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5 / 5 Daisey
It would read the plot in a Salvation-MD formed as I have wanted to verify it was in person. It has not been that in a world has lost this when compraventa, but this model DOES not HAVE A MICROPHONE, NEITHER Any WAY to USE One WITH HIM! Well, I negotiate it two times buys once calculates. Mina this deletes at least the averages of an utility of such the device, but is my failure for not finding that it was before buying.

Like reason some 4 stars? Reason, like the player is awesome. A Salvation-MD formed is everything would read, can any one for a life of me fathom reason Sony is not doing more to extend an use of MiniDisc. Yah SonicStage Is the ache (this in spite of better that has has expected descriptions, I supposition Sony has improved he) but a music of Japanese & lessons I place in a disk has touched absolutely fantastic. An interface in a car is kinda clunky but for material like some Japanese lessons that no really @@subject too much of then will not be fishing around too much.

So only the player, I really like this little booger. I have read that some people take 34+ hours of use of the battery & would not doubt it . And a Salvation-MD formed is so only terrific.

Would want to have the most versatile car that Salvation of uses-MD, that could calm easily record thing with, files of movement around down Linux, and use OGGs etc. With. But this car is not the. It is so only too limited, and so only because of an iron paw of Sony. Shame. With the mic jack, and some software tweaks, this that would be heck of the car could be happy with still years. Now that my little experience is on he probably is that it heads to goodwill.

Oh, And a folks has ordered he of (ship2you) an absolutely glorious work, thank you, has taken mine in 2 days! It took it refurbished the model for me thinks around $ 90(?) And all was adds.
4 / 5 Julius
Has had mine for roughly 2 weeks. An action of battery is less than a netmd players, but this is coming like any surprise. Some headphones have comprised is economic. A storage is incredible. In my computer, scrolling with conversion to atracIIIplus takes roughly 5 min for cd, which is not bad at all. Probably one the majority of pleasant surprise the ees has had out of this thing is a storage of data . My connection of internet is horrible, as I can very always upload big files that requires in colegiala or work. I can dip some files in the hd disk in home, goes to colegiala and discharges he in any computer (windows xp) and a player is recognised automatically and place up like an outside harddrive. These starts to the a lot of abordable 1portable+ action harddrive!!! AtracIIIplus In 64kbps is the blind test has estimated slightly better that 128k mp3, and totally agreement. With around 32 cd is in the disk, a quality of his this a lot of well, listening to mostly classical and the bit of rock. Spent this in a Ipod, like has done them, and save some money without losing much more that auricular and elegant looks.
5 / 5 Giuseppe
A 1 capacities of action and atracplus codec is reason enough to use HiMD. A fact that some means comunicacionales is removable mark this even more attractive device. If your hardrive player or flash pauses of player and he , or if a battery fails then calms can not access any of a music in a player. It contrasts, calm always has yours mini-disks. Minidiscs Last longer that cds. I have had cds data bribed in like this little like 2 years. Minidiscs Has the much more the life has turned. Minidiscs Is rewritable the million times according to Sony, and law like the walk of hard disk that bad can delete you and rearrange a music or data in a disk. Of an arrival of SALVATION MD minidiscs Sony has done this an only portable way to listen the music.
5 / 5 Shaquana
Has been the user of time with a longitude of Sony is minidisc crew. It liked Mainly of a characteristic of half comunicacionales removable. Partorisca In $ 3, could copy the whole CD to a rule minidisc and maintain he in media library of mine. Some the early units look for to be better facts. Some more recent units look to be cheaply has done. There is a defect of intrinsic drawing with means it comunicacionales this has to that turns. A bed/write the bosses owe that move behind and advance him by means of some means comunicacionales, and ossia a weak point . There is the tiny ribbon boss that attaches to a boss/read writing. THIS BOSS will FAIL in time. It can be 6 month , can be three years , but will spend. When He , will take a famous 'BLANKDISK' error while you insert/to insert your disk. This will destroy any data was in a disk. Any loss adds use a minidisc for music so only, but the potential disaster yes uses to back on data (which have used to do). I have researched this in minidisc forums and expĂłsitos that had spent to another.

Has used minidiscs for backup of data because one $ 3, 300disks of MB were perfect for my needs. With which loosing lovely data, has dipped all 3 of my units and dozens of registered and disks of spatial in the drawer. Probably never to be used again.
5 / 5 Bunny
A hardware is surprising. At all it influences it roughly at all. It touches well, it is durable, takes the life of battery adds, etc. has expected a SonicStge 3.0 would cure some of some questions that plagues some earlier emissions, this in spite of this is not a chance. A software is incredibly slow and hard to use especially has the big collection of music. It looks to have redoes it a database learns every time do a small transmission. They are incredibly dissapointed. A hardware would take 5 stars, a software takes -3.
5 / 5 Adina
The sounds add, easy to use and easy in a battery!The software is absolutely any question and ultra comprise reason the people are having the difficulty with disk is : there it went it on 2 years now - the works add and a software is easy to comprise. Amur A submenu and shuffle bow besides. SONY -Do more these, is utmost.
4 / 5 Jessica
Ahhh Here are again, revising a toy of old technology that it is in the first place fallen enamoured with backside in 2004.

For 2004, HDD and flash the players were already in a scene, but imagined it would be economic to invest in the HiMD player, reason has had unlimited the storage saws removable minidiscs. Reason take concluded to the HDD/flashes player with space finalised?

This was Sony first HiMD player, which has used a new 1GB MDs and could play very only, but record. I can not take that I have paid partorisca he but he have to that it has been the plot; I think that that I have bought he in City of Circuit.

Pleasant, this in spite of: in a past decade has used it hardly. It was still partorisca do cassette mixtapes partorisca my truck (a lot the time after THIS TECHNOLOGY has had turn to obscurity). I have not gone entirely sold in a loyalty of ATRAC (or Mp3, or any technician of digital compression). The toyed with my HiMD player here and there, and used it occasionally like the device of removable storage partorisca my computers.

Like reason are I touching with him again? Reason have resurrected an old laptop and I has wanted to listen to some music on that. It is too slow for iTunes, and Player of the half comunicacionales of the Windows is also kinda pokey. But a HiMD comprised SonicStage careers of application of the music in the quite decent, as it imagines the one who a hell, will break out of an old player also.

Did not like Me never a bulk of of this player. Mina gf Philips flashes the player was much more svelte. It was add that could run for ever in the only EA batt. A really odd newspaper/toggle/control of key for playback is wonky, matched for an unsuitable 3-line LCD like looked like this dated in 2004 ( looks the exposure of surplus of 1984).

MDs Is almost of the square pieces of plĂĄsticoes that of the which have read, safeguard anything is on to like, 100 years. Ossia prolly A more redeeming what in MDs - a worse when being that it forms squared included, which gave the 1-in-4 casualidad would insert it correctly to a player he.

MDs Is electro-devices maquinales, requring a MD to look so that it can be read. As such, startup and the times of access are the bit there is retarded compared to that is to expect of the flash player.

Another reviewer said that this player will not touch rear Mp3 is directly. Sure it can. So only it has to that be transferred invernadero a SonicStage software. It does not convert my Mp3 to exist is to ATRAC is. It has not done Never.

At all to comment on is that it is loyalty the Sony, the sounds adds.

btw, $ 150 For the unit has used is ridiculous. I have found these in some venues thrift tents for less than $ 5, together with spatial MD this. To the left it is realistic taking here: for this quantity of money can me take the Touch of iPod has used well with the screen he well plus, wifi described and the interface of upper user that these offers of units. And full access to a tent of application of the Apple (Sony the music Connects? Deceased In 2008).
5 / 5 Jan
In a run over of the procession of funerals for him Tibetan lick in Kathmandu, mine MZ-R909 disappeared of my pocket of jacket, leaving me musically stranded with closing another month in Nepal. I thought that it that it could it has to that buy a reproductor of Mp3. After all, where does not find never a MD player in Nepal, the remote place of the canal of distribution of a world-wide developed and the society so only when finalising the 10-year civil war. But while mine in a section of electronics in my local supermarket has not gone so only a MD player, but mine a lot before Salvation-MD recorder/player.

That has been of tower in 2007. More than four years later and still am using a MZ-NH600D. (Ossia One a lot clunky name, as it calls it a Kathmandu, instead.)

Shortly after has taken home to Giappone, has purchased one of Sony reproductores of Mp3, but has sold quickly auctions after being disappointed with a poor sound. In 2008 I has purchased a MZ-RH1, Sony last and more adds MD Walkman, which uses mostly to record or transferring registers to a computer. Otherwise, Has been a Kathmandu all a way.

With a 1GB Salvation-MD disks can transfer 8-9 albums in ATRAC 256 to a disk, roughly 7.5 hours to listen. I find the collection of themed disks (jazz, rock, new age, compilations of gymnasium, driving compilations) far more convenient that looking for travers gigabytes of music in the flashdrive. Some disks are sturdy and can be fallen to the stock exchange of gymnasium, slipped to the pocket, or launched to a box of glove without a less bit of harm. And calm once tires you of a music, can erase a disk and create the new collection.

Quality of his excellent east, far better that some reproductores of Mp3 there is sampled (which, certainly, has not been a lot of), included when run by means of some automobiles stereo To the LINE-in. I have been surprised in some tomb this unit dips era. In an only sound can not give the support is a BEEP when pressing the keys of function of a unit (which so only yesterday has imagined was that it arrest to disable).

A dial and keys in a Kathmandu is situated opportunely to enable operation of a unit totally with a right thumb. I can now this while I am driving, cycling, or that careers. (Ejecting Or inserting the disk still requires two hands.) A car is announces almost 20 hours in a EA battery, which is astonishingly convenient. If calm never run out of being able to, any need the special adapter, so only another EA battery. Usually it spends the pair of spare rechargeables in my stock exchange of gymnasium and in a car. And reason a chance of unit is plastic, a player is light (although it bit it bulkier that a current harvest of pendrive-reproductores of Mp3 of measure.)

Some auricular pictured here? My unit there is not coming with them. Utilisation the pair of Sony earbuds, which are utmost to annul was quite to plot of environmental noise and ridding crisp sound.

And then has Sonic Phase, Sony is not software like this useful without that you can not transfer music among your PC and Walkman. It is, it likes the quota there is complained, any terribly the friendly user. But I have been in the current on View for four years without any subjects of entities. Calm once spend the little time with him and learn that pode and can any one , using is not like this burdensome. You learn to plan your tasks and have something more to do while SS spends 15 minutes that copies a gigabyte of data to disk.

I recently looked by means of a line-on Salvation-MD Walkmans for the unit resembled a Kathmandu, but there looks to be at all also partorisca operability and requirements to be able to, ossia, any unit that could a-rid and drawn to spend a EA battery inside a unit he (and no, like the quota of unit has, like the annex of sidecar, that does a unit that much bigger and more difficult that operate with only a right thumb). A subject of battery is of entity for the laptop. Sony This summer has announced the production finalised of a MD Walkman, which means a gum-the batteries of clave have used in the majority of his units will result increasingly difficult to find.

Has possessed previously three other MD players, all duquel has done so only well, but any duquel all a Kathmandu has beaten. Altogether, Ossia a player of the better portable music there is never has possessed. Appearance use he for at least other 5 years (when my guarantee of car and agreement of the occupation so much expĂ­ra). Sometimes the things do not take a lot much better.

5 / 5 Jacalyn
Has had this unit for 2 weeks and loves that. It comes with everything of some characteristic that last clean main years-md the players have come with, comprising EQ, far start (any far this in spite of) and easy to cruised mini joystick and jog dial. His a lot of convenient to have the player that accepts EA battery, of then there is alot of cells of good big capacity in this measure, the difference of one gums-battery of clave that is described scarce , decrease and result usless less than the year. A playtime is a lot also, included in the rechargable. Any skips neither, included with using really rough.

First what was to go the Sony is put web of League and download a later version of SonicStage. It has installed perfectly, it saves everything of some casts of game have accrued of my Grandchildren-MD Walkman which has used SonicStage 1.0. The law adds for rasgar songs of CD; it is quite fast. Has the CD info given to base that the swipes was Players of the means comunicacionales of the Windows is, any subject as hid a title.

Was able to returned all 200 CD is, on 2000 songs to 4 SALVATION-MDs and 2 80 minutes disks, one for each gender of music. His all is returned neatly to the compact 5 chance of disk.

I plugged a far that cane with mine MZ-N10, and the work adds. I can easily ways of game of the transmission and skip clues with him.

Some questions have had is:

Ultra conversion of slow Mp3; apresamiento SonicStage hours to convert the whole SALVATION-MD value of the disk of Mp3 is.

Any export of song of SALVATION-MD disk; if it try to transfer the song of a recorder to SonicStage will erase it a clue of a recorder, and disappear of a library of music, possibly to the temp file a bit where. (So only verified, has taken exported but is in the file has called has optimised Files, any to the the library of music likes where has estadas suppositions to go.) Some disks are hard to spend for, has tried 3 vendors and all were out of some disks.

Inferior line ossia one of one more minidisc platers there, if calm whose need anything too ultra big final. There are tonnes of models there and results one of one the majority of basic is also a better, cant say anything bad in a his player self.

Follow - up: I upgraded to a RH10 minidisc the player to substitute is one, and results that a Mp3 cpability of a RH10 doent work for VBR more all of mine gumstick the batteries have died, as have prendido to use the. Im Behind to this a afterall because of the his better batery option.
4 / 5 Roseline
Love this thing. A life of battery is sum. I have used work for around are hours. I took it then in the travesĂ­a and has listened his for other 15 hours in some same rechargeable the battery and he have had still touch the time has left.

With a 1 action minidisc have 345 songs in mine minidisk this in spite of there is free with some clues have registered in SALVATION-elepé(ATRAC3plus 64kps).

Mina a thing adds in the minidisc the player is so only can change a disk and I have another action of music ready to go so that it is a lot versatile and more economic that a reproductor of Mp3. More to be sincere the action of music in SALVATION-elepé (ATRAC3) adapted my needs so only well.

At the beginning did not like me an idea to use the proprietary format to the equal that ATRAC but the work adds and of a software is free and slowly on using a XP pc partorisca sometime to come has has not thought has been a lot of the risk especially of then could always mp3 rule put formatted songs in a minidisc he master.

I also like a fact that mine XP pro YOU pickup a walkman like a device of external storage a SonicStage the software is not turned on. This was the a lot of characteristic .

Am using Sonicstage v2.0 And it has done I add in mine XP pro (sp2) car. A MD Simple Burner has done perfectly for me also. Has write, the songs erased and redrafted my SALVATION-MD minidisc without question with this software. Considering a minidiscs has not had any question that finds a SALVATION-MD minidisks or a 80min minidisc.

Inferior line for a money does not think you can beat this player.
4 / 5 Jere
Has read to plot of descriptions before I have purchased my Salvation-MD player. And they have begun to do me marvel because they were all complaining on some owners ATRAC and like him no with Mp3 is. Well I have bought one for $ 87 comprising the nave and I love it. They are mostly state copying my CD is but has used the little Mp3 is and work well. Only computer geeks the one who thinks that that they require one much more late and more not liking . But it does not think anything in a phase goes them to satisfy.

Does not have the real question with a ATRAC. It does not think a speed of scrolling is too slow. I have expected much slower with which some descriptions have read. But for apt 45 hours of music in the disk, need to compress a music! Mp3 does not compress it enough. I am appreciated for a compression and I think a quality is still a lot good. Yes, I can say the little in a 48kb/s speed of scrolling, but a lot enough to give on a quantity of spatial of offers of storage.

My main complaint is that a software will clash occasionally and he backlight would be good for an exposure. And the desire was the little more sturdy with metal and any plastic. But then it would be heavy more.

But has did not have it never skip and is small and compact. Much more economic that a reproductor of Mp3 and a storage is removable as I do not owe that maintain adding and deleting the music every time wants to listen to something more. So only buy the new disk. The prize is a lot when you look around. They are by train to use it Mainly for music now this in spite of can not speak in the when being the unit of portable storage, but a lot characteristic. And calm can not beat a life of battery. If you could it covers in the car adapter or AC adapter, concealed so only would do it all a sweet plus.
5 / 5 Ignacia
This player is sweet in each alone way:

->A 6 bow of band is a lot flexible. I can customise he for mimicking player of means comunicacionales of the windows that dips to create the pleasant listening experience to almost any gender of music.

->A navigation is a lot friendly and fast. A jog-the dial is a lot convenient when exploring the massive cast of song on 1GByte disk.

->Atrac3 More and 1GByte the disk is the murderous combo. I can dip so much in 36 now of music of big quality (encoded in 64kbps) in a 1Gbyte disk.

->A quality of Atrac3 the plus encoded in 64kbps is quite identical to mp3 in 192kbps. If it is not because of a copyright hassle, could have done the revolution in music archiving.

->A player is quite durable he. I fell it 3 times of roughly 2-3 feets the height but has not died never on me. During 6 month of property, does not have any question can think of.

->A fully rechargeable the battery can last for a whole week with 4-5 listerning now for day. If it is out of battery, can always transmission in the new EA battery to augment that it listens time. His capacity to use EA the battery the very friendly fact. The difference of Ipod and another mp3 of base of player of hard walk, is side has hid no in a substitution of battery. EA The battery is economic muck : 1 Energizer rechargeable costs of battery so only 1-2 bucks and can be recharged until 500 times.

->In a software, different the opinion of a lot of people, found the a lot of friendly and easy to use. Esees Has learnt that calms that can do more stable that disable launching of car while a player is connected and CDDB function (goes the Option/of tool and disable CDDB or function to launch of the car). This can fix a leak by heart in SonicStage 3.1 and he more stable.
4 / 5 Amberly
Has possessed it minidisc player the while behind (specifically, a Sony MZ-N510CK NetMD Walkman) and has had mixed feelings roughly that. In the first place, a storage in a minidiscs has not been a More adds them - a could returned perhaps two hours of music on he with some disks of 150 megabytes. As, I always found the odd you could not write another means comunicacionales to some disks, like some documents and of the pictures. And it was disapointed that that has not had the widest row in has bitten the taxes could rasgar music to use Sony Sonicstage. While a atrac the format of compression gives his excellent - better, in my opinion, that any mp3 - I has wished would give more options. In general, I have not felt that a player has be worth it. But I have then found that Sony was relasing the new line of minidisc players, as I thought that it would give it shot it.

Has been worth it that.

In the first place, some the new disks resist some estupefacientes a gigabyte of information. They are almost he is returned 240 songs to the disk in a 132 has bitten tax. Also, calm now can use some players to back on your information. An old minidiscs that has resisted so only 150 megabytes, in some new players, is reformatted to resist 300 megabytes. Utilisation my old some partorisca back on my documents and pictures - I has not touched burner of mine of CD in month! And there it is imposed again has bitten to choose of. It is not like this wide the selection to the equal that with mp3 rippers, but an extra election is well. A scrolling of info using my USB 2.0 is quickly and easy.

Sadly, Like another reviewers has mentioned, a new Sonicstage the software is the ache to use . I have not had Never any questions with some old Sonicstage program, but for some reason a new version is extremely buggy and nettling. Besides, it is not fooled for a packaging - while sonicstage recognise mp3 and wma formed, when it try to transfer some songs to the yours discman will convert them to him to atrac formed for advanced.

In general, if you are leary to invest your money in the hardrive-the player of mp3 has based, how was, ossia an excellent alternative . They are very satisfied with a product.
4 / 5 Easter
In the first place has to that it says was one the majority of easy install all some the digital players have had/has tried. It was the sleep out of a box!

Has not been that another is complaining roughly is not the true walk, can cover he in and is present in yours soyy Computer' to access like this he 1 GB walk of disk, files to copy to and of and delete music also.

The life of battery is awesome! I have had the river this has eaten battery for lunches! Also, some commentaries on Mp3 is, calm need of people to dip a setup disk behind in and choose one 2nd or 3rd ( slips my alcohol now) election. There is add-on is, spent-ins and tools of software of all the classes that is free. There is also an update to a Sonic program that adds much more characteristic. I wish the people really would take to know his prodcuts before they have cut a down!

@In rodeo, any encircled your money in a Ipod craze (like any one says) and some another ossia a lot, much more expensive although you have paid that details for a 600D east and will be the SUBJECT!

Happy listening!
4 / 5 Elnora
Has possessed this device for roughly two weeks now. Left me action my thoughts on he with you.

When Have in the first place opened a container and has resisted a unit in my hand, has been impressed with as the light was, and is creation and attractive look . A manual was clear and has learnt a basics quickly. Here it is few tips :

have any known, can disable one annoying beep that play with each press of the key. It is much more pleasant with out.

Create your own Habit EQ dipping with some bars in the Or form. Ossia A perfect setting to use for Rock and Hip Hop music.

Recommends to dip your clues to a 64 have bitten imposed. It touches almost identical to 128 bit and calm will owe that bend a capacity for perhaps of 10 sacrifice in quality.

Him him Of the Windows XP the mark sure has all some critical updates or one more Sonicstage the program can no correctly.

This thing is like this the effective energy. A rechargeable EA only hard and hard. I have it touching in my car for 2 hours in mine commute and in my office 8 hours the day and one touch of only precise battery two times the week. I gave it the a lot of shaking and took it on he bumpy the walk and I am still to listen lose beat it.

Mina nitpickings...

One turns of roll has too control; I wish it turned more smoothly.

Of a moment press a key of game to when some games of song takes roughly two times while the majority of CD and players of mp3. It is the difference of the pocolos like this so that it is to say the small defect .

Be well a LCD was backlit, but does not use it a lot a lot of in the darkness and he would take on more juice if he , as any big shot.

A Altrac the format is the hassle and will require to spend the big chunk to time to change a format has to that it weaves of clues of Mp3.

Considered to join an iPod craze, but was a lot besides mine meager has presupposed. You can purchase this MD mark of new player in eBay partorisca less than $ 100 which is so only roughly 1/3 a prize of the 20gb iPod. Sure it would be good to have all this capacity, but a way sees it, 1GB is much more the music that could any never listen to a day, and changing disks once the day or less is well with me. If has the estimativa of 3 or 4 hundred, goes for an iPod. If you do not have a coin and love a better value, recommends a MD walkman.
5 / 5 Waldo
I have had he partorisca the week, and work like the charm. Perhaps it is a newer version of SonicStage, but is really easy and intuitive to convert and upload my CD is to a device. (I am not concerned that I have to that convert to the proprietary format; I am not planning on sending my files to another folks. And a stay of files in the directory in my hard walk like this behind up.)

Partorisca Copy CDs, essentially the three 'tabs' partorisca choose of

-- a prime minister automatically the cariche on any CD insert/partorisca insert and finds an information of on-line title partorisca you,

-- then you clique in signals partorisca the transfer to the yours harddrive library (the second tab, which maintains clue of your albums)

-- then pode clicks in a third tab partorisca aim a directory in your Salvation-MD Walkman, and have paste another arrow that transfers everything on.

The look will take roughly 30 album in mine first disk, then partorisca $ 7 I can take another in several places. (CompUSA And the amazon has 'in has listed, as it is not a question that takes him that folks has informed sooner.)

Downsides? I wish a volume was the little stronger on some of some files that had downloaded it (the files that come from the CD is a lot), as it likes to listen the music when I mow a gram to the equal that need something strong. And, it is not the flash walk, as it will be the little bulkier that could like you, but is very light.
4 / 5 Tifany
UPDATE: As I am finally state and bought it and luv the. I burn some songs in 132kbs has tried 64 and no partorisca me. Everythings Well, Yes has read a description in c-net would think you ossia the produced defective thinks them the apple paid them the downplay this. Ossia The I very better extracted that a Ipod. Apresamiento EA Would beat any recharging and does not have to that worry in the hard walk that crash or when the be was and having nowhere the recharge. You could it wants to expect the month, sony is exiting with a second salvation of generation-md players in april and sustain mp3 if ossia of yours entities I this in spite of thinks that that all use gumstick battery (recharge required) in place of EA which is reason the has not expected and has been still east. Oh yeah, sonic Phase 3.0 is was and like this far, any question of first order (like constant that clash)...

I in fact does not have a big MD player still, has a Net-MD minidisc player, there went it of then september this in spite of utilisation he in the daily base. It does not use cd anymore after taking east. In fact it would like me one of of some players of hard disk but before I fall 300+ dollars will have that fixed some issues that has. I scare when I listen histories of a hard walk that freezings on and when being rendered useless and me personally hate anything concealed comes with a description eschargable'. That is was paralizaciones more than 14 or like this hours and pode any recharge? I am stuck. With these minidisc calm players only pop in the ONLY EA battery and youre kool. With mine I transmission a battery perhaps the little less than a swipe each one that two weeks. I am taking a Salvation-md player next week reason so only want to spend around a disk. SONIC HATE-SYNCHRONISE some laws of day and another day he no except works of Real Player so only well. A happy thing in of the this is that it is powered for a boss of USB. Oh yeah, has treated so only the test. Rasgué The song of cd directly to a player I own has transferred from time to time a version of mp3 on to see if a double conversion of cd to mp3 the atrac was perceivable, if has the difference has not been noticeable.
5 / 5 Ghislaine
Has been the STRONG critic of Sony SonicStage software. ( You can see my rants in of the oldest models.)

But this has changed. A new version of SonicStage is very better.

Active MD users there is complained the Sony for years and -- to his credit -- gave a main characteristic asks: a capacity to take music of a player in the no proprietary format.

(Sony Has chosen WAV which is very useful but big. Calm also can burn to CD.)

While it still finds Sonic Phase 4.0 quirky is Much easier to use that leading versions. Again, I give credit to Sony.

Personally, the desire so only could tug-and-fall some files of a MD but a SonicStage the method is not too bad.

So much, partorisca low $ 200 takes quality of register of UTMOST audio and the really ask very drawn of hardware. Ossia I last to beat! You owe that dipped up with some 'ONLY COST' software.
5 / 5 Barrett
Was initially cautious roughly buying any device that has compress a music because the fellow the one who is a audiophile has said that has had the dreadfully discernable difference in a sound of a CD or other sources has been taken of. It was also a lot of obstinate and has insisted that has touched horrible and would not be able to listen his reason my ears bleed of a horrendous sound. I have been he advances and has purchased a basic $ 99 an in all the chance and was very pleased (and extremely surprised) with a sound and has had any question with a way has touched. My ears a lot of bleed for a way. He roughly done 2 month has purchased a Sony MZNH600D Ciao-MD MiniDisc Walkman and was again, extremely gratified with quell'I had purchased in an incredibly low prize of $ 74 (imposed besides) of Tweeters but has had some bad regime. No with a player but that have spent his. I took it usually to do with me because a database I work with in the daily base does not leave me an use of a player of CD in a computer because it causes a computer to clash. It had been situating he in a cupboard on my office and closing he during a day when it was out of an office to prevent flight but because of the mine own absentmindedness (and stupidity) done several days before that leaves work, has forgotten to verify and place he in rucksack of mine and has been flown by a housekeeping personal reason have forgotten to close a cupboard. Still although it was so only 2 days or he like this fact, has has purchased already another Sony MZNH600D Ciao-MD MiniDisc Walkman. It has taken a same model reason was satisfied extremely with him. Still it uses one $ 99 unit like the backup and like the second unit for my partner to use and listen the while doing odd works around a house or in a backyard. It looked very uncomfortable to use at the beginning but that has been due to any when being pas familiar with him. Cela And a fact that has there was not reading a manual this is coming with him. After reading a manual, has @to @give that a Simple MD Burner really was like this simple to the equal that has touched and has not used another way to transfer CDs to some mini-disks. It would call a compraventa of this model to any concealed is interested in storage of music of big capacity in the low prize. I gave it 5 stars because it is a lot of value of the money are spent for him. BTW, If I can not find any place to purchase a 1GB Salvation-MD disks of spatial gone to [...] For them and anything more related to of the mini-disks (storage, if, etc). Highly I recommend him reason have purchased previously the number of things of them and has been attributed with fast service , effective and extremely friendly.
4 / 5 Shakita
Does not possess a HiMD Mindisc still, although it looks advance

to buy a finally, but the maintenances read people

having questions with Sony terrible comprised OpenMG software

(I finds is horrible, and lately RealOne the player is clashing

on me when it tries to transfer Mp3s the NetMDs possess,

which are a mzn505 and he 410 (the no frills black a).

Has to that way that has had to that find the better solution for files of mp3 or another

pc files of music, a SimpleBurner Sony gives is very still

discovered so only can recopilar the CD 'Image'

him the the to to the burner likes him BLACK, which has is,

so only burn the image of CD of Black or another in to call them continuazione,

saves to HD, the trace to an image likes to regulate the 'CD,' THEN OPEN

Sony' SimpleBurner and burn an Image, will recognise it,

then only burn to a NetMD and to the left think

still can specify spatial among clues before it burn

the Image. These looks to do the better TONNES that Sony crappy

software, which all the world-wide looks to despise, and those who want to

to register in real time unless I owe that? More burn

10x fast in this way in the PC the new plus with USB 2.0, as it is

method of election. Calm can say me IPOD but ossia sĂșper

expensive, is not for archiving music or that burns like the

NetMD is, and now a HiMD still will do files of data, as he

probably would owe that save a Sony NetMD line for a prĂłjimo

sure expect like this cause I amour a NetMD formed,

is so only Sony sustain and junky software that is a

of entity glitch in the marketing of a product. Reason any Sony

fixed this? It can not be that hard to come up with the best

continuazione of software, and SimpleBurner is well!
5 / 5 Tonisha
Behind in January, has purchased a Nomad 40GB Jukebox player of mp3 and really loves the, has not had any question with him and a software is simple like abc is. River when the people write in those bad a software is. A prime minister grader could imagines era.

Like such, so to the equal that loves a player of mp3, is quite big and uncomfortable to spend around. So much for me, it does more felt to to use likes the desk stereo has attached to speakers.

So many, has wanted to find something small, light, and relatively economic. My partner had purchased the different economic model of a Sony Minidisc player as I thought that it would give it shot it.

Has purchased a MZ-NH600D behind in May. It is gone in the container sealed with all some accessories, comprising a armband. I also peeled out of $ 25 for a long guarantee - I believes is the four guarantee of year . It can it has not beaten it concealed.

So much, now loves more. This pocola what is a lot a gymnasium, or a beach. But I want to upgrade and take something of better quality for a car.

Ossia Where are in the loss now. It looks that a MZ-NH1 has been released and so only remained in a phase for and the half seconds.

A new cup of a model of line is ugly. It is black plastic that calm mean will be able to see each one which fingerprint on that. Nizza Was a magnesium casing. That has spent? Too expensive for Sony?

Some new models look economic and there is not the good variety. It Likes him to him a MZ-NH600D, of work like the charm, but feels too disposable. Any I still sees SALVATION of better quality-MD players have offered abroad where eats on a minidisc phase much more that some the USA

any precise the camera boba in mine MD player, especially some photos are no better that that of the cup of a camera of mobile phone of the line.

While it sees the cup of a model of line in magnesium casing in the near future. Considering a MZ-NH600D, for real is the gem. And one 3.1 Sonic software again, is like this easy like ABC. I am not sure reason the people have such the question with a software. Import and scrolling. A quality of his glorious east, a lot crisper that some files of Mp3 in my player of mp3, half, no the ENORMOUS difference but enough is paying next attention.

A more more adds with this little gizmo artilugio like this mentioned before it is a life of battery. UNBELIEVABLE. If have rechargeable battery, is put. I have been touching a MD player all day and is been going roughly four days in a battery. Like this then, collection that battery and slip the touched on in a artilugio. Shining.

So much, in the stairs of 1-5 for the inferior end minidisc player, for real takes the 5. Calm can not beat a cost, quality of his, and life of battery.
4 / 5 Lucius

+ Is small. Perhaps very small like other devices, but is quite small.

+He carrys to plot of music. It finds that a format of aTRAC in fact is the measure of has bitten smaller has compared to a overruling mp3. It can returned almost one same ammount of music like the mini Ipod, which is 4 GB.

+ Court in the EA battery. That means a rechargeable the battery have has had to that my player of CD can still the work is, the meaning is not wasteing.

+Habit EQs. Has the mine dips up like same like my Player of Half comunicacionales of the Windows EQ is, and a sound is surprising. Compared to without a EQ in a player, feels alive.

+Soundstage Has done fantastically in my computer. While you are paitient with him, will be well.


-No backlight. Although it is better that the player of CD that any included say you another info besides a number.

-A key of to the game does not like the key of pause. There is the seperate key for that. I have had mine for roughly 2 month, and still takes some taking used to.
4 / 5 Marisa
Has bought this player the few days done and is awesome. I curently has HAD ALREADY sonic phase 2.0 version in my computer and on 3,000 songs in my library. All has them has had to that do is to install a new software so that my salvation md the player would be recognised for one 2.0 software. It was very simple to do. Then it has begun them so only transfering all a music that has wanted them a 1gb mini disk. There is has not finalised cuz a storage is enormous. Like this then it is them so only be in and has touched a song that was in him already. Calm always can go back and the transfer more master or try fill a disk a day has a time. An only thing is where do the gone to buy more spatial 1gb minidiscs? It has him for $ the piece but does not ship to p.ou. Boxes. Like this for now it can them use one 80 min minidiscs which can store 13.5 hours of music that is incredible cuz another minidiscs the players can so only control 5 hours and a sound is not like this well like salvation-md the player is in better plot . If you are looking for something any too expensive and does not want to be limited to players of paper of the memory or skipping players of hard walk, goes with this sony. You wont complain it!
4 / 5 Kaylene
With some prizes of these units that is like this down, to good sure offers the alternative sum to a ipod or flash the players of mp3 have based.

Has been that uses this thing for the week here is my thoughts:

pro: easy to use, a software is quite simple, the life of battery adds in EA battery, half comunicacionales (80 small or roughly 10-13 hours or 300 MB) is easy to find - a 1gb need of disks to be purchased on-line but is still easy to find and is economic form , small factor, simple controls, ANY SKIP - NEVER, the sound adds, control of good volume, there is shuffle way with hardly a lot of lag, a 1gb the disk resists the tonne of songs, downloading songs doesnt take too long.

With: So only an available chance that could find them, any backlight for exposure, no like this populate like ipods or to the likes.

I really like a Salvation-MD formed, work for me and I recommend it to another (if still they can him find)
5 / 5 Erma
Ipods is fresh and has to that it weaves of capacity, but expensive and a no hard battery any a lot of.

Solid-the state players are fresh, but the storage is bloody expensive, and the no hard battery any one a lot neither.

Reproductores Of Mp3 of CD is economic but bulky, does not fold storage like this portable and require the burner.

PDAs Is convenient calm reason so only spend a thing, but have life and expensive storage of short battery.

This pocola what can store 35 CDs with beautiful good quality on 1 minidisc, will run over 25 hours in just 1 humble regular EA battery; utilisation rechargeables which last included longer. It is add it likes him the backup and portable storage the calm tool of then can have several disks. They are in Toronto and buy them in a Sony tent in Yorkdale shopping centre, but also can him take of Futureshop or .

The sound is a lot well, probably like him 128 Kbps Mp3. Has the 5-band customizable bow.

So only gilipollas: it has installed Sonicstage on 3 PCs: it refuses to do in an of them, another that that it is well. Also, calm can not copy rear music of the minidisc to the different PC.

My joint: it goes to take it.
5 / 5 Larae
...But still to expensive. One of a big letdowns when MiniDiscs is in the first place exited has been inability partorisca upload the contained registered until the computer [says alive , action of music, has has registered meetings etc] But Sony was CONCERNED LIKE THIS on the one who the consumers could do copies of music his hobbled MiniDisc for a better part of the decade when it could have substituted a cassette like the device of primary portable music...
In an end Sony hobbling has not prevented an increase of Napster and to file that accione ?
At least this current species of MiniDisc alot more than his prime his old plus, but for then was too late and Sony still once again lost to another company, included with his elder 1GB the disk still can spend alot more in the reproductor of basic Mp3... A very so only can do would be the meetings records of alive/music and such but there is better crew and smaller there.
In some signals in timing a term Walkman was king... Now his poop.
5 / 5 So
Has thought that was finally time partorisca substitute mine Irock 520 32MB player of mp3. It looked around, but it could not find anything concealed really has adapted the, especially in my row of prize of down 90 bucks. As I have spoken to one of mine fellow and he have recommended it MiniDisc Player. As I looked him up and I have been impressed. I have ordered a MZNH600D after taking some joint of these forums and am blown went by. Life of long battery, quality of his ADD (in 48kbps!), unlimited Storage, lustrous and small creation, and very easy to use controls. I want a jog goes of dial, the very easy fact to toe by means of big numbers of songs. Any the one who has the big library of songs to toe by means of him quickly will grow partorisca love this jog goes. At present I have 230 songs in a 1GB the disk is coming with, still have 663MB has left. And it can resist the total of 675 songs for 1GB disk, and partorisca 6 bucks the pop, thats a awesome extracted, unlimited storage! I have bought to five band of regular disks instead this in spite of partorisca only $ ($ the disk). Each disk resists 300MB, roughly 200 songs. Dispite Which have listened in ATRAC, loves it. ATRAC3plus I fantastic sounds, included in 48kbps, which is a minumum the imposed and I use it. A software (sonicstage 2.0) is very easy and simple to use. A LCD is add, see all precise and one turns/of name of artist of song by means of a screen to the equal that can see everything of him, his only that loses the backlight but can live without that. It could not be happier. And more than all this thing was so only 80 bucks, and with ipods so like 300 bucks, ossia partorisca the fly. They are now he diehard Sony Minidisc the defender and I always will recommend to another.
5 / 5 Lorretta
While to a MZ-NH1 or NH900 partorisca be released. These will have the digital amp,. Probably Improving a quality of sound. A NH600D already touch add this in spite of like this will be improved in a has mentioned in models!! I have been using minidiscs for some time now and am very impressed with a Salvation-MD unit.

Like the response to reviewer diplomado "Well but Pointless, July 15, 2004". Please take your legislation of first information of posting in the place has taken. Giving dud info is not very partorisca other clients those who are trusting on that. One 1 Gigabit the disks are available on . I have been partorisca the few weeks now. I have ordered 6 of them the few weeks does. Also, something is very bad calm Took 12 hours partorisca do your download. It would not owe that take the tenth of this quantity of time.
4 / 5 Agustina
Has had mine mini player of disk partorisca roughly two years now, and although I do not have any complaint in a player are having such difficulty with a software that are roughly partorisca break down and buy a ipod. In some signals that have purchased the clue of a Sony connects Tent of Music and when I have tried transfer the to my player has taken an error that declares that the copyright has prevented a clue partorisca be has transferred. It was worsened enough of then had PAID for a song. With which a lot of fiddling was able to do around that.

My computer has been reconstructed two times have had of this software and both times have has has caused questions of first order with a software. While I still can download some clues have purchased already for free, can do not to move them to my player or he cd.

While I can convert WAV or files of Mp3 in my computer to ATRAC, can not convert ATRAC in any one another format. Of my hard walk clashed and my roughly of my music has been flown out of my car was excited originally reason to the plot of him was in mine mini-disks. This in spite of, can not transfer those follows behind to my computer. A lack of the flexibility in a software has done a player he useless mine.

Transferring clues to and of a player takes for ever and if the particular clue is forbidden, any explosions of error on top of only continuous say 'transferring' and is not until calm he takes when you are frustrated that is taking like this long that discovers that the clues are problematic.

One Connects the tent of Music has the selection limited in my opinion. It likes him-me some seeds-dark material that the does not have , and there are artists that is not to hide that they do not spend neither. In some two years have had this has found perhaps twenty songs that has loved.

Are not one the majority of computer presents literate, have gone can not have had like this questions, but after reading alike complaints in a software now can situate some of a fault in Sony. :)
5 / 5 Layne
PROS- Sony Hardware a lot- to good sure. His add. The life of battery adds. Qualified of good storage. It Likes him a mini of concept of disk.

GILIPOLLAS- Sucky Software. A mini the format of disk there is so more potential if a software was better. I can not imagine any one describing a software like good.

Some keys of the dial & of the control is tiny and no very intuitive. For chances, is difficult to use with gloves or without both hands.

This in spite of, yes could use another software, likes Left of Music or the-Tunes in this mini produced of disk, Sony would have the winner-
4 / 5 Brandy
after looking for some digital way to spend my music has decided in this player. It is returned a prize (down 200) and has offered some by heart expandable street some disks. Have has wanted a Ipod or another player of big capacity, but a prize was the big and a subject of durability of a hard walk and the inner battery was the downside. It flashes it it has based it the players so only have the memory limited (upto 1action) and offer any expansion. So much, there is a MiniDisc. Like this far I have roughly 25 CDs registered in a AtracPlus 48kbs formed and in the middle of a 1disk of action is full. I have tried some place plus very big, but there is not remarked enough differentiates in quality to give on a space of disk. I also run this with the FM modulator (Belkin), quality like this main would take lost in all the chance.

Has read some descriptions and calm would think a software (SonicStage) stinks. I have not had any question. It is not a better, but works. Has the PC the new plus and a conversion of file of a CD to Atrac takes roughly 5-10 min for 1 now CD.

Regarding a player he, I like a capacity to see a data of file (the support comprised for GraceNote is very good and attentive). I can take a song or CD want to quickly. A shuffle the characteristic work really well! This was the subject of the entity for me has to that the way that has loved randomly songs of game of all of the mine CDs (like my emisora radio own). A time among songs is almost a lot-existent, a next song resembles already be cued up. Highly it would recommend this player!

Also, has tried the player of PORTABLE CD with Mp3 compatabilty, but a speed was VERY SLOW. So much, it does not try this option.
5 / 5 Anjanette
Has bought this player after spending load to time to choose among a Creative N200 and Iriver flash 7XX SERIOUS. Has a lot of CDs and so only the little MP3s (30) one 'what obvious' has has thought was to buy the reproductor of Mp3 and rasgar all of the mine CDs to Mp3. Have Then expĂłsito SALVATION-MD and has thought again.

Him him Of the cariche of MP3s this is to be download recently and there is DRM protect then this player is not for you BUT like of has a lot of CDs and the little older has not protected MP3s and love portable music 'Any Skip' music in a then read movement on.

A lot To the left is to treat a negative big plus first, this model does not have any Mp3 encoder or radio but has has wanted to something touches concealed MY FAVOURITE SONGS a lot the radio DJ this. A software has distributed SonicStage v2 is not a better neither (download v3.0 His best)and a Sony the system of control is quell'has bitten fiddly but so only like a Iriver player, once take used his, is well.

A thing the note is that ossia he MiniDisk player and only touches Sony Atrac files. Mainly a quality of his better east that expected and is brilliant to convert CDs directly the Sony Atrac3plus 64K imposed. This calm give you an amazing 45hrs of 'quality of CD MUSIC. It ignores the majority of the which have read roughly converting MP3s to Atrac. All the music has to that prpers have converted to this format previously to perceive like your old MP3s and WAVs is turned to Atracs. If you have had to file of decent Mp3 (192Kbps or big) then for one the majority to separate a quality of his east well.

Compared to some reproductores of aforesaid Mp3 on, has taken my player for ÂŁ50 more ÂŁ5 for the 1Gb SALVATION-MD. Ossia To the most economic plot that a model of equivalent Mp3 of 128K. In a Iriver and the Creative players have transferred 22 songs of Mp3 at most and was both plenary. East times 8 equals 1GB so much can say that we can take roughly 176 songs to the 1GB model of some same players. Now the SALVATION-MD, can take around 500 songs of around a same quality to 1 SALVATION-MD disk. It does not concern too on SALVATION-MD disks can take him easily on Amazon or Ebay and so only very precise never the little. The majority of reproductores of Mp3 there is

In courts, a quality of his east orders, SALVATION-MD controls roughly 500 more than the ones of songs of the dossiers and playlist support. Besides if not to impose you using SonicStage, manual podcasting MAY also be possible.

His no the perfect solution the portable music ( does not have a) but in mine dress when that comparing when flashing reproductor of Mp3 has based his a lot of value of the money.
4 / 5 Joya
Well, first first things. Of then extracted the enormous number of files of mp3, mainly on mp3 cd is, an idea to be able to dip them on he minidisc touched to good to be true. And it was, reason some files have converted before they are transferred to a minidisc, like this technically, is not in fact files of mp3, is oog files. More, a software is the nightmare . Other people have said that an up to date version is better, which is a version has, as I can very included imagine the one who terrible the earliest versions were. SONY Is really screwing a pooch, like this absolutely could govern a world of mp3, with improvements of entities, reasons with this Salvation MD players, if some disorders of units on, does not lose your music, reason is in the removable disk, while with the player of conventional mp3, if something spends to a unit, is done. A big thing that disappointed me was way these things were pitched to do walks like this removable for the computer, but in reality, is the long way of that. Sony Has the very long street to do the particular course of a sleep the reality, but take a feeling goes to seat so only in his hands, and these things go to do finally for the phases was. As I say, yours another company there to in fact take on a phase for them, perhaps Magnavox or Panasonic, two companies those who am not fearful to improve his products and is known for decent reliability. But, as I have mentioned in a title, the law so that I require them to, which is to dip big quantities of music to the tiny disk and never prpers that it has to that worry in a disk again, which is the enormous improvement in cd is, which have to be substituted from time to time. I know people those who are using some same minidiscs in fact ten years without question, and these types are cellular professionals dj east. Sony Is the really screwing they east times for not doing the fastest improvements with a software and etc., Like this Magnavox, wait that listen. Paz out of
5 / 5 Dalia
has purchased this element 4 month ago and could not be pleased more. I have had three reproductores of Mp3, all duquel was frought with questions a lot a less than the how was storage very limited has described. Has Has to that it weaves of discussion recently king; those deceive Sony Corp. It has done in a past few years. I can say wholeheartedly that a the deception of entity was in not directing the blitz campaige to publicize his line of Mini Player of Disk and to leave the people know the one who the upper option is. Mina MD functions perfectly and is a lot the friendly user. If I have been pressed to do it negitive the commentary would be that it involves a software. A soyini Burner' is the jewel but a esonic Phase' the leaves of units treat it well to be has wished no a less than the how is that it calms can not download of the majority of services of music of the internet without running to of entity glitches with 'authorising and subjects of Copyrights. In a tentativa sincerely will admit that a question can be easily fixable but like this far rests besides mine syber has described. Ossia The product adds in the prize adds so it is finalised with Mp3 or yes calms so only is taking to all this buy one...
5 / 5 Bessie
WELL, immediately a bat has to ask me like a sooner reviewer has taken 12 hours to download 1GB of music to a MZNH600. I took roughly 1 now! While it concealed still it can look the long time, that consider what music is transfering, does not think is the question .

Seriously has considered an iPod of Apple. A Sony Ciao-MD won on as I add it alternative - uses the alone level EA battery that last a incredable 25 hours. There is no hard walk to concern incident roughly control excellent. It does not resist so much in the alone disk but he is not that big treat it to change disks. Besides, 1GB in a Sony is in equivalent to 35 CDs... Work for me. It took it on he 800 one thousand travesĂ­as car to Oregon and behind and was flawless.

Some am complained in a SonicStage the software but I found it to be so only well. I have used iTunes and am annoyed in as iTunes takes on some functions of CD ROM to a point that disables another software of CD! At least a Sony SonicStage any that!

Quality of his excellent east in a Atrac3 64kbps has imposed. Ossia A prĂłjimo to the main compression the one who leaves roughly 35 hours of music to apt on 1GB. In a main compression, there is remarked that the voices have begun to the sound bit it odd. Still, in 64kbps, can returned more music on 1GB that the player of typical mp3 - I estimativa roughly more 50. Like this compared to other players of mp3, a Salvation-MD is really equivalen to the 2GB.

Has the flu, sound a tiny exposure. In fact he well but is not backlit and navagating some papers takes the pocola practical. Some controls, while small, in fact do quite well, this in spite of.

Has considered also some of some players of solids of state mp3 but to take a same quantity of music in the River Chiba for example, would create a way of prize further that of a Sony. This little Salvation-MD player is an excellent value - Oh yeah, and mentions that it folds like him 1GB spent and walk of touch of data of portable USB... Highly I recommend it.
4 / 5 Kasey
In the first place and very especially, this hardware is excellent die a prize. You can use rule 80 minutes MD disk that cost $ 1 partorisca store 300MB of music. Of atracplus 64k touches like this very like this mp3 128k, can store 600music of MB in $ 1 small disk. This system is better that PLAYER of CD of then is smaller and is better that rule flashes player of any precise to begin on my computer partorisca change a music or I do not require partorisca buy the by heart expensive paper.

A reason has given 4 incident is because of his software. Work well. If has sonic phase 3.0, calm only precise installs MD engine and the computer will recognise your devide. But please agree for each does not need to be a lot of patient. It does not think my cup of lap is particulary outdated. Sotic The phase is very slow. Be patient. With which you transfered your music to disk, any precise of the see again .

For a way, the mine has come with 5 coupon of downloads to Connect. Given a prize, is not the very good?
5 / 5 Gregoria
This description is more in a Salvation-MD concept in general that a particular player.

A quality of sound was excellent. A rest of a product and the merit of concept to die in a warehouse.


-An only thing that is not proprietary is a headphone jack and a EA battery. Further that, Sony dual function like the provider of content (complete with lawyers of bad intellectual property) and manufacturer of crew fatally involved usuability of this line of players. Any Macintosh the support is so only a start. Algorithms of proprietary compression. Odd load and inflated/of the principles of download. The wrong elections have done in the each point of a PRD process.

-100x speed of register? Mark that 4x the good day. 100x the speed is the specification that would have to attract an attention of Elliot Spitzer, if there is so only has concerned.

-Some players are flimsy. He So only walking with the mine caused it to skip. And a hard fall to a paving and he have prisoner to do totally. Sony Will touch you to honour a guarantee (parts so only--any work). For you contrast Apple has substituted iPod of my daughter any question asked when it has begun to develop hiccups of hard disk.

-Trying finds Salvation-MDs offers an emotion of a hunting, if you are the this class of what. But his rarity suggests that Sony is in better languid on to sustain this device.

Has used to be the loyal Sony client, but now believe has gone almost irretrievably downhill. The lustrous creations do not compensate for disfunctional management of product and low quality manufacture. In fact, I am planning a HD compraventa of television next year and there is Sony far down in a cast of possibility. You can find value and better quality almost anywhere more these days.

Howard, is listening?
4 / 5 Percy
A Pros: it is the thing of beauty. Some people say that it is done of economic plastic. Well it can be true priced in $ +, but that averts would have to that disagree. Careers in the solos EA battery for days. Quality of his excellent east to compress music. A bad . . . It uses an obsolete USB 1.0 likes to take 45 min to 1 hr to transfer 1gb music or data. Sonicstage Is not that I hand friendly music.
5 / 5 Tamekia
This player is really amazing... I Really recomend the!


A quality of his in 64kbps is excellent... I can not say a difference among atrac3plus in 64kbps and Mp3 in 128Kbps.

Was able to store 36 CD is in a minidisc and 38 in another...

The software is not really the question like other descriptions has said. I recommend that it download a 3.2 version of an internet.

Quite small to return in your pocket!

The life of battery is very good.


A wheel is a bit last to move! (It does not expect it to move like a ipod a)

A screen is not backlit so that it is really hard of the see at night.

Takes roughly 15 minutes to copy each CD to a player (Notes that am using an USB 1.1 in place of the USB 2.0 which is faster)

Some headphones are not some better... But you can better some for $15

will require to use a fact to commission EQ to dip your more wished sound of a regular setting is really bad...

Buys this player unless has quite money to buy a ipod! If you can buy 1 or 2 spatial minidisc extra ( can return roughly 35 CD is in the each one one in 64kbps).
5 / 5 Sanda
A sound in Salvation-SP is like this very like this, if any better that, concealed of Any one ANOTHER minidisc the recorder/player has listened in any prize (and my base of comparison is extended quite--15 or like other models of Sony and Treble.) As roughly 7 hours of music can be recorded in 1 disk of action and roughly 2.5 hours in the levels minidisc using a Salvation-SP way. And this model has been selling ECONOMIC. One 1 disk of the action also can have the habit of files & of scrolling of the transport of any class. Also an evening more Sony software for east looks to be an improvement in the oldest versions. An aesthetics of this model certainly could be improved, and, of course, really would be the subject, if it has had other entrances (for example, MIC and LINE).
5 / 5 Branden
Thinks that this product deserves better that those some people have said. When I have installed Sonicstage in my computer has not had any question that uses it. Calm simply import your songs of yours dossiers and then transfer them on one the md. Especially It likes Me a MD Simple Burner . With your walkman hooked up can so only dipped in the cd and the little message will burst on a toolbar, burn of press and he a work with out any hassle. A joystick is easy to use but a jog the dial is the little resistant to turn. A down the side is that a LCD does not light how is the bummer reason when you are in the calm dark place can not see that it is doing. A fresh thing is that some powers of boss of the USB a device, like this calm does not have to that treat an extra power jack. I have received the five present of paper of the dollar to a league tends of music also.

In general would say that ossia the product adds . It goes and buy one!
4 / 5 Marcia
This Player is very good and the capacity is WELL for the half comunicacionales removable, this in spite of any whole Salvation-MD---OpenMG----SonicStage---ATRAC is a lot of problem to use.

I summarize:


-ATRACplus his of decent algorithm in 64kbps, comparable to Mp3 in 128kbps in my opinion. There is also he 256kbps option that touch a lot well, but the files are quite big for a Salvation-MD capacity, the inconvenient fact.

-A prize announced for a Salvation-MD disks of spatial is well, around $ 7.

-The prize compares to this of a MiniIpod or some Flash reproductores of Mp3, this in spite of ossia esupposed' (read down) to be upgradeable to buy more Salvation of spaces-MDs

-Pursue in EA battery.

-Can run with him and take any skips.


-HAVE TO YOU THAT use SonicStage software to transfer files to / of a MD.

-Any support of Mp3 in a unit, only games ATRAC. MP3s Is transcoded for a software of PC.

-SonicStage Is the little bit unreliable.

-You CAN not upload songs of MD to your PC. Like this calm can not use a MDs like the backup of your collection of music of the PC, reason if yours PC has failed, calm can not upload some songs again.

-Although it encode songs in ATRACplus with SonicStage, can not move some files to another PC. And they are not that it speaks in illegal emotional, could have more than a PC.

-Can so only game (as far) ATRACplus files with Sony software (in your PC, I bad).

-Salvation-MD Disks of spatial is scarce, not even sony negotiate it on-line has him in stock inner a moment of this description.

Thinks that this unit is the good alternative when Flashing reproductor of Mp3 based of capacity of half (256-512MB) can find he for less than $ 200.

For the little more than of the this can take you the 4/5 GB HD to player likes a MiniIpod and save a hassle of a propietary formed, algorithm, formed to protect of the legislations (OpenMG) and that have so only an election of software.

Thinks Sony could have done the good product but is taking a wrong street to protect of copyright. His shouln't do like this in a cost to reduce a functionality of product and reliability.
5 / 5 Cassandra
Has purchased recently the Sony MD Walkman MZ-NH600D in clearance for $ 100 (comprising the 1GB MD Paper). A simplicity of some controls is a lot of usefull and handy. More with $ 7 for another 1GB MD Paper, this can be that it could call 'a ipod murdered.

A equivilent Ipod (1GB) would be me cost $ 150. For $ (with which 6 MY SALES IMPOSED) has taken a same quantity by heart (1GB) and expandablity in economic MD Papers. So many for $ 150 I could have taken the 1GB Ipod Shuffle, or could take a Sony MD Player of Mp3 with 6GB or more!

In general this Player of Mp3 is the option adds if you do not want to pay the fortune for an Apple Ipod. An only complaint has is that, when being a model an old plus, does not have like this a lot of available accessories.
4 / 5 Nerissa
Ossia A second minidisc the player has possessed. Prime minister of mine a (Sony MZ-R30) has been point and averts in quality like this perhaps is not so only to compare a two... But this new more a slow east to answer, that annoying to open, and a poster of control is slightly last to see. A sound is well. My main complaint is a slow operative speed and clumsiness of inaugural the to insert a disk. Probably it would not recommend this element unless it calms does not concern you roughly facilitated of use.
5 / 5 Nilda
First to buy it, answered a question: The calm usually take your clues? So only they are that it speaks in legal sources.

Taken this 400+ CD collection in home, then ossia a right hardware for you. Utilisation a Coverage MD simple burner software, and can live reasonably happy. A sound and the ease of use is excellent and will compensate some frustration with a software likes control in verifying was.. ( It forgets sonic phase at all!!)

Buys your on-line music, any subject where (Napster, Walmart, Itunes, etc..), then forget it! Before takings used to all a work around, like this in flames everything of them to CD is, load and then modify an information of seal for each clue or like this, will want to take touched of of him immediately... Unfortunately Sony there is not wake up for a new digital world-wide still ( his someday?)

Top Customer Reviews: Sony GV-HD700 High ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 20 ratings
5 / 5 Lorena
Has the big collection of DV and HD DV records and has wanted issues he for his touch in my system of entertainment of the house without hooking in my camera. A Video of Sony Walkman is only an entrance. I hooked arrives it using the DVI cape and can touch my HD DV tape in big definition in my television with incredible results. I used it also to edit my tapes felizmente good. It IS very portable and compact. One the utmost characteristic is a capacity to extract photos of your videos. That is to say the very functional and device very built. If you are the photographer of serious video and uses the DV camera, this device is very estimate a inversion.
5 / 5 Dacia
Been expecting one of these for years his utmost at the end take to transfer all my old video
5 / 5 Dennis
The element has been taken so announced. The law adds and saves the plot of wear and tara in of the cameras. Hreat Amazon Of work.
5 / 5 Jermaine
I have bought a Walkman to use like the DVCAM for the video that edits.
The problems was has had to to take the 4-key in 6passador Firewire cape
for the take to do like the Macintosh compatable product.
Sony The capes no with Mac is.
Some people were very useful in J + R but same Sony has not had to a correct solution like him take 25 days to research and finds a solution.
Has had to to ask some personnel in a canal of television to help.

The laws add now.
5 / 5 Andre
This coverage is main and when being very less solid that some substitutes of coverage, a GV-D1000. Worse, Sony takes a capacity to use the cape takes to start with and prender a coverage. One of some better things in a GV-D1000 was his LANC described. In general, this be of coverage flimsy and for me is virtually useless. In the middle of his studio probably COSTS. But for work of serious field, nadda.
2 / 5 Stasia
The service adds material adds Im Happy ThankYou Amazon
4 / 5 Leandra
I produce to add - all wants the to do except any come with the cape for IEEE1394 iLink interface in my computer. A literature not even this clears. Quan Has opened a box and could not find a cape, Sony nicknamed and expsito that does not comprise it . Desprs Paid in $ 1000 for this product, looks that the critical cape ought to come with him.
4 / 5 Mathilda
One produces quite that says, and records in HDV of a Firewire has entered. Had some smaller subjects to connect the in FCP 6.02, but suddenly, magically, law.Screen Spec: Sony (and more places) says '1152K main pixels a to think that a screen is 1440x800. According to the fast test for me, concealed is not a resolution. A manual said 800x480 (384,000 pixels) and that it is likely correct. Sony Takes the'1152' to take 800H lines x 480V lines x 3 colours = 1152K. Any one more has not seen never, comprising Sony in another resolution of measures of the products in this way.For the verify was further, has used the map of resolution and powered a FW exited (HDV) in Quicktime to see in my Apple 30' exposure. Resolution in 800 lines, so much H and V the resolution has been limited by a camera (which are quite 690H 650V according to some tests for [...]. Quan Looked in a same beginning in a GV-HD700 exposure, the Vertical resolution crowned has continued 400 lines, Horizontal in 600 lines, confirming a 800x480 spec in a manual. There is considerable delay when inputting in a GV-HD700 using Firewire HDV signal, as his use in a field like the help in home is problematic. A resolution of screen is better that one ones in the camera (my V1U has 960x220 according to Sony), but a delay (plus or 1 less/2 second or more to decode a HDV signal) the averages that in others these motionless objects, is useless, and included in motionless objects, one has to be patient to take a right to direct and eschew overshoot. But of a screen is definition of levels very only in all the case, yes has left one GV-HD700 downconvert in DV for firewire is exited, a delay is low covers and an exposure in a screen is essentially a same as when using Hdv.Still the give four stars, so that another that one spec subject, HDV the delay is to be expected, and is the effective coverage much more cost that any one another, as one MS10 or the gone suggest enhancements (that is to say, the fresh characteristics that loses): 1. Real HD exposure; 2. HDMI Has entered by at least of purpose of exposure to minimise latency of exposure to control; 3. Entrance of component, same reason how 2.
4 / 5 Toby
I have bought this product of a SonyStyle website, and a i.Link (firewire) the port death without looking. I have paid for a guarantee has extended concealed is being is spent has been prende ServiceNet. Sony Gave me an option to return a product in them and expect be regulated, which are two card to bill cycles of credits (60 days), unless it pays another $ 1300 to buy another. ServiceNet Gave me only the number to affirm and said would call behind in 3 days.

Is doing Work of entity, does not trust this machine. I have lasted only 4.5 months, with moderate use. It is built very solid and has very characteristic, and clarity out of this world, but will be in the brook if these beginnings of machine on you.
1 / 5 Rochel
One produces quite that says, and does tape in HDV of a Firewire gone in. Had some smaller subjects to connect the the FCP , but suddenly, magically, he Spec: Sony (and more places) says '1152K pixel' main one to think that a screen is 1440x800. According to the fast test for me, concealed is not a resolution. A manual has said 800x480 (384,000 pixel) and concealed are likely corrected. Sony Takes the'1152' to take 800H lines x 480V lines x 3 colours = 1152K. The person more has not seen never, comprising Sony in other products measures resolution this the controls was further, has used the map of resolution and has fed a FW exited (HDV) the Quicktime to see in my Apple 30' exposure. Resolution to 800 lines, both H and V resolution has been limited for a camera (which is roughly 690H 650V according to some tests for [...]. When you Look in a same start in a GV-HD700 exposure, the Vertical resolution there is topped was in 400 lines, Horizontal on 600 lines, confirming a 800x480 spec in a considerable east delay when inputting to a GV-HD700 using Firewire HDV signal, as his use in a field like the help to direct is problematic. A resolution of screen is better that one some in the camera (my V1U has 960x220 according to Sony), but a delay (roughly 1/2 as or more to decode a HDV signal) means that in another it stationary objects, is useless, and included in stationary objects, one has to that be patient to take a legislation of house and avert overshoot. But of a screen is really so only regular definition in all the chance, if you have left a GV-HD700 downconvert to DV for firewire exited, a delay is leaves short and an exposure in a screen is essentially one same as when using Hdv.Still it give it four stars, reasons another that a spec subject, HDV the delay is to be expected, and is the effective coverage much more cost that any another, like a MS10 or enhancements (ossia, the characteristic fresco that loses): 1. Real HD Exposure; 2. HDMI Gone in for at least of purpose of exposure to minimise latency of exposure to control; 3. Entrance of component, to the same reason likes 2.
4 / 5 Annabell
Has bought this product of a SonyStyle put web, and a (firewire) the port died without warning. I have paid for a long guarantee that it is has spent has gone by ServiceNet. Sony Gave an option to return a product to them and attended to be regulated, which is two paper crediticia billing cycles (60 days), unless it pays another $ 1300 to buy another. ServiceNet Gave so only the number of claim and has said would call behind in 3 days.

Is doing Work of entity, does not trust this car. I am lasted so only 4.5 months, with moderate use. It is built very solid and have very characteristic, and clarity out of this world, but will be on the brook if these starts of car on you.
5 / 5 Walton
Will be to buy a asap. I quite rubbish the $ 1200 player while feeding in of the hundreds of hours of mine of images NLE, quell'rubbish some bosses in mine $ 5000 camcorder. A HDMI the port goes to be very useful also...
5 / 5 Ma
So much, he the years have had this exact model. A day partorisca any reason a screen has been the spatial and does not reproduce of the tapes more. So only like concealed. At all. ?? Had the partner takes the look in him and he could not find a question and we scrapped a car.
First of fast to now.
Had not had the way to touch my tapes partorisca 5 years have bought like this is one. The things were of sound. Importing 'throwback' celebrate like this look in of the images had not seen in a lot of years, a lot duquel shot first of an earlier car informs to on.
Here is where takes delicate.
This resolution of transmission of the cars on you.
Change the resolution based in a resolution contained in some real tapes have dipped his. You can confirm this like your HDMI monitor refresh to a new resolution when you have dipped in the 720 or 480 tape.
( Nettling that they allege to up-convert natively to 1080i but his in fact, no, unless has the mysterious setting in a paper has hid to somewhere to but am spent of the days that looks for that and has not found.)
Like this when it sees 1080i in a chance of a car that in fact means trace To THIS RESOLUTION, any that REMAINS there.
I note of mark of of the east partorisca people that, taste, everything of of the sudden see a schemes DISAPPEARS in a software partorisca take when using a HDMI port partorisca take. There it is not leaving working, has to now go in and change the resolution partorisca match of a software partorisca capture this tape!
When These cars are starts was $ 1000. Has think that in this prize SONY would have done the a lot INTREPID statement in a manual that everything of your start depends in a TAPE has dipped his.
But I digress....
With which two days partorisca pull my hair was finally stumbled on to a question and learnt partorisca change my resolutions in Vega captures partorisca match each tape. And the things have been a lot of then.
Now. On to a BUG. ( Quell'Conceals has not been a BUG that is so only some nettling SONY madness some needs of buyer partorisca be conscious of.)
When I have dipped a tape an OLD plus, sot in 2005 in the camera of Regular Definition ( the Cannon DV ) has shot in 720x480 4:3 proportion all was very partorisca roughly 30 minutes. It takes to the long of, all looking well.
Then all of the sudden WHAMMO!
Screen of spatial, any sound and any sound of a same tape that touches internally at all.
Flashback 2013 Nightmare throughout again!!!!!!
Has been for bands this car on and send it behind to Amazon. It was FOOT !!!
With which two days wrangling this car partorisca speak my tower, partorisca maintain connection and finally imagining out of a resolution of car changed for tape? I have been exhausted.....
Ossia An exact same question that spent in 2013 and has sworn never partorisca buy another of these cars...
But something odd is spent.
Has taken a tape out of that was in 720x480 and has tried an earlier tape that has had has taken of then was in 720P HD.
Still at all.. Screen of spatial any sound and any sound of a tape in fact emotional interior.
Was the thing is going back to the amazon and I love mine $ 500 backside...
Roughly 10 minutes a damn screen pixelates the pocolos second and an image goes back!!!
That 720p games of tape so only well and is behind in business!
A moral of a history?
My better supposition is that Because of this car in that has multiple obvious playback bosses, begins that gone back of must in some way to accommodate resolutions of variable tape, Jumping of SD 720 on to HD 1980 HD etc, has to have the defect or bug in the mechanisms of a car that can launch some bosses was to follow temporarily.
Tin a lot in fact LISTEN that a tape is still spooling and touching, ossia too calm.
But READ. And it is TRYING to vary a boss behind to the normal place of him and to read some formed plus very old.
Was so only reason have had inadvertently has LEFT a tape that touches that the could not see, again a a that it has KNOWN them had touched that properly sooner, that it realigned some bosses properly (finally, in this chance around 10 minutes) and the things have gone back the normal.
This soyoral' of a history would be to use an old plus 720x480 SD tapes in your own risk!
Be prepared for a car to go DARKNESS of the swimming.
But have not DIED, as it looks!
Take a HD the tape was, substitutes it, rewind that tape and has left the course until a car realigns.
I desire there has been known this workaround behind in 2013 when we have lost $ 1000 dollars.....
A last clue that ossia that is going in:
warn you to the long of a way with each and each tape that you occasionally will take SWIPES in a playback, which can be quite frustrating.. They will spend punctual in a playback of the each tape and then soften out of later.
Has had to that rewind and recaptura these something more than the little time.
An AUDIO a lot always clashes when this spends neither, mainly so only an image of VIDEO and that again say me there is something that goes in with alignment of boss in these cars.
Thinks perhaps in a chance of a SD tapes, accident and realigned wrongly to a HD boss.....
The volume was two stars for these two Questions of first order with a car.
But does not resist that against a VENDOR.
Has had alike questions in 2013 with this car, and now desperately the desire there has been never scrapped that it schemes, but so only dipped in a HD tape and to the left go until it go back behind the life.
In an end, still are that it fulfils as it has purchased a car for and this has done these subjects to anger value he.
5 / 5 Kathey
While expensive, this unit is not anywhere near a cost of systems/of cariche of the monitor that will do a same thing.

Laws perfectly out of a box and I use it to revise material... Then it uploads until my editors in mine Mac. This saves some mechanisms in my cameras of video (Some which cost more than $ 3500) of constant abuse, and leave me to be a lot quickly selective in a material I need to upload.

Some rubbishes of the earliest description Sony for not comprising the 1394 boss in a box, but virtually any costruttore , how is really any one a subject. There is also a question of 4-4, or 4-6 bosses to nail that depends in a system of computer has. (A Sony GV-HD700 has the 4-the nail was 1394... But my MAC is 6-nail which require me to have one 4-6 pin).

In general, ossia the effective product very cost that does to PLOT more than will not use never he partorisca, but returned some needs of any one using mini-DV or mini-HDDV tapes.

Five wholehearted stars!
5 / 5 Lashaunda
Have the big collection of DV and HD DV tapes and has loved the way of his touch in my system of entertainment of the house without hooking on my camera. A Sony Video Walkman is so only an entrance. I hooked arrives it using the DVI boss and can touch mine HD DV tape in big definition in my TV with amazing results. I used it also to modify my successfully good tapes. It is very portable and compact. One the utmost characteristic is a capacity to extract photo of your video. Ossia The very functional and a lot engineered device. If you are the photographer of serious video and use the DV camera, this device is a lot of value an investment.
4 / 5 Mattie
Been while one of these for years his utmost finally taking to transfer all my old video
4 / 5 Mimi
the element has been received like this announced. The law adds and saves to plot of wear and tara in of the cameras. Hreat Labour amazon.
5 / 5 Joanne
Has bought a Walkman to use like him DVCAM for the video that modifies.
I questions was has had to that take the 4-nail to 6pin Firewire boss
for the take to do that he Macintosh compatable produced.
Sony I bosses no with Mac is.
Some people were a lot of gains in J + R but was Sony has not had a correct solution to the equal that take 25 days to research and find a solution.
Has had to that ask some personnel in a canal of television to help.

The works add now.
5 / 5 Van
This coverage is main and feels much less solid of some substitutes of coverage, a GV-D1000. Worse, Sony take a capacity to use the hard boss to start with and take a coverage. One of some better things in a GV-D1000 was his LANC has described. In general, this coverage feels flimsy and for me is virtually worthless. In the middle of his studio probably WELL. But for work of serious field, nadda.
4 / 5 Crystal
The product adds - all love it to do excepts does not come with the boss for IEEE1394 iLink interface to my computer. A not even done literature this clear. When I have opened a box and could not find a boss, has called Sony and expĂłsito that does not comprise it . After paying in $ 1000 thus produced, looks that the critical boss ought to come with him.

Top Customer Reviews: Sony MZ-NF610 High ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 42 ratings
4 / 5 Chanda
This Walkman is very better and very characteristic, excepts he no record
of a radio. This recorder is so only like a MZ-NF510 CK this comes with the car box. A different thing roughly that has the radio in a far control. Some radio works well, but a question is that it calms can not listen a better sound that has connected to another radio source while registering, a control of volume is in a far control partorisca a radio. Another thing in this model, is that has big accelerates partorisca register which is very partorisca users of Sonic Synchronise those who the plot of mini disks and precise a supply partorisca be able to, in place of just some batteries. This walkman would be the peripheral device adds partorisca do unlimited quantity of mini resumido of disk. There is any entrance of microphone to the equal that would require the mic mixer partorisca do the house or the alive actions registers to an entrance of line.

Reception : A radio this in spite of is well, one ARE the reception is poor and FM and TV (very a lot of signals of television with which 6/12/2009) is mediocre. This a good east
partorisca just venue FM the canal that listens, but likes calm said can not register
your programs of radio music preferred. A time the radio reception is
4 / 5 Pasty
Had been researching flash mp3 and players of mp3 of hard disk when I have found a Sony NetMD players. A flash the players of mp3 are small but have expensive memory. Some players of hard disk am expensive. This Sony NetMD has had all am wanted: small measure, half comunicacionales economic, are/fm tuner and no too expensive. A player comes complete with software. Calm also can register directly of a source of audio with an entrance of optical line. Like this far, I have it it used it so only for rasgar mine in existent CDs. I have been that uses LP4 the compression and a quality of his east of sound. An only bad thing in this player is a headphone together. You will want to take another together. There is not any chance with this player, this in spite of, Sony has a armband the chance or you can buy chance of 3.os vendors of party.
5 / 5 Kaylene
Has very had these and this model was my preferred . It has been priced bit it main that some of some another but a vendor has had the abonos estimating has to that way that be with him. It is like this new and works perfectly! Now, I just need to maintain of the strike around too much...
5 / 5 Marisa
Has arrived sooner that has expected. His condition is well, doing add and looks new.
4 / 5 Alicia
First first things:

[]ANY BACKLIGHT in a far or a player (Like a hell - mine $ 10 clock packs concealed)

[]Economic - piece of junk software

[]Crappy-auricular old pupils (be prepared to invest atleast $ 15 more in the decent pair)

[]A characteristic of pause is annoying like this hell - have prendido the clue, this means that I do not want to listen to a music and wants to listen to a person that mine of pause. When Prendes the clue, listens this 'beep - beep - beep ...' And continuous in tilling you paste of game again or paste of STOP and then yes STOP of paste, 10 dry later, a player will close down. Like this then, when I touch you of paste again, will take roughly 2 seconds to go back and game that clues again.


Now, love this player. His awesome.

Quality of his excellent and can take roughly 40 songs on MD using LP2 conversion and hella plot more using LP4 (free some quality). I take the plot of the base and I can stick he in my rear band and go and a lot of skipping. It likes-me a fact that can spend my songs in the MD, taste Techno, Of Rock, Hip-hop ...Compositions. Like this basically I have the MD for each type of music. One the majority of impressive characteristic is a fact that this player can be in poster never on 1 EA bat. And it touches the recharable bat, taking touched while his in a player (the data has a player plugged to a wall). Which is awesome, mean can have 1 bat that last foooorever and can spend additional bat as required)

iPod - I goes to camp, so that that suggests I recharge he?

More his expensive, as I owe that be more careful with him. With a MD player, does not launch it around all a time

Now the little in a software:

uses all a software that Sony has resupplied with this MD player, will be in the world of QUESTION. The things will break and will take all the classes of errors and that no. Like this here is the one who precise (For dino):

1) Install all a software that is coming with a player

2) Take the copy of BLACK burner, calm also walk of Image of BLACK of need, His installed with BLACK burner.

3) Ploughs Black and create the 'CD of New Audio' project - Tug and fall all your files of Mp3 (Tries to limit these to roughly 20 files otherwise 'Coverage MD Simple burner will have subject') - basically add hella files, will have subjects by heart when those burns, no because of yours hardware, but because of a software - CLEANED MD SIMPLE BURNER.

4) Burns unexpectedly - Select 'Walk Lasted to like device of burn in a Tab.

5) will be asked to save file of image (chooses the location in your Hard walk and save)

6) will see to burn all a Mp3 - when his finishing. It kills BLACK

7) Now, Walk of Image of Black to start with and Locates this image.

8) COVERAGE to start with MD simple burner and he will relieve this image of Audio CD and can move all some clues to the yours MD.

REMARCE: If has MULTIPLE CD/DVD WALKS, the mark sure takes all CD of the audio is walks .

9) the image done Once in of the llamas , Open walk and unmount an IMAGE and delete a file of Image (Image of Audio CD).

That there is basically does here was the fool Coverage MD Simple burner to think that his burning the real CD of a DVD/of CD strolls. Like this now, you can burn songs like this a lot of to the equal that want without one 3 limit of song.

Has known no ?

haha - Clean MD - Sony will not leave you to burn the song more than 3 times to the MD unless it check a song behind to your computer and then will leave you to verify out of the copy. Finally, you take errors or will not be able to burn this song in a MD in of the wine up with this junk ?

-Only will be to use COVERAGE MD simple Burner and BLACK - rest of the rubbish of some program that sony installed. (Mark sure leaves a shared files on)

FINAL of a Day, THIS md the PLAYER returns my lifestly and am happy with quell'I paid for him.

If you are not Technology Savvy, will have questions with this player, goes for something simple :)

in another hand, if an on felt material of frames, will be well :)
5 / 5 Manuela
Ossia my second NetMD unit, and am very pleased with east some hips. It is no like this lustrous or convenient like an iPod with considerations to resist the big quantity of music in a unit, but then again, depends in your preference. Joy having different MiniDiscs with different artists, genders, etc, and my MD stock exchange (these unfortunately have of then result extinct) opportunely resists everything. A life of battery is unbelievable and a rechargeable the capacity saves calm to fall $ in EA is. A big compression (LP4) the option leave access 4 to 8 CD is in a MD, and although the quality is not immaculate, my picky the ears so only remark the quality of paste of the entity during the strong audience acclaims among songs in of the alive register; registers of sound of excellent studio, included in general compression, and alive register otherwise is appropriate to good sure. After all, Mp3 is compressed also, as some of these other players will aim degradation of his hips! If it plan to use this car to trip long, this in spite of, a LP4 the option probably would aim his external limits of earphone listening.

Some the BIG PLUSES here are a microphone that capacity of record and a relatively low prize. A Sony the digital microphone will cost you $ 50 on Amazon, which is the good option to register performaces, glimpsed, conversations, etc. Also, can find this factory of player refurbished in the Sony Outlet, can save $ 100+ in an iPod Mini and there is unlimited expandability. And it does not forget a FM/ARE Tuner... No the characteristic I frequently use but to good sure the good perk.

Better that iPod? All the @@subject preferably. :-) But these are fantastic in and of them; I am not never state disappointed.
4 / 5 Rubye
Has possessed this player for roughly three month, concealed afterwards is giving the model of low end was. During these times have very learnt in a new unit. A pros is that it comes with AC adapter, which help prevents loss to be able to when registering, can take a radio and band of television these are of entities when you are without being able to, During Hurricane Isabel. A gilipollas, which are pocolos , is that without a far some controls in a unit can be bit it clumsy and a screen to see is quite darn tiny. It averts of a consolation of the take everywhere go, can touch it on my house stereo unit to use that it exists RCA cords plugged to a space of CD and an adapter that atasquemos to a headphone 't has beaten that! In general this player has been load of fun and entertainment. It is especially very still commuters to flood out of some noises of a train or people, if you are the student that tries to study. In general well value of the money.

Update (7/1/2004)
has used to really love this player and in the a lot of ways still do, of the step every day, but so only this week has spent a far control no longer does to control a radio. Ossia So only has bitten to annoy particularly reason spends a unit in the chance and use a far to control a device. I have looked for to listen to a radio and has maintained to go in and era. They are not I entirely bitter this in spite of reason have purchased an additional 510 CK unit for low dollars of some hundreds so only for use in mine car and wine with the far that I can use to control a device but no a radio.
Shame on you Sony, this product has been meant for portability and use along or at least ossia that it has thought went it of then done any to skip, like this, that stands up to continuous use. Far notwithstanding, I still like a product after all still can listen to some a lot of disks that has done, which can direct you to think 'overpriced PLAYER of CD', this in spite of, a compact measure of a product and some accompanying disks, solos EA use of battery, any skip the frames of factor wins hands down in the player of CD. Hopefully, Sony has DIRECTED these subjects with his adiciĂłns/his additions new plus to a MD line.
5 / 5 Criselda
I have bought this little type 2 years ago well in a heart of a reproductor of Mp3 craze. All the world has known has had a ipod or some alternative, which have paid $ 300-$ 400 stops of dollars. Them it pocola research and always there was curious state in this technology of then had seen he in a mid-90 east. With which estimate and comparisons of description, has chosen on a Grandson-MD 610... And the boy are I happy.

A partner warned when I have bought he in that say me that has been done with anything concealed has touched a source of half comunicacionales external (disks) reasons they always skip. But with which on 2 years and having fell it several times. Once recently in a gymnasium where it skidded of a treadmill and to some feet of diverse paving was, any one so only he no skip, but has maintained partorisca touch. Some varied formats of compression this player has available his the able fact partorisca resist until and on 5 hours of music. All takes less than $ 100. I say thats quite darned well.

Mina the only remorse is that I have bought this just first of a Salvation-MD formed is exited that done the able to almost bend his capacity... But I am very pleased this in spite of has not bought a reproductor of Mp3. So you are thinking in the player, the controls was. You take the FM/tuner of television with outside registering available. (Record directly of CD or radio) Like my amours of promise. Also some disks are economic, in $ 8 for 5. It ups Still yours capacity a lot a lot economic. And they can be burned an infinite number of time, rearranged in his row, and have multiple or alone songs have deleted. Work like a reproductor of Mp3 inside the small little disk. Control out of this type before still blind buying to a reproductor of Mp3. It could not be for you, but perhaps he .
4 / 5 Lajuana
Hey All the world-wide - this is not a reproductor of Mp3! It is the MiniDisc Player. Yes, you can "scrolling" MP3s his using a software, but really is meant to register directly of CD to ATRAC - which is Sony proprietary (and upper) algorithm of compression. When you Transfer a Mp3 - a software in the first place converts it to ATRAC, then to copy to a MiniDisc player. As that does a mathematician - a music is compressed two times . If all want to do is listens to MP3s - TAKE A reproductor of Mp3!!! Using a MD player to listen to MP3s is class of likes to buy stirs it of Dvd, then registering them to VHS tape and looking them on he VCR.
According to that a software is concerned - if it do not concern roughly transferring MP3s - does not have to that use a SonicStage software all the world-wide whines roughly! You can use a distributed SimpleBurner - which registers CDs in yours PCs walk of CD ROM to the yours MD in any LP2 (160 minutes in a 80 space of small MD) or LP4 (320 minutes). A quality of LP2 is CD very next quality. You can also hook a unit directly to the player of CD (agrees these) using equivalent or digital connections. When Calm that way - can register you in SP (the main quality - 80 minutes in a 80 space of small MD) or LP2/LP4.
Reason loves a MD player vs. A reproductor of Mp3? If you do not have it stirs it of MP3s, and all want to do is yours mark CD to exist the portable collection - MD offers it economic plus, more versatile, and sonically alternative upper to Mp3. It spaces MDs is economic (less than $ 2) - king-recordable, durable, and easy-the-sleeve. The individual clues can remain the multiple clues, animal-orderly, animal-titled, and has deleted directly in a MD unit, or using a software has distributed. Ossia A lot of gain for students, musicians, etc. Can a lot of any of this w/ a Mp3. Again - has thousands of MP3s - then take a reproductor of Mp3. But yes it calms no - it would be necessary to verify you this was.
5 / 5 Verda
Has bought this wonderful little produced of Sony does several months and has been exceptionally pleased by him. It is included smaller and lighter-hanged that to traditional cassette walkman, but has all a versatility and more than the cd player.
A software that is coming with era quite easy to use, and was able to register it mini disk in almost any time at all!
Is travelled with me several times in airlplanes, and is the form and the compact measure is utmost spatial savers in mine spend-on stock exchange. Have Also has fallen it to him accidentally the pair of time (-3-4 drop of feet), and never there is skipped beat it, neither has had a harm that can relieve. An only thing that is spent was the chip of tiny product flaked of a supposition has to that take the chance to spend for him. Also the utilisation while it runs in a treadmill in a the question.
A rechargeable the battery is the plus of entity , and he recharges a lot a lot easily for just plugging the outlet.
Thank you SONY!!
5 / 5 Toshia
The music enjoyed of good quality in a gone, and do to, this MD unit has to that no dissapoint.
Sony The technology of compression enables measured of file of the Mp3 with quality of NEXT CD to his (can not say a difference). Has the Creative Nomad II reproductor of Mp3, and this unit is far upper in quality of sound.
Small measure
MD mean comunicacionales is economic and robust and small.
Can listen to SOUND/FM by means of a far unit (any main unit)
Far is handy when any one that attractive master out of main unit in metre.
Sony Basic rasgando the software is simple and easy.
Although a unit so only has an optical in, can be used with the condenser mike, yes love accione alive records (discreet measure)
So much a screen in a main unit and a far is small. They do not enable calm with easy navigation of clues and albums.
Loves cruised of a main unit so only (any one far), a system of paper is difficult and clumsy.
The headphones are junk - calm the favour and choose on some beat of better quality. It would recommend: Sony fontopia buds or Etymolic ER-6
Sony control in/out system to copy the register is stupid and could be the question loves record king an album more than 3 times.
5 / 5 Maile
I players of Mp3 will be the thing of some past MD players take note of this little creation. Has all desirable for the car of music; small battery , long life (average of mine 26 hours w volume max), far, controls of the his, qualified to hold add (5.3 hours for disk), the radio ARE/FM tuner, and good looks. My only real complaint is that it controls of his accessible east so only by means of a far, which hardly uses of then has taken new headphones , which have the cord along, like this together to do the longest cord that me. Another that it ossia the a lot of value contraption. Better that Cd is, better that Mp3 is.
5 / 5 Yang
Highly anticipated to take this of a tent has tried to take he of (Circuity City) has had the little of them in stocks. Had any one available on-line which is calm reason is taking treats it well here. I will not say you a low prize has, but will say that it is less than that I has paid, but has loved to take it now & not expecting for everything of an atrocity. I owe highly be in accordance with a lot of another says that a radio is not a better, but beats the spatial & these produced is not that enormous in this appearance. A way has better used these minidiscs is dipping the group of the music of concrete artists in a CD & that sees that creative can result lol. Esperanza enjoys to the to the yours like you has done!!!
4 / 5 Lizeth
Has Bought my grandson md almost done the month and am them a lot happy with him! A software is like this easy to use. I am surprised in that music that can be tent in a disk. It uses mine mini player of disk all a time. Not even it uses my laptop cd player anymore (which is also it sony) reason my grandson md is like this easy to spend around. It does not know any one a lot on some auricular because the use my own sony mdr-v300 the headphones and a music touches utmost! If you dip music in a md and later loves it change, calm always can go back and erase that it calms does not love until 1 million times in a mini disk! Esees Has Used mine md to mow a gram and he not even skip beat it. You can do a lot of mixes of music in diverse dics and is ready to go. A mini the disks are not even that expensive neither.
4 / 5 Phylis
Five hours of music of big quality in the alone disk, irradiates/TV/weatherbank tuner, qualified to redraft endlessly and to fix music for dossiers, easy papers, user friendly software, life of extra long battery, a lot compact and stylish, which more precise that the player of recorder portable/music? And this model has it everything. I will not look never behind to the cd player again. I have bought this unit in the sony the fashionable tent where could try and compare vitually each mini player of disk sony interior of phases a moment. It is not easy to do the election of then there is like this lustrous, stylish, tiny models that takes an eye. Well, a look, action and a prize of this model has turned to be one the majority of attractive mine.
A piece consulting when choosing a software to burn your music, any of CDs or your files of own downloaded Mp3 - use SonicStage, is an easy plus and less confusing.
5 / 5 Lucius
Note: my exposure in far is exited. I possess one of these and has the line on the and the supports are/fm. I have had this for years and he still works like new a coverage MD software can be difficult to take your hands on but yes can. It takes it. It does clues of marcaciĂłn and disks much easier. MD PartidĂĄrio of then was 9 yrs old and are 17 now. Player of favourite of portable music still
4 / 5 Kevin
this unit is quite decent, has purchased them one in roughly of November 2003, and do fault well. If has the enormous (enough, massively) collection of music, calm then is bought more an iPod, but this does a good work if you are more selective with your music. You can still returned more than 300 minutes of music (at least 4-6 album) on 1 disk (with minimum loss of quality). A software takes the small taking used to, but does a calm work once knows regarding the use. The speeds of scrolling are quite well, and looks a lot of too much! A fine unit.

Now for some disadvantages:

- has has wanted to do alive register of your voice with the microphone, this unit can a lot of that. Like this beware before shabby.

- A main reason has chosen to buy this player in another is that it is coming with one ARE/FM tuner. But you cant record a radio to MD, which is disappointing. And it is a lot odd the one who calm once connect to a supply to be able to, calm can not turn a radio on. Calm has to that the first to touch that uses a battery and then discharges in ithe can , can any one say like this can look TV in this unit (I alive in australia like this perhaps the only works with canals of EUA??) And band of time?

Averts of am happy with a unit.
5 / 5 Kristopher
A player more adds has has not purchased never. I possess two models. A MZ-n505 & a MZ-nf610 (type s) A MZ-n505 I use in acting while they are in a work. I have had he partorisca 2 years and still is that it goes. I fell it and the god knows that more. I want to having an option partorisca dip everything of my music in the mini disk. Different some players of mp3 where has the limit or has to that pay the fortune partorisca the develop. And not counting these Ipods ossia like this small and delicate. Another model (MZ-nf610) that has I house of use and comes with a fm tuner, does not use it . They are not the big defender of FM radio anyways. Both models are utmost players . Also an option of having a rechargable double EA the battery is a better. It can recharge a double EA while it is still in a player! I can listen to the mine NetMd 8hrs without that has to that recharge. Another way to save you money. Now in a quality of his if your record your music in a regular option will touch adds, but try save spatial in downgrade yours the quality can return roughly 60 or more songs (gives or take) in a mini disk. In general ossia my player of favourite of portable audio , and would buy of Sony again and definately the NetMD player!
5 / 5 Margarite
Does not have very known in this little mini players of disk, that attracted more his was a bit far control that is coming with east. I thought it that it would be it much easier to use while they are in mine treadmill and was a lot. It is awesome that I can burn my cd is or mp3 is to the minidisc and fix some songs in a way want to listen him.
Has found a program SonicStage partorisca be easy to use. I use work and when I am exiting and loves that. I defiently recommend this product.
5 / 5 Veola
Has been rasgado with commercial this element in still an iPod, but one a thing that maintain loyal is an endless memory, and a fact that the fully of the profit of an iPod HAS TO have you the MAC. They say that they are doing on doing some available same options for users of Window, but expensive accident he- is the MAC thang! Besides everything of that, a memory is without final and a NetMD has more options. A RealPlayer1, and much more. Then it has a radio/TV/weatherband the figure concealed is not offered with an iPod (the FM the far characteristic is extra).

So that still need something tangable (disk, CD, album, cassette), ossia a better transition . IF your hardrive/the account has not clashed never, an iPod is not a way to go.

An employee in a Sony fashionable tent in SF alerted to this place [...] This has the tonne of accessories, etc.

Besides, the one who listens to 7800 songs in a 8 battery of now(30GB)in all the chance? Two disks (10 hous of music) is my max any day now die. I enjoy to create album ( Disks). If has the game of CD in your car can go to some Good Types, and some employees are conscious that can install the few bosses and touch some disks by means of your car radio likes them in a walk in of the films-agree those?

Enjoys your NetND player! It is a better! Sony Is still a leader in new technology-is not fooled!

4 / 5 Sharron
Has purchased a MZ-NF610 in Seven. '03, And it has loved that when I took it. It is the combination adds of MD player and radio, which are to add stops to to the people likes them of to those who likes them to them the transmission behind and the advances without that has to that spend two unit.
My opinion has changed dramatically this week, this in spite of. A radio function in a remote there is prendido to do entirely, and unfortunately ossia an only way to control a radio. I have lost the portion of entity of a unit funcationality.
Has called Sony to see that it could be fact . So only the short 60 minutes later (remarks a sarcasm), has has wanted to me touch $ 93 in doing to 'fix' (p. p.ej. I send the new a) a far of then is no longer under a labour portion of a guarantee. Ossia For the half a cost for frames he new whole unit (that comprises a base!). I have asked the one who a prize for the far/new substitution would be and has discovered is $ 109! These types owe that be boy !
Is quite be the loyal mark the Sony on some years but no more. I have seen another description in the amazon that detail a same question with a far, which direct me to think that ossia the systemic subject of quality. Still Sony waste to be for behind his product.
Is considering Buying this product, please take this like the opinion. You will be happy with him at the beginning, but there is the big probability a far will break on you.
Sony Has used to be for client and service of unquestionable quality in my alcohol, but no anymore. Apparantly, Is no longer concerned in a consumer one do one a sale. Spend your money in the product the plus of confidence.
4 / 5 Linn
Has purchased recently this MZ-NF610. Wow, it Is like this good. I any konw where to start with. The difference of another economic more Sony MD models, this one has Line in registering qualified as well as qualified of register of scrolling of USB. A far is comprised with east. It is the little elder that another normal MD remotes but better that at all. Material this one sustains Japanese characters for Mp3 ID3. I do not owe that the Japanese Windows so that it could not try this but am quite sure this a mania of the Japanese characters so many is Japanese, is a lucky person ! FM, ARE, Canal of Tuner of the television until 13, and the band of Time is possible. Two preference to touch the options are possible. And one the majority of what of entity, until 48 hours of life of battery!
And here is pocolos gilipollas. Any stock exchange to spend, enormous far control, when you transfer Mp3 to MD, is quickly to the equal that says (32x) but the does not think a time to convert is has comprised. A time to convert is annoying. Any backlit, any bad but no good headphone.
You can not expect too many things. ... I want this MDP. Yay-
4 / 5 Breanna
Has been thinking to take a player of mp3 for the long time. It looked the Sony Coverage MD players. WOW! They were really fresh, and economic. The difference of players of the hard walk of mp3 has based minidisc the players can never ran out of memory. All have to that do is to buy more minidiscs on [$ $ $ ] for 1. One 610 comes with adding it far these leaves control a player while it is in your pocket. A far also has a LCD to the equal that can see which yours the song that touches, life of battery etc. Also, alot of habladurĂ­a of people in a software that comes with a Net MDs, well is state fijamente, kinda. In planting to use Open MG, comes with software of Sonic Phase. It is very better but still checks controls/ out of your music. His no too much of the hassle this in spite of. There is abundance of Coverage of different model MD players, but has chosen one 610 reasons looked well, has had the far and the fm/are radio. Everywhere it is quite easy to use know your basics in the computers and you know like this to read. Also some scrollings are really fast. I transfered 14 mp3s in roughly 3 or 4 minutes.
Yours that looks for the good economic way to spend around your collection of music ossia! I love it!
5 / 5 Salvatore
Likes a lot another, has decided that now that has the MD there is no another reason to change behind. Like this usual this MD has some same characteristics that it is almost regulate. (Rey-arangement, trackmarking, investigation of final, etc...) This in spite of, there is the characteristic pair newer that this one has. First duquel is a MDLP4 that dips that leaves until 320 minutes of music in a disk. There is another good characteristic that reads well with east, and is a characteristic of bookmark . By means of of the this can mark you until 20 of your favourite songs and have them shuffled or has repeated. A paper setup is easy to use, and has had of then MD first of a book has not been necessary. As varied another has said, some so only downside is that there isnt the standar Mic. Entrance, this in spite of am sure that quell'USB or Edge mic could be found yes was that of entity.
4 / 5 Angelena
Costs A lot first of all does not listen in any one has estimated down descriptions.
For 1 the first bed of has bought them said that has not gone quite strong. They are deceived a lot. Some headphones comes with east craps. New cost some will do it very better.

Another is that one revises said that so only can burn mp3s 3 times to the disk. There are dozens of patches or can take for free concealed calm leave you to take on sonys pathetic legal controls. No that has done them any of these patch me. So much the prefer a minidisc more than the reg. Player of mp3 neway. Oh yeah Hate my bSt professor in nease institute shes the beouch
neway buy this fast of what. When it has been them with my mamma to aim for the take has seen them 5 there
has been yeaaaahh has has been to take my mamma.
Has gone back and any where sinister. As he compraventa was an internet . Now it was it likes turn and listen to this thing
4 / 5 Ines
Bought the the short while fact. Used to have the prehistoric RCA Lyra MusicMatch Jukebox lean him prendieron my little Player of the mean comunicacionales does not sustain engine that is gone in a CD is not sustained by Windows XP the house has faced a music and has begun to research Mini-player of Disk and reproductores of Mp3. It could not decide in a reproductor of Mp3 because of one has has divided opinions in the each one have decided to verify out of Mini-player of Disk/recorders. The only GOOD THINGS have LISTENED in in' to the equal that has thought reason the no. And the only GOOD THINGS am exited to purchase this wonderful product. Awesome Quality of sound in LP2 way (has not taken around to try some other ways). Everywhere value one peel of cash was for him. Do it your reproductores of prehistoric Mp3 out of his gone for Mini-Disk!
4 / 5 Kayla
Has bought so only he in Nov 2003. I took roughly an hour to dip it up and burn my first disk. Tried has been in a gymnasium and COURSE with him. Perfecto! Any skipping and a lot compact. So only it has tugged it was and hanged light(without using a far). I have used RealOne to burn my first disk. It has not had any question with installation. I have downloaded you grieve one covers-take RealONe, and has added the new device has been ready to burn. It downloads a free version and add spent in, then burn. It was able to dip 17 songs(bird 5min/song) in full quality in an abundance for mine 2 hours workout in a gymnasium. Well to run! IPOD sucks Bad, he skips included when calm ossia a one for portability and way.
An only bad thing is has to that buy the together new of headphone. A a that included with a player is SUCKS=CRAPS. It will give you the yes calm headache spends it longer that 10 minutes. So many, look to spend another $ $ -$ $ $ for the a lot of headphone. Clue: Request a Paper crediticia of the Amazon to take $ $ $ GC in yours compraventa. I so only now can them resupply the together new of headphone.
5 / 5 Dara
I am spent the month that tries to decide the type of Mp3 has wanted and after reading alot of descriptions in alot of the different products have decided to take this product. Has quality of the his terrific, any skip,same hell one Are/FM the sum of radio sounds. His perfect partorisca people those who have the tonne of CDs and would like me take the majority of here that of Album in the Mini Disk. You can take roughly 5 value of hours. His like this compact that perfects partorisca a gymnasium. As the one who the software is concerned Sonic Phase a bit is confusing but also comes with simple burner the one who does it the breeze partorisca transfer you CDs to Mini Disk. Really I love this product and his really a more maintained secret in this world of players in a phase.
5 / 5 Kiesha
Am spent in the cost of week around partorisca a better player. It looked in of the players of PORTABLE CD, reproductores of Mp3, and MiniDisc players. These produced beats a lot another FOR FAR. With this unit, can do all and more than you could with any of some units has mentioned on. A software has comprised is extremely easy to download and use. I have registered a whole CD the MiniDisc in roughly 6 minutes (and my computer is SÚPER DULCEMENTE, was very impressed) has not tried partorisca download Mp3 is or WAV files still but am sure will be like this easy as copying CD is. This device also has ARE/FM radio tuner, tuner of television, and time that among handy if I do not want to lose your show of favourite TV in your way to do. A bit those that to the things do not like on the one of of the east is: 1. Some headphones that come with is not one the majority of stylish the things have seen and 2. A far control does not have the backlight like the hard fact for prejudices he especially. Another that these things, am proud of me to look around and when being quite patient to find a better, which Is THIS SONY MINIDISC the RECORDER / PLAYER.
4 / 5 Marlin
Reason Sony SonicStage the software is presumed partorisca suck, the person uses it unless they owe that. Because utilisation iTunes, am forced to burn the disk in iTunes of a music that loves dipped in mine mini-disk. Then I owe that rasgar this disk the SonicStage that can take the long time. With which then can select a music of SonicStage and burn the minidisc. This whole Process can take while 45 minutes. After this ordeal, a Walkman the works add. Hate SonicStage like this reason that I arrive to describe is going in me so that it writes this description.
5 / 5 Earnest
Thinks that is the really good product , I recieved the like this the present in May and use it all a time with some headphones or touched to external speakers. It comes with software of computer: NetMD Simple Burner that leave to select sure songs of the CD, or a whole CD to burn to a Mini the disk and calm said you that the times have available to register. The Really helps in a consolidation of CDs. A bit clave of rolls of exposure some titles of song by means of a screen (resupplied takings a data of song of an internet).
5 / 5 Kaleigh
Looking a life of quality and amazing battery of exceptional audio, ossia the player for people in a movement. A lot the quality has built well, easy to use far control (although the backlit the screen would be appreciated a lot), very fast MD process of register by means of REAL A. A radio in a far is the big prize and he is quite effective especially in of the zones of good reception. For a prize is the subject !
5 / 5 Carmelo
Ossia For far a better minidisc the player is gone in a phase. I want that it can take TV and emisora radio. I use it daily when to locate to and of pupil and he never skips or to the to anything likes concealed. I sugest this player in another some really lame reasons more for your cost of money. I have bought also the car box like this could them listen his while the walk. I give it the 5+
5 / 5 Wally
has possessed this player for 2 month and loves that. Utilisation to have the player of small mp3. I really like a characteristic of register. It likes him-me my casts of own game and an use of a MD. They are not never going back to players of mp3. A hard player the long time with a battery. It likes- one characteristic ARE/FM and radio characteristic time but using some radio drains some batteries some fast plus.
5 / 5 Bettina
Ossia Dressed ' is really the precaution: a page of Amazon in this element loans the microphone in a 'Accesoria' category, this in spite of the description declares that any register of direct voice is possible, and a Technician info no specific any entrance for the microphone.

Browser of amazon beware!

Creates older MD recorders has had line/mic entrances, but a new plus 'Cleaned-MD' the types can be missing him of.

Has given these 1 stars because I have had to choose something and has loved to take the attention of a browser--I does not have one of these devices (that tries to find one this will register street of alive music the microphone).
5 / 5 Tillie
His best that any cd the player has done.
HAS his own preset are/fm/tuner/of TV of the time.
No another md the fact there is never comprise this characteristic.
His a lot of the easy accident in some pockets.
When it Comes to buy battery partorisca supplyed
auricular has substituted them his whith salvation pefomance
telephones of ear.(panasonic).
5 / 5 Yolando
Has verified a Sony put web and has required to return this element for reparation, would love in $ 100 ($ 115?) To exchange for the refurbished unit. Crazy. A SonicStage the software is the ache . Another that that, is the device of lovely audio .
4 / 5 Dulcie
Ossia The device adds , bought it to them so only and im enamoured. His not liking an old md players with the million questions. An only question with east is his kinda has the empty feels, But the one who concern like him fells. I recomend This to any one. A software is the little confuseing at the beginning but that software isnt. I give it the 5
5 / 5 Jake
4 / 5 Tomoko
Liked an idea of the CD likes the storage to the equal that have bought a MD recorder.., But this unit there is broken only interior 6 month to use very light. It would remain out of Sony in a future.
4 / 5 Charolette
Like this for the moment, but suddenly a software there is prendido to do and can not look for the fix. I have had the different MD player also of Sony and there is broken, but has had always regime quite well with Sony material to the equal that have bought is one. As of me still I have listened like this at all of Sony on the one who a fijamente could be.
4 / 5 Seymour
The Ideal measure, quality of his, qualified of storage and an exceptional creation, the only question is that the the distance of control any one has illumination in screen

Top Customer Reviews: Sony MZ-S1 S2 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 48 ratings
4 / 5 Julianne
It likes him all the world more the one who has bought a MD player, also hate an Open MG software with the passion. But if ossia an only thing this is maintaining calm to buy a today, then maintain reading, reason could wants to buy one with which see that it has to that say.
All precise averts to use an Open MG the software is two pieces of software. One distributes with a MD player, and ossia a Coverage MD simple burner that leave to transfer music CDs to your MD. Another piece of software is Black ROM In of the llamas. Simply Black use to create the Music CD IMAGE in your harddrive to somewhere, and then using Black Imagedrive that comes with Black software of ROM in of the llamas, trace a Music CD IMAGE has created so only. This mockery Cleaned MD simple burner to think arrivals to dip the music cd to your cd-rom walk and then will leave you to transfer all a mp3s you so only burned to a music CD IMAGE.
Averts of a software that comes with a MZ-S1, all more are adds. Although slightly main that his counterparts, still finds that a MZ-S1 returns quite easily to my pocket while they are in a bus. A goodness to a S1 like the majority another MD players in is row of the prize does not have , is a Backlit LCD exposed. Ossia A lot of gain for use in dim lighting.
Is considering A reproductor of Mp3 in a MD row of the prize then probably is looking in something with 128 MB of spatial. Down some better circumstances (1 Mp3 = 3 MB) calm so only will be able to resist 40 MP3s or 120 minutes of music or 2 hours. With just a Mini Disk (costs approx. $ ) You can resist on 5 hours of music. Mini I disks are a lot flexible. If you do not want to buy more than a one this comes one the MZ-S1 then can erase and redraft his on 1,000 times. No, I have not done the deception: ONE THOUSAND. Mini I disks weigh at all, and some players hanged anywhere less then the neighbourhood of the pound to less than half the pound, and is comparable measures in any reproductor of Mp3.
In an end has not given a MZ-S1 five stars because some Open MG the software was obnoxious. Appearance Sony takes his together law someday and does the piece of software that to the left a quality and workmanship of a MZ-S1.
4 / 5 Otelia
Ive Always be the real defender of a minidisc creation. A measure and ruggedness of some means comunicacionales he ideal for the person in a gone. On til now some players havent has done the own. Some models have offered was quite fragile in contrast to a minidisc inner. After endless dings and dents to mine Aiwa are-f70 I finally found the player that im any fearful to fall in cimienta while it runs. If it calms it has not possessed never or it has used included the sports walkman of sony then would owe that know that to expect of this model.
Besides a creation, a capacity to register of your computer has seen the port of USB gives Minidisc users the something to acclaim roughly. Although a software is has bitten it clunky and confusing so that arent highly the literate computer, the wait with some uses more any one can master an art to do the register of files of Mp3.
Although I like this model enough the bit has something influences it roughly- NO RECHARGEABLE BATTERY. Big deception in my opinion.
4 / 5 Regenia
Produces Any tries it that it was in of the first optimum conditions of the sell
4 / 5 Eveline
has been the defender of M.D. Of then it is inception. Quality of his better that the disk of Mp3 is ossia R-W and registering time of on 5 hours for disk. It is one the majority of versatile audio recorder editor in a phase.
Has a lot MD players recorders. This one was awesome the model of sport to have that has weighed that it was $ new and has taken paralizaciĂłn $ . As everything of them the utmost perfect sounds and will spend years of entertainment.
4 / 5 Harold
Was excited like this to try this when it is gone in a topmast ! My husband goes it to want to has been that loves one for ever!
5 / 5 Verna
Amour Mini Disk! But a question is that the majority of some players has useless exposures in any one other light but 100 like this the unit is welcome for an exposure FOCUSED altough the desire was big that , are adds.
5 / 5 Noelle
Absolutely Adds! Any question with software at all. Open MG has registered adds and easy has done like this Simple Burner, and the music finalised has touched orders everywhere. It has not tried LP4 still but does not see any reason because it will not be a lot also except small reduction in quality. It would purchase again to good sure.
5 / 5 Alyson
I'am happy a player done like a vendor has promised I'are reaily enjoying a player alot .
4 / 5 Dalene
The vendor was a lot of punctual. All I expected and more
4 / 5 Kristeen
Very satisfied with an action & conenvience. Good prize
4 / 5 Edda
This walkman has quality of his add. It likes that you pode still of record of cD is in real time, directly of your player (using boss of optical of the edge)!
4 / 5 Marisol
I utmost sounds utmost. Manuel of wine of just desire with him
5 / 5 Valentine
has required this device partorisca touch my registers my old plus!
Games like new.... They are of tower in a game!
Thank you!
5 / 5 Sharyl
LOVES my player!!! I bought it he a lot of years. For some descriptions have read that casserole this player, lines my boss that interest that. Calm perhaps has bought so only the bad player. My software has taken ruined done several years, as they are that it loves engine of download I so that it can download the program that will leave me see the one who the songs have in my disks. It does not agree a scrolling of songs of my computer to a netmd when being difficult, or the time that eats. This in spite of, have so only two spatial mini the disks have left, and, according to some songs already have in some disks, has varied hundred more songs in players of mp3 that would like me transfer to a netmd of player. While I see several examples of some mini disks on amazon, am not sure like some I needs, reason is state 10 years more have bought of then some disks or a netmd player. It can any one heads to some mini the disks would require to buy? This player is very durable. Has 3 players of mp3. The his spends in my pocket in work, and take beating it, likes two of them have gone bad, and hardly can listen some songs on maintaining them. So many, when the trade was to the mine netmd player, take his of quality . I fell it several times in work. Has walk of cimienta, and a netmd the player is exited unscathed every time fell it. So much, again, you can any one say the one who disks I needs to buy for a Sony MZ-S1 Coverage of Sport MD MiniDisc Player? It is to declare like this long it bought them of then, I am not sure like some my needs of player. And, for any one thinking to buy this player, highly recommend it.
5 / 5 Phuong
Some Merits of a MiniDisc formed:
has been the defender of a MiniDisc of then in the first place saws all my friends to dance that uses him to touch and music of action, when it also has had a lot casualidad could resupply a reproductor of Mp3.
Some merits of a MD -- the relatively economic, easily tranferable/shareable formed, if your friends also use it. If your buddy wants to listen to your skating to/study/waltzing/any mix for the day or two, can rid it on without concerning in an expensive piece of means comunicacionales/by heart or that it has to given of transfer some another way. Of course, I do not have any idea if ossia legal -- but to the left is says am speaking roughly something has written you to you and has registered.
There is minidisc players in a house and car, as I can easily mixes of transport and his touch wherever and while it likes. It could any one that [as cheaply or easily] with a reproductor of Mp3 (inner a moment).
Minidiscs Is smaller that CD is, which can you also frames in a drop of the hat these days, and his no skip.

Opinions for all Sony MD players:
Anything calm , DOES not INSTALL The SONY the YES CALM SOFTWARE CAN HELP It. Perhaps it will improve over time, but you are familiarised with an use of MP3s already, use RealPlayer (the free version has the Grandson-MD plugin concealed will leave you to fall your mp3s and playlists to your MDs, without a control/of controls-was atrocity) or Black Advance, or something alike. Yes, RealPlayer takes the little more along (15-90 seconds for half song, that depends strongly on to the equal that chooses to encode your mp3s -- I use the very big loyalty method, and consistently there is mp3s ossia usually at least 5-8Mb, and these take perhaps the minute or less apiece to transfer).
If you are not an user of Mp3 already, considers ramping until speed. Alternatively, you could use Sony Cleaned-MD Simple Burner to convert your CDs the MP3s quickly, if you must. Some people are quite lucky to take another Sony Software to do, and does not import a control/of controls-was atrocity. ( You have to that verify-out of your files of the music when calm write in any disk, and can not be verified in in any one ANOTHER COMPUTER, or has verified was more than n time (n diverse of 1-3 or perhaps more over time and emission of version, or he like this look).)

This device especially --
1) Waters resistant/durable/Sports-compatible creation. I have not tried this to an extreme, but am comfortable exiting with him. I have it it fell it also the little time in of the hard surfaces, without apparent questions ensuing.
2) Quite easy to resist -- the smoothest outlines that some usual Clean-MD, and comes with the strap of wrist.
3) the life of battery Adds.
4) Any skipping.


1) At all of entity, another that a Sony Software that the majority of people despises -- but can take around this like this on (also look for a web for soyini scrolling of program of disk' or alike).
2) Ergonomically, can not adapt all the world is hand . The small hands can find difficult to resist and control while exiting. A joystick takes some taking used to. While I find it slightly uncomfortable to use ( has the half-sized hands of woman), Is easier that operate while in common/skating/etc that a player of average of portable music. Calm does not have to that look down in anything or move your hand significantly.
5 / 5 Morris
With which three minidisc unit, two desquels has been hand-held portable devices , this a closing takes the plenary five stars. My portable leading MD was the Acute model of him roughly done 5 years. I have not had Never the question with only that that a, and my experience favorecedora has continued with this Sony give form. Really, this Sony MD recorder/player rids all had been looking for in this type of product with one A lot appealing profit added to be drawn for rough use. In compraventa for my second MD player, one of my criteria my big plus was produced endurance and rigidity ( looked for something to accompany me on my careers of long distance). I have been the very satisfied owner of this Sony give form for roughly 7 month like this far, and has valued perfectly in a toughness department further of all other appearances. A MZ-S1 excels for several reasons:

-the life of Battery is incredible.
-Creation and facilitated of use, especially pending of the long careers, is adapted perfectly for a right hand (lefthanded the people could find this an uncomfortable access at the beginning).
-Some bass is surprisingly full, without compromising many of some treble. A sound in general are add, included with some headphones of factory that coming with a player.
-A modifying and registering options, particularly a computer that characteristic of download, is more than pertinent for my uses. It was able to download a lot of minidisc well of music of my computer without a lot of endeavour.
-A strap of wrist and outlines of a MZ-S1 maintain his presence in a backside of my alcohol when I am exiting.
-A placing of some controls ( A joystick) is the ideal for physical activities likes run.
-An arrival of the house of a product is very durable and obviously drawn to outlast a technology.
-And finally, while this would not owe that determine or does not buy this product, is an attractive creation , specifically a pearlescent, reflective coating.

Has had to be really picky and choose a thing to complain roughly, would be a fact that a player can very easily be spent in a waist (as with the clip of tape). This in spite of, with which some first uses of pair, has decided enough would resist in my hand in all the chance. In general, I have given this player the together just of the tests and the tests and I can not find anything wrong with him. In fact, it was like this happy with a Sony S2 line of sport-produced of the audio has oriented that has has bought of a S2 player of CD and S2 Auricular Radius. Both of these products have been equally good mine.

In of the considerations to some other descriptions that says histories of horror and technical questions, can very really speak to these subjects, excepts to say that with any electronic product these days, will have some terracing of the risk has involved. At all it is the sure bet (to the equal that has learnt too much time a hard way). All can do is to treat a device well, and the calm hope shots well the transmission. Regarding east a, has bought was a shelf of my electronic venue superstore and is rid in the each one promises that a container has done. I expect that this help to do a decision has informed.
4 / 5 Estrella
Ossia A product adds. It rids the so only the majority of what of entity that has looked for: Integration of all my needs of music. I can use he in a gymnasium (Mz s1 is quite rugged), in a gone, in my car with a tape, feeds to a to the ones of a system of theatre of the house.
Can register of any source: of a pc (mp3), of virtually another source with the line was (fm, cd, etc).
Does not think that ossia expensive. If it breaks, I will go and take another, at least I any precise to create all a data of music again. Other good things are some looks , feels, sony name, half comunicacionales of storage, life of battery and type.
There is a bit solid drawbacks also:
1. A main appeal of this unit comes from/comes from an enormous storage that offered, has to say that a tax of has bitten lower is virtually offensive to my ears at least, as more really can do is 2 hours in mid register of level. I will not blame sony for him.
2. A software is amply guilty state throughout, has used so only a real player and has taken of the discharges in still this device, and take place in disposal. The people spend too much the time that blame and not giving some solutions, which is like this simple as installing a real player, which the majority has, and take one covers in. Yes, I will blame sony for him.
3. So only it sustains 2nd edition to win 98, ossia misleading. I will not blame sony for him.
4. It requires the plot to read and comprising, only calm can not use all some characteristics without doing an essential reading. I will not blame sony for him.
5. Calm once register the checkedout file of a computer, these casts can not be erased and that the disk has gone also, will blame Sony for him big time.
6. I add joystick, but no far, bad very very bad. I will blame sony for him.
Unless one is committed to dip in all an endeavour, stay out of east a, this is not one covers usual and crew of game.
5 / 5 Heath
Am registering Mp3 of the mine Ipod to the mine Sony MZ-S1 so it writes this description. Has two of these fantastic small cars and has been enjoying listening my music for the very long time. I register my tunes in LP4 and has to that say that it touches very good. I can listen the music in home, in mine car and almost anywhere I please. An only negative is that Sony almost has abandoned this technology with small or any support. Somehow continuous enjoy my music and my MZ-S1 continuous go. I expect that these amazing small cars maintain to do for the very long time.
4 / 5 Lakendra
I have bought a Sony MZ-S1 roughly done 5 month, of City of Circuit ..., it Was alot of money and have it almost complained, but once has bought them a car box, the like this happy era the didnt returns it.
Some Headphones comes with these decent but you gotta shove in in your ears... You know the one who the bad.
A software, the actaully of the that has any questions with, his straightfoward and fast. My only complaint is that it can take the little as (10 - 20) to order by means of my cast of songs, so only the little hundred of them on the abonos P4 setup, with DDR the ram and one joins 100 HD... But his only a inconvience.
A player is very fresh, the creation adds, and durable... It fell it, of roughly 4 feet to frozen asphault with only he scuff to aim for him. Works well in some colds also, his with me everywhere the gone, and the when being winter in sound of Michigan ... I fry right now. It can store 5 and the half hours of music in LP4 the take, the have the little mini disks with 4 and the value of half hours of mix of hardship, which has been them concerned roughly compressing to LP4 but the incredible still sound, calm really would owe that choose on a car box for him, has chosen them on the Sony car box combo stops ...In Compraventa Better.
5 / 5 Mohammed
Does not want to seats bored in this description, as I go to be fast.
Fisrt Of everything, A Coverage MD is the million times better that the mp3 Discman. Reason? Reason MiniDisc is stronger and smaller, calm can spend him in any pocket of the yours blue tejanos.
(MD 1 - Other Players 0)
As, With onle a MiniDisc can store 5 hours more. A software OpenMG converts a format of mp3 to a MD formed. Calm can export him so only 3 times, ossia true. But 3 times to 3 differet MDs, reason can send for behind the song to your PC and calm will have one more casualidades to register this song. If a tranfer failure, does not count as I complete it tranfer.
(MD 2 - Other Players 0)
Tercero, His leaves of orange screen to see a title of a song, the time that remain and a lot another data. Something that any one another player does not have .
(MD 3 - Other Players 0)
Fourth, A weight is his weak point . It can not be spent in your pocket of shirt, and hardly in yours tejanos.
(MD 3 - Other Players 1)
Finally, I recomend this product. A Oks has beaten a KOs. Calm will not feel dissapointed. It enjoys it!
4 / 5 Shalonda
Are the conscious consumer estimate to the equal that have taken really my time that investigations a scene of reproductor of first Mp3 to buy something. First to read my description sees if my worries were some same as yours. My big worries are durability of a player and a cost of storage of increasing music. If those were my subject only , any so only my main some, could have given these 5 stars. A player is half comunicacional durable , additional is roughly [$ $ $ ] each one that like this, and there is still tp take this to skip and fell it (accidentally) and taked that careers.
Has the few subjects this in spite of. In the first place, some needs of units some class of strap. If it is the hand-held strap or arm or anything, need something another that a wimpy the bows of wrist concealed comes with him that is meaning more to take a yes calm player accidentally fallen more than maintaining he in place during active use.
As, A whole control in/out the characteristic is annoying. If I have used this player significantly more than me could the desire had purchased something different. I guess a whole idea is to help prevent a propgation of the illegal music that trades. Anything yours opinion in this @@subject think that any one would adapt that that Sony there is here does is not a response, his implementation so only frustrates those of knots those who have the big collection of digital music has obtained legally. Besides, a rear process down a scrolling of music to a player dramatically and thwarts any additional potential a player has had, maintaining a Sony Mini-players of Disk of cometing in the level with an iPod. If some disks have been treated like the levels of half comunicacionales digital and a player has been recognised like him removeable walk of the disk for Windows thinks of everything of some uses for a player. It could be the mini hard walk, door of the regular files, scrolling of requests of digital music, etc. instead is so only a soyjugador of P3', and has included then is not the reproductor of true Mp3, simply can convert MP3s, WMAs, etc. The propietary ATRAC3 formed.
This takes to a OpenMG jukebox the program has used to transfer music to a player. It is quirky and the flakes was frequently. It improved it obviously the descriptions read but still there is enough the ways to go.
In general has taken a player mainly to use when I go to run and is quite well in that, so only spends longer that I want to dip together mine mini-resumido of disk. If the money is not a subject for you this in spite of or have abundance of removeable the memory would recommend to take something the little better.
5 / 5 Roxanna
Am beginning to ask Sony is still in a right clue tries to remain appropriate in a mp3-centric world of digital music.
Thinks something that NetMD would have been absolutely fantastic fact three years, when USB-there is enabled the computers have begun to obtain mainstream adoption, and first of hard disk and cd-r prize of the burner had not fallen quite a lot of stops more than people for rasgar and burn his collection of music. Then, material, a capacity to transfer until five hours of music to the alone, (relatively) economic minidisc would have resisted appeal more orders.
To all the cost to time, a NetMD the technology is still quite orderly. You are able to transfer digital content, mp3 has imported neither/wma or CD of audio is, directly to minidisc using an of three settings of compression.
SP, A plenary-bores to dip, leaves until 80 minutes in a disk, and is a better touching of three. It is "lossy" compression, like mp3, but to the mine has broken ears, sound at least like this very like this CD is. LP2 Fold A time of storage, but a compression done augmented to a sound of registers that to to result likes... Well, ALMOST like this as well as he 160kbps cbr mp3. Almost.
LP4 Time of storage of the quadruples, but to the equal that could guess, a quality of his this quite dodgy, comparable to the harm rasgĂł 128kbps (or lower) cbr mp3. LP4 Is quite the cause has lost according to which the majority of rock goes, but is surprisingly passable for hip-hop and the word spoken (and probably for the majority electronica, but there is still to try this).
According to that transferring that it exists mp3/wma the contained goes, would not recommend it (I knows, he quite nulls a hype of NetMD, a lot that?). I have tried converting the batch of 160kbps cbr mp3 is SP and LP2, using a has comprised OpenMG Jukebox. In SP, a quality of his comparable east to an original, but a scrolling to MD apresamiento almost so it likes period of a content. Scrolling in LP2 is faster, if you neglect a processor-hog conversion to ATRAC LP2 way, but a quality of sound takes the nosedive.
That has read it, OMG Jukebox is notoriously unstable. Or have read like this. I have been able to felizmente install it on two Windows have separated 2000 Pro cars, and am feeling like this lucky, goes to buy the entrance of the lottery once am done with this description.
This has said, once calms quickly advances to 2002, where more people that not having gigabytes to exist mp3 is in his or his hard disk, calm has to that ask is more convenient that trust the player of solid of state mp3 to take small sections of this content without any format any far plus-emotional, or touch them in concentrating to CD-R/W is for use with 3" or 5" disk-the player of mp3 has based. If NetMD mp3 has managed is and wma is natively (or has included directed Sony is proprietary ATRAC without a inflexible software of management of the audio), thinks this produces to have much more relevance today. This in spite of, because of worries of intellectual property, thinks Sony hamstrung he with his convoluted system of management of the content.
In a moment, has been using a Coverage MD Simple Burner program to transfer CD of audio has contained directly to MD (mostly in LP2 way, with some LP4, but for some odd reason, SP is not available like the way of scrolling with Simple Burner!). I have begun it amasses it the usable variety of disks has packed with songs for a gymnasium or for walks in a park, and the one who that on, is sincere MD goodness. Factor of compact form, big skip control, half comunicacionales durable, life of big battery. Basically all some things that the majority of CD-R/W players of mp3 is not . And in the good transmission of any of a black of bumblebee-and-yellow motive, a new S2 the design of sport to good sure adds some to a "fresh factor".
Am bent to think that Sony munged a Minidisc still again, this time with questionable software, but a good informative is that I am still able to do use of NetMD. I fall the line has any questions or of the histories of war to share.
5 / 5 Lurline
Has bought the to listen to the files of mp3 have. It can any one because of a bad Sony software that comes with him. Good valley, in fact could, burn he cd first that love then transfer concealed to minidisc........ To upload the spatial minidisc with roughly 2 1/2 hours of music there is taken on the total of now. This has involved to use a sony clunky software to take the playlist, converts the cast has said to a minidisc formed of file, files of scrolling to minidisc. A conversion of mp3 to a sony the format has taken roughly 45 minutes, and a scrolling to a minidisc at least 20 minutes. This was in the beautiful zippy P4 2machine of action! Irked Me He little at the same time involved but could live with him, calm discovered then so only can do this 3 times........... With which owe that reconvert a song again. Ossia Sony That tries to take the song does not give it whoop roughly Sony that it loses the say me of piracy and thinks there is ruined that it is the product of the hardware adds with absolutely of terrible software. As it looks a chance with the majority sony the elements have, likes him add roughly 5 no more than this required. SOOO Am returned this player to buy the player of River of mp3 instead. Like this far that a River are to add and has had arrives and that careers in 20 minutes when a sony has taken almost 2 not recommending this element for mp3, for right cd to minidisc is reason not taking the player of mp3 rule instead and has more flexible product?
4 / 5 Shad
Has bought one of this Coverage MDs the few months done, and I gotta says that it is the car really orders . You can store almost 320 minutes (more than 5 hours) in only a MD. Have So only 5 MDs and have all some songs want to listen to in the travesĂ­a long.
Usually have travesĂ­as long and so only a EA the battery give a better of my music. An orange light of a screen is one of his better characteristics, ossia something concealed a lot all a MDs active neither one the majority of expensive model. I really like his modern creation and his reflective smoke withe is something well.
But at all is perfect. A weight is his weak point . I gotta spend the jacket for the spend easily, reason can not be spent in a pocket of shirt, hardly in any tejanos pocket.
In spite of this thing, recommends this MD, am satisfied with him and calm surely will be too much.
5 / 5 Antionette
Has bought this mini disk to use while it runs. He all want to. Five hours of music in an economic disk in the shuffle way in fantastic. Some disks are economic, as I can upload on stirs it of them. Both ask of software that coming with a work of car well. They are rasgando of mine cd collection, as NetMD the law of software adds. I have used a OpenMG software all the world complains roughly to paste on a signal of audio of a cd, and has done adds. It has not been that some works of software with bootlegged mp3s, of then like me a bit musicians to take paid for his work.
So only downsides: Any one attaches for clip of tape or strap of arm. Has the habit to use a strap of arm. A volume any quite go like this strong to the equal that would like, included with a AVLS turned was- but like music really strong. Still it touches quite noisily. The desire has taken less time to copy of cd to player, but ossia probably one the fault of the mine CD/of computer Rom. They are also he a lot of impacienta.
These rocks of what! Mini I disks are a way to go , and is listening the music during exercise/of sport, ossia a car .
4 / 5 Drema
Well, has possessed a Sony NW-MS9 (lighter sized reproductor of Mp3 with some the majority of half comunicacionales expensive in a face of this earth!) And it has treated a terrible OpenMG software that comes with him, but has discovered two technical questions additional that lurk in a fund of OpenMG (and will describe another some also)
1) OpenMG does not sustain ID3v2 tagging. This in fact presents the question for me, reason has the big collection of music that has the titles concealed is longer that a normal ID3v1 period of seal. For example, one of some clues in a MD I so only created is 'Any [the ferry esystem F' Corsten Vocal Modifies Mix]'. If I leave a ID3v1 seal in a file, then takes truncated and has to that go and manually rename a clue. Solution? I undressed A ID3v1 seal of a file, and has left OpenMG take a title of a filename.
2) OpenMG HAS questions touching (and thusly importing) some songs have registered in 256kbit-CBR. I know it touches like the waste of spatial, and @give that, but has registered the few songs of hundred in my computer behind some days when it was first experimenting with MP3s, and I never king-registered him-in mine ideal 160kbit. Of course, I have undermined the little deeper to reason has questions - especially there is remarked of then if quickly it advances to a song, touches well. It results that has the questions with a song has pure silence in a start ( A frame is full of zeroes). Solution? It has written it util to scan by means of a 256kbit songs and take beginning and final silences. Has not finding any songs that has pure silence in a half, as I am not sure likes OpenMG will react his.
3) OpenMG does not have the simple interface to create playlists. More, surfing by means of some casts to file to build the playlist of the scratch is painful, of then takes roughly 5-7 seconds for an exposure to refresh properly in this laptop (WinXP, reinstalled a day has purchased a NetMD). It would like to see the program that can so only read the files of text concealed has the cast of filenames and locations for his touch of. Oh Attended, ossia the one who Winamp is .m3u The files are stops . Solution? It has written the utility to convert one .m3u Files to the file of batch to transfer some files of his original location to the directory to hold, with the prefices of clue have added on. This in fact heads to a fourth point
4) OpenMG uses a system of management of digital legislations to prevent distribution of music. Of course, if I have transferred a music to a directory to hold, can burn it, then nuke a directory to hold, nuke one .OMG Lima, and reconstruct this directory. It classifies of the ache in a butt, but taking around this subject. Not liking are the cashier of music or anything. So only it sucks when I lose a MD (raisin) and calm can not verify a song behind in.
5) (Nitpicky) OpenMG does not look to answer properly to some tones of means comunicacionales in this (HP-ZT1000 portable the) computers.
Going to a MD player, looks to write in max 2x speed. It has taken this PC roughly 25 minutes to convert some files of Mp3 to OMG files (this in spite of certainly, the portion of that in a start has been spent multitasking download to a player, which, also failed - although it concealed could that to him have to that runs to an aforesaid 256kbitCBR music). It has then taken roughly 40 minutes or like this to transfer 80 value of minutes of music to a MD, and has clashed once in a half of a scrolling (9 clues to a player). Dunno Reason this past, but after the total of now, has a value of hours of music ready in a MD!
Has tried to touch a music, and the sounds adds! Well, everything excepts a 256kbit song that has not transferred ( has imagined out of some solutions with which have downloaded a music). Some controls are more responsive that mine old plus MZ-R90, but any pleasure responsive like mine MZ-E60. That I bad for essponsive' is how long takes to go among clues, and the FF/REW. A MZ-R90 was horrendously dulcemente, probably because of Sony is tentativa to do conservation to be able to.
Like a prize added, can use this to seal MDs! Like an aggregated negative, calm can not import music of MDs. And like a cast to wish added - reason could a lot this be use like the half of storage of the data also? Interest, could transfer files among house and work, this in spite of listens the music in a MD player, then he so only rock. I guess it concealed it is the one who to the things likes them an iPod is stops!
Finally - this product is well, but no attended to use OpenMG like your player of election. In fact, an only thing that maintain to the turn are is there is workarounds to bypass OpenMG. While I want a MD, has programs to take it playlist file and convert he to the provisional directory, and then uses OpenMG to transfer this directory to a MD player. Have Still to experience with LP2/LP4, but that has been it listening of the fellow the one who use he, a quality of these ways is well.
4 / 5 Jane
Has bought this unit to substitute the Acute LADY-MD722 which there was has wanted of then 2000. It prefers a fashion of interface of the user of some Acute players, but a NetMD the characteristic deceive me the Sony. A bit joystick the control is the little odd, and is easy to take game when you mean to advance one follows. I can it does not be missing any looks at least like this as well as all mine another MD crew. One has comprised the headphones touch good and is comfortable to spend, but there is roughly 9" cord too small. Some four stars of a description am based in a hardware so only.
Now for a serious rant-fest, but each word here is 100 serious. It can touch like quell'has slipped to hyperbole, but does not ignore this. If you are frustrated easily and/or use an old, dulcemente, or homebuilt computer, no attended to use one has comprised OpenMG software for scrolling of mp3. OpenMG Is easily a worse the majority of unstable piece of the software has not seen never in public emission. There is beta of another software that is more stable. Careful examination of Sony is has comprised info roughly OpenMG has the pleas of multiple authorships in any guaranteeed of the action has based in different appearances of computers setup. Ossia The way bobo to try to reduce some question celery obliged to solve with a software. Perhaps his fact to run more in the Sony VAIO system. At any rate, I am coming to expect multiple reboots every time uses it, included for something that simple like retitling clues in the disk. Sony Would owe that be embarrassed to spend of this software to pay clients. NetMD Debuted in 2001, and a software would owe that be more refined that this for now. They are the patient and generally computer-savvy person, and has to that say concealed Sony need to begin on with a code and interface of user of OpenMG.
OpenMG Also aggressively a incumplimiento player for the majority of ache of means comunicacionales in him although a software was stable.
5 / 5 Micheal
I Taken to a minidisc the years in fact several mesos, when it is in the first place exited. I have bought the big, clunky, vcr-sized sony covered of recorder player, which is coming w/ the 'released portable player. A portable player was problaby a worse piece of electronics the ees never possessed (the will not take to a attrocities of him).
Roughly done 3 years, the upgraded my portable unit to the
sony mz-e44 model. It is the fantastic player , and the really can not say very bad roughly that. Petit, stylish, and effective. The sweet blue/lived irridescent diagram by heart. But with which 3 years, has been now of upgrade again.
Experience a sony mz-s1 the roughly done model 2 weeks, and absolutely loves that.
He minidisc The technology is not for all the world. It is not one the majority of half perfect w/ which to record and listen the music. But that the ees seen and listened, if you are the defender or user of this technology, a mz-s1 will suffice for all your needs.
The pros:
- stylish. It was-you dye oranges and targets. Smooth, HAS ROUNDED flanges. No a model a small and more compact plus, but is a lot quite stops more than purpose.
- Comes w/ the software that contains two seperate the register that/program of touches. Esees Seen some negative opinions in a software, but is at all concealed would owe that prevent a half user to enjoy a player, or a process of register.
- Can register until 5+ hours of music to a minidisc. Ossia One the majority of of entity upgrade to some 2 leading players (3, yes count a coverage of house) the ees has possessed.
- My leading 2 models have occasionally skipped, included so only during normal walking. This player there is still to skip on me. Included once. Still during rough movement , rugged. It has fallen once a player while it tries to dip he in my pocket- the paste an earth, but has not lost never beat it (and a casing does not have streaky or scuff, neither! needless To say, the pleasant, and surprised to add)
the gilipollas:
- the little elder that probably need be, but ossia so only nitpicking. A mz-e44 the model is smaller, but so only slightly, and a mz-s1 is characteristic more than doing up for him. Still it returns quite amiably in a pocket of interior of my discharge of skin, but does not return also mine tejanos pocket, likes mz-e44 has done.
- A has comprised the software is quell'has bitten complicated and has weighed at the beginning, but after touching around w/ if for the short while, is easy to take used to.
- Ossia Probably nitpicking also, but 2 things these lacks of player, that my forward, the model of 3 years has had, is rechargable battery (still, volume 50+ hours of playback w/ the only EA battery, which really is at all to complain roughly), and one of this far-clave thingies that I can change clues, volume, etc. Of. To do these basic tasks, has to in fact touch a player he. Again, no the big shot, but the characteristic that would have been well.
Finally, the reccomend this player to any, although any highly. It would suggest to do some investigation and compraventa around, to find one accesses of plus for you. There is at all here that it would be it necessary deter it any to purchase this model, but other models there can contain other characteristic that these some faults, concealed can adapt you better. Still, ossia the player that a half consumer can not go bad w/, and would have to that do more the happy consumers w/ all some characteristics and described has. It is I am them happy has bought them the. And the possessed the one who the previously considered to be the cup of a model of line (paid [money] still 3 years ago).
5 / 5 Tashina
After doing some basic descriptions of himself partorisca take a MD system of Mp3, has decided to go with a MD, and decided partorisca take is one. I have not taken to everything of some characteristic still, but so only that takes the music in some disks was easier that has thought. Probably it spends more the time that some download that thought it would take, but is worth it. It likes-me a system of manager of the music also.
While enough the novice with digital music, has taken the Phillips/reproductor of Mp3 of Nike, and has found much more the questions that takes that it would have to that have, and decided to solve he. More, there is more the options with music is, and found the carrier adds for a Sony MD player for works perfectly for me.
For me, these works of system perfectly, and I like a fact that can 5 value of hours of music in a disk, a life of battery looks hard for ever (compared to leading systems), and can dip on a music a way that loves.
4 / 5 Richelle
Ossia My second Mini-player of Disk. A prime minister was for JVC and wine with part of the rack system. A one for JVC lasted for 9 month until it has taken some too many falls.
My thoughts in this player, a Sony MZ-S1 Coverage of Sport MD
A Good:
any skip. I have run, hiked and is exited in the crew of diagrams has assisted while using it. When Running has to that resist he in my hand. When those Walk or exiting with the crew of car hangs it around my with the. I have added the lanyard to a small, but a lot strong, strap that is coming with a player and this does a lot well. A player uses the only EA battery. Utilisation a player constantly when I travel, 6-7 days the month and a battery usually last for my time of travesĂ­a whole when I touch for 4-5 hours the day while travelling. I have not used never more than two battery a month. A lot durable to be has fallen 7 times.
A No Like this Good: A bit weighed to be test of water. I have not tried a water proofing alleges still. Sony The no-model of test of the water that some same things but is $ 60-$ 80 economic dollars and hanged the averages the a lot of.
A Bad: the telephone of boss concealed is coming with them have not been well. Used my old Sony the telephone of boss concealed goes by behind a with the and clip in some ears. A software that comes with a player very a lot the friendly user but takes a work done. No attended covers it so only a player to your port of USB of the computers and music of download. You owe that upload a first software. Windows XP will recognise a player like a hard walk outside but will not transfer anything his. I took 30 minutes to read and configuring to take my music to start with that transfers. It has taken roughly 30 minutes more to transfer and register an integer Mini-value of Disk of music in LDP way (5 hours). A software in the first place converts a Mp3/WAV the files then transfers them to a player. My computer is the HP Pentium 4, GHZ, 512Ram of MB, Windows XP Edition of House.
Has has had to that do a compraventa again would take a no-model of test of the water. He a same thing, cost $ 60-$ 80 dollars less and hanged the averages so much.
Expects that this description helps any with the future purchas. This was my first long description .
4 / 5 Rudy
Has purchased so only this little beaut and am incredibly happy with him. Although a reviewer has had to say, to the unit comes with the strap of wrist. If it does not like a roominess of of a strap, can attach any one his old strap master - easy. I have it it did not fall it still, but to good sure is the beefy what, weighing the bit more than mine other two units (some Japanese Treble MD-MT770 and some elderly Aiwa F70) is to good sure the chunk of hardware. An only complaint has is that an end of software takes for ever to upload (900Mhz portable). Once it is on and running all is smooth and relatively easy to use. All the crew has required comes with a unit (a lot the difference of my Acute unit). All precise is the port of USB of the operation and CD stroll in your computer and calm is ready! Having your on-line computer is the definite plus of a software checks a CDDB on-line and burns a title and of the names of clue in a MD for you!! Yep, That to good sure beaten out of mine other laptops the as well as my JVC MX-S55 mini system. It has not touched with a no-CD of the copy PROTECTS with this thing could do is to substitute a boss-telephones. I have bought the pair of Koss KSC-50 on-the-auricular of ear and has to that say a combo is incredible. Claro highs and robust lows (thanks to 15hz final down of some telephones and the impulse of digital bass well in a MD unit)...
5 / 5 Susana
Has been the defender of Minidisc of a start, but a format is enjoying the slow miserable death long because of sony is managing of a circle was some years and all but completly any marketing of some units in some declares at all. This sum of laws of the unit and does exactly that announces to do. I actualy has run was and has bought the second unit when a prime minister an east has died after 9 month. Now it possesses a Ipod and a prime minister to this unit a Mp3/of CD/ARE/FM/Tuner of television/ATRAC S2 Portable cdplayer (nf something). It does not use never this unit anymore but was a lot of happy with a compraventa when I he. A unit is backlit, durable, starts of battery and can register in Minidisc formed until LP4 (4-5 hours for minidisc) My first dead unit because of the question of register. A reliabilty can be a subject with minidisc by means of a joint has owed the like this moving parts (a lot that can break he). The sound was well, in pair with Ipod according to a way to register SP=cd quality, LP2=Quality of Mp3, LP4was useless. It goes the Epinions or ecoustics and read on yes is interested to buy the unit.
5 / 5 Mitchel
Left to say in the first place that this MD player treated well on some last few months, in fact can be press the year with this thing now. It is my second MD player this in spite of as my prime minister so only decided to kick a cube with which roughly to two years likes him the verdict is still is gone in this current a.

If it had not invested in like this minidiscs when it was abroad I would have gone with a reproductor of Mp3 or something like but if of precise to the to MD player likes (do) and is looking for of the model of sport would say to go with east a sure. There is so only a drawback to this second that it can say (I are quite down maintinence when it comes to this material) but has a potential to be the big a depening in that yours while out of the espuertos' the product has taken. I seat to say sure that ossia quite a lot so only so that I have run or jog. Walking Of shopping centre, dance of line and a stairmaster probably would be a lot also. An only control for a unit is situated in a point where some rests of thumb in a player that does a quite useless thing for sport that neither require an use of your hands or your hands to be gloved arrive (although a control of thumb is easy to use otherwise). They are for real he has surprised that this does not have the remote his. Still the utilisation when they are biking but I neither dipped he in the pocket (in that if I need for the fish was wants to change a clue) or locate my bicycle with a delivery (in that if for real appearance discover prompt so only that abuse this thing can take he so that it smashes into an earth with me and a bicycle).

According to which a battery goes am convinced that has pocolos elves that change (a EA) when I am not looking reason in almost the year has substituted a battery once. I have had the long times where have not used the, but is not to like is collecting powder neither.

In the nutshell, if you are in the place where need to take this type of MD player think will be more than satisfied with him. A reason has given this 4 star is been due to a lack of far, this does for the very heavy sports walkman, almost to a point of the contradict. If calm this in spite of six the corridor , jogger or dancer to line then this product has been done so only for you.
5 / 5 Wally
So that there is ups and downs to this container

is looking for the good alternative to CD, or calm does not have of the money for an iPod, look the MiniDisk. If the CD and the Flexible disk have had the boy, the MiniDisk would burst era. Some means comunicacionales has a decent durability of the flexible, with a capacity of the CD (any one the full CD, but 169MB is not bad for music.) A S1 only is built like the rock, (which is well in pupil.) This in spite of, because of a construction, is the well has bitten more weighed then another MD is (which is not saying a lot of) can say that a player (with battery and disk) has the decent heft, but swimming extraordianry (imagines the weighty player of CD.) It is global measure when being smaller then a player of HALF CD, the meeting is easier that spend around then my player of OLD CD.

A prize added of half comunicacionales REMOVABLE of the the gigantic leg on on flashes reproductores of Mp3, leaving you to spend more music on two MD is then in the level Flashes Mp3, and the roughly $ 2 the piece, is not that expensive. And reason some mean comunicacionales is animal-writable, to 5 bandage will last you the LONG time ($ 10 in Aim). Some resplandores of life of the battery on and further this in spite of, has taken the good 30-40 hours of playtime was A EA battery, and another in the stock exchange is easy to spend to the long of. (I maintains a EA in my rucksack.)

Ah, Yes, one in sounds like the I very commercial volume, but this thing the merit. This in spite of, all has to that have his defect, and a NetMD is to have a inherant defect... In a software given was with them.

A software has caused enough the bit of my hair to relocate to a paving after being rasgado was. 4 hours later, and quite aggrivated, there is appealed to a big olde internet. I have found the quite easy way around a software Sony looked to spend 5 minutes on... (The infamous SONICSTAGE!) Now, purportedly, SonicStage Version 2.0 is much better, but an original SonicStage (Version 1) is INCREDIBLY ustable, closing up in mid-burn, etc. Etc. A lot of confounding. This in spite of, there is the way around that. Some engine for NetMd is downloaded can be for RealPlayer. I one following

First and formost, has to INSTALL SonicStage (Fear one installs, is like to be in the very big group, on the hill, in a rain, while cursing a god of thunder, and say to give you his soyla the ore shot') With which arrives them to him awake after installing (yes, could fall asleep) a following.

1)Download RealPlayer in his web of place (free)

2)Once installed, opens it up and click on Scrolling/to Burn

3)Click 'Add the New Device' will open the web page in RRPP, look around the bit, and find a NetMD Section

4)Downloads a precise engine.

And is fact, SonicStage has been bypassed.

This in spite of, finds that queuing songs up for the burn can close on RealPlayer also. To solve this, I row on a song the time, then copies that A SONG to a MD. Then repeat the box has everything does. It takes time, and can not leave my computer, but work, and has not had any question of then. That I usually does is dipped the to burn the song, anything in a computer for the minute or two, and controls behind. (For AIM of chance) work quite a lot of (I are woking in the now same burn.)

@In rodeo, a player and all NetMD is is incredible. A software has comprised could be affiliated with several words of election. RealPlayer Takes time, but work, and once a music is in some disks, touches perfectly ( has shaken a thing for 3 minutes directly and a sound a lot included waiver.) Also it looks really really well, and a backlight is soothing it orage irridecent glow... A lot comforting. They are a lot happy with this purchace. Thumbs up.
4 / 5 Paulette
Has bought a MZ-N505 (the gaudy little gold or money a) but is returned he for a MZ-S1. While a two is almost identical to record and touching characteristic, a N505 was like this small and light that felt it dangerously flimsy. An organism a robust plus of a S1 the fact the better cost.
Am planning on spending my player around campus with me in (the fund of) my rucksack, he spending when running, and maintaining he in my pocket of jacket while skiing. At all it has to that weighed--I thinks more the people will subject his players to all the classes of alike use when @they give the one who convenient and portable is.
A S1 is the main shadow and hanged almost two times as much as one 505, but an only way can say a difference among 4 ounces and 7 this when you are resisting an in each hand. This extra weight has the habit to mark an organism a fat plus and more 'drop-resistant'. The dry duty was while skiing, a last what will be necessary respecto roughly is this player. I can resist he in mine sweaty harps or take it has liked him on and a hule gaskets around a MD and compartments of the battery and some controls to the touch will maintain to take wet interior.
A control of the player dipped one 'joy' behind in 'joystick'-- is drawn to be easy to control when calm resist it whole in a delivery (while running,for example) but can be operated of any corner. A backlit LCD screen is another improvement in a N505.
I also found a creation more tasteful-- lack of a 'please fly me' gueto philosophy to draw of one 505. When Spears in a hand-held strap and better headphones that comprises in a container, a MZ-S1 is a better election.
5 / 5 Jennette
There there is so only a figure that need to be spoken here, which is a lack of any sale of arm or clip of tape. That some draws the esportuario' model of minidisc player, then demands that calm resist it while using it? A ruggedness and the durability of a player is well and dandy, but yes is looking for something that you does not have to that I control in your hand a whole time, calm then will owe that look elsewhere. It finds a hand-held strap entirely useless! The one who in fact has left a player dangle of a strap and try anything closes to the sport? Personally, I find it the enormous annoyance while running, and an impossibility while exiting, to have something in my hand a whole time. It notes the Sony: you would owe that it has comprised it a band of arm! It would have meant a difference among having something durable, practical, and functional in place of good to look in, but annoying because of his lack of usability. In an end, a product is so only like this well like the use is able to take of him in a capacity that slowly on using it. If it was in the row to shoot, then could be impressed in an apparent bulletproofness of a player in chance any one has decided shoot the, this in spite of, would have the hard time that shoots with accuracy because so only would have a delivery to do like this with! In a context of sport, this player simply no well for me. Perhaps he for you.
5 / 5 Faviola
Thanks to Real partorisca to sustain a Sony MD players in some Real A Player! Sony Has the long history to do innovative, easy to use, very drawn, compact, and electronic of durable consumer that coming with some of some worse, less calm usable software will not see never. It is the shame , some development and competent creation the endeavour goes to a SW, but usability and consolation (ironically, something some shines of hardware in) is something concealed is so only apparently any one the consideration.
Anyways, If this device has not been sustained by another software, would have the hard time that recommends , of laws a lot enough with Real A Player, would have to say you could much better that this device for the laptop (and ruggedized!) Player of digital music. Has experience with a Nomad II, Nomad Jukebox, Sony MusicClip (spoilt for a OpenMG SW:(), and RaveMP players. A quality of his this significantly better that any of these players. Besides, I have experienced much more life of battery that any of these other players for the factor of 2 or 3. A real payoff, this in spite of, is a cost of means comunicacionales: Minidiscs is the factor of 20-40x economic that comparable 128MB flashes devices by heart (compact flashes, half comunicacionales ready, etc.).
Five stars if it is not to come with OpenMG.
4 / 5 Stephenie
There is recently has taken this product for my anniversary. I use it daily in disposal and coming house of colegiala. A quality of his east surprising in LP2, and decent in LP4. I want like a hard battery like this long.
A reason that has taken them a MZ-S1 and no the different minidisc the player was reason has been them surprised that it was an only on with the backlight on that. I am taking the travesĂ­a the florida, and that goes in the cruise in a summer, and am driving them there. I require a light to see that song im touching during a night.
A software comes with this bad reason owe that treat verifying in and verifying out of songs. It goes with realone jukebox his alot better.
In general ossia and astounding minidisc player, and an only time will launch it to them was is yes/when it breaks.
In general ossia an amazing minidisc player.
4 / 5 Shaunda
A minidisc the offers of the very characteristic player is. I love a measure of both a player and some disks. A life of battery is good and a quality of his this very also. But it does not take me bad, the really listen to that it loves it, has to a pocola operates.
Has the quite big collection of music in my computer and some songs and the albums are everything in of the quite different formats. Against those a lot of users have said in this product, using a SonicStage the software has not had any questions still with a format of song. But it is still the enormous ache sometimes. I use Player of Means comunicacionales of the Windows. Ossia Where all of mine playlists and other songs are. But I can not transfer of there that the minidisc. I owe that take all some songs of Player of Means comunicacionales of the Windows and upload to a software that is coming with a player. If quell'concealed that has not gone quite a lot of question, a playlists will not transfer . And there is still to imagine was like this to store groups of songs in a new software.
I like a minidisc player. But Sony certainly done the better work of the mark with softwares of CURRENT PC.
5 / 5 Celesta
To the plot is writing already in granddaughter md players. As this would not owe that be so only a next description but so only some facts in clean md players and his software:
1. It is true: if it use software of sonic phase (v 1.5) can so only scrolling (the control was) each file 3 times to three means comunicacionales different. But ossia some so only for one (imported) plough mg files. If you have imported the cd, wav or file of mp3, so only the import again and will be able to tranfer the another 3 times.
2. A software of sonic phase is obviously any one has shot more. But in the windows 2000 stable computer and the has not faced any questions of conversion like this far. I a lot recommed like it my favoured jukebox but he a work would owe that do.
3. Some people recommend real a player instead reason say that it calms has not limited to some 3 control of time was. But like him realy the fact is: it converts each file (real closing/atrac files) to some open mg file and that again is able to tranfer the three times. After a third control out of real an only converts an original file again but can do like this for calm in sonic phase also. So only delete an old file inside a software of sonic phase and the import again. It is not fearful: the sonic phase will not delete a file of original mp3 reason so only deletes the files has created.
4. The sonic phase is not able to create files in sp (short game) measure (original atrac formed). Always it imports files in some new atrac3 formed that it is less than half measure. If you want to create it md at stake short, can do like this, but the sonic phase will convert a atrac3 file. Quality therefore never be better that 132kbit atrac3, which is quite very this in spite of and hard to say of original atrac.
5 / 5 Antone
This mini the player of disk is ordered enough. Some disks resist roughly 50 songs, according to the period and is rerecordable. A player is light and although calm the tombs, will not break anything. A LCD screen shows a name of a song as well as volume and the pocola another characteristic. The so that only does not like is a earphones, does not return like this well and constantly are regulating.
5 / 5 Maryland
...Sure it is all sony. And with those imports bought it. Has Very big-finalise sony electronic products like him 10 old year 30' TV that still dips a mark in big definition (recently actuate seen a difference will maintain my together.). But this compraventa particular has invited the vocabulary that has not used of a navy. With which four different install the careers with an enclosed software have called Dell has bought of then support of software and has loved the warm organism asap. Very run throughs resulted later and same "Any workie!" As well as I have called then Sony 24hr service of client in a product. After recognition of the paper of serious voice has taken the warm organism and with east another nine (9) transfers then the cut was. There it seats a MZ-IF in the good-looking battery of bosses, manual, quickly ref. You drive and the plastic container. Behind to a tent has been. I am not never be like this fallido and disappointed in the Sony produced before. If yours looking for 'Out of a box' the operation buys something more. This requires the update of software (Mailed yours for Sony.) Together with the terracing in computing to install and operate. A lot he for me this time. Definatly He challange If ossia that yours arrive stops. Valley of silicon...
4 / 5 Meghann
Has chosen this on the few weeks does and am surprised entirely with a product. A software, while no a better, once learnt is in fact well. I have listened both formats when writing and a format a compact plus touches like this well like the main quality. A sound in any format is point and averts. A life of battery is extremely long. Never of it has taken them this has listened them his alot and a metre of the life of the battery follows announces in a first bar. My only flu with east the minor a, a headphone the bass is beginning to deteriorate and crackel. It has begun when it has listened them his in full and grave volume full for only the minute or so much. I recommend having the backside-arrive pair of headphones or buying the substitution for some headphones to purchase of of the this. All is more perfect state and am very impressed. It recommends these to any one looking for the player of music or so only the still substitution CD is.
4 / 5 Maisie
Sony Can have lost a boat with his MZ-S1 Net-MD Minidisc Walkman. First of all, it is HEAVY, on 1/2 book with battery and minidisk. As, it is drawn to be the "hand-held" unit which can be bit it awkard for some uses of sports. Tercero, there is vertually a lot of "slowly" surfaces to locate keys of clip of universal tape. Island, a "joystick" the control is quite he nifty idea , but requires to plot of finess and practical to operate. Fifth, mentions that it is HEAVY, weighing in up 1/2 book with battery and minidisk. Perhaps ossia a reason is drawn to be the one of hand, his the weighed to spend around in the pocket or in the band of waist.
5 / 5 Mckinley
Has to that say that they are the novice the music in of the llamas of some grandchildren and has chosen this product because have has wanted to something that could use to run with and workout with this had the life of long battery and a mini the disk is so only 2nd in of the considerations to the CD regulate for qualities of music. He never skips at all! I have copied the music of the mine CD is on to a disk and plant them in of the dossiers I so that you can skip to the particular category later on ( Rock, rap etc.). Ossia The investment adds and if a quality of his east of entity, then ossia another reason to buy this product. To good sure would recommend to buy a Sony way callejera on around auricular (in $ 20 for levels and $ 30 for fashion of sport) for a quality of his better without paying the fortune. A software is not an easy plus to operate but Sony does utmost products as it does not leave this calm stop to buy east.
5 / 5 Pam
This in spite of probably lose it. If your computer is a upgrade of one 'the installed factory' YOU ( To Win 98 mine), a software has closed no run in your computer. It declares in interior of good big papers a booklet of installation, but no in a packaging. If you mosey on in the Sony besiege of web to try and find patch it to correct this question, is out of the regime like his place of web is roughly like this illuminating like the imprecise information located in a packaging of product. It was like this so that it looks forward to that it runs with this player, instead behind to a tent goes to be substituted by something hopefully has drawn better.
5 / 5 Hosea
Has looked for a MDLP MD recorder to upgrade my old Acute LADY-722. I have solved in a MZ-S1 in an Acute MT-822 mostly because of a differential lateralmente. It is the decision has not complained. I do not concern on a NetMD reason is proprietary the windows and I career MacOS, but neither listens to Mp3 is so that it does not annoy me that a lot. A sony the unit feels rugged, which is well. Yes, it is quell'has bitten main that the majority of a current MD is, but any much bigger that my old acute, and is much smaller that my player of CD. Yes, a Sony does not have the mic-in entrance, but again are not that it runs mics the unit. A LP2 the way is long enough to register more concerts to the solos 74 small MD and he no involved a too bad sound to listen in a car. An interface is the little heavy, but serviceable. In general, it is not the perfect MD unit, but returns my needs quite well, and the recommend to another.
4 / 5 Tamesha
Perfects, the hard battery to plot and is perfect to exit exercise,really resistant and very done, has been concerned in a joystick the thing but is strong and has had any question with him still, the prize adds, good headphones, shame that does not have any chance for him, "Logical of Chance MCP-2" he no for him like this does not buy he thus minidisc.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 30 ratings
4 / 5 Allegra
Im Any too much to Mp3, was them a class partorisca write that allways has his caselogic full of CDs and a discman, but has wanted to them change to the more small and better audio device like this the bough this Sony Coverage MD.

And is very fresh, storage the plot of songs for MD, an interface of software is very easy to use.

Some Headphones are realy cheep, but can use new some, some keys are way too small and hard to press in a beggining but the volume has used to this and no fresh blue light for a far control like pointed in a picture, but this is to require grieve (in fact the whose use a far.)

But in an end is the device of personal audio very fresh , concealed can give you to plot of hours of music for MD and batery.

If this Coverage MD better headphones comprised and easy to press keys, would give them some 5 stars.
5 / 5 Birgit
Adds MD player but calm can not lose a inline tuner. If calm , loses some of a functionality.
4 / 5 Kari
Loves an aggregated FM Stereo Characteristic. It was so only in $ . It can it does not believe concealed...
4 / 5 Lacresha
Manacles left never without now that it is years (and the few computers) the software is outdated and of course Sony want to you partorisca buy the model he new plus. I have paid $ 79 partorisca east is now partorisca on $ 200
5 / 5 Lesli
loves them this product. A radio is of more mine , this in spite of in time has seen them are/fm in a text of vendors - but has any one are that the ahve still to imagine was. I actuate it it has not listened Never anything in a TV or portion of time (could be a zone the sound in). Still, I ordered another like the backup.
5 / 5 Thu
Ossia The product of quality . I have received an earlier version of this MD player like the present roughly done 4 years and instantly has loved that. I fell it three times and he have touched still! Still it touches now but there is not any exposure. I have looked for throughout for another and has been disappointed to learn that SONY any same mark MD players anymore. I have found finally a TIME/of television/FM Clean MD on Amazon, and like an earlier version, is the product of quality .
4 / 5 Kristen
Chosen on this MD player for the Sony fanatic buddy. It touches it constantly and it has loved a way can mix his music. Has the life of battery adds also.
5 / 5 Arvilla
This minidisc has done a basics to record and playback a lot well,he considering was like this economic. A characteristic addition of a FM irradiates
was the pleasant surprise. Lotsa Music for a buck and less expensive then
the on estimated Mp3,which is in a same ATRAC formed.
5 / 5 Treena
My husband bought the Sony minidisc walkman partorisca Navidad last year, because have has wanted to something that could use for my work outs. I have found this partorisca be perfect partorisca this purpose, because it is small, and skip free. It is a lot easy to dip near yours mix own facts of music partorisca any purpose, if the be partorisca a gymnasium or so only partorisca relax. I can return prĂłjimo to 70-75 songs (in LP4 way, really does not remark his reduced a lot of quality) in a minidisc. Utilisation a shuffle the way and is like your emisora radio private own. Calm does not know never that is coming characteristic that they are especially adds partorisca exit. It maintains a boredom out of him.&60;br /&62;
&60;br /&62;
Like this, partorisca Navidad this year, has bought his own. An only thing that was a bit disappointed roughly was that the difference of a MD player gave to last year, this model does not come with a boss that calm leave you the recharge a player. It does not use of the batteries in mine. So only it covers he behind to a wall and recharge the, so only like you the mobile phone. This in spite of, calm still takes abundance partorisca touch time out of A DOUBLE EA battery. &60;br /&62;
&60;br /&62;
A far control are especially adds partorisca relieve to use while running, etc. has listened the people mention that they wish wine with the clip of tape. A walkman I receipt and a one has purchased wine with a band of arm likes part of an ascent. Sony Has this in his web of place also. &60;br /&62;
&60;br /&62;
According to which some headphones, would adapt that they suck. I am exited and has bought a Sony auricular that wraps around your ear and have a bud this goes your ear. This stay has dipped.&60;br /&62;
&60;br /&62;
In general, would say that ossia to good sure the product of the quality to good sure would recommend.
4 / 5 Ricky
This element has done well partorisca roughly are month. Then, a law far headed to a lot strangely. A key of game would change clues. A key partorisca stop sometimes would change a volume and sometimes turn some bass on and era. A key of grave swimming. A rewind and fast-advance the keys have selected random clues, more than going back a clue or advances one follows. Mina, a far is the part a lot of entity of this walkman, especially in a gone. I do not want to undermine to a tape where my player is and fool around with him every time I need to. And now, a far no at all. A same question spent with a leading player has had, which is a same product . But that a there is had the longest life has turned.

Another that a far, some works of player well. A sound is well, but does not know in a radio, of then does not listen to a radio. But in general, you trust a far , look for the different player.
4 / 5 Jasmine
Has bought one of these the few years does and has not paid anywhere approaches this ridiculous prize. It has taken mine in City of Circuit that has gone a way of a Dodo now, but has taken the treat well . You owe that buy a bit mini-disks and each controls of disk roughly 75 song and calm can erase and rerecord freely. Taste dipped in of the disk and the touch have left so only this in spite of but have an option of skipping around. Some battery last the long time and is easy to download of your computer. ( I need the computer partorisca do work!) It does not import spending around the disks of pair. They are so only roughly 2X2. It is a lot of sturdy and easy to use. Has a Ipod and ossia much easier to find concrete songs on.
5 / 5 Raisa
Has bought another version of this product, without a radio in Aim (98 dollars, extracted fresco). The wonderful product and do really well. Sony Thinks some better electronic products and is one the majority of reasonable when it comes to prize. Minidisc Is quite impressive, look at all more then this little flexible disk but store more then CD is which is impressive. A defect this in spite of, says 80 minutes that is the lie, tent 161. A product is well, is not too big and is not too small. Some reproductores of Mp3 is too small, ossia perfect, calm does not have a fear of the fall and some keys are a perfect measure . And if any one calms that wants to spend, clave he in your pocket. It is the good shot .
5 / 5 Jerrica
Inferior line:

Ossia the unit adds for a prize, but for people with an expansionary library of music or so that they use multiple computers, would not recommend it .

Has had this player for almost two years and would describe it like this durable with the music adds playback, but this darn ATRAC the format dips the real more humid in of the things. Always it converts mine mp3s to this format that is the time of waste (Admitted is so only the pocolos small, but like me take the things done like this quickly like this possible). And although I have not verified for recent updates of a software(SonicStage), a version has is not a lot of user-friendly and took the moment to take used to.

But my main flu is that in Sony is tentativa to reduce piracy of music, has the place protects in this thing that prevents calm to upload music in of the computers others that a one yours the unit is registered on. Admitted, this is not to treat it big for more than consumers, but travesĂ­a to plot and find it a lot of frustrating when I can a lot of remezcla my music while in the different computer.

Finally, a capacity is limited (Room for roughly 35 songs in regular quality) and to to the person likes to spend around extra minidiscs, to all the cost of as small is.

Inferior line , inferior:

Ossia the I adds little would not recommend he for those of knots in 2005. It goes for a ipod, know all the world has it and will be part of one 'trendy' step, but is to populate for the reason- is upper to all more there (I has the nano and feel so only like these people of silhouette of the dance in some ads).
5 / 5 Marylyn
When A mini-formed of disk (MD) has been invented in 1995, has been seen like unwanted stepchild of a CD. This in spite of with an explosion of a Mp3 digital format in of the recent years, a MD has found now the permanent niche in electronic laptop.

Thanks to an iPod, the reproductores of Mp3 has dominated an industry, but has has had to that still do a decision informed first to fall a coin partorisca to prĂłjimo-generation portable player. I am spent the month that does investigation in the done more for my needs. My promise has bought the 20GB iPod the little month done and loved it after trying it was. This in spite of, have not been comfortable spending $ 300-400 in an I, especially after discovering roughly dark secrets of an iPod: 1) An inner battery so only hard 10-18 month and is NO-REPLACABLE /NO-SERVICEABLE. 2) you Have to that send a unit behind the Apple to substitute a battery, which cost $ 100 nave besides. 3) If it does not have a iBook or a computer of Apple in home, any one annoy buying an and iPods is not very fond of the each one another, tries one in your PC and calm can take tried to dip a sledge his hammer. 4) you fall an iPod in the hard surface, calm so only burned the few dollars of hundred in a something. Once fallen, no never enough a closing again. An iPod lustrous but delicate frame and no-impact absorbent HD casing is the recipe for disaster. 5) An iPod is resulted it yuppie symbol of state in San Francisco, like this for principle so only, will not buy one.

Of then buying an iPod was no longer an option, looked big and down for an alternative. I have loved three characteristic especially: point of prize abordable, compact measure, and qualified of satisfactory music. It has discovered that all a 20-40GB clones of iPod (iRiver, Lyra, Nomadic, etc.) Is too expensive and too much of the authorship has broken . Besides, I have loved so only the device to exit or when I am using public traffic for work. 20-40GB will return my library of the whole music but I will not require never use everything of this capacity all a time-has to that way that be to another end of a rainbow: smaller flash-players by heart

has loved a portability to flash players of the mean comunicacionales but a capacity is some directed opposite of a giga-players. The smallest players usually control 128 or 256MB by heart (a pair of the newest models is in a row). This is not quite memory to resist quite a lot of music without concerning roughly when to change flash papers. Also, it flashes the memory is a lot of pricey, so that that saves in a player, will spend in a memory. You are better was that it spends of the money in the unit of big capacity.

Finally looked the Sony is MD line of player like the alternative to HD-has has based players and am very pleased with an information that has found, as I have bought a MZNF520D in the local tent. It was the decision adds . Have summarized A pros and gilipollas down:


1. MD Mesos comunicacionales optical is more economic compared the USB flashes half comunicacionales. Still although some MD only controls roughly 160MB of data, can is returned still roughly 3 hours of music of converted ATRAC3 music in a disk in regulating LB2 speed (CD QUALITY). If you compress a data to LB4 speed, can cram more than pair that capacity with some loss of quality (his of clues like the low-spectre FM canal). Included in LB2 way, has abundance of music to maintain me occupied during mine workouts and commute.
2. A player has Absorption of G of accident of Amparo, so that has a lot of skips and a player does not fall to avert has fallen. I have shaken a player 'as the salt shaka' and any skip!
3. Has the far, different the majority another MD models (not even Salvation very new-MD MZNH600 has the far). A far is quell'has bitten clumsy for the main hands but I enough would have the far in planting to undermine around my pockets to change clues.
4. Lustrous styling Like all the things Sony.
5. Light and portable, comparable to the coverage of papers.
6. Cost, cost, cost!! You can take a player, the boss of USB, auricular one more 8-band of disks of spatial for basses $ 200.
7. Facilitated of use: PC the software has based is relatively easy to use. Converting Mp3 to ATRAC3 is the snap. Any one I same annoying to read a manual, but then again, are the bit of the technology-friki. The users of novice can want to read some first first manuals to transfer files.
8. MD Mesos comunicacionales is rewriteable (until the million+ times according to Sony) with virtually any loss in quality.


1. Any USB 2.0 support, so that the files take bit it more with a longitude to upload to a MD. A 6 song of minute takes roughly 45-60 seconds to transfer in LB2 speeds.
2. Any clip of tape (something I sorely lose).
3. The volume and the management of basses is the bit in a tinny side. I have solved a question to use my pro DJ headphones. Using good ear buds will suffice during workouts.
4. Speaking of headphones, a player comprises this economic, stock, foam-auricular of ear. A good informative that the good pair of Sony ear buds side in $ 10.
5. You can it wants to it spends an extra $ 50 or so much and take a new Salvation-MD unit, like an aforesaid MZNF unit. Salvation-MD Players have a bit new 1GB disks of capacities. I can love upgrade to the Salvation-MD unit later on but are not a prompt to adopt. Upper-of-the-Salvation of line-MD players cost in $ 400. I will expect the pair of years when the prizes go down.
6. Any microphone, which does not mean any capacity of alive register, the characteristic so only found in the oldest generation big-final MD players. No the big shot.
7. Any one ARE radio. Again, any big shot.

Are very pleased with this unit and highly recommend he for any the one who does not want to be one clones of iPod and love the one of confidence, easy-to-use, ready-to-the player gone to exit or relaxing. 5 stars, creature!
5 / 5 Maryellen
MiniDisc Is probably a format a fresh plus has has not used never; and this player is a perfect newbie model.
His Ipodesque subject, line- far, and FM/tuner/of TIME of the television this a MD player with a perfect characteristic dipped for recently arrived to a MD formed.
My first suggestion: If it likes him to you the tent ridiculously enormous quantities of music, or has to that skill to listen the yours songs in WAVE without spending around a CD is then a MiniDisc is not for you. I will not recommend a Ipod, but anyother HDD the player do fault this purpose.
PROS: Petit, Line- Far, 45 now playback in regulating EA battery, FM/tuner/of TIME of the TV, uses economic big capacity MiniDisc formed.
GILIPOLLAS: Small screen on player he, extremely the economic stock headphones have comprised, any line in or entrance of optical line for alive register (will not import to the majority).
One first what will want to do when you take this player is to launch one has comprised stock headphones in some rubbishes. One has comprised the headphones are no better that a complimentary the headphones given for American Airlines in of the flights ( has tried the). It has taken a Philips HE592 in-ear earbuds. These are sold usually as 'for a Ipod' in Aim, this in spite of his aim and diagram of the colour of the money will match perfectly with A MZ-NF520D and quality of offer of the his glorious. Also, you can it wants to take rechargeable NiMh is, has bought Rayovac is 15-small 2000Mah battery, and his propel a MiniDisc for at least 60 hours.
Appart Of a headphone flu, a MD formed is the spectacular format that represents a pinnacle in Magneto-Optical technology. Your new MD would owe that resupply a lot of years of of confidence and question free service. One same can not be said by other players(Ipod question of battery,HDD subject in a future, etc.)
4 / 5 Dick
Loves this mini player of disk. It has taken for my anniversary when I have asked a reproductor of Mp3 (the thought would take a ipod), but think like this better! It is like this small and compact that still although a need of songs to be business in of the disks, is not the spatial question or the question to spend them around. A disk can resist a lot of music, abundance to go to a gymnasium, that goes for the walk, or so only seating around, like this in a lot of chance, calm does not require to spend more than one or two disks the time!

A software are adds also. Easy to use and is like this to entertainment that does my own mixes and taking songs that loves but has not loved to spend of the money on to take a whole CD! Now in planting to spend $ 18 in the cd that so only loves 2 or 3 songs, can purchase so only some 3 songs love for 99 cents each!

Paving on purchasing an arm-headline of band for use in a gymnasium and I suit, some auricular that coming with has the short cord and is enormous, as I also will be to buy my own headphones.

In general, very small and easy to spend, entertainment to use, full of music I amour, and for those of you to that these imports, enough the pleasant player to spend around!
5 / 5 Usha
Has had mine for the year now, and is wonderful. I have not loved to spend of the money in an iPod, and has had several friends those who there have been MD players.

Can dip 2 or 3 cd is in a disk, and ossia the plus . An only question is has to that spend some disks with you love transmission. At least they are roughly 1/4 a measure of the cd.

Has taken mine of Better Buy for $ 150. My mamma originally bought the player of River of mp3, but has not been able to resist a quantity of music that has loved, as we return it to knots and upgraded.

Sonic phase (the software of music) is not that easy to use, and expect that they he easier that organise and find music in of the future emissions. Desire that a MD player was compatable with Windows Meadia player, but unfortunately is not . A Fast Burner, this in spite of, is very easy to use and takes a work done without the fuss.

The INFERIOR LINE: MD players can touch like this music like calm can give him. They are lustrous and compact. They are a lot well for a prize.
5 / 5 Antony
Has read to plot of descriptions, and has learnt two things: 1 the Can not please all the world. 2 you volume Too stock in that you read, calm will not buy never anything. Last year looked to buy the main end keybaord and each good description I bed, some another tanked the down. Any one never I before it agrees to see such the variety scattered wide of opinions in this Sony Cleaned MD, but here mine. This for me, is perfect. It would buy 10 of them. To the Some any likes him to them an idea that you can not register another MD behind to your computer, or a softwarte or ipods is better or anything. Calm can not use he so that I , but ossia perfect for 2 uses of entities for me. They are in the band of coverage (in the does not write our own songs), but his like this easy to use mini disks and a remotes for them. For practices, use Sonys MDS-I-480 house stereo MD player(in $ ) is better that using CD is (calm of Causes does not have to that maintain changing them takes every time need listen to a next song), or mp3 is, computer, or anything More there are them NEVER has used. It can add, movement, or delete songs like precise, or erase a MD entirely to use on again(test that in the CD!). Another thing I use he thus playback of the game of baseball. Mina other recorder records a game(xm the radio has done this separates the sleep that comes true)and this unit is mine playback, as I can listen to some games ANYTIME-ANYWHERE. And there is a sewing of plus: it will touch for behind my albums of old music that it is out of impression. Mine another recorder can register digital or analog and a MD walkman will touch neither a backside in a disk, and now with the economic prizes, is takes it all the world!
5 / 5 Jayson
My daughters gave me to us my Sony MZ-NF520D done of the years partorisca the present of Day of the Mother. I use it all a time to speedwalk, jog, and clean house, an only EA hard partorisca always. A radio option is the add and doing my own MD is is easy and quickly. I love it. Take a band of waist and a band of arm partorisca the movement the easy plus that depends, also have abundance of extra MDs around. It uses an annex of player of the cassette in our vehicles so that we always have the abundance of music wants. Has a car accessory that leaves a control in an easy-to-@@@knob of control of the use.
4 / 5 Marcelino
Has bought this netmd because mine ipod has died few months. I have not wanted to buy another ipod reason have had to, down some better circumstances, so only a year. As I have decided to go back to netmd minidisc player. I have possessed a forward of Ipod is exited to a phase. They are so only utmost, a sound and everything is like this good. A minidiscs is economic and under lp2 the format can store a lot of music in them and a quality is not affected. It has been shipped of electronica and has suffered harm, sent it behind and two more substituted days the late and sent it on ups. Service a lot well of electronica would buy they again. Thank you!
5 / 5 Carlita
Very I leaves of types mark these simple DOES not BUY Any MINIDISC PLAYER a question is these promises of product to be able to transfer your files of music to a minidisc and he cant the constantly hangs my car (dell 8400 2GB ram ,3GHZ) the have reintalled my operating system XP then View in a tentativa of the take for the do still doesnt like my new mark minidisc the player is going to one is touching a fool has had it wonderfull produced and has hampered he with worthless or love the portable music spent a ipod instead you wont the remorse.
5 / 5 Karlyn
This player DOES not TOUCH MP3s/WMAs/etc. is not fooled for a marcaciĂłn. It converts these formats to ATRAC, this results the question when you try to transfer the file protected in formats that could download you out of iTunes and such. It is better to say ossia a ATRAC player.
5 / 5 Fidel

Five years ago, has discovered a MiniDisc formed. I think that preciously naive times past first of a format of mp3 is coming stomping to a world of music and slew tapes, CDs and MiniDiscs with his a lot of clawed feet, and has then done bundle he in his cadaveri. He in that then done five years have not had any computers, as I have been thrilled for MDs. A MD was a perfect substitution for an analog cassette; it was versatile, could be erased and reused, and so only looked damn fresh.

But Amercia has lost a MiniDisc drunk of greyhound the Acceptance, and a poor unsupported the dry format and is almost has died. But, possibly because of a stubbornness of Sony Undertaken, MiniDisc has been maintained alive for the reasons Ignored, included although it was eclipsed for CD-Rs, players of mp3, and included possibly this little individual song the tapes of player have manufactured for Electronic of Tiger for pre-adolescents.

Although it can not say when, exactly, any in Sony has said, 'to the left is tries king-vitalize a MiniDisc to do them able to speak to personal computer!' Perhaps it had been in an all-sake of day binge. Would have sense, reason an idea was at least five past of his prime minister of years and odorato likes laughed-is coming. So much, a glorious idea to spend MD the propagation of 21st century and has taken control in Sony, and there is trickled down ours, a Playstation and Walkman-buying public American. NetMD Is born.

For some time have prendido to use MiniDisc formed, had amassed on 50 of a small colour buggers, full of songs for CDs that has had has separated of ways with, and tapes that has wanted to preserve. At least the chamber of my collection has been done of songs that had written and produced, of alive shows to touch practices of room. And here, the readers have wanted, is a reason this produced, or a lot another NetMD the merit of product 1 star:


Was like this crazy that a NetMD has purchased for an only purpse to transfer a music in mine MDs to my computer was unable to transfer the alone song, is returned a next day to More Buy and has taken my money behind.

So much, my joint in of the terms of MiniDisc and especially NetMD - is on. A ship has cruised. It agrees him fondly, or use them like this coasters, but does not take to MiniDisc. It is the dead format and the produced whose prime was in a leading decade.
4 / 5 Joseph
Love mine Mini-Player of Disk. It is like this awesome. Has 5 less hrs of music in a a disk that is to be distribute. A scrolling takes likes 8 seconds for song, this in spite of a conversion of an original form of a file the Sony Atrac the version of file takes significantly more along, but yes calm convert it calm as soon as I enter some files your library, calm badly will remark a difference. A radio is awesome with 30 presets. I listen to mine Mini-Disk in class. I am intoxicated his and took it so only YESTERDAY!!!
4 / 5 Shaunte
Has taken one of these a lot of, a lot of years; any to be listening his right now. It loves it.
5 / 5 Shantel
Has has had so only this MD for the short while so that it can not testify his quality entirely. This in spite of, am disappointed that a function of television does not take any a lot of canals, if any, that considers that alive are an urban area . It would not recommend for this characteristic. A FM the radio is well. Also it thinks that a characteristic recorder would be lovelier could register alive has seen the microphone jack.
Of MDs is the technology has interrupted,, all of my commentaries are dumb accepts to a MD collector.
4 / 5 Verlie
Are any the one who has to have everything of a new material, but any to like an idea that is able to change out of a music in the whim. I any one need the computer - while I have done several disks. Memory to do these million cassettes for my car in a 80 east!!
5 / 5 Christie
Loves mine minidisc. I find it to be a lot the friendly user and entertainment. Also it stores roughly 280 minutes in a disk in LP4 formed so that it does not have a lot of casualidad to run out of music. And of the sound in canada, takes a earbuds level, no an economic assed auricular of foam, and a earbuds is a lot of comfy. The &60;3 mine minidisc
5 / 5 Cristine
I have been looking for these reproductores of Mp3 & recorders partorisca 3 years,found you felizmente types with them. I love a portability of my music(jazz).It likes a Sony minidiscs better that a
4 / 5 Emogene
has BOUGHT SO ONLY one of Amazon yesterday; hope to take he for Thursday ( is sending has seen FedEx!!); I am excited, very excited.

Top Customer Reviews: Sony MDW80PL 80 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Sunshine
the hate sees a MiniDisc the format is obsolete result. It is the very stable, method of confidence to record and archiving. They are a lot disappointed with a new scaly digital recorders. I have had too much question with them this in spite of use my MiniDisc partorisca the backup.
4 / 5 Librada
Mini The disk is more useful ..Too bad is a half was dated ..My opinion, this in spite of, is the very useful product !
4 / 5 Simona
Has purchased this element as I can do a control of air in the emisora irradiates I work in. It is the a lot of product of the quality and I highly recommend to any the one who is in an emission or voice on industry.
4 / 5 Warren
These were partorisca mine Sony Discman system. The bad thing are does not have and can not find the assembly of microphone that will do with him. But happy to have a disk.
4 / 5 Tennille
The hands add-I knows these'r dinosaurs, but has tent A lot of music in his, and a quality of his rival still DATs', MP3s now rule, but mine mini-the disk is still the good backup.
5 / 5 Hermila
Has thought initially this was partorisca the minidisc player, any he minidisc. With which have received a minidisc, revises a listing of Amazon partorisca this element, and has discovered my deception. A cost was big partorisca the only minidisc.
4 / 5 Gerardo
Reason any of a brick and the tents of mortar are selling these. More sad although the majority of some salesmen a lot they was to know the one who minidisc east. The Works likes them announced and of games in mine Sony MD MZ-N707.
5 / 5 Jessie
Is still very good to do with any mini disks.
Received it so only inside the pair of days. Bravo!!
Thank you So many.
W I m
4 / 5 Christian
I hate partorisca see a MiniDisc the format is obsolete result. It is the very stable, method of confidence to record and archiving. They are a lot disappointed with a new scaly digital recorders. I have had too much question with them this in spite of use my MiniDisc partorisca the backup.
4 / 5 Ouida
It is ashame that the perfect substitution partorisca a casstes the tape is not when the be has manufactured. MP3s Is empty touching compared to a minidisc. MP3s Also require the computer. Tascam Still done the player. It is excellent. It does not trust sony anymore partorisca fall a product.

Top Customer Reviews: Sony MZ-N505 Net MD ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 56 ratings
4 / 5 Patti
There is an installed unit and 5 CDs is recorded in him in less than 2 hours. I am spent more the time that reads a material this required like the software is very intuitive. Has the big playlist of 'favourite' that goes to finish on MD so that it can touch the in a cart. I plan to use this small type for trip and when that locates a mower in a summer. The prize adds and the value adds.
1 / 5 Domenica
Sad when has taken this unit that commentaries that a chrome trims in a toggle the change was WAS, and that when first flavour vanamente records that recorded even so the any one recorded fully, maintains for prender during 2 bren, and then taken worse of 2 bren in 20 in 30 bren, this unit was the lemon , and has had to to take he in my trip in Japan, while it sound it to him his very but was bad, maintains to give these problems, and hurriedly could advance or. I go to take another, this time of the trafficker any one of the person. Person that has sold he in me any one says to join me the truth quite pause in a playback, and any one to mention record some parameters have maintained to return of longitude at stake down.
4 / 5 Samara
Sony IS the very good mark, I like this walkman, has bought this walkman for the partner that law in the radio studio.
1 / 5 Benedict
If you are planning to use this unit with the computer as me , lament. I have bought this unit in June 2002. Of a software give me endless problem. It do not take Me bad, does not have any problem with other softwares at all. I have been in fact touching with linux during 8 years.
Some calls of software OpenMG Jukebox. To install the need installs a whole CD, which take FOR EVER for the install. And a lot anything while it installs it, otherwise has to begin on again. After an installation, will find OpenMG jukebox and Mere Burner. An anterior is to convert another format of musician (mp3, wma etc) in SONY format of musician (ATRAC3), and a last is to record a CD in a MD player those uses a cape of USB.
Easy of USE:
to use OpenMG is thwarting, is too dulcemente to start with up even so more lentil in reply in my entrances. Sometimes it can the very same beginning. Then when want to you pose you your Mp3 in a player, the turn first place, and stores a turn to file a harddisk, which has occupied the plot of spatial. And you want a main quality (SP subjects, since all my Mp3 is big 320Kbps), taking for ever to transfer he in a unit. (SP Issues = 292kbps bitrate, LP2=132kbps) In fact in SP road, record in 1x speed, which ways a time to record is a same and for the listen up. I have tried to use LP4 road, but a quality is unbearable.
After it conceal, transfer in a Mere Burner, which are said much more robust that a OpenMG Jukebox. I create the virtual audio cd using Nero imagedrive. And then it uses that to burn a "audio cd" in a MD player. A problem with that is can not take the main quality (SP road), everything can take is only LP2 and LP4.
Quality of software:
A OpenMG Jukebox the quality is among a worse application. It clashes my desktop 2-3 times in 2 month. An engine of USB has clashed also my machine 2 times. Sometimes I can very still it begins a Jukebox, then has to re-installs a software and all a conversion again. SONY Looks No preoccupy in a software at all, since some updates in his web of place openmg does not take never until date, which are always a version 2.2. Any Patch, Any Update, Buggy Software. I am really tired of of the this.
If the uses of plan with the computer, does not expect mass.
5 / 5 Elmira
Well But it is out of dating so that it has to spend you of the mini disks
4 / 5 Olimpia
Work well, but the little more scratches and take in a case that has expected.
4 / 5 Kenyetta
For any one in a minidisc world, this one east the model adds , fresh colour, while it finds more in the resonable cost!
5 / 5 Jeannetta
Quan And was to purchase this product said that it was so new'. So much with a vendor that says that in some marks of the page on thinks that some only things that it could grieve when being with east the mark in tha painting or screen, in of the materials him so much. Well when And it take a product here. And it can not listen his out of a left side unless and uses the rubberband to press one covers in a backside a device only in perhaps listen his full and does not move once and the take to do. Tan needless to say and is the unhappy bit with that has been said in me and what and recieved.
5 / 5 Reda
When it has been partorisca purchase this product says that it was like this new'. So much with a vendor that says that in some frames of the page on thinks that some only things that could be it bad with east the mark in tha produced or screen, to to the material likes concealed. Well when I have taken a product here. I can not listen his out of a sinister side unless the use the rubberband partorisca press one covers to a backside of a device so only to perhaps listen his plenary the does not move once the take it partorisca do. Like this needless partorisca say am them quell'has bitten unhappy with that has been the mine said and the one who the recieved.
3 / 5 Machelle
Any of some elements in my column of description has come with a product, the does not comprise reason when it announce the product and he is calm accessory any envoy that announces, has had any boss of USB or auricular, AC adapter or software.
5 / 5 Faustino
A Type-R upgrade the ATRAC3 adds elepé and his better ways together with compatibilities with your old plus minidiscs. Power management is better that anything more there: a minidisc only transfers when the data is read of him, as the majority of a time a device is partorisca go them while touching music. This achieves life of enormous battery of on 50 hours for solos EA battery. Ossia Well, the only EA can of battery this unit partorisca on 50 hours. Any I still has portable radios that can last like this long.

A sound is pleasant with one in-auricular of ear that Sony mark, but any launcher-aways concealed to come with this product. There is two soyega-low' levels that marks up for environmental noises in an office or train of metre. Machineries of a ATRAC3 the register is not like this noticeable to the equal that are with Mp3, but is more noticeable that iPod of Apple AAC. Included an old plus ATRAC minidiscs of the mine old more minidisc sound of better player in this car. I am not sure which Sony concentrated to do that.

One of mine two complaints of boss with all a Sony minidiscs is a quite lousy the software has used to transfer CD, Mp3, WAV, and WMA music to a unit, but felizmente can use RealPlayer of [...] To register minidiscs.

A second complaint is an use of 'dossiers'. To listen to the yours minidisc all a way by means of, which is like me thinks more the people listen the music, yours record need songs in a level of root. If they are in of the dossiers a calm device require the 'cruised' out of a sub-the dossiers that use, of all the things, a 'the group/Annuls' key in a front bezel. There is any way to take a characteristic to group yes is registered already without king-registering your disk. Again, felizmente, a RealPlayer can avert this silliness.

Transferring the songs have seen USB takes roughly 5 minutes for some integers 5-now minidisc. Regarding a copy-has protected-principles that the control that the copies given to and of the minidisc, will leave concealed to another reviewers; the alike diagram is in place for Sony Magicgate and another Sony portable and will not speak it here. It sees [...] Partorisca More to information on likes Sony tries to protect copyright.

Loves record 5 hours of music for disk of two dollars, then this product is a legislation a. For now, this cost is the tiny fraction of any player of portable music that use him flash memory. If you are really the music but does not enjoy squandering money in of the players with his bad and horribly the by heart expensive storage then has to that take the minidisc!
5 / 5 Leighann
Behind a day when Minidiscs first shelves of tent like this, has not paid a lot of attention to them, and refused him. But today with a perspective to return 5 hours of music in a 80 disk of small, has reconsidered. I have asked a MZ-N505 for Navidad, and I recieved, and am VERY IMPRESSED. I have bought 3 five bands of Sony colored Minidiscs, and like this far, am returned roughly 18 full albums on 7 disks. I love a fact that will be able to compress my collection of 250+ CDs on to roughly so the averages like a lot of MDs.
A method in that tear CDs on to MD is Sony program of Simple Burner. It is quickly, and simple. It covers your MD Player to the port of USB opened in your PC, discharges AC adapter in (highly reccomended: you save battery), and is ready to go. Dipped the CD in your walk of CD ROM, and a program uses a CDDB to look on a disk and names of clue, paste of scrolling then, and is ready to go. A drawback to a program is that it calms can not register in SP way, so only LP2 and LP4. I have registered all mine MDs in LP2, and against that all a audiophiles has been saying, touches really good. An auditor of the half music will not be able to say the difference among CD QUALITY and LP2. I have it quell'has had mine inclusa MD player hooked until mine 500 watt stereo reciever with Bose 301 speakers although the Mini Stereo And boss, and has to that say that it touches quite awesome (althouh an impulse of the basses in a player is overkill).
And the some people that complains in OpenMG: so only not to use it . I have burned at least 30 MP3s to my disks without using OpenMG. You can do the image of CD of the your MP3s with Before Black In of the llamas Rom program, then locate an image of CD to your hard walk with Black ImageDrive, then burn an image with Simple Burner. It is quite simple, and if any one wants to there is detailed more instructions, email me.
In general, I reccomend highly reccomend this player. It is a better christmas present in the defender of music like. Partorisca To to that likes to listen his music anywhere, anytime, is ideal. I take a player to do in my pocket, and listen on pause. And a life of battery is awesome: a container has said 56 hours on in a box, and concealed is not the lie. I have been listening to a player any partorisca of then of December 25th, and an indicator of the battery in a player has no budged of full power.
Goes to buy this player now. As maintaining still.
4 / 5 Vincent
A Sony MZ-N505, when in the first place type, was like the miracle artilugio. With which years of allotting a minidisc described like this storage at most of 74 or 80 minutes for disk, Sony has invented a LP2 and LP4 ways to register the one who accident at least three hours and five hours, respectively. One produces adds this for real is, and have me almost has surprised that the has not had a marketing breakthrough this vanquish undertaken the one who has pressed a no-minidisc reproductores of Mp3.

Has thought this in spite of think that some competitors' the products were inferior; this in spite of, a hard group has had the dual advantage: where Sony has been limited to some second obsolete looks ATRAC/SonicStage software, his artilugios could download and burn CDs using Player of Means comunicacionales of the Windows, Real Player, Napster and to the likes. This solitary is that it thinks dismayed MD sales. Sony Has given apparently up in this invention adds, which think is the shame.

Of a Sony MZ-505, has to have a SALVATION-MD formed, which leaves the capacity of storage to register more orders that LP2 or LP4. Also, these leaves of particular line PCM register of quality but in the capacity of the lowest storage. Still, a MZ-505 is the element adds with his NET forward-MD capacity. With a minidisc-compatible technology this is to be create of then 2002, when I have purchased this element, there is so much that you still can do!

Has subject like Xitel and M-Audio this is to exit with updates of engine and products that has done this compatible particular product with Windows XP and Dress of Windows so that you can access of entity nonsubscription Mp3 and WAV file downloadable sources.

So much so that they have thought of discarding his MD players and disks, says no!
4 / 5 India
Has ordered recently this minidisc player with which tired me of mine old plus a. After reading a specs, has known I has has had to that the buy. Any so only can download of an internet, but can modify everything in this program has called openMG. Already it calms it does not have to that disorder with some keys to write in some names of clues. With this recorder can register you until 5 hours of music in the only minidisc!!! It registers until 32x fast that real time. It say of another way, can do 5 hours in liking 10 minutes. Maintaining I of the that has taken to seat there while his to finalise. I have taken all mine old plus minidiscs and has transferred all some songs to so only the little minidiscs. Before it have used 20 minidiscs and transferred him once has finalised with less than 10. It saves to plot of spatial. Before I have had to be spatial conscious and has had to delete songs he so that it can dip other songs on, now does not have to that worry in that. Calm also can run a recorder for 56 hours in a battery. Calm give you the election of levels of different register, SP,LP2, and LP4. Honradamente Can not find the difference of his in the each one of them. His all touch utmost mine. For 150 dollars this is the very good shot. I have said my friends roughly the and now are buying. I marvel me reason this is not to populate. Material his I so that it adds. I definately recommend this to any whos tired of skipping cds, bulky cd players, and buying burners the record music of. His likes to spend the burner in your pocket. Has a sound of the CD and convience of the tape of cassette. It buys it, calm will not be disappointed.
4 / 5 Tenesha
Sinister start with some physical attributes... This car is tiny
and light! It does not suffer of the questions of qualities of the sound like the result, this in spite of. Some headphones are decidedly better that some headphones of normal laptops, but still very utmost. Besides, some auricular is quell'has bitten uncomfortable. Of course, you can always upgrade some headphones.
One '80 small' the look of disks to resist 80 minutes in a level of half compression, the level that has found comparable to Mp3 in 128kbps (although I have converted of this format, like the native quality could be better still). An only EA the battery resupplies impressive action.
So much a documentation and the software were bit it convoluted, but GOOD with persistence. The guess have to that be any surprised that his place of web was also difficult to cruised while looking for updates of software (continual errors of Javascript and the propensity the street you the some eshopping' page).
The part of an excessively tedious software looks to be Sony attempt to actuate the diagram of security has feigned prevents wide-the scale that copies. Besides, there is look that a software can not be reinstalled if anything goes bad... They are sure ossia part of a same question. There is to the stern that warns roughly not installing a software on more than a car (like any abuse of copyright goes to concern). Calm does not have to that concern too much in of the this, this in spite of, how is trivial to bypass this characteristic to copy some files of entrance (Mp3, WAV, etc.) External of a OpenMG software.
A last annoyance... They recommend so only alcaline battery. I have it that has not tried still he with NiMH battery so that it was not if this causes any questions.
Inferior line - hardware of murderous, his a lot well, annoying tools of support.
4 / 5 Wilbert
Has to that the plot of descriptions adds of this product, as I will maintain this a short:


- Excellent, SĂșper, life of Exceptional battery.

- Profile form and tiny.

- The software is easy to use.

- CD is compressed with Sony native encoder the fantastic sound.

- 2 years this in spite of that career.


- Only can compress music 2:1 before quality of his degrades noticeably.

- Mp3 is and WMA converted to a Sony his of terrible format.

- The paper of player is the small confusing.

- Player randomly skip in a half of the clue, included if not clashing of a player has arrived on 10 minutes.

Basically, has bought this the years of pair does reason have thought that that it was an economic way to port around the library of music. IPOD Is was more expensive at the same time, but thinks has imagined out of how much minidisc is would have to that buy to return to one of an iPod is of a day, probably would have gone with an iPod more expensive. I have finalised to buy an iPod in all the chance, reason take patient of lugging around the stack of minidiscs. This in spite of, are sold in a minidisc formed, work really well, and is to fly he in a prize.
5 / 5 Brittni
Has had this player for 3 weeks now and has to that transfered all of the mine CDs to mini forms of disk. It is awsome having ALL of Nirvana album in a disk via LP4 register.
Has 3 registering options, stereo(80 minutes equals 80 minutes), LP2(80 minutes equals 150 minutes) and LP4(80 minutes equals 300 minutes). A quality of his in LP4 with some tomb all a way up is sum. I can say difference very small among LP2 and LP4.
Is like this small can return he in your pocket. The only desire has had more accessories for these artilugios(spending chances for some disks especially).
An only defect; each clue can be labeled so that that can see on a "screen of exposure". So only dipped the CD to your walk and "MD simple Burner" you find a name of a CD and each name of clue. A question is that so only so the papers can be programed to the disk. The majority of a time is not the question, this in spite of when copying the number of soundtracks to a disk, when an artist and name of looks of song in each clue, he quicly careers out of spatial of paper. All have to that do is to modify some names of clue and "transmission" his down(deleting a " it is", "Ands" ect).
The albums are grouped together and is accessed easily, deleting all a skipping by means of song with which song to take to an album. There is 2 part of a software, a "MDnet Simple Burner" used to burn CDs, and "OpenMG Jukebox", which has the habit to copy MP3s to a device. An Open MG is hard to use at the beginning, but will take a hangs of him.
Oh, More than everything. These creatures a lot of skip! You can dip he in your pocket and course to all the speed, incident your car, taking to the fight of bar... And it touches perfectly! :)
In short, tone your players of PORTABLE CD. Minidisc For ever!!
5 / 5 Enriqueta
Has been using Sony MiniDisc players/recorders of then 1997. It is a awesome technology, as I have not comprised never reason he never really taken on. I have bought this model the year and has a lot of be happy with him. Path to plot and spend he with me everywhere goes. I fell it and jostled he a lot of time this in spite of gives support. Some years that has been using portable MD players(comprising is a), have never, has not listened never he skip. A EA the hard battery the long time. It is easy to create playlists/groups, etc. And one turns of names of the song by means of a screen of player for easy recognition. I have it that has not had never any questions with a software likes him some reviewers has mentioned. Originally I Have been annoyed in a fact that you so only could use the song three times, but has not been never the question for me. It registers to plot of mixes and does not have more than one or two copies of each song have verified was immediately. I have researched recently reproductores of Mp3 to see has offered any characteristic that a MD no. of the player has not been convinced to buy anything more; five hours of music is enough for me.
5 / 5 Cecily
As my River the reproductor of Mp3 has died, and my old Sony Discman has begun the skip on a lot CDs (this has touched well with other players). Time partorisca substitute he with the new Discman... Ossia, until I have found this little electronic marvel.
Sony Is taken the real winner with this player. I listen the music the plot while doing, and are whenever it has to that haul CDs partorisca do. Now they are that it goes to the personal just mark mini-disks of the mine CDs and spend these around.
Many other descriptions have covered all some fresh characteristics and complained in this unit. An obvious pros (mine) is: a 56 now playback in a EA battery, a capacity to return hours of music in a small minidisc, has included to modify minidiscs with a player he. Very fresh.
A OpenMG the software is confusing until his used takings, but found that to be very flexible, and filled with small touches that the things of mark go faster. One especially is that when rasgando the CD to ATRAC3 formed (the MD-concrete format) and copying to minidiscs in a has shot, OpenMG multitask and the copy has has completed clues while it is rasgando was... A lot well, Sony!
This in spite of, OpenMG taken FOR EVER to install and in fact runs roughly 10 different installers behind-the-scenes. If you are running Norton Systemworks (or another container that the monitors installs), goes to see the plot to look in the installers that begins.
Many other people have mentioned (and there is complained roughly) a SDMI next some uses of software. This calm basically limit you to do 3 copies of any song have. You can obtain for behind a copy for 'verifying it behind in' the OpenMG (essentially erasing he of a MD). I comprise in a need to prevent piracy, but this a characteristic is that maintain to give a unit 5 stars. I have bought a music, and would have to that be able to do personal copies, not treating some control/of controls-was process.
Otherwise, These rocks of units... To good sure recommended!
5 / 5 Veta
So only has taken my MD player today, and has begun to touch with him to register Cd is in him. It is quite small, smaller that your hand, and very light. So much in this appearance beats a heavy Ipod sure. An average is the little hard to use, but manageable. I have installed some softwares, bothe a Cd-in of the llamas and some Open MG. The people have maintained to say some Open MG is like this bad, the used that, are not to add, but is not like this bad that clash my computer or anything. A Simple burner is very easy to use. It has not Had to read any instructions at all to start with it using. Imposed of the scrolling for 1 album is roughly 5 min. Like this a lot quickly so only with USB 1.1. A quality that burns with LP4 is bearable, has not tried to burn he with LP2 still, but can live with LP4 of then gives or more spatial in a MD. In general, it is the fresh player . It compares to a same deprive players of mp3 of the row that has 128 MB and could be smaller that this a big perhaps pair mm or something, is to good sure better. You take more storage in 1 MD that that a 128MB give or, almost two times a quantity. And ofcourse can buy more MD is for economic, much more economic that memory. Spent was deciding among player of mp3, is very better and practical.
4 / 5 Janie
In the world-wide now flooded and governed for Apple I Pod is and Dell DJ is this little player could very last very a lot the time in the battle was allocated to free. He almost done three years have bought the Sony COVERAGE MD Walkman, and still then, yes agrees correctly, was already loosing earth to Mp3, flashes and hard-disk, has has based players. This in spite of, mine, this device was all that has required.

Some of some characteristic that impressed one the majority of era one a lot compact and well looking creation. Also, an interface was extremely easy to learn and use. Initially, I have not been very pleased with a software comprises reason confuse, any for mentions it has created copy of some songs in a format that could be used by a player, but stores him deep in of the Windows where could you no to find them. Like the time has been has is result nettled on reason my computer the free spatial decreasing has maintained even when I have not installed any new programs.

Transferring the songs to a player are resulted the easiest plot once Real has comprised spent he-in still this device in his player of means comunicacionales. With which I absolutely headed fond this walkman. Yeah, could not have all your songs in a MD disk, but this was the smallest failure . A quality of a sound depended in a quality of your original files; for example a big more a 'bit' imposed on you Mp3 is or WAV is a big more a quality on you MD. A time was able to returned well on 50 songs in a MD, and used to spend roughly five MD is; for like this, it conceal it was all that has required.

To the equal that has mentioned before I have had this walkman for roughly three years now, and each works of key - a product of money is beginning to exit. This in spite of, while there it is not any reason for me to take anything more. In general, a Sony COVERAGE MD Walkman is an excellent product.
5 / 5 Callie
Am beginning to ask Sony is still in a right clue tries to remain appropriate in a mp3-centric world of digital music.
Thinks that to to something likes NetMD would be absolutely be of fantastic three years ago, when USB-there is enabled the computers have begun to obtain mainstream adoption, and first of hard disk and cd-r prize of the burner had not fallen quite a lot of stops more than people for rasgar and burn his collection of music. Then, material, a capacity to transfer until five hours of music to the alone, (relatively) economic minidisc would have resisted appeal more orders.
To all the cost to time, a NetMD the technology is still quite orderly. You are able to transfer digital content, mp3 has imported neither/wma or CD of audio is, directly the minidisc using an of three settings of compression.
SP, A plenary-bores to dip, leaves until 80 minutes in a disk, and is a better touching of three. It is "lossy" compression, like mp3, but to the mine has broken ears, sound at least like this very like this CD is. LP2 Fold A time of storage, but a compression done augmented to a sound of registers that to to result likes... Well, ALMOST LIKE THIS As well as he 160kbps cbr mp3. Almost.
LP4 Time of storage of the quadruples, but to the equal that can guess, a quality of his this quite dodgy, comparable to the harm rasgĂł 128kbps (or lower) cbr mp3. LP4 Is quite the cause has lost according to which the majority of rock goes, but is surprisingly passable for hip-hop and the word spoken (and probably for the majority electronica, but there is still to try this).
According to which transferring that it exists mp3/wma the contained goes, would not recommend it (I knows, he quite nulls a hype of NetMD, a lot that?). I have tried converting the batch of 160kbps cbr mp3 is SP and LP2, using a has comprised OpenMG Jukebox (or like some folks calls it, a OMFG Jokebox). In SP, a quality of his comparable east to an original, but a scrolling the MD that takes almost so it likes period of a content. Scrolling in LP2 is faster, negligence a processor-hog conversion the ATRAC LP2 way, but a quality of sound takes the nosedive.
That has read it, OMFG Jokebox is notoriously unstable. Or have read like this. I have been able to felizmente install it on two Windows have separated 2000 Pro cars, and am feeling like this lucky, goes to buy the entrance of the lottery once am done with this description.
This has said, once calms quickly advances to 2002, where more people that not having gigabytes to exist mp3 is in his or his hard disk, calm has to that ask is more convenient that trust the player of solid of state mp3 to take small sections of this content without any format any far plus-emotional, or touch them in concentrating to CD-R/W is for use with 3" or 5" disk-the player of mp3 has based. If NetMD mp3 has managed is and wma is natively, thinks this produces to have much more relevance today. This in spite of, because of worries of intellectual property, thinks Sony hamstrung he with his convoluted system of management of the content.
In a moment, has been using a Coverage MD Simple Burner program to transfer CD of audio has contained directly the MD (mostly in LP2 way, with some LP4, but for some odd reason, SP is not available like the way of scrolling with Simple Burner!). I have begun it amasses it the usable variety of disks has packed with songs for a gymnasium or for walks in a park, and the one who that on, is sincere MD advantage. Factor of compact form, big skip control, half comunicacionales durable, life of big battery. Basically all some things that the majority of CD-R/W players of mp3 (especially one 3" unit) is not .
Am bent to think that Sony munged a Minidisc still again, this time with questionable software, but a good informative is that I am still able to do use of NetMD. I fall the line has any questions or of the histories of war to share.
5 / 5 Emily
Like the CD consolidator, a MZ-N505 is glorious. CDs Is copied quickly, included in LP2 way, and a quality in this way is fantastic. Triplica Is not to like crisp in LP4, and LP4 lack of one 'has fallen' of LP2. I can live with 3 cds in the minidisc in place of 5. A cd copying the software is the breeze . Any question there.
Has left habladurĂ­a roughly OpenMG. Some other descriptions say that it is buggy. The desire has known. They are the quite a lot of computer -saavy type with the upper-notch, loaded Dell running Windows M. OpenMG Simply no . Ossia, can very included run a program after uninstalling and reinstalling 30 times, deleting programs that can ' interfere with him, etc. Am spent on two hours in a telephone with Sony. A type of technology has had to move me to a especialist,' the one who now is that it consults a 'engineer.' Those the waste of time. I suppose OpenMG is not necessary is had to to take an extra step of in of your llamas mp3s the cd, then using a software of simple burner instead. Again, the one who the waste of time (and $ for one spatial cds).
Minus A cd qualified of consolidation, has purchased the very expensive paperweight. To to The subject likes SONY does not have to that produced of emission until they are perfect. Always it seats it conceal Sony the so only has produced produced of upper quality, but my respect for this company there is now give to a level of my respect for Microsoft.
Listens to the complaints of the people. They are valid. Calm is not immune. Shame on you, Sony.
4 / 5 Hwa
A pros to good sure was hanged a gilipollas for mz-n505 MD player. Pros: Petit, light, any skip, good storage on 80Min MD is, half comunicacionales economic $ 1.5-$ 2/MD, quality of his well, relatively fast scrolling of pc-player. Gilipollas: It copies the right limitation can take annoying, any vision at night ldc exposure, name of the song of only exposure begins of clue, any chance to spend or clip of tape. Regarding a software, some people think that that it is complicated too much, thinks them is not that bad. Calm so only has to that touch around with him. It has not had any question with him still. OpenMG Is a software or need to transfer mp3 to player, and or can modify ur names of clue and mandates with him too much, which is much easier that doing it manually in a player. Simple cd the software of burner is a lot of stops in of the llamas cd is without copying it on ur computer and then that it has to that converting them to first mp3 then in his scorching. Or it can not erase clues of mp3 in ur player, but or can delete a cd some or burned in there. Any player is 100 perfect, but the think this MD player there is much more good qualities that bad some and the majority can live with him felizmente. There are more descriptions in a Mz-N505 section of the gold yes wants to read more. Anyways, enjoy it a lot, any remorse for not taking the player of mp3 instead.
5 / 5 Yolanda
When Looking to reproductores of Mp3 that tries to decide that to take, has found minidisc players. There are a lot of advantages of minidisc players on Mp3. Life of battery with minidiscs is surprising!! You take on 40+ hours to touch time in a EA battery. I think that a manual said until 53 hours. As, it is easy and economic to buy and songs to upload the minidiscs. $ 2 Each one that like this beats to pay for CF or SD/MMC in prize more utmost a lot of. You can take five CD value of music in a minidisc. The more there is the new technology mindisc in a horizon that control even more! Tercero, the utmost sound and really controls on well. I have taken mine in Afganistan, and Iraq, and fell it several times in a gymnasium, and there is included parachuted with him. Ossia The system adds and can no to recommend them highly enough. I recommend a lot of earbuds for a system. Sony Mark some abonos some, am looking to a Shure 3C model. I so only bought some economic Koss earbuds and suck. An only drawback is a software that comes with a minidisc. Utilisation a program of simple burner mostly or Realplayer for music of the format of the Mp3 has downloaded. Calm will not go wrong taking an of these!
4 / 5 Quinn
My woman bought the Sony MZ-R500 MD recorder (any-NetMD) like the present so only first of a NetMD the characteristic is start . It liked so much, I have purchased the MZ-N505 also. My more utmost consternation has been reason this format has not obtained more traction with American buyers. It is factor of the form is almost like this small as it flashes reproductores of Mp3 by heart, the records of Anything concealed @fare his, his widespread modifying the characteristic is terrific and so only to a MD formed, and some the removable disks are economic, animal-recordable and almost indestructible! A MDLP the besides new characteristic MD unit develops a capacity of register of a disk of 80 minutes for the factor of 2 (LP2 = 160 minutes) or 4 (LP4 = 320). And a current harvest of minidisc recorders can touch for until 50 hours (or longer, according to model) in a EA battery! AT ALL more in a phase today can match he for reliability, down cost of operation and versatility. An only drawback? To do the use of a characteristic of PC has called NetMD, HAS TO install Sony is proprietary software (OpenMG Jukebox). Ossia Reason has estimated a MZ-N505 like him 4 in place of the 5. If it love place MP3s or WMA files or your CDs in minidisc, HAS TO have converted the Sony is proprietary CODEC has called ATRAC. To the left it is so only say this Rube Goldberg is the inventions were models of the efficiency has compared to this software. But it likes and highly recommend a MZ-N505 minidisc recorder for his of of excellent quality in a gone!!
5 / 5 Tijuana
The to the left initiate me was to say that this in general is the very a lot minidisc player. With that averts would like me to them say that all more are far from still to be simple to use. When you Rig to use this product will remark that you will require to use his software to transfer a MP3s to the yours MD player.
Begins. . .
An installation of OpenMG is one of a long more has them each one which seen. I took at least 4-6 mins to take it fully installed. He maintaining has two separate programs, OpenMG and Simple Burner.
OpenMG Is a program that has the habit of scrolling a MP3s on to a MD player. Simple burner mearly the tears and the transfers another do another MP3s your MD player.
Good right sounds? . . .Wrong
OpenMG traces of leaves of a song in yours HD, like this basically touches to fill your HD up with duplicates of your song but in his format (ATRAC). It has then dipped the restriction in that so only leaves 3 scrollings of a song (called verifying was) and with which that will be necessary to delete you a song to use this software (called verifying in) to remain more scrollings.
The simple burner so only leaves you for rasgar some songs to LP2 or LP4 (basically compresses it to return more songs) but there is any option for rasgar he in STEREO (the needs this in order for him to do in mine old MD player as it does not sustain elepé.
Has ways around he this in spite of, can download REALONE GOLD of PLAYER and then add the section of device to download patch he for GRANDSON MD SUPPORT. Then it results basically OpenMG but without leaving any copies in already HD. It is easy to direct songs in yours Minidisc also.
With this be has said, Yes this player is a better for his prize, but be ready to be disappointed for his software that has the habit of scrolling your songs.
4 / 5 Linh
Has taken this Minidisk player last Christmas. At the beginning it was enamoured with him. It was small, new, has has resisted tonnes on music in a disk, and was an only boy in pupil this has had after the few months some keys have taken messed up. My key of clue of the first has not done so it has loved skip advances two songs, has had to go back by means of a whole disk. With which conceal, decide to the only sure disks read each one once in the moment. When My friends have begun to take minidisk players, has begun having some same questions have had. @I give ossia one of Sony is models of the lowest finals, but is still very disappointing. Another thing roughly minidisks is a time of scrolling. Yes 32x is quite quickly, but has the collection of 500 cds, this goes to take it looong time to take everything of them to minidisks. If has the collection of ENORMOUS CD I recomend taking a iRiver PLAYER of CD. They are surprising for a relativly small $ 100 seal of prize. Im Sure Sony is main final minidisk the players are more than confidence, but regarding east a, I definetly would not take another.
4 / 5 Lindsy
1. It is cuttinge flange: a a drawback to MD players - a fact that the register was in speed of real time and any accelerated - has been dried has gone by netMD technology, leaving until 32x record of speed and tug he-and-interface of drop with your computer of house.

2. It is economic: it is a low plus -price netMD player there, lower in prize that another no-netMD players!

3. Verdict: This MD player offers one the majority of bang for a buck - would be it bobo to buy very a lot of-netMD able player with a n505 around.
An only reason does not give this player the indication of five stars is reason does not come with the far - the one of fact CAN use the far, his just that an is not sold with him. This in spite of, Sees can choose on the far of an old r30 or r50 MD player - his both do perfectly with this model. Neither it has the entrance of microphone - I I really desires , but calm can do not requiring.
Oh, And neglect a whining of a leading poster the one who has said that this player was "ruined" for a difficulty of a software - while a software is not like this user-friendly to the equal that can be, if it has to that a lot of question of a software, question the one who "the literate computer" really it is.
5 / 5 Elise
Spends an average of 3 hours commuting daily. Rings something small concealed left me partorisca listen the music for the long time, without skips and good quality. In the first place it look to solid Mp3 of state Players, but did not like me a memory has limited. He then looked to CD PLAYER with Mp3 playback capacity, but did not like me to spend of the time that songs of tears out of CDs and then in his scorching. They are not to download MP3s, all have has wanted to was the better way to spend to the long of the mine CDs. I am coming accross a Sony MiniDisc the recorder/player and was so only that has required:
- the capacity Adds. With a maximum compression (LP4) the only MiniDisc controls 5 CDs. Calm does not require to spend CDs with you neither annoying looks for him and a sound is QUALITY of STILL CD .
- The life of battery adds. An only EA hard for 56 hours.
- Skip Amparo. There is no skipped once.
- Simple to use. A bundled software, Simple Burner, leave you to copy CDs to a MiniDisc has seen a port of USB. You can select some songs want to and group a CDs for album in a MiniDisc so it can jump easily to anything wants to listen to. It uses provisional files in your hard disk that finally take erased so that no the clutter.
- Reusability. A MiniDisc can be redrafted in the million times. You can delete or rearrange gladdens any way wants.
- Prize. A MiniDisc costs [relatively little].
Some careers of application of Simple Burner well in a fund, while I am doing something more. If you are connected to an Internet can take an information of album (artist and names of clues) for free and taking written in a MiniDisc he. The show so it is by train of the touch. Anything a source is, all touch is registered to a MiniDisc with Sony propietary formed, ATRAC3. A real scrolling to a MiniDisc is real fast, but in the first place a music has to that prpers have converted the ATRAC3 and this takes time. For some reason, when the song has been converted further 50 a second half goes much faster that a prime minister. When it Is fact that converts a song, transfers it to a MiniDisc in the subject of seconds.
Has another application bundled to organise and copy MP3s to a MiniDisc, OpenMG Jukebox. I did not try it still as they are not his, but leave you to do until three copies of a same song. A system to protect to avert piracy.
Also can download a free RealOne player and discharges he-in to copy music to a MiniDisc directly of him. Not to try it neither.
Has dipped he in my trousers leave pocket, run a boss of the headphones inside my jacket like them any tangle and enjoy to to a music likes commute. Some controls have frames in his calm so that it can locate him with your toes and every time calm uses him listen the beep by means of some headphones. Long it regulates a volume or select a song without even looking in him.
Bottomline, A perfect solution for the commuter. It is also he adds to do around a house or to exert.
Thank you,
Juan Carlos
P.D. I have tried to register in the MiniDisc of the player of cassette. I have had two CDs registered in the MiniDisc of the Scottish group of the 80, 'Deacon Blue'. I finally found to the cassette has had they with another album. I have connected a MiniDisc recorder to the player of cassette and has registered a whole thing. A manual has said a recorder will add automatically the mark of clue while it finds silence during two second at least. In this chance some songs were too many near for that to do, as I have had to that add them manually later on, the very easy task that has not taken too much long. A register has to that be fact in 1x speed, this in spite of, as with any external source. Then, with SimpleBurner has appointed an album and some songs and has situated an album in a correct chronological order. It likes to see like the sound of the band evolves by means of some years. Rearranging I groups is like this easy as tugging them arrive or down to the equal that are showed in a SimpleBurner window. It is the really fast process , thinks so only change an order in that is touched more than physically moving them around a disk. Like another characteristic sum to add: a capacity to register different sources in the alone disk and order some groups any way one master.
4 / 5 Jacinta
Any (and create it to be Sony Music) there is spoilt really this little type. NetMD Could have been real quota, but is at all but the hassle. It is any marvel MD there is not taken on, included with an introduction of NetMD. In the first place, OpenMG is simply horrible. You owe that I Control Out of some files of music that copy his, and calm so only take 3 control outs. To delete the file of a MD, owe Control in a clue. You can tug very only & files of Mp3 of the drop individually neither, has to put on the integer "playlist". Any to mention, OpenMG is buggy and clashes 9 by means of a scrolling. I have downloaded SonicStage 1.5 (OpenMG substitution) and is still like this spoilt and inflated with a same control in/control out of principles and stupid playlists. I do not know reason can tug very only & Mp3 of drop is to a MD. If a terrible software has not gone quite bad, all Mp3 is, WAV is, etc. Has converted to LP2 ATRAC3 files, like your space of hard walk takes squandered. It conceal also it means you copy Mp3 is to a MD in SP way, that is taking is so only LP2 converted the PCM, then a N505 reconverts a PCM the ATRAC. NetMD Hardly is interesting compared the realtime street to register SPDIF. In an only thing NetMD is very partorisca east modifying titles of clue of a PC.
4 / 5 Delaine
Has purchased recently this Sony has Fulfilled MD walkman and has been thrilled when I have read that you can return until 5 hours of music in a MiniDisc. But unless you are familiarised with the LP2 and LP4 bad, would have to know that an only way can return 5 hours of the music in a CD is record in 66kbps, which is quality quite bad . The ones of the one who register in this way reasons his hard to enjoy a music when a quality is like this bad. If it love your music to touch quite well, calm so only will take roughly 2 hours and 40 minutes in a minidisc, which is less bad, but to good sure a lot so that it adds likes 5 hours.
One imagines that loves in this product is that you can erase songs of the minidisc with which are registered, the difference of your level CD-R used to burn regulate CDs. A minidiscs is economic also, has taken to 5 band for roughly 7 or 8 bucks.
Regarding a software, his quite easy to use yes has read some instructions. I owe that it feels that some people those who have revised that a software is confusing probably didnt read a material roughly he in a first manual. In general, ossia the product adds , and while you are well with around 2 and the half hours for minidisc, I to good sure reccomend the.
5 / 5 Denver
Has bought this minidisc the roughly done player a year and pleasure a lot. It have estimated it 5 stars until on done the month when a telephone of boss jack has begun to do the poor connection. Now it is almost impossible to take his net of a unit. Now it is useless. Not to give it included a stars now. I have verified with Sony the web of place and his so only will substitute with him refurb for $ 80!!! A mark the new unit is so only $ 100 and I only precise a headphone jack substituted or fijamente. I can not think that Sony would comprise this junk to such otherwise the final has produced. They are not an only person in this section this there has been this question with the Sony Minidisc player like AWAKE ON SONY and offer the economic plus fijamente!
Has used mostly a Simple Burner that done well for me. An Open MG the software is the nightmare requiring the real computer friki to imagine was. The majority of people consider the computer friki but frankly, this piece of software resembles has been written by the crew of Microsoft concealed has not spoken to the each one like this another.
4 / 5 Chantal
Had wanted to buy a MD still like this long but there is a bit the one who there is me discouraged to buy of his no that populate especially in some the Filippine where are in. Any to the plot of people is familiar with him his so that it creases to in front of an idea to take one. They are very happy to having taken one and his economic plus to take he in some the USA compares to here. They are very impressed with registering qualified of this sweet pocola what. Some bass is glorious especially on level 2 of a MegaBass setting. Quality of the sound registered does not suffer in LP4 way. He all depends in a source and a level to register that has dipped you during registering sessions. And a software that goes with this very easy to use, different some leading descriptions have found. There are some nuances that am happy has imagined was. At present I am using a software to transfer songs of CD, MP3s to mine MD with eases, and speeds. A quality is one same likes source and his fantastic. My friends here are surprised with a quality of a sound and grave that these few bombs of what was. For his measure, sweats to add. Of course you want to really deafening strong need the big plus setup for that, but ossia the different history . These produced is the good compraventa especially when it calms does not have time to hook a MD to the component of CD and record material. His easy plus to hook the to a computer and the burn was.
This thing is so only fantastic, and recommends that that master would be necessary to go it and grab a ASAP.
4 / 5 Alisa
A digital player the ideal laptop would have some following properties: 1. It can easily returned to your pocket, 2. Has generous and economic storage capacity, 3. Be rewritable, 4. It leaves movement of advances and material back of a computer to a player, 5. Has the microphone to register, 6. Has life of excellent battery, 7. Game all the classes of files of means comunicacionales.
Has been the mini user of disk in fact a lot of years. Previously to one was of Mp3 this was undoubtedly a better portable format. Unfortunately it has, to date state stymied for capacity of low storage for disk, time of incompatibility and slow register of file.
This new mini disk walkman is fantastic value for the mini player of disk, record with some upper atrac R formed, and as registering also can be done of a CDROM of your computer, a database of CD CAN BE ACCESSED, and some names of some songs downloaded (any more fiddley the clue that appoints). Curiously, this does not access a built in CD quotes of base in an operating system of windows, reasons to to programs like Musicmatch esmiembro' OF CDs. A quality of his in the regular register is excellent, in LP2 is marginally worse that 128kbs Mp3 and in LP4 has considerable quality dropoff, which is often unnoticable when walking around with a player. LP4 Leave to register until 5 CDs to a $ 2 minidisc.
Like this far like this good. A software is quite tempermental. Although announced like the 'NetMD', the files of Mp3 have to that be first converted to Atrac 3 before they can be imported to a player. Ossia Painfully slow. A program of conversion is OpenMG jukebox. This program recurrently clashes on me when I try to convert MP3s. It has given up with this process and mine of use MP3CD player. Besides, a software of the clean burner are not adds neither. It grind still to take it, in a midst to register in LP4, several times. In general, like the conversor of means comunicacionales, this are not to add, and would recommend this more for king-registering your own CDs that MP3s has downloaded of an internet.
A function of the slowest game is the advance of entity for minidisc. One of some things adds in this format is that you can register virtually anything. For example, last week I plugged the mine to an audio was spent of mine television and has registered the concert in LP2 (150 minutes). Calm later can insert seal of clue, and delete some ads (the clues then squish together without the empty).
Is the harm that this walkman does not have the able microphone to register for 5 hours in the alone disk by means of the microphone and upload a register to your PC would do east a device of register of definite voice.
A life of the battery in this unit is awesome. I have used mine MD walkman daily for a past 3 weeks in the suns EA battery.
Strongly would recommend to obtain a wonderful fontopia ear bud headphones to add to this device...
Ossia A exceptionally good product, has left down for mediocre software, and Sony obsessional attitude the management of digital legislations (reasons can do not doing copies like this a lot of of my own personal register to the equal that want?). 5 Out of 7 criteria are not bad
4 / 5 Sasha
has been using MDs partorisca almost 8 years now, and honradamente can say that, although they could not be piece all the world, is still better then a lot of CDs or cassettes, portability-wise.

A big plus deterrent to these is that the people read descriptions of consumers that has known no that has taken to and has closed entirely to attack a product. THIS Is not A reproductor of Mp3. It can a lot of all some things that the reproductores of Mp3 can do. Calm record he in a computer and all some files download of this computer, calm can upload him behind in this SAME computer. Calm can not download of a computer, then upload to another computer, or of cd to computer, or voice to computer, or MD to computer. But of course with some reproductores of available economic Mp3, can any one really do a bit of that neither.

Level MDs control of 74 to 500 minutes of music, according to a format of compression. This means that each disk is almost equivalent to a 512reproductor of Mp3 of MB of capacity. A new Salvation-MDs can take the regular disk and place until 13.5 hours of music, or 810 minutes, equivalent to 800MB (in CD COMPRESSION of quality). But in a new Salvation-MD disks, can dip until 45 hours of music, or 2700 minutes, equivalent to the iPod small nano. Again, so only agree that calm constantly movement of a computer to a prĂłjimo, can not be a wiser election, although for users of laptop, MDs could be the good election for a conscious prize.

Can think are the spokesman for Sony or a lot another MD company (JVC, Aiwa, and another has done in a past; Acute, and Panasonic still mark), but are so only any the one who has been with them of then a start, and are stil the defender of. As the one who am concerned, enough would have the Salvation-MD then an iPod, coming more economic also. Regarding this particular model, a MZ-N505, the mine is the few old years , does not know the one who old exactly, and still touches well, although he no record anymore.

MDs Is still a lot populate in Giappone where has has substituted entirely a cassette. In some new cars in america, still can take the coverage of cassette, no in Giappone. MD there cost Players among [...] To the way to [...] For a Salvation-MDs. They can any never there is it taken on here, but compete with an iPod there, as they can not be all these bad.
4 / 5 Mozella
Can common he, calms that can register. Anything concealed has the start of headphones can be registered to a MD. I am speaking on register of real time. Yes a player of Mp3 can download the music files more quickly but calm can not register in real time with some players of Mp3. For example, it likes to of record internet emisora radio. Also I have a service of player of music of internet for $ 10 the month that leave to listen to the ENORMOUS selection of music all day long but can not transfer any song to a player of Mp3 with out fact that buys a clue for $ 1. As well as I have said on... If podes common calm that can register to MD... You know that they are sayin? Also a game with a longitude of some MD leaves roughly 150 minutes for MD. Utilisation this tax for everything. The majority of an internet DJ mix (shows) taste is 2 of hours long he like this does well for me. Also I have in the dozed MD is that I maintain in circulation, reasons are animal-recordable. I have erased and registered in each god of disk knows how long. I possess a Sony record MD Walkman MZ-R700... I bought it 6 years ago and still it touches /record/... This in spite of his in his last leg... Ossia A reason am exploring by means of a tent of Amazon that looks to buy the new a. Also the only EA the battery will touch so that I am guessing to be roughly 40 hours, this in spite of the quota EA only record for roughly 1-2 hours (to the equal that maintains AC the handy adapter to register. Also it has 2 entrances to register. One is a MIC in ( can also record alive music or your conference of professors that use the microphone) this in spite of the warn that the entrance tends to present aim and static noise. This that can be probem yes is expecting a MD player automaticall create the number of new clue when it chooses on the second or two of silence. A second entrance is optical. A MD player comes with the conversor like this can convert a start of USB to an Optical signal that the records clean. One draws behind to this there is remarked (and you computer folks out of ther can solve this question) that when it use a start of USB a sound of a start of headphones in your turns of computers were. You can so only monitor (listen) to that is registering via a start of headphones in a MD player... East sucks yes is trying the row on songs in the mix or registering only segments of the radio program or the show of comedy or something.
5 / 5 Jacalyn
An optical minidisk the recorder/player is a vehicle of perfect mp3: record in big quality (CD) or pill (mp3), that converts any source to his own format during download. His replacable means it comunicacionales is the true optical disk ... Almost like this small likes any cartridge by heart, and competes with memory of mp3 of expansion of the player in a ridiculously low prize of [money] stops until 80 minutes of music. Each one which minidisc is rewriteable partorisca always. Now that Sony has perfected an interface of USB and Way of Game Along, has any reason to buy an iPod still almost 3x a cost (compraventa two of these and 50 disks instead). This model, especially, is the subject. Light, rugged, with immaculate sound. It comes with headphones, battery, boss of USB, software of PC (any MAC available), and a disk.
5 / 5 Jann
I have bought so only one of these units the Friday and has to that say that I have been quite happy with him.
One first what there is remarked roughly the, was that there is not the clip of tape, has gone to be of those use this unit while running, has been concerned. In practical, is result so only well. Still while slipped in the pocket, a unit is like this light and small that has not been that annoying at all.
A unit comes with a Mini Disk, and considering the register has taken mp3s and sent him has seen a boss of USB (also resupplied). A process of the register by means of a software has resupplied has not gone necessarily the no-brainer, but yes has been able to burn your own cd is, are sure calm can imagine this was. A port of USB also sustains USB 2.0 which is adds yes calms that can explode of then this data of scrollings of the a lot of faster method.
HAS the good variety the sources records, of then also can take analog entrance (tapes, albums, any) when registering directly of a player he.
Period of looks to register a lot also. A control of disks 80 minutes in the normal tax, but can register in two levels of the compression that folds and quadrupling a record time respectively (also with the lessening of quality of his).
I controls are everything would expect. Regular controls that would be in any cd player as well as some grouping of control of clue advanced that has a lot included delved to. The calm exposure gives to appoint of the artist encoded and time of clue. It runs out of a "EA" battery (the metre of battery is also in writing). In two now half sessions one first battery I place in there is not drained a lot.
In general am very happy with this unit and would recommend it to any one looking for something smaller that the traditional laptop cd player that has more flexibility that the player of mp3 rule.
4 / 5 Keitha
Thinks this minidisc the player are adds. An only question is is anti-copy/piratery/any example of security, can not copy songs to your computer if some songs are not already in your computer.
A worse question is a "atrac formed". And ossia bad reason when you want to copy the song to the MD, in the first place a "OpenMG Jukebox" the software has to that convert a mp3/wma/etc. Files the atrac formed, and this can take long, very long (that depends in your computer).
In all the chance, sony MD players are in my opinion some players of better portable music can find. MDs Is king-writable, and with LP2/LP4 option, can dip 300 minutes of music in the each one MD. And if you do not have the computer (well, if you are here is that has one, May...) It comprises an optical boss to copy a CDs the MDs with the player of DVD, for example.
If when being portable is not of entity for you, calm perhaps would owe that take the player of mp3 instead. But it likes of you it moves constantly while listening the music, taste, need one of of the one of of the east.
Ps: oh, And it does not choose a "now a lot of" colour, is horrible.
4 / 5 Kelly
1) Life of Amazing battery
2) the sound Adds in SP, LP2 ways
3) his A lot of (and 5h20m record) in LP4 way
4) any skip.
5) Still FAST CD to MD rasgando via USB, the software of Simple Burner is quickly and easy.
6) Flexible modifying characteristic (commanded of clue of the transmission, erase clues, renames, combines, and delete clues.)
7) Very small and light
8) Economic, king-recordable half comunicacionales
1) OpenMG the software is restrictive (controls, control-was) and slow. It has to that convert all the types of file (wma, mp3, etc.) To ATRAC, and copies of the leaves of these files turn your computer.
2) Any one uploads capacity. A bummer for field and registers of alive music especially.
3) Any one true SP support (the Simple burner has no SP or SP-pleasant option at all, and OpenMG the software converts all the files to elepé first, as any volume some SP quality.) An only way can register in SP is real-time.
4) Any entrance of microphone and no far for some headphones. Any big shot -- need this characteristic, spent a MZ-N707. You can also upgrade to far headphones in [...]
In general, I really like this player. I am thrilled with a fact that was able to return an integer 4-CD register of studio of Some Police in a minidisc. It is flexible, easy to use and the sounds adds. If you are weighed to mp3s has downloaded files, this can not be one the majority of flexible solution, but work. If it is taste and of calm so only love the half laptop to spend music of your collection of CD around, Coverage MD is perfect.
Sony Could do this in the house run for
a) giving full SP and SP-pleasant supports to Simple Burner and OpenMG
b) leaving to upload (in a much less, for any-copyrighted material).
c) Asking OpenMG conversion of file.
5 / 5 Parthenia
Has found this player abordable, which produces well, his rich and was surprised quite the one who this small thing can do. Sure Sony sum of electronic frames, but probably any software. That goes it to use like this mp3, wav, wma player, any compraventa is. Ossia Total lie , reason calms will not be never able to upload these files to this player. These formats are supported by software so only, which converts files to the stupid format typical of has called atrac, which is not used anywhere more and so only then uploads to netmd. You are not like this bad if THIS atrac the format could sustain more concealed 132kbps bitrate. Ossia A big plus bitrate can use, any difference is copying of cd or big bitrate mp3. And trust me, these products of sound of player a lot enough for ear to distinguish lack of the quality reduced for a compression. LP4/LP2 The ways are so only out of discussion. Not even Simple Stereo sounds well, because of stupid software, which encodes all his feed to 132kbps besides big.
OpenMG The software distributed in cd together with a player is so only to mockery with east protect of copyright and a way this application has built. It gives the feeling of the very slow, unreliable software.
Has given 4 stars thus produced so only because of this software .
Partorisca Of the one who the one who prefer qualities entirely an only way to take the sound in bylines to cd is is to use some optical or analog entrances inside a player. He no of the registers quickly, so only 1x, but calm after all have the yours ear of pleasant music. Calm also would owe that take some better headphones...
Utmost on, so only consider that it is your requirements . If it does not concern in a 132kbps quality, then the buy, if calm , thinks once again. This in spite of me reccomend yours to listen to first player to buy. You can judge for calm then :)
4 / 5 Hildegarde
in a description there is rid, "it is not really the player of digital music, August 11, 2002" for reviewer: neweetc of Irvine, CA EUA, some characteristic tones of these compact portable the "digital" the player of music is ignored.
Specifically, a versatility of these half leaves of the mini-disks to be animal-registered in the million times without any degredation in qualities of playback. Like this calm does not accrue cd-r is concealed active is remained in his welcome. So only tranfer your customizable playlist. Time of scrolling of the pc is instantaneous. mic-Registering capabilty. Besides, a quality of his east awesome - a format of audio for mini-disk, atrac, the swipes was mp3 & wma formed
has the curve to learn if you do not have record of leading experience mini-disks neither of the pc or component of audio. Won a test-and-period of error and calm @give the one who the value adds these few diagrams is :)
5 / 5 Lavera
has bought this like the present navideño on its own name. I have required something small & light to take to a gymnasium with me. It is PERFECTO .
Resists a lot of music and does not weigh me down.
A software that comes with this too confusing to use; a lot frustrating.
I use REALPLAYER A, to download and clips of scrolling to a device. It is like this incredibly easy is almost the crime.
Has to that admit that it was apprehensive at the beginning when being that I have little had or any knowledge of Mini-disks and as operative but I my investigation and is a better $ has not spent never.
Love a colour of vibrant gold, his sturdy also (fallen the diverse time for deception, of course), an only drawback can say is that it have to that have some class to spend the chance or something have built to a backside to ensure to some cloths spends. Another that that LOVES It!
4 / 5 Charlesetta
Has had this recorder/player for the year now and am them satisfied entirely with him. I have researched the on-line models and sony is a clear winner and has done the durable and worthy product. First of all, I have possessed the relatively expensive mp3 player ($ 270) that the used to listen the music, then has decided them has them has wanted to upgrade like this could them spend more music with me. I have debated among emotional until 128mb paper or taking this minidisc player. I have decided that it is and now a lot included comprise reason the the time has squandered that decides in a first response is clear. These produced is far upper in any player of mp3 for a lot of reasons:
1. While it is not like this small likes a bit players of mp3 still returns amiably in your hand and is light.
2. Some means comunicacionales is sĂșper economic...$ 10 For 5 minidiscs, and yes record in LP2 (mid quality that is perfect for headphones included car adapter) can take near of 150 mins, has them 4 integer cds songs more extra on 1 disk. Ossia To less expensive plot for much more spatial.
3. The battery is not kiddin, taking for ever for my battery to run was, am speaking them constant 4-5 now touches each day for the week or so much. Included take it rechargeable battery, energizer will do and place he in, propiciadas a wall, itll touches . I have not substituted a battery in there for while it can agree them (at least 9 month).
4. A software is not although last to imagine was and one 3 control of limit was is not the question at all. OpenMG While has his defects like occassionaly freezing on, is quite self explanatory import , just music of your computer (finds any file is in) then dipped the to playlist or this in spite of desires organise and when yours ready verifies him was the minidisc and itll convert a file to atrac for you and dip the on, then can organise, focus, etc to the equal that want. One 3 limit checkout isnt the question, can take credits when his control behind in and because need 4 copies more than a same song was of the same times? Well you find some reason so only reimport a file of your file of music and youll has new checkouts.
A lot ossia mine 2 cents . Please if yours debating among players of mp3 or minidiscs do of the ready money, more spatial, still small/light, calms that can fall and itll still work and wont skip, the volume has perfect all more concealed his fact awesome. sony Is the good mark, trusts it...
4 / 5 Lelia
A player more adds has has not purchased never. I possess two models. A MZ-n505 & a MZ-nf610 (type s) A MZ-n505 I use in acting while they are in a work. I have had he for 2 years and still is that it goes. I fell it and the god knows that more. I want to having an option to dip everything of my music in the mini disk. Different some players of mp3 where has the limit or has to that pay the fortune for the develop. And not counting these Ipods ossia like this small and delicate. Another model (MZ-nf610) that has I house of use and comes with a fm tuner, does not use it . They are not the big defender of FM irradiates anyways. Both models are utmost players . Also an option of having a rechargable double EA the battery is a better. It can recharge a double EA while it is still in a player! I can listen to mine NetMd 8hrs without that has to that recharge. Another way to save you money. Now in a quality of his if your record your music in a sound of regular option adds, but try save spatial in downgrade yours the quality can return roughly 60 or more songs (gives or take) in a mini disk. In general ossia my player of favourite of portable audio , and would buy of Sony again and definately he NetMD player!
4 / 5 Celena
When My Mp3/CD PLAYER has fallen his death , has required the substitution. Have in the first place purchased he RCA Lyra, but a software has done my computer hangs, as it was is returned quickly. I have then seen this MiniDisc player, and is been the joy that listens the music of then. Reason have not taken United States ( is EVERYWHERE in Europe) will not know never.
PROS: The low prize has compared to other models, easy to use, qualities of his excellent in SP way (thanks to ATRAC Type-R), phenominal life of battery, until 5 hours of music in a disk of 80 minutes (in $ 2), Mp3 of supports and WMA, small measure, a "factor of coolness"
GILIPOLLAS: the software is kinda buggy, far and other accessories of entities any comprised, the machineries can be listened when listening the songs in LP4 way (ESPECIALLY when converted of anything a lot-ATRAC or .wav), The headphones have comprised is unimpressive, any MIC-in
Like reason gives it 5 stars if it is not to perfect? In spite of a buggy software, is quite easy to use. It surrounds XP Pro, and has had any question of first order, except an accident of occasional program. OpenMG There is still to cause me to reset a computer. And if any to like you any of some programs of commercial management, can find freeware or Black use to copy songs on. Considering some accessories, the life of battery is like this a lot a A/C car adapter is quite unecessary. A far, as well as adapter of tape, can be purchased for economic if not to impose you eBay. And regarding machineries, anything registered in 66Kbps goes to touch the little was, but touches very better that a Mp3 registered in the resemblance bitrate. If it love your songs to touch some better in LP4 way, has found work more to convert a file to be registered behind to the .wav Lima. Will have some loss of data when you decode a Mp3, but hardly has to that be noticable in anything 128Kbps or better. You will take an use of better sound an audio ripper to take the song of the yours FAVOURITE CD and then convert concealed .wav To ATRAC.
The sum he on, loves this artilugio. I have been fascinated with MiniDisc the players have seen of one in the film in a prompt 90s. They do not cost one $ 750 likes has used to, felizmente. In any case, masters the recorder/player with capacity of alive register, can cost your moment to invest of the extra money. If it is taste (meaning of calm does not concern you on alive register), then this so only could be a device is looking for.
(And yes at all more, is the tool adds to use to fulfil people. Seriously! The strangers will come until you and ask roughly the, calms pranks the no. is spent mine more the time that can count on two hands.)
5 / 5 Maybell
Has had this MD player for roughly 3 years now, and loves that. At the beginning, I thought it it was not like this as well as a reproductor of Mp3 but that the harm was. I have purchased a MP player for mine 13 old year the year and die less than the year. In the first place a casing has spent was and evenutally a player was unusable. While, This MD player has continued to go. Both of my boys used it and has fallen at least 50 times, usually so only maintains to touch. I have not had any subject with him. And, I have not experienced some subjects of the battery or the software issues that the people complain of. But like- that mixes to me mine MDs and then seldom change a music in the each one a, like this there has any to plot to upload I once takes mine mini disks, is basically there for good.
4 / 5 Ema
I have had an installed unit and 5 CD is registered his less than 2 hours. I am spent more the time that reads a material that required like the software is a lot intuitive. Has the big playlist of 'preferred' that goes partorisca finalise on MD so that I can touch him in a car. I plan to use this little type partorisca travesĂ­a and when that locates a mower in a summer. The prize adds and the value adds.
5 / 5 Yanira
Sad when it take this unit that comment that a chrome trim in a toggle the transmission was WAS, and that when in the first place it tries registered that record this in spite of does not register fully, maintains partorisca take partorisca 2 seconds, and then took worse of 2 seconds to 20 to 30 seconds, this unit was the lemon , and has has had to that the take my travesĂ­a to Giappone, while it touch it well but was bad, maintains partorisca give these questions, and could quickly advances neither. I go partorisca take another, this time of the trafficante any of the person. Person that sold it mine any one has said to join me truth roughly prendiendo in a playback, and any partorisca mention record some settings have maintained partorisca go back of long to short game.
4 / 5 Dylan
Sony Is the very good mark, I like this walkman, has bought this walkman partorisca the fellow that reads in the radio studio.
4 / 5 Serina
Is planning Use this unit with the computer like , will complain. I have bought this unit in June 2002. Of a software give endless question. Not To Take me bad, does not have any question with other softwares at all. They are in fact state touching with linux partorisca 8 years.
Some calls of software OpenMG Jukebox. Partorisca Install it precise to install a whole CD, which takes PARTORISCA ALWAYS partorisca the install. And a lot anything while it installs, otherwise has to that begin on again. After an installation, will find OpenMG jukebox and Simple Burner. A forward is partorisca convert another format of music (mp3, wma etc) the SONY formed of music (ATRAC3), and a last is partorisca register a CD to a MD player that use a boss of USB.
Easy of USE:
partorisca use OpenMG is frustrating, is too slow to begin up and included slower the response to my entrances. Sometimes it can I begin very same. Then when you want to dip your Mp3 to a player, the convert first, and store a file turns a harddisk, which has occupied the plot of spatial. And masters a main quality (SP way, of then all my Mp3 is big 320Kbps), taken partorisca always partorisca transfer to a unit. (SP Way = 292kbps bitrate, LP2=132kbps) In fact in SP way, record in 1x speed, which means a time to record is one same regarding the listen up. I have looked for to use LP4 way, but a quality is unbearable.
With which conceal, transfer to a Simple Burner, which is said much more robust that a OpenMG Jukebox. I create the virtual audio cd using Black imagedrive. And then use concealed partorisca burn a "audio cd" to a MD player. A question with that is can not take the main quality (SP way), all can take is so only LP2 and LP4.
Quality of software:
A OpenMG Jukebox the quality is among a worse application. Confrontation My desk 2-3 times in 2 month. An engine of USB has clashed also my car 2 times. Sometimes I can very included begin a Jukebox, then has to that king-install a software and all a conversion again. SONY I looks does not concern in a software at all, of some updates in his web of place openmg never take update, which is always a version 2.2. Any Patch, Any Update, Buggy Software. They are really tired of of the this.
He Plans use he with the computer, does not expect too much.
4 / 5 Erick
Well but is out of dating reason owe that spend of the mini disks
5 / 5 Bennett
work well, but the little more scratches and wear in a chance that has expected.
5 / 5 Polly
For any in a minidisc world, this one east the model adds , fresh colour, while it finds more in the resonable cost!
4 / 5 Marilee
The law adds to like 1 now to explore by means of my disk then he so only prendido everything near, now he no same period of work. Any sign to be able to? Still with new battery? The supposition is come off worst unless there is the guarantee.

Top Customer Reviews: Sony MZ-N510CK ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 53 ratings
5 / 5 Cherelle
I am so happy has not bought in mp3. Only the few days after having a md the player/of engraver has known was right election . I can not comprise why this format is not more has announced strongly. There is everything. Quality of his, versality, the consolation and I mention quality of sound? You can move tones, tones of title, deletes tones, animal-recorded some disks so often while it likes him. You can create groups of tones and playback some groups in planting that they have to select individual tones. I can pose a player in my pocket of shirt (tin very concealed with the cd player). Record your minidiscs and leaves a house of EXPENSIVE CD. He no skip and some disks are very sudden. So far that it dress it is all the pluses and any minuses. Well, at all it is perfect. A capacity to upload md the tones in my computer of desktop would be well. Test in you. They go in the and educate then chooses the unit. The calm will not listen .
3 / 5 Ina
It IS the add and stylish the product but I will not buy again. I know MD is very popular in Asia and other parts of a world, but only any voice as it is that better then reproductores of Mp3 especially when a prize in some reproductores of Mp3 is taking cheaper for some days? I have used to to possess 2 SONY MD players and has taken drawee of them everything!!! A quality of his this very only yes recorded some tones in MD regular format and in real time. Anything another that concealed, goes to sound crappy. I am sure a lot of already active descriptions coated that appearance. And a SONY the software sucks also when goes in of the laws of copyright. We adapt me to us the bouquet of the old type that flavours to apply some old rules. You it Favourite and taken in in to the reproductor of Mp3 how his iPod or something.
2 / 5 Alex
A Minidisk laws of unit well, is compact, fire and when being kinda robust my only flu with this theres any light of back and a lcd/the screen of data is sooo small, as his the ache to read names of file. An attaches elements with an exception of this horrible receiver all are very fresh. But thats where my finals of praise; one Sonicstage software that uses to files of scrollings of your computer in a MD is absolutely a worse. In fact it have to take any one files that displaces amours and import the in these virtual "walk of musician" which are only he playlist, then, turn a MD has formed, then save the in a MD. And worse still.. A software is constantly refreshing a screen of card while the sound that uploads/converts, as it sing it to you very attach more files in a list of conversion while his work. This all attach until the a lot of a lot the time that consumes process. And it Hates a software and im very considering retuning this MD system and only buying the user he cosy plus albeit more unstable cd/player of mp3.
5 / 5 Ramonita
A product is arrived to lose all some necessary components. Comprising a ppwer carried.
There to represent he unusable.
2 / 5 Sina
Very impressed w/ this little Sony MD unit. His add in the small pkg. That is to say mine 1 minidisc player as it does not have the reference for comparison. It has not tried in dnld musician or record still. I comprise some other descriptions that one beats of software that is fustrating to use but while I remain to me in some limitations/of capacities of the same MD the Clean unit has to cost of work. A curve to learn for me to create in the speed will be very time and slow but will take there.
5 / 5 Lilliana

A mic listed likes some accesorias only laws with main priced MiniDisc engravers. If you are looking for a MD engraver concealed can record you amounting with the stereo microphone or line in, control out of a Sony MZ-N10 or comparable instead. For the comprehensible comparison of the each MD the engravers this comprises one all the importing 'That jacks this box has?' Question, the control has been:

5 / 5 Tai

After two years of use, want to more and the hate less.

IS fact WIHOUT FAILURE into use daily. I can not say this quite the majority of my electronic train. I use it mostly for 'the time these movements' of my favourites of radio programs. Also I use it to listen in the books officially (which have baptised on)... Again it is the product adds for east. A bookmarking the characteristic is wonderful to maintain the tone where is in in a book.

Opens HAS a SonicStage version 2 and is very better. Still any one adds... But much more useable.


Mina of uses MD player every day so many, obviously, something is much more or less the. In fact it possesses two!

But also wants to it write cranky email in this engineer in Sony the sign has entered a software! It IS SURPRISINGLY BAD! SonicStage (1.5 IS my version) is SO counter-intuitive that only can not using... And I am quite savvy with material of computer. LITERALLY -- I can not use.

Can not imagine out of any road in only tug-and-songs to fall in a player in a SonicStage software. Why in a world-wide no? It is baffling.

Instead Sony marks to cross these ridiculous 'the control in verifying was' process. (Or it is 'the control was - control in'?) He no any sense in me. Perhaps it has grown you up in right-brained in the games of computer likes them Mario German, only could fall of a necessity for logic.

FELIZMENTE, can take covered he-in for RealAudio which are better but still no this utmost. One SimpleBurner is not also bad or -- has limited only to copy your CD.

A Sony MD the player is terrific in recording material of one radio so that movement time. Even so, Sony any scrolling of left wing the backside on in your computer so that it maintains sure. An only road to do the this is baptising of real time through your card of sound. Like THWARTING! One MD could be a terrific tool for rasgar your elep old, or anything, but Sony has done this very-for-swimming. This spoils functions for Sony marks very-arrest-nothings for a lot of people, is sure.

A compression and the quality of audio is terrific and the sounds adds in my ears, included in some taxes of the main compression.

A terrific thing can do with one MD is the record has been emisora the favourite radio and he then edits out of some advertisings and included movement some songs around. That is to say so easy to do, that I this while in my walks of evening! You finish with the habit am spent concealed' tape. But, then it is the ache -in-the-the ray wants to take that behind in your computer.

A prize is the roads for such the piece adds of the hardware and some MD the disks are cheap, robust and semence to plot. I take the mine in of the trips throughout some world-wide and same 5 MDs is abundance. Volume of mine MD places that would be nervous to take an IPOD or some another main-the reproductor of Mp3 priced. Also, the life of stack is the sum and the only normal uses EA is that it can buy you anywhere -- the big advantage for trip.

Still although it is announced what peedy' does not look that quickly in me. Has any one' in fact the timed his, but think you could burn it a CD of Mp3 quite the fast plus bit.

So much, yes want time-turn NPR or Haste, is to add it small machine. I havne't has seen anything around that it can it the to him beat. But it does not recommend he to listen in MP3s.

Sony Well to write better software and had not spoilt the, one MD the player would be murderous . But, it is a lot of pauses he in some works for the like the time that movements.
1 / 5 Claud
They are like this happy has not bought to mp3. So only the few days with which having a md the recorder/player has known was right election . I can not comprise why this format is not more has announced strongly. It has it everything. Quality of his, versality, comfort it and I mention qualities of sound? You can move clues, clues of title, delete clues, record king some disks like this often to the equal that likes. You can create groups of clues and playback some groups in planting that they have to that select individual clues. I can dip a player in my pocket of shirt (tin a lot that with the cd player). Record your minidiscs and leave some expensive CDs house. He no skip and some disks are a lot rugged. Like this far which sees is all the pluses and any minuses. Well, at all it is perfect. A capacity to upload md the clues to my desktop computer would be good. It tries it to calm. It goes to and you educate then choose the unit. Calm will not feel .
5 / 5 Arla
Is the add and stylish the produced but I will not buy one again. You are MD is a lot populate in Asia and other parts of a world, but so only does not see like this is that better then reproductores of Mp3 especially when a prize in some reproductores of Mp3 is taking more economic for some days? I have used to possess 2 SONY MD players and has taken rid of them everything!!! A quality of his this a lot of so only record some clues in MD regular format and in real time. Anything another that that, goes to touch crappy. They are sure a lot of descriptions has has covered of then appearance. And a SONY the software sucks also when it comes the laws of copyrights. We adapt me to us it stirs it of old types that looks for to apply some old principles. Calm the preferred and take to the reproductor of to the Mp3 likes him iPod or of something.
2 / 5 Elisa
A Minidisk laws of units well, is compact, light and feels kinda sturdy my only flu with this theres a lot behind light and a lcd/the screen of data is sooo small, as his the ache to read names of file. One adds-in of the elements with an exception of this horrible receiver all are a lot of frescos. But thats where my finals of praise; a Sonicstage software that use to transfer files of your computer to a MD is absolutely a worse. Calm in fact has to that take any one files that love scrolling and import them on this virtual "walk of music" which is so only it playlist, then, convert them to a MD formed, then save them to a MD. And worse still.. A software is constantly refreshing a screen of paper while the sound that uploads/to convert, as you cant really add more files to a cast of conversion while his working. This all adds until the a lot of a lot the time that eats process. It hates a software and im really considering retuning this MD system and so only buying the plus friendly user albeit more unstable cd/player of mp3.
5 / 5 Benito
A product has arrived to lose all some necessary components. Comprising a ppwer discharges.
There partorisca rendering he unusable.
5 / 5 Cherie
Very impressed w/ this little Sony MD unit. His add in the small pkg. Ossia Mine 1st minidisc player as I do not have the reference for comparison. It has not tried dnld music or record still. I comprise some of some other descriptions that a software can be fustrating to use but while I remain limitations of interior/of the capacities of this MD Clean unit would have to that do well. A curve to learn for me to create to the speed will be long & slow but will take there.
4 / 5 Lavina

A mic has listed like some accesorias only laws with main priced MiniDisc recorders. If you are looking for a MD recorder that I can register equivalent with the stereo microphone or line in, control out of a Sony MZ-N10 or comparable instead. For the comprehensible comparison of all MD recorders comprising an all that imports 'It jacks this box has?' Question, the control was:

5 / 5 Un

With which two years of use, loves the more and hate it less.

Is fact WIHOUT FAILS into use daily. I can not say this roughly the majority of my electronic train. I use it mostly for 'the time that favourite movements of radio programs. Also the utilisation to listen to books on tape (which have baptised on)... Again it is the product adds partorisca east. A bookmarking the characteristic is wonderful to maintain the clue where is in in a book.

I now have a SonicStage version 2 and is very better. Still it does not add ... But much more useable.


I use of mine MD player every day so many, obviously, something is a lot roughly that. In fact it possesses two!

But also wants to it write cranky email to this engineer in Sony has signed is gone in a software! It is ASTONISHINGLY BAD! SonicStage (1.5 Is my version) is LIKE THIS CONTADOR-intuitive that so only can does not use... And they are quite savvy with material of computer. LITERALLY -- I can does not use.

Can not imagine out of any way to only tug-and-songs to fall to a player in a SonicStage software. Reason in a world-wide no? It is baffling.

Instead Sony the frames go through this ridiculous 'control in verifying was' process. (Or it is 'the control was - controls in'?) He no any sense of mine. Perhaps it has you on grown in right-brained to the games of computers likes him Mario Fratelli, calm so only could leave go of a need for logic.

FELIZMENTE, can take covered he-in still RealAudio which is better but still a lot that adds. A SimpleBurner is not too bad neither -- has limited so only to copy your CDs.

A Sony MD player is terrific in registering material of a radio so that it moves time. This in spite of, Sony any calm transfer accident he behind on to your computer so that it maintains sure. An only way to do east is baptising of real time by means of your paper of sound. As FRUSTRATING! A MD could be a terrific tool for rasgar your elepé old, or anything, but Sony has done this little practise. East spoiling of functions for Sony the useless fact for a lot of people, am sure.

A compression and the quality of audio is terrific and the sounds adds to my ears, included in some taxes of the main compression.

A terrific thing can do with a MD is the record was emisora preferred radio and then modify out of some ads and movement even some songs around. Ossia Like this easy to do, that I this while in my walks of evening! You finalise with the fact to commission soymena that' tape. But, then it is the ache -in-the-the with the wants to take that behind in your computer.

A prize is the shot for such the piece adds of the hardware and some MD disks are economic, sturdy and resist to plot. I take mine in of the travesĂ­as throughout some world-wide and was 5 MDs is abundance. Volume of mine MD places that would be nervous to take an IPOD or some another main-reproductor of Mp3 priced. Also, the life of battery is sum and uses so only normal EA is that it can buy you anywhere -- the big goodness for travesĂ­a.

Included Although it is marketed likes peedy' does not look that fast mine. Has any' in fact the timed, but think you could burn a Mp3 CD quite bit he faster.

So much, yes love the time gone back NPR or Haste, is to add it small car. I havne't has dressed anything around that it can it that to him has beaten. But it would not recommend he to listen to MP3s.

Sony Finalised to write better software and had not spoilt the, a MD player would be murderous . But, it is a lot of partorisca to to the some functions likes them to them-gliela time that moves.
5 / 5 Taryn
In the first place was, goes to comment so only in a HARDWARE, reason all the world knows that a Sonicstage leaves of software a lot to be wished. Emotional right to the long of, ossia the entrance adds -level minidisc player. I have loved the SALVATION-MD player, this in spite of some prizes are very big right now. I go to expect for some players of next generation to exit reason the prizes would have play it to lose considerably. With active said that, Atrac, like the codec, is far upper to Mp3. My rasgado Atrac LP4 clues (the main compression, like this more music in the MD) touches considerably better that 128 has bitten Mp3. Like this, a LP2 the glorious sounds as compared to mp3. In general, quality of his typical east Sony quality. Very good. A paper takes the moment to take used to, but act very calm once take a hangs of him. Ossia Prime minister of mine Minidisc player, and are suprised that such one old technology can be soooo well. It has considered to buy a player of mp3 (player of hard walk,) but has agreed that does the years have loved really he minidisc player, as I have decided researches him. Minidisc Means it comunicacionales is very economic, and can be redrafted until the million times (eats Sony demand.) Some disks are very small and accesses in the pocket painlessly. Using LP4 in a 80 disk of small, can have 5 hours of music. Pair that with an additional disk in your pocket, and can have 10 hours of music inside easy achieves. Be sincere, calm really need THAT a lot of music in firm stops? A prize is in better plot that Mp3 also. You can find this new and on-line model partorisca has shipped down. Calm quite run or bicycle with something or a Ipod stops ? Also maintain in alcohol Minidiscs is very durable. Again, calm really need to have your collection of WHOLE music with you while you are excercising? Minidisc Is the feasible alternative to mp3 thus purpose. A small measure of this unit is also good to run. Sonicstage isn'Bad battery to the equal that to the plot of people was to be. I 'burned' 5 hours of music in LP4 in the disk and he have taken 15 minutes less (files of mine of mp3 are in another computer that are wirelessly connected to, like your time will be much faster.) In general, ossia the quite basic player /recorder that it will be spare for more than need.

In of the considerations to register with this unit, is possible, and touches very too much. You will require the powered mic, this in spite of, and maintain the import concealed to upload behind to your computer, will owe in real-the time has seen your line-in in your soundcard. Also, it maintains to import that to do is, lose all the goodnesses to register digitally like connection by means of line-is analog. But, a quality of his east still VERY GOOD. In fact, it is a lot I last to say a difference b/w an analog register and digital original. If ALL want to do is record, I reccomend taking and the oldest model with the mic-in.
5 / 5 Casey
Likes all the world has said, this MDplayer are really adds.

Durable - Extendable - the value Adds - Intuitive

Compares to another Flashes player, is a better mine. A coloreado MiniDiscs done your players underline of a rest of a crowd. Also, you would love the new headset of a one this comes with east bit it obsolete. It Likes him one of a reviewer has said down.

Another that that, an only thing that hampers this MDplayer to obtain his 1st place is Sony anti-police of piracy. You can so only control out of the clue 3 times. This does not spend with another mark, as iPod of Apple. Some clues have verified was would have to that be verified in calm so much can very manually the delete. Well Except delete a whole disk. A way to circumvent ossia to buy the male-boss of audio viril (or quell'USB-boss of audio viril: Xitel MG2) and register a song of your start of computer to a disk. Or you can use another software: Musicmatch Jukebox for example to transfer some songs, but is not fully compatible and can cause your computer to clash.

A model a new plus of MDplayer does not have such limitation anymore. :-0) Which is the good informative. It would go thus player if I do not require to spend the fully loaded (tries he-material-me) library like a hard-stroll it the player has based can do. It is good to listen to the together concrete of songs and then move to another, this helps to feel refreshed for some songs and which more can organise a subject for colour (:-) my preferred is black : MEDITATION) -> always cool me down everytime the seats hyper.
5 / 5 Pauletta
Ossia The I adds little player of half comunicacionales portable (any pure Mp3). I had it roughly 2 weeks and really likes to of me. It is small, has his a lot well, has an easy interface, and is very flexible.
Cost of means comunicacionales, $ 2 for 160MB of storage in each disk
Measure, roughly a measure of the coverage of papers
Characteristic, multiple shuffle ways, returns to last place on stop, groups (casts of game), Car Box.
A lot of skipping, was bit it concerned in skipping of then there is turning mesos comunicacionales, but never there is skipped while jogging, behaviour, or that locates a train
ATRAC LP4 (66Kbps) leaves for me to have 52 sounds on on disk, personally can not say a difference in same quality with my better headphones
--Slower that more reproductores of Mp3 for scrollings, Of then there is turning means it comunicacionales is slower that more reproductores of Mp3 for scrollings.
----The music has to that be transposed to a ATRAC formed before it is transferred a first time . As it says has 6GB of Mp3 is taste , calm Neither has to them convert everything to ATRAC and delete them, or maintain them and use 6GB more than storage (assuming does not go to use LP4 (66Kbps ATRAC) - FYI - I so only dips quell'has been to convert some files at night, and has moved my Mp3 is to 12 CD-R
--Volume any quite strong, is not bad, but could be better
In general for a prize of both some half comunicacionales and a unit he, thinks that is the good shot . They are not fearful of the pause, and have all my available music in a car, jogging, and where never more.
4 / 5 Felicita
When I have dipped was to find the good music, portable system. I have verified to take a MD. I have read some descriptions, and that have read, I almost decided to go with something more. I have read that the has not been very durable, and a software was horrible. But, after speaking to some of mine fellow and the one who satisfied was (and after seeing that I loved to knots to take a) has bought this model. It was the quota $ 130. I plugged he in and has done the integer minidisc of the red hot chili peppers pure. I have approached to dip each song done never for them on of the red minidisc, but has decided to leave them until apt any last few songs have had on there. (Some were downloadable mp3 I so only downloaded of an internet. I create, you can dip any music on there. I have not seen anything in the "3-cd limit" or any one craps like that.) Then, I have pressed game, while a quality of his worse for having so many songs in a disk. I have been surprised to listen ANY DIFFERENCE among listening to an audio cd he and mine minidisc. This thing at the beginning feels the little breakable, but after all of one craps has dipped he by means of, still is that it runs in 100! I think that that ossia a future of software of music. Already, minidisc the prizes are beginning to fall. Take this model. It will not leave you down, and there is almost all that one $ 170 model has. It is easier that operate that one the-pod (this has had the horrible experience with when it is rechargeable the battery has died, but ossia the integer another description), and is the smallest way and more durable that a Mp3-CD PLAYER.
My only complaint is that it was the little hard to imagine was like this to register, but after a quickly read in a manual, was an expert . This thing is, in the word... Fresco. It BUYS IT NOW!
5 / 5 Jed
Ossia The good shot ! Too bad is in clearance in Compraventa Better, and no other tents in my zone have had this in stock, as it sees for the take while it is still here! In general, a player is ordered really and the thing adds to have if you do not want to spend around the plot of CD is. With east, can dip to the plot of the yours CD is the mini-that minimises disk that has to that always CD of the transmission is. Also, you can download songs(Mp3), erm, "illegaly" of some the majority of popular places (Kazaa for example). An only question is a software : it is the small confusing, but will take a hangs of him punctual. Those stinks is that a calm software so only leave to "control out of" and " it controls in" songs. So many, move he Beyonce song to a player then is "verifying out of" a song. But, any to surpass one 3 "verifying out of" it limits of the song has to that " it controls in" some songs behind to a computer.
4 / 5 Maryanna
Has been looking for the long time to find the substitution for my 'tape' loyal old walkman. Memory of Mp3-the players are too much expensive master quite spatial.... And Mp3 CD-the players are too many bulky and eat also can of battery.
Was skeptical at the beginning to buy the mini-player of the disk of a technology is proprietary to Sony ( knows that has spent to video of BETA when they some same!). But I am very impressed with a product.
Is easy to use, flexible, very light and small action , sum, and has a life of incredible battery. A software is not like this bad likes another would complain. I used it a first time without even reading a manual. Although it could have been the little more user-friendly. An only negative point is a car box ... But ossia reason can not use he in my car in all the chance (does not have the player of tape in him). But ossia so only me!
Finally.... It likes to of me to plot and the wait will be a test of time!
4 / 5 Cody
The product adds. The desire had discovered minidisc years of the technology done. It buys this for one reasons (descrete, portable register), but has finalised to use the mostly for another reason (music playback)
is not to perfect. The desire there has been one ARE/FM turer, but has not been has had to that pay one $ 70 extra for a model with a tuner. Also it would have been well to register of the mike, but has the entrance of line and calm can run your mike(s) thru the mixer you really need to register "alive".
I registers have done thru a line-the entrance can not be uploaded to your computer neither.
But that does a lot, a lot well. An only 80 min the disk can resist (in maximum compression) a lot on 5 hours of music! So only need the only EA cell, and this hard for on 50 hours in playback. Well value of the money.
5 / 5 Albert
Love a product he--very easy to use and perfect to spend around the plot of music in the small container. This in spite of, 5 month with which has taken mine , a connector of external power fritzed in some way--both AC and adapter of cigarette to be able to lighter no the good connection unless I resisted them in a hole in a corner, and then a backside of a unit would take hot. So much, I have sent a player behind the Sony down guaranteeed (parts so only--the careers of the guarantee of the work was after 3 month). I have been said that a guarantee is a program of transmission , as it would require to ship mine to them and they would substitute with him refurbished one. So much, after possessing paralizaciones east less than 6 month, has had to pay to ship mine behind to them ($ 7 paralizaciones UPS with the number to follow and sure) and paid $ 29 work for them to send me behind the used one. They have received mine the week today (UPS in following info), and has been said today that they do not have a lot of estimativa of when there will be one to ship behind mine. My joint would be to take one, but no of Sony directly calms so much can take a guarantee of long substitution.
4 / 5 Briana
Has bought so only this mini disk palyer has based in some descriptions and I am very happy with him! A sound are adds!! A software was easy to install,and one first what was download some of files of mine to one was easy and has not taken long in far I has 26 songs in a disk this in spite of has room for more. There is like this characteristic and options that did not learn them everything still. I think that that a car box dips up is to read some directions me to the knots does not love included annoy but can try it. It felt that calm at least would owe that take an optical boss but thats me.
Has thought also a chance was well,his one classifies can spend in your arm,but think his to bulky. It has liked him the type of better waist.
On all this is the player adds and would recommend to any interested in mini players of disk.
5 / 5 Nella
The waivered among a ipod street and this sony mini disk. Of then I have not been sure duquel has loved, has decided that $ 129 is spent was better that $ 250 is spent. I have been able to dip 6 CDs in a mini disk in a LP4 prices of register-roughly 5.5 hours of music. A calm booklet say to use LP2 (the like this given averages for mini disk) for a quality of his better, but after listening to both speeds of register, can not distinguish among a two. A quality of his excellent east and that burns the CD to the mini the disk is the total any brainer that the only takes roughly 5 minutes to fulfil with a software has comprised. You can take to ten band of some mini disks for only $ 15, so that the disks are very economic. An only EA the battery is estimated to touch 56 hours, like this powering up is any sweat neither. A really well find for a money.
5 / 5 Maricela
This player is excellent. In the first place it was, takings like this for your money: car adapter, far for headphones and for your car. Secondly, This player is a lot the friendly user. It does not come with the stereo cord,but this recorder is such the prize adds has not imported that pays an extra 5 dollars for cords. Some reviewers has not thought this car was like this friendly. I trust it is . It has not been that a fuss is with some people. All have to that do is read some instructions and your sake. Some people are so only natural born complainers. Buy this minidisc player. Ossia An exceptional player for a prize and for Sony ossia scarce.
4 / 5 Clotilde
An any on CD PLAYER but a lot up there with mp3 harddrive players.

Uses MiniDiscs which is in prize to be small while also that resists more than cds. But again it is not to separate of a player and is so only like any one another cd: the quantity Limited of songs. Players of Mp3 always will store more, and will be there anywhere with you.

And like this cd the players has to that quickly the advances want to listen to a song that access your way at the same time. The fast forward will kill a battery and just walk that the crazy disk.

For a prize is better that says the small flashes strolls player of spatial mp3. And has a possibility that has it more music that flashes players of walk and cd players.

So many is good to take this for a prize if you are not the lover of enormous music. If you are the lover of music , and have music in the to to some thousands like to of them then would go for one 20 or 60 GB harddrive players of mp3.

And this could touch sprain, but I use to have this MD player but so only recently upgraded to an iPod reason my music was so only too big to returned on like this MiniDiscs, and was the enormous hassle to want to listen to some Concentrated in a train when a disk that has gone in era home.
5 / 5 Felicitas
Averts to be the little too big for some to resist in his hand comfortably (any one the question for me) and a software that is the small confusing and freezing up in time, ossia a player of perfect mp3 . First of all, his no very expensive when compared to Ipods or still Mini Ipods and there is unlimited copacity. When One has fill on a 5 now mini disk, a so only can buy the new mini disk and begin register. This system is a lot of reason with other players of mp3, when I have run you out of capacity, calm neither has to that delete songs or so only live with quell'have. With mini disk (MD) the players can change MD is -- looked to change CD is--- and have the integer of together new of songs.
This creature is extremely durable. I have fallen mine numerous time of several heights and still laws well. They are mine fallen included of roughly 4 feet in an air to pavement and there is bounced in the puddle. He still works. My fellow also has one and he have fallen his of a pupil bleachers and his still works. Sony Has drawn obviously this player with active lifestyles in alcohol.
Although it can be the little too big for some people to palmera comfortably, is access and of the light weights comfortably in the majority of adult sized hands. It comes with the car box, far, usb boss, the port for the cord to be able to (cover this in adds life of battery) and telephones of boss. I recommend to use the telephones of different boss love maximum musical entertainment. Some the regular headphones are an old creation --the bondadosos concealed continuous in a boss-- and resupply his insignificant so only. A pair of $ 20 Sony Earbuds has done for me.
A point has underlined that imports of a Coverage MD player is is life of battery. With a EA battery, one can enjoy until 56 hours of nonstop life. To do sure take maximum listening time, some turns of player was when he has been prendido for too much long (roughly 3 minutes), but when turned behind on, he resumes where was leading touching.
A software is a so only downside. It is confusing when some looks of premiers in him but after the while one takes used his and enjoys is use . Sometimes it freezes on me, but I am sure I has the few viruses and the slow computer like my account a lot of accuratly represents some numbers. Registering the song of a computer or Cd apresamiento roughly 30 seconds.
Ossia The add, reproductor of economic and durable Mp3 with unlimited capacity. With spatial MD only costing 2 or three bucks, is economic to purchase new some and records. Spent one of these and will last enough the moment.
4 / 5 Eldridge
- The software will not leave you to write CD to MD more than three times.
- The software will not leave you to write of MD to PC a MD register has not caused of this PC still.
- The software will not leave you to write of MD to PC a MD register has been done with the microphone, optical or analog line (of the salvation-fi).
- The software is horrible to use.
This software could have been adds LEFT to BEAR ME transfer registers of microphone of mine MD to a PC. A three scrolling of time regulates (calm so only can register the CD to MD three times) also would owe that it has been announced.
Obliged of the copyright does not apply mine I so that it possesses it my own music.
Are the composer & has used an old MZR700PC the interviews and to come from them records. I have purchased a MZ N710 to help me direct these registers have collected in a past four years.
Has spent my old MD (MZR700PC) around a world with me the little time and still laws well; it has to that very sure that Sony do the product of quality.
So much: Control to the yours old MD, Coverage MD is so only like this as well as terrible software that the control.
Has wanted to Sony,
has has considered always your products to be in a front of technology and innovative creation.
Having 'upgraded' mine minidisc recorder of a MZR700PC to a MZ N710 am not like this sure.
Yours company really feels that it will be able to compete with an iPod?
Are sure that can do you better that this muck (SonicStage software) takes the few days to read your critic in:
A disguise has concerned.
5 / 5 Oneida
Ossia The add MiniDisc Recorder/Player, but highly discourage people to run with him. It is quite big, and the little bulky, included although it is returned in the palmera of any older that 13. It is pros definetly outweigh a gilipollas. As heres my cast of pros and gilipollas.
The software adds- I of the that sees that one complains it is roughly. If you are some directions will be done less than 2 minutes!
Speed of register- Really well if yours in the haste. You can burn roughly 20 songs the minute and 100 songs in 6 minutes.
Quotes/by heart in the MiniDisc- Although a minidisc claims to be 74 minutes, can change a quality of a song (Lp4, Lp2) ways and takes incredible quantities of songs. In LP4 way (66k) can take almost 5 hours of music (4 hours 59 minutes to be precise) and in Lp2 (132k) can take approx. Average of that. Although I have said " Transmission a quality) there is really any way can say a difference among regulating and LP4. An only difference has on elected is that you have to that create a volume the little has bitten.
Life of battery- 1EA the battery can be announces 56 hours constantly (but his more calms turn he on and was) has had mine MiniDisc Player for 2 weeks now and listen his atleast 3/4 hours the day this in spite of is in FULL battery.
Looking for songs that Looks for the songs often can be the ache, especially if no the images was (READ The MANUAL! The REALLY WORKS)
does not have any one a lot of gilipollas to this player.
In general would give this player the big indication of 4.5/5 stars. It is really good and does not see that one complains it is roughly.
4 / 5 Isaac
Ossia For real the good-looking car. In "normal" way, can access 80 minutes in a 80 min minidisc. In LP2 folds (2 hr 40 minutes) and on LP4 the quadruples (5 hours). A quality is one same on all 3, as I do not know reason any still would use normal or LP2, of LP4 controls so many. Some characteristic of register is A lot WELL has the CD loves copy (or of a radio, PC, or anything concealed is exited of his) but is not near of your computer. A SonicStage works of software well, but has 2 questions. A prime minister is that calm so only can copy your musc 3 times (but because need more than a song the minidisc???) You can still dipped a music behind in a computer(" it controls in") SO ONLY you have taken a music of this computer ("control out of"). Also it comes with more than software for fast that burns that is unlimited. Another question is that music that copies you of another side can not go in your computer. This in spite of, would be illegal to do that anyways. Also, Minidiscs is better that CDs reason has Groups. You can dip like this or like this little in of the groups (albums, artists, way, time, anything master) which navigating easier. A life of battery is also VERY GOOD. I have listened his a whole flight in Giappone and behind in a EA battery. My player of CD would have taken 8 EA battery. Also, when it was in Giappone (Minidisc the players are very popular) any there has been an option of register ( has to take it seperate diagrams to do Minidiscs), which means ours are included better. This in spite of, this far control is very basic. It is pause /of game , stop, after, forward, and next group and forward, so he is by train to use it to cruised by means of your Minidiscs stray volume. An only bad thing in a player is that some claves of the compartment of the battery was quite far. It is not far enough to cause the probelm; he still access in your pocket or palmera or anywhere. Another bad thing is that it is quite pricey. You can take the player of DECENT CD for $ 30-40, but ossia in $ 100 more than that, costs it this in spite of.
5 / 5 Ivey
Mina girlfried has bought this for my anniversary, at the beginning was them secptical because uses a MD when you caould CD of the just use is, this in spite of the the aim has learnt that adds these products was, there are them aboiut 5 cd is in a MD, his fast simple and easy to use, rasgando Cd is and buring his in a min the disk is awsome, any to mention his easyier to run with the mini player of disk then he cd player he dosent skip!!!, Also a controll pannel in some telephones of boss costs a shabby he self beascue you of the that has to that achieve in your container partorisca advance a very compraventa taken one !!!...
5 / 5 Damion
This minidisc the player offers a better of both worlds in a prize abordable. I have thought roughly buying a ipod but three main reason prenden. In the first place, a ipod costs too many for the random musicgoer to require, second all a capacity of storage (a month of songs) was totally little practise and third, when the checked last a life of battery was roughly 4 hours.
A Sony can resist 5 hours of the songs so only costs 150 dollars and has 30 hours of life of battery.
Good exposure - easy to read
Controls - of the glorious clicks , abonos
Navigation of Paper - once imagine everything out of ites good and simple
Register - easy and painless quality , sum, easy interface with a lot of options
Expandibilty - a lot down cost compared to an expensive flashes use of players of mp3 of paper $ 50 for the digital insurance 128 paper of megabyte $ 2 dollars for the 158 megabyte minidisc
Accesorias - TONNES partorisca stuff comprised, two remotes (a car), the thing of conversor of the tape (the discharge calms an end to a headphone jack and dip another in your player of tape in your automobile), a ac and dc boss to be able to, he usb boss and the chance for your player (his no real likes does velcro in the one of way that can stick it to the your dashboard) the think sony has treat it thats give you of the free sony armband chance with any minidisc compraventa of player
Gilipollas - a sad part :(
any backlight - Youll has to that paid in 100 more to buy the better model loves a
Looks a lot prone the falls - has had them previously a mz-ne410 and the fallen the on hides very fat roughly 9 times of the height of 3 feet. Some keys have taken all screwy and has them has had to that the turn. It has not been if a same thing will spend to this player
the headphones are horrible. Immediatly To the launch was and buy better some.
A software is the little hard to do with. Enough well when you imagine it was regarding the use. I have not used a Realone player so much the does not know that well it is.
Support of the technology does not look to help a lot of. I have had the question with my computer that recognises my player and has called them. A type has said mine homemade the computer there has been the question. Any that wants to give on my player without to struggle the researched in an internet and there is @@give that has had patches in a Sony put web that would fix my question. Support of the technology has not looked to know in of the this. In the call he late more the request if my old mz-ne410 could use the far and a lady has said yes. I have been to Sonystyle in Place of Cost Of the sud and there is @@give that the no of a player has not had it nesseceray jack for a far. (The produced im to revise fact and has two remotes comprised)
Can not dip registered files to your pc - that tries to protect copyright Sony wants to do sure that the files have registered can not leave a disk. This is not like this bad of then has abundance of the options in a player likes nameing, associating of groups, erasing, and moving files around. Also it has no microphine comprised in a player or in his accessories, has to buy your own.
Final notes - the his amour relativly small measure, qualified of music (roughly 4 hours the disk) and life of battery. Questions like any haveing the backlight and a durability can be solved yes buy models more expensive.
Methods of comparison of life of battery - I has used my friends ipod and my player instrumented with the duracell. It left him so only both in way of game and has verified in his each hour except hours at night.
4 / 5 Micaela
Has had a MZ-N510CK for the on less than the month now. I had it it has bought it previously an I-Remachar SlimX 350 which has done incredible; in spite of, I tired me of him it likes him the unit so only results "too big" to spend around and excersise with, for this sold it.
Has read million descriptions roughly players of mp3 and cd-players of mp3 to the equal that are the defender of true mp3 . I am coming to a conclusion that IPOD is a better, but is way too expensive. $ 300 dollars is enough to plot of money.
Have decided like this to try a GRANDSON-MD Minidisc! Awesome Unit!
Comes with all precise and a better thing... It is sĂșper light and small.
The Absolutely A lot of SKIP! ( It fell it accidentally a day while touching and expected to see if he skipped but has not spent never. It was trully has surprised.)
The life of battery is surprising also!
Only to to two things did not like, although any really annoy me so much, is that it is not backlight and that of a software that comes with is not that it adds... But it takes a work done.
Thought to buy a reproductor of Mp3 but does not want to invest so much in an IPOD??? It tries it Minidisc CLEANED-MD!
5 / 5 Filomena
Sony Has the reputation partorisca produce produced of audio of the quality. Today we take the look in an of his Coverage of the big speed newer MiniDisc player/recorders. A MZN510CKKIT comes with a lot of appealing characteristic that he the fact the feasible election in this player of the phase of mp3 has directed. This big speed NetMD has the speed of register of 32X, tone of the files of raw mp3, Atrac3, wav, or wma, comes complete with the car box and finally has 56 hours of playtime in the solos EA battery! Owners like this forwards of the Sony MD recorder/player was anxious to see like the things have changed and is these changes good or bad? (Full description )
5 / 5 Cherlyn
has bought this what done on the year now. At the beginning it has liked him really, a music has touched well, and he never skipped or anything.
After the little on 4 month partorisca use it has broken. Has has had to that the take to a tent where has taken 2 month partorisca his partorisca the fix. After speaking to mine fellow and other people those who had, everything listens is to the things like "that the piece partorisca crap", etc. All the world is investigation having broken in a signal or another, and still with which takes repaired several months breaks again! In my chance was a headphone jack, and apparently the transistor. This caused it the only work in an ear of some headphones and he skipped because of a transistor.
Thinks a better goodness to this product on all more in this category is a period of a power of battery. A hard battery to something likes him 52 of hours. This are adds. A software is class of annoying, tries to do it like this calm can not copy music more than three times, and you cant transfer some songs behind to your computer! But yes it calms so only the maintenances in your computer he no real question.
Inferior line: any one Annoying .
4 / 5 Norah
Love my new MD I takes it each one which where has dipped music in mine MD of the each source knows of ANY QUESTION has had 4 cd players 3 players of mp3 and 1 MD player I never use anything more. Reason I? 50+ hours in a battery and I have bought rechargeables like this now uses one launches to his upload and grap the touched. Here it is the tip for all these complaints in sonic phase umm UPGRADE YOUR SOFTWARE!!!! A new sonic phase solves a lot of questions and calm can transfer behind to pc the time of burn is quickly with the PC a lot has the P1 or P2 be able to like you time of burn but mine 1.8 P4 will burn the song downwards 8 drought the songs roughly 3dry to convert to Atrac and 2-3 dry to burn.( Has an option to convert all the clues to Atrac so many is easier that transfer). And for a way has transferred more than one follows more than ten times so that it does not have any clue that is speaking roughly. Still I have any question with this MD player (has not liked him me a bit the headphones have used like this my Sony MDR-EX51LP Fontopia Auricular that I amour)
4 / 5 Teisha
This product has to that be a player of music I better there is never has bought. It has taken the mp3 quite well the player but I was like this dissatisfaction with him is returned. It could so only to control likes him 80 of songs! Has 2 mini disks and his both actuate so only on 80 songs. I have had this of christmas and think that used that every day of then. A software was the small confusing at the beginning, but took so only like 5 minutes for the imagine was. So only I have taken recently all my good songs of mine old cds and transfered the all to 1 mini disk. It has taken probably no longer then 5 minutes for roughly 60 songs. This md is also really durable. When I have walked down some steps in my institute, has fallen out of my pocket and tumbled all a way down. I chose it up and still it has touched, he probably a lot included skip. There are other ways the songs records to a md another then your computer. If it buys the $ 30 boss (of course does not come with a md player), can connect your md to the laptop cd player! There is seriously at all bad with this product. It BUYS IT.
5 / 5 Ariel
Has purchased recently a MZ-N510 after doing to plot of investigation of phase and investigation in some profits of MD in reproductores of Mp3 by heart state solid, and has been quite pleased with some results like this far.
Some goodnesses of a Sony MD is that podes iterally maintain the magazine of disks for the reasonable prize when compared with an alternative jukebox reproductores of fashionable Mp3. It is also more the effective battery that his competitors. Finally, it is the Sony the system drawn how is the quite what to look in.
Some disadvantages of a MZ-510 is a bundled software the one who does not look never to do properly. I tried it on three different cars (Windows 98 , Windows Me and Windows XP and any of them looked to want to run a software. This disadvantage can be deleted to transfer all MP3s, MPEG-An and WAV files by means of Real A (any hassles at all). It is also the Sony so it knows interior 2 to 3 years a system will have the smallest failure that it is a lot of unrepairable or is like this expensive to repair that it is side more effective to substitute a unit.
Until then, is the relatively inoffensive system with some quirks that to good sure will be fixed with future interations.
4 / 5 Tuyet
Well... First of all, the whose tongue english a lot very like this sad for my poor writing.
I of the that Comprises reason the people complain of this product, loves it to them! It is a better!
Is Spent all my money in the and the whose remorse of him.
The car does a lot well, can register them 5 hours in the very small minidisc, his estupefacientes! I have spent to plot of money the have the discman. So only I Need a EA battery to listen 2 complete days more than music!, not liking simple discman.
Can erase songs that the to of to those who likes them of of a grandson md, not liking cd is.
The software does a lot well and the havent has had the question with him still.
@In rodeo, sony clean md is a better!
Congratulations sOny... Good work! ---sOny Regulate---
5 / 5 Emma
has bought this a day with which X-but and is a lot of value of the money. I have been to buy a reproductor of Mp3 and for the deception has chosen this an up. While it looked in him the @@give that it was a MD . They are home state and verified out of some descriptions here. So only for a number of positive critiques, am exited and took it. I have imagined "reason pays $ 285 for the 512mB reproductor of Mp3 when it could take this concealed resist like this a lot, if no more, for less than half of the money.
Comes with everything: software for pc, car adapter, A/C adapter, headphones with far, a disk of spatial, and soft chance for a car. A software is quite easy, and bburns in of the seconds. Like this which have to that buy disks. For $ 9 can buy you 5 disks of spatial, and there is on 2500 minutes of music. The unit is light and a quality of his east amazing.
5 / 5 Paige
So only love this thing. So only a long life has turned of a battery is sum ! I have gone for almost 2 weeks without that have to that change a battery, he using every day. First of all, a quality of his excellent east. An impulse of base is excellent. Has all my preferred CDs in minidisks, like this in planting to spend with some bulky CDs spends 5 minidisks with around 40 to 50 songs in the each one one! Isaac, my husband, took this one for my anniversary and sometimes will ask to take loaned he for work, but so only has to that say NO! Thank you Honey, calm WANTS TO YOU!! MUAAA!!! One of some characteristic better has is a SonicStage software, which leave to erase songs and new records some on to some same minidisk.
All have to that say is: calm once take your hands in an of these, calm will not go back never to CD PLAYER!!!!!
5 / 5 Blanche
Has purchased this produces 3 days ago and like this far, absolutely is in amazing! A mini the technology of calm disk leave to have roughly 60 to 70 song in a disk (in LP4 way). I have listened some complaints in a software, but found quell'quite he directly advances because I have READ The DIRECTIONS. A characteristic More founds them interest was a function grupal. Calm leave you to mark playlists and order yours means comunicacionales to these casts. Very fresh. A life of battery is amzing in LP4 way (around 56 hours). And some means comunicacionales is very economic (in $ 10 partorisca to 5 band of disks). And a Player is like this small (palmera sized). The skateboard, as I have required music to listen to, and this really he for me. So much, it wants to skip free, portable, unbreakable (forest unexpectedly) spent this player, is ECONOMIC!!!
4 / 5 Laila
This in spite of a quality of his and other characteristics of hardware are well, I seriuosly recommend users a lot to buy this product. A software is such the big hassle that arrest to use the pleasure the reproductor of Mp3. It is the big ache to verify in and control out of songs and an interface of user of a sonicstage need of software to be improved by jumps and bounds.

Besides some disks cost big (5 disks for $ 8), typical SONY strategy to win money to sell big-priced accessories.

You Quite can buy an IPOD, if it calms that can resupply, of then there is much more value for money. In chance your estimativa is down, any players of mp3 regulate would have to that do a trick more than going for a COVERAGE MD player of sony.
4 / 5 Nubia
It was under an impression has TOUCHED mp3s. After all, it is not that the one who an idea of compatibility would owe that bad? Well it is not fooled. It CONVERTS mp3s to Attract formed. The good sounds excepts it converted mine 30collection of MB of tongues to 199MB and could not even is returned the in a minidisc! Pathetic. If it love a player of mp3, this is not the. He no a deception included has done!
5 / 5 Leonila
This unit touches a lot good. I require some help, this in spite of.
Am looking for the minidisk recorder that CAN register ME to, as well as my group of flange. It is there the mic jack in this unit (MZ-R37) that will enable me covers he in the microphone without that has to that send he by means of the mixer? Besides, I am directing the investigation in that has to that direct a lot in-person inverviews (conversations) in several locations during some states, as it has to that be VERY PORTABLE and easy. It would like to buy A UNIT that do fault both functions for me. I require it to be uploadable to my computer.
Any one knows if a MZ-R37 would fill these two needs? Or, it is there something concealed would do better for me (note: I am looking for affordability, also)?
Please email . It gives the graces for your help.
4 / 5 Galina
First of all... This is not a reproductor of Mp3, or recorder. That I bad is, does not register a actuall Mp3 on that. It registers the format done for sony has called ATRAC3. A software that is coming with some calls of player OpenMG. It is a worse software has not used never in my PC. Creation of horrible software, complicated to use a software, freezings on a computer when the file is quell'has bitten too big for him, NOTE: I am using the Pentium 4 2.0 GHz with 512MB of DDR RAM, and he 40 GB 7200RPM Hard-disk. These uses of software more than 200MB of the mine memmory! I have exchanged a product two times and now that is BROKEN AGAIN, can not find he in any local Aim.
4 / 5 Micaela
This product is well love the music of scrolling has copy to your PC directly of the CD, but will not transfer any one files have downloaded of one the majority of services of popular music - Napster,MusicNow, etc.. Even Music purchased of RealOne can not be transferred, although a player is compatible with RealPlayer software. I do not comprise a point. A software is caseous in better, a lot frustrating in worse. My recommendation is to buy a reproductor of compatible Mp3 with Player of Means comunicacionales of the LADY. I have used these and they am painless and there is not treating under the proprietary software has funded.
4 / 5 Joellen
A name of product, "Sony MZ-N510CK NetMD Walkman/Recorder with Car Box" (...The look to the equal that says "recorder"), it is a lot misleading - I would go according to which for the call 'Dud Advertising' - does not have the mic gone in!
Has had the Sony MZ-R70 and looked the upgrade. They are the student & the musician, and my old MD player has done adds to register both conferences and actions.
A esony MZ-N510CK NetMD Walkman/Recorder with Car Box", again the has not had the soyIC GONE IN' and has not been able to register with a microphone plugged to one 'LINE IN'.
Besides, an accompanying software did not leave me to transfer files to my PC that previously had registered with my Sony MZ-R70 - has maintained the launch messages of rear error.
5 / 5 Mika
In reply the joewaiian description, would have to has researched the little better first to purchase his player
A MZ-N510 any claim to be able to register with the mic, for that need a MZ-N707.
Also, Sony says explicitly in his manuals that ANY MiniDisc is able to transfer files of some recorder to a computer.
A MZ-N510 works perfectly when used APPROPRIATELY, and no for the functions has not been done to be able to do
5 / 5 Deidra
These sports of units out of the line-in and an interface of USB for connection to the PC. Apparently it looks ideal for the quality registers a lot big "in a field" for musicians of hobby and alike uses. It is not so much.
Because of Sony the dead brain MD DRM (management of digital legislations, OpenGm) can so only music of his scrolling Of a PC, but calm can not take anything that registered on was: have not even the line was, no a SPDIF, and COVERAGE MD will transfer the MD SO ONLY. You registered once anything there, remains there.
Pities This "characteristic" it is not it spelt it was clearly in a container.
When being a function to register practically useless, dumbed down CLEAN MD unit like this one is functionally equivalen to Mp3 payers, but can so only tent until 80 minutes of audio. At least a MP the player is usually solid state or hard disk or CD-R has based. All three technologies of Mp3 are to good better insurances and more the friendly user that Sony Mini Disks.
This one is in fact functionally the hostile user.
Sony Wants to take closed in the MD supports that buys way, and has been to the shot adds that it disables characteristic of useful product for creation. The stay clears of this unit, the stay clears of all CLEANED MD and all Sony "OpenGM" produced in general. They have been created to attack his clients.
4 / 5 Becky
A lot so only has taken this produces today and that it can say except WOW! I mean alot of peolpe complained in a software with a first line of GRANDDAUGHTER MD Walkman but thinks Sony took it well this time. Have Roughly 200 songs in a mini disk. Some rocks of far mandate reason has my player in my pocket and I can change songs without taking he out of my pocket. Harder 56 hours on 1 EA battery ...A quality of his utmost east but so only improve earphones. In general this player is a BETTER!
5 / 5 Kermit
Thought to buy one of some reproductores of Mp3, but my japanese the friends has had a MD, like this the fact few investigations of internets and expĂłsitos that MDs is a lot much better that reproductores of Mp3.
Takes an excellent car box , a quality of his in LP4 is surprising, there is any reason to register in LP2 or SP, LP4 wins he
More, a life of battery is like this well, has listened them my MD in a travesĂ­a of Atlanta the Casablanca, and was like this sony Promissed.
If, require the device of portable audio, ossia a a to go stops...
5 / 5 Ulysses
Like this sew so much uses it to them all a time snowboardin and in a car all a time.
Take this registers his fast and really well takes this thing

Top Customer Reviews: Sony MZ-RH910 Hi-MD ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 35 ratings
4 / 5 Casimira
I have purchased this unit after reading some descriptions. It has looked for the recorder to substitute my micro-cassette (yes, ancient) partorisca practical of band, and expĂłsitos that one) recorders had changed and b) had emigrated to a type of iPod of harddrive or solid state. It could not find the recorder simple cassette of reasonable measure, and has finalised partorisca compare some available options, in that head to me this. EO The descriptions have helped significantly, and has purchased this unit together with RCA the stereo miniplug boss, stereo mp to mp boss, and an optical boss.
Uploading a software was mindless and sincere. First project was partorisca copy CDs of books of audio partorisca the travesĂ­a of street. A software has done that the easy task. I have used to to a maximum compression likes them to them the quality of his has not been a subject with audiobooks, and expĂłsito could upload roughly 44 CDs in a 1gb MD. Excellent use of spatial. I have found so only a question to the equal that have listened a next month to all has registered, and that has because of the scratch of CD or skip or BAD CD. The kings records, and according to some instructions can move the clue or group in a MD and will see can move this CD his correct order in a MD.
According to projecting connected a recorder to my amplifier, and then like the comparative step the stereo is exited of tape RCA jacks in the small mixer, and try a register. Both fact a lot easily and well, and a quality of a sound is very very good. I will require to experience with a level to register to find a better SN proportion, but touching a register (analog) behind by means of an amplifier or by means of the headset has produced his excellent , attentive. Alcohol some opinions roughly prendiendo register while changing patches, this in spite of.
Playback In a roadtrip has been point and averts also. I have purchased the Sony 12v boss of power more than fussing with the power inverter, and has done well, in spite of a calm fact can not touch while touching a recorder (odd). Also found that a 'instant on' the frame can of the battery drained quickly, as I have changed an option to 'any'. I have found to expect an additional 3-4 seconds for a MD to be able to arrive and find his place and start playback was acceptable. I have used a regular cassette-connector of boss of the organism with stereo miniplug connections to a headset jack in a MD, and proportions/of the noise of the sound was excellent, the quality of sound was excellent, and touching book with which rid without changing CDs was the welcome transmission.
Recommended highly.

UPDATE 20 Jan 2010:
Well, a unit still touches that has registered it previously, but so only before Navidad has registered Navidad Dvd and taken by means of the last a when a software errored was. A minidisk was then 'unreadable'. I have tried formatting using it Sony software, and software of Windows, without success. A MD has been destroyed. I after tried to register again to the different, mark-new MD, and a recorder will not treat . A long investigation by means of a Sony place and on-line expĂłsito at all to help. Material Sony there is essentially abandoned supports for both a software and firmware for this device and dip any endeavours to state solids recorders. Still I have the small library of registers, but this now results the $ 400 playback-only escorder'. Frustrating, Sony.
4 / 5 Glenna
I upgraded of an old more minidisc recorder to a MZ-RH910 to explode a capacity that iPods and to the likes has been offering for the while now. A beauty of minidisc the technology is that it grows with your library of the music without that has to that necessarily upgrade a hardware. All have to that do is to buy more disks. An alone Salvation-MD disk can resist the plot of music, like that loyalty is to have sacrifice. I have found that 192kbps the format of Mp3 give his decent and leave me to touch around 12 hours of music to the alone disk. That is not to like? A recorder is quite easy to use, although some time is spent to read a manual will save you a little frustration when you are trying cruise it some papers.
A downside to Sony otherwise the formidable product is his less than his stellar interface. SonicStage Is a main and calm program of the more options that his scaled down Simple Burner. If calm so only wants to touch CDs to the disk, the Simple burner is a way to go . It is easy and stable. SonicStage commendable The characteristic is diluted for his slow action and tendency to clash or hang without looking(I am speaking Windows here.) A later version, 4.0, looks to direct some of some questions with 3.X. It is dulcemente, but same when it appears to be stuck, the majority of a time finds his behind way(the patience is a key). I think that that I need the review of entity or has included the complete reconstructs. In any case, there it has any one a lot in a way of third support of party for Salvation-MD, like this for better or worse, take which takings when calm cost a recorder excepts upgrades of Sony put of support. The bugs of software averts, does not have any remorse in cost of mine and expect take years of happy listening of these recorder.
5 / 5 Chassidy
Has purchased this produces so only because of his capacity the record quality digital audio. He definately has achieved concealed. Very easy to use, and a quality of his glorious east.

But, a main surprise of an element is simply that a lot mp3s sound. Downloading mp3s of my computer to a MD is very very fast. Taken roughly 2 seconds for song. And a quality of his perfect east. Ossia A first time has listened music of mp3 that sincerely touched like this very so much quality of CD. They are not the person of technical type, as I am not quite sure because sounds like this well, but think that has something to do with a fact that an information has converted to the sony concrete format when it is situated to a MD.

An only downside thus player is that an exposure is not behind lit, so that to read an exposure, need some light. Also, an aim trim around a player is class of ugly.

So much, if a backlit the exposure is of yours entity, so only buy a model that is one gives a no on east a.

But for a prize, this product is point and averts.
4 / 5 Linda
This device can have the habit of:

- Listen the music In place of a ipod.

- Record audio (with the microphone, any comprised)

- disk to Act like this external, when connnected invernadero USB to the PC.

Use 1GB removable disks that sells partorisca in $ 7 each (nave besides). Like the device of register of the audio, is so only for his capacities in this row of prize, and essentially substitutes for the DAT (tape of digital audio). A device has the line-in and the equivalent goes in microphone. You can register in an of some three formats: big compression (Salvation-elepé), low compression (Salvation-SP), and uncompressed (Linear PCM). Some time of the register for disk is 34 hours (Salvation-elepé), 7 hrs 55 min (Salvation-SP) and 1 hr 34 min (Linear PCM). One has compress the formats are stored in the owners Atrac the format developed for Sony, which are basically is so only of use in this device. Like this more crucial and characteristic invaluable, this in spite of, is that for the registers of audio have done of an analog microphone, can convert a register to an open .wav Formed when it uploads a register to your computer. One load requires a SonicStage software that comes bundled with a device. There is pointless has obliged that so only can upload a file of audio once to your PC, but calm then can converts to an open wav formed (the uncompressed formed of Windows of qualities of CD), and then is home free--can do you any one loves with a file of audio He a unrestricted number of copies, copies of some copies, modify a file that software of uses of the his, burn CDs, anything. A sound is exceptionally clear; utilisation a ECM-719 Sony microphone (this are to add mic, a boss is almost 6 feet long this in spite of which is the little also yearn my preference). I generally record in a Salvation-SP level, and the sound adds. For any loss of loyalty been due to compression, can register uncompressed this in spite of takes 1.5 hours in the disk. A manual warns that a device would owe that be plugged in when registering, because of consumption of big battery while registering, but has used was a battery for short periods without question.

This device incorporates SCMS (system of management of copy of serial), which dips all the classes of restrictions on copying digital files. As it has mentioned previously, calm so only can upload your registers of analog source once to the PC, which is not really the question while at all it goes bad during one load, and there is not any reason especially reason has to that. As the one who MP3s or another digital music, can upload him to a device, but calm can no the copy again after this Behind to a computer. A MP3s has not converted to another format, this device can read him directly like this there is not any loss of quality. Calm also can copy uncompressed audio to this device, or can compress he to a ATRAC formed to save spatial. A main quality to the pill of format is ATRAC3Plus, which reduces measured of files to roughly 20 of uncompressed, and sounds a lot, very good. It is purportedly better that a Mp3 of the main quality. ATRAC3Plus Is a format used for a Salvation-SP way to register also.

This device also has a headline of extra battery that takes EA battery one can can one unit in a chance your rechargable the battery fails. Ossia A characteristic exceptional ; it means that while ports some EA battery with you, will be able to power a unit.

A reliablity of a interchangable Salvation-MD disks looks to be exceptionally well. They are basically infinitely animal-recordable; Sony calms allege can record king 1 million times. They are encased in the fact of good enclosure, very protected different CD-RWs or DVD+RWs. It would guess it is a lot, much more of confidence that CD-RWs and DVD+RWs. They are also quite compact, and do the good substitution for walks of thumb, or can have the habit of behind on files. For example, it calms that can use to back on a wav files of your registers. Howevery Files of audio, has copied directly to a Salvation-MD disks can not be listened to in a device, calm has to download them using a SonicStage software. Some download of songs are situated then to some some special files in some disks that contains a song catalogs, and all a Calm can not direct an audio/of songs in a Salvation-MD by means of a system of file of the Windows. This was done probably be due to a SCMS obliged, to prevent to copy audio in wins. Ossia An annoying restriction the one who half that loves for behind ups of your audio in a Salvation-MD disks, has to do operate extra and eat the spatial extra Your Mp3 of backup or wav files to a Salvation-MD disks like this of the files of Windows (which can not be listened to directly).

When A device is connected to your PC take can of a boss of USB, and in fact resembles included recharge a battery while it has connected. A LCD screen is pertinent but has a lot of backlight, Sony does the version lit for a next model on east a, for another $ 100. I need to basically of corner a player reflects of a main light source to see a screen. This is not really the question for me, but an exposure has lit is probably more convenient. A record and arrival, as with all Sony devices, is excellent. A life of the battery when used like the player is quite long, allege until 34 hours; reports in a report of internet that 20+ hours is common.

@In rodeo, an only downside to this device is a SCMS obliged, but generally can still all want to do. Especially, you can register audio of the mic (or of any analog entrance that use a line-in; Old cassettes) and frames unrestricted digital wav files out of them.
5 / 5 Eleanor
Ossia The good mini player of disk. My version used has had some scratches and there is not coming with to some headphones likes them pictured. A battery was also useless. Otherwise Looks to do well.
5 / 5 Renea
Ossia soooo Very better that an IPOD or any of these other alternatives!

REGISTERS of CD records of qualities with the Sony MD Mic. Each minidisc controls 1GB of info and a memory is without final because you can buy more disks.

To the amazon was utmost to substitute my player of prime minister that has had the defective transmission. His overnighted the still new player free turn and has paid surpassed for another unit. They are the true believer in !

Gives the graces to be like this good to your clients!
4 / 5 Erik
Uses this MD recorder with an economic A-T Pro24 stereo microphone for field and alive acoustic register. Really it has to that any to leave me down still. A quality of his this extremely realistic. I have registered things varying of timpanis to vocals to the chimes and a response of frequency has a lot of be satisfactory. An only complaint that it could do is that, chooses dipped a record level manually, owe reset he every time record . A setting of the level of the car can be quite choppy touching because of a fast compression that arrives, likes slope to use some manual levels. So only be sure to maintain an eye on the and your register will touch well.

Oh, yeah, also can touch on 600 of your favourite songs in the disk... It classifies of a icing in a cake with this unit.
4 / 5 Odessa
So only has taken my player yesterday, as I can not give the just description, as I have not had a time to try everyting was still, likes to please does not leave some 3 stars scare you era. Really I love this player, in fact, I just need time to leave win his 5 stars, if he . Like this far a player is very intuitive. A sound is well. I love Salvation-MD, now, further to regulate MD. His register is quite easy. I owe that say, also, that sonicstage is not bad like this far, although another reviewers has written. Ossia Mine twopence in a subject. In all the chance, will give another description in roughly 6 month to the year I . But well like this far. Along ALIVE MINIDISC!!! DOWN WITH The EMPIRE of BAD ADORNED WITH LUSTROUS AIM EARPHONES!!!
5 / 5 Christiana
A transaction was the little has bitten dulcemente in front of a service of delivery, but respect that is a product has used , was in conditioning very good and protected for a travesĂ­a, in an end considers that a delivery was the time of has bitten to eat but value he. Will have in a future more transactions with this website.
4 / 5 Lu
I use MD player mostly to listen to books of audio. It will touch behind where has left last time for simply press GAME. A quality of his east more than pertinent.

A better part that will have you an almost unlimited space of storage with this system. This in spite of, a recent drop in flashing reward it by heart has it less does competitive to players with empty of expansion of the memory.
4 / 5 Andrea
I have purchased a Sony MZ-RH910 Ciao-MD Walkman partorisca do musical register of alive actions. Work well with an external microphone, but record to so only a sinister canal with the pleasant microphone. An offering of coupon five free music downloads, this in spite of, has not done.
5 / 5 Ingrid
This was Sony is alleged tentativa partorisca do MiniDisc pertinent with which Mp3 is popular result. But failure because it has included this walk applies Sony idiotic DRM in some registers that you personally frames or fact in MiniDIscs. This walk and this format are obsolete and would have to that remain like this.
4 / 5 Wenona
So only has taken a RH910 partorisca me, and a RH10 partorisca my woman.

After reading descriptions like this well, does not create these 2 few types are that bad.

Has transferred roughly 150 mp3 to RH910. He no complained when transferring. But when touching behind, so only roughly 10 files can be touched. Everything of a rest so only has taken the Can not touch message. Reason? It does not say Me reason has not been it partorisca use a software. I have had the first generation MD player. A software partorisca a MD player is much more last partorisca use.

Has then die RH10 shot it. Supposition that? Included worse. Everything of some 150 same files can not be transferred. So only it has taken the message has said can not transfer. Any reason.

Hahaha. It is funny, well?
5 / 5 Roland
I recently decided partorisca abandon an use of my beloved Sony Pro-Walkman to Recorder cassette in favour of a Minidisc (MD) formed. Like the musician, a decoy partorisca be able to take sessions of practice, tests, and the actions in the digital format was also to touch to resist, particularly with a prize of first-class MD recorders falling in of the recent years.

After the just quantity of investigation has purchased Sony new MZ-RH910. That the delight! This unit (together with his big brother priced main, a MZ-RH10) continuous an evolution of Sony is Salvation-MD formed, presented in 2004. (Partorisca Add he intro the Salvation-MD goes to this place and look for a Salvation-MD faq).

Partorisca me A big plus that sells points of a MZ-RH910 was:

a) a capacity to register in Linear PCM bit/44.1 kHz (, uncompressed Audio, CD QUALITY). Ossia He biggie himself demand a loyalty of absolute better register,

b) a capacity to treat big speed bi-scrollings of directional audio among a computer and a MZ-RH910,

c) a capacity to save yours has to that upload of the registers in WAV formed (street a software distributed), in the point can do quite anything loves with a file,

d) the battery adds hrs of playback in Salvation-SP way when a has distributed rechargeable the battery is used with the regular EA alcaline battery,

and) to these ears, registering in Salvation-SP the way is virtually indistinguishable of uncompressed way (Linear PCM) further of chance,

f) very generous registering the 1 GB Salvation-MD disk can take almost 8 hrs to record time in Salvation-SP Way...[34 hrs (!) In Way of Salvation of elepé],

g) for you intoxicated of Mp3 there, a MZ-RH910 Mp3 of supports, although I owe that use a software distributed for a scrolling,, Any one tugs-and-drop.

Well, ossia all well, but that in a gilipollas? A lot reviewers complain in a lack of the backlit exposure. Yes, that woulda been a lot but really need backlighting buy a MZ-RH10, which is essentially a same unit for roughly 100 bucks more.

My main complaint in a MZ-RH910 is that it has dipped you your levels to register manually, like this almost always do in my work, a unit revert behind the 'way of level of automatic register' every time take to register. Ossia The bit of the would have to that it has left the characteristic for which could choose love your incumplimiento way of adjustment to level to register to be soyanual setting of level' or 'AGC' (control of automatic profit).

And that speaks of AGC, the work adds further of chance where there is not any transmission of sudden volume of strong to soft, or addiction-extracted. If you are doing register of basic voice or, says, registering the quartet of serious, heart, piano, etc., will be well. But my experience aims that have spikes of sudden volume (on or down) will take ' bomb' odd and 'clipping' effects. They are the drummer and has taken unacceptable results when registering in AGC way when the mine that touches has has had widths of dynamic transmissions. This behaviour is not so only to a MZ-RH910 - is the limitation besides AGC systems. So only be conscious that your intent is to use a MZ-RH910 for action of alive music with amply of variable dynamics, will require to manually dipped your levels of register.

An another drawback found in this unit is that a headphone volume of the start is not like this strong likes earth. A start of volume of the mine old Sony Pro-Walkman to the Recorder cassette is substantially hotter that a MZ-RH910. It does not take Me bad - a MZ-RH910 taking quite strong to regulate headphone use (protects your ears, please!!), But like the musician I often require spent he a MZ-RH910 the street of his external sources headphone out of jack (any line consecrated-is gone in this unit). A bit more volume to begin headroom in this unit would have been welcome, but has been able to compensate to regulate a volume in any I are plugging he to (mixer, stereo system, etc.).

In another note, the mark sure comprises that Sony diagram to protect of works of aggressive copyright and the one who the limitations can present for you (another reviewers in this place has explained this quite a lot). I have called Sony to do sure has taken a whole phase, with a result that is that there is at all can no around is necessary. (Unless your intent is to do the digital copies pirated and distribute them win-nilly, will be well.)

In general am thrilled with a MZ-RH910! An inferior line is quality of his and useability -- these touches of unit fabulous and is easy to use. Sony Has been doing the material adds for ever and this unit is any exception to this legacy. It was quite the emotion to take the musical action of my group in uncompressed digital audio, load to my PC has seen a connection of USB, converts to the WAV file, and burn to the CD. Now OSSIA something to be mad about roughly!!
4 / 5 Hildegarde
Well, everything of my fellow active IPODs or some another type of any hard walk based or technology of the chip of the memory has has based devices. And YES, I am cost on some same or less than this device. As because I spend my money has won hard in a technology to age like a Mini-Disk?

Well, Is really aging? Of course it is, and improving each minute! Sure, you can register million times in any minidisc without noticeable degradation of quality of signal. But I like him a bit done of term along that it still will have mine MDs long after all of these other devices have died already and gone and sotterrati in any landfill somewear. Now it does not take my wrong, my device will be sotterrato well to the along lateralmente his. But still I will have my collection of music and more probably the device he new plus to touch them in. And with Sony kicking some wheels in this technology and coming up with such things like ATRAC 3 and ATRAC 3-more, am sure that ATRAC 11 is well around a corner! Hell, have already has taken 13 CDs in my Salvation-MD 1 GB mini-the disk and am not even halfway to the limit of storage of him! Sheesh! It is small, is compact and a MDs so only does not break . Sure, it is a technology to age ... But something improves with age, a lot they?!
5 / 5 Aundrea
A Sony MZ-RRHH 910 is a second generation of a SALVATION-MD player-
recorders in a phase of Sony. He and a MZ-RRHH 10 something any minidisc recorder has done before you can register and
game behind in Mp3 as well as ATRAC3PLUS. A thing finds to interest on both of this new SALVATION-MD cars is that excepts
for some exposures and some numbers of look of model to be quite a same car in many respects. Admitted a MZ-RRHH 10 has a new Organic To LCD sample that is really a lot looking and very fresh also, but see a possible failure with him. An exposure looks it could be lined easily up. Considering a 910 model is the big improvement in a forward minidisc give recorder form that is coming before. He More that is able to dip almost Eight Hours of music in the SALVATION-MD minidisc in the game Regulates done a new SALVATION-MD disks quite attactive to, and a abiltiy to dip
any 45 hours of music or 1GB of data of the computer in a disk is also the characteristic reception. Still I ask SONY
an endeavour to 'push' this formed or is so only that goes to
'launch he in a deep end and see if at all'. Appearance Sony
has more faith in him that look to have. A possible drawback is that this model does not comprise the far control. Neither it has the stand to touch calm so only recharge one 'gumstick' battery in a player for plugging in a A.C. Adapter. I can say after the weeks use that one 910 is the diagrams adds , and the law has had well little or any question with the
Software, and some do any quite well. An only question has found is trying to decide that pieces of music
to dip in 1GB Minidisc. I have finalised to dip all Nine Beethoven Sinfonie in a disk, and the room had has left still on, and this was in a SALVATION-SP setting. These few players promised recorder to be to plot of fun.
5 / 5 Janee
So only has taken a MZ-RH910, has followed some instructions to upload SonicStage 3.3 in my PC of laptop, and transferred, using Atrac3Plus-48kbps, four classical CDs to a Salvation-MD recorder: Bach Brandenburg Ctos., Bach Touched and Fuges (organ), A lot of Vaughan Willams and Telemann works. A scrolling has done perfectly. After listening to all some clues, was very surprised in a quality of his big. Some the low tones were very rich and vibrant. A highs has not been last at all. They are familiarised with like this these CDs his with my system of audio of the house, and, when listening by means of some headphones, can not find any defects with a Atrac3Plus sound. It is surprising that Sony was able to fulfil this compression of data while maintaining the audio adds!

Update 12/2013: Minidisc the player still does well. I also uses in a radio of cassette old automobile with a Sony adapter of cassette. I have bought long frequency Sony earbuds, and some sounds of better same music a lot so only ATRAc but Mp3 also. An only flu is a gumstick the battery is not available in EUA. For like this, utilisation a rechargeable EA battery with an adapter.
5 / 5 Gustavo
A MZ-RH910 can be used any as the player of Digital Audio (reproductor of Mp3) or like the digital or the recorder equivalent.

To to use likes the DAP, download Of Sonic Phase (the latest version is 3.4) and create the library of music as with any reproductor of Mp3. It connects a MZ to your PC has seen the connection of USB and scrolling.

A primary motive to buy this car in the preference to the the hard disk are Player of P3' was a capacity to record mine elepé of vinyl. Partorisca East, he stereo jack to 2X phono the boss of discharges connects of a MZ to amplifier of mine. The register is so only like some last times have used the reel-to-reel quite some time done. Pause of press and together record, touches the sample of music to dip a level, then beginning of a start. It is easy after the pocolos small. To register, will require a Salvation-MD disks. You can compress the registers that Salvation of use-SP (Atrac3Plus in 256K) or Salvation-elepé (Atrac3Plus in 64K) or record in uncompressed PCM. Yes, with the microphone a lot ossia the plenary-blooded digital recorder!

A third way of operation is like an auxiliary walk in a PC for general data. I havn't has tried this still, but can confirm that the windows recognises a MZ like quell'USB-the device connected when plugged in.

Here is my commentaries in the operation and the action of a car.

Quality of sound. They are familiarised with a sound of the a lot of-known soyJugador of P3', which have not been very impressed with. It has been expecting a Sony to touch a bit better, but has been surprised in a quality of his exceptional of this car. To listen it, will require better headphones. Have Sennheiser PX100s. Both DAP and the music has registered encoded with Atrac3Plus in 256K has all some shots of salvation-fi.

Sony Authorising Restrictions. As the one who can do was, an only restriction is that the files of music have transferred to a player in DAP the way so only can be transferred behind to a PC still. Ossia Of any worry of mine. Registers (like opposed to file scrollings) is freely transferable to another PCs. When you Transfer the register to a PC, the calm Sonic phase of the one option for the save so the .WAV Lima, which entirely free a file of a Sony universe. It assumes this sense of only frames with PCM registers.

Sonic phase. It is well, that is all a fuss roughly?

Quality of build. Plastic in an outside, bit of interior of metal. An only question with mine is that a coverage of the battery is not quite flush with a chance. He intermittent whirs and click. A manual said does not concern roughly that. I create him. It would not trust any but Sony to build the complex device like this for the relatively low prize, but have the the feeling will last yes treated with respect.

Battery. A main battery is rechargeable NiMh. It is removeable and replaceable. A headline of auxiliary battery that contains it LR6 the dry cell can be attached to a side of a MZ. Partorisca playback, some days of hard main battery with the turn signals that listens. Calm once begin to register, these transmissions. I require to attach any one some delivery PSU or an auxiliary battery when registering.

Modifying Registers. When Doing registers, the frames of clue owe that be insert. This can be does while registering or in playback. The information of music can be added of a recorder but the better way is to modify of Sonic Phase. A good thing is that it calms does not require to upload a register the Sonic Phase. Simply do a connection of USB and a necessary modifying can be done in a fly.

Playback. A player can be connected to an amplifier to touch behind by means of strong speakers. A stereo jack to 2X phono boss that accustoms the record will connect a MZ headphone start to an amplifier to the entrance.


For a prize of the reproductor of Mp3 of the modest hard disk besides will purchase the digital big quality recoder. This remarkable

the piece of merit of technology to be remote more popular that is.
4 / 5 Dian
Ossia My second MD player . Prime minister of mine one was the model of prime minister of generation of Sony. It was quite happy with that a, but a SonicStage v 2.X software could be the nightmare .

Will begin with a software.

- If experience of the with forward MD unit, particularly with a SonicStage 2.X Software and is expecting has improved a software, has. SonicStage 3.0 Is the ENORMOUS improvement on 2.X.

-While no for the tug and interface of drop, some apes of code have done the good work with doing this intuitive software. A learning I relatively short curve more than frames up for a minimum documentation. Any reasonably computer-the literate person would have to that be able to imagine was like this to do quell'love the short time.

-I am not sure if ossia the software , firmware or hardware quirk, but there is remarked that has the disk in mine MD player and hook on a boss of USB before I kick, SonicStage will insist that a disk was formatted for the source another that SonicStage. I will add that this does not spend every time. This is not the enormous question. Average on, beginning SonicStage, THEN hook on a player and dip the disk in.

- Sony There is felizmente was with limiting a number of scrollings can do at any rate . In of the leading versions, each one which follow you converted to ATRAC3 has had the limit of three scrollings. I know he chance where a number of scrollings are limited, but can not imagine was when this applies. Has the music has downloaded of a web, the material there is rasgado of CDs and things not agreeing where has taken. A number of the remaining scrollings at any rate is unlimited.

-SonicStage Is the little picky in DRM. Has has had clues I previously rasgado of CDs that has had DRM on him. A software would not treat him . The animal-rasgĂł some clues that use SonicStage. They touch and scrolling so only well without limiting on uploads.

- Will have time when a software has looked to freeze when you are rasgando or transferring clues, particularly a work is big. This in spite of, with which one transferring is fact, SonicStage updates a state of disk, which can take the little time. A little patience saves to plot of frustration.

-I was happy to see that Sony decided to start with Mp3 of support and WMA. Calm does not require to convert all your music to ATRAC3 anymore. It has not been that extracted a Mp3 or WMA formed and frankly, does not concern me . They are it moves it and it touches both writes so only well. Ossia That I priest roughly.

- Tranfers Is neither particularly retard neither particularly quickly. They are not the real fanatic roughly speed of scrolling, as this has not been the subject enormous.

- Can do playlists and the songs are touched in an order loves. Ossia The small point , but sometimes love songs to touch in the concrete order.

Now, a hardware.

- A player has come with any bud-fashionable headphones. Usually, I toss OEM auricular because they are rubbishes . One some concealed shipped with a unit was quite good. With which I tweaked a bow the bit to adapt my flavours, has been impressed.

- CAN SUBSTITUTE The BATTERIES. Sony Ships a unit with him replaceable battery. Thank you. My last reproductor of Mp3 (a River Nitrus) has been take reason a battery has been in decline. An addition of a chance of external battery the better fact. Frequently meeting out of AC can for days the time. Having EA is like an option (but no my only option) is well.

- For some reason, I like a thought of having my songs in of the removable disks. Honradamente Can say am not never be in the place where tossing the pair of mini-disks my stock exchange or in the pocket has been the load .

- A unit is the pocola main that leading generation MD players. This is not the defect or the quirk, is so only something concealed east. I have had two chance that had seen service with my forward MD and reproductores of Mp3. One 910 was the little too big to record in any one.

- A boss of USB is quite generic. Has two or three of a same type so that the loss would not owe that be the question. Sony Ships a unit with two extra EMC shields.

- A sound. Obviously, any attentive Surround His with something like this, but is still quite good. Have hooked He in my house stereo, cranked a volume and he still touched well.

- Availability of disk. Some ships of units with the 1GB disk. I have bought three more than the vendor here on Amazon, but has not tried to find a lot locally still. I know a small plus some are available in a tent down a street.


does not comprise reason a MD formed never has taken enough was, or reason Sony is not really marketing these things. The suspicion is a version of personal audio of a saddle of bicycle of skin of Brooks. To to that likes to of them, really like them, but fault of some measure of a techno-sexiness besides agressively marketed unit.

Has chosen this unit because it had liked him me me of the mine leading MD player (software and firmware @@subject notwithstanding). This model has had the characteristic cement has wanted to (removable battery, flexibility in as the songs are fixed, durability maquinal) for the reasonable cost.

Would recommend to buy one of these, particularly for people those who have used MD players in a past. Also it would recommend for people those who poden a lot quite find that loves with hard walk or flash-has based reproductores of Mp3.

Would not recommend him in some following chances:

1) Having the alone, self-the unit has contained is the big priority (is not for me, but taken all the classes).

2) uses a lot YOU another like windows 2000 or main. It is class of the shame that his no active SonicStage partorisca Mac or Linux.

3) If the big-terracing of techno-sexy is of entity.
5 / 5 Lavera
A Sony MZ-RH910 comes with -PC Sonic PHASE MD program in of the llamas- Stereo telephones of boss-AC Adapter to Be able to-boss of USB -1 Rechargable Battery-1Dry Battery If-1GB Disk of Spatial . Utilisation a MZ-R910 to register my together of music, uses a Big Quality sony ECM-DS70P stereo microphone,is small and fact for register of Big Quality partorisca useing SALVATION-MD recorders or . It is .This MZ-RH910 are adds to download Mp3 is .After registering of the microphone , Connect a boss of USB has distributed your Salvation-Md and Connect another end to the port in your PC.(When Yours PC is on, calm will not require AC/DC or battery).Calm then can register your music of a MZ-RH910 to your PC , useing a sonic phase and save a file of music like the Mp3 or WAV file for better quality,the save like this he WAV file .If it has to that to another program like him to him uses to burn with or leave some files of music the clues ,save your music he then in firm sonic phase and the opened up in another program. I think a Sony MZ-RH910 is very good and in the prize adds.
5 / 5 Charlesetta
An I has bought a MZ-RH910 done a year and he so that it went it far one the majority of convenient player around. A player is very drawn and some characteristic is very given the reception to, especially a line in registering, which registers of good quality. A question is in a PC-interface of Player. SonicStage Sucks partorisca be sincere. Some accidents partorisca program often during scrolling and a speed of the scrolling with conversion is slow (that it could be it a program , a speed of player written or both). Also a player strangely a lot recharge while connected, owe press and resist a tone partorisca stop so it will go the recharge way, as it can not listen his while it is recharging. A life of the battery is not orders neither, at most 4-6hrs, My old mini careers of disk in regulating AAs and give me well on 10hrs. In general any one the bad player, especially partorisca register. I owe that admit quality of the his same during the compression is admirable. But the here and there heavy bugs partorisca use.
5 / 5 Carolee
Has done wonderfully partorisca some premiers four months. And then it leaves partorisca read Minidiscs. Hey, has guaranteeed down partorisca the year, well? As I have sent he in.

Has gone back mine the month later and has said would fix partorisca $ 76. Ossia Almost the averages a cost of the new a! I have had this thing for four month! It is not he down guaranteeed for the year? Well, some parts are guaranteeed down for the year - but a work for only three month. I have not said any way. They have said that they could cut me the pause and touch me so only $ 50. Attentive, like this ossia negotiable now? Reason any so only fixed he for free, he considering cost $ 200 and is not lasted included six month?

Has said that would pay a surpass to return for the send behind mine with the paper of commentary of service of client. Wow, Incredible.

Scrape Sony. This merit of company to tank.

P.D. There is pulled only development a lot of future for a HD formed.
4 / 5 Joaquin
There is had the grandson md before this and when it has learnt them that a lot this was for alive register has sold them a grandson md and has taken this. It is been doing wonderful, although a prime minister one the taken has had to be returned reason a disk that ejects the cradle has broken immediately, but to the amazon was orders roughly taking me the new a promptly. I Highly reccomend he for alive register, especially of then can upload of a md to a computer in roughly 1/3 of a time would take yes done in real time. Be sure to read some attentively first directions to do registers of the mic reason has a lot of options in a has advanced options to be conscious of still the good register. reccomended!
4 / 5 Voncile
Ossia Slightly uncomfortable to use - a ipod the interface dips it the shame. Small keys, and fines-processes of any to take around some functions. BUT, it is much more flexible. Taking CD is to this much faster and easier that with a ipod, and there is qualified of infinite storage and the election of loyalty. It is it adds for the musician - I uses it the tests and of the concerts records with excellent results. If you are technically expert, is the upper format for material of mp3, register, storage of portable data etc.

A life of battery is well to touch behind - more along that ipod. To register, eats less can with an old MD is more than a new action md is (elections of same loyalty, so only less space in an old plus some).
5 / 5 Kyung
This model is has interrupted. My sympathetic is that a model superceding this one has the exposure has lit, which would be the real improvement . Some instructions that is coming with a recorder are not to add, but no bad. I have bought a recorder mainly to register our albums on vinyl and in magnetic tape and converting them to audio CDs. It is doing a lot well thus purpose. I have not tried register with the microphone. An ear buds this is coming with a recorder is not comfortable for me, but is appropriate to listen to some albums to the equal that are registered, as I can add frames of clue. I guess my main complaint would be that neither a recorder operation neither an operation of software is very intuitive for me.
5 / 5 Arnetta
Ossia One 3rd Mini the player of Disk has had; a 2nd Salvation MD. Taken the to substitute one this is to be fly, which I me ameno to the mine first point, if I have had the player of hard walk, and has taken flown, would have has had to substitute all some songs have had previously transfered. Has 5 HiMD disk with roughly 3500 songs. They are able to share disks with my woman, can a lot of that with the HD player.

Has tried so only a scrolling of tape and utmost.

My only complaint is to think one '100x' the speed of scrolling is the bit of the piece. It is faster that mine last a, but any 100x fast
5 / 5 Tricia
Requires installation of bloated software in the each car of Windows loves files of scrolling also.

Only works with the car of Windows.

Of a Manual (duquel could not copy and paste of reason is 'the copy protected') the note declares ' Follows concealed is digitally state registered in the Salvation-MD device and then imported to SonicStage can not be written to Audio CD.' As you hook on the digital mixer the MD to register your band is out of regime.

Transfers to and of a computer often fails and bribe your file. Some Manual declares 'follows concealed has been recorded in the Salvation-MD Walkman can be imported ... To SonicStage ... So only once.' As six out of the regime has the power outage while it transfers that registering of the alive action more orders of your band.

Of a Manual 'the clues have transferred to one he MD ... Of another computer can not be transferred behind my Library in your computer.' As the god forbids yes calms in fact use more then a computer to direct yours a record of audio with this device.
4 / 5 Sherri
Like this has bought them this basically for a register capabilites and was them that it has it alot of questions with a software like the majority other users.

The one who the expĂłsita to fix some errors in sonicstage was to upgrade to a later version thru sony put web, (at present 3.1)

then uploads sonicstage, goto mesos comunicacionales info and initalize (formed) some disks. With which ive that the havent has taken an error of a sound been the like to use. :)
5 / 5 Delia
Ossia Theoretically the device adds, excepts ... Utilisation macs, so much that it can it to it do, can not use stops. I have known the concealed and was perfectly happy to buy the substitution for my old one to register alive music. Unfortunately, ossia the technology of new register that it is incompatible with mine another minidisc recorder. This one can touch my old minidiscs, but can not touch a new salvation-mds in mine old a. All the volume is an annoying beep. You can register in an old way with the computer (any-mac), but reason any agree you so only in your computer then? It likes quota of reviewers has signalled was, these products can not compete with one the-pod, and would not owe that try . Sony messed On the good product.
4 / 5 Mardell
Am satisfied with some functions of this product,this in spite of a endurace of a battery (chargable) is short. It says that I last 33 hrs, but yes wants to register something a product indicates 'lack of energy to register' in roughly with which 15-20 hrs of use, which is reason I does not give it the perfect bookmark.
5 / 5 Madaline
A SonicStage is really the disaster. I have been using MZ-RH910 partorisca the year, and uses the lessons records of music. When it uploads my files to computer partorisca back them on, I alway has some registers (roughly 15)unreadable for SonicStage, included although I can listen to them with a MiniDV. That can do with these registers? So only I can him leave in a MD walkman. If my MZ-RH910 is broken, has to buy another partorisca listen to these registers. Obviously I will not buy never Sony recorder again.
4 / 5 Catherine
There is now 4 pcs Mini crew of Disk

Two shelf recorders (a big end) and two laptops it.

Are the defender of this fantastic crew
5 / 5 Pura
A SonicStage the software is terrible, and can not use anything more partorisca download music to a device. It is dulcemente, hangs, and squanders the plot of harddrive spatial converting everything.
5 / 5 Lester
Are a lot disappointed. It is unbelievable that a software is not compatible with Mac. When I bought It a lot still it thinks that it could spend, the majority of some musics knows partorisca have the Mac. That has been thinking?
5 / 5 Arthur
A battery is like this poor, the marvel yes can infact be defective. An interface of user is uncomfortable, clumsy and hard to use. And then with which 5 month of use, a thing has broken finally entirely. Waste of money. The stay was.

Top Customer Reviews: Sony MZ-R37 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 32 ratings
2 / 5
It take this 3 mark of days, as I can not say a lot. But when I took it, to the condition adds, the grandson crisp stereo his, wants to listen in musician of video game. These looks of device perfect for materials him how concealed. A bit far it is fresh, easy to use, has been also rough, perhaps clear the touch goes far. I of the that knows each of some characteristic still so that it can not say more.
4 / 5
Work well , amour a fact that is still has liked him around the before it wants the now
5 / 5
Any sound a button broken has not done in of the just transfers
1 / 5
An a lot of very and the device the durable reliable plus.
5 / 5
An a lot of used minidisc player, together with two EA stacks. Had the minidisc already in a player used so to speak 'Easy Japanese'. Works, but the desire has cape to be able in and headphone controller.
3 / 5
I have bought a MZ-R37 harvests this summer. It take the model renewed in Ebay for the resonsable prize to record concerts in a summer. That is to say the model adds , durable and a lot the resistant accident. I have purchased the binaural microphone after I have recorded the shows of pair in the monkey the cheap plus and man what the difference. A tip of entity is beginning to record with a MZ-R37 - be sure to line a button of record in place and when being the sure register has begun, lost some songs in of the actions so that a engraver has not begun. Better sure when being that sad. In all the case, that is to say also attaches to record MP3s out of your computer only takes the line of connection of your card of his in a line in and is posed. You can also it registers jointly of the scrolling or the group give in you the computer yes has the recordable card of sound. I add inversion. It forgets reproductores of Mp3, too expensive to attach memory. Minidiscs IS economic and far more durable that CD also, with quality of his identical. If you are the adherent of the musician does not know so can live without unit
2 / 5
It takes this cual the present of the anniversary in of the marks the year and wants to it. This minidisc the player is such the profit adds that any lover of musician or enthusiastic of electronic (sad for a orthography) would have to enjoy . With this artilugio was able to record of everything and he save me to us to plot of money. I didnt has to buy cds to listen in a song. Only it borrow he of friends or familiar and recorded a tone or follows that I have me to him legustado and return a cd in them. A sound was incredible. No longer it has it preoccupy enough any one when being pas able to listen in cds so that they are streaky, so that when it pose it on minidisc, his impossible for a cd inner to take streaky. Another more is no skip. There is so positive in a minidisc player that can enter for ever. His likes him have it cd burner in your pocket. Even so in spite of some positive, has his downfalls. Some buttons are very small and blockaded mine skip button of investigation. Cost 50 dollars to take it fixed. I definately recommends to take the guarantee. Also east or eats stacks hurriedly. Taking only 15 hours in 2 stacks. I think his definately adds and enjoy this player.
5 / 5
It take this model MD like the last Christmas of present and amours he for a lot of reasons: 1.) It IS robust still compact. Some the models the new plus has seen any so durable looks like this model. 2.) I can do my own "tapes to mix" thousands to time on so that MD is is animal-recordable without missing quality of audio. Also I can take my favourite songs of CD and situate the in a disk in place of lugging around several CDs. 3.) I can record of any source of audio. Download of an internet and does your own MD without inverting in spatial CD. 4.) Some last stacks for ever, or apparently for ever. I listen in trips of long road (8 hours +) and seldom very necessity extra stacks. 5.) It IS so easy to use that I am able of the use. 6.) There is did not have it never a lot of the problems with him. Active Has fallen included he in an earth (accidentally) the small time and has suffered at all harm in an interior, or outside 7.) It IS less bulky that the player of PORTABLE CD.
Has the million of reasons adds to buy a MD player, duquel an on is only the little. I dn't comprise why more the people do not possess these.
4 / 5
Ossia The laptop Mini-player of Disk with a capacity to register. A unit is very small, but also a lot of sturdy. I create an organism of a unit is metal, any economic plastic. Any deception these partorisca an economic plus Sony has produced of portable audio that looks partorisca be geared partorisca adolescent. Ossia The sophisticated device, good fact. It comes with the folding headset, Sony Cadmium of Nickel rechargeable battery, far control, adapter partorisca be able to, and an optical boss. A unit has a capacity to recharge some battery when it is plugged in the outlet. Partorisca Registers, suggests partorisca use an adapter of power in planting to run on can of battery. An excellent Sony has produced. Highly I recommend it yes it calms that can find here or ebay. I have been using and enjoying mine partorisca on 2 years.
5 / 5
Has had my MZ-R37 partorisca several years. They are the professional musician , doing so only (vocals, harmonic tram, electrical guitar, pedals of basses of the organ) or with other musicians. Utilisation a MD to record mine/the ours alive actions. Originally I Have it has had expectations quite down. I have loved so only revise a music. I have used generally a start of a system of reinforcement of the sound (tho I has done the plot of registers a lot well with some have comprised stereo mic). A quality is excellent. I have been able to use a lot dips ready registered in a MD still CD is. Yes it is THAT well.

Am not alleging this will substitute the plenary soufflé Pro Tools of studio with Neumann U87 is and the personnel of engineers of register of Hollywood, producers, and such. A for real can do magic with train of upper line and the highly skilled production personal in much less of time. But a lot a MZ-R37 the registers were a lot enough to be in the CD with these and any to embarrass me in comparison. And this is saying to PLOT partorisca to the muck measured of recorder economic pocket with 1/8th thumb exited/of entrance jacks.

Mike Curtis

4 / 5
thinks that this was first compraventa of amazon never in 2001-2002. Backside of amazing product a day when napster was around and mp3 /the digital music so only has begun to develop.
5 / 5
Ossia For far one of some compraventa electronic better that has has not done never. This model is easy and amused to use. I have bought this Mini player of recorder/Disk because I have required something to listen to do, but has not loved the player of tape been due to a fact that one has to that take doing to toe a tape all a time. I can dip to plot of music and books of audio in a mini disk. It is built like the tank and I can recharge some batteries without taking some batteries was. It take a recharge battery and A/C adapter of power in Radio Shack. Register of mine stereo is the snap. I can not comprise reason Mini players of Disk and mini the disks are not accepted more here in a . Some advantages mini disks have on CD is is enormous.
5 / 5
Is thinking to buy the reproductor of to the portable Mp3 likes him the Laugh of diamond, thinks again. These produced is for you. Any so only can calm easily Record Mp3 that use he mini-jack boss of a backside of your paper of the sound easily can register CDs using the mini-jack to rca boss if the old plus stereo, or use an optical boss resupplied for perfect digital register. Finally I have the product with some capacities to do the mix of CD and music of Mp3 in ECONOMIC rewritable 74 means comunicacionales of minute. MD Costs of means comunicacionales around 2-5 dollars the disk. This element is like this versatile does not see reason any does not buy it . My only worry is a lack of the LCD exposed in a headphone far, but can treat it. I have not been able to do this thing skip any subject like hard I test. More is adds for bootlegging concerts with the tiny little microphone has attached. Buy this element, calm will not feel at all.
4 / 5
Mina pulled so only was after seating takes almost 10yrs the still work adds and has his fantastic, thinks am going record again his!
5 / 5
Has taken this MD player like my present navideño. It does not look very attractive and new, in of the terms to draw. When I have begun for the use has @to @give that is to be hide under his poster of organism of the money! A sound was that it surprises (44.1 kHz) and some batteries have lived for the good time to enjoy a music (roughly 12h with alkalines).
Takes to pupil daily, and swich some battery each 2 to 2 and the half weeks. Sometimes I forget that has with me the cause is like this light and compact. A Mini the disks are too very light and easy to spend. I have run once to a bus that listens to mine MD, and he a lot included skip. Calm recommend you to buy this product. Although it is class of old, is less bad.
Thank you To read my description. :)
4 / 5
Has found recently an upper-of-lines he- sony laptop minidisc recorder/player and has used he for the moment. My conclusions of this test of this format is: Pros: small, light, easily portable, rewritable, easy to use
Gilipollas: quality of his terrible (Sony would have think that quality of products of CD PERFECTO or his best, but does not believe him , minidisc is the way down below bitrate, that means that in of the volumes to register the low sound a lot well, but likes row and level record of increases of frequency, results more and more grainy and digital touching), bad interface, very expensive.
Have an extremely big-finalise stereo system (Mark Levinson, Krell, B&W, rega) which I hooked this player until, using mine $ 15,000 Mark Levinson Digital To conversor Equivalent, and of mine $ 15,000 Mark Levinson PLAYER of CD, some copies, and touched them behind. Ossia In a better quality minidisc will not be never, and touches terrible, like the $ 50 Sony player of CD. Still with more than $ 70,000 value of crew of audio for behind the, he still touched vile, hard and grainy. Another question with him is some uses of digital interface. They would owe that offer coaxial digital starts to enhance a quality to touch the little bit, is not the big strech, especially reason sony invented a system. They try to spend EIAJ optical was like the feasible, big-formed of final. In general, calm thinks that would have to that remain with CD, included although it is big, is not to value an enormous investment to go to minidisc. If it love the portable system, but does not concern roughly quality of his, goes with Mp3.
5 / 5
This unit would owe that come with him corded the far control has attached. This in spite of a lot of resellers does not have a far and sell he without.
Will have the hard time that control a unit without him. Some keys, especially a fast forward and rovescio, is hard to manage and included worse some keys to modify are in a underside of a unit!
Have one of these, without a far, and has learnt a hard way that you really the require. Now I am registering a grandson that looks for the substitution.
4 / 5
Has had mine mini disk for several years and has had has used the initially to do backing clues for my alone law. Recently, this in spite of, have purchased the Sony stereo mic and has begun the actions records 'alive' with him. It is a lot enough to send direct to CD. Highly it recommends this versatile recorder for any the one who register digital far precise in a prize abordable.
5 / 5
It possesses a minidisc mz-r37 partorisca roughly 1 year now and the amour he so much the sleep with him. I do effects of the his of the aircraft the lucky day can take some sounds want to hang around to to the the small airport likes the do. It has completed so only my prime minister cd in the helicopter touches the use in of the parties this is a better thing partorisca possess the take cure a lot well of him and register every time the use it. I add partorisca register some touches partorisca thunder if your lucky. I plan to buy the 2nd you he sony
5 / 5
A lot of versitile: it can register out of the cumputer, a radio, CD is, tapes, anything. The slender creation the easy fact partorisca me partorisca spend to the long of when I circulate. Bad things: Some headphones comes with has the a lot of a lot of very short cord (a lot of unpractical). Have has had to that the take fixed 3 times because a connection in a headphone jack. A sound results distorted and has to that sauder he (Any entertainment partorisca any the one who uses he daily) OH YEah MD is is not supposed to fact once in the moment
5 / 5
also love a quality of a MZ-R37. And some commentaries roughly that. This in spite of, 10 years later still are asking there is the way to register to copy to mine reproductor of Mp3. Has the line was to the port of USB but he have to that be a wrong type of line partorisca his of scrolling.
4 / 5
So only has taken this MD player and really likes to of me. An only thing that it is the little anoying is drives of an User. It is class of hard of the comprise. I can not find any directions partorisca leave clues. Really it require that reason sometimes is hard to press the stop before a next song comes on. On everything, is the good MD player partorisca a prize.
5 / 5
Has looked for to order this mini player of disk in the number of different occasions but unfortunatley am not left partorisca complete the mine purchases which is odd has thought always an idea was partorisca build the product and The SELL!!!!
5 / 5
The one who has taken them was in good condition and recieved in good time.
A question is that the has not taken the adapter partorisca be able to or the far.
5 / 5
Has this md player! His add! And his spend the good prize also! My fellow geoff has had this MD player and he gave it mine partorisca my anniversary! HES A TYPE so that it ADDS, a MD player is like this good and portable! Easy to resist and easy to use! Access almost everywhere!
Loves this element!
5 / 5
It take these 3 days , as I can not say a lot. But when I took it, to the condition adds, crisp net stereo sound, wants to listen the music of video game. These looks of device perfect partorisca to to the material likes concealed. A bit far it is fresh, easy to use, has been too rough, perhaps that the light touch goes far. The ones of the that knows all of some characteristic still so it can not say more.
4 / 5
Does well , amour a fact that is still liked him around first wants to him now
4 / 5
Of Any sound a key broken has not done in of the just transfers
5 / 5
Some very used minidisc player, together with two EA battery. It has had he minidisc already in a player has used like this to speak 'Easy Japanese'. Works, but the desire has boss to be able to and headphone controller.
4 / 5
Has bought a MZ-R37 collects this summer. Take the refurbished model in Ebay for the resonsable prize to record concerts in a summer. Ossia The model adds , durable and a lot the resistant accident. I have purchased the binaural microphone with which have registered the shows of pair in the ape of man and economic plus the one who the difference. A tip of entity is beginning to register with a MZ-R37 - be sure to resist a record key in place and be the sure register has begun, has lost some songs in of the actions because a recorder has not begun. Better to be sure that sad. In all the chance, this are also adds to record MP3s out of your computer so only takes the line of connection of your paper of his the semence in and is dipped. You can also it registers jointly of the scrolling or the band give your computer has it recordable paper of sound. The investment adds. It forgets reproductores of Mp3, too expensive to add memory. Minidiscs Is economic and far more durable that CDs also, with quality of the his identical. If you are the defender of the music has not been like this can live without one.
4 / 5
Has taken this like the present of the on done anniversary the year and want it. This minidisc the player is such the profit adds that any lover of music or enthusiastic of electronic (sad for a spelling) would have to that enjoy. With this artilugio was able to register of everything and he save me to knots to plot of money. I didnt has to that buy cds to listen to a song. So only it take loaned of friends or familiar and register a clue or follows that have to him legustado and gone back a cd to them. A sound was incredible. No longer I owe that me worry roughly a lot when being pas able to listen to cds reason are streaky, reasons when I dipped it on minidisc, his impossible for a cd inner to take streaky. Another more is no skip. There is like this positive in a minidisc player that can go in for ever. His like having the cd burner in your pocket. This in spite of in spite of some positive, has his downfalls. Some keys are really small and I jammed mine skip key of investigation. Cost 50 dollars to take it fixed. The definately recommends to take the guarantee. Also this one eats battery quickly. Taken so only 15 hours on 2 battery. Material his definately adds and joy this player.
5 / 5
Has taken this model MD like the last present Christmas and master for a lot of reasons: 1.) It is sturdy still compact. Some models plus a lot new has seen any like this durable looks like this model. 2.) I can do my own "tapes to mix" still thousands time on reason MD is is animal-recordable without losing quality of audio. Also I can take my favourite songs of CDs and dip his in a disk in place of lugging around diverse CDs. 3.) I can register of any source of audio. Download of an internet and do your own MD without investing spatial CDs. 4.) Some battery last for ever, or the second search never. I listen in travesĂ­as of long street (8 hours +) and seldom require a lot of extra battery. 5.) It is like this easy to use that I am able of the use. 6.) I have it that has not had never any one questions with him. I have it that fall included in an earth (accidentally) the little time and at all has suffered harm in an interior, or outside 7.) It is less bulky of the player of PORTABLE CD.
Has the million reasons add to buy a MD player, duquel an on is so only the little. I dn't comprise reason more the people do not possess these.

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