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Top Customer Reviews: BlueParrott B450-XT ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
5 / 5
Some descriptions are corrected, mentioning some tampons of tiny ear. They cause these partorisca seat in your ears in planting to cushion around him. I have been surprised in that it differentiates has done partorisca substitute some tampons of ear with B01G6XL6M0

Ossia an only product has found concealed has the noise that annuls microphone of boom And stereo auricular. A handful partorisca revise of the people has confused “noise annulling” with there is sealed partorisca listen protect. The annulment of noise is a process partorisca take or reducing sure of concrete noises in a mix. These are not listening protect and not even is trying be.

With an abuse of an annulment “of noise of the term,” does not think these in fact noice annul a headphone portion. A microphone, this in spite of, is awesome.

An annulment of noise of the microphone reduced of the environmental noises. It has seated in a door of airport when a crown stared paging partorisca any partorisca come to see an agent of door. While this message usually would flood me was, was almost entirely muted. One celebrates in another end of a call of telephone has been impacted that it was in an airport. Leading calls in a same location rendered me inaudible during a tall paging. It is night and day.

The quality of music is well in this receiver. All the world is looking for something different in the sound. These produce the quite flat and unmodified version of mine MP3s. Some people could complain that some bass is not enough. I think that that it is to add and true to a music.

Has not been happy in a prize, but ossia the quite only element that it is hard to fine. Neither I have been it it has had to that try a generic crummy no-versions of name for $ 30. If I need to take calls of telephone and noisy places, and also love the headset this fold like this the music that listens, ossia the neighbour adds .

A simple fact that I can use the microphone of boom to take the sound adds of my voice, but has taken he out of a way where is not even visible when I am not quell'using: this this a together perfect for me.

Sees my picture of a tiny incumplimiento your tampons, compared to the mine recommended Bose substitution. Partorisca In $ 15, he all a difference in consolation in this headset.
5 / 5
This bluetooth promised to be a flagship of Bleparrott line of trucker headsets with order of complete voice. I 'nt buys this for the buck in the tent of dollar. I have experienced at all but question with this model. It has fallen llama . The average of all call them has done, was muted and received could no to listen me. It would owe that turn a bluetooth was and behind on to take of the transmissions of what to join. I think that that it was able to use some mandates of voices once or twice in a more felizmente. I have seen a low indication thus produced and has loved to give it he casualidad so only, but this product has failed miserably. A better model to date is a Bleparrott B45-XT.
5 / 5
Stop Of microphone that slope of laws of the conversations. Headset Freezing long with solid blue light on. For $ it is not to value he everything. It produces a lot disappointed bx550xt any value he
5 / 5
My husband has been the professional truck driver otr, local and now in some fields of oil. It has very Had bluetooth is (Elite of Blue Tiger, Blue Tiger Deluxe & BlueParrott B250xt so only to appoint the small) has drawn takes truck drivers. I comfort it wise begins of utmost but, 8-10 hours to the yours 14hrs your ear tends to hurt and changing the ears finalises to be the uncomfortable. A need to line your boss while spending spent he of arrivals of ball to be amused especially driving and that resists the conversation. With a BlueParrott c400xt is comfortable state all 14 hrs, can spend with my discharges of ball or hard hat and does not have to that concern roughly taking it was during the conversation to line his boss or hats of transmission. Any to mention no longer prpers that it has to that the worry is sprinkling or snowing external when it comes to the mine Bluetooth that the results broken when it begin of his truck. As the one who measured of thinks that is far better that some of some another has had and really likes a earmuff the characteristic that remain reason one in an ear buds is far worse. It has not had any subject with broken has separated all does adds.
4 / 5
I really has wanted to this to be adds. I have had so only roughly all the world of a headsets of this company. But you have to that update a firmware when it takes otherwise will fall it your microphone while in speaker. Unfortunately still although all the world is having questions with a parrot updater still has not fixed freezes a computer an instant has paste a key of update. This headset is going back all reason can not take the sound craps near and fix a updater application. I go to use my old 450 until the free apple his noise that annuls air pods2 and then will be done with blue parrot. Absolutely control of horrible quality.
5 / 5
Has loved really love this product. It was pumped like this for him when it is exited. When they Are in the places of construction owe that spend the hardhat like this thought that would be perfect. But it is not comfortable at all calm my ears. A speaker is close quite yours ear also to listen well. A sound is not like this well like 450 or included some of another old plus some. I have tried to spend the another way with a strap of boss in a cup of my boss and is included worse reason he Rotates and does not remain on. I can not listen a lot well When in a truck when in a truck to the equal that is taking returned and am going back to a 450 Until his something better. I know one 550 is was but has listened of the plot of subjects with the hips. Perhaps they will find the way to do another that it can it to it spend you with the hat in that is in fact comfortable and can listen.
4 / 5
Are the trucker and this thi fantastic g,Any noise can be listened of a person am speaking to,and according to that listening the his music adds,as if yours looking for adds it everywhere headset ossia......
5 / 5
A Updater need an update. He so only simply no on some cars. It will remain stuck in the screen still at all. It is almost 2019 and updating is still a subject for this company.

For something like this basic and easy to direct, a characteristic to the update is lackluster and an after thought in this company in better.

Adds headset, if I can take him and maintain them there is update.
4 / 5
Disconnects Called randomly. Any interference. Also incredibly uncomfortable spend glasses. You owe that dip a headset on in the first place, and leave your rest of glasses on an ear muff to take relief but then has to that treat crooked glasses. Any sure like them same would fix this subject of consolation has added besides the ear muff this has the groove in a cup of him or something. Going to try a piece of ear instead (Plantronics 5200-UC) to see yes does better with glasses without a pressure that expresses your boss of the headset has taken.

Update: Maintained trying utilizarprpers to see yes has gone glitch in my final but is not . A headset simply has the inner hardware or defect of software ossia still unfixed. It is sending a real hangs commanded to a telephone - some calls are not failing or the be has fallen. Tried with registers of telephone. It has said a bluetooth the device has sent to hang commanded - all more was normal. Sending it behind and taking a Plantronics 5200-UC instead.
4 / 5
Does not comprise some good descriptions. A reason thus $180 the device is an annulment of noise , that LITERALLY DOESNT WORK! Open window in a car another person takes thier the ears have flown. After my crew ossia the small 5hp the engine listens it everything. For the radio listens each one has bitten. It undermines the barks in a fund take to listen that also. Included he washer the car comes by means of another end! It could not believe he partorisca like this long until the band he I. In a side besides some speakers are good clear quality the difference of a bt250 and music of games and such easily (so only like this mine $30 ear buds). If there is the update of the software or something go amour to know reason are not that it exaggerates my disappointment in this element. I love it to do, but he so only no.

Top Customer Reviews: Telephone Cord, ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 58 ratings
5 / 5
I am deleting extraneous sources of EMF in my house, and has taken recently drawee of my landline cordless phones in favour of traditional corded telephones. I want to very that has to treat stacks these beginnings -- as well as taking drawee of an extra source of EMF around our bed where sleeps. A problem was, our new corded the telephones have had ridiculously cords of the low receiver and he have listened that to be tethered in a wall. These are a perfect period ! Easy fixed, and my daughter now wants to have 'old timey' telephones in a house.
5 / 5
Some cords have entered amiably bundled and the time achieved. Hook he until a set of the tlphonique and law like the charm. A quality is very better concealed has expected. Strongly it recommends these products if precise unit
5 / 5
I am pleasantly surprised with a packaging and a quality of some cords. It opens My employees do not require to be right in a telephone for tongue. To well sure the prize adds for two cords. It arrives in two same days have not asked some two ships in the daytime.
5 / 5
There is not any surprise here, is only some the exact cords are expecting.
5 / 5
Perfecto...His of excellent and Quality! I want to so it shoe it behind in the original form of him. It looks awesome in my desktop of Dispatch of House.
5 / 5
Easy to install has has not had any problem with a loss of the connection there has been these prende quite six month now excellent work
5 / 5
There is the pair of old 1992 Panasonic telephone that very done still, but required some cords of new telephone. These are facts very good and would have to last the long time. Happy found the in Amazon
5 / 5
Taken a container of 2 hand-the cords have posed hurriedly. Installed so wells so stock. Works perfectly. Enough 6' longer that stock.
5 / 5
I have required the lowest cord for my contestador of tlphonique/of the house and could not find the local tent that is spent any cords of tlphonique. I have seen these, the prizes add for 2 of them, and a period has wanted. They are arrived in perfect condition, has broken the in the place and law perfectly.
5 / 5
We still telephones of use with the cords in work and one ones have had is each extensive was. I have ordered these in the 2 group and the very reasonable prize. A sound is better in some telephones and look very robust. Purchase again need

Top Customer Reviews: Willful M98 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. I have received this awesome headphone with mic today. And me when being curious and excited, has called immediately my mamma in some the Filippine after connecting to my device partorisca try that adds is. A quality of his this perfects more a noise cancelletion the factor is the big plus . I so only applied partorisca be an on-line professor and im sure that ossia the big help partorisca me and my girls in Cina partorisca comprise Nd communicate better.
5 / 5
Wants this bluetooth wireless headset, the work adds so that the needs. Work in my pc, and portable. Very easy to dip on, a bluetooth the recognition is to do simple same preschool can do it. An audio was and is very clear. I can listen another like this good line like im usibg connection wired. I can go roughly 10 course out of a device this in spite of has connection of good audio. I do in home as having this is like this handy, can them now run I my cookery if it takes hungry earring of the hours to do while it speaks to my clients without taking stuck in my canal of office. To good sure recommends this headset.
5 / 5
Can do in the considerable distance when connected to the bluetooth device.
With a transmission of tone is possible to turn a microphone was and on during a conversation, so that some people in another side will not listen some unwanted sounds (eg, cough).
A headset is very light and comfortable to spend. A quality of his east immaculate like a quality of microphone,the opposite listens no annoying noise.
A hard battery the long time and one touching is also súper easy. We touch a headset neither directly street micro USB or street a canal of base has distributed. A canal the touch is quite stable and like this guarantees the sure is the hips the main reason reason the the choose. For my questions,so only totally well. It estimates it the proportion of action is sum!
4 / 5
Mu The husband has required some new and of confidence headset of then is the truck driver and constantly in a street.
This headset resulted to be súper useful with the life of long battery, his same walk a lot clear with an open window, any to mention a good lustrous look. Hubby Is very happy using it and like I with this compraventa. Calm can any gone bad decide the bay he. These days all the world would owe that take a moment driving!
5 / 5
Spends the plot to time on called of conference and required to find something for when it has done of house. Ossia So only like a one my supplies of company ( without an outrageous prize!). It was easy to hook on and sync with my mobile phone. I find a very clear and easy sound to listen. I have read other descriptions that complains in a measure of a piece of ear. I have not experienced this worry, likes has said that it is a same measure like my office a. I prefer one in a concept of boss with microphone . To good sure would recommend.
4 / 5
Has taken this product for mine part time laws like the worker of service of the support. This earphones is a lot well for work. A sound is clear, and seat very comfortable in a boss. Also to that it liked him to it is of a battery. Server 2 days without touching that it is good
5 / 5
in my work, is them spent the majority of my time in Webex meetings. I have used to use my telephone headset but when fulfilling goes for an hour and more and the can not move. Taking to mine nevus.

Has ordered this headset to give try it reason the really require something wireless. I can go grab my caffè of a cookery or included strolls so only around mine cubic.

Declare to try this headset for two days and like this far loves it. The wise distance, there is not trying steps, but has been them second that 10 metres and has had them coverage. Quality of his big east and a headset is not the economic has done.

Has touched to like 30 minuets and has used them he for 2 consecutive meetings a has been for 2 hours ( the am not sure was pre-touched ) but the has not required the recharge the or dip the backside in his canal to touch. It has not been it times it a battery last still but like this far am impressed ).

Would update my description on life of battery and durability in of the few months
4 / 5
I work of house with 2 mates like the partner have me advised to take these Bluetooth auricular. I gave him the thorough testing has arrived of then to do the fast decision I his maintenances or no.
Blockade out of a sound a lot well that for me is the priority like can not direct when of my mates are in of the calls also.
Very easy to use and place up and touching is the doddle.
Maintaining your hands free for working. To good sure would recommend and the value adds for money
4 / 5
looked for the good quality headset reason does in the logistics and I spend to attribute time in a telephone and has to that multitask like my hand is free for another work, this one east amazing , is the annulment of noise is unbelievable , pair of need more than those for my office to good sure will go with those some
5 / 5
Headset has arrived a lot of packaged, easy and quickly to touch. Sleeve-up with the new Panasonic the cordless phone/of office was more difficult that expected but no a Willful headset failure, a unit was easy to dip in way of pairing and when I have comprised that to do with a telephone a headset yours, the volume and the clarity were excellent. Sadly, I have found a tampon of ear that annoying. Of then it spends to treat it well of the time in a telephone has known would have the question with him and packaged retreated on partorisca turn. Another probably will not be like this picky like this me and will be well with him. Looking for the different solution.

Addition: a vendor contacted several weeks later in my description (more than the time of pair) offering the partial repayment for my question. I have ignored and then declined, then relented and the partial repayment is spent immediately. At all it was bad with his headset, so only has not been for me (has been of then by means of four another bluetooth headsets and so only have the hard-apt ears). It is scarce to find the vendor this dependent to his product and of the clients.

Top Customer Reviews: Geilienergy ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 59 ratings
1 / 5
These four stacks arrived hurriedly in the mailing envelope. I am by train to use them In the In&T of three conjoint years of cordless phone. A premier stack was installed and has aimed almost any load. Touched the at night and law well during the week; then rebuff load. It poses the second of these stacks in another tlphonique after posing that the GOOD stack of the telephone in a first telephone. A Geilienergy the stack aimed it had arrived for free and has been uploaded against night.

A second stack has lasted the week and the half and rebuffed to touch this morning. I have installed a third stack (which has aimed almost any load) and is seating in a load until tomorrow.

Both of some premier two stacks has lasted the week, those rests touched the day or two before taking an at night in a load, and at the end die.

These are returning before some 30 days are up.

Still looking for decent stacks that less cost that new telephones.

August of UPDATE 22: Numbers 3 and 4 fatalities a last week, in two different telephones. This is writing a four and five descriptions of star?
1 / 5
It orders roughly it included stacks of Amazon of 3 different manufacturers. It has Had an exact same result! Some stacks arrive with low load (any amazing). Then afterwards fully touching looks to do well. A day some stacks is apparently fatality (the screen of tlphonique is spatial ) and no longer uploads. This was 3 different orders at least 2 weeks eschew and of different manufacturers. That is a odds??
Voice that the indications are 80% 5-star. It marks Any sense in me. My wireless the telephones are In&T .
5 / 5
I have bought these stacks to direct a subject and had with my telephones (In&T CL82450) saying me was constantly out of field or any power in a base. It has Had these in my telephone for enough 2 month and in that then and not having from yerro once in any telephone. I can not speak with a life of a stack so that having to leave he in a base when is not them using.

And has thought has been to have that buys new telephones but has given these stacks the shot and and is happy has done. Although they only last the year, for a prize, cost the and cheaper that the alcaline the stacks would be.

Update: Oct 2018. More than the year and the half later and these still are doing utmost.
5 / 5
Well, pleasantly it surprise. I have paid $ 20 anteriorly for the new cordless phone of V stack of technologies. My telephone has done up, has suspected was a stack but for $ 20 for the new stack versus the new telephone there went in the quandary. As I another researches on-line for this exact stack and found these. I took it hurriedly, pose in a tlphonique and did well now. It opens Perhaps hard cape while some another, concealed knows, the only time will say but is quite happy with him in a minute and still has the change in case that any one of my V-Technology or stacks of In&T would owe data . Yes these accesses of stack both of these marks.
5 / 5
It was in addition to stacks to buy the new stack for our tlphonique and while it was there I has imagined pot while it take three and substitute each three stacks of tlphonique a same time. Even so when we said me to us a cost for a stack was almost $ 20 that the idea hurriedly has been in a pooper. As it take it on-line and found these stacks that was thinks 3 for $ 9 taking properly and is practically identical no only in specs but in packaging and printing. That is to say the homerun and so much has done far perfectly.
1 / 5
Although a mfg declares these are pertinent substitutions for my model v telephones of the technology is not . All my telephones have prendido to line the load after 6 month. This was the waste of money. And it was in a v-place of technology and orderly stacks of them without problems like east.
5 / 5
Purchased these stacks for the cordless phone of my Mamma handset. In planting to substitute a together integer of his In&T landline tlphonique all this has required is the quota stack. His together comprises five has separated handsets. To diagnose a subject with or a unit that has does not take a stack of or concealed done and installed he in a the no acting handset. Once that sees that the fact and everything require was the stack has matched some numbers in some stacks to be substituted and found the Amazon for an amazing low prize. Once a new stack was installed touched the hurriedly and a tlphonique now is doing perfectly. I have wanted that it was the mere and economic solution .
5 / 5
It was happy to find these cual the expensive less alternative to buy new telephones for our house landline. They were an exact party in some originals stacks and work while it expect.
1 / 5
Purchased these for the this has thought would substitute my stacks of factory that no longer has done. The fast sending and the value priced. I have had misplaced when the sending arrived and recently found a pkg. The stack has situated in of the telephones and has done well, but would not touch properly. I have tried to find the road to contact a company but has not been achieved. Only that wants the stack of substitution that will do and load properly.
5 / 5
It can not beat these few stacks , for your landline telephone . A financially joined crown partner , has been to buy the new landline telephone so that the stacks in some tents cost as much as the RIDICULOUS new telephone! So much, I have offered to buy them for his in Amazon , the mine bought where ! It IS so thankful .... And they a trick and is doing only sake ... More than everything, has saved the plot of money , can not provide ! Oh , And fast delivery also !

Top Customer Reviews: Phone Extension ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 40 ratings
4 / 5
It was concerned like this this product would be hard to find considering any one has the earth lines these days! Like this happy of the find why do! Our boys do not have the mobile phones and wants to him to us to be able to speak to friends, the cousins and the grandparents have maintained like this our line. I have required the longest cord as we could achieve and where has loved the to us have dipped. It connects the prize adds , adds and does so only that requires!
5 / 5
The one who has the line of earth anymore these days? Well, we in fact! lol Has been that pay for the landline for the moment by means of our container of paper and so only decided recently to take the telephone of house and the use of the have... This has done a lot well. And I have loved an extra of long period of him. It is work and a prize the better same fact 🙂
4 / 5
My fiancé was having question with his video games because it was lagging to plot. We decide to buy this and place on his game console with wired on internet in place of wireless. The help was that this boss is long because it was able to achieve of a living room to another room. A lagging the question has there is prendido also!
4 / 5
Cord Of extension of good telephone for a prize. Our telephone wall jack is in an odd place, as when being able to extend a cord like telephone is in a counter are adds. Some clips of boss are also add to have for all some cords have in our house.
4 / 5
Still have the landline for emergencies in chances my boys owe that it has called 911. A dog chewed by means of an old cord and Imposición of the house has had 25 ft for $11 more has had to that drive there. This one is coming of the works and next day well.
4 / 5
Like this happy has ordered this! Stands of mine of uncle in a cookery to use to a telephone likes the hate maintains lucido long. I am going it cover it he in still he tomorrow so much can seat in his chair and enjoy calls of telephone :)
4 / 5
Ossia the cord of the good telephone extends. My telephone of house was plugged up in the odd place and I could be Never movement around a room. Now with this cord have beaten. The works add and has done well!
5 / 5
Has used this cord of extension of the telephone for my new mamma caption telephone for a hard to listen, where a telephone was, the mamma has had to that create of the his recliner and walk by means of a room to speak and read a captions on that. It uses the walker to the equal that was a lot of troublesome for his to go back and advance to use a telephone. I hooked a coupler to a telephone to exist line and has used an extension for the course to a telephone to the equal that was situated now I beside the his recliner, work so only well and master where is now.
5 / 5
This is to arrive well in time. I have required the really stable extension cord without losing connections . I have paid $ and it was a lot of value he.
5 / 5
The way adds to organise the boss with some clips has comprised. Good value for an adapter comprised and clips for one everything in a container

Top Customer Reviews: BT162342 BT262342 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 31 ratings
4 / 5
Bought these batteries of substitution because my cordless phones of house have begun partorisca die before I have finalised the longitude (60 min) call. It was partorisca buy the system of new telephone (Costco $ 60) but opted partorisca try new battery instead ($ 8).

Like this - here is a shot: a new some return perfectly. (It does not guess , it compares with the glass partorisca augment need to partorisca do sure is same measure .) My surprise is also is 800MwA -- or almost TRIPLE a battery 'juice' of one 300 MwA this is coming with my vTech telephones.

Utmost. And I seat ready.
5 / 5
My mamma has the portable telephone to spend around with his in the pocket in his walker so that it always has the handy telephone.. When A battery has the data was in the, has looked for EVERYWHERE for the new one and then thought to try Amazon. Eureka! Bought two and received him A lot quickly. It was literally the godsend when I have dipped one in and has done! No more danger of falls that tries to take to a telephone to house when he coverages!! Thank you Amazon!!!
5 / 5
Has installed so only one of some two battery; like this far like this a lot - a battery touched on final.
Too prompt to say the one who an use of long row this - and also that quickly it will download when using a telephone.
Has arrived punctually.
4 / 5
Obviously has had any control of quality. I have bought the 2-band and so only one of his facts, another has aimed the “message” fracasado in my exposure of cordless phone. I have required so only an interior a moment, but expected to have the extra battery. It will not return , but it does not recommend
4 / 5
An only complaint has is some batteries have come the averages has touched. Really it appreciates a do one battery of substitution for telephones because it was really that annoying that some telephones have been in decline so only when being of one load.
4 / 5
Has purchased the double band to use for my Vtech telephone. In a past so only would launch a telephone has not thought to change a battery. Whew! It has dipped a battery in and so only like new. It gives the graces for some savings!
4 / 5
This battery he immediately possible to use my cordless phones again. They look to be that they resist one uploads a lot afterwards an initial touching. I recommend him.
5 / 5
Has arrived as it has promised. The telephone has required to be touched w inner of battery but afterwards does well. I saved sure the travesía to a tent to find the substitution. They are very pleased with this experience
5 / 5
has Done like the charm. It was almost ready to the launch was telephone and buy new but these batteries have saved a day and the plots the economic plus!
4 / 5
Well Follows to give this five cause has taken five years of an original battery and the same battery esatta. As I will update it fails before, but like this far value like this well for money

Top Customer Reviews: iMah ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 52 ratings
5 / 5
I have bought the 4 group of in&t the telephones quite a lot of marks 5 years and has wanted the up until in of the marks the month when 3 out of 4 begun to fall calls and seeds at the end losing can each what together when some metres of stack all reads full. Telephones of research of the substitution when decided to see how much roughly the stacks for these telephones have cost. In my surprise found these stacks down 10 bucks for the 3-group. I have imagined before spent in $ 100 in the new 4-group of telephones, this would give these shot it. The boy is I happy this has done! These cheapo stacks 3.as of party 'fixed' all of some telephones concealed has thought to be has broken. Each tlphonique powered up and the flavour has done felizmente nicknamed before returning in a load during 16 like recommended hours for a manufacturer. These stacks in fact have the big more mah indication that a factory ones but im just happy that these save me to waste money in the new together of telephones.

Like the morality of a history is: If yours (any one very old) the telephones are besieged with some similar problems in an ones have had, as it can down out of any one where, or speakerphone in the sounds of of the one of the west likes him in them have blown then gives these stacks tries it. If it have known that attaches these groups of the stack done would have bought each 4. I will be to order at least 1 or perhaps more only to have in standby. Excellent product! I purchase me!
5 / 5
My recently moved mother in a that lives the ease assisted (95 years) and clean out of his house for the take ready to sell, finished with an old cordless phone of V the technologies have in the drawer. A stack has been died but a telephone has looked for to be in condition of good sake, as I have taken the casualidad and has looked for the stack to pose in a telephone, he expecting still laws. Run through easterly one which there has been the reasonable prize and a number of the model of this telephone has been listed like the compatible substitution, as I purchased it.

Resulted - This stack was an exact measure and estimating so original or this was in a telephone. I have posed he in a telephone, poses a handset in a docking canal, and begin to touch. It has been doing perfectly has posed since he in operation. Any complaint. Perfect access in a telephone. Right connector. Good prize. Stack Of the substitution adds. The more has the one of the yes precise leftovers or of a container there has been 2 stacks. Certainly I order of this vendor again.
1 / 5
Of all the appearances, these were perfect substitutions for my two original tlphonique stacks. It has matched carefully a number (BT162342) and a polarity of one covers to ensure was some correct substitutions . A specs means the 600mAh for life of load - two times a life declared of my originals (300mAh). Even so, when it take the , a stack not even would take the load, as I have posed an old stack behind in. I thought that it that it comes from an another new stack for the moment to see like law, but now also is failing to line the load, after only 4 month of use. Only I have learnt now that some to the police of tower is only 30 days. That is to say pathetic!
5 / 5
Mina 8 old year VTEC stack of wireless the no longer lined tlphonique the load. I have purchased these stacks so that a description has said that it was compatible. I have installed some stacks and the prejudices uploaded against. I take a headset of a cradle to touch to the left has been he for three days. An indicator of the stack still aimed has touched fully. I have headed to 2 hour teleconference with tlphonique of active west and not even lose a bar of load.
5 / 5
That is to say a second time buys this rechargeable stack for our EL52200 Panasonic Telephones.
An anterior together has lasted during 4 years (!). These stacks also uploads of control for so long that never achieve the point where drained all a road during the long conversation. They touch hurriedly too many.
Attaches purchase in general in Prize, and Quality.
1 / 5
I have bought 2 of these when my original stacks has prendido to touch. I have posed a premier one in and the law adds and continues to do. Quan My second telephone (has 4) has prendido to touch situate in 2 stack and a telephone has done perfectly.
Has remarked a thing even so. An exposure has said under stack. I have not thought anything of him it imagining would touch. A day still has ordered 2 additional imagining a rest 2 would achieve an end of his lifespan also. Alas some 2 days later some new stack this has aimed the low dead person stack and when a walnut ones are come they both have aimed under stack and deaths the days of pair. Thinking perhaps a tlphonique has suffered the harm has moved around some bonos stacks and they all does well. It has not contacted a company in the turn still.
5 / 5
I have required to substitute some stacks in our cordless phones, while they all does not have does well after several years of use. I have not wanted to substitute some telephones. These stacks - three for $ 9.99 - has done perfectly and saved me the tonne of the money that buys these in $ 15 or more in of the retail tents. Only it takes some numbers/of model of the serial of your telephones and you can match that necessity in an order. This company also provides other measures of stack.
5 / 5
Substitution of excellent stack for my five old year ATT cordless phones. It thinks it that it was necessary to substitute my telephones so that they were to ail able to line the load and decided to buy new stacks instead. Still although these are 600 mah, has been listed that when being compatible with my ATT telephones, as I have purchased the to substitute an original 300 mah the stack packs a telephone is coming with and some telephones have had the very the strongest touch of one taking goes and some telephones are doing so new. A lot appreciate to be able to continue to use the model of tlphonique in this lucido likes him so much that it is not broken at all only to attach groups of new stack to give them the new life.

This company has client very that receives the service and I have listened of an enclosure that is coming with some stacks was there to back in any problem could have. I to good sure stacks of compraventa of them again and think these groups of stack is in fact better that an ones some telephones are come with.
5 / 5
It has had my VTech telephones during several years and has begun to lose there uploads because of requiring new stacks. I have looked for new stacks in some tents like walmart etc and found a cost to be much bigger then a telephone he. I have decided to look in amazon for some stacks and once finds a correct measure required for my VTech telephones and has seen such the prize adds for 2 stacks could not spend up. These stacks is exactly like a some walmart has but for the fraction of a cost yes buys in amazon.
Has had of this new stacks, my time of the habladura in so that my telephones is now behind in normal. No longer I lose life of stack and can speak for hours without my tlphonique concealed dies in a half of the conversation. If you possess the wireless tlphonique this takes this stack of measure, His the roads adds and highly recommend these stacks. Quan This set of data of stacks, will be to buy more than producing estos.el the price adds and fantastic!
5 / 5
It was it has wanted to to find the set of 8 stacks for my set of 4 telephones. A prize was reasonable cual has attached in my joy. Some stacks arrived so scheduled and has been excited to substitute some old stacks. Quan Has opened a together second of 4 stacks has remarked a fund of one of some stacks has been corroded! Maintaining the alive hope, has inserted a stack, but does not act. A first photo aims a stack corroded and some second shows of photo one of some any corroded stacks. This result in any when being pas such the good roads at the end. It opens it Has to purchase the stack to substitute a unit corroded

Shortly after writing this description has been contacted saws email for a provider. An a lot of thankful apology for a stack corroded has been given and took the full order (8 stacks) has been taken without side. I am updating my description because of a professionalism of a provider. The deceptions arrive in life, but taking property and rectifying a problem goes the long road. Thank you!

Top Customer Reviews: Jabra Evolve 40 UC ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
4 / 5
This element are partorisca add the stops to the people the taste to of them that houses and cure in those people in another side listens. Any one can say that I do of home when I am using east. I can join the on-line meetings that use a connection of USB and I can join conferences of telephone that use my mobile phone. Has the daughter of creature that mark the plot of noise but while has one raisin has closed, any one can say.


A mic chooses on your that breathes as it is annoying. A lot of mic but has better elections there. My daily engine is a plantronics legend of travesía. The noise that annuls in a mic is better in some travesías.
5 / 5
While a headset access quite well for the economic creation there is the pair noticeable questions.
1. A dongle is heavy quite which causes it to pull in an ear. In my leading model was much lighter .
2. The keys are not tactile like my forwards Jabra was. Calm physically has to that look in some keys every time or the risk that paste one wrong a.
3. A microphone so only can be situated up and down, calm can does not bend further out of your face.
4. Of the light transmissions is a lot hard to see. One changes on/of beep is reverse of a light. I.et. Transmission in = light but the 'was' beep. It takes the small taking used to when it calms can not see a light well. But then again of some keys are not tactile will be to look in him in all the chance.

In a positive side
1. An annulment of noise looks quite well although it chooses on noises of computers still.
2. Some commentaries roughly listening breathes finds to be easily solved for just dipping a mic lower for your chin. My forward Jabra has had the coverage to foam to a mic which has solved a question of respite the little more foolproof but this one looks well.
3. A boss is of the better quality that my leading Jabra like this more can say after the full week of use. Ossia In an only improvement. One the fault of a boss with which 3 years of use is reason I has had to credit the new headset in a first place.
5 / 5
These are utmost. Included more it adds for a prize.

Do In-of the sales of law to House mainly in a half of open air - the porch with open screened windows of upper to almost inferior - like noise that annuls the microphone was my primary worry . It is flawless. Constantly I have cars, noisy golfs carts, trucks of rubbishes, etc., In that spend for main 25 feet was and a lot once has any recognition there is remarked.

The quality of audio was less than the worry for me but is glorious for calls of telephone. Utilisation a connection of USB for Skype called almost exclusively and could not be happier. A handful of the times have used a headset with my cell a quality of audio was also well and any subjects have had has been due to a model of the oldest mobile phone and/or lousy wireless connection, any headset.

Two smaller subjects prevent me to give 5 stars. (1) Some bosses are very rigid and inflexible. He sometimes the difficult fact to take a volume/the transmission of key that plants correctly in the office or the table and some bosses do not regulate well to relatively of organism and of movements of small boss. It is annoying to take the paper and have a fall of control of the volume to a paving. (2) An adjustable microphone is the little release and could remain situate better. It is not bad, so only an occasional minor nuisance.

In general am pleased extremely with a compraventa.
5 / 5
Well, As I am begun was to travel and need to be on called of conference. I have researched to look for the big quality headphone and combination of microphone (of uses the Blue Yeti USB mic in home, which seats in my office). Has has not felt likes pause a bank, and has has wanted to something concealed has had the quality of audio adds in a mic. I have not concerned me so much in a headphone quality...

In all the chance, ossia exactly that has taken with these Jabra Evolves 40 Headphones. I have looked the video of Youtube that has aimed that well annul was noise of half (does the work I really adds), and a quality of voice is quite dang well. Any Blue Yeti dynamic quality, but chooses on the voice adds and has the good row.

Honradamente, Some auricular is better that has expected this in spite of. It thinks big quality earbuds, but is in an ear some. Like other descriptions mention, does not annul noise at all. It does not import that at all this in spite of. So only turn your volume on and does not concern roughly is mine to take on this. They are also a lot that comfortable. Although, it is more than entity of mine that a mic the quality is good and help cut down on noise of half. Ossia A perfect container to fulfil that, this in spite of being mobile.

Any questions, please stick the commentary. Thank you!
5 / 5
Has used USB headsets for day of years-in day-was in fact a lot of years in work and house. Has has not had never the failure. I have bought this unit and plugged he to my PC in place of the mine old USB headset. With which roughly two weeks is died. To the amazon was really adds to ship the substitution headset a next day. A new headset is lasted almost three weeks. A unit is two components , he headset with mic that use a level 4 manager mini-spent and the base that a mini-discharges goes to and has the boss that atasquemos in the port of USB. A base has keys to physically dumb, and volume/of decrease of the increase and there is LEDs to indicate state. Two different bases have failed in his own plugged to a port of USB still in my PC where my old headset is now plugged to (again).
I like a sound and consolation of a new headset. As using the mic/headset splitter the boss will try to continue to use a headset plugged directly to a headphone and microphone jacks in my PC. For this one a star.
Really disappoints it of the company has appointed Jabra.
4 / 5
At present am doing in an office that can take a lot strong and mine Jabra Office of Motion bluetooth earpiece has not isolated enough to be able to listen properly. This resupplies FAR better isolation with sounds to go in both on-pieces of ear. Isolation for both a earphones and a mike is passive and very good. A mike is directional and so only chooses up in that is saying. Some people have said that they can not taking a sound of the his his breathe but I can not say has had to subject still. Some controls law well and a brilliant of the orange cord and the activity marks light clears that you are occupied to same one the majority of visitatore obtuse.

Has considered also he bluetooth version of of the this of Plantronics but has imagined has not been value two times a prize of mine.
5 / 5
Like any the one who spends 4-6 hours the day in a telephone, has tried so only in the each one headset in a phase. I have been using one same Plantronics Audio 478 for a past few years because it was like this comfortable, abordable, and has had quality of his add. My transmission of key there is prendido to do has like this state forced to try the new headset.

Has ordered a Jabra Evolves 40 with realistic expectations that can does does not love. My surprised, this headset is result very better that had expected that.

A good:
- Really a lot mic quality of audio
- Any yours lateralmente annoying that it is looped behind to my ears like other costruttrici (Plantronics)
- qualities of Good build
- USB or connectivity

Of the bad:
- A leatherette blockade of tampons of the ear out of environmental noise in the way that the mark seats the little claustrophobic.
- A way a boom mic is attached the headset is the little odd. Also, it is really free and does the tonne of noise tries rotate the or the regulate while in the call.
- A quality of his of a headset the speakers are mediocre in better. Ossia Common for business related headset, and are not to expect for better.

This headset resupplies the decent value and I am mostly happy with cost of mine. For a money, calm can any gone bad.
4 / 5
Has been using this headset in my office of house for the few months now. Here it is my thoughts :
- A tape does not extend was very remote. I do not have the big boss, but have these things there is pulled was the max, and hardly returns perfectly.
- A tape is built of the hard material, as they are quite uncomfortable to spend for long periods of time. Some tampons of ear are really very this in spite of, and not being any discomfort of those. It is so only that stupid tape.
- I, likes another here, sometimes listen the odd buzzing or in brilliant sound in of call them. I call by means of Gmail, and has thinks that was a question, but raisin on Zoom and another on-line calling systems.
- Really well of look. A bit disk that the chairs in my office is weighed enough that he a lot of slide around a lot. Typically it uses some controls of the call of any program am running (transmission, volume, etc) like the disk is probably not even necessary for me, but ossia well.
- Would have done a sale the little more along and given the very decent cushioning, would say that ossia the terrific product . Included a buzzing the noise occasionally would not ruin this impression.

My global recommendation - require it headset that ask out of the little bit, or if any like to him the ache in a cup of your boss after the few hours, avert this product. If you can live with any of these things, is the good creation .
4 / 5
Has loved this format with both it USB and audio mini-discharges. This in spite of, a usb dongle suddenly the on done death the week. I have tried contacting the support of client saws telephone and email without success. Still while it takes support of guarantee and add stars my description.

A pair other commentaries: A tampon of the ear is not terribly comfortably for me, but no unbearable. Also, the good addition would be the lapel clip for a headset boss.
5 / 5
Has done enough the bit to research first to decide that headset to purchase for use with calls of Zoom. This Jabra Evolves 40 UC was estimated highly for the multiple sources that comprises a NY Time Wirecutter that have never steered me bad. In $ 100 these products looked bit it pricey but call me on Zoom all day for house of work and felt it is cost an investment. Hardly I unpacked a headset, plugged he in, and has done the call of telephone, has listened static noise. I have verified to do sure one 3.5 mm jack was to insert fully and when I have moved a boss has attached to a jack a noise changed or has been was. It appears he the defect in a way a boss attaches the 3.5 mm jack (please semi-detached image dressed). I outrage this legislation of defect out of a box (control of poor quality in my opinion, Jabra tries these in a factory?), An integer headset has the one of low quality 'economic' feel his. In this age of technology has all has had a lot of accessories and of the electronic products. This Jabra Evolves 40 UC feels substandard mine, so only does not have one looks or feel of the big quality produces electronic. Frankly, it does not listen any a lot of difference among this $ 103 element and mine Samsung earbuds this is coming with mine S10 smartphone according to that quality to touch when used in the call. I will owe that rethink that it is a better way to go with him headset for calls of Zoom.

Top Customer Reviews: AT&T (1740WH) ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
I any one need a contestador with everything of some bells and whistles. Simply I require it to answer a tlphonique and takes the message. Final of history. This a fact only concealed. I can very really it say that laws so announced while I have not used everything of some characteristic and never . He which need.

-- Update --

Opens concealed has used this machine during several months finds that it likes him even more that of me at the beginning. No, I have not used everything of some characteristic. It conceals it it will not spend never. That impress me the majority is a simplicity of a machine. All of some buttons are tagged and they that says that they will do. Since I have begun in the first place to the use has found the this has any necessity to maintain an owner of handy manual. In a real world-wide that is very of entity. An included tin very when be pas said of a lot other products.

Another thing that like me is that when has listened in the message is continued of a machine until the dam concretely to delete. That this the way is that after I have listened in everything of some messages and the new message enter, a new message will be touched behind without everything of some old messages that touch also. Even so, with the second push of a button of playback can listen some old messages. Any one frenetically has to hunt for pen and paper to write down the number of tlphonique. I can simply playback an old message in my leisure and deletes it when required.
5 / 5
I have purchased this contestador of In&T for my main mother. Has two key requisites: mere to use and something could do that totally silent when a visit is the register the message. Apparently a silent road was to take in this contestador in some point in timing so some critics have informed, even so a unit purchased in January of 2017 can be silent while I aim in semi-detached video. A sound is recorded clearly, any blurred in any subjects.

A contestador is quite mere to use. One is trace is mere, a minimum trace requires only that poses a clock. Optionally You Can you record your own greeting but a default one this very reasonable also. A hook of contestador up: a contestador is plugged in a wall, some cover of tlphonique in a contestador. A telephone is not necessity for a contestador to do, but has a tlphonique plugged in. A contestador any point like the telephone , the beep when begins to record. You can see like these works in my video. It remarks that a incoming has nicknamed ringing comes from/comes from my tlphonique that is to say hooked in a backside of a contestador.

Has the visit goes announces a number of tlphonique (any one appoints) of a visit. If you are using a tlphonique and another call entered a very contestador of record. The call that expects the laws to do so in front of a contestador has been attached. A contestador can line 60 minutes of messages. It can delete some old messages or the time (while it listens in them) or everything immediately.

A contestador comes with AC adapter. Has the built-in stack of backup for a clock. Quan Unplugs A contestador to move he in another location some rests of the clock have posed. But these works of stack only for the low period. Quan Has left a contestador unplugged by the little of the days forget a date and time.

Has to to two small things do not like them : (1) a cord to telephone any covers in a machine, is built in. So a tongue of cord break you can very easily substitute it. (2) A button of game is a zone of the big money apropa an exposure, does not look the button and he are not clearly marked as 'game'. My mother there has been the problem that finds a button of game in his own. All other buttons are better marked.

The descriptions of Julia of There
1 / 5
That is to say a third In&T 1740 Digital Response the system has bought in less than 12 month. It has been the nightmare so that he at the beginning the work well. Desprs The little of the weeks simply prenden to do. Voices that has a message but when touches a button to touch a message gives at all spends. Quan Press a red on/was button again at all the pasa.yo then disconnect the and connected it and then re-the program. At the end when final and try be a message gives at all spends when presses any one of some buttons.
After it is one am done with this system that only creates such one inconvenience. I am returned one of them but a prize the road behind is almost a prize of this element.
Is taking my time to write this so more does not have to cross that crusader!
3 / 5
We substitute one In&T 1738 with this model. It record Properly, the quality of sound varies of sake in so-so, but generally well. There are 2 main differences of an earlier unit, both desquels is biggies for me:

Like another critic has mentioned, this unit automatically looks a volume to Level 2 when the message entered. It conceal so little they have mentioned this say me that that is to say the characteristic reception for more than people, but for me, was terrible. We use our machine to collect messages silently; a last thing wants to is to fly messages in our dinner or our sleep. Turning down a volume any help--on go to Level 2 while the call entered. Tour of a monitor of the announcing any help; we do not listen an advertising, but when being a message. Felizmente Am married in an electrical engineer that quickly opened in a unit and installed the change in a speaker as we can turn was and on. Any insurance that would do if I have not had this option... I besiege he in the drawer? It situates something in a speaker in muffle a sound? Hide He in a basement?

IS difficult to see a clear to blink in a new model. A highly visible on/was the button does not blink when the rests of message, only a number, which are inset. An old model was visible through the room; with a new model, has to walk all some subjects until him and low look in him to see has any messages. We resolve this for the plant wedge under a unit, bending he up in an angle for the do more visible.

Hate voicemail, and is not fond of some contestadores that comes built in of the telephones; we find a answerer dies in the first place, and then has to substitute a whole telephone, comprising any extra handsets if I can not find this model anymore (which are usually a case.) There is very little independent the contestadores left there, as it is has owed to do with that can find it. Certainly it can do the worse plot that this unit
5 / 5
One In&T 1740 is the glass clears in every respect. My greeting has recorded, and everything of some messages took is clear like the bell. For a prize, this contestador will be very hard to beat. It uses the instructions spoken and to focus of the message has spoken. It IS Sper easy to pose up, took me only quite 2 minutes. L The day and the time stamp each message (i.et 'Wednesday in 3:12 pm'); - but any one focuses of the date is available, which are not the breaker of roads for me; since I any precise the date stamped messages in all the case. I am very pleased with a global action of one 1740, and would recommend it highly for people that wants the good machine in the good prize.
5 / 5
There is a contestador that any one has adapted very good. Had no beep to alert for messages. A red this flashes the button was so dim hardly could see and had any exposure to aim has nicknamed or no. So much, decided to take another that beep. This looks for to be the main feat that has imagined. I have done to any to give so the contestadores no longer owe option. I some investigation and found this one of In&T in fact beeped. I have been sold.

Achieves the night! It was it has wanted with a lustrous creation and small impression. All have looked for and more. Has the light of red brilliant, the strong beeper ( can turn of a beep if it do not want to), he 60 message of minute, and announces a tlphonique to call so number when listens in a message and when nicknamed of exploitation.

A note: it comes with only some limits to modulate in. A cord in a outlet of tlphonique is hardwired and only quite six long feet. If calm the precise longer could wants to purchase an adapter and the line of the telephone the long plus.

Has been using it only the week but so far - also.

UPDATE: After two weeks are returned in my parameters and has changed a visit to announce so number for incoming and in of the left messages. I have found this to be troubling. It IS to announce a whole number while you are trying to answer a telephone. No for when you answer.

HAS ours has posed to record the message after a fourth point. No for a contestador to continue yes response after this fourth point. According to a manual is supposed the disconnect he response but so far he no.
2 / 5
Annnd. . . Has the laureate! After the strike of next lightning fried my trusty old In&T 1725, final 10 years of service, has to substitute it. While this In&T 1740 similarity to be my better option, and was included cheaper that a model an old plus, compares bad in several fronts:

1. The quality to sound recorded (>10 different visits tried) is much poorer (with or without filter of DSL), which are puzzling in this era of declining cost of production of semiconductor; perhaps it is state been due to cheaper transducers. I ask me what east has saved some manufacturers?
2. Some counters of corporate grain also skimped in some buttons and of the sliding changes that has done one 1725 likes user-cosy (any one to mention easier for users with auditory or visual impairment). Instead, almost each setup the variables are accessed through the card of voice saw the alone etup' button. He hielas me to contemplate like few pence can have been saved here, in a cost to do the significantly more the heavy operations.
3. One (four) the multiple mailboxes are gone, as any messages that amours to save are stacked in (and has to be accessed sequentially through) the only row.
4. As Another has remarked, incoming the messages are always audible in a speaker, broadcasting your subject although you have posed a volume of of the one of the west in 0.
5. That is worse: the machine with memory of volatile clock (old 1725) or the machine with nonvolatile memory of clock that software of races that _thinks_ has volatile memory (this 1740)? An interruption to be able in (10 bren tried) causes a machine in nag calms indefinitely in reset a clock with Each MESSAGE has recorded to listen in, and a manual of user confirms this. Even so like this a time announced by a current of rests of the machine, as done a timestamps in the messages more have recorded late. An only road in squelch a nagging is to do an apparently gratuitous reset of clock.

More than one $ 12 paid for one In&T 1740, with the flavour has paid very curve for another 1725, if it only was still available. It pulls credulity to imagine that he 1725, with his creation and the costs of the already amortised development, could not be priced competitively against this dumbed-low down, this bastard progeny of the myopic and self-the corporate culture has directed. If these sounds melodramatic or too punitive, considers that it is not only the product that fails to create a bar, but the significant retrenchment of a model an old more than posed a bar, and in the which level one 1740 any one apropa. Honestly it can not identify the only improvement, another that perhaps in an inferior line of a manufacturer.
5 / 5
Like The plot of people has declared in his descriptions, is very hard to find the support contestador only. I have read some descriptions for easterly a, but was so blended has not been sure cual to think. I have decided that for a prize, coast a risk. The happy tan has taken the casualidad. I took it only and I took me less than 5 minutes to connect in my tlphonique and place up.

Once takes some capes have connected, there is the big button that says SETUP. You press it concealed and of the calm guides through all precise do. You can choose how many points in front of a contestador chooses up. There is the date, time And focus of year. If you want to listen a number of tlphonique of a nicknamed before you listen a message, can do that, also. All some options are offers in an on or has been formed. I think that that other descriptions can not having give all some options have had available with this machine. The moment has a volume was, can not listen an advertising or the message of a visit. If it turns it each a way up, can listen it the rooms was. A quality of looks to sound well in me, also. It has Had my call of husband to try it several times.

The necessity to start with listen in a message before it erase it. I think that that it is to him it ensures it does not erase the message by deception. Only it have to listen in the second of a message before it can the yours deletes. It is not very a lot a subject for me.

To well sure suggest takings he casualidad in this machine. I think that that it is very value he.
1 / 5
Almost I have not left never the highly negative critic so that usually it researches that it buys, but 10% tax of failure would have to when being respected with some same complaints would have to be valid. There are good reasons why this has or the description adds of the new buyer or the ' this is the junk' informs afterwards using an element for the while. This machine was junk for me two times on and this machine deserves the terrible description.

Has bought two of these so that a premier one has purchased was defective of one takes-go and is returned. A walnut one has taken lasted two weeks and has frozen then up never to be listened of again. I have tried all could think of to fix a thing. Pulling a power, pressing buttons, anything. Some machines have frozen only and has not done never. I bad literally these turns of thing on and has frozen only with both machines that mark a same thing.

So much, that can say? A unit can be defective, take it. Two? Two machines that mark a same thing and another queixant- quite having some same subjects. I have to think that that it is the defect of manufacture. It is not horrible since is an economic element , but highly nettle even so it do not have to spend . So much, perhaps it take two lemons . Or that is to say the compatible problem . I say that it is the compatible problem . I am so disappointed.
4 / 5
That is to say the contestador well , with some positive like a capacity to pose how many points before it answer it. Even so some two refusals have remarked by other critics maintain me to estimate it 5 stars. This negative his insistence on is that it declares that a time has not been posed every time listen in a incoming message and a terrible sound of a outgoing message (a.k.Announcing of unit) records it to him that uses a machine is built in microphone. In relation with these last commentaries, has recorded a outgoing the message and he have sounded VAL but the different words decided wanted to so that it records the second message. Cela A has not sounded so clear as I have tried again and the worse beginning, and some flavours of neighbourhood was worse still. We were roughly the road he behind when thought to call a contestador and uses far orders to record the new message for tongue with my more tlphonique that in the microphone of a contestador. This message is exited perfectly (apresamiento to represent some limitations of a person that habladuras).

Top Customer Reviews: 8 Pack Panasonic ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 60 ratings
1 / 5
These owe swipe to be fraudulent -offs. I can not think that Panasonic would not leave never stacks like this in a phase. One announcing of the amazon says 700 mAhr, but a stack said Min 630 mHhr. They were embroiled in packaging of clear plastic, without Panasonic labels another concealed that it is printed in some stacks. On posing them in a telephone said 'load during 7 as of the normal hours. But then after the period to time a telephone said 'Use Rechargeable Stacks Some stacks at the end upload against a cup of an indicator, but the race was hurriedly (plus or 45 minutes less in the speakerphone has nicknamed of conference). Tried the number of stacks of a set and everything gives a same result. The May There Went It this problem with some original stacks that has lasted 5 years, except a time among load had begun that down it bit it.

IS so sad has not looked in some descriptions of user - there are a lot of recent months that has expressed this same complaint. But I imagined that it can go wrong - is stacks of Panasonic, for substitution in his own telephones. And to the amazon is by train to sell them.
3 / 5
The majority of people can suppose that of this product (8 Group Panasonic NiMH AAA Rechargeable Stack for cordless phones) lines a Panasonic name of mark, has to when being some stacks of better substitution for Panasonic DECT 6.0 cordless phones. But that is not necessarily a case.

In the first place, control a compartment of stack of your Panasonic cordless phone (for example, a Panasonic KX-TG1062M DECT Wireless 6.0/Corded Tlphonique). If voice only two loose AAA cells in place of the group of stack, is in of the luck! You can pose any one AAA rechargeable NiMH cells in there, and a telephone will not know a difference. Quan A handset is planted in a cradle to touch, one uploads will not know a difference or. Like the only continue upload any stacks in the low current (around 50mine). While your stacks of the substitution has the equal or big capacity that some originals stacks, is well to go.

This has said, highly recommends to take any sake-LSD of quality (Low-Self-Download, also fulfilled as 'Pre-Touched') rechargeable stacks, in place of any one genuine Panasonic mark or was-mark rechargeable stacks. That is to say so that:

1. One Panasonic NiMH AAA the stack has capacities of 700mAh, which are way down below for today of level. The majority of rechargeable NiMH AAA the cells in a piece have qualified of 800mAh or main.

2. Be it stacks to mark announce the main capacities as '1000mAh', but usually suffers from fast self-problem of download. These ways have left a handset out of a cradle for just the few days, some stacks will be died because of self-download.

3. LSD The stacks is pre-touched of a factory, and is ready to use right out of a container. This bad can begin use your telephone with these stacks immediately. ( It notes that one tlphonique still can insist has to be touched during 7 hours, more mere so that the sound uploads is change)

4. LSD The stacks is estimated by the well more lifespan (typically 1000 cycles) has compared in normal NiMH stacks (typically 500 cycles).

So many of this scripture, can take quite 12 sake-cells of LSD of the quality for a same prize what only 8 of these Panasonic stacks. It considers, for examples:
- Sanyo eneloop AAA Pre-Touched Rechargeable Stacks (800mAh)
- GP ReCyko AAA Rechargeable Stacks Pre-Touched (850mAh)
- Tenergy Centura AAA Under Self-Download NiMH Rechargeable Stacks (estimated 800mAh but has measured ~900mAh)

All these stacks on offer the main capacity that an original Panasonic stacks. Besides, apresamientos stacks with the quality has fulfilled, in planting to try your luck. This can be more than imports that this saves cost only.

[Side of note by side]
Panasonic has purchased Sanyo the little the mark of years, as each esanyo' he stacks of the mark is fashioned by Panasonic now.
1 / 5
Bought these cual the substitution for my telephones of house but after installing them and posing in a cradle of tlphonique, a message in a tlphonique says 'Insert Stack'. Desprs Verifying that it had installed it the his the properly, taken of this individual and installed his telephone in another telephone of mine 5 system of tlphonique. I have posed also some old stacks in a first telephone to see yes perhaps has not gone only that the particular telephones. Some old stacks has done in a first telephone but this new stacks has not done in some second telephones or. Test and take the repayment while I am very disappointed!
2 / 5
Alas this Panasonic NiMH AAA the stack no with a Panasonic KX-TG4744 tlphonique handset.
Planting these stacks in a handset shows a message 'inserts/Insert Stacks . The most next inspection reveals one focuses plastic/shrinks the embroil' will not leave contact with a negative connection in a telephone.
Compares LH Panasonic stacks in a RRHH OEM stacks.
1 / 5
Has Model Any KX-TGA680 Panasonic cordless phone. I have posed some stacks in, but a cordless phone in a cradle to touch and take the message in a screen of tlphonique this says 'Use Rechargeable Stacks . I am only spent $ 14 and now the amazon said can not return these...Lovely. As it was in panasonic.factoryoutletstore.commente And the compraventa roughly original stacks for $ 30 (group of 4). Saw And learn, is not fooled for advertising that says 'this work of stacks in almost each Panasonic cordless phones.
1 / 5
I have substituted to age (8 I) stacks in 4 of 5 Panasonic handsets with these rechargeable stacks. Two telephones never loads, giving a message 'use rechargable stacks in a screen. The month, an another two handsets has given a message of same error. (With the scientist mindset, changed out of some stacks for all the telephones and reduced it down in the problem of stack, no the handset problem). I suspect these are look alike fakes. I am very disappointed and will be to look to take my money behind.
1 / 5
I have ordered these stacks so of the substitutions for Panasonic stacks of cordless phone. They have been announced as has 700Mah to be able in. Some eight stacks taken has had only 550Mah. If you order these stacks, sure when being to verify that in fact take to do sure is correct. I am returned my mandate immediately.
1 / 5
I have bought these for my panasonic telephones. They are purportedly some same stacks a telephone is coming with when bought a system to telephone fact 7 years. He a bit those that the years have substituted some originals stacks with Eneloop stacks. And it thinks that that those have lasted longer that an original. But this times opted for Panasonic marks by name. Well, these stacks has been died in arrival. A vendor for this when the product bought has nicknamed Very Bronzed Electrnic New. I have achieved to go in them counting the sound stacks has not done. The May HAS ANSWERED. In My Orders can see ordered of them, but when vain in his storefront and tentativa to contact, does not recognise that I have ordered they maintaining. Some class of explosions of error up. So much, here I am. I have tried only four stacks, two the time in or telephones. Has data each set of stacks the week. Copper some 7 hours. Any luck. Test again, he stack only would not go spent an empty indicator prjimo, and telephone very hurriedly cry, 'Please tlphonique of load, please tlphonique of load.' A Eneloops does still during the hours of pair, only accesses while before. The desire had not launched these two Eneloop stacks. I will be to buy those again, and doing sure is in original packaging. These pieces of rubbishes have entered some plastic container for stacks, and can not think was new. Complete rubbishes!
1 / 5
It has not had any one packaging.todel Some stacks has been planted in the ziplock the class of the stock exchange and the bubble of interior embroil envelope. Any idea if they r used or new.
Included some stacks is all 500 Mah in place of 700 like data in description. Not even the available bill with him. I go it to return
3 / 5
I have bought the container of 8 stacks. Has the Panasonic Model of together of the cordless phone KX-TG1034S looks of the base with contestador and 4 handsets. Each what 4 handsets records in 2 AAA NiMH stacks each what what. Some stacks come with an advisable note to upload against less 24 hours. Out of some 8 stacks, 4 could be it has touched, 4 could very afterwards 96 hours. I routed the backside and took the group of substitution of 8. Out of a new group, 2 would not touch . While this could spend, has tried a voltage of a walnut any one as well as some touched ones.
Has resulted: Some stacks this has been shipped with the load of can not touch 1.25 volts for my telephones / chargers. It was able of his touch with an external stack upload. Some bonos stacks when the control has touched the voltage of 1.38 volts. Some stacks this was to ship with 1.25 volts will touch, externally, in 1.34 but cape 1.38. Out of a total 16 stacks, 10 was well, 6 has not been and would have to know up front that these shipped with 1.25 volts would not upload against some telephones. I am satisfied with that have now but has disappointed in general with Panasonic and an experience.

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