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1 first Mbody Phone Ring Finger Holder, Phone and Tablet Stand Car Vent Phone Mount [3X Pack] Mbody Phone Ring Finger Holder, Phone and Tablet Stand Car Vent Phone Mount [3X Pack] By M路Body
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2 Wireless Earbuds, ENACFIRE F1 Wireless Earbuds CVC 8.0 Noise Cancellation apt-X Stereo Sound Wireless Headphones 208H Cycle Playtime IPX8 Waterproof Bluetooth 5.0 Headset Wireless Earbuds, ENACFIRE F1 Wireless Earbuds CVC 8.0 Noise Cancellation apt-X Stereo Sound Wireless Headphones 208H Cycle Playtime IPX8 Waterproof Bluetooth 5.0 Headset By ENACFIRE
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3 best WUYA iPhone Charger, MFi Certified Lightning Cable 5 Pack (3/3/6/6/10FT) Nylon Woven with Metal Connector Compatible iPhone Xs Max/X/8/7/Plus/6S/6/SE/5S iPad - Black and White WUYA iPhone Charger, MFi Certified Lightning Cable 5 Pack (3/3/6/6/10FT) Nylon Woven with Metal Connector Compatible iPhone Xs Max/X/8/7/Plus/6S/6/SE/5S iPad - Black and White By WUYA
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4 amFilm Glass Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Full Screen Coverage, 3D Curved Tempered Glass, Dot Matrix with Easy Installation Tray (Black) amFilm Glass Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Full Screen Coverage, 3D Curved Tempered Glass, Dot Matrix with Easy Installation Tray (Black) By amFilm
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5 Micro USB Cable Aioneus Fast Charging Cord Android Charger 10FT 6FT 3FT 3-Pack Charging Cable Nylon Cable Charger Cord Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S7 S6 S5 J7 J5 J3, LG G4, HTC, Nokia, Tablet, PS4 Micro USB Cable Aioneus Fast Charging Cord Android Charger 10FT 6FT 3FT 3-Pack Charging Cable Nylon Cable Charger Cord Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S7 S6 S5 J7 J5 J3, LG G4, HTC, Nokia, Tablet, PS4 By Aioneus
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6 Wireless Earbuds, [Upgraded] Boltune Bluetooth V5.0 in-Ear Stereo [USB-C Quick Charge] IPX7 Waterproof Wireless Headphones 40Hours Playing Time Bluetooth Earbuds Built-in Mic Single/Twin Mode Wireless Earbuds, [Upgraded] Boltune Bluetooth V5.0 in-Ear Stereo [USB-C Quick Charge] IPX7 Waterproof Wireless Headphones 40Hours Playing Time Bluetooth Earbuds Built-in Mic Single/Twin Mode By Boltune
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7 USB C Cable,XIAE 5Pack (3/3/6/6/10FT) Nylon Braided Fast Charging Cable Aluminum Housing Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S10 S9 Note 9 8 S8 Plus,LG V30 V20 G6,Google Pixel,Huawei P30/P20-Black&Blue USB C Cable,XIAE 5Pack (3/3/6/6/10FT) Nylon Braided Fast Charging Cable Aluminum Housing Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S10 S9 Note 9 8 S8 Plus,LG V30 V20 G6,Google Pixel,Huawei P30/P20-Black&Blue By XIAE
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8 LK [3 Pack] Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S10, (Ultrasonic Fingerprint Compatible) (Flexible Film) HD Clear, Anti-Scratch, Bubble Free LK [3 Pack] Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S10, (Ultrasonic Fingerprint Compatible) (Flexible Film) HD Clear, Anti-Scratch, Bubble Free By LK
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9 amFilm Glass Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Full Screen Coverage Screen Protector, 3D Curved Tempered Glass, Dot Matrix with Easy Installation Tray (Black) amFilm Glass Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Full Screen Coverage Screen Protector, 3D Curved Tempered Glass, Dot Matrix with Easy Installation Tray (Black) By amFilm
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10 SOCIALITE Professional HD Camera Photo & Video Clip On Lens Kit for iPhone Smartphone 6s 7 8 X Plus Mobile Phone Android, & Samsung 0.45x Super Wide Angle Lens 12.5x Macro SOCIALITE Professional HD Camera Photo & Video Clip On Lens Kit for iPhone Smartphone 6s 7 8 X Plus Mobile Phone Android, & Samsung 0.45x Super Wide Angle Lens 12.5x Macro By Socialite
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Top Customer Reviews: Mbody Phone Ring ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Kris
This was exactly that there is wanted: the hand-held headline of coverage of telephone that also could do fault like the stand in the table and the clip for my car ventilation. Really it likes that of a coverage swivels but am not free, as I can situate he in an exact right corner am trying sees in portrait or landscape. Some coverages are to good sure quite tight to clasp my car ventilation and does not look to be prone the weakening. When I Want to dip my telephone in my pocket, some folds of coverage almost entirely plans against my telephone, how is profile really down and can return to all the pockets your telephone already access in. A glue to stick it to your chance of telephone is VERY STRONG ( is done for 3M). No utilisations the chance of telephone that has grooves or texture - to estacas sure good more in the entirely smooth surface. My joint would be the first experience with situating it on your telephone to use double sided tape like that can move around and find one something legislation. Then, take the bit to rub alcohol, cleaned of your chance of telephone, and stick it on!
5 / 5 Elvira
To the equal that have been using this for a pair spent of days and like this far am enamoured with him! I have looked for to use sockets of pop but was so only too uncomfortable for me to resist and there is not founding never a right place to situate this. Here it is which has like this remarked far.

-With this headline of coverage has has had to that the regulate so only once with which I originally dipped the on to situate he in this something perfect, which was quite easy to do while your chance is plastic, any bear besieges this in my chance of skin.

-A 360 spinner does a coverage positionable to a right corner as you resist it and cause me any discomfort unless I move my odd hand.

-Can situate a coverage to be able to to use likes him the stand to resist of your telephone in a corner in the surfaces of slowly how is well.

-Using it on a ventilation operates quite decently also! It is quell'has bitten last at the beginning imagining was where a space is to slide a coverage to but once is on is the quite good control . You owe that regulate a corner of a coverage to regulate an expensive yours corner of the screen but ossia some same with my kenu mountain of ventilation.

If run to anything more will update my estaca!
5 / 5 Shawn
Has been surprised in it sturdy this was. It have used the socket of pop and has attached his magnet to locate it on the headline of telephone of my car I installed. (Sold a car and a headline has been with him). It likes that of east produces all three works in a. I help control my telephone more securely like this fallen he less often. Work like the stand in the table or other surfaces and he slides to my ventilation and securely resists a telephone in place. I do not owe that stick the headline in my car. A rotation is solid and there is no loosened on on some the diverse months had it. Any harm to my ventilation slates neither.
5 / 5 Latarsha
Am gone through the plot of irings etc. Tired of some separates that spends never was thirty days and in slope limply after the moment. This a has not begun free spinning still, still is useful like the kickstand, and it using to clamp my telephone to my ventilations in mine Wrangler is awesome! I love it. I am still in a prime minister of a three in a box. Even has given one was like this no tip any sign to fail punctual. It enjoys.
5 / 5 Julian
Has used the coverage of telephone for 2 years now and ossia one 4th one has used. Absolutely master to a double coverage likes the work like the clip the ventilations of air for all the cars, any so only a cradle would install in your own car. After I as the small a piece is that in fact it sticks to a telephone.
Has 2 complaints:
1. It is s煤per the smallest but would prefer a coverage of silicon (which want to) has not been to clear. I think that that it looks odd. The desire was ash or black and looked more like a way done in some pictures of product.
2. I wish a coverage was harder that more on and down. The spinning is good and tight and resists his place, but in a flipping the motion has results quite I free quickly. But still it controls a lot enough to do.
5 / 5 Myrtle
Was happy with a iRing the mountain of coverage has used for years but has had to that take new chance and decided to try this after reading fewer stellar descriptions for a new plus iRings and some descriptions add thus produced. I have it quell'utilisations so only the short while but feel is roomier that a iRing and like this effective in stabilising and that has taken with resisting a telephone. A mountain is rigid but moveable and the work adds like this was. The adhesion looks incredible -not even would be able to reposition have it one do one included a slightest contact with chance. It has not tried the in car ventilations but are already feel is a upgrade of a iRing and there was state very happy with mine iRing.
4 / 5 Ivan
This produces simple solves three questions immediately. He was of useful table for my telephone. He hooks and controls to a ventilation of air in a car. And expensive to resist my telephone securely while I am hiking. Different roughly another reviewers, has not had any question any with looseness in any of some elements. More than everything, adds a lot little to a depth of a telephone, which still slides easily to my upper pocket. Brilliant idea!
4 / 5 Fabiola
/That is a product

A device of attachable coverage to ensure the better grip in your telephone.

/ A work of product?

He Some work of product, the simple likes 1,2, and 3. Simply attach a coverage to your device, peel of an adhesive coverage and clave and expect the pocolos small.


A product can also hook to ventilations of air and rotate 360 terracings to ensure you can use a device in any possible way.

/ Pros And Gilipollas


easy to install


- gilipollas

a tad has bitten expensive

can have the difficulty that takes a coverage forms a telephone without lint. It have to that be used with the chance to ensure that your telephone does not lose value or take fraction.
5 / 5 Rosita
Resist my telephone for this coverage constantly and does not fail never. It is also much easier to hook to mine car ventilation. It was fearful quell'would stress a ventilation but he the no. can not be happier. It has given one my daughter and maintaining have an extra. Constantly we are turning a coverage 360 terracings and work perfectly.
5 / 5 Rufus
Use in mine 9.7 iPad of thumb inside a car and resists on well. You recommend this element

Top Customer Reviews: Wireless Earbuds, ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 59 ratings
5 / 5 Obdulia
Wow These am adds to sound earbuds. Easily connected in my telephone. A control of Easy touch utmost work to change song, pause, telephone of response etc.... This access amiably in my ears and is comfortable. The noise that annuls the works add also. In general that is to say the very good together of earbuds, much cheaper that an aim some concealed is a same mark like my telephone.
5 / 5 Ka
These provide abundance to touch the time goes in touch and is so mere to use. Easily they match until my telephone. Some sounds are utmost and does not remark noise of backdrop. I want a fact that also can use a case like a bank of additional load for my telephone! It IS so it adds it concealed has the dual function.
5 / 5 Phylicia
I want to these!! I have bought the to form that when my daughters ran me to us ragged while purchase, could seat in the some place and listen in the book or musician without troubling another. I can result extra noise. And it is it touched it easily. And it protects of view with my hair and a buds is so small.
5 / 5 Delana
The annulment of noise is surprising, does not listen any noise of backdrop at all. The quality of his excellent east. A port to the load the easy fact to touch without requiring the preoccupy quite breaking an ear buds since does not have to limit anything in a earbuds, the difference of the plot other wireless devices.
5 / 5 Stephanie
A wireless earbuds is doing adds! I want characteristic wireless and a cradle in load. They are also waterproof which are the utmost characteristic . A life of stack is fantastic. In general, I produce it adds
5 / 5 Louann
These are really good wireless earbuds. Has quality of his add. A hard load the long time. Very easy to use. It likes him he the to use in a gymnasium.
5 / 5 Kenya
These are now my big earbuds. Better pair that possesses and is happy has these. The sound adds and had to the long time.
5 / 5 Tami
The amour that has less cape the fantastic ear very that has to untangle all a time. They utmost also!
5 / 5 Ethelene
The time of loads takes, sper of entity and easily connect in my telephone, thank you advantage! Quality of his add and comparable in of the popular/elements priced main.
5 / 5 Albertha
Amazing! These pocolos earbuds pack the real punch, these go in the chance that is really good. An upper coverage is done of the skin that after softly and closely. A buds last roughly 6 hours of constant use. I used him law last week and I had partorisca two hours before it was now of house of boss . One eats buds partorisca snugly in my ear and block more sounds. Answering a telephone is easy with the tap and my recognition could in fact really listen me. My edges of 15 years has thinks that was really adds also and there is airpods:) you are looking for an alternative to any very expensive mark these is one some partorisca take.
5 / 5 Winston
These are surprising! Amazing! Admitted, has not had any type of earphones, pieces of ear, auricular, earbuds, or anything is by train partorisca the call these days.... In enough some time. They are the professor and I work in the colaborativo space where other professors are doing in his of periods also. Some of to my tasks likes me to him complete while listening the music and required some type of earphones. I in the first place listened to these have been surprised in a quality of sound. Some bass is awesome. The music is clear. These are certainly big quality.

Fights of user.... Also I need read up in some directions. @I give that there is the way that can the to you control while you have listened of his touch. Always having to that I scrape he on but just need to do the better work to read up in this elegant technology!
5 / 5 Tarra
Wow This new earbuds is surprising to good sure the no on a last version in quality of his and quality of build. A packaging is upper level very professional in creation and functionality. An ear bud quality of his east to good sure the much more robust sound. Mark sure chooses a sound of propiciado by right ear, calm once chooses a right measure he totally blockade out of the some to to surrounding sounds almost like to of him has been noise annulling. They are very satisfied with this new ear buds, an access is a lot of snug, the pairing to the mine iPhone was very easy to good sure highly recommends to take this ear buds. In the side remarks a micro the cord of USB is short. It suggest to take the brick to be able to of still wall.
5 / 5 Garnett
These earbuds is really comfortable and remain place amiably in my ear. A chance the touch is magnetised and I didnt has any difficulty hooking his until my bluetooth. Calm can him the together use or so only one and they do to listen the music or taking called of telephone rid free. It likes that they are wireless to the equal that Of I of the that has the cord that among a way while Im exiting! Also they have qualities of his very and tomb.
4 / 5 Krystina
The difference of the plot of another TWS earbuds, this active aptX builds in, which are to add is an user of Android and does not import at all is an user of Apple . Lucky for me are an user of Android . :)

One first what I remarked when it take was a very good packaging and mark, one of a better, if no a better, of any TWS earbuds has tried. I really like a professionalism of a container like the whole. And then when I opened it in fact on, it was a lot pleasantly it surprise it. In general, a chance is to good sure a better a have used like this far in like this feels and aesthetically, although it still is missing the pair looks that the estimativa main TWS earbuds (sometimes) has, which will go in pr贸jimo.

A chance the touch is wrapped in the a lot of very dud texture of skin of upper in depth with the lustrous plastic flange slender around the, and then some sides and the front are crazy plastic. In a cup, his logo is etched to a skin how is thin and has the a lot of refined his look. Also they take one there is rounded corners and of the curves in a chance correctly. He so only looks and feels a lot as well as the whole. A front has an indicator to touch that it is 3 points with aiming that the shine has DIRECTED lights. And down those, is some sockets of the underlying connection for behind the piece of silicon. So much, this door to a a subject has and some 2 characteristic failure was on. Some 2 types of connection are USB and micros USB... Any Type of USB C. It is the common flu of mine because it looks hardly any produced is using Type of USB C still, but think more if any all would have to that be for now, especially when we begin to take to this row of prize. Another thing has seen on some estimativa roughly main TWS earbuds that would be it a lot here is Qi wireless touching, but is has bitten it gimmicky and no really necessary in my opinion. As those are any 2 characteristic is disappeared to be well... Now, a big question has, and look the always have... Some ports of connection are in a front. REASON!? Do to the others to people like to of him that way? No really I see a reason. He logical and visual sense mine that one covers-in the connections would go to a backside, with an indicator to touch in a front. I do not comprise reason 80 of TWS earbud the costruttrici dipped some connections in a front. Ossia Really my only flu with a earbuds. A magnetic clasp when you plough a chance coupled with a skin that curves, and falling a earbuds feels /a lot/ that satisfies, so only a right quantity of tension.

Comes with some annexes of extra ear, which thinks each one so only TWS earbuds has tried .

A bluetooth connection in these is perfect. Literally it take the pair of seconds to pair the and then has not had never of the subjects of these connections fallen with them.

A life of battery is sum, seldom will owe that touch a chance. And calm more probably dipping a earbuds back in a chance after each use, as they would owe that last for the very long time.

A sound is a lot well, to good sure one of one has tried more, although a sound is very competitive around this row of prize, more touching a lot roughly one same. I have used a pair of TWS earbuds that likes more than this second the one who the sound goes (not going to list a name because it does not think to the amazon likes concealed), but is cost almost bend these and of a sound is less bad together. A sound in these is very balanced, and have grave quite well, but would prefer has had bit it more, of then mostly listens the electronic music.

Dipping them feels the little odd mine. An only TWS earbuds would estimate at the head of of the east an also has a subject same to feel odd to dip in mine. They go in this in spite of, and am not a lot of @@subject of them moving or falling was, forgets is there.

@In rodeo:

+ marks Professional
+ look of Prize and feel
+ mentions a creation is lovely?
+ That feels perfect magnetic clasps
+ A balance of his east adds, to good sure up there in competition of his with another TWS earbuds
+ the life of battery Adds
+ Quickly and easy pairing
+ Any bluetooth drops of connection

- Micro USB in place of Type C
- No Qi wireless touching
- Could use the little graver
- ports of Connection in a front of a chance to touch in place of a behind
- Earbuds is the little annoying for me to dip in (could be the subject personnel)

He, highly would recommend these earbuds. While a sound tends to be around a same for the majority of a better earbuds has tried in a $ 40-100 row (has not tried TWS earbuds main the concealed), this also has a better touching chance and the majority of look of prize and feel to have very tried. If there is bit it graver, Type of USB C, and Qi wireless touching, I easily dipped the like this my upper pair of TWS earbuds.
5 / 5 Katelyn
Awesome Pair Of big quality of earbuds! It take my boys there partorisci own and has decided squander it on I the little , and take the better pair on its own name!
A chance the touch is the material of soft beautiful skin , A earbuds is a perfect measure for me. Quality of his add!
5 / 5 Jasper
Looks my descriptions of video in HD in my canal of Youtube: skyforce95
4 / 5 Zella
These ENACFIRE F1 wireless earbuds is SURPRISING!!! And in the prize adds also, especially with everything of some characteristic is! CVC 8.0 noise annulment, apt-x stereo sound, Bluetooth 5.0, IPX8 waterproof, and 2600mAh battery鈥 extremely long beat life with 6 habladur铆a of time of hours, 8 music of time of hours, and 208s time of cycle of the hours. Bluetooth 5.0 Says 33ft of connectivity, but has tried and to the looks like achieves much more there. And a CVC 8.0 noise the annulment is sum for annulment of noise, or at least minimalization, but really can say a difference, especially with calls of telephone. For me, they return well add out of a box, but a box also comprises 2 look extra of tampons of focus/of hule to comprise smaller some for those with the smallest ears. And his in fact stay in my ear, included when those careers. Also I have an older pair in ENACFIRE earbuds but some with the key maquinal, as really I can appreciate a sensor of control of the touch the one who calm leave you the slightly press a earbud the controls without that have to that apply too much pressure and jamming a earbud yours ear. Also, surprisingly they have his of utmost bass for such few headphones, and with a new plus Qualcomm QCC3020 the chip really has quality of his upper. And again, a 2600mAh the battery is awesome, and included can be used like a bank of alternative power to touch your mobile phone. These are SURPRISING EARBUDS!!!! The hard battery for ever, sweats to add and the product of quality. Calm can any gone bad with this receiver, especially in of the half some prizes other headphones of name of the mark. To good sure recommends these headphones!
4 / 5 Leonor
Of all an ear buds our familiar hadall of our members there is agreed to few things in this together of ear buds.
1. His of better quality. Subwoofer Like deep bass. Voices and clear dialogue.
2. A chance to touch looks upscale with to to the skin likes them the line in of an external shell. It feels s煤per fresh.
3. The hard battery very long and s煤per easy the recharge. Continuous in still the week.
4. Also it can be used like monophone for purpose of call of the telephone. I add noice annulments also.
5. Sweat and test of law to water superbly. They are rain gone in today and at all spent or him.
6. Bluetooth conectivity Are adds. Has reception for 40 mts.

More in quality of audio, bass, partorisca, looks and produced beautification and way.
4 / 5 Renate
Has scared to buy these reasons are of the calm mark has not listened never of? Any sure will cost of the money? It does not concern , I have bought these after reading some descriptions and they a lot of lie. This ear buds is the really very compraventa.

-The build Of quality adds. No economic celery or oddly light weight. A chance is polished and has semence very cleaned and a magnetic lid maintains it closed without any worry of him opening.
-The life of battery is really good. A chance is coming has touched fully. All have had to has been dipped a buds in a chance and has left his uploads. I had him for the week and I have been taking these bad boys to a gymnasium, work, in of the walks, and in of the public zones. A chance STILL has the majority of him is full battery, all three lights in a chance are has lit still. A buds snap situate magnetically when you are done using them and is ready to touch. So only fall them in his something and will be any question roughly yes or is not that they the good connection with a battery.
- Riada Out of a world. I can not listen the damn sew when has these on touching music! I do in the room of server with a lot of strong AC unit and the one who touch like the hundreds of followers of server to run 24/7. ANY of these courses by means of AT ALL when I am doing in there. They do not annul any there is at all touches or calm is not in the call of telephone鈥bviously.
-Called of telephone is of sound. I have called people using his and a quality of his of my voice is clear crystal . Any environmental noise comes by means of of a buds to a telephone. I can listen a call of telephone without that has to that it covers on one listens, likes has to that do in audience. An only thing has listened was a call of telephone. More can choose answered or calls of decrease of some gestures of tap in an ear buds. My telephone does not have to that never leave my pocket.
-The SOUND! I touch quality of these buds when I have taken music touching on is s煤per noice! Some bass is warm and a sound is very smooth. At all tinny in these types. Also they can take S脷PER STRONG. I have not spent for main 50 in a volume because after a music is so only the freaken strong. These buds has abundance to be able to, more than me never use.
- Seat comfortably in my ears and a lot of wiggle, or movement around at all. I have shaken my boss that tries cogerprpers to the fall was, but his no budge at all. Any ache to spend them on the long period of time.
-Some gestures of tap have done 100 of a time for me.

-Some works of way of pair so only perfectly, MAY! An only question has had with this ear buds is that in a way of the calm alone pair so only takes a side of a stereo sound. So has a left bud in only, SO ONLY will take a left stereo his, and vice versa for a right side.

have programmed these to take in both signals while in way of alone pair, these things would have been 99 amazing finds. BUT it conceal it is not to say that they are not to value of the money. I WANT these buds and to good sure will be in his now. It is a lot I last to find something concealed is 99, concealed does not go to break a bank. I say 99 reason AT ALL in this world is perfect. These are quite damn near, and the utmost find for a money.
5 / 5 Stephnie
Description of Enacfire F1 Wireless Ear buds
Manufacturer: Enacfire Shenzhen, Guangdong, Cina
the points have underlined of costruttore: Indication 5/5
鈥 Waterproof IXP8-
鈥 Stable signal until 33 feet
鈥 Light and comfortable weight
鈥 2600mAh- 8 hours of music/ 6 hours of habladur铆a and until 208 hours partorisca use a chance partorisca touch
鈥 Ergonomic creation
Comment: IPX-8 has Protected : A crew is own partorisca continual submersion in watering on 1 metre down conditions which are identified for a costruttore. AFAIK IPX-8 tests are specified for a costruttore to the equal that can be appropriate to anything is tried this in spite of can not find the time of the period specified or depth partorisca a sure diving of this ear buds.

Service of client: 5/5
has another pair of ear buds of a same company and when I have had a subject with a chance to touch has answered to mine emails immediately, has substituted a chance to good sure and has followed until doing sure a question has been solved. They take some main frames partorisca diligence and the sincere desire to produce a oustanding has produced.

Packaging: 5/5
A packaging is cleaned, sturdy and very professional. An impression is clear and easy to read and some diagrams am detailed enough to interest the consumer. I have used an application of Transparency to scan his QR the code and he have aimed the information of a costruttore. I have comprised the screen has shot with this description.
Inside a box some contents have been dipped is gone in the clear and professional way looked with a two buds and upload instantly visible in the plastic headline and some accessories have hid down.
A global presentation was excellent. It transmits attention to the details and the confidence created in a product.

The elements have Comprised: 5/5
Inside a box was the cast of beautiful regular elements: A two ear buds, a chance to touch, the small USB that cord of touches, two extra sets of the ear of silicon inserts/inserts different measures, a manual of instruction, the paper of guarantee and a paper of inspection of Guarantee of Quality.
A manual of Instruction has five tongues- English, Chinese, Germans, Spanish and French. Some descriptions are simple and easy to follow and coincide with one has has associated pictures. An English portion was 16 pages a lot the time but each page there is so only be one or two instructions together with some pictures and was all very easy to follow.
A canal the touch is compact and well has done. A light show DIRECTED when it is touched and some flaps of coverage on and rests in place. This in spite of, an ear bud wells is the bit sunken so much has to that tickle a buds of the his something of storage. It is not hard but is quell'has bitten inconvenient. I am guessing that overtime that the sense of nuisance dissipates with acclimation.

Pairing: 5/5
Was like this simple likes that follows some instructions in P.4. Take an ear buds of a chance, has left his pair automatically with your telephone, give your permission of telephone to the pair and calm is done.

Powering On for use: 5/5
A costruttore offers two ways to be able to some units on. A prime minister is the simply take an ear buds of a chance and another east to touch a multifuction key for 2 seconds. I have tried both methods and both have done well.

Disconnection: 5/5
A manual has described two reasons for the disconnection. A prime minister is if a telephone Bluetooth the function is of an ear buds beat it was automatically with which 5 minutes and a second is if a distance of connection surpasses a row. If this spends then a buds again will turn was after 5 minutes.
A row is announced likes 33 feet. Ossia Quite attentive. I have measured out of the directly shot of 33 feet and has had a lot of connectivity with my telephone. A bit those that feet more and result the bit spotty. When I have moved indoors and has gone to another room had connected still but was spotty on 20 feet of a telephone. This is not bad in to my opinion likes them to them the wall will have alive bosses, insulation, pipes and other objects that pode a quality of connection.

Answering and when finalising calls and 鈥淭ap鈥: 3/5
Ossia where the things have begun to take interesting. A manual said to 鈥淭ouch鈥 a L or R multifunction key to answer/arrived the call or to touch any R or L key to refuse the call. Both works to do well but a 鈥淭ap鈥 is a hiccup .
In the first place, has to paste something seating in your ear. This creates the strong 鈥渨hap鈥 his interior your ear. A second is has to that be quite something-on with your aim. Some first time have tried taken a lot tries the paste one something corrects with each causing a strong whapping sound. I imagined it once it was my accuracy improved but could still so only he correctly roughly 75 of a time. Tercero, could a lot of he while spending gloves. Thin gloves was. The bicycle to do while listening the audiobooks and when it is cold I gloves of wear. This morning it has had to pull on, take the glove and then touch an ear bud.
When you Paste to correct something a response is quickly and precise.

Touching/prendiendo Music: 3/5
This is not the commentary in a quality of a sound but in an operation of a 鈥淭ap鈥. As it has commented on, you have to 鈥淭ouch鈥 one something exact to take a music or audiobook to touch or pause. If you lose one something or is spending the calm gloves then take a 鈥渨hap鈥 his in your ear.
Also, like this on, has paste once one something corrects a response is quickly and precise. When I have practised for the pocolos small my very improved accuracy and was less little practise. I will try again with my gloves but like this far concealed is been the big roadblock.
Like an additional commentary, has another pair of wireless ear buds of this same company. In place of the 鈥減ress鈥 of Tap in a same but the calm location instead takes the manual 鈥淐lick鈥. A push-the place is main and like your toe does not have to that be like this precise. The routinely gloves to spend to touch and take a music/audiobook.

Assisting of voice: 5/5
will ignore a 鈥渟ubject 鈥溾 of Tap for this evaluation of then is already state commented on. I have looked for to use this function four times of that receives this ear buds and is done perfectly every time.

Quality of sound: 5/5
would be It dud to say these have some same audiophile to to tones likes him to him the ear buds costing hundreds of dollars more but for a money a quality of his excellent east. I have listened to the collection of the music that diverse of modern Hip Hop to classical to digitally remastered the rock of one 60 east. I also listened to separate of a audiobook. At any rate some rows were excellent, some tones crisp and a vocals clear.

Consuelo: 5/5
has used a silicon cushions that an ear buds has come with. I am guessing they are some means of measure . A buds is quite small to returned in mine concavity of ear, is light weight and is shaped correctly. I spent him for six hours yesterday and was comfortable a whole time.

Global impressions:4/5
If it was not for a 鈥渟ubject 鈥溾 of Tap I enthusiastically gives this ear buds the 5/5. They are otherwise all some right things: reasonably prizes, has quality of his excellent, is very comfortable, is easy to use and look durable.
Using ear buds the remotely controls your telephone is one of some primary reasons for his use like 鈥淍@subject鈥 of the tap is the quite significant a. Functionally, Some 鈥渓aws鈥 to Touch extremely well when have paste one something corrected but a 鈥渨hap鈥 of the lose and an inability to use them while spending the gloves are two big swipes against him.
My hope is that over time my accuracy improves to 99 and a subject of glove goes has used gloves that is done specifically for screens to touch.

Like the final note regarding both a 'Tap' and his service of client. I have sent this description to a costruttore. They have answered immediately with recognition for a description, did not ask me to change the alone word and they have said is that cost animal a 'Tap' function to improve his use.
4 / 5 Jenee
These headphones are SURPRISING! I consider to have small ears, and these are some premiers earbuds that in fact returned and stay in my ears while I go my day. Comprising while exiting in a gymnasium. They come with the pocola measures different cups for your ears, and my husband was also able to spend these without question. It has been s煤per impressed also!
A quality of his flawless east and an annulment of noise the easy fact to direct in that is listening to him quell'be music, or the person in another end of a call of telephone. These also have awesome life of battery.
A box the touch is very solid and an ear buds easily slide in magnetically. For taping a earbud, can take that it is listening to, and to touch another ameno on the orders of voices in your telephone like calm easily can situate the call rids free. This ear buds is to good sure the rival to some Pods of Air of the Apple. HIGHLY IT RECOMMENDS!
5 / 5 Elnora
Was skeptical in these.

Enacfire f1

Totally awesome!!
I work like the bricklayer and has to that be in constant
jumping. Pulling. Lifting. Climbing. Walking in places of construction 馃彈
is the half very noisy
doing called in any one another Bluetooth device
is the ache in an ass
the people hardly comprise that I am speaking
Because of all a noise
the Heavy cars that careers around
Bad mouthed bricklayers 馃槀
have the yuwiss Bluetooth
device of Alone ear. It was a lot of
But is doing Tiled centrical
And for some reason every time
A cross 鉁堬笍 of slowly for a Bluetooth pauses of connection 馃槨
Now any more!!!

These pocolos if it marvels
the wonderful works
work with Siri
Two touch is in an accident
And ossia
Noice annulling?
Acceptable For a class of half Where no any complaint
quality to Call
Very satisfied
Now all the world can listen without a fund noice
the life of Battery is really acceptable
I paired around 5:30 I are
And the star that listens music in 7:30 to 3:30
And doing calls
has had still 40 battery
looks a period along that calls
battery of the fastest drains
the volume used in the music was two lines
On iPhone
was quite for me
Agree a half noisy and was well for me
For an employee of office was really a lot
Reason ossia really strong 馃槑
am not sure if another class of music will drain a faster battery
I like classical or tenors

Now have a little complaint in a chance
Fails the skin is not my favourite election
Reason break and the tear averts

estaca some pictures
Really comfortable to use
almost has FORGOTTEN had him on
5 / 5 Hubert
has been surprised with these earbuds. A quality of his impressive east, and the reduction of noise is very too much. One touching/spends the chance is little main, and can not be comfortable in of the small pockets. A chance has the soft-the surfaces of skin to the equal that gives the rich feels. A earbuds pair easily with a mobile or any Bluetooth device of music. A variable measure earcups is returned firmly in an ear. A earbuds is said to be waterproof, but has not tried is qualified . Some work to touch in a earbuds are adds. A bluetooth drops of connection sometimes.
5 / 5 Yuko
I Elected these for a prize and a quality to build that it could say them photo.

The chance that control some pieces of ear is quite well with dud skin in a cup. A buds looks very built and solid in a hand. It has fallen in fact one 1 minute after opening it. Roughly it counters big to walk hard. It take a drop like the field.

The built in the battery in a chance is also it plus if you are in the pinch for bit it more juice to your telephone, although he doesnt has quite juice to fully touch the telephone.

The pairing was easy, took him so only out of a cradle, and has gone the investigation of car. A quality of his east well. They are not a audiophile, but all some songs has tried them has had clear highs and good bass.

The only things would say them could be improved for his next version. 1, Change micro usb load to the type c upload of 2020 now. And 2, it was a lot it have the control to touch to control volume of some pieces of ear. It was able to answer the call and take a song. But the hips would like me volume of transmission without that has to that grab my telephone.

1 Another note, some tips of look of ear/to look really small. The didnt Thinks was to do for me. But a big some have done in fact. One of my holes of ear, is main that another. It has had to buy aftermarket extra big bud tips in a past. But a big this is coming with this fact. It has Done a test of sobresalto of the boss and he am remained place. I will have him that tries during an extra sweaty workout to see if ossia still a chance.
4 / 5 Gillian
These earbuds is really awesome.
A quality of his east one of one has listened more in this prize. Some controls to touch he quite easy to operate.
I really like a chance also is the leathered chance and easily access in a pocket.
A earbuds is returned perfectly my ear that is not a chance with all the world-wide that has tried still. I used him while biking and has not faced never a @@subject to fall them out of my same ear during jerks.
A life of battery is also adds has not touched a chance still and every time took him was is 100. There is remarked after listening constantly for 2 battery of hours is fallen to 80 how is life of the good battery to the equal that has a chance to be able to him until 100. So only a thing would have loved is a control of volume but concealed is not the thing of entity like this in general is the experience adds and are by train of the master!!!
5 / 5 Kym
Loves having a flexibility of just touching an accident earbuds and direct me-me the voice my commanded, and with a right ear bud can take or resume music. Precise and prefer earbuds that would have cords to take me complicated in or yank was because of still be clumsy. They rest comfortably in an ear that resupplies to focus well as a lot they so only the fall was when I am moving around. There is at all does not like me on these and can not say quite positive. A chance to touch is a lot compact and the prize that can well to my pocket when in a gone. Really I love him!
5 / 5 Modesto
Would recommend these headphones to all the world. A quality of his east amazing and a distance is not too bad also. I used him around my house while cleaning and can take quite far.

While exiting look to remain in place without any questions. I want that his hips come with pieces of ear of different measure. Has holes of small ear, as has the question with some hard headphones that ache of cause. But these are returned like this amiably in my canal of ear without any questions. They block it was his, but is not totally annulment of noise. Still I can listen a lot faint sounds.

Some keys to touch have the curve of light learning when that learns regarding the use, and a usb touching the cord is s煤per short. But have hundreds of these cords, as I am not concerned too much roughly that. I want that a chance is also able to touch your telephone, as any the one who goes to a lot of chances is prevails adds .

In general is well of pair of wireless earphones for means a prize of a lot well the known frames and you take very characteristic amazing.
4 / 5 Angie
I already have one of the his earbuds, and decided to try this some hips!
Enacfire Is the mark adds, and here is reason like.

1. The prize is on point. Yes it has to that it weaves of economic some here on amazon, but his hard to choose an a lot of some. An of confidence some. This one this quality adds , but with still seal of economic prize.
2. Quality of sound. Better that a airpods! This am quite sure of. He do not actuate ANC like a airpods pro, but a sound is clearer of joy.
3. If of battery. I want that you can use a chance to touch your telephones. It is not the enormous source of battery, but gives in extra 5-60 % of life to your telephone. So much in time of need, can trust is!
4. It likes- one creation. Simple, and act more.
5. Comfortable in your ears. Still with 5 now of use, the very included remark it on me.

Ossia The ear adds buds can trust you.
4 / 5 Marge
These are extremely only headphones that it is to good sure value a prize. Mina pros and gilipollas:

-the control to touch
-his Well for a money
-pairing A lot quickly
-the Big quality feels to a chance
-Earbuds is light and comfortable, personally access in my very good ears
-life of Good battery
-Low profile once in an ear

-MICRO SPEND of LOAD of the USB STILL??... ( It is 2019, please USB dipped-C to these. Ossia That decree these buds to be almost perfect.)
-A chance takes situates it quite where does the significant bulge in a pocket, more than launching he in the class of stock exchange of chance.
-Control to the touch can not be like this quickly like other competitors of control of the touch.

-Some functions of chances like the bank of battery also. Has the USB-An in front of a chance to spend and can touch my telephone. I do not use it never? Probably any, but suppose that it is good to know that has one uploads of emergency if I do not require it never.
Another that a sound, thinks that mark this it must-buy is some controls to touch. Control of hate of key in wireless earbuds so only reason owe usually jam a earbud in my ear to in fact prints it. I want a bit it controls to touch in mine Bose @@@700s and am happy these buds have them.

But a WORSE thing that has to that it is that these are still micros USB to touch. I hate to see devices that still his have. Pays $ 10 more quotations that take USB -C. It is for this that give it the 4.5/5 in place of 5/5. Such one thing displaced that it would have done it one of a better wireless earbuds has not done never.

Final of notes: In spite of my flu in a micro-USB, these still are that they surprise headphones for a prize and functionality of control of the touch. Calm will not complain buying these.
4 / 5 Eladia
Coming stratight To a point, are the audio junkie and has bought countless some wiresless earbuds while it finds the perfect pair that access my needs (Any too expensive, qualities of access and good audio of perfect ear). My investigation finalised in this earbuds. I have been blown was when have in the first place tried these. A quality of the his only is in amazing! Heavy bass and perfect balance of clear highs and lows. A question with another earbuds was that a functionality to the touch has not been until a mark. These in another hand have sensors quite sensitive to relieve evey touch. The life of battery is announced like this. A chance to touch look stylish. It estimates him highly according to which a quality is concerned. This pair attracts powder and is in general side. S
4 / 5 Birdie
These are well in of the so many appearances. Sound: it is a lot a lot underlining his pure, the bases is not extremely has underlined. With the base and the noise that annuls fact very a lot still with half strong like Starbucks, Consuelo: that finds a right access was bit it delicate and has the bit of the curve to learn to do them is returned properly. Controls to touch: very sensitive and a lot of responsive, look in a manual to learn them everything. Touching chance: a lot of stylish and lustrous, 2600 mAh over time to touch 3 hours. Main headphone is an accident but the quality of his east equalises for both sides. After the few days of use, confidently can say that ossia the good upgrade of regular headphones.
4 / 5 Anya
The present adds... Good box. It looks it coming from/come from a shelf of the tent of good electronics. Reason pays 4x a prize for some headphones of popular fruit?
4 / 5 Caroline
Auricular quality really good for an economic prize! It was kinda while these to touch like rubbishes, given a prize, but am impressed enough. Originally they are not returned, and has considered the turn but I am remarked has had other tips, as changing them to a small plus some in fact facts and returns very better in my ears.

A chance feels quality really big , and a life of battery like this far is expected like this - the few hours. I really like an arrival of skin of the fake in a chance (hopefully resists up with time).

Has possessed Bluetooth auricular in some pasts and usually take stray or defective, but while it is not a chance with these. Rings to update my description the few months!
5 / 5 Mason
Had excited really to take this ear buds but sadly is rubbishes . Bottomline So only a sinister ear bud would connect. I have been to a place of web of the costruttrici to find support, I also emailed him. I have behind listened they in roughly 12 hours but his solution have not done. Probably the subject of control of the quality for a costruttore. BTW Has the terracing in computing and am very specialised to dip on Bluetooth devices. This is not the 鈥渆rror of user鈥.
5 / 5 Vicki
These are announced as having annulment of active noise. They do not have It . A manual does not mention it , a box does not mention it , and into use, has no such function. I have gone back now and read some of some descriptions that comment in a 'annulment of noise' and is apparent result that a lot of people do not have any idea that annulment of of the east of same active noise (clue: sticking your toes or any old earbuds in your ears, is not he). If any precise annulment of active noise, then these can cost consider. Quality of looks to build to be excellent. I have been surprised by a weight of a small touching box (a plenary 1/4 book); for traves铆a, a lot would prefer buds that uploads directly of mine portable and skip a weight of significant extra battery.

Has required these for annulment of active noise. Shame on you, vendor, partorisca deceitfully squandering my time.
4 / 5 Yuriko
So only has taken these headphones and has been excited to try them was but with which roughly 5 minutes to listen the music a sound has maintained to cut in and was and on a bit those that the minutes had on so only maintain to worsen. I have tried turning it on and was again and touching it expecting it would help and there is no. are really disappointed especially after reading like this positive critic, would not recommend these.
5 / 5 Raymundo
Has had so only these for 2 days now and was although they like him to of me there is a bit few subjects and fails some figure that would have done these that very better. 1st) after speaking in a telephone with 3 different people that use these all 3 has declared that has touched really muffled, and still although they can listen me my voice still was flooded out of the little for a background noise of those in a trace of bus on at the same time of all 3 calls of telephone. So much regarding a person the voice of person these are supposes to have he any and considering noise cancelation, any gone there neither. 2nd) it does not have any way at all to control volume with these unless it use a control of the volume of a device has these have connected to the to the equal that would have been the characteristic SUM in these. 3rd) it have been a lot they have actuated pocolos vibrators each earbud like this he receive the call or txt would vibrate so only quite that can the to you feels in your calm ears so that it knows any one is calling or txting you.
In general, is looking for the together good of some wireless earbuds ossia quite waterproof to does not have to that worry in the downpour that his ruin, this has the life of battery adds ( has used these of 730pm - 3:30am before that has to that it recharge the) has compared to the which are well in a $ 100 mark that so only last around 2-5 hours tops that it sucks. So that it calm it uses him calm individually could take 16+ hours of this more this in spite of much more hours a chance to touch calm to give you before I need recharged and a prize added is a chance to touch for them can have the habit to touch your telephone or the tab yes has required also.
4 / 5 Zulema
Has bought these earphones reasons have alleged to be the noise that annuls and fully waterproof.

IPX-8 Means a earphone can be fully submerged and apparently used in this state (swimming laps, etc.) A manual of instruction declares 'He submersed in a water, does not turn a earphones on until it is dried entirely' and 'Guarantee void if a earphones submersion in a water.' (p. 16)

These are also any one the noise that annuls. There is any mention of the noise that annuls at all in a manual of same instruction.

A sound is sufficient. This in spite of, this product is at all that is to announce.
5 / 5 Sherell
Like begin was to say that it was pleasantly surprised in a quality of his and build. A packaging is good and leaves at all to be wished.

Earbuds And touching the chance is coming has touched already.

Setup Was ridiculously easy. Earbuds Has turned on and has begun immediately look for bluetooth the pairing a moment has dipped a left earbud in.

Quality of his excellent east without the subjects exp贸sitos in roughly 8 hours of initial use.

Touching/the chance of storage feels excellent manually and the looks adds.

Gilipollas -
Any control of audio in earbuds for volume. You can skip to take, skip advance, and skip backward.

Can also answered and annul calls of telephone but calm can no to refuse them with a earbuds only.

Has left earbud occasionally would turn was without any look or audio cue that it had done it that the so much. Troubleshooting Has not fixed a question. ( It can be that a battery gone down but does not create concealed to be a chance to the equal that dip a earbuds back to a chance for 10-30 minutes each another hour or so much.)

Touching the chance would open while in pocket. Earbuds Is not Never state dislodged but was quite alarming to find a chance has been opened.
5 / 5 Lincoln
I have not had a better of regime when it comes partorisca purchase wireless earbuds. The majority has been hyped up with dud descriptions, as it was hesitant with buying these. I have had a ENACFIRE F1 earbuds partorisca roughly a week and I have to that say are very impressed with them. A row is incredibly good and a sound is surprising. Another wireless earbuds has purchased (and returned) has suffered disconnects - any one a bud or both- but these active closings to fail. This pair with a telephone a lot well when taken out of a chance.

His - impressive. When properly situated in a riada of ear out of a noise around you. Some bass is pertinent.
Controls- take some time partorisca take used to. Partorisca Advance or the precise reverse songs touch a earbud control partorisca 2 seconds.
Life of battery - well! An extra powerbank (headline of chance) is very a lot
Connection to a telephone- Easy. Any subject with the OnePlus
has Built Quality- 9 out of 10
has sustained has seen a earbud - Pause, before, backward, google that has taken

A product comes with extra adapters to leave users to regulate for a better access. I am common adapters that can be obtained of ebay or included amazon.
That could be improved? I can not find the half to regulate a volume has seen a earbuds. It was a lot it could do this but is not the showstopper for any half. They are sure there it has calm so only so much can pack the such the small device.

A lot these wireless earbuds exist in the amazon and look very identical to the each one like this another. I have decided to follow an external joint and has taken these. I am cost the bit more than a lot, but look to do a lot well.
Highly recommend!
Will update this description in a pr贸jimo 60 -90 days with any transmissions.
5 / 5 Deneen

has loved to try the pair of earbuds, this in spite of has not loved to look ape with this big aim earbuds see all the world with, after looking has found everywhere a ENACFIRE F1, will begin to say that a quality of his this really impressive and is able to resist against very expensive earbuds, tried him for the week already, Is taste to him are not him spending at all, my ears do not hurt and has found some pocolos tampons return me to us a plus.

Has Record this in spite of does not expect the s煤per experience of basses, a rest of his clear east and there is harmony. I listen to the wide variety of music and like this far this earbuds nailed that all, battery last to plot more than 8 hours, has been able to spend them for 10hrs but has not listened in max volume, last does not forget to leave your rest of ears and be careful to not hurting your audition.

With which 5 鈥 6 days an of some discharge partorisca has listened result muffled and a volume was a lot down, the supposition has taken a miserable pair , his service of client has taken the control of me the few weeks later and fix the substitution to be envoy, any excuse, any one craps, his service of client has offered the solution and answered really quickly, are the happy client .

To finalise my look of fresh description, all the world in my work has been asking me roughly the and am happier that share this finds.
5 / 5 Maximina
A product was to good sure adds especially is prize . I add to exit stays in a good ear. My subject only is personally after an hour has begun takes to hurt and personally did not like me a measure of them. A box is well a cord to the touch is way I too short this in spite of like this calm can not dip a box down unless it is the counter upper type outlet. You can pair the to accident and right, to the left, or right. In some 4 calls or 5 calls was on with these has taken the audio distorted two times has not been bad but is something to think roughly especially for the use of term along headset. In $ 60 he all would want to in $ 120. There have it also of the coupons for him and enacfire always is giving deals.
4 / 5 Brant
Fast description of one in better, 3 description of star, of the together of earbuds concealed does not match until any in this point of prize..+\-$ 60. Some stars would represent a life of battery, and unboxing presentation, if this imports yours. If you are a audiophile, will save you some time, and movement on. With all some claims, and some 1000+ 5 launches descriptions, has thinks that would be blown has gone by these earbuds. It does not try to compare.

Loves life of battery, this alive until a time. If it love his clear, is not here. As the one who annulment of noise, has no characteristic of annulment of active noise or the way of transparency likes found in an Amazon (I own, some 5 stars) or a newer Apple (does not possess ) devices. I have very possessed earbuds, and this one especially would fall in a low end of earbuds. Have Still to find the place ossia able to do and receive clear calls, without that has to that listen my voice in a call, neither having a characteristic that a one in another end of a call can listen Each Background noise. I have been in an investigation of the quality dipped that called of telephone of the frames with an elimination of a background noise. Any here. Like this like this any to entirely steer clear, a chance of product is quell'has bitten big, and servants like this he 2600 mAh upload, but be sure to have a boss to touch that accesses a device loves load, to the port of separate USB. But yes it calms really it loves it upload, can find much smaller some, partorisca around $ 15. So that it calm so only like this characteristic, one waters resistant indication and a life of battery, and is not concerned like this roughly called of telephone or quality of his clear, these would be for you. I am concerned more in clear calls, any background noise (for another person in a call-still the light wind will cause), and clear, crisp quality of sound. But if those are not your points of entities, these can be for you. No for me, especially around $ 60. To good sure falls the short way in my description.
4 / 5 Slyvia
Included Although a quality of sound has had tomb very small a service of client of Enacfire is awesome. A quality of a product is a lot well, this in spite of, like his really well so much with of small bass and more triple my preference would be the different type of earbud.
5 / 5 Enrique
The product adds, highly recommends this if yours looking for the estimativa TWS earbuds. Quality of his add, acts each one that like this earbud individually, the row adds, the chance of load feels good and durable (any one some economic plastic). I have bought a leading version of him (future plus) and now am upgrading is one. In general ossia that the imports sees! 馃憤馃徏
5 / 5 Dorathy
This product is the option adds for headphones of daily use, has been using them every day like path by means of campus among classes. A quality of his decent east; his wont blow you was, but is not bad neither. It say that they touch a lot resembled airpods. Annulment of noise isnt crazy, but still can do the good work of blocker out of environmental noise. One a thing that this utmost is life of battery. I listen to alot of music, and after using these for on ten days, I havent gone down the alone bar for a band of battery! These things will go the s煤per long time without requiring the load, and calm also can touch your telephone in a band of battery, which is the very characteristic , but probably severely cut down in a headphone life of battery. Some controls to the touch is fresh has read once a manual and comprise them, but unfortunately, to to looks like is of impossible to go back the song, of a rewind require to resist down your toe for 2 seconds, like this calm only maintenances rewinding to a start of the song... In general, the good product. He the present adds for the student!
4 / 5 Rosamond
I hardly ever things of turn, but decided to return these after the pair of days.
A main reason is these pods of the ear there is absolutely very grave at all. All touch likes is listening by means of the low quality telephone connection. I have seen a description of a unit and to the equal that has the good bass, as they are by train to ask me if I so only spent to take the bad pair. At any rate the mine has had any inferior to a sound anything.
A manual is a lot brief and unhelpful. It is printed in impression very small, doing it very difficult to red.
All and all has loved really like these and tried, but in an end was so only very happy with a sound.
4 / 5 Zandra
I like Enacfire Crew of Service. With which rid my worries in a earbuds, contact and has solved a question. I love his service of client. We send me to knots a paper excusado for a subject. I create has any question with a earbuds, his of crew of the service everything to please you.
5 / 5 Ed
Like first time have received these have to that it has taken to uselessness. If they have suffered harm in shipping or that does not have any idea but thanks to a service of client adds of Enafcfire was able to take the new pair and has a lot of state pleased. It has had absolutely any subjects of connectivities when pairing to my Pixel 4Xl, touch it are to add and included an audio lag in youtube has gone almost. Near to add of ear buds for a money.
5 / 5 Alton
As I have had these the week now. Has the decade of experience in an industry of electronics of the consumer. Here it is my findings .

Pros: Quality of call, Life of Battery, Facilitated of Pairing, Quality of his vs Expectations partorisca Point of Prize, Row, Global Record

the tomb is underwhelming. Usually wouldnt attack a earbud partorisca that but when I the the point in yours listed of product will resist to the level the big plus.

Some Fines-the key of Function is useless, has no tactile or haptic feedback as it press is unclear. So only sporadically it recognises gone in all near. Been due to of the his east almost impossible to control Pause/of Game, Leading/Next clue, Calls of Response, etc of a buds they. Maintaining I of those who alcohol that does these things well of mine telephone instead but another can no.

While they return utmost during normal wear and moderate activity, tends the wiggle free when that pause or eating.

In general these are quite good pocolos buds. Quality of call and Quality of his better sound that one would expect given a prize, a life of battery is surprisingly be as well as it was facilitated of pairing. Felizmente Will recommend him while you are well with a subpar action of a multifunction key.
5 / 5 Golden
A crew of support was a lot of gain to identify some challenges have had with my together. They were able to pair with my telephone quite easily.

Does not comprise some descriptions that rent a quality of his of this together. I consider my self the critical auditor as mine another crew of audio is final very big, which, for example, comprises the together of Sennheiser HD 580 telephones of boss (estimated in several dollars of hundred) and he 5 canal THX has certified theatre to house that comprises the Velodyne 15 thumb subwoofer. So much, I think that that it was that to the sounds of good bass likes him when I listen it. Of course, no appearance this together of earbuds to approach to an action of mine another crew but I think that to have the base to compare crew of audio.

Thinks that for a prize, a quality of his reasonable east. It is not to import-blowing, but is not bad neither.
4 / 5 Elfrieda
The life of battery is ridiculously a lot of

quality of Sound: the bass are not exaggerated likes is with Beatz. If you are looking for a class of thump that mark your rattling his of dish of the licence like the wet fart; these are not for you

Waterproof (eh, mostly): the rain is well, falling in yours bathtub (taste ) void of a guarantee. If calm fully submerge them, automatically can was. To the left dry for the day and still would owe that be very

annulment of Noise: there are two methods to reduce external noise.
1) Electronic: the device remarks external noise and produces opposite soundwaves so that a two annuls each one which so another was (ossia a method that a new AirPods use). This are adds to filter out of constants drones (noise of aerial, tires on asphalt, dishwasher, etc). It does not filter out of dynamic sounds (crying creature, honking car horn, any that tries to take your attention)

2) maquinal: (ossia a method that ENACFIRE uses) laws of device like the physical barrier to dampen soundwaves. These earbuds is like this to cover them for the listened in STEROIDS. If powered on or was, taking on like this zone of surface in your ear that a lot reduce ALL EXTERNAL NOISE. These are utmost for any one passenger that tries to close out of a whole world, or any one trying the nap, or any concealed is eating mesos comunicacionales while lying motionless.

These will transmit vibrations of your own organism (feet in pavement, chewing, etc.), which is strong, and obnoxious. Also, calm will not listen a car ossia roughly to run you on to the equal that enter the crosswalk

TLDR; these are of the best world-wide earbuds still when you are seating still, loves to enjoy half comunicacionales or just blockade out of external noise.

These are terrible for any those who loves him spend while exerting or need to be at all conscious of his means
5 / 5 Phil
the desire could a lot included give them the indication of 1 stars-
was excited like this to receive these & use but opened him so only, & ..... A legislation earbud the works but one have left no! A sinister earbud luzca a lot of faintly blinks included after further touching! Any paid !! You look on another feedback of villages & has tried on-line to see can troubleshoot but still does not act .
Returning produced ASAP & so only that goes to pay more money for the mark more than confidence.
5 / 5 Yuri
Has bought this simply like the pair of backup of my continuous current pair to do well. I have bought the few pairs before this and is returned of then does not fulfil my requirements. This in spite of, this earbuds is surprising, and is one of these earbuds that wants to give the 4.5 was 5 stars but seat bad to give it to him the 4 to the equal that have been with 5. I think that that I can say that this buds is like this as well as my current earbuds but much more economic. The, this in spite of probably utilisations this like main of a chance is really beautiful. So much, they like him say you some pros and gilipollas beside some obvious like some noises cancelation, etc, that really underlines mine.

-Beautiful chance, a look of better chance that more earbuds that in a row of dollars of the hundreds.
-A creation is good-looking and comfortable, which is better that my current buds.
- Any key, the simple touches no my ears have hurt.
-The small measure but the quality of music is mesmerizing

- No really of the gilipollas but direct taste that it is hard to take a buds out of a mould in a box, no a chance but a box. It is so only he the thing of time because I will dip a buds in a chance but man, has struggled.
-A main reason because desires to estimate this the 4.5 stars because my current pair can control volume, which is something expect this conpany will take the consideration for his next product.

According to which worry of things, thinks that ossia the pair adds of buds and that marries so only mecer.
4 / 5 Luanne
Has bought these earbuds mainly to listen the music, films etc during traves铆a of aeroplane. Unfortunately, although they are announced as having annulment of noise, his no. An only way to block out of a noise of background aeroplane was in ray a earbuds the more far possible to the mine earballs. They are no better that my old earbuds. Has has had to that still turn a volume to a max. If precise annulment of noise, does not buy these.
4 / 5 Demetrius
Be sure to verify out of my updates in these earbuds.

Like me these earbuds. They are good and small and does not hurt my ears like a last four pair that has bought and is returned. They are easy to use and also like that I can use of an accident and right independently. Also when you use an accident or earbud so only a capacity of the pause of the game spends on. I Like him it concealed attributes. A life of battery looks quite good. Lame by means of the whole 8 day of now in work with these on and a battery has not died on me. A quality of audio is balanced enough. A mids and highs is clear and rebust touching without causing @@tiredness of ear. A lows is present and no in powering or has augmented. In general I like a way these earbuds the access and I likes him there characteristic. In this way of the his better touching then my JBL Free X and Tune 120TWS both duquel am returned. But these F1 is does not touch like this very like this of the creative laboratories TWS earbuds that I also returned, this in spite of a F1 is the better product then some Creative Laboratories earbuds for far.

Considering quality to call this look to be well. Mina GF likes to nitpick all I habladur铆a to his on lol, but with these in fact does not know has spoken to the his in the pair of BT earbuds. So that it is another wins.

A chance to touch is good but the doubt will not use never a bank of characteristic touch (good to have in the pinch I supposition). Ossia Something concealed could be deleted to do a chance a small plus in my opinion but then again a big battery means a chance will resist the way to upload longer.

Like this in general for one $ 50 that these sell to touch the good product and is also a lot of fact and has drawn.

Update these still are treating utmost! Some engine has broken has done like this some following observations. A lows is result more responsive and a highs is resulted bit it softer or perhaps warmer touching? Any way is not the bad thing and he so only like these earbuds of the little more.

Update 2/23/20
These have been doing perfectly for me. They are awesome to use with my TV, computer and telephone. So only be sure to go down a volume in this first dipping in your ears like the volume in an initial pair is too strong in my opinion. But anyways in my telephone has imagined was like this still to enable Aptx Bluetooth codec of my telephone defaults the AAC for some reason. With Aptx in WOW these improve! An audio that begin him of these few things is so only like this cleaned and clear! Also I have a G20 and basically a same result! Like this yeah these earbuds so only valued roughly more points for me.
5 / 5 Adelina
These ENACFIRE F1 is the together fantastic of earbuds to say a less. Big, Mid & Down is is all salda for the music that listens. For those looking for s煤per deep that imposed of strikes, these buds is not for you. I personally enjoyed some rich bass these bud produced after listening to them for the moment. Much better that that has believed excellent fact earbuds. A row of sound covers all the notes and do the joy to listen any to say this tomb is not fantastic and has balanced perfectly.
Also have the together of TOZO T10 bud is that it also is that it surprises with deep bass. After listening to a Enacfire F1 am coming to appreciate this bass is not that it marks his a lot of vs bad but acuteness of his in all the diverse note to comprise crystal clear voice also. This is not to say that a TOZO is not glorious buds. Among both I now active bud is for fines purpose.
F1 Is can have the neighbour behind. Returning in the ear is delicate and the task to learn. It has been for it returns him like this when his tried in the first place was horrible and register any one existent. After reading a manual has learnt that they have to that be returned in the concrete place and place in ear. If any one situated in a concrete place has drawn, is junk. A backside of these buds is configured in the way takes that they so only returned in ear an alone way. This all is magic. Afterwards. As all bud F1 is can not return all the world-wide but maintain this last commentary in importing try first to decide to maintain or no.
I often traves铆a and require the noise that annuls/annulment bud. I can not say that a lot his b煤fer environmental noise in the flight but the confidence will do the reasonable work.
Enacfire Is known to be election a lot well in a mid the row priced. They are engineered to offer the technology adds and estimate like this for my long investigation pre-the cost and the description that look. Reason these bud is is recently state launched in some descriptions of the phase is not extended but now that I have them are not anything there is disappointed. Very satisfied.
Enacfire HAS the satisfaction of policemen and exceptional client to guarantee the backup his produced another reason because calm can any gone bad.

PROS: His amazing
GILIPOLLAS: Complicated returning.
5 / 5 Xiomara
These were really highly revised has like this state excited to take them but are really disappointed in them. They have hurt My ears to all the cost of the like measures earbud has in his, so only can him spend until thirty minutes, which is extremely inconvenient reason use him in both of my works. A work requires an ear buds of then are the transcriptionist and does not do to have that takes him was and rest my ears each 30 minutes because they are plague of a way a hard plastic is pressing to them.

Also, for a sound of annulment and better quality of the main noise, has to use a big plus bud, but fill your canal of ear like this entirely (likes propiciado by ear) that when you take some headphones of your ear creates pressure in yours drum of ear. After dipping them in and taking them was was all day, an ache just stays in your ear.

Besides, no longer have the clicky physical key in an ear bud, how is easy to take and begin anything is listening the only to regulate a piece of the ear or he take, but then is responsiveness is quite unpredictable like calm could press he partorisca take and does not answer .

Finally, a chance is pleasant, but a chance in mine another model there has been the clear cup that could see you a light in an ear bud and know when it finalise to touch. A short of this chance is opaque as I have to open it and control.

Can not spend for a hassle to exchange them reason require to do, but hardly can resupply goes to try to buy a model an old plus again.

Modification: A sinister ear bud there is prendido to touch correctly have ordered like this the substitution. Interior 40 minutes to use them so only randomly has turned was and disconnected. It was not if ossia he faulty produced or yes maintain to take fraction during shipping reason to the amazon so only are launching in the big box without cushioning, but is pissing me was.

Modification 2: A right ear bud in a new pair there is prendido touching now. Ossia The faulty has produced. I will be to return his and that orders another pair of an old some have had.

Modification 3: I have fixed a @@subject to touch and now some telephones of boss there is unpaired of the each one another. At the beginning it is that so only one would have the sound that comes by means of the time, but now have both of them on immediately neither of will connect - only will maintain to connect and disconnecting behind and advance. These are extremely faulty. I do not hate any idea yes is reason one produces is defective or yes is reason both times have been free shipped mine in the box without bubbling wrap or paper to absorb an abuse to be has shipped.
4 / 5 Danial
A right ear bud waste to touch. These earbuds has been used a lot seldom and has not been damaged. A chance to touch works properly with a sinister ear bud. A quality of his and the life of battery was to touch like this wish that one produces has not been defective. This subject is arisen before a 30 amazon of day civilises of the turn but I was unable to return he in time. If there is the way to substitute a defective product would consider to update my description.

Top Customer Reviews: WUYA iPhone ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Drema
Mina 2 sisters and my brother have transmission to iPhone this year so that it averts on its own name, am saving extra bosses partorisca his too much! Ossia Economic partorisca $ 10. More looks sturdy too much. A lot it recommends this partorisca take is looking for the together economic of bosses that wants hard calm for at least the year although I am assuming east a partorisca yearssss!! Really it looks durable and really has done well.
5 / 5 Susana
We are the family , and long family, of users of iPhone so that pode any never have quite chargers around our house, in our car, or while we travel. I have loved a variety of period in this together of the cords so much can dip a small plus some in our car for Apple CarPlay. A longer cord will be adds for use in an office. And some another will be used when has guests, or when we travel, or to the substitute frayed cords. These cords celery very durable and sturdy also. The cost adds again to have extra manually for substitutions when our familiar inevitably took these chargers marries with them.
5 / 5 Lurline
These are the fantastic prize and master all some different measures. I did not think it utilisations all some measures but I do. I want a 10ft cord for a car of only has put you of USB int he front this leaves people in a 2nd or 3rd row to still be able to touch there telephone
5 / 5 Paulette
Good bosses, take a work done. Nizza That among period. Literally I am using them on my telephone to the equal that write this description, then , works for me! It likes him-me some braided bosses, look to be that they resist on well to normal daily wear and tear. I used him for the pair of days now, as my main bosses. Good material.
5 / 5 Roxanna
These lighting qualities of build of the bosses of USB is excellent and touch quite well without any subject.
Also go in different measures that is handy to use in Car, House and office.
To good sure recommends him.
5 / 5 Antionette
Quality. Works perfectly and does not feel like his in disposal to come averts.
5 / 5 Stephenie
I can any one has believed a quantity of chargers can take for this quantity of $ ! Very durable and fast touching iPhone of paralizaci贸n. A cord is flexible like the hard fact for tear and tears.
5 / 5 Keila
These are some big quality chargers for a awesome prize. I love a different period. They are in mine telephone the plot, and this container leave to maintain upload it work, in my car, one in a cookery and one in a chamber with a spare extra. To good sure value of the money.
5 / 5 Elmo
This is coming with 5 cords and a period is quite long. Ossia Perfect for travelling especially when a outlet is not to approach a bed or chair. Work well with my iPhone. A wiring is quite strong and sturdy. This in spite of, wrapping or bending on some bosses required you to be careful reason also bending can do an unable boss to be used or compatible like calm can not say of low a coating that bent a boss too much. This was the good value for a number of bosses in chances a result unusable.
5 / 5 Malika
In the first place, it has loved a diverse period of some cords.
As, has appreciated the one who sturdy some cords are.
Felt like this the sale was the value adds and also last the moment.

The law adds for my iPhone XR

Top Customer Reviews: amFilm Glass Screen ...

Rating: 2 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Sue
Update 3
is posing this backside in the five indication of product of star. I have contacted techmatte, and has counted concealed has had some subjects with some protectors and they felizmente in the pair of days has substituted each protective has purchased. That is to say the guarantee adds that it is service of the client adds and I plan to use this product of companies in my future telephones also.

Update 2
Well has to fall my indication 1 star so that I have done to any to give that my water the resistant telephone has taken waters has the place would enter among my screen of tlphonique and a protective screen. It IS darn prjimo impossible to take a water was so has to take of a protective screen and of an adhesive is so strong in some verges (which are the good thing ) a protective screen cracked. In bad that adhesive could not maintain was a bit to water that it was in my telephone in a first place, is not in so was submerso or anything. It IS still the protective sake as it is ordering mine 3 and hopefully hard a now that I am conscious of a situation of water.

In the positive note, installed a 3 protective screen and enters perfect only like an another two and works perfectly.

Update: afterwards almost 2 month
has ordered the 2 a so that I cracked an inferior corner of a 1 unit As it guess his law! This protective is still excellent imo. The good looks and the sensibility the touch is sum . Quan Has taken a cracked one was was on quite tight cual has reassured. One 2 case was in so easy and to perfect access likes him 1. Highly it recommends this protective.

Has has had only this for 1 day and so far so good! I have followed some directions that is very easy to follow and mark for an easy installs. I attach in fact it is probably a screen a protective easy plus has not installed never comprising glass and P.et.T Film. Some sake of protective looks in a tlphonique and so far does perfectly! The sensitive touch is well, the clarity is well and fingerprints the besides easy wipes then in a regular screen. Hopefully Last! Perfect cape in mine and-blasin very case. That is to say a first glass has revenida protective screen this has been able to use in the wry screen of a galaxy S6 Verge! Any complaint!
1 / 5 Elinore
Protective The glass is arrived punctually. Some looks of glass adds in of the telephones and was installed easily thanks to the title this has assisted; even so, I have it it has owed it to take and discard likes him prevent a sensibility to touch of a telephone. I am unable to click on anything in some verges of a screen.
1 / 5 Scottie
It does not recommend this product. A glass is semi-detached using the double constant tape, which come attached in a glass and was very easy to install. I installed it on mark it his new tlphonique - and peeled a screen of protective factory of a tlphonique and has applied a glass. I am the retailer , some curves of an access of glass perfectly in a screen and and was very happy with a look and be, but a sensibility of touch has been reduced the bit , and listened that annoying that uses my left hand (and is very rid). Even so... Desprs Using my telephone for quite a lot of two weeks and remarked some rests under a glass. Afterwards the most next inspection, and expsito that a double sustained the tape has decoupled of a tlphonique apropa a button to be able in (that is to say where probably affects a verge of a glass a plus) and a glue was smearing in a telephone. To take some rests have been to eschew lining a screen, and has taken a glass was and tried in carefully clean it. There is now a lot of imperfections, of course, and is thank you to order the substitution.
5 / 5 Rosena
So far, I quite like this protective. The application was by far a mere plus has not done never, has been surprised.

IS returned: Only the tiny bit of spatial in the each side, cup and fund. Having a telephone in any one of my current cases (Venoro has to weighed and Spigen Hard Armour) does not change an apt or function of a protective.

Matrix of point: I can see a matrix to aim any time are using a screen of memo functions or has a place of brilliance of the screen down, but that is not really the big roads in me.

Effect of rainbow: I have read in of the multiple descriptions in rainbowing in some means of a screen, and has seen now a same thing with mine. EVEN SO, assembla only be visible while in fluorescent lighting. It has remarked in the first place he in a grocery tent, but has not been visible outside immediately before or afterwards, or in my house. Taking he elsewhere with fluorescent lighting verified that it was one lighting. A rainbowing neither looks for to be visible with a brilliance of screen up.

The sensibility and Be: My screen is so sensitive and responsive while it was before, included while draw with a S-Pen. A protective be only like a real screen, softens so silk, my yolks and a S-the slips of pen on he with absolutely any tug or take.

In general, to well sure recommends this protective screen. I can not testify in or no the support to win until the drop while it tries a lot last any one to fall my device, but raisin , will amend my description to attach this information, or if anything changes otherwise.
5 / 5 Vita
Update 2: the substitution taken and is lining adds. It appreciates the punctual resolution of a vendor and his worry for quality of product.
Expects this protective will last at least while my telephone , but certainly will buy this individual or for all my future telephones.
Update: the vendor has said that they substitution of road.

Original description: I have maintained to mean to write the good description in easterly during some first months of pair - I the supposition is happy has lined was. Today when a tlphonique fallen in my laminate deep of the height besides or 2 feet less, a screen is fall was. A good informative is a screen of the telephone is very - been been due to my case of the bumper has been probably a lot in all the case. Until this is spent, was very happy with this protective screen (and had tried very before this). It IS very easy to apt, any impulse in some verges and has not taken the powder bonded in some sides, does not effect a sensibility of screen. And it has not had any glare or any reduction in quality of picture that could say. I thought that it that it has found it a perfect case. Oh, I Am so disappointed that start so easily. (And I have followed to install instructions in the T).
1 / 5 Hillary
Update of description: A protective screen would not remain on. It goes aixecar was on is adapted after 2 days. It does not return at all with the case in the, and a response to touch of a screen no . Mamma. It IS so alentador would do in a principle, but this a has not exited.

Orginal Descriptions: An access is quite sake . Not perfecting , but no terrible. There is the small quantity of spatial where a screen of the telephone is not to cover (in upper, fund and sustains), but that is to say a first protective glass has found that in fact the leader some verges twisted in my Note 8! The mine is come with the defect (piece in a glass), has ordered another, hopefully mine as not being defective! I have taken clash go he for a glass that arrives broken.
3 / 5 Tameka
Works almost perfectly in my Samsung commentaries of Galaxy 8 still while using the Spigen Ultra Hybrid S marry how the not even tried corners to peel in different that the screen of protective plastic apresamiento of Spigen. Any precise to expect 12 hours or use any special liquids or UV lighting it like this protects of the glass revenido protective was just peel , clave, and go. A S-the works of the pen properly and a sensibility to touch while using your yolks are has reduced slightly. The powder and the muck the still can enter in some verges even so(Already spent). A plastic guide has comprised that the access in your device the big help has applied a screen of glass revenido protective properly. This screen of the glass revenido protective practically provides to protect of screen of the full coverage concealed has cutouts for a front that camera of faces and a earpiece west. The instructions were amiable of imprecise even so.
3 / 5 Angelia
After days of pair of used, reflection of rainbow of shows of screen in a screen
1 / 5 Johnson
This is not the cosy case. I took it only today and already it has to it uses a guarantee so that when it has posed my Zizo case of series of the Ray in my tlphonique a protective screen has burst was and when and was for the press behind low crack. It opens to Know that it is thinking, why does not take your case has been for the fix? I , but ail my case returned in a protective screen is returned was. Tan Now, $ 13 +tax and two days later still have the screen broken protective. A one this is coming with my Zizo the case lasted me 4 month, would have lasted longer if he no in the car with my telephone in my pocket, but that it is another history .
2 / 5 Tammy
This protective screen is surprising. The calm does not have to press more taken for some tones to do. A instalation was very easy because of some extra tools provide to do sure continuous in properly. Also it twist with a telephone. It returns perfectly with my case of boxes of nourished it. I took it only. If I find any subjects will update. 1-6-18 I has bought 2 of these protectors. They layer a screen still was transfers. A problem has found with them are explosions was so easy. My telephone is fallen out of a sofa in the carpeted the fund and a screen have burst immediately. I posed it behind on. Take my telephone of my stock exchange and a screen were fallen out of beautiful new and busted. A prjimo one has bought cracked and is fallen was for any reason. I Like him his of an only wished product has remained he in better.

Top Customer Reviews: Micro USB Cable ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Floyd
Some bosses have arrived quickly and is exactly as it has described. A red is really vibrant, as they are always easy to find! They are to the good fast insurance that touches and work perfectly with my Samsung Galaxy S7.
4 / 5 Alda
Are happy that has ordered these. You take 3 different period . These have a micro tips I needs partorisca my telephone and my powerful Imuto the load has ordered of Amazon. A prize was perfect and suggest that any the one who requires the cord of shabby hard USB this one.
5 / 5 Wilbur
So only that requires. Has the cat that eats bosses. The braided bosses does not concern partorisca so many. These have done a work and is quite economic could substitute all ours has broken bosses.
5 / 5 Modesto
Has purchased this produces on 10/21/19 and received it on 10/27/19 like any too much of the wait. This in spite of date of the original delivery has been supposed to be 10/26/19 but no the subject enormous for me. Has has wanted to do sure gave it to them some few weeks with some first bosses to write this description. Like this when I received it, I have done sure all 3 period has done well and return my GalaxyS7 and has done. It liked like this they would return in of good and tight and has done soothes it clicking his like this the plugged he in. This in spite of recently mine 6ft the cord there is prendido to do a clicking his May has touched still. One prejudices I plugged a boss in first to fall asleep and when the morning is comes has to that wake until the no touched telephone. Some works of boss but now has to them that do sure that presses a boss in all a way to do sure he 'Fast touching' and no for the movement around too otherwise he looses connection so that it is the bummer. I have changed he with a 3ft boss and that a no a clicking his May upload well still in 'Fast touching'. So only attended is not the subject of first time of his I too free and will not be touching properly. A 10ft a the uses in work and of the good works and still frames that new clicking when the discharges in my telephone. The wise period, taste. The prize was very any too bad. In general I think these bosses are not for a long career and can not be plugging and unplugging also time the day otherwise results too free.
5 / 5 Angie
Loves a fact that these touch my telephone my fast plus that mine uploads old. More, one 10' a goes in like this handy for me because they are quite always in my telephone. While my fianc茅 is touching an of his god terrible video games (LOL) still can me entertain without that has to that dipped in an arm of a couch like my telephone can touch while I touch on that! 10/10 it would recommend it to it!
4 / 5 Slyvia
Fantastic. Some bosses are flexible, long and is so only perfect so that I require them. I love a guarantee on him. Good product
5 / 5 Enrique
combination of Good period, access well in a socket without any game and look sturdy.
4 / 5 Dorathy
Loves these bosses and they are different colour as it does not mix never on some annexes. It helps doing sure to have one writes of the each one always available boss. I recommend.
5 / 5 Rosamond
This product has shipped at night and has been received doing perfectly. Amur Some 3 period of bosses. Thank you.
4 / 5 Zandra
Are very pleased with my upload cords!! It was having question with my telephone that resists the looks of cariche to be that it remains touched much more with these new cords!!

Top Customer Reviews: Wireless Earbuds, ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Sandi
I have seen people walking around with pods of apple partorisca 200 dollars and I have has thought transmission looked and would take lost instantly, but now that has the pair of these I goes that all a hype was roughly. A bit if a measure of the container of big dental edge magnetically league and touches these buds 3 more first time needs the load. Basically biweekly partorisca mine 2 hours in the train m f. A sound is like this clear like my still wired wireless buds. These take too many strong, 75 percent is defining, but thats well, so only of the that turns the arrive all a way. And Im the corridor. I run he 5k once the week, these types will not exit , has tried headbanging like the metalhead, has stuck. It was skeptical but without the cord and the battery that the transmissions remain partorisca situate any question. Im The happy client. I will update when they die on me, battery in these types usually last the few years but partorisca 40 bucks you cant really complain, sound he 1/4 of a price of airpods and go in black. Huzzah
5 / 5 Trinh
It has given my Apple Airpod my woman and in a moment, need the earbud that can fill on an empty (doing housework, mowing ), I then found this wireless earbud and does not disappoint .
Avenges with the chance the one who the duplicated on likes him upload he partorisca a earbud, is done out of plastic and the looks enough bit it big that a airpod. In a fund, has four LEDs showing a state of load of a chance; in a cup is the type of USB C port to touch.
A earbud is quell'has bitten big that a airpod, but returns snugly in an ear without discomfort. Has the impression adds in a category to touch, has enormous detail in a highs, rich and robust mids and punchy and vast lows, I some AB the test has compared to a airpod, in general a Boltune earbud is so only more amused to listen the especially is the some songs of pops.
A focus is a lot well with this earbud, does not have any question mowing a gram with him ( tin a lot with a airpod).
So much a earbuds has soyultifunction' key in some sides, I no really cures for them like this has to that physically click some keys versus a airpod can actuate you for simply touching it. Ergonomically Is so only a lot that easy to click these keys.
A earbuds has a late plus Bluetooth 5.0 technology that in the theory has a row of 800ft (4 times of a bluetooth 4.2), has not been that last during a test, has walked around in mine 2800 sq-ft house (a paving) and there is still pause of experience in a wireless signal.
In general am impressed enough with those offered with only 1/4 of a cost of an Apple Airpod, offers enormous value in spite of some shortcomings comprise a bulkiness and subject of the smallest ergonomics (ossia multifunction keys), am still quite impressed with quell'I has taken versus to that has paid.
5 / 5 Nelle
I am satisfied with this product. Headphone The creation of boxes is simple and extraordinary, easy to spend. The headphones are to read and no easy to fall. Step in my ears partorisca the long time, and does not seat uncomfortable. Quality of his east well, his insulation is also well. The music and the telephone are well.
5 / 5 Genia
This pair there is quickly result one of mine favourite. This suit of a AirPods in appearance, but is a lot the low notch in price. A product is very documented, which can not be has said produced in this row of price. One drives of fast start is mostly all precise, but partorisca some preferring the details have one drives of user partorisca inform.

Some discharge goes in the chance partorisca touch, which can be touched for separate. When any one into use, situating a earphones inside a chance ensures is always has touched sufficiently. A distributed micro boss of USB or any one regulate micros the boss of USB can have the habit of load.

A sound is very balanced, and is a lot clear still in of the big volumes. Some courts of falls of the bass, likes use partorisca more than music of agreement.

A container comes with the pocolos still extras of eartips of different measures. One drives of the fast start also has instructions on like this partorisca insert some discharge partorisca the listened so much is comfortable, and has appreciated concealed - need to inserted in a corner to an ear, and then wry partorisca down partorisca return snugly.
5 / 5 Saturnina
It looks for quality earbuds concealed is not expensive, has tried another wireless earbuds of amazon in a spent a last a be />And has tried also Apple of the mine fellow Airpods, but any partorisca a price, quality of his, the reasons of connectivity has been forced partorisca return to a wire fence some. Looking in some positive critiques, has decided to do a last tentativa in a wireless earbuds, and am very happy has done.

Estimativa: In $ 40 these are one a lot reasonably priced and a sound is in pair with a Airpods.

Quality of sound: quality of his Excellent, almost tries of noise, utmost bass.

Connectivity: His quickly connected and is remained connected with my iPhone Xs Max and every time take them out of a chance is has connected immediately.

Life of battery: I have been using them for the few days now, although I have not taken 6 hours of playback was able to look a whole series in prime of Amazon, with 7 episodes and each one which be of episode 45 minutes, like this near of 5 hours. My leading some any one last more than an hour. So much, I am very happy.

Is very light and stay snug access in my ears.

In general an excellent product with unbeatable price.
5 / 5 Julius
I consider an extreme audiophile, like this this year has the place was partorisca find a perfect pair of headphones partorisca accompany me on some prjimos few years. Any time given, am rotating among around 5 varied pairs, wire fences, wireless, etc. A big plus hassle by means of my travesa has been more the headphones have had a lot of figure expects of my experience of audio, but there there is always a thing 'was'... Any uncomfortable for period along, no a right access, falling out of my ears, too bulky of the chance, etc etc.

Comes Boltune...

Has received these this morning, the box of the external tiny amazon of my door while it was in a way to the recital. I have known that it is, but there is doubted on choosing it on, he imagining would head to at least 15-20 minutes of hassle with imagining was as to pair, dipping them up with some right tips, low battery, and an usual. But, when being a audiophile, an emotion of the new product there is me overwhelmed, as I quickly grabbed his and has left.

In a prime minister stoplight, has opened a box. For a first time never, I skipped some instructions and has gone directly for him. A small ~3 thumb for 3 thumb marries of the flange rounded was inner. I opened it on, and two little earbuds blinking lights of blue pairing. 'Hmmm... I have been these whole times ?' It can not be. I take a earbuds was, goes to the mine telephone bluetooth frame, and see Boltune ready to pair.

I click to accept a pair in a telephone, dipped a earbud in, and game of click. My music comes by means of in crystal clear quality, perfect volume. It has dipped another earbud in, and an experience is complete. Prpers Having spent of some hundreds of processes of the pairing of time with other products, ossia literally and for far an easier experience has had with any Bluetooth produced, and these volumes of pause. A classical sentence, 'so only acts', is sure enough full.

Has had once the occasion partorisca take, has revised a 'Fast Start' manual to see some of some controls of gesture, which leave you to you partorisca take and music of game, response, redial and hang calls of telephone, gone back a volume on and down, and my preferred, control of voice for the assistant of your telephone (Assistant of Google, for me). These are treated by means of the series of click and controls, all which natural celery.

A earbuds is ultra light, almost looking to be floating. It was amused to be fully wireless, no in that has the boss that careers to the long of some backsides or front of the mine with the really adds to a weightless effect. That The pairing is like this simple like inaugural and take of a chance, unpairing and turning them was is simple as situating them behind in a chance and that closes a lid. Touching raisin like the lid is concluded, the light magnetic effect which also pulls a earbuds partorisca snap to plant to touch. A chance he recharges invernadero USB C.

As it light stress and accidentel test, has spent these so it went it to launch something is gone in my office, and there is remarked had forgotten my telephone behind in my office. It was around 50 feet and the diverse wall of selection was, and an audio still has come by means of distortionless, as if my telephone was well with me. THAT????!!!!

To wrap on, am happy to confirm that I have found a 'Perfecto' earbuds, if any active is not existed never. I have been in this look for the long time, like this ossia the big day for me. Thank you To do similar products adds, Boltune!
5 / 5 Maryellen
I will owe that admit, has been bit it skeptical when I have ordered these. Competing the frames are like this more expensive (anywhere of 2 to 3 times more) to the equal that has imagined these would be cutting corners somehow. Like this far, I can not find anything partorisca complain roughly! I have been using Bluetooth earbuds with the neckband and while they touch good and does not concern me roughly in his loser, a neckband is not one the majority of comfortable solution. Ossia The alternative sum .

First impressions: A packaging and the documentation is very a lot of fact. A quality of build of a chance and a earbuds are adds. Everything is very robust and dip near well. It comprises the short USB-C boss (perhaps 10' or so much?).

Setup: This part surprised really. Usually with Bluetooth anything, has some class of procedure - press this key, control that key, etc. Etc. With these, opened him, dipped his on and has been ready to pair. My iPhone found him and has connected instantly. We will owe that see like these will do with multiple devices, but realistically my telephone will be a primary device .

Quality of sound: Very very amazing partorisca a price. They touch so only roughly like this as well as mine another earbuds that cost almost 3 times more! They are very very balanced of the treble/of basses standpoint (without any adjustments). They are abundance quite strong also. Perhaps a better thing is that well maintain out of external noises. There is no the active noise that annuls, but am not really sure was necessary. I have used these in the noisy car dealership while zone and they the fantastic work that block out of voice of both a television and people in a telephone.

Consuelo/apt: Out of a box, these return my ears perfectly. It avenges with the variety of earbud tips of substitution for measures and of the different forms but I do not see that I will require him (unless one of them the start supposes). They are very comfortable and can spend him for long periods of time without any subjects. There is also any worry of them falling was accidentally.

Honradamente, Can very really find to to anything does not like on these. Perhaps a boss of USB could be longer? Otherwise, These are hard to beat for a price. The desire had found this more collected!
5 / 5 Leta
If you are looking for a lot earphones partorisca both listening the music as well as doing calls these are the option adds ! I have tried a lot Bluetooth headsets, but, ossia my joint of prime minister entirely wireless.

Sound: I have been listening paralizacin mecer and some hip roughly heavier-hop the music and a clarity is well. A mid and highs is re-created well. Some bass is not very big, then , this loses the star in a description. In general, I love a start and there is not a lot of lag among a earphones. It is fresh that in the pinch so only a headphone can be used the time in place of both!

Microphone: calls of Telephone is a lot if no the little faint. The people say that I touch clear, this in spite of, admits that I touch likes are further out of a telephone. In general, I create this work well in the pinch. If you are in of the sales or needs to use a telephone for the long-time, would stick with the Bluetooth headset like the traditional Jabra.

Access and Arrival: a chance and a quality of the build of some headphones is utmost! I do not see any empty in a chance. It likes-I one four light touching indicators. Like other descriptions have mentioned, an USB-C is the characteristic reception if ossia the one who your uses of telephone (likes devices of Android newer). The desire there was the keyhole for the keychain of to the chairs like that could lose, but, no of the transmission of game. Some magnets resist some headphones to a chance securely.

The Waterproof/sport: I have not tried this (at length) still, this in spite of, a buds looks to remain in well while it runs. Based on reading other descriptions, some auricular look to be durable.

Can/of load: eye to be that it takes an announced 5-6 hours of runtime and one load is quickly. A chance touches this like this first time to go dead, calm would not owe that have the question.
5 / 5 Muriel
I have had these partorisca the pocola the week now and used them on many runs partorisca cover on 20 miles. I have not expected these partorisca substitute my usual in current receiver that has hooks that goes around an ear and straps for behind a with the. But these things are like this lite, does not move at all. Ossia Well and dandy, but a product of sound is included better! Nizza crisp highs And mids together with decent bass when comfortably sealed in an ear. And because I sweat like the pig, in his brilliant was and in his current under a tank maintains him clean.

A process of pairing was sincere and how is navigating some controls. A small touching the chance is good and there are lights of indicator to leave know the one who this plenary. An only flu included can think of this that there is any mention of what time takes for some headphones to touch once are in a chance. I have revised a manual two times and did not see it, although I can have it has lost to somewhere...

And a mic is really well also, tried it on several calls and a folks in another end listened strong and clear. As these to good sure will be one of the mine primary headsets for exercise and daily use. For longitude haul flights, still will be to use mine other headphones with on 7hrs to be able to continue, but these will be to fly legislations to the long of prjimos to them!

UPDATE 8/5: A month of use and a left earbud no longer uploads. Has double-has verified some points of contact in a earbud and in a chance, all are cleaned, but so only any discharges. Felizmente, was able to begin a process to return so only under a time limit of Amazon. It has wished really these could be lasted...
5 / 5 Classie
I use him while it hikes some hills and when doing in my office -A earbuds is comfortable same during exerting
A quality of his flawless east, a lot of highs and lows, with the decent quantity of low. I have found once a right party, an access was extremely comfortable.
Loves these headphones, has has changed already my life for a better!

Top Customer Reviews: USB C Cable,XIAE ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Deshawn
Colour: Blue&Black TL;Dr. - An a lot of resupplied of USB-C touching bosses. It does not run too much current by means of them. Any one annoy that tries to transfer die. Perfecto partorisca touch telephones or pills.

Before still converged in these bosses, was hesitant to try them, as USB-C level is extremely specify in bosses and how is facts , partorisca ensure delivery of pertinent power. Given an economic price of these this in spite of, has decided to take one submerges partorisca see like this resist up. Finally, I have mixed it feels roughly his, but am comfortable using them partorisca touch devices of low power.

One first what has verified in these bosses were an USB -C final of them. While a specification is not prescriptive here, would prefer the boss built with the only deep-the extrusion drawn in an USB-C connector, of these tend to be more durable in this end. This use to 2 construction of piece, which, while any terrible, is not to perfect.

Another thing to maintain in alcohol is that these bosses are not USB-has certified . Neither they resist an USB-frames of certification, like this very on the partorisca any when being pas fraudulent.

After, does not have any method to say if these bosses comprise a prerequisite resistor on him. This in spite of, have looked to upload against 10W (5V, 2A) so only well without a subject, as it has announced. These do not have an electronic communication of two chip of ways in his this in spite of, like this calm will not be able to take these to negotiate the USB-C PS is exited. Also it calms it would not OWE THAT try to use these to upload against >2An in my opinion. While some bosses are robust and some connectors are snug, a boss is simply a lot quite fat and is not drawn to spend anything more than . Still pressing them to of the this the work would consider risked.

Considering scrolling of data, any included annoy with these. They are drawn the USB 2.0 specs for scrolling of data, as you paste around 40-45MB/s. Unless calm loves you hate, so only a lot he. These have not been meant for data anyways. They are touching bosses.

A physical creation of some bosses are adds in another hand. A boss is amiably braided without any fraying like this far. There is the relief of solid plastic tension in both ends of a boss, and a radio of curve is quite well in around 1cm. Some period is announced like this, and in fact the longest plot that thinks that is.

To good sure would recommend this band of boss, WHILE you KNOW THAT it is TAKING. Maintain these types in or down 2A. It does not try USB-C PS. It does not try to touch 12V device in >1A.
4 / 5 Moon
Colour: the Blue&black took him out of some containers, and law well. While I do not have then measured, his all look partorisca be a period that is to be list in an information of product. I have been using with my note of Galaxy 10+, and my GF has been using with his Note 9. I have been doing around a house a lot well. A quantity partorisca a cost is the good shot.
4 / 5 Maryanne
Colour: the Blue&black has read the tonne of descriptions before purchasing these (calm always has to that be careful buying chargers). All 5 touching the bosses are gone in to seeds-reusable convenient stock exchange partorisca maintain unused the cords organised and the free tangle. All the bosses do perfectly and quickly touch my telephone and die of scrollings. Some the variable period is sper convenient. The a shortest boss is perfect partorisca my car and works perfectly with data of Car of the Android. A boss a long plus achieves soooo far! Multiple colours had partorisca choose of and I really like a blue that has selected. They are very durable and sturdy has compared to OEM bosses and returns a lot well. This compraventa is an excellent value and am giving these 5 stars!
5 / 5 Oren
Colour: the Blue&black has bought a together partorisca have bosses in all some rooms of a house. In my house is a lot happy to finally have bosses of big quality without active spent the plot of money on that.
Goes partorisca do an order to give to some friends, always is complaining in questions in some type-c bosses.
5 / 5 Deedra
Colour: Black&Aim My house has the total of 4 Samsung telephones and several powerbank which use USB-C bosses. This band comes with 5 bosses of different measure in the very good price. A boss is a lot of sturdy but very soft and flexible. Some spent looks very good and big quality. I try everything of a different measure and his all sustain fast load partorisca my Samsung commentaries 9.
5 / 5 Deedee
Colour: Red&Black to the as it likes me in of this boss? It is braided and is red. Lol. If alive in the house where 1 person possesses 2 more artilugios, precise has extra bosses. It take this partorisca add my reservation of extra bosses partorisca dip in the each corner of a paving and each stock exchange possess.

Like this far when I tried him, the law adds. Also it looks durable and hopefully will last me the very long time! $ 10 Partorisca 5 pcs of bosses, ossia economic. I recommend this.
5 / 5 Terrell
Colour: Black&Target Ossia the product adds in a point of price is offered. A better thing in this container is a variety of measures of boss that resupplies in the low price has compared to other bosses. I have used the big variety to touch the bosses that comprises Aukey, Anker, Stallion, and many more. These bosses are up there in qualities to enough each boss has used and still surpasses a quality of the a lot of bosses of qualities go down like Aukey bosses. A thing ossia better in these bosses that the majority is a quantity of the quality takes in a point of price. Any calm so only take 5 bosses of the variable period but these bosses are all braided and durable likes some mark more the types would be, is all able fast load, and have the small base that it would be necessary turn he easily to a telephone to all the cost of as bulky or annoying a chance is. It uses the chance of full organism that has spent my screen my organism of telephone and my ports to touch. Ossia The enormous question with my anker bosses because a base to the touch does not return properly but felizmente this some his slips easily which is such the lifesaver now that I do not owe that me worry roughly ruining my ports to touch in my expensive telephone. Highly you recommend this product to any the one who needs the boss the touch is quickly, sturdy, and like this wonderfully useful for everything.
5 / 5 Brice
Colour: the bosses&of the Black White theses do like this well. They are durable and fast load . This is not my first time that buys this mark. Have has had to that done a lot with us mini propiciado by USB partorisca my telephones of the oldest model. It was happy with them then An USB C touching the boss is like this good. It likes-me that has an extra reinforcement in one covers in place like casualidad of him breaking in to the this point likes of another would not owe that be a subject and has not been with another measure has possessed . They are for real happy with this compraventa again.
5 / 5 Chara
Colour: the price adds Blue&Black partorisca 5! TLDR; Load quickly, but does not use partorisca upload (or 1a partorisca this subject).

Has a LG v20, but imagines is one same with more than telephones -- like this one uploads utilisations, can or can uploads very fast.

Also, like the description has said, does not use partorisca upload.

Has tried with 3 different chargers.

1) Amazon basics load
2) Samsung Adaptive Quickly Upload (winning)
3) iClever the dual port load (alleges each one which as)

As expected, an Amazon one uploads no fast, but load against the normal tax (not retarding).

Using a Samsung upload (in pic), and trying each boss for separate, my telephone has said quickly touches every time.

When Trying with a iClever uploads, does not say it quickly has touched. It was surprised a bit, but now that thinks roughly the, does not create he of the cariche fast with other bosses neither.

A Samsung the load has won in my chance, but a main point is that these bosses do so only very partorisca touch.
5 / 5 Jeannine
Colour: Blue&Black love a different period that is gone in an order of place. You go in handy when a canal the touch is in another side of a bed of you and calm wants to maintain using your telephone or anything while it is touching. Also it adds partorisca in the car where a chair forward perhaps so only need a shorter 3 period of feet and a person of the rear chair also needs the load and like this need the 6 feet or 10 feet. They are a lot of sturdy and has compared time of the load for an older cord has to that this one and he have improved a speed to touch my telephone of 1 hr 35 minutes down to roughly 48 minutes. I can not say sure concealed is due to a be of the cord has better fact, so only can be reason is newer all can do ossia that there is remarked. In all the chance is very pleased with this together of cords. To good sure buy more has to that have a need.

Top Customer Reviews: LK [3 Pack] Screen ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Candance
Really really I enjoyed this protective screen. It is that it has been looking for stops of years. I have had another class for lk that use a spray partorisca install and was really well excepts over time begins partorisca exit in some flanges. A thing I really enjoy in this new one east that well adheres to a whole screen and him some flanges. Any bubbles. The people have the hard time that thinks that partorisca have the protective screen when it aim them partorisca a first time. It is a lot protective but gives an included feel like natural screen. Any partorisca mention that 3 gone in the band. An installation was the little delicate a first time. Included when I have looked a video. With which 1 tentativa bad, mine 2nd tentativa was perfect and am sure can perfects him every time now that takes like this is done. Really it is easy calm once imagine it was lol. I expect that this helps any one!
5 / 5 Remedios
Has ordered these like the substitution partorisca a Samsung pre-protective installed screen this has almost failed to grieve my new S10 was unwrapped. This screen protectors is well for a more run, but no s煤per easy to install. I have looked a video two times and then tried to install a prime minister of three concealed is coming with a container. All was well until a part where curve and attractive out of a half piece in a half of a protective and then toe a telephone around and repeat in another side. A question was a half piece is not exited and in a process to try to repeat some steps for the take to do, a protective has been destroyed. A protective second has better fact, but was roughly 1 mm is gone in to situate the in a screen and like the result, this corner of a protective constantly fights with my chance for him for the on or stay down. Once a protective was in a telephone, leaves a fingerprint reader to do, which is good and looks to have has has prevented scratches. This in spite of chooses on fingerprints and oils and need to be dried down all a time. For a prize, these protectors are add, especially the causes calm more probably wreak one trying instalarprpers.
5 / 5 Arlette
Like this far, are thoroughly impressed with a protective screen. You are not an easy plus to install (to good sure look a video of instruction multiple time), but doing attentively, installs practically bubble free. Right now, it looks to do a lot well with my chance and there is not any lifting like this far.

A protective right was yes a box is spent multiple and feels quite ridged. It takes layer 1 leaves he seeds sticky surface that leave to regulate a place times like this a lot of to the equal that need to until calm take it correctly. Take your time with east and take all some bubbles and first lint of following advance (this is not a protective screen he, but taking rid of some bubbles and the powder now will save you the headache). For telephones with the wry flange, like a Galaxy S10, some flanges of some protective to arrive to this point will not be in contact with a telephone, but ossia well.

With which are satisfied entirely that is to situate correctly and bubble free, and a telephone is braced against a black foam, tab of impulse 2 until some begin protective never like this slightly more than half way on a telephone. A next part is of entity: start a squeegee in a more next dotted line yours, no a solid line that says 'starts to film here'. The averages a ridged backing will avert calm so that it moves a squeegee down a screen. Once it is you take, sure mark the squeegee out of some bubbles of these means. Rotate A telephone and repeat with tab 3. To prevent the line where a breaking to back, sure mark to start with in a more next dotted line yours.

Does not press down some flanges so only still! Mark sure taken some bubbles was first. It take tab 4 (the protective upper discharge). Then, using a squeegee, hastens down some sides until they are free bubble . It can take the little more pressure that that is to be require for a rest of a screen, but the mark sure adheres well. Finally, toallita humid with a microfiber cloth and admire your screen.

Although this protective was the little difficult to install, looks to return a better telephone that a factory installed a. To good sure recommend this.
4 / 5 Quiana
Has tried the multiple frames and a subject have had was one 1 clave - flimsy the film installs has had. 1 hair or lint or slightly was and is done. Tried 8 protectors before east an and ossia exactly that has required!! Has the hard backing with the first clave films concealed does not import in him on - peel up and substitute all love - the take so only has centred perfect and follow one installs ( chooses on this discharge, unpeel a discharge of real clave down and clave on 1/2 the time - no seams to touch but slightly can see under a right light). A hard backing was key when taking centred on mine s10 with this camera in a screen now. It can confirm it sticks to some sides BUT WHERE GLOVES WHEN YOURE INSTALLING!!! First 1 I messed up with sticky toes and slightly of the gloves can manhandle a telephone during installing and a clave will be cleaned to a telephone - any oil of your drops in - any semence - 100 function and can very included say is there - thank you - !!!!
5 / 5 Michiko
I work for the carrier of mobile phone to the equal that has to that it weaves of experiences to install screen protectors. I have not done never this 6 method of before so much it was the little daunted with this process. After looking a video, was easy to install. All have required is gone in a box - drought and wet wipes, squeegee, sticky tape, blockades of foam and microfiber cloth. It looks flawless without bubbles, a fingerprint the law of recognition adds and that attacks a screen is smooth. I can you ail included say have the protective on there. Has the Technology 21 chance and does not interfere with a protective. Some tones to perfect the installation is taking all a powder and debris of a telephone and that looks a video . Highly it recommends this mark and will be to purchase again for my next telephone.
4 / 5 Omar
Has bought this for mine Samsung 10 reason a an I bought of T-mobile has begun to exit and collecting lint and powder under an interior of right flange 2 month after purchasing. I have looked a video, but would have liked me the propiciado by instruction impresa also. It was not easy that tries to separate a film of opaque placing of a protective clear screen. I took it finally installed correctly. I have then had the question that takes a residue of my table of a clave on fences in of push of the foam, like this probably will not use that again in my table of cookery.
In general, this in spite of, the good product.
5 / 5 Angelina
Protective perfect screen. Very easy Installed after looking instruction of video. It sees pictures.
Has loved that!
4 / 5 Kaylee
The product adds but has not been returned my telephone. It say that it was partorisca to galaxy s10 but a protective screen was too much small and has not varied with a screen at all.
4 / 5 Maryann
Loving a second verison of LK protective screen for Samsung Galaxy S10. Much easier to install that a last a. To good sure feels a lot of more smooth and main quality.
5 / 5 Kimberlee
Ossia Better then a last a,would like me my repayment in another protective screen that has purchased they which is a a ossia with watering

Top Customer Reviews: amFilm Glass Screen ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Retha
The coverage was easy to install: taking quite 10 minutes with struggling very small, the guide has comprised was perfect. Still without looking the sensibility of the deep touch responsiveness to be very good. Even so, there is very downsides.

-The black frame is slightly too small and occult verges of screen, especially corners; it is not terrible, but with so that other options abordables there is any reason to pose up with easterly; images of look of product to aim the small quantity to aim bezels under a black verge but this is not a case, will not see any one of a bezel of tlphonique

-Rainbowing (a.k.Tights of unit of newton) is the normal part to have two pieces of the glass these touches; if the quality of a coverage was main (and more expensive) this could not spend but the vendor would have to mention he in of the clients - only road the eschew would be the adhesive full screen that would do the majority of delicate installation, also; an effect is especially present where some twist to protect and has to touch a protective

-the adhesive verge is not compatible all one issues around; if the drop of touches clears a verge (especially to the long of some sides where an adhesive line is thinner) apresamiento sucked under a protective screen because of action of capillary; only road to take it the era is in the protective impulse was and that admits an adhesion of a protective (the leaving to dry could leave the yacimiento minral this rubs among a screen and protective)

-Can be better for some that according to case of users of tlphonique is using, but with some uses of the slender case there is 2-3mm portions of exposed screen to the long of some verges; the corners are particularly vulnerable ( any deduct stars to arrive to this point so that it can do it well with the bulkiest case)

This protective is to ail value he. Facilitated to install was a plus of only entity .

UPDATE: Happy to be contacted by vendor, with descriptions to flavour very update when the substitution arrives.

-the protective substitution has the better same tolerances that one celebrates very afterwards was before: the era of low speaker is the perfect access , the black outlines are almost indistinguishable of a bezel. I am in fact quite impressed for how stagnate some tolerances are in a substitution. A protective new plus has resolved also a problem of an old protective the corners that hide the tiny but significant portion of a screen.

-Some looks of adhesive verge more compatible this times around, even so still eschew contact with the liquids in case perhaps infiltrate a verge and oblige you to take a protective. This has said, has not tried like the law yes submerges or splashed.

-The installation was still the breeze, especially considering that finicky full-protectors east of adhesive screen. Still, when being supremely rigorous quite powder and specks before install. Some toallitas humid dry included in a container looked to fall his own strands also. It takes a coverage later admits some adhesive lines very thin. Also, so that it is not totally it adhere it it take the trade has been: Rainbowing.

-Rainbowing IS curiously so much better and worse: worse so that it occupies it the main portion of a screen that a last protective; better so that it is less perceivable in general and looks that connects in a type to ignite. Down more the situations are very difficult to see a rainbowing although it is to well sure there in of the sure angles (usually angles in that you would not be using a tlphonique in all the case). Even so, has the particular room in my house those uses the combination of warm and fresh fluorescent light bulbs these looks to take out of an effect of rainbow. Effect of the shows of the image have semi-detached, but again is practically invisible 95% of a time.

-A matrix of point of a screen also looks for to be more visible under conditions of the insurances that light, but could very pinpoint the. This never spent when has used in fact a tlphonique so it is of insignificant effect.

-GearVR: I am happy to inform that a coverage of the screen does not look to affect some images of the quality when used in the GearVR. An apt is the tightest bit but no the problem.
UPDATE: speech too punctual, a matrix of point in a protective can be seen warping/augment pixels, especially in of the zones to paint only big without motion. Also, when there is the big quantity of contrast (aim in black, for example), some clearer colours assemblen 'bleeds' and look the halo, which are a reflection of some clearer zones of a protective. These subjects are situational but is perceivable, perhaps included unbearable of a Note 9 is an ideal telephone for GearVR. Of GearVR is probably any one the case of the general use is not deducting stars.

-Cooling: I am trying to maintain a telephone for while possible as I am very conscious of a necessity to maintain a telephone what next in temperature of the room like possible. As More probably supposition, a protective screen has the insignificant to affect according to 3C Monitor of Stack.

-Am the sucker for service of good client, to well sure is for his product and flight the to be a better for his users. I give a product he 4 stars because of an effect of rainbow (which are possibly unavoidable with any verge-protective adhered screen), but attach the star for proactively ensuring satisfaction of client.
5 / 5 Hang
It takes this today and also my Note 9. I have used a tray of installation and has applied he and was easy to do. An only subject is same with a tray of installation a protective screen has not been centred. It can have movement and any to give but very sure like raisin with a floor. Also in a subordinated mid left of a screen there some hair is looking particles of the powder and I are not sure as it has taken there that sees that cleaned and has used a bath after to the era of hot water has run to do an installation. I am giving 5 stars so that a product looks solid and has the be of sake, also I emailed a vendor and any one 10 minutes or as it have answered and said issues another has been. That is to say late night for me around 11:30/half night and I have taken the response this late. The service of exceptional client has to say. For a prize and the service take highly recommend this. The esteem tries it before spending 2 in 4 so much time.
4 / 5 Jackelyn
If you are I how me, looked around in some diverse offerings to protect protectors for a note 9 and has of the majority of them have not had informs of sound. I have decided to choose in this protective screen while it have used this same company is revenida produced of glass in a past for my change of Nintendo, and this has been I adds. It take that protective screen quickly group and a second a has not leaving a container. Return perfectly, installs was easy, and once was on, was to likes him does not go included there.
Moving on in this protective screen even so, while in big leaves the good product, has some complaints. The installation was the breeze , and has seen any masters of rainbow or anything of one that. An access is well for a screen, but very in fact go verge in verge in a glass, on all four falls of low sides, which looks for to be an election of intentional drawing, perhaps for compatibility of better case. Nevertheless, only he layers it portion of the screen ignited of a glass, if a device was to have fallen in a verge or corner, does not have any one protects at all. The sensibility of touch has been to a large extent unaffected for a product, and turn in a characteristic of sensibility of the touch of a telephone is unnecessary. Even so, a S-the looks of pen to tug the little in a surface of the glass when compared in a bare screen, and one listens is only the small 'was', but is quite easy to take used to. At the end, it has remarked that a point the matrix master results visible under lights more than shine with the dark screen, which poden problem to be. In general a protective screen is decent.

Edita: in the principle there has been apt subjects with a device because of me erroneously that uses a tray of installation that resulted in of the subjects of sensibility and some selection of screen. TechMatte Support of the client hurriedly aided me to correct a subject, and included offered the road me it protective new screen require (which has not been required.)
5 / 5 Margarette
Access of protective screen my Note 9 absolutely perfectly And left room for my case. It buys protective before that it does not leave room for a case and some arrivals of cases to press a protective was. Please check my pictures so that tea t can see. One installs to walk of guide thingy was awesome. Pop only your tlphonique and the calm can not install a protective injustice. I have not fallen my creature still so that it can not speak of a protective he and I honestly expect never marks. I have bought immediately this mark for my threads S8 and I 100% purchase this protective again when/himself precise another.
4 / 5 Doris
As and only it take this protective screen in today. In general it is very mere to pose in the same plus has the nexus to look the video on regarding the do. My council of only/complaint would be only piece the the smallest hair in period for those of us concealed has a otterbox or fall the line concretely for otterbox and was the perfect access . Now it included his slightly elevated in a fund because of him touching an external parameter of a esnap on' course of a otterbox. I go to try he for the pair of days and voices so of the chairs with me so that and honestly only necessity the so much and does not line a screen in my note 9 while compounding and way in my work so that we do with materials that is very very abrasive and . Another that this will see like laws for now, will update....
9-13-18 update
Almost the week of mine later any apt protective still ( can the low sand) A click of a no troubling the screen as much as that it has to press it harder in a same screen with sensibility to touch on. It can see the matrix points also but any problem me too. In general some material looks to line up but is not otterbox cosy, an alignment is not a subject, only a screen is the also long hair
1 / 5 Candyce
A week and 1/2 in him, the tiny cracks remarked in some upper corners without being fallen or impacts. Some cracks have taken progressively worse in some prjimos few days. I have to take he of my tlphonique totally while it looks horrible and unsure. Some cracks have disappointed. That is to say my new telephone and knows was careful with him. That is to say only bad quality. Has my telephone without a screen has protected now during the weeks of pair. I am looking for protective new screen that really the works in case that fall it. I require something better that can handle the strong impact, did not crack of newspaper of soft use.
1 / 5 Florance
These accesses my Note 9 but has had the real difficulty that applies and it taking to vary properly with screen. The adhesive is only in some verges
1 / 5 Donny
Aftet Installing a protective screen has created the effect of rainbow in a screen because of a desert of air among a glass. He taken to see in a light.
5 / 5 Kristian
Easy to install with a tray of installation has comprised, only does sure is firmly plant so that it does not move . Also so that some verges is where an adhesive is, sure when being in a bit vary a protective plus that aixecar- he on and was or tug to plant he in alignment. Any one fully he layers a whole front of a screen but he are probably to design in not interfering with as the majority of some cases is returned around a Note 9. With Spigen and Samsung the cases there are room very small that rests in some sides that is well of that is where the powder could accrue. A desert in an upper and the funds are main but this could accommodate other better cases.

Has not remarked some effects of rainbow in this still, but that usually spends after the pair of weeks when airs somehow sneaks his road in after some normal use, he fingerprints look but that it is quite common with any screen of protective glass. The looks of sum of sensibility so far while has no experimented any lag with press he of toe or presses he of pen.

Bronzed In general after the pair of days, is done well. It can it has to take another in case that an unexpected raisin and necessity to be has substituted.
1 / 5 Arnold
Produced of fake.. The thousand hairline scrapes after the use of month.. It does not look to like 9H glass when lines on everything.. The May Poses a telephone in my pocket and maintain it coated more a time, and still scratches during a screen.. The powder takes under a protective screen.. And there is the film of the rainbow affects when low press in a screen.. Poor and produced of fake.. The vendor does not want to does with you.. Only the flight your cash

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Good works
4 / 5
4 / 5
Big quality and very cleaned in wide row of image.
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didnt Likes and has done in fact my quality of worse picture..... It seats in the junk drawer now
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Like this awesome! Game of transmission of photo.