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Top Customer Reviews: RCA-Igloo 3.2 Cubc ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
1 / 5 Leila
4 month after purchasing, a portion of the fridge would not cool . Quan Llamas RCA support, takes a centre to call and is unable of tongue with any one of a company. After 3 weeks, took an email those details all has required to rid, which has done...(This comprises photos of a front and by behind a unit, pictures of a number of model and receipts, etc)
has been said would be emailed for an interior of company an afterwards several days. I have called each three days for an afterwards several weeks, and any one has answered. At the end it has taken another email with my case in that asks a same information, except a form routed has said the photos have required of a front and by behind a television. Tan Very only am beginning of square 1, and has some photos and the description that is bad with a fridge, now will have to begin call and of the beginnings on since now thinks is the television broken . I actuate Probably the nicknamed 15 times in a past 2 month even so it is not able of tongue with the person of reparation or person of a company. The MAY BUYS OF RCA AGAIN And IS PREOCCUPIED QUITE PURCHASING Any ELECTRICAL PRODUCTS Of AMAZON. IN THE FUTURE, I will PURCHASE Of A TENT WHERE CAN SPEAK With the DEPARTMENT of REPARATION. (That is to say a premier 1 accident the descriptions have not written never, and a lot would like me give the 0 stars)
For a road, the guarantee has purchased also sure during 2 years in this element, but so that the failure a first year, said has to treat RCA.
5 / 5 Wendell
This small fridge is come while it expect. I have followed a council of one of some critics and the left wing listen whole during 24 hours, while one has to with a conditioner of air. Same principle, same components. A lot of work, very good. Yes, I no very cual a title of pode neither, but with or or two beat in a fund, lines other elements amiably. Some laws of freezer add!, No, he car cape defrost. It IS quite 8' big, for 12'wide and 12' deep. Stain quite the plot for the only person. A shelf with the bar in a door was an unexpected premium. Highly it recommends that I am add little fridge. It IS supremely calm. Kinda Sounds like the mouse in a wall when fire, any one that knows that in in to to the THESE SOUNDS like them to them the! lol.
2 / 5 Emilie
I have bought two if these...

Relatively economic
the calm races
technically does

A temp the look of parameters to do very felt, has two side by side in an exact same parameter. One does well, another east totally overfrozen; the gel has consumed a freezer in a point where one spends will not close and the gel is forming in a backside of a fridge a low plus. It sees photos.
Like Other critiques, the mine arrived with dents in a backside. NBD For me since lives under my counter and is veiled, but still problem.

Is giving 2 stars so that a overfrozen the a lot of freezer the inoperable fact and his sper thwarting that a dial of the parameters do not look to do the difference or bad anything.
5 / 5 Ida
Ordered this so that the prize was a lot. Received quickly without harm. The temperature has posed that poses in 3 and 24 hours the fridge the late plus was 34 titles and the freezer was 0 titles . definately Buys again.
5 / 5 Germaine
It IS preoccupied that this would come broken (after reading other descriptions) even so it enter it perfect condition. Easy to unpack and situate up, the lustrous clear and weight of look.
Quite 2 big rucksacks, wineries around 7 lunches frozen and 8 water bounced in a crisper drawer. You beat them in a door is cold of gel even so some bounced is tepid. The freezer there has been to small frost in day an even so it was empty as we will see taking overerly frosty.

Does not forget for the leave totality for at least 24 anterior hours in plugging in.
1 / 5 Brigida
It breaks down after the month.
5 / 5 Julie
Perfecto! That is to say the fridge of perfect measure for the small room a dispatch or sleeps it room or something. It has Had he during the week now and do very good. His calm, a freezer is well and deep, abundance of room in a fund for drinks and lunches. There is also the place in a door for drinks. Again the measure adds
5 / 5 Randee
This fridge is perfect for my dispatch in of the works. Having the separate freezer is handy to maintain the gel and the dinners frozen, and a compartment of fridge is quite big to line very drunk + several containers of leftovers, yogurt, and the fruit in of the works. This fridge is aiding eat me more is in work, so that I have lunch and the easily available bites in my dispatch. I have been also surprised by how calm a fridge is. Hardly I can listen run included although it is very afterwards in my desktop. Such add finds!
5 / 5 Minnie
I have bought this to have in my dispatch for my desktop in of the works. Exactly that has looked for. Quan I in the first place plugged he in, has the smell in of the llamas and the small noise in him. As I have imagined that it has to it was it it posed down in his side in or signals. I unplugged He and leaves to be during 24 hours before I plugged the backside in. The problem has resolved. You pursue like the sleep. Calm of tan now that sometimes the verify only to do sure is still on.
1 / 5 Cristal
A product has entered to look add but a hinge would not remain plant to maintain some doors on. I have tried to adjust some doors but then a very enclosed freezer. I have contacted rca and has been given the number of case in email the contact. I have been asked to photograph of road and gives the explanation detailed of a problem, which has done. I have expected the week for the response to see yes was an easy to fix but the response has not coming never. I emailed again and at all. I the amazon has contacted then service of client that has done hurriedly the test resolves one which subject finished in the repayment of money. RCA Is not the mark will be to buy again, comprises the things spend but in not even the response in the emails is totally objectionable.

Top Customer Reviews: Refrigmatic ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Jammie
The product has arrived very fast and packaged a lot well. I have bought 2 unit, A partorisca my refrigerator and another partorisca the washer this has difficulty with some companies of local power highs and lows!. Pleased with some results like this far. We have had several outages and any question that takes any appliance has retreated on-line and working to the equal that have to that.
5 / 5 Jodie
I have taken this after my last refrigerator has begun partorisca have questions after the severe spike in an electrical power. Bought the new refrigerator and has loved the protected against this question, especially of then is that they go to a summer and can have other questions to be able to. I have taken one for my freezer also to have this has protected also.
1 / 5 Idella
A lot disappointed in this device, can any one covers a refrigerator to some arisen protective, has tried another 3 prong covers him at all entirely will go to some discharges in, zone. Calm can not leave the space among one covers and a device that the mine is dangerous!
5 / 5 Eli
Still with the prime minister says it would take the week to arrive. Perhaps with a hurricane that is near. It looks prompt. Easy to dip up. It covers so only he in like this directed that. With which 3 minutes a power to my refrigerator has behind turned on like this for a neighbour on instructions. I have not had the brown was so it can not say if he in fact the works but I have any reason for the doubt.
5 / 5 Efrain
The cold control of the mine freezer has been disabled after the power arises. It has had I any taken he in time, could have lost the plot of flesh and other elements. Like this once my freezer has been repaired, has installed the Refrigmatic Arises Protective in mine freezer and my refrigerator.
5 / 5 Maude
It has Had some arise has dipped of an on two refrigerators and a freezer. The works add! Speedy Rids also!
5 / 5 Hans
Has one in the each frig! Our power goes was all a time during a night.
4 / 5 Toney
We have not had anymore subject with our refrigerator of then installing east! Our Refrigerator would kick to some type of way of security irregularly, there was serviced and could not identify a @@subject unless they were there while he he. One of those really frustrating questions. Had the partner suggests this product to try and like this far like this good! Any subject.
5 / 5 Riley
Awesome Extracted and produced of the quality adds
5 / 5 Daron
Good product

Top Customer Reviews: Avanti RA7316PST ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
I have purchased this partorisca substitute AC/DC/Propane refrigerator that was in a Minnie Winnie RV is restoring. An old power of 3 ways informs no longer fact, and the new to one likes concealed is more than of three times a cost of east a. This apt right refrigerator to a cupboard still an old one east exited of. A height was perfect. It is so only the little more tightened, but in fact has bit it more spatial that inner because a depth is more orders. The fasten the n the place was easy. A behind is on two rollers, and has the convenient hole afterwards to the each one like this. I bolted the down by means of a paving of a cupboard. A front has to that feet to level scrapes it in and era. I have taken each one which so it was entirely and then screwed he behind in by means of the corner of steel. Some corners am returned against a front of a cupboard under an inaugural and is screwed in place. To maintain he of mecer has dipped the piece to foam roughly 6' the place in the each side approaches a cup. It is solid and still has good circulation. I have used some trim to cover some empty in some sides.

Some works of refrigerator perfectly, and once regulate it a part of refrigerator is in a big 30s while a freezer near of zero prójimo. A refrigerator of the compressor like this so only cools better that the propane model. We boondock enough the bit, as we require to be able to run this when camping far of power of cost. They are a type of electronic , as I some trying. This draws 70 watts when running, but does not run all a time. In 80 terracings the environmental temperature runs the bit less than half of a time, as it draws so only an average of 30 watts or so many. Now, 36 watts is 3 amps in 12 volts. Three amps times 24 hours is 72 amp hours, and am using the really a lot AGM battery of deep cycle with 85 amp hours.

This in spite of, also have 200 watts of solar poster in a ceiling of a RV. To maintain an easy mathematics, half figure 144 watts for 10 hours the day. 144 watts is 12 amps in 12 volts, times 10 hours, bad am taking 120 amp hours of solar touching, which is a lot on the one who a refrigerator is eating, then , in practical, my battery remains full. If I take the little cloudy or rainy days, so only begins a RV and has left the go the for the little while. When An engine is running touches a battery to house on 50 amps. Still in the cloudy day I still take enough the bit of my solar poster and is not cloudy all this a lot here in a southwest where alive and camp. A power for a refrigerator comes from/comes from the 1000 pure watt sine inverter.

Has had to install some rays of eye in the so many can run the bungee cord by means of some doors when we are driving. So many, maintaining have the refrigerator adds, any need for the generator, and can enjoy a bar of ice cream when camping in a half of nowhere. BTW, This has arrived punctual in perfect condition, and a type of delivery has helped mine inclusa to unpack it and place he to a RV.
4 / 5
UPDATE - On June 3, 2017, has written to Forward by means of his web of place for assistance of client. Saying them has had the refrigerator that has frozen my lunch. I have received a response of email today June 27, 2017 of ervice to Say of Client if a question has not been solved to call the number of sound. Wow, Which SERVICE of TERRIBLE CLIENT. To think any one could expect for on 3 weeks with the bad refrigerator is outrageous. I am spent in $ 400 for a refrigerator and has had so only he for less than 3 month - and ossia a way extracted to us. I have had to buy the new refrigerator to maintain my lunch of ice cream! SHAME FROM NOW ON!

Has bought this refrigerator in Leaves 15th and has had the fast delivery. I gave it initially 4 stars because it is the perfect measure and quantity for my paving of studio.

Unfortunately, has had the terrible time that maintains a temperature of refrigerator among 37 - 39 terracings and freezer in 0. And still with these temperatures, lettuce of mine, the fruit and the vegetables tend to freeze - especially a lettuce. Also, anything concealed is in a backside of a refrigerator afterwards to a wall will freeze in these temperatures. A refrigerator comes with the interior of temperature of the dial of 1-7, with 7 when being a cold plus. I maintain a bet of dial 4-5 and the individual temperature has bought gauges for a refrigerator and freezer to the equal that was easy to read one 37-39 refrigerator of paralizaciones and 0 for freezer. A freezer takes shavings of gel and I piece was, and there is defrosted the once already. There is remarked so only my tea of gel pitcher filtered like this pulled out of some trays, and some pictures down aim a build of gel up. A gel was like this fill a hole of drainage was spent with him. A picture aims a gel in a refrigerator, another picture aims a gel bit it clearer in a tank.

Has written Advance the one who has a 1 guarantee of year and will update my description to listen the consultor. I know they are money also spent in lettuce and the vegetal substitute frozen - ossia terrible.

A refrigerator was a lot spend $ 406 for the 7.4 cuft but was has had to that to pay for the perfect refrigerator for my measure has required., Now so only it is frustrating. Perhaps I have the lemon?.
5 / 5
I really like this refrigerator; it takes cold QUICKLY! It can not think that, inside an hour, is cold enough in a freezer to start with freezing water, and a part of refrigerator is been cold enough to begin to form freezing in a rear wall; this was reason a manual of instruction had said to start with a refrigerator in a max setting of power of 7, and while 24-48 hours, then turning behind to the recommended setting of 5. As declared, this in spite of, taking so only an hour for this thing to create to a cold level has wished.

Ossia A good; now, I deduct two stars because a shelf of door was At all likes pictured. They were 4 long shelves , that extends a period of a door, and no short shelves , to the character likes pictured. This a lot severely impinge my capacity to store things in a door, this in spite of, a star still is when being deducted like the image is the misrepresentation that has received. A second star is goring was reason has had the a lot of-sized ding in a door, as if this side has paste something he so that it was moved, and has moved roughly. This could have spent in traffic, but does not have to any way to know so only likes to take there. One does still remains that like this as well as the packaging was, can not taking this 'ding' in a door that spends. It has attached the photo that objective a harm. It is not quite sufficient, neither effects an operation in any way as to warrant the process of returns.

A freezer is especially well for me, as my leading refrigerator was one of this small some, with a compartment of freezer inside a refrigerator he, and entirely useless in my opinion, when be any well for anything excepts to build gel on everywhere the, those results in frequent defrosting. A freezer in this creature goes to do the world of good for me, leaving me to do the expensas trips more effective, and buy the lunches in fact can freeze until I require him.

In general, this was the delicious experience for me, and would recommend one purchasing of this refrigerator; a packaging and the nave is the lottery, this in spite of, and one has to that be has had to that accept that it can have some harm of traffic, which hopefully, as in my chance, will not effect a real operation for any more.
5 / 5
Has arrived really a lot of packaged, and in pristine condition. Good works. It focuses of good Door. His value that comment that the mine arrived with 4 door leaves lateralmente this has covered a width of a door and any one some small shelves pictured. All of some shelves are removable and one third shelf down has the slightly down to reposition the option yes has wished. It is not CAR DEFROST. And has the little quirky characteristic to form frost in a rear wall interior of a section of refrigerator, when a compressor is on, this then deep and is channeled was down the small hole when a compressor is was. Called the Cycle Defrost. A section of freezer will require the manual defrost also. In general a Forward is good container for one $ 349 the paid for him in time of compraventa. I see now that is to list in $ 454 at present. The , frankly, is far state less happy in this point of prize as I seat a quality of global build , while far to be poor, any warrant the cost in surplus of my cost of compraventa original.

His is not still state running 24hts, and is already very cold. If an indication of the star of the energy is attentive, is to add it small energy effective unit.
Has not taken 5 stars of me because it have preferred the little has bitten more freezer, included in a cost of the little has bitten less refrigerator

In 7.4 Cubic his WELL. One 9.9 Cubic is the most realistic measure IMHO. But so that it is, and like he. It looks to be an excellent little unit.
4 / 5
Like this far this is doing adds for my camp
4 / 5
returns well in where our RV the refrigerator has used to be. More economic That some separates to fix our old Dometic refrigerator. Some the cubic feet say that it is slightly smaller, but feel both a refrigerator and section of look of main freezer somehow. Perhaps fixed better. AMUR Some a lot of spaces to dip some leaves lateralmente to. He the easiest fact to setup a section for big things likes chevrons of tins.

Very calm.

Careers on 120 watts. Ossia!!! Roughly it like run two laptops it. We run in solar frequently and is good to have such the low wattage. A Dometic has required 500watts AC when knots any ran in propane.

Petit drip Spend in backside has been broken (probably of factory of a box and the foam were the form adds). The vendor contacted (Varouj Appliances), and has sent out of the substitution immediately without that has to that return to a plastic broken old likes them a bit the vendors loves you partorisca do.
5 / 5
Advance Plans on doing more than these, wait that will treat a harm of nave. My fiancé and I have had to litigates enormous in this refrigerator. When it Arrives, a UPS the engine and I have been in a container. It can see harm to one packing. An engine has said that that thinks was so only the piece in a foam in a fund of forklift. Looked in legislation. When the unpacked, A flimsy packing class of this fallen off, never to be repacked in this material. It have examined a map in some sides and any of a map had taken the swipe. This in spite of when it unpack it has had to dent quite well under a map that has aimed any sign to be swipe. Any good.

So much, a nave is a @@subject and cost the star.

This has said, a unit is perfect measure . It is an organism although it goes in the most expensive Summit unit. A lot well you draw it.

Have follow instructions, which had not seen in this way before:
1. A unit is not whole maintained of a yours manufactures. Forward It Suggests to expect two hours before plugging he in. I have expected 3 days. Some needs of oil to solve.
2. Ossia A bold of only instruction impresa, all cover and has underlined: it leaves five space of thumbs of any wall. This was any question for me.
3. Run a unit in big -- 7 -- for 24 or 48 hours. They are in 24 and that goes for 48. Of course everything is frozen solid . That am remarking is that a unit is taking calmer and calmer that do east.

To arrive to this point, calm could not take this out of me. It is that it has required. But my fiancé is still crazy in me for the accept. : (
5 / 5
Arrives like this fiancé and planned, an agent to rid, pleasant and useful. Then appearances 5 days to open up for me. Ossia In fact main interior that thought it would be. After installing in my House of Engine and leaving the other comfortably is new house for the day or two I plugged he in, and shot it up. Then I mowed a gram, with which which there is enjoyed the NW IPA while I have admired skill of mine with John Deere, has then verified a new informs. It dips on 3 it goes to maintain the Rocky street frozen and, more importantly the all mine NW IPA is amiably chilled. BUT, thus after so only it can like.

Has been concerned when reading roughly of some descriptions for this unit, When it was rid I there is remarked the few smaller swipes in a box, in the spent the 20 years in LTL uploads p/or&d there was at all the value that comment in a Dr. When I opened It has found some dents much smaller in a door of sides and black poster that there is not matched some swipes in a box, could live with them. But I have agreed one revises the significant harm has mentioned down down. Low and behold a rear corner has left of one informs was mangled and had bent a circle-was wheel to a point of the hard to level, lucky for me there is the hammer. A bit it disappoint it I have beaten he to 'levelled with a hammer, left it then so only for some two days before plugging he in.

Has to that be in accordance with some of some descriptions that speculated these are possibly factory has broken seconds. The mine looks it can be be fall in this corner or poked with fork-the impulse there is boxed then. It looks to do well and reason is inside the enclosed spatial so only a small ding in a door is view .

Resulted of final, taste. I have paid the neighbourhood that would cost it to it to substitute a Dual Fuel, the smallest substitution , authorised, and a nave was free. If it have bought for my house was in a room of game in the dark corner beside a bar and NO in a 5000k the cooks have lit. It acclaims!
4 / 5
Has given this stars it reason a refrigerator has received has not been a refrigerator has ordered. If it can give a refrigerator has received the description and have the 'the buyer checked' seal in the, would give it the bookmark he big plus, but still was quite down because of a poor experience with a vendor, Varouj Appliances.
I full time alive in the 5th travesía of trailer of wheel. An original propane/the electrical refrigerator has died on me, and has found is one. Judging for a number of reviewers the one who has bought he for an exact same purpose, looks a perfect access .
Unfortunately, when it arrives, is not one Forward, but the resemblance Danby. A Danby was a lot slightly smaller that both an interior and external measures of a Avanit, and has contacted immediately a vendor to plan the turn and the substitution with a one had ordered. Alive so only and am disabled, as it have to that assume any to repack a refrigerator partorisca turn, or more a vendor would owe that all some arrangements for that. It seats that it was the reasonable question , of any they was to send me a one has ordered, neither inform me to knots of a transmission.
A vendor, Varouj Appliances, tried to convince me that some two frames were in fact a unit esatta same, built in a line of assembly esatta same, but was having a lot of that. I signalled it it was that both some inner dimensions and outsides were different as well as a creation of some shelves of the door has not been some same. Say that the could not be expected to pay for a repacking and turn of an element that I any same order, that had ordered one Advance for the concrete purpose has based so only in some descriptions of people those who has used he thus purpose, and like this they it repayment agreed to finally me $ 100 and augment a guarantee of 1 year to 3 years yes would maintain a Danby. It has agreed with some trepidation.
A service of client rep has spoken with has had has offered me initially neither one '$ 75 or $ 100' repayment Or a guarantee, but has negotiated for $ 100 And a guarantee, and adapt pending approval. When I have not listened of Varouj Appliances a day that says that it go back mine, has filed the entrance with Amazon. We contact me to knots immediately and has said that there is apresamiento approval, but that could not issue a repayment or send a long guarantee until an entrance has been solved, like quell'annulled.
You reembolsa one $ 100 my paper crediticia immediately, but more than the month is gone by and had not received an agreement to guarantee fiancé in a topmast, like this again has initiated the entrance with Amazon. They have sent a guarantee, and there is annulled an entrance.
In general, am happy with a Danby. It is doing I add, like this far, with some only subjects that they are some same of the most mentioned for one Forward, specifically that a control of temperature only looks to maintain a part of the coldest refrigerator that would prefer if a course of freezer is dipped in a pertinent level. Seriously I doubt that the would not order never another product of Varouj Appliances. A CSR was educated and second looks that accommodate, but taking Varouj Appliances to honour an agreement has done with him felt likes was that it has to that pry he of his tight fists and I felt sure that that has not had a weight of Amazon behind me in this dispute, arrival to have that takes a substitution without repayment or long guarantee.
4 / 5
This refrigerator has been rid for mine of Amazon doorstep which is surprising and one of an a lot of perks that has prime. A refrigerator is very light and easy to move. Everything of an interior of shelves and some two doors have come taped. As you owe that do the just quantity to unpack. Once the place has on dipped he in a half setting and maintains all well and cold. A freezer is in a side a small plus but for a person really does not import unless you are storing the big quantity of material. Some shelves of door easily control two soda of the discharge bounced in some subordinated and beats multiple apt or bounced in some upper some. There is space has consecrated no for butter or eggs but for me concealed no really @@subject.

Three update of month:
A refrigerator is doing like the charm. I have had a setting in 3 but has has had to that the turn down reason some drinks were too many cold.

Top Customer Reviews: Arctic King 7 cu ft ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Clement
This freezer is fantastic for a prize! It IS very big and roomy for alimentary storage. Sometimes--very all a time, only sometimes a lid takes bonded, but has found that that uses the spoon of forest in pry the open unsticks the! For a prize and for his action (maintains the mine feeds frozen!), I Recommend this freezer!
5 / 5 Tania
I misjudged a physical measure. Probably it has ordered his the 5 culo ft unit in place of 7, and would have been bad. I actuate Already the filled the totally and am battling to learn to organise it better. A prize a reasonable more a capacity to take advantage of 'Family Pak' compraventa sized (any one an easy thing for the house of 3 people) this one of my compraventa my punctual plus.
4 / 5 Nia
For some reason an interior dents very easily but sure maintains each which frozen!
4 / 5 Leon
It looks to run and freeze quite well. It IS calm while it can be. In fact I owe the control has taken cold interior. Any subject with dents or ship.

An interior to good sure dents very easily. I am accidentally fallen the 5 chicken to reserve that has not gone included frozen and leaves the considerable to dent.
5 / 5 Jenae
We want this freezer. He so that it has lined it far the until conforming our necessities. It was in fact the small main this has thought would be it but still access perfectly in my cookery.
4 / 5 Venetta
Only unboxed the, and is sper happy with a measure. It IS to good sure main concealed expected (am very happy in that!), And the prize adds!

Alas, has 2 dents that must'the past voice during shipping:
one in a front upper corner.
One in a back inferior corner
(these dents have caused some inferior feet to exit of beaks of alignment of views).

Only has plugged he in and is whisper -calm... I will update my description (stars) appropriately has at all bad...The toes have crossed so that I am truly happy with a factor/of form of the measure and I do not want to cross a hassle for the return.

Four stars for now, even so!
5 / 5 Aracelis
I add
5 / 5 Ji
Arrived without harm. It has been maintaining everything in a pertinent temperature since arrival.
5 / 5 Dominque
I attach purchase. Perfecto for the big family.
3 / 5 Toccara
GILIPOLLAS: Man, this thing looked it gone of a backside of the moving truck and has been paste by the bouquet of carts before gone in the decree. The corner of culo upper of a lid of the freezer looked caved in, even so it does not look to affect one focuses.

PRO: Whisper of cold calm , quite taken hurriedly.

No bad for the garage or yes calm whose imports an ease of cosmetic harm. If I have chosen up and it has purchased this of the local tent, would be to return the sure. Any value a hassle been due to like big this element is. And other descriptions, he casualidad is probably would take another with an equal quantity of dents and dings.

Top Customer Reviews: Frigidaire ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
4 / 5 Rodrigo
Works well in the office of my husband
4 / 5 Delena
A quality and the prize were on my expectations. An ease the order was súper add and arrive so only when it was supposed also. A whole experience was good and any I same have that creates out of my recliner.
4 / 5 Sharla
The woman uses it down.
4 / 5 Terrilyn
The refrigerator arrived with dent in him. It maintains the fresh things but no a thing partorisca appeal partorisca look in

Top Customer Reviews: ARB 10900027 ARB ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Eugenio
Highly recommended want to covers it afterwards and road of game too many can yours ARB Freezer/of Fridge. Usually everything of a wiring of the accessory in you transports it to him is subjects in small in properly of power the Fridge. Or I need this element or to pose something together together using 8 cape of gauge with the fuse that goes directly in your stack. This box also comes with the ray-in connection of cover (these accesses your ARB carried of Fridge) as it covers of the fridge will not be that it bursts was while it is by train to bounce you down a road. A cape has distributed was abundance enough with a longitude to locate a Fridge in a side of back passenger of mine 4 Jeep of door. Calm since wants cape to use a possible down harder in your location of covers has preferred will require to cut a side of covers of a wiring and install some clips of the end distributed you. You recommend to solder this connection yes can. Some terminals of connection of the stack and title of fusible (with melting comprised) is pre-installed and ready to go. This was the mere DIY projects and will distribute a correct voltage in your ARB Freezer/of Fridge.
5 / 5 Jen
The addition adds in my ARB 50 Qt Fridge...Quan Takes one 12V the clearest adapter emitted with a ARB Fridge and the unscrews has one covers internal that goes directly in this connector and then bandage in him so any backside was or the fall was....That is to say a lot of entity for 4 turn...
5 / 5 Junko
Honestly I Have bought this cape in hook in a inverter in my vehicle. In planting to use a comprised difficult 12V contraption that included (which are not the right attacker 12V outlet of cover), I hooked in a inverter instead. In this way very only it can limits in a ARB Fridge, but multiple other things also. A cape is robust, thickness and has the fuse has built inline. It IS very happy with this cape and bought it multiple time for different applications.
5 / 5 Aleen
10 box of Gauge to wire with the red and The blacks of isolated capes with connectors and the fuse. The boxes come with the owner ARB closing final woman. The must purchases an end of closure viril. Absolutely the idea orders a connector in prjimo tin very when the be has not vibrated was in so more man of cigarette the types connect pot. Mark Sure when wiring split one + and - that it is signified in a connector in your Red capes and of Blacks. Also he take the party a man + and -.

Gives 5 star like connectors is robust, the quality is on the dot.
5 / 5 Isidro
It IS a ARB produced, that is there any one to want? Sper Mere, still has it like this does more mere. I have drilled the hole in a backside, burst in the grommet, and has used the connector of traditional clave against a distributed 90 connectors so that I have not wanted to drill the hole through the 24. The works add and has such the solid connection point for a fridge.
5 / 5 Meagan
I am ordering mine 3 an of these boxes today, or for each vehicle, and or for my pop in camping. A factory 12v adaptadoras on more the carts do not spend quite amperage to maintain a low fridge 30 in a summer, but with this box does not have any paste of problem 5.
3 / 5 Chloe
Posing the notch in a backside for capes to spend through would augment to locate options. As it IS some capes comes from/comes from down that requires raisin he through inaugural. A notch in a backside would leave for provisional flush mountain.
5 / 5 Harvey
I know to use this setup will have any problem with wiring measure or fitment, and has did not have. It maintains to limit snug in his receptacle.
4 / 5 Loyd
It Likes him each ARB of products, the looks have built very good. It can not comment on anything more still but is the value of sure sake. An advertising said 8 awg cape, is in fact 10.
5 / 5 Sylvie
I have installed the 12v fridge in a backside of mine 4corridor. This was quite period to run of a stack, through a bay of engine, through a firewall then down a door sills in a zone of load. I plan to use this again when posed in a fridge in ours another cart.

Top Customer Reviews: Daewoo RTE18GSSLD ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Eve
Looked the shot well! Law partorisca roughly 2 month, has begun then frosting up. The elements in a refrigerator have frozen. A freezer has not been freezing free, look something North of Siberia. The amazon was utmost , his to 3 call of way with DAEWOO. But DAEWOO was full of habladuría double and has maintained partorisca say would call me behind that day, a next day or an end of a week. I have had the number of chance, but if I have not called, did not call me behind. No the bad prize, but any service of client when he no right . In an AMAZON of final do well, 5 stars partorisca AMAZON, but 0 stars partorisca DAEWOO.
5 / 5 Violette
Buys this partorisca ours cochera that sees 'Cochera to aimed in a description in , this in spite of a manual has said that the operative temperature is minimum 55F, our cochera goes <32F in winter. We would have averted this model if this information was in a description. It does not trust business that hides critical information like this of consumers. You recommend that it remain it has been.
5 / 5 Mathew
I turn in mine new refridgerator that the bought partorisca on eight hours and is not cooling.
4 / 5 Hannah
The refrigerator is partorisca come dented, 2 big dents,are not there right now, am visiting the family in the daughter of New Jersey sent pictures. Any insurance like partorisca send pictures of mine telephone
5 / 5 Cyrus
Any dent, looks well, all has comprised. The only worry is that there is to the PLOT of packaging partorisca be takes. They have wrapped really this refrigerator up in a factory!
5 / 5 Hector
So only that requires like an extra refrigerator in cochera.
5 / 5 Felton
Global I like a product, turn to my small space and like this far is maintaining cold alimentary. I have been rid and spent in but when I have said that the sleeves owe that be revoked partorisca do in this space has taken one looks of this is not partorisca separate of a shot, as I he I, and these dents and the produced scrapes look partorisca be of original shipment of Cina, any one some types of delivery. I have accepted he with dents, but am concerned reason his in door and zone of focus. Also it would like to know reason any one would install technology one closes was when external under 55 terracings, the best saves calmer of old GE. The better need QA of boxes, still in boxes of original nave.
5 / 5 Karri
Is a refrigerator a big plus has not possessed never and only returns. Has a perfect quantity of the shelves and is very situated. I kinda love the but look so only so only when we take it to knots in the first place, all of the sudden do a noise a strong plus like the plan that takes era. We call and the few days more have sent late any partorisca the fix. I think that that it was uneven but after the pair of days soothes and now calm to the equal that can be. Any sure roughly the efficiency of energy has done so only some 4 stars partorisca dip something. A prize was phenomenal. Now I do not owe that buy another refrigerator like this would owe that last 20 years.
5 / 5 Jamika
Iuv He
4 / 5 Mertie
has not received any documentation partorisca mine frigorífica new. Where Can obtain this?? I require partorisca know a functionality of mine the new appliance pleases partorisca send documentation

Top Customer Reviews: 3.0 CU.FT Upright ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
4 / 5 Marylyn
Any usually write the descriptions like this pocolas afterwards receive an element, but this a merit partorisca be an exception. In the first place, it arrives the week sooner that has estimated. Thank you, folks. As, it is like this calm how has been described - ossia the rarity ! Tercero, a documentation partorisca he was useful - has to that the to you read first of plugging he in. It isolates, a service of client was astonishingly responsive - I accidentally thru out of a manual of instruction after reading it and has asked the new a partorisca be emailed mine in late evening on Thanksgiving - in spite of being filtered thru fixes it of email of the amazon, for late evening a manual has asked was in my Inbox! Some few accesses of freezer amiably under a counter in my cookery and he energy of sips like this slightly that that that can be run a same time like my refrigerator regulate without the question.
4 / 5 Antony
Has arrived a lot of packaged, for some instructions leave feels the small to solve and also dried down an interior. After turning it on was able to freeze the cup of water in a prime minister 10 hrs (perhaps sooner but was work). Relatively calm - frames less noise when it turns on that the freezer of refrigerator of/traditional cookery, but is in a same room will be able of the listen. I add partorisca storage of tins of the heart.
4 / 5 Dick
Working adds. They are one in a truck driver of street and utmost in my truck.
4 / 5 Michale
The work adds use partorisca lunch of the dog frozen and elements that will not return in 15 footer.
5 / 5 Usha
Adds mini freezer, has done well when wé connected it. recomend. A negative was that it take on the week partorisca the take rid, a box was dammaged but a freezer was a lot.
5 / 5 Theodora
Does well, compact and calm.
5 / 5 Lynsey
Loves this freezer! So only that there is wanted! Works perfectly.
4 / 5 Nanci
Freezer a lot well, calm and well
5 / 5 Linette
the product Adds master a measure. It buys it again

Top Customer Reviews: Magic Chef ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Dalila
I have bought this partorisca substitute the 19 old year mini-refrigerator that finally has given is gone in my waste of air have conditioned. It was also he 1.7 culo ft unit but has had the freezer. It was the economic unit - around $ 50 behind then. I have chosen this refrigerator because there are not some useless freezers that the majority of these units partorisca measure that they come with.

Where Do more the people dipped the mini-refrigerator? Offices, dorms, chambers, cocheras of the rooms & of the game are for far joined the majority of common locations the people dipped in. This unit does not go partorisca do in the cochera hot and declares that in a manual. It is probably WELL partorisca the room of game.

Has 2 requirements partorisca the mini-refrigerator partorisca be useful partorisca an office, dorm or chamber:
1 - Maintain the cold elements
2 - Be calm

Like this far, all look partorisca be that it remains fresh. The temperature of office is 72° and a setting of the temperature in a refrigerator is Normal. At all it is freezing. So only I have 4 you bounced small of water and the small container partorisca feed (this was to cool already at night marries) in a refrigerator. Some cycles of compressor the plot. Way more than my old unit. He cycles on partorisca 3 minutes, has been partorisca 6-7 rinse of small and repeat.

Here is a subject main. This pocola what is noisy. A compressor is 3-4 stronger times that an almost the unit of 20 substitutes of years. When Some kicks of the relay on/was the sounds like the ruler has fallen in one beats empty. The people listen of 15 ft was.

Combines a strong compressor and sounds of relay with a constant cycling and this thing is useless in the dorm or island yes love sleep. No material will be able to take used his in my office neither.

REMARCE: Perhaps ossia the defective refrigerator . Raisin. I will speak options to exchange it and update this description if anything changes.

UPDATE: A relay in a refrigerator of substitution is much calmer when changing on and era. It is slightly less noisy while it runs. It is still too noisy this in spite of. Cycles of compressor a same quantity. I will maintain it but you do not recommend this for any one using he in the chamber, dorm or small office.
5 / 5 Loise
Has chosen this model because of spatial limited under the bar. A good: it is compact, and is work a lot well. It maintains cold of things and does not give of the plot of heat. A bad: it does not resist some of some elements in a door as well as it would like. A zone of 2 Litres has the bar of slender metal that spend of the slides when they take a boat 2 Litres, and has to that fiddle with him for the dipped behind. Also it bursts it was quite easily.

In general, ossia the good element that reads a lot well. Considering a prize, is the subject fantastic .
4 / 5 Larue
Perfecto for me. The utilisation after my bed to resist my interior of insulin, together with water for an evening and taking my pills. No in that has the 'freezer' the room of section done more usable for me, more does not have to that defrost a freezer long the year. It dips after my bed in the program has built to spend a cup until it quotes of bed, and has my clock of alarm, light, water, etc. - Marcos the at night good stand.
5 / 5 Dionne
Has bought this refrigerator when the provisional loss of mobility forced to 'the camp was' in an upper paving of my house. It has done like the field for the pair of the months that & accounts. A creation of interior leave to pack things in with spatial squandered minimum. It does not have the freezer, & I any precise a. Fresh liquid to a point to form glasses of geles without using all of the his can to cool. I maintain a control of the temperature dipped in a halfway frames. Recommended The people those who require the compact refrigerator without the freezer.
5 / 5 Patricia
This sum of laws of the refrigerator when it is empty but the fill up with the warm lunch and he will not cool down to 40 terracings in two days. I have purchased this the refrigerator of the backup but calm can not store lunches in him when it does not take cold. It is well for beverages of then will not spoil . They are in a process to return for the repayment. When Purchasing elements that can require third turn vendors of party revise there shipping costs in of the returns. I cost $ to ship this refrigerator behind. No the compraventa well for me.
5 / 5 Jenifer
Knows is the small refrigerator without any costruttore of gel, but taken too much long to cool things down. It is well for anything like the sandwich or pop, but take the day the coll down. Once cooled down maintains the compatible temperature of around 42 terracings. It have to that be plant the maximun to take to 39 terracings. He also the clicks was and on, but is very calm otherwise.. The desire was more powerful, but is too difficult to return I so that I am stuck with him. He a work well quite if I do not open it too often.
5 / 5 Regenia
Has ordered this model because it was freezer -free. Received a model with freezer. It have to that there is it retained packaging. Probably I will launch it it was a first time has to that defrost the. It do not substitute he with the Magic Boss, believe me.
5 / 5 Russell
My woman has loved the small refrigerator without the freezer, of the smallest refrigerators is not the free frost and some freezers are tiny, icy disorders. The refrigerator declares “all refrigerator,” this in spite of, avenges with the freezer. It decides to maintain it but I have paid more than have has wanted to pays it have thought of then that this was one of some very few models without the freezer.
4 / 5 Harold
Was hard to find the refrigerator that has not had the freezer. This was exactly that has loved. It arrives right on time. So only that has loved.
4 / 5 Verna
Work. It has done for 6 month. It maintains cold of things. Doesnt overfreeze Things. They are happy with this compraventa. And surprisingly it can return more than it has expected them.

Top Customer Reviews: Antarctic Star ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Eveline
You look in diverse different Retro Mini Frig partorisca my Grotto of Man partorisca roughly 3 month. Reading some descriptions and attentively pondering which have wanted to purchase. One of some factors to decide to select this mark was reason there is a light of interior and good descriptions. They are happy that has decided to purchase this frig. Work very good and looks excellent in the grotto of Man of the fashion of mine 1950. Also it would like to say that a department of service of the client for this company is excellent. They have answered quickly a same day and has answered any question or @@subject that has had. Shopping of this company again.
5 / 5 Julianne
A compartment of freezer was roomy. A compartment of the refrigerator has not been oversized. A refrigerator was a lot of and compact. More than everything, is very calm and the looks adds with some bosses in a front.
4 / 5 Birgit
Loves a look and a prize! I add for tiny house
4 / 5 Lacresha
Perfects for work or dorm room. I have not used a section of freezer to the equal that of still, but looks to be functional and comes with the tray of cube of gel small.
5 / 5 Kari
This has been to the new studio of my mamma has assisted to live spatial and will do a lot well for his. There is pertinent room in a frig breakings but any one very spatial in a freezer ( takings a mini icecube walk). It looks good and is easy to dip up and use.
5 / 5 Yolande
Our refrigerator has arrived quickly. Arrived with the dent (has not been fault of a company, is obvious arrives during shipping). The service of the client of the Antarctic star was a lot quickly to answer and has solved entirely a subject. Beautiful refrigerator- the colour adds, remains cold, any strong. All look for in the mini refrigerator. To good sure buy of this vendor again.
5 / 5 Lesli
Adds for university dorm room, very calm, and abundance of spatial!
5 / 5 Jasmine
Has bought he for Loss of new mine. Big swipe!
5 / 5 Treena
Very pleased. It maintains to feed amiably chilled. Súper Pleasant
4 / 5 Raisa
This mini the refrigerator is a mine of perfect addition 2nd paving “she-spilt.” It maintains my adult beverages the cold and is spacious too much. It buys it again!