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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
4 / 5
This cup is to good sure not perfecting, but is a cup of the straw of formation has better found partorisca my daughter the one who is at present transitioning of the soft spouted sippy, and like this still regularly tries to drink with him to the rovescio. A weighted the characteristic of straw is one has drawn more has seen. For this reason are by train of the give FOUR STARS, in his function feigned like the cup of straw of the formation. If a weighted the straw is the characteristic precise tone in the sippy short, then to good sure would recommend this cup. But yes it calms so only it is looking for a better sippy period of cup, this one is so only mediocre global ( would say TWO STARS), as it give to spend it.

- Better-drawn weighted the straw has seen: has the rounded inferior and a weight is disk -shaped, like this weighted movements of straw súper smoothly around a cup and my daughter has any question that drunk in any corner.
- Quite the resistant leak (when using liquid of temperature of the room), meaning if your girl touches it to the rovescio or spear by means of a room while using it, at most the drop or two will exit (anything was already in a cup of a straw). But you do not trust it further that ( it sees down)

This in spite of, this cup also to good sure has any negatives:
- A characteristic of lock of the click is not súper useful, and he the unnecessarily hard fact IMO to open/close a cup (if you overtwist the, is very difficult to leave)
- A toe-the upper lid is not securely semi-detached and decrease to signal frequently. Like the result, this cup is to good sure any one would trust the the rovescio in your stock exchange of diaper
- Besides, yes use this cup with cold/refrigerated liquid, a differential of temperature causes a liquid to take sucked up by means of a straw and loss out of a cup. It likes, during of a place! (This subject will arrive with any sippy concealed does not have to that ventilation) Then , I only use he for liquids of temperature of the room, like waters it or the heart has pumped recently tins. If it love the cup that can be taken in and out of a refrigerator, this is not the good election
- the bosses are not removable (does not treat it enormous this in spite of, of then imagines that once my daughter no longer outgrows some bosses, also there is outgrown a need for him weighted straw)
- Hard to clean (because of a weight in a fund of a straw). For this reason usually so only uses this cup for water (or require to use he for tins in the pinch, sure for the washed was immediately & thoroughly after)

This in spite of, alive with these negatives this in spite of takes this cup in the first place (during this phase of formation when my daughter is still regularly that tries to drink with a cup to the rovescio) reason a weighted the characteristic of straw is so better drawn that other cups.

For those also considering a ZoLi BOT Straw Sippy Hoard - Orange 6 oz: I have used that one for several years with my edges. The idea inclusa in general, but a weighted the straw no also; a cup has to that be turned almost totally to the rovescio in order for a weight to fall to a cup of a cup. This in spite of, a Zoli also has some advantages. It is much easier to take a lid on/was, and a toe-the upper lid is much more securely attached so that compared to a Munchkin.)

Will continue to use this cup like the trainer until my daughter learns that it can maintain his cups of whole straw while drinking, then will take rid of him and his transition to the cup of straw that has to that ventilation, can be tossed around in my stock exchange of diaper without filtering, is easier that clean, and is probably also any fact of plastic. For a record, my preferred sippy cup for the oldest creatures / toddlers / preschoolers (those who do not require of the bosses or he weighted straw) is a TERM FOOGO Vacuum Insulated Straw of the Stainless steel of 10 Ounces Bounces, Blue/Yellow.

Are posting the video that underlines some characteristic tones of a Munchkin (comprising a weighted straw, characteristic of lock of the click, and toe upper lid) and also comparing a Zoli. Also the picture of my daughter that drunk of out this thing while in the resistant has on touched & behind without questions. The calm hope finds them gain!
1 / 5
This was terrible. It has not done and the mine could no utilisations. I have had to suck extremely I last to take any water out of him. I everything to 'fix' he and he at all have done. It can it finalises to be the defective one but I have does not love another after all some commentaries. Taken the Dr. Brown an and has had any question. You recommend Dr. Brown instead.

Please help and select have think that that this was useful!!
3 / 5
Of 20 month tripletes cups of uses of different straw during a day, but for his milk before I read use these. With which 14 months to use them (further of the tonne other types of cups of straw) and of then possess 15 of some cups, are an expert in these.

In the first place an a lot of -
-A weight done a stay of straw in a liquid, although a boy is reclined. When The creatures are learning to drink they and game some cups lateralmente or was to the rovescio, his still laws.
- Is quite easy to drink of - has many revises to say the boys of the people (or adults was) has question drinking of them, but concealed has not been ours experience. We have had a lot of cup of straw that is harder.
- Have bosses.
- Have the lid to maintain a clean straw and prevent spillage - I supposition is the good touch , but in our house was so only another thing to clean, more some girls would close a lid and freak was that they could no drunk so many take all some lids was and shoved his in a backside of the drawer, never to having seen again. Still, for some people can be crucial to use this cup in a gone.
-To to The Some girls like to of them. For any reason, drunk more tins of these cups that do other cups, which is an only reason is still around.

Well, a bad -
-Liquid bubbles out of a straw, especially if a liquid is cold when you have dipped he in. Like soul, some builds of pressure in a cup and a liquid is forced was. This means that included the cup that whole of the chairs often will develop the group of liquid around the and if a cup is in his side, filters to plot. ( They have tried to direct this subject with an update to a cup that will speak later in this description.)
-Builds Of pressure on yours the girl does not take never his mouth of a straw, he doing harder and harder that drink. It is easy to release a pressure to express a straw, but has to that take he out of the mouth of the yours first boy. (Ossia Another subject has tried to solve in an update spoken down.)
- Is the ache in a butt to clean. Mainly ossia because of a flexible straw. They comprise the tiny paintbrush to press by means of a straw, which have to do, it dishwasher a lot properly clean these straws. Further to be the time that eats, if you are not careful you run a risk of poking a paintbrush by means of a side of a straw and doing the hole. There is also two small nubs so only under a threading for a lid on some places where can see you that some claves of cup. A purpose of these nubs is in click when a lid is on properly, leaving knows is in legislation. But reason have not done these nubs the solid is further me because juice/to milk/etc can take to these nubs and take gross. I do not have remarked at the beginning that they have not taken clean - has to that really attention to arrest when using the paintbrush of boat because of a corner. It is so only an annoyance added.
-On some of some cups a straw is freer that another. This means that on some of them a bit the boys can poke a straw down to a cup, creating the control by means of that his gleefully touch his drink to a paving. So only some of some cups are like this, which is odd.

Can have remarked has written enough bit it more in a bad section that a good, like reason still use them? Well, the majority of the cups of straw have tried is sadly worse. To to Him Some boys likes him to him-the these, accustoms them, and has to that the plot as it would owe that invest money to change. We are basically so only trying engancharprpers was until they are quite old to do better with the simple old cup with the straw in him.

Well, likes fiancé, the word in an update to these cups. They have released recently this cup with the valve in a lid. It is achieved to do the control in a lid and that adds the valve to the flap in a straw, which bursts in a control inside a cup. This - in theory - would have to that prevent a vacuum question when the boy maintains his mouth in a straw and would have to that leave pressure to balanced likes some cups do not bubble liquid out of a straw. I am not sure reason this has not arrived to them earlier, like when have in the first place drawn a cup, but is was now. Still although we have had 12 of an old fashion, spent 3 more to try one was fashionable new. And... I have not been a panacea had been paralizaciones for the moment . A still bubbled milk out of a straw, although any so much. It adds an extra little any to cleaner. Some girls, for some reason can not dip my toe on, looks to have more the question that cups of the newest drinks. And a time my edges headed to poke in a straw quite that a valve is exited a hole in a lid, that heads to gleeful shaking to milk his lap. As it can be a creation has improved , but is certainly any one the reason to substitute all some cups have and many of a negatives still apply.

Like this @in rodeo - has to that it weaves of small subjects with this cup, but an inferior line is that to to him some boys like to of them and use them well. All know that maintaining some happy girls is tones as until they look equally happy with the different cup, will maintain to use these, albeit grudgingly.
5 / 5
One of some winners!
Likes mine 10me it old can use the cup of straw but does not know like this to tilt on the short rule still. I think that that I have bought each one which , like this here is my description:

Nuby Toe-N-Sip: Strong valve like any leak, hard to suck. You take frustrated a lot easily with this originally and included finds it hard to suck. It does not look to take these bosses.

Munchkin Hoards of Toe of Lock of click: valve of Half, any leak, any one manages that look to require. Quite easy sucks. One of the ours gone-to the east for water.

Munchkin Straw of Lock of the click: Light valve, any leak, any boss. Easy sucks. It likes to chew in a straw. One of the ours gone-to the east for water.

Munchkin Lock of click Weighted Straw: Light valve, any leak (unless calm any lid of ray on correctly), bosses of amours, likes to chew in a straw, works of good weight. Yes you express a straw while that the running water by means of a weight can clean it quite well. It comes with the cleaner of straw. It likes that it is of clear. First milk of drink of the cup was. I think that that ossia ours preferred. Sometimes I class of prime minister he for his with a first drunk. The desire there is oz markings.

Zo-Read Bot Straw: Any valve but straw closed like this easy sucks, filters so only yes tossed correctly in a paving, the slime bit it yes on side otherwise (resembled nipple), easy to resist bosses, comes with the cleaner of straw. It is not enthusiastic on tins in him but the drinks water well. It likes that it is of clear and there is oz markings.

Lollacup: Any valve, open straw, easier sucks. Ossia So only the cup with the straw. A straw can have the weight in the but is short and rigid and does not move . It likes. I have not tried tins in him.
3 / 5
This was one first cup of straw that my creature would use and take the immediately. His to any one have liked him Never calm bounced the, as it was the godsend when it liked him this cup. This in spite of, likes him another says, filters like crazy when used for cold milk, especially live in the hot climate. I have not had the question during a winter, but in a summer takes perhaps five minutes to milk to start with slime out of a straw and leave the big puddle. ( It sees video & of photo) We the question there was also with a weight of straw that causes too forceful of the flow that resulted in the current to milk/to water to shoot out of the mouth of my creature like the súper soaker. But I have fixed that to take a weight. So much, still we use a cup in 13 month - to to boy likes and drunk of any question of him, but the every time clean curse on a disorder spilt. (In the note lateralmente, my dogs love it!)
5 / 5
I desire has begun my daughter is in around 6 to 8 month more than in around 11 month. Instantly It Knows regarding the use and loves it. Other cups lose a mark. Sometimes it struggles to resist other cups or impulse the until taking liquid as it has frustrated. This cup is simple and work in any corner. Not struggling at all.

UPDATE: they are now in 14 month with my daughter. Still it gives this product five stars with some caveats. A cup has the retractable lid that tucks an end of a straw to a container. This lid can be broken if your cough of boy he in the hard paving like small nub concealed connects it to a cup can break was. I have bought the pair of these cups been due to this subject. Some people complain in leaks, and yes can and filters. A primary reason for leaks is that a suction in a straw is like this strong that water can dulcemente slime out of a straw. I have seen a lot of puddles around my paving to tile been due to of the this. If you close a retractable lid inbetween uses east pinches a straw and helps with a question.
2 / 5
Rodeo: This cup done but has not been the good cup. Some pauses of lid was and bubbles behind up by means of a straw. It likes a Zoli Of Creature BOT - Straw Sippy Cup instead.
Has begun my edges in a weighted hoards of straw in 6 month. A weighted creates of the straw is sum but has had to spend for enough the little cup to find a one like him.
One first cup has tried was a Munchkin Lock of Click Weighted Flexi Hoards of Trainer of the Straw. It is well for some premiers few days until spontaneously it begins to erupt tins out of a straw. A short so only would be to seat immediately suddenly the milk would begin to bubble out of a straw. This does not look to spend with water. A lid will break of this cup. It is bad semi-detached so only accept his in disposal to spend.
A next cup has tried was a Lollaland Lollacup. Has has wanted to really like this hoards reason is done in some the EUA, but although it is very pleasant a weighted the straw is too rigid as it does not bend, like attack a purpose of the have weighted straw at all.
Has tried then a Innobaby Sippin' Loans EZ Flows 3-in-1 Stainless Straw Sippy Cup. This cup has done well while you have agreed to release a pressure likes instructed in some directions. If it calms no the a same bubbling on what as Munchkin cup. This cup can withstand drops if they are not in a lid. A placing of orange of discharges in this cup is bad, has has had to that the take was reason is too close up of a straw and my creature have maintained to dip one wrong one in this mouth, or when suck in a paste of straw in a face. Unfortunately this cup has broken when fall in our paving of cookery of the tile, reason land well in his lid.
Finally, find the weighted hoards of straw that works. A Zoli Creature BOT - Straw Sippy Cup. I love this cup. It is sturdy enough to withstand a lot of drops and does not look to have a bubbling behind up question at all.
5 / 5
This cup directs the majority of some failures that traditional sippy the cups have.
1) Touching. My boy of prime minister has loved always touch a cup to drink, but with any sippy cups (those with straws), concealed them takes of working. Some another Has to that be touched to continue to use them, which my second never looked boy to take. This cup no any @@subject that the corner is in, reason a straw is flexible and has the weight to maintain he in a liquid.
2) Filtering. A straw has the valve to take evasion accidentelle. Also it has the flipping lid that prevents evasion accidentelle. It looks to do quite well and only leaks when you cross-edge a lid. YES, you can cross-edge he quite easily, but does not take long to imagine was regarding taking concealed.
3) Breaking. A cup is plastic. A flipping the part of a lid will snap was easily, but does not break (unless it has given a very on) and can be easily dipped behind on. A plastic is quite hard, as I have not had any question with some cups that pause.
4) Cleansing. It comes with the flexible paintbrush to do it easy to clean.
1 / 5
Mina an indication of star is for a pink cup - I thinks these are any defective or counterfeit.

Originally has purchased a green version of this cup and he have done utmost. It struggle to take my daughter of 10 month to drink water at all. With this cup - take it and drinks the good quantity! Also, has has not had to do a lot coaching to teach regarding the use, rid that simply his and has imagined it was inside the pocolos second. A cup is the good measure for his to resist, and access perfectly in a pocket lateralmente of mine SkipHop stock exchange of diaper. It is the ache to clean , but comes with the paintbrush that access a part of good straw.

Has loved of a cup, was excited like this to see a rose one for a same prize. But when I received it, it was to good sure any one same. It is hard to turn a cup at all and forget doing sure he clicas for the neighbour and prevent loss. Hardly I can it take turned to take a plastic that closes the piece approaches a side of a cup! I have had other people another stronger try it also and has had a subject same. I have informed a prime minister a like this defective and has received the second a with a subject same exact. It likes to please it does not buy a rose a! A green one this like this better.
3 / 5
Amur These cups. They are pleasant and function. It give 5 starts but there are two defects that wish munchkin would fix or could try find the new mark. When I have tried to clean a straw with a paintbrush of more cleaned has comprised with a cup nails a straw like this now scare me to clean a straw with this paintbrush! A second what is not like this necessary but is annoying. A lid for this cup has begun to exit easily with which roughly 2 weeks and now the explosions was a lot easily are constantly that it has to that dipped behind in that is a lot when we are house but any when we are was and his falls of lid in a soiled paving on and on again! Please munchkin fix these subjects

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
I left me preface this be saying never write descriptions, even so when it has seen what the people have said that the mould has grown in his cups has been horrified so do the video of me washed ours. My threads was quite exclusively breastfed and has wanted at all to do with bounced so that it takes these cups for him to use so much can begin present formula in 6 month. It imagines it was so to take a formula was immediately and although have had to helps controls a short once paste 9 month has imagined was so to line a cup in his own and the game behind enough in drink. The debugging is very easy has required only to do sure disassemble everything of some parts. One or the point is easy to take was, only look for a desert in some treads and you can take the attraction down-without using any tools or nails! Sometimes we do not wash all some parts for the day or two when is busy but will pose the in of waters he soapy hot for the bit conceals to take drawee of the formula has dried. I sugguest emptying a cup of any liquid a same day only so that it does not stink later. Also we try the shake was some of an excess water before the pose has been to dry.
3 / 5
This cup is well. But a reason gave it 3 star is so that he the ad as it add it premier sippy cup for a boy and I would have to disagree . For the creature to go to suck bounce it or nipple, in the sippy hoards with just the rim and at all more... He taken for them to comprise regarding the use. All my threads maintains to the mark is biting in the and launch in a fund... It IS 10 month and has been trying cogerprpers to use this cup for the while.. It does not spend . It drinks out of the normal sippy cup tho..So that it is why and it listens this why. Personally it thinks that that it is for toddlers or main. It kids that in fact it knows so to drink out of the cup. And also, it is not totally spilt proff... It filters the small.
5 / 5
We have tried all these other cups, but they all filter, or grow mould where you can not clean, or so much. But THESE CUPS in fact are test of leak, sper easy to disassemble and he sure dishwasher. An only thing would say is, has washed a disk of silicone manually and rinse thoroughly so to the silicone chooses in a fragrance of a dishwasher and has the time takes these versions all a soap. But mine 2 old year the work adds with these cups, is sper durable and take the big stupid smile in my face every time finds one of this poured on in a fund with interior of the juice and my carpet are still dry. It takes these. It uses the for everything. The May looks It behind. When being too dramatic when says that how many people want to them. It give to require more interactions with adults. But yes, it takes these cups.
5 / 5
Low voice for update

Likes Him a lot of parents, battle to find a better road to teach ours small daughter in drink of the cup. We have tried several forms of sippy cups, but can not look to imagine was that a mouth has done. And we do not want to beginning with cup regulate so that a water would finish everywhere.

Then I stumbled through these. I have to say, I am VERY IMPRESSED for a witty simplicity of his creation. There are three pieces: a short, the aim two-has handled "lid" this has a lot of tiny holes in him, and the silicone " it covers" these accidents in a lid. Quan A cup is to bend, raisin of liquid interior through some holes in a lid but is prendido by one covers of silicone. Applying the bit of downward pressure in a verge of one covers create what begin small liquid covers to flow out of low some covers, but only where a pressure has been applied. Bronzed when Our small or creature a cup in drink of him, at all in fact fluxes of him until pose in his mouth and the small pressure of his teeth/gums creates a beginning in one covers of silicone.

This cup has been indispensable to help our daughter learns to drink small quantities of water.

Some to the a lot of things likes them to them in this cup:

1) is very robust. This cup has landed in a fund very time and shows any sign of harm.

2) IS quite so the leak tries while I can take for a cup/of boy of the boy. Our small one churns it around in an air, the attack on, and occasionally launches in a fund. If the paste a last melts the drop or two can spill, but that is.

3) So many capes of A cup the easy fact for small hand in winery.

4) Yours little one can drink of anywhere to the long of a rim.

5) IS sure dishwasher.

An only [very small] the complaint has is that a short of beat of silicone that is the small delicate to separate of one covers. Only it have to take the conclusive grip in a circle of the centre and the hard attraction. Felizmente Both ask is quite hard that it was to take arrests to break or one in a process.

TIP: Quan first flavour this cup with our daughter, initially can not imagine was that he "fact." The difference of his boat, does not have any nipple, and of course does to any to give concealed has to press his teeth of upper/gums against a silicone to take water to exit. The tan in fact takes a cup of silicone and then, that lines a cup of a cup against his his lower lip, has bent a short dulcemente to leave the small water to flow in one covers and of the seeds in his mouth. A pair of weeks later, when look to comprise a concept, poses a cup of back of silicone on and learn to bite down on he softly to do waters is start . Quan Doing this technician, remarks that a full more a cup is, an easy plus is to control how much water enters one covers when bend you the, as it marks sure a cup is quite full when come from it.

In general could any one when being any happier with these cups! Highly recommended.

UPDATE 4/10/2019

still wants these cups, but after several months of the note of uses has developed black mould under a point of silicone these chairs in a cup of some nuts in one covers. At the beginning we were arrests to dismay and has thinks that would have to launch everything of some cups was. Even so, I take each of some points of silicone of some cover, has drenched everything in the solution of vinegar, then scrubbed and washed some points and limits thoroughly, and is as well as new!

A point here is that still although these cups are sure dishwasher , necessity to take some points of silicone from time to time and wash them so the mould does not accrue down it. To arrive to this point takes some meshes every time wash some cup -- vain in the small basket in our dishwasher together with some cups coloreadas of silicone -- and has has not had more problem with mussel. It can be unnecessary to take some meshes every time wash some cups, but for is easier that the test takes when last he.

So much, the step of sure small extra when being these cups are mould -free. It does not take to that like us to him these cups!
5 / 5
My small daughter has 6 month and the solids begun only and waters. After the tonnes of the investigations chosen to give these cups try it. That has designed me in these is a fact that is spill -test and that this normal impulse ipping' development in planting to take creatures to be more familiar with the straws that/sucks. So far it is doing adds! I want a mechanism of this product, think his very very thought-through. It is not too heavy, and some sleeves is easy for small ones to take. We have been using this during the week now and my daughter absolutely wants water of drink of this cup. Highly recommend it!
5 / 5
We have been that do the creature weaning focused (BLW) and has been really big on having a creature teachs that in drink of cups, powers , etc. These cups are surprising! While my boy of 8 month very really comprise at the beginning at the end takes one hangs of him and we no longer same cup of straw of the use. There is has not had any problem with filtering when a cup has been fallen. We launch in a stock exchange of diaper and not having never subject with spilling. We buy four as has clean ones around at all times.

Tip: I fill up so full like possible when in the first place that teachs a creature to use so that it does not have to bend the so far until that takes a water.
1 / 5
My husband and I have purchased these cups for our daughter after reading the descriptions add enough it. But no the duke. The May Looked my boy has take anything of a cup, and included tried to drink they and could not take anything has been. ?? Only we change in of the cups of straw. I have maintained some fund of these cups and in the now use the boy as it regulates -cups sized for my daughter to drink out of. A partner of the mine there has been also a same poor experience with these cups.
5 / 5
These are utmost for the small hands that flavour to imagine was likes him drunk. I have begun my now boy of 6 month in these when it was five months (just to practise). It is gone to launch them around (and any leak!) To comprise that some capes is meant to help his apresamiento a cup in his lips. These cups are utmost and if I have not mentioned he having to Any LEAK!
4 / 5
Quan Listens soyiracle,' is thought this has to when being a perfect product . Even so, has some defects. A big one this unit me CRAZY is that when fallen of creature he of a big chair or table (or sale of an earth) when punches a fund, a liquid will FLY out of a cup (photo of seen.) To well sure the does not spill when lined the other way around or included shaken in an air, but in in to the impact likes him that it cause it roughly of happy to goes want to, which supremely is thwarting considering the creatures want launch things. I have finished to buy the cup leash for a big chair so that I direct me the crazy debugging above milks three times the lunch. BUT it is to good sure less disorder that the regular cup.
- Does not spill at all when the other way around, shaken, or poured in a side
- easy to clean - some breakings coloreadas of the silicone in some starts of cup and undress each three pieces in a dishwasher
- the capes he easy for the creature to learn to line
- a 'any one spout' the creation is better for creature' converse and teeth that regulates he spouted sippy short

- to the crane there has been the lid for in a vain - although the does not filter in a stock exchange of diaper, the lid would be well to maintain muck of an upper
- to the crane had measured in a side
- the Liquid flies was and does the enormous disorder when fallen or launched in a fund (photo of views)
- the expensive bit for him necessity of cup more than unit
5 / 5
My husband has ordered this for our creature and when the arrived (has not been house), has not had any idea of so law??? I have washed and sanitized some cups and left the on one racks to dry. Quan My husband marries taken and aimed me that law... I have been excited to see creature that ours reacted in this new element....And only it take him the few minutes to imagine was regarding the use and then was eseize, drunk, and the press on' LOL. A better thing in this cup is that he no spilt! Any disorder any fuss! Excellent for mammas! It recommends that this produces at all the mammas!

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
5 / 5
The amour like pleasant this cup is, but could not comprise why my boy of 1 year has not finalised his milk of then changing to this cup. The place waters it the and tried partorisca drink out of him I today, Is VERY DIFFICULT to TAKE Anything WENT. My husband has been convinced a nipple /spout there is has not had holes partorisca a water/partorisca milk partorisca exit of. Spent very sad 2 of these.
5 / 5
Has been trying wean my edges of a boat. It has drunk only milk of the boat. It will drink water or juice of the 360 cup but so only drunk of the his boat. Like this in a hunting has been take when bouncing likes the transition was a winner !! It has drunk his to milk some first time and I am not had to that offer bounce it of then!! I spent last night this cup in bedtime! Winner!! More among the smallest measures, with or without bosses! I love this cup and a prize!! Easy to clean!
4 / 5
Has very tried other types and this was a clear winner. We have tried a lot of Munchkin some, MAM, and the Tommee Tippee and there is wanted at all to do with them. No it liked Him To Him a nipple of hard Sippy short so that this was one the majority of seamless transition among you bounced and Sippy cups. It would say to start with with this one of one taking goes!
5 / 5
So only sippy my boy will drink of. The this in spite of wishes a nipple was the little more sturdy and has not broken like this easily. I think it rasgado after a first time to wash. Although a course of nipple is broken a milk does not come touching was like another sippy cups. As it will do for now.
5 / 5
These sippy the cup is perfect for transitioning of the boat. It would say that they are to good provisional insurances unless you want to maintain buying new nipples all a time. Some nipples are not like this utmost to substitute them once and for then my twins have been done with them and now the use regulates sippy cups with the cup of test of the bite.
4 / 5
Has very surprised in these sippy bounced. I have struggled my edges for 10 months to take sippys, and has taken finally is one. I have not had any leaks of him and taking launched around the plot so that it is the enormous plus !
4 / 5
Hoards sum. Simple and pleasant. And servants like this add it transitional boat. My edges was hesitant at the beginning because this looks at all like ones bounced used before. If your boy is the chewer is the boot could not remain test of loss. My edges has chewed one of some nipples so many would filter bit it. At all of entity but still annoying. Any product of way adds
5 / 5
has bought this sippy hoards for my toddler the one who has had time last the transition of bounced the sippy cup. Interior four days to use this sippy short, am happy to say that it is of bounced. Some colours are good and brilliant and my amours of edges to look in some creations. A nipple is test of leak and easy to wash. My toddler has any @@subject that drunk of him.
5 / 5
Loves this boat! My creature has been using it of then has had 12 month . It Likes him a nipple of soft on that! The easiest transition of boat of creature.
5 / 5
The only cup to my edges likes for his milk.. It loves this fashion!

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
Pros: If you do not have the dishwasher, ossia EASY The HANDWASH without a itty bitty separates concealed requires the toothbrush the thicket. My creature wants this sippy and was an easy transition to take to use it. I love a piece of travesía can insert calm so much can toss a cup in a stock exchange of diaper with guarantee of any leak. A plastic quality is sum and grippy. A creation is 90 awesome with colours very pleasant and models. Some commenters has said a flow of the milk is not enough, but does not see the question with a flow of a slits. Some instructions say to do sure ploughs on before having the boy uses it. I have tried to drink to it sees it does and it is it adds. My creature slurps a 5oz bounces on less than 30min.
Gilipollas: A HOLE of the TINY VENTILATION Is not QUITE EFFECTIVE. As my creature of 10 drunk months, a pressure of builds of the suction in a mouthpiece. A hole of the ventilation does not look to be ploughing included although I have tried the estretch' was with pointy objects. So that it spends when too many builds of pressure up? While it drinks, a mouthpiece grottos in where the chin of my creature is, that causes a milk to loss was to his chin and shirt. It is not to like some dumps of whole cup was in his so that it is not disastrous, but is of entity to know before buying. I have tried to fix a question for cutting a hole of the slightly main ventilation. This could do while a cup is full average , but has tried he with a full cup and has been surprised when the milk has shot in the eye of my creature haha. I have bought felizmente 2 of these bounced like this now when I see a grotto of pressure in a mouthpiece I just push in a hole of ventilation to release air, or so only maintain the next towel to mop the face of my creature. Perhaps it was the defective cup . Mina, is still value that buys this cup. They are tired cup with economic plastic this takes rough of a creature that bites in a mouthpiece or some cups with tiny pieces that never take clean. An another subject: any COST Is STILL BREASTFEEDING. This boat coaches your boy to bite down to take a tiny slits to open up. The need says more in this subject?
5 / 5
Any a lot of legislation in this order. I love this mark of him does not buy he of this vendor. I have ordered two matching cups. I am not matched. A lid was the entirely different colour that a base. Reason really have not concerned and has not loved to spend for a hassle to send them behind me so only to the left goes. They looked dirty I has washed him like this. When I took Him out of a dishwasher there is @@give the name of the boy has been written in a side of one of some cups in bookmark. They are used. If I have loved the short used would pay 50 cents or 1 dollar for him in the sale of yard. It would not pay the full prize for the cup has used. Obviously sending behind and has frustrated further.
5 / 5
Have such mixed feelings in this cup. In one a hand is light and easy to manage for a transition to bottle to the cup and is quite well when it is situated to the rovescio with spilling very small BUT in another hand... A spout collapses to describe when you have joined my drinks of girl of him. Raisin every time... Unscrewing An upper to relieve some works of suction until it begins to drink of him again. Finally, a spout spent that is coming with him a lot quite apt again with which I sterilized a product for a first use.

Gives 2 out of 5 stars because a folding nipple/ spout is a lot frustrating!
5 / 5
Unfortunately this has not done for my edges. It could any one quite take a fact that has required to bite down and suck. I tried it me and hardly it has taken anything was. This goodness to my edges not taking any a lot of water and resulting constipated the few days - finalise to take a tommee tippee the trainer and is exiting very better for him.

In the positive note, a creation of some sleeves are adds to resist. His just unfortunate could not drink of him!
4 / 5
Has bought this sippy hoards for my edges to start with that takes used to drink water. I have imagined that a spout was looked when bouncing and a rubbery the texture would help to relieve a transition. This in spite of, would not drink any one a lot out of him and he pressed it quickly was. I did not imagine it it was for weeks that was because of a cup. I have tried to drink out of him I and was virtually impossible. Any one a hole was too small or a suction has do not arrest sinister to air to go in, but included sucking like this hard as it could, so only could take the few drops was. Any marvel has taken fallida with him!
5 / 5
My daughter loves his NUK sippy cups! I take some bosses was when I loves in fact drunk out of a cup, reason usually finalises to chew in a boss more than drinking out of a cup. I can say that it feels like such the big daughter when it uses it and taking very excited to drink of him. It is also he spills-test, as when it touches it to the rovescio does not take wetted. I have purchased the little of these and wants to him!
4 / 5
The description of element has said “2 band.” It would not have paid this a lot of for A CUP there has been I known so only would receive a cup. A lot disappointed for a misleading description.
5 / 5
Has been that tries to give our 5 old month boot he for 3 month +. I have ordered this sippy hoards to have once was older and in the whip has decided to try the... It loves it!! Amours some bosses, loves to chew the, master drunk out of him.
Knots exclusively breastfeed and now the dad could have the occasion in feeding once in the moment!
5 / 5
Amur These. It could not take my daughter of a boot and has ordered these after my partner have suggested any commentary even a transmission. All calm bounced is him gone. A subject only is looks to bite an upper and done some holes plus very big, that cause too many tins to exit in one concealed is not one the fault of companies. It is to be expected. It sees to sell the cups of substitution so that it will owe that take some. Ossia Better that buying the new integer sippie cup, as they are well with that. It would be lost without these.
5 / 5
Different that pictured. It hoards sum. I have had one same one with my edges to the equal that know has loved one same for my daughters of twin, but is the tan of different drawing pictured. Ossia An ONLY reason has 1 Star.

Top Customer Reviews: Simple Modern ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
Our edges has been using these partorisca the few months now and is awesome. It drinks smoothies all a time as we have not loved the disorder with beetroot and bays, etc. And these have done a trick. Quite indestructible. Like the boy toddler, is the destroyer , and these stood up his, does not import that he often the in firm to attack down. Still I will give these five stars but I wish a straw could not pull was. Fast lesson to teach, but if a straw has has had to that the take to maintain for the take, ossia absolutely perfect.
4 / 5
A short are to add but any focus has dipped in a cup there is ruined an outside of him. They have used some sticky material to adhere a focus external around a cup and was almost impossible of the take was. I have tried scrubbing using it soap of dish with the nonscratch abrasive sponge and has tried also use 70 rubbing alcohol for the take but so only has extended the during a place and he have included worse. A sticker in a fund a same thing. I have finalised that it has to that I use 91 rubbing alcohol in the but doing like this caused an image to rub is gone in some places. If it had not done this, the half of a cup would have been súper sticky like this doing it terrible to use bc would take my hand. A sticker in a fund of a cup a same thing but am hesitant to use a main note that rubs alcohol to take a residue, because of an aforesaid question to the equal that will have that uses my cutter of vinyl to do the sticker for the discharge. Very annoyed thus @@subject but happy with a real cup. It does not filter and it maintains the cold of water of my boy all day in pupil. Only use he to water so that it has not been that a lot he insulates warm liquid. Really wish a company would find another way to label his product.
4 / 5
Loves Simple Modern! Our family possesses enough the little tumblers already. My boys use a heck out of them! I have been by means of some beat on situations, this in spite of the durability is sum ! It maintains his good and cold drinks.

I hand washes a tumbler, but dip a lid and straw in a dishwasher without any subjects. So only it does not leave any chair of liquids in him too long, or will take moldy (I follows to take juice of apple that the external chairs in a sun for 3 ). But ossia to be expected. I have not had any one @subjects easily washing was a mould thoroughly.

Has had to that order Marshall has printed for mine 3 old year! MASTER PawPatrol/Marshall and anything firetruck. It was súper excited to take this tumbler. And mine 1.5 old year has lit on when it has seen Mickey. Some creations/of model are súper entertainment,pleasant, and vibrant!

Also, has had to that add a service of client adds. A little ventilation of hule in my edges tumbler the lid is fallen off that it does not leave pertinent suction. I emailed his service of client and send me marks it new lid for free! The fact one the even more happy client!
5 / 5
Has purchased one of these for mine 1 old year, with which despairing to find 'leak-try' sippy cut that lived to his promises. Mina the old plus kids each one which as it has it HydroFlask to maintain multiple cup of cluttering some contadoras and have a ready for walks, errands, etc. This a like this far in fact is that it resists on equally well, if no the little better, for half a prize! HF Has has added bosses of hule to maintain that it paints of chipping when fallen - that has touched like the good idea, but in fact the more probably to touch and the circle when clashed in the table. Without a sleeve a product tends to chip in HF, but this Simple Modern some have paints it more lustrous that looks to be that it resists until a very better abuse. Very happy with him and will buy more in a future!
5 / 5
Wants to these! Mina 4 old year fallen his out of a car a first day of the have and there is not the mark at all. It waters it it is spent still fry a next and day of mine 2 old year can not imagine was regarding filters it (which he no, reason would have found the way for now). To good sure will be to buy more.

- A 2 old year thinks is amused to press a straw to a cup, as it has it spunky to to one likes him the mine that can do one same, would recommend to take a straw of toe instead.
5 / 5
Amur That some rays of lid on and is the water of loss has ensured. It comes with two straws of silicone! Pleasant and durable! This produces incredibly is in amazing! I have finalised to buy my niece a mermaid one for his anniversary. I want that some straws are silicone and sure dishwasher as well as a lid. I comprise reason a main glass has to that be hand has washed. It is any question and easy to clean! My boy has launched this thing in a walk the MULTIPLE time and test of still rests of leak And very solid. Any semence. I will continue to buy this mark for my edges and considering on buying I a. I call this a Yeti for boys. I love it!
5 / 5
Sippy The cups for girls are defying. Hardly any of them is totally tries of leak. This one east with a spout has closed, but when it is open, will filter yes tossed roughly. This was easy for mine 1.5 old year to learn to drink of, and wants to spend the around. A stainless steel can have been the poor election for his of then when she cough the in an earth, he clangs a lot noisily and is already quite dented. Ossia súper Pleasant, easy to clean, and leak-try enough.
4 / 5
Has ordered this “mark bounces new water for my girls. One of some containers clearly could says was the new mark or has not used never. Another container already could say was defective because of a way has been wrapped inside a box (not liking a prime minister a).
This boat has scratches EVERYWHERE!!! A lid has water around a straw and brown residue. And it looked inner water and had also. This produces the looks is state places by means of hell. In a fund of a boat is included worse with harm.
Has not paid a plenary and marks the new prize for the a lot of water bounces very used with residue around that.

Join other waters of boat is in fact perfect and am disappointed has not taken a same result with another. I will not be buying of again!
5 / 5
Perfecto compliment to Mickey atascadas of my creature! It is really easy for mine 2 old year to use. It was excited really to see a bit Mickey give form. They like him have these flasks around write that has access to water at all times. Has has wanted this so much that has has ordered already a Minnie normalised for his hips!

Any leak! Included when a flask gone back on is side , at all starts. It is quite easy to clean. So only it uses an use of paintbrush still for another flask.
5 / 5
Want to one looks of these cups, loves that I am insulated to maintain a cold of interior. But these leaks of cup. I have paid $ 18 each one considering 2 of these cups on here but then found the short ossia looked his in Walmart, without a insulation, for $ 5 and does not filter at all. As they are quite disappointed with this cup. I give it 3 for a pleasant creation and a insulation to maintain it cold but another concealed it.. It does not squander your money.

Top Customer Reviews: NUK Learner Cup, ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
Awesome transitional Hoards. It has used the dr. It bounced brown partorisca 10month. My edges will not take a lot another boot like this have thinks that will have the same questions that takes was a boot to the sippy cup. No with these some!! I began it it was with one 4 Oz and will give water so only. When it has been ready partorisca take has been bounced, has added them tins to a Nuk sippy cup. At the beginning it did not take it reason has had the habit partorisca drink water of him so only. All day when it has loved tins will dip them in his sippy cut until it took it finally. I have then launched all bottles era. I have bought 10oz Mickey Has smiled some. Has two of one 4 Oz elephant some and 2 of Mickey Has smiled 8 Oz. They like him both and both have easy removable bosses to wash. The nipple is quite fat and durable, any economic. Yes, of course yes to the yours to boy likes to chew in the, he finally wear of just like other things. The nipple also has a ventilation of air in an opposite side of a nipple.
4 / 5
Has not had any subjects with this cup with filtering and to the left say me already is been by means of hell and for behind lol. The sleeves are easy for my daughter the grip
4 / 5
When this sippy is doing correctly, is SURPRISING! It likes that there is of the removable boss, pleasant creations, easy to clean, test of leak, and is the good measure . We use this like the transitional sippy the wean ours creature of his bounce and has better done that it could have imagined!
Loves this cup, but one a thing that is defective is a spout. The desire has been done out of the material the durable plus or better thickness. My creature has teeth like this sometimes she the minority chews in a spout while drinking and has caused a “test to filter”spout to leave. After the months of pair to use a whole part of a spout where some the liquid starts entirely there was rasgado was. It can be the choking hazard and the liquid has filtered throughout of a time has begun take still rasgar. I have added the photo that shows some broken spout in some lefts and marks it new substitution spout that has purchased for separate calms so much can see a difference.
In general is the short adds and wants to maintain using it but are not that it looks forward to continuous to spend money on substitution spouts. If it has not been for this I 100 recommends this by all the world! But for now I will continue to use a cup until I am able to find something concealed will do better for knots.
5 / 5
LOVES these sippys! I have ordered 2 of them. My edges't the doctor has wanted to take weaned of the cold turkey bounced in 12 month and to the left say, one first week was rough! In this point has not had any regulate sippy cups in a house because I have had using only straw or some 360 cups for his water (still tongue and development of teeth).
Well, My edges would not drink the milk out of some cups has had, there is wanted sweats boat. As I have decided to try this based in some descriptions and they are surprising!!! Some sleeves are utmost and is totally tries of leak. It is also in pedeasure once the day to help hanged of profit because it is like this big, and these are some only cup that does not leave of the stains of chocolate during his cloths!

Has taken some stars was reason a creation is not that it was pictured, but could concern me less. Grey is well.
5 / 5
Has wanted loves this boat.
Pros: His really pleasant, easy to clean and does not filter .

With: it gave it my creature with water, has thought them so only touched with him becara a water remained in a same oz level. Has the data tries it and at all starts! You owe that bite a nipple/spout so that it waters it can exit.

Perhaps will do in of the main creatures. : )

Refunded Element. Thank you Amazon
5 / 5
My daughter loves this cup. This will be our new gone-the cup for time of bed. I love a big, 10-oz capacity and a pleasant creation. An only way of the take to the leak is to launch he by means of a room, and has included then is so only the pair of drops. I resisted it literally to the rovescio and shook it like this hard as it could, and has not filtered the alone drop.
5 / 5
Absolutely rids down a cup of BETTER student there. Literally a better! It does not spill . Controls to plot. Utmost form. I add spout. Ossia NOW WELL in my house. 2 year uses these without question. Another sippy leak of cups, or a flow is too fast. Ossia PERFECTO !
4 / 5
This was my first election of sippy cup for my edges. We begin to use this in 8 month, like pediatrician of recommended mine weaning the ones of a boat for his first anniversary. We have been given the pocolas other frames also, like a Walmart the election of Father of mark and Munchkin, but like this far, ossia an only cup concealed has not filtered in some way. I wish some lids would remain in better, but does not use some lids in home so that it is not the subject real.
5 / 5
Has been buying these cups for years. Has two boys, prime ministers of mine was like this like this in a mark but there was the little. My second really likes him like this maintaining has to that the dozen in of the impressions and of the different measures. Never it has I expósito such the product of drop do low. It is quite that asked has taken the knockoff. I compared it to Mickey, Minnie, and Pooh bounced the and has not gone so only imagining it. A work to product is the joke . A mark markings in a boat was otherwise compatible. But there is “extra” markings is boot. Things like a tone to paint for example. Any of the mine another bounced there is concealed and is not something calms usually see in the product finalised has taken.

Are class to take patient of of the this. The control of precise amazon of better quality. Any one this mark has taken the sudden acute decrease in the quality or they are leaving knockoff produced of creature. This will go back. I do not seat sure that leaves my drink of the girl of the cup has taken.
5 / 5
Seriously, a better sippy cup! We have tried a 360 cup and she have has not looked interested in this cup. This was very very easy the transition. There is prendido quite his use to bounce and converted to these, has not had any question at all. We begin this on 11.5 month and shes the totals pro now. It is also now taking hang he of another cup (360 cup) that the think helped partorisca begin this cup. We buy the multiple and are utmost. I have included recommended to my fellow the one who has 16 month still is struggling using bounces it and a lot that master it sippy cup.

Top Customer Reviews: Munchkin Miracle ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
This description is roughly 1 estaca of year-buy. I have bought Munchkin Miracle 360 Sippy Cup partorisca my edges when it was the year and the half. There is prendido partorisca take a quite early boot and skipped that uses the straw/of cup. Before this, has tried handful external sippy cup. A short of Miracle is surprising and the must buys for any parents. It is 95 test to spill like this some liquid starts of a pressure after sealing an upper on. If this is to fall in the hard surface, clear it will spill era. A quality of build is glorious. These cups have been launched around, attacked to an earth, etc, and do not give physical anything. These are utmost was without a lid on. Generally we will leave a lid was, if we are there to supervise the sweat that drinks. These helps to take habituadas to the real cup.

My woman and I always use the new cup for each hydration session. A main liquid use this thus whole milk. I have it quell'has bought of then 2 near of these to alternate use among cleaning. Any cup has used to take clean almost daily. The cleaner is quite basic. You owe that burst of one covers to take the thorough cleaner. Taking and clean of the discharges of hule circulates clear also. I have it that has not had never the question of mussel with these. So only be diligent and clean after each use! . For the disorder-free and unattended hydration, ossia a better!

7/18/19 - My toddler the boy has turned so only 4 in May and still is using this newspaper. I am seeing these cups everywhere now!
5 / 5
These sippy the cups are surprising to take your little a to move on the boat, while preventing spills it enormous. That the way adds to teach your boy like the properly of control and use the cup, as well as place and use his mouth in the method the natural plus for tongue.

Is a lot well in any that loss when used like the normal cup or has touched on, for now; this in spite of, remains to dip in his side for a long period of time, fallen of the pair of feet or vigorously shaken calm then would owe that expect some form of loss and/or evasion that more than likely requires some cleanup. This be has said, these to good sure do the plot less disorder in general that the nipple in bouncing it concealed has been chewed on.

I desire had known in these when it was around 1, although they are still the tool to learn adds in the age slightly older also.

UPDATE - 12/08/2017
Tips to help better to comprise these cups...
1) Has 4 different part to the each cup that need to be cleaned: short (plastic solid, colored), lid (plastic solid, aim), focus of loss (hule soft, colored) and focus of lid (hule soft, clear). You can use something like the toothpick, or type looked of device (corn in a cob title), to take to focus of a lid of a lid to clean both zones thoroughly. Using the product like a OXO Tot Paintbrush of Boat with more Cleaned of Nipple and Stand, the green is the way adds to really take to all the parts of your Miracle 360 sippy cup.
2) that Fill a cup to around 1/8' lower that a drop of inner flange around a cup, in a fund of some edges, can prevent seepage of a liquid by means of a cup. Ossia Especially of entity to maintain import when using gel in a cup, as it will be pressed down for a lid and will cause any excess liquid to exit.

Has found this description 'Useful', please click a key down.
4 / 5
Well. Like this here it is a lean in these cups. Has the girl that is of a boot or afterwards to leave a boat?

Has answered yes, then delete all the ideas or ideas for sippy cups of your alcohol and buy these. These are awesome any short to spill that it trusts the natural instinct of the boy to press down with his mouth in a lip of the cup when they drink. 1 week after changing to these, our toddler was able to take sips of glasses of open cup/regulate.

Does not spill when fallen or attacked , falling of the big quite the distance will cause spills it. These cups are not of the miracles when it comes to any spills. Enough die will exit. Ossia True of Any sippycup. But during a normal every day the routine of day, these to good sure can be the loss has considered free. A difference here is: this cup, for the creation uses a boy instinctual behaviour to teach them like this to drink usually out of the cup. Yours regulate spouted sippy the cup is so only bounce he with the hardest nipple.

This cup is very drawn, a lot of engineered. Any often write these are quite awesome. You will see complaints of mark of the people in these cups. They fall to one of two categories. I will direct him individually:

1. THESE ARENT TRIES/of LEAK to SPILL THEM. Yes, reason when I buy it sippy short, expect a cup to magically annul out of some laws of motion, force, physical, moment and intertia. A fact that this cup does not suspend some laws of a natural world when it comes to import, and his Newtonian movement has have totally does rethink shabby of mine of these . Sad. Ossia The ridiculous idea . Die quite force, and according to a corner of one can exit. Any sippy the cup in a world can fulfil this impossible level. It ignores it revises to do this complaint.

2. OMG, I DIDNT KNOW The PART of HULE is START, there is ALL THIS MOULD. All can say the ossia: like six remained to move out of the house of your father? I mean, seriously. These are your boys . You didnt look in this product, has WASHED HE ENTIRELY first of the use? You didnt read a bit paper that is coming with him concealed explained like a cup is start ? Seriously? Anything print if no the cleaned, and is in the place where moisture can be trapped. Ossia Likes, that... 3rd science of class of note? Coming on.

Ossia The solid product . If has the averages the clue, will be able to see reason. It ignores some naysayers! Buy these cups for your toddler. =)
5 / 5
HOARDS BETTER NEVER - These do not spill unless your toddler launches him very hard- and included then so only the small quantity will exit. And YES, you have to CLEAN some cups. I do not comprise reason these looks to be the cups of caffè have complicated to have pieces that has to clean you out of a plastic colored topper was and launch he in a dishwasher or hand-held wash. From time to time, utilisation the fork to pry of a hule washer of a portion of white lid, and clean down there also. Dipped the backside on and is in business. Taken perhaps 30 seconds.

Has 10 of these cups and his all utmost . As they age a focus can take looser, but still prevent 99 of leaks to spend. It buys it, calm will not be disappointed.
4 / 5
My woman and I love these cups. They are mostly he tries of him loss and easy to clean. This in spite of, a cup of the hule of a lid has broken down with which so only the week and is falling avert (sees photo). An upper/lid is two separate pieces and some works of plastic part well but a colored the piece of hule is a question . The furthest a @@subject and driving a low indication is that a costruttore, munchkin, does not sell cups of hule of the substitution. You owe that buy all the new cup.
4 / 5
Expects that these helps of information more there the one who is in a half of a thickness, confusing fog of yes to use the sippy, straw, or the cup when transitioning of bounced to milk the cups.

1. When, in the date of 12 month of my creature, ours the pediatrician said has to that take touched of of bounced of punctual tins and locate a milk-in-a-sippy-train of cup, have gone to the way of massive investigation.

2. Never of my creature was 5/6-the old month, used is Nuby sippy cup for waters he and he are to exit well. As I have thought so only it would give tins in this sippy also. This was before my investigation. A creature has not gone really interested, mostly reason a flow-the speed has not been sum and has left a milk in a boat afterwards sucks on he for the moment - and does not leave NEVER tins!

3. My investigation has said to use cups of straw or directly on cups and skip traditional sippy-cups altogether. Traditional sippy the cups are not some better reasons the creatures use the muscle of different tongue to use them, which could head to delays of tongue, etc. This could be true but this was the bit of the scary-on-reaction of mine. This is not reason has not loved to use sippy-cups, does not have them has wanted to use reason a speed of flow of a milk has not been order, as explained in my leading point.

I also has discovered sippy the cups have been used some old days (in cups) to comfort of then was loss -the test and the cups have not been. But the science there is now does loss-cups of test like a Miracle 360 cup!

4. Of one the majority of-advance used that the parents have used was (1) traditional sippy (2) cup of straw, (3) cup, has thought to jump directly to the cup, of of the east is that it will use finally. I have bought also this Philips hoards of straw like the backside-on, in the chance does not take to a Miracle 360 cut immediately.

5. To take creatures to start with that use/to accept a Miracle 360 cup, the people have suggested that took any normal cup has, full with the bit of water and offer this cup to water to a creature. Left a practice of creature that water of drinks of a cup for the few days. After the few days, I whipped was one of a Miracle 360 cups, has fill he with water, and offered it to a creature. Inside the pocola test, a creature has begun to take a hangs of a cup!

6. A next step has used a second Miracle 360 cup in a band for tins. I have animated a milk in the boat to milk that it use him bounce it warmer, taste to him usually does, has transferred a warm milk in a Miracle 360 cup and offered it to a creature. It was the success !

7. A flow-the tax is quite quickly, which is well, faster that a measure-2-bounce-the nipple has used. Baby has finalised a boat in 2 minutes!

Importing: after fill a warm milk in a cup and that closes a lid, sure to press down in a tab of first heart to give a cup to a creature, these pushes out of an air, preventing leaks.

8. I have hid some bounced of tins of his dress, uses them to heat a milk and transfer a milk to a Miracle 360 cup, but no tip this process.

9. I have not had a need to use a straw sippy the cups have purchased. Right now, utilisation a Miracle 360 cup for water, and one for tins. Calm also take lids for these cups on Amazon, in the chances require.

10. To clean, there is so only three part to clean, a cup, a heart-tab-silicony-rim, and an upper white part. For deep cleaner, also taken out of a fourth course - a thin coverage around a cup.
4 / 5
Some cups are to touch at the beginning, but shortly after filter it. If calm his tombs his splatter NEVER WHERE and dipped the on a side, his drip. BUT for everything of some people that descriptions of leaves that grows mould, use your bosses! A coverage of the hule EASILY CAN BE TAKEN was with the knife of butter to CLEAN! It is not science of rocket! If it has not been for a splattering and filtering, would want these reasons the mould is not a subject when calm cleans him properly.
5 / 5
Love these cups. They wash easily, control until toddler abuse, and maintain calm more loss in. If it falls big feet, some liquid will exit, but very a lot. We have lost I look it, as I have ordered these to restock.

There was roughly informative in this mould to grow, but while it separate a lid to a white piece and a colored piece, this would not owe that be the question. We separate a lid, launch so many pieces in a dishwasher, then to the left dry in the Herb Racks first of reassembling.

Please on-vote this yes calm description the the expósito useful!
5 / 5
My family has been using these cups for years, and is on some better around for not filtering . To clear, still filters here and there, but is the better still way that other cups. Filtering arrives mostly around a rim, where some drinks of girl out of, but enough so only spends if a cup has fallen , or has closed unexpectedly down, and usually the small quantity of water. An odd occurrence, this in spite of, is that once in the moment adds when a cup has fallen to the hard paving, a silicone inserts/inserts up will burst was, and water gushes is gone in the quite good tax. Now, a less common still occurrence to the fall is that once in the enormous, add while, an integer of white lid will burst immediately, in spite of being thoroughly screwed on. Now, as you can imagine, this causes the enormous disorder, but does not spend very thick.

These cups are the bit of the ache to handwash, but would like me direct a subject of mussel in other descriptions. My girls a lot seldom drink anything another quell'water or tins, and there is remarked that a form of the mould so only has had juice or tins in some cups, and a short goes to lose for several weeks. My experience with these cups indicates that all some angry descriptions of moldy cups, and claims of the girls that is situated in danger has to that be the result to give tins of girls or juice in these cups, and reusing his for several weeks, without being washes or checked, something any included do with boat of mine waters own, as I create some error of the user has involved. A zone that grows the mould can be verified in the breaking like this for simply lifting a flange of a colored to the silicone inserts/insert real quickly, as this me further situate a fault for undetected mussel infestations in some users, and no this fine product. Besides, another prompt indicator of mussel is a clear or-the coverage that results discolored. So much, calm really has to that ignore both common sense, and prompt warning signs to have your boys that drunk out of the mould-hoards infested of this type. My impression is that these cups are to touch to leave girls to have his there same water with them throughout a day, and when that uses this cup with just water, regulate it washing will prevent mould so only well. In fact, included when have found cups that has been missing for month, says, under a couch, or car chair, still does not have the mould in them have been used with water.

My joint is that you are planning on using these cups for tins or juice, also plans on entirely rasgándoles down and washing them later that same day. Otherwise, You guaranteed has mould inside the few days. These cups do the means almost perfect for mussel to thrive in, as we require the no at the head of him.

According to that when being easy to resist, this could be worse, but some sleeves would be good. Some the smallest cup of this type has an option for bosses, but a big plus some do not look to be available with bosses, which is unfortunate.

In general, ossia the product adds !!
4 / 5
These are the solid election for a toddlers was caveats this in spite of. There is well on 4500 descriptions to arrive to this point, but to the left add me mine 2 cents:

- Relatively spills-free. The small falls and at all filters. Swipe he on in a table? Any leak. It falls of the table of caffè or main? It will filter and splash. It maintains that in alcohol.
- Good selection of the available colours.
- Relatively economic pricepoint so that volume.
- Easy to the ray/unscrews and gather/disassemble. He Sure dishwasher.

- The splash, As it has declared on. It maintains that in alcohol.
- Or-The coverages do not look to be one the majority of durable. We are to spend a place less than the year because one or-the looks of coverage to fail and the liquids bubble on and out of a coverage.
- Beware Of build of easy mussel-up! In a portion of lid of the silicone, down where attaches to a white plastic, can take growth of mussel in the few portions a lot easily. These really needs to come with the tiny boss scrubbing paintbrush, which is my main flu with these cups. I suggest handwash so only for a portion of lid of the silicone and always control for mussel.
- Or The coverages owe that be gorings of delicately to wash. These also will grow mould and bad smells. They are hard to take. Utilisation the slender object, blunt. These will build mould for behind his calms left that.

In general, good cup with some subjects of cleaners (likes more toddler/elements of creature, which is acceptable to some terracing.)

Top Customer Reviews: ezpz Tiny Cup ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
It fails a pinch of silicone tries like the half has plastic farce in him. Other red flags, has odorato apes out of a box and a costruttore recommended at all on 350 terracings Fahrenheit in a box. If it was silicone of note of true prize , would have to be able to go for until at least 428 terracings if any 550 terracings Fahrenheit. I gave it the star because a creation is really good. Of then it is inferior weighed and has grips, are unlikely he topple on. It is so only the shame that his cheaped was and the low quality silicone has used. For $ 10 and for the 2 for 2.5 cup of thumb, could have resupplied real silicone. One 11-thumb GIR spatula of silicone only costs $ 13, does not have a pleasant smell, and can locate to 550 terracings Farenheit. Ossia The product drawn for CREATURES in alcohols. If calm worry you in the health of your creature, skip all ezpz has produced. So only with which have purchased this looks for descriptions in his other products and apparently his Happy Foreigner has a subject same, also.
5 / 5
Did not expect It to be like this small lol! I have been impacted but thinks that an idea is awesome. I did not try it still. I want that there is the « weight » in a subordinated to the equal that remains up. It can not expect try the !
4 / 5
This cup is adorable and functional. We are to spend 10+ Different types of the cups and ossia some so only some my edges (9 months) will choose up with both his hands and take the sip... Before the loss everywhere! A better part in this cup is that it calms that can fill on (which is so only 2 oz) and is quite big for the sips of pair to coach the young creature as to drink of the cup. The main cup neither has 5 oz to water arrival in a paving of the fill up or your creature does not take any water in his mouth of any when being pas able of the game for behind quite far.
5 / 5
Mina 7 old month is interested like this to look drunk of people! I have been thrilled to find the quite small cup for his hands (although still precise some help to resist he). I want that it is silicone and soft so that it does not hurt his little gums. It enjoys to learn to use it, and he the easy fact to practise with the small quantity of liquid. I purchased it reason has been recommended of the dietitian and occupational therapist that are in Instagram. I have not been disappointed!
4 / 5
wow This mine enabled 8 old month to drink independently! It looks small when it arrives but of the one who be fooled - know that it is doing! Reason give the tiny creature the tonne of waters will spill while learning??! Exactly - like this these are very drawn and durable. In 8month can resist it and touch his mouth. im To the equal that has impressed. Patient never use the sippy hoards or straw. Ossia A way to go .

Better part: tapered ploughing like this some flows to water to a mouth, no around a side of some lips. Incredible creation.
4 / 5
Has bought in fact this cup for my little lovely 4 me it. Old granddaughter for the present navideño in a question of my be has said did not give it his closing. This in spite of have been of then asked to take this for his I am sure has good history with this product by means of other mothers. It looks like this adorable and is such the idea adds for his. Thank you For your product that develops of creature of the supports like this fantastically.
4 / 5
My creature has thinks that that this was the teething toy in 6 month, 7 month, 8 month, 9 month, 10 month, etc take an idea . Now it is 14 month and still thinks that. I am not sure it would recommend this like the teething to to the toy like him to him the bloodlettings of leaves of the rim and of the red lines in the face of my creature when it sucks in the and the amena to the his expensive - I has taken was when this past and tried king-present the again like the cup. It would take unbalanced and the cry when hurt his face.

Regarding the cup, there is still to convince me that my toddler would not see it never like such. You can try he for calm. They are sure a lot all the creatures/toddlers is equally but has not done for our boy of creature.
5 / 5
Ossia A second tiny cup has purchased for our daughter. It is really it adds for small hands and learning to use an open cup. An only downside, is my daughter easily rasgó a cup of a cup because a silicone is like this thin. But knots trimmed he with the scissors and still laws a lot Ossia a second tiny cup has purchased for our daughter. It is really it adds for small hands and learning to use an open cup. An only downside, is my daughter easily rasgó a cup of a cup because a silicone is like this thin. But knots trimmed he with the scissors and still does a lot of🤷🏻‍♀️
4 / 5
has sent the a short fact behind. Not seeing a picture thought it would have the lid in the reason does not say any disorder. A cup is very fat in a subordinated flimsy fat wall in a cup I supposition in chance of teething no real sure. It was way like this small also anticipated for the little one the one who does not look returned for the boy that age. Especially when they do not drink out of the the cup regulates likes concealed. It was a lot of disappointed
4 / 5
So that appreciated to the lady Dawns to create this cup! Mina babe has been that practical “the open cup that drunk” With toys in a bathtub for the long time, like this in 6 month has known has has wanted to skip a sippy hoards and other cups of trainer that potentially could derail our breastfeeding. This tiny cup is LIKE THIS PLEASANT and mine babe the other that expects his response takes his milk in an end of his lunches to practise with a cup. It is improving every day! Accesses in his few hands perfectly. I have not seen anything more like this in a phase.

Top Customer Reviews: Tommee Tippee ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
Has has had so only these cups partorisca the few days, as we will see to like them after some wear and tear, but like this far am enamoured with them. Has twin toddlers the one who am a lot rough with sippy cups. These cups are one has found more like this far partorisca the pocolas reason.
Likes to resist to the rovescio and attack them the things until they have done the giant puddle out of his beverage. These cups do not filter when this raisin.
Also Like them launch his cups by means of a room when they are done drinking. Like this far one launching any compromised these cups in any way.
Also Like them chew the holes in spouts and bite them and spend them around in his teeth. They can not bite by means of these spouts.
Is easy also control it and a bit the boss is very also, he the very easy fact the grab(as I can see in a pic, a boss the very easy fact partorisca this little type partorisca fly his drink of sisters).
In general am VERY IMPRESSED with these sippy cups. They have maintained the mamma has occupied the little healthier.
5 / 5
Has in the first place purchased these cups in an end of March. It is more the people will complain that they already are in his substitute so that it adds can, but really is utmost.
My almost 2-the old year has a inquisitive alcohol and of the very young age has looked for to imagine was that things of laws. When it Was quite old to begin to use cups in place of bounced, would do everything in his can to do a leak of cup. Also it launches everything. Very physical kiddo.
That when be said, has broken multiple cup and tried a lot of cup to not being test of leak. This neighbour was a together prime minister that in fact .
My edges is spent of the days that try this leak of things. Hes Launched him. They have survived. Hes pounded Sew it To them. Survived. Until this past week. It has chewed thru a cup of a mouthpiece to the equal that has broken to focus of some class and an upper now leaks. A liquid basically takes siphoned out of an upper and filters down a side. This is not one the fault of a costruttore. My edges is so only always up for the challenge and of the amours to do disorders he so that it can clean him up.
Use so much daily cup, the multiple time the day. It feels he taste quell'has had this longer way that so only 3 month because it dipped him thru a ringer. It is literally be thru at least the dozen first different classes to find these and will use them until hes ready for an open cup.

[Update of October still amour these cups but hes has chewed thru some cups again. A hule is not to bite test and reason has has has created holes in a cup, his hard to do sure any bacterium is growing inside a mouthpiece coating.]
5 / 5
A lot Like the bit of mixed feelings. It is a lot of insulated so that well but the like this fat fact that a real volume of fluids is minimum so that it is the down measures. Also it has small pieces that needs to be goring averts and has cleaned was and if you are not phony the attention will take lost. On everything is not bad. But any I so that it adds so it would expect given some descriptions.
5 / 5
So only sippy the cup has found any to filter. Our edges has loved to take his another cup and attack them on a paving to do the milk is exited, but these any that! Some two small parts inside a lid (a clear and easy to lose) is not the mine is the ache to maintain up with but maintain to filter.
5 / 5
Knots upgraded the these cups of some cups of 360 coverages. My twins have imagined was like this to peel behind some 360-coverages and flowed of leak of a cup. This cup is good and tight, easy for them to resist, and the breeze to clean up. My twins want a bit boss to spend around and still creative drinking. These cups are utmost and would recommend.
4 / 5
These cups were to touch when I bought them in the first place. And they have on resisted for roughly 2 months. I will say, my boys are prompt 3 yr olds but loved him to have these insulated short that has not been full-in of the straws. Because I hate to clean some cups with plenaries in of the straws. But they have bitten by means of these. I do not know that in 12 or 18 month his but mine 3 old year is has done to good sure. But like a lot another tommee tippee the cup has has not had never these have not filtered never and a valve and the filters are some same on everything of some cups has extra so had for these that was a lot. But me very a lot now that are in in front of rubbish these. I will not buy these again
4 / 5
has received a cup and the listed state that is the two blue band and orange.
4 / 5
This cup is horrible.... I have bought 2 of these cups 10 days ago and one of them are broken already an external part has broken entirely on the one hand inner that contains a drink, was at all more then thin feeble plastic in the part that has to that in fact state sturdier. I have had big hopes for these reasons filter less then another cup has found and has not had to treat the straws but a short is the abonos like this of the rubbishes now. Also subject @of volume with a claim that a cup is insulated reason is at all but plastic among some inner parts and of the outsides of a cup.
4 / 5
Is defenders of a tommee tippee cups. They do not filter , you can take to a icky something when cleaning and is pleasant. Amur Some colours in this new cup. Bought bear our boy of a year and almost daughter of 3 years for a street.

So only with east having several pieces to clean and require to be substituted each 5-6 month
5 / 5
This cup in general is well; no really leak unless calm shakes it . Agreement that a insulation done a quantity of liquids is resists minimum. Also mine toddler has bitten by means of a test to bite spout in as the week. They are really disappointed in this reason a MAIN bought it and now is dangerous reason is the choking hazard.

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