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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By
Has the gas stove. On some the a lot of years have lived in our current house, has has clashed occasionally one of some @@@knob of burner and has turned accidentally a gas on, but has that there is remarked always quickly and has turned was; until last week. I rushed- I go partorisca do a morning and has clashed apparently one of the some @@@knob likes grabbed of my things of a counter of cookery, slightly turning a gas on. It was on all day. When I am coming house and has opened a door that late, has been mortified that a house reeked of gas! A spark and my house could have on blown. My dogs were in a house, also! Felizmente, a gas is trace to a ceiling and has not gone still down enough to an earth to affect my short-legged creature. It was panicked to the equal that has run around doors and inaugural windows, and turning in of the defenders to dissipate a gas. Has the hard paste that can have it lost all -- and mean ALL -- Because of the simple deception.

Am spent a prójimo 24 hours that @@knob @of investigation of security and included the informative gas stoves with the security looks that it prevent this to spend again and found these. After reading some descriptions, has imagined would give them try it. These are much easier to take that some coverages of security of @the @@knob full, and to good sure do a work! I can see where can no for some stoves with @the @@knob elegant, but is well for stoves with tandard' @@@knob like my basic GE model. Be sure to tug in yours @@@knob of stove the bit to see yes exits easily, reason they , these probably no for you ( can also simply require substitute your @@@knob he the appeal was easily -- can be scraped and broken in a base). Another reviewers has said these have caused his @@@knob of stove to fall off, and could see reason is already free when pulling on him. If I need to give your @@@knob of stove the abonos yank to pull them was, these clips of security would owe that do well for you.

Am comprising pictures like this another can see like look. A lot it does not use never these for boy-proofing, as they would be way too easy for the boy to take, but is perfect for owners of pet whose jump of pets in some contadoras, as well as it takes to to the daily people likes them of those who accidently swipe some @@@knob. A prize for these is much more economic that losing all, comprising your pets, because of the clumsy deception.
5 / 5 By
Has bought 2 insiemi of this discharge of @@@knob of the stove and am impressed. I have tried taking a some with some coverages of plastic lid on the but some @@@knob in my stove is too much big and any one is returned . These are simple and as announced is universal, a measure returns everything. So only I have the 1/8 empty thumb among a @@@knob and a stove and these tapered slide of pins a @@@knob outward to apt snug and prevent some @@@knob to be pressed in and turning in a gas. A downside is that I am red brilliant and to the little boy can look the toy and in fact drawing the boy to a @@@knob. They can be take a lot easily and a curiosity of girls could go in of there that. Another some that can buy you with a toe opens the plastic coverages am not a lot a lot better reasons is so only the subject of the first time of a boy learns regarding the explosion and then there is at all to take a @@@knob to be pressed in and has turned on. Like this according to which the boys go an election is yours . I have him reason has animal running around in my house and these give me to us the relief adds that it knows that they can not kick in a gas while I am asleep or out of a cradle. My only complaint is a by heart red brilliant , underlines like the quota juicy zit in a front of the quite a lot of daughter. It classifies of as the dorky decoration navideña for a stove. If they were in of the blacks would be more appealing to adults and less appealing to boys.
5 / 5 By
Finally something these works! Has a LG LDG4315. A Security 1st mark is too small for a LG @@@knob. I have maintained accidentally turning in a row while in impactante his. These are the saver of literal life . You owe that have the empty for these to do. So only stick them in quite far to apt and is well.
5 / 5 By
Sadly These windy falls off súper easy. They look to do when they remain on. One is fallen off and has been I under a main element of my oven, which person @@give until baking some cookies.. The department of fire is exited two times, once when all some alarms of smoke have been he was for him when being down there, and is then state of the second time with which have cleaned an element.

Does not recommend these. I am beginning my investigation again for an easy way to take my burners to take clashed and stifling all the world.
4 / 5 By
Had purchased the new Samsung gas and same row with a slightest the paintbrush against any @@@knob would turn on. This almost was resulted in several fires and I has been convinced some @@@knob has to that be down the take. I have not been! As I have required another solution.
Has had so only remolded my cookery and I have does not love something concealed would look has run the daycare when the people looked in my cookery. These blend perfectly, is A lot SIMPLE to take on and was quickly and do exactly that is to feign to do. Any @@@knob does not turn !!

Have the daughter that is older now but honradamente thinks included when she younger has not been able to easily take these was before there is remarked swipe with a stove.
5 / 5 By
Was like this alentadora thus produced to exit I so that has the special needs kiddo and the gas stove... No the good combination.
Have read descriptions in this quell'explosion of @@@knob like this before I have ordered has been and tugged in @@knob @of mine of stove quite vigourously... I am remained on. As it was the bit has surprised that when I have slipped these for behind one 1st @@@knob enough to prevent he to be pressed in, of shoots a @@@knob. It has been it bit it more ginger with one 2nd @@@knob and he am remained on but when I have tried he to press in and that tries to turn a @@@knob a device wiggled a lot on and era. Now if these have had some class of the silicone that cushions to help them grab to a @@@knob and slick the surface of stove would have sucked on and so only glued @@knob @of mine to his estacas.
Like the fixed mine was to use these to burst was all my @@@knob and return a product. Utmost but the idea needs the little tweaking.
4 / 5 By
Was súper excited roughly taking these products because mine toddler will not leave an oven so only and has been exasperated to find something in any slow lucido down or entirely prevent to turn in an oven. Inside the day of having these on, my edges has imagined was that all have to that it was attractive of some @@@knob and he could take a clip, like this unfortunately these have not done for us, but my edges is the little loan stinker. Lol. Another that that, thinks that these are good products for PETS and perhaps girls a lot small.
4 / 5 By
Ossia Exactly that has required. We so only moved in the wife to him new with the gas stove. I have it that has not had never a before and has been impacted when it has left accidentally the burner on. Any so only walked for a stove and was able to come on! It can it does not create. Has the oldest boys that it is home so only and was concerned really on this while I am not home state. I have opted to purchase this plus that a @@@knob protectors like the descriptions have not been of sound for those. These pocolos clips were perfect! One slips on a lot easily and now ours the stove is not able to ignite so only to be has clashed. Calm simply pull them was cook like this precise. I have run also an oven while they have been still in place and there has not melted. They are like this happy with this compraventa and this product.
4 / 5 By
Mina 1 old year takes in of the seconds. I am offered and plásticoes soften absolutely any embrague like my toddler looked in them, rotated a loop down, and quell'pulled well was. These have attracted his attention more than some @@@knob real - his street, has gone directly to a stove, takes and has begun to twist some @@@knob. If your aim is to maintain boys to touch with some @@@knob of row, this is not the solution at all.
5 / 5 By
Has ordered this based in other descriptions for our new gas stove. Our Golden Retriever likes to verify out of that is in a counter or stove. It has burned two times, in ours old ceramic cooktop. We think a steel that closes the @@@knob in a gas stove was quite to maintain Goldie to take to question. Well, I have ordered these after Goldie to pressed and has turned a @gas of @@knob so only enough to turn a gas on, but not lighting a burner. It thanks the gases of advantage has the smell of sulphur, or probably would be up in smoke.

This Stove Stoppaz work like the charm!! They are easy to install, quite hard to the appeal was that the small boy would not be able of the appeal was, and entirely take a capacity to accidentally of tower in a gas or light the burner. A prize is reasonably, and is not a plague of eye in our stove.

Top Customer Reviews: Clear Stove Knob ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5 By Andrew
Val. I eat. The left wing is taken a thing directly. I am the real mamma . With real boys. I have paid real money for the this, is not when being reimbursed, and has the big expectations when goes in the security of my boys.

Mina $ 10 door of security has failed a moment my small boy learnt so to locate in the! I have decided that it was to time in a lot go down churns with doing my sure house for my babe when begins a stove and burned the casserole to feed this has cooled was afterwards dine.

No only is I 10000% has impressed that such product abordable has DONE, but is pleased with a fact that look well in my stove! Baby proofing does not have to be ugly. Shoutout In a vendor to comprise 5 coverages in place of 4. Has the 5 knob for my oven, and some the same people have the 5 burner.

In general, only the buy. The decree these looks and comparing. That is to say some some needs .
2 / 5 By Nery
Based in positive critics and a description of element, was anxious to try this coverage like an alternative in some First coverages of Security of knob, in the believer that would be slightly main. They are not . They are identical in some First coverages of Security, but (in my opinion) has done of inferior plastic (takes it amiable that to be likes him could shatter in impact), and does not have a rubberized grip in a mechanism/of open next button or around a focus. Also, at the same time I have purchased, these were almost 40 percent expensive more than some First coverages of Security. I am sure law for a lot of applications, but is unclear in me why any one would choose to pay more for a product of inferior quality.
4 / 5 By Carletta
We install these in our stove of gas so that our 1 old year thinks is funny to touch with some knob in a gas stovetop. It have taken us turning a past of fire of knob, like the gas is exited only (steps in a house, leaves in). As we listen it likes him to him he has have to something so that it is fast and is something easily could lose. These have shipped immediately, arrived undamaged, and was so-pictured.

Would have to has measured some knob in our stove and compared some dimensions. While these coverages of knob to do his work, the very difficult fact to open a part of oven of a stove. A door opens down, and one 4 bloc of knob/takes one spends while I am by train for the open or it closing. It IS very difficult to open with these things in the. I guess that it is a paid of prize for a security to learn that our 1 old year any disorder with a gas stovetop and unwittingly swipes in our house.

Averts of a measure of these protectors of knob, some vendors of this element are description-beggars. I comprise Amazon that classifies the algorithm at the end is fostering this bad behaviour, but some email of vendors you troubling you to revise a product. Here it is my description , please leave me only now.
5 / 5 By Gwendolyn
We want our field of gas. Also we want our house, cats, dogs, and all this good material. Also we spend to have the person with the mobility reduced and any sense of smell in a house. Accident in a stove in a weekend, turn in a gas. We take it to us hurriedly this time, but imagined better sure that sad.

Any knob in my field is deeper that a lot other coverages of knob, which are why I has chosen this together character of coverages, and is perfect. They have opened easily enough in any when being no an inconvenience, and does not obstruct my door of oven. This has said, is big. It controls your knob and his location in your appliance to do sure will do since you. If they no, is hardly lacking of a product, is only the subject of compatibility. Personally, I think that that it is it adds.
5 / 5 By Liza
So far, also! Resolved a problem. Mina in-of the laws that is main always would back against a cup of stove, (down so me), to use microwaves or press and clean stove against a knob and ignite burner unconsciously and the house would smell of gas! My young plus is 7 and has creative ideas also. This has resolved a problem. It IS the all over the world more the memory is sure guarding some knob of stove of gas to turn and falling gas. It looks well also! Very easy to install and a mechanism of emission is quite easy to comprise. I add for toddlers and small ones, want to it!
5 / 5 By Carissa
In the first place, thank you for a group of FIVE (how has 5 burners). The boys has not been able in outsmart these a week or like the hat there has been the (the difference of doorknob taken, sighs), but finds the quite easy in hurriedly the open toe and closed with or rid me. Fright founds with a heat of some llamas of gas and burners in prjimos proximity (the knob ours is in a stove, well in a half of all some burners), but has not aimed any signs of this still- same after being exposed to heat big very time a week is spent. Mark Sure when opened these, visits a coverage Out of a burner (the husband taken only in a nick of time). At the end, these are quite a lot of appeals and alimentary splashes clean up quite easily.
1 / 5 By Hui
Val How has measured to regulate crappy knob of stove of the floor (the mark is concretely danby).. And cats in that likes him flavour to burn a road of low house a stove while I am entered school /of work... These were to good sure too small. I order of him done so that they were only the small small.. But I have done so for forward any knob softly in a coverage with the hammer. To good sure was issues behind and that buys the different mark was not an emergent case to require some covers now. They say that they are supposed in the apt level sized knob but they more certainly no. 'Big universal Creation' mine leg left, more so small with plastic creation too fat.
4 / 5 By Major
Has the person of 40 field of years of Llop ad. Some knob is very difficult to the tension was, doing installation of these coverages of knob doable, but very exactly easy. Once on, a configuration of a front of stove -- the claves 45 only down some knob -- half substitutes some knob firmly -- that it is, press the all some backwards of road on -- is so tight and some knob is so afterwards joint that or still can turn an interior of knob to turn some coverages. A solution is to substitute some knob a bit loosely. Then serve his purpose has feigned. Considering durability, has no really used the still, as it can not offer an opinion in that. These are not for boy-proofing, but for cat-proofing. In an end of a day, thinks that these will do.
3 / 5 By Gerard
I think that that it take something since you,
These are well, in that necessity to do, sure. I am of an opinion that is the ache and is uncomfortable. My main complaint, that is to say a reason why need' these so that the people are clashing in some knob of stove and turning a gas on, then going, in the some place more, does not know . So that it is not past anymore. I am fearful concealed who was that it think it that this thing has done above the laws adds. I go to say or more thing, faiths to use an oven for all the world-wide more the enormous ache. It is not that it is up.
1 / 5 By Catharine
These are big TAN . Any idea what amiable of the knob of stove would return on. To do them the works would have has had to to use some class of adhesive likes them any fling around. But that does not go to estimate the in me. A be plastic cheep and has not been sper easy in unhook a coverage so that they have maintained to turn around. Has thinks that that a measure would be very so that had quite soiled in a poster any knob is on but any knob was too small.
5 / 5 By Janean
My edges have taken some @@@knob grieves was able to walk and habladuría enough. These spent has done a trick to do it to turn a @@@knob without inaugural which would have to that be and is difficult for the 13 old month. An only improvement would do in this product is this and perhaps ossia so only me but because of a way a logo is embossed in a front of him, sometimes of the short distance looks a @@@knob is in an on place. To be just a logo is not colored and is transparent although to the smallest terracing that an organism of a coverage. A horizontal writing on does looks a @@@knob of the stove is not vertical in an out of dipped of roughly 10 or so the feet were. It suggest to reduce a measure of a logo to one of some corners. Another that quell'dud illusion, which again could be so only me and mine a lot of OCDs, ossia perfect
4 / 5 By Whitley
thinks that to take something for you,
These are well, in that require to do, sure. They are of an opinion that is the ache and is uncomfortable. My main complaint, ossia one in the reason because ‘it requires' these reasons the people are clashing to some @@@knob of stove and turning a gas on, then going, to somewhere more, does not know . So that it is not spent anymore. They are fearful that any one has thought that that this thing has done on the work adds. I go to say a sewing of plus, to use an oven for all the world-wide more the enormous ache. It is not that it is up.
4 / 5 By Dusty
Some coverages of @@@knob are way too big and bulky and so only can use on two @@@knob as dipping on all five basically would interfere with another @@@knob. Perhaps my stove is the small a like this live in a paving. Also it has had to take some @@@knob to install them and I do not know like other people that of then take was the big hassle and could any the dipped behind the on looks an inferior lid is too fat likes @the @knob @of mine has maintained to fall off. Reason do not take the surface of stove (some of a client have mentioned also), when mine 13 me it old and 3 yr the old cat has tried opens him, his so only maintained flopping during a place and does a lot annoying jiggling sounds. In an end, am not really sure that a @@@knob covers 'deter' a boy and cat to take to a stove looks that they want to that more often reasons a esounds', especially a cat!! One of a coverage of @@@knob has broken after a cat constantly paw on he (likes a day, some clients have mentioned also an economic material) and take a @whole of @@knob together with him!! I am not sure like this the element can take so many good descriptions (one the recent description is roughly television of fire I the reading bad?).
5 / 5 By Timothy
These coverages of @@@knob are so only that has required. I do not comprise reason GE would draw my new stove so that some @@@knob could like this easily be turned on to clash them. A push of @@@knob in and gas of emission to an air. A @@@knob has to that be turned further for an electronic ignition to ignite a burner. So you sustain up against a stove, a @@@knob is turned easily without knowing and the gas is emitted to an air for the time before any will remark. A lot, very dangerous. Terrible creation. These coverages of @@@knob are literally the saver of life. It was not that the times have left for work and has had to turn around reason have taken something in a cupboard on a stove and request if I accidentally turned in a gas . These coverages of @@@knob install easily after pulling of some @@@knob of stove, pressing in a thumbprint in a coverage to open a coverage of @@@knob and then that dips a coverage of @@@knob in the place and that substitutes a @@@knob and that closes a coverage of @@@knob. When Precise use a burner, so only softly push in an impression of thumb in a coverage of @@@knob to open a coverage of @@@knob and turn in a @@@knob. Once installed, the same look to belong there, any detracting of a look of a stove.
4 / 5 By Shante
2020 Feb Update: for now, literally EVERYTHING of some coverages of @@@knob has broken with normal use. Ossia pathetic. We would love the repayment. Some the plastic hinges are a 'the feeblest link' and does not resist up. It does not recommend buying this worthless produced unless it is seriously redesigned for the durability has improved.
Was first excited in this product - with the small boys require extra deterrent to them fiddling with some @@@knob of burner like this easily in the sound achieves! And virtually all the costruttrici of oven locate some @@@knob in a front. This product was easy to install and begin to use, and enjoy it to us, BUT less than 6 months later, all have broken during the normal use and in the so only have two has left that function! Ossia Terrible for durability of product. A main question is an economic plastic mould that read like the hinge. This easily pauses and then a protective coverage is useless.... Good concept, unsatisfactory quality.
4 / 5 By Lucilla
Has bought these alive reasons in walking and more walk thrive in of the small cookeries to where has room very small among the stove and the refrigerator. Often it time it it open a refrigerator and curve on to fetch the things was and my wonderful rear region somehow would turn any @@@knob in a gas stove on. Of then taking these I do not owe that concern roughly accidentally turning in a gas stove. I have used it takes to find me running behind in a house so only to verify that the did not turn them on accidentally while running around doing material before it does. They are happy the does not have to that do this anymore. Also I can be sure my two creature the one who is curious wont accidentally turn any @@@knob in a stove neither. An only thing can complain roughly is that some coverages, included when open hid some indicators of level of the temperature in a stove. A plastic is clear but a form of a plastic the hard fact to do out of that temperature is dipped to.
5 / 5 By Byron
Is tired to run to one every time your stove toddler is near the, and saying “A lot, HOT” in your sleep? When toddlers Can walk is to everything, and especially curious in touching, pressing, turning, etc. When they Achieve these little fingers until a @@@knob of stove-is not while difficult to turn. These coverages of the stove of the security is literally saver of life. They are like this easy to open and close with a delivery for adult but any girl. They are visas easily by means of while cooking and can be easily dipped on and take without leaving the trace of anything or frames behind. Chico better proofing never, and can not beat a prize!
5 / 5 By Brandon
The company seriously the needs corrects a product. It is too big and very difficult to open. It forgets the boy opens it, is absolutely crazy for adult to open. It has had to return a product!
5 / 5 By Kali
Has moved our mother-in-law the one who has dementia in with us. My main worry was that accidentally it turns any @@@knob in a gas stove and not remarking--which has spent once before. This @plastic of @@knob gives peaces of alcohols. Pop a @@@knob of your stove and open these plastic coverages up. Then dipped the coverage on where a @@@knob of the stove usually goes and substitute a @@@knob. Once you snap an enclosed coverage, has any way to turn in a @@@knob accidentally. A bit of pressure in a side of some explosions of ploughs of coverage calm so much can turn a @@@knob on when I require it.

Some plastic looks bit it thin, like the bit has concerned roughly durability. They are resisting on for now and we are breathing I sigh it of relief that will have an accident in our house.
4 / 5 By Tegan
Any boy, but cats and dogs ... Cats that constantly walk by means of a stove ... And dogs that stove / to counter surf. I have purchased based in descriptions and love a product. It likes that they are of clear, looks well against the stainless steel and is very a lot east to install - has not had to read directions ... It is obvious and has taken roughly 30 seconds. Has the gas stove - I does not press some coverages to light a burner ... Instead, I have burst an open coverage -- súper easy to burst open and snap concluded. A prize added: less cleansing reason no more splashes, fat, etc down to any @@@knob! Like this far like this well, active had him so only roughly the week. You update if something changes. Yes, spent these!
4 / 5 By Dona
Mina 18 daughter of month is trying to do so it sucks so much partorisca take to a stove tugs a chair and is trace in the, if it was not there has not imagined never touches that that as it has had to that take some measures of the security and I have finalised to buy this product and I am like this happy that has done.
Is material well and easy to be installed up to now she no vigure regarding the opened perhaps reason so only opens when it is not around. It recommends it.
4 / 5 By Hilda
After using for just the few weeks these has lined permanently coverages to ours marks new row. They are a lot disturbed that something simple and the plastic could have left this a lot lining in so much of small time. His well but have any hule/soft that retreated and constantly moves around, for this some scratches. If it likes-you yours row would remain out of these!!
5 / 5 By Jayme
Has bought these, law but some brittle plastic looks and is not simple to open. I have chosen these on Security In the first place some same although they were more expensive ($ 12 vs $ 7) reasons were labeled “Election of Amazon.” I have imagined that has meant has been the quality has estimated main and better . It was wrong and no longer prenderá attention to elements of Election of the Amazon and instead will research elsewhere first to select an element. Take an economic plus some are better, a plastic does not look like this brittle and have the hule around a base the help opens him.
4 / 5 By Brianne
Has bought these clear coverages for my LG 5 row of burner. A LG the row has @@@knob big extra and a diagonal navigation of some @@@knob the easy fact to accidentally turn a gas on when dipping elements to a OTR microwave (that speaks of experience...). After doing some investigation and thanks to another reviewer the one who has taken the picture of these clear coverages that they are quite big to return in some big LG @@@knob, has purchased this product. Like this far he a work. They are the little has concerned that over time and use to express a plastic to open, a clasp this connects some upper and inferior pieces will break. This in spite of, these are economic to substitute anyways and like this far is a response to a same security main worry. For now, we so only a lot clasp some coverages.
5 / 5 By Luciana
A work! It likes that any @@@knob is of clear to the equal that can see if a burner is on, or the one who a heat of a burner is dipped to. And a clear creation is so only more beautiful that look in. You the click has closed enough amiably, and in fact has to that grib and appeal with the pocola force when it needs opens it. A boy of a year will take one and he so only transfers. Well preventative for now. An only thing I aversion is among a way when I require to open/close an oven, but concealed is not the big quite question to annoy me.
5 / 5 By Maryln
Has purchased these reasons my boy of 1 precocious year has maintained to turn some @@@knob of stove. We install these coverages of @the @@knob when has 13 months ; it is now 16-the old months and these are still effective. It enjoys to turn some coverages of @plastics of @@knob but can not take to any @@@knob of stove. Mark sure are a recommendation in a container any to leave your boy see opening some coverages of @@@knob! They are sure my boy easily would imagine was like this to open them saw the doing the little time, as they are easy to open know that.
4 / 5 By Lauri
This product has helped to maintain our toddler sure in a cookery. We had tried other frames but this one is quality very better .

-Very easy to situate in @@@knob
-zero harm (renter friendly)
-the adults can quickly and easily open these to access some @@@knob
-can be take to clean
-mine toddler can not turn some @@@knob of same stove although test :)
-material of big quality
-the grandparents were able to easily uses

highly recommends this @@@knob covers no only law but been due to a quality his hips last.
4 / 5 By Delois
These have been utmost to continue our @@@knob of gas stove. Our almost 2 year is to everything and that knows that it can very accidentally the turn in a gas stove is one less what to concern roughly. Easily they snap open and closed. Celery the little flimsy and one a thing that is the little annoying is that according to that is turned can take taken when it try to close an oven down. Calm so only has to that it stimulates on slightly to take a door has closed. A smaller inconvenience that can manage it for the little bit of piece of alcohol.
5 / 5 By Indira
My daughter has imagined was like this to turn in a stove and we have not been excited... I have found these on Amazon and decided for the give the gone. They return perfectly in ours @@@knob and is easy for us to open/near while giving our daughter an impossible challenge. I have been using them daily for weeks and a clasps is still closely concluded and unwarped. Highly recommend these to first parents of your experience of girls with a cup of stove. Hindsight Is 20/20 but these will prevent subject futures.
5 / 5 By Risa
These coverages of @@@knob are quell'has bitten big for my oven and attack the bit when I open/to close a door. This in spite of, maintain some @@@knob sure and 100 insurances that is exactly that I require them to do. Has the 14 old month the one who is going in to everything and one of our main worries was an oven . We bolted an oven to a wall, has ensured a door of oven, and these coverages of @@@knob give peaces to import that any accidentally turns a gas burner on when we are not looking.

Any @@@knob has characteristic of security of the girl and is easy to open/near.
4 / 5 By Dora
Based in positive critic and a description of element, was anxious to try this coverage like an alternative to some First coverages of Security of @@@knob, that thinks that would be slightly main. They are not . They are identical to some First coverages of Security, but (in my opinion) has done of inferior plastic (the hard bondadoso this feels partorisca like could shatter on impact), and does not have a rubberized grip in a mechanism/of open next key or around a focus. Also, I have purchased at the same time, these were almost 40 percent expensive more than some First coverages of Security. They are sure his work for a lot of applications, but is unclear mine because any one would choose to pay more for a product of inferior quality.
4 / 5 By Celina
Well. I eat. To the left it is taking a thing directly. They are the real mamma . With real boys. I have paid real money partorisca east, are not when being reimbursed, and have big expectations when it comes to the security of my girls.

Mina $ 10 door of security has failed a moment my little boy has learnt like this to locate on that! I decided it that it was now of that really go down to subject with doing my sure house for my babe when it begins a stove and burned the casserole to feed this has cooled was with which dines.

A lot so only are I 10000 has impressed that similar product abordable has DONE, but am pleased with a fact that look well in my stove! Baby proofing does not have to that be ugly. Shoutout To a vendor to comprise 5 coverages in place of 4. Has the 5th @@@knob for my oven, and some the same people have the 5th burner.

In general, so only the buy. The stop that looks and comparing. Ossia A a precise .
4 / 5 By Tiny
Install these in our gas stove reason our 1 old year thinks is funny to touch with some @@@knob in a gas stovetop. It have taken turning a past of @fire of @@knob, like some gas only starts (filling on a house, if left to). As we have seated it likes it to me he has have to that something reason is fast and is something easily could lose. These have shipped immediately, has arrived undamaged, and was like this-pictured.

Would owe that it has measured some @@@knob in our stove and has compared some dimensions. While these @discharges of @@knob to do his work, he very difficult to open a part of oven of a stove. A door opens down, and one 4 blockade of @@@knob/takes one spends while they are by train for the open or it closing. It is very difficult to open with these things on that. I guess it conceal it is a paid of prize for a security to know that our 1 old year any disorder with a gas stovetop and unwittingly swipe on our house.

Averts of a sizing of this @@@knob protectors, some vendors of this element are description-beggars. I comprise it classifies of Amazon the algorithm finally is promoting this bad behaviour, but some vendors the calm email that annoy to revise a product. Here it is my description , please leave me so only now.
5 / 5 By Letty
Love our gas row. Also we love our house, cats, dogs, and all this good material. Also we spend to have the person with the mobility reduced and any sense of smell in a house. Incident to a stove in a weekend, turning in a gas. We take it to us quickly this time, but has imagined enough warn that cure.

Any @@@knob in my row is deeper that many other coverages of @@@knob, which is reason I has chosen this together particular of coverages, and is perfect. They plough easily enough to not being an inconvenience, and does not obstruct my door of oven. This has said, is big. It controls your @@@knob and his placing in your appliance to do sure will do for you. If his no, is hardly lacking of a product, is so only the subject of compatibility. Personally, I think that that it is it adds.
4 / 5 By Lanell
Like this far, like this good! Solved a question. Mina in-of the laws those who are main always would sustain against a cup of stove, (to the career likes), to use microwave or of press and clean stove against a @@@knob and turn on burner unknowingly and the house odorerebbe of gas! Mina the young plus is 7 and has creative ideas also. This has solved a question. It is the memory by all the world more is sure guarding any @@@knob of gas stove to turn and releasing gas. It looks well also! Very easy to install and a mechanism of emission is quite easy to comprise. I add for toddlers and small some, loves it!
5 / 5 By Raylene
As well as it has measured rule crappy @@@knob of stove of the paving (the mark is specifically danby).. And cats that likes burn a house down has seen a stove while they are is gone in pupil/of work... These were to good sure too small. I order of him it has done it work because they were so only the little small.. But I have done like this for striking any @@@knob softly to a coverage with the hammer. To good sure was to send behind and that buys the different mark has not been an emergent chance to require some coverages now. They say that they are suppositions to return regulate sized @@@knob but his more certainly no. 'Big universal creation' mine leg left, more like this small with too much of fat plastic creation.
4 / 5 By Malka
In the first place, thank you for a band of FIVE (to the equal that has 5 burners). The girls have not been able to outsmart these a week or so the hat had him (the difference of doorknob coverages, lucido sigh), but finds them quite easy to quickly the open toe and closed with one rid me. It has scared they would melt with a heat of some gas llamas and burners in prójimos proximity (the @@knob @ours is on a stove, right in a half of all some burners), but has not aimed any signs of those still- was after being exposed to “big” heat long a past week. Mark sure when you plough these, has turned a coverage Out of a burner (the husband taken so only in a nick of time). Finally, these are quite attractive and alimentary splashes clean on enough easily.
5 / 5 By Lorenzo
Have the person of 40 row of years of commercial Wolf. Any @@@knob is very difficult to the appeal was, doing installation of these coverages of @@@knob doable, but a lot exactly easy. Once on, a configuration of a front of stove -- the claves 45° so only under any @@@knob -- half substitutes any @@@knob securely -- ossia, presses him all a way has retreated on -- is like this of the tight and any @@@knob is joint like this joints that a still can turn an interior of @@@knob to turn some coverages. A solution is to substitute any @@@knob a bit loosely. Then do fault his purpose has feigned. Considering durability, has did not use him really still, as it can not offer an opinion in that. These are not for boy-proofing, but for cat-proofing. In an end of a day, thinks that these will do.
4 / 5 By Kelsi
Another day has broken the principle to house to dip the full box of groceries in my glass upper stove unknowingly and accidentally pressing a @@@knob of control of the burner with my organism so only enough to turn a burner in the big. I walked it it was for the pocolos small to cure of something more and thank God my woman and my brother have odorato a first smoke of things has taken really out of control. A fund of burned box quite good but the catastrophe has averted! This is not a first time this stove has been accidentally turned on to sustain up against any @@@knob of control. Yes, calm has to them prints in to turn them on but this in spite of this 'almost shoots' distinguished me partorisca purchase Jool' Coverages of @@@Knob of Clear Stove. They do like this announced and hopefully the future accidents will be averted. Toddlers Can be dangerous but to the equal that can adults! Rings the way to do my surer stove and this look to be a response.
5 / 5 By Georgiann
These are LIKE THIS BIG. Any one creates the one who bondadoso of @him @the @knob of stove would return on. To do them the work would have has had to that use some class of glue like his no fling around. But conceal it has not been mine of value. A plastic feels cheep and has not been súper easy to unhook a coverage because they have maintained to turn around. Has thinks that that a measure would be very reason has had quite spatial in a poster any @@@knob is on but any @@@knob was too small.
5 / 5 By Cathleen
The edges has clashed accidentally the nob in a stove and turn in gas an evening. Taken loan it but has wanted to take precautions. First time this is to spend in some 3years have lived here.
Pros: Easy to dip in
the boys researched when in the first place dipped on but no longer has aimed interest
Gilipollas: it would like me to him the adhesive type to maintain he in the place but is not really the hinderance except my husband from time to time when it is spinned in the different direction to open
4 / 5 By Nathan
was done well, easy to install and use, look quite also, but after installing, is loosely in slope around a @@@knob. My creature is big and strong for his age. Before using is, my creature always wants to turn some @@@knob the little without pressing, with which have installed these on, my creature so only simply pulled out of a whole thing, a coverage with the interior of @@@knob, the bondadoso of has taken his eyes. It maintain to turn and pulling. I think that that it is the better idea to install the door of creature, these are so only not doing .
5 / 5 By Antoinette
Our 18 old month has imagined now was like this to open them, so only be trying again and again. He finally, for law of half, paste to a pressure sensitive zone to open, and so only apply down ready-economic flimsy the @plastic of @@knob is opened. It does not squander your money
4 / 5 By Kandi
uses these but my woman cooks the plot and because of our creation of oven covers a door of oven partially which means calm has to that take to use an oven.
When Installed hang because of being main that your @@@knob. The this there is grazed probably to the equal that could return any measure of @@@knob. Cela His cause to hang to our oven been due to like prójimo some @@@knob is the door.
For his purpose is good and use them to us. Mina 15 old month did not imagine him was.
5 / 5 By Charla
These are the bit oversized and hang down like this when it opens a door of oven a hangs in some @@@knob of stove, as when it close a door of oven is now in a way. Has Have the little time that my boy there is grabbed the and turned him and his gripped to a @@@knob correctly likes knobbed has turned a burner on. Sometimes they fly of a stove entirely if I yank too hard. And sometimes a lock any grip in a prime minister tries. It classifies of the economic plastic ask .
4 / 5 By Minh
At the beginning when I have dipped these on, and has seen as to open them, has thought “well these will be such the ache to use”. But honradamente, are not . Taken so only the second to open them. I have been it lifesaver with my extremely curious 2 year, the one who always learns a hard way for everything. Already I any precise worry roughly he messing with @@knob @of mine of stove! It can touch some coverages and turn them around, shakes them, anything master, and knows does not have to that me worry because it was not able to open them!
4 / 5 By Alfonzo
My father in law has has not turned accidentally a stove in closing of then take these 😊, previously to take this I supposition sustains against a stove to use a microwave on and somehow has turned any @@@knob and has turned a pilot on- scary has not spent of then taking these
4 / 5 By Idalia
the knots so only moved to the new location where my girls have accesses to any @@@knob of the stove and this was the question for me. Have reasserted for the solution and is coming up with these coverages of @the @@knob and I order these in. An arrived in two days undamaged ours new house. I immediately installed the and are súper happy with him! It is very easy to open and close when that uses a stove. There is not any need in taking them was and on when that uses a stove, his so only the stay in that I are adds.
Very happy and will recommend to friends and family.
5 / 5 By Celesta
Has taken these with which first together unavailable results. These are a same fashion , so only snap on on @@@knob of door that is simple. The one of fact tuen a @@@Knob of door, this in spite of, is quell'has bitten harder that a together prime minister or has bought. There is something in a form of this @@@knob - rounder, wider - that mark gripping a @@@knob of door by means of some holes plus very difficult. Still it can be fact but is more difficult for me, but still functions perfectly.
5 / 5 By Marlene
Our @@@knob of electrical stove is located in a front. This discharge of security is súper easy to install. Situated a toe down notches to signal on it majes the very easy for an adult to open. If toddler has tried fiddle with any @@@knob, some discharge of turns of security so only - toddler is not able ‘turn' any of any @@@knob.
Has taken 1 incident was reason there is not any hinge in one covers. One covers open fold plastic and near, and am not sure that the time will be able to use this forward of some pauses of discharges was has repeated to bend.
Good solution for @@advance of @knob electeic stove. Esperanza improves a ‘hinge' creation.
5 / 5 By Sadye
I have purchased these partorisca substitute some another has bought the now defunct creatures R . These are not done also like forwards some have had. Always it feels you likes is by train partorisca force them open or concluded as they do not have any class of latch our clasp on like them some another does. A hinge also looks quite flimsy. I am lasted the month like this far, but am sure will finalise that it has to that substitute in some point in the near future reason will not stand up to be open and concluded too first time to break.
5 / 5 By Edythe
Mina 96 year-bolt of old dad in the house and has a gas row older. Some @@@knob is free and easy to move to an on situates so only to brush past. Without emotional a @@@knob to one ignites place, begin him gas without the llama, and is easy to not remarking that a @@@knob has been moved. It has dipped on signs in a saying of cookery - VERIFY The STOVE - reason spends like this frequently. THESE COVERAGES prenden any of accidentally turning in a stove. They are utmost.
4 / 5 By Ursula
These snap on and a @@@knob is hid, this in spite of any boy that pode a stove can use this easy width the coverage of grip to pull a @whole of @@knob of a stove, doing disappears the toddler nothingness (together with your car tones, goldfish crackers, and bonds of bread. In all serious, if your boy can achieve a stove, these are worthless, if they can not achieve a stove, any precise these. I have expected too much long and now it can do not to return them. I seat it likes he does of better products there thus purpose, has had some with our eldest, but does not know a mark.
4 / 5 By Estela
A prime minister near has taken of another company has not gone quite big to cover a @@@knob of oven and some another so only grieves covered and was like this last to open. His hated. As it take these and the one who the difference- gone back with spare room, and the toddler will not take them never open. They are very easy for an adult to open to access a @@@knob of stove. The good idea when has the toddler the one who is like the magnet to all this is inherently dangerous.
5 / 5 By Bridgette
Five @@@knob the plastic regular coverages for the gas row purchase a day buys our new stove like my almost 2yr old is interested in Boss of touch. The delivery has come next day . You owe that open a coverage, pop of a @@@knob, slip a coverage in a estaca and pop in a @@@knob. One of some coverages receives is hard to open like this we so only dipped that in a @@@knob of the oven of then does not use that so as a cup of stove. First what ours 2yr old was to try them was and law well.
5 / 5 By Lucina
@The @Knob @Of mine can be turned accidentally on to sustain against a stove. Ive This the little time and any one there is @@give the to him until have odorato gas. These coverages of @@@knob maintain,the @@@knob was until the twist on. Very easy to dip on. An only question has are once opens a coverage to light a fire, has to be sure a coverage is not opened to a next coverage or is hard to turn a @@@knob. But ossia to be expected and is really the light question. First security! Also, of some coverages are clear, can see a @@@knob is turned on without that has to that open a coverage.
In general am very pleased with his product. Has or dip had the the few days I so that it follows. He sure the one who durable these will resist up. A material has not looked to have to that very heavy, but like this far is utmost. Like this happy has taken these .
4 / 5 By Camille
Loves these! I do not have the boys but my stove is an island inserts/inserts. The constantly converged people by means of an island and often sustain in a stove (small cookery). And like this constantly his paste a @@@knob and turning in a stove. With which something melted in a burner has looked for the solution. These are perfect. Easy to open and afterwards. No too much it distracts it of one looks of a stove. One spends of paste of oven the if they are in an open place but opens and is not to treat it big.

Produces excellent.
5 / 5 By Jerrell
Has bought these with which I accidentally clashed to my oven and there is not remarked a gas has turned on. They are really happy with them and to the equal that can prevent that to spend again as well as defer mine toddler to twist any @@@knob. They do not stick to an oven, but does not require to.

An only thing am not crazy roughly is a name of company and “product of creature that” is embossed in a front. I quite his be entirely clear, but concealed is so only me. They take a work done and am happy has done a compraventa.
5 / 5 By Flossie
Has received the call 1st day of pause of state that any one had clashed one of any @@@knob of gas stove and house odorato of propane. With two adolescents have left in a house, felt was besides a creature proofing days on Amazon, found these and has begged some adolescents would not blow on my house to the equal that have expected manually. The coverages have arrived , easy to dip on and now the stove is 'test of adolescent' for a summer.
5 / 5 By Kimiko
Are the real mamma with the real two-and-a-half-year-old ossia a measure of the girl of four years, (and marks it new gas stove.) These are universally-sized, installed down the minute, and my Car of Tiny Suicide, (read: a toddler,) can any the open. Although we were to leave them slightly abuse, retards long quite and cause quite noise that would be alerted to be until something.

Top Customer Reviews: Safety-Novelty ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By Alexander
This @@@knob is súper easy to install and has solved the question partorisca me. Has the stove with @@@knob in a front. Long any one had sustained in a front of a stove and accidentally turned in some @@@knob. Felizmente, was home and there is remarked a burner was on. I ask that it would have spent it if it have not remarked, especially it has had it something flammable in a cup of stove. Like the durability, can not say of then did not have him partorisca too long. Like this far, they look partorisca be the product adds.
5 / 5 By Elias
Easy to install is the good point. After installing all 5 coverages, a would not open while it has attached the @@@knob. I think that an emission pressed against a @@@knob. I have filed it down he like this ploughed . Then less than 1 day after installing, has against clashed one of some coverages and he have broken.
4 / 5 By Agnus
Easy to install and easy to use and well of look. Our microwave is in our stove. Sometimes dipping things in or taking them out of a microwave would rub against some @@@knob and turn a gas in unknowingly. Some @@@knob is located in a front of our stove. A stove is the gallery of refrigerator . We have wanted to try some @@@knob of security to see yes would solve our question. They have done well.
4 / 5 By Kathlyn
Buys for our stove of trailer of the travesía with which one of the ours accidentally has turned cats in a gas for paste the @@@knob with his foot. This produces no only laws like this feigned, but is the Saver of true Life ! Highly recommend has pets the one who takes the cups of contadora or young girls those who can turn in a gas but no for the turn was.
5 / 5 By Lakesha
These are well, easy to use the @@@knob but there is hanged down too down in ours Whirlpool the stove and I could not open our door of oven.
4 / 5 By Roman
This @@@knob of security is sum to maintain me of accidentally paste and turning in a stove when I do not want to !
4 / 5 By Adell
Is not like this universal to the equal that look.
5 / 5 By Angelica
Has purchased this to protect the patient of dementia. Like this far like this well, but my worry is that it still can imagine was like this to open them, as they are quite easy to open.
5 / 5 By Eneida
Very good.
4 / 5 By Pattie
Can ignite if the organism presses that @@@knob -- has to that be careful

Top Customer Reviews: Vadiff Thick ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By Versie
I have bought these after my cat have turned in an of mine gas burners while jumping to a stove in a half of a night. They are easy to install and use: calm simply wedge a fatter end for behind a @@@knob partorisca prevent he partorisca be pressed in. When you are using a stove, so only pulls up in a lock and a @@@knob can turn freely. They do not go in a way almost as well as these coverages of @the @@knob clear, which is the big plus for me. An empty behind @@knob @of the mine of oven is main that a some behind some @@@knob of burner, but because of a variable thickness of a wedge leaves, these closes returned both just well. Highly recommended if, taste, has of the cat the one who there is was to take you.
5 / 5 By Darnell
A subject:
has several big shelves afterwards to a stove in our cookery. Because our cookery is small, a stove is located in a corner approaches two cupboards that my fiancée and I frequently use. On more than an occasion some @@@knob has been turned on accidentally to be pressed in for the hip and then turned to achieve on on toe of tip. It does not spend every time and calm usually would remark a sound and/or a smell and the turn was immediately.

A final straw:
A week has taken patient. My hearts were like this clogged that there has been difficult result to listen and impossible of odorare. I have taken the glass of a backside of a second shelf. It have not remarked that a @@@knob has turned to roughly 1.5 in a stove. My promise has taken home an hour and the half later and there is remarked immediately a gas smell in a house. The gas of a stove there was state that fill a house, mercifully, dulcemente. Needless To say, this could have bad finishing.

Some locks of @the @@knob of the security was easy to dip on, accesses snuggly, and feel quite durable. Has has had so only a product for the few weeks but have has not had still any subjects. They are easy to use for adults but, could see him presenting the real challenge to an average, inquisitive girl.
5 / 5 By Abraham
Has bought these for the Refrigerator gas stove. Exactly 4 neighbourhoods am returned for behind the each @@@knob, as I have ordered some locks of ash of silicone. They have arrived and it has tried to install them like this some instructions in a manual. Ossia Where has run to some confusion. Has thinks that has had to be installed with a fatter part to a cup of a @@@knob, but any @@subject that has tried, could still push and turn in a gas/llama. A call to Vadiff the service of client was súper useful. A lady has offered to send me a fat plus (black) locks of silicone to try. A next morning, sent an email that suggests that I look for to install some locks with a fat part under a @@@knob (pressing until lock and down the unlock). It was skeptical, but tried it when it take home that taken. You look!! This has done a trick. Now I do not owe that worry in a transmission. It has thought so only it share this partorisca more the one who could find a same question. They are happy this work for our cookery, reason was really while any to have that uses these coverages of @@@knob. So only the personal preference.

Am spent to open and close a door of oven while two of some locks were unlocked (i.et. dangling Down has spent a @@@knob) and has taken taken in a door of oven, but was easy to take and fix. It is the trade that interest - was to know that my boys will not be able the fiddle with a gas when ours behind is turned!
4 / 5 By Mi
Loves these! Long accidentally it rub against a stove not remarking that I nudged a @@@knob on. An only thing that saved several times was a smell of gas. I have been concerned would not remark a smell til was too late a day to the equal that have begun compraventa for some class on call. All looked in on-line was this test of plastic girl big intruder doohickeys until I have seen these and has thought would not do or returns etc reason looked too simple. WRONG. Absolutely the perfect access and they like the charm. I took the minute to imagine out of some directions, but are not a pencil of brilliant plus so that it does not think more will have this question. Calm will not feel . It buys him.
4 / 5 By Sharen
Has required an easy way to do sure I, or my dog, or more thus subject, could a lot accidently tower in the gas burner in ours motorhome.

Ours houses has the gas stove, and has spent also 3 month that live in ours motorhome moment in a travesía along last been, the pairs travel short, then another travesía long for the few months. I have had never accidently turned in the gas burner, house or in a motorhome, untill the weeks of pair to a 2nd travesía long. Of a motorhome was a lot near of two another motorhomes this was bit it noisy when his furnaces has turned on, I didnt @gives like this punctual like the particular noise has catered/is come from my UNLIT stove.

Has had a smell that odorato like sewage, but I didnt connects that smell with propane. Has thinks that that any one is hose of drain of the black tank filtered and has been included external to verify.

Is not until it has been ready to put to bed the hours of the pair after a smell has begun that has verified a noise more closely, and to my horror, one of some burners had been opened. As, I of the that knows. It has to it prpers has clashed, has pressed a @@@knob in (otherwise can not turn), and turned it.

A coverage (which is spatial of additional counter ) for a stove was on state, as I have thought so only maintain a coverage of contadora down when a stove is not into use. Some @@@knob is then quite recessed, can not be accidently pressed and turned, of then has the rigid towel racks so only down some @@@knob, and some claves of counter were on some @@@knob.


Some days of pair later, raisin again! I do not have any one has thought that! There is not never past first, now two times in 1 week?!

To the equal that has begun to look for he of the solutions, which directed here. I have considered other creations and of the mechanisms, but decided to try this prime minister like this these looked very simple and effective yes returns properly. It has known no run to some questions another has had, but am like this happy has tried this prime minister.

Gone back perfectly with our stove, any casualidad can slip was; and when slid to a place of stop, some @@@knob can not be pressed in quite far to leave them to turn. A cabinetry down, and a built in lip on, help to resist them situate so that I am concerned not even in my dog somehow circumventing his creation.

And a red colour leave to see in the gaze is in an open or enclosed place. I add, simple product , effective, easy to install and use!
5 / 5 By Honey
These locks are quite effective in stabilising @@@knob of stove against turning accidentel. Perhaps it likes him the clash to a stove. Any so much for guarding against intentional use (for an adult) this in spite of. ( I have bought these locks because my mother has the alzheimer is. It has directed to disable them) can do for small boys, those who can not apply like this forces. Well the try, as the one who yours concrete needs are.

Has impressed specifically of a service of client of a vendor, with that has situated my mandate. Initially it take a wrong measure (purely my failure) and has achieved was the Menjo to explain a situation. It was a lot of promptly has sent the substitution in a correct measure. Menjo Was very professional, accomodating, and comprising of the subject personnel that impeded a swiftness of my response. The gladly patronize this vendor again, as well as you recommend them to another!
5 / 5 By Delphia
Loves these locks. Always we turn our @@@knob of burner when that takes a microwave or a rear burner, or included a poster of control. But I have not loved some coverages. Like this happy has found these locks. The work likes described and easy to install. I have him closing on like this still can open my oven. And like a lot has said, he quickly the look and I can say all the burners are was!
5 / 5 By Janice
Does not take reason this like this good work for other people. Certainly they do not close “” anything—calms so only is driving it wedge for behind a @@@knob as it can not be pressed down to turn gas on. It excepts, A wedge is done of squishy silicone, as I owe that do the bit to try that & it regulates when trying asegurarprpers. Also, any @@@knob of the stove so only takes pressed up for a process, as you owe that squish his backside down to a silicone. Ossia finicky & Ineffective. If you are taking these reasons has cats, does not look until a work; of the fattest part has to that be in a fund, can simply yank his down while ‘they animate “shut”, rendering his useless. So only imagine the cat that mixes on a stove, claws and everything, pressing/pulling an of these down in a process; it look, no longer protect it. Ossia Exactly a situation has taken these paralizaciones after coming house in a house that smells like gas. If you are trying the not taking blown to the realm Come, is interested probably in the highly effective prevention method; there is not any room for error when you are looking in death/a lot-dead, house-explodes/house- no-explode. These do not look quite sure for this magnitude of the phase.
4 / 5 By Mariah
This security of @@@knob of stove of silicone the locks are perfect for mine LG stove. I love my stove, but has been fallido that turns on if I accidentally sustained in an of any @@@knob, which looked to do often when I require to exit the spices have located on a stove. These locks of security have been in easily and is easy to use. It likes-me a fact that is not in a way when some burners are on. These locks of the security is not conspicuous, also. I have purchased an ash some, as his blend in better with my oven.
5 / 5 By Rachelle
Update - this company is surprising, so that it have to that do with yiu and take entrance.

Something small to maintain some sure boys, quite simple but act

Top Customer Reviews: Safety-Novelty ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 5 ratings
4 / 5 By Earnest
I have not used some adhesive stickers because I do not want to run a risk of him breaking an arrival of my stove. I have bought these like this of the substitutions partorisca a together old have had to that has broken ( was old and of the different company) This @@knob of mine @of the turn of stove like this better, - A hole in a backside is smaller in diameter, and a global width of some coverages is smaller that mine old some. Utilisation the tape to measure to verify yours diameter of @the @@knob of the stove & compares to a measure has listed here. @The @Knob @Of mine is so only 1/8' under a measure listed in a description,- and return perfect. Like this far they are that they resist on well, any subject with breaking of hinge like some more economic versions there. Shopping these again.
4 / 5 By Louis
Does perfectly easy to install and use
4 / 5 By Kimbra
All some coverages are exited inside the weeks of pair, has tried to dip more adhesive on but is exited still.
5 / 5 By Rasheeda
Maintains my sure boys. The recommand
5 / 5 By Nelson
These utmost !! They return perfectly and it is easy to use.

Top Customer Reviews: Eudemon Clear 6pack ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By Layla
These were easy to apply and the God-send to have when our 2, 3, and 5 and/or Grandkids has come partorisca visit recently. Especially with one 2 and/or the one who loves press, turn and game with @@@knob and keys... When we have had some cups flipped on and closed, can not take to some controls of stove- try and stray interest. When we Use a stove, so only express a past/s in some sides and a toe of the upper coverage down so much could use some controls of @@@knob. When prpers Have been to do, we flipped some coverages behind in any @@@knob and would be closed again-YAY!
With which some girls have been gone, has take each coverage for unlocking (inaugural) he to express some sides, then take some @@@knob of stove. An inferior coverage has been stuck on with 3M sticky cushion which do not exit easily. I have followed some directions to use my dryer unexpectedly in an inferior coverage (attached with some sticky tampons), in big for 30-40 second and the pulled immediately and without any one asks to remain or residue-yay!
5 / 5 By Roxana
This discharge has solved my question of @@@knob. My stove can not be upgraded to take the coverage of the gas lock and some @@@knob are like this soft to open that yes it press spent the with your gas of emission of the hip. It takes like this scared that my lady of more cleaned of with a @@@knob of the oven and a gas have released arrest almost an hour. But at all it is spent! As I have tried to measure @@knob @of mine exactly to the equal that drives said but am spent for big that a space among some centres of a @@@knob have had to be AT LEAST 4”, the mine is less than of the this has installed like this only 3 to prevent a disaster that has had. Some the adhesive coverages are a-use so only. A good part is that a @@@knob of oven has very spatial and these works of product perfectly, no longer will concern me like this hell if my paving will blow!
4 / 5 By Merrie
A tip: if any @@@knob is the little has bitten too close up (preventing to express some sides), can install him lateralmente and his has open sinister/legislation (sees my photo).
Also, another tip I bed to use a dryer of hair to take some adhesive works a lot well. It has installed one of them a wrong way, and using a dryer of hair could take a glue of cleanly without questions.
5 / 5 By Ahmad
Ossia The product adds like this far. My creature is 8 me it, as it has not tried exactly for the touch still. Be careful to install properly, different me (really my husband). I recommend, if you have @@@knob of stove directly afterwards to the each one like this, has any @@@knob the ploughed opposite plastic each one which as another (enough to the same way likes ) as they do not attack to the each one which of another. You can see in a picture, when opening is prendido for @plastic of @@knob after his. They are still able squeeze my hand in to turn @@@knob. Some stays of product on for double sided tape. It is sturdy. It resists well, be sure to clean any fat/of muck was before applying.

Pros: Easy to install, easy to use, takes a stove well, sturdy
Gilipollas: bulky
4 / 5 By Shonna
am spent to plot to time to read first descriptions to purchase. I have measured also @@knob @of mine of stove that is the main measure. Some discharges of security has done easily returned on @@knob @of mine of the main stove. They come with the circulars double-sided tape to ensure them. I have not been sure I have it wins that. It has dipped an on without a tape and moved it around. It ensures a knowledge but reason move annoyed to open and near and movement of appearance of attractive type for the girl to want to fiddle with. I ensured him with a double-sided tape. They are happy has done. Any one annoying wobbly feel because of a tape. Mina 2 old year touched him once and has not moved and then mine 2 old year so only has walked was reason have not been something has amused to move around. Again, happy has used a tape. The things have baked of course, any subject like this far. Remaining ensured and neither founding was. Ossia Obviously the worry. They are happy like this far.
5 / 5 By Hortense
Has bought these to maintain,the dog of in some llamas a house down. There has not been it toddler in of the ages but a puppy insists on that sees that it is in a counter and a stove. Fear of him accidentally turning a gas and/or that the burner directed on to this product. Súper Easy to install. I thought it really it was the ache of entity to use any @@@knob with these coverages but I a lot included give it the second has thought now. Once in awhile forgets to dip a coverage has retreated up and to the chair likes still would be protected. Perhaps any with him toddler ossia outfitted with these things of thumb but for our situation, is well. It looks quite durable also.
5 / 5 By Rich
Are like this happy that has bought these coverages of @@@knob of gas stove. It has it kitty to the to this likes him the jump our stove and unfortunately does not take any a lot of to press in and turn any @@@knob to take a stove that goes. After an accident of some burned hair, knows requires to do something immediately he like this at all serious past to the ours little kitty. Right with which take these installed in a stove, the enormous weight was lifted of my shoulders. Any @@@knob is sturdy and will not come budge yes jumps on on him. It is also easy for me to take some plough of coverages to use any @@@knob, but would be impossible for his to take them open. They are like this happy that has bought these coverages. It recommends him to any the one who needs to maintain his insurances of blurred boys. A peace to import these spend mine a lot each penny.
5 / 5 By Mel
HAS the 14me that the grandson adds old that visits and concerned in our gas row with an easy achieves @@advance of @knob. These have arrived promply, has burst on easily and is clear, as they do not obstruct a view of a temp bookmarks/marcadors of control. They plough/near easily with a delivery to access a control. They can be ensured with a tape lateralmente double has comprised. We choose to leave them loose and has done well. One first creature of what has done when it avenges to a cookery was to do the line of bee to a row and beginning flipping some coverages! They have turned so only harmlessly. Very pleased with this compraventa.
5 / 5 By Fritz
Have the big Thermador stove with six @@@knob in a front. Our island is the bit closes to a stove, like this sometimes clash the @@@knob while walking spent a stove. More than a swipe a igniters has shot like this, and once some gas has escaped, also. Also we have the 3-old net year, and concern that any @@@knob turns too easily. As I have bought these coverages of @@@knob, installed the in 5 minutes, and a question has been solved. At least appearance like this. I had him for only a day, but expect them to last.

Strongly would recommend to measure your @@@knob attentively first to order any coverages. Some requirements for these Eudemon the Clear coverages are indicated clearly, as it have to that be easy to avert taking something concealed no returned.
5 / 5 By Steffanie
Utmost law to maintain my dog to turn in a gas. I have not thought Never it require these for the dog. I initiate you up in a stove and paste it @@@knob that turned in a gas when it was out of a room. After reading another revises this looks to spend quite often to owners of pet. Happy to having found these coverages of @@@knob!

Top Customer Reviews: Clear Stove Knob ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By Maryann
This need of gas stoves partorisca be take. Any with the stove with the @@@knob in a front would owe that purchase these. In of the multiple occasions, brushing against this @@@knob is enough to leave the small quantity of gas begins to filter. This can go in for days if a stove is not used often. These coverages resupply security of house added for all the world, any just boy.
4 / 5 By Kimberlee
Easy to install and use. The perfect security for my dementia key the one who has maintained to turn gas stove on. The service adds. Arrived quickly. Good value.
5 / 5 By Ashley
My gas stove has @@@knob very sensitive. These were easy to install. They are convenient and easy to open to access @@@knob, which well of uses my stove the plot. They turn like this declared and concealed is a lot appealing to the mine two old year. It does not like that when of some hinges are facing down, as it was a place 'normal' prevent my door of oven to close which can create the subject of new security. Another that that these have exactly that it have expected.
5 / 5 By Dyan
This produces done exactly that it love it to us to do. It does to turn in an impossible stove of my mother of eighty years. Has the alzheimer advanced is and there is has begun recently turn in some burners of stove and leaving them burn. Of course ossia the fire hazard. I know that the majority of people buys this product for the boys but is utmost for the oldest people with subjects by heart.
4 / 5 By Lanora
The wonderful product has has wanted to one are arrangement of band now something spends to any of some coverages in a stove have backups also a prize was adds.
5 / 5 By Deirdre
Adds, simple, easy to instal and works perfectly
5 / 5 By Harland
the coverage covers A lot very
4 / 5 By Waylon
These r adds mine 2nd set w/ my second granddaughter. Once direct them at all is spent gives up. So only they turn when or you turn him r wonderful.
4 / 5 By Clinton
The work adds maintains my edges of 2 years to touch with a gas
5 / 5 By Marica
This product contains dud announcing. Some the plastic pieces are not big at all, as they are not returned our @@@knob. Returning and mega there is disappointed!

Top Customer Reviews: 4 Pack Kitchen ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By Zada
It has done exactly that requires him to us partorisca do. Also they are easy to open and afterwards. We require him to us because, any lying, ours a somehow directed cat partorisca jump in a stove, gone back a @@@knob partorisca light, and has lit on fire. The desire was on camera so only for real tries.
5 / 5 By Ardella
A bit difficult to dip on at the beginning. This in spite of calm does not have to that take a whole thing partorisca use your stovetop, so only take a clear plastic cup. Has the gas stovetop with some @@@knob directly afterwards to some burners. I have been concerned a plastic can melt with some burners on but concealed has not been the question.
4 / 5 By Candance
Gone back perfectly. They are a lot please my daughter will not be able to turn a gas stove on.
5 / 5 By Remedios
Easy to do except also easy to break
4 / 5 By Arlette
A glue doesnt stick it he still done a trick for not leaving a boy partorisca access some @@@knob. It LIKES smiley of creation of type....
4 / 5 By Quiana
Does well perfect access
5 / 5 By Michiko
the work adds partorisca girls a lot partorisca turn burners in
5 / 5 By Omar
Utmost to have for having the person of the alzheimer in a house
4 / 5 By Angelina
Easy to open/ near. Mina toddler is not exited like partorisca open still.
5 / 5 By Kaylee
Has bought these reasons my cat turned in the burner while it was was. I have not had any question of then installing them of then a cat still roams in a stove and contadoras. The desire had dipped his sooner