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4 / 5
I have bought the total of 3 inflatable joints of mine own on some last 2 years. They are countless trace other joints, both hard and inflatable and easily can say ossia probably a better calm joint can buy in a row of prize ($ 319 before shipping when I have purchased).

Here is the cast of some reasons highly would recommend this joint in another similarly priced some:

- A quality of a joint and is material is big and rivals that of joints in a $ 500 - $ 700 row.
- 6 thickness Of thumb means this neighbouring can easily control 2 people. Ossia Something any one would have to that be conscious of when that purchases the joint. I have bought recently one has estimated highly 4-thumb Pathfinder which is the good joint , light , but tin to only control good insurance 1 person.
- Comes with the leash like the majority of no. of joints And in this note...
- Some dual fins in a behind doing this the joint adds partorisca surfing. A leash to good sure go in handy when it was in an ocean because this thing will float behind the cost if you are not resisting his and the wave has clashed on you.
- Very easy to go/fold up and tent. Ossia Probably a big plus that sells point of inflatables. Any ceiling racks the cup has required , taken on of minimum space.
- When being the half inflatable is not a subject himself calm accidentally things unexpectedly or the fall. I actuate Permanently scuffed or dinged near hard same of some touches some small plus, like this ossia the good peace -of-what of alcohol with all inflatables. Material is quite fat with this (and more near) that have still partorisca nail one, has included that it took him to rivers of rock or that careers to or on tree or of the trunks of stir random.

Like the sum he on, as any the one who possesses 3 inflatables and has used countless another, easily can say ossia a better an I own. It is it adds for 1 or 2 people, is highly buoyant, very stable, and comes with the plot of additional things is that really sweeten one extracted (bombs 2 ways and leash).


I gotta update some things in a fund of this description likes the situation of electrical bomb has class of has changed now even in late 2020. Of the previously recommended bombs is not even on Amazon anymore.

First what to be conscious of when buying a ISUP the bomb is knowing a difference among bombs of 2 phases and bombs of compressor of alone phase.

- 2 phase is fast inflation until a thing is looking for to inflate swipes the pair psi, then some kicks of compressor in (the bomb takes much stronger) to do taking a joint of 1-3 psi to 15psi or anything is looking for to inflate to.
- Only-the phase is purely compressor, as it is not recommended to inflate your whole joint partorisca line reason the bombs of compressor are meant for main psi the this and he so only the shoot was air in of the short explosions smaller and will take the long time in that inflates the joint of scratch (around 25 minutes) and risk to burn out of your bomb. If spent to so only-phase (the only compressor) bomb, so only use some the hand-held bombs concealed is coming with your joint to inflate a joint until it takes form, then discharges in a bomb of compressor and has left he a rest of a work.

Some investigation yes is necessary but is buying the bombs was Amazon , look in of the descriptions and try take bombs that come with the guarantee. Some bombs some economic plus ($ 50 to $ 100 row) does not have some better descriptions and does not have to that the guarantees because they tend to break or burnout quite fast. My sister has bought one of some bombs some economic more the few months does and there is used that so only roughly 4 or 5 times and he have burned was on we yesterday and has had to use our hand-held bombs to take some joint a rest of a way. A pumping has linked down looks to be one something sweet for prize and quality and also comes with the guarantee of 1 years. In my personal opinion, is paying less than $ 100 for a ISUP bombs, is not waiting for whole plot.

5 / 5
This joint is sum . I have used hard joints in some pasts and has had the explosion. This joint feels almost identical and access opportunely in a trunk of the mine Civic. It is like this stable, almost like this quickly, and turns much easier of the main chairs in a water. I have it quell'has bought of the different iSUP so that has one for friends to take loaned but was no where next to a quality of this joint.

Economic but of excellent quality
very stable (My girls ages 5, 7, and 9 tin cruised a cost with him)
gone back closely
surprisingly quickly
bungees is handy
all precise comprised (comprising leash and bomb)

subjectively, has fresher looking near
the aluminium paddle is heavy and unbalanced but there is a lot of paddles that cost more than this container of whole joint

has had the bit of experience and has done the substantial quantity to research before have pulled a trigger in this joint. Highly it recommends this like a intro SUP. Also it recommends to take the light more paddle and an electrical bomb. So only it uses my economic Ryobi bomb partorisca air for the take 90 bloated and arrive it quickly with a manual bomb to take a pressure has required.
4 / 5
Has used a SUP three times, and to the along lateralmente the hard SUP. They are very happy with a joint. It is material of abundance enough. They are 185 lbs and he no flex when it has inflated properly. It is the little less stable that a hard SUP has tried. I think that that it is a character of inflatables reason are like this lighter (big plus CG), but the storage is like this easier.

Here is the pair of tips:
1. Has thinks that that a Piece of pressure has been wheel. It has not been, calm so only has to that dipped to plot more air in that attentive.

2. One fill the valve has filtered initially. The calm result simply can presiona down with a wrench of valve has comprised.
5 / 5
Like this, are the total beginner to this. It has taken a joint was today to the next lake. Last week has tried out of the summit of my inflatable together daughter. Inflating this thing is the workout in him. I owe that say a bomb that is coming with this joint is far upper to a bomb that is coming with a Summit. It contrasts, a rucksack that is coming with a Summit was very better. Had an external pocket to slide a paddle to. This rucksack is not real comfortable, need to do sure everything is so only like this, like this at all is poking calm in a backside. In all the chance, are 62 years , enough damn returned, take me roughly 15 minutes to manually inflate this. The joint has not looked like this sturdy like Summit (which is the hundred of pair bucks more). This was so only my second time was, there is remarked bit it more core maneuvering to remain balanced in this joint. It has been by means of a lake, has had the time adds. I really he like this jointed for a prize. A big plus drawback was when a wind has chosen has had on the real hard time that tries to spend my joint behind to my car. It has taken an inflatable reason has any way to transport the hard joint. In all the chance, am pleased with cost of mine.
5 / 5
Looks for the first moment to purchase this joint because we were skeptical in the paddle has jointed that bomb on, but the pleasure to us better that neighbouring traditional. Taken perhaps 10 minutes to pump up with a bomb that comes with him. This was the perfect returned for our familiar because a SereneLife Inflatable Stands up Paddle Near (6 Fat Thumbs) Universal SUP Wide Stance w Aleta Inferior partorisca Paddling and Surf Controls | No-Covered of the slip goes in is own stock exchange with the bomb, paddle and leash. The regular joints do not come with a leash, has to buy rack he for your vehicle and the paddle. Calm also has to that it has to that to somewhere to store your neighbour when any into use. My boys, 6 and 7, has liked him this joint been due to a no-covered of slip. It has resisted besides big 360 pounds without questions. It is sturdy and no heavy or uncomfortable to spend. It is easy to deflate and circle until siege behind in a stock exchange. It is easy to store. Highly it recommends this joint!!
4 / 5
Has taken so only has been for travesía maiden. We take our product punctually. It has taken &60;10 min for us to gather and air up. It had read other descriptions and has chosen to add another rope to a snap in rope and inferior fin the to a joint in chance is fallen off (he no still felt surer that adds this characteristic of security) A fin lateralmente has been bent the bit but understandable given his tight nave. I have added also the device of small fluctuation to a boss (simple foam 3 section of noodle around a pole of a paddle for the prevent that it sinks like this the ees listened other descriptions. When we take it to Us it has been it was light. Mina 12 old year was able of the spend to a cost and launch it easily. It has not filtered and resisted near better that has been expecting. When be sense on like the solid core SUP and was more in bylines that had imagined. You trace it has followed to a side because of a fin has bent that will fix with time and the hairdryer to the equal that has instructed. It was the tad more unstable that my experience limited with another SUPs still surprisingly more stable that had imagined. Be in 40s and novice in SUP, are trace for an hour and has not fallen never. ( Had some next calls) A paddle has fallen once and because of a fluctuation augments, has recovered a paddle easily. Mina 12, 11, 8 and 6 year all could locate immediately and has touched around. A two old more some were able to stand up and paddle in his in the first place try and has loved that. It was pleasantly and quite surprised that the entertainment has had with him. When he , we deflated and has packed on enough easily. It was quite skeptical at the beginning of an inflatable SUP one am pleased enough. The just hope resists up for future entertainment!
4 / 5
So only has taken a joint and is SURPRISING!!! We take two of these joints to returned in our paving and like our flange collie/Aussie dog of mix (45 lbs) could go SUP boarding with us. This thing looks really sturdy and can am returned easily and a dog. A three system of fin maintains it good and stable same although it is in final a shorter to stand up paddle near. Also it looks a lot of maneuverable. Have So only paddled the around in the group like this far, but has included this has done adds. This thing is also súper light. They are the 5 '3” female and was easy for me to spend the quite far distance. A stock exchange he that a material among him is minimum coffins but all this goes with some looks to joint to be of good quality.
5 / 5
Absolutely near perfect for irregularly paddle boarding or when being yours +1 joint for the partner.

Durable (I follows to take this to lakes of Arizona where there are spikes and pointy rocks of real cactus that hangs around)
Easy to store
Easy to drive with
Very pleasant
the straps of Storage have built in in a joint
to the nozzle Controlled when inflating / deflating like this air neither stay in or actively leave, whichever chooses

Taken 7 min to inflate & roughly 6 min to deflate (ossia very reasonable but so only maintain he in alcohol)
Weighed - roughly 30 books
A bit difficult of the take the max pressure

originally has bought 2 but has decided want to paddle boards at least once weekly of work, and one inflating + deflating has done that impossible. I traded One has taken & the 25 lb glass of edge one of Dicks. Absolutely it loves that I have maintained a second this in spite of. It is Like this easier that a fiberglass some to store & walk with. It is perfect.
5 / 5
Has been that locates the solid SUP for 5 years and was in a phase for a iSUP because of a flexibility and offers of liberties to explore new places. I have purchased this joint and has to that say, is the add that it looks the joint and a coverage is very comfortable in my feet. Although they are the a lot of experienced SUP rider, has found east boards very difficult to locate. It is of entity to inflate to full psi for maximum stability. Although I concealed and it was able to create and walk , has given an odd feeling of UN STABLE FEELING. It has looked for to be affected by wind and of the waves more than any neighbour there is not locating never. It was tossed of multiple time - I has not fallen off mine another neighbour several years. I have tried this iSUP for 3 days, was finally able to be and trace but has not felt never relaxed and has known would not be never able of the trace in an ocean that was my aim. A stock exchange to spend has not been very drawn - was to struggle to take a joint in a stock exchange. I am returned this joint and has purchased another mark 11' x 34' and LOVES THAT. (Cela One is all has expected takes and there is enjoyed my first adventure of ocean last week!)
5 / 5
Has purchased this iSUP only looking for the good judge to start with jointed that it could transport in mine Camry in of the weekends. It is fantastic. A joint is súper stable and the wide abundance for me. They are 5'10' and 210 pounds and I have any @subject with him bending or submerging. Ossia The fantastic shot . Besides, a paddle floating, a bomb is double-to action like them take 5 minutes less to fully inflate, and a security leash is comprised in a cost. Highly it would recommend this joint to any more the one who there so only is looking for the new hobby in a summertime.
5 / 5
They are very sad to say that I have had the bad experience with this product. After seeing all some descriptions was very excited partorisca the take and the try was. Unfortunately, when I have received a product, of the bombs I receipt has not done well, a side of a valve would leave was air and he extremely last partorisca pump up. I have had to that cover my hand in a valve when I have pumped air to a paddle near. Then when finally it has taken my paddleboard has on pumped and has take a tube, an air has come to touch immediately was and my joint would begin the deflated a lot quickly. This is not supposition to spend until it press a key of red emission. Very very disturbed in of the this, especially has had of then inform of sound. My fiancé has a ROC paddleboard and would recommend that an on this one in my opinion.
5 / 5
Are very happy with this SUP. Ossia A prime minister an I has purchased. Has has wanted to he to locate a river, in place of the tube. It has done I add! It has included fact well for two to seat on that. We were with another concealed has had another mark. They have tried two people, but has not gone quite fat to remain stable and on a water. It was happy that this was the little fatter for this reason. It was easy and quickly to pump up. A river was a lot down, as we scraped rocks many times. A joint took it a lot well. For a river, has chosen any to install a main fin. It is well that this main fin is removable for this use. Highly it recommends this joint. It was very stable, included with two people that chair on that.
An only thing has wished was that a manual has comprised a recommended pressure to pump it to. This in spite of, a bomb has red clear, green, and band of yellow pressure. It has dipped he in 16 PSI, inside a green band. It has done I add!

Update 6/19/2018:
liked this product so much, has ordered the second a to take friends with me down a river. I have used my neighbouring two times now, and planning the second travesías this weekend.
5 / 5
Has bought this to have an extra SUP for my daughter bday party in ours lakehouse. A main SUP is good but a big fin is flimsy and one paints already is peeling with which 2 month. Then, we find that a paddle tanks. I am not sure reason some indications are like this big. Look Elsewhere.
4 / 5
AMUR! I am not sure I am not never be like this excited in the compraventa before. I have tried the SUP in Hawaii and was hooked have purchased like this this to use in some lakes marries afterwards. A bloated joint in 14 minutes that use a Serenáis Life automatic Bomb (has not tried a manual bomb that is coming with him). I have run down to a water and has taken is gone in a joint. It was like this stable like the solid jointed has learnt on. It was almost impossible of the say was an inflatable. Materials of big quality. It has resisted air for some 2 days used it. Deflating Was also easy. I took 2 tentativas in going for record the all behind in a stock exchange - but I he! My familiar all has given tries it and all the world was able to be in this neighbouring - as this joint is the election adds any @@subject your level of experience.
5 / 5
Has researched paddle together for at least the month.. Read the plot of descriptions.. A day while it was kayaking in the lake near of my house has seen the type that use the SereneLife paddle joint.. I have taken this occasion to ask roughly his joint.. I have spoken his still roughly five min.. It has said that it loves it. Any remorse.. Ossia All has taken.. They are home state and has ordered my own.. I have ordered a green apparently a green is roughly $80 more economic that a blue.. The ones of the that comprises that one.. I received it.. I used it.. I love it.. Wine with all a precise material..

Update 07/19/19
Almost the year later still loves a joint. I have inflated hard year. It took it it was several times , on the one of the north on Lake huron and near of a house in of the smallest lakes. To the left it inflated it a hard still integer 👍🏻. Service of fantastic client, contacted him roughly the free chair that has been supposition to receive . They shipped it it was immediately.
5 / 5
Loves a joint but a tampon of coverage is beginning to exit after so only roughly 5 uses.
Has bought this inflatable to the equal that could estacionar my car and dip this in my back (the stock exchange has straps of rucksack) and locate my bicycle on a greenway to the long of a Neuse River in Raleigh and paddle behind down a river. Which has done perfectly.
I also surf and has taken this joint is gone in some 1'-2' the waves and he have done enough well. It is the little difficult to manoeuvre in some waves, but think that is to be expected besides inflatables because of a form, or lack of the same, of some drive.
My only complaint (as far) is that a deckpad is beginning to separate of a joint already and has has used so only a joint roughly 5 or 6 times. I marvel me that time this joint goes to last. For now, so only I will try to the glue has retreated down with roughly cimienta of hule.
In general highly would recommend this joint. Especially partorisca first time boarders. It is very stable and rigid. Hanged 160 and grieves flexes yes jumps on he in a centre while in a water. A partner of mine has paid the plot more for his inflatable neighbour and I think this one is very better. It comes with the very good quality fin of centre and leash. A bomb looks the little light/cheapish but has done adds like this far.
Again, for a prize, highly recommends it.
5 / 5
Ossia A fourth paddle near that has bought was the amazon and is to good sure the very basic joint. I will say that for the small person is really good. But it is not one the majority of stable joint as it beginner of the prime minister of time would owe that be conscious that is quite wobbly together side. A good informative is that it is very agile and almost like the little car of sport vs the car of luxury. A boss is not in an exact centre of the gravity and is hassle to spend 50 feet more unless you hoist the in your boss and the spend that way. But to good sure the decent joint for a low prize.

Has bought also a Acheer 10 ft together concealed is the little buck more economic, and a Ancheer has pumps it slightly better and paddle that included.
5 / 5
Has ordered green and taken blue instead but concealed does not affect a product and will not be the factor in my description. When I have opened a joint, has had some black that has looked the big to scrape but in the most next inspection, regime with the fingernail. The suspect is of the conveyer tape. Again, any one affects in a real functionality.

This neighbour is compared quickly to another joint has (different mark). It is incredibly stable and still with mine newby the skills have not had any question that stands up or has included to move the little has bitten. For the main joint was easy of the boss, looked a lot of responsive.

A bomb is two phase , double volume and the low dipping this accident is taking to 15 psi fast and easy (relatively). Compared to another bomb has, this one this AWESOME. A paddle is easy to regulate even with the floats and the hands have wetted the difference of a paddle has lost today.

A rucksack is of the more small and uncomfortable quality to spend which is reason I has taken of the star. Highly it would recommend this joint to any one.
5 / 5
Has used this joint two times and both times a rear fin is start . Some second time lost it to knots to a fund of a lake. Unfortunately they are two past of days my window of turn of 30 days. A lot disappointed and the waste of money. Too bad can not give accident of zeros.
4 / 5
I finally taken to use this for a first time last week. They are like this very pleased with this product! Both my fiancé and I am in shape as well as one blowing on a joint was quite quickly, is the bit of the workout. The mine in 10 minutes, and he his in 5! It is incredibly simple to take hooked on and imagine all was. Once a joint is inflated is still the decent weight to spend (25?), But nowhere near of like this weighed like the no-inflatable a. A stability of a joint in a water was impressive!! Never once it felt any squishy or deflated moments - a joint is remained well and in bylines a whole time paddling. A paddle was also wonderfully simple to gather, and is also easy to regulate while paddling around. Also it loves that it is returned easily to a backside of the ours SUV while deflated. A stock exchange of rucksack that goes in is hearty stock exchanges that is returned a paddle jointed and all his accessories. Highly recommend!!
4 / 5
Ossia Our third SUP (three costruttrici different). This SereneLife is a more buy of REY perspective. I had it it was every day he purchased it of then. The boys and I am transmission SUPs partorisca compare and find this extracted like this well in a so main water $ SUP. They are 6'2'' and 235 and this joint extracted well partorisca me. Stable and easy to manoeuvre. It has been he is gone in some wind and light rib and is still comfortable partorisca my use.
I really like a bomb - better of all three. It looks partorisca have the main diameter and flow of air/of capacity of air during inflation.
A SUP is quell'has bitten heavier that some another but is insignificant. It could be weighed too much the z/the rucksack until 10,000 lakes of elevation has SAWED but some girls spend it, well!? A paddle is quell'has bitten heavy and does not add it floater. But the little section of the noodle grupal has slipped has solved in the subject. This in spite of a paddle is still that the beginner adds/intermediate paddle. It is well that pauses down partorisca long hikes when that spending.
While no the cup of a line - big experienced user SUP, in general ossia the add to buy and really can not say anything negative in a SUP and train. Well value an investment. It would buy again!
5 / 5
Requires an extra joint partorisca our boys. Has two of a IRocker SUP at present. This looked the good access and the prize adds. A creation is calm cool can say his in a less expensive side according to which paddleboards go but does not feel economic if this felt. His light. Mina 12 old year could spend this without too much difficulty. It locates quite compact. A bomb is the typical bomb would find with the SUP but to good sure still spend of the money for an electrical bomb. It will take that it rushes that tries to rid inflate any SUP. This was the compraventa perfect so that we extra joint for an occasional use. It would be the good judge of together start for any one looking to try out of SUP.
4 / 5
A Serenelife Inflatable SUP is an excellent product. A packaging was effective and all the elements are gone in original condition without subjects. Some instructions are quell'has bitten difficult to comprise having any leading knowledge of inflatable SUPs, but was quite simple to comprise like this to inflate a joint. A metre of pressure is excellent in reading a correct psi, and work well to maintain a piece among 12-15psi. This joint was utmost in a water! A capacity of weight is excellent (275lbs), and is to good sure able to resist two adults (seating or dipping). A foreign is a lot comfortable to seat, stand or kneel on for hours. Deflating An initially defied joint so that has instructions of zeros on like this to complete this, but has little taken endeavour for the imagine was and some slides of rear fin was a lot easily. It is it adds that everything of some accessories and a neighbouring all return to a convenient rucksack!

Two complaints of entities: to the amazon has not sent a correct colour. I have ordered a blue sailor (model SLSUPB10) and a green (model SLSUPB20) has arrived. To the amazon does not have control for a deception, and has not offered the repayment or reduce a prize. To all the cost, a green is the very good colour and am happy of the maintain. Just note that a wrong colour can arrive and need to be exchanged.

A support of client for Serenelife/Pyle looks non-existent. There is any number of support or email to use when requiring together or tips. When we have had you subject that inflates a joint, the person has had to that call.

In general an excellent product and I highly would recommend!
5 / 5
Has been using hard SUP for several years. I have decided to buy inflatable for easy transport. A joint is a lot good. It is done of good material. Easy to inflate. Easy deflate. I have taken in Gulf of Messico. It is quell'has bitten unstable. A paddle feeble quality , poor. SUP The work adds when seating on that. It would be very SUP has had the chair, unfortunately so only has hooks for chair. Generally, I am happy. A aqua the colour is good-looking. I recommend this iSUP especially for beginners.
5 / 5
Has lost mine paddle to a fund of a lake a 2nd time was. It thinks that that it has to at least any to sink like the brick. Another that that one the joint is decent. Justo useless without paddle. Looking for a that floating.
4 / 5
Has bought this paddleboard the small to the along in fact the year, and am writing this description now been due to a service of client adds has received today. First of all a paddleboard is awesome. It is sturdy and a lot easy to transport, gives support and deflate. More he all returns in a stock exchange. With east says has lost accidentally an inferior half of mine paddle to a lake. I have contacted service of client and is substituting he for free and in that has shipped that to him mine. Wow!
5 / 5
This is to arrive very packaged with all the components. A SUP inflated a lot -- use an electrical bomb initially, then changed to a a resupplied -- a one has resupplied has completed a work, while a tram one could does not inflate all a way. It could it does not imagine it it was like this to take it PSI indication in a bomb -- ossia something will have to that do on. I gave it the 4 more than the 5 reason some instructions could be more complete state. I also looked Or video to Tube to learn regarding the use. They are a lot happy this this inflatable joint -- I will transport among two houses, and am excited for my girls of adult to use them also!
4 / 5
Has bought this for my account, has not been compensated in any way for my description. My sister and I so much have taken these for some social distancing this summer and I can say, AM ENAMOURED. For a prize, feels like this surprisingly stable and comprises all require (except the personnel floatation device, swimsuit, and whistles!). When I Fill he until 15 psi with a bomb comes with, is súper solid. I took it so only it was once but it fill and deflated/the packed on two times. Easy to toss in a trunk of my car. A rucksack is handy, although I can a lot really sees to return a bomb in him easily with a SUP and paddle, so only leaves a bomb in my car. It would not spend it súper to to the long distances like in the hike of big, but taking to a water is quite easy. I have not had any question that inflates, although a last bit is tiring! A trick here is to sustain his and leave your weight a work.

A note: a service of client has been I adds also, has been missing an adhesive glue in a box of reparation that comes with and emailed his, and has behind answered immediately and sent 2 missing tubes of glues using nave of 2 days. They were some of one the majority of responsive service of client folks has not done never with!

A sewing of plus: I am fallen off and has not been scary, was quite soft to paste a joint and circle awkwardly to a water. An only thing has broken was my ego. :-) It calms not having never does this before, HE! It is amused like this and peaceful. If has question maintaining prpers, tries to look in a horizon and no in your feet.

Can not expect go back in a water again!
4 / 5
Has bought this SUP based in some a lot of positive critics in the amazon and are at all disappoiinted. It is main that has thought and looks to be quite hard for any occasion. Some work to bomb well, but be patient. It thinks of a process of inflation as I add it cardio-workout and clave with him. Some directions were the pocolos skimpy so it has not resupplied a pressure of inflation or to the equal that to attach a strap of security, but those can be imagined was. I bought it he almost done two month and was while to animate time for the inflate, but has concluded could lose my guarantee has expected too much long. Like this here it seats, in an end of winter, too cold to use but quite good to see some while waves of mine in a next lake. Now I can not expect try has been. BTW, Behind to where this description has begun, is a lot of solid and substantial. A surface is hard and looks it will not be easily has broken. I am pleased tremendously with this compraventa like this has it very promised, much more for my money that a lot of some available options. Thanks to SereneLife! The work adds.
4 / 5
A joint has received has had the defect, but are by train of the give 5 stars because it was impressed extremely and satisfied with his service of client!!

To inflate a joint, there is remarked has had the warp/of his transfer, which is has not gone too happy with. As I have contacted a company (Pyle) and has expressed frustration of mine. They were a lot quickly to answer, and after the few transmissions of questions, pictures, & documents, has offered to send me the new a free to touch of then has not been happy with a an I had (& has given me included multiple options to choose of).

Has received so only a new a, and is perfect without subjects. Extremely impressed and satisfied, to good sure will buy his Products again of then are for behind his and his service of client is exceptional.
To good sure recommend!!!!!
4 / 5
Like this far a value partorisca a prize has surpassed my expectations! I have bought he partorisca $ 347 and is my prime minister iSUP, as I have imagined has not wanted to spend a lot a bat in the if it did not like, and of this one has taken good descriptions . Like this far like this well, and a box is sum ! It is a lot having all all immediately. As mentioned by another reviewers, a stock exchange feels bit it economic (mostly a zip), but like this far is done his work .

A iSUP is really quite (and a bit like this of entity, he also floating and has resisted air for 3 days). A material and D coverages celery quite sturdy and a grip of feet is to good sure grippy. It is quell'has bitten less in global bylines that has expected takes, but are also 5'8', like this perhaps is more careers the would not be like this bad. It could also so only be me. This in spite of, is to good sure any to prenderme for the use and has not fallen .

A paddle the good looks and is the better quality that has expected with which some descriptions. It feels quite strong and I any envision the anytime punctual breaking. It is also adjustable, how is well for any height.

An ankle leash is in fact quite heavy, but once in any calm really remark it.

A box of reparation is so only an orange tube with the few patches. I suppose that we purchase our own adhesive, yes has required.

One a thing I desire is coming with these better instructions for the swipe on and deflating the. I consider to be quite apt, as surprised that has taken around 20 minutes for the inflate when the majority said it could be fact in 10. One researches of the fast internet was the enormous help , but so only with which have done two hard times in pumping it up. I have comprised some touches down to help another to the long of. Regarding a quality of bomb, looks quite half. It felt sturdy enough, takes a work done, and honradamente has not expected a lot much more that that it is.

Pours to Pump Up and Deflating

-A bomb has two settings have controlled of the tear-shaped swivel thingy next to a cup of an organism of bomb. When Pumping on your iSUP, swivel a tear-shaped setting to a legislation. Ossia A setting of bomb of double action ; meaning it will pump air to a iSUP in both an on and down actions, lessening a time of inflation.

-A PSI gauge no really movement a lot until I take around to 12 PSI or so much. Like takings more afterwards to a 15 PSI max filler, will take harder that pump, as swivel a tear-shaped setting to an accident. Ossia Now the bomb of alone action, which will do it the little easier that fill a iSUP a rest of a way of then takes more oomph to arrive to this point ( will know is alone action reason the air will blow out of an open side of a bomb).

-When you Take an air the bombs will be STRONG! Has wake on my husband and my dog; his both gave me to us one 'that lame' look. Yikes And oops.

-When it Comes time to deflate a iSUP, simply take a coverage of valve, then press and softly turn a 'key' red. This will close down, leaving an air to exit. Please note: this also will be really STRONG! I deflated the external mine around 11pm, in a closing of a night. I do not have any idea the one who some neighbours have thought. They are sure he has had abundance more 'that lame' looks. Yikes And oops again.

Hopefully These helps of information. The lamented, looked for, and compared for quite a lot of awhile first to buy is one. The desire had purchased the most collected! I have it it used it so only once a week had it to us, but are to good sure happy with him. If anything changes will be sure to stick an update. Happy paddling!
4 / 5
Has has had to that already take a fin substituted reason a clip of fin is exited in mine first use. Also they are in a process to take a bomb has substituted b/c has did not say me never a PSI. I have read other descriptions and has tried all some tricks have mentioned pumping even until a boss would not move anymore and SWIMMING. This in spite of, this company is SLOW to answer the questions. They are the month in trying to take a bomb substituted And is by train to do me nave of paralizaciones of pay less than 6 month. And a fin has taken also the month to take b/c of the SLOW responses and that ask a same information repeatedly.

A joint Is not like this sturdy like the hard way. To good sure would save up and buy the hard joint. In choppy water, I usually paddle seating b/c his like this wobbly. Once I take a new bomb will see if this does the difference in a sturdiness and update this description.
5 / 5
Looks to be the quality and stable joint like this far and a map is acute & so only. A cushioning is comfortable and a bungees is strong and of confidence to resist the fresh plus and other elements have required for the hours am gone in a water. A paddle is adjustable likes some boys, my husband, and can all use with eases. A stock exchange of storage is functional, with bosses and of the straps of rucksack to transport to a beach. A stock exchange has point airholes on one finalises to drain any water that takes trapped inner and has wide room to store a joint together with all some accessories/of parts. We go to take to plot of use out of this SUP this summer!
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. UPDATE: I achieved it it was to SereneLife directly in a faulty near. It has taken enough the moment to do contact with any, but the days later have taken the response of the representative of service of the client. A rep has asked receipt of mine of Amazon and the video of a leak. Once it had shared that info, a process has taken the little more weeks, but in an end SereneLife offered to send me the joint of substitution. Relatively simple and painless while it was patient. A new joint is gone in condition adds and has resisted air without the question. I have changed my description to three stars to means an original description of some stars with this update.

Original description:

Ossia my second SereneLife near. While a prime minister one has been to do fault a lot in fact a lot of years, this one was the disappointment . Among some premiers and second uses, has it remarked had not been in the resistant air and has has had to that fully reinflate the for the use again. For a third use, has found a leak, right to the long of the seam (sees video). Felizmente Was next cradle and easily able to go back without accidents. As it has dipped a joint in his stock exchange, a strap of waist rasgó immediately of a stock exchange-- was so that has bad semi-detached that this rasga spent still before it had tried to spend a joint in a stock exchange. As I have said, this joint has been the enormous disappointment , expensive , especially with which well a forward SereneLife the joint has treated. Because of a character of the product like this, where the so only can be used once each few weeks, the turn of Amazon rule of 30 days the period is not sufficient. If shopping, would recommend to take a long guarantee. Certainly the desire has had.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. I have had mine paddle together for just to the long of the month. With which 20+ uses (averaging roughly 2 hours for use), confidently can give this product to 5 description of star.

My main worries when ordering this SUP was: 1) I be able of the bomb on I with a bomb has comprised 2) a stability be near of this of the hard joint and finally, 3) can trusts these descriptions?

For context; they are the very big and gangly 30 something force of the upper organism is not something calms will not listen me never boast roughly. This be has said, that pumps a joint on is not like this difficult to the equal that have anticipated. Now I can fill a joint in 6-8 minutes that use a setting of bomb of alone action. I found counting I so that it follows that I fill a joint; he half around 260-280 bombs of empty to plenaries. Like other descriptions mention, a PSI will not register in a gauge until has paste a point of neighbourhood.

Pro Tip: sure mark the valve of the air of a joint is in an ON situating when that attaches a bomb, or will be sad, sweaty, and pissed when you detach a bomb and quickly lose 1/4 of an air has done like this last to pump.

A stability is slightly different that has experienced in of the hard joints, but has regulated a lot quickly and the find easy to maintain same balance in choppy waters. After all of my travesías, have still to the fall am considering a stability to be One+.

According to which some descriptions go; I am happy has taken the risk and has purchased this joint.

Additional info: it returns a lot amiably in a backside of the mine VW Tiguan. They are able to deflate and sale on in around 5 minutes. I have purchased the compressor of portable air and SUP alleged, but has not been value an extra cost like that can fill manually much faster and is class of the very spent.
5 / 5
My gf and are having the time adds paddling in these joints in the local bay. We are both big how were quite wobbly at the beginning but finally begun to take a hangs to balance in these joints. It takes some endeavour to fully inflate them (consider charges it!) But once it is quite solid and does not resemble flex at all. Probably we will purchase some trams inflator but some the hand-held bombs resupplied do well. It can not expect go back is gone in a water!

Update: On received of a paddle joint a vendor had comprised an offer for release it detachable paddleboard chair instead for positive critiques of his SUP paddle together. Still although some chairs are clearly available to purchase a vendor is alleging that an element is not available. It is state to the long of the year there is rid of a description on. Here it is the copy of his response...

“Thank you So much to leave the description!
Really appreciates that you took a time to help was!

Unfortunately, is temporarily out of stock for a prize announces in an ascent.
Expect take more stock of a prize has announced sometime next month. Please left to know me prefer expect and will add your details to a register of asked slope.

Otherwise, Please control of some options down yes quite calm would be sent any of these products.
Fitmotion Tracker Of activity
Speaker to Rain
Clock of Control of the Heart rate

Sad again for an inconvenience!”

Has contacted a multiple of time of vendor to ask state in a backlogged element and every time has been said to expect. It is obvious now that they do not have any intention of honoring this offer. Still They like Me some joint but am discouraged that is not honoring his offer.
4 / 5
Has purchased this product after reading a lot some descriptions here. They are súper happy that bought it!

1. Easy to pump. A hand-pump concealed comes with a product a work sufficiently. I took 10 minutes less to take to a 15 psi. It did not tire at all.
2. Well he he. Some material looks a lot of sturdy. I used it 4 times now and all looks very good.
3. Some stays of air in. I have it on pumped once and a lot of deflate until yesterday, which is 15 days after an initial bomb. I do not have it remarked slightest drop of interior of pressure of the air.
4. Easy to deflate.
5. Easy to manoeuvre and salda also. I have rented once first of my time of the life and ossia my second experience with him paddle together. But it was able to take to and stand up on he immediately a bat. It is not hard to balance in this thing at all. And it is easy to control too much. I have it quell'has tried so only this on lake like this far, any on ocean.

An only thing can complain is that if the oar remains in of waters he for more than the pair of small, will sink . This is due to an adjustable part of an oar that fill on dulcemente with water. But it does not find this the question at all, of the majority of a time, one can recover yes fallen inside seconds. Some floats of oar for a first minute.
5 / 5
My husband and I have purchased these paddleboards specifically for our excursions on Lake of City to Austin, TX. We live in a paving with minimum storage, as the compact, a bit advise it inflatable small was ideal for knots. I have been to impact in that has arrived it quickly (some few days of pair at the head of schedule) and was very impressed with a stability and durability of them. Celery like this he hardboard when I take him to 15 PSI!

A pros:
1. Easy to store, transport, and swipe up. Once a neighbour taking to roughly 12 PSI, has has had to that enough use my weight of full organism to take a joint to 15. No a worse, but maintain in alcohol, your boys/tweens can not be able to felizmente inflate for them!

2. A measure! This swipe on quite fat, which his fact súper stable when in a water. No very topsy turvy or anything. And, if a water is quell'has bitten choppy, no like this waters will locate a neighbour as it thins plus, last a.

3. A prize! My husband and I ( smoking it hot talented waterman) abundance to research for advanced in ISUPs varying anywhere of $ 1,300 to $ 200 and has estimated that these landed in an end more abordable so that has has wanted to do with them.


1. Class of the pro/with, but of then these are like this light and easy to spend, experience the little bit of difficulty in a water with a wind. A wind is able to strongly press these boards around, as you owe that be quite strong to struggle any current/of wind can be treat. A wind literally can turn calm in of the circles in this joint, which is reason I has mentioned these are UTMOST for CALM waters!

2: A creation. Quite economic-or looking ask . More endeavour could be be do to do these joints the little more aesthetically appealing. So only my opinion! With which paddling in my knees ;) for the moment there is @@give that one the blue dye exited in my skin of a joint. No the big shot, but the value that mentions is snotty.

And OSSIA! I expect that this has helped your decision that does! Has add it, fine crown of free and happy week paddling!


Devin & Jon
4 / 5
has bought this for the travesía Familiarised to Lake Powell and was a swipe and that surprises conclusive and rigid. A cushioning in a surface is like this comfortable in yours feed. We paddle inflatable kayaks also and a SereneLife was easily faster. We have had all ages to use the and I paddled he with Farmer of mine on he also. We paddled the to long canyons to hike of. It was the spectacular way to little fish and low structure a water!
In the same paddled at night low light of half moon and starlight. It was like this very amazing, are 63 and all my boys and the glorious boys loved also. Quality very good and durable. The box adds for a prize!
4 / 5
First preparation of travesía and the sliced my hand opens of a buckel east snapped for the half after taking was all a plastic wraps. No the good start
5 / 5
I have possessed several ISUPs and paddled much more. I have not been never in the most unstable joint. It was almost impossible to maintain up for any another that mine 60lb edges. A more next inspection of a joint has developed was totally warped. I have not seen never this in a ISUP. Basically a joint was shaped like the DNA Helix.. Well perhaps a lot that bad,, but takings a picture . Obviously this is not a chance for each joint or would have like this 5 indications of star.. But our joint was almost unusable. Oh yeah. A paddle sucks and a bomb sucks.. But ossia to be expected for the $ 300 joint of dollar.
4 / 5
Has bought this of Amazon for my familiar to use in outings when renting is not convenient or possible. We prefer it fiberglass 12' together for our daughters of adolescents and it hard kayak for our edges, but this will give a capacity to exit in of the smallest lakes without that have to that I rent or dip the big joint in the storm of ceiling. Typically we use a SUPs that emotional at all program wherever go in a Fingerlakes and Lake Ontario region. Usually two people will locate in some joints. Like this far I have taken so only a joint for the test paddle once in Onondaga Lake for me. It was quite windy with to 10 breeze of knot and small 6' ripples. A neighbour fared well for an inflatable. It was like this rigid like any one another inflatable has used. It has had good stability, well cushioning under my feet, and the natural frequency relatively big (any too bouncy). I so only inflated to 5 psi, so as to the focus in a neighbouring could have added 10 psi of pressure to air yes has loved to augment a stiffness. Some fins have left excellent that is still in a wind. A paddle has on resisted well and looked to be a lot has done. A joint was surprisingly light. A boss looked robust. A strap of ankle was very done and has comprised it rotating jointed and amiably cushioned cuff. There is very very semi-detached d coverages. The inflation and to the deflation was easy.
4 / 5
Has bought two of these for my woman and edges. Some joints are quite compact that they can take some joints was, inflate them, and enjoy hours in some lakes. So only downside imagined out of a system of bomb. A pressure gauges work. So only they do not begin moving until you are near of an end. It maintains him on big capacity while you can, then transmission to big pressure to finalise them was.
4 / 5
In general, am pleased with this compraventa this in spite of am disappointed extremely with ths that has not been able to go in touch with any of this company regarding a defective paddle has taken. A hastens down key to detach a boss of a half, has been stuck of then I first put that joint and not even one the big plus of the types can press a key in the disconnect the so much can launch all 3 pieces in my stock exchange. Instead I owe that it spends and it can it does not store easily of then he no detach.
5 / 5
My husband and I have bought two of these neighbours as, pandemic state, requires more activity to take out of a house and the feeling like real life live again.

Has classifies of state in the roller coaster of as feel in these joints. As the one who the global use goes, is utmost. The stability adds, súper entertainment... Hard to pump, but strong sense of accomplishment when calm he.

THIS In spite of

In an of our joints, a grip already is beginning to peel up and ossia after so only four uses.

Besides, knots misplaced a fin of centre for one of some joints and can not find the substitution for him anywhere. It results, some joints take has to that no-fin of ray of the tool when a picture AIMS it would have to that be the slide and fin of clip. A lot they was to spend substitutions for one any-fin of ray of the tool. I have tried SEVERAL AVENUES to contact Serenelife - I has sent the email directed to sustain of client, has fill out of his form of support of the client of his web of place, and has tried now multiple time to contact a lot that uses a characteristic of cat in his web of place... I have it quell'has listened still AT ALL behind. It will be incredibly disheartening to having paid so only $ 400 for two of his joints so only to discover a lot in fact continue parts of manufacture of essential substitution for his product, especially when a product was wrong to begin with.

Modification 9/17/2020:

So much, here is my update.. Service of client , in fact, go back yours -- he , this in spite of, take the minute to take by means of his he so that has any line of call directed. They have solved a @@subject and send the fin of substitution. My better joint is to rid like this a lot alleges like this possible by means of his web of place, write a description of Amazon, and email an allocution that is listed in of the leading descriptions.

A truth is, really enjoy some times have had with these joints before we have lost a fin to centre this summer. One boards them is sturdy and relatively easy to balance on - amused for a whole family.

My only joint would be that it move for down and VERIFY The MODEL before shopping. Some models plus very old has fins with the no-attaches of ray of the tool, while some models plus very new has a slide and fin of clip that is seen in some photos. One any-fin of ray of the tool is not available for compraventa in Serenelife put web NEITHER on Amazon, as really you are purely that depends on service of client that goes back yours and sending the substitution. This in spite of, if you are sure a model is purchasing is one with a slide and fin of the clip then says to good sure go for him, will have the time adds with these joints!
4 / 5
Has tried a SUP was for a first time in the travesía of week of long river. I used it multiple time the day and has to that the left has inflated a whole time. It has resisted a pressure a whole time, was stable and felt solid. A joint was felizmente light data a empinado trace to and of an use of cradle. A together initial up was quite easy to save for any last few pounds of pressure that has taken so only some extra endeavour. My only real complaint is that a fin is exited of a joint and sank a first day. It has not felt reason the detachable part would not be done of material that will float and does not have to that it is exited like this easily. I will be to contact a company to store the complaint. Another that that I really like a joint.
5 / 5
Has purchased 2 of this Inflatable Stand-On Paddleboards only to the along in fact the year. Like this far, we use him to knots roughly 10 times each like this in the variety of masses of water. Like this far, it has treated excellent and there is honradamente has surpassed my expectations. I am not sure that can add it that another has not added but here is the pocolos aim keys:
- When you are finalised inflating and is for disconnect a inflator valve of a joint, is CRITICAL ( THIS CRITICAL) to twist it and the take quickly. Otherwise, A valve sticks opened and will lose to air very quickly. So that so only it has finalised to break the sweat that use a manual bomb has comprised, extremely is discouraging to lose all this air like this quickly.
- A stock exchange of storage are adds. It can be difficult to returned everything in him when packing on, as it suggests to situate a trace jointed in first, then situating other parts (bombs of air, paddle, etc) around that.
- Like another, resulted to tire and difficult to take to 10-15 psi. With which so only that uses a bomb, can feel quite tired to does not love included exited in a paddleboard plus very long. After several times to use a bomb (and that it has to pump on 2 of my promise has not been able of the take to 15 psi), has purchased the car wheel inflator that use an automobile 12V socket and an adapter for a SUP valve. Typically we pump it to 5 psi then use a laptop inflator. This I leaves to relax and take our together bands while some joints are finalised pumping . It would estimate that it takes roughly 15-20 min for 2 joint to take of 5 to 15 psi, but well one $ $ $ and saving your force for paddling.
- My detachable fin has broken when I accidently seated in my joint in of the superficial water and he sheared is gone in the rock. Support of the client comprised and with which some behind-and-verification of advance of my model of joint and type of fin, has sent the new one was mine . Awesome Support of client!

All-in-all, am very happy with this joint and to good sure would purchase it again!
5 / 5
This was the present in my woman and enjoyed he immensely of then receiving it. It is easier that transport that the hard joint and is easy to pack up. It likes: laptop, of confidence and relatively easy to use and sale up. Gilipollas: The directions would owe that comprise instructions in that take a bomb of an air intake valve. An inaugural line in some habladurías of instructions in a 1/2 moon turn while pressing down will prevent air of outflowing. This in spite of, this would have to that be reasserted in some instructions when that takes a bomb. We imagine this was after losing significant air in of the tentativas múltiplas to take a bomb.
4 / 5
Has purchased two of these SUPs in December 2018 and has begun to use his seriously be of 2019 continuing by means of to date. Horse riding around some bays of Cities of Ocean, MD and Fenwick Island, OF still one the majority of part, but took him also on the travesías of street around some the EUA.

Some joints are fun and dependable, almost two years later aim the bit to spend like this to be expected, but any leak or other subjects to impar use of some joints. Inflating is simple and the reasonably good discharge for a paddling this follows. Deflating Is easy also, and takings roughly 10 mins to dry them down as you go him is returned until a rucksack of storage, together with all the accessories, cleanly & easily.

Does not love miles of hike with a rucksack, but for the courses of hundred of the pair is not bad at all and a onboard the straps mean you can join down a rucksack, bomb, and all more with you calm so that near.

These are together fun and stable , good to learn like this to board on and entertainment in of the calm water or of the small waves. Some joints are quite stable for yogas, pushups, and exercises looked also which are that much more that satisfies when done in a water.

Am writing this description 19 month later this in spite of for a main purpose -- has had prime minister of mine @subjects the few weeks , one of some bombs that is coming with a joint has broken. I have contacted SereneLife support of client, has explained a subject, and in spite of being spent a a yer guaranteeed ship the free new bomb of load and without any hassle.

If you are in a phase for the inflatable beginner SUP or the very stable joint partorisca exerts strongly would recommend this joint. The same stronger recommendation for SereneLife service of exceptional client.
5 / 5
This SUP is wonderful. We buy two last state for our house of new lake reason have loved to have something easy to use to exit in a lake immediately and this looked the option adds for everything. They go in to rucksack with all precise begins to use immediately. It has inflated once they are extremely rigid and durable and have a sturdy closes to feel of the solid joint. They are utmost to use so that it is drawn partorisca with some have comprised paddle but I amour to take an out in a lake with the kayak paddle and the book and so only dips is gone in a sun and bed. In an end of a season I deflated both joints and has take a removable half fin. This summer has to that it has done something bad when I reinflated some joints and has attached a half fin. Perhaps it was in such aprisa that does not have does sure has been ensured properly. Interior two weeks so much the half fins have broken was. It was like this unbalanced reason am on-line state and has looked for big and down to find the fin of substitution when a prime minister one has broken and could not find an exact one thus model. I have found it surf tent that could one - for $ 75! A plastic fin! Finally he occured mine to so only ask a company directly. After the fast conversation and the test of compraventa was more than happy to send me the fin of substitution complerely free of load. When that raisin?? Days later when some prójimos one has broken has asked again and offered to pay at least still to ship and would not listen of him. Like this far it has taken one and expect another any day now. It could not be pleased more with everyting in this compraventa!

Top Customer Reviews: Roc Inflatable ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
Never it has been it in the paddle near, has researched partorisca roughly 6 month and has gone back always to this joint. If calm one same... Stop Justo and buy is one.
Has had my neighbouring partorisca just to the long of the month, and used it 5 times. An only with this that owe that leave a lake and go back to do during a week! I am 5ft 4 thumbs, weights 115lbs and while @I give ossia is light weight and súper easy partorisca me partorisca fill and spend down to a lake. I think that that this weekend spent spent it 1/4th one thousand of where has estacionado, to a lakeside (so that it would owe that say calm). I have had also my fresh plus and water in my shoulder.
Once in a water, is stable and tonnes of fun. I have been asked by several people yes is easy to turn etc. east of Mina. It is not the kayak to the equal that owe that learn to manoeuvre he like this something different but once taken the few turns is quite simple.
My kayaks of 6 years to the long lateralmente me and sometimes joins his kayak my joint and I paddle while it seats, dips or stands in a joint with me (with tonnes at the head of extra room & behind). There is boarded included around with my mamma on he with me.
In an end of a day, all the world-wide gravitates to him. Any one are with him always loves test, when his kayaks am estacionados in a beach, is everything is gone in a paddle the joint that chairs in a side like the floating cradle, or swimming in a half of a lake that takes gone back on that.
That all when be said, when it is now of deflate and pack my joint has retreated on, is quite the 3-5 work of minute. Have he deflated, has trace (the start of the front is an easy plus in my experience) and in a rear band ready to burst in a first trunk more included have all his material out of his kayaks! :)
In general- I are súper pleased with a joint, facilitated of use, and the majority of all a fun that the ees has experienced in a short period to time that the'goes had it. I expect that this helps any the one who there is a bit the same questions have had when have in the first place begun investigation.
5 / 5
Has looked for a abordable, inflatable paddle has jointed that it could stow was and easily inflate when it has loved that. I have rented inflatable paddle advise it concealed is to bend a prize of of the this, how was pleasantly surprised to see that quality adds this joint has! It is sturdy when soufflé on and to good sure quite big for me and my creature (more was easy for his to remain on). I want like this it returns easily (with a bomb) in a rucksack that the convenient fact to launch in a backside of a car or in the house of cupboard. To good sure would recommend to another!
5 / 5
Ossia The a lot of description required for a joint. I do not have any idea in a stock exchange still. We take it to us it was today. Some works of bomb of the hand well, but oooh is for the start like this all rid bombs to 15 psi will be. Any manual or the instructions have done navigating some elements the little scary. Some works of electrical bomb like the field. I need the 12v battery. I hoofed to around city until there is @@give finally can use my automobile Doh! (Obviously maintain a car on, dead battery = very fun) has taken roughly 8-10minutes to inflate, so only when I have been concerned the in bloated (this joint is hard rock ) a car there is retarded to the stop in a preset 12 PSI. Of then it has been it is gone in alone brilliant, has said any to go to full 15. A fin is very easy to ensure. One spends the stock exchange is easy to spend; it is it meshes like this hopefully will resist up. A joint has a lot of gripping, any feeling to slip at all. The weight 140 and 5'4' swung the bit, but when I have added mine 70lb edges he navigated perfectly. A fresh plus will fix that next time, or so only some time of plus/of experience. Some colours of joint are well, but some layers to aim quickly but is also easy to clean. A deflate was súper quickly. Going it was quite easy also. I am not sure if some floats of oar, will try that next time in of the clearest water. A boss in a half of a joint is handy, very easy to spend. My cup of the freshest suction has not stuck the texture of a joint, are by train to ask me if some cups of suction to have to that weighed will be better. A bond down is spacious and has resisted that has required. You can see in some pictures that a joint does not go under a surface a lot at all. I have tried the little another when renting, and like this far this one looks like this good. They are happy! Appearance these helps of description.
4 / 5
Is beginners in SUP. After the lesson last year in Virginia Beach in the hard joint decides when we are to go back house to Kentucky to buy inflatable for storage, portability, and use in flatwater.

Buys two a for my woman and one for my stepdaughter. They are quite easy to inflate taken some force of arm but my woman and the stepdaughter of 13 years can air him up in roughly 10 min to a 15 psi which does not think is bad.

Is in bylines but have some harm. Senses sturdy perhaps a lot as much as an use of hard joint in Virginia Beach but we also damage paid so only 350 for a level of entrance boards which has surpassed our expectations.

Some extras are a lot also. A drought of stock exchange well, and the súper comfortable rucksack to store and spend. Has a Ancheer also and is to the z/to the rucksack is the rubbishes has compared to a ROC rucksacks. A lot of straps and cushioning to do it easy to pack to places. Included our 13 old year can pack his around without discomfort.

A paddle is also very good. Fleet in calm chance the tombs and extends to the good height. They are 6 feet with the long arms and he return me well.

Deflating The And storing is súper easy also. Our daughter can fully deflate his and go it up without assistance. We can return both in a hatchback of the mine Jetta wagon with a lot of spare room.

Buys these in a start of June and had him was on four different lakes already. Sunday we paddled the abonos 4 miles and to the narrow grotto and he awesome.

In general if your nervous roughly trying out of the joint and is the beginner in the estimativa thinks that is the place adds to start with.
5 / 5
My ROC the joint has been fantastic. My woman bought it serenáis near of life(also very a lot) has loved this in spite of one with the capacity of the main weight. These controls until 350 lbs. Had(male elder) and both mine boys on he with me without subjects. A paddle is a lot very also. It has put floatable inner to foam some canes to prevent he to sink . The so that only likes more on a serenáis the joint of life is his bomb . His is coming with the two way pumps like this swipe on two fast times. We have left these soufflés up for several days and has lost neither any air. I have not tried a stock exchange of test of the water still but amour that has come he with one. A stock exchange is really well also but a material on looks bit it thin. I have seen another description where his breaking opens like this hopefully controls of mine up. We want that we can transport these. It has used him now on 3 different lakes and our only snag was busting the fin to centre that it was my failure . Calm easily can buy the substitution for roughly $15 . In general we could not be happier. It is good to take to a paddle board game without spending $ 1,000 for joint.
4 / 5
Was súper nervous in this compraventa, when being that it was my inflatable prime minister SUP, and have known at all in a mark. After doing some investigation and reading some descriptions, has decided to take the jump and I am like this happy has done! I am obsessed with my joint. It likes quota of a note of descriptions - does not have any manual has comprised. This in spite of, included with him when being mine Inflatable prime minister, all some pieces are quite regular and self explanatory. I have had he for the few weeks now, and used it the number of time. I have opted to use some the hand-held bombs have resisted to send with in planting to purchase a tram and there is there is has not had subjects. In general, all has on resisted perfectly. It prevails that a creation is lustrous looking. Thought of potentially buying another.
4 / 5
Am spent enough the bit of compraventa to time around for the reasonably priced paddle advise it concealed is coming with all some accessories and I have read to the plot of things adds in a quality of this joint, as I have been he advances and purchased it. Right out of a box all looked big quality . I have had some questions with a bomb of air, but ossia the state has solved. I did not use it on a water still reason is still chilly in Colorado but I have inflated he in my house and was very impressed with a durability. It was easy to deflate and sale up in a stock exchange to spend also. I have been impacted that amiably everything is returned in a stock exchange and the one who light the all was, means would not want to spend he for miles and of the miles, but is doable. I can not expect start in a water! I have been that recommends this joint to all my friends those who are a fence roughly buying a. There are a lot of places to rent them here has SAWED but for some time spends a summer that rent, could does has bought so only one, as he! :)
5 / 5
Has been impacted....... After reading all the exceptional descriptions have said that ossia and has purchased. First bomb of @@subject gauge has not done psi the mystery...... Well Any biggie so only will owe that go with like this feels taken together fleet of pertinent pressure with me on cools. According to question I unlatch tab in paddle to extend, friggin snapped and pocolos tabs of metal have shot left with means the paddle LOW,well a lot still doable . It was on I waters able to stand up and beginning paddling, the thing are so only go each way but directly, that for the moment until remark..... This thing resembles not being like this in bylines as originally it was...... MF'r Is filtering air? As it begins behind to the attractive of cost was to go and add some air and that when I discover reason could't that goes in the straight direction, a main fin has attached with safty the clip down was bleeping snapped was..... To arrive to this point kicked me, as that thinks was to spend went it to take was paddle around has amused all day the band on and say “compraventa better has not done never”. I have not been never this bummed has gone by anything seriously!!! I have registered for a guarantee to the equal that am expecting that I find leaks and fix with flex focus or something and Roc at least will be had to send me the new “WORKING” bomb, paddle and main fin to take this operational unit........ I do not owe that the tonnes to touch to squander in of the things, @gives ossia in an end a lower that ISUP but was quite money that expects it to do at least the little time. Included economic disposable the elements do once for petes sake this was the catastrophic failure folks. I expect that a guarantee is “real” or this joint would be more appropriately has appointed A “CROC” inflatable for the lil has bitten perhaps stand up halfway with half paddle joint....... The update has spoken with representative of the company is maintaining up there the guarantees to guarantee so that it is legit and no the suspicious company appreciates to!
4 / 5
Has ordered two of these inflatable paddle near for my catamaran of paper in a caribbean. Some conditions down there is quite last - some joints are taking beaten down all day for a caribbean alone and constantly splashed in of the salt water. Like this far these joints have resisted on utmost! It likes that they are fatter (6'?) That some together inflatable forwards that has had, as they are more supportive of adults of full measure. An inflates to result very rigid and is like this stable to the equal that can expect of an inflatable... Still it directs to fall off - the supposition will owe that maintain practising!
In general gives these boards 5 stars and I am looking forward to that it sees like this resists up. Also it likes that ROC is has had to that to be behind some joints with the guarantee - very good!
5 / 5
Ossia Prime minister of mine SUP joint, and am very happy with him! A measure of a joint is perfect quality , adds joint, stock exchange, paddle, some works... They have done to good sure an amazing work with this paddle near! Better cost Never! A stock exchange comes with this comfortable and easy to spend, has to admit, has been concerned in a measure of a stock exchange but they have directed for the do quite big to a joint and all your goodies.
A lil tip of note of the side: take an electrical bomb with a joint that spouses some pertinent psi. It would have spent an extra 1/2 now that bombs a thing of mine self. Saver Of enormous time!
4 / 5
We look partorisca add our fleet and there is not wanted another kayak. After looking around for a SUP has maintained to go back to the east a. Among a pandemic is hard to spend stops. I have been excited to order this joint, but disappoints it has exploded a situation and jacked on a prize to $ 500 when it was some joints was so only $ 350 forward. I seat I way overpaid, now is pressing $ 600.

Has been out of the little time and touch the joint of good beginner. There is quite spatial of coverage for my dog and 4 year. Without a big skeg has had the bit of the question that maintains a true joint, each paddle would go it left and right. It was in the superficial river as I have not loved a skeg partorisca scrape a fund. It is very stable. Pumping it up takes the bit of the practice and is true a pressure gauge does not begin to register until an end. A stock exchange is good and a quality looks everything will resist up.

In general is the decent joint but the chair likes I overpaid. In $ 350 it is the good joint but in $ 500 I a bit am questioning my decision. I so only chalk on a overpaying for a volume of extra time to spend with my family in a water when it would have been in vacacional during this difficult time.
5 / 5
Is looking for The neighbouring- BUY THIS ONE! A company is sum , a joint is sturdy and a lot of fact and the explosion in a water! Easy to dip on, súper stable- same with bounced to accelerate that fly for me never to the chairs like was to go down of of point. All the world has thought that that it was the hard joint until it said him otherwise and they all there has been the explosion with a joint.

Some people in ROC this in spite of is that it marks this exceptional joint! THANKS TO ROC to save my holidays. First day in holidays in a lake and my fin of centre has taken busted thanks to my brother. It has not been the incumplimiento in a fin but my brother of heavy weight misusing a neighbour. Unbalanced and there is run over has sent ROC the message the Sunday that asks where can take the fin of substitution. You no only answered immediately but then express shipped the mine new fin in my hire vacacional a next day. For the Wednesday has been of tower in a joint! Thank you To save my holidays!!

My Estaca Original-
I follows the defender of time with a longitude of SUPing and in a past few years have rented a lot of hard joints and there is SUP'and in of the oceans, bays, and lakes. Having some experience with hard joints was the little hesitant roughly that buys an inflatable neighbour but has known was a better option for my needs and master. (Travelling car , small, storage, etc). I have read the descriptions of thousand roughly a lot of different joints, options, etc and left so only say are like this happy has purchased this ROC inflatable SUP. His is surprising! Súper sturdy And stable, very done of material quality , fat, the traction and the enormous grip describe that it is a lot well, very light and easy to spend. A second is coming opened it up and pumping begun. I will suggest a thing- READ The INSTRUCTIONS that come with him! (HE- Although the people say there is not any instruction- has had the little book of instruction with mine) am spent all this time that bombs a joint on (10-15mins) so only to @give a thing of the yellow valve has not been in a right place and hardly unplugged some bombs in instantly deflated. It leaves so only it says it it has learnt the lesson and has given my weapon the ones of entities workout.

Has wanted to try it was and the sure mark there was any leak has dipped like this a joint in my group of parents to try it was. (For the note are 5'5'/129lbs, and my dog is 20lbs) has been surprised in as solid of the rock and last a joint was- has not felt like an inflatable neighbour at all when when being on that. My parents could not take on and was very impressed that it was inflatable! A joint is very stable, any slippery and easy to walk around on and balance. Also, my dog absolutely loves that and has jumped well on to go to move it. His nails were of any worry with a material. I can not expect take the in holidays the few weeks. I stick an update after this travesía to share more has thought. Now still- I are everything for a ROC jointed and think any one would be very happy with this compraventa.
4 / 5
4 Of these joints are of the same, one 10 ft 32 wide thumb enough, light weight, the neighbour priced reasonably. Another is the 9 ft together. They are 6'1' and usually hanged 190+ pounds. A smaller joint no for me. I have bought a green an and is add, maneuverable, and stable. I have bought a grayish an and has has had to that the turn. So only be careful which order reasons some descriptions are all some same but some joints are not .
4 / 5
Ossia A second SUP has purchased, and is far upper to a prime minister.
My prime minister was the joint done for Bestway, and although it was quite bit he more economic that this joint, is in good sure value that spends an extra $ $ in this joint! A ROC the joint is more along and wider that my old joint (the doing waaay more stable that be on, which are add, especially partorisca beginners), still somehow also looks less weighed to transport (bloated or in a stock exchange of travesía.)

This neighbour inflates extremely quickly with a hand-held bomb has comprised, compared to another has used. (I lame any plus of 5 mins to start with to finalise to blow it on manually.) Hanged 125, and usually only swipe he until among 7-9 PSI. (The recommended minimum is 10 PSI, but has found this is not really necessary for any one my measure.)
For comparison, considering time of inflation, other joints take me generally anywhere of 10-15 mins to blow up. This means less time doing; more time touching in a water!

Has used this joint almost every day purchased it of then, and has done adds in a lake as well as a river. I have not taken he in an ocean still, but will inform behind on that when return of Messico the few weeks:)

A waterproof stock exchange comes with era the sum of prize has added also! More, there is the guarantee of the year has comprised, in chance anything spends your new joint loved. ( Mark so only sure registers your joint with ROC when I take it!)

In general, has a lot of satisfied state with my experience with this joint, and highly recommend!
5 / 5
1-Spend like this entertainment to any mass to water
2-my edges of 9 years can use this joint with small endeavour
3- swipes on downwards 20minutes manually, if I took an electrical bomb apresamiento roughly 5 minutes.
4-HAS the strap to spend
5-has very spatial of storage with some straps in a front of a neighbouring
6- can resist an adult and two few boys or two adolescents
7-all returns to a stock exchange while it fold a paddle together on amiably
arm of 8 stock exchanges the straps are cushioned and accesses comfortably in my shoulders when it traces and down hills
9-has the key to press to release the air quickly when that loves it pack on (sure mark a key is unpushed when you are pumping or all an air will fly was when you unhook a bomb)
10-paddle is easy to regulate among members familiarised and when it was in a water
1-I gave it so only four stars to inflate reasons takes hard in an end without an electrical bomb. But it can be easy has force of strong upper organism.
2- Be careful when you are dipping your neighbour was in of the rocky zones, the small pebbles can take stuck inside a space of fin, has had to that use the key to the piece went him to take a fin to close in.
3- The stock exchange has presionado can break easily choose on a stock exchange for them, has had some tears. Recommended To always choose on stock exchange for some straps of arms.
4- does not leave cellphones in a drought of stock exchange in direct sun, simply stock exchange of coverage with something to block light of direct sun or take was to telephone after using dry stock exchange. It telephones overheats when left in stock transmission.
5-sure maintains your hose of bomb in the circle when storing and no the curve or he kink a hose
6- when sharing with your family prepares for the fights and I want to use a paddle jointed first!!!😃
5 / 5
(MODIFICATION: I am changing my description to 3.5 stars been due to experience a subject of the same valve remarked for diverse another reviewers. A hose of the inflation can not close to plant with one in-the valve has built. It is the no-@@subject in low pressure, but calm once volume the big PSI, will take the second person to resist a hose of bomb in situating like this like this any to have the leak of air was as you are dipping he in. They are a bit able to manage this because of using an electrical bomb and that resists a hose with a delivery, but would be impossible to do for your has manual bomb. Another inflatables has used, that comprises the mine has mentioned down, all have the mechanism where a hose snaps to situate closely while inflating and looks odd that this a no.)

Has been a miser paddler for several years now, and our visitatore occasionally take curious and loves me join, as we buy this joint for our guests.

Still reference, my main joint for a past 6+ years is an inflatable Starboard Incident Blend Entertainment and am very pleased with him. I paddle oceans, lakes, and flat-water almost daily in him and has chosen it blended jointed to the equal that would be functional for all three. Mina paddle is Werner of 3 pieces that also really joy.

When My husband. Suggested buy an additional joint for our guests, has thought that was the bit in an upper as when I have bought mine iSUP was the real investment. They did not have on Amazon at the same time (another that one or two with few descriptions, and certainly at all in this row of prize). It thought it that it could have less than expensive joints now and was blown totally has been to discover tonnes of them in this prize and included lower.

Has chosen this some based in the global descriptions and that like me really of a creation and crude that would take the people have excited roughly exiting in a water. A joint is really good looking. We take a black creation , but they all look good-looking mine . It comes with the leash, stock exchange wetted, to the z/to the carrier rucksack cushioned, paddle, bomb, and fin of 10 thumbs of removable centre (2 small side the fins are built in). Has the comfortable coverage-together and 6-signal bungee bond-downs for your train. A boss of centre is cushioned and comfortable to spend.

Has on blown easily ( has used my electrical bomb, and would suggest to consider one of these is planning exited with any regularity). A rigidity felt well, and one first what I remarked when I have chosen he until spending to a water was that the easy/light was to spend. This concerned the bit to the equal that to him would be like this stable like my joint has paste once a water, but was a lot. A speed and that follows was decent also.

Seats main that my joint (I thinks so only on 4 thumbs), like this among that and a weight slightly lighter, there is it remarked tad less stability, but is quite smaller and thinks would not affect more people, especially a majority of the yours paddling will be in of the flat water. When Our partner has taken to rib of lake, transmission the joints and I was able to regulate his interior the pocolos small, like material with the pocola practical would be well. I am not sure ossia a joint would love in an ocean, this in spite of. (One of some factors would owe that consider in this setting is main PSI--this joint inflates to 15 PSI, while some of a pricier some will locate to a 20s).

A paddle is basic. If you are considering SUPing with any frequency, think that costs it to invest in the a lot of paddle--honradamente, thinks that this does like this or possible even more impact in your experience like the good joint.

Can not say anything still on durability. It likes me quell'has mentioned, is material of light weight , and an inner structure of my joint is highly compartmentalized and knows has several spent additional interiors while these some looks to be a compartment.

In general thinks that is the good joint for a point of prize and accessories has comprised. Material with the good paddle and electrical bomb, would be the fine (and good-looking) beginner-together half for rib and flat water of basic lake paddling.
5 / 5
Are new to paddle boarding but has had an occasion to try out of the handful of joints of first friends to purchase my own. After remarking some joints were hard to inflate and his lack of stability, has tried out of my friends ROC joint. I have known immediately this was a joint has wanted to purchase!

Has decided to go with a ROC frames been due to a stability, sturdiness, measure, facilitated to inflate and has loved a creation. A prize was reasonable to, especially of then I slowly to maintain this joint for while possible.

A joint is wider then some which leave you to easily spend more supplies (to the equal that of the bites and of the drinks) and leaves more the stability and the space when have the passenger. I have it quell'has had included my dog of friends in my joint (Golden Retriever mix) and any wobble at all!

Has purchased an inflatable bomb also and has had any question that gives support this joint. Another has tried very there is had the good grip and would owe control to a hose of bomb. But no east a! Easy to latch a hose to bomb on and yours arrive and ready downwards 10 minutes.

Love a rucksack a joint among also. This leave to go in upper of my joint with which use and easily tents without taking on a lot of room. A stock exchange also has quite soiled as I can store mine paddle, a bomb, dry stock exchange, and the extra distributes everything in a zone.

In general, ossia the joint adds and could not be happier with my compraventa! It recommends this mark to any concealed asks!
4 / 5
Before I have bought a ROC together, has considered a Glove of inflatable Organism SUP of Costco for $ 399, but with all honesty, some descriptions for a ROC was better and a point of prize was a lot also. With a ROC together, volume all that says that it comes with: a joint, one has spent, a manual bomb, a strap of ankle, a awesome rucksack that resists everything, and included the stock exchange wetted to maintain your things dry. They are able to take my joint to and of a water for me without any hassle. A joint is súper the light weight and one have spent, stock exchange wetted, and the strap of ankle can be attached to a joint for easy door. It has taken roughly 5-6 minutes to pump my joint on, and does not take any time at all to deflate. If I choose to, I can avert take wetted in mine ROC so it is súper stable and trace well in waves of lake and ripples. Standing up looks the little unstable at the beginning, but a joint is also inflatable that gives the different to feel when boarding but at all the pocola practical cant help with. ALSO! ROC HAS service of exceptional client and answer a lot quickly. A registration for a guarantee is also very simple and taken little to any endeavour to take a guarantee of some years. Finally, it has taken a black colour and white diagram for mine ROC and absolutely loves that! Eye a lot well the appeal and I could not be satisfied more. Highly it recommends this inflatable SUP compared to another competition. That has sold was a point of prize, a quality, some descriptions, and also a service of client.
4 / 5
Has bought in fact two joints, the blue and the black. Had so only two negatives; a boss in a blue joint drips blue water. It looks blue koolaid is exiting of a boss. I do not treat it giant, but has has had to that certainly clean white chairs in boat of mine. A negative second is that my black joint has come dirty. There is the one who looks to be the rust stain all down a side and some in a fund of my joint. This has not had any effect on action, goes to try and clean with the magic eraser. The joints have resisted in firm facts , utmost, are 220lbs and the joint has not had any question in maintaining me afloat and on waters.

Has mentioned to buy some the electrical bombs have contained inside a box the work adds. I have inflated both joints without @@subject. Amur A fact that literally can spend some joint anywhere and be able to inflate. I am buying the bomb so only for the easiest. It was 90 terracings , sweating, sore hands, buying bomb.
5 / 5
Has been tired to order an inflatable SUP, this in spite of afterwards the countless hours of investigation have landed in this ROC SUP. I am pleased like this with my decision and am appreciated extremely for some resources of video that has aimed a joint in action, and no only calm settings but one shows it a durability of a joint.

Once has taken, has used a manual bomb to inflate to determine a level of endeavour and a lot my surprise has not gone near of like this difficult to the equal that have been expected but was easy to inflate. I have followed a focused PSI and has felt to like on pumped it a first time but stoped to read if this was normal and confirm concealed was :)

took it once in a water, my daughter (9) and are easily locates behind a joint with ABUNDANCE of room! A joint is very stable and neither of there was launching of question, paddling, or docking. My boy has transferred glass even in a water- of a SUP and to the his kayak of dad and then behind again. Any topples!

Another mentions partorisca east a sturdiness that this joint resupplies. Like an inflatable I always are asking will burst , has been this in spite of like this pleased to see any wear and tear here! I paddled in stirs it quite big / tree that there is not remarked under a surface of a water until it was too late but results.. It has not gone too late. Has paste he but a joint was perfectly well!! Also I have left mine 9yr help me the spend (likes help) and has had stray grip of a backside and fell it on a short where had has registered. Any question there neither, not even he scuff.

Finally, a stock exchange that is comes with to spend is the UPPER NOTCH!! I love it and it can spend a joint and tent he with ease. Marvel if they the stock exchange to hike that well like this stock exchange to spend?! If no- they have to that! A cushioning and the straps are perfect!

Am likely to go to buy another for friends to exit with me also of then this has looked for to be like this effective! Like this pleased with this joint and appreciated for a company!!
5 / 5
With which two month of the use familiarised rule that complete two hard joints, am resulted the big defender of this SUP in spite of my errors of initial/worries in paddling an inflatable.

My first big worry was that hard would be it the properly inflate. More than giving in immediately and buy the powered blower, has decided to give a bomb resupplied some good use. I can confirm that taking to 15 psi is hard but doable partorisca those of us on a main end of 5' and main. They are able to take good leverage in a bomb partorisca have a weight has taken need once volume to roughly 10 psi and can do a whole work in 5-7 minutes. My a lot of boys more courts and fight of spouse partorisca take enough leverage once takes harder. It is certainly the workout, this in spite of, and in a half of summer, am sweating before I same volume to a water. I probably clave with a manual bomb but I does not be missing any to take the good powered inflater.

My second worry was that a joint would feel soft and unstable. This error has been blown was a first time are trace a joint . In 15 psi, a cup is rigid and company, so much so that I routinely have one my girls that dips was in the while they are paddling. It has dipped probably 275 pounds in a joint without feeling any one subjects. Probably partly owed to the his buoyancy and separate his measure, this joint feels much more stable in of waters he of calm river that mine 10'6' hover hard. It is not the joint of the action for any one asks of an imagination and paddling feels to to the bit likes him to him the press bounces he by means of a water, but movements by means of a water smoothly without too much of the additional endeavour has compared to my hard joints. My two girls do so only well with him on his own or still paddling his with my weight added.

Portability Of this SUP are adds. My boys can spend a deflated jointed after going it up and could spends inflated if no for the arm limited has turned. If I have had to go some distance to dip he in or like the component to hiking, would prefer to spend this to any hard neighbour. But, I have driven so only to my place-ins, so that it is not the factor for me. Considering an investment has done to take the pertinent ceiling racks setup for my hard joints, if any already have them, taking east an in the first place would have done very better financial sense. But, of closing prefers a hard joint to an inflatable and have an option, probably would choose an endeavour to dip up and that goes down a joint of a ceiling racks on pumping on an inflatable was so only me paddling so only or with a mate. Again, subjects of leverage like spouse of mine probably would be much less sure in emotional some joints last in ours SUV storm.

Considering a has has comprised accessories, some work to bomb well in spite of feeling the light of has bitten, but will require to dip bit it more time for the use to testify his longevity. A paddle is so only WELL, the bit has weighed compared to an edge of carbon some have for my hard joints, but sturdy, usable, and like this portable the in his three segments. Sadly, A rucksack is poor, with a zip in the mine that tears with which two uses of just taking was and dipping in some gone-arrive near. Of the accessories are not warrantied, suggests these folks those who really needs the stock exchange to spend a joint invests in the sturdier duffle stock exchange or rucksack in a principle. But, as it has comprised for a prize of a joint, thinks that that a whole container is the value adds in general.
4 / 5
Use this joint with a date of bomb and has done sure to inflate to an exact PSI. They are type A personality, has done sure all has been done the directions. With which is third use a paddle together airs filtered of a focuses around the discharges. That he bummer to know $ 350 has not been value more than 3 uses. Spent the different mark that compares is one to another. Hope This helps any one!
4 / 5
In general:
the product Adds for a prize! It takes the bit to pump on, but súper the calm/fun stable once is there. It sustains mine big plus 220 lb organism without subjects. It is light when soufflé on, and a lot compact when deflated and in stock exchange resupplied. 100 compraventa again and recommend this SUP to any one looking to take his.

The works perfect like this announced
Easy deflate

No the with, so only the note:
Takes enough a time/to try to pump up! It can feel in bylines and aim a lot of PSI in a bomb, but so only maintains to go! It is surprising what air this control of things. It is the small workout first to exit there and exiting. :)

Is gone in with some deserts on painting. Some blue shows the something of the pair where has painted some defects with the slightly different colour that produced that an original (to the equal that can see in my pictures.)
4 / 5
Has bought unfortunately this neighbouring that thinks that that 600 dollars would take me the product of better quality that gone in-level. These things have used to sell for less than 400 I believes. As I have cried the bit in that but took on the reason was finally is gone in a water. In mine second use of a joint, a boss rasgó well out of a cushioning. Any extreme use or abuse. It does not think these joints are tried in a heat of some states of the sud. And I have maintained included a joint in 12 psi knowing it would be in direct sun. I had it that has not used included he for a second time still. It has taken to some cradles, inflated it, then come from to choose it up and a boss rasgó the net was. A partner of mine has bought the “joint” of mark of the drift in the fraction of a prize and looks to be quality very better. Cleaner of lines and edging to the long of a cushioning. (To the equal that can see in an of my photos where have attached a leash, a cushioning is scrunched on like this to contingent of just mark.

Inferior line: nowhere IT APPROACHES 600 quality of dollar. It would owe that it has gone it with the most economic joint that would have been better quality.
4 / 5
Has has loved always he paddle near, but has known that some the traditional hard joints have not been to be the good option for me because of my small measure and requiring something lighter and portable. After reading some descriptions, has decided to jump in this ROC SUP and is extremely happy state with cost of mine. I want that a stock exchange is roomy like this all returns easily inner backside. I have not had any one @subjects at all with a quality of a stock exchange and in 5'4', is easy for me to spend me. A strap of paste of hip the little down on me this in spite of. A joint is very easy to inflate, but takes the little time and energy. I take roughly 10 minutes to pump this SUP on manually. Once in a water, find it to be stable, but has to that do sure that are with the width stance and approaches a boss in a half of a joint. I want that a paddle extends easily I so that it can be, chairs or kneel and regulate consistently. My friends on 6' big felt a paddle was able to extend long enough for his too much. I appreciate an extra storage in a front of a joint. Some cords also damage my boy something to hang on to. There is textured zone in a main part of a joint (in black) as it does not feel to like go to slip when when being. I have taken this has gone by, with boys and included my dog! Once done, is súper easy to deflate and the circle has retreated up for storage in a stock exchange. It would recommend grabbing an electrical bomb and launching the towel in your stock exchange also to dry down your SUP when apresamientos he out of a water. This was the compraventa adds for a whole family.
4 / 5
A joint is adds. Will have your exercise of full upper organism after inflating a joint. BE CONSCIOUS The STOCK EXCHANGE will RUIN YOUR CHAIRS of SKIN! After our first use of a joint, fully dry a joint and went it behind until tent. A stock exchange with joint is remained 12 hours less in our chairs of white skin and maintaining there is ROC permanently imprinted on that. The service of client are a lot of lack. I have contacted a company and has been offered to return a joint. It is not a joint is a junk stock exchange!! A ROC Dye of the stock exchange of Black Storage will ruin anything touches. One the black dye is also in my white joint. The Normalised still likes the stock exchange. It would not purchase this element again so only on service of client. Here it is to $ 2k fixing a chair of skin!

Mina detailer there is replicated a same stain that it is in my chair of skin and joint with simple water with a stock exchange of storage 'waterproof' in fiberglass, plastic, hule, clothe, skin, vinyl!

Here is a response of a company:

glielo excuse to me but ossia some first time have not listened never of this that spends to any one. They are unsure that included would cause this class to mark. I seat that I am unable to assist calm with east.

Has had perhaps something concealed filtered and has done these frames? I know six unbalanced but a better thing can do if you are not happy with your joint is resupplying the repayment and turn mailing focus. Again excuso can not assist much more there that offering the repayment of the yours compraventa.


Notarise Roc

On Alone, Jun 30, 2019 in 7:20 PM Squarespace <> it has written:
5 / 5
has used this for a first time in Okaloosa Florida of Island this past week and so that it is, has done adds!

Maintain import that are not one experienced paddleboarder like this any with more the experience can estimate this differently. I finalise to rent and has taken loaned SUPs he handful of time in a past and has been on the súper calm water. They are the 5 '9' big, man of 46 years and around 215lbs. Has awake decking and wake surfed in a past with the success and I have one Going Jointed and he Goof Board which also highly recommends to do in your balance.

A first day has used has had significant waves (any quite enough for surfing, but almost and was erratic) and a beach has been closed to swimmer because of some tides of tear. I have not been able to remain in my feet, but in my knees or seating in the, he maneuvered a lot well. It felt very stable seating or kneeling and has taken some acted well while they have not broken on me. Some times have looked for to be or has been flooded by the wave to break, a leash resisted well and has not hurt my ankle when he jerked. It was also much more I exert that the hard joint when it is going in a cup of me. It was very easy to go back to in of the open water.

A water was calm with the roughly easy, that goes swells a second day. It was able to be and stay in my feet for 2 travesías were until legs of mine have the data was. For a next part of of the this, maintains to import that I am not experienced at all in SUPs. It looked mine that this elder floated in a water that has joined another neighbour that has used and seen. This has done adds to seat or kneeling, but felt likes has had to that weaves quite mecer the movements that that has used before done the the pocolos harder that be on and the stay that is (again, any a lot of to compare to). It has managed some swells a lot was directly on or lateralmente to them.

Has taken the little has bitten to time to blow it up with a hand-held bomb, but has not been difficult to inflate. Desglosad And cleanup was the breeze and he have packed up and returns a lot behind in his stock exchange. There is included spatial in a rucksack to return some other precise materials to.

In general, for a prize of this compared to other inflatable and hard joints, this was the compraventa adds partorisca to any one taste concealed has the 12-14 walk of now to a beach and can very easily haul the hard joint in our travesías. I will be to use this in a lake this summer and can stick another revises then.

Thank you For having an option abordable like this available!
5 / 5
My woman and I likes him to kayak a local river and had been remarking more the people that use paddle near. We decide to rent the pair and see that all a fuss is roughly. Well we take hooked and decided to buy it paddle jointed to agree our kayaks. No in that has more room on a jeep because of a kayak decides that an inflatable would be a better way to go and solved in a Roc and a lot of investigation.
To That like him?
1. It has fulfilled our first requirement for measure. A paddle jointed and everything comes with bands to the z/to the rucksack that in fact can be spent comfortably. I any that pause ten miles but of a cochera to a car and then of automobile to the bordos of the water. All stows well. Together deflates quickly and included faster with the little help for folding the one of way that goes. Although it calms that wants to leave calm inflated can. We transport it to knots each way and has left a bloated joint among travesías to a water without question.
2. I add to look. One looks and cut of an upper surface of a joint is both functional and well looking. One has created the surfaces resupply good traction.
3. A joint is more than rigid for my weight of 200 lbs. Be sure to so only inflate to 12 psi yes goes to be in hot sun. Included in 12 psi a joint is more than sturdy; in 15 psi his do not last to think you could have the solid joint. In the weight of my woman also could be walk in waters, which any to think fact.
4. Some works of the bomb but he takes endeavour. It maintains to go it can the to you . Included taking to 12 psi is hard but is the manual bomb to the equal that has announced.
5. Paddle Is the paddle is the paddle. Adjustable For different heights.
Is beginners with paddle together. Some of our hires were wide and a lot to time likes @@@portaaviones, easy to be on but no like this easy to manoeuvre. A prime minister little time was with a Roc has been to please with sounds to manage and the speed and the stability has not gone far out of some wide hires had used. Sure it has the curve to learn with anything new and paddle the boarding is any exception and this joint help to take to the point where is comfortable and insurances in a water. In the Insurance takes wetted once in awhile but is in that has amused the doing.
This joint has been the addition adds to the external adventures and goes everywhere with us, in chance perhaps.
5 / 5
Has ordered this ROC inflatable SUP roughly done two weeks and took it already was four times. It is absolutely wonderful and feels very stable. They are hard together trace before and ossia prime minister of mine iSUP, but has to that say, feels in a same like the normal paddle near. Having a bungees in a nose of a joint with 6 points of still (like opposed to 4 likes the majority of joints of the competitor looked in) resupplies abundance of spatial load and feels very sure.
Will say, if calm often walk in choppy or windy conditions, the joint to visit with the most pointed nose will be quell'has bitten easier for maneuvering, but this a still can resist his own.
Blowing this joint up is quite simple also.
To good sure would recommend this joint to the partner!
5 / 5
Has had to weaves of fun with this joint. I had it it is gone in a winter in rivers of Michigan and verified it down in Florida for the travesía short to the long of a gulf. Sure, pumping it up can take -10 minutes, but is the upper organism a lot warm -up. A clean joint well, deflates easily, and king bands to a stock exchange without a lot of endeavour at all. I wish a fin has floated—to have it almost lost with which has flown out of my hands that takes was ( returns a lot snug) and sunk to a fund, and has lost he partorisca well when any I properly ensures it and has gone to some the superficial waters where has paste a sand. A department to guarantee correspondent me the new a, any question.
5 / 5
Ossia A prime minister Stands up Paddle Near compraventa. It is fantastic partorisca a prize! We were very impressed with that a lot all was packaged when receiving. Blowing a joint up with a bomb takes some muscle and, in my chance, more than 1 person, but one does well. A measure of a joint is perfect and is of quality very good. Some of some main reasons purchase this joint was a quantity of the positive critiques have taken, a fact that a paddle the floats tried it and work!), And that comes with an ankle leash. All some quality of look of the very big elements. A fin was easy to ensure and a neighbour deflates a lot quickly. All some pieces return well inside a rucksack partorisca the tent. We are able to return a stock exchange with everything in him down one a chair of bank in ours bounce. A small waterproof stock exchange partorisca store your tones and cellphone is the very small prize! Another good characteristic is that has 3 insiemi of D-coverages with an elastic bungee cord partorisca ensure elements your joint. We try it we am gone in the lake that goes to and was a lot of stable partorisca both my husband (the one who hanged on 180lbs) and I. Our daughter of 15 years has not had any question that mangos he also. In general, the money is a lot displaced! We are a lot happy with this joint and look forward to that it uses it to plot this summer!
5 / 5
Am loving my paddle near! I took it it was to some marine partorisca the calmest waters and was very impressed with like this easy is partorisca dip near. When I tried It in the first place it has gone it is not remained plan to the equal that have tried to stand up me me me, has spent he out of a water and addition more the air and was all dipped with which concealed!

Recommends to practise dipping it hover first of calm take it was so only calms so much is able to gather calm faster once the take was waters it.

A rucksack is a lot of comfy and surprisingly a lot also weighed with all an interior of pieces - but is quite big and the looks are of backpacking in some mountains, would not recommend likes to spend the on is flying to somewhere.

Has not been sure the one who a plastic of small plus that looks the stock exchange was paralización until I have read leading descriptions, is the waterproof stock exchange for you to resist bond and joint of yours small belongings, the work adds! It has dipped my car tones and bounce it small of the water and all am remained dry.
5 / 5
Has taken this paddle has jointed to paddle together with my dad in a river and ocean, and the law so only adds! In a river, is much more stable obviously, gives support in roughly 10 minutes, and is A lot EASY to spend. An ocean the fact the little more unstable because of some waves, but has been able to surf the pair of whitewater waves the cost with him this in spite of! This paddle the joint is perfect for beginners and experienced paddleboarders equally, a surface is comfortable to seat, kneels, or stand on for upwards an hour. The stays have inflated well, and a lot easy to transport.
4 / 5
A joint is awesome! Has a lot of be happy with cost of mine.
- A lot of sturdy. I have chosen it is a reason is the little more along that a lot another so I give the little more stability for yoga in a lake!
- Rucksack to spend. The amour that is able to have all I need in a place and not requiring preocuparprpers am leaving something behind.
- The waterproof stock exchange has comprised!! One of the mine favourite does not have to that leave my telephone and tones, etc in a car, but neither has to that me worry roughly in his now out of a water I toe on.
- Communication. ROC Is quickly be to answer to the each question has had and a nave was included faster that has expected.

- Is hard to inflate. I take roughly 15 minutes to take it to a maximum psi manually, and am quite strong. It would recommend an electrical bomb for which do not have one.
- A manual bomb included does not ensure to a joint a lot easily. This was a course a harder that mine first time that inflates it.

In general the product adds and certainly would recommend.
5 / 5
Ive Taken this joint out of the each weekend took it of then. It is prime minister of mine paddleboard but does not think will require another. A joint takes the little less than 10 minutes to inflate and deflates and folds on súper quickly once am done (small and his behind in a stock exchange). A rucksack comes with accessing everything in him and some straps are súper cushy. It is massive but is in fact comfortable. A joint inflates really hard when pumped until a pressure and is so only the explosion to take was on all the types of water. I have been in wavy big lakes with bounced to some calm flat lakes without wake. A gripy zone for you to be on is really big in a cup of a joint and there is to plot of bungie room to attach all precise in a joint. A stock exchange the additional drought is good but use the big plus one with my train. A paddle is adjustable and light, fleet and am extremely happy with this compraventa. I love this joint.
4 / 5
Are past month (literally like 3) researching inflatable paddle near before I have chosen is one. Already I have 2 hard 11'2 joints and has has wanted to something smaller, lighter, and easier that travel with. Ossia! My first career took it to a rear bay of Bay to Die technically in an ocean so only the little easier and adds! It felt so only like normal in the any difference of mine other neighbours. An only time I question unexpectedly was when a wind has on elected behind and some churn the doing hard. It locates on them in place of cutting by means of as the solid joint but concealed is to be expected. In fact taking his for the second pursues morning and slowly on taking it all a way to Oregon in Needle. It will continue to add updates like six the one who that imports these revises is when that tries to decide. Also my aunt there has been has bought already a same joint and will be to take his was for a first time tomorrow is so only state was a time with me and has trusted that has said roughly the, as we will see. Will have his update also. Good regime all
(Also the mine of commentaries of the side 5'10” 225lbs the promised has tried was and has any one @subjects neither was so only the little tipper for him) follows 5' 130lbs
4 / 5
With which month of excessive investigation in iSUPs, this was a one has decided on, and are like this, like this happy has done. I have been he is gone in a water with a joint roughly 20 times and has had he for roughly 3 month now. I will break down my description the 'categories' different of a joint.

All that a joint comes with this good to have. Utilisation a waterproof stock exchange every time skirt to resist my car and telephone tones. A leash is well. I love a paddle.

Some people say a paddle tanks... Fleet for me. BUT, it is not entirely hermetical. (Obviously, of then it breaks to two pieces). As the think finally the sink has left fleet in a water for the long time. But have has does not have to that never question.

A stock exchange is not a better material/sews never. I can see possibly requiring the new stock exchange that/requires parcharprpers on top of the year or two. But everything returns in a stock exchange easily. ( You go a joint closely enough.)

has not had some same subjects with a bomb another has had. An only thing can say is taken the moment for a PSI to start with register. You think that that a joint is near of full first of a same needle begins to move.

Take roughly 7-10 minutes to inflate a joint... Or roughly 400 bombs. It would say that one orients only movements in a hand-held bomb for some last 2 minutes.

Has not had any subject with a bomb 'connecting' to a neighbour to the equal that have seen was a subject for people on some others advise. (And for the joint of my partner when we exit in a water has jointed.)

Are quite active and start regularly. As I can see as inflating could be to plot for any the one who the no. But I see likes an occasion to burn more calories.

TIP: This has done really well for me.... It seats and wrap your legs around a fund of a bomb and then bombs with one or two hands for a prime minister 5-7 minutes to pump in the lat pulldown/chin on motion. These helps prevent my behind tiring was or tweaking.

is stable and sturdy. It spent it to the familiar gathering in the lake and the boys have jumped on and has used he without having any question. Another has been impressed in as the senses 'hard' when it has inflated.

Some three fins in a backside he easy to steer and one fines-signal bungees in a front gives quite soiled for a waterproof stock exchange, my toe-flops, and something more while in the now without accidents in a joint.

Took it on freshwater lakes and in of the bays with choppy water. I did not take it on an ocean still.

has seen some descriptions of the people that complains that soiled easily. Perhaps I am so only colder... But I see this like an external product concealed goes to litter? Yes, it is predominantly white. I eat... It will litter ? I do not know ... He so only... It does not annoy Me ? A so only scuffs I really have on is some rusts scuffs of when I sustained it up against the pipe of metal in the wash of joint. This be has said, does not think gross taking quickly or anything.

In everything. I love it! Has the small car and ossia exactly that has required. It is it adds for travesías of street and of then is like this light and like me the chairs compact can take anywhere. The value adds for investment!

REMARCE: I have it that has not possessed never the regular, any one-inflatable paddle near. Neither have I trace on the a lot of thickness. As I can not speak to the as this one compares to the hard joint.
Are the beginner in paddle boarding.
4 / 5
Are a miser paddle boarding in FL and has had the traditional SUP for 5 years. So to the equal that love a hard, fiberglass near, has begun to tire of a constant battle to transport and lifting a dang what. A partner of mine has a iSUP and based in his positive experience with one, has broken finally down and has bought this ROC jointed after reading good descriptions. A prize adds for all a precise crew. Especially I love some few options/by heart of the calm creation so much can find one this adapts your personality. I have it quell'has used so only my joint once, but was the breeze to transport and inflate. A bomb has done sum, a paddle was decent (and convenient of the, also, comes averts to the smallest pieces for transport of the easiest/storage). It felt sturdy and the traction in a water looked to be on pair with my old joint, thanks to two has has attached fins and a detachable fin. A profit added that has not arrived mine until it was on that: reason is bloated, a surface much more is forgiving and, like this, easier in your knees/of feet for travesías long. That Turning in era the breeze! Ossia Especially well is taste and take of your joint down narrow rivers, tunnels of mangrove, cradles, etc. has loved a dry stock exchange has added, although súper small, is the a lot of perk. When it has taken home, I rinsed has been with the flatly sweet soap and fresh water, dried it and now is without accidents stored for my next adventure. More, if really I want to, can verify this like the piece of luggage for the travesía of long distance -- something calm could any never do with traditional joints. The desire had not expected like this long to buy this!

Some things of pair to remark:
1. The only time will say how long a iSUP will last, especially in of the salt water. Although I so only last the years of pair, a prize the value done he for a consolation.
2. iSUPs Is not ideal in of the rough water , opened or in of him súper windy conditions. With his light weight, can take tossed around or fight to take anywhere. In this sense, would love the traditional joint.
4 / 5
Has swum of river and has finalised to wound my foot and a nurse of urgent cure said roughly to the equal that sweats inflatable SUP has has changed entirely his life and she is was in the each weekend. They are really outdoorsy but has had any paddle boarded a lot but has taken the risk in this joint and had shipped that ours house of beach for vacacional in an ocean a next weekend.

Has had a joint almost two month now and the take was long the week. Has has had to that done the tiny leak in a side but has contacted ROC and has resupplied a service of client I better there is never has had. You immediately answered to mine called and email, was really professional and friendly and has finalised to send that Joint to me new. This joint comes with the-guaranteeed of year that is awesome.

-the colours
- is súper light and no active a lot the question that spends of a car to the launch place together with my dog, a paddle, bounces water, etc.
-All the world-wide this is state has said the on that is to impress with as solid feels and a stability
-my dog loves it and am not concerned in any subjects of puncture and can join his until a loop in a backside; constantly it is jumping out of him and I still can maintain my balance
-the foot leash are adds for an ocean or to connect tubes
- am returned other women and 10 year in a joint without the question and this was the little on 300 pounds
-I that can pump up in 6 minutes (has timed me) and is by train to give of the muscles add
- do well in an ocean, in of the lakes and in of the rivers. I think that that it does more in of the rivers this in spite of.
-That takes container a dry stock exchange, paddle, rucksack, bomb, that can join you down your material in a front
-the paddle is adjustable as easily I can use when being or he smaller master paddle seated or in my knees. My girls (ages 8 and 10) can also paddle.
- Has used a SUP with 6 friends that has loved to tube down the river and am able to pull them everything in a SUP

to That that does not like of so much:
-I has been surprised there went it the leak but I think was the subject of the glue and a company solved it immediately for me
-while it has done well so only paddling in an ocean further was (and was an amazing workout), has not treated as well as the surf has jointed. L The nose has submerged every time has taken the wave and can whip around really quickly with a wind and of the waves of then is like this read

to good sure would invest in this joint. All the world am exited with there is raved roughly that. It is a perfect COVID activity of summer - external, socially distanced and can comprise friends, family and pets! Honradamente Have taken the little obsessed and try the start long the week because it is like this easy. Has the Prius and he easily access in a backside of some automobiles and can be paddling any time. Drop is included easier that dips up.
5 / 5
Buys this paddle jointed for the few travesías to camp taking this summer, in of the small lakes. Like this happy , loves that to knots!!! The nave was a lot quickly compared to all some another look of vendors by means of a pandemic. Some the only negative critiques have read in a joint previously when purchasing was that it was difficult to inflate. A PSI the bomb was a lot of easy to use in our opinion. I have taken roughly 8 minutes for has it has inflated entirely. Yes it takes physical work to inflate, but does not think it was anything the value that complains roughly. If his too rough for any one physically to inflate this joint, then one spending to a water and in fact paddling around a waterway goes to be probably last for you also. A joint is a lot a lot of fact and beautiful. We receive a lot of compliments in a joint, and has asked a lot of times where purchase it to knots. His sturdy and well has done. We use it to knots like this character, as well as our two boys of adolescents are exited in the together, and with both phases has resisted on his float/slips a lot well. Our 10ft the black and the white joint has come with the paddle, the stock exchange of water, he PSI bomb, and to rucksack to store/raisin everything in. When His packed was his a lot of compact, to the as really we like him. A joint was perfect for everything to run by means of one wake in a lake, to lying down in the tucked was corner of a water for some sunbathing naps. One of some compraventa better has done will be to purchase additional some for a family in some would recommend a joint and vendor, to all the world knows.
5 / 5
I have been he is gone in this joint two times of then purchasing. Also the airy on another first time of the take out of way that would know it partorisca do (to good sure recommend this). Airing it On partorisca a first time is difficult, but calm the the one do one once, is not that hard. When that Uses a bomb, will feel partorisca like has dipped abundance partorisca air to a joint before it has included begins partorisca read any psi. Once it begins partorisca read psi, will begin partorisca take difficult to pump. It is the good workout first to exit in a joint, but is not impossible, and can purchase an electrical bomb partorisca do to this easy plus would like . All this is to comprise in this container is big quality . An only thing that has had to that purchases further of a container was the jacket of life . An only thing I expósita difficult when that uses a joint spent it to a water. It is light, but reason is fatter that other joints was the few hard to take my arm around the to spend. Also I have the shortest weapon, as this can not be the worry to some. To do this easy plus I so only inflate a neighbour like next like possible to a water. I have it that there is enjoyed really use this joint. Like the beginner, is exactly which need to enjoy paddleboarding. I have rented the pocolos advise hard, and this feels like this stable like any joint has used. One that is still in this joint is like this as well as any hips. After using a joint, he deflates a lot quickly. It locates easily to a stock exchange has comprised in a container and is easy to transport and spend there. A stock exchange also has room for a bomb, like the good fact that I can maintain everything of my train has jointed. In general, I think that that ossia the wonderful value for the people that takes to stand up paddleboarding. I left to spend the minimum quantity of money to start with this hobby. To good sure recommends!
4 / 5
My joint is to come rid with all precise has entertainment in a water and was abordable! I know another the one who have ordered this mark and has been súper happy to the equal that have chosen to go a same street. A quality of the looks of the joint adds , sum . I did not use it still how it is winter here in PA, but has ordered so only the second neighbour for my daughter for his anniversary and am ready to exit in a water grieves some pauses of time! I will be sure to resupply any updates in a joint with which use it to us!
5 / 5
To Sounds likes him he are having the question to plot other people has had with a bomb not connecting to a paddle near. It could any taken has inflated. The class of can not think that ossia a current @@subject that is not solved. They are by train of the turn Immediately.
5 / 5
Trying be better roughly resupplying descriptions like this the beds like this of them for investigation. Big defender of a pros/gilipollas list like this here goes:

reward - has like this another there ossia much more expensive - any need to take any of them in my opinion
the joint is to good sure sturdy - are them 6'3' 200+ and any @@subject - the usually pump to full 15psi too
surprisingly light and easy to spend (the edges of 13 years can spend it also)
rucksack - beautiful good but could be better, the neither will be that it hikes this thing in anywhere like any really @@subject that a lot
paddle are to add - suggestion this in spite of - take some tape of brilliant grip in your normal hand-held place to the equal that will take slippery in time and all the black in the murky the lake/of river could be problematic
bungee bond downs - defender of some 6 points
removable fin - this are to add and the underline in other frames where has to that scrape he in - slide and lock. Like this easy and simple.
leash - Are to add but the hvaen't the need for him still

rucksack could see them some that loves something more sturdy
strap to wrap around a joint once is trace - the use the bungee the cord but the strap to close would be preferred here
droughts of stock exchange - purely becuase is all black - is the measures adds and works perfectly but when being all the blacks takes all inner has heated he.
Hose to bomb am them concerned that it will not be long before it breaks. hopefully Are wrong - look quite flimsy

In general this really has not beaten can be. It loves it and it used it on bay/of lake/of the river and finally an ocean this past week. It can included surf likes the joint along - to the entertainment adds!
5 / 5
When Compraventa for the paddle has jointed my priority was stability and sturdiness. They are 195 lbs. And 6'4 and it has wanted to be able to paddle with mine 55 lb. Edges on board. A ROC the joints have taken immediately my eye because they have had the capacity of the main weight (300 lbs.) That another has estimated highly together in a row of same prize, which dipped him averts. Ours the ours amours familiarised ROC paddle together! We buy the second some weeks of interior to buy a prime minister because it has surpassed our expectations and has fulfilled everything of our needs according to which stabilities and durability, and loves some pocolos dye and of the creations. I have been a lot- it used it this summer in of the local lakes, the sweet whitewater river, and the recent adventure in Lake Powell, and is resisting on utmost. I can be and paddle with my edges onboard and pack the little train for a day also. I love an ease of inflation and deflation and the one who small is to pack around. Mina the poor inflatable kayak is remained in a spilt all been. They are like this easy to manoeuvre and responsive in a water, my edges has developed his paddling skills of his own and now paddles me around. Highly it would recommend these joints! I have been a centre of our activities familiarised external all be.
4 / 5
Adores this thing. I have had an inflatable kayak before and ossia Like this better. It is much easier to inflate and tent. Compared to a real paddle together is much lighter , which is both a goodness and disadvantage. In a side besides, is in plot easier that spend and transport. In a downside, there has any one a lot of counterweight how is tippier that the comparable level paddle together. I say comparable reason ossia wider, which the helps compensate for his lack of stability (a plus tightened paddle the joint is also tippier). Calm to good sure need a fin (comprised), this in spite of, to maintain this level of stability. I have done he without and is the totally different experience , although manageable. I also look because of a light creation that I can often paddle faster that my neighbouring regulate counterparts and a wind tends to spend me more.

Are not the lean mini and feel perfectly comfortable in this thing. Besides, the husband of my fellow the one who is the man the big plus was able to use this comfortably. For a closing token, has has had also smaller-has planted the people say that they feel is comfortable for them. It takes the small taking used to but after using he for the year can direct in quite choppy waters as well as it takes of mine butt to my knees to be and back any question. If I leave or fall off, can go back on easily without requiring to achieve a fund.

The wise durability feels ossia extremely has done well. A material is fat and sturdy feeling and once inflated to the pressure is very solid. Usually it inflates to 15 psi reason am heavy more, but the lightest people are likely to do with less. Typically it uses my bomb to air to begin it and a hand-held bomb has comprised to take it the pressure. A foam topper is quite comfortable and textured to prevent in slippery. Sometimes, if they are the prolonged time , this can feel the bit to nettle but beaten far to slip. It has been easy to clean but an aim to good sure aims staining of a water over time and need the good scrubbing to spend a vibrancy behind. A stock exchange has comprised to the transport feels the little flimsy but looks to be that it resists on enough well. Some straps of shoulder are quite comfortable and that takes a joint and is supplies in and was is not too hard or tight.

Court and sweet: if you are in a phase for the paddle near, recommends this. Perhaps same in the regular is of train of the do recreationally, likes the point of prize is lower, the ease of transport is excellent, and the global functionality is, for general recreational purpose, almost in pair with regular joints.
4 / 5
Was having difficult taking to an ocean with my variety of surfboards to the equal that have loved the fast option, laptop to paste a bay near of concealed me did not require me to join he until my storm of ceiling. I really like a fact that can pack you a joint, paddle, fin, and bomb to the z/to the rucksack without that has to that spend the half hour that joins it to a ceiling.

Is the bit to do to inflate with some hand-held bombs calm so much can wants to invest in an electrical bomb. It is very easy to dip a nozzle in a joint to open and near. Mark so only sure when you are inflating, calm dipped it to enclosed like an air does not spill was while in a water. I have used an electrical bomb to inflate it to roughly 12 psi and then a hand-held bomb for an additional 3 psi.

Is to good sure sturdy and stable - has had my edges on he with me and we paddled in our knees - weigh roughly 300 among a two of us. Like the surfboard, feels much more stable calm once is cruising in a water and any when being a lot still. I have tended to fall off when we are stationary in a water but once that slips, quite easy to burst up and stand. Three fins are always of entities, has to choose to take this to an ocean. A fin of centre will slip down a shoulder of a wave.

Still time colder, has decided to take that a chair of attachable kayak so that pode paddle seating and any to concern roughly taking the dump in a colder water to the equal that can extend a season. If orders a Roc visiting versions, has a d coverages for an already installed chair. Otherwise, Am extracted no big the glue look it on. They are 170 but you are in a side a light plus, calm probably will find it easy to stand up and paddle and does not have to that concern roughly that takes the drink in cold time.

A bungee the cords do the good work to resist your waters of boat and a drought of stock exchange that comes with a joint. I stick my camera in the ziploc and tuck to a drought of stock exchange to snap was some pics while it was in a bay. A leash the works does well also.

In general, the very interesting cost to take me is gone in a water more frequently.
5 / 5
This one goes to a cup 5 compraventa of 2020.

The stops to the people like of those who love activities of water, is often difficult to imagine out of a logistics of transport of water. Spending the kayak of full measure or paddleboard is often any one an option. This paddleboard fill that niche perfectly! When bent up is no main that to 60L rucksack. And this comprises a bomb, fins, and all other accessories. It is not exactly small, but is like this compact as it could take. Spear in a car, walk to a lake a next plus, 5 minutes to inflate, and calm have a flawless device of transport of the water!

Has used this paddleboard for the months of pair now in of the multiple phases. Here it is that it is to add stops:
- Paddling down the relatively calm river with light rapids
- Navigating by means of still waters like this of the lakes
- spending big elements in still or a bit has nettled waters. Dipping camp in a wild side of the lake with traffic of heavy boat.
- Locate some small waves in Gulf of Messico
- sleeping in a half of a lake when you are tired only people
- Fishing grave and karp (careful)
A paddleboards has been my mate in all some activity has mentioned on. When Inflated properly is well for virtually any activity in waters. A joint is wider that the majority other joints in a phase that gives it the strong upper hand. It will be your partner in floatation, transport, jumping, peach, sleeping, and a lot another imaginable activity. Hell, can included creatures of mark in the, bet that would be more comfortable that in a lot of economic hotels.
Enough of unconditional amour, here is some pros and gilipollas:

- material Very good. Paste of acute rocks with him. Some scratches of surface have looked, but a material integrity has not been compromised
- When it has inflated properly controls a lot in waters. This takes 2 people and some camping crew and still floats surely in a water (different some other joints have)
- Some straps of the annex in a front resupplies the good fixation for your belongings.
- A bomb is good quality (compared to other producers) and taking to plot of abuse.
- A paddle is floating and light weights on watering yes has fallen. You would think that that it is the must , but surprisingly a lot paddles does not float.
- Is really stable because of a width. SUP Yoga handstands, Several tricks to jump, that traces by means of small waves, all has done easy because of a good width of a joint.
- A tampon of grip in a half is of good quality and is a lot comfy
- A later version has loop for annexes everywhere a joint that the very easy fact to anchor, or connect to your friends' together
- the Detachable fin will leave substitutes with the big plus a, or a one with an electrical propeller in him

- taken to plot of energy to inflate a joint to the good pressure. Not complaining , this in spite of, has thought so only has required to aim some with

This product is like this value of the yes compared money the alternatives, would not think twice has has had to that the buy again.

Have enamoured to good sure with this product and has had like this entertainment with him this summer. Planning utilizarprpers more and will update this course in any negatives. Hopefully The only maintains to impress me.
5 / 5
12/31/19 - the sound has been now 6 month and am updating my indication. Some bombs law well, need to inflate a SUPs to the point has thinks that would burst, but after the little more bomb then a gauge registered and there is @@give there has been alot more to fill. This was human error and these SUPs is far value a cost.

Has ordered two of a ROC SUPs because of some indications and a prize.

A Good:
These are together really a lot that gives leans a lot easily (sees down reason an indication of low star). We use him to us twice like this far and it is exited a lot well. I am 170lbs and my woman is 106lbs and some joints resist on quite good (was with each to dip the ours adolescent daughters on). A paddles (gone in three pieces) is fact very good and very easy to regulate with the pin to conclude double to a part of upper boss for easy adjustments while in a joint. An inferior fin is very built and a pin to close maintains a fin of coming free. And yes, as all the world has declared, some stock exchanges for a SUPs is very built and the straps for a part of rucksack has excellent cushioning and straps of adjustment.

A Bad: (reason 3 stars in place of 5)
To the equal that have declared has ordered two SUPs. Both of a bomb gauges any LAW! So not doing I so only aim me his bombs are rubbishes and now has to that neither buy another bomb or the bomb gauge to do sure I a lot on-inflate them. Ossia Reason has given so only 4 stars for sturdiness. They are sure he was able to inflate to a full potential then would be more sturdy, but would not know unless a gauge has done. Another east (any like this trivial) that has ordered the blue one and the green a. They have sent two blue SUPs. You are this is not one the fault of the companies and ossia FBA error. I have maintained so only a second a blue like the colour has not been that of entity.
5 / 5
Has finalised to purchase the second together reason have been to impress with a quality and one managing of a prime minister a. Ossia The add judge of the model exited so that they want to take to SUP. Some work to bomb well, included although it is the alone action (so only give support when pressing down). A joint is quite stable, and manages a good rib. I have not taken this is gone in a surf, but can imagine it treating well in a lineup.

A dry stock exchange has launched is well. A fin is easy to install. If you lose a fin, there is a lot situates on-line to purchase the substitution, of a box he slides to the east of the universal creation. A paddle is easily adjustable, and there is markings inner as quickly I can takes to your period has wished, included when you are in a joint in a water. It appreciates a valve in a backside of a joint, so that when it fold he of a front, a two has attached the fins am not sotterrate in a joint and probably not bending out of forming when inside a stock exchange. A stock exchange is sturdy with the tape of waist; it looks it has drawn it like this it would be comfortable to hike with incase the walk needs the distance to launch. A material of a stock exchange is relatively thin compared to other stock exchanges, and a stitching of some straps does not look too durable. Probably any fact for hikes of long distance, but for a cost, has to cut corners to somewhere.

Has used at least 6 times a past month, and a tampon of coverage is resisting on well to all one inflating and rolling. I have seen other tampons of coverage, and a glue does not go all a way to a flange, as it begins to peel was after the pocolos use. It looks this neighbour is neighbouring place a lot and does not have this question. A leash velcro is solid, and is bent on to protect extra.

TLDR: In general it joints done well, easy to pack, utmost accessories, to the z/to the rucksack is well. I add for juezas of start and recreational paddling.

Top Customer Reviews: ADVENOR Paddle ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5
I am spent the plot to time partorisca compare SUP in a lucky to find such the big measure SUP in the way down below.

Top Customer Reviews: DAMA ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. I love this joint so much! It was súper easy to inflate and is beautiful! I want to do yoga on that.
4 / 5
Has wanted to try paddleboarding and this a there is had some better descriptions on Amazon. It has taken mine relatively quickly, has ordered he in a start of the things that after down partorisca covid as I have known to expect the time to expect longer. It comes with the bomb of double action, the hose that detaches, the box of reparation, the chance of waterproof telephone, 2 arm floaties, paddle, joint and the detachable half fin big and the z/the rucksack that the all the accesses in. I have taken my daughter was with me on the mine in the first place goes he so that it could hop was and swim when we exit out of cost. As I know it resists to 170 pound me and he 100 book preteen without sinking ! For far a better investment in me has done the long time!
5 / 5
In the first place, a look of this stand up paddle near — I amour a phauxny forest! My husband thinks that that it is fakey but am drawn really to a pseudo of forest surfboard the look with this island relaxed feels contrasted with the quota aqua colour. My edges love it too much, especially my adolescents that spends puka shells and ukulele of games.

This neighbouring is the small plus SUP in 9'6' longitude and 30' wide but is a lot of proportioned for stability and manoeuvrability. Probably I will be to share this one with with my edges my young plus hardly takes some sun in our lakes. It is the little 10 old year and are 5'2' and half build. A hull is rounded but is slightly more distinguished that a half all-around way, but no like this streamlined like the joint to visit.

This pumps on quickly with a bomb comprised (roughly 5 minutes). A PSI is easy to read and is the no brainer according to which that air to dip in. A valve has the lock of transfer for easy bomb. There is also the pin to close under a coverage of valve for easy deflation.

Some fins to bite lateralmente smaller underside is protected with styrofoam blockades. A main fin is removable of his slide-in boxes of fin. Has the pin to resist it securely in place.

A coverage is same and a foam of EVA of marine note has good density, and is cut in the slatted creation for fashion and good grip. A vinyl is to have that heavy and a welds is the free leak. A bungee the cord is durable; D-the coverages are strong and look to be of the corrosion-resistant arrival.

An ankle coiled leash is good quality and swivels well in both ends.

A box of reparation is comprised with two patches. There is also the telephone raincoat/valuables pouch.

A paddle has the really good contoured offset that the effective looks. An assembly is different mine another paddle this is coming with the different joint, where has the with which the needs that attractive of an axial to unlock some double pins that control in place. Mina another has the lock of toe, looked in way that could find you in the leg of tripod of the camera. In all the chance, is sure and sturdy and frames for the adjustable period very paddle.

A stock exchange has comprised is roomy and returns everything inside easily (paddle, bomb, etc.). A container is everything will require the stow or sale down to a bank. Some straps of shoulder are slightly cushioned and adjustable; there is the pocket in a side. There is also cinch straps in the each side to compress your load for easy spending, or to ensure yours has disassembled paddle yours band while the constant for a pocket in a base.

Really love this joint in fashion and measure. It digs one of forest vibe and a LADY appoints of mark, and can not expect try some SUP yogas in east grieves some heats to time up.
5 / 5
Amur Of amour of the amour! It looks material is good quality. Amur A creation. Swipes on súper quickly. It travels quite quickly in a lake.
5 / 5
This was my first time paddle boarding and are not that it goes the lie, was nervous I wouldnt feels stable and would fall in. This joint is like this comfortable and like this sturdy. I am thrilled like this has chosen to take is one. It is beautiful. My husband has ordered the different one and was quite jealous when the mine is gaze. A bomb and behind was also does better that his and his was more expensive. A dud grain of forest is like this gorgeous. Seriously, so only he!
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. It has looked for the smallest joint for my ten old year to try, how is quite small. It has been with east in a joint of youth been due to a max differentiates of limit of the weight. Have has not wanted the buy something so only could use in one was casualidad has not liked him. This joints easily can be used for a half sized adult as well as the boy the small plus.

The And am spent almost three hours in a joint yesterday. It was able to manoeuvre and salda without @@subject for his, and has sustained a two of us on the together without the question.

Today take it was with some dogs, and has resisted on just a lot of ours creature that jump on and era. A boy was able to control he with our yellow laboratory in a front in his in the first place try.

In general looks the quite solid little joint. My daughter absolutely LOVES It.

Bomb up with a bomb comprised when we take it to us in the first place to verify for leaks, but has not been to a plenary 15psi. It has not taken long, but calm once volume to around 8 psi takes class of hard to pump. We use an electrical bomb when in fact we take was, as I am not sure which well a hand-held bomb would do to inflate all a way.
5 / 5
Has read all some descriptions roughly filtering and of the bombs not doing but one do one a lot well a gauge any one active until it takes to minimum PSI in a gauge and takes the moment. A max PSI is way more than required and optimum PSI would owe that be among 10-12 PSI. Anything less and more paddle the joint will bend in a half. It has pumped until an optimum and has left he for 6 days that control every day or like this had filtered and was still exactly in a pressure originally had dipped he in! Yeah! A joint is solid and well has built. It comes with everything needs to comprise one spends stock exchange, paddle and strap of ankle for when you fall off. There is the strap to joint to spend when one is inflated. There is the good mountain for the GoPro and a lot of coverages of metal and the a lot of a lot of bungee to join down all you junk. Unfortunately it has taken in an end of a season as it has not been in a water but come cradle, Wahoo! They are everything roughly that!
5 / 5
Has bought this for my woman for his anniversary. It was very excited and has wanted to try it that day. All has looked has been done well. Unfortunately, it has not had any hose that has connected a bomb to a paddle near. Calm can not use an inflatable paddle together can does not inflate. This was a lot of disappointing.

So only inflate with the bomb of the fellow and has the leak. A lot disappointed in this product. Better appearance for a prize.
5 / 5
UPDATE: Well, two uses in and this thing has on blown around a hole to bomb seam. Ossia In fact the substitution of an original a, which has blown also up around a hole to bomb seam. Such the total bummer reason a joint is a PERFECT measure for me, (9'6 x 30 x 6), súper light weight, and an upper discharge is LIKE THIS stinkin' pleasant. I have wanted another substitution of an exact same joint but they are sold was. A kicker is this, when three of my friends have seen my joint, they all is exited and each one which so it bought it one for them, and two of these begun blowing up in a seam also! They are taking returned also. We were once the crew of four daughters with some same sup and waaaaaaaa.... NO MORE! We are using the 12V sup bomb to blow this on, but is not that blowing spent a recommended PSI. In fact, I have blown mine until 13 and then 14 PSI then has directed the bubble and an EXPLOSION! In all the chance, takes that this is not the $ 1200 SUP together, but for five bone, would expect the better quality that something concealed hard for less than ten times.

Oh Well. I guess better to have the working neighbour that advise it ossia so only good to look in. :(

Are not the professional applicant SUP-er for any half, and does not love shell out of $ 800+ for one. This SUP was a lot of quite and has to do fault his purpose. Had, and both mine dogs, which totaled 215 books. I have added also a fiancé once, and concealed has dipped in 375 pounds and he am exited, albeit bad. Ossia The decent SUP together. Súper Luz, easy to spend, and easy to use.
4 / 5
Has taken an aim 10.6' near reason has points for to anchor the chair and bungees and points of still in a front And behind, believe you could spend enough train to camp in the but has not tried that still. Also we like him that of all some fins are detachable. The desire has sold or the extra clips have comprised to maintain some fins have attached so these are looks and to small parts likes them could be lost easily like this in the travesía to camp would like me take the transmissions. My grandson of 13 years paddled the 5 hours down the river and the mile upstream and has loved that. Then my mamma has taken one and there is paddled both am gone in the saltwater bay. A big fin has a lot of funds like this calm sometimes can run fracasado or paste an underwater register. Some the only improvements would be the boss in a front and the fin that retracted so that when has paste something underlying calm there is not coming to a sudden stop. It is it has bitten enough to fall for behind his in the place of the waters. It feels a lot of sturdy, some works of action to bomb a lot dual to the equal that can change he in an end to so only to do a pumping easier, one spends the stock exchange can resist all and is a lot has done. I have it that has not tried never one of a really expensive some but this one is awesome so that it does not look to like a two or three times a prize could be two or three better times.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. It looks the very good and sturdy near. Pumped he until 15 psi with a bomb comprised in a lake partorisca a first time today and there is remarked partorisca bubble in an accident seam. I lifted he out of a water partorisca see that it is going in and is shooting was air! I paddled around partorisca 90 minutes and is the joint adds except a defect. I did not brush up against anything acute and was extremely careful. They are a lot disappointed.
4 / 5
Has bought one 9'6 inflatable paddleboard partorisca my daughter of 13 years (5ft, 110lbs). It is able to independently inflate he with a bomb, deflate the, and spend it to him bloated or in a rucksack has comprised. Besides a fact that is perfect partorisca his, is absolutely gorgeous with a dud grain of forest and aqua colour. It is winter and has not taken he in a water still but can see of a thickness and a width that will be it very partorisca sound. It likes so that it has begun partorisca ask would be necessary me take of my hard joint partorisca an inflatable has taken exactly. Ossia Hanged like this light and easy to spend that for real I am considering taking I some hips.
Will update once take it is gone in a water, but has been paddleboarding partorisca years and can see any reason that this will not be perfect partorisca ours needs.
5 / 5
This neighbouring do down the rocky river partorisca 4 hours without question yesterday. A quality is good and the looks adds! It has taken exactly 4 minutes partorisca blow up and is light, stylish and durable. It possesses the company of recognition and there will be use these joints partorisca ours visits around a lake.
5 / 5
There is at all but good things to say in this SUP. It is easy to pump on, walks in a water well, and comes with the good quality paddle. This in spite of, has stuck to lakes and lens-ish rivers, as it can not say like responses in rapids.

Like an additional plus, has shipped much faster that has expected - the week after ordering with a regular option (and during a quarantine, included).
4 / 5
My partner and I possess a iRocker Everywhere 10 and 11 respectively, but those are quite expensive for a new or young rider. We look for an option for our daughter of 12 years, those who there is tagged together with us and occasionally paddles one of our joints. Ossia The option adds to so only take your wet feet and sees wants to continue stand up paddle boarding. A joint is average to up half quality, and the value adds for money. Has a lot of some options another in this point of prize any one; rear boss, side d-coverages, traces it ahead hard. Compared with the main joints, is the little unstable, but súper maneuverable. It comes with economic extras, but is for real one 'all in one buys' option. A main disappointment has been a service of client . Our joint of daughters have come with the bomb broken. We contact service of client and has received the very fast response and has been said the new one would be envoy was immediately. It is now state to the long of the month and any substitution. Honradamente, can not be annoyed with treating this anymore. Has two dual chamber bombs for our iRockers that read much faster, and also have an electrical bomb, which was the transmission of the game according to which dipped up and time of desglosen for our iSUPs.

In general the solid option for a new, young, or random paddle boarder, but be ready to possibly substitute some of some extras or battle his service of client.
5 / 5
My inflatable prime minister SUP. I took it to an ocean and survived some waves of California with only the pair of scratches to surface smaller. Some straps are utmost and has maintained my stock exchange sure droughts and sure after being launched the cost long. My friends and I were able to all the chair in a paddle jointed (amazing!) Also I want to all some accessories that is coming with him! Literally everything would require to have the tonne of fun with this joint. I used it daily it took it of then and it has not failed to give a awesome experience. A lot a lot recommended!!
5 / 5
Already have the solid paddle near, but has required somthing light and portable. I have bought a tram paddleboard bomb and quickly can inflate and deflate. It is solid of mecer when bloated and access perfectly in a stock exchange for transport. It feels he likes hanged at all compared it to mine 30 joint of book. Modification: one another thing. My woman and the girls want to some looks of way and the one who light is compared to a solid joint. The appearance will be to buy another.
5 / 5
Modify: has update of 4 to 5 stars because the service of client has achieved was immediately to offer the bomb of substitution. I am impressed with like this useful and responsive has been!

Has taken this SUP done the week and has been used by the number of people in our house that diverse of 5'-6' big and 110 lbs-185 lbs. It is abundance sturdy for any in a side a small and easy plus to learn. For reference, has all gone in the SUP the little time but is not súper has experienced. Has balance and levels of decent fitness. Also, we were paddling in the lake with vehicles motorised like this relatively calm but with occasional awake. They are 5' and appreciate a smaller measure. Blown on fully, a SUP is a lot of sturdy and there has not bent to all the cost of weight. A width is well for me the paddle comfortably. Also we buy the big plus BodyGlove SUP, which is well for the main people and more sturdy, but dips my arms in a corner that annoying when paddling. I have taken also mine 4was with me and has not had a lot of @@subject with sounds to seat in a front. I am looking forward to using the chair of kayak the paddle for the longest periods of the time and is utmost that this joint leaves that option with some D-coverages. A cellphone works of the good chance and an oar is very easy to regulate/use, which are to add reasons alternating among being and that seats the plot. I have taken of the star because of the bombs is not attentive. A Psi looks wrongly on mine, but is not the breaker to treat--you to good sure will be able to feel when a SUP is quite full! Also, I beat it is returned a SUP (fully pumped on) in mine compact SUV without deflating! It takes some maneuvering with some chairs, but is possible. In general, an easy introduction the paddle boarding and the solid investment!
5 / 5
A joint is perfect ! It is the manageable measure and no too weighed to spend. A rucksack is quite big for everything of some accessories and included the towel etc. A SUP the joint inflates quickly and has a awesome any surface of slip. Amur A creation of grain of the forest! It comes with the stock exchange of waterproof cell and the elder of waterproof stock exchange that is súper useful!! It LOVES it! One 9'6 joint is a lot manageable and a perfect measure for girls, adolescent and women- I follows 5'9 and 125 lbs. The election ADDS is looking for an easy and beautiful SUP experience.
4 / 5
Write this description for a youth sized the LADY here is also true for one 9'6' near of adult!

' Buys 2 LADY SUP near for our daughters for Christmass. Has both there is enjoyed kayaking and canoeing in a past and has tried paddle boarding on some friends boards this past summer and has loved that. A joint of youth is utmost--easy to inflate, was packaged well, with instructions, and was easy the repack he in a fashionable band of stock exchange to reserve that included although it touches the little heavy, mine 10 year can spend for his. Some extras that is coming with a joint is awesome. I any read that well to some other first descriptions to purchase and has been surprised by an extra material maintains unboxing. A stock exchange to spend are add, has sent patches and of the instructions with that in the chance takes the leak , as well as the dry stock exchange, stock exchange of waterproof telephone, a bungee boss, and floating chance. A paddle pauses down to 2 pieces that the easiest fact to transport, but is still sturdy. They are very impressed with a value especially considering a prize of some neighbour in a phase. The UTMOST joint for the prize ADDS. And--I almost has forgotten, has come also with the pocola folding fishing cane.'

Will add this in a joint of adult-- has had 2 small subjects in this container. A pedal of the bomb in a side has been broken and some bows in a stock exchange has been sewed on behind. I have taken pictures of both and emailed support of client and almost immediately has taken the really good response and a response behind that would substitute both. I thought that it that it would take it the moment to receive in a topmast, and has not been concerned roughly of then there is the moment until it has been surprised when they are looked less than the week later!
4 / 5
Has the bit partorisca experience on rented SUPs but has has wanted to something could take to a lake and paddle around while I have wanted. I have loved a creation of this abordable SUP like this based in some descriptions have decided to try the. It is súper fast and easy to inflate. Less than 5 minutes with a bomb have closed. My only complaint is a PSI has not registered in a bomb readout but the description is in a SUP no a bomb. I tried it on the pond and has required bit it by force of core to remain balanced but has expected that. They are 5'7”, hanged half. One fails the forest was even more appeals in person. It is like this pleasant! They are really happy has been with this SUP. Some the enclosed elements were the good touch : telephone waterproof stock exchange, dry stock exchange, box of reparation, fishing pole. It was amused really to open up.
4 / 5
I so only begun paddle boards it again after the few years and this joint is the utmost! It has managed well in the rough river with the just quantity of traffic of boat with ease. It is a lot of maneuverable and quite fast to take dondequiera . It is the little smaller that some of some other joints have used... They are 5'10 and the suspect are in an upper end thus together... But for a do one a lot well. (Well, a person and the small dog will return also)

there is still abundance of room for storage. Some accessories have comprised is quite handy, especially some straps. It comes with the hand-held bomb, but calm the favour and buy a tram a. Save your energy for paddling. Some looks of whole joint a lot has done. I have used to think that inflatables has not been like this a lot joint like this solid, but ossia one is a joint everywhere adds for the fraction of a cost of the solid joint. Down waiting for much more enjoyable paddling experiences in this joint.
4 / 5
Has received so only a joint today and could not expect verify has been. We take one 10 ' 6” an and looks to be measure perfect for knots. A joint is gorgeous and looks to be in good been. It comes with all some necessary accessories (extra material still like this of the waterproof stock exchanges and 2 paddles. An only thing there is remarked like this far is a fund of a joint has the legislation of small bubble under one something of inflation. It looks to be the defect of mine. It could not be the big shot but worry that will worsen it over time or affect maneuvering he and when impero.
Otherwise Looks to be the joint adds.
Will be sure to update a description again once uses it the little time (waters is not to animate quite still to Wisconsin).
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Update of original description down: it Tops the service of client contacted immediately with which posting a description and has offered a variety of solutions to solve one @subjects down. His really stand for his product and wants to ensure the clients are satisfied. Because of a service of client of the quality, fast communication, and an offering or feasible solutions, am updating my original description to 5 stars. It gives the graces for a fast response, Lady.


-A lot of quite and visually together appeal
-Paddle acts a lot of
-Fast client and attentive service

-the bomb has arrived of the broken - the frames think me that this element was returned previously or possibly so only broken of an initial shipment of an origin to manufacture to a warehouse
- has the LEAK in a zone/of nozzle of deflation of inflation that marks this entirely UNUSABLE. In a first travesía was accidentally splashed some water in a joint while paddling and there is remarked this LEAK. The control was video . One covers is on like this tight as it can be .

For these two critical errors on, am returned this product.
4 / 5
Ossia One more prójimo to surfing and when being in the lake. Arrived yesterday (1 day sooner that expected, albeit has been in the house of the neighbour, neighbours bondadosos - and sincere). Tried on today wind, waves, and current - a strong plus has experienced like this far on Lake Perris (a total of time of the dozen, decide if ossia enough to value conditions of lake here). In all the chance, for such the choppy day of lake, has fallen so only once of a joint and another time in my knees in a joint. Cushioning Are add, paddle floated when I am fallen off , stock exchange of the ocean remained in bungee cords (to the equal that has done my toe flops), leash is remained in touch and has treated his purpose, the fins and the form quite a lot maneuvering considering such the strong current. I will say, it felt he likes has not moved the time but was some conditions of lake - and at all has filtered, likes has said, remained on board enough, and the only thing would change = next time, goes to spend the waistcoat of life. Perhaps, for my place my weighed members more familiarised and/or for the travesía around a lake that does not leave me to feel each wave of a lake, perhaps will plan in 2021 to add another wide plus/heftier paddleboard to a mix. As it surfer, there is wanted absolutely one feels to locate some waves in the lake. It would be less sure doing this in an ocean, until I can solidify my personnel paddleboard skills. AWESOME Buys for a AWESOME prize. (Less than Costco near, AWESOME accesoria - the strap of shoulder is my absolute beans, and the manual of hand-held bomb has done perfectly and fast, for any when being no an electrical bomb. So much, yeah! :)
5 / 5
Am enamoured with mine SUP! It was súper easy to use in a water and he have resisted so much my fiancé and I (on 300 lbs). An only thing are would take an electrical bomb reason taken he workout pumping he manually.

The Easily deflates and fold a lot behind until his stock exchange. I maintain the base of one 3rd walk, like this ossia so better that that it has to spend one 11 ft SUP.

This was my present of the anniversary and my fiancé has wanted to take me the “real “ “ “” paddle together and was skeptical in an inflatable but 10 mins has been convinced and included is taking a for him maintaining!

Was very impressed with a quality, easy of use, manoeuvrability, colour of a kayak. And there is little to any experience in a SUP.
5 / 5
Has bought this joint for my daughter of 17 years. It has had the habit of paddling around in the mine that at all the joint of yoga has to that way that has wanted to do sure has taken something this stable. It loves that it can take this with his in his jeep and take to a lake without mamma.
Amur That it can he he all is tent in a rucksack.
Easy to blowup and also deflate.

Together sum for a money.
4 / 5
I desire had ordered this more collected. One pumps included is really fast. Yes, it takes the pocolos small and calm is the little tired with which. Value he.
Is not súper stable. It is also an inflatable neighbour, and for the half the the third like this like this another and joints of mark of the name.
Is súper light, easy to spend. Often it spends this joint and another in the mile of neighbourhood to a water without subjects. Like this it boards it bit it better that another has taken.
So only has discovered recently an use some time clip in a tip. Work with my mountain of camera. Suspicion there have it also cruises, but has no really shopped for one.
Has has used so only he for a season like this far. I will revise again the few years and on my indication for durability used it once again. Giving it 4 stars like a estimativa has based on as it feels interior a moment.
5 / 5
Ossia A second together Lady has purchased and is utmost! It was very surprised in like this stable a durable is. A joint has come also with all some necessary accessories and some additional extras like dry stock exchange, the fixed box etc. Has been using them both in some calm intercoastal waters as well as a more wavy beach in Gulf. Have preformed Utmost in both conditions. An inflation takes roughly 15 minutes and a joint is very light. Easy to pack on also and comes with to the z/to the rucksack adds to spend and storage. I more defiantly recommend these joints!!!!
5 / 5
Has has wanted to one All-Around SUP for Christmas that was both durable and light to spend ( has the tonne of any to take to a water). I am spent enough the bit to time to see another SUP is and reading descriptions, is touched to lose the another mark, and this one. I have chosen this based in the description a lot writing that I have looked for, another reviewer commentaries, and the container of an extra that is coming with him.
The Arrived before Navidad (prevail) but the still wrapped knots and dip the down a tree. Day navideño, has taken was to the little beginner surf zone and was very surprised in the well has directed it one 3-5 ft waves. Really easy to paddle, and stable. A gauge in a bomb of the inflation no I so that it has guessed in a psi, but my-court (my deception) and was slightly has inflated down. But it was still sturdy and manuverable. Still with some main waves, felt sure. It was súper light and easy to spend down everything of some stairs also. I want a bungees in a front and was able to collect some rubbishes while it was in a water also (another prize). I have not used a mountain of camera in a front for a first time was, but look forward to that it uses that characteristic also. In general the value adds and looks a lot also.
5 / 5
Although it was the little unsure when planning on purchasing an inflatable SUP. I have bought recently another LADY previously to the east an and could not help but partorisca purchase another. Like this here I am pleased and overwhelmed with joy with this LADY.

Good quality. My family enjoys that it is portable and each accessory comes with accessing well to a stock exchange. A joint is solid and well has built. A capacity of weight is much bigger that has indicated. I have had near to 300lbs in this joint this in spite of floated adds without subjects or of the worries. It is the manageable and very easy measure partorisca spend!!!

My familiar and am satisfied a lot with a global cost especially considering a prize of some other joints in a phase where coming from/come from. This for far is hell of the shot and I can does not recommend enough!
5 / 5
For a prize a box is excellent. It would give 5 star this in spite of looks to ship that an edge viril in a bomb sheared was. Some accessories are the better plot that has thought, thinks in fact will use him. A drybag is the thickness PVC like material resembled a SUP. A stock exchange of telephone has hard to corner which is where his first normal failure.

A paddle is done out of aluminium, quite fat that has launched in the bevel that is the good touch. A mechanism to change a period is a lot of reason can be regulated with the clamp more than place increments. A pin that connects a paddle to a rest of an iron is quite stout and compliments an aluminium a fat plus. There is the noticeable quantity of resin/of adhesive down where the with the fulfil axial.

A paddleboard is that it would expect, a hardware is of quality, this in spite of a seaming could have been better but for a prize would expect it to be slightly on cut. It will be to interest to see like a seam controls over time.
4 / 5
Was very pleased at the beginning with this paddleboard but with which so only using it 4 filter of air of time of a focuses of hule around where calm inflate it. They are sadly he disappointed it.
4 / 5
Used it two times and love a joint he. Inflating is the workout- is so only able state of the take to 12psi more than 15 first to call leaves. But included in 12psi a joint is easy to control and sturdy. An only down the side is a paddle. My second time out of a plastic piece the one who calm leave you to regulate paddle the period has broken. It is plastic economic and so only would not close to plant. Has has had to that do do with him in his lower period bc would not remain closed that it is not ideal when you are by train to be and trying paddle.

Nov. of update 5: a company has promised the substitution paddle but still has not taken he- 3 month later.

Update Dec 2020- I has achieved was the company again and has excusado for not sending out of my new paddle. I have received some days of interior to send an email. Good service in general.
5 / 5
Very impressed with a quality of a unit. Everything needs to locate a water. With which have ordered a container - I has been concerned that a pictured paddle has not had the boss. A paddle was the fashion of kayak in some images of Amazon. I have been pleased to discover that a paddle comes with a two paddles and the option of sleeve. A container has come with a lot of a lot of - the unexpected options that comprises dry stock exchanges - a bomb and the a lot of spending the chance with zips to have that has weighed. It would buy this produces again.
5 / 5
Pleasantly has surprised! It was skeptical regarding inflatable sups. I have tried so only fiberglass hard sups. I have been he advances and has ordered a Lady sup and am very happy. I have found a sup easy to inflate, easy to deflate. And it has followed decently. They are 5'3' 110 lbs and in mine late 50s and could spend this sup without subjects. I have used this in an estuary, any wave. Ihave Been was in the breezes and calm has to that maintain paddling to maintain his course, some paralizaciones of minute begins to go to derives! In general, value he in this point of prize.
5 / 5
Has been that master it paddle jointed for some time now and was patiently while to a fashionable time/of/right prize to do an investment. Like this far, I think that that my patience has paid was and that has done the investment of decision/adds to choose this joint. A shipment arrives with everything needs to begin in your new adventure. Each element is professionally packaged with priest and some helps of cast of the element to ensure received the to him all and to identify that everything is. He all returns amiably with spare room in a rucksack, is not weighed too much to transport easily and really looks the crew of quality adds. A joint looks beautiful and feels ultra durable. One has resupplied the instructions are simple, clear and concise. They are the father again so only and sometimes a thought of all an only setup for the sure external activities can be intimidating, but am sure that I will be able to do this for my account and take my girls for adventures all be long. It is to good sure easier that dipping on a tent to camp! My patience has to that continue, like the time has not been ideal closing for SUP the boarding received it of then, but am very excited to finally of fleet peacefully to the long of a next lake that I usually run around. It has to that well sure that this joint will take me dondequiera go. I will update this description once takes a casualidad to try it is gone in a water.
4 / 5
Are really enjoying resulting the paddle enthusiastic of joint! I do not have the quite big vehicle to spend the joint regulate like this decided an inflatable was a better election. We do not have any a lot of places for hire in the approach me but a lot of good masses to water to float on. They are very pleased with my LADY has jointed. One first together arrival with the leak around a root of valve. A vendor was a lot of responsive giving me ideas on like the possibly of reparation but when it concealed has not done substituted it. A new an arrived in 3 days and is perfect. They are having the explosion and taking the exercise adds in mine SUP!
4 / 5
This SUP has not gone too expensive, but any economic plus--I splurged the little reason loves a dud model of forest! This joint is like this good-looking, so only can maintains bloated and the show in a wall in a winter. They are the beginner , and was able to haul a band, inflate a joint, and figure out of some accessories quite easily. I also remarked few details concealed the fact the better quality that the inflatable joints more economic or kayaks my friends have purchased details like a mountain of camera in a front, a gauge and the surest connections in a bomb, and a lack of acute scratchy seams. As I am proud of a value has taken! Inflating a joint is easy and taking roughly 5 minutes, but still can be has bitten the wheel there is behind or questions of arms. A band is easy to spend, but no for long distances if you are not used his (me--GustanI imagines the young athletes would find it very easy). I have not done the direct comparison, but agree feel bit it more in bylines in the real joint--so that it would not compete with an inflatable. But it is perfect to explore with friends in the comfortable step. I took it it was three times now, and has to that way that be happy with him! I have not thought Never it would be able to do SUP. For the long time, has loved, but imagined it would not spend reason can no any place racks in my car, can not spend joints a lot well, and the does not have the good place for the tent. This inflatable SUP has solved all these questions. They are very happy with this compraventa.
5 / 5
Has had this of Leaves. It did not use it until final of May for a first time. It has been it has used the total of roughly 10 times of May until last week. It is looked well at the beginning but a quality is not long that last. It sees it is delaminated and has burst in the seam. It patches it it will not do to resist pressure. No the good compraventa! It does not recommend !
4 / 5
I have bought this in first day has been of then looking for the beginner boards concealed has not gone too pricey. I have wanted really a whole look with a feaux forest. Also it gives some extra grip. I have not been able to try he in watering still of then is to declare too cold but of my experience with fellow' SUPs this looks the a lot of sturdy near. I have finalised to go with jointing/leaner a shorter like this at least will take some extras workout among falling off (any because of a stability of joint are so only clumsy). It has not taken too much long to inflate (perhaps 5-7 min) but my arms were like this tired with which. Probably I will invest in a tram pumps which is reason 4 stars. In general really happy with him!
5 / 5
Has bought this for my daughter and loves it! Honradamente The did not try it was still of his Christmas and cold. Had some questions with bomb and gauge any sure himself has gone any when doing well. There is not coming with has detailed instructions. To good sure value of the money and they was has taken the pole of free telescopic peach.
The UPDATE has changed my description of 4 to 5 reason the company has achieved was mine and correspondent of new bomb. Now thats service of client! Thank you
4 / 5
A paddleboard is beautiful and looks a lot of sturdy. When A product arrives a paddle to the looks like has been broken and there does not look to be of any for service of client thus produced that it can direct it. A clamp around a paddle concealed leaves it to regulate for the height no presiona properly. Also a key that air of leaves in and out of a paddleboard is very difficult to regulate and will not remain down to leave me to leave the air was without me that resists a key manually. I have looked the video of on-line pair ossia everything in of the foreign tongues in this product and can not look to find any information on like this to fix a clamp or a key. When being new in paddle boarding this slightly is frustrating and does not look to be the service of client to speak your roughly he in some the EUA. I have tried to blow the up with a manual bomb and with which roughly 10 minutes was like this winded that has dipped was and has ordered an electrical bomb. Once a bomb arrives will be able to finally blow it up and description of update.
5 / 5
Seats like this clashed while writing this description. I really like this near! Unfortunately it has had 2 crucial failures.

In the first place was, a joint is gone in a date of the delivery expected and was packaged fantastically. Has come also with the 5L stock exchange droughts that have not remarked in a description of element.

Has been paddle boarding for 3 years that maintains (mostly using inflatable joints). This failure jointed of the forest for Lady is quickly to inflate, has good manoeuvrability, and looks faster of other inflatable neighbours have used. It has been it has impressed really!

THIS In spite of, in paddle number 10, the jumped the leak (picture to bubble while bloated and after the deflation comprised). An upper discharge of a joint has begun to bubble around a valve of inflation in a first hour of a leak of air was obvious.

There is also the pictures have comprised of a fin of removable row. It is quite difficult to slide to plant. A security wedge pin (to maintain a fin of row in situating while paddling) any returned where precise goes. It has expected these subjects with a fin of row would improve over time and with wear (the fin of row in mine another neighbour has improved over time).

In general, an impressive inflatable joint. Im Returning is one and has ordered another. I am expecting a one has received was the lemon 🍋 🤞
4 / 5
has taken so only my SUP out of a container and has dents, the crack around a focus and the bubble in a fund of a joint. It is amused the paddle, but am unsure in a durability has come of then with several small harms. I love a colour, measure and form of a joint. It manages it adds in a water!
4 / 5
A quality of this product is like this main that has been expecting in this pricepoint. It feels looks and big quality to surprise. I used it roughly 10 times, entirely inflating and deflating to every time. Taken roughly 5 minutes to pump on manually- I the plenary to 10psi. He deflates quickly and is easy to returned behind in his stock exchange of storage.
Are the 5 '6'/135lb the woman and I think was any elder, this joint would be the hardest plot to use . It was really shakey to be a first time but has come of course every time of then. A width is so only enough for me to dip my shoulder of feet-the widths averts and no wider.
The LADY HAS the youtube canal with useful video on like this to inflate and deflate a neighbour. There have it also the video that objective the test of quality, and frankly, the create. A material feels fat and tip any sign to fail punctual. I create it does to 1 manufacture of the year guaranteeed (?) In a joint, as the other has ensured that will last for at least a full season. It is it was remained in a lake with him for until 3 hours without indication that filtered it.
Absolutely love this joint!
4 / 5
Am spent some time doing first investigations to decide in this joint, and has chosen to go with one 10'6' version of natural forest. A CROWN the joints have components of the main quality that some another in a point of prize, and service of good client in an Amazon Q&One.
A joint has arrived quickly and in shape perfect. It has had some persisting plastic smell, which is not surprising. A paddle can be gathered only sided or dual (like the kayak), which is quite fresh. It has not gone too defiant to pump on a joint and was appreciated for a bomb of dual action! To good sure could does not take all a way until a rec'd PSI, but was solid of rock .
Some directions could be the little more detailed. Deflating A joint has not been súper intuitive. You owe that press down a valve until enough air is released so that you can rotate a valve, then will continue deflating for him.
In everything, happy with a compraventa and can not expect take this is gone in a lake.
4 / 5
Be the little difficult to inflate with some bombs resupplied but concealed can be reasons has toneless wrists of the recent harm. It was in fact very impressed with like this stable is and still although I have had never paddleboarded before it was able to take a hangs of him really quickly that credit to a stability of this joint!

Was nervous that an inflatable kayak or paddle the joint would be dangerous to use forest like this alive of the next mangrove and I have thought some roots possibly could nail, but am not concerned really in this anymore. It is the really sturdy and fat material.

Has the enormous solid kayak am unable to use reason my complex of the paving no longer leaves his external storage. This has been such upgrade to the equal that can deflate the and tent he in a cupboard when I am done. Ossia The definite has to that have is living in the walk the small plus or the place with rigid HOA principles. They are very happy with this compraventa!
5 / 5
The joint has come quickly. The wine with all has required to start with. When being inflatable, did not expect it to be like this in durable/bylines, this in spite of once inflated to pertinent PSI, hardly could say a difference among east and the hard joint. Ossia A awesome inflatable SUP. Material is very fat and have any doubt that will resist it up. All an extra D coverages and go pro the mountain is some reasons has decided to go with east a so it will be to use this plus to spend train while submerging. I advise excellent. You wont be disappointed
4 / 5
A sum of looks of the joint but has not used he in a water still. It looks his a lot of fact , has inflated so only very too much. A @@subject that has is that there is the recommended PSI but a gauge in a bomb really has not changed any import that inflates. They are quite positive his broken. Arrived quickly and has packed well. It looks less 'to to forest likes ' in of person but still the a lot of looking near. It wishes some fins in a fund were detachable.

Top Customer Reviews: FBSPORT 10'/10.6' ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
This SUP well of the money! I have been hesitant to spend money in the paddle jointed but has done finally and has chosen correctly! This container comes with the a lot of extra also like them a bit bosses of arms and whistles of emergency. It airs On enough quickly, around 5 minutes, some last minutes of pair are toil this in spite of with a hand-held bomb. He all returns amiably in a stock exchange and a material is hard but easy to clean. Fold Amiably to dip behind in a stock exchange. It recommends this product to any one looking for an economic paddle joint. My returns of same dog on he with me!
4 / 5
Are like this happy with a quality of mine paddle near! It was skeptical of an inflatable paddle the joints but I have known was my only option been due to my car measure. I have decided to take this one for reasons of prizes but again, was skeptical because of a lack of descriptions.
LEFT to SAY CALM- KNOWS The BETTER THING IV has PURCHASED IN STILL ALWAYS. I took it it was to 4 different lakes now and there is not to leave me down once. I have been able to have the few drinks this in spite of utilisation he properly.

An only down the side is is hard to go back on if you drunkenly fall off that and is hanged like this light that it is stabilisation is more delicate that direct.
5 / 5
Has bought 2 of these reasons a point of prize is fantastic still although we have loved the hard joint. They have come punctually and it was fantastic! A Biscayne the bay there has been the very low rib and, be 6' big, has has had to that paddle in my knees of a stability is the subject light. When A water was calmer and walk, stands up was any subject. Sturdy, comfy In some knees and coffins feet, a stock exchange resists everything well, and some straps are qualities . Calm CAN not beat this! Attractive a trigger and buy one... Or 2!
5 / 5
As well as the few useful tips-
fin of 1 Centres - a fin of returns of big centre, precise to slide a wedge (black piece with holes in a way) WAS before podes slide a fin in. Utilisation some few black pieces to close some fins in place, does not have to that gone anywhere.
2 - Fill. For some last minutes to stop really difficult, take a closure of extra valve in a side (red or ash) this wins he much easier.

In general value of the money 100
5 / 5
has Bought he for a woman. It loves it! Easy to gather and swipe up. 65 bombs, on and down is some bombs like this air of swipes of the bomb in an on and down has shot. Everything of returns amiably to a stock exchange has comprised. To good sure value of the money. Awesome Produced for first time paddle boarder!
4 / 5
Has looked for a abordable, inflatable paddle has jointed that it could stow was and easily inflate when it loved it before, and now finally the have!!! It was like this happy I has one. This joint is to add it to good sure recommend to another!
5 / 5
Has looked for a abordable, inflatable paddle has jointed that it could stow was and easily inflate when it has loved that. I have been impacted that amiably everything is returned in a stock exchange and the one who light the all was, can not expect start in a water! I have been that recommends this joint to all my friends those who are a fence roughly buying a.
5 / 5
An election adds! I took it it was two times like this far to lakes. Like sturdy like my fellow ROC joint. Easy for me (active 27I woman) to inflate to 10psi; taken 5 or 6 minutes. Max psi is 15, but sturdy enough in 10psi for one when being adult or two has has seated adults (has combined down 280 hanged). I want a bit the colours and a joint feels a lot of-facts, am very happy with my election.
5 / 5
When Have in the first place purchased this joint, has feigned on using it on relaxed the travesías am gone in of the lakes and of the calm rivers. Also, to have the slender joint that would give me speed. After experiencing white waters with him (skegs was obviously), believed it has had much more potential. I am gone in three different rivers with class III rapids with this joint, and this thing is still alive & well! Perfect grip for these types of waters, the noses adds rocker, and very light. Any quite the joint of beginners of a width of coverage is more slender that half, which means the next plus stance to be & surfing waters. An only reason reason has not given the 5 star is reason some main, plan to centre to edge a big plus skeg has been installed & glued entirely behind. So much, yes, a half fin faces a wrong way & to an opposite direction likes two small skegs. Felizmente, has it has used so only a two small skegs for calm rivers , superficial. A small skegs is gone through his just action of the rock of superficial & waters scrape – skegs & the dishes still remain in good been. This in spite of, is in good sure values to mention to futures/of potential buyers of this same mark and advise of the possible defect that can ruin/hamper your future experiences with him. In general, so only know this creature will take on big impacts and will take you to an end of your travesía – break free.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. It was able to use it some times but a second time used it, a hole where a lid is attached with the wise air has filtered. You can very included patch this part. A hose of a bomb has had also the hole in him. They are very particular roughly curing of my things, especially this reason was like this happy of the has to that know has not been careless in the use. His refunded my money in the paper of present and then upped a prize of a same joint to IN $ 100.
4 / 5
Received SUP today. The bomb is defective. 😕 Gauge Does not do like this obviously can not verify a PSI. 😕 There is disappointed. We leave Friday partorisca ours holidays as I do not want returns.
The vendor of UPDATE has answered promptly to the mine email in a defective bomb. They are by train partorisca ship The new bomb and also refunding $ 5 partorisca a hassle. Yes, $ 5 it is at all in the $ 399 compraventa, but was an additional gesture of priest of client. So much, has transmission to 3 stars and felizmente will change to 5 when I receive the new working bomb.
The UPDATE has received the bomb 'new', but my disappointment no any and a gauge is defective also and does not read pressure, so only like another. Changing my indication behind to 1 star.
Would not suggest ordering this element, unless it love supposition in yours PSI partorisca your SUP!! Disappointed partorisca say a less.
4 / 5
My husband bought this partorisca my anniversary and is SURPRISING!! We are both new the iSUP but any one the SUP and was the little nervous roughly this because of a neighbour on as the one who a manual bomb comes and in fact doing it but is really very bad at all. So only this last little psi takes the little hard but really treat very big. (Calm also can take a still electronic bomb consolation.) We plan in that walked with our I like this has to that take used when doing manually. And the LADIES are averages so only , does not exit everything of a time, ossia my workout but can do east. Súper Near easy on and deflation, although yours for calm. And if any one has spent the boy (or two) by means of the park of @@subject, can spend this. ;) A sturdiness are to add and how is a period and width. It is also material quite fat and looks very durable. You grieve I unpackaged surpassed it my expectations for a prize. Everything is coming with this very good and a company was súper communicative according to which shipping and question and responses. And he easily access in a stock exchange with all the majority of comprised additional room for some extra thing. I give it 5 stars all a way!
5 / 5
Are one experienced SUP rider and has loved this together but I will jump well too much the and then add positive feedback. I snapped An economic metal paddle for the half and was stranded 2 miles was. Literally rasgó an empty metal for the half. A bomb (with which roughly 30 uses) has begun to filter the plot of air in a upstroke and is worsening every time the take was. A stock exchange to spend strap of the boss slightly rasgado while unboxing and can predict it will worsen over time. Now I am remarking small random bubbles protruding in a vinyl that looks around to to some sides like him to them maintaining respecto finally will grow main and pop. I am returning this product and that tries to decide would have to that take the substitution or it repayment and go for the different mark. It was to buy finally an electrical bomb (which would be ideal) but bummed a hand-held bomb has fallen averts like this are adds to have like the backup yes was to buy an electrical bomb.

Now for a positive: Ossia the joint of utmost beginner and has taken was 30+ times and was paddling an average 7 miles each adventure. It was a lot of stoked in this compraventa to the equal that have sold my big SUP thus inflatable laptop. It is light and very portable which left the adventure something new. A paddle felt flimsy and has augmented my paddle has shot the paste 16 miles of the minute so much was paddling quickly. I mention this reason are not paddling like the beast and so only peacefully strolling some waters, am sure a paddle could have resisted on better. It had recommended this joint by all the world has spoken to roughly SUP like this SUP'ing is resulted a lot of addicting and the only adds social distancing exercise. They are very hesitant to recommend this container for an user that will use it the plot.
5 / 5
Was excited like this to take my joint, unpacked all and dip the up. When I have begun to pump it on this in spite of a gauge no at all. I do not have any idea that the air is going in. When I try it on a water a whole joint is like this unsturdy and constantly moves together side reason can not take a legislation of pressure of the air. Now the have any idea if a joint is defective or yes is so only a subject of air
4 / 5
has has wanted to one gone in-level SUP for the lake that visit, and this has is returned entirely a bill. They are roughly 128 lbs, and I only need to inflate a joint to roughly 9-10 psi for him to be sturdy enough for me. A hand-held bomb is not ideal (I a lot quite be spent able he in an electrical bomb to mine car and the air arrives), but work. If you are the weakling, this in spite of, can be very difficult for a last little PSI. A valve of air is both good and bad - suck when you take a hose of bomb and has to that cover he because an air spews was a lot quickly, as you can lose the plot of pressure if any takings in there immediately. This in spite of, ossia that leaves it the deflate like this quickly when you are fact paddling. In general, I am pleased with him like this far. No too difficult to spend with a boss (and are so only 5'3'), a leash is strong, and he deflates/circles on amiably. I have not tried to use a stock exchange because I do not require it , as I can not comment in that.
5 / 5
Was has disappointed really my first time that takes a joint was and there is the leak around a valve of the inflation in the place can very really the patch like black coverage among a way. While I can go in touch with any to see can exchange he for the new a?
5 / 5
All the looks try itd be a lot but a inflator has the crack in a tube as it have not been able of the inflate.
Enormous bummer as we do not plough a box until we exit to a lake how was the present of anniversary of the surprise for my woman.

Vendor! It can I send an option of alternative bomb or the tube of substitution pleases?!

Will update description with which.
5 / 5
This Sup that I recently purchased of the amazon does not resist air. I pump it up and so only it loses air. A box that has resisted a SUP was extremely fraction and has been shipped inside an additional two (2) boxes inside a main box.
Are angry and love the substitution SUP (likes one an I experience) has sent mine immediately.
5 / 5
This Paddle the joint is fantastic. It is durable and has utmost manoeuvrability, his súper easy to travel with, his comfortable and súper easy to use. It Likes him the description of the product has said, comes with the z/the rucksack of stock exchange/of the travesía, an oar, the bomb of hose and manual air, the strap to maintain a real paddle the compact joint in a stock exchange, an ankle leash for security, and the removable fin. Against another description, also comes an instruction and manual of product. I have had so the entertainment that uses this, and again like this easy to use still to to the beginner likes. To good sure value a prize. I have been included able to take my dog was on this without too much of question. It would recommend to purchase the drought of stock exchange with this calm so much can spend any elements of entities, as I whistle it, bites, water, the speaker, sunscreen, etc. absolutely would buy again and would recommend to the partner.
4 / 5
Produced and utmost vendor! It was the little nervous ordering this on-line product, but very satisfied with cost of mine. An order arrived first of a date of delivery has expected on two different days. Each box was bend boxed and well has organised. Once we receive an order, paste a water. Inflating a paddleboard was sincere and has taken roughly 10min or less. They are the smallest person , like this on 5PSI, was harder that pump, but has taken so only more time. My husband has not had any question that inflates a joint to a request 10PSI. A paddleboard has had the small leak around a valve. I achieved it it was to a vendor and has received an immediate response. We send me to us the youtube video with instructions on using a tool of boxes of the reparation for presionar a valve, which has solved a question. If this spends your, recommends to inflate a paddleboard the little bit and then that presiona a valve and that continues to inflate. A paddleboard is the beautiful blue, a black cushioning in a joint is soft, and a rucksack is the measure adds . After deflating and bending a joint on, takes the pocola test but access amiably behind in a stock exchange of rucksack. It was the little tight returning a paddle in, but returns. In general a service of client of a vendor and has included FB-the sport was punctual and friendly, and am wanted with a product.
5 / 5
An element arrived inside a notification of delivery. A box was compact, sturdy and the contents has not been damaged. Anticipate the strong glue Oder when ploughing a plastic wrapping. When I have ordered a joint there is not remarked is manufactured in Cina. It was hesitant because of COVID, as I have dipped in the mask and of the gloves and sprayed Lysol on all some parts.

Has taken a joint until Lake Tahoe and blew it up with a help of the strong male. A muscle of manual bomb has required. It has been once he has inflated everything in a joint was a lot of good. A joint is the good-looking light teal the blue colour, paddle was comfortable, the program has the zone of hule comfortable to be on.

A rucksack resists all but a bomb.
Compact storage, easy to spend but bit it weighed for girls or small person.

Be sure to purchase the waistcoat of life.
4 / 5
The product arrived with a mountain of the rear fin installed behind. We have tried and tried to take a fin to go in (still behind) to the equal that could the to us use. It has forced finally he in, but is not the term along durable and will have gone back he. Otherwise, Looked the good joint. It has inflated well and a stock exchange was a lot. We buy it to us knowing another has had this @@subject and while our wouldn' has done.
4 / 5
In the first place to the left help me with all some people those who say that that has subject with a bomb. 15 PSI equals The rock has jointed hard. It calms that can pump up in 2 PSI and a joint feels full. When it Goes up in a water will not be sturdy. It is not easy to use a hand-held bomb but is also a lot impossible. You will feel it control when it has pumped quite big for a gauge to read reading to start with.
My fellow and so much order this SUP. I have ordered a mint and she have ordered purple. Both law of joints to touch this in spite of our paddles is different. His paddle has had to that close of pin and no. of mine The mine has fallen averts mid shot in a half of a lake and I has had to that submerge in still an inferior half.

To the amazon was quickly to fix a @@subject but in place of just sending the paddle has sent the new joint and box. In a substitution has taken one same paddle like my friends. The law adds this in spite of a joint there has been the different valve and this one has the slow leak. A valve neither has closed air in when have take a bomb like my first neighbouring. It would owe that it has been it a same joint like my first cause was an identical substitution . A colour was one same but a joint is different. A leash and paddle in a second the joint is better quality and some two small fins are removable. My joint of friends does sum and among some two joints have taken an a lot of one. Luckly A new joint has come before I have sent out of an old joint to the equal that have maintained so only a new paddle and has sent my prime minister paddle behind with a joint of substitution.

Wants to order the second for my husband but is concerned on that will take this time. Still we are considering that they order the second because of some times of substitution add just desire for consistency of a company.
4 / 5
Has bought in June but has not opened to dip on until July. Clip Of the bomb of the air has broken well out of a box. Still it can inflate but it is extremely difficult and requires two people- a to resist a tubing on to a joint.
To the amazon has said that that are besides a window of repayment. Parts of the substitution is not sold for separate. Seriously? They will not send the new bomb? Now that ?
4 / 5
I of the that live anywhere ossia to close to the beach or the ocean but in the have plots and a lot of lakes! My amours familiarised that do activities of water and paddle the boarding is such the fun acticity. It likes that yhis of the joint is inflatable and can be used likes to stand up paddle near. A coverage is not slipping to give you good traction. Has the limit of weight of 280 lbs.

A paddle the measure of joint 10 long feet x 6 fat thumbs and 3p the wide thumbs is point wider . Hanged around 22lbs. It is fact out of the thickness and durable PVC and doesnt apresamiento long at all to inflate with a bomb has comprised. It comes with enough the pocolos accessories too besides some real paddleboard:

extendable paddle

ankle leash

bomb of big pressure

three fins(A big fin is detachable)

1 spending rucksack


He doesnt have d coverages like the chair of kayak cant be attached for kayaking. When Looking for activity to do in a water find this stands up paddleboard and really is the good option. Happy to have something concealed to take on fewer spaces then the any air paddleboard. While a lot of fun memories with our kiddos.
5 / 5
Am redrafting my forward 4 description to star to the 1 Star. Originally I have bought this paddle jointed in prompt August and has been sent a wrong colour. I have tried any one to the left annoy me but has done. Has has wanted to one one has ordered has exchanged it like this. This was the relatively painless process and was like this happy when my green of mint one has taken here. I used it two times and has had a lot of @@subject. Some third time inflated it, has remarked to begin to do a noise of leak of the air when it has taken to 13 PSI. Sure enough the air filtered but no out of a valve. It has filtered of where a valve is connected to a joint. Needless To say was highly disappointed and is returned this one for the repayment to buy the joint of better quality.
4 / 5
Has bought 2 joints on its own name and my promise. A joint is the product adds. This in spite of, some the additional parts are the a lot of low quality.

A zip for one of some stock exchanges has broken immediately, like this now he no really function. Besides, one of some fins of together that it was properly clipped in a fund has fallen was during our third time in a water. Has has had to that directly email FB depose you to take the part of substitution, as they do not sell parts of substitution in his web of place. His service of client is sub pair.

Ours the final straw was when a head to one of the our paddles is fallen off in a water and there is immediately sank . Again we have had to that contact FB the sports and could a lot included in the take the substitution paddle the one who replicated a an initially shabby.

Like it has said that a together work adds especially partorisca beginners. Calm this in spite of can say a company no any one a lot in a paddleboard industry and is not a lot of gain when has subject with a product
4 / 5
has has wanted to want to this and will give 3 stars because a material is done yes is durable and is easy to inflate , and a prize are adds. This in spite of does not think is still beginners. I have begun paddle boarding this year and loves that. In my knees was of sound in a SUP but was too unstable to be . I tried it on a bay ( calm waters) in a morning . They are fat to the equal that have asked two slender friends to try it ( one of them is the surfer) .. They stood up but if it wobbled and unstable. Im Sad to says has to that send this behind :(
5 / 5
A description of the element in the amazon has said that is to estimate to 128kg, but then in a manual of user that arrives with a product has said that is estimated so only to 70kg! They are a lot on 5'4” like my medically normal weight/BMI goes several kg on that.

This has been supposition to be my present of anniversary, but instead my present will be wrestling this enormous box for the fall was for the turn. It would give stars of zero yes could to cost me an occasion to take the paddle jointed during some sales of thanksgiving.
5 / 5
Love this joint. It is entertainment adds , easy to transport, keeps well with a fin. I enjoy to seat in the and using my kayak paddle as well as kneeling and that is using an oar. A bomb is really adds but still is the bit to do to pump a joint on, but the consider my cardio-layer. It could take an electrical bomb and covers it to a car uploads, but I kinda like an extra exercise has required. It takes minutes to deflate, apresamiento averts and place in a car.

The only desire there was bungee cords in a backside also, but in general thinks that this joint is FANTASTIC! They are like this happy bought it. Such entertainment. I probably for another for friends to exit paddling with me.
5 / 5
Súper Unbalanced and there is disappointed. Buyers of precaution!!!!! I have bought this he not even done the year and was súper excited partorisca he! I have received an element and some bombs has been broken and has not been able to blow on a paddle boards all a way! I have contacted a tent of his information was still available and send me to us the new a (that it was it a lot of) this in spite of a new bomb there is has broken now also together with mine paddle the joint is filtering air where bomb his air. In the hablador to not even remain bloated partorisca more than 1 now of paddling. My partner has bought the paddle has jointed a same time of the different company. As I owe that say that I am EXTREMELY DISSATISFIED and disappointed with this company. I have tried also partorisca achieve was but there is not any information in a FB put of amazon of the SPORTS! It would not recommend especially you love your cost of money and love the to remain durable longer that 7 month! They are like this disturbed would give the accident of Zeros could !
4 / 5
Has been that loves an inflatable paddle together for several years and finally decided partorisca pull a trigger and buy one. It would owe that it has done it more it researches in this in the first place first model to buy. While some allege his was the leak, the mine was totally well. A PSI gauge is entirely rubbishes and does not operate. Calm can not say the one who full would have to that the to you full. I have had to that take loaned the bomb of friends to imagine was when he has taken to one recommends 15 PSI.

Now left preface and say that I consider to be to a lot of experience paddleboarder. I am exited in of the joints on all the water and conditions. The majority of some conditions that is choppy lakes that is a closers source of available water where alive and where would be to spend the majority of a time in a joint. This in spite of confidently can say that this joint is esquirrely' still in a calm plus of waters. It feels he taste will touch you of ways lateralmente if any dipped a right quantity of pressure in a joint and in general so only is not the pleasant experience. Paddleboarding Would owe that be relax and that the worries roughly yes go to fall in or no.
Like this unless you maintain to base it to you of the mass to water where has waves of zeros, does not recommend this joint. It is better to pay more and invest in something will be able to use.
4 / 5
Has purchased this another day, adds compraventa, easy to use and place up. It used it so only once but like this far like this good. The subject smaller so only was a paddles and the bomb was already scuffed on when I unpack-has aged he of a box. For this some 4 stars. The vendor has had first shipping is gone in like this the timely way. A bit more tightened then a serenáis the joint of life has, but to to my daughter likes them a plus of narrow a. I will update more when we use it to us more time
4 / 5
A lot thoughtful and friendly vendor. After situating an order, has found that a date of delivery was extremely late, almost in a half of September, as I have sent an email to a vendor and has said that expects that an element can be rid sooner reason loved it to be the present for the anniversary of my edges. A lot pleasantly surprised, receives some first elements of the anniversary of my edges. I have appreciated that has done. After using he for the period of time, has been found that an indicator of pressure of a bomb has not done and the part of a paddle was has broken. I have sent an email to a vendor again and said them that it is spent. After comprising a situation in detail, his quickly mailed the new bomb and the new paddle mine. 👍 A lot concerning service.
Of course, an element is good and my edges loves it. We use it to us all been almost each sunny day.
5 / 5
There is so only paddle there is boarded the pair of time in my life. This joint is like this easy to use. Rid punctually still although it has taken 2 days to order for him to ship. It was packaged on very sure. It has daunted of some 3 boxes have opened and then all an interior of containers but has opened once everything on súper easy to dip near. There is not of the really good instructions on dipping on bomb but easy just transfer in. A PSI Guage any bed until a neighbour taking forms then dulcemente will begin reading. Calm once volume to roughly 6 PSI begins to take hard to pump (has been them prepared thus based in leading descriptions) to the equal that has had my arrivals of husband was. To good sure will invest in electrical bomb. Dipping a rear fin on and was is extremely easy. My daughter of 15 years those who is 5'4' 100 lbs can spend a loaded joint in a stock exchange in his rear or blown up in his arm. There is the fact of good boss of nylon the material ossia easy to grip. Im 5'6 And a joint is very easy for me to spend and use. It has loved the to us take was our 1st evening that has it. We do not have the ramp to upload has has had to that it was to fall he in a water softly then locates down a cradle ladder on low tide and softly crawl in one my daughter and I that it is both very clumsy has had a lot of @@subject. A joint was extremely stable, was impressed like this. It was a less stable way to locate a joint and he resist a lot amiably He paddled around a lot amiably, easy to use, felt likes so only slipped in gel. A paddle is the better way that has expected, easy to dip near and adjustable based in your height, and very light. Im Like this excited to have he in time for weekend of day of the work and to take he in an ocean. A stock exchange of storage is extremely roomy and access in your backside amiably and is adjustable for both my daughter and mine comfort. More probably be buying another in next future.
4 / 5
Spent it on two camping travesías already - easy to inflate, raisin and joint on... Our 11 I the daughter can do he without instruction or help (well perhaps helps to connect first time of bomb but ossia just familiarty with hand-held bomb). Highly recommend and probably will owe that take another...

UPDATES still in strong disposal but has answered questions in a bomb, our dial in a bomb does not operate. We do not require it so only we fill til undertaken. Of then it is the hand-held bomb is not to like you that can burst. I expect that this helps your decision, ossia the add compraventa
5 / 5
Follow some instructions like writings (they very done and easy) and will finalise with the joint although any better that the majority of some regular rigid joints. Each part of this container is upper notch (that comprises a bomb). It has vário the upper notch (expensive) the inflatable kayaks and this joint is like this well less than means a prize. One of mine buys better never on Amazon.
4 / 5
Loves this joint, the shot adds for a prize. I am not sure like a inflatables improve with the main prize of here.

This has the front zipping stock exchange (that the enormous difference!!) And a stock exchange is very done, as you tin to good sure hike with east. A joint is the good colour .

Some accessories have not been awesome, can take other joints that come with droughts of stock exchanges, but otherwise some only downside is that it is the cockroach of alone bomb . Another could come with the double bomb. A lot of people so only purchase an electrical bomb for separate.
4 / 5
Buys two joints and has taken our travesía maiden yesterday. One is sturdy, and good boss. Any sure if a paddle tanks or no like this neither of fell him to us. Some accesses of rucksack deflated joint and all other necessary supplies and is not weighed TOO MUCH for an adult to spend like this to rucksack. They were much easier to inflate that it expected it THIS In spite of neither pumps hand-held gauge registers a psi, how is impossible to know that fully some joints are has inflated. We have had to that class of the supposition and he have done for a first career, but we really the substitution of need pumps this work. I see that has has numerous commentaries in the defective bomb gauge, as I am expecting that a company will substitute this punctual. Otherwise, Two thumbs up for an excellent product for a money.
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. A pressure of piece of the air does not operate. Ossia Of course the vital piece so that it gives support properly. A paddle the joint is aesthetically in the good form and a colour is good-looking. Down waiting for to improve this description once receives the properly working piece.

Update- I decided to return my SUP and has improved my bookmark because of the hassle-process of free turn. Theoretically, it would maintain the 4/5 stars of a bomb has not done, still, the outrage concealed this product would win the 5/5.
5 / 5
Bought this and in the so many used that far 3 times and has loved that. Amado the so only buy the 2nd. The subject only is our bomb does not register a psi bomb a joint to. It pumps súper quickly so only pump it so as dare and go for him. Like this far like this good. Light to spend and give support and deflates well. Another this commentary vs the friends is when calm take a bomb of a joint a valve any only emission to all an air likes them a bit the one who does to dip in a coverage of valve so easier.
4 / 5
First swipe on paddle the joint has not bought never and has to that say a quality of a product is awesome. I have used this together multiple time and everytime extracted exactly like it has been drawn.
4 / 5
LOVES MY SUP! Hanged very light. Easy to inflate deflate. The container has come perfect. Easily volume around a lake. It is the add a workout. I do not comprise all these negative critiques the mine is perfect 😊👍
4 / 5
Honradamente master that! It is gone in a awesome rucksack that returns everything in him like this he the the to to the small car the taste to of him still is returned! It resists 280 pounds that is súper a lot also. It has taken roughly 5 minutes to inflate and love a colour. It was in a fence to take an inflatable neighbour vs the real joint for awhile and am happy I researched and has gone with this decision.
4 / 5
Has had like this entertainment with this joint this summer. I have had also service of excellent client. When originally I have received a joint, some bombs has not gone quite snug quite and a lot fully fasten to a stock exchange of air. I have sent a company the message, and has answered interior two days, and sent the new bomb - any one questions asked - inner 4 days. Company and produced utmost!
5 / 5
Has had to that return a prime minister because of the leak in one looks on day 1. 2nd one there is very fill up for weeks now and we havent has had a lot of subjects. His sturdy and light.
5 / 5
A bomb of this piece does not read a PSI, which is a factor of entity when you are taking the floating device is gone in a water. I have contacted a costruttore original the one who has sent the piece of substitution. Unfortunately a piece has sent has not fixed a subject, some needs of whole bomb to be substituted. A Costruttore, FBSports, defaulted a chance to a vendor, Ga-resplandor. Ga-The resplandor thinks the $ 10 refunded is appropriate for the bomb broken in the $ 400 paddle together. They are impossible to go in touch with. It does not recommend buying this product saws Amazon reason spends for Ga-Resplandor.
4 / 5
Has been surprised that this inflatable neighbour is like this ridged like east. It has taken the good 20 min to inflate is for this that are by train of the give 4 stars. The desire could inflates to use the compressor. Well value of the money!
4 / 5
Loves a weight and packability of a whole box. My subject only has been a valve of pressure in a bomb has not done at all so that I am not sure that the air has. It could be more stable takes quell'has inflated fully... I have not been the pressing so much to any on inflate. I have contacted a vendor in of the this and so only can has to that return a whole thing can very so only substitute a bomb.
5 / 5
Has used once like this far and the amour excepts does not have to note like this stable to stand up so that no-inflatable SUP. It has not been able to stand up ( was able to
Stands up first to try in any-inflatable) this in spite of a water was choppy like this sincerely will know better next time. Facilitated to inflate and deflating is surprising. Materials of qualities. Nizza For behind the bands have comprised for transport. In general very pleased.

Top Customer Reviews: Cooyes Inflatable ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 35 ratings
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. This stands up paddleboard is the product adds. It is done with fat plastic. This stands up paddleboard comes with the snap together oar, the waterproof chance partorisca your telephone and another valuables, the spend stock exchange, an ankle leash and the removable rear fin. In if something raisin, there is the box of reparation. Of the bombs partorisca fill up is also has comprised. This paddleboard once bloated can be used seating, kneeling or when being. Everything near This hanged 23 lbs. Those marks lights enough for almost any to spend.
Has the boss in a half of a paddleboard, which the easiest fact to locate while in a water. Also of the to somewhere the grab while spending it. There is the bungee in a front of a paddleboard to resist things if the precise. One any surface of slip in a paddleboard is astonishingly soft.
An extra wide creation the justest fact for me to locate with one of my boys. Inflatable paddleboard Is amused like this for my whole family. My whilefamily amours to use it. Each boy takes braver and can now easily stand up in a paddleboard. This paddleboard will be adds for all the ages and level of skill.
This paddleboard is to give support in roughly 15 minutes. Taking harder that pump on when it begins to take plenary. So only it takes 2 minutes the deflate.
The All the accesses in a spend stock exchange. One spends the stock exchange also can be used like the z/the rucksack. This the really easy fact to spend.
5 / 5
Aww yiss, Ready for Summer!

Has taken roughly 15 minutes to dip on a first time, then roughly 5-10 minutes to take it going once was in a beach. Gotta Inflates it, pop a paddles near, and go!

Is a lot durable but is an inflatable, how is essential to avert really stabbing anything his, and avert tugging he by means of acute rocks in chance perhaps. They are quite sure can manage it, but does not love risks!

If filter, some Shoe Goo mark urethane the glue can have the habit to seal a hole.

Like this always, use with the jacket of life.
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. This paddle the joint is a lot well has done. You can say that it is done good materials . Of the bombs that comes with the work adds. You can pump air to a paddle boring to press down and pulling up in a bomb. A behind has the big fin that has the key and a tone can be take like the fin can be take like this when calm stores it a stock exchange will not break and this means if some pauses of fin is easily replaceable. A paddle the joint comes with the stock exchange of rucksack that the easy fact to transport and a stock exchange is abundance quite big to returned all some elements
A paddle has jointed some fins a bomb and a pedal he. A fund of a paddle jointed where is is cushioned with foaming which are to add and has the lifted flange in a backside to say you yes is taking too far behind.
Some bombs of bomb on a paddleboard with east taking a paddle has jointed to a correct psi also can do an air of bomb of only bomb to a paddle has jointed with his shot to row so only to give you more pressure this box also comes with the box to patch to patch any one pierce that you can.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. When I have ordered this stands up paddle near, has not gone really sure to the equal that to expect of then is an inflatable. I have used solid joints in some pasts and is not sure state like this would compare. I owe that say, am impressed. It has surpassed my expectations in both appearance and durability. A material is fat and big quality . A creation is good-looking. Some cords by means of a joint and spending the boss is functional and also add to an aesthetic appeal of a joint. A paddle, stock exchange, leash and the bomb is all well done and big quality. Comprised in a compraventa was the box of patch (although a glue has been missing of mine).
Is quite easy to pump on a joint until has paste roughly 12 PSI. Of there that on, you will owe dipped in the little endeavour. I have taken the total of roughly 10 minutes to inflate. A boss in a centre the easy fact to spend a joint has inflated once. After adding a fin, took it to us on a water. There is absolutely a lot of buckling in a centre of a joint. It is entirely sturdy. A surface is comfortable to be on and is surprisingly easy to balance. I want that there is the leash has comprised so that it will not lose a joint falls off . An adjustable paddle has done he súper easy to trade a joint among members familiarised. My adolescent has not had any question maneuvering a joint in a water. In the same left a bit some give it the shot near of a cost.
Deflating Was simple and a stock exchange is oversized band like this done a like this easy joint. Has all has looked for to stuff the tent behind to the stock exchange drawn for the costruttrici precise that band. This stock exchange has deleted all frustration. There have it abundance inclusa of room to comprise a fin, bomb, paddle, and accesorias. Also we add the towel of beach to dry of a joint.
A rucksack is sturdy and comfortable to spend short distances (does not think would hike far with him this in spite of).
Are súper happy with this joint. It is beautiful, functional, and has surpassed my expectations. If you are in a fence, gives this one shot it.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. I think that that ossia perfect for any class of people to take one and game to stand up paddle near. It can hanged 330lb like this usually one to two people. They are 6'1 and a joint is 10'6 to the equal that think that that any one can have entertainment with him. If hires the paddle jointed in a tent some taxes are $ 40 dollars or more for day. But a prize for this one this $ . His absolutely value to take one. Calm does not have to that concern too big or too weighed to spend around. A material is strong like a a hire in a tent. His quite easy to storage in a stock exchange that comes with and roughly 20-23 lb. For everything. Also a stock exchange can comprise a bomb, neighbouring, paddle, big fin, ankle leash and also give you the chance of waterproof telephone. Still they have some space you to you can dip water and another. Really it thinks this is not in hard to spend around. Some first time have on pumped and install all take me roughly 15 min his easy and fast of the do. And it would have to that be faster in a characteristic. One looking for this joint is brilliant and good-looking. Summer Time is coming ossia a one that recommends for you. PRIZE, LOOKING , CONVENIENT !!!
4 / 5
For paddle compraventa of joint, personally am looking for three things - light, easy to spend and qualities. A COOYES stands up paddling the joint is perfect for me! Comparing to solid SUP, this inflatable one is a lot easy to store and spend. The same can take it and walked to the lake without question. It is also compress enough to returned in mine SUV and no longer need the rack to spend on a car. A quality of COOYES is also among an upper that has had. It is material is a lot strong concealed does not look I need to concern in scratches or harm. A coverage is wide and an a lot of stable. The inflation and to the deflation is easy also with a bomb of professional note. Lame less than 10 min to inflate. Basically, I can jump in a lot quickly you grieve volume to a lake or river!

Besides, that surprised is that a joint has come with the raincoat cellphone chance. This memory that have ruined my iPhone the years of pair does while kayaking and for real appreciates a vendor has thought place to this product. They are a lot happy with this compraventa and will recommend it to my friends.
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. They are very impressed with A Cooyes 10'6”stands up paddle near. It has arrived much faster that has thought, is coming packaged a lot neatly, and the place up was like this easy!
This paddle the joint has come with an adjustable paddle, manual of instruction, hose and hand-held bomb, removable fin, chance of waterproof telephone, box of reparation, ankle leash, and rear band.
A manual of instruction was a lot clear on all dipped on directions, directions of user, and going down directions.
Has dipped has on taken less than 5 minutes as well as deflating the.
A thing has loved absolutely was that a intake valve self decree. Has does not have to that me worry roughly that loses any air.
A paddle the joint is light to spend and also a lot of sturdy. A grab the bosses he a lot easy to manoeuvre.
A paddle was a lot of easy to dip up and down and also felt sturdy.
A rucksack behind resists EVERYTHING without feeling likes calm that has to that stuff everything in. There is abundance of room. With everything in a stock exchange still felt light to spend.
A colour and creation of a paddle the joint is good-looking! It feels you likes is to somewhere tropical.
A no-covered of looks to slip to be grippy when wet and is still pleasant to be on.
A hand-held Bomb was friendly user and was quickly to inflate.
Are everything roughly the friendly and easy user to use like this the joint is perfect!
My little one has loved to explore the and can not expect take has been.
Are a lot happy with this product and can not expect use the on and on again!
5 / 5
Oh My god. I have been surprised by his good quality. And a paddle the joint is really enormous when you it the bowl was. The Quite big to spend three people. And of then he bowled paddle near, he also easy to spend. His measure of container so only like the school stock exchange. Besides, a paddle the joint is also easy to setup. We so only bowl he with a tool for five minutes, then all was setup. For real easy and saves plot of time. I can not expect see my husband uses it on a lake. Beside that has to try it already in a group. A balance is surprising well. Included me easily it can seat on that. I think that that it means it quite weighed to maintain a balance. Quality really good. My husband and the creature want him like this. Also harm to plot of tools to setup a paddle near. Really it can not expect try the in a lake. It is a better present in a summer. Also I love his colour, a blue is for real good colour in a water. I think it that it goes to be my familiar favourite toy of this year.
5 / 5
Has tried this beauty out of this weekend to see yes would resist air and control until the boys that uses it. Works well and love a colour. A thing the note is that has a measure impresa in a side that is the odd thing to do. It thinks the majority of these are built in a same factory and then the just mark stamped. I have used a coupon and he he one of some better values. We leave it it has on pumped for four days and he have maintained his air. It likes-me a carrier of the z/of the rucksack more than one has bought in the different bog tent of boxes for more than money. Ossia The good value !
4 / 5
Are like this happy with this joint. I state that loves to take one for the long times and I have found this inflatable joint. It is like this easy to dip up. So only it takes roughly 7 mins. It is included easier that the place was. Has the key to press to release an air. Also so only it takes 5 mins for the dipped was. It comes with the quality really adds stock exchange. Everything is returned more a stock exchange. I want to the one who easy is to store.
5 / 5
An inflatable stands up the joint looks really well, the really like a colour and creation. It was able to use a hand-held bomb resupplied and have it inflated in roughly 5 minutes. It will be partorisca use the in the next lake this weekend but looks quality like this far a lot good
5 / 5
First of all, this standup paddle the joint is a lot enough, way a lot that looks in a picture, has chosen a blue colour, looks well in a lake or beach. A joint the material quality is good and looks durable. I have tried he in the summy day, a joint is a lot stable for two people and easy to locate, has had take it good!

A joint is fat but the little has bitten weighed to spend, and looks a quality of a rucksack is not like this well like joint. But in general, it is still the compraventa mine very good.
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Much wider that ours another SUPs the resulted in him when being a lot of stable, but still faster that our kayaks. It is easy to gather, and ships with his own bomb.
4 / 5
This product is surprising. Easy to transport and to inflate.
Also one spends in the stock exchange does very easy to organise.
Weaves of fun for a family with this paddle near.
5 / 5
A boart is durability, and colour. This will be better has the electrical bomb.
5 / 5
A creation of this thing is a lot of user-friendly reason is sure and comfortable. There is the rope of strong security, which is flexible and can be joined firmly to a foot so that any accident of security will arrive when it is fixed. It is so only that need the explore some first time uses it, and will take the long time. A coverage is relatively wide, which the easiest fact to maintain balance and facilitate maneuvering. While paddling, ossia also the subject of skill. With the weight further of 300 pounds, is also suitable for all the world in my family. A material of a paddleboard would owe that be fact of material of big quality, thinks that is add, any one easy to break. Sky Blue is my favourite colour reason is more afterwards to character, more afterwards to a sea and lake. Ossia One of some favourite elements for external enthusiasts. Everything in a stock exchange of accessory is complete, and all can be used. Paddles, paddle Bombs, fins, boxes of reparation, etc. A semi-detached bomb of two ventilations with barometer can inflate and deflate quickly and achieve a pressure to air regulate the short time. A stock exchange discovers is roughly more than 20 pounds, like this easily can spends on yours behind. This really adds to plot of has amused the external life.
5 / 5
Has ordered this paddle jointed for the present of anniversary of the mine promised. We spend to plot of time in a lake and has loved to give this shot it. It had tried the hard joint but limited spatial of storage in our paving and has not loved to invest in the ceiling racks system to transport solid joints. A fact that the inflatable joints can be transported in the z/in the rucksack and has tent almost anywhere is perfect. It was very impressed with a quality of this product feels a lot of sturdy and to the chair likes will last of the few years. I guess the only time will say. A bomb takes roughly 10 minutes to inflate or deflate a joint. We were able to have 3 young adults (roughly 500lb) in this joint and still has maintained his buoyancy.

In my option was totally value a wait. I am looking forward to going back in a water.
5 / 5
Often see people that skid in a beach in of the weekends. More has learnt evening that ossia the populate SUP, like this in a recommendation of the partner, has bought this product. A quality is a lot well, is strong and durable, and a measure is very big. Some joints of touch of the girls, with a inflator and the stock exchange of storage. I have been to a water last weekend after instructing and practising. My partner is very professional. I quickly learnt to situate of a paddle near. Ossia The sport of fresh water . A boy is very happy to explore a world of the perspective, and therefore prefer remain out of electronic devices.
5 / 5
Like this ossia a first time has written the description, but my daughter has has WANTED TO this so it has imagined could begin now! It is gone in time for his anniversary and she have had the normal paddle near how was difficult to transport. We plough in his house and has blown he until doing sure was in working condition that was. Like knots deflated the and the bent up and the turn adds in his car with a lot of spare room! We take it to the knots am gone in a water individually, and I then the joint in some signals to see would resist a two of knots (around 275 pounds combined) and has done! I have loved also expect revise until it used it the time of pair to do sure has not had any leak and is the state has used 4 times now and has not had a lot of the subjects! They are like this happy has researched this and has ordered he for his, knows goes to have years of fun in him for his and his family, and am excited for the use when I visit also!
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. This goes to be perfect for me! A 6” depth creates like this stability and of the calm leaves out of a water like fall of only wet volume in. lol A cushion is comfortable in my hands and of the feet. There is included the little swipe in a backside I so that it can say the one who next to a behind are for just feeling with my feet. It is fresh. Any one sure if ossia that it is partorisca, but ossia that stops of use! I want that it is coming with water he of tight mobile phone lanyard. To good sure the planned in that shabby that for separate. A colour is good-looking and is well for any gender. It was able of the bomb on I (my boys have helped the little also) in just the pocolos small and a pressure gauge in a bomb really helps also. It is plastic good and the fat as it sees it that I last the long time, long and that goes in a lot of adventures with us.

That really loves roughly is a stock exchange to spend ! Any sliding to an upper and shoving down likes in another paddleboards. So only entirely it opens on like this to flap, dipped a paddleboard in and zip he up! It is that easy! There is also buckles that you clip for the ensure and calm can him presionar too much.
5 / 5
A paddle the box of joint has come with a bomb of air , an oar, chance of waterproof telephone, and Abe big detached fin, has two small fins has attached to a joint, ossia súper easy to dip up and win the deflate when you do not use it , the difference of kayaks, which requires the ceiling racks the haul, this helps to like the women the plot partorisca save my work wants to have amused a bit external, so only simply the launch in a backside of my car when it was deflated. When I Go to travel around other cities that has lakes, usually spends $50 in the kayak for hire, this one is like this light can pack it on my backside, and only start in a water can not help but feel a beauty of character and a sightseeing of some lakes , rivers, ossia the sure joint , of confidence this are add still beginners or experienced paddle boarders has come of then with this lock of feet of the security in a container.
5 / 5
After doing it long:
A joint is a lot of spacious and easily could me return and mine perro.un SUP is a lot sturdy-my woman and the boys use wanted for river or small lake with a lot little is easy to break down a paddle and store everything in a stock exchange comes is the I seriously adds SUP advise it and is the prize adds .A colour like this quite also. I love my neighbour!
4 / 5
For this summer has chosen to do the little bit of paddleboarding. This one was any like this expensive and a perfect measure has looked for. A form is good and does the fast plus. Has has had to that so only pump little mins and was hard like the noninflatable a. It comes with the box of the patch in chance has taken the leak . Included an aluminium paddle is not weighed neither, but the desire has had edge of carbon paddle.
4 / 5
Good quality, durable paddle together colour , blue well, the boss located in a half, very comfortable to spend around, any to heavy. A paddle is adjustable for hight. It has taken around 10 min to inflate, and dip the all near. The shot adds global, comes with the stock exchange of big rucksack, bomb, waterproof stock exchange for a telephone and the box of reparation. Arrived faster has expected then. Joy paddle that joint the plot, will use this piece of crew, everything returns amiably in a stock exchange.
4 / 5
Very fat. A lot sturdy fins. One is detachable. Ossia Builds A lot amiably. To good sure seats sure roughly taking it was. Self Sealing. It is coming A lot of a lot of packaged. Pair freebies is joined to love. Enough sure they have to come from/come from a vendor any one a costruttore. A lot of amour here, thank you thank you. It can not expect time warmer.
4 / 5
Has taken this paddle jointed to substitute my big heavy plastic a. I have used to tug my paddle has jointed the mile to a river For my house. Now so only the band up in my rucksack and inflate there. I took it so only it was once but wow I am impressed reason a river goes in has like this limbs. I have thought sure an inflatable one would burst. There is a lot this in spite of, as they are has impressed extremely.
5 / 5
I the plot of investigation in inflatable SUPs and wanted inflatable so that easily it could transport he with me when I go to camp. I Liked him that of big this was without being too heavy. A grip up is in his point and all of some accessories are utmost! To good sure would recommend this joint to any one.
4 / 5
My whole family there is enjoyed this joint! A joint feels very stable and a tampon of grip adds extra consolation. Súper The yes calm entertainment maintain to base of the lake. I will buy another once takes a hangs of him. Any bad for $ 299! Any need to look in another. It comes with all precise and of boxes the setup was 15 minutes. It buys it!!
5 / 5
Spouse very easy up. Good quality. It was surprisingly easy to blow up. It can not expect take he in a water!
5 / 5
Loves some pocolos dye and a creation. My husband was fearful could be it too girly but after seeing he in any one is has impressed really. It gives it sustains really quickly and it is easy to store and transport. A material is really fat and durable also. We cant expect for the take is gone in a water this summer!
4 / 5
Amazing SUP partorisca the prize adds. He still among the z/the rucksack with all precise .
4 / 5
A lot easy to dip up. Any to heavy when bent up and a lot compact partorisca travelling.
5 / 5
Lighter Of way and more compress that has anticipated. Easy to dip up and súper stable in a water. I produce it adds
5 / 5
love this SUP together! It is complete with spending chance, bomb, paddle and more. Has all precise to use a paddle jointed and transport it behind and advances. A paddle near is done of durable material , thickness and has the grip-write material on, to help when it is wetted. This individual SUP are adds for any in our family, how is indication of weight and the leaves of measure for the big adult or several boys a time. This SUP is the addition adds for entertainment familiarised!
4 / 5
His easy to gather and durable. It is sure and comfortable. I find a paddle the compact and portable joint. Easily give support and deflates ossia the good thing .

Top Customer Reviews: FEATH-R-LITE ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
Update 5/9/20:

Like this after several uses, some joints are FERMI awesome. My husband and I have taken our dogs am gone in some joint also without subjects. Some joints have resisted still on well. Initially, I have been concerned on some dogs' nails in a neighbouring how is inflatable, but looks partorisca be the no-@@subject. Also, a paddles floating! Which is really of entity when you fall off of your neighbouring lol.

One a worry that has is that one of a paddles that receives has the connector of free ray, as it moves up and down when paddling and comes averts. For now, as we still take used the paddling, has not required a cup of a paddle. I will be partorisca contact a company partorisca see in the substitution and update when I receive the response.


This joint is awesome! I have taken he out of a packaging and has been concerned at the beginning because it is an inflatable SUP. But calm would not guess never that for a time that arrived partorisca inflate the. It is like this sturdy and no indent at all. And an absolute better part in of the this is that his LIGHT. If has has not spent never he SUP after several hours of paddling, knows is exhausted (at least was a prime minister a lot the time was on one and has included now) but with this SUP be like this light how is, does not have to that me worry too much in lugging the to a car of then neither can use a boss in a half ( is a lot opportunely situated) or can deflate the and clave he in a band that comes with.

A band is so only like this to rucksack of big cloth. There is ABUNDANCE of room partorisca everything of a crew, and then some. It could probably it is returned my folding chair in a stock exchange also. There is drawstring in a cup, so that súper useful he accidentally toes on.

In general, has taken roughly 20-25 mins partorisca use a bomb of manual air partorisca take it to a pertinent PSI. I took it so only to a very inferior line, and was sturdy, but could recommend take the to at least a half of a recommended PSI row.

A paddle is done of aluminium, which was very pleased with. I have been concerned that it could be be do with some economic plastic, which could break when they are is gone in a water. But everything in this place so much has been far fantastic.

In general, am impressed really with a quality of this inflatable SUP. It looks and to chair likes has been done well, and would not be concerned roughly spending of my dogs on board neither, as that the vinyl is really fat and durable. I have not taken a joint is gone in a water still, his summer far too cold unfortunately, but will update with pictures and the description he far plus with how is one do one!
4 / 5
A upside is that a joint is light still feels sturdy when bloated. A downside is that two of some three fins are exited during use in of the conditions of normal ocean (confirmed that has been snapped in place and has ensured correctly with some tabs). As I have substituted a big fin partorisca purchase the new a, and a second an is exited during use in an ocean also. I have it quell'has purchased now some additional 3 big fins and my expectation is that those any last long neither. If I have not been like this addict in this SUP jointed partorisca help my exercise familiarised during this pandemic, would return it. But honradamente, buying $ 15 fins of substitution partorisca the joint with the poor creation at least we the volume is gone in a water and is better that any joint at all. Crummy Elections, but is that it is.
4 / 5
Ossia An excellent product the one who has had to them that return with which 1 minute in a water. It looks a lot of fact and the value adds for a prize but is small and tippy. You will remark that some people of show of the pictures so only seating or kneeling in the and is very partorisca east. This in spite of weights more than 100 lbs you wont be able to stand up and has included then would be very unstable. Hanged 170 lbs and has been doing SUP for years, but the could not be on he at all.

Adds it would have to that aim this more clearly and would avert expensive returns.
4 / 5
Am excited like this to try this was! I have been compraventa for a for the moment, was happy to find this prize. I have it on pumped in roughly 6 mins. It felt solid with which has been pumped up and is remained solid for the few days, until me deflated the. I will owe that modify this after has used it in fact on the water.
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Easy to inflate .. I produce it adds..
5 / 5
In general, thinks that ossia the beginner a lot paddle near if any one the the place to store the traditional SUP. I have it that has not used never a iSUP and found the incredibly difficult to balance on he-I follows 5 feet and weigh down 120 lbs. I have finalised to kneel for the majority of a time in the calm lake in Arizona. Sleeve-up is quite easy and taken less than 10 minutes. To the deflation is also quite quickly. My reader of pressure has broken was instantly- will be to contact vendor for substitution. A leash has gone down also to signal instantly that it was quite disappointing. One of some fins has broken also was when some wind has taken a joint of a water. A company was ORDERS roughly in the substitute! The vendor is súper easy to communicate find any subjects. Moral Of a history-for leisure and occasional paddle boarding, ossia a legislation one for you!
5 / 5
Has not done for me. They are 6'4' 260lb and a joint has not gone quite stable. It has it that sends behind and try find another.

The quality looked good and I to good sure floated in the but any sake.
4 / 5
Although it has said a max the limit is roughly 230lbs, his too wobbly or something for my husband the one who is 170lbs, had pumped he until a required 12 psi, this in spite of, could not balance in the, which poden in other joints.
Loves this joint, is a lot compact, can transport in my like this easy car, storage in home, any question.
Mina 11 I the daughter and his partner have it on pumped in a beach in roughly 5 minutes, an adult has has had to that the upper was the 12 psi this in spite of, they the majority of a work. Light, easy to gather.
Bounces in a front this in spite of if the little wake or wind, but of some boys used it, any so only seated in a tip while another paddled.
My amours familiarised this joint! To good sure recommend!
5 / 5
Update: I have taken this SUP in the 12 travesía of one thousand down a River of Colorado this weekend and was smooth likes butta a whole way. Easily I sustained and all my train, bites, water... Súper Stable (used all three fins and roughly 14 psi) and could not be happier with him.

Has loved a value for money of this joint! It was the little hesitant because of a point of the lowest prize but has finalised pleasantly surprised by an action of this joint. They are 5'02” and it has had any question that is, seating, kneeling... It took it it was for the miles of pair in the river with level 1 rapids and has loved that. Some recommendations of pair for users this in spite of:

1. It gives support to go in 12psi (like a manual said) and the maximum of a joint of 15psi (like a joint says). This augments a stability.

2. If yours that enters the mass of water with superficial zones (bars of sand, rivers in general, launching of the rocky beach...) It does not dip an average of big fin on. It was perfectly stable with some two smaller fins and I am not founding where/that to order the third for a fin of centre.

3. First to inflate fully, controls a valve of automatic next inflation. It is the little sticky and will remain open, those leaves to plot of your toil (and PSIs) to deflate in the subject of seconds. If the control and the mark sure is closing properly yields on in inflating it calm will save you to plot of work in an end!
5 / 5
Goes Amour to give it the good description. It is big and add. This in spite of.... A psi reader while it pumps it has not moved at all. Behind and it advances for the week with them and I take the ray in psi reader ( tiny part) Chinese street. Still it does not operate. Like this now I am spent my turn and would not send to the new bomb likes volume to guess if his quite full. My promise has bought one same a. His bomb not even would attach to a joint at all and some fins are fallen off any stop . How it is it is returned amd has bought the hard joint one in Cabellas instead for less than the hundred more. It does not recommend like the prize is good but the quality is bad and the parts no .
5 / 5
The no SHABBY update!!!

With which so only the pocolos use a foam that the cushions up is peeling was already. There are stains during a joint. Enough I take a water has developed so only that it was already there. Paddle Sank like any foam in him apparently. Tried to contact vendor in a joint to peel, has gone back and fourth stops the month. The responses were pocolas and far go in. They have maintained to ask a same thing. Envoys of multiple photos and then after the month say to us to contact Amazon! The joint done bad and service of poor client!

Initial thoughts:
A sum of looks of the joint but has not used he in a water still. It looks his a lot of fact , has inflated so only very too much. A @@subject that has is that there is the recommended PSI but a gauge in a bomb really has not changed any import that inflates. Im Quite positive his broken. Arrived quickly and has packed well.
5 / 5
This was in plot of fun! It can not expect go back there. It is hanged very light . I have not had any questions with touching on and has used he with and without my boys.
5 / 5
Ossia A 2nd joint compraventa. One 1st was 5lb heavier, almost the foot the plus along, and was defective. One 1st a begun to twist so that for behind a joint is not in accordance with front of a joint, as we return it to us (and is happy has done he like this has done to maintain the hard balance).

That it is bad with this joint? At all! It is one stupid to pump which is studded with protruding bosses of ray in a fund. It was the 100 F the day and I have inflated a joint indoors in hardwood walk. A stupid bomb there is lined a paving in of the multiple places. Beware! You can dip 3 discharges of tape of duck in a fund of a bomb and solve a question in this way. But person that does this joint in Cina of mother has any idea a precise stupid bomb fixed.

Last complaint is a valve that air of the emissions of a joint is VERY STRONG when calm ploughs it.

A joint is awesome, and a insertable to the keel does not take lost likes in an old joint (does not know reason but has lost to like 3 times in an old joint). It returns our very better van that an old a plus along a. They are 220lb and a joint adds for me. My woman and the girl are extreme a same wait and can go in this joint together with any question. It likes that a joint is light. While no the scrape in pavement like the doors, a thing would owe that last for some years while it calms does not store it where taking too hot or cold.

Going in this joint always equally and what easy to do. But when you try first time there is at all easygoing roughly instead is defying and take time to regulate. This neighbour does to balance easy. I can relax and go some miles in this joint. But in reality it is so only the toy and that the kayak is very better and surer. Your for behind the wheels maintain - takings sunburn, and the sure thing does not love still considers to fall in coldish water. With the kayak concealed is not the question 365. It loves an expensive toy- gone for him!

Neighbouring sum. SO ONLY FIX The STUPID BOMB!
4 / 5
Ossia One 5th paddle near has bought, and this one east a less expensive weight and lighter , but is half or the bit under half quality in general, (which is probably so only given a low prize).
Would recommend for people until 175 lbs max. The weights 140 and my promise hanged 110 how is adds for knots. Some signals some the toneless plus is a keeper-pins that control some fins in place and a bomb. They have not broken still, but it is a bondadoso that often breaks too punctual. Another toneless point is a zone of the tampon stamped up is very thin likes consolation while kneeling are not adds.
But to owe light random use, ossia good value in general.
4 / 5
There is compraventa for an economic paddle near and this one are adds! My parents have it fiberglass one and ossia like me has fallen enamoured with paddle boarding. But have has wanted to one this was easier that transport. I have looked for and it has looked for! I have taken finally one submerges and does not have any complaint in east a. I have been concerned because of the descriptions other people roughly the when being hard to be-up. I have had some subjects to find one something better to stand up on that. But I have found once one something legislation for me has not had any subject. I love it this joint and highly recommend.
5 / 5
Has bought these paddle together so many could exit like the familiar and have some entertainment in a water. All love. They are quite light that mine 7 old year can spend one with everything of some accessories of some automobiles to a reservoir. Some boys can pump it until roughly 6PSI and then take on still they. Weights 220 pounds and am able to be in a paddle near so only well. Usually we fill to roughly 13PSI and after the hours of pair in a chilly waters, will shrink down to 11PSI, like the plenary on has bitten it more. Absolutely it would buy again!
5 / 5
Still am taking used to a joint. It is the little more tightened of the mine another plastic neighbour so much stability (at least for me) is the work in progress. Really to to that likes him a weight . It is very easy to spend. Dipping up was very easy . One pumps comprised has done perfectly and has not had any one @subjects to take arrive and ready to use.
5 / 5
A sup are add, is very easy of the take to places, takes the short time to take plenary to arrive and ready to go.
Touches the little hard for beginner to be stable in the, reason the very long and tightened.
A clock of the pressure of the bomb will do with which a sup will fill era.

But a line of key:
like a lot, recommends in of all the world for the buy.
4 / 5
First of all, a joint has surpassed my expectations. It is very easy to gather and inflate. And, when bloated to a recommended level, is súper sturdy. Honradamente Can not say a difference among this inflatable joint and the regulate standup near. This has said, is smaller, as it bit it less stable, esp so that they are very big or heavy. They are 5'9', 135 pounds, and is the little wobbly but was able to cruise the whole lake and behind (roughly 2.5 hours) without question. A better part was client , this in spite of. Mina paddle has had the light defect. When I have alerted service of client, his immediately answered and envoys out of the new (very better) paddle! They are thoroughly impressed with a quality of workmanship as well as service. To good sure would recommend!
5 / 5
This has been the compraventa adds for a family. Really it is easy to inflate, taken so only the pair of minutes. An only complaint has is a gauge in a bomb does not read correctly. Taking to roughly 8 psi and then just stops. You take the good idea of a required psi based in a firmness of a joint but he can be the bit of the game to guess. They are the little on 200 pounds and he can feel the little unstable if any inflated properly. Otherwise, Ossia the explosion for a whole family.
4 / 5
Awesome SUP So that it took it far was the multiple time and is quite solid and has included taken some small waves with him. It can any gone bad with a prize neither. A bomb is well can the be the bit of the workout lol likes to be ready to have the workout before a workout lol are to take me roughly 10 minutes to pump he until my pressure to wish that it is a yellow line in a bomb. But in general still I give it to 5 star because I reward it and has all precise and like this easy to transport, has regulate it SUP and is the bitch that tries ponerprpers in a rooftop of the mine little Deep Agreement lol these inflatable accesses in my rear chair or my trunk of my car.
4 / 5
Has taken two elements ,. All the pieces have done so only well. Max hanged like this far in a paddleboards the bit less than 190 books and any one @subject at all.
Took him was two days like this far for roughly 1:30+ mins every time and has been to plot of fun.
Easy to inflate and place on, light to spend, Deflate is not hard but takes the bit to see that reads for you.
Recommends this element!!!
5 / 5
I really like a joint. It is very light and easy to pull in and out of a water. A weld around an inflates the valve in the mine has begun to filter this in spite of with which so only the month and now some needs to joint to be pumped on days of pair or so much.
4 / 5
The company was awesome when I have had the question with a bomb! Sent the new one any question has asked. In a topmast a same day. A+++
4 / 5
At the beginning there is enjoyed really this paddle near! It is quite easy to inflate, and inflating calm to give you the little bit of the pre paddle boarding workout. It is easy to transport and take different places. I have used my neighbouring 3 times, properly stored and has inflated my joint every time! It has been to exit on he today, for a fourth time, so only to listen it hissing of airs to exit of him with which takes it has inflated fully. It has been to a box of reparation to try to patch a hole/of rasgar only to see a box of reparation there is not coming with any type of glue or glue to patch a hole/of tear! Also it has it not coming with any type of instructions for like this to repair the hole/of tear in your joint. They are really while it hears for behind a company in this reason would want to be able to fix my joint this in spite of uses it!
4 / 5
A bomb is defective. I do not want to return a product can that to him averts. There it looks to be any way to contact a vendor excepts by means of this characteristic of indication. Please send the new bomb and I gladly would change my indication and avert the returning. The product is well excepts that
4 / 5
Loves this beauty! Yes, it takes the bit to inflate manually, but looked in liking covers it. Easy to manoeuvre, included when you are on he behind. Lol. Once it has taken facing a right way, smooth navigation. Jack of 1 year Russell, Georgie, loves it too much! Room for your best canine buddy!!
5 / 5
The joint is awesome. When Inflating, maintains to pump like this calm more can and punctual quite calm will remark an indicator of the pressure begun to augment. We thought that it the be be break as it has read 4 for some time and he then has begun dulcemente to inflate to 12. A joint will be a lot hard when bloated to 12 and Ready to go!!!
Justo awesome. Bought 2 and while to 2nd.
Has has offered Rosa, perfect for my daughter how is excited like this to paddle together now.
5 / 5
To to Looks like would have to that of last quite well. Very light and company.
Has modified to add: I finally taken around to try to register for a guarantee, but a web of place in a booklet is defunct. Any sure will maintain it to arrive to this point; still I can it returns in a prójimo few days. It was the estimativa -neighbouring friendly, but does not want to has squandered has squandered the hundred of pair bucks fails inside a first year.
5 / 5
Has received a joint yesterday, has taken he out of a box this morning for the inflate and a bomb has broken immediately. Purchased the bomb that atasquemos to a car for faster (easier) inflation. Cant Expects to use a joint next week in Tahoe.
has had a joint for the few months. His easy to dip up BUT are the beginner and a joint he a lot to wobbly. It is so only 30' wide. I have tried the joint that was 33' and be able to-has been to stand up me with ease. It is the good joint to seat and paddling. I have had to it weaves of fun in the but really wants to be have purchased like this the 34 ' width near.
5 / 5
Box of missing patch (minus 3 stars) but floats a lot of (adds a star). Jueza Decent of together start.
4 / 5
With which having the few careers in these amazing paddle joint. We use him to us roughly 9 times. And one of some clips of fins has broken in neighbours. We buy 2. Also some stock exchanges are not very strong. There already rasgando in some bosses. Another while in the so there is him enjoyed to him.
4 / 5
Wants this paddleboard! We were in a fence in rigid vs inflatable, and is happy has been in this way. An inflatable neighbour when fully pressurized is no different that the rigid joint... Mark so only sure takings closes to 15psi!

A lot of conducive to launch in a car and taking to a beach, lake, or anywhere wants to! It takes an endeavour to inflate, but is a lot of value a consolation and portability!
5 / 5
In general this paddle the joint is quite solid. A valve to air a lot always does properly and takes the pair tries to take legislation. Any sure reason - I follows some directions but still arrivals to lose the tonne to air after pumping it up..
Also a cushioning already to to looks like is exiting.
And one of some clips that control some fins in place is kinda the funky and you require the key or something for the press down and unlock the.
Another that that it is the sturdy glass.
5 / 5
Loves this paddle near. It is súper durable and stable. All the world in a beach surprised for him and has maintained to ask where had purchased the.
5 / 5
This paddle the joint feels a lot of sturdy in a water. It comes with all a necessities - paddle, straps of ankle, bomb, spending chance. This paddle the joint has come also with the chance of waterproof telephone! This helps to be prepared mostly for a water! It will update this description after the little more uses in a water.
4 / 5
Absolutely LOVE this paddleboard. Everything of our friends has the alike classes have has had to that so only go in in an entertainment. A paddle been that floating, this in spite of him no. Our daughter dipped it on a joint and he am fallen off and sank . So much, this is disappointing. We have tried all the world-wide more is and floating so that I am not sure was defective or that. Another that that, loves it to us.
5 / 5
A fun and abordable paddleboard. This one has been shipped with the annex of the bad bomb and they have sent the annex of substitution and bombs immediately and has been easy to fill never of then. Highly recommended like a abordable, inflatable paddleboard.
4 / 5
Has looked for the portable alternative to ours kayaks to use when travelling. This paddleboard gives support in roughly ten minutes (although some last pocolos small are murderous - is the workout trying cogerprpers to a correct PSI). Look Of May to take the compressor to do a work, especially with two paddleboards. But a joint is sturdy and well of clue. It could not be happier with this compraventa!
5 / 5
Has purchased this for my mother of 61 years. Absolutely it loves it!! It is súper light weight, is able to spend he with ease. It is sturdy enough to these 2 people can be on he a same time. In general it is a compraventa I better there is never has done. Our weekends am fill with any good-looking alfresco, salty air, familiarised and social time distancing.
5 / 5
You owe that do sure that you fully pump it to a weight that suggests. I do not seat that ossia sturdy enough to board of ocean but is utmost for lakes. Perfecto for people those who have small vehicles that can not tow to the big hard joint.
4 / 5
An only complaint has in this joint is that the desire there was a more place of bungee straps for my material. Another that that has loved absolutely take has been in a water. Ache in an ass to pump up like any one another SUP, but value a good time in a water! Easy the deflate and sale on and go too much!
4 / 5
For a prize, ossia the a lot of the quality done , well paddle near. Easy to inflate and hanged light to spend. My woman like better that one of one there is home.
4 / 5
These are perfect for a beginner stands up paddle user of joint! They are a lot of sturdy and has had the explosion that uses them! Slightly it is defying to inflate (the arm adds exited this in spite of), but help to use a mattress to air inflator before finalising on a work!
4 / 5
Was very impressed with this stand up jointed. A lot of sturdy for an inflatable a. Good quality. I have had the hard time to balance in the but my daughters ( 14I and 17I) has had any question. I have not had any question that salde in some hard a. So much for some people, will be better was with the wide plus a ( 34”).
4 / 5
Loves everything roughly EXCEPTS THAT:
everything of an upper paving that the cushions is coming unglued everywhere some flanges! It has been July rid 24 is Aug 29th!!!
Has used probably he less than,a time of dozen!
5 / 5
10/10 Recommends! Utmost joint, a lot sturdy (resist and mine 70 dog to reserve any question), gives support in roughly 6 minutes, and is quite light to spend he of the mine car all a way down to a water without difficulty.
5 / 5
Ossia The add SUP to start with. One or thing of the plot has not been súper fond of era a stock exchange goes in. It opens of an upper so only like the fact the little more defiant that dip a joint behind in.
4 / 5
In general I like this paddle joint. An air gauge in a bomb no so that it has not been when volume to a correct psi. The weight 220lb and when they are in the, a joint bends some. Doing it hard for me to be. But any lighter that has any question. A picture is in 13 I edges.
5 / 5
Loves this paddle near! It is surprising. A lot of sturdy, and are the main person . I seat very comfortable is. It can he takes is gone in a lake all day. You can dip slowly in the and turn on to dip in your stomach or your backside. You can easily it is returned the fresh plus on he with you too much. And you can have two people in these hips. It is the cost adds . Highly recommend:)

Top Customer Reviews: Retrospec Tidal ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
It would say that ossia a overpriced near. After learning more and more in longboarding and pulling was some slides. Here it is that it wants to do it wants to take this joint.

Upgrade A bearings to Jealous bearings. A bearings concealed to come with these is terrible, will remark the world-wide difference. A bearings concealed to come with these is economic chinese bearings that it can it he you any one has included open and close behind reason is once and fact. Cela Calms mean can any the cleaned and relube he with something concealed is in fact decent.

Some trucks are only tear of truck. Perfectly well to cruise but he squeaks more than the rat. Dipped some shavings of wax in a cup of pívot but so only goes to fix some trucks are bad or entirely take touched of of a squeaks. Taking Parigi v2 43, or Caliber II 44. It forgets to buy new bushings. Calibers And the bet is quite economic in the amazon and is good trucks to start with and finalise your travesía to skate. Calm does not need to upgrade a bushings when you are beginning was but calm once is improving, look the venom barrels.

A coverage is sum , the tape of grip is applied a lot, lifting in some pockets of feet. It is the down covered drop how is adds for long distance. It chooses on accelerating faster reason are lower to an earth and he is more stable reason are lower.

Some wheels are so only any name chinese wheels of mark. I recommend the upgrade to some snakes freeride wheels, butterballs, orange of blood morgans or orangatan stimulation. An order is in a way would prioritise on its own name. But the snakes are well.

Is really that paid for a creation of one boards to which likes of a lot. Infact, has taken two. But you are paying like this money for the decent coverage with rubbishes separates that the person more would want to. There are so many elections on amazon for him longboard this has a same form esatta but more economic. If any calm worry you in a creation, takes one has used on amazon for around 40ish dollars and take a hardware was and buy one some recommend.

Mina setup :

neighbouring Blue: Caliber II 44 black Satin, súper the red bones that resists, and some original wheels.

Black together: Parigi v2 43 black, hybrids of Amphetamine, and some original wheels.

Some people that do these joints do not contribute to longboarding communities. They sell cheaply do near and any place out of video neither espónsor longboarders to spend besides skaters that the turn spends further of money the real longboard companies those who share a same passion eat . Reason he this @subject? It maintains a longboard community alive.

Has taken some new wheels going in and some the original wheels are perfectly well to cruise. It has dipped it arrives Him in ebay.
5 / 5
Always can identify the good skateboard when I see one and this one is no different- especially for a prize. Alive in ASU the campus where has overpriced skateboards everywhere and any one compares to a simplicity to draw ossia this skateboard . It was loosely packaged, imo ( could have used more inner of cushion), but felizmente the mine arrived without harm. A spokes is money and look excellent. I think that that they are steel or some another economic metal- no the question for me. They are skateboarding, not trying be a surfer of money. Some wheels are class of soft- I imagines for the smoothest rider and drawn for as the street of cost of forest or soften pavement. The ones of the that sees that like the question, again are skateboarding, not trying was-of street in coal and sulphur a thing. Some rays are all in of the tight- which is the plus reason have not bought the ratchet. Some rays of wheel are good and tight but no too tight speeds concealed of delays. BTW, Some wheels are class of soft, as it expects to purchase new wheels in at least 5 months if you are the ROUGH rider . On to some things that pleased more: a colour. I can not take on that first this colouring is. A forest is the very deep dark brown and a blue is the dark navy blue. These colours are calm like this fry would be likely evasion with locating this thing in the dress. If the competition of looks is concerned, this wins hands down- especially considering sometimesthere can be muck in an earth- and all knows these lighter joints are hideous when dirty, can not have this question with this joint. In general I give a joint he 5/5 for presentation, mechanic, and time of deliever. ( I have paid an extra to take he a day). Thus prize, am very impressed. Also, an upper black discharge of grip is Rough. Literally it will eat you, be careful is taste and spend of your joint for behind your backside.
5 / 5
A joint is cheaply done and aims. A hardware has comprised is the joke . One of a kingpins has broken in just 2 month of moderate horse riding. A bushings has not been a lot well, but this touches to lose to try really. A washers for a bushings, this in spite of. Those are terrible. They are far too thin and when I have presionado some trucks to mine in the pleasant warped and his bent, which has done loosening his backside on the nightmare of any of my tools could properly bite in a die. I have had to substitute a bushings out of necessity, any preference that is annoying. Some trucks in fact look a lot of (another that a kingpin snapping) but to look likes slightly is bending. I am not sure they come it likes that, as I am not sure if ossia a subject real or no. The so only hanged 165 to the equal that are bending that ossia so only absurd. Some wheels are bad. They are the odd mix of soft and hard a same time. I have not gone particularly well and they a lot of slide at all, a lip squared is not even a cause of that, can kick out of square lipped twists all day, these some so only were so only irradic and has had consistency very same after a skin has been gone. They have taken also hanged in bad patches of street and could take entirely prendido for the measly rock that any good wheel would go right on. Some wheels rasgaron so only after the month, forcing me to substitute them out of necessity, which is again, súper annoying. A bearings was bad, but concealed was to be expected. I have gone smooth, but some interiors lube was far too fat and has caused to plot of control and has done to press a a-enjoyable experience. A joint is 9 spent is of disappointment. Has the little bit of flex, but any he bouncy, reassuring flex, more as the "this could snap in any one characterises for now of flex." A nose and row so much chipped after being slightly curbed so only once.

Has given initially east boards to 3 description of star, but with which today, the'll never buy of Ten Joint of Toes Emporium again.

Loves a enjoyable jointed that it is not more the work that is fun, goes for him reputable frames. It does not buy this economic swipe offs.
4 / 5
In the first place, has taken the casualidad and has ordered this neighbour as 'used, a lot very' to condition of the amazon can see in some photos, has come new in plastic, some wheels were still pristine! A prize was absurdly attractive, under $ 45! So much, kudos and thank Amazon! We take this joint so only to have an around like the backup and/or joint with wheels callejeras. A good: joint layup/returned and arrival/griptape- all perfect and looking quality quite big! The joint has the half big flex, is amused to carve. Some trucks are Chinese knockoffs but that is supposed to. Some wheels are decent level 70x51mm any name, has gone and grippy likes 78one is would have to that be. A bad: a truck bushings feel like bad hard plastic, are tossing his and installing mine MBS green 83a this of my joint of muck. A bearings is quite bad and a worse part of this setup- still although they say Abec 9, it economic look and go really slow- his gotta go, those substitutes with any Skitch Abec 9 east. Once these transmissions are facts , this will be an excellent fun walk . So much, this walk is the new good shot , while it calms does not import launching some better bearings and truck bushings in.
4 / 5
Before it begins, requires to mention that they are the one of the half age writes the one who has not possessed the joint of my adolescents and so only has looked for the skateboard to slightly cruises around on..!

Has bought a Retrospec Tidal because of a prize, a look, and an indication of star of global Amazon. I am not sure state that seriously would take on skates it again so that it has not loved steps a lot of money TBH. After receiving a joint, there is remarked the few smaller defects immediately a bat. A wheel cutouts in both a front and for behind a coverage has not been sanded/rounded down cleanly/smoothly. A tape of the grip has not been to cut directly and where has been the cut of raven has been painted black to be less noticeable. A hardware (truck and wheels) has not looked to be material of quality. A bearings looked and felt HARD like hard plastic.

Has left a plastic shrink wrap in a coverage to be in a joint and he have bent way too much for the coverage that has not been done of fiberglass or another material that felt could trust any to break (I follows 6ft big and weigh 185lbs BTW). With a Tidal having the drop down coverage more a fact that bent it so much, has guessed that it can fund was when I am gone down the curb, in the swipe of speed, or hopped the small swipe or lip of entrance of the go. Worse, felt that a joint so only could snap included with which some light horse riding or has not had a durability the last a lot of hours of horse riding.

Like this after my initial inspection has read a lot of some descriptions more critically and has of these joints have had a bit of the reputation to sustain my worries. Some reviewers has informed broken, snapping, breaking coverages of just normal use.

Perhaps this joint is simply more adapted for girls, adolescent, women (the lighter of riders has said of another way,). At any rate, I am returned a joint a lot that wants to risk the waste of my money and the time am spent. It could probably so only recommend a Retrospec Tidal for loan it/pre-the skateboard of prime minister of the adolescent.
4 / 5
I alive in Beach of Miami and I have been siting everywhere for the few years now. Work, beach, groceries... I everything in the joint. I have had the Rayne and has loved that until the car ran it on. Some trucks were a lot of have ordered like this a coverage of Arbour. Hated the. I have found then this one and I have thought a creation and the colours were fresh and complete wine as would have some spare part. When This thing is entrance could does not believe. It is heavy and solid and a diving creates the centre lit of gravity. Continuous in everything concealed usually calm disorder up. I have seen some people saying it has broken on the and does not have any idea like this ossia issuable unless it was seriously broken to ship. All my walk of friends and when we fulfil up has likes 6-10 joints with us and this one east a favourite . Totally currency he. An only thing would say is that I have used mine Gullwing Sidewinder 2 truck and the main wheels. Some the regular trucks have not been my preferred but the trucks done to commission still does not go to do this thing anywhere near of expensive so that volume. I have changed out of mine ABEC7 that resists for one 9 is this is coming with and feel utmost also. Oh yeah, also has left the partner tries it the one who does not skate at all and has taken was on he immediately. It is like this solid and the width gives any one the confidence goes to be easy to balance in and take speed/carve. If you are thinking roughly the, he. If to any one likes to of you will buy of you 😂
4 / 5
when being new to longboards and skating in general, has thinks that would save some money and buy the economic entrance-near to level to know taste to him a sport or no. With which horse riding this for 3 times so only around a blockade and in a park, have @@give that likes to skate and made a mistake to purchase of this joint. Some materials are economic and no sturdy and does not seat any confidence in skating in this joint. The crazy volume wobbles included in the lowest speed and a joint creaks like his in disposal to break any second. My partner has an old beat- arrive jointed of penny and this outperforms this joint for the enormous margin. A joint has come also packaged really odd, as distinct in some pictures, a plastic wraps is under an I would require to take of a truck to take one wraps era. It would not recommend beginners to take this joint, and honradamente, this joint is not economic neither. There are options more economic on Amazon and his all probably uses some same part in all the chance. I go to spend more money and take the better joint. An only good thing can think of this that a map is quite fresh. Overpriced For the economic longboard, a lot disappointed.
5 / 5
Has bought this that he cruiser for my sister, a tape of grip is just amendment without bubbles and does not have any one his sign has adhered a lot differently that another tape of grip. A coverage is enough in bylines, way of looks sturdier that mine another coverage of a same form. A concave is perfect, calm of contrives it to them good of where your foot is in a joint. They are trace this around in uneven moving the footpaths and some wheels take on claves, rocks, and breaks really well. The no the bombs of hill so that pode does not say that this does in of the big speeds, but for him cruiser around normal hills this does really well.
4 / 5
Has been skateboarding my whole life although I am no expert and am new to longboards. Of then : I am very happy with this joint! Has decent flex second that it can say, certainly more flexible that retrospec pintail model. Has well, big, soft, wheels that seats very smooth on asphalt. A drop down the creation is sweet! Some leaves of form for good leverage in some trucks for fun, tight, carves while maintaining the low centre of gravity that stability of increases when you pickup some speed and is very easy and comfortable to press reason are more afterwards to an earth. Highly recommended!
4 / 5
Has been that locates this fashion of joint for several years and has bought this a recently when the mine has been flown. It is the joint adds for a prize!

A drop-down the coverage is sum for my university campus where has softly sloped footpaths and the few hills. It is very stable and resist me on well quite that seats sure. Some trucks can take a lot loose, which is well to do turn tighter to weave by means of people. It would recommend it neither the people those who are just learning or the one who am sure in his horse riding.

Has substituted a bearings with Red of Bones inside the day of the take. A stock bearings would be well for any only start out of longboarding, but did not give me a speed has loved.

An only complaint has is that a tape of the grip has not been installed correctly when I received it. More than that follows a form of a joint, has been headed to través some curves, leaving big bubbles that could not exit, and after the month or like this to the trace is beginning to exit. It is not an end of a world, for a prize, are like this well has been to buy new tape and the substitute, but is the smallest annoyance .
5 / 5
Utmost joint partorisca learn on and love a creation of coverage of the drop. The little more along that thought it but but is in fact correctly. Amur A lustrous creation (while hard). It has had to that presionar some trucks to plot when I took it in the first place but this was all the preference
my only complaints are that I have to that substitute a bearings immediately and now will be that it substitutes some wheels as well as they use the quite hard plastic in planting that I need.
In general, very pleased with this joint and I recommended it already to the partner for his drop and measure. Just need to upgrade bearings and wheels.
4 / 5
Im The 30 year old alone mamma to the boy of 4 years like this has ordered them this like this something that could do them while it uses his scooter and go in of the walks around a neighbourhood. I do not have any experience in longboards or skateboards like this the really cant speak too like this to a quality of a joint and the one who credit could be beginners of paralización. Quell'Can say them is that this packaging of product is HORRIBLE. It was literally so only a joint in the box. Any coushin to protect with shipping and like the result a front of a joint has been broken and has broken. His closing rideable and im in the now reason knows them that theres the casualidad really well that ailing bang he on I and to be sincere, the ones of the that feels likes to treat a hassle for the send behind right now. I locate around the small but and he squeak and creak enough bit it like this the bed in other descriptions. There is remarked also that he doesnt feel súper sturdy or easy to turn and with my knowledge limited in a @@@subject im that assumes that it has to that do with some trucks that is economic the one who the also read. A fund of a joint with a forest and the creation is appealing to look in, but a taping in a coverage was done also bad. It likes quell'has said, im maintaining he out of sheer laziness and the the half expected it to be less than considering a prize. It thinks with some change could it to them do better and easier that locate and the paving the sand down a part that has been run over to ship. So only I have imagined it was something likes them then later down a line the upgrade.
4 / 5
Ossia The coverage adds . It has dipped 30 miles in his this week. If you are looking for the downhill together ossia. I have not used a hardware that is coming with like this beware. If you are on 200 pounds a lot included consider this coverage. It will not resist your weight. No because of a quality. A coverage is like this well likes to take. I have been that traces for years. Utmost joint.
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. A prize is good and a joint is sum .
An initial that the results of a box is perfect. A wheel and the trucks are good and a quality of a joint he self is excellent.

Would recommend this joint is a bit familiarised with like this to locate one or wants to take more. With a coverage of drop (the joint is to go down) he the easiest fact to press with a drop in a front for the fastest acceleration that the flat coverage.

Jointed orders basically everywhere!
4 / 5
Has possessed a lot of joints, and this was on I was iffy on reason was like this cheep. But oh mine gosh, surpasses my expectations. Besides an occasional sqeak when you lean to turn this joint is excellent for some people that does not want to spend 100 dollars for something concealed will break the years of pair. Ossia A joint would recommend to beginners reason has the good arch, a creation is lustrous and very finalised, the tape of grip resists well in place, some do any well and looks adds, to be sincere could maintain go reason this joint is so only that WELL!!
5 / 5
This was the joint adds for a prize. If you are the begginer would say it was perfect. It is quell'has bitten more experienced and has had the few things would change. It would say that you are looking for the speed would buy to spare barrings reason a some inside have not been utmost. A joint tends to bend too much and is not like this sturdy (I follows 120 lbs).Global utmost joint. It would give it 4.2 stars.
5 / 5
Ossia The sad game has hanged has to that write. At the beginning this joint was súper add and til has not been. My adolescent edges have taken this start of joint of July. We do not have the tonne of the money like my boys appreciates everything has. Well today half of the October so only snapped to launch out of a joint. My edges are devastated as we can not resupply to buy another until way later down a street. Like this disappointed with a quality of this joint.
4 / 5
Has purchased it longboard roughly 3 month was the utmost for a start was prime minister of mine longboard note of smooth walk downhill. Roughly two month in some wheels was not even 1 always will be of an earth unless you were on that. And in a 3 a joint has broken. It was very surprised has had to that it is to 7 joint of the discharge but he there is shattered now is time for the new joint
4 / 5
This neighbour was the present in me. It has wanted to try it it was while my edges have learnt in his own joint. This has such the smooth walk, and manages a lot well. I have taken included this to an office (when being the pocolos block was) and has had to that go in roughly has registered. It has managed one has registered easily. I have faced the big pause in a footpath that has sent was a joint, but at all could not manage. His the joint adds, Good creation and the smooth Walk. It recommends this for any in any level of experience.
5 / 5
This joint looks the good value . I have had the years of the skateboard done. Considering a fact that there is not locating the skateboard on 30 years was happy to be able to begin that it locates this joint inside the pocolos small. It does not plan on bombing down any hills or doing any tricks like this longboard is perfect for me. They are only trace backs the pocolas miles in this joint. We will see like this it resists up over time. Again, it does not plan on doing much more that cruising around my neighbourhood or on relatively walk it paved trails in this joint. It looks to do well for that.
5 / 5
Some people plough'you aspiring partorisca be Tony next Hawk or anything. And calm so only love disorder around in the joint along and sees can go down this hill..... Ossia The lovely game adds . For the dollar is spent, perhaps a calm more will enjoy.
4 / 5
Knows AT ALL in the joint of quality. The ones of the one who skates. My edges done. It is the novice and is not in tricks. So only it likes him the trace. This joint that very well partorisca he. It has Had it subjects of zeros with him and say me is very stable and does the work adds there is debris in a street.
5 / 5
The beginner Adds Longboard. A joint, truck, wheels, and the tape of grip is reasonable quality partorisca a prize. Highly it recommends to buy substitution bearings. The joint bends his--weaves meaning to been due to his % composition of bamboo. It would not recommend for riders around 200lbs or more. The better lovely joint on-line sure, I so only required to change a bearings.
5 / 5
Are trace this neighbouring perhaps 6-7 total of time. In mine last walk a joint broken among some discharges. To good sure the defect of costruttore. It is there is disappointed extremely. No shabby! Any value he.
5 / 5
This longboard is a lot well, was a lot of suprised with a quality of everything, is coming with all any question is a lot sturdy 8 forest of discharge, and some trucks are very good and come with abec 9 bearings in that is surprisingly well, has ordered some red of bones to dip in but will leave in a abec 9 is until precise new some in, but in general HIGHLY would recommend this joint to any longboarder yes is the beginner or no, has bombed some hills already with him and has not had any speed wobbles. They are very impressed with this product. It skates or die. The sure walk!
4 / 5
Has given this skateboard to my edges like the presents navideño. Really it likes! I think that that it was the value adds for a money.
My edges is 5'11' and 200 lbs, if any request in this type of what.
5 / 5
A joint is stable but a stuffiness of some trucks owe that be bad bc sooner if my rays that resists a truck to a baseplate sheered right out of a cup of a dish of base....
5 / 5
Has expected almost the year to write this description because it has wanted to them see like this has it on resisted! Like this far, I so that it adds! Daily use this in spite of in strong disposal. To good sure reccomend!
5 / 5
Like the beginner has tried my joints of friends and felt more comfortable is. I love the reason is not súper fast and is very smooth. Turned really well. And it has taken a black an and loves that, taste that is of simple and lustrous.

There is remarked one of some wheels is not freely turning likes could require of the new that resists already.
5 / 5
Swimming of individual roughly the, lovely joint, recommends to build yours was is like this more fun and value of the extra money
5 / 5
This joint is a bomb . They are the beginner and is súper sturdy and down to an earth that helps with balancing. I have wanted to learn in the and so only that cruises
4 / 5
This joint is sum for new or light users! I have bought he for a summer to locate in a Port and did not disappoint me! Remonta smoothly and has adds, simple creation , lustrous!
4 / 5
Ossia The add longboard. It is perfect partorisca to to the beginners like to of them. Very smooth and easy to control. After several months is not falling avert or anything. It looks to be good quality.
4 / 5
Has bought Friday, used for 5 days and he have broken today, Wednesday. This could be a lot if your intent is for the hang on partorisca wall and the forget. It has broken In an arch that connects a joint to some wheels.

No sure reason the amazon is not in that leave me upload test of photo.

Looks the joint adds. Amur A creation. But it is not sure quality.
4 / 5
The product adds, easy to use, so that described, the daughter loves this.
5 / 5
Has bought this for my fiancé that want to skate. Has 0 interest or skill in skating, and are deathly fearful. BUT when we take this , has decided test has been and OMG has surprised! A joint is like this smooth and easy for any of beginners the experts! I love the amour loves this longboard. Now all the world in my family loves one!
4 / 5
Has been sent a wrong joint . I have ordered a black and light blue one but has received a black and Hawaiian flowery joint. Amado a creation in all the chance so that it has not been crazy. Good joint but no like this easy to press and the maintain that goes. To good sure awesome joint for a money this in spite of! A lot of sturdy.
5 / 5
This longboard is súper fast right out of a box, and is súper sturdy. It has taken a blue colour and was a lot of quite in person! It is súper big quality and totally recommends to take this for any beginners or pro-skaters. Very easy to teach other people on and very smooth. This trace and down clashes well and rule a lot easily. I produce it adds!
4 / 5
Has disturbed enough that they did not send me a correct joint. I have ordered the blue a, which was excited HIGHLY roughly. This in spite of, has received them two palmera green some. They are a lot well, this in spite of I so the supposition does up for not sending a right colour.
5 / 5
Together sum to cruise down hill or so only around. It has bought in fact he 2nd a for my daughter also.
5 / 5
My amours of 12 years this longboard. It is sturdy, trace smoothly, and a creation is simple and fresco.
5 / 5
My daughter has loved this joint for the few weeks. To the adolescent(17) ossia the lifetime. A day is coming available bought it. It used it so much during time of quarantine and his smiled while on it is worth it. Highly recommend.
4 / 5
Together very good. Good quality and sturdy. An only thing is will love different bearings. One some concealed come with these good , but could improve then this joint is quite near to perfect.
5 / 5
The product adds! I received it before a planned date, and can not be more satisfied! Awesome Partorisca To to the beginners like to of them, turned really well and has the materials of qualities adds.
4 / 5
A solid joint of a look of him any crack or empty among some discharges. Wine with Abec-9 bearings, unnamed truck and Retrospect 70mm turn green, does not have the indication. Joint of the beginner well would change some spacers was partorisca to cut/of spacer of the hule combo to look in a imprints in a neighbour when some trucks were on.
5 / 5
Want east boards some wheels have come the pocolos tight but once loosened on going astonishingly. Any súper rigid has the very small flex his but feels a lot of sturdy.
5 / 5
Has bought this for mine 11yr net old. It likes and it uses it.
4 / 5
Together sum for having entertainment and beginners. It sustains my weight of 240 any question. A lot of flex in of the turns. Bearings Sucks But honradamente for the beginner some slow speeds have helped with confidence. A fast stop in a local skates negotiate it and calm will be good.
5 / 5
My edges loves it. Better that one $ 309 an I looked in.
5 / 5
Together sum for beginners. Confidence of builds with speed without being unsafe.

Top Customer Reviews: DRIFT 10'8' ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
4 / 5
I have required the neighbouring could hike to a river for me, this does a trick! Tried went it the Columbia-- the resisted until a current and ski of awake jet, easy to control. Balance and measures well for the small adult + 25lb doggo with room for the small fresher also. It could it has managed easily more hanged. It does not feel exactly like the traditional rigid joint, but still has stability a lot well, keeps well still against a current, and decent speed. Happy with a quality and creation. Surprisingly, any visible harm of nails of dog with which 3 use of hours! Amur That comes with all some accessories, but a pressure gauge in a bomb has been wheel on arrived, like another reviewers has said. Taken roughly 5 minutes to inflate (this in spite of has had to that guess when it was full). Easy to locate and pack everything in an enormous rucksack, with room of for life jackets etc too much. An add compraventa in general! The desire has taken a more collected!

Updating this description 2 month in:
This neighbour has on resisted incredibly well to frequent use! I took it it was rivers (Columbia, Umpqua, Lewis) at least 20 times took it of then and has has had QUESTIONS of ZEROS. It has discovered it is sturdy enough to sustain TWO ADULTS (one seating) with TWO SMALL DOGS. It is súper stable, are not the fallen off still, included in big awake. I do not go never paddling without my dog and am impressed especially with quell'credit this neighbouring had resisted until doggy nails-- no visible signs of harm! Honradamente Could not be happier with this compraventa.
5 / 5
Like this far like this good! A joint is good-looking and looks to be a lot has done. I have it on pumped easily! A joint is very easy to go back to a stock exchange and a stock exchange is a lot a lot of fact and comfortable in your backside. I have not dipped he in a water still. But like this far they are súper happy with cost of mine. I will be sure to update grieve a time is warmer. Update: This joint is surprising. I have been in other joints that is not the stable. It has dipped he in a lake yesterday and was on he for 3 hours directly! It has taken fish on that. Hanged roughly 140 and has dipped mine 85lb. Chico in a front of him and I could not say the difference in as it has managed. They are like this happy with this compraventa! The prize adds with the quality adds. Calm can any gone bad with this joint! I have bought an electrical car bomb partorisca east and he so much the hand-held bombs concealed is coming with this well too this in spite of. I cant expects to go back on that! Thanks to Bouncing to do the neighbouring abordable utmost! SUP Of for life!
5 / 5
Wow!!!! Ossia Such the good-looking neighbour ! Quality very big! Some sleeves are all cushioned. An additional fin has to that lock. A creation to cushion in a backside is beautiful. A stock exchange is quality a lot well with big buckles, zip, and fat cushioning in some straps. I have not seen any imperfections. A lot of sturdy and solid still light. It has taken less than 10min to inflate and my creature has been ready to hop on for the walk. So only downside is has not taken the box of reparation.
10/10 Recommends for any one looking for Bounces it produced to the point of prize adds.
Will update to have paste once a water.
4 / 5
Gives 6 stars could . I have bought this for my woman for Day of the mothers and she have LOVED that! It is hard build and aired to 15 psi is very rigid and calm would not know his an inflatable. They are happy am spent more money and has purchased this an on some of some another. It is wider and more along and is súper stable, included with me on that. They are 6'3' and 240lbs.
Takes the little time to air this on and another is well, is part of a workout, but the hooked he until me Dewalt wireless inflator and works like the field.
4 / 5
After looking in this product, has had has thought initially has been counterfeit BOUNCE the neighbour Like another member had declared. I have spoken this in spite of at length with the representative of BOAT By means of a web of place of manufacture and ensure me that it is an Amazon excluyente . When it advances and it has ordered one and that looks forward to use the, has ordered another model directs to bounce also. The service of client was upper-the notch and was extremely quickly to answer to my surgeries and there was included send pictures and links it to the east a to be sure.
4 / 5
Has used the inflatable mine paddle beside the less 10 times purchased it of then he roughly done 3 weeks. Absolutely I love it! Volume like this compliments and the people are impressed for a stability of a joint. They are able to dip the chair of beach, fresher, and I comfortably and a walk is really smooth. Highly recommended for people those who simply do not have some spatial to store the hard paddle together or master travesía with him on the plan :)
4 / 5
Ossia our inflatable prime minister paddle together after years of the regular joint. It likes a lot another paddle together, taken roughly 8 minutes to fully inflate manually. This can be quite exhausting when has two joints to inflate. Felizmente Has taken an adapter that hooks until my wheel inflator and cut an endeavour down dramatically. Highly it would recommend some device of inflation uses this joint regularly.

In a water, this joint is incredibly stable and rigid. Usually it inflates to roughly 12-14 psi. We are 175lbs and 120lbs and paddle with our 20-35lb boys that has to. A weight is not never be a subject for any of our joints.

Taken to Lake Powell this weekend and has travelled almost 5 miles and he have done a lot well. I remark that it is easier that turn and manoeuvres that my leading hard joint but this joint is also extraordinarily lighter in liking 20lbs (the leading joint was 35lbs). A lightness of a joint causes it to skip more in choppy waters it but have been stable in a joint and has not fallen off any time.

So that it took it far almost the time of dozen in of the lakes and of the reservoirs. I did not take it to an ocean to see can surf some acted still. Judging for as the joint has been feeling in of the flat water, imagine it can do well in of the small waves but would not try anything more than 2 types or 4 swells of feet.

According to that durability, some shows to joint little wear with a time has taken was. A paddle is probably a course a feebler and has required to be slightly presionado because of twisting in an upper piece when paddling hard. This in spite of, maintains to import that I paddle hard and another can not experience this. I have had also a bungee the knot of results of cord squanders that is not the subject big. I so only simply retightened and has joined the new knot.

Would recommend this joint and there is already with the pair of friends. A first time has not tried never an inflatable paddle the joint was 6 years ago and is surprising a difference of prize now. I think this joint, when being a lot of resembled a boot the main mark is the bang adds for a buck
4 / 5
want Drift of mine SUP! Our family uses these boards often in some cradles to Florida. They are like this entertainment !! Very stable in a water and easy to inflate and travesía with. Highly it recommends!
5 / 5
Some colours are like this vibrant and enough! A rucksack/of stock exchange all the tents is súper a lot also! A paddle is easily adjustable and a joint has taken so only roughly 10 minutes to inflate. This joint will take to plot to use this summer!
4 / 5
Was hesitant to purchase this joint after reading in another a lot of-know of the frames of name, but GOES To DERIVES there is had well revise like this decided for the try. They are happy has done a compraventa! It takes the little while to inflate, but now have the muscles of arms add to aim for him! Or, you can buy an electrical bomb. The joint is not so only attractive looking, but is sturdy and easy to manoeuvre. We remark a boss in a paddle would not remain to situate like this I emailed DRIFT. His service of client that the converted surprises me to the life-long buyer. They have not substituted so only a paddle with the best a, but has sent also an ankle less and shipped it immediately.
Global adds compraventa, that surprises company!
5 / 5
I love this joint, like this easy is partorisca transport, gives support and deflate, and his' light weight. My edges (ages 15) is engreído that a styro and other joints have rented was easier that balance, but seat like this comfortable in to this joint likes one of a rigid some. A weight has reduced was a factor partorisca decide for me. There is not any way could dip the heaviest joint, rigid on the Suburbial without another adult that help, or the movement around for me at all out of a water. Has for behind subject and try any to impulse anything on 20 pounds.

Does not forget partorisca snap in a fin! Some first time have tried, has forgotten a fin and he was likes to look for to be in the register. Ossia The fun way to take some exercise and exercise a balance.

A gauge in a bomb is not doing but prenderá for a Boot tends the next times are in a beach and ask them roughly the reparation or substitution. I think that that we will find it have been that uses a joint bit it down-bloated but without a gauge, does not want to risk that gives support on. Like this far, I have it quell'has used so only this joint in the lake but am like this anxious to go down to a beach and the take to a bayside of Okaloosa island. If no for a subject with my vehicle, would be to say that you maintain as it has amused this was...!
4 / 5
Has taken so only was two times, but like this far am impressed. It is not my first time that use an inflatable neighbour but is my first time that possesses one. They are the small the woman and he take me roughly 10 minutes for the swipe up with a bomb comprises. Any one the difficult until takings to an end, that tries to take spent one 10 PSI takes the majority of my weight of organism to press down in a bomb. It is not the weighed to spend on to a water. I love a chance of rucksack comes with! Like this comfortable to spend in your backside. I expect that it resists on long term. I will go back and modify something spends his, but for now is sum. I can balance in the like this easily like the hard joint. In fact, it underlines water the little elder that some joints last , which is well is taking the z/the rucksack/the fresh plus was in the, calm does not have to that concern roughly waters to wash up and drenching your supplies.
4 / 5
Ossia Our prime minister never paddle joint. A sum of looks of the joint and some looks of construction to be very good. It has taken my promise so only down 12 minutes to inflate. Some orders of look of the once bloated joint, some colours are very vibrant and a creation looks quite fresh also. A joint is light and easy to spend once inflated as so only hanged 19lbs. It has taken roughly 6 minutes the deflate and he all has gone back to one the z/the rucksack has comprised a lot well with a bomb, fin and paddles a lot easily. Also, I have read in the few descriptions that a paddle tanks, there is not founding this to be true. Has update perhaps a paddle in a new plus some have been shipping. I have been according to that that resists a paddle underwater for roughly 5 seconds, so only to look fleet behind to a surface and floating there for while it has loved the float of look. In general ossia the joint of the beginner adds of then is very stable in 33' wide. We were both able to stand up in first ours try. Highly we recommend this joint for any concealed master paddleboard.
4 / 5
After several hours of investigation have decided to go with the joint of new Drift for BOAT. Any leak or subjects and very pleased with a look of a joint, materials of qualities, and stabilities. Had some worries of description with a paddle and bomb. But it looks more some bombs and paddles is one same or alike thus level of entrance SUPs. There is not coming with the leash, as it has purchased one for $17 . A paddle has received looks one same paddle that is coming with a FBSport SUP we also purchased earlier a year this has resisted on final.
4 / 5
Fond all in a joint! It trace well and it looks durable. Originally I have thought that that A hand-held bomb has been broken but has learnt has not had enough air in a joint and one orients will not begin emotional until it is at least 10psi. It will update with which try this. Calm promote you to buy it sup the electrical bomb or you will take the good workout has!
5 / 5
Done to Bounce exclusively for amazon. I have been concerned when my partner has bought a SUP for quality and with which have contacted bounces a CS the representative ensured a joint is until levels of qualities to Bounce but some accessories have been done the little less than a mark of name. Like this far we love it.
4 / 5
Near excellent, these looks to joint EXACTLY like another joint in a Boot put, although this calls Drift, is done to Bounce and a guarantee is in fact by means of Boat. Service of good client when I have required help also! Very happy with this compraventa!
4 / 5
Has had my doubts in together inflatable generally but has required one that easily could transport have taken like this the casualidad. That extracted add this was and a joint has done a lot well. Paddled In Discharges the bay and the joint was quite stable. A paddle is the decent quality but I can jump for the lighter a. Inflating the process was uncomplicated but quite exhausting. A workout sure. I can see it can find an annex to the equal that can use an electrical bomb that atasquemos to some transports to upload. A stock exchange of storage is the fashion of rucksack that is well in hike of precise chance to a launch point. Highly recommend.
5 / 5
Amazing prize thus fantastic product! I recommend to use the bomb of battery to air operated to take it partially blown on, likes rid resisted can be the bit exhausts. He then the arrivals were with a hand resisted reason has a pressure gauge! Hanged 180lbs & feels a joint was a lot of sturdy. It is also súper light the doing very easy to spend! An impression is vibrant and entertainment!
5 / 5
Has used my joint roughly seven or eight times of then I recieved the (the nave was quickly!). It is the fantastic joint , sturdy, easy to go behind up. It is gone in Lake and of the Michigan of the local lakes and you can easily pause by means of choppy waters the windy day. It has to that it weaves of compliments in an appearance of this joint also. It will use this joint for years (hopefully :) ). Mark sure to buy an ankle leash this in spite of yes buys this dips so that it does not come with one.
4 / 5
Used a joint 2 times in a gulf, 1 with calm water and one with choppy water. Some stays to joint stabilise even in a choppy waters! It returns my husband and I which are adds. 2 questions... 1) A joint is already scuffing and taking frames throughout he still without when tugging and so only taking it was in a sand. 2) A foam that the cushions on is not sturdy at all. Included so only dipping a fund of a paddle in leaves permanent dents. Already it has pocolos pierce small in him so only of minimum use. I will owe that find something more durable that cover he with, so only disappointed partorisca have to that the modify at all. In general, good quality partorisca a prize and a creation looks utmost!
5 / 5
Neighbouring sum! My woman and I so much love that! We fill with air and used it every day partorisca the week without that has to that never add more air. Very stable and fact like the charm! It comes with all precise and the all the accesses in a rucksack of travesía comes with.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. A joint is well, and has not had the question with a bomb.. But 1st travesía was has taken the hole in him very same was that. If I knew it it was so the prick easily would not have bought it.
4 / 5
Some first time have tried to stand up paddle the boarding was in the Joint partorisca Go to derive apresamiento loaned of the partner. Ordered a same thing and loves that! Easy and quickly to inflate! Very light to spend and like this easy to deflate and tent.
4 / 5
Buy this SUP after seeing several families that use he on Lake Tahoe. Compraventa Amazing. Taken so only 4-5 minutes to pump it. Several boys can go in him. I have been trace he for several weeks, the girls are enamoured.
Is also takes roughly 5 minutes for the band. It is quell'has bitten weighed to spend everything in 1 rucksack, so only spend a kick and another person spends a bomb and one have spent.
4 / 5
Very pleased with my new iSUP, paddle and a rucksack. A paddle has the toe closes like him the easy fact to quickly the pause was to 3 pieces.
5 / 5
Debated on yes to buy this joint. With which hours and days of investigation ít looked the good access.

This joint is durable and easy to use , any to mention is beautiful.

Are very happy with this compraventa and the thick use.

Btw Has used this joint in of the zones of boat of big traffic.
4 / 5
This joint is incredible! A lot of sturdy, the measure adds and to sure durable good. This in spite of, a paddle and some bombs is not a better quality. Can foresee me that it has to that substitute in the near future. This averts, a rucksack is sum and a joint comes with to 1 guarantee of year! I am pleased in general with this compraventa and will be to use the enough bit it this season!
5 / 5
This joint is incredible! Súper sturdy And returns my husband, I and our dog a same time. Material thickness Well like any súper has concerned roughly that it clash up against some rocks, or some nails of dogs! We finalise to buy an electrical bomb (I are the wimp) and this was a better decision ! It gives support if like this quickly. Any to mention ossia an EXACT joint has loved of Boat, thought it can have been the knockoff but to do some investigation, is one Bounces manufacture & of mark! A box is entrance has had included his focus in a side and no his focus of Drift.
5 / 5
Packing And spending the look of chance adds but Immediately with which unboxing a first what I unwrap is one pumps which has the legislation of enormous crack in a fund of him and air of leaks to a point is not usable, unfortunately am taking he with me on the travesía the days of pair like this now have any time for the turn and take another before then and has to that spend more the money in the second bomb loves that to him use.
5 / 5
Obsessed!!! Súper The quality adds. Quite big for 1-2 big / dog present! A lot of sturdy and thickness.
Amur As has a foreigner of yoga foams everything during a joint. It does not come with strap of ankle but otherwise 10/10. Def
5 / 5
Finally the present navideño that has not been returned! My boys have loved a SUPs gave him. They have said that that has inflated easily and was the addition adds his kayak. Of then we live near of a water has been estada used two times already. It can not speak the sturdiness - I will go back your in an end of state.
5 / 5
Ours the whole family has there is enjoyed really choose on a sport of paddle boarding with this joint. I have researched the plot of some joints in this row of prize and has chosen this one because of a reliability to Bounce and a lot of bosses and points of ancore. A paddle has like this far durable state but is weighed enough. A joint feels like upper quality.
5 / 5
The present of the day of the father is coming punctual for my husband. The amazon there is rid early, which there is ruined a surprised, but ossia very reason my husband was pleased like this with his present! Amazing quality and good-looking creation.
4 / 5
This looks to joint well, manages well in a water and is light when packed up in his rucksack. Also it comes with everything of one has has required accessories. A rudder is the little difficult to locate and was, but ossia probably the good thing, as you know then, that the will not fall off . In general the investment adds for a prize!
5 / 5
Opened it on immediately to received and have it has pumped on, so only to see how long would take. It was quite quickly! There is remarked the little glue 'goobers', but at all can not live with. I appreciate some few extras that is comprised, like a box of patch and leash. It can not expect for warm time for the take was!
4 / 5
A joint is sum ! Airs on relatively fast and my only objection is a stock exchange to spend the cold has some external pockets and is almost like this big to the equal that are :). I have received the bad pressure gauge in my bomb, but Bounce the service of client sent the new a, any question has asked. To good sure would recommend.
4 / 5
Love this joint! I have been taking it was roughly 4 days the week took it of then and there is at all to complain roughly. Some bosses of finals is prevails it my desire of friends has had.
5 / 5
The joint is so only state used roughly 10 times now, but has done adds. Every time we have deflated and reinflated and looks to be that it resists on well. We smoke more next year after having he for the year.

Has had near there ossia much more expensive, but this one looks so only very like this far.
5 / 5
The quality is better that has expected. A lot of entertainment a lot of hours of entertainment. It would recommend for any group of age.
5 / 5
Bought like the second neighbour of guest has bitten ive me been the using. It causes his light plus that my neighbouring
5 / 5
the joint Adds and the quality adds. I can paddle comfortably with mine 5 old year on board. Also it resists my husband quite a lot of the one who is slightly on 200lbs. A bomb has the alone and double action bomb, which is useful to achieve a psi.
5 / 5
Some looks to joint to be awesome qualities. I have not had an occasion of the take is gone in a water, but the pleasure like this far. A subject only is that of the bombs the piece has not done. I will owe that buy the new one to ensure am inflating in a legislation PSI.
5 / 5
Has ordered two joints and they have done perfectly. One of some joints has developed the defect. I have sent b or t and the photo and description of a defect and has agreed immediately the repayment. And I have ordered the new joint of them.
5 / 5
Ossia The joint adds for a value. Really happy with cost of mine. Sturdy, Easy to manoeuvre and the map adds.
5 / 5
Loves our inflatable joints! It feels he likes is easier that locate that my leading hard joint. To good sure require an electrical bomb to spend it his required PSI. Using a hand-held bomb is the workout!
5 / 5
To the equal that has purchased this to have another SUP to take any one. Ossia Slightly main that mine another neighbour, but stable and easy to stand up . I have been out of the little time in both and feel comfortable with both. A joint of Drift is the joint adds for conditions of different water.
4 / 5
Paddle The joint has arrived the early week . A PSI the bomb has done sum, has taken 10 minutes less to blow up. It looks sturdy and well of clue. A rucksack is comfortable! Any complaint, would recommend!
5 / 5
Has Had he for the pair of month is state adds. Easy to inflate and tent. Any subject significant attended the few evasions of oil forms a bomb when stored dipping down

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