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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
5 / 5
It has done in the project in work, which has required Visual Studio . CLEANED 2002. The oldest software that quell'was hard to find, and has not wanted to pay one $ 200 or he like this the paralizaciones new. It thought it that it would give Amazon the shot, and found the copy for economic. Saved mine A$ $ .
4 / 5
Be that it looks for to teach programs it that it can take me the work. This produces no run in any current or modern computer and is thusly unseable. But it has come promptly and in good condition. I have required to be wiser roughly like MSN does not sustain the oldest products.
5 / 5
This studio is joins besides a last. Microsoft is relieving one uploads of developers to simplify the development of application has distributed that it use .CLEANED. Sure, for chance, can go in and manually write a low level WITH connectors of the interface yes prefers to have a "turn of clave" control and attributes of concrete action etc., Or can trust a built in functionality of .CLEANED and accelerate a developer of process.
Looks that with this program there is the bit of the curve of same learning for one the majority of has experienced the developers been due to some differences add. But an on-line help is dynamic and useful when takings has stuck on something.
Visual Basic is not Visual Basic now. They looked to have has renewed entirely a way VB works.
A Common tongue Runtime (CLR) the mark to create solutions to interweave a lot of some tongues have comprised with a studio. I create he the way to import 3rd party or the future LADY have has drawn tongues also. So a tongue is better in the concrete task, calm then can change his.
A half integrated developer (IDE) is meant to maximizas productivity of developer. It uses it, it has not experienced a contrary. I owe that mention that I like him to him a flexibility of working in of the web applications in .CLEANED. You can use the creation of grille like the constructor of form, or a creation of flow like the editor of web page.
There is remarked the pair of pleasant things like this far, but no the value that mentions. It takes some taking used to, but ossia certainly currency he.
5 / 5
A concept of a virtual car is at all new. A creation of .The COVERAGE would solve a lot of questions have associated with DLL and WITH. The programs there is compiled with .CLEANED is slower reason So only-In-the compiler of Time has to that recopilar a first code of an execution. Uploading the time for looks of new application to be around 2 - 4 seconds in my system(K7 700MHZ). A requirement by heart of initial execution for the very small program looks to be around 6 - 12 MB. Some drops of requirement of the memory down to 1punctual MB to the equal that minimise an application (some write of the clean memory on kicks in) A library of class is object has oriented, and all the examples are in any C or VB. If you are the C++ user , will require some time of additional learning.
One developing and debugging the half is easy to use. A debugger included to the left locates a compiled x86 code of assembler. Learning a system takes few days (very easy, but there are a lot of objects) and the programmer has experienced can be productive the week.
5 / 5
Has been using Visual Studio for the long time (VB for 10 years, VC++ for 5 years). Ossia A better still. Sure, one .The CLEAN program is slow in taking was, but is the improvement Of ENTITY and will take the moment. A new IDE is used by ALL SOME TONGUES and is fantastic. Some tools to debug is an order of the better magnitude. An on-line documentation is essential (the mark takes load a whole thing, calm usually will require). Included a IntelliSense is improved. For VB along-timers, this version is probably the main improvement that a lot another, comprising some transitions of 16-to-32-has bitten and of interpreted to compiled. The productivity of software is almost sure to explored -- once takes on. A hype is real, but will take time. Ossia That has been like before a Web has taken was -- some people in a knowledge so only " it has known" it would spend, it is so only the subject of time. Be in a front of a wave.
5 / 5
Been using of then beta 2, and a final version is everything has there is not wanted never. It was the forward ASP script kiddie, but because of an exceptional object-oriented , and included better C, can now Web applications of code like the esal' developer. I can see programmers of Windows that asks, 'Attended, bad has not gone always done that way?'
Has some smaller annoyances, like a fact that will not use Intellisense when I write well of code in a page (going in CUPS, the code-for behind the file is not necessary for three lines of code). It is also a lot terribly dipping of idiot test on far debugging.
A thing more mine of order is this manager of SQL Server of the company is, in the @@subject to speak, integrated to a half, like this calm is not alt-tabing to see that a heck your DB looks.
Hate a been developer of Web, need this.
4 / 5
Like him java developer, the one who has taken the little curious, has wanted to see the one who Visual (professional edition) offered to the developer. During installation, one first what that there is remarked is one 2 disk of action spaces that a professional edition requires. After an installation, I test has driven a IDE and has to that admit that I have not been disappointed with Visual Studio .CLEANED. Here it is reason.
A lot of-Integrated IDE: -
Ossia for far a continuazione of plus of tongues of Microsoft and tools. It contains a new Visual Basic .CLEANED, which is totally object oriented and also Visual C . CLEANED that has found easy to use. A ASP .CLEANED has taken really my vote in like this easy was to create asps. One Visual Studio .CLEANED resupply thousands of .Classes of CLEAN frame that do the life of easy and simple developer.
A similarity to a J2EE the frame indicates that that one .The CLEAN frame has some capacities to rid applications of the object of company has oriented. A downside is that, Windows .Windows and servers cleaned the operating systems are comprised automatically to some means of application. This half can not be wished in all the circumstances.
Web services: -
the web services of XML are built on XML, SOAP, WSDL, and UDDI specifications and can be built or eaten by your application without that has to that write a code to plumb calm. Some tools he for you. All have has had to that it was to define my function that loves exposed like the web service and was still to deploy automatically for me. It likes that in a IDE.
User and interfaces of utmost Documentation: -
Microsoft of Confidences the woo calms with good looks. An interface of user is very intuitive and limiting my manual of reference lookups. Included when I have required help, all have has had to that was opened on my window of the help and I have had accesses to the context helps sensitive all a time. Microsoft has done the work a lot very there.
Unfulfilled Desires :-
Built-in UML @@@modeling. Any architecture is complete without models. CROWN Visio 2002 integration is done available but does not have the copy of this installed to see has synchrony of code with some models. I think that not resupplying this characteristic severely limits an use that IDE of election for applications of company.
Another characteristic conspicuous for his absence is the built-in mark of unit that tries automated, something resembled JUnit frame to try.
Finally, thinks that that ossia the very powerful IDE and is a lot the friendly developer. So that it is opened to any technology, Windows .Microsoft And servers CLEANED Visual Studio .CLEANED is to good sure the feasible option.
5 / 5
My excuses to President Mao, but has been that uses a version of beta of still several weeks now, and his advances are impressive. For VB programmers, has the new, fully version to object oriented of a tongue that stands in some equal footing with C. For C++ programmers, has C, which combines a power of C with a RAD characteristic of VB. Really it is possible to attack out of the application of Windows in the morning! Finally, for Java programmers those who are quell'has bitten frustrated with a quirks of this tongue, C is the Java clone that is easy to learn, this has the majority of a power that Java has to that the left was, and this has the really spectacular IDE. Has no raved roughly anything of VB3, but are raving in of the this.
5 / 5
Is serious on development of Windows, ossia definetly the soyust has'
A IDE has been vastly improved in Visual Studio 6, and is shared among all the tongues. And that speaks in tongues: more than fifty different tongues are ported to .CLEANED, likes Python and Perl. Visual comes with C the new tongue developed for microsoft that would have to do any C or C++ Developer feel house.

Top Customer Reviews: Serif WebPlus ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
While I will not classify to like the developer of professional web, has been writing programs of computers partorisca 30 years, and has built and has maintained many plants web (goes (...)) On some years. A prime minister two has been developed with html, javascript and php, using editors of simple text like wordpad. A last an I has built partorisca use Web More X4 in the subject of perhaps 10 hours of work. Have After experiencing X5 and slowly partorisca redo a web of place. My others two web of places has taken literally hundreds of hours partorisca build and has been maintained and modified in a past 4more years again taking more than 100 hours. Of course, one could very roughly of some things as PHP with X4 or a lot another Webplus produced, but this software is REALLY EASY to use, and can have the habit partorisca do a place the excellent web so only limited for your imagination. A fellow recommended this mine goes , has used one of some personnel. I have built dannyhouse of scratch. I know it is very simple, but is in fact a way loves it to be. He a lot of years I dabbled in Dreamweaver, and supposes today is the better product . But Webplus is Much easier to use, and second that it can see leave the majority of a same functionality. And it is Much more economic also! If calm really wants to build the web of place and there is shied out of him because it thinks that that it is too difficult, taking Webplus. Incredibly easy to use and very versatile, produced of the software ADDS!
4 / 5
The program is good and is good to use, see it like this
Dreamweaver and Frontpage has had the boy would be this .
Thats Add but the page forward was always a very looking girl
while that the weaver of sleep was an ugly loan a.
Inferior line this boils down to this looks it would be
easy, but his no.

Pro: Look well and feel, that says it will do.

At all is clear in this program has the curve to learn of good measure
which is exacerbated for a fact some versions do not come with the book,
but PDF and on-line support. But some come with the book and is more economic.
Has paid for mine any book, but could have spend and has taken a\
a book ( finds this was after his arrival).
A marketing sucks has like this headed saying at all is clear.
Crappy Personal And a lack there-of faeces give this he 4.
The personnel would have done this that súper star and he 5 still with defects.
His web of place still is not to update and any personnel to use there neither.

On view:
gave it to 4 star because it is good and calm once learn regarding the use.
Master. He dictate it east to use, thats true, ONCE... You learn where hide everything. Simply finding where a HTML is excepts taken that goes partorisca sustain.
Something this simple would have to that be clear as it bell.
Thinks sound a better there partorisca his simplicity.

This goes partorisca be the report of hate of the amour with this company.
Listens version 5 is exiting. The More be very better then 4
or you wont see the penny of me :-)
5 / 5

This product has been a tool of the edifice of the easiest website thinks that has found. I have been by means of the little, has not comprised like partorisca use Dreamweaver, or Frontpage, and a lot really have a time. I in fact laws in a web of place my time to spare partorisca the subject small of my family, but finds it quickly and easy to use and update when I do.
First of all, my thing preferred in this product, is as to plot of one modifying and the creation of pages is to a large extent based in the the program of Office of the Microsoft likes him to him the word or The Editor.
Has a lot of video of Youtube posted for Serif partorisca instructions, support of technology, and updates partorisca fix any bugs.
Also can actuate to plot of the tools of Google likes him Analytics, Webmaster Tools, Maps etc.,
Inferior Line, am satisfied extremely with this product, thinks that can escape with touching more. It has not used an option of e-commerce still, has read this in spite of other descriptions that read them adds.
A suggestion, is more personal that begin, and partorisca do a code according to easier partorisca he crawler partorisca read, which help with classifiche of researcher.
4 / 5
My woman and I have used this software a last week partorisca do two very professional-looking web of places, a partorisca his subject of agriculture familiarised, and a pleasure a ePorfolio on its own name. With which so only the few hours have had our web of places that that the look to the equal that has has wanted to him to knots. All has said that our web of places has required perhaps 6 hours partorisca do each that like this partorisca swim created and any when being pas familiar with a software at all, the fully of operational websites, complete with link to papers, album of photo embedded, etc.

Some the only subjects have had with era:
1. My woman has not looked partorisca like a software partorisca blog tool a program has had.

2. A 'free hosting' the offer does not have to that the good instructions regarding the actuate. A trick is one 'coupon that pay' is a Tone of Software, but does not say that anywhere in some instructions or walkthrough in hosting. I have had to call support of technology partorisca find this was.

Averts these two smaller things, the law adds.
4 / 5
Has received this in a topmast in 5pm, has had the new website up for 8pm. It did not take me three hours.. But when it was able to seat and take the look in him, was able to take the a lot of looking the on-line website quickly. I have used one of some personnel, has changed the few things around and has shot my 'quite well for now' put web up. Webplus Also host a web of place partorisca 18 month. This is to estimate easily in $ 90, not comprising other tools can add, likes carts of compraventas and blogs. I am sold in this sure product.
My only negative, and a reason has given so only 4 stars, expected partorisca see more personal. Had so only the little this was full colour and quite awesome.. A rest classifies looked of generic, run of a strawberry. With time and imagination, calm could do him add are sure. There is to plot partorisca learn in this designer of web, I cant expects to take full goodness of him.
[...]This was a place has built with webplus. YAY!
5 / 5
I the test on 4 webdesign produced. It has taken a version of test of the each one and looked in that I could do and that easily the things could be modified. My final election was go in Xara and Serif has produced. I have been with WebPlus reason felt a product has done more partorisca me. I also some programming in other tongues and WebPlus leave you partorisca modify some things with code. Had the little bit of the curve partorisca learn with this product, but has found to plot of Video on Youtube that explains like this partorisca take utmost results. I have it quell'has used now a product partorisca the few months and I so only love it. I owe that fact partorisca order a new upgrade WebPlus 5 by means of Serif. So only it wants to say precise to register a product, which unlock some material plus. An only question has been he has had to call and to the left try them sell you something more. This in spite of, after taking used to a product, loves that.
4 / 5
With webplus, any precise to concern roughly programming calm skills so many can direct more in a content of a page. Has the easy way to create your own personnel(master page) like him easier that add pages to your place with a same creation any time. Serif Also has the service of client adds in facebook. I have read other users that the registration has to that be in the call, but yes calm the questions, can register on-line without any question. I love some few capacities of software like this the esees has ordered so only a x5 version of him. I recommend to install that of the patches of update some first uses to time partorisca do better. An only thing the a lot of liked is that using loans of user partorisca register your web page is done in a serif web page somehow, but concealed is not a bad thing. A fact is that when the registers of user, receive the saying of message is using serif resorted of web, which is not well is planning selling some web of places. A good thing is that you can create zones of special texts that can be modified for your clients, likes informative, offered , etc, without having a software via serif resorted of web.
4 / 5
There is at all experience of web of place, but after reading descriptions of this product and lucking on has taken extracted he of repayment adds on Amazon, shabby WebPlusX4. That a awesome has produced. His instructions are wonderful, a tutorials is wonderful, and some tips comprise especially - in the researchers is priceless. For real it gives a professional nitty gritty partorisca do with, and one gives total support the perfect street partorisca create professional looking and plants acting web. I do not think you it can go wrong with this software- look for having thought of everything! Calm does not have to that learn all his bells and whistles partorisca create the place adds with some personnel of place resupplies, but has a lot of level can master and create in - in your leisure. I can not recommend this product enough!
5 / 5
Web More x4 is the practical application he to plot so that paid, is very constant, answer and an on-line and in the support of container is well. Yes it is necessary more work concealed on is reasons called More x4, to good sure will have More x5 and like this on in a future, the applications develop and this one will be any exception . Attended the things add people, is taking note of the each commentary here and elsewhere.

Like the user of technology of computer in fact a lot of years have seen now program come and go, the little stay and a lot of levels of result in an industry so that it is drawn. There is each one casualidad that these products can be one this sticks around partorisca a long term. It can do that it announces and ossia a tarpaulin in the world-wide laden with steam ware and wiffle. Some main containers in creation of place of the web cost the fortune and some vendors pocolos partorisca do them useable so that they require put of production or fast web of document. A whole point of technology is leverage in taking the things done or those who he require it?

Has the figure concealed is not sustained, as it says them roughly that! Any company of software go partorisca ignore, over time a lot wish it will look, perhaps a lot all, but the majority is a lot enough. There is need partorisca software partorisca be able to partner with other providers of component and providers; creation of the place of the web is perhaps a zone where ossia vital more besides. I have used the Alpha of system of software of database Five partorisca the years is now SQL and conscious web savvy, as it goes development of the once the SYSTEM of PC has based to the plus has generalised WWW generation, More than the web is any exception , more and more the companies are resulting partners in fact in permitting functionalities partorisca operate inside the each one another is program . Any all returns at the beginning, the descriptions and the commentaries send the messages to that create software partorisca leave crossover and has sawed operation in some works of software of the way. I feign, in time, partorisca see if a two on systems can be done partorisca do near, if I any dipped on commentaries in his blogs partorisca see if another has ideas and like this on. The users have the authorship to do the one who can you he then asks another and some providers partorisca help. In my solutions partorisca experience evolve and all move in the better functionality. Web More x4 is the typical product that that he efficiently; it will evolve to the things more are.

So that it found it far easy to use but is not trivial in some laws of way or the one who offered. I need to learn that partorisca the touch, there is a lot can do already. Like this far I have still partorisca require things that can the a lot , when this step will leave him know.

Need of the places of working web this software will do it, if the precise good-looking arts and the technology will do a lot concealed is flashy but a lot everything. So that they require some extras any attended partorisca a next version or learn a software of paid or upper final on partorisca some programmers. Has the estimativa and of the elements two and three in this cast is any judge of start partorisca me. There is an aim it trite and is this roughly put of web, so that the time is squandered on technology when the good place foreseen on paper with some right papers and the good writing with significant map want to every time. This KISS of old aphorism maintains it simple stupid works partorisca me, I web of hate plants that is proscribe to cruised and is all but irrelevant and/or without sense in content.
Web More x4 will drive you, as have, partorisca create places of functional web.

Is early days partorisca me but I expect sucedido partorisca this software partorisca his and me. A lot he no partorisca they.
5 / 5
Has had has not developed never the web page in my life. With a WebPlus X4 software, was partorisca arrive and that careers any time. I have had two or three versions of a place have created on, published and that careers in the subject of the pair of days. A support of Serif is excellent, going back to my questions of email in the subject of minutes. Have At all but good things partorisca say in this product. If it would like me to you he sees an example of novice that can be done with this software, can verify out of my place in [...]. They are sure in some hands of some real maps or designers of web or student, much more can be done. The start adds partorisca me this in spite of!

Top Customer Reviews: Windows Server 2016 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
4 / 5
Good product and produced of need of genuine part of coverage key that lines like the entrance of good lottery
Spent again vendor Global Coverage Unlimited Hn
Thank you
4 / 5
Upgraded one of our servers of 2012 to 2016. Fact perfectly.
4 / 5
Ossia legit, was able to burst a disk in my server and BAM 1 2 3 I has taken server of windows 2016!

Top Customer Reviews: Microsoft Visual ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
Inferior line: the law of software adds, but give yearn the installation wants to do the complete security upgrade of the website of Microsoft. Installation of Visual Studion 2008 Professional version of the experience of disk has been well, has had any one other versions on PC that Dressed of careers. This in spite of, upgrading to a band of the service later was a murderous of incredible time . Slowly long at least 3 hours, master fully upgrade your software that use the updates of security later of Microsoft of his web of place. Also, a later documentation that accompanies a band of service has to that be downloaded for separate.
4 / 5
This version has been purchased like a upgrade of a version was dated in our office. Easily installed, easily navigated, well value some endeavours.
5 / 5
All of our development in Visual Studio, of simple desk applications to web applications of full stairs. We coach our personnel in his use, and purchase additional copies regularly.
5 / 5
The gentleman has wanted,

there are them so only has received so only a pacakge, and installed quell'on my car. It appears to be doing well.


4 / 5
Visual Studio 2008 is a later version of Visual Studio. I study it visual is Microsoft primary IDE. It can have the habit to develop applications of consoles, applications of interface of Graphic user, put of web, web applications, and web services in both native code as well as the code focused for all the program sustained for Microsoft. It contains four products of Microsoft of Visual entities C++, Microsoft Visual C, Microsoft Visual Basic, and Developer of Microsoft of Visual Web. This in spite of, is possible to integrate additional products like IronPython and IronRuby. I have integrated Studio of Robotics of the Microsoft and a CCR (Concurrency and Coordinamento Runtime) libraries with my Visual Studio 2005 and Visual Studio 2008 (I Visual Studio also enhanced 2005 to download . Cleaned 3.5).

Among some enhancements of entities to Visual Studio 2008 (as compared to Visual Studio 2005) is one .I mark CLEANED 3.5, WPF, WCF, WWF, LINQ, and some extensions of tongue in C 3.0. One . Cleaned 3.5/3.0 is really an element that resupplies the majority of these other components and Studio 2008 support resupplied and IDE. Partorisca Are some few extensions of tongue in C 3.0, for example, LINQ, and a more concise syntax to take expressions of lambda to do these imports a plus (the new '=>' operator). WCF (Foundation of Communications of the Windows) is the frame to program adds new that has the habit of applications to build that inter-communicate. This in spite of, are using CCR instead thus purpose. A CCR primitives is very easy to use and add for fines-threaded applications with, for example, autonomous agents. As I comprise CCR is planned to be comprised with Visual Studio 2010/2011 but can begin use a CCR library now with Visual Studio 2005/2008.

Visual studio 2008 Professional is to pointed of the Professionals (engineers of software, companies small developer, etc.). If you are the student or the hobbyist has to that you instead down upload a four expresses editions of some products that takes you for free. This in spite of, for the serious programmers are not enough. A four expresses the editions are Visual Basic expresses, Visual C++ Expresses, Visual C Expresses, and the developer of Visual Web Expresses. I will dip link he for some free downloads in the commentary that will add later, and also will give link for free . Cleaned 3.5 download and CCR/DSS.

Has to that be remarked that one Expresses the editions have reduced significantly functionalities. So only they comprise the together small of tools, and libraries. There is not any support of far database for designer of data, any extensibility, any designers of class and many other tools, any integration of SQL Server of the Microsoft, any support for discharge-ins. x64 I compilers are not available for a Visual Studio expresses edition and there is so only the small plus expresses edition of MSDN. Missing C++ has related the elements are, for example: C++ Name undecorator, Spy++, ATL trace, MASM, Visual C++ spiegamento of Tool of Web, Browser of Server, any one creates GUID tool, CRT debugs library, CRT code of source, ATL, MFC, OpenMP, C++ library of Support, etc. Of course Visual C and Visual Basic is also scaled down. An edition regulates a bit has reduced functionality and is aimed to rich and serious students/hobbyists and poor professionals.

At present have Visual Studio 6.0, Visual Studio 2003, Visual Studio 2005, and Visual Studio 2008 in my computer. I am using mostly Visual C++ and Visual C, and in of the Developer of scarce occasions of Visual Web. For this reason thinks that it can contribute some information regarding a difficulty has related the upgrading.

Has not gone too difficult to convert Visual Studio 2005 C++/C code to Visual Studio 2008 C++/C code and some transmissions of interface of Visual Studio 2005 and Visual Studio 2008 was smaller that simple improvements and aggregated community components, which was at all to cry roughly. When I Have been of Visual Studio 6.0 to Visual Studio 2003 and then to Visual Studio 2005, has had the plot of transmissions of interface to take used to and some of my favourite tools were no longer available (wizard of class), and some extensions of the file of the project was also different. Some of some projects have done on has had also of the questions with errors of syntax that has looked so only after a conversion.

When I have converted the half sized Visual C++ project (65,000 lines) of Visual Studio 2003 to Visual Studio 2005 I has taken 500 errors more than syntax been due to transmissions in of the variables (of wrong to correct) and because of transmissions in that class of statements is remained (of wrong to correct). We have had also questions with errors partorisca time run that has looked so only with which conversion of Visual Studio 6.0 to Visual Studio 2003. A reason was that Visual Studio 6.0 executables often was able to execute bad code, like the functions that return indicadoras the stack variable. A question was Studio really Visual 6.0 Visual Studio 2003/2005, but when you converted of Visual Studio 6.0 to Visual Studio 2003 a bad code has on taken with you. Goofy The settings of project could neither have converted. It was the plot to do to clean this up.

When I have converted a half same sized Visual C++ project has mentioned on Visual 2005 C++ the Visual 2008 C++ I has taken any errors of the syntax and he have run well a first time. When I have converted the very main application that contains several projects with mostly C code but has directed also C++ code that libraries to link dynamics uploaded has built to use some-concentrated Visual 6.0 C++ code, has built and has run the free question instantly. One Visual Studio 2008 Wizard of Conversion is also well. This in spite of, has had the small gotcha. If you are doing an off-line conversion (without accessing the management of control of the configuration) and answered yes, to a question that wants to have some files of project have done writable, then this can in fact not spending, with a result that a conversion fails. One the fault to change a bed-the only state of some files of project is spent so only for some projects that contains both focused and a-has directed C++ code (in the mostly Visual C application). It has not been if this was the coincidence , or if I goofed.

So that it looks a conversion of Visual Studio 2005 to Visual Studio 2008 is much less painful then the leading conversions have used to be. This in spite of, convert the Visual Studio 6.0 project to the Visual Studio 2008 calm project then could have all some subjects have mentioned on like this when converting to Visual Studio 2003 and Visual Studio 2005. This in spite of, this does not mean that Visual Studio 2005 and Visual Studio 2008 is looked. There is the plot of new components and a lot of gains that is to be add to Visual Studio 2008.

Has mentioned already some extensions of tongue in C 3.0 (as compared to C 2.0), for example, LINQ (querying database) which leave you to build the surgery written strongly expressions. Personally they are while C in timing enough substitute so much C++ and Java. Another component I already mentioned is Foundation of Presentation of the Windows (WPF); the new AM YACIDO toolkit concealed to leave you to build extremely interactive and means comunicacionales-the advance refinado rich (2nd and 3D maps and animations) partorisca desks applications (and web applications). A WPF the designer also resupplies view to break and snap lines to vary controls and text. Foundation comunicacional of the Windows the one who calm leave you to the build has has distributed applications (but is using CCR instead). WWF CALMS leave to define, executes and monitor workflows to process of business complex model, IntelliSense is significantly state improved and now sustains JScript authoring and AJAX scripting. There is the Wizard of Report, the extension of designer of the class partorisca unmanaged code, improvements of Browsers of the Object, and MSBuild recognise when the system has multiple processors and uses all some available processors to reduce a time of build.

Would owe that add that I have bought two copies of Visual Studio 2005 Professional with MSDN of Amazon (in fact my woman ) and was happy with a prize and a delivery. This in spite of, have not taken my Visual Studio 2008 of Amazon. As they are result more familiarised with Visual Studio 2008 and obtain additional experience to use probably will modify or add to this description.
5 / 5
Ossia Like this well likes to take. If you are to the software that develops and write applications for some Windows YOU then ossia the must .
Are by train of the take The star for any come with a system of version of integrated control and the professional dotfuscator edition. Any reason is not labeled like such (this comes with dotfuscator community edition) but for this money has been expecting more.

Any way, the life of an a lot of easier developer with tools like refractoring and intellisense and comes with the 64-bit (x64) compiler also.
5 / 5
Has been using studio of Microsoft Visual 2008 Professional for roughly 2 month. His IDE the works add partorisca to to the multiple tongues Like C++, C and Visual Basic. A IntelliSense a lot improves coding and productivity when creating Applications. A automagic frames of the alignment of the controls forms to modify and drawing visually easier. Besides, there is the vast wealth of on-line help, the contained and the samples of code to help create new software.
5 / 5
Microsoft Does again!

This product is a lot of value of the money, of course can wants to expect the few years to buy it, the attended until some starts of next version. These produced offers the wide zone of programming languages and appearances that offered of basic C, all a way until a creation big web! Personally it uses this program for creation of web of place, but of course my spare time, I fool around with working with some small applications here and there. If you are considering to start with the career to program that builds small applications and dispersing them was the people AKA Open source, or still develope applications for your business to use, yes result tired to use any elses programs! These produced is a lot of value he, but beware try out of a version to try in the first place, before the stuffing was almost $ !

-Thank you
John C.

Microsoft Studies Visual 2008 Professional
4 / 5
OH! Soyicrosoft, More than a better?' The one who partorisca, in all the chance? These bozeaus (pardon my French) would do anything to ray out of another buck, that comprises - that subjects specifically the 'visual basic' that is not backward compatible. I have bought VB 2008 reason Microsoft, in his can almost infinite, has decided that Windows 7 would not sustain of the products of Microsoft older likes VB6. (My motherboard died like this has had to them take W7). VB 2008 Proudly has announced that would take several minutes to several hours to convert my VB6 project... It has taken 45 minutes, and is not the very big project. A VB6 the project compiled and has run. A VB 2008 project has announced that has had 102 fatal errors. HAS no to DIP THEM THERE. VB 2008 DID. It CONCEALED it Is not MY IDEA OF COMPATIBILITY. OSSIA MI IDEA OF SLOPPY WORK. OSSIA ALSO MY IDEA OF MICROSOFT - SLOPPY WORK.

At present am converting all my VB6 program the Delphi. I can not say the one who the Microsoft of desire would do, reason the amazon will not publish it has done . This in spite of, if his , could learn the few new words. Write your Senator! It nationalises Microsoft!
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The students can take a plenary Not Expressing editions for free, directed of Microsoft.

There is reside in the country given lean and be the student in a university has believed.

This is not the description of this product, but the note the students that has thinks that that they would have to know roughly.

Top Customer Reviews: SQL Server ...

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They are the developer /of web of place of the applications , when calm that the class of labour testing is roughly 50 of a work, ossia when edition of Developer of the SQL among handy. Microsoft At least thought of us (developers) and has this product in the good prize (compared with a version of full company). Ossia The full product , comes with all could require.

Now, maintains to import that ossia the edition of developers , which means that it calms that can use on your car of developer, but, once a web of place/of application is done, your needs of client to have his licence of SQL own Server, can not use this a pleasure the licence of production.
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SQL Server Is the system of the database adds everything for him. A 2014 version has new characteristics and long functionality. An Edition of Developer comprises all SQL Server 2014 characteristic of Company, but is authorised for development, testing, and use of demonstration so only. Thank you, Microsoft, for having a forecast to see that the developers require the version of low cost of an Edition of Company.
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Like the developer of web of place, has required the copy of SQL only Server to try my first work of the load to the server of production. Are wanted to to find this plenary-the alike version of SQL Server for $ 50 — although it sees that a prize in the amazon there is tripled has bought of my copy.
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It has been it adds for his time.
Some later versions have Edition of Developer (almost identical the Company) downloadable for free.
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It is a lot well, but not doing on Window 10. It can be he is Window 10 question.
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Really I need the description? You know that it is. All the functionality of Edition of Company for the very reasonable prize. I add to learn and development.
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Need of dresses of developers in the fraction of a cost of full product. These looks to be one of a bit those that Microsoft of the produced still promotes to developpers. Perhaps reason the oracle gives there has was free.
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Yes. Upgraded Of a SQL tried and has tried 2005 Server and I has not been disappointed. Microsoft Of good Work.
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I have taken this to run give and projects lateralmente in mine portable. The edition of calm developer of the all some to the same characteristic likes them to them the edition of company.
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With this CD has potential of SQL developing Server in any of his incarnations in SSDE, SSRS, SSIS, and SSAS, in home while precise adds time the working hours. Many thanks to Microsoft to give this occasion. An installation is perfectly be on both of my desk and portable the.
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Was adds for his time.
Some later versions have Edition of Developer (almost identical the Company) downloadable for free.
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Is a lot well, but not doing on Window 10. It can be he is Window 10 question.
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Suitable need of developers in the fraction of a cost of full product. These looks to be one of a bit those that Microsoft of the produced still promotes to developpers. Perhaps reason the oracle gives there has was free.
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Really need the description? You know that it is. All the functionality of Edition of Company for the very reasonable prize. I add to learn and development.
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He. Upgraded Of a SQL tried and has tried 2005 Server and I has not been disappointed. Microsoft Of good Work.
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shrug Is sql server. I have bought this before I have known a university has on signed partorisca has had already dreamspark (the meaning could download program a lot of, like this, for free and legitimately).

Top Customer Reviews: SQL Server ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
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If you are in a phase to purchse Edition of Developer of the SQL Server, probably already know all roughly that. But in calm chance any, here is download it of authorship: THIS has not AUTHORISED PARTORISCA COMMERCIAL USE. If I need a SQL backend partorisca yours application of iPhone new, goes partorisca require a version more type.

This has said, this software will do essentially all a full version , and cost roughly 2 of a prize. So you are looking partorisca practise using server of SQL, or wants to try a viability of an idea there is before committing to a commercial level, ossia the compraventa adds for you. It is also a lot of calm so only wants to maintain clue of your costs of house.

Gives 4 stars because SQL Servers does not touch well with another, and has an older version of SQL Server in your register to somewhere, this program will launch the tantrum that prevents calm to connect to a database has created so only. I need to do the plenary uninstall of all the servers of leading SQL before this will run effectively.
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The commercial database can run 30 - 50 dollars of thousand for the alone installation. Ossia Far besides my row of prize so only to try was some characteristic new of some later database. Felizmente, can try out of my creations of interface and experiences of databases in the Database of Microsoft is appeared fill modern for a cost of ten Starbucks caffè.

Has been interfacing my software to Base for 17 years now and I needs to maintain up with some later characteristics. This container will leave me to try them on local and far cars before I recommend them to the client or has to that spend all my time in his place experimenting with YACE types of data or trying out of my special version to draw of the variety inside the procedure has stored.
Thank you Microsoft, has required really this partorisca to learn like this to dip ready on your new creation.
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Has taken the moment for Microsoft to resupply some things that seperate some men of some boys when it comes to sustain to program of the database (for example Sql the do fault there is not structured the exception that mangos until version 2005)

But of then has had finally that would consider real competition vs. The half to program of the oracle (although like the programmer of database of the career, I still enough the half of Oracle of use).

50 Bucks For this tool is a lot of value he to learn, although I create the oracle still resupplies free download for _his_ database 'Developers' version...
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Ossia An essential tool for any messing with SQL Server; any version, any only 2012. This has all some tools a would require to develop the SQL Server has based application. It leaves the user to build and objects of SQL of the test, works, SSIS, Reports or code in the sure way that it pode mimic a half alive real. The utilisation to the build/tries new applications in my first local car of emotional to a server of real test in a half of local coverage.

A lot of value an economic prize.
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Has purchased this product for an on-line university class and also reason have had upgraded my laptop the Windows 8 and has loved a newer version of this application. The prize is right and was very pleased with an installation. In of the leading versions, has to know the one who some configurations are and dip his correctly or does not operate. This one configures behind some scenes and accesses much more closely with discharge and game. While it takes the moment to upload, once loaded is ready to use.
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Wants to learn SQL Server and ossia a better $ will not spend never. If you know at all roughly SQL Server then is more the paralización backs up with that-to reserve. In my investigation to learn, has looked for to use SQL Expresses originally, was free and does not give you a learning experiences an edition of the developer done. An edition of developer has edition of just company the learning adds can not comprise reason is such the secret . If calm for real wants to learn the software of SQL Server is your better bet .
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Are the take old geezer to the to the one who still likes to maintain his hand in a developer of sand and his alcohol out of a boat of pickle. I many plants web for several no-profits and use SQL Server and especially SSMS in a development.

If your half is SQL Server you can not beat an edition of developer for a prize.

So only with this that SSMS will not direct SQL 4.0 base, which uses in two of some plants the web develops. These tasks/of the export of the import would go in quite handy.
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Has been the SQL professional Server DBA of then 2001, and have a lot of state impressed of some incremental improvements of SQL 2000 to 2005, then 2005 to 2008 (and R2), then of 2008 to 2012.

Am not happy with some of some transmissions to Studio of Management (tabs that can 'rasgado was' is not like this useful or convenient as older MDI option), but an engine and T-the enhancements of SQL are all solid and many are directly useful.
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A upgrade has been smoothly. Any question and I likes him that there is do not change dramatic to a UI. If you are comfortable with 2005 or 2008, 2012 will be easy to upgrade and use. 2012 Has some characteristic good informative that am learning, but a UI is resembled 2008. Well a upgrade.
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Like the Partner of Microsoft can take this by means of them, but would cost more and would not ship he for free for two days. Ossia A version of developer of the DVD as it can not have the habit to run the subject, is for developer to use so only... Has has limited users.

Thank you Amazon to take it to fast and economic like all more!