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1 first PURA D'OR Hair Thinning Therapy Biotin Intense Moisturizing Masque 1.2oz 8-Pack (9.6oz) Deeply Hydrating Treatment Mask Infused w/Caffeine, Catalase, DHT for Thicker Hair. All Hair Type: Men & Women PURA D'OR Hair Thinning Therapy Biotin Intense Moisturizing Masque 1.2oz 8-Pack (9.6oz) Deeply Hydrating Treatment Mask Infused w/Caffeine, Catalase, DHT for Thicker Hair. All Hair Type: Men & Women By PURA D'OR
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2 Hydrating Argan Oil Hair Mask and Deep Conditioner By Arvazallia for Dry or Damaged Hair - 8.45 Oz Hydrating Argan Oil Hair Mask and Deep Conditioner By Arvazallia for Dry or Damaged Hair - 8.45 Oz By Arvazallia
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3 best Fortifying Protein Hair Mask and Deep Conditioner with Argan Oil and Macadamia Oil By Arvazallia - Hair Repair Treatment for Damaged, Brittle, or Thinning Hair - Promotes Natural Hair Growth Fortifying Protein Hair Mask and Deep Conditioner with Argan Oil and Macadamia Oil By Arvazallia - Hair Repair Treatment for Damaged, Brittle, or Thinning Hair - Promotes Natural Hair Growth By Arvazallia
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4 Organic Biotin Hair Mask For Hair Growth by Hair Thickness Maximizer. Stop Hair Loss and Thinning. Hair Thickening Conditioner DHT Blocking Treatment for Deep Repair with Keratin, Black Castor, Jojoba Organic Biotin Hair Mask For Hair Growth by Hair Thickness Maximizer. Stop Hair Loss and Thinning. Hair Thickening Conditioner DHT Blocking Treatment for Deep Repair with Keratin, Black Castor, Jojoba By Hair Thickness Maximizer
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5 TruePure Argan Oil Hair Mask Conditioner for Dry Damaged Hair - Deep Conditioning Hydrating Hair Repair Treatment with Coconut, Caffeine, Jojoba - Stronger, Thicker & Fuller Hair Growth - 8oz TruePure Argan Oil Hair Mask Conditioner for Dry Damaged Hair - Deep Conditioning Hydrating Hair Repair Treatment with Coconut, Caffeine, Jojoba - Stronger, Thicker & Fuller Hair Growth - 8oz By TruePure
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6 Nourish Beaute Vitamins Hair Mask for Deep Conditioning and Hydration on Dry Damaged Hair that Promotes Regrowth for Men and Women, 8 Ounces Nourish Beaute Vitamins Hair Mask for Deep Conditioning and Hydration on Dry Damaged Hair that Promotes Regrowth for Men and Women, 8 Ounces By Nourish Beaute
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7 Scruples Complete Recovery Treatment Masque (25 oz) for Dry, Damaged Hair - Cruelty-Free & Gluten-Free - Conditioning Mask for All Hair Types - Intense Repair Treatment for Reversing Damage Scruples Complete Recovery Treatment Masque (25 oz) for Dry, Damaged Hair - Cruelty-Free & Gluten-Free - Conditioning Mask for All Hair Types - Intense Repair Treatment for Reversing Damage By Scruples
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8 Dabur Vatika Naturals Garlic Hair Mask Treatment Cream, 500 Gram Dabur Vatika Naturals Garlic Hair Mask Treatment Cream, 500 Gram By Dabur
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9 TRUSS Perfect Hair Mask with Collagen, Keratin & Hyaluronic Acid - Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment - Intense Moisture & Hydration - Repairs Fine, Thinning, Brittle, Dry Damaged Hair TRUSS Perfect Hair Mask with Collagen, Keratin & Hyaluronic Acid - Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment - Intense Moisture & Hydration - Repairs Fine, Thinning, Brittle, Dry Damaged Hair By TRUSS
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10 Ultrax Labs Hair Vigor | Hair Growth Deep Conditioner Mask Against Hair Loss | Stimulating Caffeine Deep Conditioning Hair Masque Treatment Ultrax Labs Hair Vigor | Hair Growth Deep Conditioner Mask Against Hair Loss | Stimulating Caffeine Deep Conditioning Hair Masque Treatment By Ultrax Labs
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Top Customer Reviews: PURA D'OR Hair ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By Danyell
Pure master Of or, has begun partorisca use a shampoo and the roughly done conditioner 6 month and there is remarked an enormous difference in my hair. Before, all some shampoo and the conditioners have used, has included a mark of expensive name some, would leave chunks of hair in mine bathtub; no with Pure Of or, so only the few edges of hair that is normal. I have found this mask and bed some descriptions and decided partorisca take it. I used it 3 times like this far and every time so only have the big chunk of hairs in bathtub with which rinse he. They are the little disappointed, especially after reading some descriptions that the hair looks fatter and is with which use. My hair to good sure looks shiner and better and another more is I only use half of a container in the each one uses that hard longer. This in spite of, seeing the chunk of the hairs every time uses it, is concerning. A container has said that it is safely partorisca use daily, partorisca use it at least 2 times the week, use each one to that 2 weeks likes them the mine all the hair does not go down a drain. I do not comprise like the product has announced partorisca help with the hair that loss, the frames lose the chunk of the hair every time uses it.
4 / 5 By Katrice
Uses a Pure of or serum of hair and chews. Once I estaca of menopause unexpectedly look that my hair has fallen is gone in an alarming tax. I have looked for to use several different products and included alive with the hairstylist the one who could any quell'help to me maintains my hair in my boss. These WORKS of products. Interior 3 months there is remarked new growth and 6 month later using a chew weekly and a serum goes in...... My hair is of tower partorisca be normal, in fact still better. 100 entirely satisfied with this product and extremely has appreciated found that!!!
5 / 5 By Paulita
Has been the user of pure of or shampoo and conditioner partorisca some time. This was a first time ordering a serum of hair and deep conditioner. I do not have remarked appreciable extra volume. This in spite of when I have been partorisca comb out of my hair after drying has had the mass of snarles different anything has experienced of then infancy. So much partorisca me he in fact created more loss of hair that usual. A deep conditioner in another hand has left that that has not been the snarled disorder very soft and silky. So many thumbs up in a conditioner and thumbs down in a serum.
4 / 5 By Carl
Does like this very partorisca hydrating hair. I have used pure of or of the produced partorisca the year partorisca maintain my strong hair and reduce loss. After trying this I insurance am adding to the mine regulates regimen. Each container contains to spare partorisca 2 treatments (partorisca the man with the shortest hair) and visibly reduces dander after a first use. Also love a sweet scent, natural.
4 / 5 By Lucien
Loves a Pure of or intense moisturizing chews. He my soft hair and hydrated with a lot of resplandor. I have used partorisca paint my hair but has decided to leave my natural colour grows out of the done my look of hair unhealthy and dull. This chews is the addition adds to a Pure of or shampoo of prevention of loss of hair and conditioner, My hair is significantly fuller and feels is again. Thank you Partorisca The product adds that he the one who fiancées.
4 / 5 By Minta
Absolutely love this hair chews. Save my hair. My hair has taken fraction of has repeated on accusing comprising the points underlined and colour of permanent hair. My hair has taken a lot dry and thin. It was very concerned reason my hair has fallen was. Thanks to product, my hair is now hydrated, shiny and soft. Calm say you partorisca leave it on partorisca 5 minutes. But I have left he in still hours in discharges he plastic that comes with a container. They are a lot happy has discovered this product. I have purchased everything of his products that comprises shampoo, conditioner, serum of hair, volumizing spray, as well as Arugan. They are very impressed with everything of his products.
4 / 5 By Melany
Has been using Pure of or produced partorisca roughly two weeks now and there is remarked the significant improvement in my volume of hair, growth of the new hair remarked in my field of question, (little like me peach fuzz that grows in) and less hair fallout in a shower and while combing. Absolutely I LOVE this material because he in fact works!
My hair that begins partorisca thin, brittle result and has fallen was like this crazy because of menopause. I have been ashamed and a lot self consciousness of my loss of hair. The prize added is my hair in fact is that it grows more along and has received numerous compliments!
Highly recommends and plan to use this product faithfully.
Thank you!
5 / 5 By Solomon
Ossia A better product never!!
Has done my hair feels behind the life!!! Soft And soften without being greasy or walk.
Has bought two boxes more.
Desires that this product is gone in to bounce it because utilisations likes the conditioner after shampooing!!!
Amur Of amour of the amour he
4 / 5 By Erna
A Pure company of or is fantastic. Everything sells would trust. Has the terrible hair and his products do like this well. A 'Therapy of Prevention of Loss of Intense Hair Moisturizing Chews' is AWESOME! I will not live without him. The utilisation once the week, without failure.
5 / 5 By Ashli
Absolutely love this intense moisturizing chew bands! I have been using them for 1 year, and see the difference in a thickness of my hair, resplandor, and bounce. Has period of shoulder curly hair that thinned on some last 4 years of then giving birth my daughter. It is it chews seemingly it is revoking that process! Totally recommend this product if you are having the alike hair that thins/@@subject of loss.

Top Customer Reviews: Hydrating Argan Oil ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
1 / 5 By Sharie
This conditioner is terrible and the marks have crimped the worse hair. I am the hairdresser like me ought to learn. It imagines mine when the surprised fishes some ingredients that comprises silicones and his derivatives. It returns well or recommended for of course wavy or curly hair. I have not seen Any improvement with this product. Some waste of money! It do not give it any tin of star .
5 / 5 By Heidy
Crossing some steps to verify my email only to write this description. That is to say by far a product has used better in my hair still! I have been at the beginning confused in some comments these bad smells and the fall of hair of the people of marks was (which felizmente read after purchasing my first tub). Of the this has remarked, that one produces is not moisturizing or useful to tend to have well and right hair. Has 4c the curls and these really left materials that listens it soft and conditioned for days. Recently I bleached my hair, and thanks to this mask my curls are bouncy and more sos that never. My second tub is arrived only he so that it has really wanted a time to do the recommendation crafted in my curly haired daughters! I am in any subjects associated with a company, but has wanted to to share my experience so that some descriptions can be deter but very can not relate so that it is been one of my favourite things never.
5 / 5 By Mabelle
State using Arvazallia for some last 3 years and I have found at all acts more concealed that well it has taken it. My hair has suffered harm very bad of years to die and bleaching. My hair was very thin and brittle in a point that race the paintbrush through my hair caused it to break. Me And my fianc there has been is spent of the hundreds of dollars in living rooms and purchasing uncountable produced to try and repair my hair but they all has failed . Desprs Using Arvazallia a first time has remarked that there is already begun to help. Desprs Quite five treatments my hair was silky smooth, thickness, hydrated and the volume had had any seen since was the adolescent . It recommends this product for any one at least gives tries it. That is to say an only moisturizing produces this has bought in a past 3 years.
5 / 5 By Lita
My hair is very thin and curly. Some finals suffers harm of heat and colour, that causes my hair to look even more unruly. I treatments of oil once the week and only wash my hair 2-3 times the week but has done AT ALL my hair when being like this marks of product. There is an immediate difference ails these products touches my hair. It leaves my hair that listens so silky, included after I rinse was and dry my hair. My mamma orders these products in Amazon regularly and is happy at the end has data in and ordered it. Calm like you can see of of a photo, my cat is very interested also!! To well sure recommend it and repurchase when the circle has entered the few months.

Please estimate this description like USEFUL has taken calm to do the decision.
1 / 5 By Laine
Desprs Viewing Some descriptions add in this product, has had to to give comes from it. After my first use, remained to shake my leader. Had absolutely differentiates very perceivable in my hair! I tried it a lot of time since, the wait would see some improvement, but as expected, has seen any one such thing. It DOES not WASTE YOUR MONEY in this PRODUCT! The May HAS BEEN that suffices moved to write the bad description in the product until now.
1 / 5 By Melvina
The plan was, there is at all well in this product. Totally it dry out of my hair. My sense of the hair melted and lumped together while in the shower and was afterwards in impossible in detangle afterwards. My hair broken when tried in detangle and now actuate during frizzy final to break. This masks quite marred my hair. It does not waste your money has won hard- These descriptions HAVE TO BE FAKE ! For reference, active very hair, but the tonne of him. My hair tends in tangle in a shower, but the good conditioner, mask or detangling the ALWAYS done product a trick- no so with this mask. I have seen absolutely ZERO PROFIT to use this product, in fact enough an opposite. My Course of hair and will have to cut at least 2-3 inches have been to repair a harm that these masks done in my good hair.
1 / 5 By Heather
There is had augmented loss of the since begun hair to use this two mark of weeks. That is to say a product of the only hair has changed in my routine, as I go for prender using a mask of oil. Yes, he your soft hair, but the looks there are the big with also. I am by train to ask me If any one has had more this problem also?
1 / 5 By Onie
I have used this pending month, while more the time would try has not been the waste of money. He no. My wash regulates was the conditioner has done better that this mask of hair. This has done only my smell of hair or result greasy left it to him on far too very time. It has not had any improvement in my hair.

Tired this so that it was out of my conditioner of usual leaves: Rusk, but I any lost of the product that law in or that it is the only positive is is delivery in my doorstep again.
5 / 5 By Mui
I left me only say that I have tried a lot of masks of hair. I do in the swimming pool four days the week and long hours. Has thin, well, hair of soiled/blond brown that still is trying grows out of a three times has had to the cut. Yes of chemical harm. Of course my hair takes beat it. Like The times have been entering has found roads that the help protects my hair. I have run recently out of my old leaves in conditioner and has wanted to nine unit has seen this in him Buzzfeed piece with the bouquet of products of different hair that in the users of Amazon like the, as I have decided to give the the casualidad. I have posed he in my hair after the shower and leave the dry. A next day my sense of hair and looked to surprise. My coworker saw me and could no prender raving quite which well my hair looked. It touches my hair and has wanted to it! Has thinks that that looks well but was daunted! I have aimed that it was how can buy it. I used it two times and my looks of same hair very a next day (usually he any one). To good sure I repurchase!
3 / 5 By Gary
I have bought this so that my hair has suffered some harm to paint this bleach has required on having the hair written that it is of course frizzy. It expect that this product would provide some a lot of required moisturizing properties. Knowing my hair, has not expected to take living room the silky the hair but I have expected to reduce a frizzy appearance and done my hair that is the soft plus bit. It uses this deep conditioner around six times now, applying he once in two times the week. Before applying while in a shower, softly would squeeze the good quantity of water out of my hair to help my hair absorbs a conditioner. I apply the generous quantity that I massage through my hair, no for apropar- my roots even so. Desprs While enough 5-7 minutes or so, I rinse has been with fresh water. A sake of smells of the product and thinks that taken the good quantity of the product of still has the left wing of same plot after using it glob of him every time. My hair that is silky and smooth while it is put after rinse. Even so, I do not take that same feeling after my hair drys, which has left wing the of course dry. Although it has remarked some improvement, my hair still is bit it frizzy and any one when being any so soft while it would like him be. State matching this product with leaving in condition and serum that uses after each shower. This has aided more but does not think to go to take a result wants to unless I way he while applying heat in him - which have been eschewing. Although my hair has been doing better that I only shampoo of use and conditioner in a shower (has changed in fact shampoos and prendidos to use conditioner in a shower so that dry to like the only washes was and is the waste) does not think these products could give me some few results have now on is adapted without me using some leaves in conditioner and serum also.
5 / 5 By Maxine
Left me so only say that I have tried a lot of masks of hair. I do in the swimming pool four days the week and long hours. Has thin, well, dirty blond/brown hair that still am trying grows out of some three times have has had to that the cut. Yes of chemical harm. Of course my hair takes partorisca beat the. Like the time has been that goes has found ways that the help protects my hair. I have run recently out of my old leave in conditioner and has wanted to try the new a. I have seen this in him Buzzfeed piece with stirs it of products of different hair that to the users of Amazon likes him, as I have decided to give the one of the casualidad. It has dipped he in my hair after the shower and has left the dry. A next day my hair felt and has looked to surprise. My coworker saw and could not taking raving roughly which well my hair looked. Touch my hair and has loved that! Has thinks that look well but is daunted! I have aimed that it is so that that can buy. I used it two times and my looks of same hair a lot a next day (usually he any). The to good sure repurchases!
4 / 5 By Adaline
Absolutely amour! Has hair very thin and other masks left it greasy. Unfortunately I also way my hair almost daily so much is often to the left has broken and dry. I have it quell'has used so only he for a first time and am enamoured positively with this mask of hair.
5 / 5 By Susannah
Has bought this reason my hair has suffered some harm to paint that the bleach has required on having the hair written concealed is of course frizzy. Waits that this product would resupply some a lot of required moisturizing held. Knowing my hair, has not expected to take living room the silky hair but expected to reduce a frizzy appearance and do my hair feels bit it softer. I have used this deep conditioner around are time now, he applying once to two times the week. First to apply while in a shower, softly would squeeze the good quantity of water out of my hair to help my hair absorbs a conditioner. I apply the generous quantity that I massage by means of my hair, any to approach my roots this in spite of. After expecting roughly 5-7 minutes or like this, I rinse goes with fresh water. A product odora good and thinks that taken the good quantity of product of closing have the plot has left included after using the glob of him every time. My hair feels silky and smooth while it is wetted after rinsing. This in spite of, do not take that same feeling after my hair drys, which left it of course dry. Although there is remarked some improvement, my hair still is quell'has bitten frizzy and does not feel like this soft to the equal that would like to be. I have been pairing this product with leaving he in condition and serum that use after each shower. This has helped more but does not think to go to take a result loves unless I way he while applying his heat - which have been averting. Although my hair has been doing better that I so only shampoo of use and conditioner in a shower ( has changed in fact shampoo and there is prendido to use conditioner in a shower because it seats to like the only washes was and is the waste) does not think these products could give me some pocolos resulted have now on is adapted without me using of the leaves in conditioner and serum also.
4 / 5 By Renato
Has tried was at least 50 masks of hair, and on 100 conditioners. It has had so only 1 another mask of hair to do my soft hair never and is unfortunately $ 40/ container. Has a lot of fat, long and dryyy hair of course. I require the plot of moisture, this a no hanged my hair down but tbh ossia really never a subject for me. The majority of conditioners is too light to do the difference in my hair but this a , will be the for ever of client.

Usually has to that way my hair or some finals look dry and frizzy but my hair was a lot of and quite soft to so only brush it and the look adds. I am impressed like this.

A scent is well, any powerful and obnoxious. Good quantity of product especially for a prize.
5 / 5 By Stephine
Has aimed that this product was parabin free and sulfate free but a product has taken has has had no similar claim. I can no utilisations. A law of shampoo adds and have believed like this a claim in a mask. They are very allergic to both sulfates and parabin. They are by train of the turn.
4 / 5 By Babette
The terrible product leaves your hair that feels greasy no silky soft a greasy like so only plants petroleum in of your hair. You do not recommend this product to any concealed there is damaged hair and would like me spend the backside to hail this s does not act!
4 / 5 By Deanna
In the first place, would like me declare that I have paid 100 full prize thus produced (any one discount of any bondadoso the transmission for my description) which looks to be resulting quite scarce in a community of amazon according to which the descriptions go. Now on to a material of entity:
am honradamente very sure pleasure chair in this mask of hair but is to good sure not wanting to. I have used a lot of masks of hair in a past with the pleasure adds but has thought that experience the bit and sees can find the preferred new. Well, this is not the. Here it is a pros and gilipollas of this product:

Odora to that likes
Stylish packaging
of the container has meant quite full very had produced in him
Easy to use

does not leave my hair that feels silky smooth likes attended of the mask of hair.
A lot the product has required to do the hair feels likes is covered ( I has hair of half thickness, no too fat but no too thin neither)

In general, while highly it doubts that I will be to repurchase this produced , thinks that that I will maintain to use the until it is empty. It is to good sure any one a mask of better hair there this in spite of and calm would be likely to do better for this quantity of money.

Thank you To read my description! If you have found this useful description and appreciate a time that goes to write has detailed descriptions, please help me for clicking 'useful' or 'he' !
5 / 5 By Johnathon
Use Every time the condition ! It is the deep Conditioner as I do not owe that use daily but have very long dry hair as so only washes my hair in the each one 3 days . I have had recently my hair there is thinned was and begun to comprise that it is likes to have greasy roots for a first time in my life. It is not amused to try and maintain moisture in some finals but maintain oil out of some roots ! Some like some way this conditioner is surprising and hydrates my hair without the greasy. Odora To Add and my chair of hair adds afterwards. Also it applies an oil after so only to my finals that absorbs to a hair and concealed the same softer fact. I will continue to purchase this element like my main conditioner for the very long time.
5 / 5 By Houston
Left to say you my hair has been quite died to my whole life liked them really bleach of my house of hair and up to now has been died but with a help of this mask is alive and in fact am taking compliments in the say that it was necessary to be he in the commercial shampoo
5 / 5 By Doreatha
Simply place: a the better conditioner there is never has used. My hair has taken really dry for a first time in my life, and thinks that he worse to obsess on that. I have tried it stirs it of conditioners and different shampoos, and I finally found this product. I left it on my hair for 45 minutes (the instructions say 5-7 minutes, but has expected more along). When I have washed a conditioner was, my hair was like this silky smooth and seats wonderful. When My hair has dried, was perfect - rear to an use of way to be before it take dried was. Has very long and fat hair, as having the deep condition every time washes it. Now I only leaves in still 5 minutes and I have left law his magic. My hair is always smooth and shiny and looks really good! I can you do not say what compliments are trace my hair of then using this product. It take my hair and the trick done for the pair of my partner, and all some makeup artists marvelled in my hair. Also it have to that add that this conditioner odora incredible :)

recommends to use this product with a Arvazallia Prevails Argan Treatment of Hair of the Oil - is to leave he-in serum that can use you in your hair when it is humid. Utilisation these two together things, and your hair will be transformed! Ossia For real an excellent mark.
4 / 5 By Candy
Has hair of brilliant people. Partorisca Achieve this, has had to that bleach my hair two times. Fun colours like amethysts a lot hard long, as I dye my hair frequently. Still although my hair is not long ( any quite achieve my shoulders), included although I have coached my hair to require that it washes so only after several days, still is fried if I have not had the good conditioner.

This conditioner is until a task. It has dipped the enormous quantity in my hair and leave he in a recommended five minutes and then rinse thoroughly. It takes the slow time in rinse was. It is the cream of diet of the thickness , after all. I king-there is dyed my hair again yesterday after washing and conditioning. With which I rinsed out of a dye I place in some styling mousse. Included after all that, my hair still feels soft!

This stuffs also last quite well. It is the good value .
4 / 5 By John
Amur! I have been using this conditioner for years - is the fantastic product . Have Extremely fat, moderately curly blond hair. Drought, harm, and tangling is constant questions for me. I require the THICKNESS deeply moisturizing produced to be able to detangle and soften my hair without creating the greasy residue, has weighed. I have tried the myriad that comprises produced a lot ell your kidneys' the expensive living room has produced. Like pocolos really rid conditioners for my type of hair. A Arvazallia the line resupplies a better value out of the each conditioner has tried. The bang Adds for a buck. Utilisation this together with his cream to crimp and my hair is soft, fragrant and the free tangle. I produce it adds! If your type of hair is looked the mine, give this conditioner shot it.
4 / 5 By Xiomara
Was soooo excited to try this product because of all some descriptions adds has. Now that I tried it a lot I am sure if the majority is descriptions of fake ?
My hair is not in the terrible condition has taken this reason has been taking a lot of frizzy lately and these claims of product to help with east. These smells of product are Result but ossia like this so it can say in a pros. Absolutely at all to my hair, was still difficult to brush ( I has hair down to mine behind my low plus )
And guessed him to him! It was still frizzy like this hell!
Have natural right to wavy hair as I thought it would do a trick but nope!
Is looking for Something concealed will do your smell of good hair all day ossia a product for you but no for everything alleges to do.
Ps. I have used this 2-3 times the week and with which 3wks swimming!
5 / 5 By Sierra
Has been underlining my hair for on 35 years. For a last 10 I also has died a grays. Needless To say my hair was
dry, fraction, frizzy so only terrible. Has has purchased produced really good and deep condition my hair weekly. Still, my stylist of the hair always are saying my hair is soooo dry. I have decided to purchase this reason touches the Hydrating Mask of Oil and conditioner. After using this product my hair is silky smooth grieves I rinse was. It blows the dry was and looks my hair there has been the treatment of keratin. They are very pleased with this product.
5 / 5 By Cecile
My hair was marginally dry and beginning to take some finals to break. I have read the tonne of descriptions is and ordered it then. After a first use, that follows some directions explicitly, my hair was in fact DRIER that before I used it. He literally to to sense likes him the straw with which was dry (the air has not dried any dryer). But I have thought a lot so only it takes some time. So only it washes my hair each one that 2 days, sometimes 3, as I have not used the 3 times and I in fact think in general my hair is drier and brittler after the use then when I have used conditioner of only mine rule. It does not recommend this.
5 / 5 By Annmarie
Wants to this! I seat like my hair was infused with some different ingredients, has used this like the mask for 90 minutes& has washed was with the light shampoo. Some results are really utmost in a sense that the thoroughly conditions your hair without doing chairs gunky/any residue and done your like this soft hair & has repaired. I love it! The only thing will signal was is concealed is has to that strong scent; it classifies of as quell'tropical musk (if this note, there is) but in fact taste that,as it perfumes of my hair. If you are sensitive to fragrance could does not like a lot,but still of the production adds this in spite of. Ossia Big up in a cast of conditioners has used :-)
5 / 5 By Kristopher
has been that uses diverse mask of hair of Japanese mark in a past when it was in Giappone, and expected to find something looked in some states to substitute those. After looking for around on Amazon, has found Arvazallia. It was excited really when it arrives! And here they are, writing the description after using he for the month. I have been trimming my finals quite often (once the week), and pairing he up with this mask of hair, my hair is noticeably more is, shinier and softer! Ido is some days where some the ugly ends have used to leave. A scent is more than the floral aim fragrance, for the person the one who objective of hate of floral perfumes, the take quite well.

Has tried using it with which my fact of masks of the house, which mix to teaspoon of oil of olive and an egg yolk, and it applying so only to my finals. I left it on for more than 2 hours (I search to avert leaving it on more along, reason more than that odorerà likes has to that raw egg in your hair partorisca sometime), and that follows with mine usual diet with this mask of hair. A result is SURPRISING. My hair was not never be like this soft!!
5 / 5 By Sherise
Really enjoyed this product! Probably it was considered to leave it '-in' that so only would owe that be used occasionally, but to use likes him conditioner of mine of of the hair regulates right now. Sometimes it has a time, will use likes the mask and maintain he in still around 5 minutes before I rinse. In a shower this in spite of, so only maintain paralizaciones in the minute. Has quite dry and the hair broken to paint he and straightening it to plot, but has been of then using this material (a bit the month now), there is remarked looks of mine of hair and feels to plot more sã. It take some time this in spite of! I do not have remarked the enormous difference until the few days , my sister has completed my hair and has said his summer that looks to plot more sã lately. Ossia That signalled to write the description, reason have had a lot really remarked before it conceal. But so only like any the one who is losing hanged, if calm see them every day calms could not remark, but if any one calm saw them in the while you could be that WHOA! His quite an only thing has changed in regiment of mine of hair recently, as it assumes his a conditioner ossia of train of the look and feel more is! Also, odora adds! I have seen some revise concealed has said that break in a packaging, but the mine has been sealed well and has not seen any questions. To good sure recommend has dry/broken hair. Also I take the VERY small quantity (in a measure of the say me, perhaps less still) and rub he in my hands and then by means of my towel-the hair has dried first I the drought of swipe/to straighten it because it looks to help with flyaways/static and for the maintain smooth (especially during some months of dry winter). I wash/condition my hair at least 4-5 times the week, and has had this product for roughly 5 weeks now this in spite of there is for the half the container has left. A bit it goes the long way!
5 / 5 By Margarite
Has bought this in 2015 but did not use it never. As I have decided to give that this tries it, 2 years later. He still fact and my question of hair resembles has been solved. It is like this punctual to say this in spite of as I have used this produces so only once. My hair has been thinning or perhaps breaking and has lost a lot of hair when it combs my hair in a morning, before volume to rain and with which take shower of mine. Almost it has used it all living room produced but any improvement anything but when I have tried this mask, has lost the little hair with which shower, much less when I comb in a morning. I am pleased like this.

Has followed some directions. I have used my regular shampoo, the towel has dried my hair, then dipped some of an oil to my hair and has left this on for roughly 20 minutes. (The direction has said: 7 - 10 minutes.) Then I rinsed my hair..... Good result.

Has ordered a shampoo and see improve result.

Expect these helps.
5 / 5 By Alexis
Know like your hair feels when calm dyes in home - like this is RUN before you finalise was with a special conditioner that comes with a product to paint of the hair? Beware Of this product. I have followed some directions like data, shampooed has applied then a mask. It has been in with shower of mine, leaving a product in still 5 to 7 minutes like recommended, then rinsed. My hair was soft before I have applied this mask, but the spent after applying this mask is ridiculous! There is another here concealed warned me ... It have to that it has listened it in place of like this all some wonderful descriptions.
5 / 5 By Otelia
I have ordered this because it was so that highly it has revised it. It was disappointed extremely and will not use this produces again. I honradamente to to sense likes to leave my dryer of hair that was before..
4 / 5 By Sean
At present have encircled-period, directly, well hair that I golden dye blond (of course darkish blond) each little month in some roots so only. It can be quite dry down some shoulders and is prone the tangles, especially a hair that remain directly in mine rear and in a base of the mine with the. I have tried the little grocery tend deep conditioners (p. p.ej., Aussie, Garnier, etc.) And while odorano utmost and do my hair feels well for the day, does not resist up for long. These produced, in another hand, is quite amazing. Argan Conditioners Of the oil and the masks have the perfume that fashionable pricks of the smell to them (I assumes concealed is so only the one who argan to the smells of oil likes him), and of east is any exception . This in spite of, a smell does not persist in my hair once is dried and some profits far outweigh an odd smell.

Sometimes I shampoo of first use, sometimes uses the first cleansing conditioner. It likes-me the use the cleansing conditioners in place of shampoo, but sometimes my hair takes really greasy and I need to shampoo. One first sew this product does when I apply is to leave my comb to slip easily by means of my hair in a shower. They are usually quite well exit any first tangles of my shower, but sometimes still take annoying knots that needs to be attentively combed was. This helps slicken on my better hair that the conditioner rule the one who leaves for an ease to comb. Usually I leave it on my hair for around 10 minutes and then rinse well. Then I towels-dry my hair and comb it directly. Sometimes it adds the little argan oil to some finals to arrive to this point, but are quite inconsistent roughly the so much can any one really commentary on like these factors to anything. Usually I do not blow-dry my hair, neither, and net my hair each one that 2 - 3 days.

A result of final is that my hair is shiny and hydrated and rests quite a lot of tangle-free. For the pocolos washes, is also much easier to comb conditioner of mine regulates by means of my hair in a shower, which the helps maintain me to the tear was hair ! I go anywhere of one to two weeks before it uses this mask again, as that looks of mine of hair and feels (which generally depends in of to the things the like some time or that is often state washing he). I know that curly and often-haired the people tend to be big users of argan produced of oil, but really the work adds in final hair and right, also! Material there is the possibility that could hanged down some fine hair or he greasy, like this yes find this is spending yours, calm promote to try changing on what use and the one who calm often the use. Calm also can consider that short with the conditioner rule the decrease a quantity of the oil that goes to your hair, or so only use it on something of question, as some finals.

Finally, if your hair is really dry and stressed was, recommends to mix roughly of of the this with honey and it leaving rest in your hair for an hour. The helps of honey spend more moisture to your hair and entirely the rinses were with water. Usually I take some quite gnarly hair in a summer with everything of a swimming I , and my honey mixes does marvels!
4 / 5 By Rosaline
Pros And Gilipollas of Arvazallia Hydrating Argan Mask of Hair of the Oil


A product is abordable, is simple to use and is very effective.
Reparations, restores, and strengthens feeble, fraction, and the hair on has accused.
The users of real life sing some praises of this product to reason a lot well, and calm , also. In fact, more the users do not want to use anything more! They have tried the variety of masks of hair with the different ingredients and swear for a softening and softening can of this treatment.
Generous quantity of product that will last you the long time.

Doing the treatment of the mask of the hair will take the little time – will require to apply the and attentive while it is tank of nutrients to the your tresses and repair them. If has the very busy lifestyle, this can be too that eats time and for so that be considered the “with”. This in spite of, is possible to use the small quantity of a product like the treatment of daily hair, as you can choose use the one of in this way to ask a process to restore the beauty of your hair.
5 / 5 By Inell
Ossia My second order and always will have this in shower of mine. I bleach My hair to the plot and this material has saved my hair. I usually dipped he in my hair and leave at night a lot afterwards bleach it and then use it everyother day. Also it uses to leave he in conditioner. It has dipped some in bouncing he with water and spray he after shower of mine and then blow dry my hair. Highly it recommends that this produces yes bleach your hair.
4 / 5 By Ettie
Can not believe a prize n some positive critiques, the remorses to buy this soooo kuvh. At the beginning it times to use the the has not seen any miracle or has included the regular conditioning, like this gave it to them another two test but unfortunately ruins my hair, the dry more, my hair feels like this hard and has broken. I can not believe this has broken my hair in planting to treat a harm to exist.. One $ 4 tent of mask of drug of hair the very very better operates it that this craps. Now that it is them spent one 30 turn of period of days, the pode a lot included take my money behind!!!
5 / 5 By Xiao
That was some casualidades of me resultant one of 6 the one who has resulted disastrous when like this another has such the experience adds with this product? It likes me the hate when it asks these questions! Yes, I have read some directions thoroughly.
My hair is treaty , well, and has had loss been due to drugs my doctor had on for way too long. I am spending for the small fortune that tries to take my hair and another characteristic behind some dead persons.
This product was an antithesis that is to be. Literally it fry my hair. I do not have any idea is been due to a drug which are so only 6 months out of my system, or my hair is too far gone, but this has not required that goes against me in this juncture.
4 / 5 By Diego
Has to that say that ossia a product of the better conditioning there is never has used.

Have fat, of course wavy hair this has been the nightmare my whole life. He that master, taking extremely frizzy in both humid conditions and droughts and he tangles easily. In a summer is included worse reason are in a group every day and a chlorine really takes is toll .

Has has tried conditioners like this different has lost account. Some cost of work, some no at all and was has done the worse things. I have tried other products with Argan oil in his too and, while better that the majority, still has not surprised . I have found this produces here last year during a summer when my finals have been fried crispy of chlorine. I have not thought any do any that a lot the difference but with which reading all some descriptions have decided to give has shot it to him. They are like this happy has done.

Utilisation so only the little once or two times the week like the fast conditioner and then when my hair begins really frizzing and the look dulls and broken - in a summer of a chlorine and in a winter of a dry air - I slather he on and leave he in still several hours. When I rinse and dry with which is taste there is different hair. Any frizz, any crispiness - is soft, silky and the smells adds! Also I take far less tangles that has used to and a some the volume is much easier to the comb was, which is the big plus for me.

Has seen the pair of descriptions here saying a product has left his greasy hair or was weighed too much. I owe that guess are not rinsing was a lot enough after using. It can see that spending yes calm any rinse properly. But I have been using he for the year now, always do sure to the rinse was entirely and has has not experienced never that question, included after leaving he in still hours. Any greasiness, any heaviness, so only soft, silky, awesome feeling hair.

Are taste - and has tried all and almost dates up on finding something concealed - give this shot it. I almost guaranteeed will be happy has done. I know they are!
4 / 5 By Arlena
Have Of course directly and hair really final, how is quite soft. This in spite of, are recently blond state (of the dark brown) and this has changed a texture of my hair to be coarser and dry. This also means it tangles more easily, which is class of the nightmare when it tries shampoo a lot (of closing has greasy roots). This product has been the lifesaver for me! Rings the good mask that was quite economic, and has found to good sure he in this product. A consistency is not to like normal conditioner - is the little fatter, as I usually excluyente out of the small and rub among my first hands to apply to my hair. A bit to good sure can go enough the long way, like this pack it probably will last me the year. It is been the few months had to then, and after using it roughly 2x the week, there there is still enough to the plot has left. Some results are like this noticeable, immediately after using it and on-time.

To summarize: this produced are to add and in fact WORKS. A bit it goes the long way.
4 / 5 By Kanesha
Have tape in of the extensions of hair (real human hair). I have had it issues with breakage of overuse of tools of heat. I have purchased this to help take my softer extensions. If you have had the extensions know after this prime minister has washed is not never to the equal that was when in the first place dipped on. These helps him soft again and book of tangles. I want to this of use. It was the little apprehensive at the beginning because I have been concerned included although it is sulfate release a argan oil loosen some extensions amd cause slippage but he the no. has read some people dipped it on at night.. Have Still to try this. Typically it applies well with which shampooing. I will leave in me like this rasa and wash my organism and then rinse like this perhaps 5-8mins. Highly suggest!
4 / 5 By Kyle
My hair has been dry and more frizzy that usual lately, probably of a transmission a time, and has been requiring the deep conditioner. Bought this one because of some descriptions... It have to that it has looked it in a cast of first ingredients to buy this but thought it would be the plus 'natural' the deep conditioner of then alleges to be a 'Argan Mask of Hair of the Oil'... But Nope! It is full of silicones. 'Amodimethicone' Is a third ingredient, and the majority of some other ingredients is only substances more chemical. I try to remain me out of produced with silicones reasons his so only layer a hair to do look smooth but a lot in fact moisturize the, build up in a hair, and is harder to the wash was, at least with sulfate-free shampoo, which all finalises to dry my hair is gone in an end. Has a lot of fat wavy/curly hair that easily takes poofy and frizzy. This product there is so only does seats noticeably dryer and used it so only the time of pair. To good sure give this SPENDS it. An ONLY good thing roughly is that odora quite good.
4 / 5 By Grady
This conditioner is terrible and curly the worse hair. They are the hairdresser like ought partorisca know. Imagine my surprise when I have read some ingredients that comprises silicones and his derivatives. Any good or recommended partorisca of course wavy or curly hair. I have not seen ANY IMPROVEMENT with this product. Some waste of money! Not to give it any tin of star .
5 / 5 By Iva
Is gone through some steps partorisca verify my email so only partorisca write this description. Ossia For far a product has better used in my hair still! I have been at the beginning garbled in some commentaries that the bad smells and the fall of hair of the people of frames was (which I felizmente read after purchasing my first tub). Of the which there is remarked, that one produces is not moisturizing or useful to tend to have well and right hair. Has 4c the curls and east stuff really leaves it feeling soft and conditioned partorisca days. Recently I have bleached my hair, and thanks to this mask my curls are bouncy and more sãos that never. My second tub has arrived so only so that really it has wanted to take a time to do the recommendation tailored my curly haired daughters! I am associated in no way with a company, but has wanted to share my experience because some descriptions can be deter but really can not relate reason is been one of my favourite things never.
4 / 5 By Malisa
My hair is very thin and curly. Some finals suffer harm of heat and colour, that causes my hair to look even more unruly. The treatments of oil once the week and so only wash my hair 2-3 times the week but AT ALL has done my hair feels like this produces does. There is an immediate difference grieves this product touches my hair. It leaves my hair that feels like this silky, included with which I rinse was and dry my hair. My mamma orders this produces on Amazon regularly and am happy has given finally in and ordered it. As it can see of a photo, my cat is very interested also!! To good sure recommend and repurchase when roll among the few months.

Please estimate this description like calm lame GAIN to do the decision.
5 / 5 By Edie
I steps was, there is at all well in this product. He entirely dried out of my hair. My hair has has felt melted and lumped together while in the shower and was after the impossible the detangle afterwards. My hair has broken when I have tried the detangle and now actuate during frizzy final to break. This mask there is ruined enough my hair. It does not squander your money has won last- These descriptions OWE THAT BE FAKE ! For reference, has a lot of hair, but the tonne of him. My hair tends the tangle in a shower, but the good conditioner, mask or detangling the ALWAYS done product a trick- no like this with this mask. I have seen absolutely ZERO PROFIT to use this product, in fact enough an opposite. My ruins of hair and will have to that cut at least 2-3 thumbs were to repair a harm that these masks has done to my beautiful hair.
4 / 5 By Freeda
After seeing some descriptions add in this product, has has had to that the give the try. After my first use, is remained that shaken my boss. Had absolutely a lot noticeable difference in my hair! I tried it a lot it times of then, while it see some improvement, but as expected, has seen any one such thing. It DOES not SQUANDER YOUR MONEY in this PRODUCT! I am not never state quite moved to write the bad description in the product up to now.
5 / 5 By Candice
Has had augmented the loss of hair has begun of then use these two weeks does. Ossia A product of the only hair has changed in mine routine, as I go to take using a mask of oil. Yes, he your soft hair, but the looks there is the big with also. They are by train to ask me If any one has had more this question also?
4 / 5 By Ava
Has used this for month, while more the time would try it has not been the waste of money. He no. My washed rule was the conditioner has better done that this mask of hair. This has done so only my smell of hair or result greasy left it to him on too long. It do not have any improvement to my hair.

Tired this reason was out of my usual leave-in conditioner: Rusk, but I any lost of the product that reads to a ossia so only positive is is delivery my doorstep again.
4 / 5 By So
Loves this conditioner of hair! Like Utilisation Argan Mask of Hair of the Oil, prime minister I shampoo, rinse, has then dipped this Argan Mask of Hair on while it finalises to shave etc... Then it washes it was. Oh Leaves of the man to my hair likes the silk, smooth and shiny! I have used he for years now and totally recommend it to all was. My hair still has natural curls and he no frizz went him. It is the product adds !
4 / 5 By Agustina
This deep conditioner conditions my hair a lot well. He he soft but clumps the clumps of the hair has been falling was. Ossia An only product has added my routine. This there is ruined my hair.
5 / 5 By Anjanette
Has tried everything of a supermarket and any work for my ultra picky hair. I have not been curing of my hair of then has taken pregnant and 3 month postpartum my hair is in need of intervention of entity. Decided to try this because of a glowing descriptions and omg am like this happy has done! My hair feels is again and is like this incredibly soft and silky. And ossia so only with which one uses. This will be the permanent staple in my bath. Btw, has left a product in my hair for 20 mins and has used covers he of shower. Some photos I posted is unfiltered photo. Any flashes neither. You can see the one who beautiful my looks of hair.
4 / 5 By Neva
I previously used ArtNaturals Argan Conditioner of Mask of the Hair - (8 Oz/226g) - Treatment of Deep Conditioning but has thought would try is a because it was more economic.

Unscrewed A lid and tried partorisca open a focuses down. Absolutely it can not to take it it was. In hindsight, would have to has cut he with scissors or something, but was literally in a shower because ossia where one uses this product.

I struggled and there is stabbed finally a plastic with my toe, and to the equal that have tried peel has been, a tub has flown out of my hands and there is spilt the averages of his contained. I add. Again, some of of the this is my failure I supposition, but are not the defender of packaging that requires tools partorisca open!

Some bad material smells. It is not that it overwhelms, but it is not pleasant. I will be partorisca change behind to a ArtNaturals marks again with which finalise this to reason is easy to open, the smells adds, and requires less time in your hair partorisca he partorisca do. Well of the extra money.
4 / 5 By Alise
There has been attended really big partorisca this product because of a crazy quantity of positive critiques on here. Have Of course directly, black, normal (any fat or thin) hair this is state bleached to the light blond. Because of all a harm this process , my hair takes easily complicated by means of a night and taking quite dry. They are halfway by means of this mask and will not repurchase . Has the very fat consistency ossia difficult to do with in a shower. He a lot equally layer my hair and takes the bit to do the included take it dispersed. After, there is the difference in smoothness, but that final for a next wash. I have used mark to concentrate that has offered much more produced effective in the better value. Continuous mine to look for a right product.
4 / 5 By Jan
Absolutely LOVE this product. I have been trying stirs it of products of cure of the hair after felizmente frying my hair with one at night mask of hair of the coconut oil ( Any HE). This argan the mask of oil is moisturising, my very soft hair, a scent is thin but excellent. I want that it does not leave my heavy and greasy hair. They are now skipping conditioner and so only apply this after each shampooing and is state to add for my hair. Calm does not require to apply the plot of this product, but although I accidentally dipped the big quantity, does not leave my heavy and greasy hair like other products has. I suggest to dip the small quantity and leaving it on for while you can. It likes-me the comb he to my wet hair, and before lava was I massage he to my finals and mid hair.
5 / 5 By Lula
LOVES this material. Bought this for my hair of combination greasy hair and dry ends. They are also allergic the sulfates (the pauses of hair am gone in of the scaly patches) find you in the majority of products of the hair so much has bought also this reason is sulfate free (woo! Better for a half). The ones of way that there is far has used these 2 ways. A first time I shampooed like usual (blond sexy hair sulfate free shampoo) then clue with generous quantity of this product in my finals, and has run the little by means of my zone of hair (sparingly reason has greasy hair). It was nervous in a product that hanged down my thin, of course dark blond hair, or when being too greasy for my hair, but he neither!! My hair already felt smoother and softer after applying a product in a shower. I leave the drought of hair to the sud like this usual and seats smoother that usual. I didnt warn a lot of difference in leaving finals, but my finals were To good insurances softer and more hydrated. Some second time have used this I shampooed for usual, has used my conditioner rule in my hair, and has used this product in my finals of hair so only. I think that that this method has done more for me, ridding moisture to my finals where the precise more and that leaves my cleaned but no greasy hair. Really I love this product, and a prize is very reasonable for the mask of hair. I have used to use a sunburn mask to condition but this one east my preferred new . To good sure recommend to any with dry ends!
5 / 5 By Martine
Can give this he 10/10 I . My hair is of course dark brown, and has decided to take the points have underlined. It suffers harm and very hard - I has been to take my hair has underlined again (transmission of movement) and is well for the pair of the days and I then have murdered so only my hair. The serum And the conditioner have used to repair that it could but has had any regime until this miracle is coming my life. Have subscribed for an each one that two month because has faith in this product. I am going blond punctual and this has helped marks a transition so easier. I love the amour loves it ! A smell are add, the texture and the results are 10000000!!!
4 / 5 By Miguelina
Has used this Hydrating Argan Mask of Hair of the Oil and Deep Conditioner two times, has left he on night in place of a recommended time a second time. It is well for the next day each use but after, has spent was' quickly. It is it is returned. Some ladies in a house with the hair along recommended tries oil of olive instead. He sure odorato very good and has not done my hair feels or look 'greasy' with which I rinsed went it.
5 / 5 By Shu
Has begun to use the few months , some results after where the very soft hair easy to direct, has begun this in spite of loosing like this hair, has known no of one that begs the one who a question was until there is remarked a stray hair with which every time have used this product, now have the nightmare in my hands, does not use it , is a lot harmful.
5 / 5 By Leah
Has bought this mask of the hair based in some descriptions, unfortunately done my very dry hair the difference other masks of hair have tried , does not recommend this produces at all
5 / 5 By Ute
was like this near the chopping of my hair because of dry ends (5 value of thumbs). It was skeptical that this product would help but has imagined would take a bet I of then abhors to go to a living room. Had the a lot of noticeable differentiates with which two uses. Some finals of my hair are no longer desert dry. I have finalised a container and has bought the second. To good sure recommends these products if your hair requires the impulse of moisture.

My routine of hair is quite basic. It uses dye of hair at most 2 times the year (dye of boxes... I know, I know. Bad material. It sees aversion on). I do not blow dry or straighten. Seldom I brush my hair when dry likes poofs as if of alive in the tropical forest when I do. I wash my hair each one that two to three days (hurray for dry shampoo). The shampoos with a argan oil infused shampoo, massage of hair, uses the tablespoon and the half of this conditioner, comb, and has left the place while I exfoliate/shave. They are up with a argan spray of thermal oil (help him tame some wild cavewoman hair to curly waves like dry). Hopefully Describing everything of of the this helps to decide if this product will do for you too much.
4 / 5 By Cristi
These masks has not conditioned my hair at all. His brittle and dry closing. An only difference afterwards is when using now, a mask has done more battery of waste of the oil on up a thin coating has. He no any transmission at all.

Top Customer Reviews: Fortifying Protein ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By Akiko
I love this product. It was skeptical but leaves the silky hair and moisturized - I also tried reconstructor of Tigi (bounces the runway has lived call something)that has odorato STRONG likes mint/of herbs -- this produces no odora !!! Continuous in easy and hair of leaves very soft and smooth. Very happy with this compraventa partorisca dark normal hair.
Julio of update/2018: Now that bleach my blond hair , this conditioner can any one a work anymore. A lot of produced that used partorisca do first of any one the “short “ “ “ ” anymore partorisca the hair has broken. It has given my heart the Schwarzkopf Bonacure line (reason in fact restores) but still recommends this mask if your hair is normal to break 1 - but no partorisca 2, and level 3, will REQUIRE partorisca add treatments of serious protein (wants to have a lot of hair, in place of the hair broken in some finals). It recommends any lines of reparation likes them Aphogee/Bonacure/Redken Extreme of the chemist shot /or any another fixes like Lebel to this mask (use one Shot in the first place, Masks after, and cuticle sealer last). But this so only will not help to repair your harms.
4 / 5 By Josef
My hair was OVERPROCESSED like this bad that has thinks that that it go to all the fall was! :) Using moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, has used also this mask of hair to repair my hair. It can see the little difference after a first use, but using it each one that 4 days or like this for two weeks, my hair was smoother, no like this frizzy, and felt much more exert that has. I have used he for the few months now and the volume completed in those looks of healthy mine of hair. My hair is of course very dark brown and is state relieved to the very light blond, as to good sure do yes am taking these classes of complete!!!
4 / 5 By Natalya
This produces in fact that says. Instantly, you will feel a difference in your moments of hair with which apply a calm product noticeably will feel a protein that bows to your edges. My fine hair there has been the a lot of his weight after a product has been applied. I have it that has not used never the treatment of protein where in, the ones of fact could feel a weight of a protein that bows to my edges. INCREDIBLE! After washing a product out of my hair, there are them remarked an immediate difference in my hair. Instantly, you Reduce mine in amazing for around 90. Usually it uses nexus emergency in my hair but decided to give this product tries base on indication of product of subjects of consumer for treatment of conditioner of BETTER protein. You are considered one of his cup 5 treatment of the protein based in his testing. They are like this happy has tried them this product. I will trade In mine $ 40 nexus treatment of protein of the emergency thus produced. They are african american with type four hair and after using this product, my toes have slipped by means of my hair. I have had hardly any hair of nave. My hair has broken so much of moisture overburden and this product has prendido mine breakage peel 90-95. Ossia For far a treatment of better protein has them has not used never. Usually, they are them the sensitive protein but with this product, has had them any subject of tangling or matting. I expect that this description was useful.
4 / 5 By Keven
A quickly has bitten of background information. I have had VERY SMOOTH fine HAIR. And to plot of him. It was dulcemente state (5 sessions) has relieved to an almost blond platinum. They are an ardent Olaplex user and has experienced 0 give. This in spite of, when I have been to take my roots have touched on dresser of mine of hair, that had been that goes to still a past three years, left with bleach in my roots for an HOUR. Needless To say my hair was exceptionally dry, textured and broken after this experience. Olaplex Spends three has not gone enough to help me and was in the sheer panic because a harm was in my roots. I have been in an ordering spree and included has taken the 200 hair “of dollar Botox” so only to continue to have dry hair. Included touching oil of argon in swimming of mine of boss. Today, three weeks was, my hair feels and looks silky and shiny so only like my old hair. I have used aphogee 2 treatment of any and has seen the tiny bit of the difference. After using this once mixed product with equal parts olaplex any 3 my hair there is bounced enough behind to as it is pre-session of bleach. I CAN A lot of RECCOMEND THIS ENOUGH.
5 / 5 By Milford
It was really that looks forward to to use this based in some positive critiques. Hardly you arrive it it has burst in a shower. I have followed some directions, but like my hair has dried has been surprised to find a texture was fashionable straw . My hair has some harm, but usually feels quite soft. It seats worse after using this product. Usually it washes my hair 2 or 3 times the week, but has had to wash my hair a day after using this reason in spite of a dry texture, my hair felt very heavy and has begun to take greasy.

Go to use the shampoo to clear and try this again the week or so much. I will update if my transmissions of opinion.

January of update 2018: I have been using this for the little has bitten now and will augment the mine that estimates the little has bitten. This has strengthened to good sure my hair, but does not soften it everything. Lame terrific results when I use this once the week with the conditioner rule in some other days.
4 / 5 By Silvia
Has fat hair , coarse , has accused.
Am spent for 3 olaplex heavy relieving works to go of dyed dark brown to platinum balayage. So that it is in plot of harm. They are platinum in some finals now with him balayage until my natural colour. When I have begun to relieve have transmission to a hydrating mask (looks one still like this packaging) in place of conditioner. When This has run was has taken is one . I am going to stock both in a shower because they are AWESOME! I express Out of my hair in a shower and dip the on using the wet paintbrush to comb he by means of. The rinse among an end of shower of mine. Mina hairstylist said anything am doing to maintain doing it! I will add pictures with and without flashing so many can see a resplandor. I have it that has not had never mine the blond look has bleached like this lustrous!!

For some reason some images some bounced the enormous look, is so only the averages that measures but a oz is says is is corrected. It have confused so only at the beginning.
Has read that some silicones do the looks is restoring your hair but he is really no... It was not that this work, but is of the MONTH of the summer and my hair is adds.. It say that these commentaries are not true. Esees Also read a build of cause of the silicones up.. Has not founding that. Utilisation the sulfate free shampoo regularly. When My blond taking brassy I resplandor of the lights of use as there is sulfates. This can or can not be reason does not see to build on at all.
5 / 5 By Davida
No bet but lately ossia that the feel when spent on Amazon, especially when it comes to products of hair and footwear.
Before the stick the description has to that really love a product or the hate and the hate the one who this mask has done to my hair. ( It give it the second try before posting description)
But here is a thing, the esees has used these years to mask fact and has wanted them is reason the compare game with purchasing when it comes to buy anything on Amazon. Clearly this Mask is FAKE !
This mask has done my hair feels like sandpaper! After washing this out of my hair and my feeling of hair likes him any belonging of mine is them immediately be in this mask with the deep conditioner the purchased of the tent of supply of the beauty and my hair felt likes mine again!
4 / 5 By Renay
My hair is result really broken after bleaching and painting the the little time. But after using this mask, my hair is result soooo is again. Be realistic and does not expect the perfect boss of hair after the use once. I used it roughly once or two times the week and after finalising a whole boat, my hair has surprised. Sense and looked adds. Odora Adds also. I am not sure like another used it, but would wash my hair, then leave this in my hair for until an hour. Then wash it was. Ossia The mask of protein , like yours sure mark protein of NEED of the hair before starts to use this two/three times the week. Too much Protein is bad for your hair, esp if your hair is not in the absentee of. In general, for me, this has done if marvel! You love it and def buy it again.
4 / 5 By Jacqulyn
Well Like this to the left initiate me of to say that have torched my hair. Now I am sure to plot of some people those who are looking in this product has broken hair, like this absolutely can relate to that are roughly to describe.

Are the red natural , and red naturalidad active arguabley a hair a hard plus pidgment to undress, likes to take A lot of step so only to take to the level 6. The hair is like him 13 lol. Has white hair. I have been bleaching my hair for YEARS and is also state straightening he for probably the little in the decade. (I follows 21 like my hair is still quite strong I supposes)
Now there is always there is remarked the difference in a texture of my hair there is of then headed the dice gone in the, but recently is state unbearable. My hair is of course curly and used to be quite fat, but now is limp, broken, dulls, brittle, extremely dry likes hay, and in fact has sections where a hair is PERMANENTLY CRINKLED. If you have broken your hair to my discharge, knows exactly that am speaking in 😭
has taken to this horrible habit to run my toes by means of my hair to try to find a crinkled section and try attractive of a crinkled parts. It is súper very a lot I so that there is kicked he to big train to fix my hair without giving on my wonderful white hair that I can change to any colour my heart wishes that month.

Has used to use loreal serum of hair, and to good sure do the difference in my texture of hairs, but his new formula odora like this foul, my smell of hair like soiled washcloth. It is unfortunate reason one was an only product that has helped my hair, but a stink was also. It go to go a olaplex subject, but read that the majority of or everything of a olaplex on-line is fake.
Has found this product when you look arrive 'treatment of protein' and has seen some descriptions and an available price (63 era???? It can any gone bad here) and decided to give comes from it.

⭐My hair is noticably softer.
Still after washing it was, could feel the amazing difference. It is not a same feeling takings after washing out of the normal conditioner where leave the hair that feels lustrous, is more than the texture of silk. (Hard to explain but will take that I bad come from this material)

⭐ love a smell!
Have it ridiculously the sensitive nose and I seriously can not be produced stinky of any class. This has the wonderful fragrance. It has been it concealed it is not for all the world-wide so that some people prefer fragrance free, but a scent is quite light to be noticable, but any to overpower you. Honradamente Agreed of a vintage perfune white diamonds???

⭐After drying, my hair has has had to that done the bit of resplandor, which have not seen in of the years....
Now will say you that my regular routine is loreal shampoo of Parigi, some that the random conditioner has in mine stockpile and then leave in serum. A serum was a lot of ( can link his is interested) but tbh really any the difference in my hair.. Odora Well and he he more manageable to a discharge, but no my hair much less cruddy. I always dipped the in my hair when it is humid and then again once is dry.
Did not use It with which my first treatment of mask and has been blown has gone by that that surprises this work of product so only without help of the serum. My hair was soft and light Sound. In fact it adds volume to your hair!

Now has not taken the main picture (as sad) but my hair suffers harm enough to be able to imagine the one who bad was before mine first treatment for my description lol.
Go to be updating this until utilisation this all on also, reason know that defying it can be to find good products that in fact help your hair. Like this basically;

This product has blown my alcohol some first time used it. If your hair suffers harm to a point of you that loves to shave your boss, Of WHO.
Try this before you drive mad likes you there is almost fact. As I have said before, I will be to update with each use, as has any questions, please does not doubt to ask.
4 / 5 By Arleen
I have purchased this product after preprocessing (undressing and bleaching) has left my hair has broken, frizzy and brittle. I have used he with towel of steam for roughly 30 minutes and has seen immediately results. I have continued using once the week to help revitalize my hair. This produces really had done the enormous improvement. Highly it recommends that has dry hair , brittle , has broken especially. It is not exactly the miracle and a lot instantly restore an integrity and texture of your hair (at all can do this) but certainly do the difference immediately.

Top Customer Reviews: Organic Biotin Hair ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By Mildred
Has hair of course very dry likes the attempt averts any type of materials or chemicals with alcohols that will do it drier likes finding anything concealed can soften and feed is adds I desire was the process the fast plus but that the side this material are partorisca add and on the know the one who each ingredient is reason is organic
4 / 5 By Babara
wants to dip this mask of hair to an end so he my hair in eh tomorrow while they are having caffè and taking other things done before before shower. Then it washes my hair and go like this usual, but a mask adds extra nourishment that the easy fact partorisca brush my hair and not causing harm. But please.. Update a picture because the mine has not looked this one in the white container!
4 / 5 By Phillis
This product there has been the good smell and his texture, but need to plot the spent your whole boss and precise chair for the whole 30min. Has girls and his only no realistic that goes to be able to commit to the routine of hair of this period 3-4 days of a week.
4 / 5 By Viki
The hair feels refreshed.
This has helped my dry hair feels silkier and shiny.
Substitutes this with condition of mine when I wash my hair
Want the
5 / 5 By Sha
am really happy with a product and some results am seeing in such the small quantity of time.
5 / 5 By Stefani
These smells of deep conditioner adds! A source in a boat is very hard and difficult to read this in spite of. Some instructions were the pocolos imprecise and is not sure state was supposed to be applied to dry or humid hair. It was much easier to apply in humid hair. After initial use, my hair has odorato to add and was very soft and manageable. I am excited to see some results of term along also!
4 / 5 By Cherish
MAY really effective... Such the small quantity of him!!
4 / 5 By Emelda
This mask of laws of hair to surprise even although I am not very sure used it to him a correct way. Some instructions am not very clear. It does not say yes to dip to the net listens or has to that be wet or dry. Another subject has had with this that has used the averages of a boat in just a treatment. So that it is class of the bummer. The desire am gone in partorisca bounce it big. This in spite of, will say them that this material has done my extremely soft hair. I have expected roughly 35 min after applying to take to rain. I tried it in the first place in my dry hair and was the time of has bitten that eats to apply. I have dampened Another side of my boss and was bit it easier that apply. Have On three feet of hair if any one is by train to ask and his extremely dry in some last 4 thumbs or so many. I then come from to take to rain. I have washed my hair and instantly could say the one who was soft and manageable. Like a More there are them never felt it! Any lie! I conditioned it also with mine normal conditioner. Then I blow dried the and there is to plot of volume this in spite of very soft. I have it quell'utilisations so only once like this far. To good sure recommends a product he but precise better details on regarding the apply. I have taken so only my casualidad and tried it a way has done and the work adds. I expect that the bounce big reasons for a prize... It is quell'has bitten expensive for me to use so only two times.
4 / 5 By Enda
Has used this product in mine is but the hair has relieved. It is now like this I dry in some finals owe that take the trim. A rest of my hair is quite dry but probably savable with a right treatment. The to good sure a lot of recomend for the hair has accused.
4 / 5 By Bruno
Unfortunately a listing is misleading. It says that ossia a Mask of Organic Hair, nomination so only some ingredients can pronounce. When you Take a container in a small impression there is a lot of chemicals in him. I will return it and not to sustaining it misleading undertaken.

Top Customer Reviews: TruePure Argan Oil ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By Antonina
Because it is this the mask of hair? It feels like the normal conditioner - in fact less conditioning that the normal conditioner....

Has given this the good month and the half, and am done officially. Ossia The description partorisca a line of whole product (shampoo, conditioner, and mask), reason his all equally sucks, and is hard to pinpoint which is responsible partorisca a worse harm. In the first place, there is zero lather - the little goes the very small way (true of all three produced). Has too hair, and this product is too expensive. Utilisation 5 bombs, and still chair partorisca like so only am covering the half my hair, has left so only my real hair - and can not rub he in at all, reason any lather. The smell is not bad, class of citrusy. A conditioner is likes not using the conditioner in a mask of hair is so only like a conditioner. My hair feels dryer and frizzier, and my hair feels like this need the good cleaned. A worse part is that I have been remarking some dandruff of then beginning partorisca use this product, and is exited today of a shower and inspected, and is EVERYWHERE. It was not if it is reason so only is not cleaning, and is just flakes of hairspray or yes is in fact dandruff, but am done officially.
5 / 5 By Tula
After going of blond to dark brown, then doing balayage, then the red darkness, full bleach and the some fifth orange of element (on incident) which has has had to that then be the correct colour and there is dyed AGAIN- my hair is the disorder . It is súper as well as all this harm really screwed he up. Enter a TruePure Argan oil and mask of coconut oil. Life. Saver. Directly on the coconut oil is too greasy and heavy partorisca my fine edges. I always finishings that owes the shampoo was that it feels like the waste. It is it chews it do not have to that same effect. I leave it on with cover he of shower partorisca the show of TV or two and my hair is silky smooth for a time washes it all was. No hanged my hair down any one which is adds of then really so only can spend directly and boss of the flat helmet is not exactly the look am going partorisca these days.
5 / 5 By Alanna
Please does not squander your money, these products does not act. The ones of the that knows if some descriptions here are the fake and he sucks reason based it on some descriptions but a mask at all! He 3 dolllar sachet the mask will do better that this. To Some smells of product likes him in of absolute to to the look in fact likes would do of something but in general the sound fails to buy for me.
5 / 5 By Dia
Likes any with thickness, curly hair that has the tendency partorisca take drought, can any never have quite a lot of deep conditioners in a world. And the plot of them hardly do as well as the rinse-was fact, but no east a.

This mask is like this good! One first what there is remarked is a thin scent. There have it so only the little something softly fresh. It does not import scented produced, but scents that is too strong and cloying can ruin the good product, as I appreciate this. It is slightly fatter in texture that the rinse-was, but no like this fat that he a lot of massage in well.

Used it two times this in spite of there is roughly 2/3 is of a container has left. My hair can take the PLOT of conditioner, but has not felt partorisca like has required so much to entirely to cover my curls and detangle like this usually do. Has decent slip and feels well in a hair. I have left besides approach to 15-20 minutes, reasons 3-5 minutes never he partorisca my hair. When I rinsed my curls were hydrated and springy, any weighed down and styling has been the fastest plot!

My aunt the one who has the colour has treated the hair well loves this mask also, as I imagine it would do for the plot of types of different hair. In general the product adds, the only desire is gone in partorisca bounce it big.
4 / 5 By Elois
There is of course fat, long, and frizzy hair. My hair has suffered harm by heart and a dry time in Colorado. East masks entirely there is tamed and reconditioned my hair. It likes roughly another reviewers has declared, a consistency is thinner that of other masks have used but taste that is not fat and does not leave of the residue. The any massage he to my hair and so only use it on some finals of my hair. I have been taking resulted add! See my photos with my hair aplanado and curled. I also like a quota of light smell has. It recommends this for any the one who has to to hair like him.
4 / 5 By Roni
I really liked this deep conditioner. Give my definition of hair, as well as a luster has looked for. A scent is also quite tame, which is of then I tends for the leave in my hair for the moment, and my sense of smell is quite sensitive. He that needs to do to take a work done for the lustrous & hair is.
4 / 5 By Joslyn
Are plagued to have curly hair in time. It is any frizzy and enormous or slowly and dull. I have required to find the product that has done my hair has some life in him. I usually shampoo of use and conditioner so only but read that the mask of hair would be advantageous.

Has found this Mask of True Pure Hair and required to try it. I want that it is done natural ingredients and has caffeine in him. Has the smooth creamy texture that would surround each edge with in a shower. It takes it it was all the excess water previously to apply. I have decided that leave that the dry hair to see the one who this really done material.

Was astounded and well to be sincere surprised that my hair felt soft to a touch and my curls looked fuller and was curled elegantly, likes in some Victorian film.

To good sure will be to use this in mine self ritual of Sunday of the cure! I love it!
4 / 5 By Kasi
Are really the scents of product of the hair. A TruePure Mask of Natural Hair with Argan the oil is fantastic. Material roughly using a product all day and daily. Thats Explains in the few words to the equal that has felt in this súper deep conditioner that it is unisex also. That is unisex in this content? Well, I mean an availability to use this product for both male and female and anything. Agree these products is also cruelty free, other people to reason find this product to be the gymnasium has hid, in any beauty and tent of products of the hair and on-line retail location.

Seats like a scent so only wants to me take the shower and wash my thicker hair that I can do like this. That the bad? Well a good-looking botanic scent in fact hard more along and has washed my hair last night and can odorare a conditioner the little. Sound the deep conditioner, but does not seat my hair is the little drier that is when I has transmission to products of the hair regularly has has used years.

Your must there is drenched a hair in luke first warm water to try to start with lathering. I have used way too much of a conditioner a first time because so only do not foam up and around.

Suggests to start with with just the small quantity of conditioner your prime minister little time to use TruePure Mask of Natural Hair with Argan Oil and etc. As it drenches your hair, adds some conditioner, taking wets again then begins to foam the up.

Like the result, chair that my hair is the little less stubborn that it was with using produced of economic hair. Some results last longer and a texture of hair is so only astonishingly soft.

Thinks the next time thinks roughly purchasing gone back of products of the beauty the TruePurity containers.
5 / 5 By Annita
I hair of the amour has produced to mask reason likes (and of my needs of hair) a deep conditioning, and has used the plot of different some. Honradamente, This one east my preferred new and has varied reason reasons.
Is the fat rich formula that astonishingly does not have the smell. Really it appreciates that reason sometimes all the natural products have the fragrance so only because of some ingredients that use, and this can be overpowering in some products. Has thinks that that it go to at least to to the smell likes him the coconut been due to of some ingredients have listed in a front of a focus - which have to that say is not one of mine scents preferred. They are like this pleasantly suprised that it does not look to have any smell at all.
When it Uses in a shower, volume out of the bit in my hand, massage he to my hair, and then use the comb for the distribute equally. Then I leave it on while I wash and/or shave, which is probably roughly 5 minutes or more (which the focus recommends). He the rinses cleaned and is not like this fat that continues to stick to your hair.
Used it probably to somewhere among 8 - 10 times now in combination with a shampoo of caffeine of a same line and are hooked! My hair is like this shiny and is and soft, and feels súper conditioned without feeling likes does leftover of product in my hair. But reason are really hooked is which astonishingly invigorated my hair feels!!
Has has used produced of hair with menthol and mint in his first, and really enjoyed a tingly feeling, but has has not used never any with caffeine before. It was like this suprised in the very my hair felt, and is hard to describe a feeling. It is not necessarily tingly like the products of menthol are. So only I can it describe like this feeling incredibly invigorating and feels to surprise!
Loves this produces like this with both some results of a soft hair and is and a invigorating the hair that feels that they are now hooked and will be to purchase more produced of this line in a future, as well as restocking that has used already. It is to good sure my preferred new!
4 / 5 By Allene
Is the conditioner gave súper soft hair with which one uses and go to maintain he in shower of mine for the weekly impulse. They are picky in deep conditioners reasons my hair is class of final and takes greasy and has weighed down easily but has not had this subject with east a. You recommend this product to any one looking for the fattest conditioner that his normal daily one.

Top Customer Reviews: Nourish Beaute ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By Lee
Has a lot of hair, but is taking brittler to the equal that age. I have required the conditioner adds and have created has found a a!
Left preface this partorisca say has 16, yes 16, bounced/of bounced of used condiontioning treatments in my cupboard. I tried him all but so only once or two first times to hate them. Then...
Has found is one!!
To the equal that have declared on, has a lot of hair, like utilisation a mask partorisca condition for 10 minutes BEFORE it washes my hair. I remain with silky smooth hair without accident in greasiness. I use it two times the week partorisca maintain my hair that feels is.
5 / 5 By Cathryn
This produces that it says. It is the product adds but took the minute partorisca imagine was regarding the use. Some directions partorisca use are form on a boat. Any I still remarks them like this looked everywhere more in a boat that tries to find a pertinent way to use this product. Another those some instructions that is in the odd place, some works of good product. Do my soft hair and luxurious and did not leave it feeling heavy likes some other products have done in a past.
5 / 5 By Sunny
Any one really is if it is has helped in fact my hair grows, but my hair is accused on and has broken. When The utilisation my hair is much softer and is not greasy.
5 / 5 By Magdalena
This was a lot. Honradamente The does not have very seen the difference to condition rule so only. Attended add the plot more moisture.
5 / 5 By Rhona
This produces the law adds. You can see and feel a difference immediately. The only precise use calms the little has bitten the time.
5 / 5 By Tonita
Was the good mask but has not taken a “ So only stepped out of a living room.” It feels. And in $ 25 prize, has to. I am not sure yes it helps my hair grows. It was light weight and odorato adds.
4 / 5 By Larry
A lot well my hair tinted and the look dyed a lot soft and is growing
5 / 5 By Georgeanna
Leaves my soft and easy hair partorisca direct
5 / 5 By Perry
am very satisfied with a hair maski has purchased my hair is dyed and hilighted . My hair has the beautiful luster .
4 / 5 By Karry
Has read some descriptions . I am sold . Just use with which you shampoo your hair wraps your hair in the towel has left a mask of hair drenches in.
Then blow dry & fashion.

Top Customer Reviews: Scruples Complete ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By Loriann
Ossia A better conditioner there is never has used! It feels the little odd (almost sticky) when in the first place you apply it, but work astonishingly well for dry, fraction, and the hair by heart has treated. Utilisation Scruples ER the conditioner of Reparation likes to leave he-in conditioner, so only in my finals, and are adds to seal in a cuticle, and no hanged your hair down.
4 / 5 By Katina
Master!! The wonderful smells and really moisturize my hair! To good sure recommend
4 / 5 By Margarita
This product has been recommended for my hairstylist to use it on my blond hair dyed. Such the treatment adds. Shoots my shiny hair, soft and beautiful.
4 / 5 By Terisa
One to my woman likes
4 / 5 By Ernie
A lot of
5 / 5 By Porsche
of the product Adds. Really it does of dose
5 / 5 By Latrisha
in the first place has taken this of the mine stylist after my hair seated in toner also long (that it took it to it to you failed). Absolutely I LOVE It. Now it washes my hair each few days and half scruples and half conditioner. My hair is súper soft and is the helps cure some finals of harm. They are in my second container and I will continue to order the!
5 / 5 By Randa
Better condition for the hair broken
5 / 5 By Valencia
This product is surprising. It adds a lot of volume my thickness of heavy hair! Odora Really very too much!
4 / 5 By Ted
AWSOME Conditioner!

Top Customer Reviews: Dabur Vatika ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By
Really it enjoys that these products felt in my hair. Really it likes that I help with a detangling of of my hair. Really it seats moisturized estaca. I have used this jointly with the treatment of protein partorisca prevent a hard that feels a protein has in a hair after the rinse was. I have not felt any hard feeling in my hair with an use of this product. Has 3c/4b coarse hair. Partorisca Be more concrete, has mixed this product with aphrogee 2 protein of any treatment and seated under the hooded dryer. It can say that a protein was in my hair but no like this hard and drying like when using a product like state of instructions. This mask has maintained my hair moisturized during a treatment.
5 / 5 By
This literally funds some tangles out of mine 4A hair. I situate the generous quantity on and leave to seat in my hair while I other things around a house. For a time am ready to wash my hair feels like this silky when rinsing, detangling results effortless.
5 / 5 By
Has period of fat long hip 3c 4a natural hair and this deep conditioner have done my like this soft and silky hair an only question has had is a short will not remain in
5 / 5 By
hair of Marcos like this silky
4 / 5 By
has Helped the little with spilling but a lot drying more than changing ego . You recommend to change ego in this
4 / 5 By
used it more like this conditioner that treatment or control for 5 min in wet hair .. He the soft hair in shower but once I knout n all dry my hair is also straw likes ..
Odora Well and bounce is easy to use
there is remarked does not improve or new growth in fall of hair that loss
will not be to repeat buying ..
5 / 5 By
This product last the month and I am mid hair of thigh a lot of sliky and shiny and fall of hair of the stop quickly less then week
4 / 5 By
5 / 5 By
I luv this conditioner. He detangling like this easier. I add warm honey and another conditioner to the mine vatika and my hair be súper soft and moisturized. Vatika Is the staple 2 my regimen.
5 / 5 By
Avenges here quickly. I love it so only like a picture. I want to use this product for my hair.

Top Customer Reviews: Ultrax Labs Hair ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By Berry
They are blessed/cursed with quite fat, but dry, frizzy hair after the years of the data. Some descriptions the alike value that the tentativa has imagined like this reason the no. is very fat and creamy, and continuous in smoothly. A smell is to good sure the plus, also! With which one prejudices of coating my humid hair (I massaged to plot of him on some finals where the harm is a worse.) Have despertador up with soft, waves and sãos looking final. Like this far like this a lot - This can be the cream of sleep for my hair!
4 / 5 By Tamie
Was excited like this thus produced to arrive, as they are the week out of the yard of peel like my hair is a lot of poofy and dry with leaving to to finals like him the visas in of a second picture. A product has the good scent, thin , fresco and is fat and creamy and extended to my hair with ease and any drips (3rd pic). Had the quota, cooling feeling in my hair to the equal that have applied to be the good touch ! When it Was now of rinse was is not sure state has had rinsed a lot quite or required to king-rinse reason is like this fat and conditioning, but decided to expect fro my hair to dry to be sure. I have been concerned that would be greasy, but after dry is an opposite! My hair was sooo soft, has odorato well, and has had big wavy curls and volume (4th pic). A next day when has wake on my hair was still very soft with visibly less frizz, less noticeable final to break, and some waves have had loosened amiably (pic 5). In general I am satisfied with my results of a deep conditioner, and look forward to that it use it again because done my hair feels is and soft, and is the add to choose me-up for my locks until my yard to peel afterwards!
4 / 5 By Kermit
Ultrax Laboratories have a bit in amazing products. Utilisation his oils, cream of eye, and now a Mask of Hair of the Vigour, which is a product of priest of only hair I use in my natural hair. Help loosen some curls, so that I am able the way my hair. Very light and the smells have done of course. You recommend to try calm, if not to believe me
5 / 5 By Becky
has been the defender of Ultrax the shampoo and the conditioner of the laboratories to the equal that have had to try a mask when you have burst up in my recommendations. The consistency of a mask is smooth and slips in your hair - you to good sure very precise to use the plot the time, as you are taking the plot of product for a prize. No hanged my hair down or the mark seats greasy when quell'applying. After washing it was, there is remarked that more softer my hair is and my active curls much more definition! It is not easy finding the product that pode my curls these clear-cut and no for the leave crunchy, as I am very happy with some results like this far.
5 / 5 By Ruthann
My hair is on state accused , bleached , has dried was with leaving finals that almost has done a fall of finals.
Was extremely fed up with him , sometimes would try to mix jojoba oil and oil of Argon and use them like the hair max until me stumbled to this product.
Caffein For stimulation of growth of the hair , Jojoba and oil of Argon that both strengthen , moisturize and add resplandor to hair , Aloe flange Geles Juice that maintains your hair is and promotes growth of hair and also helps with dandruff and skin airada , These are all the course of some main ingredients of this product. Like this basically he my work my easy plus in planting for the cost everything for separate , more smell well and so only can leave in my hair and hair for 10 minutes when I am taking the shower and the washed was . With some oils my work was much more harder has not known never like caffein could promote growth of hair . This produces legit has left my like this soft hair and looking so more is and silkier , when there is almost has thought my only option was for the cut which there is felizmente of then ailed of a dry hair that has maintained to fall finals and has done my look of day of the shortest hair for day .
Ultrax I laboratories save me and my hair . The utilisation once or two times weekly which gives it the resplandor crazy and the silky feeling and so only yes is patient you also will see resulted with your growth of hair that is something the plot of is struggling with .
So only no attended miraculous resulted of growth of the hair the week .
Enjoys a process that has shiny and silky soft hair and finally after the moment to use enjoys a period has wished also .
My fiancé has hair along also and is tried to purchase this also . I will recommend this to any the one who is struggling with in the hair accused and dry also any the one who is looking for the mask of hair that will last you the long very a lot the time and calm can apply once in the moment in your hair and give your hair a treatment and some nutrients require.
5 / 5 By Ophelia
This mask of hair is EVERYTHING !!! An only deep conditioner will not use never from now on, has been using he for two weeks now and my hair feels fatter, looks more is, and leaves my like this soft hair can not maintain my hands out of him! I have had such the fight that finds produced that read for mine 4c kinky coils, and are like this ecstatic I finally found something concealed can moisturize and revitalise my hair! Transfer of mine-outs is surprising! This focus of mask of the hair in a moisture for my usually dry and frizzy hair, defines some curls, and adds resplandor and incredible organism! Volume like this compliments of people those who love a resplandor and bounce of mine curls! These produced is the must has for all my curly daughters! It is a calm only product never need! It is better that Wen! Yes, I have used to be the Wen daughter, has changed now the Ultrax Laboratories!
4 / 5 By Corine
A Ultrax Mask of Vigour of the hair of Laboratories is one of some masks of better hair was today. It leaves your hair that feels like this smooth and soft after a first use. When being that my woman suffers loss of hair, after the week to use this mask there is remarked his loss of hair has reduced tremendously. A chance among him are also adds!!! To good sure would recommend this product.
5 / 5 By Melvin
A marketing in this product could use some cleaners arrives - some odd blurred wreath the logo remained with WordArt that looks the source had, at the beginning, the little concerned roughly the one who some contents of a boot could do to my hair. But after trying it, am sold like this in this material. First of all, it is packed with goodies for your hair: composed of cell of the root, caffeine, proteins of grain, extracted of green tea. Some ingredients read like each the ones of the expensive shampoo has not loved never. In an application, goes in smooth, any gooey, and felt really feeding to my hair (usually dry and the little itchy this time of year). With which I rinsed went it and the dry sinister air, could not believe some natural curls that suddenly had looked in my hair. Have A bit textured, of course wavy hair, but always loved at least look it ringlets here or there. Have Here, this mask of hair has done these ringlets spends. Any to mention the one who soft and cooperative my hair has been of then. I will be interested to see commentaries the difference in growth of hair that uses this regularly. In a moment, I am thrilled in these fun curls. Thank you Ultrax Laboratories - will be to maintain up with this sure mask.
5 / 5 By Ulysses
The product has arrived súper fast! The wonderful smells and look for be the tonnes done of all the natural ingredients like aloe, argan, and oil of sunflower to appoint the little. I used it a time like this far; it is the big mouth , wide bounce like an application was easy. A product remains dipped once applied and massages easily to hair. While while to rinse, there is remarked the quota, tingling feeling in my hair! It has to that be a caffeine . Has hair a lot well and felt that it was necessary to hair of rinse afterwards for enough some time to ensure the thorough rinse like the product is a lot of emollient. I wish the directions have declared yes to use your prime minister of daily conditioner / further of this product or like the treatment of stand of alone hair; I have used so only a mask without additional conditioner.
After drying my hair felt soft, odorato adds and looked generally happy and fuller although the little crispy in some finals. I plan to comb a product by means of next time in planting to rid massaging to remedy this :)
5 / 5 By Ronald
has not been sure like these products were to do when I took it in the first place. Has read descriptions and has has wanted to something for mine súper fraction, the hair has accused. I have used so only this for a first time and am surprised! My hair is LIKE THIS SOFT! Usually with deep conditioners, my hair is very flat and has weighed down. After using Vigour of Hair my hair is súper soft but any paving! I will update this after the few weeks and to the left know if really it feels likes is stimulating my growth of hair! The so that only did not like on this like this far is a smell is the little strong. But well he partorisca like my hair feels afterwards using it.