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Top Customer Reviews: Renogy 700W 12V ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 55 ratings
4 / 5
This description is partorisca one 3000 Pure watt Sine Wave inverter for Renogy.

One first unit has has received failures of the earth of nuisance has had. A inverter would be announces the pocolos small and then has closed was with any orange 'GF' light illuminated. They are 100 insurance has had any failures of earth because all of the mine inverters active GF protect and SO ONLY this one the particular unit there has been this question while installed in a same configuration esatta with a same crew.

Has tried emailing Renogy support of technology. Any response. I have tried posting in his forum of support. Any response. I called him.
After the time of long control said to the his email the video of a light orange come on (?) There is boxed a unit he on and is returned the Amazon partorisca substitution. Unit of the substitution received and installed the exactly like a forward a... And I adds!

A unit of substitution has been doing A lot WELL. It is calm, some defenders seldom come on, runs fresh, and here is a better part: it Is The ONLY INVERTER HAS has not POSSESSED NEVER THAT it BEGIN And RUNS MY A lot of BOMB. Included he 4000/8000 watt Kreiger the unit there is wont that. This unit he without complaining, and some partidrios a lot included kicks on, although our bomb not having a lot of cycles of career of the time.

Is so only be the few weeks, this in spite of if this inverter short to the to the few years like to of him has been I will be pleased.

A defect of the drawing of this unit is that a terminal partorisca a hardwire is unsuitable partorisca a measure of copper boss 3000 watts could use. It can accept 14 boss without question, 12 is difficult, 10 is not possible.

Exactly 30 days with which have sent my email of support of original technology the Renogy has received this response:

Of: techsupport
has Sent: Wednesday, April 17, 2019 7:19 I ARE
To:(my email address deprived)
Subject: Rey: Subject with Renogy 3000 watt PSW inverter -

would like me excusarse in behalf of Renogy, there is remarked of the your email has been unanswered, has Been the assistance has required still?

That.... His definition of upport of technology' is partorisca expect 30 days, and then ask yes calms still have a question. If it have said yes, your produced still does not act, so only repeat this phase until some careers of clock am gone in a guarantee?

First produced: bad.

According to product: well.

Supports of technology: 100 ABSENTEE.

In the chance asked: a description has said that that comes with 4AWG bosses in some maps, and a text has said the ANY ONE has COMPRISED BOSSES. So only partorisca clear, one 3000 model of the watt does not come with bosses. 3000 watts would require two insiemi of 4AWG bosses, does not create a place of 0AWG would be pertinent you planned partorisca use this inverter next is has estimated described . So slowly in this extra cost when purchasing this inverter (two pairs of 4AWG bosses). It maintain a boss run like short like possible. Down 3 feet, 2 feet would be better.
3 / 5
It looks partorisca have abundance to be able to partorisca refrigerator and microwave. GFCI Is quell'has bitten too sensitive in a hardwire terminal. It looks partorisca trip partorisca any reason. Resets Quite easy but still, the hope can maintain a cold alimentary while we are sleeping. Like this ossia our prime minister inverter, any really know that to expect but the suspect this can be defective. Taken the installed today and has to that reset the little time already.
The UPDATE so only tripped once in three days. I have had the bad outlet that, once substituted, the multiple that travel the subject has gone. Like this far his summer that does quite well. It buys it again.
3 / 5
This is not a Renogy the model with being able to excepts way. A model with being able saves is in $ 700. The amazon has done the big error in a description of product. If it look for a Renogy the web of place will discover an error. No SHABBY Is One has REQUIRED the POWER SAVES WAY!
1 / 5
In the first place one was DONA in a box, the failure was hardly was turned on. According to a failure was after running the 10 amp uploads partorisca 5 minutes, reset, then go back on partorisca another 5 min. This has run was 3 100 Ah battery in parallel.
Third looks of units partorisca be that it does well for now, so only have a weekend on that. Support of the technology of this company is horrible. It takes him several days partorisca answer and I then takes the ' is by train partorisca do you the courtesy' statement when I have asked in the part of the substitution partorisca another component has bought they. It has had it it has not had already an integer Renogy solar and inverter the installed system would have sent it all behind and has gone with another mark.
Update: one 3rd one has failed with which 2 weeks. It has given up in a Renogy unit and has ordered another mark.
1 / 5
This look of element adds. A casing is very attractive. Unfortunately, it have died on arrival. Returned partorisca the repayment.
2 / 5
It was surprised really, but when I have tried to try he - the directed the rebooting each pocolos second.
The support was terrible. It is it is returned so only a next day.
4 / 5
Tried out of a inverter and is doing well with the 5 amp hammer. The multimeter has said a inverter draws amps when powered on without cariche. Hopefully Continuous be to unit long durable!
5 / 5
It asks a lot well of crew. Works well out of a box. Using he in the far location, highland cabin in Snowy has seen. Amado a Pure Sine Wave 110 has beaten so would have any subject with any electronic crew be able to us. Like an option to directly wires he to a system yes loves attractive more than 9 amps which have done in my cabin. Running two 315 Watt solar poster and two big 12VDC Group 31 Solar battery. I will add at least two more 12VDC would beat my grille. Using the Renology controller that is also well. Inverter Is excellent. Happy bought it.
1 / 5
I have bought this Renogy inverter specifically partorisca do with my ebike the battery uploads partorisca was grille ebiking. A inverter is connected my battery of camp of the truck. Right of day a, AC voltage of start of a inverter surged that causes a battery uploads to arisen (not doing properly). A ebike the battery uploads work perfectly well in AC common of house. I have been communicating with Renogy ervice of Client' partorisca 4 weeks now. I began it it was with service of client of the Amazon and reason have not installed a inverter and find this failure in a new inverter inside his 30 day is window of tower' was out of regime with them, any exception! It has been a current battle partorisca take this inverter has sent behind the Renogy partorisca substitution/of reparation. Some eservice of Client' Amazon and Renogy! No the way adds partorisca take clients of turn in a subject that details.
5 / 5
Ossia A better inverter has found in a phase, has been that bolt of a grille partorisca the few years and has been by means of the number of inverters. This inverter is awesome all have required partorisca do during a short day my video games for television and other things I needs partorisca touch during a day this in spite of has abundance partorisca be able to when transfer in a generator.

Top Customer Reviews: aeliussine 500W ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 21 ratings
5 / 5
He that has to that he - take 12v DC and frames -120v AC. Wine with the manual partorisca the resemblance, but different model how was for my account so much to the that lights and beeps has meant. Hooking He until the multimeter, dips out of the a lot of same constant when some transmissions of cariche. The voltage is the little big in . The voltage is, for any reason, lower without load. Regulating voltage of the entrance does not help like inverter automatically compensates for transmission of voltage of the entrance. Tierra in a 120v discharges is connected to the at all calm likes would expect with more inverters of then there is at all the earth to, but there is no external gound available terminal. Soldering The boss of earth and running he by means of the hole of ventilation afterwards to some discharges was quite easy. Wiring Comprised with the clips of alligator is certainly any 8 AWG, which is a recommended measure for the 40A DC load, but is not any much smaller, perhaps 10 AWG. Included slightly the smallest wiring continuous interior of some terminals to some components in a PCB. Wiring To a 120v discharges is the tiny gauge I a lot of hazard to guess. The fresh careers and a defender there is still to do noise very significant. A whole organism basically is an aluminium heatsink with quell'I believes to be a MOSFETs screwed directly to a frame with the tampons of thermal interface go in for scrolling of heat. Everywhere the good unit while you know that it is taking.
5 / 5
Has tried he with the 200 watt uploads continuous for 3 hours and he have done perfectly on two different occasions. I will update my description the decide dipped the main load in the or goes bad during using further.
4 / 5
Uses this 24 VDC to 120 VAC 500 Watt Inverter in mine Out of-Grille Solar System. Has the slender creation well, easy the instal, bacically 'Spent-n-Tecla' setup with easy-to-comprise Instructions. Warm earring taking of the hours of big Load, but never hot. An Exposure has DIRECTED amiably tip a Voltage of Battery, and this Inverter smartly drawn to cut a Battery was is taking downloaded to the pre-the limits dipped to prevent a harm to a Battery. It has to that say that it is Fool-Test? I think that that it is a lot near of this! After having it doing in my system for several months without any failures,- I honradamente recommend it to any one looking for powerful, of confidence and economic Inverter.
4 / 5
In only the 500w indication, was still able to be able the a lot of useful things like the hammer to be able to.
Touching several laptops the and the mobile phones some same time is any question .
Use during camping.
There is a 24v version, as we have had two 55wh battery a lot when the be has not used.
Hooked Both would beat in series for the 24v 110wh supply to be able to.
This leaves to touch 5 mobile phones, 2 laptops the, 2 cameras, 3 flashes lights, some were the door that lights and the small trams fresher by means of out the whole weekend.
5 / 5
Would have given the indication the big plus but the unit fails with 2 now constant AC requirement. I bought it to run my electrical door and the light of estacionar has DIRECTED. Work well with an engine of door. But with a light with which 2 hours a voltage of low start to 60 while an entrance is . I am adding this precaution: there is ruined the $ has estimated light of estacionar CONCENTRATED, because of low voltage and consistently that goes in and era. I have decided that returns the. That the big loss.
4 / 5
The horrible Chinese has done inverter, has turned on and can the partidário small for 1 min first to close down. Tour was instantly when any one main load his place on that. An only 110v outlet and DC metre of Voltage rattler reason his no returned properly. A quality of some elements is cheaply fact and looks to be fragile. It would not squander my time or money in this element.
4 / 5
Am planning on using this to plot more in the near future but like this far is tried to do each penny. Arrived punctually, was packaged well, and preforms adds. All has required has been distributed. In an only two elements can think of too much nitpick on would be a lack of any ports of USB and so only having 1 recep. I can find other things after the use awhile but to good sure would recommend it.
4 / 5
A voltmeter is not attentive. -0.2 V
Any noticable heating. Fact with the small spatial heater, less than 15 A. AC.
Will update later.
4 / 5
Arrived in good condition. As it has described. It will update when the utilisation
5 / 5
Really good. Works with 12 and 15 volts dc that has used like this far. It pulls and it converts that has dipped in. Quite good. A better quality of dc has dipped you in, a better some results.

Top Customer Reviews: POWOBEST Solar ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 43 ratings
4 / 5
This bank partorisca be able to era the cost adds . I have found this bank partorisca be able to and was surprised so the solar powered the bank of portable power is existed. It is heavy and bulky, but is for real portable. A bank is recharged for alone or the strong light source, as I do not owe that it never covers he to the computer or partorisca wall outlet partorisca the touch. You can take he with you when you go alfresco or camping and does not have to that concern roughly that looks for partorisca wall outlet. This bank of calm power leave partorisca touch your telephone wirelessly further of 3 put you additional partorisca the multiple device that touches. Touching was quite fast; I have tried both in mine telephone and in mine AirPod. A device has come also with the torch that is a prize has added especially is camping.
4 / 5
I like a quantity of power this unit resupplies.
The work adds like the telephone of load of wireless backup.
This in spite of, while it looks for to use he to touch the devices that use the boss in firm was after the short period of time and need to be restarted.
Takes the very long time to touch of some solar poster - think days - he so that it is better that at all, but does not add .
Will maintain in mine arsonal of sources of power of the backup for when some starts of electricities, but are not that considering to be anything more than the last backup of stand.
5 / 5
My niece there has been his telephone for enough the moment, like this long his battery drains very fast. I know it is always in his telephone and requiring cobrarprpers has bought like this this expecting it would help when it is driving or cooking out of a outlet or requiring be portable and movement he with sound.

Has not known would walk with this pleasure an extension to his organism. Lol. Absolutely it loves this and door with his everywhere. It is there he went it of then the first day navideña and has said is to have the touch two times so much of last week. Which means it is lasted his in general week with daily use of recharging his telephone (admitted his telephone has life of low battery).

A light CONCENTRATED is brilliant but has any launcher and does not resupply any a lot of period of usable weapon displaced light.

Wireless touching work, the little slower of another wireless chargers has used.

Has not tried some solar poster really and neither I, as any description in this characteristic. A device is decent weight , but no too heavy.

The build looks enough so only, relatively sturdy.
5 / 5
This thing is quite fresh. A tampon to touch the slowest work that bosses but is effective. Some the multiple poster can offset your small devices that drain a battery when it is was and roughly or of adventuring. A creation is an update to some ineffective solar bricks of five or are years does. And it helps that a sale can store some good juice. Calm could any never require a solar function.
5 / 5
Ossia The handy little portable touching bank to be able to. As recommended by a costruttore, has touched he home with a usb first cord. It has taken the little moment, but resists one uploads for the long time. I appreciate a ruggedness and qualified to touch in a gone. I have purchased an orange one for big visibility to avert to the potential accidents like to take stray or has given a very on for my boys (or me! ). I want that it is compact and comes with the stock exchange to spend. Although I have not had an occasion to touch has seen some solar poster still ( has purchased this in Jan.), are really that looks forward to to use he in a cradle. It is also the good feeling to know that has the way to touch our devices in chance of an emergency.
5 / 5
This was the present in mine techie edges. Constantly it is that it runs out of power in his telephone, etc. The question has solved.
Ps. It is better quality that looks. I create it it would take some punishment and still work, but, the winter is coming fast and will see that it does. If you are in a fence, relaxes and go advances.
5 / 5
Has purchased for edges, those who is stationed in Ft Benning for when it is in field. Little his hanged but has begun right touch out of boxes. Extra cords For when it is sharing. It has to that well sure that the can not manage touching iPad or multiple telephones. It will go back and update after using it.
5 / 5
Looks like this far to do a work has not taken to in fact the use the full capacity still but come time of state of the time of cradle will be the different history . But otherwise looks to be add taste, although it is on a bit bulky side.
5 / 5
Order two, one has been touched when I opened a container. A second would turn on but would not take the load. Has has had to that the to turn of knots, now am concerned if a second a will live until his full function.
5 / 5
Is the bit has weighed. You could require buy the different carabiner. It is the little economic. But, everything near, am very happy with him. It touches my devices quickly. There are 3 ways to touch. Or, it uploads 3 devices immediately. One uploads a unit retains last the long time. I also like a fact that calms does not need to plot of light of sun for him to touch. It would recommend this to any the one who enjoys one alfresco and the one who there is out of systems of conventional power.

Top Customer Reviews: Firman 1201 50 Amp ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 21 ratings
5 / 5
Way: 50 Amp Parallel Box Plugged this until my tw0 3300 generators of Sign and utmost facts
4 / 5
Way: 50 Amp Produced of the Parallel box parallel box partorisca mine 3500 predator generators!!
4 / 5
Way: 50 Amp Works of Parallel Box perfectly, uses it partorisca connect two predator 3500 inverters of load of port to power of mine 50 amp RV. Extracted perfectly and can not imagine going was grille without him.
4 / 5
Way: 50 Amp the Work of Parallel box adds with my two Predator 3500 inverter generator
5 / 5
Way: 50 Amp the Parallel box work like this announced, any question at all
4 / 5
This acts like this announced that. The desire there is not costing so as it does. Any mu ch his, but the work adds. I used it partorisca connect the Predator 3500 and the Predator 2000 together generator. The fact adds and both generators have done neighbours to distribute has beaten to some discharges.
4 / 5
Has used this partorisca connect mine 2 Predator 3500 generators have purchased of Cariche of Port. Has the alimentary truck and a two have connected together now give me all a juice I need partorisca run everything in my truck. It is a lot easy to operate.
4 / 5
Loves this thing. Bought he for mine 2 3500 preditors to the equal that can run both AC is in 5th wheel. Amur A focused lights calm so much can see in a dark this was in prize .
5 / 5
Has bought this to parallel 2 Predator 3500 inverter generators. The works perfect for mine 50a 5th wheel.
4 / 5
Finally taken to use this down 'the battle conditions'! It has had all dip until using with which hurricane (has lived thru approximations to 30 in Wilmington, NC). It can update recently supply to camp to 2-3500 Predators (calmer that generators of big frame) and has used a sign 1201 to hook both of his neighbours and discharges in mine 50 amp cord.

Has done perfectly. A thing to do sure is to have some goodnesses of one Sign plugged to a inverters SOLIDLY! It presses him in TIGHT! One another thing I remarked (has run down uploads ... Everything in some camps that runs ... 2-AC Unit, TV, etc.) Was when one of the mine inverters has run out of gas (has taken the line of the base in that time could the run) a remaining unit that the careers to a Sign has distributed one camps so only well. Has an electronics of Soft Start in both of AC units, but a Byline the electricity has distributed still of a inverter to mine 50 amp cord of supply.

A Sign was an integral piece of my new electrical backup after the hurricanes and he have treated like the field!

Top Customer Reviews: Greenworks 40V 300W ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 57 ratings
3 / 5
My thoughts in this product are rasgados. In a hand, are adds that it knows that the always touched mine Greenworks the batteries can be used like the source of the power of the backup has required . For this reason, ossia the product adds reason he some expensive battery more useful.

A question is that this inverter has caused one of some devices I plugged his to melt and smoke.

Tin of mine was was, as I have decided to use this inverter to power my coverage of @subject of house and modem of boss of the internet, so that it can remain me on-line in mine portable. I have connected it touches he of the power with one issues and modem to a inverter and all has done well partorisca in an hour. A laptop is not never state connected to a inverter. I then plugged my telephone to a port of USB of a inverter while one touches partorisca be able to (with issuing and the modem connected) was still plugged in. Inside the pocolos small have odorato something in of the llamas and expósito that a supply of power of a modem of boss has been melted and smoking. A modem of boss has has not looked fraction, but he no longer done reason his supply partorisca be able to has ruined .

Looks as if a connection of the mine telephone to a port of USB, which is the DC draw partorisca be able to , has caused AC draw of power to change enough to fry a supply of power of my modem, but can not be sure that a failure would not have arrived in all the chance, although I have not connected never a telephone.

Has tried to connect the computer uninterrupted supply to be able to (UPS battery of backup) to a Greenworks inverter like the way to filter/clean AC the signal that exited of a inverter, but a UPS has begun immediately the buzz noisily. This buzzing and a supply of the power of modem has melted looks to indicate that AC can it that exited of a inverter is not as 'normal' as one would expect. A bit of the investigation aims that some inverters the bad product sine waves. Ossia Besides my sympathetic, but looks this Greenworks inverter could be among a bad some concealed can hurt electronic because of irregular AC start to be able to.

For these reasons, can not trust this inverter for anything another it powering very economic/simple things, as I have lucido. Neither I leave it never unattended, neither uses so much AC discharges and some put you of USB simultaneously.
5 / 5
Ossia A product has been moment to years for any to do, and is lucky that already have a lot Greenworks 40 G of volt-MAX battery. Until now some only elections in portable power inverters has been heavy units and of the faces with battery of builds. A time of the career of this unit is limited so only for a number of battery has, and is small and light, like podes so only toss he in the z/in the rucksack when travelling or hiking. It looks to be be sturdy, is the defender cooled and has protect of failure. I have it quell'has used so only some starts of USB like this far, but has tried AC is exited for functionality for plugging in my battery uploads and that verifies that a light of red power has come on. A thing there is remarked is that a inverter can draws of the unit of a same battery when it is turned was, as some needs of battery to be disconnected when a inverter is not into use.
5 / 5
During a last hurricane has had 4 Ryobi 40v the batteries that chair around doing at all when tin of mine was was. I have decided to try to find a inverter to use these batteries for next time. This is resulted to be an only reasonably priced 40v DC ENTRANCE inverter could find.

So that that quell'was cannibalized a model an old plus of a Ryobi 40v uploads and this inverter to do the Ryobi version. With the little bit of dremel work and some soldering has been done, and loves it. The law adds and almost looks factory. I recommend any with a Ryobi 40v the battery give these projects for the try, totally currency he.
5 / 5
Has the Greenworks 40V fence trimmer that want like this I grabbed 2 of these to do with some 40V battery have. Amur These like this far. Careers of test:
1. TV for 3+ hours that rig for tailgating in a fall.
2. Partidário For the cookout for 90 minutes. It has run down and one beats of the battery there was still.

Looking to try was Internet of paralizaciones during the power outage but has not tried still.
4 / 5
Ossia Clearly the test a phase and no the mature product. A real inverter is identical externally to the 12V inverter has purchased on 20-does years. Greenwork Simply clugged to 40V battery connector and the slow cord in a 40V inverter to do a unhandy has produced that works. A battery of 3 awkwardly has attached pounds in an end of a cord, separated of a inverter with his on/was frames of transmission for the juggling nightmare. A mature product would have a inverter and connector like an integrated assembly with the boss, no this ungainly contraption.

In entredicho of these laws of product . . . Well.
5 / 5
Utilisations this last night to be able to him TV in mine porch and he am lasted in the 4 hours in a 4ah sized the battery and he am lasted in an hour to the bar like them 4 hours of TVs use for battery. This was an old plus lcd 36 TV of thumb so that it follows imaging something newer would do better.

Am using one uploads of port 100w solar box and he 12v battery to touch on a greenworks battery and then am using these to run very material.

A fresh trick is running the corded electrical hammer or the electrical tool older basically can he mobile. It run a gun of impact and hammer of hammer of of the this for hours any question. Hammer Of hammer 5 rays and some holes without any diving of battery.
5 / 5
The punctual. Has 3 of a Greenworks 40V battery have accrued for several tools of gram. They are usually fully touched, to all the cost of season. This calm device leave yours course issue, uploads your laptop or iPhone, has included run the fault of partidário pending to be able to. We use in the battery the day during an along outage maintaining our alive screens. And you can take some battery & upload & to somewhere with electricity to spend rear juice.
4 / 5
Good addition to all a GreenWorks battery the have for my varied tools of yard. Touched my laptop with him. When A laptop has been opened and drawing current a defender in this device kicked in and was quite strong. I have closed a laptop and a defender in a device has closed down with a current draw lower. Surprised that my laptop sucked touched that fully 40v battery down for for the half. Still the fresh device that could be it handy during the power outage or perhaps while travelling (for automobile). No bears to take this or the big 40v battery in an aircraft.
5 / 5
Has a lot of 40 battery of volt around a house for gram a Greenworks line of tool of the gram and this tool have done of then of then usually seat until it does of the yard is required. I add to have this inverter for lights and powering electronic devices during the power outage, anywhere need down wattage has beaten. A inverter has the defender that pursues dulcemente when turned on and the requests when required, a inverter the fresh stays, powered on the laptop for 6 hours with the still half of a battery has left before turning all was for an evening. Sure this can some have directed light all prejudices it yes required and have abundance of power for the laptop or small TV. The works add, happy purchases it to us.
4 / 5
A Greenworks 40V 300W Wireless Power Inverter is a lot compact and well has done. My only reason to fall a star is a loudness of a defender. I have used a unit to run the projector to aim the presentation in the room where had any next outlet. A level of the noise of a defender was a lot of noticeable. It was really hard to use this unit with to notebook unless it calms that can situate well out of you while works.

Top Customer Reviews: Renogy 2000 Watt ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
5 / 5
In the first place it was, some instructions are class of feeble. I imagined it it was but like another reviewer has declared, a dish forward has the defect partorisca draw that he the difficult fact partorisca close a dish after wiring because of minimum clearance. If precise support of technology, forget it!! Some first time have called, has taken the technology the one who has known less in an element that has done! When I have asked to speak the another technology, has taken place on control for roughly 10 first minutes to take the “Renogy is having technical difficulties at present, please callback message” later. That?!! I have tried to call for behind a prójimo few days and has taken that same message! If you are not comfortable with zero sustain of technology, no spent of Renogy!
4 / 5
Have the question with my inverter- leaves after an hour. Numerous an on called hour of telephone of the control- I finally spoken to any, dipped me on control and after other 5 minutes have been hanged on. Ossia The multiple time has spent . His web of place and the contestador says is upgrading a system of telephone.

Before it purchases the product of the his- try calling them to ask the question of technology and calm will be disappointed!

Top Customer Reviews: Y&H 1000W Grid ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 40 ratings
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. This 1000 Grille of watt-related inverter has done adds with 8 RIchsolar 100poster of watt ( ). I have built I release it when being mountain partorisca a inverter and poster so that it can be moved. A corner of solar poster can be regulated partorisca some different seasons. He the good addition to the current grandson-metered system. You owe that run at least 2 - 12V poster in series with a inverter partorisca go in a row of voltage corrected. I have been with the 2S4P configuration partorisca give a inverter the little room of respite. Appearance a inverter controls up. Some descriptions say that some defenders give was after the year. I will inform behind when I take more time in a inverter
4 / 5
has ordered this behind in December, had connected it and use of then January 2nd. I have wanted to expect give the description until I have had thoroughly tried it. I have had good results with him like this far. A support of technology is quite well also. They will do with calm by means of email, which in looks to time to daunt while to the response of real time, this in spite of, has been had to that troubleshoot each part of one installs fully. I want to do sure to give the brief explanation of like this you Solar reason there is remarked the plot of negative critiques. This inverter so only can resupply can behind to a grille based in that is dipping his via poster, or energy harnessing device. If has 10 100w the poster has to that estimate a loss. The majority of upper-tier only produced poster until 85 efficiency to start with with, which mean is already so only that goes to produce the max of 850w. On this would depend in a shadow, i.et. Doing sure all some cells are receiving pertinent exposure. Still if you are not covered by any shading, then has to that look in a quantity of Direct Sun is receiving. If you are verifying in 9 I are and his so only grieve sunny was and any a lot of heat then calms can not expect the big wattage to be generated. Mark sure dipped you on your system correctly, then measured during optimum hours of a day. I am using 2 poster like this quite decent 280w the poster and I means roughly 420w-460w partorisca roughly 5 hours the day.
5 / 5
1. Select the pertinent solar poster for DC ENTRANCE. GTI-1000W-36V-110V-S version, MPPT that follows row 26V - 36V. Vmp(Of the solar poster) has to that be in a MPPT row to ensure an efficiency of good start. Well it remarks that a solar poster is special, use VMP26V solar poster, when a sun/of shadow is feeble and like this on. Solar poster Vmp decrease. Vmp Will be less than 26V. How it is easy to have questions. For like this, it is recommended to use the 30V/36V solar poster.

2: If you want to use a battery for DC ENTRANCE. 36V battery is recommended. A description reads DC20-45V. When you Use 24V battery. Like downloads of battery. A voltage also drop. If an operative voltage Vmp is lower that 26V, although it will do, will reduce an efficiency of start. It is not recommended to use 20V/45V voltage. Too much down/the big voltage easily can break a inverter.

3: A need to begin to having connected to a power of grille. It can not distribute you can directly to AC
4 / 5
Works to the equal that has described. The start is like this for specifications, the material quality is well, the manufacture is excellent. They are happy with this product. If it was to change anything would be a system to cool , is not drawn for use along, concealed to good sure will shorten a life of service of the products. I have been he advances and the pertinent external cooling has added maintains a temperature in acceptable row. The defenders the big plus that the career in the lowest speed is a key to silence these products. It would recommend this product, and with some pertinent precautions think it will last longer. This is not the description paid in any way. UPDATE. A GTI mediates around 4-5 kW with 8X100 poster of watts the day the day/of sunny low temperature well, a built in the turn of defenders in slope of the hours of summit for the pocolos small the day, some the partidários external maintain it fresh, calm and in bylines.
5 / 5
Update 8/30/19;
So it arrest him to the long of the week is now state emailing service of client that has not offered the real solution, but asking stirs it of questions. Which is taking annoying 😒, can launch it was and so only buy of another vendor the one who hopefully honour his guarantee. In my opinion, so only looks elsewhere for the better product. As I do not want to any one having a same question as me. It can not say a lot for service of client like state tugging the east was for too much long now, for this one 1 🌟...

Here is the product has bought before, and has done well until he so only prendido, as I substituted it. But for some reason these new one is to good sure not producing so as an order 1000grille of bond of watt. Still with which have take another inverter of mine setup, this an only is so only any value he. I am expecting to take to service of client to see that it can be done. May so only be the defective a
4 / 5
Been that uses the pair of these for months now, Probably any one some better MPPT the technology in them there is like this dress another do another more power out of a same poster, but his súper abordable and can upload he until 1000W for short periods of time, Whose tentativa to run 1Kw continuous likes any last but can easily 800W all day. His well for a prize and his among the little inverters that can you stack in parallel and use in 2 or 3configurations of phase, and can use with battery.
5 / 5
Has ordered this to run to 100 watt solar poster my grille. Has thinks that that a unit could manage some poster wired in serious, but has discovered my start of poster is 15 volts each that fact 30v in series. A inverter the failures am gone in 28 volts. So many has to them that run some poster in parallel. Any question excepts has added another 2 100 watt poster and all 4 is wired in parallel producine 400 watts in 15 volts with 26amps. As I am stuck in 400 system of watt and he 30 breaker. As I have squandered of the money in a inverter that can not manage 30 volts. I can not develop my past of system some 400 watts without paying an electrician ALOT of money! So that the lesson learns. A costruttore would have to sell the system that can manage at least 32 to 40 volts. In this way at least it could take near tp a 1000 watt is exited alleged. It acts any that has expected really. Chaulk He until the curve of solar learning.
4 / 5
I pluged he in with 4 100w the poster and work. Amazing, like this easy.
I pluged the heater to the 3 outlet launches that has been bluged to the belkin the metre and a heater have used 564 watts in med. The pluged a Inverter to a same band, has connected some solar poster, turned in a Inverter. Some watts that come from an utility has fallen 222watts . A sun was 40 deg to some poster like this thats reason some watts were down. Estimate 300coverage of watts if a sun was directly on boss.
5 / 5
To the Works likes them to them the ad . Recommended.
Update: the vendor was a lot of and refunded of the money because a conversor is lasted 2 weeks. A second unit there has been some careers of partidário of the cooling any take
when into use in 30 (roughly 250 watts) of some have estimated 1000 watts. It does not think it is durable .
5 / 5
Has taken this just to touch with the 100w 12v the solar poster has bought to take camping and imagined reason left a solar poster seats 90 of a time? As I have bought this GTI. Of then, there is upgraded to 2 solar poster (Rico Solar - in parallel in current to this inverter and am planning to add 4 more poster.

Has this those careers by means of the kill A Watt ( and in full sun, saw it pressing 157 watts behind to a grille of house. This was a prime minister of the November that his court by means of roughly 10metres of 10 gauge boss and has connected directly to a GTI using an or-the coverages there is crimped in some bosses that is coming with this inverter.

Has taken this neighbour on a half of October, as we have not had a lot of sunny days like alive in some suburbs of Seattle, but when has the full day of alone, has seen the days of pair have been he was able to take kWh or 720 hours of Watt have pressed behind my grille of house. Not going to delete mine reliance in a company of utility, but for $ 320 total setup cost, so only will take roughly 2 years for pay behind.

Something there is remarked, when I in the first place hooked this on, has had so only the only 100w 12v poster, and any time there was clouds, would fall a voltage down quite that a inverter prendería acting. Of then adding a second poster, has not seen raisin concealed. Has Has the times have seen 10 watts that is pressed by means of one Kills A Watt in the cloudy day.

To good sure something would buy again!

Top Customer Reviews: AIMS Power ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 42 ratings
5 / 5
I have been tired partorisca continue to substitute my economic Chinese 5000w inverter with more than them. I have had 3 of them that all finalised in some rubbishes. I finally decided partorisca take the real industrial force inverter that can depend on partorisca use of long term during the crisis.
This TIP inverter is WONDERFUL!!!! I connected it to 24 golf-battery of the cart and I am run over 180 amps a time by means of him. This inverter also will begin my big radial arm has seen, the smith of big tent has seen, my grinder of hammer / of the table / sander and he 1500w heater all a same time. I love it!!!
A inverter is partorisca have to that very heavy and hanged 84 lbs. Has flexibility partorisca pull battery in the first place with a line of main power likes backup Or attractive of a line of main power with backup of battery with the transmission of simple diving. Has 240 phase to pause likes 120 each one that that. Has this that maintains powering my boxes of breaker partorisca a whole tent and my barn. I go partorisca dip now he until running all 110 breakers partorisca my house during an emergency. Some TIP inverter are ADDS!!! Highly I recommend it!!!
5 / 5
Puerto Rico has been by means of the plot this past three weeks. There is not any water further of 40 of a country and so only 6.9 % of a population has light.

These inverters would help the plot partorisca establish new ways of the electricity but does not ship to Puerto Rico. Considering our situation, would ask you partorisca reconsider and tries to do this type of the available products partorisca our country and another.
5 / 5
It is doing well. It is the product adds , installed that he roughly done 3 weeks. I have it running 24-7 and use it like this the primary battery then changes to power of Grille and begins partorisca touch the battery until some battery take his then goes back the Inverter way. They are happy, while I last the long time.
Still doing really well today was the sunny day well, has taken partorisca do my dirty clothes entirely in solar energy. 1-8-17
5 / 5
it Is Inverter works besides my expectations. I am running 80 of my house in solar. Has 12 100 watt windy nation the solar poster that touch 12 12 volt battery of deep cycle. Wire fence in 24 series of volt, transmission of the diving dipped partorisca run inverter on would beat like primary and power of grille partorisca backside up. All lighting and more the receptacles am powered for this inverter comprising my washer, computer , system of security and @subject . And of course refrigerator and deep freezing. And a scarce time when it does not have quite sun to touch some batteries a transmission on to a/c the power is seamless. Have Also mine of cable sub poster with the breaker that can be flipped to power a box of the main poster when it can of the grille is was. I have tried this in of the weekends when they are house . The law adds. It has gone several days that career so only in inverter has beaten. It run a whole house that comprises mine a lot 220 volt a lot of bombs without any subjects. I have had this system at stake for 90 days now and have 0 complaints. Looking to add the turbine of wind or two. Included it can be able to go 100 was grille with this system.
4 / 5
I have had this inverter wired my transmission of scrolling of the generator for roughly 8 month. I am using he for supplemental and backup solar energy. It has been doing a lot well. You pursue mine 1 HP well pump any question. An only down the side is that a way of saver of the law to be able to so only with the resistive uploads. You owe that have the 50 watt or I more add resistive load in way of saver of the faculty to take a inverter working. This has not been directed in a manual of users (or could do not finding be) and has had to call technical assistance to find this was. Of some cariche electrical are concerned with has has had engines (refrigerator, bomb) a way of saver of the can was useless for me. Otherwise An action of a inverter has been flawless like this far.
3 / 5
Update Nov.1, 2018

Has been that runs the constant 50-150w during a day: subject wireless, modem of boss, refrigerator, valves of timer/ of the sprinkler. He hums, fact alot noises of yours big but is in a cochera as so only listens by means of an adjacent wall. Regularly I use until 2kw, microwave, expressed car. Work well. A inverter careers of defender when it uses my car of caffè but the defender in bylines was when an appliance is was. The defender is the little noisy, like hairdrier but still does not listen he of in a house. I will clash it on the star partorisca is action.

Update: I have been in the current constantly for the weeks of the pair wired to synchronise left with roughly 30watts and the bosses uploads main like the vacuum, gun of hot, so only well. But something is not a lot on some instructions for a connection of alone phase. GFI Is begun working but the on arisen burn protectors, an adapter, and the tool uploads. Has has had to that revert to a phase to break.

Original description: GFCI has failed. A inverter no with GFCI. Ossia The enormous disapointment. I can no any hook he until circuits in a cookery, baths, external, etc. The Really rays on my plans having this like this the whole house inverter. To the electrocution is not an option.

The breaker Of circuit fails. He no well with breakers of circuit. A inverter protect of the short circuit is caused first. As all the starts, any so only a circuit.

Noise. When it Is on he does to the noise of the yours big likes having tennitis (ringing in some ears). And because of a tone can not look strong but is clearly audible included in 20' as yes it is strong.

AC Terminal of access too small. AC The terminal coverage has 1/2' cord clamps for each one entrance and the start but is not quite big for escommended' 6awg. A minimum has required the measure driven for 6awg is 3/4' as AC the terminal coverage does not return a cord of recommended measure.

Any CFL. He no with compact florescent bulbs. His flicker.

All this and I havnt has tried included the load more orders that 15 watts still.
1 / 5
The mine is the preliminary description . I have ordered this inverter based in specs as well as transportability. Has error eously has declared is to to weight likes 56 lbs! It feign to take this in my flight behind to a country where will be it has used. This in spite of, to weigh a unit, surpasses 70 lbs!!! Disappointed that it can not take he with me, that has to that it elaborates other plans. Please correct this error in your description.
5 / 5
.This sake and act a lot well ,but his manuar of intalacion is very small and hay that use a wolf to be able of the bed.
5 / 5
Solar poster, battery and this inverter the works add for powering mine well.
5 / 5
They are able to run my tools of power of of the this and power my cabin to hunt with east. If run the tool of power of of the this, will require to do sure that you already have like that TV or something on pulling it can so it does not trip one the inner breaker when calm in gauge a tool. I run the micro wave, defenders, bomb of water and all some lights and etc in my cabin in the as well as it touch my telephones in the and the law adds!

Top Customer Reviews: ECO-WORTHY 1000W ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 56 ratings
5 / 5
Working adds! The reeeeeeeeeaally like a constant In Writing of Start of Power of Screen And DC/AC Voltage☺
Hooked on Four 158W Poster, Two 22V in parallel partorisca the Static Voltage of 44V partorisca Two pairs in serious
and a 100W. Today 3/14/2018 665W, quite happy in this☺

Reference; 158 Watt Monocrystalline Photovoltaic (PV) Voltage of Solar Poster of Nominal Start 12V - 18 efficiency
• Voltage/of Maximum Summit (Vmp): 18.9 V, Voltage of Open Circuit (Voc): 22.7 V
• Common/of Maximum Summit (Imp): One, Current of Short Circuit (Isc): A

doing the End of Dynamic Voltage in of roughly;
in 259W

Note: Like this Wattage locate a DC Voltage fluctuates the pocolos volts and AC goes noticeably up with wattage.

Action of interesting Dynamic Voltage; in 460W, in 542W without accidents dipping my DC System for the half a capacity
and remark a dynamic . My Voltage of the house of the Base is roughly 120VAC.
Still to measure a Voltage of real House in AC side while running 600W or so much.

Would have been interested to see these numbers previously to dip my System up.

UPDATE 22-65V inverter
has taken a an odd 100W Poster out of a Circuit and running so only a four 158 Watt poster for the total of 632Watts,
the Resulted in the little big wattage in meso in an end a lower reason, a a poster has drawn down a Wattage in an end under
(A Big end is not to value a result and I do not take any very Alone here the Seattle in all the chance (for the half an indication of Watt any day now Sunny die).

UPDATE 45-90v inverter
This is not the just description been due to mine silliness.
Almost all A mismatched junk the poster has purchased on some years, has connected in series to the mine Second ECHO-WORTHY 1KW Transmission of Car MPPT Bond of Solar Grille inverter which is a Voltage a Big plus (45-90V) version of a same thing; To the equal that with 8 mismatched 100W poster
has produced the max of 62v and 265Watts (Greenish picture).
Know some directions say to the use there is matched poster so only but, has been excited to take all arrive and running (the lesson learnt).
Like this, are in a process to connect all my poster to match in serious and a mismatched the poster will connect to mine another Economic old inverters in parallel.

A Blueish the pictures are one 22 -65V inverter and a Greenish picture is one 45 -90v inverter (the mine purchases My late plus).

I estaca again when I have connected some poster correctly to a 45-90v inverter☺
4 / 5
Work perfectly. I have not tried a clean metre, although I am sure he operates. Accidentally I have fried mine 12v 3000w inverter using this, but this was my failure . They are quite sure that a clean metre will leave for out-use of grille of inverters, so only absolutely has to that dip a metre on. My aim was to take 3500-4000w out of 3000w inverter coupled with east. I will update a description once my new inverter go in.

UPDATE: A Bond of Grille Inverter with grandson metering any LAW unless there it have it at least he 500w uploads in a system. Tip 0w until you run something with roughly 500w or more (microwave, dryer of hair). I have found that you can coil a boss by means of a metre TWO TIMES for the take to be more sensitive and relieve a current (photo of control).

HAS has tried felizmente this in one was-grille inverter with grandson metering on and a boss to a inverter coiled to a clean metre. It does not blow on a inverter, and power of entrances roughly 1/2 of one load. So much, like an explanation: I tried it on the small, 600w pure sine wave inverter in the 12V battery and this 1000w bond of grille inverter hooked until 1200w of poster (around 75v, two insiemi of (2) 300w poster in series. With an interior cleaned metering on, has beaten dipped to a inverter on 1/2 one load. I.et. I have turned in the dryer of hair down and a bond of grille inverter has dipped on roughly 350w max. The majority of the dryers of hair are 700w down.

So much, this bond of grille inverter Is not quite sensitive to power of entrance for the 100w uploads (like the laptop) with grandson metering if ossia all is running. A metre clamp so only is not quite sensitive to relieve cariche read.

4 stars because a clean metre is not almost like this sensitive to the equal that have to that be. Otherwise, Without grandson metering, this thing dips some power to a grille!! It has paste 950w on 1200w of poster.

For a legal side- I is still in has beaten of California Of the sud or can not be been inputting has beaten to a grille without the 'Net Metering Agree'. I can or it can not take place roughly 100kw behind to a grille, and there is remarked my electrical metre negative tip when his daylight. They are any lawyer and not advising to beat dipped to a grille without the Grandson Metering Agreement, but has not had any @@subject possibly doing so much. Material while your electrical bill is +$ 1 and no negative, his well. So only they do not love 'the paid calm' to be able to the not being that has a Grandson Metering Agreement and the full inspection.
2 / 5
Researched the on-line and the people looked to like it. It likes- one the unit has received. It looks he adds. A screen and the options were all has looked for. Take my old my economic plus GTI and plugged this one in. Unit powered on quickly. Any error has aimed on screen. Checked incoming DC and outgoing AC. Everything inside row. After looking the video have known that could take the pocolos second to the minute to start with emotional power to a grille. Expected 10 minutes. Still it go. Has has verified settings. All was a lot. The unit has restarted. At all. Left the on while verifying video and support of groups of Facebook. Still And now later. Tried the few tips of an investigation. Still . I besiege my old GTI behind to plant. Work like the field. It has given the message detailed to a place of business web. Any response after the few days. It have ordered diverse new solar poster to do use of a capacity more orders of an informative GTI have them like this dipped the earth in alone full and hooked his to a 1KW transmission. All the parameters were very a lot of messages of error. The different voltages have tried of 30-60VDC. Still an hour later in the each one tries without messages of error. It give it it has begun it on a process of turn. Has has wanted to really this to do. It looks the characteristic good but does not want to take burned twice like this probably has not gone never which well this unit could have done.
5 / 5
Update 2/4/2019
has been at present that runs this Inverter for 6 month + are very happy, continuous do perfectly. My only flu is a limiter clamp comes with him does not return some bosses of main power here in some the EUA. I have had to order two insiemi of Cina which are main and work correctly. Otherwise Very happy and this unit will have paid for him down the pair of years. My bills are cut consistently down to means, there is at present has bought so only another of these inverters to dip in another phase and another series of poster. It can not expect see my bill of new electricity.

Has received this product with which two days with first nave, the element has arrived in good been and a lot of packaged. At present using this with 3 x 305watt 24v poster all in parallel. The unit reads around 800+ watts in 30+volts. Like this far it is doing a lot well and generating has beaten. I am planning to purchase 3 more inverters and wiring 2 inverters in the each phase of my box of breaker for the total of roughly 12 poster for 3kw+ to be able to. This unit can so only the alone phase that it has to that dip a inverter in the each phase to fully of power your house. Prize here in the amazon is more economic that other places and arrived faster. They are very happy with this compraventa.
5 / 5
In my chance, my solar/batteries am 200ft out of the power that enters a house. This means that it have to that run DC 200ft the unit (near a box of main breaker) Or extend a boss of limiter 200ft (probably does not control been due to of boss). This means a function of the automatic limiter can not be enable for me and I run a risk to loss can behind the company to be able to if the use of house goes lower that the quantity that is generated by a unit.

This in spite of, looking in mine esmart metre' uses of power in daily base, has determined that I have not gone never down 400watts in any point during a day. As it has used the manual limit of 400watts and he have done like the charm.

The unit has done very a lot

LIKE THIS - has to turn it was and no for the use .

Sigh - would have to that it has researched more.
4 / 5
The works add! Some people whose look to know that minimum dc the entrance for this unit is 24v, 12v will not touch this unit. If or r using solar, ur nominal solar pv is 24v. If or r using battery, ur the system has to that be 24v.
5 / 5
The works add, bank of battery of the load with poster then draw of battery like this the does not squander solar energy with an inner limiter like this the whose place more has beaten to a grille that the uses because the have the ready metre and the does not want to saying of company of the can anything. Only question has had them is sent one covers badly with mine, but has said that they would send me covers it new to the equal that will see, has used spent only he of the computer for now is a same thing .
5 / 5
Update: it has 1500w of poster hooked up. They are producing 80v but when some powers of units on falls to 50v. And so only I am taking 815w is exited. These are matching poster. Has one 45-90v version. It looks one 22-65v the version dips out of a correct start.

Ciao A description of Edward roughly he no when being any attentive down wattage is bad. Of his picture wires an injustice of limiter. It is so only suppose to connect to one of a hot boss any one a whole boss. Has a limiter connected in the way is measuring a power in a hot boss and a power that goes back in a neutral boss that annuls out of a measure.
2 / 5
In spite of the few descriptions favorecedoras, ossia the Enormous disappointment ! 1) An exposure is way too small, almost focus of has surpassed sized! Low settings, has indicated that has loved a limiter to be used, to limit a quantity to be able to has generated. A correct quantity to be able to has eaten is showed. 2) This in spite of, a unit always uploads 100 of a power of solar poster to a grille! So much, an appearance of Limiter of this product does not look to do correctly. Another reviewers and character on Youtube there has been the alike question.
5 / 5
Some directions were entirely unhelpful but after the little video of Youtube, was easy the setup. Beginning the voltage has to that be inside a row of whichever the ones of model. The mine was 45v and will not begin until remark that quantity of voltage. Another thing to this unit is a lcd the screen is very small and hard to read. When you Change anything, a show of must of the selection in red to save. Example: changing a profile of limiter in a setup the paper and asks, “save transmissions”, movement a cursor on to read “yes” in red and saves. This until it is a lot of value of the money and power of products of the mine all day long and with relative ease. It has 800watts of poster hooked on and in sound of full sun that dips roughly 680watts in my house. Works perfectly, the product adds!

Top Customer Reviews: ECO-WORTHY ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5
No like this described. A car is is using a same grille with the full battery. I owe that unplug a car partorisca he partorisca use my solar. For this can not be used like uninterrupted supply partorisca be able to reason yes am using solar and my battery go down has to that physically it covers some diagrams behind to a socket of wall partorisca he partorisca change to grille.
Going partorisca return it

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