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Rating: 1 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
It takes it casualidad in of the this, based in 50/50 descriptions and some far has not done directly out of one 'box' but has contacted behind and followed some low directions and work fantastically now. They would have to comprise these instructions with some far, think it could helps some descriptions, but here is, if you are having problems.

The client has wanted,
Thank you very for a subject,
A far is preprogrammed and works immediately to pose stacks in. That is to say far infrared, Please the use that has to yours roku.
If it does not act,Please reset so down:
1. Apresamiento stacks Of far control
2. It presses each button for 3 second in a far at least a (1) time to drain any residual power. This also helps to verify for buttons bonded.
3. It inserts/ it insert MARK-NEW stacks in a far and mark sure some stacks is installed properly with some few positive and negative ends in a right direction.
4. Sometimes a problem is not a far. Sometimes a problem is a television /Roku. Only it unplugs a television/Roku of a outlet to be able to and down control a button of power in a side of a television/Roku during 15 bren. Doing these drains can residual and can clear in of the odd subjects. Then it limits a television/Roku behind in and can on.

Control to see if a far now is doing.
1 / 5
I have used this product like the substitution for a Roku far which is coming with a Roku unit. I do not know why this decree to do; changing some stacks no a trick. In all the case, this far maintained to take me in Sony Crackle, which not even has like an application in my Roku. It does not import that it uses a far, moving besides that the step of the snail, and sometimes still then, issue me the Crackle Although it was in a half to do the investigation in youtube. This far is useless in me.
1 / 5
This new Roku far is TERRIBLE! In the each 4 or 5 clicks automatically take me in a Sony Crackle application. If I am in a half to look for, take me in a Sony Crackle application. If I am exploring films or sample of television, automatically take me in a Sony Crackles application, As I have imagined would sign until Crackle - then perhaps prender to do east. Nope. Maintained taking me there. As I take an application. Still he. Perhaps I can take 5 or 6 cards in my investigation before automatically take me in a Sony Crackle application. Then I have to restart that fact. I have called Roku number of the support but is has occupied always. And some descriptions have read for Roku the support said that it is terrible in all the case only would take more thwarted that already am. Cross all some parameters in any utility. At all on-line is or. As I go to return this piece of junk and uses a Roku application in mine that the telephones does not have this subject. The PROBLEM has RESOLVED!!
1 / 5
A far constantly the kick out of any one is doing and take in some screen of random application. It IS such the bummer. It IS to well sure the cheap swipe was. Included a painting in some buttons is the small has been in a side in place of centred in the each button.
1 / 5
Any COMPRAVENTA! HIS Some SWIPES have BEEN. Any one that press of subject of buttons, takes calm in a crackle application. It signals up, crackles. Netflix, crackles. House, behind the crackle. It IS very annoying, can very still finds something to look bc always takes calm in a crackle application. Any I same uses the crackle.
1 / 5
This far is programmed to take you Sony a.el Crackle application. If I am trying to look for the show in any one of some applications takes me in a Sony Crackles application everytime! Or although I am just displacement through some aims still he! Any one of my another far this and he supremely is troubling that these some marks. I have tried included download to an application likes him hopefully the decree but that does not act ...
1 / 5
The desire could give accident of zeros. Alas I didnt uses for awhile after I bought it he so that it is out of a period of the turn but he have not been values a cheap prize. If you press some buttons also hurriedly take you behind in a screen of house and then go in a Sony Crackles the page and you have to begin throughout. Waste of money
1 / 5
Everytime Calms Well of circle or in the left, takes calm in a screen to attach a Crackle canal. As you were displacement thru the films and he automatically the cradle installs '' a Crackle canal. Has thinks that that it was only me, but then each what 4 of my boys has begun to complain- quite the the doing.
1 / 5
Totally useless, accident of zeros, does not purchase this piece of sht! It think that that it was insane so that each which so little of the clicks of button take calm in Sony crackle application. There is the young and old chaplain blesses this far but still crackle has prevailed, that is to say satans far and belonging in hell.
5 / 5
I have installed my original Roku1 in my room of boys. It loses a far a same night. After days to look for left and has ordered this far in spite of some of his bad descriptions. As Declared, the works perfect with Roku 1 absolutely any difficulty. A keypad is plan in comparison in a far original but has not been a subject at all. It has had the month now.

Top Customer Reviews: RCA Streaming Media ...

Rating: 1 out of 5 with 1 ratings
1 / 5 Leanne
Junk. He no come with any instructions. He no in all the case. It goes in a landfill.