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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By Lenora
I have used this mountain partorisca install my Beam of Sleeps under the 50' Toshiba TV of Fire (Expsito Here).

Ossia The very well has thought was to locate compared to the alike mountains have used by other products:

- Some highland holes are spaced he so that it is easy to paste the pair of studs with regular rays - then has retreated that up with 2 spent additional ancore of rock. If it is taste, your TV is centred already on 16' studs in all the chance, as of this mountain would owe that line on perfectly on or down that. NOTE: I have used the rock of ancore to cover concealed to require the 1/4' hole in place of a some concealed has been comprised. A comprised 3/8' the ancore looked overkill of then was able to ray to two studs.

- This mountain resists some Sleeps Beam so only roughly 3/4' of a wall; that the simple fact to boss of street behind the invisibly. A dish of small paintbrush (like this a) can be hid for behind a speaker to hide the better same bosses.

- Two insiemi of rays are comprised to resist a Beam to a mountain - a neighbour comprises pre-applied blue Loktite (which is as used) and another together no. So only decides to love an extra security to use Loktite when selecting that spouse to use.

- Thanks to a way some SLEEPS the logo is drawn to look a same right-side-arrive or on-side-down, this mountain can have the habit to hang a speaker on a TV in place of down prefer concealed - and looks perfect. In this chance, so only situate a mountain like the dish of support is on a speaker in place of down that.

- A cutout the frames that bosses of access and a key of pairing in a backside of a speaker breaks it once is trace.

An only real downside would be a price - especially that considers that one argues could be fact to comprise he with a Beam.

In general, highly recommends this so that it locate wall some Beam of Sleeps. It looks awesome under the TV of flat poster!
5 / 5 By Janell
This mountain of the bar of the sound is partorisca have to that heavy steel and solid thickness. Any flimsy Chinese rubbishes! I have been surprised in a heft of this thing. Has 2 holes that the rows with some Sleeps Beam perfectly. It forgets all some other universal mountains. This mountain is drawn partorisca some bosses that is exited a Grain and dips a Beam 1 thumb of a wall like sub woofer can operate in a backside. As with all execution of Sleeps.
5 / 5 By Loree
This base is some SLEEPS the products have drawn partorisca go with speaker of BEAM. It likes all the Sleeps of the produced there is the excellent engineering has involved. Some accesses of Beam exactly in a base and some two rays and begin it are magnetised partorisca assist installation. Some open spaces in a behind giving a lot of leeway in place of trace. A base inserts/inserts leaves partorisca convenient placing of a power, HDMI and in my chance, bosses of Ethernet. I see he less expensive mountains was now. But partorisca are a lot of value some Sleeps original mountain. I have floated Mountain on a TV that uses VESA group. Any need to drill partorisca wall left some accessories of television do a work. Very pleased with result.
5 / 5 By Paulina
Partorisca vesa Mount the wall of TV partorisca hang pair of what with Mountain-The box of bar of his universal. The highland time total has taken 20 minutes.
5 / 5 By Anton
I access some Sleeps beam perfectly, as it has expected. Mountains to a fund of a speaker that use 2 has has distributed rays. I have attached it to my wall partorisca articulate the mountain that use the separate box (partorisca in $ 15), and resists a good Beam and solidly. There is taken on an hour partorisca dip on, but now have the good net installs. Any sure he is quite value a price, of then is quite the patterned piece and has bent painted of metal with the few highland rays, but would be hard pressed to find something more than looks well.
5 / 5 By Felisha
Although I have thought initially it was overpaying partorisca the soundbar title, has received once this element has been impressed with a sturdy construction and absolutely zero wiggle soiled when it is resisting my Beam. It goes advance and choose this on, is the perfect party partorisca a Beam!
5 / 5 By Maxie
Works well with a bar of his only desires some two rays that control a bar to a mountain was the pocolos control longer a lot but looks the little feeble so that it is required
3 / 5 By Rosario
Well it build it. Expensive partorisca any obvious reason. In an end of a day is the piece of metal
3 / 5 By Towanda
Man, Yes could choose the type of drywall ancore that it would be necessary that coming with east, he to good sure not being these. Drilled a perfect hole partorisca some ancore x6. Then tried partorisca dip in some rays, 2 of them sunk in, and any of them really grabbed on. Like the speaker so only is in slope for the edge really. They are when going has to that take that has, and place in some lean toggle rays. This would do very better.
5 / 5 By Gregorio
I have not finalised using he in my current installs, but maintaining he partorisca some transmissions of unavoidable Living room conceal looks partorisca come roughly once the year.

Top Customer Reviews: Wall Mount for ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By
There have it really any one the whole plot partorisca say in of the this. If you want to locate your Sleeps Playbar to the wall, ossia quite yours only option. Felizmente, is also the very good option. It resupplies quite a lot of holes to mount that would be necessary to be you able of the trace the studs in just in any place where the regulate stud spacing. In my chance, a place has required to locate it spent to be a a place in a room where a constructor has opted for fast and free touch with stud spacing, mark to locate to two studs in a zone where has loved a Playbar. Any worry, a highland box also comprises ancore of wall, as you can locate he the drywall so only yes need to.

A highland box also comprises the small level the help ensures that you take a highland dish installed correctly, but has found that a level has received was inaccurate. It gives the different readings have based in the side of a level has used, he like this had really any way to know the side was corrected. It is the good gesture to comprise it , but yes calms already possess the pertinent level, would recommend to use that instead.

Finally, is of entity to remark that a highland orientation is different like six trace a Playbar on or under your TV, and a highland orientation is class of an opposite that expect. You trace under a TV, a power and optical bosses of a Playbar is exited of a fund, and trace on a TV, a start of bosses of a cup (, In any orientation, a Playbar the bosses of course are signalling out of a television). Ossia To ensure that some speakers in a Playbar is shooting in a correct direction (more on going down a TV, further down yes on a television). This could cause some subjects with routing of boss, but felizmente a Playbar and the highland box of the wall takes any to sufficiently direct this. When I Wall-trace, has quite soiled for behind a half of a Playbar the street your bosses; like this still although some bosses of course are exiting out of a TV, can still issues his backside for behind a Playbar and your TV. It was the little concerned on that it has to that this with an optical boss, of any usually manage acute curves well, but this setup resupplies sufficient room to do quell'or-bend softly enough.

In general, if the the Playbar and wants to dip the in a wall, ossia a precise thing .
2 / 5 By
No the good creation partorisca management of boss. If it opt to any to run you A/C line by means of a small hole and the wall (the one who ), arrival with too much of the curve in some bosses. Need the clip partorisca resist them partorisca slip down and in now ours of view.
5 / 5 By
I finally taken around partorisca locate a soundbar, has imagined goes partorisca be the ache and was quite easy to leave a bar that dips in a table in front of a TV. It opens on a box, and enough quickly can see that ossia another thing of Sleeps ossia very thought by means of. In the first place, they resupply the personnel that is exactly a same measure like soundbar with markings for everything of some locations of possible centre could love use. All have to that do is tape he on, stand behind, measure yes wants to be that attentive and paste a locator holes with the screwdriver. As, it sees four insiemi of spaces for each of some four locations for some rays. Ossia Reason want to really locate this to a studs, can not have one same spacing among a studs of where is locating this in a room. Tercero, and this thinks is so only like takings with material of big quality, a backside of a mountain of wall has hule of sponge in the, as he wont sea a wall and will minimise some machineries/of the his some vibrations could take of a vibration of speaker. In general, another well has thought was component of Sleeps. (For a record, I taped some personnel to the rovescio reason the sleeps looks of the same to the rovescio like right side on, still done well.)
5 / 5 By
I have found some Sleeps produced partorisca be upper quality. They are my products of new favourite speaker . Already I any need the pre-houses of boss partorisca fines-audio of room. Some Sleeps the line of speakers deletes concealed. All this is to require is A/C power.

A group highland of the wall is done like this good and packaged like the speakers are! It include it Is the personal full measure of hard map and mini level. A level was attentive when using 2 sides of him, but one 2 other sides were was. Of then it do not have any orientation markings in the, has used my level of torpedo instead. If you go partorisca use a level has comprised so only does sure partorisca turn a level of street 180 terracings partorisca verify a mountain is first level to drill holes in a wall. Test rotating a level of street and using the different one of his four sides. Once frames some holes of ray thru some personnel to a wall, is easy to ensure a mountain of wall. It is fact of the metal of big quality with the powder coated arrival. Has 2 knob in any side of him that the clave was and have the habit partorisca ensure a speaker has seen a keyhole space in a backside of a speaker.

With a speaker oriented with some Sleeps logo in a fund of a speaker, has required some bosses (Edge & partorisca be able to Optic) partorisca locate to a TV of flat poster. A way some mountains of leaves of speaker some bosses to returned for behind a speaker and on a mountain. As it does not concern if your need of bosses of the speaker partorisca locate a wall or down, returned among a speaker and this mountain without any questions.

5 qualities of star produces all a way. Value a price.
5 / 5 By
Ossia ridiculously Easy to install. It comes with you drive them of paper calm so much can mark that the holes love use. It suggests in the minimum highland street some four corners, but that traces in the each one of some frames of spaces partorisca an incredibly sturdy playbar title. Besides, I have been impressed that avenges with the handy mini level partorisca ensure pertinent installation.
5 / 5 By
This was add partorisca locate a playbar. It is easy but my playbar, with which trace, is not directly. My hammer has bitten travelled, that causes a mountain partorisca be slightly main one an end.

This can be trace for a person partorisca use some personnel. I have not used some personnel that probably because my playbar is slanted.

Like a title has said the mountain is not required partorisca locate a playbar, can use the appropriate wall that group of trace/of rays, but this the a lot of easier fact. Mountain without this group in your own risk.
5 / 5 By
Sper Easy installs, has to have to wall partorisca locate your Sleeps playbar. It comes with level and hardware partorisca install the studs or drywall. I have chosen drywall, and is the sper easy installs, included partorisca me! A playbar click to a sper flush mountain partorisca wall easily,. Partorisca Simple mountain and take. Highly it recommends master the wall locates your playbar.
5 / 5 By
I love my Sleeps Soundbar and this mountain was like this easy to install and take a soundbar has attached. I wish it it has been it priced slightly less but then again, mountains of the name of the mark is always overpriced. The law adds and calm leave you partorisca have the boss run for behind a speaker he.
5 / 5 By
5 / 5 By
I want that a mountain comes with both all of a necessary hardware and the good fat personnel partorisca help vary a mountain in a wall. A mountain has the thin discharge of foam in a backside. It is probably partorisca maintain he of rattling, but mountain quite flat that the doubt rattle still without a foam.