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1 first Syncwire AUX Cable (2-Pack, 3.3ft), [Ultra-Slim, Hi-Fi Sound, Copper Shell] 3.5mm Auxiliary Audio Cord for Headphones, Car/Home Stereos, iPod, iPhone, iPad, Echo Dot, Playstation & More - Black & Red Syncwire AUX Cable (2-Pack, 3.3ft), [Ultra-Slim, Hi-Fi Sound, Copper Shell] 3.5mm Auxiliary Audio Cord for Headphones, Car/Home Stereos, iPod, iPhone, iPad, Echo Dot, Playstation & More - Black & Red By Syncwire
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2 Syncwire Long Aux Cable 6.5Ft- Auxiliary Audio Cable for Headphones, Car, Home Stereos, iPhone/iPad iPod/Echo Dot, Galaxy S8 / Galaxy Note 8 / Smartphones & More - Black Syncwire Long Aux Cable 6.5Ft- Auxiliary Audio Cable for Headphones, Car, Home Stereos, iPhone/iPad iPod/Echo Dot, Galaxy S8 / Galaxy Note 8 / Smartphones & More - Black By Syncwire
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3 best iVANKY Optical Audio Cable, Slim Optical Cable Digital Audio Cable for Home Theater, Sound Bar, TV, PS4, Xbox, Playstation, Astro A40/A50, Aluminum Shell, Nylon Braided Cable, 6 feet/6ft, Grey iVANKY Optical Audio Cable, Slim Optical Cable Digital Audio Cable for Home Theater, Sound Bar, TV, PS4, Xbox, Playstation, Astro A40/A50, Aluminum Shell, Nylon Braided Cable, 6 feet/6ft, Grey By ivanky
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4 Digital Optical Audio Cable Toslink Cable - [24K Gold-Plated, Ultra-Durable] Syncwire Fiber Optic Male to Male Cord for Home Theater, Sound Bar, TV, PS4, Xbox, Playstation & More - 6ft Digital Optical Audio Cable Toslink Cable - [24K Gold-Plated, Ultra-Durable] Syncwire Fiber Optic Male to Male Cord for Home Theater, Sound Bar, TV, PS4, Xbox, Playstation & More - 6ft By Syncwire
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5 Digital Optical Audio Cable Toslink Cable - [24K Gold-Plated, Ultra-Durable] Syncwire Fiber Optic Male to Male Cord for Home Theater, Sound Bar, TV, PS4, Xbox, Playstation & More - 6ft (Renewed) Digital Optical Audio Cable Toslink Cable - [24K Gold-Plated, Ultra-Durable] Syncwire Fiber Optic Male to Male Cord for Home Theater, Sound Bar, TV, PS4, Xbox, Playstation & More - 6ft (Renewed) By Syncwire
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6 AUX Cable Syncwire Audio Cord - [Ultra-Slim, Hi-Fi Sound] 3.5mm Auxiliary Audio Cable for Headphones, Car/Home Stereos, iPod, iPhone, iPad, Echo Dot, Beats, Sony & More - 3.3ft Red AUX Cable Syncwire Audio Cord - [Ultra-Slim, Hi-Fi Sound] 3.5mm Auxiliary Audio Cable for Headphones, Car/Home Stereos, iPod, iPhone, iPad, Echo Dot, Beats, Sony & More - 3.3ft Red By Syncwire
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7 ivanky DisplayPort Cable 6.6ft DP Cable Nylon Braided [2K@165Hz, 2K@144Hz, 4K@60Hz] Display Port Cable High Speed DisplayPort to DisplayPort Cable Compatible PC, Laptop, TV - Slim Aluminum Shell, Grey ivanky DisplayPort Cable 6.6ft DP Cable Nylon Braided [2K@165Hz, 2K@144Hz, 4K@60Hz] Display Port Cable High Speed DisplayPort to DisplayPort Cable Compatible PC, Laptop, TV - Slim Aluminum Shell, Grey By ivanky
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8 KabelDirekt Pro Series Y Stereo Splitter - 1 x 3.5mm Male to 2 x 3.5mm Female - Y Cable Splitter Produces Equal Audio Output for Headphones, Earphones, and Speakers (0.5 feet, Black) KabelDirekt Pro Series Y Stereo Splitter - 1 x 3.5mm Male to 2 x 3.5mm Female - Y Cable Splitter Produces Equal Audio Output for Headphones, Earphones, and Speakers (0.5 feet, Black) By KabelDirekt
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9 AmazonBasics 3.5 mm Male to Male Stereo Audio Aux Cable, 4 Feet, 1.2 Meters, 2-Pack AmazonBasics 3.5 mm Male to Male Stereo Audio Aux Cable, 4 Feet, 1.2 Meters, 2-Pack By AmazonBasics
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10 Aux Cord for Car - Audio Auxiliary Cable 3FT Long Durable Pretty Tangle Free Shielded Slim Thin Noise Reducing - Compatible with Home Theatre, Headphones, iPhone, Samsung, Fits LifeProof Cases by NOMX Aux Cord for Car - Audio Auxiliary Cable 3FT Long Durable Pretty Tangle Free Shielded Slim Thin Noise Reducing - Compatible with Home Theatre, Headphones, iPhone, Samsung, Fits LifeProof Cases by NOMX By Nomx
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Top Customer Reviews: Syncwire AUX Cable ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 6 ratings
5 / 5 Gertrudis
2-group of the The CAPES with to 36 guarantee of month (if the registers with Syncwire) that it is there in any to to that likes him in of that?! They are quite rigid in any tangle but quite flexible in any the rigid feeling. One 3.3 ft the period has been monitor in my vehicle to touch musician of my telephone. I have tried the one of some capes in the set of the headphones but listen the small bass for me (am 6.5 ft big). This take me in an only negative and is not related in a product and I supposition is more concealed suggests in Syncwire... It creates the option of 2 joins with the 3.3 ft cape and he 6.5 ft cape.
5 / 5 Norene
These to the the capes are a more has not bought never. Cristal His clear and ultra material of packaging and big quality. The May will buy any capes, capes of tlphonique or chargers of any company besides Syncwire again. They same come with the bond of cape for easy storage. That is to say clearly any one in in to to the the cheap cape likes him so of another has bought. You favour and the control was.
5 / 5 Marybelle
These capes do perfectly and the look is of good quality. It does not have any complaint and highly recommends the.
5 / 5 Jarvis
The prize adds for two capes! Amur Syncwire The products as has products of the quality and this law Adds!
5 / 5 Nevada
I took 2 capes and finishings to require so! They utmost
5 / 5 Josue
These To the the capes are awesome! They listen and the looks a lot of cousins. I plugged these in multiple cart stereos, had no static at all. The sound is coming through very clear.

Coming with the small organiser can embroil around a cape for storage. ( It situates of voice) That is to say well for when is not the using. One . The capes are not very very time. But Syncwire has the . Option that will do to add need an extra period.

Thinks that these capes are excellent quality and also come with to 1 guarantee of year. But, it registers a product in Syncwire website, can arrive that in 3 years. It conceal also done this value of cape each penny!

Top Customer Reviews: Syncwire Long Aux ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Eleanore
I very like this To the CAPE! It take a cape and was in perfect condition. It arrives quickly and it avenges bundled amiably that the show take me pride in his products. A quality of sounds is well and wants a durability of a syncwire system of cape! It IS flexible and take and any prone in tieing up it. A metal the leaders viriles is hard and whose researches to be flimsy cual the plot of him them the capes look for to be. When being how can with being the need of small punishment . BUT maintain in importing this the concrete period of cape is way down below!!! If it goes of headphones in yours his pocket any so bad, but the mine purchased to limit in mine pc toast and trace in my headphones and does not achieve at all! As One produces to add but I goofed and has not remarked a period purchased and alas is also down for the that need.
5 / 5 Corene
Very quickly of delivery. I have purchased one To the cord of this company the while behind and an agreement is still in my cart that the better works that never. Has any queixen. A coated the cape is durable and flexible versus more To the agreements if any one everything. I have decided to try out of an agreement of the extension and he also with my stereo Man-&62;Female To The house. It Likes him it has said it before, of an only problem with this product is his big quality. I do not go to require another extension for awhile. You can pose tension, launch he around, and has things of paste and tope in the and a cape still does perfectly. To well sure the must buys mark for the the one who needs one To the for his cart, house, stereo, or an extension for the slow plus in the. Incredible quality for such the low prize
5 / 5 Gala
That the fantastic cape!

Bought it to use with my laptop in my Fiio headphone amp. I have found a very low cape that is coming with a Fiio was adds for my iPhone, but is the real ache to use with anything more. It enters Synkwire. That is to say the cape of the real quality and some final accesses perfectly.

Recommends this cape - he still, yes, yes.
5 / 5 Carson
My boy has not learnt to cure of his quite material still and his headphone the cape there has been an internal pause in him for the take tangled and possibly gnawing in the while it nail it minecraft. This cape is very built, doens't the tangle has almost a lot of casualidad to take an internal pause in him.
5 / 5 Betsy
Sund Quality adds and ft in nntn firmly without hkng r when being slightly loo. I u th To the PLOT To HIM and I are still t utn he t has done lk he drm. Th tul Cape xtrml durbl and tht' jut mrtnt likes him quality. If u amours t bu mthng tht sounds grt nd lt for the utmost r - th a n fr u.
5 / 5 Dorthea
This to the the cape has done that for art of enchantment for me. First of all, a packaging is very clean and organic. One to the cape is of the very big quality ( apresamiento to know this a minute opens a box and be one to the in your hands. It connects easily with my Bose speakers and included my Point of Echo. This product has been I adds to use and durable and highly would recommend this product!

P.D. This cape also comes with the guarantee!
5 / 5 Jeneva
The cape adds so far. Better this has expected. A textured the cape that is upper in still a nylon coated capes. It looks the quality has built, and jack to access very better that other capes another cheaper has tried. Loose returning the cheap capes broke a headphone jack in my expensive telephone (the lesson learnt). These Syncwire To the the apt capes firmly. Another impressive characteristic is any tangle or kink. Luv Soye So far.
5 / 5 Lesa
I use this cape to touch half comunicacionales of my iPhone in my cart. So far, work perfectly. There it was emits in a past where there will be very bad static coming through some speakers yes uses one to the cord and the automobile upload to touch my telephone. Even so, there is has not had this subject with this cord. A sound is clear and there is very little static this comes through when uploads my telephone.
1 / 5 Jesse
Something is not very when connecting east.
Has to crank a volume in x2 only of the listen..
Yes forgets to turn down a volume before unplugging he of my tlphonique while in a cart.
Goes to blow out of some speakers..

Took on treated of lightning. For the prize of real sake.
Bronzed His no the value those pays a nave the road he behind.

I only of the that recommends a product..
Will be to purchase another cape today.
Has required he for a party this weekend.

To revise a rest of a product.
A sake of looks of the cape.
Is not very durable like the cape is very flexible.
5 / 5 Britany
The cape adds, robust of audio. It recommends to buy if your cape am loose/too old before looking for nine headphones!

Top Customer Reviews: iVANKY Optical ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Napoleon
That is to say an excellent Toslink optic cape. It possesses the wide variety of Toslink capes, of generic in of the big-final, and this cape compares favorably with any one of them. A common error is that any optic the cape will do well but that is to say simply very true. Any one reasonably the cape has built well propagate clear sufficiently well to provide a receiver of the audio with some pulses of light needs to decode a incoming data of audio. Even so, capes that is not built with upper materials and in exacting the specifications can present errors of propagation that any loss of signal of only cause but can also changes of frequency of the cause as well as delays of data. While it design it enough the headphones can recover problems of data a signal that the result will be lessened in fidelity with the corresponding loss of potentially so much big as well as low frequencies. Besides, the delays of data will cause noise of phase of the clock (i.et. jitter) That will cause the perceivable degradation and extend out of a signal of audio.

While any manufacturer of cape can allege that his cape has upper action, a test is in a listens. And a iVanky optic cape, in my ear, has exceptional action. I am very particular with my audio and components of video, using only big quality HDMI capes to transfer an audio and signals of video of source in television - then using the Toslink cape to transfer a source of audio in a receiver. This to minimise very possibly of degradation of signal. A iVanky the cape provides for extraordinary clear sounds, with tight highs and exploding lows. Besides, while I have not measured some frequencies that a receiver took, was unable to detect any apparent loss of frequency in any big final or down. Some sounds concealed comes from/comes from some speakers were very of the tight and of the clear, without perceivable jitter. I very highly recommends a iVanky Toslink cape.
5 / 5 Miquel
It produces very bundled, ...Fashionable Cairo, there was think... Perhaps my woman has ordered this thing? cuz, only had ordered the almost 2 earlier days... It likes him to go to take concealed? In all the case, my premier optic cape never....It likes him-me a braided look.... Has some 1/4' capes of musician with this same look....And of course, my joined brow....It IS fully braided..... Oddly Enough, can not use where in the principle had feigned in....As Mina 14 old year Panasonic stereo the system would not follow is own orders to change in some parameters of audio.... I guess afterwards 14 years, only has not been interested...Only it have to the be happy still is doing.....So much, instead, I hooked he up among my television of room and bar of sound....Easy, peezy....And still better....This is fallen for on room of component for me in hook in my ION turntable ......Direct in this bar of his same. In all the case, before buying is, has asked the few friends if they hadda to spare optic cape.... They were clueless....Any one only does not know that it was....A lot they same recognises to be my partner and has said his boys this is which spends when does not finish university.......So much, for a prize...The calm can any gone bad here!! The same company followed until I sell has been satisfied with my compraventa....Done listen me of entity, likes him Donald Triomfar.... I create me, Compraventa Ivanky and do your stereo adds again!! .Ouch, Think gave me only a migraine of optic audio only scripture is....
5 / 5 Moriah
The MAY had used his optic capes before - so when decided to do my theatre of film, read a soyanual/the wink of the instructions - has seen some two ports for optic audio - and whaalaaa ! It was able to connect my bluray and his of television saw A cape each what so in some two ports - these capes are very done, work perfectly, entered the container of the sure sake with some touches coated with plsticoes protective that in fact remain attached in a cape for uses later (that is to say that imports so it will not break a tip when moving he) - the Good luck enjoys and compraventa with confidence -
5 / 5 Laurene
I have purchased only the new TCL 55P605, 4K, UHD, HDR television with built in Roku. I have required a iVanky optic cape to go of a television in my Denon AV for 5.1 DD Surrounds His, when doing any Wi-Fino of internet streaming. I have chosen this slender braided cape for the protect of the durability/has attached, more he when being very flexible, ANY RIGID and bulky. Work only as well as fulfilled his and a DD 5.1 streaming the sound is perfect! Thank you Amazon for a fast this chooses and shipping!
5 / 5 Ray
iVanky IS come through again with this excellent Toslink optic cape.

iVanky Estimates so always, with quality of tez that outreaches a cost.
That is to say the true 6ft cape. Some connectors are tight to return without worries of to fall out of your jacks of squad.
Strong casings Around some connectors and the cape take braiding.
iVanky The rubber has comprised also cover to maintain some clean connectors during shipping or anytime a cape is not plugged in.
IS easy to take on and was and is linked in to a cape like him wont lose them in the drawer in the some place.
Considering action, a sound of the same fantastic cape and clear.

Which usual with iVanky produced this spends an unconditional lifetime guarantee.

Highly recommends to choose this up.
5 / 5 Rey
Has the capes have purchased of ivanky before and this a satisfied exactly a big level still this is coming to expect products.

An edifice is quality very big --braided coverage in an outside of a cape and the piece of metal around some connectors in any final. When being very upper in a cheap ones have used in a past.

Functionally, Also the laws add. A connector was easy to insert (has not been a case with a cheap one has used anteriorly) and sure stays. I have used this to connect my television in my soundbar and an audio has sounded adds! Has no experimented any subjects with a cape at all.

In general, that is to say to reasonably-priced and big quality the optic cape that the wonderful looks and works perfectly. To well sure recommend it his!
5 / 5 Billye
This optic the cape surprised me really. I have wanted my Soundbar (VIZIO SB3821-C6) some updates in an original of optic the cape avenges with. A cape is coming bundled adequately and what surprised has been a fact that has coverages to maintain particles of powder and such out of some when it unplug leaders. That is to say supremely of entity because of a optician of the strand of the road transmits light through a cape and if the particles enter a road, the light can not spend through. An inclusion to have it braided in the accesses/of black ash my setup supremely a lot of (black soundbar and television). A period of a cape is much more that a normal VIZIO optic cape that took and give me more flexibility in how direct my capes.

An audio with this iVanky the optic the cape is crisp and clear and does not exhibit any one same distortions when moved a cape. I seat like a quantity is spent to update of a stock VIZIO the cape was the value a compraventa. Still although a prize is relatively cheap, when being much more prevails that that paid for and to well sure would recommend this cape for any one looking for prevails it relatively long these looks and listening optic cape.

Has attached the sample of an audio that takes through my SB3821 with a optic cape. Even so, it does not have a better microphone (OnePlus 5 register) and only gives an idea that has has not had very distortions or disconnects while using it.
5 / 5 Brinda
I have had in the principle the experience an Amazon the Digital Optic cape and he never done well for a connection among my television and Sound-sweep. A sound has maintained to the hack was so afterwards the year of fiddling with him at the end decided to exchange out of a cape to see if a problem was cape has related. A television is the Vizio E550VL and a Sound-the bar is the Samsung HW-E450. A iVanky 6' the cape of Digital Optic the audio is built although a cape is the rigid bit and any fund of lie in a console where some television chairs. A connector broken in a connection (with an audible click) in a Sound-sweep and in a television, which a Cape of no. Of Amazon I reconfigured a television to direct his in a Beginning of the Digital Optic the audio and he have done perfectly. No more the sound that down was! I am very pleased with a new cape and has relieved that there is at all bad with a port in my television or Sound-sweep. It recommends this cape (and is not when being compensated in any subjects for a vendor).
5 / 5 Veronika
Val. The left wing is for earnest the be here was prepared at all for an amazing action of this product. Ivanky Has attacked he out of a park with easterly a!

Quite me: I battle to think of more described as it writes this description that I. A lifetime audio hobbyist, the Engineer of Audio Saw, Investigation and developer of Engineer in CarCapsule EUA, Cisco has Technical Certificate of Grandson (CCNA[Icnd1]), and the Strand Optic Specialist, where has rescinded, polished, and the points of the entity tried like ABC, NBC, FOX, etc.

Hardware: Some looks of hardware very solid. Simply it presses he in until his fence to situate. Some accidents of connector in firmly without the excessive game and this maintain pertinent alignment with a clear signal.

Having Some cover to powder tethered the rights to a cape was the premium . I invariably in in to to the loose things like them those that are not semi-detached. Although it have preferred it his that has not travelled a whole period of a cape.

A stylish marks of connectors a Ivanky name with class. I usually very necessarily consider an appearance of my AV behaviours, but this optic the cape looked so very attached in a backside of my system of theatre of the house that has been tried for the turn around as it can aim it was!

Action: This was a first time has not used never a optic driven and to say a less, has been impressed. I have been blown has been for a brilliance of my Yamaha/Bose system of theatre of the house, and a difference a Ivanky the optic the cape has done! It was in the able end to listen an audio in three dimensions. It improves it His comparable era to tube the amplifier has used to has; and now I am considering substitute my IC amp with the tube amp for even more clarity.

Only for kicks, has bought a optic cape for in $ 4 more than a Ivanky, of the very electronic tent very fulfilled only for comparison. I expected it to offer a brilliance included like Ivanky. He no. - Was flat, and dull; and you are not so attractive, and sagged under his own weight when plugged he in.

Inferior line: has some other components that will be to connect optically in my system of theatre of the house, and can bet they all when be Ivanky. In fact. Only I can clothes my whole system with Ivanky. Although, I am not very very while too much of the difference in quality of audio with his capes of copper. At the end it cover it it is to bake. Right?

To well sure would buy again. To well sure recommend it this product. To good sure!

Pros: For a prize, really can not beat this product. It comes with an unconditional lifetime guarantee?? Wow!!

Gilipollas: Honestly The could not find anything to to this did not like him. Ivanky Takes 5+ stars.

-Joseph C. Marshall
5 / 5 Karleen
I have purchased a Cape of Optic Audio to use with my Samsung 4K television, the Roku Ultra(4K) and an old plus Denon stereo auricular concealed is not 4K compatible. A trace by 4K the viewing has required the 2.2 HDMI cape of a Roku Ultra in a Samsung 4K television. Then a Cape of Optic Audio of a television in a Denon stereo receiver. One 4 K the video and the sound are synchronised perfectly and has the action of quality.
NOTE: this poses up will require an user in not using your television and calm speakers always will have to have a stereo auricular on for sound. You will require to go in your parameters of televisions and select an option of Optic Audio. If your stereo has in the show of screen will require to go an additional HDMI cord of your receiver in a television of a Cape of Optic the audio is audio only.
Besides: If the uses of desire or take advantage of Dolby Atmos or DTS X, a new plus surrounds formed of his, will require a HDMI cape and the new more Stereo receiver that can use these formats.

Top Customer Reviews: Digital Optical ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 30 ratings
5 / 5 Emery
That is to say a supremely a lot DONA Cape. The sake and tight access in a port and the glass of clear audio is exited. It IS to concentrate very very time in 5.9 feet. Which are well has the centre of the entertainment the big plus. A cape listens likes him is very well has built. And it is slender creation leaves it to return perfectly has very other capes hooked up. A black and red creation with a dish of gold is quite fresh also. Still although it do not see it never yours, is still the good touch in all the case! I use a cape with my PS4 and also with the DVD/Blu-player of the ray and he utmost. An enormous plus in this cape is a guarantee. Taken the total of 3 years registers a product in Syncwire.com. In general that considers a creation, quality of tez, guarantee, and prize? The calm can not take the better cape that this!
5 / 5 Laure
If you are I how me, use the bar to sound like your election of main audio for your television. Even so, some optic capes that comes with a bar of his east, enough frankly, craps.

That is to say why always update my optic capes with Syncwire. In comparison, these capes are FAT. The May Am preoccupied of in this cape these low pauses on me.
5 / 5 Justin
Some looks of cape really very done and robust. Any subject at all with connections or anything.
5 / 5 Brigette
The May HAS KNOWN what these the capes were very arrest until it take it in fact one and I recommend any one and all the world-wide this enjoys audio of big quality to take this. The difference of RCA capes, he optic the capes left for canals of multiple audio so that the explosions and the habladura does not clash and summit. Syncwire Has not disappointed in a quality of merchandise sells. To well sure the purchase adds!
5 / 5 Ana
This Syncwire the Digital Optic the cape is the cape of big quality that the works adds has connected of my Samsung television in my Vizio soundbar. It buys 5 or 6 different capes of Syncwire and has not been disappointed with any one of them. Highly it recommends this product.

Cape of digital Optic Audio Toslink Cape - [24K Gold-Plated, Ultra-Durable] Syncwire Strand Optic Man in Cord Viril for Theatre of House, Bar of His, television, PS4, Xbox, Playstation and More - Negre 5.9ft
5 / 5 Creola
Only it substitute it my old any/Cape by name of Digital Audio for my Samsung Soundbar. The quality of his this very well, together with a quality of a company these supports by behind this product. Final container very big with the three guarantee of year, virtually unheard up with these types of products.

Was one covers easy and game in my soundbar, and an audio is glorious.

Would recommend in any one looking for the product of quality adds in the very only and reasonable prize.
5 / 5 Tameika
Well fat cape. Connectors Of gold. It has Had any subject with audio lag or degradation. definately Buys again need . Premium: it comes with two cover of silicone that is to attach in a cape with points so it is storing or trip with him a bit of the connectors are protected.
5 / 5 Roxann
Syncwire IS the mark I confidence and has been buying on some last 3 years. I actuate there it do not go it never the complaint and his service of client is in a verge.

That is to say the cape of well of fat quality with terminal of protectors of pertinent end.
5 / 5 Yuki
Happy with this compraventa. Used a beginning of digital audio in new television and has connected another end in an in auricular entrance. The hook up was easy. The sound is excellent. The quality of the product that is well. The reasonable prize and arrived punctual. HDMI IS now one issues generally accepted in hook for on audio and video. My new television and the box of new Apple has done very when it has connected directly together, has not done very when run through a receiver to age like the point to change among them. Solution, box of television of the apple of hook directs in television in HDMI and beginning of audio of television of hook in my stereo with digital optician and is well.
5 / 5 Jefferson
A cape is far more substantial this has expected. I thought it that it was the cheap thin cape but was at least so hefty like the cape of monster is substituting. He no burst in that in the cape of the monster does even so but is done well so far.
5 / 5 Mirtha
I have bought this boss partorisca my new Yamaha Bar of Sound. Threaded He by means of a wall and has attached it attentively to a TV of trace of new wall and a bar of sound. Turned in a television and any sound! It has taken all avert and there is remarked that an end has attached to a bar of sound felt free and would not return properly. I have verified partorisca do sure some few swipes have been lined on and that a side rounded of one covers of the boss has been situated properly, but he still so only rattled around in a bar of sound. I have finalised partorisca use a boss resupplied with a bar of the his same although it looks flimsy. Now he well.
5 / 5 Jeri
Perfect boss to hook until ours surround his, maintaining have his of quality of incredible film in ours living room! It ensures that it press in a boss all a way and calm listen the click, otherwise feels loosely but seriously another that that they are adds.
5 / 5 Floria
That.. You want to buy an optical boss. You think oh it is extracted no big , so only another boss.

This usually would be true but the optical bosses are odd. A number a question is that they a lot always apt and can fall out of a device cover he in. You can read roughly he in of the descriptions other bosses or on-line. I have bought the optical boss partorisca 15 dollars, mark of name, Phillips and have this question. Fall out of quell'I plugged he in and could do them not using.

1. These works of optical boss, returns snugly in that cover he in.
2. The sound is well.
3. It is main quality that other bosses. Other bosses are a lot thin, this has multiple discharges of shielding. Also yes calm record the volume to 2 guarantee of year .
5 / 5 Alejandro
Has the 4 old year Samsung TV that has connected the new bose 500 bar of his to. Of a TV is older could not use a hdmi connect and has had to that use this boss of audio.

THIS OPTICAL BOSS DIDNT ACCESS in my TV. For some reason some finals are too long. So only it does not return for behind my wall and space of TV. One covers also was the little width to return to a port. I have had to that kinda force in. Some works of the boss but I felt likes broken a port of TV like this decided to try the boss of different mark.

Has been to aim and displaced $ 20 in the philips the optical boss and he have done utmost. The smallest boss and the boss the thin plus but he have had still a same sound.
4 / 5 Alfonso
Has not had any idea ! It move my bar of his and fell it. A cord to be able to has maintained he to paste a paving but a optic the boss has broken. It avenges with a bar of his and was this really thin boss. I have purchased these and when they are gone in was wowed. It was like this fatter that mine old a. Hooked He on and there is remarked immediately a difference. First of a bar I supposition mixed a voice and tomb. Hardly it can listen voice in of the films. It can you listen him I add now and my sub woofer was rattling some wall. I have had to that turn down some settings of basses. Now I know the bosses do the difference. Like this happy has bought these.
5 / 5 Casimira
Sometimes the cord is not so only the cord. I have bought this product like an experience, likes I tent Syncwire for all of the mine another boss (and protective screen) need. Knowing quality the one who big his other products were, was quite sure that this also would fulfil some same criteria and was a lot. So only taking a boss out of a box, can say a difference to feel. A boss feels extremely durable but still flexible and easy to manipulate. It looks like this different in contrast to some other bosses have around a house!

The quality of audio is clear, does not think is like this different that will undress my whole system and place in of the just bosses of Syncwire, but like this precise more or something spends to boss, to good insurances having these elements on some easy grab & go bosses in Frying east. (Especially with First nave!)

Looks no further that these products if you are compraventas still crew of audio. The hard appearance the lifetime.
4 / 5 Scot
A boss is far more substantial that has expected. I thought it that it was the economic thin boss but is at least like this hefty like the boss of monster is substituting. He no burst “” in as the boss of monster has done this in spite of but is done well like this far.
5 / 5 Bok
Has installed the new Samsung punctual TV together with sounds to match Q70R Soundbar. For the reasons of installation have expected to have that communicates wirelessly with our system of theatre of the house. We have had like this dropouts in WiFi that, with which a lot of tweaks concealed has not done, changed it to Bluetooth. Same question, perhaps bit it worse. Researching a subject headed to some descriptions of Amazon partorisca toslink the bosses and I have selected Syncwire. The days later there has no the suns dropout. The question has solved!
5 / 5 Lera
These were surprisingly well for the simple $ 10 boss.
First, a boss is a lot fat. A coating is the sturdy hule that does not feel to like dry or deteriorate any punctual time.
Some tips are protected for the coverage of good silicone that stays in a cord so that if any one require never unplug and store a cord, can maintain some tips have protected.
Finally, while an external part of some looks to pour to be the regular brass, an interior that connects to the yours electronic is the brilliant gold . Any one always create costruttrici the one who allege his bosses are now a lot of plated, but I in this chance.
Has used this to hook the bar of his until my television and like this far everything is doing like this expected that.
4 / 5 Oliver
Has has not purchased never an optical boss until now I have had like this at all to compare he with. I have bought recently the Yamaha fences in of the his that is coming with an optical boss. There is the difference. A boss has not comprised any one spend in a lot closely and would result disconnected when I have moved my TV in his mountain of wall. This toslink the boss has solved this subject. He atascamos in snuggly, any disconnect and a quality of his excellent east. I recommend this optical boss especially your crew is in the tight or calm places have a wall to articulate mountain.
5 / 5 Dwana
A boss of looks of digital optical audio partorisca be a lot has done. Partorisca Any reason, partorisca some reason can not take his to go my bar of his, but does not think has anything partorisca do with boss of digital optical audio. That wants to do sure all the world knows is which well a vendor is to get along with . I contacted him twice, it is returned a boss once and has not had never any one questions with them. If or it does not find a reason for not taking the sound my bar of sound there is at all to do with a boss. You recommend to do @@subject with them if this a product is looking for.
5 / 5 Olene
More To good sure any one 24 gold Plated. More Like 24 plastic of gold
4 / 5 Anisha
has been impressed when I have taken this! A quality of this boss is fantastic. Sturdy And thickness with good gold plating and the coverages have attached for some pours also.

When I plugged he in, could feel the good solid connection.

A quality of sound was immediately noticeable! A depth of sound was like this good-looking!! Has the 7.1 soundbar this is coming with the small dinky cord that my cats have chewed by means of. This one can any one, is fat and means business!
4 / 5 Mauricio
A boss feels like the really big quality has produced. It was the perfect period are of then locates behind my soundbar on my TV and was boss of perfect period . An only question has had is, a tip of connector in both sides of a boss could be bit it better. He a lot of click in as my optical boss longer older. It can be pulled was a lot easily. Thats An only complaint has had. But of then it was so only $ 9, takings to the equal that pay partorisca out of him. It is for this that took it was 2 stars on that. It can have been the dud that has received. I have directed to take it to seat so only a lot for now. As the one who recommendations, would have to say to spend on he for now.
4 / 5 Wen
has PURCHASED SO ONLY another... The quality of build is compatible, which is that I am finding with everything of mine Syncwire compraventa. Very pleased.

This Toslink boss, as any one another syncwire the boss has purchased, is incredibly has done well. A boss is material fact of big quality, and I also found this boss especially to be be more flexible of another toslink the bosses have possessed in a past. A metal-instead-of-the plastic creation in some finals adds to a durability. As expected of optical bosses, a quality of his utmost east. Value each penny.
5 / 5 Aldo
Has had the economic optical boss that is coming with a soundbar has purchased for my TV. But a sound has not been stellar. I have thought perhaps six a boss . A prize of this boss was like this reasonable, that has imagined would try it era. Now, in the theory does not have to that it has done the difference; optical is optical, well? But some bass were improved noticeably with a new boss, as it was a fullness of a sound. Perhaps it is better connectors in some finals; I do not know . So only it is that it touches the better way now that it do with an original boss.
4 / 5 Jeanene
Has connected boss of the mine television to mine Denon micro auricular. It take a message of error ignal unlock'. Verified some settings of start of the television and has been dipped to Dolby. Changed to PCM and an immediately done connection and the sound of a television now exited of mine stereo the speakers have connected to a Denon auricular! Work and looks well. They are very satisfied with this Syncwire produced and his commitment to service of excellent client.
4 / 5 Bette
Suelo use a flimsy little volume of optical bosses with a system of the his, but for far these are some of a sturdiest the optical bosses has has not possessed never. I have laughed the little roughly his when being gold plated of the optical bosses trust light and any electricities, but glielo good look lol. As you can see, some finals are metal and is a lot of sturdy. As with some usual optical bosses, takings some covers that clip to some finals for storage also.
4 / 5 Alica
Has used this boss of audio to connect mine 4K LG TV with a 4K TV of mine of Apple soundbar. A boss is material fact of big quality. A quality of his that comes from/comes from soundbar is the clear crystal. This boss of prize is an ideal component for my together of theatre of the house-up.
5 / 5 Manda
So only like things more Chinese, ossia rubbishes . It was not those who have paid for descriptions but saint moly! Ossia The fine PLASTIC , no the metal and is PAINTED now well, any plated. A boss is of good quality, fat and has to that heavy, but an instant I discharges he in any port of edge in any device so only simply the falls was. Hard to believe has anything another that to 1 description of star for these rubbishes.

Top Customer Reviews: AUX Cable Syncwire ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
1 / 5 Zofia
He no apt lifeproof case. Still although it is described so so much. Dissapointed
5 / 5 Olivia
He cual fianc, and a red colour the easy fact to find included in of the dark garages.
5 / 5 Jacqueline
Good product, the cord and the connectors are good quality and is happy with a compraventa.
5 / 5 Yolanda
The works add
5 / 5 Quinn
A quality of sound was quite bit he better while it has taken of my old to the cord. Used the to connect my telephone in my radio. It is not spent still after listening in the musician those uses my tlphonique a main reason for the take.
5 / 5 Tijuana
I produce it adds. Static Free. Access with case on. Exactly while it describe.
5 / 5 Linh
Fact well,I but again yes precise
5 / 5 Lindsy
Very good
5 / 5 Elise
Good works
5 / 5 Stanford
Awesome The Good element in a still robust touch and quality of his upper

Top Customer Reviews: ivanky DisplayPort ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Harold
This cape is very in in to to the cape likes him. It IS so flexible and cover in some things that is to suppose to limit in. A period of some looks of cape to be an exact period that is described. That is to say the satisfactory period to achieve behind saying the desktop, but would not say turned a whole or calm house leave you to connect in television that planted it calm in your backyard. Only it can decide if that is to say quite period of calm personally, or if a period is far too very time and can do the unsuitable chair in other zones of your life. A better part to purchase this cape is a support of a company. They are very supportive. They adapt calm of this quite a lot of support with excites. This is not the bad thing, but can be wheel.

In an end is the cape of port of the exposure. A texture is flexible which are well, some finals is now very plated, and at least assembla click in a GPU and monitor. It does not have any complaint.
5 / 5 Verna
Crossing 4 capes before earth in easterly the unit has Bought a lg ultrawide 34polzada 144hz uc79 controls and has had problems with quality to picture and has been ready to return a monitor. Some investigation and expsito that exposure the port capes have to when being of big quality for 6ft or more. As I have ordered this and 4 other capes and was an only or that cleared it my monitor up and left for my vesa mountain to move softly. Also the does not have these stupid clips that attaches in a port, so that the cape broken more and is braided which are the better plot concealed and has thought would be it
5 / 5 Eveline
A first cape took the overheat that would turn my monitor on and was hurriedly. Then a squad of the support of client adds contacted me and has offered the free substitution, which have today and all research to be very so far!
5 / 5 Julianne
Using this to connect instruments with a MSI RTX 2080 Duke in the Dell S2716DGR. His race in 2560x1440p 144Hz with G-Synchronises. No the only subject that-so-never.

This cape is the good period in 10ft giving me abundance of flexibility to fix a monitor/of computer that amours. A braided the be of the cape of big quality likes done some connectors/of finals. Especially I like him his concealed or to the final has the latch these necessities to be pressed in 'unlock' a connector of a port. A mechanism to close provide little profit and often cause more the problems that resolves.

Happy has taken this , absolutely will maintain in of the imports for a future. Highly it recommends he for 2k until a frequency has estimated.
5 / 5 Birgit
This cape ticks all some the right boxes when goes in quality. It arrives bundled in the good box, colored. It comprises protective coverages for a gold-connectors plated. Has the very smooth and durable braided outside. Some grips of connector have the good aluminium, brushed to be in them, and does not comprise the mechanism in prjimo or (in that like him). If had or negative, this cape is really, very fat. He never really possessed the displayport cape before, as it was not if this type of thickness is normal or no.

For those asking if this cape a lot is of compatible tower, is. Has the version 1.2 displayport in my LG gaming monitor. I have not had any race of subject my games in 1440p in 144hz. It was included able in overclock my monitor in 165hz, and a cape has run a signal to the long of just sake. I am very satisfied with how all has resulted, and to well sure would recommend in any one with him big refresh tax setup for his PC.
5 / 5 Lacresha
Anteriorly Has had the 6 cape of feet to back mine 1440p 165hz controls and hated a period. It have tried another mark of 10 feet DP capes before but I the supposition where was also big of the signal in proportion of noise for him to start with 1440p in 165hz, as have had to do marks with my capes of the period the lowest that the management of the cape has done the ache.

Has bought these capes in the whim, no in the expect for the backwards, but fact without a subject! A braiding also gives some capes the be of sake in him, can say that there be appropriate to protect and can survive some roughness when pulling capes.
5 / 5 Kari
A very done cape. Well Looking, good creation, all a good material described in other descriptions are all true.
In fact in joining it to him to only thing does not like him is of some pictures of exposure of a page of product. They are all some class of CAD picture(designed very a lot of btw). But I want to dressed in leases a photo of a real product.
For people that wants to see if these works of cape for his bandwidth hungry elegant monitor. I can verify some of a fact.
The cape bought 6.6ft. Work with mine 4k 60hz 10goes monitor to bite well. As anything under this bandwidth certainly laws. It alleges to back 2k 144hz and 2k 165hz which can not verify so that this bandwidth is so in 4k 60hz.
In general the product adds that it conforms my expectation in the decent prize.
5 / 5 Yolande
I am spent to try hours to take 2 Dell 30' monitors (U3014 / U3011) daisy chained of my Intel 520 on board graphic. I thought it the would not be possible, but of my system has been uploaded with 64GB the ram and I do not require video of big final, imagined would try. Changed one 3014 in 1.2 subjects a card and one 3011 has done well... But one 3014 was black. If I deactivated 1.2 in a 3014, both fact, but could not extend exposures... Only mirror. Thwarted Has imagined would try capes of the new main quality. And guess that. Fact immediately. That cape takes subjects , especially for multiple monitors and daisy the canal saw 1.2. Well it estimates a compraventa, thank you!
5 / 5 Lesli
Using this in mine 34' LG Ultrawide running 2560x1080 in 166Hz without problems in this cape. I very want to as the does not have a change of lock, that always is troubling when trying things, but still accidents in solids of place. A braided the cape is upper quality , looks and when being thin. The May HAS LISTENED of ivanky before this, but is in my radar now. It tries the bouquet of different DisplayPort capes and this one east a better by far.
5 / 5 Jasmine
An Amazon escommended' DisplayPort of CableMatters the cape broken for me after only quite six month. This cape has not done for me when take it in the first place, but, took me awhile to imagine that a NVIDIA the signals of the control have had deactivated my secondary monitor. A CableMatters the cape still has not done, but ivanky is one has done.

Has only took it only, then , can not speak with a durability, still, but, a material and the force of him me sure will last it awhile, especially where is where is humid and quite some fluctuation of temperature. Quality of can not enhance the picture for the majority of the cape the elegant/expensive plus.

Top Customer Reviews: KabelDirekt Pro ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
It was necessary to pay this prize to take the functional splitter so that some return of cover properly and has been protected,

is Spent of the economic splitters for me was loose to return, has cut was when moved, has touched a canal or worse when has not planted properly in one covers to start with, feeble on exited, has produced the buzz, etc.

This cover of product in solidly, raisin thru the strong and clear sound, without interference of his, the big improvement in of the cheap splitters has had before..

Some stars have been for big value..
5 / 5
Appearance and excellent Quality. You declare impressed with EVERYTHING of a KabelDirekt the compraventa has done.

A Relief of the only tension in some Connectors flattens the small and the partidrio has been in an oval form. This is likely to provide the better grip when tension in a connector. One has seen in the first place to time this was the small has baffled. It opens prpers Gives to this ready enhancement likes him one of some characteristic of mark of this exceptional product.

Looks no further.... You will be to waste your time .... That is to say a Kabel amours!
5 / 5
I am an extremist when go in audio with my Alienware R6, has purchased so many different types of capes are the shame never take used. KabelDirect HAS by far a better quality to touch, capes of his, 3.5 capes, rca splitters. All the type, has purchased everything of monster in Anker, Belkin and mass to list. KableDirect Works with everything. His capes are supremely utmost and durable quality. You can say immediately what amiable of the cape has purchased. If calm some research will see KabelDirect is at all but quality and utmost prize. Highly It Recommends!!!!
5 / 5
Produced: KabelDirekt Pro Seriis And Stereo Splitter - 1 x Man in 2x Woman

My Use: Car audio.
HAS this splitter cape hooked in my ready telephone in the subwoofer powered and factory stereo.
HAS a KabelDirekt cape that is connected of a final woman of a splitter in a to has entered them of a cart of factory stereo and another KabelDirekt in RCA splitter 15ft long race in a powered sub in a trunk.
This splitter is the substitution in the solid plastic cased splitter.

My Experience:
has chosen these capes so that I have wanted the good quality, protected splitter this can limit in my telephone without apresamiento a case.

This cape is gone in me the early day sealed in the mere plastic, clear stock exchange, bundled in the regular bubble mailer on without signs of use or harm.
Seats very solidly built with abundance of flexibility.

The installation of a cape was pleasantly easy and mere. Easily clear my case of tlphonique of hard plastic this opens.
Some connections viriles and the woman was only a right tension. Solid and smooth connections.

After taking each connected and powered up, has remarked immediately that a volume of a subwoofer had augmented , in that direct me to think that a signal that was to the scrolling was cleaner and more complete (the voltage the big plus) that some capes and anterior capes that was to the use was able to produce.
Has remarked also that a sound of an automobile stereo was very clean with less hum when a telephone has not touched sound.

Looks very better that an anterior setup.
Opens to Owe capes of party and connections that is appealing in some eyes (and ears).
A black kills or sper colour of dark charcoal of a cape casing is very good and has concealed easily. An arrival in some finals of looks of elegant final connection and big.

In general is very satisfied with some capes for KabelDirekt.
Does not have any complaint, only greetings.
These are capes of quality very well that I reccomend in of the friends and family.

-Tez Solid with fat cape and well looking, finals of connector of metal of quality
-the Flexible cape can angle in of the tight corners
-A quality of his east orders, to good sure on way, without audible hiss
-A protects in this cape is excellent
-Looks fabulous (how aimed in the photos of the manufacturer)
-valuable point and Good prize

- I dunno
5 / 5
He exactly that is supposed in. I use a splitter in of the trips where my gf and I so much clock of beat and listens in of the films in my iPad without that owes each participations a earbud. I am also he left an audio of my computer in my speakers of desktop and in my system of his of the television to look shows/youtube/games of game in a screen of television in planting that it owes the hand reconnect the cape any party. The works add, has the be solid.
5 / 5
It uses the plot of these before and these are by far some better ones have not possessed never. A connection is sum , does not take never static of feedback of light movement of a cape. Also the bad can say yes at all if a signal of audio is being reduced or that attaches any hiss. Has this connected in the computer that alternating sources of audio on and work also that the majority of time forgets that it is still through an audio splitter. In fact, all a time.. Unless I am looking in a backside of a computer and I go 'oh he that is well, is using that the adapter is Amazon of trace .'
5 / 5
My husband and I have used these for our trip in Asia as we could look the together films in some 16 early amours. These have done utmost, a quality of sound was awesome, and apt interior our headphone case without the problem. It IS very happy with a quality of these for a prize. I attach purchase.
5 / 5
I am the self-proclaimed audiophile, and has bought so many audios splitters before this just wreaked chaos in a beginning of audio. This a, even so, has literally any difference in quality to sound before and after connecting this KabelDirekt splitter. Quality of his amazing. Any same note an audio is being breaking . It rids decrease, wonderful prize. It estimates a prize!
5 / 5
I am using this cape to connect a beginning of audio of the Zoom H1 in (1) the stereo headset and in (2) an entrance of audio of the smartphone. A smartphone has the male stereo in viril 3.5 mm stereo the cape connected in a splitter is another adaptadora woman. In this way I can use a Zoom H1 or another microphone plugged in a Zoom H1 to take better audio that a built-in microphone of a smartphone. A stereo headset that is to say inline ensures control of lives of audio of a smartphone does not have a beginning of exclusive audio. A headset also can take any problems with some microphones that you only could take in playback if it can not listen an audio like his be has recorded.
2 / 5
I have bought this splitter for my PC to have my headset and the speakers have connected a same time. Even so, a splitter is very prone in cut in and has been. One to the the cord has attached of my pc in my headset has done always, but when posed a splitter on, an audio sometimes disconnects yes am in of the odd angles or move a cape at all. Then an audio will be totally terrible until it return it. And it is not movement of entity. The majority of my movements slightly are backing in my chair or moving the small bit. And then an audio will begin glitching and then has to give a cord the jiggle for him to return. An only thing can attribute that is to say quality of tez poor, so that otherwise this cape any very subject. If you are using this for motionless the speakers would recommend concealed. If that is to say for headsets, would not recommend it at all, but there is the casualidad has taken the bad cape . I will take the substitution and he then decides yes fixed a problem or no.

Top Customer Reviews: AmazonBasics 3.5 mm ...

Rating: 2 out of 5 with 10 ratings
2 / 5 Carol
The tan varied other descriptions a coating of money that says 'Amazon basics' unglued and slide behind but now that is been only in six month everything of a wiring is come exposed... Perhaps it was only the defective element that took but for a bit the uses gave it would have expected lasted it much more. In a side besides, before it begins to come the waste has done the add !!
1 / 5 Barton
Usually the does not like me to give 1 of star, but sound a security of this cape is in question. And when his that could admit it your real health for the product, merit very only or stars.

Has bought this cape for some headphones of big final. An old cape was only the tad too down. An audio has been very so of the few days to write, BUT a rest of an experience was painful to say a less.

Some finals of a cord is not properly protected, and can spend an electrical load. Anything in prjimo the proximity will be impacted. This comprises objects closely of metal (obviously), as well as anything concealed can take an electrical load. In my case, this meaning if an end was anywhere afterwards in rind of mine, has taken the accident in of the llamas . That is to say the multiple time spent , so much in my ear and of the zones of collar. To be clear, a sense of the load like the hair was yanked was. Only after several minutes at the end conclude that a cord literally impacted me. I have used some change electrical tape to isolate a final, and this looked to do, but is not taking any casualidad with this product. A moment I can take another cord, is by train to purchase it.

First time that amazon of uses basics, and has taken literally burned. No the road adds to start with the relation.
2 / 5 Ignacio
Some descriptions for this cape any one really does it justice, AmazonBasics provided me already the reliable election for capes. This cape was exactly that purchase, he 3.5 mm cape that is not meant to be used for purpose where the the audio is crossing more concealed 1 source. For my house setup is running through two devices of audio, which usually do not cause a Feedback of Audio 'Hum' in my headphones, but with these marks of cape. You have to buy the earth to have sees was, or change in your beginning of entrances/of the audio to isolate and the fix.

Calm only necessity this cape for speakers, car radio, etc. 100% but the, if it is for anything concealed is complicated more than concealed, purchases the expensive plus, cape of big quality and saves a problem.
4 / 5 Antione
I have bought this to the cape to use with my Galaxy of Samsung S9 and my aftermarket cart stereo.

Afterwards initial, careful opened of a box of goleada, spent a the neatly locate back cape in the circle with two slightly embroiled bonds of transfer inside a unsealed plastic stock exchange. Some looks of good cord enough, but immediately could say is material very economic , which are well, take this cape was $ 5.00. Some connectors looked and listened very well for the this was and would have to take a work to have that clear fact for me. Some access of connectors appropriately well in my devices.

Thinks that a quality of his east well and has not had to turn some connectors around while the musician is game . Admitted, is not the quality of his well declare how speakers a musician is touching through these 18 years. Still kicking!
5 / 5 Theo
This six cape of feet has done perfectly and is very done, but was too down, and in planting to do a right thing and exchanging he for the long plus an I strung among a computer and a television, leaving hangs the few feet above a fund. It opens HAS the ten cape of feet these lies in a fund, only am that it copies a party of a description of this cape that cat in that past when tripped strongly in an also-small a:

'A AmazonBasics the cape is very robust, but directed to break a premier a bought so that in 6 feet was also down in lie in a fund, he doing unavoidable that at the end would trip in the. Frankly it was happy that a displayport carried he in a 6 cape of feet has broken has been in planting to attack a computer in a fund. Felizmente A 10 cape of lies of feet in a fund, and now is the happy little camp. I actuate A lot another AmazonBasics capes that does not have data me never any problem, as I am sure that that is to say a last cape will require.'

While it can see calm consider it the characteristic, no the insect, that a mini displayport covers it has broken has been in planting to clash my computer in a fund after I blundered strongly in him. You can prefer that your capes survive your squad, but that it is until you...
4 / 5 Aisha
I have purchased this cape 3 month ago.
Has looked for the cheap cape for my woman to connect his telephone in the one of the west.

- Any interference, any hissing (still when twisting a cape)
- Robust
- does not look cheap

- A barrel of money of a terminal to cover casing when being so plastic.

- The cape regulates of 3 powder (3-pole = 2 black bars; the cape of 4 powder 3 black bars). In this way that has the canal for a Right audio, the audio Left, and an earth. Any one another can transmit the data (and.G: microphone).
- Has purchased some 2 feet (0.6 metres). It thinks two times before ordering this period; that is to say down!

Donat A prize, would recommend this cape in any one looking for the basic product, still of well manufacture.'
4 / 5 Jamison
Nice that cape of looks but mine ruptured in a barrel to contact after 4 month. It sees photo for details. Perhaps they are not of the meanings for heat of Florida?

In his service of client of Amazon to regulate immediately overnighted me another cape without the questions has asked. I will use of it is an interior .
5 / 5 Lorena
I add AmazonBasics cape 3.5mm of two feet for five bucks. I took this to connect of a earphone jack in my iphone in a to the jack in my cart. That is well in some cover for this cape is that they each which so it can return in a hole in a bumper/of case that goes in snuggly insert all a road in a earphone jack in my iphone. Mina ANOTHER old 3.5mm the cape hardly does in and like the result loses connection once while. But some covers by so new perfect AmazonBasics access 3.5mm of cape amiably in a hole in a bumper/of case that goes in a jack in mine iphone. Highly recommended taking this cape 3.5mm.
1 / 5 Dacia
To be fair, alloy in a tlphonique and in a stereo. It transmits audio among devices. A quality of his terrible east. It IS calm, crack and explosions, and looks to fall. Further, a fittings the defective or irregular looks. Has another to the cape that use regularly. Has at least 10 years. I actuate Still to experience any subjects. I have bought this cape of Amazon like the substitution, anticipating failure in some point. Amazon Basics The products are usually very very done and function fantastically. I think that this to the the cape is an exception in a rule.
1 / 5 Dennis
I have tried only unplug this, probably for a first time, and a connector of the gold decoupled of an accommodation of money in an end of a cape--fell it basically averts in my hands. The amazon says it only has to 1 guarantee of year so also bad. It IS only the $ 5 cape, but very does not have to is fallen eschew after two years with zero wear and tear ( is been plugged in a backside of the stereo, intact). I am sure yes it has the plastic accommodation has adapted cheap in place of an elegant silvery metal a the would not have broken . It finds the cape to buy that it looks mere, any one this.

Top Customer Reviews: Aux Cord for Car - ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Star
Some two better things in this cape are a good sound without any lining, etc., And that it is very time. There is not any distortion of his or scratchiness when is plugged in. One covers to help-in in my cart is under a rest of arm, like the long cape is add, as I can pose an approximation of tlphonique me. It returns a bill perfectly.
3 / 5 Leonia
Bought this to touch my books officially while driven in my car which do not have bluetooth. Desprs Only new months of intermittent use he maintaining the only works am pressing some capes in an adapter, which of course can leader while driven. As I launched it it was already and it comes from and purchase the unit of better quality
5 / 5 Donetta
The works add in my car with my telephone of android. It likes him listen in of the books of audio when the trips and this does exactly cual required the to do.
5 / 5 Pamella
You are the present in my mamma, is old school and has wanted to to listen in his musician in his cart of his telephone. Alas his cart has not had Bluetooth... It IS to be jammin' since taking this cord. Which are well for me so that now and does not have to listen in his yapping in a telephone when behaviours . Lol!! The flight! The nave was excellent. Any complaint like this far!
1 / 5 Avelina
It IS the cord very well at the beginning. Unhook He quite 2 times in the daytime. Pause to do after quite a lot of 5 days. It does not know I rebuy is one?
5 / 5 Burma
It controls until my daughters car concerts, has has. The works add.
5 / 5 Herbert
Good works. At all more to say.
3 / 5 Marcelle
I Like him his of a cape but some finals is also flimsy. One finishes was angled well out of a container. Shipping the container was well, the looks was angled anterior in shipping.
5 / 5 Rikki
I want my Subaru but a bluetooth is terrible. It take this cape and leave me to touch in a speaker and microphone. Also I can touch my musician of Amazon. Wjats Any one to want? Sound the cape of quality also...Any flimsy cord.
3 / 5 Tyra
The cord was very for the moment, but connection in or finals the wine eschews after the little more than a year, and has had to the launch was.

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