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1 iPad Case Keyboard for 10.2' 8th/7th Gen - Pro 10.5' 2019/2017 Air 3rd Gen with Wireless Detachable BT Keyboard- Built… iPad Case Keyboard for 10.2' 8th/7th Gen - Pro 10.5' 2019/2017 Air 3rd Gen with Wireless Detachable BT Keyboard- Built… iPad
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2 iPad Keyboard Case for 10.2-inch iPad 8th Generation (2020), 7th Gen, Air 3, Pro 10.5 in 11 Colors - 10 Color Backlight… iPad Keyboard Case for 10.2-inch iPad 8th Generation (2020), 7th Gen, Air 3, Pro 10.5 in 11 Colors - 10 Color Backlight… iPad
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3 Touchpad Keyboard Case for iPad Pro 12.9 2020 4th Generation/2018-3rd Gen, iPad Pro 12.9 Case with Touchpad Backlight… Touchpad Keyboard Case for iPad Pro 12.9 2020 4th Generation/2018-3rd Gen, iPad Pro 12.9 Case with Touchpad Backlight… Touchpad
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4 Keyboard Case for iPad 8th Generation (2020)/7th Gen (2019) 10.2 Inch, Detachable Wireless with Pencil Holder Stand… Keyboard Case for iPad 8th Generation (2020)/7th Gen (2019) 10.2 Inch, Detachable Wireless with Pencil Holder Stand… Keyboard
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5 iPad Keyboard Case for iPad 2018 (6th Gen) - iPad 2017 (5th Gen) - iPad Pro 9.7 - iPad Air 2 & 1 - Thin & Light - 360… iPad Keyboard Case for iPad 2018 (6th Gen) - iPad 2017 (5th Gen) - iPad Pro 9.7 - iPad Air 2 & 1 - Thin & Light - 360… iPad
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6 Keyboard Case for New iPad 8th Generation 10.2 inch 2020 / iPad 7th Gen 2019 / iPad Air 3rd Gen/iPad Pro 10.5' 2017… Keyboard Case for New iPad 8th Generation 10.2 inch 2020 / iPad 7th Gen 2019 / iPad Air 3rd Gen/iPad Pro 10.5' 2017… Keyboard
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7 Logitech SLIM FOLIO PRO Backlit Bluetooth Keyboard Case for iPad Pro 12.9-inch (3rd and 4th gen) - Graphite Logitech SLIM FOLIO PRO Backlit Bluetooth Keyboard Case for iPad Pro 12.9-inch (3rd and 4th gen) - Graphite Logitech
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8 Logitech iPad (7th and 8th generation) Keyboard Case | Slim Folio with integrated wireless keyboard (Graphite) Logitech iPad (7th and 8th generation) Keyboard Case | Slim Folio with integrated wireless keyboard (Graphite) Logitech
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9 Logitech Combo Touch for iPad (7th and 8th Generation) Keyboard case with trackpad, Wireless Keyboard, and Smart… Logitech Combo Touch for iPad (7th and 8th Generation) Keyboard case with trackpad, Wireless Keyboard, and Smart… Logitech
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10 Keyboard Case for iPad Pro 12.9 2020 4th Generation, iPad Pro 12.9 Case with Keyboard 3rd Generation 2018 - Wireless… Keyboard Case for iPad Pro 12.9 2020 4th Generation, iPad Pro 12.9 Case with Keyboard 3rd Generation 2018 - Wireless… Keyboard
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Top Customer Reviews: iPad Case Keyboard ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. This shell of iPad is perfect. You can take express delivery a day, which is surprising. It likes-me a colour of champagne a lot. One the majority of the what amazing partorisca me is that this keyboard with lights coloreadas flickers. Especially at night, it is very beautiful. This outside Bluetooth the connection is convenient. It can connect to my mobile phone, iPad. It likes of a lot.
5 / 5
My daughter has taken an iPad partorisca pupil and had been compraventa partorisca the chance partorisca quite the moment. This one is more expensive that that has loved to spend, but does not complain it has included the little has bitten! A grip for a keyboard to seat on is fantastic. A keyboard he, although it is not full-measure, is comfortable to write on. An iPad is maintained entirely sure in a casing. One something for his Pencil of Apple is also awesome! His iPad is quite the fully doing portable now! Has some classes that has to write the tonne of notes for and has to that write really small. It is like this happier when being able to so only the write on then to rid the write. It is quite and it is exactly that has required. They are happy am spent of the extra money how is very better that the flimsy the most economic chance has bought on its own name the while behind. A keyboard is to come touched and has used he for the pocola sail has has had to that the touch again. It did not touch it again of then and it uses it every day. She also really amours some light tones he so that it can see in a darkness, and reason are just entertainment to look in still any boy or adolescent. Thank you For the product adds!
4 / 5
Absolutely LOVES everything in this chance! It has looked for the chance that would resist my Pencil of Apple and would help to cover a front when an iPad has not been into use. It prevails for me that this chance has comprised the keyboard that is not attached permanently to a chance! Ossia Like this useful when I any one need a keyboard. A chance is a lot sturdy so much is easy for an iPad to seat on when to precise use likes him the computer.
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. It was excited too much for a keyboard but does not act. Contacted to sustain of technology of the Amazon and ekbense service but could very at all . Returning it. The material of chance is that it loves well is doing well. When I have opened it it liked so much. But the keyboard is a sound of what main returning!
5 / 5
Ossia The a lot of-the hostel drawn and very built. A question has with the majority of these Chinese products is some manual of the instruction is bad organised, incomplete and an use of English is clumsy, in fact, downright comical. A first element in a booklet would owe that be like this to install a Ipad and then say you a keyboard is magnetic and can be moved. A magnetic word does not look never anywhere in a manual. It is this supposition to be intuitive? It is not . One of some last pages in a calm manual say you to touch a first unit to use it. It has to that no east is on page 1 first to instruct you like this to setup and pair a keyboard with a Ipad? It could result manual of instruction of rich writing in the bed quell'some of some worse examples of Chinese companies.

Another annoyance is while the boss of load is resupplied the 5 v uploads is not . Reason is this a subject? Suspicion more the people will want to touch a Ipad and a keyboard simultaneously. If the only calm a rule Iphone or that the android uploads has to do them for separate.
4 / 5
Has taken this that a upgrade to substitute my chance of IPAD of the edges like the present of Anniversary, am them impressed enough with a quality of a chance and keyboard ! To good sure compares the frames of Apple-produced of name! A lot very he he! Lustrous And well looking! It is it loves it! Calls a sound that a do one “to satisfy” Highly recommend ! Value a prize!
4 / 5
A chance of keyboard was very easy to use and has not had any question with which few weeks of use. A manual of user is coming with a product and was very easy to read and comprise. One produces was a lot of gain to write in of the documents or looking for elements on web. It has not had any question at all with this product and I would recommend it to any needs concealed a Chance of iPad with the Bluetooth Keyboard.

The majority of a time I use this to do the school work and I think a product has been developed and has manufactured especially for this class to act been due to like light weight this chance of iPad is. It has not been weighed at all and returned in rucksack of mine perfectly without any questions.

To to Another thing liked on this product is a life of battery . For me, a never dead battery but can say that it has been still in around 20-30 % after full day of me writing on documents. A life of the battery of a keyboard was fantastic and a lot of gain to any need concealed a time of long use for his iPad.

In general, ossia the solid product and would recommend it by all the world this require the keyboard for his iPads.
5 / 5
Am enamoured with this chance and keyboard. I upgraded my iPad and love a consolation of the keyboard. These leaves of chance for multiple corners of a screen. I have ordered it stylus for a screen and a space for a stylus is convenient. In fact it uses a stylus reason has the place to store it. My stays of screen fingerprint free! A keyboard has the good touch and was easy for me to adapt to use.
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. So much, I like a portion of chance of the folio of him. It likes-me a keyboard backlight. But some tones are soyeh' in better. I write fast and some tones hardly answer to the mine presses. If it has not been it takes autocorrect, the averages some words I type has not felt. Some tones answer when individually pressed, but for people that characterises to touch, would not recommend . Also, a battery is decent. It appears to have the battery preserver this leaves a battery to esleep' I supposition when a keyboard is not into use. I have been using a keyboard almost the full week in a tone. It would not recommend a need of keyboard to mainly use it and does not have the separate computer unless it calms can not resupply the laptop of full measure. Ossia An only justification for a keyboard that can find. I have added the video of me writing to give an idea of like this writes. When I Write in my computer, I seldom use backspace. But in this keyboard, finds that I have to use it to plot.

Will maintain this keyboard for now reason the taste to him a folio. They are upgrading next year in all the chance, and will take a logitech keyboard or keyboard of Apple with some new a.
4 / 5
Has been looking for the wireless keyboard that it is compatible with my iPad concealed did not go me to cost an arm and to leg. Amur This product. It has read everything of some first descriptions to buy & found a one that suggests that a booklet of instruction has required to say you to touch a keyboard on page 1 (any page 7) first to try pair very useful. It was one first what I he in and has left I the load. A course of pairing was easy.

An only improvement would do to this would be the way of the maintain open (like the laptop) without that has to that resist open or dip something for behind the to resist an iPad on while you are writing. I want to write in a like this better keyboard that in a keyboard of iPad.

Top Customer Reviews: iPad Keyboard Case ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 59 ratings
4 / 5
I have it quell'has used always the laptop with the Pill and telephone to supplement but now with this chance, my iPad is now the mba (Mac Air of Book) and he for real to the looks and the laws likes them to them one any joke. I have added also a sticker of the apple to a chance partorisca do looks now exactly like the new MacBook!

For real the wonderful product like this far, will maintain you up to date hard the month!

As I can see has added also the loop of pen partorisca my Pencil of Apple of the notebook. This setup the works PERFECT partorisca me... No transmissions the thing!

Gives the thank you partorisca read! (If you enjoined reading this PLEASE the useful mark, Thank you so much)

4 / 5
A perfect keyboard. Jet Of Black orderly Stealth-creation of revised keyboard of page of product info-excellent. Has one 2018 IPAD 9.7 thumb. The my investigation and this keyboard there is nailed each desire and wants to. It protects IPAD -control. He one 360 toe of terracing as I can use my iPad to read and the keyboard has protected down iPad- control. The lights of the keyboard when required, was when any required- control. The weight of iPad is countered with keyboard as not touching-control. IPAD does not move or the turn was point of pívot when touching screen and writing-control. Hinge Of point/of the pívot is sturdy and rigid, any movement after inaugural to write-control. Feet of hule in inferior like the keypad does not move in tabletop-control. Any delay of keyboard AT ALL when writing-control. The chance is not slippery or slick so that that can spend around without feeling likes will slip out of hands-control. This was such the decision adds . I love this thing! There are so many options there partorisca IPAD 9.7 keyboards and I can not believe has taken absolutely all am wanted. And a keyboard feels is awesome - feels like my desk and a creation is súper intuitive. Now I owe that to to the portable laptop likes him the device that will be perfect for travesía business, as well as daily use.
4 / 5
This chance of keyboard is done very good and comfortable to manage. The writing is exceptionally easy still that considers that a keyboard is smaller that more portable. If quite calm does not invest in the most expensive laptop, has found that to purchase a new 2018 iPad 6th generation and this particular keyboard am exited to be much less expensive. A calm keyboard leave to write comfortably assuming your hands are not especially big (this could be his only drawback in my opinion). Also, a capacity to be able to turn a screen of the yours iPad for 360 terracings can be invaluable. A chance besides is use like the keyboard, calm leave to twist a screen easily to look video etc. Or flattens was to choose design with a Pencil of Apple. His functionality is absolutely incredible.

In general, this keyboard is an excellent election like an accessory for a new plus 9.7 in. iPads.
5 / 5
WOW! I am impressed like this with this chance of keyboard/of the iPad. I have been looking for a perfect one and found that finally! This chance is SURPRISING. Here it is some of my favourite parts in this chance/of keyboard:

1 - return my iPad perfectly and is slender and lustrous And protects my iPad of drops & of falls!

2 - A backlit the keyboard is ordered like this! There are tonnes of colours to choose of.

3 - A 360 exposure of terracing is SURPRISING. I have not known this is existed! I want that I can turn a screen wants to share something with another.

4 - This keyboard/of chance is very versatile. Calm can use likes the keyboard, pill, and same like the stand to look film! The majority of the keyboards of iPad are so only the keyboard - I amour that can use you this in the variety of ways!

5 - A chance is done well and is the quality adds. It is not economic or flimsy likes very other chances of iPad have seen in a past. This chance/of keyboard is very durable!

6 - A chance is abordable! So much chance is $ $ $ , but this chance is the shot adds and is taking an amazing product!

In general, HIGHLY recommends this chance of keyboard/of the iPad to another. Still I am thinking to buy likes the present navideño for friends/familiarised :). Always volume like this compliments when the people see my chance of keyboard/of the iPad!
4 / 5
The original description follows, but see an update down:

ORIGINAL DESCRIPTION: it likes-I one feels of this keyboard and have any question with a legislation of on duty tone likes some there is remarked. This in spite of, looks that my iPad (any one a keyboard he) experiences drain of terrible battery and some cariche of iPad much slower with this keyboard has connected. I go to research settings and use it the pair more days and see if this continues. It can it has to that the turn. Note, has used my iPad for a last pair of years with the Logitech keyboard and has not had never this drain of battery.

UPDATE!!! Originally I have given this keyboard three stars of a battery of iPad drained down to 4 by means of a first night without using at all. As I in the first place declared, has not had never this question with my first keyboard. I have looked for further and expósito that has required to change an iPad'‘s Clock & Brightness/car-closes to dip. I have changed you grieve that of Never in time of together (5 minutes is that it has chosen), a subject has been solved.

Now am very happy with a keyboard. Utilisation a backlit tones at night which is reason I has ordered this model. Everything is a lot now and would recommend a keyboard to any one.

Am changing an indication to 5 stars.
5 / 5
This keyboard/of the chance absolutely is a BETTER!! It surpasses that it has expected it, and it has done my IPAD new the laptop also!! I have been concerned in a colour, but his beautiful! A life of battery is fantastic, and a different colored the lights in a keypad are perfect! I can not say a bad thing in this chance! It is like this sturdy, and my IPAD has closed to plant without slipping or sliding. A bluetooth utmost of laws of the connection! It connects to an IPAD quickly every time. If you are looking for a keyboard of perfect/chance ossia!! I have been concerned in a colour because it was an available only colour to take quickly, but his beautiful!! I also, has left the slip of my lap to the paving and he have protected my IPAD a lot well!!
4 / 5
I have it quell'has had so only this new keyboard for the few days he so that it can very still row a life of battery or durability, so only a 'versatility.'
Are not the odd plus at random of keyboard in that possessed that three or four of different companies. Each one which of them been missing of
one or two figure concealed ' of legustado to have has had.' This Yekbee layer all some bases and is a lot well has built.

This can not be treats it big to some but a majority of these chances has the legislation hift' nail ossia a same measure like the
tones of paper. When Writing with any terracing of speed, my little finger frequently loses that yours to turn smaller that causes
me partorisca attack a key after his, interrupting my flow and annoying me. A Yekbee solves this question for having the uniform keyboard with all the tones when being uniform considering function and location. This comprises having both eshift'
tones some same (big plus, as they would owe that be) measure. Everything of some tones of function are appropriately grouped in a cup of a keyboard according to function has feigned.
A side of iPad of a chance can be dipped in any corner to see and swivels partorisca accommodate diverse different seeing that/ it reads/ways. That adds is that creation?? Not To Take me really liked a Note Kee if this a
has substituted. There is an organism of aluminium and was very drawn except a measure of ANNOYING paper hift' tone. When being
aluminium, probably has survived to be has fallen better that a plastic Yekbee chance but unless a Yekbee
has fallen of a cup of a Sears Gone back, he more probably would protect an iPad and no constant ignificant'
his harm. In general, this chance is to good sure the winner and is considering changing out of your chance, you
well selects this Yekbee! I will update later king one 'life of battery' and 'durability.'
4 / 5
I have had this chance for the little the month now and is state to add like this far. A keyboard feels quite solid and often find me looking for a trackpad , there is has not had to the touch still took it of then. It take a chance lived and was the bot has concerned that a colour could be too brilliant , but his the darkest plum produced that it was it adds for me. A chance has begun to aim some scracthes in some external (I tends to dip my pill to the long of notebooks and chargers), this in spite of is not too noticeable and tip that in fact is maintaining my sure device. Like this far a chance is quite solid and perhaps bit it weighed if one plans to use an iPad in way of pill ( beats or could not resupply enough protect for an iPad in chance of the drop, but would not try that it was). A 360 functionality is quite a lot of orders , there is remarked this in spite of that when using a pill in way of tent sometimes I need to turn a keyboard was, otherwise tries to hide an on-keyboard of screen.
4 / 5
Ossia A fourth husband of the keyboard has bought for my Air of iPad 2. After treating broken separates and no-quite-characteristic legislation in some premiers three products, am extremely happy with this compraventa.

In the first place, while plastic, a material is quite sturdy. I do not seat like a frame will break to require to take my iPad, and a hinge is really solid. I took trying curve he in a wrong direction accidentally the pair to time when have in the first place begun to use the, and control in bylines. I seat that really it require to deliberately the force for the pause. An arrival of the satin does not resist the smudges, but are the bit has concerned that reason is plastic, develops scuffs and scratches.

As, a backlit the keyboard is really good. It feels he adds under my toes and so only requires the little bit of retraining reason a 'delete' the tone is on a 'backspace' yours (and taking paste accidentally for those of us more habituados to use keyboards of full measure). A preference by heart is saved among essions' -- an improvement in a last chance has used; reason left to choose the colour if any calm go it to agree?? -- But it is not except afterwards turning a keyboard was street a transmission in a side.

A transmission to be able to is another plus . It likes a lot of prpers that has to concern roughly draining of a battery of the keyboard every time ploughs a chance. The leading chances have used has turned on every time my iPad 'has despertador on,' or while the snapped to a magnetic band that has varied he with a keyboard. So only it turns this keyboard on when I the precise.

In general, love this chance of keyboard. Has all some characteristics want to (and then some) and any of a drawbacks has experienced with other chances.
5 / 5
A neighbour up for some uses of keyboard bluetooth and has taken 2 minutes less to start with. Amado the so much that has ordered a partorisca iPad of my daughter. A screen rotates 360 terracings and is very durable.

Top Customer Reviews: Touchpad Keyboard ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Better that an Apple soyagic' Keyboard! I have bought one $350 Magic keyboard to then has had to that buy the $ 50 coverage buddy chance to protect an iPad! But this F17 the chance of wireless keyboard has substituted both of these elements and he the better work reason leave to rotate a screen to write with him and I do not owe that take he out of a chance to do like this. I can change among writing and writing with ease and a Ipad is has protected still. Ossia A coverage of better/keyboard never! Reason spend $ 400 in the keyboard and chance when it can take he in a smooth container! Oh, And that to PRIZE adds offered the guarantee that there is remarked not even when it has ordered. It has taken to register a chance of keyboard and actuate a guarantee easily in his web of place. This comes with the type c load ossia convenient reason ossia that a Ipad is using and a trackpad is point and averts. I can do like this. This thing really turns a Ipad to the laptop! Ossia The product of Apple and the precise real quality harm a no on his game! It is crazy that the better product would be done ossia also so less money. Reason any one the apple thinks of of the this?
5 / 5
Has taken a black touchpad keyboard for iPad Pro 3rd Gene (2018) . They are really pleasantly surprised with this product? It is really sturdy, and taste like spent my iPad on all the sides. Has a Folio of Keyboard of the Apple also, which also spent in both sides, but that one is resisted with the magnetism and this keyboard so only feels the little surer mine.
A RGB is fun really - has three different brightness settings, as well as it stirs it of options by heart. An option is all light blue, then has the pair of light blue, green, and lived combos. Some turns of rainbow according to quell'calm option the the on, as it could be plant the green to red the blue, blue the green to red, or red the blue the green. As you can choose which think looks fresher.
Has some tones of shortcut in an upper row that is really useful. There is the key of house, brightness controls, the key to leave you attractive on spotlight investigation of anywhere, etc. Is súper convenient.
A headline of pencil is a lot also. And of course when being able to swivel the around and the neighbour any way loves are adds. It is the little rigid when calm moves it, but probably has to that be to resist on a weight of an iPad. Also it closes automatically when concluded like a keyboard of Apple .
Is all has been missing of a Folio of Keyboard and am happy with him.
4 / 5
Has purchased this chance of keyboard with trackpad, after using two separate keyboards of Brydge Pro, a Brydge Pro +.

Is interested to do your Ipad Pro look a MacBook, then go with a Brydge Pro +.

In my opinion, ossia a one of some VERY few things a Brydge Pro + better that this unit.

Has included further of a two times a prize (229 USD vs 99 USD), a Brydge Pro + any outperform this device.

Was very easy to pair to mine Ipad, one a lot before time without subjects.

All of some instructions was thorough, and very easy to follow.

Was on, connected, writing, and “trackpadding” in the pair of minutes.

A keyboard is exceptionally responsive, and comfortable to write on (I follows to write this description on he maintaining).

A trackpad tip any sign of lag or “jumpiness”.

Has several levels of dye of user of adjustable keyboard for a backlight.

In bylines of a backlighting if it does not write for the pocolos second, to conserve life of battery.

The hips turns behind on quickly when calm resume writing.

A chance can be regulated to multiple corners to see.

Also, one of a big plus that sells points of a chance, for me, is one all some the calm different ways can use it, because of a 360 hinge:

“way” of Portable

“Way” of Pill

“Way” of Presentation

“Way” to Be

has the something to store mine (punctual to arrive) Pencil of Apple, while it is touching.

The hips resupplies to protect of flange for my IPAD.

In general, this device is the interpreter adds , and the value adds.

Does more things that a Keyboard of Apple for the less than the third of a prize, and more than a Brydge Pro + stops less than means.

Are very pleased, and highly recommend it.
5 / 5
This product is surprising! Very very built and stable! It is exactly that has required. It photographs it to them and I likes him modify in mine iPad and has required something concealed would help me clients of email and also gone back to the pill to the equal that could modify my pictures or create Faceless digital portraits of clients. It is honradamente such the fantastic product, also loves one touches of having the backing to a Pencil of Apple. I have hated like Other chances have had no concealed and would lose a pen in purse of mine. I do not know reason the apple is not exited with something like this, but am happy that these types were able of the attractive was and he astounding! Definitely it is thinking roughly buying east! So only he! Calm promise, is better that any one another keyboard there for an iPad 12.9!
5 / 5
The weight of product are adds. RGB Is well. To the versatility of a keyboard is awesome. Way of laptop, seeing way, way of pill.
4 / 5
Thinks that ossia one of some chances of better keyboard for one 4th gene Ipad Pro. A characteristic that master is a 360 characteristic where can you toe a screen and the use likes to pill and then of toe behind calms master to use likes him the laptop. There have it also of the tonnes to see corners that can do you. A hinge feels a lot well has built. We will see what time resists but solid of looks of rock . Considering a trackpad, thinks that is a prize added . In general, I am satisfied by this chance and touch a better bang for your buck.
4 / 5
Loves this chance!!!!! HIGHLY I RECOMMEND IT! My chance resupplies a protect required for my iPad 12.9 and master a bit 360 terracings and clamshell ploughing of a chance the one who leaves for me to use my chance and iPad like the laptop or toe he behind like this to pill. One of some characteristic fresco is a touchpad, ossia like this awesome to the equal that can do gestures on he partorisca to the characteristic of shortcut likes them cut and paste and of the integer slew other shortcuts that is listed in an accompanying booklet. Another characteristic is a backlit the keyboard offers the variety of colours and a variety of the colours of rainbow likes them showed in a model. Oh I mentions, leaves for a pencil to touch and stay in planting ultra securely!!!!! This chance also uses an USB-C load that deletes a need to spend multiply chargers, but to be sincere, this chance does not require frequent that touches to the equal that are adds. One of some points has underlined main is a fact a Bluetooth is SOLID in this chance when I write is flowed without any latency or delay, used it included while connected to mine PS4 controller, headset, and pencil STILL ABSOLUTELY ANY DELAY! Besides, a Bluetooth the characteristic is easy to the pair and a key to be able to is in an opposite side of some keys to be able to of the iPad that is well for me. For a folks ossia the vanity, a chance has a those ploughs that quell'will show Apple of the yours iPad engraved the logo and a chance is quite flushed with some rear cameras. As the one who GILIPOLLAS: If you extend a pill further 135 terracings without your wrist that remain in a tampon he teeter the bit because of a weight of an iPad. This can be countered for simply not extending a screen further 135 terracings or to situate your wrist in a tampon. Finally, if you are the defender of having the protective screen for both your monitor of screen/of iPad and rear camera, so only maintain import that this chance does not come with a transparent screen and protective camera(s). In my opinion, would be well is coming with him, but ossia something that tends any to gravitate to as these things tend to be the waste of money and peel was with which some time. In general, it would recommend this keyboard, touchpad, Bluetooth, 360 clamshell husband for your 12.9 4th GENE iPad Pro before any of some other chances. To the left know me whatcha think calm once take it! Be Spent sure and happy!
5 / 5
Really loves a easiness to install east! I have been using he for my school work and like this far, I so that it adds!
Some colours of a keyboard backlight is also good to look in, has the different effect also. “ I breathe he” in those some colours will move in of the different speeds that can change you.
The writing is the breeze and one 360 component add also. I had it it has bought it also an Apple magic keyboard in chance that this keyboard has not fulfilled my expectations, but the looks am returning that one!
In an end of a day, always touches it so that it does not have any subject like this far with life of battery.
This product is to good sure value of the money, a lot of abordable and more economic that a mark of apple.
5 / 5
Want to very better that an alternative expensive some there. Found a quality adds and to good sure would recommend it to any
4 / 5
love this chance of keyboard for my iPad Pro 12.9' 4th Generation. A lot of sturdy and the creation adds. Has the alike chance (different mark) for my iPad 6th Generation and a clave of the tones and he is not that comfortable to write on and any trackpad. These tones of keyboard are smooth and easy to write. Not sticking the clanking while writing. A tampon of clue are to add and work very smooth and is highly responsive. Seriously with this chance an iPad is essentially the laptop. The only creation does not concern me partorisca east a headline of pencil of the Apple simply reason do not have a pencil of Apple and unsure will take one. I comprise reason is there and for people those who have a pencil are sure he is the element to draw of the marvel to a chance. In general highly it satisfies

Top Customer Reviews: Keyboard Case for ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
I have possessed other chances and of the coverages partorisca mine another iPad, but this coverage is a lot of sturdy and of confidence according to which protect. A coverage is textured in the way that slip of mark-resistant when that resists with other books or of the dossiers. Has the headline of digital pen and the keyboard that is even more convenient. In general ossia my chance of favourite of iPad .
4 / 5
Uses this to do all a time . A magnetism maintains a keyboard in place and of the frames for inaugural and closing to be very easy, ie a keyboard does not fall out of a chance and the still can the resist and the use that stands up any question.
Like this happy to have an easy way to begin that it takes the notes without that have to that dipped on Bluetooth on and on
the chance are add, sturday and looks very professional.
My only complaint or the commentary is when it wants to use them a chance with out a keyboard and prop on a ipad the wish a keyboard could stash is gone in a backside but the always finalises so only tossing the to a side, could have the solution to this that the has not imagined was. Another that that, LOVE THIS KEYBOARD/of CHANCE
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Wow! Like this pleasant! So only reason is smaller that mine iPad pro the house is like this freaking adorable. A backlit the keyboard really adds to an aesthetic. I order of complaint not taking a backlit keyboard for my pro. This keyboard this small plus in fact the looks bit it more sturdy that a big plus an and has the interface slightly easier. Obviously, so only I love these Chesona the chances in general have taken two!

For interface, means a Bluetooth the key of connection is much more apparent. More than the combination key, is his own key afterwards to a transmission to be able to. It likes that of him the partorisci easily was after the turn was is linking to a device has used last.

I also likes that thr the rear lights go to sleep. They go to sleep quite quickly, but at least a keyboard can conserve can of battery! They are sure he has the way to regulate this setting of sleep, but has not verified. Some the rear lights have 3 brightness the levels and the colours remain among sinister, average, and right sections (sees video).

Was apprehensive in a blue, but has loved the backlit keyboard. I have not loved two pink chances and the black chance is boring. They are súper happy that are to go with blue! It is like this quite in person and has an iridescence!

Some keys around a flange of an iPad is pronounced less, but this is not the subject of entity. It is very better that a chance my school gave with this iPad. Material still owe that use my school chance in pupil, but of then is mostly on-line and in home concealed bad can use anything loves while here. I owe that write the plot for classes and of the meetings and these helps!

Would recommend!
5 / 5
This keyboard/of the coverage simply is in amazing. A cost and the quality are unbelievable when compared to other frames of name. I have been the BB and the request yes has known of the pertinent product reason have not loved to buy a version of Apple for my recently purchased gene 7 iPad and could a lot of pint me in a right direction. I have bought this product and he blow me to us was. It is very easy to pair and use. A quality ensure that my iPad is protected with the durable coverage. If you are looking for the coverage or keyboard for your gene of iPad 7, gives this tries it. They are calm quite sure will love it.
4 / 5
Has bought one of these for my iPad Pro and like so much of that has bought one for iPad new of a woman also. It resupplies I protect well for light use (although any drawn for long drops on to the hard surfaces according to which can say - not going for the try!). A keyboard is good and some folds of chances were to prop a screen up. In general really they like him these!
4 / 5
Order this for the use of my husband in work. It is self employee and has required something easy to use and of confidence. This really returned a bill for him. It uses it daily and it informs that he a lot, a lot well!
5 / 5
Loves this! The keyboard is class of magnetised so that it can move it around a chance anywhere prefers. A Bluetooth has connected immediately to the mine iPad. Utilisation an iPad for the work and I was able to choose any class of the chance and the keyboard and am happy has chosen is one. Works well, has the space for a pencil of the apple and a chance is not slippery. He grips well while in the resistant.
5 / 5
Amparo and good measure for iPad. It could use the protective screen like respecto on a keyboard that lines an iPad
4 / 5
has ordered this reason have required a pencil of Apple but has not loved to spend $ 150 in a Keyboard of Apple and has followed some descriptions thus produced. I have loved to expect the pair of month to do a sincere description.
Love a keyboard! Some paints to the transmission is like this fresh, can write in a dark and a life of battery is well.
A chance is well with just the little minor gilipollas. A chance is done of this slick the material but easy stain and has bought ascended like this after 2 month is looking bit it spent (the last pic is that some looks of chances now). A hule that control a ipad and the pencil of Apple is hard. It is the little hard to take a pencil of apple was and does not leave room for a pencil of Apple to have the sleeve. If has a pencil of Apple with the sleeve he no returned in there. It has taken I protect in if something raisin. In general, it is the good compraventa ! I give it 4 and the HALF stars.
5 / 5
UPDATE: it is spent once the More than way that follows to return a keyboard and taking my money behind. Highly it recommends to do more it researches before purchasing. It is unfortunate reason have has wanted really loves this. A real chance is surprising and loves which light a keyboard is so that it is that the import bummer that a hardware so only no right at all. Fallen my description of two stars to a.

Like this far am hesitant in this keyboard. It is premise is simple and easy to dip on this in spite of with mine sometimes laws and sometimes he no. The majority a time when I go to write, some tones are writing two papers in place of just a. And it will not be two of a same paper. The writing ‘will result in the ‘fs' and the writing will result you ‘ to him in some DISCHARGE that is turned on. Ossia Random and sometimes will spend with other papers and of the numbers and then some the next time uses it, these papers will be well and will be another key ossia messing up. I had it be totally fine the pair of time without subjects but my question that has to that imagine was is: it is a value of frustration he? I recommend to do some investigation in of the keyboards causes this a probably will be returned yes maintains this up.

Top Customer Reviews: iPad Keyboard Case ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
A perfect keyboard. Jet Of orderly Stealth Negre-creation of the revised keyboard of page of product info-excellent. Has one 2018 IPAD 9.7 inch. I my investigation and this keyboard have nailed each desire and flight. It protects IPAD -control. He one 360 toe to title I so that it can use my iPad to read and the keyboard have protected down iPad- control. The keyboard illuminates when required, was when has not required- control. The weight of iPad is countered with keyboard as not touching -control. IPAD does not move or the turn was point of pvot when touching protect and writing-control. Hinge Of point/of the pvot is robust and rigid, any movement after inaugural to write-control. Feet of the rubber in inferior like the keypad does not move in tabletop-control. Any delay of keyboard AT ALL when writing-control. The case is not slippery or slick as it can spend it around without listening likes will slip out of tame-of control. This was such the decision adds . I want this thing! There are so many options there for IPAD 9.7 keyboards and I can not think has taken absolutely all has wanted. And a keyboard listens is awesome - when being as my desktop and a creation is sper intuitive. It opens haig Of the the portable laptop like his the device that will be perfect for business trip, as well as daily use.
5 / 5
WOW! I am so impressed with this case of keyboard/of the iPad. State looking for a perfect one and at the end has found the! This case is SURPRISING. Here it is some of my favourite parts in this case/of keyboard:

1 - apt my iPad perfectly and is slender and lustrous And protects my iPad of drops and of falls!

2 - A backlit the keyboard is so orderly! There are tonnes of colours to choose of.

3 - A 360 exposure of the title is SURPRISING. I have not known this has existed! I want that it can turn a screen wants to share something with another.

4 - This keyboard/of case is very versatile. It can use he cual the keyboard, tablet, and included like the support to look films! The majority of the keyboards of iPad are only the keyboard - I amour that can use you this in the variety of roads!

5 - A case is done well and is the quality adds. It is not cheap or flimsy likes him a lot other cases of iPad have seen in a past. This case/of keyboard is very durable!

6 - A case is abordable! So much case is $ $ $ , but this case is the roads adds and is taking an amazing product!

In general, HIGHLY recommends this case of keyboard/of the iPad in another. Still I am thinking to buy he cual the present navideo for familiar/friends :). Always volume so greetings when the people see my case of keyboard/of the iPad!
5 / 5
This case of keyboard is very very done and comfortable in sleeve. It writes it is exceptionally easy still that considers that a keyboard is smaller that more portable. If enough you he no invert at most expensive laptop, coverage that to purchase a new 2018 iPad 6 generation and this particular keyboard exited to be very less expensive. A calm keyboard leave you to write comfortably supposing your hands are not especially big (this could be his only problem in my opinion). Also, a capacity to be able to turn a screen of your iPad for 360 titles can be invaluable. A case besides is use like the keyboard, left you to twist a screen easily to look videos etc. Or flattens was yes elect draw with a Pencil of Apple. His functionality is absolutely incredible.

In general, this keyboard is an excellent election like an accessory for one 9.7 newer in. iPads.
5 / 5
The clues of original description, but see a low update:

ORIGINAL DESCRIPTION: it likes him to him one when being of of this keyboard and has any problem with one of right service of key likes him some has remarked. Even so, it looks that my iPad (any keyboard he) drain of experiences of terrible stack and some loads of iPad much more dulcemente with this keyboard has connected. I go to research parameters and use it the days of plus of pair and view if this continues. It can I have to it returns. Note, has used my iPad for a last pair of years with him Logitech keyboard and has not had never this drain of stack.

UPDATE!!! In the principle has given this keyboard three stars of a stack of iPad drained down in 4% through a premier unused prejudices at all. I Like me in the first place declared, has not had never of this problem with my first keyboard. I have looked for further and expsito that requires to change an iPad's Clock and cart/of Brilliance-fence to pose. I have changed hardly the May is that the time of gesture (5 minutes are that it chooses), a subject has been resolved.

Opens IS very happy with a keyboard. I use a backlit tones at night which are why I has ordered this model. Everything is very now and would recommend a keyboard in any one.

Is changing an indication in 5 stars.
5 / 5
This keyboard/of the case absolutely is a BETTER!! It surpasses that expected, and has done my IPAD new the laptop also!! It was preoccupied in a colour, but his well! A life of stack is fantastic, and a different colored the lights in a keypad is perfect! I can not say a bad thing in this case! It IS so robust, and my IPAD in firm to situate without slipping or sliding. A bluetooth the laws of sum of connection! Alloy in an IPAD hurriedly every time. If you are looking for a keyboard of perfect/case that is to say!! It was preoccupied in a colour so that it was an available only colour to take hurriedly, but his well!! I also, left the slip of my foothills deep down and has protected my IPAD very good!!
5 / 5
For a prize has paid, can not beat this case. I possess an iPad 5 and an iPad 6, and am adds to take this case to adapt so. They use for some time and listens is well.
+ An element is so light this imagines. I have taken my iPad here and there for work, as done my much more comfortable life.
+ A surface of case is smooth and no easy to leave fingerprints, a main reason that is returned my last case is was easy to take different classes of impressions. Always I black case elect so that the black is an easy plus a to maintain clean; even so, my last case has failed. I am happy this one east that cual expected.
+ A 360 rotatable the characteristic is one the majority of useful has not conformed never. I left me to share my screen with another very easily; also it can conform my another requisites iPad of use for working or entertaining, good idea to have this characteristic in a case of iPad.
+ A stack of the keyboard takes very the time concealed has been using a keyboard for the week of my last load and he are still lives. And there is the road to verify a life of stack, convenient for me to use.
+ A backlight the colours are good and a light is brilliant. My last case also has the backlight, but is much darker, and a light is not that included like this or. My old one east like the class of erratic thin light; this one has the whole circle of full light around some tones.
+ Some tones are slightly recessed in a keyboard, so that they touch a screen of iPad, means can close a case without also carefulness, which are the ache when wants the enclosed and race in the some place.
+ Has an extra zone in a fund of a keyboard to do your hands take the rest adds and has time of scripture easier.
+ Some shortcuts of offers of the keyboard in some works of iPad that prevents it my soiled toes to touch a screen of iPad in a lot of time while I am doing.
+ A function of cart/arouses of the sleep is also the pro.
- The instruction of an user is the small bit has complicated; they like him to of them the pictures in place of texts so that I can find that I am looking for easier.
5 / 5
That is to say a fourth case of the keyboard has bought for my Air of iPad 2. Desprs Treating parts of fraction and no-quite-characteristic rights in some premiers three products, is supremely happy with this compraventa.

In the first place, while plastic, a material is quite robust. Any dry like a frame will break to require to take my iPad, and a hinge is very solid. I took me trying crooked he in a wrong direction accidentally the pair to time when in the first place begun to use the, and undertaken of winery. I seat that very it require in purposefully the oblige for the pause. An arrival of the satin does not line in smudges, but is bit he preoccupied that so that it is plastic, develops scuffs and scratches.

Segundo, a backlit the keyboard is very good. When being adds under my toes and only requires the small bit of retraining so that a 'delete' the tone is in a 'backspace' yours (and takes paste accidentally for those of us more accustomed to use keyboards of full measure). A preference by heart is saved among essions' -- an improvement in a last case has used; why I left me chosen the colour if no the glass to take?? -- But it is not except afterwards turning a keyboard was subjects a change in a side.

A change to be able is another plus . It Likes him very prpers likes him to preoccupy quite draining a stack of of the every time opened keyboard a case. The anterior cases have used ignited every time my iPad 'arouse,' or while the fraction in a magnetic band that many he with a keyboard. Only it turns this keyboard on when he the precise.

In general, wants this case of keyboard. Has all some characteristic amours (and then some) and any one of some problems have experimented with other cases.
5 / 5
A trace for some uses of keyboard bluetooth and has taken less than 2 minutes to start with. It has wanted the so this has ordered or for iPad of my daughter. A screen rotates 360 titles and is very durable.
5 / 5
I actuate There It go It only this new keyboard for the few days so many can returns still row a life of stack or durability, only a 'versatility.'
Am not the odd plus in case to have the keyboards have possessed three or four of different companies. Each which how one of them been missing of
or or two declares concealed 'I of legustado to have had.' This Yekbee coated all some bases and is very well has built.

This can not be the big roads in some except a majority of these cases has the right hift' nail that is to say a same measure like the
tones of card. Quan Written with any title of speed, my little finger frequently loses that of service the small tone more this causes
me to attack a next nail in him, interrupting my flow and troubling me. A Yekbee resolves this problem to have the uniform keyboard with all the tones that is uniform in relation to do and location. This comprises to have so eshift'
tones some same (big plus, while they would have to be ) measure. Everything of some tones of function are appropriately grouped in a cup of a keyboard according to the function has feigned.
A side of iPad of a case can be posed in any angle to see and swivels to accommodate varied different that sees that/ it reads/roads. That adds is that creation?? It do not take Me bad....I Liked him very His of a Note Kee if this a
has substituted. Has an organism of aluminium and was very designed except a measure of ANNOYING card hift' tone. When being
aluminium, probably has survived to be is fallen better that a plastic Yekbee case but unless a Yekbee
is fallen of a cup of a Sears Gone back, more probably would protect an iPad and does not have constant ignificant'
harm in him. In general, this case is to well sure the laureate and yes is considering to change out of your case, you
the mark well selects this Yekbee! I will update later re one 'life of stack' and 'durability.'
1 / 5
I have bought this case like the present for my threads. Hardly we plough the, we conected a cape and beginning to touch this product; but begin to take hot and a case has begun to melt. Fortuna my threads disconected a cape and at all happend. This has to no happend, especially with boys.

Top Customer Reviews: Keyboard Case for ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 57 ratings
5 / 5
The keyboard adds partorisca iPad new 10.2. It was easy to connect to a pill and is compatible with iPad.
5 / 5
This has to that be like compraventa better not having never does on amazon. I have won an iPad newer in my works Xmas party and has required the chance ASAP. DID NOT EVEN KNOW YOU COULD TAKE A KEYBOARD PARTORISCA THIS OMG. As I have been the MircoCenter and has said
M that there and has not had anything of course has to that way that be in amazon and OMG. Amazing prize. Any partorisca mention a lot amiably packaged and everything ! Theeeee Better keyboard never. Partorisca An iPad has taken. I love a coverage. A lustrous keyss a freakin the tampon of mouse is the plus !!!!! I loveeeeeee my iPad Even moreeeee now. ! It is like this amazing! I love it !!
4 / 5
Been using partorisca plot of the hours and the keyboard have discovered is very smooth and very silent while writing. Key is conclusive and smooth. Tampon partorisca touch also is very smooth also and easy to move around icon, easy the page of roll via tampon partorisca touch or easy to use gesture. To good sure recommend to friends and of the families.
4 / 5
Chances of excellent keyboard, in the very low prize. It has not expected a quality and perfection in this low prize. The life of long battery has used for more than 10 days 3 to 4 use of hours for day but still has not been load. It connects street Bluetooth to an iPad, has four indicators of state Can IN/Bluetooth indicator, indicator of lock of Discharges he, indicator of Low battery that & indicator of Touches. These cariche of keyboard have seen the USB-C port and quell'USB-C boss is has comprised. A coverage of skin gives the look of good prize and has not added very hanged neither bulkiness. A stand attaches magnetically to a chance. Access snug and tight, all the ports, the keys are easily accessible. Very easy to install and take. Guarantee very good. Highly recommend this chance.
4 / 5
Has had the chance looked for my iPad 6th Gene, as I have bought this for my iPad 7th Gene 10.2' also. In fact, I have bought a chance the few weeks before I have bought an iPad. This chance leave dipped an iPad in the table in landscape or portrait. When I Use my Bluetooth keyboard, can do a lot of writing, and the difference of a chance of keyboard of the Apple, can see more than my writing when I rotate an iPad in a chance the portrait. When it Is read, some frames of chances for sturdily dipping an iPad in mine @@@cofre to read.

This chance uses the magnetic clasp in place of the stretchy band to resist it has closed. Works very like this far. A stretchy the band in a leading chance has taken free, and has had to that paste he behind in place. Perhaps this magnetic clasp will last longer. Another utmost characteristic is a touchpad in a chance that gives an extra flange in other chances of keyboard in of the terms of an ease in using a chance.
5 / 5
- I utmost looks, the professional feels
- snug returned for a ipad
- the keyboard interacts seamless with ipad
- has all the regular tones and your additional for cameras, volume and key to house
- a lot of empty around tones like any worry to take powder and a hassle to clean
- Bluetooth the looks of connectivities to be simple and stable
- the life of battery is good ( the needs separate to touch )
In general the good alternative to a chance of keyboard of expensive apple.

Remarce: I need to have the yours the camera opens manually to use a key of camera, if the the camera opens then use a key to take pictures. If it calms of those who has a camera opens then some laws of key of the camera like the volume on key ( his very reason a chance is defective), took the bit to @give the.
5 / 5
Has wanted to expect until with which take the really well feel for a product and really could comes from before I have left the description. Now honradamente can say...... I love it! The life of battery is A1! Everything perfects. I want to one feels and a material!
4 / 5
Ossia Really keyboard a lot well together with touching of mouse. Utilisation for my day the activities of day and responses of email. Some tones are really soft and works well with a ipad. Finding a perfect keyboard for you is no easy task reasons too many third keyboards of party are bad drawn or too expensive, but there are some for real opted add know where to look. This a lot among that category. Highly recommended!
4 / 5
Looked for protects for my iPad new and imagined reason any one the keyboard also. This an also has the touchpad, which have not seen elsewhere.

A quality of him looks WELL. This in spite of, when you have burst in yours iPad and close a coverage, there is enough the empty among an iPad and chance in a folding side. It did not like that in of absolute. Take an iPad when required is also cry it.

But that signalled for the turn was a keyboard so only has not answered properly. This probably will touch odd, but a flatness of him so only did not give me the good experience to a point of has lost keystrokes and a lot repeating keystrokes. So only writing an email was an extremely frustrating experience for me.

According to that a touchpad, is not a smooth plus in scrolling, but has had a late plus fine touch of toe and options unexpectedly.

And has not been the defender of only one seeing corner. It can have taken used to this has had to that this in spite of.

Finally, when I have wanted to resist an iPad to the equal that to pill and has bent a keyboard behind, is not so only heavy state, but has to that agree to turn of a power or more some tones and touchpad wreak havoc in your experience of pill.

Unfortunately, this so only is not a right product for me.
5 / 5
Took it so only and loves it! A touchpad really the works and am like this happy for that, ossia that was concerned more roughly but does really laws! Also it returns perfectly in mine iPad!

Top Customer Reviews: Logitech SLIM FOLIO ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
UPDATE: With which so only the pair of month of use, the chiclet tone flipped was and was the key concealed is not touched NEVER or has used. I that tries to take Logitech partorisca substitute Slender Folio PRO, is a plus a lot-responsive establishment with which said me in the first place would be happy of the substitute. With which concealed, have said that they would have to that renege in his promise. Reason he chiclet so only would burst was when it is not never state touched or has used. A tone was a rear stab (\) and vertical line (|) tone. Another key how is used act them keys—change — sometimes and no another time.

Leaves first partorisca qualify a title of this description in my use of a word ‘seemingly.' Any on can estimate a true quality of the keyboard until it has had a lot of month of use and time of data partorisca aim his forces and weaknesses, anything is. So much, I will do an update of this description after the plenary six month partorisca use I of uses my iPad Pro and a keyboard in meso 13 hours for day, seven days for week according to a iOS map of daily use that explosions up in my screen weekly.

Are the very weighed user of this type of the Folio-fashionable Keyboard partorisca an iPad Pro 3rd Generation (12.9”) of an iPad Pros 12.0” was has released in the first place. With a three iPad Pro 1.as the generations have possessed (to I experience and two substitutions guaranteeed) and a 3rd Generation has purchased last October 2018, has used the keyboard of alike Folio how has been attached to an iPad current Pro 12.9” until I have received this Logitech Slender Folio Pro fact five days. They are the typist partorisca touch writing 90 words by minute, and have quite big, strong hands for the man of 72 years of ages. So much, when I write, I the plot of him and some keyboards take to beat the when into use but never in abuse.

Can have had a Logitech Slender Folio Pro for an iPad still Pro 3rd Generation for only five days now, but has done the plot to write of then. In fact, almost it has written it 140 pages of double-the paper spaced-sized pages of the prose that composes several documents. I have it it used it also to do a bit final editor markup of the manuscript for an Indian author. Besides, I have it quell'has used also this keyboard to enter some nine pages of numbers and/or using equations of calculation in two different mark spreadsheets. Although it does not consider too writing to give the ‘best ‘ ‘ ‘' description of this Logitech Slender Folio Pro to to Keyboard likes in of six additional months of use, can give opinion like this sincere possible based in my already weighed use in a past five days. A following is desglosa diverse parts of a Logitech Folio Pro Keyboard for one 12.9” iPad Pro 3rd Generation has released last Autumn 2018.


Some tones are spaced amiably averts so as or almost as well as the plenary-sized keyboard Logitech keyboard for the Mac or PC. Some tones require some pressure to write a paper or number. Compared to mine another keyboard has mentioned, this keyboard has the row of tones to act that is not found in another. An only thing I still have still to do that a lot already know is the one who each key done and to know he for memory. No in that had it this luxury for very long, still find me using a manual method to fulfil a shortcut these tones are meant to do. There are 14 tones of function in a cup of a keyboard on some tones of number. Of accident to right, is:

Screen Brightness Decrease
Screen Brightness big
Investigations (iOS Investigation)
Virtual Keyboard (toggle among the Virtual keyboard On/Was)
Control of Means comunicacionales (Leading Clue, Song, Register, etc.)
Control of Means comunicacionales (Pause/of Game—Toggle among Each)
Control of Means comunicacionales (Next Clue, Song, Register, etc.)
Control of Volume (Transmission)
Control of Volume (Volume On)
Control of Volume (Volume Down)
the screen On/Was Lock (Toggle Among On & Was)
Bluetooth the League of Low energy
Control of Battery (CONCENTRATED on Level of work of Battery of shows keys)

Another very big goodness of these tones in my keyboard of leading Folio is is amiably backlit—this in spite of, with a brightness of a screen that shines down in some tones and some lights in a room, really finds this unnecessary for typists to touch. (But here, any that never has possessed has used much less he backlit keyboard previously to this Logitech Slender Folio Pro Keyboard, reason owe a keyboard that comes on at all when I am writing in the brightly soiled lit and/or when a brilliant screen is very brilliant, also? Reason is there a lot something inside a keyboard for the say when it is absolutely necessary to turn in a backlights? But, as I have declared, ossia prime minister of mine and have any real comprising of backlit keyboards and perhaps is possible to do and that some other keyboards have this characteristic. Perhaps too much it concealed to do so it would have added bulk and hanged to a keyboard to the equal that would have attack another characteristic of a product.) To hunt & peck typists, this in spite of, this could be the enormous goodness . If you maintain your screen brightness in the level he down plus to help a battery last longer, then a backlit the tones can be the big goodness for both typists, but of maintenances my iPad plugged to be able to all a time, again ossia the no-@@subject for me.

A final note on some tones in this Logitech Slender Folio Pro Keyboard. These tones, likes almost all the keyboards, if Folio or FULL EXTERNAL PC-keyboards of type, is a lot slightly lifted on the flat surface of a keyboard that powder of leaves and grime and same hair of short pet to take down some tones. For like this, it would advise a buyer to maintain can he of the air next pill
and/or the paintbrush of keyboard for maintains it has cleaned was like this to protect some tones to take clogged over time.


A coverage that closes both a backside of an iPad and when concluded (keyboard against a screen) a underside of a keyboard. Work like the full coverage for an iPad Pro 3rd Generation. When Some engineers in Logitech has seated to think roughly which more to draw this keyboard of Slender Folio, has thought really he by means of the the perfection. The difference another chance that simply cover both some back and sides at the head of an iPad Pro, some four corners of an iPad am a lot securely access to has protected the domestic corners concealed surrounds the corners of an iPad that closes an iPad to plant. This coverage is resembled the majority of smartphone protective coverages that protects all but a screen. It is the highly protective coverage leaving so only some upper and inferior finals unprotected so that some speakers remain exposures so that the music can be touched without inaugural a coverage and in another end, a port power that it is USB -C and two additional speakers are exposed also to spend his glorious (almost surround quality of his) to an auditor. To have covered these to sides for further protect an iPad of harm would have destroyed a better this in spite of speakers an iPad Pro has contained to date.

A Logitech Slender Folio Pro has three basic place—the prime minister to write. Although Logitech could has to that a bit the way has added the second corner to see, in my opinion, this place finds is one the majority to populate for typists neither in the table of lap or the regular office.

A second place is the rear place has bent to read. This place situates a totally flat screen that faces for up and a keyboard also facing for up but under a half of screen of a chance.

A third place is the very slightly angled dipped for sketching and taking notes or other works to write.

A better thing in a coverage is a protect offered. It is the coverage of two part when put near, any only discharge an iPad, but with his fold on flap, maintains an iPad Pro has closed entirely, leaves for storage of the stylus or pencil for use in an iPad, and more than the imports will not separate of an iPad has fallen. I have tried this with my iPad and has maintained he felizmente entirely sure of harm of screen or another catastrophe. A Logitech Slender Folio Pro house of keyboard entirely envelops an iPad Pro on all the sides except some upper and inferior to the equal that has explained on in this description and will not separate of an iPad he fallen to the paving of forest of the height of three feet, which is a height has used for my test of drop. I can be bobo but a lot entirely stupid. I have not been to face enough to go any big plus.


According to some specifications in Logitech put web, using an iPad two hours for day to write, a fully touched battery will last three month. I have thought in the first place I have had misread some three months' timeframe until more I have @to @give late that is to be base on two hours to write for day. Unfortunately so that it characterises in his iPad Pro like main or only “computer” or more certainly once iPadOS 13 is liberto in a fall of 2019, two hours for the day that writes will not approach to be a norm and neither the battery of three life of month. This in spite of, so that they are to take or use he in an office the majority of a day and the maintain plugged like this into use, a battery never cycle unless yes it comes unplugged for incident or eats to do for deliberately that leaves a battery run down to almost zero each one that three month and then leaving it recharge fully. With The-battery of ion, to maintain them is and give them the long life, downloading down to roughly five percent followed for the plenaries recharge is recommended highly for the majority of experts of battery. Logitech thoughtfully Resupplies the tone of function of control of battery in a far upper right directly on one deletes key. There are two weaknesses regarding a tone of the control of the battery finds could be improved on. In the first place, when a tone of the control of the battery is depressed lights a FOCUSED on a key to the equal that for a period of a light of accident to legislation resupplies an user an approximate percentage of life of battery that remain. This in spite of is very difficult to determine the one who this percentage is. At all it declares a percentage that can find and when lit, does not have any one drives like this to that porcentual of life of the battery in fact is that it remains. A second question in this tone, for typists to touch especially, is an ease and probability in paste this tone of life of the battery in the place of one deletes key. It is very easy to deception one for another when not looking directly in some tones like the typists to touch do very thick. Meeting doing it all a time and is a lot frustrating to find you has written to backspace one or several characters and later found has no. A lot nettling.


Once an iPad Pro is in place in a place of landscape on a Logitech Folio Pro keyboard, connected and running, a cup of an iPad (really a right side if in way of portrait) is done to situate it stylus for guard when any into use. If you are using to regulate it stylus, Logitech has drawn an inventive method to resist situate when an iPad is enclosed and a lot into use. A chance, when bent on, so that a keyboard abuts a screen, has the fold-on flap that contains magnets. A metal expósito in both sides of a chance attracts some magnets in a flap for the resist securely has closed. A stylus is situated under a flap and has resisted securely while semi-detached to an iPad. Unless your stylus is done to armour plate concealed can be self-attached to some magnets have located in a side of an iPad (upper when in horizontal place), this flap easily resists a stylus in situating when an iPad is enclosed and a lot into use or when writing and a lot of stylus is required.


does not have any knowledge as to if ossia a keyboard of Folio lighter done for an iPad Pro 3rd Generation, but is in accordance with Logitech claim that ossia the light coverage that goes in in around 1.5 books. It tries it against two another Folio-keyboards of type in tending it retailer, has not looked to be a light plus, but certainly has not been weighed and still with an interior of iPad he, was still the highly manageable keyboard/iPad Pro Combination. It agrees, this in spite of, an iPad Pro 12.9” is no light compared to another 2018-2019 iPads (any-Pro Models).

6. Bluetooth And Pairing:

A Logitech Slender Folio Pro Keyboard, an in the first place has to that spend reason I assumed would be an a lot of-known and highly-unliked the pairing indictment as it will admit was at all to the equal that have described so only. Pairing when In the first place used, was the nightmare this in spite of can be for any Bluetooth elements. But here, it was the cinch. A minute has dipped an iPad in a coverage and then has situated both to a space resupplied to write or viewing, the question has come up in a screen that ask has loved pair. I have answered yes, paste a Bluetooth yours of function in an iPad and once that the pairing has been done automatically and a word ‘Logitech' aimed in Bluetooth low Settings (Settings>Bluetooth), has touched simply that the line and the wheels have begun rotating and interior 10 second or less, has been connected. A task was like this easy the pairing of the Bluetooth device to an iPad Pro imaginable. Logitech Have a lot of easy fact to ensure the fast and flawless setup with an iPad and kudos to them for the do like this.


A thing that has to that spoken in this description is that easy or difficult a Logitech Slender Folio Pro is to write on. It would owe that say that the all depends in that and which time the user writes each day. I have found that with which the pair of hours to write without more than the minute or two to rest each half hour, a keyboard has done my very tired toes. I do not have any arthritis or another infirmity in my delivery anything. A writing is a lot, very smooth and like this calm as possibly it can be. In fact, it is absolutely noiseless. But it takes some pressure to ensure that all the tones have touched was gone in in fact. I have found several times when the pair of the tones has taken always a lot of tentativas of the his have show in a screen. Another subject has had with the tones is a backspace/deletes key and one 14th (counting left to right) tone of function. As it typist to touch, I seldom looks in some tones am writing but in a screen. Although the big tone, a backspace/deletes key is situated directly under an upper right function key which is a tone of Power of the Battery . On almost each occasion has meant to paste a backspace/deletes key, am spent accidentally of the shot to an upper and paste a tone to act instead. It is too bad some tones of the function is not the little smaller and final in a +/= tone. Unfortunately when an original of material writing like opposed to of another source, a lot if no the majority of typists to touch simply have the habit to take an upper right tone in a keyboard, or at least are. Perhaps it would owe that it has learnt it writing in the computer more than the manual typewriter. But, ossia probably that it has to that be and has to that learn to live with him. It is still the question for me and a lot another, this in spite of.


A Logitech Slender Folio Pro the keyboard comes with the-the year has guaranteeed Limited. If it fails for any reason (another quell'abuse or abuse) inside a year of date of compraventa, with test of receipt, will send you another keyboard or repair a one has. It is the regular guarantee that finds in the majority of crew of computer today; this in spite of, desire Logitech would be for behind his product the little more and offer the guarantee of two years like this now am beginning to see on more and more has produced.


Logitech has built the one who looks to be the a lot of sturdy, and to good sure is the good-looking, a lot-fact, and practical Slender Folio Pro keyboard for an iPad Pro 12.9” 3rd Generation that also has backlit tones, the silent action, battery very long the life based in the daily use of two hours to write, connection via Bluetooth with which pairing, an excellent variety of tones of function, protects excellent of harm because of the drop, the coverage to have that has weighed that protects a front, behind and both long sides of an iPad, leaving so only some two short sides plough to expose some four speakers and an USB-C port of connection. When that Draws a coverage, some engineers have drawn a coverage as it armoured plate it maintained quell'still light like this like this any to upload a carrier too much in a weight of an iPad Pro he.

Still, has the little, subjects quite significant with this product that has to that be reaffirmed like the keyboard that can powder, muck and grime, he backlit keyboard that felt it could be unnecessary, the short guarantee of some years that could so that easily it has been it two-years, and worse of everything, the beautiful keyboard that takes the little extra pressure to ensure that all the tones when touched is in fact fully depressed so that some papers or he look of numbers in a screen, and the too-prójimo proximity of the tone of function with a backspace/delete your partorisca typists to touch. Finally it is a Life of the battery has DIRECTED that it is at all explanatory. It appears to be so only a FOCUSED these lights when a function is depressed. Any further information is resupplied to an user.

Still, in general, a Logitech Slender Folio Pro Marie of Keyboard is a better global folio -the keyboard of type has possessed to date. That I tin a lot still determine is what time this keyboard of Folio will last before it breaks down, if at all. To this end, I king-revise this keyboard in roughly are month of use, or in roughly Leaves 2020.
5 / 5
AMUR This chance of keyboard that diverse illustrative recommended professional.
This in spite of, has arrived without any boss or upload. That? A boss and upload for my Air of IPAD no with him. I do not see a recommendation of Amazon to purchase them. That The packaging declares a hard battery 3 month. WELL. While ?
5 / 5
While debating on buying neither this or a keyboard of apple was hesitant to take this. I convinced finally that to any one likes to of me always could return and spend of the extra money for a keyboard of mark of the apple. The some research and there is quickly @@give that this chance has more characteristic that a chance of apple. You take a awesome chance of bumper that control an iPad to this keyboard and resupplies it that I protect extra that keyboard of the apples does not offer . With east protects the addition comes a key to plant to notch upper in a chance to turn a volume on and down as well as a power. Some keys are clicky and honradamente so only perfect. A keyboard has the very a lot roping experience and a backlighting in a keyboard so only is in amazing. Ossia An apple of the chance would owe that it has released. This in spite of takes to 3rd company of party to release such the product of quality. It would recommend this product to any the one who is looking for to imagine out of the chance to take. This thing is sturdy, a keyboard is surprising and in general ossia so only a better product for your money. It is more economic that a keyboard of the apple and the characteristic have packed. Calm can any gone bad with this chance at all.
5 / 5
For me ossia the product adds . Also I have a keyboard of apple and pleasure a logitech more. A keyboard feels better, a fact that some tones have light behind is the good addition. A note in forces/of durability; we were in the wrestling tournament and had dipped them my iPad in a bleachers, my daughter did not see it when it traces to seat and dip his full weight (100+lbs) in a half of a chance. I opened it immediately thinking it was to be broken or a screen to be black or something broken but was a lot. A chance his work, an only thing that has had any mark on was an external coverage where had turned his foot the little. It is the hard chance and the law adds. Highly recommend!
4 / 5
Amazing solid construction. This for real done an iPad Pro feel like the laptop... Justo better. Enamoured with a creation, the tone feels, shortcuts, backlighting, everything. An only thing can see to some any to that likes is of a weight. For me, it is not a slightest subject, but yes is going for ultra slender light weight, could not be happy in this category. In my opinion this in spite of, ossia a keyboard that the apple would owe that it has done.
5 / 5
Was bit it hesitant to spend $ 130 in the chance of keyboard, but like this far, is cost each penny!

The difference of a keyboard of official Apple-folio, this an in fact covers a whole of iPad quite well, with pieces of hule fat around some corners to protect he of swipes and drops also. It is also he has taken the magnets have built in, any only so that they close transports an iPad when the in firm on, but to resist an iPad in an integer angled place also. The majority another chance so only uses the small indent or divot, but some magnets here damage the a lot of the strongest grip.

A chance is quite light also, no an iPad súper bulky likes roughly another all-around the chances do. A material is good and smooth, feels well to resist or spend.

A keyboard are adds; has the good quantity of tactile feedback without being TOO clicky, and a backlight is the good touch. Besides, an only active keyboard when an iPad snaps to plant with some magnets, which is the really good characteristic ; it prevents the tone accidentel presses or accidentally turning in a keyboard and squandering battery.

Another orderly characteristic is that it touches with the USB-C boss, as you can use your iPad is touching boss with him. Any in in front lug around two different touching bosses. Logitech Alleges a hard battery for 3 month in all the chance, as it would not owe that require touch the very thick unless you are by train for the use the whole tonne.

In general, so only an absolutely wonderful keyboard chance for one 3rd iPad of gene Pro. A chance of leading keyboard of Logitech that has tried, a one for an Air of iPad 2, was really terrible, but is good to see has improved of then.
4 / 5
I some investigation to find that keyboard was recommended more for an iPad Pro 3. It would have loved a new keyboard of Apple, but no for $ 350. Logitech Taken some indications plus very big in several pieces read like this for the little in $ 100 I has thought would give to try it. To the left say me- the one who the product ADDS! I have read one of some descriptions in the amazon and a person have mentioned that well a box was a keyboard is entrance, and has thinks that has not gone really of entity. But, when I have seen a box and a quality and creation of just a box, has had big hopes for a keyboard.

A keyboard is quality very big , was the bit to defy to take an iPad his but is good to have the really tight apt, as any worry in mine iPad expensive falling out of a chance. A magnet resists an iPad in place and is very sure when writing. Some tones so only are in AMAZING! Very smooth and any sound of noisy writing! Backlighting Is also very good.

Really taste that of a zone to touch a pencil of Apple is opened so that has the direct connection to a pencil and iPad. When you Close a chance a flap securely controls a pencil in place, as any worry roughly falling it was.

And finally, this chance has not looked that heavy mine! I have had the chance of another company that was very heavy and has had informs of sound. I gave it in fact the good description, but now am not happy with another reason a keyboard so only unsync quite often, which was súper annoying to have to that the turn on and era. This Logitech a does not look to have this question, and hope he the no. took it so only, like the time will say.

But, like this far, am VERY HAPPY has done a compraventa and looked in any economic plus some but this to some looks likes him will be of my winner.
5 / 5
A product has not been like this described and is not the slender folio. I ask a full quantity and does not expect 20 restocking cost to be deducted.
5 / 5
The container is collected of arrival and undamaged. Ossia Mine 2nd a. I have had one in mine old ipad pro gene 1 and liked them to plot.
Although smaller that my new gene 3 ipad pro is smaller also and is not to peel like this older one has been is still very good. So only to to two transmissions would like to see. 1. It marks the version of skin. 2. Utilisation a ipad direct connect in place of blue tooth.
Cela And will buy that one!!!
4 / 5
Value a compraventa. I have used the no-appoint to mark marry of detachable keyboard and a IVSO chance with keyboard for mine 12.9” iPad Pro (2018 version) and both did not satisfy me. It likes a compact to feel and is “ near-ness” likes opposed to that it has to it it detach parts. A backlight the tones really among handy! A protect of iPad global is also orders!

Top Customer Reviews: Logitech iPad (7th ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
5 / 5
I made a mistake partorisca order the different, much less expensive keyboard partorisca my new 7th IPAD of generation. You take as it pays stops. The amazon was quite bondadoso to accept a substandard unit behind after any support of a costruttore. I have bitten A ball and has ordered this Logitech unit. That the difference!!! Literally it take five seconds the setup and connect a keyboard with my IPAD. Some tones are much bigger and easier that use. And there are tones of shortcut of the Apple. It is less bulky of a first keyboard and, for my alcohol, the offer protects better. And there is replaceable battery. In general the product adds and compraventa. Any scrimp. If you are looking for the protective chance and combination of keyboard for your IPAD new ossia!
4 / 5
Logitech Is always some costruttrici of better keyboard. Ossia The fantastic keyboard for 7th iPad of generation. A description of product is wrong - return my A2200 7th iPad of generation perfectly.
4 / 5
Has to that correct the description of the piece, any one is founds he for the iPad of 7my generation that has a screen of 10.2 thumbs. The one of the image and the models correspond The airs of iPad 3 that has a screen of 10.5 thumbs. This can generate compraventa erroneous.

Top Customer Reviews: Logitech Combo ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
4 / 5
A coverage feels sturdy.
Some tones are perfect. A backlighting, some tones of the function in a cup is sum. (Probably an ailing only reason be maintaining this chance).

A keyboard attaches to an iPad for separate, has no strong magnet partorisca annex, which would have to take place to his chance (if an iPad has not resupplied this). These results in a keyboard detaching he a lot easily.

Is very heavy, ( would have to that it has on read in this sooner) but yeah done an iPad very heavy.

Sly Announcing in his part, some needs of keyboard partorisca be detached partorisca each another way another that a fashionable way of the laptop, meaning you has to that detach a keyboard and the place went it to somewhere more, does not return like this splits of a unit, wants to use a way to read of the portrait for example.

A headline of pen of the look of apple boba so only seating there. ( I of the one who has one 1st pen of still gene).

A touchpad is well except a part clicking. Meaning ‘touch' wont done a selection for you, the click is required. No the breaker to treat but can be annoy for the people that the calm sleep approach you.

I desire would be more light state, a fact that a keyboard exits like this easily attack a purpose a sturdiness of one 3 other sides of an iPad.
5 / 5
Update: I mistakenly purchased a Combo Touch for an iPad (7th Generation) more than a Combo Touch for an Air of iPad (3rd Generation). Doh! Have takes some complaints in a camera and earphone ports, but stay with a rest of this description (and the new section in a stand).

Has bought this keyboard for the Air of iPad new reason have loved to have a keyboard, a tampon to touch, and the place for my Logitech Pencil. With the pair of weeks of use, here is my observations:

Likes: work like the keyboard a lot well. Some tones are the pocolos cramped but changing of my desk to this device results automatic after the few transitions. A touchpad is sensitive and responsive for me there is like this given on mouse for touchpads the fact of long time. It requires extra pressure to close a transmission to execute the action of the cursor but you can feel a light snap when raisin. Some tones and touchpad exhibit any lag, with an exception that will take to. One feels is better that has expected with crispness in each key and touchpad press. A chance is good and looks durable with an able keypad to be detached for use of iPad so only with a built-in stand. An application for agent a device has little user-do selectable, but one offers that I need for customization. Some work to be well in the table as well as in my lap. Offered a lot the adjustment and the stays where have dipped the. Good work on that, Logitech.

This in spite of: Once in awhile, probably each hour or like this of use, some tones or a touchpad results unresponsive. Some looks of question inconsistent like a time a cursor can be moved in a touchpad, but it pressing to execute a swimming of action--still when pressing quite hard to feel a next transmission. I imagine these are breaking -in of the subjects that hopefully will be directed in the software/firmware update. Or it could be because I have had one wrong Combo Touch.

For a way, am returned this unit and has ordered a one for my Air of iPad (3rd Generation). A description in that is afterwards.
4 / 5
Has bought this substitutes a keyboard of the apple done for an iPad rule. The installation was the @@subject to dip my iPad in a chance and connecting a keyboard combo has seen a ready connector. After which, is promoted automatically for iOS to download the Logitech application that enables some controls to touch. An application does not require the login and required so only to open he for my touchpad to do. Honradamente, Using the this has been the enormous improvement in my keyboard of iPad of the Apple. Meeting using a touchpad much more that physically touching a screen and essentially gives my iPad one feels of the laptop. A keyboard has add it clicky the feedback feels and no a rubbery soft texture like a keyboard of apple. A touchpad Is responsive and easy to use. There is the touchpad dead zone in some extreme corners and especially approach a cup, but has found this to mostly be avoidable. An iPad is covered in a backside that done this double like the chance and closing your turns of iPad of a screen. There are some actions that still require you to touch a screen, but a majority of actions are able to do with a touchpad. Easily it would recommend this for any the one who has an iPad.
5 / 5
Has expected is was a transmission of game for an iPad but the few things so only are not there still. I am using this in a 7th iPad of gene, no the Pro model. Utilisation my iPad to do so that has an application that is enormous part of our business infrastructure. This means the plot to write and creation of report in an iPad. It is also handy to have Word and Excel support with OneDrive. Excel Is the definite to win with a tampon to touch, how is more writing that having the tampon to touch the cursor controlled does to insert a cursor like this easier. This means to modify text and doing the creation of real document is vastly has improved.

Of a perhaps 6 keyboards of iPad the esees has had on some years, this one of Logitech does not have a press better key feels, this in spite of is far more expensive (likes 5x) that other models with better keystrokes. After the week to write in the still does not write as well as I do in other keyboards of iPad, which is disappointing considering a point of prize. It likes- one fashion of a chance and of the laws under construction in that has it more the protect is the good thing , spends this ipad around with me on thousands of miles and places of numerous work as having protects it the a lot of rugged is a lot of reason I a lot always the creature to an iPad likes of a lot . The protect is a lot well with this chance, but is hefty. This is not the chance of slender low profile for any half. They are not the enormous defender of a stand of iPad, work, but the cup taken on of the just quantity of spatial and enough requires the office to seat on. This no really the work in yours laps likes some other keyboards of iPad.

Finally, one of flu of entity, and this is not related to a Logitech keyboard he but the touch and current keyboard of software of Apple of tampon in IOS. A tampon the touch can be laggy in time, the scrolling can be cry it, a speed of uncomfortable cursor sometimes, and while in general a cursor is to win it certainly in of to to the applications like Excel the still find me that requires to use a screen to touch or still preferring it on a tampon to touch. Occasionally I owe that unplug a keyboard of an iPad and discharges he behind in still the take to do, no the ache of entity for any half, but there is roughly attach there. It could be on Apple, but can not confirm.

Given a lack of keystroke feel and a bit is that annoying gives it 4 was 5. It is like this near of a touchpad/keyboard combo that has dreamed always of. I give the integration of Apple of a touchpad that 3 out of 5 in iOS 13.5. Hopefully I improvements will come punctual of Apple.
4 / 5
Title of pencil, kickstand like the Surface of Microsoft, is the container adds for my iPad 7th Gene. It is quell'has bitten heavy, but like chance to be to help protect a device.
5 / 5
The camera does not line on legislation. This does not affect me , reason do not use it never, but is the defect of entity .

Also, any capacative tap in a mousepad. You can so only click and move a cursor.

Top Customer Reviews: Keyboard Case for ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
I have had this iPad Pro marries partorisca the few weeks now, and here is that it thinks!

Some accesses of iPad snugly and is comforting partorisca know is sure.
I amour that has to that flap that comes around the magnetically “closes” a chance.
A pink colour is like this pleasant, so only like a picture.
A chance has the fun texture in an outside!
Some accesses of Pencil of the Apple securely in a headline! I know it it will not fall it era.
When Using a ridges to prop an iPad on, does not fall easily.
Is very easy to setup a keyboard, and master that a keyboard does not have to that be attached to a chance if you are not by train for the use.

Are the fast typist and he Bluetooth the keyboard a lot always takes each paper I type to the equal that owe that go back the plot.
Is the little bulky - I any the import very a lot, but has been concealed is the worry for the plot of people.
Is a bit difficult to take a Pencil of Apple out of his space.
He Try close a chance without a keyboard has attached, is the little “baggy” for lack of the better word so only reason has to that have quite spatial for a keyboard to be inner.
There is remarked that a hule around some flanges of a chance of iPad is easy to choose in, and to good sure does not love my boys to take the control of him because it thinks it would come averts yes chosen in too much.

In general, ossia the quality adds for a prize. It is not to perfect, but is careful with him, thinks it will last the moment. A lot it would prefer to spend this quantity of money more than paid for a keyboard of apple. I enjoy to use this product and to good sure would recommend.
4 / 5
Likes having the keyboard that can. This one does well with mine 12.9” 2018 iPad Pro.

Goes in ascended
iPad of Controls securely
works of magnet of the Pencil by means of a rubberized chance
When a keyboard is attached is resisted in place for some magnets in a chance.
The keyboard is easy to write on. Some tones move freely
A good product for a prize.

Wishes a keyboard was backlit
has the coverage of hule in my pencil to the equal that can see among desk elements - some two discharges of hule he difficult to touch a pencil.
5 / 5
Was pleasantly surprised after using this chance of iPad for the few months now in a quality and utility of a product. I want like a keyboard is attached to a chance has seen the magnets and calm have an option to take when any into use or the leave and spend he together with a pill. A battery of a hard keyboard the long time also; I have been impressed in a period of time among load. A quality of a material of chance has resisted also on well; any tear or fractures. And I can not take on a colour; like this feminine this in spite of tasteful, something hard to spend for more than chance in a phase. In general, I am pleased!
4 / 5
A chance is wonderfully sturdy—but a better informative is a keyboard. It connects easily it has seen Bluetooth, and is lustrous with some keys that is created amiably, easy to read. The life of battery adds, and MASTER concealed is is magnetic! When you Close a chance, calm really can feel that your device is protected.
4 / 5
has been contacted by a company and send me to us the new chance and keyboard. Still having some same subjects esatti like this first so only because of a creation of a chance, but a keystrokes in a keyboard is better. Giving 4 stars been due to his disposal to do well and is not the horrible chance, so only functionally need taken the account a pen and the protective screen.

A chance is sturdy and decent, but have 3 subjects.
1. The KEYBOARD. A keystrokes is corrected at all. Sometimes it takes and sometimes he the Calm no. sometimes will write 50 words and has to that attended for him to take up. Sometimes it will remain with calm for 20 words. It is absolutely HORRIBLE.
2. Pen of mine will not touch while in a chance although has the something for a pen beside a chance.
3. If has the protective screen and try iPad dipped your in, goes to pull some flanges were. A protective screen will not return with to to a chance likes him to him the chance presses too far in and a protective screen the stays have on clashed on at least a flange.

And also has like this ridges and crevices that litters LIKE THIS EASILY.
Only no my favourite product. If you are looking so only partorisca protect, is well. Another that that, does not squander your money.
4 / 5
Súper Has Excited to revise this product.
In the first place, an outside. A material was a lot of main quality that had expected. It is the good, textured, hule in bylines that are adds to maintain any class of superficial scratches and drops read. Also entirely it covers an iPad, different some another this leaves the exposures of sure flanges. There are magnets around a chance that maintains it concluded and say a screen to turn that it is always the plus. Also it snaps to an iPad, likes like the chance of telephone of the hule , which take that any accidentally the falls was.
A keyboard is adds. It is the minimalist way, súper near thin. A battery is rechargeable but a life of battery is a lot on 200 hours long among load owed to the nifty characteristic to save of the he can forget to change it was. One of some better things in this concrete joint, is that it has attached it to a chance magnetically, as he a lot of slide around. This also means that calm takes, as you can write of the some place and maintain your iPad in the different place(to good sure tin a lot that with the traditional laptop). Also I have the gen2 Pencil of Apple, and was súper relieved to see that podes easily is returned he to a zone to touch when quell'using, and there is the built in something of sure holding in a hule for the dipped when you are moving around (sees a difference in design to plant in some pictures). Finally, he all fold to the a lot of lustrous, and creation of low profile, which so only the fact the pocolos millimetri fatter that has not had any if on he at all! An investment adds, will do it so better when I need to write something up. Calm does not have to that concern roughly using a clunky the virtual keyboard chooses on this chance.
4 / 5
Wow! When I have ordered my iPad new , has loved to buy in wireless keyboard for decent prize. Supposition that ? I have found a perfect party, ossia the add sturdy chance that has spent a lenses when it is enclosed and a keyboard is detachable. Amur That can take a keyboard when they are not quell'using, also can remain inside a chance for storage. Also to dip on a keyboard was quite easy with which have read some instructions, a life of looks of battery to last long. It would recommend to buy this chance of the wireless keyboard to any concealed is looking for extracted adds. I have bought a navy blue chance, amour a colour. The value adds, does not lose was and the buy!!
4 / 5
Had excited really for a keyboard and a pleasant pink colour of a chance. But I have decided finally it returns he for some following reasons.

1- I prefers a main quality softer feels of my current chance ( a muse). While this chance feels sturdier, like the chairs are more probably to fall he in spite of a texture in a plastic.
2-I does not concern for a headline of pencil, is not like this easy to burst a pencil was, although I seat like a pencil is protected in there.
3- Is too bulky for mine satchel, has bought a satchel with my leading chance in the alcohol and this chance is too big to return in there.

1- Rosa! Really I want to buying elements of the technology and the chance in any each one if it offers such the beautiful reddens colour.
2-Sturdy, really feels quite sturdy with this material of the hule harder .
3- integration of Good keyboard, has not taken to plot to time to touch with him before the send behind but a keyboard was of the good and aesthetic quality and was quite thin. It is also a perfect measure for an IPAD 12.9.
4 / 5
I in fact like this chance alot, but unfortnatelly the so only cant find one the majority of place of comfortable viewing out of 3 settings that can choose you of. It likes-me the use my laptop or ipad in mine coffe table to the equal that can see he in some pictures, and one the majority of the comfortable place for me is a second picture and last a. But to dip it that way a keyboard will be way out of a chance and taking on cup of wuite alot of spatial also. His do not treat it really big when it uses it to them on my table, but when it loves it to them use on lap of mine, then his class of annoying. Sound the chance adds thats reason estimated it to them still 5 stars, but his only no for me.

Pros : - Quality of build Very good and material
- a lot of abordable
- bluetooth the keyboard connects quite quickly and the law adds.
- The beautiful light and a chance of hule on and resist one he ipad perfectly a lot
- 12 worry of month free guarantee!
Gilipollas : - Only 3 viewing situates to dip
- a quality of the build of the keyboard could be better (mostly plastic) and could use usb type c for the touch.
- A coverage of folio takes muck and crumbs too easily because of a texturized creation
- no spent of detachable folio.
4 / 5
LOVE a creation of this thing. My husband the hated reason was weighed too much, but ossia his opinion , this was for me. It liked really that a pen stored down of a screen, no where has touched. If calm touched it, calm so only has situated the on, and can touch THRU a hule/plastic or anything of a chance. But it has not had to be touching all a time. It likes-me that has to that flap that goes around a flange, which need to leave a pencil that touches, totally will protect it. It likes- one texture of an external chance. A colour is in the B+, but totally feasible. If it was smooth, would have has has added stickers, but a texture prevented it. They are by train of the turn, But otherwise, would be to decorate he with sharpies or something.

Reason are I the returning? A keyboard. Simple and simple. It likes- one the way writes, but he disconnects go in almost each use, and a battery goes died the day or two.

Has bought already and has received my substitution (a chance that looks it tampon of composition, and he Logitech tones-2-the keyboard gone that it is a keyboard still has had for my iPad leading concealed I remorse that takes rid of). I am disappointed thus chance. I loved REALLY like reason a chance was in perfect. It has not been the only substitute a keyboard this in spite of. I do not have this class of money.

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