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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5
It could not actuate an Interactive Software. A company does not have any way partorisca you partorisca contact them. I have found an email address and will not answer his. Any number of telephone has listed. The web of place of Diving of the instant no properly. These produced is the tear was! The STAY CLEARS Of DIVING of INSTANT!!! There is remarked another description in other places that declares a same question.

Top Customer Reviews: Topics ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5
They are happy with product but having the questions that takes it partorisca run.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 30 ratings
4 / 5
I have begun this program together with three other comparable programs and has been using them partorisca 30 minutes every day. Partorisca Swedish, has bought Rosetta Stone, and partorisca French, has imagined would try Diving of Instant partorisca see yes really is comparable to Rosetta Stone. In both tongues, has had in a same quantity partorisca learn, i.et. Reading roughly the out of books without listening a tongue.

Comparable? Well, some boxes are both yellow, but ossia in a discharge of him.

Has taken my master ' terracing in German philology and has studied some better methods on like this partorisca teach foreign tongues. Rosetta Stone shows many of these; the diving of Instant comprises some but is being missing of. I will list a pros and gilipollas of Diving of first Instant and then those of Rosetta Stone.

Dive of instant
1. It is economic.
2. One 9 CDs that comes with him has not connected.
3. A CDs vocabulary of hammer and whole chunks, like some sentences: 'as the table partorisca four.'
4. It does not expect any lessons on grammar, conjugation of verb, gender, uses adjectivally partorisca plant. As the one who the diving of Instant is concerned, any of these elements of sentence exists. Calm so only has to that already know that French has two genders and like conjugates verbs.
5. Sure, you leave registers yours have the microphone. Felizmente, has had one of a software of Bones of Rosetta.
6. Behind to so only drilling vocabulary... Students The one who am not partorisca clear die of examples with correct grammar and because laws that the way will not know like this partorisca build his own sentences. Yes, can launch it it was a lot of random sentences with Diving of Instant, but the good regime that knows like this partorisca create your own grammatically the correct sentence that use the combination of words and sentences.
7. CD 1 part 1 is the different program of CD 1 part 2, which looks the leading version of Diving of Instant. CD 2 part 1 is different of both of those and also different of CD 2 part 2. CD 3, separates 1 and 2, is alike but mostly give sentences partorisca memorise. It appears that the diving of Instant has collected the plot of his old software and bundled he all near to sell in the falsely announced comparison of Rosetta Stone.
8. A CD of Mp3 is drawn specifically partorisca iPod. I have directed partorisca download he somehow partorisca copy and pasting some clues individually to my computer, but he no just game in the player of CD.

Rosetta Stone
1. Some starts of program with simple sentences , basic of lesson a.
2. It underlines ALL THE ZONES that comprises partorisca learn of tongue: that pause, listened, .
3. It comes with the microphone--hallelujah!
4. It agrees things that loses and periodically spends them behind partorisca description.
5. It builds in of the leading lessons, i.et. It does not launch long chunks of sentences partorisca you partorisca memorise. Instead, you gradually build until the longest sentences. This leaves the very a lot of-that whips that feels that one student in fact can fulfil something in planting to do wants to give up.
6. It notes one student on pronunciation in place of just that agrees a voice for one student to compare.
7. It gives approximate time for what time an activity will take.
8. There is not 9 CDs full of extra of old software.
9. A Mp3 CDs will touch automatically in the player of CD and can be burned directly to a computer in planting to be specifically tailored the technology of iPod. We any all active iPhones.
10. Rosetta Stone does not give English equivalents, but has found that I do not require him reason draw his program so that it calms no really need that, and if like this, the dictionary of basic pocket is useful abundance.

He, Rosetta Stone is type , but well each penny of him. The diving of instant will do like the constructor of vocabulary, and well each penny for that. So only no attended to learn more than vocabulary. If signalling and saying the substantives will take calm by means of France, more yours can. They are sorely tried to give on Diving of Instant and so only take the French class in a fall in my local university.
5 / 5
There is disappointed in this product. 1)Hard to upload on computer. 2)it does not say some elements in English to the equal that owe that chair in a computer and bed some words in English while they are said in French. It would be very better some sentences have been said in both tongues aloud.
4 / 5
Absolutely has detested this course. One the majority of what annoying looked some characters in a screen moves his mouths entirely out of sync with some words that is spoken. It has been it likes look this '80s character, Max Headroom. It likes-me Max, but does not want to trying enseñarprpers French.
4 / 5
And amused to use. Seemingly drawn partorisca vacationers and business travellers. I have had to that weaves of French in pupil (unused for the Very Long time)and found a cd jogged my memory to use and entertaining. It liked especially of a mystery thinks that that some creators have had the good time that he the fact, also! During the shot well, involving and the friendly user. The prize adds!
5 / 5
Looks quite new but can does not take to touch in any device.
5 / 5
This element is easy and amused to use. Has the variety of ways to learn and games to try your knowledge. It would recommend this product to any concealed wants to learn French for vacacional and travelling.
4 / 5
Has taken this like the present for my promise and is hooked on that. It is apresamiento French in colegiala and brushed up in his fluidity. Needless To say, is hooked. It can not take out of him. Games for hours the time. Also I have Spanish and Chinese and find them to be extremely useful and useful learns some tongues. The pence in a dollar have compared to Rosetta Stone and like this good.
5 / 5
Thank you, I like a program is easy to learn and dynamic, would recommend it to friends. Used a lot well in an iPhone and I can run or do another activity and learn
4 / 5
Ossia the educational program very good . I have taken the French years does in of the school, and is stressing skills and teaching new some.
4 / 5
It wants to learn French this product. I have improved my French the plot.

Thank you beaucup!


Ben Meneses
5 / 5
am not impressed. I am not impressed. I am not impressed. I am not impressed. I am not impressed. I am not impressed. They are not . For some reason this description any respnd pressing of mine a key rid. It is this reason any like to him my evaluation? Or it is my computer in a fritz?
5 / 5
Has used Rosetta Stone and this product. Agreement that neither is quite that fiancée, which is an EASY way to learn the tongue. For any to compare this favorably to RS is highly suspicious mine. After the multiple has failed tentativas to take this product to do in mine Mac, have gone to the laptop of PC to in fact verify it was. These produced compares to Rosetta Stone in a way that the fast alimentary hamburger compares to the poised good steak. Ossia Really at all more than the a bit interactive vocabulary ready. Perhaps ossia value of the money, but does not confuse he with some procedures to learn advanced of Rosetta Stone. My question with RS is that they do not aim you quite vocabulary of direct translation. So much in this sense, this would be the good complete RS. A CD of audio has comprised is is real lessons, for this no really useful to drill and memorising. It is really very comparable to RS at all, and any comparison is incredibly unfair. They would owe that take those alleges out of his packaging. I will be to demand the repayment for a Mac incompatibility, but otherwise would do the use of a money has retreated guaranteeed. You save a hassle.
4 / 5
Has bought this product like the refresher for French learnt in institute and university. It has done I add for that. I have burst a CD of mp3 to an automobile stereo and has finalised everything of some lessons first have @@to give has included. With a reasonably paced description, a French has spoken once is coming to rush behind after a lot of years of any when using . Contador to some another reviewers' complaints, has not had any question with some disks in my PC and also has copied easily a MP3s to my portable player. Like this I have my own computer headset/mic (does not expect software to come with hardware likes some of a reviewers apparently ), so it has had any question there neither. As to course of tongue in general, has learnt French in a room and has required this product like the interesting description. It is a lot of value of the money. I have learnt German for my account to be submerged while alive in Germania and am flowed. The lesson has learnt: if you are serious roughly that learns the tongue, evasions of your computer/stereo and interact with real native speakers. These products will give you the lovely, reasonably priced intro until I can do concealed raisin. For those no sure to the equal that to do excepts wants to begin, suggests that you come from this first product. If he well for you, calm always can go for Rosetta much more expensive Bone with which. (If you are able to pay a big cost of RS, will not remark a bit has spent on Diving of Instant.) If this no for you, calm at least is so only out of $ 30 in place of $ 500+.
4 / 5
This is not the course of coherent tongue. Enough it is the collection of random bits of old software, some dating behind as the one who 1996, launched to the box. Any everything of a work of disks in mine mac. One some concealed laws to look to offer little more than casts of vocabulary and opposition. I have not tried all some disks because one some that has has tried looked to be quite the waste of time. (To study vocabulary I quite read the book that plod by means of clunky old software.) And a container like the whole looks to be the waste of money. There is very better french learning the available resources for free on-line. They are by train of the give Two stars in place of a reason could have something gain on some of some disks that has not tried after giving up.
4 / 5
This product is the fraud and disorganized disorder. My woman has been the French speaker has flowed all his life, and I near has verified this neighbour is the ripoff heap of shovelware.

1. It is not fooled for an use of a word 'Levels'. Be any 'levels' in of the terms of escalating, where will be stronger that a first disk to a last. There is simply 3 sections rote up by means of the disks have CALLED 'levels', but that it is on level 3 could be on be level 1. There have it simply the pocola less presence of English in a level last, ossia roughly that. Sly And the failure that announces.

2. Structure of the sentence and the use/of present future verb/has spent is not explained never by means of a together integer. Calm will not learn like this to speak your own French. With which Level 1 Disk 1 (where has the together decent of vocab words) one the majority of random sentences, unexplained is launched in you, and is supposition to learn like that. It is not realistic to any learning for a first time. The a lot of fact the paste me with a saying of the screen to something likes ' have the dog' to a be after soyy the grandparents are in vacacionales in Spagna' without any explanation of some verbs, like this the sentence is done, some plurals/of singular finals, etc.?

3. As it follows it until my second point, has abundance to time where an English narrator that reads a French text in the screen is not that it says a writing of what same. My woman has verified this numerous time. An on-man of screen and the woman that pause some sentences in French of Levels 2 and up is obnoxious.

4. Any of some looks of disks have been drawn together, as if run of separate software heaped near. Glitches Like crazy during some of a point-has based-games in of the latest disks, and this has not been the result of action of slow computer. In a game of multiple election, a program blatantly has left my CPU opponent to answer a question of opposition, before some elections had looked included for me to choose.

Is the experience limited with random sentences, calm will not have any use to memorise. At least I will know like this to say 'Can I please speak the Mister Aubris?' Randomly, But if I have not had the native French speaker after mine, any one has known no never that the course was summit ', which separate was one 'to', which separate was ' can / can' etc., Reason a next example will not follow anything included related, and remain to guess.

Some waste of $ 10, has left so only $ 50. It saves up and go Rosetta Stone, and will not be disturbed that has squandered your money.
4 / 5
Has to that say has known no that to expect at the beginning, but am like this happy has bought this course. The words can very included begin to describe the one who happy I are with this compraventa.

Has been impacted by an unexpected entrance for Parigi like the present navideño last phenomenal year. I have been at the beginning he has excited was France , has dreamed always to visit a country, but have paste me then... It was horrible to speak French! It had taken two classes during one of my terms in university in a tentativa to learn it, but still with which concealed, still has not gone quite sure to have the conversation in French.

Postpones to learn French that thinks that would have abundance to time to learn a tongue while I have saved money to in fact go, but thanks to my parents that has not been to spend. An entrance in Parigi was the ENORMOUS surprise and am flying out of mid February in Parigi. And Oh yea, as of now included go to be more then ready the tongue francais! :)

I like this run amour you ameno well to a tongue, some people of the way in fact speaks it. I found it hard to follow ways and formed conversational that reads traditional textbooks. Using a system of the diving of the instant learns French likes has done to learn is a lot before tongue, to converse, that pause, and listening.

During a course, level 1 you amenos a lot of his and builds amiably until level 3! As of this moment, has learnt for the speak well enough to impress a lot so only my parents, but my parents of friends those who are of France. Has has had to that done the conversation in French that has comprised, and was able to communicate behind and advances on. If at all more it is further he impressed it.

Did not think It was possible to learn French this fast, but are convinces now was bad. Highly it recommends any one looking to learn French to buy this course! Calm will be you the enormous favour !
5 / 5
This program is not cohesive at all; it looks to be the satisfy programs packaged together without a global plan. Really it does not think a lot in fact it could learn the tongue of of the this.

Begins with words of vocabulary -- quite so only, has to begin to somewhere. But some of them are really dumb to learn of introductory tongue: That he often done the hippopotamus that comes up in of the conversations? Then the sentences are launched in calm without explanation at all and any one builds, ie, learning to each word likes the sense of frames of the sentence. And without learning some pieces, everything is doing is memorising sounds. And that well is to learn 'Where is a bank?' If you do not have any occasion of sympathetic a response?

Has given these two stars because I suppose it could be useful for any one looking for the description of tongue. But you are learning of scratch, skip the. I he demo of a Fluenz program, and looks to do to plot of sense. I have not loved to spend of the money, but wants to leave at the beginning as well as I stick with him.
5 / 5
Has taken this software like the present on done the month, and to the left say, was one of some better presents have never recieved! A thing that the majority of people forgets is that this is not Rosetta Stone. If it calls Diving for the reason. One of some better ways for an adult to learn the tongue is to be surrounded by him, i.et. 'Submerged'. For me, I have found a very easy software to use. I especially like a fact that can join few lessons in mine Ipod and take them with me when I go to a gymnasium. To good sure does to exit less monotonous! I also like a game of DVD. It is very fun, and to the to the mine little brother still likes him the touch the too much. So much, if you are that it wants to learn any tongue, the diving of Instant is to good sure value each penny.
5 / 5
Has purchased so only this and tried for the course on the relatively new mine MacBook (Intel Core 2 Duet)

In the first place - I thinks has taken miserable and Level 1, Disk 1 was BAD....(More in this late plus). But further that, I have to say a program did not impress me.

Has tried Level 1, Disk 2 prójimo - this program has run, but has used so only a half 6' of mine 14' screen. This disk has contained to flash-vocabulary of paper and soyemory' fashionable games. The class of has liked them some fashionable games of the memory - where would speak it a word 'frog' in french and then find me a frog... But flash papers?

After, has tried level 2, Disk 1. It has used a whole screen, but some first looks of game to be video of any sentences of mine of the reading in english and then french, without interactive component at all. You can choose record yours own voice (has the mic) and then touches behind... But ossia roughly that.

I like a program of bone of Rosetta very better - I was a lot quickly listening to the sentences and that try to comprise those pasts in the scene. I have bought this, simply reason have lost my level 1 disk and Rosetta Stone is ridiculously expensive. One frustrating the part in these programs is that it calms can not copy this to your hard walk or do the copy of a CD ( is protected). For this are stuck with to spinning CD, which down life of battery of the laptop.

To my technical question with disk 1....

The question has little begun after that has inserted Level 1, Disk 1 and has launched a program. In the mac, a real program does not take 'installed' in your file of Applications, but simply pursue of a CD. After beginning it initial careers a 'optimising for your system' raisin, but with which 20 minutes of the mine CD-Rom doing the thrashing noise, and any progress that is done in a bar of progress, forced it to leave (the program has not answered )

A second time a program has run, has taken has spent one 'optimising' run without question. But when I have run a 'Easy Game', a program would speak a word in french and then pop on the esuperTalk Number of Error 140: it Can not comprise you argue of error of time. I have tried this several times and he have not done.

Perhaps has taken miserable and has taken the bad disk.... Ugh.
5 / 5
I have bought this disk partorisca to to my boys likes him to him-the all has wanted to learn french. They want to touch some games and loves trace and learn. I owe that say that I have begun included to touch some games because they are entertaining and interactive. This program is well for vocabulary and learning basic but precise sentences programs it to learn to speak and comprise french today (because of the travesía or business)this can not be a better program for you. It is doing I add for my boys like an exposure to some sounds and some basic vocab. Compared to Rosetta Stone (which have purchased several years in Spaniards) much more is entertaining and amused to use, easy to install and place on, and can follow my students progress a lot easily (in Rosetta has included after following some instructions has not followed never the progress of my boy properly. Value a 25-30 dollars.
4 / 5
Would owe that it has read a fine impression like this the products no properly with Windows 7. Partway By means of Level 2, a PC has informed problematically the by heart enormous use (my PC has 9 GB RAM)! While touching and that registers my pronunciation, a car there is prendido repeatedly do rendering an useless program besides this point. Each disk is the separate program to be installed and that the disk has to that be insert to run a program. A lot 'old fashioned' graphic fashionable and interface. Learnt some vocabulary but ossia roughly that. It can touch better in the Windows XP diagrams.
5 / 5
Has learnt really the plot of this program and I have not spent that long in the, reason I not having long. I turn some portions to speak on and so only listen, with which am spent quickly for some lessons, then defy me to try to agree so only for the listen on and on. It is hard, but work. For those of you the one who has any along, the try.
Am determined to learn the number of tongues, included although has times very small to spend in a computer in this class of what, as has the pairs program different in my short cast, and ossia one of them.
5 / 5
Has the partner of France. It speaks several tongues, and well, so only know a (English). I have wanted, and'know, impress the bit, tip that are more internationally has imported that other people. I have chosen on this program and has used he for bit it. I have learnt enough the bit of words that has not known before and was able to win the smile of the his, this was adds.
5 / 5
Has been using this program for the week now and are totally his. It is amused in fact and amusing. It has debated to buy Rosetta Stone for the few months but was nervous to spend that a lot of money without knowing that it was likes. I have thought for $ 20 I will give the diving of Instant tries it and can say now, that I to good sure paid more than $ 20 something dollars. The Really works and is by train to help me agree the plot of a french the lessons have taken the few years does. Has the MACbook and the difference of another description can say that I have not had any question with this program. I have tried using workbooks and lessons and flash papers for enough some time and any of is like this effective like this has been in the subject of days.
4 / 5
Has surprised recently my promise with the travesía to France, and before I have surprised his I has wanted to learn the good bit of a tongue!
After looking for an easy plus and more cost effective way to learn French, has found this program.
Partorisca In $ 30, is not sure state as to expect, but the boy has been he has surprised reason has taken!
Needless To say this program was the life -saver, as I have not wanted to finalise in the country with absolutely any idea as to communicate with his people!
Are to good sure more than satisfied with my compraventa, and would have spent on two times that to take the product this adds!
4 / 5
Of a software does not teach likes you the conjugate, uses google translates the comprehend that am learning, in planting to memorise sentences; in all the chance a software is by train to teach me that Where is a tent? It is Or it finds lucida tent. To study roughly sentences, there is remarked concealed is, is usually is and that google translate confirmed my worry to translate one same pharse to: Or it is lucido tent. It is a French simplfying his tongue or is this negligence of software?
4 / 5
Has bought a French 'Diving of Programs of Instant of Costco. Level 1 disk 1 and 2 is WELL. Now when I have inserted a Level 2 Disk 1 and 2, coming that if a program is feigned for Chinese speakers to those who would like him learn French. A total disaster reason have feigned to Learn more French to the equal that are a student advanced . I think that it that it would go for the program of main final likes Rosetta Stone. It would spend more money but will not be that extracted this class of nuisance. Not even it would situate the claim or return it has bought of a program more than fact 30 days.
5 / 5
Has bought this reason am travelling in still France vacacional.
A software comes with the disk of prize that has audio and is transferable
to the mine iPod, and of then are constantly in a gone loves it!
4 / 5
There is obviously at all better that actuall in-diving of country to learn the tongue. This container, this in spite of, is a next better thing. Claro and easy to comprise (and cruised), finds software to learn of tongue of ideal Subjects and recommend it to the mine students.
5 / 5
These starts of product was quite well, calm offer the game where has to that say, takes, and choose out of basic french words of the selection dates. Ossia The good idea , excepts that in some later synchronises a process tends to try your capacity to win some games more than a french tongue. To graduate of a first session, owe bookmark 100. A game enciphers 'lasted' are papers that has pictures on him. They are then flipped on and has to that agree where each one that like this of them is. If you a deception, an integer 5 game of minute is pointless and has to that begin again. If has two symbols that has alike sounds, there is any esturba' key for the listen again so much owes supposition.

Extremely is frustrating. This in spite of, work in this has improved them my french vocabulary a bit.

Top Customer Reviews: Middle School ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
5 / 5
First of all, has thinks that has taken the defective/bad disk, and is returned my prime minister MSS to a tent. With which take the second wife of copy , could not download this program until after 3 very arduous test! Partorisca Some reason one writing the tutorial/program would not download and paralización on whole works. The this in spite of head to finally bipass this, and was finally able to download all more a box has alleged partorisca offer.

Has begun finally a portion 'practical' partorisca discover it was the game of response of the question , this has been partorisca know where, and has been far from educational. It is then be to some 'the games/touch' portion partorisca the discover was more than a same. Has thinks that that it wounds up with the second bad disk, reason a box clearly aims pictures of text-I pound like this of the lessons in the subjects that diverse of World-wide History the Science. You are not until after coming to a web of place and reading descriptions for another has disappointed clients that the has not been my computer that was a question, is a disk is the joke !

Felizmente, has bought this mark of new program in the bookshop of discount. I seat sad so that they have peeled was 30 bucks partorisca this sad excuse partorisca an educational program. I have bought also an elementary and versions of institute in this tent of same discount, and is very better that some means schoool program. But they are all far that promised in some boxes.

Homeschoolers And the parents that look partorisca enhance his boy is ! This line of the programs are not until less some 2009 editions am not until sado. Save your money and sanity. It does not buy these.
5 / 5
Ossia Dud announcing. It is the game , at all more. Any lesson, any way to access so only a @@@subject or a level of note. Oh It expects it also it has the cast of some lessons would owe that take, any where that would be necessary the to you taken but the cast. His the enormous waste of money. Still on sale. He isnt value he. Still like the game his rubbish. Of the calm money behind require to send them your reciet and box etc and send he with following and require signiture and chance of delivery. Basicaly Cost more to send it behind that would go back they. Ascent any of you the one who have bought this to inform them to a BBB for poor business practice. Ossia Clearly fails to announce. They are acutaly tried to continue, so only to inconvience him. I have verified and I have been selling these products in this way partorisca in means the decade! Some works of the yours, likes oil of snake. There little less than theives. Perhaps much less , theives at least is sincere in a fact there robbing you...

Oh Date of a web of place:
' Where is some lessons?
A program is meant to help to reinforce the one who a student is learning in pupil... Some 'lessons' is informing to the method to learn to use a practice and opposition. '

Reason of the one who there is of then in a box!
4 / 5
Has bought this in the tent. The homeschool and has loved some software to give the extra lessons averts of a textbook.
Has expected the lessons and all have taken was questions.
He Take a wrong response explains a correct response. It has been there is disappointed also that there is any level of capacity.
Has learnt my lesson--to revise in a first granddaughter to do such the cost.
5 / 5
Has think that this product was the tutorial is so only the game. It is just question after questioning any instruction. If yours looking for jeopardy ossia your software . The questions are repeated constantly and was only plans to bore and to waist of money and time.
5 / 5
Absolutely worthless. It takes a star because the z/the zero can not be verified.

Was it of total tears. Motivated bear me write my only description in the decade.

The packaging is compeltely misleading. This is not never be the good product, and would not owe that be for sale.
5 / 5
This product is like this simple, he mine dipped almost to sleep like this revised prevails it of the feign mine 7th grader. Any date of question of the instruction , so only with which question. The desire did not open it never, as that can return.
5 / 5
Liked me this produced and found the gain for my half schooler. I am surprised by some poor descriptions! It is so only that it love and I am buying more copies for presents.

Top Customer Reviews: (2011 Version) ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
5 / 5
I have bought this Italian of program of the Diving been due to mine upcoming three holidays of week in Italy. It was very useful and helped especially familiarise with some sounds and of the inflections. I have anticipated that my process to learn would be slow and laborious. Any so much. After the week there was resulted very comfortable with a program. I have been surprised the one who easier my travesía evolved because of this program of diving.
4 / 5
Is travelling in Italy this Cradle. Experience to listen in Ipod during exiting and driving in car. Really it likes to of me. Firmly I am learning a basics by means of these lessons for help in the smallest conversation, ordering, compraventa, and directions during recognition. To good sure any to be used for pertinent grammar and learning along-but good for my needs. This in spite of, there is remarked a more learn a more can choose out of the pocolos deceive some translators have done during taping. So many, the supposition am learning more than has thought :)
4 / 5
These produced is not very organised at all. Some woman comes on reading the passages prolonged entirely out of the tank with a purpose is NO PRINTOUT to follow some clues of the his with, any visual backup of some words, in impression, the one of entity
defect. An accompanying book is not very organised neither and gives paraphrased translations- no very neither. Some illustrations of cartoon is stylized in the demeaning way the italians and there there is too much of him.
4 / 5
For a money has thinks that that a program was the add compraventa. It was one same one has seen in office max for $ 49. I have not completed a whole program still, but there is skimmed by means of the majority of him. It has had I really paid $ 49 for him would be disappointed. They are in the level two in my skills of foreign tongue, and expected for something with more than grammar. I seat that it had not had the little studio of years of him like this far could take lost in a has anticipated more lessons. One first splits is sum for basic beginners, but then felt when it has been to level two would have the empty big and would not be able to comprehend the unless the the already known some of a material.
4 / 5
Are the really slow student , bad memory, but am choosing this on enough quickly. I have tried Rosetta bone and ossia far better. An only complaint is that some (a lot of pocolos) of some words are neither very explained or has used wrongly. As Rosa is pink and Red is red, but when request that some colours of an American flag are, a announcer the rose has said, target, blue. Then continuous in the Italian flag and of the pink uses again in place of red.
4 / 5
Did not use It so still to the equal that am doing my Masters in Special and working Education, as it has not had a time. I one of a cds and agree like this to say right and left in Italian.
4 / 5
Receive these products like the present of Day of the Father of the ours say, reason want to learn too much as well as my husband. We find a same product in Amazon (in the savings adds) and sent it to the brother of my husband. They are Italian, but never learnt to speak a tongue like his father all some families can learn joints. Thank you Amazon.
4 / 5
Easy to use, entertainment and effective! I am enjoying Italian to learn by means of this program.
4 / 5
A person gave it to said would be able to use it when it goes to Italy.

Top Customer Reviews: High School Success ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
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A lot some other programs have seen, and has seen the plot, is almost or is identical but there is slightly different map and one or two smaller transmissions. Not kidding . My computer wiz the boy there is remarked this when we try the plot of has used some were. It goes of one to another one often could not say the difference in a format or of the same questions. Of some pictures in some boxes do not have very changed at all of some older versions- just printed the new box every year with occasional improvements. Each program, has included east a, goes to have the few errors. Sloppy But true. This one looks to have less than the majority.

You he the audio and the visual start is well in HSS. It was not has a outsourced program in his mix because we do not use everything of them. I do not know reason they any all have on-line youtube shots of his programs. Perhaps reason the people would know is robbed with less than stellar copycat programs. HSS Is better that a rest.

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HSS is certainly better that other programs Ive visas for less than $ 100 and certainly for these less than $ 50.
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A lot some other programs have seen, and has seen the plot, is almost or is identical but there is slightly different map and one or two smaller transmissions. Not kidding . My computer wiz the boy there is remarked this when we try the plot of has used some were. It has been of one to another one often could not say the difference in a format or of the same questions. Of some pictures in some boxes do not have very changed at all of some older versions- just printed the new box every year with occasional improvements. Each program, has included east a, goes to have the few errors. Sloppy But true. This one looks to have less than the majority.

You he the audio and the visual start is well in HSS. It has not been has a outsourced program in his mix because we do not use everything of them. I do not know reason they any all have on-line youtube shots of his programs. Perhaps reason the people would know is robbed with less than stellar copycat programs. HSS Is better that a rest.

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HSS is certainly better that other programs Ive visas for less than $ 100 and certainly for these less than $ 50.