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5 / 5 Gregorio
They stand out partorisca issue. I have used NETGEAR R7500v2 before. I have thought NETGEAR Genie was quite easy. Chico, was bad.
Am surprised for Synology RT2600AC his easy to use AM YACIDO, action and tonnes of useful characteristics.
Unfortunately my ISP does not offer FTTH my house as have FTTB 500/500Mbps (My ISP throttles my speed of connection of 1Gbps to 500Mbps which suck)
With NETGEAR R7500v2, volume 4ms Down/ Up with my iPhone 7 More.
With Synology RT2600AC, volume 3ms Down/ Up with my iPhone 7 More.
Synology RT2600AC maximizas My WiFi connection where does not have any action has lost both WiFi and Ethernet.
A reason has purchased Synology RT2600AC is his VPN characteristic. I have loved to use VPN with my iPhone 7 More but NETGEAR R7500v2 lack of L2TP VPN characteristic of server.
With Synology VPN Application besides, the easily connected volume wherever are. He seamlessly reconnects iPhone the VPN while I am moving to the long of (eg. WiFi - LTE- WiFi - 3G - LTE)

A characteristic of the prize does not have on known until I in fact setup a device was his support with Google DDNS. I am using Half of Google for my half record. Up to now, it has not had any way to setup automatic DDNS updater reason such client was non-existent. Synology RT2600AC Has built-in Google DDNS transport-client of update. It was really happy to see that in fact it does a lot well.

Wish another issues the costruttrici follow Synology approximation. You Like him I AM YACIDO think that me of this subject is like the plenary-the computer of Linux is appeared. The centre of container feels so only like a Tent of Application. It is intuitive and calm will not take lost as to install and dip the up.

Synology RT2600AC Wave2 The subject Sustains Fine User MIMO and your pill/of telephone seamlessly league among band and 5Ghz the band based in your force of signal. SSIDs Of both and 5G is one same. The user does not have to that it change among or 5G. Automatically it finds a better signal and roam among them.

Synology RT2600AC Is my money has better spent on this year. Calm will not complain buying this subject. I have bought more than 10 routers and has used several DD-WRT, OpenWRT and TomatoUSB firmwares. I will not go back to any of them again period.
5 / 5 Delorse
Has anything has learnt in some last 10 weeks to try to substitute the Netgear WNDR3800 and R6300 with the subject of new plus is that wireless is consistently inconsistent. I have tried a Synology RT1900ac, Netgear R8500 (3 of his thanks to failing radios), ASUS RT-AC5300, RT-AC3100, RT-AC1900P and now a Synology RT2600ac.

A R8500 was faster global that everything of them but has not had any way was to continue with substitutions with the radio failures repeated and has not been to dip up with his tired interface and be missing characteristics. It liked really a RT1900ac of characteristic and interface but has had half action in better. I wound on solving with a RT-AC5300 reason was almost like this quickly like R8500 but has had the better and characteristic interface. Has Has informs that some radios in this model have been failing like a Netgear and left uneasy; they are by train to ask me there is something to do with a Broadcom chipset action or is overheating because it does not have any way to regulate can with both tri-models of band.

Felizmente A RT2600ac has begun to ship first of my period to return caducado in a RT-AC5300 and maintaining a Synology. I wish the action was better global that a R8500 but I stack among- a two with a Synology beating a Netgear in the little of my tests. The action for all the models was inconsistent and neither of a cup three has dominated, but my election has been based on action in of the locations and of the operations treat one the majority of, feedback familiarised, characteristic, management of product and usability.

Likes that it can regulate you levels to be able to but so only down, average and big is offered; some low levels on 2GHz and 5GHz spent some describes I needs in this segment of my coverage. Some other models no accidents regulate levels to be able to. It is a lot they are not restricto to 16 signals of character like a ASUS models. A down the side is that it does not sustain 64 HEX characters like another routers and clients and has directed this with Synology. They have answered at least a next day to my different surgery some other costruttrici. It is it adds that Synology and ASUS leave you to change a admin appoint of user and also management of HTTPS of the support in a LAN side as well as selecting your own port the difference of Netgear. A Synology has the certificate sustains which can be exported to other appliances and leaves SYSLOG as well as another characteristic. At present I am using a subject like a NTP server and signalling all his devices so only a device exits externally for time. Another characteristic am remaining waiting for the testing more is a IPS the beta adds- on have; it is the free characteristic and there there is also the service of byline has paid. Precise has external storage to download and use like the fast SD the paper would owe that do. Of a cup of my boss has added roughly 10 CPU use until (30ish) and a same quantity of RAM. There are other available containers that can be downloaded like the DNS server, VPN and another but not planning on using it on this subject.

Has been pleased to see an addition of eight 5GHz canals of band (52-112) (the RT1900ac has had this also) but has not had an occasion to use them. There is at present any user in these canals in my zone and he agree me days when it was an only one using on 5GHz for years. Too bad is taking filled likes in my zone.

Thinks Synology has done well with his second @subject tentativa and happy I am able to use “the big boy” imagines no seen on marries/of consumer routers and for less lateralmente. ASUS Can try polish his UI with his “up to date “ “ “” 5300 for the plot more money but my money is going the Synology with the most complete container. They are also sure they would sustain this product with the longest updates that some versions of house have based on experience with some of the his IN THE DEVICES.

This is not the half to try controlled but my real world-wide” operation “typical.
Has used the PCIe Half Mini Paper Intel AC 7260 2x2 (867 Mb), a ASUS USB-AC68 USB 3.0 3x4 (1300 Mb), and Netgear A6200 USB 2.0 (867 Mb) adapters to try. Routers Was swapped in a same location in the second walk and of the clients on 1st walk (same location) on 45 corner of terracing and roughly 40 ft. It was. Power has been dipped the big for RT2600ac and both have used fixed canals was on 5GHz where the adjacent interference was minimum. Routers Was upgraded the versions later, dipped in AP way and fully configured taste usually run as well as of the adapters of client have update in of the Windows 10 64-has bitten.

USB-AC68 Using USB 3.0 system:
RT-AC5300 – 128 Mb summit / 128 Mb typical download

240 Mb summit / 232 Mb typical load

232 Mb summit / 168 Mb typical download w/MIMO

200 Mb summit / 264 Mb typical load w/MIMO

RT2600ac – 136 Mb summit / 120 Mb typical download

200 Mb summit / 184 Mb typical load

128 Mb summit / 120 Mb typical download w/MIMO

208 Mb summit / 200 Mb typical load w/MIMO

USB-AC68 using USB 2.0 system:
RT-AC5300 – 256 Mb summit / 248 Mb typical download

224 Mb summit / 216 Mb typical load

240 Mb summit / 224 Mb typical download w/MIMO

32 Mb summit / 24 Mb typical load w/MIMO

RT2600ac – 272 Mb summit / 264 Mb typical download

264 Mb summit / 200 Mb typical load

272 Mb summit / 264 Mb typical download w/MIMO

208 Mb summit / 200 Mb typical load w/MIMO

A6200 USB 2.0 adapter:
RT-AC5300 – 88 Mb summit / 88 Mb typical download

200 Mb summit / 184 Mb typical load

88 Mb summit / 80 Mb typical download w/MIMO

192 Mb summit / 184 Mb typical load w/MIMO

RT2600ac – 96 Mb summit / 72 Mb typical download

192 Mb summit / 184 Mb typical load

112 Mb summit / 80 Mb typical download w/MIMO

192 Mb summit / 184 Mb typical load w/MIMO

Gone in 7260:
RT-AC5300 – 328 Mb summit / 304 Mb typical download

184 Mb summit / 168 Mb typical load

128 Mb summit / 120 Mb typical download w/MIMO

288 Mb summit / 272 Mb typical load w/MIMO

RT2600ac – 240 Mb summit / 144 Mb typical download

224 Mb summit / 200 Mb typical load

240 Mb summit / 192 Mb typical download w/MIMO

264 Mb summit / 192 typical load w/MIMO

Gigabit Ethernet:
RT-AC5300 –536 Mb summit / 504 Mb typical download

920 Mb summit / 904 Mb typical load

RT2600ac – 632 Mb summit / 504 Mb typical download

920 Mb summit / 904 Mb typical load

empty to accelerate big in favour of a RT-AC5300 was roughly 160 Mb speed of better half download with 7260 adapter.

Empty to accelerate main for a RT2600ac was roughly 176 Mb the better average uploads speed with USB-AC68 adapter on USB 2.0 system.

A test of the wireless speed faster has been achieved by a RT-AC5300 with one 7260 adapter that record 328 Mb summit and 304 Mb half of download. A subject even w/MIMO there is enabled has had also a test of the wireless speed slower with an USB-AC68 adapter, in the USB 2.0 system with only 32 Mb summit and 24 Mb the half load.

The speed wired of transmission in a RT2600ac was 96 Mb the fastest summit but both have had one same half load; this was slower for roughly 360 Mb that other transmissions have tried. It uploads the speeds were equal and like this as well as or slightly better that other transmissions.

- - - UPDATE

Finally taken around to try additional 5 GHz canals and a ASUS USB-AC68 no with them. Some notebooks with some interiors Intel NICs has chosen on the each canal has launched in him. These are some canals a ASUS could not manage: 52,56,60,64,100,104,108,112,116,132,136,140

can imagine those that gone back in automagic selection of canal (so only in small routers that sustains these canals - no ASUS) and all of the paralización of sudden clients to connect because of adapters that does not sustain him .

Are happy a subject new sustains these canals of then any one is by train to use them in a will be like this of the days again where was so only for the longitude while. Time to go compraventa of notebook to the equal that can take touched of of a train of legacy and take an interior Intel NIC. The desire would have tried this does the week he so that it could return an adapter. The supposition will launch in a draw with mine 1Mb PCMCIA Wifi adapter with which takes the new notebook .

- - - 11/26/17 Update - - -

has on Data in a asus USB-AC68 because of inconsistent action and fault on any new engine of then May. They are not that it resists respite of mine in any fixed for KRACK for this adapter neither. Intel Has released even has to that engine of update a day after mainstream word of KRACK for a AC7260 paper that is to be present in 2013 and at present EOL.

Oh, And Synology has the update inclusa his old more RT1900AC (2 years already) issues a day with which also.
5 / 5 Melisa
BEWARE: A later patch (SRM1.2 7742) Thus subject inoperable. It has done wonderfully first of a patch, but grieves works after a patch. I am spent some last 16 days that reads with Synology supports of technology, and can any fixed . Now, we say me to us too bad... You are out of regime... Less than the year later, can kiss my money a lot of goodbye.

UPDATE: My subject was escalated on a canal of support of the technology, and has done progress. In short, after the hard reset (control a key of reset for 20 dry), and reinstalling an evening more firmware update (SRM 1.2 7742 - 4), then reconstructing my configuration of @subject of scratch, looks to be working. Without some questions of update, this would have been the five product to start with .

For these questions to have that finds support of technology, goes to a synology put of the web and the support of question saw email. Ossia A way has better found to take help of synology.

Here is some details.
Has purchased this subject in April 2018. I thought it that it would complete it another two Synology produced (NASs), that had purchased in past of years. In a start, was very happy. It was the add to issue. Wine with version of software SRM 1.1. One issues has done adds for my wireless coverage and wire fence. Then a fateful day is coming when Synology said that has required to update my software to SRM1.2 7742. My subject once happy and is there is had immediately questions. A wireless coverage was intermittent and a coverage wired no at all. In a short time after an emission of 1.2, Synology has released four sub emissions of SRM 1.2 7742. These patches to his patch have improved some wireless questions, but a coverage wired still does not operate. With which a lot of troubleshooting, Synology believes of the subjects is defective, and there is at all can do for the fix. Synology Will not substitute a unit. Any excuse, Swimming. Simply service of poor client. It does not buy this product.
4 / 5 Marvis
HAS the house of decent measure (-3300sqft) with some difficult zones for Wifi. It has looked for the solid @subject this has had characteristic good and a capacity to addon Mesh without being 'just' on Mesh and when being the good to issue also. Orbi Is a big dog, but each place I look in of the descriptions are littered with people those who speak roughly the when being utmost, until it has failed and the support when being the ache or non-existent. It has had alike experience with Linksys and TP-Link personally, as it has looked for something the little more stable. Maintained finding this device, but so only has not been sure based in the new was in this zone.

Finally decided to take the dive, of a prize was reasonable and included economic compared to another looked in.

All can say, is reason take me like this long?!? These devices has been awesome to do with. It is easy for the novice to dip on, but has quite a lot of extra to maintain the technology junkie happy taste. A row is a lot well in my house and some precise places a lot the extra juice is won to be able to add some units of Mesh. Those are so only the pocolos put that it is in an external and extreme corner that wide need of big band and stable connections. If it has not been for his question this would do for more than devices how is.

Look to be consistently doing on improving with the updates and concealed to say me to plot also. Seeing so only recently release some units of Mesh, knows that they still are building is gone in this sand. If they maintain to build the hardware like this will be the client of long time .

So only for some basic info in my chance of use...
- I has the Action on/down connection of internet
- 52 mart' devices (spent, lights, assistants, etc)
- 8 External Nest Cam + Salvation
- 2 Roku TVs
- nVidia Shield that common to plot
- 8 Laptops the/of Computers
- 5 Ready Telephones
- 2 Pills
- 2 Printers
- 1 Ready Lock
- 2 Cochera Ready Openers
- 2 Ready Thermostats
- Plex Server
- xBox and PS4

Like the coverage is has used strongly both takes entertainment and work.
4 / 5 Esperanza
Has possessed this subject for the little a year, 16 month so much of this description to be esatti. It has looked for to be one the majority of subject of confidence has possess of the mine Linksys WRT54G of hace16 years. Of then I have own Netgear, Búfalo, and TP-Link. It is to issue just works and a throughputs takes is cut at all of amazing.

HAS tonnes of advanced looks to comprise both client and server VPNs, detection of intrusion, a lot customizable cortafuego, basic IN THE SOFTWARE, server of means comunicacionales, canal of download, canal of cloud and comprising some another characteristic that does not use like this of the RADIOS and DNS Servers.

More than everything, his' the portal of administration is likes a lot another found in another routers, any @@subject that a mark of @subject. Has the graphic Windows very attractive-like this UI but Linux has based operating system. The setting on of the subjects is súper easy reasons quell'user-friendly a DSM works of operating system. Another issues the costruttrici have to really strive paralizaciones to emulate a UI of Synology admin portals. They are light years at the head of a game.

One issues also will produce monthly professionally looking report in an operation of one issues, and use of data of the detail of the each device in a LAN, and a type of data that common by means of one issues to the your email or smartphone. Also it can resupply alert of intrusion of real time to your mobile phone. Wow. Very impressive for the subject of consumer.

While another routers is lucky to take two or three firmware upgrades in a product lifespan. Synology Pushes out of new updates in the monthly interval. 16 month later still takes regular updates! When A cycle of the life of this subject arrives to his final, will look to Synology again for a upgrade. They are very impressed with a rt2600AC.

Wifi The forces of signal is strong and compatible, a VPN the client has kills changes that for the connection of data if a VPN takes fallen that the helps protect your data. A protect of the intrusion give the state on internet bots and port scanner. Automatically it will take action in his typical of preventing to the intrusion and I can say it to block an allocution of IP after several tentativas unauthorised. I can block blockades of allocution of the IP for number of IP, for group of numbers of IP, for geography. It is a hell of the subject.

Are quite happy with him and I expect Synology continuous add to touch line of @subject of product. In fact I am considering buying the IN The to resist film and based in my experience with Synology subject, will take the Synology frames IN The one of then his both share the very alike operating system and UI.

Sound the subject phenomenal with a lot of company-characteristic of level inside the box of @subject of the consumer.

Of a last firmware update, mine Synology RT2600AC now sustains an evening more Wifi encryption WPA3 and the wide plus 5GHz wide of Canal of 160Mhz. AMPDU, Along NSS and has been added in any additional slope. C improvement of @subject with each update. A Detection of Intrusion is now out of Beta and sustains a lot of new there is anticipated the characteristic with the definitions of intrusion have downloaded weekly has seen updates so only like a Antivirus.

Are very happy with this subject.
5 / 5 Pricilla
To the equal that can see of a semi-detached picture - a speed while using the Dell android ac pill almost 100 feet am gone in the different room of this Synology FR2600AC subject almost maxed out of my connection of internet. Streaming 4K HDR amazon And netflix without @@subject. In fact able the current four, 4K common in of the different devices without buffering or interruption. Leading $ 300 Asus the subject has not been able to do east.

Update: Year 2 and flawless. Highly recommended.

Running SRM Version: SRM Update 3 firmware this was emission recently (A lot QUICKLY so the mark sure takes a later version ) - has required two updates and reboots out of a box. Each update has taken around 5 minutes. On and that careers after the little tweaks downwards 15 total of minutes.

Plugged In the 1TB hard walk and was able the backup pro does to photograph while in a field. Nizza So only connecting to the something heat with my laptop and securely actions to send of the files in my house strolls hard like the backup in prejudices. Agreement up in a morning and 250 actions of files are safely home. It could buy the second Synology RT2600ac to give to the fellow to have work in these files while they are in a field.

A subject is not anything special to look in but runs silent and the products heat very small. To good sure ignore one 1 and 2 descriptions of star - this @subject deserves a big praise and the prize is winning.

5 stars!
4 / 5 Charlsie
Squandered An hour that tries to take this thing dips up. It notes that the ONLY comes with the 'fast start' drive - no real manual, which could have helped. It was able of the take installed and has seen a esynology Subject' look in mine WiFi ready. They are then spent for his 'Wizard' and he lame to to appearance likes has taken plant up. It excepts That it would not accept a WPA2 the signal has had has created so only! It likes I to reset and has tried again. This time has accepted a WPA2 signal, and my new SSID looked in mine WiFi ready - and according to diagnostic, with the very strong signal.

But could not connect to an Internet. Using a Synology application of @Subject, has aimed has BEEN connected - but with speed of download of (While a WiFi icon in mine mac is aiming 5 bars).

Could does not take connected to the Coverage of Ethernet wired to regulate neither.

Are not the networking expert for any half, but this was a terrible experience . Exacerbated For a fact that his line of support of the technology listed in a manual of Fast Start (that it was it way too skimpy) .

Ugh. Perhaps so only it has taken the bad unit, but go to try the different to issue.
4 / 5 Laraine
Has been using this subject for roughly 4 month. I have loved to have some time with him to take spent a period of honeymoon. While an experience has not been perfect, has the a lot of reasons reasons would owe that consider this @subject yes is compraventa for the new a.

Setup - Is quite easy, a wizard will take more people on and that career in the pocolos small. The majority of an out of some settings of boxes operates very only, but resupply the reasonable level of security that will accommodate people those who only master WiFi.

Action - I has 3500 has finalised sq. ft And one the unfinished basement and this issue easily covers a whole house with Wi-Fi of the centrical location. I do not owe that disorder with antennae or anything special. Beamforming Obviously works. 5Ghz The action is good (the majority of my devices connects to a 5Ghz coverage automatically using SmartConnect), and selection of looks of automatic canal to do the good work that maintain like this far to clash devices like possible. I am using an IN The (diagrams of time), VPN server, parental controls, and control of traffic and a CPU hardly surpasses 40 and 50 utilisation by heart with 15-20 has has connected devices and multiple HD common of video. One issues is fresh and calm.

Interface - Easily a better interface of any subject has used. C subject is very there is fully looked. One AM YACIDO looks and feels like this he desk the operating system and is quite clear where to go and that to click to access a wealth of characteristics and information this subject can give you. If calm so only loves WI-FI of confidence and does not concern , adds. But, it likes of you it sees utilisation of traffic in your coverage, access to control to an internet for time or content, use the VPN remotely, or place on services of coverage, this issues the easy fact. Logging Is robust and easy to use. If it love control of your coverage, ossia a better consumer out of an experience of boxes has found.

Updates/of security - Justo like your computer, routers requires frequent patching for updates of security and it bug fixed. A schedule of update is at least monthly and usually comprises a CVEs (patches of security) this is to require to ensure yours issues is not vulnerable the current exploits. It contrasts to other vendors those who update quarterly or less frequently, has big confidence that am running the patched YOU. The characteristic comprised to leave you to generate or the highly certified use of algorithms and sure encryption to ensure connections to a subject, restricts traffic and of the services, and I authentication of uses of two factors to access of the subjects and VPN, which is the characteristic compulsory in today of half of security. Again, calm does not have to that everything of these things to use this subject, but CAN and is simple.

Supports - Good, has had like this a @@subject or two with my subject. For example, it has had the bug that prevents parental controls of working properly. I have contacted support and has received the response inside the day. I have done with support in a course of the few weeks (the devs is in Taiwan he so that has the delay of time), Some developers have done directly in my subject (those companies that?) And it has identified a question. We gave me to us it workaround and has deploy a permanent to fix for all the world in a prójimo firmware emission. Any always take this level of support with closing of crew of professional note. I seat they like him to him some is of company for behind his product and will continue to do like this.

Synology Is the new player in a phase of subjects, but is serious. I have very tried some other big players and I typically buy prójimos of a cup of a line because an internet touches the big function in my work and the game of my family. A lot they have gone back and I am sticking with Synology.
4 / 5 Cammie
Are the engineer of professional coverage and treat commercial note wifi installations and support every day. Literally I have fed my boys to use and that comprises that wifi works in a real world. There are dozens of variables that influences a wifi coverage and speed in your house or @@subject.

A MR2200AC is stellar like the house or small business wifi point of access. There is almost all a characteristic commercial note sees in a Cisco, Meraki, and Ubiquiti train I use every day, but is all neatly hid in a gorgeous little Synology interface. Also it costs hundreds of dollars less while resupplying this characteristic.

To level ranch more so only-offices or fashionable houses with sheetrock and stud construction, the alone one of these probably will be appropriate for the 2000-2500 feet marries square or spatial tin centrally locate it. Included that could resupply some coverage, in the lowest tax and row, for zones on or under a zone is installed in.

Where The Really resplandores this in spite of, is if your space has two or three levels and/or material more defiant likes metal, brick, and plaster/lath. Particularly in of the oldest edifices where can you any or does not want to modify a structure to run bosses, precise the pair of these devices to take a place of hard wired connections. A Synology the devices communicate with an another has seen the consecrated wifi band and can spend traffic among them with small impact to your traffic of user. It is not like this quickly like the boss, is not fooled. But it is far easier for a half person to actuate without skilled help.

Have my choose of train of commercial note to run house. Reason the commercial train often has 24/7 hardware sustains of substitution, is expensive to buy and licence for use of house. A lot informative - do not require it ! My space is 3 pavings with abundance of the brick and the rock that surrounds and during a space. Remained with roughly 40 another wifi coverages in my zone (right of park of the office for behind my house), is the very defiant wifi half. I have tried a lot of different solutions, but at all can it beat Synology M-2600AC with one or two LADIES-2200AC points of point.

Like this yes is frustrated with crappy wifi coverage in your house or office and does not want to pay to mint to have the installation of the commercial note done, so only grab calms an or two of these, or he 2600 and the 2200 and you are the form adds. Utilisation this combo and is fantastic. Solved each one which so only one of my challenges with zero fuss. They install easily and so only I ran and I ran and I ran. For real they are devices of commercial note without a seal of enormous prize. It buys him and give all your friends and of the neighbours he smug smiled when you say that that has surprised wifi everywhere. :-)
4 / 5 Rayna
This has begun was when being adds it WiFi subject, and has finalised to result a generator of interference and the risk of security. I
have an AT&T business Line that feeds a WAN1 the port of mine UNTANGLES hardware cortafuego appliance. Originally I have used this RT2600ac subject a point to access to control it Comcast backup/failover feed for a WAN2 port in an UNTANGLE cortafuego box. After the year or like this, a RT2600ac has begun emitting the signal in a 2 GHz WiFi bandage that on purpose had closed was like this like this any to interfere with a built-in, so only-sell 2.4 GHz WiFi form in an UNTANGLE NG Cortafuego Appliance. This totally the unauthorised signal now is interfering with the a lot of expensive cortafuego, and this RT2600ac Synology the subject is now useless so that it had feigned. It used it to transmit SO ONLY in 5 GHz like this like this any to interfere with a prójimo cortafuego. This device now transmits a device MAC allocution, with a first two alpha-the numerical characters have modified. If I situate this RT2600ac WITH WHICH mine cortafuego to cover another part of a house (as had planned) will be to broadcast the HID SSID this interferes with some boys 2 GHz ad hoc coverage that use to exchange files. Having the device that has issued the underlying signal for behind the cortafuego is highly problematic, especially with applications, as 'Pineapple,' as freely available to script kiddies.
4 / 5 Gladis
Of a SRM 1.2 update the multiple characteristics no . Has has has had to that do resets of multiple factory partorisca the take to to the law likes them to them the subject the this in spite of like this a lot of characteristics can not be used or he bricks he again. Strongly it would recommend to avert this subject. Has the theoretically very good near of characteristic anticipated but is like this buggy that you can not use the majority of them. It configures advanced VPN options? Time partorisca the reset of factory. It uses a server of means comunicacionales with a walk of external USB? Time partorisca the reset of factory. It configures parental controls in detail? Time partorisca the reset of factory. Calm can not take all some characteristics that in fact laws in the $ 40 subject. Save your money.
4 / 5 Willa
Has ordered, and later returned, this subject three times now. Every time it had it different frustrating questions.

In the first place a there is had serious subjects with devices in my coverage of house. It could not maintain stable connections with any of mine Wemo is or another IOT devices that requires 20mhz. Forcing included a 20mhz the sale has not helped. Returned.

Are weeks later, Synology released it firmware update that has been supposition partorisca help with devices, as I bought it again. Applied firmware and yes, this one was very better. The appearance adds until I have required partorisca press around a lot of data in mine Macbook Pro. It could not maintain the 5Ghz the connection more orders that 13 or 14 Mbps included when 1 feet out of one issue. Support of the technology has not been a lot of help - lacking of Apple Synology. Synology Apple of faults. The capsule Of time presses 1300Mbps of a same room, all day long. Returned again.

A bit those that weeks later and, still again, Synology has released another firmware update. Invernadero Some forum chatter in improvements in SmartConnect characteristic, as it has decided that perhaps that would help a leading question. Out of a box, this last a has subject of entities. A lot still it does by means of a startup welcome screens without requiring the hard reset. It took it finally that goes and looked well. But it has then come home partorisca do a next day and found a 5Ghz sale entirely losing included although one issues has said was on. Rebooted And 5Ghz has gone back but missing And some options in a UI has been was. Him the Pleasure any of him still has . UI achingly Slow to answer. The worse way that a last two. To the hard reset and some bands are on duty, but waste partorisca take an IP of modem of mine of boss. Capsule Of IP of cost of the time instantly. Ugh. Behind it goes.

Is the FANTASTIC to issue when it operates. Amazing UI. Awesome Containers. It marks each one another subject has used look antiquated. So much versatility. I know it is a awesome subject partorisca more than people. I do not have any idea because it has had such bad regime with him. With which three uselessness and hours of tweaking and frustration, am done.
5 / 5 Maryalice
A subject could be fact when adding partorisca issue. My whole house is coverage and has deleted a need partorisca a point of access. Wire fence and Wifi the speeds are excellent. A addon the programs leave to plot partorisca be wished and am not using a lot of them. The majority of them I no precise . A question a big plus with these products is has a bug recognised in his firmware when it comes partorisca use it VPN client. My speed without the VPN is anywhere of 200-235Mbps. When Active mine VPN in my device (any one issues) tomb to the max of 51Mpbs. This is using a same server in or . They have recognised a question behind in 2016 and did not fix it never. It has known no this before I have purchased of the subjects. Ossia The definite question test install a VPN in a subject but apparently extends partorisca install a VPN in your computer, mobile phone or any one another device. I am suffering 77 loss to accelerate been due to of the this. It could comprise until the 20-25 loss of speed.

Like this far his department of support has been slow to answer. Have in the first place opened the entrance on July 20 and has taken any response. I called him on July 24 and a gentleman has said that they would have to that it has answered for now. I dipped on control and has said any one would contact me a same day. Now it is one 25 this in spite of any contact.

A processor in this subject is more than width to manage VPN services but for some reason can any taken has imagined was. It uses this for my business and personal use. Now I owe that see can return this device.

Update: With which more researches, OpenVPN looks to be the question with more routers unless it purchases final crew very big. I have decided to maintain that one issues and changed to the different protocol in mine VPN service that is the little faster. This in spite of, still can not say anything well in his support of client. After filing the entrance last week, 2 telephone calls this week, has listened still a lot behind him. Included an email has retreated to say, knows of a question and can any fijamente would be better that any one follows on at all.
4 / 5 Cinda
Have the a lot of specfic put of requirements to issue it: 1) it Priced reasonably ($ 250 or less), 2) Rule firmware updates, 3) Sure creation, 4) Any history of careless security or stupid vulnerability (each subject will have something -- I so only does not love one this there has been some stupid 'the critical directory is visible' or 'admin interface defaults the visible in WAN side' or 'UPNP answered in WAN'), 5) hardware of Qualities, probably to last for some time and not beginning to fall connections or lock up after the year, 6) Likelihood of support for more than the year or two (Consumer routers to take firmware long before I am ready to take them), 7) CHARACTERISTIC Decent (particularly the security related), 8) the coverage Adds in mine whole relatively the small house without that has to that appeal ready or row extenders or points of additional wired access in another end, and 9) Preference for the device of patronato

C controls @subject the majority of or everything of these boxes, and can not say sure reason the pair of these criteria will remain ignored until the history can determine like this touch era. A prize? $ 200 it Is so only to issue he of this quality. Firmware Updates? A firmware the register of the aims of history updates very regular, as unless these transmissions, attended be more than satisfied here. He for beaten far a Netgear, TP-Link, Asus, etc. That has has had to that it could take an update for year, or two in better if some horrendous the vulnerability is informed. Prenden To take updates too punctual and remain neither while there is no unpatched vulnerabilities or that open source firmware could do well enough in the, which is for the crap shoot. Regarding sure creation, are not totally qualified to judge this thoroughly, but my feeling is that it is very drawn with respecting the security, and the attention resembles has been given to the security in one ISSUE. I do not have any idea is doing good use of ASLR and varied other technicians to draw. The desire there was an easy way to comparatively gauge this appearance of routers. Reading some reports evaluadores of independent threat and a firmware update changelogs give me the good idea of as the security has directed this stirs is.

Considering quality of hardware, has to trust other descriptions, where usually spends the time that reads one 1 and 2 descriptions to star to see that it is breaking more frequently (and reason has governed out of the compete Asus subject like looked to have the ridiculous proportion of 2.4 GHz radio failures) which crossing my toes, thus subject, any particular failure looked to be common, different the majority of another routers which has had to that sew like him estácoronado doing after the year' or soyust reboot of every day' or '2.4 GHz the radio there is prendido to do after the few months'. This one looked the mostly have the roughly has facilitated complaints of use or no in that has east or that characteristic. Any of this deterred me. Afterwards... Characteristic? It is uploaded with them. If those are not enough, will leave you to install forms that adds even more characteristic. Also I have not founding some complaints on one issues when being difficult to dip on especially ringing true. It has Had the class of wizard to walk me by means of basic setup, and with the ease there has been arrives and fully that careers any time. Well Dipping ready some a lot of possible details did not overwhelm . I have changed a DNS provider of the mine ISP DHCP has resupplied one to a lot easily, has added the coverage of guest, and tweaked the number other things. The navigation is quite sincere.

The coverage in my house is phenomenal. Suelo takes decent signal in a room with one issues and an after his living room (where has an open space among, any wall), but then middling signal in a rear room that you can occasionally drop. A Coverage doorbell outside usually fact but a current of video was bit it iffy. C subject is flying the strong signal by means of a whole house, and still in a corner of a further room, is likes 80 or 85 that I very taking prójimo to a subject. WiFi Streaming To a TV of the fire in this room is like this well likes to take.

Thanks to the tips of the researcher of security has appointed Horowitz, almost had solved on buying so only the business-concrete @subject -- recommend the PepLink MK3, reason are selling more in a software that a hardware, and can expect have a software that is very maintained for years. Ossia Of entity of mine, and consumer routers so only any that. This a, while material is sold like the subject of consumer, gave a vibe to be be draw and constant how was the device of small office , and a frequent firmware the updates speaks although way. I have forgotten to mention on this I really strongly preferred finally having the device that automatically can update, so that I do not go six month and not thinking to do me the. This a fact so only that, although calm neither can turns to entirely manual ossia yours preference , or to download but ask first permission to update. This thing maintains for years as it had wanted in a subject ideal? Ossia Where the time will say. To the left it is to see if I still am seeing updates in 3 years, or was 4.

Finally, some options are so only incredible. Has control of controls and good security already leaves of a base firmware, and yes concealed is not enough, there is the most sophisticated version available to install like the form. You take enough the bit of detection of intrusion and prevention, and some really comprehensible control of several conditions that is suspicious. He email or SMS some reports of rodeo or looms informs more immediate he is necessary.

Has another characteristic has not used still, but finally , likes traffic prioritization / QOS -- and for that, means that it is enough bit it more sophisticated that an usual basic QOS these looks in a consumer of tent that detail the averages to issue.

Really does not remark a lot of negatives to arrive to this point, averts of a sheer measured of him and that I have had to that move things around in a shelf of crew for the record where smaller routers has used to be. Sure it would want to be able to create discreet, sure, self-the separate coverages contained ( has the term thus which is slipping my alcohol) to isolate mine IOT material of a rest, class to like like this can with a Ubiquiti EdgeRouter ... But quell'concealed that has not been the must-have, as I am not counting this against a device. In everything, this in spite of, if a support and reliability to designate the longest result in my favour, will have fulfilled each one which of my needs... All more than can be known has fulfilled now some needs and then some, as I unreservedly give it 5 stars and recommend it enthusiastically. It has to that anything spends in a course for the use this changes my alcohol (failures, or anything), will be of tower to revise my bookmark.

Update: after active used this for the moment, a house of the security with this product is really exceptional. Synology Has been sending bulletins of security with the state for his progress in several known vulnerabilities, and the updates are punctual and regular. A device can be finely configured to be potentially súper-sensitive the blocking possible threats in your coverage or an outside. Has has had to that the one of fact behind out of this level the bit because his heuristics was flagging normal this in spite of probably the bad software updates like this looking suspicious and for like this blocking some updates. These can be whitelisted, as it is not catastrophic, but takes time to imagine out of that caused a blockade and yes calm wants to be it spending. You take notification that something there is tripped he together with dumps of container.
5 / 5 Sheree
Chosen this subject for a security added when choosing that unit to upgrade to of an old plus TP-model of Link. Subjects of diverse roll out of my house so that the security is the must , and a speed added of one 4 canal setup really would go in handy also.

Now are any chicken to jump when it comes house and of the business coverages thus subject, has has possessed business and has directed another, some of his same companies of technology, as if you do not know that it is doing with the devices of coverage are always more mercies. When I have had question with this subject, was the prime minister for me.

Could does not take to connect to an internet. I have tried to follow some instructions, I of the usual fixed, has called service of client, has called my IP - all achieving a same conclusion - an internet is there, this subject is so only not connecting his.
Looked on my subject concrete in some joints of message and resulted - ALL The WORLD-WIDE MORE HAS THIS QUESTION ALSO. Ahem.

Am returned an element, has bought a late plus TP-@Subject of Link with alike specs, connected in 15 minutes. At present they are writing this in that connection. I do not know reason Synology the subject does not operate, and does not concern me , a lot no spent never he Synology issues again. I have not taken never like this ridiculously angry in the piece of hardware, and ossia saying something.
4 / 5 Valda
9/7/18 - I decided to move on this @subject to the plenary soufflé Ubiquiti setup. As of today of a response of costruttore my description, has not had a lot of updates of characteristic or that the bug fixed to some subjects has said that they were conscious of. Still it would recommend this @subject to user to be able to, but a lack of the support of software respecto.

Has been using a RT2600AC partorisca roughly eight month now and have a lot of state pleased with him like this far. There is a lot each one whistle and alone bell that the device of the level of the consumer can offer in 2018 with the few smaller exceptions (bond of link, etc). Offered characteristic for both basic and users to be able to and maintains a lot well for Synology.


like it has said sooner, there is enough each bell and whistle you can ask in this box, with the constant software updates which fix and add characteristic new. C bosses of subject of mine Comcast action (connected to a Arris SB8200) like the field and fully sustains IPv6 via DHCPv6-PS. It does not experience any type of instability or lag when that presses this thing to a max, the difference of another cup of a line routers which there is so only rebooted on me in some means of download of big file in speed of line. A SD space of leaves of expansion for additional containers to be installed (VPN, Canal of Download, Server of Cloud, etc) which is the good touch , but are not at present using he for that. Synology QuickConnect The functionality is order as they are not that it pays for the static IP by means of Comcast, like these cures of far access if my IP changes a day. Informing the characteristic is good (CPU, memory, throughput, etc), and 3G/4G/failover is good to have also although a cast sustains given of dongles is limited.


Are docking to to the star likes UI can be of quite a lot of quirky in time, and taken absolutely for ever to come on fully of the cold boot or reboot. Neither it retains one has has DIRECTED settings (I likes him was) after the reboot. IPv6 Is also finicky, he occasionally so only does not connect street DHCPv6-PS, requiring multiple reboots.

In general am very happy with this subject, is taking that paid for and am usually quite critical of these devices. I am gone through dozens of a diverse cup of a consumer to line routers and this one east a better for far. One of entity caveat I need to mention is that I am not using he for wireless at all. Has the separate Meraki point to access that am running was the one of way that are not the defender of a espider' all-in-some. I will update my description chooses transmission on in a future.
4 / 5 Katrina
Does not write descriptions if the product is freaking AMAZING and inspires in this scarce occasion the product inspires an exact opposite.

C subject is a forward. As that download it of authorship took it so only today but like this far GOVERNS! (If anything the bad step will change my description) has used a Capsule of Time of the Apple for terrible nightmares with leading routers. He finally totally sure has not been a subject with our ISP. You would owe that it has listened it some wails of anguish of my woman and the mine has been rock that traces that day and was barraged with the emails that shout of any internet.

Felizmente Our ISP is exited, has declared a Capsule of dead Time (more think roughly is even more sure was with which listen my whole history will see that I am happy in this), subject installed he for tLink. He in fact done really well so that it was all happy. Has the house massively is likes 8000 square feet or more. The part of him is a 800 sq. Gymnasium to trace of the foot with the gymnasium has separated after his. For any lame reason really scaly wifi in there. It likes 2 of bars out of 3, but still grieves to connect to Youtube or Music of Apple. In general it would say our house wifi was better that a Capsule of Time of the Apple, but worse in a gymnasium.

Like this investigations like crazy and decide go with this Synology unit. Has the second wife with Eero, there is almost state that subject. Work no súper quickly. I know he business multiple that goes that well of the street of Mesh looks for having coming up with something those shines. In place of stirs it to Mesh routers, that in the mega subject like some some knots so only an option to add his Mesh?

Has imagined has done well in our question of gymnasium has solved. If it would not add another unit of Mesh.

Has solved so only a question. The installation besides was an absolute breeze . They are the defender of enormous Apple and honradamente was easier that install that my Capsule of Time.

MORE is insane crazy fast !!!

Gives this subject SIX STARS!!!!!!!!!
5 / 5 Edison
One of my clients upgraded his ISP bandwidth to 400/20 and complained that his wired the computers have not obtained a speed has promised. Clearly, an Apple of 8 Extreme years of Airport was no longer until a task and a WiFi the coverage improves required also. I have required to less expensive solution that my usual Peplink Salda Once with has consecrated AP is and Cat6 ethernet boss during a house.
Of then have good experiences with Synology IN I the devices have given this RT2600AC the @subject try it and am very impressed with an interface of user, options, ​and a lot especially action! In spite of being located in a basement of the 2500sqft manacles this trace @subject big up against a drywall has spent a whole house and backyard with excellent WiFi. And a wired the connections are achieving a speed has announced this client is paying paralizaciones. Fast sending Netflix in a ethernet connected Roku the box is very fast.
Beside an action, I really like an option to automatically update firmware updates and time reboots to maintain the things that the smooth career.
4 / 5 Brandee
A RT2200AC has been an excellent substitution for an Extreme of Airport of the Apple. Easy to use interface. Now I am taking a real to upload and download accelerates that my offers of slowly (100/100). Ossia The big improvement in an Extreme of Airport. Considering a MR2200AC, am using like this point to access to RT2200AC subject and was very easy to setup. Very happy with a 867mbps throughput. Bought two of these and each device has “force” of Excellent connection. Using the paralizaciones wireless gaming, experiencing a lot of lag. Highly recommended.
5 / 5 Glennis
These produced contains two requirements to the equal that could be of entity for some buyers.

1) will be required to connect by means of the application to leave of a company to treat surveillance on everything of your traffic of internet.

2) will be required to adapt that some Villages' Republic of Cina PRC rests to enter your premises, investigation by means of your books, files, records, and papers so that PRC can confirm for them the one who calm is not that it flies his software.

Strongly suggest that you read this company is 'privacy policy', agreement of user, and near-arrive drives . . . All before you decide to purchase this element. I have been impacted to discover these facts so only after my window of turn there was caducado. You can read these things for calm, and wish any one had warned me in the first place because now I can not use this element with any peace of alcohol.
4 / 5 Karan
I have purchased a RT2600ac because of an interface of good user has promoted. Well, any the one who is done to commission to the products of apple would disagree. My house has has run like the a lot of oiled car for 15years. My MacBook Pro has substituted my stupid Dell. Mac Has substituted my loser HP turn. The black bay has blown and has substituted he with a Iphone. Linkeys Was like a turd that no flush until it has taken an apple expresses and later upgraded to an extreme and has used two expresses like this of the extensions.

Thank you Apple for your upper products and a bone-ing calm clients for ditching your products of airport. Now volume the dabble in a world of virus, incapatable software, and stirs it of the descriptions that the hire that loses routers like a an I are like this trying work in my world. All I need is internet that works. It has expected a Synology RT2600ac would be my saviour. Fault there of.... Every time it has taken this thing dips up. It would find the new reason for me the reset and beginning throughout. This turd a lot included come with the manual. So only it drives of fast beginning that really it does not help anything. An only way to communicate with this turd is on-line. awesome, will not leave me on-line. These stinks of what, and some the positive critiques stink also. Patient so only maintain my products of old apple that go until they die. Then it tries patient again to use another stupid to issue. I will buy the economic a next time. At least I will not feel like the jack hole when it sucks. Oh For a way, produced of the apple cost of the extra money. Still although really they displease his consumers. Squandering Time with your transmissions of on-line page and do the product that simply works and communicates with ease. Or send the manual.
4 / 5 Tangela
Could not connect the Win10 Pro, never answered to anything a prójimo 2 hours to try each imaginable setting in my final. Been missing of CD-ROM to do work directly of mfr. He like this had so only the flimsy short that begins the booklet that gives 'instructions' involving was-of-boxes-and-plugged in the unit would be functional to take technical support, has had to that be on Internet, which the would not leave access to, or spend the majority of the day in a telephone which so only partially done with other artilugios for me before. This would have to that be Spent and Game for his really big prize of the unit of house! It has taken repayment promptly this in spite of.
5 / 5 Trinidad
Is spent 1 hr that tries to take a connection of internet to do.
• Has tried modem of boss - do. Modem of the boss tried with Extreme of old Airport: works.
• Discharges in: Synology subject: it does not operate.
• Plugged In Synology directly to computer: allocution of light of IP checked and green on signal and WAN1. It covers the modem of boss - ANY INTERNET.

Has spoken with ISP lean it and has concluded an internet is alive, and is this wireless to issue.

Has discovered in the forum ossia the recurring question. My Airport of the old apple Extreme just works, plugged he in and interior five car of small-discover WAN internets, Synology can no.

Can do for some, but for me. They are not the technology newbie; has advise people on together of technology and included write the magazine of technology. C @subject there is had so much potential when being the AIRPORT EXTREME substitution. I am sticking with Apple still.
5 / 5 Pattie
When I upgraded my video setup to 4k hdr, has has had questions with occasional stuttering when using WiFi the current Netflix 4k hdr to mine Amazon of ready & TV 4k the box that use my old Assus RT-AC68U subject, in spite of being in 1 edge of connection of action of internet. A Assus was in another room roughly 30' was and theoretically would owe that it has been appropriate, but the analysis of real time has aimed was “pulsing” some currents. Calm really precise at least the in bylines 10.ºgs/Dry.
There is pulled a Assus & has substituted he with a Synology RT AC 2600 in a same location and these questions are immediately state was. There is remarked also that my WiFi networked PCs is noticeably faster in the web has has related activity. No the semi-detached utilisation to the hard walk like the server of coverage, as I can not speak to this.
Has found a Synology easy to dip up and the update that use him to some Windows likes them the interface. They are not one HE pro, but has dipped to experience spent on routers & manacles networking. A beginner could require the little help.
Synology HAS the really useful application that tweet of control & of the leaves an action of coverage and update of the subjects to use your telephone or tampon.
5 / 5 Petrina
Been that tries to find the subject fast, modern with DD-WRT sustain that it would not break a bank. I am not sure one exists more. I stumbled by means of a 2600AC and revises as universally said, well, a firmware in fact does not suck to like almost each one another subject.

Some months of pair later, could not be happier. Out of a box, calm in fact can do almost all want to. But a lot especially, it is still hackable. Has access of root. You can easily SSH to a linux console and persistent transmissions the configuration. For example, it does not sustain duckdns DDNS out of a box. Googling Has found a response quickly; minor config change it and was to arrive and that careers.

This thing is the user to be able to and he hacker dream. Highly recommended, and happy does not concern me roughly DD-WRT more.
5 / 5 Adell
Could not be happier. It has expected the years of pair to do a next step in the subject of house. I want to Synology of a Diskstation line, and love an interface and of the improvements over time. It was skeptical to purchase a Synology RT2600ac because of some bad descriptions. I guess ossia the perfect lesson in following your own darn instincts.

Has purchased a Synology RT2600ac and Synology Subject to Mesh MR2200ac together. The cost was in $ 325 near. It has substituted it fine-Cube of year of Airport of old Apple, Extreme of Airport of the Apple, Airport of Apple. WiFi Was poor, no more updates, taste Felt etc. has not been able to direct security, directs use, users of clue, prioritises traffic. You take that I am sense helpless.

A setup partorisca east was directly-advances. A mobile setup was easy to use (I follows the mobile application UX designer like this this means something my). An interface was exactly that have expected - a same type of interface like Synology DS line of products. So many, level of total consolation. Fully integrated, also, with my on-line DDNS the needs and that exist the account that link. That have not expected was a plenary VPN capacity, Container of Prevention of the Threat to download, a capacity to highly customise some notifications, some Tools of the coverage where can follow each alone device in my house (renames for my preference, add an icon to follow), or a Poster of widespread Control.

One of my favourite capacities of of the this is a mobile can see those that devices have not connected NEVER (wireless or WiFi), the one who the devices are on-line and his utilisation of bandwidth, etc. WOW - Speak roughly that knows that it is in your coverage! My second preferred is a container of Prevention of the Threat that leave to see where one 'threat' is causing of and that goes to. Sometimes they are external going in to the PS4, DiskStation, etc. Another cause to time internally and go externally (threat of privilege of tall user) how is my daughter then has the virus in his computer.

OOOOH! Almost it has forgotten it. A system of MESH is surprising. FAST, of confidence, and on and on and on. It could not ask more. In fact, I have had spent of mine of father an and my brother. All that want to.

Recommendation: SPENT THIS. SPENT BOTH!
5 / 5 Leta
To dip a scene - I has 2 netgears R7000/R7500 and he tplink C9 Archer (all a lot of routers) has used like this of the points of accesses flashed with dd-wrt and he pfsense @subject (him him a knowledge and skill/to time the recommend this he so that it will beat any note of delivery of @subject of the consumer down everytime). I did not feel it it has taken a speed/of coverage in the 2100 sq/ft ranch and hated to change wi-fi to take a better speed.
Has bought this has based on some descriptions and I can say calm - his coverage and the speed are phenomenal, a device covers a whole house and then some. They are by train to to use likes AP so only.
To the equal that take an archer C9, behind to stock in R7500 that dd-wrt has not been like this very like this stock partorisca AP speed. To the left a R7000 in dd-wrt like this was better that stock. An only reason has maintained these is to augment coverage in a far achieves and maintain some devices of boys and separate wi-fi. But it could take all other devices am wanted .
Also are the Synology defender to the equal that has the pair of there that IN THE DEVICES.
Utmost on any @@subject or remorses with this subject in a prize, has bought especially on Day of Amazon.
Does not think would buy netgear again like stock firmware is not well, but is better that tplink, more as it prevails it yes was bent like this can you do other things with this subject, the so only question a power to run other things vs has has consecrated devices.
5 / 5 Refugio
Are the defender of Synology IN I the devices have believed so it would try @subject of sound. The subject HAS the defect of entity; the devices of coverage have connected to a four hardwired drop of ports and resume connection each one that 30-60 seconds that the impossible to use. Specifically mine VOIP and door of system of the security. Seeing a admin AM YACIDO clearly tip some devices that falls off-line then returning with which roughly 30-40 seconds. Ossia Unacceptable for VOIP and security. Opened the chance with support (any support of available telephone) and has exchanged an email with a rep. Unfortunately any response after several days like this sending this unusable subject behind. Too bad reason likes his admin of interface and characteristic. But in a much less a four hardwired the ports of the subject has to that be 100 of confidence. The devices that reads well in mine Netgear @subject. Of course Netgear has his together typical of subjects also.
4 / 5 Amiee
My description in short. The unit has done well. The interface of user was a lot. Well of width of the band but I does not add .
Was well with one issues until connection of the internet could not be established anymore. Wifi Works but after trying all ask me to, a question has not been fixed.

My reasons for a poor indication,
1. The subject Is less than 3 month.
The service after initial call is All the via email.
3.2 has MEANT that 10 days later, and so only is beginning to speak in RMA. Has @subject of backup, more another no.
4. I owe that paid to ship @subject behind to them.
5. Refurbished The subject has ESTIMATED to ship the mine is based on availability of the refurbished & has looked for to issue.
6. Horrible flavour regarding the subject relatively expensive with a lot of poor after the sales sustain in every aspect of support.

Calm the favour. Spent of the company that brota of question in telephone, and for the end of conversation will have one has shipped your way in his cost (some do the 2 service of day) if a question is not fixed. The majority of the users of internets depend on having a service. A snail to frustrate longitude paced help of Synology after the failure so only is not to value he.
5 / 5 Sherron
Like the title suggests, this subject is almost perfect. A reason because it has purchased this subject is because mine Sophos UTM is down (with which he borked the update and I have not had a current backup of a system, is) and am using this @subject until mine Sophos the system is to look and that careers. For this this bad am comparing a RT2600ac to the Sophos UTM device. This description is cement to daunt/of security so only. Read other descriptions for any one-characteristic/of consolation of the security.

A reason for my description is reason tongue of person on some characteristics/to daunt of the security in detail. You all love conversation in an action and/or characteristic to comfort so only. It has taken to scan a lot tiring by means of descriptions in an endeavour to try to find an information of entity (IMO). These casts can not be complete; they contain that it considers of entity to daunt/of security. Mina 'DOES not HAVE ' enumerate it can not be entirely attentive; but I am characteristic master and any does not have , or can not find and/or configure. Here we go:

has Comprised characteristic that read:
screens of state of Useful system
Selectable DNS with DNS sending (the @subject also can be the DNS the server loves it to him to)
the Useful cast of everything has has connected devices on coverage with capacity to rename
NAT (simple)
detection of Intrusion (saws application of Prevention of the Threat), TWO PREVENTION, and IGMP snooping prevention (any one like this the rich characteristic like Sophos but still useful)
Can disable WPS, any HNAP, disables UPnP, disables quickly connect, disables login saws external coverage
the web that filter for time/of user of day/of day of week/ MAC allocution (any one like this the rich characteristic like Sophos but still useful)
Logging (simplified, more information down)
informing via email and text messaging
Wireless guest DHCP for IoT devices (also can disable coverage of guest)
QoS prioritization for device
Blockade for MAC
Enable/disable wireless for time of day/of day of week
Manual key to enable/disable wireless
WPA2/3 with PSK and company
Can be the server of RADIO (invernadero an application)
VPN functions of server (invernadero an application)
Can disable Admin account
Can change allocution of @subject and port for admin user
Superuser the signal has not limited
Subject admin the access can be forced on HTTPS
Ping/traceroute functions in issuing he
automatically Can update firmware and definitions of security or for time of day/of day of week
does not require registration to use
Can turn was all the unwanted characteristics
Stateful cortafuego with principles that read
source/dest cortafuego regulate for countries
characteristic of paste of account for all some principles ( is simple, fresco, effective) ( can see an effect of some principles)

the characteristic does not have and/or to the characteristics do not like
Of Any Useful cortafuego logging (any one the alive window or it foundation cortafuego register that beats) (the good regime that imagines has gone by that something is to block for your cortafuego principles)
Any masquerading for IP or MAC
Any definition of alíes Programmable still allocutions of IP and ports
Each one which cortafuego the principle is limited to 15 IP or port entrances
ready of IP of the Country is not organised by geographic location (difficult/tedious to block/leave for region)
WAN directs no defined for source/dest in cortafuego
Any cortafuego characteristic to silently containers to fall
Can not configure cortafuego when to, and when the no of register
Not issuing has based incoming anti-virus or malware scanning
Can not limit access of @subject for allocution of IP ( could be missing he)
A key of reset of the characteristic in each window is in the something bad (persisting question of usability in all Synology UI IMO) (súper easy to reset the characteristic with which are spent 30 minutes that configures)
External access to port 0 is blocked but a lot stealthed

With which reading all on, does not doubt to buy this product. I create it to be a better, the rich characteristic, the constant company, SOHO WIFI issue available to date. Hopefully Synology Will update his SRM BEAR YOU comprise some characteristics have listed that it does not comprise (then would be perfect, and any need for Sophos). In his current form, a RT2600ac can not compete with Sophos (but that beats of @subject and also be like this easily configurable) but is not feigned to.
4 / 5 Marcy
I have bought this like the substitution partorisca my Extremes of Airport. To the left say me, I still like a AE is and was utmost. As we say where come from/come from: ' they do a lot of & last the long time'. Unfortunately Apple has interrupted a line & any hope has had they never upgrading his software partorisca do king-configuring and adding the characteristic has died together with this decision. As I have been partorisca look for other options.
Has been with a RT2600AC reason after researching, this @subject there is had purportedly a combination of hardware and options of software that always had wished of the mine AE is.
A RT2600AC is like this simple or complex the subject wireless like the user loves it to be. I do not consider as 'technology savvy' but are also any 'the ignorant technology'. I have had one issues on-line signal and received interior 10-15 minutes of powering he up. Initial setup for the basic functionality was sincere. Coverage of a wi-fi the signal was like this good or better that my forward AE is. My edges (those who is the gamer) has said there is remarked that his time of IP was down (what good) and his FPS was to arrive (also the good thing), for all this good to a reviewers there. I have interpreted to to that likes him the speed of the data of one issues was better that a AE. Once an user takes to this point all is the subject of the personal needs & want. A unit has more functionality that the Knife of Swiss Army.
To the equal that will underline that it has found it useful like this far:
A unit identifies via his software of @subject of management SRM each device that connects his.
Then leaves an user to define the priorities and the limitations to these devices eat:
allocating priority of width of the band like an user can attribute priority to the device an user wants to ensure has connectivity more orders to an internet, owe a need is arisen (otherwords: if one looks TV has seen an internet but one of a kiddos is eating arrive all a connectivity that looks you video of Tube or touching HALO, then an user can attribute the main priority to a television to the equal that takes a precise connectivity in place of some two devices that struggles each one another for bandwidth and a television constantly buffering).
Also each device can be setup with limitations of bandwidth partorisca constrain that bandwidth any device will eat any time.
Each device can be setup with limitations as to content accesses. Places of adult, put of game, put with violence, etc.. It can be blocked for individual devices. Usually a pre-has done to filter the containers of a software suffice and can be attributed to some devices. There is also, this in spite of, a capacity to create the containers of the user done of commission, or has included a capacity to block put concrete web. EVERYTHING Of OF The EAST is done of one issues. Not going to several individual devices anymore to dip each unit possess parental control or another restrictive setting. Just register to a SRM in a computer and go the city. One can included dipped on one issues to NOTIFY YOU if any one is looking for to access the contained inappropriate and he will give a place and that user(s) has looked for to obtain his access. This characteristic handy investigation be drawn a lot so only partorisca to his use likes @subject of house but also like the wifi subject for the subject small.
On the this, gives graphic exposures of a quantity of bandwidth each device is eating and has included run an easy to follow report on use of bandwidth and desglosáis the one who the places are using a plus.
Interfacing To all his characteristics are done of a SRM (the web application based) but there is also an application of telephone loans that will leave it the access has limited to control this characteristic when one is out of a computer. Inside a SRM is capacity for external storage, services of cloud, VPN, security, and a lot a lot another characteristic. And of the subjects has characteristic handy that marks his simple and convenient use. Wifi Can be disabled/enabled of the push of the key in some subjects. Ossia Handy still troubleshooting or so only to take all an attention of the girls when have difficulties tugging they out of his devices to do his cry (one of the mine characteristic favourite!!!). Handy USB 3.0 & 2.0 right space in some subjects to connect external devices (i.et. Hard walks outsides) & included a SD space of Paper. There is four put you of Ethernet in some backsides so that has the need for the connectivity wired and included the simple on/was key to be able to up/down a unit.

I need partorisca refrain to write the novel here (reason can very included begin to list all a functionality of this unit) to the equal that to the left add on this way. A RT2600AC leaves an user to have total control of his/coverage of sound. If you are the person the one who precise simplicity to dip on the simple coverage or if Sheldon Cooper techy writes the one who is not happy unless has the million works concealed requires knowledge of long computing; this subject has a capacity to satisfy both needs. For those to go in, with the little reading (btw, SRM gives easy access the useful information) will discover useful capacities that far would owe that surpass your expectations but no your capacities/ know-that. The only time will say if a longevity / lifespan of one issues will be equal to this of my leading Apple AE is. Like this Good!!
5 / 5 Tesha
C subject is ideal according to which characteristic and potential. But I am running to the bookmark of questions. 1. A characteristic where 2.4 and 5 ghz is melted to the alone coverage that transports it to him calm connects to a legislation one has based in the row is FANTASTIC! This in spite of him no well with ready devices. My loan outlets can not connect his, wifi the text that/called/in my telephone no properly. Ossia Like this a lot is still in a verge that has to that buy a subject OLD to manage ready devices. I have not given up in this Synology will fix, but is HORRIBLE roughly answering the questions. Perhaps I will imagine it it was as to tweak the and the take to do properly. I require mine other devices to do!

A capacity to use this like the alone walk IN sound adds! It has it synology IN The and my amour for him is which pressed to take this subject. It would owe that it has been it warier of some things I hate in Synology, his shortcommings, and poor support. They are class of stuck with him ATM to the equal that can very at present resupply an alternative. IMHO Considering this subject is really for people that wants to setup and really maximice the one who his subject can do, these same types of people go to have ready devices that wants to connect it to one this could be the serious question for you.
4 / 5 Ranae
Looked to substitute the Nighthawk R7000 this is to be upload with Fresh Tomato, like the needs of my family have had outgrown his functionality and speed. After researching everything of a routers available a one has maintained to go back to era a Synology RT2600sc because of his speed, row, and applications. Of one takes-go this subject was the nightmare . An application clashed in his final step of setup and the little time afterwards. To cycling to be able to a subject has been presented with a main interface but there is remarked that it has not had any internet. Has the connection of edge that use PPPoe, and that would owe that it has been like this easy as entering in mine credentials during a main setup and connecting, turned to the day-long exercise in futility. When I Have been to revise some connections of internets, all was corrected and with which clicking a key to connect has received finally an error that says it has not been able to do like this. Tried the pair more time and at all. Paste a key of the power in a subject, restarted, tried to connect again and miraculously has done so much. Unfortunately, after an update has been applied, one issues to restart and a subject of connection is returned. It has done to reset of factory, has gone this in spite of a setup again, and after the while one issues finally connected to an internet. Once it had connected finally, the speed was less than ideal. A 500Mbps connection of edge, that that is to be verify invernadero the laptop has connected directly to a wall jack with the cat6 boss, produced less than 200Mbps in a 5GHz the canal that chairs the foot out of one issues. 20ft Out of one issues with the direct line of view taken roughly 40Mbps. Used OSX scanner of coverage to see the one who the canals were some better but changing them has not helped. Among a poor row and speed (more the look of people to be that they inform this @@subject caused by the recent update), and some subjects of connectivities concealed looked likes goes to be a subject in disposal forward, am returned this for the Nighthawk XR500 and could not be happier with a row and speed. It was to arrive and running quickly and all has done so only. Full and minimum reception WiFi speed of 250Mbps 2000 feet marries squared of two histories. It is possible has taken to uselessness , but based in my initial experience and a majority of the day squandered in a Synology, has not been has had to that discover.
5 / 5 Carmelita
Has bought this @subject to substitute mine Verizon-has rented one, which there has been spotty and times non-existent signal in my fourth and was a lot of pricey in $ 10/me he ($ 120/yr). Has internet of Edges so only, any TV, as I exchange a routers was easy (need to release an old to issue DHCP lease and then physically exchanges them). I comprise it is complicated more have also television of boss by means of Verizon quotes a coax connection but, to all the cost, has need of drive on-line some help.

This Synology the subject are adds. Has excellent wireless signal everywhere (a pair iPhones, an iPad, 2 laptops the, printer of brother, the few speakers of Sleeps; PS4 and Roku is wire fence, any that requires to be). One transports that it changes among 2.4 and 5Ghz is súper convenient. A characteristic of the control of the traffic is easy to configure. I also plugged in mine USB HDD and now have the decent IN The (backups of Car of Time of Apple, mainly). Probably also be using some parental controls in some futures and will inform behind himself suck for some reason, but probably any die my experience like this far with Synology. They are very pleased.
5 / 5 Britteny
Please Synology stick to IN The, is that calm right reason ossia bad on so the levels has been returned for repayment. If you are purchasing this reason calms thinks he in some special way enhance yours that exists Synology the action of compraventa thinks again and then run of this sloth in of the rabbits far one of some interfaces of worse user have each one which has experienced in the subject and thats speaks worlds. Has has wanted to this to do and Synology has done very hard of the mark for that to spend. Dulcemente Does not begin to describe some tortures are for to cause to calm purchases this device.
4 / 5 Verena
Has bought countless routers and ossia for far one the majority of stable. NOTE: I consider the prosumer, professional consumer.

Have On 8 wireless devices and on 20 wired devices and doing without the glitch. These produced has very characteristic, notably 'IDS' System of Detection of the Intrusion, among another. But I have bought this subject with an intention to take stability of coverage.

I torrenting, Netflix, local IPTV the services and this unit can manage it everything without breaking the sweat! Synology The work adds to maintain his up to date products with firmware upgrades that vulnerabilities to patch very known. I possess his IN The (Storage of Access of the Coverage) device and included when being on 5 years still resupply software/firmware updates. They are sure that will treat his routers with a same level of support of software.

Recommends all the world-wide to buy this unit, some instructions are a lot enough, included so that it is not 'coverage savvy'.
5 / 5 Art
Has spent more than 2 hours that hunts for this setting of configuration. I have looked for to open the question of the service and this was the total nightmare. You take place to the tree of the decision drawn for the engineer of coverage. I mean it begins it was with the cast of questions or zones of worries that rolls for three pages, with which selections the subject dips calm to another drop down listing questions concretise, calm then has to that enter your number/of serial of the model and he have had better accidents up with first 2 yours selections.
4 / 5 Elinor
I really like this @subject. Already it possesses it Synology IN The, and SRM is like this resembled DSM that some twist to learn was almost flat. I really like his characteristic of Prevention of the Intrusion, included although they take some time to dip up and potentially can retard down your connection of internet spends to enjoy speed on 200 Mbps. Which is not my chance.
HAS an application can install in yours telephone and compressed to direct one issue remotely, and included can enable 2FA for security added.
Like me some to the good touches like to be able to disable a WPS key, controlling a LEDs so that they are turned on or is gone in the schedule (likes, when you put to bed you).
A complaint, is that a characteristic of coverage of the guest no all this sake. Has an option to isolate a coverage that is well, but has looked for to use this to isolate mine iOT the devices and results, his so only the plain no in this coverage. They are unable to connect to an internet, connection to fall constantly, and when they do to do like this painfully slow. Oh, Well. Hopefully The update of software will fix this...
4 / 5 Leida
Has bought a RT2600 with an intention to use likes my subject of door, and later adding MR2200 is like this of the points of point, because of a system awesome interface of user and adds configurability. Setup Was relatively easy, has finalised to be disappointed with lack of stability. It had been using a Eero Pro setup that was fantastically stable, but limited in configurability.

Like him standalone @subject, a RT2600ac controls his own - but has no the found to be a stellar stand-was a lot of some descriptions allege it to be. The signal achieves and the force was decent, but to be just has improved action out of both mine Linksys EA8300 and EA9300 tri-band routers - 250 Mb/dry on 5GHz 30 ft was vs. 350+ With both of a Linksys unit. Ossia The dual-sell to issue, but with four currents. It is the good that looks to issue, very downloaded for dissipation of good heat, and exudes the quality feels. Setup Has seen an application was quite easy and uneventful, and an application resupplies good information in a subject, point of point(s), and has has attached clients.

A SRM (Synology Subject Monitor) desk Is stellar - very dipped was, the wealth of information and config options, and familiar and easy for these familiar with Synology IN THE SYSTEMS (I has many of these). A lot that one IN THE DSM (Manager of Canal of the Disk). A Synology the mobile application is also decent, but sometimes does not connect or hangs. Both an application and a desk AM YACIDO is accessible any in a local coverage or remotely.

Has bought the pair of MR2200 points of point of another place, and has bought a RT2600ac here on Amazon. It was able to dip on a MR2200 (I so only one of them) like the point of point with wired backhaul, and when it has done, my system was quite usable and everything of my devices has connected, but a MR2200 randomly disconnect, included like the point wired, and both the and some subject main frequently reboot and clients of drop. It is resulted extremely frustrating.
One of the negative entity is a RT2600ac taking for ever to reboot or shoes on being powered was, and mine reboots often.

Has used a Eero system that was quite stable and has had any real motivation to take touched of of, but was intrigued and has wanted to try a Synology the system was. Behind to a Eero has been, and I still use Eero. It has to that it weaves of devices - usually 115-120 on-line any time given, but mine Eero bosses he without @@subject, and a Synology the point apparently can any one, at least in my chance. I dipped it/ I dipped It on the diverse different time with a same result.
5 / 5 Palma
Stand out to issue, easy to dip until the take going, abundance of customization options. I upgraded of N version of Extreme of Airport of the Apple. Several immediate observations: the force of signal is compatible during a house of 2 histories and a basement (all far was corners to comprise), the speeds are considerably main, integration very easy with mine IN The (DS216+, comprising there is anticipated WOL, etc.). Has internet of optics of the edge with Zyxel subject of my provider, as I dipped it like this bend-NAT (Synology is to Zyxel like door, and then internet). It has dipped on port sending to IN The and RT2600ac in Zyxel and then in Synology subject he (comprising https/of http/etc) -- quite simple. Also it uses static DHCP reservations for all the devices of house, as this was an easy setup also ( leave so only add devices/MAC allocutions of DHCP ready of client, and then can regulate IP is and the himself has required names). And finally, I have configured MAC to allocution that filter.

An occasion here (hopefully that can be added in SRM later on, as I have not counted likes the negative star): there is neither the way to import MAC to allocution that ready of filters, neither to export he in some way -- you so only can modification directly and view in SRM screen. I have used in fact the XML of export of the configuration of Extreme of Airport to copy/paste MAC allocutions to a page to filter UI. Hopefully, Any of Synology law these descriptions.

In general although I am very satisfied with this compraventa -- subject modern with abundance of there is anticipated characteristic. Ergonomically Is also GOOD (any one yours Johny Ive creation, but at least does not adapt you an alien spaceship or something of film of Transformers).
5 / 5 Kermit
I add partorisca issue/point! Setup Was the breeze and of the works wonderfully with my RT2600ac. An interface of user is one of one has beaten in a phase with mobile application and desk browser the application has based that resupplies characteristic endless to customise your settings of coverage. I have had a RT2600ac partorisca almost the year and Synology DS1812+ then DS1817+ of 2012 remained with subjects of zeros. Highly recommended!
5 / 5 Coralee
Synology RT2600ac Is the subject solid. Already it possesses the Synology IN THE like this compraventa was the no-brainer. The excellent action and the Parental controls are exactly that has looked for. Setup Was extremely easy. To good sure would recommend this for any the one who is looking for the new to issue. Facilitated of use, the parental controls and the global flexibility this the subject perfect. In order for me for the trace in a wall, has had to scrape in the blockade of small forest to a first wall and then locate one issues his. No the big shot.
5 / 5 Carroll
Ossia My prime minister a lot-Netgear subject, like this was them very skeptical at the beginning. I have used WNDR3700 and R7000 in fact a lot of years and was generally happy with them. I have decided this in spite of search the different mark because of a poor quality of a recent Netgear firmware. Synology RT2600ac Is in different class. It is based in hardware looked the R7800, but the interface of user is very better and has the plot of there is anticipated characteristic. I am YACIDO Is intuitive and a lot looked the Synology IN The. Setup And firmware the update was flawless. The subject Is fast and of confidence. The signal is strong and any of my diverse cast of 30+ devices has any connectivity or of the subjects of compatibilities. Any one has fallen connections , any slowdowns, all just works. A coverage of signal is excellent. C subject is quickly, of confidence, friendly and full of there is anticipated characteristic, which is the scarce combination . I am maintaining it is one and not going back the Netgear routers. Take this @subject Yes is looking for the robust, hassle free action. Synology Would owe that consider add more ports of Ethernet and adapter of internal power to do this subject better even.
5 / 5 Micha
Does not seat sure in an internet anymore without this subject.

Has had to spend some time to imagine out of an integer 'Centre of Container' what. Having to that download a VPN, and the prevention of Threat is both Brilliant , and the Total Ache. I have it that has not had never issues it quell'has required to download a functionality, but if some the calm functions does not use is installed not even, can not be exploded or be the risk of security. I have downloaded once some containers for a VPN and a prevention of Threat was very impressed with some capacities and speeds of this subject. After configuring a Sure Access, and a Prevention of Threat, one issues quickly signalled out of an application in mine telephone that marries telephoned so only the little too often, knows that I bad. Of the those that time have written it URL wrongly, and was promptly hailed with the screen that inform - 'A web of place is blocked reason is recognised like dangerous. If you come from, your computer can be exposed to harmful programs.' A pair of time I only paste a behaviour in everything marries key. They were a lot of - I was in a wrong place... It is good to take some bosses on BEFORE volume to a page and my browser explodes with crazy adds... I recommend that it spend some time experimenting with some filters to find a right level of security for you. You can it wants to turn some things on, and has gone to see like affecting yours exploring. Calm also will require spent he in the walk of thumb of the USB for these functions, or is going to discharges he in the USB strolls Hard for one IN THE FUNCTIONALITY, can allocate the small quantity of that to run security.

Wants to allocate some time for setup. I think that that I have had at least 3 Firmware the updates for one issue. This was the good time to spend some time with a manual, that comprises the one who the containers are available and that it can do for you. A better know your to issue, a more thinks that calm that will want to.

I amour that database of attractive of multiple threat to maintain you sure. It configures one issues to calm email when it finds to something does not like . I setup a filter of email to maintain them all hover and of cluttering on my inbox. You can it wants to kill some of some alerts of low security. In some chances have found that this subjects the very better do to maintain sure then a AV in a desktops.

There is this those careers in the 400Mbps modem of Boss in a connection, and he 50 Mbps PPPoE DSL in another location. I am not never state happier with an Action and a Security.
4 / 5 Aracely
C subject has substituted an old plus Asus Ac68U subject. It has a lot of state pleased with this subject he all could loves and more. It is for a more advanced user would say But calm once learn an interface, is the breeze to cruised and place up.

His very powerful and an interface the calm fact so that it can do it so many things, and a security is powerful. I am surprised at present the one who robust a security is in this device and a quantity of characteristics of security for there is not anticipated only users but also boys. There is the tonne of customization according to that some settings as, has DIRECTED lights, WIFI Time, and another

A routers WIFI the signal is very strong and has the main support in a 5GHZ bands for some of some devices a lot late more that sustain some the additional frequencies and he has quite a lot of signal to do the very big house. One 2.4 GHZ the band is also very strong and rids abundance to accelerate included to some of some devices plus very late, as it does not think this tin @subject a lot he.

Now all this be has said that roughly action and streaming, cost well can current 1080P video of 4+ devices the time. Has some internet of fast boss but a way a subject directs the traffic is so only awesome! Any to mention you can augment your global speed and action for having the good DNS in a frame of subjects to augment locates a time of web page and ask all the connections.

Firmware Is to update regularly can has to that manually it updates firmware the most current version. I have had to update my @subject to one the majority of current manually and has begun then to update his self. There is load other characteristics and containers of available download thus subject recommends a 'protect of threat' the container but you will require the USB flashes the walk and I would use the USB 3.0 or the main walk does to a speed.

Is the add to issue, My so only another election would have been the new NETGEAR Nighthawk Pro Gaming XR500 because of a Prize and a New YOU. Or a Asus RT-AC88U Prize of same reason.
5 / 5 Almeda
Has moved of the D-the link issues this has done perfectly for years without any networking subject, to this with some intentions of having the plus configurable subject with better security. The characteristics look well, but so only no well. On-line gaming last night, all bondadoso of subjects of poor connection, which have not experienced never previously. It was it has had to that to attribute concealed to so only the coincidence. The current of the Synology IN You he Onkyo the receiver in the connection wired, and a current is cutting was and falling. Have prendido playback and restarted it, then logged to SRM to see yes could find something in the register in a question, which then entirely calms a current of music. Any subject in any registers. While I am exploring a web in mine Wins 7 computer for solutions, are having questions with the pages that uploads, and then remark the red X is intermittently looking in my icon of coverage, that indicates any connection of internet. How it is having subject of basic routing in mine LAN, and can not maintain the connection of stable internet. Again, I have not seen never any of these questions with my D-Link to issue. I guess some works of Wi-Fi FENCE IN, as it takes the star for that. But this is going back.
4 / 5 Jacklyn
Forces of signal in a prompt @@@1900s solid brick the edifice to walk are adds. Volume the decent 5 GHz signal by means of four brick cortafuegos down a period of my better paving that mine Netgear R7000 has not launched never. 5 GHz His really strong everywhere. 2.4 GHz better Spear by means of some need of wall and also has the signal adds. After the month to use has has not lost never a radio connection with 4 competitors of devices streaming, and until 11 total devices simultaneously transimtting (the majority is imposed of minimum data IoT devices).

One issues SRM the operating system is easy and very better that the majority, dips Netgear management of @subject the shame. SRM The management of devices could be better consolidated, but suspect one will improve with time. I possess it Synology IN The and SRM feels a lot that one IN THE DSM operating system; a lot looked feels, which is the good like DSM is fabulous. Has no toyed with one issues cortafuego, VPN or tweaked besides settings of basic security like SRM security baseline is a lot of format for the majority of chance of use. Any tried MIMO still.

An only drawback (and ossia that the imports loses in Synology breakings) is mountain of the wall is not possible out of a box. But, with 2 long rays and the bit of ingenuity easily can locate this in the wall (I already have). Still with east forgets, has to give to to 5 stars likes them to them the functionality of the core is that well.

In general, ossia the a lot of that satisfies to issue. Big Bang For a money.
5 / 5 Wonda
Am blown is gone in this thing. It has known no that to expect another those some people of technology had recommended has required it granular control.

HAS the fully-work them desk-like operating system! And it is in fact easy to use and snappy. And he eeeeeeverything. Of course it will take the moment to familiarise calm, especially yes accustoms linksys-fashionable web-has based UIs, but think of what time has taken to learn those. This will be immediately familiarised to any the one who there is has not used never Windows or Linux or Mac. I any precise to go to details, so only know yes calms is not never state frustrated with the subject that so only any that a concrete thing or a lot he well, this fact of @subject. He all some things. He the all well.

And is quickly! And robust. I have bought he for the Steamlink to the previously consecrated, crummy Netgear subject (no shabby Netgear produced. They are anti-consumer) that bricked he with firmware updates. And saint cow! Some of my devices are taking full 866 Mb/s taxes of scrolling in-coverage. It is by train to give me 400+ Mb/s On/Down in both mine desk and my telephone.

Steamlink Is buttery smooth. I have achieved the point where a quality can very possibly take any better, included in LAN. It is surprising. An only bottleneck is a steamlink decoder, he. ping, <20ms encodes, <1ms Gone in lag, and 40ms decodes time. (Now I am tried to build PC of centre of the means comunicacionales with the beefy processor...)

Sucks has had to launch down another $ 200 for the subject with which mine Netgear gimped he to install it firmware concealed he like this dulcemente was useless so that it has required, then would not leave me to go behind to the firmware this has done. But I am happy I expósito Synology. Ossia Of the subjects would owe that it has bought first.

Probably would owe that take the small SD the paper yes loves even more controls he so that has applications to install. Or use he for a variety of disk.

Simply fantastic.

[For some photos: “Inara” is my telephone . “Ingrid” is a desk PC (far plus to issue). “Stewart” is a steamlink (more afterwards to issue).]
4 / 5 Jeannine
Like this far like this good. It was able to setup 2 MR2200AC is like my only routers connecting with a boss of Ethernet to behind-haul a connectivity of MESH.

A TIP that has followed was the entirely dipped on a first device, (firmware updates, reboot etc), then to dip on a second device in a same room (any one the ethernet has connected to a second device). It joins him together with an interface of a first device and sinister fact of the updates (has taken to the long time likes them 40 of small). Finally, I have moved a second device to an opposite end of a house and has connected a LAN port of Device 1 to a WAN port on Device 2. After the pocolos small have found each one which so another and synced on just well.

Was it so only the few days but like this far all the looks that fiancée. Some only zones I disorder there is really with has forced the concrete canal in the each radio (date it car a step in other coverages). Also, I have touched around with the settings Done to commission to try for the force to use 5GHz for incumplimiento in place of 2Ghz. For me a difference was 20-50Gbps vs 190Gbps downloads of mine ISP. I assume I have left the only long enough would do it era. In general, for incumplimiento, 2GHz almost always has the signal has believed stronger, but 5GHz has less congestion and of the options of bandwidth of the widest canal. Like this enough it would have uses 80 force of signal 5GHz in place of 100 force of signal 2GHz. Your situation can be different.

In all the chance, the hopes add for my subject new. Like this far with which 20 years and he 5 or like this routers of diverse other companies his all left down finally. Maintaining my toes have crossed this one will be different.
4 / 5 Carlotta
UP TO DATE (Aug 16, 2019)
With a new firmware update SRM has built you-in DNS on support of HTTPS, leaving you to choose Cloudflare or Google sure DNS servers, like your ISP will not be able to snoop in your history to explore.

has taken this on December 2017, and think that ossia for far a better WiFi subject there, a characteristic of this subject comes with him simply is that it surprises, here is some of some characteristic main:

- Solid WiFi action of then day 1 (can manage multiple devices, any hiccup).
- A more advanced user interface.
- Far login to access one issues configuration.
- Coverages of guest.
- Can change a level to signal individually for each WiFi band.
- Some parental controls more anticipated the settings can think of.
- Supports DnsCrypt-proxy for more insurances DNS Surgeries.
- Frequent firmware the updates concealed to spend the bug fijamente and characteristic new.
- Can create Mesh WiFi, if I look you he with MR2200ac.

SURE ACCESS (control of profile)
Ossia my favourite application , reason amena one the lovely majority to this subject. Calm leave you to control an access of Internet for all some devices in your office/of house, with east can create you profiles, can think of the profile like the collection of settings of accesses of the Internet that can apply you to the group of devices. You can create the profile for your devices of boys, another for your guests, another for a TV of living room, etc, takings a picture .

For each profile believes, rests to:
- devices of Attribute.
- Dips Time of Internet (the leaves access so only in of the concrete hours).
- Dips Fresh of Time for day of week (for example 2hrs weekdays / 4hrs weekends).
- Has dipped the filter of Web (to protect the access of internet of the girl, as they do not finalise with malware, put of adult).
- Dip Google of Sure Investigation, Youtube and Bing.

Usually would recommend this @subject to any, this in spite of some knowledge of technology is necessary to fully explode this beast. An interface of user is really simple, this in spite of has to that it weaves of settings of coverage and concepts that would overwhelm the newbie.

has to that the calm plot more look can change, has decided this in spite of direct in one the majority of of entity some. In general, this has been a compraventa better has not done never, can rest in peace that knows that an Internet is very directed in my house.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
5 / 5 Delicia
flimsy Rollers, Some slides are exited of his plastic headlines while it dips mine IN The to the mine racks... And one in have fallen 3 feet that destroys 4 walks last with data in a process. These are cheaply has done... At all value a prize. Spent in your own risk.
5 / 5 Yukiko
Does like this expected. He the easy fact to slide tge server in and era. Any complaint.
4 / 5 Rex
Attaches to a cupboard, resist a Synology and his slide smoothly. Any much more partorisca say really.
4 / 5 Cary
Drive of quality, so only does not return RS2416+. A front racks the holes do not line on, there is any way to ensure to a front and prevent the appeal was.
4 / 5 Jc
Difficult to install, would have to be has drawn better. Take an hour so only partorisca install them.
4 / 5 Deetta
Easy installation with all a right mountain hardware. Well fact and has drawn. Installed with the RS815+
4 / 5 Cheree
Easy installs. Solid product. Although they are suppositions partorisca come with a RackStation partorisca beautiful the very better prize.
4 / 5 Yasmine
Has very used these on some years and they return and work perfectly with Synology RS serious IN THE DEVICES
4 / 5 Hiram
the little flimsy and the think it would have to that coming with a unit in planting to require to be bought for separate. We choose a rackmount version in a desk partorisca seat-on-one-version of shelf to the equal that can rackmount the. But we can the no. There is not any one drives and the does not love of the waste 1 or partorisca to shelf.

Top Customer Reviews: Synology NAS ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 14 ratings
5 / 5 Donnie
It Likes him a cpu beats and qualified by heart in this 4 of model of walk. But why any support for SHR and SHR-2. I have finished with RADII 6 but confused why very SHR which are one of some reasons I how Synology. Also have the DS1019+ and three DS918+ everything with SHR and SHR-to 2 support likes him why very in this unit of big final.
5 / 5 Jaclyn
The primary use is backing up 20 user of PC of final. My Western Digital (WD) the dead unit and has required something fast. Shipped immediately, has purchased 5 WD Red Pro 6TB the NOSE Strolls Hard Internal - 7200 RPM Classifies (one east the change , trust me fly the one of leftovers manually); it is to arrive and race inside minutes and fully operational in the hours of pair.

Easy to install, intuitive interface with good on-line help while precise. Using an application has comprised, Active Backup for Subject that implements data deduplication that conserves the enormous quantity of room of disk. That is to say the utmost characteristic . It does not know why it is not excelled in a description.

IS sold in Synology!
5 / 5 Joan
He that the card of strand has expected, semi-detached, each sake
5 / 5 Marquerite
For the small subject or for the user to house that the amours/require the solutions of NOSES that everything with ease, that is to say a perfect device .

GILIPOLLAS: Any SHR and only he 4Badia

PROS: all more.
5 / 5 Gwyneth
It likes a cpu beats and qualified by heart in this 4 of model of walk. But because any support partorisca SHR and SHR-2. I have finalised with RADI 6 but confused reason any SHR which is one of some reasons I like Synology. Also I have the DS1019+ and three DS918+ all with SHR and SHR-to 2 support likes reason any in this unit of big final.
5 / 5 Valene
Thinks two first times to buy this product. It takes Synology 12bay IN THE RackStation RS3617xs+ and installed 12 2TB SSD. Ever 24 hours he entirely the freezing and am not able to connect in an interface of web neither in SSH or with a Synology software of Assistant. My subject has indicated that one IN THE off-line era. A normal closed down partorisca press an on/was key in a front has not been possible, a FOCUSED so only headed to blinks blue partorisca always. An only way of the take that it runs again was partorisca pull a cord partorisca be able to and with which conceal partorisca turn the on again. After the few hours, a question still has arrived again. In a cup of this Synology the looks of support is guessing and a does not know there produces a lot . After a week issues it no solved and is not the substitution or repayment. As be careful and hard regime.
5 / 5 Louvenia
Has several Synology products which have been utmost as we purchase a Synology IN THE RackStation partorisca substitute the Mac server. It was easy to dip up and integrates with Windows Active Directories, so only that search. Have Roughly another expensive IN THE DEVICES that the work adds with Car of Time and is easy to augment a capacity of storage but does not integrate with Active Directory, which causes questions with of accidents the accesses/of the action. Happy finds a Synology has produced.
5 / 5 Wilfredo
The primary use is backing on 20 user of final PCs. My Western Digital (WD) the dead unit and has required something fast. Shipped immediately, has purchased 5 WD Red Pro 6TB IN THE Inner HARD WALK - 7200 RPM Classifies (one east change it , trust to love the one of leftover manually); it was partorisca arrive and that careers in of the minutes and fully operational in the hours of pair.

Easy to install, intuitive interface with good on-line help to the equal that has required. Using an application has comprised, Active Backup partorisca Business this active given deduplication to the equal that conserves the enormous quantity of spatial of disk. Ossia The utmost characteristic . It does not know reason is not underlined in a description.

Am sold in Synology!
5 / 5 Porter
All would require in the ad IN The. Some figure has paid 20x more with Netapp the few years done.
5 / 5 Desiree
Partorisca The subject small or partorisca the user partorisca house that wants to/ require the IN The solutions that everything with ease, ossia a perfect device .

GILIPOLLAS: Any SHR and so only to 4Bay

PROS: all more.
5 / 5 Cherise
Partidário Big of Synology produced. Although his support has been missing of mid-2016 when I have required the assistance with the volume has clashed. Mark sure has taken your material backed up!
4 / 5 Rufus
Believes it or no, buy this Synology IN THE to substitute the refrigerator takes-sized EMC appliance. For the fraction of a prize, and the fraction of a measure (and draw to be able to), is improving action. Quite wild. Ossia My first time that uses Synology and is has impressed extremely. Easy to configure and optimise, UI is súper intuitive.
4 / 5 Shirl
I have done with the little smaller Synology produced I I found the partorisca be very easy to configure and directed, while still resupplying good flexibility and the very long cast of formats and walks sustains given. Ossia A big plus has built, fill he with 16 Western Digital esd' 10TB walks. My aim was partorisca resupply a very big storage group, but have paste the pocolos hamper. One, calm can not surpass 108TB in the Group of Storage unless it builds your RAID that use the owner Synology formed - as it is not available in this model. As, when it creates the volume in the group of storage, is automatically a full measure of a group. There is some other ways that can create you flanges partorisca users like quotas, but this looks partorisca be the odd limitation partorisca a otherwise powerful product?

The action is 'a lot of very'. There are the controls of resource to the equal that resupply very statistical, albeit so only when you are looking in him. It say of another way,, minimise your browser or click the different tab partorisca resupply feedback. I have created two groups of storage, both RAID 5 using 15 of some 16 walks, leaving a pleasure the hot transmission. A background parity that the controls has taken roughly 16 hours partorisca complete and no really included dipped the dent in a CPU or memory. It was basically so only battling an insane number of platters partorisca 10TB hard walks.

A device is topping is gone in around 60 MB/s (concealed is megabytes by second) which is very decent!

According to which some extras go - Synology has many of them. There is some ad adds and Synology free products in there ossia very easy to add and take. Partorisca Chance, can buy one of these and to use likes him a controller of Active Directory, the server of topmast, server of web, Tomcat, etc. These would be utmost partorisca the subject small, although probably it add more RAM has begun partorisca add everything of those.

Likes another there is remarked, adding this appliance to your half of the AD is easy likes twisted. An interface of permissions is the little uncomfortable, likes investigation be built in a mindset that so only is adding the user of half alone or group of half the time ... But backside of travesías frequent to a window is not that big of the shot. I expect that it was directed in the future emission of software. Notification partorisca Email, SMS, etc is also very easy to setup and directed.

In general, has been quite impressed with some characteristic and action. Prpers Having done with very other terrible competitive products, can say it Synology well of the extra money!
4 / 5 Marguerita
A hardware is decent when it is doing properly. Synology The support in another hand is absolute rubbishes. I need the product that has support ossia there when calm the precise, does not buy the alone product of Synology.

Has had to contact Synology two times for the subject @of hardware has related that has caused a server to be off duty. During both chances take Synology for on 3 business days the same figure out of that caused a @@subject and even more with a longitude to repair and the solve.

His system of support is deeply defective and person in Synology cure. Calm can any never speak to any after your subject has been attributed to any one. His all communicate by means of his system of entrance and his time of typical response is 24 hours to the each alone response does. Like the simple transmission to answer his questions will take 24 business hours to answer to.

Top Customer Reviews: Synology M.2 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 23 ratings
3 / 5 Jim
I have purchased this to ask my DS1517+.
Installed Kingston dual 240GB NVMe and at all.
Accepts failure for not reading carefully enough, but included a support of technology takes advised that is to say the quite common complaint ...
Is feigning to use this to attach NVMe SSD Caching in a DS1517+ likes him I , the tight chairs. While it has known an anterior card would leave only SATA the speeds was supremely refreshing to see that a M2D18 can take advantage of a much faster NVMe protocol. So cual the dolt buys a card and 2 NVMe walks to take the things that vain.
Only to discover that this card does not enable NVMe protocol in a DS1517+,included although it is 'compatible'. If has a same situation, only can use SATA of a DS does not recognise a NVMe. I very want to Synology produced and while these attach ons is to good sure overpriced, usually law.
Personally thinks Synology would have to clear this better fact.
The consumer is directed to think that is attaching NVMe the protocol when is at all a case when using DS1517+

Again... hindsight When being that it is, yes accept that at the end they amiable of the calm left wing fulfil you probably very NVMe , but no....They fumbled to list compatibility here.... To well sure it has to there is the giant asterisk!
5 / 5 Anitra
Caching Backed By this action of helps of the card of server. Even so, it does not waste your money in those on too ram of compraventa to enter him. I have purchased two 1Tb cards for him and my NEED of the MAY of the server hides that a lot. Too bad a Synology DSM the software does not leave you to turn this card in the RAID 0 volume for fast and soiled files.
5 / 5 Brenda
This there has been the very positive impact in an action of my Synology, which are setup with SHR2 5 walks that use 2 nVME like hides/to write read for a BTRFS volume. It IS esteem a money, very and'd says it totally depends in your use yes has the small dispatch with thousands of files or photos then yes perhaps, overtime while they take cached will see the perceivable improvement, even so it only is storing mesos comunicacionales big then very probably see any difference excepts when copying/debit in a unit of NOSE.
1 / 5 Hulda
You have to choose wisely when considering the buying. You have to read a list of compatibility in Synology. Different of his anterior model M2D17, this adapter also accepts NVMe. A ridiculous thing is that a compatibility of this adapter is different of a compatibility of a NVMe. For case, this adapter is compatible to list with DS1817+. Even so, ONLY SATA the types are used when he is installed with DS1817+. If you have installed he with NVMe, a DS does not recognise . To arrive to this point, is included like M2D17 with the prize the cheap plus.
5 / 5 Jeanine
Card of earnest adapter that accepts 1-2 SSD. All the hardware has required comprised. I have posed in two identical 1 TB WD Blue SSD. Fast installation, hurriedly posed up in DSM, and now big fast SSD the hides is up and race. Already seeing paste of action. If has the Synology NOSE that is compatible, that is to say the no-brainer. That is expecting stops?
5 / 5 Shane
DS1819+ Together with 2 Crucial P1 500GB 3D NAND NVMe PCIe M.2 SSDs - CT500P1SSD8 - Read/write hides it has enabled. The works add!
5 / 5 Michaele
Work as it has expected. Expensive, but is the product of quality .
5 / 5 Von
Connected in my DS1819+ with two m.2 PCIe And is doing perfectly. Some people have said any work with PCIe, but is only concrete DS models these laws with. Mark sure yours is compatible before buying east.
5 / 5 Walker
I have purchased this partorisca ask my DS1517+.
I installed dual Kingston 240GB NVMe and swimming.
Accepts failure partorisca not reading attentively enough, but has included a support of technology rep there is advised ossia the quite common complaint ...
Is feigning Use this to add NVMe SSD Caching to a DS1517+ taste , seats tight. While I have known a leading paper would leave so only SATA the speeds was extremely refreshing to see that a M2D18 can explode a much faster NVMe protocol. As well as the dolt buys a paper and 2 NVMe walks to take the things that goes.
Only to discover that this paper does not enable NVMe protocol in a DS1517+,included although it is 'compatible'. If has a same situation, calm so only can use SATA of a DS does not recognise a NVMe. Really I want to Synology produced and while these add ons is to good sure overpriced, his usually laws.
Personally thinks Synology would owe that clear this better fact.
The consumer is directed to think that is adding NVMe protocol when it is at all a chance when using DS1517+

Again... hindsight When being that it is, yeah accepts that finally his bondadosos of sinister calm know probably have NVMe , but fumbled to list compatibility here.... To good sure was necessary to have the giant asterisk!
5 / 5 Carlena
Caching Sustained by this action of helps of the paper of server. This in spite of, does not squander your money in that shabby on too ram to go in. I have purchased two 1Tb papers for him and my server do not need NEVER to hides that a lot. Too bad a Synology DSM the software does not leave you to turn this paper to the RAID 0 volume for fast and soiled files.
5 / 5 Bea
This there has been the very positive impact in an action of mine Synology, which is setup with SHR2 5 walks that use 2 nVME likes hides/to write read for a BTRFS volume. It is value of the money, well the d dictate it totally depends in your use has the small office with thousands of files or photos then yeah perhaps, overtime to the equal that take cached will see the noticeable improves, this in spite of himself so only is storing mesos comunicacionales big then any calm probably see any difference excepts when copying/uploading to one IN THE UNIT.
4 / 5 Fannie
Has to that choose wisely when considering the buying. You owe that read a cast of compatibility in Synology. Different of his leading model M2D17, this adapter also accepts NVMe. A ridiculous thing is that a compatibility of this adapter is different of a compatibility of a NVMe. For chance, this adapter is compatible listing with DS1817+. This in spite of, SO ONLY SATA the type is used when he is installed with DS1817+. If you have installed he with NVMe, a DS does not recognise . To arrive to this point, is still likes M2D17 with the most economic prize.
4 / 5 Norris
There is desplegue two of these. Perfecto for creation. It is the 24 -route PCI transmission of IDT/Renasas, number of part 89HPES24T6G2, more the Marvel 2-port SATA controller in a backside. It is one 8 -route physicl and logical connection in until PCIe 2.0 speed. Each one which as M.2 space sustains any Sr-nail SSD while they are both SATA or both NVMe. In NVMe way, ossia he 4 -route PCIe space. Entirely, it uses 16 of some 24 routes, meaning a PCIe the transmission is not never there is overburdened.

Linux automatically sustains this transmission, but a career of version dips a phase. When This paper has to do fault on two NVMe walks, could see him, but has write grieves to any of them, goes to I/Or aborts, timeouts, and hanged until powered was. Two of these papers, 4 totals NVMe walks. No the subject of bad device. I am using OVM Server . Pulling a NVMe the loose walks, and plugging his to so only-walk risers, law well, how is related specifically the PCIe changing. There is a ASM paper in a phase that does a same thing, and perhaps better work. I did not try it. There is the paper of raid of big point that some people have there has been sucedidos with.

Doing investigation, the looks acts of still code that goes in in Linux and FreeBSD for these classes of errors. Perhaps, some the newest emission would do this work, but concealed does not help for a distribution of Linux of the company today.

Synology HAS concrete hardware and concretise builds to solve this question, and some of him can be throttling an action of the each route a bit in a kernel, managing TRIM orders, managing orders of reset, etc.

Perhaps in OVM 4 and RHEL 8 will see something stable, but today, so only can not use these in the standalone system of Linux.

This has said, ossia my limitation . A hardware are adds. An assembly of the tank of the heat is a lot has thought was. A box of ray is perfect, and comes with both low and full profiles backplates. It looks clean, very drawn, and so only in general the piece adds of hardware. Also, a prize is excellent so that it is. It is very competitive. If has the data endures Synology variety of storage, or is on embroiders of Linux of bleeding, or is using SATA M-walks Keys, then this could be the option adds for you.
4 / 5 Clara
DS1819+ Together with 2 Crucial P1 500GB 3D NAND NVMe PCIe M.2 SSDs - CT500P1SSD8 - Read/write the hide there is enabled. The works add!
4 / 5 Sylvia
Paper of sincere adapter that accepts 1-2 SSD. All the hardware required has comprised. It has dipped in two identical 1 TB WD Blue SSD. Fast installation, quickly dipped up in DSM, and now big fast SSD the hides is on and that careers. Already seeing swipe of action. If has the Synology IN THE ossia compatible, ossia the no-brainer. That is while to?
5 / 5 Mallie
Connected to the mine DS1819+ with two m.2 PCIe And is doing perfectly. Some people have said a lot do with PCIe, but is so only concrete DS models that read with. Mark sure yours is compatible first to buy east.
4 / 5 Fredric
Is going squander It in the big stairs Synology, this and the pair of big action M.2 SSDs Is the no brainer. Easy to install and configure, add the massive swipe in speed, especially is doing multiple streaming activity a same time. Has one in mine 8 bay Synology IN The and his fact the enormous impact in mine mean comunicacionales streaming, both house and offsite street PLEX.
4 / 5 Ronnie
These works of the paper a lot takes caching. But it attended use a SSDs like this of the separate volumes, then concealed is not an option. Mark sure taken a type of SSDs your supports of server (SATA or NVMe). This paper, he, sustains both.
5 / 5 Lowell
I have installed this paper in mine Synology DS1819+. Bought the pair of Crucial P1 500GB 3D NAND NVMe PCIe M.2 SSDs ( CT500P1SSD) partorisca go with him. It installs it was easy. The sum of laws of the paper.
5 / 5 Latrice
Has used in Synology DS and is an easy installs. He operates it in fact!
4 / 5 Eulah
The work adds. Calm give you an extra space partorisca the pair of fast hides walks yes has wished.
5 / 5 Magaret
Acts like this expected. Expensive, but is the product of quality .
4 / 5 Gayle
Easy installation and has been treating well never of then. Installed 2 1TB SSD‘s and dip the on partorisca 1TB read and 1TB written partorisca my volume of entertainment.

Top Customer Reviews: Synology 2 bay NAS ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 59 ratings
5 / 5 Brent
The installation is the breeze . The software is totally reliable and relatively easy to use. No the only glitch in month and quite exited of a box.
The hardware is big quality . The action is flawless. All when being same professional note although that is to say basically the product of entity of the consumer.
Some capacities of this thing far surpasses that need and am usually the demanding user.

Takes one extra 4GB expansion by heart for him ( can take the 3 celebrates one, look in CT4G3S186DJM), and 2GB ships with east ails enough and with 6GB probably did not see never &62;50% it uses by heart. But take to turn of a compression by heart 'characteristic' in a poster of control. If there is a complaint has in this product, is that this compression by heart comes enabled by default.
5 / 5 Jannette
Left my last Synology on during 5 years and a ethernet the port is died. This one has the fastest processor likes him common clearly 1080p/1080i without maxing an action of my anterior canal. The only thought mine is that a canal has to beep when has fault of hardware of entity. Instead everything of some continuous lights flashes while it has taken at all he through for my back ups. Fun thing to learn a week the project of entity is planned and your accidents of computer.
4 / 5 Rhonda
I have bought this cual the server of means comunicacionales in a recovery that is able of 4k on-the-fly transcoding, but found concealed and has had to to install PLEX and enables a hardware transcoding option to take he in current the 4k video. It does not expect He in current two the time yes has the a lot of-house of user. It IS pertinent, but 4k streaming is your intention and calm has one extra $ 125, would recommend a DS918+ instead.
2 / 5 Vena
I have bought this does the month, and has been having compatible subjects. After the month to return and advances, has taken this response , which signify THAT ALL MAC the COMPUTERS BACKED HAS REQUIRED ABOVE NOSES of the the to BE WIRED. Has the 140MB/s connection through WiFi.

-- Original demand <shortcut>
A tax in a modem is 144Mb/s. I am able to do the test of speed in an internet of 105Mb/s. A NOSE is connected in some subjects directly with a ethernet cape.

-- Of Synology

is has advised highly these backups of Machine of the Time (and backups in general) when being done in the connection wired. The connections wirelessly have the planned inherent instability separate in a number of ways of interference (basically anything can interfere with the wireless signal). It Likes him it wired the connections have very of the few ways of interference his stability is unprecedented and like the highly advised result for any half of scrolling for sensitive data.

Diagrams of the time in general has the number of the subjects that draw of the grandson instability this comprises that it was seen by machine to Time to be corruption of backup. This can result require to re-create a task like the integer, or supremely low speeds because of constants retries of scrolling of data.

Left me know has any additional questions.

5 / 5 Kathryne
The look will be earnest! I do in him and he has battled through posing on my own NOSE and manually doing everything. Synology Has attacked he out of a ballpark with these devices. Has update only of the 216j in a 418joc and could any one when being any happier. Absolutely it wants that it was easy to emigrate a device and I 100 percent says all the world knows to buy these devices! I am not paid by Synology for this description is only the adherent of his squad! The purchase adds could not ask anything more than the NOSE!
5 / 5 Freddie
That is to say my second Synology unit. An in the first place was the DS213, which are also utmost but has required some 4 bays and a functionality augmented of this unit like the server of video is sum for me.

These Synology the units are the solid of NOSES of rock. One is very stable. They are expandable and provides the storage of RAID has protected. Pose up is very easy. There are tonnes of documents of available help and the available videos in some internets require the.

In general the product adds need the NOSE.

Perhaps a better thing can say is that I have not known that required one of these until I have bought easterly unit
5 / 5 Diedra
My anterior diskstation has suffered harm to relieve. I have expected that it can emigrate a data, like the disks were subjects to dream when a paste to relieve.

Was careful to call and take some instructions and software to help emigrate me my data ( was very useful in a process).

Carefully transferred some disks in some same void in a new device, has begun his software, and when say me that that looks a data could be it has emigrated clicked COAST and is gone to dine. After the dinner is returned to verify in a migration. It IS fact , and a NOSE has been ready to use. State using he for the few weeks now without problems.

Wishes all was so easy to emigrate/the place up like this was.
3 / 5 Rosie
In general I very wants this product, even so last earlier week found my DS418play to be off-line. In the further found investigation a unit was was. I have tried it restart the and he no when being pas able up at all. I have crossed then a process to ensure that it has taken it to it to him at all unplugged, all the connections were tight.

All can say is thank you 2 guarantee of year so that I have achieved has been in Synology and in 8 hours to of the archive the entrance of support has been estada in consonance by a 'Advanced' RMA. Desprs Giving synology the card to regulate to have in the file in case that does not return an old unit I then expected during 30 hours in front of a unit of the substitution shipped included. I have paid for 2 it ships in the daytime so that UPS the earth has been to be 5-7 business days. It has to arrive this afternoon, hopefully a migration of some walks goes softly and I any one loose any data.

Again, in general is happy with this product. I use it how he Plex Server of Means comunicacionales, Server of Email, Server of Web, and for Storage of basic Mesh. The accident was to good sure problem.
5 / 5 Cleo
I have bought this to substitute a pair to age of Zyxel 2 point of boxes of bay of storage in my point of house. 1 For personal data and another for 24/7 register of 2 cameras of IP.

Setup Was the breeze. No-guides of tool sure walks in his cages. Finding a NOSE in my point done without the problems that uses an allocution of the web expsita in a manual. Of there it was able in setup a software of management to access everything of some functions through the browser of web.

Was pleasantly surprised in a creation of a web UI. It was able to create the RAID 0 and ASSAULT 1 volume with relieving in 4 walks. An in the first place for registers of camera of the security, and a second for personal data. Doing the actions through one YAC is easy likes cake. After opening a port of HTTPS in my subject and attaching the firewall regulates, that is to say now my new little accessible cloud anywhere! This apparently has the software that requires the Synology login to access without subject of port parameters, but that it is under my canal and I have any necessity to give them very personal info or traffic of web.

Has bought also this NOSE because of a container of available surveillance. I do not want the independent PC for registers of camera of security of IP, and an utility of web in my cameras that traffic of the unit in my old NOSE was bogging my low point bit it. Desprs Downloading a container of surveillance, a CAM of IP setup was the breeze and was to arrive and current for 24/7 inner register besides or 10 minutes less. It can any one when being any happier ditching the utility of web of a camera in record.

Has battled with a prize for the bit while it questions it that exactly this was to do prendi. Subject Or users of house? And I guess a response is yes in so much, with limitations in a business end that will not be paste until you begin to take in meso in the levels the big plus of constant traffic, and limitations very small for the user of power of the house. Desprs Taking does not have any problem that justifies a prize. Especially given some problems have had in storage of point of boxes to note smaller.

Will be to use this for personal use as well as it recommends in the clients of pair of small subject that is looking for some updates. I am not usually or to give 5 stars, but there is still to find the reason in deduct anything for my case of use. It IS sper the calm and all precise in, and fast!
3 / 5 Aura
Bought this product based in descriptions. Bought a WD 4T Red walks. It inserts/ to insert the, powered up, run through setup, in reboot, has taken to blink blue light of fatality (BBOD - google he). The support has contacted. Inserted only a walk and able to complete setup. Attaching other disks have taken literally in 3 DAYS!!!!. At the end, this morning it has taken an each complete, all look very (still have run an extensive test LOANS what past). Powered Under YAC of road to move unit. Power on and BBOD. I will contact to back and the flavour updates this there is the mere solution.

Update: it results that I have to reseat my annex in memory. It opens I can He of device reboot! It has attached only a RAM after a system was installed fully when moved the in a final location.

Open Cela is doing, apresamiento tax of scrolling (writes tax) of solid 113Mbps using the browser of tugs of falls/of windows!

So many, the action adds is patient with a setup.

Commentaries, that my BBOD - cual has taken probably 10 times while it has battled for the take work - aimed any light another that a light to be able the blue. It expect that a device could kick and establish contacting before lacking with some disks. A device is not available in a grandson - has tried a synology assistant.

This creation is less issues that ideal. I am guessing that there is the problem of delivery of the power and that some disks can not finish initialise. I can listen some disks constantly try to look. It can be cement in my unit, any road to learn so that, again, the creation requires some disks to be available before he init is a point.

1. The unit would have to have enough flashes/of ram to kick and be discoverable - by everything means of state of disk
2. It does not have to take DAYS to initialise/attach disks. These are marks new disks for cryin out of strong. Only attach them. Faiths Your controls of consistency or anything in a fund.
4 / 5 Ivory
The installation is the breeze . The software is totally of confidence and relatively easy to use. No the only glitch in month and quite a lot of starts of a box.
The hardware is big quality . The action is flawless. Everything feels same professional note although ossia basically the product of note of the consumer.
Some capacities of this thing far surpasses that I need and are usually the demanding user.

Takes an extra 4GB expansion by heart partorisca he ( can take the 3rd celebrates one, look on CT4G3S186DJM), likes 2GB ships with east grieves enough and with 6GB probably does not see never &62;50 use by heart. But agree to turn of a compression by heart 'characteristic' in a poster of control. If there is a complaint has in this product, is that this compression by heart comes enabled for incumplimiento.
5 / 5 Kina
Has left my last Synology on for 5 years and a ethernet the port has died. This one has the fastest processor likes common clearly 1080p/1080i without maxing an action of my leading canal. The mine so only thought is that a canal has to that beep when has fault of hardware of entity. Instead everything of some continuous lights flashes while swimming has taken by means of still my rear ups. What amused to learn a week the project of entity is foreseen and your accidents of computers.
4 / 5 September
Has bought this like the server of means comunicacionales in a claim that is able of 4k on-the-fly transcoding, but has found that it has had to them install PLEX and enable a hardware transcoding option for the take the current he 4k video. Not to expect it the current two the time has to that a lot-house of user. It is pertinent, but 4k streaming is your intention and calm has an extra $ 125, would recommend a DS918+ instead.
4 / 5 Sana
Has bought this does the month, and has been having subject compatible. After the month to go back and advances, has taken this response , which indicates THAT ALL MAC the COMPUTERS BACKED ON REQUIRING BE WIRED To the IN The. Has the 140MB/s connection by means of WiFi.

-- Original question <shortcut>
A tax to a modem is 144Mb/s. They are able to do the test to accelerate to an internet of 105Mb/s. One IN are connected to one issues directly with a ethernet boss.

-- Of Synology

is there is advised highly that backups of Car of the Time (and backups in general) be the treaties in the connection wired. The wireless connections have intrinsic instability foreseen separated to a number of means of interference (basically anything can interfere with the wireless signal). Like edge the connections have a lot of pocolos means of interference his stability is unprecedented and like the highly advised result for any half of scrolling for sensitive data.

Diagrams to time in general has the number of the subjects that draw of coverage instability that comprises that it was seen by Car to Time to be corruption of backup. This can result require to re-create a task like the whole, or extremely low speeds been due to constant retries of scrolling of data.

Left to know has any additional questions.

5 / 5 Helga
In general really love this product, this in spite of last earlier week has found mine DS418play to be off-line. To the investigation further has found a unit was was. I have tried it restart the and he not being able to on at all. They are then spent for a process to ensure that at all it take it unplugged, all the connections were lake.

All can say is thank you 2 guarantee of year because I have achieved was to Synology and interior 8 hours to file the entrance of support has been estada in consonance for a 'Anticipated' RMA. After giving synology the paper crediticia to have on file in the chance does not return an old unit I then expected for 30 first hours of a unit of substitution has shipped included. I have paid for 2 nave of day because UPS the earth was to be 5-7 business days. It have to that arrive this afternoon, hopefully a migration of some walks goes smoothly and I any free any data.

Again, in general am happy with this product. Utilisation likes him he Plex Of Server of Means comunicacionales, Server of Email, Server of Web, and for Storage of basic Coverage. Clashing was in question sure good.
4 / 5 Kareem
The look will be sincere! I do in him and I have struggled by means of dipping on my own IN The and manually doing everything. Synology Has attacked he out of a ballpark with these devices. I so only upgraded of the 216j to a 418game and I could not be happier. Absolutely it loves like easy is to emigrate a device and I 100 percent say all the world was to buy these devices! I am not paid for Synology for this description are so only the defender of his crew! The cost adds could not ask anything more than the IN The!
4 / 5 Lavelle
My forward diskstation has suffered harm to relieve. I have expected that it can emigrate a data, like the disks were in way to sleep when a swipe to relieve.

Was careful to call and take some instructions and software to help me emigrate my data ( was a lot of gain in a process).

Has transferred attentively some disks to some same spaces in a new device, has begun his software, and when I said that that looks a data could be emigrated I clicked GOOD and has gone to dine. After the dinner have gone back to verify in a migration. It is fact , and one IN has been ready Him to use. I have been using he for the few weeks now without questions.

Wish all was like this easy to emigrate/the place on like this was.
4 / 5 Sherril
Ossia My second Synology unit. A prime minister was the DS213, which are also adds but has required some 4 bays and a functionality augmented of this unit like the server of video is utmost for me.

These Synology the units are the solid of mecer IN The. One is very stable. They are expandable and resupply the STORAGE of RAID has protected. It dips up it is very easy. There are tonnes of documents of available help and the available video in some internets if his precise.

In general the product adds need the IN The.

Perhaps a better thing can say is that has known no that has required one of these until I have bought is one.
4 / 5 Giuseppina
Has bought this to substitute a pair to age of Zyxel 2 coverage of boxes of bay of storage in my coverage of house. 1 For personal data and another for 24/7 register of 2 camera of IP.

Setup Was the breeze. No-you drive of tool sure walks in his cages. Finding one IN The in my coverage done without the questions that use an allocution of web expósita in a manual. Of there it was able to setup a software of management to access everything of some functions by means of the browser of web.

Was pleasantly surprised in a creation of a web UI. It was able to create to RAID 0 and RAID 1 volume with relieving on 4 walks. A prime minister for registers of cameras of the security, and a second for personal data. Doing actions by means of one AM YACIDO is easy likes twisted. After opening a port of HTTPS in mine @subject and adding the cortafuego regulates, ossia now my new little accessible cloud anywhere! This apparently has the software that requires the Synology login to access without @subject of port settings, but ossia under my canal and I have any needs to give them very personal info or traffic of web.

Has bought also this IN THE Been due to a container of available surveillance. I do not love the standalone PC for registers of cameras of security of IP, and an utility of web in my cameras that traffic to walk to the mine old IN THE era bogging my coverage down bit it. After downloading a container of surveillance, a CAM of IP setup was the breeze and was to arrive and when being announces 24/7 inner register of roughly 10 minutes. It can not be happier ditching the utility of web of a camera to register.

Has struggled with a prize for the bit while the questioned the one who exactly this is to be do partorisca. Business or users of house? And I guess a response is yes to both, with limitations in a business end that will not be paste until starts to take to half to the main levels of constant traffic, and limitations very small for the user of power of the house. After taking does not have any question that justifies a prize. Especially given some questions have had in storage of coverage of boxes to note smaller.

Will be to use this for personal use as well as recommending pararprpers small business clients those who are looking for a upgrade. They are not usually one to give 5 stars, but there is still to find the reason to deduct anything for my chance of use. It is súper the calm and all require it to, and fast!
5 / 5 Jacqui
In the first place was - I has obtained MCSE certification behind in a mid-@@@1990s, am not new his or the storage of coverage advanced. It has dipped on a lot of solutions of backup and here is my impressions of a Synology has produced.

1. An installation and the configuration am not a lot directly advances. Basically it has his own operating system and is not very intuitive. A more is that ossia very apparent he so that it has to that it weaves of youtube the video that explains a basics of a system. A lot of TLA is and confusing options of configuration to wade by means of.
2. It beat of backups and more certainly goes bribed, for any reason, without explanation of Synology, included with the solid UPS has attached.
3. If has a @@subject - can take it weeks to research - sometimes without resolution.
4. If your group degrades, your data still will be there - but calm will not be able of the copy was, included in read-only way.
5. If has a @@subject - sustain sometimes can not guarantee a device is operating properly - like this turned a wheel again dreading another accident.
6. You will require the backup all a data in this device - or there is the casualidad well calms will lose it.
7. You can do a calm mathematics, in $ 500 the pop, without walks - there are ways easier to data of backup. The cloud is much more economic - stand-the alone walks are much easier and in general less than eating time - for a prize of this device, can buy has consecrated driven with the looks of coverage concealed is second more robust looks with before configurations more right.
8. Backing On your backup of the complicated IN THE STRIKE a point of the like the IN are supposition to fulfil.
9. A myth of 'lose a pipe and maintain going' is so only concealed - the myth. It does not trust your data with this product.
10. You can take plex to do in this device, but will spend more the time that configures it that looking anything. When you Want to use he - the connections usually owe that be reset to tweaked strike a pleasure that is supposition to do .
11. A thing is súper feeble in a department of RAM.
12. If it love administrator of touch in your coverage of house, and think of this like this the hobby - more yours tin - for 98 of a population of civilian this thing is not so only the waste of funds, is the waste complete of time.

The will not spend you peace of alcohol, will be to dread a day your data goes to lose. The desire has not seen never this thing - and all one súper positive youtube descriptions? The majority is paid or is paid with free train.
4 / 5 Detra
Bought this product based in descriptions. Bought a WD 4T Red walks. Inserted his, powered on, has run by means of setup, in reboot, has taken partorisca blink blue light of death (BBOD - google he). The support has contacted. Inserted so only a walk and able to complete setup. Adding other disks have taken literally on 3 DAYS!!!!. Finally, this morning it take one all complete, all looks a lot of ( have run a long test LOANS the one who past). Powered Down street AM YACIDO partorisca move unit. Power on and BBOD. I will contact support and try update this there is the simple solution.

Update: it results that I have had to that reseat my add in memory. Now the device can reboot! I have added so only a RAM after a system was installed fully when I moved it to a final location.

Now that is doing, take imposed of scrolling (writes imposed) of solid 113Mbps using the browser of windows tugs/drop!

So much, the action adds is patient with a setup.

Commentaries, that my BBOD - to the equal that has taken probably 10 times while I have struggled for the take working - has aimed any one light another that a light of blue power. Waits that a device could kick and establish networking before it fail with some disks. A device is not available in a coverage - I has tried a synology assistant.

This creation is way less than ideal. I am guessing that there is the question of delivery of the power and that some disks can not finalise initialising. I can listen some disks constantly try to look. It can be concrete my unit, any way to know reason, again, the creation requires some disks to be available before he init is a coverage.

1. The unit would owe that have enough the ram/flashes still to kick and be discoverable - to all the cost of state of disk
2. It do not have to that take DAYS to initialise/add disks. These are marks new disks for cryin out of strong. So only add them. Do your controls of consistency or anything in a fund.
4 / 5 Karlene
Has required to develop my space of backup, and there was state that loves to try out of Plex.

Like the IN The, I really like a Synologys. I have been using the DS213j for five years without @@subject. This one does essentially one same.

A a subject @minor ossia different in a DS418Play is that it is noisier that a DS213j. Of by means of my office of house, like this roughly 10 feet was, a DS213j is almost silent, while a DS418Play is quite clearly audible. And, I am seating in the office with two turn PCs, so that has the fair has bitten of noise that are by train for the listen on. I have included dipped some acoustic foam drop the, in the chance was the resonance with some leaves lateralmente that has caused a question. This has done a lot noticeable difference. It is not offensively strong. But, in the dipping the calm plus, underlines. If possible, dipped this in a unattended space.

Like him Plex server, has had some configuration PEBKAC subjects. It say of another way,, my deceptions. The word consulting: For Plex and some programs of loaded to look for and content of download, (radarr, sabnzbd, etc) decides master directly Synology applications, or Docker images. A tutorial signalled in Docker and another in Synology. It can any the never take to speak to the each one which as another properly. A mapping of the file does not exit . So much, have has had to that nuke a side and reinstall all in another. I have seen any noticeable difference among some versions, how is mostly personal preference. I have been with Synology applications.

Once has taken that have dipped order, work. But, while a real downloading of the content goes quite smoothly, once begins to unpack/organising a bit downloads a CPU widget shows 90+%. So many, is impossible to look even the alone video while in a process to spend in new content. Seriously I am considering using an of my old cars or that take to Raspberry Pi to offload these tasks.

When Touching video, under a free version of Plex a CPU begins to choke in any one main content that roughly 20 Mbps. It can a lot of that runs even the video with only that the big plus bitrate that concealed. I have purchased one spends besides, and with decoding of hardware, was able the current two 20 Mbps film a same time. But, a monster 56 Mbps film I grabbed overwhelms included a decoder of hardware partorisca just the alone current. Will have that Optimises this film before I can look it.

So much, after the few months of IN The use and the few weeks of Plex use, can say that ossia an excellent IN The and he passable Plex server. No servant the busy house of Plex users. But, servers one or two, while his grab his new content so only pending go them time.
5 / 5 Terence

am spent an enormous quantity to time to try to do this IN THE LAWS like the server of means comunicacionales still all files of mine. Law a lot takes a lot of types of files of video of the lowest resolution (p. p.ej. 1080), But when it avenges to 4K or same video, fight with files of mine Mavic 2 Pro and the heroine Goes Pro 7. Apparently ossia because of the register of tax of has bitten big in these devices. Also I will add that it was much faster that my old ds215J and has had considerable value in that. The feeling was bit it too hard, am clashing my description of 2 stars to 3. Hopefully, My description of a DS420Play when it exits will be 5 star. I will be to expect impatiently until then.

Original description
has had two Synology 215Js of then 2015 concealed to do fault me faithfully like the server of basic file/IN The, one in my house and one in my office. This in spite of, reason locate in of the years, has not used a RAID setup (that me walks of ages of nervous data) and has wanted to be able the better tent and access half comunicacionales familiar of telephones, drones, GoPros and whatnot , has thought roughly buying some new walks for redundancy and upgrading to something in a 418 line because it was directly upgradable for way of emotional a HDDs of mine 215J to a 418Game - also known like HDD Migration (NOTE Of ENTITY: it can a lot HDD Migration among all Synologys, included when you upgrade to the newest unit with more than bays of walk!). Like this which buy? 418J, 418 Or 418 Game. Well, I have decided to pay for one the majority of expensive one in a 4XX CATEGORY, a 418Game, reason have wanted to be able to do it HDD Migration of an old IN THE again (i.et. It averts king-dipping arrive all my applications, quickconnect, DDNS, static IP is etc..) And it has wanted to be able the current 4k without question.

Well, A HDD the migration is relatively be well but streaming 4k is the real question. A specs say it can manage TWO 4k the currents but fight mightily with one in spite of fast (7200rpm) walks and gigabit the local coverage wired. The support of technology has been to a large extent unhelpful, perhaps reason there is at all significant to offer given some limitations of hardware. Doing the worse subjects is that his support of telephone resembles has been shortened dramatically has bought of mine 215J.

Worse thing still, I pony on an extra $ 100 more for 918+ May.... I can a lot of upgrade of a 418game to a 918+ for way of HDD migration, neither can downgrade for way of HDD Migration a 918+ failure to live until his has has declared capacity. Without HDD migration, I backup of must a current IN The, setup the new IN The and then restore a lot of TB of data to some new IN The. Assuming has had included a hardware to do this (i.et. Device of enormous backup the backup IN The) this easily could take a past of the weekend learns more each way (i.et. Of 418Game to 918+ and then behind 918+ fails also.).

Am beginning to feel like I so only to a large extent has squandered stirs it of money and time to the equal that have paid to plot of money for new IN The and new walks for some new IN The, but are not that it takes that the be be promise in material of marketing. Besides, I can no gone back all and easily go back my old 215J while I expect new hardware reason now have the three walk SHR variety and although SHR the varieties can be developed, can not be reduced. Accordinglyy, Going back to a 215J would take endeavour and of the enormous time in the weekend or more. Frustrating.

Will update this description something changes.
5 / 5 Gracie
When you Are ready to move on the one of a shelf IN Which the WD MyCloud. You owe that take the look is one . Synology Is known to be the leader in a spatial and a DS418play IN THE CANAL of the disk does not disappoint . Included when that runs a PLEX server on 7 devices immediately (Yes, I that for the try was) a DS418play IN The the canal of Disk has maintained well in humming to the long of. A Hardware Transcoding the engine has done if it marvels in mine iPhone, Fire HD 10 pill and Book of Surface.

Now a gilipollas:
2GB of the ram does not go it to cut like this you really beginning it that presses this bad boy. Highly it recommends to buy ram a same time. It is expandable until 6 GB.
Canal of the surveillance no with camera of shelf that Arlo and Blink
4 / 5 Tequila
Salvation All the world-wide

can do not saying the one who happy I are with east IN The. In fact I have beaten. I have had I require a lot concrete. I love film of clock and television house. I have required the IN The to do like the server of means comunicacionales strictly for 1 to 2 TVs. It was in a cusp to buy the DS218+ (+$ 75) or the ds718 (+$ 100 /$ 125 ) that the revised was products add, but are in the estimativa and peeling was for the IN The this was overpowered and overpriced for the mine has feigned the needs scare me to knots but scared although he wouldnt transcode sufficiently in the LAN.

Has taken it casualidad with this model and am happy to say that for the product that is the old years, this synology the box will do a work and he well feign in streaming in your house to an or two screens. It runs plex without being two burdensome in yours IN THE cpu. I tried it it was hardware transcoding with him plex spend has tried them was and he 720p but was burdensome to a CPU. So you are the male solo the one who has taken to the media library and you love common remotely, this work of MAY for you

a lot is looking for the IN The and wants to know that it can do with east in 2020. im Happy to say this will do to the plot for you is looking in the server of means comunicacionales of small stairs. A lot happy with cost of mine
5 / 5 Zoe
has had previously he Drobo 5N and the law adds (until he any) A good informative is has had a sure in a Drobo and gave the full credit on Amazon to the new IN The. I have read all some descriptions and decided in a Synology canal of Disk and am happy has done. A DS only supports 4 walks while mine Drobo has had 5, but I upped some walks to 4TB x4 in mine leading 2TB x 5 so many has had the light profit in spatial same with less than disks. Mainly it uses one IN THE STILL back on my server of house, has found this in spite of a canal of Disk can be used for much more. One of some characteristic is DS application of Video that leave to video of current in just roughly anything! Like this far we owe that found applications for PC, iPhone, Android, Clave of Fire and included Roku. He More those use SMB am able to connect mine Kodi Opened Elec Raspberry Pi to a DS and video of current there also.
Are so only the little month in with a canal of disk to the equal that can testify to a longevity of a device, this in spite of looks like this far to be the win!
5 / 5 Jan
Does not use this IN THE to do one encoding so that I am not sure which well does. I have read mixed descriptions. Utilisation this to host some files for the PLEX server of the mean comunicacionales but utilisation any of several computers to do one encoding. So much, so that utilisation he for him the work adds.
4 / 5 Alise
Has had to that return this unit for the repayment. Although some the promotional materials declare that it is compatible Apple , and that read with an application of Car of Time of Apple, is not never able state of the take to do. I have had numerous calls to Synology, has had also the entrance of the support of the work has opened.. A response to a labour entrance was a lot a lot slow... With which 1 week to try to take a unit to do, is returned. His materials of the on-line support is not common full and up to date. They require to have shots of better screen in some materials to sustain as well as the clearest explanations of the each one of some functions. (Any one all the buyers are technology savvy or expert of computer.)
5 / 5 Fatimah
Upgraded Of the DS411j. Upgrade Has gone perfectly. Any impact of data. An interface/of the control of the management takes to plot to take used to. These could be more for small subjects with one he The PRESENT (full time or part time) to customise all some options and ensure a device is dipped ready with security of pertinent coverage. But I have it that take finally doing perfectly. Sharing with multiple Bear. Skill rsync and ssh. Everything is well. It likes to of me to plot. Good action, especially compared to a crappy ds-411j used before!
5 / 5 Janean
Ossia The device adds and has done well for me like this far.
One first what I after receiving is substituting a memory with 2x 4GB claves. I have purchased a HyperX 4GB DDR3L memory (HX318LS11IB/4) and both 4GB the claves are recognised for a system.
A Synology the interface is a lot easy to use and configure. It is drawn to be a lot the friendly user and used for users any one technical. Mark sure partorisca enable one has advanced the options are technical (Poster to Control Upper right Click on 'the way Advanced')
has situated 4x WD Red 8TB walks in and is recognised automatically. I want to one there is detailed statistician to locate each hard walk.

Are a lot happy with cost of mine and I highly recommend this device for any subject small or the user that looks to develop his capacity of storage.
4 / 5 Mohamed
Synology Is the little bucks more than a lot of a competition, but his value he. The figure are partorisca add - of the hybrid RAID, the hosting the variety of APPLICATIONS. And it comes with an easy to comprise interface.

Also, is low noise and less intense resource that an old box had converted to the IN THE using Unraid (although it still uses unRaid in the differet box to run Plex).

Very Sustained for a community, and with excellent documentation, ossia the mature product . Utilisation with 1 pair of walks in a synology variety, more Weekly I hook on a walk of external USB to back on my documents - his application of backup the easy fact to do east.

Can dip near a scratch - ossia the piece adds of hardware, and an excellent YOU.

Has recommended.
4 / 5 Gwen
Ossia My second Synology unit. A prime minister a continuous to do except required to add another. Ossia Simple to dip up. Almost ' cover n played. I recommend to do compraventa sure IN THE WALKS for these units like these walks are meant for this application. This unit is faster that an older unit like an old plus one is now the backup for this device of storage/of new server. Load of the available applications in this program to have he so only in any calm require it to do. The mirror some walks internally and mirror this server to an older unit. I require a redundancy.
5 / 5 Tiesha
There is 4x4TB hard walks in my unit. It runs photograph and of the backups of video every night. Has the tonne of characteristics and configuration is very easy. If you want to there is it anticipated more fulfilled, likes run the server of web, server of topmast, server of Means comunicacionales. It is everything sustains die and can add software of a dashboard. It can customization characteristic, characteristic of the accesses of the user are all notches upper . Has to the very anticipated figure likes them the certificate and The tone of authentication of the RSA. It is to update constantly and a current of the stay of applications sustains given.

Everywhere a better IN has Him has not possessed never. I have possessed at least 6 in a past.
4 / 5 Latanya
Remorses a lot little in life, but complain this. It is been at all but an absolute nightmare of took it to them. I have been promised 100mps speed, but suffer the speeds the next plus to 50kbps. I am spent of the DAYS and of the DAYS on some past months that goes in and on some same subjects with support, to any avail. I have LOST around 300action of data during some botched scrollings. He any laws included like the backup of Car of the Time because the speeds of scrolling are like this bad. Accessing it remotely is painfully slow, and a function of investigation in an In sound pathetically lens and indexing constantly pauses, rendering the useless. It is finalising when being the paperweight of dollar of the thousand. It have to that it has bought it an outside SSD.
4 / 5 Odis
When it Comes to IN The, Synology looks to be of the best. No, he no for Synology. This in spite of, has use 4 different types of Synology IN I the models and have all be very of confidence. It calms that can dip and forget it!!! A DSM the software the easy fact to setup volumes and actions. iSCSI Laws really very too much. If you are compraventa for the IN The, would recommend to try out of Synology.
4 / 5 Abigail
Pay attention to the model compraventa. Any everything IN I the models/of frames can do a same thing. You could be paid for more than that precise, or could buy the model the economic plus to save money that can a lot of that master.
4 / 5 Awilda
Has bought this thing to use in my Windows to house LAN. They are $ 1,000+ his, and can do not taking to connect to an internet. It takes message of error 'the connection has failed. Please verify your coverage and of the settings of time.' Well, there is roughly 600 coverage and of the settings of time, everything for the things have not listened never of. It can not download/install container to the walks of Window of backup.

If you are a L type , suspicious this would be the good thing . Otherwise, Any so much.

Would not buy again.
5 / 5 Kraig
This was way easier the setup that had imagined.

My only complaint is that SMB 3.0 would owe that be a incumplimiento. Any sure reason 1.0 is included an option.

If you are an user of final be sure to setup a trashcan for each file has shared, and so only give a admin access to some rubbishes. Then connect with the no admin account so that I can a lot accidently delete one recycles cube. This setup saved so only the plot of files!
5 / 5 Adele
Installs was the software of breeze was intuitive and easy to use and still is by means of a process. A throughput and the load that the balance was better that could have has not expected never. The access after the sleep is almost instantaneous. In general I am very happy has invested in this server of storage.
If yours looking for something easy to install and easy to maintain then highly would suggest this like this something would have to that dipped in your coverage for any reason.
4 / 5 Vida
Produced of the quality adds (Synology DS418play), extracted like this expected.
There is remarked NFS speed on 1Gb/s coverage to btrfs volume (filer the ports are teamed):
wr - -95 MB/s (sequential)
rd - -110 MB/s (sequential)
4 / 5 Adrien
has possessed this partorisca almost the year. Utilisation for my cameras of security and like the server of means comunicacionales and device of backup for my coverage. Interface a lot intuitive. Easy to use. LOAD of applications of Synology as well as third providers of party. A lot of house on security and there are tonnes of contextual and searchable help.

An only negative I has is a software of virus hangs in my unit. I think that that it is so only overtaxing the May are still troubleshooting this.
5 / 5 Philomena
This device has treated fantastically. A comprised YOU and the software extracted like this expected. A hardware the video has accelerated is announced like this, am able the current 4k video to 2k devices without hiccups. Very easy to install hard walks and direct a group of walk.
5 / 5 Kim
Lima and backup add storage. At present using with three 4TB walks. Storage of centrical data for 5 PCs and backup of periodic image for still 5 PCs. All the data is accessible when out of house.
5 / 5 Milagros
Good and useful fact for backups etc, but too many lens for streaming. We have tried the current two 1080p film a same time and he bogged down and lagged terribly. Shame. Waits that this would exit.
4 / 5 Damien
Some products are adds. Using is another history . It is probably easy for one writes person, but has had the bit of the curve to learn for me. All an information has required is available in an internet, so only takes the small looking for. I took it once on and in the current has done perfectly.
4 / 5 Mao
Has installed one IN THE like this specified in some directions, and installed 4 new mark 4TB WD hard walks. This was 3 days ago. Some looks of system has been coverage and a walk has DIRECTED is is blinking consistently. I have turned a system was for the day and began it behind up. It can it registers in, and everything looked well. It begins to verify some walks. With which 10 minutes disappear of my coverage and I poden any register in. The state is Green, but with which 24 - 36 hours a system is still unreachable. I owe that sostenimiento to call now, but this is not a way one installs would have to that go.
5 / 5 Kelle
When being an expert in a field of networking and the storage takes some time to install and take things to do in of the telephones and multiple program. But, his all does like this expected once a setup is complete.

A system is fast and responsive. In general the decent product for both inner and external accesses.
4 / 5 Edyth
Has been using this IN THE for the few months for both backup of data and like him Plex server like this inner and the accessible external coverage. There are multiple negations critiques on here (mostly users of Apple?) But calm does not need the terracing in him to dip this up. If you are some instructions , a setup is directly advances. It takes some time (a bit those that hours) to complete an initial setup but ossia to be expected with any 4 bay IN The.

Is looking for The house IN THE ossia one of some available better options and highly recommends it!
5 / 5 Lorean
Has bought this a unit to substitute two two-bay Synology unit that has been doing adds for a past seven years. Finally, one the critical plus of a two gave questions, as it was time has spent to upgrade. If has A lot of hesitation roughly actuating an of these, taking ahold of a British type a lot of the one who the careers and he personally will assist calm invernadero punctual email in any one load. Synology Is like this solid the company like calm would not want never treat. Produced of big quality in the just prize. Different some older units, this one uses two ethernet is exited to be able to to be addition by controls in a unit he - calm does not require to buy a aggragating transmission. Some two starts mean main throughput for better action. It comes with excellent applications, and calm leave you to locate an excellent PLEX multimedia server. A product of quality of the company of quality. His support of technology, if it calms does not require it never, is a lot very also.
5 / 5 Kaley
I took the moment partorisca select the solution of storage partorisca my needs, but this unit is perfect . I dipped it/ I dipped It up with 4 - 4TB WD Red. They were easy to install and take place up. Still I am sustaining in my available backup and options of storage, but ossia as well as I like him to them some available options.
5 / 5 Bennie
First IN The , the support of client is awesome , the plot of documentation. Very easy to dip up and develop even after having the volume up. Any complans still! 1 month in
5 / 5 Harrison
Ossia my prime minister never IN THE UNIT. The simple hardware installs. Simple and intuitive software the configuration saws interface of Web. Good works; any question at all. Elapsed Time of inaugural a box to have my Server of Windows begins to back until a unit was roughly 75 minutes. Of a first backup, has been fast and flawless -- and yes, has verified the pair has has restored backups also.

Has bought a DS218play with the pair of WD 8TB IN THE WALKS in Synology ready of compatibilities (wd80efzx - 68uw8n0). He automatically dipped his up with Synology configuration of HYBRID RAID.

Has not tried A/V transcoding still.

Update with which 4 month of use

Still doing perfectly. I have uploaded enough the few applications on here, comprising the dynamics DNS DUQUE CLIENT, monitor of surveillance that can registers two of mine IP cam, server of means comunicacionales, sure FTP service, VPN, and more. A CPU seldom has to that toil, and a unit remains a lot of responsive. I have copied it stirs it of 1080p his video, and on-the-fly transcoding by means of a Synology iOS and the applications of Android does a lot well.
5 / 5 Joshua
Has bought to back on multiple business computers. Easy the setup. The automatic updates am awesome. It fixes better in a phase IMHO!
5 / 5 Carey
The product adds. Help to look video of Youtube for installation. His call in the help of technology can be add or so only well. If it plan on using this like this the server of means comunicacionales, buy a main capacity the calm walk can resupply, although calm only start with two.
5 / 5 Ailene
Was able to install some walks & owe that the courses in <30 mins. The software is big quality & installs & together-on easily. The precise this for data of house. It is the perfect solution .
4 / 5 Rana
Is likes to buy the little, server of simple file. You can install and configure tonnes of containers to do these all classes of materials.
4 / 5 Johnette
Has Uploaded he with 2 hard disk of 4TB each one that like this, his fast-acting same video to 4 players a same time
5 / 5 Shyla
has bought a ds218play for the server of means comunicacionales of the house owed to the fiends recommendation. To maintain this short, with which 28 days to try and with my friends of technology help it still has frozen up is returned like this and has taken another. And after other 28 days of countless hours have given up and is returned. But I have found an application has called Plex this turns any computer to the server of means comunicacionales like this now Im on and that career in mine old desk.
5 / 5 Launa
Lousy Produced in spite of all the descriptions that loves it. Squandered Several days that files to transfer so only to find could him the on-line access, but a lot directly of my computer. THAT?? Tried to take support of technology. Yeah, Well. Any gone. So after trying all, is returned and took the Netgear, which Rawks!

Top Customer Reviews: Synology 6 Bay NAS ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 20 ratings
4 / 5 Arnulfo
It was the little hesitant to buy this because it is extremely expensive partorisca home/small business use that am using stops. This in spite of, a fact that has a Intel Xeon the processor has done looks value he partorisca me of then like this of these is low powered. This one is extremely quickly! Has not founding any downsides his besides a prize, and know that I will be to use this for the long time. It comes with 16GB DDR4 ETC RAM, but he easy to add two additional 16GB the chips that spend until 48GB. My utilisation of RAM is so only the pocola porcentual as I am not sure this can be necessary, but know need a RAM upgrade decides to use unit of expansion (for even more storage).

This goes to substitute also the desktop computer that has has left always on, and now that have Plex in an IN THE very precise to leave this computer in anymore. More this has abundance to be able to so it is Plex will have subject transcoding.

UPDATE (2017/07/26):
still WANTS TO this IN The. There are so many things that has it backing on, and am using he with a Backblaze B2 storage of cloud so that sure of dossiers that specific can be backed until a cloud for beautiful economic (starts to in $ 5/month for terabyte).

Am enjoying all of some profits to use a BTRFS likes to be able to take snapshots of directory without unnecessarily duplicating die. You will require to install the Synology the container has called Snapshot Replication to take snapshots, but the work adds. I can create the snapshot of the file shared in just the pair of click, or have them has created automatically in the schedule. If at all it changes among snapshots will have a lot little the additional space used in an IN The, but something changes it essentially will create 'versions' of some transmissions so that you can go behind some transmissions owe precise to. More takings to decide that of these snapshots wants to maintain, which is awesome! Have has wanted the begin to do a snapshots in a first place because of all a ransomware going around. Without that has snapshots in situating you could find you in the situation where your integer IN THE taking encrypted without way to go behind some files previously to take paste with a ransomware. You take some class to protect of those thanks to these snapshots, but without some worries to use stirs it of spatial of additional storage when the things are running smoothly.

My family is enamoured also with an application has has called Canals for a TV of Apple/iOS. We pay the small sides each month for an application, but because of one IN The the application cost each penny only. Has two HDHomerun Extends unit that resupplies the total of 4 tuners of television can use to register television shows of an on-the-air (OTA) antenna directly to one IN The. We are to locate next Chicago and is able to pull in everything of some local canals that use an antenna in ours crawl space, and an application of Canals offers the container of mate for a Synology IN THE this has the habit of record any of some shows that master. More has built-in commercial skipping that also pursue in an IN The. They are like this happy that are to spend of the extra money to take the IN The with all this can because accusing some ads in some television shows uses on roughly 20-30 of a CPU can for the alone show, and probably would use an integer CPU was step all four a time.

Is really dipping ours IN THE to do among everything of a register of video/transcoding/playback as well as it is purpose more than entity ... The way for our subject small and familiarised to direct and files of action.

Am running this with (12) of a WD Red Pro 8TB SATAIII 7200rpm 128Hides of MB IN THE Inner HARD WALK (WD8001FFWX). I am using RAID 6 (supports until 2 has failed walk) which resupplies a group of RAID with of capacity. I have it all has allocated to the alone volume, which exits to the capacity of this I that takes to use for storage.

Has a unit in the cupboard, but a cupboard has the defender in him to help with flow of air. These are all 7200rpm drives like this run warm. They vary of 35ºC (95ºF) to 38ºC (100ºF) was with a airflow the system has in my cupboard. Some walks that is not when be writing to generally chair a time of low plus, while one some when be used is in a main end. If a unit does not go to be in a half of open air I highly recommends to do sure an enclosure is dipping is a lot airy. And then in a Synology the software goes to 'Poster of Control -&62; Hardware and Power -&62; Way of Speed of the Defender' and augment a speed of defender until you take the proportion/of noise of the temperature that is comfortable with. They are able to maintain some defenders in full speed and does not listen any sound of him in my cupboard, but was in a room of the calm open air would be likely maintains in a dipping a calm plus this in spite of maintains a temperature of a unit down so only well.

Here is some of an action specs that I grabbed directly of a car for those of you curious:
Model: DS3617xs
CPU: INTEL Xeon D-1527
CPU Imposed of Clock: 2.2 GHz
CPU Cores: 4
Total Physical Memory: 48 GB (I upgraded the, comes with 16GB DDR4 ETC RAM)
4 / 5 Nelia
I setup east IN THE WALK with 6 x 4TB Hitachi IN THE WALKS to use RAID5 and the Intel X520-DA2 SFP+ adapter. Connected the to the ESXi 6.5 server with the X520 SFP+ adapter, the direct semi-detached boss and taking the speeds add. It tries it to them in the Windows 2016 Server VM with Diskspd, dipped a measure of blockade to 64K, run a test for 60 seconds, disable all the hardware and software caching, measure and latency of statistical exposure, leverage 2 overlapped IOs and 4 edges for aim, random 30 writing and 70 read and create to 50test of file of MB and has taken 554 MB/s has read, 237 MB/s writes. Using some same options but the measure of blockade of 128K has taken 715 MB /s has read, 306 MB/s writes.
4 / 5 Doretta
So more than the IN The. It is a bomb . Highly recommend. At present they are that it runs my server of own cloud like Dropbox, but with terabytes of storage and any cost of byline. IMAP Server of topmast, Itunes server, server of Film, Contacts, Calendar, clone of On-line Office, and can access it all anywhere in a world with his system of free sending. He also short Dockers and can download flows while in the vpn tunnel. Very Good!
4 / 5 Tu
Ossia The fantastic IN The with abundance of spare action. I see the plot of the people that asks in Plex transcoding capacity, and can say you that it fines with the alone current. I transcoded the 4K film down to 720p While looking he without the frame fallen so only. CPU The utilisation hanged around 76. It doubts it to them could manage multiple currents, but for my use, concealed will not be never the question.

Has chosen Synology after the long report with QNAP the devices been due to his ecosystem have simplified, and am pleased has done. So only it wishes this model (DS3617xs) has had the modern more Xeon processor, but a one comes with fact a work and more.
5 / 5 Jeannie
This thing is the tank ! Easy setup with the software adds - was looked to relieve to products of note of the consumer like a WD MyCloud4100, but ossia the product of commercial note , obviously. Software very intuitive. In startup, downloads an operating system and a Diskstation software. Calm then go to a software and configure your variety of the your laptop or another computer of coverage has seen the browser of web. With some defenders in calm way, and using Seagate Ironwolf IN THE WALKS, is virtually silent. It listens noise of partidário light, but does not listen the walks that grinds era. A lot please with this compraventa like this far. It is coming very good packaged in the box inside the box of fat walled nave.
4 / 5 Skye
Ossia Really the IN That adventures to a phase of Server with web, topmast, DNS, VPN further of the basic file that accione. A unit of base was down $ 1300, but for some times have dipped in six 10GB disks, has update a memory (required goes to run a lot of services) and has added the 10GB ethernet, then a cost is in $ 4000. Still so that takings is the good shot and doing well for me. I have moved this on the Mac Mini YOU X server of the apple has abandoned services of server in touching you and ossia the a lot of solution has improved .
4 / 5 Galen
Has loved always a server of the company but I did not expect it to return under my centre of entertainment. There is at all this IN can The a lot !
5 / 5 Aletha
Besides storage, this In sound add and very flexible with some things leaves a consumer to do. At present dipped in two 12TB the walks and is running utmost.
4 / 5 Temple
This model is much faster then one 1817+ IN The. It has possessed one for 2 month and really appreciate a bettter action then my another 2 Synology IN The.
5 / 5 Nova
Has bought this to upgrade an office of architect that the uses Have seen again and one that exists 2 terabyte In the. I have bought an extra ram and 30 terabytes of storage. It was the breeze to take place on and running, copping to exist the data is quickly state and without error.
5 / 5 Cythia
Fantastic, easy the setup, access and use. The tonnes of applications add. I leave dropbox and evernote immediately.
5 / 5 Nadene
Thinks that ossia a better-in-class, definite SMB/unit of available Enthusiast partorisca of the money in my humble opinion. To a better of my current knowledge, QNAP does not offer anything vaguely comparable to these Synology characteristic in this prize-signal p. p.ej. QNAP Still in some dark ages with regular EXT4 system of unanchored file partorisca ETC RAM or BTRFS self-that cures after-systems of gene of file in his mid/big-vary desk line of product, like this offered of units.

This unit clearly tip one among- a Company vs classifies Business Petit; has characteristic of Company like Xeon CPU and ETC (quell'correct error) RAM and after-gene self-that cures BTRFS system to file to avert errors, but is not partorisca rack-mountain-dual-beat-definite. If you want these Synology for Company all-characteristic definite, then take RS-('RACK-Serious') any one a DS-('DESK-Serious').
5 / 5 Della
Like this far is state adds. An only reason am attacking was some stars is reason in this prize has to that have onboard 10Gb conductivity, the be copper or SFP+. Also it wishes it quell'has had dual (or more) onboard M.2 NVME Ports.
5 / 5 Emerald
Choked In transcoding 2 currents. A Good current. Multiple common without transcoding, WELL. A transcoding with multipe another any, WELL. So that it is in him and the one who the costs would owe that be able to manage several transcoding common without questions. $ 300 mini PC with Celeron the better currents.
4 / 5 Vida
Update: : it has installed and experience more than the dozen Synology the products and I have had 5 failure in a past 3 years while mine 2009 model is by train of gone strong. In this server, has failed interior 3 weeks. I took the week to take the look in him because it could very remote his much more along and well, life and some holidays. I have contacted Synology support and said him a subject with a 4x messages of error that has received daily. I took then other 3 weeks to move one 8+ TB of information out of him because it could does not access and when it could, has moved is gone in such the low tax of speed. It is my deception to have any backup of my data but my plan was to consolidate all my data here and then backups to mark to one of the mine another Synology cars. It could not imagine that my new $ 1300 server was to fail in such the short quantity of time. A kicker, and a reason that has reduced my indication to 1 star is that I have been touched 20 restocking cost and has had to pay for returns to ship. It adds that the $ 200 I raisin in a RAM upgrade which is useless mine now and are was in $ 450 in this server.

Has based my experience with some last 3 models of Synology servers that has possessed, can not recommend these servers or this company more. It likes me the consultor of the technology and I have been installing these servers for 8 years. Personally I have three of them that the career in my personnel racks house and has installed in the dozen of these for clients. I have had it issues with each piece of Synology software of then 2016. It looks one some build before this time was antibala but now is having subject. Everything of of the this is to document, has created 10+ office to help gone in in some last 3 years, this in spite of ossia that spends when I owe that send something behind.

Original description: With which having three DS916+ failures, has thinks that would try one of his servers that was main final. This was the deception . A model of 2 years (DS916+) with the quad-processor of core and 8GB of RAM could manage currents of the multiple video and anything more could launch in him with easy and was less than half a prize of east a. This DS3018XS with the processor of dual core and 16GB of RAM (I upgraded for $ 200) has been pegged in 99 CPU use for some last 3.5 weeks and I can not even common the video to a television upstairs without lagging. On that, this server is down be for a last week and I no longer can go in any import the one who does. I am receiving newspaper checksum error and the fault of message of backup of him and I can ping the May any poden any register in to see that it is going in. They are having nightmares of loosing to to my data again the like two times in mine old DS916+ for subjects by heart and he checksum error. In light of of the this, has initiated the turn in this server today. So only I can no...

Synology. Really I love your products but these last 2.5 years is really be stressful for me. They are still the defender but go to have to attended. It has not been if they are sourcing his hardware of more to do the little more money, yes has decided to direct on software that is surprising btw, or that is going in but this is taking crazy. A reason has sold mine DS918+ (2018 model) that sending is reason a CPU specs was included slower of a DS916+ (2016 model) which any any sense. The further try that his products are worsening, out of one 6 synology units that I personally own, so only a RS409+ (2009)continuous do and is the free question. My servers are in UPSs just to do sure reasons has thought soyaybe is my failure ?' When I have had so many failures with my last Synology the servers but at all looks to do.

A server cost $ 1299. I have bought 3 new 6TB HGST walks ($ 750), racks locate UPS ($ 250), an outside HDD ($ 200) and RAM ($ 200) and substituted all my bosses with CAT7s (2 Gbps connection to link addition) in mine Synology AC subject Wireless with the gigabit transmission. My roommate has assisted everything of of the this and entertainment of frames of me because I can not even common the film to the mine appleTV with almost $ 3000 invested in networking and crew of server. Please Synology, help was. Hate googling ynology competitors' but is not in that leave me any election. They are it has had to that to pay more but no thus crap.
4 / 5 Lewis

or the Easiest interface
or the Enormous cast of applications can install on that.

Or That RAID of call 5 can lose all the data with fault of alone disk.
Or The software is like this the trace of bug needs the constant current of patches. Many of the which are patches in his patches. Many of the as it caused it also to lose all the data. See his forms to sustain if precise chance.
Or The support is useless. It takes days to take to send the useless can'and the answered that does clears never read your subject.
Or there is rampant the subjects with a power distributes to fail. Google ynology' And 'the fault of supply of the can' he precise chance.
Or When you run in any of an a lot of fail known situations his support in fact will say you that precise back on data in his behind up devices because they are not of confidence.

That is calling RAID five still can lose all the data because of fault of alone disk. They are too economic to use buffered ports like this when any of some hard walks fails it entirely can freeze a whole device. Included some lights in a front can take flashes. Leaving you any option but to reboot he in the point has lost all the data. His support has taken three days to answer. With which which said to knots in fact the data stored in Synology devices of precise backup be to look reason his products can not be trusted.

A bit those that months later one of his constant patches caused it to lose all one is walks of trace . Once it has taken he more than the days to resupply the useless response that denies a question has thought even was very documented in his forums of own support.

After the year and the half a supply to be able to entirely failed without warning. It Googling Looked is the subject wide propagation known for more than 5 years have not fixed never.

In any point was any in a company surprised or embarrassed for an absurdly terrible his products are.
4 / 5 Sharika
It has received so only this today. A prime minister for real covers-and-game, works-like this-produced of the technology announced has added in the mix in at least the year, a DS3617xs is by train partorisca give me any question like this far. They are past considerable pre-time partorisca purchase that researches it on a web, that learns that he no natively leave for Synology HYBRID RAID, but has wanted to maintain that it uses that characteristic like the carryover of the mine DS1813+ (any that want to discard/give my mixed morass of variable capacity HDDs and substitute them with all-still-capacity HDDs - of this DS3617xs costs like this coffins how is). There is an easy workaround, and a technically demanding a (at least for those of us a lot familiar with SSH and work of line of order of Linux). An easy workaround was simply to emigrate my HDDs physically on a DS1813+, in his now in a same physical sequence that has occupied in this model this old plus as I installed him in a new, and that selects an option (in startup) in a DS3617xs this law to the something the 'Like, loves to maintain some settings to exist.' This done simply fantastically, and now there is roughly more 25 quickly law/write the speeds have compared to a DS1813+. Looking forward to installing the 10GbE PCIe NIC next week, and finally trying his capacities for transcoding video, and creating the VM.
5 / 5 Siobhan
2015 Pentium processor In the 2018 device (DS3018xs), any hardware transcode of 4K x265 HEVC 10-has bitten files and everything for an easy $ 1300. Sent the backside and has ordered the QNAP.
4 / 5 Nathanael
Has purchased this unit for the client done the week like this storage for Hyper-V. We have moved all of the his VMs his and has utmost course for two days have died then. It has had a esynology blinking blue light' subject (Google he). We were able of the take that it runs again. Then a next night has died again. This time there was at all could do to take it that goes again. Spoken to Synology support and created RMA night of Thursday. A substitution will not look until Tuesday. The client will be down for 3 days been due to this junk. Never again...
5 / 5 Monnie
For this Intel Pentium D1508 dual-core CPU ($ 129) extremely slow joke CPU, is only value $ 599. It is SO ONLY 6 bays ??? For $ 1300 IN The, has to take at least 8 bays !! It is not even better that DS1817+. For $ 1300, it does not come with 10Gb ports and so only 2 put you of USB. Please say me is the product of joke thank you.

Top Customer Reviews: Synology 12bay ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
5 / 5
A good improvement in an old DX1211 unit. The concrete improvements comprise tool-less walk partorisca walk that the mark that inserts/partorisca insert and take walks quickly and easy walk , has simplified lights (a light for walk in place of two), Much faster startup time, and the unit of defender modulates that it leave to quickly of transmission out of the defender broken without disassembling a chance and without any tools. It comes with a same short period of boss that an old DX1211 , like this like this DX1211, a new DX1215 need to be situated directly afterwards to a main unit is attached to.

A DX1215 is in fact an exact chance although a DS3615xs among, as they look perfect prójimos to the each one like this another.

Can attach a DX1215 to the DS3612xs, so he has to that older DiskStation, will do well. This in spite of, calm can not attach an old more DX1211 unit of expansion to a new DS3615xs, so only maintain quell'import has the little of these things around.
4 / 5
Is Synology that is not to like? The service of client adds, the support of technology is upper notch , his really stand for any subjects of guarantee have had to is little and far go in.
4 / 5
Like this far, to this perfectly likes one adds-on to mine 12 bay Synology DS2415+. One the good characteristic is that when a unit is in way of hibernation, this unit of the expansion almost entirely closes was, eating beat very small.
4 / 5
First of right setup, on and that careers in 5 minutes.
4 / 5
Has arrived to be that it spends for a process to add the DX1215 to the DS3018. I have then moved my group of main storage to a unit of expansion and has added two walks more to have the 8 disk RAID6 in there.

In a DX1215 is also the only SSD for virtual cars.

After a pretext: Expect the loss of significant action for volumes inside a DX1215.

A iSCSI the volume has used has seen the directed 10links of G to the Mac has had is read short speed down almost 40 and renders an expensive 10-the almost useless coverage.
A like this called Infiniband the architecture is simply any until a task. Volume inside a DX1215 is a lot of stops of the archive but no like this walks to do more.

As to go back to an original question: Expect the loss of significant action for the volumes that resides in a DX1215 unit of expansion, especially for bed. A fact that Synology failure to mention.

Researches the furthest the clear fact: A bandwith of a Infiniband the connection is here one same like the SATA 3 interface. Any @@subject the one who the fast walks add to a DSX1215 has the speed of theorist of maximum scrolling of 600MB/s. In the real life is more among 500 and 580MB/s. Therefor Volumes inside a DX1215 is not adapted to do east requires fast scrolling of big quantities of data.

Given a cost - very disappointing!
5 / 5
Synology The technical support leaves the PLOT to be wished and has to that improve they so that it is shipping and drawing main and main IN THE UNITS. Be conscious his responses of typical support are: 1. You are using Synology official RAM? 2. Rey-Install DSM. 3. Backup all your data and reformat a unit. Unacceptable in 2016 with IN THE UNITS that sustains terabytes of storage. Synology The technical support does not resupply the professional level of the support and I celery his reps is there the just next entrances. Revised 7/9/16 to reflect absolutely horrible technical support!
4 / 5
Spent the products of this company for business and expect support of level of the company, will be a lot disappointed. I have had the big impact outage with the entrance opens for 7 days and attended still for an update. When I take a time to call in, calm can not speak to any the one who in fact looks in your subject. Instead, takings the low tier 1 support that calm say you an entrance will be updated when any looks in a subject. I will look to inform people like this a lot of like possible to have them avert doing a deception included has where has recommended these products to client of the mine dates an ease of use that's that in favour of the prize to something likes run the backups. If you feign to run your half virtual in these products, calm more the the plan B in the chance suffers a fate still has.

Top Customer Reviews: Synology ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5 Krystina
The product has been rid punctually. Produced setup and the operation was easy.