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Top Customer Reviews: EPAuto 1/4-Inch ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
Julio 18 2018 Clues up: EPAuto routed join me unsolicited wrench of free substitution that taken and has evaluated yesterday using a same squad so before. I have evaluated a wrench of substitution in 7 parameters of torsion through some integers 20-200 in-lb. The field spaced in 30 in-lb. I am happy has found that all has measured the points have obeyed with the -4% +/ precision specified with more than half of some the points that measured +/- 2.3% or better. I am very happy with this resolution!

Original description:
is disappointed with a poor precision.
Has bought this wrench and has used an adapter of electronic torsion to verify his precision directly. I have verified in the first place a precision of a torsion the adapter those uses the bar of breaker and in during the weights in the distance measured of an access with a horizontal of bar of the breaker and level. A weight of a cape of bar of the breaker in a distance has measured is also summed in with some weights to hang and the torsion in an adapter is compounded. A torsion compounded has been in accordance with a distinguished torsion by an adapter of torsion in 0.6 % or less in 30 and 141 in-lbs. I have used then an adapter of torsion has validated to measure a Epauto English tone and competing it 20-200 in-lb model of a OEM the company sold by Zone of Cart. I have measured of the so English tones in 4 different torsion points of 23.5 in 120 in-lb. Some errors for a Epauto the wrench varied of 7.0% in 32.8%. Any one of some 4 points have obeyed with 4% spec and 3 of some 4 points were in surpluses of 11% error. A OEM the model there has been errors that diverse of 1.2% in 4.7% with 3 of some 4 points that is less than 2% error. I am returned a Epauto English tone so that some errors were far in the surpluses of a limit have specified. A turn was easy and convenient.
1 / 5
I have bought this and a ft/lb model some same time on done the month. Used the today for a first time those locate my new propeller in my aeroplane. Afterwards be preoccupied quite what tight some rays have taken, change in the wrench aforada of mine A&P and found a road of rays too tight. Needless To say, can not trust any one of these wrenches. It is spent a date of tower. But when being warned, if the precision is of entity, buys something more.
1 / 5
I have purchased a walk as well as this unit has used this once and good law. A second time was to the use was the failure . Has tent he in zero and close a pose of torsion with a cape. I have used a map of conversion while it has required only 12-15 ft lb. And that is to say the tool the small plus . Test in torsion in 14 ft free or 168 in free. It listens I have applied too much torsion like the far down in 140 in free. He then pauses of a ray. This ray goes in an electronic part in the cart is restoring. It was not it can take an ours scrape broken that it is critical. It opens Need to take eschew other parts that was gasket sealed to see yes included can take this ray has broken. This will be quite two hours only to take eschew to see. Also I will require to find the new ray and reinstall all of him. I can not trust this at all and will return together with one that the no longer can trust or. The sad part is that I have bought this mark to substitute other wrenches of defective torsion. You are warned. It does not buy this torsion English tone
5 / 5
After so years to be the stubborn fool and breaking rays of coverage of the valve in of the engines, the defeat has admitted at the end and decided to take me an inch-lb wrench of torsion. Look in the pair of options, but this one looked properly for his prize. It IS amiably bundled and like me that it spend it a case has adapted, which he easy to the tent was. A wrench that is solid and rigid, the tool to be of big quality in him. A click when achieves a torsion has wished is pronounced and crisp. It IS mostly easy to use, even so, an only thing could say enough is that one measures in looks only the hair was, where other wrenches aim '50' right in a line or under a number, is or is looks to measure to be right in a number where spent he. Sometimes only I have not been sure it was in a correct number or no. Still, the law adds and is to good sure estimativas.
4 / 5
It takes this to use like the torsion of wrench of bicycle. Calm hardly attaches 'bicycle' in something, a prize automatically jumps up, like this the wrench was the better value that all a concrete bicycle ones.

Did not use It too still, only will list my first impressions. When being to have to solid and heavy . It IS the small big for the 1/4' walk. A torsion the parameter is directly advance and some clicks are pronounced enough that you will not lose it . My only complaint is a Nm the stairs has odd decimals in him. They could not adjust some so diverse mark with 2, 4, 6, etc in place of 2.26 3.95, etc? ( There is the picture in a that ready that shows this maintaining). This is not to to the the enormous problem likes him to him precision to pose this wrench is not very a lot in a decimal field in all the case, but requires some extra has thought. I am not sure that is to say enough to pay near of in 2X a prize for the wrench of concrete bicycle, even so.

Update 2/18/18- has discovered this torsion of wrench of only limits in a direction 'tense'. That is to say the problem for reverse nuts, as of the pedals.

Conclusion: A reasonable and alternative value well in the torsion of wrench of concrete bicycle
5 / 5
So that he far the so expected work. Alas a dish of face is coming with the rays that winery the on that apparently the has not been tensed down and so one of them is fallen was. It opens it Has to follow down a right measure Torx ray of cape to substitute he with. If some rays in a dish of the face has not been 'torqued' down question me a quality of a product.

Has to say, after using this product for the little of the weeks are has impressed really. A vendor exited of his road to contact me quite my subject with a compraventa and continued and further to resolve a subject for me without being has asked. That is to say the service of the client adds . It recommends this product and undertaken in any one.
3 / 5
Been the technology of the cart certified during 2 years that maintains (Ik no these long) but has used the tonne of torsion the wrench is the majority of that has of the clash of summer on and proto this was to possess for some decrees of work of the tent. I have purchased recently my own accidents in English tones (TECH2R100) and decided to pose this wrench up against the. To be totally earnest did not expect it to do as well as mark! It IS almost perfect in the each test until I have left he in the milk crate and clashed it when cranking in my dirtbike (crf450r) and totally falls eschew so much is in fact quite unbalanced lol. Bronzed The morality of a history is That a wrench is quite accurate but no very durable. Torqued All a fasteners in a clutch taken, coverage of bomb of the water, canal of cam tensioner and rays of coverage of the valve with this wrench.
1 / 5
This wrench has done well until it breaks afterwards 20 perhaps 30 turns. Has tent always he in '0' as it instructs and has maintained he in his protective box at all times. The May Fallen, attacked, exposure in the big heat never abused in any subjects. Pose in to cover them new yesterday and has posed the in a parameter of pertinent torsion and he never 'clicked' finished on tensing some cover but give a dysfunction in front of any harm has been done in an engine. As I Have examined a wrench a change of direction has burst was and is fallen in an earth - a innards is broken totally and a ratchet only turns now.

I of the that apresamiento to give some indications to star slightly - that is to say serious rubbishes . It saves your money and whose risk those hurts these parts of entity are repairing!
5 / 5
He the power has not beaten he for a prize. I fulfil the people say any precise the torsion English tones...But it beats to twist rays. Me assembla To give the plus concealed pertinent indication. Only it substitute it my coverage of valve gasket so that anteriorly has twisted was one of some rays. This time, uses the torsion English tone.

This has the generally graver of field that mine 3/8 ' wrench of torsion ...As it is the lovely addition . It follows instructions. Has found responses of provider in some of some useful descriptions also.
5 / 5
Fantastic tool for a prize. It looks the very torsion very built wrench, and believed it will last a lot of years for some projects will use pauses. I very cual an a lot of of the positive listen of a 'click' have you to him once torsion of successful set, while it is spent to well sure that has achieved you to him to him a value of place.One the better part enough is concealed very when being very as the changes of tool, while you could expect for a prize.

Has used this wrench to substitute a cam of the plastic/valve apresamiento in my Chevy Crossing. When being that a coverage is done of the quite delicate plastic, requires the very concrete value to ensure that I very on-torsion and crack a coverage.

Will buy of again. 5 stars!

Top Customer Reviews: TEKTON 1/2 Inch ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 30 ratings
1 / 5
I do in laboratory of calibration as when it take this torsion the wrench has taken he to do to verify if a precision was in fact 4%. A torsion the wrench has not been accurate in 4% in some fields some low plus. A torsion the wrench neither is properly varied so far like the readings go. It IS in fact 10FtLb on that would think in is when posed the. Only I am doing the 1 for 1 change for another wrench of torsion. Also I will be to try a walnut one this took to verify that I am taking that decrees of paid.
4 / 5
For gauge a precision of this torsion the wrench has tried he with AC/Delco Adapter of Digital Torsion and has compared he with the Accidents -on has possessed already. AC/Delco The unit has been certified to be in 0.3% of real torsion. A Tekton the wrench any one coming with the certification that mentioned for a bit, but has had only the adhesive this declares was 'certified.' Directly out of a box, a Tekton was wildly inaccurate, but after exerting it the bit, measure in an external field of 4% +/- specification. Generally it applies quite two in five percent too much torsion for a parameter, seldom applying torsion too small. Desprs Using it the moment, my observation is that it has to be exerted at least five times in 50% of max torsion before torquing anything. If it has been seating at night, exercise he again. Only it have to be this would have to when being done with wrenches of type of the click since is not mentioned in the manual of an operator. Compared in an Accident-in English tone, would say an Accident-on distributed more accurate and compatible results, without a necessity to exert it so frequently. Of course, some Clashes -in side quite 10 times so so Tekton. For a money, would say that it is the quite a lot of English tone of sake while takings for the exert before the use every day. It does not expect a spit and polishes of the Accidents -on. If you want to chrome, resplandor, and the arrival polished, will require to fall the little more dollars.
1 / 5
I took this for first day and has done felizmente the substitution of brake in my so the truck decided in but this. An another the critics are well. The mine is come to look his state used before. Scratches And marked up throughout in an element. I can take on this. That can not take on this that the does not act! He no the click and I have tried included he in the parameter the low plus. I am disappointed and will be to return the. Perhaps you have you better luck
5 / 5
It take this wrench for torquing wheel lug nuts in some pertinent OEM torsion. This wrench is the small in 18 long inches and provides abundance of period in easily goes of torsion lug nuts. It IS the field adds for this application in of the normal-vehicles sized. It IS the righty-tighty torsion the wrench and the work adds for the this has bought stops. As Another has mentioned, some parts of bicycle are contrary of the levels that fo like the different torsion to beat of wrench that is required by east wants the to exit of a box.

Even so, an internal torsion the cape inserts/inserts can be flipped to do it lefty-tighty need . So while he wont work for bicycles other towers was-of-the-can do the boxes to do.

A case that comes with a torsion the wrench is well and mere and does a work to protect a wrench. Some instructions that is coming with a wrench was also useful. Included better, a box of wrench is come with the QR the form of code in that nexuss in the video of Youtube those aims to use a tool. I am very impressed with all of the same 'extra' useful material that Tekton provides. It remarks this class of extra devotion of Tekton in of the lines of multiple product. Down waiting for to use this wrench for years to come!

Easy to use the wheel lug nuts
the instructions Add that accounts as to pose a torsion and uses a wrench
still the Mere useful case

Any one so far

Additional Considerations:
Be conscious of a torsion the proportionate field by a wrench! If I need 0-10lbs or &62;150lbs will require the different wrench.

In general: 5/5 stars (&62;=.5 round up, &60;.5 low rounds) =&62; 5 stars

Yes has any further questions regarding a product in my description pleases to leave the low commentaries and will return in you so harvest as it was possible.
5 / 5
I explode taken only yesterday and honestly is the bit has disappointed some looks of road, has published the few photos of a product and some two rays were in torsion duquel look (is that normal?). A cape has taken semence during the and the small piece and when being quite acute to cut me. Any one usually I bond the bad description but I have remained down in easterly a, expected to take more material of tekton but surely learn my lesson in of the tools in an internet. I will maintain it even so so that the does not like me to waste of my time that subjects behind.

Update 9/18/2015
has taken my substitution yesterday and is very satisfied in this Russ of Tekton has cured of of the this, asked as to return an another original element and instead to the left hang me on in him. It characterises it To you only it won another client and likes him said concealed active more in my list of desire under Tekton the product but I want to see like this vain transaction. I am not the big adherent of compraventa on-line but gave me to well sure the confidence these tools of orders of Tekton. He thank you for the service of client adds, has deserved now mine until it quotes 5 stars!
1 / 5
It has Had this for the little of the weeks have used to the only flu is when he goes to change a force of a torsion has to maintain an inferior tap these movements while changing a power. Also some parts of the sleeve of some subordinated the small easier that would like me out of of a box at all the small tight lock sings fixed but does not have to marks of need. In a picture or something is signalling the subjects separates too easy. Less than 30 pause of days. The cape has the harber debits in 3 years still in strong disposal. I will explode of guarantee and hope for the more if that or mamma too this the description will remain a same, and will be to change marks of wrench of the torch . Neither I have continued 40lbs before the the decree continued in a base for a lbs.
2 / 5
I have seen at all but amazing descriptions in this on-line wrench and during an internet. Always the law bounced the carts and other things have imagined at the end would choose in the torsion of wrench of estimativa. Well I , unit of is bought....

Very needless to say is completly unhappy in this compraventa so far. It take this wrench in mid 2017 and when being the element of the speciality has not taken around for the use until month later after a compraventa.

To start with the short 600hp turbo the cart of builds of tone, maintains and runs my self. I have required to substitute the canal to time so once has to clash out of this wrench for a first time. The tan takes in a premier of 3 work in torsions and begin to undress nuts in my bloc and breaking rays.

Huh That is to say odd perhaps was or rays of time. I take a work done and movement on blaming some rays.

Very my second time has required to substitute the clutch, torsion of paste at most of some rays and then vain to bend verify them all and some click in the torsion and another does almost of the half rotations before a tq the pause entered...... They have to it has been it already torqued a first time clicked was...

Very So I am beginning to think is a wrench to arrive to this point. As my necessities of dad in tq his lug nuts in his wheels. As I help him he in 100ft lb like recommended. 3 month later say me his wheel is shaking. Eye, the half of some rays is coming loose.

This POS beats wrench very same in lug nuts, the god forbidden I my bloc of engine and updates of value of piston $ 3,000 in the parts have been to do this weekend.

The decrease of long history am routing this POS backwards to expect is only the defective wrench. I am ordering the second with better hopes. But for now 2 Stars are all these taken.

If a second an is the rubbishes is by train of the give one and never look in this mark again. I will spend an extra money.
4 / 5
I have purchased this torsion English tone in anticipation to do my AIR of premier tez. Apresamiento Almost 2 month before has all some separates required to pose joints an upper receiver and at the end uses this torsion English tone for a first time. I have posed a foot of raven in 90 and has begun tensed some nuts of barrel in 35 ft. -lbs Of the torsion and he clicked ( this far, also'). Exchanged On in my bar of breaker and loosened some nuts, then upped a pose of torsion in 45 ft. -lbs - At all. I have tried to apply more quite - at all. To arrive to this point am not sure am doing something bad or a wrench has prendido to do. As I am fallen a torsion in a parameter a low plus - still any click. To arrive to this point some nuts was so torqued down, my bar of breaker has begun to angle under a pressure in loosen some nuts again. So much with a nervous fear to break some nuts of my no-so-cheap upper receiver, has to use east maintaining defective tool to tense a cm of nuts of the barrel for cm (not knowing yes has surpassed a maximum 80 ft. -lbs), Until I had it properly timed.

UPDATE (5/28/17)
has contacted TEKTON support dept saw the email likes suggested and has to say that I am very impressed for his service of client. They were hurriedly to answer in my initial email and each followup. A guarantee has been honoured in any cost in me and I could not be impressed more. I plant the plot to estimate on maintains of client (compraventa special of clave) and has the roads adds of respect for any company that is because of the be by behind his product. My first wrench can have has had subjects, but has to respect the company that publicly characteristic (and standby), 'TEKTON the tools are Always Guaranteed... Our guarantee does not have any limit of time and any impression of final...' For that, has had to 3 stars
1 / 5
In the principle has bought this in 2016 to tense the nuts of new yoke in my motorcycle. Work well; I have listened a click in a pertinent parameter. Any sure what accurate was but the supposition was good to go based on all some big descriptions.

Today for a second time in two years, has required the torsion English tone. It has had my Tekton has tent in the cupboard in his protective case and in a torsion of plus goes down this poses so for the instructions of a manufacturer. I have required 10 ft lb torsion (the parameter the low plus in my wrench) in torsion two arm of change spools. In a premier, avenges very afterwards to undress a ray, and has not listened never the click but decided for prender before it takes totally undressed. I blamed me and the supposition there has been my allen bit in an angle.

In a second spool has twisted dulcemente a wrench and again, any click. That At the end has listened it to it was a ray that is sheared down the half.

Was able to twist a broken the averages out of an arm of change, but there is some harm in a black painting of an arm of change in the 2018 Yamaha R6. I go to try to take a company that marks a spools the road two rays more, in a case was his hardware , but has ordered the different mark of wrench of torsion to try. Has the feeling is a wrench that has caused a subject, that very some 1 descriptions of star mention sheared rays and a wrench any clicking or acting arrest very very time. And this felt marks . It IS $ 35-40 and fact in Asia. If you want the mechanic of torsion of wrench of the quality probably has to man up and paid at least $ 150 for the CDI or $ 500 for the Accident On. I have bought this cause is not the mechanic of full time, but enough does not have the English torsion key that has a can not trust not destroying my vehicles.
5 / 5
A plus and more uses these TEKTON tools, a plus as me. I have taken this wrench in the canal of the calibration in of the works. His in 1% of torsion of place, and after it use for enough three solid of hours, maintains his calibration. Wonderful for a prize, was amiable of the sceptic when bought the. Also have his 20-200 pound of torsion of inch the wrench and does a same like east unit

--Very has Built. A lock in a cape has the positive taking and does not avenge loose once poses it.
--Different a lot of cheap tools in Amazon, this wrench is very built and some numbers of cape is easy to read.
--The metres of newton are printed in a backside of a wrench (a bit the stairs is Ft.lbs, has said he on, the metres of the newton.)
--'CLICK' positive when preset the torsion is achieved. Any toneless click here.

--An only one could think of era some scales is etched ash in a cape. It can be the small difficult to read after awhile, or for any one with poor view.

In general, adds torsion English tone!

Top Customer Reviews: Gardner Bender ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 48 ratings
5 / 5
Some people those who say it wont work partorisca an air-15 is bad. I have decided any partorisca listen to some descriptions and try he in all the chance. The perfect fact has resisted snug and was able to dip so the force likes required with zero that slips or game. If you are looking for the wrench of die of the castle you probly so only does not use never once or two times in yours lifetime in all the chance..... It is economic and does a work.
5 / 5
Is returned my castle of AIR but perfectly.. Has the solid cost in a die of castle. I am not sure if the mine is one thousand spec or not looking in a picture and decide. It has dipped the small dab of a blue locktite and is the rock is so only main that you palmera as no attended 50lb the torsion qualified.
5 / 5
These are a lot of wrenches of qualities done , big that is invaluable when you require him. They are stronger and more precisely cut that has expected. His securely grab a locknut partorisca scrolling and presionando. I have bought this just “in chance”, knowing would require complaint no in that has him a day. Well, last weekend has required partorisca substitute the fraction 1/2 thumb LiquidTight connector of the cramped box of alone band that feeds my bomb grupal. This wrench a trick perfectly. Any one gross-screwdriver by force that+hammers as probably it would have broken a die and/or wiring. Partorisca A prize is totally value a time, frustration and has attacked the knuckles have saved.
4 / 5
Drives I dice can be the ache partorisca take inner right of the poster or box partorisca cross that it stuffs with bosses. Sometimes only calm can not take his with pliers partorisca presionar or loosen so that it was comes a flathead and hammer. Any one exactly ideal.

These few wrenches save me so much the time and the endeavour that do electrical work to having paid partorisca they many times on. They are thin to be able to go in these something tight and still quite strong to take a work done. I doubt I will not spend him never it was or break them, but if I do not lose never one am ordering another immediately. These always will be in my electrical tools dips from now on.
5 / 5
Has comprised a thumbnail my description of Video of the Youtube. These have been mine recommended of the friends those who also is the handloading. If together utilisations of data of precision of Law, will remark to come with new geared coverages of lock and the very feeble and flimsy the plastic tool has to that buy for separate to close them down. These wrenches (specifically one 1/2' a) work like the alternative sum to them. The desire was the little fatter (roughly 2x the fat would have been ideal) this in spite of suspect is this thin for the concrete reason or application. Any way, these wrenches give you so only quite period in a boss to torsion some coverages to close adequately - which is a downfall of a tool of Law of the plastic - especially with the turret presses. 100 satisfied with them. You can look for my description of video that use a test in a thumbnail would like of see them in practical.
5 / 5
Any one precise to attack a die of lock with the screwdriver of flat boss anymore. Calm also leave you for presionar a die more than bashing the and access where the canal-no. of locks
5 / 5
Are the Commercial & industrial electrician , I any one normal likes to spend a lot of extra tools, especially gadgety some. One has sawed-the worker aimed his together, looked him on, with the $3 paper of present, has said aww reason the no. used him surprisingly enough bit it that I have thought there would be, is gone in handy in the tight four sq. Box, adds partorisca in the electrical poster of then prefers does not use the engine of ray & linemans to hammer in a die of poster of interior of the lock. They take to something tightened and take a locknut tight.
4 / 5
Has had the small project to develop one lighting in my cochera, and has used flexible pipe among a fixtures to avert the plot of inner ceiling cabling work. When I dipped It on initially, I have not had these special wrenches. It took it it has frustrated it incredibly try presionar an interior of connectors of the pipe some electrical boxes that locks of use of canal. Some locks of canal have maintained to slip the die of a connector. My normal wrenches would not help me at all. For the very reasonable prize has taken this together of tools, and has done for presionar a pipe the dice of the connector the breeze. It does not leave his slender profile fool you neither - these wrenches are súper solid.
4 / 5
Used it like this feigned. It is not a perfect tool but, more than the era once a perfect tool 'at the same time'. It is another special tool that is invaluable when I require it. And it is quite economic to do value while.
5 / 5
This is not necessary in any way. This be has said that has been enough burn in a past in tight installs concealed taking more along that has to that. A first use matched on the box of the informative alone band in an opposite side of the wall. This left presionar down he 1/2” next nipple closely and do both boxes/outlets feel a lot of sturdy. I will not use these every time, but will be happy I has him when I do. It would dip this in pair with mine move Ideal-a-screwdriver of die. It does not use an engine of thick die, but a lot enjoys to have the.

Top Customer Reviews: TEKTON 3/8 Inch ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
1 / 5
Undressed Two coverage of rays of valve in my BMW which cost me the plot of the money in acting to repair and new rays. He very click in of the parameters of low torsion. Very disappointed when buys there was all the classes of recoveries of precision... It opens it Sees another is unhappy with him mass as it do not blame me anymore! UPDATE
after writing this description has tried to return a unit after a period of the turn has expired. Desprs Contacting a company has counted that you HAVE TO store a torsion the wrench is by train to pose him lower, any low which are possible this has done. I thought it always it have to the be posed under any parameters for the maintain loose but has said any torsion the low tomb the parameter or he can lose is calibration . I issue me the new one which only took. It does not use the newspaper but will update on does in the low torsion that poses later.
3 / 5
Experience a 3/8.n Strolls Tekton wrench of torsion. Well out of a box has tried to adjust a torsion in 20lb/ft. Of 0. A wrench has listened to like it has had something internal that impeded he to turn, as it closed up in around one 10 parameter. Sounded likes him the fragments of metal leave interiors of machining, or possibly only a cradle that mark a sound. Turned behind in 0 and adjusted it again and begin to close up with a same metallic sound, but the marks spends one 20 parameter, maintained to tense and loosing an adjustment and attached some spray lube. A wrench has begun to do well and adjusts of 0 in a maximum 80lb/ft. The easiest plot now. A second thing concealed and has remarked was that a parameter of stairs of the centre has not matched up with a cape of adjustment in a zero. Quan Has posed a torsion in the parameter of 20, 30 40 or 50 etc. A centre will not vary in zero in a cape. A zero this 2 marks was. It likes 52 equals 50? If that is to say for aforar then 50 would have to row with zero in a mango.Tried a parameter in 20lb/ft and a wrench has the strong click in the to the east likes me. In a future probably will spend an extra money and purchase the tool of plus of recognizable mark by name.
1 / 5
1/1/18 - No impressed. A 0 mark in a cape does not vary with some indicators of book in some stairs localised in an axis of a tool. So you are trying in dial in in one 50lbs the marks in fact have to turns in 52lbs in order for an indicator to be diverse. Like The result, try vary a zero with some stairs is unsure if yours in 50lbs or the indication of torsion smaller. Any one exactly the ideal date an use/of purpose of a tool.

A tool was like this out of one that box finds ironic given an adhesive in a tool that reads 'Tekton Aforado and has Tried.' Really? Any one very tries this tool before the routing was? This is not that expected of Tekton, especially for this type of instrument of precision.
1 / 5
I have bought this to do some cover in my truck. Side of the law am guessing in a value of low torsion which think was around 15 ft- lbs. Fastforward, is substituting the perch in a suspension and he have asked something around one 40 ft-lbs and a wrench never clicked signifying has achieved a value of torsion. The decrease of long history, has twisted dulcemente a cape immediately a ray and I are doing the trip in a tent buys the torsion English tone that law and the new ray. Any compraventa this cheap craps, has learnt my lesson.
4 / 5
I have required the torsion English tone to do work in our carts. Well, for earnest be, required to do work in our carts, and has decided that soyquired' the torsion English tone. Apologies to buy the tools are always the good thing.

Was in the only principle goes in nip on in Sears and buy the Artfice. Even so, I have been horrified to discover faith that small has in some of his products these days; the artfice usual lifetime guaranteeed of tool of the hand does not apply in sound in wrenches of torsion, and is substituted instead for the guarantee of 90 days. Three months? That on coast?? I guess that it is what apresamiento when you outsource in China.

(Source that of May 2014: [...] )

Horrified, Turned in Amazon instead. It breaks - on it is too rich for my now same blood, but considered to choose in the CDI wrench (and in a long career, beat still). Mor That often is likely to use it, imagined would begin in a low end of some stairs to price only to see that it was available. I have found this wrench, and although it is not done in some the EUA (fashioned in Taiwan) Tekton is the company of EUA that research to be easily traceable in case that any one questions/preoccupy to burst up. An included tin very when be pas said of the plot of a fact-in-material of China. Also they look to maintain an eye was in Amazon for those with problem, which are often the good signal.

Out of a box, a wrench enters the reasonable case plastic quite red. It is not a plastic a heavy plus known in humanity, but is not a flimisest or. It looks quite adapted for a purpose, which are very enough. A wrench has the decent heft in him, and does not give an impression to be cheaply has done. A ratcheting the mechanism in some looks of boss quite smooth.

A thing that has taken my eye in this Tekton the wrench is that they have filled some stairs in an axis in black. These sounds like the trivial thing, but that or little mark to change to read and that poses a wrench infinitely more mere that in other tools. I am the enormous adherent of laser-etched sockets with big figures , clear in place of marks to focus vain (has Stanley has posed that it take prende cheap that is to say etched); they are that much easier to read.

In all the case, has tried the pair of mere works with an informative wrench, comparing it against the CDI wrench apresamiento loaned of work. I the change of cover and a change of oil, trying tones so English in some same works. In general, a Tekton is the tool that listens solid. A mechanism of torsion of the adjustment any one when being very almost so smooth and CDI, but in the neighbourhood of a cost, is more concealed had to go through big concealed. A parameter that afterwards the mechanism is also far more mere that a a Artfice has law ( has some class of eighth-gone back to close ray that does not remain never place)

A Tekton does not give the audible massive click when a torsion of together is achieved, but found a motion in a point of together was quite obvious when the paste he.

Could not listen any discernible the difference compared in a CDI English tone in of the terms of precision. I have tried to tense in some two frame required for a work (13 and 28 ft-lb) initially with a wrench and then verifying it against another (and addiction-treat), and expsito that neither aimed a lot the difference. Still in a defiant plus 13 ft-lb parameter (torsion of click he wrenches that is notoriously less accurate in an end subordinated of his stairs) has found any real difference in the behaviour of any wrench.

Donat A period of a cape, paste 80 lb-ft could be the optimist bit. This has said, can not think of any work is likely to do in the near future that would require that a lot of oomph.

In general, is very happy. This investigation is the better tool that had expected in this prize, and data a cost is probably the better tool that some merits of prizes. It researches to be quite accurate (with an usual caveats this applies in all any-torsion of wrenches of the beam in some subordinated finals of his field) when compared with the much more expensive wrench, and although I have not required he for a pair of works has so done far, an ease to change among level and left-handed tense looks to the premium compared with some wrenches in this field to price that the only can any one concealed.

My only niggle is with a sweetness of a cape when turned to pose a torsion has wished. To want to of the better term, is the little in a graunchy side. But for that, this easily would be the product of 5 stars. Included then, date what economic this tool is, is not never so afterwards to take full marks, but I like my tools to have the be of tactile sake in them, and these some ways of appearance can very enough gives it the upper bookmark. Work very enough, but only when being the small was.

Called the 4.5 to amazon would leave me...
5 / 5
Decided to try this Tekton torsion of wrench to mark so that they look to have support of stellar client on all his products.

This wrench enters the red of case of plastic takes, together with the manual that would OWE read you . I think that that that is to say something the plot of the people that gives negative critiques probably skip.

Once comprises one issues these works, and marks sure to maintain he in a minimum indication when stored or doing other things with a wrench, would have to when being well to go.

Looks very very built and has the good weight. I used it to change impacts and cradles and has had to several fields of torsion. A click was easy to comprise.

Will be to do more work any coming weeks, as I will update if anything changes.

In general, looks the tool adds, would recommend 5 out of 5!
5 / 5
For a prize, does not take any better for marks he new tool. It IS easy to read/adjust etc, which more could amours in the torsion English tones? For all some write concealed says that they have broken a leader out of the ray, or that is not cracking, is sure is only so that it has not used never the torsion English tone before. It IS easy, but there are the right and wrong subjects to use these things: first; I tense your ray under the tight toe or until a cape is flush with his surface to joint. Segundo; attraction very dulcemente in the direction to tense with your hand in a zone of grip of the hand only. Third; any ratchet behind for subsequent turns, attraction a foot/of ravens of the socket etc out of a ray and then re chair. This drastically will prolong a life of these things, and maintain accurate calibration for much more of periods of time. Cambra; Be for a pause. While it is by train to turn you he lentil and company, will not lose it .
Orders well.
1 / 5
A intermittently the click did. It have used he without subject for a lot of nuts/of rays. Pause to do in 35ft-lbs but would do well in 33. Desprs resetting The in 35 would begin to do again. I can not trust this tool.
5 / 5
It IS initial description in arrival. It comes with the decent packaging and a case are quite robust for a tool is prize . Has multiple Tekton the tools and does not fail me never and create this torsion any one or.
A wrench looks very impressive and some marks are easy to read. Has roughly adhesives so to store and concealed to use for some any familiar person with tools.
Has tried in some rays of cape of the engine to try a torsion to see if some the bad descriptions are real and has not had a subject of a click at all. I have tried 20ftlb first and clicked immediately then juice dup 25 very still and when domestic in 30, he very click easily. I am happy with to a test likes him clicked quite strong and a torsion is precise. A work of entity will continue the Monday in some Favours while it is reliable and any subject for me to do a work. Some tools do well while a person knows that it is doing and use his brain to think and represent was. Otherwise, will have swim well while the spoon powered all a time.
Would not pay ridiculous quantity for a tool that mark a work included at all.
1 / 5
Experience this November of wrench 2014 has done until today it Can 2016.
First time has tried to use some parameters some low plus (12 pounds) he very click. Also, it opens he no down 20 pounds. In the parameters the more under a cape is loose and some looks of the loose cradle when posed in some parameters some low plus.

Opens can not trust.

Top Customer Reviews: TEKTON 1/4 Inch ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
Opened in a zippered the side by side marries hard and was impressed immediately with one when being, marks, cape of an adjustment of micrometer and sweetness of a mechanism of ratchet. No the big adherent of buttons of fast emission in ratchets while it requires the wheel of empty walk that weakens some covers of walk. It can have left that out of a creation and he would not have imported. Pertinent interview of a balloon these wineries with the drop of penetrating the the oil periodically prevents that it has to pry the sockets have been. Even so, it is not very a lot a subject with the torsion English tone that will not be expected to break bonded fasteners suelte. Some marks are very easy to read while it is adjusting a parameter of torsion. This wrench has a point of slip in the fashionable ray newer that attractions down in unlock a cape to turn he in an inch-increments of book. The May HAS FOUND half inch-pound specs that would ask it wrench that achieves easterly one 10-150 inch-field of book. If I , simply round up or low and when being done with him. Still in a 10 inch-minimum of book, 0.5 inch-the pound is 5%, almost inner a wrench specs and enough afterwards for practical purposes. This function in of the aircraft of stealth with composites, aircraft, and nuke arms, requiring 1% or the better precision would not be the using Tekton to start with with. Tried his operation those uses the 1/4' bar of breaker of the walk with one 8-point 1/4' socket (for nuts of square cape, rays and rays). A 'click' is listened easily and unmistakable during his field, included in a 10 inch-pose-of book. It does not remark any difference from now on or reverse. There is the popular error that a 'click' is feigned to be audible. While it is audible, according to level of environmental noise (a bit of the tents are noisy with tools of machine and adherents of ventilation), is designed to be listened by a hand those turns a wrench like a roller these wineries in the circles of beam in a cup of the fixed roller these wineries in the cradle weighed that it causes the 'pause' besides or 10 titles less or so in a turning of a wrench. Pressure of emission in a cape and of the accidents behind.

A tissue coated zippered semi-the case takes is the beginning of a common swipe-the cases have adapted the majority of the wrenches come with now. Any one goes to pose up with a bashing and the forward bounces around in the box with other tools of armours plate would subject in. It does not store or spend torsion English tones in this road in all the case. They are (semi)the precision these instruments of measures, any bar of breaker or sliding T Capes, and would have to be has protected reasonably. Some can take subject with a case and his robustness compared in the swipe has adapted. I no.

Has handled, used and mark of the numerous tool possessed in a past 45+ years, comprising the big final accidents -On, S-K and Proto that I still own and use. That is to say an impressive torsion English tone, more especially in his prize. An easily could spend 2x - 3x or more in him bi-directional 1/4' wrench of click of micrometer of walk and not taking very a lot anything practises at all for substantially more money.

Final commentaries:
A torsion the MAY of wrench would have to be used like the bar of breaker to break loose bonded or corroded fasteners, more especially he bi-directional like this or. Easily it can sea his calibration and permanently can break a mechanism of interior of click a wrench (still in him joined-directional). The pertinent use is turning dulcemente and firmly likes him fastener tense until a wrench 'pauses' quite 10 titles or so signifying a torsion the parameter has been achieved. It IS much more listen that audible, especially in a level of the noise of environmental backdrop generally found in of the tents and of the a lot of garages. Using the torsion the the English tone is not the squad to run contest of crew of the pit. Achieving pertinent torsion with or reliably and repeatably is the purposefully methodical process - with a be of the wrench has turned only of a half of his cape. It can look counter-intuitive, but choking up in a cape, or worse still using the 'cheater tube' to attach period in a wrench any one with torsion of precision a fastener. You have seen this pointed in the machine of torsion of the calibration and a reason owe mark with a creation of the wrench of click and his mechanism of limit of beam; they all use an internment of same mechanical concept.
1 / 5
Generally that is to say the tool of big quality , but there is little in any noise or listen in a lower end of a parameter of torsion. This caused me in overtorque and ruins some delicate nuts in the very expensive part. If you are doing way down below the torsion this tense/untightening, use the different wrench or he manually.
5 / 5
I have bought this for use with the a lot of bicycles of my familiar and the bicycle of frame of new carbon. It was nervous at the beginning using it and by so thought has 'click' feeble or of the points of torsion of indication. I so that it has also purchased the torsion of wrench of beam and has verified this wrench against a wrench of beam. I have found this wrench clicked in the low torsion that dialed in and lower that a wrench of the beam read by all a common NM parameters my bicycles require. The tan now has the confidence more orders to use this wrench since avenges inner quite 8% of a wrench of beam (albeit very trying very scientific), is not so preoccupied enough in torquing. It opens of the So English tones could be read bad, but tones so English is quite near in the each another concealed will use this wrench the majority of a time and for the use the precise plus uses this wrench to take me the majority of a road there and well tunes one that remains quantity with a wrench of beam (as yes think that a wrench of the beam is more accurate but no so convenient to use). No the perfect system but he are well for me. BTW Some clicks found was very apparent and no imprecise at all included down NM.
5 / 5
For a prize this was the real very wrench of torsion. It enters the very good case with instructions for the who of those who knows hoq to use the unit There is any certificate of calibration but yes has to have the torsion English tone that it is to certify will pay you the plot more than of the this for him. Read where a person goes to complain that a engraving the parameters were in small to see. Well, sound he 1/4 walk with all some parameters he 3/4 walk has but writing smaller because of his smaller measure. Im Creation There in the age and I need to look hard in reading some parameters also. That is to say in any fault of subjects of a tool or manufacture. If required, would buy it again.
5 / 5
I have purchased this torsion English tone to tense some rays in my Bicycle of Strand of the Carbon. Each which as another torsion of the wrench of concrete cycle looked was or unnecessarily expensive (so that it was the torsion of wrench of concrete cycle) or looked the toy with the bouquet of cheap 1/4 inch hex the bits bundled in for good measure. This Tekton Torsion the wrench looked and note like the 'tool of fine precision' right out of a box. Has the fine tooth ratcheting cape and under torsions fasteners in in one in a clockwise direction direction and counterclockwise directions. A torsion the wrench enters the soft-the constant case of storage. It has been very if among the red swipes-the case has adapted likes him an another Tekton wrenches of torsion. That is to say purely my opinion like the case of the storage comprised would have to more when being then sufficient to protect a torsion English tone.

Has tried a Tekton against another aforado wrench of torsion (at all the tense just scientist and loosening several rays in of the parameters of different torsion) and look for when being quite precise that would trust to tense under fasteners in the frame of Strand of the Carbon. In of the parameters of torsion go down an audible click is the small light but easily sound a pause of torsion of the wrench when achieves a torsion of together. It does not experience any slip of a ratcheting to to the mechanism likes him to him another has declared. Some lines of torsion of stairs of the wrench up perfectly and is easy to see.

Afterwards the week to try and real use, is impressed with an arrival, precision, and creation of this torsion the wrench and highly would recommend it.
5 / 5
Very very he he! When being that real the torsion of wrench of professional note. Im A mechanic of automobile for trade and this torsion the the English tone to good sure satisfied my expectations for the note of tent of type of good/quality of daily use of tool. Easy to read parameters, HAS the sake 'click' tactile smooth when the torsion wished has been achieved. Like the state instructions take to listen he for a wrench and practical in him fastener or simulated above nuts or ray, also helps to break in a tool.
Very satisfied with purchase of mine, and for a prize really does not think you could find the better bang for a buck. It sings it To you it has beaten a prize! The purchase, you wont lament the.
5 / 5
Very well torsion English tone. I have bought he for my highland bicycle that has the frame of strand of the carbon. Very you you do not want in torsion in that. These looks of tool very done, has the be of sake in him. I Like him his of him for his field of low torsions. Some people have not said any chair a lot the click when is near a low end of a field but I have not had the problem. Besides, when you are torquing in in to to the the low ray likes him that it is not the doing to blind, is looking in of a wrench so carefully tense a ray. I am happy with him. I maintain in my car as has in a trail. Already among handy likes him that once when has had to torsion my back axial that is coming loose.
1 / 5
For an amour of the god does not buy this stack of rubbish. Each which headed out of the sake is not bad does not add but bought to do a work as I have imagined would save the pair bucks and the stay of one breaks in truck . Work well for some first rays of the pair then prendido of click and has broken the clean ray down the half . It have been it it has taken it better 40 bucks and smoking it then to waste it on this craps. If you preoccupy calm in your project buys the decent torsion English tone and save money and time in a long career . The cheap tools are not to estimate he !!!
5 / 5
These looks of thing, be, and the laws add. The adjustments are easy and a mechanism to close is excellent. The marks Are easy to see, the looks of durability to be exceptional, and is very compact. Also it appreciates one 1/4' measure, so that 1/4' the sockets are easier to take in of the tight rooms (and spaces with 'the inch rids' torsion the requisites is often tight). Having 72 teeth are surprising for the torsion English tones.

A case is not very very oft' has the reinforce plastic dish in him. A creation of case is surprisingly well... It protects a very better tool that paste to regulate them the plastic cases have adapted. Very exceptional.

Two look:

1) is very, very small: like the long foot. I have found this to be advantageous but is expecting the big heavy tool, will be sorely has disappointed.

2) So that this only trace in 150 books of inch (which are quite 13 rids feet) any cover each of a field under the typical 1/2 inch strolls torsion English tone (which usually beginning in 20 books of feet). If you want to have only two wrenches of torsion, more concealed having the third a the cover one among- margin, could wants to take another Tekton 1/torsion of 4 wrench of inches (that 20-200 books of inch in place of 10-150).
4 / 5
A lot of wrenches of torsion, if they are 200ft-lb monsters or little inch-things-to reserve like this wrench of torsion, is not all this accurate in a lower end of his indication. This one is any exception . In the inch the low plus-parameters of book, a 'click' of a limiter is felt more than listening and is very subtle. First time has used this wrench, has thinks that was broken so that the only maintain to tense, but in some instructions (RTFM) say you to listen as well as it listens for a click. Calm once know this, results easy to use. As Any one has used to the 250-ft-lb torsion English tone, a lot has to recalibrate my ears and hands when that uses this wrench to tense some line to feed fittings. Tekton Done of the good tools in of the just prizes. If paid very cheap, apresamiento very cheap. Tekton Attacks the good balance b/t esteem and quality. I possess three Tekton wrenches of torsion, so that it say something in a mark.

Top Customer Reviews: NEIKO 00235A 1/2” ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 44 ratings
5 / 5
Used a longer extension, together with the 42mm socket and the bar of breaker partorisca take some 42mm given in the 7-feet periodic cutter.
Some dice resist some heavy leaves that some uses of cutter the mow pastures while semi-detached to my tractor.
First to buy this together of extension, a socket, and a bar of breaker of Amazon, has been concerned that would require partorisca use a wrench of impact and compressor partorisca air partorisca take some dice.
This in spite of, with this extension, a socket, and a bar of breaker along, some dice are exited easily!
The longest extension has resupplied a clearance has required partorisca take some sockets while when being on a coverage of cutter.
Knows that some dice were tight factory reason cotter the pins have the habit partorisca maintain some dice to behind was.
In fact, take a cotter pins among some dice and some the long rays were a course of the hardest that this task.
Like taking factory fulmine tight without a wrench of impact? This extension has done one cries much easier!
4 / 5
Hard to beat, partorisca a price. A subject only has is a period in some extensions. A period has in an extension is a global period , no a working period. A working period is a thumb a short plus. You are this is not a subject partorisca more than uses, but has to that fulmine of torsion by means of holes of accesses. Some law of extensions so that I need, but is better state was a thumb a long plus. So only a FYI yes is doing in the zone of access has limited.
5 / 5
These are the good heavy extension . There is little loss of torsion. I use him on he 1' wrench of torsion, with an adapter, partorisca take heavy truck lugs. Then I use him with the 3/4' ratchet and adapter of digital torsion partorisca do sure everything is torqued the spec. They are invaluable and priced utmost.
5 / 5
These are in good sure values having in my tool of wrench of stock exchange of wireless impact in a price. It is the a lot of resupplied of 3', 5', and 10' extensions that can be combined partorisca 8', 13', 15', or 18'. Ossia The plot of versatility partorisca $ 10.
5 / 5
Work well and very durable.
Partorisca A price, has not beaten can be!
Are by train partorisca run them Mainly in the Dewalt wireless (20V) 3/8' gun partorisca impact estimated until 150 lb./ft., And they resist on a lot well.
5 / 5
This work of extensions, and is a subject excellent. I love a look of a black arrival kills paralizaciones partorisca kick, but does not expect it partorisca resist up. I am surprised a black there is not rubbed was like this far.
5 / 5
I have purchased these in 2012 this in spite of in the strong disposal with all an abuse dipped him by means of. I will order another together of these. They are really strong. Used the in the 3/4 gun and they still resisted up.
5 / 5
These are partorisca have to that very heavy !! I did not use him in an impact but with the bar of breaker but has done utmost and has not been concerned at all in this breaking. They are enormous.
5 / 5
A strong and durable opinion and have the good weight to them. I have wanted really a 4 extension of thumb like my Ingersoll Rand 3/4 impact the gun would not go in contact with an axial hub. The perfect law. It seats even better he Neiko the products have come with the lifetime has guaranteeed.
4 / 5
They take a work done. Quality partorisca have that has weighed well and look partorisca be a lot has done. His well with my socket and engine of impact.

Top Customer Reviews: DURATECH 3-Piece ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 5 ratings
4 / 5
It likes- one quality and weight. The fact of real steel with the prize of real steel adds the work adds. It would recommend to the fellow thank you Amazon.
5 / 5
Works as they owe quality very big partorisca a prize
4 / 5
These facts like the charm. Good quality and has taken a work done.
5 / 5
The tool adds. Exactly that has been expecting. Good quality.
5 / 5
Does not think will be partorisca break these anytime punctual.

Top Customer Reviews: TEKTON 1/4 Inch ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
There is an occasion in with the precision tries this product in the torsion transducer. I have documented some results for another to consider.

This product has done exceptionally well out of a box. Tried with 1.5% half tolerance. The product is estimated so +/- 4%.

Will try again after 6 month of use and pertinent storage to see that well it maintains his calibration.
Has update 8/6/2018 is longer that 6 month knows 8P

has used this wrench the time of dozen on some last 2 years. I have been always careful to download (place in zero) a wrench after each use and tent in original case. I am happy to inform that after 29 month and any adjustment some results of test of a wrench has not changed significantly and falls still in 2% +/- tolerance. The levels of ISO are usually +/- 4%, like the wrench is still two so accurate times so of the levels of industry.
4 / 5
I have bought this for the work that requires pounds/of inch in place of feet/lbs. Be and looks good quality and has the good field of parameters. Quite easy to read some dials.
PROBLEM of UPDATE: and it finish a work has bought this for this weekend (substitutes a intake of upper plastic in him Buick 3800 engine). Some instructions have asked the careful incremental increase of the torsion in some rays has applied in the precise series. 22 Pounds of inch then 44 pounds of inch then 89 pounds of inch. All was a lot of until I have achieved 89 pounds of inch and number of ray 7 cracked a manifold. Marred The work of long days! Has think that his likes him in torsion for plastic but has trusted a wrench!!! I have believed initially that that was a manifold that was bad but has tried a wrench against my wrench of book of the FOOT. It poses a big wrench in 10 ft/lbs and tensed the ray. Then pose THIS WRENCH in 120 inch/lbs. This wrench has continued to turn a ray without a 'click' signifying achieve torsion. It say of another way, goes much more there cual a first wrench has said was full torsion. I have repeated this with some same results in another ray with identical results. I am not an engineer but I think this comes from my informative wrench TORQUED Me HE badly ROAD. A lot he marred my day. Has of the new manifold for two times a prize has paid on-line ($ 77). Re A work with an included posed wrench in 65 inches. It has to ask it is 65 inches or 80 inches or yes scratch or leave my daughter stranded in some road!? I will give tekton he casualidad to direct my worries and bond here when answered. I think that that I have seen another description in the some place that has the similar bad experience......
SECOND UPDATE: I have spoken with Russ in Tekton. It IS very cosy and useful. Desprs Accounts in him exactly that spent is the routing nails it to me English of substitution. That is to say a class of service of client that will maintain me like the client. I am impressed and creating my description in 4 stars. OPINIONS that Russ and other critics say that a 'click' in this wrench is very subtle and can be lost if any one carefully looked. I am sure this is not that spent in me but is having problem he perhaps your problem. Nice and easy and listens and sample closely.....
Final update. After a lot of consideration and mulling in that past to think that a manifold of premier that broken can have been the defective turn. It IS VERY DIFFERENT of a one has bought locally. An in the first place has not been embroiled and was partially totalled. A second manifold of venue was arrests to shrink embroiled and has required much more assembly. I think some 'wise fund' returned one that he or she cracked and was repacked and shipped in me. So much speculation on my part but that it is my final call since does not have any road in a lot of gauge this torsion wrenchs. The inferior line is to think these are tools of quality . Sad quite writing the book here.
5 / 5
That is to say the add torsion English tone for motosports. I bought it to do in my motorcycles and he perfectly ARE The INSTRUCTIONS !

Has failed to read and heed some instructions of storage: tent a tool in 20 pounds of inch. It does not store he in anything less or an internal bearings of a 'click' the mechanism will fall out of alignment.

An adherent is of a Tekton Present to Back that it answer in my email regarding a torsion English tone any acting anymore:

'A tool is only blockaded for the bad tent. It restores in 20 pounds of inch, then takes a pin of chrome under a ratcheting cape. Once a cape is calm to take you will be able to see a groove to line inner a cape. This just necessity to be lined behind up and would have to be all has posed. It can eschew this in a future to store a tool in 20 books of inch.'

Exceptional tool. Even more support of exceptional client!
1 / 5
I have ordered in Seven 7, and has broken already with using very minimum in my bicycle for early November (today is Nov 11). Has the faint click and audible click that is to start with. It opens The no an audible click or be of click. Felizmente Did not undress my ray since knows that 6-8 metres of newton listen likes him. I have verified it is broken to pose he in 5, then 3 NM, still any click. Tried torquing ultra last on something would not break , still any click. It listens to take--still fulfil it can be faint, reads a manual. Has tent also he in a parameter a lower always in a case. I have bought this so that has wanted to something better that the Load of wrench of Port torsion, and is disappointed that the has not lasted while it expect it.
5 / 5
I add for the those pauses of need. I the plot of my own wrenching in my motorcycles and my daily engine. But I am not the mechanical certificate or the test the alive in him. I consider me one above the wrench of way and there is well quite 'listen' for more fasteners. Even so, in of the sure works, likes him rays of coverage of the valve and such, very required to take some beginnings of supposition of him. This torsion the wrenches look for to be of tez of good quality, when being well in a hand, and good law. Any complaint. Honestly, That sold me in this mark in particular (averts critical of numerous positive) is Tekton service of client. They answer in quite critical VERY NEGATIVE in the amazon and look to do that to take to do good things. It conceals more he lifetime guaranteeed. And they are well, torsion of wrenches of quality. I am very happy with purchase of mine.
4 / 5
Usually I supremely torsion of slow master in projects and very up in 1/3 - 1/4 increments. Has some 80disturbances.-lb Torsion As it go it to do the 20/40/65/80 jump. I have begun in 20 and it has turned 1/8 of the turn without the click. This preoccupied me so many decrees and was in the ray in 105 ft.-lb And gave it the good push and he very click, rotated a ray! Has thinks that that it was busted but imagined would try to readjust one in.-lb To the main number and behind down, as I have posed in 30, tried, and instantly the click with almost any pressure, traces in 80, click without moving a ray, returned in 20, any click. It looks he has to be posed in 22 or 23 in.-lb In in fact does like the torsion English tone and anything down that will cause the dysfunction.

Would have been the product of 5 stars if no for this subject.
5 / 5
The company and the service of product adds of client. State using this tool during two years now without some subjects. A Saturday while law in my bicycle of road, pause. This Saturday, subject an email in Tekton counting a problem and asking in that to start with a process of recovery of the guarantee. Tomorrow of following Monday, has taken the response of Russ. The account why a tool can have prendido the work and that issue me the hardly provided substitution my allocution. Any hassle, not questioning and not wasting of time, is not that impressive. In two days the Wednesday has taken my new Tekton wrench of torsion. I have been impressed. Every time I require the tool from now on will try to take the Tekton.

For a road, some subjects was that it has stored it to it to him a road of tools under a parameter a low plus that mark some internal parts to result lose.

Here is a sequence of emails fro test:

Hello Hadad,

Thank you for a fast response. Your torsion of substitution the wrench is in a road was, and would have to see he the few days. Only it take in never turn this or down one poses more drop of 20 inch-lbs and would have to be all has posed. I left me it know it there is anything more can do since you.

Thank you!

Specialist of Solutions of the tool

In Mina, Oct 2, 2017 in 10:20 I AM, Hadad &60;xxxxxxxhotmail.com&62; it writes:
Salvation Russ,

Some shows of picture that stores it. Has use he that hangs two years with out of any subjects. I will not pose it down 20 again. The clue is my allocution :


I very appreciates your service. Thank you.


Of: Russ &60;russvtekton.com&62;
Routed: Monday, October 2, 2017 9:40 I AM
In: Hadad
Subject: Re: Tekton Model 24320

Hello Hadad,

Thank you stops to write in. A torsion the wrench is probably very clicking so that it has down turn a parameter a low plus. Taking a wrench down one poses more drop of 20 inch-lbs can leave an entrance of mechanism the rotate out of place, marring a wrench. It confirms your allocution for me and I can take the substitution has been in you.


Specialist of Solutions of the Tool

On Seated, Sep 30, 2017 in 7:12 prime minister, Hadad &60;xxxxxxhotmail.com&62; it writes:

has bought the Tekton model of torsion of wrench 24320 in August 21 2015 of Amazon. A torsion the wrench has broken only. He very click any one slower in any value of torsion of the data.

That goes with the recovery of guarantee? Thank you.


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I have read some descriptions with the number of the people that complains regarding a lack of an audible click. This had me the bit preoccupied, but after using a tool has to suppose is deaf. In fact he the the sound and there is the turn in in in the to cape only like him to him all other ratchets of torsion. It comports very which what the torsion English tone, but in some stairs would expect.

Has Had some rays of torsion in snug down in the quite a lot of cement 45lbs and after using a torsion the wrench has remained to ask... That is to say in how much would have done the hand. Still, it is a quite a lot of expensive part any substitution and that it is a reason to use the instrument of precision.

Will say, this could have been shipped with the small less transfer in a grip. Generally, torsion the wrenches would have to when being posed in the no-poses of the tension when stored. Personally, I direct it behind as much as a container will leave. It IS to take to blame a manufacturer when the amazon engages in the plot of practices of odd tower.

In all the case, some looks of unit of reasonable quality (for a prize), rid in the state of a piece of the plastic art adapted of container of terrible storage. It has to when being a test to time dies that often in fact has to use the torsion English tone.

My only particular flu is an adjustment in a cape. Enough each which how three in four turns require the bit in a base of a ratchet be tight. This taken to problem hurriedly and would not recommend this for more then occasional use.

Donat A field of prize and capacities, is using this in a same frequency how me, is the fine tool for a prize. Probably the better hair then a AutoZone chooses special in the while behind. You could have guessed it does not spend the plot in of the tools uses quite three times the year.

If this in fact cost the bit would be it the four description of star for a nuisance, but is adjusting on forming that it is the five star for some pence is spent. Taking that so that well.
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After extensive investigation, has thinks that that is to say well buy, although an element has taken had a subject .

He very click at all. :

Has posed a torsion in a parameter a low plus (&60;3 Nm) and begun to tense the ray softly and carefully.

Processed a clicking the sound is very subtle, as I have tried he home in timing very calm, in the desktop of piano.
Has begun wrenching, tensed, tensed.... And it do not listen it never any sound of click. But I have listened a pole of the piano angled and ray skipped threads! Still any sound of a torsion English tone.

IS happy is returning, and not touching my coverage of cape of the valve.

Has had big wait this would be the perfect wrench for any diy in my engine. Perhaps it was routed the defective element !
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It has varied another Tekton the products and I find the to be good quality for a value (comprising a 3/8 torsion wrench). This wrench even so it is to lose it. The law adds for the total of a day. He maintaining only click for me down says torsion. For example - I situates the in 120 inch/lbs (10 ft/lbs) and can not take to click on anything another that my lugnuts.

Does not like Me leaving of some descriptions of star, but this wrench he the merit. If the pauses of socket, big roads, takes the new socket. If you have posed your confidence in the torsion the wrench and failure, can be the enormous headache .

Has read other descriptions, there is a lot other people with a same experience.

HAS three other wrenches of torsion and knows so to use and treat them. This wrench left me down. Tekton - Other people are experimenting some same subjects while I am, please look in him. I very want to how yours mark.

Undressed Some take to achieve nuts in thanks to him wrench and is very turbulent.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
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I have bought this for two reasons. In the first place, one 1/2 torsion the wrench there has been only maxed has entered 150 ft lbs. Some nuts of the axis in my Browser requires 226 ft lbs.

Has done of the reparation that the movement required of some nuts of axial, has required the better torsion English tone.

A second reason? It has to be cheap.

Has bought he and was pleasantly has surprised. It IS much more that my another ($ 10 Port Frieght) wrench of torsion, and looks mucb more 'arrived' as the tool. In that very like me to him is that an extra advantage the easy fact in of the rays of torsion in 150 or 225 ft lbs with small problem. I have owed in my another wrench to take click in 150. It takes this to click in 225 to back in him. This wrench of torsion really works well, and for $ 40, sure, only the buy. Preoccupied Quite he is a bit has been? The blue just use loctite.
4 / 5
It takes this to tense a hitch side of rays by side in my trailer of trip hitch. Work very good and looks quite accurate until enough 225 ft-lbs. It has remarked even so it conceal when it tries to pose he in a max (250 ft lbs), can any never take in the click that bad full torsion. I fulfil I am posing more it issues that 250 ft lbs on he in this point, but he still any click. As it recommend it this for any application until 225 ft lbs. If I need more, probably has to pose the in 225, then guesses your road until 250 to pose the force of small extra in an end. Otherwise IS happy with him.
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Law VAL, even so some lines in some stairs to adjusts does not vary properly. It was able to determine correct parameter to count turns of the 25 lb pose which has determined to compare in 100 lb wrench of torsion. Compared 25, 50, 75, and 100 lb and the results with of the so English tones was identical, as I think that that a measure is accurate. Deducted 3 stars because of some lines in a be of the unusable stairs.
4 / 5
I have used this wrench in nuts of torsion of axial after the wheel that changes of wineries. Also it use it this wrench to tense a lug nuts in factory specs. That is to say a scope of my experience with this wrench, but expsito that my lugs in some back wheels were already tensed besides or less factory specs with my pistol to impact when checked the with this wrench. So much, probably I will not be requiring a torsion English tone for a wheel lugs.

Has taken was some stars so that, likes him another has mentioned, some marks of torsion in a cape does not vary properly with a adjuster. Pay attention in a number of the turns every time twist the pasts of zero and the calm would have to be able to take real prjimo in a value is looking for.
5 / 5
Utmost wrench for one -he-yourselfer the mechanic backyard these necessities the torsion English tones of this measure only occasionally. Ones 'clicks' in a vernier stairs, some marks in a tool that bad a torsion you the tool posed in, can not vary exactly with a lubber line. I has posed a torsion in 150 ft-lbs, a wrench vernier the stairs can signify 145 or 155. Even so, posing wrench in zero (0) and then counting a number of towers turns a cape of the adjustment will plant you well on. I have not had any problem that this and a wrench was quite accurate for me would recommend this wrench in any one looking for the tool has used only occasionally. It buys it again.
5 / 5
EPAuto The tools have been always supremely very done, still is underrated. This torsion the wrench has the period adds, and very well, clear, and readable marks. If you are looking for I add it 250ft wrench of torsion. Then that is to say one of a better, and in a awesome prize.
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And it installs the trailer hitch in my f150. And it is preoccupied that this am strong box by name unfamiliar' can not have a right torsion. And there is the torsion English tone that traces in 150lbs, and has required one for 210lbs thats why and has bought this. And it tense he madman take, and has not been sure... Really? Sound any one 210lbs still!!?, And test with one 150lb wrench of torsion and clicked. And it pull more take and at the end has taken a click for 210lb. Well it buys. To good sure esteem!
3 / 5
Produced of estimativa of the quality adds, and fast nave. Thank you!!

Has update 3/12/17: it have to I return because of calibration of micrometer that is was. At the beginning it uses, one 0 has not varied with a incremented ft.lb. Marks in a cape. I am for my commentaries that produces it to him is of good quality and when being solid. A micrometer that is has been for 15 is not the smallest subject even so... Taken 2 stars.
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It costs The plot of the very happy people ! Only it take it this today and tried it against the tektron 10-150 1/2 and each clicks of wrench quite consistently now this 20-250 has the cape the long plus = more favour as they listen different and a dial does not line perfect envelope with some mark so so turns a dial counts your value of torsion out of and this and found some marks in a wrench is of in detail in me concealed is any big roads and does not go through big a prize of of the this is the value adds and is accurate !
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An only road has to verify a precision of this torsion the wrench was to compare he in my old SK type of torsion of wrench of beam and to verify a hand torqued lug nuts in my truck that was to do in a tent of wheel. A lug the nuts was torqued in 135 ft lbs and that is to say what my new EPauto the wrench signified on everything of them. Also it aims a same in a SK English tone. Like these parties of wrench some parameters of torsion in my old wrench and a wrench used in a tent of wheel. That is to say a primary purpose therefore wrench and for any necessities of torsion of mechanical future of parameter. It resides in a box of crossover in my pickup in a parameter a low plus until the precise. This wrench sells for $ 13 more than a EPauto 150 ft lb wrench as I have imagined, which a heck. I can require that extra 100 ft lbs of the torsion has measured some day and I like an extra period. A different only thing of a description is that the mine is come with the arrival polished in place of "satin". I how he better and some stairs is still easy to read, included without spending my readers. Note; A service of client that has has seen exhibited by EPauto when response to complain- the clients in these descriptions are that facts in my alcohol to buy this wrench in another. Very pleased so far!

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