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1 first GearLight LED Tactical Flashlight S1000 [2 PACK] - High Lumen, Zoomable, 5 Modes, Water Resistant, Handheld Light - Best Camping, Outdoor, Emergency, Everyday Flashlights GearLight LED Tactical Flashlight S1000 [2 PACK] - High Lumen, Zoomable, 5 Modes, Water Resistant, Handheld Light - Best Camping, Outdoor, Emergency, Everyday Flashlights By GearLight
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2 Vont 2 Pack LED Camping Lantern, Super Bright Portable Lanterns, Must Have During Hurricanes, Emergencies, Storms, Outages, Original Patented Collapsible Camping Lights/Lamp (Includes Batteries) Vont 2 Pack LED Camping Lantern, Super Bright Portable Lanterns, Must Have During Hurricanes, Emergencies, Storms, Outages, Original Patented Collapsible Camping Lights/Lamp (Includes Batteries) By Vont
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3 best UV Flashlight Black light UV Lights , Vansky 51 LED Blacklight Pet Urine Detector For Dog/Cat Urine,Dry Stains,Bed Bug, Matching with Pet Odor Eliminator UV Flashlight Black light UV Lights , Vansky 51 LED Blacklight Pet Urine Detector For Dog/Cat Urine,Dry Stains,Bed Bug, Matching with Pet Odor Eliminator By Vansky
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4 TaoTronics Black Light, 12 LEDs 395nm UV Blacklight Flashlights Detector for Pets Urine and Stains  with 3 Free AAA Batteries TaoTronics Black Light, 12 LEDs 395nm UV Blacklight Flashlights Detector for Pets Urine and Stains with 3 Free AAA Batteries By TaoTronics
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5 Spark LED Headlamp Flashlight (2 PACK) Super Bright Head Lamp Suitable for Running, Camping, Hiking, Climbing, Includes Red Light, Headlamp for Adults & Kids, Vont Spark LED Headlamp Flashlight (2 PACK) Super Bright Head Lamp Suitable for Running, Camping, Hiking, Climbing, Includes Red Light, Headlamp for Adults & Kids, Vont By Vont
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6 Escolite UV Flashlight Black Light, 51 LED 395 nM Ultraviolet Blacklight Detector for Dog Urine, Pet Stains and Bed Bug Escolite UV Flashlight Black Light, 51 LED 395 nM Ultraviolet Blacklight Detector for Dog Urine, Pet Stains and Bed Bug By ESCO LITE
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7 LED Tactical Flashlight, BINWO Super Bright High Lumen XML T6 LED Flashlights Portable Outdoor Water Resistant Torch Light Zoomable Flashlight with 5 Light Modes, 2 Pack LED Tactical Flashlight, BINWO Super Bright High Lumen XML T6 LED Flashlights Portable Outdoor Water Resistant Torch Light Zoomable Flashlight with 5 Light Modes, 2 Pack By BINWO
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8 ELMCHEE Rechargeable headlamp, 6 LED 8 Modes 18650 USB Rechargeable Waterproof Flashlight Head Lights for Camping, Hiking, Outdoors ELMCHEE Rechargeable headlamp, 6 LED 8 Modes 18650 USB Rechargeable Waterproof Flashlight Head Lights for Camping, Hiking, Outdoors By ELMCHEE
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9 GearLight LED Headlamp Flashlight S500 [2 PACK] - Running, Camping, and Outdoor Headlamps - Best Head Lamp with Red Safety Light for Adults and Kids GearLight LED Headlamp Flashlight S500 [2 PACK] - Running, Camping, and Outdoor Headlamps - Best Head Lamp with Red Safety Light for Adults and Kids By GearLight
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10 Anker Rechargeable Bolder LC40 Flashlight, LED Torch, Super Bright 400 Lumens CREE LED, IP65 Water Resistant, 5 Modes High/Medium/Low/Strobe/SOS, Indoor/Outdoor (Camping, Hiking and Emergency Use) Anker Rechargeable Bolder LC40 Flashlight, LED Torch, Super Bright 400 Lumens CREE LED, IP65 Water Resistant, 5 Modes High/Medium/Low/Strobe/SOS, Indoor/Outdoor (Camping, Hiking and Emergency Use) By Anker
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Top Customer Reviews: GearLight LED ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Vanessa
I have required the torch in a park. Sometimes, I require to exit in some fields at night to verify the cows and I as to see that I am taking in. I have bought this based in some excellent descriptions. Quan Has opened was disappointed so that they are small and only take 3 AAA stacks. I did not think it it do a work but they do!!! I can see in 1000 ft with these and scans all some fields. I localised the possum in 1000 ft. It recommends these. I have bought the set for all my boys and of the parents.
5 / 5 Gwenda
I have bought two, or has not done. A compony the response is pending. It likes him-I join me one those works.
UPDATE - Here is the company that cured in a client, when arrived, or has not done is very happy and impressed with a speed of GearLight resolution. Nathaniel Newman, A manager of service of the client, routed the personal note in me, together with TWO TORCHES of substitution And stacks. Thank you So much for that, is attacked has been. These torches are compact, accesses well in your hand, and widens a beam to extend an advance of part. Has different roads, comprising the strobe for self defence. They are very brilliant and that the beam widens was quite the bit, a specifics is in a place. I am very happy with these lights and I now have an extra for the way stuffer! Thank you So much for the product adds and service of fantastic client.
4 / 5 Joetta
My FIRST affiliation has rid these torches a day after I have ordered the.

Some holsters for each torch is the good touch and an only reason for my reluctant 4 spear-indication (versus the 3.5 stars); with the 18650 interior of stack a heft of a torch that is well in grip and affirms is the tez of quality . A vendor also comprises 30% coupon to accustom compraventa another of his products.

The clue is my unfavorable commentaries:
1. Scratches In the each lentil of torch that can not be take (already informed behind in a vendor)
2. The light bulb has DIRECTED generic used in the each GearLight unit. A GearLight has DIRECTED any illuminating like the brilliant like another tactical torch has purchased, which has used CROSS T6 Wick light bulb. You will see an enormous difference in an image has provided. A left illumination is of one another tactical torch those launches the brilliant of the whitest illumination in my wall of dispatch (both torches have had the new mark 18650 interior of stacks likes him source to be able in).

In general, no the compraventa bad for torches to have around a house, since all a vendor provided you. A lot I create a clear source in these units can be better.
5 / 5 Tyron
Shining, Robust, and kool look. Only complaints- no come with rechargeable the stack is, which for one beat record that is purchased and has used separately. Segundo, his results to be able to immense in the no durable stack while my old light., I Taking 'dull', or sensibly no so brilliant. Stack The race of the time for me is the half a week, still emits quite clear to see for the majority of part, but like him brilliant.Also the use daily for in minimum 5 hours the day, as no very bad. Only it think it well to the signal was. I am very happy with this light and can see his quality will leave me to have he for years. The prjimo inversion is rechargeable stack to cut behind in the band was. Tactical and cost effective. Also another point adds in this product is on is can on full. If the turn goes it when being returns in brilliants. Any cycle through all the roads unless calm the the on and hurriedly depresses a button for the change. My vain old light owe cycle he that was VERY annoying
5 / 5 Lenita
I have ordered in the first place these lights the while he he and was immediately very impressed for his sudden and SAY brilliance to draw the difference of any another had seen in his measure. You are the fireman /EMT for in 19 years and has used a lot of lights, but these are far and was a more has not used never! Even so, the few weeks later, has developed the problem with an action to change and has mentioned he in my description. Without me still asking, GearLight Client Servive shipped me quickly two new substitution lights as well as new changes for one ones have had. They included routed of new stacks also! That is to say subject when being further responsive service of client!!! The calm can any gone bad with these lights and this amazing company! I actuate Already the bought another for the present in my nephew and feigns to give much more during some holidays. I use mine very time every day.
5 / 5 Yvonne
It see it adds for a prize. Very brilliant. Im Sure has more than shining ones for much more of money. I can testify in durability. One of a some I own was involuntarily run over for my cart and crusader snowblower. Clear still works. I wooul recommends..
5 / 5 Roosevelt
Only it finish it to 2 week backpacking trip in Thailand and Laos. A light has been point and averts. During the three jungle of hike in the daytime, a light was one goes in for our group of eight. All the world has wanted a view of wide angle (especially during our games of card) and use seen of distance to see some animals are some trees in of the distances very very time.

Second Description:
HAS FINISHED only the trip vacacional in Tulum Mexico with my threads my old plus. We use some clear nightly in navigate a narrow street and occupied of Tulum. A light have protected holes and left some carts know walked beside a road. I require to rob my threads is my clear back after a trip has been done.
5 / 5 Eloise
GearLight, asked Me to revise this light and shares my thoughts. Well out of a box, has been impressed. This light is solid under construction and the looks well have done. One looks of this light, to the cual I very likes him, is a turn of automobile in big beam after it is has been has been during twenty bren. Any one that road of subject was in when the turn was, always comes on in big beam. It changes in other roads are easy.

Does not have to to any reference like him to him some lumens was of place, as I have written service of the client and said me to us, that this light is estimated in 1040 Lumens. Into use real, is more afterwards in 300 in 800 lumens, according to some stacks is using. I have installed AAA Alcaline stacks. (3) it Requires it. They give to save beat to illuminate your world. Calm also can use rechargeable NiMH (Nickel- Hydride of Metal) stacks. If yours looking for the maximum power was place , also can use the 18650 Lithium-ion rechargeable stack. A light comes with the plastic tube for this purpose.

Touched with some variable houses and he utmost. Place in road of flood, ignited in a side of my barn in 70 course. This can big flashes the lights are not of the toys. The May can look You directly in a beam. In 300 lumens is intense. In full can, is blinding. You can break your eyes. If has small boys, does not have to never remain a game with this light to flash.

While with any one beats big has DIRECTED clear, will take hot after time of long career. That is to say normal and will not hurt a light. GearLight Offers the guarantee of year for this light. It IS dish clad. If anything goes bad, will cure of him. Considering a modest prize, and 2 lights are comprised, and my first contact with service of client, convinced me, that these light merits 5 stars.
4 / 5 Lisbeth
I have purchased only the set (of 2) of these torches and my first thought are, ' has seen these in a piece in fact a lot of years now, but at the end decided to buy the pair'. These are not utmost but for a prize, quite $ 8 each what so, is not too bad. You can it does not compare the in the $ 200 SureFire, but for $ 8... Why any one? They are 'well to have around torches .

Goes to be hypocritical for now here and say 'would not trust my life with these torches , and a purpose of them the interior a moment is a next road of 1 trip of weeks. They are absolutely necessary? No, but will have the in case that, and the backup. My old $ 200 SureFire 6P has one which incandescent races of light bulb for quite a lot of 20 minutes. I cost me another $ 100 for a conversion has DIRECTED. I in some point substitutes the with GOOD torches.

On in a description. That can say that 2400 other people have not said? I any one reads each what 2400 descriptions so that it does not know that it is already declare said, but here go.

First of all, one has DIRECTED used is not very compatible. Obviously, there are 2 identical torches. I have posed in 2 it has touched recently 18650 stacks and has turned the on, zoomed and very zoomed. Has the quite flat flood master. The illumination is surprisingly same. Even so, when zoomed in, has the difference of light brilliance. I have changed the stacks and a difference is still evident. In this way a quality of the manufacture is not quite until snuff, but VAL still... For one $ 8 light of flashes. Quan IS by train to use you His, am sure any one a lot of notes. In of the considerations to fashionable levels, any one has mentioned flickering and failure after the few months. It do not expect these in last very very time but take the year of them, concealed is VAL. Usually, electronic components of China and one that (included the products have done in some the USA) is directed in a limit and sometimes his limits are spent to express more lumens out of FOCUSED, which will provide more lumens (for a WOW factor) but then the burn was hurriedly. Justo FYI. Behind a day, the components have been directed besides or 90% less than his limit so all use to last longer, like this a term, ' any 'like me use to'.

A next thing, one announcing said 'the resistant water'. Moor... It adapt that these are resistant water ... But any watering-try sure. A button is to silicone -ish button 'taken' that slide around yes presses with any pressure. I know... The $ 200 6P has urethane buttons that listens very positive, but that it is the group of different prize . Below some covers of button is the level or-the point would expect to find. There is 3 other places where waters can enter a torch:
- bezel of lentils, some looks of lentils to be press-apt ( could be wrong). This does not mean waters can not enter here. Only he bad would take it his more endeavour.
- bezel-In-cape, has any one or-clean here, anything. Sure it water it it can enter here. Admitted, touches the rain and calm is spent in toe a clear for up, which would begin one seeping process and taken dulcemente-fogging.
- Interface of organism of the zoom, while you slide a cape, can listen some stiction, which signify some class of focus, but is to well sure any one the tight one, as it water it potentially could take through there.

Will say this in of the Chinese products... They are more 'elegant' with his packaging these last few months. Memory when the Chinese sakes have entered the stock exchange, and was well, would take the small trinket so to premium. This flashes the lights enter the good boxes, with holsters of nylon (but still will not be using them), pamphlet of low instruction that the common of the people will not be reading, and that complains of Chinglish (the decree that complains, at least is in there), and the apparently 30% coupon, which looks for to be the periodic hook to maintain you that returns.

$ 8 Each what so - is not that bad. If any one has run over one of these lights and he still works, is quite well for $ 8 each what what. But it likes him it has said it, if of your life depended in the, takes something better, especially with focusing them appropriate in case that are bonded in a rain, or in the lake.

Purchases these again? Sure I , to hover he of a house or in a dispatch. Always you require you to torch for something, especially for in the to to old eyes like them to them the to them the mine.

Maintains in alcohol, one 4-the stars are not so that these are AWESOME. One 4-the stars are so that these are 'VERY WELL for $ 8 each which how'.
3 / 5 Elouise
That is to say the torch of INNER house I very add but the horrible EXTERNAL torch. Although a vendor said, this is not the 1,000 lumen the when the torch used in a normal road. One 1,000 lumen the road is available only when narrow a beam, which are not very useful alfresco. Alfresco in normal road (the only practical road to use alfresco), a wide beam will ignite one issues directly in front of your feet and in 30 turns of feet in the feigns blue haze. Hardly it can see that it can be lurking around a dark corner with this so yes is going hiking, biking or walking or doing at night alfresco buys the pertinent torch that is in a prize a big plus-vary and will be much bigger that this. This investigation is the edifice to flash of the fire of big quality with one all-building of metal and good weight in him. It IS good to line in your hands. Active or For a cart and or for in. You will require three triplique-Some stacks for torch. I am not sure that the time had to, even so.

Top Customer Reviews: Vont 2 Pack LED ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Rosie
Note: it requires 3 EA stacks.

- Surprisingly ignite for a measure.
- When being solid; any cheap-or plastic of China.
- Shining: it Has packed in any very FOCUSED is ridiculous and that shines this thing takes.
- Versatile: I hang this and also posed it simply a table like regular torch.
- Low-profile: it folds envelope compact and is black (person annoyingly strong colour). It looks almost tactical.
- Easy: it is so easy to ignite. Mere opens it up and bam is on (video of views). Any necessity in fumble in a darkness for the tiny change or button.

- HAS Had the fire of the cabin and I have launched this out of a window to break a glass as we could escape. Apresamiento Lost in some shrubs, and now is saddened that my lack of torch. This has been the test to see has read my description this far. If so, congratulations. The cradles eat. And dry for lying in you only now.
5 / 5 Cleo
I can not say quite a lot of good things in this mini L.et.D. Torches.
Quan Estimates the product, one of ones the majority of the criteria of entity is, Value For A Dollar.
These torches certainly hand.
IS clear, compact and very brilliant.
Has another in a piece for the small less and some for the small more.
My decision in purchasing these was that it was plastic. Not rusting of a base or an organism.
Some stacks look in last for ever.
IS quite that shines, that yes calm after your eyes in the, your vision will take the small blurred.
Besides or 7 $ less. The light, the chair has taken the value adds for a dollar.
Read some descriptions in other marks and read commentaries quite some of one ones with some bases of metal, rusting up after it contacts with humidity.

5 / 5 Aura
We are campers. This compact, easy to use the torches are ideal, especially for his prize. For such the small laterns and any one very stacks, these have postponed the good quantity of light.. I suppose because of some light bulbs have directed that is used in the. A characteristic to hang is orders also. We could plant this in our table of picnic or has an option to hang of a hook of the interior built in a ceiling of our tent. It provides abundance of clear for us to cure of before things of bed. These are the addition adds in our cubes to camp. Shortly after we arrive house our power of house had exited , has taken one of these and no longer seated in a darkness until my husband could take our generator that goes. I can buy the pair of plus to maintain around a house.. Very better that the torch in these situations, while they are directional light and these illuminate the room quite well.
5 / 5 Hue
Decent brilliance and design very sudden. I plan to use these like light of backup when the beginnings to be able to (for two in three days the time) and to camp. That is to say to design and built for the room these lights, any reading. It IS the sufficient light to take around the camping or the room, is well for lunch. A lot of lights are so concentrated, like that shine, this ruins the camping. These are slightly less than shining that light of propane of Coleman ours, returning well with our use has feigned.
5 / 5 Georgianna
Insanely Shining! Perfecto to camp. Very small and clear weight, does not think has a thing would change in these. The picture is of or open and or has closed afterwards in the normal sized to touch card.
5 / 5 Tandra
I have bought 3, 2 groups of these for the presents navideos, all the world has wanted the and they all has done perfectly.
I (suggested) in this bought them prende to use in some backwards of shells of camp of the sound and trunks of any lit up so many can see at night or use in an emergency.
Was sper happy with a quality for a prize. Like The Amazon almost daily confidence of client strongly in some descriptions and consider me the very picky consumer. Highly it recommends these!
5 / 5 Ellis
My daughter-in-law gave me or for Navidad last year. Up until he the the week has not had any purpose and it using. But has a outage in a torch was fabulous! As I have turned around and it has purchased two more. One for our motorhome and or for my law to house very very good. Thank you! Carol
5 / 5 Catalina
It have bought these without a lot of look in some specifications of full product. In my thought of cape that this took the 'torch' torch sized. Quan A box is arrived my first thought was 'that a heck is this.' These is supremely small. Even so, it does not leave a calm measure makes a mistake. These are incredibly brilliant and illuminates very better that that import had when done a compraventa initial.
5 / 5 Kelsey
I have ordered these torches down preparation for hurricane Matthew. Felizmente, has not been required, but will be happy to have them he have never he of the need for fault to be able in or for trips of future camping. They are come very bundled, and requires three EA stacks to be installed in a fund of a torch. An installation of stack was easy and has required any tool. A laterns is small and the light and the robust look. Has two capes of metal that bend when any one into use. To actuate a clear race an upper and a light coming on automatically and the turns was when a cup is descent. A light is brilliant, aim and clean and illuminates very good. A laterns is small (voice a photo of him in my hand), doing them very convenient and comfortably portable. For two a prize is excellent and highly would recommend these torches in any one concealed enjoys to camp or that needs to complete his hurricane/etc boxes of preparation. I fulfil a lot of people that stray pot with this later storm for several days that has not been prepared with still one the majority of basic of elements like these laterns. For such the low prize would call any one to use forecast and purchase this product and the be has prepared!
5 / 5 Deana
That is to say some things more is of an internet. The small tan still so powerful. I have bought the for the presents navideos. My husband there has been the access for unit IS spoilt of the shot done 2 years and maintain one for his bedside. Only it can use or arms now and this left wing of small honey is law he! When being more powerful now. Lol. Another is for me to verify in the external things at night and an another two east for the presents owes an occasion arises...And he .

Top Customer Reviews: UV Flashlight Black ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Lucien
The MAY Takes this in the room of hotel... Only no... Please please no.... It IS everywhere... Only... Everywhere... That spent in here? Those films have been shot here... oh My advantage, is in a television... As'D takes it on a television.... Only I go to sleep in my cart....
5 / 5 Minta
Has pets. It means the plot of pets. lol Has taken some cleaner of urine and says to take the black light to see where the the yours the pet has done is subject. So much, I have bought this. Whoa! My pets really fly me his esubject' everywhere possible. The tan has been lately a control to contain and going room in room with a blacklight torch and paste he with an urine he be gone similar to Smell of Mancha and of miracle that Debugs Pet of Enzyme for Dog and Urine of Cat, Faeces, Vomit, Drool and it doing the mine has to to clean each inch of place of our house. It IS sceptical at the beginning, has not had any idea that the blacklight would aim stains of urine ( maintaining the desire there has been this when I remained me to me in motels).... (In fact quite sure is happy I any one) but has found everything of some stains of urine and has treated the. Recently our cat of 17 years is past was and is taking 2 new kittens to take his place (know- concealed is not very possible) but is taking 2 new kittens and beginning of amours with the clean program. We have been that crosses a house methodically and treating everywhere our pets have 'his subjects have done: and hping to start with the clean program. I t sufficed an opener of eye to see that it has been it that lives with. If has pets- calm to precise insurance well one of these. In this way it can treat some zones where has been 'active' and change his habits. I am expecting that we can begin some kittens with the clean program and maintain in his box of the scope where belonging. Quan Shines this light in anyplace that the pet has urinated in resplandor like the beacon.
If this description has aided calm in any subject, please take the moment to paste a button. It was appreciated very the.
Thank you.
5 / 5 Melany
The worse thing has not bought never. My house is the sty of pig . This light is fantastic but shows EVERYTHING. Has thinks that that my house was clean. The turn of some lights at night, the resplandor like this clear and when being prepared to be impacted. Tomorrow, has the date with the cube of ammonia and water.
5 / 5 Solomon
Omg This is disgusting!!! I expect this is not each just cat pee this looks the cause there is the plot! I have bought this has thought to cause that my cat was peeing in a room and could not find one something exact as I have bought this. Coverage one something and more. It recommends. The picture is or something same (fyi am the very clean person)
5 / 5 Erna
Perfecto has taken locate it scorpions in SoCal.
5 / 5 Ashli
It IS the small leery because of some negative critics. My sister has bought a when takes the puppy and recommended the. Work well, and what reveals is troubling but useful.

The miracle of and Character of use in a red any white boat (which highly recommends) to clean in of the canine disorders. It can say that something has lost, which ones have treaty very (coz could does not find the and knows a boy peed there), and which something I any spray the big quite zone. Would have something clear big in a half and faint verges where I any one quite spray in some verges.

Uses in a darkness. It IS that some lights in an inner glow in some places of dark golf. He excels another that miscellaneous things fuzz or few particles in a carpet. As it can I want to you he first void or can see psychedelic few particles everywhere. My toe and the nails of toe each glowed in a dark also.

Has signalled a quite a lot of torch directly down and would sweep back advance for thoroughness. Also he illuminated another that spills the odd wing left the trail as if any walked while it spill something (hopefully not tinkling while walking around). Something I stray (like the has not treated with Miracle of Character) very glowed brilliantly. Ones would have to treat again was very fainter. I have found to problem something where any peed in a baseboard and a clave for some stairs. (Perhaps the dog of an anterior owner since was quite down in an earth.)

The purchase. Esperanza does not take also grossed was.
5 / 5 Ayanna
This light is awesome so that it collects a radioactive depression-glass of era. Glass of uranium fluoresces brilliant green under ultraviolet light, and can say a no-radioactive of a same radioactive glass in a daylight. Only it takes in in an ancient tent and has the balloon!
5 / 5 Katia
That organism headed in this compraventa was my woman overhearing the conversation in the approximation of organism of medical centre. Another client has related that his daughter done for the hotel the owner duquel has wanted his created in not changing some cloaks of anterior and only clients left them in a bed for some next arrivals if they have not looked also soiled. This impacted my woman, and his physical therapist has said that this small device was that apresamiento to the long of to inspect hotel and rooms of motel before it decides to remain, or possibly to move in another room if a situation warranted. Truly it is impacting that it will find it in the room that your eye undressed never voice. If has thinks that that you are the fabulous housekeeper, supposition again. If you think Any motel or hotel in that has remained it is very clean, supposition again. Created same in some better of the paste of places only a surface. Also we recommend to take to the long of toallitas humid sanitary and anti-bacterial spray and paste a basin before using, some clear fixtures, a television far, etc. If you think that that the ignorance is bliss, will not want to take this light. Still, you think that that you protect against of the possible disorders and imprudent and irresponsible hotel the owners and the created lazy is wise, would call you to possess unit In of the rooms of motel, has found material splattered in walling this could any one when the be has not seen. We have found that the majority of the coverages of bed have the plot of powder, and a powder ruffles in the beds are often quite soiled. Tubs That looked normal in an eye was exposed often in the hotels the old plus like prpers has been lost a lot his enamel. The stains are meetings in virtually each room of motel. We remain to us in of the stock exchanges of flea when trips? No!! We do not remain in ones the majority of expensive places usually, but in the remain in of the hotels that has indications of big client and eschews one ones with indications of low client. We verify down all some mattress for insects to bed to do sure does not take this small critters house with us. These only costs a prize. I think that the ignorance is not bliss, especially when comes to be followed another folks that does not know in those lives the room has occupied. We are not germaphobes, but then again, taking the precautions are not the thing boba or. It IS this small value of gem a small prize will pay? ABSOLUTELY.
1 / 5 Garnett
First tip: UV SUBJECT of wavelength for urine of cat! ( It maintains to Read)

My cat peed in my new shag coverage, and before have wanted to to take the clean plus in him, has wanted exactly where to clean, as I have bought this. I took it, while until night, has turned was all some lights ( include an urine was totally dry). AT ALL IT SHOWS. I know he pee in a carpet, so that it smells is strong. This any glow still the small bit. I am so disappointed. He lint and glow of white socks, but that it is quite the. It aims dog and urinates human urine, but that does not help me a lot. Test in a box of scope, has the never green like light glow, but is not that it trusts that faint glow to detect pee to clean.

After I have researched, the urine of cat would have to use the wavelength of 365-385!!! As they Can fail to advise clients of the same before they buy? This produces this 395 and is too big in visibly of cat of show pee! It opens it Has to order the nine an and wait include longer before properly it can clean my coverage. I am returning east.
5 / 5 Krystina
It imagines my surprise to discover that during my strongly sedated but totally restful nights of sleep, my sweet, wanted to kitties had been deceiving feral animal in a house through a door of cat, down murdering them, and consuming a helpless creatures in some darkness at night. They are not doing the thorough work scrubbing down after it is why all in a wall down two feet the worse big looks that Conill is a White scene of 'A Game' been been due to an additional biological material. In one another hand, has the better sense while in why my house never smells to suffice 'fresh.'

Top Customer Reviews: TaoTronics Black ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Mandy
It see In the decent sized city of in 100,000. I can not find UV lights anywhere. I have chosen this illuminates after looking the youtube video enough the. My main reason to take the this is to find a source of a pee smell in a bath of boys and chamber of boys. It have cleaned some carpets and has cleaned a bath but until you take the blacklight or UV CLARO in this case, does not have any road in the hell is taking anything clean likes him think that is. Period. Final of history for that.

Will say that I have used one 2 ft long blacklight fluorescent fixtures that carried in a wall but those are the ache to use and some light bulbs are exposed what marks the easy to break. An also of the that gives of a beam concentrated of light that these marks of torch. They are also very portable.

After cleaning each a pee in a bath that was visible with this light is free smell like the bath would have to when being .

This is not the clear touch with. This is not the clear left wing your game of boys with. My sympathetic is that this UV the light can do a bit serious harm in your gaze of eyes in him.

A lot would recommend to take the pair of yellow tinted safety goggles to write this bloc UV LUZ. This will enable you to use a clear without prpers the worry will break your eyes but better still, some yellow glasses really yard out of some light rests that can do it you dizzy. A light has lived also can interfere with finding stains so many with some glasses in some things are looking for very excel. It IS to Upload of Port and chosen in the small pair of his barter $ 2 yellow security glasses and I a test of licence of the engine. Any UV the light has crossed some cheap glasses to do my licence illuminates. I have been surprised. And do the big difference.
5 / 5 Jody
This could sound monkey of the five description of star, but is true. I seat bought this.

The the ours the carpet is 30+ years old . We buy our house like the low sale, and abundance had of the updates that requires for the be has fact, like the carpet was a last thing in my list. It IS pinky-mauve, but yes calm after your eyes and the the wing left only your toes an evaluating, is hid very good .

Well, now knows differently. It has Had this carpet has cleaned professionally long - once before moved in and in the each 2 years after. It has Had the dog of rescue and the cat of rescue and two dogs more than rescue - but more soyesses' that or would expect. He some days does not take house for lunch, or any left to do grieves usually marks... At all of entity. Always I hand-has cleaned any one something, and likes him toe, we the professional debugging with the his companies well.


A first night there has been this light, expected until full darkness and turned it on.

Is taking new flooring so harvest as it was possible.
5 / 5 Rhett
Uh puke. That is to say the product ADDS . Work very good. Too much well. Desprs Using this, is grossed has been to walk barefoot. Control out of my photo!!! Has the dog and the toddler. One 2 of them marks enough a messy pair. My husband and I diligently clean every time there is the disorder. But after using is, is obvious where still necessity to clean. That has remarked is that where used the miracle of the character, has no more pee something or something where mine toddler Sippy the nave of cup. But where only the cleaner of to carpet likes him Resolves, or something still illuminates. Conclusion: the miracle of the better character concealed has thought he , and is living in filth. ;)
5 / 5 Gene
is routing out of the substitution for this unit. They have listened to good sure take the defective unit and was hurriedly to rectify it! Any only offer to substitute a defective unit has offered some updates! Absolutely service of incredible client!! Estimating changed to reflect his awesome service of client and to cure a problem! Defective The elements spend and this class of the service of client is that it pose the vendor in my A-loan!!

My OLD description
No very strong. Bought to hunt of insect to time at night in a garden but he are so feeble that he no any sake. Any value have to maintain a clear 2 inches of some plants for him to do. If you want to something with field has limited this will do since you, but wants to use he for any distance probably would have to look for something more.
4 / 5 Matthew
It does not do to find cat pee. I suppose cat pee no fluoresce as well as another organics, but thought it would do better that marks. In fact I think that that a problem is wavelength . This light is mass in a visible and does not have quite some UV in fluoresce a pee.

Update: you are signalled has been in me that a listing means that this torch no with cat pee so that it do not have to has been surprised when he the no. am augmenting my description of 2 in 4 stars of a listing are accurate. I suggest to do the clear plus in a title that no well with cat pee so that while it is written at present ('Urine of Pets ) thought it would do with cats. Very besides dogs and cats, what the pets produce the pee problem? Changing a title in 'Urine of Dog' would be clearer. Anyways, Another that concealed, is the good product .
5 / 5 Kirstie
Wait til darkness and uses this to find some plagues that has been eating your plants of low tomato in at all. Incredible and has taken 20+ in 10 minutes with a black light.
5 / 5 Archie
It looks stains , but alas is not concretely the stain of urine that looks. It check My fund to tile for a stain of old pet and has remarked a front of the cupboard that something had spilt down a front. I fulfil it was not urine! Even so it aims to an exact same colour likes him the interior of a box to litter where any one has not posed his bass subordinated to urinate. Although it look it stains that is to take to see without the black-clear, is unfortunate that can not distinguish the liquid splash of the accident of pet. I have purchased since he for this exact reason and he are announced like the finder of stain of the urine, the give a poor indication.

is editing my description based in my experience with the service of client of this company. Just hours after I have published this description took the earnest excuses of this company and an offer in repayment my price of compraventa. Or duquel had asked . I have published simply the description based in my expectations. Each which how another the on-line subject would have to take the page of the manual of service of the client of this company. I change my description in 5 star has based totally in his desire to do the sure his clients leave satisfied concealed has been in sufficient treaty!
5 / 5 Candi
The supposition has taken the defective a, the things spend, I supposition. One of some cradles in a tube of stack, a thing that control a 3AAA stacks, has not been attached and exited of a container, doing this quite darn useless. Also a goleada this backwards in some plsticoes those focus a container has not been attached, therefore a torch and some stacks was flopping around in a oversized the box entered. It opens, it has tried it insert one 18650 stack in, and this has done. But it is fearful such the stack will break a clear, or the aims treats, as I have decided in only return a clear back in amazon. It IS it has owed to give this produces another tries to see that so the people want the, but this character one was the tomb left.
Abril 24, 2016 Update:
Bronzed after I am returned a defective a, a company Sunvalleytek contacted me and offered me the free substitution, asking me for the give another test. I have said those that have already the shipped a defective one rear and taken my repayment already, but was very fresh quite the and shipped me still the unit of new mark took It only he in a mailbox today, burst in some stacks, and guesses that, some works of torch. It IS quite that shines, and is still midday , only imagine what those shines is in a darkness. There is Ravpower Luster powerbank w/ he uv light, this much more is that it shines that it conceal. So if any one has a subject with his light, only contact his service of disguise, only take the few emails behind and advance and has taken the free substitution . Sunvalleytek IS taken awesome service of client. A lot that digs this new light.
1 / 5 Adrianna
No really it helps to look for cat or urine of dog. Even I resplandor he in a box of scope of the cat. Waste of money.
Update:- only has taken the response of a vendor concealed 'any really helps to look for cat or urine of dog.' A container clearly dictates is Detector of Urine of the Pet . Still it has the picture of the dog and cat. As it was not that it is the product is prendido .
5 / 5 Gearldine
Update: still law after 3 years with originals stacks! I use this for the something these controls minraux insurances in my collection of enough of mecer often. It has used ONLY this the help finds some old, elderly wristwatch book that nave: they were I radiates -coated the tame and they glow amiably under a UV light. So much, this aided me any one in that has my house results the radioactive Superfund place of Cleanup.

Also, spent the odd marble in the drawer of junk. I squeezed A marble...And it explodes: you are the green of neon paintball ( has not possessed never the paintball pistol) how has used this to find a splatter this was: in of the pieces of furniture, behind in pending pictures in a wall, a ceiling, doorknob, carpet...Ridiculous! It opens it Knows what the killers take taken with evidence of blood, LOL!

Very brilliant, included in the room of a lot bit the dark marks the lint in my beige carpet illuminates supremely well. So that that is to say 390-410nm is not a More i adds for the majority to collect of rock. The majority of rocks fluoresce under shortwave (254nm), and while some mecer fluoresce under longwave, longwave for the collectors of rock are 365nm.

This phosphorescence of causes in some of my rocks. Also copper on some bookmarks/marcadors luminescent in my wristwatch.

A manual declares this no in some the EUA newer $ 100 bills.

HAS the forty dual dollar down and very time (254nm and 375nm) mecer collects UV ignite this law Very better (for rocks) but is not so brilliant.

My purpose in taking this era to be able of the external shine at night without prpers is to angle while looking for glowing rocks. This would be brilliant but a wrong frequency for that, even so: it is perfect for hurriedly that scanners a road for glasses of halite. It see In Michigan and salt of fall in our roads in winter, sometimes in beat find awesome glasses of halite of enormous salt but with an external snow and some lights callejeras my sake uv the light is too subject dim so much has to crawl in my hands and the knees that winery my another UV FIRE two inches of an earth GO IN Of A GLACIAL ROAD! It forgets that, this thing will owe mark. It can he shine while when being arrive and voice all the classes of horrible things in your carpet, bath, etc.

IS the tradeoff: more than it shines usually it means more a lot of-uv the lights of filter was.

BEFORE it SHINES in YOUR BATH, only take a mop and the cube was first so that that is to say that goes to finish. I am the orderly freak and to order (am the librarian) but the left wing is said only after using he in my main bath... Well... He almost arrived in of the tears. Lol.

The mine is come with 3 real Duracell stacks.

Is not also like my another uv clear, but cost 75% less and look you could fall it and does not break , the difference of my rectangular one this has the filter of elegant glass to the long of a side and an exposed light bulb in another.

Also can illuminate a ceiling without being in the stairs...But now I am trace in the stairs to clean a ceiling.

The quality adds, robust, brilliant, entertainment, could wants to burn your low house more than entering your bath never again, cheap!

A bit also long he longwave for mecer hunting. He no besides new $ 100 bills.

Is using in this way more than my 'pro' hunter of unit of dual rock

-mike Of Detroit

Top Customer Reviews: Spark LED Headlamp ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Tiera
Well, ossia a prime minister Goes produced concealed disappointed me. I possess some torches, lights at night, clip in wireless light, and some lights of bicycle. All was fabulous!

These headlamps is coming without instructions, so only the drawing in a side of a box that objective some four levels of a white light and some levels of a red light. This in spite of, there have it so only a key partorisca press for light, and have any red beam. I do not have any idea that partorisca do to take a red light has turned on. I have tried to resist a key down, clicking by means of more than required partorisca some four light settings aims, this in spite of at all.

A sale that goes around your boss is very soft and comfortable, but when the pulled partorisca the smallest oh, and this was the feat everything in him that looks for to imagine was that appeal properly, some arrival of buckles in a side of your boss.

Has a IQ main that the squash and already possess two headlamps, although any one Goes mark. After receiving like this produced of quality of vaunt, has expected really these partorisca be fantastic, and has not been. Perhaps it take the defective pair , Or, so only I have not directed partorisca find a key partorisca a red beam has hid to somewhere in a device? The clearest instructions to the equal that to like this partorisca turn in a red beam would be useful. Perhaps I am so only stupid, but creates it would not owe that be that difficult to change on to or comprise a red beam when you are clicking in a light.

Will be happy to eat raven are so only the dummy and does not know regarding the use. But another pair that has purchased that the has not been this mark, has not had any question at all taking changed on among some ways.

Also, has paid so only $ 3 more for another of then possess concealed is rechargeable. Any battery has required. You could it wants to think roughly doing these rechargeable. And comprise instructions!
5 / 5 Blair
These are lights really is that light dip where look. Ossia Goes it has DIRECTED headlamp. It is a lot compact, light and brilliant. A tape will return any if boy or adult, man or woman. It is easily adjustable partorisca for access and maximum consolation. A light is brilliant and uploaded with characteristics. Has the hinged and flat adjustable backside to move a light and down for optimum viewing of light corner. A light has 7 lighting ways to comprise red and the aim has DIRECTED lights. There is also SOS and strobe work them was a lot. Some resplandores light in the riada of light concealed calm leave you to see everything in the very wide corner. One prejudices of hovered of red lights eyesight. Everything of of the this in the compact plastic enclosure that it is durable and impact resistant. Now this light together with a calm tape leave to maintain your hands free for other things. A light requires three AAA battery that last the long time. This light among the two band that him the value adds. I give some lights 5 stars.
4 / 5 Gricelda
Has purchased these types of lights for well on 30 years, my first light is still in use and in rucksack of mine, and was roughly 60 dollars of REY, One Goes the version has characteristics like this a lot of and is light weight. A light with battery is so only 2.8 oz boxes down and has three light levels and the strobe, have still to imagine was reason these lights have the strobe effect as but the the characteristic in all the models. A light of level below is quite brilliant to walk in camp, but partorisca to trail a big beam would be better. I check In my rear yard a light in big falls off on 40 feet, as this would be adds.

Does not know time of battery because so only go and there is not leaving a career of battery was. This takes 3 aaa battery that is perfect to the equal that are light and easy weight to find. Two paralizaciones in $ 15 is the a lot low prize and has based in the creation would owe that be resistant water , can not expect for my prójimo scouting chance.
5 / 5 Winston
Has received so only my Go the spark has DIRECTED Headlamps and has to say you like this impressed are with them and will be to recommend his to friends. They are quite comfortable to spend and have it lifetime guaranteeed

has sent a suggestion to Go to improve on the and ossia in place of powering his with 3 AAA the battery Go to have to that it can the with a same longitude-durable rechargeable battery (12+ hrs) that use in his Go Rechargeable has DIRECTED Lights of Bicycle.

Had left feedback of vendor in the amazon that indicates a red has DIRECTED the lights no , but thanks to the neighbour was able to in fact imagine ours that has done. You owe that resist a key to be able to down for some time to change among red and white light. They look to do well.

Has looked for to delete my feedback of vendor but has had any option to do that, likes to please negligence my commentary there.
4 / 5 Tarra
Has thought at the beginning that it had received it the defective headlamps reason would not aim a way at night. With which some touching with them there is @@give the click with a longitude of a key turned it tonight way. These are really fresh and have a lot of characteristic with strobe be in both a prejudice luzco red and a brilliant white light partorisca daytime. A really that shines daytime the way is looks like this brilliant likes could burn like this of the glass to augment under a sun but I have not seen burns anything still like any worry there. The only time will say what time some batteries really last, but of course in dimmer ways a last longer that and ways more brilliant that is the data . These are in general good-build and better that mine another more expensive mark that has purchased partorisca spelunking. Very happy with these lights.
4 / 5 Juliann
This company always Improves in of the products that already exist and for a better. Has another headlamps, an installation of battery is weighed. This one has the good latch this opens on a compartment of easy and convenient battery. Three different levels to light. The precaution does not look to a third brightness, blinding sure. A strobe are adds for any purpose of emergency and to good sure would take any one is attention . A point of prize is excellent on seven dollars apiece. Compact access for a box of tool of boxes of glove or still in your pocket of discharge.
5 / 5 Brendan
This has DIRECTED Headlamp is quality very good. Has four settings that takes increasingly more brilliant with easy clicks of the key and a last a blinks. A headlamp is light and can be easily regulated to signal for down. A strap is strong, velvety soft and adjustable. Has the big boss, still has more room in joining for the expand more for an adult or downsize a strap for the smallest person. The any one has comprised battery. It requires 3 triplicas Some batteries. Packaged In the box of good map and in the individual bubble on. I am impressed and would order again.
4 / 5 Joellen
Has thought to go to be more than light partorisca prójimo-in work of type but is really brilliant. The utilisation was when looking for something in a rear yard and slowly on using that it locate my bicycle. Some accesses of tape to maintain free delivery., Which is reason I ordered him in a first place. Good value.
4 / 5 Palmer
Ossia Very very built and feels quite comfortable. Has 3 levels of has DIRECTED lights more blinking it light setting also. An illumination of a light is very brilliant. This will be adds partorisca working in of the cars and in of the dark places.
5 / 5 Evangelina
Extremely brilliant, easy to see with. Absolutely surprised in as this brilliant. All the world in a house has loved immediately one. Stays in a good boss. Drawback: It requires three AAA battery.

Top Customer Reviews: Escolite UV ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
Val, has not had Any IDEA that very these have done!!!! It has Had the problem of scorpion in our house, here the Kingman, AZ, for enough some time. Quan Took it stung in my bed in 3 a.m., inverted In of the tonnes of spray of insect, and this torch.

A type of scorpion has here is a "scorpion of rind", and CHICO THEY GLOW when this paste of light the. It can see the ones of through a yard! A sake 20 feet have been!!!! I seat surer with this light that marks a day! I am totally freaked was now, so that we find scorpions during a bedrock of our house, crawling in-and-was under a stucco. We kill at least 15 a first night!!!! Also we find the small one in a house.

Is writing this description, so that it does not think will sleep tonight :(. Highly recommend it this light. It IS like the spotlight! It IS totally my toy of new favourite!!!
5 / 5
I have uploaded this up with the stacks took it hardly and in daylight (inner of course) has taken to go where is that one of some 3 cats in a house had put before. I have not had any idea what a horror that was roughly discovers.

While I have swept a bluish-the beam lived through a carpet and to the long of a baseboards, that has been reflected behind in me the aims to shine was the history of fight, of frustration, to struggle for dominance and be, the battleground of stains and sprayings. One 3 little kitties the good law and purr and softly meow with another when it is around, but the deep interior has buried each what so of his darkness, furry few hearts have to lurk forces it dark this obliges the out of spraying each which so another. Any concealed or is all colluding against me; peeing in a wall and the carpet when is not looking, included although they exit 5x the day and has 2 litterboxes in a house.

A good informative is that this torch is the secret weapon for humans to battle behind. It begins stalking some rooms and his favourites that marks something with my pistol to water that use to generously douse any cat that as much as doubts in his or his step through a hallway. I have bought some enzymatic cleaner these low pauses some stains of urine and erases all trace of his work.

My sudden advantage to know exactly where all is spent, coupled with a sper soaker, has launched totally some cats in the state of confusion. They do not know That it is, but know that it was, and they no longer pee anywhere that I can find. I am touching now!

This torch truly touches a odds in your favour!
5 / 5
This thing is also. It shows each only stain some years where our dog peed when was the puppy even so having accidents in a carpet. We think that that we clean but clearly it can see all some something. Also it shows where the powder is veiling that any same voice when some lights are on. Tan Finally, this UV the light is almost too well. It shines brilliantly in the big zone at least 6 feet have been. It opens Can never I had mentido in a carpet again causes and knows where all some the invisible stains are. They would have to sell this cual the ray with the cleaner of steam of the carpet. Ordering two more so present. Haha!
4 / 5
At the beginning these lights utmost facts, but after only the small time these uses is resulted the significantlyrics dim. We are using stacks of lithium that typically last the long time very very time and since that is to say a light has DIRECTED that in and of would have to he less the hungry power. Well, it is very the hungry power ! Even so, if you any one the import this changes some stacks often, sound the utmost little light and that it is supposition to do .
After mine 1 description of 3 stars, Escolote contacted me and to the left know me is conscious of a power the hungry subject and is doing to correct it. So that we contact me to us and to the left know me that it was was until and conscious of a problem has attached the star. Some light marks that is announced to do, and is easy to change some stacks.
5 / 5
The December has purchased 2017 for $ 8.95 with free nave.

This 51-the torch has DIRECTED is Fantastic! I have purchased the small plus 9 FOCUSED 'UV' clear in of the marks the year and was junk, very FOCUSED is very, very better.
Of the this can say each tiny little protein-based speck protein-based so in enough anything these beginnings of the glows of creature to breathe that it lives like the sign of neon of big brilliant.

This torch would owe come with the look that advises that soyay' necessity in normal above clean supplies and has the little of the extra hours have averted to direct a bit that interest small things what soyay' finds a first use to time the. That has been seen can not be occult in my house 'net' own has been surprised and horrified to find far too small invisible-in-the-undressed-eye specks, splatters, and streaks. Ugh.

A torch takes 3 level EA stacks. They were easy to install.
An on/was the button is localised in a side where is comfortably in the inch achieves.

Has adolescent, plan consistently. The privileges are livestocks .
I no in any subjects that takes any compensation anything for this description. Alas.
3 / 5
I have bought this light to the help detects cat pee and/or spray. Conscious when being that illuminates all that has not been never spilt or splattered in your house, only enough. This the a bit difficult fact in sight that it wants to dressed. Cat pee the slightly clouded glows-greenish under this light. Even so, it can any one any glow with the strong glow. Other biological stains also green of glow. Detergent, btw, The blue glow. I have taken this light has entered my carport, where knows the neighbourhood Tom has been spraying, to give me an idea that looked for. (This aided me inner a house, to imagine was that my boy of problem is more my daughter, that my boy.) I am then gone around with a light in a delivery, and bounce he of spray of the miracle of the character in another. Has not founding the plot, but time had when can smell cat in a zone, but a light no illuminate anything looking pee or spray. ( Illuminate Each piece of lint or dander, also!) I have done since some on-line reading, and expsito that has the measure to look for when buying an of these lights. The investigation or that is 365-385 nm. It looks he concealed costs the small plus bit. These falls of light slightly out of field, as although he the work some, there is Very soiled for improvement. I can not count why some critiques looked to have better luck that another...Perhaps quality of stack??? It looks for another interior of light varies.
5 / 5
Has the plot of scorpions here and is to take. The sprays of mark of barrier almost at all against the, and has tried the everything. Even paste them squared-on with the powerful products often do not kill the, at least any one for the while. In fact, these venoms usually only kill some spiders and gekkos, and some scorpions return stronger without naturalidades predators around. While possible like me to of us left the alive living things, but has prendido at all these creatures to go in my house to look for shelter of a heat to Knit. I am tired boys that takes stung test vestirseprpers, my dogs that takes stung test protegerprpers, and the guests that the averages of alarm out of his talents in the regular base. He a bit those that weeks the young friends of my threads there has been the fall of scorpion in his behind in a half of a night. A week before that my dog was stung and is gone in respiratory affliction. Obviously it is allergic result . It opens, after 8 years, that is to say a lot of war . And this torch is my arsenal of big technology.

These scorpions of the marks of the torch illuminate brilliant green in a night. In combo with some ultra-fashionable orange uv/glasses that the blue bloc, illuminate a day also, although no so brilliantly. Armed with a tool of murder of my election, shoots this creature up and sweep an interior; look in of the cupboards, low sofas, behind everything. It finds the good number in a house in this way. But one 'entertainment' real is alfresco. Some first prejudices this light aided find me and kill at least 50! A torch has strong uv beginning, and very little visible light like the very good work for this purpose. I can sweep a zone hurriedly, and some scorpions illuminate very good. I can be quite thorough without spending a whole night. Using this light and an information obtained in of the multiple nights, has able state to identify where some beasts tend to be concentrated, and, with patience, where hide. While possible I calm some scorpions manually, my favourite tool that it is BBQ spatula, or yes is big up or in the something tight to use the oil-the spray has based to kill them (at the end). With a spray also aims his something to the goes, likes him holes of cry, some joints of expansion of a driveway, a crack in a back step, etc.. I any one spray all so that I do not want to kill one geckos this hunts the. It has done in this way the enormous impact in his populace, and is finding less and less nightly. In front of a war has begun dressed an average of four the interior of day. It is been the little of the days now have seen of one in a house. At the end foresee to reduce a hunting immediately each which how two weeks during his season, and experimenting the significant relief of this plague has been giving the support prende so long. I am very happy with purchase of mine, and some results has seen already.

A torch is very done, listens heavy and solid, and poses out of the plot of uv. A compartment of stack is the small different. When being very careful to install some stacks properly, entered in of the odd directions, as him import any mark of polarity. Tan Far like the life of stack is unbalanced, is pleased there too many. We have not had to change them still, and this thing has seen for hours to use since arrive. Especially I have imagined once it was could use it to find anteriorly odder doggie indiscretions and teach my threads in an importance of good aim. I am very happy bought this, and happy also that finds the sake a, so that some descriptions of some other marks have not been that adoptive. It expects these helps.
5 / 5
Well here it is my long history ...Largo lol done 4 years renews our basement and has taken in some big pistols to clean a carpet so that it was good form . All was happy until fact 3 weeks when ours the dehumidifier has filtered . Quan Does so, surfaces the smell of horrible urine. Opened has Known it a carpet was sper clean. Even so, final to pose down our cat after suddenly discovering has the cancerous tumor around his heart and has suffered bad. Do poor kitty any one to do he in a scope some of a time while it ails and did not fulfil it or was the oldest urine of the guest to contain that it abuses a privilege of having his doggy with them in our neighbourhoods of guest? Any subject, a smell was terrible, permiated all, and I freaked. We doused a zone suspected with the vinegar and the left wing besiege during the week, has nicknamed then our expert of fellow carpet that have said to take in the company to debug of steam of carpet. A smell of urine is still there in the level the low plus has combined wth t smell of vinegar still, which are enough to maintain me very unhappy. So much, any afterwards - discover that it is in a coverage. Has Had to pet black light in a past but he maintaining has these nifty has directed some so many, because of some descriptions, has given this one tries it. Woah! He to good sure laws and of course has confirmed now my reason for freaking has been. It finds a lot of yellow stains, some Create is the urine and some think is zones of old vomit so that retreat to clean these describes up. They all go in yellow. Then it has white zones, particularly where a vinegar has been posed and the company of the steamer has done. This zone still smell (like this a reason to buy a clear). I have asked the question in a community in a difference in some colours and what can mean. It want to listen frorn a manufacturer while in his opinion. My next step is miracle of character - cual records fabulously, but see the new carpet in my future ails except all some pence. In all the case, give this product 5 stars so that it does and is done well. Robust metal, good measure but very on age or clumsy - Well for the hand of my woman - and the sake sized the beam forms a light. It IS the value to buy produced.
5 / 5
State hunting to contain and has bought this to verify potential houses for stains of urine of the pet around a house and carpet. WOW!!! Work well for the more SUBJECTS that has thought me to him the !! Perhaps too very - some things I same flange account. Like Stains that can not exit around my house. Some glow of things in way only a grout in an of some fund of bath thinks that has used the swiffer mop or wax to fund on ?? If you want records of flavour - goes pee in a basin and visit a light was - signal this FOCUSED in a basin and he in of the glows likes him calm in them have touched this clave of neon of the boys of green glow in a basin. I have turned some lights was and has used a torch while it was peeing - of course I - follows the type. You will swear your kidneys are radioactive. Here it is a scary breakings - turn some lights have entered a house and of the walks around looking in everything. State looking in of the houses and same although they look clean = hardly anything is. The stains can any one really voice if at all with regulating glow to light like the scene of the crime with this Black Light has DIRECTED. I clean your cookery then signals this thing around your stove, hood of ventilation, microwaves, door of fridge, fund, around a tank, behind-splashes, fund of some cupboards, etc. Clean your bath and he then uses this to verify around your basin, to the wall was, a fund..... YIKES!!! Your own house will horrify you. I run the clean ship - has believed at least that has done. It opens That is to say my Control of the quality that device of controls.
1 / 5
I have bought this to try and detect the urine of dog can have lost around a house. I SAW my dog pee in a fund and has shined this light in the...At all. Absolutely the does not do to detect urine of dog.

Top Customer Reviews: LED Tactical ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Rosalina
Way: Sale of 2 T6 Chip These lights are surprising and brilliant. Partorisca $ 10 the piece, takings more while stops of has paid. At night in a dipping a brilliant plus, zoomed all a way was, can take a light to achieve almost in the blockade was. It say that ossia quite well for $ 10.
5 / 5 Dorsey
Way: Sale of 2 T6 Chip Really like these torches. Substantial metal solid construction with easy to operate diameter of click and sliding beam-transmission-of model of the key. A beam is a lot of brilliant with different models that comprises the strobe and give form that would be useful and highly visible in an emergency. I will maintain one for my bedside partorisca be able the outages and one in my car. See my semi-detached video partorisca function develops. An only defect sees is the model of odd line when a beam is restricted to the minimum measure but concealed can be deleted partorisca expand a beam out of has bitten it. I have used 3 AAA battery . The to good sure use of mark of these torches to the equal that are the good purse or measure/of rucksack of the briefcase also.
4 / 5 Keli
Way: Sale of 2 T6 the chip loves him. Measure a lot orders the easy fact to spend and boss. The Works likes them expected, many brilliant. Bought the partorisca hurricane standbys but decided to do them lights of emergency for some cars. Surely it was to buy more for an original purpose has been feigned. Very happy with a built and sturdiness. Compraventa Well.
5 / 5 Elsy
Way: Sale of 2 T6 Chip These torches are fantastic! They are like this brilliant and the far better work that a police torch my partner has. A circumference of a light can be directed for simply turning it. It lights the big zone or describe smaller or among- like this the one who a dial is turned. I have been surprised in as that shines these torches were. We buy him to us of the pocolos done of the weeks, and use them almost every night reasons my works of fianc during a night in of the zones that is in yours-dark places and like this far has not had any question with them. Highly it recommends these torches.
4 / 5 Mee
Way: Sale of 2 T6 to the chip has-liked me a product and has more then a colour and is very strong . Thank you !
4 / 5 Chauncey
Way: Sale of 2 T6 investigation of Chip of the volunteer and the rescue that BAD NEED the brilliant light. Partorisca The little hand has resisted partorisca flash light he the work adds. A fact that can them telescope partorisca direct the light there is also go in handy when aiming another where partorisca look during coaching.
5 / 5 Joeann
Way: Sale of 2 T6 the chip was very happy to find this a lot handy little portable torch. This torch is small and could be convenient in chance partorisca be able to stray. Has a capacity to light a whole room or house in the small zone. This torch is better way that any one another old torch rule has had. An old torch shines the dim yellow beam, included with has touched fully battery. This the torch FOCUSED gives of the light white big brilliant. A strobe and SOS the characteristic is the good price . This Torch has surpassed my expectations, extremely brilliant this in spite of small and compress this can return besides spaces.
Highly recommends this product

Things partorisca maintain in alcohols: the batteries are not included
1 -will require You 3 AAA battery partorisca use a torch
2- can use You the only 18650 in place of 3 AAA battery.
5 / 5 Lindsay
Way: Sale of 2 T6 Chip Exactly that has expected
4 / 5 Ezekiel
Way: Sale of 2 T6 law of Chip well. I took the moment partorisca take some 18650 battery partorisca he and fully his touch, but love these torches especially a capacity to narrow of the beam and the brilliant has DIRECTED. They look sturdy.
5 / 5 Emilia
Way: Sale of 4 I was sorely disappointed when I have compared a brightness is exited of 1000 lumens FEIT Electrical torch and has discovered that a XML T6 the torch FOCUSED has not been like this brilliant! Like this apparently it has the ENORMOUS TYPO in an announced lumens indication.

Top Customer Reviews: ELMCHEE ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Andreas
Everything is so described another that a lumen. Still with maximum road, is dimmer that mine 500 lumen surefire and nitecore HC50. A supposition-timate the lumen is in 300 in 400 lumen. You DIRECT done well, any flickering or has cut was so far.

Would recommend this cual the casual use headlamps because of an integer headlamp sense flimsy. It IS no where after a sturdiness of Nitecore or Princeton Teak. So much for casually use it around the house or camping the trip would have to quite be. Seriously it recommends the backside in clear when use this even so.

Preoccupied Had weighed me also to consider a group of stack and multiple FOCUSED but in my surprise, is very comfortable! It IS any wobble or turns.

In general, that is to say the very very estimated headlamp. For less than $ 15, apresamiento headlamp and pre-touched rechargeable stacks. Highly it recommends to take that it likes him to him your secondary or casual use headlamp.
5 / 5 Cherry
A system is main that some of his competition, as it goes east that knows does the smallest options and clearer.

For a measure takes to plot the change. Some lights are supremely brilliant. A side and the lights of centre are directed differently as you want to see something three feet was or thirty feet have been.

An indicator of stack is useful. It IS very useful that some stacks is rechargable issues the cord of USB (distributed) like any precise to take some stacks has been for his touch.

The life of stack is sum. If anything 2x 18650 stacks is overkill, but is very very prpers that has to preoccupy in a load.

Mostly use this for electrical work when needs to close lights to do in a wiring. It IS it adds for this purpose. The tan that shines while it can ask, and life of the stack is not never the problem.

For a prize is the roads adds . You can buy this with confidence.
5 / 5 Phillip
My husband has the cart of fixed small tent alam this heda the help of lights the plot, and then has the walk of pastime mountan bicycle, at night time it a lot of help. That is to say very dign, left your free hand and an use of lights has DIRECTED lights with 3 elections, a stack can use the long and calm times do not require the preoccupy to change. For a road, this produces quanlity is very good. Thank you!
5 / 5 Olympia
Amur A brilliance of a headlamp, and used to hike and projects of house, a last stack me 4 days of use. Luz of multiple function. In general I like him his no of those paid upscale prize still taking quality headlamp.
5 / 5 Myrl
Supremely Shining and very time last. Exactly so described this headlight is phenomenal for a prize. It maintains in importing this thing literally creates daylight in your line of view, like the up resulted heats of time in when for the leave to cool down. I add to fish of external that camps that property of controls in the middle of night. It embroiders Emphasises quite only cual that shines this headlamp taken
4 / 5 Elisha
That is to say the very powerful headlamp. Any one you queixars in his brilliance to find your road in a dark that law or any one another application. It IS also quite flexible and can lessen his beginning considerably. That is impossible to take around is that it is quite heavy and very bulky. Also it has less flexibility in a period of some joins concealed to that it would like me to it, but probably has of the slightly main that leader of half. If the brilliance is more than imports that volume or weigh this would have to be among your upper elections.
4 / 5 Patria
First I bad I like a clear, a prize was a lot. That I to of to the that likes him is what of small a strap of east of upper cape. I of the that has the big to listen or alot of the hair and I can only in apt he in my cape and he listen like his tension was. Also I have low hair, forgets to spend the beanie with this like me planned during winter/of fall... Luz Attaches very parameter that comprises the light that down thinks am to add when yours doing near with the cart and calm whose need 9993939393 lumens of millions. It writes with the leaders the big plus or any concealed wants to spend the hat beware
5 / 5 Laverna
Sper Sper Happy with these and has bought 6 of them and turning them on well out of a box is already sper brilliant. And it take The in a load now to take them has touched fully. I flange expects to use them for fishing of mine of bond of time of the noche.ya does not require any one to line the light to flash for me. Im Goes to use or in my cape and the second a im goes the embroil around my wrist that and already tryed and is exited exactly which and the expect the graces but a box didnt has stacks in him but other boxes have had 2 groups of stacks likes atleast the all is exited
5 / 5 Lashandra
I require a more next illumination that a far unit HAS the mix of both capacity, can down to see slopes of next objects of the working interiors, and a sper far lighting brilliant and external works, a point of home is very natural as to our vision, the light adds. A red is sper useful, the insects can not see a red light. IF there are external insects, can not use some white lights, total around a light enter in your eyes, noses and ears. The combination adds of the each capacity, reasonable prize.
4 / 5 Narcisa
Some laws of product add and is very brilliant. A vendor there has been the prize adds for this element and has followed up in a cual compraventa thinks is the good touch so far like the service of client goes. To well sure recommend it this product.

Top Customer Reviews: GearLight LED ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Kaycee
Mina 3 old year always questions to touch with my headlamp as I have imagined to go to buy him his own. I have not expected very out of these for a prize, but has been blown was when stacks has posed in. These lights are incredibly brilliant and clear. Some light offers down, the averages, big and strobe for an aim FOCUSED and fire with first road down that very as me. Some red LEDs offers on', SA, and strobe. Quality of looks of tez solid.
A group is comfortable and was able to adjust it quite small for my threads as well as I. Some red LEDs is the sum of extra characteristic and is very that shines also. I have not been able to try life of stack still, but is sure is decent. To well sure it looks for he more than lights of this company.
5 / 5 Logan
This headlamp ignite your road at night with the clear aim -- but also offers road of red light also. Why I want to you this? So that the red light can help them preserves your drop of clear vision at night. It IS the very able headlamp with the small something extra.
4 / 5 Deborah
It IS sper that shines and has mere function. There is down big//half/strobe functions as well as luc red. It IS quite clear, but any one when being pas cheap. When being the better subject that the $ 5 light. I do not think you can beat it he for a prize. It IS so that to shines likes them the mine $ 40 Petzel light.

An only downside is concealed has a strobe characteristic that has cycle through for the turn was. It does not like him a strobe of characteristic in the lights and I wish some manufacturers prenderan to use the so much.
5 / 5 Zula
A better part quite is those that are economic tools that will do your life your easy plus.

If you are an avid to camp or biker that is to say the lights add to possess . Also it has the red this flashes lights that it can be it the signal has used to coming vehicles safely.

A light of brilliant aim has the different roads to help save stack. I want a product.
5 / 5 Tisha
That is to say very clear. Attaching some stacks the fact the small more weighed that is to say in our of a container, but that is to say still the clear product and included the boys would not have to have any problem that uses this headpiece.
Requires three AAA stacks. It IS more to take rechargable the stacks and except fact hassle. But like this the light is the sake or and adds to take with calm for a lot of type of external activities. Calm included can pose your arm through and have it around one of your shoulders of any the flight in your leader.
5 / 5 Sherie
I have bought these for my woman and I to have in our daypacks while it hikes. I actuate Only the tried the around a house and a clear beginning are impressive. A tape that is comfortable and easily adjustable. The time will say how long a last. I will say that his service of client is on the dot. A fire had the defective change ( raisin), has contacted the road the email and has shipped the substitution a same day. A refreshing experience. Thank you GearLight!
5 / 5 Roseanne
I have bought these headlamps for my daughters (8 and 5) to use when goes to camp. They are clear - and very brilliant. Very easy for some daughters to use and adjust in his measure. They each which so it takes 3 AAA stacks - always have extra stacks manually - boys of visas on - LOL. Still, really it likes him when of the electronic coming with stacks as it does not have to go finds your own. In this prize, even so, would not expect concealed. Tan Finally, very brilliant easy clear to use headlamps.
5 / 5 Wan
It begins to camp the plot and uses this together with my bank of power to survive in a forest. A lot it wishes these were any rechargeable or the stacks has been comprised. By everything means, a tape is very comfortable and a light is very brilliant. A awesome the characteristic is in fact can angle some clear bass while his in your leader. In general, really like this light. FYI - You Also can use in your leg or arm. A group is adjustable.
5 / 5 Chante
Has several torches of the final of big plus (streamlight, surefire, etc) but has wanted only something could use when walking a dog and has ordered these while to era in vacacionales and was hurriedly available of Amazon. A quality is very good and law perfectly. They are very brilliant and easy to operate. Also it has wanted to to use while read in the bed and my only desire would be that a parameter 'low' has not been so that shines (classifies of an odd complaint when informs in the torch). In all the case, thinks that that they are an exceptional value and recommends the highly. It has not had very statement while in lumens for each parameter but I want a big to pose to be quite 150-200 and some grave be still >50 lumens.
5 / 5 Ginger
I have purchased concretely for a view of red light so that that goes camp to see some stars and has not wanted to blind other people. Both roads (objective and red) has done adds. A strap was adjustable and comfortable. Calm included can bend some the precise clear bass. Taken 3 AAA stacks in case that any question .

Top Customer Reviews: Anker Rechargeable ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Thalia
I have bought this without doing extensive investigation so that Anker rocks. His banks to be able is a bomb and quite all have taken they so this excited me. Work exactly so announced- I only any one gives the in has had to to design shortcomings before the buy.

USB rechargeability to arrive to this point of the prize is quite awesome and a life of looks of stack awesome, supposes is in fact that 3... mah Ad. Update... A life of stack is awesome.
Flavours of water of the be, is that it shines, USB rechargeable, and having the memory of road is the good thing . Cela And a scalloped the bezel is well. A stack is replaceable, tho did not try it. A clear propagation and the master are utmost. His comfortable to line mass. Work very good.
Fell it several times in rock and cement.. No the scratch!


FIXED The ROADS!!! Mamma this has to you cycle through strobe and his everytime, these necessities to be closed out of accessible through order of concrete button. An also precise button soft to the partial / click actuation usability. It does not like him that of a port of USB is in a retreated so opposite in a side, doing a tiny button. NO! It IS too many clicky and the cheap only sounds. Still it listen it quite sake. A corridor is soft. A Gnurling or 'antislip' the surface is the joke . I need more when being aggresive, meaning cut deeper and with deserting wider and slightly the acute plus verges.. His singularly shaped but no very functional any one to slip. At the end... A clip of the pocket and the material everywhere look thin. When being strong even so. Only the does not look very good. Any one that these subjects to arrive to this point of prize. I am lining this light in foursevens levels, which are the problem supposes so that it is the 20 $ light. Oh He.. Any lanyard the hole and a clip of the pocket is not removable... poo
All these rubbishes has said, an only real problem has is some roads, which are that I am taken some decrees of star.. And an odd button. But already have the small more EDC light, as this will be mine something has consecrated light/ in addition to defence brilliant light. This light is very well for a prize still, so of you only wants to use he for a road the majority of a time, is not even one subjects another that that has to line it a clear of the turn has been in forego cycling through all other roads. I want the but no this bad... theyre Any value each a click... Tan Or take roads to maintain it cheap and less troubling or program it well.
3 / 5 Dann
That is to say the very compact torch for a money. Very brilliant, wants that it is rechargeable and a stack assembla last quite the long time - has has did not have data on me still but has remarked a beam will lose some brilliance when a stack begins to descend, but that it is to be expected and any a lot of a subject. A clip is the utmost characteristic and some looks of the torch has done well. One beats material when being the cheap bit , remarked has chipped/indented the bit where my screwdriver will rub against he in my pocket. An on/was the button is in the good location in that is almost impossible of the clash and accidentally the visit on. My main complaint is one on/was state even so - has to line a button in for the turn was. If hurriedly press a button he cycles in a next road. In my opinion was the better plot to have the turn has been with the fast press of a button and in cycle through some roads, has to has to line a button in. Commentary line quite equal of small time he in, any afterwards was and has to cycle he through some roads to take he in a road fly it to remain on and then comes from afterwards has been again. It IS class of the ache to line a button in in the turn was when he is busy or in the haste but concealed is a lot of my complaint of only entity.
5 / 5 Veronique
Torches of state collecting for the few years now. I use the newspaper to do as well as nightly when walks my dog. A Anker Boulder is the hard light, is sper that shines, the rests touched by the long time, and is easy in load. Some of my lights have stacks of the removable lithium has to touch that in the separate load, but a Boulder has the micro usb covers it built in in one covers of row. I use for at least 15 nightly the only minutes and I COULD touch IT once each which how two month. He fallen he in a rain, in a snow, and in concrete, and does not have data never once me it problem. I am planning on buying the second a to maintain in my vehicle, especially since can touch he in my cart with the mobile phone uploads. It possesses some types of torches in a past, and this $ 16 light was laws the each with is facilitated of use and durability.
5 / 5 Audrea
It result a defence for Anker. Recommending he for banks to be able in, solar poster, capes of USB, wireless Qi chargers, etc.

This torch was available for first Day, as I have jumped in the. 'Anker The available Element? Purchase now!'. I do not create in that has too many sources to ignite for situations of emergency. And very always it directs to lose the torch leaves the when camp. Some people collect cutters, others focus, collects train of practical/technology for situations of emergency. Ex: Quan the swipes of the severe times was can for a neighbourhood, my house is illuminated and is looking road of Netflix WiFi of my desktop with the Backside-UPS.

A light is brilliant abundance . Some functions are practical. And for a prize, could not spend up. Mina a quip would be a location of button. I prefer a traditional tac-clear location in an opposite end of a light bulb.

Did not try It fully, but like this far looks to line the load quite well. I have not touched he in 2 month, then the be of left wing in a big beam. I last an hour until visibly it can remarks the decrease in a lmns has posed was. Another hour and he dimmed more. Then a following 2 hours, was quite that shines to ignite an interior of the tent (or in my case, the room to dine with white wall).
4 / 5 Maya
Pros: Brilliant edifice , solid, 18 guarantee of month, pocketable, three useful roads (BRILLIANT, those shines, and basses), some roads are class of annoying but only has to learn to line an out of change for half the dry of the turn was - then you any cycle through some roads.

IS SPER that shine to be so small. State spending he in my forward of pocket with my factor, Gerber Said me MT and Kershaw fatback, hardly remark it.

Gilipollas: The stack does not look for when being replaceable, the RESISTANT time... ANY raincoat. The clip is also down in an organism of a torch to be useful, some mountains of the also big torch in a pocket when a clip is used. It can be useful for cut in the stock exchange or pouch but any one to spend. It IS the small thickness for the pocket spends but without using a clip any one the note. Too much that shines to use for every day use - the turn on to find your road in a bath and you will blind calm - a next parameter afterwards down is strobe like my experience was - wake until pee, paste some bass, blinded me, tried for the near has been with the fast press and strobed I. If I need a EDC light that can calm for things another that potentially blinding a forward, looks for one with the moonlight road. A thorfire and light of current penlights is $ 15 and take good descriptions.

Anker Supports for his guarantees. Full out of the form and they issue you he nine a, often times any question has asked. They are a better company of China has not treated never and possess A lot of his products - capes, speakers of blue tooth, and now this torch. Doubts of May to recommend or give his products because of a guarantee and global quality.

A light is rechargeable but does not see the road to do the change of stack, the majority of these looks of the lights the cheap plus in last quite 2 years and his one is coated by some premiers 18 months - a coverage of USB of the looks of rubber to be adapted by splashes and rain but will not be quite well in dunk underwater which breaking with a description but which also are in disappointing. I plan to use like a edc light. Different a lot other vendors in these spatial this assembla very when being 400 lumens.

Has purchased this light in 6/10/18 -
3 / 5 Toni
With the disappointment adds writes this description to inform you that an on/was spent of button a lot to be has wished. In any one that there was Anker anterior line of torches and expected for an update probably will be disappointed with these lights purely because of an interface of new button. A button is tiny so that a port of USB is afterwards in him. Some clicks of button and has any capacity of half press. There the does not look for when being the road to program the default clear road in just click on and has been. A quality of light is well and is sure a stack is good quality, is only fearful had the slip to design up or the side admits concealed spent with a button/usb port component. A ray-was carried and replaceable options of available stack in another Anker rechargeable the torches are far upper. I expect and it thinks that Anker will exit with another line of torches that takes behind some highly usable buttons of an original series. It want to see more than direct rechargeable lights, hopefully with usb C, in stack and qualified of different measures.
5 / 5 Porfirio
Incredibly that shines, durable, easy to use torch. The desire was possible to deactivate a strobe and HIS ROADS that never use.

Characteristic of useful Product:
-Waterproof. He in fact the underwater work, only does sure a coverage of the rubber in a backside is closed closely.
-Rechargeable. Any one with the smartphone those touches the brick can touch this, while it comes with a necessity of cape.
-Very Brilliant. You see a picture has published. A photo is of a light in a parameter more than shines these resplandores in the road in 2 east, tone of black heaven with contamination very small of light. Enough say it. Easily he illuminates issues it integer also like the cart headlight beam.

A a characteristic desire was announced more is that you are in any subjects with a clear on, and presses and lines a button to be able in, a light will turn was and does not have to shuffle through all some roads. That is to say incredibly useful when all want to is to 1 torch of road.
1 / 5 Victoria
A light owes the quality of sake the tez global likes to expect of Anker and is brilliant. A problem a big plus is a button . The calm can any to the pose has been with the only tap, has to line he for enough 2 bren to the turn was. A tap only only will go in a next road. Absolutely terrible creation. I bought it to do in the carts and he are useless so that it sing it to you taken goes to verify something has posed then has been he of haste. It IS to take for me to recommend this light. It looks the idea has done half light, well with terrible usability.
5 / 5 Melita
I want to it. Especially I want for a prize. The May would spend It this light so that it is increases of the diameter apropa a emitter, a button is too small, and has too many roads. It was even so perfect for my dad this has required the good torch for some time now. It was preoccupied probably lose the on me so much has not wanted never gives one of mine $ 150+ snobby torches. Recently take it one of a small more anker fire and has been impressed with him and he has the data concealed but is the ache for him to have one 18650 load in his rv or the flavour finds cr123a stacks in strores so that hardly it has seen it this cual the roads of lightning for $ 16 praise has to take he for him because of a micro usb load. As My small plus anker the light has the 'hotspot' tight and the dimmer spills it to that likes him but is still very brilliant and has excellent band. Also the coast to remark that I think Anker is underrating some lumens while it is estimated in 400 lumens but researches to be in pair with 800 torches of lumen of olight and surefire. My a 1050 lumen the torch is to good sure more brilliant and is half 400 lumen the looks of parameter dimmer that a Anker. A button is very small because of one touching be port after in him but so that use for that is in fact the good thing so that there is less than the casualidad to take ignited bouncing around in the box or stock exchange in his rv or truck. In the One to him sews likes him less in of a light is some numerous roads . Big, Med, Down, Strobe, HIS, has been stop press he of button and the long press of a button will turn a torch was. That is to say class of the plot in toggle through and never use anything but big and average in my others torches. If the turn goes with the long press taking some subjects was in when gone back he on again. I can any one complain me even so. A prize is BRONZED well especially consider has an internal stack and upload. My snob' the lights were all $ 150+ and stacks and chargers has been sold separately and is only the small bit better that this light (subjectively). It IS only the light adds, solid, mere without any hassle to take all some lumens in the prize adds.
1 / 5 Merrill
I want to anker produced and possess very even so this one is fallen. Used this torch those camps once and a clip of tape angled very easily. To to Any I likes him His of a 5 characteristic of road so that it is very hard to control that parameter wants the on. It is embarrassing when any one borrows your torch only for the have strobing then has to click a button the little more time to take he in a brilliant parameter. Very disappointed in this product. It does not buy again and I am now hesitant in anker products.

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