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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 36 ratings
4 / 5
Alive in the city has contaminated light and has taken a small and convenient StarBlast Dobsonian telescope to a field of open park partorisca aim Jupiter of Saturn and young boys. It was a lot of disappointed a first night where has used so only a two eyepiece this is coming with a StarBlast (17mm and 6mm). Like an amateur astronomer has used previously 8-thumb Dobsonian and easily could see the coverage and Jupiter of shots of Saturn. But still with a 6mm in a StarBlast, the coverage of Saturn was like this tiny that mine 4 old year could not say is Saturn and Jupiter was like this like this tiny could not see some shots. (Although some the Jovian moons were clearly visible.) I have thought perhaps it would owe that take the main discharge. But I have decided to take some accessories partorisca a StarBlast partorisca try again.

Has purchased immediately this Barlow Lentil 2X (Bysameyee Thumb, $ 26) and Orion And-Serious 7-21mm Zoom Eyepiece ($ 63). Using neither an immediately spent out of a true potential of a StarBlast: the coverage of Saturn was clearly visible partorisca mine 4 old year and can faintly mark out of some shots on Jupiter. The data has had the moon of neighbourhood in bylines among some two planets and is gone in the city has contaminated light, was VERY SATISFIED with some results. Some boys have been excited reasons easily could identify some planets. Of course, using both near was a better.

Has to that buy so only an accessory (any Barlow or Orion Zoom eyepiece has mentioned on) for a StarBlast, goes with a 2x Barlow Lentil. Using a Barlow with StarBlast 6mm eyepiece has given one main view (of a Zoom eyepiece can zoom to 7mm, any 6mm). This in spite of a question with a 6mm is that of then has such the small field of view, was sometimes last to find an object like these stellar objects constantly movement and also kids sometimes attack to a discharge (also a finder of the red point is not like this the friendly user like the Telrad, but concealed is not also of the question) to the equal that has had to trust 17mm to zero in in an object and transmission behind to a 6mm. But of then I have small boys, has been hassle to change behind and advance. So that it is where Orion 7-21mm that the zoom goes in. Wow! Like this convenient to find things when they move out of view, any I still needs to refocus during a zoom. It was also extra entertainment when some accesses of moon of whole neighbourhood in a 21mm and some boys can ZOOM to a 7mm his to look in some craters in detail. They have had the explosion! If calm only use a Zoom Eyepiece without a Barlow in a Starblast, any volume to see the big extra objects, but is well, can still clearly was the coverage of Saturn and grieve the shots of Jupiter.

Finally, highly recommends to take so much a 2x Barlow and Orion Zoom to spend was all that a small but a lot StarBlast the discharge has to that offered! I any one need the big discharge in the city has contaminated light to inspire some girls after all! StarBlast With a 2x Barlow and Orion Zoom give all a consolation, friendliness of girl, and the potential of astronomy requires.

P.D. With which try to remark some more brilliant galaxies (Andromeda) and another Messier the objects will update my description.
5 / 5
Has loved to see Jupiter and the main Saturn and has done! It was able to see amazing definition that has not been able to before. I can not expect try went in it deep spatial objects. This thing is quality and well value of the money!
4 / 5
This 2x barlow work well for your half telescope. It likes that it can you to it unscrew a lentil in of a subordinated and ray directly in any eyepiece partorisca magnification. At present I am doing this with him binoviewer with good results. There is a lot another variac. Of this product on Amazon. They are all some same another that a name to mark form in an organism of a barlow.
5 / 5
Has required to augment a faint image that is produced by a Topped PST. A telescope has the focal period cut like this sometimes Barlow is no well but this has done fantastic. Mina ZWO astrophotography the camera has the big CCD like this really helped explode all a CCD surface zone. A Barlow looks a lot-facts and would have to that last in fact a lot of years Resupplied that it cure of him so only like any one another eyepiece for lentils.
4 / 5
Does exactly that it loved it to do. I want to that touches it Barlow lentil and the T-adaptadora. I hooked the up with mine DSLR camera to take a moon by means of my telescope. I left to achieve house where normal t-the coverages have failed. It is also he adds for visual astronomy.
4 / 5
Is Barlow works of lentil well for a money. It returns amiably in mine 70mm telescope of beginners. The election adds.
4 / 5
Has looked for the little more magnification of a lentil dipped this is to be comprise with this telescope, without spending to whole plot of money. This individual Barlow 2x to the lentil is returned a bill perfectly. Very happy with this compraventa.
4 / 5
Experience for my husband and is very pleased with a quality. If yours that looks for to lentil of quality to the point of reasonable prize, this lentil fulfils a mark. It goes for him!!
5 / 5
Ossia The solid Barlow lentil, especially for a prize. I have purchased recently the discharge of travesía simple for a upcoming travesía to camp and has loved to improve a magnification. This lentil is the solution adds is looking to augment magnification of your sale lenses without breaking a bank.
4 / 5
Partorisca A prize has paid compared to another lenses was skeptical but OMG am happy has taken a casualidad! I have comprised my prime minister pic never taken and are súper satisfied.

Top Customer Reviews: SVBONY 2X Barlow ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 52 ratings
5 / 5
I use this with Celestron COSMOS FirstScope Telescope during several months with satisfactory experience; and the calm can not beat a prize. Even so, I have doubted to write the description so that I am inexperienced with telescopes in spite of knowing general sake in optician. But the recent find with Meade Instruments 216005 Polaris 127 EQ Telescope of Reflector (Blue) has augmented my confidence, while I can compare this side by side with the Meade Barlow, in two different telesscopes.

A tez of this product, organism of metal and everything, is very refined compared with a plastic organism that comes with Meade. Mina untrained the eyes can not detect visible aberration in this QUICKLY Barlow. It contrasts, a Meade Barlow gives very obvious to the chromatic aberration when tried so much Barlow in Cosmos FirstScope as well as in Polaris 127.Q.

Meade IS a name of the mark has established. Like this the comparison weighs to plot in my same alcohol although Polaris is in Meade low-final.

Update: I actuate since it uses this QUICKLY in the much better telescope SkyWatcher S11600 Traditional Dobsonian 6-Inch (White). A scope collimated the parabolic mirror provides the clearest images in a verge of field to see so that it is easier to evaluate quality. I stack a 2x Barlow with one 20mm Kellner of one FirstScope and compares with one 10mm Plössl that comes with SkyWatcher. FirstScope eyepieces Is not also so SkyWatcher east; stacking two optic the together elements is generally worse that a piece of a same focal period. Even so, a Barlow the combination compares favorably. (A picture of Jupiter and his four Galilean satellites are taken with one 4mm of QUICKLY Telescope Eyepiece has Posed Aspheric 4/10/23mm 1.25' Wide Angle 62-Deg Fully Coated for Astronomical Telescope and one 2x Barlow in FirstScope.)
5 / 5
That is to say the value adds for a money. It IS of good quality and is fully good-coated. A portion of dulcemente unscrews of an organism and will give you quite 50% profit in magnification screwed in a fund of any eyepiece is using. Like a eyepiece this gives 20x for his sake will give 30x. Also it can use an organism of a barlow he in the cape of a eyepiece and obtain the house the next plus concealed that it can obtain otherwise. Handy need to have the house the next plus concealed that it can obtain otherwise. So much with the 20mm eyepiece in mine 80/f5 takes 20x. Using an inferior lentil screwed in a eyepiece volume 30x. Used usually with a eyepiece inner a barlow volume 40x. It IS to well sure the good value for a money and likely indistinto in a soyarca to appoint' units that the cost in folds of the cual the east sells for in Amazon. I have compared in a soyarca to appoint' and assemblar- me to be in indistinto in quality if that is to say slightly better because of being very-coated while my old one east only regulates 'blue' coated.
5 / 5
I am very impressed with this 2x Barlow. It IS each organism of the metal as it describes for a vendor. I also a time still has purchased a Meade Serious 4000 Filter: ND96 and has used both elements a same time with a Meade filter screwed in a front of a prism shouted of image to see a Moon, and has been surprised to see a Moon with so many details with some brilliants of light each filtered was.

A Quickly 2x Barlow was very useful in me especially to use this tomb powered eyepieces p. p.ej. A Gosky 32mm and these sets of eyepieces Gosky 6mm 12.5mm 20mm. M shouted this morning approx 1:30 I AM and could not return to sleep and decided to walk out of my back step and cual saw was so Saturn and Course with a Moon approx 30 titles (i.et. Of a horizon in a Moon) poses in a westerly. I have decided to take my Meade 90mm AZ Telescope of Refractor and voice these planets. It was surprised really, is some first times have not seen never Saturn and his meshes that it uses each a eyepieces mentioned earlier and more than all using this 2x Barlow Dulcemente to take some so of the next planets that can see it so much although it sounds a long way. I have had also the look well with a longitude of March and was all excited in my cases by prejudices he down.
Does a bit those that the nights have seen also Jupiter those uses this 2x Barlow Dulcemente and was surprised also with so many details to see some groups in Jupiter and viewing 4 of the moon of Jupiter. It was able to see more clearly with this Quickly 2x Barlow that a a which is coming with my Telescope.

Some critic goes to complain that is blurry probably his chair/his failure for mishandling or can be the defect of manufacturers , but beg to differ how 2x Barlow this is coming with my Telescope is not also like this Quickly 2x, very clear and width well quite that sees that it uses my eyepieces.

IS very happy with this element and will recommend in any newbies in that likes him a challenge to be an astronomer of amateur.
5 / 5
SO More experimented the astronomers will say you, a cost of something is often a idication of a value. In this case, even so, it say that a value is found very only in a prize but in a global edifice of this lentil. I have purchased this unit to be backed by the travelling volume of telescope with me from time to time when travel for subject. It IS the good access with the tabletop telescope, and is happy bought the.
5 / 5
I have purchased this to substitute a poor quality 3x barlow had with the compraventa of telescope. A difference is likes him night and day! That is to say the big quality eyepiece and research to be sturdily built of metal (had he with a scope was to a large extent plastic). I actuate Only the used this once so far when seeing Jupiter, and was very happy with some results.
4 / 5
I have bought this partly so that it is cheap, and partly so that the Barlow decent gives to bend a eyepieces, like mine 9mm eyepiece to law likes him 4.5mm, w/ a Barlow. This work well, IMO, and a prize was well, also.
Buys again, and recommend it.
5 / 5
Usually the low prize always means low quality but does not apply in this product. It IS very done with the solid and the optic the metal is surprisingly well. It takes same better image to use this or with own telescope 9mm slow that a celestron x-cell 5mm eyepiece. Taken to think but raisin. I very wants to return my expensive eyepiece.
4 / 5
Good prize, very optic quality, the element of better fat that a field of the rice of the group signify, has taken he quickly and very bundled, could any one when being any happier, has improved my view of first night of Saturn had it!!
5 / 5
At the end it clears the heavens taken to try this was and is not disappointed. For a prize, a quality is very well, in the pair with some mark appoints ones.
Does very well in my telescope without glare or light scatters detected, highly would recommend this in any one that looks for the quality barlow without breaking a bank.
5 / 5
SVBONY 1.25' Barlow Lentil 2x Fines Coated T the adapter Dulcemente Folds 3 Element APO with HD Optic of the Broadband Green film for Telescope Regulates Eyepiece

draw and tez Well. Any complaint.

Top Customer Reviews: Gosky 1.25' Moon ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 23 ratings
5 / 5
So only really economic and takings like pay partorisca at least in this row. I have finalised the only launch went them and has bought the best a. It does not squander your money.
4 / 5
Thinks that partorisca have the mismatch of of the this and another product has bought a same time. This one looks good and good works .
4 / 5
Shabby this in place of a together integer. Utilisation with my celestron 6.ºt. Good quality for a beginner to intermediary.
5 / 5
Does well for my telescope of low end. Helps dim a moonlight amiably
5 / 5
the works mark a lot well a visible moon and not hurting your eyes of a glare. This is not returned I so that it has expected but still found the way of the take to do. It agrees to see that normalised of the edge has inner or external.
5 / 5
Can not attach the filter of lentil to a Barlow lentil.
5 / 5
This product is validate very big for product of money. They are by train to use it to shoot photo of professional quality.
4 / 5
the product Adds.... His steardy and material very that he... Work for his purpose
4 / 5
The value adds partorisca two elements each need of telescope. A barlow the lentil was very built and a lentil partorisca filter leaves to see some details of moon easily. Has the telescope of small economic refractor and was able to do out of mountains and craters in a pole of the sud of a moon a lot crisply using the 23 mm lentil.
5 / 5
Has left just coverage a basics:

1. It is not plastic.
2. It was so only in $ 20, and wine with the good moon the chance, so that well.
3. Works as it has feigned.
4. I received it the earliest week that quell'Amazon has said.

Has wanted to take the good prize in the 2x Barlow, and has taken one . Ossia A description . It saw it, it liked, it bought it, it received it, this in spite of likes. Any question here.

Top Customer Reviews: Gosky 0.965Inch ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 33 ratings
4 / 5
Recently take it my hands in an old more Bushnell Trip, which uses the ' focuser. This was very an only calm' of this diameter could find and data his prize, has imagined he wouldnt hurt to give tries it. All the work adds, with exception in a Barlow - even so drought a Barlow any working owes the mark with a distance has augmented created and no a real creation he. One the minor nuisance has is with a eyepiece. Apresamiento bonded In his headline of plastic, has to cut the lip in a container as it can his the pop has been without battling with him. At the end, one 4mm laws very well, in spite of investigation of general internet that suggests it only 'bombs' a magnification while ceding the crap image. Obviously his very-for-swimming with planetary look for - was even so able to see a moon in the full detail those uses the.

Included IS an image of the tree 3 low streets that use a 20mm slow.
5 / 5
That is to say the roads of the container adds to do an usable old scope! It does not expect a better quality, but all the work only well to see planets and another astronomical basics. A Barlow the lentil no because of a period of a focal tube any one when being any quite very time, but that it is because of my telescope concretely. The be only has warned that one 3x magnification of a Barlow in this container is the plot . Otherwise, All some laws of slow sake and some 90 looks to title to do well also. I am happy with this compraventa and a vendor has launched included in the green filter to see Course for free!!! This container has his gilipollas, but he a trick and was abordable!!!
4 / 5
I have decided to take my old 60mm Meade the refractor was that the has not used in 20 years like my daughters could do a bit commentary. Alas, a eyepieces has been missing but found this set to substitute them. Look very similar in some originals eyepieces and has done a lot a same. There is two misty the points of light has been in some sides of a zone to see but could cause this for powder in a telescope dulcemente main or only my eyes and any one the fault of a eyepieces. Also it avenges with the lunar filter that creates has not been listed in a description. It recommends this set in any these necessities to substitute eyepieces in the telescope of low cost. Conscious when being that the majority of the telescopes now use ' eyepieces like these telescopes these old only apter.
3 / 5
They are well, especially for a prize. And I the can not blame for him, but is likely to be yours only option because of a rarity of eyepieces. Quan Has compared in a eyepieces this is coming with mine [Meade] telescope, these listen very clear and cheap. My original eyepieces has weighed it much more be in them, and gives the a lot of clearer image. Even so a telescope given in me has been missing the little of some beginning roughly goes down so necessity to substitute them, therefore buying these. These pieces have the light blurryness in them that the similar looks in the smudge, but has no apparent smudges in some lenses. An accommodation of a lentil is plastic, screwed in a container of aluminium. Careful Unscrewing them So that it is very hard to thread his backside on without undressing a plastic.

Could not take of the a lot of luck out of a Barlow slow, when look through just a lentil with my eye can see an image well, but to attach he in my telescope and attaching a eyepiece voice at all but black(still when it signalling directly in something like the brilliant light). This can be been due to my experience of pauses even so, as I am not that it lines that experience against a product at all.
5 / 5
Experience for my husband for some stargazing for his entertainment. It says that they do very good. It looks he advances some better times so that it can his use more often.
4 / 5
4 stars for a prize. Calm to well sure is taking that decrees of paid. If you are in the estimativa tight, these are better that at all and is quite priced.

Has opted to spend more for the ' adapter and eyepieces of the small better quality, but is not in the estimativa tight, only cheap, lol.
3 / 5
Decent quality. Work with mine 40+ old year 60 mm refractor. ' It IS a measure used by 'toy' a lot of telescopes, but law. For a prize recommends the until you are ready to purchase the instrument of the main quality.
1 / 5
Pure junk. Totally unusable. Any value free nave. Any troubling.
1 / 5
These lenses was to purchase for my telescope,
when doing some view has not imported what magnification, all have to think is
marks of object of the manufacture. I have taken these lenses in my work under low magnification.
Laboratory kimtech toallitas humid, does not help. Of- it water It ionised has not fixed or remedy some subjects. Subject Of manufacturer.
1 / 5
Any value a money. One 20 mm the piece of the eye there has been the plot of something in an interior that could not clean be dried. It distorts An image.

A diagonal is varied at all. It produces three images, or that shine and 2 images of phantom.

Has finished to use my old diagonal and 20 mm piece of eye.

Top Customer Reviews: Celestron 93428 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 52 ratings
5 / 5
Celestron Barlow Lentil 3X 1.25in X-heaven LxI has purchased this 3 Times Barlow X-Heaven LX with an intention to obtain more afterwards lives the images detailed of a Moon with the Webcam has done to return a X-Heaven LX Series eyepieces and the laws add! This video is in 720P and is trace in a 9mm X-Heaven XL Eyepiece.Without a Barlow then With a Barlow
4 / 5
This barlow is done of good material , solid with good optician, but while he yours tender focal period, also tender yours focal proportion. One 650mm f/5 telescope results the 1950 mm f/15 telescope. That once was the fast telescope , able to see faint objects, is now the slow telescope, battle to see faint objects. Personally the would not go spent the 2x barlow, but that it is only me. Still it can when being well for planetary viewing, even so.
5 / 5
Has the 20 old year Celestron 114' Newtonian telescope that it was in a coverage for the number of years. A very basic eye pieces that is coming he with back a day was terrible to begin. There is the tonne of fun with them even so. Bronzed when A Star Lovejoy has taken each a insanity, decided to take of my old telescope. I have cleaned a mirror and looked up. Some pieces of eye have been lined and absolutely useless. As I have purchased so much a 25mm and one 7mm pieces of X Heavens of eye and this X-Heaven LX 3x barlow Slow. All can say is saint smokes! It IS like the integer of new telescope. A clarity and the field of view is surprising. A X-Heaven LX the series of optician is also estimates a prize, really can not say enough of how surprised was with them.
5 / 5
Enormous improvement for telescopes with basses focuser trip. Opened Can direct it everything with my dslr (aps-c sony) and Orion StarBlast 80mm, which could not direct as well as it has wanted. It reduces the small bit a light of a heaven, but can use wide eyepieces to take more fov with a zoom of the sper plossl eyepiece. Excellent product!
5 / 5
That is to say by far my favourite barlow. At present I have Orion 2x and the VTE 5x, but this a swipe both of them have been!!! It IS very built, heavy, accesses very a lot of which reduce a shakiness and a optician is well. I am very happy with this compraventa.
5 / 5
Has Celestron 80X spent these enemies do well. I can see Jupiter and four moons or points in Saturn. Addition this and Jupiter almost say me dized and in fact can accelerate of tone. It can see topography of moon. I add it attaches on
5 / 5
Excellent. With the value adds. I use for astrophotography with results very good. With celestron nexstar 8. Decreases of chromatic aberration notably
4 / 5
The law adds so describe but often a magnification is the bit in a lot. It finds one 2X east one the majority of useful and used more often.
5 / 5
That is to say the add 3x Barlow lentil. I have used he for imaging planets with my ZWO-ASI120MC-S. It IS also I attaches for visual viewing. I have used the jointly with television Dress Plossl slow .
5 / 5
I am so blown-entered some planetary images can take with this 3X Barlow the semi-detached lentil in mine 130mm Newtonian telescope. Some shows of photo have attached my Celestron AstroMaster 130 (with Telrad Finder) and ZWO ASI120 MC-S the semi-detached camera in a X-Heaven LX 3X Barlow. A spectacular Jupiter and the images of Saturn have been accused using AutoStakkert! 2.6.8 And RegiStax 6 software.

Top Customer Reviews: Orion 08711 Shorty ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 44 ratings
5 / 5
I am the complete newbie while I have purchased this to go with Orion 90 mm refractor. Please reads to join other descriptions before using. Also, it is of entity to remark that included use with the piece of the eye the wide plus, a width of a view will be smaller that that uses a piece of same eye without this barlow dulcemente. Still I am using he with some pieces of eye regulate so that I have not been able to provide some pieces that amours. It IS more to do your own investigation so that it can have you the reasonable expectations with a scope are using jointly with any pieces of the eye concealed wants use. Precise comprises like this laws, as well as a limit of your telescope, that is want to dressed, and what necessity to do for the see, for truly appreciate this or any barlow slow. In general I am very pleased with purchase of mine.
3 / 5
One has fallen dulcemente out of of the this after the few months and based in the police of the amazon of 30 turns in the daytime, can not return he for the substitution. I Liked him his a Barlow of slow even so and used it constantly. Careful Be if some looks of lentils to be loose...That is to say an only reason for some 3 stars. Calm only return the up.
5 / 5
This shorty Barlow is the lenses that access in a focal tube (focuser) before a eyepiece and folds a magnification of any one 1.25 inch eyepiece has used with him. He he 24 mm eyepiece to law likes him 12 mm eyepiece and so advance but with a same field of view. Essentially the fold your eyepiece collection for any astronomer so that each what so eyepiece now can the be used in two magnifications (the original and with a Barlow, in two times that magnification). It does not have an expertise to judge a quality of a lentil used in this Barlow but work well with Orion normal eyepieces. Some rays to close the law adds and can use this with mine 12.5 mm Plossl to take the sums have seen of a surface of a moon, Mars or some clouds of Jupiter. For me it is the five addition of star in my telescope and I recommend in any another Orion proprietary new of scope.
4 / 5
Orion Produced is well in pertinent (and his service of client is legendary), a shorty Barlow is a such product. This could be one of a more Barlow used amply slow and is recommended highly.
The complaints against this product are probably because of a slightly big eyepiece beginning. Probably to accommodate the widest variety of eyepieces and components an on-sized the beginning can cause light misalignment of eyepieces and creates the small quantity of astigmatism. This is not perceivable or problematic with visual use, but can cause the yes used problem with photographic or another squad.
Has tried to use this Barlow to augment magnification in the camera of scope/of the guide and a resultant astigmatism was annoyingly perceivable. With the big plus eyepiece or alignment of the barrel of the camera could be improved. I suspect some lenses used is excellent and no a cause of an astigmatism.
5 / 5
I produce it adds. That is to say the picture of a star Sirius(that looks very better and clearer when view in a telescope he) in that I am using Orion 130st telescope with 10mm eyepeice and one 2x Barlow. I can see stars and of the very better planets with just this light magnification and yes looks closely in this picture can see some waves of heat in a star.
1 / 5
Why 1 star? Has Orion SkyQuest XT6. Has several lenses until th 3.6mm. A reason knows a quality of the duplicate included the lentil is not well is so that each orion slow I own has the clear view. I can use a house of telescope to take each lentil with the sake has seen clean. Quan Uses this adapter each results of lentil blurt. Some less slow of the zoom is well with easterly, but a zoom of more a plus blurry in a point that can not use this with mine 3.6mm orion lentil.
IS always possible for any one to take the sense that is not directed I supposition, so he th the vendor wants to exchange this will be happy to try again. But if that is to say it likes him to him one duplicates the quality is, would not purchase this and I can not recommend.
A photo in my description is without a piece of extension and without the mountain of special camera. I want to aim that my scope and to the lentil is house . Quan Attaches a piece here a house is bad still after using a telescope to adjust.
5 / 5
I very like this slow. Sol that it is my favourite until it take it the 3 x that is to say the small bit better. Even so, that is to say the lentil of the quality adds for one gives to support likes him.
4 / 5
Any bad! Bought he for Orion XT8 and augments ... Only very so so I have expected. Each edifice of metal that was the pleasant surprise.
4 / 5
Any cheap, but the good road to bend your power of all your eyepieces
5 / 5
Any bad! Bought he partorisca Orion XT8 and augments ... So only a lot so much to the equal that has expected. All the construction of metal that was the pleasant surprise.

Top Customer Reviews: Telescope Laser ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 42 ratings
4 / 5
Like another reviewers there is remarked, this is to exit of alignment. Also like another has declared, was free in a thumb focuser. It has dipped some tape of teflon around a barrel partorisca do it the snug access (any one a type of edge of the pipe). Has has had to that then undermine out of a coverage of hule in some rays of alignment. A process of alignment is predictable but not cleaning like this there is not any cradle uploading so that one has to that behind it was a ray partorisca presionar another. No the surprise. A thing was that one of some rays of alignment was a lot of loose in a start. Clearly no never it has been regulated.
Has been once varied, using it partorisca vary a discharge was astonishingly easy. Some instructions really have not said anything roughly regulating a secondary mirror but this is to be mention in another description, one takes a point in a centre of a mark of centre in a primary mirror.
If a costruttore is not that it goes to properly vary these, would not owe that cover some rays of alignment and would have to that resupply instructions partorisca alignment.
4 / 5
I laser all more thrilling!

A collimator has the variable brightness beam (1-7 and was), regulated partorisca turn the coverage in an end of a casing. In of the main powers collimation possible during daylight, this in spite of a beam takes distorted of more than the short line that the point of round besides one 3rd to 4th setting. In of the lowest powers have gone perfectly.
A beam is almost perfectly varied, with just a faintest the flange that looks in screen of white aim, this in spite of some ports of adjustment have been sealed up with hule. More daring would be likely diverse perfectly with the knife of hobby and the hand in bylines.
A collimator careers of the CR2032 battery that is comprised, together with the to adapter of 2 thumbs for owners of 2-thumb focusers.
4 / 5
This product is worthless like the laser collimator reason a laser is not properly has varied. They are new to telescopes and has ordered this before I have comprised that some the better tools are. While while to of the this to arrive has done the crude collimation discharges to vary some mirrors and concealed took quite near. When This laser collimator has arrived tried that and while collimating with this very convenient (so only line a reflection of laser in a centre of an aim) drastically has launched of the mine rough collimation: a centre has not gone to close even to a circle of tape in a primary mirror.
Has taken a device averts and found some three rays of fixation that resists a laser was not even close to be dipped a same period. Also, they are not adjustable like outsides of a headline of the ray of fixation is covered with some class of the hule adhesive (this whole thing is not easy to take averts in all the chance).
In an end has takes so only a laser and reassembled the quite so that it could see by means of him and the use likes the traditional collimation device, which in fact quite done adds.

Pros: Brilliant laser, adjustable brightness is fresh. A construction of metal is solid.

Gilipollas: A laser is not varied, and there is no accessible way to regulate alignment. Ossia The waste of money unless calm wants to take avert likes it has done and arrival with the old plus fashioned collimator more the laser for yours other projects of electronic.
4 / 5
For the years have been using my telescope with an equivalent of astigmatism. But I did not know it. I have bought then this awesome, little tool. With him, it was able to imagine was that a mirror of telescope was out of alignment. I have used a this device and has corrected easily a subject has not known never has had. With which concealed, some planets and the stars were noticeably more acute. It was the transmission of game . This simple, the device of quality will change your view of a universe. Literally.
5 / 5
While this collimator is a lot of fact and easy to use, is unfortunately useless. A question is that it returns too loosely to a eyepiece title, as it wobbles and can not resist alignment. Collimation Is for like this impossible. His needs of sleeve to be bit it big in diameter to do it the stable reference. I will try to return the.
4 / 5
Produced a lot very that has had mine 8' Dobsonian dipped ready on top of any time. Easy to use, and a multiple brightness levels of a mark of laser that the easy tunes in of the most brilliant locations or darker. It produces very weighed for his measure, which say me that this is to build to last. I can not recommend this enough. One 2' the adapter is also of quality a lot well, and again, very weighed for his measure.
5 / 5
The creation is well. It feels solid in a hand and in a eyepiece title. This in spite of, is not collimated. It is not horrible, but is was sure. I know it it can be regulated, but I honradamente so only chosen on the most expensive mark and has had a lot of @@subject. Also , it is a lot of dim for some premiers pocolos settings and then dramatically jumps in brightness for some last two settings. The point is quite diffuse, bit it oblong. In general, it could be decent but will take time initially to take it working.
5 / 5
Simple to use and helped to quickly collimate mine Celestron PowerSeeker 127.ºq
5 / 5
Is self explanatory for so it installs. Looked tube you to him video the and instantly has known exactly like this to still the do . HOPE THESE HELPS!
5 / 5
Good solid construction with the brilliant point and perfect returned, does not squander your time that tries decipher an instruction, shows the or video of the tube and everything will result clear

Top Customer Reviews: Zhumell 2' 2x ED ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
4 / 5
Amur A Barlow. They are quite new the astronomy of telescope, but with Orion SkyQuest XT8i Dob, looks to do his work fantastically without diminishing a view. It is done in Taiwan with And glass, as it looks to be identical to a GSO one this takes excellent descriptions in Cloudy Nights and elsewhere. The mine arrived in the box cushioned well, in good condition, in roughly 2 days that is impressive during Time of Crown.

BUT wine without literature at all, neither is there any manual in a Zhumell put of web. Like this here it is some things has learnt in premiers of mine few days to use it.

— Laws like him 2x Barlow in any telescope that takes 2” eyepieces. With one 1 1/4 thumb adaptadora in place in a cup, also acts like this he 2x Barlow with any 1 1/4” eyepiece.

— Uses so only a black of inferior segment that has a lentil in him, can scrape he to a fund of the 2” eyepiece and result the Barlow. This can not be done (according to which can say) with 1 1/4” eyepieces unless has the 2” adapter like Baader Hyperion Mark IV Zoom done. ( I have bought a Barlow mainly to do this with this zoom eyepiece, which yields the perfect row for lunar or planetary observations with mine 1200mm spent of focal period.) This neither can be done (according to which can say) with a can a big plus Televue Ethos eyepieces, reason an interior 1 1/4” coverage paste a lentil. (It does not take that inner coverage in a Ethos eyepiece; I have tried that once and to lentil of mine very expensive has taken loaned 13mm Ethos eyepiece has FALLEN Is gone in The EARTH. Oops.)

—Another Big Oops: I have taken last night garbled and in planting to take so only a thin upper 1 1/4” adapter, has takes also a black thickness bumpy section down the, and has slipped so only a plus down 2 sections (money and black) to mine 2” focuser, that thinks that could do like this Barlow with a Ethos eyepiece. He no with a Ethos reason a course of money of a Barlow does not return to a Ethos 2” money of breakings of diameter. Worse, there was at all to resist has FALLEN like this ON By means of, PASTE The SECONDARY MIRROR And SLID ON DOWN to PASTE The PRIMARY MIRROR. He no a same deception! I still precise inspects to break now that it is a next day , and recollimate.

-With mine SkyQuest XT8i, a Barlow is one same likes any 2” eyepiece in this I can not head to less than leaving in the width of the toe on the one hand of exposed money. Gotta Takes an adapter one of these days. But a part of money of this Barlow is quite long and has a bottommost section of black lentil that adds to his period for the total of 2 1/2” sticking to a focuser, how is quite sure same without the insert a whole way. And of then 2 1/2” of a Barlow total 4 1/2” period is (usually) Inner a focuser, so only adds roughly 2” (of a bumpy upper black section and perhaps one in lean black 1 1/4” adaptadora section) to a period of eyepiece sticking on a telescope. Any bad.

Is resulted: I want a Barlow and like this far with mine 8” Dob am satisfied enough that I have not spent more money for the main end a. Very easy to use like him 2x, and with the majority of 2” eyepieces also like him screwed-in . To achieve 6mm big power (200x in my discharge) in combination with still chance he Celestron or Baader zoom 8-24mm eyepiece, INSURANCES BEATEN to change to mine 6mm Plossl, with his narrow lentil and so only 5mm of relief of eye!
4 / 5
Ossia The good barlow and use of joy he with my elder 2' widefield eyepieces. It produces seen clean, minima to any perceivable light loss, and also has to that first magnification-- can unscrew you a nosepiece of this barlow and attach it directly to the yours 2' eyepiece for magnification more than a plenary 2X. I remark some chromatic aberration when I pair this with any eyepieces. This in spite of, ossia still the a lot of well, useful barlow, feigned for your 2' eyepieces.
4 / 5
Are relatively new to backyard astronomy to the equal that can very really compare this barlow to other frames But of the that can say are has been impressed by a quality and feel, any economic plastic junk. After seeing with him on he 2' 30mm, work quite amiably to give me mid-vary to be able to. Dims So only the little with the 10mm ' excepts still can see clearly mine. There are edges in an inferior side like podes ray in of the filters also. In general, I think it well for a prize, am happy with him.
4 / 5
Good product, finishing very optical , sum, and súper the prize adds. It was the little nervous that these products can be the waste of money, but is resulted also be súper. His optical is perfect, any sprain of stars or DSOs, the clarity adds and any comma, neither effects of aberrations when into use. It has been the cost adds . Strongly it recommends.
4 / 5
For a prize, this Barlow to the lentil is really good. An optical is clear crystal. One 2” diameter is a lot like this calm easily leave you to bend a magnification of the widest field eyepieces like him 26mm or 30mm. A comprised 1” works of adapter to the equal that has feigned. They are happy bought it and would buy it again. If you do not have of the money for the televue or something of this caliber, ossia the option adds .
5 / 5
Has not received mine still, but has to that I comment in some skills of amazing mathematics of a person the one who has written a description. 'Example: a 18mm eyepiece used in the telescope with the focal period of 1000mm has it magnification of 180x (1000 hendido for 18 = 180). When you Use your 18mm eyepiece in the 2x Barlow, will achieve it magnification of 360x'
4 / 5
All in this lentil is perfect! Excellent! Calm will not be dissatisfied!
4 / 5
Good piece to add my collection of telescope eyepiece east. Good quality
4 / 5
fold a magnification of a eyepiece. It gives to satisfy seen. Recommended.

Top Customer Reviews: SVBONY Barlow Lens ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 43 ratings
3 / 5
A mechanical accommodation is very done, each anodized aluminium and has disassembled easily. A dulcemente is in the removable cell of a fund (final of entrance) of an assembly. If taken a cell of lentils, then has the mere 1.25 inch in T-locate mechanical adapter for direct projection. A short (final to begin) takes 1.25 inch eyepieces, as it can insert a eyepiece to do eyepiece projection. This all does well, so that the calm is not using a optician this comes with a unit.

That is disappointing is a negative lentil has comprised in an assembly. It IS the 20 mm diameter, -125mm piece of focal period of mere, flat-concave, uncoated glass. No the cemented achromat or included coated. As some specifications of sales ('fully good coated', 'chromatic corrected') is risible, typical of those abroad fellow concealed says that that it wants to listen without any correlation in that some the words mean.

A -125mm the element is localised 22mm inner of a telescope focuser 1.25 inch eyepiece shoulder. A eyepiece the receptacle is 38mm spent a focuser shoulder. I use a Barlow formulas to compound what an effective magnification the proportion is in your instrument. A magnification will be M = f/(f d), where f = -125mm is a focal period of a lentil, and d is a distance of a lentil in a focal plan of a lentil. To achieve M = 2x specified for this product, d would have to be -1/2 of f, or 62.5mm in a focal plan. I do not see he so that it is possible with this tube that is lower, as they go real magnification to be very less than 2x.
5 / 5
As I will be directly he advances. An image will enhance has the celestron X-Heaven LX 7mm Slow with the Celestron telescope with the focal point in 900mm of house.
Has still subjects with Venus and Course that is the blurs still will require to use the lentil by heart. Jupiter will see the colour of one 5 planet light groups, even so calm still necessity the by heart decent filter to see Jupiter the small more acute. The start of Saturn adds and some points are very has pronounced
5 / 5
I add. Decent quality for a prize. An axial this inserts/inserts in your optic the tube is the low bit , any thread neither, which could cause the heavy eyepiece or annex of camera to weigh down a telescope. Mark Sure to use this only for conditions of clear viewing, theres any fog or environmental light or the thermal radiation that comes from/comes from an earth (i.et. Any one poses up in concrete/of muck/of the sand...), This barlow could produce the grainy image. In some right parameters even so I crater a moon and has separated nebulae. It can launch storms in Saturn.
5 / 5
This has done perfectly for my Cannon to exist compatible T-adapter, leaving me to use my camera and telescope for astrophotography.
5 / 5
I am really satisfied with this adapter. It IS each metal and has an appearance of big quality. Some nuts have jointed perfectly with a T_clean already had for my telescope, simply unthread a low tube that it is in your t point and thread this behind in his place. Any problem at all. Also I beat that it is used independently of the T-clean. Mina 1.25 accesses of slow perfectly in a tube.
5 / 5
-A very good quality Barlow with enhancement and clear images to regulate eyepieces and any problem.

-Works very well also the stack with another Barlow to take the good impulse with the most focal period very time, wide-field eyepieces.
5 / 5
Laminated lense Has wrinkle, muck among one of some lenses. Control of poor quality these covers a factory.

Update: SVBONY do well, routed the mark the new substitution and he utmost! The service of client adds, the ships of the substitution was the bit dulcemente. But the communication of email was One+!
5 / 5
I have bought this for my fianc and he want to it! A dulcemente is very clear and works well with another lentil that has. So far we have looked only in of the stars and a moon. There is to us since detail of surprises in a moon. We expect to see some planets once is in a something well in a heaven.
4 / 5
Quan Uses these, goes of home add in only blurs.

UPDATE: Company mailed me the substitution,
4 / 5
The tube of durable metal adds! A dulcemente could use the raffinage small. I use this for stars with the 25mm to take the fly on voice of eye of the birds of a moon.

Top Customer Reviews: SVBONY 1.25 inches ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 47 ratings
3 / 5
It arrives today and it has had it it was tonight with mine 120mm f5 refractor. I took it so that there is did not have it never he 5x barlow and was for sale for $ 17. And it is announced likes him 3 element apochromatic. Has 3 another 1.25' barlows, an excellent 3x Celestron 3 element, an equally excellent Astromania 2x 3 element and the very good Astromania 3x 3 element that could not resist so that it was so economic. Yes, it is cheap. The immediately done tan compares it and flavours of contrast with a new toy. If it is the 5 x, is the 5 x these products an image that is exactly a same measure...Using the 15mm eyepiece...As My two 3x barlows. Only no so acute and contrasty. It likes him-him Lincoln joke, 'If the llamas are to follow the leg, what the legs do the dog has? Four. So that that calls the row to leg any one the unit done' This barlow has 5x etched in a side but of the products 3x images. It is announcing it says that it is the 3 lentils of element but the doubt. 3 stars so that for a good 3x achromatic, $ 17 bucks is the good prize. But one announces could use some description.

.....3 days later....

This is resulting the bit of the saga and I are not sure is justified peel $ 17 compraventa of dollar, but habladuras well of SVBONY and his desire to be and when being seen like the manager and respectable company. In of the hours to publish one in of the descriptions, took a following response:

Joseph has Wanted to S Lambie,sad to interrupt you.

Has bought SVBONY Barlow Lentil 5x of our tent and the nodes gives revises of Neutral product:If it is the 5 x, is the 5 x these products an image that is exactly a same measure...Using the 15mm eyepiece...As my two 3x barlows. Only no so acute and contrasty.

IS very sad for your inconvenience.it is can be a problem of a magnification of integer of a connection of Barlow lentil and telescope eyepiece,if one Barlow lentil' the magnification is big ,when install in a telescope, can surpass a valid magnification and a scene has remarked is misty result, is not to clear, as one Barlow to the lentil is not so main and better, Barlow lentil and telescope eyepiece is connected together for use, necessity to control a field of effective tax, for cleared an effect of observation.

There has 3 points in Barlow lentil:
Barlow lentil of the 1.un ,his function is not only to improve quality of image, but also for a consolation
2. Included the Barlow hurts very small in a imaging quality
3. To reduce an influence of imaging, Barlow careful selection in different magnification,In general, can do election of 2x in the.

So much,he Barlow lentil 5x' using the effect is not also like 2x Barlow lentil',the partner has wanted, likes him flavour our SVBONY Barlow lentil 2x? They like them the roads you the free new substitution 2x Barlow to lentil and an original necessity not returning behind. It can it issue me yours allocution to ship of the detail, as and can issue join you new substitution a so harvest as it was possible.

Clues in your response


Obviously, Angela English is the second tongue, but is the hell of the better plot that my French. And takings that bad. If you try to press magnification alln of a capacity of you scope, an image degrades by everything means of a quality of your scope, eyepieces or barlow. (Which are something has not known when has taken my first scope 30 years ago and something more the beginners do not know today.) To ensure him that my 'tests' has taken this to represent...This has tried to do some apples-in-comparison of apples... I routed lucido this response:


Thank you for your worry. A scope has used... Has very... It IS, while I have said, he 120mm refractor with the focal period of 600mm. Under optimum conditions, is the maximum magnification is 240-250x. Compare my another barlows in your product only to see how yours has compared in contrast and acuteness. It compares the all in 200x likes him see tonight was a lot. That is to say, one 2x barlow with the 6mm plossl, one 2 3x barlows with the 9mm plossl and yours 5x with the 15mm plossl. Tan Sure enough, everything of one barlows would be 3mm eyepieces that would produce 200x magnification in my scope. Have Immediately of your barlow has produced the smallest image that an another 3. Quan Has exchanged one 15mm of your barlow in in mine 3x barlows, a measure of image was a same. One 15mm eyepiece with the 3x barlow products 120x magnification or means the maxima to be able the useful of my scope. And some comparisons have been done in this power. I conclude that yours 5x barlow is, in fact, he 3x barlow. It was also apparent that an image produced by yours era less acute and one contrasts was softer; one melts has not been so dark. Of your barlow, even so quite some same dimensions how mine another, is sensibly the lighter has concluded that probably it was the 2 element achromat more than the 3 element apochromat. Whcih Would count a quality of an image likes him compared in mine another barlows. And for an economic, 3x, 2 element barlow, is not bad in a prize. But it is manifestly any one that is announced to be.

Thank you For an offer of the 2 substitution to be able in, but while already have an excellent apochromatic a, the mediocre achromat would be of small use. In fact active Meade and GSO 2x achromats increasing powder. Yours would do 3. Supposing that you know your subject and that your provider for your 2 and 5 can barlows is a same, me assembla that it can have you took any mislabeled merchandise. Perhaps it have to run some tests of your own.

Better considerations,
Joe Lambie

clue up with which notes said that it is routing me his T-the adapter has instrumented 5x barlow in all the case and in to the the hopes like them to them the.

Joseph has wanted to S Lambie,thank you a lot for your lovely message.

IS particularly of entity to improve our products and the nodes animate to examine and update our products, although this process can take the long time.

That plus or less this has another Barlow slow 5x, some Advertisings Asin is:B01M15HA0G, and has routed calm this new substitution, can try if this one does well.There and it would like him attach of a shot of screen to say more details in a new substitution.

Sad for your inconvenience again, and please comprising ours sincerely issues concealed wants to follow up and resolves a problem, as if there anything,please contact me freely and and will be always here since you.


Conclusion: Obviously, this company is doing is more to cure of these clients and provide decent squad like the would not doubt to try them again. A reason is amending this description is that I have read the bouquet other descriptions of the same barlow published here which there was not before I purchased it. I have read seldom descriptions of anything that involves a subjective test of a critical likes them almost each which gone to rack and of sea in 'l like' or 'has not liked him me', of an opinion, without an explanation of as an opinion has been arrived in. And when it goes in of the opinions, prefers my own. Which are the control on of 45 years like an actor that reads one the majority of the main atrocity quite the laws and the people has been involved with. At the end, that is persecuting now, for my own distraction, is is a current experience to see that it can be achieved of the clear-the place contaminated with minimum inversion; i.et. Down- it instruments of final. And I am having entertainment, which, in 73, flavours to have as much as poden in the daily base. For obvious reasons.
5 / 5
My telescope is 5'' f/5 newtonian reflects.
His magnification of the usable maximum is quite 260X.
But, bundled can big eyepiece gives only 65X.
While looking surface of moon, has wanted to more magnification.
In theory, 4X barlow lense would have to be ideal, using maximum potential, but no more.
In reality, included 3X barlens was out of achieving with his prohibitive prize.
(Considering a prize of telescope he.)
With a help of order of powerful amazon for prize (of low in big), has conformed this lense.
A prize is well and the specification of the vendor says is APO drawing, which are typically big quality.
But, had the very negative critic of another user.
In all the case, has wanted to to use all a potential of my telescope,
and bit a balloon and has tried he in me.
Felizmente, a result has rewarded.
IS the small long and heavy, but gives can of big magnification and quality of clear image only for $ 25.
Considering his focus of wonderful prize, give it 5 stars.

This lentil is the small long and heavy that easily breaks a balance of weight of telescopes.
(Then , negative critique of another user that has mentioned the focal period has his own value.)
With the balance of the weight has broken, a telescope takes unstable and the signal takes the small delicate.
Can of big magnification of the same barlow dulcemente, marks a worse problem.
Included One slightest movement of unstabilization also takes augmented,
And some beginnings of aim of a field to see easily.
Has 2 common roads to recover a balance.

1. Re-Balancing
- Loosen a ray these wineries one dovetail and adjusts one positon and tensing a ray.
- Chess balance, and if any one for the repeat again.
- No additional monetary cost but nettle.
( Would have to cross this procedure while attaching this barlow dulcemente.)

2. Attaching some magnet in a backside of a telescope, fuctioning like the counter-weighs.
- Purchasing some ways of magnet additional monetary cost, but take?, This lentil is such the subject .
- Attaching some magnet is much more convenient that loosening and re-tensing the ray,
and one OTA not having dovetail dish, that is to say an only road .
- In theory, in a same weight (how of this lentil) of the magnet will be required.
If any insurance in a pertinent measure of magnet,
purchasing multiple small magnets and adjusting a number of the magnet has semi-detached, is the sure election.
(The small magnets easily take sticked in the each another like the ray,
so handling the big number of small magnets is manageable.)

Has also the problem with magnification too big.
With 5X, is so easy to continue a maximum capacity of one optician of telescope.
(Maximum usable manification is usually 2 ploughing in mm.)
And after a maximum, the image takes blurred.
In my case, this barlow dulcemente and bundled can big eyepiece together has data quite 120% of a maximum, and the quality of image takes degraded the small.

In such the prize of subject, gives 5X the magnification can with well quite quality of image.
With the low power bundled eyepiece has attached in this lentil, the quality of image is quite well.
With the big power bundled eyepiece and this lentil gives 120% of a maximum magnification,
and the image takes blurred the small, but is happy to use all a potential of one optician.
Has detailed the view of a surface of Lluna is a lot satisfies.
IS well to maintain portability with drop of focal period, and taken big magnification, also, with this lentil.

the stable mountain required and well-diverse finderscope (or finder of red point).
Listens like a telescope has taken 5X more sensitive with this lentil has attached.
Unstability Of a mountain and misalignment of finderscope taking has augmented also.
That is to say why weight re-the balance is of entity.

A bit very time and heavy. Easily break it a weight-balance.
But after recovering a balance, gives 5X magnification with quality of good image.
IS the perfect access for short focal lengh telescopes, which typically lack of the magnification beat.
He Precise magnification main, but preoccupied in additional cost, to well sure recommends this lentil.
5 / 5
It IS very sceptical quite purchasing this barlow, then imagined ,well is only $ 17 and always can issues behind.
Left me only say that a quality is subjects further of the concealed had expected to arrive the to this point of prize.
Saturn with the 150/750 Newt, ZWO ASIMC120.
3 / 5
A lot of distortion and aberration/ghosting. A diameter is the small bit and a-legged period the very the time bit so that when tanks he in my telescope is the bit was, there is some possibility of the evasions clear. For for a prize is the piece of good beginner . I have left to see Saturn with some points and Titn quite well and Uranus included when visible result, albeit Uranus was quite dim and blurry. Dim The look of far objects to suffer more adds of a ghosting effect. I prefer one 2x Barlow for this manufacturer in of the nicknames of clarity - even so you will not see almost so far with one 2x.
5 / 5
Works well with 114mm celestron newtonian, enough a max magnification barlow the lentil can use. Work very well with 30mm dulcemente down besides or 12 mmmenos or 14mm. In 10mm and 8 mm the objects do not direct in enough as well as it has to so punch some limits of a telescope there.
5 / 5
This has done adds to see Jupiter with our 4' Bushnell Trip.
5 / 5
Utmost purchase. I am using this in the Celestron Cometron 114AZ. Matched With one 10 mm Kellner eyepiece this is coming with a telescope clearly can see Saturn and he are points. Of course it is not in so sper acute but to well sure can say is Saturn . A beak is of the Note8 has attached in a scope. It looks very better with an eye undressed that through the camera of tlphonique. I can not compare in anything more even so so that it knows if the better quality one will be any better. I am happy with him.
5 / 5
Good prize, but class of odd effect when and use he with a moon and my dslr camera. An image was really dark, come from the still imagine why.

02/03/2019 - Has to excuses, and is new in astronomy and didnt give a plus magnification, a lighter is lost. A problem was a magnification, and has expected a same quantity of clear, but his law as it has expected. I have bought the 2X barlow of SVBONY also, a light was better and a maginification was well for a work. Bronzed His the 2 inches up for a Barlow.
5 / 5
He a moon of small in in my face lol

the beak is with my tlphonique thu a lense, the looks included better that some shows of beak!

My scope is Orion and nothing special.
2 / 5
I eat... I have read through other descriptions of the anterior client in purchasing. It was optimistic so that an element has four stars. If it was to estimate this element based in a prize would give it three stars. In general, that is to say the product of 2 stars . All was blurry. It uses this lentil in my Celestron130 EQ in several occasions, with many different eyepieces and a result was a same every time...blurry Images. I fulfilled it it was economic anterior in purchasing so that it does not expect any a lot of but expected in at least of clear voice-ish' images. Any one thrilled.

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