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1 first SoundPEATS True Wireless Earbuds TWS Bluetooth Headphones in-Ear Stereo Bluetooth V5.0 Earphones High Definition Mic Rechargable Wireless Headphones (Clear Calls, Smart Touch, IPX5, 24 Hours Playtime) SoundPEATS True Wireless Earbuds TWS Bluetooth Headphones in-Ear Stereo Bluetooth V5.0 Earphones High Definition Mic Rechargable Wireless Headphones (Clear Calls, Smart Touch, IPX5, 24 Hours Playtime) By SoundPEATS
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2 LETSCOM Bluetooth Headphones IPX7 Waterproof, Wireless Sport Earphones, Hifi Bass Stereo Sweatproof Earbuds W/Mic, Noise Cancelling Headset for Workout, Running, Gym, 8 Hours Play time LETSCOM Bluetooth Headphones IPX7 Waterproof, Wireless Sport Earphones, Hifi Bass Stereo Sweatproof Earbuds W/Mic, Noise Cancelling Headset for Workout, Running, Gym, 8 Hours Play time By LETSCOM
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3 best SoundPEATS True Wireless Earbuds 5.0 Bluetooth Headphones in-Ear Stereo Wireless Earphones with Microphone Binaural Calls, One-Step Pairing, Total 35 Hours, Upgraded TrueFree Plus SoundPEATS True Wireless Earbuds 5.0 Bluetooth Headphones in-Ear Stereo Wireless Earphones with Microphone Binaural Calls, One-Step Pairing, Total 35 Hours, Upgraded TrueFree Plus By SoundPEATS
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4 Mpow 059 Bluetooth Headphones Over Ear, Hi-Fi Stereo Wireless Headset, Foldable, Soft Memory-Protein Earmuffs, w/Built-in Mic and Wired Mode for PC/Cell Phones/TV Mpow 059 Bluetooth Headphones Over Ear, Hi-Fi Stereo Wireless Headset, Foldable, Soft Memory-Protein Earmuffs, w/Built-in Mic and Wired Mode for PC/Cell Phones/TV By Mpow
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5 SoundPEATS TrueCapsule Wireless Earbuds TWS Bluetooth Earphones in-Ear Stereo Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds Wireless Headphones with Upgraded Microphone (Smart Touch, IPX5, 24 Hours Playtime) SoundPEATS TrueCapsule Wireless Earbuds TWS Bluetooth Earphones in-Ear Stereo Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds Wireless Headphones with Upgraded Microphone (Smart Touch, IPX5, 24 Hours Playtime) By SoundPEATS
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6 TOZO T10 Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Earbuds with Wireless Charging Case IPX8 Waterproof TWS Stereo Headphones in Ear Built in Mic Headset Premium Sound with Deep Bass for Sport Black TOZO T10 Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Earbuds with Wireless Charging Case IPX8 Waterproof TWS Stereo Headphones in Ear Built in Mic Headset Premium Sound with Deep Bass for Sport Black By TOZO
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7 SoundPEATS TrueFree True Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth 5.0 in-Ear Stereo Bluetooth Headphones with Microphone Wireless Earphones 15 Hours Playtime, Hands-Free Calls, One-Step Pairing SoundPEATS TrueFree True Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth 5.0 in-Ear Stereo Bluetooth Headphones with Microphone Wireless Earphones 15 Hours Playtime, Hands-Free Calls, One-Step Pairing By SoundPEATS
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8 SoundPEATS True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds in-Ear Stereo Bluetooth Headphones Wireless Earphones (Bluetooth 5.0, Built-in Mic, Stereo Calls, Total 15 Hours Playtime) SoundPEATS True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds in-Ear Stereo Bluetooth Headphones Wireless Earphones (Bluetooth 5.0, Built-in Mic, Stereo Calls, Total 15 Hours Playtime) By SoundPEATS
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9 Purity True Wireless Earbuds with Immersive Sound, Bluetooth 5.0 Earphones in-Ear with Charging Case Easy-Pairing Stereo Calls/Built-in Microphones/IPX5 Sweatproof/Pumping Bass for Sports,Workout,Gym Purity True Wireless Earbuds with Immersive Sound, Bluetooth 5.0 Earphones in-Ear with Charging Case Easy-Pairing Stereo Calls/Built-in Microphones/IPX5 Sweatproof/Pumping Bass for Sports,Workout,Gym By Purity
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10 [Updated Version] Wireless Earbuds, Bluetooth 5.0 Cordless Wireless Earbuds with Mic for Android/iOS, Hi-Fi Stereo, Auto Pairing Earphones with 2000mAh Charging Case as Power Bank [Updated Version] Wireless Earbuds, Bluetooth 5.0 Cordless Wireless Earbuds with Mic for Android/iOS, Hi-Fi Stereo, Auto Pairing Earphones with 2000mAh Charging Case as Power Bank By Relaxyo
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Top Customer Reviews: SoundPEATS True ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Noemi
I am the user of apple with Iphone, macbook ecosystem, as when airpods2 is exited pulled a trigger and orderly airpods2, has used he that hangs 1 month and he would not return in my ear, tried so eartips but his so hassle to take and substitute when using touching case, the value of product $ 160 would not have to require so hassle for the use. I am returned the backside in 1 month, the quality of sound was well, has had strikes and loses with gestures to touch. Desprs Returning looked for airpod alternative that living quality and good call of decent stack, quality and small case of his well, after doing my investigation has reduced down in this soundpleat ear buds, has taken then yesterday and here is my feeling quite he
1. Quality of his- am not the audiophile but his comparable in airpod with focusing well in an ear, Isolates the better external sound that airpods.
2. Access in an ear- very better that airpods, breaker of roads for me, has extra eartips also.
3. Life of mass- look quite well, has them during 24 hours.
4. Connectivity- awesome, connects well out of a box, punctual while it takes is. The right is a piece of dominant ear, can use any right only , so much but now left only, the party is very smooth, the find so hurriedly so airpods, the majority of reliable looks that airpods.
5. Gestures- good smooth, apresamiento few hours that takes used to, similar in airpods
6. If- very small to access in pocket.
In general is very happy, I of the that loses my airpods and what beat airpods is prize $ 33 against $ 159 arrests airpods
5 / 5 Mikaela
I have read the bouquet of the descriptions that on-line has compared these in airpods. The May HAS TRIED airpods but can not imagine is better that a soundpeats. This sound to surprise, the laws add for calls of tlphonique also! Wireless headphones never stays in my ears and these so that far it has been it add, well tight access with a big plus earbud touches that it is has comprised. They are very comfortable. I have to say, the better sound that uses them with my windows 10 laptop that my telephone of galaxy, but imagine is a bluetooth the responsible engine for that. The life of stack has been add, is taking near of in 4 load/of hours. Then only burst them a case , and they recharge quite hurriedly. Seamlessly Connects in my galaxy S8 ails to take of a case. If very fresh that magnetically clip the in place. In general, for a money, does not think you can do better.
5 / 5 Lewis
State looking for a perfect wireless earphones for weeks now that any cost $ 159 or $ 199. I have tried 3 products before a Soundpeats Truecapsule. I have tried the Haylou and was roughly resolves with this so that it sounds well and the people could listen me clearly in the calls but he have taken multiple, thwarting tentativas in matching before a earphones has matched a first time and every time has used the, has had to to press in my ears the few try to take them to remain in there. It conceals it it has not been very when tried to locate the conf nicknamed or answer the call hurriedly. I have seen these earphones and so happy and has tried the. The prize is reasonable. It has matched well out of a box with zero endeavour - just has taken to era and has matched automatically. A quality of his good east like Haylou, if any better. I am not a audiophile as it take it that with the grain of salt. More importantly, has posed the in my ears without any endeavour and remain there. The noise that annuls is very - ails can listen a conditioner of portable air blaring after in me. I can not speak for the stack or the longevity has taken of these today but everything looks very promising. Highly it recommends!
5 / 5 Shiloh
Some wireless buds, with tampons to touch? Coming on! No, really. That is to say like these earbuds laws, and is in fact quite fresh! Calm once imagine out of some masters to touch concealed is. They sound quite well also, included when visit a volume up. They return in an ear snugly enough to block out of environmental noise, and last the long time(for me in all the case), with several loads of a case in load. A form is what the odd bit has taken some taking used to, and he so do a green directed when is connected, but is on that now and very cual these earbuds.
5 / 5 Monnie
Has 6 different pairs of wireless earbuds and 10 or more diverse the wireless/headphones wired of $ 20 in in $ 400. These earbuds is in a cup 3 of my favourite. Why?
IS supremely comfortable and access without listening how spending you something in your ears.
In fact has down respectable without sounding artificial (looking in you, Beaten), in addition to having well mid and big selection. Everywhere decent soundstage for earbuds is esteem-point.
A control of the touch in fact does well
My only with like this far is has had to a manual to imagine was so to connect in the new device of a first device connected out of a box. It is not difficult, only has not been intuitive.
Surrounds, is decent earbuds these costs try it. If you are not satisfied then has not posed was M&money of D levels for an experience.
5 / 5 Rosenda
Recently, my Mpow earbuds is died, after 2+ years of daily use (any bad). Of here, I have begun to look for the new wireless earbud, and decided to try a truly wireless some (my Mpow is a type where hangs in a collar).
Has bought 1, and still although his sound was well, his case to the load has not been reliable in of the terms of firmly fastening a earbuds subjects some magnets and touching a earbuds. It IS like this returned, and has bought to 2 unit
One 2 one was TERRIBLE. His bass was non-existent. Returned again
So raw that goes to leave, decided to give Soundpeats tries it, and at the end expsito or in my point of prize ($ 30+) where has audio well, down, and annulment of noise.
Has required expectations to be directed when purchasing bluetooth earbuds, as that fulfils that it tends to have less fallen that a wire fence ones. Soundpeats, In my humble opinion has the sound of 5 indication to clash when apresamiento to represent that (1) his truly wireless, and (2) his point to price
Some minor digs, which are not enough in deduct the star, is
(1) 4 hour playtime (some another has 6 - 8 hours playtime), but data a purpose of purchase of mine is to use he in a gymnasium and go in and of work, will not use 4 hours in of the totals
(2) touching cases the small main that would have preferred , which are still very
He Soundpeats allocution to improve in an in 2, the think a supremely produced adds
5 / 5 Dawn
Hate rasgar in Apple. At the end, the people are free to spend his to take it the money won even so they want to. If the people want to pay $ 200+ arrests AirPods, this can blame a company to touch that a lot for them? In my humble opinion, that is to say the ridiculous sum to spend , as I have looked for some alternatives after my daughters have destroyed my Bluetooth of Samsung neckband earbuds. The May HAS POSSESSED totally wireless headphones before, as I have not been sure exactly cual to expect. It possesses the variety of Bluetooth auricular different and earbuds that down a cord in my telephone, but this was a first time that auricular bought that the has not been connected in each another (if this note). A first pair bought has not been to exit so that an ear buds would not touch with one any ear regulates the wig has attached. This wants to take a wig of ear on and was every time flavours and use the? I am returned the and decided to go with a SoundPEATS, and is happy has done. These are comfortable. They are discreet. A sound is surprising. Admitted, is not a audiophile, and uses my earbuds almost exclusively to listen in audiobooks and podcasts. But, for the that need, these are damn next perfect. And, a prize is an insane value compared in one another mark.

Has has had only these for the pair of days, and has no quite taken one hangs buttons still. Desire that some controls were more mere. A pair is returned had a button that has prendi/touched and powered was. One SoundPEATS uses the variety of combinations of button in skip tones and reverse, which do not require in a audiobook or podcast. I actuate Accidentally the stray my place in my book that flavours for prender, but that is to say only the curve to learn. Has some worries in a durability of a case. A pair is returned had the plastic it fat plus with the magnetic lid that has done an audible CLICK when concluded. If a case craps was on me, oh is always trade-offs, and for a prize, that is to say one is happy to do. I am happy that SoundPEATS uses the level-ear sized bud those uses common tips. And, I am happy this has designed a case so that it does not have to think in some tips after you have posed the on. You have posed only the in a box when is through using them and take them was when is ready to restart. Mere. Elegant. Effortless. Magic.
5 / 5 Keith
And it thinks that that these can be some headphones of better election for more than people. They are only like apple airpods, but cost 5x less. A life of the stack and the basses in fact can be better in these, tho some controls are better in a airpods.

Life of longitude stack: state using these multiple hours and they still have to like 3/4 load. And it bets these easily last all day for more ppl

clear microphone: and' it goes been the sound has said very clear when and is in the phonecall, while and has used any headphone and only tongue with my tlphonique

low excellent: and only it compares a sound of musician in these in wire fence headsets concealed and likes him, and some bass in these is better. Very solid, the field adds. And to well sure it uses these for musician (although any headbuds is not never as well as on-the-auricular of ear, but and only to of to the that likes him that on-the-ear ones listen)

synchronises: easy, any problem

soundproofing: very snug access, as it blocks out of the plot of his external. It IS until you if that is to say something likes him calm in the headset or no

controls: meh. It IS fresh concealed done without buttons, but and of whoever touches a headbud when is in my ear. It wants to take he of my tlphonique only to touch/pause.

Factor of form: only like airpods. If it calms like his that characterises of factor of form, add -- will want to these. They return a lot of (and has different measure buds for different ear-measured of canal), they whose clave was, there is not any cape to hang, is perfect for folks that like this factor of cape of free form. And Personally you do not want the reason when takings out of the bud to have the real-world-wide conversation or anything, or has to line a bud in your hand, pose in the pocket, or finds a case and situates in a case. And a lot it prefers a neckband factor to form where only can take the bud was and the fall, and of who has to line it or finds a case.

Finally: if you want a airpods in the fifth of a prize, these are perfect
1 / 5 Millie
Mic IS horrible --- Any one can listen you!! It sounds that yours in a camera of echo!!! It IS to return....
1 / 5 Nan
Very disappointed. I have purchased this element after reading some descriptions that has declared mostly the quality of his excellent has had. Well a pair has taken was distant very of that. While it is well for musician, the calls of tlphonique is another thing . Every time only it is in the people of the conversation of the telephone there is difficultly supportive, and the majority said that to to sound likes him is of high tides. Very disappointed and will not purchase one of his products again

Top Customer Reviews: LETSCOM Bluetooth ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Enda
Ossia Mine 1st wireless/bluetooth earbuds that has not taken never. A control (volumn +/-, key partorisca be able to) is in a right side.
  Paring: A setup was súper simple and easy, which can the to you imagines was less than 1 min.
  Connection: I spent it and walked around a house, a connection was still quite good and his clear.
  Quality of sound: The a headphone tries that the bass could go down like 25Hz and the treble could locate to 15k Hz. A sound was quite strong still with volumn level 3 or , a quality was pure and clear without any buzz. It is worthed for a prize.
  Comfortable/stable: Light and really stable (on/down left//right and can dance like the star of rock, will not fall off ). This in spite of, can hurt your ears bit it yes spends for hours.
  Battery: a battery was touched fully when I have received and was still quite full after the day for the use.
4 / 5 Bruno
Are in general very happy with these and use them almost daily. Quality of his good east and some works of microphone a lot of slope of the calls of telephone. The his spends in current and cycling, as I want to having like this controls there same and easily accessible.

My only drawback is desire one in a headline of ear was any smaller or adjustable somehow. Celery too big, and regularly precise readjust them. I spend glasses also, which the majority of the difficult fact but the desire could be snugged on more securely.

Touches quickly and resist the good load. It likes him-me some paints and in general seats they. It recommends him!
5 / 5 Cinthia
Ossia A third near of headphones that has purchased. I am returned a prime minister two. I am taking a time to write this description immediately reason his so only arrived yesterday. These short times hardly can think that radically the products can differ in some well details that marks everything of a difference. First of all this headphone dipped practically dips up for him. It is súper simple; he the tone, turn in yours telephone bluetooth and press a key. I have been impressed;especially after my first two experiences.

Comfort it for me was also of entity because it spends to read glasses. A earpieces is angled and very soft. Hardly I seat him against my glasses. I have not been conscious that some differences could be like this dramatic inside the row of alike prize. A sound is balanced and of the good quality does not seat to like am going deaf in an ear. I am taking the second pair to have like the backup.

Does not know times it one hard load. I will update when I discover. I add compraventa!!!

Here is my update... It has been to him it expects it questions with the times but I continue to be impressed. Speaking the continuous time in two or three hours. I do not owe that recharge.

I amour a way speaks mine and leave me know when I am connected. Unfortunately my dog has taken to an accident earpiece and chewed it up. Surprisingly a unit still does of then all of some controls are in some legislations earpiece. In any case, I have bought so only the backside up.
5 / 5 Penelope
Loves these headphones! The regular nave that takes and was gone in so only 2 days! It comes with hule of different measure earbud the pieces have found like this the measure that apt my ear a lot comfortably and does not move or the fall was when I am doing anything! A sound is really good and an annulment of noise does really very too much. Highly you recommend these, my husband has him included has loved so much that takes the pair also! An only thing has it that says that has a calm volume súper strong a person approach you will be able of the listen but has to that be really strong. A point has underlined is that really calm can not beat a prize for this quality!
4 / 5 Devona
24 hours to use of then arriving in mine doorstep and these things are awesome!!! I listen to the plot of instrumental music, i.et. Soundtracks, synthetic material, together with rock, all desquels is weighed with basses. A quality of his for these is like this amazing.

Has tried so only the phonecall with some headphones done not even 15 minutes. It can listen a person has spoken of more clearly that it resist a telephone my ear. I specifically asked if another person could listen me clearly to the to the equal that has said has not had any questions. It was afterwards in the very occupied street during traffic of now of the haste on that.

An access is very comfortable. Hardly I can feel an on some pieces of ear but to good sure seats sure. As the one who a earbuds is the pocolos snug but easily better that anything has tried before.

These things are fantastic and a point of prize is point and averts. Ossia All that comes from/comes from the type with beautiful rough tennitus and a lot of picky in that I use to listen the music with. It was to buy another pair like the backup.
4 / 5 Cole
These headphones are surprising!!!! A lot he so only done one uploads last wayyy longer that 8 hours, these bad boys are súper comfy and a quality of his fantastic east! Speaking in a telephone with them is better that that pause in a real telephone. My woman has said that it is glass his clear in his final. I do in the factory and a sound in a tent is very very strong. His utmost as to cover them for the listened also. I can take a music and any to concern roughly taking harm to my eardrums of like this strong a tent is. A tent is the continuous 120 decibel to dip he the perspective.
5 / 5 Nu
These are comfortable, surprisingly quality of his decent.
Has tried multiple genders to see like him fared and was has surprised legitimately.
In that possessed the a lot of partorisci terrible of economic earbuds, as well as better earbuds and full sized in ears (Beyerdynamic, AKG, Hifiman), these will do a lot amiably in upgrading me of my wire fences KZ earbuds for all workouts or external excursions generals was.

Tests of audio:
First test was with metal, deathcore and progressive metal specifically, with some bands Salem that Burn (song: in Pending Bond), as well as Vildharta (Song: All These Feelings) and the last respite of the humanity (Atasca Abyssale).
In pending Bond: These sounds of the absolutely massive song in these headphones.
An explosive of sounds of the bass in the way that is quite enjoyable, while a big mids and the treble are quite present to cut by means of without coming anywhere prójimos to be shrill or gel-picky.
A enormity of this song by means of this receiver honradamente me very happy.
All These Feelings: This song was the good way to try an end a lower, as has the quite pummelling final lower.
This sound of enormous song, although an end a lower take has bitten it flubby, would take the little bit of low flub on something to these sounds likes him calm is listening by means of has beaten he of has beaten. I can look the third party EQ program to trim the the pocolos.
Bocca abyssale: Ossia Another of my favourite songs purely been due to like enormous feels. It is such the heavy song , and concealed is not lost in a earbuds. It is each one has bitten like pummelling likes to last two songs. There are the points of pair where some treble is the pocolos shrill, but ossia more to do with a song he that these earbuds (likes some sections of the main electrical guitar is EQ'd)

A second test was with electronic music, with a Coverage/of Purity of artists of bands (song: Castle of Sea), Glasser (song: Form and Lorn (song: Rain of Acid)
Castle of Sea: Any when being any like this crushingly grave-heavy, does not have a lot an aforesaid flub at all.
Some bass is present but a lot of overpowering, an atmosphere is still silky and ethereal, a down more mid/tomb plucks has depth, a vocals the sound that stuns like this always. An excellent production of the coverage of Purity can be listened in these earbuds.
Can like the little more than an upper mid push for a vocals, but in general can not complain.
Form: This song tries some registers some big plus of these earbuds quite fantastically.
A texture of a Glasser coverages of voices by means of perfectly.
An atmosphere of this song is reproduced well quite that a hair in my arms stood up while listening to this song. Simply it touches to surprise. They are very impressed.
A song is to a large extent focused in some registers some big plus, but has the bass follows that game during a song that is to good sure still augmented in general, in the way that is highly complement to a clue.
Is the quite cerebral clue but having some bass have augmented gives it the little more movement.
Rain of acid: it likes-me the atmospheric music with press he. This clue is class of as an electronic equivalent to stick rock, but with clues of percussion more present. One follows of the basses is booming, which returns an artistically misanthropic atmosphere of this clue.

Other clues have tried:
A Fever (He He) and the grips of death Is On-line for Grips of death:
when being experimental, electronically driven alt hip hop, the grips of death are adapted absolutely for these earbuds.
I Dead persons of production of amour of Grips, and is an absolute joy to listen to in these.
Boss of street for Japanese Breakfast:
This song touches like this good-looking. A lush lullaby-like electrical guitar, thumpy line of basses, dreampop has influenced auditory joy.
Quotes of game for Melanie Martinez:
This song is class of the like has blamed. His music is odd to the point of sweet discomfort, but can not deny that I in fact really like this song. It is like this to the poppy likes to take, but is like this well, and ossia still 100 true here.
Psychosis Succumbing for Sianvar: the rock of Mathematician is a gender where these are extended the little. Still they touch utmost, but some of some details some plus end in a work of intricate electrical guitar is the little dulled for some more prominent bass.
Jesus H Macy for Dance of Gavin of the Dance: the rock of estaca Mathematical has influenced hardcore, this still has some of a decreased marries in a musical intricacies, as well as the pocola less house in a vocals that prefers.
Some of some sections of sound of electrical guitar absolutely gorgeous (2:41 especially), some bass touches utmost. A bit more presence in a vocals and sections of the main of electrical guitar and this would be perfect.

likes earbuds with of the little graver, these am not so only a lot of abordables, but sincerely the joy to listen by means of.
Is not to perfect for all the music, but any pair of headphones/earbuds is.
Is looking for Something to maintain you motivated while exiting, or included so only something to casually listen the music without some cords, these are the must compraventa.
5 / 5 Shea
Was pleasantly has surprised. It avenges with the orderly chance, containing short usb-c boss and the pocolos insiemi of ear insert/inserts in of the different measures. It connects to my telephone for Bluetooth without any subjects, the sound is well, the microphone is quell'has bitten down but the possible still volume for another side to listen me. It is comfortable in some ears, annulment of good noise, perfect for public transport.
Still doing in a first load, does not know that time last.
5 / 5 Christiane
Pursues 7.5 miles or bicycle 20 daily miles. I have bought ear buds of all the forms, measures, mark and points of prizes... Any of them is lasted long (can not take a sweat and the pause or his will not remain in my ears or paralización only to touch)... It is been the week and has to that say, are thoroughly impressed with these! They are comfortable, controls the load, and remain in my ears.
The cry was the person the one who posted a description roughly that changes a quality of his to “walk.” This was a subject “only ” has had and turns to the no-@@subject thanks to him!
4 / 5 Karisa
Update - reason have loved this receiver to exit and has so many descriptions add, has opted to have my first pair, this there is prendido to do after 3 weeks, has substituted. My pair of substitution there is prendido to do after 2 weeks. I have spent also a pair of substitution daily. They have touched well and that resists the load and then samething spent to to the this pair likes him the prime minister. I had him touching, a light has aimed was has touched fully. I have been to turn them on and at all and any light. Dipped his backside to touch and at all, any red light, any blue light, swimming.

Has loved these headphones until there is prendido to do today. They will not touch and so only it does not act. Utilisations this newspaper for hours. It uses him for work and when exerting like this although they can have been @@@subject to the little sweat (create are not a beast/of sweat of the exercise) does not have any reason these would have to that there is prendido acting.

Top Customer Reviews: SoundPEATS True ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Tina
Any one usually writes descriptions, but after looking for the pair of some wireless buds down $ 100 for weeks and running up against of the descriptions of fake and what looked products of junk wants to another to learn. These are some real roads . For the small in $ 30 these are surprising. I have pulled the out of a container and has opened a case. A case is a lot of that satisfies, has the magnet in a lid like the fence and the enclosed stays with the esnap'. A buds was easy to take of a case, any fiddling with them. A buds has been touched out of a box as I have opened my telephone, has matched the down the minute and they both have done perfectly. A buds apt snug in some ears, has not run with them still but bounced around a house and is not going anywhere. Some tampons of ear of the rubber is not one the majority of comfortable, but is substituted easily with an available amiable foam in Amazon. A sound was better subject that the field expected , well with a base that comes through amiably. Had no perceivable lag while it listens in musician or while it looks the video in Youtube. I am very happy with a compraventa
5 / 5 Charis
Impressing for a prize. Has a SoundCore Emission Lites and Zolo the ear of Libertad buds. I am not an audio buff, although I can appreciate quality, but when goes in wireless is more quite consolation, portability and in a case of this type of ear buds is a case to touch that it is the point to sell .

These have the particular characteristic has looked for : an use of any left or right wing earbud for his sake. Without a necessity to have the soyain' earbud out of a case or be only able to use a right an only.

Opens Can listen with any earbud, not spending or using two sets (or touching while another into use). Also, very mere to go of monkey in stereo, any fuss or subjects.

Uses these with a ipad mini 4 and the Galaxy S8+ as well as a clock of Galaxy.

So far any interference. There is has did not want to very use for the calls as we use me quite only a tlphonique directly but when using a microphone has had to to well sure speak up for them to choose in an audio. So much in the zone filled or noisy these do not go it to cut.

The desire has entered additional colours. Preferred a case a big plus with lid, but still is able to slip in any pocket and does not go to take on the plot of spatial.

Can not stress quite concealed has to try you a different earbud tips to take to focus pertinent like his improvements and some bass.

Calm only musician of amour and only wants to be able to listen without the capes and that learn which want out of this type of devices, these will do very good and is saving money in an ones these costs this next plus in Benjamin.

Like A FYI mostly listen in streaming via Spotify and selects some ultra downloads of current and big quality. Only he the the workout and listens in the variety of musician, at present listen in 'the daughter of Ipanema' and I gotta says is not disappointed. It can very same very listen anything is spent a music . Do rigorous calisthenics and aixecar- of weight and a earbuds same although they no in that have the coverages have remained posed. Also very easy in skip pair of tap of the song in a right for advance or behind in a left wing. Volume in around 80% was abundance. To good sure keepers.
5 / 5 Irene
I have run only through a first full load in these earbuds. They sound better that a point of prize can direct or to think. The bass is quite full compared in another wireless buds has used with mids no very accurate and quite decent highs.
To arrive to this point of prize ($ 30-35) very can not have expectations very big.
A multifunction the buttons have built in so earbuds very when being any very intuitive and take some force to actuate. I have not enjoyed prendiendo, restarting or changing the volume like each push resulted in pressing them deeper in my canal of ear, which are not that a lot of entertainment.

A case is not particularly big and apt in any pocket. Some magnets in a case to well sure will maintain a buds sure in his locations to touch. There is not any indication of external case of state of load of an ear buds. You have to open a case and looks in some FOCUSED in a buds they to discover yes is facts touching, or no. Some two external LEDs in a case is only to signify the case those touches been. If you look very closely and house in a lid of a case will discover that it is partially transparent and an ear bud DIRECTED can be visible through a lid of case, but no in all the conditions. If you are external in the brilliant light is unlikely to be able to see through a lid of case, but inner and in dim ignites would have to be visible without inaugural a lid. The lid of case can be operated only rid yes precise.

Has done to 1 hour nicknamed of long telephone without mic complaints of quality. I am also he spent other 3.5 hours that musician to touch in volume among 35 and 50% for the total load that takes 4.5 hours.

Has the total of 4 measures touches included in a box to cater in different sized canals of ear. Highly it suggests to experience with a different sized tips to take an access of plus before you begin to judge annulment of noise, volume or that firmly apt in your ears.

Besides when planting these buds in your ears, would have to use it twisty motion for better fitment and also takes a bud in his sides and eschew pressing an a lot of-button of function.

Only 1 hole of microphone is visible in the each bud, but so buds has the microphone has separated these covers the in the each be matched and has used separately for calls of tlphonique or wants to listen in video/of podcasts/of the musician with or bud only in cute road. This requires the separate to match setup compared in stereo breaking with the device.

Do the point to use this poses only that goes forward in a prjimo few weeks for fully evaluates the and updates a description with more than idea and statistician of real world-wide use, but so far so good. To well sure the very compraventa in this field of the prize and they look to rid the plot of the value in the very reasonable prize the signals concealed is abordable in some masses.
4 / 5 Jaunita
The tan has done recently the test of comparison among a Upperfit earphones, these Soundpeats Truefree More, and a Enacfire E19. A Upperfit earbuds is returned a better with this raven , but SP and E19 still access comfortably in my ear. Although they bonded out of the bit, still has the low profile and some tips of ear were only a right measure to give me to closure of sure ear. To Tan Far likes him the connectivity, has not had any party of subjects a earbuds or signs of the latency when listens in musician, even so and has taken audio lag when looking videos with a SoundPeats, UF and E19 was only a lot this was my only subject . Tan Far so nicknamed, SP was decent. Quan Listens in another had the faint the robotic sound when spoken, and or another person could listen the only bit of noise of backdrop. A stack in SP earphones has lasted enough the moment, quite 3-4 hours, but a case has lasted for ever. Among SP and a E19 they both have had quality of his add. Very clear highs, mids, and lows and some bass was a lot of. In general all was adds to comprise a point of prize except an only small subject for me was a latency of video so that it looks the plot of videos for students, and an audio lag turbulent me it small. 4/5 Stars
5 / 5 Rico
I can not say really looked for the pair of wireless earbuds. It have seen what other vendors have to offer and has thinks that was more the fashionable accessory that hardware that provides the experience of user of the quality. And with the prize that me cringe, imagined would seat this individual artilugio was.

The man was bad!

Quan Has discovered that SoundPeats has had an offering in this spatial and in this prize, thought that it would give tries it. Find my another SoundPeats auricular to be unbeatable in value, life of stack, action and reproduction of sound. So much, in this prize, as it can lose?

Has not been disappointed! It opens, the brief caveat am not a audiophile. My earlier experience with the musician and the reproduction of sound was with THIS RADIO and, for those of you too young to take, CONCEALED has not been Salvation-Fina at all And frankly, can not say my flavours have grown with some years. As I do not go you to say a highs is a big plus goes to listen or a lows marks the sounds of whale his song in reply, but will say you that I want to listen in musician with them on and some podcasts listen is flawless in these.

Spends the in a gymnasium and has any fear to lose them apt perfectly and comfortably in my ear and no the bond was in how some of some aims ones see to spend people. In fact, they are almost invisible. And, surprisingly, a life of stack is so announced. I am used to to discount at least 15% of a life of the stack announced and these have lasted the solid 3.5 hours in max volume.

Enters the solids that listens to upload case that comprises the 3000 mAh stack when run down, has the sake ten minutes to warn and then only launch them behind in a case for the fast and calm load is of tower in subject. Quan Has opened a packaging (also, the SPER the big quality that band of looks), has remarked a heft and quality of tez of a case instantly. In fact, everything in these earbuds think me of the product this coast much more.

IS well to be able to touch or or another and does an advance of musician or rewind, calls of response with the tap of my ear, skip songs a same road. I am not groping for the cape that hangs around my collar, only is that it touches a left wing or right ear bud, whereas I am trying to do. It takes the small to take used to, but can master the, is sure only quite any one more can do so far faster this has done.

Good quality? Yes!

Good value! Absolutely!

IS I happy with these? Darn Right!

Purchases again? Doubtlessly!
5 / 5 Tammara
I want these new headphones! Look in a Samsung auricular wireless new, but is happy has not taken the, is much more expensive, and is not sure would remark a difference, another that a period of stack. These are taking quite 3.5-4 hours before they have to return in a self touching case. I have seen had the version of a case that has had 50 load of time of hours, but I like a measure of this better case, and 35 hours are abundance for me. Calm any one lament this compraventa. The calls sound excellent in the also, the people can very still says is not using my telephone what normal.
1 / 5 Arturo
It EDITS: it opens a right earbud the pieces was constantly.

Some headphones have begun out of utmost but in just 2 weeks of use, a left earbud has begun giving me problems.

A left earbud has begun to the hack was while it listens in of the things. Also it is connecting in my tlphonique while it is inner is case of load . Often find it a left earbud is died been due to of the this. I have to unpair a left earbud of my tlphonique to fix this subject. But a earbud is still not touching properly. A case to beat to upload that is touched fully and when takes a left earbud out of uploading against night, was in 40% already.

IS very disappointed.
1 / 5 Dorcas
I hate to write poor descriptions, but has to call the shovel the shovel. These are not worthy of the compraventa, in my opinion. A first pair has ordered shorted has entered workout 1. They do not block humidity...At all. During MY WARMUP in a treadmill, a left bud beginning shorting. Could touch it the small time and take it doing for the little bren. Val...Any biggie...The things spend. Archive for the turn and the new pair are routed and...Right bud is shorting. Out of a box a 2 pair there has been the bass. I guess among some 2 sets, has a good pair, huh? Any cooling. My suggestion is to save the for the few extra months and take something yours estimate $ .
1 / 5 Valeri
Some stacks in some originals roughly has not lasted never longer that 6 hours. They are announced in 35 hours. I have paid more for a life of the long plus stack so that that was that it imports for my necessities. I did not take it. I have contacted the amazon and has substituted the. Some stacks in a walnut ones have done very better for the pair of days. They have begun then to last less and less. It opens it IS down in the pair of hours. They have begun neither synchronising L&R ear buds. Tried a reset of factory, any data. In general, any one pleased.
1 / 5 Spring
Bad tinny sound and lousy response of low. It does not remain in your ears seriously bad creation of some pieces of ear. The also bad case the creation was excellent and competitive with expensive models. The pieces of horrible ear kill an utility of them as well as his bad.

Top Customer Reviews: Mpow 059 Bluetooth ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
Taken these partorisca mine 13 old year the one who listens the music constantly. They are his add and blockade out of some annoying sounds of his brother his young plus as it can enjoy his music. They fold On abonos partorisca go in his book ag while in pupil.
5 / 5
UPDATE 2: MPOW contacted and sent the free new pair-of-load. The service of client adds. A new pair is to good sure the welcome improvement in a pair in my initial description. A sound is less muffled, the bass is deeper and solider. It does not listen like this “boom” as I have done with a leading pair, that suggests that MPOW has solved that @@subject. A new pair arrived in the lovely white box, the improvement given the reception to in an original. I expect that this hard new pair much more but the only time will say. Until then, thank you MPOW!

UPDATE: With which less than the year of property, a structural integrity of this receiver has begun partorisca degrade. A leatherette coverage, present he in some cushions of ear has begun the flake. The cracks have begun also partorisca develop in a tape. These headphones have been used slightly and has been well has concerned stops; these are factors partorisca consider when purchasing these headphones.

Original description: the pair adds of Bluetooth Auricular partorisca a Prize: Like the the audio has certified professional the one who mainly listens to and composes music of rock, can say that in this point of the calm prize does not go partorisca take Sennheiser, Bose or quality of the audio of the Beaten was-of-the-cashiers. This in spite of, partorisca a prize these are useable headphones that is more than able to resupply quality of decent audio (once some the right adjustments are facts ). They require the bit of reduction of profit of the frequency among 60-250Hz to reduce boom and the impulse in around 16kHz to establish clarity. You have done once that will have the most balanced sound of these headphones.

A bluetooth control of volume, and indicators of bar of state of the battery of this receiver is natively has sustained on Android (but no in macOS.) It say of another way, when you regulate a volume in your headphones directly rule a control of volume in your device of Android. In a Mac a headphone the volume is independent of macOS. Pause/of game and Skip work of keys natively in both program.

Has any subjects of latency when looking video. Movement of lips in sync with audio.

A MPOW 059 supports a SBC audio codec exclusively, which means no AAC or AptX is present. It have been I adds to see support partorisca AAC seeing so much is the upper codec the SBC but this in spite of quality of his reasonable east.

macOS The users will require to download a “Hardware I Tools partorisca Xcode” of the page of developer of Apple to take a “Bluetooth application” of Explorer. This application will leave you to augment a bitpool value of his incumplimiento value of 40 to 53. This dramatically will improve a quality of audio of these headphones and any one another bluetooth auricular that confidences so only in a SBC codec. So that they want to specifics: the value grupal of the bit of 53 is equal to the bitrate of 325 kbps. SBC In 325 kbps is an equivalent of Mp3 in 256 kbps. When One has downloaded “Hardware I Tools partorisca Xcode” and has opened a Bluetooth the application of Explorer will see the name of an application in your menubar. It goes the “Tools &62; Options of Audio” or “the Movement + of mandate + A”. This will spend on a window for you to modify a SBC settings of audio. Under “SBC Codec the options” have Dipped all bitpool values to 53 and close a window. This will ensure that some rests of qualities of the optimum audio. Near a window and king-connect your Bluetooth auricular.

The quality of build looks reasonable, the hinges are reinforced with metal. The only time will show a endurance of these headphones but superficially that pause some look of headphones to be quite sturdy. An ear-the cups and the tape are done of the soft synthetic skin that resupplies comfort it initial but they are quell'has bitten superficial thorough and can situate the bit of pressure in some ears when a headset is spent for a long period of time. The life of battery is reasonable. The accessories comprise the micro-usb boss to touch and he 3.5 mm boss of audio that is handy for more the critic that listens and for the chances in that a battery has lost his uploads. A velvet-like this pouch is the inclusion adds and resupplies protects against powder and scratches. These headphones are to good sure value a prize and I doubt will find better in this point of prize.
4 / 5
Has received an element in the timely fashion. The unpacked And read a manual of user. I touched it then. A red light has come on and in the pair of start of minutes. I have thought perhaps it has been touched and still has resisted one load. It was able to pair he with my iPad. I have listened to two tunes and then the full half hour of the britcom on Youtube. Then a battery has been done. I recharged the and has had the alike experience. They are so only he is returned he for the repayment. Be advised that podes or can not take one these works.

A company contacted and has said would like him send me the substitution. I have received a substitution and touched it. Taking roughly 3.5 to 4 hours to touch. I then paired he with my iPad. I have listened to some of my music roughly two CDs value. I then looked roughly three of the mine favourite Britcoms on tube. A quality of audio has been full stop. I have listened the music or has looked shows of TV of the tube and some music tutorials for one next week and the half. I had him it has included on for 7.5 hours a day. I have planned to expect until they have required to touch before it has written them a description. Still they are going strong. A record is good and very comfortable. Now in a sound. I have said of then it was exceptional. I compared him to the mine Sennheiser together of boss of the boss. Honradamente Can not say a difference. I compared him then the Bose wireless has had the very light difference but very a lot. In general they are extremely well. If has question with his contact a company and see that it can do. I love him and it can not be happier
4 / 5
thinks a quality of his in of the this was a lot. They are to good sure the little confused in these when being the better vendor reason am assuming that the majority of some people those who has bought these could not concern less on some people around the when they spend these. I: you will be 'that' the person in the bus/of slowly/ the one who is music can be listened inside the 5' irradiate to those around him. I have loved to maintain these, but will be to return his reason there is not any way can spend these in my office without driving my coworkers given. A creation of global/look was a lot of (but are the 5 '7 woman with half sized the ears and my ears grieve returned). A quality of sound was honradamente half - same for one $ 30 row of prize although it can be better (but has not touched with changing a bow in mine telephone - so can be better state has tried ).

Update: Changed of 2 star to 4 star (the Mpow059 is still any to 4 star)- but the service of client was really good and offered to send me a newer version of this receiver (Mpow H1 Bluetooth Auricular In the Light ear, Comfortable for Prolonged spending, Salvation-Fi Stereo Auricular Wireless, Foldable Headset w/Builds Mic and the way Wired for Mobile phones/of BLACK PC-Red). These am Very better that a Mpow 059 some. A creation is sleeker, and a volume does not contaminate a way a Mpow059 some do so that in fact it has been it spending these in my office. Still they are not entirely it tries of contamination of the sound but I have asked my coworker can listen my music when it was in just on mid-the volume and she could no. A diameter is also slightly main like my half ears feel snug but no tight like a Mpow059. It says you are reading this, does not take a Mpow059 some, and instead buy a model a new plus (Mpow H1), which is a same prize . Also, a life of battery is really good. I have not touched this of then has him last week. I used him for at least 15-20 hours on during a week. In of the considerations to telephone calls, these are not for you to be that it speaks in a telephone all day. The people have had the little question that listen, but was able to answer my call so only well. If you are looking for something to have conversations of telephone on, calm probably auricular of need with some real mic he loves stay inside this row of prize.
5 / 5
Pros: Comfortable in my big boss. Any headphone has has not covered never my ears without hard places or sweaty or too tight. These are well for hours
2. The battery looks the last a lot of hours . It follows stray
3. Partorisci Easily with my G of motorcycle 4 telephone and also the BT the transmitter has connected to the mine Chrome TV dongle. Easily xfer behind and advances
4. His net , rich. Good pause of my ear buds.
5. Quality of acceptable build thus prize. Soft earpads And the support of cross cushioned. The keys have quotes solid response. The cups of ear are quite flat to dip pillow of advance to look television.
6. Quite adjustable to find place of perfect consolation.
7. Good volume and surround and rejection of noise

Gilipollas: any one. We will see like this they resist until daily use along

Update 9/30/2017 I wear these for several hours each day. Resisting on well. The battery still resists good long load. I have added moleskin to a earpads to do them the little more comfortable. The holes of ear could be the tad main for my boss and of the ears. In general still some the better headphones have possessed.
5 / 5
These headphones are perfect!
5 / 5
This headphone the neighbour has quality of his poor: fault of midrange, and tentativas to compensate to augment triple and bass, but in the bad way. Mids Is still scooped & the sound of economic poor & music.
A hissing the white noise is intolerable, unless you like him to him the white noise then these are perfect for your youtube video of noise.

Has tried these with (remastered) has Directed Zeppelin, Physical Graffiti, and Hillsong Joined, Zion. I have tried also with Maxim Vengerov or the Rachmaninov concert but has not annoyed after listening to two album.

Are not an expert but are the musician with experience of engineer of the sound.
5 / 5
Telephones of fantastic boss! They remain touched FOR EVER! I had touched him fully and it used him for an hour in meso 6 times the week and has not required to touch them again for the month! Some the only complaints have is when doing the sure exercises tend to slide of my boss the little like this has to him regulate the little time.
4 / 5
The descriptions of amazon have used to be useful; I am learning to start with tempering with the good dose of scepticism. Apparently on hire purchase it likes ' fantastic', 'amazing', and 'phenomenal' is used loosely and to cover the wide row of products very half. In the first place it was, FOR I MONEY these are auricular decent . They are not anywhere near of better headphones in qualities of his or quality of build, but is not to close to a prize neither.

My prime minister and the subject main with them is that there is noticeable lag among a show and a sound by means of these headphones. Any lag in touching while looking the show his fact unusable in my opinion. For music, does not treat it big at all of course.

As, a sound by means of these headphones is very half. There is no deep bass; I have used a lot auricular smaller (any on ear, and no earbuds) concealed active Very better low row. Has the pair of in the receiver of the ear has purchased on Amazon partorisca under $ 100 this has fantastic (for real fantastic, any fantastic for $ 35) sound, clarity, and low row. There is some noticeable fuzz/static while listening to shows, although no quite that the really annoy me.

Has left the stop that gives 5 star, better that my Bose (any one the fanboy), glowing descriptions to half products. It does not help any the one who precise sincere opinions in products.

Finally, the mine has come so only with a boss of audio and the boss of USB; it do not comprise the adapter to be able to, which touches for likes it has to that of a manual when I say to insert one uploads when regulating outlet.

For $ 35, ossia a GOOD place of headphones. Not buying again if a lag the subject during shows is normal.
4 / 5
Has purchased two of these on Aug 18. 2017. A fracasado in roughly 90 days and one in 110 days. Both out of a window of turn of the Amazon. The help asked (or at least ) of a shipper and has received any one. I recognise that a shipper a lot warrant a product; this in spite of, usually have the better rapport with a costruttore represents. Some units have done to touch until his both have failed to pair with any of several devices had been pairing with. Ossia One first critical negative can agree give.

Top Customer Reviews: SoundPEATS ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Stephine
I go partorisca begin to say that I possess several pairs of these headphones (different models). Initially, I took him reason ail partorisca lose on braking expensive headphone in my motorcycle or bicycle, as I have decided gone economic so only because of this reason. Still I have the pair of jaybird is that I use for film and house. I have revised another boss possesses them of soundpeats, everything with a conclusion of them is quite well for a battery of money is excellent but some sounds is good and justified for a prize. But then something is to spend has lost them one of some pods of mine leading any wireless and has bought them this pair now these types have fill some spaces here a life of battery is excellent a Bluetooth the signal is order has the key of pairing that was to struggle in a forward headphone and a sound is really well very a lot near of mine 200 dollar jaybird that quell'was something some the leading models could not achieve a better part is that a prize is one same. A lot still for a money but now there is not sacrificing your sound because of a prize.
4 / 5 Babette
I travesía for work and a Bose QC35II was my gone to headphones for quality of his and consolation. I have chosen these until trying and has finalised to leave mine Bose receiver in home now. A pros of these headphones vs a Bose is that it does not have audio lag when looking video in your telephone. These also return a lot of snug when the workout. I am surprised also in like this easy is to the pair and which time a life of hard battery (7 days with daily use). My only complaint is a characteristic to touch . It take the few days to take use to and there is not the way to look a volume has seen to touch.

Quality of audio: 5/5
Consuelo: 4.5/5
Life of Battery: 5/5
access of Sport: 5/5
Ease of use: 4.5/5
4 / 5 Deanna
When my edges is coming home another day and has said his current pair of wireless earbuds no , I immediately decided to look in the SoundPEATS has had available. Has 2 old models that continuous do and so only does not have of the money to be that it spends in a pair my edges there is wanted. Well, when they have come yesterday, it has opened a first box of my edges has taken home. That The packaging was a lot of but when I have opened a container and has seen a chance to touch and earbuds, has complained not taking I the pair. A chance was the good measure . Any big and bulky. Turn amiably in his jacket or tejanos pocket. I have taken a earbuds was and legustado as it has not been enormous. They return in an ear without sticking far was. My edges loves him!! It says that they are like this more comfortable then another mark has. Some options of pieces of soft ear a lot so only the better apt fact but the blockade of help was noise. Taking so only in 4 hours for the load and a sound is surprising. To good sure recommend these. You recommend any of a SoundPEATS has produced. His really stand for behind his products and go an extra mile to do sure has dipped out of any one has beaten of better products.
4 / 5 Johnathon
Ossia My third pair of SoundPEATS earbuds ( has has used also a Q34 and Q35s), but this new pair is resulted my preferred . They are very comfortable, very light, and the sound adds.
The pairing is very easy - calm as soon as I pull them of his chance enters way of pairing. With which connect to them, remain paired until his the dipped behind down in a chance. Of then on, automatically they can on and reconnect hardly take of a chance, usually connecting first of calm take in your ear.
A quality of his east well, is utmost to listen to podcasts, enough well to listen the music. They remain dipped while jogging, jumping wise, etc.
In general, is the utmost wireless earbud for a prize!
4 / 5 Houston
These earbuds is AWESOME. I had him for the week now and used them for several different activities. A main activity used them for this only music of random/podcast that listens while doing. Has the access adds with a different measure earbud touches concealed creates to the focus adds to the blockade was noise . I have found also a record to be quite tight to be used in a gymnasium. I am exited three times in an elliptical with the fast step and hold big, without question at all. They remain in your ear for an integer workout by means of a sweat and jostling of cardio and weightlifting. For a definite apt test, spent them on the walk of motorcycle for several hours. They were utmost for the blocking and calm wind still could listen a music and the next sirens.
A sound is clear and has the good row of big to mid sounds of row. Some bass is clear, but any to a level of on some ears with the main engine in them (which would not owe that be expected in a first place). A car connects the characteristic is awesome. You grieve taken both of them out of his box to touch, is connected and ready to go. With which are fact so only dipped his backside in a recharging box and an enclosed was to touch.

A better part of this receiver is his life of battery. I have been using them arrests the week, the multiple time the day for more than an hour and a box still has abundance of load. A box has two lights to indicate like this touched is and both lights are still illuminated.

Has been asked to revise these, and am contemplating them that it buys another pair for my woman. It asks to use them for his workout and constantly is trying flies him because of which likes him. These are the shot adds , and would recommend him to any in a phase for wireless earbuds.
4 / 5 Doreatha
Is before time that am buying Bluetooth earphones and am like this happy has chosen TrueCapsule. Well each penny. A quality of his east amazing and could not think that something thus prize could have such quality of sound adds. It connects really easily and easily. A life of order of look of the battery to the equal that have had the for week like this far any question with him anything. It is to good sure comparable to one the majority of expensive some there.
4 / 5 Amiee
Ossia My third pair of soundpeats auricular. I trust him still although they are some of some options plus very economic in a phase. A quality of his east on half, more than agreement with that would take you of Skullcandy. A connectivity is quickly, 1-2 seconds. They connect you grieve a lid opens. They are comfortable, come with quite earbud options for different measures, and a chance is quite small to dip in your pocket. Save your money and take these.
4 / 5 Waldo
-Easy bluetooth connection with which first use, connects automatically when taken out of chance
-the creation Adds of chance (has lights to indicate life of battery) and earbuds, imo looks better that airpods, the black colour is a lot
-the logo new looks better also
-the chance is quite small to spend in pocket
-that touches the life is compatible as declared in description of product

-the chance can be considered slightly flimsy, if any prendiendo attention, the lid can break
-magnetic control of a earbuds in a chance is feebler that give leading form, this in spite of, this can be the pro like to him the easy scrolling for your earbuds (controls feebler but still will not fall went by him)

in general: I produce it Adds for his prize. Airpods Is too expensive for more than people, ossia the add role.
5 / 5 Nora
Ossia An attacker Soundpeats produced of audio that has purchased a place for my boy, one for my lady and this second on its own name (more on that in the moment). I have loved mine and has shared a two Any Wireless Q32 is with them. If no for some unforeseen circumstances would not have purchased a TrueShift True Wireless Q45. This in spite of, that loses a legislation earbud was the swipe of entity to my active lifestyle. A Q45 is a creation has solved on to substitute mine a lot departed Q32 is. A Q32 is was the small-ish in-ear bud creation that I for an enjoyed but there has been fallen out of my ear in several occasions and has been ready to find the longest row new (gift-hickey, sew-a-majig) will say row. A Q45 is has his add, good bass, and the lustrous touching chance. If no for a micro-usb touching chance (c soyen that it is this 2014) and in 2019 usb-c is the better creation and I for one am ready to substitute all a micro-usb in my house. Outrage conceal, a SoundPEATS TrueCapsule Wireless Earbuds Q45 is is the value adds, his add, and the prize adds. Also quote Flossy Carter in the stairs of 1 to 10 these are the ones of the entity goes!
5 / 5 Guy
Are very happy with a compraventa of these pods of ear.

1. The prize is reasonable
2. East to pair
3. Easy to use
4. Light. Any I same I semi-detached seat in my ears.
5. There are any keys to press that can hurt my he has pressed ears
6. Small impression
7. Nizza And modern way
8. Sounds really good. I can listen some bass and triple clearly
9. It uploads battery quicly and last like this indicated in a spec layer

This would do the present adds.

Top Customer Reviews: TOZO T10 Bluetooth ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 20 ratings
4 / 5 Dixie
I am one of an a lot, very few people that can not use some pods of air of the apple. To Any subject likes him take like me, fall out of my ear in less than the minute. I thought that it that it comes from the different mark, and when posed these in my ear, is fallen is gone in bren. It was roughly he leaves, joins in a box, and subjects behind, but decided to verify of a manual of instruction in case that and has done something injustice. I am so happy has done. It results had 4 measures to cover them of the plastic ear comprised with a earbuds. In my third flavours, a smaller second ones, has listened that and imagine Cinderella listened when tries in a glass slipper. They were perfect and any one that dread has jumped up and down or has shaken my cape, remained in place!
A quality of his flawless east, very highs and lows, with the decent quantity of low. I have found once a right party, an access was supremely comfortable.
Wants these headphones, active has changed already my life for a better!
5 / 5 Hilda
It IS thoroughly impressed with a Tozo T10. A packaging was incredible, a quality of tez is the upper notch , and an amazing together of characteristic for a prize although a prize was two big times . Wireless touching, IPX8 waterproofing, big quality 8mm automotive of his, and bluetooth v5.0 it IS only the little of some fine big states a T10 has to offer.

Matching them with my telephone was also easy. All owe the mark is to take of a case in the load and they are ready to match( only the mark of the fast note sure chooses TOZO-T10-R, a right earbud is a primary). A bluetooth the bad v5.0 Has the strongest connection and the longest distance. It can leave the in my rucksack and I have connected still until 30 feet have been. A clarity of a highs and a richness of some bass is of a level of quality of a final of big plus earbuds. I have taken personally these in a shower, has not entered the fact that rains at the same time, so much of a earbuds and a case is supremely control of water. It was pleasantly surprised to find that it can use my T10s for the small in four hours and a case in load is well for four full recharges of a earbuds. At the end, it has to say a Qi wireless chargeable the case is very handy. I can pose my tlphonique and earbud case in my Qi touching the tampon and I are well to go. If it do not use you never wireless to touch, necessity in. In general for a prize could not find the best earbud in a piece.
5 / 5 Deloras
A earbuds has done seamlessly and well out of a box. I use the while it hikes some hills with my dogs and when law in my desktop - still can listen out of the when has required noises for security, but can listen in musician without troubling another. A earbuds is comfortable same during exercise, and access firmly.

Using a earbuds like the headset with my mobile phone is easy also. I have to it experiences with so cape an assistant of Google.

A quality of audio is at least stereo Salvation-fine, and a earbuds has matched easily with so much my tlphonique and portable.

Uploads wireless and having the source of power of the big backup for a telephone is characteristic terrific.
5 / 5 Linn
And it purchase a TOZO T10 wireless earbuds in workout in a group while they were one of a bit those that IPX8 to available pose and to well sure one the majority of reasonable. For a prize, and didnt wait that a lot, but has been blown has been for a quality of sound.... The glass clears with velvety tones of basses. The distance of reception was really well, has not had any loss in quality in a far end of a group. Well to learn that accidentally fallen or in a water or he were to fall out of my ear, can exclusive behind up and maintain go. But it is dubious that will spend it what apt is tight but comfortable. Very pleased with purchase of mine. An only negative thing in the one of the east that buys these are that my husband is impressed also, as it look will have to buy another pair for him to use while it is entered his kayak . It is not taking mine. :-)
5 / 5 Sharron
A lot I like him his that comfortable this ear buds is and weighs so clear. A quality of his this very well also. And a fact that is waterproof is awesome because of a fact that initiates in a rain in time. I produce it adds.
5 / 5 Breanna
These earbuds is amazing quality for an amazing prize. Has quality of his add and is very comfortable. My ears are small as it is difficult to find comfortable earbuds, but these are utmost and has 4 different measures for all the ears.
5 / 5 Salvatore
Each Natal usually has money quite personal to do a compraventa of impulse, usually in Electronic. This year, has wanted to it update a $ 20 pair of totally of his wireless (TWS) earbuds has had. They were well, but the sound has required to do them better perfect.

With the estimativa of in $ 100, has begun looked for something well of the manufacturer fulfilled (like Samsung, Jabra, etc.) there was only at all there in my field of prize. He me could not see that it pays that it classifies of money of the mark has not known, as I have begun to look for the model the cheap plus. To hover he of $ 50 has found 3-4 this looked well and the descriptions were very enough. It Liked him Anker is another Bluetooth earphones, likes Soundcore Of Libertad Lites has been considered. With some good descriptions and property of anterior sake of Monoprice products a Monoprice IPX4s looked well, also.

Planned diligence and the desire to be able to use or earbud the times direct me to look for the better amazon estimated under $ 50 TWS conjoint, and Tozo quite looked well. While a buds is tagged L and R, is so much a same, and can be posed in any ear. They come with 4 tips, and for a first time, is not using a big plus ones. So has canals of ear very big and find take to take tips that apt, can find the apt sake here.

A sound will not attack Bose out of a water, but for some forty dollars have paid, is well, and some exceptional updates of mine $ 20 pair. Has down well, and very clear-cut mids and highs.

The time of stack is very around 4 hours in low volume (spends the in acting likes noise of backdrop). A case of trip can touch or while another east touching, as it does not find to take to take through the day of work with them. I Like him his of a case to touch, also. It IS very built, and can use the Qi wireless load, which any preoccupy me quite really. There are 4 lights to say you this has touched is. Fence and access in the pocket. I can not say how much load will take it, so that usually the maintain plugged in.

Matching, once initially fact, is easy. Only attraction the bud of a load and fire and it beginning that it looks for your device has matched. Since I am using a the time, fulfilling need to turn a one am using was totally in the first place, then takes another unit has matched The together premier, and has separated then. That is to say a better part of these for me, almost seamless use.

In general, very happy with a compraventa. And except on some money to take something more. I have recommended already these in of the people (my brother is not engredo, has the bone that to to the auricular allocution likes him). I Like him that of many.
5 / 5 Kayla
Works of good product. Easily the matched and so very convenient to use. I want a capacity to use a right earbud while leaving another in a case. I left me to have the conversation while when being able to listen in musician. It possesses so earbuds but that is to say a better to use while mine any one was in the pillow that aided recover me while he aided. Still with everything of this characteristic, a more was a support of client and clues in a company. It is been the long time has had of the company that in fact remark preoccupied in my experience. It buys a lot of products of them in a future.
5 / 5 Shaniqua
I will be totally earnest: I have not expected anything surprises of these earbuds. In fact, it was prepared totally to take them, use the for the day, and issue the backside because of poor quality.

Had deceived felizmente.

A Pros: Well out of a box, these earbuds looked impressive. Some accommodations in the each earpiece has the mate, a bit tacky (in of the terms of texture), black arrival that listens very good. Each which earbud the be clear even so robust. There is 4 rubber comprised earpieces comprised (the measure of half is attached by default). A earbuds the pair automatically when takes of an accommodation. A sound in these is incredible! Quan Has situated properly in an ear, this bomb of things out of the decent cloak of basses and produce the clear field that surprised of mids and highs! A buds the pair automatically when apresamiento of a case, and has still to experience any static while it listens. Also they have an excellent field, and still can them maintain like takings the bath/of shower! A more than satisfies the part of this compraventa was one $ 31 focuses of prize. I am battling to comprise everything of some positive appearances of these earbuds in a revises!

Some Gilipollas: I am not sure it can think of any interior a moment! My only flu would be that a earbuds does not remain totally in an ear when begins to move around, particularly while running/dance. Quan This raisin, a quality of his east sensibly reduced (since begin to the fall was).

Pictured IS a XL, L and S earpieces (in this order) as well as all the accessories comprised. A Sr earpieces is attached in a earbuds.

Remarce: I actuate still in a lot try some limits of a life of stack in these. I will update my description in the date the late plus.
5 / 5 Veola
Some headphones have entered a clave and after taking them the full touch crossed a process of a setup. Bluetooth Has done perfectly therefore earbuds. His of entity to select a Tozo-R after your device chooses in a signal. The quality of his east absolutley perfect with the deep sound (any tinny) and is abundance quite strong to the bloc was noise around you. They return and it is sure in my ear. Very comfortable. They look it it has built well enough to be durable even so the time will say had to .
5 / 5 Theresia
They are one of an a lot, very few people those who can not use some pods of air of the apple. Any subject like hard I test, fall out of my ear less than the minute. Has thinks that would try the different mark, and when I have dipped these in my ear, has fallen was inside seconds. It has been for it gives on, sale on a box, and send it behind, but has decided to verify out of a manual of instruction in chance the something wrong. They are like this happy has done. It results it has had 4 measures to cover them of the plastic ear has comprised with a earbuds. In my third tries, a smaller second some, felt the one who the imagine Cinderella felt when it tries in a glass slipper. They were perfect and any @@subject that has on jumped and down or has shaken my boss, is remained in place!
A quality of his flawless east, a lot of highs and lows, with the decent quantity of low. I have found once a right party, an access was extremely comfortable.
Loves these headphones, has has changed already my life for a better!
5 / 5 Pura
Was thoroughly impressed with a Tozo T10. A packaging was incredible, a quality of build is upper notch , and a together amazing of characteristic for a prize although a prize was two big times . Wireless touching, IPX8 waterproofing, big quality 8mm engine of the his, and bluetooth v5.0 it Is so only the little of a big end looks a T10 has to that offered.

Pairing The with my telephone was too easy. All have to that do is to take them out of a chance to touch and they are ready partorisca pairing( so only the mark of the fast note sure chooses TOZO-T10-R, a legislation earbud is a primary). A bluetooth v5.0 Bad have the strongest connection and the longest distance. Can leave him in my rucksack and am connected still until 30 feet were. A clarity of a highs and a richness of some bass are of a level of quality of a main end earbuds. I have taken personally these to a shower, is not gone in the fact that rains at the same time, both of a earbuds and a chance is extremely control of water. It was pleasantly surprised to find that it can use my T10s for the little on four hours and a chance the touch is well for four full recharges of a earbuds. Finally, I have to say a Qi wireless chargeable the chance is a lot handy. I can dip my telephone and earbud chance in mine Qi touching the tampon and am good to go. If it calms it has not used never wireless touching, need to. In general for a prize could not find the best earbud in a phase.
4 / 5 Ladawn
Each Christmas I usually have enough personal money to do a compraventa of impulse, usually in Electronic. This year, I have loved upgrade one $ 20 pair of totally of the his wireless (TWS) earbuds has had. They were well, but his more required to do them perfect.

With the estimativa of in $ 100, has begun has looked for something well of the known manufacturer (like Samsung, Jabra, etc.) there was so only at all there in my row of prize. It can no to see me that it pay that it classifies of money of the mark has not known, as I have begun to look for the model the economic plus. Partorisca Around $ 50 I has found 3-4 this looked well and the descriptions were a lot enough. It liked Anker is another Bluetooth earphones, likes Soundcore Of Libertad Lites has been considered. With some good descriptions and held good forward of Monoprice produced a Monoprice IPX4s looked well, also.

Planned diligence and the desire to be able to use a earbud the time drive to look for the better amazon estimated under $ 50 TWS conjoint, and Tozo looked quite good. While a buds is labeled L and R, is both some same, and can be dipped to any ear. They come with 4 tips, and for a first time, am not using a big plus some. So has canals of ear really big and find it hard to take tips that apt, can find the good apt here.

A sound will not attack Bose out of a water, but for some forty dollars have paid, is well, and an exceptional upgrade of mine $ 20 pair. Has good bass, and well defines mids and highs.

The time of battery is a lot around 4 hours in low volume (I his door in acting so that background noise). A chance of travesía can touch a moment another east touching, as no the hard meeting to take by means of the work day with them. It likes-me a chance to touch, also. It is very built, and can use the Qi wireless load, which does not concern me roughly really. There are 4 lights to say you like this touched is. It closes and access in the pocket. I can you do not say the one who the touches take, reasons I usually the maintenances plugged in.

Pairing, Once initially done, is easy. So only pull the bud of one load and turn on and it beginning that it looks for your paired device. Of then I am using one the time, finds I need to turn a an I am using was entirely in the first place, then take another. I paired his in the first place together, and then separate. Ossia A better part of these for me, almost seamless use.

In general, very happy with a compraventa. And except on some money to take something more. I have recommended already these the people (my brother is not engreído, has bone directing auricular likes). They Like him that a lot.
4 / 5 Rolf
Connected these my clave of fire, which is reason I purchased it I so that it can look TV while my husband is sleeping. A volume in a ToZo was extremely strong. I have not been able of the regulate not even with a TV or clave of far fire. A volume so only can be controlled when connected to the yours telephone or pill. I have bought this in thought of first Day has taken the treat well and Paid $ with $ 3 was but has discovered another compraventa this partorisca around $ 25/$ 30. Two stars because they do to find when connected to the telephone or the table but concealed is not that I purchased them paralizaciones.

Ossia An update . TOZO The service of client is wonderful has achieved was mine to rectify a subject. They have issued another TOZO Bluetooth. A forward a law adds with my devices so only any with my loans TVs. It has not tried a new a closing but will maintain you posted. Thank you TOZO
5 / 5 Novella
The Purchased a TOZO T10 wireless earbuds the workout in a group how were one of a bit those that IPX8 the insiemi available and to good sure one the majority of reasonable. For a prize, the didnt expects that a lot, but has been blown has gone by a quality of sound.... The crystal clears with velvety tones of basses. The distance of reception was really well, has not had any loss in quality in a far end of a group. Well to know that accidentally it falls one in a water or he were to fall out of my ear, can the retreats excluyentes arrive and maintain that it goes. But it is doubtful that will spend like record is tight but comfortable. Very pleased with cost of mine. An only negative thing in of the this buying these is that my husband is impressed also, as it look will have to that buy another pair for him to use while it is is gone in his kayak. It is not taking mine. :-)
5 / 5 Andera
Absolutely want these earbuds! You look in Samsung offering of then I so only upgraded to the Note 9. This in spite of, a Tozo earbuds has had descriptions very better and is $ 100 more economic.

In a box:
packaging Very good

2 wireless earbuds clearly labeled for accident and right.

1 Touching if

1 pair of some coverages of the hule smaller and the besides big pair some outrage a some comprised in a earbuds they.

A 1 year paper of long guarantee (the interior of active must 14 days of received) - the easy process that use a car code resupplied!

Has detailed instructions

A earbuds pair quickly and easily to the each one like this another and my Note 9 with the aims of voice to leave know when each one so it is paired. Calm also take the notification of voice for incoming calls and when in during the call.

Some keys are quite tactile, this in spite of have him that gives bit it by force. These helps in mitigating the press of erroneous key this in spite of.

A earbuds returned my ears out of a box but coming with several measures so many can take a perfect returned for you.

Has not done the complete workout with these but spent him for hours during the moderate activity and has not fallen out of my ears.

A life of battery is surprising! I have used these for hours and his so only went down to 80. A chance opportunely touches a earbuds when they are not in the use and I have has had to that so only touch a chance once after the little use of days.

A chance is the little in a big side but I will take this trade was for a life of delivery of amazing battery! Although comfortably I can spend these in my pocket (I follows 6'3 and have Jean deep pockets), the majority could opt to spend these in the gymnasium or stock exchange of laptop.

A quality of his east given decent a prize with a lot of bass although usually it prefers the 'paving' signal. This in spite of, utilisation a PI application of the music of a Game stores as has the decent EQ like this I so only flatten out of a signal there. Calm to good sure will want to be careful any to listen to these with a volume cranked all a way up as they can take quite strong.

A row is upper notch ! I think that that I have read these are suppositions to do until 10 metres out of a paired the device but I have gone further without any drop in reception.

These earbuds is estimated IPX8 like the half can take wet but calm no the master submerge in of waters he. I have had these on in a rain without subjects.

In general, will not be disappointed with your compraventa! These are wireless big quality earbuds! Enjoy your music and your savings!
4 / 5 Roberta
These earbuds is amazing quality for an amazing prize. Has quality of his add and is very comfortable. My ears are small how is difficult to find comfortable earbuds, but these are utmost and have 4 different measures for all the ears.
5 / 5 Kalyn
Are quite happy with my new TOZO T10 like this far. A quality of his utmost east and some bass is well that it was my main worry when looking for a better some on Amazon. They are happy to plot of reviewers mentioned in a quality of basses. It is good but no like this as well as mine corded Scosche earyphones that the ees been enjoying for years. Then again without having a cord is wonderful and an excellent trade era. Longer has to that it litigates with a cord that takes taken in a workout cars in a gymnasium. So only it has had it so only he for 2 days and like this far like this good. Any insurance in a life of battery still like this the ees quotes the 4 stars but can renew my description later. This when being my first time with the wireless earbuds has to that say am them pleased enough with everything like this far. You recommend this he so that it is the reasonable prize so that it is.
5 / 5 Mignon
Has researched Bluetooth earbuds for several weeks. There are so many options and of the so many claims. Reading some descriptions and questions in this product, has decided to give try them the. They have had ALL that has loved in wireless earbuds. I have loved his to add, the chance to touch that that could be touched with USB as well as when be touched in the wireless load, an option to use so only a earbud (sinister or right) for calls of telephone, the time of use adds, time of fast load and good row. Also, as with any compraventa I mark, looks for feedback of Vendor when there it is the question or defect. These earbuds controls everything in my cast. I dipped him by means of a gambit and has fulfilled or has surpassed my expectations. Easily they connect to mine iPhone XR. Easily they connect to the each one like this another for really good stereo sound. Has the row of 30-35 feet in my house. You can use an Accident or earbud for him. Has the very good period of load. Although it does not listen the music all day long (as I can not comment in a period of time will remain touched for the whole day of music), but has listened to the pair of hours and used for calls of telephone all day long and has not required to recharge him. They are extremely comfortable. I put to bed me and it has discovered that has had still one in my ear. An only question has had with them is that have extremely canals of small ear. I have had to purchase the together of XS tips of ear (SpinFit CP100-SS here on Amazon). Ossia Any light to these earbuds this in spite of, more the people will be satisfied entirely with some multiple measures resupplied with a earbuds. The and has recommended this product by all the world.
4 / 5 Hallie
TOZO is sending the together new to see if a right canal was a question . They are trying a lot hard to please me, comprising offering the full repayment (return it unnecessary). I have opted to try a new buds reason I really like a sound and the one who credit to remain in my ears.
TOZO Sent the new sinister canal earbud when it say him roughly a question with him falling was. It has taken so only the week to take a new a! With which resetting a earbuds according to his directions, again reset the canal to the left has continued to the fall was like an old a. It is possible that a question is with a legislation bud, but has sent so only some lefts. More probably it is the bad creation that reads so only for some people in some half half.

With which some research it would look that it is scarce for bluetooth auricular to do a lot of all a time, like this Tozo is not so only in this appearance. I have read that Bose frames a bit that read, but some descriptions on Amazon belie that. Of then it possesses the together of Apple AirPods, and utmost, knows is possible to draw something concealed works properly, electronically (AirPods the slip was and is not to water that it resists).

Has several reasons because wireless earbuds could fall is gone in a sinister canal, but all mix around a signal. Bluetooth Transmits some sinister canals and of the legislations to some legislations bud (master), and then some legislations bud sends a sinister canal to an accident bud (slave) street another bluetooth canal. Of then more the bosses tend to dull a signal, signal very small taking by means of skin, skull, brain, and blood. It is better to take some antennas out of an ear like the signal can go around a boss, as to speak. It suspects the apple has imagined to be and dip an antenna in this little root that hangs out of an ear.

Is sad that these TOZO earbuds no the value darn of then touch quite well for bluetooth audio of a file of Mp3, and wireless bluetooth is like this convenient when that run, cycling, etc. Like this now is behind to an Apple AirPods that slip out of my ears. Ugh!

Top Customer Reviews: SoundPEATS TrueFree ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Kenisha
In the word - WOW! Bought these for my woman that spends the plot of time in a telephone for subject and preoccupied me quite having him a tlphonique afterwards in his cape that a lot. It has matched once the and has data the in his raisin a next hour that listens in Spotify and dance around a house. A process the party is very mere has read th first instructions. You have to pull so much out of one uploads simultaneously and expect for the little so so that it connects in the each another. Then gone back in your Bluetooth and elect Soundpeats R. That is to say! You have connected now in stereo! One benefits is in fact can match each which or to separate devices! Surprising!

Liked me so much of that has sold immediately my Apple Wireless EarPods for a ridiculous prize although paid for them the new mark! I have ordered another set of these and there was $ 130 in my pocket to kick! A quality of his of this economic earbuds done an Apple EarPods pee in his metaphorical trousers! The state can happier with another set of Bluetooth earbuds and has tried very LG, Sony, Audio of Beaten(LOL) and another. These outperform everything of them rids down!
4 / 5 Gustavo

SoundPeats has achieved has been behind in me. And I provided me the pair of substitution. To take a new pair my original subject where another has listened the noise in a fund has ceased. Any subject there, as I guess a last pair there has been only was the bad batch. SoudPeats Was hurriedly to answer and aided was. The service adds through and through. Highly it recommends!
Has purchased this product, and was very excited to use he for my workouts, as well as calls of tlphonique in some vain. It opens The does not take me bad. Quality of sounds for musician, books of audio, videos, etc....The sound adds! My only subject is that when is speaking in a tlphonique the multiple people have informed to listen an echo or the light noise in a backdrop while speech. I reset of factory earbuds multiple time, has used each which how one in cute road for them, matched and multiple time has repaired, but in any utility. If you want to something in simply listen in musician, books of audio, etc...Then this will be adds since you. If you want for some anterior things, as well as to have conversations of tlphonique in some vain would be cautious. I very well could have the bad pair, but disappoint that another in an end to take calls of tlphonique has had the problem that listen me. I will be to return my pair because of them not conforming my necessities. Perhaps you write you better luck.
4 / 5 Chrystal
More everything in this wireless ear buds is the roads adds. Even so, one '15 hours playtime' would not have to be comprised to mean '15 continual hours playtime'. Enough, you will be required to interrupt yours 15 hour playtime with 3 touching sessions. A buds only will touch quite 3.5 hours until requiring be recharged, and if a load is touched, has to to the left for enough 3 more load without being plugged in good-looking walnut. The while this listens, once achieves a 3.5 hour or so mark, a buds to beat was automatically.
5 / 5 Aundrea
His of good quality, same tomb. A buds come with different sized rubber nubs to return your ears perfectly. It maintains it was each noise of backdrop likes to take the totally immersive experience. Fresh case to touch that it is so easy what only falling your buds in a correct side. It matches automatically when take them was again. I want the and highly would recommend his.
Update: they are announced that having 15 hours of playtime, but has not taken never more concealed 4 hours out of them before have has had to recharge. Still very earbuds if you are well with that.
5 / 5 Dian
Use very wireless earbuds in a past, and these by far has been a better! Of audio of his add in to good sure of the consolation adds, to well sure can say that these earbuds is one of the class!

But, has a problem has remarked. With these models this new plus would suppose one Bluetooth the connection has improved, and yes, has, but there is the delay. I am not sure why that is to say, and has tried factory resetting a earbuds and lining them during ten bren, but has still the delay. As I Have discovered had the delay was, when was in Youtube those uses a earbuds to listen, to well sure could remark the late delay in a earbuds. A lot other videos have confirmed that is to say some , and also tried Netflix, also having the delay.

In general, soundpeats, characterise them to you has done utmost wireless earbuds for a prize, but only is not to perfect in a road that has the light, but perceivable delay!
5 / 5 Georgiana
1 EDIT (02/04/19): Still maintaining a description of 5 stars so that the service of client was hurriedly and effective! I help us it has entered to me less than 5 minutes and has resolved my subject. A left headphone has prendido to connect in a right, as I have contacted support of the client and they issue me some few instructions of reset. I reset he and then matched that at all spent again! Thank you SoundPEATS For still when being an amazing company! Wanting a receiver still!

As it look in the bouquet of auricular while it has had the little of SoundPEATS and has no known offered these. Alas an anterior ones have conformed death to lose or fact of harm for another. Any I only uses these to call the clients but I use the in a gymnasium when starts. The May since arrives, has been happy with a quality. State listening in Excision is Lost the set of the earth all day and these headphones have me very done happy. I am so happy and I thank you SoundPEATS to do such quality adds in the prize of subject!
4 / 5 Rosia
Low profile in my pocket
magnet quite strong these wineries the in so that it has had any subjects with a buds fallen was
5 / 5 Asha
$ 30 For headphones of excellent quality. His well. Easy to connect. Life to add stack. I actuate There It go It also multiple pairs of soundpeats in some pasts that was also adds. Any complaint. On that, although you lose it is only $ 30 to substitute. It can lose this 5 times even so any one that pays a same quantity like a pair of pods of air.
1 / 5 Tanna
PROS: Down Claro, Abordable , adds, Easy to pose up and pair, the sound is point and averts!
Gilipollas: First time has done literally 5 no out of the mine which telephone a earbuds has been connected in, a sound has begun skipping. He no disconnect, was skipping, kinda which when is looking the video of Youtube via WiFi and your WiFi disconnects. Similar in that. Every time I give a behind afterwards in my device, some returns of audio in his excellent quality. Yes, I unpaired and has matched he again. Still he the one same thing. Yes, I the reset. Still he the one same thing. First Service to time nicknamed of Client of the Amazon those uses a earbuds to inform of my worry and the look can be it has listened clearly, but the robotic sound in me, could not comprise that one takes said. I have had to to hang and call again, any included connects. I have called some 3 times and I have had any subject. Even so, service of the client of the Amazon routed me in technical support, and the technical support was any help as taking was not even sure of his suggestions for me to do for the fix. I truly like a quality to surprise the sound when is very infront of my telephone, but a fact that a purpose of Bluetooth the headphones is for tame when being free, having subject after five few any one out of a device attacks a purpose. It possesses Bluetooth multiple receiver/earbuds, of beaten in JBL in other marks, still possess at least 5 different pairs to date, even so, any one of them there has been this subject. (- _-)
1 / 5 Bryce
I have wanted the for some first two weeks, then would not connect like the pair, only would connect one the times and I only can listen out of this unit tries everything of an on-line troubleshooting that could find, at all the laws and a company are absolutely any help. Further thwarting!!

Top Customer Reviews: SoundPEATS True ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Geraldo
It IS sceptical, has purchased some bluetooth auricular wireless recently to triple what this side me and has had at all but problems with them but I have thought costs a risk for less than $ 30. It IS VERY pleasantly surprised with these.

Has Had any party of the problem imagined it once was that it was a R and L ( supposition, erroneously, this would be L in R with one covers in a back but they some opposite of this) has a R and L in a case and in a buds they, only has not looked at the beginning. Once that it was ordered a party was softly in my telephone. It was able to use for the call and has had any subject with his or a mic, was the small 'also' real while has had to one of a buds sure when the be has not gone in fact that cross my van bluetooth.

Has matched only the with my computer to use like the headphones to do so that I hate to be tethered in a computer with the cape and an another bluetooth connected headsets (some very expensive) was to crap. I maintain a case in my desktop and fall them behind in in an end of a day and he do very good. Included can purchase it another pair to use rigidly with my telephone. In this signal of prize can has done did not beat it.

A quality of his comparable east in any bass in half field of headphones, goes strong, a sound is clear, calling and the habladura is not and the subject but these are not a depth of lovers of the musician headphone, yes wants the quality of the sound adds with the deep base goes to owe the peel has been more than $ 30 for that. You have Beaten, it has mid the field and I have cost lower headsets, these are quality adds for a prize, but is not quality of musician of big final, any one that has that is expecting that for this point of prize.
5 / 5 Caroll
I am supremely picky in earbuds. Has very of the small sensitive ears and as when these are come up on relieving the roads have decided to give the the gone. My anterior pair of wireless earbuds (with the cape that connects the) had crapped was- more this likely so that I have slept with them on). Quan Took it these has been pleased that had so many options for measures. A small plus ones return PERFECTLY. Has his fantastic. I want his small measure. A case is is small and still effective.

My wine to surprise big earlier this when the week thought that has had misplaced the in the some place here marries. Only to find one of them tumble out of one when the washing machine downloaded the. Looked for travers and found another in a door gasket of my front loader. A case has been found blended in with some interior of clothes a washer. Needless To say imagined also could them launch was. It imagines my surprise when a light blinked when pressed a button. I plugged the so many in a case and plugged concealed in and a light is come on. I have expected the day or so much and has turned the on, has matched the with my tlphonique and expected in or listen static or at all at all. Nope! They sound perfect. A sound is crisp and clear. I am so impressed.
5 / 5 Jule
The quality of his east supremely impressive for ~$ 30 headphones, the levels of basses is fantastic while you ensure to focus tight in your canal of ear, and the boy is comfortable and convenient. Calm truly believe you the will not find any some the better wireless headphones that this under $ 100.

Uses these in a dispatch and in a gymnasium. They never fallen out of my ears, accesses in my pockets and listen that at all it is there.

December 2018 update: A 'the down calm volume/' the subject mentioned in some descriptions some old plus has been RESOLVED! I have been shipped a version of the update and these things sound utmost And take strong! I can it does not recommend the enough, 5 sure stars.
5 / 5 Rosetta
If it can dream in the pair of Bluetooth auricular perfect wireless this would be the .

One can of only negative thing in in this way of the receiver is that it can lose you or unit of fall..

And has any control of volume in a earbud he...
4 / 5 Arleen
Test very bluetooth earphone creations, and so far like these a better. For me personally, I like a capacity to spend only a earbud while doing treat so still can listen environmental sounds (boys, animal, woman). I have found another BT earphone the creations have linked joint for a work in good consonance.. But it is not conducive to spend only a - like weight of one 'in slope' earbud attractions another out of an ear.

Draws well, and very subject left immediately with mine tlphonique - or in the each another when powered on. Option in estereo' breaking a earbuds to do with each another, or pair individually with the multiple devices are also well.

The life of stack is adapted - and as expected of earbuds to arrive to this point of prize. Another more is a piece of ear of the turnips of rubber' on in a earbud so rests in place. Some similar priced earbuds has one earpiece that is to say lips on and does not ensure so fallen out of easy. No a subject with these.

The 'defect' only in my opinion is a measure - is main this has expected to bond out of an ear. But again, I have not paid 'ultra lustrous and low profile' prize. Also it have it the has not had a subject with them the falls was, as they rest amiably in an ear, and apt snugly with a diverse sized pieces of ear. I spend the while running, doing work of yard, and all enter-.
2 / 5 Arline
As these are my together premiers of some wireless headphones.
Pros: Well out of ones pose of the boxes up was sper easy, has matched well up with my Galaxy of Samsung 8 without subjects, and then matched in eachother (only press an another button to party joints them).
Can move easy and theyre snug in my ear and any one when being very to like go to the fall was but ailing update later after running bit it.
Gilipollas: It likes him all the world-wide has said more is quite tinny at the beginning, but the fast movement in my parameters of audio in my tlphonique and now is normal to sound.
How And is to use to the foam touches this rubber ones are not very comfortable in me, and and can not substitute some tips with a foam ones because of an ear buds not returning in a canal to touch with them on. I will be to look for substitutions that apt and more to come.

These are ridiculous, some lefts earpiece the volume fallen by almost the averages of the cual some rights earpiece the poses was, and both are gone down volume . I Like him his of my strong musician, and these only posed out of bare audio. My car volume is posed in 10 and and can listen it on a earpieces in max. Usually I like him his SoundPeats, but and think of east was to lose he in my book.
4 / 5 Shaquita
I have begun to use these buds 3 days ago. Apt and the appearance is 5 star . Any dangling like airpods. The quality of call is well, any drop. The automatic reparation hardly takes a buds out of uploading the box is awesome.Pair very well of buds to possess.

One of a picture of product aims these come with cover of ear of different measures with tips of guide, and around cover them only taken of ear, but very he winged the tips to guide that will be it useful in posing them properly in ear. But without them also scratch, as and is well. But only leaving other buyers know.

An only flu is an amplification of his of buds could have been more stronger, some falls of low beginning of any another wire fence or bluetooth headset. To pose the context, if you are in in in the to to the noisy place likes him in of flight, hardly can listen that it is touching. If you are in the place filled so of the pieces then also the sound takes to listen a beginning. In the car (or) dispatch or house, this well to control in every respect. There is any one adjustment of his in a buds, trusts a volume a device has connected can beat to bomb that is. In the stairs of loudness 1 any one when being pas listened, 10 beginning to be of the noise that annuls bose headset, this support in stairs 6.
4 / 5 Ricarda
Where to start with?? It possesses almost each mark of headphones of very expensive (bose) in some was mark , and this ear buds is SURPRISING!!! It have purchased some regulate bluetooth buds the years of mark of pair and has remarked that an isolation of noise was at all down of the miracle. It IS well to see that a same quality transferred in these. A party was seamless and some remarkable bass! This road costs besides concealed that it spend you on it. He so favours you and orders the pair now! The calm will not be disappointed
1 / 5 Sacha
A bisarrest the product has not purchased never.

- Connection of Bluetooth sketchy. Audio skips often in right ear. Or glitches in so much.
- In iPhone, a very applications of sure common audio (that comprises an application of video - so that it forget it to look films). Or serious lags
- updating a firmware requires is in the room without another Bluetooth or WiFi signals. It have to me down in a garage during an hour that mark the tlphonique the sure rests arouse (the screen that goes was interrupts download).
- Only one of some pieces of ear go to line- after you take the ones of a case. I need to arouse another up in addition to occasions.
5 / 5 Mirta
It substitutes JBL elite headphone. It sounds also but the lighter of plot and comfortable. I am by train to use it Daily. The commentary can walk out of my note of galaxy 8 quite 50 ft without any static noise and enough 15 ft with note of galaxy 4 (I supposition a difference among Bluetooth 4.2 against 5.0). Very happy especially that considers how much paid. My boys there is Iconx 2018. Iconx Sounds better (the deepest base) and has built in reproductor of Mp3, but gradient almost $ 90 more. I am happy with this earbuds.

Top Customer Reviews: Purity True ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Clay
Simply situate a Purity Earbud interior of your ear. With which, transfer slightly behind and has been partorisca maintain a Purity Earbud snug and ensure in your ear. I have taken the video to the equal that has dipped a earbuds on, of then all the ears are form differently, so only rotate the until it feels consolation and snug!
4 / 5 Rhea
Like the headline says is, 5 stars, UTMOST wireless earbuds, but some things to maintain in alcohols.

1) A buds does not fall to a cradle to touch without taking the second (literally 1 as) to do sure his almost 'click' in. You take the red light when they are touching this in spite of as his very obvious.

2) An egg to touch the much more durable looks that another buds has in this point of prize. (I has multiple for activity of multiple/locations)

3) A pause, skip, keys of call of the response is not of the real keys. They are like the screen to touch or he samsung television. Ossia Probably well for more the chances but will not substitute mine another neighbour for mountain biking. It likes the 'Click' a lot of when I press a key. I do not want to count on relieving it my toe. No in that has the physicist, moving the key is probably soyain final' that is reason are certainly not taking the star. It looks to do adds.

4) Uses these for activities likes them cut a herb or working external when I do not love music of explosion that my neighbours can here. Also well reason when I am doing in my car/bicycle/anything, can pull on youtube video to help and the people do not know that I am looking the tutorial :)

5) I swapped to some things of ear of the hule main. They look to remain in my ear a lot well and to good sure would go that it runs with them averts that I have mentioned in 3.

6) Quality of looks of Audio tp be in pair with the smallest ear buds. Perhaps it has included the little better. A lows is to good sure there. Any empty touching at all. Considering that light these are, am kinda has surprised sound like this as well as they do!
5 / 5 Sachiko
You look to purchase some wireless earbuds partorisca sometime now. With which have lost my Bose QC 35 I state that loves cut behind in expensive headphones. I have found these earbuds and has verified was all of my boxes.

A quality of build is sum. It has good weight and feel to an ear buds. They are the little bulky for my ears but his records and stay in place. So only I need to take used to them. A quality of his clear east, thumps of basses and a connection of audio is solid.

Has tried another wireless Bluetooth to the receiver likes them to them the candy of skull and the costruttore but a row is very short. Any subject with these creatures.

A life of battery is surprising. Better that my current wireless headphones. One touching is very simple and to to the laws so only likes them to them to them the pods of air of the Apple. Have Roughly magnetism in a chance like an ear buds lock to situate when they are situated in a chance to touch. A chance is well, durable and so only a right measure. I do not have any subjects with a chance that opens accidentally reason closes and clamps tight.

Could use the little more the sound that annuls, but this could be my ears not forming to a hule buds concealed coming with him.

Are very happy with this ear buds and does not plan on taking anything different for the long time.
5 / 5 Nita
Has has wanted to stereo earbuds concealed has not had a boss to link for the moment to the equal that have been excited to take these. A AirPods is a estandard' in this category to the equal that was uncertain in a pairing discover a together with the each one like this another and then to a telephone.
After revising a fast start drives this explains clearly to the equal that to do to have the positive experience and that follows these instructions mecer was in stereo.
To the equal that can know of my description does not create to have the ear to discern for quality of music, especially of then are usually Amazon of First common music versus some lossless Flac file. I say this to simply mention that while they touch good mine YMMV based on your own opinion. They are balanced and do the good work in a mids and highs and while a fund is soft any one has his eardrums that is pummeled for the clue of base.

IPX5 Means can tolerate exposed of light water (sweat, rain, etc,) but is not the diving estada in consonance like any at all with them. The chances of cariche are estimated to do three cariche full of headphones and some three insiemi to cover them of the ear would owe that leave for all the world-wide to find the record that reads for them. I have not gone that careers to ensure remain in an ear but basic walking around and that shakes my boss is remained around in firm and situate I so that it thinks that ossia the good test .

In general am very satisfied with a whole experience and quality of product and highly recommend consider these are looking for wireless stereo earbuds to compare the AirPods.
5 / 5 Crysta
If you are looking the 'cut a boss' or there is has lost finally a battle with your device no longer sustaining the headphone jack, has a value to look here!

A earphones is light weight. When My woman used them, at the beginning is not crazy in a sound (says was too soft) but coming with measure of ear of things of hule additional of coverage ( knows that I bad - some pieces that auricular to mark main or smaller that return comfortably in any one is ear ). In his chance, a measure a smaller that was has comprised a lot so only returned better but has touched stronger also. Simply it calms it can not expect audio of quality of big final but to be in a gone, has touched utmost.

Connecting to a telephone was the breeze (telephone of 2 years) to the equal that imagine is included easier with any device any new plus also.

A chance is the tiny has bitten bulky but this could be the good thing with him having the decent proportion to measure the battery. It is not the wireless touching able chance but again for a prize, would be impacted if it have been. It was too well of the value to concern roughly he no when comprising . Instead it has the microUSB spent to use to touch. A chance also has the little strap of wrist has attached his and 4 lights of indicator.

Ossia To good sure the solid option to choose for wireless earphones. I think that that it calms it will find it wonderful any to have any bosses that goes in your way to the equal that are moving around a house or in a gone. They will seat comfortably for the yes calm hours left and be in a ready when calm require them.
4 / 5 Hyun
Is much less and there is more the functionalities have compared to the majority of some competitors
2.un his & stereo the quality is very good and clear
3.unatascáis Of returns of ear correctly when using some propiciado by ear of correct measure and annuls noise
( Fines Tecla of Function) is a awesome look which is very easy to use ( Follows a manual for all the characteristics)
5. They are able to control Siri using MFB, likes to ask SIri to control volume of the mine telephone or call any of my contacts
6.un the chances is like this pleasant and the really like some indicators to touch in a chance to see some levels of cariche
7.unla The life of battery is very good and some times of use can be augmented to use a earbuds one the time neither an accident or buds to the equal that has required
8. A earbuds transmissions among calls and music and a mic quality of his east also a lot
9. A earbuds has the very good row of coverage.
10. I can maintain my telephone or ipad in a room and listen to the music and the answered have called other rooms in office or house

1. For some calm initially can feel that annoying in your ears, after using for few days your ears will take used his
2. Read a manual & follows some instructions before pairing a earbuds otherwise can have subjects. If you are some very correctly the pairing will be the breeze
can feel like a earbuds will fall was, but use a silicone of correct earcaps that coming together with a product( Measure: Petit, Average , Big) returns correctly and comfortable in your ears

In general this the product Adds that has very characteristic useful & very functional for the fraction of prize that the majority of a competitor to exist produced in a phase.
4 / 5 Kendall
I gotta say, has had $ 180 some wireless earbuds and has has had also the low plus priced some all a way down to around $ 50. As considering has seen a difference among expensive earbuds vs still of the lowest sides, has not thought a purity one would impress. I am not saying has been blown was, but was better that some earbuds ossia two times or three expensive times. A subject has had with another wireless earbuds is randomly disconnect and take the min to connect them. Has has had to that sometimes reset his the pair to time until they have done properly. With a purity one was súper smooth and like this far, with which almost the month of use, has been connected perfectly to my Galaxy S10. That I amour in these is that hardly I take him out of a chance, connects to my telephone, like a airpods. Still I am trying take a hangs of a control to touch in each earbuds. His quite sensitive to touch like this cause a player of music. A chance also can give the good load. Hard for roughly 2 cariche full. A quality of his, although no a better, impressed really. The common of the people will not remark a difference in his among the most expensive pair. Some bass is decent also. It heats on the bit after an hour or like this of use. I have purchased it pours of foam and of the has not been a subject. At present I am using he in place of my more expensive pair.
5 / 5 Love
- Fast nave: received a earbuds 2 days after ordering.

- Easy to dip up and pair out of a box. It comes with drive fast. For a time has taken his, a buds was already synced to the each one like this another and ready to pair.

- A chance to touch load the full capacity relatively quickly. Taking so only in an hour while I have had an ear buds in my ears. There is remarked, this in spite of, that with which in an hour to listen, was down the half battery.

- A buds is quite comfortable. Has small ears and consistently ache of ear of the experience to spend other frames, comprising AirPods. These come with the few different measures of pieces of ear of the silicone. It was able to leave a incumplimiento and has experienced any ache. They are returned in my ears comfortably and does not slip era.

- An ear of Purity buds place out of the plot of sound. Also they the good work to annul noise. Included when they are not touching music, has the hard time that listens the one who another is saying mine.

- I would say some bass is of half quality, but a highs (triple) is quite big.

In general, would recommend these headphones because they are returned like this comfortably, can see me using this plus of the mine AirPods like the result.
5 / 5 Eugene
It was skeptical for the wireless down cost bluetooth earbuds, but then was pleasantly surprised with this pair. It is very built and feels quality very big. A good black arrival resembles very big priced some and a shell of anxiety that spends/that it touches the box feels a lot of refined. They are not a audiphile so it can do not saying if a quality of his more compared east to other frames, but so that it has used he for him was perfect. It was able to look TV/of film in my mobile device without @@subject and listen the steaming services of music like being the conjoint wire fence . A hard battery the moment. I have not stressed for the try but still with which 4 hours of streaming has can and once dipped behind in a chance to spend begins to touch. A thing has wished was the USB-to to C connector like him to him all my devices is now USB-C and does not spend a micro USB uploads or boss anymore. A function of pairing was easy also. I have used a device of Android and he paired fast and some instructions were clear and attentive. Very pleased with him. I have used he for call of telephone and another end there is not complained or say otherwise, but will be necessary to try it was the little more time especially on called of conference. For now it is the pair adds and will continue to use the.
5 / 5 Estell
Left the start with quell'I desire was bit it better:

has not had a lot the disturbed in these headphones, especially compared against my bluetooth auricular that is the pair of the old years. A worse that can say is that it looks does other headphones on Amazon with the little more characteristic and/or for the prize the low plus. But he no that has used those is really hard to compare against everything. Prpers Having said that some of some things have seen in other headphones are an exposure FOCUSED that gives the battery more granulates the life that informs and the key to help with a power on/was.

An exposure could be well, but one 4 LEDs ossia the breakings of this chance give you 25 granularity which have found to be quite good. More, imagines these LEDs use it less can that an exposure, enough would have a life of battery goes to some headphones.

A power on/was looks to do well without an extra key, as my old some. They can down quickly when situated in a chance.

A good:

Perhaps all Bluetooth 5.0 headphones are like this, but connect SÚPER quickly! Much faster that my old pair.

Have a condition of ear in my right ear, which means I need to be able to use a left bud so only. Some old plus earbuds has not done in this way, but these perfectly like concealed. So only I take a left one was and can on and league immediately.

A life of battery, especially in only earbud way, is fantastic. I have been using them for the moment and my old pair would have died a lot the time excepts is still in 3 out of 4 LEDs illuminated.

Has tried both pair for the pocolos small so only to take an idea of quality of his and looked really good. Again, better that my old pair.

My sinister ear also often has questions taking earbuds to remain in place. Has has had to that fiddle around with a right tip to use, but after trying all three taste of the look has found a measure that mark to focus good and stays in place.

Am quell'has bitten ambivalent in a transmission of induction. In one a hand is ordered enough and big technology. But in some other I take swipes accidentels that initiates/to stop that touches. Prpers Having said that, looks to be a way more earbuds is going now he so that it dip that in the neutral state according to which characteristic.

For me, using an only earbud, a súper life of the long battery in this way is the characteristic of murderous. Utilisation these when commuting for bicycle, and has been tired of the mine old some dying on me too often. These a last a lot, much more. If it can improve anything so only says probably would owe that go down a prize the bit to be more competitive with another earbuds with characteristic alike.

MODIFY: With the little more the time are quell'has bitten more disappointed in an approximation of the life of battery FOCUSED. Mostly reason times when I use some headphones and then situate them behind and does not see some lights come on at all, as I do not have any one follows that the level is uploaded against. I have contacted support of client and has said concealed means a unit is touched fully, only lights when it takes to 75 or lower, but does not think that is the creation adds. You would owe that be able to see the one who one load is in wins.' Also, some tips have been returning the little less although originally I have thought. It is a lot, very scarce that finds earbuds that read with my sinister ear, something so only is not well with a form of this ear (the only some this work is súper long that really go in an ear, as to cover them for the listened). Mostly I can he , but has to that be careful roughly moving he during activity.

Top Customer Reviews: [Updated Version] ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Timothy
One touches operation partorisca powering a chance of base and alike operation partorisca turn in the each one also earbud also. Calm once initiate to turn in a base, some lights answered quickly and brightly, relieving viewing during twilight or operation of evening. Earbuds Also is colour coded, any red is unpaired, or blue paired. A earbuds access firmly in a chance, although it has turned to the rovescio, seemingly the strong magnetic annex ensures these to a base. Pairing With any telephone or the pill is effortless, and so only the simple fines-process of any of your device. Once paired, and selecting your election of (5) different comprised earbuds, a quality of his to good sure apparent of the this - selection of Classical music, here come .
4 / 5 Shante
Has decided the upgrade of my level Apple earbuds and could not be happier. A quality of his east amazing and a row is incredible. I can situate my telephone in my fourth this in spite of listen my iTunes that touches in a cookery. I have had a earbuds partorisca roughly 2 weeks so many could give the thorough description. It likes that I can see of a life of battery of a earbuds in my telephone when a earbuds is connected. Once paired a earbuds pair automatically to your device once is taking out of a cradle partorisca touch, which are partorisca add stops to that the does not like him partorisca go to the his bluetooth of the frame every time wants to connect his earbuds. A life of battery is really well too much. With which to 2 now workout session, still actuate the averages the battery has left. In general partorisca a prize, these earbuds is grave utmost , well, very comfortable (especially partorisca those with the smallest ears) and stylish.

Update:1 Month less take
Earbuds still is going strong. So that frequently they lose connection in a earbud suggests partorisca touch your earbuds in a chance with a cord of USB plugged your walls uploads. It does not unplug until a blue light there is prendido blinking, ossia when it is full touched and act more. Calm to good sure will remark a difference, and a row of your bluetooth increases in the full battery.
5 / 5 Lucilla
My woman and I could not be pleased more without the compraventa. A quality of his, the creation and the prize these earbuds the no-brainer in my sincere opinion. A 2000mah the capacity that touches the chance is surprising. It do not doubt partorisca recommend a Relaxyo Wireless Ear Buds.
Update 7/9/19: I have received my Relaxyo Ear Buds on 6/10/19 and has not touched a chance of bank of the power, of a day arrives... Admitted, so only uses an ear buds 60 minutes partorisca do each day and when it never was am running errands, but are really beginning partorisca ask how long a bank partorisca be able to wins goes without the recharge. An indicator partorisca upload still is blinking 3 times, which according to a manual, the half is still almost in full load. I spend a compact chance with me all a time, in the pocket of leg of mine thickets, cariche of the trousers, or shorts like an ear buds is always has touched fully. The desire had purchased this ear buds long fact! When being able to speak in a telephone rid free and listen the crisp the clear music is soooo well.
4 / 5 Byron
Like better that has thought! Some instructions are easy to comprise and cover them for the listened is easy to pair with my iPhone. They are nervous reason am too big for my ears, but reasons has the discharge for the extra has listened, can find the place concealed to return me! I use him to listen the music and exercise a same time, and there is not any question in his now in place. They are to delete well a noise around him. It is almost he adds! Touching is very easy. It likes that they are of magnetic, basically installed in a room to touch. I used it when I have answered a telephone, and do a lot well. People in another end of a telephone has not known used it.
4 / 5 Brandon
Has bought these this week after the preferred in a pear of ear of Bluetooth earbuds there is prendido unexpectedly law. These are utmost, a sound is fantastic and was really easy to use, his paired with my telephone immediately, any faffing has required. I have been clashed among buying these and some pods of air of the apple, am happy has bought these and has saved of the money. A plus of entity that can not import to another but I was very happy to see real keys in a buds like this new touch the visas of sensitive keys elsewhere in my experience is usually the rubbishes of has bitten. So much in all very happy.
4 / 5 Kali
A lot my mates now are using like airpods and another wireless earbuds; then I am looking a for me and I am to come crosses with east an on Amazon. One of some characteristic takes my attention is waterproof characteristic , but has not been tried that characteristic still. It likes a stereo of system of the his of this headset and annulment of the noise in fact does too much. Quality of the call of the telephone is quite well too much. The prize is not very bad neither. For me it is like this far like this good and enjoys it my music with headset.
5 / 5 Tegan
In general, these earbuds is excellent. They leave use of Siri in iOS telephones. Some instructions are clear and corrected. To @give a quality of his excellent an user has to that select some tips of ear of pertinent measure so that the external noise can be excluded.
A time of habladuría is 3-to 4 hours likes them described for of a container inserts/inserts. A recharge the time is short, roughly 20 minutes when a earbuds is situated in a chance that pode king-touch a earbuds roughly 15 first times of a battery in some needs of chances to be animal-has touched. A earbuds quickly connect to the each one like this another. Pairing With bluetooth the devices is simple and fast. In scarce occasion an accident earbud disconnected resultant silent and then reconnected to a legislation earbud. This looked to arrive so only in big wind external locations. These earbuds is the value adds and produced of excellent quality.
4 / 5 Dona
OMG Guyz And Dollz this wireless earbuds is SURPRISING. 1st what there is remarked was a magnetic force to resist them in a port to the touch is POWEFUL and AMAZING! They will not fall it it was and suffer harm. A quality of a sound of a music thru east listening the device is BRILLIANT! They are UNABLE to listen a lot if any at all of an external noise! And of the that included take me begun in a life of battery. It was able to listen to these constantly during a day for 2 days strait. A fact that pode a earbud touching bank like the telephone that the bank of touches the stray also. Ossia AMAZING technology ! To speak in a bank to touch, this little chance is LIKE THIS ADORABLE and practical. A presentation in this element is FLAWLESS!!!! Calm To good sure COULD buy like the present!!!
5 / 5 Susannah
I so only has taken my wireless earbuds of the mine old one suffers harm. I have not expected a quality of earbuds when it has ordered, but When it avenges in my house, looks elegant! A box is one uploads for a wireless earbuds for bosses of android(I believes). It looks he taste can use for separate, but am not quite sure still. If he , was to surprise for my laptop!.

Estimativa This product for 5 stars! To good sure.
5 / 5 Renato
Wow, Wow, Wow!!! These are for far one the majority of comfortable earbuds has spent never. His records like this amiably down inside your ear that you hardly included the note is by train to spend them. They come with a lot of tips of different measure, but has found one some concealed was on the partorisca be perfect, as any I still tries some another. On that, a quality of his east awesome. I have not had any subject in his pairing with my iPhone 7 and iPad. A prize added, which any closing prpers give when I ordered him is that a hard chance goes in is in fact the chance to touch, meaning you that can use to touch your telephone. Ossia A characteristic amazing !