really taking treats it well for some separates under a hood. Originally I have bought this PC to the equal that can touch World of Hunter of the Monster, which unfortunately does not run well in this PC. If it love the compatible 30FPS (sometimes paste 60fps but a lot always) in of the low settings in 1080p this will do. That comprise MHW is more CPU intense that it is GPU intense, like this yes is feigning compraventa this car thus purpose takes something with the fast plus CPU. If it was to go back in time, I of taken something bit it more powerful that this costruttore.

Also take the SSD, a 1TB the Hard walk gives is well and the storage of use like this secondary, but calm once go to a SSD can any never go back.
4 / 5 Krystina
My dad has bought this for me for my anniversary bc has been that master it gaming desk. Well I have the laptop but has not had it desk in 6 yrs, has not wanted to buy the $ 1500 gaming computer but has has wanted to one this will run some popular games.
Was excited like this to take this desk, has gone covers it everything in, and AT ALL, ANY POWER, ANY LIGHT, ANY ONE has wanted to cry!!!
Well has called Skytech service of the client and the support numbers which am quite sure has been to cellphones but could be wrong. I have left voicemails and emailed a computer, and to the amazon has called then support of technology (this was the joke ) and a first type has looked for to be useful but plant me on control for awhile and Skytech number to sustain called to has to that me way that has had to that hang. I have answered a call and a type was súper useful and knots the tonne of troubleshooting, has learnt to plot in my computer, but unfortunately can very included help me the take begun, there was so only ANY POWER to motherboard. Well of then ordering by means of the amazon said to contact them and take the substitution. As calling support of technology of rear amazon, apparently a type could not find at all on calling me leading, a second sustain of technology the type was súper earthy, maintains to says “does not hang on me” but has had any record of me calling and in slope bc was on control for the long time and has taken the call of any the one who could help me troubleshoot quite then saying me to turn in a key to be able to, as I have had to that hang. It was so only I am missing that maintains to say that (3times during our 12 min called of telephone) and dipped me then on resist to look to something and a call of telephone disconnected. Thus point was annoyed further and has had to that call support of technology of the Amazon for the third time and I have not been to troubleshoot in the computer that would not turn on, considering are spent roughly 45 mins troubleshooting with a type of Skytech already. Well this time has taken the woman the one who was very good and has comprised frustration of mine, master so only reembolsa one load but I have loved the substituted, am spent to plot to time to look in of the computers in a $ 700 row of prize. Have that takes approval of his manager to repayment a desk, was quickly, took place him until it has it has on elected in my house bc tin a lot lug this enormous box to a tent to have is returned. Ossia Such the good option when you owe elements of turn!
Well has taken a second an and dip the on- and some quite blue lights of some defenders turn on and has turned on and has been running like this smoothly of then, has been operating he for roughly 3 1/2 weeks now and loves it! I want to that has spatial for upgrading internally, I upgrade a paper of map and other things and he finally be the $ 1500+ desk when I upgrade all to the long of a way! It does not complain buying this computer. It is an electronic and sometimes they a lot always the work and the subjects could come roughly but my call of telephone has been returned inside an hour and took to imagine was, sucks that they have to substitute but my second some perfect works and could not be happier with this compraventa.
Lol An only complaint was Amazon like the basic support of technology was, and am not sure could has included any of a troubleshooting a type of Skytech the supports number done for me.
Would recommend this computer to my friends those who are that they want to begin was with the gaming desk. I have been touching Battlefield 5, GTA5, Real Realm, Fortnite, strong Box, &strike of Contador and I have had to that disorder with the pocolos settings but any question with him treating some games.
4 / 5 Zoila
It takes hesitations roughly buying this product. It was skeptical of quality of build and action, but this car fulfils all the expectations. Taken the Oct 6 2018 and has had a lot of @@subject of then. I go partorisca be upgrading a paper of map, ram, and processor to the equal that have bought this car with a intent to upgrade the. This in spite of, some components will receive partorisca treat adaquately partorisca of the money. A comprised external wifi the adapter has taken extracted well, any @@subject there, simply discharges and game. My PC shipped with the skytech branded mouse and keyboard. They are not partorisca top of a line, but likes RBG and does not plan in of that spent the mouse of keyboard or main final, is so only well. Any one give or irregularities with a car or box when it takes here, and all a management of boss the interior is orderly partorisca one the majority of part. A chance is decently sized so that it have to that have room the upgrade. There is the quantity adds of USB 3.0 and 2.0 put you, as well as a port sample, HDMI and DVI port. An only thing there is remarked that it was the little odd was a ram; my build has come with some estacas of 8GB the ram of the company has called Geil, and looks partorisca be clocked in 2133 MHz. It can not find a same model of ram partorisca match a one in mine build, but concealed has not imported reason go the upgrade the in all the chance. In general, FPS is solid in the variety of games, and can trust (roughly) some numbers have mentioned in a description of product. I touch Overwatch mostly and extracted wonderfully in of the big settings, has included better besides down (that prefers to touch on sometimes to maximizas frames partorisca competitive game). Also it have to that mention have found a chance has cools quite well, although I maintain my room frozen the majority of a time. My build has come with the 600W thermaltake supply to be able to, which have found well likes has been expecting something that he 450W or 500W.

In general, would have to buy this product is looking for a gone in-level or relatively schemes down cost in a world of prebuilts. His action is solid and has room for upgradability. This be has said that are upgrading the few components to the equal that have bought this car like this more than the 'base'. Again, the shot adds like an entrance or schemes cost down. Also you consider to buy a SSD (is relatively economic interior a moment).

GTX 1050You 4GB >RX 580 8GB

Ryzen 3 1200 >Ryzen 5 2600

Geil 8GB(1x8) DDR4 2133MHz RAM >Corsair 16GB(2x8) DDR4 3000MHz RAM
4 / 5 Donella
service of Client? It does not think Skytech knows the one who this half. It tries to achieve of any options in his web of place.
Has received the computer that no possible way to be tried reason everything of a motherboard the connections have been blocked for a chance. With which days to expect, any one finally answered on cat and ensured would receive a RMA. Well I any and has had to contact them again to be said that a number of order of the Amazon has not been received. A technology one goes ensured has had quite a lot of information. As I am calling BS. Now they have my money and my computer and I can not speak to any by means of any of some options has resupplied. Burn your money, will improve use out of him.
5 / 5 Rory
has after had virtually any question with this pc, what only was them to add the second HDD but thats because of the video that modifies requirements, this prebuilt has been able to maintain up with all ive done with a lot of little lag when in common games of big draw (I.et. Sea of Thieves, or Overwatch) while rendering, streaming, and touching spotify immediately. 10/10 recomend.
4 / 5 Darline
Like a lot of another, am spent the just quantity to time to consider the type of computer would fulfil my basic gaming need. After reading roughly descriptions in this PC, has seen people alleging to be able to felizmente touch one of my favourite games has decided like this to go with this individual gaming rigs. Now a lot it complains this compraventa. A first month of game of the game in this PC has been quite smooth but after the month to use this PC, a computer consistently incident and aim some 'errors of blue screen'. I finalise that it has to that reboot a computer a lot, long the day. While gaming, I often lag or take disconnected of a game in spite of other devices in mine houses no in that has questions of connection of the internet. Today, after using this computer for roughly 3 month, has decided to see if any one other clients had experienced alike subjects, and there is here, a lot another informs to experience alike questions with his Skytech computer. If you want to have the smooth gaming experience, does not buy this computer. This company is selling the highly defective product and would have to that be embarrassed.
4 / 5 Tuyet
Modify 11/28 going here: it has had the weirdness subject and could do not imagining . Has hands down, more thorough and support of useful technology. It has not had an easy response, but maintain to do in the until it was solved.

Like first computer has sent the mine has been missing all bondadoso of things. I am used to not seeing CDs or Dvd, but only chairs so that ...Empty. Like this perhaps verify these things was calm so that it is that it have to that be in a box another that a computer. A gaming smiled, the keyboard, and in my chance, all 4 rays of chance in a backside. Like this with which take a substitution , has been relieved to see that it have to that the additional elements facts to the equal that has the habit of with the new PC. (oops, has FORGOTTEN that included some feet have been missing of a chance!!)

To Some people could not liking the big tower, but I , and is also so only enough.
Like this barring a lot of weirdness, thinks that this will adapt me.
9/5: Yep, very pleased with this like this the end the lowest that builds but still decent quality. And it is enough.
5 / 5 Amal
The client sustains a lot bad. Every time I call takes a contestador . I leave the message and never go back the response. My accidents of computers atleast 3 times the day. I try to take it behind to settings of the factory and I take a message any image of disk has found. I try to call support to help be take computer to settings of factory and never take the human in a telephone. A cat of web of place says late of boxes of the available morning and I always aim me the form while I look for to initiate the cat. Now included I am spending for an ache of rebooting daily atleast 3 times, that loses my work if any one except frequently. This support is bordering in a ridiculous.
4 / 5 Isaias
Ossia Mine 2nd never PC (for the long time was them the cause of user of the laptop of a portability, which lose but oh a lot of), and a prime minister one was the piece of junk. When I have bought it is one , was whole while be disappointed, but nope! This thing is powerful, beautiful and careers without any class of @@subject! I didnt expect an included wifi dongle to be quality very big but do a lot well! I recoomend that takes the different mouse and keyboard this in spite of, they the keyboard has comprised was the little clunky and a mouse is so only bit it too flimsy, but is both abonos like backup if your main pair does not break never the supposition. Calm will not feel to take this computer!
4 / 5 Jaymie
For a past 10 years would build my own gaming computers. Somehow always it take a wiring of a motherboard wrong and would be necessary to spend them to the tent of reparation to fix. A motherboard in mine last build has the data was and so only has not had an energy or money to build the new a. After researching a lot of PCs on Amazon and reading the descriptions have bought this computer.

- I like this Windows 10 was installed already like my old car there has been Windows 7 concealed was upgraded the Windows 10.
- The computer begins a lot fast.
- I likes that has the wireless paper but I have not tried in wireless disposal still.
- The graphic paper is well. It has not had any one questions that touch my games.
- Any question with cooling included without AC in my house.
- There looks to be he quite soiled in a tower to upgrade a paper of map in some point.
- I has not had to contact support of client roughly anything. It likes that it is a lot easy to contact of support of client neither by means of an application in a computer or his web of place. The better way that trying troubleshoot the builds done to commission for your account.

- A computer so only comes with 8 GB of RAM and there is so only 2 space of RAM. It has dipped in another 8 GB of RAM and I can touch Skyrim in of the big settings without questions. 32 GB Is a max like this I probably dipped two 16 GB claves in in some point.
- I has not run to any questions with one 500 power of watt distributes but am going the upgrade a CPU or paper of map that will change it was for the 750 power of watt distributes concealed was in mine last build. +

In general am a lot happy with this PC. You take the good car for a prize.
4 / 5 Trish
Has bought this SkyTech Gaming desk for my edges of 11 years. I have been spent around for the gaming desk for the moment and look some frames of big name like Alienware or HP Omen gaming PCs cost twice so much or more. This cost of PC $ 599 and comes with the 4GB GPU. I have asked my edges with which is been using he for several days on to the equal that was some games that career in a PC. It says that everything runs to add and fast. A thing loves the signal was also is a paper of the video in this PC there is HDMI and DVI connections. A monitor there is so only a HDMI the connection and is already into use for a gaming system, how is the more add that we can connect a computer with a DVI connection. Downside To use a DVI is that you will have to that it is exited an audio the speakers or the headset. Any question here of my edges mostly uses his gaming headset. I wish a computer comes with HDMI or DVI bosses. If you go to use any of these calm connections then will owe that take your own bosses. In general I am very satisfied with a compraventa; and my edges is a lot happy. I have not estimated a Support of Technology because I have not required support to arrive to this point.
4 / 5 Agueda
Has bought this less than fact the year, and has been having compatible questions. It likes I preface that this computer has been used to grieve about me until fact 3 month, and has had at all but questions of then. It has had no the physical harm according to which could say has been this in spite of having the questions have decided of then use the regularly: A wifi is a lot unstable and sometimes non-existent, of then has had to move of the mine portable to use this desk, has been trying games of touch with my friends, so only the disconnect each one that 30 minutes. Now originally I have thought that that a subject was my provider of internet , but any of the mine others the devices was having subject.

Has decided to research my subject, any @@subject at all. I move to a pc and there is remarked that a usb dongle comprise that any one has taken (or leaves not even sure to arrive to this point anymore) a wifi the connectivity no longer has operated . Lame, and plugged he to the mine old laptop, work, has looked for to use the in the different port, swimming. I have decided to exchange a usb with one that has done known, and does not act , And after port ceased to do until after restarting. THIS WAS INNER ONLY 3 MONTH Of REAL USE. (The computer is remained untouched for the majority of the year and has on elected for primary use in May).

Has been having this question quite consistently with some ports, and I recently tried to contact skytech support, duquel everything of his lines has been occupied and had to us leave my name and number of telephone and would go back mine like this collected to the equal that was possible. I have called in 11 I are PST (duquel is opened until 5pm PST) and has not received the call of then.

Now while this question is quite recent, would like me the signal was that this PC is not HTC ALIVE compatible because of a fact that has the significant lack of ports that in fact function, some of some ports have not connected to a paper that mediates no anything, as you are using this computer for VR, your only option really is to take the RIFT S for him.
5 / 5 Muriel
Interior 5 days partorisca order it arrived and has done perfectly, avenges with the keyboard, the Mouse, and the end the lowest Wifi usb adapter.

Very fast setup time and the able era to begin to use he inside an hour of inaugural the.

My gaming sessions usually last for roughly 6 to 10 hours and taking likes the field.

Remains fresh without some defenders never throttling on and his calm deaths absolutely was when touching on-line.

Ive Has used he for graphic Drawing and of the Digital illustrations and im has impressed with him in general, has had so only the so only a subject of time with him mixing my CTRL+Z commanded and deleting semence at random, but the fast reboot has solved a question.

All some games ive launched in striking fantastically soften with zero lagspikes or drops of frame, the games eat:

bows of Rocket in Maxed Graphic


can of Crew 2

Terraria (Hiccups here and there but his so only a way that play of game in general.)

FTL: Faster That light

has had the few subjects here and there but once has them Update a Nvidia engine, all my questions have been he was.
So only the bosses up: a onboard Nvidia likes to 'Optimise' games for 'An experience of better game', as if I play it wont run correctly so only turn an Optimisation was.

For any one new to PC Gaming, this thing is absolutely value a seal of prize.

So only calm the favour and buy a HDMI Boss and the best WIFI Adapter or CAT5 Boss to agree it, causes an adapter has comprised is a lot really So only for the web that explores and Video streaming.

All and all the without accidents can say this was the compraventa interesting and would buy them of skytech again!
4 / 5 Cira
Estimativa Lovely a lot of gaming pc,
the good, work well, a map is well, looks the dollars of thousand

the bad ... It is main that requires to be, is more intrepid that requires to be, but work well, a wifi is street the quite poor dongle, a motherboard is economic, a ram is economic

but good in $ 600 ish
5 / 5 Carmelina
the suppositions have taken lucky with cause of mine in place of a ASRock mobo listing in a specs has come he with a ASUS A320M-K mobo but still the little miserable the considering so only has a PCI-And space for the paper of map and so only 2 space of RAM. This in spite of does not avenge with a gaming RAM and has come instead with the Geil Evo Improves RAM. Also it take the little lucky with a supply of different power. A listing specs says is the 500 w PSU but the mine has come with the ThermalTake Smart600W PSU.
In general is not still to rig it bad so only does not have any a lot of room for upgrades. To good sure recommend upgrading a like this collected RAM to the equal that was possible. 8GB Is a lot of stops more than things but now the days 16GB is beginning to result a minimum will require for any gaming.
I mostly Rainbow of game 6 Seat and with this setup am taking the in bylines 80-100 FPS in the big settings that touch in 1080p.
4 / 5 Tish
Im Writing this description roughly 2 month to use it.

For a prize, this pc are really adds. Mainly it uses this for light gaming, likes Minecraft, csgo, and joins of legends. You all run perfectly in big map. I included begun on gta in this thing and he have managed almost maxed out of maps in an average of 60-70 FPS. Like this yeah, this thing is quite good.
This in spite of, yes loves hardcore game in this thing, would recommend perhaps building the pc or included that spends the little has bitten more money for the prebuilt.
This pc can be upgraded. It recommends upgrading a ram reason this thing can a lot of really run more than a thing the time. Also, one 1050 is the strong little paper of map that does a work, but am going the upgrade later.

In general, this thing is in good sure values he for a money. It is gone in punctually, sure packaging, easy to dip up. You take like stops of pays.
4 / 5 Dori
A CPU Ryzen 3 1200 remained with a Nvidia GTX 1050is surprisingly powerful for a prize of the pre-PC has BUILT. I can run Tone Clancy Rainbow Six Seat in Big-A lot of big with around 80-100 FPS and BF1 with Half-Big with 50-70 FPS. And a CPU and GPU is 100 upgradable, as Ryzen 3 1200 is a low plus in a Ryzen family, giving you other options to clash until in a future with a measure of same socket.
5 / 5 Madison
Has received my eskyTech Shadow Gaming Computer, [Ryzen & GTX 1050 You Edition]' on January 13, 2020. I am writing this description on February 12, 2020. For a past month has dipped this computer by means of a lot of hours of gaming, surfing a web, writing the correspondences and I have done included my taxes. A eskyTech Shadow Gaming Computer, [Ryzen & GTX 1050 You Edition]' has preformed perfectly. It is also remark worthy to mention that this computer is a lot enough. So only I can assume the support of Technology would be like this flawless, as I have had any need to contact any for any question. If I have had to attack this computer for anything was a paper of video , a GTX 1050 You Edition of Nvidia is the little dated, as well as 8 mb of the ram of system would be better in 16 mb of ram, but everything of of the this and a lot another characteristic of this PC is on gradable like the need arises. With everything east says this computer is the wonderful PC for a money.
5 / 5 September
Has taken this for my edges of 12 years. I do not want wasteful so only still in the 2000 computer of dollar. As I have decided to go with east an and has been a decision has done better. Smooth course without subjects that like this never. Triple swipe Some games and was happy. Now this an is not to be touched in Ultra Settings. I have taken the 1080p monitor so that it is a resolution is touching on. That I amour in this computer is that his like this easy to exchange out of some parts. So that he like this taking older can transmissions out of a paper of video for the powerful plus a. But it is like this happy. It recommends this to any any one the utmost beginners desks.
4 / 5 Sana
Well, so only has taken this out of a box, has received the days of the pair done, plugged he in and light all blue likes. It comes without the manual of the user,so only the MATERIAL of piece of paper INSIDE THE CHANCE that calm say you to take a stuffing out of a first chance of plugging in, shipped in a box of product that has had the interior of tear, any protective external box like this ALLLL your neighbours and the thieves can see that it is in him. (STUPID, STUPID, STUPID!). Any science of rocket there to take a stuffing was and not shipping in the MARKED -the WORLD-WIDE SALVATION HERE Is A COMPUTER FOR you to FLY- BOXES. I plugged in frames he new monitor-am looking it maintaining same and using in old computer, and a cheapie but keyboard coloreado and an ECONOMIC no-gaming súper mouse of the toy of light paperweight avenges with. , So only the box with blue lights and btw the A lot of SHORT (3ft?No more than 4ft) cord to be able to-the supply to be able to is INNER . It likes I the AT ALL. Tried an out of and on key like this upper and back the little time. AT ALL. Never looked to communicate with a monitor at all and then has DIED SO ONLY. A chance lateralmente of a no returned door well, out of a box and there has not fixed the to apt snug, I a picture (if any one here will be to upload he ). A front has opened to develop that looked the space for him cd/dvd walk, but any one all a way, once open, he never opened again, any walk of CD visable and was plastic raven in a space. Then, I unplugged a new monitor, opting to use my tried and monitor of 6 true years, has not taken never that far, a never lit keyboard on again and he so only looked to die. I have moved a unit to other discharges, the folds have verified of the discharges has been in, everything well. But more blue light, so only the tiny little light of deep inner gold is guts and this is to die also . Im Has thought this was any one is turn, look crapola and pre-abused, a chance so only scuffed and dirty looking, any that the new mark shiney. And of course some REAL interiors of this computer that to looks AT ALL likes him that it is posted in an ad, has no quite colored photoshopped bosses. (Ossia Almost one abuses the clients, so only like one fines-colored flowers of fraud of Cina) has good descriptions and to the equal that have taken the available price goes to try the SUBSTITUTION. This would have to that be here the day or two, but right now, so only angry, takes some piece broken of...... They are needless to say UNBALANCED but ALENTADORA that a substitution will be at all eats that I have received and that some descriptions have been corrected, that ossia the good computer . I will UPDATE you grieve the new tower arrives.

UPDATE: the SUBSTITUTION has ARRIVED TODAY! (Please the box of note uploads, those some pictures see here is of a DEFECTIVE PRIME MINISTER A) In the first place wants to THANK SERVICE of CLIENT of the AMAZON the one who IMHO is on state and further to take this legislation and me it happy client a lot quickly, and for that, (and some help with other elements) the mine that takes Kudos and loyalty, are TRUELY IMPRESSED with some of theeee support of the better client any NEVER has RECEIVED (any one only in this element but of of the this was mine the big cost will sing his praises here). A SUBSTITUTION A, was likes night and day compared to a prime minister an I has received. And it was almost too depressed with which a prime minister a to included wants to open a box! You are wrapped entirely different, in the Skytech but different box also. Hmmmm. Also a keyboard and the mouse were entirely different. (The with some wine of red keys with east a, has taken rainbows with a last a-weeeeee! (He Ossia sarcasm ) A mouse and the keyboard are ECONOMIC, a spray of looks of the mouse painted and is not the real gaming smiled, but finds the new purpose with mine Chromebook or portable. If you take one of these computers and does not have it gaming smiled, goes look in a Naga, Knife or still Logitech (much more economic but still a lot) department. A a sold with this computer is SO ONLY A MOUSE, light, any one balanced, horrible for gaming, value perhaps 3 bucks the good day. A keyboard there is at all roughly writes he in English, his ugly, some tones are big but soft, any mechanics and not even anything CLOSES to the feeling maquinal likes them a bit keyboards a lot mechanical is, feels SLOW and SOFT, included for just normal writing. So that it is if his one has has thought that accounts, utmost, he loves in fact GAME with , his tent of dollar junk. It comes with him dongle for wifi,(as hard be for has built it in?? I guess hard.) It Likes him another there is complained roughly he here, any subject for me, but right now sound in a room AFTERWARDS to a subject, like this perhaps another is is further was, and are the believer in hardwiring gaming computer, as not going to cry in that. A tower, has had well my moment of panic when it does not turn on AGAIN. This heartbeat prendiendo, have @@give that it had REVOKED an on-was the transmission is one . LOL, almost danced it happy when I have imagined to be! Has the player of DVD in a front, The difference of the PRIME MINISTER One has RECEIVED! And WORK! Another YAY. It opens and it closes, a front and door lateralmente, and lines behind on perfectly. It has to that have another but besides a revoked on-was key to a supply to be able to, BUT has found the interior of paper he, (any stuffing to pack) this there has been I any one seen would have caused it harm or a unit to locate in of the llamas. You are the signed was on paper of inspection for 4 people for those who installed that. SIGH. Like this taken one , any attractive only a stuffing was and say, good to go, looks for full-sized the paper of printer has bent tucked is gone in of the dark corners! . (REALLY!?!? ugh. But this in spite of a piece of paper of mystery has said to be control of the quality inspected- am laughing the small writing that.) And a a defender wobbles visibly. Another SIGH. Also, it is supposition to have 4 usb ports, a substitution so only has 3 Still this in spite of, looking in a positive side, a thing is CALM, almost TOO CALM. He no ANY SOUND. ANY ONE. But perhaps the good things go in 3 is. A chance looks shiny new and any scuffed-soiled likes a prime minister a. After the little question that imagines out of a LEGISLATION HDMI port to use, (does not use a a MARKED HDMI, use a space in a backside of a paper of map) the monitor was on and a computer was and working and uploading without bloatware or anything. So only of one in current. It installs time, fantastic. I will remark that it look in this website of the companies and they are sold out of all more all, join me reason I and another person here the bad towers apresamientos has been due to exiting them of business?? Sure that looks that way. Now they are the gamer and the amour that read in of the programs of map of big final but a lot of techie when it comes to do you he gaming builds like a younger generation-I active has had so only the few hours to touch around but looks to be the good car minus his missing usb and reverse on-was the transmission and the defender wobble. They are quite sure a next month, because of some questions, will take it to mine puter gurus and have them drop in this 4th usb and give it the gone in and try all this techie material. As I took it on first day in the discount, can say that I am happy with quell'I paid for him. Payment More than the available price after all these questions, Precise no., oooh neato, coolio, ailing man, goes to go the cupboard of liquor of mamma of raid or stash and look in a tricked-out of blue lights and go you súper excited likes any in youtube. NO! It creates it or no the ADULTS in fact buy gaming computers. And we are a lot of whistles and past bells and love FUNCTION! (And perhaps instructions or drives and ready that it is IN HIM without that has to that the appeal was an ad !) But a blue is enough, the light at night for gamers, ossia obviously for girls that looks for to impress other girls, could have lived without them and solved for another usb, or the defender that wobbles no, or an out in transmissions labeled CORRECTLY. So much, I will add pictures, perhaps included share the video of a SUBSTITUTION when has time, will see like this goes, will not clash my stars because you would think with the substitution, would not send wobbly defenders, reverse transmissions or losing usbs. I think that that it goes to be probably the good solid car once has to that tune-up with my local computer folks the one who have on dipped with to me likes the gamer and rigs of mine in fact of a lot of years. And a FPS are to add and looks to have the need for speed! So much, pluses and minuses, if anything changes drastically with an action for a good or bad, will be of tower to rant, otherwise can assume is running! Thank you Again to Sustain of Client of the Amazon for ALL YOUR HELP in taking me the FAST of substitution and so only when being adds to do with as the client. Oh And looky looky- has FALLEN a prize even more that it was in first DAY (now seats rasgado was)...uh, With all some questions have had and another has had some same times have purchased, and a drop of prize, and a be to plant official web out of stock on more all his models, master , was the box of mystery , any of joy, or question, or the mix of both! And you are ocd in fingerprints, this chance will drive you DICE,
5 / 5 Helga
has had this computer for almost the year. A process to buy is quite simple, and one packing was to add (the calm mark sure the types take one inserts inside a first chance to begin! As of on done the week, there is remarked a BSOD the exception that begins interior 5 minutes of logging in. A support of client was adds in helping me by means of diagnosing a question, and fixing it. A question is resulted to be the error that there was at all to do with AMD, was in fact Windows. After trying a HPET subject, a representative of the service of the client drove by means of the quota installs Windows 10. When All says and fact, a question has been he was.
This description is mainly of a company like the whole, any one some components of system like paid so that takings and a prize of $ 700 is not bad for an action. It is to good sure any one the upper-tier computer to the equal that has expected. I recommend this company for compraventa future!
5 / 5 Kareem
So only has taken this computer and setup was the breeze. His súper quickly, any bloatware. It looks awesome, is running add , and look forward to to dip he by means of his steps. It likes that it is built with of components of the quality and one develop the options of capacities are already so only like the PC of estimativa would have built, but avenges to the point of the lowest prize and was all does for me. I have had some friends of guru of the PC of look of mine to build me one or so only purchasing this, and they all has adapted that this was the solid election ! Very pleased like this of now, the continuous hope run as well as it is now!
4 / 5 Neva
I have ordered so only this PC of Amazon and like this far want it. I have touched Investigation of Dragon 11 in some settings some big plus and was able to take 60fps further of zones, but there was roughly noticeable drops here and there but in general treat very good. I have tried GTA V and was able to take 60fps in
settings very big. Also it take this PC to develop my own game with game-studio of costruttore as well as some scolare.

A mouse and keyboard that is to be resupply is really well in my opinion, but does not have to that no a lot of experience with keyboard and smile because I have been the player of console mostly, but has found that a keyboard and smiles that has been to comprise to be comfortable.

A computer has the good creation but he is also quite big, but the supposition has to that be that it considers a quantity to be able to is packing.

Has been interested to buy the gaming PC then highly recommends to take is a will not complain it !
4 / 5 Vilma
Ossia The computer of substitution . My old computer has the error of Windows to the equal that have decided to substitute he with the Windows 10 product. I do not touch a lot of anymore but a computer has has managed WOW Classical a lot well and good works for video and daily use.

Does not like Me a lack of external bays. It have preferred yes it can install my walk of burner of OLD DVD. I also downgraded of a SSD to an old school HDD to the equal that comes with this car. A reduction of speed is the ache. It follows - it spent this plan to upgrade to at least a SSD immediately. I have ordered a NVMe walk to install (I has any experience with these walks).

If you are the moderate gamer, or yes is looking for the pre-the diagrams have built for daily use (internet, video, Office of Microsoft), ossia the good car to consider .

Is looking for Cup of a line performace or big-finalise gaming, looks for the most pertinent rig better.
5 / 5 Rodrick
Ossia The fantastic computer that punches the bit on his class of weight. It comprises that it is buying and it will be thrilled.
A packaging was well, solid, and sure. Among the box that clearly tip that is, so that beware pirate of porch on day of delivery!
Unpacking The instructions were clear and easy to follow. Some guts of a computer are expertly gathered and neatly wired in an industry-marry regulate. Some parts are not some 'better available', but has to that maintain going back to this when being the lovely rigs. A worry key often can be hot. Quell'Conceals has not been a subject with this box, and ossia the component that is not soymena that shouted'.
A keyboard and smile that the ship with a box is Skytech Gaming branded. They are not big-finalise gaming train, but is serviceable abundance and perfectly reasonable data a prize of some rigs. Some cords are abundance long. It would like to have it bit it more control on one has DIRECTED paints and of the diagrams in both peripheral, but concealed is not reason has bought this computer so that it is well.
Was able to dip a computer on a lot easily and falls directly on - a lot of @@subject. The my bit of configuration of Windows, then installed a software loves use in the and has run by means of some updates of Windows.
My favourite game is some titles to age concealed is processor -intense. A game relieves the capacities of a computer and suggests levels of map. It suggests some the main available levels. It has been it bit it surprised in that, considering a low prize of east rigs. A visual quality is to good sure there. I have not tried anything big like raiding or PvP still. If and when I , will update this description with my experiences.
In general, are súper happy with this compraventa. To good sure use Skytech Gaming when I do not want to me build, and recommend to mine fellow, also.
4 / 5 Nannie
Has done phenomenally was-boxes-- have been impressed reasons quickly a GPU and the processor is. Usually it chooses Intel in AMD but are pleasantly has surprised. It recommends this to any need concealed the gaming computer for the prize abordable. All my games run in max fps the people have been complaining roughly the when being lens but I world of career of Warcraft, Overwatch, fallout 4 and his all run in max fps still sims 4 any question at all. An included gpu a nvidia 1050 is exceptional and one the majority of calm big final gpu has not seen never. Place the one of in this way this thing is like this overpowered does not have does included quite intense gaming to do some defenders go big to accelerate a gpu or processor. His just global that the surprises are very pleased.
5 / 5 Fawn
Originally has bought this has thought would be able to run Rainbow 6 Seat. Little I know a AMD the processor has resisted for behind a computer and has caused my game to clash interior little small of startup.
5 / 5 Kristofer
So only had for less than the month, but like this far loves it. I bought it mainly to go back the World-wide of Warcraft. Like this far I do not have any question, I game with all the settings in 8/10, which in my opinion does not lose anything mapea wise, and constitantly there is 100fps. Sometimes in SW district of fall to trade to 60-80 but ossia still acceptable for good big definition gaming. Virtually any sound (tin a lot included listen it on so only marries to regulate acclimate sounds), well lighting and looks place very near. The keyboard and smiled he being nothing special , but is better that at all and very better that the majority estock' keyboards and mice. Simple startup instructions, the fast boot arrives (15-30 second). Wifi dongle With there are big speeds, has bought a ethernet but has a lot included hooked the on still reason was necessary course he to the long of my joints of the paving and ossia more does that his value. In general very compraventa.
5 / 5 Lurlene
Has expected really would not be another statistic desquels INCOMPLETE PC TAKEN is, but looks to be a norm. I think that that they have failed to hook on a walk of disk, does not open or answered to eject anything. I have taken it casualidad with Skytech, looked to have well specs in comparison for a prize to another, but more economic is not always better. You can finalise with shotty laws of technology like a lot of of us those who have purchased Skytech PC is. Read some descriptions, is very common. All more roughly looks to be add, averts of a bad creation to dip put you on a PC. Any one has thought of that has not considered never debris. At any rate, attentively consider buy the skytech. In this tax can not be in business also long with the clients that has to fix his poor workmanship. We will see the risarcimento takes yes and when we contact me to us behind to direct this subject. I am pissed but will update this with like this boss his deception.

Update: walk of the disk has not been connected. Felizmente For them can do tools and diagnose electrical subjects, but is quite pathetic that some needs of client to finalise his work. A client that buys the new product would not owe that be expected to open a car to connect cords a costruttore has forgotten covers he in. Shame... PC has done well enough, although I question some of an activity of software while into use.
4 / 5 Xavier
Have resisted like this on has done this description for enough some time of then has has wanted to do sure has given enough time to give my sincere thoughts in this PC. I have purchased he to an end of November and now in the February can say that this sake of the money. Buying the on-line computer is the enormous risk and investment to the equal that was very skeptical to order an on-line, but SkyTech is is súper easy to dip up and to see if work. It comes with the mouse and keyboard that is súper useful does not have extra lying around, this in spite of will require to buy the monitor and I recommend a HDMI cord. Following some instructions give calm in a container, has taken plant up in perhaps 15 minutes and has not had any one subjects. Extracted really well, for the majority of my games can take 60fps in of the settings of big map, begins on really quickly and is súper silent. An only thing would say caused me it the worry was so only a nave. A box literally says eskytech Gaming' on that. So alive in a complex to walk, strongly recommends to try to plan the day for him to be shipped when you are house for the choose on, especially pack them to him that takes flown is the common thing in your zone. In general, I am very satisfied with this compraventa. Three month later and there is not retarded down at all or die me a lot of @@subject. Strongly it recommends this to any that wants to take the gaming PC.
4 / 5 Tressa
Has bought this PC specifically for my edges of 15 years to satisfy his gaming need. WOW! According to him some better things in this computer- The consistently remains on 75 dry / frames. Still in some place plus very big. Continuous run smoothly and efficiently still while while touching the games of big resource likes him “Destiny 2”. A map is surprising. It is good and calm and some the fresh lights are the good addition . Has the 14 and brother of 13 years those who also will be to take this PC for his anniversaries. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
Directly of a gamers' mouths!
PS - Has Expected 3 month to revise this computer to the equal that would have an attentive opinion.
4 / 5 Leanne
Has taken this for my edges for Christmass. A neighbour has on come with the mouse and the keyboard. It is a lot a lot of packaged. This is not a very better computer in a phase BUT is a better bang for your buck. So only looking in a specs thinks it that it is the wonderful start gaming computer. It was able to upgrade later on. There is a lot of room in a tower with a lot of space for a upgrades has mentioned sooner. Although it can never upgrade reason is such the together good on

Top Customer Reviews: Skytech Blaze II ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5 Major
They are the gamer. I am 64 years old . Partorisca 20 years have built my own gaming PC is. I have built PC FAMILIARISED is. I have it quell'has built PC EVEN of friends is. But I have been lately having some questions with my hands that shake and my eyes freaking was when looking in small impression. As I have known when my Old gaming the system has fried partorisca be able to arise, that could not build my own substitution. A first system has bought has finalised partorisca return. It was the Cyberpower PC. When I plugged he in fresco out of a box, all has taken was the Black screen. I messed with him partorisca the few hours and has given finally on and sent it behind. I have ordered this Legacy II, is gone in and has perfect course never of then. A CPU is solid, a GPU is solid and sure there is enough fans to maintain it fresh. He also the silent short sound, if it has not been paralización RGB lighting you would not know it has run. When Have in the first place taken he out of a box some instructions say to take a poster lateralmente of the glass and take out of a foam that cushions. When I that there is remarked a hule grommets that some mountains of glass to accident. I have contacted Skytech support and new grommets is in a way (easy peasy. Fast support a lot of). And a last what. I priced Out of some components on . If it was to build this same system would be me cost it tad in $ 1,. It was a lot of value an additional $ to have Skytech build he for me.
5 / 5 Kia
Mina 7 yr old is really taking to gaming. An ONLY thing has loved for the Christmas was the gaming computer. I have begun to research in October.. I have read so many pieces of technology and descriptions in components of computers ((better processors, supplies to be able to, papers of better map) until my boss has hurt. The when like this far like this to do the spreadsheet 🤣. I have maintained to go back to SkyTech prebuilts. Have has wanted the take something concealed could last the few years, could upgrade components in some futures And could take to 3 guarantee of year ( EAST the boy of 7 years , after all). It would be likely to have taken a SkyTech Blaze II MODEL with less can and save the little look in this computer. It is the powerful car , sexy that pursues all his games smoothly (any lagging), there is partidários multiple with airflow cooling for our marathons at night of the Friday with some changeable lights focused crazy (this master) . It is like this proud of the his “pro gamer the computer” and I have won mamma of a year. They are like this happy with this compraventa. So only have any clue as it will top this presents the next Christmass!
5 / 5 Althea
Has has wanted to upgrade the familiar gaming PC that struggled to maintain up with games, and looked around enough the first moment to decide in this SkyTech. The boy is happy decides is one! A computer has been shipped promptly, and a lot good packaged, so much for inside and for out, with foam and multiple boxes. A car is quickly, any subject has been found (for this any bookmark of support of the technology), and some defenders really move an air! It was a bit hesitant to take a flashy lights, but any to beat so only has turned was, can be changed to adapt a way and is now the welcome addition. Ossia A main impression for any chance of computer has has not had never first, but some looks of system for the use really well without stirs it of the noise that announces a fact that is takes heat of a chance. Very pleased with a compraventa!
4 / 5 Lou
Some careers of computers smoothly and afterwards to silently. It is packaged extremely intelligently to prevent the part that movements or harm and careers in a specs has listed. It has taken the little more with a longitude to arrive that it would like, but at least to of the to the left know me his reason have had to commanded special the part that was out of stock.
4 / 5 Hui
Has ordered this PC to substitute my old gaming portable. The inaugural, there is remarked that has been missing the cord to be able to. I have called service of client, but has had to leave the voicemail. My call has been returned inside an hour a lot of promptly and professionally. I have been offered an option of having the new cord has sent my direction, or the partial credit so that it could buy the new cord locally. Some careers of PC as the charm, and there is absolutely any remorse like this far! You pursue quietly, a LEDs in a chance is beautiful, with the orderly far to control them also. EXCELLENT PC, highly would recommend it to any one!
4 / 5 Camie
Left to say you that. This PC has been done to dominate in every aspect. All was way besides my expectations. Skytech gaming Is a future. This neither is some giant company neither. Ossia The crew of 2 people. I have found that it was when I has had to contact support of client because of my own question any his. Calm finally take that paid for and this PC was exactly that has wanted and then some. How it was besides happy.
4 / 5 Shalanda
The a short computer adds, specs so only dipped the on more for his prize.

Has run easily everything to launch of games in him with flying colours - in some place plus a lot big.

RGB Lights, keyboard, and the mouse are adds has added prime, not requiring be quality like this big to the equal that are. Our last PC, done for Cyberpower, is coming with flimsy accessories so that no attended concealed.

Adds compraventa!
5 / 5 Catharine
Ossia A first computer that has bought pre-done in 25 years. Usually it does not trust pre-has has built computer but this car cost less than a sum of him is separated has imagined like this would give it shot it. Has has had so only he for roughly 3 weeks now but is been all expect like this far. Good prize, cut anything could love it to run, begins up in roughly 20 seconds. It could not expect more. A subject only has had was that the has not shipped with a far to control some lights in in some defenders, but the support of technology was súper well, súper quickly, and has sent an immediately.
5 / 5 Yael
Has ordered this legislation of computer around a new year (A 31st/1st). I payed an extra $ 20 for a fast nave reason have loved quickly substitute my old computer, but come time for a computer to arrive, was still a lot here, as I have sent an email (by means of Amazon) to SkyTech asking in my mandate and when it would arrive as well as remarking of the money had spent manually. After receiving the brief response of support of client that says that they would verify in the to see the one who a control up was, has listened at all more for several days. It was quite it bit it frustrated with SkyTech at the beginning, and included there is almost annulled my commanded, but with which messaging his once again and taking guarantee that a computer was in a way, has decided to give the the little more days. Finally, coming a 9th, my computer has arrived. Dipping it has taken on the subject of the minutes and a tower was a lot good encased/protected in a container he. It was a lot of happy to see that in his haste to take a product to a impacientáis me, they at least a lot of skimp in some controls of entities and security of a container. In general, I have used a computer daily for almost the month now, and does not have any complaint with him. I can easily the multiple games ran on he immediately (I always leave the Black desert opens in a fund, but now can do like this while touching COD: Modern Warfare and included looking Youtube a same time.) Graphically/The wise action, cut astonishingly - I has beaten pvp in BDO while touching in ultra with max settings, and some the only times have not struggled never with FPS in any games of then have taken was when I have tried to struggle a world-wide boss Garmoth (In BDO) with settings maxed and effects/of the players to the left have turned on with 100+ players in a screen. In general, for a prize I doubt will find anything more this very short of the calm build. Also, while certainly I have not been happy with a nave retarded, SkyTech has done the repayment one the money are spent in the and have the hard time that the fault for a delay that considers a time of year and a fact that was probably really busy.
5 / 5 Gerard
A computer has arrived like this planned and has had a lot of @@subject. It was a lot of packaged and has had all dips on less than an hour. Amur A 1 TB SSD and NV RTX 2070. Buying the pre-the rigs have gathered is a way to go these days, would have spent in a same quantity that finds individual components I.

There is no @to @give a 2070 has had so only a HDMI gone in together with a DP GONE IN, has there was felizmente an adapter manually.
5 / 5 Claire
Recieved Computer so only well, has on begun, runs fantastically, but sadly he wasnt a upgraded one with a rtx 2060 súper and ryzen 7 2700x likes has think that experience had, so only a rule 2060 and 2700. It results has like him 5 listings partorisca the computer has called Blaze II with each having slightly different specs and prize. A listing had looked besides prompt and a one has finalised to the compraventa was different. Technically my failure of then I didnt reread a title partorisca list, but is kinda confusing partorisca have like this seperate listed with some same pics and name and no only one listing with multiple options. He like this the mark sure has read a title attentively when you check era.
When I have contacted the support and the request have had any class of the trade or the difference could pay, has offered the repayment, but has had has bought already the guarantee partorisca east an and he would cost me much more partorisca the ship behind. They have said also they were backlogged with transmissions and of the trades, which is any marvel when the such the listed partorisca confuse diagram. The only fold verify which are purchasing partorisca verify was.
5 / 5 Mike
This short PC adds, very easy to dip up and almost zero bloatware. It is gone in an excellent container a lot of sturdy. It runs very fast and the lovely/money is perfect. I have bought a gtx 2060 6gb version and like this far are adds. Has come also with the keyboard and the smile that have not expected at all I so that they are more than thankful to skytech service of client for him.
5 / 5 Kristel
A subject with this product is a GPU does not have pertinent cooling. Also after multiple time to try a airflow in a frame is out of wack. Still with regulating some settings of defender, and changing a defender that dips to max a GPU will achieve max time when gaming. Ossia With old games that not even is demanding also. Support of the technology has not been useful. Be prepared to invest more money to this PC with which shabby. I have purchased this product to be able to legislation of game out of a box but Skytech not even could resupply concealed. It does not recommend buying this product or this company.
5 / 5 Cassie
While it thinks this pc is the value adds for your money, a pc the received when the in the first place the kicked up for a first time and sounds like the tunnel of wind. It was like this strong my familiar has signalled quell'has been when it had said at all roughly that. I have sent a pc for the reparation also sees can that to him fixed and will update this description when taking behind.
4 / 5 Janean
When it has looked for on-line for a better build for the gaming computer, has had each intention to take some parts and it building I. Ossia That had done for my last two systems.
This in spite of, has found the place (sad can not agree that) this has listed pre-has has built systems further of his recommendation for parts. One of a pre-builts was of SkyTechgaming. It was intrigued, likes I clicked in the and found a system on Amazon.
Reason is more economic that buy some parts and do your own car, has begun to do comparisons of some prizes to build my own and so only taking a SkyTech system. A difference has finalised to be the plot less than me has expected. In fact, I have decided that it was like this insignificant considering a work and the time would owe that dump in dipping on my own system. I do not owe that try my experience of edifice of the PC to any, as I have thought, the one who a heck, left more he.
But reason know to the plot can go wrong in delivery or in installation of software, I my duties in SkyTech to read the descriptions and that go to his web of place. Enough all have read facts to feel me better. And all have roughly bed which securely pack his cars and the one who careful is for the dipped up and mark the sure laws have tried correct when my new PC has arrived. It was like this closely it has packed that at all I cut of the bomb of topmast would have broken (and am not even sure in that!). And it has had one of a smoother start-ups to the equal that has has not had never. It has been ready for me to begin to download games instantly.
Considering some directions for places on, really did not require him, but was very sincere and easy to follow. It thinks even any the one who has bought the computer for a first time could have put this up without hassle. A web of place has had a lot of tutorials and troubleshooting drive, also. I have him remarked when he my investigation (has not required to use them, this in spite of.)
Finally, a turnaround time of when I have purchased a car and when it is looked was QUICKLY! It has not been if ossia reasons no alive far of a centre of distribution, or as, but has had to that that done my door he day before his date of delivery has promised earlier.
There is absolutely at all to complain roughly with my experience to buy or a product. Any I so only recommends this particular build spec for the gamer, but also would recommend to buy he of SkyTechgaming and not building he for calm. Has be worth it to leave more build this for me. It is the slick and shiny system that mark my career of look of the games and good-looking butter -smooth.
5 / 5 Alisa
Is the monster of the computer. I have it that has not bought never the pre-the computer has built that it was this expensive, reason always there was state too scared that something can go bad, or he underperformes.

Felizmente, felizmente can says has blown my expectations. It can run all, and mean all, in of the full settings.

Is beautiful to look in, some colours are crisp and clear. It has paid enough for him for years to come, reasons because I any precise never to upgrade anything for at least
...5+ years now?

Can not recommend enough, that surprises produced of an amazing company.
4 / 5 Annalisa
Can not be happier with this PC! I have built my last PC with him buddies helps, and has run adds for 10+ years. So only in some last 3 years or like this precise to upgrade to something concealed could manage some games plus very new there. Now, they are not 100 the hardcore, 10+ hours the day gamer anymore, but this PC could manage anything have on Origin/of Games of Épico/of Steam, etc.

Some looks, a power and the speed is fantastic, and is quell'rig quite calm for some games I game. As I have given feedback, a simple 500GB SSD and perhaps a low-ish supply to be able to of the watt is my only flus . And they are not really flus at all. At all the outside SSD walk or two can not fix. Any question with a supply to be able to neither, I so only of the thought would require something with the little more umph. With this be has said, there is not to whole plot of room to upgrade internally with this PC. But it runs everything has and more with ease.

Considering a that can connect to, 2 USB 2.0 sockets on upper, and 1 USB 3.0 also. They are more connections in a backside, but has not used a lot they. Wine with the paper of dual band of wireless coverage (concealed does not use ) and all some engine was quite near of up to date with an exception of 1 update of Windows.

Has no overclocked a processor like this personally does not think I need to, but that the option is available. A paper of video is surprising, some 16 actions of RAM that has been pre-installed has been rule for me for roughly 6 years or so many. Everything basically was to arrive and that careers out of a box. A keyboard is really fresh and flashy, as well as one smiles that it is coming with a PC.

Has two applications in a desk for support (which have not used) and an application to change a colour of one has DIRECTED lights in a processor. There is Winstress file that has not touched still for the total of 3 applications, the file and the Cube to Recycle in a desk.

Am not sure that calm more would require, but am like this besides happy with this compraventa and seat like a way of side of the bang more for a buck has paid takes. I know it it would use Skytech again for any gaming compraventa of PC, or has included the PC of level of good entrance for my woman. Highly I will recommend Skytech for compraventa of PC in a future.
5 / 5 Rico
Is looking for The upper-tier gaming PC for value adds, calm can not take very better that this.

Action: A fast selection of games that am able to touch besides big/Ultra settings with taxes of full frame: Max Crazy, Red Dead Redemption 2, HotS, WOW, City: Skylines, Shadow of Mordor. This car is scorching fast , included with the programs that career in a fund (Chrome, Picture).

Aesthetic: the chance and the components solid celery, with neatly facts cabling and all has gathered closely. A LEDs is controlled invernadero the far and he desk application, as I can customise a colour/of look of your lights, and control some defenders that/fresh. The ports of additional USB have located in a cup of a chance resupplies propiciado by easy access he in peripherals.

Value: I priced out of some independently first components to buy, and a difference in cost was minimum, has included that discounts a mouse/KB which have not required. Factor in a consolation and the value of guarantee adds, and can see an enormous value that is taking.

Delivery: Packaged a lot amiably, with the inner components have protected with additional cushioning/packaging. All has looked for to be fact with the priest adds. My container has arrived late, because of a half of current/business nave that surrounds a COVID-19 explosion, and Skytech issued me the repayment in mine expedited nave, which was thoughtful.

In general: I am very satisfied with this compraventa, and would recommend this concrete unit to any gaming the enthusiast that looks for the upper tier car without breaking a bank.
5 / 5 Erica
This PC has arrived 3-8 earlier days that originally planned. It runs fantastically. It comes with the mouse and keyboard (any economic some neither!)
Has tried to gather the PC of this quality for my account (adding the on-line together prizes), and was to grieve able to beat this prize(roughly 200 dollars). To good sure values he, in my opinion at least.
I streamed World-wide of Hunter of the Monster in some place plus very big with ZERO DROP of frame, zero lag. Those diagrams adds! The work adds and the shot adds, Skytech!

Is the link is no longer a product has purchased. Ossia A product has purchased: eskyTech Seats Mini - Gaming PC of Computers Desks – Ryzen 7 2700X 8-Core 3.7 GHz, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 Súper 8GB, 1TB SSD, 16GB DDR4, AC WiFi, Windows 10 House 64-has bitten, Phanteks P300A Marries'
knows says different specs in of the descriptions, but thinks that this can be misleading. Still I love my PC and would recommend a product, but a specs in a pc for this description is lower that that have received
4 / 5 Joeann
is the very good car but will be in still some with some engine and some updates. Some engine is to have be uninstalled and reinstalled for him to do. I comprise this is to build for gaming and some accessories are decent (the keyboard and the mouse are wire fences) but a Asus wifi dongle and paper singal is like this feeble that he randomly disconnect of my internet. Heck A wifi is in a next room and my portable the old have better to upload and speeds to download that this thing and I comprise the ethernet is a way to go but are not that it runs to twenty Ethernet of boss of feet by means of a house. I estimate my pair. But another that that, look of map that surprised and runs smooth.
4 / 5 Jonathon
A PC has arrived the earliest week that a date of initial delivery, which are SÚPER pleased with has required of then substitute my PC asap partorisca work and school. All has been packed safely, any scrape or scuffs in a glass, and like this far all has done fantastically. Wine with drives of fast start partorisca help take it dipped on fast and has done sure partorisca comprise ways to go in the touch has required any support of technology. Also it comes with the wonderful gaming smiled and keyboard! It looks he likes very in some descriptions have lost that in a description at the beginning, as I have wanted to signal that it was. If anything changes will update, but he so that it went it far the macizo upgrade.
4 / 5 Adan
A process of order was to add the the mine has received the week later. It is my PC of the prime minister and the careers adds. The smallest pair hitches in of the days of gaming. It is fast uploading all, a map is awesome, the speed is awesome. For my PC is the little stronger that has expected after reading some descriptions but ossia my prime minister so that it has not had anything for the compare too much. A first day while updating and downloading my screens have been all black but a computer has run still. With which roughly 30 minutes unplugged them some monitors and plugged behind in, looked to do again so only well. It was so only the little has confused. His summer adds for multitasking my duties and projects to do also. Hopefully Can take years and of the years of use out of the this.

Can say a storage is very minimum the one who will owe them that it researches like the upgrade the to add more but will do like this when volume to this point.

In general after the weeks to research these neighbours up was a better bang partorisca buck the expósita in a phase. Better that a ibuypower and another some especially.
5 / 5 Michelle
Has purchased my prime minister gaming computer and only game WOW on that. A computer is coming a lot of packaged and was very easy the setup, has taken 10 minutes less. Has has had to that so only do the Nvidia the update and all has been more ready to go. A LEDs the fresh look and can change some paints on the and careers quietly. It was able to touch WOW with maps on 7 setting in 100 FPS any question, absolutely ZERO lag or rasgando. I have it paired to the 144 GHZ 1080P curbed Viotek monitor and a setup are adds. The computer is coming with the keyboard and smiled - the keyboard is eh but a mouse is in fact really well thinks. I add to buy for a money, recommends!
5 / 5 Devona
Has ordered a Legacy of Technology of the Heaven II - Gaming PC of Computer Desk – Ry Zen 7 2700 8-Core 3.2 GHz, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 Súper 8GB, 1TB SSD, 16GB DDR4, AC WiFi, Windows 10 House 64-has bitten. When I have received a computer all a specs. I ordered it it was in my computer, has been shipped by a date has given like this punctually, and has been packed a lot well. It has substituted my old computer and has wanted to something roughly more up to date and that loves A fast ssd storage, good ram ,good graphic paper, and good for some gaming. Very good gaming computer for technology of Heaven. This computer is awesome , and can not beat a prize so that takings.
5 / 5 Corrina
When it Looked to buy the pre-build pc of then knows at all in gaming pc but has been tired to use my laptop that could games of the career of the drunk has found to find is one. To be sincere was bondadoso of fearful that would take of east of then was $ 1k but when I took it finally, is honradamente very better that expected it to be. This in spite of has had some confusion for mine likes like this to somehow changes a speed of partidário of the cooling of then was really fast and strong while this honradamente the drunk has had a lot of help with some instructions and barley any manual how was honradamente reason would give this 4 accident of then has any pc knowledge this was quite confusing to imagine was like the first timer. Have there was felizmente my brother the one who has known as to do things like this all has been solved. In general in spite of a lack of manuals and the one who any I HIGHLY recommends this gaming pc loves the quite good build that can manage it to to the games like to them the cod:Warzone.
5 / 5 Grace
Has bought this car so that it could take the PCVR. A value for a money in this one has been excellent. A product is coming very protected during nave - and has had any a subject with only that a car with which roughly three weeks now. It is calm. A build is a lot amiably fact. It comes with the cord to be able to and the few documents to take you has begun. Start on Windows 10 was flawless. A law of system so only. It is quite powerful also. It has had any some subjects touch VR games still. Can take him all those careers in of the settings of Big map.. And some same in Épico. Finally I probably transmission out of a GPU for the powerful plus - but if ossia your prime minister VR system, will not be disappointed. The prize adds. Good company. To good sure will be to buy of Skytech again when it decides the upgrade. Very happy with this compraventa.
5 / 5 Jonie
Better gaming pc has has not possessed never. Components for a prize has not beaten can be. It has taken one 2070 súper the version and this thing runs all the games in general qualities like the sleep. His in fact a rtx geforce 2070 súper MINI, which not having rgb capacity in a physical paper but a specs is one same. All VR games with oculus rift S is gorgeous and smooth.
The delivery was last day of window, but value a wait. The keyboard & of mouse is the sum of prize added , and the packaging was very good.
4 / 5 Louann
Has ordered this pc and is gone in almost he 4-8 earlier days that has said, so that he far run adds and am happy to having taken this pc. I have loved the upgrade to not having lagspikes and this has done work. I touch controller in pc so that the unbalanced me when I have had to that undermine around my house for the android uploads ossia long enough to touch. But give the graces for a pc is awesome and gives it to 5 star
5 / 5 Seymour
Very cost effective gaming PC. All the look of components to be utmost to run some games plus very late perfectly. An only big downside has begun to remark after the month after purchasing, is a flow of air inside a tower. A randomly enclosed PC was, sometimes restart, but sometimes not being able to turn behind on partorisca awhile. After researching, a GPU would be a hotter hardware. Finally after taking the gun to heat to a poster of glass in a front of a tower and take entirely, some temperatures for all some components have fallen TREMENDOUSLY. While running Red Dead Redemption 2, mine GPU would operate in 80 deg C first to take the glass was, and operating in 60 deg C after taking it was. Big difference.
5 / 5 Alycia
Compraventa Fantastic. The system is quickly. It uploads games on fast with a SSD. I use it so only partorisca gaming and the internet that explores. I have installed two more the partidários there is remarked of a GPU of course short hot. I have bought also he 500gb m.2 SSD For Western Digital. Mark sure checks compatible m.2 SSD Loans in a motherboards put web to verify that it is compatible. The service of client helped on some shooting of question, they the good work. Unigen The testing have in 1440p Ultra the settings can paste 94fps halves. If you overclock, can paste roughly 99 to 100 stable. RGB I controls are easy. If you want to control a RGB in a CPU, ossia separate, has to download a ASRock Polychrome software. Will have one 4 pin RGB the headed available, as it marks sure is using the defender hub take more defenders. I have paid $ 1,144 thus produced before tax. It would do it again.
5 / 5 Kassie
How it was skeptical at the beginning with taking the prebuilt but these rocks of what!! I have been the pc breakings picker and could build this partorisca in $ 1,050 (the mine has come with the 2060 súper) comprising windows but has bought this partorisca almost an exact prize and he are to come built and with the installed windows. It was crazy at the beginning because has thinks that that something was bad when my fps did not match on but discovered alot of the games dip spent he in some settings for fps that can change you(transmission). Included his support of client is súper fast and responsive the the message has had of the do sure has taken a right product and the hours of interior have taken the response !!!! I have added 2 more defenders to some subordinated and these careers of what as the fresco of the rests of the sleep have included after the hours of gaming after adding some 2 partidários new but same without them has run so only find and at all paste dangerous temperatures!! After looking by means of ibuypower and a lot a lot another he included Cyber but swimming with this specs there is matched a point of prize!!! The types done well!!!
4 / 5 Timika
I amour that does not have to that time to squander that installs windows or any of some utilities has required for a gpu or wifi.
Some documents that is coming with a PC could be the little more useful, like where a bay of hard walk is located for example, of then is easy to fill on the 500 action ssd when it buy the PC for gaming.
4 / 5 Gaylene
Has bought this gaming computer for my daughter because it has not had any way could build a car for less with some components have used. A quality of build is impressive and has been packed a lot well. Like this far my only complaint is that a supply to Be able to is really strong, has the silent way that reads well but when turned in some careers of the car noticeably hotter. I will update have anything to add. It ACCLAIMS.
4 / 5 Blanca
I usually of the one who leave the descriptions but I have has had to that so only for east a. Usually I build done to commission my PCs but didnt have a time or space in some moments to dip the new computer near. This computer there has been roughly all a hardware I already loved, and has comprised a guarantee and of course a hassle-free fact of him when being preassembled. It has arrived promptly in the good quantity of packaging and has on begun without subjects. I have verified all some connections to joint in the first place and all was plugged in closely. A tower is beautiful with a RGB defenders / cpu defender. It is incredibly fast and has any @@subject that bosses multiple monitors while trading / streaming video.

My only complaint is a preinstalled software to control a defender of chance RGB colours doesnt look to want to run, as I have been using a comprised RGB far.

Otherwise PC adds!
4 / 5 Joanie
The computer adds but a constantly flashinig the lights are not required and annoy all the world. Any way to close them was? It is packed like this tight am them fearful to unplug anythining.
4 / 5 Ammie
Are new to a gaming pc world-wide which is reason I has decided to go with the prebuilt. I have landed in a Skytech Baze II because of his small measure and component of prize in such the competitive prize. A pc was packaged neatly and has arrived quickly, and dipping on has not taken long at all. I have had a pc for two weeks now constantly pressing he with games in 1080p with settings of maps in ultra and took all spear in him without subjects. Also there is it already has developed it his storage that use a m.2 port for another hard-drive which in era the simple process. In general ossia an excellent pc for a prize and the good election for any one looking the pc gaming.
5 / 5 Janeen
Wants to begin was to say that a craftsmanship and gameplay is on point with this pc.
Directly to a point: rid is punctually state excited to open it up and it beginning that it unpacks. It has had no far for a rgb lighting, the economic optical mouse, and very economic “gaming” ram (hp). I will say that I am satisfied with a gpu (gigabyte) reason although it is not the cups is at least very spent a cup 5 papers there. Some be said, like the gamer this has built my own rigs in a past, estimate this like the compraventa half. So only the pair the smallest details could have it done the best buying the experience but they have cut some corners in the things of pair. Anyways, Ossia my description of a Skytech blaze 2.
5 / 5 Jocelyn
Of course this is not one the majority of POWERFUL PC never, but can compare to another same one the majority of powerful PCs, and a specs was adds for any in the mid-estimate varied. I have not had any question with a PC out of a box, cut to add and has been the using in the month without questions. Any to mention run all the games that has loved to touch without drops of frame, fortnite in 240fps with a setting corrected, Minecraft java with shaders in 70+ fps without drops(Minecarft java without optifine, optifine would do it run very better), and easy to run to to games like terraria pursues like this of smooth to the equal that would expect. A better part for me was that I have bought this in the discount and he so only cost me $ 999, which was extracted that SURPRISES on an I already adds specs, that flies it.
4 / 5 Elidia
Really give you some solid bang for your buck. Abundance of room to develop, with 2 additional RAM space and one something extra for another SSD. You pursue each one AAA the game has touched in Ultra and big FPS.

To good sure would recommend!
4 / 5 Katharyn
Adds gaming rigs. An only hiccup was one of some defenders have done the strong noise a first time I powered up. After researching a subject, has found the boss contacted with a defender. They are by train of the supposition Has been moved during shipment. Once softly I have pressed a boss was, was smooth and calm. I have had he for the pair of weeks now and loves it.

Games: the survival of strong Box has Evolved, World of Warcraft, Hunter of Monster.
4 / 5 Merle
Perfecto gaming pc, cut any game in ultra settings. The keyboard is coming with '8' the tone has stuck down cant corrected. The mouse has a lot of keys , but any way to program some keys. The vendor has contacted, any answered still.
4 / 5 Omar
Has Had the subject small with my Gaming PC contacted him bit it disturbed, but has gone on a normal treatment im use to subjects. Although a PC has been returned the to good sure are that it looks forward to purchase my prójimo one of skytech gaming partorisca continue to sustain such subjects add like this one and during an integer Covid situation of closure are them thoroughly has impressed! It maintains on a work adds!
5 / 5 Remedios
Ossia My prime minister gaming setup but are to good sure adds. Have streamed In twitch with him a lot of @@subject. The map is what only fantastic is one of some rays in a chance is the little wonky. It does not effect anything really this in spite of.
4 / 5 Angelina
Has taken some time that decides that it computer is very partorisca me and I have chosen to good sure a legislation a. This computer are add partorisca any first buyer of time or any one any upgrade in a future but comes amiably stocked. A computer with the little late nave here because of a pandemic but skytech maintained informed and said him that enough it would have fill he with amour that be rushed. The computer is quickly of the lightning has directed comes with a far can regulate a speed of defender and a startup is really quickly too much. They are really happy that has done a decision to buy this product.
4 / 5 Ashley
This is to be purchase like the present of anniversary for my edges. It has expected it would appreciate it so that it would clean his room and do his bed but, no such regime. Everything is video games of game and eat and sleep.
5 / 5 Quiana
Has bought 2 of this one for my woman and one on its own name. Out of a box a woman is done adds any subject. To dip the mine on could not take a pc to aim the picture, has followed a shooting of drive them of question concealed is coming with a pc. Result to be that my RAM has not gone fully has seated. The popes were and behind in. Shot up like the field, any @@subject of then. GPU Does not take on 71 terracings, CPU does not take on 46 terracings, calm for one the majority of part, will be upgrading of more than punctual storage with ,
5 / 5 Ardella
Ossia my prime minister gaming pc and has done a transition in a world of pc gaming soften like this never. When being able of the take was a box and have he of the games of utmost career without any hiccups or no extra another that that takes a foam of interior is utmost partorisca to to any one him me like the one who has has has touched console exclusively up to now. A rgb the lights in a chance are a lot stylish also and a disassembly the instructions are useful for when upgrades need to be installed down a line.
4 / 5 Arlette
Of the RTX 2070 Súper costs $ 600 ossia an amazing container for $ 1,250 - component and of the good-looking chances and the chance that lights, the divinity Sinned Original 2 Definite Edition and XCOM2 the career adds in the, any bloatware, any question of any class with him - fond he
4 / 5 Orval
Súper fast computer with everywhere that has surprised specs. The colour adds and global physical appearance, packaging of expert nave, like this happy with this compraventa and with a skytech undertaken.
5 / 5 Maryann
The computer enough adds. Everything is coming with that was to suppose to and has not had any subject. If you do not want to LEDs, can turn him was. Bosses LoL without subjects as well as Destiny 2 and Doom. Finally, it is lustrous place and very together . I think that that it is the good election for the good prize.

Top Customer Reviews: SkyTech Shadow ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 48 ratings
5 / 5 Shanta
Chunk 1: Shipping time
Chunk 2: action.
Chunk 3: Because it costs it
Chunk 4: details

will begin for saying- of those who be too concerned roughly shipping time. It takes time partorisca all of some components partorisca be dipped together and tried before in fact it takes shipped was.

Now on to a description. In general this computer are adds partorisca daily use. Obviously you are looking partorisca buy it, wants still gaming. I can ensure calm with a GTX 1660 will run it games quite damn fluidly. I can run Insurgency in 90-100fps without lag or has fallen frames. To good sure could use another clave of the ram yes loves launcher down another $ 80 or like this, but otherwise is the good prebuild for a prize.

Of course Skytech need to do some profit was the the so much although it would be more economic that the calm build, a work and everything probably isnt value he. If has of the money, is a lot of value the to buy this. Considering comes with both the solid mouse and keyboard, both RGB, is the fkn swipe for me m8.

Regarding a frame has 19 settings to paint that can change you in a push of the key. A keyboard has 3 settings of the colour and a mouse has the DPI key as well as the colour that change leds ( informs to video)

will update this description and go to detail further if need be or if any one questions arise. So only be sure taken a plan of protects has offered!

Updates like this of 6/16/20:

Like the pair in fact weeks I closure by force a computer because my mouse and the keyboard have working prisoner (keyboard and smile new). I have assumed this would help, but on turning it on he couldnt read a SSD. I have had to take the new SSD and has taken a nvme also, has transferred some files and reinstalled the windows and is behind to new. Maintaining I of the that thinks that that this has to that do with a computer he, but is to look and running this in spite of.
4 / 5 Zena
Like this before it takes to continuation info and the time of wait would like me the signal was that ossia really the product of quality. Everything is coming well together place. I took it hardly I have opened a chance and verified all the rays that do sure was good and tight reason purchasing the PC in a past there is remarked a lot of rays were loose and some the partidários was hanged for bosses as well as the habit I that now. In all the chance. A product is described like this. Ossia Adds it mid-ABLE DIVERSE PC of 60+fps on everything of your favourite games in Big-Ultra settings. RBG Works flawlessy. A keyboard and the mouse are the little janky looking, some looks of source microsoft without serif lmao. I have not bought this for some peripheral this in spite of gave him so only to my brother. So much for build of product and description: 5 stars.

Now to a time of wait.... I have expected 15 total of the days before that receives my PC. I have left message in the message that asks the one who a heck is gone in. No really lame the definite response until my second or third message. They have said that expected in a processor to take to his warehouse before they could ships was (and concealed is not until state the week after buying a damn what!). I owe that say that my surgeries have been answered with 24-48 hours like the time of response was seeds-decent. A UPS in following info there is not matched a whereabouts of my PC at all. I have called UPS multiple time that looks for to imagine has gone by that my nave info has said shipped but has had has not left never a warehouse.

Like this in general is the orders to build yes is to have expect for him. Hopefully Yours PC take yours more collects that the mine has done. Also in the calm side remark you can wants to buy an additional SSD. 500gb Is good but go to install the decent quantity of games goes to want to at least 1tb total. I also dipped an additional 8gb clave or RAM in him.
5 / 5 Digna
My partner helped to choose out of this PC. It looks a PC add global, short good and fast but there is @@give the to him he already precise upgrades. I require the main ram and harddrive reason a 8gb is to good sure any in the cutting . The games are clear and ran smoothly. An appearance and a RGB light look hott (^_^) although it would be good to customise a diagram by heart. Has the pocolos dye that it can change you of. Global add but has big has filed the games do sure to upgrade your harddrive and your Ram. 🤓👍
5 / 5 Kristie
SkyTech The really good work that dips near this prebuilt. Really I love a chance, All the Metal with swinging it raisin of magnetic glass and the coverage of magnetic powder in a cup. A LEDs is wire fence to the small RBG key in a cup of a chance.
That sending:
i5 9400F with stock intel defender to cool
ASUS TUF B365M-More Gaming Motherboard with wifi, Bluetooth and antenna
PNY Geforce GTX 1660 overclocked edition
HP DDR4 v6 8gb 3200 RAM (a clave, MOBO has 4 empty)
Blacks PNY 500g Sata SSD
Thermaltake ready 500w 80more powersupply
A Gaming Smiled and the keyboard has sent really looks decent quality. A keyboard is RBG, the Mechanic of low profile with a base of unexpected heavy metal. One smiles the decent look also, but can not give the description in these reasons have been using a some I already have.

5 star for gaming: Mina 9 old year has been Linked up using his VR headset while it was them surfing a web and the one who any one and this computer a lot included flinch.
5 star for Value: I have been researching a abordable gaming DAILY PC for roughly two month. I seat it likes him he has taken a better bang for my buck.
Could not revise Support of Technology because I did not require them. Perhaps that it would be it necessary be it other 5 stars? When it has taken the Windows, has had two shortcuts in a desk to SkyTech lean it and one was for the alive cat with technology sustains so that it would assume that has good support.
So only the bosses up: after the few hours to touch in headed to to listen the rattle. It was freaking has thought was a PSU defender. Prebuilts Is apparently notorious to use economic PSU east. But, it is resulted that in a PSU displaced, has two small metal walk that control your SSD is in place. A unused one was a culprit and a ray of the thumb later was was and this PC is calm like the mouse.
Another more is to write a sincere description SkyTech with sending you the $ 10 present of paper of Amazon, as it imagines concealed is like this $ 10 of a prize. Of here, reason are reading this right now!
5 / 5 Wilhemina
Acceptable action for the low-mid rigs of finals. I reccomend buying and additional hdd walk as so only has 500Gb. You pursue the majority of games l has tried in of the low settings 144+fps and these comprises
Rainbow 6
60+ Fps in
the dolphin has emulated games
Ps3 emulator
He these times can not run Wii or emulator at least for botw. Cemu Prefers fewer cores in of the taxes of big clock.
This pc in 6 cores is a lot well the recent titles ran but cant boss heavy emulators or vr games.
A build is a lot beautiful has has directed lights and of the defenders on he with rgb defenders and such. 500-600 power of watt the supply means in a future can easily upgrade to launch in 16Gb of ram and the new cpu. A paper of map isnt cup of a line this in spite of him so only well for recent and current titles.

The abundance of USB is by means of a system and do a lot well with mine setup.

A general principle of thumb when that shabby vs rigs of edifice is that of the powerful more a system a better is to build you the.
This system would cost -700 to build and 800 to buy. This in spite of go with to 1500 build of dollar. 1500 can do You the very big end the rig especially goes with a amd build.
4 / 5 Lawana
Is the fantastic car , goes to be upgrading some parts, but to start with was, is an amazing gaming computer and everywhere canal of work.
4 / 5 Marvel
Has bought this for my edges of 14 years for Christmass. It has a lot of state pleased. It has had to it leaves a computer and put to bed in 3am (really). Packaged Extremely a lot a lot and setup was easy. Highly recommend this product.
5 / 5 Myrna
Computer that surprised in general well for a prize and gave included he motherboard 3 times like better. The management of boss is decent and a rgb is ailing has each colour could think of and was easy to dip on the paper of maps is that the only thing has expected I slowly in upgrading is the storage but all can be upgraded in this system comes with amazing gaming smiled and keyboard both with rgb can manage some games plus a lot late out of a chance of boxes is poster revenido lateralmente of the glass that the ploughed of transmissions without rays and is helps to situate like any worry is of him flying open and also has filters of magnetic powder on as well as the tray of powder in a fund for one can distribute all the parts are mark of name and rays of thumb of good qualities for the bosses of rear poster are with bosses to an end any supply to be able to modulate but is surprising and a pc comes with pre installed WiFi near all have to that do is ray in the extra antennas airflow with 4 chances fans all desquels is rgb and rgb is controlled by key in upper of chance
4 / 5 Lionel
has received a PC yesterday. It has taken roughly 5 days to arrive of California to Colorado during the pandemic, impressed by that. Had the minor scratch in a side of metal of a chance, but that the side faces a wall as I will not see it never. Verified all some discharge and connections inside a chance and everything looked sure. The management of boss was quite well also. I have touched cs go, Starcraft 2, left for dead 2, halo mcc and everything so much has run far flawless, 200+ FPS. The shoe up is ridiculously fast. If you are reading this and hesitant on pulling a trigger, the other has ensured... Ossia The value adds so that it is inner. I have used and there was so only in the $ 70 savings would have built it to him to me. Well value one $ 70 for has gathered it for you. Looking forward to upgrading a ram, ssd etc down a street. It could not be happier.
4 / 5 Marquetta
A pc is really good. They do not give or some rubbishes accionarías intel fresher and give you the master it fresh plus instead. They comprise the best motherboard while they have announced. Although you are buying it considers the ram upgrade reason 8gb is not the. A chance is versatile and has room for upgrades. It comes with the thermal takes the power distributes so that it is well that they no economic was. Mostly everything in a computer is really good but there is so only 2 gilipollas with him. A one with this that is so only 8gb (for a prize is not really the worry). Another with this that is quite strong but always is running súper fresco.

Finally this pc is really value he. If you are looking to take touched of of your Xbox or ps4 or so only is taking to pc is, please consider is one.
4 / 5 Renato
To good sure does not contact the support of technology is in the haste.

Averts of not choosing never on a telephone on 2+ hours partorisca try to call and receiving the message in his business hours, there is taken on 3 hours of while to any one has seen his on-line cat - THREE HOURS.

Presumedly, A car has the paper of bad video, and maintaining has to that attended... Again... Partorisca His partorisca send me the turn labels I so that it can send a paper behind before they will send me the new a. It has taken already more than two weeks partorisca a car partorisca take here in a first place.

If this does not operate, will be partorisca take his 20 lb paperweight behind and will take my repayment and go to Buy of more.
4 / 5 Byron
Well, Was hesitant to take this PC at the beginning but after the buy, is literally covers it and game. It has not been anything in the computers but I was able to hook he up in an hour and was able to run games quickly and really a lot has to that way that far has touched of the games like Fortnite, Minecraft, Overwatch, and diablo3 a computer is calm a lot of coloreado and honradamente quite powerful for the PC of prime minister. Some the only transmissions have done his was an increase in RAM to do a PC run the little better with my FPS games of then I current and habladuría by means of discord to the equal that have required an extra RAM but you can do well with a 8GB this comes with a PC. Also it would recommend the storage finally plans on buying a lot of games of software or installing pictures, but 500GB is well and would have to that dipped arrive well for the year or so much and there is room for the second harddrive so you can kinda see in my video. PC add global and really likes to of me
4 / 5 Don
looked in the few computers in a $ 1500 row, but with a 'rona' maintaining me home causes bartenders is not hard-working essential has finalised to buy paralizaciones east in means a prize. They are happy has done.
Are the gamer and this runs my good games. In a heavy plus 40 vs 40 PVP the phases still will resist around 65-70 FPS in of the big settings. It runs around 150 FPS in daily material. I can have the open multiple windows, youtube, amazon, ect this in spite of has any @@subject gaming. Wine with all one has announced separate (has has had to done RAM faster, 3200Mhz), all the rays were tight and the wiring was cleaned. A PC has been packed with foaming so that at all it could wiggle in the delivery and a box looked undamaged. I have decided in Skytech causes the partner of mine had bought the computer of them and has had also a lot of @@subject. It would buy they again and recommend them to another.
5 / 5 Johnathon
Has bought this for my edges that has loved to move of consoles gaming to PC gaming. My criteria were: 1) strong quite processor and GPU to do an experience that excites and involving 2) does not break a bank.

This PC has has has surpassed expectations. It is súper fast to upload and that careers some games (Fortnite, Valorant, CG: it GOES etc) and it is by train to create to 110 FPS in Fortnite. Any pixelation, any lag, a lot of responsive. So only we are using of the old ASUS monitor but still with those some results are utmost.

Is hard the imaging the one who more volume with rigging it more expensive and monitor...

Very Satisfied.

The delivery was in fact the day earllier predicted it, but this could be because they are gathered and shipped of the location here in SoCal.
5 / 5 Christoper
My economic gaming the dead rigs and although computers fix for the living, so only has not felt like messing with him and has not gone really built with upgrades in alcohol. As I have bought so only this a pleasure the substitution, judging of a prize and a specs, has been to the expects decent action and a lot much more. As it has taken it was the really good computer, very very built with better that has expected separates, immaculately packed and has shipped quickly. It could not have better fact I, quotes a time and a prize. It is it has pleased extremely. Commanded with confidence.
5 / 5 Augustine
Has not had any question with to to the my PC like all the world-wide more has said. My PC kicked on usually, has taken so only the week to take here mainly reason has been sent by means of UPS which there is not rid in some weekends but I think has taken here quite fast.

Now to a gameplay. Careers Fortnite 144 FPS freaking fantastically. Any lag, any question, work so only well. Downloaded my games quite quickly and without questions. It has DIRECTED the lights do well, has had included the paper with that has tried and a date has been tried to do sure done perfectly.

A bad only thing to say is has thought a keyboard and/or the mouse there would be RGB lights like a PC but like this far not having of then do and thinks that has been given so only the normal mouse and the keyboard but his very he so that it is really does not treat it big mine.

Final of notes, was a lot of packaged, all was in touch and has not had any question with the kick on, he dipping on, in common games and browsers of web and powering was. Careers smoothly without lag and really thinks these people that says no probably so only has his monitors and/or WiFi to blame. Mark sure has the monitor that pursues 60+ FPS/Hz and the stable WiFi first connection of the consider like this broken!!
5 / 5 Susannah
In the first place of this pc can not manage call of the modern duty warfare at all a lot @@subject some settings of map. It clashes constantly STILL WITH WHICH have ADDED ANOTHER 8G of ddr4 ram. Neither it runs any one another game has tried in of the decent settings ( will run some in gift gift place of map). I have INSTALLED YES ALL REQUIRED And TROUBLESHOT EVERTHING. When that Runs a nzxt cam the application during game touches a cpu is running in 100. The half concealed is taken 100 of all a power a pc has to that run a game. It CONCEALED it Is not NORMAL.... A specs have it would have to that run better. I have tried to give his a benifit of a doubt. I have assumed perhaps some of some parts are defective. Because of a fact has run he by means of the benchmark tries to see that well each component has course compared the builds with some same parts. Out of 100 pcs exactly like the mine was in a fund 30. I achieved it it was the there of number of service of the client and can any never take a same response when it calls inside the business hours owe that the sinister messages with his LiveChat to to the characteristic likes to say me on a telephone when it calls does not choose up. SUPPOSITION THE ONE WHO stop has not listened they. It does not buy this calm to take you money and buy parts to build the pc better that this one. A lot DISAPPOINTED!!! IM BEGINNING to THINK YOU SO ONLY TAKE GOOD DESCRIPTIONS REASONS OFFER One 10 PRESENT of the PAPER of DOLLAR DOES !!!!
4 / 5 Doreatha
Has done well add out of a box. It was packaged a lot well and has arrived quickly. My laptop has the data was on have me like this decided to so only take the desk of then I didnt takes my laptop anywhere. It has installed Tarkov and WOW some prejudices took it and run WOW maxed was (any surprised lol) and has has had to that fiddle with Tarkov the bit but can still run the in big.

Am spent for and has verified the majority of some connections and all before I plugged the on and turned it on and a management of boss was very cleaned and all has done properly.
To good sure would recommend this.
5 / 5 Luci
This thing is smoking fast and sum for gaming. I have been touching World of Warcraft in a dipping a big plus in 100+ fps with the ploughed of windows for behind the.

You the pro works to dip this thing has jointed. It looks to add and is súper calm. It is also very uploaded with all this crap calm software usually steps of the hours uninstalling. Highly it recommends this company.

There would be it given 5 stars but so only has 8gb memory and he 500gb SDD. Calm once add another SDD walk and more the memory is paralizaciones almost as well as his i7 system with 16gb memory and 1TB SDD.
4 / 5 Alpha
Does not leave one 500 GB and 8 GB the ram alarm. Has empty extra to add according to SSD walk and side in $ 35 to add 8GB memory to spend he until 16 GB. I have taken this for mine 13 old year and there is any upgraded HD/memory still but my edges has been touching Tom Clancy the rainbow to Six Seat likes 15 of hours the day because of this covid-19/school annulment. It has said that that is doing add and has impressed that it is by train to remain fresco.
4 / 5 Cecil
I add gaming pc partorisca random gamers. A gaming keyboard and smiles that it is coming with has not done. The company has has sent substitutions (yay) but gave the keyboard regulates like the substitution any one the gaming the keyboard ossia has behind lit. Eh, A keyboard is the keyboard . At least a part of entity is doing utmost!
5 / 5 Victoria
Has bought this partorisca my edges of 14 years partorisca Natal. It was easy to dip up and loves it . The map is awesome and is súper fast. It has not required support of technology still, as any indication for that.

A subject only has had is one that a mic the entrance is the and a mic discharges he in his headphones is the USB. We could not find an entrance for an USB to the equal that has required to purchase an external microphone with discharges.
5 / 5 Lonna
Gaming: Excellent gaming pc takes utmost frames and is well in multitasking
has taken 120 FPS in ultra settings in GTA and am very pleased the hips runs the in bylines 200 FPS in valorant in a max settings. In general ossia a lot very lame gaming. But you will require to take the keyboard and smile of a one this comes with him is not very good.
Support of technology: I have had felizmente any subject (swipe on forest) but worry of looks reason a pc comes preinstalled with sustaining or no for the require never.
Value for money: If you have bought all some separates for separate would cost around $ 1000 and will not build included although to plot of aversion of people pre builts ossia an exception partorisca east adds 👍.
5 / 5 Cherryl
Packaging of quality very big as well as a presentation
4 / 5 Eddy
has Been shipped very sure. My daughter has said that careers his good games.
5 / 5 Clair
A support of technology is horrendous but the good thing has done the solid pc. I have had some issues like this when the in the first place the kicked has been until a login screen in place of just loging in the reset a pc. The any lie, the freaked was. But the able era to reset a computer of a login screen that then fixed a subject.

Like this far can them touch world of warcraft in max settings and total war warhammer in ultra settings. (Finally it can them see blood partorisca ghe goddess of blood!!) I highly recomend this skytech to the equal that build solid cars and whose economic was in some parts
5 / 5 Thanh
This was one 2nd Skytech gaming PC has purchased, very built with part of quality and touches all my games with eases, well value of the money!
4 / 5 Michelina
This has been the action adds desk for anything, comprising new games. A capacity of map is very big and think it will last in fact a lot of years because there is not any a lot of room has left until a difference of the map is not detectable to a human eye to arrive to this point, time I so that it adds to take the gaming PC! Better use of mine pandemic control of government.
5 / 5 Ross
Dipped that on on Day navideño. It was very easy to do. He so that he he far a lot well takes gaming. They are touching to to games like Resupplied, Minecraft without of subjects. A pc is sturdy and looks adds. They love a keyboard and the smile ossia comes with him. Age 15-17 concealed is by train to use it mostly.
5 / 5 Jeannine
Fast nave! It has very appreciated. It runs well, a map is well. It has taken this partorisca gaming of course, incidents of strong Box from time to time. Careers of apex decently. I do not know in the computers but I have used partorisca touch in mine roommates before and his is very fast (built his) still with the a lot of games have downloaded, as it feels likes something the failure is a- I thinks at least to good sure need more memory. To good sure take the pertinent mouse but a keyboard is a lot if any one calm already the the a lot of one. It would recommend if you do not have the tonne of money, he a work!
4 / 5 Sherry
UPS There is shattered entirely a casing and was like this unbalanced. SkyTech Managed it, and has had the new one the week. It was the surprise of the take that quickly, am very happy. It is been touching World of Warcraft without subjects, and a creation is good-looking. Thank you Again SkyTech partorisca cure of me like this fast.
4 / 5 My
Like this far this looks the quite well gaming pc, only question has had them was to contact a company with worries with my nave with which has taken them an email that declares my order was to have the be annulled because of stock. But once taking a computer the cant be happier.
4 / 5 Camilla
Has looked for something economic but reasonably powerful is really decent. You pursue games very calm in decent graphic resolution. In pair with Xbox a x very happy with him
4 / 5 Angella
shipped quickly
Packaged a lot
the utmost looks
the better same works

has bought this to run some dron simulators and to do a bit dipping ready together with my woman to use while doing of house. Velocidrone, Steam, liftoff all utmost in this unit. I have chosen on the AOC C32G1 has twisted monitor also. I love my neighbour on like this far. So only I need the office afterwards.
4 / 5 Viviana
Recently took it so only. Wine with the decent keyboard and mouse. All look solid and a prize is well. They are quite happy with Skytech. I have not had to use a disguises service still and here is mine specs :D. Your components can vary. Oh And a nave was quickly. It has taken 4 days 😀

MSI NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660, Intel i5-9400F, 8gb Oloy Ram, PNY 500gb SSD, and he ASUSTeK Inc. of COMPUTER TUF B365M-MORE GAMING.
5 / 5 Houston
A pc are adds! The subject only is that a vendor does not inform you that there is any walk of disk and I so only discovered when it is gone in.
5 / 5 Brianna
PC adds for a prize. Have tired to look in another prebuilts but was so only overpriced besides a limit. A RGB adds the good effect to an aesthetic to the yours setup. More probably an only complaint has them is a backspace and enter your in a keyboard, how is a european creation. Another that that thinks that that you are investing your money well in this computer how is easy to setup and support of offers of full client.
4 / 5 Amiee
Ossia My second SkyTech. Pre-The builds take time, has received this downwards 10 days, kudos. Careers of PC perfectly and is coming a lot professionally fact. Cabling, Quality of components and RGB is pro. Highly recommend.
In Vineyard of rodeo on front | lateralmente-seen lateralmente.
4 / 5 Clayton
This computer is Awesome! I touch on here every day and cariche on any question. His value of the money , comes with the keyboard and mouse. His really fresh reason calms does not have to that spend more money in the keyboard.
4 / 5 Milagros
This adds it pc partorisca iracing...!! There has Been 6video of paper of g, 8ram of g, as well as a i5 chip...!! Abundance partorisca be able to and connectivity partorisca this program...!!
4 / 5 Mao
At the beginning, was súper sceptic.. But after using for the week- No bad! Like this far ossia. It is prime minister of mine pc, as it can not take a lot to a specs. ‘ Cause very really know to plot in that. It is resisting on enough very right now. And.. Ossia All I really cured in haha. I run Unit, Overwatch, Minecraft, LoL, etc.
5 / 5 Philomena
My boy is flying in this computer, that surprises PC, really good and any glishes. Just works!
5 / 5 Edyth
COMPUTER that SURPRISE and my friends are spent like this long trying the piece out of this pc for the prize he economic plus the ones of the that included knows likes to win money of this gem! Cela 1660 goes to last the longitude of long time
4 / 5 Mi
Installed photoshop and all the work well out of a box. The management of boss adds, build a lot impressive and value. We will be to buy more than SkyTechGaming.
5 / 5 Kim
Exactly that looked for when looking for the p.c. For my boys oculus rift. Súper Cools to look and works perfectly. So only it wishes his was more hdmi ports in a joint of map but another while has the zeros complain!
4 / 5 Kelle
Has been looking around for the new PC for month and finally decide take is one. Awesome Technology and support of client. Highly recommended.
4 / 5 Damien
My edges of 14 years has purchased this with his money suitable for his gaming purpose. It is happy with him.
4 / 5 Kimberlee
At present while to a new SSD that would owe that fix a subject. Fact with support of technology, mainly on email, to try to imagine out of a question. The support of technology helped with which hours that was a lot. I will estimate again once it is fixed or when the sending behind.

Top Customer Reviews: [Ryzen & GTX ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
Desprs Look to build the pc and pricing was, my brother found this thing on here. Sound the quite damn good roads and around the 00 cheaper that that and has been to build with the card of better map.

My first impressions:
-Some computers the mechanic of walk takes is sorely dulcemente and a lot mark a speed of a computer. My brother there has been 250g samsung solid of state walk that has still install in his computer and has data the in me. Desprs Cloning My system in him installed he cual my first hard walk consecrated and now uses a mechanic of walk takes storage what extra. That is to say some elder of only updates would have to do taking this computer .
-A lack of computer microsd and sd empty (cards by heart for cameras). For 1 and it buys one that this has numerous ports and some additional usb 2.0 and installed in an extra bay in front of a computer. Note, any compraventa or these uses usb 3.0 so that the does not have an additional extra usb empty 3.0 in a motherboard, even so has extra usb 2.0 void in a motherboard.
-A motherboard is barter but work, an only bummer is that motherboard is not able in overclock a processor that is the shame so that a processor used in this can of machine
-A case has not been so ugly as and has thought the be.Originally it has been it to it to him to pose in peel or new case when and looked in him in an internet but for earnest be any problem me as much as and has thought the .
- A mouse is rubbishes that comes with, even so a keyboard is well. Already it have it a bluetooth the mouse that poses around so thats which and is using.

The Really is the decent PC and can run overwatch and fortnight any problem. If it purchases this computer and to well sure would recommend to pose in the SSD (the walk takes) to improve action (night and day differentiates). I actuate Still to attach more ram so that his looks well with one 8 gb has. It buys the new mouse and your set.
5 / 5
The utmost looks, kicks hurriedly. The husband is at present benching the but has not taken very snags so far.

Two elements of entity, discrepancies among description of Amazon and real spec. It comprises aftermarket fresher, which are probably better that normal, but motherboard the model is different and does not have a M2 empty. Has the one of leftovers PCIE empty like the cheap adapter would have to fix concealed.

Also, sper bolsters to comprise the (very) smiled and keyboard!
5 / 5
This computer is really very good. It is surprising compared in my anterior computer. Some main games I the game can run in of the full parameters and take up 120fps, these games when being Join , CS, Fortnite, Etc. Has had the problem with him and I have contacted service of client. It goes directly in clave of voice as I have imagined was I after quite a lot of 40 minutes to research (a cord (SataG_1 think) had come unplugged of a walk takes and everything has had to was to press he behind in. A moment later take it the saying to call me that thought and could have the cord unplugged and could stroll me through him, as+ in a support of client, and One+ in a quality of a machine. Even so you are planning it buys this, the mark sure has it DVI-d(24+1), DisplayPort, or Hdmi port of monitor. Has had to a dvi-d(24+1) in VGA adapter so that it was unconscious that a port of motherboard of the monitor was deactivated until it arrives. In general that is to say without the doubt a compraventa has done better the long long time. It IS also the big plus bit that it think that that it was but that it is my failure suitable for not remarking some measures
5 / 5
I took this cual the present for my threads that is an avid gamer and his anterior system was a Alienware. Even so look in a cost with a Alienware with less than these specifications was prohibitive. Somehow it finds this and he can not think. Everything runs well, any subject but a lot in particular like the client there has been the question for a squad of personnel/ of the support.
Was something mere and my deception and I emailed in all the case of week in the daytime of the Work any one while it does not listen behind until Tuesday an earlier but no - has had the response in an hour that cleared my confusion.
This is worth it more than a system in me. It IS so scarce sadly to take this level of support in of the elements of big entrance especially when the amazon was a vendor . ( Had the paper in a box with SkyTech details of contact info for any subjects) am adds to learn that a support is there and any just word in paper. Highly it recommends this.
If for some reason is reading this then can be think quite taking he - he ! The calm will not listen .
4 / 5
For the who has not seen my first description, was to the long of some lines of 'PC any game, and does not know that it is bad, please HALP!'. Well, Skytech the support is coming through and HALPED!

PC ARRIVED with the card of bad map. The exposure would close has been after any moderate tension, so basically touching any modern game. Sometimes, it can very still it does in a game he before black goes. Afterwards widespread testing and troubleshooting with Skytech, arrived in a conclusion that is gone the bad GPU and routed me the nine unit 6 days later, has launched he in and the tests are going well! All research to be running well. It opens, here it is the description of a product (now that is doing...). Please maintain that it imports this has extended gaming history, but never in PC, only in of the consoles.

A case is quite impressive. A blue light emitted by a system to cool looks to surprise. A system in general is calm, but no silent. You will listen this system these races, but there is still to be distracted by a noise. So far, it researches responsive quite be in general. A bit those that hiccups here and there, but think that is quite fast . Some games have so tried far run very smooth. I have not used the Frames For Second counter, even so. Only I can speak that remarked.

In general, this investigation is the utmost judge to start with gaming PC for moderate players. Minus A rocky beginning (like this one 4/5), wants this PC. And you can buy know some the technology adds retreated an email has been!
1 / 5
The defective product! Fact by the little has been then hours to have fatal errors that closed a computer up. There is this pc overnighted because of the boys that necessity the pc for school work. Skynet Rebuffed To rectify a situation for overnighting a substitution! Service of horrible client! It is not in the windy likes him era. It gives 0 stars was able to mark that down!
5 / 5
In the a lot of principle mostly aesthetic subjects, even so Amazon a right thing for us.

Other users have described a quality of a computer as well as it can. Even so, it looks each computer is totalled with different parts. Perhaps the operation of garage? Has had to 3 total substitutions of these a first week or compraventa.

Will begin to say everything of a front of computer these lights was and is still perfectly doing. Note that you can not change some colours of a final attacker. It opens, a first wine with the lights of the interior broken and emitting the way down below dim of yellow. To take the substitution has remarked some advances of coverage was busted out of road that a front very fully near, and an interior was angled of in the inflation of a bubble embroils. Lights of the interior in a second the models neither has been operational. Yes, included at the end it updates in a system. A third an envoy in me has had also any interior those lights so decided to leave. Amazon A right thing, so that at the same time trying of cross of entity that has required it to him to him the computer and has done things sper easy for us. We have maintained a product broken and has done since perfectly only with inner zero these lights while it describe. Forgetting in joining it to him vendor for now like the signal out of the east is exactly why all the world would have to be Amazon of use . Service of security and incredible client in all yours compraventa!

Be of the buyer has warned these looks of product to be different with each purchase. Highly it recommends a guarantee even so not even take a guarantee info purchase also lol.

Would recommend based out of pricing against of the parts and quality, but know that there is risk in buying cheap.
4 / 5
Esquerra induct M to say is not the computer brainiac but know my road around the computer to take them has posed up. That I of the that knows and ask or Google the. Here it is some things I to of to those who likes them. Any bluetooth has enabled. Before any one says, is in some parameters. Look and he so the do my computer nerd brother. Bluetooth Any one there. It has to order the bluetooth adapter. I am the new gamer and require the computer with better specs. That takes in my next subject. A sound no any one of mine 4 headsets and or speakers. It tries front and back connectors. At all! Only troubling for the such mere things to be likes them take to be active. The good IS the weekend vacacional will call to back morning to see yes can take some assistance. If it can correct these subjects with back will change my indication. The happy computer that looks for! :)
9.4.18 update: changed in 4 stars so that the support of the technology fixed my subject of his this 5 minutes . Lol!
5 / 5
Active HAS had only he for the days of pair, but pode helps with deciding that to take. A card of map, adds! Any complaint with one 1050.t. A processor, in fact better this has expected! 8gb Of ram, can run more games any problem. For those asking, has tried the in cs go and endows 2. Cs Goes, volume 200 FPS in of the big parameters. It endows it IS easy to run. This pc is in fact the purchase adds with a capacity to update also. The calm will not be disappointed at all.
1 / 5
My threads is spent $ 700 of his work of summer or purchase this product. Quan A unit has prendido to do 2 support of mountains to call later of technology. We said us that we could it issue in for reparation. We have done.

Calls behind and have said that a ram has been missing of in a unit. My threads said those that has not taking anything and that a unit was routed behind while it was taken.
That was the weeks of mark of pair. They have not followed up with us.
Has called he the fact 30 minutes to discover a state and has been said a same thing. They have not offered any solution. Desprs Flavour to count that any one takes any hardware, and has asked what one that loses the component was. I have been said $ 80. It has agreed to that it purchase a part, so that to arrive to this point spends $ 700 for something that doesnt work and clearly does not have any intention to return or repairing you computer.
4 / 5
The utmost looks, has fallen quickly. The husband is at present benching the but has not taken a lot snags like this far.

Two elements of note, discrepancies among description of Amazon and real spec. It comprises aftermarket fresher, which is probably better that stock, but motherboard the model is different and does not have a M2 space. Has the one of leftover PCIE the space like the economic adapter would have to that fix concealed.

Also, súper props to comprise the (a lot) smiled and keyboard!
4 / 5
The produced defective! Fact for the pocolos then is come from hours to have fatal errors that has closed a computer up. We have had this pc overnighted because of the boys that requires the pc for school work. Skynet Has refused to rectify a situation for overnighting a substitution! Service of horrible client! It is not to the the windy likes era. It give 0 stars was able to value that down!
5 / 5
This computer is really really good. It is surprising compared to my leading computer. Some main games I game can run in of the full settings and take for on 120fps, these games when being Join , CS, Fortnite, Etc. has had the question with him and I have contacted service of client. It goes directly to topmast of voice to the equal that have imagined was with which roughly 40 minutes to research (a cord (SataG_1 I think) has had to come unplugged of a hard walk and everything have has had to that it was push he behind in. A moment later it take the call in that say me that have thought could have them the cord unplugged and could stroll by means of him, as+ in a support of client, and One+ in a quality of a car. This in spite of are planning spent this, the mark sure has the DVI-d(24+1), DisplayPort, or Hdmi port of monitor. I have had to buy a dvi-d(24+1) to VGA adapter reason was unaware that a motherboard the port of monitor has been disabled until it arrives. In general ossia without the doubt a compraventa has better done the long long time. It is also he bit it big that has thought that that it was but ossia my failure suitable for not remarking some measures
5 / 5
has taken this like the present for my edges those who is of the misers gamer and his leading system was a Alienware. This in spite of looking in a cost with a Alienware with less than these specifications was prohibitive. Somehow it finds this and can does not create. Everything runs well, any @@subject but a lot especially like the client has had the question for a crew of personnel/ of the support.
Was something simple and my deception and I emailed on weekend of Day of the Work any while not listening behind until Tuesday a sooner but no - I has had the response inside an hour that has cleared my confusion.
This is worth it more than a system of mine. It is like this scarce sadly to take this level of support in of the elements of big entrance especially when the amazon was a vendor . ( Had the paper inside a box with SkyTech details of contact info for any subjects) are adds to know that a support is there and no just words on paper. Highly it recommends this.
If for some reason is reading this calm then can be think roughly taking he - he ! Calm will not feel .
5 / 5
Left beginning to say are not the computer brainiac but know my way around the computer to take them dipped up. That I of the that knows the ask or Google the. Here it is some things I to of to those who likes him. Any bluetooth there is enabled. Before any one says, is in some settings. Look and has done like this my computer nerd brother. Bluetooth Any there. It has had to order the bluetooth adapter. They are the new gamer and require the computer with better specs. That I me ameno to my subject next. A sound no any of mine 4 headsets and or speakers. I have tried front and for behind plugins. At all! So only annoying for such simple things to be like this last to be active. Well It Is the weekend vacacional will call support tomorrow to see can take some assistance. If these subjects can be corrected with sustains will change my indication. The happy computer that looks for! :)
Update: changed to 4 stars because sostenimiento of the technology fixed my subject of the his this 5 minutes . Lol!
4 / 5
Originally Many mostly aesthetic subjects, this in spite of Amazon a right thing for us.

Other users have described a quality of a computer as well as it can. This in spite of, looks each computer is gathered with different parts. Perhaps the operation of cochera? I have had to spend for 3 total substitutions of this interior one before week or compraventa.

Will begin for saying everything of a front of computer that the lights was and is still perfectly doing. Note that you can not change some colours of an end forward. Now, a first has come with the interior lights broken and emitting the very low dim of yellow. To receive the substitution there is remarked a coverage forward was busted out of way that a front a lot fully near, and an interior has been bent of in the inflation of a bubble on. Lights of interior in a second the model neither has been operational. Yes, it has included after all it updates to a system. A third a correspondent of mine has had also any interior that the lights have like this decided to give up. Amazon A right thing, reason at the same time passions for of entities that tries that it require it the computer and has done things súper easy for us. We have maintained a product broken and has done of then perfectly so only with inner zero that luzca as it has described. Forgetting to a vendor for now like the signal out of the this is exactly reason all the world would owe that be Amazon of use . Service of security and amazing client in all your compraventa!

Buyer be warned these looks of product to be different with each cost. Highly it recommends a guarantee this in spite of not even receive a guarantee info spent also lol.

Would recommend based out of pricing vs part and quality, but know that there is risk in buying economic.
5 / 5
My subject is with a RAM... A description of the product clearly says RAM... You take it concealed ? Perhaps yes in mine No. Of chance When I have purchased this computer looked in some pictures of a product. It is to underline it characteristic in a pics... RIPJAW Skills of RAM of red G brilliant in 3 of a pics. I add to look computer... Works a lot enough...
Has purchased this computer in July and when I have situated the second 8 Action DDR4 2400 MHz in my cart... I moved it to save for later... More has come late this week... And I have purchased an additional RAM... Remaining waiting for the a lot of faster computer Right? It take a new RAM yesterday... Ossia When there is remarked a cockroach of generic RAM some constructors have changed was... WELL Perhaps it acts... Any one dies. A timing is different with a RAM and I am so only has squandered my money and the time that buys more RAM that now has to that that... Any one loves the economic generic 8 action DDR4 2400 GHz chip for really economic... I have called Amazon... They can a lot of anything ... I have called Technology of Heaven and his any one anything ... I included called but his this in spite of was crazy... All can do now is to warn you the be able to you or can not take that sees in some pictures and beds in a description of product... Technology of the heaven of Partners adds and ... That can be can not be partners after all... So only it can be the lie to sell more unit... Any one takes the computer of Technology of Heaven with a JAW to TEAR DDR4 RAM? The no... Sure it looks well in some pictures this in spite of... Reason any for the give fewer stars? It have been to FIVE DESCRIPTION of ESTRELLA . If it was able to solve this subject without that has to that spend even more money to take that it love and paid partorisca in a first place.
5 / 5
Has has had so only he for the days of pair, but can help with deciding that to take. A paper of map, adds! Any complains with a 1050you. A processor, in fact better that has expected! 8gb Of ram, can run more games any question. So that ask , tried it on cs go and endows 2. Cs Goes, volume 200 FPS in of the big settings. It endows it Is easy to run. This pc is in fact add buy with a capacity to upgrade also. Calm will not be disappointed at all.
4 / 5
The computer maintains blue exploitation or restarting on and on again. But at least it does not clash when I touch overwatch when it tries to do anything in this computer.
Update 12/10/18
So it has substituted the few parts and of the blue screens closings, thinks that this was to build quite bad . It can say that it is attribute likes to buy of the very expensive rubbish.
4 / 5
Has bought this computer to use strictly partorisca streaming. According to a specs, does not have to that have any question that bosses that. This in spite of, with which roughly 9 month of the possess, no properly. I have deleted all more like the question partorisca streaming, comprising having the electricians check my wiring, and having my ISP the house of controls of the career of multiple time and far. There is at all more to substitute or upgrade, except this computer. Now here it is my main complaint . I emailed Skytech in of the this and has not answered for 12 days! And so only then they answer reasons have sent another email that had called his number of service of the client during his posted the business hours and any one have answered! I think that that ossia so only the fly for company at night that has taken the quite the web of place has done to do them the main and better look that is. In no way it does not buy never anything of Skytech never again. It does not squander your money in his economic swipe-of part and plastic chances.
4 / 5
I have been using this computer partorisca roughly three days and of the already are having the s tonne of subjects, first question: an audio is messed on, you cant really listen any that speaks that a lot. According to question: some games that has them is discolored or like blurry, looks if a screen has been broken like this tried my monitor of dad, was a same thing this PC cant run some games that there are them properly. So only some work of games, his no my monitor that is broken is a PC ! It has tried already touch some games that was messed up in mine monitor of dad, still tip a same thing. PLEASE FIX THIS TECHNOLOGY of CALM HEAVEN BEG!
4 / 5
Sews it utmost court in his point of prize. It has been of gaming in the MAC to this and a difference is night and day. Highly it suggest partorisca buy the different wifi the adapter with your order causes a one gives is the POS partorisca be sincere.
4 / 5
Ossia The compraventa adds partorisca a estimativa gamer in need of the new computer. A chance is beautiful and functional with topside ports and an external coverage partorisca a player of CD partorisca maintain the clean appearance in an outside. Any one has paid obviously the plot of attention partorisca resupply optimum cooling, and some bosses are neatly tucked out of a way where grieves can be seen, and the defenders are situated in a front and in a backside of a unit in such the way like partorisca resupply optimum airflow. Like quell'conceal to him has not gone enough, they was to resupply the quite decent gaming smiled and keyboard, and no an economic fund of some versions of barrel that coming with more than computer. A lot especially this in spite of, dipped up was the breeze, and has done perfectly out of a box. If yours looking for the estimativa gaming PC this one east the add chooses.
5 / 5
Has had this computer for the week. Of a first day has been freezing on, aiming me the BSoD, and forcing me to manually restart it. This spends multiple time the day under different circumstances. One of some more common triggers that of the this is when I wake it on sleep, almost always give me the BSoD. I have tried the few things to fix it but at all looks to help, very disappointing.
4 / 5
This pc is the add judge of PC EXITED for the Gamer, or the good upgrade if you have not had one in awhile.

A Motherboard in this PC is well, is not a better. But it is work without failure.

A Ryzen 3 is a processor of estimativa amazing, are adds for Basic gaming, but does not expect it to do too much.

A ram Is so only 8gb with 2400 MGHZ. As his no very big, would recommend them purchase the second clave or the pair of claves after buying this desk. A Ram comes with works, but is not enough to manage Serious games or multitasking projects.

A HDD is a a that sews the HIGHLY recommend you look in upgrading, buy the small little SSD for 30-50 dollars and clone one You in his, will improve your experience with this desk dramatically.

A 1050 is the pleasant little GPU this will touch almost any game without subjects, his the paper adds to take for a money and will do perfectly, but is farcry of Mid the big tier GPU papers.

Taken the 500 W the power distributes as it will manage the newest hardware a lot well. And the basic CD/DVD PLAYER. It Good touch.

In general, this PC are adds yes calms that can take on the sale for around 500 bucks, anything on 600 and can wants to look elsewhere.

A PC are to add and the works perfect with light games like fornight and overwatch.

This PC is highly and easily upgradeable. And a chance can manage the plenary atx joint.

My current setup thus pc is as follows.
Ryzen 5 2600 OC To
2 Trident 3200 MGZ 8x2 GB claves.
x470 Gaming More MSI Full ATX
a 500 GB SSD
1 X 500 GB HD
1 X 1000 GB HD
4 / 5
The computer is to come packed like this announced but any documentation anything. Has has had to that the imagine was like this to take the video that read in our screen-- take 3 travesías to a tent to finally take some right adapters. The diagram no wih hdmi--require adapt to dvi.

The sound was another subject . Typical green connection in rear looks to require engine or something. Enough, it has had to use upper holes.

Has taken the moment to imagine was like this to do auricular with mic. I have had auricular that spends for a hole of audio on but mic no . Somehow my edges took it that goes but can do not saying that.

Thinks some costruttrici of a product dipped in of the good parts but has not spent of a question to upload engine etc, that the majority to have the habit to take with our product. If you are not computer savvy, finds any the one who is. It can it has to that a bit google investigations in that to do also.

There was the pair of month like this far and Fortnight of touches any question. In fact, any question at all in anything.

Has not uploaded still microsoft office--hopefully so only uploads without questions.
5 / 5
An ONLY reason am giving this 2 star glielo is due to to him when being a pertinent car. Games of career amiably. Here it is that it has had to treat this in spite of. First car would not kick on correctly, has taken leave it on on, called skytech the support of technology there has been dled the new bios and installed the remotely, has not BEGUN AGAIN. Shipped the next day rear and 2 weeks later with which owe that take to the amazon has involved taking the 'upgraded SSD' substitution. A car has put you of USB and audio on a work of audio but any USB. Not calling skytech again NEVER! All the thing has considered has to that have is returned so only to amazon and has bought any elses has produced. HIGHLY DISSAPPOINTED!!
5 / 5
Update: it has upgrade a RAM to 16GB of DDR4 3200. This was something that has has felt required to be fact. Still with which has to that buy more the memory am thrilled still with this PC. Out of a box for a prize, calm can not take very better.

For a past little month has been that loves to build my PC of prime minister. After doing the tonne of investigation has imagined would buy the economic plus pre-PC BUILT and upgrade has it like this expósito necessary. Out of a box, this PC does exactly that has loved the to do. An only thing can say that I need out of a box is more memory. Another that that this was the compraventa adds . A paper of short map that I require it to so only of well. I mainly key Fortnite and this paper of map can give me around 90 fps in settings of car out of a box. They are more probably that goes to be buying more memory and the different motherboard of this motherboard can not be OC' d. This was the compraventa adds so I leave to upgrade in my own tax. It recommends this PC to any one looking to take his foot in a door when it comes to gaming PC is.
4 / 5
Purchases this November of computer 22, 2018 for the present navideño of my edges for $ 599. My edges has loved the 'gaming' computer. Has the elegant blue light in a house and his keyboard (when it operates) has the rainbow light effect. Looks Quite fresh in my opinion. It wants to use he for his games and also uses for his school work.

This in spite of, of the ours compraventa, has had to take a computer behind to a costruttore, Skytech, three times. A prime minister two times has been due to the corrupt mother boards which has finalised to take substituted together with a hard walk. A last time, a chip of RAM there has been dislodged he and was no longer plugged in, that causes a computer to not kicking up. Felizmente, is not too far of Ranch Cucamonga, CA, as it was quite easy the just drop of a computer and the choose on when it was fixed (usually the few days).

Once a computer has taken to do, has not had any @@subject and my edges there is enjoyed the using. I have found that Skytech is more responsive to emails. They answer in the just timely way and a result of final is the fixed computer. They are the small local company , as it does not expect the big resource of service of client reps. But they will answer, calm only precise be patient. They are not any a lot of the person of computer, but has appreciated his attention and disposal to take the computer of my fixed edges and that reads again to the equal that have been unable of the take that it runs again. Appearance do not owe him never contacts again, but yes calm , so only be conscious that the looks of email to have a better response of them, .
4 / 5
Has bought this for my husband, there is there was it so only four days. It loves the game of touch like Minecraft. It can not touch Minecraft in this computer. When Come from it lags, and then freezings. It has to that do the total restarts. Ossia Supposition to be the gaming computer. I can touch Minecraft in of 8 years HP. Tried conversing with support, a person was good and friendly but said has required to speak to a costruttore, and is closed in 4:30 pm !!! I am not happy at all! Tried calling Skytech and is closed.
5 / 5
Taken an Archangel last week. Device quite a lot of all the things that considers in that is paying paralizaciones.
Another that a PC takes:
A basic keyboard (lights like the rainbow but is plastic quite economic rule that owe you pause in still he to feel well)
A basic mouse (has the DPI key and 2 keys lateralmente for rear and advances in general his quite well for the level of stock mouse or the mouse of backup)
A plugin auricular wireless ( is at all to write house I roughly uses a boss of Ethernet like this this has not been used.)

Remarked when dipping on a device that the windows have required to be registered. Looked in a Chance, verified in a box with a Keyboard and a wireless adapter and mouse, looked in an external packaging that a Chance is gone in. At all.

Now to be just has tried to contact a line of support of the technology but was after hours.

Felizmente Has the habit to take my old and no only devices logging each tone of windows but also storing some stickers that come with a unit in if something like this spends.

To the equal that has taken some old windows 7 tones and has registered a device.

The thing is this goes to be the big shot for the new user if this tone is not to present for them. Again to reassert, has verified a box that is coming with a mouse, keyboard, an interior of a wireless adapter, in an outside and an interior of a PC Casing and a box in that a unit arrived and found at all that resembles a Tone of Product of the Windows. In the defence of a Company is possible I simply am losing where this tone would owe that be located.

Reason have had the windows to spare 7 yours has not pursued for the follow up with a support of technology. I so only ding a product 1 star been due to of the this.
5 / 5
1. It is roughly 50 big that has expected, so much a real PC and some boxes, which usually are good signals reasons are the PC freak, and thinks any PC freak would adapt big means better, this one is roughly 30th PC I never purchased for personal use, and 50th account one some of works.

2. A chance looks elegant, especially a mouse, a keyboard/of the mouse usually comes free with a PC for this his more probably give you a worse, but no east a, a mouse is a lot very a lot well for the freebie.

3. No really sure like the law once turns it on but to good sure will try to go back and write some details roughly like this here is: I installed it yesterday, which is roughly 10 days with which took it, but OMFG is like this better that has expected, any so only was the fastest plot that my old a, a chance looks like this elegant...

4. Yeah Is stupid if it do not buy this, this literally would cost two times so much of costco/fries is/walmart etc, reason have done in fact an investigation before I buy on amazon...

5. Updates with which 3 months of hardcore gaming and the usual office stuffs: still I law adds, any @subject anything, BETTER PC has not had never, will look for to update in the each one 3-6 month or so much.
4 / 5
A start
This computer has taken my attention with looks and good descriptions, has taken for my anniversary and he have done add! At least for the months of pair...

Like him
after the headed to has the slow decrease to be (not trying be effensive) the piece of junk. It does not connect to an internet to the equal that take new internet motum but that still has not done.

I steam of use for games, usually in mine portable old would be able to have any question that connects to a server of steam. When A computer has declined would owe them that restart a computer the time of pair for him to do.

An end
Finally today is has had enough, does not have any occasion in connecting to a server of steam and has the plot of the question that connects to an internet

Elements in a side
A mouse, in my opinion, work well. I have not used a keyboard but has seen the good descriptions that mentions work well.

Is value of the money?
No, is looking for something concealed well with the games of pair ( I actuate roughly 10 games in a computer) does not recommend buying this computer. Now take import that has connected the vr but is the subjects is not a cause of a vr.
4 / 5
Has bought this computer look it in fact month of a one has had was like this old and outdated could not run any games on that. My two favourite games are world of Warcraft and a sims the so much franchise of career that astounds and everything in big map. I add so that they do not know any one a lot in computer (taste) and is of nervous roughly building his own PC. I want that I can upgrade the one of way that goes. It avenges with the mouse of rainbow and keyboard that I amour. An only question has had with connects it to the monitor reason my monitor was a model an old plus and has not had an adapter has had to use my TV with a hdmi boss.
5 / 5
Rests to the little bit of the rocky start, but has contacted lean it and they have gone back mine quickly with the solution. It results that a clave of RAM there is so only be result free during shipping, and ensured it once, a system kicked and has done well. Everything is described like this. The adapter of Wi-Fi is slow this in spite of, would recommend the connection wired like opposed to use an adapter. In general, the solid, system of good quality.
4 / 5
My PC of dinosaur, my advantage there is on two years, taking like this clunky this has required the upgrade. The prize looked right and like this far very satisfied with which two days of working with some new a. Súper A lot of packaged Like this arrived safely, well looking car and has come included with keyboard and smiles that it had not expected. It covers-and-gone setup. Insignificant bloatware. Part of a careful packaging, included extruded PC of interior of container to foam to do sure components any jarred ship. And pulling a container out of easy like steps lateralmente slid access left easily to interior, no an unscrewing and plying and that tugs that level of looks with like this Desktops.

Has had to sustain of technology of the contact roughly some cosmetic subjects, that asks that it was with an application to change colours of a LEDs that lights the interior of PC, which at all. Emailed Service of client and my surprised, answered 18 minutes later. Usually lucky to take the response of next day. Two transmissions more than email and this particular model with this number of the serial has not sustained fine-paint LEDs. Ossia Something concealed has not been announced, and something does not concern me roughly, equally only fair. But impressed with a Service of Client.
4 / 5
Has done well for about1 the then constant month that clash with errors of blue screen. Support of the technology of Amazon has called; any help. It has been said to contact a costruttore Skytech Gaming. Contacted have the-me - said 'Hey, is an easy fijamente! Just download and run this 'the application of fixed error.' Downloaded a same application although the defender of Windows has said any to. It has run an application and, yes, find errors in a hard walk and with a memory. I loved then to PAY for an application to fix some errors. That class of the support of technology is concealed! It was unable to delete an application with which conceal. It seats something so only has not been well with Skytech and decided for the turn to the first amazon of my window of turn there is expired. This was the next call . The stay was!
4 / 5
I really loved his action, especially with games, of course. I can touch anything loves without that has to that down my graphic configurations. This pc there is rid all promised in of the terms of action and etc.. Highly it recommends this gaming pc to all the world, especially if his your prime minister gaming pc, and still if it does not have any experiences with pcs. Thank you very much For an impressive support that comes with, expects that I can buy more material that characterise.
5 / 5
Left beginning with an explanation of 4 out of 5 stars. It is partly my failure and partly a SkyTech lack of drive of fast start. I am not stupid when it comes to the computers but are not one the majority of connoisseurs. My monitor there has been it VGA the connection but results newer GPUs does not sustain him so many or at all. A start on top of drives has declared in fact require to purchase it VGA to HDMI adapter. Ossia Where is partly on me and in SkyTech drives. I have been and it has bought one, is coming house and with which 10-15 minutes to interest that at all points in mine monitor has imagined was. One drives has said that need to connect an adapter to a GPU and any Motherboard. Well a GPU the connection is to DVI . Have @@give Then this GPU in fact does not sustain VGA. Ossia My only reason for 4/5 stars.

Now that are spent that will speak in a global experience. In general I estimate this computer 5 stars, loves that and work wonderfully. I have seen to plot of the descriptions that involves to be of support of the no useful or absentee client and really can not relate. Perhaps I have had so only of the better regime that another but when I have contacted the support was very useful and friendly. The support has contacted so only for help with a SSD that has purchased for separate and has not been positive regarding the do correctly.

Has had my leading computer for 10+ years! It was serious planned still retreat and after spending like this long touching games in súper graphic down this in spite of when being able to run them, have almost has loved shred some tears of pure joy. I think that that it is the add judge of the computer exited like short more all the new games quite utmost or.

Later on are that it goes to upgrade of of the this. For example I go to start with to improve a RAM. At all bad with him but is so only 8GB and some games require the minimum of 10GB, also a PC has come so only with 1 paper of RAM and for gaming one something sweet for RAM is 16GB, likes 2 a lot 8GB papers of RAM.

Thank you To read my description takes this far and expect that it helps!
4 / 5
Has bought this for my edges like the present. The product has shipped fast and has arrived punctually. Very very packed and everything there without any harm.

Of course was quickly of the together place and do so that there is not dipping a HDMI boss in a correct location. I have sent an email to Skytech and has answered immediately - the Saturday. Solved a question and my boy was quickly gaming.

Ossia His prime minister gaming PC to the equal that look a estimativa . Like this far the has not run to any subjects that touch his games. A car is quickly, the map is perfect - so better that xbox. Careers Fortnite so only a lot - the must.

Excellent prime minister gaming car for the 13I boy - highly recommend.
4 / 5
It does not have bluetooth. We require the computer with bluetooth and has thought the gaming the computer automatically would have it. We call support of the technology and he have said sends the bluetooth dangle in any one load. I have sent one but he have not done. It is partorisca windows 7 and has not been compatible with windows 10. We buy another dangle this has been supposition partorisca do with windows 10, but no with this computer. We return a computer and the amazon have given the full repayment.
5 / 5
Like this far like this good. Ossia A first system has not purchased never on Amazon. I ordered it tomorrow of Saturday and took it tomorrow of Sunday. Sure, I have paid one $ 80 cost of nave but has be worth it mine. Dipping it up was quite easy. They have taken really a time and patience to pack a computer safely and securely. An interior of a tower has been fill with the foam to pack piece to maintain all intact and in place during shipping. An only minor hurdle has taken to use the windows 10. Mina 2 other systems have windows 7.
A computer is very calm and has these inner lights that is kinda well.
Has situated among two monitors (in fact flat screen TVs with hdmi entrances)
Initially, has gone to try and build my own system but has decided not being the good thing. I have seen once this in the amazon has changed my alcohol and ordered it. A prize has been just right in favour my estimativa.
Some indications have the data is based in my experience like this far. I have not had to call the technology sustains so that not to estimate it.
4 / 5
Like this far, like this good! I have bought this on done the year, and was bondadoso to expect to see to that it liked him to it before leaving of the description. They are the digital artist and the graphic designer and I have has had to that do of home the plot lately, and this computer has not had any question that maintains up with him (admitted the has not been THRILLED roughly showing to 200 page indesign file a same time like photoshop and the acrobat but he have directed). I touch swtor almost every day and has has not had never any question with maps. I have read all some descriptions before I have bought this, as I have ordered the substitution wifi adapter when I , and honradamente think that was the good movement. This has said, has moved recently and has tried out of a one this is coming with him while we were in a street and he have done well enough to game out of our chamber of hotel, which was honradamente mine quite wild.

In all the chance, does not know the plot roughly hardware, ossia my PC of prime minister . My brother has maintained to say me to do one but am too lazy and HONRADAMENTE seats like this is the quite good judge of diagrams of start, with room for more customization later. It is the small that frustrates that so only a HDMI works of exposure the time, of then tend to use the cintiq pill And the monitor, but has taken the VGA >hdmi boss for my monitor and that reads well. It was the main plot that has expected ! But it is still quite small to return under my office as I am not complaining. The art of current and games in twitch and is not never has had any question that maintains up.

A word of precaution: a box that went in it has not been discreet at all, as it can be well to plan delivery for the time when you are home, reason is very obvious of the gaze exactly that it is in him.

In all the chance tl;dr knows basically at all roughly the hardware and this car still does utmost for gaming/streaming/art for me, as they are the happy client -🤍
4 / 5
When I took it, he so only simple exited of a box. It runs smooth, does not have any unnecessary addition bloatware, and has maintained running soften some the whole time had it. A blue CONCENTRATED so only aesthetic of simple looks enough, and is a calmer tower has has not possessed never.|

There is a small question: a keyboard. |A tone of sinister tower has this thing where quell'intermittently pipes |of starts|. I so only dipped up with him for the few months, then in the lark has decided to contact Skytech for email. |With a lot little it questions asked (and with very fast turnaround) there is agreed to to substitute a keyboard.

Does not think has been this satisfies with the compraventa of computer of backside some days when |it spends it good cars.
4 / 5
Has left look of mine of fiancé on Amazon for the gaming pc this was a lot enough for his gaming and for me to use for pupil. Really so only you use it when it touches his games and likes a bit laws of way when it touches. Considering me, constantly are that it runs to questions with taking there blue screen with the saying of message is restarting reason the course to the question and something in errors. We buy in January to the equal that is been 8 month . I can not take when in the first place it take a blue screen but is been spending more frequently and is trace my nerves. It is quite calm and looks really fresh but I really the hope does not result so much of to the the question like him to him some of some descriptions I so only read in this product.
5 / 5
Right now, would give three stars.

1) Is the slow computer . Any I really needs the fast computer; so only I step of word, Rosetta Stone, web surfing, and email. Yes, included for that, is slow--noticeably slower of a computer has had to dip to sleep reason was old and that clash in the daily base. Included that the old computer was faster that this new a. The computers so only take more lens with time, likes I cringe in a has has thought. If I need this for gaming, look elsewhere, unless your idea of gaming is Solitary.

2) An adapter of Wi-Fi takes the feeble signal . My telephone takes all some bars . My old computer there has been he dongle this takes more bars that an of the installed in this computer. So much, I am using a dongle. Without a dongle, is in a bar, grieves eking was quite to surf.

3) Can use so only two monitors. There is three put you (DisplayPort, HDMI, and DPI). DisplayPort Is not doing. I know that works of monitor. If it covers in a HDMI, work, but no with DisplayPort.

To That likes? It has to that it weaves of ports of USB.


UPDATE 3/28/2020: it results a question of triple monitor was a subject with a DisplayPort in a monitor. I have fixed that @@subject to take it DisplayPort to HDMI boss. The computer is still slow until lame used his and WiFi is still feeble.
5 / 5
Like him 3D Modeler, require the strong computer partorisca like this economic like possible, and this really book IMO. Any to mention, runs the utmost games, much more that I thought it would be able to do, and left in fact games of game that could any one in a past because of my PC so only a lot when being a lot until him. My only subjects have had is that you will require a HDMI and he DVI boss to do the dual-control dipped-on, as according to HDMI the port is disabled, and that is to be send the Boss of Swedish Power in place of the boss of EUA. Felizmente, after contacting support, send me to knots a boss of pertinent power, but imagine there is not any use in contacting them on a second HDMI the port of then was described in a paper he that has been disabled.
Quality-wise, would give this he 5/5, but because of the description that is quell'has bitten too ambiguous with that is taking, the go to estimate the 4/5.

=== Update ===
is been the while I have bought of this product, and still is doing amazing! My only complaint that has found after writing an original description is that a mic and headphone jacks can be the annoying bit to configure in time, included although both work.
4 / 5
Included Although so only take this today has loved to write the preliminary description with updates to follow. When I have opened a box was pleasantly surprised in credit it was packed. A computer was very protected inside the fat discharge of foam and hid in the black stock exchange. A keyboard, smile, and cord to be able to era also tucked neatly inside a discharge of foam.

The inaugural a stock exchange and a side of a computer there is remarked that an open space inside a computer has been protected also reason looked of developing foam inside the plastic stock exchange. This has protected all the components inside a computer.

Setup Was easy, although I have had some questions in the connector done for my monitor. I achieved it it was to his support of the technology and the clear instructions have received as well as the picture that detail that the connections done (because of a paper of map).

Is very calm and comes with three defenders of chances. In general you estimate quality to build the solid 5 stars. I have read to revise where some people there is complained that they have not taken a memory etc this was pictured and my computer was no different. They are not that it attacks points for this I so that it was to add more memory in all the chance and is built to a specs has listed in a description of element.

Has has touched so only a game like this far-World-wide of Warships-and manages it a lot well. Admitted, is not a too demanding game but I have run the in bylines 75fps in of the big settings that is boss and shoulders on my old pc.

Supports of client to notch upper. Quality of build to notch upper. Like this far like this good! I will verify behind in so much of progress of time but is in a phase for the level of new entrance gaming pc, can any gone bad with east a.
5 / 5
Has required to upgrade. Very happy with this pc. They are not he gamer still although it touches once in the moment. Had the pair of games that would not touch in mine old pc that now works. They are the art of computer. I have had this computer for the few months now. They are it takes I so that they are in the diverse hours the day. Every day. And his summer that does adds. Had the question with which have in the first place begun to use the. The support has contacted has gone back mine inside the few hours (weekend). It looks a question was having was with mine setup, no a car. The support was adds. I have bought this because of a prize, he when being the gaming diagrams (powerful plus) and when being a lot of upgradable. Like this far I am very happy with cost of mine. Would have any question that recommends this to the partner. And P
5 / 5
Purchases this product and he have arrived next day. A lot they have commented in a fast nave and adapt. All has arrived súper fast. A course a harder was while to all more to arrive. When He , dipped that to us all together and at all. We require technical support to the equal that call. It goes to voicemail and leave the message. In the Then expect and has expected. A next day takes the call . Work and could do not answering. A service of client is in Pacific the time and live in Oriental Time. Ossia The good thing reason can speak to them at night. As we call for behind those prejudices and has left another voicemail. Any call behind. We call again. Any call behind. We take to take this computer on and that careers. As we go to other resources and find our own way of the take that it runs. Look in some descriptions, a technical support is to add when you achieve any one. We have had the big question that connects with them. Now that is on and running, will see that well a computer is. This description is mainly on support of technology and for that give them to knots at all. They have limited 9-5 hours and calm has to that leave the message. Any one once take to situate on resist to expect or have an occasion to speak with any one.
5 / 5
Of past experience, usually can say like the computer goes partorisca run inside premiers 20 minutes of the career. This computer headed and launched in the subject of the minutes and I have had everything of my programs and program of the game downloaded and ready to launch interior 15 minutes.

I course the subject of marketing to the equal that has the multiple programs that the career at all times program partorisca draw to program of multiple of half comunicacionales social etc. Are also the enormous gamer like this require the computer partorisca treat. These controls of computers on better then has expected!

Is looking for The computer that the smooth careers, can manage multiple programs and run games with small endeavour, to good sure verify this one was!
5 / 5
Hates this gaming pc. It is terrible in running them, like this short fortnite at all low settings around 70 fps. In other popular titles, is one same. It runs legends of apex and pubg in 40 fps on all the low settings. It does not recommend buying this pc. It is a compraventa worse has not done never, and has squandered 600 dollars on that.
4 / 5
Has has wanted the PC partorisca gaming and this looked the reasonably priced PC . This in spite of, with which having some stops of PC the month-ish, have consistently treated it randomly that it clash on me. A park of what whole was and has to that unplug a power of a PC and a wall partorisca he partorisca return to as it is before. Extremely it is annoying and has not gone never when it goes partorisca spend again. Some clash of days until 5 times, some days, at all. Another that a constant that clash, am contained with a rest of a computer.
5 / 5
Is extremely happy with this computer. My husband and I were hard core gamers partorisca years and has had previously Alienware gaming computers, but was almost the old decade and was time for the substitution. A tower is gorgeous. Has a white chance with blue lights (good-looking at night). We have had any negative experience at all with this car. Like this far like this good.
5 / 5
The computer is well, a lot big. A soyouse and free keyboard' has received is different that all the world-wide elses in some descriptions of product. I have received to light it mouse with a Skytech the logo but a keyboard is the G-the keyboard of Cube takes generic. All the world-wide more in some descriptions have received the rainbow Skytech keyboard to the equal that to to the I cost likes was swindled of the little has bitten. All knows our accessories of computers are of entities for gaming to the equal that was a lot disappointed to take this. I see now in a no specific listing of the that the accessories take, so that I direct to believe try the transmission cut some people and he defintely paints my view of this company. If it was not such the hassle I probably gone back for the repayment.
5 / 5
The computer adds, installed SWTOR and a incumplimiento the setting was in Ultra. And it has included to run around with this setting in Fleet (Stormwind for those in WOW) he a lot included lag. My subject only are can not take my headset to do. The speakers will do well, but any headphone I use can not take to do included Bluetooth, still doing in this subject, and has tried yes a lot of things for the fix. But a map are add, is quickly, and is to good sure value a prize, so only some minor subjects that knows can be fixed so only a lot there still.
5 / 5
Has experienced a service of better client together with the awesome computer that is the house to be able to was tried further to build my suitable for buying my own parts and bla bla bla but ossia a better computer has not possessed never together with the Experience of Client to Notch Upper of Skytech Gaming whose personnel to sustain absolutely is that it surprises are in joyed in cost of mine and slowly on buying another computer of them :) :)
5 / 5
has had east maintaining for four days, the legislations out of a box uploads up and has been running 24/7 without the only glitch, all this is to be list like this when be installed to a motherboard and to a software (big vendor here for me) any bloat ware at all, updated in light speed ( has the good connection).
Are not the gamer but has loved the system of computer with a power of the gaming the car and this far surpasses my expectations.
Can the resupply, take it, calm will not be disappointed.

Well went it 7 weeks have ordered of then and has received this computer, all can say is 'FANTASTIC', for me a lot when being any he gamer has had one of my edges comes on those who is the gamer and run he by means of the gamer tries of the bank and he have run in a cup of some stairs for all some try dipped by means of.
For my needs and the use are add, can when I the precise and room of load for all my music that modifies and storage.
To the equal that have said in my leading description, if it calms that can resupply, take it, if it is gamer will not remain down thus like this your mid-vary the judge of system is exited.
4 / 5
My boy was súper excited to take this for his anniversary. While it downloads fortnite one covers has been clashed and turned of a computer. Now he wont sinister games. It maintains to aim a message of error. When we have tried uninstall tip one disappointing. I have called support of Technology of the amazon for help and could not comprise a lady the one who tried in the help. You take frustrated, has taken has frustrated. As I have said his nevermind. My boy so only does not touch fortnite on that.
5 / 5
A computer was a lot that the gaming PC for my adolescent edges. We purchase it to knots the little on done the year and with one comes from of his work of state this year decide to upgrade the number of components. This has been smoothly until we begin to take the message that windows 10 was unlicensed - street that a motherboard had been changed.
Has not had an original packaging with the product key that typically would mean was out of regime. But I have contacted Skytech support - for email the Sunday much less - and with which one questions was able to confirm our compraventa and resupply a tone of up to date product for windows - all inside the day.

Top Customer Reviews: Skytech Blaze II ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 43 ratings
4 / 5 Makeda
I so only received and dip this computer on and am very happy with cost of mine. They are the random/wannabe avaricious gamer concealed has not wanted to spend the tonne in rigging it that last the moment. I touch PUBG, the heaven of Any Man, ARMS 3, Apex and Risk of Rain 2 mostly, and has has wanted to something concealed could resupply me with big/ultra settings and the clean presentation. This computer returns a bill: a cabling is a lot well, a poster lateralmente of the glass revenido is the good touch ( can admire the one who cleaned is inner ), and an action is exactly that has expected. PUBG Looks And short add in ULTRA in -80fps, the heaven of Any looks of Man to surprise in ULTRA in 60fps, and careers of Apex fantastically in the constant 60 in some settings some big plus.

A keyboard comprised and the mouse is well, has the small hands and some smiled returns my hand really well. A keyboard is weighed (what good) and a creation key is quite well, find me that it wish that a corner was adjustable, the seats bit it big that would prefer, but can be an anomaly there. The tones are tactile and no too clicky, a tone of Windows can be closed was, which is necessary of then is a lot down my hand when I touch.

Has on dipped was easy, and a lack of pre-the installed software was a lot. In general, the computer adds for a prize, am impressed. It would recommend that it is it rigs to any one.
5 / 5 Nilsa
Is to add it beginning pc the stops to any one likes him concealed is changing of console. The only desire has had the port for the DVI cord to the equal that could explode my monitors 144hz exposure.
5 / 5 Foster
Has bought this for $ 1,100, any sure if a prize has changed. I have been using he for the few months or like this now and is very powerful. Everything runs smoothly of Joins in some settings some big more the POE in a big plus. He also cut 3ds and Photoshop astonishingly without subjects or stutters.

Took the moment to choose a perfect PC that has had surprise components for any one an outrageous prize and this delivery.
Has had a subject small in ship, my hard walk has not been plugged has maintained like this to kick to a motherboard, needless to say was freaked was, but has included a person of INEXPERIENCED PC would have remarked that the inaugural the. All has been wired wonderfully, is not the enormous disorder, although one of some bosses has touched some partidários the external coverage and I there is not remarked until I have seen a powder of a slightly shredded boss casing. I took it felizmente before it has broken by means of.

An only and means so only real downside to this car is that it maintains to close was randomly and can not imagine was reason. I will not be doing anything extremely the intense resource and so only closes down entirely, but has learnt to save my work frequently and has fallen behind on quickly like this until taking has annoyed really is well.


So much, not even the few days after writing my initial description has been slapped in a face.

These subjects to be able to having mentioned up in paste to rastras full last Thursday, a car has turned was once again has to that way that has said oh any big shot, boop the turn has retreated on. It can on, CONCENTRATED is to go in, fans a-spinnin and boom, any connection to mine monitors.
I all in mine can to try for the fix. I check And it has done sure all has been seated properly, at all has taken unplugged, has had no bad bosses blah blah blah. Verified so much my monitors that thinks perhaps was a subject , nope. So only it will not connect . I know it is not entirely powered on reason when it has closed of the mine bluetooth auricular disconnected also. Any insurance to the equal that to think here, has bought so only these three months does.

$ 1,100 For something to be defective three month in when they are in a half of the busy university semester. Fantastic.

Has contacted Skytech directly by means of his service of client of the website but I do not know if this will do a lot. It does not think it is a subject essential and is of the based in CA.

Is only Sunday to the equal that will update when I take an email behind, to the sinister test a street of service of the client.

Does not want to return a car and I do not love the repayment I so only loves the fixed, has surprised on until some subjects to be able to. It maintains posted...
5 / 5 Sherlene
A lot sure likes to win money out of me. A build is excellent. Some looks of chance to surprise. Very calm. I have turned of a LEDs. Freakin' Solid car. Keyboard and . wtf. THAT. DO. THEY. MARK. MONEY. Selling diagram like this for this quantity of money???

MODIFICATION: I have received a scheme so only the few days does. There is remarked a subject with the windows that informs some wrong HD measure. It has dipped in the entrance and support of the technology answered with fixing he in the few hours. It has done. One fixed: chkdks /r of some aims of mandate in admin way. Fixed in the jiffy. Dmn Compraventa Well.
5 / 5 Jesenia
This PC has been the sleep coming true for me of when it was likes 12 years...
(I follows 31 now.) Unfortunately, some the smallest details have dampened my sleep a lot the time has expected enough bit it.

First of all, am enamoured absolutely with an action of this PC, any to mention an aesthetic of a chance. Unfortunately it has had some class of has dried on produced(in an intensity of cement) that had taken during a point in a cup of a chance and has included looked to have dripped to a real unit and to the long of some sides.

Really wishes this unit would have come with the big plus HD also. 500 GB Was any party for mine to the long of the decade to save/while to an occasion to draw/game in this caliber. It will require to invest in the big plus HD basically immediately.

In general, ossia class -of the long-awaited “final piece” to a homestead and, while I am satisfied to say a less, wish an experience there was not state blurred with hardened gunk that basically there is ruined entirely a visual and emotional effect of inaugural that glorious box after while to so many long years.
4 / 5 Elizabeth
Good computer but wine with a WiFi paper not doing . It is an integrated to the equal that are just sending another to add to a joint. Nettling to spend $ 1100 in the computer and He does not come working. They look his does not love anything besides sends me a part and any reimburse me partorisca a time am doing in a computer I. The support of technology has been slow to answer and calm can not locate a telephone with any of this company. The desire could do this better.
5 / 5 Jodee
A computer was described like this that. Kicked Up without @@subject. All the interior of the components was that I expected him to be. Fast delivery, has taken a computer today one 8th and a date has expected was one 11th-14th. His very calm. I love some few lights in both a computer and keyboard. I recommend to buy.

UPDATE: paper of the video Done grinds noise when gaming, 1 of some ports of USB does not do and my emails to sustain go unanswered. His summer to the long of the week without response.

UPDATE 2: it was in a telephone with support of technology for on 2 hours that comes from different things, had to us taking all the classes of things was. It results a joint of the circuit for an USB is bad as we went me to send the new a. I am paralysed on 1 side because of the recent shot like this this has not been an option for me. We could not reproduce a noise of a paper of video.
Also, comes with the program to control one has DIRECTED lights in a computer, an application does not do and not even would owe that be in a computer, requires some special boss or something.

A solution. It sends for behind a whole computer or receive the $ 30 repayment. I comprise material raisin and a technology all could and was professional roughly that. Material after spending $ 1400 in a blaze 2 this was so only on sale for $ 1099 could have done the little better that $ 30 for strong paper, faulty port of USB and 2 hours of my time troubleshooting.

So much because of closing having all some same subjects, thinks that goes to leave this like this to 2 star

0 stars for speediness of responses to emails.
3 stars in a product how is, would be 5 stars has done properly.
4 stars for support of the technology once goes in to touch with them, has tried at least.
0 stars for final resolution.

Looked forward to this compraventa and are so only has left down that the has not been in 100 taken the moment to save this class of money on inability.
4 / 5 Magda
Are new mark to PC gaming and these rocks of what! Ossia The total flies for a prize and a lot sure could have curated/has configured the PC with these parts for my account. Averaging A lot on 60FPS in Fortnite, Evasion of Tarkov, CSGO, and more. Highly recommend!
5 / 5 Brooke
This product is to come announced with the Rtx 2060 Súper. Wine with the gtx 1660 súper. It would not trust this mark, and not going never to buy of him again
4 / 5 Erline
Setup is VERY stops there is anticipated gamers and enough well for designer, photographers. SSD Is not enough for the daily user but a graphic paper and the processor are the good combination. A supply to be able to is the good version among his competitors but is really strong but thanks to a transmission of silent way drop a decibel to an acceptable level.

But, in another hand, service of the client is not quickly responsive and has to that send some memories.

In general, is the good combination , but because of service of client, am giving 4 stars.
4 / 5 Sasha
Mina substituted -10 year desk finally, and has a lot of be happy with east a.
Wires Clean - mainly hid for behind a motherboard - frames partorisca an attractive interior
Powerful - some games have uploaded active defaulted to Ultra settings everywhere
Prizes - I has been for cost another system when I have found is one. I have finalised with equivalent power in the $ 200 discount
Packaging - some prebuilt the costruttrici of PC will touch extra partorisca a packaging this is coming with for incumplimiento - would feel sure in your order that arrives unharmed

the speed of RAM is has bitten subpar; I do not have remarked @@subject like this far, but well remark
the Hard walk is quell'has bitten limited in spatial
A light in a CPU the defender is not controlled together with some another. These pauses on a uniformity of a system bit it.

Are, in general, very happy with a compraventa, and would not doubt partorisca recommend a product.
4 / 5 Stanton
Was súper impressed with this rig, fantastic value partorisca a prize, is all have required like the random gamer that there is wanted to so only a PC to kick on quickly, and some games to look good - and Distribution 2 utmost looks on that! A rig was without accidents packed, a foam could have been in too much of tight and I accidentally dislodged a RAM when that taking was, as has thinks that is coming with less RAM that has thought, but after verifying and that bursts a RAM behind in, has recognised a RAM without subjects. The service of client was also fantastic, asked him roughly a subject of RAM, and has answered quickly. A paper of wireless coverage that is coming without to the also upper era-notch, was able to take 176Mbps download and 252 Mbps uploads speed. A keyboard and the mouse was weighed surprisingly-has to that and the looks adds, in general, very pleased with a compraventa, a woman is jealous, as it can has to that take another, and would be the Skytech sure.
5 / 5 Adriane
Has bought so only this desk the few days done, and taste of a lot. It can perfectly run some games that can any one in mine portable forward, with quality very big, and also resupplies the keyboard and the mouse for you, which saved some extra money. A service of client is very useful also, has been confused roughly reason does a Bluetooth signal like this feeble before and then go in his skytech put web and ask a service of client to solve my question. His representative reacts a lot quickly, and has solved quickly my question. There is a pocola what am not satisfied like this, is a company of nave that has not followed my instruction of delivery. But another that that, create this value of product his prize and I like many.
4 / 5 Richard
Has bought this for my edges and I like him gaming rigs. It has dipped in 64gb of Corsair Revenge Pro RGB 3200 DDR4 memory and he 1TB nvme walk. The utilisation Samsung 43' 4k TV like the monitor and have all some settings cranked on and these cries of what entirely all the chips in him. Interest the listen this thing that laughs in me when the the fire on Eternal Conviction, saying 'Is that all has taken?'. We have had a subject of small technology when the in the first place dipped the on and his support of technology had solved he less than 5 minutes! If it calls Blaze II and a name is well, his scorching fast and calm. Mina the only remorse is that the has not bought 2 of them. My edges, my granddaughter, and constantly am taking the turns that touch on that. It could not be happier with the gaming fixes!
5 / 5 Liana
So that there is incredibly disappointed.... I love this PC but a boss to be able to that comes with this terrible. It does not remain plugged in and the fall went by and has to that spend of the hours that tries colocarprpers to remain in place. Calm also need spend to plot to time to ensure some bosses a lot constantly paste some defenders (which cause was bad place hover)... They are cause like this sad there is wanted really love this pc but please be cautious when thinking to buy east.
5 / 5 Kenisha
I originally planned to build my own PC because of a prize of part and having a know as but because of the current chances have decided to take the pre-built would be faster and does not complain it at all. No never it has listened of Skytech but his excelled entirely. To the majority of people a lot typically likes them or of confidence prebuilts but this one is coming with the instructions add and parts of big final for his prize. 100 value a cost, is paying for a place of amazing work in and costs it . I can run R6S in 200 frames in ultra, minecraft with shaders on on 100 frames, and a computer has fallen in 22 seconds that comprises to upload discord and applications. THIS
4 / 5 Kelly
uses this for gaming and productivity and an occasional video that edits, this are to add and looks a lot also!! I have bought 2 of these.
5 / 5 Gustavo
Ossia Prime minister of mine gaming PC, so only recently regulate again gaming with which 6 years. Ossia The a lot of gaming PC if it does not love the to you build (the calm edifice would have to that be more economic as there is always discount in the parts and calm can choose a specs). This can manage more games in max ultra settings any question, has not seen any subjects of action while gaming.

Hot Of PC on the plot when in common games, but ossia to be expected how is the PC regulate thus prize. The storage is the bit in a low side to be sincere, likes 500GB will run out of fast installs súper the new games like these new games take on upper of the plot of storage. I wish it it could be 1TB SSD. prob Has to that buy extra storage wants to have a lot of installed games.

In general, is the good random gaming PC discovers with these specs & prizes.
4 / 5 Rosia
A computer has BETTER bought never. It runs all all my games with taxes of amazing frame. Couldnt Be happier with this product. A keyboard has the smooth creation and a system to cool is rad. Mark so only sure everything is clicked and pressed to situate before you direct it on. Has has had to that tweak the pair of part, but another concealed it.... All has smooth and fast course. Highly satisfied. Honradamente Would recommend this to all my friends. They are really happy with this lol
5 / 5 Irmgard
Utilisation this partorisca gaming and productivity and an occasional video that edits, this are partorisca add and looks very also!! I have bought 2 of these.
4 / 5 Lyndsay
Fantastic everywhere. Incredible car. I do not have any idea how is able to do the profit in a powerful hardware that it is in this PC! The good-looking looks, runs perfectly, and very calm! A keyboard comprised and the smile is surprisingly A lot WELL in my opinion. The support of technology was phenomenal. They are 100 happy with this compraventa.
4 / 5 Barbara
First global impressions are WOW. If you are in a fence roughly going pre built or calm edifice, looks no further. Clean aesthetics, functionality, etc.. It has it everything. I will be of tower the few months partorisca an up to date description. Thank you Technology of heaven!!
5 / 5 Sherly
Ossia The computer adds partorisca gaming. I do not have any subject with action, ssd could be better this in spite of. But gaming wise are adds. I can take 200+ FPS 1080p in overwatch
4 / 5 Diane
the compact computer Adds and fast! Ossia One 2nd gamer rigs and with all a zone of ventilation any precise liquid cooling. I wish a CPU fresher was a RGB version more than stealth but any complaint this are adds. Hooked Until 32” mine in 165 mark estimate very happy
4 / 5 Iona
An amazing gaming PC partorisca a prize. I have been touching on he partorisca to the long of the month now and has seen any defect with him. Has looks and amazing action partorisca surprise. It does not have any bloatware and is ready to game on out of a box. To good sure would recommend to any one looking partorisca buy it prebuilt without sacrificing action.
4 / 5 Otelia
The bought this pc so only the on done the week, has not had any questions with him anything, these games of games of the what utmost, fortnite and the COD run smooth and with big FPS so only that has looked for, THIS In spite of! In some pictures in aims of the backsides of a pc has likes 2 vga ports, when it has taken this pc The DINT HAS Any VGA ports! Or like this half of them! So only 1 hdmi covers it would do, a second would not register my second monitor. As be careful or love this pc partorisca monitors of duel but another while it is the beast
5 / 5 Tomi
This PC has the map adds and little-to-no lag. It has taken partorisca the anniversary of my edges and is very satisfied for him. We have had the little subject with a wifi adapter but when we call Skytech the support of client had fixed those small of interior. PC add, in Amazing Support of Client, 5 stars in general.
5 / 5 Maragret
This pc is surprising and was really easy to setup. It can touch more games in maxed out of the settings and comprise it rgb keyboard and mouse. If you are looking partorisca buy the gaming pc taking is one.
5 / 5 Afton
I really like this, has come included with the keyboard of rainbow and simple optical mouse. Neatly packaged, easy Instructions, spent and go. I have not had any subject with a computer or any of some peripherals that has come he with. Utilisation this computer partorisca do 3D animation and games of game with friends. It is good and calm and joy some lights. Highly pleased with a compraventa. :^ )
4 / 5 Ellen
Has received so only this PC today and am enamoured. It is coming a lot amiably packaged and well has protected. A keyboard and smiles that it comes with these very good hips. It was able to touch a lot of new games in big and ultra settings with fps on 60 fps. Highly it recommends this computer. My only complaint is that a 500gb SSD the space disappears a lot quickly with games.
4 / 5 Mariah
My sone has received this PC, has begun partorisca use it, and less than 24 hours, has listened the 'pop' and a source partorisca be able to has failed. Skytech Has said could return he partorisca the substitution, which have done. Has no rececived notifications although an old PC has been received, and still is while in a state of a substitution.
4 / 5 Honey
A PC has received is adds. In a picture there is some estacas of the mine by heart has come with dual. A keyboard and smile that come with east adds. His both have braided bosses. His keyboard and smile like this there is rgb. Also my PC was fully blacked was except a rgb. If ossia your prime minister CALM PC will not be disappointed. Thank you skytech!
4 / 5 Cristobal
The computer arrived and no properly. In 10 minutes with his support of on-line technology, was able to diagnose and solve my question! Highly recommend.
4 / 5 Rachelle
Am enamoured with this PC, can do all I need partorisca do on , current, edit appoints it! It runs like the sleep and is the value adds partorisca a prize vs calm of edifice! 10/10 it would recommend it to it.
4 / 5 Sunny
RGB Marie with key of easy control.
Powerful gaming experience.
A lot Takes multitasking.
Easy and fast setup small of interior.
The solid of State walk could be main that 500GB
But in general the good pc.
4 / 5 Tonita
awesome First computer. The easy installation is new to a pc world.
4 / 5 Stephania
Fantastic like this far. Totally it covers n game. So only follow his drives of fast start out of a box and calm will be was the some races any time. BETTER PC has not ordered never to this point.
5 / 5 Tia
Better pre has built in the phase in my opinion & has looked for several months. The build Of quality adds with closing of better prize. To good sure would recommend.
4 / 5 Perry
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4 / 5 Suzanne
Has seen, is coming with gigabyte GPU. It is for this that ordered it. Appearance my pc has come also with even gpu
5 / 5 Mora
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4 / 5 Cathryn
More pc has taken like this far. More paralización gaming and streaming, that modification
4 / 5 George
Master that.... Any complaint adds still gaming and streaming

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