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5 / 5
Inferior line: A Reality of Fitness 810XLT racks is a unbelievable value. ( I have purchased he partorisca only $ 169). It is estimated partorisca 800 lbs, has good space, any precise to be bolted down and is also very stable. One 800 lbs the capacity is abundance partorisca more the people of all age those who want to do formation by force. Partorisca Reference, that uses a calculator in strengthlevel, yes could squat 300 lb would be squatting more than 65 of the men ages 24-39 those who coach by force. Calm does not need more than this rack partorisca the gymnasium of house.

Funds: I am 58 years old , 6'0”, 195 lbs and wants to improve my force. In an end of December 2016 I has begun StrongLifts 5x5. This in spite of, has used a car of the still old smith squats and bank presses, which is not recommended because of a motion restricted and a lot fully using muscles of stabilizer. As I have wanted to take the power racks and impulse without accidents. My aim is his finally laws until 360 lbs deadlift, 270 lbs squat, 200 lbs press of bank, 120 lbs tall press and 180 lbs barbell row for 5 reps and try maintain these levels. (I are nowhere approaches this estimate now lol, but precise of the aims). It looked on-line for a lot of weeks in storm and decided racks likes to Pray R-3 ($ 820 shipped) or @Titán T-3 ($ 420 shipped) was probably overkill for me, weighing on 200 lbs and required to be bolted to a paving for stability. A Reality of Fitness 810XLT has had a unbelievable prize as I valued it thoroughly first to purchase. I think that that it compares favorably the Titán @ T-2 costing $ 319.

Nave: I have ordered a racks of Amazon on February 4, 2017. It has been shipped free on February 6 and arrived in my February of house 10. A box was 79'L x 13'W x 10'H and 148 lbs. UPS Has situated the good out of my cochera. A shipment is packed well with each part has wrapped individually.
Has had a course broken, the tampon of plastic foot (run 486 on diagram). I emailed an email of service of the client in a manual owner on February 11. They have sent an email has automated almost immediately. I have received the response on February 14 that indicates that there is rid the order of substitution. After any listened anything for the week sent them an email in Feb 21 and has answered for behind a day although it will ship a part and gave the number to follow. I have received a February of part 25 and installed the. They have sent fact two plastic foot tampons.

Assembly: An assembly was easy. They have comprised one the majority of clear and thorough assembly the instructions had not seen never. His same has some rays packaged for number of ! I have presionado some rays until 3 or 4 edges are past visible a die. If you have presionado calm more could deform a steel. A 17mm socket and English tone of assembly of boxes of the fastest frames. It comes with the cockroach of wrench but I did not use it. I do not scrape a racks to a walk because it is not necessary.

Dimensions: A racks has the 46” width and 50” deep foot have printed. A short of an attractive on the bar is 83 3/4” of a paving. Some sides are 78 3/4”. A working zone is 42” width among estacas and 24” deep among estacas. Some estacas have 19 some holes of thumb that initiates 13 1/8” OC of a paving and is 3” OC averts. Each third hole has the small “Or” shaped notch to do it easier that identify a same level among estacas.
Has 2 solid steel the security nails 1” in diameter that is 32 1/4 thumbs long so it resupplies one 24” period among estacas and 3 1/4” bar takes in an outside of a racks.. Some pins of security weigh 7.5 lbs each one that that. There are 2 hooks of security that is 6 3/8 thumbs a lot the time that comprises a 3 1/4” valley takes and weigh 1.0 lb each one that that. Some pins of the security and the hooks are polished chrome and look very good.
A gathered racks is listed in 137 lbs; this in spite of, have not been able to measure this I.
Qualified of load: Estimated for 800 lbs. Fact of 2x2 steel. I have measured a thickness of some estacas. It is fat thumbs that half is 14 gauge steel. I have not fallen the load in some bars of the security but I believe would resist 800 lbs.

The things has been concerned roughly first to buy:
1. So only 19 holes of adjustment. Titán @ T-2 has 28 and a T-3 has a Westside 1” model of hole. A model of hole in this rack works for me. Has a security of bank nails dipped in hole 6 of a paving (my bank is 20” big) and squat in hole 8. For a hook of security situates I hole of use 11 for bank, hole 17 squat of paralizaciones and hole17 for tall press. I have marked a place I use with electrical tape.
2. I am not sure state that a rack still to space among the estacas lateralmente has been really based in a description on Amazon. It is 24”, which is well. One Prays R3 is 24” also. A Force to start with the storm concealed is recommended is 22”.
3. There are 2 bars of stabilities in some estacas rear of a rack. Has thinks that that they could go in a way, but they the no. does not interfere with place of the bank and I use some sticks forward inner a rack still squat and out of a racks for tall press.
4. Stability. Once bolted together a racks is ridged. Although has does not love a racks to be bolted to a paving, as it could moves if necessary; I have wanted to it loved/ it to it to be stable. I have concluded that a racks is very stable. Here it is like me it tried it:
a. Without any weight in a rack, has dipped some pins of security in a first hole, is on be the while it resists an appeal on bar and has tried to shake a racks together side. A racks does not stimulate up or rock. You can shuffle or slide a racks slightly you really does in him.
b. Have racked then an empty bar in some pins of security, then be in a bar and a bar of rear stability while it resists an attractive on bar and tried to shake a rack still front back. A racks would not move at all.
A more will be the lifting in a racks is probably less than 300 lbs, like east racks is very stable and able.
5. Any storage of dish: already I have the tree of the dish but he could be more convenient storing in a rack while it does not interfere with my impulses. I can buy the pairs of pair of headlines of dish of Titán @ finds the necessary.

Alleged: I purchase @Titán T-2 J the hooks and is returned perfectly. I use him in some sticks forward partorisca squats and tall press. I maintain an original chrome hooks in some estacas rear for bank. The, for like this, assumes everything of Titán @ T-2 accesses of annexes.

Like this far, has used a racks for 6 StrongLifts 5x5 workouts and has a lot of satisfied state.

FR810 XLT @Titán T-2 Prays ANIMAL-3
Cost $ 199 $ 319 $ 715 has shipped
has described 800lb 700lb A lot Listing
Quotes 83 3/4” 83” 90”
Pullup Valley 83 3/4' 80” 87”
Pullup write several grip 1 ¼” fence 1” & 2 “
Wide 42” 44” 43”
Depth 24” 26” 24”
Bases 46” X 50” 48” X 48” 32” X 53” Walk bolted
Situate 19 28 28
Hanged 137lb 107lb 160lb
Steel 2x2 14 gauge 2x2 ignored 2x2 11 gauge
storage to Stuff Any 2 A lot of
5 / 5
does not go to revise this like the cage of squat, reason has quite a lot of descriptions here to say you that it is sturdy and will resist hanged and has some pertinent dimensions to do exercises in. Also, they are not an expert in weight. That will answer in this description is, can gather this thing, and that?

A pointed bank in this picture is not a bank that can buy you with east, but the different bank.

Are the short woman with a typical quantity of Ikea experience of edifice of the pieces of furniture, and with another partner of short woman, was able to gather this in the pair of hours. If you are big and setting this in the place where calm does not concern you on some wall and walk, could be able of the likes the alone person, but could not have done that in my paving. It is not hard to imagine was, and some parts are packaged really well, but is big and uncomfortable.

In a pair of hours of time of assembly, am not comprising presionando some 40 rays. I any that until today, reason have had to that go the Imposición of House and buy better tools the one who that is comprised in a box. I have comprised the photo of some tools that has used, which are the 17 mm socket, the ratcheting boss thus socket, and he 17 mm wrench. I require two tools because precise resist both a boss of ray and a die, in of the opposite sides. Take the ratcheting the thing or you will feel. Still with these tools some rays take me to us the moment.

Once has taken all has presionado, a racks is a lot of sturdy. It has attached a TRX bosses to the equal that can see in a picture, and at least with a bar of 45 pounds on there, can hang my weight of some bosses in any corner and a cage does not want to fall on. Hanged roughly 250 pounds, as it looks quite untippable mine.
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. At the beginning I didnt know that to expect in of the terms of sturdiness and the one who strong east racks would be had to so only to a row of prize. I owe that say that his a lot of very good quality.
A bank taken roughly 10 to 20 minutes to dip near alone and has has comprised tools, but suggest that you take your together of ratchet or better tools for him so only for the fastest. Be any wobbles or shake at all and feels a lot of sturdy and very done in general. Happy with a bank.
A racks took roughly 2 hours with the help and was careful of the places on exactly like the manuals says. Has has wanted to the one who clear a manual was for a first time in a history of everything manual of instruction. Reality of good labour Fitness to do an easy to comprise place of instructions. It would recommend to the same people have based in that. A racks has come with tools to install but I also recommend to take the ratchet dips of then there is much more pieces to the east a.
A racks is a lot of sturdy and once presionar all properly there is any one shakes or wobble, feels good and strong. One takes the bars are in better plot that has thinks that that they would be also. An only thing would suggest that it is to buy the together of J-hooks to use in planting to trust a headline of original small bar, J the hooks are stronger and surer, like this yeah. An appeal on the bar feels good and loves having some options of multiple grips with him.

Loves a bit together so that to do afterwards taking east? It takes some bars to title of the dish of another company because one some of them ive the bad things have listened roughly, Taking jhooks also reasons a incumplimiento hooks of bar that is 4 thumbs a lot the times are empty and I wouldnt trust the plot of weight in my organism with something empty. I have ordered my jhooks and am very happy with a quality of a frame.
4 / 5
A bit sketchy but for a prize takes a work done. I am still in the while the parts that is missing of some boxes like an element unsafe to use but has has not wanted to it send behind.

A failure of main mainstay. Hopefully Does not fall on and hurt any or I. The costruttore maintains to say will send some the parts disappeared but he is of the weeks of summer. They are in a point where will have that does the chargeback to the mine Seen.
4 / 5
I originally purchased so only a cage, then more has added late a Lat the appeal Down Attaches.

A cage is absolutely fantastic. Decent instructions (to dip it near), good quality, a lot sturdy - excellent, especially in this point of prize!

More has added late a Lat the appeal Down Attaches, and have some reservations:

In the first place, is not easy to dip near mainly - been due to some instructions. They are like this unclear like cage some are clear! I am spent at least two times like this long adding a Lat Attractive Down the alleged that has done to dip a joint of original cage.

No extracted big; it is a result of final that count - and is well, with a subject of entity:

Unless I am disappeared totally something, a Control of Leg-down sweep king purpose a Long Security that takes. It has said of another way,, has to give on a Long Security that Takes (that coming with an original cage) to be able to install a Control of Leg-down Fences in that it comes with an Attractive Down Attaches.

Resembles to the mine likes to owe options:

1. Every time I want to use a cage for the barbell press of @@@cofre, unscrew a Control of Leg-down of a Long Security that Takes, then move a Security takes in his pertinent place. This takes roughly 10 minutes, this in spite of. Then, when I want to use a Control of Leg-down again, other 10 minutes. It concealed it is not practical… The hips looks this is not something concealed would have to that be fact frequently, like some needs of Bar of Rear Cross to be screwed to a Long Security that Takes quite closely…
2. Forego Security and do my @@@cofre presses without a Security Takes. Really I do not want to that.

Is adding a Lat Attractive Down the alleged that goes to force me to purchase 2 Long Security additional Taking? Ossia Really any one the election has to that owe mark, but will choose security on consolation, included although this looks to mean go to be spending 20 animal minutes-that fixed a configuration without 2 Long Security the extra that Takes.

Has tried contacting a vendor, but everything am taking is car responses ( has been trying for 30+ days now without the response, which is that signalled to write this description).
4 / 5
4 things to remark in this element

1. Inspect an element before you gather
there is remarked some scratches in a black upper bar with which gathered it. They are not sure I caused him while gathering it. I do not have him remarked until afterwards. It is not the big shot. The person will remark them unless they look a lot closely.

2. Some finals in some annexes are not rectangular.
In a picture aims a chrome alleged to have rectangular finals. This in spite of, are in fact you circulates. He no a product any better or worse. It is so only something partorisca remark.

3. A racks is very better the quality that has expected.
Has paid $ 230 partorisca east with free nave. I have expected low quality everywhere. The man has been bad. This thing is built very solid. A product is compatible by means of and by means of. A metal feels sturdy and strong. A welds does not look to bad. Some instructions are extremely easy to follow and a packaging is fact very good . I do not have any idea how is able to sell these like this economic this in spite of doing the profit, but am not complaining.

4. It is not very wide.
Is not like this width like some cages in a gymnasium. At the beginning it felt too boxed in. After the while I have taken so only has used his.

In general am very happy with this compraventa. Has the affiliation in gymnasium of golds. Has 4 storm of squat and is taken always. Taken for ever to locate one and once finally take one, take the people constantly go in that asks those that reps has left. Now I do not owe that extracted concealed. I can direct on progressing my squat without any pressure or wait. No more when being late to do, skipping squats, messing on my workout routine, or taking has frustrated. It feels good man .
4 / 5
FYI: Look On Ironman 810XLT rack- is an exact same model with more than descriptions.

In general, am very satisfied with this storm to be able to. It was extremely easy to dip near. All some rays are some same... Highly it would suggest to take the 17mm ratcheting wrench if any already possess one to dip this cage has jointed. A racks is heavy and solid, and does not move really at all. The cry was to or/Gymnasium-gineer for this solid recommendation! That could use now is some annexes of qualities in the near future!
5 / 5
Total time to build without help- 1 now 15 minutes. You will require the hammer of power to accelerate things up together with the pair of pliers, the mallet. A box is weighed and is more to open in a spatial plan to leave a racks. It is Sturdy. Solid materials (for the residential power racks). Attractive-on the bars are surprising. The feet of a base are very situated. I add to feel metals and product. Very few plastic elements and utmost rays and washers. Any one embroiders acute, welds is solid and true, any solders of something. My ceilings are the few thumbs for on on the one hand of the main of an attractive-arrive bar and has not had a lot of @@subject. They are 6 feet . I literally exited in of the this has presionado grieve all some rays. Gilipollas: Without any bar with weight in the, this thing can be moved included on puzzle to foam planks. Any pulling of the horizontal corner will touch it on he like this the sure mark does not try any trx or hammer of rope unless in slope of an attractive upper-arrive fence. Not being any part to dishes of hinge in solos, but Comes with metal sconces for bars of bars and hanged olympic of crosses of the security in a box. East racks is basic in comparison to ad / of storm of gymnasium but calm is not in of reward of payment of commercial note. Ossia More for any more than two people that use during a week with heavy weights. Any meaning for punishment of commercial gymnasium. See my photos for visual evaluation.
5 / 5
UPDATE: the support has done any esforzo to fix this horrible experience. I have been ghost . If it could give accident of zeros, I . Down it is a full history .

That he horrendous experience. A photo has attached objective all that has received. That has been missing: Everything of some rays, washers, dice, Manuel, small J hooks, guard to walk. In short: all has required to gather this cage. I have expected like this long and not even it could gather this thing.

But does not finalise there. I emailed the support that declares all has been missing and has received the response that inform where to download a manual (this in spite of have not directed some other lovelier pieces that is missing). Has has sent photo, the answered, and guess that?... I have been ghost . I have been ghost knowing fully that has written the description and achieving was to give them the casualidad.

Rectifies this situation, surely will update you everything. If no, calm then can assume a company and his crew to sustain at all to fix this unfortunate situation.

If a cage is in your cart of compraventa, takes. If his accessories are in your cart of compraventa, takes. If you are purchasing the container, TAKING. You save a frustration, and look in of the past commentaries. It results they are not an only one this has experienced this situation ESATTA.

Please like me has found this informative/gain and so that another is can be conscious.
5 / 5
A bank he self is a lot of sturdy and extremely easy to dip togeather. I canno't speak in behalf of a cage, reason a cage no he never the mine and I have not taken the repayment for a fact that a cage no he never mine.
5 / 5
I have ordered one 810 XLT Súper Cage of Power of Max with Optional LAT Attractive-Down Attaches. A cage has arrived today, but no lat attractive-down and control of leg. Any one answers a telephone in some costruttrici and his on-line cat bot had attended and said then the person was there and partorisca leave the message. Where? Nowhere partorisca leave the message. I have called again and it has been said partorisca leave my email address. Really? I do not number it téléphonique? They are not that feeling but come by means of and correct this ASAP will change my description and indication.
5 / 5
Am spent 335 in a cage and all this resemblance in my door was a bank so only! I know I have not spent 335 dollars in the bank and the cage is in a description. Any where says only bank.
4 / 5
Am suspecting that this company has done something devious partorisca cushion his descriptions. I can not imagine like this the product has been estimated like this big to the equal that has. Ossia The fraud .

The product is thin and flimsy. If stimulus you more than 200 lbs does not buy this. If you are lifting of chick , perhaps will do partorisca you.

The creation is bad. They are 6'2' and when I go to squat a rear support is in my way to take my organism among a bar and the to even the take was a racks. Basically I owe that it racks much lower and use my backside to impulse he of a racks. BAD BAD creation!

Has taken for ever to dip near. It would not owe that have . More some directions were bad.

No the product adds or included it 3 product of star. Economic, economic economic
4 / 5
has Bought east racks does the year and finally decided for the give the description. After spending quite some time with him, confidently can say has been more than happy with cost of mine. An only with me really can think of this that was the bit of the ache to gather (cage + lat pulldown alleged). This in spite of, has gathered in a heat of state so that it has had probably something to do with him. My joint would be to gather he with any one helping calm for some of some steps. If has any to help you or is experienced with increasing things, then this would have to that be any question to be sincere. Going back to a cage + lat pulldown alleged, all looks well he has built. A cage can resist hanged well, and a lat attaches it did not give me a lot the questions. Everything is still smooth and the work adds.

A past year, has has attached also the things of his pair. If you are looking for spotter arms, J-hooks, or weightholders, the mark sure takes a some listings partorisca 2x2 cages. Has has bought things of Rigers, @Titán, Value, and Yes4all. Everything returns.

Now Ima be directing a worry sees the plot in some other descriptions. The people have mentioned that this thing wobbles bit it. They are not the detective or anything, but am quite sure to shake anything wobbles. I see people everywhere saying to to the material likes 'this rack wobbles too much of east sucks balls and rooster of entity'. Well of course it goes partorisca wobble bit it YES to to SOBRESALTOS LIKES HIM TO him A CRAZY MAN; this is not the professional heavy duty indestructible racks done of metal of scarce titanium that is to be attack for Zeus lightning and bolted down peels rays of the test of the fact likes him of those in your commercial gymnasium. Unless you are buying of Rouge, would have to be expecting some wobbling of any racks bought for the gymnasium of house. A wobbling is not the question. It can be yours own personal question attended the gymnasium of storm to house to be identical yours storm of commercial gymnasium. I have racked hanged on and out of these hundreds of what of time. A wobbling is not the question.

Now recommends that this racks ? 100 he.
5 / 5
When Gathered like this instructed, a main frame does not touch an earth in a backside. Two reasons:
1. A threaded hole in a main frame (A) has been cut was centre and signalling on, lifting a backside of a unit out of an earth,
2. It looks neither a main frame (A) or assembly of upper pipe (C) has had the holes cut in them concealed has not been the spec, and goodness to a global unit that is too short.

Roughly background - a reference of instructions the sure models of one can rack (2810 vs. @@@2810s) using holes of different ray in a main frame and assembly of upper pipe. Also number of serial of reference of short instructions- was for some class of upgrade.

Can pictures of estaca, but a rear/fund of a unit is lifted out of an earth.

To Any clues likes him any one takes around the this? I can think of the way, but would require modification that would not be right.
5 / 5
In general, would say that a cage is a lot enough for a half fitness buff. It is a commercial note , type to have that weighed of the cage finds in your gymnasium? No. But a cage, coupled with my turn of mark dips have up does to think could forego rejoining gymnasium of mine once reopens. This in spite of, the pair of things. In the first place, partorisca unpack some elements, has found that one of some few plastic pieces that use he mallet to drive to a base of a cage has been broken for the half. I have tried to call service of client but received some message that any one will be to answer call them have had to tops it virus, and that mine the better bet was to send them an email. I have not gone roughly to no for the dipped near thus plastic piece, likes I gorilla has used adhesive only the together glue, and then continued with an assembly.

But a main subject second has with east, and there is no @to @give this until with which has been together place , was that in an of one takes whole 2 x 2 cage partorisca armour plate the estacas there was to deep dent so only besides one of some holes. Quell'Concealed that has not been caused partorisca striking around with other pieces during shipping. And More the certainly has not caused this ( would have taken the a lot of hammering with something with the acute flange to having done this). Obviously this past in an ease of manufacture, and anything has been concealed the cause , has to of state the quite hard impact to cause a dent (with painting scrape). It was the disappointment to find concealed. I mean to arrive to this point that is my options? Pause he down, sale on and the send behind for a transmission? ....With which send him an email.

I also remarked in an of some commentaries that one paints in this cage takes there is lined easily. This commentary is attentive, as I already have several scratches to paint, included although I have not been manhandling the. In an end of a day, volume of supposition that stops of has paid. Like the note lateralmente, has paid $ 259 so only on done the week. It is listed now like this when being $ 419.
4 / 5
Has purchased a Power racks/Bank of weight combo behind in a start on June... UPS Has lost one of some two boxes (the with a power racks) during delivery as it has taken weeks for them to solve... It has then had parts in loser of a box after the delivery that & takes the parts of substitution have taken some time... This be has said, these subjects are some pocolos unavoidable & I finally has taken all this has been supposition to be rid in a box.

The majority of Of entity Takeaways for this Compraventa:
A Power Racks is dopes! Period. For a prize ( has paid $ 374 for a combo) a racks is a lot of value of the money so only. They are 6'2' & 270 lbs and a power racks hardly moves when I pull-ups & does not have headlines partorisca stuff that weighs it down inner a moment. It is solid & I absolutely thinks that could fall the tonne of weight in some bars of security without anything to concern roughly. My only aversion is that a fence of weight takes is very basic, but a welds is legit... I already upgraded to some j-hooks, which to good sure recommends. If an indication was so only for a racks would give 5-stars.

A bank, in another hand is WELL in better. I do not think that it it can resist 800 lbs likes has said that is to estimate to & a cushioning is súper thin. Has no lifted súper weighed in press of bank (or any one another exercise) to the equal that of still, but has begun to feel has bitten it squirrely with just any 100 lb dumbbells... Which would be roughly 470 lbs of weight when comprising I in a bank... When Building a bank, a hardware that comes with a bank (specifically a capped-dice) look economic AF & does not inspire confidence a bit. Bank of cost for the beginner, but no for any the one who plans on pressing heavy...

My recommendation would be to buy a rack so only and skip a bank combo... You are better of just that extra of paid for the bank of Rep, @Titán, Vulcan or Pray.
5 / 5
Has bought this because of all some gymnasiums that after down partorisca Coronavirus. Felizmente Has taken for $ 260, before resellers has begun jacking on a prize because of question. Criminals. In all the chance, this cage is a real shot . They are a miser lifter for 30 years. This cage is all the majority of will require, especially buy an optional lat pulldown/rowing alleged, as I have done.

Quite easy to gather yes read and digest some instructions. Take your time. Utilisation the socket dipped more than a tool has comprised. It will save time. It comes without to step drive of assembly. Included some dice and the rays are coded any to the no. Has arrived a lot meticulously packaged.

Considering use, are 5 feet 9 thumbs and 200 pounds. It can do squats easily in and out of a cage. No to wobble . Quite sturdy. My accesses partorisca bank well inside a cage partorisca presses without paste some sides or anything. This cage is built for a together of olympic fashionable weight.

Lat pulldown Attaches. So only installed this today and has taken a bit more along been due to more than pieces and some pulleys. Roughly 2.5 hours. Again, read some instructions and familiarise you with a cast of first parts to begin. They are no handyman and was able to do east. Considering usability, has been concerned that a smoothness of a motion the attractive would be very poor compared to that would find in the commercial gymnasium. In an end are very impressed with a smoothness of some motions that do lat pulldowns and rows.

Ossia The neighbour adds up and will be to annul my affiliation of gymnasium .

Has taken a cage and lat pulldown alleged for him lillte in $ 500. Be conscious that now there is literally of the thousands of the the rats of gymnasium like to of them (and perhaps calm) those who frenetically are looking for crew of gymnasium of the house. Spent this while podes. Good regime.
4 / 5
Stands out partorisca rack for a money. Solid, Sturdy, and well has built. They are 6'4' 210 lbs and he no budge when the appeals ups. When being that big an only thing that would change is a bet of a bar of upper stability. You can yours the paste advances the when racking squats, but yes attention to arrest that wont steps (calm also could turn around and squat facing another direction). Very better that has anticipated. A box comes to the look is gone through the crusher of the paper but all was there and at all has been broken. Produced excellent. Solid. All one same fasteners like any messing around with one 'fastener One with die to close B' malarkey. Again it produces it it adds for the gymnasium of house!!!!!
5 / 5
Has too tug in a main bar when doing Lat Pds and this could cause harm. The desire has not squandered my money in these rubbishes takes the look in some pictures
4 / 5
Easy to install, abordable. May..... Stimulus hanged quite heavy and does not feel sure in this cage. Still with some bars of stabilities wobbles like crazy, no the sure feeling when that looks for to rack the 500lb squat pr. Also some bars of start of security easily! I also roughly of ROM workouts and can see some bars of security dulcemente exiting among each together. He the difficult fact to finalise the workout when I owe pause among insiemi to regulate of the “taken”. If a prize was 50 sound cost some 4 stars.
4 / 5
A container is has arrived broken and is disappeared everything of a hardware of assembly and bars of short security. This obviously is not fault of a company, but after the week and meso to call and ridding entrances, has not taken any response of a company. I have finalised to spend $ 50 to buy some 40 rays, dice, and washers has required to build this thing. It is the good setup for a prize, but storm the scarce losing of the frames squatting or benching quite impossible. More the ones of likely be looking for the repayment of a company of paper of the credit if I do not listen objective.
5 / 5
Has used this roughly 2-3 times the week partorisca to the long of the year and are has impressed still! Value for your sure money.

I heavy impulse in this cage. 315-345 press of bank and 335-365 squats. Any to mention, also do attractive-ups/chin-ups in this power racks also. To dip that further of perspective, I hanged 295 lbs.

Thinks that a cage is quell'has bitten more stable to the equal that has the few headlines of dish with dishes in a base. In general, a cage is rock in bylines.

The accessories have purchased:

- titled flatly (of @Titán)
- bars of Diving (cement for this cage & done for Reality of Fitness)
- J-cups (of some mark can not agree)
4 / 5

I seldom revise my compraventa. Like this ossia the subject hot and one of a priciest, heavier, main, and the shabby amazon more expensive the majority of wins in the - I has loved to leave the description. Left me in the first place says could give some elements his own descriptions I totally . This in spite of, a way a pulley has broken and has not been that sturdy in all the chance, clue for an inability for the turn, am disappointed regarding this part of mine compraventa.

Reason a lot he 5 although:
- 2 part have broken punctual/easy - THIS In spite of, was essential to do according to which can say in all the chance.
- 1 Was one of some plastic feet. When Calm dipped the on some feet of bar of the metal, be careful to any one accidentally whack the quite hard of the pause or take the bad corner (Ossia that has said). This part is not really a subject like this in general.
- Another piece are the little more concerned roughly for a SLIDER bar. An inferior house plastic looks to have so only undressed and broken was. Now it seats in a fund of a slider assembly. I think that that it was the combo of use of the main weight and possibly not greasing on a pole of slide quite (ossia that has said). Also worthy of note, has been concerned that a plus hanged has dipped in the, a fast more a plastic slider has taken has destroyed. I think that you are using less than 50 lbs will not have a @@subject but expected to do so as 225 but could not break 125 without some subjects to arise.
- Finally an assembly is hard. They are not inept, but are also any one the mechanic. In fact joy randomly building pieces of furniture of boxes etc but a way a Pully the unit attaches to a main racks is such the ache in an ass. Any way could do he without the little help of my woman.

Now in the positive note, a cage is sum . If it buy this just mark sure has spatial for him. It would use it more my height of basement was main and some pavings were the pocolos more level. Because of a measure has been limited on where has situated the ESPECIALLY TAKEN a pulley . A cage is really treat it well, can any gone bad. Considering an in pulley of house, any one annoying . I have contacted support so only out of mine 30 window of day and can does not return I so that it will be necessary launch era. If have has wanted to do the system of pulley again this in spite of, a lot would not buy and the build concealed. A cage this in spite of, to good sure values he. Mark measured sure out of spatial before shabby, and build closely or exactly where will be dipped up.

Expects these helps!
5 / 5
So only has received the averages of an order. Received so only a lat attractive down when an order clearly declares cage of power WITH OPTIONAL LAT ATTRACTIVE DOWN. Called a emailed diverse time without response.
4 / 5
has bought a cage + Lat attractive-down in January for $ 589 + tax. Calm at present can take (2/11/2021) partorisca $ . I am not sure reason $ 140 drop in prize the month with which bought it. In general, a prize is well for the a lot of fact and sturdy cage/lat attractive-down.

Nave/of mandate:
has ordered a cage of power with lat attractive-down January 4 and has been the January rid 12-13. When it has shipped I have received the number to follow. A lat attractive-is down state rid on January 12 and after dipping it near, has @to @give a box was so only for a lat attractive-down. I have contacted a vendor the one who there is advised a product arrives in 2-3 shipments has seen FedEx, but so only resupply to follow information for one of a shipments.

An assembly has not gone too intimidating. I think it that it would have taken it much more using some 'tools' small distributed. It is more fast state with the together of ratchet; there is the plot of rays for presionar. One of entity hurdle to complete an assembly was that one of some pulleys for a lat attractive-has been missing down a half iron. I have contacted a vendor on January 14 and has has resupplied pictures and a number of separates has been missing. They have answered on January 15 and there is advised a department of part would resupply to follow information once an order had shipped. On January 21 I has written a provider again, as it had not received any information regarding a nave of part or an information to follow. They have answered on January 22 that looked his. I have received an information to follow on January 25 and a part has been rid on January 29 (-25 days after my initial mandate). It was a poor communication for a company and long process to obtain all parts to complete assembly of a unit that caused the not giving 5 stars.

A look of unit sturdy and well has done. It looks well. A lat attractive-down does well and smooth movements. In general, work for all my needs.

Bosses of adapter: Some bars for some weights in a lat attractive-down is 1'. It was conscious this when I have bought a unit ( says it down a description that these have not been comprised). I have revised a web of place of Reality of the Fitness and they resupply 1' to 2' bosses of olympic adapter like the present, but does not have him for sale in his web of place. I wrote him roughly obtaining these but has not answered never. I have contacted a vendor has bought a unit of, EUA of Trader Well, on 1/28 and requests in these bosses of adapter and could the buy, of a 'present' remarked in a web of place of the reality of the Fitness there is not coming with a unit has bought they. They have answered a day although it would look to and go back mine. I have not listened anything and have them like this written again on 2/10 and has answered on 2/11 that does not sell or bosses of adapter of the supply. In description other commentaries, some responses were the esearch Amazon thus produced.' I have it that has not bought still any one. Like this far, I mine dipped so only 2' flat in some 1' bars with a clamps and looks to be cost/stable. If I finalise found something, will update this.
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. I have not been happy with this compraventa at all. In the first place, it has taken for ever to receive a product (almost 3 weeks to be esatti). Secondly, I Have little purchased after the east, a prize has fallen significantly. It was spent a window of the cost has been he could take reimbursed. Thirdly, A racks is not stable AT ALL. I do not see like this it can resist 800 lbs. I trust my Field of Organism the power Racks System more than me this one. More collected today, was benching 205 and every time has been still to rack a weight, a whole cage has behind moved. If no for a dish of weight pegs in a front, am sure a cage there would be behind blocked. I have verified all some rays again with the wrench of socket and impact two times and has done sure that the has not been overtorqued but has done little difference.

A prize of his accessories is also prices gouged like this beware.
5 / 5
Has ordered a cage to be able to and bank of Amazon but so only a bank has been shipped. I am missing a cage to be able to. Tried to contact costruttore directly ( has no another way to inform missing elements thus produced) this in spite of, his number of service of the client does not operate. Hopefully Answered and am able to receive a cage to be able to, then will update my description.
4 / 5
In the first place was - please take you the wrench of socket with the ratchet, and an adjustable wrench. People in this call of description out of 17mm wrench (and am guessing that works), but has used the 16mm and this was the tight access ( is, torsion and all this). Tom English like this adjustable is more with another thing has said.

Like this - building this thing has taken roughly 4 hours so only. Ossia Mainly reason has taken my time and has has wanted to do sure all was A lot. Without some tools have mentioned, would take perhaps bend this time. Also, the installation will be the easiest plot with more.

All are adds with this rack. His a lot of sturdy, and trusts it to resist big quantities of weights. I have done already it stirs it of attractive-ups (I follows 220lbs), and there is benched on he with 225lbs, and everything is well.

An only question has had with east rack - has had subjects with installation (which has added likes 2 hours), so only one separates has not been still to mesh with a part that the required to returned in the - but does not blame some engineers of manufacture. I think that that it was mishandled so only the little while shipping. I have had to use gravity and sheer force to take things to do. With time and patience, has done work.

This racks are really adds. I gave it 5 stars. It would not say his SÚPER easy to gather (without some aforesaid extra tools). Of the to you 2 wrenches, but so only calm a favour and buy the pair further of elements to save you time.
5 / 5
Has pleased extremely with a product. The assembly was sincere and all some holes there is lined up! A lot sturdy construction.

One has attached the pictures aim an addition has done to turn give a racks the boss-crossover functionality. These pictures represent my Version 1.0.

All some parts can be purchased in Lowes. A racks has two perfect annex points for some pulleys. It sees picture 1. This tip the ray of threaded eye and 1 1/2' fixed pulley. Two dice to close resist in the place but is on purpose A lot tight as has a capacity the rotate. Picture 2 shows the period of zinc coated the square steel that tubes of Lowes. Three threaded eye the rays connect some additional bosses to a boss of the centre in a racks. Picture 3 point pulling in two bosses.

Thinks that this does really well. It maintains in alcohol, ossia Version 1. One could probably cut a steel that period of tubes down. With a full period, does not look to paste a cage but he potentially could. NOTE: I have tried this without a steel that tubes and did not like me one feels. As one complete a motion, a transmission of the corner in some bosses was quite significant to remark. Your mileage can vary and can prefer that characteristic. East tubing was one the majority of expensive piece in $ 20. All more is the economic muck.

Decides to try something like this, please be EXTREMELY CAREFUL. They are the Engineer Maquinal for education like this this was something was comfortable doing. It informs some limits of cariche of ALL SOME COMPONENTS feign to use. For chance, some two fixed pulleys of Lowes have the working load takes of 420 pounds. I have used 1/8' vinyl coated rope of braided boss. Blue Hawk the mark with the working load takes of 340 books.

Marcos sure Any carabiners use to do the connections are estimated for BIG LOAD and ANY to hang tones in your loop of tape. I can not stress this enough. Calm does not love something breaking in calm during full extension.

IMPORTING: the sure mark terminates some finals of some bosses correctly. Properly swaged deformable the collars are likely one the better approximation but I have used the threaded clamp thus setup. Probably I will change to the swaged connection because a clamping the hardware can rub against your arm during use. Also, thimbles of use in some finals of both bosses to protect some points of annex of the boss.
5 / 5
I have purchased a cage of power with a Lat Pulldown, the really like cage and has included a lat pulldown, but partorisca some reason, a boss partorisca a lat pulldown has been peeled was on day 1, has contacted them service of client and has gone back mine in of the days of pair that asks photo and number of serial, has answered them with the information has asked immediately, is state 2 weeks more without the response of them. I have sent more emails but still without regime. Ossia Unacceptable, will initiate them the turn the ones of the that listens for behind a vendor this week.
5 / 5
The reality of fitness is the terrible company without service of client. I have been shipped the defective element and now there is $ 300 of the useless metal that chairs in my cochera. It has squandered 2 weeks that tries to take the substitution Marks Upper telephone street and email without results. It does not recommend doing the compraventa of this company.
4 / 5
A lot of-packed and very easy to gather ... It has taken so only down 2hrs taking my time and doing sure has had all some pieces have the place was. All was form adds and marked well ... The pair of nicks here and there, no the question - this will take the little has on beaten with regular use. Good height partorisca do work in an attractive-arrive fence (I are so only down 6'2' ... As I owe that bend my knees when doing attractive ups, does not treat it big). Nizza That looks in general (any that I really cure, ossia is gone in a cochera). If this is going in your house, will love at least one 8' ceiling, otherwise could be pierce of paste in a ceiling with your skull while it pulls ups.

The quality looks quite good ... fore/aft The stability is rock -solid BUT a side to the stability lateralmente is the little sloppy. Hopefully Is not to treat it big, but could offer some feedback to a company, would be to do a x-mainstay vs. Some horizontals and upper suspenders go down has resupplied. This would do this very rigid thing and inspire the little more confidence in a product. I do not feign on pressing some limits of this product ... They are so only he 50yr old type that loves bank, squat, and some another supplemental movements with weights release.

Global 4 stars ... The good investment that will leave me workout in home to any chairs of time likes them, and does not have to that treat the gymnasium.
4 / 5
Has ordered a cage of Power WITH lat attractive down annex and has received so only a latpulldown the tears of complete annex was is returned instead 😒
4 / 5
This description is so only for a cage he, no for delivery that was problematic because of UPS any shipper.

A cage is a lot of value of the money. It had contemplated saving to pray it or ethos to cage but am very happy with this product and happy has been this street instead.

The assembly has not been complicated. My deception any prendió attention to one 'I On' focus in a estaca and no in that has one in some upper bars facing outward. Once the fixed that, all the rays are spent for all the holes easily.

Sustains 800 lbs of weights and although another has declared play on, there is not founding this to be a chance. I have used ab bows to hang of an external portion of an upper bar and my edges has done the appeal there is still to included budge of one something is on. A cage was in a paving without killing it but is now in the kill this in spite of does not swing.

According to that attaches, ossia a so only downside. Calm can not purchase a lat attractive down for this cage. A pegs is 1 thumb in width. I have used a t2 the storm flatly and returns perfectly.

First to purchase has read the description and any one have said a slide of the bars of the support were. When Situating in some spaces a part of the hook always would owe that be in a legislation. It does not import yes installed in a right side or accident. Situating a portion of hook in a legislation his park in place and prevents him of sliding was.

Values of the money and happy has done a compraventa.
4 / 5
Here is a fast and dirty (Racks so only, has not bought lat appeal down):
Any this is not the product cheaply fact, enough is is very durable. A prize is down reason is the simple, coffins the bones rack and bit it smaller (advance to back) that the storm of majority in a phase. A barbell the headlines are a lot so only (I upgraded to some 1000 serious Rep Fitness J Hooks) but some securities are solid. Has the bit of the side to change near been due to like this light when using the heaviest weight (300 lbs+) but is so only the transmission and at all crazy. One paints in a uprights is not economic but is the quite thin discharge . It likes to paint it will line easier that would have liked me. I love it, and enjoy using it daily (Squat, bank, rows, curls, attractive ups, all). It would give it to 4.5 description of star (but concealed is not an option) because of some headlines of bar, product, and transmission. Alleged of mark of the name like @Titán and Rep the fitness is a way to go for upgrades (2' for 2' with 1' holes) to do this pop of what.

Considering prize:
to the amazon sells this in $ 278 with which imposed when it is purchased and shipped of Amazon. Some other options to buy that it is more than that is not of Amazon but third vendors of party. AKA, these vendors on are touching and any Amazon. I create to buy east racks for less than $ 300 (comprising nave) is the compraventa adds. More than that and arrival to be in groups he of prize where the competitors offer more options with his storm for prize that is to good sure main but quite priced.
4 / 5
This cage was surprisingly easy to gather reason some instructions are clear, and some parts are labeled for number of no. The husband was able to do he for him in the pair of hours with only hand-held tools.

Has been able to do squat, deadlift, press of bank, press of shoulder, appeal on, chin up and divings without any subjects of stabilities. It maintains to import that one the majority of weight has dipped on is 250 lbs. An appeal on/chin on the bars in a cup are awesome and no too fat same for my small hands. I wish some the sure bars were J-hooks instead. Precise J-hooks to protect a knurling in your bar to the equal that adds $ 40 to a cost. It recommends a Yes4all some.

Has bought an annex of diving of Reality of Fitness, which is surprising and ergonomic. For headlines of dish of the weight, has taken one $ 40 Ollieroo some, which well but is a lot of overpriced. It recommends to look for $ 20 it used it some on Amazon.

This cage takes 3 stars in place of 5 reason 1) requires spent J-hooks for separate 2) a prize fluctuates to plot on Amazon like this control daily 3) for a same prize (sub $ 300), can buy a Rep Fitness pr-1100 cage, which looks looked and comes with J-the hooks and the laser cut to number 4) some bars of stabilities in a behind going in a way of spotting for press of bank. Of then it is gathered, does not go it to return. This in spite of, if it was to choose again, would buy a Rep cage of Fitness instead.
4 / 5
Absolutely mecer solid and sturdy. For an economic soyade in piece of the china has not expected such quality in a force of the materials used or a quality of an arrival. Each one asks was flawless same with a box has beaten to ship up. Easy to gather in roughly 60-90 minutes - mentioned for another, use your own tools. A ratchet and the adjustable wrench will take a work done for the half a time. Any on arrived harm has included with a box the bit has on beaten - all was wrapped well and has packed. The prize adds so that takings - think roughly he in of the lovely terms of months of the affiliation of gymnasium and calm will feel better roughly that raisin of the money.

In a commentary another has done has related the nave:
-shipping is not one to the fault of a vendor EXCEPTS that they could leave a cage to 2 boxes. A box is 149 lbs. I have looked fight of mine of engine with him before I have helped. It has said a folks uploading it on a truck has struggled also. It is a bit unfair to ship no-load with the container of this weight. Already they separate a bank and cage like reason not leaving a cage to 2 boxes?
-A cage and ship to bank for separate. Those complaining the delivery has left roughly has not looked in an in following info properly. You can see where each piece is in his travesía. Some people come the estaca informs angry when take a piece but a lot another. They are coming, be patient.

I produced adds in the prize adds.
4 / 5
Has bought this on its own name like the present of graduation when I have received mine 3rd university terracing. I bought it almost exclusively in some descriptions of good Amazon. It has been I joint quickly and a record and the arrival was cleaned and of big quality. It is sturdy and all some joints are reinforced. Everything does like this has to that. It is not real spacious inner when doing squats for example, but has quite soiled and does not seat cramped. It is 800lb the capacity is spare way for me, and I hope to enjoy he for years to come. A solid and addition that looks a lot of gymnasium of mine of house. I am 180lbs and he no budge when I am doing pullups on that. I have it outside under a coverage, (sees photo) as probably I will cover with him tarp during a worse of winter. Otherwise Expects it will last the long time. I have ordered some headlines of dish of optional weights that snaps to a racks perfectly.
4 / 5
Has expected 3 Month before I have written anything
to the amazon had been asking the Description for enough the moment.

After Using this PowerCage for almost 4 Month now, can say you

1 - Mega Easy to Gather, any PowerTool required but, if the - the assembly will take 30min Max / Without the PowerTool the would not owe that take longer that 60-70 Mark of the calm min. sure has any one calms Helps, so only to Resist one Bases in Situating calm so that it is varying correctly.

2 - Is Súper Sturdy, look in some Pictures, can see a Steel is lined this & is everything to Attack mine Barbell against the when it finalises the Together, and trust me those are small Nicks at all serious.

3 - This PowerCage Access in almost any room, ossia Gymnasium of mine of Cochera to the equal that can see in some Pictures there is Boxes to dip around. If has quite spatial, buy it, this PowerCage is worth it.

4 - In my Humble Opinion, if I can resupply it
Buy this PowerCage - You will not require anything after this Cage unless you are planning on coaching for Competition and still then, this Cage can resist until 800 Lbs - I knows have fallen 300 Lbs in some Bars of Security and at all is Spent.

HAS 19 Levels of Subordinated to Top he so that it will regulate any Height - comes with 2 J/Hooks & 2 Security of Sweep of Steel. Any Bar or the dishes of Weights have Comprised

Attentive this was quite of me to say you
Buy this Product and it beginning that it takes some Profits.
5 / 5
I have bought this on its own name like the present of graduation when I have received mine 3rd university terracing. I bought it almost exclusively in some descriptions of good Amazon. It has been I joint quickly and a record and the arrival was cleaned and of big quality. It is sturdy and all some joints are reinforced. Everything does like this has to that. It is not real spacious inner when doing squats for example, but has quite soiled and does not seat cramped. It is 800lb the capacity is spare way for me, and I hope to enjoy he for years to come. A solid and addition that looks well my gymnasium of house. I am 180lbs and he no budge when I am doing pullups on that. I have it outside under a coverage, (sees photo) as probably I will cover with the tarp during a worse of winter. Otherwise Expects it will last the long time. I have ordered some headlines of dish of optional weights that snaps to a racks perfectly.
4 / 5
Will echo some other descriptions but his of entity to mention - some directions are Quell'has seen MORE even in a DIY produced of assembly. It does for an easy assembly. 5 stars for packaging and directions of assembly.
Some materials and hardware all celery quality . A product and the consistency of one there is drilled the holes were something on. Some directions specifically say any for presionar some rays until a final step, thinks thats a thing of entity to remark to ensures does not face subject of alignment. All there is lined on well for me. Some folks mentioned the hammer to be able to helped with assembly. I have had 2 ratchets with 17mm sockets and has flown by means of an assembly.

I shopped around the plot. The things of entities of mine - (1) has had to be freestanding (2) not requiring when being bolted to the wall or walk, and that has used is of just squat for years, (3) has loved the full storm. It was you go in east and the plenary-footed Prays model, and decided in a prize significantly signals lower, this Reality of Fitness racks was a better option in general FOR me. But with this decision is a reality that does not go to be pressing squats or banks that goes to approach topes of weights. They are in mine mid-forties so only that tries to maintain the old age was a More can them, and to good sure not going to be the power lifter to arrive to this point.

Gymnasium of mine (in the cochera) has the concrete paving and to the equal that have gathered this, has had concerns that a racks can move, especially during the kipping pullup or the toes-the-motion of bar. I have been surprised that while using it, his very solid. Neither I have the dishes have tent in the, and do not lodge special for the maintain where is, and his in those remain dipped - very solid and his stable feeling.

In general, would recommend a racks for a half joe gymnasium of house.
5 / 5
One of some two frames of base breaks , apparently because of defective soldering.

Tried his place of support. Also broken of then does not sustain the photo of iPhone uploads. So only it leaves jpg, png or files of pdf, while my iPhone 8 will generate HEIC or jpeg files. It has had to spend for an ache to convert a picture to file of pdf. Has has tried his place of web for iPhone?

Will see to like answered my question of substitution of the part.

Update: the returns of Amazon have offered. They have sent two people to choose it on top of then is very bulky. I have ordered another and this time is everything well. Clashing of a stars to three stars.
5 / 5
Like this daily lifters, has been that they want to have some class of gymnasium to house setup for the long time but has not imagined never has had a space for him. Our cochera is súper tiny and is returned to grieve a car interior, and ossia all of our elements of the storage is not also inner. During this period of pandemic and the gymnasiums that after down, the knots so only decided to try out of manacles it storm and clean ours ours cochera to returned the. Ordered this one and has crossed our toes.

Like this far, has has surpassed far our expectations. It returns perfectly in a spatial clear in our cochera. There is taken on an hour or like this to gather and was súper easy with two people. To good sure would recommend to use it ratcheting English tones for concealed asks a process significantly. It looks a lot of sturdy and does not wobble when I use- launch sandbags in a front so only to be extra sure, but does not think even really require them.

An appeal on the fence up is excellent also- is not too slippery or too rough. Easy to grip and again, does not wobble or transmission when I am doing attractive ups. Some pins are easy to regulate and sure look.

Is the good height also- I follows 5'2” and can the same the tall press in one racks. Any much bigger that that it is likely no, but is the good perk for me! This be has said, he 6'3” man can comfortably squat in this rack too much.

For a money, totally would recommend east racks. It is the subject enormous especially for judges of house of gymnasium am exited.
4 / 5
Has had our partorisca rack of Leaves 2017 but on some last few months, commentary these cracks begin in a cup four corners. A racks is easy to gather but some cracks are concerning quite that there is prendido the using.
5 / 5
Was excited like this when it has taken my rack and has run down to a basement for the dipped near. After gathering almost everything of him, there is remarked that some holes in a metal there is not matched up for one of some lateralmente upper bars (pic on). I have contacted service of client. Any one has answered a call but they have said has been closed down 'during this unprecedented time' but has given an email and place of web to use like the contact where any one would have to that go back your interior 2 business days. First of fast 3 weeks and multiple follow ups of me. Any one answers, so only a response of car to an email that leave to know that any one would go back mine, which the person has not done never. Finally after being frustrated for any response and he faulty produced, are by train of the turn and taking the full repayment. I take it, you are closed because of security. But dip the system to situate where any one can answer to an email or call you behind. This company sucks and any never business with them again. I suggest to look elsewhere for your needs of fitness.
5 / 5
Was very hesitant to order east racks reason some of some bad descriptions that describes bad packaging and has broken part, but has decided to take a jump of then was a lot well priced. A racks arrived in an a lot of sturdy box. The instructions were easy to follow and the parts were neatly packaged. I have gathered a racks with another adult and he take roughly 1.5 hrs the fully gather. All some holes have varied perfectly and has not had any harm at all in any of some parts. It was very happy with a way looked and a real measure of him. It was the little concerned in a height of one racks has thought it like this any returned in my cochera and paste a cup when a door of cochera has been opened. This in spite of, quell'concealed that has not been the question at all. A width of a racks is perfect to move around and do squats and rack appeals without question at all. A subject only could see is that some holes are not numbered. I have ordered some stickers of number of the round of stops of Amazon in $ 5 which will fix this subject. They are in general very satisfied with this compraventa and like this happy there is pulled one causes on buying this rack. Perfecto for gymnasium of mine of house.
4 / 5
This product would be to add, if so only a steel has not been distorted that causes a plastic barrier that protects a slider when it traces and down to fall out of place. I comprise that subjects of the control of the quality exists, as I emailed a company on August 6th explaining a subject. A company has answered quickly saying would send the substitution separates which have been satisfied with. With which not receiving information of nave neither some products of substitution, has sent for the follow on email to a company on September 8. With which not receiving a response, has sent ANOTHER follows on email on September 22 this in spite of has not received the response neither some products of substitution. Some works of system “of the pulley” but no for likes it has to that have has had to that of then the zip joins a plastic piece to a slide or more would fall was and break a metal. Unfortunately, a embrague of causes of bond of zip that cause a system to not doing properly. It is a minor of two harms here, but easily could be averted if a company so only would send to some parts of substitution likes them has said. If it would have known that would not have received some parts of substitution, would be returned a system. I can it did not conceal no of a date of the caducity of turn has long of past. It is been two month of a Paradigm has said that would send some parts of substitution, and there is at all they.
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. That can say in this dope. As you will remark to wobble with which assembly. Heres A thing, a frame is light. Meeting moving a forward of what whole and backward to regulate for spatial. But like me concealed. His versatile still resists my weights. I have rested 350 in a pegs and he didnt budge.

A lat the down extra appeal is the calm to master that to me. He fun, walmart sells there version of this same product. Ossia A lat the appeal has bought down when it tops the swipe and each instruments of gymnasium has been gone.

Ima Maintain this box of cage I movement out of my house like this at least 13 years. It is not too wide, adds for gymnasiums of house, are 6'1' and return me perfect. Amur Some bars of security and an use of extra course to resist your legs down is character.

Maintain all your parts for your assembly and with which add in material. I have launched it landmine on mine and an only thing I look was a light weight has caused a whole thing to move. An easy fijamente is to take you a bit tampons of horse stop of supply of tractor and use that partorisca your wont movement after this

Seriously recommend a compraventa. A lot of very able prize of crew.
5 / 5
Has taken this in the prize adds, arrived in decent packaging, any harm, the box is uncomfortable, but easy to the slide yes is so only, comes with all the hardware, the rays are same measure throughout, comes with these wrenches of @@subject, another has said east the'll say it too much, if has the together of socket, USES It, will cut time of assembly to almost swimming, instructions of the assembly read, at all difficult. East racks is solid, pocolos changes to follow heavy bars, at all would have any reason to be concerned. A longitude spotting the solid of chair of the bars, insurances. The only thing has substituted wad a spotting hooks that is coming with him, no the complaint, a stock some do well, but has taken the together of j-hooks of @@@titan, enough any annex done for 2x2 estacas with 1 holes of apt thumb east racks, a chinup the bar is what good , so only is is not knurled, so only smooth, easy fix with some tape of sleeve of the racket, included the electrical tape would do, if smooth works for you, adds, me, requires some texture, especially if my start of hands to sweat. The interior there is abundance of room to squat. The storm done well, Perfecto for gymnasium of house, Can manage anything yours that goes to launch in him. And has the supply of Tractor has sawed. After, 6ft longx4 ft wide 3/4 hule fat the mats of stop are one the majority of commercial gymnasium abordable notes flooring available for 40 instead. RECOMMEND this clue.

Top Customer Reviews: HulkFit 1000-Pound ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
Bought this in the July and he have broken 40 days later. It has fallen literally it averts while it was lifting in the and does not have anything external of his limit of weight. A construction in a fund is feeble and bent, almost severely wounding me.
5 / 5
Will update this fixed description some subject

Ossia at all but he junk piece of the metal that chairs in our room of gymnasium and entirely unusable. After assuming the PROFESSIONAL for $ 200 to dip it up for us, discover several subjects of entities as follows:

1. Some holes do not vary (sees image). I have not been able to insert some bars of security in any side of a frame. It will go to a front but does not go through half of one rear that is to require to resist a bar, how is impossible to use some bars. It has included we unscrew a cage and flipped some yellow frames, but some holes still do not vary .

2. One of some yellow frames have been bent in a ploughing of a cup where resists some bars of black metal, as we could not insert a black bar without attentively readjusting a yellow frame that opens to use tools to have that has weighed.

3. Besides, this cage is not varied properly by means of some two parallel sides, said of another way,, some measures in a side is different of another side, for example, an inner diameter for a sinister part of some 2 yellow frames (to frame to frame) does not match an inner diameter for a right part of some 2 yellow frames. It is it has gone by the few centimetres!

Was like this unbalanced reason spend extra money in the professional of the place on only to @give that this whole cage was defective. We would owe that it has spent it of the extra money and has gone with a Reality of Fitness X-the Cage of Light class of Commercial Big Capacity of Olympic Power.

A durability of this cage looks good but that it is a point if not doing fault a primary purpose has been feigned partorisca.
4 / 5
This cage is extremely solid and has to that the plot of characteristics is. In a $ 300 estimativa-point, can has not beaten he - a lot of value here.

Pros: Very solid, 1000 lb. Capacity, the height adds for attractive ups, divings, extra j-hooks. They are 6'1' 200 lbs - does not shake at all when doing attractive-ups and does not have to that pull my legs until maintaining them to paste an earth.

Gilipollas: It is Chinese construction that welds is the little sloppy but solid and a discharge of powder is chipped in the pocolos flanges. This has said, these are all the smallest worries this in spite of and is here to build muscle, any to look enough and perfect.

Also will direct some of some negative critiques that does not think is justified.

1) A type has said some holes am not lined up for one takes bars. Obviously the has not studied a pictogram of assembly that clearly tip some arrivals of a yellow bar with a last hole 200 mm of an end while a last hole in another end is 230 mm of an end - has some finals mixed on, duh!

2) To the plot is people there is complained in a be of packaging all beat on - the mine arrived in the perfect condition and a packaging was very pertinent. Perhaps his he the packaging there has been subject before but has looked for having directed the partorisca arrive to this point.

3) The people am complained that some pieces were chipped or scuffed - treat big! Ossia Lifting of weight , no the opposition of beauty, people. It leaves to complain and it beginning that it use this a lot of sturdy and excellently the cage priced - you will not find functionality or better quality for this class of money!
5 / 5
Ossia Absolutely one of a power an economic and bad plus has built racks has not seen never. Some parts resemble has been mangled manufacture and at all to to returns like has to that. It is an absolute nightmare trying wrestle this thing has jointed, and a welds to to looks like hardly go to take. I have it that there is has not finalised even to the build is, but already the chair like the turn is in mandate. Ossia So only Chinese rubbishes. It does not buy this unless has the together integer of tools of power in the house and calm is looking for the one of entity DIY project.

So that well, are quite handy and there is almost has built the pieces of furniture of dozen and crew of gymnasium a month spent of our movement, and ossia without the doubt a worse thing has had to build.
4 / 5
This is to sell for the amazon and I find a title misleading 'HulkFit Fines-cage of Work of Adjustable Power with J-Hooks, Bars of Diving and Optional Lat Attractive-Down Attaches, Qualified of 1000 Books ' say that because law like an Optional Lat Attractive-Down the annex is comprised during a page. Had also any option during a process to order to select that it attaches optional, again in that think that these products would comprise an option. After receiving a product and dipping it has on found that an option has not been classifies comprised of disappointing. I have looked for again for all leave put web of Amazon to see had something had lost, but my findings have developed some same. I am not sure the one who would have to contact to clear all this, but will be to look his. It does not plan for the turn has included without a lat attractive down the still prize adds so only seat a title is misleading and would have to that be corrected.

Now for a product he utmost and easy build to dip joint I in roughly 30 minutes. The fast nave in a start has declared can take roughly 2 month but is gone in less then one.

5 stars is for build of product and fast nave.
4 / 5
Some holes are was so many is unable to use one takes bar. A lot disappointed.
4 / 5
January 21, 2019, a cage
Professional, sturdy, sure, solid.
Pocolos Produced in a phase satisfy me and this cage is for far one of them.
Easy to gather, included give you given and spare rays, doesn any needs to be bolted down
All the rays are a same dimension , attractive very solid-arrive fence.
That determines a compraventa averts of a prize was some 2 bars of security that can be attached in diverse elevation, these permissions for gone big in some weights or exercise without a risk of accidents.
To the equal that could see in my picture this racks is doing also with the regular bar.
Very happy, thank you types, Cezar, MI
Feb 10, 2019, a Lat Annex
Excellent solution.
Easy to instal, sturdy.
A very good surprise was some weights to attach 'cane. It is announced like fixture for some olympic weights. Has levels so many, has begun to think regarding the modify.
Surprised, has surprised. A diameter of olympic cane is in fact plastic bosses attach to some 1' canes of regular steel, then , so only unscrew it and can use an annex for some weights of levels.
The product adds. I have added some pictures also.
5 / 5
(1) Some instructions consist so only of the alone picture that to aims like some parts is returned neighbouring. Some portions are illegible, and the instructions written would help (p. p.ej., as And when a side-to-cross lateralmente-the bars would owe that be connected to a front-the-rear cross-bars; no presiona all some rays until all are in place, to leave all some pieces to apt together properly). I have used a cage gathered for the week now, and works well. Very solid, functional, and cost-effective. (2) I thought that it that it had purchased an annex, as I have paid $ 299 for a cage listed in his title as having an optional lat attractive-down, likes opposed to $ 279 for a 'powercage so only' listed without a lat attractive-down. I have contacted a company, and has answered promptly, leaving me to buy a lat attractive-down attaches, but for another $ 100. I gathered it yesterday, and it looks to cost of the additional money. A lat attractive-down especially could use the instructions written to gather, especially a correct wiring of some bosses. (3) Finally, some of a control of manufacture could be better, as I have had to finalise the paste was some of some holes of metal that was incompletely the on arrived paste, and two of some holes have required to file down to take burrs this has prevented some rays to insert. PLEA OF AUTHORSHIP: I am writing this description to be useful to readers but also to receive the free pair of J hooks for a cage to be able to. It is in spite of the frank description, and the hope is useful yours.
5 / 5
A the yellow pole there has been misaligned holes (a side has gone by 1 cm) on 12 of 16 holes, likes J-hooks or bars of the security could not be inserts to any holes on one 4th. This is to mention in several descriptions, as I assume is because of controls of poor manufacture. Also, one of some group of another pole has been bent for interior, as mentioned in a lot of descriptions, he doing difficult to insert to a overhangs. I am returning this product.

Remarce: Offered of Vendor -$ 30 value in of the stimulating (free J-hooks) to leave good descriptions. It maintains to import when reading descriptions.
4 / 5
Has ordered a Hulkfit rack together with a lat the appeal down attaches together back in legislation of Part around a time a pandemic has begun. At the same time the listed of a vendor has aimed both were in stocks. I have received a rack inside the pair of weeks but today 5/14/20 I still are while in a lat the appeal down attaches. A pair of the weeks later orders a cross of the boss on attaches, again has aimed in stock and has given to 4 delivery of week quotes. 6 weeks are gone by but has not received never he because of the UPS ray-arrive to have to that way that has had to that king commanded. This time has taken roughly 3 weeks before it has shipped and received it. Here it is where my 'come from with precaution' the opinion comes to game. A welds in an annex is bad. In a side of a racks has had to use the canal-next pliers to with energy straighten out of the base where one of some poles of pulley takes inserted and attached to. Felizmente The fact and was able to attach a pole. In another side the weld where another pole of pulley goes to had at all could do for is it returned and connect properly. A pole does not go to a base properly so there was literally any way to vary some holes among a pole and a base where a ray would owe that spend stops. An only way was able to resist he in place was to stick the screwdriver in there instead. In general in my opinion a quality of the whole storm of assembly is quite economic. If have has had to that again would not squander my money or time on that. Calm really volume that stops of has paid. Calm the favour, save you a time and a degradation with this rack and buy rack he of the reputable undertaken that instrument of the manufactures of good quality likes to Pray, Fitness of Value, Fitness of @Titán. Pay of the extra money partorisca crew of good quality that does not have to that rigs of jury to do work . After this fiasco knows .

Like the saga has continued. I order a rack and lat the appeal down attaches a same time in March, then the pair of the weeks more have ordered late a cross of boss-I on attaches the pair of weeks later. I have received a racks relatively quickly, a cross of boss-there is taken on the month to the month and the half before I received it. I revised it and it gave it 3 starts then - see picture with ray-engine and draw your own conclusions to the equal that to reason so only 3 stars and included then was generous. Before quickly the last week when after almost to 3 wait of month has received a lat attractive-down attaches. As I have gathered an annex and when I have been to attach it to a racks to have @@give that some holes in a crossbar that an appeal-down the rays would spend for has been drilled in a front in place of a cup (sees pics 2 and 3). All could do was laugh and SMH in disbelief. It can these people take anything writes??? As I have called Amazon to ask the new crossbar with some holes there is drilled in a right place. After the long times on resist has been said that it would have to that return a whole thing for a transmission. Seriously???? He this marks any sense???? As have has said thank you but ANY THANK YOU!!! Instead I am returning he for the repayment. I do not want to go through other 3 months of my life that attended and hope HulkFit takes it well this time. You favours and does not squander the money of time and energy is. It is rubbishes !!!!
4 / 5
We recently moved to the rural location that so only has not had any east of next gymnasiums has had a crew requires. My woman competes in powerlifting and has wanted squat of storm of full cage with bars of security and a lot of adjustments of different height for some bars of security for both squatting and rack appeals. We require something the little shorter that the majority of ad racks so that it would return in ours spatial but does not want to has to that duck to take to a rack or bend my knees to chin of mine to do pullups. East racks the system has fulfilled both of our requirements and has had a prize added of some bars of diving (which I totally amour). It was súper easy to gather and the wine with some tools requires (more extra separates how is handy). As has everything requires the more was significantly more economic that to plot of some comparable options.

So only downside to a racks is some dimensions of real tube. The majority is the level 2x2' except this one is more taste ' to the equal that can very easily find extra j-hooks, headlines of dish of the weight, etc to add his loves. Lucky has a j-more than the roughly has attached hooks to some bars of security. We so only ordered some trees of dish for our weights so many is good to go.
5 / 5
Has had a racks for me so only under the week; my edges and I used it several times. In the first place I will direct the little negatives has read roughly in other descriptions:
1. A packaging has not been rasgado, all the parts were accounted partorisca and in touch.
2. Be any rust inner some estacas.
3. Some finals of some estacas have not been bent and apt snugly on to some upper and inferior frames.
4. A front/has retreated holes all the row (can be reason have inserted some bars of security previously for presionar given for some instructions and another reviewers).

A racks took 50 minutes to gather for me. It recommends the second set of hands he so that there is sure steps that it would be it easier, but can be done for a person. Also highly it recommends to use socket/of ratchet more than a wrench of box resupplied. I have not followed the time that installs a lat pulldown alleged, but would estimate in a same quantity of time. Instructions for a lat pulldown could be better. I have had to that redo the steps of pair after the take bad, but is not surgery of the rocket and any one would have to that be able of the imagine was.

A bit those that things that can not be fully state covered in of the leading descriptions:
1. A racks does not look to be powder coated, instead feels like the good enamel. Any one has thought that durable will be it but is the good gloss (yellow) and crazy (black) arrival and racking a fence does not contact a yellow product to the equal that would owe that resist on final.
2. The holes are -4 centre of thumbs to centre with just down 3 thumbs among holes.
3. I can confirm distance of the interior among estacas is in fact 26 thumbs.
4. It measures estacas 2 3/8 thumb besieges.
5. A lat pulldown controls 2 dishes of thumb but looks a fence is covered by the sleeve that thinks can be take to use 1 thumb (but any 100 insurance to the equal that am using 2 dishes of thumb).

1. Looks Really utmost. Better that has expected.
2. A lot of sturdy. They are only lifting until 250 but in my row this racks feels a lot of sturdy and sure. The any muscle ups or kipping pullups but with regulating pullups is solid of rock .
3. It was pleasantly he surprised it that some accessories (j hooks, bars of security, bosses of diving, headlines flatly) is lined with some class of sense-like this material that will help to preserve a yellow arrival. Some hangers of the accessory is not streaky.
4. Highly it recommends the together of one $ 15 hangers. The works perfect to store to 7 sweep of Olympic foot, in resistant collars while changing flat, rope of jump, etc.
5. Lat pulldown The law adds. I did not use it a lot still but like this far I am happy bought it.
6. The bars of diving are in the perfect width for me. Your mileage can vary.

2. Some holes in 4 centre of thumb is really an only thing I really does not like on a racks. This has said, the press of bank is an elder of potential point of negative impact. This in spite of in my chance, has bought a Train of Fitness Pro the bank of Dick is (which is the bank I really adds ) which dips some bars of security in the perfect height for me. It likes hole that the spaces depends in an use of bank and the one who often the @@@cofre the. This has said, if my bank has not done has been prepared to install the program of plywood or risers under a base to create to a height corrected.
2. An only another negative can think of of the one of the east a big plus does not limit of measure of compraventa to stick regulate of accessories of HulkFit. This has said, prefers a measure to stick the elder has compared to a 2x2 storm, his accessories are well, and some so only downside the risk sees prenden to sell his in some point.

In general, am very happy with this rack and to good sure recommend.
4 / 5
Have Still to in fact use a racks I so that it follows to write so only out of that has remarked during construction and so only with which.
In the first place, has had to that use the hammer in an of some group to take some altos tighten to properly returned reasons has been bent in the he the inaugural a container. It looked to be the error of manufacture like opposed to the container has broken. It was an easily corrected @@subject but a @@subject nonethelss.
Some other things there is remarked is that a racks is more compress that has thought initially. I prefer the big plus racks still squats, but this will do so only well. When the be bit it smaller is the plus in that saves the room is buying this for the gymnasium of house.
A racks shakes the little like sobresaltos my confidence in him the bit but the time will say that sturdy this structure looks for to be.
A black in yellow is quite fresh and to good sure underlines. Down waiting for using this crew, so only be prepared for some unforeseen questions when calm dipped those together.
4 / 5
All four of some estacas vertical have been bent in some arrivals to a point that could not gather a cage. I emailed a company and has not answered never. Absolute waste of money.
5 / 5
This description is for a cross of boss on unit so only, has not purchased a rack and has done this to the stand alone unit.

Pros- Ossia For far a cross of better lovely boss in diagrams in a phase. I have not used it likes him to him he is feigned of purpose but with some simple modifications is extremely sturdy and smooth. Ossia Almost quality of real gymnasium. They are like this happy with this compraventa and with all my another instruments this does my gymnasium of complete house.

Gilipollas- An only of the negative entity is some instructions or lack of the same, any instruction written is included like an assembly of the extremely difficult boss, the time that eats and annoying. I can not believe this company could any release it calm-Video of tube or something in increasing some bosses in some pulleys. I have it almost it has wanted to give the bad indication until I took it fully gathered and used it.

In general piece to have that adds weighed of the crew and he have to that have for any gymnasium of house, so only be prepared for a boss to frustrate assembly.
5 / 5
Ossia The solid piece of crew, and have a lot of qualms roughly the heavy lifting with him. It is a lot of sturdy. Material there is the pocolos critical negative of people those who simply has not directed an assembly properly. Some instructions written is being missing of. A little assembly maquinal the helps of experience. Here it is that it thinks it is one the majority of tip of entity - a lot fully presionar some rays as you go. It takes some pieces loosely gathers, then go back around, in a calm order even dipped it near, and slightly snug some rays. Then go around again and presionar. Finally, it goes around a last time and really his crank down. This leaves everything of some pieces come to squared equally. Also, utilisation the wrench of socket with the boss the plus along, will give you a need of leverage to really crank in some rays. Finally, the hule mallet can go in handy. Had the pair of parts that is returned a lot of snugly, and the little tap with a mallet has done goes quite easy. If I have not had a handy, would have has has had to that do quite hard in the pair of some something.

After doing is, has verified everything for level. It has dipped some bars of security in in several different heights, and in each chance was perfectly level by means of each another. Some the vertical supports have been square. Some the upper supports were horizontally level. An only measure that was slightly was was an inferior horizontal, to the rovescio has measured. A whole racks is a lot, a lot of advance has touched slightly. A pair of very thin shims down some feet forward have cured of him. My paving is level .

One of some descriptions has mentioned some bards of security were hard to go in and era. Has no the found concealed to be a chance. My supposition is, if any one found him tight was reason a rig has not taken properly squared up during assembly.

A pair of zones for improvement - no, is not cosmetically perfect. A welds is not enough, but is solid. A product has some chips and scuffs, and some bars of security scuff easily. So much, it goes to look quite shabby, but concealed does not annoy me , because work.

Also, finds some bars of diving to be the little too long, those results in grip of mine that is tightened more that prefers for divings. A grip tightened dips more emphasis in a triceps. It likes-me it the widest grip. Ossia So only my preference.

A last point can be the breaker of extracted for some - a bar of horizontal support subordinated, in a paving in a backside of a rig, is advances too many far to properly squat of a backside of a rack, for me. My feet clash up against the and prevent me to take fully under a bar to impulse up and out of some hooks. So many, I just squat of a front of a racks instead, does not trust some bars of security because I any squat the failure. If you are not comfortable squatting external of a cage this can be a subject for you. This in spite of, all the world is maquinal of the organism is the little different, and calm can not have the question with some bars to plant at all.

Are in general very satisfied with this rack, and is going the easily fulfil my needs.
5 / 5
In this point of prize (approx three Cs), in of the terms of some characteristic offered - ossia the product adds . Although it counts for some instructions of bad assembly (or lack of them), and courts of rays, is still easy to dip near and is quite stable and strong. For context, mostly do barbell hastens of bank, squats, deadlifts and the army presses. A max the weight has dipped on is 275 and a max I never expect the place on will not surpass 350. Of this perspective, was perfect for me. Compact and stable with adicións/the additions add like an attractive on bar and annexes of diving.

Unfortunately for me, was one of a small no significant sample of clients those who has received defective uprights. Pins of mine of security any one is returned. I took the few tentativas to frustrate to line on all the combinations of a uprights and pins of security to conclude that some holes have not been varied properly in a uprights. His weer 2-3mm was. This in spite of, of some pins of security were almost like this widths like some holes (in a thumb), one his so only any one is returned.

The service of client was a bit responsive (24-48hr answered) and the ship agreed to new uprights with which 4-5 weeks. But with which 4-5 weeks, has said has not been an option and request to return to amazon - all a lot of courteously. For me quell'concealed that has not been an option. I have been it disturbs it to pack and return a thing.

Have solved like this a question I. I have bought 3/4 thumb canes of steel in HD and asked him to ship me the pair of jhooks of then could not use a some distributed with some pins of the security and I asked to reimburse bear me a cost of some canes ($ 45). They have shipped a jhooks but has not listened in a reimbursement.

The short long history: I produce to add taken lucky with receiving a where has any defects of manufacture. If no, it is painful to correct a question. It does not think a company was willfully bad/inattentive mine but does not have all that expects the subject young in the amazon would do to satisfy his clients. Especially these (taste) of the that was has had to that to do with them. I do not give any pleasure the bad mouth the subject. The defects are not unavoidable- but the ache of client has to that be directed.
4 / 5
Has purchased this cage based in some overwhelming positive critiques and a low prize. Desire that had spent the little more money because this cage has significant defects. Partorisca Background there is lifted partorisca on thirty years and I was quite serious and strong for some of this time. I have been in the plot of different gymnasiums and know like the crew would owe that it reads. One the majority of subject significant has with this cage is that a rear cross, the low member that forms a base of a cage is in the to slowly vertical still likes the backside uprights. Consistently, Has any way to plant your low feet a bar when you are trying squat. A J-the hooks are too many small to resupply any class of offset of a uprights. Mina workaround has been to move a J-hooks to a front of a cage while squatting reason a base is opened and can situate my low feet a bar. I seat like this it is less stable and is the ache that has to that move a J-hooks behind and advance. Another subject with a cage is that it does not feel sturdy and has the just quantity lateralmente lateral/-the-motion lateralmente in a uprights when I king-rack a weight or attractive-ups. (I follows 200 lbs and the little take of first form like my form probably has too much motion, but nevertheless, of the movements of cage to plot.) More concerning, yes look in some pictures attentively, will see that a uprights connects to a base with the 'Or' empty that slides in an inferior piece and then the ray has the habit to ensure a connection. Everything of one the lateral stress is supported by a welds around that 'Or' the empty and a metal is not that strong. In fact, has has had to that the curve the little during assembly because the result had bent during shipping. Although unlikely, especially with weight that the majority of people would use, thinks that with enough by force lateral, one could cause a whole cage to block in these welds/near. If you look in slightly more expensive competing creations, has sustains vertical structures in some joints among a base and a uprights to resist lateral whole motion. I think that that a cage will fail with reasonable weights? Probably no. Although it could, would not dip 1000 lbs in the, this in spite of. Material 400-600 lbs that maximum. My others the complaints are less severe but the still value that comment. A cage arrived without any hardware and he have taken two weeks for them to send a hardware. They are quite sure has sent the hardware for his can racks stand reason some of some rays were more courts and grieve long enough to involve some dice. I have finalised to substitute everything of some rays with the strongest rays and longer. Finally, some bars of security the horrible screeching noise when his places in a uprights. It thinks nails he on jointed of the chalk like bars scrapes to paint out of some whole holes roughly finalised. A record and the arrival so only is not that I add and is the long way of the some bars of smooth sliding security likes them in a gymnasium of real. Prpers Having said everything of that, comprises that it calms can not expect crew of commercial quality in this point of prize. So only it has expected so more based in some descriptions. Again, would have be worth it to spend the few dollars of hundred more to have something more stable and well has drawn.
5 / 5
Has bought a main frame HulkFit Cage to Be able to and this Crossover Alleged of Boss. Hulk Apt is sturdy and stable, and work well. They are the big type on 260 pounds, and is solid for me. It prepares for him partorisca take on the majority of rooms of interior, is main that looks in some photos on Amazon. Has inside my house but some installed people he in his cochera.

Him the the has not purchased never anything of Ikea and lamented a lack of directions, a Crossover Attaches of the boss will be a main same challenge for you. They are not the handy person, as another can find a neighbour-on besides easy. But there is not any direction. Some 'directions' so only is the piece of paper that shows some pieces and his seal and a blurry the picture of a product has finalised. Seriously. Ossia. There is not any explanation of like this to dip on a system of pulley, which the poles go where, which way some annexes take uploaded. So only the picture (again, blurry) of a product has finalised. I have taken the photo of a picture resupplied and zoomed in, feigned it my woman and she could not say any ( is handy). Also, there is any video of available company ( has the video to build Hulk Cage of Apt Power and was useful), there is any web of place of company to go to, and any on-line description. As it prepares for test and extra time-and-error with this Crossover Attaches of Boss.

A full stop: reading some of some descriptions of negative client on Amazon for a HulkFit Cage to Be able to, remarks that the people have has to that upload of the photos 'trying' can not be dipped on, but the looks has not gone included in a ballpark with matching on poles to the right the holes etc. Think that those have uploaded the photos are feigned reasons some descriptions the direct people that read the to the product of the competitor. It feels he likes room of mine of the group and no genuine descriptions.
5 / 5
Has ordered a Cage to Be able to and received it on one 2nd July. While it builds a Cage to Be able to have remarked that one 'Fence of Connector of the Base' has been missing. After speaking to Service of the client of the Amazon has learnt that it would have to that send for behind a Cage of Power to receive a Cage to Be able the whole informative order- to take a missing piece. I have been advised for Service of Client of the Amazon to contact a HulkFit likes manufacture to see could me ship a missing piece.

Has used HulkFit put web to do a surgery but has received so only that looked to be a message has automated behind. After the little more the days have done contact with HulkFit by means of his page of Facebook that uses an application of Messenger he 9 July. I have asked as it could obtain a missing piece to a Cage to Be able to. I have been said that the service of Client would require to be consulted to see the one who timelines and the possibilities exists to substitute a missing part. Of then it was at present happy with a construction and appearance of a Cage to Be able to having said a representative that has been happy to treat a understandable time to expect to facilitate a shipment of a missing piece. My intention here was to prevent me shipping a backside of whole system to Amazon and the then has to that the amazon ship the new one which would cost Amazon/HulkFit additional $ $ in shipping and time in general. While some class of resolution, has applied tape to a Cage of Power to augment qualified of grip in an attractive on bars and bars of diving.

I inquired with HulkFit the 10 July,13 July and now again today with zero communication of mine. Because of a lack comunicacional of HulkFit I follows to return a whole system to ensure that I can take the repayment. My intention was to reorder has had to that go this street been due to the company that limitations of ships but a service of poor client of HulkFit me decided to simply take the repayment and not purchasing to Cage of new Power.

Would not recommend this product this time, has (of then ordering) founds multiple another client revises to complain roughly construction and support of client of a product. Some pieces of Cage of the Can that has received is returned near a lot and has had any defect.

Has estimated a Cage to Be able to 1 Crash been due to a poor communication and service of client of Hulkfit. It could not estimate sturdiness because of a missing piece.
5 / 5
The precise only description has read. More and more this look of descriptions partorisca be bots and/or of a company they. Ossia A unbiased and sincere description of the regulate 40yr Joe old Schmo. If yr looking in of the cages would say that ossia of the best a partorisca of the money. It is there better cages? Yes but, now yr that it spends in $ 1,000 once add in some accessories/of annexes that yr to good sure that goes partorisca finalise to buy.
- Is Sturdy (helps partorisca have an annex of dishes of the weight)
- Additional Annexes (Hulkfit sells all some annexes some others do another. I have not tried partorisca return the annexes of another still mark)
- Additional Crew (can add a lat cross/of boss + of attractive of row)
- Fact Very (parts of qualities, thicknesses gauge steel)
- EASY ASSEMBLY (all some dice and the rays are a same measure esatta. Literally it could not be easier)
Gilipollas: Ossia nitpicking
- the hole that Spaces ( could be bit it more next)
- Lat row/of attractive ( takes the long time partorisca arrive. Still they are while on mine)
does not complain on some holes a lot when the be has not numbered. Take the bookmark (and the stencil yr OCD taste) and write some numbers on there. Or take some stickers.
Does not complain in a painting that it is streaky or chipped on arrival. It is workout crew! If any calm line he all up during yr first workout, yr the doing bad.
Some there is complained that some beams are has arrived bent. These stinks. This in spite of, the mine has arrived perfectly well. Perhaps the procedure of nave/of bad packaging in a past?

My Opinion - has had this cage partorisca almost 2me that. And it has done wonderfully. I workout so only and leave me to now press me further because of all a security added resupplies. More, all some the additional exercises can do now are adds. If a lat attractive/of the row does not arrive never will have the integer another together of exercises can do and down of the subjects will add a cross of boss for even more qualified.
In general, ossia a better cage in this row of prize and has the possibilities of expansion adds.
4 / 5
One plastic wheel is breaking so only after several weeks of use, which a sobresalto of control and whole tower addition to a pulley...

The tower is very easy to gather and to the point of good prize if this part has not been a subject.
4 / 5
To be sincere has not expected any one a lot for a prize, but are thoroughly has impressed. I have bought so only a lat gone back with some plans to retrofit he to the mine Powertec cage. It was easily adaptable, and imagines would be for another storm of frames. 4 stars been due to he not returning 45s.

Lat The tower has come 85 has gathered. I so only required to ray an upper and inferior to a estaca of drive vertical and attach some bosses.
Welds Is a lot
the steel is fatter that has expected
the operation is smooth
the arrival is a lot
Some two bosses that come with this very also

I desire there was the buckle to turn on one finalises bosses to take slack.
I dice and the rays are not a quality more order, but ossia the quickly fix in a tent of the hardware yes has required.
Does not return 45lb flat. A distance of a paving to a estaca of weight is smaller that a radio of everything of mine 45 dishes. Mina 35s access with in a spare thumb.
Although well, am skeptical will resist it one 500-600lb max indication of weight of a costruttore.

So only have taken this on 12/14/18, so that I like this the uses more will update my description.
4 / 5
In general quite happy with cost of mine. A racks controls on a lot well and fulfils all my needs.

Assembly and delivery:

has Arrived a lot of packaged. Any of entity dings or scratches. One separates was bent slightly but was so only noticeable during assembly. It has not effected final assembly neither functionality. To be expected with anything that travels that far of this measure and weight. Looks awesome. Mark sure are directions and presionar all in an end with which add some bars of security in. I have gathered he for me in 30 mins with the hammer to help presiona faster in an end.

the attractive on bars does well with minimum movement. I so only the curve needs my legs slightly and was to go. Any kipping or muscle ups. Attractive rigid just up with the straight legs bent or knees for aggregated ab work.

The bars of diving are the good addition and work well.

I use 7 sweep of Olympic foot in mine barbell operates it and turn perfectly.

Storm and stable and sturdy. No out of a normal movement with my heavy squats, the push presses, or anything More the spear in him.

6'2 170lbs
Athletic and usually course last the heavy HIIT or crossfit likes work. I am using a racks regularly and hard.

I shopped around the plot. Looked in used and new. My estimativa global was $ 1000. I have had the plot to choose inside this row. It was rasgó go in east and the plot of well of the sweat of frames likes @the @@titan(of the big) and pray. I have been with hulkfit based in dimensions and qualified of weight. His quite big to fulfil my needs of then are in a main end. Quite wide in a box to move without accidents. Besides, another storm didnt justify his prize based in the takings. I used him all this in spite of workout in my venue crossfit box, HIIT studios, and pops in once in the moment in a local power lifter gymnasium. I am not saying this is a better but is a better bang for your buck. Ossia The solid racks.
4 / 5
UPDATE 28 Nov 2020: As mentioned under a cage has arrived quickly but a lat attractive-down has arrived the week later. It could not write to the description separated the gustandos has been bought near. A container of an attractive-down was horrible! I have thought sure there'd be missing parts. It has had no parts disappeared but, a packaging was basically four pieces of the map has wrapped to comprise some parts and then wrapped with the plásticoes wraps. A container was still to grieve near when there is rid. The assembly was the little complex like some directions - some photos, is any direction at all. No too thrilled of a welding of a baseplate like rays to some subordinated-rear of a cage and a rear ray of an attractive-down boss ( faces to a backside of a crew). It would estimate a lat attractive-down a global 3 like this far because of condition of packaging in arrival, difficulty of assembly, and weld worries. Considering some commentaries of cage down: any transmission... We have not had some same 1-the accidents experiences another has had! Calm does not need the professional to gather. This in spite of, having two people would be more. We had used two adults and our young adolescent and he have taken 30 minutes to gather some 11 main part! The tools are resupplied also for assembly but, would recommend to use 2x 17mm ratchets for the fastest assembly and fewer possible scratches in a frame (1 control of any stables of vertical metal and 2 people with ratchets). Some instructions of assembly say you to do sure insert/insert bars of security before screwing all tight. We exactly like the instructions declared and has has had questions of zeros - all some streaky holes-arrive and all a work of annexes to the equal that has announced. Because of restrictions of height of the ceiling in the invert or installed an attractive tall-on fence to the rovescio without subjects. A Hulkfit to the cage arrived in almost perfect packaging - a plastic on around a box of map was 97 intact and a box of map was like this perfect. Some elements inside a box were perfect also - any element has looked streaky or dented. We order a cage and lat attractive-down near and a cage has arrived two days after ordering and an appeal-down will arrive the week later. In general, impressed with our prime minister in-cage of house for a prize and quality. It will update we experience ours first question with this compraventa!
5 / 5
There is retarded the cost of the storm of squat for the very long time. I have not loved to spend $ 500-$ 700 in the rack, and has been concerned that some less expensive models would be the flimsy waste of money. I have purchased this an almost out of exasperation. I have been tired to think roughly that.
Are happy has decided to go with this rack, reason could not be happier with him. It is a lot of sturdy. Hanged roughly 200 lbs and can do attractive ups on he without him mecer. It has dipped 250 lbs of weight in the bar, and again, a racks managed a weight solidly. Some bars of diving are the really well adds on.
A nave has not been to perfect, but enough well for my needs. A racks arrived with the pocolos small scratches, and the small dent. All cosmetic, and this thing goes to live in my cochera. Could complain it it was the piece of furniture , but is well for the storm of squat.
Be easy to dip near. Included some wrenches have comprised was solid, although it would recommend that it use the wrench of socket to take all a lot of and snug.
In short, ossia the product adds for an exceptional prize. They are very happy with him.
5 / 5
Positive: it Racks it looks solid. Good height. Bars of diving the look has comprised gain.

Aversions: Instalation the instructions have been missing of. Some the vertical bars are asymmetric and a lot labeled which is upper/fund . When I have dipped this have @@give on that one of a verticals was to the rovescio and has had to be taken averts and has changed. In hindsight some instructions there is remarked this this in spite of is in tiny impression and would have measure a distance of an end to a first hole to imagine out of that is upper and fund. It would be much more simple state with the sticker in a cup of marcación of the pieces and down.

Some bars of security require some finesse (hammer) to take them in. The holes could be the pocolos millimetri main which would leave him to go in smoothly.

A drop of horizontal support behind is directed under a fence that prevents calm to download a bar without awkwardly giving a very on that. A workaround is to rack a bar in a front this in spite of ossia different of like this more the cages are dipped up.

In general is the decent to rack in a point of the prize and I think it do fault his purpose this in spite of could have been better with the little simple creation and the fixed packaging.
5 / 5
This cage to be able to is a bomb and how is a company HulkFit! Reason? A cage to be able to arrived with some missing components (a vertical column and a LAT attaches). My only option via Amazon was to return one 147 container of book and order another but I thought it would be too much waste of resources so only to rectify a subject of missing pieces. I have had an epiphany, contacted Hulk Apt (street his email I found in a container - the Saturday!) With my information of mandate and request has had a lot casualidad could send me some missing components. Inside the hours have answered affirmatively and would ship them a next business day! They are entirely beside me, this was the service adds and saver of resource.

Has purchased Hulk Cage of Apt Multipurpose Power to continue my weight of organism calisthenics (attractive-ups, divings, etc) in home of then recently that takes and no longer that has access to a centre of fitness of the company where treated him. Cage of mine to be able to is gathered mostly (while received of missing components) but included is the current state am still able to treat some exercises like this first without @@subject. Reason this product offers more to versatility in is the state has built fully subtract to expect the additional options like those involving weigh release. Certainly it is drawn more for this intent that that at present am using he partorisca (and would have to that treat well with this 1000 lb capacity).

To amazon that offered these products was the real shot clincher to do the product to have that has weighed like this available mine, or thus @@subject to any anywhere. A prize was to add ( has taken has reduced again has received of the mine but I have any complaint), has been rid my door and easy to gather. Mark sure gathers where calm the want situated how is the heavy sturdy element!
4 / 5
Although the relatively good product, especially for a prize, unfortunately a one that has has received arrived with long rust in an interior of a two base/of supports of legs with some discharge of hule and in some outsides of a support of backside of upper frame. Consistently, it has had to take a rust of these parts, prepares them with Rusting-Oleum, and the spray paints them with Rusting-Oleum Produced of Slowly of Black Enamel.

In hindsight, 20/20 east, would have to has purchased a SML-3 Prays 108' Monster Lite Stand of Squat. Admitted, one Prays cost almost two times so much but, if at all more, am sure that the would not have arrived with rusty parts.

Update (Run 24): I have contacted HulKFit that asks my free to touch J-Hooks. Considering a rusted parts of the mine HulkFit 1000, think that a less than HulkFit can do is to resupply a free J-Hooks.

Update (April 8): that Follows my question for a free J-Hooks the HulkFit the representative contacted and, after several transmissions of email, there is remarked that HulkFit cured roughly satisfaction of client. Unfortunately, at all it can be done in a rusted separates that I have received, another that HulkFit sending me rust-parts of free substitution; which would be on service of half client. Based in my experience will create my indication to three stars, of two (opened to revise further).

Will remark that I have received a free J-Hooks.

Update (May 16): I have purchased a lat attractive-down attaches for a cage and am pleased enough with him. Based in that has bred my indication to four stars, of three.

Now, if a boss crossover the annex is priced for substantially less than a current prize of $ that can add to a cage.
5 / 5
Are not súper handy, like this generally hates to dip the together material but a video has done this looks very simple to the equal that have been for him. For the reasons will explain later, has had an occasion to do this assembly 2x I so that it will compare an experience.

1st Asamblea-1.as things in the first place, would have to take the wrench of socket and the hule mallet. A box is very heavy and was too big for my dolly, as I have pressed so only he my cochera and has taken some pieces down one for one. I have had the estaca that is to be bend and the bent for behind punctual with the wrench, like this well out of some doors this is the little annoying. Of then I have not had any experience and I had read some descriptions, has assumed was cliché to have to complain in the each estaca so that it would take to a right place. This extremely annoyed reason a need of holes to be lined on perfectly like this was with which you pounded a estaca down, has has had to that the the paste to a side for takes it there is lined on, or perhaps paste the down further, or on the little has bitten. Some estacas were such the tight returned that this was the enormous cry . It was way harder of necessary to take some stupid rays by means of a hole. Some hours of the pair more goes to dip late in a pullup the bar and I can not take some rays to line up. Has thinks that has had screwed something on top of then 3 of some holes are lining on, but one is just way too far was. I finally dipped a pullup fences in flush against a wall and there is remarked that a side was flush and another was angled. Saint smokes.

Anyways, As to arrive to this point, I Amazon of contact and a costruttore. I say Amazon that has this thing of hole setup and no master sends behind. They offer to send the together of substitution, say me to take out of a part I need, and he then ships for behind a rest.

2nd Assembly-As the days of pair later, a box arrives, take a pullup the bar was and returns perfectly. Then I am looking in an of a welds in a uprights and is the little sketchy like this decides to the transmission was for one some in a box that has received so only. The short long history, took it on without hammering at all. It is so only be a lot on like a one in a video of assembly. Finally, so only it finalises king-that does a whole thing that use a 2nd shipment. If I have required to use a mallet, has not been aggressively, touched it so only.

So much so that ask reason the people are having such different experiences with assembly, are likely no a skill of an installer., it Is a regime of a draw. If some in fact am returned pieces, will have the súper simple installation. If his no, is in still the longitude, frustrating experience. It has had it it has taken one 2nd place a first time, would be one giving them he glowing description. In fact IT WOULD OWE THAT be súper simple.

A bit those that tidbits:
1) was able to toe a pullup fences in to the rovescio to do it returned in 85-86' basement.
2) Some together looks sturdy with a lot little wobble. It would be to recommend this to plot more enthusiastically if I have not had some subjects of assembly.
3) has taken a lat pulldown and that (with cage) grieves access in my ceiling but looks to do quite well. If you have had to trust a hulkfit instructions so only, does not have any idea as it would install a lat pulldown. I have used the combination of a video (which is too be quickly in some parts) and the photos there is rid on-line. In general, work quite well. At all like the commercial gymnasium, but takes a work done.
4 / 5
The posted some harm pics this in spite of gives east racks 5 stars.
Is surprising that this good of the squat racks could come like this inexpensively.
Has dipped was foams partorisca cushion in my paving of concrete basement and dip this up. ATTENTION to ARREST when that dipping up. I have had to that undo several rays to do them too punctual.
First of the place on, the sure taken mark some bits of metal that takes stuck in some beams to manufacture to shake them.
There is limited wobbles to a rack and a lot that are to concern roughly. It is it adds that of the to you two insiemi of trays to dip a bar to. I so only so only a fence on or down am doing squats or low need for bank.
Has not used some bars of diving still, but any reason like this far partorisca doubt them.
A yellow is like this brilliant like pics and some the black pieces have the crazy has arrived.
BTW For people that has not hanged still, DICK is sells the metal adds dipped for a better prize could find. I think that that I have paid $ 189 for the 305 book dipped more to 45 bar of book. I control it on-line for real prize.
Does not blame a person of delivery for any harm, of then is likes 300 pounds. A vendor the terrible work to do that at all to protect an easily bendable notch. I have used the soft metal mallet to attack some notches behind to situate to return some beams.
4 / 5
Has taken the very long time to arrive. Initially, it was backlogged. I have received so only a pulldown alleged and has had to that expect 4 weeks for a cage. Then, I receive the notification that my order has been shipped, but has not arrived never. A carrier has said that they have not received never a container. The service of the client of the amazon has ordered the new one for me, and this one has arrived so only two days later.

My first impression was very positive. It comes packaged a lot well and is easy to gather. It is easier that gather has any to help, but has directed to gather he for me. Initially, I took roughly an hour. This in spite of, have inserted once some bars of security, has @to @give that some holes were misaligned. I took an additional 90 minutes to try different pieces until that find the combination that minimises a misalignment. (Feedback To a vendor, uses the a lot of fixture when it solders some inferior and upper groups to some estacas yellow. It is not hard to ensure is has varied correctly. Also, utilisation the fixture to ensure some group is bent to a right corner. Some of them were overbent and is a lot last to insert to some black beams).

Has finalised once an assembly, commentary that is not like this sturdy like an I use in a Gymnasium. He wiggles the little of accident to legislation. This in spite of, is much more sturdy when it emotional front and behind, which is that really @@subject. In general, some work to draw well and is not bad considering a prize.

A reason am embezzling a star is been due to a work to paint . During assembly, the piece to paint chipped of the some group in two of some estacas yellow. They were too tight, and forcing them has caused some flanges of a product to chip was (A zone of roughly 1/8 x 1 thumb). Also, some bars of security' paints it has taken fraction when inserting them. In some of some places where one paints was lifted, can see minor rust something down. Probably I will update this description in a future if the durability is the worry . This in spite of, of a perspective of aesthetics, does not feel good to have the new power racks with painting already harm.
4 / 5
After reading by means of all some descriptions was the little nervous roughly situating the order for this cage. Of a time has situated my mandate until it has been rid to the mine porch was around 12 days.

All is coming packaged quite a lot still by means of some finals of a box have been rasgadas averts at all has been bent or there is lined.

The assembly was quite easy same although I dipped it near for behind a first time. It was the easy fijamente to change it around.

All the holes there is lined on, had read other descriptions that says that they have had subjects to line on a spotter fences in etc, has had personally any of these subjects. All semence on correctly.

A cage is weighed and stout, for a money ossia last to beat. My brother in law has the mark of name of the big final cage and he have included gave that this cage is almost like this as well as his $ 1,500 a.

In general am very pleased with this compraventa. They are edifice I the gymnasium of house been due to all this COVID the madness that goes around and this does his excellent addition.

In general would estimate this he 9 out of 10. Perhaps I so only taken lucky with my cause of the compraventa has not experienced any of some subjects has read roughly as it has bent poles, losing part and rays. They have sent extra rays @fare and has included shipped with some wrenches!

If your calm edifice the gymnasium to house highly would recommend this cage.

Additional description,
are on week two of daily use benching 250lbs and squatting so only shy of 300. The zeros complain. This cage is the beast , am not seeing a lot of some subjects other buyers are complaining roughly. I am not sure reason any of some other buyers are having the subjects but I am not . Honradamente Are by train to ask me If these folks is gathering this rack together properly.

According to order with a boss crossover the annex has arrived. In the first place I left state has the experience of ship of enormous difference when amazon his delivery. Any harm to a packaging at all! Some engine of delivery was courteous and dip a legislation of the container where has asked the to.

With which unboxing has not had one the part has broken neither any part there is lined. After dipping it near and using a crossover attaches, am very happy with my second compraventa. It is very smooth and a lot well has built. Now so only they are while in a dips attaches I orderly and will have the very good start in my gymnasium of house.
5 / 5
Adds racks! Easy to gather. Controls on well like this far with 250-300lbs of weights. I do not scrape down, but it would recommend to dip against partorisca wall or something to prevent he of sliding behind when racking. Light wobble when doing attractive-ups, but no really bad.

Is sure to dip some bars of security in before prizes all up. Another thing to be conscious of this a racks is ”, how is hard to find alternative his addons (as additional spotter arms), which have not been able to find in stocks anywhere.

has RECEIVED FINALLY a boss crossover attaches after roughly 6 weeks. It is it has arrived broken with the majority of some wheels of the pulley broken... So only they are it takes 1 star thus this in spite of reason a vendor was really useful and responsive. His refunded me spare to order substitutions for a 70mm twists of pulley.

Some joint for a crossover alleged: no presiona some rollers of weights too many tight and try balance a weight in the each side like this so it was possible, otherwise can not go smoothly. Also, the mark sure has quite a lot of spaces in any side to upload/download the weights like the headlines of the estaca of weights was roughly 6” besides a base.

Will say, think that it was all value a question. Now I have the fully functional house the gymnasium centred around this rack, and really is the solid piece of crew.
4 / 5
This cage is the value adds and easy to gather for as sturdy this. It is an essential piece of crew for the gymnasium home is taste and used to go to the gymnasium to regulate. Having this cage leaves the row of heavy exercises likes bank, squat, deadlift and still to exercises of the weights of the organism likes him the appeal-ups and divings.

Is a lot of sturdy likes to of the relatively heavy impulse. For the reverence are 6' 1' and 250lb and the relatively heavy impulse. It feels very stable.

A brilliance of is a simplicity--the majority of some beams and the parts are interchangeable how is easy to dip near relatively quickly. Ossia Especially true for a bar of pulp, which can be installed to the rovescio spend to have low ceilings for the contingents. An only slightly the annoying thing was one of some group that control some beams has been bent, but that there is grazed probably caused of a nave more than of a company. It was easy to fix and had expected he to read other descriptions.

Some tips of pair:
- Slide in some bars of horizontal security before prizes everything.
- Once presionar all, goes around and presionar all again for bit it more stability.
- Him him The low ceiling can install an interior of bar of the pulp down.

A value of this cage is hard to beat, especially for any the one who has been that goes the hardcore gymnasiums for years and attended sturdy crew to confidently the heavy impulse.
4 / 5
In the first place was will begin to say that these products are utmost.

Is súper easy to dip near and all some pieces (double pulley and lat attractive down) attaches legislation to my cage to be able to. It is sturdy and hefty, to the as really it likes of of a husband and I will use it quite 7 days the week. Also it likes that of a colour is not a simple black or boring money. No that there is anything wrong with these other cars that is all black or all the money, but taste the colour in my life and certainly during my workouts. It helps him to it less dull. A vibrancy of this element sparks something inside this so only wants to me another rep or another together.

Does not have any one a lot in a way of gilipollas, but some needs of control of the quality to be beefed on the tad. I have ordered so much a system of pulley and a lat pulldown three and two times, respectively. Some first time have ordered some pulleys, has received a cage to be able to. It would not have imported, attentive has had already a cage to be able to and ossia $ 100 more than a cage to be able to, eats... I am returned that bobo and has ordered this for second time. A second time, some pulleys have suffered harm during shipment, as have has had to that the order again. It has not received a third a, but are really crossing my toes that this time arrives in a piece. For a lat pulldown, some first time received it a system of pulley has suffered harm, probably because of shipping, and a substitution there has been a system of wrong pulley. It could finalise maintain he with a system of wrong pulley, of laws, but the difficult fact to dip in 45lb flat, like this still thinking east an on.

Can look that there is more gilipollas that pros, but averts of a prime minister shipment of an entirely wrong element and a last shipment or a system of wrong pulley, some subjects have had has been due to to ship. It could be that some needs of packaging to be beefed up. Seeing like this these are extremely parts of heavy/pieces, could help, but in general, ossia the addition adds to the cage to be able to and certainly would recommend it. So only reason have had the slightly less than exceptional experience with a receipt of this system, does not mean that other people will experience it also.
5 / 5
Was happy to be one of some last buyers before they have run has been been due to a lock down. So only some for behind a envelope the calculations that use a pics and a hole that the space has determined a frame of steel was besides small that that a level 3' square tubing more racks use with indications to upload on 700 lbs, as I have known when I bought it one 1000 lb the indication was BS. But then mine the better squat is not never be on 500 lbs, as I have not gone also has concerned . In all the chance, any one has had to upload this thing with 1000 lbs is dice. If a J-control of CUPS 600 lbs without bending will be very surprised.

The assembly is quite easy, although some period of look of random ray and everything of his too long everywhere. To good sure will be crooked and wobbly if it do not use the level and presionar some rays with him seating walk in a paving. I took roughly 15 minutes in an end to take all the level, there is lined on correctly and seating walk in a paving.

Retreated To a J-CUPS. They are quite sure these have been done to return 3' square tubing. They are loose and wobbly. And more importantly, is very thin and look feeble. I have bent A slightly while benching down 315 lbs only for carelessly king-racks it a bar. I have not decided if finally I will substitute some cups or some integers racks. But some cups owe that go. Elite FTS there is a bit thinks that can do work, as it could try that first.

Conclusion: For a prize and an availability when I ordered it could not be happier. Do fault any one beginning was in fact a lot of years. But you are benching on, said, 350 or squatting on 500, would have to look elsewhere. A low prize is not to value a risk.
4 / 5
Like this when a product is coming, a product was chipped and has seen was literally brown and rusted under a product. I later found each piece of metal was basically rusted of the china and that has painted on. Welds Is REALLLLLLLY BAD... Also, to plot of the black powder exited of some poles that I didnt really know that it was. Gathering it was quite hard. Calm literally has to that hammer he in or the curve the small of the contingent. Really it recommends any when buying but beats calm of types and probably will know that I am speaking roughly.
4 / 5
So only a rack, at all extra, has taken perhaps an hour for the joint dipped, really has not been the big shot. I have left all some free dice before I slid some pins of security to plant, but am not sure that I really required to. I have compared also some four mainstays when I took him out of a box and he looked one a way some holes were has gone by almost the averages a thumb, difficult to say was imagination of mine , toe an on and there is lined on perfect this in spite of. I do not know reason the people say that they have used hule mallets partorisca east. Perhaps it was lucky? Some the yellow mainstays have required some English to slide to plant, the group was the pocolos tight but was quite strong to corner a bar...

Some bars of diving am ordered enough. On a comprised J-Hooks, some pins of security there is J-the hooks have built to his side forward. An appeal-on the bar is a lot also, with different grips that has not had in my storm of old squat. They are the happy to camp, or lifter. Happy lifting!
5 / 5
One adds: This cage is far and was one he sturdiest the thing has not seen never in the gymnasium of house. Hardly it vibrates when the weights are dipped behind in some hooks
A Way Less than Adds: I also bought Hulkfit bank with east. 1st, the nave was the nightmare how was the present of anniversary . Following said it would arrive punctually. Still it has taken the 'Yours packaged has been rid!' Look. But there was not state rid. The result there went it has not shipped included. When it Has arrived, almost the pair of weeks late, some boxes were broken strongly - gouged, rasgados & there is run over. Some rays & of dice have fallen was as it has moved some boxes to a cochera.
So much a bank & of the cage there has been scuffs, the deep scratches & have bent parts. I have fixed those and & to the amazon gave included discount it more than returning some heavy elements.
Jump it advances the pair of month and, while extracted the row of dumbbell, a coverage in a bank rasgó under a pressure of my hand on that. I have contacted service of client. With which to 6 wait of day has received the response that says a guarantee of 2 years has not covered 'Tear & to Spend'. I have behind pressed in that - was too new to fail under normal use. A second answered said this: '.. Although we cover the wear and the tear unfortunately do not spend of the still spare parts tampons of chair.'
Is not that pleasant? Although Hulkfit honored his Guarantee a lot in fact has some things to fix or substitute that is broken! Like this - Hulkfit frames sturdy crew. Calm so only has to that expect calm any course to any subjects - A guarantee is the bit of the joke and the service of Client is happy to leave know concealed.
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Usually any one receipt of the bad elements of Amazon or any of some vendors partnered with Amazon. This is for real be my prime minister.

I really the hate that gives this bad description but until this takes fixed does not think can change this description.

An element arrived in the shredded box. The inspection all some pillars are bent or a bit has bent. A product was destroyed also around one has affected describes.

Can not gather a racks reason my cochera is the gymnasium and does not have some tools partorisca repair metal of this caliber. This was my in the first place rack the compraventa and have thought was the prize he so only storm but buyer beware volume that stops of has paid.

Hulk Please go back with me on this if possible new rack stands or the repayment.

The pictures have been distributed.
4 / 5
Has received so only a product... I am using he partorisca a first time in just the pocolos small. It looks partorisca be A lot of stout and well has done. The assembly was exceptionally easy--a welcome transmission of volume like this material more on-line. The assembly taken roughly 15 minutes, beginning partorisca finalise. There is a measure of ray, a measure of die, two wrenches comprised and 15-20 part or like this, like this there did not match numbers the dice and rays with bad drawings and like this on; it was very easy. Another reviewers has left some negative commentaries, the majority of that I does not share , but the little of some smaller things, negative there is remarked was a following: one of a whole bar 'Or'-shaped the ends has been bent bit it; roughly 2 minutes in my aims in a cochera was of the easy fixed. Had several varied chips smaller in a yellow product and black. Some boxes of nave have suffered harm the bit, but concealed is not probably a result of a costruttore or revendedor, so as a company of nave. With a lot it likes me he would give this product 4.8 stars (but concealed is not an option), if it has not been partorisca some of some subjects some small plus. In general, it looks partorisca be the product adds in the value adds! I am ready partorisca take to !
4 / 5
Partorisca A point of prize, can very really take very better that a HulkFit Cage partorisca Be able to. A racks was easy to gather, so only the pocolos fulminas and dice partorisca ensure everything in place. I have been using a rack partorisca the week now, and in general, am impressed enough.

A good: Quite sturdy, can do pullups in a crossbar and a rack so only moves a lot slightly. It is it measures it it adds for the cage of power of gymnasium of house; slightly smaller that the commercial cage like calm save you some spatial, but still abundance of room to do a lot the exercise could loves with the cage. A racks stands up to the weight has weighed so only well. Has until charge of a bar with on 300 lbs and there is not remarked any one bending, creaking, etc.

A bad: One paints in a racks will not last . A racks was directly very impressive out of a box, the look adds. But it is very easy to line a product was. All of some annexes are painted black, comprising some headlines of weights, bars of security, etc., And some scratches of black product was with every time add hanged, or transmission out of a place of an annex in a racks. You could minimise this to maintain your annexes in a same place like this so it was possible, but is hard to avert sometimes. Probably it has to that repaint each one once in the moment, to prevent rust one coffins the metal does never show by means of.

In general, partorisca to cage to be able to well in a point of prize abordable, does not think calm goes to be able to find anything better that this.
4 / 5
Has gathered so only a Hulkfit Cage to Be able to. A container arrives in the longitude 8 feet box wrapped in of the plásticoes wraps. Some interiors are protected adequately except some finals of some long poles. A bit those that of my group of final has been bent and has required any massaging to go back to approach right (goes pic). The global assembly was easy, but to do it well, the extra hardware has been required. Read on.

1. I think that that a cage costs of the money is past. But some fats of extra elbow is required to take it well, especially is the little OCD taste.

2. A container has been missing an appeal on grip of bar. I have comprised pics.

3. You will require more than a person for some better results in assembly. A unit was quite wobbly and not levelling with which assembly and presionando of all the rays. We use the level during a process for presionar. A returned of some whole poles to some bars of the base and the upper bars was calm quite loose. Some connections of whole poles were too many wide. (To the equal that have said, some also required king- bending before assembly). I have required to add washers to everything of an interior of some connections, and has added also washers to an outside to augment stability. It is still the bit was level but has very improved.

A washers has improved a lateral stability to plot, but is still a lot enough for mine in pleasant. I go to add 90 corner of stabilizers of terracing to some rear corners with group or stock of bar and that hammer / bolting his to an interior of a frame. I stick pics of this late plus on.

Hulkfit Can wish consider adding something like this for lateral stability in a future. How it is, an upper mainstay and horizontal subordinated in a backside, situated in an upper and inferior and bolted horizontally in place of vertically only leaves for too much wiggle. Probably it would be good for light weights. But when I hanged increasing, these sides instability results the subject of security in my opinion.

Some of a J the hooks are the raven of has bitten in a welds, but all a welds researches to be appropriate. I wish a J the hooks have had the bit more than an increasing corner, but look to be that it does his does like this far.

Lines on a uprights and ensuring very returned with some bars of security likes them gathered and presionar resulted of rays in slide of bar of easy security in and is gone in an end. Any one @subjects there. We will be to change that to plot , so that it is the relief .

Some annexes of diving are fresh - effective and the welcome addition that value of increases.

Also, offers the together of free J hooks (at least for the time limited) sticks the description. I will update this if they do not go back never with me.

Appreciates would ship me the grip of handlebar of then one has been missing.

Answered of the email has not been utmost. I emailed the with questions in a missing bar and this description done two days, and like this far all has taken was a response has automated. I will update this when they answer again.

Ossia The decent racks, and in around one $ 300 mark of dollar has expected to have that adds some more work for the do well, to my levels. Appearance go in around $ 50 in additional hardware of Supply of Tractor, not counting my time of fat of the elbow. It is the good shot , but a side instability / wobbles is my main critique. If it is it has had to that do the little more drilling and bolting with stuffing you can take in Supply of Tractor, will be well. If you are not like this OCD to the equal that are, and can treat the little wobble / wiggle in your cage, will be as well as it is.

Four stars for a value, three stars for a quality of a build and a need to dip extra.

Update: stabilizers of Good informative corner that has added has improved a lateral stability to where am happy. $ 30 In hardware of Supply of Tractor. 12” Steel Mending stuffs x4, rays, washers, lock washers and dice. I have used my hammer to be able to and the metal that bit of courts to drill some holes in a frame.

Also good informative, Hulkfit gone back with me. They are sending some extras J Hooks for his offer.

Bad informative: they do not have grips of handlebar and can do not to send me one. I will look in of the alternatives or so only do without.

Modification 1-15-21
has Added pics of suspenders of corner in a backside. All 4 corners and this have deleted all lateral instability worries. To the cage is solid of mecer now. Highly it recommends this modification.
4 / 5
This product is excellent for a prize and quickness of delivery! There is some gilipollas, but that considers a global value I to good sure would give it 5 stars. If you are looking for alcohol of professional note that quality of the then calm swipes to good sure can pay more and find something more impressive. This in spite of, if you are in the estimativa and love value (the quality that + prices), ossia the option adds .
Commentaries - I are the small woman, as if you are the big jacked the doubt or that the chick could be different for you.

1. The quality of materials is utmost.
2. Sturdy! He exactly that it has to that.
3. Easy to setup (I he for me).
4. Look (AMOUR a crazy black arrival with a lustrous yellow). It was surprised in fact roughly the when being the crazy has arrived.
5. Wine with utmost accessories.

1. @It subjects The big plus is a metal grinds when inserting to some holes. Some holes there is lined some poles (ouch and lol). It has liked him it has liked east softens was for an easy slip in and was (giggity). Some of a welding looks the little funky, but any question with him.
2. It can shake when doing attractive ups but expected as it is not bolted to an earth. It does not shake any very at all for me, but he for any elder.
3. For setup, so only use your own ratchet and he will be like this simpoh!
4. Some flakes of yellow product was in some zones (mostly near of a welding of funky). It has Had some describes that me gone 'uh' to the equal that can say they he quickly in some corners. Any I really remarks it day to the day.
5. Any question at all with accessories. They are in fact really good! My brother has taken the different mark that was more economic and is jealous of the accessories of east a! A setup is different as we can not change among them. As it maintains that the import has exist pieces.

In general, adds and does not take on upper of the tonne of spatial.
4 / 5
Nave: Ordered by means of the amazon and the container arrived in two in shape good days. One returning was bent slightly to ship, but was bent easily behind to plant with the pair of lock of canal pliers. The product was perfect and all a hardware, to comprise the extra pair fasteners (labeled 'extra') has been comprised.

Assembly: Some directions of cage of the can was the little imprecise, but is the quite basic. Mark so only sure has a base with some feet facing a right way. You will imagine it it was if he he bad first to complete assembly. I ask to like it was. One of some members of the upper crosses there have been some subjects of alignment of hole of ray. I so only flipped the around and a question has been solved. Any pike required and complete assembly has taken 45 minutes less.

I products have finalised: All a product and the arrival is well. Alignment of hole for some hooks and of the bars of security are perfect. Has has listened complaints in of the this of another reviewers. A racks has some transmission yes presses on he lateralmente, but his no bad and to be expected for something in this row of prize. I seat sure it is sure for anything down 800 pounds and ossia abundance for more mortals.

@Give That you are are feet that you will not be able to impulse the tall bar (military press) in side of a cage because a racks is so only 80' big. You can it stimulates out of a cage that use of the 'I hooks to some outsides.

Has bought this for my two adolescent boys youngsters those who lose to go to a gymnasium: COVID. It would recommend this for any in bounce it or looking for something in a sub $ 500 row of prize. I am looking forward to a consolation of lifting in home when I do not have time to drive to a gymnasium. I have been quite satisfied with this product to go advance and order a row/ lat attractive down option. This would have to that arrive next week.
4 / 5
Has tried to find the way to contact a vendor - I perhaps is missing something in simple view. I have paid the one who looks an upper prize partorisca east, . A description was incredibly misleading, as any in fact is that I am titled to. Has thinks that would be to take bars of diving and a lat diagrams with him. I like him give this to 5 description of star, but a lack of container of the bars of diving and ALL I DICE And RAYS. Some of some descriptions direct me to believe can be scattered during a box. Nope. There is not the alone die and ray to accompany a diagram of simple assembly. I expect that any one sees this and at least rectifies some missing dice, rays, and question of bars of the diving. Once lame that need to in fact gather this, would want to leave the good description - but for now is so only he heap of part in basement of mine.

After receiving the useful response of another client that indicates an email address to achieve was to, has received excellent service of Doug () in HulkFit. Doug was a lot quickly to answer and take some dice and the rays have shipped IMMEDIATELY. It is quite obvious that HulkFit cured roughly maintaining the happy clients - perhaps so only some subjects with logistics :)

Excited to purchase more produced of HulkFit
5 / 5
Wobble wobble... Ossia All this does in EACH ATTRACTIVE on, each one which racks and unrack. I have contacted HilkFit to ask abs is that says to do for the fix? Raisin to plot more money and take ALL SOME EXTRA to help mark this sturdy. Included when I have dipped so only he 20lbs the sale in one racks to do a bit flyes... A racks has been for to pour on.

Now here is my options... Pause he all down, container he all back up in some 10 box of feet are gone in, hire he uhaul of then will not be returned in the choose on, the take the UPS, the take behind out of a truck and he then attended for my repayment, spent something better, and attended for that to be rid or... Exactly that attended and know the majority has to that do... Be a lot disappointed in that rasgado was are, use he for half that it would be necessary to be it used partorisca, then one can take the much better quality, loans this craps for sale.
5 / 5
The assembly was quite he directly advances. Has read descriptions for advanced and any one has said to do sure use some FOUR rays more courts in a two front uprights. Well to know first of time. Also require follow some instructions for no presionando some rays until it is everything near and has inserted some bars of security. Calm also can go an extra step and take the measure of tape to verify your diagonal measures and adjustments to mark until it is squared. I have verified some measures of some subordinated to a first hole (pictured) to in each integer to do sure was all some same. If has a ossia slightly was the test does sure his all match like this near like possible of an earth up. It looks to be the solid storm. The mine has come perfect, any harm. If you gather for calm likes , using the clamp will help to resist one to upper crossbar likes podes scrape another side. Good regime.
5 / 5
My husband and I were able to gather this with ease. We find in the piece has bent slightly, has bent was to have me like this request could the to us take quite tight, is resulted to be any question. They are the I Ties constructor of way behind way that has not had any question that visualises an assembly. My husband very so much, concealed is not your force telephones the partner! We gather all loosely in the first place, to do sure could take all some pieces to his respective rays. We have had once loosely has gathered all then presionar each ray to the equal that stagnate as we could the to knots . Before we have had to presionar on rays, has been concerned that it has not had any cross Bracing. It has looked for to imagine out of quell'I was to do, had planned on taking chooses on strap of truck downs and do a X mainstay in a backside And that the ratchet down so to the equal that was possible corners to Opposite corner. Felizmente, quell'concealed has not been required when all some rays have been presionados all was solid of rock.
Has resupplied two wrenches that could be be use for assembly and two extra rays. I have not required some extra rays and I have not used one has has resupplied wrenches, has used to 17 mm wrenches of socket that has resupplied to plot of leverage to really presionar on rays.

A box was the disorder when it is has arrived joined and wrapped with having to that weighed will be to wrap. I have had it dreads that the has not been to be in the good form but all have been together well. I have had a situate where a yellow product was marred am going to touchup with fingernail polish to maintain he to rust am sure does not go to be a last time a product is lined. Calm thinks is likely to buy with confidence.

Top Customer Reviews: Fitness Reality ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
It was having the hard time that finds the Landmine that would return my Reality of Fitness Can of X Cage of the classes of then has a wide plus 3 steel of mark of thumb.

Has debated in a stand-only landmines ossia the averages a cost, but has has wanted to really something fixed to a cage because I do not want to has to that and he on' every time has loved the use. Besides it is a lot down to an earth has compared to a movable landmines, which help with row of motion.

But for 50 bucks, has expected an interior would be coated with plastic, this in spite of more surprising a fund of a cylinder is the beam of steel! I am concerned that my olympic bar will be chipped uses this long enough. Quell'Conceals has not spent still, but is the steel on armours plate like this in some point, something is gotta give.

For double a cost besides another landmines, has expected the little more...
4 / 5
Easy installs. It has to that it weighed it. The row adds of motion for all the classes of landmine formation. It attaches the only in any device. Highly recommend this piece of crew.
5 / 5
Cela This no with the 6 foot 1 bar of thumb that has has had to that done a lot of years. Almost but not leaving. It is fact very good but no for some barbells. Big sigh....
5 / 5
More add on to our gymnasium of house. For such the low prize was able to add the tonne of additional workouts. Calm always can join the towel around an end of an Olympic bar, but ossia very better.
5 / 5
I have bought this to attach to my weight of gymnasium of manacles it cage of storm of squat. Attached easily and good controls. Some accesses of with the and looks to resist on a lot down use like this far. If you are looking for the landmine attaches, is not fearful to give this tries it.
5 / 5
Access perfectly in Cage of mine of Reality of the Fitness. A motion is smooth and is well has done. An only reason for a 4 star is that inside the pocolos use a @@@knob for presionar broken. This does not annoy me too this in spite of. In general highly it recommends.
4 / 5
It is it adds for fitness. Some instructions were the pocolos was this in spite of. But I imagined it it go.
5 / 5
This thing is build to last for ever! Solid metal with good hardware. Very happy has purchased them
4 / 5
is not sure State has required there is the very small gymnasium Can not live without him really well for the fast workout
5 / 5
Very built, so only like all more than the reality of Fitness dips era.
5 / 5
It was having the hard time that finds the Landmine that would return my Reality of Fitness Can of X Cage of the classes of then has a wide plus 3 steel of mark of thumb.

Has debated in a stand-only landmines ossia the averages a cost, but has has wanted to really something fixed to a cage because I do not want to has to that and he on' every time has loved the use. Besides it is a lot down to an earth has compared to a movable landmines, which help with row of motion.

But for 50 bucks, has expected an interior would be coated with plastic, this in spite of more surprising a fund of a cylinder is the beam of steel! I am concerned that my olympic bar will be chipped uses this long enough. Quell'Concealed that has not spent still, but is steel on armour plate like this in some point, something is gotta give.

For double a cost besides another landmines, has expected the little more...
5 / 5
A lot quickly and easy installation. It has it ProForm Olympic rack and bank combo, like opposed to the cage to be able to fill. A tubing in a racks is 2x3 and this landmine the returns to annex on he so only well. They are very happy to have this in gymnasium of mine of new house. With which a workout, doing so only 3 exercises with him, am enamoured. Utmost cost!
4 / 5
Has taken this for $ 39 and this was a bit type of mine at the same time, but now are that it sees that a cost is almost 25 elder. Happy took it when I have done! It has attached this to the mine 'Organism-Solid Powerline Boss Crossover Car (PCCO90X)' and do quite well, but has decided to mainstay a car is trace to against a wall for just bit it more stability. Now it is perfect-- is out of a way when I do not require it and treat well when I do. Utilisation an Olympic bar, but so only looking in him, he estandard' to the fence probably would do so only well, also. He he pívot good and smoothly without squeaks or other noises and resists good and firmly. They are so only happy can leave shredding towel that used to prevent harm to a paving and wall in basement of mine before it has taken this !
5 / 5
Still adds to add-on to Cage to Be able to. It maintains in alcohol, could use for cages that is 3'X3' and the big perhaps for the 4'x4' been due to an extra along two rays that comes with him. It comes with two insiemi of rays. One east for the 2'X2' and another is still to accommodate to Big cage. Of then I owe that Cage of Power of Reality of Fitness, has used some regular rays.

Doing so different Workouts like Barbell Lat Appeal, Lunges, Side Barbell Appeal, Grip of Centre Shrug, Squats at the head of Grip of Centre, and like this on. So many ideas to optimise your formation.

A Landmine is the plenary 360° Rotation... In fact I am thinking to do some type of curling technician. In short, this Adds- on is versatile and durable.
4 / 5
Has purchased initially one of this stand so only landmine bases. His no well. His slide and is unstable. This a, this in spite of, is perfect. It is drawn to attach when you can rack, but I bolted the to the solid 7' near for portability. It resists an Olympic bar securely and enable me to treat squats of mine forward, rows and presses safely and effectively. They are happy with cost of mine.
4 / 5
Knows this unit is quell'has bitten more expensive that some of some other options but costs it when the precise turn to 3” storm framed. Has this in the Fitness of Value BD-58 and returns perfectly, is solidly built and do really good. They are really happy with him.
4 / 5
A product are add, easy to gather! I bought it when it was $ 72 now it is so only $ 49. The desire would have expected, if I have known a prize was to fall dramatically! A vendor was adds with fast delivery! Squads of the fitness of the reality does crew really well, will continue to buy his elements to add to our gymnasium of house!
4 / 5
That this no with the 6 foot 1 bar of thumb that has has had to that a lot of years facts. Almost but not leaving. It is very a lot of fact but no for any barbells. Big sigh....
5 / 5
Has bought this to attach to my weight of gymnasium of manacles it cage of storm of squat. Attached easily and control well. Some accesses of with the and looks to resist on a lot down use like this far. If you are looking for the landmine attaches, is not fearful to give this tries it.
5 / 5
I want to all but a thing 2 rays partorisca attach to the mine racks was also has has had to that a lot the times buy 2 has separated some partorisca return and presionarles on
5 / 5
really like like this of this annex has added more than variac. Of exercises that can do in my gymnasium of house. It is easy to attach. An only downside is that because of a way is drawn my cage to be able to is now slightly unstable but in general think that is the compraventa well .
4 / 5
This thing feels sturdy and hard, well has built. I have attached it so only to the mine weider pro 8500 cage of smith, is 3” fat thumb that tubes and he bolted up stagnate without wiggle in roughly two minutes. I did not use it still but I am crazy excited the one who new things can do them in the spatial limited with this new piece. Happy with a prize also, seeing like this the thing is a lot of sturdy thinks that has been built to last. Fast nave also, the way has arrived earlier that said it initially.
5 / 5
Has bought this concrete model becuase is returned both 2x2 and 3x3 storm. It was an easy apt legislation in mine powertec(3X3).
I havent used it a lot still but the place up was quickly and easy and looks to be sturdy.
5 / 5
Awesome The annex for the Storm of Squat!!! Access he 2x2 until the 3x3 frame. Sturdy Construction, arrival and flawless accesses. To sure big quality good! Excellent value for a money

Better option there for the Landmine this attaches directly to the yours rack, if your cement racks doesnt do the owner Landmine

10/10 would recommend
4 / 5
This was the present navideño for my edges in law. It returns perfectly with crew of start of the sound. Highly it recommends this element for your free weights...
4 / 5
Buys this to do landmine press and acting ours behind partorisca has bent rows. We love it to us and the use in bases regulates in ours Covid gymnasium of cochera.
5 / 5
Has taken the little endeavour, prybar to return some 3” storm and rays the few courts for mine in pleasant. But it has done it takes, it looks good quality . The time will say
5 / 5
am pleased with mine. I have had to that modify slightly. If yours treating the 2 or 3 thickness of thumb, will do like east.
5 / 5
It buys it! Any row, or press of @@@cofre any never with another tool can compare to a bomb and results this calm to give you!!! It BUYS IT!
5 / 5
I installed this in my cage partorisca be able to and are them really in the pleasant. His like having the device of whole new torture partorisca exit with. I add partorisca some shoulders, arms, and legs
4 / 5
Love a landmine. Substituted my homemade version with east. Attached to my Organism Solid Smith !
4 / 5
This thing is build partorisca last for ever! Solid metal with good hardware. Very happy has purchased them
5 / 5
Landmine the work adds with mine 3' rack of Fitness of Fray. Strong and sturdy. Very happy with compraventa!
4 / 5
Returns perfectly in my Cage of Reality of the Fitness. A motion is smooth and is well has done. An only reason partorisca a 4 star is that inside the pocolos use a @@@knob partorisca presionar broken. This does not annoy me too this in spite of. In general highly it recommends.
4 / 5
Does not have any complaint in this annex. It was easy to install, and work perfectly.
4 / 5
Are add partorisca fitness. Some instructions were the pocolos was this in spite of. But I imagined it it was.
5 / 5
Likes all the products of fitness are, ossia also overpriced! But it is the product adds , very done and functions legitimately.
4 / 5
Adds landmine annex, access perfectly in mine Ethos can it Racks 1.0. Although I took it when it was $ and now it is until 90 bucks 🧐
4 / 5
An addition adds my gymnasium of house. It was easy to install.
4 / 5
Has not been sure has required has the very small gymnasium Can not live without him really well partorisca the fast workout
4 / 5
Look sturdy but no that quite universal. This will not return in a HulkFit the storm to be able to.
4 / 5
Has purchased this to use with my cage. It is easy to install and resupplies smooth operation.
4 / 5
Is such the solid product ! It does not buy an economic plus some, this element is night and day on some another. I possess 2 this is to situate in the opposite ends of the dumbbell rack. They have added so much to a gymnasium of house.
4 / 5
Easy to install. The prize adds partorisca this Landmine!! Highly recommend to any one.
4 / 5
After the bit partorisca rig I fastened the my car of Smith, work like this described
5 / 5
Out of a box this was the perfect access . I produce it adds.
4 / 5
Awesome Little alleged. Fact well with mine 3” half storm. Easy to install and resists a 45lb barbell situates while lifting. It can fully rotate also.
4 / 5
The product adds partorisca the good prize smooth transaction. Thank you
4 / 5
Are by train of the want to. The vendor was of confidence and pro active with my mandate. Received prevails it of a date has promised to receive. A lot it asks a lot good. I will recommend this vendor
5 / 5
Bolted the down to a concrete paving. Master acts awesome.

Top Customer Reviews: Fitness Reality ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 20 ratings
3 / 5
It takes these for my Reality of Health 810XLT cage. They return well and in the basic level, takes a work has done. Even so, there are some problems. In the first place, a vertical section is quite down and any lined with plastic or rubber. Segundo, a fund has line he of rubber.

Would suggest to consider these: instead. This accesses one racks equally well, and has the most vertical section very the streaky time with UHMW plastic. A fund is lined also with UHMW plastic.

These subjects so that a sure road to rack the barbell is to press it against a uprights and then go down it to rest in a hook. With the metal under vertical section that in a Reality of Health J-Hooks, could paste your cage uprights or paste a vertical section of a j-hooks and descend a knurling in a bar. With a long plus UHMW-the vertical section lined of a 'RIGERS' hooks, is more probably to paste a vertical section with UHMW plastic and save your bar knurling. A fund of rubber of a Reality of Health J-the hooks could fray over time like knurling rubs against he (this has not spent to explode still, but there is has had only the the few weeks), but UHMW is expected in last better.

An only thing to look has been arrests with a RIGERS the hooks are that a level of bar is quite 4 lower inches that a hole joins access of hook in. So much, mark sure a uprights has quite the holes above a level fly a bar to be.

Which of this scripture, a RIGERS the hooks are in $ 5 more.
4 / 5
These J the hooks are the sum of the new addition in mine can racks. Has two barbells, as some the extra hooks leave me to have both of them on one racks. They are the different creation that some hooks that is coming with a storm. These are bit it the superficial plus , possibly be been due to a bit of foam, which could be well for exclusion of his, but listen likes him necessity to take more cured to do sure some rests of the bar posed when calm re-rack, which are not the problem with some original hooks. In general, they are the mere addition , functional in my gymnasium and I are pleased enough.
5 / 5
Exactly that has looked for! They that me these have ordered so much the together as so we no the have movement when exiting together ( is different heights ).
5 / 5
They that me these since are the profile the low plus that the majority.

Update - want to more! They are at present unavailable, but will maintain to verify behind. I plan to attach more than these in the mine racks so that it does not have to maintain that it moves a current pair around. One of a plus thwarting the things are having yours together marred to clash in the hook unnecessarily longitude in the prjimo in impulse of failure.
1 / 5
Bought these for my new squat rack. One produces has not looked robust and has not been esteems a compraventa. If you use the with a squat racks is designed in fact for and use in an upper location, also paste yours advance one of some bars to sustain while trying chooses a bar of squat was. Any value a compraventa at all
5 / 5
I Like him his of these better that a chrome ones concealed is coming with my cage, but am looking to continue 350 lbs or so probably would opt for a some concealed is coming with a cage ( is bit it the robust plus has built.) But that it is probably not going to be for the few years (if never go that far that is to say.)
5 / 5
Very better that a default hooks, is that it disappoints these are not the level with a power racks, but is well to have the together second in all the case
5 / 5
Good quality J hooks, has to weighed, takes a work has done. My only complaint is a fact that these hooks have not coming with a power racks in a first place. If the calm purchased you a power of the reality of the storm of health to be prepared to spend another $ 30 in pertinent J hooks like these.
5 / 5
Has a Reality of Health 810XLT Sper Cage of Power of Max and this do perfectly with him. These hooks are better that one ones concealed is coming with a cage. Probably buy it another pair like better thing quite having the gymnasium of the house is not that it has to find/ parts of the movement around when is time to start ! :)
4 / 5
The work adds while it expect. They very the bond goes in far like one ones concealed is coming with the mine racks . I have bought in fact these for the together second for my system but has decided to take another to substitute a together level has
4 / 5
It take these partorisca my Reality of Fitness 810XLT cage. They return well and in the basic level, take a work done. This in spite of, there are some questions. In the first place, a vertical section is quite short and any lined with plastic or hule. As, a fund has line he of hule.

Would suggest to consider these: instead. Those return a racks equally well, and have the vertical section longer lined with UHMW plastic. A fund is lined also with UHMW plastic.

These subjects because a sure way to rack the barbell is to press it against a uprights and then spend it down to rest in a hook. With the short metal vertical section to the equal that in a Reality of Fitness J-Hooks, could paste your cage uprights or paste a vertical section of a j-hooks and wear down a knurling in a bar. With a plus along UHMW-the vertical section lined of a 'RIGERS' hooks, is more probably to paste a vertical section with UHMW plastic and save your bar knurling. A fund of hule of a Reality of Fitness J-the hooks could fray over time like knurling rubs against him (this has not spent the mine still, but has had him so only the few weeks), but UHMW is expected to last better.

An only thing the look was paralizaciones with a RIGERS the hooks is that a level of bar is roughly 4 lower thumbs that a hole some accesses of hook to. So much, sure mark a uprights active quite the holes on a level love a bar to be.

To the equal that of this writing, a RIGERS the hooks are in $ 5 more.
4 / 5
These J the hooks are the orders of mine of new addition can racks. Has two barbells, as some the extra hooks leave me to have both of them on a racks. They are the different creation that some hooks that is coming with a racks. These are quell'has bitten more superficial, possibly been due to a bit of foam, which could be well for exclusion of his, but feels like this need to take more cured to do sure a bar remains dipped when calm king-rack, which is not the question with some original hooks. In general, they are the simple addition , acts my gymnasium and am pleased enough.
4 / 5
Is smaller that usual for this class of annex. And I have decided to modify a leading lip of a program, how is entirely vertical. I have taken of a base of hule, and has heated a corner of a lip with the rosebud attaches in a oxyacetylene setup, and the bent so that it is angled roughly 20 terracings in place of 90. This does a liftoff for the bank, bank of curves, or the easiest squat. I then used JB weld the glue the fat piece of skin of a front of a lip and more on a vertical.. His hips slide in in a same side, which is unusual any transmission. A two would owe that be in of the different sides, ossia right and has left. I think that it that it spend the little more to take the best global setup, in fact so only has ordered is one:

5 / 5
Exactly that has looked for! They like these so many has ordered the together as so it does not have to him move when exiting hover ( is different heights ).
5 / 5
I like this better that a chrome some concealed is coming with my cage, but am looking to go in 350 lbs or like this probably would opt for one some concealed is coming with a cage ( is the bit sturdier has built.) But ossia probably not going to be for the few years (if I do not go never that far ossia.)
5 / 5
Like these of then is the profile he down plus that the majority.

Update - I master more! They are at present unavailable, but will maintain to verify behind. I plan to add more these to mine rack so that it does not have to that maintain that it moves a current pair around. One of a more frustrating the things is having your together ruined to clash to the hook unnecessarily longitude in the prójimo to impulse of failure.
5 / 5
Has a Reality of Fitness 810XLT Súper Cage of Power of Max and this does perfectly with him. These hooks are better that one some concealed is coming with a cage. Probably you buy another pair like what better roughly having the gymnasium of the house is not that it has to that find/ parts of movement around when it is now of start ! :)
4 / 5
Has bought these for mine the new squat racks. One produces has not looked sturdy and has not been value a compraventa. If calm uses them with a squat racks is drawn in fact partorisca and use in an upper placing, calm also yours the paste advances one of some bars to sustain while they try to choose a bar of squat was. Any value a compraventa at all
5 / 5
Wow !
I really like these hooks .
Is better then one some that my storm of squat of the wine with .
Use every day and can resist mine 275lb bar and have any question .
Thank you Again .
5 / 5
Good quality J hooks, has to weighed, take a work done. My only complaint is a fact that these hooks there is not coming with a power racks in a first place. If you have purchased a power of the reality of the fitness racks to be prepared to spend another $ 30 in pertinent J hooks like these.

Top Customer Reviews: Yes4All Safety ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 45 ratings
4 / 5
I personally found these spotter arms partorisca be many to courts, rendering his useless. It likes-me the walk out of the bit in squats, partorisca do sure any paste a j-the cups that traces/that they go down during a movement. These spotter the arms are like this short, will have to squat a lot up against a uprights of the yours rack/stand partorisca do sure a spotter the arms remain under a bar. If they are not long quite (and these are not ), this results problematic. I am returned these and has finalised to go with @Titán spotter arms for a T-2 storm ( is returned any 2x2 storm with the hole of thumb). Hate Titán, but his spotter the arms are roughly 16 thumbs long, as we give me the plot of spatial to the squat and is side so only the little more than these.
5 / 5
Done well, cleaned welds, square true and amiably coated. A lot it is returned especially mine 2'x2' the power racks uprights perfectly. Any wiggles, any shims has required.

No sure would want to use he for heavy squats -external- a rack (Do your Interior of squats a rack) but the law adds for high presses and such in front of a racks. I have applied fluorescent duct tape to some sides of these spotter arm the hopefully prevents to walk to them in slope of a front to rack in level of chin.

Be conscious that so only one takes the surface is cushioned. Not cushioning in joining it to him to vertical element likes in of the J-hook.
5 / 5
Has purchased mine 1st power racks 3 years ago of Rep Fitness (PR-1000) which has looked for to be add racks has been this in spite of disappointed to discover after a fact that does not manufacture spotter arm them thus character racks, so only some versions to have to that heavier. I so only spent to be surfing Amazon and has found this and decided to give them the try (to the equal that can see of a pics). Phase of worse chance, if they have not done, so only would spend for Amazon and take the turn. I have it there was so only for the few days but like this far like this good. You a work. The only complaint is wishing was longer. I have purchased another train of Yes4All and has a lot of be to please in general before like this emotional, would not expect any subjects with his spotter arms.
4 / 5
The solid Storm. They are very solid and return the 2” rack perfectly. The subject only @minor has is is 12” longitude and really would owe that be 16”. They are long quite sure, but like the chair are in an end of a bar. This be has said, taste that are more than courts as they are returned my spatial and they a work of security under a barbell. It would say yes, calm would be necessary to buy them. They are Long enough, sturdy and easy to regulate.
4 / 5
These arms are not the mine returned racks. When I have tried it returns him, we gave me to us such the big hassle to resupply me instructions on like this to do them returned, can sends them pics like this evidence, etc. Are that WTF? You are serious? I never, has does not have to that never question with to amazon that elements of returns. Turn the elements and they accept it, simple as it concealed.

This is to be do in Cina and aims. A quality is absolute craps. The products begins to rub was and the chair has dipped the decent quantity of weight in the, goes to snap.

But never is returned my rack like this when I have tried gone back the, gave to knots some career around rear and advances until it has given so only up. They are not never that extracted this company and advising all a STAY WAS. Extra Of paid for American has done the products and calm will take a product and the service deserve.
4 / 5
Has purchased recently to 5 sweep of Olympic foot to augment gymnasium of mine of house. My original 2' square tubing racks the system there has been the 7 feet and EZ bar to crimp, but has had need for still like this another bar for some concrete exercises. A 5 bar of the feet does not return in a racks a way a 7 footer access, as I have bought these arms to resist he for some Olympic collars. It results that finding these annexes for the power rack with 2' square tubing is not easy. In some photos can see some original arms down some new some. Here it is some the main reasons reasons in fact prefers a Yes4All supports:
1. Quality of build - these are very solid and substantial and gone back a 2' rack perfectly. Although they come with ray-in stabilizers, does not require him and some arms are in plot easier that move without them have attached.
2. Period - this estaca out of a rack less original, which find gains to the equal that are less probably to clash to them.
3. Date - calm so much can see in of the photos, these take on less vertical space in a racks that some original, which is the plus .
4. Cushion - Some originals have come without cushion, likes I glued in touch he of hule of the neoprene. A Yes4All the arms come with the plastic cushion very substantial. It is screwed in and very stable.
5. This can touch trivial but these are arms of image of the mirror (different some originals) as it can attach him to a rack and see some numbers in both sides. I have taken really!
6. Value - these attack me to knots like this when being the very good product for a prize.
4 / 5
Am thrilled with this product left to do storm of the attractive in a perfect height. The law adds in an outside of a racks to the curve presses. Has the snug returns some rays of ray for a backside is not required. I suppose more it could you want to it uses him they stimulate to plot. Perfecto and reasonable for me but I suppose has been to the squat that uses him external a racks would be the few courts for that. I produce add 👍🏻
5 / 5
was pleasantly surprised by a quality of these spotter arms. Creation to armour plate to have to that heavy, lined with UMHW plastic to protect your bar of harm. A ray in pin in some rear helps to ensure some weapon to the yours rack for the sure access.

If they are nitpicking would say that an only thing that loses is the piece of plastic in a behind racking insert to prevent metal on contact of metal among some arms and a power rack, this in spite of, in a prize, calm can any gone bad with these.
5 / 5
This product was exactly the one who has looked for them. One 2' x 2' access of mine can racks perfectly. One 1' solid tubing has been returned my empty storm perfectly. A subject @only has had them was that the time has taken to finally arrive. I have received numerous notifications of delays of delivery, annulments, and finally has arrived finally. It would recommend to measure yours racks measure and a diaphragm of a space in yours rack. I know that I will be to enjoy this gymnasium of mine of the addition...
5 / 5
Has ordered this for gymnasium of mine to house reason have remarked a knurling in my bar has taken killed by an economic round some concealed is coming with a racks. Looked on-line in another concealed was 3x a prize (or more!) As decided to take the casualidad and am very pleased. Locks in solid - no rattle - and is to have to that very heavy. Also really like a tampon to have that weighed in a a fence perfectly and like this far (roughly 6 weeks) absolutely any sign of wear in a tampon.
5 / 5
Quality of build and fitment in mine BodySolid racks was a lot. This would have to that return any 2x2” storm with 1” hole.

This in spite of 12” securities are TOO SHORT if his precise to owe of security/of something real. These are better to do fault partorisca stationary to the things like to rack the attractive or tall press (where the other needs a bar in some securities in a place partorisca begin).
4 / 5
Awesome Has produced! A tampon feels big quality and no the look will spend was anytime punctual. Probably never. Spotter The arms are quell'has bitten short but is excellent spotters partorisca benching. My only complaint is some rays partorisca presionar . It is hard to dip them by means of a hole and when calm , does not go all a way when turning a ray. This in spite of, any calm really require these rays partorisca presionar of a spotter the apt arms snug and is not partorisca lose when that shaking.
4 / 5
Economic and expedient delivery of accessory of security partorisca use with cage of lifting of the weight. Although any while earth in my gymnasium these are easily adjustable on 2”x2” frame and stable of look and sturdy. Unsure What hanged could sustain if this mass was partorisca fall freely of the height more orders that 1/3 organism period.
4 / 5
Has loved a period of these, has mark for me to have my bar in the better place to press of bank. A hule in a cup really helps with noise. All round ossia the product adds 👌🏾
5 / 5
These arms are shorter that some, but exactly to the equal that has described. A main question has with them is a sure ray in a backside is not machined properly and does not go in . I have sent for behind a shipment thinking it was so only to an arm, but a second shipment has had a subject same in an arm although I direct to believe is a way a product is machined and has manufactured.
5 / 5
Perfecto in my fitness of @Titán T2 2x2 storm. Ray tighteners Adds to touch extra if need. Has a Jhooks same mark. Happy with element.
5 / 5
This arm has helped to solve my folding racks/ @@subject of car of the boss. You trace so much unit a lot afterwards to the each one like this another to the stud in my gymnasium of cochera. When A racks bent open, has was no clearance to add dishes while it has done them squats. It was hesitant roughly buying some arms, am happy has done them.
4 / 5
He 4 all is appreciated under has bought them the little of his things excellent quality welds the look adds and priced well. At all it likes so only that of precise.
5 / 5
These have been suppositions to be used in my weight racks for security spotting so much could stimulate wo more. An only question has had was the mine racks has not had the 2' hole of diameter. When I have read 2'x2', has assumed informed to some dimensions of bar.
5 / 5
Good product, the packaging has suffered harm to the delivery but the parts were a lot. The desire was the big longer.
5 / 5
Some bars look decent quality and sturdy, but a packaging was horrible. Some bars have taken all dinged and there is lined up. Debating if partorisca return them and bet in of the substitutions.
5 / 5
Thinks all fitness is to good sure overpriced and these are any exception but is the legit produced and I any functionality of complaints or width of build. Still give 5 stars because ALL THE CREW of fitness is overpriced!
5 / 5
Wants to this and I REQUIRE this product. A description of product has said that the power Racks to Attach - Access of Multiple Election 2x2 or 3x3. This particular version is SO ONLY 2x2.
4 / 5
Returns perfectly in mine my generic 2x2 storm. Now I can do in mine OHP lockout. A lot of sturdy, some the plastic coverages would have to that protect a bar knurling.
5 / 5
Hates that has bought a wrong measure!!!! Mark sure read you roughly prevails it calm buy it! The desire could return it. So only it is seating in my basement
5 / 5
Power lifter for ten years, use these in my gymnasium of house for leg and heavy @@@cofre days three to four times the week. Exactly that attended, totally value of the money. Spent with confidence.
4 / 5
These are UTMOST -- A lot of SOLIDS -- has had 505 lbs on there like this far and does not have ANY SIGN of weakness.
4 / 5
Was under an impression that my cage was to 2 x2 likes list but, is not I so that it will be to return this element . It looks sturdy and solid this in spite of, the nave is a lot questionable (sees images)
5 / 5
Loves the so only a right measure to return a rack and sustain a weight
4 / 5
These are utmost for dome of external tall press of a storm to be able to. I have it it used him also for a RDL, Curls, etc. Stand up well to fracasado reps and would recommend partorisca east for both the full power cage or the half racks.
4 / 5
So only it has taken my spotter arms today. One of some arms is defective - his raven and am unable to close he in place in mine rack. Another arm is in his point. Ive Has purchased another Yes4All the products and has been well. I guess the sound so only miserable with this batch. This will be to return.
5 / 5
This gone back perfectly in my system of cage. I use him when squatting partorisca the stable sure racking point.
5 / 5
Really has not been sure like partorisca expect in this prize but these are the quality adds. Other frames sell a same thing partorisca hundreds of dollars, like this ossia partorisca the fly. It could not be happier.
4 / 5
Is utmost partorisca mine 2x2 cage partorisca be able to. A ray in @@@knob the sure extra fact and taste that launched in there. Only desire some real arms were the little longer. Better value right here.
5 / 5
Returns my tds. It leaves attractive and OHP. Light but very strong.
4 / 5
Gone back perfectly in mine 2x2 cage. A backside that closes frames of sure mechanism all is snug. To good sure would recommend to those considering.
4 / 5
Sadly, This is not compatible with my storm of squat. While it was partorisca the 2x2 the storm of squat, a peg was too big to return. Ossia Mostly on me but a description partorisca peg the measure has not been comprised at the same time of compraventa.
5 / 5
Arms of decent security, this in spite of, are not the defender of some hard plastic tampons, would be add partorisca take hule hard instead.
4 / 5
These are utmost excepts that some holes of the ray has not been touched all a way by means of so that it could not presionar a product to mine 2x2 frame. Otherwise These are sturdy looking.
4 / 5
Very short spotter arms, when benching but any when squatting - would be really useful was more along
5 / 5
was exactly to the equal that has described. Very durable which is of entity when requiring the spotter.
5 / 5
This was the good to find and required it the compliment my cage.
4 / 5
Returns any 2x2 storm. Nizza And sturdy. Any bad partorisca a prize.
5 / 5
Does not have to that me worry roughly to the risks have involved heavy weights.
5 / 5
Wants to these! They have helped with my on press of boss. A lot of sturdy and of confidence! Highly it recommends!

Top Customer Reviews: Yes4All Power Rack ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
If you possess a Reality of Fitness 810XLT the storm of squat, so only know that this turn PERFECTLY in a racks. A subject with ones sweep storm of the hooks that is comprised with a racks is that when it sees a bar 'sinister' and 'right' augmenting a transmission of a bar that begin of the place of a storm of squat!! Ossia Especially true with the weight has weighed on that. After @giving this defect and has experienced personally some hooks 'rolling' where some the stock hooks potentially could fall off, has decided to do my planned diligence to upgrade my barbell hooks.

Purchasing these J-the hooks are returned perfectly in a storm of squat and so only AUGMENTS a security of your exercises of weightlifting. Well a compraventa has regular hooks this 'circulated like one of concealed them is comprised with a Reality of Fitness 810XLT.
4 / 5
These are returned a Reality of Fitness 810 likes has been done partorisca he. A lot of snug and ensure returned, the z/the zero wobbles; it goes in /out of some crossbars without any one tugging on lining. There was a lot of bed revises quell'concealed has said it that these have the hule that cushions, but the mine has come with the slick plastic. I will continue to use these and will update a description has any questions. @@Subject So only has had was that while these are announced as 'first nave'; it has taken 4 days partorisca arrive with which have received partorisca ship look. So only something partorisca be conscious of .

Update: I have fallen this down to 2 stars after discovering that some hooks the streaky mine racks bad. Some rays that attaches a plastic is too long and hang out of another side enough to line all touch. I have had to use a grinder of corner to take some rays down to a pertinent period.
4 / 5
Has taken this for my cage of Reality of the Fitness with 2' estacas. It does not stimulate any one a lot on 200 lbs., But I can not imagine two times that would be the question for these. As the one who some of some others comment that had the little concerned, a one estaca of thumb that spends for a hole in a cage to resist he in place, estacas by means of one 2' estaca with in the extra of half thumb, as I am not concerned roughly exiting it while using. Also, some rays that control some tampons in the place does not spend for a metal, as they do not line some estacas of a cage. There is the ray clamp in backside to help resist a J hook in place. This ray could line one paints the little, but is so only to cage of weight, as I am not concerned roughly that. Also, if finally it takes really scratch on, has this material product has called that works quite a lot covering on scratches.
5 / 5
Has bought these reasons likes-join me idea of a coating of hule hard where some rests of bar. It looks he is big quality but have one the pins of entities are like this short that any in fact extend by means of another side of a square tube. They are much shorter that mine another J-the hooks and I would not trust of the heavy weights to them. It looks the decision of stupid drawing and is very disappointing. It would recommend finding some with the longest pin for security.
4 / 5
Orderly to the supplement that exists hooks for mine DSG Train of Fitness the Storm of Half squat. Some the blue hooks have come with a rack and can see some cushions of the hule already is deteriorating with which 6 month of use. This black Yes4All the hooks are 3X3 and is returned a racks perfectly. A cushions is not the hule soft, is very hard and looks it will last and last. They wrap around better and also scrape down for stabilities. These are so only so better that a DSG hooks. Like this happy ordered him. The value adds.
5 / 5
I personally found these spotter arms to be many to courts, rendering his useless. It likes-me the walk out of the bit in squats, to do sure any paste a j-the cups that traces/that they go down during a movement. These spotter the arms are like this short, will have to squat a lot up against a uprights of the yours rack/stand to do sure a spotter the arms remain under a bar. If they are not long quite (and these are not ), this results problematic. I am returned these and has finalised to go with @Titán spotter arms for a T-2 storm ( is returned any 2x2 racks with the hole of thumb). Hate Titán, but his spotter the arms are roughly 16 thumbs long, as we give me to plot of spatial to the squat and is side so only the little more than these.
5 / 5
Very done, cleaned welds, square true and amiably coated. A lot it is returned especially mine 2'x2' the power racks uprights perfectly. Any wiggles, any shims has required.

No sure would want to use he for heavy squats -external- a rack (Do your Interior of squats a rack) but the law adds for high presses and such in front of a racks. I have applied fluorescent duct tape to some sides of these spotter arms to hopefully prevents to walk to them in slope of a front to rack in level of chin.

Be conscious that so only one takes the surface is cushioned. Not cushioning in joining it to him to vertical element likes in of the J-hook.
4 / 5
That has required.

Taken Titán @ T-2 storm, a comprised J-the hooks are coffins the steel has painted.

There is racked to grieve a bar, has known them has required the substitution - has had like this embrague among a bar and some hooks, has done to move a bar in-situate impossible.

Titán @ Was out of stock of his official plastic-has covered-hooks.

Yes4All To a rescue!

The most economic quality , well, returns a racks. 10/10!
5 / 5
The to the left initiate me was with saying to order to the door forward was 24 hours less. Opened a box to two good-looking hooks. They looked solid. Strong. I add to look hooks. Crossing the toes have has measured rights and dip his in my storm of squat.... They are returned perfectly !!! I have done squats tonight and a difference when racking has surprised. Like this easy. All the world knows when you are tired after the together rough of heavy squats , some worse is looking for to rack the bar in the hook with has created flanges. It is ridiculous. Has has had hooks of circles that is coming with my rack. As these are the transmission of game . I have begun gymnasium of only mine to house like this these were necessary and to good sure would purchase these again have required also. Highly I doubt of then his probably last while me lol. Good material. Oh And he in chance that is spent on a flange is domestic quite like this to the fence will not fall off . The pictures to estaca that the be be take after using once . They are gone in marks new condition.
4 / 5
Has purchased mine 1st power racks 3 years ago of Rep Fitness (PR-1000) which has looked for to be add racks has been this in spite of disappointed to discover after a fact that does not manufacture spotter arm them thus character racks, so only some versions to have to that heavier. I so only spent to be surfing Amazon and has found this and decided to give them the try (to the equal that can see of a pics). Phase of worse chance, if they have not done, so only would spend for Amazon and take the turn. I have it there was so only for the few days but like this far like this good. You a work. The only complaint is wishing was longer. I have purchased another train of Yes4All and has a lot of be to please in general before like this emotional, would not expect any subjects with his spotter arms.
4 / 5
After reading roughly the descriptions was the little has concerned. Once the container arrived and has been installed on rack, was happy. Any subject, the rays have not gone too much long, has on presionado on rack (any wobble), the fence resisted with weight on he - just likes has to that. Installed the in the reality of storm of fitness.
5 / 5
Like this ossia the metal camber the annex and looks quite solid. My enormous disappointment although roots of a fact there is no liner in an annex to the equal that seats, coffins metal, in your bar. This in is not too terrible except a fact that has come he with rays for you to ray to some annexes to resist them in place in a bar. Some rays are not that they go to the sleeve to cause embrague to resist an annex in place, enough a ray of rays to a face of the yours barbell boss.

Will have the be careful using these with barbell clamps to resist them situate reasons am not breaking some bosses to twist a ray to them. Any concealed or so only use them on my beater bar.

Half-cooked idea. Perhaps another iteration will have the sleeve liner of some class that contact a bar for the protect.
5 / 5
A product is coming with the ray that loses as has the habit to ensure a anti tampons to slip to a baseplate of a J-Hook. I achieved it it was the company to correct a subject. If they had corrected a subject, would have given 5 stars.

Update 4/15/20: A company has sent a wrong part in a tentativa to correct my subject, but give them full credit to try in good faith. They were a lot of responsive with emails, and believes really tried to fix it.

My elections to correct a subject has comprised then neither returning a product or fixing it I. In honour of his tentativa and in an interest of time, decided to fix it.

I finally decided to edge a metal with the Data of place & of metric Tap to accommodate the 6mm ray to a metal baseplate of a j-hook.

In general, a product is sturdy and to the equal that has announced. I suggest that a company improves his process of guarantee of the quality. Still it recommends another to purchase this product.
4 / 5
Was toying with an idea to buy the cambered fences in of squat for a gymnasium of cochera. I have it that has not used never a so that it has not been will like . I have found this in spite of these. To the point of prize 200 under a fence a more economic I expósito, a possibility to the hate is not like this bad. I do not hate it at all. They were good packaged and has shipped immediately. He so only like this spent has arrived the day of squat as I opened him well on and dip his in a bar. To good sure add to a need to stabilise. I do not know that the solid cambered bar to such the terracing. A fact that this transfer with some collars require to really be careful during attacking etc. Loves the and will be to try have been to like the yoke to hang also. They have managed 3 45lb & he 5lb flat for side easily enough. I produce it adds.
4 / 5
Has received a J-Hook for mine 2x2' rack with 1' peg holes. I have thought that that these am returned amiably that . This in spite of, another any one returned and does not want to use this ray because the people say that it hurts a metal or the products in one rack often. As I have contacted a company, while for the substitution for one. It is it has gone by one 1/8th of a thumb that is way too wobbly, especially when using serious weight. Some materials look utmost this in spite of and a welding is smooth, so only the empty.

Modification: I have looked for to go for a transmission of the amazon and is both very free. I have contacted the support of client there is prendido to answer altogether.
4 / 5
Ossia The addition adds my gymnasium of house! It is opened on the new world of exercises. Now I do not owe that rack he with holes to locate this on but my squat racks has the behind meaning that it was able to slide this on and with an use of the C-clamp acts a lot well. I have done workouts this involves shoulders, hamstrings, quad, calves, abs and behind. I recommend it! East to install and easy to use.
4 / 5
Was pleasantly surprised by a quality of these spotter arms. Creation to armour plate to have to that heavy, lined with UMHW plastic to protect your bar of harm. A ray in pin in some rear helps to ensure some weapon to the yours rack for the sure contingent.

If I am nitpicking would say that an only thing that loses is the piece of plastic in a behind racking insert to prevent metal on contact of metal among some arms and a power rack, this in spite of, in a prize, calm can any gone bad with these.
4 / 5
Done well, sturdy, good materials. BUT - the can not install. The ray is too long for almost 4' when it has gathered sticks was like sore thumb to take snagged on leg. Also given any (waste) to leave to ray (prizes ) in the unit that does ray basically worthless. All this praise in the name of mark 84' 2X2' the power square storm. If it acts for calm - good regime another wise can not recommend this device. A place of the holes in yours can rack determines that way a landmine will do yes calms that can take to install. Some front to face to rack another faces near to rack. Spatial results the question of first order then.
5 / 5
Looks very strong and sturdy. Any worry in his capacity to resist hanged. A @@subject that some were having with rays also long that the sound of line racks has not been a subject. They were quite recessed in some places have received as you can see pictures. One the good characteristic is that a diameter of one the main pin is compraventa half adjustable of the 'with the' these slips in a 5/8 pin and is taken by the ray of fixation. An only part I desire his rethink is a ray of the fixation with @@@knob has used to ensure a unit in one racks. Still with the light pressure goes to break an arrival in one racks. Small flu in a otherwise conjoint adds of j-hooks.
5 / 5
Like this produces a work and the works so that I took them arrest. After looking in a some have in Dicks the sportive sakes have the pin in a backside to close a J hook in place. With east a when you move a bar lateralmente near will burst out of a hole. He the Work of dose has loved so only signal that went it to other buyers for security to be conscious of of the this. I finalise to learn like this to use he without a lot of movement. But for a no bad prize.
5 / 5
Like this it produces a work and the works so that I took them arrest. After looking in a some have in Dicks the sportive sakes have the pin in a backside partorisca close a J hook in place. With east a when you move a bar lateralmente near will burst out of a hole. He the Work of dose there is wanted to so only signal that went it to other buyers for security to be conscious of of the this. I finalise to learn like this to use he without a lot of movement. But for a no bad prize.
5 / 5
Has bought these like extras J-cups for mine @Titán T2 which has 1' pins in the 2x2 frame. For a prize is value adds and is lined to protect barbell. They are by train to use them Takes squats like this far in around 350lbs, and is sturdy. This in spite of, a UMHW lines in these is resembled $ 1 tent that joint short, look to spend fast and take shredded easily. Of the daily use can see a lining to be spent down inside the perhaps 5-6 die of months is perhaps 1/4' often.
5 / 5
A lot of sturdy and the economic upgrade my storm of squat. The only thing the note is that there is no plastic in a front of a hook, as you go a fence sends it can ding on your knurling. Easy to avert the majority of a time this in spite of. Another thing noticeable is that some the plastic wears was quite quickly. I have it there was so only for the months of the pair but he already is beginning to spend down quite that is beginning to expose a boss of some rays that resists him in place. Probably I will substitute a plastic with UHMW the aim of launches. Hard to beat this prize this in spite of!
4 / 5
A product is not perfectly symmetrical for each j-hook, for this yours bar will cause some hooks to wobble more than has wished. To try and fix this question looks that a costruttore has comprised it @@@knob with the ray to be presionado to a backside of the each hook to fix a place of a hook in a storm to be able to. This characteristic fact some tugs of the ray against & scrapes an arrival out of a backside of one is can rack, which is annoying. I do not have remarked this @@@knob economic w/characteristic of ray in the description of an element to the equal that would have moved to a next option. A j-the hooks have the enormous eye that takes engraving that the states soyADE the CHINESES' in a backside... This element resists your weighted sweep when the heavy lifting? TBD... I have not tried he with anything >250 lbs. Still... Some plastic bumpers that comes screwed to a j-the already spilt hooks out of a box... Annoying. It would recommend to buy a j-hooks of @Titán, Rep, or Pray... Would have but at all was available when this COVID b/s first swipe...
5 / 5
The value adds, this mine is returned @Titán racks better that one some concealed is coming with him and a plastic is resisting on reasonably very like this far, there goes to be always some wear and the tear when have an aggressive knurl in your bar that undermines to a plastic. There is better j hooks in a phase but for a tax these are excellent, bought him the 2nd pair as I have had more options when dipping up for several impulses, easier the transition to say the bank presses to be presses with two insiemi but I can buy the 2nd pair of these to substitute one some concealed is coming with a racks.
5 / 5
Has bought these to use in mine Marcy cage in place of a fashion of round that is coming on that. It likes him-me these very better for several reasons. In the first place, a capacity of weight is main in these that some headlines of bar that is coming with the mine racks. As, these headlines of bar are hule coated the stays and I likes him that to better plot that a metal on metal of some headlines of regular bar. They are returned in cage of mine so only a lot - any subject has eaten everything. Some black parties the colour of cage of mine perfectly too much. An extra profit to buy these is that now I have 2 insiemi - an I use for benching and another partorisca squats and on-the boss presses. This are add, more a prize was so only. It would buy these again wholehearted.
4 / 5
Law perfectly in the mine can racks has bought of dicks. Measure a diameter of some holes and a measure of some first mainstays to buy to do sure take a legislation a. HAS almost has bought a too small.

These things am built like this of the tanks, can take to plot of abuse. Probably reason am cost so many.

Complains so only has is can take on multiple holes been due to his period, and use the system of embrague to maintain he in place in place of just leaving a estaca be longer. Probably surer, but taken on more spatial.
4 / 5
Are a lot disappointed in a control of poor quality. Two rays are sticking out of quite only to any so only very returned, but there is lined a heck out of frames the cage of new power. I have expected better. This does not have to that it NEVER has left a costruttore. You can see for some pictures where a side a ray is recessed, while another side a ray is sticking was. Such an unnecessary error in test and with the control of better quality would owe that it has been taken before it has been shipped. That in the repayment......
5 / 5
Awesome Has produced! Substituted my old hooks (pointed) with which his almost rasgados of the mine rack when I pulled me to the loaded bar partorisca to squat. They are returned my economic 2x3 racks perfectly, which is an odd measure for annexes. One wraps around the support is main that my original like the helps prevent to the attractive was like my original some (pointed). They are also directional, as I can fix him to take on and was easily yes have another racks alleged that it can interfere (p.ej. My current spotter the arms have one wraps support in a same side, as I can not take one without taking everything of dishes of mine was a side of a rack). Nizza And sturdy, I like a ray in a backside, and a sleeve to the more small or main holes records. The prizes add for a quality, has taken the little yes4all produced and honradamente wants to him everything.
4 / 5
Some hooks are well but for some reason a side was really tight, likes would break a coating of of the powder in a rig while another side is returned so only well. To the amazon substituted it and again a same side was tight, but no like this tight that would break some rigs, was so only the perfect snug apt, and another side has been just right again.

Like this possible his cars is bending a steel slightly was, but another that that no real complaints, looks to do an only good work
5 / 5
A lot of sturdy, arrival of discharge of good powder and some hard plastic tampons where some swipes of bar look very strong. If it reward a @@@knob after installing, will not move at all - but calm active little something spent in your rack. No the big shot but is not necessary of presionarles really. These are the utmost upgrade of a bar of round take concealed is comprised with the majority partorisca be able the storm.
5 / 5
Has purchased so only this to upgrade a J hooks that is coming with the mine can racks. These am SUCH the better pair of J hooks. I bought him partorisca one 2'x2' the power racks (Reality of Fitness) A 2x2 J the hips come hooks with the esecuring' ray of @@@knob that his park in place. ( This is not aimed really in some pictures) in general, the MUST there is upgrade the stock J Hooks. It is a lot of entity partorisca have pieces of big quality partorisca rack he of is exiting so only. 5 stars defintley will be partorisca buy more than this company. Thank you.
5 / 5
Has loved a period of these, has mark partorisca me partorisca have my bar in the better place partorisca press of bank. A hule in a cup really helps with noise. All round ossia the product adds 👌🏾
4 / 5
Absolutely love these 2x2 J the hooks partorisca my power of @Titán rack. I have been concerned some rays would be too long and line a rack, as spent with another user. But this has to that it has been the fluke, reason these rays are perfectly sized. Thickness UHMW plastic with two rays in an inferior piece like him any rotate was on you. Has another pair partorisca add in J Hooks with UHMW and these are better way partorisca a same prize. Highly recommended.
4 / 5
These things will not substitute mine cambered bar that use partorisca squatting, but to good sure will use him partorisca add instability to my movements partorisca press. The ones of way that used him far partorisca press of bank and the tall pressing and are there is disappointed at all. Down waiting for experimenting with them and finding new uses. It gives the graces for the solid product.
4 / 5
Am using these in my Fitness of Value BD-7 can storm and has ordered a place partorisca try them was and see like this has liked him to it me. They are sturdy, ensured, and calmer that some nails that coming with a racks. Initially, it used him further of a place this comes with a rack but has ordered so only the together as so it can substitute these pins. They are strong and the estaca was much more there that these J hooks that reduces a quantity of spatial, front partorisca back, that can use inside a storm partorisca be able to. Highly recommended!
4 / 5
Liked a first pair like this well, has ordered the second pair.

These J the hooks cage of mine returned to the equal that has been done partorisca he. A name of the mark does not import reason a cage has been manufactured roughly done 30 years and so only can be found in craigslist or one like calm so that it will owe that measure your uprights and hope partorisca a better. Some measures have listed in the amazon was something on. I have found any objectionable the smell of some cushions of hule bur YMMV.
5 / 5
These j-the hooks are the good value . After reading the descriptions in a Power of the reality of the Fitness racks, several buyers have suggested these j-to hooks likes him a upgrade. They were a lot! They are returned perfectly and suitable my needs. A construction is solid and an arrival is well. I gave him 4 stars so only because hule partorisca have to that weighed would be better state that some plastic tampons, but in general is a lot good. It would buy him again.
4 / 5
Has bought a 2x2 version. At the beginning look a product is of good quality. This in spite of, if it wobbles behind and advance in mine rack included with a ray of fixation has presionado down so to the equal that was possible. Some the rear dishes are not directly and some pins are too many courts that cause up and down and lateral movement. A thru pins defininitely needs to be lengthened. It operates it but he are not partorisca add and if it do not love your annexes that line on your rack, look elsewhere.
5 / 5
Has been disappointed when one of a two j-the hooks does not have a right corner and for like this sicks was and will not seat flush in a these would be perfect. A light defect partorisca this really done product the enormous impact. It will try to agree to stick any pics. It would want to find some concealed in fact returned, or so only take an I so that it can use these.
4 / 5
I have been disappointed when one of a two j-the hooks does not have a right corner and for like this sicks was and will not seat flush in a these would be perfect. A light defect partorisca this really done product the enormous impact. It will try to agree to stick some pics. It would want to find some concealed in fact returned, or so only take an I so that it can use these.
5 / 5
Perfecto in my fitness of @Titán T2 2x2 storm. Ray tighteners Adds partorisca touch extra if need. Has a Jhooks same mark. Happy with element.
4 / 5
Has not required anything he same park to this sturdy partorisca my needs, but very happy with qualities. 1st shipment has been missing one of some tampons, but the subject of amazon has solved a lot quickly.
4 / 5
He 4 all is appreciated under has bought them the little of his things excellent quality welds the look adds and priced well. At all it likes so only that of precise.
5 / 5
These J the hooks are less the averages a prize of any one another some could find. I think that that a hule could be of the low quality because of a fact when I slide my barbell by means of him, a knurling in a barbell arisen rubs was the little has bitten. It is not a subject himself calm dipped it directly in the, but has limited the spatial around the mine can rack like this I slide he in for a part. With this said, bc of a prize adds, still give it 5 stars. !00 I would buy again.
4 / 5
Adds j hooks! Definite bang for your buck for the pair of 3rd party j hooks. Works for my fuel pureformance 2x2 the storm of squat with 1 holes of thumb. Sturdy And of confidence. The didnt annoying use some big rays for presionar to a rack his so that it is sturdy enough without them.
5 / 5
Looks to be accesses and good quality in my monster lite rack without questions. Some rays any sea a metal and a studs was long enough. One prays j-cups (up in a picture) looks to be fatter but for some weights do not have any reservation.
5 / 5
This produces the law adds and really resupplies more support for my olympic bar when they are squatting, which is reason I gave it the a lot of deserving 5 stars. An only thing would improve is his fact bit it more ensured to the equal that has the tendency to turn in a clockwise direction/counterclockwise spends the paste the when that returns a bar to rest in one racks(s).
5 / 5
A wonderful upgrade to my terrible stock hooks.

Any wait prays quality in this prize, but to good sure is that it resists until regular abuse.
5 / 5
Has required technically 3x2 but a lot of company done in fact concealed.. Bought my rack in the local phase and has bought these in 3x3 to the equal that has the face or 3 with the side for 2.. The amazon there has been at all in this measure as I have purchased 3x3 and operates him for me. Like this far like this good. It will update I course to any questions.

Top Customer Reviews: HulkFit ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
When I have decided to dip near the gymnasium of small house, has known partorisca be able to the to to train likes there is wanted, would require of the storm of squat or the cage of power of some class. This in spite of, have had very limited spatial as I have had so only the small zone in a basement of the mine townhome to use. A half storm smaller resulted my house.

I compraventa a lot of around before deciding in this storm of squat. Here you are it reasons the tones has chosen this Hulkfit storm:

1. Height. I have required the more careers to rack I so that has low ceilings. Has has wanted to do sure at least could take my boss in an attractive-arrive fence. I think that that this racks is 81' in height.

2. Sturdiness. East racks, while the smallest option, still has the 700 lb capacity of load, which is abundance for my needs.

3. A prize. It was already reasonably priced but am spent to take it even more economic around black friday.

4. Some descriptions. All the world has said that it was the quality racks, especially for a prize. It was unsure of a mark but some descriptions favorecedoras had to it to me take casualidad in the mark I never listened of.

Here is to the few things like the commentary:

1. A racks looks to be facts well and was easy to dip near. Mark takes some rays are on a lot tight as it racks will not wobble. You can use some wrenches that is comprised but would be much more effective to use the together of ratchet.

2. I have used so only a thin plus of an attractive on bars has comprised. It looks he likes having both would be unnecessary and probably would go in a way when doing attractive ups. Also be conscious has no knurling in some bars. I have used some tape of grip of the hockey to wrap around that. This does so only well and is not a subject for me.

3. If you want to do divings or control of bands to use to wrap around the yours rack to do pulling to to the movements likes him to him-him him flies of @@@cofre or attractive of face, the sure mark weights down yours rack. Without weight in the, will begin to touch.

4. If you are looking to add accessories like different J the hooks or anything concealed attaches similarly, would have to know some the vertical beams are not 2'x2'. They are more like 2.5. This disappointed so that it had bought some big more aftermarket J hooks that any returned and is too late to return them. This in spite of, are sure some the fattest columns add to a racks is sturdiness and qualified of global weight. Also, there is remarked HulkFit now offers accesoria that is to return his main columns as you sweep of diving, headlines flatly, etc.

5. I owe that say, have not been crazy in a yellow when I saw it on-line but has imagined was something could live with. After dipping it on, looks better that has anticipated.

Any of a 'negatives' has mentioned on is the mine sews smaller and is not enough for me to deduct any stars. The just things have thinks that would mention.

In general, am satisfied with this Hulkfit the storm of squat reason adapted my needs. It would recommend that this racks to any in the estimativa or with spatial limited for the gymnasium of house. I will update my description if anything changes.

UPDATE 4/27/19

after using this storm of squat for a past pair of the month am satisfied still with him. Still I create it it was the good election for my needs. This in spite of, if I never movement or have more spatial that do with, More the probably upgrade to something more sturdy and versatile.

Here is some gilipollas has found on some months of past pair:

- has has has had to that retighten some rays in a T jointed in a subordinated the time of pair. No material have racked more than 225 but guess over time begins the loosen bit it. Ossia The light annoyance .

-Some comprised 'bars of diving' is virtually unusable and really would not owe that be appointed like such. So only they do not regulate quite wide for me to use. A more slender person can be able to use them but a lot me (I follows 5'11' 200lbs). I have purchased some other bars of offer of diving for separate which attach to some columns in place of some bars of security. This very better work for me and is sturdy same when it adds hanged.

-A j-the hooks are small and cause me to have the be the little more careful when king-racking hanged. As of now, Hulk returned does not offer big j-hooks.

-A grip in a j the hooks and the bars of security are essentially just stickers. They have begun to peel on the small and my barbell has begun for rasgarles on bit it. Appearance these to exit entirely finally.

For these reasons together with a fact that a racks is not quite like this sturdy and durable as originally I have thought, are deducting 1 star. It is said to have the 700 lb capacity of the weight but I would not feel comfortable racks it that many.

Still, servants his purpose and I am happy with him for one the majority of part, especially for a prize.

UPDATE 9/3/20

East racks still is that it resists on well and do fault is purpose . I used it several times for week of took it to them. Some stickers of grip in a j-the hooks and the bars of security have substituted with accidents on 1/4 thumb mats of the paving cut to measure and súper glued to protect my barbells. The weight my rack down with dishes of weights in some behind and with some weights have tent in some headlines of dish have bought for separate. I have bought also some annexes of diving, and barbell hangers. Some bars of diving are worth it, some hangers, any so many. I have not had anymore subject with some rays loosening with which I kings-him presionó with my ratchet.

My main flu with this rack, is a way a j-the hooks and the bars of security attach to a racks. There is any mechanism to ensure them once in place. For like this, you move your barbell lateralmente after a j-the hooks can move with a bar. This can be dangerous especially when racking heavy weight. Also, a j-hooks the very small and has to that pay next attention when king-racking hanged.

Another that that, this has been money is very displaced.
4 / 5
One of a better racks in a phase and calm can not beat a prize! An installation has been setup inner 5-10 minutes. It is a lot of sturdy and hanged of good bosses. I can do attractive-ups and can any the divings and does not have more than enough force to manage any weight that has dipped in a barbell. My same woman commented in the very was. I have done tonnes of investigation in different storm and could not be happier with my compraventa.
5 / 5
The element has been missing a lot of parts ( both insiemi of band pegs and some the pieces to frame that attaches vertical pieces to a horizontal base). A box has fallen to avert when it has arrived. An element was also more than slightly blemished. The service of client was the enormous hassle the request to substitute parts and has been asked to go to buy the new box and be present to choose up. It would owe that take the time was work and go that it looks for a pertinent box that the the better container that has done. The CLEAR STAY. I have been given the partial repayment but still would finalise to pay more to have the working storm fill. Besides, the parts are not done with tolerances stagnate, poor craftsmanship. You save some time and the headache buys anything more.
4 / 5
A quell'rack self is not bad, but has been expecting the little has to that more more weighed for a prize.

A racks is gone in with scratches in a yellow frame. Some separates that some chairs to fence in j-hooks, one of them a lot properly returned inside a hole of a yellow frame reason a weld in a jhook is not to clean.

A jhooks also have a tape is exited on the alone use.

The instructions have comprised was for a wrong storm.

On all the very poor quality for a prize. It has been expecting a lot, quality very better.
5 / 5
In general, says that ossia the decent to rack concealed is value of the money. Pros: Easy to gather, multiple characteristic, effective global height, and light. Gilipollas: Some stickers of hule in a J-the hooks have peeled was in prejudices. It is exited literally there a next day with which have received and has gathered a rack and a hule had peeled was. An adjustable spotter arms very inner returned initially some holes. A coating of powder was too fat for them to records. I took him finally to returned for working some of a coating were. Some bosses of diving have had the plot of on-of spray in a hole where a pin to close would have to that go. Have has had to that the hammer was all to some holes like some nails returned in. If utilisations a spotter arm partorisca squatting, some bosses of diving will go in a way of some dishes. Calm will be necessary takes for advanced. It averts of an initial fitment subject, a racks is sturdy and done his good work.
5 / 5
A racks is quite like this announced, and add compraventa for a money. It appears quite sturdy and stable, although I did not use it strongly still - I am going back the formation of weight after the long pause, as they are not maxing this thing has gone by any half. I have bought east racks especially for an a lot of-sized spotter arms, which are unusually big and functional for the storm of squat in this point of prize.

Has ordered this on 7/21 and received it on 8/2. It was concerned initially when I have seen a container - some corners of a box were all has rounded/blocked reason a box has not had any reinforcement. A fact that a unit was in the excellent form when unpacked is more the in any sheer regime or a company of nave that tries a lot last to be sweet, more than a quality of a packaging. It would suggest that Hulkfit spends the little bucks on reinforcing some corners of some boxes, more than treating potential irate clients and hostile returns. A racks is the product adds, and would spend the little more to do sure has arrived in shape decent.
4 / 5
Pros: Extremely easy to dip near. If I need any help, there is the video for reference. It is a lot of sturdy. Any meaning for hardcore heavy use but perfect for a half person that looks to take strong. A two attractive on bars is excellent and both are reachable has dipped a fatter bar up. It is not the very big racks he so that they are adds for the spare room or the yes calm basement of the that has the cochera.

Gilipollas: It could have more than spaces of hole to a fund of a rack still benching. I can not use a spotter arms because they are too big too down when benching. Neither it accommodates more accessories. I have thought a tubing was 2x2 based in some questions but is not . Not even sure the one who an exact tubing is to be sincere.

In general for his prize his solidly has built. Taking a spotter is necessary will be the challenge, but the majority will find the comfortable place for a j hooks for his main impulses. If his never exited with the newest version, more spaces of hole and tubing that it leaves for the accessories would do it the number an election of estimativa.
4 / 5
Has been looking to buy the half to rack partorisca quite the moment. I have done the plot of investigation tries to find something cost-effective but still almost professional note. I love this half racks! I took perhaps 30 minutes to dip near and is done of really material of quality. It is stable height , sum and form. I love an attractive double on fence! Highly it recommends that this is looking for something better that has expected for a cost. A J the creation of hook are to add and no stupid adjustable pins to treat and pause! Some yellow looks really acute also, returns my barbell and the perfect bank. To good sure take east racks!
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. I love a compact character of this this in spite of like this is very versatile, but there is a main question. This model a lot adequately ensures some whole sticks to a base. It is jerks behind and advance and wobbles.

Perhaps did not gather it properly (the instructions are a lot imprecise), but have grieve headed cranking was still to pull ups a cup has moved like this severely has has had to that take. I do not know reason do not have the better way to attach some sticks to a base. I have presionado some rays so that it has dreaded that would bend in some sides of estaca.

Is on-line state and has bought two group of shelf and will be to attach his to maintain he of emotional (sees photo).

Am excited to use this more but am disappointed has to that buy extra parts for the do sure.
4 / 5
Has taken one 100 lb version that only looks to look on here once in the moment.

Takes the look in some pictures have posted, will see that bad packaging this goes in. It arrives busted open, has been missing the few parts, any of a metal that the tubes is perfectly directly, some product has scratches or frames in the, and does not have any direction.

That when be said, was easy to gather, all some pieces are returned joint well, ladies of looks;t really @@subject, is more roughly function. For a prize, does not expect anything closes to perfection. Ossia honradamente The SÚPER model of estimativa. This go to do so only well. Better packaging, as it would not be missing one of one 2 hanged of bosses of thumb of storage, and comprising the directions would press this to the 5 star in this row of prize.
5 / 5
East racks is perfect so that there is wanted and a height of our ceiling. Some dimensions are some like this has announced he like this returns perfectly our cochera of short ceiling and with an adjustable appeal on bars, gives a perfect clearance to use them. Some directions have left the bit to be wished, so only really the visual diagram on regarding the dipped near, not stepping-for-, but is simple, as they a trick. All the hardware was there, more the few extra pieces have launched in in chance perhaps. You was adds two small wrenches for the dipped together, but recommend at least the ratchet if no an engine to impact to do goes included faster. A security takes to look quite solid, this in spite of probably would not fall one 800 lb capacity that is announced. I think that that they will do so only well for some use of weights (300-400lbs) has to that they be required to save if you can not exit of the squat. Some annexes of arms of the law of diving well, but is quell'has bitten narrow. My husband is the burly 5'8' and his also so only grieve returned among them so that it sees to a diving. Like an attach extra is a lot enough for an extra exercise. Good stability when that uses an attractive on bars. Not swinging in a rack and ossia with the slightly uneven paving in my cochera.

In general, to good sure would recommend east racks for any with limited spatial and wanting to be able to do on adding force without taking the súper big storm , final type. Not going to win world-wide strong man with east, but certainly can help achieve new personal bests.
4 / 5
Has ordered east racks because of a Covid-19 explosion with my gymnasium that closes down. I have done also a decision based in some good descriptions that the already had for sturdiness, assembly and everywhere quality. My aim was to find the economic, but sturdy the squat racks so that it could continue my powerlifting program. I have ordered a partly late element and has received he in a half of April (which has been expected because of some circumstances). As I have expected patiently, and it has arrived finally. It was very excited to open a container and gather immediately to the equal that have had any squatted in the pair of weeks. One first what there is remarked was any direction, but the diagram of photo so only of like this to gather. This was any question for me so that it has not had a lot to gather anyways. When I have begun to dip the neighbour, there is remarked a hardware (rays and dice) to not being some correct measures. Some dice are not returned on some rays, for this could not ensure a racks together. In this point, was a lot of disappointed because of some times have expected for him. I have decided to go the Imposición to House a next morning to take pertinent hardware, which has cured a subject. I have then gathered a racks properly, and has lived until a sturdiness descriptions. It did not wobble, shake or tip when it racked hanged on that. Element very good.

A next morning, has contacted service of client to advise findings. This was probably a better part of a product; A cure that a crew of the service of the Client has given mine, especially during the pandemic. His refunded join me money for a hardware that has had to that go to buy, and has given the very sincere excuse. To good sure would purchase another product of this company that knows that it comes defective, a subject will be remedied.
4 / 5
Has had a racks for two weeks and I have a lot of be pleased. In general, he exactly that need and a prize was significantly go down marks it of name. Down it is some positive and negatives...

- Sturdy. J-I hooks and the bars of security are resisting strong. Weights 195 lbs and a racks is stable during attractive-ups. We will see to like all resists up in a prójimo few years/of months.
- Easy to gather. Simple instructions, assembly of first of legislation.
- Colour. It likes-me a yellow colour. It adds the little life to a workout room.

Negative (inconveniences)
- I follows 6'6' and an upper appeal-on the bar is so only on my boss. No the big shot and has known this of some first dimensions to purchase.
- A spacing among some holes for some bars of security is quite wide (vertically). This goodness to some necessary tweaking with my height of bank ( situated 35 lb hanged down some feet of a bank to create arrive) to ensure a bar of the security has not gone too much down or too big ( has required the legislation of the hole goes in). The easy manual fijamente. But ossia that takings in this prize loves additional hole with more after spacing, will find that in a storm of type of plus.
4 / 5
My woman and I have dipped are near, has taken perhaps 30 mins and was relatively simple. It takes a do one for now. Perhaps the year or two down an ailing street upgrade to something for me specifically. They are 6'7'. It would owe that it has done it the little more investigations with this product.
Is sturdy and adds for benching. But, with OHP, attractive ups and squats(especially squats) is too short. If I have dipped too hanged on for the squats could risk harm when I am done with mine reps reason am due to the squat has retreated down to dip a barbell behind.
This product would be perfect for any one down 6'2'. I go to have still entertainment and enjoy me reason is the fantastic product , so only will owe that do more investigations regarding dimensions next time I tent.
4 / 5
Was excited like this in this rack but wine without any of some dice, rays, washers, or reinforcing dishes to dip it neighbouring. Oh, oops, scratch This - is coming with A bit washer floating around in a box. Thank you?!?! My husband and I am there is disappointed extremely that waste our time and the money is. I am writing the description to hopefully maintains calm to squander yours!
4 / 5
Has read the tonne of some descriptions in this before I have pressed one buys key. It weaves to have of 5 star of the the bed but I always read some descriptions plus a lot low before shabby. A low some have said that a packaging was horrible and is to come dented, lined and with hardware and parts disappeared. The mine was in almost of perfect form without hardware or parts disappeared. It has had the little little scuffs and the scratches but he have gone near perfectly. I took roughly an hour for me for the joint dipped. It looks awesome in gymnasium of mine of dungeon of the house and is súper strong and sturdy. I love it and I am very satisfied with this Hulkfit. I have taken the newest version reason says 2nd gene in the he like this has to that it has been improved and a packaging was quite well too much.
5 / 5
Has bought a HulkFit Fine-Do the Adjustable half storm could not be happier. The assembly was extremely easy, directly advances, and everything of a crew was wrapped individually to protect an arrival during shipping. I have deceived the little with my hammer of electrical impact and there was together place less than 20 minutes, although they comprise 2 more than wrenches some spare rays and dice (all the marcación).

Was skeptical to weld force and rack stability at the beginning (I bad, a prize), but east racks easily has sustained my insiemi of 335lb squats, attractive-ups, etc., Without any stuff that hanged down some legs. I do not have any doubt now could manage a 800lb limit of load. With a racks loaded, I still cautiously tried 'touching' sends/behind and he no budge.

This racks is exactly that has looked for. An only recommendation has for a HulkFit the developer of instrument is to add perhaps an additional 1/4' or 1/2' to some finals of a J-Hooks. With it times probably they will have the little premium sag and are class of has concerned that a bar could go in a J-lips of the hook yes has had enough moment and weight in a bar.

Solid American-the product done, near easy-on, guaranteeed of 2 years, and all some the same things would find in any one another the averages racks for the fraction of a prize.
4 / 5
Racks looked adds. We were a lot of happy with a sturdiness of him. When I Have been to attach an appeal on fence, has had the hole a lot entirely that the paste was. As have has had to that the to the knots attach lower that there is wanted.

After, has dipped on one of a J hooks, is then be to dip another on, and had been welded too prójimo together, as he any even apt or go in. As we can I use very included one of them, which this integer racks pointless for knots.

Has tried to find the way to contact a vendor, but any regime. It would have been happy to take parts of substitution- still so only a new J hook. Instead, we will be to return a whole thing .

If it is not to come defective, would have been to add racks.
4 / 5
Racks is gone in today and has been missing everything of some dice so that it could does not gather. I emailed HulkFit to have them send me some missing part. Everything of some another component looks sturdy and mine very built but will see. I will update my description and comprise the piece in his service of the client once are able to take everything of some parts for the gather.
4 / 5
Ossia The solid storm for a prize. Easily setup interior 40 minutes, would be more fast state has had my tools with me but has used some wrenches that the ship with a rack so it has taken bit it longer. Calm only need to be conscious of some like this called 'bars of diving'

the bad:
1. A defect a big plus is of the 'bars of diving' is entirely unusable and not even would owe that be marketed like this bars of diving. This was the enormous dissapointment reason is looked forward to to take divings behind to mine routine and was in fact the reason has purchased east racks. They are far partorisca narrow to even be considered usable. His deceptive marketing.

2. An only another issues how is smaller and does not treat it enormous is a racks to take look the little too wide, there is basically 1 thumb clearance in the each side where of the earths of bar calm like this has to it rack quite attentively to paste a taking correctly.

An a lot of-

Easy setup
sturdy, any wiggle at all when doing pullups while the the little hanged in some headlines in a rear base
the look of securities to be sturdy and long enough to be functional
level of storm of Good entrance for a prize. My house of the formation of the house is squat , bank, Deadlift, OHP, and pullups like this east racks returns my needs with an exception of a subject of the bar of the diving has mentioned on.
5 / 5
It has looked for the half to rack partorisca my gymnasium of house, something could do them barbell squats, press of bank, and press of shoulder with. East racks the descriptions add had and a prize was utmost as I ordered it. I have expected it revises the with which had used he partorisca the week and here is my thoughts.
A lot sturdy
versatile with an adjustable pegs and j hooks
has the appeal on fence
can store free weights on he
easy the assembly

Not even really the with but a textured tape in a j the hooks and some bars of looks to sustain to be exiting already but I no really cured in that.

Requires the sturdy, easy to gather,, the versatile half racks then looks no further!
5 / 5
Here is a pros of this can rack concealed caused partorisca purchase and finally the enjoy:
profile Quite down: it can return in my basement in spite of one 7' clearance
Same against to wall, has room for the spotter to be
HAS the appeal-on fence
the prize Adds has compared to the storm to be able to looked
HAS the fresh black and yellow look
Sustains all a weight he 260lb the type could stimulate
J-the hooks regulate easily
Spotter the arms do a lot
Simple assembly of 1 pages
Feels a lot stable during using

An only gilipollas for me personally:
the bars of Diving am meant probably for people smaller to return among
Lines of j-hooks / spotter the arms peel on slightly but can press him behind down

In general, extremely satisfied with this storm to be able to.
4 / 5
When The institute of our edges has closed behind down like this SARS-CoV-2 chances spiked, and with the reports that indicates restaurants, bars, and gymnasiums as when first be that it extends earths, requires to reduce occasions of exposure while leave to maintain the powerlifting formation regimen. It was tasked with choosing a crew would require while doing each endeavour to reduce raisin while maintaining security an utility. With one of some criteria to decide for a rack when being a height of a ceiling of basement, ossia a racks has chosen. It has arrived promptly in 7Is still in his date of the delivery projected in the very long box. Considering ease of assembly, I work in home these days, and for some times have found the hole in my meetings, had spent a 'impulse of boxes of crew in (for him), the unpacked, found my together of socket, and in fact dipped a final has bitten of fat of elbow in an a lot of last ray.

Has impressed PARTICULARLY with a creation of a J-Hooks (like my edges say me is quite regulate). They leave for fast and easy height adjustments without clips or taking, while not sacrificing any force or security.
4 / 5
This was the add to buy for me. I did not know it wine with the two guarantee of year also. An arrival of discharge of the powder on all some parts was very done and has received everything of some pieces, although a box rasgó the bit in his travesías, some happy has not been compromised.

A hiccup was that yes it is technically easy “ to gather” but with only a diagram exploded of some parts, has no other directions for the dip joints. Has has had to that reassemble the few parts that there would be it much more easy fact had had some class of has not listed. A diagram also is that it loses a piece has described, and comes with four extra rays that has concluded is for bolting a racks to a paving.

Last I would say you need in the 5/10 DIY level to dip joint, reason although of the to you has cut was wrenches to stuff to rays of ray, can not imagine doing he without the wrench of socket.

After registering amazon - ossia the shot adds everything says and fact.
5 / 5
Some looks of product to be sturdy and stable, but there there is basically any guarantee for a same product although you receive documentation declaring does to 2 guarantee of the year that declares 'in the contact has any one questions or of the worries roughly the and will cure of him!'. One of our arms of security has been bent and any slide to plant. It is steel , has had any one the unbend that. I have contacted a costruttore that use a info in a paper of the guarantee and they have said does not have to that split the ones of substitution??? That?? You Costruttore a product but does not have to that split the ones of substitution?? They have suggested I Amazon of contact, as I have done. The no sinister amazon turn so only the part. We love me to us to disassemble a whole storm, sale especially 150 of him, tugs it to the UPS tent and the send behind to receive a totally new storm. Everything for the small 2 piece of feet. I have contacted a costruttore again and supposition that has it behind listened? Crickets. Service of terrible client.
5 / 5
Ossia One of a power an economic plus rack you can find in a phase, as any one surprisingly, is far of perfect. But for basic powerlifting, takes a work done.

- So that there is far has managed the 305 lb barbell without the question; rocks the pocolos when animal-racks it the heavy bar, but concealed can be due to my concrete paving that it is uneven.
- Easy to gather; all some rays and the dice are a same measure, and some instructions are sincere.
- Titled of the weights in a backside is the good touch and add stability (I maintains two 45 lb flat in the each side).
- Some by heart yellow looks surprisingly well.

- Holes for a J-the hooks and the bars of security are 4' averts more than some usual 2' which can result in uncomfortable placing (e.g. to press of bank, a bar is the little low for me but some the next holes up are too big).
- An of a J-the hooks was welded like this bad that is not returned a racks at all, and a costruttore has said that would take 4-6 weeks to send the new a. Like the workaround, has had to the amazon send a new integer racks that I swapped the operation J-hook, had him then the choose behind up. So much hassle for such the small part.
- The bars of security are welded in the light corner, like a barbell circles to an end when resting on him.
- The bars of security are shorter that earth. I think that that they are long enough to do a work, but when they are squatting, are in constant fear that a barbell will lose some bars of security fails .
- Attractive-on the bars are too down for any in a side a big plus to do attractive-ups comfortably (I follows 6'1').
- Bars of diving, included in a dipping a wide plus, is tightened too much to do dips comfortable. You will require to buy alleged of diving that attaches to a main rack (or so only buy a version of cage of the power of this rack, which comes with them).
4 / 5
A box was in shape bad when it has arrived, and go to dip that mostly in a Mfg to the equal that has been packed crappily in the generally feeble box and the plastic wrap. After opening a box, has been missing 4 rays and the metal that the tubes have used to resist dishes of weights. Honradamente, Am surprised more has not lost . Has has bought rays and dip a together unit -- some instructions were quite bad -- but now that it is near is solid and the looks well has done. Still they are that it loses a tube of metal for weight. I do not have any idea as to contact a Mfg. Looking for comes up with the vendors that sells it and/or descriptions but any Mfg.
5 / 5
Piece of quality of crew for gymnasium of mine of house. Any acute flange, all the pieces and hardware accounted partorisca, included the English tones of creature have comprised to gather. The box has arrived sure and undamaged. I have used some wrenches have comprised reasons was too lazy to leave gymnasium of mine and walk in a house and take tools to be able to. I took two and 1/2 hours to gather and is was hot and humid, the era in any haste, and has used some manual wrenches. It was texting and the telephone that has called too much. Another person that read directly thru with tools to be able to - 15 cups of minutes. This crew is solid and legit! It would buy this again and recommend to any that wants to add the storm of squat his gymnasium of house. Btw, An attractive-on the bar is damn well. I have not required one, as has a trace in a wall, but are really to to that likes is of a better. My wall is trace one is installed big up in a wall, and am using the small (any regular measure) pylo box to be on to achieve, like this the bar is doing better for me too much. Amur Of amour of the amour!!
4 / 5
This thing is SÚPER easy to dip joint, although highly it would recommend the hammer of power more than hand-wrenching all some rays. I have taken roughly 15 minutes! We launch the pair of 45 is in a rear weight-the headlines and is entirely still during kipping/Crossfit attractive-ups. Finally, we will be bolting the to an earth when we take our mats of hule but would be well without the too. The arms of security are very & sturdy; adding an extra pegs to do dips on is any question . A J-the cup is solid & a lot also! A paper to guarantee that comprises included has said that it leave the description in his Web page, will send you a together additional of j-cups... So that it is the well behind-arrive in chance perhaps! I do not have any complaint of this rack - value a bit of extra money that some options plus a lot economic there to feel comfortable & sure with your crew!! More looks awesome with a yellow & black! ( It goes Steelers) haha.
5 / 5
Is done in Cina, but looks sturdy quite so that it goes to use stops. They are the weight has aged meso lifter, as I will not require never to max out of a weight. I am doing until the 250 bank of book hastens, and easily will manage that a lot. Another reviewers has commented in the poor packaging that heads to has broken elements. These looks of question to be to a large extent has solved. It has had two part that has done free plastic stock exchanges and has left the black mark in an of some yellow poles, but this has not been almost like this bad like another reviewers has described.

Comes with TWO BARS of crosses for a cup, the big one and the tightened a. You are supposition to install both and then choose which to do pullups on. I so only installed a big a, and is is a lot, a lot of sturdy. Hanged 190 and a whole thing a lot of budge at all when I pullups.

Buys again.
5 / 5
It averts entirely, any confidence in a costruttore. It has taken the part bent in mine, the one who knows the one who bondadoso of the defects will have in yours. Some claims of costruttore to no of active more parts in his ease like calm can not take the substitution. Masters to you partorisca do the 110 lbs gone back partorisca his deceptions. They are not for his product, one '2-year' the guarantee is not partorisca value an economic paper his form on.

Like the result, would not trust him anywhere approximation a 800lbs has announced.
5 / 5
A HULKFIT the squat racks is functional but can does not say was to a better election likes HULKFIT the cage of squat is a same prize and probably would have some Subjects of the stability has with a storm of squat. In general it is effective in leaving the workout but has little value of things that do the note of: 1) a rack partorisca Creak and Squeaks the little bit and has some swings / game in a uprights when treating attractive ups (I are not the excessively heavy type and am not doing kipping attractive-ups) and is the bit partorisca alarm that it does not look until pair when doing attractive-ups 2) a global assembly and the squat rack extracted so only very partorisca Squats, Press of Bank, and more impulses. It is so only any Ideal partorisca attractive-ups or divings.
4 / 5
Has received this Power racks last weekend. I have dipped this in mine partorisca do cast partorisca gather a racks in a weekend. The Friday has opened a box partorisca verify to do sure that all some parts have been comprised. They were and his the same the extra dice comprised and rays (this has finalised not requiring ). I have expected to see the variety of different dice, rays etc., And has dreaded a process of assembly. My surprised everything of some dice and the rays were a same measure (retrospectively that feels frames ) to the equal that in planting to expect until a weekend has decided to at least begin a process of assembly. Some directions of paper that is coming with a racks has not been that would call IKEA likes this in spite of a VIDEO of on-line assembly was easy to follow (using my iPad to take and king wind sure sections).

Inferior line, was able to dip are near in the little more than an hour the Friday (and are not really that would call the handyman type). Looking forward to using a rack and to enjoy my weekend (without any cry of assembly).
4 / 5
Our original racks arrived with some beaten of the beautiful box arrives and rasgados in multiple has situated. When we Plough a box, has been missing there to 12 pieces likes him a racks was unusable. This in spite of call service of the client and they send the new a concealed arrived inside the few days, and his hips resupplied with the prepaid focus to return a storm of original squat. I have been using a racks for roughly 6-7 weeks now and is very pleased with him. Would have like a J hooks to be the little deeper (almost looks a fence could go was, but he any), but is quite regulate/comparable to another J the hooks that have found. An ease to change a J-date of hook and take the height of bar is very convenient. Also love an appeal on fence. A tricep fences in to plant of the diving is quell'has bitten narrow and does not feel súper sturdy, but otherwise is very pleased with a product and a service of client!
5 / 5
The instructions were minimum, but a structure is quite sincere. I have had help, but a person could dip he together with difficulty. The mine racks has been missing all four of a M12x50mm rays for an appeal-arrive bar and has had to paste on a tent of local hardware to complete a build I also bought more washer for my peace of alcohol.

Loves a storage of bar. And a storage of dish is appropriate for my needs. And so that ask in these 'alleged of diving' this gone in a spotter arms . . . I am not sure they are for divings. If calm uses them on a side of a rack to the long of a spotter arm, is quell'has bitten narrow. If utilisations one in the each spotter arm, is quell'has bitten wide (this in spite of more comfortable). I think that that they are more for bands of control.

In general, is the add to rack concealed can be added to if need be. It has alleged of boss that coming to use this loop of centre in a tall bar.
5 / 5
A good:
the solid storm
easy to gather
does not think will find any punctual time
was quite priced
Comes with some ready extras (bars of Diving, headlines of weights in bases)
Easy to gather for your account.

No like this good:
While no really the transmission of game, the plot of the pieces are not squared. Both some securities are not sticking directly was, but slant for interior.
A rubberized the tape is exited almost immediately, but has mentioned that it was so only to ship... But reason? I guess I will have to that take something more the spent a j-hooks with.

A packaging was entirely mangled when it has arrived. A box there has been a whole cup rasgada by means of. Felizmente, any of a product has suffered harm, another that a manual and paper of guarantee. As I guess it concealed it is bittersweet notes. (This is not the mark against a product, this in spite of.)

Like this in general, take the power of estimativa adds racks, is had to to spend for big some manufacture goofs.
5 / 5
When I have received Hulk the Storm of Apt power, has comprised the foot lateralmente that the there is not matched a together. I have contacted an email has comprised in a container. Interior 24 hours have had the response, and then the number of nave for a correct part, any question has asked. In roughly 3 days have had a part, and was able of the together place without @@subject further. As I have been disappointed at the beginning, but HulkFit all a lot of very quickly. Service of client very good.

A rack and the looks of the hardware well has done. Any rough unfinished flange in a metal, work of look of yellow product well, etc.

Is very solid in my paving of basement still without the tampon or foreign. Some weight in a backside pegs mark even more like this, but there is pulled-ups on he without weight in a backside at all, without worry. Has has had so only 205 lbs total on he with the bar, but has not been budging or shaky at all, included launch a bar behind in place.

Thinks that is the very good product , which do lacking mine (certainly quite basic) need of lifting indefinitely. Looking forward to taking to do!
5 / 5
Everything of some parts looks the quality done and sturdy. It was like this easy to gather that I have left mine 5 old year read some instructions and say me for the dipped near. Any one the counterweight has been required to do pullups in joining it to him to sweep likes on some another storm of squat. If weights on 180 can require you a bit counterweights to use some bars of diving. An only reason did not give it 5 star is the two bars advance very returned to his has has designated holes like this I so only dipped the in facing a backside hanged like this of the additional headlines.
4 / 5
Has bought this naively without @giving that 4' the hole that spatial is bad informative.

To the equal that can see in a photo, has had to compensate for seriously shimming both a stand and a bank. To shim a stand has had to drill by means of him, like this could them scrape in 2x4s down.

The desire had bought the stand of squat, included for much more of money, this has 2' spacing, or, better, as one Prays stands of squat, with 'Western spacing' that decrease to 1' in a zone of press of the bank.

With 4' spacing for squats a J-the hooks were neither too big to achieve or like this down that, when have racked, paste a yellow stand on a J-hook. It is not sure to try slide the bar has weighed down in a lip of a J-hook.

Has had the alike question with press to bank J-hooks... Any too big or too much down. Worse, could not approach to dip some securities in a precise height have required like this calm any ding his in a fund, but will take for the fail before takings run over for a bar.

Has the quality of the storm of good reason has Western spacing.
5 / 5
A racks is súper stable, very easy to dip near, and has developed exerts can do during mine workout. I have substituted the Gymnasium of Golds XR 10.9 Turn to Be able to, and has loved that an impression has had minimum impact in spatial in a room.
My use has feigned primary was squats of paralizaciones and press of bank, as it would not owe that trust on doing main reps of push-ups and squats with lighter that dumbbells. A J-hooks and spotter the arms are súper easy to regulate.

Has been that uses cage of mine for the week, as I can very definitively commentary in reliability of term along, but looks very hard.

Gather the like this pointed (with both bars), can be too down. I have followed a picture/of instructions in the first place, and paste my boss when that dips a squat was and was down for attractive-ups. I then unbolted the and so only installed a leaner fence on upper, and now are adds.

One another note: In 6'1', 170 lbs, a diving is usable, but tight. I require to take a J-hook (easy) first to do them to avert paste my shoulder on that. Has has purchased coverages for divings of coverage and utmost in slope of an attractive-arrive fence.
5 / 5
Been using it long the week partorisca a lot of month now, at all never there has come free on that. It is quite big to do pullups (I follows 6ft), and a two variable thickness the bars up add some variac. To these pullups. On it is suitable, his a pertinent squat storm for the gymnasium of house. That he the amazing fact is all some annexes some frames of company to go with him (some caveats with that this in spite of, read on!). Have Almost has bought everything to go with him.

Complained: 1) While east racks is the quality of sum of the solid build and everything return perfectly well, a quality of some of some diverse optional annexes (all have bought of a same company for this storm of model). At all it broke it, so only two different elements do not return quite right. It maintains this plan of import takes some other annexes. This complaint a lot really applies to THIS ELEMENT this in spite of. So only the bosses up.)
2) When I to the rovescio situps and and hang bars at all or use my stock exchange the paste (more in this late plus), can mecer around the bit more than am comfortable with. This is remedied easily to situate your weights in a fund of a rack (stops he to be upper heavy). Given his creation, ossia to be expected. Physics... That is that it goes to do? It would be good to be bit it more inferior weighed in his own this in spite of out a box.

Finally: I have it quell'has modified also a racks to resist the 200ib stock exchange of paste. It is bad ass . There is absolutely voided any guarantee can' sees has had except east is well. The quality of build is sum, and on some months of the strike around any one the ray so only never there has come to lose and everything is directly still. It would buy it again.
5 / 5
Has purchased on Jan 1, like the amazon there has been 30 was coupon that reward gone down to $ 210.

Is the a lot of sturdy rack, stable in the carpeted walk. A j-the hooks and the look of securities likes can take has beaten the.

Accesories Is sketchy. Bars of the diving is not of sound, the storage of dish is in a base that signal on, Olympic dishes so only. It can also dipped some dishes in a paving. As remarked for another, width of uprights and base them is not 2', but slightly down 2.5. This can do finds other annexes that defies or more expensive.

Has had the -on would buy a Reality of Fitness to of the half storm, thinks. At the same time it was $ 248 but additional landmine and possibly attach of the better diving would do up for him.

Now that this hulkfit is priced in $ 300, reason any one a Reality of Fitness to of the half storm or pay the little more for the full storm?
5 / 5
The unit is gone in my house the little late because of the rear order, so only the week late but this was a lot. It is gone in the class of flimsy box but was undamaged. A lot, very easy to dip near, has taken thirty minutes less. It racks it is the perfect measure but note that says that his width is 44 thumbs . Ossia Measures it of an interior, is in fact 50 thumbs. I say this because of a fact gives some other dimensions some global this one would have to that be also and a width of interior in another note. We require to rack it concealed was compact and sturdy and this returns a bill. We have had 250 LBS in the and he no budge. A behind pegs has added hanged for stability that adds but does not look necessary. In this point of prize has the place joints the solid storm.
4 / 5
The product arrived without rays, dice, washers, and also has lost the little of some structural pieces smaller. I have contacted I lean it and they are trying to take was parts, although it touches to like can take until of two weeks for me to take them. The desire had bought to rack he by means of another vendor.
4 / 5
Buyer beware! When Our shipment has arrived a box was destroyed totally and has had some scratches in some yellow uprights. Several parts have been missing to comprise a storage of leaves of weight, 2 short bars, and 2 bars of diving. Any instruction has been comprised. In the positive note, in spite of the instructions was able to look in some pictures on Amazon and gather he without difficulty. Everything is returned near a lot and looks strong and stable when fully loaded. When we Contact the service of client has maintained to take boot behind and advances among a vendor and Amazon. Neither it was it has had to that to send me some missing part without the full turn. Packing This thing has retreated up would be the joke! Like this no.. I will maintain that has reason some separates disappeared is not necessary. Another storage flatly racks would have been a lot but probably does not use some bars of diving or bars the scarce to attach bands. That has taken the works add with an Olympic bar that some impulses of entities I so that I am satisfied with a product of this standpoint. We offered me the $ 20 repayment for my question. The inferior line is that you are had to to take the casualidad and go some data in your order then be content with crappy service of the client and 90 functionality then go advances of rights and situate your order. Otherwise Folds of paid for something equivalen of Fitness of Rouge or vendor of quality of alike gymnasium.
5 / 5
Was in a hunting for the power / of storm of squat with the smallest impression that the plenary-the cage measured of 4 storm of estacas. There is very half-measure (2-estaca) storm but any a lot has the pertinent bars of security to have that weighed/to take which are in my opinion the must has.

Has found this HulkFit 'Pro Can of storm of model with a capacity announced of 1000 lbs. They are not lifting anywhere look for that it classifies of the weight but I beat and appreciates to rack he with construction of quality and stability. Big in my cast of requirements was the pair of beefy security/spotter weapon that is comprised with this model and is a lot quickly and easy to regulate.

The assembly was quite sincere. It can be done for a person is determined (attaching some estacas so only can be delicate). A racks arrived with some dings, scratches, and dents smaller here and there that probably arrived during shipping. Considering it has taken 2 types of delivery to spend this thing my cochera, is not to treat it big.

Enjoyed a yellow colouring of one racks. It is sprayed on there relatively well. Again perhaps some chips to paint here and there. Hard to complain considering a cost. The construction of global build is very good. It is abundance sturdy. Still it can move around with abundance of spatial in my cochera.

@In the rodeo are very happy with cost of mine. It is good and sturdy. Looks well, Work well. A j-the hooks and the bars of security are a lot quickly and easy to regulate. A racks the estacas will swing the bit when downloading and uploading hanged (ossia quite unavoidable for the creation of 2 estacas) but does not move or slide in an earth or anything likes them concealed. Works perfectly for a StrongLifts program.

An integrated barbell titled of the weights are the very good prize . A security/spotter the bars are to have to that well and heavy . Has not stressing tried him but probably would opt for the plenary-rack (4-estaca) if you are lifting anything north of 400 lbs only.
4 / 5
Like this, is announced like the car of diving as well as the storm of squat. Some sleeves are way to close neighbours. They are 5'11, 200 pounds. My shoulders are the pocolos wide I supposition but I do not think are the really big type or anything. I can a lot comfortably do the divings is, hurts, a corner is so only to very been due to like narrow some bars are. Also some curves of movements of whole/ car when I try them. Also it sustains it advances with weight on he for squats. A way a ray of yellow bars to a subordinated some is not a better creation. Still with all 6 tight rays still leave it to move. It feels the little sketchy but has has not broken or fallen in still, so that well. It is economic, as yours that takes as it pays stops. So only the bosses up.
5 / 5
Read half-rack is in fact surprisingly well thus point of prize . I bought it mainly reason have required to returned down 83' for my basement, but has loved a functionality that the half-rack resupplies. So that it has paid, it is treating quite well, and it is dipping up with my abuse of squats, bank, rack appeals, and inverted rows.

Take stirs it of material with him, also: A rack, arms of security, j-hooks, peg bars, bars of diving, storage to stuff pegs, and a functionality of 2 attractive different-on bars in a cross-supports.

Highly would recommend this for 95 of normal house-gymnasium lifters. If you are the competitive lifter for powerlifting, crossfit, bodybuilding, or anything, probably not even is looking in this rack. For 95 of us concealed is, ossia perfect.
4 / 5
Has purchased this I so that it can begin start without leaving a house or spending money in a gymnasium. Like this far it is been a lot of mine. I have taken another raisin for presionar some rays but is quite strong is some directions . It would recommend you prefit some pieces before presionar on final rays. Dipping out of some pieces with each step with minimising any confusion. In general, it is it has pleased really. Has not dipping a plenary barbell and hanged on he so only still reason are in a topmast but are 240 lbs and using he for pullups. It has not moved once-! It would say that this creation is well has tight space. If it love a plenary racks the effect with the ceiling the big plus spends an extra .
5 / 5
Adds compraventa!

A squat racks looks more stable of some harm regulates paralizaciones. It is it adds for the short ceiling reason can regulate an appeal-on date of bar (has used so only a bar). Besides, we add the system of pulley for lat attractive-downs and tricep exercises of bosses (so only cost roughly $30 to add). A racks has characteristic very- pins of storage, control bad pins and a spotter-arms.

Are any guru of welding , but is the acceptable look. The desire would number some holes but for a money, ossia the storm of good squat . Added some mats to walk and an Amazon Basics bank also.

Top Customer Reviews: Sunny Health & ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
Although east racks looks partorisca be of big quality, is being missing of in one describes like this entity. East racks is announced partorisca be compatible with annexes, this in spite of, this statement is misleading. Has the level 2”x2” frame, but a diameter of some holes in a frame is 0.8” vs. A level 1”. This means that finding compatible annexes, likes bars of diving, or the headlines of additional dish is almost impossible. For some this can not import, but for me, this was the breaker of extracted . If it love the customizable storm, east racks is not the good option. If calm simply master racks concealed is sturdy with the appeal of the quality on fence, j cups and drive of security, then will be suitable for your needs.
4 / 5
Probably a better packaged the product has has not bought never. Everything separates packed and cushioned, the rays there is grouped for the instructions and he still comes with 2 duty of the heavy wrenches. Good solid cage, well cushioned hooks and spotter bar. Also an only one in these signals of prize concealed to comprise headlines of weights, which is the reason of the entity chose it of then hate go back and the advances of my weight racks to upload and plans of download. A big plus is some group to ray this to a paving, although once it upload on dishes in some headlines of weights these results of the what firmly has planted.

Commentaries in my photo that am using level, any Olympic dish. My barbell the bar is 6', any 7', but earths so only well in some hooks with spare thumbs in both sides. Headline to stuff also can resist regular weights to take out of a sleeve of Olympic adapter.

1 star was reason that another has signalled was, some holes are not numbered like this aimed in some photos! Ossia The real bummer reason behind down creating and goes down it a spotter and hook, of then now has to that eyeball some holes to line them up. I wish a costruttore at least would send some number decals to fix this.
4 / 5
In general, this was a better value could find in an internet. Everything of another comparable power racks was $ 500 and has been missing still few things. HulkFit The cage of poet has sold here in the amazon was almost $ 200 more and a diagram to paint so only is not that I add. A down the side to ossia that a steel used for a frame is not like this wide, has found this in spite of that he in fact mecer around less than a HulkFit the storm to be able to. It does not come with an annex of diving but a storage of weight has comprised was the loveliest mine fences in it of Diving. I do not like him that of this tightened when they are squatting but is not the breaker of extracted. Also a goodness of entity of this on HulkFit was a spotter bars! These are square and is returned so only on, they a lot of slide in and is not the round like HulkFit is the resulted in the a lot annoying lining sound. Like these spotter the bars are awesome, is also cushioned so only like some have comprised J-Hooks that is goodness of entity of this rack. An appeal on the bar is oddly situated in a centre of a rack but is not to treat it big and feels a lot of sturdy, perfect thickness also! Also, calm fully can insert more the banks to east rack and bank usually, HulkFit require you to impulse a whole bank in the structural bar in a backside to be level of eye with a bar in a J-Hooks, is súper annoying and inconvenient. Finally, the cage in fact has points to ray he down like another that has seen, no. These helps stabilise a cage significantly. In general, ossia the piece adds of the crew and am very happy with him like this far.
4 / 5
Are like this happy that has found this power racks and decided for the buy. Of COVID-19 swipe behind in March, the crew of gymnasium has been sold was everywhere. I have had the estimativa of $ 500. It thinks a quality of this product is fantastic for a prize. It would classify this like the mid to level main in home rack. It is not like this industrial likes to pray the storm of fitness in of the gymnasiums, but is sturdy and well has manufactured. Some bars of the security is not economic, and master concealed. An attractive-on the bar is the comfortable measure and texture. If you are main that 6‘2“ and 250 pounds is racks can feel narrow.
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Level of update 1' the any one is returned accessories. As I have moved this down to the 4

the product was very easy to dip joint. It resists a weight and walk of chairs in mine foreign. As mentioned in the different description does not come with numbers in some holes. I add for a gymnasium of house of level of entrance
4 / 5
Pros: it resists all a weight I need and all some things I needs. A creation is of particular use with the pulley - I included can do rows of boss to join the pulley to one of some bars of security. So only one all-around extremely structures maquinal useful. The construction was easy and clear. The arrival is sum . I do not love a neon-orange colour, but my priority has taken so much of my gymnasium my cochera like possible prójimo-to or under a cost of the annual affiliation and ossia fantastic to this end.

Gilipollas: It is not impervious the flex - this is not a same note of crew in your gymnasium. It looks it it has required to admit in some zones to fulfil requirements of weights of the packaging (the UPS the engine asked to help to download he of his truck - has said was weighed as well as they will ship and has not gone exactly the spry young type). To his credit, like the looks of engineer maquinal have used his estimativa of weight like this wisely to the equal that could. So only be conscious that attaches the pulley in an upper and appeals of faces, is limited to 40lbs or will fall on yours (I are not in that remain in my house much more or scrape he down!).

The hips has the bit to swing while racking, but any me that annoying in the heaviest squats or presses. A fixed way a J-the hooks and the bars of security is the bit to annoy and is prone to some hooks that turn in a frame as you rack and unrack.

Last in some smaller complaints: an attractive-on the bar there is afterwards to any grip. Has the good, the seemingly durable arrival, but a bit dimples in some sweeps to swim to help stay of hands in place. In one a hand is well for force of grip. There it is not deceiving here. In another, can be hard to take any @@tiredness in yours lats if I can not maintain control of a bar.

In general, to good sure would recommend east racks to any one looking for the versatile but any lifting that the pauses that bank setup.
5 / 5
Has looked for several months, that tries to find something sturdy while still abordable. I so only installed this today and am impressed with as sturdy east. Any wobbles at all in an attractive ups (the bar is centralised in a racks that it help). An appeal on the bar is a lot of sturdy with the really good grip. Some bars of security and rack pegs is very durable and stable. Very better that a slider the bars have used of his competition.
Instructions of installation to notch upper. You would owe that toil to ray on this assembly.
In general, value very good.
5 / 5
In general was easy to gather, sturdy, and exactly to the equal that has expected. A subject real only was a fact that a racks the holes are 0.8' and any 1'. It looks he likes 1' is more regular and would leave still has standardised more accessories to attach to a rack. Note that does not have any number that coming with a racks to indicate location of hole. (Different some of some pictures have aimed on amazon). This was a lot document in other descriptions have purchased only stickers to like $ 4 and added them to me. (Easy fix and will love numbers, trust)
4 / 5
Colour - I place my red barbell with the in an of a J-Cups. This tip a variac. By heart among red true and a neonish, the orange/red colour of a racks. No a subject for those buying this to exit, annoying for another to the to this likes to have matching crew. Also, regarding aesthetics, although pictured in his ads, does not come with numbers afterwards to a racks holes; so only it has taken 1” stickers was Amazon , 4 me.

J-Short - These will resist a bar but be missing of UHMW plastic in a front to protect a knurling in yours barbell or still yours lining rack estacas. I have situated the sticker of protective paving like the provisional fix for a Gorilla of harm of & Tape of potential bar D a rest. The amazon sells UHMW tape spend them plastic also yes want to go this street.

Attractive-On Fence - So that it can see in an of the mine pic is, has installed my Attractive-On Fence in a 2nd place down of a cup (4 total of place) & is already under one 82.5” More than the estacas can revoke a fence, to the rovescio. The installation of this bar is VERY FLEXIBLE for those of you w worries of height of the ceiling. Instead, a knurl is quite non-existent because of a heavy discharge of lustrous product as no attended impressive grip. Also, some bars of crosses in my attractive-on the fence was so only welded of an upper & fund, leaving the empty in both sides of each bar of cross. No the subject big how is still the heavy, sturdy attractive-arrive fence.

Assembly - Beautiful basic but precise to take attention. Some diagrams in some instructions are SMALL, that follows that I pierce the sure rays go to beat to be difficult the decipher of some pictures. For example, if one or both of your security spotter the no returned weapon can have you installed yours sticks to some wrong holes to a base like this control that before you freak was. Also, any all washers used in the ray sure comes grouped near in a packaging as no presiona all a way until you are sure.

Expandability - The costruttore declares that some holes in this rack is 3/4”, can be the little elder that that (goes pic). Ossia The question for any that wants to buy other annexes to other costruttrici likes them 1” of the holes is a level of industry . Ossia compounded For a fact that Sunny does not offer any additional J-Cups, storage of weight pegs (another that one some concealed come with him), spotter straps, spotter bars of extension, bars of divings, etc. Know reason asked him directly. An only thing can add is a Lat-Pull Down attaches partorisca in $ 280.

Surround - East racks is built out of 14 gauge steel (confirmed with Sunny) but been due to like his engineered an assembly, feels sturdier that has expected. I leave to do a basics & fulfil my needs for the gymnasium of house. Perfecto for lifting without accidents without the spotter for squats & of bank (& his variac. According to your bank). I prefer a place, UHMW the plastic has covered, tilt-on spotter arms that attaches like J-Cups in a round, sliding (& squeaky) spotter the typical arms in another racks in this prize. Sale of storage & of the weight pegs is also extra in another racks but comprised is one. In general, lack of expandability stinks, but a better value racks & adds 1st gymnasium to house available storm in my opinion.
4 / 5
The product adds, a negatives is all true, while calm know them, and is smaller, will be more than happy with this compraventa.

No, not having markings for some holes, this can be corrected calm but yes would owe that be the fact has been of then aimed in of the pictures. And some holes are slightly smaller that these used in another racks.

Considering some profits, ossia amiably machined, big quality for a prize, sturdy (for one the majority to separate if you are not bolting the to the slab), a product are very done and decent estimate, a coating of powder in some very done beams also. Any plumb subjects with a straightness of beams, ships very protected, and one takes the bars are good and beefy.

If you are lifting more than 400 that would say bolting the to some results of earth more than the necessity.

A paving that joins the bar is far quite behind to easily leave more any bank in there for the bank presses

A uprights there is so only quite spacing to not feeling cramped when squatting, but can has to that change your “routine” of when backing on with which lifting a bar of one racks for squats, as it is not like this width like the majority of storm of ad.

In general happy how is good quality and can go back to the routine of lifting, but to good sure will be to look to to ray down likes to begin turn to my normal weights, and are the little saddened for a measure of hole, but ossia roughly all some subjects have with him and in general loves that.
4 / 5
His in fact the quite good product but the quality and the global support is so only the disorder. Before it hands there it has been one separates not returning as well as it was has twisted little... The support has called to see could so only that leaves. But, nope.. We said me to knots to return a whole thing.. (Rey-Pack the product has gathered meso and ship behind.. This is not element of light weight neither) . Once returned, a new substitution has been missing all the hardware (rays etc)... How they were like yeah can send concealed... So only it takes 1 - 4 weeks to ship them. It is already 3rd week and are like this fallido as it can be them as his metal lying in basement.
5 / 5
Yes, well buy east. If you are looking for alleged of the boss resembled those some commercial gymnasiums resupplies, ossia a product for you. Any only is one attaches really adds for backside workouts but also can use he for another group of muscle like some shoulders, biceps, triceps, and etc. Is very simple to dip near and attach to a Fitness of Sunny & Health Powerzone the half racks. I advise to attach it to a more next place to a base because this part was unclear in a manual of instruction. I have attached it to the furthest place at the beginning and has not done properly he like this the calm mark sure attaches it like this near of a base like possible likes to last the picture has resupplied. Calm also will require to buy the lubricador of the silicone based for a pole where a weight-attach-of trace of headline and down otherwise will experience to plot of embrague. It would not recommend using any one another type of lubricador reason could rust or break a pole. Highly it recommends this annex with a Powerzone the half storm.
5 / 5
Will look for to be detailed for serious lifters considering this like this the gymnasium of economic house.

Pros- Súper Easy to gather. Roughly 90 mins of boxes to impulse ready, minus rays to walk. Quell'Rig feels sure with light flex. They are 260 and attractive-ups is not a subject in here. Although you are much bigger that 6'1 will be necessary double yours knees to plot, how is quell'has bitten short. A j-the cup is big and have the good tampon to avert harm of bar. Some bars of security are very fat and sturdy. Some headlines to stuff each control 4 of dishes of mine of hule fat. There is an annex for bands in the each side. A racks is quell'has bitten narrow. I am using the 7ft bar to be able to to Knit and has room, but use the one of hand planting wider when squatting, is near. I have had 275 in some bars of security with tension of band of entity and has had no visible subjects.
An appeal-on the bar has options of multiple grip for variety.

Gilipollas- A racks is tightened. A 6ft fences in probably any one is returned. A hole spacings is quell'has bitten far averts. If it uses some bars of security for bank, can neither dipped the like this a bar would kiss my @@@cofre has arched , or a prójimo dipping lower concealed it would run over me. A sale pegs is quell'has bitten too close up of an earth, as really I owe that wriggle some fatter bands behind and advance to take them on there. Speaking bands, of some headlines to stuff run parallel to a bar, some bands easily can rub on on him. Also, if you are benching or doing to to something likes to rack the attractive, could has to that face the different direction reason some dishes of your bar will clash some dishes in some headlines of dish. Having this point to a backside fixed this question and space of minimum impression added. Probably I will finalise just emotional these to a front of a racks like this concealed would owe that help a question last. The desire there was the way to take another together of these headlines to stuff so it would be able to use for my neighbourhoods and of the smallest dishes. I have not drilled my rack to a paving still. I have used a band pegs for bank and squat, but so only reason have had the few pounds of hundred in of the dishes in a rack. It comprises it does not love of the some rays to attach this to your paving, but at least say me a measure recommends. A manual has said “4 (theta symbol) 13 expand rays to ensure he to cement. They are not súper handy, but in mine last travesía to Menards has seen any “theta symbol expand rays” for use in concrete. The critical final is an attractive -arrive fence. Has roughly súper painting of gloss in the like this a material that the looks could be knurling is irrelevant. A pro is that it calms will not take calloused on, one with this that the could not be able to do like this a lot like this usual because of grip. I know it it has been mentioned but some holes are 3/4” no a level 1” like calm now has to that buy each accessory could love of Sunny fitness.
5 / 5
Done well, a lot packaged, good hardware. It will take the alone person around - 2hr to gather fully comprising unboxing and unwrapping.

HAS the smallest quantity of accident to right instability to an upper that could be mitigated by the beam of support by means of a backside roughly where a J the hooks are in some photos. Another that that, a lot of sturdy. Has no useage the effect but you know, to to the men like to them prints it in of the things of the each corner for any reason to see that it spends.

Of all some products for a gymnasium to house which ALL has come from/Cina come from, this one was in join he of the his own. While his addons for a hole not regulating punctual measures. Bosses of the bar of the diving would be utmost.

Recommends to wrap the attractive on fence in tape of black gorilla neatly, if your hands take sweaty holding of good regime to this thing.
4 / 5
Would have given to 5 description of star, but is looked forward to having a j-holes of hook pre-has numbered. My container has come with everything but a pointed numbering in some photos on. It has not been it has been it there supposition to be decals comprised or yes has been supposition to be painted on.

Easy to gather and to good sure sturdier that my old 300lb Marcy 3/4 storm. Although it swings left to well bit it still with rays properly torqued, but does not see concealed to be many of the worry of my past experience with storm.
5 / 5
Some pictures to list a lot adequately describe this. It possesses the few pieces of crew of commercial gymnasium, ossia gymnasium of house of big final quality. A box has been rid for TBA in perfect condition. Some contents have been packed to minimise harm and 100 complete. It has taken roughly 1.5 hrs. To gather. One has distributed the wrenches are interesting but has used the walk of ratchet to accelerate assembly. A record and the arrival to product is perfect, a welds is the upper notch. Any number in a uprights, as that. Ossia My first experience with SUNNY, added them the mine buys cast together with @Titán.
5 / 5
Has taken COVID like an occasion to finalise gymnasium of mine of house. I exit so only so beloved cage that was sturdy and sure. It has been attracted by some bars of square security in this model, something usually calms does not find in this point of prize.
Went it 4 month and am very satisfied. The assembly was directly advances, recommends two people and the together of ratchet. It had read some descriptions roughly the lack of numbers has bought like this of the stickers to number n Amazon.
Has uploaded 250 lbs in the and feels solid. He quite soiled for bank and squats. It could use 2 more J cups, will contact Sunny Health to see can the buy for separate.
5 / 5
-Very easy to gather. Less then 60 minutes
-Pullup the bar has the grip adds
-the works add so that his drawn for
-A j-bars & of the security of the hooks is hule coated

Two really big some here this there is ruined he for me
-East racks is weighed. But for good reason. This be has said. A process of the mine of nave has broken a lot. I have comprised the few photos but quite all is incurred broken of some class.
-The sunny health there is probably a service of the poorest client there is never I known. His summer almost 2 month of backside and emails of advances and of the calls of telephone without resolution. I have tried now fix a question with to amazon and loved to repack a whole thing and the send behind for the substitution. One the original packaging was entirely ......
A lot thats Mina 2 value of cents. In general touch the add to rack IF he the fact in your house undamaged.
4 / 5
J I unstable hooks, wobble when racking and unracking. It feels unsafe with heavy weights. Hule And economic painting that it spends was the bar after so only a workout. Service of client any gain resupply solutions. It will be to return.
5 / 5
Be easy to gather. It would suggest to use the socket dipped in the place of one has has resupplied wrenches but otherwise easy. They are 6'4' and there is abundance of room of boss although it uses an attractive on fence. I have it quell'has bought of him pully fixes it and do a lot very also. Spent of mine prójima will be some bosses of diving .

The only suggestion would have been to have the system to number in a racks to easily move some headlines and bar of security around. This in spite of ossia much smaller.
4 / 5
Very very partorisca of the money! Very easy to gather, all a hardware was there and once complete a racks is a lot of sturdy. Perfecto partorisca one in gymnasium of house. The big and wide abundance partorisca regular bars. Some headlines of weights added are the good addition

does not have some numbers in some estacas, will add him but concealed is not to treat it big.
4 / 5
Liked in the first place a packaging was a lot of insurance and has covered well. It was home when it has taken here and I literally so only taken when dipping near. I took roughly 1 now and the half to dip near. Also it likes that it is coming with 2 of wrenches in of the people of the chances do not have these measures of wrench or perhaps a lot at all. The instructions are easy to follow and has been once done dipping it near I loaded weight in some headlines and has done the little attractive ups and felt solid. I am still in the while my bar partorisca go in so it can not expect break them both in! I seat happy in cost of mine. It looks and it feels like this announced now time partorisca dip to a test!
4 / 5
Wants a rack, the prize adds to add so that it is. A lot strong to good sure in my same alcohol when racking 300+ An only downside has found was a colored parts, has gone for the red normal to match some other things around he in my gymnasium, and in place of red was more the orange. This has not gone too big of the shot of then has taken so only some plastic tampons of some bars of security and hooks (some few rays of pair) and the spray painted him. In general although it still would buy this again.
5 / 5
Has purchased this element and received it two days ago. A box was beautiful prank arrive and some of a framing was slightly has bent. It was able to felizmente dipped the neighbour but a two adjustable security arms in the each side... A a side does not return , any one sure yes is bent or that.. It is a lot frustrating has been that tries to achieve was the company for the part of substitution but any regime. If I do not listen they for the arrival of weeks will be to return this the amazon but this service of the client of a costruttore has been lousy. Some columns to be have been perhaps bent also S aimed in a picture
4 / 5
My grandson of adolescent has been lifting for the few months now. It has achieved a point in weight where a spotter has had could not help anymore have bought like this east racks. Better investment never. It is sturdy, has an attractive on bar and the majority of everything, my grandson can stimulates the heaviest weight and be sure that yes takes to question, east racks will save a day!
5 / 5
The work adds and was easy to gather. This thing sustains more hanged then I never need.
An attractive on the bar is fantastic.
An only downside is that it is the little presionar which limit a width of yours grip when squatting, especially yes is the type the big plus .
Oh, And that it is up with some pictures that number of aim of hole in a frame??... It resembles to dud marketing likes and a lot another reviewers has taken of the ours without numbers.
5 / 5
With which reading all some descriptions roughly that bad has broken a container has arrived , has been concerned but has arrived quite flawless, a cage has been packed astonishingly well, no the scratch or dent anywhere. Good solid piece of crew, my only aversion is that easily some bars of security and transmission of hooks of the bar to a side to take, looks unsafe but does not have any way could fall was without sliding back and swinging to a side how is everything well, in general would give this he 9 out of 10 . The crew adds for the value adds
4 / 5
attaches A lot well my storm of squat. This in fact stability added mine more global racks. It is surprisingly done a lot well, quotes a prize abordable. After drying a clue down with the wipe of lubricador. To Some slides of to the assembly on and down likes-him the knife that cut by means of butter, a lot smooth. A lot easy to gather. The money is a lot displaced.
4 / 5
According to which racks goes, this is not really the standout. In this point of prize this in spite of, absolutely is the shot adds.

Does not go quite big in weight for a max described like being a @@subject but like some another has mentioned is the tad has bitten wobbly... No in a terrible but the calm way to good sure can commentaries.

One of one the majority of underrated the characteristic is a lining of hule in a j-hooks and bar of security like calm any one yours bar of mar.

In general, quite impressed with this data a prize. Not going to blow you was compared to the external plot but in this prize is the winner .
4 / 5
Takes roughly 2-3 people to gather been due to like big some pieces are. When you Are finalised almost with assembly, and some pieces are better ensured, is useful to have a lot that resists some pieces in place and balancing.

In general a racks the works add, mine 6ft shorty access of the only perfect bar. An only thing that does not concern me thus that down a storage of weight is. Can do it difficult the hunch on and take mine 35lb hanged of a backside.
4 / 5
Easy to gather. Solid and the law adds. They are 6'5'' and have abundance of room. I have read that 6'5' it was a yard was but calm think you could be the little elder and be good. They are having finding of question where partorisca order an extra weight stack title. It comes with 2 but I am looking partorisca add 2 more I so that it can stagger a heaver and plans of lighter that weights.
4 / 5
Has finalised so only install east racks, and can not say quite a lot of good things roughly that. A quality of a packaging, welds, arrival, and a creation is everything excellent. For a prize, can not imagine the more rack for the gymnasium of house.

The smallest complaints:
- Some bars of security the bit of the challenge to vary with a pinholes. Tapering Some nails more could relieve this.
- A narrow depth of one racks will do the shoulder has seated presses impossible with a lat annex and more banks. An option can be partorisca revoke a direction of a bank and expensive in.
5 / 5
I mine has received so only earlier today and could not expect dipped the up! It has done an assembly I and has had any subject — there is taken on an hour. It would recommend to use the wrench of socket for assembly more effective, although it comes with wrenches already. As the one who that uses an attractive on the bar goes, is in a clear can control your moment and not swinging behind and advance.
4 / 5
Solid and sturdy when fully gathered - there is taken on an hour. Quite versatile to sustain exercises of multiple/impulses. It has to that to the extra characteristic like them to them the storage of weight, appeal on and alleged of band. Perfecto for basement workouts and enthusiastic of hard core equally.
5 / 5
Amazing. Very strong. Bolted The To my paving of plywood. I have done squats around 350 any question. Often they are that it launches my bar with 200 pounds to a j hooks any question. Really amazing. The hooked on the lat pulley to an attractive on the bar and is very strong. Highly recommend
5 / 5
When I receive a container is was mangled, of course there where missing pieces and broken. I have contacted a costruttore and they have sent some pieces have required. It is the good to rack for a money but I would dip more than 400lbs on that.
4 / 5
While has has used so only this the little, mostly am writing reason find it to us to be easy to gather and has not had any one subjects with an alignment of arm of the security. We gather all and dipped some arms in first place of final presionando. Any sure if ossia different of the as another has done excepts that can regulate easily and everything is solid of rock . The prize adds for such one excellent piece of the crew and was has rid in fact the prompt day. Among haste navideña and Covid, has been surprised.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. The bosses weigh weighed any question. A lot of sturdy and easy to gather.
4 / 5
Researches it and that spends for description but for the gymnasium to house these works of units for me
5 / 5
Easy to gather. Strong, sturdy and so only a right impression. Looking forward to a lot of ache with this piece of metal!
4 / 5
Amur All some characteristics, and is engineered well. The shot adds!
5 / 5
Adds partorisca rack but there is not coming with all some pieces partorisca the dipped together now can any one has included the use!

Separates partorisca lose that he the mark of the together place!

The shame of money has squandered will not take never partorisca the use!
5 / 5
Was very satisfied with a product . I have experienced any of some subjects there is remarked in some less descriptions favorecedoras that alleges fraction or scuffed components and difficult assembly. It is the a lot of sturdy produced. I am building the program partorisca ensure it and predict it will satisfy my needs long term. An assembly was directly advances. It has not had any recommendation partorisca place of torsion to the equal that would be handy partorisca another purchasing a product.
5 / 5
Has ordered east racks Friday and received it tomorrow of Sunday. It was extremely very packed and súper easy to gather. It looks very built I so that it follows happy with cost of mine.
5 / 5
The delivery was directed our door lateralmente. The packaging was in the condition adds. All some parts were accounted partorisca perfectly. I have taken roughly 1.5 hrs partorisca gather with unpacking and everything. Experience partorisca our gymnasium of house. Optimum measure and sturdiness.
5 / 5
Adds partorisca rack partorisca a prize. The arrival is sum and welds the look adds also. A tiny bit wobbles the next side but would have to that stiffen with lateral appeal-down have still to ray up.
Highly recommend for the gymnasium of house.
4 / 5
An only thing I desire there has been was more pins partorisca plans of bumper to the long of a side. Having so only a two is not enough, in my opinion and preference. I want a rack this in spite of. It was the good cost for my gymnasium.
5 / 5
The product adds! It was the little unbalanced when I took it in the first place because it does not have a level 1” holes for annexes. But recently Sunny is exited with to to new accessories likes him to him a bit annexes of bar of the diving and a landmine. Súper Satisfied with a product now. It is sturdy, does not shake , and is all I need in the gymnasium. Highly recommend.
5 / 5
Like this lame all partorisca line on calm correctly has to that maintain all free like this results a lot unstable and tries to fall on constantly while gathering. Also ossia a lot the light has to that locate to a paving as when you receive to rack a weight some slides of what whole.
4 / 5
Easy to gather. Good and heavy quality. Exactly that has required. Big priced but aims in a quality.

Top Customer Reviews: Power Rack Power ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
Disappointed of some descriptions have read before shabby, has been expecting better. It can not believe the one who this wobbles laterally. Easy to on presionar some rays, deformed a metal in a hex connections of boss of the ray. I will see it is more stable when charge with all my dishes, but I the doubt.

Another reviewer has mentioned that a company is doing partorisca fix he partorisca a subject of lateral stability, the hope there is the retro the fixed access that comes punctual. A welds is very poor also, sloppy looking and has to that grind one of some bars of security because I can does not seat far enough to take J-clamp around a whole without lining a product was.
5 / 5
Has ordered east racks after reading excellent descriptions by other clients. I have found his descriptions to be some so that it is to say the product adds in my opinion. It was easy to gather and one there is drilled the holes are varied perfectly for assembly. The only Thing like the signal was is that a true depth of one racks with a system of pulley is roughly 63” has chosen use the 45 lbs on (sees photo). Like another distinguished out of some bars of diving are quite wide but still a lot usable. A racks is sturdy and comes with stirs of hooks of accessory and bars.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. The and my husband maintains to go to a gymnasium in ours university every day for three years. This in spite of, have moved to the big city recently. The one investigation in a gymnasium in the phase approach-if . A prize is much bigger and annuls it an affiliation is always the thing of headache. It quell'Import is that we are really tired to drive to the gymnasiums afterwards do each fact, has given up exiting on three months. I have on taken like 8 pounds and the fat of looks of belly! Like this terrible and can not resist with this anymore!! I have done this decision to dip on the gymnasium of house! Now, we go back to exit like this easily. I think that that this can racks is the good election for several reasons: has multiple functions, can exert our @@@cofre, behind, and arm with him. Besides east racks, has purchased some other tools I needs for my routines, an Olympic bar of 6 feet, bank of weight and dishes. For home, material everything of these is enough. It is easy to install and so only spend two hours. But it is weighed likes the place to foreign can protect your hardwood walk. Besides, A power racks is very solid, commentary some bars are done of solid steel, any so only the tube. To to The My husband likes to begin the day with any attractive-on, this main external bar is very pertinent. Ossia The very one can find for a point of alike prize. He no like this perfect likes some have seen in the gymnasium. But it is enough, abordable and saves room. My favourite reason is that it spends fitness like easy as looking TV in our house. A service is a lot also! It does not remark this can racks will go in two containers but there is so only one locating number inputted, as I have thought could have some separates to lose and Amazon of contact. A vendor solves my question a lot of efficiently. I think that that this investment is the very wise a. Really it saves our time and money, maintain that bolt in the way sã. A bit suggestion is in a manoeuvre. Already tip the detail has touched roughly installation, that roughly adding some instruction in functions.
4 / 5
A Vanswe the power racks is in my opinion the good rack for a estimativa has imported. Work exactly as it would expect it to, work. I have tried a stability of one racks in several different methods. A method has not uploaded a racks with plans and treating pullups. I never sense likes a racks was to touch on with mine 183.6 lbs the amazing spouses were. My next test was to upload a J-short up. I have uploaded my Olympic bar with 180lbs and left it so only there, any subject with one bending of some headlines.

A system/of the pulley of the boss does a lot very also, does not have any complaint in that. It comes with one 2' buffers to attach the arms of pulley to use Olympic weights, this in spite of me negated that as has some 1' weights a lot when being pas used and has decided more would be to do fault in a system of pulley, like this in my opinion... Bookmark.

For a quantity to coach that extracted, this setup law perfectly for me, the more there is to 10 guarantee of the year in a product has to that it fails. I have read I comment it roughly taking it streaky and such, that honradamente me laugh. Cause if yours has concerned roughly coaching the crew that takes streaky or scuffed perhaps the physical formation is not for you.

Now with all honesty is has the touch to swing his, this in spite of himself was that it has concerned roughly the, scrape the to a paving (honradamente like any racks would have to that be place) and I weld one connecting crossmembers. It is a transmission that noticeable?, No really. It likes me quell'has said, can pack in a pullups and does not concern me roughly that.
5 / 5
Has situated an order and an element arrived in the two boxes likes them described in 5 of days. I have been using a crew for a month now and has has has surpassed expectations. This element is the value adds for a prize. I have loved full cage with the system of pulley and I my duties and decided to go with VANSWE can it Racks in Orange. Has 2” Olympic Dishes and an Olympic bar. Utilisation these without subjects with an adapter of boss of Olympic dish has comprised.

Assembly: I have gathered everything inside an hour without complaints. Some instructions were easy to comprise, if pode does not see some photos on Amazon. A pully fixes it helped arrived my decision to purchase this element. There is like this workouts can do you with east. With an appeal on fence, lat appeal down, and options of characteristics of the row for workouts is without final.

Recommends to purchase a VANSWE landmine attaches also to enhance a versatility and unlock more exercises.
5 / 5
The assembly has taken roughly 2 and the half hours so only. I have helped the partner gathers his first to have taken like this my so that there any transmission when finalising. Excellent for any one beginning to impulse or improve in his force without a worry to wound you. With a system of boss, an only thing that has had the light drawback was a lack of lubricador. Prime minister of mine workout was extremely difficult until I dried it down with the lubricador of silicon (used to row cars) and the question has solved. Also, it would want to it has had the purchaseable adds on to resist your legs when doing heavy lat attractive downs. Any the breaker of extracted of then can always prop the 45lb flat in legs of mine to maintain mine self of lifting of a bank. In general, I add it racks to fulfil your needs.

Update 12/27/19
called by the representative of this company to write the description and this would send the pair of J-Hooks the transmission. Fast advances the month and at all. It was to write the positive critique to all the cost before I have been asked to write the description. As I am taking it it was 1 star for shady business practice.
4 / 5
Has purchased a cage of power with pulling down like the present navideño.

Has arrived quickly in several boxes and has taken roughly 90 minutes to install for me. The components are sturdy and has varied well – any challenge that dips it near.

Comes with pair of bars of adjustable diving, drive of security, and j-hooks. Has 4 pegs for storage of weight. Storage pegs and lat the bar is for regular weights, but a lat the bar comes with an Olympic adapter. They are 5'10” and they are a perfect height for an attractive-on fence – can be a @@subject if you are likes 6'10”. [It does not come with the bank any adjustable bank will do well.

Has use a racks for the month – in a 200-300 row of book. It loves it and use it roughly 4 times the week. Inferior line – feel likes has taken my value of money .
5 / 5
Has been coaching for on 35 years. Some of my better formation is gone in in that then of the gymnasiums of cocheras. Finally, so to the equal that love mine current gymnasium in city, has been tired to tug butt of mine out of read in of the mornings of cold winter to drive by means of city. So much, it has been now of to create gymnasium of mine of cochera own.
A practical reality is that spatial is limited in my cochera, as I have had to dip on an effective system. I have looked for you can it
racks, and simply place, this was, for far, a better bang for your buck!

1) Metal of Quality, sturdy material
2) All the holes vary properly (I knows, but calm CAN not assume concealed will be a chance )
3) very solid when it has gathered: it did not swing or wobble AT ALL when doing attractive ups/chin ups of attractive of beam/of the front on fence. Ossia Like this of entity, and the zone of entity of worry of quality, and Vanswe steps with flying colours! For those of you that asks , yes a forward of chin on the fence Can be installed to the rovescio to obtain another 5-6 thumbs clearance.
4) there is pre has drilled holes in any of some legs forward to leave for use of t-sweep/landmine
5) has hanged pegs (4); 2 in any side of some estacas rear, which are handy
6) comes with bars of security with built in J hooks, the separate pair of J hooks, adapters (2) for olympic dishes (used, for example, in a big/low pulley pegs to upload hanged), he lat bar, the short right boss, and the annex of diving (that does a lot of).
7) Comes with a big/low pulley semi-detached (which have not tried still, but multiple reviewers has said is very smooth).
8) The instructions are quite clear, only looks in his prime minister. It takes his joint and A lot fully presionar rays until there is at least a fact of basic frame. Has has had to that loosen line the pair of the times and the correct small deceptions have done to the long of a way been due to just carelessness for my part.
9) Finally, the service of client looks something on. Ossia The small company (no never have listened of them) that tries to do an impression. They are doing well! Although a boxing and the nave are EXCELLENT, has received mine with one (1) of some six wheels of the pulley broken. I have contacted service of the client and they call me to knots behind the same day to confirm had fijamente shipment of my part of substitution.
A last good surprise: inside a box ( has had also one in my box for a Vanswe adjustable bank) was the paper that inform that I emailed could the choose one of four accessories RELEASE different! So many, choose his box of formation of the suspension (at present $ 70 in his place of web). Some other elections : T-sweep Landmine (has bought already one or I would have chosen this), J hooks, bosses of adapter (for weight pegs on rack).
All-in-all do not go to find the I extracted better for the storm to be able to! It sees it is sold now out of both here and in a Vanswe put of web: it is reason!
5 / 5
This can racks is surprising. A lot of sturdy and well has built. The assembly was extremely quickly and some instructions have been detailed and easy to follow. A lat the system of pulley is really smooth, am very impressed. I want that this storm to be able to of the wine with bars of divings and is one the perfect distance to properly paste a @@@cofre. I can not stress yours that has pleased are with this rack. The nave was fast and a box was in good been on arrival. Absolutely it would recommend this to any one looking for the power racks with lat attractive down, ossia a better bang for your buck.
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. I need to be in the foot he deep plus to use an interior of a cage for several exercises. It bends it it can not be it does inside a cage and the plan and the decrease presses has to that use some bars advance that it is not natural. An attractive down the assembly is descent but precise dipped spray of silicon to do it movement fluidly. Also require the bar for your legs to resist you down while doing dip attractive downs. It is very built and easy to dip near and sturdy. They are 5'8” and it can achieve an appeal on bars in my toes. If they have done the 1' extension to do it wider would buy it. How it is, really calm can not use a backside to rack a barbell so it tends dishes of mine there.
4 / 5
If it love the storm of squat, crimps he of boss/of low row, the lat-pulldown/tricep-pushdown, the appeal-arrive fence, and the place partorisca press of bank, then this product will be near a calm more can do in this point of prize ( has paid $ 370+ $ 30 partorisca the landmine attaches). I have had already the press partorisca bank consecrated setup, as I have bought this partorisca a squat mainly. Like this far I have not had any question that uses this partorisca my impulses and I do not foresee any points of failure.

A racks is gone in two boxes without harm. It was easy to dip up and took less than an hour. I dipped it/ I dipped It up with the fellow and no prendió attention and has presionado on some of some rays. Any on-presionar some rays. A steel is quite soft and bendable. As I have presionado some rays with the wrench of small socket, has not achieved never the point where a control felt substantially augmented, so only precise look. It has said of another way,, some rays any does not feel never likes is taking tighter, and will require to be careful any to deform a steel. It would say calm once the .25 thumb of a ray that estacas out of a die in another side, is quite tight. If you see a steel so only is beginning to deform/light curve, is quite tight, but try paralización first of this point.

Likes another has mentioned, a racks is unstable laterally, i.et. If it press in a racks for a sinister part or will wobble side-to-side. Personally it does not find this like a subject, as I do not feign to do anything concealed requires a lot of lateral stability with one racks. When it uses a system of boss or use a racks for squats, has no lateral to swing or is not a subject. If I the appeal-up in a rack, can shake the small quantity has left to legislation under my force, although I can control maintains my same force and does not swing. If I try to do the diving on an appeal-arrive fence (I has big ceiling in a cochera), one shaking resulted also when I look for to balance. I do not foresee a side that the transmissions that worsen or resulting the question. So only be conscious, and so only use a racks has like this state feigned.

A system of boss is a lot of ( has added Vaseline and is smooth). It would recommend to take some different types of annexes of grip for a system of boss to take full utilisation.

Finds an attractive-on wide grip to be decent for me (I follows 6ft big), although a place of next grip feels too thin and is not my spatial preference. It beats a door-attractive of stable on fences in had been using. If it has had bars directly would be more versatile for width to plant of grip, but taste a angled grips of widths.

There is enjoyed some alleged, specifically a weight pegs, a j-hooks, and some bars of security. A j-the hooks are good and has has wanted to really these in place of a peg titled fashionable that some racks is sold with. Some collars to jump included no well because of his creation ( rests in of the tight, but is hard to take on/was reason squeezing a no free boss a tension in a cradle a lot well. Some bars of diving are painful to use reasons are like this thin. Perhaps adding some grips of the foam of a do one a diving manages more usable.

Has received the election of present free with cost of mine and I have selected the together of bands of control and straps. They are in fact decent and really appreciates a present. I have purchased also a landmine attaches for separate and thinks that is excellent for landmine workouts. I have bought two horse stop mats ($ 35 each one which as) of company of supply of the tractor and a rack access perfectly on him.

In general adds to rack and has fulfilled my expectations. An only negatives is a transmission lateralmente yes loves anything crazy in an attractive-arrive fence (which probably will spend with all a racks of this same creation in this point of prize), and some of some extras are not to perfect (which would not be comprised with another racks in this point of prize). Yes a steel is soft, but that expects in this prize. If it love solid of rock, spends more money. If it love the squat of system of storm of usable house of boss, gives full-frames.
4 / 5
Is looking for Crew of gymnasium of the house where prints of bank, work & of the boss of the squats will be used this consideration of costs of the crew. The nave was quite quickly and all the necessary parts have come with my mandate. The assembly was easy and all pre-pierce it drilled there is lined up as it has expected. It had read that a steel was esoft' and to be careful any to on-presionar rays when gathering has taken like this my time here and the facts of sure elements were tight and does not have presionado on. Pully The assembly was easy and some movements of slide of the weight easily once some bars have been cleaned and lubed with spray of silicon. The service of client has been a lot and was able to take the landmine the annex has sent was for use with this unit. It has installed inside minutes and functions without @@subject. It is the addition adds to a cage and will add a lot of options of exercise.

Has tonnes of options in a sand & of crew of fitness of exercise. Some are cars of specialitys that objective groups of individual muscle, some are weighed-has to that to manage abuse over time (commercial) & big rule-hanged workouts. Any of them is perfect for all the exercises this in spite of...

This unit is well, not perfecting, this in spite of the strong offering in this point of prize. Comparing to Pray storm, this frame of cage uses 2x2 vs 3x3 the frame sustains & the. The steel is 14ga vs 11ga in thickness. It prays it Is stronger and able to manage more hanged, but calm the precise? This unit has a boss\pully the system built in that was the factor to decide in my situation. I do not have room for another car that would distribute this capacity, the cost would take the good jump to arrive to this point also. To remain in a still diverse prize a comparable Prays setup requires to anchor a frame to a wall (any one an option for me).

The utmost appearances of this cage are - leaves for the easy work that hanged of uses of dish & of Olympic bars. System\of the pulley of the boss adds functionality and of the good works. Landmine The annex also does well, and adds options to exercise those hanged of use of Olympic & bar. The unit is sturdy, does not require ensuring to wall\walk\of ceiling.

Elements that could improve is - Attractive-arrive fence, lat the appeal down fences in, and the bars of diving are empty. Fence of diving that spatial is far averts to do the uncomfortable divings. Grips On attractive-down the slide of bar was. Bosses of weights that converts 1 bar of the thumb to 2 thumb could be more robust - the explosion of ends was during regular use. Any all the period of ray was appropriate and some next entrance of the clave of cage was 1/4 to 1/2 more than has required. Collars to jump any stay of weights has required in pully system and headlines of weights without collars.

Everywhere, ossia good crew and knows it will last for years to come. Some elements that could improved on is easy to do around and does not take out of my use of a product. Having accessories more usable would add value to this box (ship with landmine, ship with ancore of battle of rope, ship with vertical barbell storage, walk of offer & of frame of hardware of hammer of still like an option) think folks dipping this up for the use of house concealed exited with 300 pounds of weight or less regularly, and master more characteristic that so only the cage\of the bank of the squat will adapt that ossia the good product in the row of just prize. If you are the snob of mark , has the tonne of spatial, or plan to spend thousands in your gymnasium to house setup can decide you on something more.
4 / 5
Has bought east racks after researching enough the few options. East racks has some the things add that they go for him and some things that could be improved for the 5 star although they create a prize.

A cost versus the profits this the value adds.
Easy to gather I he in roughly 2 hours for me and is gone in a lot of box UPS and was able to move he in easily.
A system of boss is smooth. It is sturdy and no mecer to a lot still with the heavy load.
A coating of powder is well in a cage, in some hooks and bar of the security is not . It comes with several hooks for diverse interior of impulses and out of a cage. And some accessories for a system of boss.
His big plus that other models looked in so many in almost 6 feet can hang in an attractive on fence.
Has used other external accessories rack systems so only well in this rack.
HAS the place for the landmine attaches that it integrates amiably.
could have dipped a hole all a way to a fund of a rack and holes in the each side of a rack stops more than versatility.
A j-the hooks could be sturdier and a bar of security better quality.
Some accessories that comprises a push down bar and a lat attractive down the bar could be has to that heavier .
An appeal on top of the portion of bar could be better as in another racks.
Some headlines of weights are 1 thumb in diameter and attach has seen the hole of ray, would be better to use the 2 headline of thumb that uses a racks holes. And it could come with a plus in the each side.
Some bars of the diving is not to value a lot and could any the never uses they so that it is his far averts.

But for a cost and a sturdiness this adds racks, and some accessories other vendors and he results included better. Like this far very pleased.
4 / 5
A Vanswe to Cage of Storm of the power to Be able to, in my opinion, is a better all-around value partorisca to cage of power in a phase. While there are a lot of available options, any looked to achieve a lovely same level for serious fitness in the gymnasium of house. I began it it is gone in a street and was near to buy the HulkFit Fines-Cage of Work of Adjustable Power, but when I have added on a cost of all some annexes, has finalised to be the very expensive car & any mine of value. It contrasts, with a Vanswe, when you look at all some alleged has comprised, one can save some serious cash! My second election was a Reality of Fitness 810XLT Súper Cage of Power of Max, but has decided any to buy that one because of an attractive-arrive configuration of bar and lack of storage of weight. With a Vanswe can install you an appeal-on fence to the rovescio if the height of ceiling is the question ( is in my chance) and there is the place for storge. After, Vanswe has the max limits of weight 1000 books, done with the robust frame, with tonnes to add-ons can you any gone bad with a compraventa. A last what that sold on a Vanswe is a guarantee of 10 years. It was an only racks has found that it would be for behind his product for more than the year. This in spite of, with a build of quality, the doubt will not require never use a guarantee.
5 / 5
When This element is available result, has verified all my boxes for a gymnasium to house planned on building during a pandemic. Some characteristic has comprised really blow me was. Having the system of the pulley of the boss was especially of entity for my woman. To Some extras of prize likes him, pins of of storage of the weight, bars of diving, j hooks, alleged of boss, all compared for the sure win for me.

Typically, I deadlift he max of 405 and use a j hooks in some pins of security like the setup. They look to manage a weight without @@subject. Also, I squat he max of 315 regularly and a standalone j the hooks manage that hanged well. I have not required never to fall this weight in some pins of security, felizmente. So much, these rests untested. Personally, those were some conditions was unsure of when purchasing this crew, but has treated to my expectations.

Besides, was surprised really in the responsive and useful a department of the service of the client is, especially that considers that busy has to that be with all the world-wide edifice gymnasiums of house during a pandemic. They are very happy with this compraventa and to good sure would recommend!
4 / 5
With one closes gymnasiums been due to Covid, my family has loved to invest in some crew of exercise of the quality. After looking around on amazon and comparing cages of available weight, this cement one looked to have some better descriptions and better quality.

Are extremely happy with this cage. The nave has arrived sooner that has expected. The vendor was quickly to answer the questions. The assembly has taken the hours of the pair and the directions were a lot directly advances. The dice and the rays are returned amiably by means of some start and was easy of presionar with two wrenches of the socket and the system of pulley was simple to gather. You could require the step ladder to take to some signals some big plus.

This cage offers the variety of different workout options. It hastens of bank, attractive ups, squats, lat appeal down, divings(which are quell'has bitten width, but doable), boss bicep curls, etc. Purchase an Olympic bar, near of weight, bar to crimp, and bank to complete our gymnasium of house.

Had read some revises to speak in a cage that change too many laterally. I have not had to question. It moves the little bit, but at all to concern roughly.

In general, are more than pleased with this cage bets like this far. I am looking forward to going back to the workout the routine and this cage is a perfect option to do like this. A brilliant orange is also the good touch!
4 / 5
Has taken this in Much more punctual that had expected. I have had to take mine flooring dipped on a way has loved before it could begin an assembly. This be has said, some two boxes have seated in basement of mine for the week before I have faced an assembly.

An assembly is relatively state smoothly. All some pieces were there and did not drive mad with some multiple measures of rays. You will require two 17 mm wrenches or a wrench and it socket. So only another tool will require is hex English tone to ensure some bosses (where some dishes are loaded) in a system of pulley. I am not sure reason measured reason no him presioné, still.

The assembly has taken roughly 3 hours for me. It would recommend having a together extra of hands in crucial time an assembly, so only to do the things he easy plus.

A cage is quite that has expected according to which the gymnasium to house setup. I am not going paralización PR is to arrive to this point of a game, as I have expected was to be there the little wobble in this cage when I bought it. The pulleys are quite that has been expecting, also.

The inferior line is that ossia the relatively solid power cage for the majority of applications of gymnasium of the house. If it love the main quality (and American fact), will have to pay up.
4 / 5
The quality and the better value rack on Amazon at the same time. A system of the pulley and the colour were reasons has chosen finally this mark in Hulkfit. Totally servants my needs. Light wobble with pullups. Otherwise Extremely sturdy. It could also so only mean I need for presionar. I took hours of pair with brother to gather. The instructions could be improved to avert retreating. Otherwise self-Explanatory. It is in accordance with to install in the first place in his side to build frame. Then tilt the integer the arrival was. Like this happy I has this like this splits of gymnasium of mine of house and remain waiting for the beating up for your to come. It will say that an appeal on bars is the small plus in the diameter that has thought and the majority of robust grip casing would be the plus. Very happy with this compraventa.
5 / 5
has discovered that a comprised lat the annex of bar was defective reason a hook in a half was in a thumb and the half was centre. This annoyed reason I me feel like mine pulldown workout was imbalanced. This in spite of, will give a lot of praise to Vanswe support of client. They were a lot of responsive invernadero email and, although unfortunately they have not had a lot to spare lat the bar is to substitute he with, gave to knots the partial repayment to cover a cost to take the new one elsewhere.

- Global, the good, the solid storm that that I require it to.
- Resupply a lot of options of exercise.
- Comes with to the plot of annexes and extra likes a bit bars of diving, collars of cradle, 2' adapters to title of the weight, etc.

has not Liked him:
- The only comes with a place of 2' adapters to title of the weight. Neither it comes with security spotter arms.
- Some drive of pulley have taken some endeavour to take doing smoothly. I have finalised to clean some first drive, then using abundance of Tri-lubricante of Flow in his, which has done if marvel. Has has had to that also loosen, tweak and retighten some rays on and under the little time until some drive there is lined on perfectly. Finally, I lubed on some wheels, which has helped the little has bitten more. Now he well, but sure mark to buy some lubricador yes takes east racks.
4 / 5
A product has arrived sooner that estimated and was easy to install. Material and the creation is sturdy packaged well. Ossia The add to rack for beginners and intervals, can see it when being the little small for advance. A thing would advise you to regulate in the creation is one drives a backs low plus . Calm think you would have to that have twists behind that give a little room of leg for when we go to impulse some weights to do inner of squats a racks. Interior a moment when stains on your start of heel to paste one drives for the light weight is not the question but calm once begin to take to the heaviest weight precise that alignment to be comfortable for reasons of security
5 / 5
I have purchased east racks with a system of the on done pulley the month. Both my husband & I use he roughly 5 times the week each one that that. In the So much master that! It is not quality of professional gymnasium, but really near partorisca bargin prize! If you are questioning compraventa this setup... So only the buy!

Has dipped a pullup fences in on to the rovescio because of height of ceiling. Work well for me of then are 5'2, but my husband has to that maintain his knees have bent to avert touching a paving.

I absolutely love a system of pulley! Flat utilisation of bumper on he with a still spacer stuff that is to be resupply. A boss moves quite smoothly & have any oiled any of some parts.

To to Some things do not like so only reasons have been spoilt in the gymnasium of professional pre-COVID:

1. It is not realistic to properly take under the bar of squat while facing usually in a racks because of a bar of system and rear paving of pulley. You can face outwards for emotional a J-hooks while still in a cage, this in spite of any need a spotter the bars recommends to exit of a cage.

2. A spotter the bars are attached to his own J-hooks and take some taking used to to regulate them.

With this be has said absolutely love this setup! It does not plan on going back to the professional gymnasium any punctual time & now the volume adds it workout house. This one of some compraventa better has done!
4 / 5
A racks scales quite hard. This in spite of, when you are compraventa in this row of prize, all a racks is one same junk metal... If you are planning to maintain some weights down 405lbs east racks will take a work done BUT, would not trust a racks with anything on 405lbs. An attractive on bars and bars that come with a container is not a better. Some grips of hule have twisted was and some bars have a bit flex to them ( has still the permanent curve).

A pully the system is the good height , but is JUNK. A pully will not sustain a quantity of weight alleges. I have had so only 100lbs in the and a wax of boss rasgó was and a plastic bushing has begun to fall off (goes pics). I have finalised to take a wax entirely and spraying a line with any WD-40, and looks to be the few improvements.

Still reference, are 6'4' and 240lbs.
5 / 5
Adding this rack to mine workout the room has done all a difference. It is good to be able to workout with my weights and to do pullups. A Power Racks to the cage offers wide room for mine workout bank.
5 / 5
Has been going back and advances roughly buying quell'rack, but obviously the prize is a number a subject. This element is perfect for a prize, and am very happy with him. A racks was easy to gather for me, has taken perhaps two hours because I things change all a time.

A vendor has a lot of be easy to contact in his free present with which shabby ( has chosen to foreigner of yoga, but bands, the rope of jump, and foreigner of the paving of the hule was other options ), and has achieved was in my satisfaction of one racks.

An element is sturdy if your paving is level , but yes is concerned in sturdiness, does not see the question with anchoring to a paving.

Has attached the few photos of some pieces with rusting, but does not affect any action & is fixed easily with the little produced of spray.

The same product in two boxes, and the mine has been rid a same day.

In general, very satisfied.
4 / 5
A cage is an excellent value with abundance of spatial interior. A cage is mostly is rigid this in spite of shakes the bit laterally. Besides, when presionando rays, any past swipe 30 ft lbs shapeless a metal. This a bit is concerning like this this is not quite torsion to resist an appeal-on the bar in bylines, movements if the rays are lose, without deforming some bars of upper metal. Finally, some of some pieces are gone in dented but a lot sufficiently enough to affect an integrity of cages. This in spite of, have been lifting in the and resists arrives well when loaded with 300lbs in an olympic bar.
Updating to 5 stars, the service of client is wonderful.
4 / 5
Has been exiting with this product for the full week now. It is the product adds for a prize. It is not quite quality of gymnasium, but is adds for use of house. Calm quite can take an integer workout partorisca on he for all the parts of organism. So only I am recovering of surgery of shoulder as I am not using weigh weighed, but is sturdy and easily resist my current weight of 210 pounds. They are roughly 6'2' and have any @@subject that use a product. For a system of the calm boss to good sure will require to lube some poles of support for some weights. I am using the dry lube, and do a lot well. Some directions are no very detailed, but for one the majority of the part does not require to be. An only joint I offers in the assembly is to ensure one rear uprights is on correctly. The product adds and am looking forward to using is for years.
4 / 5
Ossia The add looking cage; this in spite of, is not like this sturdy to the equal that would like. A metal is very thin, and deformed slightly when that installs an appeal-arrive fence, and it presionó so only enough to maintain a bar of emotional during attractive-ups. To good sure a lot on presionarlo. The assembly is an absolute breeze . There it has any to plot of info in some instructions, but some pictures are abundance a lot enough for the imagine was. Everything returns exactly to the equal that has to that. One another reason has bought this cage is for a car of boss. Like this far, it is smooth and calm, and am happy am spent the little extra to take it. For use of house, for any only trying quedarprpers access, this setup is quite darn well. If you go to try powerlifts with an insane quantity of weight, or CrossFit, this probably is not a cage for you. Kudos To a costruttore to use a ray of boss has measured throughout. All precise is the 17 mm socket and ratchet, and he 17 mm wrench.
4 / 5
Characterises, am not kidding when I write this description, this power racks is AWESOME! No more than it has to that band on some boys and drive them to a gymnasium with me when I take house of work. It is add, I exit to a cochera, regime, which need to do, then gone confine and eat dine. Very convenient for me, having the young family, in place of having excuses to not taking to a gymnasium, am able of the use 5-6 times the week. It is the must has for the gymnasium of house, a lot sturdy doing attractive ups, and divings, a lat attractive down the system is very smooth. It is it adds to do squats, and stirs, as well as a variety of attractive different on/chin on excerises. It could not be happier, especially for a prize. It would recommend to any in a phase
5 / 5
the product Dipped near. This in spite of, a racks is not sturdy and is a lot of wobbly. Every time you unrack bar and especially when you have dipped a bar has retreated on, an integer racks any one touches on or shakes really bad.

Well Could be well for any weightlifting where a total weight has used is less than 150 pounds. Any hanged on 150 pounds especially of the attentive of the heaviest, a rack wobbles.

This company has some of a service of better client. They achieved it it was mine to do good things. Excellent service, a lot of responsive and anxious to help. I am changing my indication of one stars to 5 star been due to a service of amazing client.
4 / 5
WELL, are not usually one write the one who writes descriptions of Amazon (although I read them!)

But am doing an exception here.

Has ordered east racks after remaining down for another costruttore that two times there is annulled my commanded and has been still east. Had another model looked in but east swung he for me because other buyers had mentioned a service of client adds.

Had impressed really with a speed in that in the arrival - the Friday and the Orderly Mondays have arrived.

Grieves can change covers it so it can dip are near, any one can. I took roughly four hours (more the people have said that that has taken two but are not handy) and there was a moment where has @to @give had lost the crucial bit and has had to that go back stirs it of phases.

But any biggie. All was a lot of packaged and some instructions were quite easy to follow. All the pieces were labelled clearly and was quite sincere. The leading descriptions had said that a system of pulley could require oiling and the mine has done has had excepts some lubricador ready in the chance and he have fixed that @@subject.

Has had the pair of pieces where a welding has not looked sum and has had the tiny has bitten to rust but really did not annoy me reason is smaller only and has to look for it really. It does not affect an operation and agree that ossia instruments of gymnasium , no an iPhone. It goes to take bashed in all the chance.

A piece was welded wrongly in a corner, but is returned in all the chance. I go to achieve was to Vanswe CS to say them but see other descriptions that is a lot of responsive so that they are not me concerned in that. I contacted him many times previously my delivery with the questions and they were a lot of responsive.

Will update description after the few weeks of use but like this of now, first impressions, am enamoured. Good work, types!
5 / 5
The assembly is hard there is not gathering the squat racks before , the instructions are not that utmost . There are 2 containers yes system of order of the pulley and the squat rack, thinks them the order like this like this has taken them 2 containers. Used he partorisca 3 days remarks a hule partorisca a system of pulley is peeling was aimed like this in picture . No that add of the system of pulley , is not partorisca soften when using , likes does empty of stop . When Doing attractive ups a racks shaken like the majority of people had said before. It would owe that it has taken it a power of the reality of the Fitness racks instead has used them once before and does not shake when doing attractive up. It does not know in a system of pulley this in spite of. The service of client has contacted, while it could answer mine and give me another boss partorisca a mine of cause of the pulley does not go partorisca do well with one peel of the coating of the hule was.

Update : Vanswe substitutes a boss peeled with new boss , the client of laws adds , add services
5 / 5
after seeing a Hulkfit cage partorisca be able to that my brother taken of the amazon has been impressed and has wanted to order one. Unfortunately a Hulkfit an east out of stock and does not look to be going back any punctual time. So much, honradamente, this was my second election after looking in A lot of another some. This be has said, now that I have it, is dipped on, and are by train for the use, am very happy with cost of mine. It dips up it was easy and is a lot of sturdy and functional. I can not speak to a quality of the service of client of a company because I have not required to contact them. It is gone in two containers . Any part has been missing, at all has been broken, and all the like this announced work. Good product, recommend it.
5 / 5
Has purchased recently this cage to be able to, and is for far one of some compraventa better has has not done never.

A delivery has come so only the few days after orderly, and everything of some pieces and the parts were neatly fixed and undamaged. The assembly has taken so only the few hours among 2 people, but will require the few additional tools to ensure the time of fast build.

A cage is fantastic. It is exactly how it is described, and extremely sturdy. While I am so only state using he for the few days now, all the weight is perfectly state has sustained. At the beginning, because of descriptions, was skeptical in a pullup the capacity to sustain of sweeps he big quantities of weights. This in spite of, a force of this cage is unparalleled. There is not even a slightest still wobble while doing attractive ups. Besides, an interchangeable J-hooks, bars of diving, and hanged extra catchers is very easy to use and movement around to mine in pleasant.

To to A thing would like to of the note is client that order the service is. A service of the client in a telephone was to add when have has had to that originally do an order. Besides, I emailed roughly that obtains a guarantee for a cage, and has taken the response inside minutes. To start with to finalise, Vanswe the service has done to buy and asking questions an in fact enjoyable experience.

Remain waiting for ordering they again, and to good sure will take everything of my crew of gymnasium of Vanswe.
4 / 5
Seats well in cost of mine thus point of prize. It was relatively easy to dip near. It was able to do he without assistance. Calm to good sure can say is not of a same quality will find in the professional gymnasium, but can take the good workout with him. A stars was for the few smaller things. (1) - it Is relatively easy to move or transmission some press in a tower he. With this be to good sure feels strong/strudy enough to resist any weight am using. (2) there is the something of pair can very really dipped your olympic bar by means of has hanged in some pre-bars to title of weights have situated in some outsides of a tower. Some weights in yours paste of olympic bar some weights there is racked in some headlines. (3) I can not go in the good place to do press of curves of bank. A device of pulley among a way of the bank to take far quite behind to do press of curves to bank while still using a spotter fence in properly.

With all this have any remorse that buys this power racks. It is to the point of good prize with more accessories that more another will comprise.
4 / 5
The product has arrived intact and all some pieces were there. Gathered he in in an hour that tools of uses to be able to of course. A metal is soft like any overtighten. Yes it wobbles but it will not fall . They are 250lbs and resisted on quite good. Some bosses are surprisingly smooth. It does not try to take a rust in a chrome plated tubing with any type of abrasive reason a coating will exit like the mines have done. So only use some WD-40 and the soft cloth. Another that that does like this announced. Yes, I recommend this product but does not expect commercial quality of this product.
5 / 5
So that I have paid partorisca, is not to value he. When I took It in the first place, it was all rusted. After the few days to exit, am remarking warping and bending in some beams of support. Ossia To good sure very sure.
4 / 5
Took the little while to take this description does of then was renewal a basement for our gymnasium of house. This cage to be able to is fantastic. A material is a lot of sturdy and an orange is a lot of orange, which is that has looked for. Our ceilings were the few courts for him, but with some smaller adjustments were able to take some bosses to row to do adds. After looking by means of a lot of cages on Amazon, is to good sure a lot disappointed in our election. So that well and sturdy a material is, ossia to fly he for a prize.
5 / 5
A lot well rack for the gymnasium of house. It has been I joint easily and a quality of some material looks big. Any sure that hanged a system of pulley can sustain but is that it suffices so that at present it has. The only improvement can think of of the one of the east the system of the number for a racks. I have on elected some numbers of mailbox in a tent of big box so that there is not had to that maintain counting every time has moved some bars of diving/of pins of support. To good sure would buy again.
5 / 5
Has expected to write this description after using a crew for the few months to see like this would resist up. It is the add to buy for a prize. It feels quite sturdy and can do the routine of full organism. Only real gilipollas is that a coating of the boss in a pulley can snag and a coating in some bars of security scrapes era. The assembly has not gone he also last with 2 people. Some directions were minimum, but imagine it to us were without a lot of question. I achieved it it was to a vendor and has received the together free of extra hooks that really helps when exiting so that you are not constantly readjusting them among each exercise.
5 / 5
Ossia An excellent piece of crew!! Gymnasium of mine of house is now complete. I took roughly an hour and the half to dip near for me, would have been to the easiest plot with the second person. Some of some directions are the small confusing but dip the picture of a product has finalised the easiest fact. Hanged 250 pounds and some annexes of diving are to good sure sturdy enough, an appeal on the bar is also. I think that that it is it adds for attractive ups, so only any CrossFit attractive fashionable-ups where some moment of use of the people of low organism to do the appeal-up. Has Are conjoint of Olympic weight and has used 275 pounds in the like this far without questions. I have been that goes to gymnasiums the majority of my life of adult, but decided to take the gymnasium of house dips on been due to some closures of gymnasium in my state. It could not be happier with east. I have chosen this an on another reason has one the appeal I down attaches that it is also a lot of sturdy. Any quality of commercial gymnasium, but is perfect for the house or gymnasium of cochera.
5 / 5
They are very satisfied with this compraventa and can not express that it adds partorisca have rack he in the house in my cochera feels. I have researched enough the bit of storm and has gone among two to to that liked really. Both have had some same specs and alleged. A prevails added for my indecisiveness was that an orange racks resulted available and now have an orange cage with lat annex of boss. Has has purchased accessories of additional boss to go with an annex of boss and has augmented a quantity of the exercises of accessory can do to accommodate my newspaper workouts.
Has taken my edges and I in an hour to dip it jointed to use a cochera whole while it has rained external without subjects.
At present uses the adjustable bank separated of the mine old setup with abundance of room inside a cage. Using a 2” Olympic weight adapter of dish in some headlines of weights not having quite spacing vertically to be able to the slide went him quickly without that has to that take an upper or fund. I am considering building the program to ensure a cage to and limit a quantity of movement takes when it has to that rack a weight the little more aggressively when it is weighed.
All have mentioned is quite smaller and any takes me to treat that I want to, when I want to, and without that has to that tailor my workouts in the local gymnasium.

Good things to remark:
Colour: Orange
Versatility: the use of the annex of boss adds extra goodness of the muscle that builds
Durability: the components of Metal are light and can resist until a quantity has announced
Structure: A lot of one load that resists components interlock and give peaces to import the security and security of a cage
Setup: 1 hr time of build; all the components are gone in two separate shipments inside an hour of the each one another, any missing or has broken pieces, shipment the time was 2 weeks

Things to be conscious of:
Title of Olympic weight: it does not have quite vertical spacing among a big 45lb bumper and dimensions of the smallest weights
Structure: the cage will move when racking moderate (225lbs) to heavy weight if any ensured to an earth; it is not the cause to concern yes racks hanged with controlling
Durability: A steel has used is light and soft weight, meaning when presionas some rays tends the warp or dent a steel yes on presiona
Lat attach of Car: there is not coming with any lubrication; it considers to use fat of mechanics to help a slide of sled of the weight freely. A sled can manage heavy weight to the equal that has announced calm this in spite of have to that maintain a proportional weight in both sides to leave some weights to slide properly or more volume an offset feels of a weight as you pull
Produced: the will scrape was like this you slide some bars of the security by means of one inserts holes or rack on a J Hook, but no a @@subject he well is leaving all the world sees what calm in fact use your crew
Annexes: A lot of light having the plastic feels; it has ordered instead the together of new metal; value he!
5 / 5
This has been the client a lot the time has expected the description and I would like to begin was with saying that VANSWE has the very fresh client instruments of the support and his hips answer your interior a day and solve any one subjects that has or any information of product that would like me know more roughly. I have had this gymnasium racks for the month and I would like to say that it is honradamente súper that surprises and the gymnasium a lot adds racks produced. It likes that I have achieved of a swipe was the one crew of support of the client in a judge of the free accessory of boxes is exited
You emailed me well for behind it same day to come from my nave and this was very fresh. A gymnasium racks is really sturdy and the are not that it goes to the lie is also bondadoso of tiring when the gathered but is project of cochera fun . I have been dipping some accessories to do and honradamente seats súper add in my progress of gymnasium of the house. As the one who my own personal use east racks really done a work. Ossia My first gymnasium racks and honradamente would say that ossia for far a better quality of the product that the money can buy in the estimativa the difference of this another overpriced the gymnasium of the storm of Amazon concealed so only is trace in pricing like this run out of stock everytime. It appreciates a crew of support of the client to be compatible in emailing me haha, calms the types do an amazing work. Please buy his products!
4 / 5
For those of you concealed does not have the plot of spatial and height of ceiling, east racks is the good option. Because of an I-the beam that the careers by means of some means of my ceiling, has been limited to that could take.

Estimativas - My investigation taken to Pray, @Titán, Rep Fitness and Force EUA. All good frames. My definite decision has come the Height , Lat annex of Bar and Prize. Vanswe Was an economic plus for far. I have found the on-line coupon and took it down to like $ 329. More has bought he during a Black Friday/Cyber weekend of Monday. The free nave has helped also.

History of nave of Horror, but a lot of Vanswe fails at all. A Racks has been shipped in 2 separate boxes. A wine of boxes punctually, one is coming 4 days take. FedEx Rid that to a wrong allocution two times, then when I asked them so only to ship my house, sent it to an original location that was the FedEx Tent. It was crazy.

I of the that knows is possible , but would be well could ship some boxes with some parts of frame, dice and rays, and then a 2nd box with some other accessories. It has been ready to go with a 1st box, but has not had all have required. Some boxes were weighed, and the corners have suffered harm, but some contents were packaged well.

Begin - If any taken one, takes two 17mm wrenches of socket, or one and then an adjustable wrench. It dips it averts two hours, and take this installed thing in a dipping. I have read some revises that some people have had help. With spatial limited, this could be the little uncomfortable.

Installation - the installation was directly advances Except a system of pulley ( will take to that shortly). A racks was easy. So only follow some directions. A packaging was labeled properly, especially some dice and container of rays. Some numbers were in an individual container. Not guessing or that looks for to match a real ray to the scaled drawing. Any fully presionar until your integer racks is loosely has gathered.

Installation of pulley - I there was not dipping never a neighbour before. Mark sure really look in an instruction and some pictures of internets that looks. It had confused like this. Really I can describe, but it has had to look in another pics and other descriptions to comprise some low and big pulleys.

Once all is together place , is the really good storm. I situated it on a 2x2 mats of exercise with 3/4' fat plywood down. He the slides bit it yes try slide he, which was a lot of reason had limited space for some headlines of the further down and weights of mine 45lb flat.

Has some side at the side transmissions, but rear movement very small and advance. They are 5'9' 245lb. Now included I can do roughly for decent pullups, and does not have any worry in an attractive-on the bar that play to lose or anything touching on. Now when I have seen my edges those who is 6'-2' 280 tries to do attractive-ups, was the little scary, but all has resisted.

Any one had recommended oiling on some moving part. I have bought some this was in the spray can, and work well. It was honradamente well without an additional oil.

Accesoria - Spent a Lat Attractive Down accesoria, bite a ball and buy the Lat Attractive Down bar and a bat of crimps small with a rotating centerpiece. Any sure exactly that calls , but know that I am speaking roughly. Using a lat pulldown the bar is well, but no for tricep pulldowns. Another bar, in my opinion, is a lot so only for rows if anything.

A JCups is well. Also I have the place this is coming with a bar of long security.

Space partorisca squatting - My edges, in 6'2' is able to interior of squat a rack so only well. I have bought included the together fo @Titán MonoLifts like this he didnt has to that walk some stuffs to a JCups.

The attractive On Fence - there is remarked , my attractive on the bar is to the rovescio. My ceiling is 89' of a cup of mine mats of exercise. Still he so only well. Yes I owe that bend my knees, but work so that I need stops.

Prevail - When I have opened a first box, has received the present of prize. I have forgotten all 4 elections, but a one has chosen was some trainers of suspension.
5 / 5
A Cage of Storm of the Power of Power for Vanswe with a Lat/extension of the boss of the Row is the solid fine-the storm of canal for your gymnasium of house. I am pleased this box comprises a basic power racks, Lat Pulls Down/extension of Row of the Boss, attractive-on bosses, bosses of diving, and storage of weight pegs all near likes one extracted. Some other frames in this point of prize force to you to purchase some or everything of some components and the accessories besides a power of basic metal racks frame in extra cost.

A product has gathered looks a lot (combination/by heart black ash). An arrival of the manufacture of some components is quite good; the few pieces have not been cosmetically perfect. Of some bars of security am painted black in place of chrome plated, the calm line so that it takes and reinsert his to some holes of frame in of the settings of different height.

This box has not been difficult to gather. Take your time and follow a manual of assembly, beginning with the census of everything there is rid separates! My room of gymnasium has the low ceiling, as I have had to choose the cage that permitted bear me install an attractive-arrive crossbar of sleeve to the rovescio. These works of rodeo perfectly so I any paste my boss against a ceiling!

I scouted the power racks for the a lot of month and my only remorse is retarding my tentativa to purchase until after a COVID-19 pandemic has begun. An availability has been spotty and a prize tugged on commensurate with question. I am pleased with cost of mine ($ 600, comprising imposed) and look forward to achieving my aims of fitness.
5 / 5
Omg! I have finalised so only dipped this power racks near. It was like this easy. It looks he adds in mine new deadlift program. It is sturdy and well-has done. I love it. I have it it used it already s little time for squat workouts.

An only question has had was that one of the hooks of bar is a lot tight. They are fearful tries the take for the movement frequently that the quickly will begin to take a product. I do not have any intention of emotional the around for this reason. If I have had the addiction, would try pry a mechanism to close ploughed the bit so that it has not been like this stagnate around a 2x2 whole.
5 / 5
10 stars for service of client! This company has been in contact with me of then an element was out of stock. We inform me to us to roundabout the time would be of tower. And it has been then one gives a no further to email me and says could go advance and mandate. Any time have had the question, usually go back mine inside the day. So only dipped a cage up. Like this far, like this good. My husband has tried appeal ups and is 260lbs, and has resisted without the question. I will require to order more than one 2.ºn Of the coverages of sleeve for some headlines of weights. So only it comes with 1 near. Some the main headlines are all 1in like this still does at least. To good sure to the cage adds for a prize, especially with some pieces of prize. You can say that a metal is more economic, but resists on well. They are súper happy with him like this far. The nave has not been bad neither, the week perhaps. In general, calm can not beat a prize, and service of client.
5 / 5
This was an excellent power racks, especially for his prize. A power racks there is not coming with instructions of assembly but was quite easy to the piece has jointed, which has taken around 1-2 hours. Something the note is that a power racks is gone in two different containers on two different days, and also have two different in following number. If calm look so only have received the averages of a power racks, would suggest to contact his for a number to follow of another container/another half of a storm to be able to.
In general has been satisfied with both one storm to be able to and his service of client. It would recommend this to another.
5 / 5
Some bosses are qualities very poor . A lot of embrague. Any @@@extention of Olympic bar for some bosses are not able to be closed on well. But his no bad for provisional, perhaps the year. I think some descriptions can not be legit. On all this in spite of, well a box of money can take the better power racks concealed is in stock.
5 / 5
This cage is very versatile, leaving for the big row of exercises for the balanced workout. As another has mentioned, there is side of light transmissions near, but is not quite significant to be the worry. A bit those that note to potential buyers:

1.) A system of pulley extends slightly besides a height of an attractive-arrive fence, so that although it install an attractive-on fence to the rovescio to access in the zone of low ceiling, will owe figure out of the way to return a system of pulley.

2.) He sure to apply lubricador to a system of pulley. After the pair of workouts a system of pulley has begun to have the question that returns to a down place, and a chrome the arrival has aimed scratches and scrapes. I have applied silicone the lubricador based and a system has gone back to do perfectly

3.) The instructions of installation are a lot concise, pay like this precise next attention to some diagrams. Like the pocolos other users, found me that it has to undo fulmine and reposition parts been due to comprise bad some instructions. There are some pieces that is very alike but no identical, as that pays the next attention to some drawings will help to avert that it has to that repeat no.

In general, very satisfied with this compraventa and highly recommend to any one looking to have the balanced workout house.
5 / 5
Can write the million words in this element add.
A description of this element is something on.
Very pleased with this element. Easy to install and calm to good sure will want to that it softens .
A lot, fact very good and strong.
TAKES A Before they are SOLD WAS.
Can not take the unit of better exercise thus prize.

Top Customer Reviews: Marcy Smith Cage ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
I am spent the good 4 hours that dipped this thing has jointed. It is the total breeze until some pulleys. Some directions of pulley are difficult to read and some diagrams are hard the decipher. It was able to imagine it was and has had so only a pulley on wrongly. I have fixed once that a system has done perfectly. Ossia The solid piece of crew. Partorisca A cost, can has not beaten the. I have read some mixed descriptions in this before I have purchased. It has not been that the people are expecting when they take something partorisca this prize, but again can has not beaten the. All the systems do perfectly well. A delivery was punctually and well my door forward. Taken this Amazon to use Prepares nave like this free.

Updates on has produced. I gave it initially to five indication of star but by means of the daily use has to it change. This car is so only very drawn partorisca daily use. Some pieces that control some weights in a bar and the impulse of leg is plastic and there is busted. A leg a busted during the use and the weight have come partorisca clash down. It has not been it can buy some no. or the plastic pieces do not think that 6 month after buying is, has to has to that be looking for part of substitution. I owe that readjust pulleys roughly one the week because they twist. This is not the piece of crew that dressed of controls partorisca me. They are by train partorisca use it Daily. So only it does not think it is drawn partorisca this class of use.
4 / 5
To the equal that can see, this was with (2) 45 is, (2) 10 is and (2) 5 is on that. I can not believe like week and economic a bar is. That is my options now? It thanks goodness my girls did not use it
5 / 5
will maintain this and an indication have update so that the use results more frequent.

Week 1
taken roughly 8-9 hours partorisca gather like instruction but no a better.
A system of the WHOLE pulley that takes the big fat 0!! The claves constantly was with weight on that. I have verified some pulleys and corrected. This renders a system of USELESS whole pulley. Perhaps after the month or the few weeks of yanking on he during workouts could come to be will see.

A car of smith is quite well in the 3.5/5 as if you do not have some perfectly varied legs (his easy of the his have movement in calm) a catchers in some slips the bar of only paste a same integer when varied when they like him is grieves on there. An access could be better.

An outside racks for an Olympic bar is terrifying to use and there is already come up with a bar that is lifted has found immediately extremely worrisome for impulses of futures of heavy bank.

Week 2
has changed he of the 2-3 star the main thing has been he could want to exited and taking can he of DW-40 and spray he in a behind slipping estaca and everything of some inner parts of some rollers of drive of the boss. He vastly and quickly improve an action of a mechanics of cars.

Final description

A system of boss would take joined up like this frequently no never and only result more than the total annoyance that anything. We so only deconstructed the and has takes he of a house.
4 / 5
This was reward of mine to me to sell my condo (releasing on the considerable quantity of money!). I am looking for to go in form this year and does not have any experience that does with cars of the weights but this have looked for likes it has offered to plot of different exercises for the user of house.

Has in the room of basement. While a room is carpeted, has dipped this on some of these interlocking mats of tile of the puzzle. I have finalised that it has to that buy three insiemi of tiles of puzzle (each neighbour has had are 2 for 2 poster) but has used so only 16 of some tiles. I have used some tiles to avert that they break a carpet and to resupply the most stable surface. They look to be doing a trick. So much in all the chance, this whole device has gathered, comprising a bank, requires at least one 8 for 8 zone. This calm give you quite spatial to dip the dish of big weight (says 45 pounds) in a backside without paste to wall as well as quite soiled to dip dishes in a bar and take them was again. Also it would owe that of the he quite soiled to situate a bank with all some supports in a foreigner of tile, although it could go with 20 tiles (or one 8 for 10 zone) and have the little more room for a bank. Calm also will require the ceiling that is at least 8 big feet.

This does not come with any weights; you will require the together of Olympic dishes. ( I have found one in closeout in the tent of venues of sportive sakes.) Has the bar that control Olympic dishes, but is not the true Olympic bar. I am not sure of an exact weight of a bar but is to good sure much less of 45 pounds. (Ossia Well for me I so that it follows the small-the woman framed the one who is new to lifting...) A period of a bar is one same like an Olympic bar, this in spite of.

This neither comes with the lat pulldown bar, but has bought so only one in the amazon and work well with this car. You take some annexes/manages aimed in a photo. Calm also take the poster that illustrates some varied exercises that it is possible to do with this car. I find this gain of then are not the rat of gymnasium. (I follows sure there is more than variac., but a poster is useful for the beginner.)

Considering assembly, this has taken two adults (with PhDs in of the fields of ROOT...) Roughly 9 and the half hours to dip joints. We take to the long of the month, so only that does an hour or two the weekend. Some note on assembly:

(1) A person the one who has said to dip a hardware to the cups there has been one creates well. We have had some bowls of use of paper, and mark them to us with the Sharpie, and that really helped to plot. Reason although everything of some bands of hardware has been sealed with his intact contents, some contents had come loose of a backing in the little of some bands and was all mixed near. Strongly it would suggest having the handy ruler to measure some period of the rays in of the things of chances take mixed up. There are two casts of part, one for a part of car of the Smith and one for a bank. Those are useful is counting washers or something. We have had EXACTLY a right quantity of elements. At all losing and no the extra so only has bitten.

(2) Some groups for a chin-on the looks of bar are angled in 90 terracings in a manual. They are not . You are probably not losing these pieces, so only have the very main corner that 90 terracings. Calm at the same time is supposition to install these, there is still to the plot of calm parts left there is not dipping on, as it can be difficult to recognise these among all a rest of some elements.

(3) When you are dipping a dish in a fund to attach a canal to do rows, and a backside where will have multiple pulleys and some dishes of weights, help to dip the book (perhaps 1/2 fat thumb) down one bases ossia perpendicular to a dish, until such time like prizes some rays. Otherwise Does not remain in a right place.

(4) Likes another has said, some diagrams and instructions for stringing some bosses around some pulleys are not like this good. We were able to imagine it was, but has taken at least two sessions of assembly and has has had to that also inform frequently to a map of exercise, which aims some more the photos of a car have gathered. There is drive of the boss concealed goes with some pulleys and have pocolos plásticoes washer-shaped separates concealed is supposition to go in them first has dipped some rays by means of them. A bit plastic washers fallen was all a time, but was all there. They will remain to situate so only a lot once some drive of boss am attached to some pulleys, is so only hard taking them to remain there for advanced. Also, some bosses all have different finals so that any calm in fact has to that the measured to imagine out of that is that .

(5) An extra note with considerations to some bosses -- no presiona any dice until you are done stringing each boss. Reason sometimes he there lack of the bits in some directions or an order is wrong and calm can find you has to that take the part the series the boss or something. You take two insiemi of Allen wrenches (one in a band of hardware of the bank and one in a band of hardware of car of Smith) like two people can do on presionando a same time.

(6) the things is useful to have during installation that is not resupplied: at least two adjustable wrenches, the hule mallet, the measure of tape.

Finds has to that move this with which is gathered (still so only the foot or two of a wall to the equal that can install a bar), takes some of these pieces of furniture that movements sliders. Ossia Really too heavy and uncomfortable for two adults to impulse, but stimulate you a far flange arrives and dip the pair of the pieces of furniture that movements sliders down some supports, two adults easily can press or the appeal. Also, please know that unless has extra wide doors, once gathers this, is by train to remain the place in any room has dipped he in. It is too wide to manoeuvre by means of the regulate doorway. If you move, calm will owe that take avert and possibly buy stirs it of dice of aircraft of the substitution, as it maintains clue of a manual.

In of the terms of operation, all looks well. If you are short, can require the stool to change out of some bosses for pulldowns. If you are short (I follows so only 5'5'), is class of difficult to achieve an attractive-arrive fence, also. A car looks appropriate for people of 5'5' to 6'1' (based in two people those who used it like this far) and those who are down 160 pounds. I can not speak like this to as he behave with any heavier reason do not have any more for the try. (My dad is coming the city next month. It is 260+ pounds so that there will be try it was also and update a description with his commentaries.)

An annex of low organism to a bank if it wobbles the bit but is better when it has real weights on that. All more looks quite sturdy. (In the has not dipped more than 100 lbs of weights in any something another those some bars of storage.) It calms the pulldown of any class without weight in a backside, probably will not return to situate when you leave goes. Still with an annex of leg in a bank.

All move smoothly. We have not had to use a lot of WD40 still although has some manually require it to him to us. There is no lacking squeaking or that vibrates, all some pieces were machined correctly, and all some the plastic parts were in shape well. Had the pocolos scratches in several parts of a metal, but ossia an aesthetic worry so only and has not affected operation of a device.
5 / 5
One of some investments more are has done several years. I have directed the just quantity to research in gymnasiums to house first to decide is one. Besides, to the amazon is a prize an economic plus has found. We have had he in a cochera for roughly 6 month now, and is used almost every day. It is resisting on perfect. It likes- one versatility of a unit. Several exercises can be treaties in this unit. A probability of the construction will not resist on way that is looking for to be beat-lifters but is perfect for all the world-wide more, which maintains a cost down. There are two versions. This one looks to be able to manage less hanged while another this heavier construction, has crimps he of preacher in a bank, and the little more expensive. We choose this a reason already have to that crimp he of the preacher and I felt like a heavier construction was an extra does not require .

With which reading all some descriptions roughly that it last was to gather, has been rasgado among having any one gathers it or he I. I decided to gather it. I have on grown turning wrenches and are quite well with the instructions written and dipping the together things. Also I have the enormous variety of tools has on built on some years. This thing took on 8 continuous hours to dip near. Some instructions were so only, no too hard to comprise or too basic that he difficult.

Does not like Me a creation of a way a slide of weight up and down in a backside. The the maintenances lubed with spray of silicone. These helps to plot. Any like him To Him that the room taken in my cochera. No to Like me that the time has taken to dip near. It does not like that I have had to try hanged for separate. But that as it plus, gave an occasion for the customise or take some weights have loved instead solving with that is coming with.

Is thinking in the gymnasium to house that some the majority of exercises, builds hard, and is easy to use then ossia a a . Highly it recommends to take east.
5 / 5
Has had this for year. It does like this of the things vey well and another no like this well.

Installs: An installation is moderately complex. A lot of dice and rays so that it will want to two wrenches, a ratcheting. A frame is very solid and sturdy. A system of boss is complex, but follow the directions and calm is well. A subject of only quality has found is that an Olympic-sized the bosses for some estacas of the storage of weights release has rays that fío to plastics to resist a sleeve a - these undress easily and with some heavy weights have used is really insufficient. In general install is four stars.

Bank: it likes-me a bank. It is adjustable with 20 & 15 terracing decreases and 20, 45 and 70 curves. Has the extension of leg and bar of crimps of the leg that reads well. Five stars.

Fences in of press: A built in the bar of press is vertical, any angled. I do not know some merits of a angled the bar but I know quite physical to comprise this gravity is the vertical force , as I prefer this. Some securities are utmost and can be regulated to dip to stop for a bar. Some hooks of the impulse for a bar is quell'has bitten ackward in turn it needs a bar to release and twist it behind to dip some hooks. I have found this to be well for the moderate weights and I do not use this for max hanged. Five stars.

Free weights: Some the free weights have the big and small racks. They are quite easy to regulate. A big is six width of the thumb and I use likes the security. A small is four width of thumb and abundance for the barbell. One the big plus racks is really any quite big for use of security. They do not underline enough of some small racks. Also, his no very solid looking and I question or any could take the 300-400 barbell be has fallen six thumbs to them. A second worry is that I am too far averts. A rule barbell grieve access. A result is that a with the can wedge and impulse a racks that it results in a dangerous situation of the yours racks to exit. This is to spend mine the few times and I have has had to that the disorder with a racks more than house in mine together. Two stars.

Bosses: A system of boss has to that the versatility adds and comprises two ancore tall for attractive downs, two whole @@@cofre tampons of fly, and one still of low row. A variety of the annexes of still is has comprised. A tall and pulleys of fly of the @@@cofre is in 2:1 like this attractive proportion in calm so much will be to pull hanged full ; a pulley of row is 1:1. Do to everything of a redirection of some bosses, has to weaves of embrague in a system of pulley. This does the heaviest weight very difficult. Perhaps ossia well reason a point of the lifting of weight is that it is difficult. This in spite of, likes to have the control in of the this to dip some weights. Three stars.

Another Material: An appeal-on the bar is well in both barbells and a bank to the equal that need clear all was to the use is. A support of estacas of storage of weight 400; another those some questions of boss have mentioned on this good work.
4 / 5
Has received this and has begun to dip the on almost immediately. It was able to complete a setup of this totally for me. Some pieces are big but no heavy.
Would say a course a harder that this build has to that be a system of pulley but included concealed has not been like this bad. Mark sure when gathering to take all slack out of some bosses before it uses and spray he down with some WD-40 other wise is not moving anywhere.
A bar for a “car of smith” is terrible. It is the interior of tiny bar of the main empty bar. I can not stress the one who this terrible . A tiny bar looks more like the cane to rain concealed and bar of weight. After seeing some descriptions on here and seeing it in person has chosen to not even dipped on a car of smith. Has the level 45lb Olympic bar that use instead. Personally I do not concern for some supports of bar has. Some sustains look flimsy and question how much hanged real can manage.
An appeal on the fence does not have any grip on he anything. It has taken some tape of grip and covered it. This looks for having helped.
Also a storm for some weights is done totally of plásticoes. Another worry of security when hanged of the heaviest paste or storing the heaviest weights.
In general laws for a be of time. If I have had the occasion to speak I out of him probably would have spent the little hundred more on something with less plastic and something bit it more sturdy.
4 / 5
Uses a soyarcy 150-lb Multifunctional Canal of Gymnasium of the House' for my flies of @@@cofre, bicep curls, tricep extensions, and formation by force behind (saws conferences of attractive wide). These products in this description is a soyarcy Diagrams of Smith - SM-4008' model. For a SM-4008 gymnasium, uses to do boss crunches and a esmith diagrams' to do the army presses for up, this in spite of in 5 feet, 4 thumbs, has to bend my knees or more my military press has a bar of Car of the paste of Smith a cup of a cage of gymnasium. A SM-4008 has abundance of places to resist hanged. A sheer number of pulleys in a SM-4008 looks to be a factor that cause the estarded' affect' with a control of some weights; when it try to do flies of @@@cofre with some bosses in a cup, will remark an eccentric(negative rep) the part of your exercise gives almost any control at all..... It concealed so only it would do me not buying this gymnasium again. Pay attention to some pictures of a gymnasium; there is the vertical iron that any trace of weights and down and tonnes of pulleys among you and that orients. A gymnasium of the most economic model has mentioned in a start of my description there is far less pulleys and gives awesome control when you are in your part 'negative' of your exercise reps. Utilisation the separated $ 300 cage that has taken of Dicks Sportive sakes together with the judge to start with barbell + the dish has dipped has had takes beautiful economic. For mine benchpresses, uses a free weight and cage the taken of me mine in slope crunches of him also. A SM-4008 has had the arm that has been missing edges that a costruttore has said would owe that be the mine has sent the month. Manufacturing the questions are understandable for a prize. Some 2 stars was is for a lack of attractive eccentric in a system of boss. I have used spray of lubricante that the trainer of leading fitness has found in Lowes the mine has suggested; this has helped grieves. It is a creation ossia the question . Nave something like this for behind way of costs also like this took this , is stuck with him and will have to that find ways 'creative' to take your muscle overburdens to take around a subject where calm does not take that usual negative rep control that takings of the crew of gymnasium regulates. It has given 3 stars been due to a prize, so only 1 defect of manufacture, and number of characteristic a gymnasium has. If this has not fill like this spatial in a cochera, the d probably considers to take another type of crew of gymnasium that does boss crossovers better. A thing has finalised to do like this splits of use 'creative' of this SM-4008 car of gymnasium is to to use likes him the place to grab to as I paving of lie in rear mine to do so only-cross to arm rid-overs while grabbing a boss in a fund of an economic plus, 150lb Marcy the canal of gymnasium has mentioned in a start of my description. Another thing has tried with a SM-4008 to take around a bad negative control is to locate the ladder and then treat my @@@cofre crossovers where rear of mine is seating against a cage. Yeah, odd Material, but I that I gotta do to take buff, well? The one who would have think that that the type there would be it ladder in his gymnasium. A pro of a SM-4008 is that it will take both yours Olympic and regulate sized flat of metal; this means a big and small hole plans for those of you the one who does not know a difference in of the dishes. Really it would not recommend this Marcy SM-4008 gymnasium to any, that the beginner or the person advanced. Doing the exercise of beaten of quality to do dozens of some that that the big gymnasium like this alleges it can do, as it looks for something the boss concealed fact crossovers. Cars of the smith is not necessary; I so only mine of the use for soldato presses in the free weights cause his convenient plus. Still I benchpresses with my free weight barbell. Masters the good benchpress canal that does not need the spotter? It takes this 'Train of Fitness Pro To of the half Storm' imo.
4 / 5
After using this Marcy the diagrams for the few months are very pleased with him.
Is to good sure the challenge to gather.
Would recommend to dip are near the few days. Especially increasing a cabling!
Would recommend to purchase he of a buyer chooses reason is coming the few courts of rays and send me substitutions ASAP.
Thinks for $ 700 some diagrams really has to that it weaves of ways to exert to.
Comprise that a car is resisting free like this calm does not go to take a smoother boss and system of pulley but is not to bad.
A tubular framing is a lot of sterdy together with the stand of curves of qualities well the bank so only can also use for dumbell exerting yes chosen to.

On all would recommend it and say well of the money.
4 / 5
In general ossia the good product . I have read some inform multiple time, and doubted for month before I bought it.
Has been that goes to gymnasiums for years, but can not take there in the bases regulates any longer, as I have required to do something, and this looked a better option .
Like the majority of a state of descriptions, be prepared for the bear of the time that dips it near, roughly 10 hours for knots, but concealed comprises two deceptions that has required to retreat on. With a number of gymnasiums is selling, would think that could spend the little money in of the clearest instructions and/or some youtube video. Pay attention to a direction has dipped some securities of bar and headlines of support of the bar to some poles of metal of the money.
Mine another worry of entity is some extensions of bar that you in fact dipped some weights on. These are in a bar, some annexes of leg, a weight of pulley and some poles of storage of the weight in a racks. They are plastic, am sure will break finally. They are sure calm can buy substitutions. LOL
Has finalised with the little extra washers and pieces, can not see where has lost any one.

Has had these three weeks now, take the good workout with him, taking to take use to. You can require WD-40 at the beginning in some pulleys.
While you are not while it instruments of quality of professional gymnasium, would have to like you.
4 / 5
A product looks it would do adds,this in spite of, has not been if I will not discover never if he for real fact. You the company has sent insufficient rays partorisca the dipped together. Some people have assumed partorisca exit and the place joints it has not been able to dip a system of together pulley reason looks that any one has lost the part that is to be suppose the weld on in a legislation of the low portion for behind a portion of row of a system of pulley. Also it looks that any or anything welded this together thing welded the piece to the rovescio so that it could not dip a system of joint of upper pulley. As has the car of Smith with the system of boss that no at all. I am not gone in partorisca touch with a company but are quite unbalanced reasons a whole reason has had any exited and the place are the joint was reason do not want to has to that treat a question to run these pulleys and now have the car has built media that did not conceal has invested almost $ 1,300 in with all some weights that has ordered thus system. It would not recommend this car for any unless a company sends any one was here to fix all everything of these questions.
5 / 5
Likes all some descriptions before it dictate, an assembly was tedious, and took probably roughly 8 hours for the take near. A workouts is decent. I have bought some WD-40 and toallita humid down some canes of drives for a car of smith, and a estaca sliding for a weight stack, and is really smooth. This in spite of, does not feel to like some cars of smith in a gymnasium, and does not feel like a bearings is one same, can take the little sticky if yours not pressing has centred perfectly. If have has had to that he on, probably so only buys the regular cage with Olympic bar, and added it lat the appeal down attaches.
5 / 5
One does a car arrived with three part disappeared has not been the good signal. Some parts are also a lot labeled so that the assembly is the challenge . A schemes of Smith is decent although I am very concerned in a sturdiness of some sustains that controls a bar of Smith. They are done of empty metal in place of pieces of solid metal. A quantity of plastic in this thing is also very worrisome. I do not see it that it resists until the use has continued.
A worse part of this car is a estaca sliding that control some weights. A quantity of embrague creates effectively done a car worthless in my opinion. Still any volume like the square bar can be used like the sliding mechanism. My Marcy 944 is far better that this car according to which an action of pulley is concerned.
5 / 5
Awesome Piece of crew for a prize. I have been using he for two weeks and does not issue anything. Of course it will update has any question...

I originally has ordered he of walmart for $ 150 more economic that the amazon and he have arrived to lose 2/3 of some parts! Amazon&62;Walmart. It is gone in perfect condition . This thing comes with the diagram that objective likes you everything of some parts goes joints, and a lot much more. Really it does not have to that the pertinent instructions.. It has taken hours to order by means of everything of some parts and the figure was where has been.

Was unsure would have to that buy this reason is in the room with the low ceiling. A cup is roughly 82 big thumbs but slopes down to 76' and then augments behind until - 78' where some chairs of pulley up. It was able to return he in mine 'gymnasium' that is 86 big thumbs with 4x6' the joints am spaced 4 feet averts (76 big thumbs in this zone). It is roughly five deep feet without a bank.. And a bank is quite big, he so that fully it has gathered it is more like 7-8 deep feet. It is like this width like a bar of olympic measure (roughly seven feet).

I oiled some bars and a weight for a system of pulley. All operate smoothly.
5 / 5
This has taken roughly 5hrs to gather, and some instructions are relatively easy to follow if patience of the. Select the decent zone to build, with at least two tables to do to maintain all some components on. A system of the pulley has not been like this difficult to gather like another reviewers mentions, and some diagrams can be followed takes time. Some drive of boss owe that be gathered correctly and an attention of need of adjustment of tension. In general a quality of some materials is better that the gymnasium instruments more residential, but does not expect this to be one same gauge to to metal likes of those in Lifetime. A creation are to add - and resupplies the good variety of exercises that can change go in without too together-up. A lat pulldown the bar would be the useful addition . Had some parts disappeared, the able era to find 'alternative' until the service of client has has shipped substitutions in just the few days. Like another reviewers there is remarked, the little lube is essential. In general ossia excellent value for money, very versatile and sturdy.
5 / 5
Decent car like the tower. They are the a lot of mechanically bent individual and a creation of pulley is sub-pair to say a less. I have regulated and loosened and retightened each ray to ensure maximum function but a cheapness of too plastic is dissapointing. A slide of bar for some weights is not effective . Some weapon to title of the Olympic weights is also plastic and give these 3 months with pulling hanged on and was before they begin to deteriorate . Again- 3 star that estimativas simply for a tower how is that it is. A bank is decent also. Marcy Need to system of pulley of the redesign and material of use of better note .
5 / 5
After reading some positive critics on have decided here purchase this system. So only moved of the the Milwaukee and decided to be productive indoors of a time the mark to operate external. After reading the plot of descriptions and verifying out of the sportsmen of good tents have decided to pull to a trigger of then looked likes the shot adds. It has been concerned with of the like this negative critic regarding setup, in that has purchased enough Jump and Ikea mobile my university days. I owe that say, while it takes the decent quantity of time, this is not the difficult setup. There are 2 manuals. One without-for-instructions of any w/ pics and a w/ pics so only this explains that hardware to use. I have used a last and has had a lot of @@subject. It can see like a creation of hardware could be confuse but no left calm deter you. It was perplexed reason looks like this difficult to a lot of and he then the paste is probably stirs it of meatheads that tries to dip are near with which go back of his work that sells mobile phones in Sprint. The gorillas are not of the utmost readers, as he all has begun to come near. The majority of defiant part is by train to remain patient while presionando some rays. The pulleys are a same thing on and on like this calm once take a prime minister one is gilded.

A global quality of product is average to slightly on. To good sure be in accordance with a WD40 careers of commentaries of system much smoother after the decent lube work. Tour solider that has imagined. Has has expected tonnes of sobresalto but no a chance. Smith diagram is the touch that disappoints with a sliders and a latch access. It would be cautious to dip significant weight on there but there is catchers in an outside like uses to resist an olympic bar. Good solution like this far. The headlines of plastic weight are the bummer. Constantly they fall off and it can see reasons so many people are by train to see them crack. The attractive on the bar is solid, but am 175lbs so it takes that so that well. Bank a lot well with cushions of quality.

The delivery has left the small to be wished. Among 3 boxes- 60lbs, 90lbs and 150lbs- and rid for cariche. Not following but has taken llama so much of a carrier and engine to estimate window of delivery, which is well. Fallen of curbside. Has 12 no until my advance of porch and an engine has said is contracted so only to the fall is gone in curb and has the available separate options for doors advance that it is not in level of earth. This has not been never an option when ordering as be conscious of east has the resemblance setup. My 'helper' was the 105lb woman to the equal that has had to open a box until taking an interior of pieces.

In general is the 4 because of a global strong system that breaking of quality of the lacks in of the sections. For the system to house ossia something concealed can substitute the affiliation of gymnasium for the light-moderate user. I do not see it that it resists up for every day heavy use, as another there is remarked, but like anything is everything roughly that a lot you upkeep the.
4 / 5
Good product. He that is to suppose to.
This in spite of, ossia the car to owe light . Some works of car of the cost of smith. It does not move like this smoothly like this crew more expensive. You can feel a bar that rubs in some estacas so it locates and down and a movement of estacas. If you are lifting on 200lbs expects a whole system to move. Doing squats a whole racks moved behind. If you are lifting down 200lbs laws well.
A system of the boss no properly in of the light weights! Precise there is at least 40lbs in the or will take hanged and not going back down. It does not run smoothly.
A headline of bar of free weight and spotting the arms are very short.
A cage is tightened. They are 6'5” and paste my walking of his boss if I am not prendiendo attention. If you are down 6' big has abundance of room.
5 / 5
After reading the plot of useful and good descriptions in this car have decided to give come from that and order it. It was hesitant in a process of edifice because a quantity of 1 descriptions of star. It would want to mention that some instructions are not almost like this hard like all the world says that they are! A car is time eating to build (how is obviously the big car), and took roughly 4 hours to build for me. A pully the system has not been hard to follow together with as the instructions give arrows and the point of start in that begin to build.
Has had to purchase my together of own weight ( has bought of DICKs very sportive, and wine with an olympic 45lbs bar), and all of some weights return on to a car.
Has had a crew for the few days now and to good sure the create was the compraventa well. It could not be in accordance with any of some 1 descriptions of star thus produced. It is surprising!
5 / 5
Like this far ossia a awesome compraventa. The assembly was easy. Works to the equal that has feigned. I will do an update to this informs next month, when I take the little more time in this cage of smith.

UPDATE 1 I follows still very happy with this car of smith. His the quite solid car, and is very stable. I have discovered the little gilipollas and these am a lot of entity and would have to that be considered first to purchase this car.

Finds this hard the belive, but yes go the MARCYS the web of place will see for calm. Utilisation a Butterfly often, like this finally a boss will spend. The ones of the that has the question with something spending was. Has the QUESTION without part of substitution, for something this wear of must. Ossia Reason are down grading my description to 3 stars. Marcy That has been thinking? Reason any fully sustain your product?
5 / 5
As I have bought this in 2016. Today it is June 26 of 2020. Honradamente Is very partorisca the just start was.

A gilipollas:
An extension of leg is flimsy. A headline of weight for an extension of the leg is not fixed in place. As it moves around alot that causes some weights to close unexpectedly that resulted in the sleeve broken. This quite done the impossible smooth motion.

A press of bank is well. My only grip would be that I wish some the hooks in an end of a bar has been bent more inward to prevent grinding against some canes of drives.

Importing with this that owe that rotate a bar to start with the bank presses which really can break your wrists. Readjusting the placing of Wrist is easy with light but hanged dangerous and difficult when you begin the heavy lifting. It would recommend the separate bar, swipe a purpose of some annexes of security.

Is in lifting of house without expecting.
Is the together good up.
Adds for begginers

5 / 5
has bought this in a summer when all of some gymnasiums has closed. It is initially state sent behind reason is fallen off a truck during the delivery but I ordered it again because a prize has fallen. The boxes have suffered harm but no a car. In all the chance a pully the system is the bit of the challenge but with which used it the pair of time he, looked the loosen up.

According to which exerts does not have any complaint, can do all that you need to do the bank does not seat well is trying the shoulder presses. Included when turned a bank around he no quite apt. A so only another complaint has is that some legs of a car is not weighted like this sometimes when doing deadlifts, the shoulder presses or press of bank, a movement of legs in and when it concealed to spend it calm tin a lot always rest a bar in a bar takes.

In general would recommend for a random workout person or any any one remains in shape but this can no so that they are serious, bodybuilding or prepping for competitions.
5 / 5
I use 3 times for the week and this dip up is perfect. I have gone back and advances for the long time and finally bought of prime minister for
$ 650. Have annulled my affiliation of gymnasium pocola afterwards. Ossia The no brainer for a cost.
4 / 5

A system of pulley is absolute junk. A slide of weight up and down with products of hard plastic metal on.... No very smooth. This adds control and does to do an exercise a difficult easy plus. Almost it feels he likes any one is resisting down some weights was and on during your reps. Honradamente Can not see like any one would give this more than a star unless they have taken paid by a company to leave a description. The desire has bought the different one this there has been some already have built hanged in that regulate for emotional a pin on and down.

This product is gone in also roughly 1,000 pieces. I do in the construction and this still take me the good 5 hours to dip near. I need the solid 12' x 12' zone so only to dip was all some the calm pieces so much can find some legislations a to install afterwards.
5 / 5
Today I supposition will begin with 4 stars, of then am still in a phase of assembly. With which roughly 5hrs has been done with assembly of a cage and bank. All was hand tightend, now are tighting all some dice and rays. A thing there is remarked he with a big plus of Allen tones is that a measure is 7/32nds which is the tad has bitten small and will undress some rays. I have had to use my own 6mm Allen key which is the perfect access . Another 2 small and tones of Allen of the half was very but please use the 6mm for a big plus of a ray begins calm so that it will avert to undress some rays.

Looks the sturdy conjoint arrive but there is not dipping still a cage to a test neither has added my dishes of weights. More to go in my next description of a real action of a car.
5 / 5
He Take a time to dip this beast has jointed, calm will not complain it . Presionar All the rays after a whole unit is gathered. This has done an easy process. As with the a lot of bosses of leading descriptions are a delicate part . Mark sure has all your tools ready and does not mix on rays. It schemes it adds.
5 / 5
Has had mine for the small to the long of the month and have it almost used every day. It likes a lot some other descriptions takes the long time to dip near. A direction can be confuse but the little extra time that looks in some pictures me those world-wide of good. I gave it to 5 indication to star reason has improved my workouts ten fold. Alive is gone in a country out of any gymnasiums and this give me an occasion to complete a lot of some exercises there is enjoyed when it was the member of gymnasium in a past.
4 / 5
Are add that there is enough each car I need of the gymnasium in my house in a car. The quality is sum and has taken roughly 4 hours to gather. A security added of a car of smith is order loves the heavy impulse but does not have the spotter. And have an option to use free weights without a car of smith loves . My only complaint is that a smith sliders has required the pocola lubrication. If a fence is not perfectly level a embrague of a plastic sliders against a chrome laws of drive like the pause, instantly adding another 50 lbs or more to anything is lifting . I slathered some fat of axial in some drive and a question was solved instantly (but will want to avert touching some drive concealed ).

After using a car for the few months has a bit additional feedback. A primary complaint is some the bosses constantly the result has twisted. It is that it is thinking, it has to be use the bad. I have seen the video on Youtube where the type has said one same but has the thought has to that be his failure . Utilisation a schemes roughly 6 times the week and at least weekly has to that disassemble some bosses to untwist him. To arrive to this point are a lot attentively looking to do sure are not rotating some bosses at all when I exit calm so that it ensure concealed is not a question. Taken roughly 15 min every time has to that disassemble some pulleys to fix some bosses. If it calms no untwist adds him the significant quantity of control of embrague, any to mention wear to a boss sheaths of some bosses that rubs eachother. I can not explain reason spends excepts perhaps bosses of use to transfer only economic that unwind under the heavy load that causes some transfers.
5 / 5
My hubby and has bought this the few weeks , when we have known FL has been of tower in a red for Covid And our gymnasium has closed down permanently. It has been shipped in 3 containers of sep.. A bank, has put together (me, a woman) and was quite easy. A scheme of the smith will require two people. One the majority of difficult part, is, of course, some pulleys. Calm once take the system in disposal with him, is not too bad. Sturdy, Well for the gymnasium of house. With some modifications in yours exits, can have the program of good/diet.
4 / 5
Not perfecting, but sleeps a work. Good joints for a ppl the one who purchases it. Mark takes your paving/of room is levelled, a bar of smith will give you the hard time that traces and down in a cane to drive if a paving is not levelled. I have had to take in plastic supports down to be able to touch with a space. It is coming to lose washers and aome other things but cuatomer the service is a better. They have asked that has been missing and sent it immediately any question has asked. Global good product for a prize.
4 / 5
Absolutely it wants to having this gymnasium of house in my house. My hubby was the neighbour and in the three all use it. Some attractive of boy-ups. I am gone down already the pant has measured a lot is easy to move among exercises. Better value that the affiliation of club likes volume all some same exercises and does not have to that gone anywhere and master exited with my slippers on. An only negative is a bank and extension of leg benchbis the little caseous. They could have done better with that. It is free, included when presionado and is not sturdy. Another that that, is awesome.
4 / 5
Has included a Walmart the line of the product of the gold looks more durable and wants to do a lot of weight at all on 200 pounds am not sure this product is in fact sure for that. Quality very poor in both materials and part fitment. Any one sure the one who has written a manual of the instruction but I certainly expect to have the new ! If you buy this plan in the solid 6 hours the piece he near.
5 / 5
Incredibly difficult to dip joint. Some parts are not numbered, has the million rays that can take mixed up and fault two. Some instructions are insanely imprecise and hard to follow and some diagrams are fill on and extremely difficult to comprise. It would not recommend buying this unless has amour and puzzle of challenges and extreme patience. Once put together this in spite of, work like s field. But dipping it near me want gouge of mine eyeballs was and choke on all these dang rays, dice and washers! 😡
4 / 5
Awesome Gymnasium of house- has bought this for my husband and I with the creature in a way- has been avid gymnasium-users for years, but has loved to save money of an affiliation... This gymnasium does essentially everything requires. Mark so only sure uses WD40 in the like this a boss follows run smoothly, otherwise is difficult seeds to operate. We purchase the barbell and the dishes of weights separate as well as some dumbells, but in general can paste same muscles as we would do in a gymnasium.
4 / 5
Wants to these his almost perfect cars excepts 1 big question. His already beginning paralizaciones partorisca rust have dipped the up for an end of December and beginning to use the. Now his summer 7 month so only and his interior my cochera I use he at least 2 days the week does not take wetted of a rain on at all of his obviously inner. It has not been that these cars would begin to take rusted if his interior and the be so only has used 2 days the week. It has not planned on maintaining this car for 20 years but I have loved at least maintain he for 5-10 years for my edges for the use but in this tax, does not think one wins of diagrams he.
5 / 5
Was a lot of confused to identify sure parts. It is Marcy costruttrici this car. It would help if they in fact dipped one GOES number in the each part. Some parts are identified in a manual of assembly for the number, this in spite of when you try to locate some separates any one GOES number in a course. This does assembly very difficult. It would be a lot simple to dip to the sticker has numbered that split a number of pointed part in a manual of assembly. East would shorten a time of assembly dramatically, and probably sales to augment reasons would take critiques more positive.
5 / 5
Has had so only some professionals exit it neighbouring for me, reason have read all some commentaries roughly that the time takes to dip near and does not have 8-9 spare hours lol. They have completed a together integer up in 3 hours. Used WD-40 like all some other commentaries and all utmost . A scheme of the smith softens. Some pulleys are not to like in a gymnasium but well of work after WD-40. Works of car of Fly of @@@cofre well, but is the little cramped but are not complaing. The external use for a bank is good and the appeal on the bar is sturdy. The car adds will recommend!!
5 / 5
Take that or has paid takes! A system of pulley is TERRIBLE!!! I took roughly 5-6hrs on/has been to dip a together whole gymnasium! I have followed some instructions to dip on one in pulleys of boss and once done, some bosses rubbed in some wheels of pulley and metal around some wheels touch bad that sinister shavings of some bosses in a paving! It rubbed bad sound that still with the good quantity of weight on, a pulley would have the hard time that returns to a place to start with! There is rubbed and annoyed so much that has has had to that king-run some bosses in almost an opposite street esatta that was it in some instructions so only to be able to use them without seeing shavings of some bosses in a paving! An only pulley that the law likes announced is a pulley to walk! It does not complain that it buys this car of cage because it was an economic plus and are in no way the pro! But I just desire that would direct this subject of pulley to leave me and my woman to take a full profit of a Marcy Diagrams of Cage of the Smith!
4 / 5
To Knots really likes him a gymnasium now that is together place but some directions were terrible. Some pieces are not labeled partorisca match the one who some directions say you, like six really so only piecing joint it using the picture for 20+ pages. It has taken my husband and I on 15 hours to dip near. A global product is quality adds , but be advised that you are not well with visual directions, will struggle.
4 / 5
A product costs a prize. A car is sturdy and has it multitude of exercises and workouts concealed can be done. This in spite of one @subjects dipped the neighbour. It has taken mine 16 yr old edges and I roughly 12 hours in the period of three days to finalise. Admitted hardly can hang the picture. Some instructions are on-line. We finalise to print his so that we could toe behind and the advances and an impression was main. Some parts are not labeled. Some instructions were pictures so only with the million drawings. All some rays and the rays were taped the pieces of goleada and labeled, but has been once take out of a goleada lose clues duquel the rays and the rays are that. The suggestion is to dip all some rays, rays, washers the stock exchanges of sandwich and label them with some numbers that corresponds to them. He the easiest fact to any to mix them near. A system of pulley was a course a more complicated to build and some bosses are quell'has bitten rigid when using, but law well. Last, has had some pieces in the loser and we there is no @to @give until we take to require these concrete parts when gathering but the service of client was useful and has sent some parts ASAP. Now that is has gathered the knots is happy with a compraventa.
4 / 5
This car absolutely is that it surprises , was one all day the ordeal that dips together with mine promised but was totally currency he . I have measured down before I bought it and it is quite enormous but does not concern me are wanting to when being able to use he in my leisure and seeing I so that it follows a mamma of autism is like this hard of the do anywhere to exit ossia out of my house like this this is doing my life adds on so many levels .
5 / 5
Uses this look it times the week, the work adds. It was the moment of the together place, has taken long. It is built a lot well and loves it to us. We have had he for almost the year and the half now and is happy with this compraventa. We use each part of him. Still it looks the new mark .
4 / 5
The one who the headache ossia to dip near. We do in the the little the time this in spite of has not put it totally together. It adds to this a fact that a lot of some parts were faulty. We have had to call Marcy to take them to send out of new parts. A prize is quite good and is that has looked for, but be prepared to have some patience when you begin to dip the neighbour.
5 / 5
Ossia A good gymnasium of the house but an assembly was ridicules. Today it was a first time used it and there is remarked that one of some bosses had broken previously to a first use. It can so only reason ossia the new car but at all is smooth. I have used a bank today and found the to be difficult to press of bank. I am expecting that any do any acts smoother but for now am not very happy with a car and is not to like you so only can sends behind.
4 / 5
The car adds in general but some directions were the nightmare . Any of some parts are numbered or labeled. Some directions are confusing and some poor images. A system of pulley is feeble. A plastic latch in some pulleys snap a lot easily. I have directed to take it near but a system of pulley is still any 100. I do not add compraventa for a money and the time has taken to build.
4 / 5
The car adds, has had any one dipped it near for me. He that is supposition to do ! The so that it did not like is, of a hule footing maintains to exit in a fund, and also a black of the roller of the foam inserts/inserts always the explosions was. Another concealed it. Any @subject.
5 / 5
Has built the gymnasium of the house and ossia my main piece of this perfect! Súper Fast easy to take your time. Calm can not find this piece of quality of crew in this prize anywhere but AMAZON!!!
4 / 5
Expects to spend several hours that gathers. Diverse small,but split them keys where disappeared comprising a manual of assembly. This in spite of the service of client was adds in taking me some missing part. Manuel of assembly is on-line.... Once it has it entirely be to gather, quickly is result intoxicated to use a car of Smith every day. Many times the day!
4 / 5
A bank of whole/car has taken seven hours to gather for me. Some directions were sincere, and included a system of the pulley has not gone too difficult to gather. I have used fat of white lithium in some pulleys and weights stack estaca, and some weights resupply a pertinent quantity to hold when the lifting and goes down it a weight. I enjoy a security of a car of smith when lifting for me; well you are knowing can rotate an advance of bar when struggling for a last rep. When Using a plenary 300lbs a car feels less stable , but has to that well sure is still sure. Gymnasium of excellent house for a half person that tries quedarprpers form.
5 / 5
Was a lot of disappointed with this product some boxes are to come fraction and was to lose part. The dice And the rays that dipped loses in some boxes .

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